Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1850 Page 2
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__ TH NO. 6788. THXRTY-KIRBT CONOBBH. PIKHT MBMfllUH. 1 l*Mt?< rr aosMc's jnoirrir teumfraps. * WiiNiioTW. April 11 ISM. Alter Um traaeaclion of the uaual aoralng buainaee, Mr. Picaineon moved that the D?mI? take up the deficiency appropriation bill. Mr. WiMiti eipreaeed the hope that the Senate ?oaM conclude the unflnUhed huaiaeee of yeaterday before taking np anything elee. Mr. Cla* submittal a brief argument la fbror of going oa h4 appointing tb? committee. instead of continuing to wag- war against that proposition; a war which must h? useless. because the question ot tUa union of tha California Htate bill with tha Tarritorial bill, waa unavoidable, and muit bo mat at ou* tima or another, for one. ha pledged himaelf. if tha California bill should be taken up separately, to more to amend bj uniting it with a Territorial bill. Let them than, go on and appoint tha committee. No harm could rout from it, and ha hoped that good might be deduced from It. Mr. Bonos gare notice, that if the buslnas* of yesterday should he reaumed. he had more atuundineutc to offer, and perhaps some in addition to thoee. The amendment* were read by the Secretary. Thar present nine different propositions tha object of which Is to preveut the connection of California's admiision with, or the making it dependent on any other. subject. Mr. Footb's motion for a select committee was then I*id ou the table temporarily, and the d fleie.icy hill %> ken up. After debating, r.t coitalderails length, an amendment striking out the appropriation f>r tha crrction of tlta wings to the pateut office, without aoiuing to a rote, tha Senate adjourned to Mou-Uy. House of Krpresentutlrea. at lUtts'H KIJJl TKO-l HI.MH A1. TKI.KOll IPH. W 4SHINOTON. April 1i. 1AM The Heuate bill, giving to the widow of lieu tforth s pension <A fifty dollars per month, was taken up. Mr Jono*, (d- m .) of Tennessee, moved to emend by providing pensions for privates. The trraKLS declared the amendment out of order, and was sustained by the House. Mr Jones opposed the bill, because, ho said. It was In dirvet violation of the general laws ou tho aubjoot of pensions. Mr lltOinstiD. (d*m..) of Illinois, rose to a question of order, and the rpeuker decided that ilebato was not allowable, which was sustained by thanouse. Klnaily the bill waa laid over and the House weut into <" uimiltee of I be tV hole on private bills. On* private bill was disc listed, when the committee sr--se without tailing any action on it. Mr. Bout, (diui ) uf 8. Carolina, remarked that he was I list rue t*d by the Select Committee on theiljlphin elaim to state that they are of opinion that the resolution ?f the House, under which they wnro app dated. Psmt.-ifttd Ihuir In/iuirv to 111 as rulutIsma ? ?/! > /.# the Kecretary of War. and dot-* not auih.riao thou to Inquire whether there ?u anything unu-ual or improper In allowing Int.-not <>n the cluiui; and they inn the ln.*t ruction* of liio II num. At Mr Kurt* request. tUat part of t ha Journal of the former day ??s read Mating that thr ripest -r laid before the 11'>u?e the ercitnuuleation fr nn Mr. Crawford, asking r<.r a prompt and full In vest igatL.u of hi* conduct in relation to the claim ci the representative* of dieorgoGelphin. auJ that ou motion of Mr. Toomb*. (whir) of Georgia. a sol.ct committee of ulna ho appointed. Mr. Mubt il.slr.~l to any. on the part of tbu committea. that they d<> not ask of the House any eulargoment of dtitle* confided to them. They ham aeon nothing in the progr*-* of Intro'ligation *o far. which Induce* them to apply for an increase of power. And, on the part of thr committee he felt It to he hi* duty to protest that any inference* of any kind are t > he drawn lrom their pi cent application. From the reading of the proceeding*, every one niu*t believe tint the power* of the committee do not eatcud b.-youd an ionuiry into the relation and conduct of the Hceretary of Mar la relation to the claim. Thia wa* the duty which he waa charged to perform, and In the language of the ronurl. 1>? asked the Instruction* of the !iou*e a* to the int. rpratatlon of the language of the re eolation and th>< Jwty of the comniltlee They are oonti nt to perform the duty a* define J hy the resolution, and wish duliucliy to he understood a* not asking that the dulu ' ba increased. or the powera enlarged Mr. Moksa. (doia..) of Louisiana. was aware that enrtain report* are in eircuialion and therefore ho w mid submit a raw lotion, that the selcot committor be authorised to iuquire into all the rlrrninstaueoa attending tit* allowance wf priuripal and interest on the uslplun claim, undi# the aat at A ugud lbdb and that Mtwy bare pww?f to sand fur peraawe and papers Mr. Bsrtiria. <lem..; of Ohio, asked leave to offer an aaaendiM. ul. with a visw to Inquiry Into other claims The alriclurea of the public prra* were alarming. Mr. Bear merely roaa to say. that the committee did not wish to make suggestion ae to any other claim Mr Jonas. - dam <f Arkansas do-ired the amcudjurula should coma fr< la the whig side ?f the ll.'tiee It wan due to thvio Mr. Tmumsso*, i d< m .) it Mississippi, preferred the ovotiou made by Mr M.irse. He did aa thluk the w.mmUtee should he Instructed to lnv?*tigate anything Mr Moasc said that he would amend hi* reeoiutlow to laquire into the etrcuiustancee of the passage of the tialphln hill. Mr Tuowrtea sn opposed to Inquiring into the oondurt of the ptedeesseor of Mr. Crawford! Mr Jmiseis. nf Arkansas said that the Secretary of War had reason* for aeklng for the investigation and he (Mr Joliusou ) wanted to see thing* >u? lUM Mr III *t hn^ed that the House would not ia tract the com in it toe tu investigate other ewhjecU. and *mtanas, this inquiry. Mr. TMonrwiv.of Mississippi thought that no g?n-ral debate should be Indulged u> It would be Improporat this time Mr. S?ui*as withdrew hi* amendment Mr. Di *?. (whig1 of New York, said tlast there wa* no proprii ty lu tb.-debute. and moved the previous question. Th? house voted no quorum A tu ition woe made to adjourn lost. The rail of the House was refu*< I Mr. Dt aa withdrew Ids demand for the previous quest ton. for g. nil. m*o to off w am?odm*nt*. Mr. Hsaais. Idem.) of Illinois, offered ?ne Mr M*. (whig) of New York, also offered one. The prupusiug to Inveetlgale ail eircuiUHtaiieee connected with the pes*age of lh<> bill the a.aiphin claim, find all rlreaamtanees allowing interest ?n it. th'lei the opinion of the Comptroller >>f the Treasury had been no rruled and that the comtultloe have power to scud for persons and papers Mr. Meoat in.-lifted hi* resolution so as to lavestiCte all malt'-re connected with the claim which may pertinent to the same, so far ae Cone, rus the itoercwry of War. The pre*I'was qu.-lloo waa seconded aud Mr. MattLaon's aiueuJmsats w?re rejected. Tb*n that of Mr lives:* wa- agreed to. via: that tha elect committee appointed by this llou-e la relation to Ike tialpbin claim be Inslrurted to make full inrasi gallon, and report to the Hons# the nrigiu an I nature of the claim aud the elrrum-tencea attending the prostrating the same before the <U-partraente of the government, aud the passage of the law aulh .rising ii t n* n**n *? ?v ?ii rmfp ?.? pro*~rtit?tl end w4 th* aaih? lh? mount p*i on ?a>4 rlilm w.fb l?l<TNt. ai*4 Wbriber |b? mk wm p*?j ,Q COuwith Iaw iu<1 pn n J#nt - tKt !iavm*-?* r ik< itiiriduala U w latin paid tha am rant rraatr-d b/ <ivk how raid Inter* ?t originated to aa'd p?r- .ua an.I all mattera la m.? oay per laluiug to Hi. -ul^arl. and that ika t?unitl>? Ua ?< power to a* ud A?r pernoaa and papara. TIm Ilouaa than adj. "rnrj till Monday Oar lUrHaharg r*rrn|wa<aw?i. Hiaanw aw, April II, UM. TAr fWrid and WtlktrUI IMr?rn (am. TM dlaorea oaae waa aallad up yenierday la thn Seam nf Mnpr^aalallr... and laitad i)a'M a* aanaatad dnbaM. Mr. Sntpe-a, af Adama, atanlnded hit remark* la ? ppoauioa W tha bill la .? uabnd farm, for a dlewaee aw-ali worli taaafc. and fa facer .f Ala atn-n tar-ai, r?f-rr a < tV> ?pipUoattaa ta U-n roarta ta PhileJnlpl.a meaty, Ulit prarlneiy almllar lo teal antral la llu heaale bp Mr Hr ?,k?, af IMaaarr aa* tkaaiar. Tt.a mmarkt <4 Mr nmynar wara la ?.rr?"u* tanta, an I . lulhnd la aaak laag'iege ? a?l lapra a#ai?ala lLa aa >al dndrate naanlMltty, aa* aridaaJ/ aarna* I rant watgkt la tha aaiada oi am taker* Mr Jeenn H harMAa. uf Philadelphia elty. nprtkn rakamrelly ta upp"?i line la tie aaieadaieat, nn.l lefa*nr*flhe -rtrlaal Mil. Tha a >*a being inker na Ihn reel I? a. aa ma-adnl II If. k?f?rf. raaaltad aaTotUwa?fata Ik; Bar a !P. TMa ia laahad tinn aa a dafnat by iha frUa la <4 Mr. F-irraat, M It I* w?fl kanwa aararti aaakarr an -d f r iha n<nnad??et who wnnld ua Ika Irn? ??i? a? ayaiaal It la any al a pa; b?a*aaa. a aeaber at (na'Uann rnrp arnti.-tt-ly rat,l,n. radrd ta all aa ihatr nnaia aad da4?a ika aaarli?a. wiiiln la a Haaa ahaer- *e, threw af fnar war* -ana raatan'ag nat ?f ll * hall whae lb* kill waa aliad aa, Jlap'atiaa naan* f tar nf feeing tha a>o?le." Tha hill map (a ..nnlrr-l .Interned la Ita rtgtael fuim. aa Mr. brrw.l ?r hit friewdn da aai daaira In Artagtha nwl|r-1 Vf'.m Urn mare. t>r H nibarIII earn Kaa elan inna awamartly d'npwtead a*. Thla wna una ..{ lha laa 'I .a? atiaapia laraet edlam aa a pail>at aad daarrlap ladp ihal baa naar l-na Anlara tha aa I In, tad lira parHna -.aar-rand ahnald ha ladiaind far ba fIrarp, If aarh ? mm at law aaaW ka ?l..pi. l thla Mil aar d "f aird. a< pua l.ata l-nn inf >na*d bp talrpraph. bp t? i an A It U a?ad nad la'J ap la !???? kaprrtar ( aan. latfr I brrf J nntiir llaklnp ACTIO* n?n a?t/T^TioM?aftskTr ra. UAn-.ur. rirrn nar. Apart. 19 T>iftor Coinrtork brin* cailn). dnpoaad to a ronrnraa'lou With It ml (tAr wltnr aa who wa? a?amlnod ;ml'r4?p.) la whlrli ha <al* tt'.?v| hi t ipdm in ArmaN' (rrm? rf Mr Bn|l?;, and that ha had n. ihlag iptiad Ala , nxn-atimlnad Wa wrra aM >pmihla? of lha anntno. th.a of Calbarlon Runnctt at tba tim* w? warn wo*. *, r*la? a boat tba diScaUp A?twwna Haglaj aad Ala htrlMM tha aoaaaal Ihaa ?nnaM up t?4 did not lalah till 1 a'dork la tba araalng ThaJudga nald ha wan on wllllafl at (bat laU hoar, to data in tha Jury by ??A ailllliid kit* carta la tbrm; Aa w.mld tharafora d -far It IUI lha aHtraiog Ha fMt H waa a at oaacaaaay to ramiI tha laatl"! which had km already fflaaa thaia, ant ta I ialaa tw tha nofffaMlona nf nthara. or talk apaa L lha -aldaat a?an am. n( Ih-mmlrnn until It Had Keo? ' ' oommlttad arllmly to th- lr hand* Tha Caart than a,*cnm* ta lo o'al <ak thla morning E NE A VILIBRATIOSI I OV TMK ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTHDAY or TUB HONORABLE HENRY CLAY. Yesterdo^being th* T3d anniversary of the birthday of the Hon Henry Cloy, of Kentucky, the occasion m celebrated In great atyle by aupper at If IMo's Saloon. We hare reported In the column* of th* HtrmU. nil the Clay celebration* that hare taken place in thia city for a number of yaara paat; but none of them would bear comparison with that of last evening. la point of the number of person* who attended, their respectable standing la society, or the remarkable and extraordinary enthusiasm which prevailed throughout the evening, and which vented itself in loud outbursts, long and continued, aad waving of handkorehiefb, as well as applause and cheers of the loudest kind. At an early hour, the lower saloon was filled by a large compauy. who were called together something like an hour before the festival proper began. Among th* waiting concourse we observed a display of various ornament*, emblematic of the man whose birth-day was about to be celebrated. One gentleman wore a large locket, la which was set, in a costly manner, a miniature of Henry Clav. Another, taking off hi* hat eolitelv. mnnaceil to di*Dlav inside a laree eneravioe of Henry CUy. Others wort charm*, wrought In- I to the ?li?p* of the lion. Kentucky .Senator'* hand; | while other* managed, by aid of different dovioea. to dieplay their ardent attachment to what they termed i " That same old Coou." The introduction* wor* after the following order: "Mr. A., allow inn to mike yon j acquainted with Mr. B.. he'* one of u*. a goo I man and true or. " lle'e a true Clay man " or. " lie'* of the right kind of etuff " all of which eeeurd to indieat* i that there were person* somewhere. who were d-em >d not the right kind of etuff or who were not good aon 1 and true ; in fact, it waa. at every turn, m tde appa- J rent that there existed a kind of compact, understood by thoae who were of tho brotherhoxl. i After spending an hour in conversation thn company adjourned to the large saloon up stair* This room w.t* not decorated, except by a (lag. with which the orcheetra wae draped, and another which waa displayed on the opposite side of the room Them were *<x tables set. from nearly the head to the foot of the room. At the upper end of the saloon was a table exten ling entirely across the hall: it waa elevated some feet above | the rest. At this table were seated the President. Nicholas Pean. Ksq . supported by Hon Mr Co ?per. of i rctmi-ylvaula. (L\ h Senator.) and Mr Cranston, of Khcdc Island, with about twenty of the prominent CUy men of New York. The Yice Provident* ' occupied the end* of the several tables ; there J were thirteen of them. When all bad boon properly arranged, the oompany entered the saloon. I the band (Podworlh's) phtyiug "Hail, Columbia." J The whole six hundred and fifty seats at the ta- . bice were filled and them were scon" who were glad to get admission without the security of a soat. The table* were laden with solid and delicate vi tu>l*. and i the deueert wnvt all that could be desired. Ample i justice wss done to the gissi cheer off-red and j the best of lleidsieek aided to give i,i?t to the bountiful provision. In frout of the Pre<id'<nt wss , I ilaccd an i xrellent toned piano, at which. Mr. Austin ] 'hillip* presided and from which as well as from the other niusicsl instruments, was discoursnd froiu lime to time sweet music In fact notliiug was wanting to make the diuuer or rather the supper, a* comfortable as possible. The large company see in-d to please each | na* I'V tb* sight of so manv others. Tl>* tveaias ecuitu*a**d wlib hilarity, and progressed salt be so. i Tb* President announced tb* Kev. tr. Peek, of the M-thodlst tl.ueh, wbe opeaed tb* <*r-io olo* by asking * blessing. i Aflrr which, tb* iliecuseion of th* sapper proceeded, till tl>? Plesident celled to order for lb* ftrst toes'., present* to reediagwbe b, bow*ser, hs nee I* th* following rt ms-v, ? Wsareegaiu ntet to celebrate th* hirth of Henry Clay, { (I, *d end treuteudi as sppleuee>-th# patriot, lb* stat**ms?, its tagi -?o honor, so fnr si I *m nwar*. never accorded, la i Ibid natry.te any ether living lad'vldual. H ,m tamely- I three years site e. In lb* interior of Virciata. and left la early life with onl fortune and without a patron?with lb* wide I m . -IS V. ? 1,_. 1 - nwu unaided effort* to nuki bin w?? ihrnngl) it; yet ifTai Indiyrat, fri*ndle-.n. orphan "hoy nan father to ilia ui ui" ?ki>M name u >w Sllr the eirillred world! Ai tlir it^o uf ahrut j ?ar? he Ufl the eeeaae of h.t childhood, and throw hibimpif tin t( tha cbiralruue plon-ore t.f Kant ark*. Tli? j wtrv not eloo to pornntre th? rritiua aud talent of Iba your* ?treoK?r, nor were th?r long ia furutaUiag bin aa appropriate field for tha dint 'ay ?f hia remarkable p iworn. la the yoar IAR only lweaty-l?e yearn old, It nan el.? a a a>til?r of lha Kentucky ln|uln.urt, end tb? lid neneion i f (bat l-rinlntotn enabled him make nuuh an itaatannioa nya the pablfe inlud, aa eleeri* to indicate bin futrra daatlay. Fr# that hiiir hia eercer U >arwl and ipward, aad upward tot aa traaa It. Aad ta Unnnalor. ltd, ufnrn lit ?aa thirty yearn nf tin. Id leak hia aaal ia tba Senate ?f tba I'aitad Alatoa aa tha ancenaa r far tha remainder id tba term nf tba Ilea. J .tin A <a<r. who , had rooiyr.nd. Ia tba no miner of I Af7. he wan arala returned i to Iba Lattialatara af Kantaakv, aad la Ida waa rhaaaa for Iba noaoad liana to tba Catted die tea Senate, ta Ml a tM'tnry ocraaloaod ky tba raatgnatlna of tba lf?n. Mr. Thraatoa, iwn yoara af wl.eee tana waa aaatpf rod Mr. Cloy, i prrfarriai a aaat la Iba Hoaaa of KnarnnnaftIraa. aad hia I oonatltueete a??r ready ta meat hia wlnboa. ba waa nlnotad ta thai bldf ia IH|. aud M tba drat MM in Nnnnlaf of that yar. waa eho*aa Speaker?a aitaaciua wbtob ba I emtiaeed ta Ml with oararpaaaed ability, tbr-aa'i tba i Iwolth, tblrtaoalb, f'?ert-eatli. kftoauth and nliiooatb { t'oBafwooer. Bp to tba VI of March, l-CI. la Iba mean. lima ha bad, with other dlatlaaninhed yenfleiuen. tiled t a mlnaioa to Baropa, and aa nan of tba plea I po tea tie- i riti of the I rlted Stttnn n*y >lirt'ed Iba Iroatr of liiMbl, aad i OB.tad altb Ranctaod Iba noaoad war of ladepna lonce In | l-i/'. ap< a tbo aecoaaloa of Mr. Adotaa ta lb- preni Jnaey, Mr. I i < lar ?t< e?llod by him to the IVpari moot of Hiaie, and i hera. aa la all pM'edlnff eltaaHoaa, bin pea-emi e-n> obllt .y i ard ttateemannhlp ?ommaado<i aairnreal ad>aira*dua. In I I-.11 ha era1 e rntartnod lu tba raited Slnt-n ? na'e. wan r-. j (h< em in HOC, aad raaiyaod bianaat aa iba Slit of Merrh. IMS. | Ihe which I ha\a allottad to myaolf. t,r%lnde* air rteinff i auytluaa ley,and ibia ehnmlofleiil let le of areata la tba i Mia of Bnary Clay; bat tkeaa rrnatn in harried apoa aa I i with a retidity no remarkable, aa to idtatify Mat with arary | I V adtaa in. ideal ta tbn l.intory f r n--r f more tl aa i t riy t eam litan a?w, ba ia txa.ii nl hie poat ia tit* Sonata | 1 Cliaa.Vr, at Waebiaytoa, with aa iatollorl nie|?a |e.|, aa ara i aad iuniod. aad a form olaatio. treat, aad commanding dodlootlnit to lha mrrlca af bia rvanlry?la tbir, tha trylaa barr I i of bti a- od?Ab.taa woaderfal na?r*lr? which tha prorldeana I I nf liod brat hartowrd, aad Mill woralfaliy aoatlaaaa ta blm. Atteh, Mlow < llleeaa, le In* maa ? bout we hntt anl l >l> >n< r i -a maa who, at tbir moment. h Ida a plreo In the iaatr I i ehtntl era < f mora brarta Una nor iadirl laol of ?ar Bonntry - ol o eoDcnntralaa > po a hltnwlf mora dlnlrtarertad etta< ta, mora true affecilon. aad m ,r? deantad aad rararontlal lovo, ' tl.en. an I Collar*, tuu a?nf falka to iba tot of mortal man. , Shall I aaatara to ladleal* la y -u that f'Btnr* of kin nhararfor, wblek a horn aad bay-m I all oihern haa l?*e moat to hritiC a aavloa ta tore at.J rnaarata klm?to thrill tba h -art* of k wbaia paepto oa tha atteraaew f lha mart* w Ma, " Maary < lay, of Koala,-ky ?It ia bit traanparoal frank o?na, hit kmoarainp Hdality, hia Iota of tralh aa aa aror-aadnr a< aad atnraai priaclple. tlta rlolaiioa of wblah upoa any aaaani< a, o* for any parpi na, woald da*aaa flora into, aad Ittti aa 1 tidel11 le ataln op a bin Mai. It wan tb a that prtmpted biettiaraaalmeua Bad Rtortona aa tba rat?" I would rather ba rl?hl tbaa ba I'roatdnat." Ilia ItTw bae iUaniralod i tbln aabla >rntlatent. He baaaat Iran Fmaiiiant,for tfoaebary , baa tbraw ltm?e dafaatad blm; tot ba baa dona mora- ha baa aaLlared immortality, aad bin aama a ill lira ta ho b<n?red aad rareroacod wbaa awuiy Fraeldoale al.%11 barn died. Hat, aautlimna, I rnant dataia yoa ao loa?er. Tbora ara thoaa bara to addraaa j?i tbia eaaaiug wboM worda will ba ramvtabnradi (tba aollaaanoa ia tba Aaaata af Mr. Clay, hia dally aaaoriotct, whohauw klm boat, aad apiaao-(aoatly iota awl honor hJtr moat.) To tkom I commit tba yratafal taty af portray|/B<I| acter ? i leh I am a t obto araa la afeatah. In? r irw* r.i + r i< mi wju? TP? tarlfik '.f April. ITT7, ?*d Ik# fw?tfik *f April. 1*Wt? T1 ? ##?? ##?* # ?r ?k? Itfa ln< l?d*d I ?l a??a thaw# dap#, ar* u >Ui4hI JutilMlin <4 Ikn c*a#>*a r*tl?n. aad > f II# ?*<t*ac#d ?nd ?*cti**?-*M* ftrnntlnn a Ilk wklrh w* at.w nMW uar pl*dfna * fr#nd?htp, #nd r#>-*t IS# with of ll*#l h m4 "ft I# ll??r; n?|. k>i(-"Ik? *?U| |Mi," mi hp Wa. a Mtrk#l. Tu? f?ll< wla* irt Ik* km nad Imi rtnn vf thl# M?| TM mill <I?T, "k, llmrp Clap, Tk# f?**h**i nt#ta'rtr* hrl*?#? " Ot<* Tim*" hiawlf ?kt.?# th/ k*a4 r l-la rtwa* Hi kaiiii winf#; 9m la nnr ha*rt#fr?#h Mwn* ajaia. A* f a>** Ik* dawn nf Map, Wtlk I'ajau" aail "rwrmmra,"* m Ta wrnatkr tkr nam# aft la*. <>k. flaarp i tap. Ik.* Itlkp natal tapi tfawa, ?-at#k?. With kmu nail*, Tf ''' Intra*# Ik# dap. a a - a * Di*pat#d <|*#*U#n*" la -a* kill Shoald pan# With .nl d*lap j Pr-p "aartp *trlf?" f*r #mir)'i p*i< ? A* all tk* pnupU *?; " * la lit# '*nn*#ilua?"* t? raf?r, M. Clap did nM for**! T.. pnl la jVallfaraia," . Ok M#nrp Clap7IMlbtkp aatal Up, ft#. Tkn Will I. ant wa*? Ika IVMial aad f t?* fTntddaat ?f Dm miwd MMm did#? I'l IJaal ? Mar* ft. W* *nnld pnl fall l>. "b*#r** Ik# markad 4lV#*>a?# nf tka mnaan* la aktak tlu* taaat wa* ***#l*#d aad ** that la which Ik# n*k*r an# tmatwj. I# mpoaaa la tba'oa# lb# wk'd# a*#*m? lap* ?*? *#nt in ih?ir p#*l ap nalkaalaata. Tk# *tk#r Ml Dal. aad #> ! atom ikaa tw#nt*-a** p#rw a* -4 tk# *1* knadr*d aad kfip pr???at. r aa aad drank it *iaa4taa. Itttm fr-ai dt#tln?nl*>#d n**nnnt wkn w*r? la*1>*d In I *k" *?<tild aal a!land, war# mad kp l)aal*i I limn* Ran. lanlndlttd lh<a* fr. tn (l*arral Ami! aad 0*a*ral Wnal. /mm nnn n,- wki#k w* *#l*#l tk* f*ll-wt*f ? tarrra rata naana** ptrrna. W>?tf*#r ?, M?rnk *) l*w T# n*nt?l 1 nam and nil ?rt I'ntamlll** Dap Vmilnal lairlatl'#, N*w Vnrk. OntWawa ?I k*?* tka pl*n**r# t# aakaawlnd** pnar fa**r td tka l*tk la#i . landing ma u atlnad a pahll* dlnanr. u kn int-a kp tk# Awlml t na lk? Ifth April. Ik# aaalmmarp t.f il># MrthUp ?f Mr. (lap. I art cr*atlp >.l lt?~l t* lk* k##n#"?tl '? fnr l? - la*itaitaa a kiadlj nitrn M t" ia*. I n! Ika aa-#.?ttp #f atp mailaaad pr?*#ar# at tk# **#t #f g*rrramtnl at ikl# Ham, will a#t p?ratlt a># l? a#n*al II, I r-mala, r*ail#wiaa. with hlgk wpnH, Vnor #k'l #*rnaal. R. TATMP?. wttph raoa m? www. wrnar hit. M'*aninar?w. ,>ik April, IAVI. I ha*a r??*lrrd p??r frUtdlp Irtirr. e?>mia?aJjailM|V?af imrp?#a u> i olakrai# atp Mvtlklap. narwrrlad ika link Inataal, < I p raMIc dlarrt. al JMMalk la Hi* ?lip "f Mrw Tark, aad Intltlap atp aitrntlaar*. ... ... I l**ru*' I# la<-ompai#?l In aapr?r* tli#d?plh nf tap #tM*atl#a, nr thnnitnnt if a; rralltad# far Ikla rra#w#d maai'raUllra ?f rnplMnar# #?d *l*a#tm#at, wkl-k ar# ? kimllt , ktMl'.wirltB# And I apprrt ial# it Ik# *##. I##t*? I | ad#mia#d It I# kr p?nr la-r-i<i#a "l# *#ir? tk# ?o#a?t#a k# ? pmt# * rr d#*?<l?a t# Ik# I'alm aad I . a?titn?l?a nl 'h#?# , atr* T> al t*ailai< #1 #k aid k# tk# mnw'iM ??? #at'nl hi ?rwrp Ain?i**n# k#r? w I am drl'gk'#d t# k#ll#*n I# lha faal la m*a*d I# tk# M'lmnn, nf all pnrti#a (a tk* #ltp of *# Ti rk. t>nll##. (*?t)?ia#p, wkl#k | ka** t# pnffnrw. la i tipat! t# t1 al Tal'.a, la Ut# i*?#i# ?f tka t;altrd Hi#-.*', will a#tal!?.w Am ?o nlnwat tap " If fr?.m atp cat at Ikl# IIP*, and I ,#.nn*t, tk#radn#a, an.apt pwar aMala? t*rtt?'U# Mat I Irg l#a** I# landr# IB pantatlraa andpnar twMl*lrtm| Paf-wtfk' and rnrdlal aaka#wlad?maaft f?r tk* ilaMtl feaanr latradc! Inlt raadtwd in f ir frt?ad aa<! nk#d!*at * t rant, CtkT. I! W YO IORNINO EDITION?SA1 l irrtt f'ltOM wixnat.o an-rrr. Mmw r >m% April S. WW. (I?iiI|mi?I!?I Iwn kri tlx hwuir te reeelre yur Via l >? citation to attend the dinner to to fir**, oa the 11th lattaat, I j M r ( la/ Feeiiral Aieocletion With every aentlmect. long entertained of prefaced ad miration. nwtl and gratitude fbr the llluetrioac pntriet rtatretran. llHit; Clay?foended oa hia groat pereoaaf worth and hla brilliant eerricae la the ranee or liberty throughout IU world aad otar atari ewe Daiaw? I be?, mm reepeofuiiy. to deellee the iarltaUan, eolely beoeuMt, at aa ndlrer of the army, I doetu it Improper to lie preeent at any ptiblle oatartalnmeat or meeting net perely aatleaal la lit oharaoter. With the highaet reapoet, 1 hare the homer '? remain, gentlemen, f??r moat obdien* aereaat. WIVPIILD SCOTT. Mr. 0. n. A ad re we eaac aa original (lee, whioh. like the ethrr, aaa rompueed for the oovamoa. Third toaet? Onr Peetiral?Recurring with emoh year"a renewal ef verdure ai. J ( loom, lone may it be to at the aprlaftlme of hope! While we lire, it eball be aaered to tho romiaemoratiea ef heroic faith and patriotic devotiea. (Drank with great applauee.) Heap?" Uere'a to yon. Ilarry Clay!" Thie hum waa aunp by nearly the whole oompaay, er. at lean, marly the whole company Joined In the ehorue. Fourth tenet, drank la allonoe, the whole eeaembly eland'rt>e Memory of Waehlagtoa.?Still alone la hie proataeee, and patherlag accumulated glory with each eaeeetdlag ape. Iliim: "Keet, Spirit, Reet." F'f'h T?MtTbc Constitution of the United States.?VYith in, iiv|uir. iu ti^or?with itiit lUtrk, itmi|th<niat, Daring iti culm ?vietenee half of the monarchies of lumps have bMa si.ottered. Having already survived whole generations ?( its enemies, it will outline the very memory of all propheoioa of Ps ruin. Musio: "Hail Columbia." Sixth Toast? Our Distinguished Guests.?Honored by thoir presence, we extend to the Ml th? right hand of Clay Fellowship, and giv* then, oaa and all. a New York welcome. Ulee: "Pride oi Coluailda'a heart." Mr. Cimipbb?Mr. President and fellow oltlaeaa. It waa with no in'ealtoa of making a speech, and without aayespeolatioa of being railed upon to do so, that I came here ihia eeoninc. I came here to unite with thoee whom I have not heretofore known, but with whom I hare long aytnpathiieJ and acted?to do honor to one deserrlng <e honor hy erery tills of gratitude for hie past eervlcea, and hy admiration rnr hit great talenta, nobly employed. (Applause.) I same here to. night, with thoee who are here aaeemhled, te do honor ta America'e greuteet Using atateaman. (Vehement oUeerma.) I had rather hare performed at part la alienee, if it had been the pleasure of thia assemblage. I can add no. thin*, by anr speech whinh I may maka, ta tka honoi or renown of tha aroat Senator, who ie alwaye ready when oocaeion demand* it, to aacrlllea ererrthin t oe the alter uf hie country, for hie oeontry'a (lory end prosperity. (Loud apnlnuee and waving uf handkerchief*.) Gentle, men, he would hare been heaorud, perhaps ana a* mart aa be rould ha hy aar effort of uilue, by tha as rem. blage which la gathered hara to-night, oompoaad a* it |i uf tha rlilt of thia groat commercial metropolla of thi I'aiun?by thoaa strain* of musio which ara produoodby the flag of the country, which ia waring orar thia ballwaring In your puldie street*?'waring from tha matt* of tht raaevla in this harbor, tie would hare been honored, I ear, by these, and better, perhaps, fur I am afraid that the theme Is so inspiring t but f shall not be able to do justice to It: and, Ihoreforv, I say, fail in doing him tha hoabr whleh I design to do. ( Applause.) Mr. Preaident, tha anotanta erected statues itod tuilt ten plea, lu order to perpetuate tha memory of tha Illustrious deed, who dseerred wefl of their eoua ry. It waa right and pr per that they should do aa. They were at nrc* encouraging tba living te emulate the esemple of those who were dead, and they were doing honor to tb.or owe heart* he manifesting their devotion te thnae who bed lired glorlonrlr and died rlorionely for their eoaatry. Ton have gone a step beyond the nucleate. You, while the subject is atill among ue?still performing aerrioea for hit songtry?atill acting history?y?e are here assembled te do him henur, not by building monameuu, but hy meeting tacethoi tnd expressing your derotiun to the man who ia laboring in nerpeti ute the great ark uf our p i Ileal eorenant?'.he en ion of these States. (Vociferous applause.) It ta right and proper thus te cheer the public eorrnnt whs ia nlwnyi n ndy io rai ritics everything for hie eoiia'ry. It Is well ta lell him that hie eerritae are apprcclat <d l.y nl I oast a n>rlioa uf h.le couatryuvn. It cannut hut Imra a benafictal taPtnenre nut only tn etwoureglnx him to do fearlessly what wt know be ?. i Id co fr, in the uotde and Impulses hi* isn keart, hut to encourage uthere to emulate hie example, in the p*rft rmsu<<e of their dutloe iu a pro(u-r maanrr. (Applause) It bas h?ee remarked by uae who preceded ma that Henry Clay is sot President, lie Is not. Hut to lot President would Ounfrr no additional ho bur en b in. (Trotti.i'douacu'.biirel of applaiia*. and ore** ( " Nr. no, oa!" from all part* of tharootn.) Th* rrealiiouey run Id n?t add on# atibll ar una Inch In th? political atalar* uf Henry flay. (fbewr* nod wnetn* of beiiiikerol.iefe.) A* a b.oat. r. rrpraaanlla* the Statu of Kentucky, ca the flcor of I be beaata, and stan'llaf ap aa Lalialf uf the ia-eraat* of the * hole ronutry. nothing una add to hH fame It might benefit tl.e rnuatry fur la be I'roeldent; l.nt It I ti l no n?w laeire la tbat glorious aaai than that hy whinh It Id alitady eurruun lod. (Appieae*.) lie haa Head a life-limn, end Lot an Idle lifr-tirae, bat aae of aaretaa. at ware laboring ta pi< OQule the honor, the latereet, and the glory of Me aoaatry: m.d frc ui the Srei moment uf hie appearance aa the threanImM of pabUe life aatil the are-oat. ha lift* exhibited the remit deeutioa to bit euualry a interr*:*, and haa reaped a aider ami a in' re glorious renown than any otber Aatariaaa eiatrenien, eaea lha hret and the greeteel of all. the fa.her uf hi* ronntry, who** aeme yoa haae honored her* this aeoaiap Hi rraneetie* with that of lleary Clay. (The enthusiasm with which thle wee reoaiced eai not he described ; It war viol. at heroad earthing we rear witnee?l ) lello w-cilii.m, y? u bare teea I. Id by ear raepactad elieirm m. la el,>.,ueut language, that It la >?e forty ynnre einue lleary Clay tirai e(.|W?i"d In tbaaoccwcila ef the nation, and I will repeal whet he remarked, thai, from tbnt time till the present, hit deantloa to ! Country, and lu bar hoaor end her latereeta, hae h^n constant and umeaaing. II.- bar uut obtained the glorWai ,?.i.ien wl.leh ha awee uriepm. tea* ta tba wooae* of litl totalr? men. by nay ad>?ni itluea oiroaiaetaaeea. Ma en ant the child *1 fcriaaa. He did aal etap. If I may a* etprwe* It, firm a keel t* the lofty poet I lea wbiah he a?e oars |>I**. He aee bora to auaa of tbooe adeaalltiuae b- aeflta wbl*h earn* time* pueh a man furteerd?b* wn* bora la poearty. aad It la by Ibef ret of ble ova gaaiae aluae tbat be altaiaad the poof Ilea vbirb ba now oaaaptaa. (Apples.*.) Mara yog tear teea, fellow-rltlaeaa, a majestic pine aa tb* eammlt of yoar mrattalan. springing a a, a* It warn, frwm tb* place where it grew without toll aaMeieat t* aaarleh Ic nod yet oeert'rplag all other* ta the (armending fbrwet f If y' a bar* eel mh a aoble law* ariee. ae It were by tba f'ree ad It* owa vitality ta that aaperrwtiatat atlitada, yoa beee aoea aa emblem ef tb* Irani elateemaa of Kealaeby. I Kapler ' > applaaaa.) Nat r-nly ba* I e great eaaiae, ui aaly le be pone aad ef swparrmincat tale a bat tbat gaala* and thorn talent* are net to nrooaet foe the ardent and anwneering nlfeatiea n hi h ia cat-named f-r him by bia aoaatry me* There t* lit re t ban the-e. There is that u> who a r* fereeea hae el rreay teeo mad*?that freakaaee. that elaeertty, thai eweliataeea, that elagl.aee* ef purpura te adeaaee the fair reel aad glory ef hi* aoaatry. Which hear aided la baimi ?o deeply .a the vary lamuti bear:* of hi* ewaatryman. It It f wnw h* baa a heart te feel for the whole ef maahtad, that he le the Idol of ail wb* knew him. either pereuaally ?r by rvpa'atl. a. Ae bar been j'teilf remarked, titer* teevr bee tee* a pallia m.ta la tbie eountry wb* a a* e.. anivereally eetaemed aad ardcatly bvloeai a* lleary Clay. (Apptaea* aad cheer. I There are el here whe ire admired fcr tl.wtr great tale ate? heir r-eplaadent genia*. riier* are etbvre re wh u particular Wallace ef the aoaatry ai* daeeied?s-f were* tba dUtlagaiehad aad I a me* led V.ealortf South Carolina, lately deeeae. I II* had attraaiad the repaid and effavtb-na of a eeetlaa ad the aanatry. Thar* ire nibere who, Uke htm, hae* attracted lb* ndbatio* of parIt. alar aeelUn.?etaetlaw of politiaal pnrttaa, for a teaaoa. I tit It I el,....a lu lleury I lay ta here heed >ia hlmealf the tReatluiienn I .teem uf all ..f hie eoutrym-n, vbakm.'V how to | predate met leleale.great enrelaaa, great 'Ueolleb to bia rcunity, graa* -lugl-aee* of purpose, great patrtetlam. aad a Bo eta. penal** pbilaatropby. ((.reel enplane*, for ta- lime) Sot auly tre thoae wb* fab.agte the earn* party that he ib re, attarl.ed ta htm In the n.aanar I hae* e .I'd, Bat tbeaa abuser .*4 to him politically fowl Ihem.eleee bvnnd la I MO I j tit Bltaahmabl which every man fi It rbi ~i ma? w it In a Ib* A1 I* of bia pereoaal laftaaac*. Rr*ry man, a* matter what may be hi* politi**, wb* aaeorlatca with Mr. Clay, hab I meam MmM toward* hill, aad beaad I* him ty irei.e ante ud eat earn aad regard whtal. h? fbela tawarde no oil > r nta. tin oa* ecenaka I eaw thle f eting which I* entertain d t. ward* Mr. < lay lllset rated in a mmi striking mean. r. I t-fat la that period ef oar hlatory I* wblab aliaHon he* !>*> a wed* by tba ebninaea <4 thle aeeemhlat*. wloa Mr. (>*y t?oh (car* of lb* hereto la l>03. V.we ell rrtneu.ber tb* gkrluw* span b whl'b b* mad* aa te. talc*. Il? tattred, a* ba balieeed, aad aa ble frt'ad# lalleee.1. f rottloa theatre id Mi gleey, tbtfbeata id the I aited Slai'*. and b* prono taead oa that a*, note a ?e ef tbe meet appropriate eaUdletoriee that waa ever deli tmd I t aay man oa ary work ec.adee. Aad whan be had roi Ivd.d, * he* tba t.oeee ef I . . iartua *ek<* wen auN ringing la tba at amber, a be* ha wa* abeal to retire, aa wa* lelieevd, f f *e*r, there v*. a rash from all aide* "f the bell to bfer him. te *** him. to ehah* hnait with him. U bid I'.m t.nd ep.d far tb* remainder of bia life Thla rr*b to rao, I* *|?ab ta bim. to ehake haada wttb blm, eu not r-egwed la tin.** wb* had aeied ertih him pellti. e'ty ft ).?tu Mo, not at all. Coteaol Haa twain ahooa heart there i* a great deal of good, and a maa wha, al11' egb ) e aad th* iwet hoatnabiaa ha- epliatored many a !**<* . aad alikeam it might h* ear* .ted taat he had been mad* .alien* by political a*|oritv?Col. Urate* earn* em .*? II t rat, and wa* aat eoataal with ehahiag head* witb him, b-.l aataally rleened h m. (oalbwmt ml epplaeea) aad eald. <1-4 tWea > (lay?dor (tag, wb** yoa are goa* we . mil n it lo. k ap-o y-ar like again." (Our reeiee* meet imngfaa? wa ren't demrtSe?tba eathwaiaett* *tpta?*e wBtab iu. aeded lha dadlreey *f 11.> ) Caibaa. tern* a* www* for* <?>! ?k? Wl'<? kurltllltr m-ra tha* half a oalut; II* Hnt*a'i UMatai > tha r? irtag ilai'-nu Ana. Vi I'ruOal a?J Wh* rilimt il tk* ? >! *-? - m' l*f? whind ?*? aallMlW la that ahan ,.r, 11 ? ??t? at 4r? / *. thrr* * * a NttiUtl * Mill u4 lt? lean rata-4 Im ittt; t;t u ?hr 4?r ?( tlal '' ?r In r. ?b*a th? *r~?l atatraaiaa t?..h hi" l?a??, a* h?ull??rl, ( Vutailna | Tkla l? a* lllmtrall#* W ?l.? |N ??r ahlrk Htbij ('la/ aarrt* ?.? all tha** *b* * ?* altl.ia Ik* *|k*r* i.f kia laHaraaa. B?-r/ aiaa akt ha* a * 11* *>.4 t? ml I.-art, la allaM W il M |(**i mar i p arranat rf hi* a. < rai wnrth, t? vhiak I ba?# iha* *?. allarj ratarrai. I* la ika ?*m# a?a. M* ram- l-aafc ?* lit kt pair. *a /?* ar? all v*U a?art, a* Ik# aamMtiaal | <m*I aaartoa I < a?r-a# Han/ef ik* klaMI a.rr p'ir? *1 raaa-r- ia hi*, aara/t k; rapalaliaa Maaf a# il . pi a%r* lltrnwl, Ipa ik* faa* thai ka haa far l*a l?*| a Km **?a I ***? I**4pt *f tka ?ht* arit, la Ivi.l *a hiai ?na liilamt aal aaaglrf a, I at Ik* fraahnaa* uf 1.1* akaaaawr, ami Ua ?.rdialU/ . f ki* f*?lia*?. aim* diaarmad ikaa. *a4 *#? *??*/ *>*a, t-*a tha liapalaW# hata-maro** r.?ia. **<J all aiaaaa* pf ma*. enaaraaaia *? *n?l l>?. I* taka i? a a aal ..f him la tka*a Pa,-a if lUagrr. Mrh I* th* ladaaaa* arhuk tkla ?ra*l ma* I *n ***rt?4 f .f a* I, kg a k*r-a4 at tlaaa, at J a.. **** >/ ?nf kla tnaTilr/. (Apt'laum.) Thla ?** th* I* ** **. taa, akli i. I* la aaia* lit* ra<la* *?' at faatiaa. ?a* paraaraa tk# fai l*. * |a*m aa h* Htm (Apalaaa* ar l i.-arlti), aaalaat all ** **!?*. (TraataaApn* arptaa*a>. Hat I **??, if I vara la l?* a at tha krat kUtw*/ at Ik I a illat rli*a kaa, and traa* I* i *? fr?a* Ita a>a*ta?a?ti la il.- pn?aiit Urn*. fr?at ?h? pmrtp* wk?* h-Ar*t aa**r?4 ** Ilia 11 aatr- 11 t-abh- ll'a ntiil Ik* preaeai, I aaal.j traa*/ /..a aaaril >a *;? !> I'aattiTal/, I !.*?? nil lh ajht t ,r a m tp-pt < a tk* n'jaal. I bat* aal *p|U*t?4 aaathla* fa* th ft aa'.in, at;4 ti.araf'r*. If I at <>*l?i alltmp', I **al4 4a la)( * !** la ll.a aaliart I thai I thrraf. r* Batata /aa hat a T*r/ It* iriaulca lunaar aa I thai I < *1/ r-f#r t# ? ** rraaa* ?<-* paart?t*4 a 11 k tb* klat< r? nf that lllaatrtaa* atataa >*". Ha laa *lra*4/ attain.-4. la pvlat af /aara, thai p-rl. 4 a i.i. I. I* aa**-a*a4 a* Ui* aatral f It : raa* lifa . hal, iaaaI ill* at I latrllartaall/, that* art/aara af a- fa ia* la a . r* h r h'aa rat ( tpfU-i a I' at atada tha a all* ..f tha h*ll4ia? itpn-Ma I Th* l.ra rf hta'a/l* a/a Ia aa anaaaaab*4 aa It a a* I* Ult, *! * ha aa- iF* bta.Ua ia Iha Moaaa at R.-pata*aiatitaa, .par|r<pa h, Ma naal/ a?4 /atrial!* at? .,> *am, aoaair/faaa ta ia thalr 4atla* a* aa'rUU ia il* - a'aat *M?k ?.? lima waatuR a;aiaat K-?laa4. tb* rala itl -i t- atr -i 11 - rb h? (iinm >t* aaataaaa I Taa a in raraljaai, kr htaatkaat, that at that IM>. *?ta? ta a.t at* ah h ata*ba4 iba U^taa.M ?t tk* *** **?, Ik* 1.1 ol*/ aaa 41. |..rtia4, aa.4 aat aal/ tk* tlmK bat ma af Imp I. rtUahi. a//aah?4?4 a lima.ran* trraiaatUa at tb* Lar. af'ar ih* aarr**4aa*f Hull at Batanlt, afiar tka 4#fa*t \ 4o wli'm T>?tt,0tn **4 ?/i4Br nlaliBfri knl li t l?4fhf4n? iHiffiurtU; tm ftljfM th* I Mkiaa, aa-nai-4 hiti4ltaanip4 nmiair/aaaa. a?*h* la iMf I tiria a hai .f /atrta lma arVak laaaipa* tka* altk Baa lip, aa4 Ikfanah ht* -atari* f'-atiaaa aa *** * !/ hkr-ai a.pal a a# / at i Pkr affaira Oar aaaai r/ia*? aal at* ?4*?4 h j. r?4 I / him, *.*! **4 rPMl**4 tk* Hp< lak aa-iraaa at tk* ,1 a ll.aaaaa a*4 at l.nn*/ . Iaaa, **4 af>*r?ar4a at Hri4||* *a|p?. rakNT tha lllaaiiaaaa < a/iala Tp*a?) >.. . ma - fp l a** l|. a ?ra4 b/a aaaiiamat tbiaaraalaa. (Ak|.i..t aa.) tt haa kr. < la/ taah hla aaat la t aafraaa at tka i. a aatttkarttf tka pi ?*al Maalaa, 4la*4a*tiaa *tlav*4 I* tat * |>?. i ih* artia.r/, ka4 Pa/aalalt/la tk* itaath. - I i * I. *?.'? r* r*arIpi pi iRK H rURDAT, APRIL 13. 18S0. ??r+ la a number of SUIn fa?or*M* to the holdtaff of a cvrTb&tioo la Naehrille, for th* purpoM of or^aiaiai Houthorn f?*ling# If not with ulterior deeirme ditngeroue to the Mrpttuitv of tho Union IU saw this. lie vu prepared to <Jo all that taloat and devoted patriotism oould do to ol w)k tho apirlt that waa abroad, thmauniiji

ruoh a diaaolor to tho country. lie Introduced la Jarttory, ao every ono recollecte, a aerie* of rveolu atone oa ion la tod U oootho tho ajlutod ?tato of publle feeling?a plan of adjuoiiuout of who oiiUvuiti?* ?riuoii exist- \ #d lo?wron different portions of tho country. Ifia resolutions FrN introduced by a apooch, which waa wor'hy uf tlx boat daya of <hn? groat atatooonan. Thorn waa all tlx powor of nil tho furoa of praclalon, whlrh waa hia w <nt to display whoa hia ymra wni# hawor than lixy now ora (xppUuao): and bafora that apoarh WW andod, a different aa l a honor talc of fraltug prvoailod. It did aot ault tho riowa of many torn of tlx Sonta or of tho Morth; but tho patriotic aontinitnta, on do nobly ogproaaod, hod tbolr ulTWi ? tlx miuda of Srnatora and Ropruoaatatlroa who had oongragatad to hoar hia. Iinmndlatoly, thooo who had I'Mun to doapair ahotit tho prooorralloa of Uio Union, took now couraga nnd begun to labor la ooneort with him to anae It; and it la not too muih to nay that it la aaood, and mainly through tho ioatrr.mou'ality of Ilonry Clay. (Horn our roadora inaat at tanipt to inxglno tha acaaa of wild and rapturoua outhuaiaaa??? cannot deacrlbo It.) Othora haro dona thotr part, l ilt to tlx yoniua, taloat aaa dovotod pntriotiam of Mr. Clay ia tho Initiation la Utia groat harmonloua moaauro duo. Ila It waa that garo ad impulix to that fooling of nttoohmaut to the I'rlon which ia ao deaoly aoatod in Amnrirao lxarta, and ia both oitroaiaa of tha Union. Ila taught thorn to know tba vain# of tha Union. U? Irought back thtir mnolioetiono to tba fact that thoy had bono choatud iy tlx of fanatlca?ho ahiwrd thorn too coneoqaoarra that would noooaaanly roault from a diaaotu. tinB of nnr glortoaa oempact; that wor aud atrifn would ha tho incoltallo conacouenoa at homo, aud that ilo.pair la tho lxarta of thoaa who ara looking on tha nrporliaoat, w'uioh la hara inada of tuan'a noinrxtnacT to gi.oaru himanlf, w< old I tha conaoquonoc throughout tlx whola world. Ila looca hia owa country ao doubt tlx hnat, aa arory Ainarioaa . dcoa, Int bo Iotoo llhorty, frocdoni. uulrornal froodma of la dy, of mind, whorooor it aaiata, or whoraaor ha hopoa It willaaiot. (Another oatburat of npplautn and oalha*ln?tn.) > Ilia flowa nr* not llutitod to hia own country. Tha Ixao.. u of litcrty which flrat blaaod In thia oouutry mora than half n century ago, had cauacd a Kama acruoa tha At| lantli', nnd liglitod np bcaiahtod luropo, and tharo I you ara tha intlaaiira which it haa oxartod. Man than r re rp from the thraldom of centuries to a Hto of the rights of lino anil jr. |f that Unlit w?r? saliugumhed hart, the Cf.nrequenoes would not lie confined or te fait at Louie alone. TIim/ would lie fait abroad everywhere throughout the world where tuaa le hoping for political reform, and altera l-oie lighting for It. It wat la order to pr-.-tr? the l oloo here for hie owa country uv.u- to preterrr it for the enl?e of liberty throughout the world, that he hat l?m Inhering through the proeent eenlon: and I hare no doubt hir lalorewill t>e crowned with sueo-ae. (Applause. loud and long oontinned.) 1 hare amid, llr I'raeideut, that other* hare pretested their plana, aud wise and aelutary plane perliape, too. The I'reeldant hue done eo, aud there are many adrantagee In the plan wliieh he liae proposed; hut if it had not 1 een for the effort* of Sir. 1 Ur no plan i ould le adopted; and although adieeolnlion of the l/nion might not take place, there w< uld hare boon aa alienation?the S.iuh would hare regarded the North aa uuemie*. and the North would hare regsidrd the South ae enatnice. Hut all uunlietiag intrreate and hareh f-oliura were eootlied hy the olovtuanee dieplared Ijr llr. Clay on the floor of the I'ulted States Minute. flue oil nl more, aud I hargdoae. Henry Clay i* ao? th>> Preeideal. I hare already eald It would do hiin nolioaor to be an. Slaader and ralumny hare been uaed to prerent liia elmv.ioa hen he a a* a candidate, and, for a nine, the effort* of Me enenilee may hare nrodueod their effect; hut there te no danger that llenr* Clay ran he permanently ur ultimately uffee'ed btr either calumny or clendf r. lie ha* already liyed down all alaadcr* that eary hue 1 rought ugainat him. Posterity will do hiu Justice, aud after I e te gone, eooie eon of the anil, when he writes tha history of Aniortia, will enrol on the scroll, in Using ehuracter*. fi e name, and fnme, and pntrlollaia, and siali?d rlrlnce of Iltrry Clay, i f Kentucky. Mr. Ctc tKH then aatdowa. Seventh toact:? Cat forala, I t ah, and New Mexico.?Ohm hy aentiua aeuultitiofi;?cue rvuliiing more than the fabled wealth ef (tphlr;?each entitled te ogr protection:?thg same haneflognt hand wht h extend* to the etrouger a r jutitution. a* ? Stale, i-anr.ot refuse to proeide for the weaker, goeernmeate aa Trrrituf ey. Sung? "The King of our Cnh-a. To this t< aet. Jambs IlK'Mtag responded, causing contrlaraII* dlaeatlefacitoB to th* company aeeout'ded at the long tulle. IB the left hand of the president. llurlng It* delivery, crie* war* raised of "ait down!" "He'* a traitor to the raur*!" aud other dike exttreaalen*. esiuciug aa in lien .ai'.i.m to hear tha speaker addrwae a Clay meeting. Order eft, hi wexer, finally restored, and Mr. B. ennclttded hi* remark*. Righth Tnast? The true men of tb* Nation?firm aa tha aeerlaatlng hill*; while others la -orm and darkneea hue* waeered and prosed fai< I le-a, they haee gtood hy their principles and the man of ' their rtiloe. " h'althfnl among the faithless." ftonr?"fl'e el all ne'rg se? hi* like again." (Loud and continued cne> re). To thl* Ur. Ctaxrru*, of Rhode lelaud, replied la a snert attinrh. Mn: h T"??t? Hear* flay la IW-Wt,?? ha >u forty-thra* yaara ago? In Ilia Aerate af tba I'nltod State. ?aa bold and energetic, a< rapnl la nf any e?r?t<-e to hla* aa ha war then?aa ?loi;utM tad timlaai la tha caoat ?) tha Conciliation ea.l of tra Cairn aa La a*ar waa. Ilia olf..rt# during tha reoea' oriali iiw al"i?a tha meed of praiao ua. Tha nation BO m takaa Mm from tha embrace nf par'*, an J will arar guard hie fatae aa ' haclery of the wb. le cenntry. Mr. Toaunaon rer|*iiJad to thla toaat, bat It had a re i red at a<i lata aa boar, that ehampeiga. and ounfuaioa began ta prevail, and Mr.T. wa? nw*aaaril* hrref. N aat foll?wi d a (Jrand Fau'.aeia. writtan for lh* oecnoi.'B, hlrh waa performed I * Rn'hard liuSmaa, Icq. It waa dndiaa'rd to tba "flay Aaeociatlon." Tta tenth rage tar tenet wa*? Tl.a beauty of John C. Calhaaa?Oaar tha grace of Calhoun tha North report tha dabt it iaaarrad wbaa tha Ho*lb I rendered ita gaaareea and haroia tribute# to tl.a aatioaal aar I rleee and berernal worth of OH UoiIm J 1 u g uar; I Adnata While the whole nation ana tha* unite In a e mmeh ?empathy. at tba Inaa of tha great maa af oithar aaatlva, tba tie* rt of the |lai?a laallll antr-ken an I aoitad. A gentleman la tba crrtar of tba room areM ta reaponJ to thla t. aat. bat he waa to far dlataat, aad titer# waa m aart anl.e, that It waa Impoaalhi* to each tha word? To* r* mark* wart racy ahert, and ware full*wad by "A Itaat." ?:ie*enth toaat? Itaalal If aha tar?W* rejaiaa that thla aaateaaaaa ha* placed hIn..elf, |a thla ha*r af peril, by tha atda of tha Hare or Aahland. In hahnlf af tba oeuatmtutioa aad of tba Cal m. (Thaaral Muair?'" If abater a Marak." Twelfth toaat ? America* Talnst, Indaatry and ItiaryrlH?Whether dlaplayed In redeeming tba aail. aaeigatlag the oaaaa. advancing nrianca, Improving The aria, or In eviabiUbiag r?pubU#*m mat.tntloae Maala?" Tan tea In.odlr." | Thlriaantb toaat ? Ti e Mother, and Paagbt. ra of America. Miaia?" Uare'a a Haaltb la a>l tiaad baaat." At 11.a eoaaiaeloB of tha ragalar locate, aa aadoaaaa waa made u> gat tijillatt tnMt at It waa lata, and tha aoatftrt aataied aat inclined la liataa ta ikaat. Ti e effect of tba win* mw Ui aae decidedly apparent. aad ar.a'rhet af letft wara haard ia all parta of tha room Una r twa ambition* geatlemeij tn-d to ntaha ? I an'aar ?p~ I at. f. r waal of aa aoAiaara. ware obliged to ait do wa. and ti e i oirpany taaaa la depart, by nana, twee, aad dotana. Tt ere waa aa aftarpieea te ihie fee'lval. It waa performed la tie I at rot m. whara am naarmhkd a nerfbct rrowd, earh J ?| In - hi* ratghhar te ga' a < Uaoea at the am* wtad wa 11, rough which the bata aad eeala mnat pne* before they r auta te Hair rightful otraar*. It waa a buag. arrry l?aa time. h. for# maay af tba all buadrad aad Pfty aoald gat their eataa aartnente, aad wiaaatlma all biadaof aatlaa war* performed, Vy ti e wlaefaH frian ta of tha great Kentucky atataaaiaa. " It. a t trowd wa" (.at off my toe?." "Tl rea rbeara for lleary t'lny. Hurrah' hurrah' hurrah I "Paaa oat fenr thirty might." "Nueibec alaly-aeeee, If yna j.leaae." "flat mm old eoaa'a my aaadiiato far aighteoa hundred and fifty.' wo." "U<od fog *on, old boy, any It again." "Stop, boyt, don't mako ant b a e??d raw. "Iter* it >a, eaya aa ladielJnal. palliag oat a $? He two laarar, maal.ed 'at# the agape af a dilaptuaiad aauaepaa. "Mo more -a that bead. Jo,' *ay? a atalw..rtli fellow, plantlac Ma Leary taal ea tba ancaef of n frtend'a tile. " Who', going heme f" " Wa wna't go home till worn lug" Aad anadry other elaeola eipre- inaa, w-re laoladed In Iho tfttrptace. la tire bar r>"on, whiab the reporter |-ft wttb hia I at and mat, and tearing behind a r-ta fall of hvtlcae wirhta, aailouely aad Inipa'.eaiiy awaiting their t-*n Tha air waa rendered rural for em' diatanoe ar tad If IVb 'a at aUat aae e at' ak, by tba etgora* a?la*a ef the heppy multitude. Tha flay Fee?1?nl af I'M waa dacidedly a great f I r 1.1- r. re r. " i ae tl aaka te t ba Committee af at rangem.atr, aad to Meaera iMtmit, Deaa. end Ftantln ? f?r tba manner ta wblab thnaa g-atbMWea previdad ?? their i . mfert aad coaveaience. City Intelligence. Aaotnib Lirrta to flavin W'ravraa- A letter ad itreeeed to the IIop Daniel Wrheteg. and highly e..?td'lhetilarr lo him for tha acnlltaeota rgpre..#.! In bid lata rpaerb aad for hla fnarlraa and abta defeaoa of the pcnatllatioa atid the union of the roantry In airrulatkin rreterday nw ahange and among !>ueln*ee men and wa und'r-tanrl It aery anon rrweiaed ot.r <ne llit it*an.l rWnaluraa Inrlmtiog a large nunilwr of our troel Inl'lCgrat and raaprctahle ritiacna. many of wh< in I t long ta tha great pn|?tleni part w It waa lalicacd that In a fcw daya tba document would hate attoeln d to it 'Baa lit t#*? ba *na?J name* haIt t g rg to tha ally and alrinily. It t a * ii er B*?tn Caowat-t-aui a Caiprc. H >t On Thurt'lay thla gentleman hrenth**! hla la*t lie waa a well kni wn mcrrhan' one nf the I ommiaaloaera 01' I I'mlgratbon and tha Pre-.ident nf Hi Daald'a * wlaty I a?l truing U?? ma? bora of tba analaty ti rtk of Itaw Yotk an.l Hrrx kljrn mrl at Pi llaiiii'i (loll "U *'?! k< r rtn < t. and naJ* arrani?m?uti f..r oltari ln?? Iki la naral Diith or fitni ai or tai Hi'i.i-Tk?ti?n??? bald yr.ti r My an in jU' ?l at Iba I'll/ ll"?^alal on Ika lody of Julia MUM og?<l *JT y?ar? a nollaa V lr?lan<l. a ho rtar la bar daalh by a fra< tiira of Iba rkall. tut aa In h< a Ike frnrtar* tan m*<l" iba jury ? ? unabla to arrartaio Th?- dirratrd ?M an Intamyrata w.m.?n aa la ruppoaad to hara ranaad Iba fraotura by o fall t ardiat aoaordingly Ti.i III ! ??? Km a R?naa*a.- Tk? m"IBbra of Iba Plata L?gi?Mltira hating aoa.-ptail tba Inrtoti >1 ?f I ha I'raa 'lent of ikr llii-M-n K.?>r Railroad fit a trip frrm Alt any. at Ika arpiralion of I ha I'ni 'lay* arrit rr?t? rday at 1 oVInrk la a rpaaial train |t ally 4a. I'lhiid nith Iba ri la It ?aa a aary trip l iar,?At qnartar to 1'J o'el *k <>n Thnr?4iy n aht. a Bra hr> ka til In tha h*a?mrat of ?t>ra Mo 47 "aa au at rat t aa a otik importing h >??a by Jam. lia ght k Pott Tha haaainatti am o?-'iip ?4 aa a wiaa and l'<jo> r raatt Tha Bra a>i lithtNbMltar and It a aa rain in. ly dflhutt to g? t at It . but oll.?ai.|y ha Bn a Irtmopba.l caar aiary iliBlrully Tba Bonn gr oar pr nnpiu.y by malar Pt ?ri?tot i Oirrvwatrata - ih- Mf of a .|> -.1 mui oa? libronrrit yotarday on Iba farm <4 Ma I tin* Jktml llo-h rtraat llarlrm abnaa ranrnaaar.U fr a Ilia a I.p. a rant a of lira Ualy it waa aaypnaad a m>ir?lar had Urn enainilM. Tha tVronar am raiM to boM an in<|o*<?i Marina AITolr?. I.-nam ? AUrg. .hn-f ataut 1 Juotona raglatar. built fir Mr Tncmaa ! Hlaai'.n. will ba la'?n<-b<?l at ball-part llo'ilnrt thir nj- ruing, fr.ia tha prduf bt'.irs tt.iiimlik Nmk'y f.?t of n. rmth atraat. f II. bha || tobaaall.'l tba fraari* I* Aug#. l.y l apt Ha U R< bo?u and >? Intan.Ud for ll.r Eurt paaa trad* Ptiii Anoiuaa Maootrarof Urn - Will ba laanrhid lt> m lha yard of Maaara Lonrmaa RHaad-a. f< >* rf ( brrry rtraat bad Rlrrr. at half-prat alarm a'clxk. I Ida day tha 'aani-hp horaa.itara Ah* la Int. ndad to* tha l-Mnd of l aba Maaara Uarrmo k Pnrdrn ara wall known among iha moat ruau?? f.ii i hip hnltdrra. aa aonatmating Iba Imat atria of aiaambr at* ai d rtaamahipa Aflar lha lannm rha will ba latltJrd aioua.1 to lha 4 <k I Iba rnlloa foundry, il.mrR Murphy.) to raaaira bar ptjiah- .l anJ planobi mar binary eaioalulad to prop -I bar ihrooga tba watrf "Ilka b thing nf 1Mb" * ERA MASS MEETING OF THE DEMOCRACY AT TAMXAlfT BAIL. The great democratic looting At T?miB?nj Hal! . U*t creulrg, held tiir the purpose of taking uaea.ur. te unite the hunker* end barnburner*. wet a Tor respectable affair. The large hall was pretty wel tilled, though not ho a* to be uncomfortable. At 1 nuarter before eight, the committee baring oonooet? all their unaugcincnU for offlccr*. resolution*. Ito ordered the doors of the groat room to be flung open boon after the leader* took the ro.trum, Mr. Kelly proponed Llaulni h. Tletnau for Chalrmaa which wae agreed to. Mr bpufford then nominated the usual number o Ylce i'realdeuU, and Mr. l'urdy, of the kourt ^uth. lh< usual number of Secretaries. Mr Tiui**n then stated briefly the object* of thi meeting, ria: to promote a uulou of the two fantlom ui mo kmiiocruwc party iu tuw mat*. Mr Mi irn. a Hot making a f?*w port incut remarks reud letter* from tho following persons:? j Levi H. Chat field. # C. 8. Ilciiton, John <J I'ruyu, Fred. FuU*4. After finishing th?* last letter some on* in the audience a*k?<l. how mail j more letter* hive tou gut to read?" Mr. Ming aatld. "ha w a* aware that it wai very tedious to tU?i public, but thut it was very ueeosturj that the*e letter* mIiouM Ik* r?*a*i. and coutiuued rending letters frotu Fred. Pallet aud Stephen A tioodwiu. Mora symptoms of uneasln*** "Plenty of tins, gentlemen, have putieuce " auid Mr Ming -read* a letter from II. Iiogebv?oin. 8 C. Howu*. and II. 0. Murphy. of llrooklyn. Hers it became pretty evident that Very few if aiQr of tbo spoukars invited would be prerent. (Sky larking by the boy* ill the buck part ol the room, while the reading continued hy Mr Ming on the rostrum) One more latter only," ni;? Mr Ming Letter read front John A. Rockwell. <1? utl* men you bare beard those letters read, what U your pleasure? Mild lite Chairman. That they te accepted." Pained unananintoubly ( * SUeppard." Sheppard.") i Mr hiiirraau raid, the comluitlc* were prepared to ri-ud the r*Holutlon*. Mr. Howards thou made a brief speech. alluding to ' the spirit of theee reaoitUioii* ;m being vary moderate 1 lie then read them a* follow* : ? W heroes, tin* dntnixraiiu* of the I>-^i*l attire. assembled in Joint oiooun, in the Senate chamber, Karon 27, lN?. upoa the proposition of the l>?wo< ratio State C. *iuitu>?, ud< pled unanimously the following preamble and ret duti< n**:? Where an, it is dee! rail# to ^rf?*t a fcinile ergsalrat&ea ol tie democrat it* party, und to call a State Convention f?u that purpose, and tor the * mination Stat* ticket to Iw supported at the nt-kt ?)* (>! Ion, aud to'Mern.ino how futun coiiTeniion* eh all he called; And Whcr*as, there ii among democrat* a diversity of opiniot a* to the proper mode of calling State Convention*, s?nnt h< Hinjr it to to the right and duty f a Legislative etucii p make ruck (ail, ant other* Holding u to V~ 1ht right IT duty of the l?ouj"? rati? State l' ?inruitt*^, at>p? iuti"T at th convention held at Syracuse, to make *?*cl? rail; And M ht-rtii, said M*ie i uiuiitfi * hare, with a view <>f per fee ting a Mingle organisation, signified t ? ne a wlllln*n*?t t mute with in in a call of a State Convculiou for vue purpow aforesaid; Therefore, Rem hid, That we will uni'e with the said Stat* corn mil tee. in mcommending to the de?ooiate of thi* Slat**, to hoi a State < oaveotioa, on the llih day of Sept?mber neat, at t* city of Syracuse, for the purport** aforesaid; aod to traniai such other hu*itteae a* may I* brought before the eonteotioi such con wtith u to be composed of oas delegate frota vac AeteniMy district. K*%olve?J, Thut the chairman of the meeting be authorlv to unit**, in behalf of the democratic aieraber* of the ture, with the < l?airman of said democratic State c imuilt* . in a call for a State convention, a* rroominend-d in the fop going resolution. And, whereas, th* democratic State oomaitt*#. and tl democratic m? ud':r* <*f the legislature. ae-' inbb- l in i ?i| caucus, embrace ti e authorities to call d* mo* rat is J**.a r ufci'ii m. rec> -!iiieeu he ever* aection of tha dam >er*t party. Tttnfm, !* it mulM, That wr cardielly r??|' n'l to t! calil it .earning* "t lb* d*m?er?tl? si?u uoianntle* *nd lol leyxUtlve r?u*u?, and tu tlx cptilt uf liarutoiiy wb.ob l-.i and aliarartarlia lh*u>; and, that w* will rati!/ their wti a nil unit# with lb* d*mocr*?y of lb* atai* ia ? tl.cir recotuBKOdaiien*. A!?* r**ulted, That tlx union <>f tlx democratic party <! nxnd" I I r ll < hldxat cuatidnrktluoa. 1'p- a I of tlx! party depend tlx main Unarm* and acaartluB of t right* *1 tlx laboring *l*a**a; tlx | wvagr of Ju?t aiid cue law*, a atrial and raluiary *<>ix rurt k n >.f tlx maaUti ti x. and a dnluaiua of IP* prtacipl#*uf deuioorati* lilxrly tha nation* of tlx aartli. la r.iui>*vf ion witii all tlila, ? would declare thu our two dirlalona h?r* thrown powi Into It.* Iiaud. of rrt'kle**, unpr'uilpled, and laooiupatet a rn. who bar* |.**a ileal to th? wic'.ec of tha |-e.,pl. tha ia Irriaiauf our hlato, and tbo obligation* of oth. ial aiatb-i In oar ji. laru* a I no govJ *nd nan Ix promoted l>y roattnuia thla Condit' X of our affair*. It r.yarj tba triumph uf lb deaactratk party aa a |.i***.ag, aud an ropudiara all polltl ral oanectida with th<.** who aonal I*r It a rurua. frar part, orgautrawm ha* Iowa a* ark of <af*tr for tho country, ii tha iarbrM tliaaai and our baada aball b* lilt ad fur l'-a da frarr. and aot for lla <kratru(lloa. tl e r#< ..>;ui** an oorrwp Ixryain* for an.lla or honor*. W* ?urr"nd?r ao time-boner*drim rrntlr principle* H? proxrtl* at man wba ataad* upoa tba old platform nf tk* party, .lad wc tapudlat* all aaa I rata of faAuwahia. Ifa tapna Nil MtldanM a tha wiadom fi.rlaaraa *, and devotion to d*moaratl* principle* ?f the do a>erati* elector* of lb* -dint* Wr <ia> truly inul tkai tin delega'ea to tb? art! rtrtn irt I ..iiraati -a will fa to that body, tUratid aboro all perw>u*l and facti.-ual prnjadloe*. and with rna ?ole|y dirartod t? tba auroaa* *f tba groat aao gloriona pr>aeipl*u tlx* profa.a A lav maul*a.f. That tha laorrw* of tbr foai*d d*4>t *f on Plait, ia open <ii*re**td of I'.a reetrialioa of Uxivn*l.tutl x. ika re ira-ayar.. * whlrb ha* doplotr-d iba Traaaury, a* that not a dollar rrtna.nakr k* appropriated for any a- w object, (howarar imporlaat aad d?-*r?,ng of Suit maaldaaae* I klx yaaaral looaaaaaa aad laproaldaac* which baa <-bara*t?fltod tba lagirlaiioa an! adauuint rat ? of affair* dating tlx la?-f.wr.ara, aad par I en tarty, tlx raooal actloa *f tlx Cava! t oaiOiiaatonrr*. la adopting a plaa ..f aajwaUiiar* upon tlx lateral tannic, whkb la ia direct violation t-f law, nnd Ui'.l, If rarrxt xt, dttart tlx aatottadlag aum of Iwt allUobe of d'>Uat* frcu Iba aalargaiar ot of tl.o brlu carnal; Udmoalab aa that tba cafagnarda of tha t'uaatituUoa pruoaat a* ilttMtt barrier* la tlx tedua waarao f tba whig party; and, that the bnat Inter-la of tlx Stat* ar* at ri*k pklh th*p reanaia ia power. Aad It i* aleo roaolee.1 That wa trw tin Arm anpp rw? if tba rtfklr of lb* actor*I Mat** i.f tbx I'ttm; aad of a atrial t, I "tr> ri I a f I. . N*:l o?l l n-iiut, ? T >.ai laatrnniaak la a ?tt?l land fro* foeaiaini at, whiak ll I* ear k?r-?l duty to p.aiaiala an, haayad, la the pint of In* democrat!* failure ?f tlx npul.llr Tlx coaatltutl. ant rlghli of . oak hlat* and af all iba uaopi* are Vgualtp dear t* aa - anally worthy of pram real Un a*.I e.| ? iy ?lxll t'.ey r aid ilittMtH and by limy may Ix aaaalled W* at* proud to b* regarded aa xembara d tha Matloaal lleatarraey; and w* will ualtbvr voualat-aa** nor t?Urni* ant aaotl-ixl dltleioa. Ale reaolrad, Tba', a* 'be fret fr?l'- of a feaaloa war* tlx alaatioa, Iwt fall. *f lialf li.e d'xt* t,ffl-er?. and Ixlf a# tba two I rai. -bra of lb* le girl*' ar?, w< rtghtly -niietpat* aa a Mature raaull of raualon, a whale and p- *lct?r/ at the art I election. ana that al.all ?*> at erwkaltniay And. la aaaaartloa with It, w? kail wub joy ti * <c< <rd 11 inga that daily noma ta aa: aueb aa tha glufkiU* aa a* fr*m I oan-etlaal, aud tl * yreut aunaaaa ,a city aud i-w? t leeti. o* enhiaaur >>wu paatrft l .State They #ar>. iraga >? to aadlild-d aad Heal taartkxi, ae tlxl w? a\*y pbo a ' m rity f i w T rk.oaau atere. auioaa lb# atreaybol.t* of democracy. 1 lie tt'.iinliotia w i re unan1 mon -y plo-l < ri. a nf "i<beppar I " Alttppar I " from ail p ?rU of tbr rtaw Mr. fiitttiiD ram* f.irward tut thu rrxlrum untl >ni?l ? 1 bo k mxrati, party nf thla a'.uta and id thu t alon bat a paaanl thrt ugh a long and porilntta night 1 her* war arrtoaa danger that the liart amid f.-uutk r All Uytathkb rould he eaturtalnud fx mfutp .k p< nd. i| upon tha /ui tna >>f thu tk> Mocrntlu party, and itr blraaltigu w-.uM be I xl to ur tu 1 tn mankind I trn?t to (ltn| that tlx Uawu of day I* hruaktng. And thu d< tuorrutiu part* la lu whly We hare drunk del I ly fh in the rup of dlrlitllon; Wo bur- felt II to ?ar rlldb I he a h> I' "t ha* le an pol e.oed with It. Mat the danger ha? pnm. d by, we are ru*lu<ni. W? are our ctluug. In uo part of tlx Autu rtmpl lliic city. I* thcNMf f* uf ; i n. iMcpt mil i Ii* mr of d'm'cruey fur yrtr< uid year* TU but u ft w 'lay* ago cluer I war at Albany I met there men i f l ? r? tliade of poliliou and nf view* men wk'l Hoi drawn up In Aithitr lltnar It til* rtx*.|itth n* men wbo hnd d?rlaird War to tba knife, and who h%4 !* Irinxtd nrvrr to Ixtr tbr bntlla R I I while oppte nenla remnlnad nkoii It |fut now ovary una even tba go tit |? me n wb<> mill the two rival paper* ere irv&K n <n iMtwiimn nt i#? iifii'irmn Ml ' y ii 11, la hi a'a T' ar* * ! < * ii M. ? araaly, la J.aaaal Ia- m It ll.nliKm ..*# ar* ' I'm n iha if t W-w till W ? ??? ywar anl* ia lb# !/ t h-w V -ah. Mil. If ? M'l aat ll,*? r? aat ll?n( r ?<i lifrj l!? Alal* Mil fall without it," I Iktak I ant -a* M taaak. ?V? I >r*??u"f -a ??r iiwt, 1U1 ak?* fall ik i?H rrlfn. Ik*' all <ia?r?li la Inl* ally. wbaa ih*y lb* far rial I .a* f ll.? aalio4 la lr**l ant ia* l**t -park of 4r?"<t?' >, null **i'<n--*T?a llmr >b ara m* 4a I aula f..r luM |?mi? la wht*a lit y > llalr aw* aaatlv-a. Why, f?l!?w ri man, ah- ?M Mara a .1 In anl- a ? Why a?t ia II la Hiy * A an **?? la ? ?" W ? lata aa aatk. lily la t ilt a aai->a. ' kay? I- " fh r| if, I* tha warfar* than ia bi aim anl I" " *.. aa," I I tn'l MNa ?k at. kal I aiu loll ami thinn n a? 1*0*1 all rt?bl, aa* anal a; iliai aa * mil mj toll ?r i thaw I II aym-t * aak a " l*ll..w att.mna, Ut m? tai lift It to aa aal of y l.'a a rta ibaa la?anny. In liifrtnn.*m f. r aay aiaa Uat blaiaalf ay tyutiM tlx w.*h?* If a at; rlly af kla par;*. ft* aatkorliy la tnak* a ualoa I la ll a It IT' rati* party iti a koyntaaal* 4*tr*4a4 Ikal II tafirat Ira# liaalfr Nt autli riiy in waka a aaiokf Tba rial, *ai to party kat a aaaa larUr Uyt ibaalkto*. aiy.l 1 a, 1 ik* raaray ai4 Wwlllf to MMmm IiwH hi, atitor1iy l a al a a no to# 1 An wa than M l.a?a a tar.f ->aa* nan I fi* Plo-a aaf Ma aaaltt r?iy l? a*l*i rai-a ' Ira a* liar It Ml fait uain la a Bail- rial I nak f a nnp,tufl< a?l a nab a f Ara a a Ha* i? I, t* a a.air.'titi a f iht r-Malan4af ft -aathnrtt* m atak* a anl-a f It* aa itoa > 1 4 al T*iaa, I||i .1.1 ,ia, 11 i Itrrl 1 ia'rr4 i#f r I r t fto ay. a ?a?h a 4 - a.r *. It* *> * fr at Ika Hp it aia ale taitr wuuto hat* at |.iafit?4 In ii la Ikatr tan tarn*. W ? ll*aat a r*!l< al p*ri"4 ia tha klaiart .f ilm i.?atry a** of lariy. W'.ai I.. ? a a foal I* 4u r Tlx 4a? rraiir | tr'y 1 at* attr la tiaa lb* iaiaroala f lit taaaan* al I la yt. alt Tin pla', rat *f Iha tovara-it party U -a* |aa ?I.H b all ai* f? a I i- a'ar-l. am , . t<f?#?nl fiaiiar# , at fa m Tammany 11*11. W# h??a kal nan r?Mif aatiaa toft far n a i? y?raaa. Ika* tola at,*.* a, II ? nbr la 4,.l aa*, n?r party. Tla i#a?ti.?a l?f -rn u* a. a In- ?hall an Ptromi* far *'? "fr. ?t for fafaat ' la Ik* Ian lay* af Ik* raavlatl'-a, "ll fa a Maaalny art nana.' Tha *i*a ak? 4*a'l an la awpp. at ki party, i n in .lakHai It ?f*> yrn Iam a* kafr-aay ?r'ia4. A at .aa ikia tm aaw b-4**o ?*. I *aa?*aa Ikal aaary riyki tkl?.|*4 man will not tha aa*?a-lij(.f aiafeinf aaaay rowoaaotva f?r a ar.lna. inl priaalyla. w I y aaa ant tka nt m raioc pari/ anlMri f Vo. *** il?aw aaa bt aa aafr* ty-a print ipla au 1. yray, why nail II fan to Ika **r?w# a batwat a Ika aaadnaa *f ika pari* ' I -yak 'raaly. Ul * -a* wha* HtMaall. Taa knot kai 1* 4. to> raila k?al*r Onataauua an aaa '.**4. aa* a la (iatollaa nariii to ll.a afhar. R ih.ia. ii.t aaanim aa?i Ikal Ikara -kall ba. an* la, a aalaa Thaaa to *t.? a aaaal? a riiy. a lawa. m *illa?a la Ika W*a>? <aa**yi karn) that kat pn|* alrajr* Ik I* aatiaa. Tt,., ka.a *l|.i awt'-a'.aa ta tan at kyraiaaa, iha 1Mb ,f kaytafniar n-t' Mnw wt Mia.w ' *? panaa?afikar b. a l #i tkt '? ny?*lkka It. I nonaat kfklaal byni'ailay It. Tkayt taay kt aaailafrta la Ikto *|iy aka w .li aattorfak* In^a |?. f 4*, 1. I.*4 la ikpaga tkair anil*** |f th., t. ayafaia ff * ,k* k*flf ?bara 4n tb-y I ana* ta ?Vf fl ? "' "PT"a?4 la ika byraaaa* l. waawllaa, aaa akay atari 4ola?aiM Ikara f R?, ran air, ly, I hay at. 14 aal lak V. t??1 ialafav* |n a knatiu Mtr*Va fVr*, \ LD. TWO CENTS. r tfco?. *r? III. 7 t? (P'f la tb* Statu. ?h?ra m trt Ilia* orcaairatlaaa an4 .t?oo< ratt-. Whlnh af Ikaaa flaa form. will Ui?7 oaoui, r A ~par*t* araaalaattaa eaa k? ?rw4ii< tl?? uf a* g.M?d. Hat, fallow-. uuauK, ium daa't aaaafljt rt rwaaoaa. ao4 >aob r~a?. n, u will anil tbalr tat ? i....|?t..wa, 1**7 aay. at will with thi> aatloaai 111 'racy. Ikaaaaol to |.?rn wl.ara la tha diSaraaoa lalwaaa ti " uational d "moo racy And tho demorracy <>f this StAto. [. (Mr H.ejpard hero read lit last resolution] IhlTfMt M i>t? national resolution* la my Hum. tut areer stronger * than iiii??oetor more emphatic. Yellow-clitswns, in want I T.ti w 4'! *bey **roe the notional democracy F They rmn. ' W will tirst defeat the d<?moora? y < f our own iisu, mm II thro support the national democracy !" H< range mode tht*. If we want to unite in support of too national lexuoeraoy,, jot u* do .t ev*rywher?, fr oi klmuo to Texas. fr m the At4 l'?*ifle. l*t us nil unit* and carry the 9 lata this fall, and then In lftAJ we will to some account?wo will bnro w .Ifht?our \ anu-r will n<>t trail aUni in the dust 1a the Iialt;uiore cone-nth ? we can feel ihnt wo spank tho roion of a 4tai*? that when the hour of haulo rouses will not ho found wanting. She will do hsr i>ari-?be eaa speak with |x w??r?for ."ho will not cast her thirty-* is v >te* against than * party, in fator of the p?rty at tho opposite side. 1 doa*k supp- so that any tuuu au??nx no Is lookiuy irwsr I to tho nam f who ehail he nominated with selfish iu tires. I don't think. r for no instant such an idea actuates any man. So wo slant! i to New York. I will present another oo aside rati on. Whoa I wa.? a tor, one of tho nrsi le?aoii? taught tue in this old pi In wa* that lDo majority ought to govern?thai when the wholn I party were for n measure, uo individual should stand out against it. flow is it u'.wf Is (hero not a majority for I union In this Stater Yes; fft'P.UUO of the demooraow in tho .State no for union. In New York aUoe m is there unv fe*iloir against it. The i? inreitts* addressed ? letters to tno first citizen* of the State. Vf hat is the result f You hav? board their au ?w?r* road. They are all uirtuimeui in fa* or of tho union, and ncue of the in expr???s a doubt in togaid to carrying the Mate next fall. I know some gentlemen who have addressed letters to tho same oitireii*. asking fl eir op.nioos about a union. If they got different answors. 1 I hope ihey will lot us know. l>o not let uo bo down-hearted. I There is no nuw fur despondence. Let us look at the national administration?at the I'rosident?At hie cabinet, and e-k if thir arc fl* rt>preeentAtioe* of y.>ur sentiment* ?r feelings, f ?>u answer no! e e e a a 1 feel, follow-dtisens, no doubt?no lingering doubt, thak there will l?e but oin result, when the deiuocratiu part/ determine that au election sliall bo carried. Wo shall hare a c turn to ticket wliick no uian can vou ami not. A comma* ti ki t rvi-Mlarlr uominat* d. which musi he electc l. T?.e fern mho vet.? apainet it, however good their motive*, will he dw?tro>cd by the rvmiio torn* or judgment. Follow-oitieeaa. 1?m k at flrooklyn, a whig oily 4l liM <"? deiowcratle. wl(1 vtgh my friend voud* r cf thr etat**d?not true. I*e?tc at Buffalo?federal liuiYslo. A* e*?on a- t'iu un.?n anui( the democrat y Look place, the whi-e w- ro pu ?ha-l fr ?rw pvw*-r Look at All any, where they always counted their whig majority by hundred??yea, I may ear bv thnnsutide? -"Tee therm < ur i arty cnui* within seven rot* * or eUo ilb* a dew >oratim Mayo r: m?d if Albany cam* within msvmu votes, Buffalo give* over 4<?> democrati?t Majority, and Brooklyn a majority, wl.ut 'an hinder us. next fall, fr 'in carrying ike S ate b/ Otf.UJO ??aud geotiunea in N?w Y-?rk may work against u< am UiUih as they pl?a*?; f.?r every vote they loee us. or neutralise, in thie city. we will gain fiM In other parte of the dtata. to?wtllthe tide of democratic victory. Tl?? demo, raoy .? f hie l.all nevor foar from the perils ? f defeat. They are never down-l.vartod in a dark night? they mark ??u. their rood, nu'l travd it sal'*-. We will not have t??ni and plaudits re np to heaven nest fall, from oth**re. we will not nay we kadi no part in the victory. Hf will have no more disunion sad dUath't ion. I know It. I the setting win, on the evening of the day of the ue*t fall election, kinking ta triumph. ' 1 l c nowe will dy throughout the land; not .uly will it tell, but alto that a victory fte wua and a country saved. (Ira> nteme checrinp ) , Mr. V ai.t> a t lr? e?wd the meeting. Mo said he re-retted km siu t.ot \it a situation t?i .and before th~in. My friend Mr. I MhapalviU reeullx i that I t dd l.iui 1 wae unfit to apeak. v uot l av 1 it/ had any ah tp for several nights. and that I hoped o I eh uId r? ll? v?- 1 fr- m tuaking any remark* to night. If it I 1 ad h*ft the room when my miii^ dm a led to m- to a ? #0, ti e would have \v u the hrst d*?orti?>n of which 1 waa ever guilty from try friends, party or country. You have met ta talk about a uaiou in this state*. 1 .11 h.vppy t ? e- ? i>\ay 0 prevent wiih their UtrU deeirone to he uuli?d in enck a M glorious ? auie. I w*? pr> Mint w!i*n the caneu# waa held at Alt any, aud J aein you there wa? eel a Voire heard axainsa tie union. When the democratic Party ui.i te, they must 411 wave succeed. Mr. Yar 1 then the rec?ul s lectio**, wad ie aeked if New Y? rk would 1* divided? No. Mr. 1 erd tkoa jt alluded to the bill fur the relief of ih? \*w \ ?.rk V luntcers, u; *vpr*v?*-c bis regrut at it, and, afl *r iu.1'?n^ ti d?ia??r*ojr )li t?? v.n . n ami harm'ny, r? .1 W err hn>g',d t>* oundemem Mr I ard's remarks for want of space. C. ^rAMtik b* n leadly rci e 1 f< r, came f >rward, aad, i? k. h-.s 1 u ? u Ucii. anu w <ttt lu.iiiHri. at. a v ry 1 t?mi 1 va l|*reli. lie ?aid he aaati't lick, though, af r the inaeaer ef 3. e ire wf bis friends, he eight ta try to be ?trk. i? ry thing in fa* or of union can>?ean< '. has **?eo said. Ws ka?wv te * y experieaee, that the d. tn> rate have the |> w<t aed %ha ll Wx?sjv rt*y: vr? know what th?y have lost by divisions. W% h:>v* l e?n defeated. t l.wu-? "ur "rpn??-nt? vr-rs i.rsl|. i? Like old I e.i.e, wl er. *f.e g?. reduced, she cou-fuer* d by eevein yt dtviaiun among the taeuij. **> do the whig*. T m ds-.w'sbc cr? if larly rraily dlfl red. There was u s tain ahuul il la m lrd>. t' .y didn't leave bod ^ud l-uard I eeoMi taguilw-r a/a u just owfotts niaetiou ' uetrainod them to d? eo l?y " the ,n e la ?ve love of plunder." No. they differed ? vital l | ft not plea. N w tha all was pavac.l py, there was no reawHi why tf ey Biiouidn'1 oonve t? net her again, and have a aieer la huasy in ea than ihny ever had l^forv. The * omidera i?wa l94 in let or of union clus ar so fast about aue, that tbey nrv p he pieeeive. Mr. inekr of fjuneral Tavlor'e rabinf . thai Ikey were like < erlyi* ? ghos's of the i ranch rewelutlea. Mr. Miwffcr male a v?ry efswtive epae-h. w' isk we have at. a 10 re ru to a?tc in full Af *r ha ad flaish*^. Mr. Kyad-m ,0 leing loudly >*11-4 f r fr ?a ail parte of ther<* .:e. re?v aed vr eta 1 that h# fri: mi usly ia: ?| .*ed. lie iu4 be was 11 vrr/ a|r|i tas.d with ll.*- r- ion in refer* e t?- P' \m tss'ifug the rivhta of a I ta e . and would ear ruera a. Tki n ot'ng now v.tju red TI ri wsi n ? dlessneiua. all 4 wae harmonious, anu the WaawTney seseseJ u tks?|k ikrf 0 1 were very auuefc in earuset. f I Theelrlral ku?l Mualenl. J Bowcav Thkati* The yfervtawwe - Msei" m%M 1 1 egaio pari tui Iu< ?l last ovwnlujr. with hr.Uiaut merest, I J b? for** a difist ly eroeded kcuss ll ti ? -fee tUw , I iaiu.eiHPW Dopwlarity^ ll Dlghfl v m> ets vrith, au.) Uae v litexlteur 1 powa.-e of aitra<*ttMU Ah. tt.r p?*wwi ; Lae tared/ hewn seen in any theatre Tit# * Little ' t>?vll." which f??U?)weJ waa hl?hly urausing Thi? ( evitiiug the opLOrtuuLy 1- a/alu ctlHrcd d es<Mig ' this uiirivnllid liama with lU uit* 4U.i1I?h1 ^ceuor/, I pit y?d by a uaatrlilowe fo.nipery , Buoalwbv Thiatii. Mr c; dlltae wae again l?H evening, mrc ted w th a wall attended botaaw. The ep. 1 I te rtelnin* r.:e contu< or* d with the N'ervaee Man.*9 ki?dhan* ike rvan of nerve l?y Mr. (?uUim. waa an rt> I asllent pUte of acting and th * aoog of Ike Apng wf | .^hilhla/h ' was rereivi-d with fsurwrd appianee Thw 1 three of the ** Irish P<mt" waa very laughsUe. aad Ike I popular *ong*4" Widow Marhrw met with Ihuadsiu af nppiaasa To nighty Mr ( oliini appoart la tea cnmi' IIIU Html |>|rttlli| <'iD(l | B- i to? i Tnutu.-Tv? of the moat far acne ana^ dire ?Ti f porfin med oa any *lage were pr< iiM lart ttblif, to Ike fr>iia>'Rt*ra of tbl* larcavfW raeurt af atuuat at - wa ailnde to tba gartoue family" ami " Loup Vrur " which Ljr tba way. vara prareatad far tba ail lima i. g*ih. r All tba piay-goera of Mam Yolk kn-.w bow perfectly tkaaa pl*e?a ara ra idarad by Utah Htrliii and Brougham hut Mra lluwll daerrvae limn-Utau a common notlea. Tliatlolj In hv uaourr In bar drtaana an-1 In bar uellug, to Itdul Irr. pn nrhaldr an l wa r?nture not out a lio In aay(t k that *ba la Iba bright**! </rnaiaanl of Hurtoa'e tb< atra It U utolaaa ! > add I but lit* bouae waa oraei ri.wdrd in er*ry drpurlineiit To-night llm "Narlnaa f-mlly" w.U b? p*rfo(o>*d for ibo Toat tima at Ikb thialrc ?'h*-p a- 'a *?Tia??i Txa-rac la-t araning Mr. i In n r look bla f*r*?rrU lancftt and It wa* an ovarii wn,g l.innp. r .<* -r?- n in tba Trkli "f Ik* Mnh hat " would hana aatlUd rrery dnuht If d>ubi thorn Lad Ia n Iknl he i.tanda alrea-ly at tba U--ad uf aomla acltra Ha only uant* ? .--d plreee to draw not bla . peculiar tatenia. ?b.< K ara of iha blihol ortar ? Ibirv la n'> a< ting lu bla arlliu; It U all ualnral ami eai j -1h? Pr da of Iba Mark I" b an a | ?4 wblcb h* aatdum hat to proa* bla rara ability. A?roa Pi t< a Ti.b*i ?t la Ibl* beautiful and unique 1 It tnpla of The-pie la nightly pr--dur<d th* I -;ltln da drama ly a tamrfW and talented a<>mpttiy hta> nlabt tba frvk.d'' waa mrf-navd. la b'rb Mlaa b M Dur*t Mr Ulan Mr H tea ami bar latmbt r* of lb* *nrp? ?d th*m**lroa with gi-alt ?/ TkUrntlni Mr Xeade. wh'-ha* jo*t d a "h a *urceaafui narM-mrat at another tor nt?k?* hi* app? araor* h*ra lu tba Kriaw. la Phak'pe* are - ll< nry IT an-l Mr Hw* perform* Ibo rbarartrr of fnl tuff. In which be i? inimitable ami not he ha 'urpaoa* I . Co Mai v ? Oraai Hat Thte famou* bund *tUI tin ma lie onward mar- li to Iba ntadol of tba affnw l one of our fltlrnaa Kr?r? ma-it th* pi -m I* ?r iwdid and tb> aiaitar* generally retire highly d light *4 . with Ibelr tell In Mt- ban **' Hail Tba atotgiag depart m* nl la well lllli-d and Ihe ln*trtim*ntU p -rl .rm t r- am all f.rat rate Tba guitar pecf -rmer la ilw'.bdla the heat wa b*ra hoard fm t*no time; and laally, tk* daitt ing la rhCellrut fhiwrtr PI erre'e hand la attmettng Urjt * era I Ugea ol our cil ?*?*. Thty ara aery rl*f?f and pcoa*til aa earaBcat pr- gramma f w thl*aaeniag'* iaw*Ki al IV-rcc ia full of wit an I m?rrtmenl; ntanvimd |arfrrmar-re ?n tb*a*<o deou ig- i< a!'a-it and Wbitr'a > aging la g ently admind. Iba a.ol.n pl?y*r alien d*arrt*a ta.ite Tiny giaa aa antra part r .a anno at4 orb* k .-* * < thiol liaaen Morn* it* Iftitfttie:. ft af arda u* piiaaum to ana-iunae the arrtaal "f tbat n-at * Inieront. ng altraatlna and novel Indian family, llnyira Kokwi.ho and hia tan |..v- ly *i?t*r l.a tinnah and lab nw. la who intend tn enter up f it tba Iveere i f a.oal mole aumoth ng etreadlngly rlrb and antlI in g. an-l all Ihoaa who ot .b a rare ireat atrnil 1 trad tin atari v*e of thla opportunity tn Hear tba natlvw K hirda of tkr for- -t alng ihrlr .weeteet m*l idle* Tbry baaa bet n hi/ urn ng routb for lite three a mtba, nbtre tbty rr>ai*tl an unobual eitltemenl Tka i puhdic will ha notiivd In due tiana. af tbalr drat eour*rt. M i ?** i a a Tbla being tka laat day of Muirk'a etblkilmti M the I'lrma In Might ?tm*t ih -*a wh* htra 1 ral a* yrt Be* n hi* *pl.tii|id ao||erl|.in "f animal* il ot.Id mbrace thtonpp- rtunlty The tan ic willaoa, il?t ?4 a o?w and beautiful motabla organ whirb p*r , ftiaui all the filmdiott* of h hand Monday th-y laaaw i* an cnatrrn tour | Mnt Jtlit D*?a. Iba highly acrontplUhed aetram, I ?< d gnat favorite to rr.gug.-l and will appear it| ** day i * og nt Iha A vine PUce Thaotr* Mr beer, ' toal- n* in bla rt-rti-tt* to plt-upe the l-nhiir baa aloa i Mr N'btBa. an airelb-nt tiagrd>*a . i Tub Mt.vtttiw*on P*unr altar awceeaafnl aeneiwta i In thia ally proa rod e<l tn Albany, obera tk-y am now I flaying M not roe tThlte'a P*rcnad*re give lk#ir amwking enterlainmenta at LS iooiry. . . ??. tog'. r.n.?a>'? Tbh h-aot Nl poloHng. to nt* 1 t- iimiiMi*. li.*.. tu ilir hla-ria Hi"*' j Mr ?%., th?trp- I! | I*/' ? ' Oo? TTbnmb ? *1 Wr? feWM ' Mr T -1 a Will rrn allow mo (O oorroot two MWbt orr-m la lk? / wM report at lh. Or.malf Ton I llao. r a# footor! 4b? *14* r-mp ?? t? th- ?* ? ?* Tfco !>"?, ? ? .. Itv.l- hf molul'.y Hr jr. > il ?>. f? nllop.rn tioia tho ?rio?.|?*J Thaalro, wb? >rr bio awtftanrb la ?Ik *ln#lim of lha floor *w Mr. i l.j-irf and mil Mr l.0?l*r ?tat ml In tko r*p?rt | I aw, aif 4rmr Mr. ftf trnlf Towr*. I AM<111 ** J WAI.LVK I MTH J* A

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