Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1850 Page 3
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? ?f mi NMiti relative l? the itttlpti of (Mtfriali geld. We have OH along aeerrtod th.u the reported reeelpt* woro v<ry much exaggerated. that nothing llko M?ni of fold reported wea on board tbo ttetatn bw ha fnaclMO. Tbo roporit from tbo Biata oooffrm* the truth of our ototomonta. It tfpwn that ho total trooipu at tbo Pkllodalpbia mint, of fold brought by tbo itoomora Cherokee. Kmplro City, oorglo, be., woro lorn tbia oao and a half mlPWmi of doUara, ($1,400,000.) According to the rapert* emanating from the oflleer* of the rtoamora and pae> ragera, tboao viaaila brought about 4,000,000 of doUara, whereat tbo aggragat* mart in roality bate boon loot than two mliliora of dollar*. According to tbo roporta, tbo roooipta of Ca'lfon.ia gold into the United State*, rtneo tbo moToment flrat commenced, muH have boon moro than thirty million* of dollar*, where** tbo aetoal vooaipta bare boon loaa than fifteon milliona. Thooaanda f omlgranta from our aboreo havo boon in flu# nor <1 by Ifcana extravagant a*eonutaofgaidreeeipta;*ndmoch of tbo dtatrooa whloh moot of them are doatiued to erperi noc, oiil bo tbo roaolt of tbo Lmpetu# given to omigralion by tboao falae atortea of gold ahlpment*. Rut or theae exaggerated account*, the emigration would have boon moro moderate and moro healthy, and the Toenlt lea* diaaatrooa. The effect of tbeae account* at tbo Woat ia vary great, and will prove very roinona. Some of the cow Sta'e* will be nearly depooolated, H Dm rplrit or emigration m noi ?rr?;m in some i way. Earners mortgage thuir (arms for u much M they ton get, and then pack up their trope tor the overland route to California. Thie hoe already been carried to eueh an extent that the predaetion of grain and other thing* at the West. ?1II be nueh reduced the present year. That class of migrants carry a large amount ol money with them at of the country, and many of them leave debte behind them unpaid. The country merchant feel* thi* etatc of thing* very eenaibly ; he find* hie enatomera rapidly leaving him, In arrears. and he find* it impoealble to meet hie payment* to the merchant In the Ity. lie pay* lene and buy* les?; and the re rait 1*. that Inetead of an extensive eprtng business, It haa thu* far been only moderate, and not at all profitable ( at that. Every one engaged in trade la eomplalntng. 1 and well they may. Having laid In large atoeka of good* la anticipation of aa active demand, It appear* SP plain that they moat either be earrled through the y rammer, or forced npon the market through the auc( tion houeee at enormon* aaerificee. The reralt of all 1 thi*, will be one universal burst np from one end of the t aoantry to the other and In about one year the tide of migration will aet stronger from California; than it verba* yet to that point. Bnt a small portion of , the enormon* shipment* of merchandise from all C parts of the United State* to California dur{ tag the past eighteen months hive been paid for 1 pad It Is very doubtful if the bulk of them are ever paid r lor at sny price. The mines of California have been c worked two fall seasons, and the diggers have averaged a bi numbers from five to fifty thousand, and all we have 1 received, thus fkr. Is lass thtn fifteen million* of dollars. * More than this has been mined and carried away; but [' most of the merchandise and provision* consumed, and t an ihelr way to California, went from the ports of the t Atlantic, and the payments made most bring the gold c her*. Of the amount of gold thus far received, leas 1 than one quarter ha* been In payment for good*. Most j1 of It has been sent home, In small sums, to the Ihml^ fee of emigrants; a portion of It has been brought here by the digger* themselves; another portion in tl return for eoin sent out for the purchase of dust; and a little, very little, on account or gcoaa mia. I i Thousands of merchant* In tbla and other eitioa of the j*] I'nlon. are at thla moment much embarraaaed in their E 3 gimnoiai affairs. by the inveetmente made In ahlpmenta fid ef mcrcUandiae to California; and, if a tight money EJ market aaaaea, as we anticipate, there will be much L>1 eommercial distreaa eiperienced during the nest V j twelve months, livery thing depends upoa what Oali II farnia turns out this year. Hundred* of speculators Li have left our shores within the past ai month* where sm digger has gone; and. if the product of gold 1* no La greater than It was the last year, we may look for the || aonapee some time In the fall. E I The Wabash and Brie Canal is now open to Terr* | Haute, Indiana, 810 mile* from Toledo, and business J has sommeaced on it. It will be open to Point ComI] mm*. 42 mile* below Terre Haute, on the 1st of May. II At a recent meeting of the Indiana bondholder*, fee 1 the purpose of electing trustees of the Wabash and Irle II Oaaal. Charle* Butler. Baq.. of thie alty, was unanlI I asMly re-elected non resident trustee, and Thomas IJ 1?eating. Baq.. of Terre Tlaute. resident trustee, In the II pins* of Colonel Thomas II. Blake, deceased || Btaah Bxehangs, II panm Clh,* eeup H?V S 1 ?h" Horlem RR bl* SRV I mm 4o vr mv ioBri*RB m toon d? 'OS, eeap IMS * 4* |A*V H 14*60 Treat KU. 1IA M" 4* 4KW I: mmobus*. ? i?i m s<> un w>; f I*00 4n -SO 1""S, HA do MO 70 4 12660 Kemtackc 6* IKV 40 do 66V Ha 3066 IlMaol* Bd.,'47 47\ V. Mohawk * It 79 V ml 19 ok* Moohattan Ce lilt, 625 I*.a* Itlaod KB 16*2 J 10 Beak of America 106* IV) Roadies RR *t\ 4 IIPFkeaix Baakl 1M 130 4* *90 42V a *4 Dal aad llad CI C* 1<M 90 4# tiO 42V ! 120 Hob of Com fell 106V 12 N T and .1 IT RR 09', * 16 * T Lf aad Tret Ce llkW dAAwalagtoe RR 43 t 1*0 Parmer*'Trst 37 V *n Caatoa Ce 47 V Hi so do 37*7 an de 47 ; H! NO 0* MO 9 m do 47V f NO do 37V 100 4* b? 47*2 Ht 0*0 Borrio Caail M* 11 IToaoetealr. aow OS Hi 3B lUtaoio Stat* Rak 12V 10 Panama BR 71 H IS Ohio UN k Tit Co *6% gVMO Rri* To.\? STt V H? NO Marten RB M0 A4 3000 do M Hd NO do 012ms 33 MM do nS 1 NO do 0l2m* SIB soono do 04 ' 2S0 de ol2m* SIS >3006 do M0 04V HQ NO do slims 51V MM do sOO 9RV NO do ?V d000 Boadlag B4? C?J Hi 20* do ftlO 63V 2000 BrUT**, *erti#eato*B> Hi amcona boa an. H gym* Iri* 7*. *M MW MV *- oh. Erie RR Nr. Hi MOM do 1.10 MV 66 Canto* CeJ 47V HI 0*00 de RblA MV 90 do M0 47 V M 2000 do MV I**) RradtasRB ?T 42V V Nana 0* MV 1?? Former. Tra.t M<> 37V H MM* 0* at) MV !<*' do *30 .77', H MOM da hp) MV 90 Morris Caaa' 16 J Mot 4* W0 *0 SO Harlem RB b'O T,\ Hi too oh. Brit BB MV lo>i do .37', 1 130 do 60S 80 So M0 01', M do M5 70 AO iludsoa Birsr RB 61 11 IDTEETI8E9E5T8 SE5EWED EVERY DAT. I( TIIK TRADES. l! A C.IBBBAI. MIBTTin OF THE JNT'RNETMBW CPH A keletorer* of Now Vorh, trill be hold ** Friday orealag, H' April 10. at 7 o'oleek. at 170 Meehaoloo' Holt, neotor street. , I r (iKoBUR HOTT, Presidaat. l ihea room.oe. Ruistary. || rrio RAKRRH.? ANOTIIBB mkftinu wii.l tabb Hi " plaee i* the Beehotiii-o' Hall. 170 Master Street, oe UaHl tarda? eeeaias aeit, at 7 o'clock, whoa the book, will bo I roedv far lb* oarclmeal of moetbor* Thooo who with to be H eerly oa the liot, be oa hood. Remember, we arc united ho H. proio*!. act combined to i Blare. Br order ef HI RARTIIOi.iigRW DERHAM, i bairmaa H| Joita II, arra. Aer-y p?e tern. Hi PKRNONAle. Hi Mtnfl RtWARD IFII.I, BR PAID TO ANT PERRON MrHn' who oaa faraiab iaformottoa which will load t* B (, iwtmr oT Mr RDWARD MOORF.. of Newport Rhode B Bleed wb? led the Aelor Iloaoo. Now Vork city, oa Tuoeday, B (Mo Mh i*M . belweea owe aed la . o'o.ook P If. an I hoe o >! HI rneoo boea hoard of Hie a*e lo thlrte eight yoare : hetahlh, B my di feel; rohest le poroo*. of I Oortd completion ht*h Im 11 - - f rorr hold oa lb* froal ond orowa of hie head bto-h HI bade aad whlohora. lor** ltdbt brow* oeao. of a mild oaprooHl Sdea. prejoetins Hp*, to* while Moth, aad email airtight HI mam: V* woe* Tar** reaad dletr ereotaolos, aad bad * a HI nht drab overcoat, with drah colored Nth relrat collar, HI Keb eotla root. Mock pantaloon*. *a4 bloeb droo* east, I Nook etook Th* ohora reword will be paid ky (bard** A. M Beeboohor. (at No. 44 death street *? etaire, 1 Now Tork for HI *e*b laf'-rmoiloa a* will load I* tk* dioooeorr of Mr Moor*. H ?f Bring, or "f tb* reoirorr of hi* body if dead H W oar_?rtl I t AM jam At ANOCT 25 VRABA OI.D. h lafl koma M-adar April ?lh. Il?1 ? Itrk rraon Mat kf?? pan'a. r'?id aoltoa T*at al->?h Mr aad tklrk koala lli. latallaat la ?!*??' at daranrad i?r lilinaa koa af Ma will Ma tMaakfallr raar.rad, add MMarallr rawarAad, Mr kia fathrr William T /aa" Mav Eaakalka, ar WlWaa T Dataa. 114 iaka atraak. Raw Tart." I VOTID. FOI'Ml a AM All. AIM Or MOA RT TJIKOWVRR aaa Mara ll aa aaiiafartarp proof. Mr aalllnf aa iaka W Jaaakaa 108 r.ipMtk araaar aad partni far tMa adrarliatac RIWARM. m?ij *r* ?iin perch. caap urn, irrff*?4 la Or~,wlaM alraal, aa Aalttrdap kaa at ap. aaaraaaA aa tMa too Tkrra dollar. iraard will ka (irra If prtaraHIM 17 ? tit" .'raoi, |r Mr Rill)) AS k*?z^lr>22- /kW 'TALUM URKVWX'RN .?:?'* ** ~wmr4 w,u * if * fk.S ***A?D-I.O?T, OR Tt MRU AT MIOHT I.A*T kaiwaaa Twaaip-iklrd at??ai aad MaHaant alraal a ( lata 0?I4 Eraaalai TMa ?adar wltl rraalra tMa altera ra a.rd kp |aa?.a? ll at tt Wa.t, n?, W AA ':,VT A r>?Tr MOAAAir. roy HHP talalnl.Mill# Bad !> ?'?. Anppoaad la Mara kaa, drapard tttma r?ank aad Matk atrial*. |, ll . a;ItM anaga Aar oa' rnnto ra tha aarr.' to M 11 I w| To.air f urlh atraot oil'"?a r. fj ra?ar4. 1..-T i ' "I I. CHAIR Ann Trim., OR winRv. J 4ap araalaf. la triad 'ram Markat rtroat d"tra Raal It, adaar ta CtialMam. aad tMra-ipl paa.l t p,|,,., aimt A IIMaral naiH will ka paM aa raiarainf It to * * I" RTIA. An Watar atra*t. rpRI Mk IOAT OR ATOI.RR. ?irpoaRt( p, X kaa* takaa fram IMa PtaanMoat Kalakarkaakar oa Mar #tp fro at Kara lak aa TMaradap af Ika loot aaak Raid traak par a\arkr4 W , Pallor. Mark aalor. tod aoatalaad fltaala ppparrl Aap laformatla, rarttor limp ika aataa will ka ra atraA. aad ika ptwttaa rrwardad. kp airlpiaf ka VlUfaa Marpar. M'r .V laartlaadt alraal L*t IV iipto.Mi > V Oil THE ITTH IJIRT.. A HAIM Hraoalol, af ItaMt Mair la ?"! * ?Mr?>B*M llaarr, Jarla*a a aad W'll'a?l>rr i? B' lr T'.a ?laM ti-Ht u ?,?k,.ta>. aad Maa a am.IIjp.M > rarf M?tl-?.B. li,M la'aai't Mair ailaoMad " It Tha Malr Vratd Ma o*Tn In partt If lalaad Mr a plaia fold Maad. laarrlMad la tka laatda. *Ta top krar do . A I Mara I rraard oltM tMa na-ara IMaakl 'ftMaooaar a ll Ma p-m '-r tM> d.lte.rp of im. aaa. ntMar ll Mr 'I ap atalra Nia Vnrk a> < ?' U ?Alkk4 fkpaai Jf Aa*r Akora Mawrp ptpaai 9mVr? i ~ ^WOTI^ ~ WAKT1D--BT A RESPECTABLE TO0WO WOMAN, T A BltUBtieB m (WtoMid wWiIImi to a sri'toa toailr) toM^Mtto to toI??r?l kmrak. Boat w aity rafereaee fnatw l?rt nlAM. wtora aha U?ad tor junto afebt Mlk ApJ/to** IS to-t ?.. totwwaa UmTM Iwm ui i>?M A. Oaa to mm for fim fi;i. ' H/ANTEO? BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO- j YT Bin. llnniu ?ra? rata Oook. u< ia willln* to aaai?t ! to Um wukiM aud ironiaa; th? athar M (Tkambarmnid or ' Waitraeeia a prirata family. Tto bMt af alty roforeneee MB to pern. 1'lMK to ull Bt 198 BmI Thirteenth street, lur the Firat Aww. WANTED ? A SEAMSTRESS. WHO IS EITHER French or ti*nu>, who ii filH with her atolle, snd I is toeirooeef set<tn*jMr?aa?i?t work for a family. Apply to the desk at tblB oflfee for Um rwUwm of Um lur. INFANTE??BY A MIDDLE AOED, (SINGLE MAN, A situation bb Gardener, to understands the business to all ite TBiiouB depart men to: ean aome wall rreommonded, at tis per month. Apply to A. Rridgrniaa, KITS Broadway. I ; WA N TE D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yeans woman, who is a trat rata waahar and iraaer, and a gees plain seok. Would bars ao objection to jjo ia tha country, wnn a email primn ramuy. ruuv hu at in i yowtw street, eemer ef Bleeefcer alrtet. ! WAKTKD? BY A YOUNG MAN, KECENTLT ADmitted tc Ihc liar, a situation to do the attorney's baaiaaa* of aa ofllcc. Addreve M. M.. this oAce. WANTED?>'OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, ONE ar taro furnished roona, with or without board, ia tho loaer part of tht city. Address C. and I... Ilrrald nttee. WANTED?BY A KESt'Ei 'TABLE GIHJ.. A 8ITPAtiaa to eook. wash, and iron, or to do chamberwork, wash, sad iron. Tho beft of city reference can bo had front her laat place. I'loaao call at No. SO Spring atroet, between I Broadway and tho Bowery, on the third floor, front rooM. 1 Wanted?by a young lady, either in this city or Brooklyn, a email nnfurniahed room, with board, ! in a respectable private family, where there are bnt few or j no other boardera, and where, the comforte of a home ma* be ! obtained. Terma moat be moderate. Please addreea Hermann. Herald oMee. N. Y. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED woman, n aitnation aa W et Nnrac. She ia a naat eeamatroaa, and hea the beet of rity leferenoe from the family ahe lived with. Pleaaa enll at No. If9 Elm atroet. in tha atore. WANTED ?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant young woman, as Chambermaid or Waiter, or to do general housework ia a email private family. Una no objeetiona to go a abort diatanee in the country, lias the boat of city reference, l'leaae inquire nt Ml Greenwich atrect, in the baeement. Can be aeen for two dnye. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 01RU n aituation aa Chambermaid, Walter, or Nnrae. or tedo ' the sewing or general housework for a small family. The heat I of eitv reference. Apply nt No. 2bd Thirteenth atreet. Can be aeen for tw o days. WANTED ?A SITUATION. by A RESPECTABLE i yonng woman, to do rhamberwork and waiting, or chamberwork and take care of children. The beat of eitv references given. Can be aeen for two daya at Co art, laivervity Place. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a aituation. to do tho general housework of a amall private family, la a good pool, a good waaher aud ironor. and ia willing to make heraelf generally neefnl. The best of eitv references given. Please call at No. 101 Hester street, in the war, np wain. "MTANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE 1 TV young woman, aa pla{n Cook. Is a good waeher and j lroner. Beat of eitv references can be given. Has no oblee- | tl?n to go n short distance in the oountry. l'leaec call at No llenry street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SMART. TIDY young woman, to do chamherwork or waiting, or to do nnrving and plain sewing. She - an produce the best of eity references. Please tall at No. 17 Rose el rest, in the front bona*. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, to do general henaework, plain cooking, or the washing and ironing of a small private family, and is capable of taking eare of milk and bntter: no objection to go a abort distance In the country. Please call at No. Hi Walker atreet. in the rear; good city and country refaranoe enn be given if required. WANTED ? BT A RESPF.CTA HI,* PROTESTANT *111. * aitaatlan M C?ob< ia a Am rat* ?Mhtf and Ironar: aouldgoa* rbambarmaid and to ilka oar* of ahildren; haa an objection to go in the eonatry; good rafarenra* aaa ba givaa by railing at IAS IItiIbarra atraat, batweaa 11mtar aaa Grand: raa ba aaaa for Rpo day*. WANTED ?TWO DRESS MAKERS THAT HAVE learned tha trad*, and raa aaw wall, with good recommendation*; bob* otharaaad apply. Apply to Miaa R. BIRDf>A1.1., 7V l'nplar atraat. Brooklyn. ___ WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOCKO WOMAN, a aitaatioa aa plain rook, a good waahor and inner. aad a drat rat* bakar: haa liaad tbrco rear* ia oa* plao* with on* family: baa no ohjtetion to go to lb* roaatry. Caa be aeon al No. 7ft Mott atraat. for two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE young wcaaa.aa Chambermaid aad Walter, or woald do theaoukiag. waahiag aad iroaiag of a amall family; ia a good rook, war),rr aad Troaar; nadarataad* ehambarwork aad waitiag: tha beat of raftrraa* aaa be giraa a* to character and capability, if required. Pleaa* rail at ID Waal Tareatydrat atraat. Caa b* aaaa for tlir** day*. WANTED-A PROTESTANT AMERK AN, SCOTCH OR Eagllak girl, aa Nara* aad Soanatraea, ia a prlrate family. Apply at Si Islington aaaana. W| ANTED?BY A BE8PEOTARI.E HEALTHY TOI Nil woman, baring th? beat aity reference a aitnatloa aa rlaia Cook, (rat-rat* Waakar and Ireaar, or to do graaral oaarwark, la a amall private family. May ba aaaa at Me. St Trialty Plar*. rear *f Trinity Church. drat Boor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITCatioa eitbor to do tha neutral hoaaework of a amall family, or to takt r*rr of children. Kb* ia a good plaia eook, waahar aad iroaer. and eaa aire good eity refrraaea. Apply at No. 46 Priar* atraat. WANTED-A SITCATION, BT A RESPECTABLE youag girl, aa Nara* aad Soamatraaa. or Chambermaid aad Seamafraaa: ban a* objoatlon to go ia the aonatry with a roapartabl* prlrate fagaily. Baat altr rafarear* giraa. Caa b* area two day*; nloaa* all at ISA Twelfth atraat, aa* deor from tba eornar of t'airaraiay Plat*. WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO YOCNO WOMEN, to do graaral haoarwnrk In a amall family: or a* Cham barmaid or Cook, with washing aad lraalag Caa b* arrn for a few day*, at tba hoaar of tho family wbrre thay have lived for the past yaar. No n> Tooth otrart. WANTED?ONE OR TWO YOCNO MEN AS COPYISTS. I oa moderate oalarioa. Addrar* Roi 1.0*3. Port OMrr. Kawu otrool, with opaoiuoa of wrtuag aad rofrroaoo foe eborartar. WANTED?A LADT ASSISTANT 1M A PANCT STORE. at 7S1 Broadway. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE PAMII.Y. A EE*' MILES from tha city, a good Cook, a Chambermaid. aad a good I an ad re** aad Dairymaid Applv, oa Saturday moral a*, al 4.1 Barrlay atreol, from to 10 o'clock. EE'AN TED?BT A RESPECTABLE. CENTER!. GIRL. A TV aitaatioa *? Chambanaaid and Waitar. or Nararaad Chambermaid. Has no objection to go a ahort dlatana* ia tl.a r contra Tl.# beat of rtfartaoo glean. Plea** aid raa* a not* to K >1 . H'raid office "117ANTED ?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOrNO WO- | TY man. aitaatioa*. tha *a* aa C??h. Wa*h*r aad troaar. tha other a* Chambermaid aad to do tewlag. ar to take ear* of ehiIdr?n Would go to the eonatry. or travel with a family Pleaa* eall for two day*, at M Plymouth atrvet. Brash Ira. ER7 ANTED?A SITCATION, BY A " voeng woman. * Nur?# aad Saam?ireaa, or Chamlerhaid, and to aaaial in the wa?blng and inning. Plaaae apply at 106 Thompaon *1 raal near Spring Oood rafarana* giaaa EE," ANTED?A snTATIOffT RV A EESPECTAMI R rr wman a* Wat Nur?* llaa tha brat of aity rafarana* Apply at Mm Ifonlnr'*. Ne. 7 Way** atraat, Jaraay City, thra* lloeka from tba farry, balow tba railroad, for Mr*. j l.oltram I RETANTED?A BITTRTIOM, BY A TOtJNO WOMAN, I TT to da waiting or rhambarwurk. or to do plain aewlag aad lata ear* i.f rhildran. Good eity rafarearM. Plaa** alt *1 No S4 Fourth annua. EE,' A N TI D-TWO THROCGII STERRAGK PASBAQS WW tlakata. Ia Howlaad A Aaptawall'* Ua*. f*r atonmer for Mar II. Ingalrt at N* 8t Bowary. *f O F. BAILET. EXT anted?by a scotch oiri.. a sitcation as TT go?.d aook?wllliag to aaairt la waahlag?ao objection to g* In tha cavalry Can b* a*oa for two day* at No. S llibot an airaet. foot of renal atraat. Rr*t fear WATCH MARBR ?WANTRD?A H ATCH MAKER TO go ia tha oanatry: he maat thoroughly undorttaad bit haainear Apply immaGataly at it Maldaa lana. ER'ANTED?SlJrtO OR kit.i*C. ON BOND ANDMORT T rare oa property in tbia allt Aral?, b#iwa*? ID aad if afrlsek. to S B MCtS IIINi.S. No W John at A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN TO Cimir. BARE. WA'tl H and iron, la tha raaatry. Apply al 134 Cbambar* atraat AritCJYESTA NT YOCNO WOMAN WHn K? A SITT Atioa a* ( hambarmmd and Waitrr. er ahamborwnrk nod slain aaw-.og lUr l*?l employer will earner a* m bar goal ration* ( aa ba aaaa far two day* at 83 Boat Mightaaaih at raa I A TOI-NO MAS Dl'IROI** or PROt EF.DIKU TO California. bat not having anBriant manna of laiag a?. . vpvl4 ha haft" ??> ? *? arraagamaaU with o^mt raayortahla hoi, oo far a altaaiiva A44raaa U. L.. Harall attaa. ynrtloalar*. _______________________ I /"iook'R mn atios wantrd-ry a FAiTHrri. ! V *?maa aha t.aa llval ?Ob aonta rvayoolnhlo fnmillaa at ppaaaat ta tha oil*. nbom aha aaa rafar to; aaAor*tna4a hag haalaaaa la all Ita hranahaa. l aa W aaaa at f l*riaaa at. rll A M tiKRM AID?A MTVATION I* WANTED BV A faltbfal a?Mi. aha baa Iiaa4 altb aomr r?-p?*uM? famllia' at yrpoont la thf rlty, whom aba pan rnfrr v.. woaM aaat't at waahiag aa4 4. lag ay af laa thlaga. laa ta a?Pn at <1 Pnnrp ttrvol. SITVATION WANTRD-A TOINO C.INTI.KMAN, A ' ( of lba loath < arallna r ollagr ah- baa haJ Ira raara' aapar anaa In tha Italy aa4 praailaa of rham.atrr I aiabaa t? angaga hlmaalf aa Aaafataat la a Laboratory. To I i nag gontlvtnaa rogntriag aaaiataara. ha latlara hlmaalf tha* h* vonll rrnlor vninnblr aorvtoM. Taatlmoalala af tha high- 1 aat pharaatar aaa ba yralavvl aa raaaHa hath bnalaaaa aa- 1 rarity an4 moral Iryortmrat A44raag " Aaaiatnat Chamlot. ' at thia aflaa. for a aaak 2AiU) MTN RANTI.D-ON THE I.INK OF TilII AfVnF CWrrlaal. rolnatkaa, an4 rtnalaaall RaUpmU, to a I,ant tt?*ral n-agar alll ha Mil. laqulra at thi oftoo of tha I nllal htataa Fatlgraat Valrty. No 57 Opaantvloh atraoa. or at No tt Albany atraat. Naw Varh, halaaan tha h on pi af ! ail in tba mornlag an4 aaraa la tha waning to wbaan lattaoa aa4 4iraatloa? wtll ha (Iron JOHN J Rl< R ERA. Aao'y ! rAMPORRIA. a T > *^VvsV.WAAAAA?' * AN FSr.|.|?H I.APT. OTHER fir A FAMILY. WHO la aor-tntofnal to ah* at. hating aroaml tha Atlantic daatrant tf obtaining nn ton amanl tana- i aoint-any any Ia4t av family o> Callf.Tnin. atthnr by I lata li ra it tha lathmaa Allraaa D, ISM Pant OAaa. i Nan Vnrh. I rALIFONHIA *TORR? THE hrBAORIBER*. MAYing hAl mo ah agyarUnta la patting ay ttaraa far OnMf. to.a. glra notiaa that tl.ay aonUaaa to aall nal ynt aa tha rtataut annlltiaa af nil hlnlt af flroaary Maaa Ptoraa, Wlnam Uganra, la . la tha maat aarvfal manner. na4 nt tha moat roaranaiu yrlaaa. HeeMoelf U UilfllJlT k BlttlUt I I 10* Mtrpay atvne*. LirPTTT, Mr A1.1J ATE 11 k tTRE. ATTORNET8 AND Caanaallor* of la*. Va rmnalaao ('allTornln. FRANC!* M UPPITY. FRANK Tt'RC. HALL Mr A III f TIN. WBW t Wt | rF. HOTCHIJ** *AN rRANCI?< o rtl.IpoRXIA, having loan'*! la n aynaUna trnrehanne nnl nhnrf with MBlatant tratar for ligh'vtj I# yraynrat U raaaiaa wnairaEmta of auvahanllaa, anerafava U Moaaw Jtaat I KaaW Co , inn Front atraat, Ran Fart, nnl ha L. O Onnaan. Bag . rm H *#?. Ijt RRNcH'A ( AI.IFORN IA "liPMK** PAAARNORR ' * Tmla vIII laavv Nan fori far Port Itavnea. by vtanm. IhanM b* anay tragon anaahaa along tba Una af anr military, threngb PI Paaa 4-arn tha nila. thanaa arar tha Colofnla ta *nn Frnaataaa. *ltly Tcana Rangara aaaomyanr tha agyallMon at an aaaapI U aaanr tha eenatry nail Aaal gaant; e*etj thiag a nry far tha aiyaAltUn fon ml. I'aaangv RJWA Far Iiwigi ar ptrllwltw. aynlyU T. W.MTCUft 4 WgB itfMt, iMgtyCnih ALII mv ACCTKM. L. ?. C A R KIN < ?TO ft/ aT?< :D tie art t-?J MO h H. Hint will Mil thia i>;, M tit* Aaa>?loa Room^X) I'latt atreet, Hardware and FW'jf Ooode; tht'or aeeouat of VuitrwriUrr. tor outi, 1 caae genuine UMn'i Freuch extract; 2 caaea ehctt toot alee! wad ft imi hair pini. the earn* having bean damaged on ahlp board. Alan, by order f Aaeigncea. a qnaniitv of rat bond*. nnrpentere' |-anail?. 01 do*, rpeetarle aaaaa, tnh dog. peaheldern. Ko.ta.-r- xud Rim' aaat atari aaiaanra and akrara, i-oekri cutlery in doaana aad on aarda, knivaa and forka, riolina, taak luuawer*. leOgro*. Iteel andjapanued buckle# and ornxjaeut*. aad other hardwart and fancy goode, N. B ?Tha l,ubiii'. extract# will bo Bold by tba aaaa. to commence the aala, and tha only damage la baing wot. The atari and hair pina will be Bold at the earn* line. Alan, in good ordar. an inroiea of Ana japanned boa traye, in Mil, kt. AUo other fanej govda, by order of aartgueaa. JOHN KF.FSF. ArCTIONF-F.R -LAW LIBRARY AND Ulnae Book t'aaea.?Cooler and Keeee will aril, on Haiurdav eraning, April Ritli. at their new and xplendid Anetdun Balea' Room, 371 and 37V Broadway, corner of White atreet, a ValnabU and Kxtonaira Uw library, embracing nil the moot important State aad Knglieh Report#, and all the beet work# of the profendon; alto, S large H >ok t'asa?, with |la?fe fionte. Catalogue* are now ready, and the book* ua vie a. FOR 8ALB AMD TO LET. 1.30R BALK.?A TRACT OF LAND IN CALIFORNIA.? A On the right bank of the Sacramento rirer, embracing alcran Spanlen league*, running thirty-three mile# along the river, three milea deep, making n total of ninety-nine aquar-a mile#. . r acrr?. The tract rotnmencen at about twentyAve milea above'th.- floe rialiing town# of Vernon aad Fremont, aad ia anid to compriae. at ita upper extremity, the beat location on the river for a town at the head of ateam navigation. ii commands an nimme mining region, and the land la admirably suited for agricultural purposes. H in known a* the Jlniento Grant. The title in indisputable, hating been transferred by the original gr?nt?e?'(native Californiaas) to the present proprietor" before the Mexican war. I'pon it!? a Kancheriaof llute Indian*, who hate boen. and may mill be advantageonaly employed in collecting gold and tilling tlia land. Tno tract in capable of anb-divTeiuu into farina, which wonld aril readily ta (migrants, aa ite location is in that aeetfon of California which fa now becoming moat r tpidly nettled. The great overland emigration trail from the Ewteru Stat on ntrlkea the oppoeite bank of the river, and the tlrwnn trail runa through the tract. For further particular*, apply to W Alio m PRIOR. M Waftstreet. "Lvm sai r-a COCWTBT seat at sing sing, rive f luinntra walk from the railroad depot, 40 acr?a of laud ia the highest atate of cultivation, with orchard containing evtry variety of fruit. Dwelling and out buildings in superior order. Inquire of HOMKK MORGAN t CO.. No. 1 Pina atreet. SECOND ANP THIRD AVENGE?V A LIT AIII.E DOTS? lly A. J. Bleeeker, at auelion. at the Exchange, on Sato rd ay next, the 20th instant, five and a half lota on eadt aid# of 3d avenue, between 39th and 40th Street*, with the frame honae and atahle on and adjoining Uie corner of 40th atreet; eight lots on 40th atreet adjoining the above, aud 13 large gore* extending 4M) towarda 2d avenue. Alao. aix email lota on the northerly aula of 2olh atreet, 100 foot of 2d aveuue. Hal# positive. Title perfect, and warranted. CO per emu on mortgage. Mapa at 7 Broad at. 13UR SAi.K?THE COl'NTRY SEAT OF THE SUBSCRIber. at Doaoria, Imuran's County, I,. I., about two milea from the village and landing of Glen Cove. It ronaiate of un entire Island, connected with the main by bridgna. lie., and several hundred aerea of mill property, including a large mill, under a favorable leaae. The place Is unsurpassed for beauty, health, and convenience. _ HENRY M. W ESTERN, No. 33ft Rmadwav. 130R SALE?A DKCU STORE, ELIGIBLY SITUATED, nod now doing a first rate bnaineaa. For particulars, inquire of 11. PAKkER, corner of Myrtle avenue and Pearl gtreet, Brooklyn. COTTAGE TO 1 .EASE.?TO LEASE. FOR ONE OR FITI year*, a email neat a,'tage with ptaxia in front, containing eleven rooma. with garden, neeeaaary out-bnlldinga, and thite arrea of land attorned: beautifully aituatad on tno weat bank of the Htidal* River, directly south of, and adjoining, tha l'alhnm farm, three milea north ef Hyde Perk. The ateambeata North America and Highlander land at Pelham dock, up and down, every day, from the foot of Warren atreet. ITie fludeon River Rat I mad boa ta, and dav boata, land frequently, each day, at llyde Park. Rent $3UU per aanwm. STORE Td ITT IN ItROADWAY.-UAl F A STORK TO let. for any business corvcaponding with the Tailoring bnaineaa; one of the be?t locations In Broadway. Please addroea "Broadway," at thiaofllre. (1UTTAGF. WANTED TO RENT-A SMALL COTTAGE, J situated in or near a village, with a garden or few acres of lapd attached, within flvo to forty milea from New York city. In New York State, or State of Connecticut. The eituation muat ha a healthy and pleoaant one. Addre * II. C., thla office TO LET-THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC IIOCMB. 10 lamartinv place, Tweuty-aioth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenuee. Tlie houee ia modern built, with a park ia front, beautifully loeatad, and ia perfaat ard<r For fnrthar Information, apply oa the premises, or to WM. f? EE1.I. It co.. VT Wall atreet. TO LET?HOUSE M MANHATTAN PLACE, WEAR Broadway; baa abont twenty rooms, and Is In fine order. Rent low, sad posaeeaion given immediately, laqnira at Sf Wall atreet. fourth story. Iront o?c?. TO LET?THE l.ARGE AND CONVENIENT TWO storehouse. No. W Howard atreet, afewdoore east ef Proadway. For term*. Itr., apply on the premise*. TO LET. FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES?AT tha Marble Works, corner of Broadway aad Tenth si, third story, one hundred feet by fifty feet; second etory, eiity feet by thirty, with eteam power if required, from four to six or eight horse power. TO LET OR FOR SALE ?A BARROOM. PITTED CP IN good style, will be sold or let aa It ia furwlshtd. to a rood meant. and ponaonnion gtran lmwadiatoly. Ia<|aira aa tho prtmlM. No. 1K> I'oarl atrnot. rpo GROt FRS-TO LIT. A HOISF. (WIIICR WILL BB J altorod to a ?w>rt)and ] or 4 lota of grooad, at Hlooar.njrdalr, la tbo hoart of tha village. with "tell" for two hornoe. To a aatinfartery tenant, thr raat will Ho low an eaeolloat nltaatioa for a man of anodrrate mnaaa. Tor farthar partlrnlam. iaqaira of T. * BAYAL'D, AA Broad at. ooraa of tttoao at. r TO LRT OR FOB SAL*?AT rORT RICHMOND, luiw lalead. aaaa Ike ferry, a aiiara tarn awry honor, with eight room*. lately eeetipted by Joha HGoalia". ploaraaitj ataaatod on tha river, (a fin of MawRVork aad No*art ley*. Apply to George Bariatl or lata F. II. Ring, aaar aba prvmiona. pry ooodm, *? Early closing of storr?.?to thk rraur.Tb" natlir art hereby laformad lHat tbo pnaoipwl Ratal I Dry Oooda Stoma la tbo oily art oloaod ovary o?wia| at eight o'rlook, Sntwrdav* oaaaptad. Imdiea art partlaaUrly rognnatod to mob" tbtlr norohaaoo during tbo dav tbaa oourorrtai a km apoa tha olorkji. aa troU ao oaaMiag tbo aarobaala to adlirre to thl> aalatnry arraagwiaaat. India fori.ard iiut.-a i.ahu1 and cuoilr aaaarfaat for aata, by OODFRBT FATTlfcoVf kOa.UialU Broad Ami T'O THR LADIRS - WM ff< OTT <1 CO.. Ml BROADWAY baro luot opoaod. frnaa tba luropa. aevarnl aaaia of Mmbroiierlae. A".. oenaiaUng of aa otoalloat aaanrtataat of a*andlag aad folding needlework onllar% from two ahllliaga to Ibrao dollar". ?a?h ; tuff" from two to toa ihllltag" a pair; a an port, llaa of aaibroldOT-d liaon oaiakrta haadaoroaiofa, fr in too "hilling" w toa dnllara aplooo . plain, tapa. bona aiuobod aad H"rior? ta, al all priooa . a rory aholoo oalootioa of aoodlowork Aouaelngo: workod Hand". Swioa aad aambria trtat". af orory deaerlptioa : onnttod aad plain ianalin< . Hart laooa, of oarioaa width" aad Vindt, Tory ohaap. ladioa' It-ok'art aad drooo oapa : omHroidarod mantilla" aad palate to : roll"; gloree, Bo., br : alon, tbo Urgent aaoortmoot ib tbo oltT of ohlldrao'a mlw". fnvrka. waloU. oapo. and ooUan. Aa oorly aall la raapaotfklly oollotood. (' tSMN k nt.Mtl 1IAVF THIS DAY RRCRIVKP J from aartlon, ?iu? of ladlaa' aad rhlldrrn'a Straw llaia, fri.m ? to %2i I.NO nth atrdlo workod Collara. from t rente to fl MV N*> horn otltrhod Ikandkrrrhirf". at la 6<1 , tiauallv a. ld at 3".: Ml ploora of plaia oad dottod mualla. Thry baro alao on hand a largo aao?rtmoat of Rlhbona, lou t and I mkroldorloa, wklth lh?y off. r at th* lowoat eaak | rio?? III < anal "iroot, f.,ur d fr. in It', i lira Irar. 1*0 BOARDING HOCS* RKf.IT.R9.?A LARGI AND flno llnuao, ham111ifrtlly Inonted. aad Juat flairhnd la tylo, aaitaldo for a boarding boaao, l? off-rod to a rood tenant. onto will koop a roapooiabl" h, aM, f-r a torm of yoara. Tba vrevpant raa, If dooirod. ao doatt All tbo boaao wltb inmairr ritr boardtra; If ant. wltb a good elaao of rltlaoa hoarder*. alio aro waitlag tbo o|walng at tbo houao. Tba hot,a? la altnatad in tba manafaotvr.iur rlllago of Birmlagham, Ct., at tho Jaaotloa af tha Nangamrh aad Houaamaia II van Daily oommanioatloa by wntnr and railroad, with haw > ark Mr. aad Naw Haraa and Bridgeport, aad tba on? i i i' - Sa, nai'i't ralloy. Fia" Aelmr. gnnmng. At , Ao., will bo feu ad la tbo ririaltr. Apply to tho owaoy, M ATB AtIr. Hiraiogkam, Ct. PAHTKKHNIIIPB. rOFARTKRRSHIP NOTIC*.?TUB INDIRAIGNRB woald rooponfolly Inform tho mrrraalilo tommaaity that tbo honoo boroti.foro known nador tho nam# of Is>r1ag. Barton h t> at Valparwloo hao Woo. ky mataal eoaaeot, dlaoolrod. Thtl anaoao will boraaftor bo roadattod aador tbo nam" of luring, Bmthrra A Co., who will not ao Ship ('l oadlor*. GoarraT Agonto, Ao. For farther iaformaUoa rolotlTO to bamnooo matter*. pioooe roll on I harteo Inrlag, Bootoa, Na. 13 < oatral Wharf, wba l? tbo daly aathortood agent for oaid boaao In tho l aitod Atatoo. Aay ardoro or ooaatgnmawta roopootfally oollniod LOSING. BROTHER* A CO. Tai Panama. f?hrnnry ?. lodt. NOT1CB-TB* COPARTNBRAHIP BBRBTOFOR* IXlotiag hotwooa tba aakorribara. aadar alia tm of T. f. Boo or A Co.. Io Uila day dlaoplrod br mataal a nooat. Tho aatatmadlag haotaam will bo ootUod by John Braaalod aad Caorga W. gnlatard. who wtU aao tbo anmo of tbo Am la goldaOtoa - Saw I ark, Fokraory W. IMO. (Stgaod) CHAR. MORGAN. t. F. SBCO*. JOHN RRItffTBB, UIO. W. 01 INTARD. mobsab Iaon Totat (Foot of Nlath at R R. ) Naw York. Maroh ?. two. | TAo oahoorlkor horlag porohaaod tba on tiro latorooto of tba tthar portnrra la th* lata Arm of T T Sooor A Co., will ooaUaao tbo ttoam onginr maaafaotaro. la all Ito braaabaa. labor tbo laimrdtat* aoporlntoadoaoo of Mr. M. Oal?a, whom ropntattoa ao a oomotraottwg aagtanor Io too wall bar ma ta tbo paklir to rooalro farther antlot Addluoaal faollltioi aro bow botag addod to tbia alrwly. porhap*. mot aa tonal to oaoobUokmaat of tbo kiad la tklo aoaatry. la ordoo to giro taoh doopooob la tbo ooiotal maaaftrOrnor dooarlm>ato ao hall moot tbo doairoo of all who may foray him with thotr oaotom. _______ MOBIM N ('nrardhrti'inr notic* rotai f rorrina ba? lakoa Into portn?r?Mr will, bin, ll?nrr A R M,?" Tho Importation of wotohao will borraflor H? pnr-ood aador tbo Arm of BOBBINS A BROTH FR, at No. ? doka otroot, aa korotoforo. Naw 3"ark, April lat, |t>n. ' KDHATKIA. " Ai LAHT wiio HAA HAD MCfll RXI'iRIRNCR IN toaohing. wt?1 a- to obtain a aitaatiow o? Traobrr of Mwolo. Boat roftroaroo firm. Addrooa Raoto Tooohor. It root Ira ! ft. - - thutoot rrvki r. w?ijrnT.T*'o M ton rata BaaltTuaa?ura--a?anilui?aaa?4 ala4f 4 4In> JOB* H ? HUM). atbtiM a*4 ru/aCMVNflM. Ar**r? to tm? 1*1 hi ir? as m < it lu* nrrs aai4 of lata an, n? uail'.fa ul Ibalr raaf*?tInf lb# in?? 'h?r??4>r Til*!, Uiil I ?"l tf ni ma > alia? all fun I ?< ?, b"?aaar etilf llmi |- pn'a-Mj wlitali ! tha r??ar4 ?f atari! nr. la athar a ,fila banaf ffaalr-Ia I vial, It l??ti II at I ran4ar ralna f t talaa ra ? I I >>?? ?>. 4i?| -nlion ? tinmhvi anl l< iilmr i HVIItliaa '1 IknHittM, If tha ?r?t quality of forma at la Ifn-r4, It ! f?mi?h?4jil M nw ni! U a pnaa aa an> ra?|-?Uhla h"tiaa la tlia tra4a lfi-n wl-b a lowar quality foq a" raft anaaraH It w>II baa* all <kat aa~ an4 a!afaai?a of ittla of il fral quality au I y * win a. t tha a fib af four r III b r lira a r* | a. 4 I -alia p. Il.if fan I ? a- i' f I I I I n" ! f <1 I bnt -a II 0/ I laa?y I 4< ft roanpatltli a f'r ! fi> qt a'; t t, aa4 pat a ?tlb Iff ra-partalla lnuao lo i>? (raitt With It- f?? r? i mil ill II ink- In fmrji ua4 patr. n-, f r thair r>a 0 ? a- 4 li'rral Tatf aaa? I tbf ? my ? If u|- a Uia ??o"r-*?a 1 1 i an* in-| '? aaV. ?Kal I aaf may ha a?rt*'4 hy nary fa4i*i4aal ? ai|-rlao" If ? TH>nN t' Itr-oiluit r -t?r I ?-v pla ? ft'T orr txrvTOma tup munrrMi ump t at>4 fautlamaa aaa abtala a fata paloa ftr aaat a* a|o?hIt, a, h? ?mliay for th? oiImoMi, tkf uah aba p"-? ar aabaa ?i?, ?ha ?lll ali??4 at abatr ra?l4aaaa Imu aa illlatlt If Bra Uiaanir / lirUb'Tlb l??r.U?. afMla imiumim BOWERY THEATRE?FRIDAY EVENING, AI'RII. 1% * til bo RMUM4, tl Uirv* tru, the tragedt >.f I'l/ARKO ?Roll*. Mr J Hnllaeh, Jr.; AuJib?,Mr. Mwrtln. High Pnwt, Mr. Dans: Plearm. Mr. Gilbert: Aloa**. |lr H. Jnrdkn, Elvira, Mr*. J. Wwllwah, Jr.; torn, Mitt WrD.yew. To ?'?elude ?ith lh< highly fwinrd nautical drama ?<tled the HI/.AKD OF THE WAV E? Don Jo*? D-l SandaW. Mr. Gilbert, I 'barlee Ealkner, ?* ).. Mr. J. F Seoll: Henry Helfnrd. J. Don*; Timothy Trea? k,Viqui; !>.>nna loahiQda, Mi? W'vuiyj*; Donna Calm Ha, Mr*, (iillar1. llo?n open at 7, ?h? curtain ri*** at half part 7. Lire** Circle M MUti, 3*. eond Tier 26 ecat*. fit I2)? eout*. rll A N F R A I" s MflMAL Til K A THE.?PR I DA T Evening, April IF, lb* entertainment* will aomaenee KATHARINE AVD PETRl'CII|f>?Petruehio, Mr W MarrbaII. Uapwata, Mr C. Taylor; Grumio, J.IT. r*on; hatherine. Mi** A Crui?e: Itianca, Mi?* Loekver: Curti*, Mi?? Smith. To to followed by I be BOHEMIAN' UIRL-Drril*howf, Mr. W. Marahall; Tbaddena, Mr. Tilton; Count Arabella. Mr. Taylor: Kloreatain, Mr. I'rookor; Arlino, Mi** A. I'rular; of tb? Ijipaey*. Mr*.' Muur. To conclude wilb 111* fitree of the PHANTOM HKRAKl AST-Mr. De.eperty. Mr. HcrUrl; Mr*. Dweparly, Mi** Smith; Ko?e, Mi** loekytr. Door* *p*n at 7; porformaa** to ecmnnnee at 7V* e'eloek. Theatre, astor place opera house?leasee and Manager. Mr. Cha*. Ha**.?Friday ctwum. Attni IF. will be produced, the rnlendld drama of LIX'KKTIA UVMOA-Doa Aljihvjyv fr' < '. Maaon; Uubelta, Mr.

Neulle; Tcppd L.YeretTo. lfr. TTU.fot; C.-nnaro, Mr. Lynn*; Apottnlo tiaielll. Mr. Leneh; l.ucrctla Borgia, Mi*? Julia Dean: Prince** Klgrnal, Mr*. Ipidrr. To aonelude with th? ?uiedy of FAINT HEART NEVER RON FAIR LADY? Roy liogiri, Mr. W'aleot; Marqui* Santa Crni, Mr. Littrll; KiugCharlra If, Mr?. t'onnver, Durb*** Torrvnurra. Mia* Julia Dean. Uoim and Parquet, SOe.: Ampbithcatrc. 2.7*.; Rc#*r?ed **at*. 74 *U.; Doora open at 7, aommane* at 7>*. Theatre?i.adies and gentlemen or its. tabliahed reputation in tb? theatrical pruf***ion. dr. iron* of engagement* for a ??a*on, from or about lb ftrnt of Mat neat, in the Canada* aud Northern eltiei. will plea** addrere the fubacriher immediately, (poet-paid) which will reeeit.-prompt attention. M. S. PHILLIPS, North American Hotel, SO Howery. New kork. CHRISTY'S OPERA HOUSE. MECHANICS' HALL. Broadway?Open for Throe Night* Oaly the present, W ork?Monday, Tuaaday. and Wednesday, April 1.1ih, 16th and 17lh.?The original l hriatv'* Minetrel* beg leate t? annotine* to their patron* and the public generally, that they will diaeontinne their eonaert* at Mechanic*' Hall, after W'?du**day evening neat, April 17, (owing to the ball being ocen|ded with th* animal eaatniealivn" ol the pupil* of the Mechanic*' Society School*.) The company will huro tha honor of reoommoneing their popular entertainment* at their Opera Houa*. New Tork, on Monday evening, April 2S?. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday neit^ April l*th, l!/th and z?tn, tne nana win ptnnrm ?i ton nrooaiyn inmmte, Brooklyn, L. I. Durini the work, commencing on Monday, April 22d, Chriity'a Minialrela will give their eonoerte at aba Apollo Hall. Broadway. _____ MISS JCLIA DEAN RESPECTFULLY ANNOPNtRS that her benefit and laet appearance at the A?tor Place theatre, will take nlaoe on Saturday. April 20, nhen will h? performed the LADY OK LYONS end the eoioede of the LOVE CHASE, in which ehe will *n*t*in the charactere of J'auline and Conelanre. H?x book now open. BAYNK'S PANORAMA OF A VOYAflE TO EUROPEOpen erery evening, at the Great Hall, Minerva Koomt, 406 Broadway, embracing riewt of Boetnn, l.leerpool. Imndon, and both eidee of the Hirer Rhine. Admiseion 2A eenta; Children, nnder twelve. 18 eeate. Doore open at 8W, eommencee moving at 7\ r. M. An exhibition on Wedneelay and Satarday after*oome, at three o'eloek. C1RAND MOVING PANORAMIC REPRESENTATION V of the Celential Empire.?There line J tint been completed in thleeity, after an ardnone application of two yearr. by three eminent foreign artiete, a magnificent repreoentation of the Celeetial Empire, covering a eurfaeo of twelre thouennil tqnare feet, and prepared at a vaet ripenae; it wan the Intention to exhibit it (fret in Europe, hut in coneeiiuenoe of I lie high merit boetowed on it by eeveral of ourdiatingoiabed artiite, who hare heen favored w ith a view ef it, and at their auggeetiou. the proprietor* hare been induced to exhibit it at once in thie country, and it will be opened to the eommnnity In thl* elty an eoon a* the mechanical arrnngemeat* ere'completed. To give anything like a full deeeriptton of thin gleuntie undertaking would oeeupv too much pace in our eolnmna, and we mmt content onr*elve? by confining thia notice to a partial view of the PiUustratiou*. It repreeenta the principal eitie* thrown'open, exhibiting the manner*, rualome, civil and religion* ob-t rvancev of thia extraordinary people: the Palace of the "Einperurr with hia portrait, and thoee cf lila family, chief officer*, aecretcries, kr ; intrriora of temple* and theatre*. The Vale of Toml>a, anrronnded by ite gorgeou* and enchanting eeenery. The great wall* of Pekin and Nankin-with a view of the interior and exterior of the former eity. The Interior of a Divan, occupied by opium amvkere, and reproveating the dire effeete of the o*e of that odiou* drng. Thin panorama ia different from any rxhihitlon that baa ever been prevented to any community in the world, and we doubt not will be *ern not only by oar eit iven*. but by the ho*t* of vleltera who aro thronging our eity. We purpura giving a more detailed areonntof thle extraordinary production In a future number of thi* Journal. POLITIC A I*. Democratic reithmcan generai. committee ?A aporial meeting of tbo member* of the Democratic Republican General Committee, will bo bold at Tammany Ilall, on of thr* evening. (lRth in*t .) atTC e'elock. Punctual attendance of all the mouibora i* required, aa buxiueea of importance will coma before the meeting Bv order. EEKNA.M>< WOOD, Cbalrtaaa. Rioian'i. M. BailitCToa. ) ? Ganaarrr Dxcnaa*. } Seervtarie*. IPECIAL KOTH'Rfi. ~ Bremen mails.?v. s. mail steamer Hermann. The mail by thie ateamer will rlnae at thii aSee ea Saturday, the MHli iaetaat, at II o'clock. A H. tcm. V. MRADV. P.-tma?ter MCKICIPAI..?MAYOR'S OFFICE. M KM PHIS. APRIL I. 1*80 ?Reeolved. By the Mavor aad Alderman of the it Jiapara M implili, alan la oat papar la the ailiaa of Naw York. Phllad* Iphia. and Naw Orlaan*. raqaoatlnn all p*r**n* baldin* tha bond a ar liaMlitiaaof Mamphia ar Ninth Mamphii a rapart aha aaaa ta tha Major, with tha data, aamhar aad amtomat ad aald ha a da or liabilitia*. r HlfkMAK, Mayor. City afMamphln. TBI imilll or THE 0. I U B, AND r Aaaoatatloa, ara particularly raqoaatad to attaad thalr aanUr atatlta aa Friday, April It, II Important ha at aaaa will ha praaaatad far thalr aoaiildaaatioa. F.rary mambar ta aaUaitad ta attaad. Br ordtr of tha l>raaldaat, J as. W. I EDDEN. Baaordlac Saaratary. ST. CKORGF.B BOCIFTY?THE B11TY-FOVRTH ANalraraary Dianar will Vat a plaaa at tlia Aator Hoaaa, <>a Yoaaday aait, Xtd la?t. For tlrVat* apply to tha Stawnrd*. Alfrad Wallar, IV I'aarl atraat, Joaapli I'. Walla. I* Wall atraat, J. T. B altar 58 Exahance I'Uaa, J. W. Bradthaw, M. D . 1J War-ran itraat. Office or the niv tor* gaa-i.igiit company, April A. I860.?Tha Praaidaut aad Diraatora hara thla dap daalarad a dlrldaad af par aaal an tha aardtal ataak af thb wwiaar, tar tha all uaatba aadln* lit af rah. but, parabla ta im atoahholdara aa aad aftor Wadaaaday. lat of Mar aaat. tha traaadar book will ha alaaod from aha Vth laotaat a a til feat data. By ardar. C. L. 1TYRITT, Sarratnry. Ornc* or thb mkh vork gas i.ioht compan r, April Id, IMO.?At a maatiac ad Uia Diraatora of Wita Bam pan y. hald aa tba Ath laat.. It ra? raaolrad. that from aad adtar tha lat of May aaat. tha prlaa of lu too ba aharsad ta aaanaan at 86 aant* par Imndred faat. bam* a radoanon af IV* r*t aant from at.r prroaat rata af 40 aanU. a - toman ara ramaadad tbat aa tha par ill af tha floma darid# tha aaaatity af paa ton <o mad: aa d ar* alao rauuaatad 0" aarty aotlaa at aha alhaa in aaaa af aay l-atl imparhaliaa ar inahawaa. that Iha adVa mar ba promptly raraaWad Btyardar. _ f. I. EtKRITT. rotary. J A MSB CONNER k SON. TYPE POCMMKM. CORWBB ad Aaa aad Naaaaa ttraau, Naw Tark, haaa aa kaad rrwry artiala n**aaaary far aomnlata Pnaiin* Batakllahmaata. Tha matariala aa whlah tkia papar la prialad la Aram aha ahaaa foundry. Reported for tiie nkr yore herald-r>itad Rtataa I Irrait Court, M*?> Di> ?f'harlna tioodyaar aa Boatoa aad Main* Railroad (\.mi nay ?Tbi" wa? an **tlnn for damapoa. I'Ulatilf *hartcrd d< f< ndant* with la* frnytnr an hla pat?nt for ml*anli*d India rublrar, bylba aaa at India rutibar aprlnp* i>a tlialr railroad anra. Tlia aprinia war* ??pjll?d by Eull*r k Co., and tha India rabhar wa? ntada by H II Day. I'lalntiff waa annaultad, with aoaU. boardi 5u, at . ~~ Boarding ?thb HorsR. no. m Broadway. oppoana Or*a* Charah, will ba pat la aomplota ardar by tha lat af Mar, for tha raraptlaa af b .ardrra Sinrla r*ntl*ra*a aoaommodatad with rtama. wtthaat mania and famlliaa with board aad anlta af raamr, parlor* aammaaiaatiaf. Apply at It Broadway. PRIt ATP BOARD - A GEN 11 FMtN AND III" H IER. (without rhlldraa) or ainyl* r*ntl*man. *na b* a**?mmodatad with piaaaaat roema aad hart, at N?. t I'aloa arjaaro. _____ Hoard can he obtained for a t aio or lady and Oath man. In a amnll family. n?ar Broadway, w?at aid*, by addraaaina "Ada," llrrald .(6** ailh rati nam* and addroaa. aaylap whan aad wbnr* aa latarti'w raa I* obtaiaad. V i*f?r*aoa r*r)itlrad. BOARDING?GENTLEMEN r AN ltd Aft flRMoDATED with piaaaaat roam*, broakfaat and tan. at No. 116 6ft( Twraty-aoaoad atraot. n*ar two llnaa of iurm. Board wanted-by a pinole yoing man, in a family wbtra ar* ao athar toardara. In a pl*?*ant pari of tha r||y. Addroaa (lattar po*t paid. llarall(1. m. d , atatlaa tarma. and wt.ara an latarrlaw aaa ba bad. Board ranted?mi a lady riieki tiierf are frw "thar Vnardar*. R*far?n*?* firan and rwjnirad. Ad drraa A It c. at tbia 00'" BOOMS RANTED. FOR A I.ADY-A HANDSOMELY mm Turni.h?d TAil' t ?nd b?-4rn'nn. till ?T VllhAVI PoftM < I woof of . Mow ( anil ir+*i. ??4 A hi ?. * wli?r? (hfrt ir> bo othfr ^'ifl'r* l.lWftl pa? in 4to*#?, t?i no rof?r**r?? jrltot A44roo* "riift," Mff. Vi*AMrf> IRNKIH tini n> * I.Vmu??\ AMI rr hit wife. fnrni-lel t'arlnr anA B?<lr<.<.n. nr larw? lt#Aro"Wi nnlr. with or with, at hraakfatt; knarf <> inAart l??r l? im ('lit lltll in{.rr?4 T"Hii*^fril*. ipplf, If latter onlr, t. t. T.. ainr? 123 ? illtam atraat. I^Ho vnrVw i.iMiurv .tsiu ahohhoda taf With Kantnow-lr fur*.-lift (l?'r* wl 1 an I an ar- aA f -< r, ? th' hraahfaet ?n.1 i?? I Ainuar rn ' ftanAapa, In * prirata faatilp T.rn,. R.1 > raal., p?r weak. ' for fartl ?r partlrilin, la'.ftlre at I'athlnftr < #? , IS< Pal- ' r..t 1 HA > I'Min AM. I "II! "K1 * III I I ' '"W ' Til BR tot. Willi partial nr fall h?ar4, at )'* I a-ranw atraa.. A?ath Rrnatlpa Tarwi. at?larata Pawllp atriatlp priaato. i P>0#>| IKir?~r, Kljflmi R. r.-nia rrrran Ittt natahllahmanl, Willi |ta laAna.maata af Aallrhtfnl 1 aaawarp. Arirnn, l.iiarlnna taWa. aaA frapum faMhllaaltnl k,.a haw T'-rklp railpali till koala, will a raal; far Urn raaaplian af hoarA.ra an tl.? I.Ath ?f April. OliOLAlk) DOW A PI. fnfiwk ' ?' k i'k it iijixunua, ao. Mb r HA ROT, r * it b HamjKR ami rrnot atamr. frnai I'aria, hat tha ho?<r l? <ller Ma aarrtaaa ta Ik. fawlllna wkia ara la mora aait Map. II. r | I aiifaa iaf Vat aartaiaa la tha m-*% fRatilakaMa atria. aa4 " I papar ?ary ana lip. at a rarp "Aarata priaa.? I,llatal Plana*if, 'H Charak atraat, aaraar af RaaAa rat* |?UfB llANMM.ft It ll'.l I - A I I AMI Bff All A Thifnaa Papa k I n., ?.* r. arl alraat, near Baft.ana, laporttr* Ml Mannfaatarar*. Areata af tbr l'r??' li I arioriaa, oft. r at tha Innaat pr.'.aall aipl a af Franeh tal Aaiariaaa Fnfat Ilait0ara, M< rfnr*, Ih-eorati >ha. PifehaarA Printa, I', rata.*, ka. ke.j PMIaAelpMa ttonala HltaAa. Praaae. Batlaa, fca. T1.? ml arUeli'ti Aaaoratara anA paper kanprr* atar i. y. A tT'lMBiW ft IIA UK." RF.I.TT k RIK F.N. HI t HAT T haw. atraat. aall tha Maafl.w af all parmaa waalla? fthaAaa to thair aaaorta.aat ?f ftoaAaa. anA atakaHala far nakta# anA hanpiu fthaAaa. Tl.ap maka tha haat A?alilp ealp, anA aall at priraafallXi par aaat. I-an than aapathar aianafaatarara. All ahaAaa warrant a A a?t In atiah at aarl I KIBI ARTS. LiRKpr H.INni.IAH AND OKRNAN RNIIBATINOAw TV# traAa la raapaatfallp InfarmaA that a larpa aaairt aat af RarapaM Baarannft. tha totaat pahltoattotM. la aww aRftaaA far aatokp onrrn. tibrrt a ro, W"hntoaato l*riataallara. OR Hr ?4wap. rautm. |1AIT?H.? ORAHO OOTBf IT'tfR H rrtwap RA aaanaa af tha antahar of Aatariraaa raarrttaa ? thia k?kal. t'^ |W.|alataa lava ta |nf.-m. . SatMHai haraaftrr ka will ka*s raaaiar Itaa af Tha ka* T. -k HaralA in tka aalaaw. R IBM AND I'ARRRRTRR. AaVIBKBITI. Broadway tueatmf?benefit of nr. coi. tUL J r"'/ Aprii l!# w ill be pnwttwl IRINB WONriK-Major Ba^rnal O'Daly, Mr (\>llin?: Nioholae Blardea. Mr. Thvwipeea: Malarhi Croek. Mr Whltlar: Mara Wa- I ?IB?, Mix Olivia Mm. IFtrey, Mm Knight. After whieh, Ike farrc of the UATTY MAN-I'addy Murphy, Mr Collin* Kua> Fnati, Mr. Wbitinz: loxi lum, Mr. Hind. Sultana Mir* TIidwijrdb; K'ikft. Mi?? C?riu?u. To convludc with MOW TO PAY THE KKNT?Moipan Roller, Mr. Cullin*; Morgan Millar, Mr Whiting: Mm. ('oawInN, Mm Hield. Dreee ?Trele and Taniuet. ftu*.; Kamt.r and third Cirolee, MJWMI;, i2V.r. Piitimm MWMUMBI. NIRI.OS GARDEN.?THE HAVANA ITALIAN' OI'EKA t oni any. under the direction of Aignor F. Badiali.? Friday atmiu. April lit. will he performed Ih.niiett favorite e|*ra ol I.Ft HKZIA IIOIH,I A?Don Alloneo For rata, Hiuuor Marini; l.oere/ia lloiyia. Signura Au la Bon..; (leaner,.. Signor L'.nni; Ornuo, Signorina < uroline Viotti Gubctta. Siyuor iH.tninioo 4'olletti; Ki.-.ti,thrUo. .?igu .r I'. Hadiali; Iji.rotto, Signer T. Heratlui: Vetolnix.., Signer L. Martmelli: Tetrnxxl, Sirnnr V. l.uentrlll; Gaxella. Sir. |?. ( audi. Admie-ioii to all porta of the lou-e $|. Heate ewrarcd al ih* Box Otter, from U A. M. till 3 1*. M. Dovrt opua at 7, iloiumeuce at fc o'clock. Bl'RTOVS TIIFATI.K, ( hambeks street, kkak OK tfc? City Hall ?Friday Krerinr, April 10, mil to plated the Of Ul.ll' UAU-Mr, < harlee IHaple, Mr. Ilurton: I uptain Mooter. Mr. llolinan: Walkur. Mr Uruughnm; Mm. Flora llowerdew, Mm. Ruamll; Altai 0'le-ary. Mm Hronahain. To be followed by the Care? of A IM'CN'E IN HIE J.I I >: OF AN IM'ROTEt TAD FEMALE?Nif .detune Crieli, Mr. Hamilton; Tom Temple, Mr. Ilolman; Tolly Criep, Mier (Tapnian. To conclude with Hie faree of DOMESTIC FtONOAlY?J oil a (irnuiley. Mr. T. J.huHon: Sergeant Turn Brown. Mr. Ilolman: Mre. (irnmley, Miai J. illII. Douriopcu at 7. eonimraee al 7V o'tlaok. \flSS JI 1 1A HF.AN IllM'l.cni I.I.V HMiS I.COU Jvl to announce to Iter frieude nnd the public, that her Benefit and I .art Appearance at the Theatre, Aetor Time, will take plare on Saturday evoniuz next, April lARh, on abieb oeetllaa abu will apiwar aa Tauliur. in to* " Lady of l.yona," and Conrlnner, in the " Lure ( bam." Boa book now open. _ PIERCE'* MINSTRELS?THE ORIGINAL TOMTEY. lata of t'briaty'a Min-trelr, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand mroete.? F.eery evening during the week.? Uoore open at ,. t wiccrt nt.- u ctocs. .oeconu wwi?titvai success! Crowded nightly!?The noreltiea introduced by K. II. Pierce iu Uia style of Ethiopian pvrfuriuaucos, and which hate been received each night with the most decided mark* of approbation by crowded midien.o.'. ha- stamped them bring tlie "tie plus ultra" of uegro eutnrluiuiuente. Thie week a change of programme, retaining the quaint and nyi. ginal burlesques of the "ltiaek Shakvee." and "Dutch Drill," which have been r< ceiecd each night with roars of laughter. Repeated demand* haying been made k>r antra perforuiancea to ace..inn."date fanuliee. there will be two aieen lltia week, ris: W edueed.iv and Saturday afternoon. Doom open at 3, concert at .'I o clock. Adui.-<i..u crnta. I'rivatc !...?. ? tl Sll AKM'K A It K KKAlUMK-MlhS KIMIIKKLY ukepertfull) announcca to the cititcna of New York, that ahc will give a a. ri. a < f Muik?p.are readings in the Ian tine Kootu of "lucee-siit Institute. aa followa'?(In Monday evening. April IfJd. Konieo and Juliet. Ou Wednesday evening, 2dtli, A? li.u I.Ike It. On friduy evculug, Jrtlh, Hamlet. Tickets .VI conic?to be had at the uaual places and at the door. Heeding to commence at H o'clock. WAIlllAI.lA.a6 CANAL STRUCT?MADAMF. W AKtou'a troupe of Female Model Article will perform im two grand performances erery day at So'clock in the afternoon, and B o'clock in the evening, together with the original Female Minetrcla and Sable Hrethera. Admittance, Orehcatra H' ?. 37', cents; Parquet. Mcanta. TALI UN ai 1.R?TBI HUTCHINSON FAMILY, ON their return to New York, will glee a eoeal entertainment at the llroadway Tabernacle, on Monday evening. April 32d. The programme for thia evening will embrace the following eongr.?" The Good Old Days of Yore," a cng of hosic; "Hum a in Is. vera:" "Tl.a Under Departure," a new song, w rittcn I) ( overt; "The Mnln Truck, or Leap for Life," describing the periloua leap of a little bov from the main mt't to the tea; "The Gold of C alifornia;" "llorllrultural Wife;" "Ouceou a Time." a reminiscence of revolutionary darn; "The Mountaineer;" " Bridge of Sighs," words by the late Thomas llood; " Vt e've Roamed over Mountains;" " I/ivers of Hum;" "1 he Real Hu M ark, or the Pnlatelece Yankee;" " Uncle Sam's >arm:" "Nobody and Somebody:" "The Yankee l over's l ira! Introduction;" " The New Collar," Re. Tickets, SO cents, to he had at the principal music stores on Hroadway. and at the ticket offiee of tb? Tahcrnacle, on Monday evening. Doors open at 7; concert to commence nt H o'clock. Franklin museum. its ciiatuam square?two performance* every day, In the afternoon nt 3, and in the evening nt half-pnct 7. Eitraordinary attractions for thia week. The "Modsl Artists" will apr*ar in come saw and original living pictures, Including ' Power's Greek Slave," "Adam and Eva, "Venus Riciag from the Sea," personated by sow* of the heat formed women in the world, together with the " Female MimatreU," " Female Arab Girls, " Female Juggler*." bnrlaaque. oomlc and fancy dances, with a vwnaty of original entertainments to be fouud at uo atlier plaoo o( amnsemcat la New Y'ork. Pncoa of admission?Stage aula, 57)*e.; bozoe, Sc.; pnrquette, 13>,c^ private boiee, t'? AMI SKMKVTS IE PII1L.ADKL.PIIIA. BAUVn MUSEUM PHILADELPHIA.?P. T. BARnum. Proprietor sad Manager, Henry Sandford, Assistant Manager. THE GAMHLKK.a new moral and domestic Drama, written oiproaaly for this Maseum, by Rob't. Jones, Eeq., of Philadelphia, nad designed for a eompaaioa piooo bo the Drunkard, will be A-produced on Monday evening, and presented every night thie week. Thie piece was withdrawn far the twofold perpoee of allowing Mice Mary Taylor to appear la veil of the characters which eh* enetaioed with so groat eooeoaa in New York, ead to make Soma emoadatloae, additions nad improvements which greatly enhance ltaintorest and effect. Grand performances every aftsruooa. Fares* sad Petit Dramas, Ballade and Fancy Donee*, and rti* taagniftaant Dissolving Views and ("brumetrope. Tne Curiosttiaa number NUO.iUJ, the ehoieeet in the world. Wedaeedey tveaiog. Benefit of J. Hall Roblnnoe. Admittance, fit coats. Children under 10 years, ltte renu. i^ektchm^ ~ Mt?V^ IMPORTANT INVENTION.?A I.RXA.N DUE'S I'ateet Artificial leeches have been adopted by all the practitioners to whom they hare been Introduced, amongst them we shall refer to 1'refeeeer Valentine Mott, Dra. J. P. C.arrlsh, and Kabineau, in New York; and to Vslpeau. Risord a Hrtahetvau, in Paris. Sech|nama* may dtsfianae with n longer Hat. These leeches are safer, cleaner, eaoae much Uas pain to the patient, nad east murk lata than lbs repulsive estate! level,. Cell end venmlne clievn, or write for a nrcspeetna that eoateins their d?#eription, Ac. lambert alexandre, Care of Viator Bishon. No. 33 Maidsn Lane b it ?A sample bo* scat, on ?*? receipt of at* dollars. Agvi.t< wanted In nil parte of the Union. 1?uui>. ur.riii.!' j i ti.r.u iMPtiKTER <>v J leeches, No 7 John street b-gs to inform the Druggists. A p. 1 t.vcaro and Physn sue, thai I.. J-1 rv.-> .?. I p..t last alvamcr, n wry tttvnsive supply of Irtali Swedish Ic-eahea. whirl, hr uflsra for sals, at vary tun prices, its quantities t* suit purchasers. HIEUKI.I.AKROIR. Hair seating and curled iiair-long white end black Hair, anitabl* far hair cloth tuanufartnrvrs, bmalitnakst*. Ar. Also, a let of white Hair Ulolii. for ladies aklrta. for sal* at the llair Cloth Maanfaetory, rear of 73 Bvwery. nIGM POMAH?LEI'E STEAM IMPROVED BLACKING is now waiveraally a limited to be far superior to nay yet iovsated. for lis peculiar preservative softening qualities to the leather, and for Its eaquiaf to brilliant lot hi ask lustre, giropcrtias entirely unrivalled. N. B For tec genuine article. apply to the only warenhoase. No. I John street, curnor of Hr.aJo.a CHiK I.E*. (farwarjy l.?a fc Th.>?pana ) (M i in <>K BROKEN t.i * i *R(.t sitANTITT J (prlnotpally from plata *'.*? ) fur talc low Applyal No. atrroA*. ___________________ All ~ SI FEKIOR PAI.F. AMIIER AMI BROW N AI.F. at 1I.a II worj of Jaha t ..Iran No I"'.' l'.iaat atrrat Naw V. tk?Tba aubarribor ban a* rottlad tba a >..?? old autl t>|uUi l.rauary. will. U>. moat approatd ai.parat ua of atooui a a . II i? now ii> Ml cparatioii, un.ltr ino nuidauro afal |. noun 4 ami obilful baoaara and atl>ur>, whtrh tvffathor Willi iii* nan aaparioaoa of n?arlT a qoarlor of a ?> atury la Ilia ln?i lira.-. Ooalli a 111 10 li. mil'ly p'irrhaaora wilb aaunam | >.??od arlirlo of I'ala, Ami.or, mul Mini Alt. Ilo 'alio Kuril, ulor aiti' to kit iiaa.ii.allad browlax* of ftuutuior took Al?, of wliloli bo ha* a lull aupply. JOII N COM] AN C'AH|i?: ( AKl'ft!?4'IRi'l'I.AHft. M M.-ll E A Oft, BII.IJI / of ladiax. Nolao, f'bneko, Roraipta fttort Billo, Poatlny and llnmiLilla, I .a halo. to., priatad at abort >?U? an I low prlrti, ai lh? oft" of Hnttoa'i Yankeo Proa', 141 l ull..a alraol, latarou Naaaau aad llr.adaar. TIIOMAft V. M TT' >N r,in--r PAINTINCft ON METAIo-A I.AR'.E AAftORTBENT loot raaoload, par ttaamtr ll-rtnana, with a aaata'r ( fan. t a....d<. |-'ail aad papirr aiacl.r porta a..aaaioa. ftpaalok fanr." I .a.'uit aiatuary. Jtwolra. loiaal.aa oraaaiaaM, aaaptaaar*. alu-tlaa, A' , for ?ala If W II i OI ft* fc rHrfMAV. Ko. n NalJan laaa IEI A It I ft PATENT TIKE PROOF PAINT* FROM ORfO, a# ablrb la a faw wioalka larna U rial* or oioea, protoottna wbaloaor laaurarad from tb* attioa of tho waalhar aad fi I. If I at oat for fraoda, a< aapnn'iplad p. ra..aa aro oB. rlr* aparl'-aa artirlaa for aala (alltaa tbam "ftra proof."? Tbaroaalaa artiala la only to k* oblaiaad of tlia pairataa, W Klaka :i Broad alraol, Now Yvrk. or hla ipau. Eaary pork an l> marka.l Hlaka a I'alrat Fira Proof Fatal. N H T" i nA'.Oktdb will rtmura, ua May lat, to M Paail atrw.1, taw Vort. _ (MIK.NKUl'S't ClARfc ftOI.AK ' IIANDELIER?. ftOLAR J l.ampa. ftlrandnlaa, Maatal I'and-labraa, la damaak, [blot aad (old) work, atao, a nrw ayla of Buid lump tbat l.arna altb Jala aad bal-wiat b?ra>r aiatilar to atrrot (aa A?lll K K Mori, AN, I'd William. botwtoa Faltoa aai Ana alroata. nppoalto tba rl.arah. 1*1 I I'.KAI'II WIRE roK ft A I F - BR f W EE N HEl EN aad alaht lona baaA Trlo.ranb W ira, N.. 10, f,.r aala for laab li iinra at ll Ma?na t|a Talaaraid, olllaa. rnraar II .a - I aai at..4 llraaar atroaU, nr . f Jan W V rfn or R M lion, E?.(a II B. ERKNI'll, Praa'l Bac Tol. Po. HAtaKlAN MEKR. iiriwiii is I'll II. A OKI.I ll l a aad of tba mnoi rbparlor ouallty ? It la roia.lod at No KM llroudoay, aadar tba lloial da Pari*, and par*una wlakIny for tbl* wlioloo- aio boaaraa' ara laaitod to oall. HUMMER A I'lENtR AIAKIi-M HBITta EXTRA' T FOR ri.EANftlS'. It>d P.loara aqual W> naw, frao from diaagraaablo odor; lan f. r r... - ? ua ?p from a.Ha wo lion aad a atlom-a a llotblag Itap of *1 Madama Ib-uaa Hloaablaf Ratabllab|. 'II ll ftl.aal- ft Ika. Iwaa. Ar , II- Broadway, ap ataira I'll, a 4u *>a<a a loi Ua, (auBioiaot for >1 to U pain | w iA diraril.aa. ll'AMIIM, I> A 1 ft A ft Til E V ARE A N l> Aft Til E V MAV EE loaotna -prlra. I<> oaala ; br II Twaloatrra, l'raf*aa..r of 1 bt An aad ftaiaara of W aablaa. aad tola pmprtotor. for Abo I'altad ftialoa. of tba plaa of oaabiaa by whlab pro.a ..'<?? family ala a>-t.' o a?h boforo broahfaot, for (iraala aokir; ao-biar draad^of^marrlad m?aj ?i paiol aa | na.l. rartirt'of lilt I no* la a f??t-?*ld lott*r. lllntHj W II f* Kl.yKTKER. It-on, XI ho Vi?mi nr?l N T. At I M* AM* IT* I I UK. A h"*?* I hlrod, at a r*at * I tbonyh '(n11? m<4?rtu. Hot lull' dri*m*-d of what ** aaal To far? my III *tarr?d fata. } ir*t rat*, naar lam* a* aay **V M > l*rd?r aifhtl) robbtd: A*<l ml**. fr"m ttory ahalf III araah Thalr llttla h**4* aat bobtod. And r?a*h*a. too, foil ftnr*r UatL It Ith h**i, la mtrlad* too. It i ?|t til tha wall, ill* Mlli| Urtat And fl?a* w?ra ao a at ftw. Hot tliaaha to l.yna* Ma/aatia Pllla Aa<i I'vadar* fi-od aad tru?, I'ra rid mi b??ar vf all It* tlU, Aad a?a tl? food a* a*?. # DR. (marie* Ml'MiR'S WiTII CI'll RATA II. IIDIIAT, at in*r*?*rm?. aam. Dr. rrn nit Rr*rit ttiut i s pmrra ?* nti rwdr ad th* ywblit, that ha baa boaom* oaaor #f tba lata Dr. RauW't It ii'tl art Ratahliahataat, at R*a?oa?.il?. twaaad I half*? Ir. m th* hortbamftoa Railroad Dafot.aaaaa tour* rid* irom Raw Y?rb, aboai ?**fr m Roatua. aad ** r?wi All aar. altaatad la ad tha R'aaoaatoat tallow* of Maa Rnalaa'd, rraaadad with wo. d crotra kill* aad abad* rait* aad abnadaailf mi I li*d wltb lb* r*r**t, aoftoot aad mtdaoi crtnlta wai?t T ft *od haalthy. aad tha ii aii'd tad arraoahl# Th* * aad *T?*l?*?b*ildl aa* iftr all th* a'*****'f r *a???i#w**? fot wal?r oar* I*r|iia. ia*h a* lair* flawy* hath*. d*a?h** aad airy ladf.aa r* <a? or ahoat illy fotmata aayarat* f*rotth*ra?t, a fyoiaartam, I* Th* d-'t'T hud tba *a*l'**t. mow ll*lac. dtaatwi# ?f l*r>***alt#. at iraf-ah*** aad bartaf aa *ay*ri*a** *f mora baa HI*** yaara of hi. *a?, bla WTlttaa* aa watn tar* hoof la th* haado of ttary R*mp*aa hy Irayath. bfaat to raroad to aar r*aa*aat>?* *i|o*?atloat fmm lb* aatir fata ia*a.aif*ia ibtyart *f tb*a* whrtn aba may aoattd* htmaalta* to him. Th* aatahh.hmaat M a*a af*R. par wrtbor imrttralar*. |Wa* artlf t* lb* aba** addtaaa SPORTING. RNTHRYILLROOURM:, I.,tf .-TROTTIN'ti^MfTNfiX^ 1 > April half-nut 1 P. M?Pur?r $7.1, m,|c base, I r?t J in ft, to 200 pewud ??*uo?. H ut. Kuanrr ri.lrrr ah. g. Droll Mnrri* : 7T Whelpley eutarn br m. ( mahridga Oirl; J. < onkiua tulnra b. g. Mobaak; J. Conway aowra bl. f. Si ranger. S * mi Purae RAft, nailn hraU U?t S in 4, In hanaeea, P. Johnaou autera b. g. Johnaan'a Colt; K. Smith tai?r? b . g. FrrrailHltr; Iht nwnrraatera h.g. Unseat John; J. Whalpiry rntara b r llui'a <V?U:W'm. AMsaainlrri br. g. Hrown Tom ; J. lindane rnlrra rb. b. Emperor. The enrm trill ten re South Parry. Brooklyn, at 2 o'clock P. M., returning a a aouu aa tba inori ta oter. Pare, eneh way, kfi aenta. JUKI. (o.Nkl.lN, I'm pricier An answ er a.vo iccirriMci -? m rauMu 1 noiirrd. in yaelerday'a llcralil. S Card olaUag Iba frienda of V. P. Ottignon wore deeirona af witnawlngn mead I) act-to betaeau him mid rayaclf. 1 am perfectly mi Wing to gratify thrin, anil uill inert Mr. Otttgnnn at any plane ha Bl) eeleet, pre* ioui to Hie 27th mat . ae 1 tbna bid invfWaailr adieu, for I aliforipr. TUOMA-t UYER. PIC EON SIlOOTlN'li?AT IIOBOKES. ON FRIDAYthe 19th of April, a Match will be ahot by tight erark rboba. commencing at II o'clock; tbera will be 300 plgeoal am the ground, abitli uill inaure a Una dajr'a apart. HORSES. fiioOWKKgh ftp" llOKSiS-IN IVlXlNlX THE ATA tentlou of horao ouuera to lloyt'al olumbiau liniment, it u only necacary to 'late that lor year* lliia remedy Una been and la 'till uwl by all the principal horrauien af ear eity They glre it tha preference a bora nil other rvntedieaaeary offered foramina, rule, brnieae, acre breaat, neck and back, uindgalle, acratehea, aud many uthor Ooinplaint* iliat horae< ere aulject to, for proof of which 1 ro/er to the folio wing gou lUtnru, tltutr Judgment in hone raaltora eauaot ho doubted. ?Nippk Brown. Wtu. D. Sjttrka, .Id gyonue; J. Woodruff. :W avenue; bpieer a Maun. .Ve> Broadway: W. H. Diebrow, riding lututor 0. C. Httllturti, dn.; Wine k To.. BuU'e Bead, R N?r fhrop, Rw? llill etablea; I). I.. Ormaby, Irfth afreet: O. W. Sherman, Ilarlem KailruatjCo., and haadrada of othen. Sold by 1'. Suiflfcn. aaddler, etroct; I*. Trainor, 1AB Broadway. Snieer k Mt Munn. J. IV Jube. H3 Bowery, and tlie druggiMa and ruddier* gruerully. Prise AO rente, or $4 per doien, t'ttnh. Order* for altuleeale addreened to the proprietor, W.ll. lioyt, 21.1 Twenty-eixth at reel, *111 !>e attoudod eo immediately, and delivered in any part of the city, HORSES FOR SALE?A BAY HOUSE, io HANDS l.ipti, young, aound, and kind; a prompt driver, good traveller, and a vert fa*t walker, atanda in the Direct without tying. Alao. a bay llone, li handa high, aix year* old. aoaad and kind: ia handaomo, and a doairable horae for an exprmta wagon, a family, or grocer; atanda without tying. WiU be old low. the owucr baring no aae for theui. Apply at 401 Water atreot. PY'BIalCATIONB. ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS WANTED TO PliR1 rhaae, Volume Nine of tlir llluetrated London Nawa. Apply at tha book Mora, 90 Naeaea atraet, oppoaito the Herejdhill diagl. NF.limNTI.IMCS OWN. FOR THIS WEEK, OONtaina an eatraordinary amount of editorial and original matter, together with the oomuieneemmt of a new atorr. by KfBa Forreat. en til led the Orand Son ; full report of the Pantaloon Club : the llaglev ulfair ; Chronicle on the Upper Tend,,m fighting men of William atreot; Morale of Abingdon equarc ; the l.ogiglature of New York : O'hala of New York . Bribing a Citatum Houtte otfie r J Time to aee the : tit* Organited Police and the ll'hoye : liriatol IliH and bin tat, ment in relation to the Drurye : Frail fair of Naw London : the Mayor of Bridgeport ; aWo enme rich aorreepoadeaee from abroad, and eoin* very bard hitting at ho ate. OAoe, 7 Sprue* etreet. SHIPPING. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION CO. FOR BREMEN, via Sonlhampton. The C. S. Mail ateamaliip llertnnaa K. ( rabtree commander, will aail for Bremen, via Aon them pt on, on Saturday, April 20th. fromptar No. S. North Hirer, at 12 o'cloek. l'hce of paaaage ia the Ural aabia. IIS; da do. fecund eahin. $t?ai. An eaperiaaood anrgeoa ia at tank ad to tboahip. AU lettera mnat go through Iho pool ofitoo. For peerage or freight, apply to Mt'I.l.ER A SAND, Agonta. Hroadway UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS BETWEEN NIW York and Liverpool.?The ahipo oompooiag thio Una ara fiho ATLANTIC, Captain Watbf PACIFIC. Captain Nya; ARCTIC, Captain Lnaa; BALTIC' Cnptnia Comataek; ADRIATIC. Captain O raft on. Tbaoo ahipo haying boon bailt by ooatraot oaptmly for ?BTornmoat oonrieo, overt caro hag boon tnkaa la tatU aasatrnetlon. aa alao la their oaginoo, to iararo atroagth aad tpood; and thoir aeoommodatiuna for paoai agon are naomailed for elegance or comfort. Priooof paeeago from Now York to IAeorpeiol, (IS; cxelneiTO boo of oatra alao Ota to raogga SJ26. No bortho oaa ho aooarod aatil paid far. Ear frttght or paooago apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS, 74 SaaU MnH The atramahlp Atlantic will Mil k?M ?Ittirtaf, tMd Vik of April, and return, leaving Liverpool oa filliiliy, the 1Kb ef Mar. The ateemehip Paeltc will aall kwn fag Liverpool ra Saturday, the 11th ef May, ead limrpeel M Wedneaday, the JSnh of May. Ai egpenaaeed win Ka Attached to Mch ihiD. The* warn of .hip. wtU not be aoeo.atahl. far >14. liver, bullion, i|?cle, jewelry, preeloa. Moan, er maknla, aaleae bftla of lading are eignad therefor, ead Ike ftlat thereof therein eapreeeed. British and nortii amrrican r. m. stbamebipe.?The attentiuu of the public ie directed te the aiI teraUoa aade la the ahlpe te .all fna America u the walk of May. _ FOR LIVERPOOL?UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMablP ATLANTIC, Capt. Weet?ThU et earner will depart, with the aiallo for Bnrepe, frea the pier at foot ef Ikuaal tree!, oa Satarday. t7th la.taat, at 11 o clock. She eaa yet accommodate 30 or dO paaeeagere, and take MO 'on. beary freight. Apply to X K. COLLINS, 74 Aealh ot. The Atlantic will take her berth at the feet ef Caaal rtreet en the 10th iaet. THROUGH LINE POB SAN FRANCISCO, VIA CBAgree?The new and farorite cwaaubipe CHEROKEE 1.XW toao...Capt. M Wiudle rniLADEI.r'A..1,100 tone .. Capt. J. V. Kleboleea. form the only direct line between New Tork tad Puree., and, iaroaaection with the United State. Mail Steam Packet. la the I'acidc, a eeau - moathly Uaa through te Saa IDHTD tint er nu ft nutlet Cherokee. Philadelphia. After Saloon SieU Room. $I3A $1X1 Forward Salowa do IflT) itt Lower Cabin to ? AU the abort dine at the earn, table, aad bare the privilege of the Selooa. Stoorare. (foand with matreaae? and board,( |? $dd Freight to Chagrea. To oeau per foot. Ripoaoee oa the lethaiae are bora, by tbc paaeeagere. For freight er paaeaea, apply ta HOWLAND k ASPIVWALle At Seaih .treet. New Verfc. PtciSe Mail Stetmahip Ceaipaay.?The Caitad Status Mall Stetm I'a.keta, PAN AHA LOST toai.,, Capt. Daeld fl Ratley. ORBI.ON ...... I.iwtoaa...Capt. I arllale P. I'attareoh. CALIFORNIA.. l.MKI toaa... Capt. Tboe. A ItotC. TEN N ESSEE... 1 .300 toaa... Capt. George A. Cola. CAROLIN A Rf) toaa... ? ? ? UNICORN SOU tome .. ? ? ? are lateaded to form a aami-maathly llaa Netware Panama aad porta la California. Feeeenyera ia tba aftareebtaa are feralebed beddiaa. bat act wiaea aad ll<|B<>re. I'aevaagera la tbe gteerage are foaad witb .ach ration, aa are fumiah.t W the erew, aad with matlre*. aad pillow. All puMtftn wlU be allowed apace for pareoaal baggage free, to tba a.taat af IMIIhe. e eight, not rereading ia maaaaremaot lea eabie far I. Freight oa antra baggage er merehaadlee, ehea tabes. SMS par toe. and ear aad a half per eaat an all tpoetn Paekarai ahoald not agceed Lib Ike. weight for male earri^p. _ , _ . . Cabla. Bitwga.. Faeeage from r.a.m. ta Baa Blaa 0J "tla ?? flSS " Saa TNege... . 2M ffi w _ ". Saa Fmacieee. 900 IMF No ilorae ta be landed will be taken aa baggage. flktiMI ? **??? f* poreonal port ahargea, iictadiftf IkaIiIi (tt* and boat hlrt, lo U p*i4 by Um bmmr gc?. No pecag* armred until paid for. Apply at tin View of the 1 oirpany. Ad South Street, New York. T'l ROC(; !l Li N E TO < A LI FO R N' A, V! A~l. ll A? R BBI arryin. the I ?,|?d State. Ball. - -..turdey. April rth. At if. ' lock, 1 M . ff-m thp |.|??r f<>M ..f Harrsnsi r*t %. N H ' the new and elapat doaLUtngtBe.tein.eblp OHIO, J aa l' *+h*ae , | . H. Sifjr, (' mmandFr, Will U dN)iat?h?4 m bMivf with the Government Mail., for the Meet Wdiea aad the racide. The book, are nnwepe. for paeeage to Charlastea. Savannah, Havana. New Orleeaa aad OiagTee. aad f.r through ticket, te San Eraaataeo Te ere ore through Oeketa. early appli.atloa meet be made, aa only a email number daeaperteaead aargeaa la attaahad to !!? OlllA, TI.W AAA, .MM^atlama Area. |^. r-, ' - ft ||M. | era aaetirpaaerd by any eieamahip adoat flie pae-egwre for ( a agree are traneferred at Ifavaaa la U?? aap?rter doable endht tleamahlp FALCON tad pr<*??d from lUeaaa evert to chagre*. Kate, ofJtaeeare fmm New Tork to Ckagreg Slate Room Berth tMB St.adre Berth... ...... ,,. *21 Til ff Steerage do., found Ned and reparole table , AM Retee vfj-aaeagc from I'aaama to Saa ? reneteao State Room Berth Steernee Bertke. found bed and eeparnte table IV) "W*** ' . Te Ifamaa. Te N. Orleaaa. State Room Bertha gyj Staadae, fowward cabin,........ AA at Steerage, foand bed aad board .. SA IS Freight lo New Orleaaa will be taken at Ifl era I a par ruble feet. The I ilia of lading muat all be eifaeg oa board the ereeel the day bef .ra tailing Far freight or pceeare. aralv ?? I?. ROBERfS. I IS Wo?? a trie t 1 Ml ROM, II LINE FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA < KAI1RRS Trt-moathly paeket for rth April The A I. a-.pared bad eopter fgetcocd lark N tl OOt f|gf. Cart MeaSlMeel, will poeitieely aall ae aheee ea bar reyoUr day Pertmae I* HUM- far i hwt>i. lr? iartt?4 t* inalM Hill taaarl la ftaaa'ilaa auk I Ma Into. km rl?.a Milla* m?Ii a til ' ? 4r.|ot.hr4 frota loaa.n* to *.n fraaotaa, . Ml lhr? m*Ii Mahal* mat l.? I.a4 aa appiiralloa ai tht" < ?? I'rlr. of Mam tfcf aal. from Sta I orb |.. 4a? I'rtMltar la raHa. II : la aaron^ takia, (140. *? Y?rh la I'hacrM. a..nn4 4it|. . V*' I ar fraiiht o? MOIII. *rr'p I* III WIIM, fc NnHlliN. "#"?( I hnar. < aailia/paaiaia. II OI4 Slip. Tli.? momI lain aa aipartraa*4 |>l? vtiriaa r^*riRtriTv fram twovu rn*J proa, 4|rrM. Uia arlaalM ('Rlw RNTCTTT. 1 >" l?ai Lvrthrn. I harloa Stoddard. r..mman4?r, will Iraaa for Kaa Franriaa.. Ilroat, >la i har... on Wa4aaa4ar, Map lat, from b?r dork. for No, I .Vorll Ki"f. alja'rlnah. For fial?ht ar |>a*?a??. ifflf aa J- MOMARO A arm, V Mr *4?ap. !/<?* SAN riAM isr-o. cAi.iroRNiA.?ORTATTB r l.lar -11,. aptM 1.4 rllpprr ahlp f A HR I MlTl >N. AbWtl. alar, alU baa. Iaii.ia4iala daapotah. Tbn aJtlp oa* ball* ipraralp f. r lb. I l.laa ira4a. aa4 bnaa of ? daaaAa Mi arttp, olfrr" ( li.dnramrata for oarlp ahipmaata. TMa hip Uaa aa plar R, K R. for frrlahl aalr. applr 'la Jolll OrlDlV lis Wall ataaal. MJOR CALIFORNIA-DISPATCH I.IN'R-TIIR FAST Jr "ailla* al.ip KI.LMFNT. at pt.r 4 Martk R.rar haaaaaaaal?htka ar bar tar?" aa/a?od aa4 a-ia* h?*r4. a?4 aaa laba a taiall ijaaaiitp af light fr.iaki. aa.l Mil la a faar 4am K * SI-mi* k CO.. M Wall at. ? SArsAferNTti rrrr, California-despatch I laa N.a l.rta I IIIN A, at I'lar 7, North Rir.r ao fraiahl lakaa afiar Aatarlat, RMh I art Shipr-M will ara4 la kill* of Ia4ia? al "aaa. At ipaaaoaffara raa <akaa R. R. ItlTON( CO . M tt . I .TO.. ( 'IIHKMI lUklH I l .11 'It' I , I II.H N a#a Iiibrla f"r April 17th. la R"l?rla" lira. f?aa atata r. at aa4 nppar ataarmm tlrkat la MawlaaA k Aap.awall'" liar fot Mar tih. and ..a. In Mm. liar f.r Mar L'.lh R'anta4, ?a? I rat rlaaa U.kati la aai lla. f?r Hat 4th or Map I.Mh F. WII ITT.. M. Wall atraal / ' A I I Ft >R \ i A rilRIH till til CRT "M rf R*T I A N ' kta tkraagh tlrkat, for Mar I j alao. irro ihr..r?t, "irrta?a uakata. far April Ctk. Far aalr hr A. . RTArl.R*. U math at ran. ( op aMtira I J ' Al l 1?>RN IA 1 11 Ri ?l . II tfTkCf* l?? IIR*T V rlaaa. t?t Charohoa, Mar Ijth: ana 4" prf "Mr. C'C taaA | oaa 4a. par ? ra.raat (1lr, Marlrti tr.? or?ifa , tar fihta, 17th; Ihrar 4n par lirrrpi. Map I.Mh. oaa Saaoaa I Akin, par Rn<ptra I'llp Mar IHk: for aalr hr I , i i ?. i .... CALIFORNIA Tli Mix FOR ttl B Tt. .. rUKOIRMI tlahitakp llo?la*.4 a AapAawall'? alaanarr amaRraaaflkM aal aaa ataaraa". traala* aa llr I.Mh of Map. iaa4 aaa "laarama hp Roharla' llaa. laaalai oa lha #U rf April. Alan aan'alLfaT tap rtaam.r hafara lha R*h W **^arkRoV <1. M. R BtOHT, >M*I. F f AI IFtiR> IA fASSAWl TM'RITR * *0* I anp ttMBtaf kafor. tka.SNhjr.f Bap, for ahtah a ara mlam mill hr ?lran tlrkaia for SMlt fVapfor MlaanAia. lira, atoarao. A'"' Anp raanlr*4 Inf rmat|..n r.'MMaal JTlt tin T-a^ r.. ?r.M. AAArM. ala P?a?IM?r tMSrar. I7? Smalwap ARNI?I.I? Mt'RrOH. L2TBAH 7M.IKF. M I Til ROIIJ;RS AMD IMPRR. HOST Hitr All la h??l arrfar. for aala Akaap. al IVAtlaaira rlaaat Rraaklpa.

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