Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1850 Page 1
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Til NO. 6785. TIIIHTY-F1HST COJTORKSS. KinsT scmupm. Nfnatr. m MOB.-*; MAGNETIC TKI.nORTvrM. Washibotob, April 9. 18S0 Mr. Wlmtkx, on hi* motion. ?w vicuiml (rum *?rrlog on the committee to carry Mr. Calhoun's reuaain.s to Soutl Caroline. After tlir tran-uction of the morning buaineaa, and J a struggle with reference to the privilege of epoclni order*, thet'enat took up the cen.un bill. nud. after the conMdtratlou and deposition of sundry amendmente. and a long and uninteresting debate upon the several amendment* pruposed the Senato. without having roue to any conclusion. at 4 o'clock. ajjHrui Howr of HrprruntatlTd. WY bain's KIKriltO-CHtMlCAL telkorami. Waiiiing-ton. April 9 1T>0. Mr. Hunt Hiild he wiw instructed by th? aelect 1 committee to investigate the conduct of Secretary Crawford, in ronueetion with the Oalphin claim t>> ?fk leave to it during the bessinus of the Ilou*.' until their dalles shall have been performed. Agreed to. The motion to recon*ld?r the vote by which the resolution to purchase Aiuericau water-rot'.ed hemp for the tise of the na\y wan referred to the Committee o the Whole on the Hato of the Union, was disrupted. Motion to rtronilder laid on the table. The Hou-c thm went into Committee of the Whole on Hit. < ORHIA MKNUAOr. Mr. IIowaro. (drm..) of Texas, by ronxont. c?ve notice of un amendment to the bill of Mr McCleruand. to the effect that, if Texan dot-* not accept of the proposition to curtail h? r boundary for a purun'ary r,>nalderatlon. no government thall be organised west of the Rio Oraude, tmbrar iug any portion of tho territory east of that river, if Tex** accept th:> prtweut Saws of that Slate us to /"lavery Khali exij?t in the territory until it i? admitted into the L'ni <u as a State. \i> ii...... \ ..rr.. * ..i. , u.. h ii . nt?r*d into a coii.?lltutiaual argument to t>h-jw that Cojctom ha* no p>w?r to prohibit ulavery in thi> territorim. If a< gentlemen .'ay. elavrry ha< bcou prohl1 Mtcd by Meiirnn law aud by the law of n ituro why d'> they prouik c in rc-i imrt lht>*e law? ? lie knew of no oilier i.Iyi cl tm* m fordid *elflalinci<?. which Hoea* to appropriate all ibe I in-fii* of th? territorle*. He inMrted that Imery 1? Maniped on th- face of the ' onstituilun in f' in different place*.and that slave* tau V- carried to any territory within the I'aiua, uiitii it la abolished or prohibited l>y tho local linr* of 8ttt? ?over?Ijsnty. nod that tho mighty arm of g ivrrniujut ?*?n !* railed t" protect it Slavery ran.i 't be pr.ihibited in the lerrilorl"* without making invidious (list I not Ion* between the t-'t itea, an 1 therefore, tho dUtinetiuu would be uncou. titutioual. Hit had uiany oljerliou.J to lh<> aduiis-don of California : but n itwillii-tandintf. hr wimld vole to admit her provid.'d ?he ,' be included iu a fcouaral plan (Citing mem - to N'ew Mi kict mid Dritrlt lie waui 1 ilu thi* for tb? ~.*kv of linnuoay lie wan oppo.e.l to buying territory from Texan hirri/ht bain# fle^r and iudispuUW*. and lie wl-lied a 1?* paused, tho wor# effectually to rertole fugitive idltvae. Mr. GVawii (wlr.n) of Ohio, luvd auppo*?d that when California had taken on h. rself iLve burden of State ( TcniiMDt. th*t llurr would UarUly b? a diaa<. utinf ToIit to her ailniU'leii. Rltfht ovt of the Cftc-en Stotoa mlinHt'd ?)nre I ho formation of tho i-niwtitilt'.on hav? e<ui? into the I iiiuD without the previous art ion of (' DKreM*. and thl* I- llin ftrat lime, when tho ean^'r tution of tho Stall i neknowlodged by *11 ty Oo r(.. publiran. that obj? lion ban bteu rained '.u h >r ad ml i ion. lie wm u^hIii I attaching Cal'.ftr&la ^ atfflf* g .- aurr*. KhiiwRoiernwwitt I" H(-nt auj Jf'j i 1K M 1 -n ot thcwwlvn*. What had< riilotjui?to - . w'uh lh,.m , u U ?.iu.lUl <v l*j'"ry to d"luy h'r adnii?aion. If there bo nurh longer d' lay. >he may kirk up her heel*and talk about * W eatorn Coiilnlem' toll. Ho had looked our tile matter of a Soiitlurn Convention. aud neeu ihe flwuiutf report* from Hunt hern Ht*t"s. but. Ill hi* oplnli-i dMatiaii ww ullerlv aud morally out of the queation. It never i'4H lake pure. He apoke ab Hit lile ?tjiiii'briuni rliUmiil, anil maintained thai it wa< never Intended that then* -lionld be * In tny idavo aa ffM? Sutet. lie vi r iiep rd of ao lnonnt.'ou- a proposition. ( it mnnH be done. The framera of tb? coimI itution ??;ver thought nf i.r d ?r^ned ?uch eqdlllbrluiii. Up d?-f?Tile?l the Northwe-il, and deniet] that th * people Oieo" >??wl ? ? w?*.Ixeii >eini< to hi-ln the rirMi* ul inn n/*Ci(lltt" ii. mm ^irriuif)* m h tinvrarru thi.u-and had 1?? u u/K^rJ iu thi? bu'lni-' but lh? < * nrr hat iil<t?vr l? ?-u v'iij.I v by tli? court*. ll? had no #nuM that i* liki' roar** of conduct w.w to br found in th?- m <i.. "i tlia North. It km ilelu*ion to ?itp|?i?c ?*up]o of fi-nn *iatea w?r? wholuaalo ni'Kra ctrahm. Il? di I but know how the fallacy ?tart?>l "Thry nntlil n<.f n bwnuw they hid dl?thmy<'d their I'U .t and moral obligation* to thr vi*ry IctUr TUf p*. ( liiii ?cctb..u lo <ke<t on tUj >a-h rfllc ycutdillon mIidi* willi co?rrclgn contempt. Ju rouclVulnn. h" *<lrtw*| th" !*outh to iini>r?T? th'-lr *T?ri ft'-'t -rb f.iricrt nil threat* about titration tT'-pn unite for the pt-uuiation of cur 1m ?t Intotfwt-i end they might drueul up m It. nrith'T prindpnliit?f new power*, nor thin** pri *cnt. trtormir I .ilh .(M--to d *o|?? thta l'ni?a. Tke i o*>n.iti.-c- thi n r?t. Thi><mu>> Itiil b< 1'iP' thr llo?>4 ifrrrilroviad. IrttlMH. frnti the Prr*l.lent, enclo*in;r i translation <t a r.ot. I In March from th<? M?xl-m Mini*t<r to Ihi' f*. cntary t.( 8t?t?. csiir.^in* th* riewn bl Uir Mralcaii g ixrrauivnt. u to r?prc?aiux tli?* <ucurrion? i>f the ?dd Indian* ?n thr fr mtlrr a* ?tlptilatrd In thr treaty ?t Uun.labtipc Hldalja. It w?* referred t?? the Cm-nnllt** '>n Indian Affair* Mf. Kwhttii (d m ) 't Ohio, anked ln?n l<inlr >dnrr a anlwtkitv cxlllmj oa ttu? Aerrotery of thr TtHloury to Infmin tlir limine amount of Ht-r.- t hu he* n paid mi the tialpUin claim au I itlwi tho movnl paM a.. int- r.<?I na ?th?r claiui*. on lh? opinli?u iif lur fr ill .\ttiir.icy tlenrral ; anil th-vt tvi -?' inniltWr of M ar? and Moan* I tin u I re Int > th* itpr. ?f WpolMftftff llM lUMM f i Ii MafMilR claim*. the principal 1 f which hail beru pil l Mr. irtiut i?Ii !(> nf N?irth Ornllnv obj'wti J to thr rrMilation. fivr the rrWtara that a *p<s-tal ro:awUl*" I I Iia*# th* ?nbji-rt In 'nr Mr. nan.ui (?lil?r< "f .Unu'vhuwiti. I I nr.i to Introduce a r?-. lntH'ii. that the rtrcrrtnry i> Navy ?nd un-ler thr frmk i.f the drpartm-n*. pn??t?< |?t irrw Knil pFprr* .* I" *111" iiiur'-ii mi I II M UI I <b? N*?? rmphynl on forrlgn rtaUon? i wa< ui<*tic, bitti tlir IhiU'w ..'Iji'urii" I KKW lOKK LEUISLATl HIt. Ill* lJt*T IMT BT r in* or THK HKHtIO*. Nrntlr. Ai nm, April 9, 1*50 Tiir rnot mil. Mr. Pnntt'i* mm -J iti?t tb* (fn into cniinit tc? of th" ?h> I* ?>ti th* PIW Mil ui 0 I* M Lo?t. Mr I'ro*> Hf? r< >1 tlj?- following rr*ol?tlr.n- Tb*Hii-? t'f MtwY'rt, BpwH.iii, h'* vllka*? WIUUn^' r,k ai? di? Miii ualj 1? ihanarn.* airait . ?f tK? Fa?? Hi' ?r. Wail* iU tlllma or aft. ky tkalr luaiiMw, iRtnMtlr " rtil r?latii<a?. ar* *l<.??ly r. ir.-r' l I .T?<k r: m4. ?* ! r?r m-r? tlan h?lf a ?aiary haa* r*l?inl I **<8 llit-m, ft' wm< nut of tti? 'Hlmi f k?.lk In **?*rl.? i*t-a4a r'<ht< th?lr w??nl rhartara, rcirn* *k? fnaarhl" ? ?4 ih? Juriwllril' n vf k?tk flty *o??rnai?iit?. *ad I t? k*r**?, T>.? !.? I?u 1<M ty m?nr I ?|tl??a? ?f NfW York aa I llrv^iklya, ? > ? tin miai uf K?th it!**, ti'ip tlur wllh Ifco ? naffo *f n'HMtmihtrtk, lalsf m I etir f?>T?rairi?ai. ?"uM rff'Maally ?a t all ??nir .r.-r?? U I " rf" 'T 1 ?w ay i>4 ik bfM if *11 nmnw*. IwM. Thai ? *?r.atof? fr..a Ik. M. M. ?lk. Mh. aa I | Ihk. ar* k?r>k; af>r> a ' ninUin t? f??il4ff tko inkfHl fa ?)"* of tk? flll'i of T?rl aa4 Hr< >klya aa<l tk? I villa** of Willl*au<kar<h. ??.l? n? rlly aal thai ! * -aid ' mo ltt?? itoiru'wJ ? r?por? th?r?.a t? I lk? !<faat? al aa ?rly 4*y of lha a?al Htiita uf tkr U MUr. A 4opt*d COM i-t> ?r? inn. rtmii n ??p win 11 w?ara?j>i Mr ('anaa off- r?d a rwolulin to appoint a **l*?t ?*<mialtl*~ of *?w York. Brooklyn and Klnjr? rounty l>*nalora. to f. .xirt to Ilia n**t l.v^alatur* a plan fo r tb* f w"l.'Ull?n ..f N.-w V"fk Hrnklyu anlWUlltiitkuri andrr nnr r'Timn'iit Lot Ml i Mta una a?it.aoar> Mr Diiatiatm that Ihfi'ltrk irf HiK^cnalf k?l??rfni*t*d to **|l bark from th?> A??mbljr th<* llalaon Hlfft Railrn?it Mil. Th? nh??rt Mr B ?al<l wai to ha?<- aa n^|>?rtiinlt]r of am?n<{inK It. 0?rrl?"l tut ran*. For lb- >p> rial orjrr. tl?# of tha wknta took up ll? bill for tli* appointmrot of thr c>inBil??|nn?r? to Muff lb* I iw< of th* (UI* to *f?lrmalie An-I ?l?o th* I I! to rvpaal th* pr**mt law by whlrk ?o4* romniUalonrra bar* h*rn appolot*d Tli* rommitt** tlr-t took up th* fon**r kill Tb* Mil wa? rra<l tbrougb and tb- n tak*n np ?*?tlon by ***t?oii A warm <t*b*ta *mw4, until tb* rrcai, Mr Hlanton on th* floor. IMWrarcao KirwrTina Tb* Ho?*?tr?d Rinnptlon Mil *a< to b* tak*Q np In tb* aftrmion aktkh^OOI trMim. *i MM KtTra aIMKIB. Th* MB to fnrintat* tb* *on*trurtlon of tb* TTnd*on Bi??r ItaHroaJ *a< r*ported romplrtr. with am*ad irnta- IT to IS Tat mil. Tb* Mat* ta? Mil Wa? r*nort*d afalnat by Mr tl**kaian MH tb* r*port w?? (ll?*rT**d to and th* hill r* f?rr*d ta aa *?rlT t'ommltt** of tba Whole thU *t?I nla>. by a rot* "f IT to 12 li-iMrrrrin Th? flwtn'l K ifmpl'on Mil *m diwawl A mi. tl<>n In fuliM IH? ?um to %XO WM )o?t 13 tn id *n4 tba Mil <rd?r*l to thlr.l remit** Pom* frirn.U at It* Mil Totad to rrtuf* Rfi-xii to 7 o'rloak. Amm. April I, IfttO ?i* t?m ??p ?ta>it?u iti courier Mr M J An r* r?ported Mil to Inrorporata tka K?w Tork aa<l 1 lr*lnla ?t?mn?h(p Company i?i irnrwTito mil Mr floata*. x?ln?t thu HtMl* quarter prr e?mt Hank HM?mptl' B Mil Mr C I#""*" moTtd to or?or tk+ Mil I* row ?|ttaa. to raport <"<mpi#t? Mr Oarr aorrd to lay tha Mil on Ik* tokU OwtM[Tkla prakahlj Jiapo.... of tk* Mi tbia a~<i'??i ] t E NE ] TMPi (.OTKlWORilllf. Mr A. Oirm, to porf<H*t ho amendment of the constitution. K> to fill v*r unfit* in the o?r* ofdopprtur I itnr*Alter. LAW. Hr Wiuion then reported the bill.* to aiucml thi? Gfiiornl In^uranro nnd to enforce the payment of tmw by tho n*< u\< >?l'foreign insurance companies [Thirvi ronaiiiic I hll.l.? hUU A THIRD TIM*. Thf folios nir ItllL^ irhKM nthci-wlk# noted :? Making appropriations to the Ainu Sin? priaon Making appropriation lor th?> Cliutou prlitoii Authorising u tax uu tlie town of Philadelphia for bridge. Hor the relief Henry 0. Beach, Kelatlve to thr Adlrondne Iron and Steel Co. To provide for tbo hotter education ot children il tlit.' i-everal orphan aeyiuuid in Una Male, other then In the city ol Sew York. To incorporate the California Inland Steam Navigation Compicnv To amend the art authorising the erection of bulkhead* and aharvee in the city of Mrooklyu. Kor the preservation of Wunhington'ii Headquarter*. Kor the relief of George Hnrnhart and othern To authorise payment to Jume* I.. Voorliee* and others for a l>ridjiu at Kuiton. To amend the rliarter of the Northern Di?pen?ary of New York eity. To erect the town of (Gardiner, Ulster Co. To authorize the stockholder* of the Lewi* County Bank to fleet director* To prevent the sale of good# on 8unday. Lout, ayea M uoec :i? To in?u(l the charter of Baldwinerille. To amend the act regulating ferries between the city of New York and Lou* Inland. Lout, aye* 45, noe? 34 To authorise the Brooklyn Board of Education to fell lot and to purchase another. To amend the act relative to the Oswego Canal Making an appropriatiou for the Western House of K? f?ge. To amend the charter of Dunivllle To confirm the official art- of Joaeph Ptlllman. a.? Justice of the Peace. To amend the charter of the Wool Grower'* Manufacturing Company. of llerkimer county To amend the charter of Matillu* village For the preservation of the public health. Y or the relief of (II. ern of the 7th regiment of New V ork ^tate artillery. To protide fur completing the geological survey To amend the act relative to pa*u>t<ngtrs In veaael? coming to the port of New York To change the niuue of Edward J. Co*. Making appropriation* for the support of common ehool*. tor *cho. I- in orphan a-yiuuis. itc., for the , years 1V>1 and IV.! To authorise the Trea \ir? r to emnlov an additional I clerk To provide for t> -tin? Mr. I'mitwk'ii aUejro'l discovery of it uatutnl principle ol" the v^'UUe kingdom. Ktrt*#. AK 1KB.MXJJC ftKSMON. mcrri r mi l. The ni"-t of t mt'i'iioon wa- taken up la arranging tln< -uvj'ly Mil. which wai not gone through with when the Houku adj >uruc4 to 7 I*. M. Two W <<k- l/ut<-r from Baenon Ay re* The hark Kothcluld arrived at Boston, on the 6th inrtiuit. from Kuciiox Ay rr.<. whence ehe nailed on th? 9th of Kt brii'irjr IVc have received by her the Biiiith I'ael-M and . hjrfii int Sett. In the P?<hrt?.-t ti c -4 of February we (Uii th? folirAting rivlew f the iue of Governor Roam, relative to the affair." of thia continent < TI1K t JJITKD .STATIC. Amid much tiw.t Ix and ftymnathrtlc, an anlJ^atrd i.ii'l rathi r pi<tuiiut <il?ru'tt>ii>n h ul taken place, r.,p.\*"u" Uic Aiutliutu rtlitfVttcr Jubilee. Thi? craft hxi! Urn icfu?< I of MiiuKKl'iiX. and ?om<t C.hor grave rtarp* wulliuK anitu^l tin1 faptaln. he ws? xubmltlid t<> a criminal pro-.eution, and the ve??el detained, to tbiJ.' the It iiie f the trial It appean that the govet-nun i t probi.l H fir^wiun the inconveniences th.?t wi re likely to eneue. proposed to relea?? tli.* ?? ?? ! froin her detention, ?n the condition of th? esptaln'* ivlnp oecnrity e* to the re?ult of the judicial proceeding' T iij? otf' r mho unfortunat*ly rejected; and the I Jubilee remained au inactive -p?etatrc** of the bu?y ' ncene firoiiud lirr. hi the oort of Bu.-no* Ayrea. A < often hnpp< u? lu ( heiioery Hultn and other ana- \ 1< K'iii* i'.ipi ?. the proceeding proved more dilatory llian i the partii" intere-tej could ruve wiabed aud the !(< I Charge d'Alfaine of the l'nll?d Slate*, with a landahl* , ?4. lutri |"r?.*U UK (f>Od offlClW. ; The Argentine pxiTnnmt. though distinctly disclaiming all right iif offlelnl interference at that <t>f? transmitted the t'hargw d'Afalre* a copy i?f th? p roe en*, for hi* Information and oalUfBctlon Mr Harris. overlooking the diplomatic reservation Ju?t flat* d. enter<-d at once on a review of the proceed(tiitj wUli Mi.iilJUaii unit nniniivi nir a*< m url t ...K .... n.. . ...-p...... ^.n..7 I a? regarded certain purtin concerned. With the acunrn t4 a clerer pl< ader. he ?et forth varioua irre-^ula( ritiea, that h? held to vitiate llw?Koh>MM; and. after 1 aundry Mrpt, all minutely detailed In lb* { wound up l>y do-luring it to l?? hi* opinion that In* : autlioritlc of ih- port were not authorised to embargo and dt taiu *>.! . -.1 " H< r irumirtf miJ Ii?, "i?I>i th? (IrraailaiNt, baj tarn a vlnlattaa the rUht? nf the captain. and mntrary to t*? li?w? of the e*nf?J ratios: a rta<; ta the fl?f? ha parried. and at ?aria?c? villi tho c r I:<al r?l*ti?a* ' friaad bit' UWtiM.lxtirttUI th* JO*?r?iia?Bl '.f tha I'alt-d Mtataa an . that * i.'.* Ar*eatiuo ennfed-mioa. Tlii- peroration may appear rather atarlling t > the fritinl> of pence am) ..ncord, but tile following, from the fume |>fi at ? >ulvr<|>ient 'tare of lha juration lay well allay all invn'In-M on that -e<jre: ? Tfce r? . iu alha4a?tl?ally in inif rl- 1 *>? the !'. < |.!.. t th.? > I ( rt'lt.n. t< wiHi th-> two tlluitriuu* r>r*>a? ( envral It and Ma dnighier) meatlnned hy I' *rv ?>< i b. tli l atuml and pr .p?r. The* were U.r ai u\ it'nw, f p' l.l?, <rat?f?lfor tiB?-l Jialin?: <! ?!? ' putl.c aorricr* roodered to tha riantrr Itul tl.a? . ntiio. nt <1 rrapect oa the part "f the \rgaatin**,per'. ip?, ui. ra prfoaad. a??ure.ll? wa? nil more ?i?r.r?, lhan '.l it ciperigaood l>y tha people af the Vailed stat' < and thi Ir l er.- ti?alivi? h?re, tnwarda lliv t?? e?altol p r oaafa* nl!ni<rd to," fcc. tVv UfK hi r?- the if"ntli man and Hie acholar the dlpb uiatl't *nd the nian of ta?tc, and title apprvhenpt'>it need be put>rMlM*d of a rupture, wh.*u diplomatic decorum and cuBrteaj ?r? eo MicHourly aeaarmi l with Jo-r^i u .l amtnllle*. Thr caw of the Jubilee" ha* alije? bi -a diapoa.'d of; afcd It would appear th'Jt all partly htft Mquirerctl in the d> euloa. nuiu A ? a coutermiuou* State. and t'n* natural rlral of tbe confederation. runoideraMc Importance la alwayi attach, d to <>ur rrlitluni with lite empire. We are aorry to Fay that on thla occasion they do nut prcaent ao >Ktiafart"fy an wprtl aa could bv Wialtt-U The rau-ea of complaint bare brea numrfiiuf. though u- arly nil. aa rej>m4? tli?i |ia?t year, of a roramon ?rl(fln. undue ron?ld* ration toward* tbe Argentine and Oriental tnlfrmtt* and a culpable Indlfhrence In not tiriniillin. or rath?r perhapa. an angrarated culpability. on the part of the nbaltrrn authorities In coitni?!nf at if not alattlnf the repeated vanilalle Incuralona thai barn l*tn made upon aaid Statci. front the l!raailkaii territory. Horn* noil occur,-encea. with regard to tb? r^rtcuny queation. arc far fr> in conei llatc.ry. It l? liftlcult to eIplaln or p?Hlata the policy of tbe Kiaiilian cabii- t If there be a certain autafonlan betwri n the inontrchiral Inalitutlona of the Kmolre. Hi.d the demorratic y?t> m that prroili in the reai of the coBtlttent. It lacb ariy the intereat<>f ill, former not to provoke f"lll?ion? . and ellil more to eacliew all app> nraro or ?u>piei'<n of Kurop. an aliianci-a IfVifc ad aarifld|i/m IV k>l?r?rrwwi cjcatcnfi (Ml mlrr into tit rm)Mii(i>a. arW rKr /(riimi Omt kart Urn? iwa rmntmd?a? /er ikt martrry iSr A. m frf km I riiirafl* aatliiir '? knf?. ?ad ciiryl^mr It Jtm /turn, f om a rupifrr xrith iKf #rtr rui.iMinf nrrw. f? in ine pre-eni iPi?|?r m*n ? miuda >nd tbe predominance of Americaui-in lh? r?moteat Iilw of a Kuropean tllUlf* on the i?? wi uIH h? the certain ?ignal ft r a republican coalition on the other, and tbe result of tbe affray ran be doubtful tu no our. In Ihia ?ery n?-? ??rttr for moderation and circumspection. Wr powerful (ntrunt'* for peace, and II muet be eonfe*a.J al*o, that there are certain cheering symptom* ut a relenting moml on the p?rt ?f the Imperial Cal-ln-t Pouvh America ha* air oly had her <|rar bnnKht e*p?rl.-nee: and. If r> <julnitc. might learn etlll further the Miter frulta of war, by tracing lt? a?tuat -i In tlie other hemisphere. BOLIVIA. The unarttled >ltt* of thin unfortunate Repohtto, detracted by faction and emerging fr< n one rcmlutlon only to plunge Into another, haa glren occasion to ft*<ja*nt colli*i<>n*. and may well aerra as a warning against arbitrary Mtbdirlalona. where nature baa placed ol?taclea tbat hnraan power and Ing.-nulty cannot remote fortunately any idea of war. or other arriouii rnn?e.|ueiice la too rldlculon* to be entertained for moment. rtlitj. fioma boundary rjueatlona here long hem pending, that It wowld bt aa well to bare deflnltlreiy eettl-'l though they do not in tbe rewotcet degree haiard tha fraternal and cordial relation* happily *ufca|.tlnf lie. t?.en tlie two Ptatea The other continental Republics are merely m*ntimed with an occasional Interchange diplomatic ciurteal. ?, cbiefly Important aa indicating a reciprocal > or Alienee and cordiality. The reception of the Rrltlsfa MlnUtcr by the Argentina government p.?a?rd off with con?l'lerab|e krlat The latest >bip new* and market rrporta are gt**n under the proper head*. NportliiK Intelligence. ruMnut t'ai ih L I l'*? i ?Tli? p rae*. yea. lerday ?fl. rn -< n ?>< all that conld be dealr?d A bet lar conteat ha> I I'm. >>r never taken rlare vr?n II ? f< pnrt of It ' -IUTT?W Th" f<>llu?lD* i? i??ry r ? April* ? 2*. T M Tur?? >100, rail" k'tU, M l)>r?? In fl rt>. In hurnrM t.aAy Mlm. John Caw .1 2 1 I 1 1 M?l<l. D Itriant A 1 3 3 1 3 r?a MilUr, i W|iH|<|?y 0 3 <tl? Tl?? 3:37 ? n ikt% -3 *? 3 J* A?*rm ?? tHi Th? Rnral m?ll rtnil'f Mritwav f'?p< f . I?rrl?.sl ?t Mobil* Folnl fr"m Southampton Kngl*n<(. ?l* llnran* Jtr Wfh??fl?tii |.l??*l lu p .??-.|oo nt l*W? ll<?au (> p?r*. Ii?1 ?rr to ilw ?nj ????-?< I ht. m.rnlnt Til.' M<sd?u) \rmrt, t-T ?M T?r? <'m >t 4?J u?ht -MM* Ad>-nMmr, Apr* t W YO MORNING EDITION?WED Court of Oyer Mid Trnularr. THIAI OF JAM** CROWII (><t IIIUCTMUXT l*<?P. Til!! Mt'HOKH CI VMM.IAM WHITK. Before hi* Honor Judge K<lmonds nut A1 ileruieu Ball nml Haws. April ft--The following person* were empanelled anil sworn. as the Jury:?Thomas l>r?n. Churls Devalcourt. fiiiillck llrunwlck Rlrhird It Posdirk. David B Mow*. Fainter Summer *'m Carna. w Bogert. Wm A Winxlward, Horace Desbrow, Johu Jackson. James K Goddard Mr McKeoti the District Attorney. opened the ea-.e to the jury. Ilo said the prinoniT wa? InJlrtnt for the murder of William Wliitiv in this rlty. on the 'Jftth of January last The deceased William White. was a New Vork volunteer. itnil IimiI made the campaigns of Meiloo. in the late war. Ho had. before his unfortunate death, made arrangements to buy out Crow*, who kept a small establi-bment in No 7 Peart street A quarrel ensued between tho parties. and had feeling* minted between them. The District Attorney here Ktated the general farts of the ease as they are shown in the annexed evidence. Crowe pursued the defended on the day in question and tired into the bark of the man. who fell dead That Is murder No man has a right to use foree and violence In such ca<?, under such circumstances. If. at the momeut of tiring, after pursuing the man as he did. ho Intended to kill him. as ho did do. that act U murder After some further able remarks to the same effect, the learned gentleman called the witnesses for the prosecution Robrrl Whitton sworu?Witness follows lx>atlng on the North Hirer; was living at No. t) Pearl street on the Jftth January la?t: Crowe lived there; he kept a grocery and liquor shop In the basement: wan at his , window opposite and beard a rap at Crowe'* door; ran ' down Into the entry: it was about 10 1*. M ; caw Crowe ! run out of the entry door after a man who fled bnfore him across the street: the nan dodged several times to try to escape the shot; the man saw witness' entry door open und run into it; as he entered It, Crown shot him and he fell: he fell Into the doorway as ho was shot; there were two steps up to the door: ho fell near witness; Crowe then ran right bark into hiaown house; Crowe held the gun within a foot of hitn when he shot him: It was moonlight; witness did not hear Crowe i:ty anything except tolling some one on the sidewalk fco clear the way orhu would shoot him; witness bad heard White say on that same night that If any one troubled hiin that nV-ht "he would send his soul to hell or to heaven;" White was shot In the back, and died right away; d< ceased dodged from one side to the other; there were a great many persons on the sidewalk, deceased had been striking with club at the basement, which was close.I Cross-i'X.iUiination?Witness had never seen White befnra to know him: ha* been In this couutry nearly four years, has I en a boat man three years; did not know who It was knocking with therlubat Crowe's basement door; had known Crowe for about two months; witn??* cani-? home that evening at about T o'clock: had not y?t been to bed: wa' sitting In the front sitting room, at the window, a roan uamed John Taggart, with his wife, was there also; and another mau-Barney Morgan?no one e|s?; was in Crowe's store when h.' heard White make the threats, went in with a in in to ;ret ? drink: Crowe served th> in the liquor; Crowe r ' ited how Wh'le hud broken In the back part of his place , and got In: lie said he thought White got in 11 get the { ! money wlilch was kept there, and that he hifl had i UIUI |?UI up. wunrM w.11 t XJtniilU'U PPT^-fk t^.> COCO- i ncr: the knocking of Whit* at Crowe'a floor *i i Terr 1 loud; witn?>* noticed it from acroa* the way; heard broken; our front door w.ia op^u, w..nt 1 down; it wa* moonlight; .cm. ^Y* and m~? .tending round Crown'* door: Wh'lTI> parted to rnn. wh-n ; Crown frifd out io the to rlcar lhi> way. or h? ! cliould alioot roiuu them; the tw? were not thru do** to each ...ibor: Crowe carried the guu unlar hU Kiinap l>.{ frf*?rd the atreet after White; the people hm the aidewalk wattercd wh> n he *aid he would *h<>r>t; none of thi m ?aid anything. caunot wjr that White pekr one word during the whole affair. J vh>i Taggart. aworn?Wttne** resided at Jfo ? Pearl street th? K)|b January l?*t. *.v iu l?ed wii-u th" r>w lxg?n; wa> told there *i. a BUM, ftU(! Cot up, raia? I the ka?L Ann * ? Uervaa*d runulug acr >-m th-i trnet. and Crowe after hiirt. %-lth II nun 'n h!? haul; he followed him cioa* up to tbaaldaof the houan wo that wtlner* eould not *** them, beard the report of tbn gun; mi? Crowe go hack with it iu lu* baud to No. 7, opposite; when ?ltnc?* rame down. White ?< lying dead In the litry and a crowd round him, the rlothea of White were hurm d near the (boulderCrn*?-ex?inined~ llad not been more than Urn minute" iu bed alK'K the uu? bifau; did not bear any noire In the atreet. Peter W tlraham. *w?rn On tha day In qn"?tl<*?, witn<?* win going down Water atreet. Iil< attention wi> drawn hy a mnUt. a thumping of atleka against a door: cr?Hr<l rrter the way. and Inuu'rrd the difficulty; auw White with rMijIi atone in hi* . hand; he eame dowu tbn ataop tu th eiitrnnr# of I | I'rftwn'a lmri'im nt ; tx> one wm there ; tti> >hult?r? | were up ; he thcu knocked .kgain* t thn htttl< r.? ! hall a d< /' n time* with tba club; then he at up. ! ped awhile. M.d two m?n eamn ?to? fr<na i Whitehall >trwt and joined bill* . thcu Crowa rame out with a guu iu hie baud froiu the upper ! ball, a bore the b*n-ment ; he aaid aorimthlltn; witiioa rould ??t m.dvratand what it wa*; h Crowe rame dowu the >tuo|i * bite eiarlcd to ruu ?n I a- be ran atuniMid nearly half down, he re?i>rcred h'.< f.-et | and ran >rrii-i the ?tree?. tig tag followed bv Cniwa. who waa gaining on blm. and who kept rataln/ ibe ?on ae he rame up with the Jir?a? l; White ran into tbn entry of the lomee oppoolte.a* wltuc?? b'-ard the rep >rt | of a |tun and ?*w the Huh; Crowe had one f'l it an the atep and one oa the tdewxlk at the time eloant "White; M'UK ouc eatue <>ut fmm No aud cried. Ob ny liod lie'" dead if lie'.- -hot ." Crow Ui<-n walked baek and wrnt up the atoop of hl? h<m?e; the pollen eame afterward* and arreted Crowe; ft rat tbey brought out *o:un other men frne?-exaniiii"d Tbn whole affair occurred wlthiu Mtm minute* time; White ?ald only "Open tbn door." Xothing material uor fre?h ?? ellrlled by tbn CTuaa t taminatk'n. William Fulton -worn Wituen ia c.jnnrctc.l with , the poller; r?n to tbi> 1ocfi; lh.'t wi-f ?lml; aitnr-M d< numli d m!mitl?ar?i found t rune pretty nm the front door. Iii?u?ii ! hint uti-r to on# tfowr ofle. ra ?n1 went In reai-eh of th? gun; found It nnir tb.i <Imt, In th# I n^i inrlit l?lwi?i?lhe dour and tli? warjroh#; the brei-eh of It yet warm. and th? pan wet, tl-?t 1 time aline** >aw dereawd wa? about M wi* Ik befor# i hi* death; In-< Hill* for ? onriinl. t'ro??-i Kiimln<'I Witnrn ?aw him th" iiiornlti/ pre. j ?W>u? to hli il'llh, Vtwe?n one tnil two o'#p>ek; he tbi-n |>ri*oner- Kfln-ra Rowland aud J*n?tth ar, f*'W4 kJM- <>owt bad MK'le % eharge **ajuat hit*, of ; tlir?nt? nir.jj to break into hie h..u-e; Kent liim up to I the T<'tnl? about eight o'clock In the morning; he , act id wtry 'iui"U Ij; witn#** cannot tell but do#* u>t j think it wai liquor UMi<? Klee .worn- la connected with the pillrt; Uvea In S# 3 l'< arl <tnwl, *aw a man eoine out aud flrr a gun; raw him jro Into Crowe'a hoiue. took II to be hiiu; Went to arret him Cro*#-c??i mined- >#?? knew nor *aw d?c-a?i-d till after kt ?w dead, reiai-mhera no dieturbauc# ilia w#efc preriou* at Crowe'*; heard of none Robert fua*oa worn -*>n the night <4 th? Vlk, witiu M ?im nr iw<l went to bed at 9 o'eloek at night, know.* Crowe; ?? a *un undir bi? bar on tlM Mternoon of the lay the man ww killed, waa awoke by the bnaklng in if the 4m<r. got up and went out to the bar. raw ( rowe th. r< with the (ua in hie band; witdim boarded with Cn.w?; la now h<iardlng iu tlie Tomb*. (a IhuicU ) Crowe eanie in from the pipage. witn> n ui ned in thi- bar; wae apprehensive .?f the door beinir brwhen ! ; hi ard man Srcl in theetreet; met Mr I r i?? In tbe pa??ag# malti| in. with the gun in hla hand; lie gave the gun to w7tn?e?. to l-?ad It; wltn#?? gat# It tu the girl raying be would hare nothing to >io with It, aaw tbo gun that ifl? 'noon; nothing *a< raid al? ut It, in the early part of the day. Prawn aid he would ?o and horr?>w a gun. ae be wa<< afraid of hi* lift-and property fTom Whit-; Crow# had b#*a to the poliee rrirl that day and had J?*t eoiu* haek , when he rpok* of borrowing a gnn Cr< ?-exam.l?d llaa been la thie rauotry twelrn month": dnr? not know whir* Crow? got Inn ruo; witne?a got i-i|iht-en -loiUrr a month wage* In Wall atreet. and laaninl at I rowe'e; *M eouiifl iteil to tha Tnitln to te?tify ae a witne.? in thi" rw?. OrvWci ' family ron?i-t? of hU wif? and two rlilldren Crown I kept b<ur.l?r? and a lienor < -re. flr?t cw Whit# la J tlx month if January about the lOthorllth: waa I preaent the uight befor# hi* death on I he 27th. wh-n he broke In; White and hie family w< re allowiil 1 by Mr Cn-we to board In the iiou-e till he got the mon>y to pay for tha purehaa* of the pla?-e; I witnee* teetitti'l to hl< hearing many henry I threat" fn m White again?t I'rowe, White -*i.| he had ae mueh crooked law and traight I law ae d' likey r ould not draw on hie hack and no: b"dy fhonlil rat-h him. h" ?ho?|d like to w tlie man that wonld put hint out of the boit**; Wliito'e wife w?? lUing there, "he and Whit* ha I a row; Crow.< ?-nt ft<r I an c ierr to turn tb m out; do .nicer eoul I he fouwt, i M hit* and hie wlf< w. re in tb* houa* ft m Tite-day to I' Saturday, in Saturday l'rn>? put then out. the lnagi?Irate to whom Crow* applied for a warrant raid be rouM Rot attend to th? ca-? then; on the J7th in tha I middle o( the nl'ht M bite earn* and mad> a dhturhan-a I al the boil"- trying to grt In. wltne?* an I Mr < i'rowe ' an?w*rrd him andt'ld him Ingn away; be kleked in tb# window, pulled out th* "aeh and br >k? it; witne^a Went out lark, went In the station hou-e; got a p'diee. man and gare him in eharge; Mr Crow# w..nt bim?>lf to th* p- i'e# rtation; M hit# waa eominitted by tli# m*gi*trate for one month, and ordered to |,ay a (In#; ft# threatened nnieh. and mM h# would niak* Crow# errw for ahal h* had don*, n'*t t<m" witnf?* ?nw M bite In- wan lying dead, after the ah<-t wa? Are J wlikrh killed White witnex wa> arri ete.| by a atranger ?h?r^?il with thl* ?ery killing. Direct re.umrd W hit< had nut" "Wie paym nta to Crowe on Monday he paid .'IV d ilar-- , th- in i! day be paid mne more ; In all he pild aho?t Ti dollaa* . he wa? to bar# paid 40U d ilar? ; on tba 17th hi- pai<l mo ; ('row# ?f >' * hin? i ill tibial rf Frhrnnn l<? pay. ?han. tf lia h? w*a to |r?a tha lap". it , Whlta ? * a aroall llUla mm Tha altiiwa on withdrawing. ??< ?i f? rim hi*'ii'm-nt >ml Judga Kdward* ord?ra I li'm ? ha paiil M "l"U ?ra for bla liti>, la?l la waiting (' ()?? i ?id? rtR"*Im4 worn |a an r nf lh? Piral wxiil , *fT?rln| I r"?? ? Saa>U; mnrniaa at a'mit Mtao'rl'aH , allnm M* Htiltr lh? it. f I. -f ?r?" llta tnnrrtif ; f?>* k' "I bara pal.I th" inn mil |<t <mt ' ' tia. I aa? yov ttarr " mid ?lln?? . tln?~a hm ahira ha vim *" ??? f k? a?iii ha *? (>mii( ? again , hi uid try mil gat bl< wlfr'a al ??V<a ; witnraa >*ld In kin. " Twl gal I**0 ? "'I*" ?g*'"i a??t I ahftjl haaa to afra?t yim aMlo jw * Oh ha ha J DDI ba bad M( aitrk In ha han-l (Ik ?M pr?duriil a larrlNa r.ninb a|?b > l!?rjaj?t Miuliau t?-?m WI??a.iB litm at IT* 3 RR H NESDAY, APRIL 10, 1850. Pthrl rtreot: know* Crowe l?y reiuombtri tht? r n'irlit Mr Wlilt* wiw ?hot; hi?iy ('rw th<?i *r?altig, ? twtwvrn 4 and fi o'clock: heard the r?-p >rt of a iruii; tl lM>k?-U out of u window; m?w Crt,-Tw ou the ai<i?walk, tl

wlfh ? cun hi" hand: h w?n trying the ruu tl Th?* IMrtrirt Attorney hi>r ' ri>m1 bv consent th.'r>o?f f mcrtrm examination made by l?r. Mollnea, de-wrlbin* tl tlir wnuud tfchuirnlly l> The rue for the Htuto here closed. ei Mr. Pearson who wiw with Mr. Rmdy, then opened w for the defence. and called the ull-iit of the jury It to the extenuating flrfurn 1??om of the ease I. Roln-rt Cu-?on n">rn lor the d"f uco -Witiie?? prov- t< cd nn agreement. made in writing In'tween Crowe and ri White n Mr. P? arsou llH'ii rend the iigreoment hy which tl Wlilli- agT*M d to buy Crowe nut ami to f irfeit th(> do- w poelts mn(l<' f the whole amount of four hundred and V fifty dollar* wi? not paid bv th? t1r~t of Januarv a The wltneee I'wcn ttalifled that he saw While him- gi self write and slpu the agreement . f The Court then took a recede till 3 o'clock. ai Arrmitoo'* ivMion. di On tli* opening of the court the ca?e for the defeuen n W?l rretllm d B Joliu O'Neal ?worn Witness fieard White Kay ho n oulj wanted to coma as lodger; Crowe confute 1 he C should comc iw> such; witueim heard Crowe say he If would get a (run ' If hn don't attack me." Ji At tni* stage of the proceed inn*, a Jurymen coin- h plained he could not understand the witness. It wait l? then discovered that thl? juryman could not under- >1 stand KoglUh. and. It *x? believed. wan an alien m After ?H argument on the subji>ct. the District At tor- ei ney requested that the ra?e might he laid over till to- B morrow, which was done. By order of (h? Court, the ti jury were kept together, and the cane laid oror till to- B morrow, at 10 o'clock. h I n Hnptrlor Court. | J1' Before Chief J untie* Oakley. ' ! ACTIO* 1' OK .SKUI'ITION?lIK^StTT VS. IIAOUIT. i Crcofti 1>?? Aran. P.?Damage* wert latd at *10000 Th? c?urt 2 wan densely crowded, amongst whom were several re- J* r pec table looking femalua friend* of the plaiulitl. t Catharine 0. Rcnnett'rf direct examination continued by Mr rook ? I met Mr llagley ulnee thli< suit wa* ' commenced, yesterday three week's; he offered me $400 and a note for fix), to eeltle it; he -ai 1 that he .! would fettle with me but he would not give my fVher ! the tatlefartion to settle with him; 1 said I could not; ,(1 be said.'I know what you cau do. you can go on tbo stand, and swear It took place In a bouse, and not In ^ the offloe;" he wanted m? to meet him In tin. park. , on the first rainy morning, to go to a hou-t with him; J said 1 would'not. that he could not prove I had ever . been in a bad house, and he wanted mm to go th-re " tbat be might have wituesses to prove I ww In or>?; H lie wild he was afraid ho would have to bring witnetMoa to clear his character, aud he e^uld not d<? that without blackening mine; 1 asked him why he brought th" . two men, Van Brunt and Manniug. to the Tomb- f he -aid he could uot afford to go to the Stat# ^>rlaon ' for two years; ha raid, iu relation to th;lr testimony, that any fool could they were nyt *, wearing tru>? Cms-examined by Mr. K | ,m n(>w Tllne- ! t??n yiars of age; 1 ?m bus-;, lrj ivtl. on the 2'ilh of ' Nottlllher. Ill V Klit i? A. . + - In llli. It IKI n -I ' fcy M,y fntUvt', , writ* a little; I nfrw xlfned my nam-? , but nn'l that w?h not my own, !ti Mr. Mutphinn' oMrv; I never writ* letter'; my father llv?d j* lu England when I wax born: I ?ai only iioventeen month* oM when mt? mmn to this eountry; we resided j" in New Jersey after we e*m?; w* then eame to llvn In New York, and then wont bnek to Jeraey City; I never * testified that I lived lu thin elty seventeen yearx, I ? M?id I wi".< in th!* eountry xevr-uti-en year*; my father f. lire* In Ifexter *treet now; Uho here mentioned the ,( niimi'i of ttc.nie young men boarder' who ar? living with ber father;] 1 wax work in.' with Mr. Arkeruutn, book folding In Ann Mreet, bi I went to Eagley's; J? tlii? wa* two or thri < week* before I went to li-ajfley'h; J t It it re wen* two men etr.ploy.-d there, l>e?idt-? Mr Aekermuu; iny fnther ??x living in New Jersey ^ whin he itm in Magler'* employment; I ?n four | < r Ave timt ! at Mr. Pu/lryV helping my father, * be fine I eommruerd my employment there; lie wax , , polishing p<m il?; It was In ? hall that lie used to w.rk; |j I have been In thf othi-r part* of tli- liouxn ; [here ? lines* elllllm rated the name* of a number of Uien v ho worked #t Kajtl^jrVJ- I weut lut'i that room to J, ?l'-ak to Mr RnwJfii. wuo w?? one of the work unto, ni ai d used to board ?!*bu>; 1 tlaed to speak to him jf about hi* wile; I did not know whether he wa* mar. ^ ri<d or not; I did nut hear he had l?-ft hlx wife in w Knyland; be xaid to me it wax not right for nn> to go f to llagley'*. * lu re there were *o many men; it ?ra? J then t said 10 blm It Ws none (.f hi* bu*ln*aa. end to ^ mltid h.> own ehlldivn. If be bad any: lie wld he didn't )( tbtlik it wm> lifoieT nlaer /.?r a .lu-.-ut gill ta(ii. aud I again aid to blm to look to hie own; thl* eonvar- j WtMlt *H Whw 1 want to work at Raglay'*; 1 hMril B In VorkvtUr. from > >iai> ae.iualulanr.. of mine, that 1 u ,!. ii had a wife nod r'.iildren In Kiigiand. I -up- j1 po-e I have on more Hi in two Wfi4wi? xpofcen to him ' about hie wife aud eliildren: he le a very partieulur * friend of mir-; I don't remember that I over told ay . father that B-.wden had a wlfa und ehlldren; I belb-vw ^ my mother wax prea.iut at one time when I told him to mind hie own I wua sWteen year* of agw when I u-> d to speak to him in thl- way; he apnke t? me after J I wee in Haglejr'a employ, and I told blm h? w mid hate iuough to .to to * - to hie wife an I ehlldren ; h? n aek< il mo how 1 lik.-d h?-in< th< r?. and 1 uld rery wi ll; lie ask.-d me if any <>f the men eania Into the '' r. om ai.era I worked; I xaid. " Yea, oue? In a * while;" and be ?a|.| that be thought none >.f tha ^ tin u wrro to he allowed to (u lu; It Was not qaite two week* after I went tliera that thi< eonrer- rj ation t >ok plare ; It wax a lone narrow room or partitioned ball, in whieh I u-.- l to work , wh.-n I r w.nt there flr?t, I wre not plared In ? room wlier* ^ there were a great many m.-n ; befbre f wax In Ha<- ' ley'# employ, ap-t on th? <wcaelon? I went Into t!ia J ri? m to where the uo*u w?r? worklux it was merely (j throiiKb ourioatly ; | raid to him. " y 'U bara a nio? j plaea hi rej." I only went otiew to ** ISowden. and osee |( to ae? my brother ; I <l"n'l r?-e>>ll'et "peakinii ni >rr M than to paaa the lime of the day to the in-n ; I ?p<>ka f to I'rareon. IS.-aeli and another ; I need to rarry hit ^ tatb<r> tea to h.m to that room Ix.fopa I was eniTMCd t| there ; I do*"t r member niy father er? r t lllnic me I ouithl not to i<o Into that room . I hare takan t- a to ^ my fathi r win n ba u-. d to work tu thi> ba-k room an I M wlille he wax talma It f b*v? Into the workshop j, weie myhrotlur and the other men were at work ; m tlnre were iiir* ..r t< 11 lueit in It: thl? Itow.l-n le the fame peresni tlutt Mr. Maftey Wallt.-'i IB" t? swear I th? child to j 1 b-tfr uk?Ti tea I* ny fith-r probably (| twelre i r mrtera liu. i, bef .r? I aax e.nployed at lt?Clry>. ai.d I helped hint at hl? work Hr? or xls k time*, and dtayad .here about an hour and sometlm** > mi rc : tha .4 the t.artlli'.'i was up *<*( >r? I went .1 to work ( j v xvm<'dCII icvn iz* rf.-.h ?m ' *? ; **w? ^ warr two < hilra Ir. It, li ng l?M?. a r.irfn-t ami alota : ^ tkl till* tl* tl^iut M WMo M III* <t'lk >br>ul e, f'.nrti rn or lift ran ir.'hrt.) II v.a? *! nit ?? long M th* V briirb ; (*itii?> lii rr daarrilK'l th? I m n| ihr rornn, hi II mi-1 pwa?aga. tr-im a <tla(rem pro- w ti i < I hy Mr Blawn| I ' ili? ntrjr th?t w?a thrown ln(?> tie- M* r?? two man wara put to *orll-?M nun.. .1 f.\ m li. th? iithar tlnolda ; thrra J, ? ra f.,ur ?ii"ii ?n?| t'm. boy a workln* In tha ro"? ad jf JulfltiK Ih< in I know ?|l ?f tin- ? tu?n . <ol aa |ia?! ulol with tb<m altar I went In Ihr 1 iiii?l?ytn'ul thrw f( ?rfr about thirty mm and lr>n aiii{?*a?l tbar* ,. I ..thrr h U llow nmn; w?rr in*n. %'?l how many war>- boya ' ^ ThrJml|?ol4?riK| tn IhU m!itiitrnr? lflhr| ?miri| to prow any umlua familiarity on tlia part nflha j,, wIImw, U? m?d vokM ? ?fll > lbr'7 [l.tiaghi>-r ) _| M ilnrm rontlatia'l I wa? aai|U*irila.| with all th?<* mm but i.rtrrlii'l ;?r.? familiarity wil'i thrm . I turn fj f'Hi Into Ihnaa mmii< In th' urruintf fur pan? fir Mr (< liarlav>>.mvtii?i' a for Ihr k?y of iny own d'?or, whlah a i(| riJi.rad mail ua? <i |? ki ap wbau I <ii I m>l UK*!! h -m ,| with via.I hava ir-ni- Inlo tba ri^im whara Jiihn H?rnard ij (Mr. Magb'y'a bri.thar.In-law) >atkrd , It tha p?ti jr n*m; I ha<J no bu-lin-aa t tiara ; I w idd atop a mi> ^ nut# 1* two. parha| - Ala mlnulaa ; lia rll4 I>na Jay in ?a, " I hi-anl ?>mi llilnc ?(|im fwlrr lnf I?-k? l him wliat li waa. ami ii? aalil Itiirll w.-nt l? your j| ri- in and tha iWif v ? Inrkril . I aatd It waa wot an : > I told Mr |l?t;Uy what waa ??M. aiul hr ? nl f >r It-i?lI ai?l mail* a mu a ' with him fla-/|ay a<k *1 j( h in why ha alii an ami In* aalil It w?? l iafca I; Mr K| H?|lri ?lil it aa> nut Tha.t'.rwa. loaki-d; I liaaa (| ????? Hrunl awnraltlmi* in Mwrnard'4 r ?>m: hi j, u??ar t?Hik any lil artl. a with hr what"??r. H'>r m ??r t| atti mpirij uiir 4i'l any of lha ??> * Mr llvl'fi )r I li??. n???r nvi Hrrnanl rhanr? hi* ' I lh<>a, h- bu R| MM likrn i-ff liia work rl<?thr? an l )>ut I?w hi" atrw?t all llii a bafi rr I Kara no r^oliarli.m i.f I anlmr nt |t tha labia in hU pmM In an lmmo.l.-?t w?y- I btva n?. m * r rhnwn him or tar Kriint : n) p!r? ur*a i-ir-pt my ^ iU?n*rTi>oty pa; I harr na?ar alii.wn th* m ?n? Kranrh rant" or Irrnrh plrluraa; I haia hiarit of fr>nah Mrd?. hitgrrwmn ?nj : I h**? nrff h ij any lmmo4rrt r?m?rr?atl. n withlh'm. I ! *<* |l?mar.| afti-r I mn(a tha afl|.!?rlt In Mr ltut< bln?' t)u?i I ? war n art ; (1. ha >ild In mr. ?'i y m ar-i m >rrl? I," i l p| t 'iM ' iiaj I nriar laid Tan Itrunt I ?m niarrlrilj i,, Mr I liilllt>? ?aid ha waa v<*ry *1?<I b-?r I wa-iuirrl?d. an<l I lliankiHl him, I nnrr tol>l phanfr"W. Mun- n, ?ll* Htrn? rald. ofO'NaU thai I *1 uiarrii-ii* i n-?ar m ( ail any of I'aul J? Kiirk'a noraia In my pnn'-alon a* |? H?yl< y a; | u> J |o no lo work iIhiii, * o>! -k ari l r, CMl'f mill In rotitft hat warn ami In, Hi rnaril waa M K'firrkllr lha flnl man tliari ; nm> day tha (n|orr<| man h*<l Mi. k. t f in* t<"'til ami t ' n l ' i a I I ??? in anil out ?if tli t>lb?r f -m.. th? ftr-1 ttm? th ? J. Mr. Hiflii m> mi *m IOo-*l??k In th* I know It rr*? IN tli?-?"?tli i.f M ?rrh kt. , alia* I had t-.rr. w. 'l a waUh fn-w ' ?? of tl?" Man to |, p l? tk* l'i?br1<n l?lt Id th* Mln-r?a It waa thr n?*t W>-ak nflrr I th* ?at*h Ihtl what . r. umil (M't.wt, |:i? >ii>! Mr I'.aftajJ to'-k |?U*?; My hrnthar ??< ?-|(h mo at th' fall, *i*l u > "11 at m. fo? a Imn tlm* ti. fit II t? hm awt y I f!rliki| (hat ajar (Th* ?ltn?- < ?" kaf* int-r- |( railed aa Ik ill " tjurilt Iran ' i h'lt ? I 'M miM i?ot rwrmr to mora than tbra* lima | g in.* ?if tli* m. r waa at *r.rk in lh? n ? at th' mh.T ,j ?t<W ?f th* Mftilla* at tka tla> t ilia tlr Iranw- t, tl??; I ma.l* kfila*; ?h?r h* f alMaH ff -aklitg f, to ma Hr?t I li lj bitn li? lia-l MM to Jana awn- |? > 11 Kra. fnalr Mra. In?l' * <1 ti. a im? 4..?n frr<iii?mlj? to ?r? Mr Kanlrgr; akn ?k? i ?ll?l 'h? a*fc?-4 iff ma ati'l tb< Mairrol oR I hwl with lt.-r?ar?t abntl ,, h< r ?a> h!? l> 111** inv that It ??. a<?4 Mfiio ttr r? hi f ||. M mii IMI ill I 'kf *? iv:hl?* hut ?? , ?hl It llif ll.tli In f. Mr ?|l l? ?? tlr IU((l"f I ?|? COarallf mi nt nut; I milt (llll to h"T li'Mi.a ultra H* I ??( to lit* With l??f ?u*l (! < ?<' ?itll ,r nM. ly-m *r Ha*l*j, whll* I * *- alopf'-it "1 Mrt tll rr??? B I rrroltrtt r nam |o Mr llntrhina H?a and (|k Itrit kin laliltMr Itaffta? ?h*r* I ha t e but I II, il'd net >?f I r*? a*aj l?w???i r?f (rtflti k?4 r,t >iwI*kJ ma; I <t on'I rrm-mb r c,T'?4 ??J m*r* ERA c?'?n thnn that my fotk? didn't know I nm marrlM; hrn 1 w? nt to Mrc In*lr'n I rvmrinl>??rtMl th? rvitlou li?t IVrnurd h?d gltcn m?? of hor rhnr*ct?r, It v>m lie only pin t* I knew to no to; I Dor<*r told uny on?* lint my hii*l>nnd lind |{on<> to (*? ? nod l?lt m? $iKi) or -MO; I told Mr?. Frairr I win mnrrlcd tcrauiM 1 liou^hl from m? xiinrmrauo* *h? would u it tiik?mr i; 1 know (Jiinfcriild's chop In John itrwt; hi-U un 1 in < Ills I cnl ut Mr. Itagley'* request; I ordered wedding card* i the runic of I.rwU; ft was W II Lewis. or .1 II rvil; I don't know if my name wax on it; I kniw wo or three persons of that nam*; they oro all marled men: I gave that name. hccause w'i?n ll?!:l?j' uggested the name nf Smith. at Mr IInt<-lii <?' office, n- name of Lewi* came Into my head and 1 don't know hy it did; I never told Mr Phillips I married to aptaln I.cwin; he raid.Your husband In a captain?" nd I Mild "yea;" I do not know for what i>urp tse I lit the carde mude; they are thern now. I suppisn. for never went for them; I never had hut one of theui. nd that I gave to Mr. Bagley; it was after the affi avit ?m made; I did not rail f>r the cards hecauiM 1 ever had any use for them; I told Oimbraid I wa. lu apley's employ, hut 1 did not tell him that he must ot Miid there for the payiueut for them; I ?awr l.irence Kitrgerald about two weeks ago; hea.-k-d me the account which he saw In the I'otirr iitirft. lu ew Orleans, was true, and I said It ??<; 1 don't know ow tlnit account pot Into the paper, but Mr llagley Id me Mr Smith, hla late partner, pot it put in; I id uut a-k Fitzgerald not to come and swear ag du;t le, because 1 knew he could not do so with a clear Dnsclence; I papered one of the room - while t was h ? agley's; two of the men assisted in" they did not ike any liberties with mo; my father remained ?itli Sdlej alter the Smiths left the partnership and wln-u e left Bagley hn went toSniith's employment; I dnu't member any hostile feeling between itagley and the miths; my lather was workiug for th? Smiths wlieu proceedings In my case took place b"fire the istice; my brother is still working for Mr Raffle*; le introduction to Mr Kagloy's lauiily. which I sp ike f yesterday, took place In the shop, when I went uj> rst to Mr* Bagley'* house, in Abingdon Place, it wis ith niarkt ting; I went up-stairs to Mrs. Bagley to II her 1 had brought the things; Mrs llagley w.i.i laying on the piann. and ?lie spoke to iu* nIt ml busieaa; ( wmt to M re. liagley some three or four do^on mes. hut nerer brought marketing there wire th in iree limes; f used to go and see Mrs IWgley an I tit > liildri'U; wlleu I went there, generally it Hat not ou usln>?? to the kitchen, I went sumntimea in th-t lorniiig. and sometimes in the evening; I went to see er when she was hick, and when her rhildreu were ek. To a Juror- My brother Is not yet out of hU time; e is au apprentice of Mr Bagley yet. ( rot*-, lamination coutlnlted I have been to m -uls I Mr* Itaglcy's sometime* with the girls; and dined lice with Mr and Mrs. itagley on a Saturday evening, ikU' I had brought uj> the things fr mi the market; flr?t suspected Iny citUHtlon at tilcud "1 Jun or ?ginning f,f July , the child wa a girl with dark eye* nd. ilgVt hair, inclined to curl; I uever was in the Oom with auy one except Itagley when the d ) ir wa* ock<d, be used to lock th* door himself: on" lij I ore my dress going up ani l Iftesjcil the >Mr to iiend It; I was then alone; Van Itruut came to the loor while I was mi nding it. and I told him ig iaway or u little while; I know that Bagley ha I h i I other ;irl< wotklng in liis establishment; I wa called Kile iy the men after Mr Bugby adopted that name; it ra* customary for the men toeoine to that room at all lours of the day. and walk lu without knocking: th >re as a secret method with regard to the mixing of the old which llaglcy ured to do himself but I <1 i lint now whether it was for that purport he had this lit, |e room partitioned off from the others; when I Went t Mr llutchlii*' office to make the nfll I-wit I told ini my name was Catherine K Lewis, and Mr. I( wrot* Catherine K. Lewis late Catherine K Kennett; I did nt r?-ad It Mr. llutchitM rend It f<>r me; I ?aid noting about my husband, nor did I tell h!m I was tarried; Mr llugley t.ld him I was; I did 11 >t say to ilu. when he asked my name that " I support I mil t ive the nsme of my husband as 1 have l?-en recently arrled;" I did not no swear before the police Jurtlf Vifl<!avit produced; alao. the oue eworn in Mr ntchlns' office.] I waa often at Ourney's; I it th'Tj ir?e or four tim>-? for my dagnerreoivp ; I never >ve any ?if them away; I have oue at hoiae. Hie otbrs may beat Gurncy'H; I know a y>ung g> .itl?r it nmed Ureelie; the flrst lime 1 nuw him I was tandig at the atreet door when he came up; there wera igucrreotypes Lunging In a frame, and h a.?hed t<? as not one -.f them Mr?. Ilngley, and I -"ltd he ioke to iiu- for eight or ten unnulea; he told uit he Ida stnra, 1 went l? kin Mora liar this confer"', on and got a shaal fWim him; f did not pay him for I htm Ittrtvgs) several Olll' s; he nek d in- to > with htm to the (Vilr; 1 ttol; ( won't swear that ...n.... .... > . . .. ... ? milling tiim It appoint incut; my tatln r did ?t kn"? "I in) ari|uaknlaner with tliii )oiiiij( ai%ll; 1 ?ve men ItIm In the morning, lu tbn e?eniii{ and fter dark; I have >mii him in tin* mtrket; I uwd tu 0 our marketing in the rtrnlni; 1 do not know roottrtdjc; Ikn'wth?re urn > tn >;i run I indrtw? In thr ?tore with Mr <ir ? no; I ki t.I r inerMtit'll with hiui be -Jltl tin bad ar (Ha utiiir '? In Jer*y ''ity. ?*! onld riill on il* and I .il l I > <>." i? palled, hut I ? ? out: I nevrr ?? t? but ti <r I. tll? in By I Iff; (thin ?r.|ii;iiiiUB<'n with Mr* ii" and thlraaa centred In IhIV the year aft<-r Irau-w'.! w In nmtlM;] I ha?e not pmaUrt! anyttii.iir If thia nit ??r hum I told any one Hut. I hat". Johu Rutter belli* examined dep -aed tint h? an >w lr Rennetf* family fir over lirriiljr jr>*r<; th* vitfm *? mkril u to th? itrurral rbu?/l?r of (jth*IneKeumtt; hutth? Ju lg? aaid^aurh ?idene* d m ot ni ?r>?ry until lh? def. miaul kwl prufnl h t haraetvrto he Uil Willie fontinued I rwoHirt lr. Il?rl'j hriuirlnj; Mr K'-unett a id i'atharlu.> in hi? ?rrlB|?? to mjr huu?' h-< trfitril Wf iu a n?iul< 1.11 uly laniwr; I went to Mr Hauler In Sapt.-mb^r. l*lt at re*|Ue?t of Mr ?'<*?k Mr KMiiti'tt'a att wri.y; ??ked him ??< he ?iari- thit <'atli?rln- Kenne'.t bid ft hrr fithrr'" home ' lie wild he had hrm told m ; t iltl I brllrTrd h?r<-r liad iwntM la fln Ung her, ntl that <>n her ui<>tb< rquo?ti<>niii|| hit. ?hr po iw-?? I tiat ikr ?aa | r>-(fnunt by him . he an-w.Tfd air nr could ><h- that lie <alil hn w:?? not t > li? ?-irM nii that ha ??? pri purrd to meet the pvtl ; tint i' *?? not lolng to rommlt hlm?elf; ( IM biiu I I d ot wMi him to <lo to hut If h>' ha.I any poiuuiuiiieittnn 1 mull*. I tould hear it to Mr Kemi.'.t . he eald h > ould ae? Mr Nennett lilmirlf. p? r?on'?lly , I told Im I I n<>t tblnk Mr. Kenn?-tt would him ; don t think I I.imI < Iff i??u Ha/! -y more tuan on"* r twice pri'flour to bin rominj; to my houae. Croar-exa mined l y Mr Kdward *andf >rl I dm't now wbitb.-r it wiie a rlelt "f Mr lla<l-y'? or the nnett* ; he drotr them in hla earriaiC" I" my hou?< Then tin ugh you hud aeen him only one* or tw.ea, ou ?upp i?eil It waa a frlendl) Ti?lt of liagley * I' !t pfhfv.1 tv t*'TJ frk-n.llf for be t-->k jbi brandy lid aater Witk hi* (Laua^ter | ! iiiu 1 nlrarlM; Tr ?m>' fr in Kn|(land. and am b?r < I'J ear*; I eonahler Iteiin tt one ..f the h -neat r.d Inixeent men that ever lived, 1 lru<t*J Lai IthlboiaM la and th a ?nd- < I >> " Wdllam Forlx a. lad In the employ of Gurn?y d*. rn?d to hla roinff Into Mr Itacley'* f..r bmouuot ra>ion whan t'atbarlne Rvuii' It and a la ly e it" Mr ^Ourwy Kdward X ilennett. i brother of Catharine) *t?m n1 Pfpinfil t?? hi* ilxmr- from hu:ne. for tw > r three wreka; b- end hU father went t > look fjr er ; hla fatb.r f.ttn.l h.*r afterwarda In 8a*1ey'a "file* ; " a rd Higlry -a? h- did nt know ?h?r? -h< waa , ho l*n raid h<' would ?pend f'i'Mi brf'jrr he ciuM be teii In thia r?<r ; witn*?? l> 'till I t W*gl??'? rtnI y h| pll?d to Ra/I. r to rel*?-e him from hi? p r< nlln hip aft?-r thin Irimwrtioi an i h* wout J not fetter lifjlirfj J Mauley handed tin* letter t i ?Un< 4 |l? to llla falb'T . It >11 mi|> lime to I'eeembr t (It waa aayiiig ll? elpeeted l.i hare ?en 111 CI (enuett) ?n<l making an appoint m> nt t > in <1 him J r flagley *a? thro?? nal of w?rk fir ah >ut * m ntfi I fonaeoileuee of the dleeolutlori of partnership with ' or? Tinlth 'JL? :ter from Mr t.'ovk (iiln iit f < <ul.for) |o Mr lt*?by produced dated tfe p,h 1 Mfc ] The erldmw for the plaintiff h<fe rla?l wlih b?rty to pi oilitre tha I'ortor who alt.'ud*?i at till Irth of the ehlld. he not being now pr??mt Mr H|i*?en then pri*<?i|f<l t?> open the ra^e for lb I -fenianl. wliai, h* 'ilil ?v not from hi* position low ?l to b? a witne** In tha trial but ha ha< denb d |e Inith of ?ha aeeo-atlnn. nn<ler aolemn n?lh whleh put I*, in the pleajluf; under thee# elrn?utmmn, le jury aould ?<-e tb it there no Witnoaa t rou adirt the atal*in> nt of a girl In aueh partieijlara A? e here ilraeflhcd l|? proBouneed ||, from fir-t t<! *t a *<-h> nie. n?t onljr for the pnrfMH of d?atr?ylng ie ilifeniUnl i character, but f filching from lilin lin ran* ?'oun?< I th' n !?' <! that an ftppltrattoa wa* a<te by the plaintiff MHll police tie* to aftlUt' ie child upon ttagby. which upon liutrfo b-liig Tered by the dt feujant d'onlwd Mr ?|o- -ti are went Into a etatrment of what the d f ii lant In'luted to prove; they would bring wIIummw who ould depoae to the general lightm ? of tha glrl'? lit racier to hi r lnd?e*ney and certain acta i leirrlM t eoun-' l) whirh would prore that ikr ?j< not a iide?t girl b'fora ?h? want to Itagiey'a Tw-> witp-eeea would proie that they wi'fi Iti' imal'ly famt'.Sr It la her ftliotik the tlma of tha alleged off. ne* -if llagy. and tha Infer* nea Would lia tint the cbild ?? > the nerrjffence of either of tboae Mt< which Would l?? *orn to bjr thoaw two rilnnm Waldo liutrMn* (tha Attorney fi>r tU* def^n**) de"e* d thnt hi- bnd ?l". been attorney in a nil betw.-. n agley and the Pmlthr; he prepared a great iamy ?* ??lt# reapeetlng that lilt, witne? Ih n teitiB-1 to aiharlne Rennett e< wilug to IkU ofllee with ^fr H.'vfy l?> maU' au alfl lailt. arid >n B?k'ng her her name, ie anld >kr ha.( h?en r?e. oily iwerled. and *ha aup wed ihr m?ai >|i?e her hu>U id name wnne>a told *r f rtainly; ane then -aid ki r luiitani w?? t'tjii J l.rwU, I <|IK tv"l'd h r ? t how long ?lte w ?a In a . _..l.._ ...I _!.? A. hi., a .if llm r< k>l?rr| !!?/! f ?nrt tkf ani In Ih ' thai r. i,?rr-*i|..n I l>an*4 ti?-r iia'irn n ?tn? <r?? nn> tt; did ?? ? * II BmI'I In nf li'iifrnj thit tr rtrtjM n< ? -inn lU? Mti< ' f I.' "la. I nnly th< I'. fall Ih# fr >m til* n il * , l*Ul*tk> ill'l?tll; ?h<- d's<l n <% i ^nt to ?I*H r nasi'' In m> alia ">uM hn? ii la a ? hw> thai I may tint hm li if I, <h<- a * 1 in u'.in't I alfn hrr ninf t?r h< f. ?? ?hr anwMft't writ* II i>"?i^ tin* I t"M Ihul n"i mo* af; If ?h? ?M ?f? ?"7 wmf. that a "KM in. wntl If ftnl. I w .*1 I rn It and -h* C"?ld pat h-r n???li t? It: >!> n^n t afPdavIt 1n th' nniaa >4 Uvlt; I mil It n?ft iwf nhllli l?ll?r; ibrriur th" r. ni t!m? mi l? rn? ilt?'a?M n * hi?h ?a? ?,.rn lh? i?*lt >l"l l''?l ?? marrl. .1 in Cnpt J II L na lotk ?.f Hr-vl'iilx f and that I^t then In aimpl-ynf lael.-y, IwM h?f Uat q ' at tin In <i- r t' ?<<* iki ronrt thai ik? n?t unJ r ik> la L D. TWO CENTS. fluru<"? of 1I?kI'T In making U; tho "Iteration* ?.rv?hnt ?b* h?- to, mid ?hr ?l*o r?] that lli?d?t< of h?T luwrU,.. " 10th of S.utomhor." -K.uld be struck cut. mid r?v?iitlv' .,ut In ?.? ?K.i w h* not certuln of the day : *h? came to uiv o?c? aodiv t' na afterward*. and wished me to Inforui Mr Barley where *he ni; ?lii> aaic that aha had run i cay from home; 1 think alio fiiiU ?h? had none i<> Kldridgo atrwet; 1 put It down on paper. mid the nunlwri I told her i ?ho hnd better go to Mr )Ugley'? olflce. but she aald he ?iu afraid die should meet her father there; I f>ld h"r 1 would be pnaaing In the poumo of tb? dt?y. and would tell Vr ltagley. which I did Tin- court adjourned nt uear five o'c.ock to ti n thi* Wednesday raorni'-t llefnre Chief Justice Oakley Aran 8 ,S?km|iin ri Unrarr H. D ?Thla wn* an action to recover the value of an India ruWx* putting machine, delivered by the plaintiff to the def. ndant. in Juuuary. IM.i The defease In that tha machine did not anawer the purpose fur which it wiut iuteudpd. and *?' alluo t entirely u-el?**. It waa alaa nil.tended that plaintiff had .tiready r.-eeited from tha defec lant more than the value uf the machine Y?rdict for plaintiff. f'JUU Court of Urneral Stuloni. It. for" the Hecorder, and Aldermen (rnftin and Dodge. Trial fat Hrraktng in/o *nd Hobkinx a Story The of Flureucr Moriarty, on n charg?ofbur plary and grand larceny. In breaWiug into the atore uf Mr tieut>je Shaw. No. 4<J Stone street. and dealing tea piece* of cloth and a shawl waft concluded tint morning The evidence all in laat week. and the counMel On both aide* prnwnU'J their cam to the jury today. The jury a.-re out for aevcral hour*, without be injf able to airre? up. u a verdict At last they Informed the court that there *w no prospect ol agreement, and obtained a dl#h?rKe froui further consideration of the aubject. Mo the couuty will be nUbjl-Ct to Uut ex pen -e of another trial V j ittprialr llvurrbiru kit' h\>ugKt io J a* Iff.?Dauiel I'riuce. aha? Dan Tueher a I.luck fellow, of mod nnprcpe>?*ei.dng look and tnannere, wan put upon trial for burglary in the flrat decree, in breaking into the house ol Mr. W m I Hyekmau. No. ol I'h.irltou street, on thu night id the fith of March Mr. Kyekman being aworn, te tided that on tbo ni^ht ubove meali jm-J. he was awakened at a late hour I y hi aring .some noise in the lower part of tho hotiae-, It* aroM and throwiuj: a cloak oter hi < ahoulder*. liaitenvddonnto tha b-eeuieut. and on looking round he di?Po?rred two ne.-roe* xcreted behind a door; ha upprnachpd them, and had ju t come up to where they were when bit discovered the pri??uer with iiin aria raisi (1 iik if about to Ktrike. Mr. Ityp Latan *uppo?ed the villain had a Plung shat and ao thraw hl? arm to ward off the blow ; the negroatruck but instead of Uhiny a slung riiat lie wielded an Ir n bar which had Is en wr.n^hl into what buri{!ari call a 'jlmmT.'* Ilad not Mr Kycknian thrown n;. hi" arm. It la probable the Mow would h ive Uarture.i bii< ?kull, a? it wan, he received a rre wflvind ou his forehead, inttictea I y on" end ol thtitAnliar; the bl"w was u i aooner ii. alt l?y tli'.1 I.iack fellow, than Ids opponent nel*'>d hipi l.y i'jo tirrkPlutli, and held Uim uncomfortably t i'n:lit ; the Iron Inurnment fell fr m the negro'a han-l, and a u nfile rnaucd In which tho two c intiMtanla cn?u? t > tVo Uoor tciu??ther ; th liegeo tried to get hold of the " lir.imy." b\il Mr. Kyckni't prevented him from doTfeg ? > ; the m-^ro was WtKb tli^ m ni lowerfnl wan of tho two, for he got up, and in bin nd. avori to - npe actually cirrricd Mr. K with him; but that pntleman never loosed hla ho|.| of the cravat. and the alarm having iM'en xiven the police arrived uud took the negro into cuatody Mr Ityekman Ided profiiM 1/ but fortunately h's w uind did n >t c.tnse him to f.unt Me had irrai pe.l the fi llow with aueh a grip, and had twUtcd bi* liaudkerchWf iuto auch a atrange Kind of a knot, that the policeman liad to cut tie hand! kerchief off l^for? Mr. It e.-uld eatrioate Ui? hand. j Wh.le thin cultle was goiug on I'rinrva' e.oiupaaioa | t?.ok t?? lila h? la, and ?upcp* Jed in nuikiug his eacan*. No i!t f nr.- #n? utli mpted All the abort' faeta wi-rw pofiiitt ly proven, and (lu uejro Intd notliiiiif to aay It (lib) ? If. The jur\ found a Ter.lict of j(ailty *"j the Court rrutrirrd the prW'Wf to theritale priaon lor tweuty yearn. Til.- irJi-r remarked that he ?b>uhl rntrncr hh.i f>r lifts were it u?t for thi< lift that l>ri- r- i-enteitred for Ufa" wire ro apt to bo mad* llt< hHl|i>rlii ?( rlMUtlx1 rlrilUMIr '/'nal/ur futility <i Mmi.iett ( ,ttti f*r * Hiuk HiU ?A (Htntn iiiiiui <1 I'bidi I'm VVUtli >4i tried f >r obtaining <10 by fraud. of u brother licrtiiau named Jacob yprinfrr. by tnrun* <f it tula* ( iki-ii The vumiI went to the ei.mplalnnnt. who rvi4e? at 1 >'> Anthony ?treet. mi'l pr< . r.tcl trhnf at (lr?t |^t???- unpenred tu b? a lw..ik note, but wtitrh win, hi ttet tj- bu?l. li(il rwil of MtMn. Mwkio'll t> Hntk*n, itwltn in I paper l:nnitiit'H at No. i Court lanlt ?lr?ft The ear>i j ?n- printed mi b?nk not* pupi r. and in fart. raieinI Mi it vry uiiirh ? fumk not" of ?h? d"tmuiliiailna of \ twenty liollurx Neither Wirth nor rfprmK*r couiit ?puk".- read Kii ?! 1 h Mirth burrowed f H on the eeeurity of the qMiisi f'Ji> note winch h" ?r.e.,| to rwd< < in in ih afternoon. "lh* Jury found tne prbe.iwr nui'ty, but r.-romnieu *. ! Iiim to tb merry of th? '( an Un wti* / eiitrured to J) d?*? Imprisonment iii I lie city priton I'titt /itiffni/i Joiph Murray mid .!? b llrown wi r? M-at to lite panltentinry for *m niouth* nrb, Ih* foiinrr lor rteUlrvr n watch. ?m! and >nitll ant tunt *4 , iih ney fri.i ,1m Unit, a winter of i retw| lyinK in Hut Km it Hirer anu th" latter for ?ti al'ny a' ruuk and < ma rlotbin* from * rooniRitt*. at 1VJ i'liry?lia .lr~t ArklL 9 '<*?/( id ikt I ij .Yaimtir /Ituri Two : | nomeii. Klira A William* lbi??k), and Sarah H ll-tai ?el (whit ). were tried for ruMtng Mary Wiwd, after tir.t nduiluu teriu? to h?r b>wl of ilrui?oi| tea. Mary H ood bein;* ?w irn, IwatkBed Thit ihr *w murk' I ?. man, that on the 1.1th of February 1a?t rauie to the r ?y. and ?a? ifolng to Mr Hil-y'n Ilol-l, In Meet llroadway. wlirn ?lie met filu Wiiliaiua, wh"m h'- knew; I.!im wanted her to go to her h?l? mar h?. for the purpo?>? of eelnir 'ha eth-^r priaoner, harali K Ha*-et, who the blaek firl raid, wat ?4rk: WllMtaa aeeonipauled l?er; and after they ha-1 rtk h<ii the apartment, farah a ked h*r t? take a howl of tea; to Una Mr* y> inhI mode no ol^eetion. and th? taa ba lug pn entid -h? .rank it off. In a few ??r oida tfter drinklni; the tin ?he he(^n to |ee| a ?tr*n*e ?e?j?atl m, at d In a Diluutn ni >ra had 1*1 all power i^tar her mutrlia; (lie e.nilil not mure a limb nor ?p -ak a word} ret ?li? ?a? perl -etly eonteioua o| what wat *">inn on; ??bilr ?he lay In thli utata of unwillinK Inaetlen. tha t*owi.ineu eatua up and filli d her u le'i'-ta of llif )/Ul e eo.itnlnlng ibnut $2."!, eitrrled oil a p -re of ealie vbb h >he had with her. and made way Willi a ? . o'< l ??ket worth %'l M; Mr*. W e>d ti ?ilAed tii it rh' k.i? w what the women were about but r ul l n >t htlp ber lf; after they bad rnt'bed her. one of lira brironem went behiuiJ her and etrark her ua tlra load, and >ald. "."hail 1 jfire tiled 1 old b ban further rlolenra ?n fu-r |?r?o? After a tin . Wtlara* Hi' J >h? rr|?lnnl lb* um iff h?r Iirn'>*. and , 'f> .<kj -k\ tli<? ;>rl*nyr? It k*tjir% per>j. *11 1 l il J i'i tl.rm m" br<>ug.j* U 'taiim there with h-r Mh* had n'< r rordy t.-it to learr an<l mail* r"*inl agaiol the partlaa ftfesdlng ' >??itaM* J<wtph *ril t? the rmM< nee >! th? prl?on?r<s In < liufb -treel. and found part of Mr* Vt ?m1'? jrty Tlirfo *u no i|i *??? Tha Jury f hi nil the yrlamrin guilty ->f petit Urtnj w there ?m | U.'t pv*iti?e (iT'h I , f taor* than *Je ?altl? Utarijlng ( | the *to|. n fmp'rtj Tha t'onrt aentrnead tha co?t? lh<' ^'tit'ilitrf f *r alt m oith' Pallrt InltlllRinrr. CSnff* if Httimp -Offle, r IHmi, of Ik' third dUtrlet p-lwa. trrwlnl y?*i?rday. an Italia i by ib< i.ania of Caialllo iloiinaruninia. residing at Jl? Ml L?' nard ?trw<. 'n a warrant t?aw?d by lu<ll"0<lnri??, ?b rH* Ilk a???rJ rtamt* rlitr^l with bigamy, wltk bating married a - en?d time while bin flr?t wila K?l fi< In wa- allra II ap| - ?r? by the afBl'vlt no ffln. that t'aHlllio waa married to hi* Aral wlfa la Italy I* Ilk* y < ar l?J7 and baa 'in- r lit I I |.y K?t t ?wl 12 ;<?ri A h"Tt tliiia ago they |o ;hi* country.and ? IV* week ag" ha ahanilxtetl bla ?HV and la?t Saturday, he married L- ul?a <'arr* > a you<ig girt at not m -r* thmi U y**r? uf agvwhie ho U * ? year? I, ?i?i?a t> th?- daughter of Cnrran t h- Inrhtr, In Br'vlway imt a f?w week* a?o Camill" bad arraa<e?| a plan to rlofp with the h?rVr'.i wlfa; l??t being diaeorrred Ihelr def igna were fru?t r? t-1 and "topped Unding b ?W?irff that ha eauld not ru?i off with tka wifa ha raa<daed to Barry tha daughter, and be U now un l r arraat for th? bigamy Ju-l'ee <? !>'.rue ctn-nittej tha arr***4 t< pri on fr?f trial aa (anf fjlmti t j <ong mil by the r<%mm ' t J.< ea t'urry, waa ar**"t-.| y -terday by n^lrar ?/ ?.f the Third ward en a rharg* o# baring *t <*iea fl'JI la bank btlla and ntlrer r?. a. f >? the preialaea tt .Uaw Ulbbon*. realding near Jamtlra Imiu lalaud Thr prleoaer wa? brought bef >re Juatlee M 'Qntfor* ho dlri e?ad tha prte?nrr to be ronrey 1 hwk la Ja uialaa for trial V? aJtnr W?w?v <H"r of tha Tenth war A errea|r<l, ye*ter.|ay, |wi? young men ealled Aba! f, Kelly and John II t ? >per ?a U'ptnoa uf kaiitg *to|t n $70. at different tlm> a. from *a?tirl Harriot Tbr acnod parltaa w?ra detained for a further Imr'** 1?rlit? tlhlra. fmr M?a?i?TT?a Thl? notde paakat hipirH??<l am M nUay. fr in Liverpool bringing between ?ia hutulrvd and ran hundred pa??-ngrr? Unding then yaater'UV morning all all. having only ln?t ftTe ?? th. paaaa?*i tbr<? of tlioae War* infant*, and Bon ?ilh diaaa*w partlaularly Incidental to *hlpb>ar4 T1li? Una *hlp U an well lentil it ad that It 1* aim .*t Imp >uibl fir fowl air to r. mam below, whtrk la Ike great eoaaidaraI n in a |<iu>aenaer -hlo l>r--at ere.l-l U <! # In lha I ?unr*?? <* ih? .>,ir i?t M<iiti|r?? ituMtn ?fc? (trillion imt rar<||/-?t -kill mrr**\*H itltrw I* " InrljiUnl it'll* Ca^liln lltrktlulf ? ?n >?t fnrtuiiati In ^rnrirg th# ?ttIp?< if mi iN* ??r*wn A" tm? ,*t? ?m?titf t,i' *f? Th1 <la. nf I .'<00 tun* will ItunrhrJ on nuir*!*/ (tomorrow) mornl?t ?,,|f ,>*.| rlirht o>|irk fr.?? tke Mj. jr?nl of w it Wrhft, * *?? * M II 1 ht? l? th' Br I ..f the -tnn'n f * lh* i '?rk ?o4 Pnannrmh lliw Th* roi?cMn?*ry l? I* fVi'ni'h -?t b? thr Sot#H* Work* (<MIII??n AII??*Co.>. will ! f'?!f>l?l?i| with lllr |n?> f wilM* Wy Th;- ri?ri4? l? I tprrlr J to fm T< arty f"T ' ? ?k^?? 1*t Julj Finvwf (? ? ??*???. whl'fc & ? HUM tip In mp?Tl?t iMnifr by Mr J k MM. l? run I., ,-rm I'anaaa ?r.l f'ranciaro warn rlntr?4 tfwti ril*i rri"fnlnir "to' I* !? I* < ?w?t^.| lit <'*plaia W nlKfmnit l?t? of tfc? <*llpp?-r *?!> !*. ? WltrK Pair T???. J *?fl?T. ?lll?k mIM IN* II. .Ion .Ma/ l*h. I MM >nl nrrtn-il at tin. p irt no tlw *th ln?tanl hi* k?? lo lli> "imlvlrh Inland* th>if? lnt'Mli*. and hw Ho 1?w Turk la th? lenird llm* '4 ?"nlh< and t?.>ntj-?i? 4?n hiil?c r?w?Jt?"d la f"?t ?lit|i? shout wri-al; In da>?

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