Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1850 Page 1
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% flj??j??? T II NO. 5786. TIUBTY-nmfT OONGHMR. FIRST SKV>IOH. Senate. mr stoam's maonktic tslhouik. Wi tumor on, April M, Uit *3*LITI0N H-ririO?(??A TILT IITWKW IBW4T9M M4l itrt iiali. Mr.liur prf?< ntod 4 Urg? n?mber of MlUUmj [petition*. Mr. CL4T called the attention of tha ?WaW |? Ml* Art tliul the greater portion of thea* petition* were printed. anJ similar, for the ptirpoaa of showing that there waa concerted a morem-nt among the ahullliooW* to mUreprenent public entimcat in TVlout section* of the country, by ending the-te petition! in blank, to be circulated lualdiously and returned to the Senate. Mr. Hai railed the Senator to or<Ur for tpeaklng without a motion Mn| pending Mr. Ciar took hi* neat. greatly cirited. and demanded a atatement of the point of order. After aome conversation on th? poiut of order. Mr.'Ci.** proceeded in a drain of denunciation of 'the abotVloaietw of the North u the worst enemies mt the rlarea of the South. He also intimated Uiat Mr. (Vale had made the Marerr agitation a aort of rmUiw, on whinfi be Had ridden Into power and place. Individual* of thi* character, although preteudlng to be the frifwi* of the tdare, were, in fart, friends only to theWM-laee Mr. 4tAt.i* declared hie determination to do hla duty in hia humble a ay. despite all loud word* or throatenInglaiiMIm ImmmUMw. Il? tli-u presented another anti-.*laTery petition from Nuw York. Mr. Hi hK rai)-ed the question of reception, aud submitted aouie remark* in denunciation of a petition presented yr?trrdsy. by Mr Seward, praying the 1 * [A portion of the report, through Inn car elcssna** of somebody, ha* failed to come to hand.) ^ Mr. Pootc. ttfler m>me remark* In denunciation of ' 'Incendiary petition', announced his Intention to scrutlnize the appointment* of the Administration. and op(io*e the conflnnntlon of all thone which had been made through the influence of abolitionists. Subsequently, on motion of Mr. Clat. the petition presented yesterday by Mr. Seward. a*king the enroll meni ot -!?? ? in in- ramue ??< taken up. Mr. 0l?? ?i*vM that ltd prayer ha rejected. Mr. ftswaait l.rb Hy explained. h? had presented the petit ton in accordance with the view of the right of (M illion ohlch lie had her tofora. expr<-i*ed. Iu reply to ti?* attack* made upon him personally ho had only to nay, that he never availed lh? motive* of othar*. and n?wr would, neither nhiuM ho ever defend himoelf from insinuation* or attack*. or reflation* made upon hi<> motive*. He hud never rotali?Utl. ami never would. The yea* unit niry? t>eing taken on Mr. Clay'.H m i'.ion. it Waa unanimously adopted. The Smut" th.u ro-vutued the rousiderittlon of tiik ri:?wi BILL. After debate, and the adoption of numerotu amendmrnta. the hill wan reported to the Sen it<*. The amendment* with eonenrred In, and the hill ptwil. ?m<l after a brief executive *c*hIou. adjourued. Iteuac of Krprrwnlallrrt. by bain's kuctio^ mvic.ti tkixorath., April 10.ISM. The Sri AKi.K . tntrd tliat Mr Mi:L>ntli?n. on th? lialt>hln CoMmlttea. would necemnrily l>? absent for a f><?r day*, and had H?k?vl to lie excu*ed from *f?rvicj{. On motion of Mr Hi nr.Mr McI.aiutVvi w?<?-*eu>ed. vn<1 the hpeaki-r authorised to appoiut another in hlit place. The bUi from the ''oroir.! 11 e* nn Revolutionary Pen ?l"n*. explanatory of certain act* grintinK H?e y?ar? talf-piy to the wittowK and orphan* of thn?? who hove or may hereafter die of wound* received or dU?M* contracted in the Mexican war. or goinn to or it-turning from the .ante, tm taken Dp and diteitaaed. VTith ?ut comlnjr to n conclu*li>u. The gentleman who had the floor yielded for a motion to l'o Into Juuiiuittee Of the Whole on iii* State of the Union. The Hrr.o.1 a *aid he had received a letter front Mr. -Gentry. (whu;( of Truiie****. 'tating that h? w?< u.ia4Je to atteinl either the meeting:* of the U.'lpliln Oot*. m It tee or the ll'u.--. and asking to b? excused a* a Mr Iti mr ' ! n- i nf South Carolina. regroltwl tbo nKr?lt( uhicli 1m lured tlir application to the H?u*? II' yhld to th? n-<jiie?t of the unitlriuta. and ??k tliht another number U appointed In place of Mr. Oentry. Aurccl The llotur U)rn went Into rommittee on ?ii*. cai.iroa?i? whui. Mr. Ram (deai > nf IVnn*y Ivtinla m*lnt?in-1 thit <'on|jrr?< lis* tio< tli>> power eh her to *?t*hlikli or prorhlMt eia*evy In the Territories Xn-i IT Ooiqm*a K-m1 power. It wottiiJ tw< unwlre. Inexpedient. and highly Improper to ?-*en i<e tt. Th* ronatltutiou admit* ?lav>-? to be properly utiil gunruut le? protection to It. Therefore there It no ponrr lo that ln<lriimcut to do troy llr could vote fur no bill which prohibit" or reeofciilre* fUTi-rjr north or (oath of any particular Una. The da/ for lilftn and expediency li.ti I ing nine* ta?ed. ami vrntlrmen munt meet t li question on Vroad ron'tltutlonal ground* utood on the broad platform of non-lnterfarear*. If Conirre** d<*clara that IhM bavp no rlyht to li>|i>liti' on the >uIiJkI of ilnrtrj It will do more than anythlug *l.<<) to prwlaM quirt llf ihiAFil the fiwnt of the pr-Val'Ut imitlonal fHiw? and in*i*tcd that utile** they b* ?uppraa*e4. dluxluMou ** ulllmtUlT mmiw lie ?tat?d fcl* oMefttou* to lite admiuloa of l'<tllf->rnU. prlnrlpnUyU-can-e 0f t?.undari*? wrre t'?> |M|| Bl rpU< d to Thaililma Pleven*. Indirectly charging Ulra Ith having M>Ufht hiifh ofllro at tha hand* ->f lb* ? !ministration. and. hating turn turned "if In con?*^uenre of hi* abolition tendvnrla*. he turn* round and Ml*'* the H?.ut || , M I I hi- *a. I tli >t ? m I ?f of ?l*chlef in Pennsylvania I* otvr. tliat rtlate hiving indelibly bnnilH him m ha d<-*ervr I to hn. a traitor to liberty. In ronrlu?ion. be drfriidcil the S >uth, **ying that they bad never igtre?*?<i on the North Mr ftira. (whig) <>f Vw fork. after a fnw praiiiniaary rrmart- Mid that h* *?> 4tapo**d to rottlilor whether tb* neerM.tty for th* Vllumt l'ro?i*o may not ba avoided lie voted, early In the M wlon to lay o*i the laMe the rreoliitlon of Mr Itoot ;fr??? noil of %>hlo), Intruding the Committee on Territories to report bill* for territorial government* for New Uml?o and Deaeret. with th* provUo II* win *atl?n<'d with what vote. II* knew It ??? an honr*t vote, and thought, under th* rlrcuin*t*ner?, that It ?a? a l> >1J on* II* ouid ** bo u?re.?)ty for the introduction of th-* resolution at that time, lie tbouf lit th*l therr wa? p -rll InUt to OaUfornla and the I'uisi II?- am drWtMlii?d not lo Incur the haiard. and aetrd on thla ground 1-inly So man eoald ju*Uy believe, that he *o aet*d fr*m *ordld motive*. II* drtermin>>d to do what ha helleved l* be ftif the welfare of the country, for a? he ? I I k. Urat akLk Ik. I: nlun t^mmA it waa worthy t" La |>r?-??r?fJ II* hal r?-p.*t for m aarnaat aboMtionlat. or f<>r rarnaat dieunioni t, hit had ?"?? for mm * ho war* lnra(>al # of r(?ii.f to hl?h folltlral l*ilr,n and ?ffk in m*at irli ik? reward* uf low ambition !< tu alliln* to plaro tha atti**i> nt o| tbl# qna?tlon on the conatit'itt nil principle that the p<-..pU of a territory In f>rraln* a Mat* fwwemroant. hare a right to e?tahli*h or prdilh't ?larery M It |?laa*ee II# w?? willing I" do thU Utfbr* h? aaw the Pra>ld?-nt'a annual, or Ilia California j urnap II* had n..wh<rc ?~n any plan ao nla? and j*rt. that haa baan n*fl<rd with ao littlaa r??j?< r| m thai of the l're?lt|anl II* m-ant the prlncpla to ' hirh the Praal.lant rrfara. It ?4< an error to ?ay j that the policy of the Pr< -iUmt a< tt;. - n i %nd U I non-action On I ha contrary, it cattle* tha o<i*?tioa U tha ?mly i*i? that do** Tta* Pr?*id?nt pro l?M no dHail?. Imt lentaa that to Cr.ngra??. I1U t>lan adroit of tin m ml tat* action Ha (Mr. Dunr) au wRling t<? ?"*a ( r a hill antho-jlu . the Mamiro to MtoMiah a Plate fiMititlm, and th?n rome Into tha I nton It wae a material preliminary ta thU lhat tha honndarr of Xr* Mrtloo >h >uld jo aaeertainol l'a?a >n'h a bill, and tha qneatlon ia aat tied by lrrep*?UMe law lla would ataU aaolbar ad vaataa* Tha plan of tha President IhHtm an action al trlnmi>h llr.-julraa no aacrtflee if any tbiag It -.rantendeJ for n? iihar tba North l?r Pouth It ra?ta on no othar compromise than tha con-lltutlou Itaalf It vonld. therefore. quiet agitation and Irawa no toblad lla alluded to tha appeala which had ha?n Mila to tha democracy. to unite m a p trty In th* ?attlrmral of tha .|naat|..n Thla ha ?aiJ wuiild b? pro- i I dnatlaa of - f A frw > rtliarn S ri. ?t? muht unit* with Hon'hem democrat#. aud J-??a tha Uiaaauro. \ Uwt thU womlii array tha m^orlty < I tiia Notlh agaiuei U. and tha rry uf rapaal would la rai>< I Katlar h ?ra MMtkhw on whieh all can milt* Tha Inwty with M'tlro <femati>l*d that tha ritlaana of .1i? hould ha fa a (ntarnnanl lla Would a?k th* lion** whether th- r Will r.j**t ih pollcj <t rlnnen wl?h t" pr**.rr? thalr prop. rty in ><?<*. Iblfl r>tla? will an*l<la Ih. m to do ao W ill callm'l of tha i,rtn aay thay will haaa tha W llrmt p"orl?o ' If f aaaad la tha M?n?a. It l? rtonhtfol If It pa?? In tha Kanata It la Ml# t<> talk about It. a? II cannot bo;o*ia a law. Yonr conat ItnanU ara practical man. nn>l will ha aatirtad If yon do all jnm ran Action U cartail lo laha pl^ra AU wa ha*a la tha powar of cboiaa It la for n? to ahapa tha action and ??y whak It ?hall ha If bl? opinion cannot prarall ha mint rota, ImtiH territorial hill ba praaant<d. for tha Incorpnrntloa of tha It llmot protian. fja wa? unoon?Inaad. not wit liatandlnff ail that had haan anld. that It waa nnnaaaaaary II. wonl l not abn Ion tha It llmot prorl'o. thon*h he might con-ant to atrhnnaa it for an aqnlratant lla danlad that tha |M?|iry of tha i r"?id. ut aad t(. .1 of Mr fa?? ?r? i I nl iral lla adriit t?4| ti nt th?-r>' waa n aonatitntlonal ohlirntlon to dr|l?ar fU?UI*aa. hot wonM lake ?ara that tha aa<lar did nat carry from * ha North frar colorad poraon* lie at nod hy tha rompromlaaa of ennMltution. Wltoaver ill not do ao la dlaunlonlet It la tha oonatitutlou ?Iiich m*k< 4I?? I nl.m w a mi al l ?-* m l ^-i*. ?? .nor* tba? til* roni|>rr>ml??? of that Inalrnoirnt w mid *irru(. ami br a?b? d a ?rttlrm"iit on that jr.iund Th? ri?liiitl<w thru r<>?? Tba !? ? Job M*nn. (<l?m ) of r?on?yl???i?. and t>a?ld Brwt (?bi?) of Koamrk/. in }! < ? of Mi?-r? Mel.anahao and Uuatrj, > lb* O.lpbin r-wtnntl** Tb?- IIm? III'! adjrufnfd TV lanlhrrn*r at Charl**<?a. rHiuurm, April . 1M4 Tba ?t??Bi-blp Inttiwiw. Wrtd. hu aj-rtrrd from fnr port ( art mf Apprala. Almri, April 19 f M. Ha W a rr?rrr*4 fat". argii^d ; ?T and W, ?n pnlM f* Ikr pr-vt , ?, * rfwrrrd mtm4 E NE SBW TORK LR018LATVKB. t THE LA9TDAY OF JHE SESSION. a nr \ ihui( dhhumi, we., oit. ImmUI Atim, April ?, *hiri> nui>i!i<j or mi u. Thf following p*imed T? rakblf the Mprcluiti1 Mxchange Compaay *t Sw Tori to rulnco it* capital itock To lni>?rponti<Rii'bli IdiIUuI* for phfuiril To ulcuj the time for completing the UeurieMa plank road. To m; canal damages to Jaine* Holts To liw^porala the I'iermont ?nd >fest Chester ferry Com pan y. ro?TriT?( Ki.arTion. To paj certain rtpiiuMt of M.<a*r? VullertOB and Durland. inrurr>-l on account of the contested seat la the AwmW/ wtiHmorw'i Hi;*D<|UAaTRa*. To provide for the preservation of Washington'* HNtdonartpn. bwiirlni Racket river a public highway To avthorls* a loan to the county of Putnam homutuo tltmptiod. Tho hnmMf.vl exemption Mil wad passed by a rota of 27 to 3. a* follow* :? Aim?Hwir*. Bahceek, Beach, Beekinaa, Braadreth, Carroll. Cook. Crook. Crolinx, CroM CarUsa, Uart, Dimouck, Fox, Cedifi>?, (iulunle, Juhnunn, Milter, Mur*?n, Pfn/m, Owea. Kohinw>n, S. iiOoutnakor, Snjdtrr, ttUutoa, Sum, TSittle, Upham?fl. NATI?liHar* Brown, Colt, Hkianer. Mr. Cook was escorted to tho chair, and npon taking his M*?t. remarked? Senator*, I thank y>u for the honor you hare conferred upon me, by electing me President nro tem. of the Senate In enterlug upon the duties of the otfloe, permit me to bespeak your kindaou and indulgence, in overlooking the orron 1 may commit while presiding tW your deliberations 1 feel the WMHNf of thus asking your indulgence, from the very limited experience I bare In performing the duties you hare assigned me ; but rent wrnrtd that, u far ax my c ftpaclly and experience will permit, they t-h.Ul be discharged with fairness and impartiality. Mr. At?*to* offered a resolution, which h? said ha presented with the greatest degree of pleasure, and which be doubted not every Senator on the door would in net cheerfully and cordially support. He uuderrtord that the Hon. (Jeo Yf. Patterson would not reeuitie his seat as President of this body duriug the remainder of the setalon. Three resolutions were unanimously adopted. rition col I.tor. Mr. BtriMto moved that the Comptroller and Attorney <}i neral be Instructed to examine Into the affairs of L'ulon College, and report to I ho next Legislature. Home discussion etwurd, and then the motiou was amended and adopted. nmr.HAL ArraormsTiov mix? oRni.a. The Committeti of the Whole, Mr Kt^ios in the chair, took up theOeueral Appropriation BUI. air. ftr<>%? moved a ic- uiTtil amundmunt or >1.000 ? each of the rountie* of Wtt-hiiiKtou. <)*wep;o, Albany. Monr<>?. Hen??al>w>r, ft Lawrence, anil Krie, fw the purport of foreign poor. Mr. Qfddu called lor a dlvUlon. The Waahlugton, Monroe, Oitwego, Albany, St. LawrrDoc Krie. and Ri'iimifUw amendment* wore thou severally adopted Mr. Citooa moved &00 to Clinton. farrled Mr. Jtiwi'iir moved wh to Chemung. Carried Mr. Ski?*ra moved 1.0()0 to Jefferson eo Carried. Mr furmi I IHH) to Dutches* Carried. Mr. Cnoaa, 1.000 to King*. Adoptod. Mr. H^iwot a moved 300 to thv Muff Jo Di*peo*ary. CirrW. Mr. Him-ock then moved S.000 for the HufTolo medical college. Carried. Mr. 8< Kf'OiM??r* moved to strike out th? whr>)? amruilnirnt offered by the finance committee, relative to ?|.|>r< priation- to the medical college* and ail other* tin tu come up iii a particular and iix-cial bill. Carri.d The committee then went through the b|||?amended it rlightiy in eome farther reapecta. increasing the amount of the pay of the rlrrk lu tht Attorney Oeneral'a office to *1,000 Mr moved to add CUter county to tl>? liet to receive aid for foreign poor, with an appropriation of $,ri00. Carried Mr. Cuit moved >.*<00 to I.Winston Curried. The committee reported the bill to the Senate. Mr Kiioosn.tara moved to nmend the report by *tril>ing out Jrfferi-on and O^wiyo. Mr M .I* luoted ti> ???.?nd the ?? * ? ~*?IW in* out nil thoeo foreign poor it|.,Mopriatioii*. Lo?? Mr. Ri: motion ? ? earned. Pevt ral *enati>r? elalmed that they had voted mUundeftandingly. Cmi'idriaMe fommotlon and confuidnn followed. during ?hi< li r motion van made to adjourn, (it then being a quarter pa?t one on Wednesday morning which motion wm |o?t The eonnidcratinn of the report wa' then eontlnued for a long time, and *ft?r mm h further dUcimelon. it finally resulted In leaving In the bill the folluwing oountie* with the following npproprlatlviu Si. Uvriaiv gflntl It ni-ela-'r $1,000 Mist, u >*) Alh.nv 1.1*10 Ojw. f<' l.iMI H aihi'agten 1.1*10 Uuur<?? I .W0 Hew V.?*k. 10.000 Erie I,U00 ItntchrM I.0O0 The report of the commit tee Anally, at half-paat 2 Lb the morning. w?< agreed to. aiiu kt>M rniao timk. Tn imitnrf th? ii, atonil Haiikillir l.ifl Luit anil r*. eocaldend The Peuate then, at 3 o'clock oa Wednesday morning. Uwk rrcrM to V. Ao?a*t. April 10, 1800 litrt e.n?? **<)?'? aooaciv Th? r?llo?ln( communication ?? r*cei?i-d from the Lleuta usnt Governor DuItii Ifovt*, April !>, IM To THII I bar* rfmwl from thf Clerk copy of a reaelntlaa, parporttaft hare U-fn unan'monajj f?x?4, li which J .* ?? prr? 7> ur ipprnbatloa of the mtin'l I* which 1 h?i? Inch?rr>-J ilir J ml** ?f tli* Chair 4aiia? the erMloa w* about U rlnaa. It ha* le?a mr iaUatlom ta praai l* e?*r y??r 4*Hb*rattoiia with Impartiality, ?a4 with a protmr n-*ar4 to the proBi"llua nf llm imMii banlaaa*. That I bar* *o far Mifroedad a* In r?*-?lva Ilia aaaarBnca of your approbation.!* par.lculurly gratifying. Many i|n< tioa* ha?? l>??n 41x^1**4 4 urine the *e**loa, ?"ir* t who h ar* of *r?at Importance to tha lnt?r?*U of lh? Stat* ami lha |ear- and happln??* of tha republic ; bat it i* iratif;fi>( to Vaow, that ia all I nra of lerialalloa parly lta?* lief* rarely ''f n draws, whlla many la** bar* bean paaa*4 that a ill I-a I*.tin* bti'ti M l&a fpeopla, aad aa boaar I* the l.'irtalature. It ia 4na to yoar cAclaat *B'I ?M- clerk to *ay, that hli tiprriiu* la W><t*latlua baa r??4?r?4 mr 4atie* comparatively light. Badta bin we *'- murk ia4?Ued for tlaa 4aapaub al tha l>a*la*ea of the Senao . It aB< i la mr ir?al plraaar* to >ay that my Ml -ial a* w*ll aa p*r? aal lauri-osra* with Vaatorr, baa be?a af lh? moat frlifi4lr character, *a4 U> bear t'?i mony ta tha Mallty attb a hi' b nrrj iaamb?raa4 uS^r lia* 4li?karH tka 4ati?? .fii? Mfttioa. A* our oArlal r*l*ti?a ha* paw tecml*ate4. ?a4 via ara ab. at Urrtara U> roar raapartlva home*. ta awl ap t miatl* with vara-tniM a?d frtaada, l?t aia Ia4ai<e tka < bop* that r*?-h ofyoa artll be meted wl t h Iba iail? '<f apprhatloafceai *a hoaert, patrioti*- ?a4 latelllmatraaatllaenay, *a4 that roa *111, b* tha bie**iaf of fl*Il4*a*a, nj-y I .ng Ufa, health bb4 happiaaa*. frrv r>aparifally. vaar obedl?at arvaat, (iKUK).R W f ATTKR*)*. Oa motion of Mr Baawa. tUia i'HtagalraUon <u i ordered to ba entered upon tha journal. I 1 he Senate eoaeuirril ia tha At-raUr amendment* to Mfrrai billa oartBaoa'* rrra. Tlir fioaraaoa roturn-U tba bill to larnrpnrala lk? Otwr(n |)ry Dock and Marina railway nxnpany wllk hU I'ljictiona Tba Un?arnnr ot^orta on vha ?n* ground that ha ohjactcd to tlia Krbvbaria brldg* bill, tbat of a grnvral law , which prutriUaa for all auch r barter*. Tha lucatlon of finally p*-.ln* tha bill waa laid oa tha labia. aiLUi (bid a THian tint fn ataaan Tli* following ?f? ikkiiI. rirr^l whera otharwiaa anted ? To amend tha act aoarcrnlng tha proof of wllla. To amend tha ( n?ral bankltiK law. To amand tha rbarter of tha Northara Diapraaary of N T T" provlda for tha better education of tha childra* of the Orpliao A*yluma of tha .State, other thaa tha ell* i f Waw York Anthorlalng tha aala nf certain fltata Araenal* aad b>, provide ft>r the -afa kaepinn of the ptiMic arai< f* anirud tha charter of lha Itulfaio aad Hamburg Ti M p'.ke Company Maklnx aa appropriation ? ? the ?la? fllag prlann la ra4atloa to taiaa for highway parp -aaia la tha unty of Kulton To authorlie tha tala of cntala loU ia tha city of Oitran To In^orporata tha Maahattaa Xatlifa' taatltutloa To incorporate tha Hhelta>r Ialaad ferry company In relation to the canal debt, and the maiutaaauea of the canal* for tha Kara! year. T* fwilluit 1H ronatrartlon M tkf lladwi Ri??r nllrotd In relation to a draw la a bridge ow tli* OneiJa riff at Oak Orchard T? amend Ike act v rating Mrt?l? power* la Ihn llocordar of Hudson, Tlit Clinton prlaon appropriation VU Th? Awwmbiy earn up. with amendmenla. the bill re'atlva to tbe Fort Miller ilam H?n?W concurred To Incorporate tbe Emigrant Induatrtat dtrlafj ftrnk of ?Cew Tork To emend the H * In relation to divialon fenaea Relative ?o tbe payment of tha w?g?a of minora To Incorporate tba California riWm Navigation Company. For tba relief of Lawla Renedlet. for tha raiiaf of Woi II WlUiamJ aaatnu i?rr??TM**v Mr. Caava offered raaolotioa providing for lh? appointment of a Joint a?lft cinmitte* to eiamine tba arcuate of tha Hanking Department Adopted btnraaL *reanrai?vio* mi.L. TV' General Appropriation Rill waa announced Mr. Mvawraw moved to recommit with laatr?atlo*j to report tba original Aaermhly hill CarrW. Tba third reading of hilla waa continued For tba relief of Kllha 0. Wright. In rrlatloa to tba I'enlteattary la tha foaaty ot Onondaga To reetraia ahart artrar* la tba aale of dry Ibe A?a.mWy returned the reeoli.tion relative ?o tha appointing a ealeet mmalttM to avaaalna tha aacounte ?t tha traa?ary and hauklnir department aa rooenrred in. The third raadlng waa eontlnned To Ineorpnvata tha Kllaahethtowa Ferry Oompany Mr M9I1M repaC d tba teeweMy Appropriation MM aaaonLag to ifc? inairaatiuaa. ??? ! W YO MORNING EDITION?Till i Mr. Otutu ffliffd i* Mrad bf striking onl Iho I >10.000 for foreign pc*?r In N<>w Tork C*rrle3 16 lo li | Mr. Dmsiiri hotiiI U? New Tork, ft ml j f.VOO to ira?hlugt"n rounty. Lo?t. The report wa? tLcn agrooU io. iuuI tiie bUl ?u r> a?l aud ]*? ?I ali the k.uator* voting, voted in the affirmant.' Rmm, Aiwbly. AiitXT, April I. ft l? r' ad 4 thud tim( rUIUD. The third reading of bilU wutlu>n rftuniil, ud Ika Nlixrini! pwwd ? To amend the ?tfr?l iru for the protection of amlgrante arriving at th? port of Nr? York To anu-nd th? rhartrr of the Ob?Ui County Mutual 1 nfur?nr<> t'ooipinf. fur (he MW of J owph Priori. To ajperul the art aiithortalog ferry (Von Oormrali to Cold .' prion (TbU bill. ain.Midatory of thr wl of thia mmIod, came (town from the ."ionat*, and immediately had it? thlr<t reading. an.I pa.?Msl.| Kor the relief of tbe ruprrwsUiirNM KUnO'Brira. lu rrlatiou to the Pranrttiarj In the Muatf of Onoorlaga > or the r*-4I--f of Mary KonUa Fowrra. ii, rfn bill. Tli* annual aupply bill van uo? taken up la caamli tee Tb? in m of $].4<M for the rapcn*e4 of the racial u Colonel Rliea coming up, Mr liaMM moved to nmen4. by adding aa appropriation of *200 for making copiea of the medial la bronmt. lor the purpoae of CKrhanga. Mr. Vuazua moved to ainen4. by appropriating $10,004 for the relief of the Vinl ltogiiuettt of New York V(.iunUf-r*. Lout Mr. itt^c then ibo?h1 to appropriate $e,000 to tke Y oluutrera. Loat??'t4 to 46 Mr. ToMCM't motion waa I oat. Mr. Vhaiikb do* movod bia propokltloa aa aa original motion. Loat, 18 iu the affirmative, wm not count, d. Mr. faam.R then moved $5,000 for the votiiateera L?ft. Sir C Roainaon moved to lnrrfa.<? tbe appropriation to Mr. Ilarnea, the deputy clerk, front $7IW to $M. AjivihI to unanimian?ly Mr Pair* moved to Inert*** the pay of Mr. Sickle*, the J jurtialMog clerk, by $100. Agreed to unanimously. Mr Hamonn moved a clause appropriating $600. ta be paid to M Vatteioare. by the KeK?iili of the Univeraity. for hie aervleea In taking rbarge of the literary excitative* between thia State aud other State* and nation* The ameudmeut wa? adopted. Mr. Kord moved to reduce the appropriation for the publication of the Natural lliatory of the State from ou to CIS ram on tk? *rniinil that Ilia irrrWM unmiiil had been J by the amcutiiuenU that liaJ l>e*u adopted. Mr. I'Kur^ moTt-d $111,000. Mr. Nonior moved $I7.M0. Mr. I'aitV* iimcn<linenl wfu Adopted Mr Ukai now luovml $6,000 io the New York Yolun> tn'N to be distributed by a committee of I 1m New York tVniuion Council. IxMt. Th* bill Wit* then reported to the House. ti V a hh c m ?vn<*wed th* proportion to appropriate f 2(xi0 for the purchase of 111* Kngllau and French patent repoHa. and other scientific work*, under the direction of the lteif en t* of llie l'ui?erniy | Loat.) Mr. I) reuewi-d tho appropriation of $6,000 to the New York Volunteer*. to be distributed under the direction of a committee of the New York Common C'liiwll. [Loot, aye* 48, noc* r>2. ] Mr KnAiir* then renewed hU amendment, appropriating ta.000 for the volunteer*, to b? distributed by the N< w York Volunteer Aeeoeiation. Mr Ma*ti? uiored tho prvviou* question, and It waa ordered, and The bill wa? ordered to a third reading Mr Fc:ku niovrd that the bill now have IU third ri tiding, and it ?a> ao ordered. The qiM-etion wa* tlieu taken on the final passage of tin bill, and It paawul Mi*rri.i.?n>.ot7i. The bill ri leasing the inter*, t of the State In tha eel ate of Aiiinaa Kilw) to thn I'lira and New fork colore-! acyluina?|?w?(l. To < barter the 1'it ronmt and Deannan Ferry ComM To authorise tha abandonment of tha Fort Millar dam and *lje-rnt at Fori Miller, >u> an appendage of tha {." nmplaln t'auul. To incorporate the New York and Virginia Stcaumhip Company. To amend the ReeUed Statute. relative to grant* of land under water T" authorise the tnt?|>nrt?llon of M" ? <! OM tie o??*r rtluuuia ni? <<r moat lull* Relative to the p?Ulr ti.-nllli in the city of!l?w Torli To amend the act relative lo the publication of the rep-rla of the Court of AppeaJa. To authorige the appointment of com 111 U? loner ? to take the acknowledgment of d*e<U in other Htatea To imi-nd the charter of tba village of PlattalmrRh To imrnii the act relative to the Appointment of romnlwloifn to appmlae iIibikm for private property taken for public u*? In the city of Troy. For the relief of Thomaa M;?r> Iu To provide f?r the eettleuienl of the acconuU of testamentary troateea. To authorlae the Little Fail* and Salisbury Plank Roa<l Company to mortgage their road aa aeourity for loan. To amend the charter of the rlty of Anbnrn To authorlfe a loan to the town of Alfred To autkortae the tie* of a pier In Cavugn Lake, by the Cayuga and !>iuw)uehannab Railroad Company. To authorise the <'?mptroller to atiapcnd proceeding" for the eale of the Iludeon and Herluliut Railrond Ciwpeny. Ai ba*t, April 10. Ml Ul lltn A THIRD Tt*K. The fullimliig billj were pa?#ed, eicept where otherwise noted:? To pay Alexander Ilubliard certain reward for the rreet of a fugitive from Juatlee In relation to thu Deerflelil MrA dam road. To discharge Ttinmu Peater from priaou. To provide fur draining certain awampa on the Indian Rivrr. In the town of Thcreaa The llouae concurred in the Senate'* amendment to the Medina School Mil AIm>, to the lillU for the relief of Kllaa Stllwall, and for the relief of llenry P. Toorhee# Alao. to tho Lockp^rt and Warraa'i Corner Plank Rood bill. AWo, for tlii* Tt Urf iif William and Uriel Sherman Aleo. to the New York Police P?lary bill AI*o. to mhoriirt loan to th* caunty of Putnam Al-o. to th* bill to change Ibr until** of th* tillage of MMte. Tb? On??ni'>f "nt In reanlutlon* from the Stat* ol T?-ia?, on th?' nul.jirt of ?laverj. Aleo a communication returning the Mil to Incorpor?tf lb* N'?? York Juvenil* A-jluin MmI*!;, with hi* olgivlion* to tbr >*me Mr <Ju.*tav ini'trd that th* Koiim |.r?e<wl to again vote upon tbr Mil: and th* Hour ikflM aot to paa* the bill - aye* 5. nor* 04. 1 hf hou?o funrurnd In th? .??n?tf'? amendment to tb* bill to Incorporate lb* Kir* l>*parta??ut of the vlllap of Watertown AIjo. to th* Onondaga ?*lt bill AUo, relative to the rommintl<>nor?' map of Brook iy?AUo for the relief of Anthony and Peeo AUo. relative to tha Nrw Baltimore and Bcnaaclacr turnpike r<*d AUo. relative to the Manhattan Having* Bank Aleo. lor th* preeerraltaa of Waahingtoa'a headquar ter? Aleo. authorning the C ompt roller to loan money to the eannt^ of tTkahlnftnii In relation to th* raoal debt To the bill declaring Racketl River a puMIr hl^h I ? / In relation to the Rrl* Canal rularg-raent I To aid in the tonetructlon of the UiiUi Rlv*c lilm& To incorporate tlia California Inland Navigation | Company (Mr Uati?r moved to lay tha reception of m?i?ag*i ft' in tlieHriiat* on th* table and proceed with tha third reading of hillx Loet ) To amend the charter of the village of R*m* I To amend and consolidate th* varlooa net* la relation to the city ol ITtkca. To pn.vld* for th* paymeat of caaal damage* to WllII*m II William* la relatloa to th* ft** achool* la th* ?lty of Troy Authorising a ftrry at Ming fling ? r Mm r. lo f Win II Bennett To IncorporaU th* Kmlgraat IndtmtrUl Saving* la Illation It.UtNe to lien* on the MUU of Ju lament I creditor* For tb* relief of I.ew1* Renodlrt | Rtlilitu to SfW Tnrt Brigade I nepeetore In rilalioa to Ibr ?th W?l?n Turnpike Bond (?H?r To Incorporate ?h? Ruff*loOdd ffllovi' Kail A?wlniton Mr. P>rt? mbmltted i minority report, from tha t'<mtuitl> * of Way* *nd Mraiw, on lb* rlnnuea* of th* etnt*. Tlk (iovvnior rrlamH with kit objection*. lh? M lowing bill* :? To Incorporate the Mew York Thletle Renerolant A?eoctatton To incorporate the Academy of the Sacred Heart In tha city of New Torfc. To Iticnrpcral* tha Klmnen of tha tillage of WUlinniMMriti, the Oiirenar'l objection* are. tbnt theee ulj'fl"ran be attained by general law. The llonae concurred 14 to f>?, and the bill* were laid on the table. The llovernor aim returned the bill relative to th* C?>urt of Appeal*, nnd t?t tha relief of aultora therein The following letter nnd ad dree* wa* rend l? th* Hc uen P.rranaw. Hi. tawreae* Cnatr, ApHI X, !* Ht Tunnu.r. Ihi^raa. ?p??k?r pn leal af the HienMi Sir?In *"???^*"wee of Ik* rery anrn IIInew of Mr* d'rlia. I ?k*ll net bent>l* K ret era I* ?he place ?wl(a"<l at* hr wtll ef the A***wiHI* at th* pr*i*aI ?* ** * I ti aak elr. aa<l th* Ilea. Rohrt f. Pray*, far Ik* aertlrea *?? eaeh bar* readere4 m In tke <tlerharfe *f ih* <*. tie* ?f I be rhalt, iterln* my a*ce**ary aad aMtrilre ah***'* I ei?h, (I.r- n?h fry*, t* c oaiainalrat* to eaeh aa* *e*r/ la Jlrl^nil ?'??r a*4 n?e*r ?f the Row** my *tne*r? r??ar.t? f"T th?1r kl*?t*e* 4erlag tba |>a*t winter. I iranenilt, h?r?*llh, a *b?rt ad<te?a t* th* A***wiMy. which few will plana* >nwil Vary renertfally. rear at* f*i?nt ertut. ftfcni.B II. LDBftKl.T w* nJMM1! arMua f. ??Tt *?r* or ih? Kmimm T ?At the **gaal*ailvn af th* fl' tieee* the |rM <i?y *4 ih* praaeal year. I ?aa by year l*"tnlity, m*d* ??ef pr??i4in| *fft*ar I *nto**d *pen the Irtvu 4at|e* 'i thi* M?h and haaarahl? atattoa. W Meat A fnbiutU* v* Uiwr th*** J*Ma* la a a*e RK H i mSDAY, APRIL 11, 1880, ner tltUr fr?JluN? t? npftf or lh? flense. IJum ai'raacied to rn?i the Ju*t rtpectatlon* of th* tlouaa. Mid the heary reap,.tuihilt Ira Impowil upon tar

by jnnr hlndars*. by a diligent, h*n?*t, sad impartial *afcrcenxiit of four rule* of order. In the** endearon, I hare hreu coB????tly encouraged by fitmr iadulg*?M<? toward tur drtrlMMH laahilltie*, and uaaroldslle error*, and sustained h? yejir ?l*ady. ??lfor?. aad Arm apport. K. with th* aid I l*t? rfftirtd from yon, |Mitl?nn, f han discharged ih? dttoie* or the chair, at all times onerous, at in th* preaeat House rendered dill mora ?o by the Menliar e-toality uf political parties, in *uoh a meaner a* to raeelyt any df*rw roar approbation, It it exceediajrly gratifying to dk#t aad such approbation demand* and receive* from idc iny most *inoe*e and IwtMt imulindf. If oa any other oecnaion, in th* discharge of what I at the time conceive to be my date, 1 haye said a word or done a thini;. ar aught ha* (xrarroJ by my act whereby tbc feeling* of any 1 one bare fw? in Uia least injured, 1 her* beg him to be aseured that snrh haa never been ray Intentlo* ! and, therefor*, trust, if It ha* not already, that It may from tali time and be fonrottea. Tlie journal of tbi* house fornlahea evidence to yonr eonatitnrnt.H and ta U.e world, of the induatrv and intelligence and devotion to the public Interest. which hare so eminently ehnracterlrcd tbi* House. ThU acaaioa haa been replete wita (Treat and important public Interest. and the maaner la which you hare received, considered and decided thcae weighty matter*, ara shown by the report* and dm-umaaU presented to the House through tha ardaona labor* of your O" mantle*** and although all tna great and Important propositi n*. presented for your consideration. bare not oeea carried out into legislative enactment*. they are before the people, and will oa considered by them. and your labor* , may be rain able for future I.egialat urea, and may gnlde ia ' maay Important particulars the future action of the State. I TTia rveulta of oar labora become, In fact, the law of our i great and flourishing Slate, and whether well or IH done, < (her at and forth a* iha record uf the opinion of thia lfoaae, i aa the law* beat adapted to the rendition and wanta of our I constituents and It is my earneat wiah tbat they may con- I tril?nt? their full ahara toward* guarding the honor, pro- . ntoting tha prosperity. aad securing tha permanent welfare, ' liappint** aud union of our beloved country. (should do Injustice to my owa feeling* oa thia occasloa. ' not to *peak In high terms of tha orderly and respcetful bearing, courteous and eatlemanly conduct of m?in>>er* to- I ward the Chair and each other, during the discharge of th* ! arduous dutie* of th* preaent session. You are about to separate, many of you aever to meet agaia I an earth; and now Invoking the nontinuous favor and prnuie- ' lion of that I'rovldeace which ha* so far In life so signally I treserved you. with my eordiM acknowledgment* for.voar indents, aad my moat ardent wishe* for your future health, honor, prosperity aad happiness, 1 beg yon each and all, fellow-tneml'er*, an a/feetioaale farewell. NOBI.K S. KI.DKKK1V. oaTKBHoa'a vfto. Voi n o'.xor* ?Tbn Ouvi>n>nr'n Tetn of the bill r<-la- ' tire to the Court of Appeal*, and for relief nfHi'iiitom 1 therein, having been read a# in Ia><t ereniiig'* Journal, ! Mr. Towfintnp remarked that if the Houfe *h?U deem the argument of the Oofornor ronelu?lre. then It would he it* duty to affirm the direction*; hut If It ; thought otherwise. then it wa* it* duty to paw the hill r?'?r?rdle*H of the direction* of ths tiorernor. 1 hi* hill he Ix-liered rl^lit in prlnriple and policy; and a* ll had undergone the *eTerc?t ccrutlny of the Judiciary Committees of both Hovkm, he tru?t?d that the IIoumc would deliberate before it r?fu*?d to afflrm it* own actton. Mr T proceeded at length to argue the nece<*lty of the Immediate pa*?age of the bill. Mr. II. l>nrr.*c troeted the bill would pas*, and ocnt to the Henat" for their opinion Mr. Ki*k* referred to the particular ea?e for which tlil* bill wax dcHi|rnated to reopen, that of John Mmoii, who through the instigation of hi* anna-In-law wu iudvced a few month* before hi* death to cut off Ilia rtfrhu of hi* legitimate children lljr the new code the Milt pending in thi* matter wa? brought to a prematura terniluation, and It wat the object of thU blU to reopen thl* cue. lie trusted the Uoud? would rcpa-iji tbi* bill Mr>iii*?lTii dcrlred the rea*on* a?algned to the pa>*age of thi* bill. It on not right for the Legislature to hit in judgment upon the deeUlon of the Court of Appeal*, nor to determine that a *ult *hall tie reopened which had already gone through all court* of the State, lie upoke at lome length iu mipport of ; hi" position. Mr WtiiMt* *u*talned the veto, on the ground that ! the Legislature ha* no power to Interfere with settled ! MiiU. The law which thi? bill wu de*lgned to remedy may hare been wrong, but that would not justify a ; mud >mn> If the I.nirUlatiire ha* anil should el. ercl*e niiprt mf power. there could !> no principle *ottied and no ?uit cloeed Jle trusted that tn? bill would not be ptMfd Mr. Motioi (llwntfd |ftnm the position* of th? j Qorernor. Highly though lie cuteetncd hi in an man and a* a public officer. Ue believed that it wm the duty of the Legislature to paw till* bill. It might he that thin bill ?m dcnigned to affect a j particular ciu?e. but In I hat particular cane a former j Legislature had done lojaxtice. and h? desired to re drn? the wrong by wcurlng to the partie* in tbl* par- j ticular ca?* the name right* that they had enjoyed, but for the Injustice done by the Legislature That act had rhaawed I he U?u* of the >>ult lu question and h* now MlrtM ki?k purlin rrqilj?? til |i?i? ?|(ii of the bill The prcvlou* qneation *ai cillrU, and tUa Hon** refused to |i?m the bill?aye* T1 nay* M, not twothird*. The Koaw eonenrred In the Renate'l amendment to the Dorfl.ld Plank Koad Company Abo, to the bill for tha relief of the heir* of Jno Foot* Home private bill* wire pa??(i. when the House took * rrcnw to 7. Both In session at P. M. Maperlor Court. Before Chief Justice Oakley actio* pou s?uuctio.i?m nrnr ?. baoi.rt. iniro DAT, Aran. It ?Doctor Outlier wan called on behalf of the plaintiff, and dopneed that he attended Catherine Kuunett in Jertey City in her confinement; the ehiid u a female; It livud for tooie time, and i* now dead; th# mother *a< up in *ii or *?*ven day* after her eonAmoieot [Mr. Kdward Mandford put in paper*. iUt. 1 Will October. l*l* D I?11?to the affidavit* in the ca?e between Bigley and hi* partner*, the Hmilb* John N. Ciubrede, engraver, deponed -That on tha Mh H?'pteni)<er. IHM. Catherine Hnnnett cailcd on him, and ordered wedding card* in the name of Mr and Mr* John II. Lewi*, with her maiden nam*. Catherine T. Bunnell, In the comer; rhe called the neat day, and aaid she had not the money about her; that ?he belonged to Mr. Hagley'a establishment. and wai recommended to wilnrn; he raid he would send them over to Rngley'a. and aha paid not to do *o. that *h* did not wlah them to know anything about it; *ha took on* of the card* with her; nha told m* she had mad* a runaway match, and that her husband waa a sea farinx man; aha volunteered thi* statement; wlttiem had never aeen Mr Bagley before that time, and had no dealing with him. **cept that h* (witnene) ?ent to hie establishment and got gold pen* there John ('. Bernard eiamined by Mr H. 8.1 ad ford I am a gold pen maker, employed by Mr Bagiey a* a journeyman, ha la married to my *i*t?r about ?i? or even year*; be ha* had two children by hi* nreaent wife; they are both dead, I am Are y"art In hi* cm ploy, at 1*9 Broadway; Mr Dagley hid been married before and ha* a eon by his former wife, I wu employed at 1*0 Broaiiway. when Cathertn* Kunnett came there to work; I wa> In the front room on tba fourth ?tory the roof elant*. and there I* a pencil ca?e room tinder that roof. Catherine Hnonett wa* em plojod In a llttla room on tho mio* ptory ot?r Iho Ihlril hill , [tha wllB*M .? ?r n tha poitllotia of tha ~?oraJ room* aft*r Mi?* Kunn. tt run> to work, within a month, alia ran* into bit room, lh? u>rd to fn?? In to hw Mr Tan Hrunt, hi* UUi *m or it to mlna; tfl*r ih> and I |iH>r<|UiiitM ?h?u<?4 to fom? in oaarly a?ory morning ; *omcilnva ah* wowld not mat in tor a waak; it did not taka long for w to gat acquainted with har, I u*ad to b? thera about balf-paat 7 n'rlnrli. and ?h? u*cd to bo thara .owntime* a quarter baforo * oYlook; I hafa known brr to bo thara whan I got thcra. l!*i<l?y did not ronaa till abowt half pa*t 9 or 10 o'clock, her vtaita to ra f r<M<m ?pt4 to ha about I o'rlnrk. hrfora tha time that Htflr; ti'tially rama down; aha baa frequently leaned ota my dork. *o that I aould *aa hor brraata. and I hara rrmarkrd on tbrm. but aba did not mora h r p Million; aba would loll bio to look tha othor war. ?ha iifta a?poo< d bor lag. aa high aa bar knee to ma; tbia waa proaloua to July. 1M*; In tbo wa?in aha .how, 4 m? bor *hoa whora *ha had dnnord It through; ?ba u?od to roareraa with Tan Brunt; fwltnoaa licr* doaorlhod rt* or fnmllinrlty from fan Hrnnt toward" Miaa Hun natt and hi* throwing bar ?p in hi* arm*, tho rarital of whith rau*?d laughter through tha denaaly-ornwdad court which tha judga immediately r*pr?"i?ad. and pronoui?o< <1 aa Indecent and Indaooroua] Wltnoaa ron tlnuad I hara told har that I didn't wl*b hor to roma luto mj room, a* tbo man m'gbt talk about It. and aha rrpliad alia didn't rara a d , I t"W Nf I had a littla trouble with ona of tha man abjut hor. and aha ropllod ?~ tho marhinl*t !> * Mr4 hor about coming Into my room and ah* told him to mind hi< own biialuo *, *ha aaliiliitoJ rarda to mo and hold thaaa up botwawn mo and tha light, thay w.-ra French rarda. of "t^ratio dawlgna (arltnoM d eac r I b?-?t thain aa ab<minahla); aha ha* made remark* upon th'-m- *ha owly th'iwrd thowi to ma on on* orraaion; I hara rhangrd my rWlioa In nor pracrnta; I rbaug? all lay rioth<? whan I ga to my work To tha Jiadgw- Tha exhibition of tha oarda waa aarly In tho aprtng. hut I ran not At t*<> data M line** continued In Jana I notload bar appaar. atira. and f aald to har. Kato. you aro a married w >. maw or yu ought to bo;" aha a*kod why. and I loM har; aho than aaid aha wa* married at !tl Paul'*. to a Mr I .owl*, a aaafartng man. a fow day a ago. and b"r bu>b*?d had aalled that nay. or tha neat aftar lb t marriaga aha *ald ba had left hor ; I had r?a#on to know thl* wa* before tha lat of Align at; tba dtaaolutlon botwoon Kaglr y and tha Pmlth* took plar.i <m tha loth of Auguat. and "ha never waa In my r vma aftrr that; Bagley waa In tha country about tlila tlnao, nd r? hi* raturn ha wa* airlmlad from tha biuinoaa tiV th# Hnillha for A ... ..tit V r..iitlnu*?l to Work for tha Smith* for about al*ht daya. *?t p***?ltaoftba trrmlmi In Rroadway ?*?'" fr"? Smith* bf an It^unrtloo, I rarollt d Mr Raffia* balng ia pnaaaaatoa of a amall ?ln#l?-h*rTrll??d plat<>l, na ! > ha<i a rli-litrrrU?4 rtrolvir whkh tin k*|>t at hn pn. vata hon*a; I mtm wax In tha -mall r>>om to raj lif?; I do not know what It wu partltlonad ?ff ?<*; 1 bad r?'? thrra, ami Mr H?*l' j an l I w?ra not oa ptakirtjr trrma at tba tlm? ratbartaa ?hoWad mo a baWl i n n?ia ocraoloN, an<l I thlak. a draaa. and I ai-l tnhrr. "I nppowt fin, h;?Tr ba-n ?p'Olinff a.>m? of that |W>." and aba awld aha lial. I >?? knaw Mra Inglr. or haard of bar tUl yaatarday; I n??ar apoka nt bar In ( atbarma. I tr?r ?ald It waa a ?n*l acna* f ?r iHfflrJ"* to ha rnwilng *fUr har, I m?( h?? p.i kan to tear about anoth. r jrlrl n%nx?l .*arabi" t board < atbrrlna rrnaa-aiamla"! mUHt; and I ia?ff aada v-a of tba aiprnwlon t?atif|ad by bar ahowl Mra ln?la, I tray bava raulinnaii bar aboal harah bat I did nat IMT br ftaglay'a Bfttna In aonnaattoa wit* bar. f waa not <? t. riaa wltb Mr II , and I aarar ai-ntlonad bU aama to a>i/ ona I rnaaatamlnad by Mr R fl Mnrrta. Tba dlScaltf 1*4 w<n Mr Hagloy aod at aiutal baflaf tba diaa-Ha . Itom, that dlft-vty Mr Rawaa brwifSt mf 'ERA] t excepted to the ruling. W lliiKsa crmtiniK'tl?I have not been threatened by Ruunetl with regard to tny ImUhiWJ kWj 1 bare t-e<Mi Via Hrnnt tak? liold of Catharine Runoett, aud throw Iter up iu the air; 1 have w en that liberty taken with her inure than once [Witney her* deaeribed certain acta a* testified to by IlirmirJ.J I h??o lieea Catherine frequently In the room where aha work-d: I ] havo ?eea her there frequently when H.igley wa? uot j there, and l? fore he cam* Iu the morning; 1 have I mm-n Tsui de Km-L'-1 norela with her; I never ?u# the > carila: I heard of them at the time (Ruled loilinUelble.J She ha* spoken of her being married: I fannot t? 11 the time, but It wa* before the dlaaolutlon with the Smith*; Mie told me ehe w? married to a man named I.ewia. wlfo wax eaptaln of a re??el; ahe said ha was pone to He*, and hail left her fciOO; all tha workmen of the >liup had aceeaa to the rwna where aha worked: Mr llagley atteuded P**luaJ*?iy 10 the weighins of the |lold. Croee-eKamlned 1 waaborn In 112*. I am a married man; aui atlll working with Mr Ragley; there were IB ; or 9U men in the eatahli-hineul. they were auppoaad to n>me about eight o'clock; Mr Btgli-y did not gifa out the work; liu melted tha y,r Id. and then It went through different band'; I got mlna front tha polUhern: tha work wna carried bark by tba men a? aoon an it waa tlnUhed; I bare known the door of her room to b? locked Q When Wil that? A.?It was locked on oue occasion when I wan in there; I waa alway* under tha iinprcMioD there waa a catch on tha door which faejened it, t'Ut it could bed veil an aa My una could bare acer*a;-4hf Intimacy I deposed to. other than Bafley'a.took place soma time In the forwnoon; I am married about eli Mouth*; I <|. .-line answering how long I waa ncaifi-d to my wHe before I waa uiarrlml; I am not ? 7 j ...... i..i-_ ,.r u, ii.... i.;< _ /. r went into kwlMM for myAlf dlvnotliivM It, and bate gone Ivk tu Mr Hngley I *u not In tha ! rx'ii l uhltu'Ha fur my?elt; 1 (ol no a??ti>tanra froin Mr. raglry Tor my >iu..ln<??; I htft wiilknl up Broadway ?Uli fi,Ui. rln<\ It wan only ooiw that I knew oI a I -foil other than Mr Itagley having an Intimacy with Catherine Kuonett; Ihem nucr wan any ilifRrulty 1*Iwnh mn and Mr. Hagley about pen*; I ha hignature to tin- paper produced u In my han Iwriting himnii'l W Davenport examined t'V Mr. gloaeen?I rinide In Jertejr city; I am a car|w-t !? al??r; In '47 and '4J my place of ba?iii?*u ?m at W (Itwavitb ?tr<?>t; It iinin111 and hU family occiipW ap-trtment* nrr my etore; I got acquainted with Catharine Ruunett aliout flrr or ill month* after Ibcy cann> there; I ih tir-t attrart.d l>y her being ron-tautly at the door and eotaver?iug with an undue familiarity with young men; gcneialiy In tlie evening up to a? late a* 0 o'clock. I Hpnki' to her father about it, at I thought It might lead to bad rr?ult?: he did not nccin to taka much notice of it: I think I pole In bint about the month of July. IH4M; I olnerml very little alteration In her conduct afterward"; her eomlnct gave ri?e to tpenila. tion by the clerk*. but nothing of a criminal nature wae ?ti- pi <-ti ,1 1 t'ruee-rxamlnol Snme per-on c.iUed upon m? to a>k me if I knew anything about Catherine Itunuett, 1 and tlii/i information wa< the re-nlt; I ?m acquainted 1 with Mr Rtitlej; I boarded In the -ama hou ?t with him about xiru yrart ago; I cannot rarall the nim * of tbo?c jH rmnt with whom I n-ed to ?ee her eonvor**; I cannot wty what the conv.r-atlon wan. but it wan In gay, volatile manner, and from that I told Imr father that I thought tin wan In danger He-examined It wim nucIi fumillarlty at a proper, Tlrtuotm girl would not Indulge in The Judge remarked that Mr Iiavcnport act"d In very proper maimer In acquainting th" father of nuch eonduct Httmw I looked upon h'*r a< a girl of very ?m\il Inti lbct, very little ^lability of ch?r.icter. and eaaUy led off ; and baring very little utrcuglh of mini I believed her to be incapable of re*i*ting temptation; wbeu I tidd ber father, he did not wtm to In a< niucb alarmed *? I lb. ggy ho AhM ImV# been Jane Ingle ( tall haud<">me and f??UlonaWa looking wi iii It u) etamlued I riwl,l? In N'??rf ilk tre?t, I knew Catharine Kunnett; I flr-t met her at the fair al ' i .. ii.. i- iujt .1,. ..1 ia..ii?? .1 b ! of prna tM-l<inKin( to >lr Hag! jr; I r*n I ar how tha ron?<-r-?tIon rommrnri'd hrtwn n U-, I aaw li?r ocp?alonalty Nftit that al Mr ilurnry'a I?gnrrm>tjp* | rw ni", I ?? k'r aflTwarda In aln? <^ikn to Dir about making a ?lr??? f >r h -r, I ant I ilr?? ra ? 1 k?T; H wa# thr minim r b*f ira U t >h" vkr.1 m? to uaW* a drra* for b?*r, 1 tb*n at lit Kldridga rtw-l, I Md Ikt I ?>i?M and ga?a hi-r my aMnai, mT rou-in falh*r an.I moth- r llrrj with lur at that tlmr; I did lint ara ''aihariito until aba rtinn to my botiar; It wan In tho morning, about 1 n'rlork In tlir m< nth.of Ortot^r. I li, xr I !u> ' *!!. ( hrf n 'iul 1 ti> lit In, whrn ah* ram* In ah* U*jtan to rry; >h< aald ahi- hail run nway from li 'mi*: that lur p.tri'ola wi rr ao tifly" 0>ad t#npi r. 1 Bid tat Mt} Vilk th?iu; that tbry did not hk< th? if?Mill<*m m ih? had marrtrd and li* hat away to ?? ?, aha Mild >h? Fthtml to atay with mn till b<' got a kmnltn* Imiiw, ?ln- aa^d bT hu<hin I had l*fl kf f 'JiiO. I told brr I would not w? In r without a homo, , and ah* atayrd a wrrk. *br wanted m* to w'th li?r j to Mr f;rr?-n>'a dry go-id atora, whrn w* fit Into th? atrort ah* alt?i?d h?r mind, and -\td <b* wnld go do*n tn Mr Itaglry'n Wrr to a*r If b*r poop)* bad hrrn iflrr li-r, ahr aald ahr had an order on Urr 'ti* fV?r r|othr?. w want Into Mr fliirnry'n rooti. up to that llm? f had nrr*r aarn Mr RijIiij In fwfrri.tic- to fatbi rliia Knnurtt, wa thr l> -y for Mr lliglry and hr ram* In t'alhrrtn* ap'k* to lilm. a?k" t him if brr fathi-r had liwn afiar h*r; I r*n't any what ha anaw?rrd to that, hut I lo ar.l Mr 1"a*l?y aar rh'i bad Mt?T|l I " in-to li?r par?nt> alH> Wra N* wcmld vol; j Mr Ha/lry ??i In * liurry, and 1?-ft < h? offlm, I Cathrrlo.- and f w*nt hom* to my h '!? thai* ?u no propoaltion raadr that lltgl y -hmtd pay f r h*r I < nnl at my hou^a; ha n??ar in any tnann. r agraml with ma to pay fr>r b?-r bnard b? n??*r pai l m? h*r twaird; ahr paid it to m* h*ra.4f ; ?h* paid ma f 2 aha Mayi d about a wi?-k . I told har i-ho rould imt atay. I dli'n't Ilka b?r baba*l"ur; pba want lo aonia h nua upt'-wn frf m m'oa, aha did not borrow any thing" of mlrr ^iit aha took a df"*? and a?7Wia otln r thlnji l''r(tlrif to ma, thay lurr rnrrrr hwn r?tnrn"d; I w nl nflir Iniiii In Jfhfy t Ity and brr nutlirr aaid ?f?i would arnd tham. It wai I'atlr'Hna abi t dd ma ?h? wa> marri'd and hn hn-hnnd at ara; Riclcy did n >t tail ma an; I aaki d M r lt*i'lry d'd ha think I w inld (T"t In ;%ny tro?td<> ahout Int. an l ?h*t I roald not aa.-nnt- I m< dull' h> r. hr iurnrd round and t'dd hrr pba had hi?ttar (fo hi mr and aha raid *hr would n >t. Hail'r did not ?ay tbat attaT two of Ihraa ilaya brr folk Would Dot think ' aiiy thltit a?-o?t It; It ?m ni-t aalil by anybody; whit I did nnf Ilka aho?t liar whilr at uiy h I?a? w?a tha , wi* out rrrry i-rralnf. with nnl or two n?ft|nn? and I lkaii|ht If ?ba waa a roarrir I woman ah* ab iuld atay j at boliit'. abr waulil atay out till t?n o'rlork, aba ap ika t.r m Iim.** In to I m anil In Mitlh TPV 1 ^'4 n?H mention th? iHNrMtf tti* peewme wllo , j krpt ihim; "h* ?t?t?d that ! ?t?ll?d th'm, that hrr | hii>Un>l M4urr4 h?*r In Kim ?trwt, ?h?- mid thtPT" w?? another girl In fompmoy with hi*r whom ?h* m??- I , ttow4 m Karah ?h* mM hrr liiwlniil married li?t i A?r ho h?r, that ha h?tl iron* f??*y and l?ft h'r th? f 3n? to ?wpport Hit; 1 ??tw w?nt lo Mr l!u I |c|-? In iii.(?itr? fi r h?-r but onr?. and th?n 1 want info j tbr r.fllr* on tha aamr floor with Mr < r mi, . Mr Co* if jdalnti?'* attorn'-y and Mr Huunrtt rallad 1 ? ? tn? during th? wlnt-r. and *?*?d am what I know i ?f Ik* tr*iwaMln?, aft?-r I l'"M Ih -m wUat I kn?w, th> j didn't rail ?n m? acaln ? rowrgainln**! l>jr Mr M >rr!? My h??t>?nd U living; h? U out el th? flit, h? U at R*lllniiir?; It U ab"<it alt month* atnra I h??? htm, m; r?th*r and m< tk?r ? i.ama l? mr rou?ln I* Mr? llrown, ?h<' I# a wld?,w, I do?'t know wh?r? aha ri-ill?< now, hi ufl m- ww* afW Rat* want; I ba?? Ihimi at Mr' (<uri>>*'? hill a d'>a*n llmaa, ! onlv ?t'-nt for Kat* orra, I w*M i*\y nrtrr to ar* h?r In th#? >msOi raom; I w?nt ttMW* a flat ward* MMVr twa or tbr?a I I n.?r?r want with h)? to RuUt f*U*4 or 0# work t? me; I b**? ne?rr known Catherine to ?>rin? or (rich away my work; rhe ha* aoon-tlme* carried awiy scrape. but t'ia* we* generally done l?y lhi> oolored mnn; I km I mirriol Di?n. tlnl hare two children; I tu ritmliiM M a witnen* in the rw? about tho affllint hi n of the child before th? Police Ju?tlw; I think 1 testified there to tho lndlM-roet conduct of Catherine, bat I did not date anytfaI:ig about the rardn. because 1 wa? not aeked; I km her father, ha worked la tho ettabilidiment, in an<>tbrf room: one of tho*? ladles in court, with a Mack dre?? ana wtiite bonnet, I hare Men before; I do not know her te be Mr*. Ingle; I hare known her !>t the tiaia* ot Jane. [Affldarit produced] That u my elgnaturr. | To the Judge f mentioned la Catherine, no day, that Hewen euld her door km locked; ?he denied it indignantly. To Mr Samlford - I did not 141 her that Bcwen mid that Bagley w?ji there at the time. Joseph Maturing examined by lfr. F . NMdfont. ? f am a gold peu maker; wai employed M (he e*t?Uli>hroent 18W Broadway ; went there Int nearly four ear* ago; I wan there when Catherine ItiMinett came into the employ; f worked in the front room the opposite eld? from when- Mr. Bernard worked; 1 wan then an unmarried man, I Mi now married; (-oon after Catherine rum* into the establishment. eho U*ed to c.iM into my room; nhe taaie in every day ; ehe ha<l no apparent builaew to C"nio there; I thought there was a freedom of manner about her.wlilch attracted iiit notice immediately; ah* conversed with me and the ntliern O Kid airr Intima cy ((row up l#twffn jfou unit her ! Witn*** ?I deal In* annuelIiir Hint (jueKtion; Van llrunt worked in the room next to me. adjoining the partition; ( know of my own pnr-onnl knowledge h pwr?on to liar* had Intimate intercourw with L?r; tint peraon >u inothrr than Albert <i Hurley; I dtvllue to aniiwcr where it occurred; Catherine Runnctt came Into my room, put 1 my watch on her ni ck, ami axked me if ?h? could hare it to ko to rome dance; I lent it to her aereral times; 1 I decline answering whether nuy condition* were 1 made between u* for the loau of that watch. Mr. Kaudford aaid that h? chould requent the court 1 to instruct the wltne** that lie waa bound to auawer tiic?? f4ue?tlona. and cited ciutea where it *u enta- I Miehed iiiiW far a witness hud a right to decline an J cnerlnc, which w*n ouly so fur an would rrimiaat? himttf-lr and rvnder hiin liable to convlctiou. The Court?Did not think counsel could call upon 1 a wltneaa to answer i>uch question*, a* would lead to 1 ground an action ngaiuxt hlniulf for (eduction The eounael for tie plahitllT did not object to the 1 Court compelling the witness to nnxwer the question. ' kk it would be juHt a* well for hlin to awear through ai to d>-?llne answering. The Court did not feel tiiat he could compel the wl?ncw to auawer an/ quertion which teuded to degrade liimaclt. Mr. Pandford then *?ld that he proposed to prore by the wittier*, that bn was Inti.-aate with Catherine ' lluunctt about that time, whieh would be utroajf presumption that he wan the father of the child | The Court declined to compel the wllne<ut to aniwer 1 : the attention)) he baa obiecLcd to. and Mr Sandford 1 1 BBBS99== = L D. TWU UJEiYlV. n*y Idtiul; fher? hat ln-cn no 'ituioM trMMciiM with him HM?t tU*I I suKhtwd t pen tkwt| I Wt0 introduced to nlin &lx>m four yearn ago, by ?/laag lady wlio workej with him; i?er nann tu HrarttMa Hlymers; I hare never written io. or reeolred IttWi from Mr liaglejr; I fia.1 known him nearljr two ye** before I became ii4-<|oitinted with Kate; I do ml f? by tii* uunie of Mra. Shmafroy, Mr. Shanfroy Biiil * boarl with rue a rear attd a hair ag*>; I wu out wk? Mr (J???kr and Mr Kanttett eallad iVat; a lady dew? ?tuir? let lln-iu in; che did not Mjr tha' Mrs Doyle <114 not live tli.-re, hut that Mr*. Shaufroy u^d; I attend?4 raloon for Mr< Keuip. in Br&*<fway. near I anal etree*; I mowj to llroooie etreet before I weut t? NorMIc otreet; 1 ain wej.?rate<l from my kwband alxwt thra* rear..; 'tL. ?U uioutha ?inee t Haw him U?t; < thought it did not look well for Cathartna to be out ** ten o'rloek; 1 h??e l>een out m Iwt.T ? that rnf**t. briug a proper time. depend* uxin what l? dV**< f hart- Offer retired from Mr. Hagley a not* MOIM*y. Mark Lavy examined -I aui an lu^rter. ro.idto* Mai'lcit lane; I met Catharine Kuiio-U lie Wa?iuar**"> market; che addre?*e<l me, and I tnbl her ?he had !% advantage of uie, ?h? Mtid h)?< hud ineVine ttiputl/. at Mr. KutterV in Yorkriiie; ?he mi-? to my iMn A afterward*, two or three times; nl>? ne??r wan IdtIM| her manner at my />tor? wan curb aa f <(l.l not thtak becoming in a young lady toward* a eCraog* g?nU*aw rtiinaix'iii inii riRiniuru -i wii in .nv ? employment out two yearn; I l?-n hira about aioa month* ; I m< chambermaid and wtllrif M-UUf ; t lukTe MM-n Catherine Kumiett ruin* to MV houxe ; >-U" brought things from tba market'the ttwat liiw ; xho then ram* to km the cbildr?a>; I n?W? knew her to romp utile** ?he had an errand ; *ti? MM I'OF time to do up iw?it meat*. a* a nervant. Ilka ? m-Ivm ; when aha would briag the thing* '**?" rome to the kitchen and aomatima* go up to tba oarn?ry to ?ee the children : 1 never kuew her ta take meal with. Mr. and Mr*. Magi#/ ; i>lie ha* ttkniml* with ore and tbe other xervaata In the kitchent never xaw her in the parlor Jeremiah l.jnch, pea-maker. In Hugley'a employ; JfcI bad a c<iDii>r-atl"ii with John Kuiin?tt Jay* after in the ca*?> of Hagley & Smith , be a?ke4 aa 111 would do him a favor ; I xald certainly ; he Ui*a borrowed lw ? h i 11111 n - from me; (Uuxlii?r ) be a*k?4 mi* If 1 would carry a uicK?ag? to Mr l(ai(t*y. ai ha wanted to M-e liim very badly, and he did not wUk t* fit to bin tifflrn ; be then *a?d that be waa very Mvljr that the biuithx uiade a tool of hliu*?li and hia daughter ind if h? could *ee llagtcy lie would axiurn biin neltkar be nor hU diuightrr would have appeared ?<eln?t hlaa but for the f mithx ; be xald he bad nothing at att u^iiin.i Mr lla?;ley ; that he wiih the bent m ilt lie had rvcr worked for, and be would like to work for hiia tea In ; be *al<l tf H.-tgley would meet hini at lb* .Saracen'* Heud." be would fee him there; I 4allvered the niex*ag? to Mr. Hagley and said litbll no objection to xee Ktinnetl ; they met , I wait there; Kunnett repeated to Hagley the way the 8mitb( treated him . ho xald he and hi* daughter would u?4 appear in tblx suit agwinxt Hagley hut for tba Hiuithr: lie raid ho had nothing to *ay against llagl?y abaut tba child ; that lie knew h? ww inunoeeut. and thai Ik wax that d?d etirtey beaded *on of a b - (meaning Manning) who wax the father of it ; I asked him whfr be did not go Hguioxt Van Hrunt or Manning, and hia *ald be rouid'nt get anything out of them ; he ??id ha knew hi* daughter wn* bad; that he would not brtiava her; that they eould not I runt her alone to fetch watar without watching her through ihe window (Kara Catherine roae in the Court, and hv*t*rle>?lly cried auk did my father *ay that"' anil rfio bur?t luta Inw^ Hhe w.m removed by her father and another peraa^ and on paxxing the wituexx ?he a-ked why he waa allowed to nwi'tr ?uch untruth* | Wllnoea continaa4-?Itunnett ?aid if I'agley would give blm aud ??ployiiient. he would give a release froin aM claim*; thfe remit wax thiit Mr. to Rt?a ln? on* root, Ht another Inkrtli w 1 liad with Uunnntt. 'uk? jointly ha M-nt up to th? ofllpp for in* and Mkod m* to Ml Mr Maglrr liiat h< w int.-.t * .? for th<. ?u>?oi* at t!if child >f.O for |im of tiuin. iu'I !M> for ikpi-nava; 1 want up ninl told Mr Ita/lpy. and h- aai4 hp would not a rent; It' 1 KunnrttMr IH?<(lpy'B reply; ha K?t luto a pnvion. and nwnrn hp would p?t the ?p|*w? to Mr llagli-y. that b? would put tha out to Mr. t'ookp. liU lawyir, and (|l?i> lilin all K? ro?ll tu?k?* out of It; tbo riHiut In ubirlil'atbrri** worM wax arriv?IMt? to nil thp m?o. V Uld you p?pt baar of Kuuuett thrrati oIiik Manning and Van Brunt raajM^tin^ thi-lr tpptimony? A.?I charfwd him vith and hr paid It wa? no mora than th" d d wn of k? dpwm-d; I ha?p notlppd everything that wm itaprap?r in Catherine while aha ??? la Mr. Ilafttcy'a employ. | H itui aa here detailed aouta iinmod?'?t queatloiu kM anawrra between Catherlnp and on? of the w-n J CruNkfitmlnnl bj Mr MorrU? 1 am a mania# nan, u; eldr?t rhlld la a nirl, nb-iut fourtoau fMTl ?f a?p. I went with thp Hmlthi at th? tluip of the dlaao lution. and I left thpm, and barn bee a with Mr B &* rm ainrp; I ??? a wlln?M for Ratflpy In tha tuM Im> t(i*n him and tha Hmltha; ha |fot a rerdlet of $1 00# jraluat tha hniltha; I did not ae? Barley offer llnnvit a paper, at the Hamrrn'i Head and a?k hln to %? It. WIllluDi II I'lillllpa dapoat-d that ha w u pinpl >yad la tka iiflr* of Hnili'f It Co , lu 1*47 and 'I', tha demeanor of t.'atliariua Kuunett w?> iceuerally li^ht u4 rarrleaa; i-ha told iup aha waa married, and her hatband wax at pea; hrr wajfea wpre n >t raiao.1 beyond per week, aa appear* by thp book*; pit*' ha I %'1'i wkaa idle ramp flrxt Mr Haudford put In pvldenea a latter of Mr Ocik% plaintiff 'a attorney. dated Deeeinber. 1 ' t'.? whlph ilata^ in aiipwrr to a not* from Barley. tbat h had no il^aatlon to a romproniiae, but that ha (Barley) ahould < aka notice that llunn-tt had created a li?u cu ttip (ill* t* tha amount of f>600 Michael O'Npil depoaed. that wIiIIp ('*tli%rina Ku. nctt waa preparing tha littla room IVilrm m"aaur*4 bpr Ipjj while aha waa atandlng on thp tabla, aha Ut4 him to ru war. and aha put li'-r fr ?pk <1 >wi John Van llrunt wa? r calN-.l. but not aa wpring to bi? nama. Mr Mandfor-l applied I ,r and afeUlne.l a bench warrant mraiu-t hii i Thp Co irt raa >( about trr o'clock Th* cm*- wiU lx- r <uiaal tM> uwruuirf at ten P*llUr?l Inlrlll^onrr. II ROOK L VI KUKTIO*. The rWtlon In Brooklyn liai r<'Mill?<l in Uu om< ?u*?-*?a of Hi* J?in'iT?U In rj .1 partia*?| tg III* rlty govi-rnmriit. W? ,,It? tlia r*?ull Ix lowi-Hmith d<'Bi'M r?t. U rlrrtci onr Sti aaahan. vfclg, fcQ majority uf 37V tot** m nut Mr* fWf maj IS (?rtwn *4 S KfA ' SOA Ht-KWk - Stt Herald - 1?* I'.-U ? n " 2 J? lUrkutU J KM rimr?b " iP^' ll-?wkhur.t * 47k Kit# ' .101 Mtrlifl.ll ...... ? at* II'i<lmi M K a ? Mtlann. " 43 B.-rv-ii - 44 I 'J1> " 1? lUdminf. .. .. ... " S l.amhrrt M4 Hthii.ii T. . - M I'M Turk*" ... 119 !>'r.irk? ..." 114 Whiff' In ft?W <l?lBixTi?t? In R'iiiiib Tlir Ci?im( tan<l< * ?h'it? I" 1* 'I' i" < r:?l" Intha Board of ftu|? r >i?.r ;1 J'tUK-riU and tft tlil*a are < |i-<t>- J T1IK WILLUNWUIt rUECTSrt*. Th? romi lotion of tha ran va?a yesterday ak?Mi that WIUiam?li\ir*f> had (T"'? ilernoerati* lliiul I>rt*|t? (h? m ral'e independent i mdidata Mr I'realilnit ren-ired 1.1 ??? hi- competitor, 1.014 ? Drlf *?' majority. 175. John Hroarb ftn Clark, (n th* ilmnnMi and independent li*heta. rorelred 1.177 votoa, <lao I. Itaker whijf candidate. 1 0-J1 Jlfwch' in ynrlty 1 >4 Ahmm J R rry r?nd.d?l? t>>r Kapervte ?r on tha <Wmorratir and lada^endrol lirk*t> ren-ive<| | VW1 ?a?. a* l)f? II Aod/ewa. ahl*. tA> Merry un l Andrew* arw alerted Henry C d-inocrat, l> riect'd J lUtiM ofth* Pr?f? Tha Tm4?i tWI if?; ? l?t liUlfkl fWwin* W Qrnrt%* lltratlo X. 'T It and Panlil l? Wioant 'ill Ittilrtrt -CAawarey .f U| lltrrlil'otiKMr*, ?.*4 Paaiel RixUf. 3d Di-trli-t 7 >** lit?n?, f'Kmt IK t*4 llmty Otlm?n T?1.?l. I "ltl(f?, J lod-pinJviiU ?n4 I di ni<rr>U 'Run on tli* ln.l?p*n<l*nt lltl'l *hl|? mi UaUm. Tli* naual whig in-^'-rliy la al"?l 304. At **? Ki rrtfaw Thaofflrial return" of lb* Alt**^ nmniripal rlrrtlon bar" miw t 1 haail. iii'l how * <! rideil falling ' IT fr tu th* iiaual wlily- unJorUle* T<rwn~ ml ?hi?, I* rioted Mayor or*r P*rry dm/ioo rat. hp Y-ut eie??n ?otea The wilt* J??tice and d raoaratte AM-*aur are elert d and two J?m^ralif napenatOT*denta Tli* ?M(T? hata flfeW a*?*u Alderman. %ni lb" d. morrat < threa Ml whl* and four d'lnv.niUt Pupi ifMi ara il?*l?il. ( lljr In trill genre. CwM4*'? *>" At rrma Ymt Dit'l Rti( - fMa aurti'fi ..f~ned jMi?rd?f a? 10 oVInrl. and waa nn rwpfttkl; alUnd<il fcr ?? ? rary and ma. nf Vun and wtt a? r?w ll? kept Ilia andtanea In ? roar A Mlow of JnflnHa mirth. Ilk* Torlab. ta ibha ram* Kiew T*i? Mddlu* ?*? 'irriMlonally ?piita< inmifli hut. aa a general rul" tb* book a were ka i?> rd down rheap. c-neld'-rmj their eharaetor and nutrki? prlea Ulln' Weekly KegUter *o ?A In tha a*. taJi>4U*. forly-two ?olun?/?. aold for only I ?rty II * rent* pi r filnine th"ilrh It la well worth par aoInn.* VMpial'a I hrlatl Am< rirana, or th* Rrrleata*. ttrnl lliidory <d >*w Ru ilan l fr' ia Ita flr?t planting In ItJJO |o I'm*. In t t"l? . awld for fli.Vi Wo IM ha the ratal"*)!", i rititlod l>i^- r.-ry of th***. Riel . and Krautlftil Kmjlr* ..f iluiana. a Relation of 1 li T at a',>l 4 ? I <1 ill - II I ila f?f Mmiiii^ a_e b..rf..rmiwl U Aft? jr?r I'lWi, h? fllr W?ll?f llalrljh, Imprinted ?l i^an d'?n, l?y Inkfrt HnUi ??i?. ?il4 fw M. t A'xi^H atxxit lk? til' "f I flfuon rent book It ka ?WJ r?r?. nil It I* m>I.I to W fr>u? tbi? work that ""ft -paiar* hu of tk? * (MM *"*vt BarmoHbi* ' A ?**? ? t<v>k pWa tr?m two i|N ?h?n th? ml a ?m tnVjid and matlMW to !? ? In tba eatal<?*?a af?rr which ft pxrUill* ?f beautiful ?KKT?vli?4r* *a? *A<I T' .tey, tka hIi ?g ! ? t*ry rlth In hi?ffraph| fend leiun T?? Kt??-ria? ?r Pia? Vhpui ?At % *<tlng h*l4 at >'lrri>ifn'? lltll n?',n??li; nlfht, Mb April, IHMl or th# ri^rwoUtlr^. of tha flra Daf*rtwant Mi? f?t Inwlna r?ndid?W rtn ?d?M*4. a?W four niMUMlrt t allntlnga. nam#',. Th<M?ft? Rom*, Jnhft Kotllamftft. V We' Ttmrj, WjJoliR Umm THa *tlll| than id. lovrar.1 orar U> V|t Man ia; ..kght, at a%*| a*?l?at>, to rlMt U0 olkrt r^kt ?r? ?ir4rai

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