Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. 41111 GORDON lllITt, proprietor AJn> mbitor. ?f ICE. R. W. OOROTiR or WLTOm EOT) heeead nc EEL'SEEE-V" ruis RTRNINO. MB I/O S GARDEN. Broadway? Lp?HU Borela. IOVIIT THEATER, Bowary.?FihaRRO?Viuu MT TO a fi'A broadrta y THEATRE. Broadway?la mm Howoa?Ha?w. In llot TO PA* THB KlNT. BURTON'S THEATRE. Cham ban ttmi-Lu> Tear U?r?i)uiTui TuiAka?DoMBtnc Bcobohv. ETIONEL THEATRE, ChatkARa SREBrw?K arnaaiwi EES r?T?icMjo? Bohsmiab Uiel-Pmawtom BlBiirxr num. Bator Plaaa.? LvttinA Boiui-lion HJUBT NSTER *'?? Fair I^OI. BTNPIC.?Pisacm'i M wan he! ROOKI.TN IKSTITCTR?CiiAiBTi't Miiriu. Imatbob.?WHITI'i SsasaIDIRB ?w lark, Kilday, IfrtTlt, MM. Thr Knr?|>ran Rews. No intelligence yi t of either the British Queen 01 America. The commercial news from Europe ii looked for v ith some interest. The (>reat lineal loo of the Day?Mr. Clay'i Com promise Movement and Podltun-titen. Taylor Rota here. Hut for the unfortunate altercation w hich oecnr?ed on Wi dnesday lust, IrlwiTn Mr. Footr urnl vuknnri Drmun, in nir i nn?~?i ?^?niro " imir, ?? "Washington, the n is every reason to IHieve that Ifr. Bell's resolutions on the torriloral question, would have liecn referred to a committee of thir*een, half whigs and liulf democrats, with Mr. Clay as chairman. When that aflair occurred, an Important amendment, moved hy Mr. Clav, hud been carried, in which the Senate declined to express in advance, any opinion, or to give any instructions, either general or sjs^cifie, for the guidance of the committee. The amendment was oneurrcd in; and the question on referring would, no dnuhf, have been tHk??ii immediately afterwards, if business had not been suspended hy the scuttle between the aUive named members. We look upon < ol. lb-nton's conduct in that affair as highly reprehensible, nor are we disposed to shield Mr. Footc from censure. If Mr. lienton cannot control his feelings, while sitting in a legislative body, of such dignity us that which ought to attach to the ffenatr, he had better resign an>l go to Culifornia at once. On the oilier hand, if the upper branch of the MDonal legislature cannot transact the business of tie country without the members ls-ing arm"d, il is time for all legislation to cease, and the doors f the Semite closed, until a better state of tilings 1m brought about. Mr. Clay's position on the great question of the day, is a high!} honorable ami elevated one. lie bus cut clear of all parties and all factious, and adopted a policy dictated by |>atriotism, and, thus fur, has curried it out with a degree of ability characteristic of the man. He never be Id such a lofty position as he now does, nor one w Inch entitled lum more to the admiration, respect, und confidence of all parties in Congress, and of the whole American people. Advanced in years, and huving spent n large jiortion of his time tn public life ami in the halls of legislation?having leached more than liis threescore and ten?having recently w itnessed the ih-|mnur>* of one of his compeers, the lsmented Calhoun?Mr. Clay's conduct during the present session, on the slavery question, fe an agrees I de contrast to that pursued by Mr. Benion. While the one is highly national ami patriotic. he ?>thrr is selfish, fictional, and disorganizing. ^ hiie lli'' one naturally lead* to a rational, friendly, and iust compromise of the grout question of the day?a question which now agitates and shake*the republic to it* centre?tlie other has no tendency kill to prolong the agitation, to keep the wounds of he hotly politic still bleeding, and to jeopardise thr integrity of tins great confederacy. Through Mr. Clay's influence, and in consequence of th? lofty position w Inch he ha* assumed, the prolailality now i0 that the question ot ula\ery, in connection with all the new territories, a ill la- settled and disposed f at one and the aunie tune, and the free-soil agitation receive its </enf?j. The only o|ipo*ition which Mr. Clay has to eontend with in lus endeavors to settle thia unfortunate agitation on the slavery question, it that of the cabinet, the free-soilrrs and Mr. Benton?<General Taylor nowhere. When the matter conies be lore the Hotie of Representative#, the same influence will to earned then-; for, singularly enough, the members of the cabinet, who, according to all accounts, are (irmly established in their seat", seem to Is- as much hostile to a general and Anal settlement and disposition of the question, and as much in favor of the isolated udiniamm of I alifornis. as the most ultra free soilrrs are themselves. timers) Taylor himself is nowhere. In fact, since the commencement of the pre rnt session tlie cabinet, in the course which they have pursued on thisquestion. (tieneral Taylor lieing now here) have material!) strengthened the freesoilers hi their factious opposition to any policy calculated to heal the present agitation, ami aided and assisted in uli? listing the ditb-p lit sections ol the country. The friend* of the 1 men and of the country, have, therefore, hut one course lo pursue in the present emergency. Tliey must arouse themselves and anite in stqiporliiig Mr. ( lay, (and w-e hops to include Mr. Weleter a No) hi the patriotic stand w hich to has assumed, and in opposing the free soilera ?uul all others, w hether in the cabinet or out of it, (tirmral Taylor nowhere) in Confrrsaor out of it, ? ho. from selfish motives or reason* of their ow n, are averse to disposing of thi* agitation. If they do so, tlie mMnence of the cabinet and of the freesotlers, (tieneral Taylor now he rr) will te of no avail; peace and quiet will take the place of faction*sm ami agitation, the slavery question wdl Is- setlied on the principles of compromise and the constitution; and our beloved republic will renew her carrrr to that jmi ami nionmu gmuij mwuru for ?t. and whtrhrxrn human rvr* ran porcriyo in thr yiata of tl?r futurr. 1 p with thr constitution? d>>* n w ith thr ralanrt and the fanatic*?but lionr.W Clrnrral Ta> lor nnwhorr. fit*. Ta*i^?a aaniiiat'iiniarT.?After all that hi?? born aaid on the aubjrct, it appear* that thrre in ? hr no change in the cabinet at preacnf, and according to Mifii# account*. uonr at all, with Gen. Taylor'a fwnrpt. |tr thin a? it may bo. it rannot kaiifr or altrr the fact, that thr cabinet doea not n*ara* lh? rofitatonrr rf thr ahut party or of tho hr country, or that a majority of thr whig member* of t otigrro* Jrnr* a change. Thia, wr anpprr, mi uniirraally conceded. by whig* aa well aa democrat* It ia well know n that thr |?oliry of thr cabinet t. <>|y<v>rd l?r thr whig party in <??figrr?, aa mm h aa it w by thr oppo-ifion. Vl'r ran attnlaitr thr rontinuanrr of thr rabinrt in ofTior, to nothing la?t thr peculiar rharartrr of fien. Taylor, which make* hitn aland hy thono whom hr haa placed in r<a|<iu? pooitiona. Thrrr ia rvrry rraaoti to boMrye thxt hr will atirk to thrm to thr laat. mermtctrnt aa thry arr, and there ia apparently no inorr rhanrr of a trmoynl or clutnpr m thr cabinet than thrrr ia of thr tumoral of tlir Alkglianv Mountain* to a mot* motherly dirrrtion. Thr IVwdent will hrar of no romplatiit* ag uii<t h< m. ami liftfrti to nothing on thr mihjrrt Wr may thrrrforr put it down a? a arttlrd rr that thr |>rri?anl rabinrt will rrmain in office aa Wmg aa thry plraar, or for an indefinite prriod. t >f #ourar it may br r*prctrd that thr dift rrnce* )*>. w-rrn thr what pnrty in ( wngroa* and thr rahiart will go on ami imrraar and widen. an tntirh, that thr latter will, lifcet'cptatn Tyler'* rabinrt. boromr f tnpb tr|y facta led. Imlrrd it ia yrry in?ar that point nowr, |t ia raay to infer w hat lb* ultimate nrault wdl bo. Ion ?A grrat many of thr rnortnoua and nnprowad* n tad 'air- of rrai r?talr *l*>tt thoar day . Ta unroot w framanoii in Got row im To> exam J*toc*.?Fog Smith is out with two more letters. They are published in an obscure corner, where country editors, fresh from Ohio, pot m* shine poetry, to fill op with. They ore intended at a reply to the letters of Amos Kendall and Professoi Morse. There is only one point in them. It is the asser tion that the hew York press wish to monopolize th< wires which Smith controls, for purposes of specula tion; that six newspaper editors, diametrically op posed to each other in their interests, arc spending one thousand dollars per week, or thereabouts, U obtain news, with w hich to operate upon the com , mercial community ! Such an assertion is too ridi culotis for even Fog Smith to make. But fogs pre vail the most on the Kubtirn coast in the vornu season. Monopolizing the wires of a telegraph by th< press is an impossibility. It is an absurdity. Kit tcrprise may, it is true, give those possessing it u monopoly, for a few hours, of the news obtain cd. Two or fhree |>?[>ers in this city, one or t\v< in l'liiladelphia, one in Baltimore, and one it Charleston, enjoyed a monopoly, for twelve t< r twenty-four hours each time, during the Mexicai war. of the news of each buttle in the valley of tha republic. How was it done 1 Simply by a littli enterprise, and the e.vpendilure of a few thnunam 1 dollars. We used the telegraph then, but w< heard of no irion<>|>oly, because those who managei the w ires bad no desire to dictate to the public, am because they felt as deep un interest as we did, ti lay the details of the brilliant deeds of our countrymen at once 1*'fore the public. It in the name with the reports of the proceedings in Congress, now daily received from Washington, These reports cost from five to right hundred dollars per week. Tliey arc published in nix papers of this city. These papers enjoy a nionojioly of these reports, for the simple reason that no one else will expend as much money to obtain th< in. It it* the sum* With the foreign newt). Some one or two of these six newspaper proprietors have heen in the habit, since tJte first Cunard steamer made her lirst trip to Hoston, of running expresses, at u cost of three hundred to fifteen hundred dollars each, to obtain the Kuropeun news earlier than the mail could bring it. The news has been received in this way, from twenty-four to forty-eight hours aheud of the mail. This vast e*|>eiu?e was incurred, not to speenlata in cotton, breadstuff#, railroads, gas works, or in effort* to depreciate the value of telegraph st??ck, in order to buy it in, and thus control it, to the injury of die public, but to prevent speculator* from preying uj>on the community. After the completion of the electric line these expresses were, run in another form, over the wires; and six papers in this city, the most liberal and resectable portion of the Hoston pr?>ss, and the entire press of Philadelphia, and other Southern cities, joined ill an arrangement to receive the steamer's news by telegraph. The enterprise of these jmpers gives them a monojioly of the news, for a sboit time. It is sent to every editor who desire# it, to Is- used by them for the laiblie good. No paper is excluded. Any |?Hper jwying its share of the cost of the news, can have it. Any assertion to the contrary is made to stil?servi' private pur]>o#e*, at once unsafe and dangerous to the commercial community. The only paper in this city that sides with Fog Smith, lu his efforts to control this intelligence and dictate to the public, Was admitted, at its own solicitation, to all of the advantages of the Associated Press, but it afterward* liacked out, in consequence of the inducement* offered by Fog ftnith. in shape of new * at a cheap rate, llencc the daily falsehoods, the editor knowing them to he such, of that concern, at so many word# of tele ! graph new* j?r falwhwHl. Itutlliiniimough. <>ur object has been to show to w hat danger* the public arc ex|*>sed in the monopoly of the telegraph. It bus lieen tlie fixed determination of Fog iSinith from the atari, to control the mrc* that run castw ardly to where the Knglish steamer* touch- 'Till the introduction of Iiain'a and I House's syst< nis he enjoyed a monopoly, and had every tlung hia own way. So long aa them* new Imea exist, the community are safe from bad men. Their destruction, while a man like Fog Smith ta the sole manager of the remaining wires, would be a public calamity. Amidst the hue tindery against the agent of the Associated Tress, he seeks to grasp the eutire line, stretching from New York ta Halifax. In the event of In* success, let the public " look out for the engine w hile the hell rings." Amos Kendall and I'rofessor Morse saw the f fleet of Smith's movements, and the necessity ol | the caw ttspnri d the |KiMicatii>ii of their letters. They take the correct view of the w hole matter. Tux AtiNiMsTxxrto.v Yxvxrt (lEttcv.? < v-cusicnally wr hear of an enterprising American receiving ftotn the Sultan of Turkey, the Ktnperor of Ituasia, or some other Furopean monarch, a gold snuff-Uix inlaid w ith diamond*, or an order in brilliants, tor soma wonderful invention earned abroad from the I'mled States. The other 1 day lTofeasot Morse received from the Torte a splendid order, set in precious stones, for the wondeifnl application of mngnelism to telegraphs ; and, recently. Mr. Colt, the inventor of the six-barrelled revolver, had a magnificently g(l|,| and enameled muff-box, w ith the lid inlaid with brilliant*. sent to him a* the Stilton's appreciation of those famous pistols, so useful in the Mexican and Indian wars. Other Yankee mventois have received similar fuvors front foreign power*. These splendid gifts are a* much to the inventive ?r America a* to the particular individual* torn bom th?y are given; yet whal in ihe value oi thc-e prewrni* to the rrcft?rr?t (hi their return home, our o*n government, Inking n narrower view of the talue of the rotton gin, the telegraph. the revolver, Ac., Are., put a market value ui dirt) centa on mch thing', and compel the recipient* to pny an mormou* duty on th?-ir little mdruvjr. Mor*e paid ninety dollar*, and Colt five hundred dollar*, to cur t'uatoin 11 (Viae, la-catine the Turk art* a high value on Yankee ingenuity. lathi' light I klany an inventor would be forced to e?-ll hi' present to pny the outrageously high cliargea of our C'lMtOH Houae officer*; while a Minialer or Chargr <Td/mrri, with hu i*t) out lit and ft.OtlO |'-r year aalary, ia prvnutted to introduce pictnrea. ?Vc., free of oo*t. Tiir Anti-*i>t Timl It llt usnv.?The antirrnt trial at Hudson ia g?ing on, and in a few day* we may e*pect a decision upon the qne-tion of title to Uie land which ia in dispute in that case, and the reault of which will have a great influence on the m hole manorial subject in the diflerent anti-rent covin tic* in this Slate. Tina trial ia the reault of the doctrine* of *ociali?m. * hich hare !w-en broached and pri ached l>y rcrtain agitator* and demagogue*, during a few year* ; and if it end in declaring tl.c title to tlioac Wnd* void, it a ill lie hut the Irginning of the and. The ne?t ?tep will !* to declare, by law, that no pei*on ahall i<oaa*n? more than a certain amount of proprrtr, and it will be conaidered an ofl< tice agaioM justice and nght, for any one to own anything more than what he weur* and eat*. If it were not that unprincipled politician* stooped down to the anti-renter* and *oewhat*, they would not now la- in a court of justice, seeking to lilt alula tr title*, which they and their auceator* reei gtn?ed aa good and law ful, for a century and Upwaiil*. Trio* or I-aifa.?I'mUiMy AMMO journeymen, of all trndea, w ill arrive in .New York during the n-tiuig annuo, r. Tin* 'U)n?ly of laU?r w ill reduce i|i? price* in *| ife of all r aiating mot enieul*?unle** w.|ii? tiling lie d.'lte t?> nieet the ca*c now, ?# The only evening pnper w orth reading i* the wnari little Ihif, w |th llif w.ue ami Walnut*. iMtiwrt ?.?Many of the*. who go alantf W?ltcilieg a?|t. rti*? in. nla. Navrmrnt* of Imtt* trinala. blent It.*, r* T S I lark. and !?r favler f PH. have a'rit. a In lhi? . Ilj | r.ta linn h.,U afhrutualy, U ia I I.IUd, lyt.ta TELMftiPBC UTELLICBtC*. T*l?fnykH Inuui7< The proceeding* in the Senate, yesterday, were , eery interesting and important. After the appoint* r nient of a committee to Investigate the immtti be* tween Mews. Benton and Foote, they proceeded to discuss the business which was on the tapis and : left unfinished on the preceding day. No sooner was the subject taken up, than Col. Benton renewed , his tactics to procure the admission of California by , herself, but he did not make much headway, and j by every step which he made he gained nothing. The linal question was taken, and adopted by a strong vote of thirty to twenty-two. The matter is, . therefore, in the hands of a committee of thirteen, I to 1)0 composed of six whigs and six democrats, Mr. Clay to be chairman. This is the present position . of the territorial question in the Senate. Mr. BcU*b resolutions are:? 1. For the admission of California. 2. For governments for the territories, without a lx'/tril uKmif nluvnpv , J. i 3. For the purchase of the disputed territory of j Texas, nnd the defining her boundary. i 4. Providing for the admisston ?f two or three t more sluve States from Texas. ? Mr. Clay'a amendment, which was carried on J "Wednesday, related to the second pro|?osition, and was, that the Senate do not deem it necessary, and J therefore decline to express, in advance, any opin| ion, or to give any instructions, either general or > specific, for the guidance of the committee. No duuht,a bill, embodying the main psintsofthe above resolutions, will la: introduced by the committee i Mr. Benton and the free toilers worked hard to de- , feat this measure, and resorted to every sort of tac| ties with that view, but they were unsuccessful. \ According to our accounts from Washington, it i appears that the (iHlphin claim, about which so much has been said, and the allowance of which, 1 with interest, caused so much vehement and eon- 1 versation in Congress and throughout the country, us to justify the House of llepresentutives in appointing a committee to investigate and report upon it, is not the only affair of that nature which hasoc- j eurred since the present sbiuet came into power, j It is broadly asserted that similar claims huvc la-en , allow ed, w hich were reported by the late udmiuis- 1 tration us having no foundation, and w hich amount i in the aggregate to an immense sum of money. It is ' said that Mr. Ewing, the Secretary of the Interior, 1 has re-opened a claim presetted by sorue of his namesakes, if not relatives, to the amount of twenty-seven thousand dollars, notwithstanding that it w as examined and rejected by the late administration as w orthless. It is also suid that Mr. Ewing allowed interest, simple or compound, on a rluiin presented l>y Commodore James Barron, of the old Virginia j navy, after the princijial was paid. It is also rharg- 1 ert lllut ttw> Clime Mr P'ec inir wlio. it Would ants-ar. *>' " . ' 1 has been exceedingly industrious in tins peculiar line of business since his induction into office, allowed and puid a Chickasaw claim to the tune of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, although it was examined and rejected by a previous adini- * mstiation. It is charged thut other claims of a simi- ? lar character have been paid by the authority of the present cabinet. It is alleged that Mr. Kwtug has reversed the opinions of the Commissioner t>f Patents, and thus upur|?-d power which does not bo- ^ long to him. It is alleged that Mr. liwing has in ^ his dejiartnieiit persons who, while they are drawing salaries from the government, are engaged as j, puffers of the cabinet in newspapers throughout the T country. All these charges have t>ecn brought against Mr. u liw'ing in one day, and we do not know how many more of the same sott there are left. A resolution j 01 was introduced yesterday into the House of Repre- 41 sentatives, to a|>point a select ronunitter of nine, to ( investigate and report upon these several charges and allegations to the House; but, in consequence of the rules not being suspended, the resolution was ^ laid over for the present, to 1* offered on another occasion. Verily, verily, tilings are coming to a u pretty pass in Washington. Here we have, within ti a abort time, charges made against the cabinet with a having improperly and unjustifiably allowed claims ^ to the amount of half a million of dollars, including the (lalphin claim, since they cutne into office; and others alluded to, which will, in all I pinbahility, assume a tangible form and shape ' i hereafter, Fuch an immense mass of corrup- ! 1 tion?there is no use in inincing words?was ever, in the history of our government, al- ^ Irgrd against a cabinet. As a matter of course, these allegations have creufd a great deal of con- 4 versation and discussion in Washington, and so they w ill in every part of the country when they are made known. It is to be hoped that the committee will be appointed, and that their investigation will , be thorough and complete. These charges have * la-en deliberately made, and they should be as de- j lil>erately investigated. When the committee shall hare been appointed, we ahall, we think, la* able to give them sotne hints, on some of the matters that will be referred to them, which wc think will 1 | help them at arriving at u conclusion. For the f , present, we will content ourselves by saying that ' if they prol>e in the right quarter, they will discover, without the aid ol "patent perifocal*," ' ; that one of the Washington correspondents of ' the New York Tributif, who is luhoring daily j I to bolster up the cabinet, enjoys a snug lit- r tie sinecure in the I^and offer, and that the * correspondent of the Bo$t<m Albtt is as coin r 1 ?_ _la a a aL.a L..L aakiL. a I . I e runaoij ?nunini?um? iiHuf t?iir %mrj mi r ftibctiirly adulutiug the cabinet, frotn d.ijr today,! re drawing their regular Hilanrn tli?* trraaury of the United ytatca. I^-t u* have the truth, Hnd the whole truth ; and, if the cabinet ran rceiat the ordeal through which they will forced to | wa alidll, for the honor and dignity of the cotintTT, and the credit of the udmimMration t tee If, be pleaerd. The aoeault# again*! the cabinet are coming thick and heavy ; and if they be not annihilated, they will be not only bullet-proof, but l-otnb-proof, if there be any troth in the numeroua allegation* that are thua crowding on them. I.ntaat ftaaa Waaklagtaa. ai ara< ial TxunaarMtc coKRr.sratrncjm 1 W??iii*, April II. 1AA0 The lion Ileary Clay will be chairman of the committee of thlrteea on Mr RrlT* resolution^, and the probability ia that tha member* who were named, when the subject waa first broached will be the eotamittee If they report a hill arcordingto Mr H?U a resolutions, It will undoubtedly paa* the Penatr The committee who were appointed to lnv?etigat* and report on the ?eene which occurred la the ftvaale yeeterday between Col Benton and Mr Foots. It la | eipeeled, will report on the hcte alone, and will leave the traate t? pa** judgment In the rase The commit- a the appointed to Investigate the (ialphin clalia will I probably take the aame ronr*e a A letter ha* been reeelved hare Bom latherMalhew. I I In which he state* that he will endeavor to ratnrn ' t about the middle of the ensuing month III* health t continued fosble | |; Mr 1 nunc the newly elected Clerk of the House of t Representative*, will make many rein..?sl. ?f tibordi. t natc oMrcr*. finch la the current report i r Tlic Knvnl Coarl of Inquiry?Tha taw of ' Alvarada Hanter. Rsi.rineai. April IA. 1AM " The Conrt of Inquiry at Annapolis MJ Is ?tlll In asaslon It roatlaae* to prohibit the publication of ' the proceeding* The Investigation progre??e. slowly A Urge number of navy officer* are there as slitAwrs fieaeral ' Jrctip Is there, and f.cner*l fieoll Is eipc. led to- i night Commodore I'erry Is very mlnale In his |a. qnlrlee. and cudcarors to get wltiie?.c even mere I opinions of others especially Meglrau oArlals. reaps*!- : ing l.ientcnant llnnter * course In this way. br got from Gen Jesup while t*<tl/y> ing. an opinion that the pre ms in re movement* on Ah varado by l.irut Hunter, produ. <<l probably. a lues of a million of dollar* to U.* failed "Ufa In preventing stipulations fbr Worse*, mule*. Ac Lieut Hunter sny* he will deny nothing (nil tell lb* whole trnth. that he dl??>beyed orders and tL*i It waa premeditated, lie says that he mil stand approved, or tear and sratter hi* esmmiestou te Uie wind* H hen the tgjuarUoa I* removed I will vend you I be astir* report. Thm Aathlim Trial. Hi nw, Thursday, April It, ltN. The defence are Mil n|H?4 in proving ttli, iMtti<w of pre mice* u< p?m*?ion under LA* till*. Tb* triri progre*e?* ?*owly Tb* witnee* Tramain Am been *n tb* ntw4 for a Any, and bu bat jut finished hi* rumination. H* is an old man, about TO year* of age or more, and ft>r*?*rly an agent and *urreyor for the Livingston*. Ill* teatlmony eon*i*t* chiefly of the defendant1* act* of ownen-Uip, esrreUed by the Livingston* upon the manor property, and tn the identifying defendant'* map* and survey*. Pome of the?e survey* are rery old, and there la one in court made by John Beaty in 1714, for the purpo*e of a confirmation. John Beaty vat Deputy Purveyor General at that time. The defence, In proving possession and title, offered to *how by the witnee* Tremaln. that the Livingstons had re?*lved the r*nta, Imuc* and profit* of the manor. The Court ruled out this proof a* not being proof of po**e**ion. and elated that If the defendant wished to Introduce it, be must lay groundwork for it by proving tenant* in DO**cs?ion. oavine under tease or contract The defendant's counsel excepted to the decision of the rourt. All the documentary CTidence introduced by the defendant, and almost all the other proof ha* been Introduced subject to the ohjertion of Mr. Van Buren. lie object* to everything. and if ail objections and eieeptlon* are noted by the court, there I* more of objection* than evidence on the minutes. The defence have map* of the mauor. containing survey* of every flirm. and the name of every occupant noted upon them. They also have bundle upon bundle of leave*, and it is generally understood that they intend to prove how every part of the manor has been occupied, and by whom, and under whom, for a great many year* back. Moncrelff Livingston (5.30 P. M.) ha* just been called and sworn a* a witness (The Court still sustained its deeision.aud will not allow defendant to prove to whom the rents, Issues, and profits of the manor sncceedsd, or generally that tenants paid rents to the Livingstons, but will allow him to prove what tenants paid rents, and to whom.) This witness 1* son of Peter K. Livingston. and the defenee are proving the names of tenants who paid rent to his father by him. They number torue Sfteen or twenty, and witness says there are a groat many more whose names be doee not now call to mind. The general opinion is that the defendant will gain hie ranie. This suit will doubtless havegreatinflueuee a quieting the anti-rent excitement in thie eounty. is many who have be en most influential in getting and roeping up the excitement, hold titles from the Livingitons, and if defendant's title is proved bad, thelr's is >ad also. It would, in many rases, he a great hardship o have the title proven void, as a great portion of the and* have passed ont of the bands of the Livingstons o those ot the tenant* whose larms. thus obtained, are be ail of their property The assertion that ths Stat* rill deallibcrally with the tenants, is begining to be egardrd as a humbug. They see too plainly how lotely their interest is allied to that of Livingston. There is no telling when the trial will close?it It exerted that they will sum up the ease to-morrow,

'here is no certainty, however. rhe Indian mMcultles In Mew Mexico?Battle between the Buffalo Hunters and Use Aparhts. St. Lor is. April 1*. 1850. A gentleman arrived in thie rlty. yesterday, from iew Mexico, through whom we have received dates rom Los Vegas to the 0lh of March. Indian depredations In that country still continue, be Americans are living In constant dread and bar, nd the savages are daily becoming more daring. The writer says, a runner sent by a party of Buffalo unters. Arrived ut Ma Yrgus a few days before ha left, he buntcr* had encouuterd a body of Apache Indian*, nd an engagement ensued between theoi. Two of the untere were killed and three or four badly wounded he Indians carried off all their animals, and at the me of .the runner's departure, nearly all the auiinuItion of the hnnters was exhausted. The commander at this place was called upon to order ut a company of military to protect the hunter*, ud render them necessary assistance The A)>erlie*, satisfied with their booty had re rested A few days since three Mexican* were killed by the idians at Verual Springs, on the rued trow Loe Vegas >Pants l e Oreat complaints are made that sufficient precaution i not observed by t'ot Monroe In granting Iteeneea to radar*? many having been in the habit of selling arms nd ammunition to the hoetlle Indians. rise Killed and Wounded bjr the Kaploalon of Ik* Mesumer Hercules. I'siKBiavac. Vs.. April 18, ltd I s learn that the nomas of tha killed, by the explo>lon ol the tow boat Hrrrulee. below New Orleans, were I. f. MlUer. pilot; Jamvs Kiddle, tbird engineer, and a on of Capt Kiddle, M I Ilium llsMmond. John Morao. * ITnscn, Th"inas Murphy, and I'ufiis Tarboi all leek bauds Among the scal b-d were John Pullerton, nd the following drck hands Jamee MlUer OUvec irnold. and k Phirrau The Heforsnern In Baltimore, Ac. KsLiiMoat, April 18?6 1'. >1 A large town meeting of the reformers u now being leld in Monument Square The Pouthern mail came through to-night Court of Appeal*. Ai assr, April IB. I860 No 64 eooelnded. 66 argued Two ssaalon* to-day >eclslons made yesterday The Court will adjourn ometime to-morrow Ttii* Naval, Cm at Mantial or Limit. Ai.valaixi lli >ttk.?Tli?- naval court martial on Lieurnant Alvurado Hunter, at Annapolis, in Marynod, is now going on, hut, strange to nuy, the prod-dings are held w ith cloned doors, and the public ! nd the presc are refused admittance. Thin is. to i ay the least, a very extraordinary and suspicious [ -ourne for the member* of the Court Martial to idnpt. We have yet to learn of a single instance here the i irlusion of the pro** from courts of jusice or courts martial, lias notlwen attended with Trjudiee to either the complainant* or defendants ; ir one in uhirh the cause of justice was injured ?> the puhlicatioB of the truth. If this court filarial is hringiheld in accordance with decorum and usticc, w h) exclude the prew* t Honesty and inegrity rourt the light of day, and neither one nor he other w as ever yet injured by making it public The Paper C urrency at California. We received, by one of ths lest steamers, the follow ng bill from Caltfornla. ot which we give a copy:? Mlimtu. View if M.ipptai. * ft S It. * jj - A *: TDK M I N II I RANK 51* 2 5 I 5 * I ^ * W111 pay ? ? ? noi i.iMI" ih# iHni ? ' * J a~ tiBMl Raa rraorlte*. Marek lit. IMR. J3 J | * . H (inlw. !**? ? , I * CM. <> ' ktti*. I'Mli. J Th? ibotf bask bill l< beautifully engraved. and bat m; haiiilioM i|ipMniirt la tiwnltd by Heart ' tanforth aod llufty. Nn I Wall atrwd. hank lounTllHI Ruppnaing I bit to U t n< a eurrtnrj at arte4 n the gold region ?? uiadr mm Inquiry reap?ellng he reeponelhiltty of the partita teeulog the bill' W ktrtl"Tt. failed on Hr Pan forth. and eat very polltej Informed that aurh a plat* wm a aerated by blaa. to h? order ot Meeera H m 1 Jtm" i'urrl? broken la tall atreet and Intended for mo# h uae In Ran fran laeo. Wo neat railed at the oMae nf Mr t'urrte. and Jaeed no the mooter. for eiebengr. the abort bill lit rlerk plrkrd op lb# bill, attained It. langhed. nd f arlnloird? ' l.nnk bar*. Mr Currle. bar* la ooo "f tbnar bllla. la Irrulallno " Mr t'ttrrle than looked at tha bill and prnn<Minr-d It I bum bur M iwn# bad lieen la?u#d by tha firm f..r #b> m th<y got ?P the plate Mr Currle further add d that tha plate aaa engraved by hla ordar. for Mr 'leather M llal*i.t a araltb.i firm at ??n I'ranciaao ait on taking tlie bill* ntil there Ihe rlrrulation ?aa >rrliiMted arnnding to Ilia rooatilotlooal lao of the 'tata. ft'ftldd'iig tha rlreulatl?n of papar money Dili# lie t 111# were olthdraon. and li-load ||r Haight o fhallltala the Ottrrooay of >an 1 raoelarn. bunted gold intent. ohtrb apjeared toatl'war every purpoaa Mr 'orrle ftntliar Mated that had the bill' been etreulated b#y woold bare Ian filed up with Uir nana of Mr. laigbl. *ha I* amply ra#pon*IMa ftar Ilia notaa |a*nad It a givv pahllelty to the above bank bill, faring Lat. ly M ire meant. Ilia lotp-rath or might hare h#f| ttalixd frt m Mr Matgbl. Il.rit fllbd up elth tpnrinua limit, and the pablta linpneed I'pop, by rvoi-lving b? On a# yeod money 0MUMI CVWMlI. hoard or ahhihtakt ai.nnunwi. Tbs Board of Assistant* met at 5 o'clock on Wedncntmy attaincou, the PrmMnit in the chair.' aanTtoM. A petition (H praMetrt by sundry persona, edrerec to Opening Kighty-ftmrth street Referred POSTS or (OMMITTrlA. Tba ronulltae ou Markets reported In fhror of raising the salary of the Clerk of Clinton Market from $411 to (COO per annum Adopted. The Committee on the I .aw Department reported In IhTor of directing the Corporation Counsel to take charge of all suits and proceedings in which the Corporation is interacted, except suits relative to fees of lata Counsel. Adopted. The Committee on Fire Department reported In faror of areeting a house for Kngins Company No. 44, in Union Market Square. Adopted. The Committee on Wharves. Pier*. and Slips reported in faror of elose-piling pier between Klrlngtou and Stanton streets. Adopted. Committee on (troton Aqueduct Department reported in faror of adopting a resolution that Croton water pipes be laid in Twenty-ninth street, between Slxtb and Seventh arenues; also, that a Arc hydrant b? placed in Twenty-Bret street, west of Tentn avenue Adopted. Committee on Streets, reported In fhror of flagging sidewalks between Kighth and Ninth arenues; on runenrrenre. concurred in. Also, to flag avenue A, between Fourteenth and Twenty-third streete; also. In faror of rrmoring awning posts In Fulton street, between liroudway and Nassau streets; also. In fkror of flagging sidewalk on the southerly side of Twentyeighth street, from the Second arenue to ttie Fast Hirer; against regulating Thirty-sixth street from Serentb arenue to Hroadway; also, in faror of concurring with the Board of Alderman in the resolution and ordinance to regulate and grade the SeTenth avenue from Harlem lane to 12tdh street. Adopted. Committee on (.amps and lias, in faror of lighting King street and Cottage place with gas. Adopted. Report of Committee on Repairs and Supplies. In faror of concurring in resolution making an additiontl iintirfinriktifin fit 001k fur lh* riiiKLriicLinii nf vmiiILi on Randall'* I-laud. Concurred in. The Committee on Finance reported in fhvor of removing the First district police station house from its present location to No. At) Trinity place. Adopted. Report of the Committee on the Fire Department, in favor of confirming the recent election ot Assistant Kngincers of the Fire Department; also, an ordinance providing for the annual returns oi eaeli company being made under oath. On coneurrenee, concurred in Report of the Committee on Sewers, in favor of building a aewer in Thirtv-third street, from the Fifth to the Sixth avenues, with au ordinance therefor; adopted. Also, In frvor of building a sewer in Tenth street, from opposite Dry Dork strrrt to the sewer in avenue C. On concurrence, concurred In. rksoli'tiors. Resolved. That a path four feet wide be flagged from the southwest corner of Uouvenrur street, to the Centre of the gates of the Jackson street ferry. Referred. Resolution for lighting Lexington avenue from Tweaty-eiglith to Thirty-third street, writh gas. Adopted. Resolution to extend pier at the foot of west Twentyfirst street, to the line of Twelfth avenue. Adopted. i H1SS): ok lo< Alios koh roi.irt: ji stick. A resolution caine from the Board of Atderuien providing for removing police Justice Mountfort from the Tombs to the police office at Jefferson market, and stationing Justice Blakely in his place at the Tombs. In tills Board a substitute was adopted, changing the uaiue of Justice Blakely to that of Justice Osboru, uow at the F.ssex market pollre office. Adjourned Court of Common Plras. Before Judgr Woodruff. April 18.?John jithkoh ? ?. TKt Coiumhu* littitrmct t mj any qj \jniv.? iuib hu Brunu rur i>Arw. mount of property of the plaintiff, conflating of drugtt lc.. which wan Insured in the Colitmbna Company.and damaged hy lire in Cliff atrrct. in this city, on Slat January. "41? The defence is. tliat there waa not ao much property damaged. Adjourned. Co tart Calendar Dili day. Ciarcit Carat.?>oa. 410. 436. 643. 74, 360. 668 to 6(17. Cototon I't as*? Tart 1 -Now 071. 46.03. 83. H6, 00, VI 03 KV W7 I'art 3-No*. 418, 613, 004, 4. 434. 310. 10, 12,14. 14. 30. 22. 34. 30 38 ft ran tea Cavar ? Xoa 64. 30 71.160. 60. 100. 74 401. 78. 4. ^ M2 216 232. 333. 230 328, 333 330, 328, 106, 32, 362. to 366. 300 to 303. 304 to 272 Taaanrannau Cat bt.?Koa. VI. 04, 80, 64, 23. 100.30, 100. 140. 100 to 113. The t harleaton Hf eamahtpa. Tha fnlliialog uotice of the steamship Osprey. pi Ting to Charleaton. on alternate weeka. we find In the Philadelphia A'orlA .fmetvott. of the 17tli lust The new intention. In the form of a (team condenaer. work* admirably. and will no doubt be a great aatiug in the consumption of coal:? A telegraphic despatch, recelted here, etatea that thla flue strainsiilp arritedat an early hour yetterday morning at Charleaton. in 08 boure from aharf to wharf. Mbc made a moat gallant run through theetorm of funday and fullv tested the talua of her Improvement* and her ^utilities an a aeaboat. The trip has demonstrated. also, for the flrat time, a moat important Improvement for sea ateam natigation. In the form of a 1 condenaer. Invented bjr Mr. Peraeon, of New York. It j la an American idea altogether, and is greatly superior to those of Hall's and Krii aeon's plana fly it, the ateam used in the engine la condensed into water, and this is again furred hack Into the boilers, the ordinary wastage being supplied bt evaporation from the condensed water: and thus the supply of freeh water la kept full, and the neeeealty of resorting to tha uae of salt sea water, so ruinous to the boilers, la avoided The Oaprey carried hrbuylkill water in her boilers all the way to Charleston, and might ae easily hate taken It to Liverpool The continual return of the heated water also effects a saving In fuel The Oeprey la now fairly again npon the line, and we hope soon to ere aa well appointed and aa efficient a ooueort to alternate the tripe. fleeing Orntlemaa. We are recorded again te eall attention te the adreriUsaoi in another column, offering a liberal reward for the record y ?1 Mr MiW AIU> MOtlRK, of NfWjcrt, Rhode Island, and siring a full description of his person. fr are iaformrd thai a gentleman aaawering this deaeriptiun, and a| parentis not In tull fCn of his faroltias, tr'S-ed tL* terry from Allocs to 11*11 data. TorksilU. oa Tutsdav aftrraoon. the loth last., at sun.-st, nakiugfortUe way to ni*w York. The friends uf Mr Moore eall apea all person* who kava ehoerved aiae* the Inst eight days sweh aa ladindual. la any part ef ]x>ng Island or Mnabaitaa Island. to gire to Mr. IIUK IM'IIIR, 44 South strict, up theirs, er 614 It read* ay. Editor* of papers inbli-h*d ia nav pari of King's orQneea'a aunt*. la ng Island are desired to pwklisb this notie* and the ..Jrert'snnrnt aheve referred t?, aad to tend their kills a Mr. MeihaaheT. Mllson's fttonr t tilling Machine. Those taking ia interest in important tarratioaa aennot fail to l>? surprised and granted by a visit to the Etnpir* teas Works ?f Me*srs. Sherman A Houdayer, at thr foot ef Twenty-eighth street, on the hast Hirer, w'h*r- may he soea. ia roaitanal eperatiea, Cut of tiie simple but powerfully tfftrirut stone dn-sing niarhiae* iusented by I herb s Wilson. The.i work over the face of ell kinds of etene, at the rate ef more then a square foot |-er minute. aad te the deptii?whero requite I-of one aad a hail laehas, or more; and whether soft brown alone or bnrd gi unite ia required te be drsaaed, it ia all tha same?each and all triug summarily redncsd to their I I I r level sti'l r til an unear) log truem aa. At tht atone works niay be seen amplna of Platan Island granite, beautifully cut, by tlie maehlare, to aa flne a aurfaae aa ran be dsaired for building, mid this without th* use of th* bkmrntr. Any on* acquaint-d with the anture of this hardest of all granite#, kn- ws whataser ran dreaa iteaa dreae any thing, act even eaeeptiag pig iron in the rough. Tk# machine ia quits simpl- . 7 he re Is no hammering, or chopping with cliirela. iVur two cirralar plate* of steal nIn. Inehes la diameter, one-fourth of aa in#h thiek. and bevilb 4 to go edge, do all the eutitug: and right merrily they make the ihip- ry. too, aft*> the maau. r of irua s rkson hrne nlin witai a tl e proeeas eau doubt that the mode ia questin la tha way hy whirh atone is hereafter to lu> dr-aaed. nor fail to tie rrstis-ei that the istssii.a is eae ef the greatest talac te th* intent. * and to the wood. Kitdav la a murk better das- to uarrhas* lla'a than .' tarda). owing to ihr fact tkil k?t, Ko If I ulf n rirrrt. ia r? I u,p thai day. that ha baa not lb* !! ' I< ?t'? propla that ratiafartlaa that bo wow Id wl?h t?. Iirtllriix will tad. bp railing ia < ) ndap taataad of hatnrdap, tl at laaa ran gtt- thrm tr I tr r at*. ihogb ha la gn at a titr alwata. tbap rn arl-rt tbair hata at Inawra. and ba?a thrgi a t t? ibair raaidaaraa bp oaa af bit la lafaiigaklr art a ad bopa. Cap* rime* rom Inrrt uathat (airman, IOV ba-?au atraat. maawfartarra aad aall. tU boat Hat' i| ihta r t Hi- trrtaa I nti Wk. ia hoping aad railing. with Dm atftetaat aroaoaip la all bu nrraagrwiaaia. braidaa l-riag a irarttral hattar of manp prara' r?p*rtrnrw, ta lbta ooaatrp aad hrair, twablaa bf a bailor Hat for IJ 10 tbaa raa ba bad na\ whtra ia tbia citp far aap friar. Warnark'i llat^.% Plain Warp Pnr KvmMt to road no ainrb baa bora raid of lata iVit data. Ibat Uir nataitlatad will parhana r?adtlp r.nrludr, that tba grratrwt pwgrra aro to l<i?r? tha graaiaaa |(gattha ' air hat. tara Hating a?a< littia oiponraoo >ad a ftw fr aud, loft, wr art awt'tira*rd bp Ibair roaataaaara to ir?rot Mir rlaiat > tkr prwrral roraablr for a rmall abaro otHattar'a f? pwlarllf. M a arob. botrrtrr, aalp that p. pwlarltp. wbirh la tkr n ward of morlt. or la othrr word, baring a priwrlplr at with it ta ba baa** that wa randrr ralna for r^ar rrrrirad. at harr aa ditfrrliiaa to htiaibag. lot Ihoaa who into ad aooa lo ratira. ad. pt it, ar lira bp aar > uaia-rv wa pratrad b, ? lair-.ariI ITitlaa, to a< al.rvrdltirt If ibt ?r-t gaalitr bat ia waalod, at hart thrm. If poa In julro for a fear dollar hat. rra aaa faraitb thrm af a wwalttp. atpla and Rairb. that raaaot ba *1rrllad li t >.? ttill | trgorr a lowtrpriwr. ar thall gira poa ba ralaa o> )oar m. or). altb ail tbr latrtt lmpr<<rawMal? I'j'ad l)n ta impoaaihir, ba prrtrad bo mora ia aboard H lib tbia abort Mwrp, whirl, it -0wr rar" a. throw aaraalrrw np. a tbr "grarroar pwhlia." and rttaplp that wbat wr tap rata aaridad hptrrrr ladlridaal'triprrtaara Trp awr hata. b AlbOi Kb, llauar- Kb Broadway Rpilnff Car)xtlti|(w ar* now do br hand at U.r < air braird rhrap-at t arnrt arUbliaharat ia tba I'aitad (taiaa. V . t? M. wtrp, IIIM t M ANITRntiN it, A nrit to tba tra rparioar ahow motor will br awdriaat far tba oar* tai rrdnloar ar to Mplo.qaalHr tad wwrtirnlarlp priawa Thaw ha Madp troarwi). raaaat fail ta ba awltad Jenny Lltd't < onrrit Ttrkrta, ?10, and Ut? bail, wal f'oltrr I.atrttr at thit wrtk. ara both raJralalad ta rirua th< grratrrl Inirrrrt. M all far tba t oaM-rt. aad bap and mad tta Cairtta. Iwngworthp IjMrrp, aad tba Tar* pada (iftrr. Ho b'aaaaw atrrrt. <mlp t ram*. Piano-l'ortra-\la wonld roll tlar odtrnttoa af tb-ra daalrtag a gawd fianm-forta. ta tba larga aaaorta rat at M7 llradwar. malr bp T Ull.HKKT b fa Hoataa. Thrr ara aaratpara. d Thatr rf.liao rtaoa-fortaa a>>aabtaa ail ti r Iravtirt oflha I'iaaaaad tba I'arlar Organ Marawdbaad I'laai'for aalr ri.rrp. ar ta rant d'oloaarl Krtmontr?A awparb Portrait of tbia diatmrairhad gaBtlawaaa war takaa for tba liallrrr af IIlaatriotia Amrnraar. at Hrodr'r Hairamaa Wbikarp, lib SO Rroadwap, whaga it rrgibina far aakibltlog Tlar PlNmbr Motional dJallrry, la. Mil Hr a^aar. ah. vld bariritad bp a'l whe harr aar dwalr- ta tkr iargrrt rrlirrti' a ul rortrwitr af dlatingwiah-d ladiriatiala ia tba I aitwd btbtwa. bp tha oldral artit ta tbia KIlUp. _______ _ Toltrotrpta. Portinlta fiwm Ufb, oaa papwr, Hp rtrtnl dirrarrriwr of ittif aw a tba ihawnbrrw WOW tabr I harr portrait# with a drgira af prrTrattan and plrariwg rgrri, wlilab bara galard gra*rnl aamiration aad wi |trarwdrnird rwrrorr. Anirirttrr and pwfrraa ai tar nwr aria arr rrrp-rifallp taoiwd la aj-,^ at rvrmr. *H Htradaop. M b I. l.tli.lMlflg. nnplr Mnlarara, and lll|>r Tnmalor. b) J. II kWAII<" !* M rrt atrrai. It aahiagl a Martai. Rltgitiil lit Idol tarda, Kntrlnprt, and llr??a, of tfti lat??t at-I no, t it abi.nablr rttla, ran Ward It M Mtl>? . * '" aaiabil.i arrat M ard l aprai lot. ba I.-. aaaar. . Wd| ' l?t.*aa atnt J t>ifc.a, ba 1 H ftii ft|t? . sS? ^ """ Mm' HMU 9(UUk Tiklci Rtw ?? > ih* ? * ?JM ? * eppcoead Strop now la nee- i , aBa^cSrSiESSMr ~ ? ! . . .... SAI'VDBIIR, Ul lwtlfty, pernor of liberty at root, m ac lwUt?y. r?ab Vartory, 3HT Breedway?LwHee arw Invited to eaaaiioe thia rich collection vf Hreae "?u- BOt equalled ia ixtfut or variety ia tho eity:amon? wkieb will b? found tho open chain pattern, oo much admired; tho oamo mad* to order, after aoy natter haw latrine t a Combe altered aad repaired. A. k J. SAOMBBIts" Comb f'Mtory, S8T Broadway. Watta'a Hrreeaa Antidote,?Jnat tall anB aee the eertiflratee of the wondront curse it le performing of all hitherto deemed laearahle nervous dieea-ea. Iteeoa., la neuralgia aad aaaphrodioia la past belief. (1 a boMle: $9 a Huron. Jio. 102 Naeaau atreet. The money returned if aot effectual A Www Rnrtlope audi learn* BaM)'? Pain 1.jtractor, ia the old wrapper, it largely eouaterfeited; the deleterloua Mofffloade the market. Aevid impo? aitlun and dancer, and buy Dully'a S?l?? only ia the a?w wrapper, end tne large koaea. Yon will thee get the guanine, and cam near jO per cent ia quantity, fee the new Clrealam for 1650. 11. IiAI.I.Y, 413Broadway. Dr. Jann W. Powrll, Ornllat, A urlat, dir. . derotea hie attention earlaeieely to dieeuaee ef ihetw and Ear, from 9 to 4 o'eluck, at ?<1 Hr.edway, erf ranee 1>? ren etreet, where con l>e bad hia popular " Treatiae oa the Eye." 3d edition, price fill renta; alao, hia eeif-aetiag Bye ant Ear I'oentaini. Artificial Eyre laasrted. Go ar a ad'a Italian Medicated Rwtf, fcr eariac all akin dieeaeea, dlaeoloratloaa aad hlemiahee. Pea are Subtile i< r eradicating euperwuuue nnir irom say nn u i the ludv. Idly White for the (omsleiioa. Lieeid M?e>, Be.. at *7 Walker itiaat, first (tor* from (not la J Bnadway; T. R. Cullende r, W South Third (treat. I'liiladelpni*. Have j onr Head Thoroughly and Ltuarl- cn?lv Shampooed, your hair and ulnskers mostly, beautifully, ornamentally and arranged and out proportlonnbly to your countenance and general appearand, by fiill, the inimitable hair cutter. 1.1 Nassau at. B.OOO TV I x a and Tonprra alwayt *et hand . at the nig factory of MKD1M KST k III:AKI>. Tt Maiden lane. They are made of the boat natural eurled hair an combine all the latert Improvements. Ladies' ornameata hair, io (treat abundance. Cut this out. IT Maiden lane Hair Dye?Batchelor'a Gennlae Dair Itye. can only be procured at the manufactory, 4 Wall atrevt. The putlie ehould guard againet imitatioae. See my various diplomas. Tenons whose hair haa aaeamad a bad color from the use of the Imitation deer, can have it e(Treated by sailing as above. Copy the address. Those who hare Pimples or Ernftlont or their ekin. ehould waeh witk Jones's Chemieal Sonp. We have teen it cure mauv eases, while for * hitening and clearing dark, yellow, or bifions akin, it is really fine. Buy it only nt 04 Hroedway. Mind, tUS, the depot for the true Bpaaiau Uly White. HONEY MARKETTift/kCDtT. April IB?P. II | The stork market opened more buoyant this morn log than we expected, and there were lurge eaten of most of the l'anriee at an adranee. We notice soles, to noma extent, of Harlem, seller twelve months, at two per cent below prices rullDg for cash, llarleut appears l< he the weakest fauey In the lint, and it evidently is Impossible to give It an upward movement. There la nothing to build speculations upon ; the old ma i ehinery has run out, and holders are, no doubt, din posed to let it take its eouree. Erie bonds, aeeouu mortgage, took an upward start to-day. and the trans actions, at the two boards, were very heavy. At the first board Treasury notes fell off per sent and Harlem V Farmers Loan advanead i? per cent ; Morris Canal \; Canton Company >? ; New Haven Kail road la ; Long Island t?'i Frte Kcilruad ; Erie bonds new, 1; Reading Railroad V- At the seaond board Krie bonds, new, went up\ per cent.; Erie railroad % Morris Canal 14; Hudson River Railroad 1. sinca last sale; Canton Company declined V*. There waa a great deal of cash stock sold to-day. and we cannot look upon the Improvement In prirei In any other light than a* a flurry, a sort of deeperate effort of tka bulla to enable' them to realiae. The bcarg understand these galvanic movements thoroughly, and are not intimidated by them. They avail themselvee of any advauae to sell, and do not have to wait more than two or three day* for a change enflleiently large to give them a hand tome profit. The fluctuations in Walt street, are fire qurntly enormous. It U amusing, one day. te see the bulls running np and down the street, with head snd-< tail erect, full of sound and fury, trampling poor brain under their fret, and apparently rushing headlong te destruction, and the next to aea them under full headway, head and.tall down, making cAensive tracks out of the street, while the poor, quiet, sensible, anob trustee bear, whom every one supposed prostrate, and . left la poeeeaeeioa of ''-nlr'"" field. When the bear gets the ball onee fhlrly Th his embrnee. be generally squeegee every drop of life blood out of him I This has been done so often in Wall street, that It ie a > matter of astonishment to us that the halls have the least confidence In their powers, or their ability te contend with their antagonists The rvceipta at the rCee of the Aesisteat Tmasnro of this port, to-day, amounted to >)to.]>j it ; payments. >44 137 71?balance, pi Ml.hiri Jf>. The following sales of city stock wen made at Boston, yesterday >11.000 Boston city 8 psr cent stock, payable Way. 1U2 (>1.000 earb), 100\ a lo] ; >2,000 do payable May, 1*61. 100 ; >1.000 do . payable Aug.. N'1 ; >1 000 do., payable Nov . 1IM, 101t,. The Treasurer of the Mint, riiiludvlphla, is now pre pared to pay rertlHratec of g?ld deposits up to, including. No. 1.048 1 he following valuable information, relative to eotsn i terfelt gold ruin, bas been furnished Tkvmr?m'a hoa*. I Asfe Reporter. by en oSrer In the Philadelphia Mint | The most Important class of rounterfelta are tha imitations of our own eolu. and sonic have been brought to light worthy of repecial notice The varieties include the eagie. balf-raels. and quartet i?gie. The die is very perfect, for, although a miner might diccovel that the impreaeion is not quite so sharp and U- etiled as the genuine coin, yet none but a prartical rye ditect the difference. Ktin when examined under a microscope tbry are found to rnrrv'por.d in lb- must minute particular to the genuine ruin This shoe* that the dies must have been trait?f< rrvd beat our own rate by some inerhauiral proerss not yflg known to honest workmen, as the most arroinptlshed artist In the world eouhl not take np tit" grater aod make such a far riiailr The coins hate rather a dull sound in ringing, but not as If Rawed, sit bough ihev are actually composed nf three dielinet pieces of nirtui Where tbry are full weight, they >re necessarily thicker thau the genuine, but grnerolly the hulf-eagl'e rim. as in the good piiee from to tlU thonsaoda of aa \ inch within the raised rim Tbey appear to be made as 1 follows. A thin planrhet of silver, ot rqumsh staaterl is prepared so newrly of ths right diameter, that the subsequent overlaying of the gold phiU at the sdge will niskr Itexsrt. 1 wo planrhet. ot gold art then prepai ed our of tbem to correspond with the true diaawtei of the eotn. the other about osn-quarter of an inch l?ig' r Tlirf< (wo pi If rrr nMm4 Uir ail rrr, Ui' projrrtii.g rim of tha lurgrr la Ik>uI H|< to w? 11 hr MHl|rr ao aa to fM?r thr ?dgr of tlir fur. ?nd tho piocr l? 81..M1. <1 by wiv~ thr roior. |>m<. Thr h* 1 tragi ~ ati rh arr )>rrliap*. thr K'?l nutn>r>>a*. I>?r nnmi. di.tra aurb aa 1M4. l*WiudlMT. Ot tba quartar aagl> odI) ni" bitr. IMS. inil houiiiK the II for :h- Now <Jr-> Wnup Mini niurk h?r ar r<n I - ? di I u-4. fuld.ubl lr?a tbrra ora othrra In rlrrulrtion Tbr ?!vr ot Ihr half raglr. aaarrrj ?? from *ii to V- *t>. and thr nuartrr do PI & Tbrjr ara an wall rwirulatod la darrira Hill Ibft h??r pMwil undrtrrtrd tli'mwli Ibt hood* of yood judgra Into tba mint Tlta mil; rrliablr math*1 of datrrtl?a la h? tbolr walgt.t. II Ihrj own aptoUir trua atandard. Ibalr tblckuaaa will ba at ouaa ap|?rrnt lua raraful raamlorr" 11 la aatimatrd tbat tba doproaiaiioa of railr?a?d? I* annually about fowrtarn par rant an Ibalr aoat and Ibal tba daprrrlallon on a naw r?4 la M rapid a* ? an old <>na Tba annual raporu of our railroad ?< ? panlra nail no mention of tbia. and do not pror14a for It out ot tbalr annual rarulnjt ar by any rtnbiug fund Aw a ranawnl of trnrk Tba l.agi?latnra of Obi* paaaad a law at Ha bit aa? Ion, out hollaing tba cltltana of Colntuhur thr paopla of franklin Co romrurring In ao mark a? rrfrr* lotbrni arparatrly - lo Tola on Ibr aaoood Monday to May, for rubarript loaa of aWb to lb. Irntmi Ohio Railroad Company Iba rlty. and tba maair RAO.000, lo iba banonatrr Railroad I'mnpaay and t ba frnablla. Plrbaway and Roat Cnnnly Kailrond l'?ni pany aoeb. tba rMy fllflnO aad iba toMniy fli.Wti _ making In all. for bolb rHy and aounty gt.luom Tba l.rgiMatura of thla Htnla, jnM prtrlow* lo adjoarnawaat anlborlrad rltiaa. lowna. rUlagoa, and railroad root poalaa to aubaarlba for lha Mark of Ih* II adxm Ilia Rail Cutapaayi and tba Kannahar and Portland Rail road Company hara barn lutbnrliri to apply to towaa on tba Una lo plrtlga Ibalr rorporata rrrd.t for tba pmr poaa of ratalng monay lo romplata Iba road and pny <>f It# drld ThU way of filling np Iba raptta! atoak of railroad r> mpaalaa la gat ling lo W .(alr ? urral. aad It la pralty arldrnl tbat railroad# nnaai ba in a bad war wbru lb?j barr |g rrr.rt M Ml n,. .Mi aa lo raira I maan* loronatrurt tlirm J Tbr am ?rd afalaaiant aiklblla tl.r total ?<aalpi? a' f Cnttfornlo gold at lha PblladatpbU and N. w I Manna niiut*. np to tbr 1?th of April, IMA Rirrirw ar t'aMToaata Oai i??Pnn ? ??? #?a kra f Oat tin II T"<U1 rrrrlpta at Ilia Pbllad- Mit t np 1 to Marrh.D. 1M0 Rrrript* fr. m 1m to Atb of AprM......... !* ?? I Rrrrlpta by tba HMkrrt Chambar. Kmalr* 'in Ar bringing tlir Ann foi" l?aw an t r f Mar. b tat. IMA fl !??' Total rrrrtpt* at Ihr Rrnin li Mint at ban Or- I laai.a np In fab 7* 1M0 I ?M ITl | frllrorltd n artpta from Marr li lit to A prll I 1Mb IW< ?*>?*? f I ..?* Ari I Ado lp prlrata ban da RUHW I braird total pl3PX> JPi Rr g't? lib for thr | nrpo*# of tUu-trrHag lha troth* 1

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