Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1850 Page 5
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- IM aM*. u4 Ik* Itnw upaa *hUk U?a Nkwri^ m vara ikUtMd that wa aowdaa?, m4 hmI **m I 4m m TIM Hwj of taWag monay nt of m poakat af M??bfcold?r? and patting It- air a* a bitty akava? 'at* tba otbar. mmj w*ll ba qaaatloaad, partiaalarly wbru tba flaaaaa* of tha aaaapany ara ambartaaaad, aad tba Rrrat?>t dtflloalty U (iperirnaad la naaHag p?y?vata; and wa bava frafMitl; pradlatad what would tu tba remit; jaud now, whan tha raault hw provad tba aori?ainaaa <J oar Tlawa wa aoattfet U >0 atara tbao jart thai tbay tbonld ba aadotaad by tburv evnpaaica wblali aan, from azparUaes, taattfy ta tba fallao* of the ijitca. 1 U? paymvat of lut?rait on tha capital paid la, ol Ire*! r?dd company, before alagle rail is laid, inotab* abai.doaad; >ou anyeuipany that ha< ?nm v-ecd It mu?l iu<p*uJ. sooner or lat*r. It h?J. In k?T?i?t instates. added imtoeoeely to the o" ?t of roada partially s^nct-u?t?d J th* oom;>oaa4i?g of 11terrst goer- to ?o rapidly, tbat uothyig owu stead it. It eat* up the resources so font. taat loo^ 9 befere ike eompany cud place the atookhoidera iluullv ! poaaessior, leaving them to depend upon net nunKgs for diviiiruiif. the ooet bw lesciied nu h an au.oant.tbat even tbe smallest par eent la utterly out I of the question. la this way mora than oue milNo* of dollars baa bean added to the a*>at of tbe *| H".d- ' !? ilea road, more than two millions to tha aoat tf ibe Erie. neither of wbieh are mora t\?a half DaiaM leaving to th* Inclination hoar mnoh oa ire will be added to this before completed, by the lanuo of Miip.aodby tbe payuieut of interest in o*?b. The bide fog t'ia State lot>n of f J08 416 34. put forth by tbe roanniseionera of tb? Canal Kaoi. by virtue of " en aft la relation to eartala ex peueea incurred in exee.etltg tLa b*>-ln and tba tolta reoeivable thereon, at the ee?tern termination of tbe Erie and Cham plain ear ala," passed April 4th 1849, were opened tbl? ta >rn eg Tbia loan beara an lattirM of 6 par oant p-tr an^tn payabt- quarterly, and tbe principal reimburs~be Jf", <X J\My, ISO'j Tha ' oamlseionarf. in tha r notice stated <*at propo*;:^" *"> (9* tba a'ite er any part of paid l 'an but not for a less sun I Man ?1,0C0. 1 be a*zf?*??- b< || Wfnv mum tbe pnzclam ofier?d range* from pat to PO 30. We aan?x a sehedule of tbe names of tbe applicants I- ?he amount bid for. and tbe premium offered together with tbe names or the sueesaefal bidden, and the ^ an? nets a?aid>d to them : Maw Tea* Si at* Loan - Amoi'mt er Bids and PatMti'M. Am?u*t Prtmum. Jerepb K Dibbsr Wtw A ork.. ,??8 416 30 37X W. B. Dtnglaa, " 6 "HI 00 ObO - " 10.000 00 78 ? a ruio aa a ?a I" " 6 000 00 6 27 ? ? 6 000 00 ?oa " * , 6 010 0) ? 7fl " ft 000 0" ? #7 it BvlMOBt, 60 000 00 4 08 ' u " M 000 00 4 27 " " 60 COO 00 4 63 " t#4J#8e 4 78 1 J. II. Fhikiay, " 6,000 00 t 20 >1 " " 6 000 00 6 M> I " " ft <i00 00 6 75 I IJuilonka " mm' o.i 6^)1 I " " 8 000 00 6 38 I - " #0 000 00 ft 23 I ? 44.004 00 * 18 - " 40 000 00 6 18 I ? ' 4*i 000 00 09 J Tttawin, < 2o3 116 M ? 80 I L ft Daooppc), " ? 000 00 4 03 x " 10 000 00 4 68 ? r, OOORO 6 07 I mm nii?M. tt?m ' SOM 416 80 3 o? mtotf X Si?t?re 2S.??00 00 ? 00 ? WIIkod L'ttca 30 000 00 par v? | Woil'i Cuh r. " 2*1000 00 6 00 Wra H M' tt Nvamrk 10.0* 0 00 0 60 Hnta? H riBg A>b?iy 6* 000 00 6 1" - fro 000 oo 6 1(8 ? " 5O.00C 00 4 81 ? " UlWfl 00 4 76 I - 28 416 4 #8 I An4rrw Wfclta, " 26 000 00 4 46 I " " 26 #40 00 4 M I W?tf? 8>.r?an for aotf in<t I Viamtia fi Wkltahca**. . . 26 ? >0 0.) 4 01 I * " 26.0 h? W> 4 #S I ? ?? 2"i 0 0 0"! 6 03 I ? 2*00 00 6 91 I ? i6 OOO 00 t *4 I " ? 2'i O PO 00 6 4A " ? _* II. It lift A il I - tMlf) M 6 U Mda? ?1 023,403 IS Tbe fettwuv u a ll?t ef Ike pmmu to vbont tha Ion k?l hf?o e*ar tod ;? w. B. r>ou*U- (40 000 00 i m. )a inn) qii . J*ad>ii It ' a 14 000 M Wa't* Dl.r> man k C. k W, 7t>.m 3.) J l'k<in|MOU 60 000 00* * how this m l? u> l? MmM tbe kvini ef prrmUmi . b? m>lr< ihh Tkia flree ? good 14m ot tt< lkN4u? of mnaey. aad tb? law rat.? ot tataraat Tha bid* Mouat to ? "re >ba? ?lght timet tba ?am r?qslt*d, and the preBi'a rargee from 6 30 to 4 00-* hl|k rata for a At* par nii ?toik It aperare from tba Norfolk (v?.) papara, that tha a acon and aeieet ooaaatia of ba?e deolded i?iilai?l; wais?t tba eipedle&ay of making tha ft"poevd tubec -lp<l?a of + VK) CXO to tbe Seaboard aad H?amke Railroad, aad th::t tbe Legislature ot Vlr g?'a baft a>M i?fii>e>i to ettead tbe ral.r*e4 io Norfolk by brideaeioaa tba bteaahe* of Khaabetb Rle.r A rait la Hkewlte peadiag id the ( l >i>tt?: y i cart of Ni rfi Ik ceanty, tbe etyee: of wbiob 1* ?? di*w>?**e>> tb? par'ira bow la poeee**tan oI tbe r?ad m ika gr< und that tb<; bare no |ot|?r any title ta It tie aoatrac*. nadar whUk U waa ooaeeyad to aot bavlat beaa aomplted with radar tbee* a^eamtteeeee tk? reeoaetiaction of the roeu oeaaot ? pre-ame. pragree*, at thou ?h wa obaerve from tba paper* 'bat a aargo of rail* ba> arrtred wtiefc kaa |r,? horded, aad otbare are ?x pea ted Hie propueed work, aa wa bad oaaaaioa to abow la a firmer article, aot only pre'eat* ao reasonable proereet of ever pejtag a neat of dttldead from It* earaiagf, btt I* con ot the ?* *" where eaab a raealt would e?eai i' felly l?ppo??lbl? it la known that In 1446 It went d?vc fer ' ant of ba>*a?*e. Ita receipt* aot b*lag *t?B?i r?t*r*> Ita iiarrant mooing ?ipan#-t Slaae tbat Itae *be ilaee i.f rae ateamere hat waa a tba Ncrtb aad < .ih here dtearlad a tat of tbeSou tbe re travel to tbe J ?lliJrawa r^r Uo*a to allfroU th*v ar* | in. n.f isbf r*fla*>4 b* otb?r? ?nt ka yroer??? of Mclrtllul ?mL ka? b?*i tb? of |h?M * wxi lk? tw??l that 4irli| Ik* ft** T*" tb* MoMkWkH *1 I broach ; *oa??y*4 b? tha ta???4 rauia b*t*?*a > * Vn.k u.4 Cb?rlaatoa wa M iW'?l tifbl ihna aat Oa?-hal/ tM * puHi|?r> *t * ?. ba?a untu- la m4 asa!4of a***r* la ut '?" t?l? tb* nuU ?U t'nUrikoi ati-l I klani a' 4 Ik* r*H ?*?ll *' aoarraa b* *rap>Ui I r lat ' tba awar'l i?4 Hnaa la Railroad wa? I* i*I ?h? ?k?l? lb.? It *i?I4 Mkt ar ai?"|? rf bat .! ?? pftM?nf<i* a 4?y *aab way, or MarMlj i*. Mb * Ml *" ear ?k?*b. I* i * *! ira??l.'h?r? ara.* b* bom ?r~lk ?p**klag ti It* r<*4 i*?*W throng <> a raapmUrrt; b*rrr| ar* *.lr.h*b<?4 r?*l a r?f *o?atry la a Ull.oa a In * aI ratiraa I a ra# Ml) ?rb*?**ali>? bH***i Rl*b> I i4 ?a<t D*a*M* > a*l abi*b will ? l>ukt li 1 a (** j?r. k> fti*('M I* ?*t **< by tb* prtr **l t H-rtb iNl?? r*llr.?4 with iL? >* Ji ?'a <(laa aol it' n.g?a r atlri *4? ff*UUII?Mbr tnrtliraiib at* 4tr**| bhan bay ?tk?t t* lb* alb that Uk>a la *???*U a atlb II* b>ti| a *a?. a ana* railroad r??* It a?M aa4aaat> ily 4l*?rt ft*a all ??b*r '? * bay irt'M *1 lab a>?y ?4**v Ifea laa-* la i-raTinaai lo tb* * at*. It b^KtatUN N*thii at. J*? Ikni *lr*a*a*<*a? H?i ta*t*a4 *? nbariiMai MMM Ma mwra la *k<*b H W1I4 kan b*?a Hal ib> bat *t?*ly 4*t*v ain*4 ta ??*1 tb* >tkr?i y?i'?. at4 lb* I ?cf*t*4 'a?a"*n *bl-b ?< a 4 ba** bwa ***?*ia>*t *a It. aa4 t*?*r**4 fc?r tf arr*i fat mot* valaaM* *}? * H*? U??aa) ?**a>p > aaai a?4 Knaa |? Vatt(?>Ma ?lil ar* t*r h?f * ??** .? <a--?**ia? tra*? ftvai tb* Mb IBtri* * ? < tW ?!?? ta?la<ila? Ul< ?f ? ? mp K W?t4?*i u4 if h?r-??t?r Ik. I>t? P'*U"~I* ? '* >r*? r,.. i?imil ?r?4? W? ih? >,? ?.M k>?? ? ?'? ? Mf?f w ?.Ur?. t" r ? ' MM h.r^if k*r? >1 nrt ?* .f ?? wrt in-c >( >( , ! ? 'S I'- wtMlJ *?v ?m ? ' ? 1*7 ?? u* i..? ?i ??? 1 i> ** < ?.C Mwi*?A * ?' "2 < V? riw n-ii ? , n ? * M i* . ?iik ???? ? *? ? ? >> ? r 1?? ll in .">* ?<?? fc Hunk l'?Si "1 ?ti?nl.? ?n |4 CI ? .K? f? ' .->VI ? tt% ? *? -r m ? ! ' 4 '< * !*? 4.1 k, 4* t I IJ * *i II?' % l?n n?? ? i tl\ "s'1 * all | ?K ?ow 141 rira f I ' * < ? | fu > ?Jk """ 0? ? ?J ,.* ? ' , 9 ' ?> ' *- 11 i. ... wo 1 1 iii ; i i? , ,; i ?, ?? ' J ""li '* J1 * * ? *, 4, M? S v' ' * k* <" ? 4* ?? ? L, >M ..? ?..? ! il.fU.. #..1 ui: 1 *7, ? . . * Tk ? 1 ' V 1 / I,, L.n.i 0 ' <? * ' '( J. 4.. * '> ? ? ? ?. M ? t. . ?W H ?H i uuom Htm ?H.*? Brie 7'a, W Mat MO Ma* finun' Tnmt MM um 4? h m * ? jw le?WO da M m to M* wu )C*| ?K?| III gt?U Ok is M q?B?D* ? ? Km Kit WV V ITarUa BR ?**% 170 4. 7* * k M BB *7)2 .VI <1 III mt Pernio'kh Dry t>o?k ? M 4* kW Wk aw Natik Am Trm?? 1?4 1M rimurt1 Traat S'i? iUVBKTIIKIfcNTR RKNEWKD BTKRY DAT. Jtniwri U> ilwmwli Mni *)> Naii awl fc pot fdtii, or rA?y wOf ? < b* taJtm >rwm tkr Pm$4 Office. UUAitU 1N?* BOABDINfi- GBNT1BBBN AND THIIB WIVB? RBnuir'r* boaid, caa attain plraitaii. room*, furuiabad or ot'uu lihiil. wllli IHrmnia and p&ncrim atlaohed; alao. r<>?ina amtablf fur rinylrgmtUicen with fall or partial b iard. ha-1 * in the lionae. Ajply at 636 Uoiuwn at., ?f?w iuora ol Hroadaay. Board wantip-a pltahant kurni-ubd boo* la ? antrri, from latMay. bjr a f'ntUuiaa aud lady In a privata family. wltcr* lh?r?ar? us cthrrl'uardnra, with rooala f> ? tl.e lady .trnd in ih.< room Ad.roaa fc.alao." Uaral* aMor. Board-a verso gentleman wishes a room, with br<aklA*t and tea. aarf dinner on iauaay, is anjull pmatc family Addre** I,. O N B'Oafcl) AND ROOMS UV THU YOl'Nd LALMBS?A wi<i*-lud\ not d'ljend to k" imi'iititlre. hurin* two tmijl or middling roitn- adjo'nitiy, ard no other hoardart may h> ar of a i??d on ot tuni'* to inereaw her l??ira? ?t>h tnt little ex'ra trnnbie or <x rente. by addr***ii>g. with fall part'eular*, h w p. 0 . P'itooc*. Board wanted- by a young man or rbsbkved habit*, in a email retpeetahl* private family, in th? neighborhood "f Ton pkine Square. for which a fair compenta' on will l-e fivn. ai d beet rt'reference exchanged No r?-r-oo he Max boaidiag linnet* need apply Addrtti J. J, L., us Airline B . in the mora. BOARD1NG.-a PRIVATE family, having TWO unfntnUbcd Kooni* to let, with board aan ascomroodata amen aad hi* wife. The location i? dmirable, being e?atinunnn to the atkf* lou'a*. 1 trine m .derate. Apply al H< L??#y ttreet eoraer at bed ford I treat. WANTED?BY A eiNGIB GENTLRM\N.A PIEtaatit Room nnfurnietied, in a hou?*. with 'rutin water ootiveiilenrt-e. In the SeTtnternth ward, and In the viei..lly of the Second arena* Addrree Hox No 617 poet otfl;e Anemi.eman who teamifcs of.hha.n and Hnaiu. wifhoe to board In a ie?p?ctahle Amerlsan family, wbere hie inetmetioni would be eonaldarad aa eijolral?t?',er partly *o. Fur partioalar* addict* L. 8., at Ulu Ofiia POINTERS' MtrriNG.-Tni MEMBERS OF TBI "Net* York Printer*' I'ni n." are notified, that their reaolar t^natttrly MartiBK will I e held at No I41> B->w*rv, at 7>? o oleek. A jrer aral attendane* 1- p?rilcnl?rly renan* ed. Fy order, BORATE GREELEY. President. Wm. H. Ptiiinu, Secretary. Tat second annual festival dinner or the American Dramatlo Ft.nd A ociation ?iU tak* pLa?? at Ml A*toT Bonee. on Wtdne*da} next, April 1IL fa tiiDinr - D. U Cold xi*. TlVITtll. B. 0. Btehblm, w p. fharman, John McKeon, J. Praaoott Ball, Tho*. 8. Uamblin. ritaott. W. B. Alter. Moaoa Grtnnell. F c. Gerard. J J. A?tor. Jr., Jaaiea T Brady, Kdmond H Miller, General Ncott. John Har/eriy. Jr, Oeorga McLean, Jibr Vsn Enren, N P Willi*, E N. I.nll?w. II.^ ^ li < !,?, (1'l? miiv N a kmmnud linen llrsper. 1 heodore Cedgw Uk, Foth Oaer, Bon. * ttttil JobM. Adam rt< dirt. Dr. Bedford, G C. Verplaack. Ki ber' Lrumet, T. Talmadge. Arthur T j<>b??, Bon H h*y, J. Fontor. Jr., Maitb'-w Mctgan, Btnry P. F.d?ardi, 0 w. L RoJi'rs, Mi jor Noah, Rami. B. Rucglea, A. Coiione, < ofrBd Ppicer, Dudley #. (< ry Ohaa N Leopp, I'liil'l'Bone. (Ton M. Taylor. WaHerB.Towunend, W??t.inaton Irving, Oeoar StnrievuBt. I. Van RenaeeU'tr. Gill. L)au, Cor W Matthewe, LewleGaylordClark, A. B?nrir?er. Jamei E. Vail, MehoWa Lo?. Pi il r He try, I'avid Grahim, Hamilton Wilkei, O t'olt.Jr W O Pcmtroy, Wia I Lililil, J. W . Cera id. J. Bona. John Graham. Ota t. P Herri*, Doctor Boffatt, J Plorenn. The irn?i? will h? nnder the dlrtotlon of Gnorie I,o4?. TieVate s"> each?icay ba bad of any of the otfloera of the At tad at tba Aetor Bonaa. Not I Olt-I BA VB THIS dat AWNKD AND aderted ?; mat*rati nana of Orttg. >a % middle name, ai <i I at all from thl* date ai(a myaelf J aMKS G WtllTB 311 B< werr. Acorn lodge, no. asr. i. o. or o r.-Tue mbwb?r? af flue i.odte are reqacated to m??t at the L'tdge reo?i, No. 1*7 Tower y, to-morrow ( <nn1i?). at IJo'olnek, Bona for the rntpoae of paying the 'a?t tri''Bte of r?-p?"t te tba rrmaisa ot oar lata worthy Brother, Kohart Ball, from M- ii.1 Sixth Bfriet. ANDRBVV GOV ENTRY, N. G. Twoa. trour, gaot'y. AT A K KG I I At NONTBLY MEETING OP HUDSON Boat Company Nr>. tl held at their Carriage Hone*, oa the evening uf aprll let ISW t'-e resignation of their l'*e Fort Hum, >tt, Iicb T Boy, l>a?in - Wtn renaieed ha being rei'itly eleet?d oraef the Arrir> aat Btwrineera, aeommiit? ?aa arp<intrd ta draft re>^la'ioa>. o?pr->eeiT? af the Mate af tie Gomraay. Tk< following were preaentad aad ad p od R<?fl|Taa. That tb? mrmbera af Hoea Company No 21. hare revived the raeigaa-ion of their late aeeooiate. Stephea T. iloit ae Fireman of the Company with feeling* lu which pNa?nr? aad lerret are m'et etmaalT mingled ; pieaatira that ant ft lend and fellow manbir la ale rate a to a hi?her an1 m> re eitesilcd aphtre of ec'toj. mora hoaorable to himeel', end r. ore eoadaaire to the wall-belrg of the o nnnunltr. ol whieh wo ft,rm only a im rtloa It arret porional to onraaWae. that tK c?ik of the i'uhlio la our loae , that tiaa of lo ? ftaai'lar and tnarh plra-anti era hav* been au'idarad. and thai enr iad'< lentl fT>.per>rip onr ralnod aaaocltto. tt BO-* merrrd ia tba aalty to ? hi"b we araaati'.lcd aea eingl? Oom anT. In *ha DerartmrBt over ahieb ha la hereafter to aid la prailding. Ma*- l>?d, Thit i>nr frla*d aud uwtliU oayrlti with hit* t< liia B'w itnloa our wtabai f *r hta ooatinimd proaprri'y *a?l ilat tha diarMrra "f Ita dutm may b>M fl?an .at ? liia u we arc oeaRdiut It will kr >*niu> torji K i? liMiiant ' u> r?PETRI TUNDKBIT.T, I (. <> O y I A K EN Bl'.HH, , OtBUllMi. JOHW Rutin. ??. _ \ Tki.eobapb notice.-the merchants- lini Bain's Tal *raph. No 29 Wall itir*t. will raaaira aa< traaatxii B'MO'I far Halifax and iiuraiiltlt plana Lrltwi H Inr. |# will be mailed at Hillbi, |?r lMl? IM?I? Baeroa h4 IVrtlu d the; Ul M*I by E< | !* ?, DBlil tbe of III* saw llB*. IB till*. Mil II tol.?'er>h tin B???, tin coupes? *? B' t k*ld thamialret Wfp"?ltM?, befOBd the ei*rO'e* rt PTff'T BIVBlW Ul lint' fldnlity. B. M. tCUIBfrtLllt. President. H. Urmri, Vcrei*rj. Clat rmriTAL ar?o iatio* -the menreksoi the Aaeretalioa are h?r?hy Bell?rd ?be? tko tlekett foi thHr T.U1 At al?e'iary ? keaernfihe Bulk Day af Hwn t lav to ?? > flare en Friday. (In 11th iMUgt, are aea r?e^y for deliearr ul bit ha had ?a arrnaation te WliUaa R. Liudos. a*?m. Zlt Ckryrtla fleet. B? order, JO'EPH M. rHIL'I, Preejdaal D AI 'TIN in? {riMpwu. WII.1IAM B. Oi'Kt. i "wraa u. Ma?era P. lorn, B^crotari. U'ILIUM BERUER BAB TBT8 DAY ASSOCIATCT with biB SMrin I fltadrltbioa iu1 Ball Ttiedrre h?>ine#e will l,err?ft?r be ?o*4aeted nnd-r Ik* Ira Bad mil ef wi I.LIA 4 ??'jH * CO-April I. )?) Noni l.-if ro?8?grtN0? or tab latb orrbreak ib ?h- ally af I atadlrvated by the I'liarw d' Afatrae frnin tbr Rrpabli- i>l New Cra-.ada u> ma aMiei We' hat lafror r#r ?r? a or will ba i<**B|iki*d 10 land aiTI or fc> I?i?tl iM?ai-ha li' af I'aaaa* nnlaai provided with the iiniin paaiport, aee<>ritli)K to tbe law el Niw (Irtnadi. wlilck may he ohle'nad on *nniT*atioa to tlx raktutlkar 0 UOMINril/IK, I'taml froa t)i< Rirakllc of N?w Itr^na-lv Afrtl I. VU So %l naaWai5lia, Naw lork. llaab. ra <td?r baa km 'ra nimt "<.l *0 >hl OoT?r?o? al Pai-aiT a and %? It will ba rlaldly r%t<-r-,-4 a'I wall w*t ?| pmi i i a ha rfa'ra W> ptMarri tl r hariu'>aj aad fa'd faailai ?a?-?'?"ii* l???n thi two rapnbliM. art b?rakjr a?uti??ad to I I nda tbriaiala>i u aforaaa d. O. D'm I V<JI'EZ. In ri>Kh aih>n Wanted mr Os :a* ntoun, a aa Ita f "wadatt. Ii rrrpcifally r?^n?atad t" ??i4 lm ddra?>- ar a*II ? tha lad-ralmad. ?baara aaih?rir-d M rat. mtiriaa'* try lai?raatiaf latailUaBaa. An; taf inua*.toi raai a'Kar ?M- li.di?ldaal. if r "ho aaf kaaw kli wbarM* will b- tbankiallr rrraiaad Vf E. EA^CllEISAdlN k CO . W Wallilraat. NOTICE -tii? coPART*tR?niP nERETornRi iilivi| I m? iki nl MiIki'i ??lir ll? lira ilT P. iwaar and < a li lb day d Irad by Ba>atl f-n?n?. T> ?"i>aiaadit r baa.Baa* will ka aattlad kyjaba Br*a?-?d aad nm>T? w yiiiur ' ? > wi.iB*- ' MM" vi MifniH H-,?l'lat|<'ii.--N** I lf%. F?bflirj ?*, I?W. I ign*4) cn*? M0*0*N, T. r/OIIN B<R?SlKD, ?.IO. V. Ql'IfTTARO Itlti* III* *??? (?n?t i>( NUl*> it.. I L.)) MinkW Ml, { Tk? nkmrlktr hi-ti* r*t*''*i?< *?"r? i>.i?i?m if Ik* mUi In ?f? lii? trm rf 7. F flftr %~4 Ok.. will ' Ilia* ikt Hria n ill it* kru?h??. ?4?f i*m?4i? < *ir'rtkMi<Ui?? Mr. H. *k<x? miit'w ui io?t?r? 'in? 4 too ill ku*wa m lit* pufcilr I* rr^tlK |-rrh?r BrtiM 'nIMUM ?f <.? > ?!.? ?4<U4 to tki* ?1rM4f. p*r'yk{>s, mot? f? tl # ku<4 <? >M? fnn'*t ia *t4i* to |it? ?? < 4nr**?t> * *? * r?l ru?'u?iiii>i M >l.o I ?? ? ? ? I'ltni fill ?k? tt*i ' v ?f him wttV th *u nifa rim wo!?'?**. r - i-sta. J.. - 1 roHklUk. ^ - * N* ? ^ * ri Mi r<> ai or th? i.^nn mail i kuwll r If Or*i* Wrlttla. ?/ riT?n ?t f" li|hk? iu* koir it k?ir? it It* ( 1.** *0 Ww'ff. mmit, M Aanrkv. in tl* ? >!* of IJnoln. kit r??l 4n>? tl' h< ai)ltitlln Mir) l"? u*.*r. "? .? P?lorf%'? II ity o? Tork f??h in M* CiltM Kiocili m ?1 flr?i' Brilui. r'k* ih ? ili?lr ?! ? t l?"?? n 1 . !.?? ti f i k>>'il. ? 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IS'kfrtaa I a Wif.; tt>a ?!?? ?f fra T*""t, VT * *" ' llarrfxfj t*a hall?c fa*?1n> I \\ ' lr? t~ * Bataaaa*: t a Har.r y , H. T. Fn'inl ,' I*',/'; * B a- K . ,:i(i urn, .( v,. . i ""T "* * r?Ha. 8k*t-ah al | la<?<?4 ? ??< ! a|M, a ?aat ?a)???? -i t.^vivW | aat-*! it.a U? I4*ww*4 & ? vatat, 1 <r.a*i? (Ht. w>Airr?. i WANT ID-* HiT, AOTITB OI*U AS VilTlj I ??< ? ? ? In th? vtafclM m4 Ironing. A ppty at SS l??i 1???tl?lk >?Ml. | WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE OINL, 17 TBAIS | of ?? ? iHuation i* it r?.'p??i*t.U family, tvtAk* mmo of rbi)4r??, of to iiiak* h?r*?if fanurallj uMfnL Wmgoo not Pittiealtr Uoud ?ity te'ltnre ! >? . Pimm fall At 1UU lomhia Mmt Ib ib? rtu kaildiag. WiNTID-i GOOD BKVuNT MAN, WUW C\N t Fii fiir. 4 qualification! ?s to nharattor oari eaowblluy. | Alply at 145 Fi|bth ?trr?t. optK?it? th<i Optra | All ANTED?BY A BMAKT. CAPABLE VOUVO WO" uiitk. a inuation aa rinaid and or at Norte and VriaitrtH The boat of oicy r?t?ruac? t'roiu bar l?<? p'ao? wbare aba bat lltad two >?ara and uioe aoBthn. fleirr n I at 74 Sixth avaiiae, la th* >wrr Uu bo IMD for t?nd?v?. _ Wanted a situation, in tikooclvn, hy a } onig woman, Uook, %'td Ironor, or to d > , MrAfAl hdlllABnik (if A *ni*ll DvivAt* filiiUw (iand rt i t V r.tfn> renot I (iyea. Pltiu o?ll at SB lianmeralej it (Jan bo ite;n fur tfrea day? *1/ IT M'RJl WANTID-TO TaK* AM lSPANr, y? t*o vitki ?ld to Mr owdVcii A took healthy *mu, ?i?b a'reah *reB?t of milk. may a-drt>e? V. I. Lttnirtiae, fcew York Put Office. Any lady doeiroua of adopting an to'ereatiri aid htaiihr bat#. who it ?n orphan, h-wic* cither oi in parenta living, may addrase u afciee. WANTIK-AN INULH11HAN. OK HOI'OiHHN' th? re? i hly ' pitistfd with farming in *11 ite branches, and ?'i d ti the car* of hora-a asd driving, to ( '' njilee in 11 a country 1o a etnile man, fully e'nnpetent, goid v ?g< a will Le nives. Inquire of K. U. WUVdltN k CO , Metrics Lane. I WANllll- AN KKOLI*linit scorcu PROTBSTAVT Wi'inaB. to do general houeework id a amall family; vat a* a good Cack. waaker and troner. Nona "ther neod. | ArilyatNa ?b W ater itreet, batwaea eleven and one ooleo*. II'iNTID-BY A YOrNQ 01 KL, A RITOATIOV AS ! V v ( liamherBaid, ?o aatlet In the wlilng aud iroaiug. or ! a* f hambtra'eld and B?am?treae. Would have objeotion , to no with family irt? ll>a country f..r th? j )<c?t of city refer*bp* givea. Pl*ate call at \u. 321 Rait Taelf'h itiart, en'the second floor, between Firstavtano and j Averuc A. I an be seen for two days it not tagayid. 4*1 III ?A THOROUGH (JdlNU M *N. WITI yJie.MJ". |intr-d. to mak? ?UM prineinally to pvitri anu oilcloth makers A man that aulM eaa uavo " irl'y . and a leimarre.t bminaM Note >?; atpabl* Ua |-i""nr( nan Bee 1 apply Address, with reterencen, w pox l.i? I Port Offloe, immeoiatalr. TAII LIU?* T*4N^AlSK-MArn*0ISiT,t.S SOPHIE I Wuarrier. df airant lller en J'>urn6e. p?nr faire let habi- ! m- ?tP d, dam* at de Petit gar^on Lee p rmnuea qui voud- ' drrnt 1'hoBorer de leur eon&auc* pourront a'adreaaer No. ;U I !>*> ?'?? t. T'O I.4ryfR??ANATTOSBfiy VfSEVlKAL VIARH J J frsetic*, wi;!".:.". t? n aVf fu arrai <em<-nt w'ih r^'aa ; C' imnellor where the Att<rn?y ? tiBif w;ll be oecnp ed with | office I ns nes> Addr ? M P.. th's blfloe. TO MANCFACTlTklNG JJCWKI.LKKS.-A P<11 SON ' ml-, acqaaiatrd wi'b bimieaa an I pomm n g a get d kaewtedge in the iewtlry line, and aim a gooa flaleaman. ii de?lr-ut cf oh alalnt a tr*Ttll'n? ft the rile of Jrwr'ry. >nd taking irdrre fce. "1 ' ? ?H?erti?er would lend h ten.pioy? r two thousand dollare, rohdown, on aittple intoTMi. if other reasonable rompeiiaetiou aould lie arranged. I 1'itaie addreM (1 U . n '> ? "If; ? ti ran 4y. |)!!DDI?RS WAITED. - Fill R HOOD Pl'HDI.'Rl j i 1 are *?ni"d by the New Jeray I'on v, at ifiolr ' ' virtot Buulon Hteafy emp ?linon* nan he (teen. Ap- ' ply to I)I Dl.k V B. FULJ KM k CO.. | t'oi Bar Cedar and Greenwich e'reet*. PH*<'TifAi, Meamm-Ai uoauiNf OP- I |i> rtnnlty now ooeui. to a praetleal MaehinUt of wall tatIjehed reputation aid oa;dt?l, to eu<w? MtaMtVNf ; ii the eteam engine, boiler and foundry haaiueee. An uuI blia> nut ii> now ready fur hnaineee, a-arle in a'l lte detnila, including aitenrhe wharf room for any el aed eteam bo eta, a?d trim lte poaition, il properly conduct**!, will donhil'ia 1 e< amend a larj? ihara of bn?l*eM. A practical narh'niat, a* a partner. ie required, to ocnduot the whole ratahiiahatant. and only tf oae fully oonip?-teet need apply Addrea* pott ; paid, " Machine Co.," Boa No 741 Philadelphia. P^ PA TNER WANTED IN A GOLD PIN AND PINCIL Caee Manufactory.?The advertleer, who la A prvttieal manufaetnttr, wtthee to forui a nnnneoilni. with mine good bui-incha man, who will attend to the out door department of the shore ln?iae?e. A caeh capital of bee hnndred dollar* ; roiuirad. For refereccea, to., addreaa J. 8., Brooklyn ?*e?t Office. 8POUTINH. CINTRIVILI.I OOt'RPE. L. I.-*AC!NO,?TUWTOAT, April VUi, at l>? o'clock, P M.--Pbrae (140- Mile Ivaia, beat S In 6 In harnaaa J. Whelplev antem eh g. Bin Wilier; ; t. Wright eutara b. m. Lady Serini; I) Bryant tiled ro. m. Ladrfcae; M. Maguire aattre h m Parage Maid JOKL CO^il.lN. Proprietor. N. B ?The aara will leave the frouth Farry, Brooklyu lot i the ei nrae at 1 o'clock. P. M.. after the eport la j aver. Fata taeh way. 25 aenta. CRNTRF VILLI COURSE PACING.?Pt'RSI $100- I Mile heate. beat ?hren In fire in haraeea; free for all Jieing hntee*. To ooine of April 17th. Eotri-- reeUee Setae- , y. April 6th, by ? o'clock P M., at Or*en k tftdden't Hotel. ?we to attrt to ltnkearace. JOKL CONKI.IN. mo C R I C K I T I K a.-JONATHAN S A US JR A ' M taaahar oft rlrkat, at>d a pupil of tha aalah<-atad boalar, Lilly Wliit* ha'inc lataly arrtrrd fr< oi KniWud. t? o[.?n to I an ra?afi*ant alth any Orioktt Clah la tba (Jniti-d 3iaWaa, ! far larath of Una. Tor tarn*, kt.. apply to JooA.haa Soma. IX! Liberty (treat. TflK THtDLIi % Ma*? bbrttno or tb* u th n i , st r rem of tor aitr ! ? ennui* of Ki>w York to >e held at 170 (1e?tar ; trarl. Merhaaira' ilal'. . n Moadaa, Nth ef i|>rll, a' half ! peat 7 o riock 7 h* eocirty takra tMa mihoJ ?f nntlMj* I thor* th?t ha?a n"t )<>'a>d tha ? maty aa yai. ilitt ibi> ara r*?re?tfolly raqaeated to voir a fnraard anl j In aa it mil , bt ta their owa Wnafl*. Tkt F>?ra?n ITiihoaVir* ari ?a- ' arrrtlulla InM'ad I* attaad and jaia thU aoa'aty. and If not, tb?y tkall baraaftal (el ?o a aa out n| Ika a *) >> to work for tbani. By order of tfcc Coinaiiltea. | T^tTie*. ..K MIRTIN'J Ok T r, JOIRNRV ma H ot and Nboe u^kara (oa the taea'a ?>t?-??h)of tb? atty of N?a V'rk, will ?>? bald na Mnadaa n rait*. at Si.'olock. April the H<h, at K> tee'i reuneeath ?.?< U.wi, i , tmr ?k? ? ?? ?' ad?Aaolor tkalr *Hlv *11 ? ? Vel?a(ta( to tba ftouaty rr? paniaa'ariy rtqaea'ed to attaad. By otdaraftha ' ummittaa. I'.VTRICK Ol'KKR, Baoreiary. | rpO BAKKRi-ANOTHER MBITINO ITII.L Bt BBI.D B oa (lataiday eaenlra. at (l^bl o'cloak, ia tbo Meehaaloa' I I Ball 171' Biftar itraev for tha aarolneat of a<.?- n>.ia 'era, i I and ntliac ke?i?-?e of Inportaner to nary "j>- ratira ban or. | I li: I. a a) aa Una aara you ea?r in a t < 1 u mor? I INI kla of |aMia;a radraM "t tour trnaraaaea re.ra tff<-eniailr f an at Ilalp ta ? o<-rad jroo froia all eid'e ; frward. Uiaa. ai d r?u.?n.>er the?e who w?ald ba iraa. tbiuual?*a n.uitatrika tba klaw Hy ord rof ARTIIOlOU Y DBRBAM, Ckalraaa. ' Joh* 0i ?Tii, tairatery pio tarn. Ala** k AlUTl IB. AC. TfTTLB. AIH'TIOXBRR.?BORTflAOR *41.R Of a Or at?-I Wnre^bfld fun. itera. - A. C TL'TTLR will tall or kradav. at Ic o'olaak n N'.IJ H'arran a*r?ct tba autlre Yirtltiira aoatainad therain. by airtti* ?f a chattel ?ortra*e. I (larr-ltn > rt'tral aii >rtatrit "I I'atlor. Iilalna aa l B*<1 r~ m furaitara U?<r Ma'rri-ia. ko. Alao, kreh'n fnrnl, tar*, with al.iah tha tala a ill aataoiaea. Ttrni aaab. la j city f?td>, I nul l I A. t'Mll.TOV AI'PTIONttK ? * (IC^ICRAL , D II' o??) old Faraitnra a? aaatloa. C*l* a I ( 1 ilien will nil, on Monday * i ril Kih. I MO, ai lOo'cl* r k A | I . ?t No, *-3 t)i)4>on N?w Ytrk, Mi* furnliir* of a { l family hp* .kirp up I ?tnr h'la? th* aff.>-'to of tli? lata I Joiro i i *? m p*tt of M*ln>p*ny Ohalra r*Ma* I , and B-fan li>4?'taJf, n*4#. Luokini Ola a. **., hi, ko j p*tk?r wl'h a *i.o4 a.torinrat of Kl'*b*n PursUitr*. with ' wl Ich th? Ml* will ??uimane*. Tiiim ra*h, la baakabl* 108*7. 1 I?v n H MEDH ft CO--IjftNRV B LBIIH. AIVD tl?ii>ir-Miiill< Ciklb*: r.inil'un. I'*lii< i'. i am r* [ at' tk i-f 'ha ?i II u?*i ntngficl'i'rn. Mraara Wasaar . Btir}. lncrwri rt flnaaaa K>| . I'mptltia* tb* l.rtaat * aottatnt *f *t'lrn4l4 furaltnra ff?rid at a ii ion t'i> aratoa I'agtf li 1**1* ft C*. will#.II at *ael< ?. '< I Krada' "th. a*4 Ta**4*p, 9th April, la Uia ? > ? ?ar?ffta* tt <?PI H >?a> r t (tut) No. Iflti I niton alr**t ?a? I M'TIUtlilikll I'byf*. ft*'| th*'art'*t ?*d m ll(?aI |m? t* *??i rmaal t-f *l??a-t ar r??<l |K?M (irnimw I at ar i U *mm >i all *f wfclaft M warra*t*4 m? ? ? of ib? hit nit. ri-lf u4(iialtrt?r>, loitttiuj uf a'*ital tart- 4 r< r?*oo4 aaaallitB < if?*. tato a-trt* ' "tic' ?>. arm I Itain ir?ard p*-lor < t.air*. ? \*r*.l with tt? r c' -?t avta iimatk * I* a*4 bio* ai d *'14. artoiana and f 4 aa4 i o'htr *"lar* of ?llk brotalatt*. Alb" 'n'lr* >ait* f *arr*i| r< >'4 la erla ??a. turpi*, fan an4 a?*r**a pl**b ; *! ?. *rtl?* aaii* la ma'lla. all *f tba m -t ? i?lait**** i|> J bl*o, a lara* M'fttiri at of cart*4 r?t**< *4 an4 mab.i?*ny ' I't r-a?i. nrofala* 4ltt?, Book ' at** ; tlt-<l raa ra raV*? with > ?! I* It* fit. at^a ' laf | "? ahlaf, B 4 t- > l?. e * Pi 4 t( r*'t?*> 4 llao> walant oab *al ta*hr*?Bp: Bt?r?r** ">nt. H ?ri a Hall Btaadf wiib |la??? *n4 ih*r hoant'fit: Ti-a a*. Him liri* iast|it<i( t|i Mwt wilaai, ar4 oak f> nil tat# GMHp ||r|i fcvr M-,ib < ! ? ?. f'rtia? tl. ra. tht**-?aart*r Frvpib and faoay hai't, Tl a >< I*'t tt ii (I'taMM *'o*k will kf *?I4 attta, li VmII W b " *t a ataat t? r-fitl* vh?T kal <1 ai< ^3f Broa4< ay. tf. <?* 'arc u r*?? of par* u9t <*( r*al|j pi 4 artlflf*. *n 4 4* well k i italu lb. a. tiH 4at praPh a* t< llilalf. I^IM Bl ILD1N I l,"T5 41 MW *i> Hil B T"?? *it?ntii<a In tall'il 1 - ?if a: a?m a, at thl fr?l' I'-haapo. oa Tu l ijr, tho Ptk April, bp btil t;IITl L t?TOM. *f tbtft> t *fp 4*a raM* l?it .taprinii aliui tiita* fxurih* of aa wr< *a*h attiti* *a Inpb d?? proanl. aa4 roitiaatidii a aa aa<fBf|f* *1*w *f Itat Ifl*a4 B<ina4 aad t?-a?4l*t?Tr a4.i*i*la? I' * l>fp*t >f t><* Ft* Nana HailP?ad bt mama ol whi*b a oonpfyab** to a*it fita tb* n't ?f Nt* l l^k i* ai '4 i f tar tiiaM 4aili. at a rrc, af (W p*r aaaaai. T .* TUI*t**f ?twK?*1.ill* ?. aialai f?*f 'harrh*? f aa l nn 4*j* n.;. ill .m. , * >. r*l KutaU. laalf and ftma't b"*'4l*t *?h*?l. * ? -*! Itirt- ati4 a p- at if *, *i.4 wall aoppli 4 with tn-'-haan-a. | ft tianaii. at alto pin* da'll t? aad from tba *ttf 4upia^ th? I tva tai r Ptaaoa T p<i-*->4 I- ( ?. i-ln*'? la t>* *l?r, aa4 4f It tap a *t lafap.ab t aid pl?a??t.i t*ti i.n? at a *trafl *"? . th* *b>?* bfftr* i raat ia4tip*wiff to. a* a dwo lln|. with ant bai dlaga, ft*. **a It tfrit4 at a*<?t *f lt>* t'.a* I t'.fcii bftglt g lb* t*at, iat!a4la( pai'r?*4 far*, wl Ula t#X) r ptatf'm t' |AMt!ICULC. ATi riii>PIK -JOHNSON fthr^TII, r *1 Bn kl)* ?AttttU' B U latu*4 ? a ?r*at ?al* *1 Hr**al Ita prfprTtp, oa TaiMKiap. Attil V34. at tft* N*w tan )tliaapt.b? tw*of th* b?r*?f th* I*** *?? i .ho B iohatoa. ' li.ta irop-T-p I * i* Ui* a ift e'B'itl. iaipotlaat an4 lai' W'?ln? rart *f Hr okljn, which will n. .*t lar *lp aa4 iafal| libit rarat prtfi-al aa4 p.r??o*a? la*?aiBiat. boia? lft? | f??t ?a raltoa ?!., 4lrtf?lt apalaat th* "'lip Ha'l. a?4 ?i t.i* batit****l4?*f th* *tr**t ra'atap thr-nih to A'aiat ?., 1 la*t bp tb* (rut Jaa 'IfB pt.iat af Fnlioa. A4?ma, *11 Mafh>y trn jr>rt is> n ??a aniu.'i ? ywmi". ?* ? ' | M'ul |<ln? af tfia?ltja Katia-a*. Thta? In'aart l ! a?<?tr?4 n'ttlj tHk t"i*? Iaf?riar tlifM ?>att frain? kn 14l k^i. ahtah rt?1 ??ll In tiiM ?. h?<?l In? ah ?a It a t4 . aa<nr?i Ml ??ar than. ?? quit* ??*r ?S| Jn?t l?a j paint a lo, thrta na* tati4anna ISia* It-iff krltl hi?*?*, ' * ll, it- imitation fr rta u< MMlM ? * ! ? t fcaakai I I In K*rt'? arttnt. that *f??t Uvt'iajufara, lt( "a-of 1 "f I Hraotltv, Mtattt-ktt ll'l nil*. an4 itftal rai'aa in luaitk faar flail aialhr-t it?fy !?'>? . ll tha imif >f I A 1*1 via aart la tha nrtni'y at Ik* I l?jr llall. an1 l?l I l?|?rt<r W1t? honrtt. haatt??l rtlM'nata. la Ik* aatt Will-* la Jay It, at tha ri.mrr of Mjrlt ktanaa. (a * ha>lar*a r* ail, Ma thraa *%*tj Irlt* ko?a??, aim a t?a ?t"?? fra?t. la liul a* H?a k?a?at. In U?f?a?a at iltuh niia In Di|h it.. Iwn la Illlary a* , f-at kntilta. a?>4 f*nr Into kail<ltt la llri fl?? Ihra tv.rf h,.n-?a. out a rat tor ?ith tiort la Johna> at.. Ihrtt I' a?'i, tut *f thaw aiif^r'ir and *f hnik la ?nharm*rh"ni t ?mt?? i rirj friar linn. Alat K?rp r Court ??? m?4 ? < * an* t, ?aiit*laiap taaalr ?mali l?n iAr% brink , | i?a>i*?*ta, with tallan ?a ha ar|S Sanaa Ij l"ti \ la b? ltf' ?* *r?4 tm aath li? <m la': . wa?l itttral j, tkar ; ?l'l Wak* IHl *?4 Ht#irhk'i 4trt">ata fit p?ra<?*a -t aaaJi aaaat ?an-4ky ? >> *-"a tbaj *ill?fi>ra, auk at> ial w> ra rmfl'tt la laraatiaaM! ia t-14 alia all tha akaat kora-a Tha t.Ma la aaa ?if tfca I4aa* I , la ift rrtiitry. tnaat of tha ir?p?r'j ha*ta? a In tha ' ! fi?ili N ta?rr?"?|,,?i T>r ai if airaiat tl IM w f ?ir"4alltf. I arrar a*4 *< * tarlltalar da rritit-'aa will I W la ikt r?' t I*' aanni'iat par?'i a* ihaaal* ar t'*%*fcaa. I anl la i?Wtp*'?? d if. rr?hr<; l-? ! ? ta mai ?t ; I 5> ,M? * at 14 a* ?li'? aalaia la flo' ika*. II4*. aa4 tha I it??n ha Ta !?'? fit Ml?|if aatitfkt* ry it tha rat ; ! rlir arit. itirt al ?tt -aiaaal a inha*?a, ?? rttl* I ! kt>t?t. fatally*. ?*4 tf *ht Ma' *1 Uam U am. ' 4a*a ai al '*? - f*4p iah*a??a. at hit r?-"?a in t v? f nti hall, rr la tfl f llt' klih, an I r.f Jain ?l'ah I ail. k n I* * ? ' *? k"t?t u4 tf ItM V'-la Ikt cHah.-e*,? wallrt. | Bow in Tiiiii i.-84 twmda v iTurmt, April 9, ?k? nUawM will mmmn wiib lk? l a PT*1N Of TBI WATtlH-- VlM?a.i4?Lt(ay. Mr Uat.r; lUnu Nn. Pnhirl Tb an*l?4r ?iih ih? dr.taaUa *vM?i? ?r TBI MBftctiANru B?teo mi- i Mr J B. ( ??( dr. Atoaa: Dyomaiaa Mr. Arau'd; l'rooloa. Mr. Jiraan: ThiatiMB. Mr Mu ir?. HOdataa, Mr. J Dbbb! ?lajo W. D*n..u., AaAronieaj 4r. J Wtatit; I'llfcothtt, Mix W ?>?. Thcaa, Mr- H?rh>r?. UermioB Mr*. | J<ru?n; urntit. Mr*. *aleat IKra umu at 7, curiam ! to ariakly mm ?? 7. Lr*?? rirvW, JOu^ S?*?ad . Tin, M wbiii Pit H)t ceaM. . f ^ttANFMAlib NATIONAL THBA f Kft - HA rU It DAY I v ertBiBC. April 6, Uie fBtntuinpnta will b*>?iabbm with kbcvim'culrbnt a u-tasdy of vihdlnius, tha n a* Fathor? Villain* Mr. W. tiar>tk*i;; Appiua CUuJiiM, Mr. llrat?VBi ViIiuI.bub Mr. HatrMia; (.'aim <'l\ii<IW? Mr. ' Hos.ili, Warim. Mr. W Tajlo,, Virginia Mi a Ctui-i-: fcr?u. Mr* bunt. To cubeiu'? wit*i ih? vaudurill* ol tlx i OOVIFNOKH ur. w Tayor; Hickory rt. Mr. J. J?(T?t?<'B; 1) .n.?, ur. <r?y| >r, l.nty i Miaa abi a Cmlra Mita Smetdown M\"i l.o?k??r.

Roara. 2S c?at?: Kit. IV!* ati l)o>>ra <pta*t7; to ooin- . BJ-uta at hsW-feet 7 o'?lt??k. BARNIMK AMKHU'AN MUStUM - P. T. BattNl'M ! Manager aid Proprietor; John tJrucuw.xid, Jr. Aaaiattut ' Manurrr. Hi Uu'Hfl parf'ru.a ,i<*? m cl> aii.ruuot at) and i TIB n*. 11 1>+ o'a nak l.aat ?*?Si ?.f tht aopul ir ana onJe biated Martlnettt ratniiy, tl.e a> at actiompliehed (J>iun ast* | sad t'aiiU'U)>Bii*t? ia ?!> woilfl l.??r aeeU. al- of Lcui* Blaster, th* inimitable Chine** luii'ler. Tin tiMu'm Yankee euni'disu, Billy Wbitlook, h\a i^.-u I for '?n* ' weak. Mr. t C. Wemj*s, Mr. Merrilleld Mr. U?v. Clark and Mi. Blrchur, Mia* *t?nhope, Ml-e Pentiand. Vim KiudHch. and Nit* *e?\ appear in amuring Meisneeest ea?h entertainment Half a mllll?a o? Cnr >< !.?, ran bn teen at all houra. Erormcas Living burpent*. K? ip'nre 8tatnarr; I Tein| era'e and lateiKperate Faoiil".; Crand 1'ietnre l.ell.ry ' and nuiiiiini; Marfan** Rockwell, Fortune Telltr \dmteslon to the Mnsrnm and performuu***. 2ft rant*. Children ai der 111 years lljj ??mi R SANDS C IJO.'S dllVII/LKiluN ARENA THE pn priotor* uf thin inaguitWcuv en1 will-Vn.iwi com- I puiy it uoun'r to the eitueu* of htm York, 'liar they will I open tor a iiml.rd periud, at the corner of K.i<hth i:mi near . BrrHnv on Mondaa, *pril Ut, I*"*), p .* lively for an ' B't'u <'iu>. ui lor tuthair aunmtrtuar. The array of talent Which baa alwaya di*tingui*tied tbi* oompniy la too weU lu N*w York to require ??' f.rrther aniiauncem-ut >f thr excellence of tr.? p-jfonnaa^a, ttiau the nmuU oaaaii.? ojtbl uati of ot ?n? principa1 performer* Awon* tli-uj rJr' oaiidaaod bit talented aiiiluren. Hi.urloe a.ii .I'fkc. Mr Ob r*e S*'(taut, Mr. W. H 8t..n'. Mr. William Aymar, Mr. F. WhlKskor. Mr H. Naglea Mr J. I.wielett, Kc Uc. Add to these the enocrh ettnl nl performing b <ra-i and ponior inelndlMibe well- kn. a u and apleodid daeoin( *te*da. Fly and rtuoephaliu; tho fairy poiy, Cinderella; the trick pomes l)aiu.>a ana Hymi** the ttglitiiiR I'omee, Leal liurke and Tom Spnu*. the trotting r??. R'aok Uiau>.>nd; Tamer, aid tw^uty othera; together with tlnse huge Ciaphann. trained to perform the m. at ampriaing ar.l eitranrulB'-ry feata. In a tnaiuer never tcfore equalled, and the pr ~ prirtnre lei I confidence in offering their exhibtti u to the New York public, a* superior to any one ot the mad yet produced in America Master of the Arena. Frank M'hit taker. Clowna, bain aim 4.ruat Heutuoky orator and aiuaip epoaker, and John U s*in, the favorite eoui'nr? of New York. ><|n**> tn?a iJireeior. Mr. W II. Stent. Treasurer, Mr. James W. Foehuy. admittance. X5 rente. Poiitm-ly ?o halt prio*. Door? open a? 7; perfi.rrnance 0"mm?n '?> at 7V, o'oi.irk N B. ?A rrand Jviaail* performance ea taatuntay atiernooa. Mare" 28 th. P^MHI\M\ OF TAB MtrilTBRit^VS\V I'v R-*. tin* aad Jeruaalem.? f'ulb. rt'a now an 1 ip'.endid panoran a. mbraoluK >i?wa of tbe l?.an 1 of Kit'Mtsa, the ??.ire? of the M. liilertaai au. and of <li" m.?t i*t>re*tihi *oota in l'alt ttin* irclodtat >he cit* of Jarnealooi. will rema n 0|ien ?vi ry ettam* ! r a eli. rt timi at t ie new hall 14? B . eery, at-ar Hri on.e e'raet. boor* open at 7 o (.lock, eibiiiUioo to c< mmmce at 74? o'elork Kn.i?4.n 91 **ata; ohiMr.'n half pri> a. Aa *kliit.<tlon will b* ^iven on Hatnrday aft?'B"en at o't'lrek. Lib. ral arraa(*iueBM will bo mad* wita Sabbath aad other irhoel*. NOTICB. ? 1 () CONTRACTORS AM I) BI I I.OEKS ?TUB New OrUane Opera Company. Meaera Swaia. Bataer. ( i llin*. Kn*e*e, 4>le Hall liarka. aad B rtanf'ird, do pnrpo** to lea**, lor U.? r.<jm of bee year* ir more of any nereoa or porty U at will build au Op< ra Uouae for them oapable of aacomiii'datinn 1 id) pt r*on*, at tha r*ut of 5,im dollar* per aBinim. 1't.e at. mn*t be n Br adway, botweea Ohaiaber* and Prince atr*et* For farther par'ienUr* addaaaa. p->*t|?.d. "1h? New OiUar * Opera -mpauy," New OrieMM Opera Uouae. i.beannt (kteet. fbllad*lpiila. NO! I< F TO CONTRifTOKS AND Ill.l -TilI N ? MueqnitaOpera Company Meaera t'rai?ha. Twine 1 tasks, Youa* Bull. Larke ao.i Samrulo to do pr .pn*e to leaee for the u rn of filyeare. mce or lee-, of any pounn or | part) that will build r n Opera Uouae for 'hem -.ptMeof a maiEiodoilna 4 N*l iwrauns, at tin. rent of $>> l??i per an mm. The (islit nine! be ou Briadoay. ai.ywhci* beiwe*a ! the Battery a'd Harlem For tnriher partiralar*. al Ir. >*, peat paio. the New Muaqoito Opera t>mrany. New Mu-qxito ' Opera lioaae, Cockney Lane atrrct. Ran Fraaeiwo. N. B.? , TneieeptioBable neeurtty w II b. (leen, fur tbe payment of the rent. aliretaid. mi the j ?ru?? int.'re?'?1 hare *a ' id lbi-nte rur| lue" ef the prcalUr eurrenoy ef iMe-nntry *h*rt the; are it pre.iut petfoluuac wita di?UB*?ieiu?g nc?e*i. riNK AHTk French, knulisb and german enqbavinus.? The trade la reepedtftilty lat'orKud that a latrfe r>?t of lurefeaa lurraeinre, InMndtag tin laleet paiiiealieoa, U B?? ottered for (ale t>v UoDPIL, TIDERT, and Co.. Vkolwla PiiiurUert. W Broadway. UK \v miui ft I nn l?r.WARD-FOR THE RETURN OF THRU 19 I vfvr |lm i.?T.k >et?e, n? the lima ?f m tr.p lie, ! W..ML*tnn Not.'.'A M*. dated Jul* 6. IMI Tito above toward will te paid tor the three n't?? or In proportion to tht anoust. t a > of the n^tea returecl Te be lei at tut office of RatM eti e Uotel. fit RH "*WAR!i. -INFORMATION WANTED Or MR." JftfKJ .IiIibM Hoe-, who lett hie li me at fUhkl I tillage ni ti* ia??. la the Hodoa Kitr fcailroad I'ara. fur 'hied.ty. VfioB t ne'tieee it* yrare of a?r. Ht? drern wae a dark 0 '?t, ?' ?? |>ante. aetis eert. and email mold ria?a la hie rare U ? habit- ? ne fill. Uie friaiide tin eiuie ao.-ideat had l appat od to kim Inlornntiou liren to <>* > Rxl-ea, laiiepe< d??t Pi ll'ti OArar. *' Rraadaav, S V rity. or to alojm II Mere;, *?i.Jthi-rilf of l>uiclit<? eouu.r. (\| t HHM.r.v, (|\ Till NIHST Of TBI O""' Sd <net . fToai tkr el ip of K. t.Uun cad Oe.. Nn. lVd fnltoa (lift, two tide lfu>. Tlie a'??i leeui will be {.O'd fot at e eoBTirtloa f ?h- thief at 'htey-a. BK hlWAHO-1-OBT. UN W8IIN'BM)AV, IN OOIVO j^V tre? kif io?t' n ttrvt, diwa th? ?u w 41 en. aBd throrgh Alloa ! *me?r ea eusat. a uady'e f otet Bo?a. ewawinti't t*??t? 4?Hin la Vile a ire dollar gold plrca a initJl ?!". wd a breaatpia. The Radar will reeeiee ti.e above rrward. wltA t*e ioaeke of tfee awaer, bfUetlai It at 71 lmari"B. er to ?'iae etreet. ivk mul and to jujs'l'VIRT T/lM ABl.i: ESTATE TOR 1A (.1.- Til I LOT ef t.roaud aad iiu.idiaaa N. W. eor-?r of Jhe.eui and Delaware itreete 1b Uie dity of i'li.iedeinbia. Id!' feet enCieeaat, aad ITKlMtta Eiihtt mCitpe tweet, fluleaatioa ef t>ie let fer a pohlie bnildian. hotel. or r?a<ee af etere* te witboat a eaper r ib Pbllaoeiphia. a et 'j to I.LIOTT It aUllhdiiN. H i.'heaaut at.. rhiiadelBtl*. UOk fAl.B-A filMM (1/ fiVt UK NIX a HILH lit r laid lyinr < n tba toad lt*"lm< fruia Jamaina m thr Marat 1'atllla.r, Roakaway It la la hl?b eniUraiioa. tad it art ??? will. iha hit wark p*-. fh ii?? AIM a fera af IS mim. kl*<j a ftm of i tern laqairt <>< JOHN L hoRTON. Jr.. tU ll.w.rj B.SOR 5 AI K? Fl VB HORSES. TIIHSB HIWOLB. AND * in pair. himMi for a rritau fatailf, 11% b-?<? kllk tba otnar thr** a-a kaaati'iil ?ia(lo hur?*a (oaila aid kiaa it atipU or d.>a*le ka'a-aa. tlio. >* t?o -aatt l?.. kaaar. aad en? ft ol au.jla i.araoa*. To ha m?b at J. hr -M?'tLiiar)aubli, 177 TwalfUi nrtat. aoraar UiitirMMk MOR9R rod BALB?A mkii.ii S UtRBI WRIT! lt|i tavrd, klad aad taatla, aianrfa wrkoa' ijrla*. *"?? ai.hoat witikara and ilti I > intra a,.I ll?a lioaii riinaitR all winter mil ilMMlmm nit cwi ar't *<>ln? t? Bur in I'rirt (IK) A ? o* tuaran'ta uir-ii. T? k* lataa at Oowaa'f ?ti >! M Iftrrar ?troot. L'hr fair Loir two or ? v FMirirs PiirBt r I' aatat. Alta, MaoMt a, f?.r ttral?lii?tin,' aid a ittiac ..IT la Itlptka, and r\ liltin? trlra At %hr, cad, all in OAa ia t:on. far aakaralla atr*tal>?ra. or ii| ?t?i t aatatta. Ap,l> Vm I'aarl air?tt. LM)R FA t.T. THB STOCK A N D riRTURB* Of A JB?m air) an J Varirlj 8t. ro : nr a Par >.rt oaatad ?'?h a Biail aa?h capital or prood *lf*IWl an - ad a i?*rt ?.n laialt ta kit li.irmi. ii aa fiaklialitd kaaibaaa Addiaaa V. NT. At iMmOci far thrta doja DOB BALB OK 1 ?U aOOSSJ. >Oi. 77 AND r !? 4kl tlfal lt;rii-'t 1 it. IM Binary. BANKCOFFfcR Bfll'tB, H f INBHTRB'T,?f III KALI, tka UlX ( ! ?'? ? iaart|. loMidalll fnMlnw. t?l M. < k ol iha a>o?a wall-*n..?a ttaMt k?aa <, mtimmii oiltvVl If tka |. ? a t pr' t't'tor for Iha la-rt l??lf jr? wt It la adrrad t-r aala oa ?rf>? .?? kia III haatlt. a->d f'ia<p?l ro*ir'B< r>-m pahlta aa*?/o n-n* appl* ta Km I aid M >t?h> II, aa th? prata>aaa J A H kit Fo?1aTT PIUOBAVA FOR * A 11 ? A JI'LBMDIII nn T ; ox, |a a'fi tl 'aa i ' tka lirtt AT lata ari I l.aa-'d l? ifa|?fllad l?MBi?^iatalj^^ **"<. Cliatuktnal. IIA If. ir.KlD tBIBd.-t<fORt A'tBLB, its Uit ?RD J tka i im Ii ?a "rifht at ?ka i-iar l> atof On ittiri Wit'ti.^ NTteda. A|'|l> ta tka aap?alo o? koatd. rf*0 LAT-A CW|<tD!OtM lt?rBI.LtK(l Hv?l J? *ITH J r*?>o*arj> aw-k* ' ' n?? an* ft>r acr- vf It < i ("nataaa k<fkik ii'iia a>ar i> - a*-a?i af Btoadvt} p>*ko?aaaa?ta r* t* raoaia. aa"h a ?r? jtUna. k?" d?? ptn*rl-~ ?*l| ?, kr . ard ati*<-kad ta It * a rardaa ra?- - l'n it t>a had an J) ? I1 ' h a' A Aril. AtHr to U. I. MAVBRAVRR, No 191 ]k>t fiftx ktb i tr??>s ?r at tka >.? a? ila it, !* . i* Fr at MM. T* LIT-A LA Bo R. HtMD^ONB, mfftll TSKBI t'rjakuaaa. la ??n.|) Pltaa faralahad 'kr aj-'a*. J *f f.h at?rA| a??al- aaa alidiar d ?ra la p?rl * *rrpn>n >n'rU. fatkaa aold kath* Ul oat; ha let ta a p*trata , frill}- r?M ja Adraaaa, or aoaurl ?* ? n. Far tat* a, ad<14 ' * 1 fctt' (1 ? roal uaa aad ?d*~?a. 'l'<| lbt-ta iai*u blkkv of * > ?m fl'troff pnai rait Ir'ilH) Apt'? ) Bl?Ald Oaai^M h l"> lk?r aa <ka pwUH. ____ B1 OR FOR **LB TUB IHuv HTMuV \HJ 1 latlllil ka*a IIRandMtt karrr atf t APpty ta B i'. POrf t?? it ? ar ikalr nBlTWkRBArt moons TO LSt-M AS AI. RfRFBr; fall la** aatt^iid aa aarklkala*> >aar laaa-d ai? ri??.? at rlaaa If aa< t I. to aa artlrt I a frt Aa?A wul l?t lor l-Ml?laf mama A P?l? "" ika praialMa. CSOTTAOI AT fOBT HAMILTON TO IJ>. -A OO'BIO / bi'tiu' aaa'airiat aaaaa rao*a aad kttana* jaaat fii j MtaataR, tai lat fat tka aawmar aaaaon, I Im (af Innnfoaf JABBll U. gHI KC i F><r* '' tt.i^-a OFFirKU TO l,?T- TWO nisi RtNilfA OS l??r No IW Faltoa atrr.t, la lat from lat lit aati kaat a -doaata Applf lo It t P AO/., "1 rnu< n atraat Iso bviiMM* ?*n rnsrmcTim- nwi' r m 'ill! aiMnntki tl?a. Baia for aa a law. at s? ??tr11*1 aHp. ll'AVial) IS A bNmi TAIii F M.I u i.o < I <i > " a''?a In ?? Fnl ? ? ifW.r h F>rrl'a Itfn >? ja. i'lfaa ar 'oar aof'ira'adiod raoaoa wltk ofa'th'at l.a*rTarn a **? kr Bii-dtraui Addraaa J. O. , with f tl'talan. air. . af tklt pa par. ' atfaaaaaTTa... . .. Kb. ^. t*rt -f iN? ?tiy. mi is ?r n>i ?, m I 5?< fl I ?!# fnI ? ! In IIH < (V?IV.|r?. Ait ft" I .?# I ? * He* York. ?J.. \ n WtT KKOtD CI.OTH - JOlT * i?tr?r? ???? ? r A '? > link M4 I r? I I Ul? ff ? I t< .?f?t ?? - .till. > >> <. <t II, <WI? 4 Urw4?M?i?? ' Ih r*U* Ml r,.?? "?>.k vkinv* ft* , f?t Ml* fey ?r KIT l|M _ ???'?*. INDIA roruin A I.A*?t ASK iK- ) I 1 Wffkni tor ?' kj *ATTi4?m OO.H..IK N, ?l ?n<i 'I' ?? I il* | ?. ? M U- -.. t ? , 1 ??t.- * >??? ft ID .r |ir? *# ?*'? ?! 't fr-m** ! ?<>? f?t?? > *i-JU? M 11 !?*, J?nr? fi,a*!) ? * cuu r??n?rs ?i/?T?iia M "Ur*?i?r i* ??j ?M? I* -M? tm'rt Ii4l hmhtim i? C lun Mtnt, Vj lk> ? * ? ? ntk I uivuium. j I UBOADWAT THEATRE.? I. A. MARSHALL, SOLI 1 M* l?m ; 0. B. M*rr*< i, IU>i??r - dttgrdi; iml>L will b? pr-MBitd Enowl** idairad of LOVC. rHf (?iiiirn ui ikthrf-Doki, Mr Frufcriekr Krlnea >r.4ci>ck, Mr U?rr>?, I lritk. Mr. Tk'-mp*ua; Sir Ra??rt, Mr. r.rty: Mooa, Mr. N*^*, Kuprc**, Mr*. Kuuht. r1??, Mr*. rl ?ir?tt; Crnottm Mi?* bMaupot. T? e*nulsdo with thu trw f?r?* mll^d ('OC41N C JERRY?Chart**, Mr. V.rrj; Tbomu 1'riBiroft. Mr Vliillrg; Cunrln Cknrry. Mr*. Skeitttt; Elisor Prurror*. Mi** K. H. rn "r<M OireU ??d Fa^ne-, ?'r ; Family and Third Cit*U#,tt?.; OalWry, 1?K Pc? fi C| WU At 7, to Couiiueoou fct h*lf-p**t 7. BURTON'S fllifU, < I1AMDKR8 STKRRT.>?trrri) ?? rili)* Apfl ft, ?lll L? play*d th* Aomody of UiHItlOl S FAMILY?C'hur'at T. rum, Mr O. V. CUrku;> Murtt.v Jijiun*. Mr. hroiuiuro; Mr Au>h.adat> BJotk Mr. burt'o !.??!> Bo?*ihy Cr*?ail*v, Mr* Uu*h??; mi* ( ktilw Turttl Mm. mum*' ; Euima Tvrron*, Mm* j. Hill: Hrr bv r?fl?lne, Mi.? Chapman. A n?w riaoe. rtlxl A Hf't Nk IN THE UK* Of ?N I NfROTK IrEO IK MA l K- Nlt<4>niu Cn*p, Mr. Hanilltou ; IVily Crlap. Mm < h no?r 1 ii <i.u?liid? ? Ih tlif lul new laro* nf Al-AKMiNU SSCMllllB- B?l> Tick**, Mr Knrt.,o, Stuaa H?*?t((p?, Mi** thapiuaa; llm M'lilJ. lliti J. liill. T11EA1RB. ABTOR PIjAI'R Ol'ERA UOl'SR- KB. Lhatic* M*??. I ?o? Manager -lUtnraa* i?in, A i nl ft ?i)l b? I *rl< rnitfil. I he ?unlioii> triic?4v?r M vOUK (*>l - UudvoIi. Mr. C Barn aid Ma<h*th. Mr \, Mi.'dud *r. C. K Mill' n; 111 ?'i-eh. Mr l.)nu?; 2d Win ., kit CoioTer: ,"d Wit'h. Wr. P Hi**. H.e*t?. Mr. L?aaj>; l,t 8ltr'"( M trb Mjk Lrdar; fd Muvuif ttitah, Wr." C m ov> r; It t Trirnr Voir*. Mr. La4v < ie*<?th. In. Mol.tan, Iccour udeai b KiHTV AND m TV-Mr Llllyarhitc. Mr. Him; Mr* Lilly* bit* Mr*. l> yott. B.ixaa an J p?r<|ii*tu, Ai'uan'a, rmrvcri Matt. 5.1 ciati; arophlthaau*. M com. boar* oi?d a (7, t<< ci.tuiuinev at half- put 7. M*MT1 ?:?ANr? CO*ri>T 01 ITALI&ir ui'iu. ill from Havana, will <>p?a at Nlbln't ug Vtaia; April S. Mutttrir iii? umlaut, Hi< K Ka*italt: Prima l>*a<ia, Si?B<r? K Sler<ri"al, a. Uoaju and P. Todaaeo; Onutralt', *1*1.1ta Vinti; CtuipriQjarie ttianora 8. I'oHuii and A B.illi!ii, Prirr.l T.-nori, Siynori I. halri. I . Luiiiti, aad L fartct I: Mgnori IV Badikii and U. Co)?itij Btni, J. M'rini and 4 trradi fl?ttl Ui.nna. ftiicn(.rina L. B. llini. Sao' i.di ianork, M?t>nri A. Bnratilui and I. M'riliii III: Srftii 01 Uaxai, Mroori E. Cai dl and V. 1 ooatelll A K'aiitl bori.ii ct for*} r. iora. aud a itrand rcl.?? ra of Oftw I ctlOTtn. ru Maratroand Director of lb* ()i*ra, Sijnot if. U<.:i?iri Cn*du*v>r of tba Orebtitra, fligaur L. Acuiti. "r.'rni ;,'r *"tTC7* HanhariaJ. PIERCl'P MINSTKE1.S ?M !t B U. PIESOS. ONS OF iba prltiaipal marobari of t-hrinty'ii M'/anirtla for H.a lam warp >??ra.ra?pacuml> annoonCM to hia ?IJ irianda and tfc? lo??ra i f tirat-rat* harvuny, aud ?a tba aaimaaia"! 1' viiv pub ii' icnri nil) , that ha baa fnrcnad tba boat Bv'il if Mnis'rrla in ilia L'ni-. d Stntaa. eolUot. J from avury ra> acmpany lo the I'nlon, e"iiipriaic( several old favorit.a a d ii ae> ebuu* n' ?*ltie? Ha will op*o tba OlyuipK', Br'-ndwav. nrwly dccuratrd. raft'ted. and a't-red. ua Monday n?*t. April 8th A4y laaio* la ill urail ma honaa, 2Aoca*a. A Bl-w |>KI >U nr. Tim P111 iivu ?r?i? mi J huuvu ana ne? box * ?ti, hiva been aodi d to tlia auuaforia of the bona*. A MEXICAN DRaMaTll riVDAt.-HlATIiiS ?.'? etal Tho Hcketa f.r tl.a Second Aauiveratry Dinntr. April lOtli, 1H8U, ire do* ready, and o*a be had ut the Pr?eid*tit. lnud O. t'oldau. t* La nhtetraat; tha Tr.ateee W. P.C1, Merehaata' Caol. ?mc. M<ar> v? H'abbiiif. Wallatreet. Johu Mi-Heon City Jail; J. Preeaott llall, Hanover (H?i; Thoe. V. ilainbliu, Bowery Th?atr? of tha Diraitura tK? 8. cr. tury, Julia Ur' uahajn 37 Wb. tilrMi ar ?t the A"tor H?ua< N. B ?Aa the aninber of tiekete M acetaearilv limited, an early applloation muat b? maia Mite, r KANOAS ANNE K.RMMLR Mr I I.I. HEAD. JOB tb* la?t iini* lb tbia eity, Saturday morning, Aim I Mb. tiie p ay ol kVvU AJO aHUI'T NOTUINU at ilia 8taivt?akt lie'lirte. at 7)4 o'clock Ttekeu $1, to b? had at tbe Art<>r II i?o, the Irvicg Uouae, at Mr r.-aneia' at d Mr. Crowen'e Book atorei. and of tie ?aaitur el the lottitate. _____________ bAVNE'B PANORAMA <J? a VOYAUB TO BUBOPB<?peu every eyeniug, at the Croat Hail, Minerva Koema, U?> Uraaawat, rtnlraolt-g viewa of Woaton, Liverpool, Loqdo> . and botn atnna ol the Rluaa. Adulation ZA oenta; Children. undrr twelve, IS emta Ooora epun at CM, eummancca mottig at TH f M Aa exhibition on M adaeaaavand Hatnrday atiernooaa. at three ?'el??k L'KANRLIN wlSRUM. 175 CHATHAM rtQl)ARR-f *0 r peifnrmaDcea every day. la the afternoon at S and la the veaing at hall-pa?t7. Extraordinary attraotione for thi* week 1he"Mod?l Artiata" wUI appear in auaie new aad origiaal livioc (luturea, inolnding rowor'e Ureak Clara," ' Adaai ard Eve," ' Kieng troa the 8o?," pcreoaated by aokia'f the heat formed women In tbe world, together with tie ' Female Mluatrcla," " F. mule A-ab Uirla. "female Jnggtere." hnrlee^ue. eotnm and faney danooa, with a variety f original ratertalementa to bafmind at ao other elaco of aaaatntni la^tw Vork I'rl ?a of admlaeioa ? R'agt aeata. I7H<i"*e?. 26c., par.iv tie W,c.; private boiee, ft WALIIALLA, *> CANAL ST K CRT.- MAD. M ARTO.V 8 tronpe of Female Mode' Aitiata will appear evary day Is t?o grand perfortuaaeae, at three a'aloek la the aftaraoan. and eight in the evening. with the original Female Hetoaad?n The caly plaee of aniiMmrnt of the daaertpUoa in >ew York. Orch??tr? Bos, 37S?.: Par^uotte, J6<i. ARl'^kRKNTR IN PIIILAUKIiPHli.^ I BA K I* I I r I'll I I. A 11(1,1- -I I A II> |a?ad, Miaa Mtr> Ttyl'ir, who will appear la Urimi, 6| aaiiaele, Comrdj. and liurlraijua, and aia* man* favnnw iolk?. Mrrj ar?nlp? tha it> moral donara io dr?a?? nil t < THE IK. or Trraptatioaa I'atallad, (written for tt.ia Muattini, t* M. J >naa E.<| .and i ia* m iatanaitr ol lptrrr*t i> T I nmiNKlHD. knulir iftir.niii ('ISl?k.HIl.LA ? fii.i-?da? ilkiiiiii. THfc DRI7NK ARD for Ui at-vnntn-t^ and U*l wan- Uuriagtho wrtk, PRIDE Of TBI ktkKKT. VI TIM. W'lJN UEIIfllL WOMAN. YANKEE *ATC>(MAN. JESl?Y LINO. Hon*.. He Evtry aariatv ol novMty 10 attract ai l lartrocv, F. rirai'n af lim'rnl Jaoka?a, John C. Calhoun. Gorarrafbtaaak liviTtsf Johti*t"ti, Jtanjp l.lnd. Ear Or R t. Ilv lr .tr llyni.-ri .u? Oollo'inlaa with tha lnri*tMa ?l ral'l (ilm *orkia? at. W?d?tadajr. Braaflt nf tha A?lilam Mamu. t'l"'' CaM. AdauafHia M caata. CM1draa 10 ]r*ara I'.'H mu KViiOAL. Wanted- a pi*m> mitrt ri arm. to ts\til iili an nrt?a?? On* a '.n I* aMa to p'?\ ao|i and ao: Miiutr ai>ir. as a lam.r aaid llalU<1 Alntnr. arho aliwn in ] Kialiah ana 'An a*?oapap? hitnaoif althar opon tha W??? ?r tailar Rafataaoca rai|uirad. < All At "I*a?t Mapa'tt a. Wo. Ill Varuai urail. bataaet tlia lionra af 4 and T a'aloak 1*. M. adamaAfiiiiA, va. rn*m.aa avnaas VtTII I'l'kr E NT A HI. IIIIHIHT, aT nuiTHanrruMi mam ni. im ui reai'Si'tpi'Lly inround a;s friend* aad ih? prhlir. that h? l:a* I.Kaaa ownar ? ilia I lata b, Riigtlr'* *aiT ' Mu Katabliahnavnt. at Banr. fertile, 1 two an' a tiijf mile* fr. m tha Northani/tna Railroad ' Hp^t, area noara nda froa Na? Yerk, Bb' at bto from Unatoa. r.n4 ?* from Alt>aa> titrated ia oar ! tM* rlaaaaataat ?al>>t af Ne? England, awrr-ninvad with wood frown hllla aad ahadj walk*. a> d abnndaailjr anppliad with the puruai aaflm> aad '0l4.*i grarlta water tha air I* por? aad haaltli.', aad the alirn ?w mil j aad a*r**?M?. Tlia a?w and ipacloua batidia;* off.r all tt a a?*?a*ai7 atiainnM>a fcr waurnn carport*. *nah aa larro p! uuai latha d uorvaa. aiid airy l?d<(i NaM rbf alwet nftjr patituta aepanla lor aiUiar aa> a fTrriuira eta Thr doafnr bela* U?a earUaat, aow Urine nil la "t I'rtaaaal-a, at Onafoabera. and haela* a? e*ivname of ntnn thaa rt?*B yaaaa of bia ?wi, Ua wrltia-a ? water e?i? being la tha baud*or ovary Earopaaa bfdrofaih. h~|wa t<> r?a|H r.ii to aa/ r*aaoaAblr aia?raii<iaa fr ,m <di* Bwatarrarv ajtiam. aaada on tha part of thaaa aaffrrora who i Baa? a?' ii l? T'xIjii to hiin 1 ha aa aMlahaiana ia aaa | rpn. for farthar pa'tlao ara. aptlrwi tha abowa a^dwt LAEE # PATEN I riKE PROfir PAINTE, TEOB Oi m*. * hieb ia a law a.ot,' ha i lira* to alata r.r atoaa, pro aaoai whatarar ia *-?and fi-itn tba aiti >a>-f tha waattir ai d froa. Bra l.aok aut foi flaad> aa uacnaalplad par*<-aA ara a*aria? art'elr* f"T ?ala. aallta* ?h?? * irap oaf lb' ininlai anlala I* ?it tn h* nk'ainnl nf | ia ritrataa. M. tiia* a 1 lir>?<l iiran, Na? V?rV ? hiataaaia mi ia mar4?d itlaka'a I'at ni F|i? Pronl Paia*. |i H 1' ? I auat.a a 111 raw .? *a M.ty lat to Id Paarl tlraat. N*a York J AM Eh lONNB.II??ON TYPE POI N OEH4, 0OH? Ea ' ' f Ana aad Naaaaa crrau N?w \ rk, km in l.u ?ary arn>>l* arei-aaarr f'.r 'P?il*i? -in* Ea'ab .? aaia S' ?"4M-h oi.ivt%- u '>Lirit r*.l ud i?r trf( Mart M .? ia ffiiut ?r<i( I Kraal. k? t?. * * U A..LaiIiI, | N 1 OibI n. mar af 1 littMw iirvtl. I,' L?.-kr irum E HA*K?r-t NM TVIII LI (1*1, I a?.? 1 w? cam pt'l. H ?'4 % ??? < a-iata, ?ari->a, al)l?a, lot MMt lt?liah >|4 Pr?*a In t ?.na ||.k dr?l (Mia ak4 ?.n-(?i<-4 t?lm|; ?i? al. a , i ua nr, >- 4 k?>l (ilia ro|t< n t? I. ?. < " 1 ' '<? ?n< *? ? lira. ( r aal? It l?t? to J B. MU.HN il, A* K Juha ittml. 1IVIRV f>T?BII '? CR"8SI KTBKKT, RRIiTtRX J 1.1 rrtrr aa-i II sen an I faaSnaaMa l iwI'M' hliax iU I lira takai <? iltai) kjr ih, 4m a>.k'rm II-? ? .'! I 4l.t Wagiaa I > l?t. fta4 ila W Ifl af| Ij ?a al??a, 10 *. U Kll? At ? R1 -I IE' ' K ARB maiUHAlU tOIT OF 1 lataa?, ? ? ? mil ?t >iM* t? n>'uan. at) ?? ?kta radii 4 * * . liat- M hM?< atraa'. -Bpm ? ?t,?i Hrtai4?tH.fif tl??a|ar >a4 laanh h#*t?r ?> lb fa ?l.? ta< quality. >.i.aa cm imik j ba I.a4 lUai-rt. Turn U aLaai'af. LtBCHm-j r. cup. iNfoRrtx ?r J I ill", St 1 Jaha mttfl, k?n h , ilnrn Um 4t?k?!?i a|a'Miirtil ttl fhtilfi?i, tliiit h? hw /?? ra#'iVaa. f*.r Ian rua>i a ./ lumn tun Ir af rr?t#> 9*a4'?b l??t a hit l< k- *?' lot aalt al tary Wat iviaaa. ia jnai hum itmi ii'??Hihu B?DB Bast B? BM>\H? mcatst. " fit>ai 1. >a im -Tn oalf aafa, cwtf f an ? > 4iar ? ra4 lit it ? 'la- arataaaaah wr, Ithnai rakhiw r p "?<?a* T*i? a litlai aa4 .f. a.r-??>l w4 *hair I itra-l a? ??ft i>iit pala fii'O (I ia aal*<* lanlaK1 at H a 'a ? a i" a4 E?a?, Waahli.* i\f w?ua|aa kan.aiw.4 ?y Mt<Ui?a W< tut U<n?n?>t?. eoon* in apatent ehrnt*hiutu |t| ia a r i &? >' a' tat tu.? 'ar naaiaa Ma*, at (I. r /I- ? , -I t f , r I Hi N.a r> < i t< nak plarl ttrta f r t', a. a-a a?4 war*aa<a4 I kit riM>fl*? ? ?ail 4?r,?4 let "al-forala k , ? aa4 ia a?w a,a ata' a>?4 kyA. ?,m>D W IN. Y> >! m ? ? !? >?, f raanJhataWra t tii I, TL.A *1 Hf it'HA a. T 4 A kk H I. r?M i'AAT FA VOW aad 'ki lltrral iatr >M aa?toaa4 <ia Aua '.tfttahta, laa i?s?? ? ! ra?t??traii) ?'.ata that ita ta aul) at bu ai4 ataa* Ma ?? VaMaai a?t? wharf ha aarrlaa a* tk? H?aa*. *h? aa4 i>t???--i?I i'alatlaa aa4 Patar Ran?iaa. aa a all ? I a i*n?t DaoataM'm a< ttatt JtrnHlaa, at imd raraaa* Aaairaa* al haaiag ?atk lata ia aay af tlta akaat kraankaa aai tali ua it* kaiaui atar?t*4la U?a Tarr k*a? aa4 lB<at acri*" * a.aa> ?t. aitii a???ai?h aal?< ?*% vltA al ?th?? aatakliakmoB'a. aa# 'laaai prioaa ???T W HI'.'1* l>? 41 Vaa4aai atraal, ^ flat 4am Ba*t *1 Na4aaa atraat Ql 111 1 MR I IIMIV Da I.,ft. al... aiah tAtlr t?la?a ta pl>k*a. AM ?nt? * rrn I k* m?4 4? . To li i ? >Ha>i tl Ail > ( <f M?. t?'U? !? m*f In ?U nh thf tnr*-4 Mrff <\%J. 71'j |*> il>Mt 4nHir? k? i' |? l. i w?H, >? Mlrl o anirBiitr I ?ir4 ; ii?n> >liilti>Vi ilfnui il 1 ! ? 1 ?'?' If ( ? t? ' 1 ilia (hi ? >? ? ' Till, > t nil I -I'll ir, ??? l? ?r? i o Ut?, ?n-1 |i' if |i M ii 4 If. * ?> r l? in >N ha i . Ii ?h ?? -W H ' .ill HI - ! ' ?i#h ? ?? ?nipli?h-i? kj lt?l'ilt ?ltlKit tafeb rg ?!?. ?> ? ifl??|ii?n fi>r?nl? Hi tl|t?4ll"IWirJ>r. 1/4 nui ??li< ?* f?i.ri'. " llf Ik* tf?lk. ?N tr'.tb tj i imm? ?n il imn >. i |?l ?? ii rv k nf 'I T* f.l.V K r-thC K-ot, XI. M? W ? ? >t H. T. * 1/ I HM1 nr Tilt *1* * * ? ?. MT< mi l\ k all * I1'ft. I n l?u* ht>? ih? fr)li>|f II .f III. t?|l I f r?l??< I 1 k *? I'l i mHr* I ?' i.t??? If)?>l ifc- In. *? t*m <1 ?. ?? I n H'v.* m niriii I'twnnt) km ?tk?# m !#> k-4?i ?t4, V? pT?i*??? ,' fr?m ki Ii I' f ? ? ?* k> f?l? ??. hit# Mli -p. TMf ! I ? imtta I* > Ijr I ?t k?# f-l?? ?? f??i??l M). 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