Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1850, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1850 Page 5
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r mmt awcil dividends; Oim, i per cent; M? kMte1. 8 H ($1 31 per iktn) ; Hmbiota. 3. TW annexed itoWiHit exhibits the receipts of the BaMlmors ud Ohio ItUmd Company for the month dHmk liiiTieoii awd Omo Riiuoiii reariiT. _ , Krttipit. #v P.twntrr,. 7W FrtUM. Maiefttcn... . $44,271 U $01.747 09 Wasblagten Branch Jfi.'Mi 78 7.XV. 00 Totals $7(I^M 97 $.?.<MU OJ ?Making au aggregate of $120.0X1 18 on the main Ohrm, and $33J08 8*2 on the Wathington branch?th? total being $180 226 80. The above is lees by $11,730 04 than the amonnt received in the corresponding month mt last year; but it U proper to add, that in that menth the Inauguration of the President of the United States took plaec. which gave the company at leect $20,000 additional revenue, and deducting thic tun. the month of March. I860, would show an increase nver March, 1840 of $8 303 .30 The following statement exhibits the earnings of the Western Hail road Company, for the flrvt four monthe ending the 31*t ult , compared with those of the same period last year WreTEBR Railroad MxseArwiwrrre. Pa??e%*er?. Prewhtw. Other So'ttt. TuiaL WM $144,110 $819,784 $'."80 $.314.(724 MM 177,! 90 lSS,4fd i','?36 317.144 laersase. . ' t',7?a $l*.?a? $1*8 8J0.H7O The total increase is thus shown to be $20,870, and ike ewnanaas mill etrtf rurv matnriitllv frnin thimu nf hit year. The report of the Investigating committee of the Old Colony Railroad Company, presents a most deploraMe state of affaire, and adde one more to the ltet of insolvent railroad eompaniee of New England. The committee hare made a moat searching examination of this eompany's operations and condition ; and the result mast satisfy any one that railroads generally are the moat dangerous investments in the country. Nearly every company in New England, the affaire of which have been thoroughly Investigated, has proved rotten, and there is no doubt but that many of those companies which have been able, by the most desperate financiering, to sustain themselves, are equally bankrupt and insolvent. It appenrs by the report, that the ronstruetion ao ount has been increased to an enormous amount, by charging to it what should have come out of income. Amount charged to construction account, February 1, IMG, f 2.287 614 18 ; total value of all property belonging to the company. February 1. 1860. $1,972,217 64; liabilities ascertained and estimated, $417,562 60; amount or property repr? Rented by u? capital stocx or 19.660 tharca. $1,664,654 90 ; receipt* from the Ablng*on and Bridgcwater branch for the year ending November 30, 1649, $6 010 38 ; expense* for the same time. $90 276 03? lo**. $15 264 65. Buslnsss on the South Shore Railroad, from April let to NoTember 30, 1649, eight month*. $14,114 59 ; expense*. $29,624 65? loes, $13,610 06. Receipt* on the Dorcheeter and Milton branch for the year ending November 30, 1849, $4 018 SB ; expense*, $16 153 03?loee. $11,534 65. The result Of the contract with tile Fall River Road, shows that the receipt* from freight and passengers, were $50,275 m ; expense*. $33,733 52? profit. $16,541 80. The eemmitten, having given the collateral business of the company, separate from the main line, give the receipts and expense* of the business done by the Old Colony road, for the year ending November 30, 1849, as Ml owe Oi.n CoLovr Railroad. Receipts $275,006 58 Bxpense* and charges 207.616 74 Proflt $67,449 84 The committee further deduct for interest, extra interest, debts omitted, and other Hems 51.574 81 Remainder $15,875 03 The deterioration of readlted is estimated to be $10.013 00 The deterioration of equipment*, estimated to be 25 518 00 $41,531 00 Bednet the estimate last year, made by the Superintendent, on three two items. . 17.901 80 Total difference. . .- $23 629 20 The committee estimate that the snperintendent ehould have eharged at least $8,000 more for depreciation of road and iquipmrnt. the last year, than he did, and which, if deducted from the remainder above? $15 875 03?leaves the sum of $7,875 03 As it regards the dividend* paid as the earnings of the year* 1847 and IMS the committee are satisfied they were paid out of the capital of the company. The last dividend of i?XM per cmi. juutr; a. inw. wa* aeetnrea when they bad so ?nn?j on hand to pny it, and new Mock and bond> wrrr laeuod, tba form or at fTS. the tatter at 9*0, mt of which the dividend *u paid, belac a part of the capital atock of thia company. It appoara alao that the amount of aitra intaroat paid from Nor. SO. 1847. to Oct. 8. 1840. waa 838 047 87, which la at the rata of IS 6-]01h per eent per annum In regard to the referred ftinda which ware atated la the report of the director* for 1848 and 1849. to be oa hand, the committee atatc there if no antry In the booka rorreaponding to each a atalement, that It la of no mine, and could not be relied upon to pay one dollar of the company'* Uabilltie* They alao atate that, oa the 30th November. 1849 there were outatanding llabllitief against the company, which were not mentioned or alluded to in the report of the director*, amounting to $13 944 09. It appear*, alao, that there ha* bean a larva bu*iue?* done in over-l**uea of atock ; and by the adiniaaion of the late Treasurer, it appear* that ovrMeaua# were made for collateral security only from September. 1847. to May 1848 Ineiuaiva. and that the greatest over-iaaue was for 1570 share* on the 31*t December, 1847. Itark Exchange, glflm C 8 te. IMS. 113 r V U< anal fc Bk'ar* N> lonq 4* *44 ill inoNarntVur Cab ti -. 0 ito 1887. 117 V >' 4* blS ?>\ J?*? 4? 117 V 38 4e TWO 4e II,AO Caitan Ce, M0, 4itOO tibia *#. I8M, 107 i'? do KO 17 |HHC keatackr 8*. IIMV .'dl do, b a<wk ?7?J <0U) I'caa a 5*. TCV dOCHi K8 ? SMI da 92', 23>i da ?ev, ?d ladiar.a State 8a, T}, AO do bV) 6- , MIIO Erie 7"?, ' > ift'% AO do adit 47 V tm? do so m iro do afu c, IHO NTS NerHiamp lis lid) do *H0 4* MN T h N M Jacobs lis. V 50 do MO ft-s W >ks Kaak of ia,r lie.*, Ml do Its'. 14 Dal h lied t an full l<4> inn Uarlrm RR M'J 10 do scrip |,0 1*0 da *W 41 1* Baak Mat# ef N T li'tju I1*' d* bit 41V 4 N Y Life h Irurt tl'V 17? Lent 1*1 and I7v IM Farmer'* Trust * V *i*l da 17 v 4* d* bnw l1, I* N York fe hi n*v?n 97 )0 do ah) ? ?.* Ks.Jm, RR bail 41 189 4a *"0 VI M do *99 48W M9 da 39 V' llodson R RR et? V, M do a38 3t', 4.1 do Oftf m 4* tern 89 4* M BEl'iiUD BOARD. 91 am !> * 7?, 1W, K. % At) *!.? Eri* RR *00 8*V Mac Otto 7s. |IM\ 89 ( ul?* To atu 47V v >t S tM io Lif* h Tr I'*| lift Morris t'anal !*', JO Raasrp Hack 101 10(1 Farmer*' Trust 38 |M Rtadii ( RR ?nV l**i do h', 1*0 d? *00 lis, Harlem RR 4V, IM d* km eitj 388 pa B<2 149 I a bio <1 34 Nor h tt'or *10 40?d 71 Erio RK lilj awn Uag lolaad 37Vk WilKKTIKfcUfcVI* KK\hUhU EVK?> IHV. HI \ 3\f 1 IL. /VARTFHI.V lll'iilT.-'?TATE*EXT 8UOWINO Tilt U ihh maditloa af lit* (M Kl.N li * N K. of Nf* Taak. aa AiTaa.a ?d flank, on tka Buraiac af Saturday, tht XKh day af Barrk, IMBIWtvHM Lrad aad Dlaaaaala, airapl la airactara and trak.ra 88E8.1Td 11 Ail ? m$ da? fraai liiro'lt.ra af tbia lank 13.140 08 |?al HdW, lain* n layman I aa parahaaa of alta l?r na? tanking ktata 900 00 Plarka . I1I.0J* 31 Kapaara Aaaaaal 3.3-J V ortrrdrafia d'l W nnrala 0d.llJ7<l fnafc Item". moti-tln* of < ha'ka a etfcar kaakt yaraila on pra-natatlon H.dAI S3 Bill- af aol??al kaakt aa hand.... 11..k# 0) |Ka fr? B kaaki, aii fram aolraat kaakt aa daBand dfl T?A 10 tl.JW.odO V IMMUTHk Tapttal ITVimaiO) Trioaa ... 30. J id 30 Rayixarad kaak a or on raaai rod frna I oBptrollar aad aal rataraad dl.lW) l_orr rrylalarad kaak aataa ?a kaad ... 34.000 Isaaaa r??ialarad kaak aotta la airaalallea.... 43.401 00 t>*a dnpnMirm aa daaiaad 3t.1,tj3 10 Had kaak* aa daaaad 10.AM or 81.3u.t40 37 C*?aiy ?f K? Tark. aa.?Natkaaltl Wand. rroaidaal, aad Jaaaa 3. (Jikkoaa, Catklnr of tald llaak. knlag daly ttr irn ar n?.r?ad, nnnnrallT dnpoan and any. tkat tkay arn Ik# Praaidoat aad Caahfar m n/amaaid. and that Uia fora?. tat ia, la all faapadJA, a lr?a atatnaiaal af tka roadMlon af tka mid lurk, fafi ra Ika traataniloa af any kaaiaaaa, aa tka aoralaa a4 <ka tklrtlt'k day af March, lapi. (knlay Ilia day aaaolftaa |a 'k# aotloa af ika Campir-llar, *a< ratary of Ataia and Tf?aatrcr. nn*t prtmdlng lha da'a of thia roporl. ra<|ulrln* tka at.' ) ??' ' r liott to Iho I ? ! f I' ir kr I' lea to I krli-f. If at 'ka raid 1 aak I* aa aaaortatad kaak. and la laaaind la Uia Bly ?f Knar Toyk, la tka eoaatp af f n? Tark. wkara It kaa a kaakia* fcoara for tka iraaaaotlaa af lit knatnann. aad that fr?B ?ka tan k day of flnntaknr, 1*40, (bring Ika day Ika raid ha.kaaa la a pora4l?a ) np o Ik# dar of aakia< vhia raaarl. tka baaiaam thnraof araa tran?aatad at tark looatlaa. ^ NA1H I. WEEP J. n. (. IUIIO s.d. I aaklar Palarrlkad. raora aad nfkntiad ky k tk dapoaaata, tkit alataatk day of April. I*.'t>, I^fnr* mo. in< tlroraa a, Itiwiaitnioaar of Paoda Cllll OiWl !%" ?. <?.??. TO LE0D Of p?V|Wri/j flood and Mnrtfnyn, alt p-r lata o I bto o ir -to v. rati ? ?" ,, I .a el' | Applylap. A Wall atraat. la Ika fraraa Watar laraaaal. RIWAIUNt n(A RfWAMD ?I.OfT, Of T1IE ATTEEfOOf OE V ||f jk, rrday. tl.a lltk lart , a ?l?M |?ntn?knd l^aar (f v. 7T<- I onOaalio- Matkar. MaW. 1.1 kolaa land . |, ? id ? kt a and Karauaakod ; tka kry >ivt a y Id aa a'bnrad. Aay portoa ratarala* aama ka S. C. TV>mpaan. M Wall rtraal. la Ika kaaaaaat. will raaalaa tka akoao rav,ra ?ttkaal daortlna. I'aaakraltn >ad rtlrri ar? ra,aatad .. rt p Ika MM PULITir 4L. UNION AND VICTORY?UNITED WE STAND;*! IM wo rail.?Daaiearata, -? ? la year aMaht at Tammany llall The Democralie Kepablieaa Uaatral Caaaaitteea a# tie Bute of New York. together ertlb Ike Dwmth Member* of tka New Tark State LeaWUtore, bnmna ataM tka Democratic Kcpoblitaa Elector* to aaiU la mm* araaataatloa for lha enfaty of Iba Daion aad tba eAeeodeney of Democratic Principles. tba Democratic RepuMiona Electors af this alt* aad ecaaly art reajwetfully incited to rail* la tka Hallo aVOld Tammany, aa Friday attain*, April tf. IKftO, at half-paat 7 o'aloch, ta respond la that* reaomaiendnlion, and ihuo rratora rtetary ta oar baaaar, aad resent aar City, State. aad Ccaatry, from wkl? domination aad atiorala. Tba following DietlngtiUbed DataooraU bava baa a iaritad ta addraaa tba Meeting: To. L. Make*, of Albany, Honario Bar worn, af L'tlen, L, S. CHarriKiJ), of IHmi? H. C. Mt'BPHT, of Brooklyn, R. A. Oooitnn, of Aabnra, Wiao Hirwr, of Rochester, 0. IIoguhom. af Hndaoa, Jomo A. Lnrr, of Brooklyn, Horn K. Hmitm, af BuRblo, Fa an. fni.Lirr, af Batarla, U.S. RaxdiluoI Cortland, J a vac C. Smith, af Lyoao, a. >. BtPtraa of Rochester, CXAKLna A. Mann, af UtiaA J. V. I.. Prt-rn.ef Albany/ fit aa. 8. Ronton, of Alb*ay. I Tokmainb, of Cattoklll, By ardor of th? HamaaraU* Republican Ocneral Committee af Tammany llall. FERNANDO WOOD. OaaaKT Dvcoman, |, Chairman. Rich a a r> M. Hannincton. I **er?t*"a*. MUSICAL. New mpsic.?the morris polka, as pkrformad by Dodworih'e Cornet Hand, a new and pretty piece. ! ran be obtained at Uaraton'e Music aad Boob (tore, 274 Beware. I PIAKOFORTF.-FOR SALE, A VERY SVPERIOR Pianoforte, 6|t oelaves, rosewood rata. Warranted, and can be bad at tret coit, by Immediate application at No. 3BS Broadway. THE TRADES. Bakehs.-anotuek meeting will he held on Saturday avaniag, at 8 o'clock. in the Mechanics' Hall, 170 fleeter street, to consider the article# of the Cnnetilution, which will be submitted ?>y the Committee. Lot son* bot cowards and craven* itlj away. Amine, brolhor*. arouse i your * >!? deln vrnnce ia at baud. Only proa* wTthy of the object, aud equal to tho ta*k, and yonr Jut demand* will be epeedily obtained. By order of BARTHOLOMEW derham, Chairman. Ji'h.o IIvktbw, Necrefnrv pr? tern. A GENERAL MEETING OK THE UNITED OPfOIc terer* of New Vork will be held at Marion Hail. ih7 Canal atreet, oa Monday, 13th of April, at half-paet 7 o clock. It ia requested that all the members will be punctual in attendance. aa bnaineaa of importance will be brought before the society, By order of the Committee. Notice -having seen an advertiskmkmt on Monday, the 8th inat , for Journeymen Sailmakerx, tbia 1* to caution |>ersone at a distance from being led astray, aa thart arc too many bands naemploynd at prascnt ia tb* city. The cfleet of such advertisement would tie to iucreasc the diffleulty tf obtaining employment. A JOL'R. SPBMAle NOTICES. CLAT FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION.-TICEETS FOR THE feetival in honor of the birthday of Henry Clay, to taku : place en Friday, tho Itth inat., at Nlblo'e saloon, may bo ' bad, aa aridiaatiau t* William R. Londen, agent, at tk* tStt ef tba Daily El proas, sornar of Wall and Nassau alruoU. By order, JOSEI'H M. PRICE. Preeideut. d. austin muik, i vioo william 8. ditee. i ' Manrt-a D. Reave*. *oe^ CALIFORNIA MAIL.?THE REGULAR MAIL FOR California, to bo forwarded per ateamer Georgia, will be i closed at thie office on Satnrdan, the 13th mat., at 2 I'. M. mm v. br adv. v m. ; fpilE COMMITTEE OK ARRANGEMENTS Ki?R THE J Ctlebration of the Birthday of lleury Clay reepectfully I request the ounereand masters of shipping, and the propri! etura of public housaa, to display lbs American flag through, out thi*day,Friday, April 12th. National academy ok design-new vork. April Sth, IK'*).?The Tweuty-flfth Annual Eahlhitim oi the National Academy of Design, will open to the publio on 1 tb.. I'.t h inst si lb. -.. _ I Is II?r v llmsles. opposite lloud street. By ord- r of lh? Counoll. J. II. SHBOOTNB, ( nr Sec. jr. A The second distribution of the people's Art Union will take place on the lMh day of April, 1AS0. Free Oallrry of )'alnunj(?, rear of llook Store, lifi Chatham Sqnare The oldert of the People's Art I'nion ia for the encouragement of worka of art and AineMowa Arliata, and to craat? a last* for paintings. The price of aubacriptioa ia $1, wkicb ia within the reach of all, giving every Demon a chance of furnishing their |*rlor with a beautiful (rained picture, A certificate of memberahip eatitlaa the holder to the following:?A beautiful colored print, called the Forget-MeKut, done expruaaly for the uienLera, or a meiaotlat of Washington, engraved by Sadd, the value of the aubacriptioa. The distribution will take place on the ISth of April, I?50, at H o'clock, P. M.. in the large ball occupied aa an Ice Crruin Saloon, when will be distributed One Hundred Elegant Framed Pictures, all in heautiful mounted (silt Frames, now on exhibition In the gallery. OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK OAS-LI OUT COMPANY, April A, 1*60.?The President end Directum hare thie day declared a dividend ef S per eeat on the cwpetal eteek of thie company, ler the ail uowthe ending let ef Feb. last, payable to the eteekholdera en and after Wednesday, lit of May next. The tranefer book will be eleaed from the Zftth iaataat until that date. By order. C. I.. KVERITT, Secretary THE SUBSCRIBER RESPECTFULLY INFORMS HIS frtrnda and the public thut hit Dining Saloon will be cloved for a few daya, la order te andergo extenaive alterations and improvements. THOMAS KIRK, JM Bowery, corner of Sixth street. TUF. PAINE FARM CEMETERY AND INSTITUTE, AT New Rochelle.?The subscriber* having paid their dues will meet at their office, 3 Franklin square, N. V., at eight o'clock this evening, to complete their organiiatiow. C. VALE, Agent, Ueaena o":M. K. B.?The works of Mr. Peine fur enle at the office. Brussels.?urakd hotel de sake?in oon?e ii.sues of the number uf American- reaorting to thts bo tol, the pecprletor bags to lnfurm thorn that hereafter he wiU , keep regular filee ef "The Mew York Uereld" ie the ealeww. e. if.KV.tMI ormhmbthr. tt'11.1 I AM WARE. OK (HARI.IH WARE. ((111 l.DRRN YY of Charts* M'trs. who died ia Liverpool. Knliud ia IMH.) will hear af something ta thair advantage by inform!ag me af thair raatdewes, er catling at my office. So. i' liookmaa street. New York. _ JOHN S. DA VIES. Ir MR. J. DIXON, WHO ARRIVED IN THE STEAMEH Empire City, from Uhagrcs. en the Sth, will call at Si Pine street, he will hear something to hit advantage I ED T. KLII.IEY i Tames connfk a son, tvpk pounders,corner al af Ana and Naaaea stroota, Naw York, kavo an head ovary artiala aeoeaaary far complete Priming KataMishmonia. The materials aa whink this papar ie priated iefrem : lfc< ibw? fwn<r)r. St'MtlFR AKKANc.BBENT-CAMHEN AVP akboy Kailluld ?( hung* of U?H, >lld U Additional U? frta New York i* llilliidi Iphis, *ta ftteamboat loha Potter, t* Son lb Am>oy; frui Uicne*. is lr>t rat* rar*. I" Camden aa<t < Philadelphia. *n and after Thnrtday. UtA of April ?Tb* Firwt I Lin* mil lent* pier N*. I, S R., at 7AM.. taking rar* al South Am boy for Camden tad Kniladnlt-hia. l< | riur to lak* If and I* t dotru iaM*g#tri at th< ueual Intermediate plan**, arriving in Philadelphia about 12 noon. **caad Line?Loutlag a* ahot* at 1l? P. M . tad running a* by morning lia*. 1 arriving ta Philadelphia about 61, P7M. Far* through by 1 Forward drrh pnaear*. $2. Urtakfaet and Dinner protided on beard #t*amb?at John Pottar. PaweuI a*r* for Freehold will ink# the *lnge* at W'eot'o. 7 art from 1 New York to Freehold ICVt eenta. F.mlgraal Line ltarr* by i (tcamboat Tranepnrt, Capt. J. Qoald, al 3*% o'elnok, P. M.? Far* $1 SO Fifty pound* of bautp allowed to *aoh fu-nyer. bn? nothing wUl be rrenlend or evn*idor*d a* baggage, aartpt wearing apparel, whieh will be earned at the entire rloh a9the*wu*r. I BLISS, Ag*ut. | I Mi" HFI1AI.1V?CFATH-IN VOIR PAPER OF TIIF. | J 27ih i.ltlni'i, th< ro l? an ndeirtl?emcnt relating to a p*< kag* of letter* and gold, to the amount of f 1VI, which waa drill*red to a Mr. Agnew, on bonrd tho Oregon I am the p<r-',u who It refer* Wi I revilevd |Ut jmjtagc, with n r.? , ae. t to r.nid It to a gentleindn on board, MiMi eouM n' t to fi uad al Ihr t'me ;) 1 gate my name at the time, to the owner i f >aid package ; on the eeoond of January, a gentleman railed on me, and r#<|U*c(?d that I would deilearth* pai kag* wlitob I bad reeeitad for him when mming on board, oralout Ilia time that I earn* on bonrd; I delivered It to h.m without e*king any qaeotloaa, euppoaing that the owner had teen hiaa afttr letting me. and told him my name, and t* rail oa me for tb* nark***. Thla ta* my holiaf antll called on a few dart ago by Mr brie*, who Mill ma tha package ha* ant rcma to hand, and that It enntalned tb* abort amount. That I waa allngotnor ignorant of. aa I not knowing wither party, I th' I'ght ike manor wot all right: I aineertlt regret that It ' hte lined owl en. aider the rlreumetaacoa.bat It wa? ImI - I ir for ?I? I" f rUMU, or tiilak nf a n?B< at. that any leialerrded prrwoa roald come aad dtmaad a package fr m . me ahieli did ao| Ici ng to htm. I hata Jail e*tn tha ad**rtieement referrod lo above, for th* tret time It wa? taclooed [ la a letter to mr. which I retire my moat ofaeer* lhaah* for, I make tho akoto remark*, to that my frloadt at th* itmili ?*y know tht fact*. T. R. AON Bit. Saw Vona. April II, PWO. PAItTkKHtlilPt. ClOPADIMMHir NOTK E-TIIF. I NDEKdHiNED reepeetfully iwform tb* mercantile community that the bone* heretofore know* andrr th* nam* ' ! lyriag, Part on k Co., at Valpuraioo, ha* booa. ky mntaal eonewnt, i diixl'td. Th* bwalaeoa will hereafwr be conducted under tl 1 *me of lorlng. Brother* k 4 o . who will ?ct at Ship CI ardlrre, l.tneral Ag- nit. Re For farther Infonuallou ( i rclail*e to bi eiweo* matter*, pieac# call on Chart## Lorlng, Hoe to n, No IJ Oatral Wharf, who la the duly authoritvd ' a.on I tor eald kouee in Uie Vailed Stale*. Any ord*r* or (raii|*nitu r*?p*etfully ?elirli*d V A r r? a ?'m 1 (Mf.!. 1 - v< , r*urA?T*H.HHIP - TH? I'MPERdlONPD HATE I V ikn 4t; ('m*4 i rof?rtwr?lii| r>r tfi? Itiiutllra af A C?mmi>otua Haatnaaa la all kiada af For?i?n m l Damaatla Dry and Kh'tOo?4?. ?nd?ril? nf" J. Af??t kC?., IE*. 4 keatk William airaat, p >t*ir? IHAtl.R* J. AFNKR. Mrw Tork Marak I. IAMV Al.RERT I ? W.K Nirrit A?1 ME < or'ARTKEKMllP UERETOFORE EEIbiIm Mam ika nMrlktrt, nadar ik? Arm rf T. P. tH?k(a,Uthiidi|i 4M<?4 lit aitail Tka aatalaadlaa k??n?x will W aattlad ky Jaha [Iroaaiad lad Baiaia W. Qalatard. wk? wtll tka aaaa af Um trm la , tfltlllln - Raw \ nrk. FakraM; ft, IMa) (MsaaA) CHA3. MUROA.W. T. r. > < OR, JOHN BREASTED. GEO. W. OCINTARD. lata lao* tout. (faot af NiaUi at_ R. R. I T*rk. Narvh SR. I AM | Tka aakaartkar kartaa parol,a*ad tk* antlra utaiMta <4 tka ttkar partarra la tka lata Iraa *f T. P. Saaur R Co . artll aaaUaaa tka aiaaai aaRlaa taaaafaatara, ta all lu kraaakra, aa4ar tka Imaiadiaia anpariktandtafk ad Mr H Union, aafcoaa rapataiwa aa a aaatlraillM angtaaar la taia wall kaawa ta tka pakllr ta ran*lr? fartkar aotta* A44ltl*aal faatllttaa ara ? aa kadaR nddad ta tkla alraady, parkapa, m-at aawnatra aatakllakmaat af tka kiad lit tkla aanatry, la ar4ar ta giaa tnak daapatak la tka aaaaral maaafaatarlag dap*rim>n?a aa akaM maat tka 4aalraa <4 all wka mar faanr kitn ?nlk ikatr anai.m. >'H AS. MORGAN. | |aoHT1c^|j^TIHIl( 4^, TUB RlBM HIRER OFFER* Mlf ANklAl. AtitoHTmaat af fra?li Acrlrnliaral aa4 II rttcahnral Nmdi. frail and Oranaifa'al Traaa, la rA?t rariaty. Orap? Vlaaa. an A Al.rati art ; a larya aallaatfaa af Eaatic I'laata. aad a aaaaral aaaotimaat of artkalaa ta kla llaa. A faw karrala ut aarly aaaaraiaa a?4 aak laa??4 kldoar Tnintaaa, maak aataaaitd fay ikalr aalaaWa anallty if kollia* dry wkan ynaa*. , traaaara and atkara. wiakia? ta pawdiaaa a^ lajitad to aall , aad aaaaiiaa f?r tkamaalraa T BIJLAP, , GARI'RN dlllla -IIKIDGEMAk R PERM A * F.MT lit rtnallnral EalakUakm.nt. k.. ATI Brmdwat aamat af Fitlta.ath atraai krw Y-rk.-Tlif rnklir V* tafarmrd , that i|? haataaaa fnratfrly coadwtad by tka lata rhAata ( hrltlyt man will la o.ottai.rd aa karatofara, aadrr tka aniwr- i ( IntaaAanaa af Ika ankaerlkara?krrarratnaata fcarina (maa ( pr?>l?t<li ma 'if ta iirraai ?a tka na*olliad rrpnlatlAn "> { i aatal llakwaaf, Aad 1? faimtab Oardon aa4 Floaar of tfcf atoai aMtri raa i ardatlaa, fraak fr ill ika poatri, tk? jrmiar 1 | part Inlay aoi*rd ripro*<-ly far tka manor*, fr"? aarafnlly , aalaatod at-rk Tka paMta may rant aaaa rod tkat tho aamt 1 trtat attaatlnr aad rayard far tka taiaraat af tkatr roatoaifra. aad tka nmiallaa af tka aatakliakmaat, will kd par**- ( raraa la, and tkat a* kaad will ka "farad at tka aaaa tar aalfaa anak aa aaa kaawa ta p?<aaaa tka m<wt aaaaaldal *t>'^ analMaa far pn<nl pnrpaaaa; aadtkar o-1U any lmp> itaii faad la adfrrad far aala wiIk> ?I kalaa nrarlonaly taatad. ( R'.fkfallara and "oadaraan aappllad trttk T. HnHyaataa t Itaadard M-rtlealtaral Maaka, at Ika aanal dlaranac T'la 1 a?a( ( ardanar'a Aaaiatani, Iwalfdh adltina, laprattfJE , payaa anara; Tka Kliakaa i;ardaaar'a:lBttraainr, Tka Pinataf'a ttaida, aad Tka CaHiratar'a Vwnal dlatli a ptaa may ka aktalaad aa akara. tlj Hkl> HKIl".fk Alt. I AKPIUrw BElOOKJU^f. wants. WANTED ?A BXAMSTRBS& WUO IS EITHER Erunub or Oonuaa. wha U wtdB bar xtdK bad I* daaiioua wt |HUu:i?r>iu?at work far a fatally. Apply ta kka daak of thka attaa fur Uw romdeaoa af vba lady. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOONO WOMAN a aitaatton. la a mail privata farnly ta do gaaaral hi uaawark; would bave no objaotloa to go a Hurt dtatanoa ta tla aoontry. Har rood city rafaraaaaa. Plaaaa a all at Na. 3U Clark atreat. ("an M MM for two daya. WANTED?BY A VOl'NO WOMAN, AN AMERICAN, a alluatioa aa CTtaubarutaid, la a aaatealprivate family. Co. d rity refrrenoo given. Plaaaa call at 3Ud NIath atraat, aeeond door from Artuna B. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aitnalton aa a drat rato Cook, id a priaata family. Ihc l.aat city reference caa ba giraa. Apply at 11 Jay atraat, Brooklyn. In tha taacincnt. WANTED-llY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN, a altuatioa aa Chaubarmaid, and ta aaaiet la waabtag and Ironing, or aawla . Good referonon given. Caaba aaaa for ?wn daya, at No. 41 Sprinr a'reat. from 10 toft 11 'clook. WANTED-BY TWO VERY RESPECVABLB YOCNO girO, altuatioaa?one to do tba general honaowork of a an.all privata family, aad tba ether to da ehambarwork and anitiar. Tbry hava both Ota boat of ally rrforuaoa for caua> city. t'learc call, for two daya, at 115 Mulberry atraat, flret floor, front laaa, WANTED-llY A PROTESTANT OIRL, A SITUATION to tako care of chil<*.run aad do houaawork, la a amall privata family, llaa th? bait of reference. No objection to yo in tha country. Can bo aoon for two daya. at DO Mott at. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A ? ...h ? rion.lurm>il Nurae, or btama'reaa, in Uiwu or country. Apply ?t No. 14W Croabr. rr (W I toward atroet. WANTED? AN INTELLIGENT AMERICAN LAD, from M lo Ifi yaara of age. Io attend In a Fauey Slow, and Btkt himMlf KUiniH nitful. Apple at meg & SMITH'S. 727 Broadway. WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation at Chambermaid and Walter, or to do the general beiirework of a auiall family: ran give olty refrreuee of fc ur year*, from lirr laat place. Aadroaa 12 Sullivan atroet; can I a eetn for two daya. WANTED?A PERSON TO ASSIST IN THE ARraugement of a I'aaorama for exhibition; one who ia well acquainted with the moat approved etyle of arran{ement. will pi euro addreaa O Ef) KC E P E N X E V. Herald OfBce. WANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE girl, aa Chambermaid, H'aaher and Ironer, or new ahirt inner. Plraer rail at Hh) Eaat Ninrleentli atreet, re or building. tie t>rt of rite reference* aiven. Wanted-bv a respectable young woman. a aituation an Chambermaid and Walter; ran rive the heat of citv reference. Addreaa 1U3 Sixteenth atreot, between S ri and Seventh aeennea. WAN TED-A WUHAN AS NURSE AND 8EAMatrraa Nona need apply hot audi aa ran brin* *o?d reromnirudationa frotu thair laat aituatione, for fldellty and rapacity. Apply at SI ('Baton I'laca, Eighth atroot, between ? A M. and 12 M WANTED-A VOl'NO PROTESTANT OIRL, ABOUT IN yean of a*e, to take charge of two children, one a baly, to do chamberwork and plain aewlng. Nona need apply except tboae that hare a Rood dupoaition, and are fonJ of children Apply at 3f> Mercer atroet. 117 ANTED?A PROTESTANT SCOTCH. ENGLISH, OR vt American woman, aa Nurac and Soauieiresa in a pritate family. Apply at No. lift Lexington Avenue. WANTED?BY A WELCH OIRL. A SITUATION IN A private family, to do general honaework or aa ehamlermaid, or to take rare of children. Can bo aean for two dat e. Inquire at lag Chryetic etreet. \]L' ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE FY Protectant young woman, aa Chambermaid, or to take crie of children. Ian give good reference from her laat place. Phate Inquire at 120 l.aureua atreet. Can be acen for two daya. Wanted?a situation, bvarf able young woman, aa Clambermald and Wa |ci*? reference given. Apply ut ?1 Elcvcntli flo. r, lack room. Can be accn for two rf WANTED-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE young woman a- I' wcr and Chambermaid. Apply at Kl ET-ve-' u the third floor, back room. Can le acen f "11' SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE " en. aa Walter. Chambermaid, or to do ge er ( uu ha aeen for two daya, at No. SO : I ;. t door, in the rear. V\ SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, old) ax Waiter, and wonld aaaixt na Chambvrna a. her preacnt place. No. 42 Barclay atreet. \LT ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. TT a aitvation to do general ' ouaework, or Chambermaid; ia a good waahcr aad ironer. Beat of city refacencea. Apply at No t.4 Pnnrth uvcona. between Ninth and Tenth atreete. 117 AN TED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN. A YY aituaiion, either aa plain Cook, Waaher and Ironer, or to do general houaework In n ernnll private family. She ran five the be-1 reference from her laat place. Can he aeen for a o daya. I'leaec call at 24b MtilLerry atreet. VET ANTED?BY A RESPE( TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A v Y eituation ax Cook, W aahor aad Ironer, in a reapcetabla family. Can give the beat ef city referenree. t'aabriren for two daya, at No. 176 Eliaabeth atreet, flrat floor, front room. BJLT ANTED-BY A RXSI'EI TABLE WOMAN. A SITUA" tlon aa Chambermaid aad l.aundreaa. The I eel of rity reference can be given. No objection# to go a abort diatanea in the Oeontrv. Al.ldv at 444 fourth aire* t. in the rear \ETAKTED?1IY A RESPECTABLE VOCNO PERSON, " who ran *i> ? good reference., a eituauon a* Cook. aad to ueiet la m l Ironing. Apply at JKd Twelfth .treat corner ot 1 hird ItNM. < nn be eeen for two dart. WANTED-1H A RKSl'ElTAlU.K UIKI.. t Sin tUoa aa Cook; la a (cod welter and iruacr; haa no objection to do bouaework tun private family beet of dtp reference con bo (iron. Plea** rail at No. IS Slat* atreel, S-utb brcoklyu, la tbo tier*. Will revel*# (alia for two day*. \V' AVI Ell? A ROTATION, BY A VOVNU WOMAN, TT to do general hoaeework. She onJcr.tehd. plain c?> aad I* a (rat-rate wnoher and Iroaor. I'laaa* call a. No. tif llndana atroot. tlTANTED-A GOOD JOURNEYMAN DARUER, AT " Paul* hair cutliug rooma, 41 Courtland atroot. j UMNTtD-A SITUATION. bV A RESPECTABLE. | " health* yuag tronaa, la a goiitool, prleatc family, who , porfootl j anderetaad. plain cooking, aad iaatrat-rate waabrr and iroaer; or will undertake to do gtneral hoeaowt.rk. Tbo to at of rity reference* girra. 1'lcaoo call at 3s Trinity place, j Aral Roof. VE"ASTEIb-A SITUATION. 1IY A RESI'Ef TA III.E young girl, a* Nar*e. She la capable of taking tb" *lire charge of an Infant: weald have no objection to aaaiat la rf aanlwrwork. ordo plain *ewing. The rory boat of city r* far< aoe* eaa be (iron, l'leaao apply at ber present aitoation. No. 151 Tcntii otreet, corner of Vourtb arvnue. \L' ANTlll.?A GENTLEMAN DESIROUS OE OHTAIV. lay la.niodiat* ?ni| loyment, wlahca a eituation where kia talent* and ?errtce* mny bo netful to hi* employer. Ho | .peak* and writoa German. Lngliah, aad I'reaeh, and baa bad I u any year* taperlenro la wholesale bu.ine.* la Europe. Any one In a ant of aa aaeiataat rorreapoadeat. bookkeeper, rltrk or *geat, nay addrcea (p- at-paid I J. K.( New York Poat Odlre \r t NTEb?IIV A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. " a aituatiee aa Chambermaid and Waiter, or Nurwe . ahe thoroughly naderatauda taklag rare if childrea. aad I* a eery (pi d plain eoamatreae; la an egcelleat waahar and Iroaor. and underataada Lrvuch plettiug; ah* aoutd be willing to gn a abort dtatahce in the Country for the autnmer MAMa, Mh* hue the leat of elty reference ; hna Heed f->nr year'in on* place; ahe can rum* highly rec. mtnendi'd from Iter prvwat mployer*. a In re ah# bow la, and ran be e*i n for tandaya. I'lraar all at ?11 W cat Nineteenth atreel, bet nan the Eight* trd Math (OdMM. AKLSI'Et TAIII.E ELDERLY RIDOW W Mil EM TO obtnln a oitnation aa lloue?ke.|er In n amall private lamily. or would attend on an aged la<lr. > t aa IneaJid. and do plain Bearing, or aaakc heraelt wiefnl in any light work. Natiaf actory trine** caa be bad by applying for two day* at SIB fourth otreet. AI DRUG ( LERR WANTS A SITUATION IN A FIRST rla>* atore II* ran fie* the be.t of refer*area a* to < I ararter aad abllltle*. AJdr*>> II . at thia afle*. JOURNEYMAN SAII.MAEFR WA> TED?A FIR'T rate workaian ran obtain ronatant employurnnt at from S-, to %2 35 per day, hy applying immediately to the eabeerl1 era. either personally or by letter, (poet aald I All applira* livaa la writing will (>e eonetdered elrlctly toiMeailal. S V A J II 1IIOKI\ I treet, roraerof Uoeer TO WAT( NMAEERS.-WANTED, A FIRST R tTE Wntrbnaker with ESAU) rnpllai, to take aa iatareet in an eetabllalied jewelry baefreee, and lake eharg* of the Watch department To a competent young ma a the preeeat la a e ery do. irnble opportunity Apply te M If R TICK. 137 Atiaatlc otreet. Mroeklya. Ala* * anted, aa abeee, a mart bey aqantated with the bo> tlx*#*. 1 M FORMATION WANTED <> JOHN MrKEON~OT Markrt Hill. r?aaty of Armagh, Ireland. He left home 11-at tee-and -twenty rear* ago. Any Information from him a ill le tbaakfully receieed at 1*1 Centre atreel. New York, by hl? *later. Catherine MrKeon, who la.t eaw htm ta Tean t'gl au re. eoaaty of Armagh. Ireland. ( anadian paper* pleaee Copy. Bl?l CATION. TO CLERGYMEN.? A CLERGYMAN RESIDING IN , the State of New York, or nay of the eaetera Stat**, d>- I re*, of ia*Teaatag ki* Inc.,ma. eea d# a? bp taking the ea- | tire ebnnre of the *duaauoa aad training af a male child, I mm d t >, - k.... . ... . ?.11 l.. rnm.A W mm r.. ti 1 particular* ed?'lre*e f 0 . at' th* eiiee of tht*' paper, at at lag 1 ?li*r* >* innrrlw ?4y W had I DRT oboDt. **. I New MM II SINNER StlA?rIJI.-OKO. m?rART. AT K* ITVHr'dair. will thi* It; erea a eaae of ,1* llrr lellra Shawl#. rich aad daairabl*. Remember the cumber. ?7l? llr-adwap. ____________ I INDIA fOCLAKD SILKS.?A I.ARUR AND CHMCI eao. rtniert. far aala. bp ?M?DER*T PATTINtlN Ca, Man* ?A Rread a treat THOSE ATI.UNDID DRE*S GOODS -GRO STEWART. I at tb? aoir atora, STP Hroadwap Now ant eerp rfk pel tenia of ailka. *ilk ttaeaaa, t'aatoa altk aaaliaa, atrtpa Na.hewr. Ir.n-h aualiat. priaird lawn*, t- u> ther with a t an ad and rh<.|.-e eelertlow at l.adir# dree* food*, aaanrt aeerd l.adiet and |otrc|,??. r- cannot do hatter than call cad Bioko their aolartloaa at 371* Hmolwnp. UrET GOODS. I RON Till. A Ri.t>-AI PERTIS E BLAt K I Trench < loth. and Dookla I a**iaieroa, wide kick Silka. rl'h Inatra; a-l red t.r? da Rlun*. ereen and Mae Barn#*. t loth latere: Dear d* Fte tar ) wide rho.nhropa, Co., r > aala bp V M MATHEWS. W < at hart n* at. PARIS MILLINKRr ?TDK SIRS* RISER MUX per., >a Frtdap, th* I'ftk in*ian., eat aral raaaa af tka la e.i atplo af Pari* It-naM*. a. n*latlaa of I rape, l#toe. Silk, fail roller, d aad S raw It. noeta. r?< *ir?d per ateamer ll"i a am. Ladle* are reop*. tfi.llt Inrtird to rail aad ttmina II-? ASM WOT I.E. No r. Park place. Foil lav NI I.I.I N I It - III! -THM HIKER WIII. per. aa Indat. the IJtk Inataat. aeeeral aa*oa af .ha l?.*at at tie af Pant IS.anetn. aooeiauaf af t rape, lutoo. Silk. I wi< roidarrd. aad Straw li nan-, re, eitad p?r ateamor ll-ra.aan Indian are rcapeetf.,lip iarttal to eall and etnmina I li t rate* _ ANN* HOYI.T. N" At Park plana. r\RI> EMBROIDERIES AND LAI'S OOllDt.?Till laaira of New I ork are reapervfnil> taiited to an Inap eImat.f , ?? ( tba rlebaat, moat ear rd, and doododlp tba | n.repe*. at.* k of fm tret done* and I j?e# t,.-.da eeor-aki'dled la dtp. whlrh are now reodr for aal* nt Ik* New Store, ecrner * llr .adwap and H hlta atreet Thee* ?ood? ar? of tbo la teat Impor .atlona, nnotirpneeed in atple, aad a ortl.p tl.o notice of (bote who are In pur*nlt of ?n*h ie are oaaentiallp nr. oooarp ta r mplete a lad, wardrobe, ronaifllac In part af the f el lee, a. p.uda ?Heal Vallendrone* l.aor* all wldtbr. do. Mecklie aad Maliae. da; do llltrk Thread and bilk do dwddedlp cheap; Hlaea. IT feted led Vet air da f. r manllla* Imi'a'laa tor** In nearr at,la ed 'jaalu v; P.lack Thread ,..,4 U bite 1*%. . Tail*; Hlwck and While laee (< iffere*. f .e head draaae*; Ilia k and *kite I am oearf. and I ape. H-al Vallew a*.d Point I* * I ellara, treat I?rfMBe: Embroidered Mneltn t ape*, trimmed a 1th V alien' til" I.are.. > allmriennea la.* Iter tba, wdjt iltetea to n.a.tM Ladio*' Embrotdarad llroaafeet twpm l?r*'n an I I'h" Borap* Veil* S N ? Partirelar attention I* eoUrflod to tba YellowIt. rnee l*?e* t . liar* and Paid, ia eotni I. <o t. aa the* are erki.iwledetd te be the rb-ai-.t eeer ottered aa llr-edtrap. JT> broad*#,, tiritl df * hlta a treat. AMIMKIHKMX |)OW|KY THEATRE?FRIDAY EVENING, APRfLll, , D will i i ucrli i mad the .rand (mulK iliitiili, Amn.inaed Tine MERCHANT!*' PTkMD OF SYR ACU1M?DaBon. Mr. J. R. **< ? t; YjIIum, Mr. Atot. Dvoniatu*, Mr. Arv?ld; Proalaa. Mr. JordrK Tbiaticua, Mr. Maorn. Nitlw, Mr. Martin; Lneullna, Mr. Draw; Atitnu. Mr Maaan; Aarn- < Llioi. Mr. McDonald; Mtl<l>ln. Mr. J. Dunn; Aadrmiana, Ir. J. Wiaana. Calnatha. Miaa Waiuyaa; lieruiian. Mm. Jor- i dun. I'nrixio t< Ihr Mrrekinti'DtMd, TIIE UTT1.I UI- < V1L? Carlo, Miaa 9. Daaln; Oil VnrRoa, Mr. (Iillitrt: Oount Madira, Mr. Draw; Dun Kaphaal, Mr. Laatar, Caaaihin, Miaa 1 K Mi. < C' II A K F K A IT'S NATIONA1. THEATRE.?COM PI.1/ mantary lltsife to Mr. F. S. Cl.aufrao?Friday Evenin).-, April 12. the porforinaneo will aonimanea with the dra- I ma ef i he MANIAC U) V KK?Michael Ehrlv, Mr. H'. Mar- t l.all: Phillip dc Arrlll'-. Mr. Roaarll; Mary Wo., .Ural, Mm. Madiena. 1 o ha followed I y the coined y of the PRIDE OF I 1HF. MARKET?Cbavnliar de Italbr.aTe. Mr. Chanfmu; I Maruuia d? Volanae, Mr. Tlltou;, Mr. Ji tT?r??n; Mar <or. Miia Emily Mralayar. 1 > eanalnde with MO->K IN CA- | 1.1 FOKN1 A ?More, Mr. Chnnfraa; Rykeay. Mr. Haytnnnr; Mr. < Ad. Iphct I'llllal.rond, Mr. Jiffuraou. Lite, Miaa K. Meatuyyr; < Janay Uoyart, Miaa Lnakyar. I ClUANFKAU'S NATIONAL THEATRE.?FRIDAY / alanine, April II.?F. S. ill AN FRAP rc-i-cifallr ?noonaen ta liia Ntw York frienda and patron*, that having 1

di.pored of hi* mU'riit In the above popular ertubltahinont, 1 and rerlgned hi* managerial dull**, he i* drrirnu* of availing 1 hiinrelf of lb* npportunity the uoeaaiun afford*, of exprvaeing 1 hi* rinerr* and h*artf*lt acknowledgment* for the grnarou* < aud unvarying kindlier* they hate evinced toward* him J daring hi* proir**loaal experience, the recollection "f which ' will b* faithfully cheriahed with feeling* of pride and gratl- t tnde. In order to tak* an appropriate leave of the New < York pnhlie, he will appeal f for the la.-t time I to their kind I patronage on the above evening, alien he will he a.wieted by the talent of Mi** Emily Meotayer, the niuverral favorite of ' New York, who ha* moot gonoronaly tendered her aemoe* (positively her only appearance), and will viait thi* city el- ' preaalv and exclusively for thla uccaMon. Mr W. H iralmJl, the aotnired tragedian, will sustain one of hi* m ut popular ' characters, aided by the unilad strength of the regular ootn- " parv. Particulars in future annonneementa. ? NEft YORK. APRlIi lOnt, I8SU.-F. 8. CHANFRAU. < F?q.Dear Sir?ft'*, the undersigned, doairona of 1 rvinelug aom* alight token of onr eateem nud regard for von I aa Manager, Actor, and Man. do hereby offer ouraerviooa in I tl.e < oniummation of a t'ompltmen'ary Benefit, and volunteer our aid on the evening of Friday next; at the same tiino tendering yon onr individual wish** for your happine.* and J pio>peri'y, wherever and in whatever puranit your future path of life may be direetod. r t I . Tilton, ft'. (J. Taylor, A. Ilenahaw, 1 J. Seymour, C.W.Taylor, M. I* Roy, ? J. Crocker, J. Sqnlroa, F. Mavno, 1 N. T. Davenport, J. Young, Wm. T. PettricheB, 1 J. V. Brandon, W. T. Porter, R. Willis, , H . 11. Hamilton, Tho*. Howies, T Rivca, J. ('.hemic, AnnaCroiM, J. Dei*, j J| a'h. Dnnn, K Madiaon, II. Dteraaea, 1 II. Russell, P. K. Muiretr, C. Priedrick, J.Jifferaon, L. laherwood, I) t'nderhill, 1 W. II. Ilamblin, M. C. Lockyer, T. Oaollor, 1 J. Dolman, Fanny Herring, P. Meyer in*. ' Thoa. Wcnijn*, Mary Forbee, P. Pue-a?li. Ntw Yokn, April 10, IS'iO.?Ladiet and Gentlemen: ?I ?in- ' crre'v appreeiato the kindneu and honor yon purpose eon ferrtng. to tendering me a Complimentary Ben-St prior to my ^ final rviiauuiahnient of all poraonal iatereit la the National ' Theatre. The only opportunity for *uch eonatimma'.ion ap- . ptarato be Friday evening next. It were vain for uie adequately to eiprexa the high aenae of pride and gratitnda | aherirk far the grnerou* testimonial uf approbation which ' my efforts have gained froin my profeeeional associate*during ? my managerial experience; but the ri no inl rau'< of your fa- ' vi ra will lite ia my memory while mind and h**rt exist, aud * my fi rvent response i* for your individual happiueaa and progperity. F. S. CHANPRAU. 1 n M?a*r?. Tilton, Sovmotir, Jefferr n, Rn**< II. and ollwf*. J GC ML'ICK ? CO.'lt MAMMOTH MENAGERIE- v Thl* nifijiuificpnt ?st*bli?huut?nl, formed of th? aoui* * bmed collection* of Van Amhnivli k Co. und June, Titus, | Cm . wlili iiawiy mIIIIvm, leafrWll re pre- eotutiven ef the aninisl world fn in every country Mlwoen * the {*>) , will he exhibited for four day* only, nt the corner * of Eighth etrwt, nenr Brewdwny, eommenein* ?n UVIoeiday, April HH1 the au?mal* tnolu4ed a thie met eolleetion v art in- ealth. and iri ackauwlsigud by ell to he WW* equal! ' >r mi enn !??iity ; indeed, the exhibition ie a |?er- i f ti iirni of Goldsmith's Natural History. The die- J X gui*hii ittiriffi of the e^tabhehuient are the thrilling T. Iieeki i? the 4m ef the trtlfi?t of tbe feteel?the tMMBNBbM fswt* "f ?he tr Elephant BOLIVAR, and the itnd of educated Port s, uttro red hy Mr. K Lungwort!*?. Hour* of exhibition from 2 to ft, and from 7 to 9 P. a Admission 2ft *?uU; ebHdrrn under 9 year* af Age, half-prir*. PANORAMA BALOON?EXHIBITION FREE.?ALL lo>?re of fine Paiatinr" fthnuld take thu earliest .ippormnity cf vi*ltmg this emporium of the fine arte. Tho Venn* now exhibiting i* one of the finest production* of the rl**uc f rhools ever seen in thie eitY. It has been eeen and pronctinttd |erf#rt, hy onwards of fire thousand person*, within the last set en day*. N'o. 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard 1 ??w. amvmmmmwn is fbuztaixelphia. Barb mm MViiyii, miii*ai>elphia.?mart tavlor, by requeat of many inende aad patrons of the Mu- ? aeum, has tun*entod to remain one more week, which will he pooltfvely bar la*t. THB PRIDE OF THE MARKET, aa Monday "Evening, with a atroug aa*t aad appropnat* ap?oiatB>?nt*. During the waak Camedia*. Drama*. Par***, Vaadevill**, Ballad*, Dane**, kt. Th* epUndid lui.aailana u* iHaealviag Viaw* la th* aftaraoaw. Th* Gambler, which ha* beeu r**?lv*d with land appian** for ail Bight*, i* withdraw* far a abort tint*, aftar which It will b* r?-prudue*d with many addition, and improvement*. CINDEKC1XA on Wadaaaday aftarnnen: 800,0*1 Cwrmritia* of *very nam* and aatur*. Admiaaiaa th aaala: Childraa. aadar lu roar*. I.'t, era la. kme auto. French, enofjsu and ofrman rsiiravinoRc? The trade i* ra*p**tfnlljr Informed that a large aa**rtmaat ad Xnropaaa Kngraviaw*. iaaladiag th* katut gubheaM*m, la new a*knd fa* aala by ooupil. t1bert ft co, Whole .ale Praileallaro. 2SM llroadway. fiWHTOO." ~ I (91.NTREVII I.F COCRSK, I..I -TRIITTINO -MONDAY, I ' April 15th, at 2S o'ahwk T. M . par** $7A, mile hoata, l.oai S la 6. to JAO lb wagon.. I. Wo*4ruff enter, h. m. Lucy 1 heal ; J ft lielply eater* h. (. Shaw'* ?"lt. t. C."wklia oatrra \ XiKW'V\ olWN* AWdAlri^a^'rVr'ft n^bV-'uVA i lr. io Cambridge Girl : K entrrsh. g. Br row Drir?r. 1 hr fers will Ke\e the Sowth lorry, !lrrx>klyn, nt 2 o'cl<xk, I*. M , returning u* soon us th* m <>rt is f*v?r. JOV.I. (NTNKI.IN. Proprietor. ff'ENTKIVILL* COrtfiE. I.. 1?PACING.?WFDNEd- ! 111 April 17th. at 7?, 0 l l"-k . I' , | nr?r J10II, mil* l.eata ; he.tiin &. In hinrii J. Wright ?Mn b. nil-ady Marine; Mr Mi kiarlrv ntrri r. m. I . I v Mar ; J. H belplry rnKri rh. f l>aa Miller: l> Bryaa enter- b. m. Ci)r>|i Vili Tli< ear? *111 leave the kith Ferry. Brooklyn, at two 'clock. returning aa aeon n? the et?rl i? orer. Fare each way. fbreate. JUKI. t'ONKLIN, Proprietor. j ( (?r..NTKFV|I.I.F I in KS?- L. I ?moTTIM. - IM MSK of $&I *111 be given. mi I - heat*, beat 3 in 3. In barne-e, fieeforall trotting noraee. Te eotne ofl April ?td. I.ntriee J to clnee Saturday earning. April 1.1th, I ) * o'lloe k, V. M . at , t.reen It Madden e Hotel. Te .. to rtart to makr a re. 1*) to go te t In eeron d Iwet. JOf.l. 1 DtH.IV I'vpnetor. I rENTRFVIl.l.r CAt'MB. I. I?TROTTING. ? M A V ( iild. Match for $-M|r three aiile heate, to ISO |h. wagnne. J. R help!/aaace gr. (. Major : J. Oaklin name-b. g Mohawk. JoEI. CON It LIN. HOHMKM. , IN or PAUt.-A LIGHT DAI'I'I.K OREV HtiRdE. OF ' F Araiiau etork, hrrii ia hew V.Tk. wa yoare eld Ihia , l prior (flora haaaa ami a half high, fag tail. ?rr*a'.el eenma and kiad in haraeee. a<>aae<aea evtreordinary keenly . and pj-wimelry rf f rm. trie loft) rarrtag*. and eery atyliea j aad gey la Ins acti-n.-piriiad an 1 fa*' .lore not fear loan- * Biol I rea I'riaa feJH). Addreee km No. 3.1, P. O., Ilarliagtoa. New J-reey. ~~ KOR IALE AND TO I.KT. t EWM'A t'ER AM) dflfl FRINTING 'lFF|i K FOR , In rale -for aalr, the ' D-mo-reir A I irate," .< n>-w< - ^ l ?|-r te lie elgth l-ar, pollnhed In the Englieh ?nd German I angtiagee. in Wifliamahargh, King 'I 'iinly. having a large R eni '(dpti-a llet. and aalraelee advertising paT-nag- Aleo, a a Urge and well eeleeted aaaortmewl of I'rlatlng and Jolbiag i * Ty |e>. ( aaea, ( haaea, Freveei. fee. The lineine-e of the offleo ? la now ia aaeceaafnl operation: and the preaent pr ipriet..ra : _ wlib to withdiaw from It from p lineal motivea merely. I > > -I.e. apply at the Advocate OBi.e, TU Grand tire.\ R illiran' rrgb. i j, f^OR hAIX?THE itTtM R ANIt fl tTt'RF-. I EA'E AND ? good will, together with Fetter ll-aee aad Hording Mottae. No. t M aahiagt.n el roe t, ene doo* from Mattery. ep- _ p. ttte the Real'a. lliaay. aad FUiladoiphia eteam'.oete The aaly rea- a for eelliag. on a-eaant of the awaor leaving J the eity Apply on the preen)ere ^ INVRNITTRE ? f*ERV)N S R ANTING A COMF1 ETR , eel of the latest olylo Rraowood Farter Faraltnrd, .' made by i fe I. R Meoka. the beat mthere in the ally. togetbrror eoparatoly. from tome ali<d<-? ( hember Fnrnitnro. ean henr of a (no opportunity hy calliag at IHS Broadway. ^ 1 he aleva baa toea in rarofnl una ahnnt one rear ^ | f'fillAGE TO RENT? FOR ONI "? HTI TldM, 4 " V' er.atenieat rottaye. togathar with garden, onthonaea, ~ a n lie weot lank of the Hnd?-n nv r, thre- ar four t h ? re II Ifr m Naw 1 rk Rent h**f laqdtra at Ne. id * IAigkt ilraat, at I oviotk F M _____ ' TO I ET. IN TilR ITFER FART r of a haadeowie two llory atlle hrich boaoo wltb bneh J lateateai. half of tho aah-rollar aad garret: the h aao ia g. plia an'ly ettaele-l and nlihia a few nuanloa' walk of the #| I'e. k blip aad Graad etreet f-rneo lo ialro at N" B Realh || Tl >rd atreet ' a, TU I. KT?IIOt'RR Mi T> II AM Ml) A I) vTRhET. RE- b| I l.te- m it It t.-rii b f "IJ ti r ? r?M' I Rf??t Inqmr# ^ 9l AltAKF.RY AND KTOUg Tf> LRT. ?51 MR TIIR I ?ildmr* now toiag 5f?? JiW Elm trttl, nt?c til jttlClim of Srrmg wtr,.g?t A f fly to 1 C. w JFNEINE, ?Pi I# " AARON lUKhtits * ? M HOI vF. RAN1ED, MV A AM A I.I. F A MII.) t COTT AGE n. R illiainol-arg, wl.hla a ah' r' I ur eof i'e't <lip I. rry. at a moderate rent or part f honee ia R illiaa ^ ii.rg or Itrooklya. aoeuoted by a re-1--table fomilr. Adetailng Hrwi an I I..ration J M ? (I raid > | r' M h V I - II F T> lUHiMt. OR p t H T OF t llol ef. naatod tmmedlatoly, with or with, at Board for agea- [ t! a aa. hla wife end daaakter Maet bo abaea Amitr atrwot, near tin adwar Addreea J F, E. fare Mr rroara, booheeller IN) Naaeaa at real H' AMID IN THE CENTRAL ok UIR F.K rART of %l tl^fitr. A 'trail r, nV< 1 h->naa h ttoAlflW fn? " hi leyen ea given if re*aired Addr-oe It .a MM. New Verb '' Foet OMiee. 4 OAJUMWO, dMC. S nUAFDINi.?THE llfirwR, Nit Tl MRi'ADIFAT. OF- ai p-ane t.ra-e rhareh. will Iw pni ia aomalata -rder hy toe a let of May. for the roi eptio* of boarder- -ingle gentlomea li Irei B1B>. dale,| Wiah rwowi. wnhoat ne .1- ,.nd fauilliee with tl I ard aad ewlta nf roome. parlorv (omtaaaieatiag Applr at li lit Hyoadwav Hoar mm. - a m it of iahior to I.ft on riie i I i?t of Mai, with pari r fnll h led. I rlrv < nil', ia an J Faflieh taardiag boa?. ||ot and eald haidia f-r the free nan V of tl e rrenpanie Apply at Ml Monetae etfoet. I?"ahi> na-\irii nr a I API w ii'? "H i ?'"? * it'll litr r*a?: | . ?t?. n iwi af IIr >?l*af; M"? i ?'l / |< i-tiftmA ?l<lr>" I M C l<?raJ4 -Ifc" i'iuik I ftttrtllTr MrltlU"! HOARD fUM I l.-HV * M 1IM.H I \I'V iv A RR?f'Ult' ?< plu-iai famita. mUrrt ihirt am k? m >" "*Kir MtaMir* A Mr??> I i* U' - *>? . Am i.ivtlkman and iiia win i>k-irf i-rkha i ant l? arA in a prli all f?milj tTafirral. Ii-aw- " II' * ? ? al*?i ft l.ataa I an" Tina*. r 1 4 .ilan ? ~r anV -moat aafaniihad. AH"? I> < * " Fn? lt<?. " KtRLII ATIOKN. - *l NIP WMI.IM.H OW\. pi"! Till* WF.P.K. f?V .1 tain* It* f?ll | <fi|'?lir, ?f it ? h*. i'f i it- ill* "w?- ? - A of 11ll Ii l.?j-? ?f At* A art Panta* Mai flir- ath AR fi I jlitl" . th* fauna i it if ||,* ?*! r r "It* A 'll|"?ra#f Nifi Llf* l lri; Ktit lif* !? ??:* m R irAfaJ T lA Jan? I* ll * trfiraal *.-* -a J~?n Hall **?>?* * Pta It til inh T*? ?tn. Tti til il? *? Hi? V'lk I TV* Oa'tal II lit rirtiul lillir tl till; a I1<*|'t Ii im* tv? S? a?? t| t tiA ' at Ann* aa<f Mi l><ir * ' Im *f H *j tt i .* with ? * ? *m~aal if l> rW| '?! aw M'l Mtla- ll nil MIH ' UW? 7 April* Htm f? ftlflWKHBim, i Beoadway tu eathe.?phi n av evening. apkil l!,adn ha Mfcrwt <hr naaady of th* NERVOUS MAN AND THE MAN Or N EK VE? VcHIiui, Mr Oolltar: Mr. Arpta. Mr. Barrett ; Vivian, MatUava ; L.iUt laarh, Mia* K Horn; Mr.('l?kr4, Mr. llwil. TV tor followed by tha farua of U>c Iriah Paai?Taronaa O'Gmdy, Mr ('. Hint Mr. I*a?, Mr. Thoiapoaa : Mr. CapMcotnV Mr. Wht.iaj;: Mr?. ( a|?lramb, Mrv. Knlahl; Mary <*a|>aii'i>inl>. Miaa Tlwtnpeoo. Toeoailbdc with I'. P., or tho Man and tha Tiror?Mr, Mr. Parry; faiatl Marllr. Mi?a Olivia Drvv* ( trrlr and Par<|ual!?\ Mlrtntt: Family and Third Cirolci, 2,'. eanta: GalltrV. 121% tama. Ix>e? <-p?n atj. perfornianoe Mievamaaeoal half-paa . NlllIO'H GARDEN.?THE HAVANA ITALIAN orEKA, ndar lira diraatiun of Mi*ni>r P. Hadiali. 2nd appear tote of Pim?orlna SHafanoui and Sirnor Mariai. Friday ivrulnr, April 12th, trill hr parformad, liullini'a grand oporv . .f NORM A?Naraia, (tiipinrma Ralhlna Mtafannni Adalnaa, I *i?n<ra Kllaa CoatMii: (Totlldo, Sijtnora 1 m-a lUlltni. P >1i..aa Siati * r IVimtniHi lairim. Oraivao. Irnaaw, Ma. I ini; Fin vie, Sign or fwd^rlco ana a rhuniR ?noteaciI ef thirty performers. Maestro and Director of the >pera, Hi*. G. Botfesini. Leader of the Orchestra, Aig. L. Arllti. Admission. $1; private boaes, $10. Doors open at 7; 0 commence at ? o'clock. BURTON'S THEATRE, C|| A MItKKS STREET.?PHI D VY Evening, April 12. will bo played tha comedy of LE VI* 1 KA R? Mr. Charles Dimple, Mr. Burton; Captain Moneer, dr. IDlroan; Walker. Mr. Brougham; John Thong, Mr. Rea, drr. Flora Flowerdew, Mra. Kuseell; Mr*. Crisp. Mrs. Iflolmnn; diaa O'Lcaty. Mra. brougham. To ooncludc with tha comply of tha SERIOUS FAMILY-Cbarlee Torre n#. K#?i. Mr. krdan; Captain Murphy Maguire, Mr. Brougham; Frank Hncent, Mr. Levere; Mr. Arainadab Slack, Mr. Burton; Den ra, Mr. Wise; Lady Sowerbv Creamley. Mra. lJnghe#; Mra. "liarlra Terrene, Mra. Russell; Emma Terrene, MiseJ.llill; Ifrr. Orn*#i v Delaine. Mis# Chapman. THEATRE, ASTOR PLACE OI'EKA HOI'SI.?FRIDAY Evrinmr, April 12. will ho presented the comedy of the hhOVOKED HVSBAN D?Lorn Townley, Mr. C. K Ma?.?n; ourt Bassctt. Mr. G rosy em or; Sir Franco# Wroughead. Mr. Jt'cll; Jr hn Moody, Mr. Bass; Mr. Manly. Mr. L.vane; Lady Mim E. M. Duret; Lady (iraoe, Mra. M<-l>?An. To or elude with the new farco of THE PECULIAR POSITION -M?j<r Lafeirh Mr* Or wriior;Curl, llcDaiiU; Paaita, Mr. < novar; Mona. Champignon, Mr. lia*#; Countess deNovara, tfra. McLean; Harhara, Mra. Connver. Boxes and Parquet, 0 ceata; Amphitheatre, 26 cent#; Reserved seats in Balcony, kC.. 7?> cents. Broadway tabernacle -grand concert by the Indian Family of the Mohawk Nation?A brother ml two sisters, will give a Concert of Sacred Music or Sentinental Songs, at the Broadway Tabernacle, on Monday, the jt h last., In iheir national costume, and will #iox in Indian md in English. Tuesday, in Brooklyn: Wednesday, in the iutrere Institute. Ticket# 60 cent#, to be had lu all tha ilrpic St< re# on Broad nay. PIERCE'S MINSTRELS.?MR. ?. M. PIKKtE, ONM OF the principal member* ?f Christy's Min#tr?l# for tha astreets years, raapectfully anu?>uno#? to his old friends and i.e lover# of 6r#t rata harmony, aud to tha amusement wing public generally, that ka ha# formed tba beet Band af flnatraU in tna UiitM stata#, eollaetad fNn evne r rsagsa* aMe company in tha Uni?u, comprising several old favorite# md many ch?u*e noveltiaa. lie will o|>eu tha Olympic, )r< adway. newly decorated, refitted, and altered, on Monday ini, April Rlli. Admission te all part# of the hou#e, 'la eenta. 1 new parqtiatte, with staffed seats and stuffed hacks, and hoy ?* ats. have been added *? the e??mf?*rt# of the hon*e. Panorama or the mediterranean, palks'in# and Jerusalem.? Cllbart'a uew and apijMI paas* uma. embracing view# of the Island ef Rhodes, tlie shores af h* ttrditerranaan, and of the moet Interesting spot* in 'aiaptin#, including the city ?f Jerusalem. will remain pea very evening, for a short time, at the new hall, 166 Bowery, iaar !<rt?*me afreet. Doom open at 7 o'aloak; exhibition to ommence at 7Vy o'clock. Admission 26 cents; children half rice An exhibition will be given on Saturday afternoon, d e'elock. Liberal arrangement# will be made with Rabat! and other aeheola. BaVNE'S panorama Of a voyage TO iuiupiOpan every evening, at the Great Ball. Minerva Roum, 06 Bread way. embracing view# af Boston, Liverpool. Lont?o and both sides of tha River Rhine. Admission 26 sent#; hildren, nnder twelve, 15 eents. Doors apen af aomnet res moving at 7?? P M. An exhibition an Wadnaaday and '#m *-dav afternantis, a* hraa o'aloak. L1 MAN KLIN MtbElM. 176 CHATHAM SQUARE-TWO r lorforinanca# every day, in the nfternoon at 3, and in the i%euiiig at half-past 7. BltfMldiMrf IIIVMlltM $Hf thi# vaek. Tim "Model Artists" will appear in #oma new and unginal living picture#, including ' Power's Greek Slave," 'Adam and Eva,' "Venus Rising from tlie Kan," personated y some of the best formed women in the world, together with lie ** Female Minstrels." " Female Arab Girl#, " Female It gglera," bnrle?*<|ue, couiic and fancy daneee, with a variety A original autertainmenta to tie found at no ether plaoe ef tn n#v?nent in New York. Prices ef admission?Stare seats. TT.V,c.; b<ixes, 2.V.; parqnette, 12^c.. private hexes. $2. PLVNDRAMA ff>R BAI.E-a SPLENDID PROMOTION, painted by one of the first artiats, will be sold low if np*1 ed for immediately. E. D. EWEN, 9 Chamliara at. HALKS BY AtCTMNL To OIL MAM FAI T1 KIM ?L. T HOCGU, ACTCTIONwr -Vi mllace Barry A Co., No. 61 Ann street, will sell, i p v!*v, at h?. 9 Pnaa dif. ti n p'tMildl Fvmm,mi iith pat screws and two with levers, and una Stove and lails r all in g??"d order and resdy for use. VulIN T KOI 1 INS AITTION FEIt ?VALUABLE HAM 3 leni 1'mptrty at auction.?KoJlin< h Runderdale will til at aartioa. un Friday. April 12th, at IS o'clock, at tha lerchaau' Earhnnre. tlmn deeirable Iota of around in Haria. mi ?<M on northw?<t corner of Second avruiie and IBM irvel. 2.1-3*100; one lot adjoining, on Second avenue. ,1-?*1UU; tan into an north tide 113th ?tr>?i. arar wound .tenor, each 23*11*1; five |iarte of lota on 113th atrnrt, h?aeea reruad and third *vennoa; two do. do lUth MoN, irar Second avrnoo) oar tan atorr frame dwelling on 113th troot; alao. one lot oa aouth aid* of I'Tty-aaioad at roe t, 130 tat aeatcrly from Eighth ?v?nuc, 23 feet by half th* block. 'i r n.u| - ai . t r i .. i i I i 1 ' In tin'i oe. ri, X. H all a'ree; IE/ K MlOKMli K, WW anoa. |r iniarial" lkk| at M t'eML at No. 12 pruct atrirt, aill be tol l a general naaortmvnt of Fumluro r< m a family dot-lining houaekeeping. Alan 3 good accuudiand |iiaao-fortor; Ido. tut little uavd.tta ootaroa; alao a rt?iitil.and fold patent larrr wat' h, S. ft. Tnliiaa, maker. JA1.K or ELEGANT FrRMTIRE-B. A. CHILTON, r Auetii-nej.?Colt: It Chilton wlU roll at Anetiua, on, April 13. at 10 o'clock, at No. 7* S*?ond avenue, all , rvaettoed and luobuguny furniture contained in ha a i" 1 * MM roaaiatlag in part of the foflaalaa a la ttiB->el" and other Carpeta, Oil I'lotha H..or wood Parlor rwi oil oie. tu rulte. noaowoou ail and a half th taee 1'iauo, 3:1 I'atntinpa, together with Mahogany Chair*, Divan*, Nifua. iarao and viae ant I'it-r Gla*tea, Hook t'aaaa, Dreaeing Tablca, litdatvada and Uoda, Marble Top Table* and It achatanda, Koclrri, he.. Candelabra*. Aatral Lauipa, Turkey Ri d CurI I E Alao. a good and large uxorttntui of Chinaaud I '.a -ware. Alao, a (eneral aaeorti. nt of kitchen furniture, mlh ?lii< li Oie tale will enintnenec. IllMKLLANKtllH. Nrw POTATOES-U HIIIJA. RECEIVER PER BRIO Falcon, direct from Bermuda, landing thia day F<>? loir I v J It I.KH'ls, 24 Son:I ENGLISH WITHIN Mill. ItK SERVED TO-DA V AT the Saracen'* llrad, II Dry *etr*ei; alan a MVbater i.owder. N.H Three furaiahrd Lodging Ronnit to let at |l Stl perweak^by K W All JIN. rllE OREAT OltJEi TION MADE BV EVERT II'>BV to ready tuade artlcloa la, "I ran t get Bltod." Thla ohtelle* may be obviated a* far aa H ot*. Short, and Oalvn re *or, earned ,hv eel act lug from the linmraw and aplradid look at JONEs s I heap store, II Ana ttreet. r BROWN. STONF. SEAL ENGRAVER AND IIF.RAl.D e I'ainlcr, K- 231 Breadway, corner of Nttrray atrre np inirt. t'oate of Arm*. Create. he., engraved na alone, l-aiea? *rala, I'rucil Caere, Signet Ring*. he. Coata jf Arma tinted and found. $2 upwarda. Rotka of Heraldry, with nt i?<i namra Information given In Heraldry c 1 R nnA M ORTll OF Kit H GAS CHANDELIERS, Hrarkat*, Girandolaa. Solar Lard lei in p*. a at.totn, Itobrmian Ware Famy Artlclaa, he., ho., war mated tha boat and eheapoat (a tliia rity, at J. STOUTEN EL h CO '?, No. I John atreot. f 111,1100 worth of rl' h Cut ((lata, wall arlarlod, of new pat nil, at a*tonl*hlngly redueed prt-rt for eaah, at J Mtoaveaal t ( a.'a, Glaa* Caltere, No*. W and Ml I eaey etroet. N V. lE'lNDtJH SHADES.?KELTV h RIKER. 131 CHAT. " bam atraot, call fb* attention of all portent wanting bade* to their aeeortment of Shod**, an I material* fur taking and banging Shadea. Thay make tha boat <j*ali ty nly, tad noil at prieoa full 21 per etui lea* tbaa aayotbor jBoufaeturera AH ahadat warranted a*t ta atiak or earl. r' AST OFF CLOTHING AND FVRNITVRE -LADIES . V tad gtatlamoa ean obtain a fair priee far tact # eloih i|, I y tending for Ike anhaeriher, through tli? pool or other, iw. who will attend at their retldoaio. Ladiee atloalod y Ere. Levent'yn J. I EVEN ATTN. USA Broad wee. ap atairo OARISGRFFS (S BRAND) WHOLESALE DBA LAWS L la palate, and partloa latoreatod la t !>' p? anetiaa bliuda. he., are reap*, tfully informed that the I lev* wall kneoa potent artlrl* way now We had la package* j r the Bioet approved etylee, of every deetrabl* gru.I*, either ry *r er-nad ta i ll. ready for ow at lower pi i Ma th< f of iga gteoat of eekaowlodged Inferiority eaa b* broagbt to thia arkat, aid that the beaety. p*rvnaoeary, and aalforwity r the above green la aorteailed by air ethor color of I ta lad. Apply to THEODORE <" H MA RTF., the petaatoo, at 1 he w rka, No. Id Jacob at root, | ta the *? amp ) ' 1 INLINE Dl KIIAR N CM A Kll- E N la LI Ml Ml STARR ' in IS lb. hoga. now la bond, for "ale i* qnnatlttee to aalt vrelaaer*. by W. II Tl t'KER. I'ork allp, apatalro. IMIK SLEW RIMER,Til A Mi I CI. FOR PA*T FAVORS, ai d the literal patronage boet-'Wed oa him heretofore. *ga leal * wo at roepeetfully to atato that he la ttlll at kta id t'aad. No R vaadam atrwot, whore ho ewmev oa tha louae. Sign and Ornamental raiatiag, aad t'apor llaagtog. > will a* Interior Dee .iau. na of orory dooertptloa. aa anal. millMlfeMof fauna Work dew* la aay *f tha akwra ranahaa. way rely en It* being eteeotod in tha eery boot aad ioat approved manner, with deepoo h aoldew mat with at thar oetablial meata, aad far below the aeaal prieo*. ROHT W HIUGS N? S2 Vandam atreot. Fieo door* Raev of Rudaewi atroot. UL* A All I M> RARE EAST, It V BADAME BEAVEIT, fT Patent laaadraae ?The oale cafe, aoaae a4ao eel die- I .anaod Bi II, alatkaa nro Mk wbitar, rollingor ! r>uadiag Tka iril'lM amd in wrrnkk ml ikMf DiitHHi poi-fattl; plain frlnn |l. la maJad onanl'.pno, at AS na atraat, aaaoad tanr Waaklag dap ggonklan kaalabad bp ftifaav* llaaoolt. r aky ikivrt. ni r i.rt the* trt, t*alaoir?na pamphlat nam* and hajrj If It *081 work Jaat aa III aa!4. Van' i ka mpaid. tka April Pkintor of tkc w alar t ara Jonraal, a boat rn ortal la pakliratton. aapa faaav porn..n? kata kaaa Imp >a?4 tlpaa adanrtlooaiant hrndod Ranking Ma-la Itai;" |a, .orotora, 1-1? i?a-r*?. kai aknaa all, i anp, fm't i ni rf rj podlar; aartaia paronna ara paddling araiiaa pratrnding | i at ii la ailna, ana dalading panplaont of ail'anto for ii. j at 4-a l ka 4< aa i kaia ai anaia. 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Tk-aa In al?k la l-a ihaaod, an.l kara m >ro moeap than alt, nill ip nf Ika pa4lara, lha pro don i r.,ma In tka ?i4 atom, pap air dollar and gat tka plan Raoollart all tka waahlag oaar rlata traakfaai. ii trr1* rtrrr. room b, n? ml Naaaaa airaat, n. v. )orn ritm the ijcr4 hew?yhoar th at do not know pat Alatandra'o i'aiaat Arlllt'lal i oookoo ara ra at?4 lo rail ar-l aaaailna tl-ani, ar to arlla far a pr?#i?o. | it maintain# ikolr dooarp'lnn, and tka Information gonat o aaop nap la aaa r> aak aotklag ?<an Tkapkara 1 aa arpr-.aad of l.p all ika prar. iil-noro la wb'.m thaahaan a lar.dimd i all. ar addmm i a m kf ht i rf -ara-f v a-?r !!<#* > p. k :t tlaldan lan?\^ m t. llR t HARI en Mt'ndes water cnit i?taii, itmitr, ar a-tnitarrot. nana. \* muniMkrwiri ii-r 1 >11 rRiikM 1 J and tkapal-lia. thai ka l.aa kaaotaa oaaar of Ika lata Da. , i.nla'a ft aiar IRra e-tnbllahmoai. at Haaaoaattla, two and fcalf ailiaa ft'm ika k'-nhampioa Railroad Unpat.aaana | ?*ra rid'fraan >a? York, akoai kaa from b.-aloa, and t?a on. ah anp, rllnaiadla ona af ika plaaaaatant a all ara af am England, aarroaadad auk wood ar -wn ktlla aal ghada alka.and al-aadantlp rappllad with tka pvraat, aaftaot aal Idaa* grnnfta Tka air l? p?ira and kaaltkp, and tka Jntala mild aad agr-aaU# Tka aaa aa4 apanaaa kolldiaga l.r all tka aaaooaarp aonaanIra.for wa-ar aura pnrpnooa, i#k a? largo planar kaiba, doaokaa, aad airp lodging rowtaa a nkoat ?fip pailaata. ooporo'o f.., an i,or mi, n ramaaatam, a Tka doa -.r Mm ika oorlirot. nan lining, dioa.nlo af iiooaniu, at trMrfgrfang, and baaing na tiportaaaa of m ,rm ,a? f'toa pram a# klo-an, Mo art lingo aa volar aara bag la ika kaada af aaorp lor-pm fcpdrnpatb, kopoo to m- , ad ta ana roam not la aapaatatlaaa front tko watar tar* oinm. mailt aa tka pari ad tkoao oafaroro wko aiaa toafta n.?f> 00 ta ktm. Tka aatakkakawat la now opoa Pop rtkar parting lato. piano- tphl ta tka ?kata addraaa. CALIFORNIA. Drafts on ran franci.wco. California, in uaaWnupuNtum. Foraala hy WARD ? PHILX M Wall ??y CONVENIENT FOR CAUFOHNIA OORRRdPONd.nlfc?" SllwaV Newe L-'t?r Sheet," t??M rf tl.o newe "f lh? owk, re porta of the Markada, Aw, Be., rr?le.eer Wehetur; Now lurk and Boo too intalliwuwaa oka. Printed In (Ire typo, ow two payee of a Ami e? la ape MMr I'lpct-ttu |<ji|Too left Maak for tin* priiau latter ?f lk< fwrf?.er, For ?nlr at the bookamren. C<A LI FO K N I A?I'UI LI P THOKP, Tlilfi RErURNEP > ( alifomlan. will ouatianc tbo oalo of bio JMMoi eavareA and woll known quiekeilrer fold weaker. N. B.?Wofnoltd uixrior to any id in. It la a oomulete iwokiu* tnuk.? 11 Vork lion, f. Tll'ttP. CALIFORNIA tTOk|!<.-THI iCH.-URIBRK.I, IIAFiaa hurt lou.b eapcrience In putting up eu.ree fur California. Rive uotlar that the; eeniiune to ?A| and pot OB tfc? ahoiuoat onalttiee of all k tad* of tiroeery Moa> Storee, Wiaam Liquora. Ac . la the moat cartful man nor. and at tna aaufi tean nahle price*. Tlia ationtion of l.u ran ia taaittlfllr *IM VKLtlTfc BIHSTELL. 10* M>irntv Mr?t. ALIFORNIAN8 MlOl'LL OU TO III N A3*AU dTKMT, J uhere they will (Ina the l*r,'*.t ae?>r intent of fioodyuwr'a Leialltc India Rubber Oooda iu America, umnufuoterwA for tbat trade, and warranted te aland in any ellmtt'tin the world. I oLN'i tiu.'i i AUlURAla AAPRITdae?MR. WAR Id H'. Beach, of Loun' R Co.'a California Eipreea, reeuatjjf from Sai. Fraaeieeo. tain* pam><unHy aoqneiated witb meat ef tbe l>n>loen> rommunity there, la(oin* out April IStb, ta re'nrnhy hr.t ><earner tr?ui thence, lie will per.unaJty attend te any kn.ineea entrusted to kid eajre. witb neewnaaf and deapa'eb. LOUNT It CQ., m Hruadwny, eorwer Wali-ev ClJtlthCKVr CALIFORNIA- KXPRErt*.?hpBciaL Me*een*eri will I e .eat from till, .ffloe, in aharke af aaokacae, parcel*, and ineaaiei, for delirery la all parte of California, 1 y the eteumcr* Cher >k*e and tiaariria, too Ink, and Empire rite th* lAth Inet. JNO. C.TllllMI'ttON.Wi I'eari .treat. N. B.?faymeut. can l>e mad. m'thle Eanreae la *f?tp fork er California. n?d<?tm-' WKTMUIU. A UMA V, t U?*l > IUA ?lu, i.< *ft inii. California. Refer to L*wt? a lleiiiord. Viui. Wright ft Ripley; and ft. T. Treadwell, New Yerk; .logger, Treadw?ll k Perry, kltu;i C. U. Carroll It Ce., Bmm; Pondeaterfc Allien, Baltimore. The Urged thine ten diaehargr aargoe* At Heaielt. withent the *i)>*B?e^^*rht*rV?g __ LirriTT. MnALLIHTftR ft TVRK, ATTORNEYS AN? Ceunrelli re of lee, Sen Franciecn California. FRANt IH J. LIIMMTT. FRAN'S TURK, IIA I.I. MrALI.ISTrit. .1171,1 W ft. ROSE. C 'r. tu>.i iikisk ?an irancisco, California, e having loeated in epaeioue werehonee Mil elierf ettk ufioient water for lighten, le prepare.I te reeetee eeedameat* ef merehandlee, and refer* to Meeara. Jataee ft. KedWr ft t.'*.. I*lt Front erreet. New Took. and to |? ?J. finnans. ftt-t New lie rea. ftlflPPIMU. PA MEN L Elf H l'ER Sit 11* LADV A KA HILU, TV R 4AM I'reneieeo, will plea** le on board, at l"l#r No. W, Nartft Rieer, on Monday, the l.'nh taet .at 12o'clock, M. _ K. H. dPTTtiNJk CO. <4 Wall rtwet UMTE1) STATU MAll. -iTK.Mtr.Hs BRTWftKN NftW Terk aad Litvrpoul.?The ?hip* uumpoAag iMe Ume MA be ATI.A NTH' t'aptuui Vt'eet; PACIFIC, * apt am Nye: ARCTIC, Captain Lure; IS 11.Til' ( apt win Coiartoek; ADRIATIC, Captain Uraftua. Thee* thlpd having t?n I."lit by contract expreeely fa* ftktertaeii eereit-e, every eare ha* been taken Id tkrlreta* itruetlon, a* aleo in their engine*. to iaeare eaeeagth aaft apt ed. end their aeeoniinodation* for pa*ranger* are aaemaaftled for flenaai * ?r ronifart. Prior of paxoag* fro* New Terk to l.ieerpool, $ IT b exclude* aee of extra dee etata reinm No berth* ran he earnret* natil paid for. Far tulgftt r paeeag* apply to EPWARD K. COLLINS, 74 RonthtWoaft er te BROWN, HH1FLF.V ft Ce, Liverpool. Til* etrani*liip Ativrtla will xail h?no* aa Hatarday, tht 27th of April, end retiiru. leaving Liverpoel en IfidtMAL the of Hay. The eteamehip I'aritir will iafl heme* fa* Liverpool on Satnrvlay, the llthof May, aad livery el en>, thr SSHh nf May. Aa experienced mmewa will be altarlied to exrh eliip. Ibreetirn ef the*e ehipe will not be aeeueatahle fee fid, eilvrr, hnlliun, *p*ri*, Jewelry, pre*lew* iteaee. ar eeotalaunlve* kill* nf lading ere eignod thevefer, aad the vakat thetetif thvrein ex proceed BKITISU AN 1' NURTU AMERICAN R. M. HTBAMthip*.?Tlie alteaiioa of the anblie la dtreeled te the altvrxtioa aiad* in the ahip* te eail from Aiaerieaia the month ef tin Ot t AN 1)7 EAR NAVILATIUN t'UNPAN k . PUM Mllft. Bivn, via Sonthaaiptoa.?The U s eteaniehip II ARM ANN k. * rabtrrc, Commander. ? III eail fur Bremen, via Sonthaaft* tea, ob hatarday. ihr 30th April, fruea Pier If*. ft N. ft Prie* of peerage ia the Aret calon |IM Dto do. xeeend do Aa experienced iirxwi I* attached to the ehlp. Aft ietteaa otnet go throiigli the Puet ??.-# For peerage er freight aft. plv i. VO| I FN A SANIi. * ?? ?. ia Broadway. IM4I UfliruMr-tHmil -IaTK- MAIL STkAM?hlp ATLANTIC, I apt. M aet-Tl.le earner aiB depart with the nixite for Europe, from the pier at feel ef Caaal xtrvet, *t Sxtnrdxy, 37U> Itietaat, at II eleeh. Ska xaa yet xctoaimodeiT Ti xr tn paaaeagere, aad taka MM tea# hxary freight. Apply to ft. R. COIXINH. 7f Heelh et. It* AI lan II. will take her berth at t he feet af Caaal etraat ea the 3tlh Inet. STEAM BETWEEN NEW VORK A N D I i LA NO 0 W-TM pueerful nvw ??rrw eteamehip CITY OP (ILAWOft, i,i?7 ten* rvcietrr. I.itt ton. uver all, and 3M horea power, H R. Metihewx, (formerly ef the (.reel Went ere. J *em ixmlrr. The hrvi departure ef line tpSendid veeael from New Turk direri to Cleegue, ie appointed te take pie ex ea data?day. litv l*th of May neat, at 13 o'clock, noes. 1'ahin P***age. nil.viy dullxrv; evvond cabin paaeagv. tfly-tea dollars. eXeward'r fre included. Ne tterrag* yooeagare takra. ( arrim a enrgma. Far fraight or nae*a;v, apply I* J V-V <| A *. I lUever ?trvet. TRI-MON7 Ilk V LINE FUKCIlACHfti. ANUTHKOUOB I . ban Fran'i*oo, in aaillng veaaele?Flml vaeiei aalli No. ut'r j , AiT.I JUth. (See* to the town nitb all af bar aar(o. 7 ho ?pii in'id ropprrrd aad X-1|1|W1 fee-end, faot * at bag ark Narucwl,*^ Capt . MoCHnL>*h. eill eail ae above, aa bat ***?l*t d*y. Cee.vngvr* ar* inviied te exeat aa Una vaaaai Ivf.-ia rtigmging te go eiBerwi** T r freight er pimag , at ri-durrd ra ce, apply to Hl'HiELL ft NfiKTON. Cewgvea I'ackrt ulhc?, SI Old Slip. __ L,(,R I'MAOftfta UIREt'7?TUN al'LENDIft STEAMr efcip ( 11 I.RONkk, e ill ieava h?r deca. Iter Ne. ft N. ft, lor C kagree direct, ua Saturday. April CNh, at So'alnek. Faaaeng*r* will |4*i-? their lugnegr on board thv day prevteaa. Appiv MoWl.AN It k ksI'lN W A I.I.. M t W. boata etraat. STEAMER CEN'L M A KHUN, FOR HAN FRANCISCO.? Ihe.ailtag I tl.te nexu't i* povtp aed till Natarday, April lltk For pitneag* or light fratghi, apply to I Mil .K * CO..-A *r.iat etieet. i'vn \ nurvn^ui.-^n'MF hwipm I/?~I IIVD lanjg A ? 1 wi tailing .hip t.AUV AKKKI.l.t, liltrw. awMt, h I i ? > fM T-u. Rank Hi'ii mm t?ka a toa m? MtM?n i' l?* rafaa, and iwiaiUoli Mil ia a fan day*. t ? TTTrtv a i-o . ?4 tviM MfM. FU It C A L I ?' UhMA-A iUMUVUU Tlt'BBT MT ?tn?? I rtnni ('It/, fr-m Naw !< >!, May lK, M aaaIHI with Sarah hand*, to Ian Paaama itovl Mar Blk. ?rr'.> a' hV. h Plan a'mat "l-* s pi hi i n v lisi-nii."iis' paancibw piuct. Pi via ? fcagra. -Tha aplaadid aiaaat.hip EMPIKR C1TT. ?,.<*> l?n? Inrihan, J D Wllaoa, t'oaaaadnr. will laa an far fan rtU'i'N, dirrri, >ia t'kaaraa, ua IS h April, fraa har d'Tk, i irr No I, N. K.al3?'tl?i prviaaly. lar aaaMlL apply tin J HUH A Mil it PON. M BraaAway IStiR (A I I TORN! A, VIA I'll AilRBa?THE UNITBB Mala. Nail airamahlp IIEOKOIA, l.iaat. D II. Partar, V. p. Navy, I amaiaadar, will ha ft?a fcar ptar, at lh? fail nf It arrah airaat, Merit. Ulnar, aa Saturday, April 1.1th, far rhagrea, via Havana Tka ?u parlor a< i.anintaimai at iaa oaarma. aad kar tharnnphly laatvd d< mlila auAlhaa af I,lam koraa power, five aa.neaaar. an aaanraa*e nf .afoty and .peed, ant ta ka (altaa (atari. r raaaala rkaMBf with a alfb Eagiaa An aaparianrad i?n?a la atiaoliad ta Ina ve.aal. Through ti'k.t. lu has fraaciaan ran b? vanrad aa appM aatlaa a' tht aBkre vf lha i uaipaay. Paaaangara far Naw Ollaana ara traaafrrrad ia Ika aiaaiuahip fair- a, at llavaaa. Balaa af Pimu' fr ? Naw Varh t? t'kaaraa:? Plate K" n. Itartli ,. tMB Blende.- llarth Steerage llarth, f-nnd had and aaparata tkhla Balaa ?l ia?a<? from Panama ta fan rrwaataaa ? Plata Enow, llarth. .. |Mi Rtaarara Itanha. t'.ntd had and aapwrata tahla MB Bata# nf I'awtia- T? Havana. Tap OrhaaA mate Bo. a. Martha ... f."W PI Standee llarth. forward aaMn... V> dt ktaarapa. and f mad had aa J kaard. SA Freight ta ( hagra. mart ka pre-paid. aad all Mil* m M> Alar Bia.t ka atpwad aa kaard tka ahip lha pal lia ara Informed that lha ha?kalar rtaavnpa toakaaa far tka aivatk uf May ara a?w npaa, fr- in PaavkM ka |m Praavira". A||dira<l a akaald ha mad# iaa>i. tely Tka aadaratiravd will daapatrh Ika folfowiaga'enaiere ka rwa rw nlarlr and dire" ton Nan Pran. i?e>- the aew aad klaaMk ttnamahipa istmmpr, . AN T rutpl, OOLOlBl a For freight at paarage, apply ta b o b">rtmrn. iw> fm nana. T HROIT.II LIMB ?<>R 4AM rtAMIWOi VIA CHArm. ?Tka aan aad faa..rlta .teaaaanip. t'KIP. I?vm tan. . Ckpt. H. W.adla, I llll.Al'l I p A I.MB tone lap J. T. Nml. -(...a fern, tha aaly d.raai llaeheiwe*. Man Vark aad IktfiH, and laaatiavatina wltk lha I'aital 't?u. Mail -ta.m Paaka?a la *he Pa. ika, a aaaai -mvethlg lit. tknark ka Nk fraaaiaaa. rrt rir aarma a? raap * muap. l harokaa. FhtledePpMa. Aft.r kel -an Ntate R . lift Farwam da MB MM laaar'ahta W ? All ika al. ta dma at Ika aaaa tabka. aad kava ika prtrl f ill* ^?|lM.|| lllvtmrv. (fpRRl vnih na>r?M ?a4 UbH.( *4 mi(ri la ? f.f mu par I?'?. tipalN' M IM ItO mui ?r? Waraa ky Ui pa.?nym. For fratgkt nr p Inapi. howlanii ii A*nwwAiJE M (Math iirm, Tmt. Fartfla Mall Attaaiakip (? ! ? > Th. |ip> tad H?m Mail fttaaao I'likiu, I'tMkA I 1*7 u>aa.. l apt Daridt, lt*.kay ORtl-OK ,, . .. l.i?*i ton*.. 1 apt. t arloatp F FaAMMORf I A 1.1 FORM A Tk? A Radd, TFNM>?H, . . !..* Oa?nra A. A>?dAi < AKti| INA .... i/OU . ? - ? US MORN _ ara Inaaaad la fnna a Ikli lip* W? a r>*aat a ad lain im I alifaraia l'nw?'n la tka a/**r itMw MA fi, IM?||?.I la.ldlay, knt Mat aiaaa aal liqaara. I'i napai i IM IM ilaiui ara f??h< tltk ni l railaaa M in fafwatk to tl r i r?a. aad ilk mimi" raaa mm i ptllap All piln?|ln aiH kaailnaad tiara far prraaaal fraa. M tka a*Mat mt r?i l? a. a at* mi, aal Mlllllll ??a-uraiaapA Mp aatoa InL Frank! ? Mail ra I uui af iprrrhaadlaa akaa tola*, |W nr K M. aid ara an I a kail par -art aa all ipiata Paahacaa akaald aal aiaaad I jr. IM aaiAhl far mala itlrtAJI. CiMt# VlMVMMb Timiii frrpi ranaaia ta "aa Slaa at kaaailaa I-UI |M ??a Ikiaaa. . . . M ? - ?aa Praartaaa. WO UW Na atrfaa la ka laatrd atll ka takaa aa >IMIJI CWyaP af nalarkiap aaA Aalarkin?. art all immal part akaapaa, lliltllM I aalih faaa aaA I ?at ktra. ta ka paid ky lk? mm an Iff kt pataara ftrartd aatll paid far. Apply kt laa alAaa i Ik atraat.Naa 1 n (? A I. I r OR N I A Tit RIT roil AAUL?A THROOUIT J I'kf I r aaairr kmpira Clip. ok tka IHk laaUMt, far la la at k I arrain Apply!., T H ?1fltA . M Wall atrpat f VI.IIOFNIA IHROt'OM Tl< Kk.TS-ON? riRRT A-'fia-i par Lirpira t Ity aaA Parah daada. lax Aa par arna ar.i; t?r loarr rakip t karri* tlrkatA par L l.arakta, l.'ith laaiaai. Far aata ?.y I.OI'MT A I O ,? > Hftiai;,arraar Wallrtraal (CALIFORNIA THKmt-POK AAlJt, TWO FIRAF J i al ip. pad i.p? attara^a lkr?njrk tlrkat, IP RotorW kaa. I?r April li; It o at array* tlphrla la nan IIpa. for April wI ra nrrrar* and alair rwaPi tlrkai, la II .aard A kai lipa, f. r April 1.'; al?a, rat a'arrarr aad aiata naa WaPat, la II'* iaad k Atplaa all liar, far Mv f r WlllTt. * Wafl a?raat. ('ALII ORI.A 111 KtTA WANIKD. AND FOR OA I.I m/ Ipi Afcyrayh litkatp f r t m-rfap; Ikrra I. i r Ppai.rlaaa. Aapiraall a Mar, ra tka atkar atda for tfca l.'1k a< tfry ; alaa, taa ?rr?ad rakia. aaaia MM. far apto. W apird? Miortl far tfcM aa* Aral af aaj I " fA'*' J WORK. llaitA, Ml Faltfi* atraat r'tllli.kMl Til RRTS rOR AAI.R-TWO THRtHTwi ir'l ralia Mi ?ria la Rrkarta t.iaa 10th laaiau oaa M .. I.d i at in Baa art A Aaa'a alramar l-Atk Inautni. and aaa llaarara R. tarn'Liar. f7'h la'aai Alaa, a 'kraayk umaoa klokal aaaird IM RrMftr' Rtraaiar, ISiK AprIL la pp a aaa pa Vr a airrrara ii II .aland k AM>lnaall?a Una far W?h Way. Apply i, ^ H W. rRRACOTT, Nt. II Wall MraaV