Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1850 Page 3
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iffi|>rtu? to the domcetie mac u factor** of tbe Union Nm anythiag tlie w? know of, mm! ulUiMUijr tr*n?fcf tu thin m<J? of the Atlantic a vapt deai of the wtsxllh ?f Btnchi'ti r The efforts made by tbe British manuJacturrr*. within the past three mouths, to depresa prices for e<>tton in Liverpool, khow what they woold 4o if they had th< power; but, fortunately. holders of ottvn ha?? th? spinner* at their merey, and if they uc no more mereiful than the manufacturer* hare keen in former year*, they (the spinners) are to be pitied. We .'hall nee a movement in the Liverpool cotton market Wore the lapse of many weeks, that will Mtonish ill those who have adhered to (wtimatea *1 n fpiiik #?f tmi\ m i 11 inni thr?-<? hiinilptul thfttiidkiwl KiImi It la moat extraordinary what little wind 1* required to Inflate tome of the Wall atrcot bubbiu*, and It ia cwloua to uotice the action and progr?*a of aome of ttirm to the explo*lve point. One of the m<vt recent and moat aucceaaful efforta made by specula torn, ia that In relation to the Canton Company. The mo.<t xtravvgaiit entlnmU-a have been fonncd ot the value f the real rotate belonging to thU coneorn, and the value of the atock haa been put down at pur. Now. aa H ia only nece^ary to ahow the value of the real estate f the company to exhibit the couipkHc humbug of tha whole thing, we annex a statement submitted by the Rent of the company, giving a report of tale* and kt*aea made by him, druing the year ending June ltrt, MM. Half* or Rtii. EnTATr. or Casto* CoMrAfv. Sold to Christian .4li'>ar. aeven aerna, one quarter and fifteen perches of land, at per acre payable in Me. two and three year*?equal to #7 60 per lot. Sold to Andrew l,een* about four acrea of land, lying between the laud owued by C. t?hoar and the land aold by the Compauy t? 8. EUinger, at $80 per acre? equal to $7 per lot. Bold to Daniel Sapp, about twenty-four acrea of land ftt Herring Kun, at $30 per acre?equal to $3 50 per tot. tk Id to llarman Deuerhaua twenty acrea of land near Heriing Hun at $30 per acre?equal to fi 50 per lot. Sold to John Jones three and three quarters acres f land m ar the North Point Koad. at $30 per acre? equal to fi 60 per lot. Ltasrdto John UUse. a lot of ground on Clinton tr<et between Seventh and Eighth avenues. sixteen feet front, by ou? hundred fret deep, at eight dollar* per annum. Leased to John C. Illy a trliingular lot of ground. one hundred and eighty fret front on IIud*on street, nd extending to the water of Harris' creek, at one fcundrid and eighty dollars p< r annum L?i?m d to Conrad Fihlier. a lot of ground on Clinton Mr?et. thirty feet front l>y one liuudred feet deep, at thirty dollar* per annum Leafed to George Mann, a lot of ground on Elliott street. tw?nty feet front hv one hundred f?et deep, for a M<uV.-mi(h and wlicelright shop. at tweuty dollars per annum. Leaved to llote* Armstrong, a lot of ground ten feet front on Clinton street, and ten feet front on U<vt?n *tr<et. at twenty dollars per annum. Leased to Frederick Keefer. a lot of ground on Clinton (trect. twenty-one feet front by one hundred feet deep, at twenty-one dollar* per annum The company hare about two thousand eight hundred acres of land, all told, which, at twelve lots to the acre, would make thirty-three thou-und nix hundred tot*, which, at $18 75 per lot. would amount to f 825 000 The number of shares of the company issued, 1* twelve thousand Ave huudred. which, at f,*>0 ihe prevent market price, amounts to $62.r> 000, so that the estimate of (18 75 per lot must be reuliied. to yield the mrrcnt price for the stock. Now, how is it ponible (or anything like that to bo realised on the average, we see sales of acres npon aire*. at $30 each, yielding but $2 50 per lot. The report of tab** ?iv>n above U not tlie only ouo mnde exhibiting .similar results. * It is stated that an aoulieotion has been made to tha | Court of Chancery, or ?oma oth<-r eourt, lu'Maryland, for an Injunction to rentrain the Canton Company from KrlliDfc. or otherwise di?po*ing of ita real nUU. pon the ground that it cannot girt a food title. A latter to tbi? effect wa# read at tb? board to-di?y, by a director of the company, and we vhall. probably, know ' re aboat it in a day or two. Htork Kirhnnge. 4194W t' SF?, 1*C7 117S 100 rtuTar Tr??t .-*? >? H?0 do II7S 100 do <30 -JJ moo do ii7\ ioo do .x>s; 500 Ml lot Bd? U\ 1?' trie Hit 1000 Keatarkv C'a l"''1, IM du 00 >'# KVWO lod Mali A > 7W* l~*? do hV) *>\ 1000 lad cnl j.r?f ! 100 do irti (In', tkiW I Miaul* Cd<. IM7 ?7>, M da ?4rn frC 2000 I'ttt 5'*, >10 ?1V ?k> do 09 HKK" do oil Hit V. do JU dW aoni du ;? wv m do MM) do M0 t*:\ im M?rrl.Caaal 17 V MM) do (is W ? aou a Co aatoo d? 'xt't oo do *?\ W tt?, ft .? ,fl ISU Ita item ** (fio do, i>co km au do asu Mion Krit T'?. 1?* ?'? DO do *30 MS, M nhae W?"-hattie?' Bk ll?'. WO dn A Hk af A aerie* lit'A, lot*) do ?!2m 31 D k H < aaal, fall M3 10 Sjt'w k ClieN RH 1U m do 1M Aut. k R." h HK. ? >> V7 wH 1 k of Comm. fall 106 1"> Ohio L k Tr Co Wi N?* A Trait ll>* So Ism* lal RK 17', 30 Hrotdwar Rank i n: Z< llvlHirer Kit M ?gn ?ara..r? "Tra?t ! ?' N?r fe H or RK 41V 400 do Mia 20 Allan; k >fhen RR 7^Vj KCOND HOARD. WO ?ha< LI RK l?W 17', no ?ha? r?r Trurt HJ do ?> 17 V CO do ?'?> .U ?m d . 17 U 3W do ? 10 Hadfon River RR W 10O do M?> trie KK BO Harlem RH .30.Vl-; ft i , *? 1W Caatoa to t* M * > IOO ?f mEETBEMEXTS EEXKWKD EVES If DAI. ' PoltticaL DEMOCRAT!*' PSION < AI I FORM A I l.I'B ?A S A l>lanrBed n-.'mc of thi? ? ?'? lat ' n will re held tliia anala#. AI til KHk, at Ha'eWk, at Central Hall, forirt ( t,rand ?tm t and Centre Market |>laee Di m rat* In f?T >r Jt the immediate admlaalon nf t'alifori*. and the I'ai a A tit* btmoer?<?. are InTtted toatnad. *TEIHFN II. rr.KK*. Preaiiient pro J. H nUTHKRtKOTONI. ,,m A?M!H liVH' J ,t, iem. n NANUALi HQJC ||iki| 1" *1 ^IX PKRI ENT ON BOND WAF an I M'T'trar-. In "ne rr m ,f ?u"i >. n-\ pr<>jnctlve rrkl nt?l? la thla eltr. Arplr la Ih> lUtik Nvta Km hint* Office, lo JOHN P. t OS HF.Y. HQ M al l ?r?l. | ?A MAN or OOOI> I IIAKVI TEK ANDBI78Ii.aa Iiahtif, i>"t afraid to work make Mmaelf a*-'a I. h?b| V"" la r??h, *94 w1I1Ibi> to Iran the nn* In h i >b- ?r, > a r?<i mcurlij , < an ha** a perin.<neT>t ritaa'tin at a ?lar} <f fit r-r ?eek. Atldri". with rial guw. "Hii-illTr." ??. e of tni? paper. HKH IRM m 11UI v i ? VI I) roi.BN OX Till NHJHT or A 1 l/V A)r.I (. fr m th* 1 n-e >t nflh Bona*. lha MltalM pr ?-ertjr:?12 em?ll aileer .po?a?, marked S?. A. r\; f df?tt af<>"BP. 5 taark*l < ?.. I I Vaiiav, and 1 CUtln) * d-?-ari fxrk?. atlrar, marked ! . A. V; * do. knit**. dv, do.; 1# KmHb-i ! ieka. da., J<v; II la' 1* kpoa??. do., da.; * I?rr? f >rk', da., de: I mt tedle, da . da.; t Ur*-a|?.*>: j *raey ?j?...b?; I tahla Wtiah. 1 H>U wpter >a4mal t?a^>; fft ?p', ? *?B.-I with ("Id, ?n ft. p h?ai!; I t.n U. r knife: I mnf, mark-d ,ra. I * ?*. Btarkad Ednati:! new fr-<-k mat, V.aek, I >,->djr ' *!. M?< k: |i<*|?ir |4iUle?a>,M>r|i: I l.Iaek ?e*re->ni, lined ?ltk velrtt. Anj ti.r.irm?*i?n Iu rer-?r I ta the MX, to He |.f. at the i.Aaa of tl.e (hklef Ptllet, Tk< abara raaarJ wtU l> paid for tha ne?ir; of lliifffert;. MPOHTUffJ. Htn MM*f| PirA^IRE GRorM??TKOTT1NO.?A r-.iree af ?? Bill ?< > * aa T^nr?Jar, the llth I aft., fraefer Harea* that a?*ar initial f?r bi .?-t MIU kau. t-?i thr-e la In, la aaddla*. Katrtaa mada at the aktft h??aa aa WidlBWif, tke Wtk __ SrORTINO FXTR AORIHS ARV?A Pit.RON MATTII at 11-iW.kea. oa Thar^a* April llth, I1W. ?A muteh f..f iHtli aide, kelarea th* palearatod ?fc?t?, kra. I.. |i. O. W. f . UIMBII Nef ra. V. ft. R. M. nad l? 21 rarde rtae. an j?r|a h -?B-la. There a ll ha afcost %'?) tlrde as th? rroand, wkieh Bill in?an a r'<-d day'a aport. Sh?-Ua( to rttB?-Be- a. II (,'r|oek | f* taelj pi BU( ITION ?1. rirDini ortmb < >nt tKDcottiriHs v i^ Hi Jntenai AinBioa-.?Jaai (paMialiod, and ( " >ale \.j ta-nrge r XeaMtt, C??ld k Hank*. B?-ll h ?;< ild, M. AaaUee, J*'a 8. y ^ rhi-a. I rat. * k 1/ atral, M. (Miea^ W.W, Kree. ar, 1 Jrjie FK r I M A M>N n X-.-AI.I.VN SRITI Al. or rREfMAaainry. to *hi h U >d k / t? Old l elUwhip, BBme( ?* i latea. A f,? pia< nf Una aearrr k?oh far at*, prloe U. H? rrhiitUi |.V tlia I rok fii he aeat. I * mail, la ? y pert af the I nlttl >'im of t ana-la AUo, I At Ol, k/ I . t? V?lM-MT W f;'??ANH, I fa | slton atreeil. R1LK< MT AVCTKMT. M'1 Rlliri rm-AI>MtM?TKATOR'<l ? *al? ' ? ll>a prr >! ??. W?. 771 Wa?? T??ati?tk #*r?a? tr ???*a Jfinlh an4 T*a'k i?m?, ruxiltr Ik* fyalKtr'1, ikt? 4ar, Af>rU |n. at IV, A. M . tkf of I* lioil * k!tka??. 4??a??4, *?* ).-inr af and ?ih*r I' r.?t<ia?r I M? 4?, B- IC. Jet., A?. AUw. J-1 * Hatoil ll<-ok* m4 Iw*miYJSTHMk j ?i <>H ? I I \Tr -t ii . M?1INijTi,v ai, I) N?N<r.-.W*n>?' ' ? tM ' m"T. L L#V1.QiL ?>)'??* >? <[ * ?*' "'jJaY/r "* '*t4' *" ' 23 |-]att I" ??? tK o? . n Ti,)n.|ii ||th lutui .an ?f " ^ I !?>'??* i ?tl-ry. Bawta Knli ?. V*** ' rT'. W4or?Vr?MMl *,* , w,.|? ft Watrtrr ?. w, ?ikrn ll?rr !*? |||> T?a Trtjs . ?n i m. Htu.h-., < ..ah., |'arar?I k, .j *W< tali-a* >? MxtlnHil of flold, Joatlrr. aa1 toad*. "??< \V?-ral ef othrr fo. la la Ui* liar; 1 'VlUrt, Kr BV jr>':?Til ICEMAN. ACCTIONIKR.?TlIT'llAPAT, April Ha'llMI, A. II ?t N?. #) f'oart Mrari, Mr>' VH?. A loryt aad *m?ral ?>*?rt?*at of ?|>aant furniiwrr - Ma>(?>' Jil'i?h rotffrd i?l?at?t*? >a<l A?in, > rt< nn4 ' la 1'Oir Motk; MkkafMijr *->ak rwk. ??l*vk Ull>, ri>??.?d plaao, "Atodarf. a<? l?aabam.'' mM* ai"Fal* "a?f? takla. I'Mn Iw I a?r< 4 ,aMr aa4 ??a f ? . ?<a.T<vai??. raaaavoj. ??H valnat "ha?Wr fi'ntftrrr : ?,atia?-<? ?a|<-?tj. tad* l??l ?t?ir tar|--1 ; Ml ? 'I'*1 fl?"- ?r?wk? n. kr TV farallara ha? >??al? a?? at a f* ? *'? ?? fro* ?anafaM?ff of tb'.aa* Hr l" aad o?l?l>?ai?4 ti?a*?r? C ?ial'**?? at ik? .rriioa r"' m ' * W>4p*'^4ay, ail tk- larailar* aat U ao-a IIHI n?oiw,At. IM.M r-'t t A*f> ?IIK? A I.*nor AMI C1I<*C? for ?aJ? l?? f.OI>?R>T I' *TT1*TK ft Ta C i". Mr'a^ Oiwi Tim Kn? *oi?R*ijrr. -T.?r(? ? broad m -lMfhM. |?r H. * *%. nm fatlr* a^flmatt af rrm~* "* *a#li?T> W"ara<a* t.?oAy li> ?*?? ??> wt.U|i>Mt m. VTMRK WAJTTd. ^ WANTED, AT 371 BROADWAY. A HOY OKOn^TO jrn errand*. T. HttlrwiIP. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOPNO WOM1.V; sh? Is a good cook, and ? fln?t rwt* wa-Vr and iro??r; ?b? h&? DOobJ?*tioB cnainl>*rw?rk or 1 j of city rtfcrvnco ctii be given. I'kM# call at M TTiird Menne, first floor, In th? back room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPKCTAHLEUIRI? m Chambermaid; is a first rate wilier ?n.l ir< nor; has do objection to go iu the oountry to do th. general housework of a small fumily: good reference can b. given. Please apply at 143 Mulberry street, between Ho?t?r and Uraad; c.m ba seen fur two diyi. ANTED?BY A YOl'NG MARRIED WOMAN, WHO hai lost hrr baby, a situation a? Wet Nurse; is a Beat sealustress; the left ot reference* given by the family she is now staying with, No. 17 Iroat street, Brooklyn. Can b? seen for thia week. \I.rAN TED? A MTCATION, BV A KiTSl'ElTABLK ?? yoong woman a* Cook, Washer, and Ir ner; the best of eity reference ran be given. Pleas? call at 39 Thirt' cnth street, het?ten the FifUb mii-I Suth avenues. W\STKl?-nv A YOUHO WOMAN. \ SITTATTONTO do the cooking, washing and ironing; al?o, asituati n, by a yoong woman, to do th? waitini or i u.iniherw >rk. or to lake care of children. The test of city referents given. Pleat* inquire at No. 4 Beerum street. Brooklyn, mar Pulton avenne. Can be seen for three days. WANTED ?AK INTRLMOENT AMERICAN LAD, from 14 to IB years of age. to atteud in u Pan'y Store, and make himself otherwise useful Apply at RICE & SMITH'S, 72; n.v.alway. XVANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, " a situation as Chambermaid, and ir-ist in w ishiug and ironing, or to do ehamberwork sad sewing. Best >f references given. Can ! ? wen fortwo darf.from 10 to So'clork, ? V? ''At t'i r? f ui'i.nn. . .. I' . ? I. > .. _ .. I I ^ , K streeta, first floor, front room. WANT ED?A WOMAN TO I>0 THE COOKING, HASHii.g and ironing. Apply, with cltjr reference, at n<>rtli??>t corner of Fourteenth street and Seventh aveuue.froin 10 ti u t 1 12 'clock. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. SITUAtionit?the one to cook, wuli and iron; th? other to do ehaml>erwork and plainsewing. Il"th prefer privn-e fi-uilin*. 1 he test of city reference can be Riven, for honesty and capa- I bility. Pica?.'call at Mr. Maloy'a grocery store, No. 10 State 1 ttMt, Scuth Brooklyn, Long Island. WANTED?A SITUATION A8 NURSE, AND CAN' DO plain dewing, by a respectable young ?ttrl. or to wait on tai le in n ?mall private family. Address a note, stating name and residence, to li. II., 35 Murray street, which will bu puu>'UlU; at tended M. WANTED?BY A RESPECTAII1.E YOUNG WOMAN, a iituation as Cook, Washer, and Ironer, Id a private family. Good citv reference can be given from her lastplaue. Please apply at KB) lio-. cry. in the rear. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN, a ait nation to do the cooking, and assiat in washing nd ironing in a private family, or t<> do the work of u ruiall family. The beat of city references can Be given, and also a few familiea washing by a respectable woman. Inquire at . No. 176 Eliiabeth siren, new house, in the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant young woman aa Nuree and S<ani*tro<?<. in a respectable private family, and can tak.- eharg> 0f % t>aty from its birth. Can give the tost of city reference from h-r lost place. Please call at Nu. Hi l lintou PU -, Kijhth street, in the rear basement. \MT ANTED ? BY A HtSPECTABLE PROTESTANT vY yenng man, a situation as Groom and (Whmsn, who truly understands tli<: care and naoxriui nt of horses ; has been two years in hi , la 1 place. J elty llftfllll, No objection to m*k? himself generally u-eful to his employer ; ha? no object ion to the country. Ploase address a noie to ' B. G., 303 Canal street. Corner of Hudson street. It wil'be ' promptly attended to. WANTED?IN IXqUllOI POR A cabin TTCEET I on the first trip of the New Orleans from Panama to ' San Franeirco, a Ticket in ene ef llowland & A?ri.iwall's Meainer* that will leara Punnma on * r about the fli t day of . May. 1H5Q. A liberal |>r?miutn will he |>nid to any p- ;*.>o winning t? Liake ?t?ch an ftchanue, b? cullinc at the ?tor* >f MoSPKDES fc BAKtR. No. 25 r>ne afreet. wanted-by a rksi'im tahi.e voir.vo woman. If ik fituatiou an ( hambennald and I ?un<i'?f ; ha* no objection to k? a* Nurte nnd SfUntrvM ; liaa tho beit of citv wefernncei from her laat place. P1??m call at N6 Kant I'ifie. nth etreet, Third avenue, in the tailor* ton-. Can le ieen for two Jaj W ANTED?A SITUATION BV A STEADY (JIKl., Til \t TT a tirit rate chambermaid. ft food waahtr arid iron-r, ran do ( lain aewinit ftnd take <ar? of children; no objection to a family that will travel; good city r?f< r?n?-e; <-an be aeen fur two dayr at 223 Bowery. MTANTKD-A LIGHT, SECONIl HAND ftOCKAW IT V T Vt H,<. n. in food order, to hold n* J i r.OL". Apjl?. at 75 . Broad atreet. _ ? 117ANTED?A SITUATION T<> COOK. W AMI AND TT Iron, by a reapcctnble yuan woman, in a ai.mll, privMfanillv; CUI produce good reromisen iationa. A|>|-l> at 116 Ta elith it reel, between the Kifth and .""iiik ?T'nui>?. WANTED?BV A RKSPICTARI.E rtOTESTAVT ytuaK Kirl, to do ('lain aewin? and to take car- cfchildicn, and l.?.-D" objection to IrauUiiK * uh a lady, *.>d c*u IT' dure roid recommendation from her la^t plnov. 1'lenae call at .7 Monroe m*t. 1*7ANTED?A MTVATION, BV A NEAT AND TIDV TT Girl, to do the general housework of a ?-aa'.l private family. The beit city refemaee given from bar la?t rlaoa, ? hero ehe baa bean engaged for laet llirxe roar*. PI.'hm anil at 23 Nineteenth atreat, enrotr of Ui<>ad?ay, en<t aide, t an le eeen for two daya. Xtz AN1EJV? A 81TVATION. BV A VERY COMPETENT TT rlrl, witli cood eitjr reference, a* < harabt rinaid ari l Waiter in a pntate family. Apply a* 74 Sixth avenue, in the book "tore. ?'AMHI-A SITUATION. It V A HKUIi'tAHIK TT youn? woman, to do plain cook in*, washing, and ironi. *, or ebam^i rwork. wnehtej^ Ninkli j to do rbamberwork and waiting, cr 'hamberwork and plain aewtni. Beat of reference given. Served four year* In the la?t place. No objection* to |? a ahort distance In tho country. Bv two fiater*. Can be aeon for two day?, at Io6 U'iMf"?'HIATIONS. MY TWO KEM'Ki TAIILK Tf vritth girli; one a- g .od plain Cook, and properly uuwashing an 1 drawing, tba nthrr an I'LaiitU nnald. A lionr in oar familt would l? f rrlerr. J. ( an t ?tn fur two day. from t?i till >li u'llwt. at Na. W itrwl. U7ANTBKIT TWO USriCTAlLl YOrNG WOMEN, ! TT orra?Cook. and ha? no objection to *.-i.t in waehin* and Ironing: the other a? Chambermaid or Wait er. ll..t of . eity r*frr?nf?f Apply No. 17 Hammond elreat, rjr- ] ?er of Kartary ?ti*?t. I inw >f?? for two day*. WANTID-A MTVATMK, nr a UmCTiatJ Touna waaian, to dagenaral hnn*rw*Hi urahaabarwarkj . It a goad and troner. Ilai the l,e,i of aity rafar??<-e. I'leaea rail at Na. M Uraeaviali utgaai, la the (Vast ba>?aa?at, far twa dare. \l*4kTEI?-A COOK. WHO IS A OOOD WA?Hf R \M? TT trocar alao a girl, a? <?ham>>arm*id aad Wattar. Hath n?*t nadrrMand thair ItaiiMM thoroughly, aad unit riiM vail rae .trntandel. S"O* oU>?r? aa?d aall. App.y at Na. W Weat Wirtlijiaa plaaa. 11TANTED?A SITUATION HV A VKKV HKHIT.CTA?T Ma I'roteetant girl. a? Chambermaid or f'hlldr* ?*a Surer: I-a fi d aathrr and ir >n? r. and plain e.war. Tt.? ie?t of referent* from herlari ila** D'tai i all at Vo, a?i lin-m- fir. t i :.r Kill idtr. f ait S a>: I r t? day# Wfiinin-A AI1TATIOX. BV A VOI ><; liti s' llff toMi, > Udj'i l?M, ?r Nnn for rhildtva, to trartl to I ran '. In^nlre ?l lir adway, MTHTHWiT A KFfll'Et TAItl.l. WoMA*. A XIV? i?ail?n aa I'i K, wit' ggaiai in washing art Iroafttg, fan gi?e good rltv referenra aa l? eliararler and <|ualiA>-ati n> a| i It at lift Variek atreet. *J|TASTtfW-HV TWO RKPPFCTA til.F. TOt'XO WO?T men, ?itti?tlon?, <no ?? Cook, W aabrr and lroa*r: tb> other *e S?aia?tre??, aad underetande dri.iniakla*; ie tiling to ??ri?i villi childr< n or light ehatnbrrw rk. St oU?r ti<sa ?o (u a itb' rt dl?ta?e?- in the country. It? -1 uf rtty nfrrra-r. I'leaee < all at 21.1 Eliaahath atreat. " * aituntlna Nuw or to?fa>lr> ?a or aa t'liamVr- j U.k.j. ?'/ul<l kara bo tkjrrtlu** to Iravrl with ? Injy. No 1 t.i-i.rli i.? to (n in tha rtHln. (lno4 tliy r?frr-?>" <-??? ???n. ri???? apply at No. l#l>.>??r otrrot. amr tbatfcaa I ?n I. wo for l?m iayt. | \\* ani???-a "or, A?orT mxTrr* > eaki or xnr.. TT m.lir I K ! r* ? r>'(uir?.j Altrraa >.o? 2,:."S m Ot*. n. uriKTli'-M a KK*rr? T*iii.r vot no woman, a Tf ?i??at|rn aa I t-?mlarn.?, t tr Wtllrr I* I l*< ml lf??r I aa nm writ r>nai>end. 4 Ir m h?r In?t pln-e, whore 'k' 1lrr4 two y< are m 1 ill m .taUie. I ?n fc. r-v-n a. N'o. MV Tenth mrtnvt. ___ ?^antii?-bt a m?rti taii r. vorxu vaitx, t If mi ii n i < I MrSertnoj-l r N iim') oiji J. i?r I 4n the **n?ral lir>w?i rk of m?ll family. I< i> < .. ! waaher. |r'>ner. nn4 plain rook. B??( eltjr rrf.imfM *!? ?. t Hr* M O- at Mr. Hajamm'a, Mo. ly T- mp- .n e'r ti, o-.rn'f of (imri ilmt. J 1*MMri>?A VITI ATION, ?T A BK-'Prc TABI.K I ?T yin< M <? f^nn^noi rt Ml r-henkerw?rk unl waiting. <*r ehamVrw rfc aa4 to In * ?tilut Flif 1? wllllrj H make her?lf r ? mlljr. <i-?fo1 Cm pi-Ki-e ih? t?"t of elty r?f?-r?ni??. Apply ' *h- atotv Xo. *?1 ElUabath neat ll-oatn. tea ha ?eea fir ?hn? deer. _ ; , mjt-ANTtn-MY a ITMPKTtii.r rorfn womks. ff titMUd ? rhaabrrmatd, ir lo aoaiai la wa>n, ,J i>4 Iralari I* a |k4 |<ltla aeoer. Tkr w.t of altjr r?t? > reaea from her laet aitaation. Tall at Ma. I Palo* Court, rni .f I m-,i?it I'll" not 12th ttr?-<t 1 H'ANTrn?A OOOD ?rrONI> M*M> MAMOLt? I Pardee ha? ir.f ?(k to of, >* sot* a forrkaa- ' or ly a44r*"ia? (poet pa!4) koa 8.77* P-ot ?MBo?. .t.tiim j I ?b*ro UWim, J \I-.tWM>-A MTt ATtiiN SI A MMM'ICT \iT? ?? yean* woman to * . ao r. ok. wko la ? lrt? . aa.l ko? ?o t?j?'tlo? to o??int in ?a?hiut 'V*,' jrttatr f??llf : r?f?t??oo ?o4?r ?tro?t < ? ko |?on f?.r too <?- 'wAKl/ imctftll* /?? ! * ..fin ft ritw* " MW4-ny * r?fimUr Am ?m! M*?' - <> Wsitrp?M|? ft u " ?* ? 'hanv'rw.rk. Ant' "l r j * s r < I MIDH i v ' *" Venaa. thot fa? bo traat>4 la lh??t %rnr* of tk? own?r, ^'.b tka manaffm'at of Iho k?u?? Sko will kava tr takr >a ' ftMit* fart la flvla? tk? work . oalr ? " ia tkr forallr On? that la k- aaa. may haoa a r???< ?n l ??. hrr o?a faraltara If 4r>lro4 ; or a r?rtata ?ti|?n l voal4 k* i>a.4 t? a ?>iliatl? jar-u? that *oal4 tak* fall ear* an I i mn U for tka k< a?? Nnn?knt Proirataata a*r4 apply. fa<|?ira of Mra. i Ll?l?*?t?n. 9* Ulan atfoot _________ | 4J I T I AT H>N WAMTKI*?A* I II\MBEMM *ll? ttD | ?.,Mp .,rto no ? ?h* ri ? pliia ? r lo k?a????rk. aa t>rU? < 4 1*- , >nl? M *1 < tlafa fit *. I J AN mi rLLrvr tocki; <r.nmN WO**V #IHI * rla'? ?? tak ??r? of *kil ir?n tn4 a?? an I i? r -ry of KB l? bo-i.?(. I I ?(T? - I rfir tfcar infirmatioa |iIm? 'all at Ni. 7v f'raaklin ?tr??? A*r.?r>< Tii.i r widow unr tmbh i ?Tf. a?l>? ? a Hn?? k?- f, t* mall r**t>a?t*tl? IH?IK H W ttw. | nnrc; < I KHk Vt?TVI?-?F.l.l. ulAMl Hl?. NT> ! iik miIhIImm; ill; nfmiM A-i-l ?? Ml Bt-'ailaay. ; j 1'>> * ati imkum* ? wAMKI> \ nn.?T nm; i H at?-l>n<nk?r with t'2 <**1 -?pt'al, < t*k? aa lat?rr?t in < l> MUlllilitl jtvflr; iKii'fV mJ Uk" fhuir lk? Wtt'h | ?l?j rtmrnt. To i ?oai|x>t?*t )<>iiii| man lk? frwfil t? I *?y MIMMI ft* rtnniir Arpiy t.i WIT R Til i Hi iUMtl* rtrwl, Rr 'ktya. ' Awn *utH, M a*o??. wt ?.*? ,' ointf I ? tk Ui- k?- i 1a?a?. II I,<11 II | |V makrk? * i.'MHI *Wo|;K*?N I (>?M and S?T?r faa'il ? ?-? Ik' , karfn* nl k?.l>. ' r?i- ' *> ? -" ill ?' ? 11 m n?? ' r - ? i i ... i T" I.AW 1 *H? -A TOI'MJ M 'M IK H 1 *ilf!* T'? J"" *' ! '? With a 1- ni n-.? > ?. I , It ?llt rmHrt klai jila I ipIvh *iU I raap?rt*tl? I 'tuoll't A<l4r*? i ,r l?.. Il'ra.4 ? '? Pn?MJM fUjtn, - ton ooon rrnrusR.* ! ! m th? J?r**y lr?a ( at thtir j ? >?,? II aa:?-a ami i . -,t .an N- titan Ar r'y ** prin.rTi. fv 11 rw ? < <>, Caraar l?4>r om4 l.r?ea?Uh | TV AWT*. WAM1ING VANTED, AT HO. V "ULUVVS STREET. Done on tb? moBt re*jonabie until. Fteue eaH ?oJ ?? . Wlktxd-tu rrru paet or a booths. oowcintinjc of three or four room*, with pantnas attache!, kll fn tbe tame t'Xir, in a |.laa-?iit neighs 'rbood, ty a (until family, from the 1st of iiuy tut. Addreaa I'. V., 3no llaraiU ! #??. "1T/AKTKD-A SITCATION, HY A RESPECTABLE f T young woman : ia a good ('lain en?h, an 1 fln>t-rat<e wa"her and iruner Lived throe jrvara in h?r loat plao-'; oan five the beat city reference. Ha* no objection to the eonntry. May be wen for t?o Jam at 1?1 Eleventh timet, between Eir?t avenue and avenue E. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOPNO WOMAN wiiI e? a tilnrtinn to take eure of Children and do plain rewing or light ehamUrwork; eun jive the bctt of reference*. Arrl* ?t 107 Sixteenth itreel, between Eighth and Ninth avebu< a. in the basement. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE (Jirls; one to cook, wash and iron; hMno obleetioni to do general housework in a sintll prlT?:o ftmity; in** otli?-ras chambermaid and waiter; the k?t of oity reference can bo gmn. Pleas*. cull at their pre-eul situation, No. 151 Tenth street. comer of Fourth ivtiit. \1* NTEI ? N ^ EESl'ECTAlILE VOUNU WOMAN, vf a Uuauoo ir. it private family, to do chauiberwork, or to take care cf childrv n, auJ to do plain ?e*in?, 91 ati plain cook in a small family; is a a*>od washer nal irOner.? Pitas* call ut fj Howard str*- t, in the rear, tiurd ftoor. ( an it seen for two day. \MT AXTED?BV A RF. l'ECTABLE ENGLISH PROTf tenant young womsn, .1 situation a? nnr>*?j and to do plain or chancer work, and a*<ii*t in wa*hinrf, ir>nin/, and waiting; or is willin to make h*r?? lf aenerally useful Ples*e call ?t 122 Eleventh street. bet ween First avenue aad a ? mi. \ Cmb* m>#a for (w?flijrii f tot imfid. W anted?taw), for ^ term or two teras. and for which uritv nvii tin the an uni will be dvea, I. let iMiMftl mbfi i efvntM m 11 n apt I ikil t v, liu ritv, and indusir\ of cha.aclcr. The advertiser, who is a lady, ha* a capital enuk in a r\ppectaMe and luera'ive businen (now one year in ?ncce??Hfiil operation.) but the necessary >? ekly expenses, and the paymcut of debt** contracted on entering in fiaiHniM, embarrasses and ma.? riallv cheeks iu more succc*<siul operation. Any liberal mind* I pers m disposed to make this advance, will, up n au interview with the advertiser, be more a*mi red of their nafetv in miking the advance, than could uo^ltly be done thron|ih the medium of ?n advertisement. If dwlritU. <mrttfly iOTMti, for vkicli additional security would be given. The ttNual interest allowed. A note addressed C. M., llerald OtAce, will be attended to. PRACTICAL MACHINISTS.?-AN EXCELLENT Opportunity now occurs to a practical Machinist, of well establish* d reputation, and some capital, to engage extensively in the *:?MB 11 < . koiler and foundry business. An establishment is now ready for business, ample In all its detail", including extensise wharf room, for any sited steamboats, and fn-tn it* ^oaitioR, if properly conducted, will douKtl??i?s command a large rhare of business. A practical machinist, as a partner, i? required, to c>i duet the whole establishment, and only these fully competent need npply. Address, poet paid, "Machine Co.," Box So.741, Philadelphia. Pa. KPKfl .L %OTICEH. A CARD.?THE OWNERS OF THE UNITED STATES Mail ateumMiip ATI.ANTIC, will be pleaaed to have her viaittd when she take* her berth at the foot of Canal atreet, >.n the -IM in lit. I'eraona wiabinK to eiiKarfe pa*??nc, can procure ueketr of aduiUal'.in, on application at tbeoiliceoi K. K. Collina, 74 South street. All etlier* will pltaau defer tlnir vmite until the 22d. ________ 1 A DIES FA IK AT MHI.OS. THIS AFTERNOON J and Kerning?Th* Ladi. i of the Re*. T. L. Ilarrua Society will hold their Fair thi* aiti rnoon and evenin/, to aid the Society in building a Church en Twentieth atreet, bet?.m Broadway and Fifth tunur. Tliey hat* apared no pain* t r *?i*ni,c to pleaae their patrons on thi* ofca*i<>u. lin t will tt-r for aal a large i?a?i>rtin*'nl of Ladiea', Oentlemcn *, nnd Children'* Ware, Faaey Artlelea, Kefreahm>-n'a, Hook*, Sic., at a- lew pricca a* th.y can he purchased elaew here. Inafrui.' ntal Muaie hi. 1 been eBj.'?;ed, and the (Jleo Club under the direction of l<u>?ell W. Weacott, Ka).,liave kindly volunteered to Mng a?'iiio popular pieeea during the evening; and they tope their object and effirt* may be appreciated, and crowned with the attendance of a lar^u company of friend*. TnE ucora anmmi. mnvn diknuor tub Amerienn Itraiua'.i* Fund Aanncialioa will take piaoe V) tJte Aator Hci! , en Wodneadav next, April IV. Paim>?i.>iT?B. Cou an. rivtria. B n ?l*l,V|?|i, W. I*. Chapman, J III lit Keen, J. I re?o?tt Hall, Tliiau S. Ilambha. W B. Aeior, Crinnell, T. C. Cerard, i. i. A't*r, jr., Jumaa 1. llrauy, Edtnond H. MTlTIor, Caaeral Iwtl, ichn Ha,.-<rirty, jr., (it-erne M l/eau. .I?ha Van Dnr*t, K. P. Wflila, E V. I.cdlnw, Ucdta Helmao, Charlen O'Coner. S. U. Rayrnoad, Suaeca Hraper, Tlitedore Std~wic ">th li- r, H?u. fcamnel June*, .Hiodart, I IWuird. (i. C. Vcrplauck, I'm met, F. T?l:aa ige, Art her T. J?ne?, lion. W. Kay, t. Foe'er, jr. Ma!thaw Hirgan, Henry P. Edwarda, C. W. L. RiJfert, Malar Kcah, Saniual K. Rug/lea, A. Couala, ?tanel Spicer, Dudley S. rj, Ciixrlaa N. l<*?pp, Philip lloa*. Hon. i!. Taylor, Walter D.Tawnaend, h aaliiaftun Irvtai, Uacar fturtevant, I. Vail Reuaeelaer, Heaeral I.yraaa, Cor. W. M-iihew*, I.ewiHiaylordC'larh, A l??ui.inger, Jaima F. Vaii, N>ebolaa low, mttr Henry, David (Jraham, Hamiluia Wilkee, c. Celt. Jr., W. 1;. 1'oiacrey, W ni. E. l-a?ht, J. W. Gerard, J. Hnxw, John tiraliam, im. C. I'. Morrle, Doctor VofHt. J. Plereoa. Tba n? 11 Mic mil 14 undrr th? dlraaUoa af (iaorra Lodat. n< kat* (.*> ?iofc?may ba h?d ?.f any of tba ottiri of tba Aa oaiatinn. and at tha A?tor Hoiw. (tUV FESTIVAL A SPOLIATION.?TICKET?! FOR THE ' taati?al in honor of tbr bli thday of lli-nry l lay, to tain !>m an fr.uav. the li h in?t.. at Nlllo'a ??lo.o maybe kM an application to H il.ium R l.-udnn. uml. at tha olflca af tba Daily >.?p'a?a. corner of H all and N???au atraata. B> ard'r, JOSKI'II M I ItlCE, 1'raa.daat. D. AUSTIN Ml'IR, U?, M II.1.1AM 8. DI KE. I Tlt* 1 "???<? V?act*t I>. Ho*vck, ! ?(. NLH HiHk Vdl.l N,lKltS.-llll Ufrii'KlU AND niambrra of :hr Naw York Volantm ara tnajtad to attan 1 a mi < tin? at tha Mareer o> tM?. WVla?>day a?eainjr, April IDth, at 7 o'clock, tu tnak* arraav' -m* nl> to attrnd thf funeral of 1'atrirk Met'arty, Into a member of tba ab>>?a r^lniiit. J < B1KSHAM, I.t. Col. AMERICAN INSTITUTE. ? A MOURN ED MEET I NO, Ajrll ?. InHi. Vi<a l'r*?ldent Li*inicton in th?V-bair, In nr\ Mr?|r>. ?*> i-nrv.?l>neral Adumrain ( handler anr.i:n<-?d tiie dftlK of Hridc-man. a ni'fnbar of thia b'-Jy. and remarked tliat In tha death of Mr. Bndicnan ? bare lu?t on# of our m' ?t m>ri(ht, able and aealona fri?ad?, a oil nt'T'd that the B.tulxn of the Inttitule d attend hi? fun rat ti'-morrnw. ( arriad uiian>muu?ly. K. ? l?? d, Thai tbr Reeordi?n Secretary ba directed totif>re*? to thr family of Mr. Ilridyeman tba diitmnulihrd r*'ifard cntirtaiaeri ly tba Institute for the itry ?tuin*nt a**rti. . rradercd for many yearn t' lU agricultural and horti* calUrftl dipariimaw l>y Mr. Hr1d#< man.?K?tra<-t from the Ir'iutcp. 11. MKU4J.H, Roe. JJao. It < { tnplianr.- w.'h ihe aboaa reaolnlioa, Ik* followiax latl?r ??. >"Bt to tba aid' w of tba 4<-eaaad .? Aran. *. ISM. My Dear Madam I am directed to trumit to you u>? aatl<?r4 tiliurt front tba mltutw, and alao to ?*pi ?- *?? to Jog and yonr fannly tba pentiinent* of thip body relative to yoar Uirmitrd linpland. To derlara Ibat by a full eaperieai-* of ab m Imnlf-Kii i j> ar- of h;? boandkai u tl, activity and iali'iriti. In rrvry c<iiari nient of horticulture and ajfnrultnre, hlr relijfioue dnflnsp with all Men. aothat all wb<. tried lm almayp found bim trua; and al<o in tb<.?a laborioatly < iart inptrurtiun*. which h? < ato ba putli-had to a iffy Kf at rxtrat for tbr ??ud of all workers ia tht la id, by all wlii^h (br tfi'od III ba? dun. in bi? (taaratiia raanot ba ral ? uliii<1, una I jr which na <nma lBimi.rtaJi ly, i?i in* to mm k i.aui- aad an < ?antpl> <f in- atlmaMc rnlua. I>. ar mn.Iaiu, iu<l ato Uir wniimi nli of tkr .<? ?'?? ln>Um?. With ?nat fKT*; Hint tl" tirrif liat IrrlTad fur auoh an a tprcmtra, I inn >rr> rcapartfally, your ui>at nt a.-rvan , Mm. Thorn a? VIriilarvvr??n. II. MKOOfl, \l'll I l<m u abe, OK I IIAKI.CH ? AUK. (cuii.DKEN tt of f I ?rla? M *?< , a ho dlail In IJ??rp'>ol, E .(land, in l*l.\l vi.l hanr of ""tli< th.nir (a lh*-ir ?'!> autair by Inf-rima* m? af *f>? lr r'-ldinea, of calliB* nt my ofTioa V>. 2 < H--*kman .v join s da vim 01 hit or the srmnrk <;a!?-lir;utc >mpanv, April *, Tba I'raaidaat *n?l Ihractora ba?? ?hi ln? d*i l?t> J di?ld-ad i f A }'-r real on tha nnul ?to.'k of tbia ? Bi| any, f' r 'ha all montha i-ading lat of Fab. laat, yaytblt t" it* ft- <-kho|dara ? nfiar H?n?llv, I?t of Ma) Bad. Pit iran'Tir b?.?k *111 It* rlcard fr?n th. t'.tb Inalant on'.ll that '!?' Hy "rdar. I' I K\ I NUT r JANK* ronner ft SON. TrrE rOlNDER.S. CORNER f Ann and Na??*ii lHim Ntw Vorh, hare on hand aaorr arilala Barratry for *|>laia Prii.Un* O'aMtnhtnri.ia, 1 ha malarial* wa which tbia papar la printal lafmui ih? aim* N..iit , -j.n iin.'eqt km i or die i.Air. m rkra.ik m tbatlty ?f I'aaama. I am illn"?4 by lh? Cbarg* d Affama from tb? R-pablia af Naw l.rana la. ( girt itill<a ttai baraaftar ao )>mt or para-m will ha par-nlltad lo land a' ITia^iaa. r trarrl % rev tha I'thama of 1'iaaaia aalm i aaridad a '.lha ii aaaaara paaaport, ar'nrdlai to tb* lav nl & ? Grnai la. ahlah may C* aHalaad on appl.ratioa W tha aikaarlUi. U. IXlKIMd r.Z. Omni ftca tb* Rajai.lia of >i?? (aranada, A art I I. I*" Na. * I oanllaa Shf baw 1 art Tn? al a?a ordar baa haan iranpmKM l? lha <a*>?am?r af fliiiafc aad ? It will W rigidly aaf?nad, ail vail warn a* paraoi.a, who Jaatra in fraaara a tba bariaoay and fo4 f.-lm* ro1?irila? hat nana iba two rapnhliaa, ara haral.r aaatioaad u ^aafi4i '-aaMlttiai al?n<aid. U. LKiMINUl'ir. PAHTbKKIIIIPt. N'OTK r rait I >>l AK i V m; IIII' HKRKTnrt>RB r \Kliar t?I tla nt?' rit^ra. vnilar tba irm of T. t. r ft < . II (111 >1 nuttnal aoiuaat. Tba iMtaiaalma Inaiaaaa ?i;] b? "'illtl by J?bn Braaatad and Uatta W. gmn'ar l, al. * ill aa? tna nama of tba Siai ;a BfatWloa - Raw V' rb, raltBut V, I "Art ( t^adj r::r. marca.V, t r. !?r.? or. JOHN HKr.AKTED. WU. W Ul IMTARD. IfofiOAii Ilia Worn**. (r?^l of HlaWH., I. Hi kaw y rk, N.rrh ?. Is-' | Tba awtorrtbrr barlat yar^haafd tba aatira latataua af tba f.'bat partn?ra la tba lata Ann of T f. Jtaaor ft t'a . will foaMnaa tba ataara analaa manafa'tnra. la all Ma braa?b-a, aaiar tba iT.aiadtata aaaarlataadanra af Mr. II. Oaloa, vh'iaa rraatati*?a a a aoaalrtirtiB* aaaiaaar |a too wall kaown ta th' paWIIa to f*|nlra farthar B'ttaa Additional faa.Utiaa an now Wring a<lda I u tbia ali?a<lj. p. rl.ap-. oi-a. attaaaiaa awval lia'.ai'nl ?f t.,a kind la tbia aoaatry. la ordar to giaa aarh daaaatab la tho aaaaral tnaaafa*iarin* daa<u-t?aata aa aball ?att tba d-alra f all a bo may r?v"T Him arltti thair MMaw. _* t"* M'?K? a t Noricl th'imaa n. rAivr.Ar, isfrm.vt e broka?. Will lama, dnrln* tha pr?aant aanath, far *an ?>na a?a r?I'f"rnI kt 'i f> rt mil i ?n rttm?-it 1a k? jrefa-'? . an ?f ?i?nn? S.iip -i??>fi Ml ?'l a?l:ar* r?o<i.rlnr Ma "rum. mar, r?r t.i? prawat, k><<> ?!* bta kt Mi* HRrk af Mrrrr* J n?a k J ha? o. H *> W.ll .traat IIORMKft. Nr.? tork iu>r?r i?az< ar. n < m>-nr strkicr i. r ir>?(h. Aartljkfr An'tl ? *al?a af II r??a. < ??r INri.f. t rt. -j r<iw?n.-:utt II I '? 'Oil H II t: AT ? rr.l.r> IV Pri-tr.r ro* uu a pai* "t nri.l*DlD n*r louh <fta?n aa4 a lialt ?a4? bid rrkan and ai*ti? f?r< >M, r?it?fc tMI, warrant**! *. tin1 aa<l kia4, ami t""4 trarrllara. *1?". toaattfal tl.raaat ll?rk?. ?'> r?*n ill t?j4'r* I Ka. I.w Rta4? ?tr?"t. l*mm !*ai.r-a aoiiu. 110.IHK. rirTur.N a>u a r ball h . >4? hljrh, t ?v r??n ?ld, >"?n1 an t kta4 I* all a rarr rtr1.?k trarallkr If a* h?ca k?*4 ?* r * rrar and.r th? a*4 ll? pri>"lt -? 11r. It a k?n:lam?n ? . > ?[kMk ti >? ? for Kur 'f* w'likh whlali la iJia onlr rai?oo H? ?lll-nj| ? f?rt with htm. l? ??a at Mia ?taM? ?f ?a?r?. i.ilmnrk h Jkrrta, lfl?k .tr??t. a**ar Iiimui rtrj,t, ?'?'! Uraal .l.m. l*H*a, f 175. ?,'"? Ml*.?A t'lRVT-~KATR (iRA V liuRsi l.t? C ha?'* kV tl? J*?r? <14. ??rr?nrt-4 avail 4 Mi l k*?<f H al 1 a, .?? a tr?lr?.? faaj.W Lara*. frira I a I in if I". I4t' :l.?v. *?. w r?ari MiMt. Diivrae. 'pt? na11 t'vu'tir.r rut. mew a?*r?ih.t I l? B?. Ik fVaiWfi nrwt. not l??r k<i Hurtot'i r?.ad?ra, ar- ta???*lrf-r a<a- pU?n. an1 ar* f~~'m i?"i '*4 In tha aatln 'k irmttrra, a? t<*r1l??l?r1k a4ap?*4 f?f kr*> >1 aaa-killlra kk I ra?t?r?kk wallr. TVmt antHI'ikt ?>> I# -t..?a?4 #? *' a ' ar. ?M'? thk aitattalra pfmrwaAr fi I f M?t in artjnaai f"'r.. A *pakl'ai mn*r * ? ?r r lhk|xf?l?r alraatl n nf Mr ll?r??rt. ?I1 niral?ba4 r?a?ptla? -?? . la"1'-*' k?4 ? a'l un'i 4r*>a>a( rw w, hat i4'iaak rx'Bk, frfyaatnakat aa'???a, kt.iit a?t ciik aiJr a???a?ia4 n t aaa *-k. *P*-1 J *f M*- 1 ? fK'. r* Mm irkr-Va,., tt? n ka a a rVaak. Aaklj | ta< A mm KM 10 NTS. BOWERY T H K A T R K.-WEDSKSDA Y EVENING, April M, will Imi perfonnad lli -fraud dnunati? apeoUwle of THE MERCH A KT*S STEED Or SYRACUSE Dam >o. Mr. J. R. Scott: I'ythiaa. Mr. Ad?m?- l)yiai?ini. Mr. Arnold: Proclaa, Mr. Jcrtlu ; Thl?Ucu?, Mr Moore , Htldi'iiu, Mr. J. l>ti*o; Aieie M. Denoaa; Aadroaicua, Mr. J. Winana; ('?lauthe, Mi?a Wcuivm ; Theaa, Mra. IWrUrt; Ii< rim jo, Mr?. Jordan : Armenia, Mra. Wilcck Previous to wtii?-h, the faree of TURNING T11E TABLES?Jack lluiuphrie,., Mr Winana; Mr?. IlaBiphriea, Mra. lip>iniley. Doom open at 7: rur?*iu riaea kt 7\?iVloek. Ure? Circle, JO o?nt? ; Second Tier, V> n?H; Pit, 11')^ ?enU. CHANFRAt'S NATIONAL TIIEATRE.?WED VE-iDAY evening, April 10, will be performed THE SI'K<;K->V OP PA R1H? Pierre Ballard, The Mack, The S?r*e .n, Mr. W. Hani,ill; Michael, Mr. Tilton; RoMlanol, Mm. lahcrwood: Cathariae de Medkia, Mra. Mnuy. After which, ADOPTED t lllLD-Mi.hael, Mr. W. Marahall; Sir lieruand. Mr. U?uiiltun: Nell, Mra. Mu??v; Lady Clara. Miaa Lockyer. To conelnje with SKETCHES IN INDIA?Sir Matthew Strata, fcr. C. Tajrlir; Tom Tape, Mr. JrflVraon: Lady Soraw, Mra. Mnitjr; Sail* Scranta, Mia* A. C'raiaa. |oi?>. 2>eenta: Pit,

ll)l rtili. Doora u(>en at 7; performimcva to ftjnmcnee at ' S- o'clock. The hi'tchinson family rehpf.<tm'i.i.v vsnoBuce to their frienda and the < itir- a< of N^w York, that they will give a Vocal Entertainni.-t at the Tuliei-nii'-le, on tins ( W ednesday) evening April win, imsj, being their Ninth and I.Mt Concert iu thw city, prior to Oitir fi#H 19 AJJ arjr. The grogrtwme w^<iu^??ccath<; foUgwia* mob ^7 ? 4>?i irT ?erc ^' ere Horn;" 'Jamie on l.e Stormy J*ch:" "Bingei! on the Rhine, or, the l>> in* Soldier a* Algier*;" "TniGooJOIJ Days of Yor*:" "CaliforniaG??ld;" "Fecit Sam's Farm;" "Horticultural W ife;" "Eight Dollar* a Day." New Version, "Old Cloek on ih? Stair#;" "What* ran t'he Soul find RiHtf" "Life Boat;" "Life on iny Native 8cll;" "Kum'i Doing*;" "Nobody and Somebody;*' "Z?*kl?''s First Int n duction; "May Queen;" "Wax Work;" "High Cellar." "Connecticut Pedlar; "Parting Sonx," flt?\ Tickets, ?0 cent* each. For talc at the Broadway Music Store*, and a\ the licket Ofhte of the Tabernacle, on Monday evening. !>< r? < I'fB M 7 i >' ' I < 'C K . Cw.icert t ? rum -n'-f .it * ? > Panorama of niF. mbditsrranran^ palbs! tine and Jerusalem.?Cnlbert'a new and splmdid panorama. embracing views ef the Island of Rhodes, the shores of rl?% Mediterranean, and of the most interesting snots in Palestine, including the citv of Jerusalem, ail) rtinittu open every cvvning, for a short time, at the n*?w hall, 150 B >wery, near Broome street. Doors open at 7 o'clock; exhibition to commence at 7,S? o'clock. Admission 25 ccnt*; children half price. An exhibition will be given on ftaturdav aftereot n, t o'clock. Liberal arrangements will be made with Sab1 atb and other schools. Baths* panorama of a totaob to wvwon Often every evening, At the Oreat llall, Minerva Roumi, IOt? Broad a ay, embracing viewe of Boston, Liverpool, London. and both sides of the River RMue. Admission Quants; Children, under twelve, 15 cents. IV..>r* oj*n it t tun races moving at 7^ P. M. An oxhibition ou Weduesaay and Saturday afternoons, at thre-? 'clock. (2, c. QUICK It co.'s mammoth msn ag kris. I# This magnificent establiahmnent. formed of the combined collections of Van Amburgh k t o. and June, Titus, Angevine It Co., with numerous additions, Cotnpnaiug representatives of the animal world from evt ry country between the pole*, will be exhibited for four days only, at the earner et Eighth street, near Broadway, comm* i mg n VV- lti??day, April H?th. All the unimals included In thie great collection are in perfect health, and are acknowledged by all to be unequalled for site and beauty ; indeed, the exhibition is a p?r* feet ilhi-trati m el t..-M outh s Natural Hiiten. Tbedietins oishing feature* of the establishment are the thrilliog performances of Mr. T. Brooks in the dens ef the wildest ana most lavage beasts of the forest?the unexampled feats of the trained Liephant BOLIVAR, and the stud of educated Ponies, introduced by Mr. E. Lan*worthv. Hours of exhibition fr?<m 2 to A, and from 7 to 9 P.M. Adtuissivu X) eeata ; ehlldren under 9 years of age, half-price. ANKLU'M UREAT PAINTING, "TIIK f!\I> OF THE World," covering over 40") tuuao feet, oucw feom 10 A. l. to 5 P. m ; and Panorama of a Voyaic t ? California urouud t uj? Ilurn, at 7K P- M, dail v, An'1 ^ ednesdaya and Haturde>sat.'t| P. Ii, at th** Apollo, 410 ltr<*adwa.y. Admittance to either, 25 cents; ( hildn a, half price. PANOEAM4 FOR IALB A ftPUEXDID PRODUCTION, Tainted by one of the tir*t artists, will be sold low if applies for immediately. E. D. EMT.N. 9 Cham^rs ?t. iMiftKMBm 1% PiiAAiiDBLPlftlA. DAKKUII MIMKVTM. PHILADELPHIA.- MARY fAY i) Ivr, by requent of many trienda aad palrva* ef tke Wo hhj, linn cuneented to remain one m?re airek, which will be iweitively h?r laet. THE PRIDE OT TIIF, U4RKIT, ?a Monday Evening, with a ttronx citl and appropriate apiki in I Hi ent?. During the wetk Comediee. Drauiac, Parea*, Vaudeviller, llailad*, Daucee, ke. The jilendid mi?ooll?ae M HlHhla| Vieae in the afirraoon. Tlio (tMHt, whioh has I een received with load applaneo for nil nibble, U withdrawn for a (hurt time, after which it will be re-produced with many addition* aad improvement*. CI NPF. HBL1.A so Wedae?day afternoon; xw.ixio Cnrio?itlat of itvt >au and nature. Admitaion 2& tints; Children, ouder lo yean, U)? eeum. FI*K A HTM. French, rkumsii and '-KH M \ H hvcira v i n(jh ? The trade la roepoatfully lufortse 1 that a large aee <rtmea: of Maropean Rrjrra-in*.-, inelu J.n* tho Utert pubUoaktu, It new offered for Mtltby C.OI PIU VIBRRT k CO., WheleeaJe Pnatacllere, SV Hrnadway. 1AM MCA ri PAlNTlNt; -MR DOruHTl cwbctJ fnllr inform* the ladioe and tfenll?u>en of thin eil> that he will (nee instruction in laad?ea|>* Htatteg K a limited lie ml er ef pnpUt, if apptiaauea t? medr i mined.?tely. Por lens", inquire at Me room*. No. vtl (Art Cuieu buildhn) Broadway, tooend ttery, Irent oeiat, ar at Mr. Ridaere MUSICAL. Mrsn ai.-a aiuui nwrbmobormpiano and Minglnc, acknowledged M one of the irnt tee^bert of the olty, wiehee la obtain two or three more pnmli. B?at of reference* and moderate tarai Addreu A. I. Herald nflloe. Per Salt.?A bee a Ufa! lot Chlneer Piaao Carer, entirety new, eott WW, will be eeld for (130, if immediate application be made to L. 8.. Uerald offlce. ~~ rax balk a*d toTTktT New hoi'sk on washington sqcare, or Let?The three et?r> and attic brick h?m> un !* 'rih erne of the S^narc. S3 feet front, lu?t baiehed, between fourth ttreet and *"et Washington Place. It it built in a u|?rior manner, with every modern convenience, and will be anld on eery eaay terruii of payment, and eery cheap, if applied fur within a few daye. If not told in a few day*, it will then be rented to a private family for one or ni'>r?year>. Apply at No. IS Gramercy Park, Twentieth etreet. be l wee a fourth avenae aad Irving Place, at 9 A. m. or t P. k . to V AI EVTINE G M M I Fo? nale-a farm or rivr or mix acres or land, lying "? the road leading from Jamaica to the Marine Pavilion, Ro?kaway. It it in high enltivauoa, aad it tot ont with the boot work poach trtee. Alao, a farm of U JOHN !_ NORTON. Jr. M Bo wary. f^OR *A1.E, OR ri('H*\i;t ElOlIT) -ONE \ M OA llr builiiiaf lata, ait uau id tha N lath Ward. in the tily 01 nrroklya, ara o#?rrd for ?al?, > > .ir<>iD. for tuh, or ? ,ulJ I# nrhaafod for aw-handl** auitad to th? California oiark.t A.idr'" 1ml 2,417 P ?t Olfl.-.I JOB ?Al B?TU ?l"< K AND FIXTt KF? IXA9KAND IK'od will, tofoibor with Turttr lloaac aad ti-arJiog linnn, No. 3 Wutlaib a rtrwl, ?t? from Hal wr r. ?pI^aita Ihr Boatoa, Allan/. aad I'hlladalphia aiaamW>at?. Tlit o?ly niMi far aalllair. oa araoaat of ike ovaar Walla* tb* ?l>|. Apply ? th? pramiara. _________ BAM OR 1(1 LET?TWO HOliK?. NO!?. 77 AND ill A? (Iratt. la intra <f J>)UN i" NORTON, Jr. W? Bawrry. Bl MNK>v IIIH SAI i: \ Tli I M M I N <. \M> I \ flora, (Fulton Sir- ?, llrmklt n. I Jiu? an 'taMwhrd Mhn! wMmmn ntMuir. i mmaiii mim? ta ih? >aiu<i I a gond opportwalty to at<-1> lulu baalarai j ih? whola or part aturk . au ho had ; llt'iir. 4, I'n.h, tli> at.wk, ahoat tUMl. The M4r? ami dwrllia* at fair ml. Addr>-?a W., llrraid olfirn. fo' liliV (iOUlM DF. ll.F.R* Til F. Hli-T FI.F.i.ANT Jl roantar la Now York. about Z'< tm loaa, wilh pollaliad o ah"f*njr top, roat $100. la now off. r?d for ijkVI, and mat bi r at J ft. FLEMING k ' o. t. Ill llrna I way. d '"I MKV Kl - I I.I \ I To I M "K I "II Mil A plaa-aat two atcrj and atti<- II i<?. with *t*fclr, an I at-at 1 ??at j lota of groaad. laid out la li??r ?n 1 ?r<?tal>la rail- t,?. fruit, A'-, riltatkw !>' lit h), > I I ?-wrath atrrvt.aaarF.aat Rirar. Ouinlbot a ar? paaaiag firry few mlnut?a. Imiii'dial* pnaaaaalnn ran b? had Apr'* ,0 "rIIMIUT, S?. Im i haiul'*ra atra-'t, Wta.-a a 9 au I lilt If , aad .1 aad 4 P M. j TO I.BT? I'KFl?RNI?IIF.I> APARTMENT*, TO SIMGL* faaiUmaa. wit boat b< ard. MM Mrradway. TO LET?THE I I'I'F.K PART f?l A l|ol?F. FRONT M ta4 l.aok |arlr?. with Mrw? ? Uir ?- m N" r. n't In k kiti-hoii, to a family, Hthiut rhlMn'n. two 11< rk? fr>tn Hf ? ! wav lr<|>lrr ?l "if ???! !??*(, f?r1 . <-l"'li fM KMMItU IIOt'SR?TO RF?T th BRiHikLVN, tr-m |at ?f Mar (.1 I at A?*uat. IW. maaJI H aa* k?ai:? fnr?i?!.?4 ft la ?ttaa|o>l aitMa k> a ?laa?aa walk a* s?i?ih rrrry, ?nd taa parlvfL ?a? r?m?. kit'lxa and ..riant* ko<1 r?. m, lit , ka. Rant akoal $1*^? *ail?; rajairad If r?'|air?<i. |-?ai? "? ikM N ?'ii la aiodiataly Aditrw. lloaaa. oflloa of Ikta par*** f'O A>tTACT1*IIKMt?TO I.KT. IN JKR'-rT < ITT. M It a wn4 >a 1 lhir-1 Mtrin "I a n?? Iriok kmldla/, ?i lwat?4 oa ISa aoraar if V?rk and ilmio 'tmw, nil*'*!* f >r a liirki maabaai'al tmiii-w ?i?a i?r??diai??lr Apply la GRISkKI.I. ft K4I.IMII KV U NuJn las.. P*nt or a M?rrAiiE ?*irrn rot a <.rvri.nI aiaa anJ kU tlfr, for aj* tit alt ?onika *r< w\ Mai l"t. ?r H a ad>?rtl*?r *111 uti I- ar.l artOi a pnua kuailj r?? lin( It 'I f X'\m> of it,, it., ar t ?l * ?I a?tU???M W ? If ktlrrt* IT., V,I IflOC.'r ?t UfANTti>-tTRM?HKD noom r<?R <?M \r.\R. I't A ladj aa<l ( Iilimin, n< .r a #?a4 R?.taara?t. fr>? al.xk m??l? oa? k? arm |? room* Thar* m?*i k? ao alb-r p. I.. O. in Ilia fin-jar >1'| J t tl.? faimlr. aba ?a?t ?in'l ib?ir a?lkt M < \a .(a??1|. ?. aa?a-rr l vr a??*4 K'al tail?? < ? A? lr- I- >t i iiH, aith frm . All partic?l?r?, V7S. C.,W?? Vwrk Tart <KB'? Hoahpim;.?inr. hook, no r? l?o?D?'*V. or|<"aii? t.ra** l Uaf k. ail) I* pat in V; l^a laiaf Mat. f?>r tka ra'rpiloa of t>?arl< r?. !?in*l? ?*ntlaa??? m?' <tat? d auk ronat, vttkoat *?!', a??l faiailio? ?l?k I' ar?t and ??iu ?f roam*. part r* <i.n>mnai*at'i<* Apply At 31)1 Uradaar. H?>AM? IN ROt"TH ?*nnm.YK.?OKI". OR TWO (,*** a?*a Ard th^tr A>-?' "t "?" !?<!? ***" it* ki' a. ?? to b>"iam <l*t' I wllk ploa??ni f"aaa WarAatft T mj .io. ri?*. atar l>r v-n?'? CkAMk. laa?lro a* iUt>, or ky ?!? a?r'????l t? H M , at Iba aBtoo of ti lt papor. nOARn WANTItn |i?R 4 I.AI?V * IMVI'-oyrtV tvrrl?l.od parlor, aa4 t-r I-rvom M. or it?? Ur^a < ai. a ilk f'lll I card, a??? of llr<>ai*i>T. i'ray ? I I a>,aI Mtarir. A h?a?? ?horoili?r' ar* ?? othor koar4or? ptofrmd ; A IIVr?l ko?*< |>al4 ra a'l??ar?, b?? n . r> f't- i " t ?. Ad4r.? ?T|M|<| ?>," H'fald ?>?'* UT AM?.lt-]IOAkl' IN A I'RIVATI M M II V. * It IK K tl.rro ar* I * tr n? olhor tA-aMprafrra l>i .?At? lal.lo. f ,r a )r?atl?m?n, an I ?"r, .a<t Aii?t; r ff . K ? nil ant?4. A<1II fro II H .lllr ' ,v ?*f 1 k II o .. .. ..... . 1>|<| yti IV w llrn lira, vlthlii l a'* ?'>! "f |S? l?nat* I ff- I ri. rc-?- ia Kir k"n ? ?f aaaiM frl?a.? ??iaptrffirrl. tMfN* |???i-j-u4, k't IWI'oti a Kdmmiid H'x>w m i.>t, *itii oh wrrniiirr ' lt*rd * f' f i.f i w -iiifl- * n'l r fr na tii'" ! "ii (Main < IS 1*1 Ml* liAHAK I,<Ti *1. *S|i 1*1 N I Mil ll'His NO. I.VI ? ?hn? a: tart, fonrth 4w>r fr*m ik? H al<l Hi 14 Tl.a ?n Wr.t ?r? n?|wifn|l? aaa-aaaa ? t*i? ir frlra4? all tl? grnrr%Uf, that IMt hatr takrn tfc* at. ? ?>*? >< Hlil'tih ?kita Ikay alll Vt Happy ? ?ait ?r>a ?k. a?tl?*K? a*4 tr<??"? "MHar Uta ?lit; tai* I oji? I y a *lrltt ?ti?at ?a Hi? ? ?'-.H ?l Wi?'f at4 a ?4l-pr-i*t4a4 Ur4". t n?I a?i4 f-??i? a '!k?raj af.aia ? y>, IH? Minaac' Tfc* ( ??? ha?* ra'lraly r*k?t?4 ap la a Ma4? tr? mn **r a:i4 ?ill ? f> u?4 m tr W karorpa?*?>l la am i??t a? a l^.i > ? llaaaa aa4 tValaa "tain**! T<v? f"* ?? ?ja?lw airy aa4 a all ltiki?4 tka |a*ait?a plaaaaai. ati ??am m ?">a]|| Ui? '?aa? of put II* aota^airal ??4 ka?i????. k? ftalMx ?*k?a, a4 fratl*m?a ?aly a**i.watn<laia4 mtti-aatr*. Tt*?n?ira I ib**!!* < raa<<-*i?ni> ?f ilaia iui4 lat.y Ike I'anrr Hrrir'mrat, will I i-n 't ?k? a"itr4 a*4 jaraaral avj-ariaitaMnr* ?7 Mr- Wilt *p?i? *a T?a??ay. 4irll I, IV*. al 4taaar ?-tih > k II ?t far* a?->i?*i?ti?t ?J ~* ' 1 MmH m4 I li.MKf ? t ? 4?r r *^k nil i r VI <11 t1? MR*. iH jkHreemmrrs. Broadway theatrs.?on vkdxkrdit rye*- ' in*. April 10, will he rre?**nte<t the petite f- m?dy of 'life SOIIMEIC OF ruKflM, -< ir:.u.. OK .rk Mr ! Collin*; liaron Bean pre. Mr Whiting; C'unt AlUrt, Mr. Mtuar?; Dnke of AH<>n. Mt-- K ll<?rn*. T?? bo by 1 I c farr*- <?f III* LAST I.F'iS O'C wl'iurhan. Mr. (>lUu'; Mr J River*, Mr WhlliBKi C'Uarl? * Riv? r* Mr. Stuart: l>- Hanki, } Mr. Hind; Mrs. Hon a?ui\ Mr-. I?t-i<ft: .lalia. MU-K lforu Tectrrlndtf with COUSIN CIIKKKY?CUarle*. Mr. Ferry; Tho*. l*rlmro#e, Mr. WhltlBjC; FHn-.r Primr***. Mi** K.Iforti. |)r?r? Circle auvJ Parquet. '?<?? : Fau: lyatil thir?H ireti**, &c.; d (iaIlrrv, I'-MyC. Frrf?.finance to c? mw ac *i )iwlf-|*4t J. \ BI RTON !" TIIRATRE. CHAMBERS STRF.KT.-1VRD- j ? v. ray eTtninp?, April 10^ will be play#<i th* comedy of uueited to call and ekamin* for ihrmnelTN. THOMAS DIM U No b Frankf r. -'-r?t. ( Hank coffee iiorsr. n pine *treict.?for hm.k J the L?-a*c(<>l *c*en ycara), Goodwill, t'liriiturr. uid Stock of thn a note w?11-Bnoun evtnbliihment, whi**h ha* Vven roudnrttd by tbit proprietor f??r tb- la*t twenty ytirf. It Uo9rr?4for Mleoi ifrowt ?f hii III kaaltk iii r..n?fiiuiit retiring fr*?iu public vug*?;ftment" Appijr t<? H.. I urd Mitchell , JAMKM ?'OH?(?fr 1 TIII.M CHINKS*: ARM I HAIRS. (RUt II AS TilE M ANdanrr have ??n tha Piaiaaiof their country ?Ulai on th* J link-of the " Van* Foo,") a frw r?air left, ifao n??un? oihrr , Kyi ,foi rvii i r air at *<6 John utr Gold; n DIXON'S IMPROVED CHRONOMETER WATCIIK*.? 1 William Kii.m, lliroovini'lt r Makrr by apnatatai ui t I tin* Admiralty, uwat rt?p"-?full> aolialtaa trial of hi? <'l?ro- ' M<1 WiU'bfi, rmbrwitif all the late-t imi>r<>rrdicbIi. at tba Ion vat rricr for t-a-h. WILLIAM DIXON. ?j Kill 0m*<I1 aHd Uadoa. 1 f l MIIF.K Miim-TU iDKimiR HATIMO A 1 JLJ prai-iiral knowlvd*v of the luinbar buain,-??. ba? fa/-illt l?a ' of obtaining law r"ni*i*uia*-nt. of lnailNr, au<] bavin* (h*ta? aapital, ia ittairoua of forming a ronnoaiioa with a hoaaa ?; r?a*7 aat at.Uahad. ?1 II ml J Oflira. ' Newcastle coal, afloat?now landing. a ; cargo of brat Wallxnd N*v.-a?ll? Coal, ofglar.. aiaa, uitabl* lor family na?, fur aal<\ at low pru> , b? , J. L k F. W. WORTH. X and W? Broadway and i>- Fourth ?tr-?t. " ASHER R. MOR?:an, no iv? ili iam s nu ? r. m twten Fulton ami Ann atra<-t?, oppo-it? th? ( hur.-h d'alrr in Ornrliui'a Danmrk ami (lilt Solar Lamp*, Uanui Caud. labraF, ( Iiandr1irr>. A'Lf all tlM n?? atvlr,; A?cm v of silver Platrd Tia .S<-4 . Caators, IU k - Tabk ( rka, flpoona, Ac , t latad on AUbata, tnc Uuaau'a ratti i n Tra*a. It laid ?i h l>arl. Lexi iie.v?an.un laK(>e swedimi< he* u"#t arrnfd, par a-aaaa'htp Europe; for aala at low ,,rrn, .a quantitiaa ta auit purchaaara, b? J F. CXJEC. Imi-ortar f i.aaLt.. No 7 John ?tr?at ROOf IN<;?fiOODWIVS PATENT CEMF.NT MilEATHing ia a parmanant eo?rri,i.- for making tia, aiae.or ahiagle roofa tight; dona fori1, i-mta |-r f?..t. Nta ro^f. ?f 1 roagh plaaka covered frr 4l, calf, and war~an-.fl. Ttiia rooffax ) well adaji'rd for < alilnraia li -u*r?, and 1 i n-w maanfarturad by S. GOODWIN, 'X Collar.- place, raruar Cluuutrr? uratl. | ^KIIE HM KIHKK. THANKFI'l. FOR |"A<T FAVORx. A aad thr literal patr< ting* bcatowrd ?n hh.i htn-t "f^r?. i l*a??* mupt i-?i? ni la 11 > to #tat4 that h? In at ill at hi* olaHard. N??. UK \ andam tr*? t, whrns h?? f?rhr< eu thr t llouar. aad Ornamental t'aiminr. and Tat- r II tn^iuc. f a? w?ll a* Interior IW??rati. n? of #rfr;. de^i-rip*i^n. a* n?nJ. i |>r?? n? de?iron? ef hiving work d t.V in any of tht at.^r I Tin 'In*, may rely on itn ?elnp neeutid in tht rrry h* t aad moat approved n ann. r, ?Mh 'Ir-viit^h m*t with at * oi?tntH*h?ren? , an-l f? r b+l- w the mini priori, I ROUT H llliaiH, No. VanUiftf.. f, \ i\e donra b-i ??f if? *1 w<?n r? ^t. Window hiiapks.-kkitv ac hikkr, ni t hat. ham it rut, mil thi atl?*ntiof) t,f all |?ar^ni wanting Mud*** to thiir anortintnt of Shad* , and natirial** f r makm/ n i i.? ? '"fl. Th#y make tho fc~it quail ty only, and ?ell at prt^ea fnJl 2T> p*rvra?. I? than any oth r manafactnrer?. All ihadtf wirrantvd not to ttirk or inrl. AftTOMKllINO HIT Turr'-H LI. Hr.UWi K VAV ? r'a> 1 10 tl." r*r?.rt wlii< >i l> l" in *t>I**. v rkmrnn-Jn| tBitrriil,U?nlv m4 ?, < kothlRf fur fi IIB'il oil ft u?t I'dlt b* !tl t lir H ..I ?, fc.tU 1 '' ' at JONI 14 Aim f CM?T Off <MJTI<IN<: ami iiksiitik I.U>lh- J J au?l rr.ttl* in* n'*?(! ??l>i; na Ulr l-n^ f?r ?a?i ?ff r\ ?t ??- g I r f, I * . ' i . I | ' I I I ? > . I ? !! ? ft vU ntri | V> Mm. J I I '' I \ i \ ? ? . . , f 4 , P*KI* liHFFV, (S k !MM?) W II M DK U.fcR* ' in | <%it | ?f ? h | 11... . i . .,. I Venrtmn Uiida k' . mr ? i r : *> 1' ? !1 k n rfel . * . ^ ?f fb# ro??#t ai > ror? d ?.f ? !> <1r?irah]? *it??r % Jr. r xruiij t? oil, rrU) f?r nw, ?t l?i?fr tliM for- i tifK INMM !Mint n Inkriijlit t< I Mrk#(, m4 t'-n tk? ? -it. j nu . i ? f t I M ? \ . I r f| I . n I 1 . r k.?i. aI'l'iy to Tllfcolioiil. vi im %h1/. tk? a > ? f V N II J* ' , I t -:i TLf ON |?A1 k"KM\(, i"I ll? ?!>?Ta-d*%, t?ij 4?ir. I'll ik idvi, A? *?ft !'?' UiH >' ? ijrt Tl.?t Mrr; thui* fit* 4 >?i I'fvon thr * a <M? Ml I I Wirr-Ti'lrv tnf 4>tr. i* lit*t thai IIW'iHH T?.r k iw I l>a??, ?>jr T?i l? . ir>v'? | U? Ma4* qnlM 4?T. lu; Vt', r? *? W, a Tt>? ?a>l.ia# ail aa< o'*r, , Tli' k1 ( lion tlaanH, tht kr"ikfa"t m- le, ?, I *?H 4l?? In town an , Caallna ??tra ? T*? April aaa>l-?r ?f |K? * ?l?f f?r? J?tir. y aal, a n??t r-lial.l? m'l rni?'i?Mn ptiMlcatioa. ?aj? thai ( anaiWrx hat>* l.?-t> aima bj aa *4??rti?am?at li-a4-4 | " TTaHrit aaaf, th?t?f f. I. put a ?1 ->U -*r la jrinr ? |4'krt, Mil "imr at <iin, l?t a?t all at ??f?, k llii |ital , i>ri/iaal >NlilaoHk r. ii mil \ i TKrr h m ; v -> v???i ? s v ,, \a - * -11 r ? ?. *? A i?r. r.?M in ?\mm. IU o i TT I'aiaat l?i.a4r?Mi? ?Th- ool> ??t-, ah??p pi* > f .Ii n?r' l. I'< It. clMlita ?r? taa ! >Ulrf, tlthngtrtlhliior t pmr.dint. Th" arltflM ? * ! ?f? a?r>??fcl? aa I r|j??p In. r??t?? a? (?rl??tl? plaia. I'riw tl. la ?ar?l at tS Ana HltM, w?aa4 |n?r. ? aaliin( dai IimiUm IuuM ty K. ?n? Ii avail | (< imir> ?rri)V-MRiix;imv i ri;R*A>r.vr * II-nhaltaral N "71 Br'>a<*?r. <^ra r t \rr?t. %?? > "f* ?Thr paMtr art in* >ri%'A that th? kinatM fart. ?rl> ?'tij?ftt1 ?Jlh? la>? T'tvtaan litidrmiaa a||l <! >atia<i< I a> k?r??af r?. *itl?r ih- ??|W ! iatra4> t.r? >.f >)<? aalx*rl'/?r? arraof m.a?a l.t>int ( rn ' imtltatly ?ta4r ta ar' *af? !! n til Lt'l ""11'^"' i aMi ' at, aa<l t fattii?l> fj?W? nil ri> ??? 1* oflh? appr"*?4 rrrl?t.f?, fr??h ft ? ?k< ?r?a?r?. Ik- rt < n | fart krtftA ratn<l >iprt>.|; f^r !!>? r n-'ra, fr ta rar?fnllv J I?rir4 11t? ptitli? pa; rt I (Sat th" tV| aitia'i'iii ?r1 M?rJ f-'t .ho iatrr *t ?f Ik'ir rn> flit ,.-.d il . f | u-ati n f it ?' I ' >? it will h f?f?. g t ?r- I it .and tl at a 1 ?ill I " 1 at thr ?..ttat'r \ aalr?? <h ?? *t? Va ? n t< f t'' ?'it - mlial t .4 (1| inalitlra f"T ??r?ral fit]t??? ar'lhrr alll aar lt?|?ir??4 <??4 Ii > ^4 f .r ?al? mthr,i>| ?!> ( pr??l??Jt ? . !. I- k r* ?a4 'apfli-4 trllli T. Hril t taa4?r l linf iral'kr.l It V . tli- a?aal altaaaaat -Tr? \ lrat< l.ard?a?r'? A>?i?taM. t : i . r>ii i .*' It mh ' rla>rt; The ILiu '-itn 11a I" a-r la^mi't, Tl r!?- >i fl?l'? <iai4?. a?4 Tli? nlllaa'i Uti'ial. ! !?/!" r.ip4*? \ ma* ! al tait.*>l a* a*x>v?, AMIII.t< UMIIf r.?\V Avr>i;r>t hriih.>w?n - t>K CBABI.B< *rv#M W A T F B CfRK BftTABtilftVMIST, iT BOBrMinn> ???. nt BI'MTHfl'l' Hlin IV! " i*? ltt-? mifvtv^ m>4 ih?f jMt? ?h?< h*? l?H ? ?i.?r ?f tl ! !>*. >( ? Hturl n? > ? ??'?. two Ml 4 huf ?>iU? fri i U>? h tH'trt' ' ? M " <d l? f?ii hii? k?ar* n#? fr?* N?? I'tl, ?t ?l k'? t. m Iti'Ut, m i It Inn AMant, llnK'llii ! ?' i > ? ? ? ??U?i? J ;? ? >.r ' ' tro'ioVd ?l'b ? <) ft ! n '. .!? ml ?>.t Ip *n1 ?> ? < M?l/ ??| ? tk tr > |? ?,M?- 1 Ir m4 tihf.*n4MM IN ?*4 ?I|HW>I? Tl>? t. ??, 1 fi| vi?r? >?>! lifwr ?<?r ?') lb? ?? ??%?? " ??* ?? f.n ? r ??* iat, > >. o? fcr?? pttit f III1!' (luHn r4iit| Ir 1m*J t X Brilnl Rm <*? ? f#"ii ??, * < T?' *t>? ? r'l ri ? t'llfv, . ) | rr''" 111, II lir^fli^m twl liiith, n #i r I iKwi ffi?i ?*??* ?f kt? i, ?,li v r 'fv*. *n ? > #? ri<* ?-*. I*f IK ?> *? >? ?f ?.?tj ?ur*i< .? I.f .*.^.1^. W< r? !? ? m ii; Mil' ,?n? f? ui ?h? * i'?r *> >.?.??*??> ?fc? |?r , ?f ??.?>? r.B.rwi itilM) '? M?v Tm "*jl I- ??>? f???k r inMOih^. fWw >n>ty ?? ?S? LEAP YEAH?Mr. 1 harlen Dinnle, Mr Burton: Captain Mouwr, Mr. Hoi man ; Walk?r, Mr. Brougham: Mr*. Flora g Flowcrdew, Mr*. Rusaell; Mr*. Crisp, Mri?. Ilolmao: Mi?h \ O'Uirv, kri. bn ughani. To conclude with THF Itur\cil u 01' PHOMISE?I??UMf?r Sudden, Mr. Kurton; Mr. Jabber, n Mr. .iuiidiiod; Mr. l!nd?on. Mr. Hamilton; Mr?. Tra:?ner, i. Mr*. Unfi t**: Celeatina. Mi*N liarbcr; Jcsay, Minn llill; 1I4thildn. Mir-* Chapman ; Isidora, Mih* Cooke; Mi* llawkin*, d Mix* William*. Door* open at 7, curtain ris*? ai 7'J-j o'clock. | Prep* Cirt-le aud Parquet, < ts.; F.tniily Circle, So ct?. f, rpilKATHE, ASTOR Pl.ACE OPKR \ IIOUSE?MK. I J (>. Hum1, ?nil Msuan-r.?r April iC, fill H lhfc ;.! ? lM AV.'vrifB U'mr Mhff'or wal er, Mr. Fleming; Sir fliomn Clifford, Mr. Lyuue. JivUu*, Waleot; I*?rd Tinsel, Mr. I.etch; Fathom. Mr. C??n"vor; Julia, lliis E. Marie liur?*t; Helen, Mm. To conclude vi'h the comedy of KM NT IIEAKT NEVER HON FAIR LADY?Ruy fi?ome?, Mr. H'al<*ot; Murqufs Santa 1 (nil, .Mr. Lit toll ; KitiK"Char!o* II.. Mr*, Conorer ; Gnimnu, 1 Mr. Staff? rd ; Duckets Torrenucva, Mi^h kl. Duwt ; Doaua 1 1 (-in n, Mr*. Hamilton, Boxes and Parquet, .%Uceut?; Am- I phi'hea re Sft (' \| I I DEHMER'S IIFTH h PPEARANCI IN' Si W lYJI YORK.?Mr*. Emily Picrimnij Le*deruier roifwtfnHy j announces to her friends ana the public, that she will sri ve ' her Fift h Public Readings i* Poetry and the Drama, at % ? 1 Society I??k rary, on Thursday evtuiufr, 11th April, ?t half \ past 7 o'clock, when she aill r?*ad *c*nts from shnkHf*?ar> '* 1 play of Antony and Cleopatra: th?* Light of the Har?m, fr-?m Mcorv's l.alla R< okb; scenes from Lord tragedy of I I Cain: Mv Aunt, hv O. W. Holme-; th? ton* of the vlnrt. hy I } Thoma* Hood, (by request,) and other plifn. Tifkit*, A cent* ?stl., fnr rule at the Society Library, and the took stores of 11 r. Putnam and IIr. Cruwen. rp HI ? AW HIM * A KB < OMIKO -KIM HI RL1 - * X ? |wrtlif tr<*v in , the original Campbell Min?in l?. now I vitvrtiag in lb* I i ? States s I i diet I - .< < beg to announce to the ladies and KtnlUineu of .Ww V rk, tint thf? viUcfMrn at t! 'f nfwhall'm Bro?dviy, tboit tht fint of May, when they will pre ent an array of mc?ic*l relent unsnrpaseed by any company of Minstrels in the United Stat**. I'mtii* lUrh Iiifu'.iiiv kit < Iseuvn- and bill* ( ! the Jay. 15. A. KIMHF.RLY. Manager and Director ' of the original Cuxpbell llinfctrels. t PIERCE'S MINSTRELS.?MR. K. II. PIERCE, OVE OF the principal members of Christy's Mimtrels for the lest seven year*, respectfully announce* to his old friends and | tl 1 V|H ?1 Sfil rat?- Imi iii. i- v, aud to the IMMMl loving public generally, that he ha* formed the boat Bsud of * Miuuilf in tu Cnitia Btittt, lollntM Arts?tkvn * table ''"mpany in the Utl -n. comrn-ing several old < rit<?? I and many choice novelties, lie will open the OUmpie, 1 liroadvuy, Mffly 4m( rttsd, nfltt*4, -*Tl?1 u'" I e f. < |) M May ; next, April Mh. AdmiNsioii to all parts of the houee, Z't cent?. A new parquette, with stuffed scats and staffed hacks, aud new box seats, have been added to the comforts of the house, IJRANK1IN MUSEUM, m ( II \ I'll A II J^CAKK-iWO ptrforttMMn every day, in the afternoon at 3, and in thl J e^cnin^ at half-pa?t 7- Kx'raordinary attractions for this we? k. Die "Model Artists" will api*ar in soms new and i original living pictures, inclu linn ' Tower's (ireek MAve," I "Adam and, ' "Venus Kiting from the Hen,"' personated . by *on>eof the l ent formed women in the world, together with the " Female Miustiels," M > finale Arab (tirU." " Female Jugglers," hrrles^ue, comic Aud fancy dances, wuh a variety i of original entertainments to l.e fonnd At no other plaee of 1 amusement in New York. Prices of sdmission?St?ee seals, . 37S|C.: boxes, 2f?c.; parquette. 12Vtr.; private boxes, %).. WALLHALLA, m i INAI STREET.?MAD ^ARTOBT'S troupe of Female Model Artist* will appear overy day hiivtDitiMfcrnAMifcit llif - ' ikli Um iflsrai i*., lie fipit to I Wo vtalic, with th riciaal P< nit 8?r<ii ders. a he only place of amu.ementof the de?criptiou in ' New York. Orchestra B"x, .T V Parquette, 2fc. HOKT1CX LTUU, 5* Tllfc St'BM RlliER OFFERS IIIS AN'M AI. ASSORTment ?t fre-h Agricultaral And llortieultnral S?e?is, Fruit aud Ornamental Tree* m .r?j? . ? t \ *. n- V,n??. ( And Shrubbery ; a large Collection of Exotic Plants, And a general assor'trent of articles in hi* l?ae. A few barrels of early vervigii and u?h leaved kidney Potatoe", much esteemed far their VllQAllinillt) I boiling dry a lieu J '?ng. Stranger* And others, wishing to pureliAse. Are iuvit**d to sail and eaamine for t hetnselvos. T. DU N LA P, Seedsman and Florist,6A5 Broadway. MUClLLAraorS. PEWTER Ml'l*.?THE SCBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY informs his friend* and the publi*', that he has succeeded the lata Widow Lynch, la k , t! i tr?ll knotn )m will always keep fii* bar well stocked with the he-' tli? iuarL*t uj|..r,l ll^fp^nli.t.H tl... I.tihlif (Kmrillt ??.. ? _ * KOVCATIOW. T?0 CLMKUYMkS A ( LEKCi V'M AN KfcMIMINfl IN A till Stat* af -Saw York, or any ?l the aawt-rn HHin. daliiwn* af laerraain* hia inooina, can do by tiki** Um aa> ir? rharr* of the education and train in* of a mala ahild ind Kith whom a iu< d.rata pn-tninm will to p?id. Mr full wrtlaolar. addraw T. (I . at tha o?c? of tLU p*|??, ataOu* ?brr? au interview may ba bad. ll.IKOKNIA?All. ( 1-1 IMS AUAISST TUB UNDKKL' ai(urd UiUKt i.r liAi.Jcd in for payiaeut hcf to Saturday, Hiii mutant, ?? he ) ie.?virn for California again. Kreaeh a Intel, Kouni No. Mi.?New Vurk, April 10, I.VjO. T. K. AGNIW. ^ALirOKMAVS, ATTENTION?I HAVE rOH SAMS a utw ?> ., t:f punting new. and paikad in a rary iat and t'loae luanii I. d> i( n?d i . prratly fur the California i&rkct; weight, *av >">pousd>; ll will pay 2,00(1p*r<?aat: will r mid cheap. Api y ' ; Crwiiwlah?tr??-', fur II. WilliaaMi ^AI.irORNIA .->lti;.E-.-TIIE RIHRRA HAVin* had uiueh r>| r? nre in putting up ilom for llaMrnia, rive notice tl.r,: tur) continna to tail and put bp *!? hnicett uualitiiK of all kinds of Unwary ? < "inra* w)??L i^ntiro. Ll-., in tVe it.cot careful manner, and at UK lowft ??o??lilc prie?a. lit* atlciiti n of l,u\rr> i- rcepactfully vhelud, by tUL'PEI.lif h IllSHEU., U*i Murray atrtt*t. IOl'NT k. CO.S CALIFORNIA ItXfltr# <.-* . tlKO. J M . Ueach, of l? Uiu t < u.'a < aliforaia Etprc-*, rawaatly lr<B Su KrueiH" * uinr parioaaily acquainted with mot* ?f tl.a uimiu m n i, . ' j i > here, is ftoinic out April 1.1th, to retaru hy ftr?t etc r ffin t h?ni'?. lie will par-mnally attend to auy hunu' tulraatad to hia o*r?, with Mvora?y tad daapuich. LtjrNT V t t> , hr! tiruadwa*. aorner Wall-?t. f~1 RKIiOK V - ? <I.1K?)RN1A EXPtlE*?.?Br?CIAL Mr>H?n|t?rN nil! .. frwn tot. o?e?. in efiarfca at iiackapaa. parcel*, a . i m*f a iaa, for dalirary ia all part* af l alitoraia, by the unten Cbrrukaa ai.diiwmt, the 13ih, kud Empire City i i.- ti >i. ; J NO. C. THOMPSON,<!'> r?.trlatr??t. N. n.?I'aynieuta can I c mad* to tbia Li| rv*? In N?W Fork or ralfforiMi j -ti^'red. WETMOKE a t. HAY, VOXMIantU.s MKHt'UANTS ? nicia, iHlifi rnia. Iteier to Ixurii k Uitulm; Sharp. H'right I Kiplcy: su-i E. T. Tiaadwull, N?? Vark; Jajw?r. rraortwell K I'trr AiMwiy; t.. 11. cairn \ i n., Boiiiou; I'emlexter fc A > >r . iui"r?. Th? luimt ahipo aan dlaihaKt unots at llenicia, without the 02.)" n-1 of li?htern? k. H. IV KTWDRK, S. C. tiKAY. EIIINCB'R IXPRESS PA9SKNOBB TBAM-rMV 1/ New York to Port Ijtvaoca, lu Teiaa, by ?teain; Ummmc >> comfortable wagou ooachea Texaa and N?? Mexico, lit Shu Kranciaco. A lew more tioketa may t had bv early implication to T. H fx)l'ULASS, 41 W ill > met, J;iuncy Court*. M r. HOIVUMSS SA.N KKA.M |St<>, I'A I.IPUUN (A. Ui having lovated in ? apacioua warehouae and * half >iU uHid.ut aatar for li*htera, in preparod to ri veils ??<nnDiDUof meri haiMlie", and rofera to Meafr . Ji-ue* ?. keelor It Co., HI' Front atreet, New York, and to L. U. tnaoa, Em|., kew llaven. SIIIPHINd. A GENT1.EM4N V. u<> II \ - V. \ i i AI. K I > III - P ASS AI.K fV in the Sti'Htcv> E r-p.i, ami who i? prtvi ri..d froia ?wii?, rielioe to diajHiw i f hie ticket. Ai>i?l w iiuuionately by aute, ? Bos 092, rout Oitirr. PASSKNC.n;- I I K -illP I.ADY AKAHEM K. KOR SA V Pruneiiicn, will pteu.e be on board, at Pier No. 10, North iirrr, ou Monda), tie lMi in* .,a 1J o'clock, M. E. II. SUTTONJkf'O., -4 W*H -tract UNITED ST A 11> UAll, MfcAMKKS BETWEEN NIW York andl.iwrp I.?1 be alup? eooipokliif thli lino ho A I L.\ NTlt'. I aptaiu Moot; P \< IHC, t ap aiM Nye; AH' 1 It', t apiaui l,uc?s It: 1.1 K.i ?|>lam l>mil<uk: ADIf IA1 U;. I ap.aia (irufton. Theaa atilpa laruu been bnllt hy oootract e?naoo?ly far go* rerniuent aerviec, ercry car* lute bean taken rn their eoaitrurtion, as alao lu their entfinea, to iaaure *tren(tk and r?a<l. and their aceommodatii-ua for paat-anKcm are aaoqnallad for defence or coaxlaru Prioeof paaiafa frnia Naw York la Liverpool, fl.TP; eaduaive uaa of extrn aUc rtato roome ^32A. No brrtba raa be toenree until paid for. Eer freight #r paxaapa apply to EDWARD K. COM.INS, 71 South itraati ?r to BROWN, Sit 11 1,EV k to, Liverpool. The atcamihip A lion tie will aail hence ?? !V?4o*<lay, ?h# 27th of April, anil return, leaving Liverpool on Wadn?4aiay, tii* Iftth oT Way. The ataainaiiip Paviftc will aail kenee for l.iaorpool on Saturday, the llih of May. u-il I a far poo I on H adurnday, ilia tl. of May. Aa eipaneaiod KqMi wUl t? attached tai rat h aliip. The nm of (ahlpa will nut t? BcaonnlAblc (tr f>M, tWrr, tmllioB, atHcir, jaaalrjr. pracioua nun ". #r uatala, nnU*a billa of ladtnn arc tunned tbairfrr, and Ik* ?*! tb?rt<f iharrin nirearcd. _____ BKIT1MI A N If SOUTH AMERICAN K M. .STEAVahipa.?Th? at lanugo of tlia ptibli* la dir. t ?~l ? tbaillaration mad* in tlx ahi|-a to tail frua A marina la tha taotlk ?f May. _____ __ OCEAN STF.AM NAVIGATION COMI'ANT. TOR RR&lurn, via SaathaBlPtoB.?Tlia C aieam?l.i|' IIKRM AN hi (. Crabirrr, Commander, will aail for Binui. *ia ttaathamp* ob. on Saturday, lk? 2?th April. fr >io Pur No. 3, N. R frift af in tha Brat labia I*o. do. aaooad do 69 An oparianai-d nurraoa la attaohad t* tba *hip. All latlaiV nu?t io through tba 1'oai oBirt. For ! ?.?> or fmlakl Bp|ily to Will I.EH fc IAN P. Arrnt- <*) Broadway. t'OK I.IVF.KPotllj?I MTKU MATES MAIL, STRAM Inp AT LANTIC ('apt. Waal?Tnka lumotr will d apart a l lb lU mails for Kuropa, froia Uar Mar at .'vol of Caaai itrrat, ob Saturday, 27ih Inataot, at It el<k. Sh* aaa yat karonimodata 3U or ?) paaaaaxrra, and tal-i' I'M tan* hmrr fr?i?ht. Apply to E K. COLI.I.S?.74 S*?tli ?t. Tkc Atlantic will tak* bar bar lb Bl tba foot of Oaual ItTMl M liMMiMt I^OR CIMCREH DIRECT?THE 8n.tVHID STEAM1 ?Mp CHEROKEE. a ill laara h-r do?k. IVr So. 4, N. K . ror I 'harraa diravt. an Saturday, April 14th at .la'alaak. I'aaMB|tri will idaca their Inula** on board tl.e day pratwaa. Apply lloH 1.A.N I) fc AKHINWAlX, M k to Soath ttraet. STEAMER GENI WARREN, EUR IAV FR A NflSCO.? Tha aailinc of thia Uaax-T la poatponad <!! Saturday, kpatl lAcb. tar pa??a?a or Uabt frvubt, apply l-o noi-g K >Sri.'ft.iVn.Bt ?twr ro* California.?gold kcoios dispatch m\b a ?Fa?t railing ahlp l.tltl AKHKI.I A, OK'tar, maatar. Is 'adiof at 1'iar l?n, North Rirar: caa tali* a 1rW Mara paa -auaar> at low rataa. and'lvaly aall in B t?w d?ya. ^ _ E H. SCTTON k 4^4M VV ail alto*. I^OR X AN FRANCISCO AND SACRAMENTO CITT? I T! e t.rif SOI'll I A ran tahr four mora pa.-anfor*. Bad Ilia kalk of SW) l>arr?U. Apply iianaadiattly aa lH>ard. foot af KuHftlt atraat.ortn TUOMAS I KEATS'AKD H H all ! IVtR HAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA ? TIIR Ntdf and faat aailin^ Hark IIIEKO, ia Marly I' tt^ad and wlU all in B faw daya. Tba Hiaro la ahan> kniii and af imall a*| < nIy aad offara aaaaaal lad' e?ni- ula to a> nt? r? Kar faaitat appU Bo H.HOI.DRL<.K. JR . w Wall atraat < R C A L I FORMA?A TIIROK.II TICKET BV 1 ataaaiar Crvarat ( Ity, frt aa Naw I ork. May l?t, to aann-rt a I ail Sarah ?anda, to Irava I'aaaaa at cut May VlL Apply at No A I'latt atraat. L^OR CAUFOKMA. VIA CIIA?JRE*.-TIIE UNITED M?ta? M ?ll "t ?i' -..l|. '. ? >Ht? I A . I I. u t II. |l l' r"P, V, ' harr, C. mmaadrr, will ha d~apa . ha I lr .? h*r |.i? r. it l.o foi.i of W a.-rao rant. N.irtb Riiir, ?a Maritjr, A|>rt| Jtb firt lift". '? II Tt.a u|ar.ur arrouiin-daiioaa of tha nad kf .hi-rcnfl \y uairl di nhlr rnitlnaa of l,(k?i h..ra? prnr, n?a a-jarrara an a-?tiran-a f a?f? If and Mi I. t M ba I.I. * afarmr nulla running with * ainalr I.r?. u a An atp<rt> m ?>1 mrcr> a la attaahod ?< lha Throtigk tirk?li In San I rnnciaro ran l? iMnnl an appll* latioa ai tha offli-a f Urn I'unip.tap. Pa - n.'ta > iN. w Ur? mi ar>' lrnn<l>rr?d to tha al?*inahip I'al - a, >t Havana Malta <i( fi. in Na* Vork to 1'liaKiv htaia K m lUrth tllki Ptandaa Ihrtli I" ht'ti^i Horth, found hod nud a< ;?rata tat.La... >1 Iain ' f f??if from I'anamn to Hau I'rtmtHa Plata Ri'vm llcrth? , fturaii' Borlln, f.und bad and a?-!?.-? . a I . IVi Rataa of I'aaaafo? T" Hurni.n. 1. k.Orl' IU. ( lata R-<orn HorllM $'o $4.1 Ptaudan lirrth, furaarj rahla ... kl ttrtrafi, and faand tad nnd Hoard i> 3H Freight la (ha^raa moat ba pra-paid. aud all I..U of lA11 nr mm! ha ainna.l on l? ard tha ahlp. Inr |>tilli?* ar* iaf.rni?d that th? bo. ha fi r ' ruf llakau r th? i?. utb f Mar ara a?w opaa, trvm I' i:iaa? It Sal fnntlMt. Afpl.tnu-n ah..old ha n.?d? inn <*diatalp. M?a Indar>.?i)<d mil daapatah lha foilomaf ill ?> -r? k run tr. atari/ and diraat ??. Han Praarlaoo. rii.'n. w anJ aloaant taamaJ. pa IHTIIIH'H. KEPI III II , A N TI I OI E. ( ol.t M II I. lid fraiaht or |.a..?,i ainlr M> M fi RrtnrHT*, II" Wa.i .Imt rKROrr.lf I l?IE r<)R HAN HUM ' M, VIA n|lrraa.?Tha naar and faaarlt* t?Btoahlp? < If K<>KEK, .3*1 tana. ? ?f.| II W m il* ; I'll II. * HI.I.I'KI \, I.KU low. apt J. V Maholaon, form tha onl/diraat llw '-'iwaaaNaw -it ha<r. .I.d III ' IIIK a a t I l*'a? 1 ail "nam I'a ki la in tha I'anfl', a anai ..alUi/ Uaa brwoxh to Han 1'nn'lani. B?m > ui aAraa or ran* ro r??o*r* Ckw?kr?. ILUa-i. iphia Aft?r*?l n ?tat? R ta? ... $1^1 $IJA I "mar I Haloaa 4n inn DID l.'?aar I ak:n M ? All Ik* a* .ir dU? at tha aaiaa t?Ua. aat kai* tha prir|iga cf lha "al n rar- (for.nd aitk aiatraaaaa and I aard.( $? fit rrai?M |r rk?m??. ranla par f<v?. K*"->ta., ?n I It* llimua art l< la* kr Wi- P???-a*?r< For ft .!'>t ar aaa-aa*. 1 pi/ la MOW UMi k A'I'IV M Al.l. M Math ttraat, \?? fark. TarlAa Nail "taamaLip Cumpaay.?Ttia Cait*4 Ht?ta? Mall laam Tarfcaia, AVAMA . I^maa . . Cap?. fHi 14 O. B?IIa?, RH.OV . I <?? Ion#. . 1 apt ? arll-la V. I'altira**. AI.IIOKMA 1.1'IUaa . < ap;. Thna. A MudJ. I l_>n( una . . Capt. Oa-rnt A. Ola. AHUI.IM #?I?M... ? ? ? NKONN Whm .. ? ? ? ra int'ndad I', f .rm a mi-mmthly lln' ?al?a?n ranama nd |w>rta In < all!' mn. i??r> la lha af' 1- aahiaa ara I mi ahad Miliar kal not *ln?< and li |aof?. I uraaif) || I.a air. ra?a ?f? f .iiad a lib anrh rallvaa aa a-* foralahad to fca 'raw. and ? ilh matlraaa and plllnn All | ???'? will . all ard [ < for paraonal ba<ta?t? fr?<-. I J til# "t??l of <0 lha. or 1(1.1, ai l mwlini In maaaun ? nl tan ?abl< faat. I?tfhi an tut* l at.-var . r marahaailiaa win n takaa. ar |!>n, aad I ar and a half par "ant aa all apania. Poekaeae Li aid a. I ainaJ lha waifht for mal rarrta^a. labia. "iMtao ' ara from Tanaaia ta Km Rlaa ar Maralla* tli*. II* "an PWO V* 113 " " Han Prsnetaaa. W I'd) Ko atopaa to la Undrd will ho takra aa I'liiufri r am) ark 1. and .1.harking, and all Jwronnal ja.rt obar?aa. kflndlnf l.ailih f-?a and I . at htra, to h# t Id lb? aaoaaarra. s fa. .< .-daaiil paid for A].|.I) at tha aAna (tha I tn| >1.?. M " iitth >tran.\?a Vrrk L^ORHAII ItilH IIR"T I I.AHH THRHI H Til K Cfl n t rali' r 1 \ pplj- at So. II ? all a.. . 11 * I liracOTT. 'AIIMiHVIA TK'RKTW?WAMTKD TWO Htr.tRAUB . T>< kata (. r Ihr l.lih af April, par ata-a-n r IJ' .rpia. Ala". ? *r?l I al lii Ttrkai f..| tha Ijih April. p?r aiaai*. r I.VhillM ? II ? 11 KlWltM 1 i nfltk 'AI 1 M 111 s 1 A T 11 R in (ill ru KKI PIRJ r ^ ?ia?a.i-r hai t|i?, 13th: aa4 aaa do, |? r I raaaoat Oty, ar |at* tl.rao alrrta^. . par (?h|o, *atk April; i>a. aat Ilia ra'Tlrlirl. y r I In r<k?a, 1.1th. and oaa krai rLwafl Panama kal. ' r ..I. I ill- v T a 1*1 * Hir??r of W*JI j^n* ?as m*>n.?(o wanted ? riiRocon Ti*lM Ut ? ? rr>n' lo?. pre ?t* in-? i-harvh**. ",h ' *' . for which * tltoral i.rr ntom ?ill W |44 liruftflway. Ul.ihjnMA tliklTl?tor .Mir.. rfi) ri*.?T r' Hik t?? rrvi I" R ?Wfl? Him. tf *f*' Ith: t%?l,i Hitter ApfrifTlh, |?. fn->< w4 l?? f' < r?li? l. kru. i? IU??rJ ??< ?" ?. > ** IprU Wt> r ? IIIT*. N ? W Mi 1r?l UlDKlMt A H>R?ARJ? CAlll* TIMHTT, PER L> M??iiirr I Lrrefcc#, t? will Itok ! ?'., Will ' - "v t\v#tilCco ? v.n -m?. <ki irtiRMt TI. hrri am. rowimuLj T?e.?~r?,. ('??.. f..| I7?h A|>ril: ??? f r IMh M*r. . < <! (M* err ( ? *?0<U.?. ????rk'?*. kit f"T a*]*.? I 4 -v?i?r?l f. f 'k?l 'Mi. ?*' ?f III Mlft * J. F'V?? k(>?t, Fali?a MeWl, Ik4 Fnlkna iMrvrk. X' A*TM? * MK T CAIU* TI? K?T lir IIOWLAMD FT V k-1 -t ? . rf ? I'll* l'?i m ?. H?T Uit, r.-f fu 1'iuo-n M Nk V H??M itttii

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