Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1850 Page 2
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w NEW YORK HERALD. fc^V'S.'NA.'VV^NA.W^AA.NV wnbwtil cor?i?r oI KMUon ??>?! JAMKM OOttOOH BKSJilB'St, raontiETon and kdi ior. v ' v"""" PAlLY HERAI.l) I eenf per cry?$7 per annum. \ H'Kt'KtV HERALD, every8f tird.ty. centt per H<?, or $3 per annum; r\e European edition $1 per an- I urn, (a include the P"'t'>ye. DOLLAR IV K UK I Y IILK ALD, every Monday, I centi per ropy- $1 I'fr lennuni. ALL IbT'IKR* h\i miiil./or lubicriptiont, or witk ad^eriUiinf'ilt, to be jioit p'lid, or the poetiive will he deductid trnw the m >f'?? remitted VOLVSTARY VORRt iPONDK.VCB containing 4m. port.i at iicwe, %ntiri:, d from .my n^arter of the world : it ??rd. irifl hr lihmtlly yai% for. SOT H'V taktm of a/ionymou ? annm jiication*. IV# * invot return rejecttd commu nicatioiii. AMC6KM EKT8 THIS ? V KN I NO. SO WERT TnKlTK", Bowtrr-O rmtt lo-N atal E?CAUIMI MS. BIOADWAT TniATliB, Broaw?f-IxT??His-P. P. B?JRTi N'R Th BAT ' B.t:h*mbors itre?t?8?noni Fa *i?V ? fi>Ot Pit 111 OKI V. WATIOW/L TUB MKI, Cb?th?m itntt?Omio at A - Mom. IN l>'*l.l)riin?IA? Kok. CHBIdTT'3 OPHi BOUBB?Brmoriaw tfikrrmx* AMERICAN MllSf.l M?akuui?f (ifoixakcii iii* ? AtvAktiouM avii Bv*?i?o. M BLOI'EON?H hit*: S Serchadir*. WABUIMCTON BAI L--Panch ima or CtLir*aaia B.l.*> Miais. < UJNESE BOOW-Q?Aifi> Ce*cr*r. N?w York. Friday. Harm -I*. 1890. Tin Trial or Prii'i'NOr Wtlmrr-Th* Ureal KxcMcinenl In Ifoaton. We give, in another column, the third Jay'a proceedings of the trial of 1'rofessor Webster, for the aaurd?-r of Dr. Park m i n The case creates a tre* mendous excitement in fjoston; ejual to that produced by the discovery of the remains of Dr. Parkmar. in the Medical College, in November last. The case is an extraordinary one; the criminal record does not, probably, contain another like it. | Three days have been spent on the part of the pro- j secution in endeavoring to identify the body as j that of Dr. Parkman, and ye; the only evidence , in favor of this, thus tar, is that ot Dr. Keep, the dentist. This evidence is singularly strong and presumptive, and strikingly interesting. Hut whatever miy be the result of the trial, the effect on the public mind will probably remain the same as before theopeningaddress of the Attorney tieneral. Polities or Stw York?A Revolution Approaching. We h*\e frequently exhibited, as Rarnum did the tea serp*m, or Hunkum the woolly horse, the tangled and confused condition of the two old psrties in thit> S.ate. The democrats in Tamininy Hall are bitterly divided into two opposing committees, like the two Dromios, each claiming to be tlie orgun of the paitjr. The whigs, according to i recent little events, appear to be equally in a state ! ot dissolution. Two cliques, if not three different \ ones, ate snuggling for the mastery. There is a conservative coterie, favorable to Mr. Webster, and the old-fashioned coterie, favorable to Mr. Clay, besides a socialist organization, imbued I with all the wildest isms of the day, and runuin^ j riot in favor of negroes, Senator Seward, a division of property, abolition ol slavery, of the Sabbath, and of mcny of the old doctrines of Christianity. Such id n nirtim- n< nnr ritv iin1itir>? Th/? State, as far as Niagara Falls, is beginning to present a similar picture. Thu? week (perhaps yesterday) the new journal, which has been iu freparation for many month?, at Albiny, in opposition to Thurlow Weed and his clnjue, will probably make its np|<earance. It is to be aall*U the Arte York Stutr Hr/ritttr, and it will be suppoited by all who are opposed to anti-masonry, Tburlow Weid, Senator Seward, and foreign socialism, or th- ultra kiud. h makes its app-arance with the function of some of the most imI nrtsnt uad eminent names among the whig* ot the Staie. John C. Spenc?r, Vice-President Fillmore, John A. Collier, und probably two thirds of the wing members of Colore**, wiih one-half of the whig members of the Legislature, are all favorable to this new movement, in organizing an original whig journal, of a national and conservative policy, to put down Thtulow Weed, Wm. H Reward, Horace tireeley, and the violent aril M-lritli politicians who have bern lord'ng it over the wfc-g party for the last lew years I\iurlin Wr?d oft-red 11 sell out; but the leading inen el the new movement judged rightly in believing it chespt r to suit a new journal, and, iu^teaJ ?<t pnyirg twenty or thirty thcusmJ dollars to Tliurlow, to go out bag and hairgnge, to kicit hint out <1 the patty and out of influence at a iheiiper rate, and at the name time present a more inti renting spectacle to the world outside. It Will be e?jual to a 'ior*erace. Thus, it will be feen that a new and importtnt Movement, rpnnging from the bosom of the diasfleeted of the whig party, is just abnut allowing itoeil to the world, both in this metropolis and throughout the State ol New York. If the d-*tno> irets of this cit) have heretofore be.-n divided and ditfr*i-tMl, between two organizations, we expect to see cre-al* r divitions and distraction* am >nir the whig*, who have been so terribly outraged and received by the Weed faci^it, heretofore govern ing at Albany. The ptogr~s* of the fijht and the rise ol the revolution will be interesting We shall keep the whole world advi*?-d of each near eruption of ibis new Vesuvius in politic) Attain, if New York is in a state ol (evolution, we btIn ve <h it New I'anland must s >oo uiideriw t'.e n.m<- process in its political ull'iir* The rec? Bt im, "rant movement of .Mr W?-b<??er is als^ trrndual ? g>brr*i>iig a volcanic eruption, wh eh w ill throw up sou curious and interesting mvt? r, hi the <m>'irse of next ?u miner. Hut more of Mrs alio1 h> t d?y Thk T*a Hi >m Aim -k ? When the present Cor(wrati t? run e into power, the (oiblic were led to tiprct thiit tin y w. uld relet m some of the tn?ny Bliti s rimn- i ird vtuh thr ndmini?tration of our miinit-iptl atuire, aua * ?! < tally tue Ten room nutter, wliifli haabe?n c?"*?t>uibnj of <> often and so ttetly EafrrWacr, bow ever, ehowa th-it th" tea r???m *fff hi?hrr d?rui| l^i** than ihi-jf ever wrre. Th*y reach d, in that year, the larjre mm of |ll.Xil a. which ia no tncreaae over the ftrrrdu-g )nr, ??# il i* really too bad ibat the city ahould aufTr in tin* way, and b<- tai?d ro heavily lor indulging tb? voracious?pj-? tilfiol our Common Counciimen. It would be i h? ti|?r iihI much belter lo five th<?rn a )tr 01 <m lor their aetvicrt, tban to allow thcrn to rat ??*ny our uU'mwv in thta w-njr. The aooner the tea room ia *i>?li?.lud, U*e better. C.?u.*< r<>R Maxwsu.'a Af-roiRTMBrtn !? Tit* CraroM Hoi ?*.?We und' rotund that a liat of the l^xunt'iienta made )n the CiMtota IIhum by Mr Maxwell--anch aa ar- friendly to Mr H-wird, and were mule thro ijrli lb* tnfliinne of Tburlow Weed-ia preparing lo be ?ent to W?*hiniM.>n. for the inspection of th? Senate, before tfee coiirnc tH>n of the Collector hi in->elf. it ia generally an,* po?ed that 8r*tfd, Werd V Co have tuilu- n< -<J cm-third of the ?4>p?in'm>-nia in ilt? Cja>om llouae, or at leaat oa<-fourth. Thta w>|| apcrata vevy atronclv againa! the confirmation of Mr M txw? II, although we doolM whether It Will be aiitfic tent U? cauae hia Mpvtimk n<w-ajt*t\at. or th* r"rkaw?hip Nf?oA*? ? We have net jn heard any tiding* ?f the at?*am?lii? Niagara, j.ow fully dae at MnlifaX. She ta?got rertaibly |>r a gre?t distance off, and w II ttrohv l?l> l>e be?ro t'l or t?-morrow at farthest. Arvtcr If y..H want U> take an evemaf jHpr, filer the / ??r Il ia tV ody rTrpinf atj-r re f Otrte *pcy. % Honor at Washington.?We have had several specimens at the neat of government, or rather the seat of honor of this country, In which kicks, cutis, threats, criminations and recriminations have been indulged in to a remarkable extent, lu the matter of quarreling there has b?*en a great deal done, but little fighting has coine out ot it. Honorable members act precisely like women when they undtrtake to show thtir bravery. There are a great many words, some few scratches, and posiibly a tlap in the f?ce, but nothing chivalrous or manly. The performances are never equal to the promises rnude in tlir programme. The public are led to expect a tragedy, and are disappointed iu finding a mere farce. Recently, a duel was ex, peeled, but it amounted to nothing?positively nothing, but an apology for one. The parties Iwnriarew trom itie sta^e 01 union, as au irishman would cay, b> fore they came on to it, and Bob Acres was outdone by both parties. Tl e latest rumor, however, that there is to be a | regular fight between Commodore M C Perry and Lieutenant Alvarado Hunter, seem* to brim; with it m me hopes of a genuine battle. We do not ! know much tibout Commodore Perry's bkill in i tliete matters, but we have reason to believe thit when Lieut. Alvarado is cast for an important peri forum nee, he will not back out. He will nuke | a brilliant exploit of it at all hazards, so that people i who delight in a downright, earnest buttle, may ! have their wimee gratified to their full extent. If i we can only have the friends of the parties fully prepared to act as prompters in the m i'ter, it is I possible that a tragedy may be worked out of the I nffdir, that will be quite startling. Important Mission to California.?We underi stand ihat Simeon Praper, Esq., of this city, well j known in our local politic*, h is been appointed i to a very important mission to California, by the i Cabinet at Washington, aud that he is now very l busy pre par it g for Ins departure in the next steam| ship that sails for l.'hagres. We expect, in a day or two, a full account of the business which calls this geutlemau to that region, the instructions he may have received, and the purposes which the , Cabinet have iu view, iu sending such a mission to California. CoLLina1 New Line of Liverpool Steamship*.? The new line of Liverpool rteam-bipx whic'u have beta organized by K K. Collin*, Esq , are rapidly approach lag completion, and the AtUutlc, of three thousand j five bundled tons burden, will positively fail on the 27th of neit month We bare heard it stated that (the will not be ready for sea on that day; but we have it from the beet authority that (be will take ber dopar ture fiom tLls port ca th?t day, without fa'.l. We have ali<o learned that (averal of the berths have beea airead) engaged. Tbf?e are decidedly tli? m'st beautifully fitted up j vessels. u they ctrtalcljr are the largest, in the world. I Gint Interest li lelt In their success, by not only Mr. ! Collin* the energetic and enterprising proprietor, but | by the public generally. This, It nny be said is oar first ?ff?j in steamship building, and it it confidently expected that the Atlantic will make one of tbe shortest passages on record. The PeoISs, the second of thi? ! line and eijual in eve;y respect to the Atlantic, will ! leave h?re on tha 11th of May. In a little more than I a mmtb. therefore, we shall hare an American line of , rteamrbips. in full and successful operation, b?twen | thix port and Liverpool, ecmpoeed of veseela that will ] excite a* much admiration and wonderment on tha otbtr tlda cf the atlantio a* they do on this. Vaalt tunable luielll||?nte. / Vast preparation* are making among tbe upper ten thro rar>d fsrhloiables of this city?not the haif doien txelnrive lamliies around Astor ria?e?for tha newaad splendid Opera seaaon, which will open at Ntbi/s theatre on the eighth nt n?*t mnnth. with the sp'enil J j Italian Opera coupacy. la Its whole strength, whloh la i now on ita way hrre from Havana. It I* exp?st*d that this <reu;<r will rraeh ? barleato j about these dijl. and after giving three concert* In that eity, it will proceed to this metropolis, and be ready to open a new an 1 faabioi.aMe sea<on as we have already icdieate I. Thi* / ?*/ ? is the strongest, the beat, and the nmt coaplrte. that hae ever bran on this continent. aonaUting of upwards of ninety persons, It numbers three J, m i of the most superb qualifications among whom are tha eelebiatvd prmi rfvnne Tedeseo Ktefanoni and : Bo?lo; Madame V lettl tu)|>rueb, reiurs/b,- Signort Sal ' *1. Ferrettl. and l.otinl. tt?<n ; Mgnorl badiatt Aanren; i Blgnort Vlatlni and I'orradl Settl. imtori; and the dtstin- ' gu'rhed artists Uotteslni and Arditll will l?ad the orrbe'tra la L?bdot> aud I'artu-In London p*r:t? j|?rly? th? moat fa?hioi<able i |>era season *1 ?ai? take* olaoe io A pill eua May Uuilug Ihete Dion tha all thsgtjr peovle ot the ci umrj cr< wd t? tha metropolis before Or tie*: of ?i>Diuer c?n>uieuees IntOlscity d una*! theae iu>om*. we ta>e la our uiidxt a vast nuaib-r of tr?i?,len fr >ia I ail pal! of the couutr). and we have n > doubt that with model ate price* Mnlo's tneatrewill present n.o?t eroedrd uio?t fashionable. ai.d brilliant a'?'?hlage th?t ?ai evar yet ?e-n io tnis metr 'Polls. ] ,N t> l'oli t forget that Madame, th- riejtut barf It. gives a c >ac?it to night at the Chinese Ma- j nun H" ms of Tedtsco. who Is returning aiBipg n? It will b?- recollected that a good deal ?a< a?*?rted last summer ai d mitch c< ntranrted relative to h-r mar- I riagi-with a olpiomailn geutlrman from eniral \nnrl] re. who ??i th?ii taid to be < a hla ?ay to >ne of the courts oi t nrope tVe have recently u .d?r?to ?l from tbe b>si au'b> it'y. that all the rmu?r> a<id ?t? emeu'* ri sMve to that uiarilegx no mat'.er Ir >.u ? li?r. 14 tarter I th?j pimved?d. wera eiitlrel) incorrect t he gurie. men rrfvired to wa* Senor rhopiev. of N|.;ari*4U*. I we btlwve, who. aecoiding to tbe be?t act >u it^. nato'alii" a highly ab.e piefloo in Ceutral Auei en atid lu lb- W.-st ItdM where be |< h??t iv>o* ii No n.aritage whatever to. k plan- aud tils, a have a>rrft?in*d Iroui toe be?>. a ittor.ty. if tna Jue| a,d r i i ? aW ot all tlie gsiflla n >1 n. , mire whiah hav? h en h-retufore ciriutat d m tie bial'tr i ederpo l?. tlienlnre still a h>au Uui opera 1 s'ager at>d a stifle mm and win e<'<n ne tea I r t > le else tie Aewyee'v anl a<ii ra'l"U of hei ai|nlr>rs b? thej ? lone ? ? fll? i.t -.ighlug swalus r-a-hmg Iro a ' " i'an t< UetliLtla " ) 'Mi l li rg. t Madame Lanrv s I < citcert IU? PuiiH'i** Piriivtni riirw If WmMMNM* I N I Allili IIHmM fa d ??!? ? Iriifi ( >ia to 'ha Yt Huw* i-il am B< tha amu't loemi?|'i>aM ; ll hl*l?r>|.t)WkUlil>li*tl|.() r,g h>T?ll-r|1 *Mrh rttri'il ' ivior lot tha b*lH? er Muaea I \ Iflt Bail b) Iba nti.f ?t Old -VIII my , rrtliil li t ti 4f-%i |>fai-a at th? har Io a'larafltar "I 11m I r>* ?I'd Ma particular p.ota wr -an. MM mr. U ill ? app.iB'r.l I mti'l SU nwill U???rtl io tha i n i.( ih> of Alri.*. j N.B liol't loi|rt >U<l>ni? l,?ur>l( <>u?[|. turnaaaa* a* UnMiiilli HU?Rl> <>r IkPtllMII. M*?ih 21.? Aidirmau Mor<?*i, rirtldnt, In tha rbt r. Iwtw ii r i ? (MR hiii in nr tut it* Iba lull.. inn 0> aiiiiuuteBU'<a ?? r*e?l*ail 'rm tha Mi)W ? Inoi'i O'riri M?roh tl, IIM> T? IA* /(< ).?r il/r tht ? w>? ( ,i ?' Ihr Cifpa/ .Nrw Varfc. Oi?tt.i*r>-Th< m drr-igoai in it'?Mhm a. h II.a h'|a?M> rMoiali"* ?pp?- '? ! * n 11 K'iO Raralvad. That lb* itfX b* anthorltal to mm lata trim lilt C'Oill M HfC'r|?rtHHIlM< p r*a? . f l>? m*f ?? i n'. I?r i ? pirp ? < ! ra?iair* tia la? I tl a Vair r-1 at I I 10 th* r"Mir k-alth, apyUaabil 14 lb* ailf ?< * IMl R>?l*< ilnltr rr|>r.rt ?Tha'tbry In** with tt* <!* . and Ikii'imai l * ?,p> i-?t la al ad lardmal naatuax-a, pr ?trr*.| llif m| i.) u| iii lima i'l iha 11 a ik l?i a i f if'I III'' udt^M llli>? a dan f >>>l<|l? Kt,>l i*f It I* pr-i ? I ah til ha lihril t'l la III* la?al> I tt?'? I I id pnaa and ?ht*i. la h**r?? aahaiitt?<l n'ba, ,?a ClIMii, f"t ltd! artiaa la th ai di .f mtpMH i ? l.m it *|I I"HI Li. Iiyat. Hiaa* B. Oil III Ci'tlHi i< ika''jtr>ialliit. Aiii?rinan lanaiu raid ba ha1 ?.? aaaa tba ant tbla n.i'Biaiil and > aidar In fl*? naia f.,r a*a*idara tli.B ba a.nttd chat It ba Biada ihr iptial buatuaaa of MiBday MM AIiImkbb Mil n? itlil ba, for .i*?, did imt f??l to*. filinl to Mil 11> -.Mill a d"?U'uant ml- rout.. ( Aldatnau Win i, aii'*r.l tttat tn? art b* rail Aldrraian Minn lalil It t-rj l"Q( t *4 p !* ?.) Bd unl- M tk?) *T' ?)'>( t? aot ib It. Iia i| U|(it It min criiti) to nad it ?>* tb>>aa ?lo ??r? d.?i> ?- ! 1(1 Ml I B It tiiaia aaa an laa-a-liy l?r th* ratling III') tad Ibrlr Uiibj# iaa.i* ap atf-ajj, an J *,i)U tvlr l**llllti|IJ Ald'fB.'D Vm ln?'?t?d npna tba r'lllni Ibaa pi *?*<1*d t'i f-*d Iba doraiaaVt. Aldanwan ?-l_i?? augprawd tb?t If tha 4ml ia??t I a * a |ti hf trad hj aatlHwa II might a? ?ali b aa raad B?t* vbtob tuull Mia tba areaaaitj of a a#J iud ft XllfiR Alirriraa Won#- **?ry f-ntl? nan n a ?h%' ??? a^|iai? t? bire t" b* l\J?? Iiaaabla. a J ra??r barb io It atoa iba taadiag i* avarlui?4. I'bit la iba rwil* I IBl?l.d ! I ha nail IK Of Iba ant fh*n prn?aadad wtlb. Til- r-adli f batli n !>*? i.rliid'd, A I.tarn 'I Klialiii in > ad I ha'. tii*'aa.| if tba a tPili la t|i|? In . inu la I. *a*tla? I, " tha i itf laau'dlur llall 'an* | naar la AfifO'iit, fty a* I *litt i**a al?i?*a ai.d ?a<xa ?a t I.I tha U-# d Of I Mai |i*B all d o il .ay lta*| h ?aid*i? an i . In f i.ffl r? aa >oa < i>BI?< II .? lb* bi'ard nf llaal b flail dif?it tha f Mll? ba aaaaiit.i'i d Tba H *[>! if 'l-?'l? <M'I !>*?? an |,i ipp. li,| f .jn i I'na t<i fio.a " An Aid. n..n tt?, ., niiaa A l?a?. tba Maata ?Va*,la riftblto b>i|.p,4.ian in ii !i aarl n; 'la \llannln a*"* A'?i?iai,i ? 4-?i.,*a of tua* ? t lla aanl "i-y aoiiin 'hi.* p.uaaaa ba a ntr.fitip pna?r n?ar at'i am Ibai lhatf nnfialltuaB daaia# lhaal *a'.|ia la th Ji aa Pa* ?'??ia lai a| * .' ! .<(? i*f a pa*a'?n atiaai Tall n ba'ut erdataai < rU?a a au k ia '? di)?. a a" lira aa* ?-??rd oo Mai ?> taa nffie. r to do *i?. and tba oft ra f I a J bi dl. I-It tba h"U*' alia-i Iba p r-oa * 1 anae'ad, tbt" pn II turavd nat it had b-aa ai.mai t?o data ktliNl, It * !fIff III ?b* y r la n- liaaa ?f | the City Inspector, we aball have many ??oh UM-b( more than will be agreeable for ua. Aldei man Milldk aaid he thought they might aa well Ute all ibe appointment* oat of the baud* of all the other head* of department* a< to interfere with the City Inepector The aaaaa rule hold* good in all or none If the City Inapeotor hare the naseiMry o a pact ty. be alone ought to hara the appointment*. for he U the reeponeikle head of the department It i* not for me to qur.ation hie capacity; he bat been elected by the people, but it it la qaeationad. and be ha* not tbe capacity lor tbe office, another peraon ought to be appointed Hut a* long a* tbe preeeot City luepeotor remain* at tbe head of the department, be ougbt to hava the appointment of the oflloert which aot under him aldttmt.t Bhitvon ?It make* no difference to me who ban tbe appointment All I ?aut la that I may have the Health w ardea In the ward to lay my flogar on him when 1 want him. Mr Shaw?If tbe gentleman of the Third will reflect, he will tee tbe absurdity of hl? amendment, or any other amendment like It Tbe bill vei-U arbitrary power In the City In* pec tor In erery feo'lnn ; but if tbin aim ndment be adopted, wben th? bill o< mo to tbe patronage, tbe eppolotmeui*. to wb^m due* it gire tbe power? Not lo me (,1'y Inap'Ctor. but to the Aldernan rr Aeriatant Alderman, taking it from the man j?'u ill nil r [i>n|jijBFiD|?l vv no |y uem. juinunu i?i ibg of the flrutss of bi alth wardens ! Surely it is tbe Cliy Inspector Wa have got to giva blta arbltrarv |io??r from the vary nature of the ot*e Tom is a sin gular bill, but it U ooly a ooa?pilation of tuabeaitn l??" alieady Id existence There is nothing uew la it with tbe exception ot a few alteration* and iokIIiI i?ti' ijI. which are lor the better. lbs provision* ot the bill ?rf oitl) atartlibg because tbev aie pre-ented to cur "enuon lor the Brut time This bealtn law. ah >ve all others. depends for Ita value on the uia'io<r io wbicb It it administered. Mil* all adtnlbiatrati** !?*? it will prove a curse instead of a bl**aing . if It is not executed by a man wbo is competent lu every par ticular. 1 have tbe uiott undlinliiii'hfd confidence In thai Ity Inaptctor We are gniug te teat hiai ? to put into bla baud* the h u inanity of ttiD city Let bun. therefore, bave control over tba officer* who are tu carry out bis will. In tbe cane of tbis bll we tite jii't acted as we always d' ; w-- bave put olf legl-la Ion to tbe fie*eut b hour, and then pass I" at the laat minute. It ia my opinion tbat we ou^bt to psae thia law a" it is; for If wa commence making amen Jut* uts ia it tbeie will be bo end to it, and we i-bail bave no health law. It Is tbe leas Deoeaaary te make ai:y atuec Imnnta. as page <!# of tbe bill places plentry pover o?ar tbe whole subject in the hands of tbe lizard. Chare I* a great deal of machinery. but you will bate pose-?**ioo of Hall t<> control and modify It by by-la** We bave occupied already one- third of tbe 100 (lay* allowed for the sitting of tha Legislature anil I bey are heartily tir--d of you. Tbey will give you wbatever yoa want, to gat rid ot your importunities Alderman Hmn thought the ''ity Inspector ought to have tbe appointment!, as tbe responsible fc-ad of tbe dcpaitmett. I be amendment of Alderman Wood to give tba uppointmei.t to the Aldermau aud Aaal^tant Aid-ruian of aebwaid was then put aud was lost?10 voting against it, and obly 6 in it? favor. The amendment of Ald-rman KaawiLtfi, giving the appointment tu vbe board of Health, wa* the a put a-jtl ioet - 8 voting In tbe negative, auil 7 In the* Tbe aection was, therefore, allowed to stand pare of the bill Aldeiuian Wood then moved that at pai;e 11. saoti >n 14 inatcao ofI ba Health Officer-ball have power t? rubor* fiom tba Quarantine auchorage ground any v*m*I be may tblnk unraf* to aoy pla ia souih of toe Quarantine buoy*, and iMslda of Sandy 'lo >k " It J ; it thould read,"It shall be the duly of tba Health Odicer," He Alderman Haws?Than tbe reading in e^eot will be, "It aball b? bis dnty to remove vrsseli if be thinks it hi* duty." Ai nt.MMAN?This Is really trilling with tha time of tbe Board. 1 be ami ndment was then put and lest, by 14 voting against it aud 1 iu Its favor. On the mot<on of Alderman Krom t*. it was then movi d ibat tbe ealary of tbe lieail-ut Kbisician Instead of he $1 JSu. This amendment was oarried. Oca or twe othar amendments wera moved whan Alderman Shaw movad tbe following addition to the act " that no portion of it, as far as relate* to ibeotty of New \ oik be altered or amend I b* the Legislature except it aball be ree 'mmeiided by th,' oniuon Cuao ell by a vote o| two tbird* ot that b dy " I'nH am 'ii Imeet wa* adopted, and tbe act wa* then senttoths Board of Asalaiant Alderni* a fo: concurrence. T be following is a summary of Its priuoipai provisions : ? 1 i he Board of Health. In future, to eonal*? of tba Mayor abd Common ouacil Th* Mayor to be preald?n' and ten members to be a quorum 8*ssioos to be lit lil allli i I > < . ,1 H - nta q I h.fB .htll K? I !niflmlaeiiii. *iaof Health, to conalrt of tile t'r>-*id'nU of lb- H iard* (I AlilMDitii mi Ai-liiirit Mil'nn-u the fleer tb? Ilreldent Pbyrlrlan th* H?aith n.t**li>rer and the < |ty lurpreior 1 h? Mayor aid'Joinll?wn of Health to ailrina ttm >)<?rd of tUat'b so l . >tjr Icepector la regard to nil mn'tfti o >nt?o d ti'D tm ( uhlio health fhrVlayor er the < oujiulaaKvierf of lWallU to n>M t daily at the i ill aol tha tiaar>J ot II tl'b. 8. The Kritdent lb,) menu Khali rUit ail ?lck y?rfon reported. 4 Ibrpectirt of T***rl* shall b* appointed. who -haH reeei?a *3 (or each cargo iD*p"Cted, and >S tor eaoa Ti wi 1 cleann d 6. Ili* quaiantlD* regulatl o* are very ttrlngeat Thr Va>or or Boatd of llalh and <;om<ui??ion-r? nf H'?l'h maj rd-r in) *aa-r4 frotu th* wbareaa of the etty to qaa'?D'ln? or other plana of *ai-ty. a* 1 m*/ require all prraor* and tbtog* ramoead lalo tbr city fiom aoch ***>*! to ba returned on board No ve-ael |>a?ali>K tbl* port up Ibe aonnd having yelow farer oo board to poioit bearer tbao ikiO jarda oi tbr city Tba pilot* to bring all r*r*ola b nail for tbla p'>rt within It r ijuaratitlb* txioja llw Health I >fflo?r i>iall bara p. ?rr to remove aay veaerl ui d*r i|U?raiitlae a* la' t< S nil d y 11 or k \ err heavy ( roaltlr* to bi? vlaltrd upr>a thnrr ?ho viola'* the quarautloe l??* ? Ibr i tt> Inrp, oti r t" |Mi lot II? ''VMM with lb- ad tic* anil eon taut of the B >ard nf AlJ>-rm?o, ?> ? fl.all bara power. uitdar M* d leotion to vut>-r Itito all l ui dmgr |M an I plaee*. to e ?rry aut th* ktatnrti of tbr Ma, or and the i namlaloar'i of 11 * a It b. Kr?ty patron who rbatl dlwbr; tbe'l'yln*p?cfor or B< ard of llealtb. aftrr n 'tier p-r?>oa<ly *rr??d n|dB ibem to abate any uuiranoe liable to a la? ft *1 4*0 ard i iia year'* lmpil*->a uent. 7. The Hoard <f Health may re i?e any avenue, atmt, or alley toberloadup If tbr pubm ?a'r*y r?qulur It; may forbid all reuiiruul^a't n. etcrpt by but *er alth Lou*** ibfrrta J aim eontigl hi> <ll??a?a*. Iiiay iffoe wariaiit* to o-<n*'abW'i and p 'rr ?n, at .1 r?,| in the alii M tt," Sh- Mat Mag -it to ttrtf rut tbnr wd'f?. 1I? Bnard of Health p ar eaiire any cargo, or anything putrid or 4m,:*rou? to b-%Uh. to be dartroyrd or rtuioaed; and may rea?o?e al a!ira? aid olbrr p*r?on* lu the 01 y. Bit t*?idrnt( tlrra.f, nm of any lDf*ati?a*. ooategiau*. or pr-M ea<l?l li* a.e. to t>? rent to the \l*i!?.? Ilnnpital. Cbe Kurd of llxlih ehall bar* p a.r to iak>* poaaoaalon of any t nlKlirg lt> tha city, i>i|l>ili< "r prua'r lor M h I a dliili'gih* pie?al?bc? of an e^ldemld Kale >>f ilt?d or plr?l?? b*il pork or fl?b. (fteapt >01 krd beel au'l ranked fl b) prohibited during hii rpl<|. m e IU^?, hldr* and fkiu*t" l>r ?uij-rt to tn* *1111 * rule, Alt nr,d*r thi* art to go to tin Vartar ia firr dia^K itig it rcoir f uiln? boiibr,*, the ilari then xfji arned to ^ it Jay *Tauiatf HOillD OK tVl?T?<IT Al.fiKRtlEH. Vt*ii? Ht Tbl? Boaid mat l??i eeruiag at l?? aVliek. rt??r?l. tbr Crr?i . at ia tb* ebair. and a |UI tuci (t Bieaiber* to their 11 ana*. ran?i?a*. r*t?tlona ?era prevai led ir m mndry n r<int to ba** a vMr g poat* rra rrd final t ult'a aUwaa, bet ?*?a Na*>eu ftreat ard Hrnt>l*ay Kn.tred Tha Varket ? >ma>uter re|,or(?d ia f??,< of h jlltl?? a re-* market on 1 tir ?*? ui. |.<r unit 11a a- lia'.elr a. t ? f M a'Mogt. ?, iuark*t I.aid n tbr tabla. an J ordir*d lo be pilated 1 be t 1 amilte on Whirrer. TI re a>>4 Stipe, rap. rt?d ta favor of hn-IJIo* a ptar 101 far' I t>( and 40 f*rt otda. at tbr f >nt of Tarltta 1 r<-t. Nortti hirer, a' an eip-a-r of ft Wki Adopted rarrea ran?< anaan or ai i<?ih*w. Keroluik a to repair AaiUy *tr>?t, from rt->al??? to Hll'h Itinae alao Orrat I fr..,? " * tn <kt l'?rr| i:mrair>lin H*a? ft of " fniaitttao f?a Mtraata, In f??or nf fl ?(fl n( tliUa?lk> I* Hr'?1??r b?tf???a IVotn alroat out I Mon <(|n.r? I <itfirt?d Id ( b-p . la fan r at raMn< tr ' r?p?'"ln( l>#lat>?j ?traa? trnrm viarvio to r<m,.k.D< U?t?rr*d N?j' <1 ?>f tba'i rgi?l!trr?n r?Mio liaai'b l? l?fnr ft rUilpf J;wi for ??. clootiag tba pon to tha Taalttb nr< t>a<-otr?d to. *? .011 n?*a. Th? frllowlo* raa olutlnan ra *4? That \ adl-i d ?lfr?' ' I 'ho ?.?t ?t la, llnw. ??lt ord OII??r br raaumhair t, und-r tb? dir??ll ?> nl Ili*|i|rwt C'?iiiImI n>r i That tbr 1 iinmtaM' ? r if R> pair* and Mir pi' > toha In.mrnlata 11 oo?ur?* la bar* rbud >trr?t (r >?< imiw A to I oat Rlrar iapolr?>d and put 10 good or.tor and tba or*t of tarn* ho rh*rfi| t? a lint of N ba* dto( H>*?r to raid ?lf??t Cooruff?4 In lbof Jaa>*( *tr>at ba frpatred and rafolatad. aa lot dltaoiloa if tbo I oaiatl-a OBa* if K'ptln oa t Happlloa. Ad'ptad. Tbi- board thaa waat tntaa. Affarfaa. ?bo Hoar.I fo><k op tba ort ratltlal to Ae> rdoilvt to pub l? b??ltb ' oMeb po-*-d la tko n aid of 4ldara>*a ?t?o ?*Hlar b >ur Co nxttno, tha ptop<>?.il act *u r??<t 0*1 M'| *"p htlj amalidtd ?M pa?*d, aad ifol to tbo U ?rd uf Aldnnm for tbalr *p?r< ral. Marino Aftalro. It * ? boantlfol ?t*ht to *?tta*-? !? appaaratroof tba orb)a?blp l<?a? Wright lj1o< at tha f.. it of B??k?ao *t?a?i, dfcot?t?J cmot ta*l*<allr with tho ?.* it M?J olma t'pi'O laiwlrlog tba rail*' ?a ??ia ti f-ft?'d t?at It f?a*iboMtwf bar *?ltitaiaiil l?< ant r< i?niard> r t ap?. t?anr?a ft f'?aboi;,*n a. II kt'i *o 1 o tba public o? o ia ot tha akl?tl captain* lo tbo Bl fk Noll Ilia and *a? d ia la h m? . f itao martiog* id apt I'borlr* ft V?. h?ln Aaagitar. oho tnu*t taal taurh gratified at tbia *<?oat aom j4.ui-',t. MoTroirnlo of lii?JI*lunMl?. F>f Cl)lMi I . # A. aad L?al. fttoroa* L'. 6. A . bat* ar irad la 'bl? eltj. Hi n >1 1 an i-foo ba* toturoi it to Moattrat fr?ai hia tout U U aabikgtoa. Clrt nll Coatt. Diliira 111 If V ianrlt MiaiN 81 ? f* '*? a/ 1 ??<?.?? n'?rlr-1 irg ?? r.. 4i*t H - Thr jiirj ralnrarj a fOa!? I ttilii t for yioiattff, IW? " TIIK WKaKbf liriMI.O. ti e shut ni ki'Fit t?itL iv po*rov, Ire , vV? , A t Tba H-rrl/f H'TSU. tn ba pmb,i>^?? t o olnak tomr-rroo mirolaf. alll contain a fall r? *1 ?f tba UK I .f rii'foaoar Habatar fo? tb- ai ti filar of p?. !,*tki>ao a? far a* It a-a> h?? ^rognvad to tb? aitjoiratb't ba o ott tbio aflaraaoa. 9tagM t fto* la ?ra,n fti. ili^ita. TfeMtrical ud utcali Bowtav Thutki. ?The saw ud very successful tri|idr. entitled the "Ottb of Ofllea," written aipreealy. by Mr. Cmms, for Mr. ud Mr*. Wallaok, Jr., vm

again performed. last evening, before another densely crowded and highly fashionable home. The Bowery Theatre la, Indeed, one of the anoet attractive place* of amuiement, and the pieces represented there, u well a* the artists who laterprat tbem.-are growing, at every perlcrmaace la the favor of the publio Mr Wallack, a* J Lynch Kit rntephen and Mr?. Wailack, In her part of Lady Margaret were truly perfect in the various pathetic scrnea with which this thrilling drama is filled. It i? but juatioe to say that they were a lmlrably sustained by the artifts who negotiated the other charaa ti-rs in the piece The applaurr was unanimous, aod the audience seemed highly delighted with the piece, and the manner in which it was performed The enter tainnients concluded with the beautiful ilrama of "Kr ne*Hue,"iii which Messrs. I.ester and liilbert and Miss Wemyss, in tbe principal parts, were frequently ap plauded Uy tbe way. we perceive that the performance ot tu night is set apart for the benefit of Miss Wemys?. one < f the greatest favorites of this theatre As the bill Is *ery attractive, and the bnneticlary a lovely aatrnss, the hou?e will be too small for all tbu frequenters of the liowery Theatre. Bsoadwav Theaibe,?Last evening, the comedy of ' Extremes' was repeated ; and though tbe house was not nuea to ice extent 11 wai on tne mgnt before yet it presented m lull and cheering an array of auditor* an it oould with comfort and convenience cuntalo; and those who ha?e not ai yet witnessed it will have but this evening and to morrow to trail them-elves of that treat. Mr. J? rdon baring sec?ded irota this theatre, the part of Krian wt< eustamed by Mr. Harris Mr U (I Barrett bas already assumed the managerial rule, and Mr Clake makes ht? farewell bow to the Nee York audience on Saturday night. On Monday,the adiuired and the accomplished ?ilsn Davenport altar a most triumphant tour in the South, will make her first appearance at the Broalway. She It a young lady of grtat acquirements, of acknowledged diamatio ability, D ssessrng much grace of action, pathos, and poiat In ber deliver), and is gllted wi'.h considerable personal beauty On a r? cent engagement at the Astor Place Opera Hour*, she crtated a leelinj to her favor among the people "f Not rock whinh will, no doubt, fallow h?r to this house ; and we predict that this young lady will| not lose la comparison with any tragic aotre?s, however eminent, who has preceded her. We underatand that ibe bouse, on Wednesday evening, on the oocation of Mr. Blake's benefit, realUed near f'iUUO. Br* ion's Thcatse?That never falling to attractthe "Serlaus Kamlly," was repeated again last evening, to a very numerous and respectable audience, and, as usual was received with unbounded applause The entertainment concluded with the " rapture cf Captain < uttie,'1 wbich likewise met with much favor. To night, the" Serious Family,"and" roerPUliooddy." Chamihai's National Thkat*e. ?The entertainments given at thie favorite house were soch last evening. tbat raily, fro* the pit to the gallery, every teat was oconpled. Mr. Chaafrau. the great Mote, prior to his Ntrthernand Western tour, appeared M Mose in California, and as Don < u sar Da Bazan. In the pleoe of that name, 'i his arti't was rsceived, as usual, with tbunilersof applaure, and. during all the performance, he was interrupted by ebeers. and every mirk of eattefactieu He was also admirably seconded by the talented artists of his company, and Mr. Tiltoa, as Hon ! Jo?e, in the brst piece, as well as Messrs Seymour and j Jtflertoo, in the cecond had their share of applause After some beautiful dances, by Miieeei .and C. Carlo. ] two little and lovely girls, the entertainment* eon I eluded with tbe laughable farce called '*Tbe fhautom I Brrakfatt." wbtch was capitally acted. The bill | till red to Light ia very attraotire. and cannet fall to \ a'tiact another densely crowded house, as it the last | but olvoI tbe performances of Mr. chanfrau. Aoic* Plack Thkatbc.?On Monday evening nest, this splendid establishment opens with an exoelleat i j ecu. [any under the management of Mr Bas*. a gen I tit-man of great dramatic celebrity, and, as a comedian, | j The entertainment* will oommenee with tbe beautiful play of the I.ady of Lyong " The character of Pau* III e will be iuitalu>'d by Minn K M. Uuret The Londo paper* h*?e highly eulnglied her pmonatlon of III* (.til. rue elegantly diaan character of Claude Mcli otte by Mr. IJeorge Y aade.'hooff will, no d >uht rereite ail (iiat a [<>li*bed and excellent edaoatiou can f i?e to it. iu oid?-r to duplay tbe various bea itien of tli* patt. Mr flae* wilt appaar a* lolojel llaaM, la abtcb be we* tir?tintroduced to tbe New York publio lb tbl* per'he it without an*<|ua! Madam i)r?on?p pellesb) Mr* Hyott.and Widow Melaotte by Vlre. Ilaui' lit 11 I b? farce ot the 'Married Hake" will fallow. In , * hirh M. e * C lean and Maeerr llornird and Cher n.lDrni arti*'* will appear 'I h* amusement* will cloaa eith the laree of ' A Man without a H-?d " Ciieim'* Orim Hot:**.? The prrformanaee at thie f iiablitlimeDt. uo matter how great tbe actraetlou may he in any other place of amusement, *e-m to draw eri wiled houiaa eteey evening. Tbe aire, whleb are ur>g With *?eetneM and harmony, and tae worda. al though elmple, yrt conveying tbe Ideai and charaster ot tie race tney are rapraeeatlag, eeein to glee tb? at i'.et pUa-ure and delvht to evary one ubo iMtaMa ebanlce' Hall. Tha instrumental performaaoa is eieeilent and the daaclng ekqulaita. In eburt, tbe company la afcly managed and bence its great *ucoese. Amiiii *w Mrm ai. Finn Buciktt ?The fourth and la*t pertoivaiii-t of the caion at the tttnr I'laoe Opera llonre brought together all the friend* of the (ooiety at the rouevrt laet night. The hou*e waa rro?d-d la tvety part, acd n.atij ladlei and gentlemen, who had not tecutrd teate wtre deprived of tbe great treat an- ! joyed by tbe brilliant ant feahiouabie multitude. I rti l.?| a nitre elegant e?*rmb age wai never lean in thle Ut Ure It ?a> a grand yinuie to the eff irta of the net.a*.?re ?f the fund, who oouimeoced last year with forty Ore ?ub*ctlber?, and who now number ovur one fcuidted '1 he b. u?e waa ao crowded tbat wa were tbi'ged to reek the etege. In order ta enj >y t*e entirlaiuBent which gate *uoh high gr ell filelion. Ver.dali*<ho Bannrldy, la wadding hie mutual gealua to (bet of 8bak*peare In tbe Mli<umBit Mghi'e l)|?ain " ha* not i nly aided lovelloae* to Iba gemua oi the Kn.lirh hard but redactad imiaortalM) upon blnielf. In gtaeplng tbe grand id -a of theee e>ai blued ?t? >rte. in*Unetl*ely w* hear the entree if humanity and fancy eoueortlng with benauale* detin .? ai u tu11 of inteiiig -tre. aa tb?ugb tba oreati a of :l e ear.b lad jwt hunt In all ita beauty ujhi tba in ivtn* end ibe e'ara were ringing together for joy. No t*uir le*e ?tioi if caa Indicate th* true ptcer ot ttat batai. t j of thought and oiuile which tnakea the ciiLliiianni ptereritad I alt aiglit *0 ImpreMtee. ll%d the lea J >11,1 of the play bovn aa parfeot aa th* ajeouti 'a ?>f tbe luiiim, nothing would hata been wautlag fhdiawllup t> n*e, ei.d very niatked errore la elyle of Mr* hristile. ad led to in apparent Inrapwity of touniili gi ntrietly ?u< h wotdea* "roae,""go.""hm* ' and oil ir worn* in which tha broad ? la dl'tlu^tlra. malted ike ek< eiitinu of eo*aei ntb-rwine well rendered ltd ell<e i'ely ua|le'<d Such errore, h nearer, are I 1 > Bl mdW of good la te. If paxed unuotioad and It It mi dm jr. a* It ta our regret, to notice tb-tn par'.laa iarl) a* we |>aru that V.:e K- aible abt only gata Iter ?>iT|re? finiy en tba aeea*to?. bat othetwl-e plac J tbe ffrl.t) ni.der deep obDgttlnna. The eneal part wa? e<r>llenUi ittetaifeed by Vita L. A. looe* (?>>pr*a<i ) I aid it.l>e K. P?.uce (r ntialto) aa<titel by aa efCc ei.t ehora* of ladlae Tha < oncorte of (be eiaieiy La ta teeulved farotaMy, and It I* Our pleaMr> tu add. that the ludUmt, Infirm, ail agei I >a<e inly rea-ou to rely up?n tbe b*ariri%l ar | tai.?< aiei.u wb'ch ha^e barn made f<>r tne hp,l ee aiiu r< aili'tt of Him who Lata dainted th?a**ite* ? > I i the mutual art After tha i cifore-arce tl.a m?aib*T? I I the a*<?< lati' t. acd friend* met ID ttle a I i nt of the h u?? aud la ti e .ntar< han?e ?f eentliaeaU. ppohe nf the kr.fie?i of the fund with pleaauraVe p'tle, Mr 1 | ?ieot(,e l.i^ier pieeeatlag the faeU and aokuo ?l* ?<! < ; Ik.' ? > vt luibilt la luaaoar ll km or. d.iabi i l? Ma J u *|(Vii. b* tLd t AR>li!lM. * midj Bight M wa* (itaB to Mr?. K-iobl. .,M r n abtMiki if br 11 by tna?? xr'iti n l> t b> I voluntary klu 1o*>? ' i CuntN Vi ?n M - Tha B"n*art of Mt lii f.BMra III BoBi* ' tl thl> a?a?II?* Bt <b? ?t>M? ron|< ttr.a 11'. I,. WhMI| VtMllM *b? ?til ting ??rlatlina.n aid nava laa from Krnaal; 1 l.r'pmd Mayar * vtolint*! r?f graat minimal e lathi.r til gl?a a ?! its aoto; Proia?m?r \ an Dar ?Vaj.|? vtll HWII?I HtAlkl 1 piano' an I >1a? I iuii B ?< )? ? lb* harp, akiik ilia A?|*ri tl'k f a?t at??l . Mi ? hi. h ika H?n? to bar- b parfar'. j In; In lk? >?r?i4 |art, Ma??ra I iibib bb<I vSartitiba f mil ilaj dnalt on tha j.'Bn" wbl?h will ba Wlo??d by an aria fi< aa ' Hobait la Utabla," aitti oth-r lllllrtltt ( b'uih Avian aa Mr ??' ? Tba Pat?trani Bra atill In tha Bar arid aft t ?b?lr d'amatl* rapr,-?anta't' o" (I?a tba nt- , Bi< >t >B'i?fBrlir.? Bad p'?a?nra Baranta ta ?ar? ht..?y lb 1.1a " ?cti?t>? Bad angag?o a?la Wa iitl.)?r-r?i,d li? baa b?rn aaaagtrg aararal Jnaaj tla an I otbar aftl?t? >{ ft?Bl diair-alla a?labrlty ak? will IB daa tlat* ba a V II ad la Bddl n o to tha iMrantlii parfaratkiifa ?( tha Hatavac* tba Manltrtll famllp. ??ry |t?< faanf. II" Bppaar In paat. awn. and (Its tbair amu-lug litlr Ma I i.o?"? Thla highly an4 ??rrlrl|(|NtNMI i B tba iMt, |I?M a MWMt "it ?Beay aaaalBt. *t lb* l"ab marl* aban ba will ba aaalat* J by Miaa Jalla N Tthall BBd MVaral amtaant ! ti.t.-tral pr??ar?. ra rba asrratica ol tbt? ehlld |??-ig. I Uattnl tcaaidatlng I la ?ga. r.toa yaara. Wa ara par- ' auail-d tbi aa a b'> * lait tb? labMt.arla n tk?t rr>aia| i ill ba graatly tlal'ak #<l with thl? juaaal.a actlat t' <f? PltitrrkT tba graat aa'ra a. w%n?a patfa.-m i.i i a (b'onfbi ut tb? f.atia, l.a?? draaa tainianaa aaaawtl.iagaa b?? who may ba rnaatdarrd oaa ot tha aa. < tba apa, will appaar at lha Rr.?|a?y Tba* | Ita, on M> nday aaabtag jia?t. In th? play of -Lira 1 Htf farnm'kiof tl> i.niihi l? taiaiitabla fnta ri.|l?>mrallit |<.hI Mt f >r tha nt Ba wa I ta rvra tha Rn aiiaay will ba eratnnad to uSo??ri.)a ft?ry b'abt iba piaja Mr. Ja??a k'. Mi avorn la parf-tntlnc a ?rr'a? f fatawail. t.ff manta la all tha #aat?ra elttiM (i wti hia d?i art v.a tor t ur. pa Mta aftc??l>maat la lanlarati wsa IrtUUi.tly rarraa.fal Ha pro?.l- to Mil ' Bulla t btragb ai.d St. l.? nta, and ti-a ratnrna I# tha 1 lB?i?rT> *??taa. fripi wh-rra artar |>iaita? ha ? I . d tart to l ull |.a aliafa n.. d'.jbt. ba wtll rraal'a lha b|.pri'*al at.d ttaarU ab.rn bia ta am aa aa attnr da> tattrl. Mn Bi.row - bit-'a S. r?ra1?r? ara doing wall by ' llatr r??'a d?li?aatlo?a lha r< and cb>ra-?? ara tnu'b B-atirad 1 hay parf. rm at kJ Bowary. >.r A. V Adava. tba trimadiaa If playing at tha : Titt'Snrah tbaatra KiiP HllkiB*aa la playing at 4lb?ap *r N lata la dra?Mi? aruwd*4 boi?a? at Wllai'Bf* | t?i. N I . t ittirt t alrnrfnr-Thla l>a)T. I awwaa FiaaP ? >ea pf. 80* Ml, Sit ta ?1 d*T 394, S'.4 <97. I i ta.t it I ot at -Noa SAO. 43? *** *47.*4?. t*1' ic1 rriioi C+% ?t - 2"^. 4* 91 71 TH. ?l? 77, 78, 14 ?< tc %9, vd ?< tf W, It, M W| frf, 9 H. TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Herea"tr Ike Cvngtruional and LegiaUHva Reportt v it be en the F'ttt Page; the Market Rcparti under Ik rrfu -r < ummrrriat Iwd; and the Skip JVcief under tke m *r< d. jVchiter's Trial will alta be found on tl<4 Firtl Fixe. Ttlrgnplilc Summary. There was no business of any importance transacted in the House of Representatives, at Washington, yesterday. The members were engaged w ith the convention with Brazil, and the expsaiency of granting money to pay for clerk hire in the Department of the Interior. The Senate was occupied in preseating resolutions from the Legislature of Mississippi, on the subject ot slavery, and in debating Mr. Bradbury's r< solution in relation to removals from oftiue hy the present administration, which we referred to yesterday. So far, at all events, Mr. Bradbury has done nothing to disprove the charge of proscription against the cabinet. Mr. Foote defended the Nashville Convention from a charge that was made against it, that it was intended to be a second edition ot the Ilartford Convention. It appears there has been an other attempt at re. volution in Mexico, having for its object the restoration of (General Santa Anna. These imcutct? lor we cannot call them attempts at revolutionswill occur periodically in Mexico, for such is the condition of the people that the intelligent cla*s"s have nothing to think of but politics, and the masses are so ignorant that they are easily duped by the others, and moulded to suit their private purposes. Similar outbreaks will characterise that country until a new state of things, moral, social and political, is brought about by the incorporation of mere of the Anglo-Saxon blood with that of the native population, than at present exists there. The mixture of the Spanish and native races has had us much to do as any other cause, in reducing Mexico to her present unenviable position, and yet it is nothing more than what might be expected. As a general rule, wherever pnestcnft of any description is tolerated, the people will be morn or less degraded; but when to that ie added un admixture of the quick, energetic blood of the AngloSaxon, with that ot the sluggish, imbecile African or Indian, a deterioration must in the nature of things follow, and likewise a degradation of the people. And if the abolition fanatics had their way we should see event ally the same state oi things in the United States, for their doctrines tend ultimately to amalgamation in its worst form?an incorporation of the black and white races in this country. The city of St. Louis has spoken on the present condition of the country, growing out of the antislavery agitation. The people of that city have recently held a meeting, at which, while they con* p'ained of .Northern aggressions on the constitution, in relation to fugitive slaves, they advocate compromise and harmony, and oppose the Nashville Convention, we suppose en the ground that tuch an assemblage is not yet called (or by any exigency at present. Next Saturday, it seems, is set apart by the Assembly of this State for the third reading and passage of bills, some is said, are lying on the table, awaiting final action. Among ihtm is the new assessment bill, which is designed to remedy some evils of a glaring character which exist in the present system, and which tre felt u* urievancis in this metropolis. We unJerstand that property owners in Williamsburgh md lirooklyn are exerting themselves to the ut? noi-t to d? feat its passage, lor they are well aware, fit should become a law, many of the xneaking Sew York merchant*, who do business in this metropolis but reside in those places, for the pur ose of avoiding taxation, weuld be obliged to renin to New York, as they would make bat little >y remaining where they are. This won'.d, of 1 sourt-e, tend in depreciate the value of real estate in those places. The millionaires of this city, I4ewlie, oppose it, for it will bring to light some millions of dollars worth of |>ersonal proi>erty, which ought to pay its share of the general ri|*Dses, as wcll^as real estate, for it ge's eoual protection, and needs it more. We hope that all lliese influences will be of no avail, und that both branches of the Legislature will discharge th lr duty, in regard to thl* bill, without fear or favor. We can tell ihe New York city delegation that the fyes ot this community are upon them, watching their action in this matter, aud that if they allow ihr new bill to slip throug'i the lingers of the I,*, fislatnre, or to be smothered, or disposed ol in my w?y but by pasting it, they may as well hang up their fiddles, as far ss politics or honorable nfiii e is concerned, berealter. These are the senium lit* of the real estate owners of New York, siid our representatives may as well know it. ThtTnaiuiit Manse, Boston, sn Firs. Dotroff, Marsh 31,1*>M. Th* Trrmoat ll< ut* toi k fits this aacralaj. and Is 'till buralsg 1'J o'rl'<?k M.?Tbe fir* I* In th* uppsr part ot th* oulb wing. It will, bow*f*r. probably is soon *? Hsislsktl P. M -Tb* flrs st tb* Trrrnoot Ilouos b?s b?*o sobdu?d It ? ? first dl*r.r*r*d la tb* **rvsat?' room, sad an ?t *as mad* to shack It kf basket* of ?at?r but with <at arail. Tb* south wlag Ii bi t'y d*n>**?d. b?tb by At* snd water. Leas at present not kuovti but Ii doabtl*** brar). V b?n It *as anaoaa**4 la roert that tbs Tr?an?t ll> ? * >u to flrs th* trial of Professor W*b<trr *m ?.j?urB?d ts allow tb* Attoro*y Wsnseat. w"io*? i i ait wrt* la tb* part of tb? bu I line that wai b'Jrali t lo atUti to tbs r*aio*al ol Ussftc'j. A?.ll? TrsaliUa Willi lbs Florid* In. dlaas, W**Ni?aT?t, March 21 HiO. Tb* 5?i *a?*A Krp'd>litan. r*c*lr?J this sft*rn?oa, rrtiiair AdvlfM from ?ki*k ttftt* ?ba? Sain J?>r>aa. Dillf Da?l?|?, Tn?'an'H<a* ?nd tbHr p?rtla? hail ?ll ratara*d to th? l.farglal**, and > uo wnlio*n?>?* to r??ora Watt. It I* l J ikat a -ft*) l? Iki malarial objaat alth D rin. at lti| tot dm aeJ Liora iln ha* j?t b*ta oflar?d Itinn. V # al*o Uaro that til* rlr?r at Anfilttl, 1 i? no t*?? l"t.t>?aD'tt7 tl irtJ f?at, bat ulijht da iaj- ko?. ??tr, waa i??tali<4 < !??! 1'iilwti .flatting in st. LoaU. Fr. i.mia, Marek an. it'.n. ?r lm*. n?a T'atna aaa bald la thla city l? <t ?w?li|,it?bltb .Mr Itacry g Grata fr*ri-l*4 Ratrlatlrat wtra prapotad tn lb* ?ffart that lh? Noa'k bat ' |?d and taflt?l*<a? (r> aadt c f r >01 plaint t(t>a?t tha ; N<tth. la d t aiding in tka captart of fugltlva tU'-t. j IVM-lutl. u? vrra alao adopted, la opp'ttittaa talk* V tlar >t |-ro?U". and rt|>r*?tlag tka kalltf tkal all ?oafltriiof ItUMU tkogld ba batox.alifd ta erdar t j allay tbt ftwit agtta'.laa 'Ike itrolnMoar ara oppotad t? tha Nat*iti;it < >a I'llhil, at>d all ctbat kla-irad ??eit-w?nt?. a< th-y Bill ntily add to tka ailoting dtfflaaltf, aad ?? far at >?ilcut rrMtbkd arrltrd to warrant m?h a a >?Tt?tl ' i. I tal an a ot tba 8ta'?? ??? f<<ratad la tha tplrlt of ruin|<t'iilH. aad tka taaia tbauld k? lavokad la Ht lllitR tba pt*>?nt dlfhaalty. Tta nitf Irn ?at tlo<4<i#nlly adirattad by V1aa?ta. Batta, WtM. Wright. Tk?>aiat ilaraay.aad otkarr U? lutirrallc Tr??ahl?a la laaotttl, ?r. Laria, Mafh 20 1 WO. Tt.ara la Tnnah tronhla ttWriaf la tka d?* gratia asp Tha nalalfal ao?laail<at ara Baaioa aid iatl- Baatna. Thara ara two tie* at? oa aaek ?H?, and [ba partlaf ara aboat equally dlrldad ao far aa rtgtrdt nooibata __ luti??n, Vareh ll-t !\ M Tba lata iaail? bata an?t ta kaad. I r?a tba N?? Urlaaaa paptrt ?ta lea fa that Mr. MOTM d?ta >ar?t, ka 1 keen alartad ?p*a?-r of tka Hoata. la plafft of ll >a. rr.H.a W. Farrar, d?a-a??d Aiqnlllal off llr. Ka*pp< M. a Oii iim, Marek tt. IVd llitUp KvmIi. ba* heap k^norably aaqailtad. Sa SlaaiMer tcli ftcataa, Natal Jt-1 V M. Xka t'tamti a?# act ia itgfc: at Halifax l4*trrtala{ . .J Affaire la Iniw, New Oiiimi, Much 19,1850. Adriaaa b?T? bin raaeWed la this eity, (y?a Mexico, to rba 13th of February, [oar prerloua advice* ara to the 28 <1 of the ma* moath -Kt>. Huild,] aa nounelag that another intended ret elation, la ktor of Santa Anna, ba4 Was d'acovered. and promptly frustrated A personal tax of oaa bllUag par moatb bad beea laid on i>U p?r?ona orer 18 yeara of ago, throughout tbe State. The death of Uaaaral Canal ?* la announced. D??lh of ?h Eminent IluIUinorenn. Baltimore, March 21?P. M. Mr. John BerrytDaa, tbe eld As. Utaot Clerk la th* lialtlmoraCounty Court, died to day. Ttltgraph lit Junction. Boston, March 21,18&0. ' House's Telegraph Injunction cata haa buen paat " poned. We ara rcqii*)?? tl to direct ilia altentlor< of Meehaair* t" the ad*ertii-neot for prcpuials te bai??thiitj - two lane 1 ri"k h> u*r? at Uobokea. Brady'a National collection of Dagamaa ypee. ? ft tad K Uroatf way, ooruer of Fulfua iMet Stranen aud aiti -?ui are KMoeeeftiUy iaeited to call aai axaastue h ar>?Aln?ia A Grand Hulite ?The frlcnda of Knox ara H-il coifully ta r.ia estal liahment, l'i! Fnltou ?tr?vt. an\ ?veoiin thi? ?oek, where they oaa trett thetaeelrn to one of lrt bi tu'ifiil hata of the apvinx fushioa. at the low price o'four ootlai'. Warnoek'i (lata ? I lie SubarH>era reapact" full* iiiTite t?.o atwntlrn of teaileman t><heir beaatifai hpriDft 6'j le Ha>a Hi vm< acijuired a l.ift) reputation for the nroductlon i'l ihn i<Mt nntllt.v ki*f* (h?? en -.mmI * - the f?v .table notice of til ?do would oamMae neataasaaad gebtility with durabi lity am economy. h sR\OCKJ, iiattcrs. i03 Btttln;. Oenlira Fancy stock.?ICy tit* txprcifiw "fancy stock " (.orin dies nut refer My of the "fueiir' olit or :r*B?lerr-d in ?ti etreat, but to the magnitnent lia play of ehildren s and ladies'hat*, genilMUeu'saud boys'cv' imi 1,re'1 us nt a-'ery stvle. reoherohe ranee urid riding whipbe , with ehleh i e he* emhelH.heil liie new und mngniflret^ rl.ow r oms iJM Uro-dway. t all and l?ok at 1'iem, and'i amired h?t in t < ruirrb i etablnhmmt be ben reorntl; tr.ct'd end A'tid up a such >ut expene-. he 111 adhere.*-, J Lie old syatetu?rhi >p prion and lronerate piolM?thaautu < i?l concomitants of hie immeuae ialr?. (.EN'I V, 214 Broudway. Or. Wheeler, Orrullel, MM Barclay Itnet, devotee his exnlueiva attention to direaaea ef the eye. He Lee just imiotttd from Patta, Artifieial Eyas ef iopcAte etriK tiire. wbioli he ion. r?e eo ae to reeeuib'e the natural eje, ai.d defy the stricwst arru'loy. OBoa hours,nine to three. A psmphlet eith remarkable cures by Dr. w., ana he hit gratuitously at hl? raS'denca. Dr. Powell, Ot ultel, Aml.t, A?? nttniil* to dieessea ot the Ky? an.I Car, froB niue to f"uro'*leak, daily, at l>4 *'arr>n e'r-et. ? her- een be had hie popular Treatise cn the Kye.Sd tdi'iun. price 40 cent*; aim, hi* self-acting Rys ai'd tar Fountains, and a great variety ef Lsaatifnl Attificial lyei. " When energising ohleeu men pursne, " hat are h- rr. uigte* they e?n?>t d t" Awurtdi) the "Kn?mjiA ( no Man ever produced a g"-.,h*r ' proeigj" than Q i i iu.i'a It alian Medioated Su.p for the o?u pUt-? removal o* 'alt Rheum. Ring* Worm, iiy'T-lee. *eir*v. Irupti'D', Hl<>'.ebes. Spoil, Taa,. Triaklra, Pui.l uru. Mallo?noss, a decss. ate..from toe human ikiu- n n erne t'e Caoll* Ahite, Clear, 8cf? and Traaape'eet Tmk d -'il ioi-a Soap it iavaJnxhle t<> rentleaee a(flie'sd ?ih rrder res wl akin in shaving--as i' makea a rich, creamy, mollifyiae l,\ther. eet'B when uacd with hard ar rait water Oouiai d'? i'oudre Subtle will eradioaic su parti oooa heir fr- m any part if the human bodv. Keac aber- - Dr. FELIX tiOCK I 1> S l>eet<inabie irrparatioa caw oaly ba fiutehaeed gt-nuia** at hi* drpnt, C7 Valki.' Htr?at,flnt it)rt rem Broadaay. Hoetoa, 1?> Washington .treet. Pbalon'a Mnglr Hair Dye, ta Color the air or Rhitk<n. th? uoment it ie applied, withent tajorr U <be hair or akin. It oaa b? washed'liatety without disiurliaa tb? ' ?m.? a"d hae n? bad odor. Itieappltrl, or ' old. at PHaLo*'*. I!?7 Hr->adway. and by f'aweett. aoutheaat corner of Chcaaut and Fifth etraeti, i'hiladelphia. Hair I>> ?Batehelor*! Uinnlna Liquid air Dye, ean al> pruenred at the manunMtory, d Wall etreet Tlit pabl.e ahould guard egamet imitaUoai. Bee nay various du li mae Hareone whoea hair baa aaaaned a bad aolor fr?an the tie* ot the Imitation dree, aaa have it eerxeetad by ae above .Of) the adma?a. Do you W mm to Unit, Beautify and make your bar a. ft and One! Reut?1, Bccry B. Cullen, late barber >n heard th- tfan Iwat Vuth tmeri't, da certify that JONES'* Co-al Hair Heatoratirei ii the beet artiole 1 ever need f-r 'reding. ?> tenia*, cieaeing. and keeping ttie hair a long time in rraer ; all my cmtr.aere preferred it ta any other article Bade. Buy it only at?'i3 Broadway. Wlgil W 1^;a ! Wlaal-Cltlaen* and Stranger* ere i*r..ra<rd that iha Urgee*, oheautlt. aad beet aeaortant af *!(>, Half ? iae. T.-ui eae. Ureiua vf L^az Drr, aad o'her Otnetner'ai fair, ie to be found a' MBDHL'KBI It UEARb'B. 17 Maiden lane. The trade irppliad. Wlea and 'I nupeea.?Another Medal ba* bee- awarlro ? ? m Baielielor, for the beat Wig* and Tonpeee The latlia are inV led to it,a) e< t tie new style, ter UW, at BATCH EI,t>R'd celebrated Wig Factor*. Ni.d Wall street. U? keep, 'be largest and beat asaortmaat la tba eity. Cojy theaddreee Caaik Ka? rary, 3MT Broadway, bstwsen Walter ?rd Vi hnr a.rote ? Torteiee Ibell aad BuSala bt,ea dreeaC'i ' e. r ?vryi,?w Neiin en 1 .;:.r i ailed eMiiae, ae ta estant aad eeri'-'y r very deecrtptioa ef comb at foreiga a* well as horn, raeaafartnr* . af snparior jnallty aad law PClees. 4. k J. !M NDIU. O. Miui-rtera* Patent IHetallle Tablet Katnr Strop?th? i 'm ? approved strop now In ass? karieg been befon the t ub f r <h> laet tktrty yaera can ba had at tha aahacriher'i, wbn'ae,1e aid retail. HtUNDIX), It7 Broad w y.eoiaeraf Liberty street, aad V-T Broadway. Watu' \tr?oa? Anlldoir >4n*tk*r Oniiid I I> mm).- T t fr if.-litot uf ihia unit m<a(4l u4 I r,atrial artTiar, !> ?, bT rovtian, d rbonilcfcl ai patina* ?. fi aid km n .fetal a tl,a t?ry mm*"? ?f ( u nlm^lf tn.aturr Hat "? all Tm?*! airar,*B?t VtaU tha u?< "I d. U' l? ?i?? I.?'h ? II pat II) at thi aa?? aharja, |t. ci f# a sea, it lilNm >a atract. Blranntu \ the city, Mkn ar? In I ?; tittKMi ?i k?i l yiltlK kl'Mi H 4>i><> vt xkkNt mU > i>l ful t? toMH'l l-f. KtlPl, H it!Rttn< < < i ii ikk tjtooii it IbHkititut I at', ?'a 12 A. M., < > P. ? (sa?d?jr tacap'adh tw Ortaamcbatraat. H Pron>|>it?l b| m (tattfai (celltig ftor Ik* I lil?t>< n< im trM|>iniM at u?> nm??4 alana ?it H d?*B' ai h i)h?i * 'ail*. m ( iltui >kW ?bJ< ef ?aa?aj- H iB( oar nt(ir> ik.uat (o tr.a pilUa and uar fr'aada. f?r lialr iiaatiuita ?, rr?tt 111* aa? la mar'ala ?o , <>aiiaaa4 aacjaaa: ? ?' ? a > < a.??a? ? m?? d?>ar<-? it: wi<k till ti ?r Biatta. ?a ?tar *r?'? r-fr?al>??f ai.?t tnoooraxad, r???l??4 10 >r'li?>? 'ittr U? i|?, ap*trl t?4?nt4. On ?a Urdu Ut !i'n ? ->trika ?or tvai hI naai >(t<> 'h* aM ataad, aa '-rim ?< Nii-tu ?nl fca-k??a atra?that l.rtkwailirriii >n4 la a uiirfalial o?a?*Bl-at H abat* k< aaaal mora tr-mMlna la tfca f?aaiaII at af ! t aM '?at if "aakaMaa. tl ?a i hart lata jraaafc rai-1 .fiai - > . > lanlcaalini "ur aliar-l nl<w . tha loa (.? <?? xiii t. man, III- a,m 11> m % ?ul'a art atlli tlatai riak raa# ? i aHr ai il luraMa At Il>uuaaa4a ?aa att?it: ard ?llh ft'in <!?' i?lratl<?i In a'-'-PBinimUla on tka n?i arlualpla a* Icmht'j. ?a aalula y?a aaala avikla tliaa $J laita CftlWEKCIIi, IKFIIE1. I N'tVKV H4IIKBT. I 1l?nt??lay, larak tl?A P. . I Stock rpaeula'm* lor l riaa h? I lb* klua? la-tt; bad H quart* r to ??? and a qoarttr par east. lladaoa Rim Railroad fall fr< m f3*4 In M par oaat frova tka op?a!aa la tha el<. a. a it'll ha Win brought not coa? Jarabla atoak. R >?a o( tba cth?r faa<-|?a will f"lla? a?lt oaaal 'b?aa daja and Iba itni grorara akv b%va kaaa la H d'ir?d t?? ran ?I b ?h P?ir. a. a?i.l al?b tba? k*4 atcrk to tka*? r-'k and nio!a??. a At tka Brat koat^ to day. I ait*d s'ta> alia#. IV,t fall i.ff 'a par aaat aliaa lfi7. MIlM n*aa. Kaadlog Bmd*, ? HaiIan Hi lludaca l.!?ar Railroad '?; ar?ar? l.?-aD %<<>iriai ai'al ,'i ao j klrio lla 'road N"? wicfcaadWo ad an'*d 1*,. ritMCMfdf It At tlia. ? < rd l> ard Had?oa Hl??r Ral'rnU <? flit a J Jf.r r?a' I ne '< ai I road ',{ Faraart*, ?! <'*" I a | . l ad, ||? Nervlak ?Mt ?f 'a aadkioatac a Thara aara larja aal?a of all Ik faailM. aaa i"?Maaaal atoeka war* pratty aatlra. H It I# meat rltranri'llWT tkat otit?ld#ra aM ka la Jaead t?i totirb a *ia?|a aliara of tk?*a ?ar:*tl#aa atvtkf H h>l tha? aa ar- h latluitlnri In prlca*. frnai Jay I' H day. ttla. k?a?r-r aar* of tala, felrl may ma n irr:>- fim * ? nan, u n???y inaa?? 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