Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Nisan 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Nisan 1850 Page 1
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r ?? TH NO. 6791. TI1HVFT-FIRST COVUOBM. roar *khsioh. ST HOEU'8 HAOSKTIC TUIJBtm. WuwmM, April 1A. 18*#. VMS DBVIOiSNCV SU-?????*#I).M, WTO. Alter Us presentation of num.rou# petitions. ill *bs transaction of considerable morning business, Us Brest* nsmm4 Us eoniidsrntlou of lk? d.flolescy of Us Appropriation BUI, tbs auestien pending being upon mm amendment offered by Mr. Dickinson, proposing is strlks out tbs appropriation for tbs complotion if tbs now wings to tbs Patent OSes building, wbicb was rejected. During tbs consideration of an amsndmont offsrsd bp Mr. fum. making an appropriation for tbs arootiou at a nnw public grssnbousa. Mr. Dioaissoe objected to tbe principle involved in the amendment; be thought this action of tbs representatives of a confederation of thirty .States, Involved n principle highly dangerous, calculated to MP the foundation* of the government. Mr. IIai a naked the Senator from New Turk to explain bow till* project of erecting a green-house could M damcoiu. He desired to vote tor tha propooltion, but did not wlab to do any thing endangering the anion of the State*. Mr. DicaiRMS replied that one reaaon which he would mention to the Senator. If not to the Senate, waa that the proposition might have the effect of withdrawing the valuable attention of the gentleman from another color than green. (Long continued laughter.) Mr. Hal* rejoined, aaying that the Senator from If ew York had only convinced lilm of the propriety of adopting the amendment. The mighty intellecta of the great men of the Senate were at this very time engaged in effort* to gel rid of the black subject. and if that object could be accomplished according to the auggeetion of the Senator. Ly substituting another color, it certainly ought to be done. (Renewed laughter.) The amendment wee adopted. Several other ameudmente were made. Mr. Rust offered an amendment, providing for a eon1 slderable Increase of clerks in the Poet Office department. In the course of >ome remarks upon this amendment, Mr. K etali-d, that he deeigned bringing forward at tine session a bill, which should make it obligatory on the Postmaster Oenertl to Increase the mail facilities in the new! v opened portion of the oountry. and not making such increase dependent upon hie discretion lie aleo staled that the increased foroo waa necessary to the carrying out of foreign poetal arrangements After a long debate, the amendment was adopted Several other amendment* were adopted, and at four o'clock, without having concluded action on the bill, the Senate adjourned. House of Representative*. BT lUlVs KLXCTRO-CilBMlC'AL, TKLMRAHL Vuiiisotos, April U, IBM. tub rxATii or mu. CAxraaai.. The SrcAai.a said lie had been depute J te inform the Tlouee of the decease of the late Clerk, which took place since the adjournment ou Friday last lie might b? permitted to accompany the melancholy announcement with the single remark, that since his official aseoeiation with hint, the deceased faithfully discharged all the dutioa of his office, so far u* they cams under hi* observation. Mr. Gkjm ?t said, this is the first time sinoe the beginning of government lh*t the Clerk of the Iiouso Uae died while Congress was in reseion. and there was no precedent to guide theui a? to whet should be the oourso of proceedings. The offiner whose death has been anuounri d discharged his dutice with fidelity, as testified by the Mpraker. In Touneesoe. his native Ft ate, the deceased always commanded th? love and confidence of a very large circle of friond*. and >?teoelved many and distinguished marks of popular confidence and esteem lie was repeatedly Clerk of the House of Representatives of Tennessee, and hae been a member ot Congress. He was elected Clerk for the last aod this Congress. These facts attest the exwtfrenee of hie character, and speak uls eulogy more than words or tLe voice cf friendship, lie hoped it wonld lie In accordance with the feelings of the House to adopt the resolutions which he submitted That the House heard. with deep wnnbility, tbe aanewacemeat of lbs death of Thos. Jeff-rioa Campbell. That, as a testimony of rospoct, the uioaibors of the U*?Sf Will wear erape for thirty ciejt. That the Speek'W o<?mnuui<ato thfof pptoe* liags to the family of the deceased. mat. mm a iar?n?r marc orro#;-?ri, li.o Munaa now aojocrn. The** reaoifltioti* *tr? uiuiniiuou.- ly agreed I*, aud ithc How* *4)<wniNl. The Panama Paaaport Kyitrm. DirtiTMmr or 8t?ti, > Waviiiwoto*. April 13, IHuO ) Mnaaaa. Li*iwoirT?e, Waixa. it Co., Nrw Ypan : ? UimuaiK I hare to acknowledge the receipt of your latter of lli# lltb inelaut. Inquiring If It la neceeaary for citlaen* of lb* United Stale* embarking at New York, fur the purpoe* of croaalng the Irthrnu* of Panama. to obtain paawporu from the Conaul of Now Grenada at that rlty. In reply. I hare to inform yon that the treaty between the baited State# and New Grenada of the l'Jth of Drcrmber, It-MI place* our citlaen# rt-*orllug to and redding in that oonntry upon a footing of equality with New Oreuadian eltl riu, but require* from tliem obedience to th'.1 lawa of that republic If. therefore, the Uw* of New Grenada made it Imperative upon their cltuen* abroad, who may be about to return home, to obta'n one*porta from the New Oreuadian Coneul at the port where they may embark, ritia. ua of th* United State* rannot, aeourding to the term* of the treaty, claim aa #*amption from tbla The ."15tta article of the Inatrumeut, however, which give* u* th* privilege if paaalng arroea th* Ietbmu* of Panama upon the earn* teraia aa th* clt'aena of New Grenada, impoae* upon ua the obligation to guaranty to that republlo the neutrality ou the litbmua Tbia obligation would raam to be a auficbat equivalent for perfect freedom of trench fur our ritlacn* acroa* th* rout* referred to ; and aa It la quit* probable that It waa the Impraaaion of tho~r wli > had an agrury in lha treaty ua bahalf of thia govrrument. that it aeeured that privilege, thia department will In-trurt tha Charge a'AlTalrea of th* I iill? .1 State* at Uogola. to reiaonatrat* agaimt the rcquiallion of purport# for aurh of our clllxeiui aw mny embark for tha Uthinu* and to nudeavor to obtain the removal of any reatrlcllon upon th? cotuinuniratlon by that routr between our port* <*B tli* Atlantic and thote on the Pacific. 1 am gentlemen, very reipectfully, Your obedient vervant, JOHN M ULATTON P I It la to bq obaarvad. that tha paaaport which thi* government Vicogaliea aa tha evideuca of th* rltieenebip of the Uwar. ta the paaaport laawed by thia Ib'pailmawl Tmb donor* D*atn or Chidik Wilvaw, in Wa<h W..IOB -Th? Waehlnglon Hrpubifir, "f tha Itlh mat any a- Mr %fll*?n.a gentleman connected with th* ?<?atSurvey tifRc* In thia city, wa* on Wrdanadey evening married to Mia* Little daughter of Mr* Little. ooC atr.o't and retire.I I . f.*u about 11 o'clock In the morning at 7 o'clock, hla bride nrom and attempted to awi-ken him. hut be wa* dead The particular* .1 thia and ralamity are varlonaly ri MM la all r tec lea, but ?e have taken conaldacabl* pain# to -laaertain tb?m correctly and Itnd tha popular report* to ha mare conjecture* Th* appalling confirmation of %tlh uil tutrrlti* It perhaps the only rtri utn.teui a calculated to awaken more surprise then ceery nuldsn death rarltea A coroner's inquest was held eeterday morning ; and for sn'.i-feety reae<na adjourned fill this afternoon; and ? derm it proper to ri-fValn from publishing such jiinnta rircninrlai.r of the < era as ran ba desirable to tha public, until tba rendering of a eerdirt Tha cause of adjourning tha jury may ba wondered at by mat; Wtar* ut Infurvad of It but it may not ba amiss toatata that flhoaa who hat* saamlus llhabody thara wrra yatAarday tbore who doubted that death had really taken plsre. Otiinia or ethar. taken anlota id Ionally in aa orer-doea. fa by ?ome named aa tha cause; ahila others afllrm that It waa apoplexy, Tba ffifdi. of tha 13th last fires tb? following r*cllrt of tneeoroner'a Jury ? That tba deceased (Char I an waa a iran of intamparata habita and had haan. for tarn weeka precious to bia death, ronalaatly under the Influence of ardent apirlta. and on tba nl(bt preceding tba morning of bia death ha manifested strong symptoms <>f drlirinm tremens and while la that state, about 10 n'rloak at night. V wa? marriad, and retired to Ud about 11 o'clock; that, after ha gat In bed. he r?<hei.ged a few wnrde with hia wife and then fell asleep and eaa found dead In hia bed o| Thursday morning about light, and tha Jury bellare, 7roUl the atKanio. that the derraeed rama tohla death by congestion <>f the brain and st< ? < b, produced by the habitual nee of lutoiieatlng drinka " ffi wera mistaken yeeterdsy In aaying the bride waa the daught.e of klre Little Xbe waa tbs mere of Mra L and tbs marriage took place at her house Orttuan Kewutim to Oamreaaia.?'The Marshall /Mich ) Jlraeueider of the XXh nit., aaya : Ths follow. Ing named persons left that ailiaga lor California : ? Abner C Permelea. Marshall ? apta.n M VP Hqnier, C II flquler.Tt Villa. Raton Co ,Jo?. ;>h Ataea. Marengo; A H Woodward Krhford ; JobT Huua Mar. ago W R. Johnson, ftm Rogers Franklin Rogers La Roy, l?aan l?a Lap. Jonathan llaabrook, 0 H Anstia, Lyman f'oatsa Rewton , (I Mrtutire. James Ifowey. Marshall ; ft R Qodard Van Bur?n i'o : Wm Phelps. Franklin Iteckford. (taline; ?? Robin.on. Albion; Oea ? Rlls. Raton Co Un the asms day a company of four, consisting of Charles llarrey of Mar.ball. Leonard Fltrgerald and two young man by tha name id Pariah of Hellerue. also left Marshall.for the same destination l.aat week % compare of af? young men. Ilenry ii llabn. P Franklin Brewer. C Wilrnui We .'sunders. II Irea and anothrr wbr?r natne we do not know, also left. M that Marshall and ta ririnity has dons Ha share to sards iittUig out g"ld d'ggrra and adeenturere In a few dsya the rn"ij sny of (tol'imon Plainer are to he off Alls tsaen bare already font ah sad ftsf Arrt'i hniiTissi -Ths r oaf rase4 -e fleneral has establish'd the following new p <*t ogieea for the w.-ek rttditv April#, 1M0,? QlIre. wefp. MoAe tor. Tsllawlfeeetsln, Faaey, * C, AHi Xr?la (tithfllk <e. " J J* L, ? aabswry l^rga. M .usage. " J-ka R "eas. n ta khentaie, ? artac. foaa, Itiekelaa Unutk FlaimilUim Oreena, Okie. A lea. Ley. Thee* wrwe 14k destha in rhiladCpnia f.w Ike week *n ling the XML la t E NE" flwBgistlnm of an Alllneo botwoon Ik* Ohlt*a 8U(?( of Hortli America and Hwltier* [from tba Swiss National Oaaette.] The prevent position of Switzerland induce* u* to urge an idea, the realization of which might ba of the higheot importance and immeasurable conWKjuencaM, not only particularly for Switzerland, hut for European liberty in general, namely, an alliance between the republic* of the United .State* of North America and Switzerland. Already in > the month of November of last year, a venerable aged man, a native of Neuchatel, who has resided in England for several years past, and has been employed a long time in the service of the Stale, wrote to u* from London, that it waa the duty of every patriot to exert himself in favor of such an alliance. Switzerland did not at that time appear to be menaced, and our own internal affairs were of such an importance, that we laid the letter wife far future use. In the meantime, wc received, through an American friend,a copy of an article, which appeared in a Washington newspaper, under the title: "Austria and Switzerland." on the abov* mentioned idea. [Here follows an extract from a Washington paper, ccmmenting upon the motion of Gen. Cass against holding diplomatic relations with Austria, showing the important position of Switzerland as thr? uwvlum nf iirru^riilfrl lilu*rtv ?K/iur elm ia na object of jealousy and hatred to the absolute monarch* of Kurooe, ami will probably be made bj them to share the fate of Poland, unh-ss our republic a me to her assistance. Ihe Swiss journal then continue* as follows >?) After having given the opinion of the Washington paper, cn an alliance between the United Statea and Switzerland, we ahull publish that which our fellow-countryman in London ha* written on the Mime subject. After hnvtng severely blamed the passive joaition of Switzerland, during the year* IH4H and 1849, in regard to democracy struggling against absolutism, he writes s? " According to the newspaper*, you appear to be surrounded by enemies, who have not as yet agreed on your future destiny. Yet, there remains to you a shadow ol independence, aud if tny feeble voice could Lave any influence, I should not hesitate to propose to scud an embassy to the United Slates, to urge an everlasting alliance between both republics. The Americans huve already proved, in many pu!>lic meetings, their lively intercut in the progress of democracy in Kurope, which must he increased hy the atrocities committed in Austria, Hungary, ]u.ii;bnrdy, Tuscany, Naples and llouie. If ever the present moment is the time to urge such an alliance, before you are overwhelmed 1 y the reactionary current, which become* more destructive from day to day, and the success of which render* it more audariou* and cruel, of course, 1 don't pretend to say, that America Could furnish you with aimed forces, but it is more wiwerful on th't soaa thiai Russia und Austria combined,and the conclusion c? such an alliance would be a manifestation, ihat would simply give the despots to und-rstand, without diplomatic tricks, aud without reserve? Ihe invasion of the Swiss territory by foreign troops will bo legarded as a declaration of war by the government of the United States; our fleet shall immediately blockade your seaport.*, and letters cf mark will l?c given to privateers, to take ycur merchantmen, wherever found, which fact shall at the same be olliciully notified to all American Ariil o.isadors, Charges d'Alfwrs, und Consul*. This, my friend, i* no cru|>(ioii of enthusiasm, but a very earnest proposition, that highly deserve* the crm-ideration of your government, i think thia falfair to he practicable, and 1 don't bdi-vrthat America would refuse h rconsent. Within the last two year* the emigration from Kurope to the United State* amounts to mere than half a million, amongst whom are many celebrities from < lermuny,' Hungary, and Italy ; many of which eiercisc an influtnce on the deliberation* of the American Ct tries*. :tnd would rr.t wtirallv suuoorr the ,1 r> t-iie of a Swing efTihaaey regarding u continual allUuice bvtwecn l?oth countries." Thus fur writes our friend. We need scarcely ray. that we not only hcuitily Mn an alliance with the North American republic, beruuuc we thereby wet a support for Switzerland against the the attacks of Jewuotism, but because the first and greatest step would lie taken towards the ullianc? of peopfe aguiost the alliance of utouarclw, to fulfil the favor ol lie ranger's Iwsutiful song, " An taintt ullwftct dnpfyyh$ " For our country, wa don't consider the danger of such great importance, even if wc had the conviction tint we should be attacked by Austria and I*ni*ei.t. under whatever pretence, fur the old enthusiam for the independence of Iter futbtrlaud has not yet becu extinguished ui .^witterlund, and the jowrr of the re-action would be rubily destroyed by the -reaistance of the Swbot. We dc n't regard the present utl'urs of Kurojie so deplorable as many other people do. Nothing can step the deve'opement of ideas or their divine mission, for the advancement of the civil i/alicn, the hapimese, and toe prosperity flf 11 nalious. Prog ret* bos nothing to fear from a momentary rucciss of a very natuial reaction. All i princes tremble with fear of their people, they being in want of auxiliary forces to return posscMiion rt their crowns. The b'wiss regiments protect the king of Naples, the French pretend to be willing to reinstate the |H>pe; the Austrian* support the grand duke of Tum anv; the Prussian* have restored ths grand duk? of Baden, after having assisted the king cf Saxony against his people, and the Swedes an 1 Russian* have protected the king of lienmurk. Ls any gieater proof wanted in support of the conclusion, that the people have never been so powerful, which is very natural, a? they possess all the virtues. nnd all the noble uud magnanimous sentiment, while the reaction hatt on its side only the brutal |Mwer of baibarifim, supported by the capitalists, renegades, and Jesuits, llow con we, therefore, be alsf nnrsged." Arrsits i* Jfov* Bcotis ?A correspondent of ths | II net on VoW writing from Hoiifsx, It H . uuJ-r date of ths Ut Inst , says:?Ths Provincial I.egielatnr- ross on j tLs'jathult, alter a lengthy. sad. according tol-el politicians, interesting ?sl?n The extension r>f edu- ' ration, upon s popular baste free trade reciprocity? | an Elective Council, or aitddla branch of lb* Legist a- ; tur* to replace the t':e*enl Irresponsible nominee* of [ the Colonial Secretary the electric irj.-graph with other topic* of lee* moment, bev* given rise te stormy, ai.d, If one *o slightly interested may form a e-rrect estimate, unneceser rily protracted, fruitloae debate* Honorable gmtUtuin 1 n this side the lev generally pre fern to l-eguidxl In their deliberations by rule* of courteey, somewhat more stringent and previse than are the representative* of their republican neighbor,, but, arguing fri m soine of the displays which have , characterised the session that has just eloeod. on* I might be disposed to question the presumed superior Ity. nnbse It b? sought for In the fact that the war is 1 l< tcrally bloodless- a eonteet of ( ) words? at HUlingrgnl* and not bludgeons Touching the above ! ' enumerated top ire m uli?. It wee obeervaide that the I leading speakers upon popular education, without an exception, < ulogleed the New Kngland system, and *aj yrtSSCd s J<?ire to mould th'lr bill, r?4et.< peis/twe, i after snrh " an admirable model " Hut somehow, if I n; appri nenalon i.i lli* mrt>ui? a* ptrrrciM. M fnfml, tbv mtdrl and the imitation brex about ? much ' r.?. inl Inl re lo nfh other lb* vulgar naying hatii It, " l htvk to k binilitw," Turf bar* not one fn*- 1 ture In rounnun Tha rtriprorIt/" MU liilrodured up. n tha re eponaibility ut tha government, originated a ?>rj ilr ti oppneltion soil pr<Kr?<il?4 debate. ihere being p? werful part/, bath lu tha l.ogWiature ami out-dnora. I tefle* i H j bant up. r. obetructlng avery oioemneut la | tha direction of nra trad# genurally. bat mora eap?e , nail/ If that movement involve tha throwing opan of | tba I oiontal fleievrteeto tba nnreetrieied raaort of foreign* ra. meaning. thereby, of eouraa. tha riaherman of tha I'bltod Atataa-at all atanla. utilero aueh a cuaaaaaloa war* followed by tba opening of tba eonating j ' traila of tha L'oloa to Colonial rait* The leader nl tba aciuilnlatratlon, bowaaar, auggneliag that aaoh a aoncaaaloa nilgbt pnaaibl/ ho madv by Coagreaa. la I part, waa not to ha toraad aaida and tba following raaolutlona ware rarrlad by a strong majority ? lit That If tba taltad Plate* remove iiiitnm dntlee on tha following artIrlaa. tba growth and prodaetl?n of Hrltbb North Amwlee tba following artlel-e l.a allowed to ha n> |>r?ted Into tbie prorlnea fron thai acted Ptatee. duly free, vie.;? Drain and ? r-culatuffa of all klnda, vegetable*, fruit*. r?da. bay and atmw Animate. raltad and fVeeti m rata, batter, rheeae lard, tail) w. hldaa, borna, wool, u ml reread akin*. and fore of ail blr.da Orea of all klnda. imi In plga and Unoat, aoppor, lead la plga Urlmiatonea and atone* of all kinda, earth, real*, lima orhrea, gy paum ground or unground, roak aalt Word, timber, and lumber of all klnda. tra wood, aahaa. bark Ptah. fl?n oil. train oil. apermaeetl oil, hwul 'natter, and blubber. Una ar.d rktna, the product of Bab or araa turra tiring In tha watar An amendment embodying tha priori pie of tba oppetition abora ailiidad to waa tuared by freeman. wf Liverpool, and ncgatlrad U to36 The Committee upon tha II lectrlr Telegraph reported r aniniruely In fianr <<f eontianlng the eirating arrangen? nte and declining to reeommand any Inter faranra with tha priailagaa already irreM to tha " Aaerr-iated Preen." I'pon tha report being brought up and rea.!. there waa eihibtted. on both atdaa of the tioueo. an nnmiatakaaMe dlapoeltion te> dterountrnanee any unrolled for reiatlowa Intermeddling whether aatrirelr or internal. Tha pnlre of thle HUle proatnee mantfbatly dnoa not beat In nntena with the movement in Canada Tba toee of the entire debate upon tha reeotetlnna Introdtrt'd by tha leader of the oppoettlon, and ailrmtng I he inperlnrttv of an eleettea eouneil or Senate aaeompnred wllh a body ecmpnerd of m<raberv nominated . trnrlhly by tha impertal auihorttioa. hat * far* by the Ural . aerntlva. manlfneted a * I rang dialaata apea the part of an owatwheltaing ruojrwlty of tba lowew li turn, f t rich ait >lpcr lurnt i W YO MORNING EDITION?TUI ThfT?ma??y HorlHf, ?r Oalsabiu Order. Thla secret eoclety held iu annual election, at the pent council room of the old wigwam, but evening.? i There were two tickets, one known no the Cnlen. or 1 barnburner* ticket, the other, that of the hunker*, ( who r?n opposed to auf compromise or nnlon with tho > free rollers. t The Btclimt control the building known as Tm ujr nail, and upon tho result of (.he election depended which ot (he two general committees, the' Wood," or the "Western," should be recognised, and be all awed to hold their meeting* as the "regular deaaooratie NBBlttM. There *ai a great Joel of had feeling and excitement evinced by the partisan* of both ticket*. The ballotting commenced at seven, and ended at tan e'alack, with the following result:? Of the thirteen Sachems, the annexed were knewa to be elected by two to three majority six HtiwxKB*. reus asansuanaas. Andrew U. Mtckle, Elijah K I'urdy, Henry Storms, John J. Manning, William 8. Connelly, William J. IIrown. John Or-er. Edmund Vltagorald, Ulysses P. French, Joseph Cornell, Kach af tho following named person* received (hi veteo. lipwxxaa. Baanaravxao, Charleo OVonor, Tease V. fowler, Francis R. Cutting, William A. Walter*. Francis II. Fitch William Tan Wyok. A new election will be ordered, to deot tho three remaining sachem*. M M Noah. R. 0. Wert. W B. Aiken, anl Jamoo Vary, hunker*, were defeated. Mratr* Brown, Uelevan, Moaoerve, Teeko, FlRlo, and Bnpart, baruburner*, were defeated. Joseph M M*r*h hunker, was elected Treasurer, over Caspar C. Child*, barnburner. There was a tis lietweeo 0. 8. Bogantus. banker, nnd John Roach, barnburner, for Secretary, each receiving 02 votes John Becker was elected Sagamore, and 8. C. Duryea, Wiskinkle. The result of this election will be to excluda tho Wocd committee from Tammany Hall, and will prevent tho election of John Vau Turi n a* United States Senator next winter. r Plutocrats of all sorts, and aim whig*, voted at the election The only test was being a member of the order. Men voted who had not paid their duet for n thirty jt u* It was se arranged that the payment of t a dollar by any member released him from all hack a dues and lines, end en*bled hiui to vote Ons hundred and righty-tbres memUr* voted, a larger vols than ha* ever been polled at old Tammany In tats years, t end the proceeding* were secret, no one being allowed ' In the grand council room but member* of the urdsr. ' Political Intelligence. Tiic Scccessoi or Ma. Csliioow?Hon. I. tf Elmore, 1 President of the Bank of the fltate of South Carolina, J boa received and accepted the appointment of suceoa- I tor to the late Hon. John C. Calhoun, in the Senate of 1 the United States Mr R was appointed special Minister to Kngland. by President Polk, at the time the | I Oregon question was in agitation, hut be declined t > ' accept. Tho port he has now accepted was tendered to Oen. James Hamilton, who declined In conssquenoa J of ineligibility; and the Hon Langdon C'hsres, who i declined it in consequence of sxtr- me old age. ] Nxw Yobk Klictioss - The late election in Sarato- t ga county resulted in tbe election of Hi democrats ' and 7 whig*. I.ast year, there were 0 democrats and ' 11 whig*. Ij Affairs of California. urrTKit mm col. frkmont. Okvti iMin:? Kverylbiug coming from Mr. Olar oarrim with it so niucb weight. tun ifcs no lulckly to foim tbs public opinion, that I foul railed upon to moke, without delay. the following correction*? An Injurious Imputation is intimitis! by Mr. Clay against tba State of California. In t ho follow lug passago of bis remarks of yesterday. in 111* Scants:? I am sot dial- **d to chart* on a ciramnnity ?h? ial?luadnit cr peculiar oplidoni of any ta'livtdiial ?.f thai ssmmv-Bity, tut I tutsi say, what 1 Lars L.-ru >??trainrd to ft*), that I am pained to wo arlth rwntamaey, with wl at dl.rosard of il.o allegiance das frcm the Mia tee, ol.l and in w, thry f n.ellmv* ti-at th? parental and paratonuat authority. And I waa lately?1 will not say proookad, for tba annoyaaca waa loo alight?somewhat irmti at soaiag t ?< sis lettwr-wriiera frvm California talking already of broak- a lug of frcm iLia tlnioa and sotting "l> for tnemaelvaa. They will vanlurs on no such hasnrd-ms experiment as that. If they do, I tenter* to say tho tviamoi authority of Ira Caloa wAl malt lAim i, lUluia "il r mass uf taeas t dctv very quiek'.y." p Il ia intimation, and the conditional menass of the * power ot the government. I fret t- rnd to nay, arw , both gratuitous, because thi-rw Is nothing In thn prea- ? *nt creation. nor In the conduct of tns people of p that State to wairaat thorn Ho far from eiblblt- v lug any toolings ?.f sswtWBMJ or Itlflglll to the , Union tba pn rle of California. In ail their pnbiio a*- 0 scmblagcs and public acts, bars manifest- ? trd an enthusiastic affection and perfect reepoct for )t ths country and government of the I n'.trd Mtatne ? d The great body of tba peopla In California ara Anufl can citlxins, who have recently left this portion of the country? many of tb< in temporarily, and all of wboia areronmrtrd wilbit by Ilea of family and business It was a thing of course to r?gard California as a part of |t their common country, and no doubt arnuestion regard- I ^ ing her future conditiun as a component part of n Uaa ki Ter been raised tbcro In the formationofh?r coualitull< n th? convention labored scrunulously to assimilala It with thoec of ths other State# of the Cniou. and to Insert nothing, and to omit nothing, wblcb i light In any f way retard her admission, or make a rausc of opp allien to it Mr < lay U n<it warranted In sailing upon qi tbe remark of an unknown letter writer, whichTs eon- ' tradieled by ev ry public and authorised act of tbe " I eoj le and the Mate, to haug upon it an impliad rhsrge of disloyalty, and a rundltiutial throat of pun- v| l-l in. nt p 1 he gorirrmctit of the taihd Htstew has been threw years indebted to the people id California lor property u laken and services rendered, and during this time they I hare keen | aylng taxes, without representation, and 0 without protection. u In fact, the only connection, with a single exception, a] that now xlits between this government eml tho pen- b i.le nf California, Is thilr loyalty ami affection for Ilia Union. Tbe rxceptiou I allude to is tbrtaxallen which tl Ibis government sends its ministers lli*rr to oolleet; k tbs lax-law being the only law of tho I'ulted Males w bleb tho government has been pleased to extend to tb?m The people there pay tnhuts to this govern- r? mmt. and that U lb* only tie between them and It, oa- A rept what tbeb ipeotaneous arnCuent rreatsa. and ci manilist In th*lr present patient application to he rs- ei cuvtd Into clower end assured connection I'.o-pect- [i fully youra, J C. FAB MOST It Tvasrav Aprtl_t. !?.'? Meat Xi?i ii'.s Sia Johv yia.vat.ia.?Tl.a PI Loula (Mo.) /sKUtiierv, ill tha 6th Inet say*:-Wa are lcd<ht*4 to Jsmss Sinclair Kaq.for the following extract fr< m a Uttler to him from A. Mcl?ermot, dated Selkirk's Colony. Feb 19. 1*60 "A packet has Ju.t arrived from McKmsle's Href, w hl> h I rings news that tha ship that went in search of Captain Fr^iklin is wintering In McXensie's river. Ibis packet le >?nt poet baste by lba States. It la f thought ths Captain Is still allvs "Sir Jcbn Kl< hardsnn and Mr Bell are to leave this In a few days taking with thrci all the men except right, two of whom arc to r*maln hers during ths summer. whilst the other six are ts accompany ms down the Coppermine to ths Polar Pes, when. I hops if lbs u lesson proves favorable, to add a litU# to ths chart of y I hi s* r* glens " Mr birr lair has also kindly fevered na with an *?- * tract frrwi a 'etter frcm John Has. dated at Fort t'onfl- r, Mb April 1MB Th* writer ia attaehsd to tbs u npcditlon of Sir John Riehariieon, and h.. account of the t*ry fatorabis weather dufiug tha winter of 1MBLa IsAtis we aii.n In Knlid tl aI ilia ans*ell nl 4if JdllA Franklin *u prnerrutad under Ih* tux'. faenrabl* rlr- a| and. aa Laev fM??u to bo|>?, with <i > t< Mr Ha* eaj r< ' Tha treat b?r her* Km be*a rwj An* compared with g( the ?ip? rleuo# ct !>**** and Bimpaoa; there have no* baaa right day" during th? laat ?t m?alb* "> elnrmp *? to pteeent travelling Wo hav* hod an rioetlval g, boar* to llv* la, wltb an ahtindaaoo of wood and vaal- jj o n and nary flao boh. a* toucb u wo could nnuiiiao ? wltb a lar|(r etcck oa hand In tha atora at preaant "W hen tba packet arrived her*. I waa ahaent at tha t4 Rrndal Rfvar, with tha Brrt portion olitnrw and proclaim# for Iba rummer'* consumption. htit raturacd two II day* alter tlrtal natabara of daar were aaaa, all ml(rating nor'hward " Movement* of IndlvMaala. P Purree II Wliaoa and B I* Orlfln, t' B N , hava ar- v rived ia t lei# clip a The degree of L I, I> haa bean conferred upon J a- n aeph Henry Berretarp of the Baiitheoniaa Inetituta. bj It tba Calyaretlp nf tbie Plata ?) *rpolnlaieala kf lha l*redd?at '' b 1 and arilA ?Ae ii^tce aod . imacetl nf <Ae VooM Wllla de Ifaea, of Virginia, to ha Conaul of tba Owl- n tad fftataa for Merlda and Blaal. la Varalaa Curtln* II B*und?rv of Tvnneaaee. to ba Ooaaal af 'I tba t'aMad Plata* for Bt Catharine#. Itraall. J J W'okea to ba Aaalalanl Treaenrer nf tb* United KUtat and Traaavrer of tba Mint at Hew OH aaaa, la tha Plata of I ulaiar a laptiaae (aart mat mi. ttkm, Refnra Judge Mite hall f Paovaiowa ? Hand and etAes > a# Ian awd Mkarv ?ftw- r murret bp defendant* euetainad PUintif* to have

laar# to amend on pap log com# II fi'Una re It l>a . A new Iruataa rivwM be appointed ,, and b* mad* plaintiff In this etiil. wltb or In ptaoe of ibe prrxnt Llalntifl. and then tba etiH prt end No , eoeta I# bo allowed www r*Act e# /lab Judgment Mr the dedhwdont MeaMegva R'a. iArp and eCAwe Defendant* deaaurrer ,, overt ul> d tbep aenat awower, end pap the ooala af the ilinarra bfe mm v* AWdapev Peirnmw to part of tha com f, plain! overrated The part of I be rvplp d. marred la. In ba atrleken out bp plaintiff an iavue wwa already j?med and plaintiff atap amend oom plaint ( oat* t* ab*d* lb* event, _ iMbe ev rwr# TWm terror ewataiit'd Plaintiff raap tl m id. ?*' riali u#1 f?!rg dtuu.-it*. RK H SDAY, APRIL 16. 1860. H?*Ub| of Uie New York State Me?lle*l , Society. A r?U?<l meeting of this ancient society, the oldest uediral corporation In the State, was held last en-niog n the Halla of Juetioe. Centre ?treet, to elect dele;atra to attend the great Medical (' jurentlon, to be leld at Cincinnati, in May next. The same conrenloo which held Its annual raeetiux la.?t year In Boston. i >wlng to the great occupation of the medical profes- J Ion In attending the many eaaee of the predominant | nfluensa and eore throat, at thin preeeut moment, there { ras great difficulty In obtaining a quorum It may ' erre to give the public some Id.-a of tho value of the | errices and the skill of our medical men, when the i mall number of death* reported weekly on official do- I tun eats. U compared with the Immeneo amount of j ickueaa in this narrow, erowd?d. and ill-rentilated ] it j. 270 la the average uumbor of death*, In a popu- I ktion of 600 l>W noule, ml those death* Include all 1 be hoepltnl*, all the accident*. casualties, shipping, ' migrant* lie The coarlu?iou ncc-iearUy U, the ! abor* of the medical profession ire rory succiwful In I ho treatment of prcralllug tualedio* In general. TUia , 1 iTorila acme encouragement. both to the public and to , he profession. Alter a I'-ugth of tnue, when the mini- ? ?r of tn<nihe: s required l.y law was proHcnt. thn chair raa taken by l)r. l>rak?. I'resident of the society, who * alt d the meeting to uruor - Ur. Van liloek, lleoording ' ccrelary. t J The minuteaof the two preceding m<-etinga of the ocioty ? cro then read, ami uuauiutouitly approred of. * ifior aoine conrereation on the Luet method ol aaoer- * aining the name* of thoee who would be ablo and ' riiling to proceed to Cluclnnati jto attend the eonren- r Ion rontemplated, a coiunhili-e appointed of three t umber* present, to nominate thirty ludiriduala to h cmtitute the delegation from the medical profession 1 f New York city. The commill) e accordingly having t etirid. returned again altera short absence. and re- c ortod the name* proposed to the meeting. The notnl- ? atlon taring been approred of, the aoclaty. after ' be tranearlion of eome further Incidental busluoa* djournid ritte 4U. t Common Council. j HOAR t> OP ALDEKMKN. J d Aran. 16. Aldorman Morgans, l'rosldeut, in the I hair. I j i ohmismoairj or common school*. i ? The reeignatlon of B B Fellow*, a* one of the Cora- ' j lWioner* of Common Hchoola, vtaa rocetrod, and upon | be u:otl< u of Alduimau Uakley. >V illiaut U'iJouuall wAt .{pointed in bta stead ilci.t *ir? ? ??: or * nta ?*o The k' Committee reported In faror of granting otieorga C. l'-yrnc the ejcluairo iua of tbo pier* and 1 lip l ctwi i n Harrison and Jay atreeU, and tbo report y rue adopted by the boar J 1 ri* roe* loi.i'Rn.imi. J Tbe Flitanro t'onimittce reported in faror of ooncur- i 1 lug with tbe Board ot Assistant Aldertncn. in appro- . mating to the Bret regiment of Now York Volunteer* | bo kiin of }>10(AXl, adlanced bytheeity government in iitting out that ngmieul. at.ti nuvr repaid, or to be tm- | 1 Mediately repaid. I y the United Statue Uorornmout. tiik unuhi Near*. The Finance Committee reported iu faror of dlscon- ' luuti.g tho sutls against the manure dealer*, lu compliance with a petition from th>?e iudlridual*. The ri/i'n 10 ivjj iviji/wii. ? Hat pear a ibat Ike paUtiouere have ereateJ ? miiutt by ' heir large drpoalle ol uauura, m l, aa a ?.Jlirvqueaec, hare 1 f?n tm-d by tin- 1 ?rjX)i*tlcn Attorney. They Mala Ikal I ley have *b?t?.l the mateenre and removed thHr manure rtm tba (lty, end r-uierk tbet the auiu '-obimanned agalnat > hem n.ey ke dteroatiaued. There lean doubt that the pari?e implicated rickd j desorvi-d the penalty thajr ware mulal*1 in The ellce te of lh< ea Luieancee upua the public health i lave long U*a a eource ef complaint 1 J our eltiianr, and a :r*at annoyance to the people ia their immediate proaimily. rout committee huwever, ronaidoriag the fact that th- am- r a nee haa ban abated, (eel diapoeed to recommend that the I Bite b*dlac?Utinuvd upon their firing proper aoourily that he auiaauce will But l? renewed. They aubuiit for adoption ] he following ronolution:? 1 . Kaeolved, That the Corporation Attorney be directed to li>r< nimce the aelta again*! William Irslf, TUoa. M'Cuire, * A i.l,an. Wail, John brugat . aud To.hi. Millar, manure deal- > era (Bed fer committing auieaacm, upua their removing 1 II tbair ii taure the |daoe of dapoali on the Baai river, j tlvarn TUrly-eiith and fortieth etreeia, executing to thv , ily a gr.ataaiee bond analaet reaewlng raid auleeuone aud . ayn-g the roete ofaaid vuite. JiinKl'li I1RITTON, 1 * K/.KA SMITH,, 1 1 JAMKHll .HARD, Jheimmlltee. , Tble report wan adopted by th" Hoard. rritieu mi?t without i.icbnbC. i \ Tba Finance Committee reported ia favor of dlaeon- r iuuiug euila againat (bail--* 11 IU-uvim foreeUlug meal t illbout lieeuai , aud the report wait adopted. coueYirv ?Lir r Tb? Finance Committee reported In favor of leaving I u U .N Holt Ibi .aet'dly aido aud cud of tba tulddie t er at < eeatlwgUp aw pier My T to, and tael-iUiug, the K II etna ly half of pier Mo A endtho bulkhead Imtrv n aid pWa. for tbrea year* from tho Aral of May. 1860, t 4 the annual rent of ?? ,;>60. pnyable quarterly. Itap- [ ear* that Mr Covert offered f&buotur ibe erelualra r ,re hut lb" un-rrli?ula, raj lama aud owners of vrut- t tie. trauraotlrig In tb* lower part of the city, j u the Kaat Hirer aide, having uietuorialiard the Hoard gatn*l granting Ibe carlueive ueo ofthe nlip. the eon- ] llltcee reported I bat the crowded atatu of ell pa and orka In that locality forblda the granting of any more irltuive prlvllcgia of allpe in thai vicinity I 1 be report woe adopted. gait aaiLBoao rouea.ev p Tba Finance I'ommlitra reported In fhvor of renew- ^ ig licence of nler at Ibe foot of l>uaue etrrel to tba V w York and brie Railroad Company, for tier yeare, t, t a rent to be filed by aj-pralavmeut. j, 1 be report wae adopted , | The following resolution aaa offer, d by Alderman n O. k t( Kwoltef, That the Oorerneee of the Aline Floats be re- a ieeie4 te report te thie Hoard whether the now baild- ? garecently erected oa I.leokwell'a lelaad are b,.mediately foiled fur the purpeeee of the inatiletieaa under Ihv.r *' arge, ?hal U thur cidiura. for alul purpwe tbey intend '' i occupy tbeai, and ahat further action, if ear, la rtoialred p ' ike Cunnoa Covr.eil before they eaa leke tharge of itl l a itldiaga. The reeolutioa waa adopted, but subsequently It waa loved to rt^couaider the vnla, on the ground that the MM OWHMl barn M MMMl M ilia Alma llouoa *, overnora and that lb?? have alreadr rnfuaoil lufur- # intlon arki d of Ihetn by the Hoard of Aldnrmnn It w ppeara that the building in quootiou U intended fur () Ovpilaj purpurea , Ibe vote fur reeouaideration waa carried, and then .. ie rear lutIon waa referred to the Committee on PubiW uUdlng*. ( tni Pint . The report of tba Comuiiltoe on Ibe Fir# Department rl f ried in favor of eontrming the recent oiaeUon for rlelent Knglneere of the Klre Department , aleo an idlnanee ptovldiag for the annual returna of eaah y rujary twing made, under oat h Tb" nainee evrtlrd by hlf. Alfn d Caiauu Hie Chief Hugineer, aa liav- . ia the btgbeat number of vole*, are aa Mlowa . Mic La<l K.rbiil 131 Orchard atrert. w John r Larour 17k Atanton atreet. ,, Hhbt rt hicOinula 17 Oliver atreet Tbriuaa Mcurue k-tl tkaehington atreet . I larke Vandr rl.llt .'17 k irat etreet. Janiee L Miller. M limmvirh atreet. John A. Cregier. trk'l lludeoo atreet ,, W t arian UJtb atrr-et, near U'way p Mepfan T lloyt ICberry atreet ( Han uel M Pbilipe 10 Tenth etreet K be vote upon .helLreeyaar law reeulted aa foliuwe For throe year taw 1310 Agaiuat <FW M Majority for the law 1.0W There returna are cawtiOed hy the ioapeolora of elec- 0| ona Hamuel P. Tilue. Joeepb Biaek, and Robert ,,, HI in uke ff, Iblairpcwt Iwl to aotne dlaeuealon. in the ecu rue of (l] birb the queeti.iu wae raiacl whether euapendeA ^ ni| aniew ran rote, which wae doe id eg la the a eg a- ,, ? - . M T?? report aa# ad op tad upon ayrn tail dim. ^ ?i??r not T tut tti aooM m Tha I ' Binll'w on Rrpalrd and Duppllaa rnportad ^ rail , t tha tui?l rnry ?f r- 11 fnig tba i imptr-ll-r'i lira to thr lata Ira r < m In Ihoi'ity Hall aa Uid| ? to in.all and a* Bot la-lug Dm proof for prnaarriBg tba , tr..r I* and ik i.u Ilia g* .nod that tlia ConiplrutWa ^ Lea baa baau lalHy fill?i ap al groat atpaoaa rvanc mum (< A Bmtlon i ff. rod b/AlJartiiau Pan . that lit# mat- (I] ra f. rn.iriy rrfarrad to tl.n CotnuilUaa ob 1'iiMla ,y ?ali h ba Larrafl T rrfamd to tha flnanaa Com- ,l iIttaa, ?a? < film d to l>a laid -u tba labia ,,, Iba fallowing laliar aaa r>ad frm lb* City Inapa* * l| Cna l*ap*rTf a a I'oaiBTaaar. April U, ! >. If? rrwm (ovarii-? V t.rati rtma-1I? art rdnlnli tba pakllt haallk af tka a II* af Nta Varl. l inn tao>.>.-a a laa. I aaald raapaatfaliy 'II II a ai tanlion of far l,ii run Mih U IM i llmint I r< tlalaa af raid art:? a "Tha Cllt li ipr. ur af all lata poaar la appoint. 1* and ? Itb tla ad? ton uf anoat rf Ida IC>ar4 af Aldaraaa, all ad 1, ntr*l.aalth anrd.-tm aad I--r thenar aa Ilia low- 1 >aa < ovarii *r thr<t if llaalil. aliall airaat, la aarr* I la rfact tla |.ra?!ai<tar . f Ilia tltla," k>. T In aravrdaara Bilk ikla I mrH raaparIf>i|ly r itimnaad tla dttam.alaa, aa tka perl af year beeefBkl# , . 'dlaa aa to 11 a a> ml r f Tr al k a ?r laaa ho app n a tad, id tl.n t at|r aai >n ta ho paid thntn la my jndfaoal, * It natoi af aardtna to ha napi. pad ali .ild not ha lava ' no for ra?k aard, aarh far laiaa ataolalalr aaaoa- at uy ta tla rffriaat p- rh ra ai a if fkn daltaa daanla ,aa r. Laa. Itara.t h aa il? ' ?ard in ninnatta la limit, ,i ad I aa alaa lo. a ditl>< I. i -roaflrr i.i anar. itnta la varda, Boald aa apart that it par., aa I a al la trad far that laoality. {' It no pa. i tail*, hr A W M 1IITK, fiiy laipaatr r <1 Tlila aowmiialr-ntioB aaa rtftwrad to tba onaitlw it b I tUic llaadtk b 1MB B?T?a IITU ai T Ha Bator nlaa I aw M d Ly tha foaril of Aldamtaa. b nnio lit k It. in tbc l.nard rf Aaaiatant AldorBiaB. a on n ?tmind In > AldiiB.hU Carl Board that iba dr#um#nt ba laM ob b? lal Ir, Blurb lad to a. mr iliartraaioa, In tha etiurna p I Bhiab it Atdtiwaa Dtiwi dnnnnhrrd lh" rata* aa anjnat, r d r< Bit t.d'd apainrt Ik* poBar of lira Hoard In i.n It or lb. at It bi uld ba far Irottar tar gad laa adl. at i'nal |.lpra cinr liailt ir lir.tiga, tban to >*d.hla poopda r a loaiir.a Bltb tlnilrar taiaa ho thoaa rhargad la t< ttrain krtiraa I It B<ai.|y tba Faard. by a roia, adkarad la Ma IB at art laa |a 1 ba baai d adjoin n?.| at a qaartnr Id tan o'alrak |1 ... (| Tka Mala of ktirbwan ha# appmprlatod a Monk of tl rr*r for Ik* bnli onl Monnit nt auk a hafodlralao lo.rrlpth.n I. ' V an - ta a m if hvr itB.t !a t!?* T'L.htM.M b ERAJ City I divulged?*. T.auth or 4 8rr.4m Vaiumit,?'The *teum frigate, H?r?n*r in to be launched, thi* (lay, at eleven o'clock, A M , at tha lirooklyu navy yard. Mit-rvaav P*b*db.?Yesterday afternoon, at twa o'clock, two companies of tha fifth regiment, the J of fersou Ouard and tPaMhitiglon llifl-n, ai?*etnhled In Kroome street, under their commanding offl . r, Cot Warner, In review order, for a niarchiug parade. TUe different companie* having formed Into lino, the colon wore brought and received, by the regiment presenting arma. The baud, meantime, played the tuual *?lute. The Adjutant then walked down the Hun to resolve the report* from the different captain*. Heotioua <f compauiea were formed and utarchud past the Colonel in quick time, preceded by a upload id bra** mini dowu Uroadway and into the Park, where a line eaa formed. Tha rank* were here in open order, whnn he Colonel, accompanied by the Mayor, uncovered, pamed through the rank* and miuulely in?pected the men. They again broke Into section* of ooiupania* :?aet the Mayor to their different rende*vou?. Tim deady bearing of the men, and the flue marching of heee citiaeu eoidiern reflected on them the highest feasible credit. A llritlch offlocr who Maw thn paradn va* a mated, and ho expree*"d htuiwdf, when ho wa* ?ld the member* were all men of bustnc** or trade*ncn. VtRr.K4L or a Catiiui.ic Pkikvt.?Teetorday the tev. .lamue Cumuii?k?-y. Roman Catholic pastor, wa* nterred in the Catholic burial ground. Mleveuth trect. liIn mortal remain* were attended by a large cncouree of borrowing friemli. He wa* in hi* eixlloth rear. DRBAcriiL Arciocirt.?At eleven o'clock yest.enlay, > mau named Jamea Hnllormn. redding at lTJ Second trwt, in the employment of Mr. Mutue, Tenth street; ?a? driving a horse and cart, between Kirat nail Sound A venue* in (Seventeenth street, tvlion'lhu aunnal 00k fright aud ran away The driver held on for < mo time tut <0 evontuallv knocked down, whau he wheel* paneed over hi* b>dy, fractured hi* left high, and dislocated hi* hip llo 11a brought to the itjr hospital where b<> remain* in a very preoaxioui tale lialloran i* a native of Ireland aud ha* a rife and five children fico nan I)catm.?Coroner Ue?r held an Inquast ynaiTilay. at a houae iu Kiglith avenue near P.iriy eighth treat, on tha body of John 1'. Burk, who was found lead in hi* b*d yealorday morning Verdict, death by Urease of the heart. Daowem in vnr JSoavii River?On Saturday night, ohu Bell, a native nf I'nrtemouth. New Hampshire. foil iverhoard. from thu ehip liaauhe, at pier No. 4. North 1 Uver. and wan drowned III* age U matoeu year* 111* xdy ha* not Ixion recovered. The JoUunitmvi* lirHOLVrvBriia?A *pecUI meeting )f the journey man Upholsterers took place la?t evunug at Marion Mall 1HT Canal ?trect. for tha purp>*a of areiving the report" from lbs different ship* There vere about fifty person* present, and a* the mnjority 1 acre Germane the report* were mostly announced lu :he German language The report* generally were lavorable to their cnilN. liiooltlyu City Intelligence. Aocmr.irr it thi Navy Yean.?John M.igill who re*idea at No 173 Gold street and ha* for year* been imjdoyid in the etor. keeper'* department, w.i*. on Saturday last, employed in rlraiiing out the receiving stoic, aud while ?o doing, threw a vial, suppowd to rontain fulminating powder, into the store and it itxinudlately i'iploded. breaking the *tova in piece*. xhatieriug tliu building, and hnakiug the window* Mr. Muglli ww thrown Into another room, much bruue.l In :he fare and on the body, aud hi* arm *0 bad 17 .liit1 red a* to require amputation Me will probably ro:cv?T, but maimed for lifo. MeUaiuoiubt r of.Moniauk Ledge and Bethlehem Kneampment of i. 0. of {>. P. Common Council ? Present. Ml* le>nor, H lward C p and presiding, and all the Aldermen A number of petition* were read and referred to tha 1 expletive committee* The following are item* oflhcir J ,roc ceding* I fixmkUuni (hmrrr- A remouxtraR ? signed by Ralph < .ockwixd and a niitnhor 1 f highly reap clabl" genth urn realdrnt* aud owuert of proparty on lloyl xtreut, rax prcxsuled It nSi forth uujut.t charge* which lavrltcen made for placing lamp po*t* lu one rata, fifi AS wa* charged f r work worth , and in another, lib fcr acrvirtv. worth $1, another ehargoof ^7 f*> wa* | nadetor work Bol yet done. Thi re aru but two lamp* n linyt atre? t from Atlantic to Pacific street* a ili* nf IK) feet aud for the** V?J bb U rhargiwl. Alderuen Lambert, l'eet and Muehuiore were appointed a pi rial committee to lnv< attgato the matter. Act* ( km itr ? A certified copy of the new city eharer wa* preaentod aud placed ou til*. Alao. a certified opy of the new art amending former acta In rilatiou o the court* of civil and 1 rluiinal Jurisprudence I A*.nil - A n .luti 11 aa* offered requiring the . t trcftt* to 1/44 rla*iicu at tin* exp"ioe Of the contractor*, tfori th? ftrpt <laT of M /. wLih h wm r?forr"d to the Vuasehor of the board, to report an ordluauoe to that ft 11 knot*Htm* .ddspnf ?'To dUIJn the Smnth wirj Into wo ulrclloB district*. by Myrtle avenue; to pay aid ?rm n, who tinip nfllrlalcd In tli? court*, $.1 per Jay lor urh service; to require tho Comptroller to dolirer to , he Ci mtubsiohera of Urn Kinking fund all unpaid >on<l* ami mortgage*. and all mcueys iu Km band* Tbr board adjourned to Momlny ovening. Aprd ?1, MO. Court of General Session*. Irfor* the Recorder and AlJermeu Unffln and Dodge Ar*n. 15.?Smlrnrt Joe .ittattll tmd Ha !* >.?Jobu Ir.fflo. who amne Hum aluco pleaded guilty Io aa labioient. charging hlra with an a?>ault and battery on I illiaia Dcui.uian want lux morning called up for tonL-tn o. The rourt ilrrmtl that he should ho Imprisoned it the rlty prison for tau day*, aud pay a Ann of twony Ore dollars SltaitttK /iom a llenejaetor. -A ba'.f craay Oivaan, aiurd Juakiu Krci. speared at the bar tht* morning, ?take hta trial for grand larcny. In stealing money nd clothing worth %M from fetcr Kan*, of Thirtyiurth ?lrent. t>< twren fourth and Madison orauuo*, n the 7th of Dceemtier lad It appeared from lha ridenre that lha accused wa* vary poor, and the eoiu- | lainant, Mr Kane, l.y wnr mtam learning that ha , , a* in want, prnlfored hiin shelter and food, which wa* rri pled by Krel He wa* hardly domiciled in noinlaluanl'i bouse, however, before he raueackad tba r>mire*, and atoU m arly $50 In money, Iroaido* iom lolhing apart of whlcu properly wa* subsequently ! mnd upon hi* person Kiel could not undirntand a ord of Kiigllrb to day. although Mr haul. twaliliaj \ lat ha rould ' talk the language well enough" when < e first taw blui The court appoint!-1 au interpreter, J irough whr tn the prisoner stated that be was rraey, t nd did not know what ha wae doing The jury, how- c ver, fi iiinl him guilty, and the court aeut him to lb* ate prUon for two year*; tailing him that If ha wa* 7 ut of health that Ins hospital of the prison would be c n eaeellrot asylum for him Slralisf CaUca /t am a Store Charles Stark Is and I Irhai I l>siry were put on trial for burglary, in the ' Ird degree In feloniously entering the store of Caleb | . I.urgi se, Ifcf front street, on the evening of the A'sth f Man h ard stealing therefrom a bag or cotton II as shown by the evidence adjured hy the proeeeuon, that Mr Burg? as keeps a cntamisel'U atom, at th* >ove meulioni d number in front atre?'t, that on the irnlng of the 25lh ultimo the prisoners who had en employed to Work about tba stora. weut there at ght o'clock In the evening unlocked the eeltar door, id were about making off with a bag of cotton, wln.n aley was arrested by the police lie r- fused to tell I - i . 1 1 was. but Hlarkls bad h-en seen by rue one who km w him, and wa* arrested th* ne*t y. A* fhry were caught la th* act. no d- fenee 0 >uld roll thsiu and they were sentenced to the Hlste Prill Dali y fur two year* aud sli months, and Atarkl* r two years fwnirlisa/w Nsytra Kdward MrDsrm <lt was put 1 his ilcfeure charged with may)., m In biting o| th* r<vo (f Vt allocsCreen on the Arth of March la** Mr reen being called to testify awe re that he was in M 1 a bcuse of ass.gnation, la llrooinn slraot, near oewtar vtroad. oa the wight of the lay ab m ?? 1. n I whvn hi* room itonr was hrokan open and tho rteoner. kdward Mrllermott, accompanied hy a man sined Ryan came Into th* room ami a>.ked who h* Iresn) aa* They then approached the M and turnI him over, and klrffermott aaid. ' I knua who he i* " Iny then went out and entered an adjoining room, time a Mr I'cst was sleeping In thl* was n r ri who on pearlog them coming took refuge under ie h*d; hot tbey punrhrd her eut with a pair of >>??." u tha wllnaa* ri^mWMj It Th?y Ihun want 4 Wlllll*IMa?kHtWMMtM,H'MMl| MM * i bad. ol Ihrn atrurk blat a rlolaftt Mow vruM | i? l.tia?t * lib lha bin tonga. wblrh thay mttM with , MB) Ob raralrlng thm tr-atir ut <lraan? jun pod >>?t ' bid to difand him*-If whan Kyan aaught him by i* irmi from brhtnd and M?I><otndt ali?J blot by a la hair of hU bml and <! Iilmttdy bit off a lar(? (ii*- I ' n of hi* bom IVIifiMM ? itra I* *tlll (nuidaraMy 1 lifgund and h# rwr.ra that tb* bit I Of J Bat dwarribod d M IM Willef It Wllnaa* ha I known Mo Harm oil ? f kill n*f*r km) any d flrnliy with biwt yr*- I > ua to Ibi* lima Ha bad not **< n hlBi thai u>ght I nil) ha anrna Into thn room Wttaowa awora that ha tl art tarn offarrd f :**) to aattla thi.* ?nlt Stirling I'rat, awnrn I am a polloa i>(l?ar of th# ? bird ward, ow lha JOth Marrh law I w*? a pr'rato I wa* In tha h'.uaa In BruuMa ptrnu wharo li bla traaaaalloi) naanrwd; ilmal thraa n'eloft In Ih# a ironing I wa* awakawid by two man (Handing ntar II ijlod thay had burnt opan lha door to fat In thay b aid ibnt a f< w ml not on and than want Into tha iki! Ii IH iw what* I prnnantly Itaar I a vruffla, f waot In f> boa awl juat a* I roliral tha room, a glaoa lamy ? a?ad Bi; laud and ntriiek Iba wall la-blnd ma, wbaa t\ got Ibio il?a room, tha nian Hyau bad Mr iJraaa by La ai m* and Iba nthnr had blm by tha hair, Mrliar- | inll bad a yalr of Iron imwi la hi* hand*, I rang hi f, aid nf <ha band In whwb ha hall Iba tongs, , I thought ha wa* (iiIib to ttrlkaffM ilnan on im > ad, airi ffla ananad and Mr Oman "tag ''U* that hit I or* bad lata I.Miaa off, I taw him, attd a pi nan of kll | *? ? aa quit* bit tan off , l.n tba pari of IMa dafanaw, tha aili-tnpi wa* mada to I rutr I t'?d nhararta* for lha datrndant Two wt?tana wirt latrodwa'd w|m ha<l known him for wrnral | ara during whwh lima ba had kaan aagagad a* a ( r lo.dar hn albmi* wai mada to dlaprova tha , all a ant* of iba pmmantlon, and tha Jury mtarnad a , i nltvt uf irulliy a ad Iba Court aaalaarad tha pri*onar > lha hair prI,on for wr?n yran Twa Mrmtat. OtUlal, Borrow ?Tha Mrdlral Col* la horth Drat* atrrai |i*n now Swan np?n f,ir aabr i thiblcrn two wark> during whlrh tima ona or tha bnii la atlmdarna natimatrw that m ra thaa lltf l.i utaad |>r ra n* liar* paanrd thr ush tha r.tom* huh warn "naupml hy l?r Watratr* i r fa to ma <l*ya, I i many a* flfta. n bund-rd p. r l^attr war* roantrd. a* i J. j p_r?t d lltlUb' ilailk i iwhtfm-.affpnf Id L D. TWO CENTS. __ mi ? La.-t evening. at this theatre. with thn beautiful play rrf The Stranger," In which Mr and Mri Vfallack Jr., thrvu favorito artieta. appeared in the tw > principal character*. The nauliccl niy-ttcal drama called - TTiaard of the Wave: or. tho 8bipa of the A fnu<.ir," o >rv i lmh iltbe entertainments. which appeared quite avtbfartury to tho numerous fri*.jucntera of l hi* * n-r.-*ful reeort of aiuuix nicnt .Mr. aiul Mrs. Wall ark, in thn flrvt piece, Mimri Scott, (lilhert, nnd Mie* Weinyaa la the second, were frequeutly aud eatlia-lmtticalljr applauded liaoauwav Tiikatbs.?Laat evening, Mr. Col Una psrrormed--Km y O'More," and rondure 1 tbe part eocsntric, amusing. and lutllon.-illy characteristic in drallnry, cunulug aud * it. If we could select any secure iai which lie wu more effective than another. It would be that In which he described th<* far famed siory o| (lie Vox ; it waa told >10 naturally, that it uot only threw IlctiUkiu and bla companion* off their guard. bat excited the whole audience ThU evening n* appnnm iu the " soldier ol' Fortune." and the llappy Mia." hcaTon'a Tin ? 'i'hie prveporoua natablUhmnnff announce*, for tbU evening. three excellent pieces ? l.rap Year," a couiedy of great intercut, and likely lo continue iu the same attractive p <?itioa * ' that at he "Sorloua Fauiiiy," next, tbo farce of " D >uu-*tls Economy." which i* an excellent piece, and. Ia?tly, 'An Unprotected Female" llurton la a Rood mai?gir ir.ukia flue selections- liu everything la appiv*. lie order-his otttcera arc polite, an I attentive to rWltirs aud liia auceeaa lie liaa a very aleuted company, and every man and w man *,? ? are cant for rhararlera whieb their natural sad an quired talent exactly suit them fur. Natiohal Tiikatbe ?Mr IT Marshall commence^ luet evening, the third weak of hla engagement at this theatre, where he baa been received with the m at la 3utvncal auceeaa Ilia acting In (he beautiful tragedy "Mnrbeth,' was truly mat.uiflo ut. and bo wuru. reived with all the honors due to hia unparalelled talent Afti* a pov rf' Pierrot. hy Mr lligg'iia. which, ky ,be way, ia encored every night, the vntertalmuanM ;?nrludcd with the laughable farce called 'An Alarming Sacrifice," In which Mr Jefferson and Mlaa tan* 1111*0 provoked numerous aud well murltrd applause. A it oa Pun TnrsTBt ? Yesterday evruiug was parormed lite much admired tragedy entitled ** Kvadita," ihicbwae excauled with distinguished ability. TW 'rlrhrated American actri aa, Uiaa Julia liean, epH ared ill the interesting i bar actor of Kvadun, and waft i.t huslnat ical ly applauded throughout thawlioie play. I he utire piece was admirably sustained l>y all I Un principal characters The amusements concluded wit* iho lavarita faro* of the " Peculiar Position " T*nignt. Miaa Iieaa wiU appear aa lliauea, in M.lmau's tragi uy of Pail" or tlie Italian W .fe," beeidae wtneta, will be pvrfurmvd the farca of the "Captain of Una Match. Ciiaivrv's Viairaiu i'hrlaty. now playing In this city nwirijr y.aia, ana wliu ma grootaat ?uc <! ??, atUI r"Dtiiiu?? t<> attrart large aa*atnblag?a orary night, Tbc proptninc for tbii mialgy imuuiiui an ain?llant a. l< clton of uiriodiaa and (huruut*. aotua on tba gviiax ard tioim. and dancing ?urh aa baa aarar btan wtanaaard in any alaitlar nhibition Oiiarir rinrf i aro drawl04 largo amdl?m-aa to hrar lh. ir ringing and ricllaul negro dalfc. niatioDK Tba darklaa .if lL? Kouih ara fairly raprwaatitad by Una r> ni|any, Tba pr fiDa>' la rariaff and httractira. 1'Wca la aa full of wit and marrliao* aa rtrr Mtiortn* ? Wblta. w'.tb bla band of Saranvlara. M doing wall la Iba Jlowary Tbay play a racy atoning kt W bo??y. a M* aa r> Mai B Wni.iaMa ara playing with fart lurrrot in Ronton Ila la a llrat rata Iriali romadmn, and aho an axc.llcnt raprnaoiitaUTa of Yauk-a aharawkra Tbry ara nvangag?d fur twaiva ulghla Manna Coo* glfa hla (rand cone art at lha Tabarni^ In. on Thuradar owning out Ila will b? a-?t..l?d by Hiaa Julia N Ml ball Mad 11* Hl*pbania. LaipiJ tf .y.-r, lie diatlnguiabad riollaiat. and II C Uaobt, tba laaabaK if thia lalantrd and rurpriaing child Tn* Hi Trmaaoa ftmi 1 ara playing at Albany ml >??y with grant aunraaw Tlaay will appoar again In tMg 1: y on tba ad iaataut Pnllr* Intrlllgrarf. * fWwag flvrgiar? <?oa alglu laat awk. aoiaa bd| urglara furr.d an rntraara Talo tba iawoiry atora a} I*landrr b ( o , No 12 f uitoa alr.?ot Tua roguaa h.-okn 1 I ha front door, and frnia tha ibua caaaa rarriad off Id bi aralata, g?ld rbalna. braaat ulna, and otbar aluabla j.walry. talu.d In ail at about 9'iO0 Tba urglara wrra In ilia act nf It. a king Into tba Iron aofa, b.*h ronlainad a larg. am >ant of gold larar wataban nd roatly )tw?lry, ahm I bay warn alarvd by aotaa 't ? to orrr tha atora. who rallnd out to thorn aaktng 1 bat (bay vara about Tho rognaa than fla.1 with ihn r party tbay bad airaady takan froia tho ab.w oaaoa. inly a faw craning* li?for? thia robbary, aum* b ild ogua attomplad to lirvak opan a abow raaa aituatad by ha door of far. Alatandar'a other larga yaw dry alua, "ratrd at No WHt iiraud atrwl Tiara tba regno a*an aarly. It baing only arvan o'clock In tba craning, nd tba at**a full of ruat'.inara at ttiatma: hit tin taraj. In loralng opan tba lock, kuockad a allrar g <brt againat tba glaaa. whlah gara tha alarm, and *hw l.iaf mad* good bla vxaaa It U a ain/ular fa.-l ituff d r.guaa bar# a partiaular faury f * jawatry atoraa. 1 I'Wgr af '"loud Yaatarday m rning four lira ana. by tha namna of Jacob Hargar.l l'at*r and llanry Irynra. and t'harlaa Itu< knar appeared haf ,ra Jaaiioa lounlfort, attandad by tbalr oounaal. Nlcta daa Maartat. Ka>| . and alatad to tha Juatlea that tbay bag aan impoaad upon, and ratal ad tba following ci-*ni?lanoa - Burgard ?abildtad tba fotlnwlqg enriona aipt:? Now Tarn. r*k KM>. I MO. %/*).?Kn Irvd fr?oi Mr. Jaaak Margard. w? af ftfvp "ltara for a akaaa* to g? la ralifarn a la Ika amar Witr? li llvat, ar tba aait ataamar n hara. a? aaal, ar opr. k hand al aaytkiaa aimaarr; li aal aa ao?a u p./ ilia Wagaa nta*i doilara a*r aioath. M ka diaabargad In alifurrga. CHAkLKt H'ttk bio. Ml Kovtk ilraat, iaw T -k. rharlaa Bark am aablMtod a raooipt lor A-W. o? tha aina data and lb* aaina *nr?Ung Tha two faayara ax 1 bit* d oarb a ruralpt for %U paid on tba IvNh of iarrb. alnra whlrh lima tbooa man hara boon alaa t laily al tb? (lira of Kaudall A K -aa. at Charlaa Hoaa * o , lha rroilpta being a.g 11 ad both waya. with tba aa. rial Ion af f? log abipp^l. tat noltbor of ibatn bar* i*a prori.lod with any birth up tn thia tuna, and mif ba r<wipiainanta boliata that tha Indvarmaiit kail ul to lh.m ?aa d?na mwoly In oldala tha monry. and wd f- rward lba? aa por a?.rra?>ant Tha magtatraio, n b.arlDg tba r< tuplaint, wrdarad tha aff Itiiu In ba ikaa and ararwdingly n warrant waa laauad for tba ramaA nf faanrfnll fa fannn Tk- a -al_ ? ?(ir??|io? ittmImI by o(h.?r Prtnca J >hn lltrii. >/ rough! up hafn.-c I ha magtatrata Tlia < oaa Ctan trrat'cttnl and tba vnuol ytrtiw l? y back Uw nonay ranalrod frna the lonpUiuilb hirb ?u dona and tlia magistral* adjuraad a rvlirt h< ant>* until Tuna.lay of arrt oaak t ' Wr? V Haiku p CatuUMi Joaaph arraatad. raai flay a young man by Mia naata of Jnha tlallaghar, n a barga of rnMilay' by forra a ynitif man by tba ania of John Hod. r< aiding at (fa l*tf ltno.?ry on laat tiday a aok aan II ~~??r> by tba aatdnnna flaaa by itr Ktad, that about 11 a'alub oa Iba ? |M in |ta?. Ion b" ?aa'?u tba rorn?a of t'anaJ and Kim atraatt. brn Waitagba r aldod by an.a bar n an .aa.l hold >4 tin and b<M htm fhat aod by fbrna adi front hta iw* b-t In bank bill* and than mad* thair awny*. fartrelay on ?ha arraat of tiallagh - M' K r-i id" aIft. d hku on* of tba poaaona oho mboad him -a ,h? night ahoaa aaaatlmiad Jnattea Monntfort ta? IMad tba aaauaad to pria-.a fW a furtbrn hearing t'amoioa Plaaa. in rHtnitm. Bafora Jtt lffn I ngraham trait It -"don I. TV.tpaao ?*at?af MAm a >a'?A rtaaipaow taaf /W a /baarra aa Iba yraand V MA ilBrp. On raport of U U lab a >Bar rafaraa and ?o id o of Martin Tan Haranbifk. plaintiff adtomnr* -rtri ' ' 'r*a faartVtt

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