Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1850 Page 7
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% ' parlor Caart. 1 Before Chief Juatloe Oakley. aunu iuaci op cowt*tor?x>?i m. bath*Mauch M?Mr 0. D. Maid, (ooa of tba Itata ndltara) aoanaal for pltlnif, opened toe aMi by ptatlag tbat it ?w u action for tba ?l?la Hen of i eoetraet uite tba etrouoa ' a**:? Mr Beanatt I* proprietor aa 1 editor of Ua UrtmU Ba??pap*r. ud Mr Hathaway waa foranrriar of tbat p?p?r la Ida Hlteeutb ward The Hrruld la a paper of large etreuiatioa It la wi ?t la oailad a oaita pap?r - wfcieb U ?? ?'>as<al uad?r?t>Hl th? trrm not taking paymeat fr?nn laMirtbirt. bat lalllni for aaab to tkr aarrlara. arb-? than deal *itb taa tabacribera n tba dlfNraat ward*. Tba bii?*?a la tba right la valuable aad it baa a braetlre ta fall tbeaa roataa fro* band to band Tiara I* a ainuaeti"B between tbeaa ea?h paper* aad tbo?a atlib deal directly with tba aubaeribera Tba aarriara kaji a aartala Ban bar of iiokata. whioh entitle th*m to laulia papera; tba prloa charged the carrier* la oae and a bait aaat for aaob paper, aod tha? aail tbem for taoaenta la 1848 the plaintiff purohaaed fro? Mr. W iBgate bin rlgbta a* tba earriar of the Kiftaentb ward, far wbish ba paid bin >6/6. \fUr tba parchaaa, ba a??-at to tba HrrmU ofliee aud there made feaoaa tba ~ faot, rreei*i-d tba papera. aad aarriad oa tba buaiaeaa or two year*. until May if, 18*0 when tba m?U ?ai a>k.n i..._ ki_ .>a -! > ?.> >nntliaf. The nlalntlff Ilu-lsts that he had a right to tbe situation; that hit beid It indepecdsnt of the proprietor, and eouul o<* be tamed off by bia?, at 11* will, without a in > neat * warning and without wan. It I* Ui<l down as a principle f or law that a sertant otumit bs dismissed without | ^ mdii or without warning It ia the well known iw{i of thr oa'h newspaper* that the emptey-d ?ball bar# I the right to hold tha situation ax long at th? tun ploy er carries on tbe business. or until one or other of thein J>?kuiI j nf default it ii a a >tntnon praitioe to sell Wwi route* of oa?h papers, and he w >a<d ?h > tbat It to knowu to the proprietors, and thar. the transfer in the present ease wae known to thisdefeudent Plaintiff < nieces that he oouid not be rem >v?d wlchint a >tlee Ml without cause; that he was mating ftlftaweek. sod could now b? nicking i JO; and for tbe violation of tbat contract he seeks damages at the band* of the jury to the amount of (6 000. Counsel real Ibe plea Ilogs and subuuted that the customof selling the routes juettned the aution. and wsrraatail the belief tbat the routes are faluabie It is admitted that defen lant Is proprietor and publisher I bet be sslls to oarrlers but be denies that toe g od will of the routes belongs to the carriers. Toe <iurhin d tben is. whether pleiu'lif has *uj right in the good !'! sod whether he >1 laud his duties. r Kd?ard Sandturd said tn*t the defendant pub. II-bed a notice IU the tlrrali iu 1841, tbat no 0*rrl?r *b>>uld 'ell a route, that defendant would reserve to blui I ihepoaeruf eitber ellieg or glvlug t-.-ein MI|M he >)rated, the unties air o ?ta ed tbat he eroul I n >t eujjloy ?fcy earner who xarried the Sun or the Wall "treat phi-ers. and tbe plaintiff hail violated t*et rule, he iiig rented the "IVtftuneaud Hj/uhi at the tune he was r? ojoved from the ward Mr. Sandtord m ivel, afer the statenieut of tbe plaintiff s oouosel. tbat this O'nip'altit be ulsuil?ed a* n > such conclusion as was sought to ba established could basustaloed The 9>J>>lai it of vir haUiaway 1*. that the del-ud int will not sell bim hi* goods Now, he weuii a?k uadsr wnat ohl'frttli'D is the defendant t > sell the pUiotnl bis ftp?>?? I here is do lelatlou between Wiugat* and tbe defendant exeepr that be wal'>oe of tbe e*rrier? wri purohased newspapers at use oent and a half aui s?ld I ikemal tso. there is nothing in ths oxnplaiut to I show that the defendant was ever directly or indfeo'.iy connected witb Hathaway, or tbat he wsi ereu aware L r>f ibe eslstenoe of audh a person Mr. Saodfonl 0tiled I particular attention to tbe notice wbl ib app"a'ed to I tb? Hrrmid id 1MI; by it the ??rrli>r? *?r? o ?llr.J together to nfiiiu a aorp? for the HnaU ?ioiu-i*?iy, and tl>r> w?re etpreeely prohibitedfnm *rilin4 tamr rout*?, or ft OB MrrjIDK twrtaln other pepara I ,i lS4t, the <1<leident (Hr bruurit) gevelbte route to a maa nanel Wu lo?k. andar tbe ciprMt* oooiltloo ajd uaderataadluKt>'?r te *bould not Mil it or gire It away. Tbi P"?'umB iu thie ?utt took ibis* irom a person wao pmnt it that meeting of lBtl, kol wb > aiaeoced to the agreement I bet >11 tprcMy filtered IttO th*'. bp eanlrr ebould tell tal? reute. and tbat they should i?et carry au; other paper. Hd the anaaer of W< pUlatill b?re aJaiHa tbat at the time he *?i dnMlraed be waa tbe oarrlor el the Ktuftt and V ihiv* ?>?fpap?r? Id dlreot violation of the contract with the defendant and hla carrier*. Tbe dnfmdent ilto a?*ra tbai tbe plaint'ff a't-mptej to Interfere wUh Mm in the management of bU ?fBoe. aol urged hla to oluil-K eerteio p*raooa fro-a hla employment. The f?at aiende UDdenlad tbat thla route ?*< originally gl?ra to Hullock In 1MI. and th'xe who b-ld It froia tbat time, ha (Mr Sendford) aubJiltted held It up >n tbe rarne terms If auab an ac'too o mN be maintained tbe de'endant wou <1 be a ruined man h?ery parson t<> wbom be baa told a paper man be eommtncd pu">lixhing would take ao actio* againat hi in fir ?>Oo?if ; he rrtux d to continue to aell th<*na. a'id If the defendant rbuold die hla estate would be ruined fir hli ate mora would be aned by each earner, If tba aucjenor to (ha paper did Dot b<H ehoee t> employ tbrna-It w> Dirt riteod to all ag?c If tbe o ><art aeut on for the whole day tsaaluiog wltneeaea to ah<>w thia aunoa of carrier* lu traaaterring thrlr roatea without the know1 age or eognl aance of tba defendant. tbay would b* la tbe uiga p el lou the', thny were then, and It a>a for tbat reeaon tbat hat Mr Smlf.rJj male thla abatement tbu* early upon the thM'huli,aal called tli- court to dlamlaa th" oemp.elnt Mr. I* U Mr Id. (one of tbe Slate oodlSera) counsel for plaintiff, la opp >aiag the m ition. eon ten Jed that t?>eie ?a? anUloieut causa aboen to go t-> tba jury. They would prota the u-age of a ???? n*w? jn^ara tbar. tie good will belong* to tbe carrier*. aul th*'. tae pro. Erie.or baa no right to diaturb tae plalutill 'a g > >d a.11 bi: i uta. ?. eoit- la that ^witina of ftot ? Do I un lerataa 1 y>u to aet up a ttaiemeut of certain u?age. and tnea .. ... l.i....... ?f U.< r K. -Hla Id t KM I axIrWiica nt u*i|? II tbnr* b? My rl^bta groviuf o?t ' ?f tt U be?>m?* quaail <a of law Uiatl'oia of tt< h*r art now In tli? hahit of puttlBrf la tba ???ra<ltl II I: ?l It* aud ID* drfvDiJ tat U III o|)il|<4 to tbat* mf-tauor* l b? anil* rar* it*'. m? f t?La c DKltu'll>|( tha et.l-*a of tn'.ln until k< .Sir I* I) Hi-M (na? of id* <ita*a onJifl-n) oauiimI lor pulotltr. uodxrtto'td It t i ha a >ju*?tl >a nf ftct. < < urt?Do tlia lMt< ali'icd t an i?a of tell it' Tkr !'>( i?t>mt<l. lait It tbn p.utc Timn It a u nion tilrituot of >lio? of in tr.aof:a~ut of tt?? <j t?t <1ttit m.b tha f*?rl?r? What It Uw nn???r t>? lb* ailrgntljo that tha pltln'lff carried Jth ar ptptrt, ? tuiary to the ?(r?xui?Dt * Mr. I?. I) fluid, too* f tha SUt? c ?4l3nrt) r>aonl i t iiJalallB- Wa t4alt ti> earned tan fViitw aol jbtrni. but aot tbn s ,n,nr tat vV?il <trt<( p%?>?r, aatrb ouly at- aiaaUfaad la tb? a<r jaut. v r ^bilfiii4- vVa ttat" toat tot tmf? mat or {tat ltd ??c>n?t??ly link* Hna'4. i c? urt thought tba all*i*tina ?a< dna'.nd la tht r?ilj Tbe platoilff naauot raly na u <??*. ba w tiild. hi w-?tr. hear tba *fid*o-t a? It art* a mul Jt?a bi l*u>|>h>r w lugtta vi tn ard la ISM I wt? a iarrlrr ol iba IUtaid for tbc KlUnalh ward, and dad oana " lor two or tbr*e )>ttt. 14.- Did you 1.11 tbat rout# at any tliaa to tht p alay.t landlord-I'. tf> any trnn?aitton batwano Mia tllD'W aad any utb-r paraou, to tblok inn dafaad*ut ntt uot a paity. [ijuatUou alio tad, aad aa atCaption takto J *itD?r? cot road ?Vr Hathaway |t'* >" ? '?'t It ta iba >^rioa Of 1M4 , I ,-<aw to* pltintlif a'taraa lt ?a> ijlbir papart taTtrtl timet , I b >ugbt lb-r iii'.a of kit I rgiand. la January 1MI: I ||N tin IllSfjf It; I iralooti to tba tUtt ami a "olu< au 1 4 nr pa part hut I bad b"t narrjtn* tb* pt,.ar- '>a tbat r> uta * me tlma brtorn ba?lag hirad it fruia >1 r t\B<laud , I paid bim Ilk a quarter l.?r Iba hira b-f >ra I N.igf.t It; I im tba papart from Mr KlagMill at tba olhra M? Wbat did jou aay ta hlaf [ObitniM > tod lopllot taken ] I -?. 1 bun ror t'? t itMi .b ?ard pai-rt paid him for tham,au? ha girt tanja to E>a , I J d not (all Mr hlagvialil by wha: rig'it I git tht paper* ; I ????r at any tima t >l?a ui.a watt right I I td tt> tbam . I d?l ho >w of aay pra-tioa la ragtrd t? thatnulat; I h?li> ?a aa ot.a w?. alio a ad to atrry tba timid In tba I irtntatb ward. ha*. ih->?a abi bjn^bt II In lb* Hrf'4 fi(kllihufit. ui of nthrr owl f,?vr* u? <ha tubj-at nt th? pap-r* a *4 Um l<raiM(M?kUiM4H? Mr rtaall .r^obfat^. <>a I Ik* frim?4 that tha *itaa<a moot Ira a r?eU aa I ??t ! lo bl? opt?l<-a. aa4 alao thai ta> ouitna of olkw pa para raaaot a.7-nt d-f-ndaot ( \4*lUo4 J A.-I lit t kl'Klllp I I 4oa't k(M of u^ttwi trtr t>(il)in? at ih? itermU afflaa. to bay papa-? to aait la 1 u.a ruiHBlk ?a?4. aai enswiMauj 4oa't haoa kKkei tb?y ??rt r?fua*4 ar not Jad(* ln>aa any ow *laara|| p?p?r? la Ma war 4 ' W ita*M - I'M, mr k y???ll thaa aU tkM?fk tttaalty. A Juror - If y?a ?? oaa of IkuM m/i aarrla? oaa of 7war en?t marn akat **44 you 4<t. A. -I ?oul4 praraat hira q A'bat a aaa* coaid ana fraclt ?a' A -I ?n?aa I w>al4 * aatPa" 1 bnu out of It (Wo****) I aa4*rat%?4 fey ??k papara llrnaa p?p-r? altar* tho aafe erlbara ?*j Ik* ca/itarr: I pa. 4 ml t>* than at tha fltna. aa<4 tk>? eoi ratM ttrti nr nay frm th? .ott.-rlbar* v?a?ly ar B?aillf. 14 By <>jktwl fbT p ata'ilf 4T*all yoa c naplaTa to tha oAm If yoa ??? any b >y a?r*la4 oa ?<f y?ar ra^ioaiara aa4 gat bta ""laiy at 'Pfwl' Mr B?a4fut4 Ob ao Out u la< 4 tfk <raa 4?-al of liberty y at: (ffiaati < tul?4 oat] Wttaaaa *natlaaa4 -I ban* tba ruataa 4 ifea nk?r aa?h pap-r? aro ?44, *a?h pap*r? ai? thoaa tbk.oabaoribar* pay oa.rl*ra f?r, I pall j r tba F.rpr?? 1 ah*a 1 got H. tb?y <!-> aot aaU ka Ira 1 , dilferaat eari |ar? an tba >aiaa routa U B HI*.-tap 4-pwa4 rha? ha ha! baa? a aarriar of tba H"*!4 > part ?f tfea Mni tha of tha I'hlrA, an 1 k?l? of th* Kirth aarda ia IUA aod mm* link* of ])04; I ao!4 My K-ataa ta Mi Vlaaaaaf?r |thU aai. ,i,,.ra aaa ail ot.j?aU4 toj; I x>ld It racy lo* a* that tiaia, ba (?ra Lia for It; Mr Raaaatt kaa* of thai p>i> aa J ilkaalaa eoaaaataO to It, ata*> 1Mb I feara aar r?- 4 tba tm at. 1 otbar papara, tha ? la a aaah papr. tbata aaa tlatfi a a a atom far ittrtlwi to a?U iiMir r?ataa ahaaaaar thay vara 4l*poaa4 io^aatlna lakaal ikwatbo btrnhi ralJ ot<h for tkalr papaya, aaa |iaata4 f.o* th>*a ania kbay aarra4, ??akly; tiara *.a naly oaa rarrl?r paralUad ,>a a*ah raaka, tVa tha ranlaf mU hit roaia, tba parehaa* r vaat to tba oAoa, an.i r??cba*a4 bla pap*ra. ao4 f iloaa4 la tha raaa ralaa of bl? pfa4aa??*>r: wbaa 1 * h4 In Vlaaaaag.r I t.ok feloi to tha ?Br?, ac4 loU laoad hla, m4 Mr. B'SB'tt hcarpfad bt* ? aarriar. 1 ra<? >Baa?laa4 I haaa aariia4 ffea 4t*a 1-41. all* tba Aaa; I t?i aot at tha maatlag la lUkl; th> oriRibal arraaraaaat wiui Mr Irnaalt cat that h*M aid hit* thft ?I*!0. M n?hl nt tba I In *14. bad that f t*nar p?on? ?a? M a !? o? Ihrtr routa. that ?m la |k34, | hart sot bad aar j,rr?M roata alara IM4. h>'ia*iaatf I batlara Mr llnMt kaav of tk* ??ril?r* rarrytaf otbar par*", fro* Via faat of ibalr taklaf ?tb?r papara lato lb* Ih-rmU crfflo- and it mm .-bj.flta* to, tb*ra aa*?r >a< aa; ohjantloa unUi Ua til?r*?ta Marat Mt. Baan-tl ttl Mr Ta Mr *aa<lfcw<l I tblak that iHttralt; ?a< It liMi; Mr Bt ??t? Mid aa aknill btf* tba ff~aM roata if aa * qalt aarrtlat tba ?um, I tawr kaaa nt 4i|r?|t; boat rarrjlojr iba Sum bat ?baa. Ta (oaaa?| fnr ?iaii<llwrrklMUIk">riU rt??a la vllab tb* aamaa <4 tba aarrtara ara ?n?tara4, and abaa rnataa arrra ml4 I baliaaa tba aawaa vara traaaf?rr~d. Maw aaf k??< k " tha#?laa ta which tba aS-arWra aamaa aar* fitarat; aaab aarrlar bM to look at It m4 taba tba a?a>a* off tbat balongad to bla dtatrtat. To Mr. Kaad'-rd that m tha tally ar<lar book la akbli pum* 'MUlt Mat mm* bM tMilllii; i kaaa of ao other kook; If m n(U4 to fl" ?f offl ' >' aarrler. we made the arrangement taUM oareetew* ui than Introduced tbe purchaser to Ma eOe?. aad hi* DM? * < HUM IlltaM. Beajaala H Day-I eataoliebod tlM Sua n-w?p?por, ad puMlebad It from 1833 to 183?. ltd nbll?bed two other 0Mb pa para ikioa that; a aaab pa par U ?dara tba aai rWr* proaura iba nohaoribvrt and ?er?e tbam with the pay*'* Uia; pnoMM tba p?p?r? from tbe pub luber Q ?What wa* tba utag* of tba Hu% aud oti??r ra?b pa para la rr?p?C. to tba aala Ij carrier*' (Oojrated to aad rulad out \ C ourt?I (ball ouaBua tba proof for tba parpoaa of It farrtag eoolrant y tba u<a^a of tba lltrmU oltlaa Witaaaa-1 ha?a no personal knowledge of tbe utagea of iba HnaU office. (Tba witae** wa* not e roes-exaaitaad ) Jotio Smith bairn called? Mr. Saodfwd -Ob! I* John Smithhere? (Laughter.) Mr D. 0- ('laid, (oaa of tba State eadlflere ) cjuiiMl for plaintiff - Vaa. wa bare actually found oae. John Smith than d*pi-ail that ha vaa a oarriar of tha HetaU from 1M0 to 1847; tba ou*?om vaa that whin a mao aniicltrd lutHorlber* for tha H*r*l4 "ha aoud ler ad" tba route bi* property, and o iuld allitif b? pleaaed. (Ohjrotad to what tba oarriera "ooosidered,'' aad tba qu?*tlon waa rated out ) Judge? Vou mutt abow the practice aad not give a* the oplalona ot the wltneete* Witoeaa continued? I bare bought and aold route* of the Herald; when a route wae a?ld. I don't ltd* bow tba purchaser got iba paper*; be got then at the office aad paid fur tbem; I ??rvrd tb-> Set who the Herald and otber paper*. tbo Exyrtn i? a Wall street taper; tba lYiAun* i* not. iroes-eiamined by Mr. 8aadford?It was la l"Wl I carried tbe llrruli and Sun, I beard ol tba meeting, and a't?r that 1 gave op the Hun aad oarrled the Hn old alone. Joba (Harriott -- Wa* a earrltr of the H raid from IBilSto about five or aiz years ago. Waat do you know about tbe-ale or oarrier'a route* la carrier'* phrase we eall them routa." (L>ul laugbtwr > It wa* tbe ouotom of the carters to ae'l tbetr "routa;" It a I Ban feel* deiirou* to frit, h* look* ab >at for a pjr| cbaaer. and tbey become valuable because tbey bava tbe exclusive privilege of (erving tbem. I carried other pt|Hiri H veil M tho ficra/d. (tier Ibll; Hr U*ao?t| gave m? prrmlwlon loeirrj tb* .Vcur tin; I nuri?<l the i'ntiuiit, sod Mr. Bennett wlsbe'l mo to disoootinvia It, I ooanaitted an error Id putting la tba /V?/> ??? lustasdof tba Hrraid, and ba ovnpUtuad to a* that I btj aerred tba 'i'ufanr wbere I abould b??? served tba Heral4, which I did In error, besaid I ui.ghte >n tiaue to 8*1 tne Tribune until I got* purcieier for tba iilt;" I did gat purchaser la twa or tarj* wee** after w*ri<, ( s-id tba IVlimit route f?r f.7 ), iny rout* w part of tba Second and part of tba Kourtb wards, 1 continued to Mil the HrraU, and finally sold it to ma named Kngiaud lor >QVU. 1 ba Judga, (id nmnxement)--For $<!00T Mr D I) Kield (one of tba State o >dl?iers.} rointel for plaintiff -Way, wa paii nearly Mo tor our root*?wa paid $^7?. Witness continued--Mr. Whitney and Mr Kingtley, in my tiiua vera tba gentlemen whjm tba carriers bad to dral with; I think I a>antiau?-4 to thetn that Kan laid bad bought tba --rout," tba oarrlers ne?er dealt directly witu ?r bannerH i? tne Keprrtt piasll'b ad Id Wail street? A. That's not tba maaniug of a Wall street pap*r; It means "outsiders," tb >?a papers wblob charge $10 a year, and tban pay tbair carriers so uob a weak for aarvlag tbnui; (laughter,) wa stand on our own bottom. (Laughter) i.'ros*-examined by Mr. SiudTord?I don't know that they aver refuss to sell papers at tba HeruLt oltio*, or tbat tbay oak tbam wh. re tbay are g ting to sail tb*ji. or If tbay aragoing to sell tbam at all; Mr Bmiq I Mr. Robert Crtan bare asked me wno served on suaS a ' rcut;" I knowtbat utry "rout' waiglft>d out tu distinct carriers and tbay ' ooa?ldered" It tbalr pf>f*rty while tbay parlormad tbalr duty. Mr Saudford? It was understood among the carriers, bat not among tba panpla ot tba otflje ? Witoaas?I don t understood waat you mean: wa bav* bo lagat quibbles among carriers (loud laujh'erj; i Mr Bennett complniaed tome ab"?lt tbe error of my Serving tb* Tnkunr instead ol tba lUral t, ha wai Tory civil. and told ma to dlspo** of it; whan I sold nut ay "rout'* to Mr >.ogland. I took him to th? ofllne and la trodnoed him. Q. Don't you kaow tbat you said at tba ollloe that Mr. fclngland was to **rve tba papers l >r you. and did yoa aot tail Mr. fcoglaad tbat II you vera to say ba bad puroba?ed it Mr. Bennett would dismiss both of you? A.?No, I did not; to*re was aot one word said at tba meeting of 1841 a*?at aot telling otaer papers, Mr. Hue and several others war* pra-aut; I eau't remember bather I sa ? tba notiea la tba paper or aot. Q.?If nothing was said at tb* moating about eanylng other papers, bow came yoa t**?k Mr. B*aaetl's permission to carry tb* Stw Krm ? A -vlr brnnett asked me If I carried any other paper; I t?id him I carried the Nrw Era, aad bs made ao ooj*atioa to tbat; 1 did not carry aay nther at tbat time, bat It was after tbat i commenced carrying the T>ib*n*. Abel Hoa*ewortb ?I carried the llrrald la 17tb ward, in 1*4* and for tbraa or four year* I kno* taat Hatbaaay Mti>4 tin H i aid to lb? latb aard I kna* tba " route'' Of lh? f/fUtf b "light and ?old Mil I pratuma tb* fact w*? ko'tvo at tba ofllc*. Mr. Klipnlll *n>|ulrrd of on ll I bad pirentni tba rout " I beugbt It frost S*:nu-*l WjfrloJ. I i(t'i htm (360 for tb* Tribute Bud limit. I waut to tb* o?o? <\ui*d J?r to* paper* of tb* 17 th Ward aod git tbcni. I told lb* rnuf' about 7 oar ag>?tb* Her iUt " root" ai"na-for %V1k ; tb? p*r*ou I aoid it to hired it out to Coofor cross luaiifi ?If I mautlnnad thin at tb* offl i*. It waa Barely to Mr. Kingtwlll aad I ?uo?orlt>-<l my nau>* on tb* rarriart' boot. ha (stained. - Tba carrier*' bo >k wa< a very lsrg* book ; tba aames war* put on tba Ar?t page ol It; It a* kept In tb* mail room Wti-D a parra?? ?a< Mda, ona < arri?r aaia was arasad aad tb* Oib?r pat la its pljc* Mr Saodford. ? And when a aarrUr wa> die nl***d hU I naai* wa? *ra?ed. lud an >tb*r put la It* ptaoe ? Wit I ih< ? I prenum* *0. but 1 n*v?r kna* a carrier to b? 4i>mlM*a but Mr. Hatbaway. Mr I) l>. Maid (oa* of th* Stat* coJlQen,) e Junes for tb* plaiatiO bar* raatad bl? < *?*. Mr. 8andfoid rf***?l bl* m>tl>n to ditinl*< tba eouiplaiot It bti a t ha-n pr.ired that tba defendant altbar bad kaoaleiga of or aauoti >1*d tba sal* of tb*s* rout-* la a r tj like tbl*. eoma regulatloa mu?t b< mala b/ which tba eariaia delivery of tb* papar will ba *o*ur?d and diffeieat parties ar* to oarry tb*ai through tb* ntrrtl ward* But tb^quaUlou I* wbea a transfer take* plaa* b?n?y tb * carrier* ? a :r*o<far without tba baowtelge ol the proprietor??h*tn*r be oaa ia law b* bouad to accept the tra>i?fa.-aK* If <lat^> away ?* pr*seat*d to Mr Heaueit, wbnt W bin r*) lug ' I will not bat* f> a ; I do aot IU* your look* " L) >*h tb* ner* *al* betwaea tb* partta* prareut Mr. Bennett fr >0 >ub-*|u?0tl? saying. -| J > out lt?jnor way of doing busiue** and I will aot retain yr>a"' It la a **rria* at sufUraace a ?*r?ice a. will, f aaaa parti** eannot get up aa nMWalloa oa tV part of tba drfvadant by any ajreenixat b*t?a*n tdroviiu. Sjpp< #* a wbul* ward of subacrib-r* wrr* toeay, " st >p my papat "- * bat would bee >ta? of tba oarrlar ' N vir. U*Da<'tt under any greater obllgatloa t > tb* plaintiff to sail blin bU pa>>ar than tb* p*o,?t* of tba war t ara to take It, sad a bat i? to prereat tbewh>ls ward Irani ta)log to tb* earriar. "stop a? paper'" 1'ber* auuti<a alusbia cooeldrra'lno to tba defendant t > co-jipai b<m to eoatlnua totupplf tba pap*r. All taat appears ll tbl* naaa is. I bat Mr. llannat; empl >y* a peraoa to count oat paper* aad reaelr* tb* aoaey ir the carrier* and sny eoarernatloa batwueu that p?rs >u an i :'ia oa-rier? la not binding oa Mr Baanatt. Tb* ui*r* ettlftraor* na tba part *f tb* dataadant eaaaot eoa'tttu's a ryjbt of astmi Tue?e atta tbair p irobav** oa tb* probability 1 bat Mr Baaaatt will b* ea itlal with lk>a - u<; ptirhtM aar?l y tba * I'iv4 will " of o*a aootbar Hot in Jury ?n la ?ua*t ( mm tkla? Haw m thay to kaotr k >m loa< a thai Um plaintiff or terultit aay lira? Nit tla? la 0ia4 K>m Is tka ?a?a of eo p*tarr?hlp tk'tll la aiuaa ftn a|?r tka rata "f laa la. H o tun I a~oti<>a?4 f >r lU a ntlaaaaoa, U)>t aitkaug-t a man m?r g ro up aa ttlaoaita kaalaaa* raiaM'? lu baaoaa 10a partaar al aoi.ih-r pama aad kria< In a imrgm r?plt?i t<> tha a >aaara. tka r*rti?t aa/ *;, n* tha aast Jay, " i III 4<* *oi*alb?-p?rtaar*bi?>, 'aid yai tka la a am aotail >?tk> maa ?b b>< n>ai? ib? aatrlflaa af bit ?* bi ls-u ?Ba lai tllag eoM^OHtl'ii If Ik* fuUh-n at laaptfd U. bo laid 4own daath I'aalf a uld a >t aba-Mr* >lr. kraaait, ki* atala aoaid b? liaUa add taa ubUfatioa ha?a aa aad Mr. II. U Ha IJ (aa* of tka I tla ri4i4*ra) roaaaal t >r plaiatlfT <>ppo*ad lk? aotl -a f.r n >a<u t; tbara la ?*>da*aa to ?b> w ttat tkaaa rnataa baia baa bought aad aold fro* lUi to tka praaaat, It ap/aar* thai tkta aa* ! '? la ta > laavaaoai, oa? of tka ?lw aaaa a* taatlbaa tbat Mr Maauatt aa far knaa aad aJJ H ad tka aartoa. tbat akaa h- foaad ka ? < aarrtaf tba r?i?w laataad of tka H**aU. ka r*r* kloi Uaa to aall kia roata fat tba 7*. (Mr; tkla brlap h >in ? to bta I banvladga ol It; ka la pr*aaa*4 la tl ?hat la ta bta oaa a*t*Mt*k>i?*at ikat la a Nil praaiaylloi; tka la* daaa a >t daaa it tka r aa'/aail'ii 'if a aoatrMt that aa aaplnyaa i? i (ukjaat ta tba vbla or n*. prtaa of tka ?apl*yar, for Inataaoa la tba aaaa of alab aat at wfll (aad ralaa of law ara foaadad oa aoalo gl) to t. a* load aad to Iralaaff tka to? prorlffaa for faaarrMloa, If i laaatil la daalad kia to M ha* k Carry. 1M, tka aoarU of kaflaod b**a 1*14 inn. tbat a Aall r raportar of tka aaaraapar praa*. vko ?a< aatiUad to Mo!taa. aoald M ka dlaaiaad without a jwr'i lAlaa, or aalary. aad tbat lhay aaaaut ba ?>almd at tka raarlaa of aa aaplnjar, at withal aaaa* Tka aaaa rata woo tali daaa to tka aaaa of a alar* MTkara an da DalM Uaa waa ipaatfta* It *tt kaid tkat hi* aafifl maat worn by tka jaar Coaaaal aoataadad tkat tiara ?u a aaaa kara to fa to tka Jar? ; kid altaat kad kaaa t ara* d off fraa a ptar* aktah ba ana Id aoa ka** aotd lor |M? ar MM anra tkaa ba kad pad It It Mr a*adf?r? to raply **>d tl wa? tba aa4*alah1a right at aitb?r party ta aavar ?kta aam*a?it What right of aa'l?a woal4 Mr. Baaaatt kara a<alaat tkl? aaa. U ka kad flraa ap ki* ward aa4 rafaaad to parra tba pa par*' W kara aaa bta raaady for tba la|ary to kla ka*laa?a. by tka pap?r not balag aaraad tbr?u?ko*t tk> aati If Mr Ititllnfe b*d aa rtaht. what riant nail III alalatlf ki?? ' M lltlktvif l???f ?ot?r?J lato aay bltfatl to uka tbo pa pot, tb.f- fiMD ii b? Mt <>b?>foiloa <?a ih* pat of Mr. Boaaott to Mil thorn Tbo J?4?oroa?rko<llba(ha im aant atraak at tbo aaaaoai arpoot oi ih? mm Iroai ibo opaolag. u4 for i bat ro*a?a bo hrtwaa* to tha to<?1 >??. tftor ro tlawlcc t>? arHaaao. tbo Caart *al4 tbo prlaalpla ao* o< atoodr>a t?i t? a g?arral nao thai #?? oaanot dla. a>ta? a p*r*oa obo kw paroba*o4 a rtfhi froa ?a*tbar aba. iin-wii baa a? right U> ?oil It Ml ar? nartala inert) oaiiat aarri?ra who aro (applied with a-wapa pair at tbo o?lao n4 tbo pabllabor at aortal a rata. >M aba aorro tboai to tb? rabM'Ibar* at aa a4 aaoa <4 profit, It la aottaa4od that tho pr?otla? of t.ortat aa4 ralilag tbooo roata* baa a*lato4 for a 1 >ag um>; tbaj appear to bo nf aonMftorabla aaJuo and toa Court haa ao t?a* that tn? j aorah u<ht for tanbaan* a* baa bawa a wot a to bora Tbi* praatiao, fa wnald aaaaiaa. waa kaoaa to Mr Baaa*lt It 4<>aa aotappoarthat ba ??or ofejicta* to If; bat anw tbo qnoatton roaalu. wbrtbor ft' ai that aoaraa of traaaarti a*, Ma law will latplj a <-??oiraoi <-w tho part c4 Mr i-aoott to e^a naao a?? anxa la hU *npln/ao*t a* aa ho wlU ara4art bin a?if pr patl/. It la qnlta ril aomta to aoa?ra* t? at Mr Rooaott aiaat hoop a p*rara ta nu aaapitytor at II tr Aro* a- t ohoooa j hot it Ua gaaoral pno?lpia ttot a ataa oooart h? 4iamto>..| with, nt aaaao, or withi at pmprr ?rt If 0-moatla aaraoat ta iloailaaxl antlx ut oauao Ib?re la $ <*% (r no4 i ko roooaar a ' atb'a aa*?? 1bl<a*aata a aorH aod la>p-w?aat aa a?>a? bar* o?oiirr?4 whor* a<H < IT an* awr. tala rl?Hta. hat tbo pMaafpla aoaioolaal fw |i t t'karair-a* I k* ta un w a*>y< (ha prlt I clpl* aa ad?aaaad by tha plalatMTa iohmI, U*t I oaa who pirtkMM i right kit * rich! to aoapal aactbar to eoutiou* It It voild fnkitiM tradaaal aa plopars mj auab-fnr ImtMN. la bora r* jowatjmro ud autiri Tha niitir may dlsmlsa bta Joqrsaymaa ?hu ha plaaaaa and Mm joara?;ua may lw<t bis aaployaaat. I aa ealM upoa to aatahtiah that tha taw laplin a aontract la the praaaat aaM. I aa ant praparad to do ao It la aquaatloa of tamauaa I) fraat lataraat. hoth to tha parti as aad tha ooaamuali). aad I will tbarafora dlsalaa thla aoaplalat with lrava to tba p'alntiff to appaal to tha |?oaral tarrn without aacarity. [ Tha fact allot tad during tha Invaatlfratloa. that tha aarrlara of tba Hmld rraquaoily dwp<>?? of tbalr gnol will of roata for $BtO, eroatad great a?t >nl<binaiu la Court, at which not oaly tha Judga, but arary oaa prasaot. i??mt d to ha aaaxad ] Electiic TmioitrH to lliuru - Wa ara happy to ha*a it Id our po?ar to aououusa that tba aaw talaprapb lloa b?twaen Portland and Boatoa aot uadar tba mauauamaot of tba nota worthy Fog Saltti-will ba ooropirlvd la about a mouth and put la eooueotioa alth tha Halifax Una. Taa tolls b? this new ooonaa t'< a will be nonrldrrably rndueod. an tile Ho* is in opooslllon to *lr fi Willi's monopoly. The charge for Ma w< rd* to Biwtcn. It Is nndrratood. will b? $1, to t?ad ot $1 W, a? at preuat ?Halt/ a MarcA It, Ll?l or UITTICM* KKMAINLMU 1NTUBNBW YOB* Poet OAm. M.nih 90, UNO. 0?ICIA'.L? rr?l.l?HlD IB TVS ttr? MAriNS THI UiUlkT OIBCUI.aTlOM. Plea?> bnIIm the 4ata of tke Urt la whiah they an a4aertieai. LADIB8 LI IT. A AriaUde Miss, Cct- Ad?ih'llo l/or Aast'n Mary tift I Im At*e<>d Horatio Ah-rn Catnariae Allii * Mary Jane i'ltn Catbanue Audrewn M?-y Ajres Mary A iudrta M?dain Augkney Mary B B*dnel Matfume Brarnaa Bridget Broeehua \Hindi Mauriee HuHei Kin* A Boyle Agnee Brut) Ain Boi. lmr ElitakethC Br?<an Ana llrasy KUn Biudon t!lm B'odgett Mary Bradley Mi?a ?aiab "iddle B iiabath N Btius auaaa W B.iurn Mar) M Br 'iigl.aui Mary Bea m Harriet 0 Bsl i <r Mary Arm fconert Oath C M ry Ado Biaum iir?Mat>, B yd lira ieaeaea Br?J? Mrs 'ath I2lli n Bloomer M r?'t Bradley 3arai M Briiedict Flita A B itlar Bvi Iget Ba'uura Kltia Htxiy Mm Harr bunker sa a i A Bartoa vottia Belfuur Mm Mue Buri ?s KlixaWk Baxter Mary Binoi r Mrs 2Mb liunkn MrsT II Brabham Via rt Ba*rr Mrs H, lltblt Bahama Mara Brosse Maria Harry Mary?J Bouion Mrs S V Bounard stharina Barron M.ry Brattle Mra Abb Buylaari llri<ig*r or Bnriuele lliaar Baryta Uiubeth tiiaar Bartlett Mrs,Wash-Ritsrtaiu Bridget B'au Mr , Mulberry mgton Bishop <arah Aua st Branegan Abb B ><ver 0b-rlutta A Blum Mire Breen >"erel!a BoWnlMary Blik- Una Bc ket Miss, Uraal Boyla Catherine Bay Miss Abb st Bnisford Suiau (tarty Ann B'eated M irraret Biu'kutftry Bsrr> n liiddy Bwkop tonne Butoerly lUleB Bar .nm Anu Maria Boacard Maria Bueklov Alioa Br* ill Mary Brown Harriet Birue Alisa Bulktry Mar? Burke Sarah Butler Mary UraunaB Mrs O Csia Btidgat CaafleM Judith Connelly Ann CeBVi.y MraBdward Calbooa Ana Coomy Bridget Car'y'Msry Casiuer Mra, Pearl C'-nyliagtoa Mrs Carroll Mita H et Cosky Sophroeia Uanfirld ? Ilea Cordall Mary Conrtlai"! Madam Cam'ell Mara Connors Mar* CaSarjr Widow Mary CraBfoia Mrs Cbap-Couliy Julia Caray Mrs Biai-2 Caaaou Ri'ea Carrtok Mary Corbet Mra Cosgrief Judith Carrjll Mary (Vvnoti f Ilea CowaiiB klisabeth Caatwell Milan Corel-y Bllta Coatelli Mars't Callagbaa Bndfet C 'itslia Hst'erea Clarke llaural C?jp?r Oloa 0 tr?imy?rs Margt Cbapia Lvdla O Coanor Eilan Oathilaa Caasrov Catharlae Ooaaolly Biddla Cum* Jane Carrall Mrs Catba- Coaara* iarah CannlrKham Abb rlaa Co*?well 4ar\h B t asle Ann Callac^sn Abb Crosbie Allies Catta Mra Calvin Msrsaret Curria Bllaa Case) Ana Crimmsn Bliaa CntUa Miaa Carter Mrs Jaae Colby Margaret Carroll Catbarina D C ay Mr* M A Dlllaa Bridget Daaaoa Mre Joba Daste Mary Dolaa Ann Duffy Suaan D?tir a Vus Moady Daajui Alliaa Duagan 'lathariae Pesny Mara Donahue Hoa?IB Da*id Mrs J Da*lia Margaret I)nsn? Mra Olaay Deaua Miaa BliiaDi*iae Mary Durkia A M kath Doi |aa Mary D**ar Mary Digaaa Abb Deuahty Bridget Daley Bridget l>e*lia Mary l>unre Bridget Dai Roche Mr* J 0 Diekarsan Mra M A Duriak Davit Abb 11m Dkytti i?u Ditta Mia* Duff Margaret biniii; Mary Dolaa Bllaa Da a too An aa Da* an ad Mr? DodiIm Huim Dailay Anna M Diatinl Aluakatk Daka Babaeoa DrykraafU Mr* A K lt|ta Jalla Itiu Mra D BvaWtk Jalla A kaaiji Bad am* Bilia flnaaa Bftlaatna Batty kicritt Ltcj M ward* Catbarlaa l?ti| Mra Uun Early Abb M V Palloa Mil* KlaaaarFagan Jalia For* Mary Frncb Martba II Fiuar Sara* Fljrao Hra. OnalH Faraaa** Abb* FilaaiiaouaHNMIiimII Uanuak Fitaoamak Jalia Foa Mary I'jlt Mr* M U Abb Fljaa Biaiaa Flaadar Maria Faa Mra Mary Farrall Bliaabath Friadaabirf Mr* F?|?r:i Bntw Flaaarjr Mra B?a? l'h?k? Fallot Bilaa- i Fiai?an Margatat Fox \l>aa Franc i* Margarat lart Am FUod Mary O Ca'aa MaryS Baltagfc <r Mary Griffith Mary Oaidarr Mr?,Bawa- Ualiaial Daratba 0 * .'arnalla rv Oaakly Miaa F Oadfrajf Kiaabatk Oallaakar Abb Oil?a Jaaa 0'M>dwia Miaa B F Ualli|i>aa Suaaa Ortbban Mary Gary Mar/, Carollaa Onn Mary (ilea Abb. 3d bt at Oraaary Uoaora Qury Maroalia Ra l?g*ar Widow. Uibb< naa taaU'Ma- Qliaaaa Mra, lSllt U Uraaia at la) Miaa Otrra a M?>ia Oraai ABn Ouland Madam* tiaiaca Bllaa Graalay Oath'aa Lntita Caaanaa Jaaa ClkaonJaaa.Biooaa Uainav Caih'aa Gaylard Mary J at (llMaoa Hndaak <la l?*r aa I'atVa Olioglay Aaa litha anaa u Olaa Mra B. BiiarryUordun Mra. MirlMB " Uaratr Vary OiMaalaaa,UiiM t?a at faaaala Barak ? ^ Uraaaau Mary Bala Mra F K Baara Cathartaa Hoyl Mra Lae'ak I'aiua tta Al B<?( Balacjr H itMaaua Mar( llama*'on klua H.IJaa Bnd.-at M?da l.ouiaa Balpir Mary-S Hear) /ilia llart Catnaria* Bataa Mary Hoi?? Ha>ia MarnB Mra It A Bill Bra U J llua?l--y Miaa. Ilad-H<?*a Mary araaMary *"B airaat Hamilton Jr%m Bold.a Maakal Hart Mra M. Madi- Hraabl'aaa M?rr U??mI Mra. M'aaa- a?n (tract B<<aa Biddy.t'aiaa tar *?r*at Bar-In* kaaa riaaa Byaaa Mary haalan Mary Howard Bhaabatk Hand Mia Flralat Haaary Abb Babhara Mary j Barnla Calh'riaa H*?aa Biddy. LI- ByaaaRaaar Harnana Mary barty airaat Hyatt Sarak Haaaall Catkaiiaa Mavard Bllaa I dk J Irrlo Mra. Watt It Jaaniaga Mra B J???na?n B?-S?l Jat ! Mra W J< lea Marr JaakaoaMaryA J. r-a M ami Jaaaaaa Bataay Jaaa* Marr Jar4 ?? j B Jaakiaa laabaU* Jaaaaua Mri O laaey Maty ^ Kala Brldrat Bally Maraarat. Knight Mra Q J kt llay Mra Malbar- Mulbtrry atraal Killrga Lucy r* a rati Kiaay Marr Ktaraaa M?i*'t Kallty Maraarat, Kaaaady Jalla l?n?a*il i? Ati >raaga aarrat laMhaa Miaa Da- ahaay atrvat ant ?arah * Ma Malay Mary Aaa kaaa'dy 4'ata a Rating BHtabatk Kirk Charlnata Biarsaa Mr*. Mall Keaag Aaa Kambta Bllaa atraat Ballanar Marg't Knlpa Nana Kaiaaa Hrldgat Kla* leahaliB Jaa' Kt'rof Mary Kelly abb Baaaaa Caikaria* Auafear Mary Kelly Maria I* Lilt Mra Babkiaa Lttlma BJeaer liaabal Aaa I and' b Haaaa It Laa Mra Lyaall Bndfat l.aadriaa I Ilia l*?n Mary Lynna Jalla la- b-a Mra. Ca- l.i't a Mra, ?Hh M l>a?ia Bliaaba'h f lam Ma Mr-at Ualaa Mra *a II Lord Mra :Kaa II I ra t'aihaiiaa Uau AbkM Lanaaia ?ar?k B laargMary l<iri J aaaak l^nkat Bliaa U a?4 LwaUa l+4g? Bra, Uraa4 L?mha?? <11?Urkaa (IV alraM . . _ Luilu >? T Unlnl M UNm IMI'I If all*** Ca'kariaa Bariaakar*h Mr* ? ? > r.thiriM >44n "aklaa Bally _ Barphy Aaa Mania Haa Batka* Kliaa Baryhy Bary ^ Miriia Mary Ba?ra k Bary Barry *?. faart at Marraa Hanaana B?)*r Ba'am T Barra* M???*r*? Bar an B-taat * >?<vr HnJirt Bi'ah?ll l lttlwtk Baruala Bary J i a<kanaa * Bar* 4.a Barilla Bar* Blllar V?n?lala B<nn~( BiIimi Vaaoark In.Unai Bib kail Aaaiaa Paaliaa trrrt B Bariarat *?r??ai V'aakaU Mr'calfa CIH*a Bal'lgaa Ba-tha Bjrrlaoa Bi4 i1* ilUrkir? Jua Biafcat Br* FUaa B?rrWaa Sarah Bltrhvll Bfoakaih B?r??arak MraJaa Bar* Bra Inrm MBanl IM'IIi R B-r>h? Jal a BiHItw Illaa Baraa Catlmr a? Baryhr Jaw >?m Bar? B rn? Wary Jaaa *uaa Mary. Baraaf kar'ia Bra.Tvalftk Bnrtaa BaJaa 4 atraal atraat lorwt Bra Daalal Bitlr Brl4<*t Bal.oa B* >4tat l?rtt?a iarj Aaa liHoak Haaaf ? Ba t <ib Wary BaTanhr Bra, Wal-Balaha* Bliaa ?aHr!4* Rltaatw* aalrtraat BaOaa tllaa a',??aCaUi laO?*aaln.LiM loiaiaii ! any iaat l?a Hraat lulaaa k a |..f| Bary B Draa*'. a?|1* B t,?a.;klia Bra Ba?a naaall Bra D I. BoUraak Ca'kariaa kart B'fciaaBar* B?9a?r?y Barak nyla'arak k .xraa'l /an* B?'l?o?k Ja llak Brtliaaar Bli*?*a*h B*n??aaak hHn* Baltarmaa Bni**t B? :aaa Aaa B laal BaUllltaa J aaa J 'arkha BlUa IrKra* Bia, it na? B - ?itlaa Vt'aatoWi Ba'-ar Bllaa xrti Brv/^aaaay Cakk WaCaaahaa Bia* BaBnaaa Bra. Baa* BaAray ''ath *??i atraat atraak B*''aka Wary BaBvay Aaa BaParlla Oa?k BaOaal Bary BaO<aal4 UailM BcAlaar, lrt<iat am a Bratly BaJtaaaa 1 aaa B* aka B*aa, Ba4l- t'ar'ky Uaik Ba'ia.ra Bary *?a *<ra*? Bai'arraa Bra Baly>a?Mia Allaa Ba'allaa Bary BaCallaaafc Bary BaB.tlaaBra ArataiBataary Baaara BaPaaaill OaaA kaM 4 Qrfaa Ban* Qvtam B*jMa I JTarU Bl'ta Baklaa Bia* I. Bliaa Brt4?at,Paari B*vaaa BraiakaW MaalaaA Aaa _rra*t Saararl) #rtA?rv Baray Aaaa Bliaa Bril?-v Bia aaa* Barak >-raanajr Nary _ri*? Oral* Bia Jan Nalaaa Bltaa Malay Bary NMBaJaa OHaa BH4**? Of?4*r4?ak Barta O'BaOlay Wary Oaaaataahariaa < ?arr?ll Caak-I Or<tia?. Bra, Rl*. OBrlaa'aa* C Mll'j Ca?k laaaw. a??.a? O rm?!l Dm ?Mlra* Bllaakath ? .?aw')a?h Brava CTBrtaa Aaa (TAwUy Biaa. Taart v >irw >nwn v Of4aa l?M 0 VHtlU M?r? r PtmilM Wiry n<tu iilli I rktlaa IHn r*aalM?a? l? PxtmNtrirr r. mtxi Umm rn?a <?r? ria?*f N<m fWlta Int T?r?y Mrs. Priaaa ri?. Ktlm P/m* '*a?t'iat Mr* rum Bllaakaih fl??r iak* * Pkrtafc Imt ^ at Aaa ltfli*liarT IkVumi Mr* *?rIm* iKMVarr k.?U? w<? <rw? fttaral' lank Hary V*t t?a? Patktrtaa R*< tent ??i?? ?f? B"*w lUklMW IIH Wt?? Rl??r tl(raV**k *ha ?ra?M? C?tk"?'ia H??? tr4aa? karate liu Ca?k I K-ilir C?,o~'a? I-Wm O.ih iat*r*y Mary Aaa ft)*a?? Mvl ll AW raaa I ?allri R*fai f!aih mm r*fHr>t ? !/ krl4a>? ? ? " /i>lla I Mrnla* Oaak C * ?>-?? ?la??B#V. ktlan V a?U Via ttM frH l?'f K?4 I araMaa tUar^ |m Rutk 9H4?a? V ? ? kaatk fmmmy In wa< /wi Mi'r AM r fw% Htat II ? *><< >! ?> II? a*'? 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Itrrary k Cel'arrntt ma Pe*b id* Or Ga? L Phillli Wuut Co Park?r Tin??'h? M Perry Oliver H Put Ilia- Parwentier fru tl peudleton <-y<M Potior k B?l inion-J Pattern ? P'eah'rt Baaj t Pounder Mr Payan 4U'in?? Patera l>**ll J Ponley Tboa aeB'r 1'ortar P?ul A ft Co Par."* W A Poller tt'ui J I't-an u S Pirriti Ju Pu(th Thei PaneyStml Pip"t U'n ara I'arr Jaa Pttarma tlai^ar Pitman That P?*e Deed Q Purrmt Unilla< a Piakeria^ IxirlMt Pare J. hilt; Preioott Henry O Pitt 0 Parker Snoa- P-1 re I'lieo & Pina?rJ8 Piaeter lieny Pe?ip y Job* Pota^atnl/ Peid) Patk Prim- a (? > Portiaa Ibo 1 i alt l av id I*i. r ob Danl Porra P du Car?lPattera"B tlltha 0 Pr.llMpa tie* loi Peaked) John A Piakbara S II Pswall Uaary Pbelar Jobs Q, yuioa Thoa Quick Pa nek Qui^loy Slicbl K _ RaaklB D Rml ?'m Rnitall IT??ry ksnun f ranklin K-ymU llthl Ru^el Alia Raprler BoBtiaar R-i e>?>y RuuJti k Ack?(Rai.'ellain H.eUKira-d oiau RontB M Bi Krilay Jalin Rya< Minbaal Renwek Kalpk hie'iar't* WIB T kit* Vt I Rraford ramaal Jn?i*re Mont eur R>?n Tiaiatk* bead 0?nr*? Ru b wa-tira J R lay K Kiyilli (titeall Kiddle Jtiara kyiB Miebaal R< iBl.trdt Cbr Rii ardaoa W B , R >ht.iaa M III'JI ?TI tj" ' O ? 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Cl.nry A B mad Pat* kryto'da J C C Kv it Din Byaa Cdauad krri.i!ia Cki Ho-?r Jvta Bydar Thoiuaa Raid Jl.u B??(J.m. a Bylar Path kni Mr Kuj.'.ll D*lghl Bi?barta?a B J s Stark, rt fc Pnaa SlaiiKu-t Jo.a Bioith Boreal T Bar. da ka"r<?a I't.lllip Sail'h D Itraac J J?a Bt??ra? f?>? B? to Chad B'aauia Ji a Stareaa Ji-hn link I B>n?*r Lno'aaa I* Minnnaa t!haa W Smiti fall 8lan->rd Jvha B-i rrlhg kt Bwith Via Siaulrv M A Bt?vuaa Hula ka"i,|>i? Baal har?l>fla!d I'atk Bi rrid?a Jin SaMiaa If Hiatkty tviaal'a fchrno'rbxra Am- Bworda a J Shaw f?t?r d aw B Baow Baa Badi! B-l ><rat* Km Imoa Bt i-k ; Joli'tha Mur*"aa Japl ? r f.???'?rr Jfr-i ali !iiaa?aat'i|t Ba- Bulliraa NaaikM Bhaldaa Ja?<a tar BaadfufJ Cap! Tkad But" hardi Lvula Biumra R * 4 Bta<lyTl?a ?i?ith Bnceh Band Barl B?c<>ra Ja*ia Bro th l ima A B??lt?ar Br Vt?k Chaa Smith llaary L 6trailh t>a?H Bt>?* ea T L Saiiii Jawb Bhanihaa Thaa Bharataa <!? V Smith J?ool> 8??'ildi.?B# Bit twin Br DaiUi Tli?a 9 Bha? *1 Ihir r U C BahlraB Bnrita Bar*?aal Bahl w Bliarrt J C c??rtd?a Capt ?a??d.raJah? Bh?r*n>d W l.??ltt Ball-.n * B Bhtrndan Thaa Blm?ll VI" t>? B B????r B ahaal laallikBb Ralvi ltf ltd Bat>(?rl B? Bid r?a Bin I i?y P M Baddna Uaaa B>ra ill Vitaf Pal'inaa .#? I* 8p*il?aa Binal Bil?a? thaaiM Bha I r * *nklai Balairh Bdwd Bticlda Path Bund '.ua " Bad r 4a??ia Bmith Ri -nall C Ptillivaa H t'nad aathmaCP Siihlil iJ B.udf rtPP B?a?art Bnmil In J' Li B?n??r I J?a B?a?aaa I>atia Bailth R V Btr?at J>an 8. avna Timoihy Baith BJ?la Bi?b; aJa?W B'aahaaaUB Ba<th Chaa B-.tia''* d' Wn1'"" Bailth Pntrrll f-iamfl Tn 'l| Bnitne D 0 Br? Ifnrd Barrla BvkI Jirti BlnimoaafcCa Ba->11 Blahaal Btraaa Jwna Biap-a.i#SJ B-ott ? at Siarr K * L BI uraoa Caai Uaa Bi< viarkarr' D'bI llauar* Jo'ia Btiaaftaart Jaaak H?rU'in.<U C Ikl'llH ?l"* Sur'i Ik M?j S'lt'iilli I J?r>p(?r? tliiktbl PaV*k*n f 'in/f lnlihl'Ulll K?^rJ>h fee. Ma aiaav PaikhftCMrfe Paa?l?td Urn 8. .I, Cl-.<i fm n? aroaalar Bt?tf- fit 'tri f. il?rk*jpa i?l?k T IfiMlNI Knthi J< ha Pfij nwr I'bti k Co B-Um^a Pa?f?il4 Baa ' >> ?!*? * t> ik W S If a*a? Ot-I BaaarWia krll iVa L<a? vf t')f? # Bic p? 8 on ?>nh *?rUtiili'r^k l.ciitt JM mrr Paw'tll It.'ao-ar huillia itk Sl.u au Om I?f"i4 I K IUiku Jm-] 9 ??Hi Darrltk >tn? k B> Ur Ja.naa B lliaat Jaka B'atlak-a Jnkn Mn tahaal Blalatu Jat II he Iic ni* > '? Bm -h rraa?Ha hiln L Kln|ar l??u M Bl. "?riTvf? K II Bh.U tVL lu<?iklf U gniama Jaka iMtO V Tajtnf Cap'. J P T .|l?f D?nl 9 Tbaaaa ? Tt??la A W Ir-alka-y ? ? Th???aUapt I K T?jl?rM?|t?r lirJI? ?l? I 1 kwfaa Aob* T.rt?t IvtMl'i 1 irlaall Wm Thnapaoa M IrwkCtiini Tii ? a< Uaonra Tii?i?m t f laj'ar I.Ur? Th taat Jahn U Tjbta Pa? Tij1?* Cajit A W T>. miJ4> I Tjrl?r k Co l<ta?il Jarjt |t.??|?aa At. ti 1i?kall Lavr'a T???t Hr T n > ra ati J ha Ta'lar I f T. a'l flarr* T? ampana ? aa Ttratf T f Tia>pa<'? ? l a* T'kia Jaba Tatkaa ( af*al'? U?n J>a !! T*??|hmb l> Taka* k Maa * Tlauiaa Itarj Tf ?' all ?a. D Tadar C<?t If K T MHr Olaip lnwrNari la Ta?l?r *)!.?(? lk-araaa Data Ti:-aa- ?ai Taakal Jaba libra Jaba Ti,l | flrnm Tari>?f li'Ua 1 lxa(ai J II Tr"?tr?JaaP Ti?lnaOUn( lkn? ki'll'i Tatar J<la(< T>>m iaki larra Wlillaaa TatlarCart* 1?rrf He* laitlaB 1r*>'ra''F.aa Tiaa*? #ia T?f?l1 Mr hat I pilaf Tki J Tawltaaaa I T> p a H M a<t* T #a? W TadrCanlD Tartar T??a A Tk af?t. Milk k Tijlotk *i:i;aaa Tartar ita \ Oa l>aa?riaka Tr??? i I'.var Tk-iaaaaa loll T y'irAlfra4W 1 IIMl* a 0*. B T> tp[??aQU Tii?a?riu|> Thnaiaa 9aa d P T? k?i kk'M) Tua??M l-auia Tartiu Jaaaa Taraar fpal W Tally fatrltk V CalarkUl tak? Tfar4 Dl? a D VM Valias J V Via 4 tag Var i la a T?ivar<k Jaka S Tlikt 0*1 I V' rim Tatar I' Itltaaira A Vital lM?nr, f'k*rrall T T .liana * aa Uraaawlak at T art am 0 l-l Vk? Taa A atvarr k T ? Itatakttit lakMtkatK | l-fag l?aaa Vaa Itittti n Tm vaaaiar H I an ll?< wkirik *u D-rk<r|Jti ? an Vttlan T A V T T aa Ha >a. kataa I ?aa Baka<ja?raa k 1u kavaallaar t C Tm VUaat Of J I riti4ll Tan iit^k a t ITakk J at a *a.U f'Ut Wlllai? iaka Waaar k Pral* *|UU| ria * W <l?r? kakact ? all*>? l?* U A W aor^ai II I Vktttlaa^a a It* Wa|i?r* V MT-.t lr<*ia M<mt* % tt anlli ua W> a|-,a B V wTar* Walak I'J ??l Wan ar Br, Willlaa Vii P kai'"? TkA? at IPiatarka'* ?/ I'Uu Alaia WilliaB* 1 V ?i ltaa,a i aH <>ia? k ii'aio i:-a Wa?ia ialia ktrl ?a ? lt "? Al'?* i * W *4 Haar* ?lii.MBa V ..k m kraa L W^laaaa ?-l w?ka??f i'a?C * fan _ Wa*,a 0ky_ V>Ut l ? fra4 w^wrr I W Wrakara kta^Ma ?tll(t>ar?aa WkfSk Wart ???.. )r a. W Mtaa.. 4a. O ?ak.a?aaka? 0^ci Wall Alkaa giraga. siaw re&isu, Ji. w2Vr fsti-v < I ? ?. ??? ?"?' *-. ?? B w 171 ::?iv ;??? " ? ? JKiti.' 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