Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1850 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. J nkwut carnrr of KnlUii and Niih* 11 JAM K S OOUDOII BKN\'KTT, 1 PROPKiKroB *ni> UMTCML iD. r HKKaLIi ? .cnl> per eo^?V rer mnmtm. W k Mil. Y Ht'.KAI.n, ?ri.ty, uJ6\% oonU pot 1*1 i %3 per iiimin; the lutlUU^roi- j MM l<i inmluilc Mr Maf in DOLL J It W?KhIV HKKJIO. every M^id.iy. S | *r fill- ft ?< / a 11 nuv> ALL LSTTKMo by mail, ftr ,a>4c. <,*??,. or w?A *dWrtiirak/Ki, In Of tf 1#r fA? pott.lft lp?ii to deJaeled troeb thr vnnry r. mlrted ri>LU\TAK V COKK* aPVSDKNVK oonta*miy im porta nl new* tolicited from > tju.irUr of tit loorld , i/ meed *4/1 tr libf.illy foi /nr. SO taken q/ ?a??yninii W? oiMnmot return rtjecteJ< mnrati nir.ifie.t. ABU8IMBN18 THIS EVBNIKQ. BOWERT TBf4TR*7~i^w.rT H.tK.nt. Srm ?r likKoi-NtTiL kxaJta BBOAOWaT IDEaTKK. Brjadway?Bai? or XittMMkit BP*T<>N"8 TBBftTIB. > ?>? '* K??n Sana's A?i ex n* - Siki |i<ritli.f-ALiiilw? 5ie?irioc. WeflOWal, THEatrs. Chatham i^vn?Bhhblibv? ] a iiikuitc at kjMCS. TPtAfur.. fot P1M*-KUCN Ado AMHT ' W< at? ? ?i. Fir* v. OfiHlftTY'S <?'IKA IK I U-Erniornn Uiaarlai-A. AvrmcAN MrsBUv?3Hvsin* r*i:rcum.i>?>.*?&**>1 AlTIIINMN AKD XLODION ? *Mifr'? Vm E^ tiMtHS. Washington HAIJ,-. VA.nokam* av-rHr Ciuraani ~u> M IN its* AIOILO >00*3-3ta*r, 'on??.T. CHINESE T>m? >1 a Cui*c? HTi ?0UBLE SHEET. \rw \? I k, A|>iil 1. IS.'.U Tlx liuiililit ilirNiil, two r k n r s <i ,v i, y i> k n copy. Ocr r> ?dt Tt- ?1U th?t tb" HcxluI' thii nmroltjij. yiitlrd iiindiuU' tt'et In ihu* t'oro*lag baforn ?ui ?bh-<5rli ?r? t >i'y eolunim ?.f r.?li:i< mutter, (.iihiio ?ill obtain ihn cb?'?p??t ?ni moat v?iu*biii j ?ni(n|i'i i?ir I mrd from tba prvsa. I*f mi f'tila *Tf aa ti ||i?v ? Hi i?. ! f .u. rfih? II 1b< ?ii? B-t'er Kiag oa iho t?i!is in i , i.f > ali nrni . A I. ni| I' " I) r i > i>i J n C C^N'T, t!i* grja' 5jot>t ????! fr u. Ira hir'h 'o h'? 4n' i ha cl . i [* ?e im? in th? 'rial of fe >Tv?-<or We'at?r,f>r tto ? ?? ? ?.? tir. * >? >> >? llw |uii f . I a ,1 iaitc !', ??-n.a naatfrum all Dirt a 1 i' I i.i. ii *) 1:r If f tai fii mio'". . ?t ttj'ii 1, a 4ak'P|ii-( inViHiiti"!*, t li t rui iij i uli ir:iiit,i ,.?i?i| 4.. t.tio.a from I, nJu Par rnii Kn I ? ill d a a<c>t ' a'ictj ?f ei:ter*?ii int; isiic?'Uasaai ia\t-or. Tl Ki uWuhfi t b>i i b'aif< il in nrn^pun, it lit office, tt /tea /> ?'f?/ y. T?i llit (rirlaia i.r itie Ifrm.d. In #<yi.-?n'-> c?* of ifS*i.t ?r?. ta, ??a (iroprletor cf U>? A-v tmk Hrruitl inn u itU;r ti al: hie ii krrl?ra *-r?u? iuh' rlliara m tti.n ri'.yaul Ifcn uai^iib <ra<>0'l, i,<HP will ( C all<i??il Id rerir su> i.lhi-r j<ltl/n?l io jrtijnrrtif II ?'ih the II ralii Ma tuo fnrmdi erar? Bti'n to fall or take m n?? ( t a.iy rnuta; nod ?ll ttv ? rti ii?r? ub i?i> rent to l?>rro?f %rrt?rn tor the ?>f thu? ar* lik*i| ? I tlti ldio (o giv ' tki-y ?bnh ruin* Th? pr-i>ri? or r>f 'h? llrral.1*too* I i'- j, ??mm ilir io dl) <hra?".?r?. utrr I ?? r- O'r* it *)l f.?rrlcr? J. ? >. i li j th.** d!r>eUcat. I wuJ l? p"Ui['Ij iiooii.i.'rd It in t '? -oiplujaii'nt Mr. Klnf,'a IS'|Miri on < .t lir.?rnla. *'? h vr itiitt <i? 'j/ium jjj ful in tins day's fn- I pt r It v. ill hIbo l>?* yiv u i i ihe ffVr i'y // raid, to t>r 1'iiliiirii'd * nine o'clock this in ''inns', to po by i Um- n# dir?hi|t Cr? Bcrut Utsy. It i* a report t'jat | will hp mid throughout the world, becvise of th< I wonderful aud ixir io>Jin:>ry r-i<: -a it describes. | Dml) of Jtihn l'. iklituuitalU Consequent e* t?> ilu lirpublic. Jt bii C. Culhotiu 10 K"1"*- Oue of th" greatest ta'rlln t-ri;d purest ?|nnu of the Hi;e on this continri.r, drji.ninJ thi* Iile Ht a qn-irter i?i?f s-ven oV)' < k ) ei*'i<Jay inoruiii.4 A brief biography of t?n? tii'm, poiii?* iuterestiuif sketches of hu j r?iti?tk<iblr ond ex'ruordunry character, aud t ie | u?i oi bis rvcitftil It*-', wll be Ioudii el*ewl nt in our columns to-day. I 'lut dnnof 1.1 ili .1 di.-tn jij'ii-'h'-d i-ut<Mni in and m'gh1) iiii> !l?r> i been . i-?J lor some ?*erks pa?'. lim bi m ib tor iii>'iith.< |>a t iind two fertile uidfu illation j and aiinou^'i * w i the return ot a fine Cay, ?i.s mfiiin ? iih*, and .he iti>|m-urancea dfi'lff m would fa >, there *m #o st u< d or per tin in nt i h i nt e, looking to a y ien?th;ued exist nee l?r liim hi this life. Hp ic gone-, ?nd all the ;?*'ou.? tr hIiicH lie has* crtuted w ill we hojw* be Hitnud, wlvn hi* ti-h?-? a'e coo-tgned to the UVr Ili irn-ioun ci Uiltr) BH'M will remember | , iM'iii ii * 1 In (is but h ? pure |mtriott?tn, hit ponrflt'cl i*till'('t, l is )>ro(ott?d ?! lt? Sin<in?t)lp, it 11 of ?Mi li mt tiv?-nd np with, and foiui pan and parcel j a.f, ?he hitter) of ?hi? r?p ib'ic. 1 in <Jt nth pi Mr Calhoun i* n ?t only a Un?U- j k'?- rvent to hir l? tni') ai d {*iv*t? ar ,u ua'iace*, ' in.i ii i;> m nicut and m*?crlul l.i :t in ihc J .?tiuy of thr co?i"y. 'o ?bc clonal* of th<? u ilioo, ond io hr i' 'itiivl m in lb<r present rtirm of tbr wm?ilie. Hr wm thr brad and front ?f ili t irovtnwot uhich w?a drl? nnuii-J, at ull b?ra d'.to i?m?i the Hvur?>MitM? on the in*t tuiiota ?f ill' wouth? hi/u" wh i ll Kara turi) ib'iiuiirK ihnn lor n qu iru-r of a century p?a',l) the f?n iiirx i ?l, r t .n? i f ttie N'urth and : Nm ifiv? i m. til in t? bi ir vc t i ; i hi* ?*.i? tli-- c-*u re of ?ot 1r? d mti Blni! ro ihr , *rt i th?- S uih to ?ii*i?f? gr* rtt republic, and in crr?M a w(nrite mid md> | *-i.c*?*i?l foiifrdernry of JSoutfiTi f'tittfi Thic !*?t ?n( ii ?iiii.ii i? a mistake, a Jeliuiou, a fro** Miirr|irt|rHt4ii"t> Ni nr?n wj* r**nlljf and Inly a liiraii r fr.rnd of tli I'm on of :h'? mighty ?rp? blio. on the I'TioiMj'len ol tr??* ro i.-titttion and of Kintioo mir-, ih in ih?* Lite J.ih.i C t'uliio ia, i?t jviiiih < a It hr ndn, fd, in hia pi nit ion aad in hi* great "reech'n. an e*:rent? ground, l??> nr ? von |.l? leiwan'a wn:h a c >n'iageo?)r in ih? epuion of hi* narrow nnud'd anUgi>ai?t?, il. *? wiry a h>,nth'rial |.o-ii i n, for the purpose wf iliu?tii uiig t int exhibiting the d m^-rn to the o vmu iiir ,>i4 hi tin Umii n it'elf, produced by th?- rtdiiolooa I n ln-nl, and ahrord dootr.oea wiinhhuw b" n ( oa.-e< d to d--tn ig?i|Ui <m by and bi* oomp^ora in tv J^-natr. Mr. Caii.t iip, it i* tior, o n* a (fri at and paramount tr^rdi l llir l*?ututioaii ot the 8?>?i'h<rn States, a? tl? > at< ^iur*nti< d b> the oou-lHUlioo; and tho Mt'?n?ityot hia |o*r |nr bio country, and hta dr! rii. imti n to adb* rr to tb? t ou.Mitutioo, may be Oo?i' d< r? it the I riMi. 'twii'k of h.a e^rly and ?tid- S dei. dlaop," ?? n? e tr>>m ilii^ ?uHluoi?ry i-phfrr. 1 hr derf'b ot Mr ('albiran will have many and *1 OMphty riVr'a ra tbr |r?M ? rh< c)n*rd emditmo <1 ?| tlx pi.biic ruuar.) at Wa?h,a?Mn. tori on the , U f?tw?? ctioa* and through- c mi iIh I hit*, lie thr gpnt man of the <1 mmih, ard rrmrr.aodtd the confidence of that J l??u 9, aa mvi h l((in ibrir?i'iuir?tiua of hi* lo|.:Wc?, *t the Im lit f that he ?*i ctuited bjr * ? ! t!;e |iumi tad Im?i kind. Who ( I hi* p!*re I Who c.ia wccnpjr the gwntrt ?-hit h hr hi* to nv 'ly, fur hdf a ; ' Nii?e?i?n?e?g?.?r-?o?n*K one. Vet i tl th S. uih < <>i. )(> mnny di*'insui?hed m?B?a?.? * inriwta? ???? >in?n ot Krr?t t?le?t hut iV?r ?h ?t e*n 1 tl a e>> lno the vtoni d arcupitd !>jr Mr. CaJhouu <>ui uu i|?e i r*t> it e?Ui( mt., wh't-h the coun'rp V ik'ii tin**, Knrit ?? >, devrlopeaenta T asd e. Urtlint.* m the f*t a?t<, threw ?ont? li|fht n h ir?l'?r, h? ta. ??r, and alu*>?i ,,!?? the dilfi- H ?? to h?? will iiiu.mi Mr Calhnua in a large *lice of tbe adnurati?a ?,<er.-h?ioe the *1- _ frrtioa* <>f the N>u hrra people. Trie ^??ih ye tie- "T H?* IN?t. Tf.e "<??utli r?r?-hitle tor p*rty. The 8w?.th nd?-re intellfct tuid lad'pandeae- of mmj, ?f tkf ln>h iiid tl<rtl'iij rh itnter, We are |?<>raaail* d, Im-iu rruultttiti, th ititoe uuljr man wh>> ?- ? *n? ted Mr Cdk?n in ?Hf win r*ti?a of the fSwh, in ihr ?*i?iineit:<;i-d JV nator from Ma<??* cha?? 'tf?tr?n Daniel WVoet-r hun?-if?,rovided be rrorra tiw) tt^r hereafter H >we*er paradoxical ?- raar appra*? we ha?ar that miav < f the l-Adiug m n,h?r*(>t i oniti'Mi fi???u the South. enaati'itiBH Cfeaf anH||io?ie?f>?l paitf, arfio \rr fori>r<Me lo lit* Uaira of the 8 a*e?, and determine! to prr? *rl*e their roe al in?tiM?tio<ie hj?e h id Arirh> arta a?aJt?a> d and th-ir rpirita rkwd kr the poirerfa' rjrrcb rrr? t'r mad* br Mr We.<#?? r ta the tSe??te TV C'jib of Mr. C?t> ' q i onn Intra a vacant intellectual niche in the I HJWh, and we are persuaded that Dairh-1 Webtter ? the only man who can fill it adequately. Will t be sol Wait for the Nashville Convention. 1 Another consequence which many suppose will 'ollow from the demise of John C. Calhoun, e the ; early settlement of the slavery question, tow priding before Congress. This, we are P*rsuodeW, is a mere Inaciful expectation.? The powerful speech of Mr. Calhoun, the last which he delivered in the innate, had he t fleet oi bringing the diflVreut sections of the conntry to a sense of the importance of the present crisis. In that respect, the last words, and we miuht .-ay the dying speech, of tbe great South Carolina Senator, half settled the question before the author of it departed to the other woild l!ut much remains to be done yet. The spirit of fanaticism is not yet laid. Look at this movement U(k>ij New En^Und. It festers, ted luiurlutrs, ai d struggles in all the northern elections, und there i? every sppearance th it the Mipi'Iics of the govt rnnirnt must b-* stopped in the llutifr of Kt preservatives, Hid another Conj>r? frMOiial election will have to be patsrd, before the good s?n*e of the nation can act with sufficient lorce on Congress, to briiiij about a settlement of the grtat d.fliculty. At all events, the dtsih of Mr. Cdlhomi will make few or no changes on the mighty tesue of ihe ai?e. It is a struggle heiwt-en two trt at aud powerful ideas, two tjreat slid bin<!ular principles, h iving their origin in re moie ages. 'lliese ideas at>* anneiution and abolition The tcDilt ucy of the public mir.d in tins country, on this continent, within the bo-nut <>t thin republic, mid without, in Can id i, Ca'it, Mfittii, and Central Aiwrii'i, is to wek a uoion wish this ?it-nt wild mighty republic?a union, either by annexation, or in some other way cpially intimate. Thefe ar>* the giett ideas which untitle the people nl tins cojutry. Tile antagonist feeling, the opi ot-ing principle, >* abolition, th*t j<rinci|>le of fanaticism which ?>' ? ins to lie a pirt of AiiiiU -Soxon exi.>t? nee.und ihe contrast, with their spirit tor commercial adventure, niin;liny and blii.diig w nil religious, impracticable, and impossible enthusiasm. Tiie 4:lent e*tr11 ir?. 1 ? of im.-ea, creeds and idea*, ol a thousand )f alb standing, is not change* in its yur rul characteristics l>y t!te deaih ot Mr. Calhoun It only ( Is still, to burst forth again wiih j;teuter inttrett aid wilder eru, t:ou. TtiE New C< dk and Practice?Tiie nevode ( flaw iu tins blale lian presented some curio:i? re? suit!', since it cam* into action, during the last two yeats When tt whs fiist pushed by the Legisluturr, n an) lot hrd opi.n it ax a ?ho<ver of annua fr? ni heaven. Ttie new cod*, however, has not piovtd to perfect, eo ch'-ap, so useful, hi? nd,nimble, upon trial, as the food of H--av.jn diJ to the children of lsiu?l iu the wilderness Cases are octuriii g cvtry tf?iy, illustrating the delays, tiie rxptnte, the c< nfusiou, the perplexity caused by ibis n?w code, as now practised belore our courts nI law, in this unhjpppy Stale of New York. Let us give our itudtr* a specimen from the chief of the Miite codifitrs himself. L'sewhere in cur columns will be found a rery tunous r-.;H>it of a ca.?e which was >elore Judge OakUy, of this city, by D?vid Ojdl-y Field, me of the leading codifiers of this Sta'e, irid, in fact, occupying the position i f u 111 >dern roloB, < r or l/aii'ucius, or Mocn, or t Ntn'M Pompiliii*, or, pel chance, :> 11 ??f three rolled into cte. A iiiuo ol the num^ of lia'.h i*uy w? rniflcjid as one of the carriers of the .V?w> 1'arfc l/truld. He- wui di?fijisa?d by the propiiet:>r, fjr ome c-uk", in in thm emj loytn^ut, m<j k> ( ujmiu Mr. I'avid ludley Fir Id brings an actum upon his Ciruitn.1, dunning for lidin;i?* ijr a ri^ht and jilt- ti? hi> truj lo>n,?nt on hie ruute, iind datiMjrs i't tile dimiut-al, to the ainouut of $*> 000. N>w, he |>i Lcij le ?it winch this rlum is nude is us ur.ou.-, us novel, ms remarkable, us anything khah ever B|<(>euied in any code, from Nam* 1 *? ni|>iliu dow n to L^ivid Ludley Fi?-1 i. If Muster i iothaMny line a le?:al cUitn tor foOOi) dimtgr-a 1 uiDtl the propuetor of the A7u> Voik lltrald. In n evtry \ioo!-ie?d?r, printer, reportrr, writer, | !< ik, pit fniiuD, Itrdtr, knd fly-boy ha* the sime J tight uud the i-amu (>r< i?-rty in that retmrkuble iMtliluhmrat. Tlie number of th se different injividu.ilt> kuiImi iit.iily t*o hundred, which, i n.ulti|>:i?d by i-YCX), makes the ettunated value I the Aiu )\ik JitruiU n miliuni of duUarr, | :>wned eiitiirly by those industrious iudivida* I lie Mi W, the fttiuder, ai>d hitherto s.t^^o-ied >io|.ru tor it ill it ettablirhm* lit, ha*, ut th? ntbttt esttnuite, no' r-iti d his ntwsj>t;*r pro,ieriy j it i v? r ha If <i million <f <tvt jrt. If, therefore, i :! ?ec individuals luin. nt'd th<>ulI foil <v tie 1 r.xahipU- ol Mut-icr Ha'h i*My, as advieed l>y the i Matt- tod.lur, ui.d iiiike similar claims, the 1 Wi.dtr ui d propiirtor Would iiot only lose all his { iriij'r riy, * fkli be Ine be> u building t> for fifte'd 1 M uis (iutt, but he Mould o? in debt to th> in h.i/f a mtilt n betidt s, and Would tiavr to rtuke up the deficit try, lb cluirntd by luviJ L>udl y Fit Id, ' uiid? i hie new code. line is a pieuy kittle of fi-!i urowin* out of h'e ut w r< de, tllti>rim<?d by this in"d?*l Cva'ti ?iu?, .*! i;'?tt HhtecMlifirr ul >'t? Yolk, David Uid?) Field. Thi? is a b-jjul development of so-tulto-m und con nn.uii) ot jfoode with a vt uj-.tno. the cstc hss bern s?t aeide, in ih'* I ?w> r t 'oait, i) the ok?-fashion* d l?w of Judke Oikley, wUo is u t yelaeobvtit to the ie^al ctxies of c;?li?in iirj ci mmunitm. llut it la not yet ended. Tue ejihl rgbis of lliithnwii) wiU be Mr<ued before the nil liench, ut sn ?sif> d^y. iltiy (hen ejrp?<rt ohtve MMUr defiitite dn i?ion <>n eunou* tn' ir* ita, ptiaripfe-e, nnd ?n ?c ;?rr-?Dt'-d by Hie New ; k?ik c<difir r in carry ug 001 ii practice hi* u-v | !wd? of law?a iode wliu-u f?r atirpieiw?? 11 ?.n i*'. I mi all fotroer c<d?? ol all lorm?r *g ?, (r?> n 1'onuciuato Nuii h roropiltn*, ?od f hr Mumi I'u niiliua down to I'uvd iJudUy PtdJ. Seriously, avr we any aetil.d l??, or pruci^r, or practice >y tbe Ntw Yoik rode 1 r* We*' t*a Kui xn lii ii.rt ? We puS]i.*!???1 o i :uncl?) V titrald a lull rr(>ort of th-' laM day'a pro ! ei dir jf- in this interrMing trial, whic'i emled wi'h he ?(*rch of the Attorney (Itarnl, ih- chirif* o. (ir Judge, ibr iddrm of Dr. Wrb'W him?rlf, and be verdict of the ;ury. We repubii-h, for m my ot ! ?r re?de?f, iht? day, ?h" miy n>-t have fo the *toila in )ia'trdN>'a pa^er, the rhir^c *l the udge, and thr renmtka of th> crin.intl. The veidkt of the jury wll' he vr?y ritf-.dly and J ?ry aeverely critictaed throughout th* cxin'ry. | *ri m the inn<rfert clmracNr of th-' evidence, f?ir j ni impartial people in Ihi* c< nun lllty, if-a*- rally, I bought tbot the jury would not ajrce, or (hat, at tie ont?i?te, they would render a verdict id miiw laughter or hi micide There i? n<> gen-ral b-lirf (tat the evidence i# Vitally atron* fo<>Ufh to conic t him if murder Tney think difT- rcntlv in Hh?< . IftJ'uU lit hfU *<c*rmnr>f Iki* turJut 'he ve^uel, leokiig to hi* e*ecnt.on, Will h<- the ><?t rtntin# and the uioat eiua?idmary ol til ihia ninikable afliir TmCjiBrnrr amw m Qra*r?o<?.? lie Trti>*?t i? Iab<>rr* ferf hard to v ??? tbtt >* i,nriii>-trnii?)0 of Mr. F.-lk afeaaiond 'ha , lonru*- doctrine id rrgard to D.itUb aggtt (ion in ' < ntral America, and urglrcied A?n*n?aa int*r??ta J that qaamr. The chaiflr may he true; ia ftrt, , 'fare mcliord to believe that it i? traa?. Tw It n>i?M<?, howrv^r, of Mr Puik aaJ h.a ealnu*! i> property to Am-ne.u ia Ceo J t?l Airrriea. ?UI loriN im> juaiifir itios far a>n<l?r il willwt t>| tltr p?|| n( !|y pfr^t nliiiirt Tlt?/f 1 ? n te> ling abroad, th <t the preaeat cnbi iet i*?e " i'fUct?d th?-m?that they have birterrd th-m , iwajr, and arkanwMg rf, to a great rale a*. the <? tetoaeUM of i.rrat lltttaiM la Mn^aitn Sow. * r would be motf appriprtate for th# 4*(?r.Art* of ^ lie c?lno?t to ?bow that tkey b*ve no' aoted ia \Si# way, than to be ripping o,t the a-ta of iht> 4-. <* u?t adiwiuatnuiMi of Mr. IVik. ? ttraJry i?M| tha eeeheeUer*?HeeSee V?n?? New Turk.. Boaton and New York ire fairly pitted against each other. Both ettl?r? are struggling to become tbrtntitySt of the European stealers; and a sew rivalry seems lately to have grown up b-twaen Un in, to are which can outstrip the other in fire*, rows, murders, and various other feats of the cut ting,i>acking and salting order. Probably B >Hton will outdo us in chemical experiments; but it is somewhat doubtful, even now that thry have the It*lion Opera there, if they can get up an Astor Pla?e riot aa respectable as our own. But one thing is certain?Boston can and does print handsomer and bttter b'oks than New York, aud ahe seem* determined to turn over a new leaf, and give usthe cheapest. Not loDg since a new house th?re, started an lm* Kllkint UB nrirlitr (Km H r r?i nf P.iillhil Hi m. w con & Co. Tory begun by ofl'rring the puolic newr and elegant editions of th" Briti*h cU*dic?, n a style of beauty and cheapn^M far a j.wrior to anv. thing we had ever been favored with before. Anion?? other wotks, th'-y commenced the issue ot a ri)??inficeiit edition of .vh .k^are in l?enr\-five cent numberi1. each embeliifb'd vvitli u superb aie-l engraving of the heroine of tn?pliy. Tne greti dramatat, in this new anfl eurprii-ingly cheap form, went ull over the country, and re?drrs ev-ry ivh'-re drew the contract?muuh to tiie favor of the pub'miters of the edition? hrtween a l>irg?*,BU|ier?>ly printed, and elegantly illuMmed p unphlet, md one ot thoi-e nanib)>pariiby, with>-wa?hy concern* called popular novrln, printed on mr an pap-r, in illegible type, and shabb ly gottm ti;> ev?'y way I'hill p.t & Sampson, it wbs k?u). wool'] make n<> money at this hu?ine??; but being V.tiikee-,tb?*y probably tinderttond what ihey were ubout Th" public were again surprised by ?e?irig Hum''? history brought out in verj fine al>le, iu six conrenit ut w? H bound, well printed volume*, a' the l<?w price o( sixt>-two and a h tit'cat* a rduiiv,? i book which, if publu'aed in New V>>rK, wouid have told for a dollar or a d? and a <|u*rter | Other gteat standard Kngti*h authora were an. Bounced, and began to follow each other in ra,?id tuccet-non The experiment Hfeined to be succtuful, if furnishing the country with ie-v?al better editions than they had ever lud It-lore of tl e Hriiibh cluvsicf, at a very reducd pri-je. Surprise teemed to have subsided in a nt'MSure, aivl ever) body was 4jlad that ihee- j?r-Mt authors,whoaworke have become so e^sentnl a po.iioa of the fabric of lit.glieh litera'nre, had b^en hi id* more nr/'Pt-frihit* f#i iti#* r?f r?ni*nrf ihtf fh# u ?-- - - -?- *? " . t - / wen- brought out iu tueh superior ?t)|e We believe that Lxmnrtu.eV Hteioiy enured in'o ihjs jf-riff of publication?, nnd aleo M-tcnuN-yV History of Eutlaiid. Not many d i?h ag.>, having n-en an iui malion that Tbonitf CmhK tl??- e-l-bra'ed author, hitd sent out a tract called " Th- Present Time," No. 1, of " I>atterdi? Pamphlet*," we found on inquiry that the hide brw+uri of auty pag< r, told lor three hilling*. 'in? ilir^e or four da>i> afterward*, a great ( uh'ijhirg huuae in thin city brought out a far tin it of the e ime work, and ?old it for five ceuto?and tin:', w?* will take occ*Hon lo My, w iu about lea tim^.s aa m ich ?a it w id woiih; for, after reading ih (trodaciioti, we were not long in com ug to ih>- couclu?ioa thtt it w:ii the most coniemptit>l<- cimen of nu>ti >r> f>hiji that has itct oily ai>|*arrd ihe , uiiii. ilion of it for 1?*m tf?an i?ni*>?ev< uth of the j>r,<- of 'he 1>? tton edition, was a *<g?iiricaut fact. It w n ihe lirt-t ("i ub in a publishing wtiieli e-MH likely to be driven to a c in<(i i jq oft xt.'rin a i'.uii t\bi>ut the tdiiie time &,vrarr-d an annoajcni-at hut ihe New Yoik hout-e had b ifUi to f?u >11 i ipon the Boston men |>i??y in ich ail tli** t>'iik* h? y had brought out, at u very ni.tuh lo v.-r Tic*?among other*, Hume'* IlUtorv, for f >rty iriits a volume. It w*h at one* tmdeia on] by th >ublic, that tha New York h >iv inten.led to teach a Irai-on" to the U.>atou au? to beh?v? h> n telvea in the future, and not preatrae to priil in> took ot which their better* and Mip>-rtora in hie mtUopol had iaaued an edition Noar tuu mm a?r-umiDg grounil w Inch Mi> tun w i* not rticily prepared to yttId. The lact that a -V a York hoa-e, a liii h had pirated all th<* be-: > rK . 11 . U th ? -;!irg buihoia ot Euro?*, bad lla? reby ar<piin>?i any ri^ht in or t:t.e to raid work*, h < licit ??uhi1J prevent L>tli?i publohrr* Irom undertaken lo b;'u^ on the i i?e, hub cot entirely ?|>}>hi> nt to tio- ll.>.-t<?u m-o, iLO Iiot>'on " ra) thrr rule jlut?d*' th >t a ie c<> ild ) ra!r a* wtll ua New Yoik, penicuiaily when $ ie >k\e a better article >ta l?c? i>:ice ; auJ ?>o t.v> i.tht he public. TklaMOie a.t. to t? th- ".'iiii is >1' the trade," us tlu-y are ?i rnitk'iiiti/ ctiled in :ntain quarur*, it lraaou which tlie> * >.i'J nr*? r :<>rgtl, had bin tried before with no ?je<: . .! d uhliouuh hundreds of book?ell< r? hvl lying >f n tk?Uah?ivea a litr>.e utt nSe.- of?-yiei I M v :auUy'a littery of i.iiglui.l, for M ilch rvy lad paid u vi ry high P'ice, h- eoon u? a t'ail v!? I;l ia bcuii or u Bonton one d to, rut .:h .tp rditiona ?f ihr *aiue work, the firm pj>di.-h r*, without at y irgutJ to their ntt'iltr <oot.i.rr r*, iBoiked dt wn ib? price ?-l ih?-.r fr?t drum fr >ni wo dollar*a t< lunic toaeeenfy tin ca't,rtckleaa nurihrr or not ihnr ctiatooarr.* ah-u'il lo e ih >u>aud* ot d<>|| u* ia the gime. Solon.- ?'m ! > m * a? lo be taught the ?.? "''a of ill- 11 <<i * (.v.n. i n< ai t mi) body that p-eauiii -d l<? piiut a l?ooa 'h< > >ad | ul-1 *li*?l), it ?a* OM'-lrr ot no sort ot co.?m*. (UPKcr how iiiu< h poor >irr* l<>?i, u r Uo -e iiuch the public *? tnfi-d w.ui IIjl ikiibtld < oruixptibn til rxcluttve n^lii in b a-uro 'iy aw aaM'tfalo all puMiafcert, w?< uH g'.i?ri< y ;<-n?'d?d, add thr maMer* ol jh^art w?re not eery uciraflul n iaculcatic* ihe b Ti -? it ?<u irni'inbrtiii, had. aiirii th*y wrrre rgiiii injt bi.*iu<?* for theoweltre*, and li-d iat ^rtUuatrii In in ih- hi 4 1:1 ol a t> i .'i'W o.'.n . :i ii iii? iic? d their fortune* by priuiiuf ch e.iitrti> ot Scott'a novrU upon a c*!< hi ated Ikmh in I' 1| t it, aud, to buny out ft? ot 'a ImM n >? I, md to itu'k >ui>d.i>i?, ?lih< -'gu .Me h<k.iv?a 'Int. L>nt we i?*?r heaid ihm in ktrlurra ?r hili U tlii iii to i u au'iwil lor t , in I wi '.-' i'm' li? > nave ever alitor bt >i Uualtii u* i-ro uiiia-a t.i ,hai hi hi iuii ntI- o, which n ay honor b> itieir u ti* ic-naue a?.d > *Htii?-l?*. _ In tbia way, ih?-y ar^nir d mate ?t?i ilu ij a> yubli?tier>,anu nan-y.-a* - n ?- ry >uct? -etully nil iIn* p??M?t t me, ti ni, 4 (.in.i- ,t :ln ?p ?diiioue upon vtbrr |-uoi.?lnr? a? otte* ? ii?i) ><ln Hd ?N. *, wfco M< Mm n?i I'jx, >?'!?, "n \ G<> my If, *f hkTP DO Ku<>* |r u?l'f Nltti ll I* >. ?'t>*bly ma'tfr ol v?ry littlr riMw^ume^M m>al ol cur It idtut; but 11 la (< Mr aurit n w aa t|b| feu Red iv ibe puuiituu* world, and irUfimi"- Cbi "-i'> l?f" bow Hi' con,mm a ill be dt t itl> d So l'i?i| m *r ? i v ' u lilt I BatlOBai t Ot?)-|i||l?l, ?r CMU }'It IVr po !** >< ii * h> hoiiM* 111 H loo, o< mi ? . i-y l,, .|ij, ?r iIibi mailt r, ht? avt jfovd f< vln to ^nul >u< h *u muni) ii > |'I' ?w i'i Li.n i!i>v , or a'I) e, ? ? Hum*, tr au> U>?.> e, mug iti? jib' r ol ibe ? Nt ? t <u b<<unt' >; Th< P'.'bl'C, lOO, ae? ni to If 11 ??!?' IOtPia-l ill Jnuiiiirriiid ?h u a mi u who ho jn>i <1 I fra rliiliun- tot ft , ni^hl'I <>0 0>i' ai.iaol li.i'u l*?>, hi da ft fllrlil ? tlh ihe Minf, V t,a In pihfi mle, hr bou^M for tier c?.iii?, or . Tolttui I fvr loriy un a, *hith Ik ima )4?l , i..J mii'tio n.d i haif ctkir l>i, Mil iii.'v ?ii M?nulri'i Uisi' 'v, in two voIumh a, U'i h <) d?r tJ i l.w, Int vbiii kW iKiura . >i.i t-.jr .? m , . ittka m mutk like trifling ?i?li tn j <oiii< ;> ?i tua laiiir cunob* }'ul?l c i?-ha ihe <? in \ "Whv > il.jtl ll tiiif b<? k ?>n !?' in-i'if ku i .ii fur * It liar m il a li?lf, *b> ib?- deul havr *, .)n roii?? < ll?il lo j?) lour dvlliic lot tbr vtr) . edn>it-i! ? \n# it it be mm at H ai j M I I rM a lie ItftH B wt ? ft Iftr^p iiou^r, ? ]|i,h h ,,.,hu u k b) robbing i.i'ro,*iB aulliora of Uo if ri?, y. .^bit, ?k< hW atirmi'i i?> crrnh ? c ? bo.ii, r ' ifcKU 4 out I" I'1' diilcr-a < I t'ie?;ii ? r'ta, lur iNc alter til tke tin ui ) I" VV - I,.?f ;t. o >i.rn? 1 urn any, we n nleae, fo trr ? < <brr tlit p<i >ti?!?. r t j I B<?an n will be iiheljr In )|pi4 to t !> '. , h a kit tl tn Ib? tr.nlr |;?*> <>? |. B I : h , J I "? }>% nii ta," Mid ii m our ua.>!>r . i irw wi- , Il.i In likt I) If >? tl h? r ia t(j.- t Wp Mff U ftl ah' wtii rnit ill*'e, .mm r ?!) c r>' i' f i r uic?e. In f o ftbend, mid a? il w n ^u> ? i ilk cht nprrlliAu Buy btKl* ei r. iVir o*.i |>-iaieo^ ti ii i te. ih^i Ihf ??n... i#ii? < Jl ita" # !.>e Ir? ai.d bt4 k-l?a??if ?ni U# on n r. t>. . a;i?i , ti?dl b? itn.' tli" ||< inl'd, * if. u u i i lib (anht-r lii'iii <.'difiHni? ih?a Nrr Hrii,irs*w j wBt-oi ikew in the honk Ii je a n rf j Vork C ib \??rk *b "(?. Astoukuimi Lxttkk or Da. Snviw, or m Mniui Collmi-Tiodiuj at thi Qvaurtiiu. -Wf publish in our columns, elsewhere, a very eunooa letter from Dr. Stevens, the President of 'he Medical College. It a|>peara the nomination ol Dr. A. Sidney Doane, as Health Officer, at the Quarantine, Statrn Inland, by Governor Pish, has hern confirmed by tbe Senate, to (ill the plaoe of Dr. Whiunp. whose term of office has expired. This appointment comes from the Seward faction, ai d by that interest Dr Doane has again b?en pUced is office, having held the same berth under Governor Seward's administraton. Th? sppoiuttiK nt of Dr. l>oane has given great di?Fati*>factu>a to the influential body of the whig party in this city, besides a large body of the medical faculty. Private meetings have been h?*ld by alinoM all the whig committees, and i>etitions sigued, calling upon the Governor and innate to rtc< under the nomination, and to appoint some oilier pertou. Thete petitions are sigurd by the majority of the Ifgal aud medical profesnon, meri haiiif, and the leading whig politicum* of the city. m....k .1 -i: j ! * - fiutll twiriurtiuil dUQ UIM'OrU IK ri[H*ClfU lO HTlrK; ?iut of the uppoiotiiirut of Dr. Doane, and a remonstrance is now on foot, to cull upon tlie S-nate to reious;der the rote, alleging that the ap|?oiiit!nent of Dr Donne is much adverse to thr intercut, sentin.eiite, aitd wi.-hrc, not only of the leading whi^i of this city, but of thr whole medical faculty. I)r Whuinp, the l.ite incumbent, woa the favorite candidate, but not powering the S?*ward infinance, failed to t-buin the noinimuun ot Got. Fifh. Much is expected to grow out of this erupt'on in the whig partv, and many hard thmiia imy yet tr<n?pire, touching the political Seward coterie, as now evicting in this city. Tiii ki.ow Wmh in tjie Fiki n ?Thnrlow Weed hat- Li i n nominated h) the whig city convention of Albany. as Meyor of ihat city. For twenty years paft Tbnrlow lia? occupied a much higher and j IP' re lucraf'Ve po*t? tbat of Stite barber to t'le I I whit; party of N? w Y?ik, an office of great inter- | ei-i, hon*r and emolument Hia dnti*-b were to ' thnve ?nd drem all candidates for office in every pint i f the State, and receive, as uaual, his axP? i>c s for the clean faces. He studied the art of i fhxvii-g <!uri!>p the anti-matron excitement in Wet-tern Ni w York, and gave the first strong evi. deuce of ?eiiiut> in that I'or of business, at Oik Oichnrd Creek, near Hocheater. Aa State b-irber of New York, for twenty years, he ia entitled to pna'crfdit and much honor. Who succeed* to the ? ft'n e, including all the razors and lntner bme?, ?ed"n'l know. Greeley wants it very much, in Ma ow n person hi least, but we think we shill keep it o|* n for Col. Wilib, when h'Ereturns from A'??11ia The office muat be worth $20,000 a ycur, b? eofes the M>ap hude. Ill bi ing nominated f<T Ma?or, of ourae we believe he will be elected; but the poot will irceive ?,?r? r u rt rl rw.l ..v.. ,t ?? Thn?lr?i?# U/-. ,1 .U.. but be i?f Nrw York for twenty yeara past.

The F '*kist Divofcii Cask ? We publisii, in another column, two articles, ho! to iih from differ? i>i quartern, commenting u xm thf evtd< noe pmdvcrd lo the Pennsylvania Legislature in the F< run divorce cure, but hope thrjr will be the U*t | of ibe kii.d that any correspondent will ceiid to m on the subject. Any of the Ki-n'lfnien i plicated in tilt t? Mirnrny, have a ri|(lit and ? cUim M be heard through our columns, in the way in which Mr N. 1' Willi* win. We are under the n?'! ? , hi'y of dm) mi? insertion to more such article*. J < Th?- ca*e iu< If it> ouly commencing. A near I | n i ?t nieut h?s Kern m-tde in the Ann-mfily of P. no- ! I ?\ vhi 111 by Mr Forrest, bat jrobi^ly it w.ll *hiire J j 'I ? i?tue fate as that in the S nute. lu tb?s ruMS- | i >ime we l<-am from the best authority, that Mrs. j ' h-rrtf-t intt nds to bnug a ?uit for divorce afiiiist , Mr. Fotrent, iu the courts ot ihu Sute. Mr. For- < rid, of cour?e, will brirtr a cross action, and the ' s<< i*l I'fe cf iKith of th'M?s unfortunate parties ] ri i'H go through a rijiiil examination, before a jury ait<4 bt f<tie the c?4jnnuuiiy l?Kiiii.(nn raoH IitUk.-W? bars rooMr's by t'^fcitu tl?( < ap'ala |.Htlsa-l4, Jju Mil trum i iaia li Srtiil lo lbs 2S<I af rforuaiy i If tticij*r Hufni' |ubtl?hf4 at Tars, Rratll, nt ' tb* iMh Whru?r; l??i (!? ao aea >?at t>f ' lint tt a Hn?ili?u bark. tba Sapta i ra?. b? a>?n J ?I?M waiMr. tba ( ormt.raiit th? HiHi**> put I'm e e? ai u *11 111 h a-< at, l I'itu rat fln? In t in | batk, ? Mrb ?ai ( n?ju< il lb ? ^li-w' UuJ ?ilh tit |tf?',nit(i(H-r? It ?t/ ?-j urn.U rtu ? ibalit ?a? , ( ftp,,) it, ar? unlawful tiaWn 'lk> il#rf il?lr ?%a br? nirht tn IktaiiilttoftlN ? tar b?f if h? Mr Paahaaa ?>? ar-l I - l?U<ai?g lec.uttou, ?M-b was uaaium- u?ty | atfr|.i,<: ? . * ?? d, 1 hat tt ?<.Ttt?B mt hr t>M if it I . in tra-b ! IU ib i.ti i.i' i. i i ,I ?? . Kin m i ? i ' .it r-t t?. pp. Mint ?|-B t'? hark 3au_a Omi aiJ I tfcilit ILs .as*." . 1 ItJr lultUinrlua, t n >. 0*AH< K li R f?.?. Mi>MII ?>> UAkrll ftlti KKI-* * n l??K I'UB KNT I BAR. , 7h# i<ll< ?ltg are thf ?trif?i?ci p?'MO<?n?S ital? J (citfor tL? l??t muktb:? H'Bi D'Ut Bilta'n Mid Ireland ft 27'i ' " k **! \ * I'klilr r. WU- tl | < r,..r-? 4M1 ' 0;t>r|>rrt? Hi ' Tftal ..Kith TtrvVi.lluuiiW: t<* mm I >r Mi:?ii of I?<| >?t(, 1 ? < It .1 1 ?i> tk III tbotMur* 'llr* If In ?in,/ra- ' t|r t? tu Ibt* rcaatr? lu tlM'a*t m u'li. ?cinp? ?4 ?ri .a * itcli. Il4i' >1 i>* !? ? ( 4 i iN'p a lit iln ' U? l?l i> V??? tr.f r?ji?rk?h.? iff <?>r I. t ll? ^?<i '? IT 0*h i f > ?b a?tf. < e > J %ll!i *?brr?ty, !* ? t-. o*n t >? mnVr (of 1 i?ci>?ry ff ifc'? jn>. dfW>J Ifef unit.* r f.r J?ti J?r/ r>? l? rt > -tr |.i !? t 'i'IM';!"' uu'?l I r hr . h? 1 i tiz.sutc >f b??\l ?lc.*? *p????ot r? (h??-rl?*lof ' ?M| ?ln |i?r<?Bb#r. artf r??ri? all iho.? wti>i ? nc In t'l rvxtfi ?rti>lc( Id January. fa* ' u u.>?T J <I > i .i MlMIJ I *M lit) ll IM ? ? ' I in i ro?*? 1 If it* tiutkV-r ? ? ia ' JVC, It ? # tb'.j 3 H S Ti>a fi ar* i*i? total" of 1 Itr UBbMI l<T fhatli/rc BOa.b* uf lb" J?ar* 1M? ' * t ii J * / o ?M|*rtmij:>tr t thrra r>rife* of 1*4* *? IAJ * I ini tlti** BtcUt* e>f I'ftO .9: 1?7 fti'iinc Ml la the |twnl j??r ft.ii.-i Bit If ?r rti^ar* i?< la?t t?o months v!tb lh? f vJIrg t?o B"ttb< ot :*4i. ?iiali Mitfl ?t a r. Bit f?r B> I' lftan ? lr? <f IU atlt* liajkU'*: u " f thlA j ?t It i? ? f"U? : ViMwt) HIHt|?hrl I'Cj 10 1B at>4 M?r?b ol 14M. . WJiTI l>*?n>?r? lo tba two ti <Tith* r>f Ibla TH- W.T>'4 Caufciv ft* ?L? nia>i-i -t I bi d <?( i?<t y'?r. potnparrd ?.tu !u? fgim; uiis? u itUn oi turn pr< n?t jnf. Tm ' xiirt Cet'iit.?Th? flr?t of t1># l?Py ? ? ?,ort>f th?< rir. ?ib Cmetl if iM< vm iaf, April 1 r>ol'? IHj, .% r?v]titl?r> up >o lb* kitl-rvnt notvR ?r t U to ' ff*i rt| t<v < >"i??. ?On ftftvwrl fl-? or-nrt'd ? 1.11 IUti*l< a Hmt- tt? dry <oi?i ?u*? of Mr OppTtt?*Btf?, It origtsBtv* tr?>to tb? (* lt*ht to th* ?r.o? *Ib?I<? It (lit ??t with ??> tit ?o? i| I <lt|? Antmp. Kiti ? At*1*' L?lf >< : rim o>io>?k ???t?r (*?l n<rii?f trr bu k* i.i>i ??tb*tM atm* wl Mr Betd?tt Nf UV*-, Kitth imn It ?.x?n ?* rut b llM?ix?r??; .% 11. !' > > ( >< U?? ?t*?k frotii %m i liti mi a lur $. Cb Tki R?i ? W ?'lili?rtr<? A??'ii.Klj, No. 1 *t'\t CM>BTO?' fct St 1*1 J U ofl?l I j?-s?iv*kjr kftuk'-ck. on th?1r > urn iruM ? cbriatrri bf?,th?t Id Or??n?rf<| * ?< ???. Tb?> , ?> ?](')>*( fc?t 1 tli* Inii'rutivt t- ' f *Uirh t<>?rt '*r life |W b?ti.?r ??r?kmff< Id or*f* n pnmt t?nr'. Irtcul. 1KMM. f'f ??< Ll?f Ja?tlc? K'.tnOBil* V4*? m ?>A a/Aara, ? . 1 S r?lit t and thrt tM? rm-t ?' S'imt > >?' n4 la <t|i>l 11. !> " ? niilntt tjan-t-rj-.J ' to t?a i I cuit. MotW-n tn tlMli uau?r?r t ' h, 4'? 0 till it I* toad#. t ? r? t? tl?< rlt?. bat ts? U<?:f |i *??? ?e y?t III ; * mi t> if a L>f?r,ce. ?t0 ko d ! >| *U?ti u. to i?r,?ta ju''?r. at atth nnvi Mtcd't 4putt*. 11 Th> #i ?ht> vtnj that th* : ar k">I ? ' moat. kl?ii ?a? iU'."# ii-mioui. > aJ , ' hitHlI'Mi) tHltnlW IU Ih" mrt'lrt e>BO*llrt. ' I'tiB'.f >?i no tti iJ aja u?t Ui* k*? ?lieh u f?4Wi? i iikt: r<U>( >lrr*l . t * ?<< fa ? >? VA JUV/A / Ul ro<? ^rau'eJ. j, 7.<n ?t?. fl i '.t. .V fcli-n to ftp. 4, '# i|t ->a ai p %l ' M#f?; It #r'? iitri flli'ti k lo|. II ' 'fc- e? *?'-4 * i?at*t >i<?*Ur? isl k>jl?)tH to i <'r< a i < ?f w ? H'Vfra **< r .? . ? <. - of -t!. !< 1 a* ki'.aMmtkt fur ?linjtnoiim NMIM. ?u?i jrT* Vmh'twii r ?a-ar??alM it> > >> ? i|^i f?r I ha ntd'l-l -I a ?i>?a?. aa< aM-mf ?. * a.rbx* ?'.1 ? ? n a?-j jklt. 4. r?opa PM 'r. t ?4?a ?1; Mi'M 0J?" la . T ' k'? ???< r%H.r*7aJ H "* ?' i ?.,r?ik? i?lk i if at L < ? i r, M?<* J ? Letter m PwbJle Health, bjr Dr. AlniHw H. Bktchi, rrtimtht mt tmm C?a<g? of Tt tni Crruui or Niw Ymii m? au. whom it mi Cokckkh:? I understand Mttejnl *11 doubt 4o Mlm, tbit my mm ipptmi a Bong tboae no* rMonan<ti| the appointment of Dr. I>o*ne to tba Health ofloa, by hit Kie?U*nej Uonriot flab ud tba honorable tba Janata ol tba State of New York. By wbomeoaver don*, if done at all. that work wa* not don* In truth I bare not. to tb? beat of my i*ootl*etioa. mho, or oommnnloatrd dirtrtly or ii dirretly. by wtrd or b? wrUH|, with tfcat |i?ntirBiau witbin nooin frr?n ar right j?ara A ) Ork (Joeeraor and a New 1 orK 4 ioat* oaet know bow to protect their ?> honor. Httiig oppowil It Lkaoe'e appotbtmebt. I ad >pt thia mode of d.'teud log my own ens.lftrno;. whiob id lbl? unur. I learn lii.' bwe quwilouK) If the aitfnature N notaforgrry, )twa?, atab) ra<a nn*r tbtend'd or mad a tor the purpore tor which It baa toco employed aod e>uld bum Imi* b?m (tl*>n to any tod.vidua! *bow ataadIrg in i tie profr?toQ bad been ?h?k-n by prantiaae ob wbtrb bin brethren ha?? uottor'iily frowned 3 ill I rnuat presume that no dishonorable a at, atm tboj/b apparently t< r bia bent tit, baa barn dona witb tit* MioeleOge ir aounent. Tit appointment in qnesf|nn I r?*i?tad ?oUly no public KiouDiir. At a mioieut when peaulauoe u rtfa among u> and we ar? treuitillpg wtth apprab?nMon of another lnva?l< n of cboiera io aoon aa ton warm miot ball i?>oi it? fiUHi-tiin, I do not teel It rltftu that ih? puital by ?bicb It baa herttufore uurni ?Uoud b? g?a<i?d by one who dralare* that ba will u;.i. or d>4 Lot (bilk that ha would fuhj-c a ohoieia vr-arei <>r p%v at-gttato quarantine, or woi a* te u>a. eileot 8-a vv a*-ii.hiy >o - d<>o . I??tyear I B- ai-dtfal pr.?f???i<iti on ah. m n r.Tr tban other* 1 be hruat ut ihe atoita i> to t >11. are not and ?b? uld tot ba ludttieimt tu (ha fei cti iu of a perron entiatrd with rueti nii(ii and uon|'itil?i re pil#ih litird but of tfce material lawrw t ulo jiiuarne alone. but ol the ptratnoui t internet oi iiuuaauy aud the t"i;bHc beaitb in th* city aud State ut New \uct, ai d throughout a boundlea* ia<ion. In thu di*<-Harfibg ?hat I bar* \i? laved to be a ol?li.l> outy t u v proferMou ami to the publlo Wl'hOB' n-eltli p i I'Unfl from uoy InHlrMnal wboaimnrer, aud rrvaralcn of the ta-ulc to ra> *eit, I yet trn?t that tr? Ch.i-e i t hixeety. tru'b, jUMtee and humanity will ulln xt. ij tiluuipb Witt.iu a few ifi-U it oema tony know - l<*. by iof<ru a'i. t? derl> m on lb* *,? t, Imoi un-ill?il *-otit- < nil n at the quaianUua that the elotbea of emirfraut* were I *t wa-tieil or < '.her*:*" purltied before ^ ?C "Ut I in th* c iinnoutry it the' aauian thi^tie --] ?are piiilbt*ru> u-ly ?cwu brt adcaxr oier the lnod. wh-re?er It ft uud a o< ti|iri>lal r< :l aud elitnate it wi'Uid not 1 ui? re cer aiLly propauttr it>eit tban ub-iieia. typhua ferer aud nuall p<>*. la tbt* ?ory u-?uuer, whireolr . r.uuihtrufea taeoied Now, It *hi.'U tnav lUaveu ID It* u>et>.y a?*tt, we ara to have p?tCii*:iee bfiala, wbo rba 1 *ay tbat. as at M/iuloaiiy and ?l<>a*(iarr, , we mat not rail tor help tr ut a">r al-tbat ! thw ojeitlcal men (f n'w fork t>iay not. aa ia tte ptngue ut L<.n>i(>o. ha cj ?u d >eu, aod tba nuiliabt rail OD tbeir Ulp'abl Metliroii for aid. In Br' ckun ai.d \iiiny aud UooDi^ter aud rfu:i*io, and Newark, and Trvnion. aud I'luta JelpOia aotdieta In the i aurr of hutuaait} ? tiod b>a* th-ia?tbe> Would Collie Mill Ihi U|(0 lUey rhould Xpeui t j be taro?n ; into tte ? tt with thon- ? bi m th Talu. thry h?1 ?JUi<Cit to urc Now how could wh loon tUeii id the f\n*. -t ' wf I'nd ort culo our uu'.jr Id trying to soluiio thi j p -i i: no* ? It ik uin ptldaof oar eity to h??? I urn'^hcl to t'<*? ?iKUtitr dr^tnuirlt In lliiiiiillilf, ftlKD ui 1l?l lad*pel drtt fct u>)>liits. ??! > )rur. ti . ?< ? itptm he Ho hii* plerr illu?l|?tetl 1>J |fieat n*unn - lb? l*> liu' tfce eider Jk) - tb> U't uf ibx U'lmau* anil WiigDl, Ld tUD >ni' ii( ?orlbl<s ibcre le b?. uu- p iqii, atII b ?f.i ill It, tie at tribute* 01 ?u Ii O'TtOl- UtgU-miud* rd ftantleiDuu be ai'ght aii t'??i>t?bly b a luparrj U" a? *?er. Hunt to Irnn and t- OUT del.-** im ?n to kid no tbat wfc?a ib-j rna-ii to mingle <tiooi{ tD? r et>Li<tliLrn>* and I:) td*, tbey may oj grea?d ?uh ten uiioi Ire 11 appi t l.t'U'U by uieu vb..a* e*U?ui a id le^arii ta mire n u?aiib.;ly taiuabi* tt-au tb- baUw.ljr < git ly ol ( I u? uo j.?: rt.,i a; lr?,?>.,;< 8,:tln?f any buaisa b*(r*. j ] wou d nit wiiiligly fcarci a worm is mil a???.r Ibtniri * ?fc?t I h< la dear ibn Itbrnl at, J <r*|f?r? ( lbl< c? u muritry Ihf I rr> tt /mate of olj >iauha:t?n. kl y a* ui * Lltl lifliiill??liv> 1?? r a>M?d Id o>-f-u->? witb <ut Itiliif o unit lu m aujf t'uti ?li>iui>tMtrr Ooa word inoiii i.nd4l fcaae done. lu pr< fe-Muuel ill** uf ut irtj lhan tlt-rly )>ara lu thi*. id) utifi etly. aod a:. l?r repttleu a< lark# ? In b rvm> y puojio uiau >u ;-<)? t > 1 l ata x>? v? r |>r*iuni? l to iiAuupT Hie a teuti u ?l tba I iibi'.i wl.b my per*?oal c >ac?rn? rvrriiatinr to tin.* to pu . every tbio* lu I " p aj?. W?r< ay milbin rel/ a)ot? tin t rtati I ?ould uot D"* ??t oto-r *la?. but ?tI er ai d Mul-ei Ibt-rael* are lovoltel aud f#r ' It* 6 rat .Ic,f I ap| rar id ibe pub.Ma duly pr???. ALKX\NOKHH S I'r. V liNS. P 8. ? I am a<lTl>ed lhat ibe term* U' J.oal o.l^ .fa'' . iLd " dtict i? (ju?ir*i?' titr b uu-J at riiitit. , l?>iy i t r?-c?ut r?uiuiift'iinc*( riuttit it|( 'ru-a td? uifli.-al mm ol > <? I orK ra? f-tllnviQK o^ir--p'>ulirui ? ?Hb oua dironi.brnt d with kII ptr'ira br>-?rtilit a I i?b put* u oi al k'hi mtirr ml ?fty - tUIIK b?. ai,U Do* mrtllnd t<> bl* ui r? e >. gt-n *1 b m> l.y tr.f urn., d i..|rr? ol tba oitliniia t.l .<i nub 1 *r .ilea, w auiyi lard ? prrtiovut to Ibal flaw ot ,u? su^ajl: ? r-> Pn.r?>?o? Dick hob: ? !??.?* sia,? W i.i you fa*or ma with ynur otlalni of Lb? ptopilt ly O' appoibtib4 lu Ua |n?l ul ll?tilH ilidr*r ol Ibr o ty ol s?? i >xfc, a un-dtsal m?j ?b > baa IKfMl) dtelar'd ubdar ?*th ibat u? *|U n 't, or 1? toubnul ol tb? pr prl-ty of Kat>j>stitig ?uJ p?t.'tiB> Ibtrrtr I at b ehoint lot ijvaraotiua I aui no. t rrapteUuily. yoor? A H. S rtVtN# I Ni* Vi'it. N arcb 21 19UI, A II 8nvt>? M D. Nit L>?*a Hia-la reply to tb* qu>-?ttoii p >o'?<n-d Is )rnr i t>'? < I lo day I littn in - ay .hit I *' .j <1 i. ifcltr mrk an ab?olutal|r ?a u d. It ta 11' umiHii) lo di in if Uinriy r#l*i In (kr lliccuia c. utiilK ii ?.f a onuiuiuuity Ui*lll( Ittrlff^r *i li< b Iri ui aii forci >( ?fil, to a ( led tu ?b > )' uht? lh? rb'lt|,i? if tba d?bgi*r .? ;* Jli j h'.? ar a aiaremai It la ba'.ural t - b-li-v t b tia aoti'rt like up? l- b m* - II D1 Ur?laa Of ^la.ul.uui o*fn -r lt.b r. Vary r-a^??i?uny, V uiir i tr Ileal a?r?^r' H HSVKi ttiCK^OX, rt.ittit t.1 imiiii^Mic*. CvNMail.IT BLMnioN. Tbr ?! rtl.a in tlilt i?l?"ft Iji *iut? on *r? ft .1 iwltnel lb? t?i?? p'?s? t<vd>?. i*a? I a*lc |.ftltj.# ?? 41 ?l:J IftafUlltft if fl.SCO bj .J.i i' It ? pr. bi' l..?- d> kUoorfttiS lie* t will tuc i??d. I lif fftiloftiug fti? tbo iUtl eiuil.ti'M ; II AV D.mur <iI, k'rtr M, ,,n tti.r, I. f.tu>t?r, 1. li ?'ju.ogr, Jw ? li I I VI ktbUIH't, I'bil, fil l' >U4, JUolliC'k k. S'tri'* <v R ?J. H)l? II it ft rn W ??!, J f I. i . t. ' I iVf, ' J ll (i >. ...cJ >?| II.. tf.l)l Sl'ftl ft. K. l?. I'll ft.jl( ilnuJtt. i A I ftll?d ai S?iift"-JT. la |<'?r? bf M( a^i-inin li i In eb< # n bj tne Lr^j?l?<arft tio? to bi ?l"0trj I ? !??. r?'"r? ftf? ir.ftkii k p?w?ifiil tlTi-ft# -t.l? ?b'<l ;ot't>lft?l th? d-m to gftia tb- ? U Ik' |i.k>itt-<iW ?><:'!< ft of IM*. tM *M| ? ?<*! It > tlrfttftd t>>r lb* it'it er?tli rftni'kli' i/ i(t4**j?4l'y kvt fcli iibi Wit >( iu*j rH/ rtirii* k?ft<crfttM nt-d lit# il c*iuia.u?. \* ?l,| WMtk iti i" tt ?i? ?rr ftgatw tl.r pt. t??? la ?b? 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It Ir m t cm i f tba u-bIo ht'iniiurUM d?1tltlkn il U? aitt Im> ILa ?>>irct 4 |Tiat> I 11( Mtkt* t<> a.I mra. t'.b jl raaarl *.o lor II lt? ? bi< m l Irrw aotl partka in licgi' l?l. t a ??|?o rill h?M ?il?ioia to th* i<Bl?? of >. aa.uuf a-- ' k? ?klM k?it. l>lll?kl|M I II) llll?il>K< He ?. Anifcri lu dk?ik int.?Ate a* j, iko tif it. J III tr I U(V I 1 Olit) 1 on; -, ( H vi b.'iyls'f for MM*la') Ir lb'1 ihtrfl 0?<r>* but loiM n <t #fcll?f, f ifi'd la tba Mn* a?'I ?1'li Wltlitn * bi-. iMI*b'kiir? Ma tr at Xobla tad pravtsu*!) V*aa I M<- ?d < t b'l* ara i | hi |?a i nj i rMtm aaa di??i a> ? >1 < a ai d ca I karxil/ ? ?.. to- ei hi ; .| lain jail, utidar bla ?i tbm a atoaa | ?a?i?i aa* rkb?l, ?b>aU b? au?>)?a4aj m J?l. r<rln< Untrida; Mailt laat, Na.bla ?;t-ci{rt?.| t?.? P>ai I) * iffijrr ?ff?) jail b> aulUtf aaay tba i'oim . nm 'i tba ?u di * 11 m? <--ii ,4* >w j it r\ta ' l? atiitf tiy l>a -fctrilt Mr. Dwij. ahc igi?rn4 hia ?i bal Ii? I a**} !? ?<? !?. On Aa nrl?; afwtin n. Ma a< i,t iv SlR( ( n|t prtaoa f'f nt? y?ara 1 nr tin ?a* a> eatr.! at UH iV aaoic^t n a Waal. N-? 1 oik 1 a ?>a'ura?j toy < fti. ?r Maa<t>il. fur bia aitaapt I a a--i. 1 tor . ta^a t \.>b> 11 a ImmJ y d I N fan *0 ?j ill ilia aid iLa vaaaat ta ab.ob .? lu'rul- 1 10 aii j . ?) 1 If !!. tiat'aiy a. taa limn ,?. <! ittuJ a it>at da/, ! j < 4 <) elo k lt> tr * al arti?.a ?* ?hU <-TVaoa b? alU. j 1 11 pit babmt) talk a to; a*a ay I ha II idaca to *1 tg >11 Bk< 'Alia J, MMia' Cai ira,?Tba aa* aat f m <t I f ; ha 1 (gulatara to tinaal iba bill In "l?l?? > Iba ? una tf rlill aa? ailalaal jurt-d *il"a la UK ?l), a a* ?ifca< d toy lb* l?ir>ra> 1 aa [buraday laat. tor prlan<|ai a^aiidaitl' ia tba but bra -1'bat taa apabtaa 11 lb* 1.1 j . vwrt ba mad* abai<?abla to ilia a tit ltat l.'a |Hi,lrr Jai Im tai lea atratl ?l?ll u.'l'dki'li a aith u>a ja?uaa? tl lha jp?aua, la aalta 1 r?fft?r (atal'if* k; ardlaaoaa af tba '/Oaan Iba H< aid of ilaal'b. riaat tba ailaibal u-iaaitll- u if tba ju-lla^a ol tha paara b- tba ?aa>t a? . at at ?>? ? ?t *?i?l-?d tba jwlioB ju-tio.a aluoa ...a .?>. ..>>.> .a, ?r a fruUi tba CUT w( IliJ a ?r aiiJ itaf a.i 1-* r?*-l?ad k? than ar? t i b? ,>a>4 i 4 Lto U ? ?lt; Urafiiry 1 ha aol turlbar ?ro? I4?? l ttat P J?r IW?. ? ?c?pt IIM ta ill* "l?f rlall h?T? r ttaieM* * >? < rla.lo?l j<irt?4i'-l;i a ai'Jra ti.n rlty. ' >r* (lit i m??t??.? 1 k? ? * tHiffcr lh* city 1 f Itr*? th* A?**<aMy on Ka.arilay .a t vtt | run | '??iou?t? Ik* mii?.a.) a-nl ?o? a.'j . * )? la* ?1(? ?tnro of tk? W<<{?ra?r to kraoa* a lav DaxaitiiU ?f la<tivMaall. N?Wii V. Wll^kt lUr a* I a?r, of 9?rm. v>M !??* >If l<y ih? iimmtf .^i* f?y. l'l-t?fc-? HnJ? a rwjif aij Lai la ? ' f a ?Hrtr?d Uj t*? Aanata Tfca app?.nt- \ Iiw in eftc. <l?*t a*a fnr wr W'tlfbt tr>ai hi* i im(| tr 1 ?k'"ft. i? fmlhtajy v?u jtadsvd to ujl j 1 at ! < pmtant ofnr*. i Mtirla. V. 4. A., I* Uaaimrtvd II. 8 F? ,hav? rrn?d la ikta a?*f, 4 Pr E??a*?w.?' R x.,%m4 V^ar o 0 Nallar. t*. irf It m a>W?|i?. - 9 TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* Tkc Eff??l ( at. lialnoBn'a Omu to WMttiHl?? W**MincTOff, Muck 81?>3^ p. M. Mr. fdttm'i I??Im I* tba sot^rat of inwilMt. wmdoat*'*. uwktbtaaM*i(JUBl"lilk<q?*tlva. " Wkt(?iu tki South 4ol WU1 tbay rally ar ||t? mmy V Cnimi ?in prohaMy do iotkii|?ttt (MfMt to jiublio affair* till ?*>t Tbntliij. Tba dfttb of tba dlannguUhtd SoatkCuolUdu wtlj kiMin inpoiuat in flu* boo lathoNtUaMrt 4 tto float qnaalioB* of tba day. Frwia Uit auulh. Baltiuomb, Mitak St, 1840. Two back mall*, an wall aa tba oaa doa tbto araaU>?i fca*? all 0' or through torfethar. 1't m Kmm Orlx i ? a# #V* GO A AV_ draih. in that elty on th? day fitfloai, of G??. Coclry, 8*crrt?r? ? ? rtU'e of tbe Stat.* of Illiaote. Oftmmniilciiilant on the Porr?.M C*Mt Mm. t.riip* !? A* >< b I tn roM obeil mnril trltslNM tki fubjeot e1 tbe mpi Mwwi <>i olr. NnH lor dlvoro*. I Mk th? I U?or of i hf tb?mtloa r.t few word* an tha nam* ait- ' ter Anil III ll r i ?ImI I mu?t ^Ivi )un high orrdlt, ?? the *h > < public ha* done, for iha junto*** nod P MIInnf i.f jour editorial ipunrU on tba obUMUt I rf the mod*. 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