Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1850 Page 1
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1 T II NO. 6787. "double sheet. THIRTY-FIRST COWO*UB?#._ riUNT "ifcSMo*. Senate. rr mouse's magnetic ntJBum. Wasmiwotob, April M. 1860. Frlftl* petitions were preaentod by Dlekla on. Hunter, and Ruak. latkbt a*0 rt'oitive atAVES. Mr. CaiwiM presentrd petition* from Ohio, praying that pereoti* arrested aa ftigitire tlavee be entitled to the right of trial by jury. Mr. walu presented a petition numerously signed by ei Irene of Delaware, against the extonsloi of alarery to the territcr ea. and In faror of the Imme- ' dlate admUalon of California. Mr 1Ia> a presented petitions from aeveral .Stains. In favor of the prohibition of slavery and the slave trade In the territories Also, several In favor of extending the trial by Jnry to persona arretted na fugit ve elavea. A lei n large number against tne admission 01 any new ri>TP State And othere, praying tha' slavery h* abolished In the Dlitrlrl of Ooitinibia. or the removal of tha seat of government to n nt othrr place uenr- r tha centre of the Colon. At?o a petition that the Senate would rrjeet the eifhlh resolution of the eerie* eubmltted by Mr. Clay ; and many other petition* of a similar character Mr. Ci it rose nnd said that he desired to call the attt nt ion of the Senate and the country to the rharaet< r and nature of the petitions just presented by the Senator mm N< w llamp hire (Mr. Hale). They were printid pl-iee of ps pi r. inbraoinic every variety of eubj. ct ii.ilcjad In this question of slavery, and were pripand at tome common coutrs. and scattered all over the ci unlry for > pnaturee and then returned here ex rvidi ucce of popular opinion. He wished to eiporr this deception. Some if these printed head* of patulous hnal f< nnd their way into his own State, lie had rtrelied s< me of then-, a few day* ago from Lewie county. Kentut ky He a.tyactcd to sueb a ramified scheme of daea'vlng this l>"dy or the country a* to the ep nlon of the country. He held ono of these po. tltlous in his hand and would ask tho Senate to examine it Mr. Hill called the Senator to order. The Vtca PaistDiw?The Senator from Kentucky Is eali d to order He will pleuae take hi* seat The Senator from New Hainpsh re will state his point of order. Mr Hale?I will state It. sir. Mr. CiaV?Well, sir. let the Senator state hb point of ord r. Mr Hale?I am not to b disturbed In my duty by 1c ud talking, either from bch nd or before. Mr C. At?No one talk* louder than yourself. Mr. lltLi wa* about stating his polu* of order when Vr. Mixuta ro e to a point of order. If lb* Senator f < ui Kentucky was nulled to ord r for words, the words should be reduced to writing Mr. Hale suid that his point of order had not yet been stated. The Vice Peesidevt said the Senator from New Hampshire had not yet slated his point of order; and the chair c< u'.d uot tell vet what it was. Mr. Hale then stated hip ><nt of order to be?that the petition on which the Senator from Kentucky was spesking. was one of those which h- had presmtid. end one which the Senate had and ta'.d on the table. It was a subject on which the Senate had acted, aud thai no remarks now upon It were in airala-r. The V ca l'"**in?*T said th" point of order involved % po nt of faot. upon wh oi the Chkir had > Inior m?i| n. The > hair did not kn >w wlteth.-r the pititlun -n the hands ol the Senator from Kentucky wa* one to be i-ce-ented, if one that had already been pr, - Mr. Cla* - il l that it wa? perfectly prop -r fir him to mnke the n rnai k* he ntended to hAv* do is. Ilow d <1 "-he .v iii tor know that It vim uot UU intention to make a in "I i vii upon the petition > The Vut fariioaiT wa? understood to ray that It a ir.olion ru Intended to be made the motioo -hould V made Oret, and the remark* should toil >w the motion. Mr. Ciat aald that he understood the rule was directly the rercrse, The Y I' rsirRMT said that ho might he mistaken, and would tie happy to be corrected by th- Senate. Mr. Cur said that itvia a well established rule,that e?iry member having a paper to prosent or a motion to make, had the right, and It was his duty to state to the body. In brief and pertln nt remarks, the oh,eel and motive of the paper he proposed to pyeecnt. or the motion he desired ti submit If a member should proceed to make a long and Unix penary speech, he could he called to ord ir and coa-rtned to the subject, lie remembered the celebrated case of Mr Kewdfph who made a long speech upon a pfipi r which had not been presented to the IIiu<e Ue (nr. Clay, then Speaker) had called Mr Randolph (o order. An appeal was taken, and the decision was sustained Mr I;, then proceeded to the eitminttion of 'the character of the petitions and the m >de In which they were disseminated throughout the couatry fbr the purpose of manufWcturing public opinion Whenever there appr ared a pro.p.-rt of effecting a settlemi nt of the disturbing (juration*. those abolltlonista set on foot every scheme to prevent peace and b rmany and to inrreaee agitation and strife lie e vn? d red the *K lltlouists to be the gT< alet t enemies anil oppreasors of the negro race. They were later ated only in k eping the putlte mind in agitation. Th y were like the Centaur* of old. they u?unted the negro as a means on which they can ride into place and dt?tlucii'>n He again denounced the petitions as a schema to disturb and agitate the country by (Wisely manufacturing public opinion. His object was to exposo the matter to the country and the mate that they might n>t he lie would not however, submit any tuition ?t this time on the petition Us would proeeat aomi peUibnaof aaoth-r character Ue then presented a Etltii n from merchants and others in PhiUdelph a in * r c f allowing a number of * ntnen from the g iv.-faint at i err tee. to ho detail* d to thi expedition fitting out in Hew Tork, to aid In the diseor ry of Sir John I rankl n Mr llam presented a petition praying a reduction -of postage Also, a petition pricing th - prohibition of slavery in the Territories of th Uuited Hutu. Mr. Ben objected to the reception of th* last petition. and made eaane remark* upon the character of the petitions dally presented to the deuale on the subject of slavery, sad their i Devi table tendency to alisnaAa the iMsrmt section* of the country Me usitieularty aduded t a petition presented on Monday. by the beast or from Mew York. (Mr Sewarilj which he sent to the Secretary * desk to be read It was a petition from th# eitieene of Ontario county, Mew York, asking that tba eurolmmW of tho aailHia may Include all classes of perieo*. and setting forth that la the enrwimeot of tho as tb oat militia diollaatloa i? mad , wha.vbp a larya Ian*. a?I 'In# Mar* U?n Ihraa million* of p*tpla ara ratlraip aaaatptad from anrobm ?nt tai ulHtarp dulp Thla largo rlaaa. midiu ahiatp ta Ota Itmkafn Hlatra liarkiaf burlkaa of lk< ayua ami *t thai aaltoaal iiiil.w la cuaa at InaarraetUa or latakia, U thrown Up?a lha Rortharo Btalra thai, la rain of laaariaati n or laraaion tba whola powaf at th? Ynrtli map be fallal to dafead Ika South; I bat la raa of a similar arant ntvarrlag at tha II rth tbair ullaiii i oa tkalr Bnafkera brothraa a?<l o*ii| ta ika ln?|uaili; ba aitiaaal; limited. If aot uttarlp rata; ami In-latlng Ikat all tha bartbaaa ami oblige :ioamat kba people of tha aaaaral fl tales ought Itka. la all reaper U. eqaal aad mutaal. and 0 ?n(OM ta Immediately rem "dp Ihia laMjualilp hp tha at a law for tha aeridmeat of tba aallitla of all thr Wtataa atkk ahall Inelude all alease* of paraoaa aliboal amy diatlea-tlea of aoi- r or ennditloa Mr kriaa Mr. tootb. aad Mr Iili aoallaaad lha drhata Mr. tra then atlMraa HU etyeetioa to tha raaap-.loa af tka petition. aad It ?u reeelTed aad laid oa tha tabif trkMMMt or Ml'tl Mr Cut than aiorad that tba prtltloa presented oa M?adwp by Mr Howard alluded to bp tha Beoetor from fnai W tahaa up for enustdarattoa Aad tba motion pre Tel led Mr ISap tkan mooed that tha praprr of tha patltlaaara ba raj ea ted Ha hopad tha Senate would anaatmowalp and aidemnlp deelara against tha prapar af tha petitioners a prapar whiah If eoatempleted Til b' rrthla and foreaer dlrpoaa of tha ta^jtal lia aakrd tha paaa and uapt. whlah wara ordara-l Mr Bawtau Raid that ha presented th? petition. aad ii??lt?d ta in a word upon tha motlou Ha raa >gni?ed tha rtoht of petition lla r..n*tder?d It ??< ?u InalirnaTle right of tha aItlaan Rut whtls be heliered ".bat aU mm had tha rlfhl of Ufa. llbartp and puriult of htcplaaaa -whlla ha wai In faror of thi em mm pallou of ararp Mara In tha CnlUd States and alaewh -re ? ha waa not dtapoaad to dlaturh etiatlng iaditatloua. aiaapt hp alaar. constitutional mean* ||a would, tbarafora rota ta rejeel tha prapar of tha patltlon ira And tba question being taken tha motion waa agreed ta, a* follow*:? !????M*e*ea. Afkiana. Badger, Ball. Raafon. Bprtaad, Vredbarr. Brtehi. Hollar i base. t larks, Clap. '- "par. Carota. Paaia, <4laasaahaaatu, Patkaa, tMakiaeaa, l> .<tie af loaa. I*-I?a. af Wiw aata. I? a<Iaaa. PaUb, |m,?. Ilreoas. Ilkia,Jt>"lia, H attar J ?.. *.? tUa?ma. Naaea Millar, Ri.rt a, Morris. faaraa. Cbslp*. Baak, Bel.aatlaa. Bsoard, Afclrlde. Smith. Hoald, Ppntaaee, Taroap. Cadarwaad. Walaa. ttalbar. t? d?l?r, Wkltaamb, Y?l?a??A t ??#?'I. Tha rranalndar of lha aaaalon waa darotad to tha eoa* Jerutiofi af tha t'en-ua bill WiiwtooTMa, April ll. |t$n uTMiTiaa ar lOkTatrrriaoa at tiii wicmoao nonutrii< Mr f ??e presented tha joint resolution* of tha laptipit ura af MH'hluan. rescinding tha Instructions to tha Pmatorr and Kapraaantallraa la Congress Ifon that Btalr to rota for tha W llmot proviso Ha eiprrweed k plaaaura In presenting tha r latlona, ra.nark n< thai thap aara a panaa offering that thap would ba faaalaad aa auch. rata ??T?oaTtaa or rat ft. tiwuaci aiaaa. Mr DoraLaaa praaantad a mam "rial In facer of stearins lha free MTlyatlou of lha Rt Lawraaaa and atpraaaad lha Ho pa that artton would ba had upon tha I,Min In aaoaon lo aranra thla waw ontwt to tha In tlma for tha trad' ?f tha Waat tha Bria Canal bala? i?*'l?qunta to tha tranayortaUan of tha larya am aat of prodnca Mr Biwiaa moaad that tha pat\ti<>u mifht ba print od Ha aoutandad that tha Bria Caaai aow anppllad aU tha faaliitiaa aaaaaaarp for tha f-aa-trm <tf tha M .at; thai U aalanramaat would aooa ba aomplatot, wb ll waa Id ba la tha powur. aa waU aa tha latorwat (f tka IBM, to rudaoa tka toUa aa foatfht, an aa to for E NE ut?h all the fneilltie* required for Utu gr tving oo-nBMN of the Wwt. lie wanted the petition printed, In order thiit he might rail the attention of tb gorrrr men t. and of the people of the State of Mow fork, to the subject, a* one of great and d.wtal importance. Mr. Doix lao* regretted that Mr. Seward ?h<>uM oppose the projiet no early. Mr Sa?*ai> replied that be wanted only to keep tbo qufftloc balanced. THE OIOCNABOKD BB?EWVt OPrtCB** Mr IIami.i*. from the Committee on Coinot'-ree reported against the restoration to the Herenue, of the officer* discharged some time ainee. which report we* concurred in. Ma. BBLL'a BBtOLL'TIO**. The Senate reoumed the ronaideration of Mr. BeU'a resolution* on the subject of Slavery which Mr foote had uiored to refer to a Select Committee of Thirteen, with instruction* to endeavor to report noma plan of compromise r< r toe settlement or ?U toe question* arising out of the institution of slavery. T.? this u?>ti<>n Sir. Baldwin had moved an amendment providing that t ho question of the admission of Calif >rtna should not be connected with the question* reported npon. The quiellon having been stated on the Utter ami ndment. Mr. Bintov briefly addreaaed the Senate citing Uct* in aupport of the poaition nwumi'd by him that in sixty yi ar* of legislation. Congress had never bsfsre coupled the admission of a State with any other question. Mr. Clav replied again citing tho rate of Missouri, and proceeded with some remark* for the purp >?. of showing that no indignity or injuatice would bo d jus to California. by referring her caae to the chet e >mmittie There were few point* in which Congress had any right to touch the queation of slavery at all and j of those few there were aeveral which he would not touch himself and would not. therefore, eend th >ni to any committee. He would never con-ent to couple California with slavery, in any way. He alio read the art for the admission of Missouri and rommouted upon the action completing that measure. Mr. Darros opposed tho connection of Oal f.irnia with the distracting question of slavery \V\* it n >t an act of injustice to California. to thus nmii 'ot har. and tbua hazard the defeat of her admission in tho h< pe of bringing in. with her. and carrying through, a more objiclioiiable measure, thus making h >r a sort of sugar plum, in the exportation that she w 11 sweeten, in some degree, a bitter doso. ami thus enable certain Individuals to swallow it? California hid rights upon this floor, and no such use as p-opned should be made of her The proposition was uujust also, to senators who desired to voto for Calif iru.a and who did not desiro to be forced to reject hor or else Tcte for measures which they believe to bs improper Mr Kivo advocated tho propriety of connecting two subject!. as proposed lie contended that California had no actual right to be received here, and that delay In that act. for the purpose of eecurtng the rights of the states of the Union, was proper snd could not be objected to by her She was a territory and o >uld have no rights as a State until Congress had m ido her a State. After some remarks on tho general question. 1 he expressed his attachment to the Union, and the ! hope that It would be preserved by a spirit of conciliation aVid compromise. Mr Doeci ass. as a test question, whether tho Senate would raise the select committee or not. moved to lay I the whole subject on the table but withdrew for i Mr WcMTxa. who expressed his rcadiues* to vote ! for the committee, but he could not commit hfra?'lf i to aupport any measure which shall make the adinie ion of California dependent upon any other muaiure. lie thought that the importance of tnn preceduuoo of mi'NHurt'*. van much overrated If Mr. Dougtaa ->h >uld get up hie State billa. it would be competent for nnjr 1 gcntliman to move to amend by inserting territorial I govt rnment, and ri>< verto. The queston up >n either ! or boih subjects could not bo avoided In conclusion he raid that be waa ready to vote for the admission of j California a* an Independent meaaore and that he wiuld vote for the propoaed committee a< .in eaporlnnnt in drference to the leading men in the H.-nate, who bad di/cueeud the queation. rather than from any confidence in ita results. Mr 1'oora. in compliance with n suggestion from Mr Wrbater. that the term in hla motion for the committee suggesting that the committee be appointed to consider and present lomi plan of compromise m xliflid hia motion by aubatituting for--plan of eompromiae." the words " scheme of adjustment." After come observations by Mr. Itaia and Mr. Poovg, Mr Bkwtow submitted some additional remarks, to shew that if the subjeet of California should b<- sent to the committee, her case would have boon already prrjudgid and contending that tha sense of the .Semite, upon the direct subject should be tak'in now? that a manifestation of the real sentiment might i be obtain* d while the whole subject waa on hand. 1 If m nl to the committee and brought bark again t > the Senate, the man who would dare to oppose the proposition of the committee, would he denoune,-* throng Rout the country ae a dlm.cgentssr and fhrttoatst. lie further objected to the Injustice of auy course by the Senate, the effect of which would be to make California buy off, or pay down, for the privilege of alavcry from her borders In reply to Mr Clay ho denied that be rrlled upon precedents in hl? opposition to miiing California with othar questions, asserting that hia coarse was founded upon reaaons which hava govt rem d those precedents for aisty years Mr Kiwo denied, for himself aud those who acted with him being governed In hla course by any consideration connected with the Introduction or eielusion of slavery Into California Mr. Dtn.-ct.ass renewed hla motion to lay Mr. foots'# motion on the table, which waa rejected ? yeas W. nay* 'it ae follower? Yase? Messrs. Ilsatoa, Badger, Brut Very. Claw, Clark, (srwts. Davis, of Mass., Dsyive. D?4g?, af lews, Dode*. ef Wis., Duuslasa, Psieb. Ureses. Hale, lliualia. Jaaaa, Miliar. N'-rrir. Hbslps, Howard, JLisUs, Rmith, Sprvaees. Cpkaaa. i Wales acd Wslkvr. Nail?Baser*. Atrhisea. Boil, Borland. Bright. Ba ler, Cars, l ley, llcmsns, Davis, ef Mlaa. D ekies a, D*?a><, I foots. Ilea sr. K,in* Mengem. Maaoa, fears#, Pratt, i ?o*k. Set satis a, Huclk, Ternsy, I'advrweod, Wait- I s.Bib aa.l false. Mr Basiavav stated the views which would govern > hla vote. 11# had been Instructed to vote for no territorial bill, not containing the proviso, he recognised | the right of instruction, and believed the proviso t > be i ct nstitnUonal He understood tha object of those who adtocaUd the Helcct Committee to be the of the California bill with one for the establishI msnl of territorial governments, end being in favor of , the admb*iou of California he could not consent will- j ingly to be placed in a position where he would be compelled either to vote against that measure, or else difebey hla instructions He waa. therefore utterly opposed to lb# reference of this subject to a committee Mr. Bbistop gave notice that If Mr Baldwin's arn n imeudmant waa rejected he would submit en aiasndment. providing that the committee shell not e justdsr the question of abolition of slavery la the dials* , slave trade between the Mates, slavery In f >rt? and d<ek yards and slavery to the district or auything relative te domestic slavery, not specially referred to J th< m. by name and by order of the ftenate After a remark or two by Mr Webster relative to the propriety of getting at some direct vote Mr foots eipreseed hla willingness to modify hia motion. 1 so as simply to rrfrr Mr Hay's aud Mr Bell's resoln- 1 tii na la r,function, to a select committee of thirteen I On motion Mr foots waa allowed to withdraw hia I original motion and substitute the new one Mr Bcwvew tun red that Mr Baldwin's amendment ' be modi A. d The motion and the question being put. I It was rejected - yeas M. nay 2A The question re- l j earring ou Mr Poole's motion be mov<dhis amend, meat taking from the proposed commutes the power j to consider any of the questions relating to domeetio I slavery Mr m Mid that nit a g*ntl*man who h?J jn?t rot* d with the majority t-nlt tli? propoeltton eonttlwil In tkr mrnilhril hat a*. at th* preeat !> *, the aarmattr* of th* propoetlun did nothing towarJ* the m ttl? nicnt of th" uueetlon In agitation. he hoped the e an i 'lat'nt ennld b* anted down Mr ftit m- ?ed to *m<-nd ?o aa to protWe that nothing In Mr Bool*'* motion ehnll ha eon?tmrd an aa to tilt m Uta raletanre of any power la Cnngreaa to aholtah ?U?ery In the (Mate* fcr Mr Ciw hoped the (tenatnr wonld withdraw tha amendment lie wonld eola tor the committee aa aa e? per.m- nl hut objected to the propoaad amendment, btraute It tnrnlred a rote npon ahatmet pmpoeltloni Mr Ci IT eald hla only object wae to ohrlata the d.fAruliy whlrh ma? gentleman uppoeet the rote np n thr motion ef Mr lontt'a reeolntion tnrnlred . to wit the ree> gntlton of tha power In Congraea to eat npon the >nhjnrta named In Mr Benton'a am *ndm'nt In conrlu-lon. Mr Clay withdrew hie amendment Mr Iririw dlearowed any dee I re to etnhermee the artlnn ol the feaate HI* object waa 4 reetly the rarerea and ha he lie red the eonetderatlon of earh iuhjaet up? a Ita own merit* wonld moat tend to direct aid ?p??dy action of the Wenate Mr Wiaerra wanted to know why It waa. that Mr Beaton would peril >t in objecting to the rrferenea to tha ealeet e> mmlttee The California h.U would eniae up to-morrow and It wonld ha In the p rwer of the Ita- 1 nala to tahe iueh eourea upon It ai eeemed boat lade, yard* nt of the aetlon of the eommlttee Mr Btwrae wanted to know why Mr Webeter would . i><relet In adeoeatiag the eommlttee. when the refi renea thereto did not mean anything Aftrr eome further de bate. Mr Ifii.r mored to refrr | thr whole inhjert to the Committee on Terrttorlaa, . whlrh motion wa* rejected- Tea* fl , May* SI Mr Ctar n new. d, In euhetanee. hla amendment to ) Mr Brntnn'a amendment Mr Bin-roe mid hi* object wa* to prerent the *o?n mil lee he m conrMcrlng the queetlone itated In the mandmrnt Ma did not think Mr Clay'i nropoaHlon* aa itrong a* hie own hut In hi# eitrem# deilre to aaeura eome prograa*. rtpraaaad hi* raadinea* to accept thim. Mr n.rron for tha purpoea ot gaining time to egamine tha qnratlon. aa now prceantad. moead an adjournment. wkiah wae not agreed to Th* <|ueetioti being etated upon Mr Brnton'a amendment, aa modtted hy Mr I lay Mr Cpham aeked a dirleton. and the quel lion wa* flr-t lUtcd on th* propoaitlon that I he motion for reference ihail not be ? roue trued aa aflrmlng or Implying tbe power of Congreee to atwdleh rlavary In the State# After furl her debate Mr Wrmti eaprmaad hi* u?willing*##* to ant* upon the pmpoettlon In r- Intlon to larary in the Metrtet of CrdnmMa, without eonetderatlon and d. bale The f rut* at Bra o'clock adjourned Ha ma ?f Bryiwi atattrra. It hAin'a aijrt-rno-xnanrcai. nn.MiAnt Waawiaoro*. April II 1ASO Mr BcWnut. from tha Committee on Printing report* d a bill In freer of printing tan thousand cop lea i4 1 brma* BuUer mf'< report on Caltfbmta Mr tawtata opposed Iki printing, for th* rmawn W YO MORNING EDITION?FR tlu:t up M thla tme the printing of lb- tint tKri *? lit uf the icaalnn hn> not been raecuted. The evil waa nicnrlrou*. and on* which ought not lo be endui-d. If *h> rnutrartora cannot do the work, discharge then and i in ploy otb< r* Mr Tnotiraon. of Kentucky, wma now aatlafied that the contract eyrtein wtlj not anewer. 11n f.i iuui bill. fr< m the Cenaua Committee. waa referred lo the Committee on the Judiciary. Mr fe iMotMii pave notice that he Intended to dl-ci-ta the matti r of public printing, and to ahtw that more mlliioualrea hod been made out of it than in ecy other mode Let Congreae do their own printing. and let the penaionert on government go elsewhere for a living Mr IUti? >aid the Ilouae waa to blame for the delay; thiy had ordered ao much extra work. After fur'hi r proeeidingH the report waa agreed to 1 be b U to extend the time of the payment of dutlea on irt u in.porti d for the Wilmington and Kaleigh Kailtied |???id after a abort d> bate A t.t.mber of unimportant re porta from committee# were ri ndrrvd Mr ltxitr frem the Committee of Waya and Meana, rt |>?inu > diii inr in* ?u|>purt ui iiu! array >nn miry h r tb? next li/ml year. Ur Futki fr< ui the Pout OBm Committor, reported i bill nUkliihlnt; mail route* iu California. Oregon, Mlnnriiota. and Ni w MeaVn Mr. Boit, fr< m the Committee on Military Affair*, reported the Senate bill, increaaitig the army commieearint. Mr Cobb from the Committee on Public Land*, rep< rtid a bill granting bounty land to eoldler* of the war of IMS Wayuc* war, the Creek and Florida war*. Adjourn, d Meat In kb off U>e Trod*#. T1IK VAKMHHKlIlt A maea meeting of the Vamlrhera waa held on Wtdnviday ?veiling at Mechanic'* llall, No 170 IIc#U r itmt with the view of an aa*oeiati< ti of the nam* rraft. The Herman raruieher* hi Id two pn viou* meeting* t"T 'he inuir purpoae. but IliIIli ibttntelTi a too few in number, and being thereby t.nrble to ftiim an organitation they rnqut ated the atli rdanee of all there who are employed in the Name l uror burini *, whether German* or Americana; and act i rdir.gly a goodly number a*eembli><l at thr meeting in qUietMiU At the hour appointed, the meeting enlcrtd upon builoci*. and proceeded to the election ot a president and neretary Sir l.'ttUe waa'unamrai ualy appoint* d Pre*id<-dl and Mr Mouahan Secretary The quvktion wit* now put to the Chair, whelhur It te < xpi dii nt or not that tin y rhould form a aoeiuty. and taike a fund kuflcient for the lupport of the .'unr f Their bu# I net* it wu* further Ntated, b~ing no much n l.ji eti d to imposition would likely profit but little 1-y the foiraation of a aoclefy A great number of the a MB by txprtaxed theni*elrie to tlio eff ei -hit. on at count of the uature and peculiar poaltiou of their Lurlco* tin v would gain nothing by the formation of a kociely, other* again *aid that the imposition wh'.ch U ko fiiquently pract.aeil upon tbem should l>? the my ni'od *hy they klioula proceed to form an imnudate orgamratlon At length. after ronrideratile dilate. It ?ii unauimovaly adopted that a committee of Un kht.uid be appointed who will draft r??oluttou* ft uding to the CktablUhraent of a noclety which reaolotion# will Ihen I* knbinitted to the consideration aud docitkklon of the aa*? mbly at large at the neat meeting The MTtral nu inter* compo?lng the raid comuntil e wire tlun elected, after which the meeting aoon adjourtit d THK snip atWVTTRW. A general meeting of the khipf nawyera of Ifew York and broi klyn. wae btld la#t er*ning in the Rumr. ktreit. between Annua A and Lewi* rtriet. for t ho purpoae of trankaeling bu-lrn*-. of importance The atuiidanee waa rrry nuwerou* The chairman pro htu . hnring callid lUo meeting ko order, ktuti d that the object which had railed ao nmnerouc a I iMly U gi thi raw* the formation of a society for tha purpo e of partVularly .Acting an adunrr of w.ige* aud in getn ral for the mainti nance of a reepectabl* uoii-illcn in aoeletr The I'rcmdent now uroee- d -d to tl?ct t Bt uibfr wfio >hould act tn the cap wity of Ac- 1 netary It ?ai then proponed that a committee of twtlve ihould IxiappolnUd in order to draft rr>i<itl< or and clatotistobe ubinilted to the con?.d r*tirn f tha nn in)era at the in at meeting The diif*rrnt Bdnbwi being elected, the aeeembly shortly after adjourned City Intelligence. Timt or the Bore raon ItmntLL't Ituo.?Te?terdaj, 100 of the boy# fr< m Kandall'* island vie I ted tble city under the charge of Mr Ripley. They looked rt mark ably well. On paselng the f/rreld oflne. they look off their cap* and cheered loudly The number at present on the Irland la ae follow*:? Men 79 W omen ITS Boy , Glrta 541 Total l.StM riaintTiaci in tub Corren M*?arr ? la the early pa t of March, a cotton brokei* In t hiaeiiy aaeerted hie cone ctlen. fttm an Inspection dnrtng a ine-iu. ric ?b*p of the fragmentary portion* of the cotton erop remaining ta the pUntation* < f a few wealthy j IauU t- at the South that the dtlivvriea at th p .rte w iuld derrraee eo rapidly during April from the ab-olule *rarrlty of the aitlcle. that during the second week la that month, ray from "d to loth m t . the amount reported In tha Shipping Ll*t taAde* would uot exceed 35 Out) bale* againat 1A Sou lelea delivered la*t year by >amc authority A* lhi? wa* a b Id a*e. rlton and h lintel nt the t ue to be ei ry wide of tbe mark? 4* WW to 06 000 bale# being tbe faenrlte trtde eatimetee. in fact. ft me 'landing out for SO uu0 bale*? great tale re.t ha* im i d fi It to learn the result Singular a* It i* ?y * em yet euch I* the fart The Li t of yesterday, 10th lu-t . uLDourod the retull to be ,H ;W which b'iug unit r 4C0 I alee, le k aown la the trade a* 34 000 and ex h bit* great ancceae In gureeing. or an evidence of claim yencr Niw Tea* Fibbmc* ro?trtarr with Rvuiki?Wedoeeday morning, at an early hour, a Are broke out In an upper atory of a houae In Leonard afreet, two door* fri m l mire occupied by Mr Htoddart. and wee nulchly extinguished by tbe A reman It la worthy of in-mtion hit Ay on account of an Incident A llutneu, living In the *ame .trout got out of bed when h heard tbe alarm of Ore. and to hi* great aatonUhiu nl. before the U*t *troke of tbe Ar?t alarm of the hell had ecundtd. a Are engine wa* actually at work lie o mid net h? Ip contracting t hi*, and the rapidity with which the dame* were rItingulehed. with a Are that he once wttne?eed in the Kuaeian palaee-the Sera In thl* palace there I* a Are brigade with a t.d.mrl and other < fleers, like a military corps, whoea ?ole biaatne?? It ta to atteod to Ore* In tbe palace They got an opportunity on the oeca*lon referred to. mod before tbry were at work there were two building* burned to the ground do much for the difference between the voluntary effnrte of Arvracn. who work for glory and h? n< r and the reluctant performance* of *erf? who nrn ly do a tyrant'* bidding Yi?iv oriloOoin it..u? to v.- Y... tyo.tnoe day. abortly before Itn o'flwt the Oeprey ilatmi r of I'l.tladi Iphla (kirb Iffl thai fllj no Tu-?H?y at two o'i l< rk P. M . wood a trial trip, or rather a plea >are trip, to Mew York arriawd at Rtor Mo I and attract* <1 a ownriderabU nuabrr of apectatore Hbo had a large r< mpany on hoard includ ng ladlra and eh.14rra Pbo b-long a to tho Ihilal. lph>? and tllaatlo I'tia Navigation Company and tko pree.deat. Mr A W Thrmpooa waj on board At o r o'clock olio raturrn d to Pblladolphla. and will be placed Immediately oa Ike I'no hot woo a that city and Charleetnn Pb-> In long and narrow, kor length being 1*0 fart and h-r I adlk - * fart ?he ha? a or- tty appcartnre fr ni ll>? laad IIor cabla aoroaaraodatlona aro excellent ftrniL or a Itrw Yaaa Yett-wrata - II la aotolitlnni bow fa-t tho rrmnaat of tho twaae roiuntaooa ?ro dropping ' If on? by one Hcarcoly haa >>no grace | rliaid onr tho doad, tul annthor la opened fur a frooh r'rtim Yo?trrday Ik* m? mbora of ttio lata regiment aot at tka Mem r llnue? at ono a'rl wk. andor anno. ! ai d with the gb-rlona colore that w ro bo mo trl- 1 iimpbant at rhopaltrpoc. to accompany to tka grata , the rraialnonfa derearod r< m pan Ion In anno That ilancbrly daly wao performed with bocominp dlpnity and a larpo roacoarao of rltinon* attondod lb# ' fbmral It war a moamful bat otlU a aMime apeotact# to l? k oa Iknao proud ouIon and tka handful of youth who paardod thorn - tka wrapk of a anrpa that a- once *o terrible to tka foe Truri re Pmi inn rm> -Tka Camdoa and Aaibny , Railroad Company nmainrnl tannlnpaa addtt nnal lit e frr in New York to rhllad Ipb a hy eteaaihoat Juka I'ottor from plor Ma. I Monk Hirer, and care fr- m Mouth Ambcy. rrrtorday. the llth mat Tho trot line Ira eon Mow York at T o clock A M . the a< rond line at is r M The It o'clock line will be diaeontlaaod karat Aon rear ? A wotaaa naraa<l Rrldpot Couk boat forty-Arc yea re if apo a nalire nf Ireland In a rtale of tnti location fell tkroaph tho llud*?>n Rlaor Railroad Rrblgr at Rorty-aoooad atroat ahoot hrlf paat 7 o'clock Wcdaeeday morning, and died on the apot iibin Arc anul<> fr> m the Injnrlaa aha rccetred ky Iko bll It |a aery Improper to haaa hotcw la thla hridpa aa pttfalla to entrap and kill the laraatlmaa It Irbtpadlhat tkla paragraph will calob aim# of the dlrrrtrry a attention eo aa that they will eaaaa the brimh tn he repaired before another life la loat. Dram ar a Rati..?Tka Coroner Wednre.lay hold aa inqne?t at Ika hnn.e of Tk?raa< Martin altnetrd In Rorty.ninth atroot on the bod* of Charlea MrRarlan aa (migrant. tho. ataeo the arrfrai of the reaaol aceldeatelly foil into the kotd, Infletlap Injur tea ahleb ratntd immediate death llr?ar Ciar*a Riarrroar ?The Clay twye requewt Ike rbipping In pert to eihlhit Ihetr rolnra to-day In kraot of the h<rthdey of Ifenry CWy Tho featlral. Ikia aaonlnp at MM? a. will ho a mapniflcaat affair Caaarcriae In tho total ' nf dleharaemeaU of tho Draaaalia Road Aaaoelatloa In part of oar ed tion yaalirdey f lOff (boald kaao keen added aa in the haada of the Pi rrolary to balance the aacoaat t?r the year The < mieeloa waa aocMcntal R i At a qnartrr b? fore If o'clock on W'dneaday a (hi a Ire Irak# rat la tka foat atnoy hrtek ha.ldlag S>l and t!T Howrry nam d hy John R Delarlaim and ocroplad by Tkoodora Teller and Ow?f|e Kttrkt erklrwt makira The Are eagtaaa wore arwHlt In gnebMeea and raced the bwifdinp after a Inaa ofahaut 1**? Mr whiek I hero la no Inawranoa The It w'rlr rk railroad rar la paaatnp op waa abwat to rrcrr Ike hooo wbta the Irtnat atnpped ike ear bat airy p? lllily lifted I ha knaa rear tbo oar. and tkea permitted It ta perooad RK H IDAY, APRIL 13. 1860. I Tk* Ornrral Rkllroad Act .

Th# Oeaeial Railroad BUI has passed both branch## ! of tb# Legislature. and goes into effect Immediately It U on# of the moot Important arts of th? amnion, and as It 1# of aim Oct uaircrsal interest. # gir# it* leading iMtarM 1b the noft condensed form:? Ofr.BAL ILailboao Act. Be# 1?Not Irsa than 26 ran form a oompany fk?. 2-No articles of association ran be filed until at Last ne thousand dollars of stock per mile of road pi i bosad to te made, Is subseriU-d, and ten per rent paid iu rath S?c H? Relate* to articles of association Sr. 4? Rtgulallng opening of books ot subscription, for capital strck. Sir 6- Relates to board of direction, method of electlrn clgttlllty. duties, be Se 6?Appointment of President, Treasurer, and oiher i IBci is Kit 7- Payments ofsubicrlptlon-forfeiture of stosk. Rtc A? Stock considered personal estate Sliaros not transit rt Me until all presious calls thereon shall have Urn fully paid. Not lawful for any company to use any of lt< funds In tha purchase of any stock la Its own or la any other corporation Ktc fr? Liberty to Increase capital stock by a Tots of two-thirds of the stockholders Bee. 10?Kacb stockholder shall he IndiriJually liable to Ibr rr. li ters of such company to an amount equal to it e amount unpaid on the itook held by him. for all thi debts and liabilities of surb codiduit until the 1 whole i m< unt of the capital stock ao held by him shall have bee n |>al<l to the ee mpany b??. 11?No person holding such rtnrk. m executor, administrator guardian cr trustee, or an collateral security shall be personally subject to any liability a? He < knottier of such company; but the person ple-elgirg ri ch i trek shall be comeiderted liable bet. 12? Regulating the payment of balances In d* f ull if ce'ntiactors b?r n to 23? Regarding tha right of way and acqula'l'on of title. Service of order*, notice*, and other pei]en relating to real u-tatc r>quired f r running tha r ad. Appi lUsiel ed damage* Ac bet. 2b?In relation to change of route, after grading has re n mi r.rcd {! c '.V?Regarding tha crossing ot railroad, highway, tinpike ir plank road he e, 2t? of landa belonging to tha peespla of tha biale. rteju red for the purposea of any road, by appraisal or agree rnrnt her 2f? In re latie n to title or interest In real aatato, fur the purposes of the road, which may be vested in at) trustee not authorised to aall, or infant, idiot or peri on ot unsound mind Sec 27?No cintiany shall put down, or use in tha ee nstuctlon f their road, any iron rail of less weight tl an M pounda to the lineal yard.eicapt forturuouta, e.dirgs und switches her 28? Every corporation formed under this aot. to have pe.we r to make turh examinations and surveys aa nisr bv necessary for the selection of route To hold voluntary grant* of real estate, and other propi tiy a* shall be made to it but ouly for tha purpoaea of at.rh grant. 1o puichaa*. hold and use all real estate and other property necessary for the conatruc11< n and maintenance of ita railroad To lay out ita roe d not eaccedn g sis rod* wide. To borrow from t me to t'.mr such such sums of money as may he uectssary for eeiuiplt'ting cr operating their railroad, to tssue and dUpe^e of bonda. to mortgage property and flair hires; to convert bond*; iuto stock within ten ye i ra fre m date Sec. 21'- leegulating the payment of canal tolls, Whe lever sue h railroad shall run paritiled. or nearly p iralle I to any state canal wlthiu 30 mile* of such caual. c, c-'-O? t onductora or other servant* of the com pa nv impuyiu on * pn*prnt;er iriiiu vnrui nave no nutho liy to art nnle*.. th'-y war upon their rap* a badge, ?L < h ahall Ind.cato ll.a r oflic* 8?e M? Fvory railroad corporation formed under thla act i ball mi he an annual report to thn .State Kitglnttr and Burvi yor, of the operation* of the year t ding on tie thirtieth day of September, wh.clt report ilmll be rcrlfled by Ilia oath* of the Treasurer or lr**id?nt. und acting Superintendent of operation*, and ba tilid In the t.fllr* of the .State Kugtueer and urt'ttr ly the flrit day of December In each year, and tfcall itata:? Tha antonni ut capital a* by rhajrter; the amount of ft**k rubier bid; tne amount paid In. a* by l*?t report : the total amount now. of capital and * toe It paid In; tha mi d<d d< bt by taut report; the total amount, tow. of funded debt; tlia floating debt aa by laat rep< rt; the amount, now. of floating debt, the total amount now. of ftindcd and floated debt; tha average rate p? r itnun of int?rert on fundad dabt. eu*t of and equipment; for graduation and maaonry by lot riport. the total amount now eipeodrd for tha nne; tha mi unt f >r brelgea by la*t report: the total aniount now expended for the name; tha annuel foe a i?.ua?|i ?* ?. I.j laat repeat, the total ?m< unt new expanded for tha atma; for paweenj*r? and freight building and fixture*, by loot n |a rt. total amount now exploited for the ?am*. for engine and enrhouve*. machine *h?p*. and machinery aid flit urea, by laat report; total amount now eiredid for the name; for land, land damage* and nec*. by laat report; total amount now expended for j the nue; for locomotive* and fixture*, and anow j I laugh* by la*t riport; total amount now expenJed i Par tha m a; for paaaenger and hagguge ear*, by la*t ' r port, total amount now expended for the **m*. for I (night car* a* by Uut report; total amount now eg| r? i.did for the *ame; for engineering and agenda*, by laat riport, total amount expended for the -nine, total teil of road and equipment Cii*a*rrrai*Tic* nr Kuan. Length of road; length of road laid, length of double track. Including aiding*; length of hrancha* owned by the etmpany laid; length of double track on theaame; weight of rail by yard on main track; the numbr of erg.tie bounce and ihnpa of englue* aud care, aud their character ft *hail alao be the duty of enrh corporatlon to transmit to the State Rnglur er and Surveyor map# profile* and drawing*. exhibiting tha charactcriatlca of their road*. Demon ar the Tata m Ti?*?ro*t*tim. nap Total or MtLce ro ax Rt * Mlha run hy pa**enger train*: milea run by freight train*; tha lata of fare for paaeenger* charged for the rr>peril?e r|a*ra? pi r mile; Buml*ir of pmaenger* carrli d In care; numUr of mile* travelled by pa*ecnger*; nt nil* r of ton* of two thoucand pound* of freight ear* H< din ear*, number of mil"* carried or total movant. nt of freight In mile*, all to h* accural'Iv comp'letl fr? m the dally rceorda or evidence* of earning*. manlfirta and way bill*; average rat* of apced adopted by rrdlLaiy pa*?eogrr train* Inclo ling *t?p*. averag* rata of epetd adopted by ordinary p***rng*r train*, when In motion; average rat* of *p**d a-topted by * pnaa train*. Including *top*; tv .rage rat* of ip<i?.| adr ptvd ly tiuru train* when in motion; average tai* of epai d aaopli d by freight train* including ?top*{ nr. rag* rate of i peed ad. pt. I by frel.-ht tralu- *h In motion; average weight In ton* of two thou*and pcutd* of pareengef traina exelu*lv? of pa-wngera ar d l-aggage avvrag* weight In t?n* of freight train*. * gcluilve of freight, the amount of freight periling the quantity iu ton* of the prndoet* of the fnreat of anmal* of vegetable food othev agricultural product*, manufacture* mi rchaadlee. and other article* ?r a*ix* ar Mamvammu rue Reap oa RaaL Rarevg ar tnc Caere* mo* For rrpalra of road bad and railway excepting amt of Hon ahlch ball be the noet of labor and material* uriddurrg the year, alto u*e and rout of engine* ergegtd in ballavting. aieo the renewal and repair* of p *? ?? '???? rurF. anu iu ium? <?i ^'uw >M? *iih kit ping the rood In order; for depreciation "f way ! i *t h In fret of Iron u-'d In renewal* With w. p tit and coat. repair of building*. rrpalra of fmo a and intra, lanra on rrai ratatr. total of #i penae* of maintaining road or rrol ratata for tha year, aapeuao* of aiatbinny or prrronal property of tha corporation; rrpalra if rngir.e. and tender*, depreciation ofanglnaa and la?drra . r. pa Ira of paaacngrr and h.iggag* ear*: il? pn rial.on of p*?a*ngrr and haggi\g* cara. repair* of fn If ht rara; <P preetatlon of freight cara. repair* "f to< la and marliinery In ahopa; Incidental etpenae*. In eluding fhcl oil. rlrrk*. watchmen about ahnp*. total etpimea of repair of machinery office aipanee* alalia net y. agrni* and clerk*; labor, handling freight. I ading and unloading, porter*, watch and awitah Dl< n wed and water elation aMendon#*; aandMtaMi ligfgc and brake men. engine men and flremrn: fu< I llr<t coat and labor of pr< paring for uaa; otl and wart* ff f nglne and tender*, oil and waate for freight cara: oil at d waate for bnggag" and paaa*ng< t cara. lo-a ar d damage of g. ode and bngrage. d*m .*? ? for tnjuriaa en pet* t.a, damage* to prop, riy Inrluding damage* by Drr rattle ktllrd on raad; general auporlnlrod.'oe*; c ntlngauriru; total of operating road Tbo al ore rlaltment* are to be made without reference to tie it ma actually nrrlerd?r paid during ihe year The f llcirlng rial, menu of the earning* and roretpt* aid p*} m< nt* are rt.,ui,<| frrm pa. ranger. from fo ?l.t trim other aourcae, tha abor* to ha atated witk.ut refirenceto the amount actually collected, neatpta during the year from frelghta; from paeeengi r>; fr< m other aourroe. apeeifytng what In deta.l; layn.rot ftr t ran* porta 11 on *tp<n*e*. for Intereat. dl rttrfhdaon at.rk amount and rut* par rent payment* to mtplua fund and total amonat of raid fund; th? nun. t r of per., n* injured In llfr and limb, and tbo rar e rf the Injury and whether pa***ng*raor p*r*oua en |l?yid. whether any *nrh arcldeuta hay* arUen it. m < ar> lee. n*. a or negligence of rnr peraon In the emplwj m< nt of the corporation and whether aueh partem t* rrtalned In the aerrlce of tha corporation It hall bo the duty of the ffute and aurreyor In arret ge Ibe lufrimaOon contained m ?ueh re p. rt* in a tabular form and prepare Ih**am*. together with the .aid report*. In n alngle document ff.r printItg f'f 1h? t a# of the L.glalatnre and report the *ame to the I r- 'lature on the flrit doy of Itaaeaalon In earh All the It. m* under the of eipenaea of n i Intair. r? the rood or reel aetate of the corporation, aupeuta* of ma. binary or peraonal property of the e? rparatton. eipenera of ua* of rood and marhlnery or of.rotirg the road, aholl he carried out under two hi ad# ti e I ne t bowing Ibe coat of freight lr?n*portu tin tluutberlb* ouat of pn**enger tranaportotbr.n Ibe n? of thle aertion aMll apply to nil *?i*ttrg crporutlnna tad the rep..r' ( the ??id i tut rg railroad corporation* mad* la pnrauano* of the p*i.rial*na of thle aertion ah*II he deem wl to bo n toll rr mpllane* with any etWMing low or reaotwtbio requiring annual report* to ho mod* by awoh oorpomM Sec if feaalty for not making report according to the prrcidtrg a**tt?n tXu bar ZM- Right of l.*gt*latnr* to reduce mtc of freight, fbre or other pmgt* npott any rond bar >4- tn relation to charge* fertile trawap notation n#U mail* hi ?- beanedy frr refrtanl of pao**ng?r bo pny hi* Run ERA] Rec. 86 to 46- Regarding the money ol p#fn.n|pr and freight tialn*. regulation of track engineer*, tee P<C 46?Cciupauy not liable for pa**eiig*ra injured while on platform of a car or any other cur in violation of printed regulation* of the eompauy con<plcuoo*!y pouted, provided the company furnish sufficient room In/ide the passenger* car* H< e 47 Company must, within two year* after filing It* article* of aa*oriatlon. begin the construetlon and expend ten per rent of it* capital, and if the road U not flnirb< d and in operation within fire year*, it* corporate exlstvnee and power* fhall ceaae. 8ee 46- Right of Legislature to aunul or dissolve any corporation* formed under thl* act rcc. 4V ar.d SO?All extating railroad corporation* wlihn thi* Htat*. shall hare and pooee** all the power* and prlvih get contained In thi* act See. 61?Nothing in thi* act contained ahall authorise or permit the New York and Krie Railroad Ooinpany to uhariton the use of their road In the county of Rockland east of fttlfern'* depot. Sec. 6'J?Thi* art /hall take effect Immediately. Superior Court. Before Chief Justice Oakley j ACTION FOR REDUCTION?Rt'NNETT VR. B-tflhTY. rot am o*r. Mr. Edward Sandford read the affidavit of Catherine E Runnctt made in the cau?* between Ilaglny and Smith under the name of Catherine E Lewi*, aud in which (be swore she waa married to Captain J. II. Lewi* Counsel aUo read her examination before the Police Court, on tbe 'J2d Diceuiber subsequent to tho f<rmcr affidavit, iu which she swore *Ue wa* a ?iugle w< man Mr Mlocsen then proposed to read twelve other affldavit* in the same suit but the Court ruled them out a* irrelevant Mr H ?aid he merely wished to offer th> m to prove the fact of the suit between Hagley and ftmlth and to amwtrlhe insinuation of counsel on the other side that the ntfldavit was procured by Hagley fftF t Hrt 1-1 tin Asa nf nnteaimlni* 4'm* I) >a ??..?* Tin mar & Morgan rumlarU-I won In the employ of Engl# y end Comnnny in 11^47 and 111S: I kn- w Catherine Kunnett; she lent ni? a hook called the Cheva tier dr Kaubln*. by I'nul de Kock Crose-riamined? That wa* ju-t before the <ll?*olutlon: I do not know whether it ie a worae book than Den Juan n* 1 huvu nerer read Don Juan; *he gave me the book out of a drawer y?Are you aura that book had the uuiue of l'aul de Kock on it f A-I a in ? n?t quite ture y - Thou h#>v# did you gat hold of the Dame of l'aul do Kock ? A.?I do not know. I waa an di r the lmprcs*ion it waa by hint To a Juror- I knew >ba hud the book; abe gave It to me out of hrr private drawer. J# hn C. T. Schmidt, the Coramlixloner who took the affidavit <1 ( rine K Kunnett deponed that aha mnde no objection to sign it in hi* pretence Mr. lIutcLlna recalled and deputed that there were twelve or fourtieu affidavit* prepared in thu cause of Bnpley aud Smith Jo#eph Martin dcpo#H>d that he it in Bagley'.v employ, ar.d thnt he *u? in the habit of having wuui#m in hi* ertebli#hmeut b< fore Cntherine wu? eugagxd ; there were three worn# n employed by Mr Uagloy for hi* bustue#### Mr Snndford (aid that an attachment hoe Seen brui d again# t Van brunt, hut they have boon unable to arriat hiiu. lie Ihtrvfore nrked to put In the deposition rwi.rn by h ni before the Police Justice, in whieh he itstee hie lutimoey w ith CathurineAKuunott, at a iwriod when the nrobablu iuf r##noe would bo that he woe the fa tin r of the child lb#-Court ruled thn deposition## lnndmta<abl<>, and Mr Sand.ord excepted. There w#>re other witiKwewe fur Ihe dtf# nee not present but cnuuec! aeked permission totqam'ne thiui hereafter Hrbvtt'Hg trtt'frumv. -Oarral Smith, one of the late Co pin tin ?s < f Mr liagley deposed thnt b#< nov#-r ?aw ar y impropriety in tlie r niiluct of Catherine Kunnott h# ilid n# t know what the little room wa* ma#le for, exrtpt to ketpth## girl* from being dl?turb"#l by the eouv# rretion of the uieu ; wituc*? attended to the m# netary d< part incut, and Bagley to the bu#dn#vse part Cross-examined.?-Cannot *ay whether the room waa partitioned If bef##re Catherine went there; th'-re t* a itut pending I rtwe-n Mr liivghy andwilue** ; I* not at all engty in the matt# r. t! ?If you cannot recollect whether the roi.m waa made la-fore or aftsr she wont there, how can you *ay it wa* piirtltioned off for b-#r! A ?Mr liagiay told mr it would d<> for thn girl to avlrct the pen point* in K. M Smith, another of the late partner* of Ragley, d# prud that he never wv anything particular in the conduct of Catherine Kunnett; Mr llngley tol#l him m# liiur rooan ?? ninue to nawe mo gin worn inure; | cu?'t rrerlleet whe n the room wan partitioned off, I j b?T<> heard Ihi in>n. JrrrmlU Lynch, who ww **amlnid yantrrday, apokrn of wwry bndly u to hi* . cl irvtrr fnuiuil rITwreil tn f?.?? Ihit Mr? Tngl? had dined j lu that litlla room with Mr Uagley. and alao her Intlmrry with h in. f> r the | ur^ ?.f. ofitrmdiet1 ng tier Mr f*ndf< r?l objected but the court admitted tha tcMiurny (Kgc. ption taken ) Witnn* continued t raw Mr? I ngl" In court went< nla) ; I wi tit to the door of the tittle room one day, at.d row h< r and another wotnan and Mr Hagley eat It It; it la a year and a h If nit<>. and I uitat any. ihat I , rranot ipwak an to auy poaltiw* crrlaiutj that tt au , the perron I raw hi re rvaterdiiy Croae-eta mined hy Mr. han-lfurd -Thara U a wait | ending between llagky aud ua; It I* not a wary friendly one, fur Mr flattiey threatened to ali'iot me once or < twice; we itl'inlwcd the parluerahip while Mr Ua|(lay < waa away In the country; l.yneh had been In our em pi" and la now In Bngley'a; he waa riiwulned In tha aUlt n?. hawa heard Butler and I'nddie apeak of Lynch; Butler aald ha (Lynch) waa not dUpoeed to apeak Iba truth; he alao aald that eorna partlea had I told him lhat Lwnrh bad forgi J an Odd fallow'a ticket I or cheek. Mr reddle alio ap k* aleiul Lynch'* char- | aelar; I do not know then the room waa partitioned off but my teat rccdl*etlon la, that it wa- about tha t oie Calherlna came; can't recollect that It wa* dona b< fore and an alteration mada In It whan >b* etnie; I It might hawa be-rn two or four month* prawione to ! the du-olullon that I ?aw the two la II * In the room, Mr? Ragle* ha* be#n In the habit of coin* to we Mr Bi.gky. I hawe not aeen her take lunch there, I thlak one of the ladiea waa tha per-on I >a? In eourt ynetirtUw: newer caw Catherine In tha eitabltahmenl bafere iha waa wBployrd there, uawer ?aw her In any of tha different ro< me. 1 hata been aeldout in thrui Mr KimbeT depoaed that ba occupied part of the houea In whleh Mr Komi<tt re# Ida# Q. [a that bouec 'applied altli water? .1.?Certainly ; there la Croton water in it thcac two year* and eon*a<|Uenlly 1 no one haa a neei aalty for going out doora for water; I know Lynch find bia general character la bad ho haa done tblag* I wonld not be ruilty of. Mr Rnanctt eama to rratde at tba houea wlirro I liwa about May lait. Croea-eaamlnrd hy Mr ftao<lf ltd t hare no Ill-feeling towarda Lynch ao mora than I hawe to you ; I nawrr waa a neighbor of Jeremiah Lynch I hawa n<-t aeen him lu court and I do not know how many n Mn ?# thire are of J<r-ralah Lynch in the Directory I hare met Lynch In the rncletf of Odd fellow# In Canal treat; I hawa not aaan him f t a year; I haaa I oat wight of him ainee ha waa ejected from that aoel-lj, ho waa ejiated for forging a man'* nam* on a card; t Ken r raw It; Lynch did not rota* l.wfor* tha lawaatl- | gating rcmmlttea. I told ton that before Mr Bradford Jto won did uot. or I didn't hoar It W Itnraa Yea, I told u, but yon bluffed ma off (Laurhtrr ) William llenry Beach depoa..,j that he worked for Mr Ragley two year* ago at p< nail eaaca; t left him U't rprlng; I nacd to ?ae Catherlu* Ruanatt, aotna time# once a weak. *< mrtlrae* two or three or four time* a week her manner to ma waa alway* wry rourteona and ladylike To the Judge?I worked In the rem with bar father I ard brother lYItaee* rcntlnuad-Mr Tlitgiay dealrad ra* to tell Rdwaril Rnnnett to tall lil* father that he wlahed to *?? h 01 r gar 'lo;- a MtthMat of thi? matter the day ate ward* a rode came from Runtiett'a lawyer to *ay if I'.rgtew wlahrd to * e him he mu*t nana I i tha law yn'a ifllee. Ragley 'aid to me, ' 1) ? n thcin they rhan t haw* a aaat? I II pr aewnt* It," ha than ahow #d ni? money or aomcthlng < rora-rtamiae I Ragley did not give ma a not* for R"nnetl; I d'd n't are tha note that waa written by tt* lawyer, the m'e-rge f.r Itnnnett waa abroit tha latter part of B'-e, ml er; R.dward lluunett waa there. I do not know why Mr. Hagley didn't t*U Rdeard kimi'lf W 41 R wden d? poa. d Wurk'd with Ragley | Rtnllh ill W and '47; waa not there lu 144*; reeniioct* the time Catherine came to work there; haa bmrded with Mr Knnnrtt aeweral tlm'-a. for about three year* alt> gwthar; Catherine'* gen-ral deportment wa* wary good. Manning a r-e in wa* in a beck building, and uot in the ffont of Broadway while witneae waa in the ealahll'hm'nt; ha# ?wa a *|a barrelled platol with Mr. Rrglry. he wa* fring out ef the win-biw at a mark, I ard Mr Rernard wa# preaent wl?h othcra of tha men, | tak ng a gla** of brandy and water aa the men gene- I rally did In Ibe morning and earning (Laughter ) Crow# rarmlned ? A diBlenlty aroae between Mr j Runnett and me at or e time and I left hta houae If Whet wa* the nature of that dlfflanlty ' t f decline anrwi ring that .juration If Waa it not be. raiMe he charged won with an Improper Intimacy with h*a wifl" ? A - I decline t? laiwrr that '(uaatlon, I I decline to aaw whether I hat# a wift or children. (Laughter ) I went hack to Rnonett'* after that <llfll enlly and boarded with Mm In .leraey City In March, 144V for a few week*. I now lira In Y?w*rl. when f c mt down P< the city nrra*lonaily on katurday era- j tllrgr I atop with Mr Runnett for the Rurnlay. neear raid Ihat I went to Ire h f?r 4'atbertne. and eontd not 1 find her. I had wi ry little opportnnll y of wltneealng hwr d'portmewt eirept In th? houM; I d"n t r? mam bar her ttrf i^iii itlonlng in* about my wife; I ' ften adwl'id her again't going to Raglry'a In preaanee and i ut of ilia j n acnee of ber flat her and h"f mother, tha Kit) rati' n n tha f>? m ??? mada hafora I attii rtna | R?|n?U WW Ikm I it'll t hall an M gartltlnna4 I I a hafora K ?u prcgoaat 1 hat aha ?M to ao?a to work I Mr Rottar waa raaallad and dnnoaad that tha ?o?. ' dart of Catharlaa Rnnantt waa alwaya *~?l, that ?ho 1> a <arr dtarraat. tadnatrlowa ttttw> girl Mr Oarralt faith rafallxl and ??id that tha raaana h# H<r"i*a<l all! tha anrrlnan of Lynrh waa haoaaao nf I ha gantrai raynlatloo of hl? aharaatar P 0 r.-araoll dapoaaj that ha raatdod In tha ho?aa la Uraanwtah atraat a liar* Runnatt and hW fanailf llr<d; and ha knrw n thing diaraapaatfh) of Cnthortao daring that ttaia fmaa-alaaiiaad -Maa ??? har ahoat tha hoaaa and | gntrg to I ha atraat hydrant to gat wator. haa aaan bar , at tha door. In tha aaanlng -grating to frhah. hat | lharr waa n"thing In har daportaaaat to mJnra hiaa to I i think *ha waa doing ar ng ** # t LD. TWO CENTS. w II McKcddj. Winn railed. ?a* iwkwl if h? kaW a woman num..I Jane, or Hhaufroy, who klUaMla Mm K> mp'r ralnon In llroadway > Mr. 8inJfcril objwtrd to the modi of ntmlBttlM. Hire Mm Ingle entered the court and the at'entlon being called to her. he mid he knew her M J Kill' I mile and fy no other name h-knew nothing oflier general character, Mm Kemp . saloon wmn a drink'ug and smoking saloon whom;they .old brandy ami water nt sixpence a tumbler. Mr Sandford uMwted to the testimony Mr Morris said he proposed to prove what thfl character of the place van; that It wan a K">g shop la which Mm Kemp employed a number of young wenun In order to rapttrato young men, and that improper Intercourse between the aexea used to tafcp place there The Judge said that witnesses In thU city can bn procured to prom anything, and unless It U admitted to giro evidence of their character, there would bn no safety for any man If it could be proved that a witneaa lived In a house of common prostitution bn would rcc< lv? It but be could not admit testimony at the kird the* v?i?*?e?l 'Hilled nut I Wlines* raid he knew nothing of the lady'* charnater und onlv raw her once or twice Joseph Ilutlrr deponed that hi- ?u employed at Bagli y * iu '47, and nrrrr * ? anything Imui idnt in lbs roudurt of Catherine Runnstt. nor anything mora forward than 1* generally won In girls of her age who work In a manufactory; Manning used to work in th* bark m<m Cross-examined -Other girls. named Hetty and Harali worked lu the small room where Catharine afterward* worked; thov wrro employed there b'fore Catherine came to jlaglc/'s. aud Huglay used to work there with tlirm: Manning had Worked In tho front ro< m till about May:' I knew that the seat which Manning occupied comniaudad ? view of where Kate wan, and I think he spent more of hU time looking at hag than he did at hie work (laughter); I ur-an thit th-ra Is a general Irelty among girls who work In fictortee. Mr* Mary Taylor deposed that ?h? know* Ruin -It's fumly ltt or 17 year*; did not sue Catherine very often. Li t what rho did sec of her. she norer aaw anything amirs of her Mir* Mlrhal R Ruttrr deposed that she knew tha Hunnett*, and nerer >?? anything repreheuslbla la the conduct of Catherine. Cross-examined Nerer saw Catherine at any nth?g place than her father's house and the house of witness's brother Mrs Kliaubeth Jones knows Runnott'a family fw M years; nerer knew anything against Catherine's sonduet Stephen D SkUlmore?1 reside In 9ft Norfolk stlwet j there Is no female naim d Mrs Ingle, residing In thai house , [looks at tho ludy] ; I nerer saw her in atJ life before Richard Wall deposed that he works for Mr Hh*afraw ; sees the lady in court ; baa known her as Mra. Misnfrsw and Mrs ingle Cross-e ism I nrd --Never a<ldre**ed her a* M ra Khanfraw. but lias beard others address her as such ; 1 am a barber y ? Did she orer coniu to your shop to gat rhnvd' (Laughter) A ?No I hare gone to hag house when the sent for me ; I hare had a c introrcrsy with her , 1 sm under bonds to keep the psace not towards her in particular (laughter) . hut also toward* another young lady named Ward .? Did you araa commit an at t of riolence on that lady ? A No eg cept In s< If d< fence (laughter) ; my bead ahowa pn tty plainly that 1 got the sort of It. aud 1 eouiJnt run fr< m thitn (loud laughter) ; I am lame W U sui J. Wood was in the employ of B tgley k 0* ; has been in tho rniili room an J has seen Catherine Kunm tt and Mr. Bagley th re ; I generally found the door op n . there was once I could not get In. but 1 don't km w who was In it thin, nerer ?aw anything I ill pro; er in Catherine's conduct Croir-cxaroiiied I am now iu Smith's employ ; ( weni w th tin ni after the dissolution and was a witness In the cause betwi eu them ; 1 don t r .'member that the duai lution occurred In conaci|ueace of what I told the ftmltha y.?Were you ariiru iu promoting that dissolution A ?I decline to answer [yuoelloa objected to. ruled out aud an exraptton taken I Wltui ss continued I liar# frequently gone Into that room without knocking, that was ray general prsotloe; win n the door was opened Catherine was at Iit tabic, In her u*ual po-lllon; she was always at hsr table, an her work; I don't know who opened the dj>r, Mr. lingli y ?m .landing hi hi* table; I thiuk there *m? iapae of u u.ijiilc before It wa* opcucd, I mentioned what I It a \ r told to Moure liuith, it <mc (!mj between the middle of January and I at or Auguet; ran't tell tha time any nearer than that. I uevt'r. to niy recollection. raid that I knew nothing againat Mr Hagley, and ronaldered him an honorable man; I never aald eo to I>r CoDiatork. nor in the prcavticc of John C. n?Tnard, 1 don't recoil.-* t how often 1 found the d wr fa-ti urd. Hagley and C'ath?rtu? were aiwart there when It wa- opened, it eaa more than three timaa. not unite than live; It might have li-en. I entertain no unkind feeling towarda Mr Dagl.y; we have nlwnyu epnkin a hen we inel. Do tir?w He.Iron waa in Raglry'a employ; Manning worked in tha bnck room when Catherine Ural went tin re and continued to work ill it for ais montha after. Mra Mary Jcuca haa known the Kunnelte for lhlr> teen yeara, baa never anything bad in tha QoW duet and di uieaiior of Catherine Mra kliuUlh Davta gate riinllar te*timony Dtrtxr iturietp. Mra Ingle rei-nlli-d ?My revidence la HQ MortotM (trvet. urvt door toMpmy anying ho. yaaterday, wae a mlalake; I never took luaeh In the email rxun. in c aipauv with another laily and Mr Hagtry; I never vtetud that rw>n. accept to ao? Catharine, and on another wrwiuu to iieuriotta Mtynmr*; I hivw ni r*r been addree-i-d bv tho wit oca Wall ae Mra. Phanfrnw, he committed an aeaauit on me and Mra. Ward, be eaaie in with a rtub. and atruek in* with it The Judge Mow did he get the cut on hi? bead' Vtitne.a M? took thr kettla of boiling water, and attimptrd to throw lion Mra Ward; ane then towk np hie elnb and atruck him iu eoif-<tefei?e? .laughter); he raid he wae in llouor ut tha tltne Craae-namiuid -1 hava nrvwr gme by the name of Plianfraw, f..|k* may have railed me eo in joke. Mr. Hvniy Mianfraw boarded with uie Mr Morrla It'a not Moae. la it! ileoid laughter ) W llne?r No, I occupy the upper part of the hone#; It l? numtxr W; don't forget the number (Laughter ) II T Keatraw He-idea in llaraimua. I know tho*, th< v lived negt iliwir to ma. the cm loot of Cotbarina while reatdlng there wae very lonee, I wan obligi d to takeaway a ladder by which -he u ?wl to airtudto the top of the h"ua*. and throw thinga a* paw I re by; thia wa* in 1SW and 47. -lie attracted tho attentiou of my workmi n who were baildiug a houao oppnelte; ?he uied to atop and talk to fellowa in tho atreeta and make a ' tnuae" at the pump (laughter); aew Herat the fair of New Torh iu 1M7. in company with a young man g Do you know the g-n*rel rhnracter of Caiharine Kunneil for truth and eernelty? A ?Very li* I -hewai oft.u - ailed a gr. at liar. In my prevent* though it U an ugly nauia to call a lady. (Laughter) Cruaa-??amined The KurnHI* err* tenant* of my father-in-law. and I Uved with him . I d oi't know that ihe wa* minding Mr liagley a raae uf gold pi na, at the fair In '47. wnen I ?w her there g Wheo did you tell Mr Hagley what you knew A -I dout think there ia any ue?ia*lty to Cell that Mr Candforil There la no objection to youran?ww?Ing It . waa It not In conce<|uenee of what yon hwee aern wf thia trial that you came to Mr Hagley ' A.? It wae g And you neeer apoka to him about H. hnfnr to day ' A ?No Mr Maiming reeailed, and Mated that he worked la the fr- til ra n then In the back room, and want la hia old place In 'be front room again David pidloek know. Jeremiah Lynch ; never ban hiard anything again.t hi* character for troth aa4 vvriielty Mary Hu-h-ll waa railed for the plaintiff, and dopiwedthat .be know. Catherine ft threw year*, end never heard anything againat her rhtfatlet for truth and u rarity The f. earr fi made were ree*1 led end taw tin. ! inai in. j acrar Iwaru anything againrt hrf (ruth "f ? realty Mr HnfriM r?ad the ill.latlt of John (' Rtrntnl baforr th? p..|la* Joatlaa Van Hruut had not U?? tak.n nndrr Ikr Ixnah warrant. at thta ?taga of tk? krMC'Unp and th* artdvnra Urn r|.?*4. aitb U|? riarption 4 a trw ^a^p. lion* to Dr ? .imtatk Tha t'ogrt a-tj. urn. J at a ijuartar part Baa aYloah, to t.-n thlr morning Brooklyn < Ity Intrlllganar. Pi *ao?a !'**? K*o?n Tha 'a?? ?f tba Bar C again*! J'hn ' Plfrre nnj ton I' Plaraa, hid wlfa f.?a ailrg.-d landrron* w..rdi m ad' u?? of by lk? littrr, a?aa*rnliig thr Prninr. anil f.rwhirh lb* <1ainagr* war# l?'J it pl0 0?0 hy tha ytntntllT wan finally eonaludad yr*trr lay In tha flrault t'oart Tha Jury aftar a ?h?rt d? llla-raMnn ratwrnad a aar llot at all tad a quarter rant* d*mag?a for plaintiff Aari-fi aowiao Mrraiao A maatlng oT tha ?itta?M if Brooklyn wa* h< I.I lart arming at M inlagua llalt, for lb* purpura of r it roaring thnlr aant iraraU la ragard lo tha prarttcr of tingling a. aman oa board of oar italic d*I raaaala. and to dariaa aoma tn?aa* fir it* abolition Tba meting ?aa nnmrmualr attandad anil ably iiMrawlkf Ik. R?? llanry It ard Hoarhar. J a lga Kirkwall. aad "thara Wtaai t Rrroar na IfrtTNt frr rhartr* P. J. Onodrlab pbyairtan of tha Petard nf ll-altli r-p ,rt? tba nam' ar of daatha and Intartaaata In thr ally of Brnob lyn. fr>r tba waak andlng April ?tb. 1*S0 to bar-Maim, ti (< malra. IT; adalu. 17; rhlldrm. tj -total. IIP ? I atartnanta la Oman wood and othar llrmihly a ground*, from lf?? T orb and othar plaaaa. 40 Pt am ? ? -At aa aarty hoar oa Pun.lay mora log laat. aaina hurylara rffactaid an antranra Into tba watch and jawalry atora of John t> <"h?*a. No t? Paltoa ttmrt Brooklyn by wran.'hlag off Iba look off tha fr'il door wllh a jimmy and t.wik IharafroHA watchr* aad jawalry to tha ralua of $W0 or pdOO. Ttoard of baprnlaara Aran. It Tha Baaordor In tho rhalr Tha mUabM warn mad and appmrad ? . . /' ?naw? m/tamd from many paraoaa for mmlmto* " K*^n, la to.or of paytag Thewaaa 'areata, for r. pair, d. na to tha battling known aa Rldrblgw atmat priron A Iraraa to tha pHlllaa af tha Bar ttm W Wood rug t? ha mlaaaad from tag la ftmr of raitaring tandrr paroona from tha paymaat of laaaa. In aaaordaora with tha paayar of thalr patlttaaa In fhmr of paytag tha Mlnwtng h.'Ba Por angmmtng cbaaorry awwtgaga* rta Orlaado Plnkhaia ?? 7?, tt II Blbfratt*. %M W. Wm II Boala. ?'l M. Hamry Tae Byah P<r IktMif thaa m-nrvd

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