Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1850 Page 2
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AMBRICAN Nl'SXL'H?Amviiiis PuroiMAiioa Irc ? ArTKRNuOn AMD Bthiik(, HBLODCOW-Wmitk'* fcHHABtll. WASHINGTON HALL? PanOK ama or CtiiMivu Cold ki?n. til BKOADWA Y--Oi v - Hrritiifn MicloicorA H?W York, Saturday. Harck 16, 1VSO. OMftroni State of Tblng? Again la Washington. Oar account? from Washington, both public and private, are again gloomy. According to what we have hfurd, chioa hHS come Hgain ; there is no profprct of a compromise, and even in the attempt jo a^mit California, there is a probabilry of some trrnble convulsion and struggle in the House of Representatives Kgalntt it. The speech of Mr. Seward, of New Voik. who is supposed to be the confidant of the unti slavery portion of General Taylor's cubinet, and the moat active portion of ihat body of worthies, has been the principal c.use of the returning gloom, and the dangerous cripin. The jlan ot Mr. Clay never had any chance ; the propositions ot Mr. Wabster were nflt presented in any practical khape, although conciliatory in feeling. The compromise committee moved by Mr. Foote ha* received too little suppoit, and few hope any final or general settlement ficm the movement at all. What, then, s to be doae 1 Congress will probably go on for a few weeks, debating and debating, until an attempt ('hall be made to admit California, and then w II come the struggle. There is a large majority in favor of the immediate admission of that territory as a State, but a majority cf the Southern members in the House will protract her admission, without a general settlement ?I ihe question, and will oppose it as a test question, at all and every hazard. They will sit night and day, calling the yeas and nays, in order to de. .L _ J 1 If . L . .1 ?J i>.!l .L __ _ it-Hi ine aaiiiission. u mat snouiu mil, mey will ihrn retire, concentrate their forces at the N'uheille Convention, and endeavor to make an appeal to the .South and to the whole nation. In such a crisis, we understand that General Taylor's cabinet recommend him to issue a proclamation ifiiin-i that convention, order General Scott to taUe the commiiiid at the South, and adopt measures of a forcible character, in case any steps should be taken under the authority of that convention, to impair the execution of the revenue laws in any of the ?<outhern States or elsewhere. Another element of agitation is the ultra and atrocious speech of Senator Seward, going the whole li ngth of aiiti slavery amalgamation, tending to nothing but insurrection and civil war all over the South The Southern agitators understand this, and are issuing fifty ihoutaml eopin of that speech in the Southern StaUs, to as to arouse the people of thut section of the country to vengeance and blond ttgainst the agitators of the North. Such is the unhappy Mate ol things again in Washington, in spite of the great and benevolent attempts of Mr. Webster to soften and tranquillize affairs. The anti-slavery portion ol the cabinet, in connection with Senator Seward, intend to keep this question open, to increase the excitement, to drive the SoutU to the extreme point of disunion, inmrtection or civil war. All these results will follow from the bad advice and mischievous policy forced on the honest hesrt of General Taylor by his present cabinet?a policy the most dangerous that ever was adopted by any administration in this country. The foreign policy of the cabinet,1 or the n?potism which was exhibited in the matter of appointments, might be overlooked or forgiven; but a policy intendtd only to increase the difficulties and widen the alienation between the North aad the South, up to the point of insurrection, civil war, or blood, is one that ought to damn any set of men, any cabiuet, or any administration. Why w II not General Taylor be governed by his own patriotic and s> risible inotincts, take the matter into his own hand, corne forth like a brave, noble and patriotic chief magistrate, assume a position ( f compromise between the two sections, that would crrmnand the respect of the whole country, and kick the present cabinet out of existence at oncet NuTitlfn w* Matok?Socialism in Naw Yom. ?We desire to call the attention of his Honor, the Mayor ?f this city, to e? rtam seciet movements in politics, now goii g on in this city, in connection vttb focialtam of the European stamp. About tw< nty years sg?, when the former revolution took place in France, and an attempt was in?de in England, English socialists came over to this country in shoals, started associations, organized parties, and endeavor* d to control public affairs here. No one can forget Skidmore, Fanny Wrifbt, and the Owens of that day. They led to riots, insurrections and burnings in '.his city; snd from the symptoms ain ady developing th< mselves, in connection with the coterie of long-beard*d socialists, whose (iriiD ! ihr Trthutu nrntnturi. Wr are vers much afraid that before the ini ruction in this citjr ahall ha?e terminated, we will ?ee scenes of iuaurrectloa and riot in our itrirti, e.^unl to, if they do aot outatrip, anything that Earope haa recently presented. We deelre the Mayor and the American com funity cl both patties, whig* and democrats, to keep their eyes open, and keep them tiled on certain movements in connection with foreign sociai?m of the reddest kind, which are nnw going oa in this city, under the patronage ot me philosophers and fools of the I'rihunr genrn Hat* ro* tm Nut l,aasii??*tT--T?a Fsm mnvbitkt -On next* first movement will he made in favor of Henry Clay for the presidency, to have aa effect aa UK ae*t contest l?r that high office, which is to be a ecrnb tace. It will begin witii ? ball at *Nibi?>, which will be t?t Up m ti e moci e|?l I'd d style, under the t?airoaage <.f ihe original frauds of that distinguished ttian, suri it w.u he sid? d ard agisted by as much b??uiy, * lr|Mn< e sod grste, of the kind, aa Mew \ ?tk cult stKird It Is decidedly the n?<?' pcpular in* til lor the preoiueucy that we have yet pern, and it b-Km* in Ike ripht .jnarter. The ladiM wiUdsnce ikeiii<e|ves, nad in-ik- the politician* dance too Thu on* I'iimimi a*i? AovmriMno ?In relation to 'his si.tyecf, tli* A?a, m its reply, mitre prrs?ats entitely fhr r!i ni*nfs <>n winch the oirciila?i?n i>f the //?? <>/ w?i pitiiieai'il, m a recent s?at* UKbt Bia<k- by us The be?t way to teal it, would be to Mental* the rlussitity of which ?nfb aUibl >h?r.ent in * wek. We will wcttit to ?t.y that if ibis test a. re applied, the a*eeffi'm nf the *nr, ir regard t# it* cire jUUi*, h ve ? mtidi sjl'etsace in th< in as the notes of he I Inmfield Menk, nfter It e.t,4? 4*4 aad cheated tlx keaest woikia* h* * "f flu* i >mtatiairy oat of heir { ?r*f n rt rpT. WW? t'ler veal .ire off the w i? l Fkai'LIin Fmoiiju Bum ? Fashionable Licmzmo ?Miaa Fredenka Bremer, the Swedish intellectual nightingale, or bird of Paradise?we don't know which?has been lionizing in this neighborhood for several days past. She spent a few weeks of enjoyment, literature, piety, and other commendable exercifec, at some elegant establishment belonging to the literati of Brooklyn. She hss been a few dvys at a fashionable residence in Irving place, in this city, ornamenting the drawing rooms of the celebrated Mrs. Kirkland, who writes so mnch, so beautifully, so pathetically, for magazines, both here and in Philadelphia. Yesterday, the Swedish muse, the tenth on the list of classical divinities, left this city for Philadelphia, where the will remain a few days among her friends and admirers in that region of right angles and odd ideas. She will then return to New York, and pack up her traps to make a journey to Virginia and the Southern States, probably touching the great West, and returning by the Falls of Niagara. Mies Bremer lias received a great many attentions from the literary circles of this country, in New Yoik and New England. Her name aad her works preceded her, and opened for her the doors of all thut habitations at once. She does not go much into fashionable society?the dashing kind? but principally bestows her poetry and her presence U|>on literary people, including the socialist*, Fourierites, and others of a similar character, either here or in New England. She visited a socialist establishment, culled the North American Phalanx, in New Jersey, and itdopted their manners end customs so far us to go into the kitchen ..J f,? o fnr ll.* of .1..^!.. OUU 11/ ? MVUMMVI, ?v? M1V J-Uip-BV VI """ that her principles and practi?es were of the same kind. She has the highest faith and belief in European socialism of all kinds. She looks upon the American socialist, Emerson, to be one of the pons cf heaven, one of the master spirits ol the day. She wonders how the American mind, and American communities, do not appreciate the beauties, the equilibriums, and phalanxes of socialism, in all its length, breadth, and circumference. Miss -Bremer is also op|<osed to slavery in all slibl es and forms, black, white or brown, unless tn the shape of phalanxes or associations. Miss Bremer is a genius, an oddity, a singular being, a poetess, a muse, aruy of heavenly light? a big pearl, or diamond, with a crack in it?but the will never get a practical knowledge of American principles, institutions, and manners, trom the associations and company she keeps to during her present stay in this country. Fashion.milk Morniso Parties.?Dancing parties in the morning} have been recently introduced in this city, among certain fashionable circles.? Several of them have been given in the Avenues up town, and one by Mrs. Stevens, at her elegant residence in College Place. They are getting to be all the go during the present spring season.? Ladies don't dress as much at them as they do at evening parties, and gentlemen merely go in, hop an hour in the morning, then go down town, and cheat or be cheated in sj>eculation, and finish the polka before four o clock. Th* Sandwich Islands ?The requirements of California are rapidly increasing production in these islands. In an agricultural j?oint of view, the realm ?f his Hawaiian Majesty is becoming impoitant, and the inhabitants are directing their attention to the resources of the land. Tke new*pajte/s are urging an early settlement of the land claims, tliat every facility may be given to the stimulus and its effects. The islands are destined to prosper from their relations with California, and lllir trpfltv U Ifh (hp onvf ritm?.nY nf tlanrais arranged in good time. City Tai/-- a*. Why do not the property holder*, and the masses of the people in thia citjr hold ft great meeting, and call on the Legialature to |>a*a the law now before them, for equalizing taxation in thia city, and thua aave themaelrea from the clutchea of the miHionalrea, who want to raddle all the taxation on amall property owneral Now a the time to mo v.- against the millionaires. a wen he* ht'mbio?Some silly fools have called a meeting in the Park, to barn the Phantom of Ditunion. What mummery! lathis the way to settle the difficulties in Congress! No?no?no. arlua Intelligence. Tbe stismsblp Faleon, Lieut. II art* tain, bans* for Hiuit. New Orleans and CbtitrN arrived at Hiftai oa the 8ib Inst. at IS o'clock. noon. ITmri it in the .MmiHiliHtn A<.?i*.?Wi roeelead tbe foliow|i g frost Capttaia Park,of tb* bark Aatolaoa, | fr<m Palermo. Hastate* tbat In passlngtba Roek of Gibraltar. lull three-qaarttr* of a alia south of Kuropa roiat, ibe fortrass fired a rbot aerora tha ship's b >ws, j ut i m in d lately fired aootbar aeroaa tba stara. about I three rod* distant, within a moment of tba first. My | ea*tga not belt g ap I In i?ted It Momoreflilag took plaow. On ?at?iU.g Gibraltar, (wbleb I wna eoaipvilad , to d? by Ion <f rudder) th* autbotitle* claimed >10 , each lot tba two shot* Mr Mpragtie th* jUMllM , toa*ul, very kindly exerted hi* intlnanaa to have i tba Una reamied and even applied to tna government, ' wub?ut (uoeetding only in one-half tba amount. Tme Kaanatia Kirtoiriuit ?The sehooaer Amaret , wa? pureba*ed yesterday. by Mr. Burrow* on tba part of Mr. II. Urlnntll, far tba expedition In *eareb of Mir Jibn frraaklia Pbe lira at tba Tobaeeo Inspection, ! a?t river where *ba l? belag (trangtbeaed and put lu proper eradltli u for ouch an exp?ditlna 8b* t* to ba ready by t b? 1 *t < ( May. Another at least, and parI tep? tw<. iter*. will areoaipaay tb* insrrt. Thay are I to b? commatded by l.ieulensnl* Haven aad (iriffln. l.*dy 1 laaklla I* expected ber* l>etvre th* expedition rail*. W* *aw tba *t<b*eriptUn list yaiterday. baad>d , by Mr. Urlaaail. with ao.wo. Khlp Baildlng, *r. Oar snterprtelag merchant* aad ship bullJ-r* appaar ddrtalifi to fill lbs tatuna created ia tba matoaatll* iaiatlaa, by tba departnr* of *o many ?f oar fiaeet eee*als to? alUotaia. tba laid of proailse oa aar westara e<ast. lew of wbleh will mr return to tba*a shores, k.very )ard la thi* eity appeara ta ba<a aaoa<h to 1 do lor tba (baily emplojment of their aoikava. neb to tba gratification ot all tntereetat 1a naval atebiteaiaia. A heel af a *tcam?hip I* to ba laid la tba yard of Mr. [ J. bl moose a. feot of Hghteeatb street, Ka?t Rleer. of a Modal ilallai to tba Cberokee'a. 8ba Is to b? tX> feat la lr?|lb. M f*at breadth of b*an aad ala?taaa feet depth . I hoid It I* raid *he la lateaded f<?tb? Paellc. t>ae ot tha t*o?team>bipa Mr. Wa II. Wsbblebatl4lag for tba hnaaak no*. win ba ready ta lanaeh by th* Br*t af April, aad tba otk'r I* going up rapidly lb* at ward pretty Steamboat Isiaad I Ity, built by Mr. Tboaia* ? olljtr l.>otof rw?nt>*tb all eat will lUit 1 this a?aii|.as her er*l trip to litag Siag Mr. C. ba* aleo another ftnabal oa tha tlntu ot about g.4 feet la lergth. ItlitM ta raa k?twwn tbt* ally and New Itiiitfwiek.lo iba pla<* of the Antelop*. liar tvatage will ba about iM At in* lout r>( >ii?t-.-i'b *tr*rt, Mr. i>?o < olit?r I* bulldlCg ' T b ?' till ?-n*|r? T r r ? In 4*1. I lh .! <?! b* l? MotirMil Irt kit! Itn|irr?rawl< In ii?l t* B?lw.) iklrk. wb*n o. mpl*t*d ?lll Bo doubt MltfUto oilr MMf it ii'? i ??i-1 la hiving |*t???b<|t* irttbf tp**d tbin it piwot ittili ! ihrngh II I* w*ll m. ? i. bo h la tk* VMM mb iqitl lki*i b?t? it yiMitt ruaaieg Tkit* It H i Mtiigbt III* li lb* ball of tblt b 1' and *bi I* [ . ?o B>od*llrd forvird, i? to allow lb* *i>?r to pit* lr*?- , I; ai d?t h?r. * filch ml |l?r bir |?Mt buojiic; Bhi ! I* || 0 l??l It l>l|lk, wllb II ? ! brradtb of b*tn iod 6 loi drptb of It l? Th<M mho ni lytri tlio* *o?l4 i l? *>ll irpiI I bj * Writing lt?r ItiuiMl tlmci.-(ifl. I'urkU. irrlfid r??t*rdi) IK nlig fn in rot to (iMIt. wprrtu that on Ui lltk Is iMitiidi 14 10 ui loiglndt M M, at flgbt n'rtoek. t. M . b* ck**H*< llii?la'u? ipp?araaoi ib Ibl bftirBt, r?HBkliB| B in iD-nltfo M IB iilBlt>t It lp^trf4 ll tkl VftJantllt < ? * till rBtbir lowlT. IBB all IB light B UMI? BOff tblB b mnwir ltipi*it?B to tn*n iboat i?b htgb, i t dirlig It* *>i. tiaunr* thi iwi?b( wr? iiioBltnl ?ll h I bn?b'??*? B?l?lj Kjnil to tbBt Of BB-a ill J.? HUd ol ?| ptirltg. Itbiofei iBtoBlb<'0*Bi4fri?m?nti>. JHovtminli of liidivlduls. I [> Nl*M. V. M. N. and Col B Bnvvlila, l*. ?. A., ki*?atrl**B la tbinoity i im buibai k, II. H A.i Capt f A Stoektoa, V. M > , BIB IB WatklBgtCB. rtmbia onm-tki h?iv rtla ?a tn??<liy atgkt pttBic*B i r?|id rll* Ib tki ftr?am? la Hit* ragfcB, ravnig much 0ia>*g*. Ob 'b* i>r?i? Miami raraplki. ii ? ttt<i?*ct?i k bn ig* t< #a?pt my. Bad otk*r <?a?Bf* In* ?'? ib# < ?!*< t' vn Ilk* Mttral kr'df? ki >??? bit* b*?n ?i?h*d aatjr I b? Kig? ob b^tk ttm r< *4* ?*r* <?!,.? to f?tui u t*?t*tdaj n^tilng n? aeret If Ibl u.?t.a,t1rn of ?b* hrldfw bb tbi roatob. 1 b? t> ?r? i.? irM tin fv?r kitikf In ibl PBtial airtB, t. '.r .. Vlnrrj lh*r*li ot? at ttmllh'g dl?tll|.ry " i b>lr?, villi,b IblrB It Ibl town nklok rBtll*4 ? } b l?f bo. i*. |b<t | m obi bhi tb* b>|*lbnr? it i h. vit?t ron rnpibiy it tkt? p >nt jr.rt.idlj Ai difh Int light It vt,t u? bilk* >> d miIiMp* I b?i* tr* r?prtt* *4 liliti** to th* w .Nil ? tUif id hrMgit fr*a lb- ivVIm rite of WimI llt?k - D ylm (0 ) t/.-vrn*!, N.ui T. TELES K A PBIC JNT KLL1G EHCEs T?l(grapUt y. One of our Washington correspondents lafarms ua by telegraph, that a personal reacouater occurred in thut city oa Tharsday evening laat, between Senators Foote and Borland, growing out of the slavery question, in connection with the new territories. It la apparent, from the accoant which he furnishes of the affair, although it was instantaneous in its inception and conclusion?totally unpremeditated by either party?that Mr. Foote's course in opposing Mr. Calhoun's views is not acceptable to a certain portion ot the Senate?ih extremists?of whom Mr. Calhoun is considered .he head. We shall know further particulars la the course of ihe day. The only inference which we can at present draw from the circumstance, is, that the Southern ultras are determined to stand by the position which they have taken on the slavery question. We regret to hear such unfavorable accounts of Mr. Calhoun's health. Notwithstanding his ex -icmc ujuuiuns, nis ueam?wnicn we nope 10 i*tr diktant?would cause a pang of regret throughout the wbole land. While hia views are legitimately the subject of controversy, and tie tn hia position as Senator and ft public man, may be assailed for entertaining them, we are perfectly satisfied that the man is yet to be born who will deny hia h<>neaty of heart and integrity of purpose, lie may be mistaken in hia views; but the world will unite in aaying that he ia a pure minded man, and whit is still rarer, a conscientious politician. Nothing was done in the House of Representatives yesterday, and but little of importance in the Senate. The proecedings of the latter, as well as thoee of our State Legislature, will be found on our first page As for the Pacific railroad, or any other subject of moment, we don't believe it can be passed upon until the unfortunate slavery agitation be disposed of. It will be seen that the Senate of this State, among other proceedings, passed the bill authorizing the city of New York to borrow seventyfive thousand dollars to erect a washhouae. As soon as it becomes a law we thall watch the manner in which this large sum of money will be expended. No doubt the cormorants will endeavor to dip into tt; but we hope that it will be judiciously exp?ndtd. We shall see. The Latest from Washington. Ot ft Sl'BClAL TXUESKAPlliC COKEBSPONDKNCB. Washington, Varob 16. 1850 The intelligence which it is my doty to eimmaolcat# to you to- day, ia of rathar an ominous oharecter, connected, as it ia, with the impending slavery agitation, and the excitement and bad feeling whioh exist batweea the North and the South, aa well as between Southern member* themselTee, on that matter. Lait evening. Senators Koete and Borland?both of whom are Southern democrats?met in the street, in the vicinity Of the office of tba t/atitmai tnttltigmcrr. After tbey ware engaged in conversation a few minute*, on the present aapect of the slavery question, a reneounter took place between them. The following are the particulars, aa I undaratood them, from parties who witnessed the fraaaa. Both mat IB IB* street. and. alter few minutes eoovtrMtion, Mr. Borland said:? " ami, 1 understand you (aid to a friend of mlo?, today, that yea consldeied me a urn tool to Mr. Calhoun " General Foot*, (angrily )?" Keally, I hare no recol'ectlon of raying so; bat if you suppose I wai capable of making fueh a declaration. yeu ar? welcome to It" Wbereupoa Mr. Borlaad struck Mr. Footela the faoe with bla fist. cutting blm with bin ring ?o tbat be bled. Col. Waltoa, of Alabama, tkea interfered aad separated the partlee. Mr. Foota vaa taken iato tbe office of the y^iimal InitUifencer. Tbe tmrult baj caused a great deal of eonrsrration aad dUcuaaloo. inasmaeh aa both vara known to be intimate Meda. It wae, bo<rerer, without j premedltatioa oa either (Ida, aad hopaa are eatertalaed that aothlag serious will reault froaa It. Both of tha ire a t lea e a are vara blooded, and Mb probably regret tha ceeurreaaa. Mr. Boelaad vaa la hla aaat la tha Seaata to day, aaneual bat Mr. Faote waa absent Tha Southern members think that Mr. Foote la t?0 aerere oa Mr. Calhoaa; bnt aotwltbntaadlag that, t am happy to say that there la ao daager of aay had raaalta following the affair, as the parties bare become reeoa, ell. d I am sorry to ray that ao Immediate settlemeat of the alarery question Is la prospect Mr. MaClaraaad, of llllaoia. It Is said, la about to try bla haad at ooasprt mlslng tha dlffiealty between tbe North aad tbe South. Hla plaa, it la rumored, la to prepoae la tba Committee of the Whole, a proposition to admit California at oaoa. aad at the same time to form territorial gaverameate for New Mexico aad Deseret, wlthoat lacladlag tha Wllmot proviso. This does aot rary much frem tha aablnet plaa of settllag tbe difficulty. I reget to say that Mr Calhoaa la rary un??ll The aaaas la the tea eta. oa Wednesday last, bad a great efleot oa htm. [This soeae Is depleted In onr Wa?h- j 'agtoa correspondence. by mall la to day's paper -W. JJeraid.] Ha vaa obliged to retire, completely exhausted lie la agala eoaflaad to hla room, and Is aot allaved to tee aay oaa. He la aot only slek. but dispirited. For years be haa sacofssfaliy battled against tba 'sa*ptl? B of abolltloa petltloaa by tbe Senate, but all I the t*rriera vhloh be foagbt In defence of. bare beea brokaa down. Thla haa made a woad?rful Impression upon blm, as veil aa apoa other Southern Seaatorr, who, It la said, vlll resist their racspUoa ao farther. N. B - Tfcemaa agaiast whom Col UeaU n lastltuted a eemplalat for eahlbltlag aa animal parportlag to be Col. Frenioat'a "woolly horaa. ' has be-n discharged Parser Prlre. Ricnsmk, Va , Mar-h it. 1850. Tha Ifiif says that Parser Price lost ao moaey by tbe barnlag of tbe steamer Orlloe St lo'ia, though ha loet tbe r owe hers of bla dlabaraeaieata. Tha Swlberr? .Hall. dkr. Bsltimoss, March lb?9 T. M. i The So at b em mall came through this eieaiag ft la 1 now ralalag baid. Markets aaebaaged Msioii Csltsn t(< |>urt. Muv, Oa. Marebli, 1SS0. Onr receipts for tbe last tvo days baeo W?n literally aotbtag. Ttey bare usually beea oae buadrsd bales dally. The Tiadea. C**V(?n* fKOTBC-Tlvl TNlotS. Aa astraor'llnarr meetlaa of all th? Mf*>ri nt M? York *k? tpwak tko Kaglioh ltn(nt(*. *11 b*Il, yoo- J tarda? araalag. it th* Mrebaalag' Mail, iro lloator 1 treat. for Uio ^Mitl paipooo o| aJoptlo* or ib*i4I>| tb* coo*tltati?o a?r**d upon by tbo r.ooh aad ' ?*r man*. Tko chairman hartag called Iba a***ably to ' otd?r. advtrtrd la a l?w word# to tb* ebi*at of tko { pr***at neetlng aft?r which h* proarodod la rrad ( M(tiaUI; tbo rartou* rul*a ar law* drawn up hy tba I <??ra>ea*, a low day* riaao. andllafeoded to torm tba ' fuadaaieatal aorattiatloa tbo carror*' pmtoatlro atlna 1 hn? law*, offer a?a*? f*w aia*ad>aanto aod , flight airdlflcatlf L* ?ota unaalmcuily eariled Tbo j eholiMoa tbrn r>ad tb* r-gulatl '? . wbt*h bad booa | p' r*l?a?ly drafted aad *aooU*a?d by tho Kr*aab. I Tb*** Matata*. tbo rahotanaa of which beiag already ?aibrdt*d In tb<M> proposed by tbo Ovnaaar w?ro tw*'aat|y, wilb< tit d- bata or alteration approval of aad adrpted It war glr*a to tbo Booting to nadvrotaad. | j that all tbo** who wl*k*d to hwooaa atoaber* of tbo , ob''T?r??Btloa> d wlatloa iua-tnoo ooaio forward. | aad * ? tbelr Hgaotoro* to tbo** law* aad ratulatioa* tbat ha r* h**n pto|-o**d and *anetlon*d by tbo yga* I **t>t aeetlrg 1 hi* b*tag doe*. tb* a***ably abortly 1 { altar adjamard Btwokl) n City iHtolllgonaw. fit? r?? ?t?n*i?r* 'nag* (iroouwood ? TV F?fU i tl Htl'im.l I f <n>4 Wulimm Jt t'?l Jr Tha do- . ??t 4*??* *t*ad lndtat*d. o? tbo ooaiplatet of Tatty ? oit. tfer a-thir ot William <;<dt Jr for aa a**aait J ard tattn; with Infeat to kill bar, aa tb* Kb of Jaaa. I 1'<a. b? | r***attny a pl?toi lood*d with powd?r aad I tall ftr'tbo parpooo of ooapelNag tba raid r ally < ott to ri?ra?* aril ookaowli tg* tboeaoontloa of a mark* , .at* to tb* N?w \ < rk I ijultablo Inaaraan* C npaay. , to ?< car* th* inrn.t <f flu mo apoa oortala roal *a- , tato Is tba nty of Brcablya. Iiiih ?t Acrn ??r ? l.a*t rv*alag at aboat Bra ' rtkrl. M a aian ?aard Joka Trla, who raaddaa la < nuti i> an aii* la 'hi* city, aad ?ko wa* employ *4 la | tl* a arl ia* *h"p < f Jama* Baa** n*ar th* Wellabowt I Ta* ili. ih* ( t'Mb ward of Brorklra.) whll* pattla* < a hatd i a toaak**l. war eaagkt ky th*kaad aadktlM 1 atari lafaatly Ho woo rkorklagly kraltod aad kta Mi tHi| marly ?ll tora of. H* koo i? ft a wt#? aad ttra , al Idirati rarata fct? aaviael? doatk Th* ( omaor will b< Id ok la><aaot thl* lat-rtlng ln?, i?" i* 'w* N?rr I fl rto will bo aad* to > rrrat* * ai? f'*>iag ap?a tki* *ahj*ct la tbl* alty A ! a>g* a ? tir g a III bo b*ld at MjMoatb okaroh oa Mao- J d*r ?? rlr g r*at la tba pto?o?4|of? of whlob It I* , e???a ?d ? aio *f tho load lag rltH*ao win parUalpaka. I ot N .?*m It rnf? Tkla aoofegy kald Itoaaaaal j * oetfea |o*i aorrtoa for i^iwr*. Mi. itroatab iaba- , > k ?a? t.ovUd I r??14?at | ?itjr IiUUI((bm. SA1LIM OF THK HEROIEE AMD KMI IIK CITT. Theee tf* MpllMit itwwUfa nUid yntwltj, from tkelr rafMtlfi piers, two t>4 (oir North river, at > o'eloek, with p?iH?pri and IMI|ht, to Chegrea. for California. The day Msg beautifully Am, the concourse of speculators wh immense, Tha plan and shipping at attbor (Ida, w?ra covered with hoaan beicga Tbara was also a larga nam bar on tha Bat tar; witnessing tha departure of tha gallant ahipe, a* tha/ bora aan Into tha dapth of ocaan. Thalr decks wara Ulaiallj black with paaeengera, who aaamad to ha alata with Bopa and animated with excellent spirits. Tbara wara not ao many ladloa aa usual, though tb?ra waa a oonaldarabla numbar of tha fair on tha piara aaalng thalr frieada off. It la worthy of remark that tbara waa Waa of grief la parting, tbaa wo aver witneeaad bafora on thoee oeoaslons. A few month* ago it waa consldtred a aery aarloua bualnaaa to go to California, and tba adventurers took leave of tbair friends as if tkey never expected to eao them again Now. tbere iejoataa little thongbt of going to California aa to New Orleana; aod tba plera and tba darks of the departing ebipa are tba aoane* ot jokea aad reekleaa mlrtb, Instead of teara and sighing. and aad noea. Tbere were tba ueual bnetle and harrying to and fro, aad tba late, running aa If for tbatr Uvea, or like a Ore engine. Tba Cherokee failed exactly at bar time? Iriig a run aa rbe moved oat from ber pier. The Kmpi re City followed in ten minute*. and both sped tbeir way to c eran amidat the enthaaiaatl: ebeerlag of the multltnde on shore. Li?> oi mt paaaengers win do xouna unacr their proper tifftd Id uotbw part of tba paper. It will to t*en that Colonel Bukbctd u4 Key. Dr. Terris WMMlttl Dumber, sod from the length of thoM lists It will be observed that tbe tide of migration 1* (till on the flood to California. Di it to DreT ? Nicholas Dean, Preiident of the Crotoa Water Board. retuM to allow tbe itwukaepura and others tba um of tha Croton water tosprinkle the streets; hence the el uds of duet which ohoke tbe public, and destroy their clothing and marohandlee. 1 he ri aMtn for thle sapteat and arbritrarj exercise of a little brief authority, it is difficult to aaoertain. It U high time tbe Croton water business waa pat into tbe hand* of new governors How long will tha people consent to be tax ridden and pelt/ tyrant ridden, Without resistance? Fiac.?A Are broke out yesterday forenoon In a Dutch hotel in Cedar street. Damage trifling. Thi Ciuiotnu Biota of* GO'-d?A Mint lie Ni:? Voaa.- We are laformed by .Mesars. Boardman & Kbb? t that " the $1 100 worth of dust" smelted by tbeui far Mr. Stephen Roberts, brought wltbln two thirds of one per eent. what it would bare realized at tha mint, whleh I* mora tban saved in interest, tbere being generally a delay of two months, and even longer. befoia tbe dnst is got back in euin. This Is another argument fcr a mint in New York. Thk Arri ib?n<. e or ink Citt Paiso*.?There la eery little regard paid to public decency, la reference to (he of tbe city prison. Kveey Una morning. about 8 o cloak, may be sean every description of nader garment* and loine of very atranga appearance, suspended on the ratling from Leonard street to tba ettianra ta tha prison. while on the corner of Frank lin street, inside tbe railing, may ba teen a sedan with abed on it, broken benohee, and a great variety of other articles, which have been lyia* there for several months. Suraly some little attentlou oaght to ba paid to tbla matter by tha authorities. Soma suitable shrubs ovgbt to be planted around tha prleoa. Child Ri-n Bonn kt * srar.r.? On Thnraday evening about 4 o'clock, as a Dry Dock ataje No. 174. driven by a man who gave his name aa Occrgc Rlllott, waa -pasting fram Pei k Row into Chatham strsat a child ana tun over and ita leg bee Sea Tha llttla sufferer waa brought In a hack to hi* residence, 64 Murray tract. A Qi'kbt.?We are requested to ask whan the rubbish

and scaffold polaa in trunt of tha saw Chemical Batk, will be removed from the street. Ceait Calendar?Tbla Day. Common Plus - NOB 310. "Ml, 808. 371, 373. >74, 378, to 87V, i?2 ?84, to :>87. CiatuiT Couar.-Noc. 984, S85, 3W9, 400, 401.407 404, to 412. Travel to and from Haw York and Alba* tiy?It dors not neem to M generally understood that the kmi'M River Knilroe I ( <>iiifnn.v and the rroprietora of the People'* IJae of > ib< ute ha?e eatablmhed two daily ronuccimI lin< of car* . ateauibuata be tweeu thiacuy ana Alb tn \ . I lie viic 1} iui lc* . lujt ihe ?la lou, corner oI .hampers and IiikSmi strteU, st 7 A M , connectm* ?iih the ?u.aiu< r Joseph Brlknsp, at l'ong).koep<le, st 9\ A.M., width ataudH ?ntared to arrive st Alt any ai '.'S I'M ; the other le-tviax t'h mi raa'reet st I*. M . eonnectirf with the "teaaief Soa'h A a. erica. st I'oushkeeptie. ut 1 I*. M.. to ainteas a lbui at 1 / u'flunk, Hie return arrauR?ia?nt? ate ? Toe South Anuria. to leave Albany at I A. M., arrho at Poujhkeef-ii at ll)t> and l?a\ io< tnat place at ll\ A. M , to arrive at Jau uteia atreet at P. M The Joaeph Belknap. to leave Albany at 4 P. M . airiae at Poor'ikeepele at >? f. M., aad at the term una. in I liankra atreet, st IIS P. M The boats in|<l< yed are among the awiltaat oa the rlaee, anil if they oua lorm to their earned time, the-e line* canaot but i e wall aiitlx rlcd. and silt rd s great secoi.iwodatl n to the travelling pat lie. aa it aflorde tw > opportnn Uaa <a< a day to pasa from O'ty t? eltv, without sleepine 'ti the bust*. Thoae ah1 prefer that si e< mmodstinn will And it la the an ell knnwn I I.inea of the aplendid btiu of Hi* t ? I i. Both oar* a ad 1?.?!? (lop it b'I tin- priecipal p'?o?? ob tn* rout* for way i iMcunefi, <> that raai<init* at llndaan may l?av* Chamber* tin tl at P. M., and be at the r ltrnno at about ill e:'?k, aadlb'le terdu* b?low that plae* proportionality **rlt*r. Th*r? e?wwe*?*d iim a*>ri a ro"d opportunity to m th* relative merit* (af w hiah ramtarity I* an ? mini p .mt) of < at earn)-eat and railroad tra ellta* W* Itara that th* railroad itaad* engaged to p-rfrriu th*ir 7* mil** Id lfc hour*, ' and lh? boat* thair 6M bUh ii ?)? hoar*. tam(aMdeat* alwaja *ie*pt*d) which keen* tip beat with th-lran- 1 caianrata. Ia the tl?e atated. Hf etn miuutaa are alio?<;d < f<-r eiekan(e of paa**ngrrl at Pou*like?-|>ale, whlek will b? ' do?? la See BMIM ? hen a daok now At nag up for the f nrCi K r. Bi|l' ted. Meala art farnlah*d on board tba a teamla, ib Uic uaual atyle of th* wall ka wn Paapla'a liae. The Banting of the I'ltaatom of Dlianton 1 baa Uea poatpoiad, aad when It roaaa ??, It It as par tad laat trrj will ha?? on aaw tit* to wltnaaa It. Of oonra*. Ilaiara. kalntjk l-eark. at the eoraer of Chattaa and I'aarl atraaia, will hara a mah for tkair adajrabl* Sprtan Blrl*. Tht Pavoilrc ?rhc RlclltllM.ETtr INalnted G*ld* Fern are bow th* favorite of ahoat all th? heok- 1 to*peia IB flaw York. Th* pre*!*** oar* ia taken la Itkkiapc th?aa and tk?? are warraatad Ik eeery parti*alar S >l?t I racluaively by J. V. BAVaOB. <1 Fulloe ptraat. wbira. if job *anta nrat tat* Uold or Silrer Watch, yvu can ob< to taitjBr f?B?>j Be in Tin*I Be In TIm* U<?nly a f?w week* apo, a pcatlanaa. who had "pat if r?t>*Wi?? hia> fur lac dajra. had hla h?nea boraea down aad laat kt* [matinee. Na*>r delay what *?auld be do*ie, aad rta^a ime it cum Thai#f..ia il ?"nr haadwitio/ a>eda ImproT- 1 lap. |o lonkwlth 1* UOLliSBITBd, M MroadvkJ, "Tn ?! J lict that dtrirc 11.ia Baath *nly. h* fie** a fall ovuraa of ] laaaoB* f*r 12 ?. ] C*lanian, of 1UV It aasnu afreet, doe* not kaow wkt*h of t*e ltroalway Uatli r? ia Ua uatiaaaa. bat ' h* >aoa * ab< nt th-t *o*>e. Qia Biany yaar* fiperao a ia the Wrrrat bru?ea la the tride. both lu tlm oona-re aad Bo r?pe. eaat * Mm tn maao'attare a flat that f>r bi-antr, durability, qnal ty aad **?le. will aempara tavorthly wiah ' tha k aaud prodatt.oa* of Rruadway Hi* prt*? i* ealy 11 Au lata ?A r? li?r, of !t?HI Ureenwleh afreet* ha* I ?n*d hi* ' *dli|0B" af Oat>, of tha hprla< r?a iin* Oar iB>pi'aiioB ia, that tkay ar* ??ry auraour*; aad. aotaitbatai due ike **itiaa i* eery lari* ?* ba*e no d'>ai-t | that the' a ill to off like hot r.aiea. Our frlaada wh? waat a li?ht, ta*)/ aad darabl* hat, will patraala* Ar*h*r. "My Mntlai(iil* Pr*?la*ly."?" Hare jrwn , aeea Kaai'a II aU af tha apealac laaia f" l?|iiead a wall J dreaiad leatlaaiaB if aa aei|welataaa? he ?-t raaterd^y ia * kai>aa an*a>. ' I kail.' "Thar ar* tha mo*t ele.tat, beioiaiaa. aad at lha aaaie tune th* ehoapeai 1. in all my ** I *rl*B' a. bar* f tar ?,n wltn " " My aautiaaaat* *aa?Uy." A Cati ?tie uln, harlni |Mrf<rMd all ttie arraryeBieata ?f h a aaw eatabliihui at r>*pe*'fa1ly iaeitea liilmi <*a and III* eailie tn aalt at Vi Broadway, aad eiarr'ie liia impi' ?f a eaia ant hla Biwaluekof nontlemen'a ai d ( #*? Bate f-r th* vaaaoa. af Pi'ii imp>rtaiioa aad Atnltloit ? Mplenrtltl ' ilk Hat* for 04, eqaal l? ilii> uitll; ibll ilfivban hr |V 1k?| triir * ft* ?< hat ) ? rbirl. r*tt>Mn fc|< l'?H rr-i?. ala|I1? at d durability W. f. 1>*VID, | Mrtvin be T. M. Mklw.> Ml ?u [hni M. Attention, Knakrri ?Oar Friends, Hmn, ] ef I ''i H?-o?>lnM. kf-n.oa Hand all t it r d (In I it- liriiii)) i f fiori Thrva* wbo ara faad af a r>?d ? ah<m>d act fhtl ?o (Ira th?m a ,1 llaftoerreatf > pea ? llarriaon 4k llolmri re PfiM) Itlim ihnr ItmU tlMm kn<n4 ihwut li- , ? iiaidaala of W a a 1 rk ami tha .una, ha. i at >iii ara arar read) l? r?r*? arr'taat'a a Ith IH< llkraaaara and Aaa piararta la ahatt ?at:a*. at lar e.<t fra-a ten iu tan d?ll?~a, at 1 lharlda'aad Da M Br< a^aar. fruar af ludi miM iba laig. afcyli?ht. ' * The I'lnna Iw Kallnnal l(n(?arrTan * ItT) . >>o 261 kiNdat) , la anrthr af il> iiuatlai af *11 aha a lak> ai( rl? aaara a a inailalrj Iha hnaiaa face. Tha . alia? tna ia tie tartaat la 'da I al'ad Stataa, aad ?i?)iaid af | af tba ?"?i dutlarwtahed leditldaaU. J Vtitanlay, In taaibllKi abaat town, wi h kaMaaed la aa<*r iba alara af the Maaara taa**a*ll, Na 1 |< I a ha at rati, aad vara, trail |iilta aat .aiahad at thaar rplaalid aw^rtaral af Oaa Chaadatlara. Mantel Ornaaaata, aaay China Taaea, Cat Glaaawara. ka aad ?aald r***a - ' ~ paad all aba ara abaat to para1 a# r* a*rh art'al-*, w> tat a a f rek at theaaaartaaataf J STUl V EN ML ft Ca . Ma. Sioka I 1 rtrc*t. batata ha) lira alaaahare. O.laaatttrt' Patent Metalllt TaM?t Malar ~ Itrar?tba aldaat aad ateat aprratad atr t aaa la aae- ha*- f a? baaa hafara tba pablte ? r tha laat thirty raara. aaa ba , lad (t tba an bear! bar a, wbaleaale aad ratatl NIHIJ, W Braadaaf, aaraer af Ubartr atraet. aad W! Mread way. |r ( tb Flitarr, 3MT Rraadna;, brtwaai ?' Malkar aad Vhita itraata.?Tart* lea ahaII aad Haflala hara , '' I rata Caaiba. af rrarj b?? daaira aad aieaaallad tthelaa. a* a >a a?t?al aad eartaty. irery dinar'fttaa af rwb af fbe?*?a I m wall aa bam a aaaafbatara. ef^aa^rtr-r ^ ^?ai4 la* i ^ W l|t. Vaaptta aall llalr t otting?t'ltlten* ; < tad atraaiara ara raqaaarcd to rail at tha Ma.ritaetArr of ? Madharat Maard V Haidaa I.aoa. a h?ra l?,?jr ).?< a .n .aad . Ibalantaat aad abaaaaat aaaortmaat nf Ora^rn. nitl llkir la J! IkaaOy ^rgjaa. ?a altaea* tba irr tj atria af Hair Cat- M Toopeea?Another Sledai hat I , Haa aaardad ta Wm. Matelialor, far Uia ka?* Wi?a aad Toa- J pa< I tba rut'lia ara laaltad la larpa't hla tit* a<yla ?rr l*m, it PATtrtM <-H Haalabra'.^ W,, f, \ 4 Wall araat. 1 Da lai^a tha lar?aat aad beat aaaartaaat la tha aitf. Oar Half Dfa?Hatettelor'a Uanttlna l,lqaM -v air t>rk ?> ? >? ha brnaarrd at tha oaa irkatarr, d trail I tbraaa Tha fablta afconld taard atfnat laiitaii-ma l?aa aaa M rarlana dlfl'saa fara^n. ?h?aa ha r h.t aaeataad a bad aalarfraa tba aaa M tha laltattaa daaa aaa baaa la e?r*aa*ad kv aallta* aa ahaea. ( *Pt tka addraaa. . Tfc* Dear Pabiie. or that part who wtatb ? lar a (aa tlaar akla, ikaali trj b ?aka af Jnaaa'tea* It la ?, ratf riala? h?? It ahitaaa jall?a aad dark aala. aad farea H rarttrta fraahlaa. narplaa. a a Oat It at ?M Mr*a4oar M It M a ?*taadld arttale- try tt, ( Dr. Uaaraad, ad Of Waiher iti*M, aaar ^ droadear la aaiar-d, aa laara. t- dallaet a laat ara aaa Pi latta. t akl'h ha tradarataada be'tar tbaa aaaat atna -tha rhtlnat fh/ at Btaatr I da tMctar haa daaa ?ara f"t tha h raaaa at t. ant; than aaj athar aaaa a faat ta ?Mah ttaea- _ taadl ?f rut fart 'lit.a* a ill haar atlllnc teatiaaear la radlaatlrg tha a?all arnptloaa ta ahlah uia haataa *>ea la I rabla. aad In addtra a ttaeayaraaay aad arhlaat aa ta tba ft bra Ma Itallaa Mearratad (War aaaada wart*allad aad aktwe: fa t la tha moat baaH) j dafraaaa ara taaaatad. Tka haa .f ? t Jtt'^^Tft* ^a" ^ -Ml"/Wl,> ** aatr?blb??? af tfca Ma- Ta THE WEEKLY BJiKiLO. Tki Wetkly Jit rM will be ready at nine o'alack thia < moraine. It will W a nlukh p*K? t0 Ml to tha I interior It* Niteiti will embraoe all the Important a r new* of the week. Single eoplca alipcnoe. cumem iffAin. J OIIV HAKKET. 1 Friday, March U-4 W. M. The fancy atoek market waa not vary actlra this A morning, and prioa? wara ratbar a neat tied. Thara 1 wara lalaa ta aoaia ax last of State itaaka and railroad f banda, at prlaaa allghtly la advance of thoae currant I yeaterday. At tka drat board, Erie bond*, 1860, want ' ap 1 per oent; U. ?. ?>a, 1867, %; Erla Rallraad. X; Can- b ton Company, Harlam, K; Norwich and Woroaatar, 4 X- Farmara" Loan daallnad ^ par aaat; Morria Canal, f X . and Reading KaUroad, X. At tha eeeond board, \ Erla Bonda, IBM, want op >? par oa.t, wblla Morria Canal fall off X\ Erie Railroad, X; farmara* Laaa, \j } Harlem, M t Canton Cenpaay, %. Mora tban >100 000 a of Erla aeoond mortgage bonda, wara aold at the after- i noon noaru; ana me mtriwuowa nrm uioiMftaa*. There U a >iij strong party purchasing these securities, at trill be by the amount of salca; and aa oat of tbcm are taken for tnrestaient, and takes oat of the street, the probability la that a farther ad ranee will be realised. These bonds are about the only Security in the list, ia which there is a margin far an Improvement. The receipts at the oflee of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amounted to $10(.1M 91. Pay menU, $128 322 81; balance, #8 978,816 28. Land warrants are selling at 9118 a $190. There la a e y United demand for them at preeent. The Virginia House of Delegates hare passed a bill authorising the banks of that State to issae notee of a lees denomination than fires. The probability la that It will be defeated In the Senate. We see It announced, with all sertousaeea. no doubt. In a New Jersey paper, that" the water will ha let Into the Morris Canal on Monday, the 26 th inat." Thla la Important, if true, to those who hare purchased the iteck of this oompany at present yrioea. Some years ago, pages upon pages were written by the moralists and philanthropists of the time, for the purpose of putting down the preralent rice of lottery [ambling. Their efforts were directed to the suppreedon of lotteries, In the mistaken belief that by thla cans they would eradicate the erll; but experlenoe lias prored that their efforts were misdirected, and Lb at, instead of rooting up the rlee, they only suoseeded In suppressing one of the means of developing itself. Lottsrles hare been aboUabed, but the rice, that teems inherent In human nature, still exists, only it is dlspla, ed In a different Held. The same Infatuation that 1? d a man to purchase a lottery tieket, though j It was provtd to him beforehand that there were a I Billion of ehaneei to mm that be would iom, bow * tempt* thoM afflicted with thla raokltH paa*lrn to I purcbaae faney atocka. It la uaelaaa to proi to jush { ten that the artlclea are eatirely worthlea (a polat l admitted bj moat of thoee who deal la theaa), for they {; are willing to raab Is, upon the mere ehaaee of fiadiag r tone one alae flat enough to eoma ta aad relieve then f of tbelr purchaaaa, ander an artificial excitement atl- ' malatad and foatered by every conceivable meaaa; and t It la upon thla rioketty foundation alone they take the rUk of loelag the whole amount iaveeted. We aay the ( hole amount inveated, for, la thla reapeot, faney atoek V peculation* exceed In reekleeaaeaa even lottery (tab- j leg In a lottery, a man oaa loee but the priee of hta < ticket, whereaa. In pure baaing a fancy atoek, really eortb nothing. It ia not an Impoaalble thing that they j ihculd fall to nothing, or very near it. We have a mown Vcrrta Canal to be aold for fifty centa a ahare, n tad wbta foch thinga have been aeen, there la no lm- ~ >roptl?ty In aaylng a man may loee the whole amouat i n\rated. The only aalvatloa for the operator* i* to ! ie?p up the exeltement at all haaarda, for the moaaeat hinge brgln to flag, and the victima have time to & hmk, the game ia up. j> Slock Bicitiffta h, ;i]MO r I ? ?. ?? UjS 80 ah* Htrlaaa U M MX A<?l Okie 6*. m 10* Ml do t.4u M* lanKiuntjri'i 10.1V luo ce t .u &4M 1 l?Mada*kp e? SJ'J 1? Co Ml 54* J 7iOU rata B* tl\ 100 4* e.*l m vawcu* # *.*? i'? loo de mk> % q *aha Ohio l ife ft T(C* MK IV iabrn ft Rerh RR ?? aoFaiaiere Treat It U Autura I Bjr RR w n AO da tJO \<\ lOONurwft Wttr* a90 3D w UK MorvtaOaaal 17*4 10 de *S 3UW A JA Hoeard rite la* Co U5 V> d<> MO ?3 T 110 Brie RR ** ta de *3 ? do U? *.S 7*0 Readme RR 41 ?1 I* do ?? 40 aSO a?>4 J IB de Bfij 13 (leaMtonie RR, sew 71 *i to de MO d?S ? MT ft N Ua*oa RR SO). li AO Caatna Ce *3 ?**? Roadie* Bond. e?vj t< AO de dTi lOUt Rrie 7'a, <M 10.V, 0 IV) do tt jnm do iw, s Ml d" MO 41 1J0U0 do 'W W 1(0 de bio 43 AOUO de W>J* M do mo u awoo do , 2AM*ha?kRR Ml aooo do IW)2 J BO likrlrm RR <4* MM AOOO do bU SM> , U de *48 1M) *h* L l*Uad RR 1*1 j MO do 14 MJt 1000 de tli ltt*< 1' IM de M3a ! ftXCOND bo bad. ii Mouno Krie 7*. M (co iw (b* Can Ma Ce *90 42% ti JAm-0 de ft) 1001(1* RR W', , an" de ft) lAn de *>>, i Aim de VI ft) *? Monti Canal W ? ?, M oo do Km ft?V 1.-4) de 1?S ? A" Hi On Ml |u>I V) Nerw B B'o.c RR .W<? (, U?V de b>4) ?'?? 100 do ? ;?? , a IK) do ao d" *?) ? , li Wd do bJO '.<Hf iso Faraaara' Trail 11, 1. ,ft' Io*g Iiltnd RR l?', I W da *30 Si , b XI de Id t N T ft If R RR ? ,. AACaaU* Co 43 3V RoaHiea RR 4-'S il AO d* 43 WO Uulia RR ? Qt'OTATtO** ror Mt'TVAI. INSI RaMCI strrt. Z til'llc la*. Sc.. 1n10. nh a? Ban In*. Scrip 1m:i, 49 a 70 ( D? do. 1M?. ?J *14 Do. de. 1S4V 7?a*? ir lerran'Uada. !- *. '7 aft< De. de. IS47. Wa90 4. Do. *. 1m*, wv,aw Geaaral de. lMM.Wa?0 u Jaiea do. 1h4d, 14 a 6b , mEKTUBIMTS RK1KWKII K\ KHV DAY. j. JintM rTi I* erlitnnrnlt ttnl Ay Mail mutt it pot1 'l mid, t tkry will ntl it |fMtn frmm thr foil Ojfirt. ifkcial lOTICBB. * Poit orrici, cbaniAB sgrAui-forgrof i Maila.?L?tt?r baaa *111 el*ae al (Ui tine oa Wad*r<> >' lev. loth ftaroh. a* 10 e'alerk A. ft.. f?t Rremea. per l'nl<-<l '< h??ra Mail *!?> ? WaahlaaKB. aad al?ani-r Can ad*. f>r <<l 4vaapeel. A a ROW ?iRTt I' PATRM K'l kVR ?A BRBIINO Of Till FRI KM DS i* J rt Iralaa^. favorabl* to lb* aew Iriah atveaial. " Hi* ~ ruli Alllaee*," will b* b*ld al Ihe Col!* < . 4H? Broadwaf, I r| n *etaid?> Mareh Idth. It. Palrkt'a Bra. 0? a. ' J Metda, I' B. ftaatir; Robert I>Ur. R. l*ri Baarti, TI 'tierlre 0'Cee?r. Boa. J?ha McB*ea. Joba B Dlltoa, Joha j I* i u vital, ii- nr? una*. lielinl Crmt, tad latay other f fnada af Iralaa*. karr l>r?a latitat Proul I b? ?at* rarlnairaly far laAiaa. A4mttan?a Iraa. tktii u bi J It akaa at A a'eloak I'ATkli K LYNDON, J rw TBOS NATTdBW BALlMN.f ?r JOHN BOY LB. _S ?? U Ul 1 C B.?ALL COPABTMBB4QIP HBABTOPOBB m La aiiatiag katwaaa tfc<-naAaraiyaaA waa AiaoalaaA, by aa- ~~ i>?l thmit. oa tha twMfih <\%y of Jaaa. IM\ and a* part- i r?hip tbtKtif Ut b?ra unUai ila? thai la>?, hat ?o>a * h- .aid parum. fALOMON itANALSON. ? *rw t ark, Mar. h IJth. inw BttM'tl, LTO*. Th? aWinlfiH *111 *naMir* tka kaalaaaa, aa Ultwa ae aat. at tha aaaa f-lara. 41u HruaA way. v BMAML'BL LYOM. g I/OI WO miBNI>8 OP 1BCLAND?CBLBflBATIO.V Of " I M. Patriot a Day.? Tha Aoaaatb Aaanal Ptati*al af tha " .??* Pt'aa4a af IralaaA, will tak* plaoa at tha Apalla J' tl? BraaAwar aa Maa4ay, Marek IK. Iflhi. D.aatr lAc'tlaak.P. M. By ar4ar af tk? rnaalUNtl ATtaif- 1,1 lata JOHN DRI8COLL, I'nalwt. J01 In haii. Q'C???(i? Borrttaty ^(r ktlvlicb-A BBliTLAB MEBTI.Vi. op THE PRIST- O' ^ tri t'aioa," of tka illy af Waw Vatk. will ba h?IA at lit 1 ~ " "j. ' !" (Aatur4ay ) ctaaiaa, at half paat 7 alaak. A i t uttAI Atiatdaaaa I* yarti< alarly yaqu>ata4. * Bt or4ar af tka t alaa, HUBACB OtIBLBY. 1 Wm S._rii<tii,f??r?tir?. Praai4?at 81 1 "Ati n hakrard. i.Arr r? KMC LAND, WII.L * J yaa? tall at wrlta tka (ahanribart. wh-. oaa |l*a laf.rau a ta LI. AAraatayo. ABBA IIA N BtLI. A AON. ,1. Hi Pti'ton WW, Na? Yark. J L M?,-B?*.?. T TATLOB. Or T8B NAAINBax' Ca N l ktnkia BMUa.Utoa ia Uia my, ao4 will nraaoh ft row, <?aa4ay.) la tka Pint Marmara' M. B. Uhatwh, } ' i t harry ilraat, aaar Cliawa, morala*. Aftaraaaa am a*a- f" aa ferviaaa to aanmaaaa at WH -Viae* A. M., J P- H , " ? >A 7 ia tka aaatlaf. Taa fri'ada at uaata, aa4 tka patiic ??ta*lr. aro iaatt?4 ta atiaa4. _ T NlYBMITt or NBW YORK-MEDICAL DBPAKY- 1' J ?aat.?Tka MoAieal Paaalty af lU CaiaarMtj of kaa * ark. rural to aaaoaana that thatr aallaaraa, Profaaaar ? P"' . l-if??? . whaaa haalth. pra*i?>i*ly 4alloaio, haa ??ifor- I ? >oa rkaa|? af rllaata haa r?aiana4 tka ehaMr af "Tha la- J1?' itataa aaA Irartloa of MaAtotsa." U mrrltaaa wf.b tha nalauaat af tha L' !rantty, aatlaa I* haraby *t?aa. tkaa ay- >' laatioaa will ka raoatraA for tha *?a*al Praiaaaorthlf. M- J"1 t a*a4 ta tka aaAaralaaoA. All atjtllaatl^aa will ka rtaarAaA laity .aaMoatiJr^^ - DJUPBB. Mj._ fwaiary af tha MaAtaal Paowlty. IB fwtaytk al.. N.T. j" I AMBK ( ONMI A SON. TYPB POUNDBM. B* 1 af Aaa a?A Naaaaa Itaaata. Naw Yart, kara ^ haaA ??ry artlala aaaaaaary fat oanylaia PylaHa* BavalliJinta. UA*n?M??. J AS\\\WW\VWV\A gT9 lOABD.?A IIROLB OBMTIaBMAN WUBB.a BOtBD > ... ? i,at, ia?llT I af lira MM, at kalaw tha Park. Va -rira ta^Tatt orar BA. Boat raf.raaoaa I' aAHraaa a?i M. *' baa 1,9* Poaa-oMaa. _____ *. O f NTI.BM BN" CAN ??B ACCOM MOO %. f taA with piaAMAt faralahoA ro-taa. wlthaat komaA. ky a L taata family raalA.a? I* Lalyht Ami aaar ?t iaka a Park. if?ra?o*A raimroA *a4 ?ifa?. AAAroaa W B,. BraaAway I lat aMM * iMALi. b6oM?. WMH BOaBD. roB INBLB 0?N- . ' I ataaaaw. At IM NaAaaw atraat. Aafaraaoaa arhanyaA. 1 , r?BAKl?l?NT B'<A Rf> i?i ANDBfVK. No. I* an L CkMbara atraat, baa ataAa arraa?aaattta ta aaaoa?*Aata -aaatast Baaa<??a. by tha Aay at ?*ak. RaMaaa* awitaa af aaa, far HmM? Mil prtaAta yartora. If ranalraA. ^BBNCR -A OBNTLBMAN WANTS BOtBD IN A .1 1 1 a?all fraaa% tatlly, wkar* rraaak la ayakaa Mttraly. " rm?, aAAraaa. aaA mW la Lka faatUy, ka Baa MBt. I'oat iMjlt iMi ?l 11 - ? -jgr ttf ?|BBWAlD- trir?UNa BBtVbIn THK.H* AN I 9 Iw h'm o docki>*<?iu/ *f>?rao?a. from room No X Baildlaga- ?MU< on u.e nrw of ?**de u4 Iroadway. a aew C?a? aad Paata. a Broook. Mtcnl Biaaa. *4 tttir (rlldH. The above nttrl will U mj4 ea Ike lot'*! ?l the above attialea. Apply to J. lti BBBBBTT n aboyo. _ LOST?ON THURSDAY BYBNINO. 1ITV1INIIO>wl atreet ul Grul la Bread ray, i --'uMi aakrcri *r?d handkerchief. The Mn will be llkirdf n?m4i? J returning ibe aamt to 23 Boatk William rtmt, er to Vh [trctr ikatl WfTk. "" 117 A NITS D-A PSK0ON WBO >8 CAPABLB Ot ? ? doing ibe earpeator'e aad Bill wrigfct work Ml a (Ok 'riafla* ataMi?h?ant aaat Mrw York. Bireet to SIT IIS. Haw York. llfAhTID-A SITUATION. BY A BBSPBCTABI.B l" AscrUan woman, a< Boaaekeeper or Nana; wool) ave aa objection to take ebargt of ahaae* tn Ikoaaamar. aring tka aUiace of th? fau>llv. 0 ?od ait? reference# Iven. Apply it No- 96 Wait Thirteenth atreet, between. piltb aad biatk aveanra. up ataln. _ U/AHIH-A PaBlilOMABLB CL'TTBB. TO TAK.A YT ahargaef tba ouitou aepartmeat ia a alotuag oetabitl inent; oat t! at h?i bad eiprrlecre ia tba city t?*de pre irred. AddrtM box 2.6A3, Poet 031oe, 4rltk a a BO aad (aforaeo. IITANTBD-A YOUNG YBBMOB PROTECTANT LADY. Y? who Iinddrmanda eerrral Bodira laa^ua?ei, aad la < bp*(eat io taacn Untie aad Paialtag. wltkaa to aaooupaay .iamil) about to vi*>t Eurep*. ia tke oapaaity of Taaaher ot nterpret r. Kifrr*ncoe givrn PillU addreae II. K. B . an a Bqnare Poet-ogre (ITANTED?BY A GENTEEL AMERICAN TOUNC YY woman, a Mtuation to attend a ttore. aadjaaAa tor upciu*. |^|> i(* ii < iruui i?|ir nvni ?* a?w?i. ??ir?M_M. H., Herald otAce. 117" AN TED.-A MAN IN TH1 PRIMS Or LIVB, WMC " ku aad ?is jean erperienee la the retail tni< la the tni'rjr, ??u aaltoatiou aa Book-keeper. er II Aariatant, 1 a Clerk ia a dry good*, or grveerr, or hardware etnee; ear rodoee food ueum>niala u to eharacter, aad U wl lilac ** oeke hiaiielf aieful to bit employer. Ploaee iltw R. B., 19 Wan en etreet. 11/ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A SMART, CAPABLY TT j<u?* woman, aa Beaautrtee aad tbirtwiM, at hamberwerk and tae waebla*. 'the beet of etly rafereae* 'loaao ea l at 112 Twellth elre<> IBTANTBD-A SITUATloV, AS WIT NUMB. BY A hale, heal'hy y?ung woman, whoee serai aharactei rill bear the ttrtetm fototiay. aad rcfcrencee the men aepa stable. who Utel* loet bur baby. ApplleaUeaa, perns ally er by letter, tube Bade to Mrt. Margaret O. Halaaraa 2 Moirie etreet. third floor, iroat r*e?lETANTEW-BY A RE3PBCTABLE SOOTCH WOMAN at a aitaatioa ae Conk la a private family. Uood referace given. I nqoire at >4 Prlaea aneet, ap etalra. fwet loom, 117 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN BNOINBBB, WHO baa had twenty ^eare experioace, aad la aaqnaintol nth n aew way of itoppu.K eafinea from primelai aet tat aae 'be b?at eity refcrenere can be|ura. Addrcet "Ba*ia*er. lo. H3 t'edar ilrni, Me? 1 ork. IJL7 ATCH MAKER WANTED-A PBBNCH OB SWISS workman, whoundeieteade hie busiaeae, aad ta oosperm to aork tor the trade. Good refereaeaa ru<|Mirad. Apply t Me. 1.*) Variea aireet, between eeren aaJ alae o'eleek ia he ?ialii|. \TOUNO MAN OF INTEGRITY ANPBXPB81BMCB. wiahce a eltnaton ?ither In a Corcinieoioa er Impartial ante: ie willing to make himeelf generally u'efal aalary u .r i much of aa ebjtet ee a retina?out eituaiwa; the Wat af etenuce* can be gitea. A line Adireuad to ''laHa." aV nia office. will meet alth ioimedlaie atuatlon. A l.ADV IS DE91ROUS 10 FORM AN ENOAOBMEN'T ra. ae Uotrcrneea ; mould teach Er.gtlth, the rndiueata at tench and Muiia. Drawing aad 1'aiotlng, ta oil and water olora. Herpectablr rrfrrtnee can he gitea. Addteaa Miae II. 'oat tftrt. Ac | in kau ak, New Jiraiy. A UENCY ANffcU -i MAN Or ACTIVE RUSINBSff ra. babiu, aaate to beecme aa this city, for a Ight aad portable article, ?here toe commieetoa will be ikeral. Be can get the beet of testimonial* forhoaefty and utility, from nnJoobud auurcta. AdJroaa. putt paii. 1. J., at t hit offioe, rtatiag the nature of the bueiaeee proved, and th* aettailaaiOB to be allowed. n OOK AND IKOM.K W A NTBD - 1MMRDI ATRLT, TC L/ K<> to sew lirnhton- u wi.uma who anJerataad* berbu?itu .tl urouKi'b- A | (>1>, with b:at of city RMUMilt lent, l>et? ?(& the hour* of V and 12 o'clock, t? r. fe 1). FUMLBE, Mo. ?i Wr.H ?traai.1 ni'TTIK-i YOUNG MAN, 01' INDU8TR10L* L> habile and BB'|ac?tiuaablt reference, waata a eitaatina. fall experienced In ctiatom and aalei work. Bad caa cot alt in da of larotmi to ineaaur*. 1! a* cat atcady lhaaa tire rata. Would trade the nu at of hi* waxes, aad Bake himnil aaefn'. No objertioa to the country. Va|M B*deratt 'leaa* addreaa A k . lailer, 261 l'earl (treat. FORWARDER in a blank book shop wantedA tiro' elaea ??rtma?, who caa ?a< wall recomaeadei:' inrb, aad aa a eteauy, faithful man P-raiment eaploricnt aaj b? expcctid. UK. W. ROSE. Sta'ioBar. I'J Wall a tract MflLI INFRS WANTED?ONI OR TITO GOOD MIL 'I llBara to ko to !! > aad fau^bkcapaU. To aaab at 'icroufhly vBdrratasd Win trtot, lie., good wa|M will bt row. A |>p)y at No. 14 Joha at., ftaa 3 to * o'aoloeh. P.M. 21UM 1N01NI WANTED?A BBCOMD-IIAND IN 5 giro from treaty to tliiity-hcr** power, (nlaqtrwaiK ot be reacted to) with two or tkrea boileri 30 to 86 feat ia r j h, Uiaebee la dUueter. For farther tnferwaM?. eaUL itwtaa tie beura of ] and 7, or ft and ie'eluak P. I.. at BATkMANk Rl DliEhOW S. We. 306 Preat Hmt. JiHlMR WANi'KU-IN TBI DIV GOODS BU8Inet?, la a well re'allleVed ?tor? oa Breadway. The iabrriber ia tot embaTra.tod la the leaet. Caa gtre. Bad r?aitea, t> e rerj foal reference ia a?wry reepeet. The aaouat quired ullkt (a.ixiu <u, ba employed.ia tbe Beat niBBBer. whirl. ?i l be |r<rai Koaa aaad apply I til .at r<al rama aid reeidaaee, which will b?: eoaAdeaiial ddreea " W illlem," N a. : UK Mulberry (tract, a eat Blaaaker Ina ? .11 r> main . i < u trom aate * rUB 81T1 ATION OP GOVBRIfMSB 18 V&NTU POB an Ku|hab lady, ? be I aa formerly reaided :a 1'aria, aad IB iuatriet in the uanal l.rancbaa ef a tlaiabud edacatioa, lalndiaa the Italian and Oerxaa language*. The hlgbeet '(tiBKBiala itTea. addt'ea Fredariek L. Wlachaeier, P flic*, N t? 1 ork. No otjoctiona to travel. BALLS. JO. IALaND 1>K.\*aUI KI-l MON.-MOM*. PBBD 3 erir, Idireeuur c I-dasre at tiurton'a r.iaalre, I rcepnel1.11> <aimiatee to l it 'nmda and the levoraei tbe deare. hat. la et B?<>|aeace ' I the ratiefactloa ex part raced by tb? tailora at tl.a Burton'a I* wtetlon aad Cuaplimeatary Ualla, a baa. at the i'a?ir<- el aoveral iBKueatia) parbtea, radartakea Ke naaanatueat ef Ivo 8?l?ct flubacriptioa AiNabttia, at be earn* ctarBrttr aa il.e aU-ta balla, at tbe iaa? alacaat lace, tbe Naw Axmbly bo-aa, Chaabcra irrat. The Bra* eeenbly will take a.aoa oa Moaday. Ilareh Itib, 18AU: tb? ito?d. on Moadaj. Aw I l?t, l.-U) Xickeu. for the twa Aambl*r(, ft; f r a t titlaBaa aad two ladiae, f. r oa* Ataaaly. ft I" ktf tlr Bal'i what, the tloketa will be Mai tad. ad a t traa?trrab>*. ir eru para will b* ptorldad by Mr lerbait. t'on ial'tti?J. ha aroii?haB. N. L. Freet. Goarit eder. < I. ? .. Ci .riee l.alaad, I". i?. TiadalL H. C aok(, W. B. |i..ilua- licte'e to b* Lad at U?e Aat->r lUuae. t the Cliatoa, at Howard a U'.'a], at tic FreakIIa Motel, at ribrrt'a "alcea, a*y m:t j 6urt< aa Tba?tra. Ctaaban taat, and ft M I r- . r . ? KranbMa atrert 'R?sn iiai.1 m Bi'kTiiv - s iv as it i.i J K.uaa. Vr B. .a baa the : a r t? aaanaaee to M i?ada and the psbllc. a l,rend Ball will tak* p'.are aarr hla dirertlra. at aata'i aew Araeablj ReeaM, I'baa te atroet, oa Thwradat artaiag, March II, aaaatial at ? liiwk. lirkete to be r?d ef Jlr Meraa. U t^ty aUPlaca. kd ia tin l all t'.iB. ifi' door tc laitoa aTheatre. Jl ONI T ' I MR I ('A l II M.I. FAKCV DRB9S, MIL] 1 tat? and ( lalo - b by a?rcaa dr?li?,at the Apoli hur ( oa M edueaoay k%tata?. March Jltb. A. B fURDT, ''*adaetor. tra ef ArreBftaeaie - T B Jobaeea, B. L. Til ma i tun tar. J C. Duaa, J. U. Hiwiat; Moat. Frelrrieba. U Ml,; I I), b A Cilkatt; A. Galtrr'b, II. A. Ba J". W.T. Peteraih a: G. t. Utlu A. C?*rir?ll; B Tate* A. 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