Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 16, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 16, 1850 Page 3
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7 1 i m? ? Amntom, JpOtPOBfnON UU OV UM. UTiTt?TBI V> CwaWMiti *f the Slakiag Faad af tke e?*y *f New T?i will At t*r Ml* at pakMa eaetioa, oa Tmfcy tk* lHh toy *f March, ltou. M ? , at tk* lirSutf lw>mi. ? tk* lit; rfli* V.rk, rii kuM ui (arty- Itu lota of wmm, ImM principally ia the appar part of the oi'y. hlMrtlNlM Hi MM l( MU, M llTtrtlHMlil thl Bvemiag To*!. Commeraial Advartiear, Xaprea*. Hi Bvealaa Ktrw. Lithograph!* aiu of aaid praperty may ba obUmH at Ika Comptroller'a ?Bee. _ _ JOUPH ?. TATLOB. Comptroller MA?ch H. UBO. af the city of Maw Yark. BT J. BUII1N, A I'CTIONBBR?MONDAY. MABCH IB, at 10 o'clock, A M, at Ma. 171 llenry at., Brooklyn ?Oaataal H one* held Puraitar*?Bruaaela aad iugraia earpet*, ail aletha, aofa*. burcaua. iraaiif laklto, bad*, mattreeHi, bedataade. vuhtUlii, aahoiao v, can* and raah *aat ahaire, aidaboard, pier ?1um, ahower bath, marble top pier aad o*atia labia*, quartette, mahogany tea aad diaing tabic*, alabattar tawar vaaae and shade*, kail aad maatai lamp*, kail aad par or atov**. and kltohoa furaitar*. Al*o, a food aaa kana unuit, J Mala. Catalogue* at tha aaotioa room IkkMrakg. NtW TOBE TATTBBSALL'B.-- THB SUBBCBIBBR r**pa*tful>y iavitee the attention of earring* maker* aad atkar* that h* (till ooatianea to reoaive oa aal* aad torag* a< w aad aacoadhaad vehiclaa. oa favorable terma, wi' k qaick aal**, aad prompt return* ia cnah. M. B?Bagalar aal** at a actio a. every Monday, at II e'eloek. A.M. UBO. W. MILLBR. Proprietor. t40 Broadway. ^ V ABM AMD OOUMTBT BBAT FOB 8ALB-THB BCBJT aeriber offer* for *al* bla valuable 'eatat*. aitnated oa Leaf lalaad Bound, about oae aad a half milea from tk* villac* af flaakiag. oa U>a White Btaae road. *r if mora agreeable te parcbaecra, ba will divide it into two term*, oa* of 81 MM, aad tk* *tb? of 112 aor**. the property being ** aituai*d a* to i*ad*r thl* praetleabl*. giving to *aoh every aeaveaieace. a* to hon*?* and out- buildings, that *aa be deaired. The laad. feuoea, and everything connected with tha property, are ia the higkett *rd*r, with a inperabundanoa of every deaorlpi ion of fraita, the placc having had the personal attaatioa of the avb*cnb*r, witiiout regard to coat. Th* diataaee bom New York ia about tan mil**, and ateamboata aad a tag** ar* eoa*tantly ranaing between Itbe two plaoea. which raadera the loaation particularly deairable to men of kaaiaea* Aait la preaumad ao oae will pnrehaao without viewing the property, tbey are referred to Mr 0. 0 Wecka, I 9TIIIWJ UH mi JiruuiKI, VI in U. u. aun btnv. M South atreet. third storyAlso for Ml*. * ?m?11 farm la the village of Fiuahing, well known U the H'iloomb Farm and Nurecry, rontaiaiug about S* mma* of vary fine land. with a tinu irohard, and an abundant (apply ol other fruit*, together with a large stiraery ot you at i re?? This piece ie within iive mine tee walk of th* auanTboat landing, aad worthy the attention of any per eon who wi*he* a gocd c uatry kouaa near the city. Aleo, eight large and valuable lot* Id Proapect atreet, rluahing, aommanding a fiae v'ow tf the bay. ke. Apply aa above. If the above property it not eold at private aale on or before tba JOth of Match, it will then be offered at anctloa, at the Me?ohaste' Riebanae, in thie city, at 13 'eloak, by Mr. A. J. jslrecrer. MORRIBAXI A.-NEW VILLAGE.?9K> DOUBLE LOTS' lying batweca thle villas* and the Harlem rivar, froati e *a the Harlem Railroad, known aa Melro**. or the Elm T.eeR >erve ere now offered for *al*. at very low pricee.? ill* but 10 miautee diataae* ftom Twenty-s*v*ath etreet deiot. aad one of the rnoet beanulul apot* la W*atoh?(t*r untj, uru iqoare feet from (N6 to $fl)U eaeh. N* taxe* for s >ecu er improvements. For maps aad full particulars,apply to ROBT H. KL rt>N, <*> Na*aau itraet, ftom 9 to 11 A. M., ?r on the rround from 1 to S P. M. Barlem ear* (tart from Ike City BUI, ia Ccatre *tr*et, at hair paat 11 A M., at half pa t1. aad half put S P. M. for Mott haven. a few mlnnt * wait Iroai Meliox . fare 12K oenta; commutation peryaar. BEAUTIFUL COt'NTRT SEAT IN THE VILLAGE OP JaBiaJoa, L. 1., for *al* cheap?The Hoooltad of the family of thalat* Wro. Seaman, B*q., containing about *iz and a half aorta of beeut'ful land, annate oa tneoorairof tl o hocaaway Road and th* Brooklyn and Jamaica Turnpike, aad oppoelte tb* reaidenee of Hon. John A. King, ia tha Villa** of Jamaica; upon the premise* i* a Urge modern two tory doubl* Monae with plan* front aad rear, two Barn*, three Wall*, lee aad Green Hou*?, feo.. and a ,-ruat prafuaion ot large tha- * aad ftuit tree* cf almoat every variety, ll*w*ria< aiiiaba. fc?., i ff ring an laducemeat for g*atl*men doing bueia*'* la the city, whiah rarely occurs, aa th* communication with th* city (eleven mil** distant,) may la had at all k^ui* ot th* day. by ttage or railroad. Commutation on th* t Ulroad, $40; distance to depot about tbr*? hundred yard*. Tb* village lUelf i* beautifully *lttiau>',?ad eontatnaeharche* af all dei, and two of the heat aoademi** (male ad ftma'e,) la the Stat* On* haif of the p irobaie mi nay ay laaaia an bond and mortgage for a Uru. of year*, if dealrad. T.tla indisputable. Apply to the eubecitoer, >* premises. OILBEKjrjSA t RES. POR SALE.?A FARM OF 23 ACHES, IN MONMOUTH county. New Jeriev, t'i milee from Redbank steamboat | lardiag, and eae mile ftom Middle-town on tke Shrewsbury 1 road, Saiag wi Ian thrae hour* rail af New Fork, and the land w*U tulttd for 'arly crop* of vc;rct*blrt. Thie present* a good opportunity for a garde tar- A new frame houM aad an* aar* of laid adjoining, will bo ?old with or without th* boy* Said. Inqnire of J. C*II ATM IN, 481 Broadway. New York, Twenty-first strut-a valuable lot on Twenty- Ant atreet lor aal*: ia betwaea Broadway and Fourth avenua; ha* a party wall oa west tide, aad privilege can be had lor lodging beam* in boue* adjoining oa tba aaat, makiac th* lot equal to on* o( Hi feet 6 Inohea front aad r*ar. Apply to I. A. PRLL, 51 Wall atreet, from 12 to 3 'clock. - tin* *a l t_a thiilitiht unriEBN hitii.T JP Boim, tio. 197 Vmi tifliUentb erreet. InqetreofF. A J. S. death. No. ? Chambers street, from U to 3 o'clock. Fob sale-a urry ponbt, fourteen binds hub. kind end Jteatle, ud m rood saddle horee. eight jtutbld. Cm paoe a m>lo ia 2 ana 60 see. Sold for west ef a?e Cm be eeea at 243 Washington street, from two t? la o'clock. Fob salk-thb fixtcbes, kottlbs. etc, or a I'aiat I'aetory. with low lorredieeta to maaafactars Paris tirtsa, together ?lth n.i ru . ion of aa satire aow and ebeep method ol mannlacturijif tb? taai. Apply at 90 Am street. TO DBCGOUTB AND PHYSICIANS.-THE ADYERilser offers foe ialo aia Diu( Store, situated ia the app?r art ( tbe oily, la respectable nal<ht* rhoo I. aad fitted up In h*' daorue at els. The praaoi t bu.laeee a ill bo warnatod to alMt Btteea huadroB dollari per year, exclusive of aa oat ?u*i braoOoo of seiea In.sored dollars, which will bo trassterruu to the psrebeeer if a phy aleiaa. The owner rellaunlataes loo bi sissa* oa aoocunt of hie health Peioa, BI Ski cash. Apal? to J. LAt'MOSIEB. No. IS Maldsa Laae. Arabs cb ancb.- tob stock and pixtvrbs of tm Oyster Stand, Mo. I Cathariae I'teh Market, ilJoi iag ihe tan y. The rent IssilyllX re ma per da/, aad ?? ?e held Ly 'he purchaser ai loir aa the market roaatas Till be >oid a w. far I ? nail ? #' S WO, to a ea<h eu*toB?r, ud ao liu TI.e rraioa for seiliss le. tbe ewaor hat eth-r bislaass to at end to Apply immediate ly. ae abore. TO iET-TBB ENTIRE BASEMENT UN DEB TBB American Boeeum. keowa aa tho Terrapia Leaeh. la4* ire if _ JOHN W. OEMIN. 214 Broadway. TO LBT-COTTAGE HOUSES. FORTY-NINTH ST. Three pretty, "rieia etyle Cottage He-eee. altoatod oa tho Booth tide of Forty-ninth street, botwoea Third aa4 Foarth area ora Each hoaie haa two parte re oa tho flrat Soar, with additl? aal room at bitcbea. two rooms aad two bed rooms. with rloeot. oa second foe*, aad eoaa attio, suitable for small sad reatcel families. A liae of stages pa*s up u| down tho Thtre serene, witbin 3?> feat. Baa* moderate. Apply to JAMES PRICE. Uffi.e 17B Budeta 'reel. O LKT-TBK TUREE-BTORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 4 Charles atraet, uear (iMawirh aaoaue. Toe stsce- paaa the stteet eeery tta minutes. Apply vo Nr. J oka Boaeh. 7? Nasssa street. or to M. MERRITT. 7? Seooel a?eoue. HE YILCAN IRON WORKS. JAY AMD WATBB e*rsote, Brooklra. to be let. or etherwue Hums'I of. Ba<|alre af Jam. a t'roat, Falton arsans, Bear QoMtfaat, l*r etlya. ar of Daeeabery. No 2T? Meter ireo' New York. To IKT. A > D IMMEDIATE roSSBiSlON OIVKNTho ipar'um UiUlai ia Br adeay. betwesa Niklo'i Sard*a aaa the Market Club. The aeteral statist will be let ? reeerea ly If do?ire4. lor aaloor to lot the tlae Charehoa the South >Ua of Slith street, between tho 24 aad 3d sea* ate. Apply to F. A BOB NTI, Browa. Brotl.ert B Co.. M Mall ?Ho<t. TO LBT. FOR MANUFACTURING PUBFOSES-AT tbe Marble Weeks. roraar Broadway aa4 Teeth atroet, (Mr# store, oae hsa<lre4 feat by fifty fool. seo<>a4 story, slaty bat b? thirty, steam power If required, from fear to sil m eigwt borao pwwee. Rooms to furnisbbo or cmpcbmibbsd.? Tbe aeeoi.4 Boer of a hewee pUasaatlr eitaato* aear St. Joba'a Path, to lot fr> m the 1st of May. To be teea from 2 to 4 P. M. Apply at Wo. 1 Walker street. HOV>B WANTED. OM TMB FIRST Of APRIL.? W aaled to reat, la tbe lower port of tbe elty. foar mat. or three roeeaa ae>4 a baaea eat, rrem tbe Bret of April aeit. Tbe family ooaetete of fear smwa pereeas aad a child. The rr?t meet be moderate. Addressl' Teaaat." at this eRot.. taMei reat. Ireatioa. ate. 8 TORE WANTBP.?MTANTEt. Ill A RBBKBCTa RLE w???kiM>Tt ooa. a etore. Baoa R o e. aad Rod-reem eaitable for a Faaer Mere aad ^oafbetioeary. Aa* lies eon hating Mete let will boar of a geo4 teaaat. by a44reoata? W baa. Ma raid eSaa. (JAUFtMUUa CALIFORN ia EMIORtMT ABH?C1 ATIOM.-PAISAOE to Saa Fraaeleoo aa4 ft.and, tie Chafrea aad I'aaiaa, Mokets tweaty-tee 4eu.,e. in Bret ela?e eeeaols, to aau aeea'k y Pareoae wlshia* talormatioa. will b? furaiahod wtth eirenler* riplaiatt ia fall the aatare aad eeadlttoas ef tbe AaeKriatiea, by at ulieetioa aa tbe eRiee. Me. 17 Wall reet, wher* fall partieulare ro<atia? t-> the Associativa will be (leea. All eommaaloatioas (paid) addreeae I " CaliIbtBta Emieraat Aeeeeiatiaa, 17 * all atreet. (few Tork," will be promptly aaewete4. **4 nfrealara eaet to asy part af tbe oeeatry iltlafi fell aad 4elalte laf?naatisa Bent aaplioa Mas ia aeeooaarr to leeare paaaaae ia eeoeeleaatltwe baffcee tbe Ryet of Way eel*. Mamh.ra e? the Aaeeetatiea wiehiat to |e ty tbe lead r> eta. *la Fort ledepeadeaee, will be feiai*ba4 Will two basdi-'d Boilers ia eeab. la lion af a passafa ticbot. ritOMaS A YLWARM a UO., a?ewte. t^AI.IFORNlA?LA# NOTICE-JOHN B. M BLI.EB / 1.1 Oi.lo. aad Jamee M Jsaes.sf l?aie|aaa. bare aeaoolatod < Lemioli e? aador the Brm a a aaa af W oiler B Jeaee. aad Will Btteae IHUHI7 ' *'l ... in.ir_rwi 6UI ' ?!! t( CaltfeTai*. Uftnee?J?ka . W.1, a* Crakes Unm. kt Inxlxx, Jim I. J?i?, tea Wir?u*rii ii?*r/ mkiimIi'r HeeliHe. <;ell??rate >*f?r e? Lew|? * Baetert, Sharp, WrtgMfc B.piee; u4 B T. Treeew.ll. ftaw feekt Jhi-i, Imltftl I FVfTT. Altut: C. I. c?mll I Oa . rMMilol Aklefc IiIiIim T>?? ler*-at (Mae <l? Mrti i>n< n ?> InMi. witheat ?J?e apeaee * Ifcheeriea. B. I. VlflOU ' t. C. OBftT. Cr. MOTiVms# Be* rRANCia^-U. UAUVUKMI4. ha. leg l?c?te4 ta a eapaett oa iwwtMM aa4 wherf. wl?k n?rint >?! I r ll?kMN, to prepare* w Md'i aea ? > f* re'ara te >wn. J mm ft. Heeler ?C?.M T rnet treat. Mew Terk. aa4 te L. O. Cm* aee Kaq . J>ew Rmw. BCftA.fTOI* UIKKtl MtK NOIIillVl uil'oeeMoetHtvwe Pe?nueeaee Clip, Oalifrral*. ftefrreea?R?itk Tattle. Hew ftaeea; iMttll I Inn, Benth Hr*et. NevT?rl. rAiirvui* auiiik-tJi ?rai,L tiiovfi nii ef Ueerrn I A re. are pr?ee?e4 u a apply (hlpp> re ae4 e?<?rwita ?lU keaeee anp?rier to tw thle* la tkto er U) ethrr atarket, al mj lev re tea. Oae keneaa kere k*ea trie*. .4 e? >>4 eiteaeWely ntoiatoli by Caftlaralaae aa4 etkere Call at M Rr?a4*ir. mi v owooa, ?m. N^MfOft B T" I 1 IBTtr AID rit*1 Batteaa.?Tke (akaerlfcer r?apee'fallp laferac the leatee %> at ??? kae iaet reaslea* froai Pant aa aatArelf ee? aaeertw>.?? of the eheee. * lea. Wnrety4 Ifhjt Paturee. Be ? - a ftagr MaHTIILt* BT THB CAHA D A.?BBAB A* ft MUIK. ktre f*eeiee4 k, ifte Ceae4?. eeeee4 laiaortetle* e Mee'inae ea4 TtoeAwe, wkt.h May will epea aa4 atM.t* te to air ewttetri ea TaeeAay a.i t. the l?th leateat. eeae el ?Meh ?r* rnlr.lfae*. ae4 ?e??r kef .re thlM*e4 la Uila If. Tkq la ?lte (pa?Wl atteaU.e te th??. ee4 n their .% .k eeeerellr ?h-?h ia m . et?re?ttre eketaete*. SPBIHgUOnDt-.n aTUITABT BB9> TO IWPOBTtMl pahito that ke iet*a4a epeaiaa kta aew ae4 alermnt, He. are Hr??4eay. aeraeref Bute ftreee, ea B*a4ap ae.t Mttk l?a? . whea kr -rill ke heppr te inwMae??tfna a aew ea4 epl?e4i4 aeleettaa ef trnac r*e4a HILAtB'.PHI A CARPBT BA T.I.?ftAHI"TACTt'BltS ef laarain ee l 1a?|-eTt?tla?a ef ftiree-fr, liWK aa4 Vr*?<rT CarpettBaa. ere, kp tha *>to*e er kale, te tke ( a4a M r*4are4 priree, f?* taaher el'f a?<'?Btaen*, with laterd *44?4 J. AID" it JofcBt. Bee. I?ai4> HbB Ainal f?. Ini ftet kale* Ckvtot Charekt PUIa EMMAOwXf^Ti^lU-B. A. MABBHALL. BOLB E^a^^^ii-'SS.VBSCS j Mr. Blah*; Bdward Briaa. Mr. Jerdaa; Kl. Aagaakaa tmlltf. Mr. Wheatley; A brieve, Mr. WTu. Ctiapaeaj Oaah Oukiu, Mr. Skoaanti Vmmi, Mr. Bind; Corduroy. UMMik Halted*. Mr. Mattkawa; Mra. Ollrtih. Mn. MM*; Tlraiaia O.d'ioh, Mia R. Bon; Mr*. Crotkr. M<?a i. Fiaher; Maujr, Mr*. Skarrett. Ta oonalude with the (area af NO- ; Sir George Dembifui, Mr. Jordan; Ceamodoie Harriot**. Mr. Whitls*: Andrew, Mr. W. B. Okapaan; Ladv Doubtful. MU?EHcrm. Paata epaa at 7; ta ooaaoaoe atTX- , CHANFBAU'S NATIONAL THBATRB ?SATURDAY eveaiag, Mar eh 16, tka aatartaliBaita will eoataeaoe ! with thTdrama of JONATHAN BRADFORD?Daa Maeraity, Mr rhenfrau; Caleb Borlmmtgr. Jtfereoa, An BwdloH, Mra. Iekerwead. Ta ka followed bj tha drama ol MBW YORK A IT IR-Ma*?, Mr. Chaafrau; Joa. Mr. Bey- 1 soar: Ckarlaa Maadawa. Mr Croaker; la ta Shan, Mr. Ha 11 toe; William Twill. Mr. Jeff* re en; Lisa, Mra. Beoth: Kit- i . ?v. Mil* Leekyer. Ta aoaalada with tha farea at WILD DVCRS-Beigeant Bobart, Mr. Tlltoa; Mom Piaaoa, Mr. arkcrt; Fraaeoiie, Mra. Baath; Mat. Grigaon. M1m Leokytr. Door* ope? at 7; performance to aaaaa?* at 7X o'alaak. ! i BARNCM'S AMBRICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BABNUM. Proprietor; Jo ha Graaawaod. Jr., Aaflitaat Manager. | Splendid perforata*** at three. aad half-Mat levan o'aloek. I Benefit aad laat appearance of thoM talented aad lurpnaing ' ehildren. Rate aad Bllea Bat (man, aged oaly four aad ?ix ; year*. Thry appear ta-dkr in the ' Frur Mowbray*," "Boabatt** Furio*o, and ai fthylock and Port'*. ia the "Mer- I ehant of Venice. ' Alae engaged, a talented Vaudeville ooapany. Martinatii Family, Gleet, D*arf, (WO,010 Curioaitiee, j Serpent*, Wax Statuary, Re. Adniiaiom, 16 eeau; Children aader tea year*, HH eeato. ! DAM.VCM'I MCBRDM, PHILADBLPBIA. ? MARCH O llth, Fifth weak of the eaehanUng fairy eaeotacle of Cinderella.- -The grand moral doaeetie drama, the Drt&kard. revived, ia which Mr. Biehard fa. C nodal I. will pareonaie Bdward Middletoa, ea Thoreday and Friday eveniage, for j the 6iet aad Bid tiare. Highly fetereeting aad eaueingeetertaiaafnta, every aiternooa at 3 o'clock. The Tun,pike Qate, Lean of a Lover, Tkrte Qregorie*, Bong*. Daaee*. and ether divertitemeat*. Woaderfal Oipeey, ten eoai* view* of Weaver, aetioaal and vinieterial Portrait*, Wax Statuary, . Jenny Mnd'a likenea* Every variety of Beaat*, Bird*, Fiah- ! ee, Pcrpent*. be. 1 hnraday night. bentflt of Miu Emm* Lealie. Mneeum open iroa 8 A.M. till 10 P. M. Admittance 28 rent* Children under 10 yoara. pent*. j i\TRS. FBANCKB ANNS RRMBLB WILL READ THE iv 1 play ol RICB ARD III., at the Stnyveaaat laatitute, on Friday evening, Narch 16th; Saturday morning, at the aame plare, at I- o'elock, ahe will read UIN AY VIII.-Tiokele.SI; to be tied at the Arter Hou?e, the Irving Houae, at Mr. Franeia' and Mr. Crowen'* Bochetore*, an4 of the Janitor of the la?t?tu?e. Ammtin auniti Lfinu i. ? inn ouanu of director* of the above Society beg reniwottuiiy to notify their aubaeribtrs and i he publio in general, that Mrs. Ftkooci Abb* Kemblo ha* moat kiidly consented to read Bh* kef pears'* Midaummer Night's Dream, with Mendelaaohn's Music, produced with ihs satire instrumental foroe of the Society. assiitsd by the number* of the Philharmonic aad other fccistie*. with a oborus of Professional and Amateur 1 Ladiea,at the A *tor Place Opera Bouae.oa Thursday evening, March 21, 1840. Conductor, Mr. Theodore Beofcld. Tickata for Parquetta aad Boxes SI each; for Amphlthsatrs SO oenta each ; reserved >eata. which can be socuroa at tha Bax Offloe of the Opera B( n?e. $1 HI each. DATSn PANORAMA OP A VOYAOM TO BUBOPED Opea every evening, at the Great Mali. Minerva Rooma, <l< Broadway, < mbraci?n riow* of Uoatoa, Liverpool, L> udoa, aad both (idea of the Rhiaa. Admiuioa U osnts; Children, uadtr twelve, 18 couts. Doora open at eomraence* moving at 7X P. M. An exhibition oa Wedaaaday and Saturday afternoon*, at three o'clock. ANOHAMA t>r TBE GOLD MINIS OP CA LIFORNIA. ?Emtntrt M Penfleld'a'Original Panorama of the Gold Mines, embracing view* oa the lathtaua. Pacific ooaat, tea Praneiaco, and the variona citle* and mining diatricts of California, now axbibiting at Wathianton Ball. 6X8 Broadway, three door* above N iblo'a. Door* open at a quarter before 7? exhibition will eommeaoe at balf-paat 7 o'clock P. M. Admittance 2S oenta; childrea hair price. Mkvbr's grand orioinai- panorama op a . Vojaje to Califortia and the Gold Digging*, with rplendld view* of the principal pirts oa the Atlantic aad Pacific (eon*. at the largo hall, Bl*eckcr Building*, corner of B'oeckeraad Morion street*. at Tii P. M., every evening i until further aotlec. Ticket* for a lady aad gentleman 25 ciata. PANOilAMA SALOON, CORNBR OP LISPENARD .a ?tr<*t ana Broadnay. Rxbibttion " Free " The paint- ' iag* in thla aaloon ?re the fineat *pccimea* of tno.lern elaSMO oil paiating* ever exhibited la thie conatry, particularly the Crvek Slave, the birth of Venn*, a Shipwrecked Pemale. ana tke Ucddw* of Liberty; theae are a* largo aa life, aad "twice aa natural " They ye on 0nle. CBAMf NEY'B GRAND PICTURE OP THE* BIYBR 1 Rbiao aad iu baak*, aad tableaux of *o*aea of the lata Preach Bevolutioa, now oa rexhibitioa at Stappaai'i Ball, 39> Broadway, cornor of Walker a treat, avorr svenmg aad Wedaeaday aad Saturday afternoon*. Admission, 23 aonta. Come *ooa. if yen wish to *eo it | 1 Franklin museum, its Chatham bquabb.Opoa every evening during the week, aad every Wsdaa*dav aad Batarday la the afteraooa, at I o'clock. Price* f ndmlMton Stag* oeat* 37H ota.; Boxee 2S et*.; Parqnett* 1 12H a**-; Private boxee SI. The entertainments consist of j , a troaao of "Modal Artiste*," eomprialng aone of the teal 1 formed women ia the world, together with "Psmals Juggling," " Pemale Arab Girls, "Pemale MinstraU," "Bar- ! i leaqao Comic aad Vaacy Dans**," with a ohaste variety of periormaacoa, ta be foaad at a* other plan* of amaaemeat la 1 Mew York. WALLBALLA, SS CANAL STREET.?THIS GLORIOUS j tar oa the firmament of real art ooatiaue* to draw , crowded house*, to the woaderful performaaaas of tba naco* : residing here in their own temple. Sinsia,i. daaeia* tableaux viva at*. fee , fee., ovary aight at 7M o clock, aad every Wed- | aeaday aad Saturday, at $ o'cloek p. M. HAILKOAD HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.?FROM NBRT YORK toAlbaay by Ballfoad aad Steamboat*.?Spriag Arrangement. Oaaad after Monday. March It, the passenger i traiBS will rna aa followa, (Saasays oxeeptod ) ooaaosting | at F< aghkeeptle with tba fast sailiag steamers Heath | Amsrioa and Jaaeph Belknap running toand from Albany, , and toaetaag at the usual intermediate laadugs:-Leave Now lock, Goiag North, at 7 A. M.. oeamlnat train for Albany, itoppisg at Yoaktre, Dobbs' Perry, Doarmaa, Tarrytown^Ring Blng. Peakakill. Oarriaea's, Cold Spriog. Fiakkill, New Haatsurgh Bad Poegkkeopaie and theace by staamboat to Albany, laadiag at Devda Park, Riagitoa, Tivoli, Maldoa. Catakill. Huilaon. aad Coxsackis ; at hU A. M.. for Poughksapaie. stoppiag at all way etatioa*: at 2 P. M.. for freight aad pa***agar* to Poughksepaia stopping at all war stations: atS P. M., for psmaiot* to Pongbkeepaie, stoppiag at all waystatloaa; at*)? P. M.. steamboat train for Albany and intermediate places oa the railroad aad river, (topping the aao a* tha traia leaving at 7 A M. (*oe above); at i P. M., for pa**eager* to Perkaiiil aad all iatermediate elation*. Leave Peeaekill, Goiag Sooth, at bk A. ., for Now York, stopalagat all atatioa*; leave roaghkoepale, at A. M , for New York, stoppiag at all tha way ststloas; at A. M.fer Now Verk. for freight aad paoeeagera, etoppiag aa all way statieBs; at 11% A. M.. for Nsw York, sa arrival af steamboat from Altaay, which leave* thoraat7 A.M. * .opping at New Hamkarah, Fishkill. Cold Spring, Oarrisoa e, Ptearkill. ting Sing, Tarryt^wa Doarmaa, Dokha' Perry, aad leakers, at .1)| P. M.. for hew York, stspptag at aJl , way siatlt as; at P. M.. for Nsw York, oa arrival of the teaail eat which Uave*.AIb*ay at P M. Passengers will promote their own aoBvea aaco by tak'Bg aa>ts la tha sar* marked far tktir reepectiva sutioaa. aa tha roar oars of tra>as will bo left at way statioas g?iag north. Wnsra oftcaa of the ecmraBy aratstablishsd. pasaaagers will prooara > . tiekeu before takiag >eaia ia the esra. Pasaeagrr* for way . takaas, wfco hats basiage, will always be admitted lata , the ear aext the basrase oar. that ihev Katners -aaily attoad to t ha and <i. lit try of thalr Vimmi wltbaat 4alutui tto. tralna. w C. iOl XO, ?.lu?f Caflaaar. >m Toft a. March 15, lh50. iiisc klu n Kova, UNITED STATBS BIFLB9.-M DMT QUALITY i I'altad Rtatw Par*a?al?a Hifli-n. la caaaa nf >0 aafh, with Ifttplaftuatt aamplata. Pis* kngnab donMa and ala|la (Juaa. | Calt'a tnd Allaa > Plat l?. for Ml* by WM H. I'M I Til ft CO , 4 Mkt.Ua I.* no. PACIFIC BUCK SALT COMPAN V.-8TBAM BBPINKD, ftn gvaund Hoc* Ut.hi Itirj and familt aaa. of ?ary anyarl' x qaahty pat a? Is ntitun. baaaa. aad variant iim4 Was, Iw ?! at tfta Mill*, la Pnrwaa itraat. Brwklra. and ft* tfta iftn af tba aaa. paay, Jla. 1W Vail atraat, Naw Turk. B. HAH8QM. Af at. | LITMOUlAPBIC BTOMB6?BLl'B AND TBLUXT, OP II atom, la? aftla by J. A. TaCftBH, N a Itn Pnrl atraat. WAIMIKO MADI BABT.-OR HOW TO IP ASM CMkti alllnt Maabiaaa, Waabbaarda ar Foaadlaa Banala Baft* t ?ka l?U?i Itaa af >mma. aa* I "ill wad r?a. tyaall.a pnatad airaalar <!?>?? (.lain dlraailona for waab'ag aiatbaa. tb*t *UI aaaftla aaa aaraua to 4a all tka waabia* af a laraa talli bafara braakfkat. tbaa avoldiag all tfta a ? ?!? af ft waaatag *ay. Thla atatkod laqtirM aa taaakiaaa, *aahbaaa4a. at fMad'aa barrala?aa larpaaiiaa, aa aftwftbiaa ar atbar affaaalfa arualaa. aa rabkiag tfta akia alf aatir la?a?? aa taanai ? kattnaa. aa* waartag aat alatk*a. Tkia plaa aa*aa tfta 4iim aataa that* whiter. aa4 aaa* tajaraa ika l?aa? Ik but. Taa arttaiaa aaad aaat but ft fa* raata tor a larga waakiag. ul aaa k? aktaiaa* ? > what*. Tba airaalar aba anatafea airaatiaaa far alaaf atarah>ag, Imalag laoaa. waakiag aa4 alaaaiaa at Ika. U4 gloaaa. raaaavlsf aiftiaa. (T?ato nata. aildaw fraai liaaa. ralataa tba a# af tiltil, fta_ ft a. Tbaa* ara tba graatoal akaaalaal 41aaaaarta* at tfta aga. All tba fcata'a. iiaawara, aad larva laaa- 1 4ry aa tUWaaatl aaa my aatfta* af aaaklti fa aval4 lailtkaaa fta4 aoaatarfrlu, ka aara to dlraat yoar laitar to I Madaata BtA VKLT, Pa Wat Laaadraaa, 11 Aaa itCMt, N aw Tarh. r?*'aca pftj*. LOTB I IOMT At Alt a I aigftt af waahlag day. Ryraada bla light *ia|t. Aad qatckly fliaa away. Ba wiaa la tiaa? Tia f. Ily la ialfty? Ik*' b? rial Twalaatrfta'a *44 AI-*VftMI "'tftllif ||y Mr. Twlwlm will baig a laraa thia 4ay fr"aa 10 A M. to r B , at kit aaa?a'a? M HHNi ! , Haw Ti-??. whioh will 1 ku ImM null; in. br lk? tMnl; aad , laahiaa ?f ika t>i j, aatl*aa m I* li t?? Ia>a. u Htiii Uia I l?ri ? ) ? ?f aM? Btac m af kit fimykltba u4 a rtehl af tha i II 41 rtaail aha h>l aaatribattd a" mnlk la iMNlll kIM mm a I. a it i?|?? < < vtthipi lad tkallai ?t ikraa kn<H nkitH. tk? ill <?rlm tha irailir Mr Tiralratta?a Ik al M| Ii4y BIT ilumi wliknat wattivg M kllto, pi Ar '<|h I lirya liailr *Mh Hi law Ikaa ?M bur, fat In* ihiilli M|M. Tut i lan natiat mm;. aMltty. iia?llt1iy, ?/ ?? n< 4wftU*. Mr. Twalrabraa ?ill taaa < DM* Ii4>w -b. II rt it i iniiiN fr?ai rnml nu> aita, aa4?tll "w*! ikwr MUr by fun. m4 is mn< ra all Um iU thai it IHIBUT I'I tar* itNto Mjmm Bwa.n wHumiii , H? ThI. FBESB C?> * I AT IIIHCID rRICn-TBKT Slf*rlat Fm? or-hard. UMgb, Aakaylklll, Uriry?I ai4 C< a-Wild iMh, for aala il ik* t ard .f Aadr?i* k Ma < > Grraialth I'hm. Ot<?? r?r <?ap.tah h?. lit* lOI M. fiOOnOilMIXi BCBB iTOIl (JCARRT rod BaI.B 1 C - Tit MbMtlbw ' * '? It Ml* kU ( atl*i Qaarry of ' Birr Staat, ik? qniHty if ak>ah ha* i?n imw4 III mailt* by * attftal ] ?? *. i?4 f<>aa4 ta ha ia a* try rataaal ?<] ! to tkt b??i if riaaeh Bart; ii'i wkmnr tht iMm irk i >td ihtt lenmhly |iti MiMtxIN. id n4?4 lk? b?i if 1 (fir Tht laartr It tlmti.d la KarawMI Dwnit, a*ar tha v?? af Altai. aid nikii iwa allta af th? A*a'k Carallaa allrvad; ltlt|tr*tatl? twtalU* a* all mati af ika yaar, aa4 I* la m >1 it* ami liailthy itiiiMni la tha " airy. A lira *< It* iiHiIm hota? miti ad m i ii???tit??fi Kr it > Alitt Tt i >?ra?a rna.aaain i mo4ara>a racial, n4 brlki'irtii aAti'n ta aaaafatmn tha ttaaa. Itaia ?*ald b* t rftlaaMa t<->i?lrttiaa, it tia ka pr?*ad ky ika |>-<wpartiy af tBa Karanaak i?rr B'aat < atiyair. "b* ?r? atrirtai ataaaa fa tfaivtr quality. Tkt abort inirry *111 N *?>4 t*parauly m vlik lha fkia "1 t?mt haa4r*4 aa<l ?flf ar^aa, va ?hMl . Il la attaabad. Airly to A. MOBMBVUO, I Chirlt????. II r , CARPBNTIERS' TOOL* RC.-JOn? Bfl.l.. Wt BBO*?ny. Mar Villtr nml. kit Jtrt afraH Ma >yrii( t?r?!? nt ?a?t*. oa#lttii? of ifall unrtatal *f Kit j To. It. rilM, Ihm ai4 Bit A Btark aa4 B?al4la? PlaM. 4 At., kl *|| inata it|4 by fka a4r?t?MT it* af Ika atal tarttlot *aaHty. la arary rtayaal. | MMHIKN riNC.-TBI TIIILLS lORTAnUB I f??Ha| nMr l?Hr i|tik Ba ill A S^raii. Raw ? T<*?. il k R<a?ai .aj llaatlar. ia ?bta?# ItT teal frta II ? f n aa. rar aqaara faal I wri.-a'ad, Ji7 fa?v, >7 ? Mailt bnil4la?r. fkiykktii'M M?Ai. |li?* litkat^ ( a\*mt aa. rtrf.rat>4 H T?tlt?t nH? far tlatia, *ft<M aatala Aa (.r*r raian, tor |tl>i*'uii lr?a Ml yrt- ji ?t ttrl *?tk. ?r?'?ar wlit. HiVTalulIn ktMta ' t?ita?ty. Aa Tbay vatraai thatr aaaal aa4 fraa ftaa T * in* at aay krlitla ittak Mt. raata adHfatthaaaaafWataraaf arH?httia?M M Ika m?n I !l? ?'.?. f.'i4**4 rU*t, tf.?il>t<tlaM. a*4al* , ] iad atkar hfrfaaila aaika kad af ibtit aMM Limb, Bantam, ia.. I I leak. Jr.; Areaa**, Hz- Araold: AbIjUi, S?. MeDoaald, Ljiinai; Mr. Jm Duii Itmm. Mia. J- Ifaua*k. Jr ; ftapatla. Mil* C. Wemjra* T# be followed k; It* oomedy. it)led the CAPTAIN OF TMB WiTCB llmutdi Uaf, Hr. I.eater: Biroa Veaderpottar. Mr. OllUrt. Katriaa. Mr*. BerUrL Tt mwIiIi wlu tht nauiM ?( ILOIBIAIDAboweligue. Mr. A re old; Ibrthia. Mr. Glbott: Balim. Mr J. Duma; Irtmtol. Mr tlUiX Nllni. Mr*. Herbert; Ir*??. Mr*. Walcet. Door* epaa M 7; oartala rieee at 7. Boiea,BB oaatw Fit aad Gallery, 1BK oaata. BURTON'S THBATBR. CMAMBBRS BTRRBT-BATURday a v raise. March 16. will be placed the eomedjr of the BBM10UB FAMILY-CkarUa Terrtu, Rm .Mr 0. IT. Clarke; Captain Murphy Maguire. Mr. Breughaae; Freak Fia*<nt, Mr. 8. Leach, Mr. A*iaadab Sleek, Mr. Bartoa; Lady Bvwtiby Creamier, Mr*. Ba?be*; Mre Charl** Torre a*. Mr*. Bolmaa; Vmma Torres*. Mia* J. Hill; Mr*. Ormtby DalaU*, Mix Chapmaa. Favorite Ballad, by Mia* C. Hiflert. Pa* d* BchaFauMa, Ml** W alter* aad M Frederic. To ooaalade with lb* fare* of th* LAUGHING HFBNA?Mr. FtUx Fumat. Mr. Battoa; Biiuoa Herablower, Mr, Johaaton; Mr*. F*U> Famer, Bit* Chapmaa. Dconfopea aU>X; ourtaia riata a* 7'?? BKOIDWAY TBRATRE?GRAND DRAMATIC FRSTIral aad Complimentary Beaeflt to W. R. Blake, K*q? oa hi* radgBatioa of th* Masagemaat of th* abort **?abliehmeat aad departure from tbl* city. Tb* Committee who bar* accepted th* pleaaaraMe doty of a akin* arraaceaeat* for thi* rettimomial to the worth aad proleealosal *mia*n?e of Mr. Blak*. to tak* place oa Wadneaday evening, March30th, 18SU, reepeetfnlly announce to th* public gesarally, that th*y bar* m*t with the moat car* lai aid of th* maaager*, performer*, maticiaae. It*., ft*., of all th* theatrea they bar* applied to, and art tlioa (tailed to pretest aa attractive aad brilliaat cvmbiaatloa of taleat. which, from the order aad dlatributioa of it ia the *t*rliig aad varied entertainment* to ba givoa. (the artltt** ?b thia o<*v*iioa having waived all priority of filtoe or character*,) they bcliev* ha* sever beoa before ofeted to the patron* if the drama. Ticketa to the Dreee Circle aad Parquet te, $1 each, to Uio Family aad Upper Olrolee, 60 cent* each. To b* had at th* priacipal Hotel*, Mu*io Btcre*. asd of th* Gaaeral Committee, Theatre, Ito. Private Base* %lb *ad BIO each. K. A. Barn hall. Raq , th* le**ee. haa grataitoualy tendered the aae of the theatre for thl* ocsalioB. The company, oroheatrm artieta, mackiaieta, aad the also hand. timely voluntemtd their aervieea. The Comn.i tee have much ?ati?faction in making known the ere*' auxiliary atrength wl.ieh will be afforded In the name* of the di?tib|rul?lied ptrformern. Mr. Hamblln, Mr. S. Pluoide, Mr. Burton, Mr. Mi tel.all, Mr. Brougham, Mr. I.etter. Mr. Ceo. II. Andrew*. Mr. Lyano, Mr*. J. Wallaok, Mr?. Blake, Mr*. Abhott. ?r.. tie , oonjolned in a Comedy. Interlude and .Sbak*|iaarcaii Drama. wilb that of Mr Blake, who will a; I kr ih popular charaotar. Order of perftmianee: ? Doer* apen at 7, lb* cuilalu tn riee at 7^ u'c'ock preeiauly. Qraud Overture. by the ciehaatra and additional force; leader. Mob* Parent. To b? fallowed by tb* MerliBg comedy of Fiil POOR GI.NT1 BMAN, with a powerful caat of character*. Interlude of AN I N wa kRANT V BI B INTtUdlOlf. la ahull Me**r*. Uhiiid and Brougham will Appear To conc'ndr with ibe Shaktpetean cemedy of KATHARINE AND I'Bl RUCDIO. Tba " dramatis pernon*." and further particular*, in future lilli aid advertlicuical*. TBE BLAKE BBN KFIT.? Broadway Turn nr, March 13th, 1890. Ww. R. Bi.aki . laq ? Dear Sir We, the undeiilgned. attached to the Broadway Theatre, la catideratien ?f year great profotaional abili y, and for the kindIjr diepoaltiua evinced by you toward* your do- labcier* in efforte to ana' aln tb* Metropolitan Theatre, a* wvll as the ro?[ect w? entertain for you personally, hare detarnmed to render yon a alight tribute on yi ur retirement rrcm tbe management ef the aame. And we lael great plea lure la making known to yuti. that the company. togvtner ?lth the fenifen.ea of II ? orehemra, an 1 aM UN attached,! the eatakllihn.ent, have volunteered their gratuitou* aervieei For yar her,- - o the evenltg of tTejneiday, Marofc >'. He ire, dear air, reaptetlullv and truly your*. M'M WHEATLEY, 1 J. I. SFaW. OEOHGE3K ERRBTT, > UEORGB BEiSfBK, AUGUST PEKRoT, I CEO. JORDAN. i Cemuii'tee for the CEO. W. LB#13. S Ladio*. 71 Liaraih Br., N?.w York. March IS, 1850, itmi t oti? liqBear Sir: Your communication, made ii aooordance with the deaire of a neeting of my frieada. convened at tbe Aator boner. on Monday evenirg, for the purpoee, aa 1 am kindiy Intoimed, of makiag lultabTa arrangement* to giva me a complimentary benefit, 1 bare the honor to aeknowledge the receipt of. With a grutsful aea*e or the dt*tia>tioa whl-h i* ti n* dea'gned, 1 lolict yoa to preaent, at tbo aeit maatmg, mv unfeigned thank* tn all who bave *o diain'.ereatedly taken part in tbiademonitrationof good will toward* me, on my retirement from the management of the Broadway Tneatre. I ut not a) inadvertently atated in tbe publiabed proceeding*, from tbe New York *tage. A thtrt tour to the aouth, where 1 have never jet ba4 aa opportunity ol going profeaaioaally, ia all I KI pnicui vt DKmpimr. II> inifi i IIBTB WQ /ciniiew, Ml 1 lint madu my bow ?t the old Chatham but I hope much lonier to be permitted the prlvilee'- ol enjoying thoee eonrtetica and tukeni of public approval, tha remembrance n( aliich, under every chance of tori una, nnit ever be fondly and pnudly oLtriabed. I am, dear air, witheentlm'nte of re|ard. year obedient tcrvant. W. K. BLaKt. Dramatic beason-abtor place opera Hoof*.-Mr. Data intimatea to the ladiaa tad gee tlemm engaged by bim. or In eorreapondence fur ?n*a?eiaeata at the Aator Plata Theatre, that haviag Kat all hia p ape re, with atbar peraoaal property, in tha dtatraetioa by lira of tha ateemrr Orlina Rt Jol>a, ha la unable to coamaaieat* farther Ith them natil ha a?ain heart from them. The* aradaairad to eomtuuaieate theii addreaeee. whea they ahall receive initaat atteation. Aator Thaaira. March IS, ltiflO. SPECIAL NOTICE.?FOl ET3 AND LAST PXKF)R?aaaa of tha lanicai laaletl Fuad Society.? Mra. EeabU'a lead Id*, aad Meadelaeulia'a Baeic. of "Mld?uaBar Ni.'lia Dream," March Hat - Su1 crtbere aad otbe'a are reineated to Bakr aarly application for boxea and Mate. ia r>rder to avoid tha niah uf the laat few daya. ? oflioo opei [r?B 1U to I. Aator place Opera Booee. (By order.) J. C. Bo'DERTFF, Secretary. VtlOAL. PIANOFOETE FOB BALI ?AN EL*CANT^BIX AND I a half eetaia reeewoed iattrameet, of ?up?ri ir t-ne aod S iitb, new. perfect aad warranted The owner having an uee rot it wiU di-Dfl.e of It at a redaction of tweaty-llee per eeat From the orgfiial coat, for eaeh, If applied for withia tea daya. Can be eeea at 22 Akiaadoa Plane. OOOD ?0ATI!l?. Broadway market.?tub cndermomrd will , xipaii for tale dally, at hia new ? . n<\ H?0 Broadway, uaa I door above Thitteeath atreet, choice beef, mntton and veal. I of aaapaiior quality, all of whloh will be eeld at raaaonabla pricea. Be iavitea hie aid caatoaereaad toe publleiaaeaorej to Alee him a call. ALFRED BdUADWAf. HAT BEEF '-TME I'NDERSIONBD WILL BXPOSX r for aale. at hla (tall. No. (3 Fnltna Market, oa Sa urdey, March loth. the Heef cf two ef the 1 arret aad laeet a toe re of tha eeaeea fatted by 8. J. Da r yea, Beq. of Oraace coaaty, and would aelicit a call from hi? irienda aad the public ?a that day. JOBEPB L. BBftNlNU. , UIFPIBB a UNITED BTATBB MAIL STEAMBBB BBTWBBM MBW Tark aad Uvamool?The ah ire ooapeetaii bki* liaeare IM ATLANTIC. Captaia VeM. PACIFIC, Captaia Wye. A EC TIC, Captaia Laaa. BALTIC. Captaia Come teak, ADRIATIC, Captaia Oraftea. TVee ahipe ha'laf beaa by eontraet erpreeely foi [cTerameat eerviee, every eare kae beea takes ia tbelr eetitraetioa, aa. alaa, ia their earfaee, to eaeare etreactk aad ipaed: aad their aneaaadatleia for paaeaatan art aaegaal lad far elacaaee at eenfert Pnee of paaaaga tram Mew Tork ta LleerpooL B13U. Biclueive aaa af State Room* aharfed aa aeted oa the plau af the eabtaa. far frail*t at pif^M |pa|w (4 EDWARO t. COLLI W&, 74 Baath atreet. BROWN, BOIPLET A CO . Liverpool. Oaaof the ahipe of thie liae will eaal keaaa aa Batarday, tha nth April, aad re tar*, laavlat Urerpool aa Wedaeaday, Ue Utk of lu i aad aaotkar will aail heaee fer Liearpaoi aa Batarday,ike I Ith el May, aad Liverpool, ea #edaeeday, the ?th Bay. Aa eaperieaeed eurgeea will be attaehed ta taek / \CEAN BTEAM NAVIGATION COMPAHF.-FOE VF Bremen aad Boathamptoa The I'aited Beatae' Mail Bteemakia. WABBINOTO!*, O. W. Floyd, commander, wiU aall f?r Br?a>pa. via Senthamptna. am Wadaaaday, Ink Bat'h. from Pier Me 3, N R , at II, A. B. D*. *? la tha Cabin 80 Aa aiparlta*a4 Snrtaoa I* atta?ha4 la lb* ihip. All Utliri ?! c? throuah tha P??t >Bm. r*f fr?l(Vt ar muw apply M MOLLBB I SAND. Afiw,?l??*<ny. *.M>B PAN rani iscn, < A 1.1 TORN I A. TIA BTRaITB f Vl|tllii ?4 I'iMBi lUMlif " Rl? Jaaatro u4 Vtlrmlio Tht it* u< thitm MUBiblf RBPl'BLIC will bo 4>apataba4 M Iktn, aa Maa4ay, Marab ?th, it I 'ilcrk, P. Ii?b tha ariar at tha (Kt of Warraa itraat, Natth Bltar. far tb? Faatia Onu H>r mii????iio?i art aaaurpaaaad by iir ataaaor aloat, banaa foaMa aarillattaf ii|lan of oral p??n, n4 taparb *< rkaaaahlp. In barthia ia I.Inn w>m. an lb* la aipaata4 u atbt tba raa ta rm? la 7* <t)i. far paaaa,a. aa4 athar laformatia*, iy?lj iaa?4ltltl; fa M. O. ROftBRTR II* * ? at. FOR lAliri.HNU TIA CI *GRRR--THB t'NITID Ptaiaa Mall UtaamaMp UIIO, Liaat. 4 F. Mnak, IT. B. N , f"??and<-r, *111 ba laaaaiabW fro* bar ptar. a* till fool if Warraa atraat. Martb Ritar. aa TbaraAay, Visa Mi af Mirth, for Ha* Cfrlaaaa. tla llataaa. Piianirra far Cbaftaa will ba truitafa^ la tba Falaaa at Baraaa, aa4 praata4 Mlbaal 4ala; Tha rarartor aaaaaai 4auaaa of tba Obia, aa4 bat Ikar - abI t taatad 4aa* ! aaatiaa, af l.tan hntaa paWir aach. alaa Baanpri aa aaaarataaa af aafiti aa4 apaa4 aat la ba fait la farlar taaatla. raaalaa *lth a afagla aaglaa. Aa aaparltaaa4 aanaaa la attaaba4 la tba taaaal. Tbrttfh Iraki*! ta hi Pnwtaai na ba ?aiara4. at ippltaatloa aa iba afllra af fba aoaapaay. Bat'a af Paaaaat fraaa fa* Tart ta Cbacraa I? Plata Kara Hartb |l"0. Ptan4aaftarth fM. Ii'itua Rtrtba, raaa4 ba4 aa4 aaparata labia, BAB Rataa of Puaui fro? ruiaa lo Baa Fraaalaaa tan !*" Cartba. BPtB. Btaarac* B.rtha. foan4 ba4 a?4 aaparata Ubla.. IBB. Rataa af paaaaca Ta Rataa*. Ta Ma* *>rlaaa* ftata ratal barf bt.......... .Iff 98 t*a4aa bartb. forvaH aabla... g jl Btaaraaa. faaa4 ba4 aa4 board ? W _ Piabhta la Cha?rai aa>t ba art pai4,Aa4 all Mill af la4taa aat ba Maaa4 aa baar4 tba abtp. Tba pablta art iafonaa4 ibat iba btati Par itaarafi it ah at* ^tba aiaatb of May art aa* opaa. tt?m Paaaau ta Baa laaiaaa. Appii?atiaa abaal4 ba aa4a Inaaa41ata>y. Tba aa4arat(**4 ?tll Iraaatah tba Mlavlag tlaaaw ta raa ra ** ".SftSRr*-^?^"SWHIK"" ANTBLOFB. COLUBBtft ^.TtSaaaaa. mw~~~ 8TBABSBIF VEST rUIMT, FROM PANAMA TO RAM Fra?a?aa, Ca I'for* la--Tba aVata ataaaar *111 laata Paaaaa abaat tba I Lb af April. aa4 paiaiaaaia aacaa*4 ta (a by bar ara b?rtby aotiBa4 that tb?y ?aat Itata Natr Tar* aat Utar tfcaa tba lAth (aat A fa* pa*a*?a tiakata aaa ba abt*laa4, if t*aa4iata ipplr?iioa ba ma4a ta WILLIAM la ToftM. at R K. ralliaa. T< Bwttk ttraat. FOR SAN FR AWCIBCO, <-Al.iroRNIA.-TIB NIf ai4 faat aa.llag bark RIBRO. aa* lna<llaa. baa tba larrar part of far a*r?o WfaH aat *111 bata Itatat-llata 4ta*a'tll. Tba Mlara ta ahara hailt. aa4 af laiall aapaofy. aa4'Vara aaaaaai la'ai-rart (a ta ahipptra. Far fTal?hi. apply ta . HOLDRRUR, Jt. ?1 (Tail atraat. FOR CAl.lFORNIA-DIBFATt LINB -BBir IINBOO, B'liar, ?aat at, at piarWBaat Rltar. CaataAatfea talk of Nat barrali frtl(bt. aal aaaoaiaoaata Ml raota paaaaaaara. Ia.?a4>ata apt lica Uaa ahaall b* alia ta " I. KBCTTU* ? OO MW.llatraaV For bai.b-tbb finb fabt-bailino brio trux. III... baary aapptr faa*raa4. IMl t'aa, Caaviai Ifanaa aaaaarataar t, a baa I It a?thiol4, ball! la Kaaaabaak, Ba , ? tba awat aabaiaaMal laaaatr a aaparlor raaaal far IM CaWartlt tra4i Far aarH<nlirt aarlr ta TfftlMP'xo^ a PP?K| II ? Walt .traat.

FOB pa IB-A TBBf>l)i)H TICRBT TO CALIFORNIA, la atraraaw. aa Ibar?lb af April. It itaaa?btp Ohla. lafb'rt at Ma tM Rraoaa alaaaa. California.?fob * alb. a throl-oh stbbbaob llabat. far tba Ua<ta4 Btataa Mail Btaaiaahtr Maor|li, Wr April IStb. Alaa, a Btaaaa?a TVk?t far tki fMttn aa4 t'.>aaataa, far Ami i. ih. Alaa. I?y tba trit af ApHI la tba rraaapt City. Apffrl F.NMITRi "??a,? #all H. CALDORPt I A TI OR AT* - FO R BALE. A TBROrOB taaaAc* il?iai far (Ba (rat f A pail, aaiBratalaaa Uaka* i a-aitaar af April IM. Alaa. oaa ?rat alata Ibraaab tlabat a RaaliaA A AtpiaaaP n aAaaataraf 1Mb Ba/. Appay ta J. WORE. Fait, a n>i"l ta? Falan? atraat. n AllFOBNIA TICBBTP-?AKTBO.TBRBRTBBODOR L/ lirk<ti la tba ataaiaar af 9tb Mv'rab Alaa. t*a la aaab I tba at?a*irtaf April la* *?4 ink. Apply a* tba bar aft ba i tina latal. Mt Faltaa atraat , i I hiMi, Hmk ll-ir.M. Owing Uth ?<> * *nhafclHngo?ln tharwalpti of 'aotton at Ik* ?*?? porta, Um article mmb<4 imter ttf?, ?4 "hi wn pretty freely made at an ilniN or ikNl H? The ttrat towboata ?r the mm nmM tki (ill ?-**J ftroa Albany, M|ht*4 with produce. Th* lower gradea of this State ud Wwt?ri flow were low#*, while the middling ud better btudi ini Am- Canadian continued doll, and quotation* war* nominal. Southern was alto beery, at pretloni rate*. Thar* wai no changa la wheat; holdera oontlnned Arm, which reatrlcted aalea. Corn wai dull' and Southern yellow waa la batter anpply, while prioea farortd purchaeera. Pork waa better, with (alee at fall prtoee. Beef htm wet* Arm. Cat meat* were In goed demand, and prle*e iteady. Lard waa rather bear lei, while butter and ebeeee were ateady and In flair demand. Coffee oontlnned heavy, with moderate aalea. Segare wart In fair demand, and price* steady. AaiiLs.?The demand for pearl* ia better, and pricea more Arm. with tales ol 80 bbla. at $6 87X a $6 M Pota wt-re a cbade better, with aalea of 40 bbla at |0 44 a $0 eo. BiiiDaii rra ?Flour?Thli day'a aalaa bare reaohad 4 800 bbla , Inolading common to straight State, at $4 87 X a ?6; favorit* State at *6 MX a $6 26, mixed Western at *A 13 a $6 18; straight to fancy Miohigan, at 18 a $6 37 >4; pure tteaeaee at $6 M a $S 08; fancy Ohio and Ueneete. $5 76 a $6 87 X; extra Ohio, S6 MX a $0; and extra Oeataee, %b 81 a $0 02X. The receipt a via the Hudson are aa yet limited Suuihnn flout waa rcmetbing easier, wttb salea ef 1,000 bbla , .* u U I _ U 1,7 LT fur mlinl ITru l-rt.. _ and Howard street, and >4 87* |6 tor straight at tlmoie, Alexandria and Georgetown. Ryt Flour was dull aod timliitl at previous priors. Corn Mr,,I Prioes re unchanged. and tha market quit* dull. WW/ - in wheat there has been no marked change, and holders were very firm, with rales of 2 600 bushels white Peon* sylvanla. on terms kept strictly private; also, a eargo ot white Southern, to arrive, at private bargain. Ityt H mora plenty and dull, at 67 a 68e. Burlty was wanted, at U a Tda Omti?Tne market was mora freely supplied, with sale* of Northern at 42a43o.; Jersey at 34 a 87o , and Southern at 30 a31e. Cum? Seles were made of 80 000 bushels, at 62* a 63*0. for n,lx?d Southern. 66o for Jersey white; 66 a 66c. for Southern yellow; 60* a 67e. for Jersey and Northern yellow, and bbji a 67o tor good to handsome white Southern. Coitok ?The telegraphic aeoonnts of the upward tendency of all tha Southern markets, and the steady diminution of reoaipts, started out buyers to-day, and holders having had leisure to calculate the amount of coneetaicn they had already made, were disposed to demand an advance which waa paid, on abjut3 600 balaa Tha market cloaed with a buoyant tendenay, and at rates establishing an advance of three-?lgbtbs of a cent tince yesterday. We resume our ((notations; Livsarooi. CLaseiricATion. N. Orl'm, MoUpland*. Morula. StU Tiim. Infericr ? a? ? a? ? a 10* tdiaary 11 a II* 11 a 11* U a liS Good oralaary liM a li* 11>?a II*, II* a US' Middling US a 1'S ll'? a US ll* a 11* Oeed Middling Ilk ? "* 1'V a U 11 a 11'? Middling fair >? a 12* 11 a 12* 5* a 11* a.. . 1?* a 11.42 11* a - Us a talr 12* - 12% a - WA a fate M a? ? a? 1J* a ? Ftae ? a? ? a? ? a ? Corrtt.?Kaithar ralea of 300 bags St. Domingo, at 10c. cash, and a law hundred Klo. at 13*0. f un -bales 2 0oo quintal* of dry cod. on privata teas, but supposed at a decline, and 400 bbls mackerel at *12 60. >8 60, and $0 60. for l's, 2's. and 3's, which ia an advauoe. There are 4 000 quintals ood afl< at, unsold, and 700 hbls. mackerel. Tha Utter are held at quotations. Km iT ?Toe talaa ate but M0 boxes Malaga raisins, at (6. tuncmts.?The freight market was rather langnid 1 n|iaK*menU were making to Liverpool, at about Is. Vd a 2s for naval storae. Corn at ttd In bulk. Heavy got ds, with bacon, at 22a. 0d. A sin a 1 lot heavy goods wera engsgsd by a new transient vessel, at '20s. Cotton aontiiiued at about 7 32d. To London rates continued dull, and eagagetnenU light. There waa no change to liavte To California, rata* were Inaotive, with moderate engagements, at Irregular rates Cm - hales of 8 a 10 hbls. Mcdsr swan, wera made at $1 12* per gallon. M? k - Kales of 12 paekagee were made, at 0c. Miiuia.? Some casks of Dutch uiaddsr were sold at 12c. Molasses ?About 100 bbla. New Orlsans changed haodt, at 28o - 4 mos. Oil ? In linseed there Is no marked change, and tha feeling Is good, tales 8.090 gallons, at 02c a W-ie Provisions.? Poih ?There was rather a better feeling in tha market for pork, with sales of 2 600 bbls , at >10 87* a >10 44 for mass, and >8 V4 a >9 for prima ; also, cur mets. at >0 12* a >u lb ; sour prima, at (7 26, and old do . at lit 6u a IS 66 Beef waa in active ra que?t. with falea of 1,800 bkl? . at (6 76 a $0 60 for oonntry and ell; pilme ; ud $H 76 a >10 for do. and do. bin ; prime wu bald at tie 64 a (17. Beef kiM vtN <>? ttaady ud Id few band*, with aalex At $1*. Cat BMti ?m 1b fair demand. bat prlaaa favored parebaterr. Tba mIm w?re 2oH bbd?. Bad tiercee. at b?S for molaaeea earrd baata. and OX b 7 for agar oared do , ?Bd V7o bbdi. aud tiercee plato ihoald re, at 4 b 4)4. I.Brd *w heavy. wttb tolas of 000 kMi. and il*r? a>? * prlw, at 7. Bu tar Bad obeaaa ware uoobanged Bad flra. Kt<i. Kama.-The following lou vara dlipoeed of thl? day at tba Merobaut a k.?abaa<a -1 lot ooraar of Miuntk rtmi aad ambmB. IIiM $1.0u0, 1 d>?.. ad joining OB aaanae, UiM. $1 000 ; 1 gore, >1,076 : 1 loi? ob raar, In Blateenth atraat, eaib 26x192 12*40; J do adjoining, >1 310; 1 d > . 161170 $1 260; 1 do , I 26*1(8 *000; 0 do . aaoh 26ato8, *000 each *4.100; 2 lota ob rrar. ob t'llMestb rtreateaeh iiiluJ t?M eaib, 11.040, 1 lot adj-lalng 861101 $M0; 3 do , each 26al03, $714 iBrh. $11)70, 1 do. 26al08, $776; 9 do, aaob 31(101, $770 *aob, $3,110; 1 do.. bi?J, |l?6, I lot o?rcar Ulateentb rlittt Bad Aaanue U, UiM. $1630;$ lota adjotalBg, aaab blsV6. $000 aaeb, $6 400; 1 lot oorBar SavaBtraotb atree', Ua03. $1 3*0; 1 do . adjoialng, raab 33iM. $?60 each. $1 000, 1 do , J3a?3, $VI0; 3 do , aa?b 23*03, *060 aaab. $2 660; 1 do , ooroar dlateeath an sat, MiU. *1.610, I ao. crner of Nineteenth etraat and Hrat avenne. 2Jaufi $2 17*; S 4a, adjolalog oo aataue raab St3xV0 $1 *26 aaab. $8 160; I lot oof Bar Twantlatb atrrrt ititO. 2 07ft, 1 lot oppoalta ooroar 23aV4 $2.too, 0 do adjlalng. aaeb llaM $1026 raab, $0 *60 . 1 da oa raar 04 t weaty-flretatraet eaob 23a03 $1,160 ?Beb. $2*00,2 do BljolalBg aaab XlaOd, $1,02$. raab *2,060,4 do aaob i3a*? *?46 aaeb, $3 7M; 4 do aiabUaM IkOOaaob. $7 *)o. 2do aaeh tlaM $934 aaeb. $1 too, e lou oa raar on 2utb itraet,eaeb 21x02, MM aaeb $*,M0. 4 do. adjotalBg aaab 13x72, $*60 aaob, $3,3*0; 4 d adjoialng. aaab 38aV2 $*00 aaab. *3 200 ; 2 do. raab 23a02. $?60taab. $1 700; 1 do 33a?2 *wi>, 1 do , RaM. $1(10, 1 do . aorBfT *'tn atraat aad Areaaa A, 28x03. H IW , 6 do . adjointj* aaah Wxl?3, $1 3*0, $0,. 400; 14o.,'.3>V3 $14 0. bouea and lot ob 3d BVeaua, near lOtb atiret, S)aM* 720.360 , 3 lota adjoining, aaoh V2il36. *1.% 0 raab. $0 000, 1 I t aoraar 7th aveaue aad 734 atraat, 16al00, $240 . 3 adjoining 26aloO, $17$ aaab, $*36; 1 Iota ob raar ob 27tb ?tre?t 26a 1*2, $1*6 ??ib, $270; 1 lot eorcar7tb avaoua and 4btb atraat, 2'>ai00, $236, Hot adjolnltg. B*al00. $146, 1 lot aornar 69tb atraat aad *tb Batnoa 2*al00, *360; 1 lot adjotalag. 3* a 100, $10*, 1 do 26all0 *3(0; 1 lot aoraar 7 id atraat aad ktbave. 26 a 100 *344, 1 adjoialng 261IO0 $106. A rrdue Ion baa l?a?n aiala by tba ' anal Board la tba toll* on thla article ableb may bate a>ma lafluaaea oa tba aarket. 'I'bay ba?a radaaad tbadr alargaa froo) 10c to 6o par 1 too Iba par mlla. wblch, however la attll eoaaldaiad to* Mgh a rata of tnlla. t uaaa aoatlaue ataady aad la d'Biad Tba op?rattoaa aabrica 300 bbda < uha part new arop, at 6a fa* rata lag aad 360 New Otlaaaa. mlddllag qoallty, Bt 4Mb a?Va , uaaal tlaa. Soar -100 boaaa t.aatlle aotd at 0\a. TeBacca--ABBaaad will be fonad the pTlaaa. alaa, reealpta aa4 itoafta lor the wee* endlag tbl* day Tba ?Biketri'BtlBB*4 steady, tbongb aooie lea* aetife thaa darlBg tba paat week Prtret* t-tln. Rer'd. Eaa'e, Ta. ft H C. t>?ali M0n4..?Sa'H ? ?i*'?ea HarNBaa ft table. 4Ha 2>a - 10hb4a. J* 4e. 0?aire?e4 ... * ut Stl?aa. p. %. ? >?naa raaa*HftBBla4e.. .10 a-'4 10 eae. r t. 40 aaa. J fl 4a. n-.rida W aHi Ilea*. ?W ? t"?*4e. U.ataa f, 41 kl?. J|'4 ? MM 1.1 a. Caka. I* a? ? Ijn; 4e. tara - - ? l?4e. bt. ktalatt 10 alt -- ? W io?n -1b? drftitd for prlioa aontlanad aatlra. With ralee of 200 bM> at M,a : drudae wa? lower, with I*lr? cf 'JO RbRa ilMt.t 34 K* taUTMt Rarairra ar fitnni r? IUii imm. Tni* D?*. Kri? NmhImu. IW<i. MmkuIlM, pk(( ? til til lutta do ....IM U 1T1 IkNH. VKM ? *70 170 H<-g* draaaad 43 ? M lh?f, 1M ? 1M ( HIM. do 160 ? Id* Lwttw, (Ma* IJk'Q ? 1 Return p??n tm Hi?M. T*? Brrt to?b?ai* of tk? mioi urltM yM>rday Tka esrgaaa at o? qatta aa aa?"ri ratal Tka aa><?at of m aad grata la amail aad tba irraaUr part ha? b~aa IdioarilTi Tito folio*Ian U tba total aamuat of ri* due* hf itfin: ? lo*?r. bbta f TM MalV l.a?ba|? 6 000 *) be-h. U 7 COO AtbM. bMf lit Ratlay do 14.000 IT- ?M>b* pkfft ... ion Bil'w. plft 100 < !?? do. ... IM ?W?k?j.kMi 104 Oat* huabala 1.009 WMi.balN l? Rrar. eaaU 13M MARKET* BIJKWHRRr. tocr sai.ra. Marah IS I P. H.-.t ?h?r?? Rottoa aad Nun* Rallr< id. MS; K 4?, |n?fc: M do, Mia, iny ? lMi-n R*ilraad, H. ? W'?: J fltehtinrt llailraad, IW1*! * R?a41a? Ralli< M.lkiW da. ? |i Ractaa lad 'tmikl *ailr?ad, HV Ma.m,. inhiriftlk Cnatt Railroad tl to "aaib b-f* failr* a?. I?V 5 W ??><r* B?ilro?4, SMM aad Ft (Mitrai t Railr-ad. Mmi I? KorwUh aad Wwiui Kalinad,> .TBI,, t ( ??ir?l Km, 4\ R> da, itai. 43 I14 Ihi B<itn Coir r??r, kla l*H. " 4*. Ha. I*! !?(a,|Mt| |0Uv?H>?ri Rtak.K: l? Nmbanw Btak. |I*S. I??uta fitck ??*;?: ftaal* laak, lolji;f RaMl IWak. Ill Id l>l? Trtaxal i aattaifcailr"?4. I, tJ*i. PmUMtniu, Bar?h IB - Th? ?W?k airhft, *iib *b? ??< !' ?< a ?f Ttiaa Maatltica, I? '(?'? "at l?-dajF. >i,tl h??,4 -\ llirt (ilrtrd Maak, 11V t" * . !*,'? (,?id<a * ?. i | ,u pf????it?ai* Rank. IM flVRtat* "*, H'?; ??4*.?IH: ?*' l<?'do.l?4| Ml PhJl?4.lpfc>a RltUrta IP RajM aolrl X^.l.TOO da. Hfc. tf'Wda, > ?.ltn F?adi?? fta?4*. 'to 7* l?i??tia, "W,dR*i V"*>d?. '* da, '?? JO; ^SfhUM ki.ffl?ur? Ntilruad. 91 l"Tt?at<n Hialiir. IV I'aita Caaal. l?J*i ?'4?, l.1*,; if*. T <i> l"|?r p,?li. !.<?*? Ai|?aliaaf Cnj f p, ?1, ?>. (| ar,a t ick>l >if?, 1- 7* do, l*k; >1 mt Railraad. 4< V (X.KIi I al* 4 (lata* ?, <i1. IU ?i M"1 i| d'1,. Brunt* - livw A IhI ??j f-ltf d'a n J |nM?rrif < aa?l faada. 77; "I ? ilaltitra Rtllr<add *,Hk. ???d->, *')(. WiCitf?'?, l.??> f?? .??h?aa?li CimI k<k4t., 3W? RarfU 0a??l. 17, t??? C*iT*r?.k. aad fHliwara < *aal (> IIH. I.1*!".'!!,;*" d*.*lr?: ?,1M 7?>a* HIM RH: l.frti Rtata *" . t??,j * ? -I*; d>bar>( R?*>a?k> Baak. I?l y. I M ?||. <*? , Raliff,?d, :?H; |ul0l<uia|l?i4i>v. , tifik II -TIM* Im MaliUlttt tnKMp a U?|a|aa .f Matli* d>tl*< ika aaat ? ?. thm?b ia?rh?? !? ? tavr?a**d ladMa la all *?*4 ??*nriuaa ? !?>; NWlian abaadtat, ?n4 ?!> baak* ara fr??t? 4tar?aa?ta?. K aaaUiaaa ?a *?aiaia? 4 ?a tba ?traal fraia 7 la Id k /( ?. r*~ ??!?> Vtif lad ? ?*r ? l??. )o?ki 7 aba Marlaa Raak. ?V, ! ?' Ral-ta r? raa Ob4a Kailraad. 44*> Waiar Ca..l?, Ratatarr? ?a Rod. nw OIUBrriC MAMTO. hniMiuwti Mank lt.-Oir bhM Mattes wttbaat chaage Small ealee of eottoa at 12* a l?*e. oa Dm. Wheat limn*, ul prloea iteady *t ;wUr !*;' ntM. rOKEION MABKBTS. Hium. March 7 ?Since our report of the 21at alt, th< nkionkle weather cbec Ic ed auppliee of augar a??Urt?lly, ai4 prloea ezperktoced m adeaaae of ,V? rial oa our laet quotation a, Ht new the reoelptaare beooalai mora abnateat, which aforda better aeleotloae to paieha era. There la a atetdj (eieral demand aid we place oar quotatlooa aa followa: - White* 9 a It rial*; Tellewn, J* 7,'t rlala; hrowna. IX a 6 \ riala; cucuruohoa. 6 a tM rlala. Shipment* of Muaoovadoa continue for French marketa. both from heooe aad the oat porta; we quote ordinary to middling,5 a 6 ? riala; good to prime, M? at riala The atate of the atmoephere ia now favorable for the operation* ?r grinding, although It waa materially retarded by ine interruption recently experienced. trioleates ia at 2 a 2 V rlala ia the harbor; aome purebaaea baring beea made at the latter figure; in the outporte the prioe ia auppfteted at 2 riala; Mua covado molaaaea, S'4 a 3>; rial*. Coffee ia very aoarce and more quiet. The laet tranaaotiona were at $13 a , for middling to fair. The auppliee at lard continue moderate, and the article baa advanced, the preaeat ratea being $10)? a $11 for kega; $ll>a a $12 for kaireia The atoek la equal to 0,000 Kega. A cargo of rice aold at 11 riala. aad there are aow two left In flret baada. bealdea 300 bage Valeneia. LumberW. P. lumber la improving la value, aa arrival! have kept out for aome time. About 000 feet were arid at $22 for Frankfort aad Laatern, aad there are 60 000 feet Portland on hand. P. P. la alao firmer; a cargo of Wilmington aold at $17X for Klver, and $22 for timber?there la one from Georgetown for dtapoaal Kreiuhta?The laet chartera to turoue were at i!3 for Cowra Mil a nift, and a Ruialan (hip of 2 400 boxe* at i.2 12*. Ad. for CotNiit ? market, iuoludlng tki Baltic; X'3 5a for rum to Bremen; $3 per box to .viarseillts and (Jenra. We quote coastwise freight* >1 per box ot sugar, $ 1 '. for moiasae* to Northern porta, and (1 to Southern porta. Kxcbange on London 10 S all per ot. prem ; bills on Naw Vorkand Boat on dull; lonn transactions took plao* at par and below. Ini^orte ? Kloe per arr. II ra.; lard, par ql $10>i a 12; hama, per ql $9 a $14; cheese per ql. $12 a $14; butter, per ql. $16a$22; Hour, (Am) per bbl $13 a *14; molasses, per bhd. 10 a 13 ra ; suK*r per hhd. 11 a 11 ra. March 8,?The laat few days the market for augar* baa been calm, aod price* are now about '? a , ra. lower than the laat juices current quotations. for all kloda eicept whit*. MoUaaea may be had at Iri. bei*. aa wi 11 aa on the orast. Kxohange on Loadua, 10 a 11 per oeat pri m ; New York, X per o*nt J is Matama*, March 7 ?8ugara--?W* quote while* at 8\, a 10; lib* yellow*. 7 a 7 good to fair at 0A? a ?i'?, brown* at ft <4 a 6X4 ; Cuourucboe, 6 a5)?; Muacoeadoa, $ ? r Molarse* i* very brisk and atrady. at 2 r*. per keg. and with no pro*prot of a decline Kloe appoar* to be ratb*r looking up. A oargo ha* been sold from tore, thl* week, at 10\ r*. oaak. freight* are scare* at $1)? for molaaaea and $1 per box of augar. alongalda. Kxcbange for aterllng 10 a 10 per cent pram. llio Jasxiro. Jan. 22.?The arrival* alnee the l*t Inat. are 7 from the United State* with cargoaa, 11 declined to California, 2 steamer* do., and 1 from alee where ? total. 21. Imports have b> en ?,461 bbls. floor, 127 package* domestics. 121 M. lumber. 70 M. shingle*. 286 bbla. beef, 110 do. pork, 1(0boxe* aperm candle*, 150 do. composition candle*. 44 bbla hama, 6,738 lba and 23 bbla. wax. Hour ?The sales have bean about 10.000 bbla., principally Baltimore, for export, at W ; email (ale*. tor consumption, at 12 to 12'MM); Kiohuond I* retailing at 10 to 17;|; bo large aale* can be made abova 16;| a 16< 500 The nock in first band* la about 12 000 bbl*. Kicbmond. and 12 000 bbls Baltimore?total, 24 000. In second bands, there are abcut 40 000 bbl* It will be some time before any Improvement oan take place, a*, at this season, the bakara do not like to hold large stock*. hale* of *perm candle*, at 960r? ; lumber, t?il per M ; beef and pork. 18 ; bam 320r* ; wax. OlOra l)onj**tlc< are very dull; Bo salea worth reporting, prioaa being quite nominal at laat quotations. Coffee -Con trary to all expectation*, the aocouat* received per Tenet-tree from New York, tn 1st Inat . wera very favorable for the article, which induced all tho*e who bad been holding <>ff to enter the markat on the 2d aad 3d, when upwaid* of 70 100 bags were sold at 6 400 to :> iiOo The fact that the stock was not so large as expeoted, and the advice* from the Interior being more positive aa t* the quantity remaining, combined with the favorable advices rrom the I nited States and from fcuropa, have rauied a fuitber adiaaca. and no good mixed parcels can now be obtained under 0 200, and for superior |m* c ho 1* demanded The dealers are pacing ? 200 to 0| 600 to r**ell, and the opinion i* gaining ground that price* of will er* long be at 7 ,000 a* there ate eeveral Swedish order* anaxeonted, aad the arrlvala from th* interior becoming every day le*s and less 1 ha stock of all descriptioa* doe* not axaeed 36 ( 00 bag*. There is now almost a positive certainty that the export from July 1st, 1640. to July 1st, 1860. will not exceed 1.100.000 bag*, against 1 021 000 aod 1 ?04 COO bag* tb* prevlout crop*. To tb? present time about 66 per cent of the expert has been to the United State*, and 46 par oent to hurope. and it appear* probable that the proportion* will continue th* same, filing to the ( nitrd State* 606,000 bag*. Instaad of* the previous crop, and to Kurope 496,000 Instead of 848.004 bags. The export thl* month, to data, ha* been, to Naw Orleans 62 6t'H bag* Baltimore 12,080 New Yoik 7fr(5. Char la* ton 4 409-total, 77,020 bag* To Knrope 29 144 bag*. In KeLruary. the export will be very trifling to any quarter. The new crop below th* mountain* T* reported to promt** very fairly, aad *om* will appear la Maroh; but aa th? weather, th* paat month, has bean unusually dry for tha *eason, the quality will be ordinary, and if the drought eoatiauaa a abort time longer, the quantity will be eoaaiderably dlnulnUbad ttuppoalag ta* arop ehoeld be aery large tbrt u>-b< ut tbe country It la lmpcialble for * iiBeltil inatiUty la ba broeght to uukat, during the latter wait or thii j?ii, to make tba total export of the year more than tbe axpott ol 1649 (I 414,000); Ilk, thatefota. qulta mriIr that mo great deollne ui take plaaa Id i>? market a* tba daleiaiej ol aiport to botb tba I alted titild and bnrope cannot poeetbly bo made up thl* year. Tha mean* of transportation In braill am II ui tied m that, wtib tftij ioduc?m?ot. only * etrtAli <iuaniiy can ba brought ta mark at Nothing doing In bidra; tba law bar* are bald at 170 to 175ra Krrl^hta are >ery dull; ao 34c to tba I alted 8tata? bachange?The traaraetlon* bate baan vary larg*. nt *6V,d to 2fcd . according to taiiue Money l? ?ary carca. and tba itt* la Ukaly to ba maintained Th? Onmm aid Clo*i*<i or nir lit i>*o* Run ? Tba rlaar baa bwn aloaad 73 Jay a from December Mtb to Mareb Mb. raakotilng ona day Inaluolra tba otber aielnalra. Tba following labia aihlblte tba data of tba opaalag Hd cloaiag of Um llndaon Rlrtr and tba lumber cf da;* apaa from l(k0 to tba praaaat tlat, Ortniao awn Cttnsa or tub H r>ao^ Run. Mittr Open. Jfirrr CUwi Omit <>/*n. Maieb 16, 16J0 December 36.1 H.lo 26.1 16 1U1 - ?, ibji 263 " 36. 1633 . - 31,1632 Ww - ?. 11)3 * 13,1633 *77 Fab 39 1684 ? 16, IR34 381 Mattb 3*, 163;> November 30.1M."> 2?>> April 4,1?M December 7.163>. *46 March IN I6d7 ? 14 1687 36 , M IV, 1636 Norembaf ia, IM 267 " U 1639 Daeambar 11,1639 3H? Fab 36,1640 ? 6,1940 3*6 Marah 34 1641 ? 19.1*41 3*6 lab 4.1642 Notriobar 36,1842 3o6 April 13,1644 Dacambar 10.164.: 342 Mareb 16. 1644 7. 1644 376 Feb 34. 164b - S 1646 3*3 Mareb 16 1644) " 14, 1640 376 April T. 1647 ? 36, 1647 363 Mareb 21 1646 17 .1646 2*2 " 16, 1649 - 30 1640 160 ? 1(60 - JtHmny Jtrgm, Merck 11. iwi.iiwmnii tj Mamrngri .nA Utmtkt era or HtarrW, taaieea 4mJ? and pmU fur. Married, Oa tbe U b inat . at nt, <;aorge'? Chareb. by tba Rer. Dr. Tyag, Koaiaa Jarae, Eaq . of Brook Ha<en. to MWe A?>k C. Titaan of tbia affy. la Ihla alty, Mareb 14th. bf Juetlra fireaa. of tba Flirt Diatrtet < onrt, Haaatt* T??<.rrm rraaim.a to Meat Woat??. ? Oa Tbaradey 7th Inat. at Raaaaaah (iaorgla by tha Her Dr Jam** I reetoa. Mr. latii ri T. Kaarr. of New Vorh. to Mlaa tunium M , daughter of Z 61. Winkl?r hi| af the former elty. y tHm*. Oa I rlday moralag after a protraatad lllaaaa. Kiita Hoi., a, wife of William Kambtl, In the 66th year of bar Tba fMaada and aa^aalntaaaae of tha fbakily ara reepaetlaUy In>1 tad ta attand tba ftaaral, on 6aa4ay SSSW xsgi" ,,u " Oa tha wwijN tiiia from Kan Vraaolaao. rth Daaembar. 1649. J?m* A. FaiaoLa, oUtraollfa, L. I . In tbe 'ittb imt t.f hla ua (>a tba 6tb Inat,. la Oraat* aeuh, Virginia Maar Hill, wife of Llant. William l.ewle Maury ?f tba I altad H'ataa aary la LoalerlUa. Kaataekj, 94 Inat,, Aj>?ik Tvaeca. at*4 19 yeara wife af Jamaa L Tnrnar. Oa 6'rMnr. 16th taet !.??? Jaaaa. aged 67 yaare . ^ f>mU7 are raapaetf-lly Inrltad to nttaad hla faarral. fram hi* UU%wtdeaaa rarnar <4 Maataaath atraat aad 6ereath eraana. tbl* afl?raron at 6* o'alaah. I' ?|l ka>pata pa para plaaaa aoay Oa I buraaay moraine. Marah ffah. after a abort a ad aeara lllaaaa. Aaa, daagbtar M Ah m Vaa *? ?H 13 7?ara 4 month* *a4 4 day* OaMlday, fttb laat.. Mr. Jena Waeaei, aged 36 far* Ijaraika ead^T day*. krti if UwimiH Iwifl;. ar? ratp**t/ally InvlWI t? MUi4 III* hHril, tkla (4tiw4*f) tfurioM at t # eltek, froa tba cera** ml Matt ?4 < > > rtday ** ! (. M k*K pMt 10 o'oloak afUr IHk? asd palaful lUm. A*h K. Vm Vi.rct, aH MlflW, t krilhi ttl T tatl Tk* frtanda *114 MqMHUi?m of tb* famllr tba Wii of (f ?ak I.nds*. No H.l O of II t u<l th* r4rr ( rally liMlwl ?f tk* PiMte Atknnl Mnet*ty l*?ktri?( N?? Torb, aari Mtart of tk* N'fiMi Mko^. *r* tMpfttfill) la< iih to ttutd tk* ronMal ff>ra kU laU r*?l4aaea. 304 Mfth ?tr**t, mi jlttdii it I* i took P. M Ot tk* I<th|in?i?*t. Wiuita, lifktl mm ?f R?b*rt and Mary lit* Nl?l Tk* frt?b4* of 'ha family ar? ra??*ctfaUj la?1f?4 to att*?.4 ht? fun?ral at I n fl?k M Mtrfiy iA*ra<mk, froa tk* r*?l4*nca ol bta grand father. No * Hacatl (? ?tr??t ABITIBB IRTBLklSIROB. Part *f ? * Tar*. ?artk lit. MM. ra a>aa* 4 <* i * * aata ? *t a < aav* 4 Ml ami Vttaft....,, ... n? n ' *?* rl7 ( ). Taraar, Ckiir?t, I Ha*ar4 I CMT?Vt ( !?tad'a, 4*. iralaadk A,rn.all: Var?a. UH? n?\a ta. Tul'f I Ca. *rka- ?'a?ia?kV?. Ta?l.r *a<?aaak. 1 ?1aa4 * B-a.k; ' * * ??, do, K M Ita* tit. Mff, taaflM, Ru fmdill, S L ItCraad j k I C*i Nrui. foal*. Hid.'!*, Naaalth k Sat* Bati Oar**', ?irrar, WUalactM. Naaaithk Saaai laMfMlAblMIMM^Zwalaha Di*P. Plia?laf*?. Bot*a?4a?, fart k OiMkar B W Parker Swaa. ui Ttvuail Joaaa.Dar"*. i Philadelphia; lOifOI, BUI. IiMImU? Im? >?Fhi?*; William, twMt, rurtUad Sloop?Bac?l, Beauett, Fall Urw. *nmc Ship Joha Carrla* (of Haw bimwQ, ?B*?r. Ut jWi) 11, M> u!k^l?Sf?^VSSfKF8SSi na/hair- si.'.,*jt'?? with b4n, to Ffo*t k Ultkr. MmUl III ffViN 7913 pok* lnrkTbeau Paiaa (of V*M. W. ?* * <W Oileeae for New York; 13th. tot 37, l?N if. aiekuH4pal* with a large aaw ahip. ?t.aadlD| B atowtac* Uw? ? #?ee with a long double name in ll ?? wa**h*r Mia* kail, ccald aot make it out. Ship Bebeeea, Sawyer, NewOrUaaa, SI da/*, with pro?i loaa, kc, to the matter. iBark Aatoleot f ark. Palermo, aad IB dart Area Olhraltar whara aha put la with lou ?f ruddar), with Mh * Asbby i With. Bark I Wllaan. Co'acn, Mcuina, Jaa II, with atetejDptrirk Davlia Pa,a?d CiLraltarfeh i Fah 3, la* ? Ml MS fO, aaw a (hip 12 mile* di.ant. with low af aaiakapaaaai. tutting B, chowing American oetor*. Th# I W ha* aapa rlcacad heavy weather U tLe w ratward of tha Baaha. Bark B Corning, t'orninz, IU* Janeiro, Jan 16, with aofae. to H K Corning. Brig Nathan Uala, Crow ell, faraallia, 18 day*, with aelat, k?. to Bverett k Brown. L?lt aa American ieeael* Fab 13, Cap* Htnlopen M'SW, 30 allM dlatant, paaaad hric Mary, hound South. Brig lleary l.cda, Kiuimas, Cardanai, U daya, with rafac aad aolaeea. to K Taylor. Bri* T P Perkins (or Soars port), Oilkey, Claafaagoa, 19 daja. with mclatat*, to J A Cook. Brig Ac* laid", Norton, A iiiadilla. PB, 16 day*, with (agar, ko, to Baohiel k Bchontur^. Feb 3. la* 23 34, job (SUM, apoka thr Bindami, from Norfolk tor Porto Mho; lat I oat, lat 2/. Ion 70 10, apoke echr B A Tufa; 2d, lat 31 2, Ion 70 M, *pohc bark BLatty, from Baltimore. Brla Ooultcn. Merrill. JanaaMMa, Fah 16, and Cap* Croao 33d. with nahogany and cedar to J Thompaoa; ****! *o Perkin? k Delano. Cr.iUd in company with Br bark Bapcrt, Jami*aon,f?r London Brig L W Armitroaf (of Nen Paeen), Thompaoa, Maya in**. I* daya, with augur and n>i<laa*F?, to L W Araaalmag.of New Buvtn. Murch II lat 33, Ion ?>#. apoke Br bri* Princi hovel, from Baltimore for Butmuila. llrig Mrntro** (of Portland), Tollaad, Guayam*. 9 daya, with eugai and iaola?at/, to Matlgad Pheli* k Co. Briic J llintkUv. JoLnaon. liavaba. 12 daya. with maar. ta ftnridifc Co. votarl to the m*..t?r. Bailed inoompaay witu bark i Cltdr. for Ne? Artaana. Brig M.lrvtf, Mi/mrc. Havana. 12 <>; , *ith itfu, tc J J T?>Im; Ttttel to the tnait< r. Bil? Odlla. Turn, St Markf, 11 daya, with cotton, to Coe, Andiraon a Co. Bii? T\ W?, rernuon, Chirlsitca, 0 d?j?, with cotton *.iJ lie*, to O liulkley. Scbr Navarro. Pnrklea, Porto Cabello, Feb 2*, with hiui*. ko. to M Smith VlMt| i>. I aire. HigtiUod* U*ht NMT, I" mile* dittaut, caiuo la i uatact With achr Oa>hter, heaae, boaud South; tha C loat malainaat and tore foreauil; alia hort away for Ii?rn??at. Balled in company wuh bark Maria, Wat->o March V, lat 28 'U, lea 72 .'*1, apoa* i>r?? " Naticnakat,'' fro'u Folio Rico; lOiti lat 3U 22, Ion 7B :M. bark Maria, from For!" Bi< o fur N York; 12th, lat .11 Ion 7M0 aohr Uan laylor, fr.m Charlraton lor NYork; l"tli, lat 3^ 10, loa 71, bri* Harriet Field (oi Ncv York). aCacriiir N; wta, aaw two liarm bric-oaa allowing a ? hit j flag, rcl b rdar. with a rad 1<* tar in it, and tlic other a whlto <u,- with black border and a latter ib It, oil. ataaoinf Narih. Eobr Uacotah. Smitb, ft Pomli.goCitT, >8 daya. with nuotaav and lildea, to a ( ) March 8, lat SUM), loa 71 <U. (poke bark Gov Carver (of <iar>!iner). Bchr Pirah Maria (ef Cold Spring), Kod^ora. Gaaraai% !T day* with aujar anJ hiilea. to 11 licroratt ft Co. Lat3A?U. Ion 72. look-: abip Metoka (of New V.irk). etaerlag Nortlioaat. hobr Mara tl'll. Crockatt. Mi'ti ia*. March If. with aolaiw to D Cnrtla, Jr. Bailed In company with brtxe Vaadalia, for Charleaton. and Tiberma. l-r ll?IHa?. Maroh 14. at 14 M, of! Can May, paaaed a larav atoanuljp, bouad Boath (Qooreiv. hence forllavana and Cnacrca). Pat r Mary George, GilnhrWt, New Orleaai, 21 days, with auiar and n.< laa.ea. to Maitland. I'he'pe a Co. Brhr CI la D Sllla, llarn n Cl.arloeton.' daya. withoutti.a. to N L Mc.Cready It Co. Matoti 13, lat 37 2ft. loa 74, aawa a art wl.leh had lcat mlza>.inaat. fore and maintopmaau, and for* and mau.nsnt bead; painted bla ?. with two wblto atroak., about iittt torn burthen: et"??Ini N r'hwaat. Bi lir Miry, Roteau, New lera, SC. I day*, with laralaur**. to B Blotrt ni. BiLr Medad Piatt, tIrmond, Neabera, NC, 4 day*, wlti, aaral atrtai1, to K M Blacktiell. Bebr Kir Cran.te, Faou. faterauurr. ft daya. Behr Fdltor, * tleon York Rivtr. 3 da>a. Bcl.r Baratai, Ki.y, !"nl?ni. V J. ft dayi. Below. Brl( Bally K.iue (Br). It daje fiokk Danarara, tc 7 M Smith. Sri* Henrietta, from llaNana. Bcl.r Caahler, with li.aa ol niainmaat, and other damage. If colli.Ion with achr Navarro, from i'orto Cakolloi ratoraa.l to repair daaaafea. Alio, a bark and two briira. Hailed. Ship* Diadriok Bud*oa (pki). Pratt. Load?a; Ohio, Pmlllp*, (il.*?.'*r; Empire City (a), Turner. Cha^roa; Cherokee (a), W indla. do: MiJllkmli Travla. Mott*. UalrootoK. Mediator, Buflaae, New Otlaati*; and othoi*. Maai-N 1ft?Wild *t icarit*, H'MT, at mcridiaa. Nf, at hijhI, BBS. an J l'ght. Ttlr|raplilc tin* Hcporta. Nil OnLaano, Haioi 7. Arrived-Bark 8;o<laad. B etoa. CmiILHtov, Karon U Arrived?Ship* Camden. New T?rk; lullivaa, do; bark S.r B Pottinfer, do; l rl* Patriot. PUiladnlphia. W iLMinama, NC, Main II Arrived?Behr Gm-ral P ?r.?, Mew York. Stir TMowaaron, Mart' II. ArrUtil ? rerr I uojr Diaar. n*w I or*. B?Lr Ait. Marat II Ballr4-Dri?a H?lad*er, 8*? Fraat:*aa; Bmaliaa, CtNcau OMrilUI. S*l ana**. Bath, MamL 13. C laarad? Ship Ail. I and, Cn4?gu. Poati.Aaii, March IS. Arm*4? S<-hr J?r?n? Fhtlalalphiki Uth. br'? Oibaraia M*tai >ai, 2?th nit; BtaMa*. in, l-ih all. acbr Biwar*. Bai bam. i.i ?f Hank 1C Arrl?*4-Br? I.oalaa. Naw Orlraaa. i ltar*4-8vhi Willi*in AUca. Baa fraaaia**. SmtturoiT, Hwab It. Arri?#4-Bcht Caatoa, PhlU4?Ulua. oitm, Kartk 11 Arrl?*d?Brlp Muatcroaia. A it Cap*a, Htb alb? l?A hr.p An tuJa, for Naw V ork. Ida: aahr U?a>n, fir Imui ia 1 rfajra. I'im< 1Mb taat. lat *<?, loa 48 10, kaik Mill, fr*a* Nrw Yotk far Bt Pat-rabar?h. Pet f I ?niaa Norfolk. Ci*ar*4?Btipa bolphla. Kut la4i*a North AtlaaM*. Maw Ortaan*: bark* r*i?a*ilW. H*?**? 14a. ItltliMN, bn?* Cal'b I'lirin, F*n t r*?ai**?. tiibaPa* ? *?r. "?l# En*, Phtka4*lpblai aolira Laooa. aa4 Alabama, Haw 1 of*. Kortl(* Mai La. L*t 11 a Bui for UoJuiirg. f *r ritaikl) E*pabli?. will cloa* at tb* llaraU itm on tlx .at Uit. liaraM Marina tofr**i>n4?a?a. I'hii Ai'i fcfHu, Matali IS, 4 P M ?arrl>*4-Bria* Clara. Boa HI, I'ria*** laiaaf, Africa; Pratula. (Br) IMl. llu aaao. P H. a-linoa*** Bablaa, Skn.*ot. Biah?*?4, Man* auaal. M. Bartlatt, Cliarlratra Ji ba Uarria, Voorkioa. klthaoi,4i Malftaa. W ar1'. boofa. Ct?air4- Bark* B?b< t?aa. I .offload, laa Fraaaia**, Qlrtt4. I k*" M< *? .!. Mb' *a< t* llao, A a irawa, Bi*h?*ad art Jaa* Laaaa. rtdwla*. ChMlrotua. Fraaklla, Clark*. Tor' laaai Balo*. Man boo a, koatjarv |rp Dvaglaaa, Sal" r Bartftid; Jad?a Bak*r, 6r, art. how fork. HIM ?l lallWHi f'Mtr laHOla-lttiBO fiaktl,?lCkarlaataa from Baoaaa. ? tb* ?' h IMt. at t 1 m |>iih4a Imco pai*Md ah i pa* bora a* Mrbol* Bool. Intir lavaiat ti|| |*KI<aai, Mil a*T*a wi*akata la atlaadaati. p ft ha Hitaaa Ain^o-V* Harn liaaCayll*Uai,of th* atiambaal < i?u.r?lla. i at tha iif M*loaa. frwwi Chat l**t< n ? M h i i io? ?. hi a I ia l??? nuM tha III *a t'i ft Hi I a* a tat I" lii i ? *! >t*a * i In* nt< rata*. but *?*I4 Mi? iat h?f ? # ?b* b* l f' *? lul *bt*? la b*f h?l4 ah* a ba la ft l.r, f< m* Ma?v, Hiltik'n, nrnm N>w Turk for Boatoa, ?a< Into Im tla*4 i n Ui* 13th lnat, with la*a of *!!*, k at, ?i.1 oth*r Bi-nb II a Tiin?raoia-C?|'t Tutkllt wh" l*fl Fir* lalaad. LI, oath* iib h la*t, (t.too lb* Kkr Wm TbomrAAlnro a*ar that p<ar?, li?a ba*4 *a ib* bav<l>. ?ta h--b aiaata ? *?.. bat aval4 -* < i ?rto** uaar aat. fba oaff - ia all uat of bar. t< Ma Ca f?ir?t>? Tha Pi*?M?ac* J antral of %b? I4tb. aaj* - "A h?i tad afl tahoaaor of akaat IW>laa? kartbia. *ai4 lo k N>*f to fn Harbor *n *aa*ta*4 tta Ma*t, aaar Watch Bill Lifht. Bli* *f traard* 4rift?4 aabafo a* Bloik f*ma4. *hrn *b* wa* rlfkWA aft?r anttiaa away Mlaaaax. and tal-a tal > ' *ia(ioo. 1 ha aano of lb* raaoai aad f.'af tka oi*w wa ?*r* aaabl* to loan." Kit Win, Batah l-M; I tat atrl**<l fa* thai tka lr# Uab*lla b**4 aaa a*k*fr ca Caaab *o*f. aad thai tka aaa'Var k*4 i.foa>4 to tat a A*?ataa?r. My |r?Ji. i.oaa la Mat oa*bata k*oa f illj ?orit*4. Borrtal ai?k*r* arrlr*4 bora -a tl-:?||| anl. ail th. ratal ?ir?t>t a ?ar' a of aha a .v* wbiob waa l?at ia a*aa?'|ura o of tha ray<4 (lilac oI ill* ***art with oai*r*ft*r *bo bl1|*4. 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U|han. faaAkt (a*, tk I fl?i> Cat*, A*i T*i*?, r**f*tr, 4ai Viiiim *iail??r/> llita?.? iar?a. 4": Ml.ra Ta?'.??ta*, Ml?*h,l*r PMU<l*lpiii?. hai t 4*}, T< ?*r IT*, Pa1**4, m ?aat*a. aa*a< Waal "ttti. J'hta. ir' ?i I dtiaM !< ? #rr . Vt ?????. PR. f*#II ?s?>t OrfHaat |lf TMmmI, (ar H1*rk. ia T 4*f*. At a*, tkaat Kth, lark " * Ra??a (af Via lanaI. **rt* lllr ilat.l r NT rt.laMloft ?< *?. Rr.aa, !>* >??Bark Aaakl?a4, Jaaalirt mirtal to ?rv< "4I?? t an i a ia I >4 f r ? r.*??M? Hat a a a, Harrh - Arr m<? r*l?*a (a). llartataM* NTofk; hill Arvaa, t'harlr*!"*. _ _ ViMaaiuk rrk l?-tMr Prma"? Hit*, jvt wr fra? M Tyh, ? > I"a4 tar * ? * ?rti <"aa. Tbartaw, fat NTarfc 11 P. a ?n I'lrrna F?l J* Br?? Xala**, ??r NT*fk. Nlr Am <?*mI la |*>rt. W4 JA'h. >ark Barla, Vata*?. IITarki ?a < ?! i 'ia |i|i rf"' * ' * i. k-t* Bra (af Pr ?p. M. ). Pal?i??: a*kr f>4a?, lararalka **4 Nlart; Baaaart i*?aaa *?* ah?ra b"?r?, raaat, r*kU(ka?% 4at? )- Br'i t??at>aa, BarrtMaa, fraa F'r"**4 f*r 4h?a*k>. I t 4 a aiNO, 4*4 * kin U1m4. BIArJ :<*, (ft a a Iv4- I A

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