Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 12, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 12, 1850 Page 1
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T IIT H NO. 6756. AUUTAL ?F THE CANADA. THE EUR^P^XN^NE W8. OUR F0R I6N CORRESPONDENCE. * ., Ac., Ac. Tha steamship Canada, Capt. Lang, arrived tt this ort, jeatarday boob, from Liverpool Bad Halifax. *be (ailed fton the forntr port on Saturday tke 23d It., aad the latter port ob Sat or day, the 9th Inst. Th? following bn tha latest quotations of Amerloan McuriUea la London 81?k*. inUrtit. Rtdttmable frit*. Vnitod States 8 per a. dollar 1?6S Mka 94 Ditto 8 " " 1861 103?- 104 Cltu 8 ? " iwr 106 W- 107 Ditto ? " lm n?S- vn Vf?w Tark Stata 8 " - 1W 98 - 96 Ditto 8 " ' 1848-80 96 - 97 Ditto ? " - 1865 l(*i 8 " " 4888-79 M - 94 YeaasplTani* 6 " sa - *3 hio 6 ' " 1888 97 - 98 Ditto 8 " " 1869 W - 100 IhasaokoseUs 6 " iterg. 1868 1(M1<- Ids jJUuo*. g ' 1870 44 - iS Maryland 8 " stent 90 - ? AwiMtwi (Plant* Bk) 8 " 1841-70 60 Ditto (UnJoa Bank)." 19-29 Alabama 9 * dollar 1583 68 -87 Ditto 8 " ?tan. 1888-9-66 70 - Tt Ttaviaia 8 ' -r 1854 88-88 Ditto 6 " " 1887-73 96 - US Keatecky 6 " " 1868 96-96 Yiorida J) " " 30 Tha following Is tha distribution of tha Amarioaa SBtbI forces la tha Mediterranean at the latest data*:-? At Baia.?IndtBcadeno* frigate, bearing the flag of Com icHdm OhtrUt W_ iinrirkn. At Nanln.? St. Lawrence. Certain PauUinr; Miaaiilippl, team frigate, Cat'tain Long, to leave for Speizia. At Genoa.?Constitution frigate. Captain ConcTor. At Snciiia.?Jamestown oorvctte, Captain 8. Muroer. At Meatina.- Cumberland Frigate. The Swiss government ha." been oompelled ta timoTi to a distance of twelve leagues Into tha Interior M. Sole hot, at present a realdant in that country, and formerly a member of the French National Anembljr, In oaseqnence of pamphlet published by him at CJesera, and wbloh has been seized by the Krenoh aathor I ties. We learn from the Frenoh papers, that a complain; bat been addressed to the Minister of Commeroe by the merehants engaged in the North Amerioan trade, that Mr. Meredith, the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, has imposed a tax of two dollars on the inspection of every ease of French merchandise. jNT . Lacoste. the lately appointed Krenoh Consul in JNew Vork. is censnred for not baring remonstrated against a measure which is regarded as Illegal. The Spanish Chambers, It Is ezpeotod. will be prorouged till after the aocooobment of the (^ueen, when they are to be dissolved. Oalignani's Mtisenfer Rives the following onrlous ysregrapn 01 newa ito? new i or* : ? Aoeorcling to letters reoeived in Carlsrnke, Brentaao, the Sa-chief of the provisional (?virsm?nt of Maden, was pelted with itoDM, by the Germans, on arriving it New Vork, and oa!y dbOipuc with his life, owing to th* intervention of torn* Americans. The political refugees from Baden were also complaining stroaaly of the republican chief Heoker, and Becker on hii part had declarud that he weuld have nothing further to do with them. Our Paris Correspondence. Pa a is, February 21, 1850. The lot! Emrultin Parti?Preparationi for the Celebration of the Twenty fourth of February?Jtlarm?Military Organization* ? Sorwlut Deiignt?European State $? Prance and Napoleon? Girardin. of " La Prette"? 7V Miniitry? Greece?Switzerland ?The Pape-jlttempt to Jlitattinate Prince Muiignano?M. Poiurin? f'eruriut, +c. fc. The emeute If oyer, sod If there wsa say conaplrsay, Olther sn the aide of the government or thst of the rougei, the ooesslon wsa not considered favorable oosgh to give say importsnse to It. But s very ourioua fsct to b? aotlosd is, thst st the esme time the riot wsa Beginning in Paris shout the " Tr ea of Liberty." diaturhsacM were msde slao in aeversl other placea. Letters received from Lyons, Bordesux, Tulle, snd other large towns of Frsnoe. sre mestlonlng fsota which 1 are to be eoseidered ss of s very eurloua kind, rslstlve to the revolutionary activity wbloh la now <j I'ordre de four suosg tha different psrtiee oppaeed to the government of tb? Klyai e Nstlonsl Hhsll we bsve sny sequel to these movmuenta on tbe 34th, on tbe occasion of the anniversary of the revolution ol 184V T Nooneosn NUt M iti. *?wt> w? iumj ivrww, w/ wuo w uuiw llrM I* the reft ripublim >nd totltllal ptptrn, tbat the drcrer iiaued by the ( ablnet of Loula Napoleon. forbidding My demoattraticn or pablle featlval ll commemoration of tha celebrated IMtb of Kabruary, tkat, X leaat there will ba an attempt to eelabrata, bjr cna way or aauthar. the trloiaph of the rapablie orer the kingJotu. The day of tha election for the mem t>a t- nf Uia National Aaaambly who ar? to take tba plaeo of thoaa who ha?a bean endemnrd to prlann or to drpartatloa b* th? Ceart of luatioa of Vereallla<. la wary aaar. and the oontaat will, aadoabtadly. ba extreme The oclallat-republican party ha* alraaly opened lt? preparatory elubf where It* candidate! ara #MWt with the moet enrloui ecruilny Material a< claiiani. tba galllotiaa, ara to take tba plan* of wlaa ret ub:ie?n principle, and In order to be onaaftbatr oaaOidatoa. oae mut ba an of Juaa- a maker of kanletdN. la aplta of their aangalnary purpoaa. theia la at> doabt that tbe majority ?f the population ara altogether oppoaed to auofc prlaalplea and thalr triumph la far from being car.aln At tha National Aaaambly, tba dlaonsalon about aublic affair* la prograealag alowly Only two tataraatiag artiolea hare been dlaanaaad tor tha laat foitaight ? the nrat aboat " tublle la?truotloa," a vary capital anbjeet- wbleb la aot yat adad; tba aaooad, oa tba laat decree laiued by tba Preatdeat. by whlah t'ranoe haa bean divided iato Military iiorernmenta \ ou will aae. la the f reach papara. that tha three Oaaarala -OaUallanae. Jtoatoiaa and ((. mean hare beea aamed commander* of tba ?th, Oth. lib Dth 10th. Uth Utb aad Uth military dlrlalona and ara. therefore, at tba baadof thirtywight dapartmanta With tha dlrlalon placed ua ler Aha ordar* ef (Jeaaral Chaagaraiar, Uiare ara aow fifty dapaitaaala oat af eighty alt whloh ara aoaprlaad la thla new orgaalaation. (tea aaullaae will hare under M* eoaatad, alitaea department* which ara altoatad at the wait of rrtM* ind will reelde tt Bordaaai. I Oea RMtoltD tt Moat pel ller will eon mead eleveadeywlatito. the loath of tho oouatry. ud M Uwmi, who will reelde it Lyoae. will goverm the twelve departmeete which in on the frwtlw of I'niii iloif Oermaay. Iwttierlaad, ud rttteoil it tb? mi of the republic Thai. *i yon will aae, LowU Napoleon, aft*id of the rtwa. hu Utn th? nmIiUo* to proteel I hlBMlf by tho goverameat of tho cword. aa? the French republic h*? Inaugurated th* reign of lb* ' * Prcecaaule," a power that ao klag (in attempted to areata la Vraaee The drtt repabiio of 'M. trlaU, ;<? wUl naaWr. to n>k> t'raaee a elub and oaly aneeeeded to for* la It* elrealt aa laa?H berraok tiled with aoldlero Tha rapoblie of IMS. will probably obtala Aha KB* remit Bat, If tha dlvlaloa of Kraaee la . large military department* ban tha po??r to flat tha Mlada of thoee who feared tha ecaaequeao?e of a republican 4* tewrfwvi, it la, to my mlad tha atroag at erldowce of tha awfal etrvogtb of tha dleeaae How inch haa th* Teaom of aoalallaa paaatratad tha pro. . wtaaoa. to reader ladlapaaaabl* for tba eafaty of tha oaatry. ameaaara by wMah alitaaa departmeat* ara delivered ta tha laaHlat* power of a geaaral at a prafaot At ?mr atop of tha Freaeh rapabile tha go I varamant ta obliged la wlad ap a littla Mora tba eprlage of aathorlty who aaa tail, that bafora all moatb* It will ant ha aaceeeary, oa aaooaat of a aaw folly of tba porlallat patty, ta aataad up<a tha whola af Kraaaa, tha | Military rlf?r ?>f a (tata of >lafi * Wall aa aattw; oar eouatry la vary patlaat. beoaaae It la vary etroag, I iad the gov em meat wUl aot raaada oa prataaaa of aspirlaaat merely. I am laduoed. by maay private dooumeata. to believe , that the preaeatagltatioa la ordered by thererolatloaary : ahlefr who ara aee la ilaaoa or Loadoa The plaa ?f thalr aaw eempalga la decidedly 4 Ja MiancH. Agiietlca la tha elttaa agltattoa la tha aouatry. egltaM?a la tha workeheae. agttaHna everywhere' iredit , wad laduatry maat be deetroyed by agltatlna. e?m area matt ba paralyaed tad mlaary aa wall aa poverty propagated everywhere, tor everybody kaova that p"Tmy aad ai leery are bat iaetrameata for a tavoluidoa Whaa tha awareaa of prodaatioa aad labor ara ?i he mated tha paapla ara alwayi ready to ba Miadad y thoaa who ehew tbam tha feataotloal laarla of tha Bow goapal Tha mat War art baa baea (ivaa through Fraaaa Seldlare for barrindM ara aot naeeeeary at areaaat, bat era tare far tha werkehope are la dammed The atataamaa of nalaltam hare wall uaderatond that m" ap'eah ' haa. aaw-a-daye. a greater power thaa a aaitn ball: aad. baiag aaa Me to upeet eoolaty. they padwlai tt A* I told yoa kef?i, there may aot be a atagla gnaahot oa tka aast Mth of Febraary; hat there will be maay baafaata aa maalfeetetioa wtU toka place, bat ? great a am War of laepwiu will be illumlaatej la Parle. Aid la thi doi%rtB?nu I aa ladaead U believe by maay oeuveremtioaa I hare %ad with wall lafenaad pereoaa that an emrtaa* affair will he adjenreed Oa every aide and by a klad of allaat cemprrmiae the MMlag parllee will remala oa the arw a? km. The flrat breetee of tha moath of April are awaited ta re-eommeaee hoettlltlae; aad If the movement bant aa, It will begla aimaltaaeoaely ta rraaee Oermaay, Switearlaad aad Italy. It win he the Aaa tar Ut i ar the Waterloo of elvlllnatlea Whatever may he the heettatloa of the re vol atleaary party to oarage la battle, whlah will he altogether daclaive the attttade of the aalted aowere wUl iiinahi them to throw thalr aa m. The laUUIwaaee we have la fraaee. af the tremeadema raWag ?f threes by Praaala, Aaatrla aad Raaete. laavee aa dmM aaoa the dealgae af theae throe eevaretgae. Tha twe tret oaaaat farget that they have baea taraed eat of their capita la by the eedlttowa whlah have takea yaMMtn of thalr ttatae; aad. aaw that they have rammed their pawaa, they will repalae the malatloaary eairlt to Ita laet aaylam Twe prlagialaa are pmiatii, aad, of eearee. aaa of them maet ha 4a"Wi. weU haoaa fry t?? MtiiHUi a>4 til the attwh > ENE -?-* ?- v. . < npobllMii. Surtonnded m they are. and having no mow the power to ehooaa the hoar of the battle, they will eet fir* to the nine half loaded, and If Europe U blown ap by the explosion, their ooaqaeet will be lavlting. The greateet hope of the socialists and red republicaaa la la Germany. The majority are for their princlplee in the Palatlnata, the Grand Duohy of Badea, in Sax, Wurtembnrg. Bohemia, and the Rheniah proviaoee They have many partlaana in Bavaria, Brandebourg. and Silesia. In Hungary. the lahabltaata are waiting but the leaat aignal to retake their arme. The iasurreetion will propagate from Dantxlc to Trieete, from Cologne to Dresden, aa flames ragtag In the wild pralrlea of the west of your country. There la ao fear about the foreea of the small States of Germany. To Sht against the demo socialist party, there are but e large armies of Pruasla and Austria The fronttera of the revolutionary map are not only the Rhine and Vlatnla. They rely upen Genoa, Bologna, and Palermo, and very likely, ir the French troopa abandon the States of the Pope, they may rely, alao, upon Rome and its legations. Their prinelplee have Invaded Piedmont ; and England would very likely, in the event, give help to the SioUiaaa. In France they have, for ji central depot, the olty of Lyons, and with It the departments of the fifth military division, as well as several departments of the centre, via La Cher, La Nievre. L'Allier and L' Alsaoe, and last, not least, Parle, where the aoclaliste and their adherenta have, for the movement, twelve thousand men of the seoret mMhimI this redoubtable phalanx? this "old guard" of tae revolution?would soon be augmented with the gang of thoae people, without any cnaraoter, which are fed by vice aod idleness on the pavens?*it of Paris As you see, they will bare plenty of means and as giuch atrength as poasible, when strikes the bell of that new St Barthiloinew'a night. Such is the statement of tha foraes of the enemy, in the vary poaltlon they will oooupy this spring. On the flrat side, the battalions ef a faithful army, having commanders, and ready to fight t? conquer or to die; on tha other side, the misguided people, among whom tba yta?t of aociallsm is dally fermenting. And, to tall you tha whole of the position, the atrength of theae men, and tha po?eibility of their triumph, ue principally la their aevotedness to their oause-they saorifloe everything to it. This fiat has been noticed in all instances. The workmen. though making wry little trom labor, and gaining small saUriea.lf they are under the flag of socia Um are deducting the most necessary thing* for their food and enmfert, In order to augment the budget of the f >rt hooming revolution. Tber ne.ver refu?e a part of that eopper with which they buy their bread, if neoeseary to propagate the publication of thoae i .*t pamphlets, spread in the department* to augment the number of their party. With such meane voted by poverty, the socialists are keeping, paying, and recruitiag an army of |eml5warier, agent*, orators and soldiers. lie certain that I do not write without having consulted the beet reference on the subject, and studied the Question. Kor the lit month I have been at work, and through my exertions, by the conversatioas I have bad with men of all parties, by the documents 1 have in my possession, 1 am Induced to believe that I send you the most accurate report ot the present po.-ltion of Kurope, and principally of Kranoe. What will Loula Napoleon do in the presence of such a redoubtable party'?what oourse will he follow' No one can tell. The President of France Is not like the Pret-ldent of the I'nited State, accessible to ail. ready to listen to the first who will talk politics with him, and therefore it I? very dllMiult to form an idea of his political system, of his point Je rue of present affairs, as well as of his prospects for the future. No doubt that he, or his adherents, are dreaming of that reuoivnei ctup d'rtal which Is "all the talk" for the moment. Bat I am cersuaded that If such a tbinz were under* taken. Prince Louis would not *uoceed In hi* "mock"' Imitation of the ureat man of whom b? wear* the name. The Parisian pre** ii very hostile to the President and to hti oabiuet; and anit ug the journalist!! the mo*t embittered agalnet him, 1 will put In the first rank. Mr. Kmiliede (ilrardln tbe proprietor and publisher of Lm Prtitt What cau be tne oause of these attack* ni ODe can tell but himself. It ia MMl that the journalist ha* tbe greatest detlre to beoome "somebody'' In the ministry, and one ean see It very enslly by reading his article in which he assure* his reader* that ke know* a system by which Kranoe could be saved from the dangers by which it is threatened. A very pijuant lady of my acquaintance, who Is on very good term* with M'me de (tlrardla. called on her the other day, at the mansion of the journalist (Rue dei'haillot. 104) and after a long conversation on the precarious positiou In which we are, was about retiring, wben M'me de Girardln. pointing to the celling, (or rather to heaven,) told the lady ? "You are right, my dear madam; France Is In a very terrible position, and it is true that no one eaa save as bat the one wh? dwell* above." '1 perfectly agree with you," answered the lady, who thought that M me de t i. was speaking of tbe Almighty himself, bat *h< was muoh astonished when her Interlocutor, seeing her about leaving, added in a very alinp.e manner - "Why do you go' Our Saviour will be down presently, and be would be very glad to Me you " kmile de (ilrardln presents himself as a candidate for tbe nest election, but nobody think* he will be elected. Why' No one can explain This gentleman la a man of immense talent, and It oannot be denied that hla paper U one of the beet written of Pari* and of Kraaoe. The number of 1m I'reste of the lilh of February sonUlu u article la which the D(* Autleig tarltf l? dlaCUM*. There ih .a few day* ago, a rumor which found lt? w?j in the public paper*, about a change lu the minlatry. by whloh M Vol.- ?m to be named Minister of h'oirliB Affair*; M Leon Fauober, of Interior; Mr. Dara. of Pnbiic Work* ; and M. Magnen. of War. in tba place of Oeaeral d'Hautpoal, who will b? ml a* Commander Oen?ral to Algler*. but tba M?ni?ur, of thi* morning (MJ denle* formally the thought* of nob a change. I een only my. that there 1 * no *aaoke without flre. and that every politician I* perauadml that a change of mlnlatry ia Independable Tha new* from Ureece 1* af tba moat aarloaa kind l>atea Irom Athana (6tb laat.) contain tba moat oatrageoua datalia of tha invasion by tha Kngliah In that pacific onontry. Tbara la no doubt that tha pulley of Oreat Britain ia to eicita a revolution ia tba kingdom of -'Beeiieua" Otbo. an 1 it It alao o : tain that tin* touf di eiuinwaa prtuejllated It aj peain that <ieneral Anpick. uur imbt'Ud T at Constantinople, received on tba Uth of January laat. a letter from the aaiba>? dor of tniiland. Sir Strafford ( annlng. who eoaaplamei tbat tba Beat ol Krai.oe bad not yat aailed for Fraaeeaa that of Kngland bad for Ulbraltar, ainoa tba qaaation betwean Huaalaand tha t?wbll3!? Porte bad baan aettled and their Intervention waa bo mora neoeaaary On tba aame day tba Admiral of tha Kagllab flaat (Parker) bad an Interview with tba Oreek Mlnltaar I.oudoa, and ordered'' him to give an ImaaAlate anawar to tba claim* whieb bad baaa preeeaWf to tba Greek goTarnmant by tba eiaiiaister of Kaglaad, Mir Kdward Lyon. Oa the 17 tb laatant Ea aaat hi* ultimatum, and oa tba IRtb ba Wok poaaaaaioa of tha navy of King Otbo. It waa tbarafora certain tbat Sir Stratford bad plottad wltb Admiral Parker, la order to rand away tba Freacb fleat, and have than a ohance la act tbua vlllaaoaaly wltb a aort of Impnnlty. Oaneral Aupick la fnrloua again at air Stratford Caaulng and a aewrpaper of Ceaetaaliaople aaya tbat a paraoaal Interview bad taken plaaa batwa*a tba two mlalatara In which the 1 reach general bad naad bitter term' agalnat hla colleague of Kagland Yoa will aaa by tha Freaah paper* wbieb ooatala many eitraoU of latter*. artlelee v.- publiihed ib-al tbat Indignation baa baaa. aad la (till, general agalnet auah a proceeding 1 ba Saltaarlaad queetioa la etill la ?faf? fwe, aad It appaara tbat tba Helvetia repnblle baa obeyed tba order* received rrom Auatrla All tba refugoee who ware remaialag oa tba reaewaaff boapltable aotl of the conn try ha?a baaa ordaraff to leave the roaatry in a vary abort li?? Mti?lnl mm* Ibha4UU1? tnrftai rat of lha soiib. try. u4 hi* toaiMloM will *ooa fellow bin It l? Mid, u4 I do tot haaltata to Mltfi It, that tba aaiabratad Itillu haro will abortly Mil for N?? \ <rk with til Ibtaatioa to taka up hU tMlt?*M la lb* laad oi " Waa li baity " Tba atlalra of Ron* ?r? u j?t onaattlad Tbo roaa yroalM arary 4t; to ratura to tba Holy City Tbo data of hli ratura h?- ba?a rary oft?a m?aU.*o1 la th?pap?riof Italy, aod raproduaad by oar prooa. bat It I* aow oortaia that ha wUl aot laara Ntplaa a* loag a* tbo > raarb anay oaoapy a foot of laad la hit 4? lalcai Thu In tb* Ma? to rapaat tbo aalabratad " r<?.? daaaNI ?< Aim ftrml'i " Tbo raralral of Roiao baa >wd lay dull tbla yaar. aad tbo t orio waa n.ttad oaly by a fow aarilagaa But tha Roaiaa papalattoa did aot ihara tha aabite fattlral whlah bad bwa praj-arad by tba raarb amy aad tbo t ardiaa'a of tba Vatiaaa % on moat know that thU tfth of Kabruary waa tba ualtmwy <-f tba aatry of tha Kraaob troop* lata Roaa. aftar Ua fall of tha Nnaan rtpoWki; aad It la aartala that tbla latarvaatloa waa far froai balag popular Tba Raaaa y oraali xnntain tba iatalli of tbo ittiapl to murdar tba Frlaaa of Matigaaao aoa of tha Trlaao <4 Italia, (raadaoa of l.uelaa Boaapart*. wblab took plaaa oath* 11th laat It appaara that wbllat h? waa r14laa with bta atatar Maa Prlanil la aa aa opaa naiaah. aWaaaat of a* laaaaaa alta coatalalag a (laaa graaa<la inadal with gaa oottnt waa throwa lata tha aarrlagt, aad. aakiag aa laataa tar an at aialoatoa. NwataM 4aagaraa*(y tha Trtaoa la tha haa4. tha lag aad tha baa. wbllat hit atatar waa rltfhUy woaa4a4 ta bar taaa Oa tha aa* day thraa I raaob aoldlara wara atahbad withla tha walla af Row a, aad Oaaaral Btrogaay d'HIIIIor* baa Itaaad a 4aaraa frkiddlag tha prtaoaaloa of waapoaa of aay aort, Tit kalraa. dag(art. poalardt aad aaaa tworda aadar tha paaalty of balag laiaavdlatoly ahot If foaad bar lag a rata la tholr garaaata a* la thatr haada 1 ha mornlag pa part of rarla anatata tha aawa of tha (raaaaaaf of tba Qaaaa of Mpata. Tbla waa aaanaaoad to tba Spaalth mlatatryaad aflar to tha < nrtaa. aad It waa lb* eaaaa of a paMla lllaatlaatlaa la tha ally of Madrid, "aa of oar Fraaeh wrltart aad aratort aald Kaa tlaa ago. I*a Rait t'raa rant; I thiak It woald ra that ha tha anaaat to aay that ? Magi ara aoatag"aow la Kaglaad aad aow la Bpala Major pi aatla bow raaldaa la rarla. aad I aadaritaad ha baa raaaaiad bit poalUoa a* a joaraalltd, with tha aipactatlaa ofaaaw paalttoa whoa tha oooaaloa "(far* - for I bava baaa told ha to aot oa bad taraa with tha praaaat goraraaaat. I bopaba wlllniaaad la bit wlahaa. for ha la daaldadly a wall lataatlnnad uiaa. to whoa npariaaaa will bara teaa vary aaafnl Tha aawi raaalaad tbla aoralag from Naplat la of a ?ary aartoaa aharaotar aot aatltlrally hat " Vaaurlaaaly" tpaaklng. It appaara that tha era tar of tha ratei ao ra a pa aad oa tha loth laat by aa latarlor aonmotloa. aad that tha lara.raahlag oat by twalaaaaaaa oath*, thiaataat to daatroy taaaral rlUagaa whlah ara ittaatad oa tha daallalt* of tha mowatala l.ottari raa-l?ad hnm that elty, la Parla, onatala fall datalto af tha arup ttna; aad H la ralatad that aaay paraoaa baaa baaa klllad by aa aipinatoa. whlah tank plaaa la a ip?t blah laaanad to ba far froaa aay daagar A Fata aad aa Aaarloaa, whoaa aaaaa ara aot glraa by tha (apart, trr aaioag tboaa who ara aa am. Adiaa. B .H R W Y < MORNING EDITION?TUE IOBUIU7 of Uaa Maws from Uu Kuropean Continent. The foreign saw* ia alngularly deficient of lntereat. In France there la a perfect calm, and political ex! eitemeat haa bean anperaaded by aotirity bath in trade i and oommerce. Preparation* are In partial operation for the forthcoming eleotiona; rumore are all oat In Park that another chaage In tha ministry la contemplated; and diaousaioaa ocoupy tha attention of a large I portion of tha popalatloa. aa to tha mode In which the annlveraary of the republic ahall be celebrated. Theae I form tha ehief toplca of public intereat; and they are all of ao harmleaa a character, that It would be wall for Franoe If nothing more aerioaa. of a political nature, I ever occupied her attention. The President of the R?Subllc la reported to be playing hla part with great eiterity; giving aanction and encouragement to leveea rivalling in conrtUnaaa the moat attractive aaeemblagea of Louia XIVand, In the mldat of all thla, paying ob| aeqniona attentlen to the behafta of the Caar, whoaa minion he haa unquestionably become. It la a till a problem, difficult of solution by the politloal philoaophera of the day, whether repablioanlam ia to be eatab' llehed la France, or the empire la to be reatored under the dominion of Nlcholaa. I Frem Italy, the Intelligence ia more atirring. Ana ' tria ia about to foree her troepa into Tuacaay; the Pope ia a till unable to aacend hia throne; doubts are ex ! pn wed aa to the conclusion of the i^ng-talked-of loan; ! an attempt haa been made to murder the Prince Mu j signano, son of the Prince of Canino. In a public pro ! ceselon at Home; and the murderiof a Frenoh soldier I has oalled forth a proclamation from Gen ttaraguay d'Hilllers. prohibiting the carrying of dagger pol niarda at Rome, on pain of beioglahot. The eruption of ! Vesuveua la aaother event which la attracting public altAVkflnn 8orr.e curious detail* are given m to the suspected treachery of M. Duohesk. the late Finance Minister i of Hungary. It is now discovered that he wmforci*rly In the servlcs of Metternlcb; and there are reports abroad that be Is about to re-enter the Austrian ?t ice Should the published statements regarding this man be true, the dlsoomtlture of the Hungarian people may be easily aooounted lor. In a communication from Moldavia It 1* stated that all doubts as to the pacific solution of the question respecting the Hungarian rsfugees uiust now erase, the matter having beeu definitely settled. It it affirmed that the recent conspiracy discovered In Russia has I contributed mainly to the adjustment of this event, ta* Czar perhaps, finding that the divisions within his own tmplte are of so dangerous a character as to require tbe whole of his attention. The overland mall has brought advloesfrom India to the 17th January, but the news Is utterly devoid of la. terest. Commercial affairs were somewhat depressed, the exports for the past year having been too large for tbe demand. An attempt bad been made by the Chinese authorities to Increase the tax upon tea, with a view to get back the ransom money paid to Great llrttaln. Tois attempt was looke i upon by the British authorities la HoDg-KoDg as a serious violation of tbe treaty between Knwiand and ' hina, and the circumstance was oncupying the attention of Dr. Dowring, the oonsal, and tbe Canton Chamber of Comraeroe. when the aoc?unU left. In Trusela, an extraordinary credit of eighteen millions vt tfcalers. asked by the war department, has revived rumors of warlike Intentions in different juat tar*. It Is. however, a mere precautionary measure, 1 arising from tbe unsettled aspeot of various .jue?tlon?, i external and Internal. Ureat precautions are adopted 1 in connection with all popular dissuasions on politics; i no one being all"wed to beoome a member of a political club unless be ie 'io years of age; no two clubs bein^ 1 permitted to correspond'with each other; and publish' ere of fresh newspapers being required lo flud a oautiou money 01 tour tboui-and tnaler*. The military convention Dramwlok an 1 : Prussia hu been fully concluded. The Assembly of Kchletwlg-Holstein hai separated. ,1 without coming to any decisive reaelution on the pre' sect state of the country toward* Denmark The Prussian press law. a* revised by the parliamentary committer*, contain* a proTlaion compelling the newtparer proprietor* to give bail to the amount of 1 from ?00 tn 4 010 dollar*, and a clanae empowering ; judloial authorities to *to; the circulation of foreign ! bewr-paper*. A letter from Krankfort, of the 13th ult.. say*:?" All Oermany resemble* a camp The .National Assembly of Krankfort bad decreed that tbe government* should carry the armed Uermantfl force up to 900.00 0 m?H ! Tbe prince* who had refuted to obey tbe resolution-" of tbe Ataembly. bare executed tbia with great aaal. The consequence la. that it >* not Au*tria alone wbioh ha* Impoelng forces under arm* but ali other onuatrle* of Germany. e?peolally Prussia and Bsvarla. bare tna name" According to tbe Berlta correspondent of the f.-iivfTiilam t i t liru**?l*. who write* on tba 16th ln*t. tba Prussian government doe* not now think of concluding peace with Denmark, but I* only anxi >u? to e*tabll*h a provisional government In the Dnoble* which shall be more latlefectory than that which now exist*. Tbe German I'arliament U to meat at Krfurt on tba I 20th of March. Tba l)anl*b question continue* unsettled; for though i there I* an inclination on the part of Denmark to pro- ' long the armistice, yet suspicion* war* entertained of . tbe Intentions of Prusaia to prolong the sattlemeat of I the dtepute. in order ?< wear out the power and paj tlence af Denmark, and thus quietly absorb the duchy of Scbleswig, Meanwhile tbe Scblaawig-HoMeln army I* kept up; and, to add to tbe oonlasloa of affair*, a deputation from I ho liihabltauta of Sohleawig ha? arl rived at Betlin to complain of the admLnlatraUoa of the commiaalonar# appointed by tb? three power? ; Knglaad. I'ruMia at) i uenmark Uamtm nuil watch tbene proceeding# with ainguler i-H-rc : lb* new# from Auitrle la ??j bn|n It la reported that the autborltle* of Lemberg bar? !. < ? aakad their opinion concerning the annexation of aoma part of North Huugary to Oalllcla 1 l#n,?ml' rm.nt of o?tionalitie*. and mingling af population*. appear to ba th? reelpea of tha Auatnan government for pelitlonl JtmatfBt Tba (ireek qneatloa ramaln*, of oouree unsettled; bat A dmlrel ratkir bat relaxed, It la mM. tha aararity of tbeblcckade. Italian affair* have not uadergone much change At Rrme tba carnival ba# been a failure, owing to tha dlUatUfaetlon of the people if toe majority of a p*< pie la bent upeo politic*! or governmental change. It I# In vain that even vail orgauijed authorltiea Interfere tba ebangr mantoona It U reported that tba political refugee* are to leave Swttiarlaad. la addition to tba disagreement vitb otbar power* on tbla aubjeot, tba Helvetic Republic ba#adl*puta with Pruaala reapaetlng tba canton of NeulcbaUl ?bl?b la partlv a HwIm canton, partly a dependence of Pruaala. Tna latter power It would aeani baa been endeavoriag to draw Nwltxerland Into an acknowledgment of I'ruaaian pretention* over tha whole aaaton. whleb have been realated. Lord Palmeraton 1? reported to hare preaented a note to tba Frnaataa eeurt, daalarlag that all armed intervention la Sale* affair* woald be a violation of Intarnatlonal right*- although the relatloa of tba eaatoa of N aofe bat a I to I'ruaala waa a peculiar .oeetloa Tb* Kngilib Vltw of tha llararjr nulla* ?Vila IMaaol tillon mt Uaa I nlon. [Kroa the l.ondon chronicle. Fab tl ] A n amber of readutione have been latrodaced Into tha Saaate of the I alted Statee, having for their (aalared object the amicable aettleaent of tha great <]ua*tlrn pending betweea North and Soath. At the teit of the aeriaa I* rendered a little obaeura by the technical language of American politic* we will recapitulate the partlaalar* of the legislation to wkleh. If theee resolution* ahould he MnepM, they Sledge the I'pper Hoaaa of Congrea* It I* pro- ! that the Central government iibeuld admit I aUi to tha privilege* <<f State memberahip without Mhlag any tarm? on tha robjeot of alarer; Tba re*?latloa awtbodylag tbla proportion la moat equivocally phraeed but Italap rt ao doubt la. that elavery Bay be excluded froa tba new State though only on It* own Initiative It la alee p*opo?ed that the cede! territoriea ah?nld receive a teaporary fora of govara 1*111. wiurnil H/ roTipioa nr fir anaBvi ?u? iu?rv dtMlioi o( Nttlh Itknr - lk*?lwii<? n; f? ' ??ch i wotMa* being tiprctely tflrail. po the r uad that elavery le already Illegal la New Meileo 1 third rrwnlutlea laclarae the kntiidtrlM nf Ttiu, I 4 aeelgne to that State a liberal ?har? of the 1 aoaqaarad laadi. the declaration being clearly Intended to aet at rut the eitraordiaary claim* advanced of lata by thnaa Southern poittl- . ciaae *hn affect to regard all tba acqalaitloaa of tba lata war a? parte of Tata* aad therefor* of 1 lata territory A foartb Brer* the laeipedleacy of ' abolleblag aegro eereltud* la tba dtatrlet of ? olumbla wltbcat tba ruimt of Marylaad. oa the Implied plea that the ebolltloa would be eqalraiaat to the earelop*. oat Of tbat State with free eel! The remaining reeolutteae are of minor Importaaee. Uae (laaee at tba eeriee will ewable the obearrer of Amertaaa paUUoe to aeaJettare the aathor. lie le Mr. Hearr Clay The itateemaa wboee name le Ideatlfled with the happy teimlaatloa af the Mleefnii aad tariff ooatrorerelee ? who hae twlee before mitigated the ebaek. though ha | eoald aot avert the aollletoa. of the adrarea latereeta bcaad ap aad coupled la the federal kaot at Waeblagtoa le attemptlag to (aide tbep aloa throagh a arid* more perlloae tbaa all At tret eight, eae 1* ttfuck by the appareat I aad* i laaey of three pr<poaale to ?atlefy tba olalm* nf tba | free eoll party Home of their moet liaportaat da maadt are accorded, but a particular form la expreeely glrra to tbaee cnaceeeloae la order that they mar aat appear to he appllaatloat of the pftaclple for which tba North bee declared Iteelf to be coateadlag The reeo < lutloae amoaat. la fact to a dleoletmee of the trilmot . arorleo. The ceded dletrlrta are taroalled t?t hatwaaa 1 Tasae aad the 1'alted State*. aad thue while oae por ttoal* ooademaed to aperaetalty of eoatal wrong tba >tber la oaly emaaclpated throagh a aaeaal oaprle* of Mailcaa jarleprudeuoe < ellf -ia le to hare a pro elate n agalaet elarary. bat not the pmrlao Aad a virtually Impaeeahle bar It tppoead to the ritlagalehmeat of aegro eerrltud? la O lambla. althoagh the legTelatlee prahlMtloa of elaeary la a dletrlct over which North aad loath njny equal rlghte hae lately baoometha fhrorlta object of Northera aholltlealet agitata Ill or eerea moathe ago It woald hare baaa aboard to ctyle each a eattlameat of the qaarral a coaipromlee B at elace the ir eetlac of t oegreae. tba relatione of the lltlgaat latoreete eeem to hare aadergoae a (dollar ?baag* The owthera rapreaeatatleea. laitial of elmply preaeatlag a compact froat to the eipaated attack mamil the |i?ea?l?? from tba rery Are* da ye of the eaaatoa With aa Impetaoalty aad aerhaaa ualaepired by tba a^aeloae tomatla of tbafr leadlag mea. they ftaag them aaleee a* eace lata tba eaaltat Tbay hare hmpid every rartaty <4 aaatamallewe abaaa aa their free aatt ) ad tarearlee Tbay hare dealarad tbat tbay enatea plate withoat terror aay, tbat tbay art ready to waitome -tba OMttlattaa tf tbt Vatag. Tbay hart epa. >R K I SDAY, MARCH 12, 1860. km oi civil w u t oontlng*ncy for whloh the iri perfaotly fnpu*< Tbiy in asaertlng. la ernr form of phra**, tut neither threat nor premise ahul litnot tbem to abate an tote of th*lr right*. And than, with lmm*aaoraMe audacity, they make tb* praaant heat* tb? ooc*>a*lon of ravlvlng olalm* whloh th?y have long ago tacitly raliquUhad They are actually preaalng Coagre** for a law to compel the mor* ready extradition of ntgroaa who may take refuge an free aoll. Thla aurpriaing torn of the oontroveray appear*, for a time, to have paralyzed the Northern majority. The member* from tie free State* feel, probably, that they are till divided Into whig* and demoorata, at tha same time that tfcay ?** *noh dUtlnctlon* fading dally away

from tha raolu of a ahalani anlted in oommon fear and common hata. Kach aeetion *eem* afraid to mora, l**t It* domeatic rival* ahould take the opportunity of dasartlng to tha enemy, and *o gaining a polltloal advantage wnloh half a century might not perhap* disturb. Tb* South baa managed to aurround It* cauae. for tb* time, with tha indicia of popularity and itrangtb; and thia. no doubt, ia the secret of the favor shown to Southern iatereata In Mr Clay's reaolutlon*. But although the comparative <iule*oence of tha Northern r*pre*entatlve* la oertalnly attributable in past to oontlderatlonn of party and polltloal alllanoe, It fa allowable to aappoae that caloulationa more patriotic, ia a oertain dense have aided In ooollng down their Ireo-aoll tervour ot last autumn There seem to be aome or tbem who now for the flrat time appreciate the magnitude of the sacrifice which la required of tbe South. On* of many reaaona for inferring that tbe present taotio* ot the *lave Interest have been dictated by prudenoe rather tbau prompted by pasaion, Ik the eminent olearnea* with which its organs explain the Inevitable ooneequenoes of adopting the abolitionist policy. Sueh demonstrations aro In thetnselve* the ctrongeat aspeala to the good feeling and publlo spirit of tha Norta; and. indeed, a speech of oue of th^ members for North Carolina, whlcti nets forth. In plain aul almpl* language, tbe fat* of the slave States la o?se the Wllmoi proviso should be adopted, ia unlveraallj deemed in America to have materially altered the obancea of the controversy. Tbe apetker is a Mr. Cllngaian and we cite a few of hla senteuo<*s for th* purpiaeof showing how exactly the view of the cl?ar DraCU'd BOUtnem politician* 0olD0<tfe? With The C.-lDOlUiden* at which we ourselves with all the ? lva it?<?< of coolura* and freedom from bias, arrivud In our di*oua icn of the subject laat autumn: ? " Should w< give way," lia eiolalms, " what is to be the result ? California, Oregon, New Mexico. Oexiret, an 1 MmnolOta. will oome Into the Union in ies* than tire year*, giving the North a elcar majoiity of ten or tilt-en vote* id the Senate. The ceaau* *f tiio con.Ilk year will, uaJer the new apportionment, give them uear.y t *0 to one in thin domo. W ith immense controlling majorities In both branches, will they not at once. by act <>f Congress, aboiuli slavery iu the State*? Mr. Auaiua, who, la Inn day. comrollui Northern cpiuunon this >{uc*tion.*ald that there twenty prevuions of the constitution which, under oertain circumstances. would Hive Concrete the power. Would not this majority rind the power, as easily a? they have doue la their -itate le*islatures, where they ha^e complete away, to nullity the nioviaion of the constitution fur the jroteution of fagitivo slave* ? Dare not prominent Northtru politic >sn*. ot tlm In. hist t o(iiion* and th* greatest inluenie. whose names are wall known to al' gentlemin on this lloor, already declared tint there ia MttMl I* the CDUtltllUoB of the VliMSWea which obstruct*. or ounht to obstruct, the abolition of alavery, by Congrea*, in the Sta'et! lapaoalac however, thi* ahould not occur, alavery is to be kept where It now 1."; an I we kit to be surrounded with free Ptatea. Then States not only prohibit the introduction of slave*.but alio offree neuron* it. t<> their border*. Ofoourse, the whole negro population i* t? be hereafter confined to the territory of the present tilUJ'I. slave States. Tim population in tweatv-tive yeara will amount to stven or eight millions, and in lilty years to tlfieen million*. However dense the population muht b*como, tha negroes will not be got'eu away, lut the wealthier portion of the v bit* population (I ni'-an such a' were able to emigrate,} womM leave the territory. The condition of the South would bo that of Ireland." It I* the general opinion of Americans that Mr. Clay's resolution* will be rejected-more, however, through the diesatUfaction o( the South than tr im want of moderation Id the Northern member* H'o Irarn from our last ailvloea that none but Southern senator* had cpoken in tho debate, and all or them had repudiated the compromise Mr. Cliogman who 1* evidently among tha mo*t temperate of hi* party, state* that the South will acquiesce In no arr4B??luent which doe* not leave open to *Iar? Immigration all the territory ea*t of th* Rocky Mountain* and ftcuth of the Ml-.iourl line, or the line or 34 deg 80 mm The majority of hi* oolleague* deoline even to admit California ax a tree State On the whole, aisumlug?what may fairly be duubt-d? that the question admit* of compromise at all. It doe* not appear that Mr. Clay ha* lighted upou the preper eolation. What tbl* volution may be, we cannot ?ay. nor. again are we held enough to pradiet the result* which are destlued to follow the rejection of Mr Clay'* scheme We will only commend to the attention of our reader* and of Mr. Bright the language now openly and constantly held In the ball of Congress toacbing th? oheapeat, most practical, and moat table'' of earthly oonatllutlona. England. The annual account* relative to trade and narigatloB have Inst t een lusurd. and *s rejoice to *e? that the commercial rttta of the eountry vmii an a?p?ot ol inentT end prt uilw. Our wheat linpurtetloa* for 1849 kt?? b*ta not u4 t iiuttor million* or i|u?rt?t? ator* thea '! ? oar* la 1I4H, whtlot four and e half million* of quartan war* aiUrtil (or consumption. Th-r? U, howeeer, a tleoraete in the Import of liea Hoek.but, on the other hand thti it counterbalanced by an Innreeee ou Malt pr< vidua*, of which there war* 697,41v owt*. Imported id 1848. whilst la 1m0 th r- w? re 804.300 ewts. id obeene there It a decrease from 441.8s5 ewt* to >70,MM owt* , and butter alio *how? a slight deer In the article o?Baa, there hare been ill millions of pounds mora imported than In the preceding >?ar ai d tin- Incnafe has baan almost altogether it ii, our own oolonie*. whlob bare Mint fort/ mil l!<n* In sagar there ha? alao b?en an increase from oor colonla*. but In the oontuuiptln of tbia article th. r- baa baan a ?]> cht ileereaie; wbllst tha duty upon It In 1*48 produced ?4 618 517, aod In 1h40 It raaahed only A'3 860.01? In raw material, for manufacture*, or Import! have Increased; eotton, from OJi cut#, to O.T4S.2A9 owta, and wool, from llritUh oolonie*, from 40 to 4^ million* of pound* Of illks cartaln at port* hare doubled, whilit tha import* hare )>ut slightly K>greeeed. Tha eiports of linen hara increased, oaa of woollens hara leaped from 6\ million* to 8 <a BlIlloM; eotton manufacture*. from tha daolarad ralae of 22H to that of 2T million*, hartbenware, too. hat Increased, a* alao hardware. Inthl* statement, tban wa recognise a generally ooafldaot and healthy ton* of feeling, which baa. during tha pail yaar baan par Tadlng tha community, and It is gratifying to dad that, although tha Chancellor of the Kxehe.juar nstlmatad tha customs of 1840 at 30 H millions or two mil IIudi laaa than U>? raoalpta or imi n* na? d?d ably dWappolntad for. notwithataodlnK th? raduailan of aartaln datlea, xb-tt bar* almntt a.jualUd that of tb* MHflM raar Tan exhibition of tha ladaitry of all nation* l? exalting uolrmtJ Intaraat Praparatlnn* far Inliao contrlbutloa* U' already begun at Bonbt; The moet ramarkabla manufacture" In Weetern Indie nr* tllk* ul damaikt; black-wood furnltar* id 1 open oerretl work; Inlaid work of Irory, oolored wood*, tod metal, lapidary work. eepeelally Id egata*. juptri and cornaliane, ?liT?r work; tro< bow* ud arrowa, eworda, ihleld*. aad Matchlock*, ml ? display ?f n-" W alalia*, My be exported to occupy a plaoe In tba exhibition. Many |ue-tlon> tiara b*en a?k*J aa ta tba nature of tba artlelee to ba exhibited, whether thay ara ell to be maaufacturel or wbetbar raw product* aad natural prod nation* artlslaa of alegaace and luxury or artlalaa oal; of utility. wbatber manufacturer* or wholaaale bcaaoe ara to ba ?aeb claaa exhibitors, or bather in an a feet urari aloa* ara to hera tba prlrllaga, whatbar tba boildlag to ba araotad will ba (ufflsteatly aapaotfioa for haw a aad colonial and foreign exhiMUoa*. Moat of tbaaa cjneetlon* hara baaa ?ati?faoW?rilj an wared by 8lr Jamea I'oka and Mr K M. roreter. aad by the honorary aaaratarlaa Partla* ara about to be appelated, to eaavaaa aad authorise tba taboomalttee to apply from tima to tlaia to tba royal eorumlaaioa tor laforiaatloa aa to plaaa determlnad upon eo that tba pnbllc May ba fally laatraetad upon all tba aolat* aary for tha gwldaae* of tba axhlbttor* It I* expected that tha project will be ballad la tba I nltad glatea with graat delight aad It la aald that large .ubwrlp tlona may ba expectrd from that eouetry We our elrea look npoa tba ac-emeat a* ene af tha graateet Indnatrlal idaaa whlah modern tlraaa haiaeliellad Tba Admiralty at l*agth ylalded to tha feelfag of tba aoaatrr and adopted mea*ur?e for proeeeatlag tba aaarah fbr tlr loba Fraaklla. la tha Aratla *aa Withla tha laatfaw day* oaaof tha moat aetire, able aad aterprlelng officer* la tba Hrltlin i.arr hat b-an appotntad to tha dlreettoa of thi? aipa tltl >a. whl-h U to ba eondwated on a tcala of tlbaraHty eommanaarata with tba ataka at laaaa aad api ar?mly with a dua wm ai im Maoiui raap'tuniiiij nm ">"i' >? to b? pat la r*qiMtlni. two of tk?m WiMin, aad If tk* ntbgdM* which to BBltnata aaarj tr??t oabahalf of Sir Joka traaklln u< hU no?paaloai aaaaot W lookad ?pn? M flBaraoty of hlf mo??a*. It 7. ftt l?Ht ba utin m a a,l?feetory ?lfn tkat tba oat ladonltabl* ?ifort? wilt h? ?b.Ib to aaaara trlampbaot wulli Tkla faallBg I* aot soallaod to Kaglaad aloaa A marina partial pat?* la It Tbara tk* Praaldaat, la a BMWf* to I oacraaa raa"maaada tha a |Ulp aat <4 aa aipadltloa of aaarab. but tba pa*pl? a?tlac In dependant of tbalr fnr?rB??Bt bar* loaned a aabaartpUoa llaft. whlab baa beaB h-a led bf oaa of tbalr marohaat* with tha prlnealy aoatrlkBtl^n of flltaea tbouaaad dollar* Hay tha reatotatlaa of gir Job a FraakHa aa* bla krara rnapaolna to tbalr aoaatrr ba tba rratltylag reward of inch moBlftaaaa* diotatad bjr ao other laallofa than tkoaa of kaaanlt; Tha Oanlah (iiiaatlon Tba fl?rllo porraapoadaBt of tha Lood?a Ctreowu ariua. oa tk* Ittk ? aalnh jrarntl*. wlilah hare aaaoaaead a pro?p?et of the araletio* with tHaiaark reaeaed f?r aii aaatha, <n Nr aa? dataita parted ?hate?*r * ???? tke mi weeka ?aiiir*d far It* deaeaaoeateai. ar who may wtk t* paraaade Hntias aim arc la I lataraata that tba aa?atiau?aa ara la pro?r*aa Uwarda "satUfkatat* eoarlurion. ha?a kaaa led lata arrar. No aarh r*a?wal of the am Intra HU heaa Bor will ka aeeeated toby Daaaark. aad < far from a ee-iaf*'v>rj eaaelaaoa ka#a? la praaraaa. It la laditpatakla that tha aeae'laMoaa aar ba NflNM aa aarp?ad?4 Th? f>a*ieh lomnieeioaor. It It traa, ramaia* h?ra; krtheanhi a* wall ka at Cepaakaaea, f?f. ap to tbla boar, ba aaaaat alialt a word mora, odnal or prlrata apaa tkatahjaet, ffu tka Pm..laa pl>alpotaatl*r?. kahlaBita'a ladlapvaitloa. wk?eb It la ta ka regretted la ef a aarlaaa aatara. aar plead aaipla aiaaaa for kia aot takia* aa aatlra paaaoaal ahara la the aacetia'leaa: bat tka lllaaaa af tba aklaf ta aa prataat far atanauoa, ar far tae obatiaata tflaaae af bla aakerdlaate. wko ta la | maii-a af fall pewera, nM It ant ka oaaaladad. la ?aaple<? maatar af Uia aakjeet. ka Bat lrba?Bi ta raaar alrneat datlr ta a jaaatlea wtitok aroa leery A ratai war koaat of ertctaatiaa asd *oaplieaMag, baa aaah a ore waartaeae aad paiafai aaat It ka ta tba PhM Owaateetoaera. wha kaaa kaaa apwarda af twa weatiie at Barlla, aad wba ara plaaad la tba alaaraaMaa af Mdlaa Wtaar araa as a allawiai tba aaaatlatloa ta fall lata Katf abataaaa. ar af daalarlm tbalr alaataa ta ba aaaar oaa. aad af daaaaadlaa tka?r raaali. R**rrtbiaa kaa t~a daaaka l^trd Vaataordaad ta (4ra a aptr to tka pr*?aa4laaa tbat la panalWal kp bla atBrikataa aad iaatrwatiaaa. kat la raba. A Wi|w>Mi iMfittk kM i ill rwaatrad, Baaoaadlf iera: r [ that second m*eting had taken place between the tb rranlunil Danish plenipotentiaries, at vhleh r*ply 11* | til iItu te tb* proposition* of D*nmark, th* details ta I of which may be shortly expected fo ItaJjr. *> The Ornoa Gairtlt of th* 14th (tatM. from Kloronoe, ','1 that 4,000 a?w Amstrian troop* at* shortly to aster 4? I Tuioaoj. to The Opinion; of Turin, of tha 16th, state* that tha hf Krench continue to fortify CI vita Vaoohla on tha land- B* ! aid*. ,0 Tha^uiimafr of Kloranoa statu that on tha 0th tb* *? I Coreoat Rome was suddenly invaded by a proceselooof h? persons, erylog I'iva U Republic* ! (that day being the 01 anniversary of the proclamation of the Roman repab- u* lie), and that, bafor* tha polioa and military force c* i cauld arrest them,they disappeared a* suddenly as they bad oome. When th* night came the Corso being still filled with cltiiens, soldiers, and shlrri. trloolorad ilea- A . gal?firej wa? let off on all sides. The military wanted to Pt stop the seditious fires, but the people prevented them. . Some Kreneh ofll.ers were heard to say, " th* Romans L< j celebrate the anniversary of their republio." The M on Hurt Toicuna publishes the following letter . ' from Roma, of the 10th instant Yesterday, at aboat a n>urter to five, toward* the tnd of .' tlie Corso, h hlch wan very brilliant, a njaguitloen' n jasiay of f*' ? hite oaDelia*. onnesaling a grenade ?i glans, was thrown Hi : into the carriage of the Prinoe of Munignaao, son or tits L< Irime of Canino, while opposite the Palace Hernial. T o o< (rinre took it, and was about to present it to bis sister, who i , was beside him in the carriage, but who wai fortunately eu raged in throwiag (lowers to the persons that occupied th i lalconysf the Palaoo Bernini; the prince therefore waited ' till she was done, renting his hand with nosegay on his thigh. Hi When tadrfenly the gr'nade burst. The priaoe was severely Ll i Wunnitid in his right hand, between the thumb and foretlagor, (j, I md still more so in his thigh, in whieli fragments of glass had i ( icintrated so dtep that the artery ?ai near being lacerated, lis ulster was slightly wundsd in her leg m l side, and fell into a sweon. Immediately after tho eiploslon.ithit prison Ai alighted, &ad, with .lie aaaiitance of tho bystanders, oarried Ri hiskistrr into the Palace Bernini, where the head si:r*eon of A| the French -army, who lutppened to be on liia spot, imuiedi- j|M ly gave them the ncoessarv assistance. ,, In oon?e<|uent-e of the e>i?slnatlOD at Rome, of a J French officer. who had insulted a lady. Gen liaraguay Ll1 il IllllUra Kbm U*ii?iI rh?* r?r?M A<?a* i nn II.. Inhabitant! ot Itoma?The commander in- chief, wishing to rut an end to tho aesnsinatioiis which itoparil the lives of 1 the cliiccrr and private* of the army, deortws that the carrying of loivts, pooitrdi. or any other dangerous instrument. I is prohibited lu Rome or it* environs. Whoever shall bo g0 found oarrying about them such weapons, shall be immedi- ?;> ately allot. UKN. liAltAQl AV D'UILI.I KKS. ?" Bona, Feb. 11. S(" Th? Prince Oralno has l>sen replaced in the Ministry I " of War by the Swiss, kalberanatten, lately oolonel of S|" the Swisd 8pi At Naples. on the 6th ult . tbn Marshal N'unzlante Bui declared all the province of ( alabrla C itertor In state Poj of elege. Th* l)ake of Parma. by a decree dated the 9th ult., Ar has ordered a levy of l.iMJU meu of the olass of 1850, lu X order to bring up the troops to the full number. 1' A or rrespondent at Naples writes, on the lith.? .. At this moment, the royal palaco 1s between twe fifes About a f> rtkirht ag>i, a dh*M of an earth***** wad fdlt diirIiik a great storm, anil a few days sinoo the store of dial* (24o,ilii quintal*) becsm* i?xi11- They were deposited in a vacuum cites din* frnui the arsenal to tho palaoe ot the Prince f Salerno?a vast hollow like the catacombs Ot conrie, all the inmates immediately decamped; and the inpeur$ )?xs| i?n tire at work, having cleverly run up a wail ? t? save si crcat part of the coals from ignition, if pisfib'e. , On the oilier aloe is Vesuvius, In full eruption, pr9s-;otin* a ,, liner spectacle than has Ken witnessed for many years, rl.e p? lava llows iu a nortb-easUrty direction, over thi estate of ' , Prince Uttier.o. doing great damage. The cirnlval gayeties ' arc uuw transferred lroui the Toledo t? tn? saloonn. Boind , fllty couple* appeared in c stuuici of the reigns of Louis \ 1 V. J and XV., and formed auadrilles at the wlrrei of La Marisiso t da Bor.du, Prince St. Antimo, and Princes* Uentiei. These , brilliant parties elosed the fentive season, while the thunders i of Vecnvius shook every window iuNaples. China. * [From the Overland Register, Dee. 29.] The paet month ha* not been marked by any event i of Importance I The Chinese government still retain the bead anl a a hand of the (iovernor Amartl, and. ad they have now been upwards of font month* in their poddedslon it i* but too probable that, even If ultimately recovered, all . tia. .? ol the Identity will have long since disappeared * The last steamer brought on a detachment of to'iuq- 'J tiers (Kuropran Portugueau) 100 strong, from Oi?, to ? assist In the defence of Macao, while the French an 1 * American frfgata* continue to afford it the passive pro- por tecticn of their preeence. me A report was spread, iu tbo early part of the month. j n that the notorious pirate chief, ?bap-'ng-tsai. wad again at the bead of a formidable niiiainn. but as we could ' not trace tb? rumor beyond our* h^nrMj. tol i? It it 110 not borcv out bv Ita owu likelihood, we ate not inclined * * to place any icilui i upon It. At Canton, all oontluuc* quirt. 1 *l Our dktM from Shanghai att tn tb< 2uth lut.; they * oontain nothing entitled to particular notioa. \J"} India. yy Advice* have been reoaivetl from Bombay of th*17Lb lH January, Calcutta to the 7th January, aid Chlua to to tb* 39th bee. The neve I* utterly devoH of Intareit. Doth Dr. Hooker and Or. ' aaipbell have been released ' by tha glkklm KajaU. and. from their narrative of the Cn< rlrcnui'tance* coanested with their capture, It would U appear that tha oonduct of tbe na'.lve authorities to- u? ward* tUeui ih uf a moat unprovoked and wanton Chi character. llto Our oortcpondent ( ?>?:-Th? runjaub 1* almuat ! M' newel***; tiding* of tha capture of libel ' iabaraj Sing, Ste' tha Uoorao. being elm at tue oi.iy intelligence of in- Ko* Wreat from that pearler during tke luttni^ht Lfx The time of the Oov>rnor t<?n*tai'e pro^iuead vlalt to D. Bombay I* now rapidly approaching. and great prepa- ( rationn arc, making with a view to do hie lordahlp ade- lh quat* hunoron hiaairival Tha commercial newi from India it n<>t *o aatl*- (j'(i factory a? could be wlahed The large riport* of Manufactured go?d* daring tha laat rear are now be- " ginning to fell an price* and the *upply being In e?- ','1 c?**(f the demand, wa hava advice* of Hat market* < ( and reduced rate*. it Bombay the nuaeruua arrival! lit of v*aerla, with large qnautlllea of good* had made I buyer* very indlllerrnt about entering Into contract*. mi There wa* aleo very little demand from the up-?ountry maiket*. and holder* had consequently been obliged to nbmit tf a redurtien to realise There wae no eipec- i ' tatioa of an Improvement before the and of February N<me number* of yarn* ware wanted, and theea brought fair price* but. on tbe other hand there were large 1 *tock* of coma kind', which ruled low. Metal*, a* wall wil a* mrit ktode of other gaoda were very dall of *ale. an The bank* had raited their rate* of dlacount. but money *] wa* plentiful In the Banaar and rcarolty wa* not an- (>fl tlcipated The demand for exchange wa* very limited i for thla mail, and rata* had advane*>d to U. llSd. I . j Tha Corn Trade of Kuropa* n [ Krotn lb* Londen Mercantile Oaaetta, Keb 22.1 , . '1 hough tha wheat trade baa, during tbe laet fortnight, arfumod a (omewhat firmer tona, we ara un- ? able to report any material Improvameat In tha g-n- k * eral tone of th'* branch of bu*in*a*. That our mer- arr ohante and miliar* feel very llttla confidence In the ttabillly of th* alight advance eeUbil-hed. la abundantly evident tr?m the extreme caution they It continue to duplay in their operation*. Tha be I?*1 ilef that price* will under tha Influence of free 2* trade, ba Mill further rednsad In th? enaalag ?um mar, appear* to be almoat unlvaraally entertained tie< by practical men of bualaeae, hence no diapoeltlon I* wk< now n to purehaae more than i* wanted to provide fur oft Immediate ure Hhort therwfere. a* have been the dall- J)''n veria* of grain Of m tbe arower*. cnnaldarabla difficulty J" ha* been exp-rlenced Tn aetabllahing any advaace ' In aoma of tbe marketa la the agricultural dlrtrlct* where no (toefe* are held, and where tbe ranplle* bar* ... barely kept p?o- with the loaal eo*>iB|>tl>? IkhiiiI, jm I rice* lierc rallied l?. I* per quarter from the In u<m? point of depreaelna. bat. at tbc large ooaxatniog r?? tc?D? tbe hti hardly been *o great. At '* ' Llr?rpo?l, oae of the most layotlul sarketa la U* ! * k'r* I. rn the .. .1- "f ?l)Mt hM not rarlej thla *wk, JJl ad flnar bu rather t*ad?<i d?*inrd la prion. o*le| k?t to flood i?eeipt? of that arttele from Ireland aad the tkt I Mtod Statee. We ara by ao maani Inclined to taka a I fl< Ditar tlaw of the proepeeta of tba agricultural In- (a Uraat than cirenaataaeee warrant bat that tfca effect ?' of oar?-?tr+ct?d la portaUoa? of fnretga-grawa aora *?" Into tbta eoaatry niu?t ba permanently t? MMprloea, we feel flrnljr eoarlnced By tba anetraceat aeeounta ?|? from tba n ntlneat. wa laarn that ablpnentd of wbaat tk* were already beginning to ba aade at *oae of tba Jl'i arer p< tt? , aad though wa da not ?ipe<-t aay large * applUa la tba flrat Instance tba parrhaa>? mado by ar miller* na tba otbar ?Ma. during tbe antaaa ' and wint*r ara >nra to enaa forward. Hubert" pilnn hare been wall (uppcrted abroad, a aonddarabla amount of *pe?alai|nn having beea aarriad oB at te It t ??ral af tba piriaalpaj Baltic porta, bat matter* aait wb ultimately Bad tbalr le?el; aad. If anthlag ?houll wb ocoar to gl?e r1?e to aaeaey feeling* la regard to Iba crop# la tba groanl. the relaa of grala wblah " baa been artlOalally k?pt up 1^ tnaay of tba (<v tl, relga aerkcta will nn joactlonably ba ragulatad by tba , waattnf (treat Britain-aad thaea want* ara not wa ,1S think, liktly to prnTa *o ??tea?t?* aa to reader It a ( . attar of any difficulty to draw asple aepplle. from tba Ok arylu* growth of foreign nation* without aeaaibiy af* farting price* abroad Tba trade at Mark laae opeaed with flraoee* la tb* baglnnlag of the week, aad thongh lb* damaad for ino#t ?rt|?l?i ha* <Im< *laak*d. mora or "j !* ?. th* Uimt than < btalna<l hat* km l*l?rtM; wtll l(' iwtolwd Tk* irrltili af ikrtl mmIvIm lato London h? ? K??*1 ir. adlrg ? anall aad tba ')iiaatlty ? hlhit I ? by lu< oarrlaf * aam pla* from tb* oalg hboriog r ?? ha? bf?i jult* trifling Tb* ik?* o? th* T.*a*i ?tl Kant itanla on Mnli) ??< parbaaa tb* ahortaat * ' ha?? had thl* Ml,and. th* aoniltlon balag ratbar ,hl battar than barer*, lb* miliar* intMMd to pay la. Mr par qoartar aora than ?a that lay waak Oa Wadnaa- n < day. bnalna** ?*a at a Hand la Kafllik wbaat f*r | want of npyllM. and tbla laoralng tb* dlrplap of t* i tanpUa wa? again all B?;*r< a*mad bovaror. 1 ?' to b* I a a* laritaad to purabaa* tban *arh*r la tb* '' " waafc aad tb* ad rasa* than paid traaly, ??< *" aanaadad ?lth >nm* raluntaaa* todai Tb* H lajilry tor foradgn ?h*nt baa at an parl?d m" nf tba w**k baan ai'analTa and b?ldar* nf |t par a* It In graaary bar* aiaaif?*t*d a dlapoaltlon ta A prrflt by tb* taaporary abaanr* of mpplia* fr. ? abma4, to raaXit part ?># tbalr ?to?k?. A la* amiatry pur I Mi ehaaati attar<1?>I oar Bark at on Monday bat a?ata*4 ml tbalr oparatltaa to ra?*|| parr*l? vbirb th*y warn i "I anablad to ar<-ar* oa tarn* atmliar to tbnaa currant oa that day ** nnlght Tb* trnn?aatlona bar* ataaa b**n I if' at vary llttla IfepnrlMea. *tlU B?*d aarrleaabia jaaU. y* tlaa aould not b? bought - baa par all bar on Wadaaadap or I rlday than b*f?ra Tb* lop jaoiatln of |?*a a*- I anfaotnrad floor ba? boaa trmiy iaala*ala*d aad tfta Mi* for tba artlola baa baan ratbar mora fraa tbla wank; , (**4 qaalltia* afioralf* bar* llk-?taa ta*t a aodarata ' , abar* of attaatlM, at Uraia fully a<|aal to tb >*o at 4n blah ?al*a bar* baan praalonalr maita Ka?ll?b bar- ka lay ba* forward iparlagly and tb* davaoard ?* m< ?an>*at la prlaaa baa baan abaakad On Monday tb* ftaaat aaylai way* aalaetad for *a*d at rata* It wruld prarlonaly bar* ba*a difficult ta tbtala and tba rl%bt a4raa?a Iban rtallard W t*a*miiy I a Mat* J mi 1 h LD. ?t TWO CENTS. is morning. The oommonar descriptions of K.ngb and foreign barley, of all kind*, haee b?*i ken somewhat mora readily thia week than bare, but prices have not undergone any iuiproeeent. Malt baa been held with lneroaaeil Innau. be arrival* Ml oata hare been very small, only 3,MD a. InrloMv* of ?00 <jr?. from abroad, baring ooaoa band Iron Saturday up to laat night. Tha dealer* ire throughout the week acted on tha raaarra, dther on Monday nor tine* have faetora been enabled exceed previous prloea Beans of homa growth hara Id on much the same term* a* previously. Kgyp'.'fc'is ire hung rery.heavily on band. In peace nothing of ucb Interest nas occurred, and 'gustations have r*~ alned unchanged. We heard ol ne aalas of dont4s? rg<es of Indian corn. The Course of European Kichange. HAMsuaaM. Keb. 1ft, I860. msterdam. , 3 months 36.32K stivers for 2 a. 3 " 18#*< cent* for 1 p ;>ndon S ? 13 10* J T" *?'4 * ) banco for 1.1 stf ?noa 3 ? l.Qo cents fori p. gliorn 3 " 2.25 Wre for 300 mares baneo. * '!* Pabis, Keb. 21. Birterdam 3 months 210 cent* for 1 florin tin burg. ... " 184>i cents for 1 p hanoo >nden w I'm aud cts. for XI atf. uoa. ..... " cenU tor 1 lira nnoTk. ghorn ... " 83cent* lor 1 lire. AMSTKBb*M, Keb 11) iris 2 months bti 6- 1G gn ten fur 3 francs. unbnrg.. " 34J, do. lor 1 p union. ... " 11 19>? Am and stirenifor ?1 rtg. -Boa..,. " 46 \ oents of (Lh for 1 lira uuova. ghorn. .. " 8W do for 1 lire Low*, Feb 22 iiHterdam. .3 mos. 12.214 a \ I firs, and stivers foe 'iivrunuj.. i u l o i JL I Mg itwnrp.. .. " SO TO ir*nec and et* for 1 Jo iniburg. . . " 12 !JV a H.maicii * tihil bin 1 do. rid " !4o ti7>, (ruBM iiu l aenU I da. Don Mil*. ? pt-nce at* for 1 miirM no*. . . .Smo, 25 86 a 86 j lir? n; ^nJ fc? ghorn... " 2)0 60 6 lira ?1 it?. Bullion ruti Ouncb. i. J. ld.atandard 77 0 tit. do 4 ll1,' ith Anirrican dollars 4 10 , J Xh9UtM do: ::::::: r r 1 ^ -St mi*h doubloouN 76 6 | J. tut* and Mel, do. { -an | an do. { 7fl 8 | Tb? Hunk of Ktiglaitd. Ac<:(lint, pursuant to the Ai t7th and Kth Victoria, oap. 1. fur iLtt * ??k enaiBA unBatua<lay, thiVlbtlay of February, ixur iiirARTxm. t?c it?vc<J JlJU, 125,3hE> lioTornninit debt..?11,014,110 Oth?t amuritiw... CuM C?ia aad Bullion M.?48.*? RilTcr UiJlico 177,077 iW.I2i,J-3 A-iJ.U5.3 5 ??-<ai".# ncFinTMKNT. >rnotom" Cart- (Jorum meat H??u 1 ?14.S<WXM ritiea. (ineli.aum it ?.ai7,'*? l)>-a<l weifht aublio l>epu*iU, nuily) ?14JM.8M including Ea- S<ooriti#?.. H.7li,706 haqaer, sa?iu?s Hotaa lU.TtM 010 Jni.\?, Ci uituii- acU aud liJ .ot Icnvr* of N a- Oeia 7M,*7 iui.uI Debt, and 5<vidend Ao't?). f.,S71.030 her Deiiosita.... lO.liio^ftiM r?n 'lay as< kbaff Bill* l.iso.aas XJtf.lJMW ?1..0>vlj0 Kor tlwri. Baring*' Circular and otber lortiga iketr rec?lv?d by th?i aueJa. *? ? the laat pan j rlvnl or |b? Mteauiahlp Clirrokx, wit* Jn? (^nartrr of Bullion of <?old Unit. ["he steamship Cherokee, Capt. Windie, arrived terday mornirg from Chagre?, huvini? left that t on the 28th ult, and Kingston, Ja , on the 4th i ant. [he ({old dust on board of the Cherokee is conned u? lollown? K'ltDJ & Aipluwall flM&M HO na*l Aunlin. of Uoatoa 2J.00S <W Dot it Hoopar, Of Jo ll,34t> 80 ,ar Kdea. H.ISfl Ot 0*1] Si 76-2 00 *r Nljlor 1,600 90 II. ('arty Co 11SM0# L. Vrxai 4 TT8 00 ay a Co. 10,000 Making a total of 18i 8^ Ph.- following ih a list of tha passengers in the erokee:? I. W. f Btusell, U. 8 < onaul at Taplo, Manaal Karidta. lady aa<l two ohllJran, Maa?r? Hanry Dorn i? Rebomer. K. V. Kar?t?, David Perry Josopb Ilam . Thoatas li. hr?och,W. L. Wrmi (apt Doaao. MacwIUisy.J. I'. Herbaeb 11. hrnmoDt. liansU wart, A. Stewart, C. C. DeUratT, L l)od4, J. W. tar, <'apt. Thompson. < barl? Tbomp*oa Mr. tkaood, from klagatoa, (Jam ,) MlaaUrowar Maura Karfatty ThomM Carta?. Jn the 9:h mat., in latitude IB 17, longitude 74 , the Cherokee fell in wuh the brig Rcub'-n irver, (of Vinalhaven.) She had been knocked wn oaher beam ends on the sight "i On 7th. d whs obliged to cut awsy her mainmast and etopmast, to right her. Supplied her with a cask water and a spare topmast. She was t> days ace lor Georgetown, S. C. The ?chr lloreas, Capt. Thompson, (of Wilngton, 1>I.) lost at Chagrre, wuh h<-r cargo, re insured. The vessel had been sold for ftiU rhe sieamship Philadelphia wax at Simon Hay, aling, nod expected to Mil for New York on or >ut ihe 7ih inst. I he bark Mount Washington^ 22 days lienor, h coal, for llowlaad <V Aspinwall, had just ived in Simon's Bay fhe brig* Susan WaJford, with coal, and reola, Nichols, had mst arrived. The O. was king badlv, with rudder irons broken ; she lay Union's liay. I'he C saw a echooner foil of passengers, bound [;h?gre?, on the evening of the 27ut ol Feb ; iin iioi see ner nune. Neither the Tenne??*e nor the Sarah .Sand* had ivrd at i'aaama; they were daily expected there. Thrall l< al atari OTudral. owim Th**tb?-Two aaaotiful flc aa win |>>aa i nun, at Una tbaatrt. bafara tha n>t mw4o4 iiaaaa (.*.? >?i mi. Tha iNM of "Kuft ?r Thna NNlli fc. Mil Mo pr<>t>r?uu>?. ?u warmilr ayu4*4. It ? a? auroaaiia l by Ma ? >Tla? 4r* at ?f IraoaI," ia ?t Irh Moi'ra. Ollhart ao4 U?'?r u4 Miaa Wimvm, ir?|roaiat if" iiiaajpal ilitrx>Ur)>MiallM iliraMliN ? ir <a>ka la a r'tnartahW aaaaar Tm >iiiruiiaHU ala<la4 with th* woa4arfal oiuaatnaa iMUttlr. lataa it. Tw?l(ht, tha ri?iM tllj k? r>r?tti<, Mitt thrt taaimi au4iaaca. a* 4eabt lotnwtT Thii t a a.-Tha U4a if poMlu fa?ar kti Ml if"a?ljr toward! thia aatabliahmrat. that U aaaaot ac *MU *11 who apply far adinittaiioo I.aat ai?ht ill rraaataa ta aa oiirtoalan boaaa, aal ialli4 ra with Itawlt ia4 thaafillaat a-rainatioaa of ?ha aaay rla'i4iU aa4 acrlamiihu. It Htaki haa nrtaally aa4 tha rontla of ac Uag manat*r. aa4 ia abaat ta ?ialt l..nth. Hia friaa<ia. tt.rrifur*. bail h?l4 a ?? ..?? aal 4an4 a ( n.rltm<ttarv b*?>#t pf. t to hia 4**artura. a to roan off ant will. Tha yi?<-aa4la?a will Va fraa4 had ia aaoihar o*la?a. aid will aaiinata tha fnaa4a if i ?'?iI-bi?b to ma' f't?iH la a phalaai oa tha acaaaiaa. It aroa'a Tiiaara a - - Wa calla4 la laat araaiac. a* Mnal. troat that wa raa HU?a faraao.) toaao oar Waad Bartaa I Ma "Sarloaa Pamir." aa4 it la aar 4aty to aay that wa ad tho all aa tar. liaaly. lauchtar- luTiaa. aa? wahal aa irital aa nor. Tba arrhaatra i*rf >ra.a4 xa> baaitifnl rtaroa aa aa iatarla4oj aa4 tai aatartaiaaeala oaaal?4a4 h tbo laiao of " Forty Wlaka " ableh ?u ijl.atitn'*4 for *n??4y if " I^ap T?ar," ta a?aaa<i taaea a# tho Ia4layaai I of Mrt lioaoll. Tba hoaaa aa< <row 1*4 la aaiwaa Taa art' na Family will ho r-r?at?4 aaaia thia atantaa. aal. no ilit. tki Iwaa* will pruaat aa array ol >Iai>oca a^aal u aay atrala th* dty. *xri* 'aNatioaaL Thiitic. -Tba iilanaiaaiiia maaaa4. laat ataaiat. at iMataea ra, wMtail ?aalaiaibla fur aa to ?t a aaat with tha 4 ran a af "Rob *aaaareaa4a4 by tha local ptaca. "Maw Tort aa it la. ia iab Mr. Chaatraa playo4 hia faairlto yart ->f ao Taa al# oaaala4*4 with tho raf*o4l*<ta of "Taaaaa lid rfca." what waa r??0tT04 with aaiataof laaahtar aa4 ra if an lanao Tba una hill la ?lm4 la airbt whiah taat tail ta attract aa aasaraaa aa aa4iaaaa u witaaaa>4 > parfarmaa< a* laat i*aaia?. I nui'a Sai oo*.?Tha (T*a* aaaoart r,f 9lf**r4aa val-a luaoaiaa i.B thia a?*aiaa_ tba will ba aaaiaia-l byJtijaar anil Pa'tl. Ha^ami Fanay l.aiatr? Hgmnri Baiiaai hnU u4 Km Til Par w?? i. rm pp?rww 1mt, *oaUiaiB( miy thrililafl a****! (? Inmin ' hlBBaL iaaaat rnm DMlaatu a* baMtifal Ml >m tht Baska >t Uua4aJ ta.rar 8al? for tba bar*. Dm 'Her**.' ui atkar iiifMiin hiiim :mi>TT'( OriK r??,-Tkt Im?m MBHtf 1 tkia f?<oriu HMif Mwani, aatiaaa M|i?iaal '.?) aati.fa. t.. ? Tkalr plaiatita Marl*. rat ra-allart i.Kil^iMtn a4tnlra4, u4 alialt firoa 4all(kta < lid'M the baartiaal baara. Tba laa?htar praanklaa bat '|N " Maaiaal." I* a till la tka uh(4uL u4 Vk tali'a? a( <raar Liad an 4 tkar aalabrata4 'ttaliiu, at. ra?? raaar4?d with arplaaaa But what akall *a aar a ' i 'laariat' Wa ba?a mm alaoat avary nihwii la Ikl a. aa4 ? ha?? aaaar r?? ?ltaaaBa4 taak aa aaklkiUaa ai it?r| ni?bt ?t??a at Baabaaltt Ball. '?<<oa * >? or 1Mb Ooi a Mia aa - Tka prlas af alalMoa 'kit aihlblttaa ha* baaa ra4naa4 ta twaaty-tva BMta. a? tkaa. abo ara laiaraak*4 la tka t|?wi af uk nak ar ?nl'ia? it, ka4 Mi?r aaka UI at rn Ir?a4ta? wbara tk.y fa a parabasa tafomai at (nab a rata. 1.1 ai.aoa,- Wklka't aarallaat araaa4?ra ?ira tkair aaara i?4iaB aa* 4aaH??. mn aaala* at if " W alaaa ?Hk tka "l^at linnltt. lean .?Tka parfnraaa<-aa. ta-4ay ara far i aabt af Mr. MarrlftaM. tba (alabratad caste ata<*r Mi r. TNa iatai*<tia? ahlUrra. kata aa4 Bllaa laMaaa. I ara*ar la tka afia?a?m, ia tka " lalaa lottata" aaJ tka attarj Tlakat," aa* tka BartiaMti family ia tka pMtaiaa af tka " l.lttla Blaartaaof Bnaaa Ufa Tk? ktmia< 1. rmrn will la'rodaoa tka Bataaaa* la tka tkaralyi I'hart at' jtlrtani'l. la th* liaajy af "akkart nl. la ia a ??rj attra- tirt Mil. m4 rfll aa 4mM, araw4 Ika urn >?'? Hi aitm, F?iL?oai raia.?Tki? aatakla tart itttm ia i "falar>?r u It 4aa? ia M? M la aaaa? *r?t ?f all r aaaa af aaaaaaaat la tklaeaaatry. Mf kaa aa4> ari)inl a rafntatloB ?bi?h an; ol4ar aaWMub ata niakt wall .a> ?. 'Cla^arana.- If M k aaU laaflr >p* ?' aaoaMilf ..-~aaf?l, aa 4 -III rrf>*ii?iti m ???k. alaa. ?ka liruekari, a*ar r-ralaa. ? Ja?i a- * Mil) 4'?aa4?4 br tka ratraaa aai ?Mm4b tba Baaaaa. Ikaaa fftaaaa. ?Mk ?.tl?a 4raiaaa fctta Ua4?, ki, ' 4 Maraaa ??ti4 at artaettiaa,*W* > Ilka a>?t? ? # If I" : ia. tkM waat. tba ?| iiiar* ? ball a?ak will ha Kara a a . ?hj-k 9) klVM* j, Kn* rrrprta? :

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