Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1850 Page 1
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I TH * " NO. 5784. ITIUKTT-FIR9T CONGRESS. HKST SESSION. Mrnate. m UOBum's MAO.NKTIC TMJiOKiWU. Washington April I, 1M0. t|l? CAUIOUVIA qt'lUTION ?DEBATB aNTWtIM HUltl BBNTON, CLAV AND After the prt<rnUllon of numoraiu petition*, re porta from committees, and the transaction ot tb f morning business, the Senate proceeded to tha eou>i deration of the special order?Mr. Foote's motion t refer Mr. Bell's reaolution to the conuulttea ot thir teen. Mr. gave notice, that after Mr. Beutoi ahould have concluded hi* speech, he would a?k th Senate to take up tha California bill. Mr. Bkktok proceeded to addrefcs the .Senate:?4'I was prop<v%e<l to make tha admission of California I part of a system ot mea'ures for the settlement of the -whole question of slavery agitation lie waa opposed t< thin mixing of sutyeets having no afllnitiea. and in fa Tor ot giving California*' admission a separate consideration and decision. upon Its own merits. Sha wa/ a Htate, and should not be mixed up with anything below the dignity ot a Htate Shu had washed hei hands of slavery at home, and should not be mix?4 up with it abroad. He waa opposed to mixing th< question of admitting California with all the question* which the slavcrry agitation had produoed. and Waking one general settlement of the whole. In th? nature ot a compact t>r compromise. The subject* . are; first, the creation of territorial government* in New Mexico, and the remaining parts of CaI lifornin ; second, tha creation of a new 8tatc -? n-uucuuo f ii ner uounuarirs. iwiiwI* meat of her dispute with New Mexico, and cession ot her surplus territory to the United HUtfn; third re| capture of fugitive slaves; fourth. suppression ot slaI Tery ill the District of Columbia; fifth, abolition ol slavery In the District of Columbia; sixth. abolition of the slave trude in the States; seventh. abolition ol \ slavery within the United State*, and a non-enumerated ratai<>i;u? of oppressions. apure^Hlotn. and enoroaehmeut* upon the South. This was tha lint ol subject*. and he against the mixture, for reasons which apply to the whole In tha lump, and to each . separate Ingredient. California had the right to be treated a* other State* hare been, when asking admission into the Uuion. none of which have been subjected to the Indignity of having their application coupled with the decision of inferior and foreign question*. lie objected to It, on the principle of fair ( legislation, which required every measure to stand tlpou Its own merits. lie objected on account of the nature of the subjects to be coupled with California ? all angry. lli~tru< tii.i: and threatening tha Union with Absolution, while her application la calm conciliatory t and promising to strengthen the Union. Ila objected fcecau.-e California bad objected to It She had prceded in her Constitution, that no legislative act should contain more than one sutuect. and 'hat to be expreaaed In the title. He next considered hia objections to the connexion of each of the proposed measured. with the question of tha admission of California. The question of territorial governments brought up the Wilmot I'rovlso, the principle involved In which kad already been settled by California for heraelf, for the purpose of removing all impediment to her admission. llow unjust, then to connect it with the question of her admission?to make her admission dependout upon the precedent settled with respect to two neighboring territories! Tha proviso Involved the controverted constitutionality, and therefor* should not be tailed up with a subject clearly, anil beyond ? doubt, constitutional. He was ready to vote for governments to the territories, and believed that slavery U extinct in New Mexico and all California, and cannot be rerived In any part of either, without positive enactments. Ila was ready to rote them benefits. without any prorislon ou the subject of alavery. but would not mix the question, lie was ready to vote upon the Toxas question, and to vote upon the proposition for the recapture of fugitive slave*, but not to tie thetn to a proposition for the admission of a new fetatr. California had nothing to do with theee qaeallona, anil no intereit or connexion with Ihrm whatever. lfor aixty year* the question of slavery in the DUUirt of Columbia, and *lavery in the Btatea. hu remained untouched; therefore, there were nn reaaon* for (be agitationa and fears profeaaed in the alare Htatea He dwirrd to do with all theee qiuationa. a* Congreaa bad done for ullty year*? let tnern alone The fact tbat the elave market la aa good, and better now, thaa *l*ty yaara ago, waa aa evidence that there ia ao d nger the right* of the date Htatw. Not oaly waa there ao danger, but he argued that CongreM kad- by the aid of the North, added *lave territory, and thai ahown It* diapoaition to build up. lnatead o< deleating. the alav eholdinf Interval Aa to the eipedieary of giving all theee autyecta to a rommittee he aaeerti d that all Uielr Boetruma would be naelea* If the good faith of Concrete, ao long proved, could aot protect the right* of the ftatea nothing eould lie reviewed the nUtory of the admiaalou of new ftatea. and cimmented upon It to chow that aa dUve Stale had aver been treated aa It waa propoeed to treat California He considered the question oi buuadarie*. eoatending that thoee of California war* correct and natural. The Ktate eould not be divided He alluded to and cmrarnted with much point '-n the vtrwe eapreeoed by Mr. Clay, laat week, oy which be wavawl the friend* of Califorcia that th* ipecdieat way of getting California within the taion would be, by eonpling her with other meaaurea becauae otherwiia *m a combination which would defeat thla inraaurr He objected to thl* capitulution by I M< gresa. ta * faction, iu Cougreaa. a* by private combination It waa ilUhoaora ble. and hi* motto wu "honor (irxt pr>a>'? afterward*." but for a<> p?-aoe with d1>kon*r He commented upon the aamnalou* eoadltioa of Caiifornia. her urgout neceeaitiea. aad the troag fur Immediate mtaeuree for her relief, and clnaed with an eloquent allualon to the deetiuy ol th* country on the Pacific Mr. Clav antaiitted a few remark* In relation to hta Ewltion on the California queation The only difrence M?" i him and Mr Kenton waa. that ha believed California would be tno*t api>t<dlly ailmltlnl la ??mblaall?n with other meaaiire* . while the Hcnatoi I tri m Mbmourl believed that California would be moal ueteufW m an iailependent mi'aaure. In aupport o( bia own poeition, Mr ' lay alluded to the facta <?( I i It. ..u mm ?l,?. , ...... > t Imm nl?n, f,.r >.. Ipurpoa* of ?b"wlng ha *u right >1* Uiaapprorod mo?t heartily of tha combination of a minority, by which ihft would rwri to lagialatlra cipedin .it t? d?(Mt irlinn opoi a maaaura which might hi fir*"] vp?l thrn Ha romleinnrd >U thi> br >M Id hfol of meeting argument by argu;aaut. raa?Mi by r?ui>n, and wh-n ha found hlumelf In a minority, to auhialt ; hat th?r? *tti- atktn who thought ditfor-nily. wbe thoawlil proper to raaort to my and all aipadianta. to defeat uruar*. and aueh being tba fact they nail tak* Man aa b* U. with all hia lilraitiN. an I act ah. cordial/. The Senator from Miaavuri had argued that there waa a daaitfti to praaa many and tnroigruow iiMnnM ii a aort of umolhua bill, tha argument waa uafaij- no one propoaad to uaita mora Ulan tha adaabudn* of California aa a Itlala tlia e.iaUi?lim oil ol territorial gorrramaul*. and parbapa tha eattlament o( the boundary of Taiaa. Tha Maaator ad alao <Ued that by miIItw tbaquaatioa of California with tha a*t tl* m?nt of theTataa qaaatloa depending upon tha ona> lit of the later Htate Taiaa wi aid ha girea tha rata powe* to the adtnlaaioa of CalihrDW l ha argument waa UIWUU'I tha propoaltloa waa to plaaa thaea air a* urea to ?aparat* aaclicna of tha una bill and la r?M of tha fhilura of oaa proportion, baaauaa of the want of aoaaaut of third part lea tha raaaiodal wonld ntand Ha Janlad that California la a Stataaba nncf ronld bo aarh aotll ah? rcaelrad tha aana tloo and Mtl af Congraaa, who might to morrow euat bar I a to a territory. Ila had no idea that California wonid try ilia haaardoua atparimaat of aapara*tn| #T' ai tha parental authority. to aat up br haraaif. a< baa beea aaid a rapahllc oa .the Paalflc. and If aha dU attempt It, ba had no doabt tha notaiaoa authority wo?IJ bring bar bark to bar atlagiauea How doaa tha aattat "land' Tha ulatara. Naw Mexico, Califor nia. Mad I lab. all tiama hara together, at tha laal aaaaion, ? afnea than California bai ma da a ranawa] matrh. and aflat hiring taken aa large a quantity <? tha common patrimony aa aba plaaaed. aow eoaan hara again with bar two tlatera aod with aa air o dladnia eoeki bar noaa and aaka If aha la to be aaao elated with tboaa alatara ? (Ureal la ugh tar ) Ila wu ron?trala<-4 to atrial*, " 'iraat Oud! apon wha< aaat baa tbla aar Caaai fail that ba haa grown aa target" (Renewed laughter i Tha Nenator In ob tec ting to a combination of m.-eaaree >e-ni?l t< bar* forgottra tha ?aaa of hla own fttata, who* edmbudon waa ?ruplad with tha M taaouri aom promtia. which waa a Aaat. a fundamental law. la aoaUai tba furl bar daatlay of tarritoriaa Tba pro poeltloai now paadiag waa to aattla tha qaeetlon Ii aontroratay by compromise Ila waa In faror of ho? oraUa aomprvaalae aapaclaUy hatwaan brethren when If wa e<>a>eada aaytblng. It la to oar aar awi eouatryajaaa Lllk Itaalf waa hat a compromise between lilb and ilaath. tha atrug^la going on almoa through tba wbola period, imu tha deairoyer la a Uat aiwraaafW Mr baaioa r^olaad mot-nding that tba admla tk< n t4 II haaourl waanroelded for la ajulat rwdutloa eoataintn* nathiag but tha art of animation and lb law to Which tltooa Blllm had r.f.rr.d alia ply pro tM"l for ili? aaa*M bllng.f eniitf ntlui, ?? f,tTtm coMtltullo* (Tba rrataliidrr of bin* war qalto InaadlMa ) Mr Foota r<markad that hla aurtton waa (*r?fcr ? i?l?t r. Jtim:Itaa who ahould rap >rt by b.ii ..r rHhol wUo, wlUi '?% '>ny il r.n ii 1-. ih.ra ta a<>nn<-ot tw cr mora in aa? on# hat bat lo aiika auab n potU M o??ia M thaw boat Aftrr roMi'laratto*. Mr Pocakaaa f-.r tUa parpoa , ofe??tin*a tvat ? .t< m n J U; Mr ? iion od ilia tall*. with a ?l?? la taka up tha (aliform MB Mr ('* wm In Ibror of Ihr onmmtttoo bMwnn i wx ona chonra marr fnr tba aotll?maut of tha dla?<irli Inn Tha otyaatlon to tba raforawoo to bo lb > faor that tha ??ia?ltloo woaid ra port ail th ril^U la oaa lill tb*? "? "f'l #nlf m Inqi* art Mil If tha ommtttoa did ?* r?p .r? tba auSjo* waa rtNl I* th? han't* of tba Janata and tbi; aaal aoporata a? r< adily aa tha ? raiuttlaa annld unit* Tb adntaaloa |?f < ahfornla *? a (l?<l (bat a for><faa ?orwOnak\n. and ao ona woaJd aay that It w.naid n ?t b ar?-"ni|'llaha?l dtirln* thui aooana ao uial?<iv haw aa plrooont I* mWht ha to amwa Mr Hal* ? ?! ba aador.toorf a ?">mpr->w*Wao ta I armatfelafl la whtrh aarh parly yl-IJ'J ami r*?i?? ...nothing How did that apply U thx aaoa' tlo waa l bort to ho a fmp-oim in tha mw of f'aJir >rai whoa arwfMf waa for It. a ad aobody waa Miioi E NE her* In the next plaee, he >u opposed to the reflation, for a reason founded on the fare of it It U a rommittee to nettle all the queationa growing out of cl?T?rT He decirevl to know U the adrnkanion of a Htato U a queatlon growing out of ularery. If a*, ear *o; let u* know it In the flirt that a State prasenta herxelf here, with a free constitution, excluding ala?ery. to be considered a queatlon growing out of ?larery. to b- thrown into a hotch poteh with a bill for micuiug runaway negroes. ana the Lord know* what' - If m>: If this in, after all the denials heretofore made, , the objection to the admission of California!*, mj, or let m know it, that we may act accordingly He wu opposed to the pending proposition. also. because it ? had bran Mtid that slavery in California and the territories wan settled by tho law of God??n irrevocable decree The Senate then had uo right to compromise that law Mr. Cam also expressed the opinion that California * would come in, moet lipevdlly, by her connection with oilier measures. , Mr Smith agreed that It wmi foregone conclusion that California would be admitted It wai an equally ' forgone ronrluiiion. that no territorial bill containi ii:g the Wilmot proviso can pas* either house, at > this session He would not himself vote for a territorial bill, either with or without the proviso, because he wan opposed to the passage of any Territorial bill*. I He would vote for the Proviso, if introduced here, but would vote against the bill on the final vote. 'He be! lit v. d the Interest harmony, and quiet of the eountry, I would be best promoted, by the failure to pass any i acts in relation* to Governments for the Territories. Undesignated tho attempt to unite the question of the admission of California, which he was in favor of, I with disputed measures as similar to the insertion of i the preamble to the lnw recogniting the war with Mexico, by which gentlemen were forced either to vote against furnishing sapplies to our suffering army, i or elre tacitly admit a proposition which ther denied, declaing that the war existed by the act or Mexico. [ for this reason he was opposed to the motion. Mr. PoeTX appealed to Mr. Douglass not to proas hU motion to lay on the table, for the following reasons : ' the Senator from Georgia. Mr Dawson, was absent [ from the Senate, because of the death of his wife The f death of Mr. Calhoun had left but one Senator from South Carolina on the floor ; the other Senator from Georgia was also n^essurily absent ; his colleague. Mr Davis. Senator* Hunter. Wales. Sturgeon, and Webstar. were also absent ; thus there were the eight vote* to mtrm tn ?I Mr Rnl.1.11. -kl.k could not now be had upon thin test rota. Mr Kooto alio submitted* few rrmifkii in reply to Mr. (*mlth In whieh be pronounced the bob-action policy of the administratiou as the most contemptible ever produced. In conclusion, with thi> ii-rent of Mr Douglas* hr Mtll that lb* further consideration of the question pending be postponed till half-past twelve o'clock on Thursday, whcu he hoped all aides would b? present aud prepared to take the vote. After tonic further conversion, the motion to postpone wai adopted Mr. Dsvulam hnvlnrf previously Intimated, that although he would not ask a te?t rote before Thursday, he would feel it hi* duty to move the Senate to tak* up the California bill, whenever opportunity offered. Among the petition* presented thU morning. by Mr Reward, sixty-four were upon tho subject of kla* cry. At four o'clock the Senate adjourned. House of Representative*. HV HOCSffS l'Ki>TI.NO I KLiOK.M'H. wtiuinutoii, April 8, lljO tub rb*?u*. Mr. TnoMPtoH, (Jem .) of Pennsylvania. from the Judiciary Committee, reported a bill providing for th* taking of the seventh ceniu>, and it wan referred to the Committee of the Whole on the stat* of the Union, and made the cpteial order for Thursday. Mr. Tcvtoh. (whig,) of Ohio, called attention to the fti?l that Mr. llcury lirinncll had petitioned l.'ougres* to allow thirty seamen to be transferred from the navy to hie private expedition to search fur Sir John Franklin If anything he done by Congress in this matter, It should be done quickly. It It one of those questions well known to the country, and has excited much solicitude lie. therefore, asked the suspension of the rules, for the purpose of offering a resolution, prefaced by a pi ramble, that the President be authorized to detail thirty seamen, and such ommisaionad and warrant officers as he may think proper, and are willing to enter lhat expedition, that tli.-y ant under theinstru*j llous of Mr (irinnrll subject to the rules and ragulalions of th* navy. to be furnished on* ration per day, or L I the valu* thereof in money for th* term of tbrw* year*; and that the Prwldent rauia to b* loaned much nmm. nary kilMtill lnntrumrnU u etu be vpared from thi d a*y. Mr Joan*, lil?m ) of Tronruff. aak>-d for tkojru nd n??? on the motion to atiapvnd the rule* Mr ( iiTU, (ilim .) of Ohio, wiahed lo rnkr il qulry the au>w<-r to which would regulate hi* rot* Tb* Viiin-No noBf?r>ttloD In order Mr. I'tiTU wiahed to uk whether thi* rmolutlM Involved an appropriation of money ' The t>rum cald that the Inquiry waj not la order Mr llttii aaked whether II wu In order to more M go Into Committee of the Whole on the Mate of Ik* Colon? Mr. Yt*Ton wl?hed to respond to the question of Mr. Carter, but o^Mllon waa made Mr Mri'mana**, (dem .) of lUlnola. deeired to aak the queatlvB The Srum remarked, that wonld not be In order Mr M?Ci????.'?-The ehalr will Judge whether the lueatiun la pertinent I understand by the paper*, tliat Sir John Franklin haa been found la It eo T The Srr*aaa ruled the Inquiry oat of nrdar. Mr MrMuLLin. (dem .) of Ylrgtnla-Would It ba in . order lo more to lay the reeoiutlon on the table * IkeDruau-Kot while a motion waa pending te Ku-p?ud the rule* 1 he queatinn wa? taken and the rule* were not ***p.'n'led Tote, 107 to 44?not two third* caLireaaia. ' The llouae then went Into Committee of the Whole on the State > ( the I'nlon ' Mr W i.licr. (dem,,) of Mouth Carolina, proceeded [ ' to ah?w that non-citeaalon U the mean* by whleh the abolition of alarery la to te effected He eonaldered ! I theoe question* t'^ether. to exhibit their rharaeter and j tendency. The llrit at?p toward* abolition waa eon! taloed in the ordlnanaa of 17*7. The aeit waa In the ' Mlaaourl compromise line, by wbirk ilarerr waa abo| llahrd North of that line No aompromlae U regarded at tho North any longer than aulta their purpoeee They act la open violation of the eoaatltatloa with raPrd to the restoration of fogltlr* alare*. and a dealga ?ow afloat to restrict alarery to It* present limita, with an ultimate rlcw to the abolition of alarery la ' | the Statae All the North are for aoa-otteneton Da il. j not all now faror the admlaalon of Callforala aa a I Mate, tceanee >h? ?? her* with the Wllmot prorla* I engrafted on hrr ?o eallod. fundamental law and he* a.'uiieeion Ixnooio* part of her ?? b -me of uminl"B| ai'.n The time ha* come when the quaatlon mat be . dtridtd how far written *onatltutl?n* *an protect the rig hu *f the minority againal the tyranny of a re*kl?a* majority Ha contended that the Htatea entered ' | Into the confederacy with the uaderataading that they oald acred* whru any of the parti** riolatad the rrm* in iui rnainn mm auil M t veto powar M rtprvaa ?b? tr? aoil motmi?bI II iIm Prwtilail rw fiir** in *??rciao it. tbo minority Buit rat** It for thtni flfr* la noaelu?loa. h* dwalt on th* ~H >rt* at tb? >ltwfj opponent* to IntrMM th? nuaWr of fr~a Mat**. that U>*y may rarry on tkf li aurruln m*?| ?arc* t(>itul tb* .*oulh without ebrck. and tb? a>lmu, ate a of Calif>ralm ?u part of th? yrVua Mr J?hho?, (whigj of Kentucky. apok* of th* Im p4>rt?n*? r f dlacuaanf qUMtluna wbuth now afltat* , th* country with a rUw to tb?ir futar* nn? qu*nrwi A? to California h* rr* gnia?d h?? right to ay clitUrr ilarar; >hall ?ii?t or not, hut h? did d*ny 4hat >h* wna now *ntltl*d to m a at bar ship Wli?a?h* gl?*? th* j>a?a wort th* door * ba np?.i>?d W? ?ro a* ki t to aJmit b?r b*f?ra w? hara lira* to r.<ad haw constitution lit ha<1 oty. rt|,,o* to h*r i>lmi?inn, bat If raltaM* gararrjaanW can ' orgaalaad for th* rw lalng t*rrltnry h? bo willing to ?urr?nd?* hU ?>g**t lonr.aa a "mm on rnmprooil** la aottllng tb* nth?? qunatloai II* than prro.cdrd to area* that th* lnt*r?ttotl< a f ?lat*ry would bo aontrarr to tb* ^<*r of tha ' >n.tiluti .a th* HutM arc *qu?J In l'*n ty and right* Why not nraanlw territorial ?or?ra menu wtthnat th* WUmat Prorl*o ' Tb* otyeot o< th<?o who la*l>t oo that m?a?ur* U to aarmaud tlx ala'r htalaa with a aordon nf Tr? Htat-a ultimately tnrnu?? I*n?raj ?mat> pati-n to tb* detriment of th* Sottb ai.d th* aJara him.alf II* tpok* In de?..nM of *i*T*ry and condemned th* aetlnn of th* North, in lifting > n taking ?Ja?c property to th* territory nntU HI at gotcri nrtilibaf .rmi d thvra If gentlemen from tb* !?or\b ara det*rmln.d to rnto on California and tbrn turn round and tak* th* linn'a ahar* th*y would hat* to go for It without u nithorn mIm Th? South da not a?k tha North to rot* tor tb* t*a*knn of atarary; tkey ' nly a/k that th* p*oyli of th* tarrltorlaa may **tU tb* qaMtlo* tb*m?*lr?* preparatory to a* aaplta* tb u for InlMlna ft?t*a II* preferred a aattleiaenl < D tb* ba?t? of tb* Ml*' arl Citnpr rata* Una. but tb* N< rtb ? aid not rot* r It It had W?n abarged that tb? cry of dbwolattnn cam* ft-om tb*ftouth. oa ih*a?f?trary It ha* bo*n fe.?t*r?4 in tU* boanroa of Nnctbara bciltlonlat* <i*ntl*airo ItMn tb* North ha?a tha l* w*r to cvwiprmia* thnao qu**tl n* S*reral had oi*nif**t*d th? Intention of iloirg M>, arul If othsri fr oi that a*atiou will cm.* to th* rwu?. tlx dllkaul tl*a caa ba dl?*^atrd la an hour. and <'ongr?** n*ad tot riuam in mhIid a m nib K?nta*ky la warmly atUrht ! to tha I i?t"B and not anttl aha I* di?bnnor?d I y Wortln rn thnatlca will ah* bntM tit* flag of dlawnloM. Orre ralacd >h? will flghl ard*r It The c< n-.-nltt** thi n r*<o when Mr Hi! rai.i Idacn ) ol Teiaa. aahad Ua?a to Intro due*a r?*oNtli>a ar?*rtlng that Jaarna S Htlbaai la di?p Ac<nt in*t*ad of attending mMy to bl* dwty at i( >l<h K'.rral I U M l. o.orltm to In-'t* lh? pr pl? k. rT *rJ ntty to f.ti? th'mHttalnu Mmy m iltr^tllnii * th? cIamm nt T< ? ? M to wM 1 ?*-! ' "I ** ,k" "???! ?* . ufraofc >Mtur U la I.'^M ?U.?V, uiV rrrH**? * r~v,m%+4 ? i.f.n. M>< " WctK ?k?lfc?f .oj tm?f fcf '? . . - . r. ,.r . MtlNorf *, . ?? ? V tMM I". ?? * W YO MORNING EDITION?Tl j >?1M or nixtlM bjr ikU : ui Um, whttlMr i it* prorUaifttioa of Urnt. C*l. Rrajl, rolling lh? f*arrntUa , I lost met ?< WM re, on to* nit 01 srpteaher, IIM'J, M firm | a territorial *o?rrniuvnt, km MBctionwJ by tbia nrcraniaaK . and, if u, to faroiah M? Hwn with copiea it tb? ardor. Moclioainx lb* Mot*. Objection vu made, and the Houae refuaed to ?u?pend th? rule* for the introduction of the maluliaai Mr. C<okoib, (whin) of Now York, naked leave tv offer i resolution. that the Committee on Hcwt Office* be Instructed to report to thi>> llouae a bill to abolish the franking privilege. and reduce poetnge to a uniform rate of two cent* when pre-paid, and At* wlion not. aud that all newapapera within thirty wilt* of the place of publication circulate free Objection wu made. Mr. Corsica moved a auapenaion of the rule*. Mr. l'oiTca, (dem.) of Ohio, Chairman of the P?>t Office Committee. said he would ahortly Introduoe a bill having a Hlmllar object in view. l'eudiug the motiou to t-u-pi nd the II ouae adjourned NKW YORK LBUULATYRS. fcaat*. Aldamt, April 0, lttfO. riuiD. The following bill* were rend a third time and punned, except otherwise noticed To change the name of 0. P. Ruck To leguliiH the aft? of Wn McCracken. In the oonveynnco of real estate To incorporate the Monroe County Kavingx Ba nk. To cuable th? Union I'iank Koad company at King?tou to rhtablieb toll gatne, lie. To authorize the Cemetery of the Kvergreeat te hold real estate in the eounty of Queen*. To repeal the art to appoint commimtlonern to lay out a road in Montgomery county. To amend the charter of the village of Ogdeanburgh To incorporate the New York and Virginia Steamship Company. Aye* 23, nayi 2?(Meerm Mann aud Stone ) In relation to the Deerfldd McAdam road To pay Lewi* W. Meecher for aervicea a* a ?ltn?w on the McLeod trial To authorize the transportation of live atock on railroads free from canal toll*. ii - / ?- ? * - < . vun n? i"u-*'u( 111 move a reconmierauoB ni the vote on tho two eeparate bilU far paylug W li. C. lloflttcr aud Lewis W llw rlifr for turiieM a* witnn>M in lli? trial of A. McLeod Motion wu carried, and tin' bill* win read ujjaiu uoii negatived Relating to the compensation of Brigade In?peotor* for tlio cilj aud county of New York. To nnu lid the charter of the village of Komt. To provide for tho abandonment of the old canal in the Tillage of tleilde* anil for the pa/unlit ia cuom qnence then-of To author!** the construction ef a canal bridge, uear I Shelby. Urlt a us couuty To authorl** tin-Comptroller to re-leaae certain land* in the town of (ihent. to K. I.. Ilobart To authorize the Comptroller to loan money to tho count; of Ji ffernon l'rorrlblng the powers and dutie* of the State Kuglneer and Purveyor, aud engineer* omployed on tho public work-. To provide for holding court* of M'salon*, without a grand jury, in the county of Jaffernon. To ami nd the act incorporating the l'aclflo Mail Steamship Company. To provide for the enforcement of judgment lien.* again-1 chattels real, lie To change tho name of th* Hope Chapel Baptist Church to the Broadway Baptist Church for the relief of certain purchaser* of land on the Oneida reservation To provide for the payment of the canal debt falliug due on the l*t of January aud 1st of April, last. To amend the art authorizing the formation of corporation* f<>r manufacturing mining, and other purpose*. In relation to the ooUeetlon of tain of non-re. identa, and to provide for the sale of land* when sold for tale* in the counties where auer^wl To amend the act incorporating the Juvenile Delinquent House of Refuge in Western New York. V*r the n lief of Ktbaltnda Heal To regulate the salary of the DUtrict Attorney of thu county of UiK'klaDd. To authoriie the Canal Commissioner* to settle th* claim of Hubbard Burdl' k Atim, April >, I'M rrrmaa*. By Mr Can* fur th* appointment of a commission of deeds in Williamsburg; Mr C?aa*LL. tor a repeal of the fri<M fc * hdtll U? ?lf?l?ai Mualt?* - ? * I ?-? | dalit in thu rlly of Troy; Mr. Mill**, hora?| racing In Iruuilnqnuit 1MB 6*VMR*a?Hir. Ijf ?on>?-nl. Mr 8hiooumabbb t>rouj(bt la i bill to purfi'ct the uUm?nt to tha Coo>titutlon rriitlfi to tho t^llea of UoTrrnor It *>i read anil rtferrod to tho Judleln; to r?|>ort onmplot* an i * titan a niiac tiki ui piuid To mnru'l thr rhartrr ot th* Xukori DUprnwr; of tb* the city of Now York To Inrorporala thrTliiatlr Boa*ri4*?t A oniatlon ot tba rity ofMrw Turk To nlatM' ihf latarrat of tba fltata In tba Nrtit* of Ania?a Kclary. tn tba Colored Orphan Aayluma In tho eltica of 1'tlra and Maw Tock To ct-do lb' jurUdirtioa ot tho IUI? to tho Ualto4 Plate* to certain iand? in HuffaJo and llluok Uook Ta ioand tba art providing for a aetUrmaat of Mia account* uf tha (mold* Indiana. To author)** a taa upon tba city of Troy to pay tho dabta of tha Prhrn*?ta<ty and Tmj Railroad To incorporate tha flr> mra of W iUiaai?burgh To an i * u d th? art altering tha oomniMiourr*' Map of tha city of Brooklyn. MLU *BF*BT*B. Ma Maaoaw. a hill to autborla* tho Marohaata Itchang* t'o to Itirreaao thalr capital atock To rrgvlsta thr *alary ot tha policeman ot tha ally of Nt? Vot k. Ma Mo*<.*? rrport^d favorably, tha bill regulating thr amount i.f taira oa tnoorpuratrd aoropani?a Mb Rixati a bill to appoint r*rtala commlaaioners to r?*iao tha la** anl radueo tbrm to a *y*tem*ti? rod* (John r Sprnrrr John Flna and fMcrUt W hlttltM y ara uauiad aa tha rommtaatonar* ) Kmm nriakbd ta a thibu aaaniwo Tlia Manhattan ami Kmtgrnnt !Ib?Iii|i Inatltutloa* tlll? nvfa i.rd< n-d to a third f ading lha ?li?ri mi a* tire bill *aa al?o out r-d to a third rvadliur MVDMK l?it Tbr T?y>r\ ?< mpli-ta. of lha bill to fsnilftal* ?h<- mo ?tlUrti< n rjf lit* llmlwl tiTM K>UfM4 *M iMt j M tbr bill uM AMiilly. Aiu>f, iprll, 14M tlLIJ PtUik To Iii??tjj"rata lh? rlllafa of KUU>a For tba ra|l?f <4 William Wlgglu* Th? S'ltnl' n turo*d tba bill to ae*a*li<LaW? lha railroad otui>?nl*? botwawn Rwlcilrr ?nd Hjrmrvua and to pro?wl? *>r lb* onxtrurlloti of i nor* l?Tfl to l ill prrt rrnit# >?<? ? ?h'>-? two ntt<-* with numtwr <>f am* dBont* Th* aoi?aliiirnt? ?4 tb* fen*!* ?? roncurMd in Tba Pan at a ll?a arnt b*rk lh* hill %n MH?iil>Ut? Ik* Tc n*waiiHa and AIIIm ui4 liifali Railroad aoaipa l>* ' I >ai?ii<lnriita In whi'h lb* ll?u?* *oo*urrad tor th* r?IM of R?|i. Walworth a a l P ur\haw> lor tba im(.rt'ff?#nl at iirttlt bl|h*ifi la tha 0*rBih|t I ml i an rparaalton To iHl la tb* T II JurUdJaUoa OT** aorUla lull Id lb* fit; ?f Br<?kl;a To ami nd tba aala raiatlnf tc tba *UUf* ?t Skaaaatolaa Tba llniu# annoon-a*! la tb* Ha?at* a mm lm?nt t* tbr Hour-* Co Hrltifi Dar k Mil Tb* ffruat* **nt bark tb* bill for applying Albany wttb water with aa tm*n>lmrnl limiting *b* prlra ta ba paid to tbc Old K atif Work* Co far tbrir atuck t* r*r Tb* t?nat? Mn?ndmanl* to tb* M<'Wlif bill* war* i alan rnararr*>l la Tn roOaotliUI* tb* act* Matin* ta tb* *lty of K? ab*at*r Tn |>t>f14? M a iH; hall Is tba ?!ly of tlUt To roa 14a lru?ta?*, ra*ai r<?ra aal talyiKa ta lM"M patitWoina aradltor* For tba rallaf of pu rahaaara la tb* Oaaidi Ra?rra l ttoa la 1*40 and 1*41 To aatbnrta* a f*rrj a*n>*a tba TlaJaon. froai 0or?waU la (.'aM (trlif i Mr F"*f bad I?ar* kvmarflatalr tn latmdao* tba aia* bill wltb aa a*a*nd*d tltla, wbtah raeotrad tfcraa rt adlnr* and wa? paaaad f Tb* bill ?'> anth'Tlaa lha WlUla**eort and Klmlra I Railr<ad Conpaay, Ineorporalod l.jr tb* Htat? '4 Pans jlraala to *<>Dalm?t part of ita r ?d wltbia thta I Hut* waa p m*ndid by lUMtlnf tb* data >4 tb* pa?" I Mi* ,4 lb* lieneral kailr<ad Art and paa*H Tb* ftraarr* laid W.r* tb* Hon** a eommantaaI tl?n IT' c M Tallatnar*. la rafaraaaa ta tb* loaa na l? aid rt th* altip Oaaida of U->U am of wbtah | | war* vnlumaa of pr- railing* of tb* LagiaTalarB of | Nrw Tork i | Mr r(>?t<l a rowdatlon tbat lb* Rayant* j tupply tb* l<aa b|r faruiahlnf "tb? aoptaa. whicb wa* . m'i>im .. .? A i a???, AprH I, 1 m 1 mi mmiti itua Mr I ?' ??t? moaad that ilnrini tfc? rf I Iha aaaal- n n?> Matt'har all nil nrr u p J ranea Itaaa Bra liilx > a any <>na ()ty<wt?d In I illlllul TITLBa i Mr D*a? ?i |o i)up*nil Iha ap?*lal far llw I nlcataa t<> ?r In i?frr tha Manorial Tula bill la a aalaat HMBitlM report ?f?a?|>IMa l.oal, MMH n?i rtiwa arr>orai4Tio?. I Tha II cum thaa waal Inlo C^aimi!!** ol Dm WfcoU or. a F'?l? Trlana appropriation h'II, Mr la I lli* r hair Tha lint hill approval.. W? ptfru Mr TMaaaaa1* aaandawl *w p??i lli\?. la Imtmm llir vai t? | fn out Mr Unrr oppoaad I Ha hill Mr T iao hi -fi; aaalalaad Mm hilt IU alaa <ttl I Mmn 0 Alia a. Whwlur Thnai? I i-k? l.fti ) oiht i? ar<1 , Tha m t?na ?* In.raa^ tha appropriation %* ?* <*? | ptaaall'4. ? > to S3 Mr M?aria w*a4 to atrlka nmX tha n Kwi ?alt? liiiac the ?ala <4 ora n* rrtdil Un , 1?.. till a ? ihrn (** << I In a third r ?<t ag I T1> t ( h ng I rt a hill , , *u~ I *! * frxilri *h- r? ; !?'< a atoaa wall , an?l $M.WI f. r n. . h- pa | IIr *itin innaad to ?<t?1 M nm ,n r?a f r ?. , awrtltil^l lakni f"T lh? urUm n4 V- >??* lh< aapaaoa ?*l?a praarat f+mt (Tnloaa *b . appr-.pHatl'va ? n Hi- - ? r U rn .>? j 1 ha riU'i a a- I -

Tba *;.%rrpr'4i< a f,? h | - a a* r?*?i>--l < ? m RK H IESDAY, APRIL 9, 1850. Mr Rowick movrd to otrikc out the >25 OMVfbr Hone will Mr. Thomaji BOTfd to Nufc the >tig tor >KJ V? Loot Mr. Bowitx'a motion th?n prevailed Thujt amended the bill wa* pa*<*d to a third r("tiling ' LUNiTKIUILUM iPrtoriliTION. The Nun* committee took up tha bill approoriwMtK. Cfi V*? I.. I I,- I .m.ll. A aslum The bill w** paiMnl to a third Trading Till UCIttBAL APPROPRIATION. The name committee took up the (rnerul appropri- i ation bill. A protracted debute Hurting up on a motion to atrike out the appropriation or $1 OuO to Albany, for the nupport of fureiga poor. Carried The motion to atrike aut Oawego and Krie, *u ala* mnlitl. The uanal $10 000 ftar foreign poor in New Tork. van carried; uli-o, $600 for each of the three cilapenrtariea in Mew Tork, and $600 for the Brooklyn dispensary City IntrUI|(enrr. Craiova Book Auction.?To-morrow wilt be held tba auction no long looked forward to. of Mr Coluian'a very curiouN, very rare, and valuable collection of hooka. Gentlemen wiahing to make addltiona to good libraries, will aeldom meet aoexcellent an opportunity : The Board or Aldii*m?ii-No Meeting for Want ok Bchinkmi!?For the drat time in the present year there wan no meeting of the Board of Aldermen on Monday afternoon (lanl evening!. and it ia the flrxt time in ? freat many year* that there haa been no meeting on he regular night, from want of buaineaa. But now rould there lie buMm-n* always for the regular night*, with m> many meeting* held on irregular uigbta? Anotiiir Diath raoM Sleipinu in Lime Kilm.?Ob Sunday, the dead body of a man wan found at the kiina in Knapp'a lime yard, corner of avenue H and Second ntreet. lie waa a poor, destitute creature, who had been in the habit of lodging at the atation houae. and had probably lain down there to keep him*elf warm, and wan killed by the fatal gaa emitted from thoae kiln*. The lire making It* way up during the night, bnrned him considerably. The Coroner neld an Inqueat. and a verdict wa* returned in accordance with the facta. Accident. ?A boy, fifteen yearn of age. Ml from a ahed twenty feet high, in the rirnt avenue, near Second atreet. on Sunday, fracturing both arm* juet abovo the wriat. and otherwise a^rioualy injuring him?elf. Dr. Budd waa called in, and rendered him every aid. Accidiht- Kkallt or Intoxication.?At 4 o'clock on ' Sunday afternoon, a man named Peter Nundy. while intoxicated, fell head forraoNt through a window of houae No. 9$ Mott atreet, woundiug his bead severely. He waa taken to a doctor'a. in Bayard atreet. where hU wound waa dreaaed Man Foenii Iihownid?The body of a drowned max waa found at the Jackaon atreet ferry on Sunday. Common Council. i 1 BOARD OF ASSISTANT AI.llKR.HKf. I I April B.?'Thia board met la*t evening, the President in the chair. Thi, r,.ra,< >.,? i.k.i.FT.wl Du.ll... I ol liut meeting and presentation of petition*. wore gone through with. None of the petition*, however, Wert of public interest J Hrporlt >\J CommitU*!.?TbwConimlttee on Street* r?w J>orted In favor of roncurring with Hoard of Aldermen, 11 resolution and ordinance to regulate Tbirty-neventh *treet from Second Avenue to Hast Itiver.?AUo, to la/ croxi-walk from Kighth Avenue to Greonwich Avenue, t Coneum-d in. Coniniitloe on Sowers, in fkvor of an nrdinaaee to j eontinue th<> Newer in Thirty-fourth atreet from the heventh A venue to Broadway Aleo, to eontinue the wwrr in Third ntr? et to the westerly line of Avenue A. i Concurred in. ! A communication wan received from the Mayor announcing the receipt of a vaj untie donation of book* and engraving* received from the citic* of Horleaut, Jiouen, and Melt, through Mon> Tettemare Referred to the I'oinoilttee on Art*. Science* and Scboal*. A communication ?a? received from the i'reaident of the Croton Aqueduct lloard asking for aa appropriation of 9SjOW). to complete the fountain lu Howling tireen A resolution wa? adopted, mailing the appropriation a?ke?l for A resolution came from the Board of Aldermen, pro- I vidiag for the selection of none pier above Seventeenth street, for dumping oflal. in*te?d of uaiug the pier at the foot of Twenty-third etreet On eonourrcuoe, thu i mi I concurred ' l'?vA?><*e4 Niie<t<ii Tt>e ordinanee to regulate the water renU of tbe city came up A tuotioa wai made to concur with the Board of Aldermen la tbe reeolu tluu or the ordinance aa It paeeed that Board Tha ( a) mi l D -. I t inj ' nI!I ?li.. NMIIHM fktled to ynwl The f4t * " ay*. 9. ut*.T r. II are * anted to |im jthe ordinance Holke latollkf?M?. frr?*< nf IMUm Mvtderm T?Iit.|?j afternoon, nUrfr Cuinminga >rri?t><<l, at the railroad depot la Canal atr?-et. two men, called Lorenio Cobb and William II Calhoun. 011 a charge of mur Ur alleged to kttt Wn committed by tbnra on laat Hatarday a week HO, by wllfttfly taking tho life of Barnu* White, an old burner r<?ldlug at Colebrook rlrer, LltcUAeid county, l onnecticut Tb? rlrcum?t*nce* r?ap.-eling tha horrible murdnr are aa follow*, aa related to oar reporter by kMr William H. Hto*. a rmiilrnt of Coit-hrook. who ?u the oauae of the aoeaeed parti*a belug uraitw] It ??>eir? that for aoma time paat. a gang of diaalpated fellow. ha?i> nUted In that rleinlty. Tho murdered m-?n owned a farm, and wee worth, probahly. near $10 "00; braid** -blah, bo krpt U>? toll icate at wbleh plaoe ha realded. alone N inj a naa of k ui>?hat aurion* temperament, htflni bad two wlree , and >.eperated flrom both Ocrarionallv, howorer. ho would allow a female domeatlo fir a wool or two In tho houae. and then be would aond her <>ff and remain alone wain It waa la one of tbeae latter mood* tbnt hi* life waa aaerifleed He waa auppoeed to hare, at tha time of the in order, between four and fro hundred dollar* ta tha hnu*e. in money and gold ! >? war of hia own protection, ha alway* kopt a loaded doablebarrel fun near hi* hedatda Mr White, although ecrrnty year* of af*. waa o?* of thone wiry Indirldoala. carrying the rigor of a man of flfty year* lio waa very renmrkaMe far hi* odd manner of Uflng, and waa alway* *uppo*>d to hare eon*ld*rahlo money oa hand In tbo liouee On the .Hatunlay ntglit in auewtion. Mr. White returned to hi* kouae anout II u'tlook. baring Ik i b to a ?eh<e>l meeting and aoon after retired 10 i???j inn naat morning (-un'ay,) at rifni o eiaca, br wa* dia?ov?r> .1 by tha naigiib-.r*, m urd?r*d. Id hi* b?<l ovtdcntly liifliij b*?n h?at"n to d>'*tb with t?l rluba, which wntti foui.d on tha floor, by tlx htMiaida, eofMul with UuwJ aud half Tb? bxl; pro**uUd ft yL??tly ?l|kt Tf-m thr cffrata nf tb? b ?t; blo*i Infliet< ?! t>y the murdcrvra Tb* outar doora of tho houaa. It ?pp>-ar*. Iba dwMrwl n*v*r fnaUurd. but lh- b-Jj-oo? door ?a? lorkxl ax tb? laaaaalna forc-l opan thla door with ahov?-l and (nf ra tha n|.| man waa awok* from hla -l?-p. or had tliaa to rla* ftoin liL< b?d. th? d?ftdly Now* m+rm Inflirt.-U Tb* iuurd?*r? fa, afior dlapoatng of thair ilflim by clubbing him to death. wawhinl for flnndar. which, a doubt ata lh*nhj?*t of thair vlatt. Trunk* and c ha*t* war* br.>k?n "p?n. and a**rr jJaaa -rarrb?d br tham. In wliiah th*y ealauiatad ?oo?; would llk*ly to ha f >und T%" n?w? of tha m urUar vary mmji *t>r<?4 ft* milca around tha vl*lnity, Mid man; wara tha runto-i hod auai>l<loua aa to who wcra tha rullty part'** Tha fuaplalon in ally fkatan ad 'it on tha ?> fa two man nam-d. and *! ? two othara. who wara. on tha Monday. all four tak<-n into ru<t<>dy by tha abwrlff Tha coronar'a lnqu?at waa bold, and lha fk?ur prl<on>ri brought to rlaw tha man^lad *<dy of Mr Whit* , but aa no dirvat avlilrnca could bo brought again*t tha priaonara. no monay n?.r proporty fauud In thair poaaaaai >n tan-ling to throw guilt i n lb. ru tha autli.riliw wara unabla to hold ib?ro but n M <laya. and on .Saturday <'?>hhan4 b??a. who wara tha laat hal l wara dlaahargad fro? rualxly, but navarth.-taaa although from auatody, thay war* not a- naldarad Innoaant m<-n T?*twrday morning Mr How Uft Coiafcroot and took tb- train of *ftr*7or Jfasr Tork and at Hrldgaaort who ahould ba aaa ??a n? tha aara but Cobb and raiboun nuap'rton at onaa (truck Mr htow that they wara making Ibalr aacap* which provrd to Ira th< Nat for on In jitlrv balm of tha conduct-r It waa aaaartninod that thay bad coma by tha Hooaatonta rout* fr?? .?b. f".?|.l giving tham a diatanaa of twanty mil** to walk from t'olabmok whan thay ao.ild bar* r?aaho<l a uapot within four mHa* Mr Stow i"*faiw?l with tbim and ftom thair aonvaraat!. n. ha Mt -*tl?a*d tbaU mind waa much alarmed, ?on*??ju*nU? thay w?r* both plaa^d nndor arr?at. and on tha arrival of tha train In Canal itrmt. otl**r r'ummluft took tham into cuatotf* Cobh i* a pal* fcc?<i man. with n d >wnraat look abotit M 7aara of aga. hia aoupanion, <'al boun, U nvtrtl yaar* youn^ar roddUh faaa. with cm?what nf a mora opan and abovoboard c itntaxawaa. ?n tha aaraon <if (.'abb waa F und a $M bank bill, apurl .u* Railroad Hank blU. and %3* In -agta* aiid hall vagi**, making In all. TbU monay axaatly rornaj.onda with tha raonay knawn to hav* baai In tha |KW??aloi of Mr Whlta aravionato baing mnrdf r?d. ? alh. un had only It Iba l*otknr of iba Jarraafd baa ofTrrad a raward of tMO for the nrraat and rr nvicttr n of tha murdarara inatia* MountlWrt *o? itt'd tha two fugttlvan tor tb* night a* thay a?id thay a*r* willing to rvtura with tha ? flcor and tbla ornibg thay wt!l b* takan bark tot'ol*brwoh. i? tha tUftr.iy >.f rJlaar t ummlnga w? (^wtragavax .<? ? 4ifVa?w Burlay *rr**t"i. t? t.rday, a yaung utan by tba nan * of Naaa T Jawttt. ' n a aharga nf vl^lantly aaaanltlng a j >ung woman by tl* una of Alrina > lirangar Jiwtlaa Mountf rt ir.mlllad tha awrtiaod to priaon f'.r trial H tt*W A?I A I.. tft.a t.aina n/ IIf't*k. : (.* ?,Tfnk>>?ii m Hv4?nn on MiiMa; tw? Ha *m 1 > ' HI n.rt foe triad H a akup of f"rt?rj an.I a-.unlar mtlnj ( km$t V fittm/i-i ? W?l k Muk mIIM I ?r?h AiUb ?m ?rr*?ta>J *n.1 r?iay, on m rltrga of toiling a g'.M w.tcb ?al'i?~l ?? * *. "< tkm Hr<"? ' f TlwWon Prraaaonl, roatdlng at ! V* I "?|?H rtml T ha Miiwtl * >< louultM f * S???i| Stfm A young man knnwn ?? tha pollca I.) lb* utn ?f w )| ||nr? ?m irroM. y?iar?? >?, hy >l!lrir, Plapb*M t>d 0'Ka**a. on *h*rga of dialrg t?n If in >if argar* ? plaining ! ? Il ?Mk I- **m?4 il |M iba pro,. ,tf of Llaaxilagtoa % b'tly ha 111 Imtinrwl 1b? MtawJ b*d ?iU Um ?gai? I" I* Al* .?g*r mab< f. fl? *Du llroiwa } i?i 1 b? iffan * ?* r?t*iar>4, m<l Kit "t>? ri n iKillxl hr RtMblf* ( liy h>lrlil?rn*f. Twafigcnoa 1 ha al*?nm !n ihkol'ity . r'?nir?ha?, Uh'?|.la?a lht? d> f A ?trvng > ffift VHI b?t m*<la 1b? >a-l<i>?i:.?- M fotm lot lk? MM hwnhj M? ?l oiltb U t Major, altb Mvura Tkorn? M?i au4 -tb?r? lor *nptrTl>i ri a bo ? l*?r*. ara n <4 prol^ll; lid tlMw inlfrwl N l> W litn an aa^noaJaal 1 > iKMt ?4 Uw ?l?f ??*!*? * ERA] Arrival ?f the HtfumdUp tlforjl?_V?ry Imte Itotn tub*?Mart California Uold D?u(. The lulled fttatea ateamnhip Georgia, Lieut D D Porter. rouminilrr, from Chagrea, rla IT?tmc?. In three day* an J twenty-tw? hour*, from her anchorage at the latter place. with ninety-three pa/we Offer*. and three Bandred thouaaatf dollars in gold dart, arrived at thin port yeeterday. The Georgia iwtlM from ('hagrea am the 22th of March, with one hundred and thirty paMaenjfera for New Orleans, arrived of Havana on the 31fl. and f? detained until th? 4th of April, waiting to connect with the Falcon ; left the Ohio and Falcon at Havana, the latter bound to Cbagre*. with four huudred pa.>The frigate Raritan, Commodore Parker, aebooner Flirt, and aurveying achooaev Morrl*, were at IIanum The Haritua ww te fail for Philadelphia ia a day or two. The Nteamer Iathtnu* wu reported a* having arrived at Valparaiso. i The cholera wax reported M having broken out is j Havana, thirty aoldler* haing died auddxnly, but on , examination it wan found they had been poiaoned. ( The (lay the Georgia mailed, a Senor Montaloo. who had taken pax-tago in the Georgia. wan aTeated on ( board, by order or the Governor General, and taken to f tbv chord. It appeared, afterward*, that Senor Nun- | tuloo had papera xhowlng hiui to be a naturaliied eiti- ( ten of the United State*. but ax bo did not state that fact to tbv offlcera of the khip, he left with tile guard L cent after him t Senura Km Ilia T. Tolon, wboae hucband waa auapected of liberal feeling*, wax aeut home paaaenger in tile Georgia, banished from the litland by order of her Majeaty the Queen of Spain, and Join* her huxbaud now Wi New York George W Allen, of the town of Ogdenaburgh, Lawrence county State of New York, died on the outward voyage of the Georgia, of iuflauiuiatlon of the atoiuuch, and wax buried at cea The Georgia li&e encountered very heavy weather ?lnce leaving Havana, atrong northwest wiml* and a strong gale from the nortlieant while in thsGulf stream, with a very heavy ncn She hai made an astonishing run. and. but for the bad weather, would have run up to Sandy Hook in three dtiy* and .six hour* Her Ilr?t v two day* out. aha averm;e<l neurlv four hundred nrile* I a day. with the current, and two hundred and aiityIve wilea against the northeast Kn'9 W* have rwolvfd, by the Ueorgla, full ?hip new* fn iu Callao to the 12th of March It will be round under the proper head. Wo have alio received complete li 1 i*M of the VarrU dt la Havana Kl ('nfrrcitt. the llunta if lu sud the f>r?i<ta. lVom Cuba. to the 4th in?t OIJE (TR.U CORKKSPONDKftrK. II a* am a, April 4. 1V(0 Surp?itd ( holm?Solitt-t i Peitvntd -Murdfrt ,1mtrtran SUmmtSi/n. There la au excitement in thU place amongit the medical faculty, relative to the cholera, which barf lomuicuced its ravage* in the military hospital, among.t ,h< troops. On the l*t instant tbb average uuinber of leath* wa< from fifteen to eighteen ; to the 4th lustant. from thirty-flve to forty-live. < liut the report of the afternoon of the 4th initant >ayt that the above rf<ath* were caused colely by the Fo< d of the loldier* having been rooked in some <>ld ropp< r kettle*. which had not been uiwd for noin? time prvvioua ; consequently there wa* quite a considerable formation of vardigria in the kettle*, which had aot been cleaned out before uee Quite a number of daring robberie* and murder* are lally occurring wbieh are principally committed by the ftoldlern. Several of the dwpertdooa have b?eu rn-KK-ai wnu Karroieu oil lue apol ?B'T? inn arra UK<1 ? been committ. .1 ? The ?t?aoi?hip Falcon trrl?ril at 10 A M from New l >rI mi- with p.uwM-i>K?r>i for Cliagrea. Th? ??<-am- I ?liin Ohio at 11 M . from New York Thr> nt.-niu-hip f Irtbrlli ?l l\ I* M bring fairly l.. ut. n by the OUio. which w?? In b. r company the iil^bt before ThU l? the M-cond lim? that we bare had In our harbor four American ?teani-hip? of tb<i flr?t claim, ia company together, which that attract* <julte a crowd of to* i/aMMTM. IMmHTA.'CT FROM cnmul. AMKRICA. ff? have obtained the following Important atiaamcreial intelligence frotn Central America. from our fllea of lliiaia paper*. received laot evening to the 4th Instant and which contain* no local or political intelligence worth transcribing The ihwno it U of the '2Htb ult . give* th? following intelligence, received front Central America :? "We ha?e received papera fr?tn Central America ta the *th February The Slate of Salvador, ai :U- > the Plate* of llonduraa and Nicaragua, are In the nnjoyDient of traaqniUlt*. anxlvualy waiting for the deol- < ion* of their Legislature* upon tho adoptiou of the i )-lan proponed by tbrlr respective eommi?->loa*rN. for i i the formation of a aingta Independent natiou out of < the tbroa .Hlatna In Salvador. Don Poroted Ta?eonce|o? had been re- i elected President, and bad taken tba oath of oAa<- b* fora the ( baaibcra lo '< ual'-uiaia the war of lha Mountains (till ?on- 1 tinued to ray*. Tba faction*, a* they ara tallnl, suffered a a*vera defeat at tba and ?f Jamwry. notwlth>UiiiI1iii which thfj at ill aontioued to commit disorder* and alroeitie* wherwrar tba/ appeared. niyMMIj at VuranH?uango at tba lataat data Tba Pr?aldeat of ilia .State and General * arrera. wbo bad arrive,i al tba capital, ecoompanled by a larga nomneraial eonfny, lift again In tba curly part of Vabruary, lo go in pursuit of tba hctiuu My a drcra*- of the government. dat"d Jan H. 1*4#, it I* Jwn< d tbat tba port of rit Thoraaa. of (JimIkrnaia id tb<> Northern ocean. ?hail hv ibe only grant port of ragUtar and depoait fr^in the 1 jib of April, after data of the decne A custom hou?a shall ba ivtaUiabad al bl Tbomaa, in lb* form provided by tba La<*a. The port of I uUI shall ba a lasaar port frr-oca who - hail xittla at HI Thouiaa shall enjoy, for 10 years. a complain exemption from all general taxation, direct or Indirect, and shall pay no dutlaa on article* lti|xirtnl for tbair own use, and ba only iiibjtrl to tin- municipal taxation of tha city Mgnad Mariano I'amlH, President Pedro 1 Arrlagn. Minister'' lha >uua Journal -tatea tbat tba Hngllsh bark I *aah'<?< had arrived ?l Havana, from London baring on board tba rraw of a arhoonor which wai Instantly Mink by aollUion with tha I ran hoe a frw date aflar aba hail left tha Downs Tha sunken reseat. who*o rrtw war* aafaiy raavirrd on hoard the Iranho* a* lb Lr Tt-aaai a u ri k wu I ?dn| with wbaal from aouia KuvIku port destined for an Bngllah port A vloUat aouth wind waa (.lowing Into tba ha* at Havana tha last day* of March which equalled la forsa a hurricane dae. rai small reae-is unabla to aland )t Wara sunk and tba shipping and steam-ra w?r* In grant 'tang-r N? raaa-l dared attempt tba paaaaga f tha bay luritsg tba rnglng of tha wlnj Ita violent* extended Into lha aity. and atr?nl Urg* tr ** on tha puMi* proin<-tia.l* war* torn up by tba rtuta, wbiU aavarai t>r in .... l.ra *rr? haatily Mown off their feat ??n tha flat < f Marrh. at 11 o'clock. M . tlia sloria Inrraaaad and rage,! 17 to which waa added, at < n aAarwarda. tirrrnta of ran wub thunder and lightning aueb na tba Jouruallat declares ha* n**er ba. for* boa n equalled In tba hny Tba l.gbtning fall upoo m>ui* oi the aluiinlng doutg aoma littla dnaiag*, nad la tha ally aeveraJ noua warn struck Niipcrlor C'onrt. lief or* I blaf Juatlea Oakley Arlil. I Actio* roa Kintrtina jitm dcwM r* .IJ?| U tU$l*y Tha waa an action brought by tha plaint.# to ra*?t*r *la mage a for tba loaa of tba aarvleea <4 bis daughter. Calbi.rla* C Hennatt, wbo, it u al |?grd. waa a*dua*d by tha defendant Tba defendant la a gold pan and pencil mnnufbatnror doing bualnaaa Iti Mnndeai, tha plaintiff waa n Journeyman In hL( in pi'y and ona ' f hla son* was apprenticed to tha |.< emeee la IMT. tba iH^Mt of thla action, who wna than a it<?ai yaara of age alao enter d In* aetaUtab ?nt at tba r><|u?>at of tha defandjnt Immediately ulier h*r engngi'aiant with hia hla aollottattoa* war* oatataneed r?pudiat>-d by her and renewad by bia fr. ri tuna to tlaia until. It I* alleged, hi* > hj**t wna rfioctad. end a child waa bora, wlii*b >ub*W]nantly died ( atbrrlna Karnatt tha eulj'-ct nf lb!* action (an Intaraatlng liking yonng woman, with dnrk haaal yea.i aworn and < lanna 'I My fath-r ! a pencil eua Bnialiar. h* work' i nitli Mr Itagiay in IMT . ray Lrotliaa n* I.? Hfifi 11 nra r I Ian In M ? It L aa f ktta kaon i na lta.> Wy'a impt' f, I w?nt t? biia in 1H4J, at a thai lima 1 tiwitwi f?ni of ifi, U and II X r "n .t??-ra kl|lr;'l | artt r- at that tima, I liaaa f M?n Mr.H it hu praiuiaoa whin I want to halp my r father al lua bwataaae. thU ?** bafc.ra I want Into liu ?, aniploj, Mr Hagley toH mj father ha would Ilka to a U?| nia go to tink Iharai that ha bad nlaa *<irt ? thai I a-uld do. I a<kxl him what It wae, ha aalg I It waa Ml?fHH| |iunila fur fatu, I told hint I would , IV my niihir; I did and aha waa not willing *r naa to ha aaknt ; fatli-r again, and I aikid li) t.other three <<e fur limae and al laat , It waa i|" ?l npon that I ml|ht %n, ha waa to j1?e m* iwn,ij ilnillnga a w.ak , ha aaid ha wonl>t pro- ( Wet ma a* a RMitlew- wan. and Uiat nona if tha work* . wn ihotii.t f ma Into tha nmai whara I waa to ha , . i'*afrd wh ah wi- Mr Heglry prtrete ?fl|aa ; in J * * * war* ialar.1 afterward* to fl. and an on Bp to < Ib pa* mm k Mr Na(l<'^'a aonduel to ma *ai ?vrf I ui.g?iiU< t >ai !)r , t>t -ra I waa tkurtii *nk ha eon- I 1 ? iciil Ittli.t l!l?rtiee with ma . I told htm I wwuld 1 til) n.y la I ha ar.d that I wotld Ufa ha aald ha waa I ci ty .u iwn. and rakid ma. did I think ha waa in >?r 1 1 tut ' hia r< i dnat wa* ?Wt? |.v?l than fir ah >ut i i tfcr?? W'.k or a month, whan ha emnntetinml tha ; em* ratir-e *n?.n . I told h.m again I w,.|d t?U mt C* il. r Ilia than ha wouUt ?tnp for a little 1 Ml* ; lhia w?? r*p'?t*>l thraa or t .wr tint,*. till I Vanh when h- *< r.< m *n Aral tha itna ha**d j ?* it w * |r. H,r.h Hi hia prlrata of**,.. .h,.,, I W'ik>4 ha vi ^ a# tag Ull eond'tet at Tarn I t!m?a af.fiwnd,. ha n.-.elJj laak.d tha ilimr wh-n wa vara ttanhfitlm I tied -hild on tha .*th liar, mi.-r ? : 1 " * ** notiad at koiw al my ffethar t Mr Baititj lnu<Mtarti| ma In hta bona* and to hia and "" W'tak- r-a <i.t with H-r In hia earring* ha baa l'? taken my father out with na In tha ha ?t ??. u, > ?-h,rtu W, Mr Knttar'a la ih. aarTrng* ' Hh mf r.ihat and Mr Baglaf. Mr *?t*T IM MM 1 % L D. TWO fCINTS. of femil/; wt ?tot)pr4 th,T? pr,,b?bW ?. h<*ff; wfc* I rti**oTrrrd the ?.?u?tion 1 .il, in. | t<*M- Mr Rogl?r, nd he m? In itMT thr child on on* **?% I a*k.d him on whom. ?uU h? ~?ij <>a howd. n. who boarded at my fath*.'*?, I ?*MI 1 rould uot. that Mr. Dowdm was awny ,, h* th?? *?k?*<l me to ?wi>*r ft on wonx-body that WiiJ rob* to Mexico ; he did uot iiientiou whom. nil t? rmj mill my uuMDnnd waa dead. 1 tola biu*4 coaid not Jo It; Sir. Ilaglcy told un? at one tiukM diat bo wanted me to make an affidavit in Mr llutcbina' office; he uiet ain in the entry. tvnd bo told nie t'.ffit ha bad told Mr Huithinx i wait married : he ?iiu4im to mako an uffid:.Tit of what Mr .Smith (hU par*wrj had Maid to me during liU (Hnyley'p) abaeuce la country; he tiid un< I mu.-t taki- another u*nii>; ilW* waa in the parage to Mr UuW.hina' office; I' oouid not make an affidavit iu auothor name, ax I w ?? not married ; he aaid lie had told Mr llutcbina I * ? married; he Mtid I uiu*t el^n another Ditnir; I tolA* hini 1 didn't know what name to ai^n. and be aaked ma why ' he ?aid I could make auother name, tUa name ot .-mith. or any other. and I noggc-ated th? naa>? ot l.ewia ; wr then weut Into Mr II ittcltimt' office, and I .stated what the Meeara !?i?iitb (liaifley'a partner*) had Kaid to we; Mr. liutchiiu drew paper nrid handed It to me to Hign ; f told Mr. ilaglcy I could not sijfn my uam.i u? Lewi", nud he ?aid if I did not. he wouldu't do anything for me; I objected to ai^n iny name In the preeonce of Mr II ul<-hin* and the ? omniU-doner; Mr Ifutchlns heard iho objection; } do iuiI know whether the CoaMariaaiaii r heard it; I Mgn^l the paper (i. K Lewia, and W? eft Mr. Hatehiu.1' Aaa, we went there again aon* iuie afterward*. a? Sr llagley i-? id he bad forttottao -mm thing that waa not put down before; he aalct'what le had forKotten wm that I waa to awear that I had #kid hiu iwterii tlnw "for two or three nliilltafa: nd that he had ?ald he hadu't it about him; that I wed tw eay there i* aoine in the drawer. to-whiotelM lacd to reply , that that beloutfud to the ftrni;" I oki ctod to awear thin, and he kaid no one wouid aee It, hat it would not ho tuade public; on the aeoM iue we went to Mr llutchina' office, that addtion was made to the paper which I had already ignod ; Mr liagley promised uiu that ha wkm eep lie, aud aupport me like a lady; he told M There there wiu a uire place for me to board, in Sim ireet; I told him I didu't want to goawur from hou*. lid I10 auid 1 bud be* rr go, 1 wuut to the buuN is :iui street; it la oppoaltu the Jewa' Synagogue; I d* ot know tbe number; I told Mr Bagley a colored ouian who answered ui? at the door told mn it waa tr out-e of aaaignatiun; be didn't nay uuything, ha only iiigbcd; uj> to thin time my permit* w?r? not awnrw f luy aituatlon. luy mother aaid aba did not like my ppearHUce; 1 denied tbe fact; I told Mr liagley of it, nd he *ald 1 had bi tter Irave home; 1 did do ao; I rent to Mr* Ingle's. at Mr liagley'a requeat; my arenta did not know where I had (on**; 1 had tNii Ira. Ingle at Mr. liagley'a ?hop before that, on tha vi nni^ of the day 1 went to liira. Ingle'a. ahe cam* own town with lue. intending to go to Mr llugley'a, ut wr went into Mr tinruey'a, and they aent a boy itoMr Itngley'ii for Uim. be came and told me my tother had been to ht? place, in a dr<>adtul atate, rry ug, and that they rapct'ted that I mil Im foul nough to go home. which ho aaid I abould not do; ha old .Mm limlc to ki<?|i uiu there. and ha would pay IW oard. Mr liauley told her I we* married. and my htta>aml aib> awry at aia, ha told in? to paaa for a uiarriet roaau; Jin I ugh- uud Magley whi?pered together part f the tiuie. which i couid not hear; abe aaid aba waa fraid of getting into trouble about kaaping ma. an4 le aaid there wax no fear, a- our folk would uot think nything of It after a low daya; I remained with b?v lue daya; I waa dowu at llugley'a every day but aoa uring that t ime; 1 u?d to return to Mra I title's Im lie ftage , Mra I UK In Iiti d in Kllrldge atr-rt, an 4 Iter I lift her I went to Mr* Krai era, where I retained from Saturday till Wedneadiiy ; my falliar mud me on that tVedne?day. at Mr. Ilagley'x oMee: i fore Mr l^agley went Into the country ha waulea te again to 'wear the child on Mr. ll.iwdi n.aad I aal4 would nut; ha drew out a pNtol and aaid ^?o aura aa Ter bi trajnt h? would blow my braiu* out, it aa a ?lx-b:irri lli d platol; the child waa horn at my .ther'a. in Jeraey city. 'J?Hh of Deqembor, IttM; I hava Iwayi lived at bi'lu?, with tha eioeptiou of thoee iiuea I bare uieutiouod, 1 here one al?ter and threw rot her a ; my ln-otber who waa apprnntlced to Mf. l?*l?y waa tiie tideat, my alaler la nine year* ut age. id[|ourued. Thratrlral and M naieaj. IT a Li or Orcaa t'onraar.- In conaequene* ot tha reat fatigue Oitaaaloned by a land journey tram harleaton. the llataiia. Italian Opera t'ouipany can no* pptar for a day or two Although aonie of tbe art lata re In proper trim, yrt tha great d?aire of th? manage* o make a giM>d eomm> neewent, and to produoa tha p< ra ou a n-ale of the ulinoat aplendor. baa lndma4 iliu to poatpone tbe p< rforniancea until ail tha vaaai nd Instrumental corp? are refreahed and Inrlgarau 1, ud lierfeetlT able to ?u-taln the hlirh rharulw lk?? m?* attained in the muaieal world Howmt Tiimtii Uat itijhl. the aplendld fi?m uJInI " TU? M'-rrtiut??e.d of H;rtnu<* or Dbom* nil rflbUK." bad attracted an >th?r uvrrfliivliif miJ'.nrr, who cr?.. l not. during >11 thn prrforatM*. M rifirwa Ikr aiwt Pttini nli>(ttllwit. We ara plaaaat, itdrrd, to trt llut the tnc<^aaant eiertiona of tha eni< rpriaioK director Mr llaiutdtn ua arown-d with u< k ?ucm??. and la a ??rj abort tuna ha wil n-fala. wa ar< -uro. tha enurmoua ?iim< which ha haa rapcnded In produriag befora the public thla laagnift nt ?p?<tarle The eutartainmauta eomuieocad wltfc be entitled " Tha Littla Peril." ia which Mr. .aat-r and SJIu H Denim wrr? frequently applauda4. Rautnwar Tiiutm Ma CoLuiaa ?Thla h >uaa was elufvlJjr cr?niiu?l to tha ?ety ceiling laat ereiuag. M rrlcuna. after a Taw tu?nib? lapaa of tima. tha lint ppearanca of Mr Culliiu tha calibrated friah aaaaian. a elreum-tance which not out/ ahowa what adai-r?i d favorite ho la ata?aj(at oa. but provra that lh* e?.ple of New Tork are a vac ready to patroniaa tall-at ban it la provided for their amu*eni** 111 Wa aaaJbM a ware ecarei I j prepared for ?urh a diaplaj. aflar tha atraordioart full b.>u*ea that wa have witaeaaed hara >r the laat fortnight, but tha " Iriah Amb*aae4erM in nun; tile TH?-r.' aa nfriMnlrJ by Mr <!oUtMk r? alwnya >uro t<> draw an ovarfl->?rin|t audianea It i m-rdlaaa to aay tlmt he rallad forth tlia miMl raparoua nppl?u-a and laughtar. ?li?n w? mention that au-laim-U tit"** part. with bia uaual ability wilfe *? fr.itik ganrrou* *"'1 gaiitlamanly brarlng ha par-nui U thr rharartrr of tb? I rub baronrt. kqi! wjthlhaft ruliar drollary wbieh b? u mi rapablu of infualag ito tha Nunlrrinf Ti'tWf Maiinry It VM^itnnwiT * luting II* WW lu ricrllrlit rotof and u uiiil. d la aouga war* raroml Mr. " Colli na' AunxIoIm" allvrn d nft.-r tb? piay. ??f raaalrrd with niiaeh apla?M> and rrra?--d yrxat njrrrtn>.nl Thla an|?n? nt with ? bright auitilcaa M lha dm IW w ju?t rlwi an.I proniiaaa to ba aa pmltaMa TMa rrnlng Mr Collin* will appaar la llnrn to Ooo4 tick," Mid " How to 1'if tha Moot " IlvaToa'a Tmiaiii.- Ai uaual. BurVia'a thr%trw WWW ruil'it to orarfl wing laal arming Tba u> w o?aa<ty, I.>>ap t aar." which irld? fair to l? a> popular aa aa* Im that ha? born playad h< ra withiu a yrwr. fnrmi ha Drat part of tbf i nterim un' nla, and thai it?rllt| nnn-dy. lha Hwrvma ? an II y " wu tba winding ap. ,oth wrra wvll p< rformrd and, aa aaaal. tba aujiauaa nrn Mllitwl. that for tba nun thay pal ) Uay nt ior?' than an rqulrairnt In fna and mirth fltf ant' w rth of ua- m?-nt at frurtoa'a tahaa away* rrtakla or two. and uiak>a old I U? foal young and gay. CMAwraai 'a Nifaaai. Taiiiai A aroadMl h >aaa ?|>"nM l?-t iiIk .? aa ii'ual to tba r%U of tlia IntatIgml m?Bijrf of tba National, who aurai to ba inw raaiy la rarylag tba plnaauraa of hla uumrmiM pa. r< ?t-*r* Tba liar tragi dy of I'.rutua" wai r-n?wa*l. 0 tha antirw and unanla^ui alMirlloi of tha auiaaca Mr Marahall aa Brutna. rwpnatadly aaita4 i-rth aatbualaatta applau*a. by tlia iiiollrnl aiannar n ah h ba Aaw.natrd bla part Aflar th? tragedy iblrh waa rapitaily ran4ar?d tlir. ugh >ut two ehtroang faroaa ?Skotrb'a lu India," and ' Who Bpaafea Irat floaail tha onUwiaiamanta of tha ar?nlng Aatoa I'm Tiii.iai Mr Tandanhoff't banrft. i?t night, benight t???th"T a rxd audiwnao Ha ?rwoaatr?l llaial-t and r|>rt<d btmaalf to maka lha ha/artar f#<ytl??, hut tharharaatar laooa not aultart n Mr Van<l< nhoff TW? waa graal an?rgy and litl* ?tiim throughout that aarn<ata*?? waa wanting la ha portta iturr Mr VandatilKiff liowrrar null imm ary g'^Ml p"int? and waa highly apprrc.alrd by thooa >r?arat who fTrqarnlly applaadad u m Th? bla m 1 I rime and tha I'olomua ol Mr l:v< wara rxaall 'at. rid Mr Maaon paraonatad tha Uh wl with aklll awd vtgmrnl T* night. Mlaa l>urat ra appaar* M? 'limiug alao. wUJ parforn Tba aaat of laa - Arrhant of Vrnlaa" la rary good, and a larga attaadiaaa 'tight la aarieh tha anlaryriMi of tba man afar 4r f|i tu'ng will ba waraily grawtrd aftar hla loag > bar a aw Cuaiarr'a OrMa lim a* Tha prrf >rmanaaa at thla ta bllrlim'-at arr aa uaaal rrrr attraatlra Tha pr*r rainaa of rnt< riainaivnt for thla rraalnf. aoatalaa a ma aali rtlon of ina4n?lira In faat. It U aiuoat anna raaary to partlrularlir la thr prrformaacra at thia plaao 4 lain rnrnt aa thr puMIc arr prwtty valtiotfianaA it> r a p?ri?,?l of funr yrara mrrMtita rn>it.iinmanU. bat th<a liand atanda unrirallad fur gabu.laa nagro ia iTiaatlona nf ?hara?trr a ad lor tha graat rarirly 4 i?al and ln> trumaatal ammaaaaU Tha >lanata? Jotia ta worth tba prtna of admiaalna. Oi i uric I'lrraa'a band of mlaaWa^k praaont a rary ittraetlra I..I1 for lliia araning TU aaiaation (I arlt <ll?a ta itarllaht and aonaldarlng that aarrral M Kalili-trtl'i land ta tlirlitd to thla tba aa> I'lloa nt Ihr r.-?Kirii?? ?..i .k ...... ail ihtlf rvcrlt* th* otrkaiMt >11*11% Tha ulbar part* ' *!?!#! "f d.inring ka Unarm* - ?hltr'? Sormtibn. In th?4r rani u4 n*(riiDi< ntal pi'rforta*iicaa tn bar.imn* grrmi tor*-i?a? ?ilh Ihr H' folk J W II >ti TH| ^Q^r?fni "f Wii Mib?? ia * p. - ,N4 .hxuM b? NM kf ?ho int. t il vVitsug lb* tWnr1"#" M IW I:Imi; u il kL* Ardi Hf??t IkntN, TkU*. fclrbi* tii?m Rrii i? Vikm Til to Ml?to?l?# planM t?? fei.allr r*ttb-4 *? ?fc? "* >"to 'UjV.n *?tlea 7 I * ?nprv?>* f "uni"?l of W?*i?o H?? r-l*M i?h-?1 a Km l<il w??in?i*r al lfc? h??<l "I irk Hi H?n Lv> br*B *^<ilil<4 ?rt* a haw4a ? WIm| VtwlfoHi'l lilt ?|o|l?lrt nf tlM llm of IInil**4 ?l?f. ha? b<? irar-llln ?a pr?taaai?t)?| l>,ir |n ?r*lpo ha? aftl?r4 al llatanft wtl'ra ha npafta.l with > pf. half liar; MMH-. rt f-t lha ?,.|?a-.fc alma. IDat ll.. T HI s'lt j?'l|t' "'hi- Ul?n?. Ill, it to a J ?a? ain't di-tlrc?i?b?4 M to t? ba ba ?ai mil rfett M'W iMnilHt rnmm J?#w forfc.

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