Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1850 Page 7
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cm nMKil MBP1TCB8. I Omtr Italian Orropoatant. Rome, March 2, 1S50. .tMrwiM at the Carnival? Threolt Against tkt Nolility? Th* Yankees Throwing Ban lews?TV Frrnch Chasseur* mad th* Italian jiwiiiu tv American CKargt d' AfJairt and tkt Protestant Religion?A Yanktt Preacher Holding/at th in (V Eternal City?Tkt Fine Arte?Rare Picture) at Low Price*, fc., 4rC. Th* carnival U over, and Rom* is subsiding again to Ki accustomed tranquillity. There was rather lees enthusiasm than usual In the demonstrations on this occasion; but before the holidays expired, some wild scenes were enacted, a few of which were of a painful character. By the republican party?the friend* of th* late revolution?any participation in the gay processions through the streets was vehemently denounced, and the princely families, whose custom it has ever been to lead off these proceedings, were menaced, in anonymous communications, with assassination, if they joined the masquerading throng. buch threats deterred some, but there were others upon whom they had the very opposite effect. These latter took their places a* in quieter times, and for five days, princes and senators, contadlne and noble dames, filled the air of Rome with clouds of bonbons and bouquets, confette and candies, of every imaginable shape and color. But if the nobility were not to be bluffed from their sport, so the republicans were not to be baulked of their revenge. Glass globes, containing detonating substances, and hidden in enormous bouquets of roses, were launched, (torn the overhanging balconies, at various obnoxious personages. The Prince of Musignano. son of Charles Bonaparte, Prince of Canino. was struck, as well as his young sister, who was in the same chariot with him, by one of these tissues, uuu mey are on* uuiu lying in a uangerou.* condition. ilevcral priest*. and not a few soldier* of the Freneli army. were likewise injured. In any other city in Christendom, such dastardly outrages would hare awakened one universal execration; but. except from foreigners. I do not think they hi?Te elicited a single expression of indignation. Italian revenge compreI bonds everything that is base and bad. I have traversed Italy in its whole extent, from Vlverone iu the north to 4'astlaixa in the south, and. though its inhabitants are divided into innumerable. States, and districts. I and independencies, with international jealousies and feuds and dissensions without end. they have all one motto in common, which is, "Strike safely?strike in the dark." But the French are teaching the Romans a new game. So many assassinations have been committcd?so many French soldiers have mysteriously disappeared, that the commander-in-cliief has issued an order, decreeing instant death to every Italian upon whom concealed weapons are found. The Trasteverini, the inhabitants of the city living across the Tiber?a fierce, lawless race, who pride themselves upon being the lineal descendant* of the ancient Romans, and who. for two hundred years, have been the terror of all decent bodies?are quite aghast at this order. They may well be. for last week, a company of Afriean Chasseurs, gallant dare-devils, who. at tne word of command, would charge into a hotter place than their old campaigning ground, dashed into the headquarters of these ruflans, where the Papal guards have never yet dared to go. and seised six notorious murderers, whom they hung up. witli short time lor grace or prayer, while boasting of the Tery crimes they badcommittcd. A little more of this stern justice. and Rome will be purged of its greatest eurse. But I am wandering from the carnival Of all those who participated in its gayeties. none were more active or more conspicuous than our own countrymen and countrywomen. New York, in particular, was well reSresented. In one balcony I saw the Aspinwalls, touts, and other well known persons of your city, pelting and being pelted with most commendable earnestness. Before them were lying enormous great , baskets, filled with sugar plums, witn which they as- , sailed every passer by. It needs a quick eye and a i strong arm to discharge this ammunition effectively; , and, in these qualifications, our transatlautic re- , preventatives were second to none of the per- j formers. They were, perhaps, a little too serious , end grave, according to the Italian notion*, in , the manner in which they went to work ; but i for planting a stiff, hard bonbon fair in the face, for causing heads to duck and dive in terror and ) laughter, commend me to Americans, and of Ameri- \ cans, to Mr. William Aspinwall. in particular. Talk- | ing of Americans, I cannot refrain from expressing my , dmirvtion and respect for the conduct of Mr. Cass. ; our Chane DA Hairs By his exertions. Protestant i worship Is at length permitted in Rome?worship ac- , cording to the forms of our own most holy religion. I Yesterday I attended divine worship, conducted by , the Reverend Mr. Hastings, of Boston, whom Mr. Cass . has attached to hie Legation as Chaplain, at which j were present all of our countrymen In Rome. For the , first time in the history of the Rternal City, has this privilege been accorded. The Knglish government, t tor mure than sixty years, has endeavored to obtain i ? > cuorinuiB. uui wmioui success or ip mis me | only act In hla diplomatic capacity, which entitle* our , Charge DAffalre to the favorable consideration of the , religious community. In the month of December, he . saved from the ftamn a protectant editlou uf the Bible, pubiiehed in Italian, coaaistlag of two thoueand eoplaa. which bad been aeiaed and condemned to be burnt 1 have not time to detail the elrcumetancr* | of thla transaction, but they are known to all of up here, and we are proud of the c uduct of our repre- j sentatlee. The affair of the Propaganda, which Mr. j Cape eared from destruction, ha* likewise secured to , him the esteem of the Roman government, and of the , friends <>f that Institution throughout the world. I , am no Catholic : far from it; but I reverence the , dissemination! of learning, independent of creeds | The 1'ropaganda College, whieh contains students | from every nation under the sun, among whom are thirtu n Americans, was menaced one night with dc- ( etruction daring the anarchy which existed in the j time of the latr siege, by the Trastcverini. wb<> had ( sworn to kill every priest lu Home Protection was i demands d by hi* countrymen and with the American , flag Mr Cass repaired to the building, before the <|nor* | til whleli the crowd had assembled, with loaded can- , non The wear had now assumed a national charac- | ter. the grave consequences of which were evident to , the most reckless au<] after a night of fierce nnd vi?- j lent d< monstrmtion*. the mob withdrew I have , beard these circumstance* from the lips of the in- ( mates of the Propaganda The Pope, as well as other dignitaries of tlie ( hnrch. among whom, to my own t knowledge is the Rlshop of Baltimore, have expressed , to Mr Cass as It was proper and fitting thev should | do their thanks for the services thus rendered The Pops has not yet returned to Home, The negotiation. however for the foreign loan being completed. , no good reason exists for his longer absence, and It 1? , generally believed that h<- will resume. In person the t rvlns of governuieut. early In March The Pontifical 1 emblem- the regal tiara and the keys of St Peter? ] wbiib bad been effaced to make room for the Insignia of the republic, have resumed their old high plm e* , Halo! Angelo and the Plaxta del Pnpolo have been I purified of their liberty deeorationa. and the !*wl?* aud t the young noblemen stand guard again at the Vatican t and tlie Quirinal The restoration of Pius IX a good | an If ever there was on*. Is acknowledged by all the f Kuropcan Power*. The artists who have been scared \ away, arc returning t? their studio*, and foreigners are t again to he seen rlamberlug among the ruins and gar- , ing upon the deathless etondsr* of this nobis city , Bargains are made ngwsi days, whieh fiftv years ago | wowM have broken the heart* of eonnntseur*. The ( i cercity of mom y and the recent unhappy event* , have brought into the market ot^ect* of the fine arts. t painting sculpture gem* and intaglios, which hitherto t have been inaccessible The flues and punishments inflictsd for participation In th* late revolution, have j I I??- I n-.kRB frf the Iipinpfltf ffrmillpc nf Run. f ? seat. >'inv? Ihng them ft part, fur a mere trifle, with h. ir loome and nfffiUttr; wliirli in happier time* no innaBt of tn?n?jr rould haw pureha?ed feieral Individual* of your city have proAteil by the*e crraaioa*. and article* of rare tantr and trrtv. for whlrh pravionaly taorn?ua auai* have been offered in rain, are now on their way aerove the Atlantic, to adnra tht kanri of American*. J It p Onr Pnrla CarrrapandrMf. Paaia. March 31. 11*0 TV Jf'?uIt a/ (V Kbfhan-KartpM* PaWticr?TV Recant JCwghaA Jfat rmmti in jtorape ?frtnrk Canaa/i, ft.. +r Tha aoclaliata have triumphed Tha election* of tha loth inatant hara l?aan in thalr favor and. very rurioua to aay. no ona aoulj believe arm now. that tha virtory haa h.-an won hy th?m. aaairnt tha qutetne** ?( the maaer* Rut tha newspaper* whlrh ara tha I radar* of tha party hara trumpeted thalr triumph in auah a loud mannrr. thay make aurh a noiae, that | think with many other*, that expectation waa sot ao aura aa thay raid it waa bafora tha election* Aa I told yon in my la*t letter, no public drmnn?tratien. no excitement whatever, waa to be remarked in Parte praviou* to the let in*tant?only tho ' eaten rUi far ate " or rather tha party combining the Ronapartlet" tha Orleanlat*. and legttimiat*. eeeuied apparently to be Interacted in tha e|neetion Rut It waa riot ao. however Tha aoelalleta were at work, and wilbont making muah fnaa." without halloing a* loud aa thalr opponanta. thay ware eurreedtnii alowly. I,at In a vary certain and eafr manner At lad. the vary day of tha elerttona arrived ; th? rin?? in trrnUn war* open for all the voter*, and in aplte of tha many fear* whlrh had hewn epread in advance, the balloting look place in tha moat quiet manner It waa rerteln|y a vary eurion* ?lght to eec the peopl u?lng th-lr right aa votera with the grceteat deeeney. without any troniile. without exaggeration It made me renumber the quiet voting in Maw York. Itrnuet ha raid at Arid, that the people of Pari* were nmarkably wl?a. under (be rirrum l?ner? Kverythlng waa dona In advance to excite the aortaHat party, and to forre thrm into aom<- rtnt* wh'rh w.mbl have given tha government oeea?l >n to prevent Iba reanlt of tha aneiallat aiwation* Tha lot attempt made by tha government waa the rutting of the I'Party trace. It waa anppoecd that title aatl-r'-pwMlean movement wanld not be reaaivad In a quiet tunnn-r ( but fortunately the ?octall?te had fur leader* running ia wtaa man. who ?oeaeaded In keeping them quirt In aplte at the dee Ira etad by the party to opp tee h i* mc*? mt nt. Tb" poiiea of M. Carlicr hating failed. he thought proper to moke iMtber experiment, which ?u thet of the wrentha deposited around the bronae column of the PUct It U Baud* Ton remember that, on the 24th ult., during the daytime, many wreathe of immortal flowers were depoelted by the oucricri at that place, in memory of the heroee of the laet revolution. who shed their blood in the cauee of liberty. During the night of the 2Mb, these tokene of eeweemri to the dead were all taken away by the police. On the next morning some excitement was remarked in the neighborhood of the column. It grew greater towards night, but the object was again missed; no riot, no cmeuit took place The great desire of the government was to have an occasion to put Paris in a state ol siege, and thus to prevent the elections of the socialists. These facts, which are correct, I know from the very mouth of a statesman who has every opportunity to hear, and who assured me that the members of the cabinet were in the greatest despair at their defeat. The result of these elections has had an immense echo all over France. Strangers, who were in great numbers in Paris, took fright by reading the articles published in the newspapers devoted to the government, and left the city?and even the country; the rich proprietors, who reside iii their hotels in the Faubourg St. Germain and other fashionable fuorttsrs, left their mansions and fled into the country Iu short, it Is certain that Paris has lost much by the socialist elections. The fashionable theatres have found out that their receipts have greatly diminished for the last ten days, and. besides, the shop and storekeepers complain very much of the dulness of their affairs What will come next? The government, enraged by the result of the election, is now on the eve of proposing several new laws, which will be. perhaps, very much out of place at the present moment. The Mortitrur of this morning assures that, yesterday, in the State Council, the following laws have been debated, and will be presented to-morrow for the sanction of the National Assembly. 1. Laws for the repression of the press 2 Augmentation of the tax on the newspapers. 3. lle-esta niii-iimcm <ii me stamp inmore ; ?. cxicuiik'd ui the powers given to the tribunals for preventing uttacks of the press. 5. Abolition of the meetings which are now allowed, forty days before the election. 6. Extension of the powers given to|the Prefects relative to the vagrants, convicts, and other individuals, who have not a known residence It is about certain, that these laws will be discussed with much opposition, and very likely ulso they will be rejected. We shall see Another result of the election has been a partial change of the ministry. The present members of the State Council were all about to retire. M Uarrot has been, at last, the only one to recede; and. as you will see In the French papers, his place has been given to M. Daroehe. the ex-Procurer Ucncral of the republic, the same who was so violent against the wisurgrs during the trial of the Versailles. It was supposed that M. (jieneral Lahitte. the present Minister of War. would also retire, after having been defeated in his election Nothing has yet been said about his resignation. I know for certain, from a member of the N'atioual Assembly. thut this kind of rtiAulrugt is only momentary, and that in ? few days after the presentation of the laws, if they are not accepted, the whole ministry will be changed. The future members of the cabiuot. would he. iu such case, M. Leon Faucher.Minister of Interior. Piscatery. Minister of Foreign Affairs. " Fartoul. Minister of Public Instruction " Custelianne. Minister of War " De Mouchv. Minister of Public Works. " Letxi'uf. Minister of Finance. ' Casablanca. Minister of Justice. A new ministry is to be added to those above mentioned. It will be. the Miuistry of Police. The groat Napoleon was the first, in France, who ever thought of having such a minister ; he selected tho celebrated Fourhe. who betrayed him at the restoration of the Bourbons. Since Charles the Tenth, this ministry had been left aside: but at this time, and in the peculiar situation in which the government is placed, the reestablishment of the Miuistry of Police has been thought necessary. M. Carlier. the actual Prefect of Police, will be appointed to this situation, and his place will be occupied by M de ft. Georges, who was Prefect of the Department des Deux Sevres, under the reign of Louis Philippe. Such is the position of France. Whilst the three new representatives, elected on the loth instant, have already taken possession of their scats at the Assembly. the other representatives of the provincea, who are also socialists, are dally arriving at their posts, snd bring with them news of a great excitement in the very heart of France. As you may judge, the actual situation of our great nation is a tremulous tlatu auo. but cannot remain so a very lone time It i* vrll known that preparations for war arc making all >ver Europe, and no doubt we shall have the solution if those mysteries as soon as the warm weather returns in Europe. There is now a period of repose in Europe. Every dlfSculty is in a state of suspension: but none of them has been as yet.derided According to some reports, it is said hat the democratic party will try a new revolutionary movement in Italy, Germany, and even In France. No doubt that the " school of Massini." as it is termed by its oppouents. will make a powerful effort. How>ver. these republicans have not agreed upon a time ror action. In Piedmont they only proceed by the propagation of their principles At Turin the whole press is in their favor.And that city may be called the 'ocus. from which all file rnys of the republican sun re spread over the vfeole ot Italy. In Germany the democratic party has abandoned he elections, and all its members have refused to rote They rely upon the power of the press, and parlieularly upon the faults which will be, as a matter of 'oursc, committed by the King of Prussia, who has doptrd. as you know, the representative system of lU?t 1 UUJC Ul. NlAPhl/ rwpy^ses * Isl -* <4 nil. tannic is not of good faith, but the monarch Is very much mistaken If he believes that the republicans, who have been crushed in the late insurrection, will be satisfied with his concessions. The revolutionary party hates the king, and uone of its member* nave forgotten the bloody scenes of the 12th of March. 1MH. at Berlin ; the funeral procession, ind their funerals. There arc. beyond any doubt, many intrigues going on iu Germany There is a party 4 old |>"lillr!ans. who try to use revolutionary principles. as a means to accomplish some territorial usurpa:b>u on the small states of Germany In these days it a not prudent for any monarch to try to enlarge his dominions, he had better And the means to avoid the threatening revolutionary thunder. The question for [he kings or emperors is. e la Skakiprrrr. To be, or not lobe'" King Ferdinand Guillaume is a very ruuning nan. with all his airs of irwAewic By removing the olution of the hwiss Question to the Assembly of I l an kt ot the cabinet of Berlin will give a " Germanic tide" to this affair, and thus the whole force of the ierman confederation rould be turnad against Switici land, in case of necessity In fact, the Assrmbiy of Prsnkfort will be nothing but a meeting of cabinets, under the absolute domination of Austria and Prussia; ind. no doubt, thoee two countries have already agreed, rhcre is a great mystery about future movements, as I [old you. uot a single word Is uttered upon the arms mcnts which are raised all over. The only things known srv these **rv flirts of the raising of forces When will I he campaign be opened ' The most Important point of political controversy is lecldedly the Greek question Alter a very long strug||s. Lord I'slmerston has been obliged to retreat M Wyse nnd M Thouvenal have arranged affairs and It Is loped they will be settled by I he intrrmriliairt of France How glorious it was for England, with her thousand urn of war. to attack a newly born kingdom, the only lavy of which was composed of a few light sloops or iaras' Well, it is too often the case When one has he power In his hands he ran misuse it. and violate he rights of other* Will such a lesson be profitable o Great Britain! Will it prevent Lord Palmerston run acting in such a manner on a futnre occasion' Vhn can tell! It ie well known that the British Mioiser entertains a few other plans of intruding; and imong them. I will mention the "ecrvt Instructions [Iven to Admiral Parker. In the affairs of Airily. Ills nrdship it appears wished to try for Naples l be same dan he has raecuted In Greece, and. under the preteai f guarantying the constitution of Airily, be wished o iske po?se?slon of the monopoly of the wine and rimrtone trade, Another trick of his lordship U now ponding nt Logmrn Ills intention. It appears, is to send severs! u< n of war to that city, to demand the immediate artIruirnt of certain claims produced by a few merchants if that city, who complain 'if having been wronged in heir Interests during the last struggle for liberty, ought In Italy As you see this affair, if it goon on. >lil be number two of the Greek Uo?k*4i. snd the n"?i cunnu? p"im in ion wcw or i.ora r?imrrton. will b* that the** claim* grew opt of dlaorder* thicb, (UybttlT know* ban been fomented bf lie iafliw neenf Rngland Von mn*t ho certain that h thi* t a?*. to queatton will not be muled In audi a taclflr manner aa at Athen* ; AuMrla *eem* to bo intte dt'powed to repaUc force by force Prince Llchelnteln. It appear*, ha* taken all mean* to ro*l#t inch 1a unjo't aggremdon lie ha* rent immediate order* 0 arm the fort* of Leghorn and thoae of the inland o llha, and no donht thero will be a reneral tnlU. If the rngll?b minuter doe* not recall hi* order Lord 'almeraton ought to know what eourae he null folow. the note* tent to Kngland ho Hv\??la and Anatria tare enlightened him npon the troo roneeqoenre* of he policy of ueurpntlon Jto power in Europe will orr allow Kngland to pnt |t? finger In the "pin" of lieilo. no more than In thnt of Leghorn King ferdl ami will remain the only maater of (drily, and l/egtorn will rend him to the ??. a* well aa the rlaint* of ti* countrymen fioeh la the way In which tlroat Iritaln trie# to drag onr gorernment Into a general ??r The urw. fr"ir Rome la of a more **iUfactory kind fke PpanUh troop* hare abandoned the Plate* of the I'ope. and the Au*triaae are forming an encampment ItPpoUtto It ha* been nearly *ettled that France end Austria will protect the return of Piu* I X to hi* lomlnlnn*. and the holy mlnUtcr of the Roman ralliolir religion will arrlre at the (julrinal on the Pan1?t railed drt Hmmwr. In order to oflrlate during the lioly week Thi* Intelligence ha* been *ent to Loai* Napoleon by the Pope h!m*rlt. who ha* written a letter In nor President, to thank him fhr hi* kind alliance and hi* ploti* derotedne** to hi* welfare The moat certain proof of the certainly ?>f hi* holln#**'return to n "itic may be Inferred from the *ettl*iaent and iat iHeath n of the loan of fbrty million* of rranc* between the Roman gorernment and Nr*#r? Rotheehtld The art ha* been xgncd and it will be dlrlded In three part, the flr?t fifteen million* will be paid ImmediateIr and the two other .hare* of twelre and a half mil lion* each will be adranred in period* of two month* 1h. ret tern of the pope to hi* Ptate# will certainly pnt an cnd to the uncertainty which now prerail* In aftaii*. and It U to he hoped thai Pin* IX. will follow hi* good intention*. and will lay arid* the bad ad rice* winch he h** too oftm received from the t'mdlnaU and other men by wheat he la *urrotinded The reartlcn ha* expelled from Rome about nine thoueand c it rcn* Pleven the.mend hare fled for fear of permc rtlon. and It wonld he now ltnpo**iNc for th# rontit ral government to ealat nlthnat the a*?Utonce nf ?c me fori It* power Aa flnr onr Interrention at Rome, it be* been quite o??rona (hr Prance A demand of 1 apple mi ntarr million* ha* been made, a few day* ?so. to the National A Mem hi y and It only amount* to the paltry cm of thirteen million* and *e?trui th rat >ar.d finer*. In order to up port the arm? during the y t *r IHO. The Ring of Wurtemburg opened on the 1Mb ln*t . the ftMton of hi* newly elected A*a*mhl*. th# day of which la to rerl** the conatltntion of hi* dominion* An itiociK majority of thi* A**ruiMy I* democratic. ad king Outllanme hu desired to upltlo himself ? the two questions so important to the safety of h power, that of Uermaay and that of a special const tutioa for Wurtcmburg. The King has beea vet i frank and sincere in his speech: he has declared thi be wished not to be the vassal of the Ilohenaollern, an that Wurt.mberg was not be either Austrian or Pro sisn: he baa also uttered these words, that thef'ttema unity" which had been dreamed of by several state men, was a very dangerous chimera. Finally, the Kii declared, that ne allowed his people to be democrat but not socialists. There has been lately a great deal said here in ot political circles, about the Island of Cuba, and tl ' fears entertained by the Spanish government of tt pr< meditated revolution of the Island, and Its anuei ation to the United States. You must know that th letters sent from Washington to Madrid, about th not yet abandoned wishes of some people to rev lutionize Cuba, had a great echo in the political circ of (jueen Isabella. It was also feared at tha same tlm that the bill presented to Parliament by Lord Joh Hussell. relative to the definitive emancipation of tl slave# in the British Colonies, would excite some ag tation in the Spanish dominions of the West Indies.The Count of Mirasol has sailed from Spain, in grei haste, accompanied by an officer of Rial major ai: an engineer, and his mission has for its object to o gunize the works of defence needed to protect Cul against any rebellion. The Count of Mirasol is sa: to l>e a very high-minded (leueral, and no doubt tl "llahaueros" who dreum of the freedom of the country and its annexation to the United States, wl have much to do to defeat him There is nothing eli particular in Spain, but the confirmation of the gro (cms of the Queen. which has beea the cause of mu< rejoicing in the whole country. The negotiations which have been entered into for postal arrangement between France and the Uniti States will soon be settled Such a measure is dewmt necessary for the Interests of the commerce of the tw countries, and 1 understand, from good sources, thi M. Thayer, the preseut post master of Paris, will, in few days, present the arrangement tor the slgnatu ' of the President. M. Louis l'errin. late Consul at Tampico, has bet minted Consul of France at Honolulu, in the Sandwic Ir-lauds. where he will occupy the place of M. DUlo who goes to San Francisco as the representative France. >1. l'errin will bring with him the ratifici tiou of the arrangement which ends the diflicultii that have occurred between our country and the Kit of the Islands of the 1'acitlc. M. Simonnet, the ex-consul general of France i New York, has presented to the Minister of t'ommerc a very valuable report on the cotton factories an dry goods printing establishments of the United State To this written document was annexed the largest a sortnient of samples ever sent to this country from tt manufacturing States of America. The whole doci luent had been sent to the Bourse, to be exhibited t the merchants and manufacturers of Paris. and it hi met with the greatest approbation. Let me unnounec to you that M. Charles De Lafores the predecessor of M. Hiinouuet. residing in Paris, ht been promoted (by an ordinance dated the 18th inst to the rank of Commander of the national order of th Ltgion of Honor. M. De Laforest entered the caret of Consulate in 1819. and had been successively Const at Savannah. Baltimore, Philadelphia. 8antiago-di Chili. Buenos-Ayres. and lately in New York. M Murat. (well known at Bordentown.) who wi Minister of France at Turin, has been recalled by th French government. The gossip of the diplomat! body reports that the son of the ex-King of Naples ha not changed the habits which made him celebrated i the United States, and that he had so much scandalise the diplomats of Turin, that his recall was deeuie necessary. M. Ferdinand Barrot has been sent t hi* place; but I heard yesterday morning, from a attache of the ministry of foreign affairs, that th! mission was but momentary It was also in questio in this moving of ministers, to recall from Woshingto M. Sain Bois le Comte, and to send him to hi* ancieu poile at Turin M De Montholon. of Richmond, wa said to be quite willing to succeed your presen Minister. But all that is what we call bavardagei <i ilijiUmalt B. 11. K. 1'. 8.?Form O'Cloce.?A very severe blow has beei struck, to-day. upon the bead of the ministry, relativ to the projected law upon the "stamp" (le limbic) The National Assembly, by a majority of 400 vote against 232. has declared that the mutation of stock (tian\/ert$ de rentes) would be subject to the stomp tax The ministry has been so much troubled by this re Milt that MM Baroche and Uouher have not dared t< present the new laws which I have mentioned in th! letter. Our London Correspondence. London, March 8, 18i0. Jenny Lind. I have to aeknowledge the receipt of yours of thi 23d of last month, requesting me to collect all the sta tistiral information which was in my power, respect ing the appearance and success of Mademoiselle Jenny Lind in this country. I confess that the demant somewhat astonished me. Were I to collect as mucl as one-hall of this, it would give me undivided worl for six months, and I had nearly said you would hart to freight a ship to carry it. However, joking apart, I will do my best to satisfy you. as this wonderful vocalist is one of my own espe rial favorites I, in common wMh the thousands tha! have listened to her In this country, feel that she il the most charming and enchanting songstress who hsi yet daisied Kurope, while she stand* absolutely aloni amongst them all in personal worth. gracious aim plirlty of manner, and that fullness of heart wnich ll !rv;sfceiairts w m?: unnotirc <1 Irum her residence. ax If to make a rtait, an< baa been traced into the back lanea and cottagea o the poor, ascertaining and relieving their wanti Setrral times, Indeed, she has been warned by he more intimate friend* to avoid so much liberality a that which she baa been in the constant habit of exer rising, as many received her bonnty who were total! unworthy of it. but she would reply. " Never mind; I 1 relieve ten. and one is worthy,! am satisfied " could enumerate a thousand good and generous act of hers; bnt I fear that In doing so. I should take U| too much of your spare and time 1 regret that I am unable by this mail to send yoi more than a portion of her appearance* during lata '41*, but if you would examine a file of the Timf o ,V. liner /'"if P i 1VI7 and lafS you would )? able t< gather a host of valuable information I will, how ever.mollrct the information you require ronrernlni thr prices generally paid for admission wherever shi lias appeared, a bet her in or out of London, and the re ceipts at rarb of the numerous concerts in which sh< has been engaged I send, in the mcauliiue, by lb present opportunity, a few Item*. In 1MB. after the closing of the season at tier Majes ty's Theatra. which last# thirty nights, for which *h< received from the leasee. Mr Lumley, ?10.000. In add! lion to her benefit which could not possibly have pro dneed her much Iras tlian one-half tnat sum. she com no nerd a tour In the province*. The receipts at eaol of her appearanee* were enormous, as you will se* b; glancing y our ry below and not more lhan half. or. Ii some casea a quarter, of the applicants for seats couh possibly be accommodated:? ftept 6 Birmingham ?1.000 7. Liverpool 1,700 V. Manchester 1.875 11. l>o 1.M0 14 Hull, (concert) 000 18. York, (concert) 886 ill Newcastle 1.360 23 Kdinburg l.loo 26. Do. 1.418 2ft. Do. (charity)... 1.6441 Oct. 2 Olaegow. (concert) 1.330 4 Do Do 1.370 6. Do (charity) 1.746 10. Dublin 1.360 12 Do 1.310 14. Do. 006 18 Do 1,608 21 Do 1.490 24. Do Lifts) 27 Birmingham 2.000 30 Brighton 076 Now 1. Do 041 3 Do 1.006 8 Southampton 1.123 10 Clifton, (concert) 840 13 ?aeter 1.260 14. Do 1.100 18. Bath, (concert;, 030 18. Clifton, (concert) 026 23 Chrltenhani. (concert) 830 27 Uloweater. (concert) 760 9. Leamington, (concert) 823 Dec. 1 Oxford, (concert) 1.026 4 l.eeda (concert) 884 After terminating the above tour she commenced another with M Benedict the gentleman who la about to visit New York with her having on the 16th of Decvialier. sung at Kxeler llall. in the 'Klijah The prire of tickets on the occasion was two guineas, auti one guinea The receipts amounted to ?1 BliO On January the lftth. she sung at Windsor, in the presence of the (|sres and I'rlnee Albert Jan 22 Norwich (charity) ? ?1 849 23 do do ) 29 do (concert for the benefit of Halle) 1.201) r>b A Birmingham ( Elijah ) 14U0 8 Manchester, ( Klijah''*) l.ltw 13 llndder?8eld. (charity) unknown 1ft Ltvrrpoot, ("Creation") 1.100 28 Bhrew.bnry (eharity) 600 27 Chester, (morning roneert).. . .. 760 Marrh 1 Derby, (concert) 860 8 Wakefield, (concert) 480 ft Mo Arid, (concert) 800 ll Nottingham, (roneert) 740 12. Cambridge (concert) 860 27 Mane heeler. ( 'Messiah ") l.ftWO 2V Liverpool. (charity) 1600 April 3 London, (charity) I.ftoo M I'lymonth (aonrrrtj """ At tha great<at portion ot tbear aoncrrta the adnila aion ?? guinea anil a half an J a guinea In her ra I'TrKktatinai at I he dlfrrnit tbiairra. the price foi tbr gallery wa# half a guinea. I ha pit a gutm-a, and tin boaee a guinea and a half , W?ka what uee you Ilka of thaaa few ltem? Bj thi m at mail I ahall in all probability aand you a faa more particular- reaper* irig tba aurraaa of tb? moat I had aimoat wrlttan angelic rraatnra. that haa ern poraeared tba aama aminint of Renin* tto whara ahi will aha rarriaa wMh bar my warmaat wlahaa for hai happine** and bar aarraaa. a* wall aa tii>>?* ot all whi hare arer known bar W. R. 0*". Moar or tar Kiroarrn limoirrt or Mia Jaa' Faanai i* ? Tba Ml I'anl'a (Min ) Pwam. of tb- liitl ultimo, haa a lattar rrnm fort tialnaa. whi. h aay? A rumor war In atraulatlon at tba month of I'row A ini Rtrar. on 1 bnradar laat. that a party of Kagaimaai weir at llall Lake, baring Juat anirad from lfnd>ot bay The? raport harlnR barn two month* an ram* and that Mir John franklin, with hla abipa. bad h-at aaan. during tba part winter, froti n in tbr ira A *a rondriport change* it to tha ibip Florcr which wa> arm frotrn. Tha fkiTtr. It will ha rrmambnred. wai r nt in iUltk nI Mr John I annd tbla by a half hrwad In n I'rmbiaa. who ran* on aipraaa to fort Mnrlling fnm tha Mnrtbwert Kipedltion abip Plorar. whwi rrrw bar# antarrd NtKiiili't Rtrar. and ara n'.ntarlag at Tort titarga. ib Arronrrnrwrt at rhe Oayinwon did Iirhi.?Oomll BiNioDin of 1mm?Qffiwena?Jaanea Hcruuo. BenI jamin Bnehjnan. Notariee Public ?Queens?Charles 7 > Stewart. George Vandeneerg jr., John W. Demott it King!?John Loomia. New York?John 11. Giovar, id James W. Blalehford, Charles A Davison. Henry A. a- Mott, D B. Brown, Aug. L. Brown. Miscellaneous. ? .n New York?Harbor Mastera? Alexander H. Sebulta, a- Owen Brennan, Gideon Fountain. Charles Chokuberig lain. Henry Kip, Charles G. Dean. John Ilyer. James a, E. Wood, Ahratn Van Ortien. Luke 0. Ryder. Francis B. Spinola. Richmond?Thomas H. Merry, to be speir clal warden of New York. le ?????^????? 10 f I8T OF LETTER!1! REMAINING IN THE NEW TORE t- 1~S Post Office, April C, 1M0. ie ornciiu.1 ivsuihsd in thc rarea hstino rat labsh* CIBCVLATIOK. . Pleaae mention the date of the List in which they are ad? rertised. LADIES' LIST. < Angevin* Phebe C Aitkin Mrs, East Arntthsi Grsee n Alenander Mary Broadway Arnold Ann C ie H I- Radge Ellen Bencher Hellen 8 M BrownMrsH.Green_ Bradley Mis* J H, Britton Anna J viobst .? I'nion plan Holen Ellen BorrongksElisabatb . BlanoliardMrsEph- Brown Eliinbeth H 10 raim Bronaon Sarah L Brady Mary r- Benson Catharine Bnrna Mary Baker Ann >a Brennan Alice Butler Mrs Lewis A Bartlett Mrs id Hinley Mrs M A Barry Mr? EM Bull Isabella Brooke Amelia J Bradford Fanny Bell Margaret , Brown Almira Baker Maria S BelfuurflraJ , Brown Jui ah Bayington Snsan Hritn Mary I'l Boyd M?ry Berrey Harriett Booth Charlotte ?e Bunker Sarah A Bill Ann M Brown Mrs, 3d areI. Brsgse Jnlia Ann Birkat Sarah nue h Bradbury Mary A BoihnAnn Bowen Harriet Blauchard Mra M'm Bark Judith Burke Mrs Edmund , C , Clark Catharine Callahaa Sarah Cooper Hellen - J Carrie Mary Chapman IsnbeUa S Conaiden Anne td Carrol Ellon Contin Ellia Culrer Lucre tin E ro Campbell F.liiabeth CoUina Ana Crane Rhode CroaaSarakA Cooloy Kate Carroll Julia Colby Maraaret Connolly Bridget Cantilun Ellon Coc.Icy Anne Cordoran Mr*, l*th I li-nj Muy re Conery Mary atreet C?i Miaa Jan* J Conway (ath'rln Chaae Suaan P Condlt liartb* Q sn Criwll Mary?2 Carol Mrt, Thomaa Cooloy Mra D T J h Cunningham Mia?, atreei I'uoger Mra, Mth at ' _ Amity at t'auagrove Anne turtle Saraphlna i Caae Mnlvlna CUceaman JoaephineCudmor* Miaa, ; Carty Margaret Culliui Enrarlln* Veaay at 0* Praia Jolia Pealey Ilalcn Dcremua Mary Jan* ,

tg Pavlr Suaan I. lievine Margaret Pownar Altia and , I>c Criatoval Marin Dowd Mary Sophia n Pinny Mary Donnelly Stiaan Dnnran Madam Pelahant Ann Dowlinx Ellen Henry *: Dillon Mra, lith are-Dunne Maagarct Davia Nancy , I nue Drummcnd Mra, Durgaa Ellen 8. Porner Eliraheth 2d atreet Del Ruche Mra T C I s- Downing Johanun Pa via Harriet C Delany Bridget , 10 Damo Mary A Daniel* Harriet A Planet MaiMini Daviaon Mary A P? Veare Louiaa M Doherty Margery o Pe Cray Augttata Pelee Mag Pueal Margaret M ( ? Erana Angelina Erwinn Ann Everett Mra IIE < Ely Mary Auguata Ewart Margaret Engliab Mary ( t. Evan* Bridget Elliutt Mre M A ( 18 ( ) Eagan Catharine Fleckaer Eliaaleth Forhee Latitla ( ' Flanagan Mra, Ilea- Fua Margaret Fowler Julia M ( ttrat Footer Mra. Wuh- Franceaia Siater t , Fiak Elina J ington ntreet Fenarty Mary 11 Fiaher Mra, atraw Franeia Roaanna Finn Mra Anaatatia j t- henret maker Fenigan Mary Foater Mary Tamil Ann Frink AdallM Fury Mary I j, Feek Anna l e ? I Cage Eliia Gregory Mary Oooderham Mr* I , Carrett Margaret Coodcll Mra Jno G Caaley Harriet I J Lonia Graham Jane Gream Mra 1 n Gorman Bridget Gardner Eliaa Guiding Anna Maria I il Catena Mary Gillie Nancy A ?2 j Galleaey Jan* > 0 . \ Hart Mrt Aleln N Hancock Rachael Hulbrook Mra F Ma- j llanea Reaey Holme Mra, Fine (t ria I II Harney Mra, Sulli- Heller Sarah Ann Humphrey Mr* J n van atreet Henery Elitabeth Aaaph 1 n Harnafren Johanna Henry Mary Hel la tern Agatha 1 t Ilereey Aurelia Henneaay Mary Hill Eliaa I . Hegan Mary Maria Mickey Sarah Ann Hood Mary 1 7 llaalet Mra, Woo*- Holhrook Sarah C Howe Mary Jan* 1 1 ter atreet Hull Julia llogmaa lxmiaa C J ' Harrtaon Ruth Hugan Mr EII Uopkln* Mary M | Uawkina Harriet j 0 leer* Mary Inaley Jane B Jon*a Mar* Jamea Mra. South Jack ton Cinthy Johnaon Margaret ' 23d atreet Jaekaon Kliabth Jordan Cathanne J Jennett Pebora Jun** Clan*** A Johnaon Sarah A j Keefe Elinor Kennan Sarah P Kiernaa Cecilia ! ? Kenny Bedilia Kenny Miae M T Kinnan Mra J d Kemell Catharia* E King Mra John, Ktllane Mary , Keagan Mr* Twelfth atreet Kiernaa Merger** la Lariamle Catharine Laeerty Margaret I.ivlngaton Sarah J , g Lawrence Eli* London Mia* , Iaaeeall Martha P Lee I aura Lynch Miaa, Nin*- i Lawrence Mr*, Leetia Jan* teenth atreet Fourth atreet Leaelie Jnlin Lindaey Evalin* , UwTtnee Elitabeth Lint* Mra Byeraon Littleton Ellen , D Lechler July C Lop* Miee , Let Mra Tboi Llnnen Miaa, Elm Lowery Miaa E?C , Lewla Louiaa atreet Lynch Margaret , l,?ncy Mr* Riehard Lincoln Maria T Lyon* Catharine | Lathrop Eeelina ^ [ Ma* Madam. Canal Manu*l Mr*. CraadJ MoaaheaCjIln > 1 *tre*t *tr*et Moaaghaa Bridget | i Mai lay El**a Mar* Mr*, Chatham Murphy Mr*. Mul- { Maland Ana *tr*?t berry *tre*t ' Magnire laabeMa Mchoteae Mia* Moore Miee Mary i Mead Mary Miller Nancy J Moraa Mary Mraay Ellen Miller Mr* Oi* D Morriey Mary J Meredith Julia 8 Mitchell Anna Mocaey Mrt. Fenrth J , Miller Miee Jaa* Moor* Mr* A an *tr*t Millar Mary Ana Moor* Mr* Mary Miner Mary Many Elitabeth B Morria Eliaa J Mullen Mary A 1 Maban Catharine Morrierty Betty Murphy Catharia* ) Maaoed Elite?? _ Me . t Mc Alear Elite MeCanliater Mia*. M'Eeone Elitabeth McCaaa Mre 23d at MeMabon Eltea krltiai Jaaa McDonnell Ellen MeLaanMrtSU ? Met art.., Jan* McClaurt. Elrin MeMm.rM.ria 1 Mct'iiirT Etlen?I Melnriee MraR*bm McCrongh Johanna i ;^^71lrid",.T MeL^i MiM-TI"* | McKnd* Charlotte MeMhoaa Bridget Mr Noil Mrl, ColamMcCaneeMargaret MeXean Bridget Mail r (Juina Mary ^ * Nathan Mr* M Newoom Mary Ani Nidd* Mi** M, Newman Rao* Mori* Mr* Jaa* Broadway f N ?ild Elite bath Nldl.y Eliaa both f o 1 Owen* Mr*, City Oebom Am?Ua O Pona*IIEIi*ab*th * Hall O C*aon Jan* Ana O'Neal* Mary ? r Pan) Sonbenia W Pat taeon Mary P*w*ll Mary S * Palmar Mr* Gilbert Tech Mra Caroline Puraill Ellen or John I'aturaon Mra John Piwotoa Mra L M I'eireo Mr* J S Pratt Mary Plarca Eli< a Phillip* Mr? Ju J Pallloa Huuk Plaoia Harris l igru Muj An J Flamy JaliB r I Raid Matilda Raiaagl* Ualaa Retail Camlia* ' Ratbel Margaret Riley Mr*, Waat Kraal Mary Rich Margaret B llrvadway Room* Elisabeth J Rieadorah Maria Rol.rta Mm M C R"f Sarah A Roaht itrlada Robert* Lydia?1 Ryaac Bridget Kecdar Martha Roman Martha Shan Jaaa Sweetiar Carnliaa Shiymaa Mra ( Small Phcte M Smith Miu Aaaia Sl-aia Mlaa A ( Sbaalla Mary Stlmaea Jane I Salliaaa Mlaa, Wa- C Salutary Mra A L Rimaaea Rach l t?r at I Staraaaoa Mallaa Stoke* Emily Sautll Phaha ( Vely Bridget Suaay Aaa* Sample Aaa t Mii'l'ird Mr* Joseph Saydar Ann J, Slaplato* Mary t Srhrtnarb'ra Mr? P Swale* Kliiahath Steel* ilaaaiinah (. Serlbaar Mra E, Shaaklin Harriat Star*** Jenaey ( 1 Monroe at Rtaaa Mary Rpenear F.liialuth Rtoae Sarah E Hteyan* Mr* A, 18th Spannl! Mlaa, ] Aval* Emma at t'harah at j Stratbara Aaaia C Shell maa MraGeorgeSmith Cathariaa M | Shaw leaader Rperria Ahby P Htimaoa Maria I Sarekaw Eatberla* Smith Cornelia?2 Stone* Mra II 3 >, Starkweather Ellaa Simmon* Mra, Mai- Scmm*re Itianta | Stewart Laara harry at BnUitaa Bridget y Sbelden MlaaC _ I * I Taafa Jaaa Th'maaJaaa Thompson Mr*. Eaat I T.daeeo Slg'ra Fer-Tilde* Mra 1*hne C iBroadway U taaata Taraar Mra, 2d aaa- Traadall kri Satnl F TTmmaa Emaliaa aaa Tarry Uertrad* i Elita I, Taggart Mary or Titaa Ellen II Tearay Aaa ar Ml- Eoa* Thome* Miaa n Ella II thaal Thomo llaariatta Tbaratoa Eliaa Jaaa II V Talealtae Mra Oil- Taa Raraa Mra. Toaahiaa Jalia A tart hiatal Teadtrpeol liaaaah ? Taa Dyke Baaaa W I Walla Mr*. (lad- Warner I raarea T Waahhmra Sarah n aaa aqaara M ateon Mrs M J Jaaa II M ata-a Mr*. Waikiaaaa Jermi- M art Mr* rraaat* n llrnad way ma C Wltmaa Jaa* II M alker Mr aad Weat Mr* Abagail William* Sarah H Mr* Mora IW right llanaah Weed Mr* C I D II WalahMraMlrh William* Luey Ward Mr* Jan J ,, w " Hi'* A ?. ..dl.ull liar rut WaMr a Man* u Mhalaa Maria Ward Mary Watkiaa Rmaliad || Wiaalaa Mr* T R I Watt* Mr* Sam Watmnaah Kliaa |, MedMraJaeD Wallaaa Marat Waarar Sarah II Wallar* Mary Walaoa Mr* "a* WhiUna Abigail P n Ward Elite A Voadtaf Aaaa A WoedMraLA II Whitlay Mlaa M A Wray RdVarca II T n ToaagWreJD. T.aagSJ TaaagAaad * Vaataaat Taaag Sarah J T*aa?K*ttyD Jj S I Ziaa Jnhaaaa OENTI.EMEN ALIST. II A II I AldaaJT Able Jnha ArmaOreng Charted I Atrlra barid Adair Mr M-I AUIIJ Adair W A AllanTbaTla Adama Jfc SAC* Aghaarla Wm A lata* J C 1 A'klry R H Aadaraen Ja* Adama flanrga J All.a R D Alaaaadar (lardaar II Adama Warraa Alba llmrga Attkia* A B AanawJR A agar Rahar* Altera*1 . , Ahera Nirhael Applatea J*m* Aaldtapt BaaJ Allaa.l.rand at Aadarma Robert A??rill J <?tl* II Alaaaadar Wm Alfred Baary AailaataatJS AM|rgat*Wm Aldia W if AadrawaWm . A*h Joba Aadraaa St?faa AahtoaE , a .... w.?,. a?k w-t. aa in>iifa * Add. lH??,d ilkiM in il..ui?rr?nH 1 Arklaadjoha Ar?>M V D?l ?J AdairrJC l'fdrti M Aad'raaa W 0 * Adaaa, Parfaaa Altkiaa Wlliaa J Bark# J?l i Stafk'a Hr?*? *' > ' J Hlitntir Rtuna Bakrr idiik W Br< * It" * J R*mi raraaa Bak?r Nana Rr??a t? J Riarkall W Uaila* Ha Br- ? l.aaraaaa W j m?<-k a r itutr') !< hr?wn apt r>??t4U j llrdar Ttrwan lira ai II* Br??? I* <19 J BlarS Jo??|>h Baldwin Waltar Blnaara R 9 l r.d7 J?. Bakrr r #. altfay lltary MakrJ.ka Biaarkard Raal Unjla Jaa DtkfrkriJW liartNRl Bri.walr# 9 A |i?pf? I'-a) n larva Tka? Hrrinitna >>? * H.krWm llarrrJ'.haW Hl?a. Aaaa W Mart*. 14 R*fa?l H Ritad llaarj-.l Malrd Rakt Ririrr J?ka Mik>rt?f w? |lraa? J|> H Burr. Jaka Brikiala Fraarla ? Wa II I'lrtij Paranal IWnlt *??pk a l >ll inIXila Btit ?ll?ea B> d? llnrlfrHii b Baiaa IJ Brwlia Jaa Br raard .1 II ):*> r r k I ad? r A I* land Mir Karl * Batlrj J K Bi>h?f i.raraa Blnadfaad ( jrrraa# * BarrrUnTi I'txl \ ?la< j R -J Bart am IIO I i?h-r J Br rkakilaall I art par *? F Hilartt Thr-a Br?a?-a M?ard ? Parldr Pprrraa Br 4rr land Braarit Boraaa Batktr *aa<art k ditr J r R-nr l??ri*a W j( CinrrMa * B tarda F I. B- m?lka Thaa Havrrktr H'ilbrla B?r?rt 1 kro B B aarll (rararaav If | HM<a Frrklrl F IV. ran Mlrharl Brnwa J O KaLrark W m F Niiinaai < harlra Ja B-2 Rm 4 I h Id Jitr I r'?? TkM II Brady ) J kin* ? a?|<nr l#?a- Br?wn l?a?ld H |V|.I.r. a lard PrnaaJ?ka Brad* I taaria Borland H ai O llrr.nn II r< dara II | Bradley ? ?. r*. ( Baaaard Bf an ? ?rarliaa W Bradlarr ( I ar K 9 lialt. n H m I rl? l.irai I ran.ia | laalallar'ra Fital'l (.( r? BntlapV a apt M J \ I'.rrthJ.lnR l'rn?a Hi'harl Bardrnll Ra*rrll ji Brrnkaita |.?nr . I Jin" I. I rk? I Aft F.laid | I'ljlrr J'la N kfranifliri R HnrkrJrtnti luard (?>.. M R-rry Rat h?nRI Hiaa j, I'rrlr l inn r Brtiiiit |ir R Batdkard Win I Rrrln F % Halmntt Al?atn F lllaai J?. <!? Bmtaa laaaa B??? RFilliam lt?urr*?ll F.*la(a I , k.all'1 J>ka IxralttrMa B mkam Aaraa j, R. an ! *? HrAla lum H?raa% J t i, WTJIL. lW!*w ?niia> B.mvb ui far e Si^r !; Saw- !:: fcffSf.S''"?KS."&Ut Ins'.* ... !:: Bennett Or.uge T llourn? Key K BuckU5h?^ r Ha; Biddl* James Brauh U>g?| H?b^ a * "? Billings E II BobssGsorce JJ?i Bilbo Wm N Bo. t wick IIC 2 Bcegan Francis Buhl Frcdk liurtun (We F 2eJ BiIJtTthe ran dealerBuu.on O Hun n Bro 0 W 2".' Batter Henry S Huckland J W Burgee. J<.?cnh 21! Bauer Albert Uuckui.n Capt J Bureaud I, lit 2 Brakli'v Or Ceo Hurl Kobi II Burke WillinJ, 2!! Beach Dcnnii Buckley Joseph Burehard Bourdman 2! Beaklev Geo, H D Burr It Arnold Brunet Or 2 Beer. Rer Henry ? Burke Hr, Broftd- Bryant Lawrence S 2"' Seattle John way Byrne W C-2 2UI c {Jo Campbell J W Carter Thomas Cockefair CmmisK. M,', I race Geo P Carmen B C ?2 2 Praia Walton Chupin Hr Crunin Patrick Ma I air pbell M m A Cnaoe Col T Collin. Math'l v lhambcrlin J Clerk of the Cltv k Cook Edward v Call.jhan John County of N y Cook Enoa P?2 ti 1 a.ffln Oaeld J Chenee Patrick Crosby L V n I k'app Henry C llw Jauira Cooke E W Ma I astro HI Clinton Hue Cook Albert Ha Cs.eidy Allan M Clinton Lawrence Coventry James Ha I lispiiisa k Ksutlal Colyouna Hr Crowley James He r5l 0 , ? Coonesdt W If Curtis fteo Mi I haunian Jss R Coadict It Jennings Chry.tal James Hi lJIka'?- Coiia.rr Tliuei Csiumeyer Messrs k Mi k! . . . ? t onnelly Thos Co Hn Hark ("has A Coinatoek Hr Craig Wm I -r*\cn F;?n,U r""'n s Campbell A B Ma lheeler M tn Crocker Wm J Campbell M Ho ree.y Levi W Cornell Ilenry R Chandler Sam'l . kary Michael Corde. N A 0 Chaffee E I' heater Captain Cook Aner Chapin ltemaa 2* .line John Corwin W S Chapin L VF Be .'hristy HcPherson Ceu.ene R Csry I, F Be /ol.on Simeon II Clowe. Gerardus Clark Samuel Be -onely Wm J Hum Henry A Clark John Ml Toney George Chnreb John L Chase Capt J Br ollins Pairlsk Calien S H Clark Elisha J M' 'nnhbn If F Chamberlain Wm II Cbapal Robert 'olwell John Canea* Homer Cavigbotti Jo* 'oni?n? Dennii Chandler E Lt Ceep Binaell {. ' ndy ToMh Cain Martin It Ha- Cherry Franri* J; ?ro?? tiro W trli k ChoMeman B F J' rook J M ( apt Chatham J B H Ckeravoy Geo II 7! ,'orkrr T II Clark M Chriatle Wo ,, ,'uoper Wm Clapp Kov A II Clino Wm TTowther R Carntr A 8 Coleman k Dnver JJC; 'oulter John Carlry Mr Collin* Capt J W *0' 'utter Eliaha P Clark k Co Conatable K unningham Jno Carpenter John Coriniaky Bernard ,'acill John Chartere Alex'd Collina F A ' 'agero Franciaco Cliaae Caleb U Cole llenry T auy Freeman Catlin Rich'd Conror Rev J J J10 hadwick fc Beach Cheever Joaenh Connalv Mich'l Jj?? nmfcla Charle* Cheney Goo A Cook llenry O J*"' 'allahan Michael CI eery Jame* Cook William >llaahan Owen Chiaholm E 1) Cope laud J N Nov arroli Edward Child* J Coueev Win N1'1 'arpenter Joaeph Coqnillett Jaa Corel! J 11 Breton Andrew J Collin** Jamra Crown Frederick Olh araon F B Conatalile Jamea Cutoheon L M O K lark Robert Cowen Terrene* Cunningham E O'B .araon Tboa B Cornell Maaric* O'K D O'K lalton Wm Dejon Antoine Doar Jo* 9'" iaviaChaa Deering N C Donovan J 9*' iavenport F L Deuehman C Donovan John Orr ianirl* Chauacy Dreaback k Conrad Dorlglaaa J B Out iaviaJnoC Demna J B B Dale* Down* Tboa )ean Levi F Devlin W Dwerr Fredk Par iejon Mom De Arrieta Victori- Dunn Franci* Pa, )econ Robt ano Dnnean Robt E Par >e Gourowaky L* Drlacoll Capt Dume Wm ^ Count* A Dolan Peter DunningClark S par )evlin Tboa Denlerey John Dawaon Edwa pac Joining Dudley Donougborn W O Davidaon Amintor pa, )e Tiboli Guiaeppe DoomerJa* Dorremua Wm prk Jetebamn* Louli D'anon B Doetjen Chaa Pat Jerham John Durham Wm B De Agreraoate To- pje( >icke David Deumm Peter ma*a 8 }>, ? inter Satnl Dwilan Patk DeChardon Marqui* pr. Dolon Patk Dudley G 11 ?J pro ionoho Bernard Dabaiel Jaa Deniaon A Clarkaon pcv DivonarWm Dane Dana k Co Deyo Alonao pj,: Doyle Ed ?d Davie John MS Defl.a 1'era Domingo p? Doyle Anthony Dannerker Tlio* W D* Mora Y pIB Dal Honnori Mom Del Kineon Carlo* Deyhle Chaa P<. Durfe* Fhllo Dennia Philip Dillingham Winalow pot Dudderidg* Ja* Dean Levi F Demond Chaa p^( Dwyrt Danl DeAagelo Franciaeo Dolen Peter po( Daggett Jetheo Drencher J E Doyle John Pol Davia Marahal Dewar John Doraett George in: Dave* Capt W S Dammiek Capt R H Dorwln Geo W pu Davia John Dequintatriura Ja- Dottenhelmer llenry p.i Dain Miebl arfa Dyekman Mai D pKl DTnirller Chaa E DinniaJohn Dunham GeoL pkj De Chardamay Mar-Din* man Andw Dnnn Stewart pa, <! ? _ Pri E Pn Eager Franrla Edgar J Enmereon JII Edwarde Wllliaen Elma Capt John Knaign Wooater A n.i Egbert John Ingle S11 Eddy Thoa J JJui Cvane S Cary Enawortb S S Edward* Robt R Aul Evana Edwd Endieott Capt ChaaEitaenger Uae Evan* Jo* R Elba John w k Co Evana Geo U B>1 [van* Ceo C Ebcot Ferdinand England WmG Engbah T M Elba Wm U Evara Dr W U ?** Cday J M Erler C T Krtibergar Lewi* Ehrieh Frita W Xpatcin A Henry K Kei 'arrington Stephen Fay Mathew Ferdinand John II Rey 1, v_ v- n wi.r Uim b... r?lN Otie K Fraicr Robt Flak ('apt Moaci R?i liniim John rnl?r B H FtnaleekJao Kid "arnham Danl 0 Ferris! 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