Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1850 Page 7
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w (KMWMUkuttifiMNuiMfliw Twk v?r. , Tit wtaltk of tkto B?tr?polt* la mitiMU. Aamm< to a tfttoftMBt ahlMtlag Um vaiaatioa of Ml J mm* tmaaal mum la eaoh ward ot tba eUy ao4 aaaaty ftaaordtag to the valaattoa el tba Board of 8a- J porTtowi, for tlM ye?r l*i? >rr or Hew Vokk-VALvatio> or Kcal and P???o?al ' P*ore?Tr. . Valuta/ Value of Pir-,Aiurtgat* KaU t Wm/m. It a I tUtnt*. tonal htltitt. Valuation, o? tltld. i I !?? fa tlfl.V.lO WZHVM IWW ( J 14 Ml.260 I.HH.6U# 16.(39 118 ?0 | 9 iie.7,;:-') 4.t*i.?vj 17.31 w aw n&aw ? ? ?(?M70 9HJ TM 9 UrkVJO llli .tr I i ? U *14 700 1,710 *00 11.23* .<00 11H.S2U ( 7.?rMtfU lilhUOMI 8.M8.MIU 118 *.20 7 1281.115 13 2991*18 118,SM t I Il,w,r v DCJU IJ 0/3 WU I In. IP' | t 10.717.110 1IKI373 1?,S6*?*3 14M 3?? ? W 6 416 600 M.t 4.VJ 7.rei IKVJ 1H tfl f U S4.7!'tu l.v. X?) 5*4 7*) 1I8.3.M I II IWII'II 673. MX) M.H4.441 SIM' " !>.*>.M) ? w?, shu wo mw t M i 4tU !V> 44" .V4 4 K44.4M UH t*> t 14 7M?MH) 1.(7$ 3M ??Wl*S) 118 t ? 17,a?4.40') 10,233.564 27,627 i'34 H8.S10 j , M WIS ? I0W *l? &I.5W | ?. 818.730 - 818,730 100 OiH ! 1 " M.?W) - U**1"' *)?? | ~ 617 7 0 - #1771(1 108 119 I t - H IW - W.!'*) 1 " U37.;w 7.V .614 1113*) : i V U.41?W0 a,261,100 13,7*8 MO 118,310 j a 18 *4) 750 ? 3W730 9' MJ , ?... k)7 4110 ? #17,44)0 100,OHO , - 136 811 ? 14.800 W9.HV) 788 .Nil ? 733,61*) 108 11' ' ? " W.jt-O ? 1**00 109 880 | " 1176''.2 0M800 14.783.7W) 118,3J0 j J tlJj,r7i~Vli *5r,466.124 $!i36.ID7.l43 .. 1 The mount of tax lefled on Um above waa $3,005, ' 782 5:.' ?nd *- ? c m poeed ol the following item*- ? t Voi Stt.ta MUl Tax tlASOWS 57 ' " JUatlilioc ! < <> Stock. No. 2 50,000 00 , ' W?<binfcr-'ii Hc|u?re Iron Hailing Stock 6 0<tf 90 ( " OOrtrufl) to'warn water loan InterMt and wa'vr rent 421,188 54 > " Water ripea aud lajiag the tame.. . . 108.200 00 ' " Comoiou School* 270 250 59 [ ? * fciiev be) ok net eo?t for the y?ar.. . . 503,811 .'>9 1 0 AIID" nnu?? .... OKI Iti 41 * All a?e>>unti? for City Uovernment.. ? 943 I8i 70 * I>?bcl?Ti. y of r?x of IMS 184 Wrt 28 Total amount of Levy of 1849. . .$3 005.792 62 The valu? of real tad personal eiUU in this elty, according to the valuation ot the Board of 8upervUors< tiuetuattH enormously from y?ar to jw, and we oan only attribute It to the very imperfect system of asaessai ut practised. It la true that In years whan a (Treat speculative movement eiiata in all kinda of property, the market value la much Inflattd. and assessments m?de upon t&at basis muat ahow a great increase on previous jears, and on ths other years of j (raat prostration In bnaineax, raal and personal estate become* saueh depreciated in value; bat the dufec'ire system of assessment U the first canse of all fluctuations, and leads to all the concomitant evils. Wa do not taa these fluctuations in other citlaa. for the reason that the aaceaamaut la not regulated by the movements in tfca financial and oommeioiai world. It will be aaan by the annexed comparative eiatement. that thara has be?u, within the past twenty yeara, a vary great In rvaau in the value of taxable pruperty In thla oity. and enomoua fluctuations in tha assessments from year to year: ? Viot i cr Kjcal t\o PKaannai. Estati iw thi Citv ar Nt? Vohk. Year. Rail Eitntt. Htr tonal. Total. ItW $*7.?U,6hU $3.-.0M.!Kli $l'i> ttW.318 1KII 4*' 2t>.<l4 c IKU I* 213 U i.JC.OIS It.l3 lli..J:1 561 6. .nA.oM loti.4:<S :->7 jtt;i msj.i.?o b.t ittuvt?.sit li>U) H3.7?2,42:? 74,.* i tJn 11*7*1701 K-315 X.;74:3U.1 75.75ci.6i7 ?W.6UI,W2l> IKJ? l*N.i'4i.HI9 ti.&J.m *1S.747.Vj iKJO U? 6U 3!M*i*u,M 364.152, 41 1:J!' 1M.M0 134 6H Kli jmo 3<?iM<2.44i i*40 l*7.*2i.;<4 #.V?I3..*U 2.V il?5l* 1*41 64^1972 -M.r'li'i, If 42 1.6 AU..1U ?i.2yi.*i't ?J7.n*.,'.0 164 '?.*>.314 r4.27J.M4 ?U.2a.U7M ! 1M4 17l.tM.Wi *4.023 458 va *fcl.i>47 U45 l7Tli>7i*> 82171.m Zm.WMt . Ib4n. ... U4.K..HH 61,471 471 244.?t2 4<k .!<47 WJW W>37 Mitt 247,152 jh IMS IBlBi'W; 61 11.4 451 Kl,l?i.5!? IM'J la7 74i.Hl? u8,4^5,224 SM.IV7.M) ii will he feu by tbl? table, that in 1130,1837,183S 1 m4 lUb the t?iat valuation largely uttidid that of tij prerloaa j ear. er of any year iiaoe PrlOM for all 1 hlad* of property, perttenlariy for real eetate, In lMrt, | had become enormuuely inflated. and the a>.Muutnt, , beiLg a pun that batie. thows a great tacraaM on that of the preTloue year. la 1M7 everything in th? financial and coainiersuU woild >m>ke iitu and prise* depre laud vary tapiiiy, at any one who patted through th?M> time* kn '?? rery well, notwithstanding wlileh the abrogate niwami of real eetate front 1837 t > 1 1M0. vat> <! only abo ,t two Million* of dollar*, and the a*-r>" nieut wf |?i<iaal property adraooed in the eaute t.ue neatly thiea million* of dollar*. Krotn 'MH t > 184 i. the aunwal aggregate valuation* of hoth real ant 'a?l a?..anrtw >K.i ar a ml aaH * iMfafta* Ami atn^a ?*? ! 1IB< tbara h?< b??n Ml tnoraaaa la tba aggregate valuation Bar, uallj. Tlia iacrvaM la tba a*g rtgata anon at of Uin lrriad aa laaabi* profw-rty. in tbl* city ta oaleulaUd to alarm pr?p*rly hoiurr* and, no doabl, baa a grvat laflu?a?a g ibi bidiIi u(M)iiliiUu, a*l prwaita lirtitiatnt* It imI nUU. m IMS tba amount af tax la lad au af pr. fttij ?ai $4.71A.MO-blfba*t rat- ; ?f laiattaa, 91 07 M o* $1U>. la l#4u, ttta am' jot >( I tu i?iM?t I'itUti.lW of prop-rty m |3.IM,TU i fci*t?rt r?W of taia ton. ll.lH-stt) on ?100. At tbl* ra.auf iBort-aaa. bafura tfca La par of baa; jnm tba rata ol taiaUon will b? doablrd, bid <>ecup^i>;? o' knvM tbair r> nt? uitai tally laeraaaad. It ti not ?a?f( of nil rataia la tbia ally ?uo pay tba oaora. .>u? taiM but all ab<? pa; boa*? iant. ao J It U m>?i a*koaubibK ?ita wtat mdlilataaea tb?y look on ?nd #.?. tba itiM pliau ?k. y ar alt* r 7-ax. Tbts u oaa ol \m? prtaaipal eai<?-? ?by *touaa r<nU ara eoaparallial) *0 c uah i lfhst '9 tbl? city tbaa ia aa; other. 1 >or tba paraoaa of >bcatng tba aamaa at tba aaaual 'ai rrata ?>f taaa'ion, ? annai a tai*a?nt glv tt>K "? ii?bi ot ip-miiturai of tba alty gorarnm-nt la ib? y?t* IMS, l?*7 bad 1H4S> ? N?* Voaa. I tilt at Arruunti. 1MJ. 1(147. 184.1. 11*. I .u %*.. - JR* ?*??M ??.??>.? Ai.ati Mrpatn 4.412 U M 1*1 Ural*. 2 >48 I..VO t?rh? l.rfC 9,Ut l.7?4 U' invt?>H> fill 'K . a -Tin IM 4.?'1 ( ') 1 vbt ii'QtiH ... 4U.JUH 7l>.W4i N.ltl | (miuiil *?!"? < *f c*k.?M C-aaaaTT... i?wi H m; . Ut.7i4 1wW l*..?? IwktiH 4S.?Jfl W.Mil 101 tit I'oaattoi: <??> Ulr.'l j.1,01 a* ?.4I4 ?.<*l 11 tit ??. IMIa ,**aataa ittJ I.Ul I.-44 > ,r. .*|.aru. ** ' *? ti,- 4?. lit n?i lUoMa Maud* ? 7" iJa kti'dt ItUUM 17.143 I.Mi >(7 1 . rt. -,.1 1 ao .'? ? .sii 1 a IJ. icjms Sia - ? I.H "? I'J# IV (*!..?? r?*? aid *7 Tu t/.t? 1 ...? it?.i>7 ? . ;>! MttMt mt ? ? I iai?i ?aJ riaU' ??i... .44 M* 4t./7* R ; al >a?i > ?(> l?? )IM) Mjm 7i,.h""? 1 tut* l.aai ?." ii .,< ? < ?> >.? in * 17 n im . 1 M ? I I"' t 4 A' Iv nikN *MP77 ! ?,. r l.awi a?p? Tiag ?a? cl aa < 4 /VI |i>nsft Hurl V.WA fti4V> y> 1UX7W I?Ui.?ri Ual t?U(? ? a Ml II.IM I L?d rtiiiMai Hi At- I I ?i>b?im .. ? I.Ill ? j I a' ? ??/ U?i?. ?r? ? - ? I | (lV iliwIKilike .. . IM.W4 Jt(V< J i nwi > iiimi Ma,* 11, a ? A1W i r ..... .. ?<<?' ?< ? v>M Arrf%r*?4 T?l? *JW Ml I JJ fi l)?. A*. *? ? ?- ? !.* < ~ Ttt p kt ? ? > Sal*? fttuf Tun, "" * .. ii? i?.?? ? > *' r?.nr? (MMI l"?? If* J-JJ HJ{ ?; ln'inUM AMIMBMM... "? JMJ MJJ JJ U lain l?w J. J 7 * I. ,'.! L! ft.ii .a I >i *bi .. 17. v-.1l 111. '?# 57 < I 1 1 r.Tu. .. ... Itt ,;i m ** (am h4 ' J" ,i J l|<D ( ? ?r B.I .? M> 1 ?lr<4 - * IMT.'.M I I I ...? ""?? ' ? iii rii) b i' ?i. i.i . "0 i'i "K r *M ?ii. i?? > i. i '>"u * .? \ 3M - I ' ? v* mf I ? m't?- '11.119 iJ.wM IW V7 J W hlr |?n? lt>? J * < I ? '? - ? ' v' in V*<?r ? rtki ta 1 fir. - ?'.?*?? f Tiitl I*<ui? iTi-ir.Mj sMC.* t?.-*.*;* i.lfr. ?? frrti |<M? to 1M7 )l <K?VM6. ?u< frna 1147 * la iMt ?J?.K":I7. Tc-tol .unT?*?? iroin 1M.'> tr 1M9 J ?.1 PI uil. A p^rtlnn of tea p?ojil? cf lb4# ?llf ?f. ? > ? ! ?nr in .. mnuti inarraai n man > t" I r ?1l? <( II li Imp - . ? "BUjl'" * ,fc# * <* ?/ A,r. I?^r-Ih?i tbr?? nlill nr of It , . ,.,r. )> ? M? ??rj It'tl* liH? frtr?n.:fcu,#6|, ail u<i r ?t. > ?? l? dor,? K. ?rr-?t t?? outgo ?,|, 4 ???r? b?a?a. to fell ?h*r? Ih# ?, rr??i?n? wtll ???? from. Th? |?<v if > > ntk '!*? th? rrm'4j la tbalr ott band* . >?? ?*?a M'y ("loud rut th<* evil aal it u, ta?tr* #bc?*? V b?*r th* hurdaa It ?tll b? ? Itnit if i utf. I I. l;aMmlMlOh?i'i(:?aft. H w ??? lift ? ?. r. ft. Alan. ' rin r<?r?rm? tna l?r?Mj \ 1 I' . ? " * I rl %; I T ri ? <?,? ?> ? *4 ftjr ftai?h ft?i? Vrl?t4 . .a *4 in t . n , i Ai ftin ft (.1 tli? ?IV<r rftrfeafttaM, hft J > ? < <? | HI i>| Iir llli'l I, *< |?,M :t I r?l$" ( lOMP C It M??M >! l*r!ir>M Iha ill. j ? ?i" |n.n n .! > *. I ' n , ft rri tbtt' liaa<?| ?airi* ?a~ nit , , , , h . J >1, * >.?! 1 -> ' ..aim fell l ? fwl M - "Jfi.T *n?ti fci i I f r ?h ?-?.? ? m "?? |>* ? r?i? "** ' , . Twa f ilni'wwlf ?<* .n-l- rpf ai.J lill> lit Id llul 11 l*N tlr*. View a ml Ooi, rrt?tM mm CM PmIIi HalitMi.) P* Til r?ILA?nniH Oo?Va?TIOW? OnTLtMB*: It >MM k??? *'* 1"*' >' * ?? Ktto n mmM i?or MM to<rttoS??i m4I to '?' Ml the 1IMIWIIM fiaWaappi ud Paoljo IUilro%4 (Jonvenioa OB Monday bat U? H??UI of ?***? ? e to n; room. and litft u>e no otk?* modo < *b*wlw my ium ot nir tiMillH- w< ih? lalntit 1 take b the Iiut object which aaaemb'ee tbi? uiratM. than to onuiboto. n Itr u I can, to thomaaeof Ua ialoruiation rhleh will bo laid bofora it. U doing tliia, I regret that the tato of mj koalth do?-a a?t permit (Ton tbo labor neceaaary o (ivo the d'etaaeee xad barciaeincaJ elevation! aloag tbo onto which 1 ehaJl ?ff?r for year uonaideraiio*, but I have aueed a aaoleton map, rudely tkotohed, to be prepared to tocompany thia comniuuu atioi . and whioh is exhibiting the ir< B>iieat reaturoa of the oenntry aad (oaoral direction of he Mb*, will bo found aoSioiea ly full and accurate to lllu*jnit what I ha to t? say. Many link* of expiration throogh tba wildaraoii oonatry, tib nur inhabited I rot nor to the faelflc Uooan. havoeoulueively eat la fled u e that the region o> belt of eeuatry lyf n* etuten the 3bth aad 3Utb { irallcle of latitude offer eingnlar acllitita and extraordinary guu>paratiT? advantage* for the instruction of the pr> ptatd toad. 1 propoae, therefore to occupy your attention tola]* with hit line, for the clearer undemanding of whioh it will aid o keep uadcr the eye the atceataoyiag nap, upon whioh ba uncroken red lloea are intended to ahow that tho r^t?.ne ihioh the) travije* Iiavo b??u already explored, while tho iroktn red liuee inoicale what i* known only from reliable nlormation. the country to bo traroroed by the propoaod road txhibite mt two great featurea 'ho prairiea, reaching to about the 06th degree* ol loaguude. aad the umuataina with whioh it a briatlmg Iruia tba' point to the ?h< ret of tne l'aciflc oieae. kine year* of travel amotg theae mauntaiaa, during which I iaaoccui>'ea principally In icarcliiag fur convenient pan*** id good untie of communication, grade ally led mo to comir'her.d their at'ucture, ana to undereiaaa that aui'ug thia ixtoi ded m:u>aef uouutaine there i* nowaere to be foend a rtat ooiitii'uoua ruug< having an uabrt'ken t'raat, when >raaeions ot the summit lias. Throughout this ireat extent of ooou'ry? retching in ach ?h> about aev?Bie*a de*t?ee all tbeee apparantlyVouiluuui ranges are c* inpos* d of lengthened btooka o' mounaua, to an- detached?of greater or laaa length, aoording to the am tude of tba chain whmh thay eompoac ? ach oue potseeung ita ?e,.aate noted ana promiuen' peaka, .ud lying parallel to eacu other, bat not uaually ?? to tu? antral oireetion of the lakge, but in many oaaee ly nig diaoLally serosa it. ipiinging suddenly up from tin tvel if the eouuiry; ecn.?iitnee rising into bare aa^ rocky utamita of grin'- h-ight. they leave npeuiufis through the net bat little above this general level, and by which they an b passed without climbing a in.>uutain. Generally tin ?c ptutuga are veodad valleys, wlie,-a the mountain (>ri. 'il torn either aide collect together. IVruiui ?f("U tie mam ranches cf some mighty atreaip. Aggregated together in tUf ray, tlioy go <>n to forn the great ohaiua of tba ftaeky Mounaina ana Bieira Nevada, a* well aa toe atualler aud seeonday rar.#?h which occupy the intervening apace. With the Ta.loal discovery of tliia ayatcni, 1 l-acame faiiahed, not. only >f the emir* practicability. but of the easy conattueti >n of a ailroad sen la thia rugged region. as thla peculiarity im ho country lorois the baala of niy inft rmalion. 1 desire to tale it clearly at the cutait. in order that X miitht be more eadily underetot d in procei-dlug to ahow that tbia continent an be erosaed, from the ttiaaiasippi to the facibo. without liuibmg a mountain, and ?n tue ? (> hue which every naloual consideration would reuuirj to oonaeot the great rtllty ot the weat with the Paeitic ocean. In describing the belt of country through which the r.>a4 hould pass, it will be fiord convenient to divide the entire 'ne lato three parte?the Kasterc. roaohing trom the mouth f the kanaan to the head of the Del Mortc; the Middle from he head cf ti e Del Norte te tUe rim of the (treat Basin; and he Weetun, from the rim el the ureat Hum to the oeeaa. Ji i;'i nil a ten tre thirty-? iuth |.*ral.el of latitude, at the ueuth of the Katiaua, the road would extend along the valley f that river luat three or four hundred ailt-e. traveling a euutiful and wooded country ot gnat fertility of aoil, wull idapted to aettl.meat aud cultivation. Fron the upp-ir wa era of tht Kansas, . . easily over into thj valley of the irkanias, the r->ad strikes tbat river about a hundred uili a below tke loct of the ai< natains, continuing un It only o tue mouth o( the tiuerfaao river, from this point, toe ir irie plana swtep due tly up to the moartains, which lam mtuate tfcem aa bighiaaus to the ocean. Tne Huerfano a one i f the upper oraoehtse of the Arkansas; aad followng tl.e lint ot thia stream. tha road would here enter a ceuory maiaitlceutly beautiful?timbered, haviag many bays or 'sll*}?of fertility; htvmg a mild and bnautifnl ollnate , having tiir' ogbout the valley country short wiuters, hii h stenu their ferce in the elevai'd regions of the uiuuna<ra. The ras^e of v ountaius in which tnie atream Hnda its lead ti'tinga. ia (li'tinguiahed by haviag its earning aim'at u UD117 to. icu id cii uua i' 1 r*in or ?o?. irjtn winoh I ul.t?ic> i'? liUi* of Sli rra # 1, a, or M nt. Mount tin. Tan is reuieraelilo woni lk? "Mucky Mi uatam rnn**? for ir nm.dnurti its witter Mentry, wliich hat b<-fo harertermd by travt'lera ?to have keen boili. ue uofur>a.k. J it her ir. too i. n 1 or the ll.mal?j?e. Their naked o | nit* bi? (luui'i.-. >u>o duuw M | eaki, whioh Mm am the midat ot black riu<y lori-i'a, wnunco laaue many II ail Illeaiiii to the valley h.l?w. Following by an open rarcv way, the valley of tli? Uocrfaao, the road reach, a he iromrdiata foot of the monniaiu at ilie entrance of a rtnaikut 1* pata, aimcat everywhere anrroucdea by bold, rocky ooun am kiaa<ea. from one foot of tba mouattiia to the tier, ti.c j>aa? i- about iva mi lea Ions; a level valley from wo to four liU 4r?u y art'.* wide, .In uiuiiaiaia tbia* abruptly r either tide. With eearoelj a diaungkiahable rue from the iver flame, the read km paoea dir> , ,v f ; uah or between he motmtaiLa, emevgiti,; id the open valley of the I'el Norte, tre aome f Tty or ll.ty milea broad or mate properly a ooniiuatioD i.orthaard of the valley ia ?hiai tna Del Norte uoa. CroaaiDf tbia flat eouutry, or opinio* between the I, 1 1 tana, ana oi.eeunieriug Bo water eouraa ia 114 way, the ad VMM tMah Ik* entiaaca M a 1*** in tbeCol irai > j* uDtaina, arly hu??n t? the New Meiiean* and aciaa tradrri, v ho att aocuaiomed to travarae it at atl ruK .naat the tear,and who reprnaent It aa oaaduottB* to he water* "f the C'< lorado river through a baodaorae rollm* ra/b- covered country, and afl?rdiux practicable wagon out* a. tbia aertioa af the ronte. ai far u the entraaot to thia paaa. o> 1 tie* t? tlvc di,-rrn of longitude, lam able to apeak el rem actual exploration, and to a. y that the llna daarrtbed ia ot <ml> prae'ieeMa, but alfoida many and aiagttlar (aei'itioe nr tt.r nMIMwiot a railway, and oltera tcaay a-.ivanta a the fertile ?nd wooded ruautry through woich it Ilea, id he greater part ot ita eeura*. In the whole dla'aaee. there ia n>? an elevation w if hy of he name to bv auruitnmied, a. d a level of about H.ikiu teal It a<ncd, almoat without p?rc< pti'ilt nacent. Lpthe ftanea* a<l Uueri: no rivet val'eya. the e uatry ie wcoded and wafted The valley al tbo Del Norte la open, but w? .J la but. dent Id the ueijrhbomu tuouuiaii a, aad land tit for oultiatua ia t. unu almna-. eo.tipuourl) aioaa the water eourtei. r' tn tba meats at the to the l ead ?l the valley w. tbo VI Norte. A )ourur) nndertaketi ia the winter of l"lM 411. and mlarviptrd lere by entering uore ia Hit inathward the rurged Loadtala . t b' John'a ( ae of tna iivpra ilo?bl? on u.e ailaei.t) *aa lntai>d?d ttaakeac rreet eaaatlaAUva hi* ptae and the c *tiatr> bayoad, 10 tin' rim of tb? 4ve*t Mait. the lalivn ot thi* :B|.i Jib ea l*a?M ?alf fortb?a ai44U Krtioa of our l>ve au?h know l? l?? aa we hate beeu able taobam fri-tn trvppi ra and Inilia i Th>; iatormanea tSuv btan f 4 had led n.e to attempt ita eiploratioa, aa all aawvata coaearred :a reprvtatitlaa It rract eal.le tor a rual. t.d tt lafi raiatl u tbue obtataad wu eoaai lored to be tutUiratli r 'liable. Jecordirit In thia laforvratioa, the * me at met. ire of th eaatri to wbirb I have called your att< iituaat rmioa ayat m ami ng - he mouataina, balda jt od. and I accordingly iiiail no a Iflcalt) ia btlirvlrf that t..? road would readily void anr obetaelee whleh miaht be rre*vated ia the a'iap? of imntaia ranfea, and eaaily taaeb vu? llaein. la fi"* uaeiBf npoa the prartletbtliiy af a road through biefvct|i>a, I pmcaad ni>on ra^ ^-a?ral ?n iwledje of the tioe Itbacoantry opoy iatvrmaii< 1. rcetived from baatera and eeidvi te >a nt? ai.d ?i?i iv oitabliahed f. i that L l ,i ,.< i a?ly b< 1 travel.ed, but at all aeaaoae ef the year. ad '? cat of til* itBTellinj roata* It iVm Mens* to Caiio?ni*. Tbe t! 1?J I**' I'T or tL? *"*p l( from tli* W ah-aitcS momtil 10 tl * 9i?rra f?< *da, aid ibrtct bo tin Bo; of S?b rt?i. i>eo. TMifva* iti<riMti.tkiMt ilft*?at lirr*. ?nlcb you will hod It4:e>>?4 on th? m.p Ko>*ai*a je..rt <j< T at* tiara a>> unrt ->t ! ? knowUdf of tho otintr> *1< u$ tbta* linn. ??l I c>a?4<r all of thou | it't alibonat :ka <i??ot';'B of vttf*toaoo r?m*ma to bo att:od. Tha Vf.i hara l:aa la tLat of ha HuwloUl rlaar, whiah, Jthoofk d- Rrrttvc ftoa* iba tiituOt court* to tka H? r ? bald* la it' tj | r?i.. h 10 tb* auanuino ataaral p.-acu. >tto >. ac, lb* K-?.?t of which In only ?,.'<*! I*?* ?l ..*.1 tho ota. 7 b? 5*iiih.?rn 1 ??, ahluh la arutatra ?lir Ha*ia hu not tho an * f(o*4< u. ir?tB oOa'rwctloB eBjo?*d by tli* opoa rlror linu IHrNifih it at III autl?*ly |.r?*ll<-*klt, aal tho tv*ila?* of or llilM (ho 8t> fro Nattda at a rt aarkably low tltroo B,ct.l>'4 Walkar'a l'ai?, aor* t iaim Bl) k?"?o a* >* l*i lit of ih" Mount*.nt. act k* l? In faot a twmtakiloB I n* of tii? mo?nt?lB* which ft item that okain. Thi. rata it ? ?r tho Jiti. < ,!? of la'ltnd*, and soar tho aautf'ba b<-autUiil and Krtila tall*y of tho Han Joaquin. blob til* road litic* would folio* d ?b w lia juu itioa with be A a- raaaati. or to p-iat oa tU? Uay. fbt* roato doMtt to tbo Sostb aboil a* urn b a* tho >t>.*r d to t'i# ortn, ki.t mcbmi a *oo i way aad flada bo abaia?l* fr to lb* lotia tnraiaj that looaatam wkoro it baa aauk dowa ooarly a tb* IrtaTaf dMMMifjr. ab> t< t < r?>*Bt pr*ra*o.*ta ?t bo ialtf?ra>a Lrtialatu:*. r*? 'aiioaa ?*r* latiaiu*aJ ia nor ?f briBt<t? la ih* t* I wat at tbia [>? ?. Tim tl rd I a* a bit'- it tk ?r d lit aa I diratit list, ml t' at ? wMrk I aatt adtllM ?M-wcr, lilrn kaowa to ? lhaa itrt of iho ml,at a. bat I baitarr tally In lta pra*ta**hilitj, ad Bijr a?? a* tit rracipaJ a bat a' I* 10 b* ?*?* m*. tb* at M>rra l aolf. aklah it would nrlka rntr It* fratr*. bat rV.aiaal* I* act roaiidrrvd laaarmouBiaBl*, B' t, la ih* tmmf i ataw . i tail* at arltaaa. mlriati to taia aa from tbo toot reutr llWH kaawa aa ladintrd bf tb? Ua* up a 1 ? ma|- ?*>l k I .l-*r woBldrtadar |'tarti**bl? Utkar paaoa* I* ait* katwB. ti tb* i orth aad aoath, aad If tuBaaiilac ba' b? *HtH .If, Wo atruetnra of Ikr 'Balaia* la tusk aa to . w ?-' a t? b* aaad aiih th* af?t*tt *<l>a-t*?*. War.* thtfa tra i rttwattd wb-r* 'ffaallt ' r<?* ?p*r< a*b raeh bat >aa a tail of << ? two tr ikrv* tboaaand fo*t ?ff*B t>art>'<a t- t.'a at h ab aiay not b? m?T* thaa i |'iarur ot M Balk arartat I a baa*. II will ala* ka mcatMad that a Utaat U at*. ?aal ?f tl.-! Slrrra N??ada > . n'Bi" b ? a??r '?ar titoaaaad f--1, a? tbat tb* miuntaia ?t d l" aart ar.b*4 oa tb* aaat at tnat al?'atki. and on tb* ?*t tbo * it aido tbaagk d'J rh liBf ta aaar it* latal tf l*o a alar. 1 ka Utoaoiat toat*tk* a?ib?df all Ik* r*a*ral la' rtnatif n ata at w akl* ta tlta ipa thi* lla* Iba (tat a*' Ucn of it, rt'Bt li> Mtaaoari ftoaiift to ikn b*ad uf tb* Pal Norta, I* aad <tta4* aofntthvr r "ia lutwa. It ta r?ady for - > tttata Ota taad ay a p-ariiO*i aaftmmt. Tk* at*aad nd third *??ti*** ra a rt fsrtbi i aafl ttaUaaa, to dataraiiaa. < t r * r-*<' > al iht?. kat ar?* ta* inlarvn-a du* to *a tat i>? bata. A titty af *ii> aaa ?l!l.'ally ri'ra?t*4, witk tN* aa>i*taae* r1 an <1 road fn?ia*tr , Wf all b* a-.tdalaat lay aatt tk* aholr r^atfa, aad *lt*t a?4 'fan % o?aioa i ^4. la th* r-ftaa ot t' a a- at at r at ard aotaa't. an a* ta b* ? ?*m? r r ?n itirw*. tna ?> rapilly 'rat am a m "T a.aa' n la tha I'r.itad Plataa. 1h* k??eiM which I ha?t ? maatloaa* r?, th* wiaur af n?*i, aa<* tha taaporary fraa lha h??itr ?< In* ?na. Tha .al<*r Mn ha *urmi>vata4 by ailitarf ion ?*, > .4iu? out Oi.tit.r/ uatfuli to aloar tn l Null th? ? T*? ?a??? at* f- rul/aHa thaa ?naU h? *op?uaa4 a th? r*l !>? ?! > ?f tha aoatral par' of lha r-mta. lba? ai? Jtj, w4 natil; ium< thraagh; a la ha tail ? If iiain U,?a r rl f 4nria? a ??r y rial ??:??. Tr>? aiataraf mj laai atpalitioa vat on# of apraaalaMarfly aatf rail) tain, ??t la tha t allay af l a K ataa? ail ? rkai taa. It ?aa sMa; la lha vallar af Uaarkaa aaaa aa* la 'ha tatlay af lha Dal M-rit, at tha aal a ??? a l?w lathaalaap. lira la tlito Httn trtar . a th* Mli of a*h?r at lha rrrataat al?*ailra croaaa.l ) Mum-a ? *!'a of I'.a !!* -ha t,? ?a lha aarraw pan tana lk? Itltmaa aatl hil Mar'a thaaaow * aa only hra? t?at ** p. tha iharmo**tar at t?ra aa?r miliar. Tha aaihar a thaaa I ih aoaataiaa aai laap valla ra fa af a aha.? #? adapai taa\.ahl? aallilai-titraa ?1? raM aa liiaaoaaaiaa, abll* t*a??tatt la <h? *allaj?. I haaa aaan It afrm i r ft'iHi'ht aa tha aaaatalai. la a way t > ha d? I 'jrti* a t *> all aaimai lifa aapo*a4 %* it whila la lha ? allay h' ra ?aal* H pwmail avnaf 'aa. aal II a aalmala faalta* oa ' irlltaua iraaa. B?f?a<l lh? fcnaky nataina tha aaU la i<a u4 11 aaaai htiw a lata aal aura iraaMal ahaiaala. 1 ha a ara ay ?! ?a of a rnl? f?f lha f>al nt r?a<ta (a ?a?in mi it tr>* ?aa'a4| fraa M.a Hiaa.Mtppl in taa ra?til?. t falM" m a.y i ?a. all lha aaalitlvut af a loaia far tall*r>a ihofaaaMafa ~r rill'.? 1. ia dit.U. Tl.a toarna la alaoat a tiralfht line, ri? f?d U ial ?i T<ai? la hatvaaa .V ?. Saa ?'raa i?-?la ik- ri ?? tk? rcf.t?l? tk*a* i>M?ll*i?, utnrarlj >?<a?*r Htm Ik* at*!* ??? ... . .. #<> 4- It ' ? HllKifi l? I* th* tarrl t'li ??rt rf ?k* *i?*i?alppl. ? ?* ? ** l? lit A tit ?l le ctan a'?H k? ftatral ? th* RwimmH of tkat '.i*T 1- i ?to f nlnl ' lan**M n? popnlatlna. *a4 .? itfi tl? t f .t?? la tk? i ?ll*y *f th? ! ?? ?*i(l i a <h iliitmuil ttaidtltl l?'" ' ita t?Ml of k* r w lk? Tkitd- |i rant a?t th* makia* ltd prra?r?Bf tht r'?d-?cta, *r?t?r tad till far l?hiUt?lna Bad *alii?ali?a. f'?r h-lt tiihill.) raal*: a? ? ? < ?t ? ? Madura l K tk? tal'ludlaBrita mitfel tr???l I* la a*a ?aa ?*l>ieW, ? m??, ? ??*a o'm f?r Ui< a??r? r*at*raM"B it kaalth i? n'lrnn at biiita. It ? ? iiif all tka r?B4ltt?a* of* *?Ha??l roaW, ' I > *? try Mkar II l? la Ik' S. rf ir< a> ?*ta* am frar ??*t??* fartk*r taatli. tatf* fraa i ? r?a pU-a? aril ft . tr. ni'hr r ?ir? af *r*at rl?*r?. t, UK,., la p.rali?l ?itk th* ?!? ?, tf?r* k.i*r kat "a* (U>* IP' 1 'M*?*t d.frrtl* (rmiai ll? Ha*. Tknr ?f? II ? k??d *t AiIuhi la tlx tbT?r P*rk(. *ad a-rvi nf > *?, la> a*a* "i??i fa thia ky tl. Ila d*l Wort* Th*r? >* a tt'B'r aarth at It I* t?ai|>*f*kl* *a It ; I hallaar tk??* t? r???ti?akl* r?t?t? Math ? it wlthta tlta l'ait*<l va-**. It* *mtHt ak'rli tun,.* ai? ?>atk froai th*'?td *f ?h* D?l . ttr ar * *>at * ?a*a tk? oil.? ? tkal rl?*r, u4 vt th* n ?tU" r i,rnt ad I n'rGila. raablcd a* |* taiuft ?ftlf <? t??t>la> 1 * rat a aiidol* roeta- ?*tr ?%* k*vtt? th* OU*|Ht? ? ? U* a a*, a r*ad tte*a(k U>? Iunh ptvviMM of geaura. Ud am ?<ut<4 U>l bo rout* (w int4 mb !> bad eaihat line, ui>r? ?<>ia? VuiM, um aoiatac the great Cilortlt uf Ui ? , i?ir k? ino-ith to the deeert to tnur 11 !u Diego, whore iun ? bo kueiatto, ill iuU be aU Haudr>4 mile* by laarf. and inree or or foBr buadrtd b? w???r from the kt? of San Fnuieuoo, which now W 1*4 lorever But bo. the great eeetre of oomiiieroe, wealth and power on tha Amorte** aeaataf the Paul be oci an. In conelaiioa, I baee to ?ay. that! believe in tbo prac icibility of thi* work. Bud that a*try aaueBBl consideration rnjuire* it to be doae and to bs MltUutM, uiluiattioaal work, by the I mud 8taie>. Your obliged follow- eitiiea, J. C, V&EMONT. N(W Vtlllvn vl Ibc of tlk? Bapllitl. The Amiricinaad foreign Bible Bneiety, whieh ( under the control of the Baptitt dtaen inatun. having anuooiijed their determiratiea to puUitb a revittd edition of the New Tr?t*a<at, with the term ' immeree" iiihetitutcd for "taptire" wherever it okui, that eeet have become divided in opinion ai to the propriety < f the measure? the majority, accotdiiig to appearances, bun* opposed to it. The inject baa criated a treat deal of comment in Baptist circln, aid id warmly eanvaned prt and con by miniftus, at well an tlieir congregation* The opponent* of the Ditiori assombled last everiug in lag a rerly to a pan phut r*otatJy issued is favor of the new cd it ion of the Pcripmna. which was drawn op by a eouuiltue apt oiaud at a preliminary mtitieg. Rev. Dr., of Brooklya, waa appointed chairman. He explained the objeota of the meeting, and ta d that it wu apparent that the apeccbta 11 the evening must be oonhnod to ape.itic matter. At chairman, it would be hie duty to au cor En* the ducuseton*. Home of the brethren have .Itemed it tbtir ci nacieution* duty to iaaue a tevited tditiou of the ?aeied aeriptnrr*. Their motivea. he wag sure, we.-c gooa; but there are ou the other hand, those who, uu kr tjually strong convictions, are compelled to dissent from tbem oa iit pmpr.ety or expe'leuty of tiie propcsed uiaaeure. Both atlke ; bat e au ey? i* the good of the society to which th?y are ai>1 taclitd. Ihoae who are In favor of the re*is?.i edition of ihe t*rw Testament, have proceeded to action. and are now la ulig tuch revised cditiiu. 1 he dieaeuterf. therefore, are oompel'td to resort to counter a< lion m the premise*. those op. potiu to it are yet to t? convinced tht piira**uio|ty ot tne Bible Hi-uld be altered. It has been the glory ot the Uaptiata that they could tluiiB the *oriptur*.< lor all they prac. tutd. aid we aie yet to be convince! that we ahould vaoatt thia nigh ground, ana. m this the nineteenth ceutnry, assume anew i ne. Kven ..umiit>ug that the propr??i a change waj ?#<t*atry, He the men whs nave undertaken the Citnpetikt to tht task? If the society ever) * * ere 1 ?il the concentrated iniellrct and learningof the brought to bear on it* i-u.ject, there might be a revised edition of th* Naw Testament providt d whioh would give nni>rraal aatiataoti.-.n. It la uuder these oircuina1 aocca, therefuie. that the meeting was called, aud although there are difUru.ces en ihe subject. he did not tuppoie that there would le nny ooiliuon between baptists on the occasion. Bev. Br. Cutting was thin appointed aecrctary of the mtetii.g. & lotahcr railed for the ribbing of the panpblct of tht party in lavor of the revised edition, llm Pitaaii.i mt laid he mietlug was call*') for a spicitio object, uud that tha buaineas tefore ti e meeting waa too im?tt taut, and the rending ol the pamphlet would oeeury an l."cr and a half or more; it* reading would be inalmisstllo. 1 hen, said tba gentleman. this ia the ftrit Lieet ag ol the llapnsts ia thirty-five years, wl.tre free diseutsiou wot not allowed I with to effer a resolution I'uismi * r ? 11 ia not in order. The Re*. Mr. Turuey will please read the rcrort of the committee. The Cnairaaan of the aoain it"e then read the report of the eon'iuittee appointed at a pr limit ar> m-etlng in opposition to tht pri p. -td rtviai'a of the Tee'amcnt. It emoodied a I np bi'r of objectieus, which were argued at length. The Aral objection was, that it is foreign to the fundamental orgaal nation of the tectcty to make suofi revision. Secondly, that It might incur a violation of the diatingushing principle ol the Baptiat organization. Thirdly, that the eommitue do not C' naidor it deniaudtO by any pnne'ple of duty; while, on the othtr hand, it would be productive of injury. On this point the report argued at great Urgth that there roulo be uo a.ubt ol tl.e nanihcation of the wurd "bap'ue. ' It quoted C?wp?r and Doddridge, aod othera, to mow that it wae ayn?nlmoui with tu ' plunge." aud, therefore it ii not ne^, uary to alter the term There ia nmre Indeflmtiueaa iu the wortli ' c-iapel." "Chriat." "jvangeliat," and a variety of other religioua ttrma. Fourthly That auch a veralon would rvaultin peimaneat and l&ating ii jurv to the cau>? of urulh. 1 hedonr boibgoprned.c mcuonain othercaaeawould beluade, and ao. n th? re woald be none of the religion! terms that ar* now used, aueh a* "high priest," " eburoh," "heaven," "hell," and a vane'y 01 otnere. rntniy. rnat in the d iITerence of p'ni'in wl.ioh would rvanlt amou* tie friende of the uisaaur", It i? to l i.blub a reyieed *4111. a tMt wula |ivr mm- ai ia rial i lot, It ii > departure fr??m 1 te ?*>ginel orgaLiiat'"n of the Aniertca* and Foreign Hihle Society, aud would creato 0 irten ten in tbe liapuet rat. te. The Committee, in coaeiution. offered ft terici of reaolntiuna, atrbbjilj c| vo?ing the pr- p aed meature, oft the (round* tiaLiaoea in the report ot the oimmittce. Rtv. Mr. Uolkkook moved the adoption of th* report and rteolutitti In ft period of I.Vi jeara, tbe Haptiatibavc not Rrt under rueh importer t oirctimatance* aa they have ai | rec ut. lie thought the BibW, which ?u endeared to all Daptiote hj to many happy aa? >oiati ne, aa1aogare<i b) the prppoaed tm aetire. Itiateyond the dutjr of the \mencaa aid foreign BiMe fociety to mat e th? prop>?. d revlnon ot the Mcrit'tarra. It nevct we.- eitiiemjiUted that tbe toctely ahoald have anrh powtr ; it never wae organlul fir euch a ptirpoie. Such an attempt to mend a detect. if ti f iiift'. would te attended witb the crcatioa of other d'Uo-g. tea te one. No liaptiet eCurch. no aaaociatioft of Ha|'t:ata, have railed tor ihie alteration. No college er t< mirarj ol learning baa calitd lor it, and he did no; l-olieve tbarc were note i ban eleven miai>.?ri in the oi'y ef New York in favor el it. la eoaclution, be aaid he protected agilut the prcpoeed reviaion. Ibe laetor of tbe Oliver etreet Biptiet Chnreh,la wuieb |M millm held, delivered a very elc-jneat ipeeehia favtrof U.e rtaulatiuae. and iu eppoaitloa to the propoeed alteratioB. CI ><e n-eetia* adjourned at a late hour ia the evening. A>iAihn in Kmcn.-Wc jeaterdajr received fl'ea cf par<*ri irom 'be city of Mtaieo to it.* lull iaat, boiag eighteen dave later than vrevioualy received. lb* pcnplu i.l the State of Tftneulir-aa hftvea pl*a for Impro.irg the navigation ef the river laaeti aa f^r aa Liui u. iroat where a carrtago road la to be eatebliehed Ij San l.uia. Tl e protect te >a o to b* practicable ll.r Vnailer of tL Ititli tnet. eontaisa ft Ins* aceouat of the proc eedmga of the buuncarr eommUeion. It doea not diiti r n atetiallt fr> m .be repirt which we bftve Already received by ?av i t i ftllfl rnta A corieeper'lert ef tbe tf?i.?Mr writing frotn Camargo, rate* a good c--el of the rr?-II t m^v-m-at toward a teperelion of the v al ey ot the Kio Urn-do I r-?ni kb* A *t? *f > <!?. Tli coir-ti> It debt 'Inula it wtil t-nd to oeuent Mexico. lie l-aeurwlaely adm<tee. however, die Aa.Mir.ftn ateuaboate wl'teb at?tiate the river, ai d *i?<.e an ftceouot of defalefttioi ia > ).? cot m 11 u>e ftt f an ar*" 1 he iaat two < ellertore app'iated fi t tliat | lft< e decamped wttli the fuada. The Meaieea < ?aarme haa pteerd a law declaring that foreitBi re makm*. ivn;(a?.ta, ot whatever ?!nd. with toe vet innett. ebail i e ae far turret to the lawa of Mexico, aud i l a.I ha'e to cleie? thr> wrh siplomatii mea<ai>a. The chel< r> atill e-mtiui e? tte rava?< a ia the State vf Saa Loi? aae other portinaa of the eouatrj. 11. < Leftielatnre of the Stale of chiai aj tuel oa the Uih ef I Hilary. Tha Lutlililcn of tha 8'ata of Coahutla baa ainr>?ar?d tl.? <."T?ri.. r to taba u>inr? f?r tha ni'proiioi of #a c r?l< r. aad lor '' ? I uii.-l ninat at diaaffactad pKHU. tin Alniaata i>4 vthir ptrtld bar* petitioned tba If raa Cf>B?rr>? to ;rtit thaw icbuumf :m.rprai|.a, to anatr MMMt I ' 0 II Ol M?*iro tha i'. uri'ir, k) Mil ?f I rtllr<it< iruMim tu tertra :b? j at*. it.? r> JJ ia to 1 i letiially th? pr..parti I laaj.ail Baimala uae i ia ita souatr?c iob. furl, aad aalitia, kc., t? ba admitted frae. aad thr ttwli which bnag I i i? bt !r<a u.?aa?e duitea. Ua road .a w 0 Uin oca at V at? t ru/ and lau'a ia two yaar', carried thirty l< uin la hea ytata tlivraaftar. to tha ? .? f Muioa ia tat taara mora. aad ta tha I'aaiBc ao*an ia aaoibar dtcad*. lhc aiarlataa ?i? t?rir? f a crrat mart in Jilipt. Tbvra ia a ait liScai'i batwrea the Cutaa of i:hiap%a aad TiI >M9 In relation to their bi tiadanaa Tha I" ib ra.<u. ?.> ia n'j eiriiad aa thr aulj-?t, and aalla tha Uuraruut aid aatLotniea ol 01 laraa liara, rahbera. kc. 1ha iVufar A'.iaMi. .roa a>lvlari tha (ortramrBt to *pMlbl a ( aaaal ll Kr??a>.*ille, and one al 1'olnt laahel. in unliatioa ot Ilia Ainerlraa ftovaramtBt, which baa oao al Ma'*b?raa and oa? at Moatetty. 11 tmt paptr la a>aar?d ?? a friend that ha had firm d a Ittn t writtiii at Kiaratoa. hy a cltitaa of that place, w.. i, rtfrriioc to Paata Asaa. aata l> la hla rtaolation t > interfere ralar'l tr m iba afa.ra af Meiii-a, l>al ia retire Vt Veaacitla a> ' aa aa Li la Joint d bjr tla a* eretarr. Saner ArrilU?a Tna latter ad<'a that Kanta .t aaa la di*n?etad with Ma feaidca.'* at Kiaiat ?, La< auae. aa hadora aotapeab Han'.ah. he aimm a a* ai? with tha r-?' i-i a?d that la ("try t' Vaariojla li. a p'lcc pal <-Mrct ia ta raa!4? oaea Bora whart tha para I'mtulaa ia ?i t it a. Tlia laaiaaa roatiBoe thrir d?ff datinaa In i iruai putt 01 iba c natry Neat labe t'olotado nln? aeldiare a r? at taabtd by *ha .m.'t four bllUd. aad < tVra wounded. The A'or if. i ae> that in the itate <.f t lnhiial.i a. a party af A Barb ara, natr the *>..n? maid of Joha Ulantoa. asiJa/ii bj ;b< rtta'a for deferat a#eiaet tha lad aaa, ?n:.i?' 1 tha ITHI.IB* tow n af Jariia Maria, aad while IB a a ata af istxlual?fe. eomBntad 'ha Boat a. mWa oaa aaoraata. Tha ataararatad iBbabl'aa'.a fall aa tha latrndara had drati th*B oil, billiSK two aad aaaad'ai two or i * ? Tli? aoth-riliaa af tha Plata nal oat a partv at a .Idirr- f'?t lha purj ? of pre ii.1 mm n*l< a of >arb akBaaa. Tba laviamaaii of baa i> aad Tamanlipaa had imIlaatad t??ar tbraa than aaa d bob ib V ictorla. for the psfI "aa al prrrarvia* ord?r. lb* iintrt'tioB bad baa a ooa|laiil; crialid. Ota.' aaa)aa bad ta? >b? Uorarai r of tha r:at? -.1 ; aa rr ..?? ( r > I k?. n artort.l ; (?r F*(tiei|*u*a la tl.o lata mi lnti niri moT?a?tia? C*' Bt or Atrial a, MirihZ'.- lln. n?ar? W. Ta?1?r ?rr* " the (learraor iJuiiMtf 't? f?rr?a> 'iin, to Ml tfcc *??*urw M'Woh4 I ? Ik* daoth of tfif lir T, r?klt Jufca Majvara, as4 took kit > a Jad(a af tkla ??(, ti "? :? aa I raaulnui>a* ad..ft?4 it a af iiai : tla aaiut^r* ?f tho kar. krl4 la ih* Coart of A|>t?ala Kmiu >nt*r>taj a|?a Mi* NMiitl af tha 4?ail< ?l Jadga Maynatl. ort prtl?M<4 ta tha ( > ert tk'a mi raic*. at iba t>ponin(?r tko ?.'<>art. tjr V?a. f?ia?-i Roar tiW;.? I.r r?*|. th?r waro 4 to Vocatirad la Ui* m us-# .f tho ( oart. Thta k?m< ia->ti?? < ). ttitnl attlni mWi. Mo. 4 Th< arptl anta n>! M<lt<r laara to fffcitrt a ita??a*oi ?f 'a?ta fr>ui tkt "art kolnaa, to ko montp rotod la tko word ky 'kanrit t< ra >1 tlua oart-craata<t oa torma. w? Haicracr. Tor t"ia mviiiai R. J 1'iltoo iih.??h Hi* nnr' thra ?o.>* o[ in mar N i aad b, ohita aora ai?aod i> < aaoao, nam the flrw?M Ir II At half-|*at 4 t * tba otartaaaita?4 u.4 kaai4 tk? atiauitu of >oa 1 tan 4 to tk* aaaola ma N? I. Jaacaaai aaaa ktkrm-4 up?a tho op?ala| ?t*a? n.cot. ko or* tko hour of o4j ant,.oat y*a<*r<lay h*a'H J?i ? Noa. 7.1*. 9, ii, oallrd aad poat'4, No. 10. Jc4?Bt<at afffiao* ky itrfauit UK. It. lm*4 Wo. IS. Afloat a>?ml??'4 itk ooato. fr?. U < allrd aail nn'Trl uot'l Monday. A|M| lot Opna irt'ijU w of ap|?>ll%au. ko. 16. Jadrmrat iff rtntd k> ta'aalt. No 14. Argavil. Thai or tm Ba?THra? M??ra <i mi , at Sr. I<?n to, I roa mi IT ai'?a a A Jom ?ar T Battia* >.- Fka raaa ol "Tho Vtato of ?..??. ffayn.^n'l tad lioanlia 4> k at? |ti< a. oa aa toAirttarat lor tko ainr<lor of Tharo* HaraaB oad Alk?rt J'lw. ?all?4 np la !ko Ctnataal Coart, at liao o>l?ok jnicilay Dtiraiar; Mo?*ra. i. N. I a aland. rrno??mirt itt?tn?r i * !"l arp, Irt'l Wrakt, aad J... a Mailold an *na? fof tko 8*?t?i and Htotra. Idaard Hot?? aad II. S. b< ??r for tko 4?faaoa. tk* dofraao It la I'att4. will iatrado<-o ao vl'nraaaa. At alt tt rata, tkatr laaia kata a?t yol iraaatlrod Tua 4oI?a4aa'a, Raiarad aac Oonalo* 4a Mpatoaqaloii,afc atpani<4 Ij ?.i.a ff thrir rtlativaa aaa M Horn, Frowh Vi?. tonaull. ? r? lr- u*M iato ?ktirt ofaw taiaataa afurit ha4l aoaratrd. Tba eaart room ?aa daaarljr wiroa??a wl?h ?p- * ?-rp. ri.B"r< ??o im wi in iw ??i>m ?' ?mm?| tha rr?? t.* rf tha aata tv tnta Waak at tha 4a?r. act bal?t ti lt ta aroa4 Uair way la. Mr KiHi a??;a4 ta tka f art tFat t?.? ariavaara c ant4 ? ?> aa4 ?udaTa'.?a<l tSa lif iih lai.paa.r i.aly ta4iffar?atly, and h? kapad toat aa iat?r|rcwr mmHhihikU tl ra. I kr Narakal <-alla4 tka aatiiaa ?l tl.a jafar? at" bad t?*a aata?oaa4 oa aapaeial tialra. At tfc? flrat rail tkirtj-twi aa?*rr?4 AftaraaH*. a aaala rtadiai cat tkalr mmi, thirty-aii imtri aa jaa.ifi-4. aad ikraa vara ckallanard ky tka Plata Of thoao dia 21 a 11 ft- rf. aigktaaa haa ali*a<fj f?rt>i?d aa npialaa, a?<l * art ward ; rx a| I tn capital i'mi?hm?a\ ai.?i t?? a?f??a4 ilmiiltri aa l> a iratnf <M a?t nAowiHr and at tkt tagllrk lara*a?r Thr?a paraaaa. oat of a hat rf a knit fifty, ?.r? iaiaia?4 aa jtrota.--?!. L*uu l?f. IltUatrh Ja. Noli Imiii rrMmircM in Tr i a a - A partr "f lit Itdiaaa kIM a Maairaa aaar I,tra4... aa tha jr."/4 alti?a. Li?at?aaat Vial* miH la paran.t. kat ainiaHilawaa y with ika a araatrra 4haal tha aaail tlaaa, I.laatanaat llnatta p.r.a. d a rn j of It.d'ana a> r, had kill d a h-rat at F"rl kr lata*k. a?? t *4 a ran-<w Arkt al k thaai f >r ttnlai'aa lia r*a?u?4 a Dfniaa t>aj a hvai tlr I r.di >aa kM lakta lUff l.artaa. Tat lad autad tka- aaatkrr '^ay. taWa at tka >>? ti?.a, vaa blll-a aad ?r,ir.d Ika Indiaaa, ha tai4, kalirfa4 fe tka lah-?ak-.>.-aa~ vrtk?. and ??ra ak> at aiaty airaaf. l?l ka4 fit dad. aaa party r"?* ItM tha , l>.a ?r <? ??'r? aa aaaart ra'arata* f*>.m it * ka^la faaa aa* ! at'liktf k) ladlifta, ta???) <t?a a>lla? arat t>f I aaaa <>aa I ?f tha a?U)>ra a aa lillad aad ik* atti?,a I a> f ar la rvait't. r?rap?d A laldtrra ?)fr ia r?i pint, aad <ka "rtait ll a 'iniili, ?r? <?W??? I t" ka?a fallaa lata Ika fai da af tka Ia4laaa. Thar* ara r>> f?ar a roll *at kalaa^a fan AII'III atd tka ftia <4ra?4a. la ha? paraai; vf tat aii|'i fm Turn., Marr%T. LTCIarw n,TU,,,,N? oitiiuui niLiwi* rau PArtm liimi tmi A iriiTiit rut? C AiUia Bra, JU?t Annhkl OrM A!?*>a4?r Miry >re*4w?y Arm.14 Am 0 Badge Illii B?aeNr U?i|?a 8 M Br'>wnMr*(I,Qmnfinal*) Km Jl, Uniton Abb* J wioh ?i VfeltB phct Bilm Bl>?> Banuu^htCliikbcth DUi tlurd Htf Brown ll uV'>i II

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An in rt Ca???ro?* Ann* Cuiti* K?r?ri>lua Cnn Bilvina Chernuan Jo??| hln*Cu*Dior? Bite, VeCaiij Margaret C#Uli.? iBcihnu ?tj tt D Drake Jnlin Dealey Helen Deremni Vary Jane L?vi* Milton 1< l>evi? Mtrftart: Oowu-r Altia and De Crittoval Buna D< vd Mary Sophia D*nny Barv Donnelly 9u?an Duuc*ni4*damll*nDelabatt Ann Uowlinp Kll?n rv Dillon Mr* l/tli live- Duunr Marearct Davi* Nancy out Drummond Bre, 2d Duig'n Itllxn D?rny FHnbeth ttreet Dul Kocho Mr? T C Johanna Davi* Harriet O Dalanv Cri lftet Ii.'ii.o Bar> A Daniel* Harriot A Difraot Madam I a.moii Bary A Be Vear* Luuua B Hoi .ru Marn.ry Lo Gray Au^uHa Dolte Mary Duval Margaret B a Ff*n* Anr line XminnAnn Everett Mr* II I j K'j Mary An^uita Bwart Margaret Kn.-hsli Mary Evan* Bridget AUiott Mr,- B A F Fa&an Catharine Flrrkacr Aliiabttb t'orbee l..itiua Flaiajan Br*, lie*- Fox Margaret Fowler Julia M urr'reet Fetter Mr*, "'aili- *ranoruia Hietor Fi?k fcliia J inftnn *tr?t Penary M*ry Fuller Mr*, *traw Franei* Km.nna K:au Mr> Anaatatia boi net maker Fenixau Mary K. * or Mary Ftrrell Ann I'rlnk Adnlln* Fury Miry FcekAnnn _ a (la*o Eliza Gregory Bar* floo4erh*m Br* Garrett Margaret Cooiell Bre Jno G Oaeley Harriot Loui* Graham Jane Uresiu Mm Onrman Bridget Gardner Rliia GoldiBK Anna Ba- | Gatan*Bary GilluNaucyA ri??^ Galeney Jane 1 ? ] Hati kri Ak .ii N Banceek Raehael Hulbrook Bre F j ilunen Kotey lie line Mr*, riue st nana ] Baraey Mrs," Sulli- Heller satah Ann Humphrey Mrs vu K Benery Elisabeth A?aph tlamafren Johanna Henry Mar* H?ll>tern Agatha Berrcy Aurelia Henna**/Mary lli ! Elua Began Mary Maria Bickey Sarah Ann Ho?.l Mary tianlct Mr, Wootltr Hoibrook Barah C llow Mary June (t Ball Julia II L<>ni?a O Harrison Moth Jl?an Mr E D Hupkins Mary M Ha* kin* Bartict Hector Mary 1? J lvcrsMtry liusley Jano R Jones Mary Janus Mip. ?onth Jackson Olntny Johnson Margaret 2fil ?t Jackson Eliabth Jordan Catharine Jcnnatt Defcoia Jen** Clarissa A Johuson Sarah A <!.? Krefe E'cncr Eianan Sarah P Ki.rnan Cecilia Kfney Btdilia Kenry Mian M T KmnanMrsJ Kemv.ll CaUiktin* E Eia* Mri John, Kiilaou Mary KttFtDVri 12th at Itieru.iu M >r,ar?t L I.srisade C'atLanne Larerty Marjtsrtt Utlosrst?n Sarah J 8 Lawrence Kit. LcndenMis*. I. see til Martha V I,re Laura Lynch Mils, VineLawirnce Mra. Lewis Jano ti*?-nih tre*?t Fourth street I*?nlie Julia Lindaey K?a'ioe ] Law rtnce Lliraletli Line* Mrs Hycrson Lit tie i< Kiltn \ D I.cchlcr Jnly C Loret Mis* LeeMrsTho* Linnen Miss. Ela Low< ry Miss E--1 j Li wis Louis* street Lynch Mamartt ] Lancy Mrs Richard Lincoln Maria T Lyons Catharine j Lathrcp Evsiiae ? Mass Vatam, Canal Mana*l Mrs, OranJ Mona'ian Celia 1 street street Monanhuu Bridget j Mallay Blrsa Men Mrr, Chatham Murpny Mrs. MaW Mslsnd Ana street berry s'.reit Ma*uiie Isabella Mr! oteus Miss Moure Miss Mary 1 MiadMary Miller Nancy J Mnran Mary I Mccny Ulec Miller Mrs Cos D Morrtsy Hary 1 Merraith Julia S Mitchell Aana M" ocy Mrs, Fourth I Miller Miss Jane Moore Mrs Ana street I Miller Mary am Moore Mis.Mary Mortar Vary Macy Ilirabeth U Morris E!!taJ Mnllen ?<?ry A Mat an Catharine Morricrty Betty Murphy Catharine 1 Masted Elita--2 Be MeAlear Eliia MeCaulUur Miss, McK**ae Elisabeth M' Oann Mrs Sid at McMahi.n tin* Mct'ann Jane Mcl?>?n?H Ellen McLean Mrs S B McCartney Jan* klcUmi.i. tlvia MoMiller Maria MeCalftry Ellen?J Volntire M'akobttt M-Crouih Johanna *?U|NRill MrXna.rk Mlaa **-" Hiticrr* Bridget Pit. All." 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MraOeofft'oi'th Caeiai r,awlrrrd< r S|?rri? Akkjr f Suaa. a Maria flaitku* Katharlnr Boiih C*r*<ali??I Sloan* Mr* >1 s SiJL.VP in'n ?> "??- Mm. M.I- (.?? Bi ... Suuiite k,r",t s,,"v T TaafaJana Thamai Jaa< ThimNm Md Im . S1" r# *w" I'H?? Mr* Tlma 0 hroad?ay Turaar Mra, 3d at*- Tru d.ll Mra Haml f TnOlnH* KoinIlBt UW41 T?rrv T *"V A a* 0r*M^ *7"' #r J?? *"?n *L*/l ?n M ? Tb^r.M Ml-? B 111a 1 TLobo Tbiratoi Ihu Ju? V \ tUatlte Mm Oil- Vau Bvraa Mra. 2lai vn?,h?, j,l(. A Vaa Dy?a Swat, " VA?D?r?aal llaaaak ? smterss* I Can".",i?a. a.c Mr. r,a..u W.n.rMrat l *'.i ?r.Ala,.j WH mi' mmrw wriini siina w wn m m \j m l? ? > ). Km *Kh I i.cjr W?4 Mn/i oj VitimHiiil Wondhall Harriet * al lrm M iria Will H>ry Watkiaa tmxtiaa W tl?>? Hi* T I) Waita Urn Sam ?* ainoiuh riua * od Mr? Juo D Vtllvi Marti W????r Ktrth n * raj no 1Fl.i;*>a Ahiiail f ? ?rd H<?? A Wnoirni a nat A WuvUMriLA W 1.1 lit J IkI 4 H ray B?> caa V T??n|Mr*JD T? *?* R i Toast A?t? tltiui il Yost ( B?I ?h J T??t( Kftty 0 /.it n /akaftfta OINTLtMI.VS LIST. A AIM JT AM? /'.(,? Armttrong Cl.arWa *(?! DatU Adair Mr ?3 Atoll J Adair W A A'!?n T) rria A'ltf r J I 8k Ct ?i?Mfia *? AUiiiJC A'klay M H Al>ti? L 1 Adtlwa Jal A dan a Otrrg* J AII-b R 0 Al??*?dar Uariaar A tama Warrtn AlUa Ou r*# AiiIiimA H Arairw J K Antur R. t frt Alt ?nJ Ahtra Mlrkaal A| n J>m Auid < ai- BaaJ Allan, Uraari at AMara-o Aaaiil JO'li Ala1 aaidrr * in Alfrrd Hurj Anllao t'aat J A r t-l?$a' Wfc Al'ia W H Aalrawawn A?h di>B An-ir?a? Atr-fan Aah'on K A rt?y Ki rria A tktt.aoa Nol t Q Amott Wai Adda K>l?ard AUir.aAaa AUtaaitrFraaaia A< klind Jrlil Aranae >i Doa ?I Alaaa J C N AadTBoaWO Adam*. Iar??a Alk.aa WltMaa H RiiW Jil> J Baldwla fctarh'a Br?wa A1??-i Blaktt'ar KiiNB Bakat Jo* ah W lr?aa ft Ct W flaaaa Paraaft Baka* nana HraaM'm Markall W BaiUy Willura Bf > l.aartaea W lark A T Blair daarra II Br??n 'i| t 1)??H D i'tdt Tarraara BraaMa !<aaiaal Bnaa hrllt Blaak Jnaapk Baldota ? alwr Bl?aa m R 5 Brady Jaaaaa Balit r B'<?lut>y Hiary HlakaJaha Blaarka'A ?a?'l B'?l? J*r.?? |i?k?r kCaJ W Barr'a A B Hr> iarla? M 4 h?J B B.rt. a rk< mat B Mi?*i?a (laa 1 HUk* Win BtrryJ'hnW BliM Aa a W (llitkai B?r'> < Id Nafa'1 R Hariry-J Palrd kaliitl larMf Jthi Brl?karN"<l fa l.rta* JiiTfi n a..?.. l?k. r.??.? H Wrti Utrlli) hsitl Rl.>*?a>t *??ah'a Ilali aa4 K*ib Hftv ?<!* > R <4? tf only Barl~r C'K?rl?? D Rm-? O B- >ii? J?? fWMrf J H ?aart?k I a it wig A II I?a4 Ita Uj J R . Bith' p Bl?'4?o#4 Cyrtuaa H?r?.U?TJ Rtmnl ?nla?j R 9 Rr?ak?All??R War Rtl>< tt T|k* Rr?a-.a (I ?H iMktr tfrtjin Rr 4rr ?tvi4 H?m *t Rn(?>i? I irtH Jrti W Rniiiiiti ft, R'rra?h? Ti.?? (liiHtitt (Ill-flii Dunn Tl ?? 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