Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1850, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1850 Page 8
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* UTBLLIGBNCH KV I'H* MAILS j fur Haillu nrc frfM|f <??W. FiAi.ii 4< it*, A ml ft, 1800. | <Vy Turn 7\? O- r'tr ll.n h\itnl Accident? I S*tn<ir?f' r l aht" <n /'ir/Mrinrmt far tkt ' ."frf furl' Firtmm. irr Our Gouucil, y *?Ufrdiiy, |wirti*]|y fixed the rtlrt f oar uiri fui the r'enrut >e*r, nad if fulljr carlird out, wiii he tjuuf u n-duenon on preceding ffn. They rale th?* c-iy ux *t 78 etnli ?a the $100, winch. with the Sim* ux, will m&k.e the whole ttijk *1 <> <br Jim). Seing IV cents I'M thu it wan iae? year. Should ;h- Baltimore and Ohio lisilrond become <1 dividend piying stock wtie? fiiii*b-d, H<tlinin..e will be the lightest taxed city in the Umou The oyster war is till progressing along the line ol the haotera Shore The rilieriff of Nansemond county, V& , with an arnll?ry cumMoy, amounting M about seventy five men, <>0 Friday last took posf sioo of thefirimer Sun. nod proceeded to the mouth of tfce N lu.-'ir ond river, for the purpose arresting thoee wh<> ??f vioUting the laws of the commonwealth, relating "> oystera, Hnd in leas thau hall hu hour, i?elve ?r?rU were captured, and shout aevemv five were t?k?-n pj:*ouers. The offender* were tuh? u l>?l'ire h magistrate, ?nd the captains mulcted m n fiu- of raih Had they been captured id VUryUnd, ihty would aiwo bare forfeited their vesi-el* A nmii uxiiied Aleini.der Jordan was run orer cn Wednesday evewuu bv the nllrotd r<?rs on Tnitt Mitel, and hn* ?im e d.e? from the effects of the injury received The fine hri? Captain Wiight, cleared yesterday for Heoi? ii, wiih ? lnr?e aHaurted cargo, njclociiif th* Iranieo ?f several houses and a quantity of luni'>ir Mif iMhejoui about twenty paaeengerh A young Dalt.m'r?' n. turned Will-ams, yeaterday committed ?u<i-.<ie i *?r Havre rte Grace. He had just r< turned fr'-m C lifornut, where tie had *pe?i all 'lie nioney h? h-d KMthered during rinny y. an' Inbur, Miid telornert to liin family peunileas. lie hae left n wife imd i-ever*! children. 'll.e firi m?n xr?* finely with their rr*i>aratioi-s I. r tlie i> ? > iiMon of the New York Bremen. Tl .e tnnhlnM profession, oa Monday ru;ht. will le n grand affair. On Tuesday & dinner will be liven ih?m h: ihv Exchange lintel, by the Fire 1 eimrviient ?>1 the city. a number of oiler en'er'iiMiif iits are also in preparation for llieix erjoymeiit. Our Pbliaitfl|inl? "orreapOMdcne.e, Fhm.auri.i-kia, April 6, 1850. 'Iht Pmce ('Mirmfiim-CniiMip at 0u Ulit til Stat< Mint? Cunt Ship nruit, <J-c. The Penasyl> aula P- tee Convention met in this city yesterday, or? btzed. and adjourned tint dit. Alter nppoioi.DK delevite* to the World'# Peace Convention, which i? to inei-t in Frankfort, Oermany,x>ihf time (inrini ibe approaching dog-days, 'hey modestly and iiuauuiiojely adopted a resolu'ion in favor ct the Secretary of the Navy providing an unarmed vessel for the uh of the said delegates. The Methodist CYnierenc, of this district, have reconsidered the vote suspending the Rev. Mr. Oeater from the ministry, in comequeuce ol hit* alleged attempt to *?dure Mrs Moreton. of Lan? aster county. Fv ?hn? vote of reconsideration, the reverend gentleman is not* at the service of any fbx k who may h el disposed to receive him as th? ir shepherd. The following is the coinage at the U. S. Mint, i in this city, during tfce rhr?*emonths ending March 1 *1. lHBDv? Jsansry?Gold, sliver nBd o?pper *P0< 4S?S , Fsbruaty-?>?pt??r (no slltar cslo j)..t IH.'f.hss 1 \lt?k- Donbln tStfli-S 841 !A0 . " Kaglss #18 770 ! " Half DolUra ISOAO " Mo?rt?r listlars 8,100 u l?B?s 1.000 M Half Dimes 6 &00 ? Copper P OVJ SS7B1JSJ i Dunns the mnntii of March, the coinage nearly j reschert iwo-imllioue,at J i nclusively show? that the capacity of oui nuiit la from t?venty to twenty, lour million* |ier annum. con! hhipiiimt* :hr Schuylkill region, ahow a lnrjj*" lucTt-a^ tha wrrk? by th<* R?*4(jinii railrond, ii(iw>ir<lf of 21,CM) tuni, ?nd by tiic ' . Schuylkill navi({ tii.Tt, n?rr 13.00) tnna. Uadrr thr itflurai')' nl thr C-iliforait new*, , brought by thr Cherokee, ttock* ur* quite t?uoy- | tut to-day, the hkthjt h?*v m cr being fully ( ?f< Wrlirttr Miiii kiia < ointitn?iti?Vfc* j ? Illixl, M [ HTMroSdxlico ^f ttw UalMinnra fan.] k W*.i,ii?ut<H, Aurtl 4, 140. The moot important ?id Kuuty.uj mtflli^ence 1 to-day, thr trmiii|>)iabt miccr*? of the linn. I Uaairl Wfburr, in ho own 3?ate; and thr vindi* j ?alto* of hia cour?r in trittia of cUamc euloiriurn, j by thr mort rirtn?-nt ?ci? u'ific, profeaaional and ] buiilirM nirn ot Mn???<'tltiaetla. Allow mr f rrr to laartt ? Inter, thr content* of wh?< h will a^irnk lor thema?Uea it ia a nohle, I patriotic document, ahkr honorable to thoc<- from whom it rmnu ite?, m? to him to whom it I* nd- ' drraaed Aa lou^i h* mrh mrn ?* (Mine! WVbwer hod tu? u of aocti auhrtauce to listen to them, | tliere ia w d*o*rr ?>f the Union, auti our clonoua matitutiony wtiicb mak> that L mon valuable. To (HI H#V bt?t? * I MTti ? km :?lnyrwa< with tk- tnt?i?ttudr ?oi imp~>rtaara Of llM rvlc- t? tha o?'lti I o ? t tb? t'aion a lit oh jen ba<r r?0ii?r?<l uj jm.r iwml*i>a->rb la tha Saaata , ot tfc* ! aiUd Stai< ? <n th- nhj?.t?.if ?i?*ary wa da. rtra to ??pr?M to )mi ??r d-?a "b'iaatlna* t?r wliat thl? ?! ? ? ban jolt* lt d I* d > (. to anllghtaa tha ,abll* . i 4 ?nJ n hriag tha pra*?at arttla la oar aa Uonai a*atr? tn a ft?taa?U and i>-*e?tul larataatkun A* alitraa* of ik- I'mM 4tat*?. ?a ?l?a to ibttk ?? ? fc-r rxralllna u? to < nr doM** uadrf tba i >a?tUatl?? ttid for ib? bn?d nati?aal. and patriot!* vtaa* wfctnL yea b??? *?at. "lib ?h? <**<g'it of jrnar tr-it Mtkorlt; aad ??ib tl'# p< nf f .tif uoaoivcrajl? raaaoaiac loto ???tj lomir of tat Ualon III* potnut a* V> .a?,?if ? '? rtOumf-i grwsl ahlrhyr-u ' bava tbui dra* for thr auuatrf. la a tioia of l?no?t | loptae* J? u'r<l ??ell?-o#i.t a boa tba mlal* of ta*a , bar* k?* a ba?ildor*d b* an *f?"*r*at a^aflist of dutla*. . aad abri maittiad** ba*? l??n unaUi* to fla t ?.>lld truaait oa ahtrb tn r??f *1111 facul ty aad aaaoa y u j iwt' (wit.ih nil mj |.. p ? co* pain , r in;?, Ufa C<B IBeril th? ULf-r-i??.||r? Iminhrd th? ?n*e*i?a*a >t a naM-u \ im n*tm tu?t rhl* groat ail* , |>m; aa a patriot ap4 a ?aai , pod al'h u<h tli* J'ti if gra'itoAa ??ifk tb? r?> (il? o? itu euotry ova "to yfl ?a* larg* r p< a hat* II. hy a j poenltar *?r?lra htab i*WI ibro<ighnnt >ba land Wadoalra. Ui?ffvn to??p"->? u> your oar totira r>Af?o?rr*iiaa in lli? ?i <. uU of *cur ?p?-*M aid ur b*aitl>M thaolafor k? l?r?iln>?N? aM II baa a(7 ri?J to?ar<>? lk? pt???f?ail-'H act prrprloatlna of th? 1 till n I t llm |?fi>o?i ?? r--p??(loitr praaoat to ;ch iklaitr U4t>? ?( thai a? ao I d<>a?ratulatioa la ? ' ?" e? to tk<> ni' ? i*t<>i?atl*f aul u.iporlaut oca?ln?i la year pabl'a i?*e. W? ih? Ik.?'t to b?. tb? blgb?at ra?,act. your ifcadl- at Nnai.i f'dM if H M.RKI.Va, in ? " < H'?\r>, 1 w * <rn>;roM, I i\?t i t, < i i: r F llltl'.-K i Vf A<iB ?a< al?a MiMr>4 I noM r *Mh Va-rh IktO. Fr?m all I ctu Ir-iiu. .1.- Pr? - <i< at fi uhljr *;>priori I I Ih* Ci>n?pe < ) Mr \V-h?tT; l)DI Itir c?binri Mlli ? i n*e lo l^>? * rd nnd h ? (*? ? * |1 frtrnrli- (>n tb* i'1'M hn; it a ? ufi 1 n I anaertr<d fhul I hr lit r , l i? donmrd, mil ihut Wfbatrr will h? lii?ir? 1 to Itir "-'.t ? Itr^rnifOt, and Ml hv*n*, ?>f Mam*, lo the Tiensury Thr~> (><> >ii m? t?. u: l r<rtaiaf iaapirr ihe couatry with tonflceiw*, *mI regain f?rtli?- Prftl* I <l<-nt t in" II ih?i jx'fu.'itujr winch he en.uytd a takipc ... i Thr committee apt*! iited fct inquire into l(i? tillable rlmni, and it" ?*'in ? Mr Crawford u ar i>r?ir. aea. will ninlu >? whitew -h Uie Secretory, aa, in a legal |w>int ??f ? eW, I h<?e but lit'U ( dont.i |4p ri> ? r?f a m be Tlwe w*?, no dour>t, I |">o4 lepal c*?~ 1?T p**in? ' rraiy r?rn yenra' laterrpt, Snt vnlearTninrl* will n<i| b* able re^dilf 10 rotnprrh?nd thai} if < n? vf ihern h?<l may | ?? * cl*im? before hiiy >! in* drptrtinrofji, ther ii jwM b* <bn? and plentifully terred * Tfc* vulgar, h< wnrr, ?rr liable to prriudiOM of ! that ton. ? 1 ? iMltfttilii, tmm rrli<ld?d. Wtlirmi mi-umi ??rwRrnMt?'UlX 11 f <*^a. *KB A!>?iia?t. itin,ijp ptiRbnxALD* t AHovAi. f<p M?faic riu>? HMirri>?, Htc f fly o?r ad?i< ra r>ci?ri trt'in Trinidad tm j*. L niaira, w* regret t<> pmeite ihat nort of r^ono k haa b*?a tiailed by a drftttucUM fire, ia*i>l?tnt{ kl e*teaai*f !<? of I' n?rij. Tti?* Um.-rttt of the ; u Mh amwiBrm 'hr Met, nnrf ob?er*e?._ h " It m our pnHi*ill duty to record, t(vd*T, the ' > ronat ?>f projirrty by fire whi"h i ba* nr> urrrd id th- inwn emo- th?- infmin'iv toiflit riiUi b rf IK**; but, at the Mm* time, w ih T.-artlel* *r-t>'iid?\ >? r?tiira ?h?ah? m i. t >*ir.e Providence wbi< h in ita *? r- j a? ?i*.nliy , rfl"Tta mai?^ lor arr-etn * ?h* pr,.?r?-? < ftir dr?p*r rf rl'in. lit. b It tor *hirh gMC""i. inter^?iti?n tr.?wb.l* < ? 'he m-<?t vain .i|* p,,r- | ti(? at 'he bn?'i.?r- (wFl if tha !???-ifle ?u!h 0'*a'ia1 I uildint* ami the " ' manual ot | r. perlf pinifd IN lh*l1?? HIIMM hi" been POB"liM^d to aah?e ; ??ay ? ' our it" ?t pr??<c*roiia i?"rh 'Ota t+4m*A io h?nhr*i>??y, ami numberleaa familiea in*ot??u ia th* I'H'mI he^g-tr^ *ad mia.** The iimr p*?*r, ia inainnir'nn th* appointment ot Mr. T K Johnaon, a* Colonial iKcraiarjr, rr? ' 1 ku* m tamhar ifpoui'Tiaat of a nativa ?t Una Hlnad wfl suited to tod retted in the d?tie? *f hie ntuatioa?instead of the Coiooy having iaHioutd i|k?b it some Downing etreH incapable," only mxioua to miike as much out of us aa he can, and eave the island aa quickly as possible? tor which the community is indebted for th? powerful LaJlck-> toce ot Lord Harris at the colonial office " A ball, in honor el'the EaH of L>iiuJ<>aald's visit to Tnnidcd, was given in Port i/f S|>ain, on the 11th of February, prior to his depart urn for Jamaica. Notwithstanding the very scant tune allowed for preparation, (only forty-eight hour*, Sunday excluded.) it exceeded, w are told, for splendor and excellence of arrangement, any similar entertainment in that colony, in the recollection of the Gazettr editor. A royal order in council, dated the 6th January last, appears iu the Tort of Spain (Mxette, abolishing the restrictions with regard to the conveyance of geoda and passengers coastwise, as far as steam vessels are concerned. Her Majesty orders, "that it thall be lawful to employ steam ve^aela, of whatever build the same may be, and by the subjects of whatever nation, (being a nation Ht amity with her Majesty,) the same may be owned in the conveyance ot goods and ]>sMengen>: from aay pirt of the said colony to any other part of the aamn." CITY TA&DK RKPOKV. Fbioav, April 6-8 P. M. a im Bvo-rvrvipi ui wf r.uru|ia ? iffiwra ooDilBUfll w wt m a eheek upon transaction* In many kind* of pro. due* Moderate sale* of cotton were maJe. but th* market wa* not expected to bectn* established until after tb? receipt of private advice*. The buoyancy noticed yeeterdey in the market, for tbie 8?a'-? and W extern flour, ra maintained with a fair local nod Kaetern demand Canadian wai quiet, at previous rate*. Southern continued in good demand and at improving price* There wai no ohange In wheat Corn wan rather rearer and prloee Arm. The perk market vii Moe firmer for mee*, with a fair local demand for prime. There wa* no change In other article* In the provision line. The wool market ba* been inactive dnr't-g the week. There wa* no marked obae** In groceries Coffee eontinued dull, while a fair bui'nea* was doing tn sugar* Molanee* wa* steady AtHk* - The market wa* nteady for pot* with a good demand, and rale* of 60 barrel* at to 06 a f 0 12S. and 60 barrel* pearl* at >6 76. BakAorrvi i**.? flour? The *ale? of the day ?u?n up 8 700 bbl* . lecludiuir common to *tr* gut Srate at M 76 a M 8TX; favorite State and mlxe* t'.lchtgun at *4 a $6 12 v. i straight to fane; .Vllohigan and x't'rt UUa at $6 r?;H a 16 31 '? ; pure <>enee?e at fo :0 a fia St. Hi htm flour wa* steady with an upward tendency, an* eel** of 1 100 bbl* at *6 a ?J 11 for iair.ei to cb>>ioe brand*, and ?6 26 a >5 60 for taooy brand* Ryr h'laiu?ai dull at %2 76 Corn Mrjt wa* heavy and uoe?itlei at sa t# for J*r*ey, and f>U 87 a IS for 0ran<ly*tne.? IVh'it?The d'mand cnilnued moderate, but nothing transpired worth reporilng A'y? wa* *?oietbiBg better, with rale* of 2 600 bushel* at fc7o a 67 S- delivered. bothy wa* le** aetlve at 73o a 74c (lull -The market wa* something better with tales of Jersey at 36c a 40c , Northern at 40?. a 42,Sc.. and Southern at 2?c. a JAe. C-otn wa* eoarce, and in goed request far the Ka*t. with ale* <>f 3 000 buthel* oommou Southern white at 6*o , ai d 8 700 bu*h?l* Jersey yellow at private bargain; Southern and Jereey yellow were held at 60e ( ottow.?The tranaactlona of the day were about 700 balee. The n arket exhibit* but lime change. the dl#p<?ltlon b' log to await the delivery of the letter mail. We quote ? liivearooL Clasrii ivaticr. If. Urrmt, tUUylandt. Florida. 6iUfrTtX'l. Iaferiec. ? a? ? a ? a 11^ ?*diuary \\\ a - 11K a - IIS a ? li'ivd oiiiurf. 11S a ? US a? lis ~ Hidlllar li I- 14 a - 141 a ? Oood Middliag >*'4 a ? H'i a ? 12'. a ? ViOuliM Fair US a - 1JS a ? l'-'S a I'.ir . . L '. & ? liT* a ? l*u ? ? Fuii? r??r."7.7." a ? a - its' Go??l ITair 1.1 ? li1* - ?tS ft ?'ln? 1H? ft ? 13s ?? 14 ? I-kkii.hik.?4 ott'-n waa engaged to Liverpool ut H J ; corn ftt 4>,d; dead weigbt wa? wartb 17s. HI. aod ua 1 rtaree rather iu? i? freely ftt 1?. PI. To t.iattfow. lard aftj tftkeu ft* 2t?. Ta London. ratos CJQili.u?d duU. Gi*??w?.? KftlM of 3 0<V>lbe ftt 35? ftt 3> ra?h Ham.? 20 kalro miied Boenoa Ayrr? * -Id ftt 17>?e. ft lPc diarount off for ea'ta. The market U dim P*om?io*? -l'ork Thi-re wft? b?U>r leeltuglnthe u atkrt for ?? ? pork, wlih ft fair d?mftal acd ralea of Itc bbl* ftt fit* ft f 10 itJt* for tneaa. $U tor ot??r, ?H 26 ft SI for prloie ftt lor ao<ir m??a aod fT for do. prima b*r( wa? leva buryant, wMlw prioe? ware changed Bftt bam* w?ra taaler. with aalea ?f 60 bbta gix-d WeaUrn. ftt >10 M Cat mcfttt were In satire denatd. and Mradv. with aalea of bUO bbl*., tlwroea, r.i lb do at 3\'* ft 8?,e. for Cry cal^-d rbiuliera, i?,? l*.e for pickled J?.. ?cd t\? ft tr for bainj Ifaoor *a? at<adj. with ftalei cl 8l> boie? olfftr iniddlar. ftt f \9 l.ftrd wa? In dan'aod. alth >ilm of I 400 bile , ?to\,c ftliii let Kr?a*a.6J,a for.Vo 2 and de ? *'to fi r "i d to prim*. urtftM Uultar wa? iu good r<-jue?t att o 0\o. Chrt?e km ttoady ?ud (alt-able at CHc ? IitkL V.rtAiu ?Mr. frranklln dl?p "cd of the followIns property ftt U?a Merrbantn' f.iehange. thin day: ? I' comer ( lrft avenue and Third utrret, tMxlOO. ffli y't\ 7 1? tp on llitk mrMt near Seeotd avauue. e.tb W. ft? i each. |9 12A. Tuatcee - Tl?a auuvnd table sHeftthe operationi for the laatweak ? P.i?.e. ?!... MVk ?. mi y, vi..ft w.c. ffcthi *** h?u. c 7sbd4 ftjjdhta. Mar> >aa4 fc WLte. 4S?'"? 1?hd?.l'?a- ? ?') d?. Coau. ??e4 i >24 tlraep. t. ?)< %%. 1W cat. rau)Uuift4?...W >14 Hi .In. old and tiu.Ul" Hlld ? . VV1 <*a. FUrlda... .18 atl) 43 ui,llhil Ilea*. lo. liteaaa * a30 ? ? ? l.Mlla. .'-Okie. ( it*. lb ai'. ? ? ? ? firxa. Tare .O t40 ? ? ? ? 1(14a. holdera of kertucky and Vlrgiclft oonttnua Arm. bat tout ol tbe bujen ?rr 1 ? ? Alaptf'd to pay aoot*i<ir ftdTatice atd rone tlurtMtljo la p>>roe^tibl* rha oplclrn i? yet farcrakle to pre**Dt pruea. lew heii-ra la blgbt-r rate* >1a*oa souoty U tir.o. with a l*>aited lo iuiry Hot-la c>.Dtiauai to be b ughc t>y eaiftll parrel.. lair ratea f?.r ttie home oecmajpti ift. It uiu-t 1-e < knowledgrd t bat cur prl;n for Spaol?h a*e<l leaf ara bi?b We trek forward to th? ftrrlval of eamplao of the new crop of Havana wbieb la reported to be vary f cc.4 N aoii'aetured tobaaco and e.-ara are In aeUta dvioaad >1 Meadr tigaro*. HVhi Iho rar^r <1 tbt ?hlp r?n*na. pon*i?ti*g cb!*fiy of ^r*?n (#? w?? dl?p>?*J of tbu day, I by auotloa. TVrir*? Not** at ?it mouibi. Th* j lUrdanea w?? Urg?, but furaar pria?* w?ra not ! r< *iit-<l. **pt<-lally f r tb* tuadlun and low?r gradaa, | whirh ?< M at d-rllu* of two cunt* p*r lb. \ f? ? lot* c.1 young hytoo only w?r* withdrawn I'ftn folUwia* ar* tb* . rtloolarr- IIjrnon ? 43 cbo?U at 14; 11 d > S3; 72 do 82; 28 half nlinti tl 63 do 44*. 110 do 44 47 do 41,30 do 40',; ?KJ do 40; 21 do ?5*; 42 do ??*; 41 do M, till di MS, M dfl 3l*;63oa*t? o*ttl*? do.1 4'). 28 do {4 loungilycca 08 balfoh??i* m, 84 do. I 46, 21 do 40, 7 do. 40 . 446 do. ?A: 71 do 37*; 61 do j 87; 03 do 36: 00 da. 34,, 87 do 38; 140 d < 31. II* d-) I 82. 41 (I do. &i; 41 do 8VSJ 102 do 80, 2;i do 29; 169 do 2S, 742 do 27',; W do 27. 418 do 2d ,, .V do 21. ! 1C8 do 26 *,240 do 26; 28 fa?o? aat'lfl 87; 180 do 62; ?61 do. 14,'.; TO do 47; 181 do ?3. 113 do 12*; 200 da 1 42; 12do 40*; 11 do 3d*. 167 do. 83, IM do .Ml; 181 d< ?? ) half eh?U 108; 8 do 06. lit i do d8; 6 do. ?6, XI do 48*; 2* do. 41*; 104 do 40*; 1 .4 do 38; 47 do 87*; 24 do. 38; 30 do 81*; 87 do. 3|; 11 r??M MttlaaOS. 68 dn. 68. 47 do 83','. 30 do 81; 72 do 43. 12V do 88*. Iiup?-1ai -2 half oo?t? Hrt, 6 do. (0, V do 10*. 60 do. 17; 63 do. 46. 142 do 41; 8 di 41*; : II* do 41',. 38 do. JO*. 14 do 40. 18 do 80. 20 do 18*. 84 du 87*; 172 do 3d; 4 dn. 88*. t-8 d* 31*; tl I do 34, 34 do ?2. 11 ?a**? oattl?*68*, 20 do 67 * 63 ' do.64, 18 do 60; 4 do 40. 80 do. 47; 30 do 44*. 84 do. 4ii* J do 41, 04 do 40*. 20 do 42 llr*<>o *?la 14 ' ch**t* 8?*, 27 do. 24*; loS do 21; 418 do. 21*; H half ! r h##t? 82 *; 80 do SI 84 do 30. 80 do 20. 17 do 37*; tl do 27, 144 do SO. Mi" 28',. 68 do. 2-1, 0 d) 24*: MO do 22. 4ha do II*. Mouaftcag 40 ?i?U 26; 674 do 28 < a#*l? 2lo Whuii i ? Th*rw wa? iaor? flrnnii lo th* market, with a (rod lr ^nlrt and *al<'? ol 2J0 bbl* 8-. .to rrtooa ?rd J?r*?y at J* a 2T-V aod 78 fclidt. l>rudg*. at II roBta Wooi ?Tboro l? Bothlnf Jrio* la thl? artlrla. Tbo park*t ba*b*-n *xtrn.i?ly maotlro du'to* th* w??k. ild ?o ?al** worth r?p>>ruaa w?ra aada TTl? lar<? > t of ?b< ut 6oo l/"0 lb" . h?l I bt a boavy operator la ,M* Market. lor *rai* re-nth* b?* booa wUhdr??a, lad traa*f*rr*d to to* haadi of *oa* i?r*? manafan,ur*r* Tho ..uaa'lty dow oa hand I* tloiat-d at l?H> ?X> lh? , whlob. at ttil* ad*ano?<l *?aaoa, la eoaall?ri d a boa*y pplr DMMMtl *o >d? ata rory low. tod o aotif .?tnr. r? ara worklag ?ory idawly. la b >p?? t an ad<*a*> ia * ?)?. or a daelloo fa tba prto* of m-TH uun ? in* n>?i pi nasi* rnrn ir? io nlnailj In j?r lb I ?nr?t prm?I than Ihnjr *ara foot r.?ka <l*e( 1 b? ntnil tiDft (M Iwm la lt?. 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Banna la !!* < J ?<! ri?w? Ilk re all ral<w. \. UUxt/! *?ar?a, lad itUf kt Vtkftmykll, rtUiM orr m obtton uomrra. 0.111m, (()?.) April I, MM HM i4(Ini from oil the porta. U <y. UU tk? lilta| off la tb? r*c?ipti ?f oiUh U k* mwwm. twin ?niX? *j Bwikj, Mam-izt* tmd OuuU mt Bof wmmrfd, unlnt duly ouU*Hl*cil?d md pmJ for. Married, On the 4th in#*., by the Rot <"oToeite? T. Diumt, Mr.JtNi VikIiur, of Sprlag V?ll*y, 10 Ml* Mtit Vu Kiuiw, (l?B(btw of r?tor S. Via Bncti, tecnwI of HMliMwtk. New J?iv?y. Ob the morning of the M iuuit, by the Her. Mr. StrBttoB. Htltmibb L. Wtlib, to Mtao Catmbbihb L. Kktu both of tbu olty. Id tbl* olty. on rburrdty. April 4, bf the Rot. Hoary C. NbIMob, Mr Cow. H Do Oh*cio, of Alba By. to Mlu CaMoi.ia La Mirreom. Of MettUnd South \merioB Ob W'?dae*4oy o?otlB|,td Im-toot by Rev Or. Tee. mil)*, Mr K(.w*ki>Nmith of th? Bra of N?ltb. StroW t?B k Co., Mottfoa lose, to Mlu Kliiiiitk Boooao Viiimili0 dou(bt*r of the Rot T. K. Tornilfo, 0 D., of tbo ( ollrctoto Choroh. wo id* wia varoo, ?y tua km nr diiiodi, johh B< out, Kaq , to MIm L?uif? ''i.*aa, youagaat daughter of B4?>mob Clark. ail of tbtn city. Now Jaraojr payor pl?a>? copy la Wa*blt?|t?oD olty Id ino'aat. Llaot Johk rfi?Ai?? MicflMB. < orpx of Topn?rapNeal Koginoor# of U.8. V, to viw Nakkik Roimikii*. diufhtir of tit* lata Una> dora J (ha Kodgrra, U 8 N. DM, Oa Friday, 4th Instant, Ron-at I)km., a natlra of Boot land ag*d 46 ytan HI* fritidi and th? member* of Anorn l.odgo, Mo t3T I. 0 of 0. K , art raapaotfnlly Invito J to attaad bit liinvial, to morrow. (Sunday) at half paat oaa o'oioak, fnm No W) 8litk tnoor. At WlliUanburfk, on th? 4th of April, William Mi.iim. )onr.. only hod of Wm. and Carolina M*rk??, a??d 3 ??ar# aad D moatha Kneoda of thai family ara ln?H?d to itUnd tka funeral at 3 P M . thia day from tba Third M. K. Church oorner of South Kttth aod Kltth "treat* AH1TIIM 1NTK liLlUKNO'Hi Foct af new York, April , 1S&0. ID* ilia 9 . Nl nooi PUP* 138 wit ear* 4 tl i hi.jh ??im. if Uiaaiwl Bark*?Caroline. Yonn? Hti Cniiciir*, "nyter h WarrllU II Mia, ? at,on. I'fch-llo, 8 Vt U*ia. Bypirion. BonjaDiin, Uri*l?L Hmt lotiit*; l.uwell. Wbitarj, Uttaaa, J W tlewilkO. Tallv Ho, Smith. Nao*f*. kc. Oajct k Attala; Dae, (Sic) Vorlli* IJnnfc. R icl?v a Litrlaiatea (*nnh<r r?pnrt, o? K.D1H n?t>y. fay*. Sio brl/i Due do Senrll, Onife. Cadi*. kT ?an>*? * ?i?a both rrpor>? for ?h?> that an- worths Uaer?e, Walkir < narlratmi. o Bulkl?-ir. le'rtw Mctlulra, wilm teuton. Hreit h Voar; MnotrrH, Polead. Bangor d? Hcbrt- Or'ftndo, W 1.1 rcli -r. Tan pten, Stow a BThit*; 8akiao. KibixaoB. Maya^aei N. tnlth ?t Ho ?, lile mia? Youth, CaDM'R. Ceorgatowa *c; 8oarelv. Ilat.eoe. Willlaauburg. Va; W? B Maillrr Pri.-e, Hithm .iid Mailiar k Lords Jiha W Ball. Loui'cr. Ptiiadulpfcia, Margaret, 11 fro a, do; Jajp-r, Howm, Botm*. Blotp- flunn, JcUnaon, lllddletcwi. ArrtvaC Bteeuahlp Oeroka*. Wit die. Charts* MarehM. Klantna, Ja. Tjtb. with II 8 mall*, gold dual, so, to Uewlaad k Aepia all. M?aaaalilp Kwpira City. Wllaoa, Cbarree. Mareh M, with gold du?*. to i Uowar/ k S? :i. Ship Hint j Nraisith, flirer, CalNo. Wl'h rtun", t-> Heenlth a ? '?. Feb a. 1st *>. 'ai it. ip"Le k-i? John Mr M w v cure (?rKfi <*rl*a**; I t li a, I'lJ'/iMiiet b?rk Therioa, March 31. lat S . Ion 71 experWaood a (ever* gale, tewt ft r?*all, ?plu foreioptnu %c: tprll I, fall m vilh iha aohr llarrin^B rifrre. Hto?n i?uti Wi!B?.i.*tnu. NU, f?r *a? >a?k. with f'.x tall lo?i and diok-i i?crt <.1 aaliar, aomnaiaaa, ?ai?r cttla. ke; tufpli J her v i'.b a Ci.m;<aaa aad a khd of w?ii r. PaaVpt ihlo Si? Tork, I.ln??. QtcK. V?r.-h II, with *ndaa aad 3.'.1 itarraar r?h**?if'>ra to M.rttnmrft Livtn^atoa. Marali t <o II' JO mn W 1.1 ieii Iii >|IU i >:i p 01 r-ia io?. iri>nain( : (r?rNM 'oHW n.-il from a half i? ?n? mil* in braadth. Knt.) ef kc r irre* wht* from '2 Mo s< ft*' lalangth and about I t, f*ct thick Km al"i>r th* Eartorn fir- ahoal *" milot, and tt-ct, f ?-ccJ tbrnnch it rt*?e<>old nil*c? any t?rmmall"* ?ith*r H or 8; ?nppo*??t t*c Mil H hM IMM M MM Bl-ip W|?Mi *'ob. !'??< , l.i*?rfool, :?i data, with tnda* and r("r?-?wffn to trot'. It Uiekj. lja W u at aach*r at <4uBrarrina. 81 IpJair** Wright. Clark Liranml, Fob 1J. wlthmdt*aad 183 ttwriff pvMnimt, to J T t'hllilpt M trah If off Table Irlttd, raw a largo ahlp with a Mark ?r?> la bar for* lopMil HWMH * Ut, la' M >' lax >4 > oarri?d awaymam t"Ma<Unnii)l ia a * hirlwiad. 11 ah lat 44 > loa 4*. while ' fnrl-t* let* l ptall, tfiehatl Ollroj (ell ut T?)?rd and ?U kit* chip Walter K Jonck ?~r 11<?w W'W C*i\oaaa and 8W Patd March IN. wltb ar.dtc it J W Efwi-il. SMp Lt?oa?hlr*. Strickland Niw Or'nii, 1? dart, with notion ?aJ W Dwell March M lat It I n Ml rpokt hri( Mary, of bontht vt, fcrr< a tor Galtcttoa. tH'h Cap* Pl'.nda * 10 mil- 4 i idI rpikt ablp A?hla-.l. of K.-meb?;h l?r Phs'f ddptia: thtiif tiira. aaw eh.p Will a.a ftturtet. of Button, i">riM N: />pril I, lat S4 Ian 74 4", i?? a lauc naiatar of tro'dut-n h? dt la th* taMr. Hhip Rctcrc (of tto-ieu). U*w*?. New Orleans March , and*** Para tt.l. with anion, to. to NTUnhberda dim. Itarrb ? lat Ml If, l?n 7"tfl MW ahip William UHlHA >n j th* Unlf 9f?c?rv bid a Tory **?or* cnleot ail fr"? tha MB, i duru ( wbirfc P'&prceaaB H 'aarct. ?? Italita. "at ?fh-J arrrfc?atd from tb* topralitat fcrtcaallc. and I oat; April t. i la 3*. I?m 7? W caw a l?r^? poop ihir. wbl.-h bad apparently ' tail and cloecrcc'ed roljan ioi.??l> Phip Haiatnu ( f ft'atonl. Har'Wjr. Now OrUxaa. II date. with n. ** ard?r On ftwwda* Sit. It t |tlt ft't hi. Icat f?r? and ntla lApaa'lant naa??,Jlh-koaM aad aata , | tnpeail ale* ?t?laika M>- aku. -mi i? fc<i . t??? ; *Vhip%>''W York. Wall, htittth. I day*, with o?.tfa and | ! * fwi WilooiBiUij (t>aa). ^raaa, ratit?n,in?,iar?. wltb tou ' and nlka, to Waiaiar* a t y 4* r "Ut," lat It. laa U. aaw I whala ab<p T.ri* fii.m f?w lUtta R*ik ai^llo. JennioK*. I'tUfao, F-b JV with fruit, kc. to i I Cliabtilall a I'halra I.Ml lii er (Brotl. 1' *# f *r Trita Fraara. fA .lara, with | H Una. Mar h ll, lat ^.'<S. loa i;, tputa hrlf l.aln\ 1 | B'trrt. fr?-B> B. ?t?a for (Jallf-'ra'a; iJtn, lat Ji ft. Ion *7, tiwkt Trot l,r|/ Traiil o, 1/rtM, f-oei Hooh- la fur Nia Tart. Mdtjaant; .tilth, lat *t W loa 71. tprke tbtplhomaa (af P .t< r I I* alar from Naw Urlaant for l.l??rro?l Park ila>u<4tt t' rt i'arl a, Ronhalla. S' dajt, via Baataa, in lallitt. ta a ?annc*tc a Co. fta-k lialt) Taldl aaaon. Bf? i A>rot M daya. with Mdti, Br, to Oalr><4? 4 Kr a< r *al? 6 lat vl V. loa .*7 l(. #irkr x hr Wot'daida. M day* fr.oi Cap* d? Tarda facCali- | trrr ta. all sail. Hark rwad?t*> ?a (ol Ba h), Sklfloa. 1t?*?* 9 dayt. with aii?ar. kc, ta Nran'tli k S*>i a A nil 1, lat ij 47. Iva 7d SU, paaard a Urff B<iiut*r t f molaa*a> Iibda. alto a urcok fail ol am. with v.aata and ba ratrit ( r*. Bark J J 11 a thorn, !*oiatl. Ktt I tit >*, 1* d n with m 4aa, to tb* Dit'tr n?? pa-)*M?r A; il I lat T3 tt>, li i: 74 aaw ilia hall of a d'rtua"-4 t>t ti. fall vf waiar. ? th antra I l?ir? on tba a tar board # tfa: had k?~a la that aitaatloa hat a abort Hire lad a * hit* xrchod m. t.Jin* paU tad ?a har*i?ra. with a whi?* atr*>k ' n !i<tr antrV : law d-alu hid who <1 I on tl* tl'lar: wtt trom 111 ta IU tint harioca, Tbara b*ia( ( I *tti r?a an at th< tlina. oc?ld n t boat I bar. I'ark MatB^arr, Joharot, how Orlttiii, li day*. I* I D lltitlhei B Co Btrk l.acy BI1*n (af R?tl?a|,C ia?. N?w OrUant, tt day*, lit auaar, to Badger k I't' k Ma'ali ft, lat ;1) laa 7f M. i|-1? nit J??f? an i?u>i?r, i nn r?n f if t'artland. Pur* I'iailla (?f TImlmui), Bartlal- MakUo, 1J i ./?, ! ?lih r?.M i.ltR V Troady. Baik aan ( ( BnuiiM), 8"-lcM. Motil*. 17 4?/A alih enltaa. I* tl.a auut. r(iW??r Utu), lttuiii.7 hfi.tlili ^Ml, M D?th'm * t 'Ufl. Mrtf Mir?%-?t BHJar ( Br). lilM. Faraaakata, 17 4a ra. la Latitat, u Sltlkia k Iroawrf.a Hr ? lllaakrli. Ba.Iaarn <* ' I' d?T?. with ladii rak- . tar. tc >1 R i orslai April t Ittffill.lit 71 '? ?p n l?a kara i itnt: 4 h. at lei llark. r. >IU tha lat.d it a'(h'? ?r ka a) ip Ji ha Mrmek, af Ua.lavatl, hoaad u Naw fjrk, atih lo?? ?f rtiddar. Brl* Tl>aa lr??krM*a(af Bar??). WhitklM'p. an a TV, liarahM mb -Jn ?, an 8 T-.wsndiaa i^aa, a< Hr* Nttvan lirek ^ la* t* <*. I?W W <rk? arlt Mar- j lb? 'ariar. Bnklaana. fri m l**a?a PI. l.u <?? tlt>a?. Slit, ! )? ."J, l?a 7t ?' x k?ata4 a'taaii ?V a >??rk ktw.w a klai nal vi'ha?h.u4 < ?!<: ? l?r 1 i. lal Si Ji. laa 71 *t, >(< ! kark Cbatlaa tar Batt<m?ra. I I Hr ? B'ua Blla* (Hr) Biajataa. iaia. IS 4tjra, Ithjptaaata. la ih? ?a?t?T. I biifUikwlM. R* it. K? J?r? 4a Caka. Varak H. with aaara kr. l? J Tti. Hr? r rxnio M>a< KtMtallli.O|lit Varak 14 vtlk ' 4, k to J I U'ala B N?p1a?. Va-<-i>ll Iti II 11, lai (111 .|?k? kria ?r-iatla I ?rr-.?aia). |)Jafifr?n k?a Trrl ' far Taa>tla", ar>4 ?[>..Uo4 s?r|?nh | ro? at?.n tut lal M II. ' 1 la?7l> f ip?r" fi'u ? k*a?T ??la I' n> <k? N K I ? nUt. ' ah?4 h.. ' rail a, ahiftaJ 4- -k Uad. aai aaaaai tha tatitl to Irak k- 4It. BrU Lr "?i?a|al Parrr4?a|. Bradbury. Cianfaagaa. Varsh K.viha tar la Stiaaipaaa I hiaw. Bid la ><> ?.-.h kt.f flartaaa Frppir lal I >k I < Brt* BTrvnclof (a'ata). H!U. Ckafiia?aa SB dan with I 1 a?ar m4 ra< la*a?a. ta Ik waan B Haiiat l.>t kni Ihaa ' ??4 (e' Bariip^ll I* '|nar*r<?aa. vitk tPta'1 pal ><a i k?ar4 lr*ll latll Hi lia 7* ? i^-ki karkM?ra?a4. af a*4 far B<??a. t* h?w Orlaana. a?? tk>ta ukiat af ' kha . apialr ?ad lw? aaam#n fraaa a rlMMt kalll >? fraa Warrar. * '. ??>4 fy"m CarJ'-tiM '?r Ba?- a. Ca?l B'ftr- I la>4 Bl ? ki4 hr?a?rt? aia-xlirr ??4 naaat al*a(ti4a. with 1 raila *aak?4 aval alaaa?u<?4 '? k*4 ? Ita 4>ad I - m. ( Ua ll T ! ? ni'rl?"d rat] h?*?r ? ? r.?r <>a >? ??h I all ta a f a'a fV' i? t> * N > " . '" > '"""k I?a4 af 9 kk4a ?f i tiila'tM ar4 ?hifl?4 tha ran* la tk? haM. aai aahark-aa aa4a Inp half aa k.aar. ap.ll fara upaiut atayaall. aau ra MI?b4 ?t) ?r ilaai(?.t Rr'? Ha'art** rarfhM*. Ma?a*tr<tk Ttitt I*4?t?, ?''? Aa'tait. ?? J H Br a tar A Co * tklt, lat ?>, Ian X r> It krl? J I Ujiab. nt ?? ?..? ft'at M -kit* far A..atnn, I t 4at? fcatas St. lat *1 y> If 71 #u. #(>- > Ml* Rhta Rant, III ilatarr m Fkltnttk. 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Clark. t'uau' t a > t?a. li/daya. hru < ?/< ?* t>->ri?. Vaaaoaaar a lalaad. 8 **t*. < k.iian til,- Ula F*h*ldtr. Va<parai<? .'<iday*. 1C?Ship Bsa?ai I'rrv. Dratr, Sim T?rk. !* > day*. BMp Hvra Rockwall Bauia*. Baton Hal day*. Skip t alutaa'. Uiihbard. Stoain*'**, ?H daya. tia. k Macnuha. Bairaw N*w ll?"n. U7 day*. Er? bri? Marian W aw a. Eaant, St!u?y. I <7 daya. Uaii aehr < *i Uaa aui Jokaaa*. rtadriaak, Vaiparalao. .'<i daya. CIJUtKO J&a SI ?< b tkip r*aa?akllaa. * iadar*. S*r dwloli laland*. I Ship Osaard, c*l?. *aadai*k Uiaaita. I" k 1-M.ipt Park tat. Coiltaa. Sai dalcfe lalaal* Sacraaual*. Baaaa. (>rt??a. hbr Jrr?aaott, Malluay. rataaa Bhir HaaaaJi, C?<tBi*n. >*rd?ick laiaada. Dri( Baa HwUn 1r>aid*d. ? Bb.p Inuliaa. Cal*. S?4al<ih lalaad*. 7 Br'sai l"??*r Pli kail, !>aa Padr* ll*rk 1 O Bruaaa, * au?loH. B?a lMa?". B'Ur If V***h*w. May. i*aa l>l*f >. P-Kkr >aa. uv n, I'lavalua. n.adwioh lalaad*. I.V- Fliip TLi aia* I'* iiUi Bodgara, *?ud ?i*a ulaad* fn.r riai rt Itrradi, Id ?arda. B*au*f*. 15- BMp I* itil r. p M ntr, P*a aaaa. fr?r I t !,aaM. ?t>dawh Itladi Jl>? Baik l.'trn. /inc. 8i?rt Payta. IV? Baik Lacy Paa*iB*a, Cwtiln*. Ttlpawlaa. ftcb'otiar Ootalala Uorta.a, Baa Utaga. ?I- Bark laaia. t< J#-ra. Valparaaaa. J! -B? W Maaua, HataU. CaVaa i. IS--Alia IWal.atiia, l ulir ?aiaa I?it?d?. Bail Barah ll. eptr n<..p?t. TalparaiMa ?4- Hark Jua. rluav llalay, M-awa'cr. P. bvaaar Baa Juaa. Maariay, Cap* l.maa ftb'our laxatiaa l'i I n*>taa l|l?a. S-ltip Haa'oa. Trathy, CaiUn. ^arU(ii lull*. Lcttaa B*aa par aiaaana laaW, far Oaraaat laalhw aar. ft Oharlaat??. at 1 N..r*l<araar. fa' iu~ Ju?r> aad i Vafparaiaa, will alcta at Uta Uaraid aU?B ta day, at 1% i r*alo? k. l.aiaat lw< a< ataanara laabal, far llaaaaat Saathanarr?T Clarkaua. aad Narxt^rmar rar kla Jaarir* aad r>lpara ?a. ?111 al??a at Ika Barhaaaa Raaa, 0 baktaia, W all atlfai. ta- day, at >H a ala*k. llaraM Baniia i arraapandanaa rMit.aDat.rMi*. April B?d P ? *rri??d -B'ba Baralaa, Pari aa Baa Vark: Bala, Caata d?i hattl* Riah. Pr rlaaaIni ItlkNW lairaaa. Maluaora i 0<-ad?taad. Vila,.*, I Mia ataaniar PaBabaaat, Bayaaar, Naa York, kataa tftia, f>rah*a. d" Claarad- - ftrtra Otaar'. Maara, Baa PraBaltaa: Barrtat*. Tolakar. Mart' rd. arhra traada. HaCardv, Br.t a. )Titat It lUard. da M.aaraa, biaalak. dakl'i: laaoO I I ata'ar. Naall, Barf. Ik Bota, Caata, N -rvalk; t Oaadapaad, t* llai. Uartr. rd, Parpataa. braka. NTarfe. Hlkt a? Itmiii ft* *aa aaal aalaaa*. Snip Ci tBaaoa-Va tara Jaat haaad that tha ahlp (Tlarat aa. aa Bar raja fa 'rata Liaara^al baand ta kaa Orlaaaa. >aa ?ra<-tad atar I art Barta tlarlaafallaa afc?rt af watar aa B rdraad*| I*at. IhalBtb a at, ah* aaat la a k^at'* ara a b> Part Maria far a aaaply. aad aftrr itaadlaf ?l aad i>a fat ma tlaia. ah* aaarad tha abar* ta ntaa* bar ?>aa-. la aadaannai tal.rla* bar r*??d aha ai*aa? *>aya aad tra* taially vrarkrd aaar CaaMa Uardaa, ta Bt Barr ?han aaa laft Liaarpaal ana aaa "anaaadtd ay CaptaU Jama* B vaball, a >1 a kih Pah, at half paat 1*1, it la anaanaad that l>a aaa daatall) fall a?a?kaard aad ft? 'faa??4. Tha aaramaad aaa th'B aaaaai* by th? Ba*t Bat* Tha "l'l*r?aaa~ -a* lata Mlltaail aaalha af tba ataaba Ika aa< atattM V a* karthca. i ar aar** aaB>t*t*d af aalt la b??a Tba nt? lad *11 tfcair alfaat* war* **rad.-( Eiafataa ( /*) Staadard. ar?h IB. Bat* ff*r<MBfta, Oarriah, haaaa far VaklK pat tat* fh*rla*t*? lit I a at, la *latr*** On tba ?'ib ait lat >11 *. Itk 7* y. IB rh* (aalf, aapariaarad a kaat) ?a a fraa 1*1 M N? ia**l?p *Baat llbaara, ahtrk<am?d aaar B*iat*p(*laa 'rnaat. aiaia'ap?ajl at ta* h>ad *pli< tka aa> a aad aaaa^ rB* aa>*al ? Irak tadly. Slat, abaa a 11 K. paaaa* rrtf Tritala. |<t B aid. .bar*I baaad ta Maa > urk. I yla? t* aad-r talaaaa r**f iryaail. Baaaa day at !){ ?' paaaid a tall r^ryd krt| aItn faraaatt t*aa tlatt a|?kt f**t *b*r* ik* *ia Ot Bit**, fradlakaa, at RaMaaar*. ffaa t* to ha*, Ph. anatit-aaad **I) raaah vaatba* aa tba a?a*a?a <t kai.r* if d*ak. aa* k*d ?* ihraw aaarBaard IP l>ada ta -lata** BrMa karita, D i>a, at r>.l!*d*lp i*. 'r?>B Naakarypcrt. It I * tlark i* * *da*aday a>*ht. Wiilat at a*ha* ?l ,'..a*a*t ttaat al.arf ?u ra* lai* kr a-aaia' a*t H'bart Marti*. ftr.B b a*M*'ky t klob rarnad *??? Ha>|r I Jta ?* ruaaiaf. t?t? rPr' *rT' 1 I alaa ???t ail??l <-a??l?.?nki? 4?aua la k>? ???-t -tit, HtuniiH/ 'r*? bun ! a-?n ? atafkvarl WhalMiMb lla MUtala. al ?? dartor. kaa ri? UflMlka kfta#. I a< ?.?<! >? r?r? r>m ?. c?r? Tm4 lalaa'a. (V>? |?, Ow?, I h ?.< ?* ! ? ??? ?a> |. U ? ? ? ?r"? ?. ? ?ti l??k ?lx tt4) HHk, ilth' -via, I >t>f, NK, tail >M h*? 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NUrlaaar, Atkana, and ' MlaBMota Mnhllr; Italy Charle*t?A. B arait A, Bareh tl - Bark Aheoaa (af An(l*t?), lalohd for Enrope: and other* before rep?r'e4. ; Bai-trat. Bar oh ? - Arr H?hr* ladaa. Day, NTork; 35th, Lark, Urihtrt do; 27th Ad?nia, Duabar, do; D PM lip*, J Small. AUiaadrla. Ud !7th *ahr Myrtle. Webb Mf irk. J?omkl Mar?h Id?Sob* f^vmaak. Mltohall. J ait arr; Mar- 1 tba kfaahuwrtaa. of Pl>month, ta Uat* fur Buitea ia 1 day*. Bid brig Kbeaia. Rotten. Lit*hfool. Peb itt? Arr *hiai Piyaeath Raok. Ca'dw*lL I Beetoa. ttriaye; Rob?. C Wiatkrep. Baapaoa. NOrlnkaa, 33 J oay*. Sid !! ?. ahia Waahinitoa Irrinj. Orrhaa, Be*toa. < Moitraau Bav. Ja, March U?Bchr Baiaa a Mary, Cr*ck- 1 ett, fr< a Rilt'mira Maniami.i i. Mareh 14?Ship Fratieaa. lllii, far Dottan, 8 d?y<; hric* Knhert PennoU, from It Jag* for Bokton, 8 day* Keren*, (tern and f-r Boaton, 10 dava. 1 Haiatui Feb 14? Bark J \ Jecnran. for Sun FraacUne, j la Han Bl*?, with na<aenrere, ta a til in a f?w day* Paaama Marob 17?V>aonhip? Ten-<> > ?* Colt, frea If 1 Tork. arr llth. IV>r f*?a Franoivoo; 15th Panama, Bailey for ' do, April I; *hipe Albany Sherman, for t'allao and khe ITai Boyt, aioro ahip frr the Paoiflo Mail Company; tfooorie, 1 (Brl with oral far tlo; f>alii>hury. I t?r) do; btrke Joha 8 Gardner Ped.-r?en, for ?an FsmrJw i few riaea. (hat a foil e. mptimoat of aaeoenFen.); Palmotto Rich. f.>r do, w* p?.- , aer?ern. J W Cotiln. Morton fir do (mm* tltta'y; fnitti, Burt, do do{ Annf, K<bu.aon, for da, Alpena, 'ray, do; Croton, Crocber for do; i?tte?a trrm Sao Pranal*co for aale: anahnaa,Starboak. (etoroabip) une; tVariaea da; Sarah, do; Pailo, d<s bri? K W Brown, tpaoJ. from 3aa Franoieso. arr IStfc; achr P)yun*k, tiro Md March *?Ship Glen more. Clark, Sna Prane!?io; 6th. Gre)honnd. Clatpola, do; Mth. Mariana, Banker. do; bri* Din heoiri ?ai?n(#ht,?. Arr a' do Slat-- Steam* r (dragon. 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Fort Bo*al. Ja, March k - Arr i h By FitinralJ, ?, Net folk. St ricauto Citt, Feb 10? Vhr Cabot, 0*1 ac, Datatrara, arr 9?fc. Pa* JfA* in i na RrwKt>i??. March JC? Bri| Cbaj Heath, Jnat arr from Hataaa for NTork in a f?w dart. St Joint nb, March 19?At oohr Mart Chaee, Banery, Philadelphia Ft faun IW Bad), Mtroh IS?No amre?t..|i In port. 8t Jaou i a Ciba, March XI Barba Shiloh, Beara* aae; Wiiran Bllweli, aall-d foe Trieate thelRth; Slboola, Cim?bell eld for Baeaaa tb.o llih; brl*a Alelo. /.interne, f ir Kaw Turk, aoen; lalieta tt'ia*)<>w. for Doa'oa aeon; R>bt Dennel, . nno: Maxwell, nartlett. from Bermuda; atiled for Raeaaa tbe ID'h Koaaath. i arr from i*bl'a ahoat the 10th, aad (Id for Cienfu**oa; a'htt Mat* It Cilia, Dyer, on*; John A Cook. Smith aid for Fall Hirer the 3IM. TniitipAn na CvnA. March 17?Barka Suany ICye, S?nborj fer f>r*?o? ia 10 da*e; Fraaklia. GiVi*. Irom Bietia, rrl5?l; briaa Henry Suck, Wnodaide, Id* fjr NTork; Orion. 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Baa?-?) .lo; Jar.o A Rrra>y. Barloa. (99 data from Bangor) do, ??|,r kdnatd L Frort Firort, (101 daya from B^nxer) de; i V. hnrba tarlb. Marehail. do Aaae, (Ham) da: Pe*t?aa. * I eoda fclo Janeiro; bri? Archelaa. Crooky. *un Frane oor i Jen ?ih e'lpe a yndaat. Matt, dcOepray (Daa)dorbric I JoLaaae. (liaa) do. * lloaie Porta. BALTtaoan. April V-Arr bart B>rtaita?a. F'rrraoa. Bio do , 1 Jaaoirc. bnpa IHeroa. Prndlotva. St Jebae. Fit; Mathnra*.. i J Mooter, Fnraambnco; Morraret. Bill, t'toafnerte; Friaoeaa ' ?<-) ! vM.n uffrf ?. ntiaaik fur i"<"aiia, ti- J taiBr?pt B?ltw-bark tt*rSa>d ( Hraaa.B), I.l?.rr Blaa B M it J mn karka. (.14 t?.iB Plaatay. l.tnU. |M Iraaata-a Sid *' ? I'laaarr. I'kild Mn rrti' Mt.Ctl 111 " M*tl tiiisit Sura): lrt*t Oraaa. Watar Wlkah. Quiaay Ella* Mlrii. aad Naka. aakr ku> Crakaa. r.n. K. Airtlt Art kvrk a B r?'v Ba?ird-J?.Okarlaataa; 7 Kr'ya ? ? ? ard ( a> I. Kak I-1 aa *| Martiaa; Frank. Caaraka, At Jndia >lillnM.TktUk?r, Bt:Ua?(?; Jm * h (TwaoiitM. WTark. aakr* ckkra. Barry, kkka>r< hi B rd fladfrat; A>Uli?a k K tlaa. Abh and B*?u,a. Trtaik'a. Phtladaiykla; Oraalia. Fa?<kUa. Mfark. > At ijaa/aetia< Bantam Craak?r. U?*ry?*l f t??a (Br>. if it a. i M iHIh f?ili*atal, . Brrwa. Iltarr. al; Uta-r fiill. .?aa Praaai,.aahr laiatf*. I < rrll. Nt? Trrk aad 4l> aaf Naihiaa Hark Malaa *j liatn.f r Balutatrt. did aak ? la ih, kat haalad ta at " khaartatf. _ ? I ? n*ai atro*. Aptll 1?*rr kark D G>4'r?j. T?aa?. T>rk. kru Jtai*..?? 0?t ?s. da. <a*a Bit) a?hr Balakar. * Drtaaaa da. la tkr >Sai ibl^ Calaakla. hhmm. H lark ala*.a ' rl?. CH krU La-'alar. Hkianar. Baw Orlaaaa. Hid , ' i'?aaiM| l?a*al. tukkiaa. tla<aaa aad Kay Waa*: at. i pa Jaa?, i kr) l*ru. t.iaaiyaal. **l>Uaa, whika. N Tart. I a i l k <ra. A (>* ' J ft d umm i Bordaa. T?rk. U ? Aaa It Bolnaa Alk?ay 14 V. an a i kim f-lK BraW? Ottawa, Uiary-al. likart _ * ! ??. Baara. f Haw P?iu?t Barak 0?Arrakaatn V.? OUW, Raakaf, * Hrwt taauar; iHc Vaatlmar, Cob*, NVurk C?. rat 11 a, . L Plaa<kard, H>.at*a. CH th'y Tiaelaoa. Pr?*-naa. Union; i Btl?taa kark Nana J?yb. B?rt kvn V>p iaa, j f* I'watr. Baataa. ^alif-rtl* 8'aaar, Pklla krift Ctrl. oa. E r?r?y. *o>i?t, JraayLttd. Oaac*. I harliwt < a?rir Mary | Utaa Willi.tea kiituu ltd I avkit. Taatd ka na 11 at. , Ma Jaka C Calkan* | *' K.. a i i ? - ai r i j An *ka?? *ktiu r.rkj !*tw I ?a-t?B; S| *al?aarali far*) ?a. IW'laad Glaaa.t. 'n t >rl, Bar r? , ntk. Baa"a. *' B ?a??? r ftrril* ?n aUart Wm f?bb, >' ? Badf?rd far *' ; B?rt k,n?r Tar* nrk r?f S l'erk ? Bbw Btl-rnli ?t' i trr ?mr ?*a<r*al, rli*d?'?b. m P'??ialn. ,<lin lloatrttrt. R ad. P>-.'.a^ i; hla 5ar?h. rarry, BTftk tr < a Bar*. Jaa 1--&<*rt ria^a'Bla, Wiar. Bart Ta?1->r, " Wki?? Jar T'h. krtr F-rr*.', W iit- ktrk Ha?*B. 9all| ^ iaa lk-k. Haar t'la. Liiiib, ktrk Ellit. lul ht t. Ja? l?>k. kn? tlin r*. *i 'rida- it* |#o. >-arkt Birraaa, *a??i Ar? Ftkitk, F'atd*t . IkJ.bk, Finl>|*?*i kmii. Ila l; L. Jaka rrftar. tiot kti? 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Kuji |?rMii *kt baa* ktea d if f'l tea t<tm *> i?ea% rmi. and were aaljeoi to ?m ear ltuaH<?. ha?*, ?!> in# on* or tw* tettiea, lore on a.nd* Mag ??rlf?t j well it baa uur*d cim of Ma. Mw?i ul ?*? thirty loan atandia*. f Jaifera*. Mi daly k) (IBM* HOtl | Co . BBoTH MS. &7 J.fca M. ' * |\BAD! FOB A dwoatr A-/ Jin tpriukU Lyna't P*wd??B wb*f? AbU. rvubw,M b ?. ma'* 'lie'r Mr. Aad rf tkee* iaatou <> * to*'II iw That But a tra*e U left haAtad. W bit* rat* mm! mic? h'l Mt?li I'M* Be"i rat to *1**^ at*la*t w fir wllm * ad tb* lufiai on T??r arta. Nor i'lUa, Mr P*wder*. *'*r a^ald harm. b i.tom. ?3? gr?4warLooi at u:i3. and. -i l'(?-si 11 i.i avjvib w<t i a* aaa t thaaaaad* aoffjr from that drtadlul dtaei** yap*p*l? ?k*?. by ckil B* opu Dr Coro.ll. the* oa* k* aiaeiliately naied. U a tyatam i* nan o? the ?<> ? ruedrat aiM'/verlea of lb* a<e fr*m th* f?o' that a* aedlota* IB idmlnl*t*r*d internally; blj aft?r uad*rt?<a? <h? *B*r>M*? be patient feel* entirely oliangel. frata that laagtiia, d?U aaaation, whloh pariicu. j-ly t" Drtc?p*la t* that of lerf-et health. All ?h- are -fllioteJ t all and V* "*itIi*nL lite* Wo. -KI4 Br*adway. eatr*uo?la FrankUa ?iti>t Rkau WHAT bulwkk j*at6 with kruabd tb Watt*' Nertua* Aatiilot* " in Widca-dtr * Herald:-'li la; p*r*o?a are a"* ?blnt?d w tb ??r? >ai< J-Mhtr pr*a:rati?a. D??ralf.a. or aiiT kind *1 aerT?u. ortpwaodia >JCao;uoa. it thairrwn faulti. A powerful an I a*>it??? a*reiaa taa te*a dl>*??ur?d that will at < *** oradl^ ?ie f rt'orttia ?< !>. atala of b?it'?n. lmteolly or tnab-Uty; It 1? the awl ?oiid?ii'iil aad powerKl nudir ii e?cr di-c-n'rcl Sai >li. Oh* [a i-.aii n a? va l>ol.>ro thai ilMklB aad lt? laui liak f tome nt tli" moat to<pe<-t ika a-n iu ih- oii> aa r*ferea*a*. (I a vc;U*. ( a doten 1(K wbitati atreet. aeat by *ipr*?a k* ay pi.rt<lh*a*r cy re ten ?d ir meB-wtaal. Doctor comvbus' imtigok tiau cuboialThe oniy reio-^y yak dlaenvared ur Halml wetland tiid i'p*ininal amia-i' Bi a<> ri. now iBefipuaiMbtinf for aaty bnriae**, or aa'rimony. AtfeeilnaH of the b*a?, ka*k. Illy raaioytl. t'i ? huula. b >ttl*? f.>t S-r>. wtt?? airao.iocm >.> d twportaot ?Oih* to tf..? ii<lataxia. D:. Otuitir M Third avruuo, bci?Mn Tontk aa I Morta.k ifMl*, No# York. wlioro ho ii contulv-4, the roriiial akta<a*4 M? forwardad to tboouuatry. (uti-ptU, i^oa rsMAi is and *Ai.ts.-ua. la hz"tte"S juhq V t-ordia), or Proorwmto I,Mr. praaorlbad M la effaortrk raaioiistra in oaaoa of Paoility, iBipnW-iiuy. nr Kitr-ona*. ltd all :rrr(vluiUM of aatura. It ii all '.o*t t nrnfnaaaa ta ko via:?Na'ur 'a Oreot Raatoratlaa, and roraeay for thaw la tho married atato wiihoat iiftitrta*. Itiianartata emn for aMiLii >a um>?. rraoral d?bi< ij, (tltct. ?iMu? m IkaRcaUU orKhuf, be.Toaa ofloottona, In' .rrirs. M aa iiv rifit ratia^ madiciao it ta araqaallcd. M>? t otrvtta rta?iy for Itcipiaai conaamptlor and led.*. "'Ion, told-aly ? Tfca jaly Araocirta Ak-o>?, Si J ka milt K. B.?Alao In Buatua. at l? Tramoat Row T<lA tiARRlfcU WOM An S PRITaTB MBOlt: VL. OOft. panioa By Dr. A. M. Ma an com. Profaaaor o? Pin af >f dwell-T?ith odrton, I " py Vi) Pti ?, (1.?'Tmm >(, of ph?ai<-al aad a??ntal anjuiso to maay aa a*> k^uvaau wif?. and wumtr, JiW-c'uat to tv bojiiaa^ i(ht bin boon aparad by a a.i ly r?aM**ion ft thia vnft t: U tata-adad oapeaially d* t^auirritd. or taaK-vat lh<1aV aa nirrlkn u it dl?o!oaaa important oerou whiok rhi?M ?uon tn thaa partimilar.y Vo tl.oaa mh ea Malth doe* not p*raiit 6:' in itortam ?( Atail*, it ta of aopoaial impnrtaaoa. Uoro, al?o. ovary fotna'a-?ha wii'o, ibo mvtbrt? the oaf tllbar kaddlaa iat-a womaahood. or tho oas la t)<? d?-imo m rcaro, la ? h-1? naaur* aoat>BipUtoa aa iibi riant rhaaga >xa diaootor J?o oaaaa*. yirr.toir*. ir> i tba mot stf.oKA# -9n>?'li?a. and Boat oortaia icio of aura. U a*?ry o^arialM to wkioh hi r aai ta an' J?< t. I Xttraat af a Lrttor ir-.m a Caatl?a>ac ta D*/t^a. Of.i"v. 1 fiArroa. kayl. <StfT Da. A. V. aPKioaat My ifcar nu:?My oifa haa baa* piroovubty aiat**,. tm man tl rro yaara or mini, in o?nao.|?in'ia ol Uar ?raa: ainrx^B u>d aoffirtaiooiaa aoat'>a6af?rc aad d-> i.u?'m eoiBaf iTary ta?Moaito aao m?io and nnra delilfn-ed aa?. pr"4?rate >d bar. patua* bar lifa in iniulaeat dai>??>. aad arluok *?a a tho laet oaraaioa. de?r4","? 'toe 't-d tiiLi tbiiatMaol iuaca wva ia?*i'aki?. auTraalgued aayxi' tv ma>.' tho 'ff't kttIiUtln.0 (now aboat two moaCit), 1 hoard year k-xtfe ilfhly apokoa af. < aontaialax iom? miftora roaokiM -nj 'ar?. On ita raaxlpt aad i rnaal. I oaanot ainraao to yoa ?M otiof It a!tr?lad ny dii>trs?rd ai.ud. and tho jof ita pa?M aiporiod to my wlra. na Iramlaa that Ik* put dltooraiy m t. M. I>e*oataai pr? ridad a romadr. Hopanod a j raapraa** na wklob I l<tt!o eoeo'lTod waa ptaaikiit. Hat Inr tela, op? irothar tear would ban r? wad ovar a> haad. la all Mrvaai iribabDIty. my wife woald Lara baas ta kar arata. aad mB iMMrxa Irft a>otfc< rlraa. It la. nf ooaraa, imaraaMaabla taaanot ma/a fally afca 1oa a ibjoo'a trvatad uf, u tkay ara i-f a ci "an atrtcMy lacad ad lar tho marriod. or tfeo?a aoa*aciyU?*c( ar rnaca. For aaia at Ot Broadway, aad at tko PualiaMaa U#"?, HI Ikariy itroot, *i?w Tork, LdtHa It Co . Ai:.a y~W. K I*rla. Boatoa; T. B. Potaraaa. MChoataat atraet. Pbiladetpbtft. Oa tha racntpt af tl. a aoay wtll ka tranaaaitiad ky nail, rao af t.atait. to Bay aart of tba Uaitad littaa. All lattaaf aaat ka addraaaad ?aat aatd. v> Dr. A. M. kaanaw. ? JU. V.w Vork aity. OdToa. m Ukarty a-jnat. ^tMlKAl. DllllltS.-DOCTOB lUkULlkil IB ta I J pcitr*i1 dr of n*? Parlalaa fur u" aVjrt n? ?tic*. Ha baa rar?4 au; wt -> wars tr-ai. <1 r 1 r*??f If it *Ip*rloa0*4 larlxw. I'rlss fV Oaa b* I rvrvJil by WT DaaglUna. M. D., um S.iwf. > *? Tort F?4 iah. Dli OCTOB lOUBBBLf I'HI f ATEI-T-- Dt !l ('IWT#-? by bmm of ikt I'mUi A??U#iu, or (?itr Ob* Ull >wb Phyaioiai.. Twsaay-i arth ?ltti >p. wiili m h ba?4-tl Prt?m l>t**v?aa *a4 *at>rmaHoaa at a?<r>HT<?va**at I* artry . .pa *a<l i :.i> by llU.? I'evBf. M D.. I'rUult ol tha lairaraity f V"n.--ylTta?*. rb* *kti?m lorBU rl l??n> Dl*?>.a*a, Sana i val N < mjt ao. Ot*. Mri el tha Pro*tat* <ilaa4. lapulat.i). 4*ltt?ry t.*b^:**B fsatA. a*a faitufally <J**-r b*4. aa4 all tha ra?>r> etn to >Uia laa. a?* Tha *bapt?: <>a Mr Afcw.p ??1 hnwl W.abaaaa. 1* varUr af particular atwauei, aa4 *haal4 ba u< by rrtrj ui>*. Titu aaa, ?ho h?*? b**o antsrta*ato seatrasata.; t *? ?*. i>r*?t >?< W foaraalaa* ?u( b? tan -fuy ifUr, b? an;?r?fi' [ i rv?a>iawaaf is. f*t assay *f Una traly att'al vsrfc. Sir uaar* Tidtlaa ii* H%?. partlsalarly *b?*a *aai-r pit'iot uarneaa. 4m1 Aiab si r?tarat*f h?a* aitbnt a wpj -f tb* CmM Ab?* ar>'i*. Va aapteaaa aai paraoaa i*uu au. abaaM M?BM X I'phi'i Tr*atias i-i> ?arra*?, ih* Pock*! ttrc iUMB*. *C lasry Oaa Dl? Owa Phyalstaa Aif fmi n*4Im laaatf Irt casta a*iua*4 it a latter, wul r*a* . * m .r? af bits ?9b. h* sail; ar Ma e?riaa ?n b* scat fer a* > d?lUr. A*HbmDB. ?l. TOVNO. IN lK>N *tnM. Pb laHalaM*. ,rdht Mia by b arti**r I Ttaanii Ul Im*4?q]>? Tsrfc. fT N PARA t.l BLBt> BCOCBBS IN CUBING PRITaTI U l> ?-*?**. B*aiaal WaabntM. Iaa?i*a*y, Hp altOm>1*1 at*. ft*., b* UK. DBIaNBV. 41 I.i*p*mr4 *tr*at? a**ff lio*4way. ill* practlca la thaaa kr?D"a*a n ? il bras* aa ba Diott < jt**ai>e. rs*ps< tabls au4 tif axfal la tha l'at*s4 l<ata*. Ma aaraury n**4. Oasalaa taaal a psrtsd.*al PI Ma B * Dr- pa. PM KIT ATI DISBABB CCUSD IN 0*1 DAT. BT A laaal appUeattoa vttbaal rata. * rictim* rt aar*t hatitaaaa taljr *a a pwaaavat *?r b* an aaura ><w t?4a froai aaj attar la (hla aoaatrr It ba* baaa a**4 l<| a an la Bar'p.. with aaeovaa ta ateri *aa>. IX. l*saa?^ I Baa'*i a?ra*t,ha* aaaaa Aaily. whiab War* baCUJ Ut* >lfc*ff "hpatalaaa InlH far tba rara a? famala Irraaaiarlat**. IL DM B. iOBNBOII, HO. M DOAMB BTBBBT, SO *KI haavB la Ui PaMaaal f Aal.qat- linaal -Tha Daaaf'trByatatlaa far akill la lba?a k*JI-rrr*4 aaaaa thaU bafl <i*i*4 lor raata, la p'?*c laaat. Caaautmaaal waaksaa^ ?laa a> a iiwilltMi aftaiatily awi BaaaMam a f??r Itfb _ DHL HORBIV)* IB <XI*FIDBHTIALXT i OHari-TBB aa 111 fara* af priaaaa 4l*aa*a* A praaat.a *f a? ra? an aaattaa bta ta eara farfcaala withaa< ataraarr. IU ? aaa* raatata4 la a 4ay*. Btivtur** ao4 aaainai w??Baaa ha laradabl* aatas- A aai* ar an tea. Ba* Mi L?4a? Ipl aaa la b*a * **. MH Fnlt*u ?i?at [IB. I OOPBB, H DBANB ITIUr <ribUBB TiM \J tlaUa* af ? *** *<* p*r-'i- tha fa. .*( Iiihn-la, **p*r Mr- 1 eat J at? I ron-ra* *4 liuya, aa4 appitaB a a 4**?<(, wbe pr*Bi**a la *i ra a a a rwk. I *aaIaaa4 vltb baa lira aoatba aaa wa* *ra4a^ly (*f?a?S oraa I Iliad aararal 4. tare, bat I* aa Aab a*aala4*4 ?* g* t* ta* bopital. abar* ba * tvra t??? mm a4*r a avaraa af arraar? far a i waaba My ibraat aal CM wrra rlsrrata*, aaia* I* ayjolai* an4 W41. a**avaB ub Blaaaa I ?aa a ?aai.u ? ??r?* II 4*aa*r*' to r*? ? aay wtmrt mrtitlf mi *"* ko?i?i.r? aliatto. I l?#l tk* Itwfiltol. m4, Vf Mm itvl** *f **'*ral fit*a?a, i4a<-*4 ajMir >1<H Tnt >HI i?ir?(Ju(m; lui. rlit rwtli w i?li I M m< mtwl . I tai'k. URRkN. Bn.klay** HhIm. y It BOIOAL BOOKA-A CUIfLPI rRACTlOA* ' work. ih? MtinwJ mmhi #f pn*a** 1!mh? u4 *1) kiu4r*4 iInUmi ?T lk? ntiar; mi" onwlktiotM HBM>r fc~?*ufatlv *>.Wr*4 Hn? IW|| Mtlk by B*a*r I.I. I.aiaa ? M *41 Mm. Krtoa >10 lilnoi ti-m tta liwj iM ?>'r?l?l Jnttui"" ll to nil. iMtWalk Mlftil M lletH'i ?r ItM'l *?? ? AllMMfM# iHmhii. U< far niwH to aayikiaiaf ?*>* kM ???T ? Ail ?aaa*f?." A*tk*t *t Ik* ??r? *t kwM ?*?* . I?p?toa?j. * .. ii?< k? i?rr~?** haMta? ?>?*k MM**. M iliw. ?T^|l. r*? ?l. II 1.1 i*ik*??".Huhw k T*wmm4. ? Rinlway. uiW Haw ?. Mw Imlwf lA/ui iwrau -armw artidoti, a ?rmI ()" rv Mk* Hii t*r* fct Hum *# O* wntok 'kut twnra, u4 (tailar 4>??r4??*. l? m?km a ****Ty ** % iimn rk* l**"? rtotTWi;** *f 4t?fc 4riak. ??? ? , *C ra* IB *n>li?aM*a to ' a?i?a*a. Th* priptiriar lllliMi *?,)* ** * aktok *k* ?l?t*r* Bill a?? **r*, i>4*r ib* r?tliar* *f ** k??4r*4 4?n*r* ?mkq-iki IKrtnmai* mlruiMl if 4<-* ri *k* Mtiar* I* i*4*a ?h<m ,??? l? eeiav ? k^Ure, ei?kf?B 4ir**??*a*,ai ||. i>?*V,?2 .< t ??k a?aay *r?*??r*4 la l**4*f? r*r * ! k, (1. ( r IM ftiaa4war Ml ? >*< ntw )*. RAM'S. ACTIOS or TBI ** k AACTICaL rH?*t* Trt?W*a, fer -OMr* fcrara. luillA. . ? to fX , (Jto*4?y ????tto4. >-H*. ??***?wtok ?*r*ak- Tk?a* *.|y iatk* Mi:>? *ur* *f <>11411 41c *OT*. will k* *a? i**4 ? M* ?*? ?i4 r*r'4H* >( vkt nn. la ral lai. < HiliM *r ta<-<r?at. to II* Mar* *4*an*a4 u.4 4rtoM; alt* U> d?Tla?l 4lr?**a*. k* , |fr*a> r* ar4 a ??'T :?*/ ?*.,) ha ** r ctfaaus trsit 1 ??? v Y niirii ros A A.* tha ??ra c.f nittia 4hmm In **a **?k. tm K all! ?!> f I -t, aal aa 'horvvtklf iKi* a*4?i* aaanal U>? 4??"r It, Um? iiu)>uu ara ?ara<4 rh. 11m alma la ?ri*aa aat at ? ? i>n??i uu>w?4 nrl ?h la ?> ?? aaa * "I ih* tiiwit m kr. mmI u mvi I* w aa a" m*r**ry ?* U)lhi*? M if a 4all->a?* aatt-M'aa ?H tiiTfara vi<h ?*4<m*ry haxitk Ik* (I par paakar*. at Ibi l)r?g atara. IV liwrr im> ?nai ana at iha wmklitii mai. *t|f aa i n - ' a;; . *mk Iiwifr I!? TiMi-ro* rn? i ??> ?aTiow or ? mi, ??? . waa'aia that iK# liaartta lifpai.ary " ? k >itl('M> XI V a* a 'II * <! * ?* MIMRtfl . aroMa Jnrrlpla. k? l*? Nl'lllll, abtltll M?akl'<4i4 J la ! ?. rtf?i aM ?? ?k"?a??4 li?* a?a???H r >ttf M t hy ?|.a Ira* ?r; ?l ara n-?ta aa aa nnt la Ika aia*\ I a l? wall kaawa ta avra all Ka ?<-. ? la <l? (? %? rf- M >*j. hMUr'i *r4 Pf?*i tt'lti a?atl-?,|4 ?la 1a aa 4t I I) r*m*4j i*at ?lll raa-ly U?ar???'iij aa* ira<a i lv rataairaal nlnoawa. ?H.aat Irlnra aa ? ? *?aatttat<aa. j'tat l| ?li a ?Hual kaa* aa4 a4*laa fry *a?M*f. im:?iT 'Ti' * or i>u at"*Tirt m? I Ih-y It'tr rSi>Hia at "t4la*ry laiailia?aaa. Mi ? gram af h?a?- y. aiil tall yaa 1% la ?l?t aaia rrm?4T K I'll ralltaaa W p?a???4 % r?all? rara ihHW a*taai ta> It tea ?> ?k la fTika rf lawk ?n?*ara itftna* ?>f !>'< *1 a ?i*l Tl tlia-anaa IHaala- H a .1 tinir?? rrtri N?w tart rttf, la ?4i* ??lr aiaaa Ml t?aba4 I>?*?ar Hw? thaf" wU,jka4 ilia Itl^ H rfaa la ? t. !! II Illiia" li? aaara a<t -? naaj >rar. <W le?a i^tt M| m? li*? IMMI Kfcct ?t?

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