Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1850 Page 2
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IrfifllMur or* the equate piece in front ef the p tort***, and ??? luterscotad euh *<ry cm* ! chj"* J llbb D, (he demiloDjr eleeees were ' drufcl* fall of bread !?? ?. headed by a doable low ot boullHonnses to ooroespond ?<ih those oni tM I ocrseire We ? >?* oite. aioo, the oor-a^e* Medicis, i m b'ine highly fashionable. bJth In and evening dress. and rrrtainljr very becoming to slight sod well-shaped b. llf Th. so curves are eut very low on tb? b??< in on i uiaienith ft deep point; they open Id frcit itplsylng patln of lade, ot tulle; tbe sleerrs aie d?tjii Ion* and ornamented fac the nbole Untilh lu (toot of the arm with a row of puIT*j ILe top <>1 'fiMJij" is enciroled with a tall of lace, supf I<,fl* ! "B0" p* n berthe. and th? sleeres are term 1 r \ trx te. l.obe*, in ?venlug d'e-n are still n.etJe with ilrRiMutui; but they are alwsyt short i.i'iu h io t'lont to ilispla> the beauty of the nhauMUre. VI rru Is r? oba. ge whatever In the width of sKlns. Tl e ccrrages ate always low, and in general deeyly pctited. We d<> not recollect a season in which th*r? was so mui h VB'ietj in the trtitiininge of robes, particularly ?' e*rni?g an 1 hall robe* Wr shall olte. a< among the host remarkable, the I'ompadour fnngne, with beadIt |? In Imitation of old-fa'bioord point laoe, other garmtutrs. oompoeed of obenillt-, with tbe ends frlug> <1 or o nsnunteU with beads; so ne trimming* of blaak, white, oi colored bogies; ail the** are adopted for Trivet r?b*s and crrtaiLly they are In excellent taste Amor* the number e| novel ornaments adopted for eel ??t H.h>< in (teeninir. and erana ones in hall drees. are the tfw bcutnns u Aigulllettes: they are not only cm- ! ployed. as we have already said. lor pardessus. but alio j umpiini of a mixture of silk, with g( Id or eilver. or elsu uit*ru.ingl??l with small beads, to ornamxnt robxs either of rraye or velvet; they lo-p the tuck*, or replace tbe Hovers or kntta ?f ribbon od ball dresses; or loim (ahllera. or else are iLtercilngled with laoe. iu various fanciful ways, ot> v?lvet robes. W e bate also a uiuch greater variety of trimming* m tor evenlrg and ball rob> . in (towers and foliage. than usual. We may cite. ano>ng the most remarkable ga>liitures. tboee of It ng foliages composed of velvet of either light or dark eilors. Intermingled with alguill> ties and epis of diauiom's. We need hardly ob erre that thia is a stvle too splendid to be much seen; but garoitiiies e uc.h iu vogue for the ni <t elegau: ball r< b-s art composed of red ?r blue velvet foliag" frosted with silver, and intermingled with ribbons with floating nds Coiflures Mstorlqn*. so much in vogue a few seasons ai'o are a|iatn comicg mm b irtofavorin evening dress; U rounds like a ball, to ray thnt all the very new head drerres are tbe very old one*, and. nevertheless, it is cot far from tbe ti u'h We have, it is true, several very p'etty 'aroy coiffures. but they are not numerous enough to sato Iv tbe r?g? for novelty an1 variety, so we are lemodeliing tho head-dr>sses cf the last tbre* or f ur hutured years, alaays taking care to choo<? these thit have l,ren worn by oelebra'ed beaut e\ Dianoi c't a d o*h"f pr< clous Kones, frejueutly form a pa't of the g rritu e We may cite among the m lern head dresses a petit toquet of ? hit< crape, entirely covered with a light embft ideiy In gold ; it Is placed very far btok upjn the betd and attached by two very large gold pins : thro* geld tassel* de.-ceud < n tbe shoulder from the left >ide. I rape petit bords, both white and colored, are also in great request ; they are generally trimmed with marabouts; a favorite ornament Is a long willow marabout plnme attache.! by a d'amond rr pearl spring. An extremely pretty head-dress is called the toquet Julie ; it is oi mpottd of a riund of bloude d ?ply scalloped, and ornamented with three *prigs of whit* lilac. Another o| these bead drepsaa is of point d'Angleterre, attached I by sprigs ot white teals, wi h a foliage ot green ! vp vtt Ball c< IfTures are for tbe must part of hair, adorned with (lowers; in some instances petit bords. j composed of a mixture of tulle and blonde, either | whit* cr color-d. are adopted; they are tflmtned I Kith flowers Head-dresses "of hair, ornamented with ce;d>us if roses and foliage. twisted round the bantfeaux. and rising ?b??? them, are In great request. W rutliF are the inr.t in vogue ; a good many ara conp<S?d if small fiult*. fu> b a* rurrants grapei, kf.; ether*, i-ailed a la payanne are of field flower* We may cite. alio. tt? guirlandes u la ltouiatne. forming on cne side a bandeau of (lowers, and on the other a knot of rltb n. with long ends of the color ol the leaven, and figured with silver. which is. we believe. the l*st ii "lij and certainly one of the mojt elegant of the season. Aithongh lilae blue, green and pink tulle, crane, satin and taffeta, are all adopted for ball robes, white ore* are certainly in a majority. We may cite, among the most admired, those of white orape with double skirtv each a little ihorter than the white satin underdrew, each li enciroled with a galon of marabout*, *p< tted with gold. This I* a beautiful style cf trimming, the extreme lightness of the marabout* I* uot Injured by the spots; they teein formed a* if they (tally were what they are called In the Kreuch. a shower or. rather, a rain of gold. Other*. al*o of white rape, with double skirts had a gerbe of the cere* f >ra, composed of mi?a rosea, plaoed a little on one fide cf the upper skirt; long sprigs of rose buds rise from It, n* if to encircle the waist; the effect i* novel and striking. Corsage Athenian, made with boll.w plaits; a gerb* cere* is placed In the centre, and extends from on* shoulder to the ether. Lace ha* I Oct nothing whatever of Its rogae for trimmings; it I* in particular request It white and colored aatiu and taffeta robes. t>om? few robes, both ol white satin and white lace over white satin, are trimmed with Ore cr seven flounces of superb blaok laoe; the flounces were looped on one rob* by brilliant ornament*. on another by flowers; a third robe bad only the lace. Vt e mu't observe that ball dres*es this sea s< n do not lesembl* tho-e of la?t year?that Is to say, a ok dificetlcn has taken pise, which gfr*s them an nlr c-t novelty. 1 he sprii g colors are eapertei to be of the usual light kini? ,'lnk, blue >ariou* shades of gre?a, lilac yellow and poussii-re; but nothing 1s yet post, lively settled ijuiet colors will, we believa, be praferred for the promenade. Fortl|a Thtairicalit Mr Dempster, the vocnliet, baa been giving antertelumtnt* in bis native oountry. Scotland. He has been everywhere warmly welcomed, and has met with i tbe most gratifying suaraee 1 ha concerts given bv I.umley have been tolerably ] attractive. Sonteg ba* been a deoldedfavorlta. Thaiberg the great pianist, has arrived, and Is to give bis talent npon tbe next occasion This will be about the last of U.eee amu-euents Mr Sim* Heevee h?? been engag-d by Mr. Luraley a* priarlpal tea? r at li?r Vajeety '* theatre Sigaor Uirdutr* afat* of health b*ia? mob a* to reader it I inpoeelLI* fur bim to attempt Mcglng la public. Mr. Liavenpoit and >1re Mowatt bar* appeared Id a new play. called " I he Noble Heart, and. with Mr. U. V. Brooke. ba*e b?eu completely *uocre*tut. " My Prrclcui Uet.?ey,'' a farce, baa been (uccetiful at tbe .?delpbt Mr*. Wlnctanley'* performance*, at Drury Lane, are highly praWed Mite < atberine Haye* ha? b^en performing at the Theatre Itoyal. Hublm, wlib Inline nee applaue*. The I'ublin oiltlcK apeak of her muelcal talent* to termt of the utun at eulogy A two act Crania entitle 1 The Mother," wrlttea i by I'oaglM Jarrold for Madam* C*l**te and played by bar only tbre* or four night* at tbe Hay market The- j atre prevlou* to her la?t vlait to Ameriaa, *om* ten ' year* *lne*. I* to be brought out Immediately at the Adeipbi theatre Jenny Llad ba? arrival at Berlin, and will *inf at two or three concert* The celebrated aongatre** bad nigh been th? cane* of a tarioa* i mrnit, a night or two ago at Brunawlck wbere ?he bad glten a onoert. On relurnlcg to h?r hotel, (da Ithla), a large nsncnur** teHiubUii t? cheer bar. and to hear a **ren*de, wkiab waa piopceed to be given ?o her by the band of tb* l umri and rhoral aocieliea Some accident baling delated the arrltal < f the ft-rer ader- the mob became Inuat ent. and filled the air with very uDhartnontitM vilUMUra* ; wbii*t other*, thinking they bad been j deceived, aid k?p out of their bed* for nothing, mad' a t.ow ol attacking the hotel, and breaking tbe blind* tid wind< v* A party 11 huutr officer* b-mg Inaide. however, drew tbelr (word* and derlared they would ?ie them thculd the ellgbteat aggieeelia be made Tb<e. It appear*, frightened n>m?, but eia-peratej other* aiidi aight p-rbepe. bave led to very dlaagrea ab e eon*ei|iieiiW* bad not the troop* been called ont. who. ?lth lotte difficulty. cleared tbe etreeta At leogth harmony * >. restored by the arrival of tbe bind* and by tbe lUmdt Jenny app-arlug at tbe ba a >ny At Bremen Jenny Lltd fang In Hayda'a "f re*tIon " Before crating to Creoien. the celebrated ran gave two concert* at woeitlngen, on* of which wa? for the beneBtcf the p, or of tbat town. The etuj-nt* formed a proce*elon in honor ol the ertie'e, aul marched by toteb-light. t>n tbe following merntng they fare fcer a tvrenade at>d formed an e*c<lt tor ber to Nord< beia. Heaera. Ilartiiga' I.uikIoii ftrrnlar. Loki on, *>th Match 1s60 & o'clnrk P. M. The demand ftr mo*t article* of colonial and foreign produce ha- been eitremely limited *inc* our la*t, and to make Bay pr'gree* la *a'e* lower prlae* wonld hat* to be lakei tb* eoallaaed abaaiaace of moaey bowaver, render* holder* lea* anion* to realise. aad bltb ?? maaf-eUl ?arl nation hag K?e nihmil fa A to KoadribP* remain t*eatly depf*a?art. Tb* eottoa , *>arket t?ij *|iret By tbaorerland mail vfelch arrlr?d ihla moritrf. wa baaarecelead M'if'l from Bombay to 4 b February. ted Calcutta to 22d JaBuarr Tha Ho*. F? I. ( mpiij hot ral-?<I their r?l? of eiebaag* fo* t -lla on I?biiI lid \lidiif to Hi. Bad ob Bombay to 2*. S<. I'f'iMi ramark* oa tb >aa artlrle* ia ablrb buali>?*a h#( baaa d"Ba. otbar? remain 'n? wltboat ekaiga. 8to< *?.?Tba account* aad qootatlnaa | ?airad f?< bi tka I alt?d 8:atea by tb* la*t ?teamar, proceed tiaam *n thta tide. aad a* Ui? quaatlty of tcck ??? for eala la. centrally apaakiof. amall. aad i< tbe abuadanea of money continue* *? ^iuta an Proremaat In price*. 1 alUd Btataa 0 a. l??, #2 a M i i 4a 1M7 ' ?, laverlptloa* 1MH a 107 H ; d> IhM. boada 1 J?7Ji a 1*4)4. aad la lair den.aud j Alabama Starliag, , W?H; lUlaala internal Inpraaaiaaat, 44 a 44 ; la- i 4laaa flata '?, 67 a 49 ; Loulalat.a I aloa Daak <1oada. ' Boaa for aaia , Maaaa?ha?*tU Sterling l a, 104*. hi da- , n.aadj Maryland ? a, 99. taller* , Naa Vork State v* 44 a 47, wanted ; do. 0 *, 107 a I OS , obi* 0 * loo a Lib | ana* for ?*J?. Paaatyitaaia S a 43 tatiar* . bo 80*4/1 1 CaraltM far aala. J < oofclnaaJ baa daallaad about 4d. par lb ard la heavy ' al li>? ra4uatloa. th# aalaa eoaatat of 4C0 l>?tu We ova I ijante lloadaraaaMaaratSa 7d a4a Id biarkOa lod a I I 4a 34 , Mexican Mrtt #4 a3< 7d hla*k -it Ad a$a 1 | I d l.?k of all kinda Itt lnt< , *.?*.i bac? I Cappar rnntinnea la froo4 fequaet. fraaaat ra'aa j 1 ar? 11'a ?47 If* ; ?"u*h aaka A M 14a : ih>alU?|| I >?4 par la ; ( Milan alab I* held at *? 4. Chilian **>atd lafotat i?? 1 av torn, 1 tfBee ha* b--?a entirely neflrrted. aad i|*?UUoi? I l*'t *tae<dered n?atly nominal. aonia Ua forced I aaA*a of flaa Man'at i s I aylaa bara bee* aia4a at a rad?*Mra of 10a from tba kl|ikaal point, bat tb? prla- 1 cipal iatporter* tefrtlii from cfftrlDj thair r -od*. wait- 1 '* '** r',olt " ?rpr??ahhi| Datab aataa Tha ST^^T* ***? ''' U?a >>flon it 4,*.. at vbiab abo >t b % wo ki?< bat* bran taken Tba olhar a*laa b?aa baaa poaflaad to IM b<laa Moaba. #r. m 70a to ?.? ?J fvr , \MX\ Mirt, k*4? |< d 4\uaaUa ??, * >d $C) b?j* j :< f>d ordinary Rio at 65* In the c?Btln?at?l port*. denatd r*tualo* *u*i>ended. and little hoarr.eaa U likely to eke place until the Mien la Holland ure over. Tbt Con* trad* ttimiui In t atftte of great doprafl li n and with large antral* frncn abroad prlcei hate igain receded We quote I ntted 8tate* and Canada wbtat from 52f. a K* per ((Barter; American tlour lva a per bnrn-1 Tba r*pit"te from the provincial aul Irish market* err In general eery dull and Indian cor? cat not be <jtiftr\l oyer 2r* a 2k* per 4H0 lbs. In Cotton there has keen Utile doing daring the fortnight and the mark** has ruled heavily, though price* are n<* lover; Orleans at Liverpool mill beiag quoted per pound Our tale* are oonflned to I.UVlmUi Sural ut 4>ad. a 4'.d , 230 Nladra*at 4.H<1 a td., and 170 \>f wed*at tf??d. lor middling Ihiuua, ko ?Castor oil. 8u0 oaiea yeaterday Bold at a farther redurt\.l"n of Id . price* rultug from 7d. a w '.id.; M) ter. ua Hat yellow bark of good quality brought 6* 5d aid ?d , In quinine no change, be??' wax to re queit a huge p*rc*l of Oaimbla sold at i.'7 per owt ; ja ap fella slowly at 2* 6d ; gum myrrh food and "toe waiiieu. a paicel Irom Boh on taken in at Jt'S, being ab ve It* value; oil of ' atsla in demand at 16*., and fcaice; oil ol anniseed Arm at (i? . an otter of 6* 4d. for a iaic? 1 to arrive ha* been refused (Juuis ?Anlml and eopal acari e.olibauum In demand, camphor 75* a So-.; Tuikey (plum 13* yd.a 14* ; quloksllver. 4a per lb.; cutoh 2ls ('J. u i'i* ; gambler lls Od. a l'ia ; 140 leu* fapau wood have b*en *old from j?12 2* 64 a jC18. Im.k.o la tirrolv maintained. At and alter the late *ale?, about H 000 cheata have changed hand*. Stock let ln*t., '26,4*1 cheat* against -7,117 last year. Viie expert* from Calcutta to 22d January amounted to 1U 140 cheat*, 01 which 11,245 to Great Britain, 7,5J5 to kraooe. and only 264 to the United States. Ikon.?The market 1* lets tirui, and with an order in hard we could buy common bar* at Xb. and rail* at X'6 6. both free on board In Wale*. S?edi?h scarce. at jL'13 on the rpnt; rale* for spring shipment have b**n made at Jill 10; Scotch p't;. '"r mixed numbers; No. 1 Gartshrrile, 47* per ton at L**i> in active request. Spanish dearer; It ha* been (< Id kt jC 17, and Is now held f-?r X17 IV. British fica?. at last quotation*. Liki.kd < thin continue difficult of sale. Kin* 4m?rlcan w?rth XT, anil ordinary kind* i.'6 15 a X6. London-made. X"6 10 On - Ki?h are dull at former price* ; ollre difficult of rale at X'4b forOallipoli : Manned in mors requeit at ?2* M t U?. ; (alia 82i a ilt. (d ; and cocoa nut as laet quoti d. SiiTrirsi: ?Aboutjl4 000 bagshava changed bands at 26k fd a 28s tid. for Heugil, being extreme ra'es. Nl trate soda held at 16s. tid. on the spot; a cargo of 4SO tr>n* ha* been taken, to arrive, at a price equal to 14*. tij. landed, and 16a. baa since bean paid for 200 ton*. K>w Silk.?At the public aaie* on 27th and 21th ultimo. comprising 2,50<> bale* China and 1 VOO bale* Bengal all desirable qualitin* realized extreme rate* ; but Inferior aorta of Bengal were not saleable, and principally withdrawn. Sri i.iik ia very dull ?For arrival there ara seller* at X'16 {>s,; on the *pot it can be had of the dealer* at ?.6 16*. a X'I6 17a. 6d. Sikh ?Pepper has declined, and several parcel* of AUppy have been *oM at 3>ad. a 3\d j pimento alio lower. 700 bags celling from6??d a6 ?d.; nothing Joae in cae?ia max, or nutmegs ; cloves. 170 bags ttourb >n sold from 7 *4d a 8)?. ; ginger, Bengal common, 10*. tid. a 23*.. Y.alabar -H* a 2t.s. 8i <iin.?We bare bad a firmer marVet. without, however, any improvement in value. Of West India not luore than 2,700 hbds have been aold. the aupply being (bolt; but the trada hava taken 63.000 bags of all kind*. Foreign baa been in more requeat and business to soma extent ha* been entered iuto at lull rate* The pales comprise 16 6C0 boxes brown to line " florates" Havana from 16* tid. a 26*. ; 2.000 bag* unolayad Manilla 16a a ICa. tid. ; 680 raaaa white Bahia at 22i 6d a 2Sa 3d. ; a cargo of 400 cases brown at 2l?. tid. afloat f>r Gothenburg, and one of 6,000 bag* brown rernami at IS* tid. for a near port. In anticipation of the Dutch aale. which was held yesterJay. at \nn-terdam, there baa been little doing In the Coatinental market*, but bolder* have displayed great firmnes*. At St. Petersburg white Havana ia now quoted 2H a Ro. 1'H%. Tallow is rather firmer within a few day*, but prioes continue low. (ay 87* for St. I'eteraburg V. C on tbe (pot. and 38* tid. tor new tallow, deliverable last threa months of tha year. Tk*.?Transactions have been limited, and price* remain without material alteration. Tii remain* Inactive. Kngllah maintain* it* prloe*. but foreign 1* difficult of sale at 82* a 81s. for ilaaoa and Strait* respectively, af which the stoak 1st inst. was 737 tons. In Holland. Banca is offered at f 44^, or about 76*. tid. par cwt. free on board Ti ae**TiM.?Hough in moderate demand, at 6c. Od Spirits less demanded aad quiet, at 81*. for Kngliah, and o2*. tid a 32*. for American. W HiLtMsi without transaction*. Southern and NettbwMt are both quoted nominally, at ?170. raara. Baring*' 1,1 v?-r|xwil Circular. Lit KMi-ooi., March 8, I860. Since our last circular, the cotton market ha* been uit form 1 j dull and declining notwithstanding tha reIteratlon cf account* from the T cited Statea. tan Jlng to fhf w that tb? lupply from that quarter muat ba much reduced thia teaacn. and the fact that tha arrival* la 'fce joita there bare lately fallen off la a marked manner. The raiea la f? ur weeka ar? only 6f>,060 Vale*. Including ID 84U to apcculatora, and 7.070 for export; and |t will ba aeen by tha accompanying tabiaa, that quotatiori are reduced about ?,d. par lb. ta Amarican, and )?d ta Klat Indian ootlon, ataea tha 8th ult. TUa, however, dcea aot rapraaant tha fall depreciation In Talm, aad lower rata* muat ba i<ubmlttad to In ordar t0 effect any eoaaidarahla aala*. Tha dallverlee to tha trade (08.060 balat), average only 17,10'J par waak, and It li evident that they do not eradlt tha aitlmataa of tha Aatilcu crop which ara currant, aad that thay ara datarmlaed to act la tha moat caatloua maanar la Baking their purchase*. In thla thay ara, no doabt, canfirmed by tha lact that no foreign market eneourage* the hopa of profit* to buyer* of gooda. who ara. eona?quently. but Indifferent cuatomara at present; aad at tba aame time, It doe* not appear that tha homa deIE and la at all active. Tha ccxaumpUon of tha raw materia) ha* been ao far iaaaanad. that It la likely a crop In tba I'nitad State* of 2,3C0,b00 balaa. with tha amall it.ceaae from othrr .juartara, whloh prioaa of tha la?t rtx mon'ha will I'robably bring in, would ba aufflcleot to supply tha *planera' requirement*. Aa a crop of tilt balaa la atill eipaoted by many partiaa on tba other aide speculation here ta now muoh checked, aad. t ? i. this tbara la alraady a van larga part of our atock hald by apeculatrra. If. Indeed there were a tolerable as-urance talt that tha I oited Siatea would aot j laid, tLla aeaaan, above >.000,000 balaa. we might 1 >ok fur a revival In tha speculative dervand. but. with pre. sent prospects, there seem* little raaaon for eipeetla* advance In price* Tha Import of all klnda of notten into urni nriiaiu, I'-r two uinmoq 01 jiuu. wee <vi .jvi bel?? liir lading 223 333 Aiuarlcau ?K?ln?t 3j.'l MM in *11. nd 28S Ml American, Imported from l*t January to 28th KaMuary. 18JC The ntf-ek on 2*tb alt e mulit-.i of 370 844 b*le? Amarloan. and 340.099 bale* of other kind* orC>]0 Rt?B balaaIn all. Thlel* an axeataof 101 2S1 bale* over tba (took bald lut year at tba ho? time, when there were 2t0 >30 bal.a Aarrltan. aad 218 712 bale* of other aorta. fltLinfpetl Import and utoek account*, with particular* of tbl* week * .aie? and prion*, will be hand In tba loll?wlnK table: ? Ct-aaanT Pan ca thi* Dat. Fair to Ord. to Mi<1. lood f ilr, Owif to Fin* 8eal?Iaa4 f \ a I.' MS a it li>S a 2t Btained to a fi 7 a 7? * a !? L'plan4 a ??.*?** 7 a 7? Habile RVa ??, f i? a 7 7>, a 7l? Alalarra ft Tean<-Mea. Mil fl? a ? ? a ? NawCrltaa* *S a f>\ ? '? a 7'? 7X a To the To Npr.a- ForF.r. To'.tl Trad*. Into rt. part. Hi It t, Betlaaled *alaa to (<th Mareh. ISM) 2S1670 154. ? ? 1.1410 301M) t>" to tLa ian.< date In im? si4,s?n ui reo *!."? 5* **i i ai*,-Wf fcaee again to notice a decline la thl* roerket afTectlag all daeartptlnna of grain and pul?a; and, notwlth*tandlni tba raduetlen in value, there e^n tinaee but little demand and the tone of tba market le vary much deprea<ed There ba? lately been a lar<a fuppl.T of Nraaeb flour of axcellant qaallt* but not oaleclated to keep *o well aa A merlcan and Importer* are, therefore free aeller* For American wa < anaot (U"ta above '?."* for the axtra lualltle* of Ohio, *<>und t'tiila<] ))>'a and Paltlmora SI* to 21a Ad . Western ' ana', aaaat and af gord brand*. 20 to 21* , whlla for Inferior, in to 17* Bay be <{U"tad Indian oora baa 'realy enaaa In and tha lrt?b demat d belag at a pauee, tba main part ha* beea ?trred White ha? declined mora than yellow and I* now worth only 20* ?d .to 27* Wllo*. 'it' to if*. ?d per <|uartar, and mixed t.">a to Sfi* d. per quattar. t orn meal nominal at 12a f>J. to 13*. per 1*? iw* PaixtmoKt ?There ha* bean a molerate burin*** In beef, without material change In prlnaa. Old pork ba? been la demaod for export, at former rata*; rot new tbere I* but 111 tie Inquiry. Kaw bee n m>T*? off, la retail lot*, at S4 to 36a. for fair, and ?? to S7a for flaa > aatern. Nothing ?a? la ham* and *houlder*. Ch*eea fully maintain* It* value with a atealy demand. I.ard ha* lately baea lakea to a fair ettaat, tba aale* of tba mcath ab>nt 400 toaa, tl.a Utter traa*a> tioaa being at ?>r |u tttiTi T *?ic n ?lb* bn*laa*a J mb* lo t'ahruar v amouot?4 to 2 7*4 hhd. . Inrludlag' I irfima l'<r*j?4.i K y fcv. /.*.?/? H'tm'd. J taf. *lrm !. I <*.1 to th? n>a;* trad*, Tii ti 51 M Ml n ii?u?H "ii* ? ? i H - ftaotlaad, " ? M ? ? tj " Kiht, " 7 in ? IX ? ii-tultiwi, " M Ml 1H WW 1,174 ?? *4'?4 m I -i' <p?ra<loa? war* ehwCf ' Iba ttukt f?tt a* lb# ?r 1 lad to ao a-4 ' n ?- nf ^ 1 U> Id ft lb Id rtrrnti tobaaoo. but V lr?iala l?af It will b# nh'rr??<l hw b?*n <*-niparatl?*lj ir|lwi?4 rba*t- ?k rn tb* 2*th nit. ?* L => MO bbd* . lft. 110 held at lb* ?lr?? of f r bruarr. 1*40. Iilix ? Tba d'lt*h4 for ?l"Trfl??l ku b*?a limltad ltd at l*f0* auction Mkla, h<>rt tlma at a* a tbara ?. ra ?o bujara Tb? aala* ?d? Innlnd* 100 tlaroaa Unlftu i?4, at from 47 to 4ft?.; M bal?* t ranah r?d |*. I*t<>41? f'Ttdd. Bad 4(M. tor Baa. aad a f#w bal?-? i'NIitk ?M * a*f?* A f mall parcal of tKirlcao biw?4 brr nght W?. paroaab. A'lm ? Llttir hw baan 4olav I* thi? artlala. and tlaaa at a tit* **'* *r* about fOO harrHa p >t? at is*, to ? ;? (d. to* aad and I* to 90* for "all f?ult? " >*??i Ku a*a ? Notblrj ba? baan d >na In tar. and lb* traa-artloai la tarpaatla* t" avail, Including 4?* farnlt H t?t| l?l*|| r qualify a'4* *d *?r o?t , ao I 14 ID bait*!* tba priaa r? * blah 4a *o? raportad Koala ^ hi(h?r aiM ab at J fH>o bar*. I* bar* h?an ao Id '* * r* ' r toaaMi. and 7 to it* par eat Icr Ik* I sir qtallti.a M.aa-lhara ha* b-fri a m.larata aa^nnt of bo*1 ?*?? la l-alli* dr*?i||ttlrn? at tba ,,noi*tl.a.< Of I at*. b*Ml*(M?4Mtbal**. rtftcai A ll to *14 ?d par ? ' > IIIUaburla***?iot?f. >nd r \ I. baa Mf<i aold at fro.a Ha. 6d d?*a la ?7* irraat. * nth Aaarieaa I* alar lavar *aJaa at fmn r* '.v*: rcr: ~,m'u >ro> fbt t to to*. 3d [#f r?t. Hif *?.- I b? arr'ral* la r*bt nary ?*r* r?ry l|?ht fro? II ?tt??t< r? *nd pr;*?* b*?- In aanaral ba?a wall n>. < it'.4 v f h?<J t?kc l?'|?lr; ft th- b*at 4 talltia* '<f ml ted Rlrar Plat* and IMo Grand*. but the | uantl'.y of such rffrilov I* but (iiikll; the taler Ineluia 10,60j hidos, st 3',d to 8){d for good heavy *x; 3\4 for middling; 3d. lor light ox. and -i>4d per lb fm bulla For 1 800 Burma Ajre* dry bid*-* 6l,d %m 6 \d wti paid for good quality. averaging 30 >* lba , ati1 6d per lb for 24 lbs. average Seveial pare*!* of We*t Coast bides bar* fouod buyer* at full rata*. comprising 1/00 dry vUzatUn at 4}td. to 6\,d par lb j 300 dry Valparaiso at 8 ,4 to 4',d i 300 dry aalUd Callao at 3^d . 4 600 ?et Halted at US.4. per lb. Of horM hld?*. 33 *00 ware taken, at 6 to 7*. each aceordlrg to quality Therein ??ma demand for 1 act Icdla Klpt. but buyer* are Dot willing to giro ti e price* feed by Importer*, about 1 600 common dry *alt?d broughtkd to8>?d . and Interior. 6*<d to ?\4. For felcgapor* builaloee. of 26 lb*, eai-h. 3*d per lb ?a> paid, la horse hair, vary little baa baen done, the stork belrg hi Id at blab rata*, and oooiUtiag oblafly of ft mm on qualities, whlla tha Inquiry is mora for gaod aLd fair mixed About 70,000 ox and cow horns mid at 30 to 36a for ordinary B. A ox. of 17 to 'J4 ox.; 13a tor oow acd light ox; 27* ?d to 28s. 0d for La (iuayra ox of 18 ox . and 14s. 8d. for oow. nil per 1'JS. On.*.? The rpeculatlre demard for oliva oil having subMded. tba tratieaetloaa axa ou a much siualiar scale than noted in our last but little rHVct has be?n p-o duced on price*; tba sales are estimated at about f> )0 iud* in all. In fi*h oils, we may notice 60 tuns American whale at ?32 10a ; about 100 tuns cod at ?30 6s to ?38 acd some small parcels of real, at ?'5i to ?38 10s [ er tun. Seed oils in moderate faqnaat, and thu bad utr* romprices about 10 tons lln??ed at *>a to at* *lid 10 tons pale rap* at 43* perewt Spirit*of turpentine etrailv. at S3* to 33*. ?d perewt. In palm oil les* ha* been doing: the rale* are ab'>nt 000 torn, at from ?31 6* to ?31 16k . chiefly at ?'31 10* per ton. Rick ? Tbe tranractlon* in Carolina amount to 460 tierces, at frrta 18* Od. to 2C? 3d perewt. Of Ka*t India about 7 COO bag* *old, at from 8s. HJ to 11a. 3d for ordinary to very g< od white. A parcel of 660 bag* small Bratil rice brought 7*. fid. to 8a per ewt. (nru.-A amall lot of piioentoba* been gold at G\d. per lb. Of K. I. ginger. 0C0 bag* brought 19* for wormed Malabar, and 22a. Od. for good Bengal and 2 000 p >ok?t? 2Js. per c?t for Bengal. A *m*ll lot ot pepper Bold, at 4d tor Mack. a> d 6d for white 8*uirLTRE.?The market U dull, and the aal?s only 1,1 to tags, at 26a td to 28a. Cd per ewt Nitrate of ?*da ha- be< n taken to tba extent of 6oO tona. at from 14* to 14* 6d perewt ; the later rale* at 14*. 3d, Si-caa.?For the greater part of tbe month the market wa* exoi edlngly flat, and sales oould not be effected w ithout a decline of fid. to 1*. per cut ; but at tbe close of laat week a better demand appeared, encouraged by ' tbe Improvement la London. The rale* of B P are very *mall and tboae of E I. only about 16 000 bac*, with 600 Mauritius, at 40 to 43* per ewt In foreign i descriptiona we nay notice 700 bag* new brown Pernaiu , at 17* 3d.; 1 660 barrel* and bag* Veneguela. at 87 s to 41?. 3d , and 120 hhds Torto Kico. at 3b* to 41a. Od. per ?wt The bu*tne*a in molas#e* inoludes 260 puncbaona Cuba, at 17a 3d. to 18a , the latter lor a parI eal with an unnrual proportion of eugar; 101 puncheons | Barbadte*. at 17a. fid., and 200 cask* K I treacle, at 16a. 3d perewt In the week ending to-day. tbara ba* been ! a fair inquiry for augar. the Mies reaching 400 hhda. B. j P. and 4 700 bag* Last India and Mauritius In foreign, : the buMnesa comprises 880 hhd*. Porto Kioo, at 36s. tfd to 42? fid : 100 case* Biaxlls, at lc'.e to 17a fid. for browo, { and 22k Od. tor good white, and 160 boxes Havana, at 18s fid. for brows, and 23s. for hoe yellow. In molaoses a large business done, amounting to 1 000 oa<ks. at full prices for the better descriptions, but aome reductloa on the lower. Co?ras.? Tbe market ha* bren without animation, and tor soma large parotls of Laguayra and Maracaibo, and rae of Jamaica offered at auotion. no bidding wa* made. Tbe sales to 1st inat include 1,0?0 bags St. Domingo at 66s fid.; 660 bag* do. danug'd at 40s to 48a. ltd ; iCu bags Costa Uiea. at 66*.; 40 bag" Kio, at 63a ; 60 bags Babia at 64 to 66a . and 480 ba^sgood pale ordinary Maracaibo. at 64 to 60s per ewt Holders have, In general, been Urn. Thi* week s mlej are only 140 baga Laguayra. at 62*. per ewt. ?-> 1....... UaIK:., ,lnn. haralnlnHl.rn A few rrMK of oocblneal brought 3a. 7d to 3* lOd. per lb for mall inferior Mexican silver. Ther* i? nothing to report in lao dye or shell lae Madder root* are again higher, and the tale* Include lis lale* Turkey, at 61*. to 62*. tid. Of French madder*. 40 ca-k* war* sold at 62 to 64a. per cwt., and of Duteh, a few ca?ka ombro at 44s.. and crop at 48 to 65* per cwt. A f ?ir extant of business ha* been dona in brimstone, at x'tl 12*. 6d. to ?t 16s r third quality. Quercitron bark baa been telling at 0*. tid. for Baltimore. ao>l 111 3d to II*. 6d. for I'blladelpbla Thru ha? continued a good demand fordjewoode; the aa!*a include 1.400 ton* Campeaaby logwood, at ?6 2a. 6d. to ?H 6*. per ton; about 830 ton* St Domingo at ?4 12* 6d to X?4 15* ; 7li0 ton* fustic, at ?6 16*. to i.'T lft*. for Cuba; jt'6 2s. 6d for ruertoCabello and ?h 7* 8d. for mixed; 200 too* Lima wood at ? 1H 6*. to A'17. and 20 ton* *olld Nicaragua at ?12 10*. per ton; 120 ton* .Manilla *apan wood, at ?13 6s to i.'l3 7* fid. per ton. Woti. ?Th* market ba* been firm, and prices of all foreign kind* well supported. The attendance of buyer* at the public sale* of the let wai numerous, and the greater part *o)d at vary satisfactory prtoes. Tb?London vale* of February went off witb spirit, at an adt* of 7), to 10 par cent on the price*of December. Mi this ? There I* bo chang* to notioe In copper, which remains at 104 par lb. Yellow metal SKd per i lb. Tlla copper A'87 10*., and tough lake, A'S8 10*. p*r . ton Tig Iron, at the Clyde, 44* t.d. to 46s. 2d for i mixed Lumbers, and 46s 6d to 47s. for No. 1 (>artsher{ rle; common bar*, ?6 10*. to ?6 12* 8d par ton; Stattorn hi re T rell*. A'6 6a per t,,n. bars and rail*, In ! Wale*. 7* Ad. per t<? leaa. I'in platan, L U* for { charcoal, and 28s. (id. for ooka. Bank or England, ' As Account, puieoaat u Um ietiik tad nil ?i-i?^., ?> . ?. Sot the week ending on Satarday, the 2d day of Marsh, lt*0 usri; DKrikraiST, Notes Issaed i.JU..Ci>.lti0 G' ?.rament debt. ?11 .01(1,100 Other see unties. ,. t,iM4,iW0 Geld Ceia and Ballion 16.IMW.0M ileer Balliea OT.077*i<>, iw x JO,Ji i?, io>> itKiiKt DirilTinf. Pniriiton' Carl- Oovarnmeat Smit?l. iimw ntiM. (including Km! 3,S?1>J4 Iiwd w?|hl Mrabin ixpo^u, *i?.mrn (including I*- Other McoritiM.. IU.4SV.dlU ahe'iaer, Saving! Not**. 11,.V>7,,\-a Baul*, CoBBlt- GoU and 8il??? atonari of Ka- Caia 749.7CO tlnnai Debt, u< Dividend Ae'u). 7^>.2**< ether DcconU.... 9,6b 1 ,K?J leitrB ?*T ?d ether BUI* 1 ,<*<,** ?X.M.M7 ?X9C1MI The Conrte of European Kxckaage. Hihii'Iun, .March l.lH&o. Amxtrrdam. , .3 uiunth* 35 36 etivcru fur 2 p. Pari* 8 " lM>i e?nU fur 1 p t-"? " *?* {tS^SSiSSST Genoa.......8 " l.W e<>uti for 1 p. Leghorn 8 " 2->0 lira fur 3ti0 marc* bunco P**i? Mar oh t? Am*t< rilnm l air,nth* 'ill)*, cent* for 1 florin, liitmlturg.... " 184'? cent* for 1 p banco. London " 25 3'1% h* and ct* for i."l atf. Oi'iiM. . .... " l.Te cent* for 1 lira nuora. Leghorn ... " MX oenta for l lira. AMrrtapm, Marsh 6 Pari* 2 month* MK grote* for 3 franoa Hamburg.. " 84', do. for 1 p London.... u *w 11 II* and atlver* for ?1 *tg. I Urnia. . .. " 4.r>V centnolfl. for 1 lirannora I Leghorn. " 8u d? (orl Ur?. Lonpan, March 8. Am*t> rdam. .8 no*. 12 2 a2H I flrn and atlvcra for Hotierdam .. H l'i2S,a V,S i Antwerp. ... " 26 72)? franc* and et* fur 1 do | Hamburg... " 18 12\ a 13 narc? ft ahtl ban 1 do > Pari* " 26 07 X franna and canto I do. , Lleoon 00 da. ? pence *tg fori mtlrea. Oanon. .. .Smoa 26 90 a 20 j ?l* ^ e'?* f<* Leghorn... M 26 46 a 66 Ura ?1 atg. luuio* rra Oimi. ?. 4. Oold atandard. . 77 8 Silver, do. 4 US : South America* dollars 4 ICS ' U^d St.U. do - ~ 1 0O0 weigh Spanieh do. ? ? , . Ipanlah doubloon !"? V0?1 | Bogota and Mas do. { * ! Popaya? do. ( ,

aratu. Lwi^t Mo*?? Mttiti. March 9- There ha? been considerable anlmatloa In the K.Bglleh fund* to-day. and tbey have cloaed at aa advance *if a juirter par cent Coaeol* fir money opeotdalM', lnM and In eoaaeqaeace of larga purchase" by one of the principal hrotera. they iaaiedlately advaacad. and continued well rnpportad up to tha terminatu a ct bualaea*. whan i the {BrtatloB wa? (0H to k%. Kor th* llth i f tprlt, th* y left oil at WIS to X Bank Htock eloaed to 207 Reduced. M'. to )?; Three and a Quarter par ( tut*. WB'. *0 VW. MM AlllKNt, ; lo ll* Ktoak ittft t< Vi?, India Bond*. 14a to 87, aol V xehaquar Mil*, >6a t< pramium The only notlcaahlc fa?t ur* In tha feral jn aloe* market wna In I'araalaa blob attain a?p*nanca.l Uucttiv tiro, tba bargain* for tha irmvat bfltf i>M at 74',. U I,,71. and :s <? ; and ira bafarrad at llIt. ?t. l I U.S. Tba othar trnnaaotlon* compile Braalllan at ftw%; tba aaw. lor aoo unt. M't; I blllan 1?0'4; Ecuador a\; Vatican for aoaay,?fcr tba account, awH and S i iba ant ail 39% ; fortiifaaa* ^ oar par i aatc, for nctiaj.M. and for account 84 and .14V RaaaUn arrlp 8, tfpai.lah H?a par I anta for am*;, ITS, far tba aacouat. !"*?; Bpani.h Thraa p?r Caata. for aa ; fruit M'i , Belgian four and a Half par aaata. and Vd. Llatab Too aad a Half par eanta . and tha H?r far ( aat Cartlflaata*. ?I. M, and )%. r?ai? Bnra??, March I.ataat rrlcaa ? Vlra p-r < anta. Wf 4t?.) Thraa pat ( anta, ?7f Kg , Boat of taroa* Hun M.antra. March <1 < ottoa ftlaca nnr rap->rt of tba Mith Mlriar; laat. par ar.a la ?ra bar a r??a|fM aditaaa from tha Ualtad tltataa by iPanar Niagara alth 4a'aa from Naw \ ?rk to tha ftb all., wbl.-h proda cad ao aflact whataaar la nnr market, bat on tha contrary, aad aa aw pro?noeK>n*?d tba Jacllna mada fnitbar pcrfraaa until tba Mth whan ila accrual* frrai l i<if|Ml haaia* ?H?htlj Improvad. tba trala asaf'a ?rn-a purr haa?a obl-h hr. ?,[h? oar ?ta? to tha tat Jit? thay aara al aa tha With l?bruary, however t< r a data paat tba adrlcaa Iron l.lraqpiol n >t b? It c < f a rary crconraftBK nata*>. <mr n?**at r<-- 1 aialc* ga at, and tba aal?a f tha W??k do not^iaaad I'll hal. a ard I ho-a fr? aa tfca ttih alt to tba M laat oaly reach about fM4 bale* atalnat 14 lay hale* i ni rt., abcut K 0(0 balaa of which vara rwHnd -khfn.'h* i | laat Itaedaya Oar lataat ad ?lee* f-rnr tba I nlttC fttatae acre teaeleed ala I r?leod. aad bear dataa fro? , > aw t rrk to tba Rth Kit . which < 'nflrn lb# fa'llnc t f I In tba rarelpla than al 140 414 hal?a |?<? than iboa* rf ' ] laat J ear at tba aaina parted ! rowi \aa Orleaoa wa ' \ h?aa dataa to tha lib alt wbtrh rolddliat fair at Vrr? I barl???m wa raca.aad hy iba ahlp Italy ' acri aata ftrm that marhat to tha Bth of tha Mota m- ntb. which h w?rar aaaoaaca a thtn? i.f nay In- t pert area at d. tbarafora. ooaaaton no Inlnan** on oar marhat ahl-h ooallnaaa rty dall.'with dally aal*a of , sr? tr 4( P ha..a, Wa Bow only h?b for aUraa .Sip. it en tba I attrd BUtaa Tba raaalpra trcn tba lat af ft a yaar to tba praaaat llm raaoh W Ml* lain anlaat '< k"0 ha lea laat yaar; oar dallaarlaa anownt to M 710 a It >i kjalnitllttltala* at tha aaa* parlod an1 nir M?tk taay ta taioad at NNf balaa, agaiart il,M , ?>*!# ob the 8th at February, 1149 The followiaf war* th# win ittecttd Til :? 1 419balei New Orleane. F. 88 ? 103 ? 664 " Mobil# 95 ? 102 ? " I pland 91 ? 10J ? 86 J I'errambaro 102 ISO ? ? 273 " Bahli.. 96 60 179 " Sea Island 170 ? 300 ? A?bea? American pot continues exceedingly dull, and canrf t be quoted above f 62. Pearl in also languid at f 61, and ' asau la quite nominal at f. 60, and nothing dine whatever In either. Oar stock on the 28th of February waa eompoaed of 800 bbla. American pot, 70 caska Catao. and 110 to 116 bbla. pearl We have received beridea, thia week, 123 bbia pot and 46 libla pearl from New York, by Elisabeth Denison Benwat eontiauea well supported; our aupplies on ban! are very limited and may be valued at 18 bbls. and 18 bags from New York, by Mixabeth Ocular n and 14 bbla. St. Domingo, by Creole, which are not yet landed. C<H>e? Oor transactions bave bean completely at a aiaod for the eonaumptlon. but for export aeveral sales bave taken place an follows vie 1,032 bag? 8c Domingo at f o2 to 63. >d I 125 bag? Hlo wasted at f 89 to 70 per 60 kll, In b< n*i; beaidea wbic'i, at a public sale 1.647 bags St I>on. I ego were disposed of at 1100 to 111 par 60 kit. duty paid Seller* await the Issue of the ralea In Holland to a?e tbe turn pricea may take at that period, and for the pretrnt do not appear inclined t* tall at cur actual ratee. We have received this week 150 baga Java from Nantea and 3 808 bag*, 3 bbla. St. Domingo by tbe ( red* Stoek at the end of last month, 60 000 baga. 1*7 eaaka. 33 bbla. and 82 casaa, of wbish 23,000 Java, acd 14 000 St. Domingo, agalnat 32 000 baga. 40 catks. 280 bbla. on the 28th February, 1849. Onr imports laat month comprlae 2.1,000 bags, agalnat 9 600 bags laat year at tbe aame period. Lard -No alteration ahutevrr baa taken place In thia article, but wa notloe tbe aale of 167 bbla. American at f.62 75 per kit, duty paid. We hava received no fresh supplies Stock oa band 2,600 bbls. Olla continue 1b a favorable position. H I,ale la telling at f.43 60 to 44 I'alm Is steady at I 48 to fO, according to quality, but nothing dolog No arrivals. Quercitron bark without any demand. Thl< ftrtiflU rftiiiatlim atitftdv tt ( 1U r.n 'ID fur Hhi!Al?lnhiA ami f.17 fur Baltimore. No Imports tnis wee*. Kioe ? Tbl* article Ik exceedingly dull, and price* wear a downward aspect, the sales of the week ba*e b?'?o confined to 100 tierce* ( aroll> a at f 26 50, and 111 tierot* damaged at f 20 2& to 24 75 per 60 kll, duty paid. We bare received from Bordeaux 400 bags Kaat India, an 1 249 tierce* Carolina from Charleston, by Italy Stock on hand 1.6C0 tierce* Carolina, and 16 000 bugs E*et India. Extreme prices may be quoted at f.2S to 27 for tba former, and fl2tc 16 for the latter de?erlptton*. Sugar? For the last month, the d?maod has been confined to the Dott pressing wants for consumption and our rate* are languid at f 64 for boon- 4o of ouroolonlee, and even a sale has been made to arrive by Matbtlde, of 106 hhds. at t 63 76 Nothing done tn fore gn. The lalea of the previous month do not exceed 500 hhds , against S08 hhds. receipts, and our stock actually may be valued at 4 700 hhds Kiench We?t India. *00 hhds. Torto Hioo. BOO chests Havana 2,826 bag* Muscovado** of rercambuco, and 60 cheats Bahia Our lateit dates frem Martinique are up to 81*t Deoetuber, and advise the laat shipment* of the old orop Tallow continue* on the deollne; 67 cask* Ru**lan have been disposed of at f t 8 60 and 182 cask* Bueno* a jres at f 62 per 60 kil . duty paid. Import*: 480 oafks Buenos Ayres, by Norm and. Stock: 006 cask* Russian. 600 000 kil. Burnoa Ayre*. ?0 casks New York, and 200 bbl* New Orleas*. Whalebone neglected; m superior lot was realist d this week at f 222 60 per 60 kll. duty paid. Our stock, which may be valued at 68 000 kil . include* 10 0C0 kil French tlshery. the prices of which may vary from f 220 to 226 No arrival. Woods?No alteration ha* taken place aince our last report, price* remaining w*-ii supported, notwithstanding the absence of salea, which have been confined this week to 260 tons Santa Maitha to arrive by Roth?magu* at M0 per 60 kll .duty paid We have received 122 log* Braill frem Osteml, 262 log* cedar, by E. Denison, from New York; 1 cargo Cam peachy. from St Domingo, by Creole, and 1 eargo do . Spanish cut, frem Carmen, by Kole. Mam 'hem te, Friday, March 8.?A general dulneas (till characterise* the market. Buyers shew a very decided want of confidence in the prices now asked, both for goods and yarns; and this feeling having been to a considerable extent participated in by *ellers, concession* have in man; case* been mad* upon the price* current a week ago. The let* firm ton* of producers in*} be attributed to the partial prospect of dimtoWhed orders and acoumulatiug stocks. A* the reault of this, they have shown more disposition to do buslne**, and everal fair lots ef clotbs, suitable for the India market, have changed hand* during the week In printing cloth* buyer a have had generally the advantage. The new* from India, without having communicated any seor-ible improvkinent to the market, haa given it a slightly steadier tone In yarns, further concessions have been made on low numbers. Kins numbers for the eastern markets are firm, and more inquired after. Both for b< me and export, the yarn market has been very quiet during the week. Ksbicmt* av Lrrr.arooL, March I.?The quantity of railway and manufactured iron going forward being large, veasel* continue to fill up retdily. and freight* are well supported. I'Msenger* are acre abundant, but the advance In rates la trifling, for New York w? quote dead weight 16s. to 20* per ton; salt, 17*. 6d. to 20s.; fine goods. 17*. 64 : hardware, 12*. 64.; earthenware, b*. 64. to Ss Boston? Dead weight, 17*. 6d. to 20*.; fine good*. 20*.; hardware, 20*.; earthenware, 7*. rmiaaeipma?i>?aa w*iru?. in. to ii? ?m ?? i 20*. ; hardware. 20*.: earthenware, 10*. Baltimore ? l)?ad weight, It* to 17*. 6d ; fin* good*, SO*, to 96* ; hardware 90*. to 9ft*; eartbenware. 10a. Naw Orlaaaa -Dead weight. 90a.; aalt. 1?*.; flaa good* 2i$.; bard ?r?, 9?* ; earthenware, 10a. 1 lia Uraat Lturarjr Fair. The eeml-annual l.lterury Kalr of Naw York baa ofmf. A million or mora volume* of book* and article* of *tatlonery will b* told at tba trada calaa of Bang*, I'latt 4. Co., and Cooley It Reaaa. during tba next taa or twelve day*. Upward* of a tbooaand bockaallar*, from every part ol tba l'*ln, art raiblog , Into Naw York to lay In tbalr atock for tba next its month* Larger I a vole** ara offered than arar have been void, tba book k?il***i 1* In a mora flourishing atate, tb* ru*h and competition ara immense Mary, thing la going " merrily M marriage ball* " We thai I give our reader* *ome glancaa at the boek trade, and thoaa tnaldent* of interact wbieb occur daring the pro grea* of tbe trade tale* Very lew per*on*, except thuea connected elth tbe pabllablng or aelllng of book*, ean form any correct idea of tbe enormou* extant of tba buflner* Some Ova and twanty year* ago, when there ware bardly fifty new book* a year pubiltbed In thl* country, bookaelllng, a* a trad*, waa In It* Infancy, and evaa ibota who warr anga#td In It bad uo conception of It* future grewth. Thar* were bardly any aatabllahed principle* of e?mmetoe to regnlat* tba b'X>k trada, and a general oorgrea* of nablUher* In New York, Phi- , ladelpnla Boeton. Ilartford and Naw Itavea. aaaembled together In tbl* olty, to eatablUh regulatlona and prln- , clplee fur the tr mmerte of bo< k*. aad devlae mean* fur tbalr geneial diffualon throughout tha eouotrr. Serul- I annual aalea ol book* and (tatlonery have, alone that period, been made m tbe epring and In tha fall of each yfir la all the great cltle* Tbaae aalea, which In tba aggregate did not amount la tbe beginning to upward* ol thirty thourand dollara annually, noar amount to million* There ara alcgle boobeellara wbo aell at the** rale* ai.nually fifty tbonaaud dollara and tb?trad* I* tapldly Incrtaalng. l"rob*bly, In a few year*, It will b* the ehUt medium for the aale of book*, liom tbe pub'laberi to tbe baokaellar*, a* the Kalr at Lelpalo ha* ao 1> ng be*? In Germany. Ibeae rait* are exceedingly Interacting. from tba lUJDVDfV IIU'UBl HI Utvai P\l<l, l IIVI i N"iuu?itiu:a< tea. the high character wbloh th*M> < ly bear fur utility aa4 food prlaelpl**, tb* *xtraordla4ry Intelligence and raergy of the hookMlUr*. aad tb? n. > Intturaoe wbleb 11.. v vl'.b lb* author* and tb* (tmi. art bow putting li.rtb upoa tb* fortune* of lbl? rtatlnebt. maka the *eml annual rMurrrna* of tb?M trad* Ml** a matter of *poclat aad de*p ialaraat lb* publt*bera and bookMlWr* of thla oauntry ar* bat; of tbr a. nm who, parly Is llf*. *at*r*d th* b i?laa** Ilk* Franklin. aad be?an tbetr fortuo** la th* composing room. Son* i.rtbrw bar* bwo editor*. aad ar* i o mi i i iib>r* early la llf*. w*r* attracted t > thbuvinrn* from Iot* ol b >k? and a aympatby foe Intellig?tc* tad learning, while aa a ela*a tb*y arc probably aot *urpa?*ad by ??y otb*r. la all th* (ualiU** of fi cd eltit?n*blp and intelligence (> * i'l tb? n rtrlklag iain tb* ?.. ? ry of tbaao tr*d? *alM. I*, that a ?*ry large proportion of tb* book* old ar* Bad* tor aeboula and laatltatloa* of *at*aoa and l'ari/lt|. 1 bar* ar* ao vary accurate (tattatio* at ?ur baad* t< a*<-*rtala th* auaber of pualiaaad print* reboot* of all tb* ration* grade* which bow | *il*t ttr< u*hf ot tbl* aoaatry. bat ** ar* IuIIm4 to tb* b*ll*f that tb* lumber would roa*?hat emeed a buadnd aad fifty then*and Tb*r* ara upward* of taei.ty thoorand n tbl* Stat* aloa* aad a auoh larg*r Dun b*r la N*? l.nglaad. k roa looking o?*r lb* eata Iota* of tb* two great trail* *al*? w* bar* aeattoaed w* bat* ?oM*to tb* roagb **tlaata that tot I*** tbaa ball a Billll" ii uf voluae* of Mbool book*, aad work* oa *rl*ara, ?til bar* been dl*po**d of by th*** two hou-** durlag tb* *al** of thl? aptlng and la*t autaan Tb* ratal' gu*? of tb?*a?al*a ar*la tb*a**l*e* bug* volam*a, tb* Bft* *tgbt of which would ba?* ftlgbtcaed tbe a?d**t k?*per* of tb* Aleiandrlan library out of th*lr wtta The** trad* rale* ar* coadacted with a good d*al of ??liit. They b-gla at aa earl? hour la tb* aoraiag. aad ooatlau* till oa* o'?lo?k. wh*a a aaptnoa* luoch I* pro*td*d for th* bidder* la aa apper room. wb?r* they regale tbeaa*?We? with all ?ort* of *diblaa , aad w* ar* told that th* hoapltalltj ?oa*tlae? eitead* ao far that tha rbaapagaa oork* ara **t to flylag aernly We ar* told, too, teat tbl* la (rod policy oa th* part of lb* avrtloa??r*. a* baa oit*a beea avlnc*d by tb* fact, that tb* bidding afterward* goe* oa with laar*a*ed ptrlt W* have *r*a b?ea credibly lot >ra*d. that certala roantry bidder*, who were probably aot la tb* t.ftblt of Indulging la tb* rbampagn* a? a er>am n Wthi|> kdihIih rt|il<4 tb'BMlm U aucb ia nlwt. that tbay ktn b? ?n btntt to bid off *ora than lk?T could eimutl'lUj pay for Hot ?t b*II*va. *<> bi?*ty I* nlB>?t alwaya pr?m**4 . and. m far ? oar owa ?b*?r?attoaa go, tha ot?n?l d*gr** of dMnim r?i|K> #? > IbtM Uitwd cmrti'M, At b?lf pv?t on* tb* aaottca ?o?? on , a raeaaa <4 aa hoar or two li laft let oic t > r and aa araalaa **?>toa It h?ld. which la?ta ill trad?ra gat ?l?*t>y. 1 b?a* e. ngr*a*?a e utra?t ?*ry far- nklf with that at W n?hligton I hay ar*? inpo?-i if ?<>i* rw*p*etabl* niaa. tab* tb?m a* a aia?a, their d? llhaia >?n ara etuduetad with mora dignity and th?y art- of (nr a?ii ?*r?lra la h? nation Damntlr Blartllinf. A bt >Jga aaroaa oaa of tb* Mtiou of Mil wan lit*, Wn bt< a* <2> wn rwavntly. with thirty p?r?oaa up ?n It. all . f ?! < ? Mr* thrown lato tb* rltir. Noaa a.ra dtoaa*d. Tha tut < < mpmrf at ( alKnrala amlgraaU. by IW i r?ilard tout* arrirad at I.oaia. aa tb* llth la?t , 'r< m tb* w *ha?b rl?*r. urn th?1r way U fad*p*n<l?aa?. I I, ?y ruo Nr*<l ah ut i**?aty. with aa?p *<|Olpag<i, , >rfb ?>?' ?. * ' 1 tia I'M by lb* la> if* at Um rr??-?at Haua Boa- ' aa. i. a -ti?at?d at fit W<>. wbm* I* fully laaarcd r Tl * Wa'laid i aaal will b* op?n*d for aailgaM :n *n ? ba l?? rf A,*?M , Caatl Calritdar-Thla llay. fi trriina Carat.- W*#. H W Tt. ft TT, t?. M. M, I# t ? MI"H. II b it.?. 4? <11 :? *> 31 il r,..> .t Carat N.a **>. * ? ?? 4W. 4M ?M, '< I7.MTJI ??? *,?*> t<>?M v NEW YORK HERALD. rthwttl corner of Fulton and HaMtn It*. JAMES OOKDEN BENHE TT, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. DAILY HERALD. 1 eentt per copy?$7 P*r ???# . WEEKLY HERALD, every S.i'. urda y. tenf per lopy, or $S per annum; the European edition $1 per ??tKtn, to include the pottaae. DOLLAR WEEKLY IIERALD, every Monday, tcenti per copy?fl per annum. ALL LETTKKt< by mail./or tubtcriptioni.or toith adptrtieementi, to be pott paid, or the poitage unit be deduct- I ed from the money revxhted. VOI.USTARY CORREbPUNDKXCK. containing important newt tolicitrd from amy quarter ?/ the world ; (/ need, will be liberally pai* for. &ti NOTIt't ta k< a of anonymout communication!. Wl sannot retur n reject ed communication t. AML'SEHIMS ffllS tVININO. B0W1RT TIlfATRE, B.??i7 Wmni R-KA) ill. BROADWAY THEATRE. broadway?lovk?Th* Windmill. BURTON'S THEATRE, Ch?mt>er? itreet?Lr*r Tn?? Bkh ioi Family. WifinVil TnfiTtl ann.M_l?W?M.riA. TBIATBt, Aator Place-Lai>v or Lvoih-Miirkd Bake?A Mam withovt a Biao. CHRISTY'8 OPERA uou8b-Ithiopias mmm AMF.RICAN Mr8IUM?Am' Pi*ronMi?ct? Ev?IV AfTtlHOOII AND IvtMUd. MELODION? Whitk's irikiamil WASHINGTON HALL--Pa.nohama or tiik California OUI.d Mini:*. APOLLO ROOMS?G?Ann CjICIIT. TABERNACLE?Concert! New York, Holiday, Narcli a*, 1850. To tha Carrlwi of the He raid. In eonse<iuenee of reseat eventi. the proprietor of the Ntw York Herald gives notice to all his carriers, srTying subscribers In this city and the neighborhood, that none will be allowed to serve any other journal in conjunction with the Ihrald. He also forbids every carrier to sell or take money for any route; and all those carrier* who pay rent to former oarrlers for the privilege of thns serving, are likewise forbidden to pay any such sums. The proprietor of the HeraU alone claims to possess the right in all these matters, over his rontes; and all carriers disobeying these directions, will be promptly dismissed from his employment. N?ws from the Pacific. The Ohio will probably arrive to-day from Chugres and Havana. She may bring two weeks later news trom California. The Foreign News?The Elections In Franc*. The mails of the steamship Niagara were received in this city yesterday, and our readers will accordingly find in this day's Herald, the details of the two weeks' later intelligence from Europe which that vessel brought to our shores, a telegraphic synopsis of which we published yesterday and the day before. We learn nothing of importance from any nation in the Old World by this arrival, with the exception ui r miicc hdu x\ ursia. nine was uu unuuusiiation of consequence in Paris on the twenty-fourth ol Febrnary?the anniversary of the republic?as was expected, nor any collision between the de. mocrats and the government, in fact, the capital was perfectly tranquil and quiet throughout that day; and so far from their being a hurricane, as was anticipated, on account of the government having determined to suppress any social demonstration by force of arms, there was not the least disturbance. But this unexpected state of affaire was not occasioned by any diminution in the public mind of the discontent which prevailed in Paris, or of the cessation of the socialist agitation. The fact was, that the opponents of Louis Napoleon and the present government, were too busy in organizing their forces and mustering their strength for the grand struggle which was to take place on the tenth of March, the day fixed for the election of members of the Legislative Assembly throughout the whole of France. This was what prevented any outbreak, or/mettle, or collision, on the twenty-fourth, between the populace and the government, and this is what may possibly produce a collision on the day of election. The result of these elections is looked forward to with a great deal of interest. A combination of parties in opposition to Louis Napoleon, of a most extraordinary character, has been formed. There has been an alliance formed between the democratic republicans ard the socialists, and both have agreed to support M. de Flotte, one of the transported of June; M. Vidal, the secretary of Louis Hlanc; and M. Carnot, who was also a participant in the bloody insurrection of June last. This alliance is approved of by the National newspaper, the organ of the republicans, and by 1a Prtnt, the organ ol the socialists, both of which journnl* support the flection ot the can oatea of this new alliance? all of whom, by the way, are socialists, and one of whom ia at present in the hulks. Of courte, thia aspect of afltira cauaea a great deal of uneatones* to the government, and accordingly we see the organs of the preaent administration express fear and timidity of the rtsult of the combined movement. If the election should pais over peaceably, ot which there is no certainty, it will, according to all appearances, result most disastrously to Louis Napoleon and his party. Within the short space of two years, the Presidentof France has travelled the same length that it took Louis Thilippe eighteen to accomplish; and fromlbnng one of the most popular men in France, he has, within that short time, rendered himself the most unpopular. So unpopular has he become, that we are warranted in believing that a revolution against him and his administration would have taken place long before this, but for the fact that universal suffrage exists in France?which certainly is nearly all the French have got by their last revolution?and that the people looked forward to the tenth of March as a d?iy when they could accomplish a revolution by means of the ballot box. If the election has resulted in favor of the socialists in Paris and throughout the departments, no one can predict what the future will produce, or what may be done even in a year. As a matter of course, the tone of the whole government will be changed in its foreign and domestic relations. The spirit of radicalism would run riot, and every imaginable excess will be Indulged in. France will become the focus?the sanctuary?the resting-place of the democratic party of the whole of Europe, and from that country will issue armies of propagandists, who w;1l set the whole of the continent in a flam*, 'hat Will reduce evrrv inntitlitinn ami fntrrnmrnt a at present eaUbliahed, to ruins. Such may be the ultimate result of the election which took place on the tenth of the pre aent month, provided the allied republicana and socialists succeeded in electing their candidate* to the National Aa??mbljr. Aa for Louia Napoleon, lie would, in auch caae, be a nonentity, if not depoaed from the presidency. If theae new a be correct?and we do not aee how they can be otherwise? the result of the election in France will be looked for with intense anxiety by the public, and by the commercial community ea|?ecially. Of all claaaea, they *re Ihe moat Intereated; for, if the aocishsta be aueceaaful, and enter upon a career auch aa we have ikttched, they will be more likely to antler, and heir intereata will be more likely to be prejudiced ihan those of peraona engaged in other purauita. A Naw Whio Nkm ?r*iin ? The AUxmy Stmt W/gt?f?r, a new *hig |"|er, haa rn?'l? ita a|<i?e?rum e It ia a handaom* l> printed alir*t,fin<l cornea <Nf mi faror of Web?ter, and in opfoattion to the nov?me,it? of Feward. Thia ia the first time, > th n t*e. *y ye?r?, thtit an opp? uion to th" deltas of the A 'baity ili^>ie ot whitf politicians haa nktn a practical and substantial form, and ahowa hat three eicrrn r'f Wt maaonry, Sewardmt, Wirdirm, atd Grfv.,0 '*?? *re fairway I b< irg It'l led tfl. % I ' I Da. Wibtik'i Trial?This trial, up to 8atar day last, occupied the Court in Boeton fire days. It will be recommenced to-day, and will continue, probably, throughout the week; for, accenting to all account*, a number of witnesses are yet to be mimined. The principal and most striking part of thetvidence has been given. And if any verdiet should be returned, it muit stand or fall on the | witnesses who have been examined up to thif time. This trial has produced a profound Interes', uor only in Boston, but throughout the whole country. The character of the evidence, thus far, is circumstantial and perplexing The two most important witnesses against Dr. WVbster, are Dr. Keep, the deotibt, and Mr. Littlefield, the janitor of the College. The evidence of these witnesses receives some little additional strength from the testimony of others; but although there seems to be the highest moral probability that Dr. Webster is the indi- 4 vidual who took the lite ol Dr. Parkman, and that the remains found in the Mrdical College wero those of ihe unfortunate Dr. P&rkman, yet we are free to confets thut we have strong doubts ii an umjual iticd verdict of guilty ought to be rendered* against him, by any jury, under the circumstancee of the case, and with the view to what might be legal or what might be moral evidence in the premises. It is always dangerous to give verdicts on circumstantial evidence alone?to take human lite on fallible circumstances and incidents, even should they amount almost to a moral certainty in the mind of the community. The additioii&l evidence will not be u interesting as thut which has be.en given?still, much fur* ther light may be thrown on this dark and bloody mystery. lltlkatt re in the asckndant?youws wllus and Old Whitby.?No greater proof could be required of the high estimate Mr. Clayton puts upon literature, than the (act that he should have tendered to N. P. Willis, the poet, a fifth-rate consulate, for his poetical and brilliant eulogium upon, < " Old Whitey." We read Mr. Willis's descrip^ Hon of that renowned charger with the most unmingled satisfaction and delight, for Beveral reasons. In the first place, Mr. Willis's pen, as Johnson said of Goldsmith, " touches nothing? , which it does not adorn," from the voluptuoue bosom of a beautiful woman, to the hacked and scarred skin of an old war horse. In the second . place, we have been credibly informed that Gen. Taylor finding himself, not long ago, surrounded by a large number of asse*, thought it would be ? relief to have at least one horse, to give dignity and efleet to his cabinet groupings. And finally, we are glad that Mr. Willis should have shown sc much shrewdness and discrimination while he was wandering around the precincts of the various departments, as to have hit up?>n decidedly one ot the most resectable personages there. We shall be impatient, and cannot eat oysters, until the appointment apt-ears in the official organ. Don't forget the concert ior the Hungarian*, to-night, at N'iblo's. barnino and Filling ?The Rt/mbhc introduces an artiele from the Cnurur and Etu/uirer, which it commends as possessing sound views. The?e views have a declaration in favor of " progtess, witnin the constitution"?and not "pre gress, without the constitution," ns advocated by Seward. This is very curious, after the little difficulties, in the way of opinions, between these n&ro nn/i tlutf ia nn riniiKf tKif til* / *smiri?r /ia/r Eti</uutr will be thankful even for no small a breeze in its favor from Washington. It has been backing and swinging round for some time past, to catch a wind for its own progress, and seems to have lofct it* latitude and longitude. Perhaps the Rtjwblic, In passing, may be able to " chalk it oa ihe quarter," so that the New York eraft may go on its court e. The Goi.d Minis or CAi.iroajtiA ?Sir Roderick J. Marchison, the celebrattd European geolagtatr atatrd his view* recently of the gold minea of California, lu a lecture which he delivered before the Royal Institution. He says that, although gold ia perhaps the moat widely dispersed of all Datura! ores, yet thnt it will not be found in auch quantitiea in California as to diaturb the currency of tb* world ; or that the product will We large enough to depreciate the general value of that metal. 8ir Roderick J. Murchisoa arrives at this conclusion, by analogy; but the fact is, he knows nothing of California or of her gold mines. The deposits there, in qusniity ai.d purity, bear no analogy to those that have been discovered in ether countries. Divorces ?About a hundred applications for divorce are before the several legislature* of the different States <>( the Union. Maryland and I'enntylvania drive the greatest business in th?s? new commercial projects of non-intercourse between life-pnrtnets; and it is found that where parties have plenty of money, thst there is no difficulty in impairing aud setting aside the obligation of contracts. It ij a very curious fact?monef makes marriages and monty breaks them. Mo* ney is modern divinity?modern law?modernmorals?modern aalvatioa?modern everything. City Int*lll(?ne?. Btitt>ix<. lnu on ink Hcrso.t Rnca? la oar srltmn* tbl? morning. will b? found aa advartinaasat I of a largs sal* to bs held oa tb* 36th April, by Cols It Chilton. anetloa*trs, of prop?rty at la Wasteh?#t?r scanty, near tbs rs?ld?se? of Waahlagtow j living. The pal* will sttrast the atUatlna altks sf r?rtltm?a tfaklax ol*a<aat i>H?< for r?l den?e? wit bin an hour of the r!ty. and of ether* raady to mil tl.aa?e|Taa of the Ini'iirM hrilltlM prMtntN la tba eriifttlcn afforded b; U? fur; brltni thlf riltt and PUrmrtit of tbe llud?r>o Rlrar ud Krla allroada. Thr?r ar ,naint>-d *,(h tha rlolatty ara wall a?are tbat the beaatle* of the ?pot caa aoataaly b? fiVfWtttil. aad Ihoea ?bo hava B?f-t ?I>M the ra? re of Irbabod < ran* aad tha li'adlaa H r?r?'?aa aaa readily ?atl*tj thamaeleaa by a wnrotm aiaaratoa Or* peculiar adtaata?e of tha plana l? the dall<htful aalghhorhor d mrround-d aa It la, by tba al?*aatcountry ?aat* of tba Sabatler* Hamilton* loaa#,Ktaff?> lard# I'auMtaa*. and other* .f oar faahloaabta and wiaitby cltltena 'I be |otriMl*( ttualxt of pa* aaa ((era aroa*l??: Ilia farry call la.oe.tla'aly for a betel Thk N?* Ri ik* or thi B<v?ar na Aiorpwa -OH of tba aio*t uaafat of tha aa* by law* adnp'ad by tba Board of Al-feraiea I# tba fi II N?per?iD lul' apaak mrre tbaa talea to Ua f?ua jueatlon *llk??: Itava of tba Board ; anr aora thaa oaea. uoMI aaary member eh *ln? to apeak *ha>l bara ?p >*an." Thla I* a woadai ful laproaameat apnn the latltada f *aarlf allo*>d. wb a one n>eu?S?r ? raaMme* apoka a dM*? tlaae oa a rloyle tcple aad *earae|y arar to tha polat. Tba rala woald ba attll batter If It Halta4 ar?ry aaa. bar to oaa apaaah, aieapt la aiplaaatloa aad la tha caaa of tha aorar r4 tba raaolatl a or aaaadaant uadat dtaraaalori, who ought in haaa tha rlfht <{ araply. Tha f< Hawing la tha ordar of bo*iae*a : 1. rra eatatloa ! af Patltloaa 2 Votlo** or Rerolattoa*. I Report* of | roaalttaaa. 4. t oaaaalratloaa fh>a tha Daaanaaatt or Corporation offlrar*. I. l'un?t<had baalaa?a. I. Bpacta I order* of lha day. Pf B. Maaaayaa papers fioa tha Mayor or tha Board af Aaalitaat Vldarmaa, aay ba *oa*lder?4 at aay tin,a PaiMtar or Minm it* thi CawMoa Cauarit. ? Tba atatad *eMoa* baaiag be' n decided la tba alhraatlra. ara to oomnanoa oa April kooi a Day. Tbl*aaaata? tha ((aaatloa of payaiaat ol member* la to ha tabaa at, aad will alao probably ha d?? Idad la tha aMcaaUa*. ftoae of tha veabrrt roaalder It uaaoaatMatloaai. aa4 a?apara It to roMm f? urrrlf a farm " At?im?T F.?ninam? Ei t< tkd ? Tha frilowlsf ? ?- I b?r* of lb* Hr? department htri bMD iktwi by tk* I brd? cf flr?m?n to set t< \MtiUnl Ki|lM*ir -1mm? L. Miliar. John I rrfter. John P. LaCowr. Mlnkaai H > Smiifl W rbtlllpa, t!?pkMT Hot* <'*? I W. Yatlan Thrmaa Monro*. > lark VanderMIt, ??4 H Robert MrUltdt The ab r* tkoa?h?ew?. '!* ?<* presented ;o the Crnaon < oonrll. and when o?n firmed tbey will r? o?tr* nlif j of janr. H Tm* Irun A' 114*i ?Tk'a eeaalaf, H tk?r? li Jo bt iBttktr mating of tba lrl*h Alllaana. It la to t>a fenpai Jt will be more peaeaaWa thaa th* la?f. a* the pnmntloa hw been iakra of |jealn( tlak ?t? (fr*^ t< tbo? otilj wb? ar? knows to k* frlaadlf M ti>lk? ntttntil It I* ?*ld that U?a ?.pp<iattl?a party aie m?Vlr< pt?p?r?M< n? for raw; lag the *h?k?p??'a by " It I* a pr?ttj 14'tarrrl as It ?tao4a; eipta aalloa w< uld ?potl It'? Tub Cms lni.-Tk? imt c?? Ml a# kkls H eeetisg. at Old TaaiMaay It will ba a graal affair. Tli* IMIir Weakly ntrald I Will ba Mil; for l?liw; thin aftaraas*. It wltt e^auta a? n*?al. a perfect htitar; of araats fb* tk* paet w??k, la tM? elt>; together with a roMprekaari* ' i^H g'aaaa at affair* la tfcle oi-na'rjr and tkrnagkoat tb? H wrr!4. Prie*. two ten's pat copj, or >1 per HiW.

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