Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1850 Page 3
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4J.1C1 BV APOTIOW. Atfrrru. auction***-hootbhold nram tin M N*7mB Franklin KrwL ea Tnaeday.?A C. Tatfi will wll, * - marrmw, MMt'atMl, mm the tWn pMmlei*. , te* Furniture ef a family removing frem the city, eomprlelng terewela u4 sther Carpet*. Mahogany IiMhhi Table, nrp *?d M-t?w fanlliN, Uwu (Mull kt. OmlapaM en the uornitg of enle. WlifOUId, AUCTION***?6TOB*, NO. 12 Spruee s. Owarterinaetar's sale, I kit day mi Dfc e'tiesk, mi No. 14 Broadway, will km eol.t, on Mwait of P? onrtcrtnnrUr's Dapwtaoil, U. 8. Arm7, a lot of Uniterm 0?? Woollen 1'uM, Flannel Shirts, Bool*. Cutlary, wahlaa. iiw. Tool*. Lumber B.?nl?, flilnm, t?. III. BV JACOB 8. PLATT?Is G.CARKINOTON, AUCTION. mmt.?-nardwuie aud Cutlery, also 4 cast** Pictures, frhli and Portrait* In framae, fur account of underwriter*. AIm, tb? stock of a retail store. Al*o, fancy pood*. A#.? Jae* n 8. Plait will Mil, Iki* day. a* above, at the Ano*ea room, 23 Piatt atrect, at 10 0 eloek; Among which ar* Angara, W. Butcher's Parting Tool*, Carving and Baku car**, (ironor Iron*, Ac. Also Mill 8aw*. Tennant and net Ra??, thinninghsui* Lead Peiieile, Violins; ea* CaM Wkip*, ?la?? Lantern*. Mincing Mai***, Cnt Tack*, Bran* aadlaetieks, German Silver Butter Naive*, German Silver and Plated American Table and Tea 8pt*m*. Elliot'*, Ftak d Crave* A Son'* Raaora, Baiaaorn. Shear*, Unlabels. llaadl.el la, Corkscrew*, Snuffers. Toy Sadiron*. Padteak*, Table Knivee and Pork*. Pocket and Pen Buivse, Pitchforks. Ponder riaek*. A*., with earion* ethur a?d*. N. B.?Auction *ale of Crockery In the largo aula* room orar the Anctloa Store, where the tame J* ready for anamination, and wtll be nold in Iota to uit Mvntrv ilc&lfrt1. I? wmiuwo* at 10 o clook 01 Wednesday, 17th in?t. Also, 10 hogshead* Buckingham War*, and a c?u?ral iu?^rtiu?ut of (ilastwurt, Traj*, Ike. By Jaaeh 8. Plait. L.(l. Carrington, Aoetioneer. Crockery, China, Gins* and karthen Ware. Jacob S. Piatt will aell a riertl aeiortn>?nt on W'edneeday, 17th iirnt., at 10 o'clock, the large ruler room near the euetioa room, 23 Piatt street, ef which CI untry purchaser* will pl?a?* take notice. BY F. COLTON, AUCTIONEER?WEDNESDAY. APRIL 17. Gentiel Furniture?at 10 o'clock, at No. 374 Broadtray, Gothic Hall?boln: the entire furnUO'C of o dealer dcCacllning bn*>a*?*. and eooMiting in part of mahogany, ***** oaa and I lark welnut spring-sent. chair*, teto-n-lct* nnfer; rne?wood and mafcngany marble tap centre-tablae; kaankifnl marble ton dressing bureaus; rosewood and mahogany wardrobe*; boolean**: sccretari*-; mahogany dining and tea table*, full Prench mahogany and Gothic bedsteads; fancy and plain work table*; large and rmall mirror*; pier table*; large and small mahogany and rosewood rocker*: waehntanda: *rl*s and cradles; music stools: beantifnl Gothic figured gilt aad broaia chamber fnrultare. en enite; patent and plain kadetaade; Boston rockers; easy chairs: feather bed*, hair mattress**?together with every article generally fonnd in a furniture store. K. B.?1The above fnrniture w?* all mad* to nrutr tor tne spring treat, ana is averr way wormy mo attoniinn of parties requiring good furniture. PUBLIC SALE.?THE THREE FRAME OOTTAOIS and lots, and vacant lot adjoining, situated on Uordnn trot I, soar Core, Staple ton, Statcn Island. Into the properly af Mr. John Ktartan, deceased. Title indisputable. Also, Mm brick building known as the Stapleton Brag Store. The Mere sale to take place on April ltith, 1SA0, at 12 o'clock, at Mr. Charles II. Stebins', Vanderhilt Landing, Stapleton, Stateti Island, lty order of Mary L. Rear can. executrix, he abort property it about Are minutes' walk from the fending. Mr. 4. TAYLOR. Agent. AC. TITTLE. AUCTIONEER.?ELEOANT ROSEs wood Bedrfom rnrnlture, at 103 Franklin street, this day. A. C. Tuttlr, will include in the sale at No. IDS Franklin street, this day, one suit of elegant Rosewood Chamber Earn tore, also one sn terror Mahog my Secre-nry and Hookeese-?the whole of which hare been but little need keing the fnrni or of a family removing from the city, and will be sold without reserve. Sill RIFF'S SALE-Wil l. BE SOLD. ON TllCr 9 IAY, 'he 18th of April, at 12 o'clock, at the Mere . tit's Ex hangr, by Adrian II. Muller, all tha valnabls tbr'e 'torn Mri ck llocse, situated on the eorner of Avenue C an t Sixth I trset, together with the Houee and 'Lot adjoining. Seo Expense and Courier. FOR MAI.K AND TO LET. Express route for sale-witii all the nkceossry Fixtures, Ac., the proprietor having engaged in ther business. The businees is so situated that tha owner an live in New York, or at the other end of the route, aa he please*. Terms, JlOti In cash, and tha balance in good notes, with approved endorsement*. Address " Express," at the offer nf ibe Herald, with real name and references. IMIULWOVI MEM FIRST CLAM HOUSES, NEAR Fourth avenue: two on Ioxington av uue. Also, ouo very uperb house near Calrrry Church. All si e above honi-eeare offered low at immediate sale, possession immediately. Apply to PETER PARKS or S. S. BROAD. U W all St., basement, in Crwton wator MM. 130 U S A LE?A BEAUTIFUL COCMTET SF AT AND grounds, replete with every convaniaure, stocked with choicest vines, fruits, flowers, vegetal 1?*. conservatory, ioo kocra, ard twenty acres of land, in the highest state of cultivation, sitnute in the healthiest location on Loux Island, and xrltluu on< hour's dis ancs. ur seven miles of Sis York by muln steam or stage. Apply to Mr. Niehole, merchant, TV Water street. New York. E LEO ANT COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE.?THE Srileerlbcr Is desirous of selling his elegant country seat la kite village of Jamaica, I^ag Island. oa the Kockuway road, kwvite miles from the city, accessible at all hours of the day Wy i..._** xnd railroad, only a quarter of a mile from the depet. The Jiyn/e Is a large double botise, ( with eolotnaj.) P,rit-f t* feet IVflfLv by thirty-four feet detp. bntlilu the keel* manner?contain !nf k wl> h-H. < four elegant room. With flre-placce closets and pahilfud on ,'* flr*1 floor, five rooms (four with flre-plaees) oa tbe eecdtlu floor; two r- as la Iks attic; kitehsa attached with two room* 4??r IOC same, ? wtii Vf excelleat water close by the dour, with hart, flf*ksu "* Fork shop, hovel, lee houee (Ailed), and other *"? nou . . -.ygjngs, all In fir t-rate order; together w ?h i,Vi.*r'I,rLs ( f Vafio uader thi iiigbeet state ef eultivati a, SSfLr.TrJryEwidsnafliawg* and hiKh?a lard.n., abraxas b< d, apple And fiAAeh bfchxrds, khflhdanee e* ptum', rare, ahernas, gooseberries, cure-gate, raspberries, tlrawrriee, grape Vines, and fruiw of all description". all in m -t xaalleal condition Location la rerr healthy sad pleasant, bnrehes nf all denominations, best of sehools and academies within half a mile, and every comfort and Convenience to make the place desirable. Rusinees In the city requiring Ihe aslant attention of the subscriber, he will dispose of the plate on reasonable term-. Pnr further particular, apply oa , the premises, or at Ah Reads street, Ntw York. ABRAHAM J J A f EflOM. AM F. AI T1 FI I. COI'.TKY KFMDEM'E AND FARM for sals ?That well knots and delightful situatioa In the sua of Irlin. near Senilis. Is i.x NIaud. formerlr tbs resi Aratt of ( apt. tnl lat.-ly of Dai,i.l Ii. Howard. koq? af ?h# 'ni'ii Ratal, V V.. c n.latin; rf a fin*. l?ra r. -n -i dloa* .1w*llirg hriiN. with bam* and m-ktam. Mid a boat 2>*? a.r*-* of land under g"..d raltlm; Inn, aituataa mw Hla? I'vlni l.ay, within 5 mil* f lb* railroad, wall *atarwd ?v airrnm* ar*l in Mm tnldat i I J.. trust and nyai.r r* l>n. lb* prrmiat'rn*t in thrlr prm.nk eoad'.tiaa about fU.Ofld A large pnrtiwa of th* ptn-htH ai > ? / aaa ratuata bond ?rd mnrfrap*. R.frrrnr., JOHN IV llliW.t K I?. Irrinr II 1*1, X. Y. Mils. IIVRMII I. b DdTIDW*. 3 *i FrunTru.-rmoNi wantino a coktlrtr mi of tb. latml atyl* Rna.trnod I'arlor Fnrnttira, Maa. by J. k J. W. Hotki, tb. bt*t tukft la th. dir. tog--i h*T or aeparat.iy, fr na son* aholo* Cb.rah.r F; mil a rn, tta nf alia. nppnrtaaily by aalilaf at 1(H Br ad way. Tb* abn*. baa kwt I* .arafal a*. about na. mar. HlbWOtl FVRNIURF AT PRIVATE SAI.K. TIIR .wt.r bating a. farth?r aw for .ham Tomi rn d-r ' A* ihrj an *1 I aeld k?f?rf tb* Aral ?f May, latuir* at bar* .'I llaart atrrat, Hrnnblya, for Altnltt. OR fair?A i nil kAKD, in A OOOO IXbCATIOJf, aiib all It a a.<uitrr tiiam. baring a i".?d art of ntitboosrrr. trill I ? ld rhnarv if ?rpl ?d f' r lrwned.aioly fir par '...lar*. ad m. m. H ll-ra.d i#r?. IJOt S AI ?A RTOKR, TWO >TORK-StorSlN AND Dirk*. I. tb. tiling* of Writ ftna>. abort 1 milm . from <br ra lrnad d*|-t -.1 Mora *tnan, and oa. ail* fr it tb. 4*I-ol at lb. naprr tillage; a hh.-n II by 33 f??t. tar. arm.* high, with lot 7.1 hy Ai f<wt, ao.t.Ur fur any hind of mar'.ami. al la-ir.a. Apply to John P. Itali.r, llitlk, r. rn.r I'rinrw and I maty nmU, ar m H. Rowland, lb **t I'* mi, N V HO r a % * 'Mf A II A A IIOK.AK. Id II AND* high, young, rouad, and kiadi ap ompt drtr.r, load trarrllrr, and a tarr fart a alitor: aland* la ll? .traot without bpinr AI*", a bay liaraa, 13 l an l-1 <>. - r?ar-.Id, aoaad luid kind; 1. I an<l>?D>., ?nd a dmiraM. harm for * ripra*. ta ?un, a family, or rromr; atand. witbnat tying Will ha awl. Inw, ti.a owner bar jg to aaa for tiro. Apply at A01 W a ar atrral. To lct a rrimuasn parlor, with tantrum oa lb. IIrat luar, taltaUa far utr ar two prrana, la a atual] prlrat" fa-nil*. withla fr. miaatra walk of thn City Hall, and tw. nf Hmadway. Far i?m<. tp Ij at M Rim flrmt, Itiawt w allmr and w Mia WW. I Ido i rr-tiir. fi.f.qant surk. and rumnobiors I'willia.- No*, lit and 171 Kraa l ?(r..t, lu th. ma;rt nf tb. bwala.r part of t, t tlllara al Wlliiamaburrb. Tb. wtnr*. arr abala.d, with mar.tar* and large bow window*, aad will l? put la goad rendition and at low mi. lajatr. at l?7 Krnad .urat. la William- trgh, or VI Miaod.a U>*. Raw Torb. Hi r to i kt, with tup m.-kfrn improtr. mania, Hath* hT.? H >t??? to la;, on* na tb. fmrtk araaar olawt Tw.aiy-lf'b and Tw-nty-a.ath nntu and oa* oa T > aiy-.itth ?tr? *., a f.w f-rt *rt m tb? tatit*; th.y ar. tbra. .tori.* high, aad ua now or will b? put la ("rfaat rwlir tinj ar* wall a-iapt?d f. i agratmd (alttlt rtadnw. Apply to I> tVANS.Tw.r y-ti.'ib atrr t r?rnaj k a. tut #f liwrll. arrtta. nr Ttiwran tirarl. third Vnor. STARIF 111 I FT NK tR I M"N * Jl A RF. -A AT A III.R tint i l Kiarri Thirtma*! ..d I'n.r math urwir. aaMiM* Tblt'tttlb ttiM, tl f?< r*<I Fmirtb atraa*. mpabk "f an*, mai' datlag four nr V*. b?rw*., with mmaga ri m. Ii.fta, kr w III rmlrd low t. a gmd taaaat. la tulra ca prtirl 'a. nr of I, H RAR^ Itt^^Tn. .Irmt. TO V | ft Ol N TI.A.1IRX f>R PROrBAAlON *L MRX. ? A a?nll ptl? Ma family hart** ? ?? ro^m than ifcay a*a ? ?!< Iti, frr? ih? H ?f ot May. I?i yarlara n l ??<< I~4r - < -a Ik* aaarnd f?T Wi p.r.< a? aa aSaaa, Ilk r'"1 wfj ra>"?iH? l?ra>?, tiihnl Natl Vh* I f a anally a? I al am agrojaj j alt, finr 4"' r? I n> Hr> iAa-iy an I a- ? alaaW walk fraaa aha City Hall. A. C . *kl? rtV?. Dltl ,w. Sir*k kra r.l koi'a ami a. amxoi.ii h r?. will rf-n ?a 1na*4ay, tb? lAlk Inrtant, tb?lr anilrr ration by thn nt-.T- aooamam, "mhmiu la pari al - ' null rlv'a aa4 aarr.iv atrip-4 Hllka. maanrtaa, *r-?a aa'l Mark aa'.afal 4?.: I'fhl. a.admm aaJ dark glarta 4a.; I'arla pnatod n4 |>lnid faalari 4a.; 4o. 4n laaoa't a?4 Of. r*4 d. ,|n ha' r? and Alkarlna; 4?. 4-. * Ik Tia?aa aa4 analla*: a, fc (? >4 an4 a?l| Maalin la l..a,a*i T? I 4a I la ta and I ? ? I' fcima; blank Acarfa aa4 Hialc M 4 v for Mantilla* aa4 VU;w?; *i4? blank I l.>nn-iti# Ur. ; | i.'nnk KaAfiM?f "A id Ilia no . nntdo it ttia aaa- n; Mi... larf an I II a MmtlPan; Rlfcl.ina.aa4 bar M illinrrj ( n V. Oar |>rin.?4 Mfattk 4 Iaia*a ara, fr.-a tkla day, r?An**4 mark H?a f.wr firlnoa. Ni u <hk? jf : rimt'vrp prom r*i' i-rr Uunaia fur raw . f lira' 'if 'I n** llna* baa'a nmrrar. :i- Alar, f ulnf' . l>r Lain**, M >11 aa, br, Ilk a grant artoty of n-? - . I , at A A k M HI" k k I 'll A. VA H- a.laaf. tKDIA roi i.AID AI T.RR.?A LARUl A Mi CUOICH I nan'ftm-nt. for oal*. 1y lol.tlKRM PATTIHrs A ra,Uaa4a?rN4wmi rAkln MM I.I N*Rr.-TOR At MAI'RI HF R WILL r|??. * Itliay. aha tjih I . ant, unl *?.*a cf tba |?i..t ?r?1n it Pari. 11 ?n-?., ? - tlag ?f dray'an*. Allk. RnhrrlaaraA. an4 lira* - ??* h'mfr -4 yr ,itgb>r llarhina La4lo ar u.l; i nl?4 V rail ai I itanlna AMUR RaiTI.R Park glaaa. HOAIERV MIR I'A.MI -A COMMPTR AAAORTVRXT I rf Hnalaryji I r?'"?*4, aa I f ir "al# I y || . a?r. at ?'fjr I- | "If aaah. aa thr a .lorr r \ T ?II|iaa. ' JiiliS *lll>' A AA Af?r. Tlir. I H If ? A *TOR I AH I.N'! "AROAiXA Will. 1 la frun4, let a fa? day*, al Mi? Naw ."i. -a, -nraar af Pr a4? ?? A'd W hlla ?tr ? , a -nptlnlay a Irk -1 an|a4 f"? 'ari and < lam rail"*. ?k|i h ?i'l ha M at I ?ha ma a M f.r-lalh x. ? Jii'l r-aa(aa4. far ]aai vaamrr. a larpa at>1 k "f raal ' il nn", la> ?a, rf I'.a m -? apt rl.4 4?a, a . ntihfc Wll ' I'. wli-l?aJa ? tal*. at |>?i-<%a i bat w arr..rrar4 la .. * aal<. Cat -1 'lr .al >y and M ! a* IT at _ _ _ | m igavin f k ?. ?:4aw| -n m ^ i til.i a a - AT .79 llr adnar. tvia ? k IU *" -?) IO.' Tl'w a RT iii rtar 11,1a 4ar, aa ?a.aa af * y tat, Ha,a ' ?a< a ty a ? ?!? #: a a*, m. ,f i rl< s IT a-ad 4" 4a. P A largo a rianani -f an* 'i ?4 alifc Hani Ha-> i |iiaa| I'atQ rltl" ftt aAgaaaa* tj aara CXRr>a4?>y, hrrat ad R l?IAa* aifaat. KOIt UlMR. BRfAMIJl??! A.SII I' ILM Ull. 41 rilXAlnaaaaaflkan ,n ?i ri A?artaa,i? raaayrln* V" ah la h?aai tfca nrvrr 'I". ' din ilai ipimf'rr b? a ill ? r-- 'i-JjpfT^rgi5sR,ftnir ^WEirr*. ....... j WANTED?1 SITUATION IT A EaBrNUTARLS mil r an-. M Nwma and !*? ' will "to ma ST. UMkMt .r rtflNMt town tor Into CMptora. w??b -to? A tu Iin4 hrthlut Itaw ?to aan to aaM by m1? m us fin Mto ami, mk am?. Wanted?a situation, as nurse and huatrato, by A J?i?i wunaa wilbjnod iWii? Sto w to MM tor too day*, al NaT M fas Twaaiy-toM aaaaaa. Mil M iS? Eoarth iimu, wtora .b. Am Ut.4 tor lr. riHH Mil ?' in* tiiKT i/ur 12 o'atoan. Waktxd-a situation, hv a TOTNO rm >< ii (iui m Ijtdj't Hud, or Nana tor l?Mm. M Ir.i ?1 In fni"!. Inauirv at .W Broadway. j WANTED-BY A Kr?l*E<TAIIl.k TOUNO WORAN A ill ration la a .mill prtrata fuiilj, M plain ' rubir And Iron nr. ar to do |wril Uoanw< rk Nu ob)?? tlona to coing ia lb. country. Ap|djr at 112 Eliaatotb trnt Hind floor. "1E7 ANEED?BY A RESNB4TARLE GIRL. A SITUAtt lien In a prt.ata family, a* Nun. and nihiim., ?t i to arilat lu war bin* or Irouiac. ma *ln lb. boat of ?i if r?torttir* from k.r lAit plnra, wb.n .h. baa lind for lwo pawn aad bin. month*. I'lann* rail At 104 Eiyhtaanib Mi*' totwrrn Third and Fonrth ivwih fan I. na?n for Iwa dan Wam M>?a SITUATION, HY a Ifl'MT a Ill.e young woman, aa Ubauitonnaid. aad 1. a r-?J .blur and iroa.r.or aa Cbanil.rmald aad Waltar: aan do plain a?wInr. Good elty rrfinner. I'laaaa laqnlra AA 42 Waal Ptft.i nth c'rrrt. rrar balldlnr I WANTED? BY a EES i* BUT a HI.e YorNU WogAW, a aituativa a* I'barabrrmni 1 or H altar baa a-> akjartli a to ccaict In tha wachln* ar ironing. Oa* to oaati f< r iwa dan . at No. 278 Grand ctr.rt. The toot of city r?hna? aaa ba glean. j WANTF.D-A SITUATION. AS NI'KM AND ?EAMetreee or Chambermaid. in hm IWfMMI It 'emilg ie willing to go tain the country, and ha* good eltv referee Can be eeen for three fdeyc. Pleaee to eall at No. Id Weat T> rrtecnth etreet, in N rcer WANTS D-BT A IUPKTABUTOOVO WOMAN * eltoation to do general h< neework. le a fleet rate a*->k, waeher and ironer; the loot of city refereaae* wilibegtere Can 1 e eeen at 48 Roeerelt eireet. far twe deye. Sret front roc hi. I WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A Itnation aa Chambermaid aad Waiter, ?r to do e?aeral hone* * ork in a email private family; kae an objection to go a abort dlttanee in the coat, try; bat the bee; of city reference and recommendation. I"?aee to eall el theeoraei ef the Bowery and Hleeeker et., entrance la lileeeker WANTED?A SITUATION BT A KESPKlTABLB young woman, ae Chambermaid and W alter, or to do general honee work in a email family; good eity reference Apply at 91 Eleventh etreet, on the third floor, ha. k room -( an be eeon for twodaye. Wanted, a eituntiom by a re,p cte'le yonnf woman, ae plain Sewer aad Chambermaid, or te take care of children; good eity reference gteeu. Ap|dy at Tfl Eleventh etreet, on the third floor, back room, tea ke eeea for two dare. WANTF.I)?A SITUATION BV A RKTEf'TAHI.B young woman, t" do chamtwrwork ad waning, and te aetiet in waehlng; the ie n flr*t rate waeher eed ironer. and a good plain eook for a email private family: the beet or reference given. Apply at No. 48 Hicke etreet. Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN a eitnation ae Cook, In a private fatally; hae ao objection to aeeiet in weehing and Ironing. Beet of eity reference given. ( an be Ml. II f. r tw.i d:i_r?. at ?7 ?'r- . Itween Pint and Second nvenu.e, in the rear. 1 e?, .ire for AC WANTED?SITUATIONS, BT Two RESPBCTABI.B young women?one ac Cook, Waeher. and Ironer: the other ae CT.ambertnaid and Waiter, or to in wn.Mng end ironing. Qui eity refervnee given. Can b# eecq f..r two days, at 133 Twcnty-flrit etrvet, Between the Soeond aad Tbird avennoa. W ANTE D?A SITUATION, HV A RBSI'BCTABI.B " y..ung woman: rhe ie a good cook, aad a flret ra.e wo'.-r and ironrr; would do g, ncral homework. and hae no ehjeot'on to go a ehort dietarec in the eouatrv. Can be eeen at her preeent employer'r, No. >9 South Eighth etreet, Wlllinmelurih. UL" ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BESPEtTABLB v? young womao, ae Nuree and Seametrcee. live no objection to do riten.berwork, or te wwlet in waehiag aad Ironing. l'lenre apply at No. Zh Cornelia etroel, flrvtfluor, ftoat room. ft r two deye. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS I.AHVS WAITING ! Maid, or Stewardee, to t ree-el going to California. She will rive her eervieee ae compeneaticn for paaeagc. Addreee No. 17s Eleventh etreet, aeccnd floor, u petal re, atafiag whore , an Interview may be had. WANTED-A NEAT AND INIHSTRIU S VOUNO girl, between 12 and 13 year* of age, to anoint In boneawork ar.d make hereelf generally aeeful, la a email family. One who ie fond of children, ana of a good diepoeiltea. will Bad a good home, and 1 e treated ae one of the family. Apply at No. 300 Twenty-eiilh etreet, betwnea Seventh aad Eighth avenuee, three aoore aaat of Eighth avanua. Gorman or ' I WA VfF.Ii?A HTV ATI OK, FOR A PROTBSTAMT Au.triran yntrng woman. Hhe te a flr?t-rat? Soijutn-M and Dreietnakcr. and would be willing to aaai?t in the ear* of hlldren. ( an be eeen at No. 97 Unci liroadwey, where ehe har been living, and reeeieed tl.e highe-t recommeadatiou iriNTID-BT A MOST RESTRrTAliLR STKADV W0Yv n an. a eitoailon aa Noree and Heamctre-a; la annua, timed to children, and fcaa the fcaat of city reference; baa ae abjection to the country. Plenec eaU at Mo. 9 OUeer etraat, ' oppnnte tbe Kaptiet church. I TTANTKO-A 8IKCI I. nrr?l.LI-inBn 4 "*rtYY teatMt who sndaratauda gardening and la need to fbl!!";^^- fBtaliab prefcrrel ii^a aaed apoU a.oept , tha^ ,.u rfMb.mttid.-d Addreee W. N. W.. Poat COee, M. Y. I \1*ANTED-A LAST K KMI T>1 bit. IK A PLBABAMT ft alltiatloa ia the opper paet of tbe eity. would take a child te board. OaelieajWNte #ee y-nr? id would be pirftrrod. Any perron doiring a home for th-lr child. I wherv It weald receive the beet uf eare nad attention, would fled Uiia eery deairable In every reepeet. A ? h addreeeed j to Mra. W., at thla oSee.wlll be attended Ve. until Thursday. WANTKIb-ltY A lttbI'Vt'TABLK TOl'MU WOMAM. If a altaatlnu to eo?k, waeb and Iron, or do general hoaaework or rhnmlerwork. aad taking ear* of children.? Tbe beet of rill refereaae frivea. Oaa be aeea for three day*. Inquire at IK Mott elroet. rear. \|r ANTKD-A S1TVATION, AS A OOOD Pl.AIN COOR. If and to aeeial In wnrhiag and Ironing Hhe la aa eneellent waeher and ir?ner. Meet of ettr referwnere aaa be gives. Apply at ko. d Man on treot. I aa be e-rn for two dara. \l'AKTKIi ltd A t IKI < OMTFTRNT TIHHO WOff man, a attention to d? the eooklag, wmebiag and IronIng ( f a prteate family, la a good eo?k and m et eaorllent aaeber and Ironer. haa the teat of refereneea, and wUl be willing to make Lcr?elf generally aaefal. Caa be aeea at M Medieoa "tree!, for two dar* "ll'AMlIt- Mn ATKiSS. IIV TWO IXtl'WTAIII.I YY ard well ref-mmended youag women; one ae plaia e<-'k. and to do erneral h.ueework. the other ae chambermaid, waiter, or enildren'e anrw, and cowing. Both pouaeaa high teetlniomlale of ehareeter. Apply at fco Tweaay-llret afreet. 1 etween Right*, and Mlnth avennee. Cm be enea for teideya. __________ \L' ANTED?BY A BBMPMCTAMLR YOPMU WOMAM. ff a aitnatlrn la a pnra-e family, le a good pi el a cook. Wkeher aad Ironer flood city reference# caa be fie en. t ee le eeen f< r twe deye, at Me. I?? Buaabeth evruet, Treat room. I op-eta! re. _ 11/ ANTBD?A BIT1 ATM N BY A mi NO WOMAM. ! YY with err? reetu-lable etty reference, aa \ir?e and ."eaautrew, and w. uld bare ao abjection te ehemberwurk. fan be -ree tiU aaned. by applying at >W ft eel Nineteenth atieet. am oad floor, back room, between fuatii and seven.h ' hum * | \|'AMTiI?-HY A RP.*l'Kl"T AMI.K PROTEST V MT W ft- ' YY m>n, a eltvaiion aa I <rk la a go,.d waebor end ireuer. uaderetanda bar bnaiaeea perfarllr well. The beat of reference ran l>e (teen, by railing at ItX Mulberry at reel, between Heater aad t.tand. fan lie eeen f<>r two day?. WANTED?A KRAMdTRKde WIIO 18 RIT1IFR French or Cerma;.. who la tulrli with her needlo. end U doeiruttc of g'ttiag i-eri-onent work fvra family. Apply te tbe deek of thin oil e for the reeidenoe of tee lad f. WAXT1D-RT TM I) MBRPBCTAMLB ft "MEN, B1TV" e ion- . i 'v rr feared ratier Peat/tCoeA.aad Mae other ee ' haiolertnal I. In n rerpectabie priente fem. y H ,'A rea pro ure aar I'factory refrreneea from the thee ; ha?e Herd with In thle elty Plruae apply at Mo. 71 Fourth netnue. third ctory. fr >?t r . in. | Hr ANTED?NY'A YOPMO MAM. ft VE.tK.i OF AOR. i a eltuatlon a? t lark. In aome rampertable hoaae Salary a- t # trueh aa object aa a permanent aitueil n. He po.aaeeee | egi'd knowledge of tlie French, Oerman. aad lan- | fuayee, and rea e TMpntl ia al' tl.'ia Any euaamnalea- I Ion will le thankfully anl promptly attended to, by nddreaeli g I> at*) t off \t'AKT*fb-A IHTI'ATION. BY A Yol'MU WOM.t*. f ?* I . m r \ * in4 Mid |>t*J? Mil Mt No, %% t %rk r***.o n fl.? fir*% ?>or. Ijr#4 la l*r I U?l y?la^t tw?? j*art. hv a n?Anr. clkav. nnr rorna ' " flrl. a Mitau'lr^ a* I 1iaxnWrvnai4. a? I to 4o p4aia { pain#. ?f a* ehlMrta'p aiai4, villi a f?8t f?r rm* > fmid iW Ph# in ..** rr*f *ri?M? p-jrat* f?mllj f<.r %>+ la?i two aa?t a half rwar?. ari ha. a rB*-ra?# >ti?^h%r I all. If y a flrtra al N* 117 Moll r .r *vnrv?. R/?l r. front rn- m. for Warrarat 'lin far ?n4 v>-iaar*?w, H' llUI' ' 111 ITI S M * RRMH'Ttnli ' I'r ixtim rlil, ?" of > fanlly. Rta ar4ar?ta lar cafBlaj. a?4 wry JP*n4 "J 4 Ironrr. Alai l? aaothar fan* m I'lum'urmil r If 4o trnarnl fenaow rk. Apply at ! *? Riimi' i <!r?l \I avtmi t TV AT IOW BY A BBitlMKTABMf r? f' iiR4 *r1 rl of I'. *11" ! fully ro?pato?t t? ?*lt o? I I*. iMiii la tliinlor i?rl, or *??I4 hat* an .'.H"!!"" to ia4 rhil4ran. ny yn a ahryt Aiatan"* la lh? tonally; a ?! r< frranra alaon for r*?an BMltiifMilifflMl piaoa- Call at <7f> fnaril !>?. .u i- . EE* AMTD?RY A RMl'KrTATW.l TOTWO Wi|(tW, ' rr a itnaii a a? R?amot-~?: hna m ih|?-t|naa to aootat la rLatnkrtwork, < r l?k? 'ar? of o> il4r> a tall at AaSTiml'tA tr?t l?>?f a I'lrot tn.l A--?l ??.nn~? | U'AMtl)-l RITt" ATIOJf HIT A RRiffi'T tltl.R TT yrnji Woman. aa ( hamt?eraai4, a* to 4* r*noral ko-.oaaork. Ha* ?? eVj?*<t?na lop a ok ,rt 4i?laa?* la tha aoaatry. U>'?4 ally itfimw yuan Caa la o->-n for loo 4a ya al Ha. llo-t?r o(r~t. In Hi* roar \t" A \TtV 'I t RMrKCTAIIM H '?i\ a ,T i "? H ? ?? | l?' ?'ook, t? aakao ar4 Ir nrr, ar to 4o ??n?ral I ' aaaaork. la a ? *. II pri*a a family i;?J <-it? r-r-r-n.a Iran, at.4 a ftjortl-a laj la tl" ol.nniry, Can k* ?~af>r Iaa4ara ri?o?. rail al >? tl?', Aml'r r'r?*t, la tA* war. l*'A\TBt^-A rmn my a\n a ?>?t. rr>wy?R. i ?aal wi ll tka ra-all turn* kaatr.r?. A|fly at Ilia o.,r. t r of Itr<a4iray aa4 f?o?r*aaa?h a<raat. VE" AMIIt-A RITV AT .??H AA ' <*>R OH t'fl A HflRRyy a ai4, |? a f?ry fiaklr family. 1 l.a a4?or |..-r a..n't a t ok'aat to 4n yocral konaawork. T> ? t?.t ro'.-rt -?a ,, ' l? m?'?. trflf *1 R I'lftA at root, la lk>' kakary, -an W xm for twn 4aya. RE'AH1Tr?-in A RKM R< TAIII.R tTuWAH. A RITT. yy atlaa aa a ? " 4 t'laia ( ?k, na4 t? willing t > lak* part of tha an-hiny tlr I -t of otty aafrrrara no No (Iron. rlra*r rail al IS? f irik itrwat, aarn-r af Harrow airwt, Nrw T rk \VAKT*it_iiv two wriAit hiri.r. Mrr athimr II a* fa'k ai>4 rkartilarrral'l,ar i aarhmy ao4 irnainy. nr'?rr It- ''all II.. Bra. fiol<ar fca. I U'AMTO?HT A RTRPRI TABI.R TOtWO W?>H At, A yy rllratlra a- I'VamlormaM, a?4 t . 4 ( in arwla . r la lakr rara of rk'l 'fra, ar4 wlolira la Ira al wltk a 1 ly. l.lraH fT Rtrytha In Iryln t | l?t? T-a boat ?f rlty rafrrmooa *! r? l't?aa? i? a?'l a- K IJ H' Hwrry rtrr?t. VAWTF.I>? BV * TO! HO OIRI, A RIH ATI')?!, \t ktr?? tr . star ra a, or rkamvrran* 4 ml tt'.irar. "kr allliar fa oat of Ikr oily althafamly I an )ft?? ff. 4 rafororrao llwir# rail At ?fa. 11 lla l-fa atr'-t, la tfc? lora faa lant fry two 4a**. \E" A * TF. ft?It V A RRApf'TtRI F H IB AH A RIT1 yy aura, ta 4a a-oktr.*. w??f la*. ao4 iroilat. o'* folly rn4ay*iaa4a h?r kaala -. an I aan at*' foal ol.a r f.-r?n"a fmalil Imi ylaoa kt ra a* akfar iloaa to f - In tko a -an tf. I'laar* to aall la <h* mi Uaor aai.ifa.a* *? IW fnyl?iaa r?i. Haw T' fk. E|L* A N TT f?^ A RITVATUiH. HT A TRRAOV Of RRy? Hri l aal la<lftii?i' batlx. a> tir<- trl t?i>Mi?w | a Itfc altt r?fa?owoa. Apply at Ha. Aaron4 airaat < aa ?aaa M iwa 4ay* U'tMHt-i RiTiAiinH, Hr A RRAir.rTtniR yy 7?*ap Ia4i. aa Raain?tr-aa M,a a?4awtan4? all k a4a afaaaiaa. aa4 la a aaat aHrt-amkar aa4rr?tan4* anltlaa : ab4 llilty Van k? Wrt at IJ Moral atraai. Ka? 1 rt I 0 I I' - WMMTT9. ^ irn-ino* ir a urn. a* moors M Vaafat rat r?f r? f r? X tr?fl A ATI D- AT A l?rMTAIII TOCKI ATtlR 4 f IAI?tUMM(*4 ?.to.r u< I" a If a* I. vUlinA to A* (nam U?nit to "nil a"i?? . UmIIi *w4 aaaa ??i ?to' t?. ?A t.l ?| to * la to" aaattajt. lrvlf to A* N ' tnk ?Mt, tatoan %aUa ua tk knaaaa VI'4ATll> A HI TV AT1"X AT A (HART UIRL. T*i TT Aaaalarv >t ?a >. a* ra? >? a pan.... ??! , na 'aa a>aa a.ti an mmmaiai tr m laa ton )toa A?a ht'toaafiaaUia ylaaaa rati a4 A Ito R><t. tk i. to laaat B-?* to4 Itabt Ttora iato to aaat laa aa* J? W A XT?la M ? Rr?rra TARt K mkl A ritva TT Uta H ptota (aak ? *>K?* aaaA liaaar Aa hi(?A R*tW ll?>A aiaaatoH'aa ? to faai laa to aaaa ftta a* 4*7* aa Ra to lata atraaa it, 14a fa-nat Vktaa, at VI 4 ATI l?- Ma a A ! AM- LOto-IRU IM A tkiVA'I " laaili haalaa' A Mt ?A? a-aA a*** Hat# la a? aa aa ataat ? altaaiM to fnaaA a* Uaato? AMraaal hi kl?r Ua?a f>tot Utoaa U tKTIA AT A ll'l Ft TANII l?V*<i UllAl TT a aftatoita ? a ?> I'ato to a lt?< rata a a. to" **4 Irt aar. at 14 4* at aataraafi, Aa toal a# all* ulaaaaaa (laa* laaaiaatt 41 Jmp a <wt _____ U' A AT I |a AT A HWfMT AALT A A AH' IA *NAl, TT a ntaallra a* llaaat laM to a to, a t to ?aaaa?4 a (aanU ("lata to Ia|lu4 *Va to aaawaai ia4 to Aa aaaa a*4 4 afar i *4 wiak to* aaaksaa* a ta*aaa* M aalatt to Ato A taraat t J M.r 1R* A ATT la- HI A HR?rrt T 4 Rl I *n| A A A HITTA TT attol Aaat-. Ml It " I a k aaattll ' ?< a. at I kta >-'?ua a*4 M % *" at a- Aa (aatral a?a?a rk I aa to taaa f "a ! Aaaa I'lawa kaU at ?? M aaaa* aaaaaa. aar< a 4 H~ I fttol toaa* Rtat at Hit tafaaaaaa f aj* \I* * V T I ft A MTI ATIOH HT A HlkVRaTAflUI TT y, ?a( *,? . ?ka M *a aar. U?al "< t alt) . a ?,-,? a?4 tat-aar fit.. 4 rttotat' Aaa to I a* to tw 4?l? to AX H' a a atraat. Alaaa U at- a **4 ItotAat ttra la .a fatal Itarant WIHI It A ?1TI *T|..A HI A HMT TAHIJI to? aa likto?ta*aa. aka taa flail It at "ftla a at a a 1*4 a Taa a af a i?< f atta taftnaM a ? laa to aaaa ft t laa 4a>< if at aailaA. to to A at 4 Mftaa. |M? A a. I Aral |.?i la ato aaaa Ur A A T ID?A A IT! ATloaf A? H I IT R ? OR 'If 41 toavalA. A Ia4| a .akaa to araaara atak-1 af 'to tkaw ttlaili i>' rtt t 4 a t .' lit I .J atak kaa toaatol j jraaaa. at 4 at . aa to" 'aa luRkl* aa- atoaaaaA la avatar aa?ati | Afilt at IS I Faaaa'a-atk Mtaaf aaM fa.-taa a Vt*ATTIlv-A HITTATI t I 4 Alia attic TT a , 1 * a a* to k ant*4a fktot'a aaal4 #? m rita.Uata.f aa flaa < vat ami la a? a4 I atoaa ami la aar TV" Wat ?"a n'araaaaa in ? ft * i.aa Iato 11mat I' -aat | I I V ai 4 tt.t aa.t ? ? VTtmr-l PiTt'ATl"* 11 v ? *r?r tim i< r>u 1 ?? (III I.- 4' 1l.? 'laa.'.,. >k .at ibin, ilWtll|M. HU family !!? ik? W?I of ?lt| rtfmtr* H *14 I wV* . ) " I' r atktrt 4 ttaar* i* tk- a.aalr) M**m a*M ft* I |ar? data ai M' ft < it* It.It ria#a U'lMinNV A Kl?ffl<Ttll| tHltK ? aiTI *- 1 t k a aab aad iraa, #r t > 4 h - . tall favilr It##t r ti >n< Mn ftit'M l?r ! lift i|| t ' f Mar: a rirvt M#a VI'AMID- IIV A M A N F M It At "? a A ?IT 4 " ilea, I# 4? tL# t a s vail | ri > at# fan. il# k<> ?tj? i a# k? d. IS* ( ? #*! V a## otA t aa I# a#aa for Ikm Ian at a ft HI* <<*1 nn#t U'AMIIV-BY A lOI Nt. H*V AN ANtki' AN, I " at; fi' rata) 4 aa 4 Aoatuatr* -a 1 a a 4#a I I?1 frlttti (aallf I<?t4 tut nfotn Mittta t aa A# #a friar daya. treat 10 uU 4. ai No W MiaiA aar*#t aatmad 4. i r from Atttat H VlF A KT Fit?A TO' K tin BI?T or I'lTI Rim , ti'tt rtiairal trli Rat I'tutwttaM a <4 aji Apply at No TW ? U'ANUP?A AITl ATION El A ll'I'l TIIU ft ftnt| a leaa a r I I Ar> raw aa# #r aat Irntr. Ila# ae ol|#< u. a it * > W> ifca rwitn Ha# ftt 4 clt* r?f#rtrr#t. Ij?rj la r#ar- t aa# plana T'aa## aa'i at Ko. AOMotl tUwl, la tit taMant I m It Ma ht la# ' day#. W A NTFIV?HY A KIM'FI'T AMI I TOI Nil N .||V A " rltuatlon A? Cork, < ? am*t#ruia I or laaa lr### l!a# Bo rtjrciloa# to d 11. p#trral koaaaw rk *( a avail r-lra'# family. TL?l#?tof rtly r#f-r. a### aaa t ?i? a lr..~ rail at No ft Frirkf n - #u ? a 1 I'KE liFMOIFI 111 rilAMIItl H.i IHttT arrfWa, dfeirr ?# r ?vv H .,B. 4 Aidant# #? I Itaat da Chavtr* A'adrtaaar Da U llttkau. aa tr. . 4m# I dr I>!? A lrci? bmt#r Afmart giml wiamm a *m ah-.n to no ganaral hoaaawork la a -mall prlrat# Favi'r K* #lj#aM< nr to tr\r#l a bar! di-lnana la Mi# a?aatry AA Ma aoior trill rttiar.1 ndrd frav hat la-tplanc aSar? aha haa lirtd tao y#ara aad auht in at ha. IVut aall at N# II* Ml,-hth rtraat. Wtrraaa Mac lougal aad lliiwa Flaw 4 aa l? ?##n for ' a# day. AYOl'KO MAN I Mill! I AITI ATTON a a wholaattlt Qroaary, Rttilt ar Uqatratora. !## I aaa Itaro tlia Ati#lnr#a. II- I- wll'.in* io mala a#a*tal.r awful. and aiwodfr laly la iAa laiar*#t of hi# aployat A acta adcJia##a<l to J. B.. and Ufa AI Mud Aid. tt|M*aii TIM pr. 0 , attantloa. AB'Tl'ATIOM M ANTtn-AS A HTRIIAT tloTNN *A* |*A*h U# ridiatau #4 aa 4 .JV a#. #t l#<? .*OB, Mfld atl la a ' ' ftHfiftaa. Any arpuaatloa trill ba attandad to. Ay aalllac at M NlaMkat atraav. Halary ant ?o vn?li a * n.i.Wrttlun a# a h tnARKSrkt TABI.K IM No WON A A ti A < T t a alTt atloa la a prlaata family aa I havbarvald aad Da da Kla-n aawlaf. ar ta aaal#t io *a?h aad lr?a aad da Uahl oaaavark. or mak# Aaraalf (raaarally artfal. May ba aaaa for thrr* day*, al M Ladloa airaat. AwncidBLi r?omATAKT cm. wa*ti a ritbati<>a to d? ahaial artrork, or a?a?rai l?i'a#??iw* rintry AS ."-1 *ity |i>? Cukt li?t fori** ft jr. *t ko W3 F nil) *mt, q it*' * ARK-rn T?iujt ttimtv m tvr< * ri ati"* as ?o*d plain t'ork. * aad lrv*?r At* Ih f?*d *ltr C?a I * "?!> fi r Iwn day* n.*w *all aa M* ft Fart ll|kMdU atfoat, in Hi* fclllnil* AHM flWiW LA Ilk * 1MIF.S T" '.FT A ITt ATI"* Ad 1 H'm*k**p*r *lo i. ! r?ur 1. it* ??. -. br*a*haa, *1 ? I* ao.-d 4ro**wtaktr. M Md m a* *aa?vt aa a I W* I 'l-a" ad ' . ?* M r? J II Hflfl. Hi Lin CROCUS PLAC* WANTRD-lir A A"' MO ? 'MAN who 1? a yaod r. ok lad Iaii^h. ftht ***??ail**i ! and Aidt, aid wocll *ti >?# t< I ?t *?| r*r? I miaH"i li lk? mullt; t?*f?rr*4. Cm b# mm fat m* day* ad 9t* B!o**k*r a'rant. HOr.*f.aripfrk mt1 atiu.n wantiiv-Br am Aa iaa llMt Udy, i M t y > MM of ??- who *aa jl > yood r?f*r*an?? a. i? cnnrtim rj aa \ chara***r. a ay If Ac h** frw*at Miplorrr. 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I' a H ? I A*?aey, No, IAJ Na-?an ?ir**t. Uofrrraea* r?ckani*d A; ply, i-o*t r?ld, to F. II. Wil'oi, yroyr.a'or, aad ayaat f r if.* I k laf> la tpranr* t'eiopony. Piangfortrb.?for *alf cheap, two unrm *4, tla-oeta** Pianoforvna; al?* raa for t .-ni-r?. at (X; A' -r art all aqoarr, aad In * >"d urd. r. T* ha M*a at any liai* art#r 3 r'rlck P m , it IX.' < *aai otr*ot. Oyaa Alt* atr*ot door, and yo t* th* third door. MMRUIW0, ibl . HOAKIIIVG.-TOTN At KIJ.IMU PART1RS ATI) TRAM airat ally ?lalt*r*. rrntaol a*aon.modatlona aa im*J*rata t?nr*. at No. Sat Hroadway, * ! door A* .**. Charloa, **ra?r l?*?ard MnH Boarding rwo 111 i*amt farloiaatiiiir. rv< at adjolalay, or M|<aratr, aiay b# b ?d ty f-aU.jt.o, with or wltkoal Ira aad Ar>akfaat. In a mail, aaiat fintily. at Mo Ad l ma' iono* *tr?*l. Tl.* I >?ai|on |? do?ArabU. aad a *'aif->rtaUr ham* mar h* krr* f aad. M* r*moral *a lat of Ray. R*f?r**ro #arban**d BOARIMN0.-TIIR (<>? "R. MO TVT RIW?ADW*T. OPytrlltOr*** I - , to ynt In owfl.n order ay tl lot of Mar, f.r thr r*?*| lloa i f boar Jar?. kie?l* watl*??a a*acrmoda'*d with r?ini, wt* .at ta?ai?. a- i faiallta* with *ii nVnadwap notitn ? antpd -r?R * i.adt and or*ti.rman. Ala a rmali prlto'o faral'r. ?ti?? ao ntkor Iir1?n tak?n. two rem*, fnmlotiod r aafnntl*hod: wtoal p* A* to rrraia: iMtllna 4'wn town, or n?or a otaro mnto; l!W?l pop ?? ' ? odran-o No r?r?r?a?o Addmoa. wlifc fall partimlar*. " RlnpoBifat," ll<rald nffloo. Pott Rl TON not***. NX WRt'Rf), M. T.-Tktn nn wI Iwl rotal Hw.mtat. wUR |(? lAlu'tRHMt ddlrh'fal ar?atf, Toiariott taM-, a-i.l fr? ft. wtiitt-w 11 in ! fr>m Now Y .rk tp railroad'and II", ?lll k? rnadp fnp tho rrrwpUnn 'f SnnHrr* ?nl" IVIi of April. OIKOLIMU DON API. I'mnrtomr. Board wanted-a oenti.iiian ?ri*uxi hoard hb4 p. la* for hlinnalf, wlfa, rhlld and ?tr?, la on?a pronto fan-tip or prlwnio I artm* boaaa, la tho npprp pari of d o Hip. ?nt alf-ra t.rao Clmrch. Th? toml'iaoo wilt diao dnwa lawa. Tkoa with a *<>? * ha?i;tinll ISr ?n-l-m ( nre I-t o?o. ant a'l! farr-toli thr'r nwn apartoi-nt? AI- ?. k-ord and otnpl'r< - m f. r a ?' !(? c-nUtmaa A l.lfw fat, m4 kata at II I Rwtll _____ / * i \n v hoard ?otfm inn Tin i i. mil " . droe tho 'Moat fro aad tPtupR to?, Matt So In Pha 0 . taltp . f Now Tark. and ,-f rnor a'r?o? A point fan Itjwof.ial Addrrto fat.or fortnn, c llow A RT>, at tht? tiipno ?*7 A NTT. D HOARD R'lR TWO OKMTl.RVRN I* IT n? klra. wlthio lor minatoo walk of I So a .nth forn. C?mf rial-It imt,? la th* how?o of a pilot prtrato fatnjfywmld la proforr?d. Addmoa. poat-pal l, km I *M P-at H'lARI. IN ifklir riTT dHNW HOARD ( O MR If i 1 laln'd fro faiallo, la a dn?lrohl? "I on l>n la J*r?f (' ty. a f'* m anfc walk fr? m Ita (?nr. Air , a fow ploaoant T"< ra'T r ?'"?l- ronfloaara. Rarlr appilaaOun ama? ar-* lairlro at l!> -^oo ___ ____ ArniVAlK I'Akll.r Oft I PTIRU A ORNTKRI. k 'w>o. t tar llio llollorw. woald koto ao at< rot In* in a roMloeiaa, aao or log mnntt. fnrnl?hol or a .t. with lr?#kfaot ard loo aortrd la bio own opartaoato if Jooirod. Ino ifwo In II.t lath t'oaooaoloa on tho *r?t of Map. Addio.t V X . Ilt'ild llff?. AlARTNkNT* ARI *AkTTIi TOR A ORNT1.REAN . ar 4 I,la wlft aad trr< aa'. rna'tatin( t.f t wn r .itav klft: 11 . r I rural Ardaa alt if; I . (lit t Pttr llr-a Iwtr. So! w 1 owrtb atrwoI. Traaat aaaifrptlnaatlo. Addmoa Alpho.Iltraid of*-.. Kill f ITIIlk. MR. I40|.D*IIITII H ll.f, RR OI'RN HI* WRfrilO i f'" it" tht? lap aad toc-h olal.t t-lnoooo dallf. opoop?. lb, ?atardap. at tko M|o.lttf h- on -ladioo, at li and lila. and 4 n'flnrk P. M floi,tl~n?o, it a A an I J. T. o 1 aad * o'otnok I* M Rowwto. A<l llmadwap, trot worn tr a4 >?a i tho Irrlnc lloaoo. No id* b am a i *Tnrrr ? tamiioiird 14;. rttp.atPodl -.too .... OO ,??? andliOtrong. I pi. port. Trrma, la (II, nao twr oont la adoanoo on ana poar'o , aolarp. tooarwd hp trarof ral I* Ohork tho tawio kotnp pavaMp , It rwrrlaa or aiorrhaadioa. T1.r piruw orr la'mdnood ontll prliad. A|| I ration braid So oar'r. fM1_ and pool.paid Rffkroaao otrhaaawA. R |f WlfVPT, Preprint or. Midi' " I |fo lr .rraoro tpwat. | W ANTRIt?AT TIIRTROT T E* A I.R ?RR1 * A RT. TWO

If frwt ra'o En?,r T?wi?r? a poatlomaa and a ladf. AA- I drooo JollN II. * ITLARD. "atlit tatlllkalltM inl an- ' pttw, 1 I AWl'IMBim. DUVIKT rUUTU-TVIxDAY EVENING, APRIL D M. Im. tha pwforaaaaaaa will noum with the Ukli?4 play af tha STEANUEH?Tha tlruiw, Mr. J. #ilInrh, )r : Oawat Wlalaraaa J. [Hinu, Vloaaoa. Ollbwrl; ?>! *, Vluw Mrs. Hallar, Mr* J. Meikaek. Jr.; Chariot*. Mi?. OirWrt hnwMi with the itnliMl. nnllwltrtM f tha WIZAEI? OP THE WAVE?Ikon Jmi Del Aanlabw. Mr OllWrt; iWhl MkMr. R*q.. Mr. J. V. ?*ott: Henry M> Iford, J U???. Tl?i?thy Ttwh. UTnaaa; Ii mnn leabina, Mi?* Wi?m. Doaah Cniwlla, Mm. ttilUrt. Dour* lua ti | T. the rartala ria* at hair paat 7. Draaa Cirala M ??uCk 5a- I . ' t aanta I'll i. , < ?[> . < (* Ah I RAITS NATIONAL THKATRE. -TCKSIIAV Ertnin#, April l<>. the ?u tariaiinaant* will auiuuMao* the fared af *1111 M'KAKS PIRSTT?Capt. Charier, 1 Mr I rarkrr. Mr Mili'aot, Knaeall; Mra. Militant, Mra. leber- ' waed To U fnliawad ha the mueiral draina, entitled tha ' M> UhMIAK GIRL-lw?!l?Wf. Mr W. Marahnll; Theddaua. I, I aaat Arabella, Taylor; rii.nvuun. Croaker: ' Miaa A I'luirc To aor.rluj* with tha beautiful I dr?a.a af thr CHARCOAL KI'ltNtR-PoTaat Arlea, Mr. B. ' I. Tlltaa. Matthew Pedal*. C Teylor;V alentlne Verdict, J. * JaMaraoa I dith Uamnrtoa. Mra. H. labaraoud. Door* open 1 at 7. I# aaa aiaaaa at hall part 7 oilnck. r '|Ml h a ; HE. AMTOR I'LACK UPRRA HOUSE.?LRSSEE dad Mana*. r Mr. I haa. ]l.i*?t.?Turedav aranior, April ^ la. Will ha l rial a led tha baautiful plav of FAZIO?Duke of ' f react, Mr. Utteil, I'aaie, Mr Niehe; liartolo, Mrl.vnlie. J Tetania. Irarh, Phllario, MrDunall; Theodora. Stafford; 1 I lira k.H J lew. Aldalalla, Mra. MrIaau, tiara. Miaa J ?"l??a T< raaalod. with tha UuphaMa farco uf the CAP- ' IAIN OP Tilk ? ATt II-VI.-emit da Li?ur. Mr. Waloot; 1 Mann Veadarpotter. Ullall. (Hhrtrof tha A'el ah. Harnett; J * fh da ? oaitaar, (.reran..r; Kriatiua. Mra. Conoaar; ' H-a#* aad Parquet. SO ate Amphitheatre, SC. ate.; Ka'arred J ere* . ta. IW.I ra opaa at 7. aouimanca ai half paat 7. ' rNklMl * OPRRA HOI'S E, MECHANICS' HALU It r* ad way - Opae fa* Thraa Nipbla Only tha preaant, 4 ? nk - M r lay, Toaa.lay, and M'aduaa lay, April 15th, Kith 4 aad I7?k -The aatoiaei Chrietr'e Mi Bean ie baa laare to an- 1 a. oara ta their pair * a* and the pnblie ranrrally. that thay , ? II d aaadiai their dearer!* at Marhaaiaa' llall. after $ Wedaeader areata* Bait, April 17. (owlo* to tha hall be in* ?|??pled with the aaaaal eiamiuali.n" cf tha pupil* of tha M at -aire Suaiaty Vh.- I- | The aonipany will her* the h.e r af ran w.aaria* ihHr p. polar anUrvaiameaui at ' ' pre H' oae, Nee V . k, on M oaday eYenmr. April 19. ' day Friday. aad Sa* arday aeit. April IStL. l:?th and 3" 1 tha Hand win at tti* Hroohlyn Inititntd, * Pruakin 1 I Irnr'an tha week, eouruanriny on Moudar, Apr P.*.I n r.eay 'a Mmiatrala viU (Ira their aoaaerta at the * Af- It- Mall. Nr.wdwar J PMIIMAKMONir SOCirnr-nc.llTH SEAS?1N.-TII1 ! >WI Coaeart .*f thia . a*, a will tuka plue* at the Apollo M.?a>a. * mtnrda? e? April Tl.a pr araniinu will 1 l? r? m Ei t) iciit n4 U Lau laafra. iluMtii b;H<in- j ? r. I f-r ( >?? ao4 r-' Hlit, to l-a pnrrmaii kr Mr U. C. 1 e o 1>'I I ?> <rlHh for frnr on4 orrbralm. t ? > ?"Un aaf aaeaakara r?a pater ara aura Uaktta at Hmm, 1 War'u Wf| fc Im My eraer J L RKHQR, Store lory. 1 tNIIKNKm IN OKL.PI1I A. ? irilt'E PUILtDRLPIIU I' T. BAR- i ?<? enarer II. mi Soeidf rt. Aaeiatoat ' ti'M" till i. ilti IK >' Baral tn4 Oranu. I - <a|naalp far Iter |?H<k ky K t l Juaaa, Kaq., of I - 14.ik, oof for pinoa in tha a Ittoeiaaf till la n-fB'fataJ ? KiaJa) imlat. ul pr>- I m- tJ 1,1' . ? a TV. pit'r aa? altbfrewn for ( u!4 nrM of kit *la| Miaa b.r> Tael r lo ippiar I ! ai? mf aft* iliaiiilin akiaa tk> nnaiarf rltk t-i %r-u? ] mmi ta k?a Tort, aaf i? Mob a ana>a ama^tii n-. ad ft- i ?. i"ii ' ? i n nanu rliMk frwtljr whaan lu lawmt >af a I of larai t*a Pann ut f'atn t'tno.oe. I oof fin; Dn*m, aa4 tba mooniltmi I' i ?| I n?i m4 Ooaiairi in T\a Curi inia.i I" ? "4 Um *?! aal la aba a <rl4 t?4woUi'>ia i Iio?oki of J IIall Ri tiana tfiaifiaaaa. M Ooaaa (TUlri a aafir Ml riara l;\ aoata. I i - ? - _ ... ? .? - .. . i PtPKM lUkUltUN, <M . rtllk lias IM ? ?ll<'ll. til 4Nli KITtll..B t *# I in b I iV 1'iari at r*?i. at at Mohet n. IMI rttit u I luafa iann bfnu af aba fnaili Piifiriii, lirillha |. ...I rri-aiall > lo. af Pre n't aa l ilo-rlraa I apar Mom a.a h r-lara |o raili a*, Pira' art IVou, l aniii I too. ? be b l b I* ( irtui Mltu4a, I O Tta BteBb BfUabaeBl 4ea?Bbere bb4 papal i aarrei tapli yof Mk r faun HttiiRR i\ii rrimu 1 Hater fee M leria baa Ur t< nor be Per Ma aareiaaa ao a . i a II. ?ill yob ay Iba af- a a?4 la 1 tarta ?i la tba M il looi.i-.ooi.lo aiyla. aa4 Lor I Ur |a|?r rati aealli a a IITJ a itiale j rioa ? tip.* Uoul Troaao.t M (km.k 'treat. a raw of Ikafi etraai ^ C >a< ba4 taaak oi|onoaaa la patllu ap ib iaa for Callfaraia. (taa aotiaa tbat I bay aaauaae a nj|l aal pat ap aha atilaaat aoe.lUee af all kiafa of ItroBery taaa bi iao. W iaaa, taroora. la . la t*e aaora wfol aaaaaer. aaf a* aba a ai faaoaaMa pnraa. Tka atbaaai o af torero ir mere. t/uOr aoUattaf. ky ?Ut PKI I>T t MI?*BLIo M? Barrar aaroaa. rAl Id RM ANf PH'M I P 00 TO 1J M'?*l >IKHT, Un U(i viU Raf il.? ItrpH aaa tia*ti ?f (1> J;<?r ( MtvaJhr |p!t kamr U?A4a la tawiw, ta*aaf?*?ar*f MffMulf ?. t Mkai mil. Mi wniai k Hui ta uf ?U- ' ? > 'ha **rlf ' fritvflnk 4iAT.cQ?uo"??irt* **"& TT al-la i ?llf. raia Mtft 4* ?a*M ? liaa'aH. kkary. Wrk*kt I 4 (l?; ?4 r T Traaf-aX " l*k i*""* TraafaaU A Taarr. Alka*r ft H < aaratl A Ci.. rMtMi fl Aklaa. N*!uaaa* TN. karfaat aklaa aaa Ma- , !>M1 Ml'aaa* ? *! ! a. tiAni ?aa y-"* VtlloiSSl1? I r Ljrnvr B*aixirniR * nil attorn*tr add Caaaarll*** a# la* aaa fraaBiaa" " alifraia r?AM?i?4 urrrrr, rmuri m. HI! M ?! I l-lfc* J\ I 1! > C Ro*R CT f. HOT! HAI?# RAN RRAN' IV O, CALIFORNIA. /# katiat laaaiaf la a ayariaaa atnlwaa tai aUlf ?II| ssrtsxusiTzr-Mrrrts nzrcKSi jfa.W>r?ai rwrra Na* T*t. aai ate. Caim. !, " IRaaaa I Fx? m ii ? aurornia iirit** i a*?ini?ii i ftaiaatu Imm iMa I ~rk i?r |*. ri Uaaaaa Ij -1MB. 1 j W ta#? I t . *ajr aaaa ? at ak<?a# Mm uaa af a?f rail.iarr. | llriMt aJ raaa aula Q>U. lAaaaa ?*ar U>a ? ?' tai U 1 | k*a rraanaaa lilt; T>i? taapra ?* npai IM H|aA> ' U' a a< aa w<tl a war at- xmlfj aai ataal pari aaa. I n tAlaf aiaanary <--t Ua aar*#Hia* fatal IV?M> IIK < rat I aaa an at pmaakn, atria W T ? l*il lil.iM, ilftllniati laaat; Caarl T>- AuroRxt* ami i cr? two hi shnku ik >n Calaaiaa. tarlaaa lata".. Mi M?aa f? r aala at Ik* Inaaaata lit* f>aairy Ta>ait -nil Mrati, attl at TaaiA aaaaaa Ala*. Raak AayMa aaaa Im traiaataal Ruiiaca for l-a)"?*iaa< At , Aa i aru^i af all kiafa. paapJ; far- I < l " I U rirf I ~ lllll'HUU. , rXITVD RTATR* A11 >'ltl?l RITWIII II* J Tat A aailitwf i TV? 4?fa p wr?Ma? aAla Aaa aaa tAa ATI aVTII , apaia Raa* Fa< IVIC. Cap-iaaja l?rA Akl'IK', I apiaaa Uia < A A I Til l at tat* I >??ar|| ADRIATIC,I aptais Itrafkaa. . I Vtaaa aAifa hat kaj t?a* t ailt k) aaalraal ?t | naalt fa* far raaa?I arraIta, a* at; tar* kaa I tia uiaa latt.atra#* iratutt. aa alat ta tkatr ?*? ?* Mr latara iirtpk a*4 i *|oo4. aai ti.air art. ata?*4att at f r rattanpw art aaaaaal1*4 far *4*raa<"# ?r * aifart fritatf pain ft?at NtaYttl I ItUtttaMl. five ttSft Ka t?r?h? ** W ISMl * >* fft?r *r | - riri MRU 5dw A RD * roU.INA, TR VaiA ataaaR ar a* MRoRX ft M11 I I > A < t. L.t.r| -1 Tka attaaitk |> Akiaau* aa!l aatl b*a*a ?a RaiRffaf, Km ru t Ainl aa ! rtkart l.a> .? I itttj. a| ta M?4aa*4*r, klrt IfttA at Mar Tht MMnti i| rarif# aUI tail kaaaa f-f |jr?r|?-l a* kalitrfaf. Mi 111 ? o? R?/, a?4 Itmpri a* Wt4*tt4*r, ll.t / ti, of Mar Aa atxarita?*4 aaraatta *iU fcr aiiaokaA la tatr, akip. Tlia I aatra af lit* aM|?a al'J art ka aaa*aat*kla far i-14 allttr, ballita. lit It )t*tln frttt aa ftata at atlaii aaltta t?Ua af 1*41 a* ar* *<ra*4 aa4 ?A* tai at llttraf tlitrtla tirtttti UR IT I 111 AMU NORTH ARARt' am R H rriARt D >hp -T>|" I Ma* I to* aft auklt* I* 4ir-*la4 * kit aluaauta aaaAt ta Um aaia* at aai) It- * Anarta* la kka at*k < M.r O' RAN AT*AM NAVIGATION I oMI AM fok *Rt *> *, rta Nnatl a?<|'iaa ? Tkt I a ruaaait IIKKMAWN I i nl trta.l taaitir trill -a,i f?a licttt 'n Or*, a* >*lar4a;, tAt Mil. A | r !. fr m l*M( N. A N R ftraa af faaan?- .a Ml tfi taMa ft!* Da. f a art?af 4>. f Aa 11p*rt*a*o4 taratta it aitar' -f k > a' f Akl >t ttaa !* .*? *o tkro*?a ta-f*. #k ?*tt f.-rii aa?? ? t?- j < Hrka III lltlt MM> ifti- ktalt.t | 1 ivi* ?or? ?*n W al l# AT1AM l< < a|-t T*"' '- ??*? ? ?* ? till Ika aal'a ft Fur i *im ! !" a??..? a4 I M*J f 't*a?, ?> !*kt?*4at. t?tk toMar ? II :?? r?? k" k ? ID *?'? ? 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I ?. ia ftor-Ha ?> "* a *4ar4at. far, *,4 a*l|? ? ?" #? ? t 4 mi k ar4 *? ft lilat-l l? Fn fi Iran aft *? ftlw ? m??? ?- ?? ? >f foal. 11 I ll'. f 1-4 ri ??. a" I >i*ft aa a a?4 i a , ,, , it' 4a# 1-1 i ? < I > ? , w H <i u-'hkfct- II* <* ,, F|*ariMrm i mi r?'? **? r???i?. !' * ?1* I > ?? , Ikr a?l???i4 - t * ATI ' ITT ft I. %-rn lartkaa I .... F <?. ' <?-..?* I ) ??r f I .*?* Frai ft ?ir~ .-a < > . I pa* ) ll m a a t * rt? II a; 11 l4 J Fi r fi?i6kt #r iMtai*. ?rt*T * ' M'i? (I *A?l mil Ik". nUI"?*H I*' M ' r |J?>?TkaaflM..!* r War?. | lh> |Xi 7' I * n anar ?ll| lair t??|a T a . t?| llMy tot kM I klaa it.' a. I # ? MlniJI ar*'t'?. altott rtta, ult'ttrau I * ? *?. .? f H f ll?a at Ml r liiHk milita INlaiiMMal Vn* < Aiiri*MA iM-r*ti H 11*1 tuft i*?t F -ai||?. iKIf III FA', al |-tt ? * t.ft ftrta ? . i.? i.f | M . . . taka tmall aaaai i a * tf I , t ft a| iTai* k ai *4 H 11 ta AT'lfT Fftt'M I a a ? A T*? Fkft a,,s trr m|?, atfth y 'I ? '>ar'*? Ik' ' 1 * # ,, r' arattit I a rt..a - wttkir *' 4. . ririfia. prfta flkl Af-lftlftaaara i "at"a mt.u T(. Afaltir. (<4llll*kl? Tllkll I * A1 I 1 '1 * Ti'kat 1?r '-M Tfar ' i*'a, kt a **'' , ' aa ? ?4 Ut I at a*4 1 rtK.-ta ar.ilirfH?i l'iai*l. fti A4 1r?t? I a 1*14. I tal t|Ft* F 'Al.lfllFlaT A TI'kFT-MI a* I F T 11 a # N * r'rtraaa T.?k. I'HJ ai>1 Far-.h * * <?. t.rii if> ll ? a* a a?4 it?ara?a. far I >th at Ma', ti-'.i i!.?'I , a aiwi- a. ll J ft Ollk , A.tai, t a k a It ? m Tal-aa HfW I a T r? I ( f 1 AMtORMA TT' AFT* F?>H ??l I A1 I' ft Ak I f 1 * l' Or# aa4 ??. irrry Titkr 'a ?t . . t pll /?tk; I<tr * r4 tl*at f a?? f r Mat at'., a* 4 twa It , Fat litk. |s nawla.4 ft ?aftto*%IV' I * aa?M rt' .rt## Vtakaaa. fa F Itrka l|a. t.. i.. ? a ft J.T* * F4i.m?i ' ami* mb mic nt*. Broadway theatre-e. a. makhijall. soli o. U. lUnti,, luwn.-Tue*?lny ini.lii, April JS^V .ifi?1" u'J.r' *' *n ''"J*"1 Comedy, enUlki c.b* BOIDIEROF FORTDNK-Dnkr ofAnj< n, Ml.. K. Uorrn; \n. O'Kcnrh*, M-. Collin*, with the mu. of The H' wlJ litu. '< wad Widow Miioir** After which, law favorite Pare* of TllF. HAPPY MAM?Paddy Murphy, Wr Collin*. Wb"l* to *.?. wind* wtih th? TRCMPKTE'K'.S WEDDING--Sir PorUt Hi ear*. Mr. P?rry; Tune Tallboy, Mr. Chapman. Lady I'na[U. Mrc. Olivia. Dr*** Oln tr and Tar (U.tte, .VI eon la Family and Third Cirri**, 25 en.or, Gallvrv , 12C ml. Door* >p*n at 7: performance to eomuiem e at Ys o'eloek NIUMSK GAKDEN.-TI1K HAVANA ITALIAN OPERA Company, under th? direction of Si?nor F. Radial; ? lueeday evening, April Ifi, will h? performed, 2nd time in thia wtintry, Vordi'* Grand Opera of ATTI LA?A tola, Signer Hanoi: Odahella, Signora IVdoaro; Koreato, Signer lamr.i. Kaio, Si*. ( orradi-Sotti (hia 2nd ajniwarancr ); Ixoae, SS?. P. audi; Cldiuo, 9ig. L. Marlinaili. Cli uru* eompoaed of thirty a rfi rtoara. Mavetro and Director of the Opera, ?if. ti. U?taeini. loader of the Orrhtatrw. Siy. L. Arditi. Adm.aaien ;o all parte of the bona*, $!. Seat* eoeur# I at the lioa Ottt?e Vom H A. M. till .1 P. M. Door* open at 7, to oominenc* at 5 I'rlork. B PR TON* Til RATIO' < HAMBRB9 9YRBST. RBAROP the City liall?Tu*?oav Evening, April Id, will hcjdovi.d, he eirellent cotnedy of LEAP YEAK?Mr. Charlee Di.iiida, dr. linrt.n; Cap'ain Mouaer, Mr. Iloluan; Walker, Mr. irongham; Mr*. Klowerdcw, Mra. Kucaell; Mia* O'Lrary, Mr*. Irmahaw. After wl.ich, * new fare. , rullad DOMESTIC it OKOMY?John Grnmley, Mr. T. Jnhnavn; Nerjreunt T-m frown, lii Mr*. Gruinlry. Miae J Mill: Mr*. Koavlav. fr?. Ilolnian. To conclude with the fore* of A SCENE IN 11IK 1.IKE OK AM I'M'PROTECTED K KM AI E-Nt'ud. mu* rii|i. Mr Hamilton, Tom Tmtlr, Mr. II imau. Polly i riar, flee Chapman. Doerr upon at 7, to commence at half pual ?. Bay mb* panorama ok a voyage ro ed KUPB? Open erery evening, at lb* Great hlall. Miner** Room*, *** Uroaaway, embracing vlewa or Boston, Urerpool, LoltIod, and both aides of the River Rhine. Admission 29 cents; Children, under twelve, 19 cant*. Poors open at 8W, Maomm moving at TVs I' M. An exhibition oa Wednesday and latrrday afternoons. at three o'clock. L'KA.Mil.lN atsKI it, 17.'. t 11A 1 11 A M SyL'AKA?TWO r perfortnaneea every day. in the afternoon at 3, and In the ironing at haif-|?at 7. Extraordinary attractions for thia reek. The "Model Artists" will appear in some new and triginal living pictures, including 'Tower's (iroek Sl?ve," 'Adam and Eve, "Venue Rising fern the Sea," personated ir aome of the boat formed women in thn world. together with he " Female Minstrels," " Femulo Arab Girls, " Female leggier*," burlesque, comic and fancy dancee, with a ranety if original entertninmeut* to he found nt no eth >r place uf unueemeat in New York, l'ricea of admission?Sto^e aeate, I71ec.: b. tea. 39c.: parqrette II",- : privet* hoves. g4. yribMts: gtuiiinrsy AND" nasu tin gWi Lvl their la?t Jnrenlie muriral entertainment for the aoaaon, lonaiatiug of a choice 'election of Miseellaneou- Mueic. a' thn ilroadeav Tabernacle, on Wednesday evening, April 17, It'sl, >r a choir of 1,000 young einrers. appropriately dresatJ. i'icketa, 29 eente, f r aalc at the principal Music and liook I'orca, and at the ticket office on the evening of the Concert, 'erformanoo to commence at 7l( o'clock. No postponement. P A It TMnKSll 1 P*i. Moi'AKTN EKS111F NOTICE?TUP. I'N nERSIGN ED U wunld respectfully inform the mercantile community the honae heretofore known under the namn of le.ring, tartori A Co.. at Valparaiso, haa been, by mutual ooneent, liaeolecd. The buaiueea will hereafter be conducted under die name of lairing, Itrotliere A Co., who will act a* Ship nandlera. General Agrnta. he. lor further Igfamailtl wlativc to business matter*, plra-e rail on Charle* l/>rtng. B'?t<n, No. 13 Central Wharf, who ia the duly authorises igent tor eatd houae in the Tutted Statas. Any ordera or ivnaigtiment* respectfully aolirited. TORINO, LHOTIIKllS A CO. Tacranaian, February 2d, 1H90. Ntn ICE?TUE COI'ARTNERSll IT II FRETOFORE EXlettng between the eubecrilmre, under the hrm of T. F. keeer A Co., la thia day dissolved by mutual eonaent. TLa misleading bntmeea will be entiled by John Breasted and Becrae W. (Jninlard, who will use the name of the lira la Iqnlnaaivn.?New Turk, February V. 1A50. (Signed) CHAS. MORGAN, T. F. SECOR, JOHN lilt PASTED. GEO. W. OUINTARD. otaii Iaon Wongs. (Foot of Ninth at.. EH.) New Vork, March Zi, lsflit. ( The mheerlber baring pnrchaaod the entire Interests of the itstr partners In the lnte Arm of T. F. Seeor A Co., will eonUnns ths steam snrins mannfnoturo, in all ita branchoe, nates the immediate superintendence of Mr. II. Guion, whose reputation nan constructing engineer la too well known to ths tubllc to require further notios. Additional futilities are now being added to this already, perhapr, tnoat aalensira eelshliahtnent of the kind in thia country, in order to gire veil naepaien ID ma ervemi minMMtnrlim uoi<*rtm"nt9 u al.all BMI lit* tMirv of all who may furor him with their nttetom. CUA8. MORGAN. KAN hi NNtlSfc CO . (SCI CEShORS TO R. II LEECH A I .,) Furaardia* Rod C'omriirftnn Merrhanta. Tliry woold aleo Inform their Monde and the pnblie that they hate e-ldt li-had Agrneine at Gorgnne. and Chagrra fur the pnrpoen f tianM?rtiog paieeugare and merrhandi* to and from I'aaaaia. All anode eonaigned to thalr oare will tw forwarded thi. agh with d-rpatch. Air. Glean..n, the Amrriuun ' uaaal, ill aet a? our Agint at Chagr.r RAN KI'N N El.s a Co KUR AHTS. F^RBM II. BNULIHII AND OFRBAN ENOR A VINO*.Tlie trada It rnapeetfally informed that a larr? aaaort eat ef Bar..p*aa Rograetaga. tael tiding the lat-aat pabliea>?a. It aew efletad fur tale ty oorrn, tibrrtr co? Wholesale I'nntaellara. Ml Broadway. KIHCEI.I.ASKOl'H. I'll!. RiiRl.D l.w ( II tl I FN 1.1II 111 IWhCttoVV ' 1M Bttit Nat ian of Ihi'tor'a Pane!?The Philnanphy of Kteatnia wlthont Myalery, ar l'ni?tr?al Nature tenting aa Buallibrtcai ?Mr. W. Boyd will dolleer two Leetarea a Ui aVea euLiaeu. one Thla craning, and in. To-morrow eaalac. April IrtA and l7tN. leMI. in tin Grand rtrc-i Hall, taar Broadway. Boyd re?veetfnllr tnritee the Faeulty iad 1 lergy to hla laetnrea. There will h" n proportioned lw>r nlletied fa* erperlmeale. Mr laaae S Palmer*. Prncijal I'hrenoloflet. of Jo# lludroa etreet. will oeenriy the Chair, wet are* te aoumiaw at half-pa?t7 e'aleek. A'.ULiteiou I7\ rata, ta defray atpaaaee. IB' III hi.A OB FORTVNR, GLAHS CASE.S. JKIVHI.KV, f f Cntiaa*. t'luohr Vice, Fan'y Goo la Re the renaming etoaa ef the New York llutar. W Broadway, will W-Id at aattlaa. ty B. MOON BY, om Tnaaday morning, r* j c iiam. .in nit-Mint av, wovi.n l ' larita hie eld earluuoTt and atrengai- to eiamine bit Tin* a? f ( amaa? U? he* on hand a fall aappir t?try r'yle of earr ere tha' lr maan*n-l?r-d alto n *e. d > erit.ini ef Mt*l? end doable haraeae. For tale a tatI rre K.rkaaar, eew.nd-haad Lee been In Be* aly to roe i aiha. (am |d7A. Will ha arid low, If applied fur iiatu >haul) ____ tit 44Ml ti**'. BFW, I'Jfw. Bi.two to to CH" "ft loan on Ii. nf aal riatf* la thie etty or ar. lift C. ft DEI. A VAN, ho 17 Hack man-trai l. Hoofing?goodwin h patent cement rmeathia* la a aemtertl rerwiai for making ha, aine, or aitfle raafe tigLt 4 ae for Stf aanta (ar foot. Naw roof, of "tft l iar ha eetwr4 he aoau. aad warraniad. Thia i-etai la wetl tdariad for California kaaaaa, aad la now mainfaciarad ky k. OOODkt IN, M (.'allege plea, aornec Chaaera ar reel Id W Ii a T-e Till* THBT'EE AI I TALEING aiioi f earn Hi* kitt aa to t-enerej Raai >r. "Why. haan't ?va t.ard." raja ha . .ha fart i?. all the fulka are |>.wam I, lehree, ? aaa I l> Id eh. aboat Ire aorpTiatn* eheap H ole, rat efc. a ia gaalitt, ahaae aad #t. that I Aught la York, 'atLee day. at JONV.h A. %... id (aa atraot. link MB kl oh TUF MAID II A aaltar fa? a b.aiil.a a heart repining, M aa ef aareaaa a'taaat all hene r. -l*e r;f * baa. It .lilt, It tint Int.. hl? th'.aght, Tl el If >.f Twaiaatr.a a t?.?k be l??t.l. It might the a. of the maid, dad i..nka bar ! ?f Mt'oiu'ty afraid. II I * nght kl.a bo"k -he llkid the plea, Aad, In fniara. takda bin. a . arrlcd man Tl.a It-at..a aataydaa Kaeit tar, !* "hlrg ef Twolenky ? " tea anyt ?" A < hami. al eotnaaaad It pie'ed leth-n.ur. ad I a all' a .a* U.? eb,.'.at-. lie la th" t at. r tl.aa it. par d. Nay aatii t> kH'ltea aad i- t. au nj"try." And tl New r.-tk d ar.attwt lai111.- ' ! .?ti?"71* plan id a t--ry iqat aaaka? rwkiiag a: all it are, the elothe. eraaderad kraatlfalle writ, and the whole of a large waeh ea I e trial ad labia 11- akfaai " Mr laetrveti aa are email ed it a |?a yklat of II :rty-ta >ywgan, aad I warrant they i Intel . ene iadir idaal to de tl.e a aei ie* ef a lara* fatally Inaa ilea eat knar, fit aa i l|?tw ef Ir-a than m oaata, ed that It a.II t?t lajaca the - * d. I.aai# fa'.ri- A liat f iha a ti aad addraaaae a' Na. fare ri, who I em a aad m r aa. aad l.k* tt, ai l i- wb. -aa b had, it liter If. m I * ! Tayl- r, aa I -p?e I re a oa nf waohiae. a ay a are a at my aUn. laaakrrt, Ike ami maraaJ, If It >?a a?t ta. aa* diyli, p i- a*.l/ r ky lattrr. earia-iaa I. to II Y* Fi t E1 Ki.F B -re f. N * Ne-aea atrwi, N. T. JL ? I ( ??( N I. l lttAt-NOlM fOK * A tiff I a It .ni I It'll M.l.t'f t ftt ?" nm'4 plain priai.4 ..'it n tilt 4< lit a wl Im t f * Itrit (tjllj ttilitti Mi |i.t t' |iir. i" t t'l .? tU Wtrli, o? m ? ii ti'ti M at , u..r .ft... . Tk* ?r . I t ara l Wf'tU til ??? I* Ik* I ttftktn t t Htii ki >;4i? wtl'. i.' ? .l.vft.. ?>,'# a. tn-w. ti ?ti t Ikjtnt 0 utii !?i r#, ttl >U tllttai mt'in* I'll II ail'.at aft t lltt ft-.ft'ft lllttl M Mi III kt? It ff| tf Mlfk. rltir tt.r I. Ifttt tttr Itw. tt M l?. fMtl Hf'.. I t |? nr ?? . ??tt t tt-.* till kift?l ttl?t.|tUtt|B|. Int. r. ft*' ? Ml rift. It II. Iw ft. a. It' , t HIV4 I f ... ,.<f.t|'. |t I |tM f .a i.t' |. ||i? ?||, i ? it a?w.4 ii U fi''if?i?. ?- ft I ? wt . If# r 'I. llM ttl tfti. -tft M.t I nl'.ti tft i ft'.- Mft aft I* ml tft I' 4.4 ?aatl.fM ?t atari* la>t-r ft ala;. . (Vim i 'l|l It IttM ItllftM.ft. ftt.4 ~*?i?t<Hlt, W Mt.|t|i. >? I'M Iiiim I* kilift m?t II.T, I'ftitftl IftialiMt ft] i . .. i fc. a t . f- 11 * I'M rtnui irit) ? ftttt (IM >tTiiitiinir, l\l Ilillu'Vl 'T I*-. r 'Til. l.lftfFtBM* I * a??ft ' IV lift ifftftift. It'ttlut huMiftftai. at Hi ?, i?...4 11* aw'-a f?*m ik? " > I- rt i.| i,..i? ata riftt fM ! I <l iimi l?t it m ft-av.%. tti At* ' ? * > ... i i?t?t?M .it d lit | ft.tai.ti t,|itt. .( t? $ , 4. ?ftrt t?M ?* III aft c a. ll.U ..ft t .1; p,#* ftlftftl.ft.'t i ill fftiaai t hut ttl t?t fttftft. tft III* 1 tftt It ftftlft ftftlkftftl'tft III M t aw MlMlMtMiift Til >? Ml tfftfiwlllllllt* . I.. . ft. I tint . ........ r t ftftt-r t?f. ft.tiftftw, .tft. I ... I. t . I .... ftt 4 ftitft I .Wilt# t aw tit. i?'.|ftjtti .,.ni U MiMr t?i, Kjaaftmn. - t . t . t aft ! ... it.i.4. i-tii- f W.iift ftt I.ft* . .tft ftftl ftti.tftft II ftftr Hft- a trft ft *? r???ft lit ft ft Im fttHw. a . ft tft. mm Mi' i| ltr.,w? lilr.ftt> S im |. m. I I I V ttf It ttl I ftl|. " M It ft I. ftftftftf Mil l*i ?. ? t??ft Iftt I at I ft# II ? tft *lwft ft. ft; Mftlift tt'ift m i ? Tv- wt ftf . f ? ftftt IftiMi ft Wtft I lifti wftlt fta ftft* <lt? ftJItftaa im Ik* tmuiiua inrnvn 11* > ?-?i. i?? I It - I I Ml t ftftlftl ^Mftsft I* fttfttiitft ftl.ftft.- tft lift I t ' l-t Ittftt I I .t > ??wt . I <1 ?tft ft ft ft; lift.I ll ' t Miftt, ft'U II ? ll ?- ? .< ft*.*i -? tt I ? r-<tftl tft* I > ? ti-* M aaHfttt fti I iftt ft.t i|I ft .tft. ri* | ftftt lift* tit tft ftft fti Itftft I* ftftftftt ( < at. ?l IM ftftl lltt fti Mi tftt ft. aft. r Ml a? *- tut ?tw*. ft kft aftdbftftftaft aft- fttft ft. al'itftl ti T a trait. unit ft | mm I ir? ' |. ttl t t fti ft a l.t.i it ft aft I t ? (ft ftp-.' lit ' ? ' r c at it I i a ft a aw I lai ft a. tft r ? ... I |i | m| ft' I'twiiftft ' . 1.1 alt | t? i tt.i.t ft a- I- ..ft f. I laftl t.ftftl ft. It. ft.ft.waa ft ftitMft I ? a. ft. - I ? t I ii ! h ft|* tt i-fti I Mtt fttaft kill tft If. t 'ft.atttt r>?lft>4 IMa fttaft-ttat ? hi* t t ft. k M ft afti t-ftl fti.*. *mtf. ' I TTJI - ' * tat a. tat ' llMII r HOtlftK III lltt 1*11 I t ft ?? Jai IV Ift' ?a*a*ft* * l|?t fta?a.? P-aftat * f a ?*ft MM*. . t w .- I fti a.? ftt at -a t*t |t r ttli. a.. ...ft I I Iftft-1*..4 -ftft Iftat a u ft # tt la It*, .ft ? tft I*., tft HI I. ftft I -ttt fta ' .4 ' kftftr at at M ktlMfta. Ift ,f|MlVtlkM I T lllll l?lt.'k\4 41?? . (i * M tft Tut. ftaftf i?, I ft." kt t?t .tf Ift M. ?t i 14k. * * >f? iwtH, kit t i ?, 'vlf If. I*T ft44 a?t lMi*tft ?t*t|??t ftft ?N? Wft |M ft k* ftk? .? . ?ft., ft 'ft Kiaftftt ft* tftl MM .( W? I Ml t I ? ' t? ' 4 tfta ft lift * t till' VI It'ta. a _ _ _ I*' kllltll I T?. raft ftftt Mfe.tftft fta MMia ftft I ttl<,atkts>kt4n4n km i w iw n' ftwftftttt. iftt | It ft*, taat*.a .1 k.a aaft II < I ft i Mla< aw 1 tftiHft i|t.t* J i nmcllmikhck: bt tie Bin*. flMlNTW 14 MM Pmrngtrmm* Mai* *1 M* Mareay (?*?? f ?V**a mmj M< rnr<iiw .?i!? * ? HiiwiX V <*> Ml? fwtlt <|?m( Mr (W Our i ye* ar? getting falrty ">?*?< ! Iht* |*iHif Thr curiam li ay au.l |eo4 kiaal Uhlnil It u tk* aornery. and w Ik* nortlaf* *f lk? mtn who ?r? lb* real dl*u*t?aMU Oal. lain baa r><attith??4 play log hi* taat ?am* la Um $*nM* MM n groat deal <4 a<trutta*o*. bnt ?Mh a* irtgtaaM/. i* mar*ly ropyti g from thr mmrm pai*ai < In Ma My mailer ty lh< minority la tb* lian** at IfMMl*Ura*. Man*tar H. auw and that MaUy ba?a a y * Flak* In thr Cal ' .?n<? i^uaatiaa aad I bay bay* *a Mm out ?utb patriot* ul'Uy t? rhatar Caaa P?o*a. db uiraa. aad other Peaatar*. wba a tab ta aan tbc wbola rabjtrt *> .tU U ratiFfaet-rtly t-> all aaatoaa* Bi oton will inovr amendments. resolution* an* tat* tr*ry moda poaaiUa to daisy legUlalina Ha baabal two *our*e* to pur*ti* Ibl* la ?>** anil if b* ana ; the Houlhrru member* tired out an that lh?y t agree to ronfrro all lb* tfriloaa Ullea and tbnab* nrflt bint ami lila family to tba tun* nf aaiton. wal and good Thin he will withdraw hi* cp, .~?.uou mm allow the bill to admit California to br acted ap?n. la conncetio'n with bow M.ilrosnd Daaarat If h* but in thla. then hi* di t< riniuattnii la to unite '?-* aan ool. with the frMKiUan. and intanM*4 member*, aud drive tl:,? South Into litaurrvation. *e force them to adopt di-unl'.u TUi* U the ***1 Mn of Col. Benton aud hia alltra lieu ton U tlmel man. He I* fully aware that he ia dead aud damned, politically, 1u Miaeouri. and that that Stat* will never re-elect him to the Senate, or countenance htm In aujr ehape California then, ie the future how, awl Mended with the dvetiny aud fortune* of the patriot!* and pure man, Thomua Hart Hrnton. 11a haa no property and no internet In Mirwouri. Hi* fortune* are In California. He and hia family control California It U hi* Interact that ulie atinuld be Independent. flk>r In iieh race lientou k Co. would be tbe great landed pc<>prirtor* of that vnet country, and the (old dlggew hie alavoe. He and hia fuuiily would own two-thirda of it* arrea. The letter ot Col. Kremont to the fwtethgearer, when he trlca to quarrel with Mr. Clay, take* tbe drat openly-avowed ground, that California ha* a right to act independently and without regard to the Onion. Could the South be driven Into dtaunion, the fortnneg of the 11 en ton family arc iccured California wonld ba free. She would act up tor heraclf and Benton wonld have hi* wildert dreauie of ambition gratified He would become a Llcutenant-Oeneral in narnaet. and the founder of an empire on the Paciflr, and aaaomplirh wert of ti e Kucky Mountain* what Aaron Bwr once attempted vrat of the Alleghany chain Thi* la hie plan. The aprculntor* of Califoruia are In Ma interest. The hard working gold digger* are uumeroaa In California, but they arc the (lave* of the p ditieian* and peculator* of the *ra-board town* and aitiea 1 hey encounter dirranc and death to dig for gold, but what they produce from the earth enriches tike epeen latum. and leave* them in I he uioet abject poverty. Men are I. giuuing to discover that theee laUiuent* arc true The great man* of the eitiaeu* of the eevaral Stale* that eompoee tlte Sudoral Caion. are. In tha main, calui. *ober. retleetiug. deliberative, prudent people. They may be led ?. i ray for th* moment, by cm*y. unprineipltd politiciau*. or axcited by nnecrapulou* preeeee. but they are uot dinpoeed to act haetlly, and with reflection comae wiedoiu The wild *a?ltament again.1Rt tbe right* aud iu?lituliou? of the (kinlhrru ecctiou I* beginning to aubflide Men imgiu to inquire what it i? all about .' Why 1* not the diAcuity at Wa*liington amicably rettlod ? 1 bave a few aalm, trmperntc word* to aayju t at thi* time, and I vomtuend tbrm to the atteulion of every mind that i* die poeed to agitate thi* *uhjvrt of *lav* territory, to tha danger of ihv eiieteuco of the Union W hen Cong-re** met in December la?t. th* Wtlmnt I ....>e? leeri -ee .i iv- iir.gut, ui.-uiu in(u |>>?ui>u went down to W aaliinglon determined to rota fr>r it, net to admit nnteriitury without it. be nature from the North wrre InriruruJ to do no by Cmta Urgielw turea fu'h ictc an Clay, Cam Mil W rb>trr. totrr tamed thwe hut whan they arrt'ed at Waah ington. and lour wn t - had paaaad. they began to ba, they aaw rlcatly that to pwea any ei??h law would avtrar the ( nlon. a 1 bring on Mail war at ooae Thry halted rtopp< d abort, aud waited The dnalhern Itadrra. too. wr-t alarmed. '1 b-y f ared that any party a< tlon by a major it y in Congreau would bring on a ariata beyi nd coutrol and thi y : ii.v>d their rolee* in pwbMa aud prlrata. and in tone* nut to b? miataken That warned North* rn nirinLnra of the extreme danger. Cal houn. Ill aa he wa> raw* to the capital. fieliag that! I ever Ma graat cxp* rimer and foraatgbt wan n-?ded It Wan then lie epoki lite gicat apnoeb. and ere tl hat rea< hid the border* of our eaat Colon ita author wa dead lie hud rxhuuetr d the dial aparU by hta a (tort t>> arert the dai,, P Hie ml ty of mind and h'- c >n elant exertion land hie phjairal powem too greatly and finally killed him lie died in the haruoaa he ivvt worn an long and ao honorably. I'artton reeled at W Wellington lor a mnnn nt Clay had ouemil tha way to rurh a rouiproniiB? ae would arert in- thrmatuBad ealaniltj of dieuuion >V abater followed. in faror of juelire to the Honth Cana took the aume ground There great tm n all raw the nereaaity of dropping th* Vt llinot prodeo. aud r.aringall attainpta to deprtra the Houtb of their rigliie aud -quality In the llnb>n. Ihcetund taken h) theaa ! adore waa aleo taken by many of their purl,-ana and Congreae. Hut it did not rot here, It had it* bui trinl effort In all the fraa flute" It luimed.atrly raueed a profound nenaatlna In Maeeaehuettla. Michigan. aud ereu in New York The Ligiela'ure of MUhigao raee indrd promptly her Instruction' to Iter keuatura to apply the Wiliuot prodeo to all tcrriti r.el hill' The leading men of Maaofrrhnarttr ndortid klr Wrbeter. and the rrapectabto whig* of Niw York did the aame to Mr Cl?y Tha pr< ?ieo le deed, d* ad dead ao far aa territorie* ar? concerned The fiellug lut completely rhangi-d In the Northern ftalee ih< y hare yiren u|i what they weir fierce fir at the r r imeui uient of thi* eaeaion of Congreie Aa an It.eta. re -On one c^ uing of laet wn k two great met ting' wcr held in your nty. ?ne hy the Inc roll d> tn erwry, at Tammany Hall, and tha i thi r by the leafing wl.g? at the t'iay Keatiral. at Nlhlo'r. 1 notice that both meeting', hy a aingiakar eoluridi u?*. toeik ground in fart agalnat the tv .unt piorlao. aud iu favor of a aettleiurnt of the whole ijue. ti'n. The free roll democracy uitauiiummly paaatd the f llowing roe-dut I' ll And Hla alao re ?Wi4 II,at wt a,? the Arm ip,? rler* t the i mill' id tl ?.r*i buiaeef tkla Caluo. aad if a eirtat r, nil 11 rtloa ef tit N * I'ltll en?tlt*ll"n T' ?' lli'l rinn-nt I" a aa-red bend of lew / "mm-nt, ahteh It ? our doaeaat duly to maintain an-han/od. la the apirti ??f the d-iuuaretle father' of tb? repabhe. lha c aatitummal ri/nia ef earn fiat* and of all tne p - pl< are t<|U?lly d or tv ??--|i?Jlr worthy if prt'.ercaiiuk ai.d i<|*aJly ah oil they ree?i?? ear alii wheB".e?ar aad Vy ei, ,?wn r may h.' eoailed tfr are pn ud to h? reraro* 4 aa tn-mi-ra lha k'ticiiil II ta ereey ; and ? will aelibercnaatenaaea aer teUra a any avail nal dl'iaOrj And lha nh:ga adopted tha following aeuiiment I aliferwla, t'lah. aaf h'tw Mcjje*-Vdfa > J a e"wii ? ar auialtlon?<na reaJliiiif more Ibe. ih. 7a.i ' flpklr-lok tn.ukd to uur pr> re. t.?u ?the aa-n b?n?(tr*7# I r.mJ ahi' h tat'eda to lha atrrr'r a a n- llatn ?, aa a f'ale, i-are-t refoae U pri'ldc f..r ih- eeak-r. | ><< ...a-ali, ? i?rnwm< : iif imiii t?r I man. N"?.l irk. <h) kjlr not all lh"?? ioT?? b.?< n art tl. <1 I'J t'ougraau 111 a manner eatl'f ir'.iry In the x. uth* W li* haf n.-arly dTr i nfha of tti* ?""?l<?n been ?a*t?J aeaj. ami not h>? g h <n don* * Tlitf Uhrt no reaeon Itrrau'i- ?'alit >rnla against all law. right rf r?a-on r< nine nvkltif up to t'ongr??? 1 < i . i<> t? a Mate, ai l jilt. frm lant adiutaelon H ,f t< all Oil* hart* aiol burr; to barr i>|tf>rnla a liuilt I v a Mate. In dlrirt rlolat'ou of the mn'tltutlon. and atiifai,gfring the e*f.:y of the I'nlon ' Arrth lirw?t I? i xeiifthap pulatlon of lli? thirty rti uf ami riaiy to admit I alif m'.a M I Atate ' oti no' Th.-y tl o i rare a nr?? al ut It an t yrt th.we (. opto alert Uir mm lira of On lfn?c of Hapregrulatlf r* and Uiv L'jrkalato r?-a if lh?- a thirty Htatra .en.1 "rnaiora loi'onK*i aba Ral(*V>?>l; ar. I (Pml/ abr^irfi?ti( Ibalr i t . to ut*, t'j agr it ng tli" ad-ni ?ton i f ' ...f .r.uw a* * fiat* ' W ar J tli* fart* of th!- ?rw rl?ri?tit nfd trnrtmn i itlil al rtou? I'alon * It I* but a fiw ni'.itln atnaa II ' 'l.>*o?i tj of |Mt in t'alif Tola A wit I r??. ? al 'tit' l? rarur til" nt.jrr' of attraction to th'U antta Kniiiallaa a. nt forward with a rap.dity ii'i,>*ralelli d In the liialmy ot any rotin;rr Prmi v*ry part ft li I a g', l,? imin granta ruch ") Intot'al'A>ruU% tlroat m I* re at nt tl" rr to 'I g g'1.1 tow fk al birdlatw.r; I ut tb u-an J? of all I he i. fu?r "f' arth ru h -l onl b?> II at rrglon. to gi l gold but not ! lab >r or it g t <r It, Anli.a tim? lant jiar. * n><- tw.nty fhou awl people, rt UWy bud rrarli.J that nuartT of the world lull am ail >lied.e of rhara?t.; Man* liiMMMt 'net* want off to thr rlti r? to th? ralfcr atidlotH- ?> tail-, in Jig f r gi id I it ihe-c ? c mjiaratltrW frw> tin ?n al | .fill n of lb* ?migrant* clnatrri-d airotl. Dm < a I > aiJ r lag W ai.'l ruimencott ftfl'illug fitim, al J ? imiBg a r? i fupl-iT tan colony Tlirrr Wrri' tl?? , I . ?nl t ir in I-of gambling aa dlrrralHrJ aa ilur rbarai I era wad lat Tlu rr wi r>-th political gam Mere. an n b' had I'wt < ??'? at home f iTirnnM, .la'ora iw wb'r* of ' mgre* and Atato > ,i>la'ur?a, aim- houn ri mmi riot' ra, prion keeper*. ??t. pi to an ' Itlrrra and l.ri I'D Jown gr 'g*h >p range re .1.1.eltti g gt rrrnui'nt i fir era and brVflr a lawyer*, .. an to I-at) b"u?* bail..* ' hrn Hull itir mer ..t". g i l.n r? him who ha.| ani t*hrd and broke* i.. I *re? In tli* Atlantic era board r mre. awl eioi Im li j tki ir in k in a a<w land ab?rr capital wa? una ii>at II n th*r. ware the upper tea >^iait? wlgm l lie >1 1,.|| to get th.'tn otf ' 1 of ||. J ||, pro i a d lh?j it "Wi Iwrk awn .1.1 their p?*?tgw lit thr prob-ee. i ^akil nri b.*u and lop la'ifj la oi, lag* itawi* ra and t .ti'Mr.J he?pwr< io glean and Aouth ' n, i.r- laaat* fdaycta. Hwtatiy liry fanlrt? uidl*?t ! tl.r ga niilna land and till" aprrnlat Ti Aneta ai . liadlBgarl ae tin of I dune lAdlt al... #1 I. i leiwid la la t.. .flauiat ion for a t'onean to r ?t In Pi >trmn*r to r.inkr a Atate' II ?ly " tr ' 1 be i" I tiral gamble aanti-d .inalhlnig I* * Ira; wrew With at n 'y. t'w onij bmaWa 'k I trail I. ill am u? tb'-m wrr- i' 'Ot .V?t ll-.tooy t .? f. i alee .. we |<I 111 ha t a. . lit I (*op rty by tb? bt|h vr'nw a ? atwaMra trg.a M ? I wi. bare it al e. a iiaeerncre rt*', and M aU t**d<a dowu l the alrkpock ii l? gan to mr * i. na. . at# Tb.y t"a*M laud h-m thr |w w aliaipx irbab at* at awwg .on Met oaa tlllaa to |?r .pnrtg %aa? ?e< wed by tt?~ * l?entwreea to the r gti nt .if *t ?i . in.lp lb '? ?b a.d tVmtreaa eaer '";i inn thnar *tn.? M.-alng at 'it In *11 theaa matter* wrew lined rerkire* hurlhatn p tltlelan* who 'aid an. ih eg t. I??e ? t" gain by an* aotli wai aota, r* 4 refe pan ti e; ware fe|| - a terrible ruin|iwa aaa id rf il I a. f. rata lettara war eaat >IT to alt Itw ae i?tilag |n lit car* tn tba flail ei.-eakone waww I e b. Id * I'MWM ?? ar ! lendth r aaalbt t j ?> b lb. f l:ii...Ui? tie a. zl i i. a>

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