Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1850 Page 1
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r J TH NO. 5795. taportut from the Other Side of Um Atlantic. AK1ZVA& or THR STEAMSHIP AMERICA AT HALIFAX. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM ALL PARTS OF EUROPE. BY TKLKORAPH OVBR THK Mora Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine Lines TO PORTLAND, THKNCg BY Wiaslow A Co.'s Express to Boston, ABD TIIKMCE OVKR | BAIN'S MERCHANTS' TELEGRAPH, J (OFFICE NO. 29 WAI.L STIiKBT ) . TO THK M1W YOU HZ&A1D. ! ADVANCE IN COTTON. \ * TerriMf Hurricane on the Coast of Groat Britain. ; OVER TWO HUNDRED LIVES LOST. t Total Wreck of the Packet Ship j John &. Skiddy. ? Safety of Her Officers, Passengers and Crew. I MPCRTANT from (he CONTINENT of EUROPE. i ^ Threat! of Russia against Prussia, and of < Prussia against Wurtemburg. a 1 TROUBLE IN THE FRENCH REPUBLIC. ^IXTRAORDiNARY MOfEMENT jn the ASSEMBLY. THE INSURRECTION IN BOSNIA. Aaserkan Affairs In Spain and Portngal. IMPROVEMENT IN BREADSUFFS, dus. dec. dec. I The steamship America arrived at Halifax at 12 V~j -o'clock on Thursday night. She left Liverpool on K-j Saturday, the 6th inst. Hi We are under great obligations to the Purser of HM the America for the prompt delivery of our pack j -ages to our agent, at Halifax. We are also in ] debted to the same gentleman for reporting several I American vessels passed, coine into Liverpool, as \r the America came out. T The America passed considerable quantities of ir ice on the Banks of Newfoundland, and to the north of Sable Island. The weather during the passage from Liverpool was unusually severe for the seasoa. /i The news by the A. was telegraphed to Portland, thepce dispatched, by Winslow and Co's express to Boston, and thence transmitted, as usual, over i Bain's Merchants' Telegraph to this city. There i< was Borne delay on the eastern lines, in consequence I of difficulty in writing through to Portland. Bain's line between Bot-ton and this city worked admi,, rably. The new steamship, British Queen, left Hamburg ' on the 2d inst., for New York. J THE NEWS, f Hai.ikax, Tkukokaph Owcx, > Friday Morning, 9 o'clock. J u The America arrived at 12 o'clock last night, and a, left at half-past 2 this morning. Wind, north, and ? light. She has 72 through passengers, c The Canada arrived at Liverpool on the 2d April. Her news caused an advance in cotton?from one* ( quarter to three-eighths on middling qualities of American. Sales for the fortnight, 96,000 bales, of which speculators took 17,000,and exporters 8,300? II neatly all done lust week, in which the sales were r 43,000 bales. a J&a com trig put, -he America passed, April 6, the ehtp Yorkshire going into Liverpool, the Mary Naomi,Bangak>re, and Isaac Webb. There is increased buoyancy in the corn market. T The English coast was visited by a severe hurricane on the 20th March, causing much destruction of property and a frightful loss of life. Amongst 4 other vessels lost, was the John R. Skiddy, which was driven ashore on the coast of Wexford, where 1 she was totally wracked; Capt. Shipley, pons'-n?' gera and crew saved The Howard, from New Orleans, was also wrecked, at the entrance of the Mersey. The steamer Adelaide, from Dublin to London, was loat near the mouth of the Thames, and every soul, numbering two hundred, on board, was drowned. The roast is everywhere strewn with portions of vessels t hat have fallen a prey to the elements. Advices to the last of Novemher have been reI ceived from Hohart Town, Van Piemen's Land, announcing the arrival there of Smith O'Brien and his associates in the Irish rebellion of 1*19. The felons were granted tickets of leave, on condition of their i, engaging that their liberty should not be used as a means to effect their escape. All except O'Brien accepted the boon. He has been sent, uuder sur" weilUnce, to Maria Inland. Kngland. Since the sailing of the previous steamer, Parliament has done little more than vote the supplies, and transact other business of a local and uninteresting character. During the Easter recess. Lord John Kussell passed some time st Manchester. In addition to the abolition of the Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland, it is stated that government have it in contemplation to abolish the Irish courts of law, and transfer the whole machinery for governing Ireland to London. Both measures are violently op posed by the Irish press. The new Catholic Primate of Ireland, Dr. Cullen, has issued his first pastoral, which emanates fYotn Rome, and ia free from all allusions ta politics. Agricultural operations, both in England and Ireland, are being carried on this year on a most extensive scale. The protectionists still continue to hold meetings, in the appnrently vain hope of relmoosirw a tax m?on the importations of articles now free Mr. Ii'israeli, the Irulrr of lb* party, is still severely indisposed. The repeal agitation haa been partially revived ia Ireland, under th. auspices of John O'Connell, hut there is a lark of its former spirit. Trade in the woollen district* has sensibly improved of late. Urease, At Paris, although there is increased excitement, and greater hiitern. ss le-tween conflicting parties, the only marked event of the fortnight have haen. First, the revolt of one of the regiments, which the government has not succeeded in quelling. .Second, a ,-'polar demonstration in a small way againat J-ouia Napoleon, as he passed through the streets. I'erhaps the n< t significant event in the l^g.ala five Assembly. was the proposition of M. de In K?< helaqiiehn, a fnend of the President, to the I effect, that on the first Sunday in Jane, the nation should he called upon to pronounce definitely on rhe fhrm of government which it should choose to select; that every elector should he called upon to inscribe on his ballot " Monarchy" cr Republic ' That if a Republic should Require the majority, it should be proclaimed in the ( hamhsr by the Prsmdcnt of the Republic, and il the 1 E NE" Monarchy obtained the majority, it should be proclaimed by the President of the Assembly. This reiharkable proposal was received with solemn silence by the majority, and by derisive sneers from the Mountain. But at length the proposal was negatived; it having fallen to the ground in consequence of not being seconded, and the previous question was immediately moved and voted unanimously. The members of the Mountain received the announcement with a cry of Vive la RtpMiqv*. It is said that the President of the republic is so deeply in debt, that nothing but the possession of the imperial crown can extricate him, and that he is at present engaged in negotiations with Russia, for the purjH)ee of possessing himself of that, to him, now necessary protection. The government are perseveringly employed in introducing their measures of coercion, in which the mnjority of the Assembly support them. The Paris correspondent of the London Standard, of a late date, says, that the government is said to have received despatches from Germany, winch lend to the belief that a common between Austria and Prussia is almost unavoidable. The language used by both powers is partaking more and more of a hostile character. The bill relative to the press is meeting with the most determined opposition from the provincial and metropolitan editors, which they consider more objectionable than a small stamp. The Napoleon, the official organ of the President, attacks the whole press, and pointedly hints at the propriety of gagging all political writers. Emile de Girardin has been rejected as a candidate for Paris at a preparatory socialist meeting. Eugene Sue's nnme is mentioned with some chance of success, should he consent ot become a candidate. In allusion to the revolt of one of the regiments of Paris, a correspondent, under date of the 4th inst., states that the Colonel, having two days previously intimated his intention to punish an adjutant who voted for the democratic candidates at the last election, the agitation manifested itself in the regiment. The soldiers refused to obey their officers, and set their authority at defiance. They left the barracks in bands, and, since the 3d, have been wandering in the suburbs, behaving in a very disorderly manner. All attempts to bring them back have proved ineffectual. At the Bourse business was dull on the 4th inst., at the commencement, but rallied towards the ciotte. rives opened ai ru, and Closed ai aw 7. The French squadron are now at Naples, in which city political prosecutions were rife. Pnuils and Wurtcmbarg. A serious rupture has occurred between the governments of l'russia and Wurtemburg. In consequence of the tone assumed by the King of the latter country, in opening the Chambers, the government of Prussia has addressed a note to that of Wurtemburg, couched in very strong terms, expressing the astonishment of the King's government at the speech, regrets with the most profound indignation the suspicions and accusations it contains, and declares it beneath its dignity to reply thereto, or to continue diplomatic relations with Wurtemburg. The Prussian Ambassador has been recalled. Berlin in, it is said, to be surrounded with fortified barracks, which have already been commenced near one of the gates of the city. The German Parliament assembled at Erfurt on the 20th of March. Advices are received to the 20th, at which time little had been done beyond organizing the Assembly. Tike 8r lkles wtg-Holsteln DfflUultjr. An imperious note has been addressed by the Russian government to that of Prussia, on the subject of the Schleswig-Holstein dispute. After enumerating all the points at issue, the note says:? " There are many facts which the Emperor cannot regard with indifference, and from which he cannot, in conscience, release the Prussian cabinet." The note concludes by distinctly intimating the determination of the Emperor to employ decisive measures, if necessary, in support of the I%ni.?h side of the controversy. Germany. It is said that negotiations have been opened by the central power of Germany with the United States, for the purchase of American vessels of wsr, completely equipped for service. Nvveden. Letter* from Stockholm announce, that by general order, the .Swedish navy is put on a warfooting. The object of the measure is not known. Sardinia. It is reported that the minions of the Pope have been instigating the government to suppress the liberty of the press. wltserland. Letters state that all apprehension of the refugees causing any disturbance has vanished. Portaial. Advices from Lisbon state that Commodore Martin was concentrating his squadron at the Tagus, in anticipation of a hostile visit from the American naval forces, to enforce a settlement of the long standing claims of ths American government. pain. The report from Madrid, of a speedy reconciliation between the English and Spanish governments ia confirmed. The state of Cuba canaea the gre-.teat solicitude I to be felt on the part of the Spanish government. Ban. A recent numl>er of the Roman Otmrtrr mjti that the return of the Pope to Home haa been definitely fixed for the 6th inst. The speedy return of Ilia Holiness nppeara to give general satisfaction. Tweaay. The Tuscan government have refuaed to accede to Lord Palmeraton'a demand of indemnity, for loaaea auatained by British aubjerta, at Leghorn, laat year. The difficulty haa been aubmitted to the arbitration of the Sardinian government. Tarkay, Recent advice* from Constantinople state that preparations were being made to conduct Kossuth and the other Hungarian refugees, to Kutahea, in Asia Minor, where they are to be confined, it is said, five years. A telegraphic dispatch, of the 29th March, from Trieste, states that the insurrection in Bosnia is extending its range, and increasing in strength. 2,000 Turkish troops were defeated by the insurgents, ami compelled to evacuate the fortress of Banialuka. O rases. Advices from Athens are to the I9th of March, but they furnish only a confirmation of previous reports. Eleven of the captured vesarla have been given up by Sir William Parker. A courier arrived, with despatches from London, on the 16th. India. Another mail has aryired from India, bringing dates from Bombay to the 2d of Murch, and from Calcutta to the 2f)th of February There are evidence# of growing uneasiness on the part of ths people, and severs! rather aerioua demonstration# hava been made against British rule. As aa inevitable consequence, m?re valuable territory has been annexed to the East India Company's possessions. Trade at IVmhay was far from satisfactory. F.xport produee was scares, and the money market was stringent. At Calcutta, affairs present a far more encouraging aspect. I W YO [ORNING EDITION?SATU] Comm?rel*l lammurf. Cottoh.?The Mies at Liverpool, for the fortnight, were 66,000 bales ; of which speculators had taken 17,000, and exporters 5,500. An advance of 4 to |d. had been established for middlings. Flour has advanced one shilling, and Indian corn the same. Coffkb.?The recent public sales at Amsterdam were unsatisfactory, and caused prices to recede. They have since rallied slightly, but the market is so unsettled that quotations would be useless. Good ordinary native Ceylons sold at London, on the 2d, at 54 a 51s. 6d. per 100 cwt. Provisions.?In American the market has been dull, and prices are lower, especially for bacon, hams, and lard, each of which have receded about one shilling. Ashes.?'The market is very quiet; transactions are only of a retail character. Naval Storks.?There have been no sales of turpentine. Common American rosin commands from 3s. to 3s. 2d. Susars.?Holders show a disposition to realize, at a reduction of 6d. a Is. per cwt. At London the market is dull, except for refined. Tobacco.?The market is less active than for sometime past; holders, however, are firm, and prices are unchanged. Soles for March rising ' 800 hhds. , Tallow.?Butcher's Association commands 37s. per cwt. ' The meal market is unchanged. Oils.?Olive is lower; Cod, unchanged. Linseed, 33s. a 33s. 6d. American Whale ?31 per tun. The mcney market continues easy, aad the bullion is still increasing tn the Bank. It now e.voeeds 704 millions of pounds. Consols have fluctuated for the last week, from < 96{d. a 9ti}d., closing on Friday at Uti^c. money and account. Ameacan stocks continue firm and in good request. Ve have no quotations. t From the manufacturing districts generally there is little to report. The tone of the Manchester market for some days past has been gradually improving, especially for yarn and fine goods. Freights continue high, and Amerinan shipping is scarce. Dead weight to N. Y., 17s. 6d. Fine goods, 26s. Messrs, Brown, Hhlpley 6i Co.'* Circular. Liverpool, April 5, 1850. Throughout the week succeeding the departure of the last steamer, our cotton market continued in a dull and inactive state, with prices rather in favor of buyers. This was succeeded by a better demand, with more steadiness in prices. On the day preceding the arrival of the OHnada, in the anticipation that the advices by her would show a further large decrease in the receipts at the ports, which being continued, an active speculative inquiry sprung 1 upon the 2d inst. Having manifested no disposition to purchase beyond their immediate wants, and J trade in Manchester continuing dull, all activity n had ceased ; the market closing quietly, with a 1 strong desire on the part of holders to realize. Fair a Orleans are quoted at 7id.; fair Mobile^ 6jd.; fair Uplands, tyd., and middling qualities at b|d. a <>id., per pound. " The sales for the week ending on the 2Hth ult. , were 22,420 bales, of which speculators took 2,b20, b and ezporters l,tB0 bales. Those for the week an.liuo (l.ia avunino op.. ...lim l'> UUf\ V.aL.o """"H ?" " I*?l< i?"lll?iru.l*,wwuol.n, e of which speculators have taken 14,6tK), and ex- o porters 3,t<H) hales. The American dearriptionn wild consists of 17,360 ( Viand, &ld. a 7|J.; New Orleans, 5Jd. a 8d.; 4,210 Mobile and Al?l? ima at ' M a 7d., and 270 Sea hM It 10 I. a 1*k1. per ll>. The total stock of cotton in this |>ort is called t 606,000 hales, of which 820,200 are American, r against a stock at this period last year of 440,000, of t which 290,000 were American. t Indian corn having l>een in rather more demand, prices have advanced one shilling per quarter, and 1 may now be quoted at 27s. tod. a 2*v>. |ier ipiarter for white, and 27s. a 27s. tod. to 2Ks. per quarter for yellow, and 27s. h 27s. tod. |vr quarter tor niix> d f and yellow, llaltimore and 1'hiladelphia Hour has MM MtruetJ one iHtat per h im I, the Unmet !' living quoted at 22s., the fntter at 22s. tod. |>er bid. Western Canal flour, lHs. a 21s.: old sour, 2Ds, per j, hhl, Indian corn meal, 12s. a 13a. per hid., nominal. Wheat, 4a. tod. a fin. per 70 I ha.?the market Closing quietly. Khlpplng Intelligence. Arrived from Ni? lork ? Maroh A, rreeco?t, St Tiirmfona. sad rid 17lh for Palermo; lUtb. Lucy. shear .Madeira; l"th. Dahlia. Malaga. Hth. Euphelia, Madeira; Amulet, do; liah. 4 oroelin. Marceillre; King Alfrad, Si Michaole; Jlet, Sir W Mnloeworth, Helfaet: Warren, Clyde; 22d, Echo, (adit: 23d, Alfred. V Aeer???ld, liover. ridslta. I.I- tl Andrew Foster, Lirerpool: Wlh. I.unci, Havre; ?, 2M1.. Yorktown, flraveseud; 96 tb, Seine, Hurra; New World, l.iverio. I; ttiateru World, do; 27th, J II Shephard, do; e< Malllnioro, llaarr; Atoiaadria. Ilolvoet. 3*lh, Cotton Plan- ,i ter. Aalv ?rp: Cnmbrldto, Uverpool; Vaats, lismhury: M limes, ll-lfax :oth, Vlsaricle. Dartmouth; Slat, A Z, l.trrrponl; t.oipri I )tv, do; Kuiciui, do. April 3, eras Minor, 4 owe : 4th. Meet P' int. Liverpool; Jaue lilack, Limerick; ' lleidiiik Hudson. Ileal; Victoria, do. j; bailtd for New I .rk?March 12, Elian from Oporto; 16, Travail, Charon'.*; 17. liednlo Xl?; IS, Trio, Marseilles. lit, Sunbeam, do; A. Iridic*. Kilroah; 21, Ullvia, llordaana. Ib.nnra, Water-ford, knnay, Londonderry; 13, l<*titia SU- el ptiraa. Antwerp; 2b, Xliia and Carolina, Shield*. Senator, a ltall, Ab<? rlran Coo?.rc*e. do. J Z-I.irerpool,Delaware, do; 23, Cosmo, Plea. Ellia'-oth Dublin Wolfvlle, llelfaat, Anna, do; Gaaollo, Shield#; hinaara. linrfMl; 77th. John R Hktddy, P Liverpool; All* rt Gallatin, do; Enterprtao, do; John, Plymouth; l*"th. M< nmonihi I'ardif; Atalanta, Waaford; Loc?- ti ata. Ilelvoet; l'ela<Iln. LtltSpael: Living Age. da; .RHk. Labaaoa. Ilavra; 7am?r. do; llnmphrvy, Harrington. Ilvlvoat! ? 3d. W ay. Gloucester, Gallia, Ilavra: April I. Clyde. Zodiac, e Liverpool; Adlar. Clyde, El Dorado, Graveaeud. 2nd. Sou than-ploa. Portsmouth. He*eUot. Liverpool; 3d. Pldalla. do; *1 Ivanhoe, do; Sir Harry Smith, I'lydo; ?ih. Ami aaendof. IJvarpoal; lltltirh Knaan, (a) Hamburg h Arrived from II..el on? March 14, Wavhlnftos. at Trieata; I.nciada Scare. Ilord. am. Jtlh. Amel a llraveaand, 3th. Baabeam. Liverpool; W lahart, Boatolary R. ad*. Sailed for lto*toB?Marrh M, Hawthorn, from Ix>n?hone; Jflih. Ocean Pride. Marlon. Queeaetowa; 23d. Pandora. i*| W 34th. Earn b .a. Pill; *>th. Wm Garland. af(*r repan top. Snn- " darland, Eleanor, do; Karapo, do; Adamv Liverpool. 2?th. J erne- do; Mith, Anna. Ilalvael, 3l*t, Eathcr May, Liverpool; O April 3, Ltmda. Clyde. *1 Arrived from Philadelphia?March 9. Saranaa.a! Uvarpool; April A, halamai'.o. of Liverpool, Mary Pleaaaala, do. Balled for Philadelphia-March 21, HaranhamJDval, from . NoweaatI*: 27d. Envoy, Londonderry; 3Sth. Kotwrt Parker, 11 Liverpool; 2*th llibema, do. u iter item* awirriwo ' Mo arrival* from Naw Tork Sid for Maw York, Jan 3S, b Hum*, from Rt Ha'ena. Arrived from Boatoa, Peb 4, torue- 4' tine Hand, and Mlltoa, both from 4'aiaotln, at Bt Helena,' u Evb |y, Cato, at Calcutta: IBth, Samuel Appletoa, at II m- ? bay, and vailed for China JRtb. Bid for Roeton, Jan IS, Van- . ronver, fr-m Canton, Capo of Good Hoao: 22d, Cyaao, St 11 Helena; 2?th, Tariaa, da: Fob B. Zono, do; Arfo, from Calcak ta, 14th, Mtwtoa. via Caleatta, from Madru. v (We Ualllmnee CaeeHnndeaee. . * Bairiwaee. April 19, ISM TTu Mutiny FiatArr F*rliruJari?.1 Dttprratt Ptrtjf ? h'mtml .IrnJml f-r. The mutiny I mentioned yeaterday. u hating occur- y rod on hoard the Rrlttah tbip Brant, to our hay. vaa of a mn?t wHom character The following are tha partieulara of the caee ?The ehlp hating Bniehed her loading, lap at anchor off Pwan Point, when her crew D all Kngllihmcn. were rent down on hoard the etaamer Relief On their paeeege down, one of them aecueed the hlach rook. on hoard the alramrr with hating thmwn water on hiai when the whole twelte attacked 1 the rook, and would pmhaldy hat# killed h m. had not * t aptain Tanner and hie crew Interpoaed. all of whom m were rerloucly injured and Captain Tanner I* now hardly able to walk The crew of the eteamer retreated to the landing and held the mtillneorg hl St hey hy e load* d pi-tol in the handa of the Cap- pi tain Th?y tere finally quirted and pnt on board hi the >hlp whin they attacked the Prenrh c<>ok and ri Tanker mate.'* aa' they etyled them, of the ehlp - n< The rook we" eertonely (tabbed hy one of lh>-m, and la not expected to Wdirer One of them "eiied hold of el the mate who grabbed him hy the throat, and held te him w,lh one arm brntonr barrel whllet lie kept pi the other at hay with a Ined-d p1?tc| In the other Pi Tim Captain of the rneeel then intirfered. and par- hi tlally quieted (hi ni The mate war then Indue d to ,, go on t? ard the rti emir to eare lila life, and all had left I* the dlip except the Captain, pilot and ereW. One of tluwi Ming out. ' We hare got the chip?let'# take th# m ?ti amhoat *nd throw the damned Y enkew?nearboard ' e< and ri-aic of them Jumped on hoard the "learner, eg- m fretiug the i.there to f il?w when Capt Wumnar ent pi th# line# r.f hi# boat #nd th-> railoreronld not get hack ol A# the heat cwung off, lb# pilot aekej if they wer# going to b ere him. the only Amertcan on hoard, to b# m murdered' The mate, hia-lng thi# appeal -aid he fo wi tiid rot Intra him atol in attempt log to Jump on # hoard the "hip. flipped, and Ml or-i hoard, when three at che?ra were giean by the -ellora. wit la the cry him drown." I'e wee. however, "ored hr a rope front the In ttramer The pil >t wee therefore left a h-jirJ hut wi ww not mi'lertid end the eleemi-r returned to the ee eltr when the Rrttteh Con?wl bed warrant" leaned for d< the' whide ffrw.lll of whom were bronght haek. end q* e* nniiiitid h<r trial The wh< la party Will douhtl-ea wl he i m|e li. rl to Jo p-nanee end barn aahmiaelon la re the Rartl'.i d I'rnttentiary pa A little hoy wee y?-terdey hnrnt to death. In the dt r lei ally of the elty hy 'he mhwlon of a quantity of #t< I' npowde* ia kla pnegct. which art fire to hie rlolhing I to RE H RDAY, APRIL 20, 1950. IHHITT-FTRBT OOIIQRIH. nuT sKfiSKm. Senate. Mf MOBSS'S MAONKT1C T8IJ?RAPM. WiiHiituTon, April 10. 1860. MB. IBWARD'I ?OTI. Mr. Bmwabo moTP<l k correction of the journal, in shicb he bed been recorded w voting in the kflrrai.ire. upon Mr. Benton's proportion, of refilling to re- , er to the aeleet committee the question of the interlal eleve trade. He bad voted in the negative. TUB CALIAOHUA BILL. After the preaentation of petition*. Mr. Douglaae moved that the California bill be taken up, which waa igreed to. Mr. Douulass moved that the bill be made the prcial order for to-day. Immediately after thoappolntmrnt of the select committee. Mr. Tvaivav moved to refer the bill to the select committee. The question of postponement taking priority, was jut and agreed to. THE A L ACTIO I* Of THI COMMITTKC Of THISTKMW. The Senate then proceeded to ballot for the Chairman of the Select Committee of Thirteen upon the sompromlac resolutions of Mr. Bell and Mr. Clay. The following is the result of the first ballot:? Henry Clay 28 John Bell 1 A'illie P. Mangum 1 Tho*. H. Benton 1 [Hunk 1 So Mr Clay was declared to be duly elected as Chairnan of the committee Oo the kwotiiI ballot, the rruitinlnn member* of the oinmittce were elected without opposition, u fol- , owe:? Lewi* i'aas, Mich , D. 8. Dickinson. N Y., Jesae P. Bright, la , Daniel Webster. Mas* , Jan. Cooper. Pa., 8. 8. Phelps, Vt., W. K. King, Ala., J M Mason, Ya., 8..0. Downs, La , W. P. Mangurn, N. C., J. M. Berrien. Ga., John Bell, Tenn. ask1to to be eicrseo. Mr. Piiklp* asked to l>o excused. particularly on account of hia heulth. Mr. Ma.wovm appealed to Mr Phelps to withdraw lis application. The sittings of the committe could >e so arranged aa to put the Senator to no serious Inlouweuience. Mr. Putirssald he had other objections. lie must ay that he had felt from the outset tiiat the appoint- 1 ucnt of the committee would result in nothing but in expre.-siou if opinion, aud that in that view he sould. if placed upon the committee, feel compelled o throw himself entirely on his own personal rlew*. i I'he probability in his mind was. that the result of the , whole proceeding would be uusatisfaclory to the 8e- 1 laic and the country. Mr. Webster hoped Mr Phelps would not insist. If .he example was to be set of excusing, because of a I 'ear that the committee would arrive at no practical 'esult he should perhaps feel compelled to follow it. Mr Piiei rs could not withdraw his application, but flhe Senate refused to excuse liim. he must make the tiest cf his rituation. The question being taken, Mr. Phelps was not excused. [It will be ottterred that the opponents of the eomnittee generally failed to vote at all upon ila appoint rui.j MOTHtR MOT* OF M* IWTOw'i. Mr. Bcwtor mored that the Select Committee bo intiuctcd to report aeparately on each of the nubjerta eferrid to it, and not to join two or more eubjocte, tot of the Mine character. In one bill Mr Minora objected to it* conMJeration. and the notion lie* orer under the rule. r>:< ial oanxa.?c alitor *i a.?roarroTEMEirr. Mr. Docolim called for the .?pec ial order, and the California State bill wa* taken up After antne ooaureatlon

with reference to the almcnce of the eoid|Mm to conrcy Mr OiIIMM'iNMIM to South CaroIna. a motion to postpone the further oonaideratlon f the California bill to mat Monday two week* woe greed to. Mr.iiai. at'TLrr 1*0 Tiaairoaice. Mr Jlt'TtTH expreaacd hie eurpriee that it had beon einimed that the aubjeet of the adinimion of Calljrnia could be taken up aDd diecueaed after the aub et had been referred to the eelect committee and efore that committee ehould report Mr. Clat raid Mr. Butler waa much mletaken, if he tippoMtd the California Idll could be acted upon wlthut a etruggle. and he hoped a eurceeaful etruggle, to ngraft upon It tha territorial hlllf lie had in hie land ami ndiuenta to that effect, which ha dealgned iropoaing. Ma. berton aid rabmamertaet law. Mr. Bettor gare notice that when Mr Clay eubmit- I < d hie amendment*, he had In hie hand parliamenlay taw. (holding up four ({uarto Tuiumea.) to aiiow that he Senator from Keuturky propoeed a ceurao in riolaiou of all parliamentary practice and law. Mr. Ci.a? expreewd hU reudiueaa to meet the Senaor'a parliamentary law. thi itrtiraci or rETiTioee, rrc. Mr IIalb renewed the motion which he made yeateruy. that the petition!, reeolutlona, and demonatrakn? lying upon the table, relating to the puhjecta re rridtothe eelect committee appointed thia morula. be referred to eaid committee Mr AiiHiioT moTcd that the motion be laid on the tble, which waa agreed to?yraa "H, naya 23. The Senate then adjourned to Monday. Hniiae of HeprraentatlTca. Mr BAlN'g BLXCTRO-CUKltlCAL TEIJCORAPH. Wahmtw. April IB. 1S50 Mr WiwTitaor acting aa Speaker?Mr. Coaa absent I Mr Aller offered a reeolutlon a* a priTileged fjuea- 1 Ion. to terminate tha debate on the Preaideul'a Callrnta meaeaga on Friday next at ?n? o'clock. If tha j ummittee do not aooner come to a ooncluaion. Then lie rote to be taken on the aereral ijunetlona pending Tha Sr*A*r.a aald the gentleman could not offer the eolution, aa Mr. Tuoiiaa had preTlnuily obtained the oor, to more to go into Committee of the Whole ou TIIR raiTATE CAI.rTOAl Mr. TMoMraoR, of PcnnnylTaoia. made an Ineffectual (fort to report from the Judiciary Committee the Sente bill for taking the next een?u* Mr. Vhht wanted the committee* called for re- , or la. Mr Thorns*' motion *t? agreed to. and the eommttre took up the bill for the relief of N T Nleoll and inm Clinch, of Now York, claiming 91.3UU In full aymenl for ten. furnished forth* u*o of tb* navy, ud ron?um*d In tho public service. A debate euurd Her oral other Wile were considered and ordered to e r< purled to the IIouw The committee roee, when Mr (dem ) of Ohio, offered a reeolntlen. which ae adopted Tbal the committee apje inled to leveetlgate the ehar*e* laiait lloraer, the actio* Doorkeeper. hat* p-iw?r to wad r itrtmi and j.eper* Tne House then went Into Committee of the Whole n the Htale of the I nlon. and proceeded to the conduration of tat rarsinre-r's csLiroaei* wr***?r Mr CLttKL*an (free toll) of Connecticut, repeated be history of the doing* of the llonee eince the com enrrmcnt of the session He believed he wae right i taping that the ffoulh admitted that if it had not em for the free poller*, slavery would hare gone to alifnrnta Thua w. re bound to tbelr browa wreatha nrpotted bp blood, and without a groan of a bondarnn in th'ni. and which hare the tmllea of Qod restig outturn Higher glory had not been awarded to ny pet of men since the revolution I'nleas the prolan ehould he pleased. alarerp will go to the territoIra lie did not heliere there were a hundred men in onneetlcnt in fbror of alarerp eitenalon He had no ara of n dlaeolution of the Cnlon The Nashville Oonentlon will be a second Hartford Conrention Hlaery wae n ain In the right of Uod. and he nerer would ote to extend It. The committee rone, and the !Iouee adjourned til I ondap On PMllaalelpfcla ( orrrepondrncc. pNii.*n*LPNia, April 19. lbftO Ueprrst* New vn .VaMw er k?l'ft Ojfltt WeAAerw* - Stefe Afedtcei .Sorter p Kredtng Net heed. #c. Houthwark. not to be behind Mopamenring. got up a |ht laet evening, rjnlte ae bloody andcgten*lre aaanp hlrb hae dlegraced that dletrict The run bat comenced at half past nine o'clock. and laeted for nearly l hour, the belligerents being the memle-r* and aderente of the Mopameneing and flhilfler I low ("on nlea. Muskets and ptetola were freely need A mini- i *r of men and bt>y? were seriously wounded, and It In ild that owe person was killed outright Of course, it srrceta were made Mr Thomas Jefferson Hnngh one of the receutlr dis arged clerks fri m the poet Ofllee wae arretted penrday and rommltted In defluilt of bail, on a rhargr of irl ining letters fn.m ili? mail r?ntalnlng money ee pie ion wae directed toward* bin* In consequence of is ability to care two or three thousand dollar* a year it of a salary of forty-flee dollars a month He is to ' ? further examined in the course of to-day The titate Medical Pockety (Old flchool) alj turned this i ruing after electing f)r Worthlngton of Chester unty. Preetdent for the smiting year Among the i any resolutions paused, wan one eon learning the I l,rt'o <* clergymen giving certificates of the efficacy ureck mi d.einea ] lbs *t?em frigate tnaquelianna Is new resolving her , arhinery Three of ih* immen** bolter* dwignod t t her are now i? board and the fourth will follow ) rly next wash They are tha laigeet tear put Into a , '? ??*ael at this port , I he amonnt of eoal transported oe*? the t g Railroad during tho week ending April 19, , a ?.?3 true ; total, thte waaon, MM tone Tu , m* t-me last yrar. 21t09u tone The road la now a Ing an excellent huslma*. end the Company ara . ilte confident that the gross receipts, this year. | II exetwd ItM/IW If these expaetatlone are I allied, hot only will the Internet on the bonds be Id but there will be a sufficient surplus la dealer# a rldtnd of. at least, six p?r sent an tha common I orh Tha flehnylklll navigation brought dawn lOOOfl I t n? thin wash I j ERA] TV* H*altk of Um City?Return* of Rear Horn? In a FlltVy Condition. The return* published in the Herald on Thursday here caused considerable excitement, and there ha* been greet running to and from the City Inspector's office, making of excuse*, explanations, snd in some instances strong negations; in others, promises of amendment and reform. We subjoin some more returns today:? tni ninth wane. Fami- Per- Oieasr's Street. No. R'mt. Mrs. tone. Name. Condition. Hudson MM 8 8 10 Mr Kaston, dirty. MM 8 4 16 Mr. C. Illank, do. 644 8 3 0 Mr. A. Culbert, do. 430 and 4.13 36 12 00 Mr. Wm. Newtoa, clean. 94) 6 6 20 Mr. J .Billies, dirty. Greenwich... ,596 20 12 62 Mr. W l.irin|{*ton, do. 001 4 2 8 Mr. J. Caromier, do. 645 4 2 10 Mr. Hi ley, do. 638 7 4 22 Mr Moor, do. 640 7 3 20 Mr. Moor, do. 674 2 I 3 Mr. Potter. do. W.Waah. place62 7 4 19 U. W. Busteed, ext. do. WaTorly place C 3 21 Joseph Began, axt. do. llanimeraly... .71 8 4 12 Wa. Hlakely, do. 13 28 14 82 John Howell, do. Greenwich ac..73 2 2 10 Thomas Moors, do. 71 Printing-office, Thomas Seward, do. Perry.. .3,7,9. 10 36 12 55 Mr. E. Bloomer, do. 45 18 4 44 J. Chase. do. 48 Stables, Mr. B. Curtis, do. 117 9 3 16 J. Chase, do. 123 9 3 12 J. Chase. do. Iamm M U A IN If l\.. ...I..,. -J. J. Christopher.. .24 Stable*. Smuurl Smitli, da. 40 23 IS G8 II. l.;ou, do. MO 4 S 14 Win. Thompson, do. 111,113 Stable*, Van llusklrk, do. 110 8 2 10 Hyatt Lyons, do. 118 V 12 44 llyatt Lyona, aery filthy. 1(10 10 12 30 J. Chaaa, do. Bank ?7 8 6 20 Mr. K. T. Witty, dirty. 112 Tan'yk thoofac. Mr. II. Ilartlott, do. Hethune31,33.35 32 12 60 J. Hud. do. Troy 107 6 1 8 Win Ritchie, do. 20 12 ? 23 Mr. Nor all. do. 10 6 2 11 Mr. I'olloek, do. Jaat 14 Stable*. J. Reeve*. do. 124 4 2 6 J. Harden, do. 120 Soap factory, J. J. Gerard. do. Morton 70 0 3 24 A. Fannin*. a*ent, do. C ermine ay. 87, *9 Mat factory, J A Pall, rerySlthy. Cbarlea 27 Stable*. ? Irwin, dirty. 20 Mat factory, James Younf, do. 47. 49 Stable*, lie. ti Wiley, do. 133, 136 Stable, 1> It. ( ran*. do. 131 8 3 19 1). II Cran*. do. nammond... 117 6 2 13 t'antteld. do. 116 Stable*. Dockarty. do. Amoa .203,108,104 Stable*. Ko.tuak Bolcy. do. 170 4 2 4 John Ferran. do. 136, 138 Stahla*. Joaeph Van Hnran. do. 134, 132 Stable*. Dr. Quackenbo**. do. 129, 127 Stab. It ehr. fae. A. Unackcnboaa. do. DowninK.60.6M36 Soap factory. C.J.Holt. do. Court? Hi, 18 76 32 168 P. II. Jackaon. act. do. 10 HI 6 26 Robert Raton. do. Gantevoort... . 1 20 12 61 Andrww Ireland. do. 10 12 6 28 Gray. do. 12 12 6 32 Gray. do. 23 llat chop. W m. R. Aator. de. Twelfth 24 12 6 18 T. Wiley. do. 22 12 6 22 T. Wiley. do. . Thirteenth.. .27 4 7 7 84 John McKeary. do. 264 9 3 16 G. H. Deane. do. ' 160, 118 Stable*. Geo. t'redincburcli. do. , Fourth 168 Stable*. Philip*. do. 166 Stable*. J. <1. (laa?nn. do. I 07 Stable*. Jacob Fiack. do. 44 Ornam. Datter. P. Folley. do. Clarkeon 64f. 16 8 24 I*. Jenkin*. do. 63f. 12 7 18 Wnt. Cathcart. do. ( ttff. 12 8 2d W'in. Cathcart. do. | 42r. 7 2 Id Mrs. E. Vallan. do. 36, 36r. Stable*. John D. Shefiliny. do. 13 06 1*. Hruah. yery fllthy. Variek 213 12 6 26 S. Hillin. dirty. ' llleecker 271 6 ? ? J. I,yon*. hlthy. I Bedford 102 ? 4 15 J. Murray. dirty. i ltdr. 7 2 8 Hulf. do. ( 118, ltlb Stable*. K W. Van Winkle E. l.yon*, agent*. do. Waahinntnn? 720, 727 12 4 15 K.J Bunnell. do. 1 692 tad 604? Pica" Alley, M aahington to W**t Suble*. ? ? do. ?71 Stable*. Stephen*. do. IIAI Stable*. Van liuran. da. (123 6 3 12 Edward*. do. l nip report, wnicn ip minute hiim ni'i unif, ip mini' by K. Mavnard. Health Warden, who report* the total number of hou.o* (Including 8 front) op 222; families, 740; room*. 1,948; occupantp. 3.351, Ptahle*. 1'JO; and fartorie*. 29 We have only copied thope reported dirty, and where they appeared over-crowded. 1HIITUPTH WAND, Thl* ward roveai* a horrid plate of filth and ovorrrowded dwelling*. The health warden who hm reported It hn* given a moet minute report of each room, but hap neglected to add together the number of room*, famtllee and perron* In each houee. Thl* we have done ourselvo*. Street. Renew. Frri'iu. Oicner*. Cnmlitim. Margin ... A3 2* t'iH Elia* Convert. hMf dirty R half clean. 19 1* 59 do. dirty R el'n. 71 ? 25 do. do. 87 34 112 do. do. Coerek.... G4 22 D. Fiihorville. do. 08 18 AS do. do. 70 19 fiu d?. do. 72 18 44 do. do. 3 8 19 Covert k Health. do. 73 5 28 Michnct II Onntek. do. RiviagtonVW 22 Mi Coa?toek It !*iuitb. do. Broome.. 23 8 27 Stephen Brocket. do. 120 7 28 Micnael Donoboe. do. Cannon... 15 10 M John Hi?n. do. 59 8 30 Robert It 11 la. do. Columbia. 33 3 14 II. tVeptorn. dirty. 28 8 IX) B F. Clark. I room dirty A reel el'n. 9 13 07 do. 4 dirtv k II clean. Sheriff. ... 38 2 7 Rol ert Hot tie. clean, j 38 4 14 B. F Clark. 2 c. a 2d. 34 2 17 do. dirty. 27 7 28 Jornc* Kelly. 0 e. R 15. j 28 4 17 do. clean, i Pitt 33 9 47 Owen Mareham. 8 d. h I e. i 35 3 12 C. Campion. clean. , Ridgo.... 88 12 55 John llanr.,hen. 8 c h 4 d. 84 4 22 J. R. I.ivingaton. 2d. It 2c. I 82 6 29 do. lie Rid. AO 8 41 do. ?c. R 2d. I 58 S 13 do. Sc. R Id. I 58 8 18 do. 7 c. R I d. I 85 3 19 J. Johnnnn. le k Id. | SnBolb .,. 36 15 59 John Pea*. 12o. h id. 1 83 2 4 C. Campion. I r k Id I t'3 6 19 II. Llvlngatoo. Clean. 96 9 ID* do. 6 4. Ate. Bolpncy.. 1W) 8 18 John Horn. dirty. Clinton... 84 7 28 M. Livingston. Sc. Rid. 88 8 26 do. A e. R I d. i The foregoing lint rontninp every liouee reported by the Health Warden, and It Ip worthy of remark, that there Ip prnreely on" that ip not either wholly or in p irt Dlthy. Almuat etery room containp a family PI J M WIND. j We have reeelvtfll a communication from "A Subprriher. in which he atatep that 147 and 131 are ovhA [ not by ' Mra. Dnugluee," hut by lloer a Duglio*. anil ' that .No 149 ip owued by Mr Edward Sherlock The < I i III i Im nr. ,u:iii lr i- I . I the name* from the offl- ' rial relurnp on wbirli the name Douglooa. not llugliea, ' appear*. " Mr*." Ip a typographical mietake for 'Mr.'' No. 149 ip pet down In the return* not a* belonging to < Mr Sherlock, but to Mr liouglaei The mietake. there fore, ip not oure. if any etlrt The name of the health ' warden of the Slslh ward I* Franci* Owrne l I 1 HTM W?ati Captain Pongherty hu r?lM on a* to aay that ho never owned any property In Monroe street. and that the health warden muat have returned hla name know- < tin he waa wrong In Joing ?" We hare again looked 1 at the return and And we are perfertly rorreet The entry le lh7 Kmrw street. bad ventilation an I filthy I eendttlon; owner, t aptaln Pongherty. Madison street ' i The health warden la John W i'lo?y : i The City Insnrrter atateg that the health warden* re directed to he very particular and that when they j cannot ascertain the nam* of tlie owner of the pro- ( perty. they go to the tax booh, which I* an one.' ring , guide unleaa the property ha* rhanged hand* ainc* | th* iMt MNMNtV City Intelligence. 1 frtiai l Via* ar * Oiuratar liirriLt ear ? A Nrtfaal r Pr.aeove Bcdli Praam Yesterday afternoon about 1 four o'clock. the eamphene factory. In the rear of Mo. < Jb Ridge atrieg between Broome and Patency. took I fire from a< me rao*e unknown, and waa partially da- I atrovrd waa also a stable adjoining, ftereral of tha hand* In the factory were aerloualy burned Including the foreman Mr Falter who la not ? vpcrted to recover I A man named llrltton waa al*o aeverely burned and . carried to the hoepltal i'aptnln Tilly of the Thlr- t teenth ward police, received much Injury la hla hands I by the burnlug fluid and Mr Aloeura wna hadly burned I In the back, fare and handa It la atated that one or ' two hnva atare died. Fiars ?A lira waa dlaeovered in the rear of Mo. 92 (berry atroet at 10 O'clock "D Tliuraday night ft waa f extinguished by oMeera Demon and Van Wagner Yea- I tcrday afternoon ab< M I ' i wk Hi" fad of Mo tM f UreeaWlek street waa dlaeovered to be on Are by offleer r Cooke, of the I'ifth word, by ?h< m It woa extinguished a ('annum At t o'clock Thursday evening o <am- * phene l?mp burst In the ?lore \o 7 I'latt str~ I and " act Are to aooic atraw In tbeatore It waa extinguished with but trifling damage A F earner a Poo A boy named Jam-a Murray, ' j went into a cellar In Manhattan I'lace half. |>a.t , 12 o'clock. yeaterday when he waa ?elae?| by a dog and I b seven ly bltt< n lie waa conveyed to the City lb a- ' > P'**l t Bi n Oven A boy named (larrett P reea realdlng at y Mo. 41 Hammond street, waa run over on Tiiur- lay In .a lireenwleb avenue by a enrt. aad severely injured II" | o waa taken b'me by ofkrar >t atcrfleld. <>f the Ninth , a ward Aveiowa At inier -A pereon nam"d Matthew Jack- r mn had lila leg broken about ?la o'clock lait evening. t In the Bowery hy belr g run <iver by a horee and wagoU j j Axiom i.i imi Bi vi*aani K<i?o Mr Cvlat- val | 1 Mailan write. (o Say that the earrieg" In which li" am ! ' in We doer day last on the Ploomlngdale road, wh-n II ; r on over J am re fl< ughton. waa not hH nor driven hy Sim, aa r< ported hy the polica of th" ward It wae o lore carriage drlv. n By the drleer fr >n the livery table and Mr. M.-.dan aid net know nf the accident III afterword* lie the policeman mad* the I ? nl'takc fr m the fact of hla hieing gte-n blm hla I tame when he sent the man t? the hospital Mr M Ik dda that (he man waa In a atate of temporary de- tl angement. and that heprev* uoly gave a child a severe ! low ^ A Herman naaicd Henry lleimer committed -uleide, ' it Mew Orleans. ?m the 10th inat by hanging himself n pvlaen with his cravat Me had twice before at mpted to deetroy hlmeelf la consequence of having f ,I K< serrated for Uallng a bout MO from hie employe* 1 ??????mmm LI). TWO CENTS. Thntrkal and Muleal. Bowebv Thbatbb.?Might after night, thU theatre which utand* at the head of public iBUncmeaU Id our city, U vlalted bj thouaand* and thouaand*. At every performance the doore are beaelged long before the ri*lng of the curtain, by a faahlonabte audience, who enjoy their evening in ? manner which aatiefiaa both their heart* and their head*. The entertainment* commenced. la*t evening with the tragedy of ' rixiara, or the Death of Kolla " which wa* t>*autifully rendered by Me**r* Wailack, Jr.. and Gilbert, Mr*. Wallack. Jr and the MiaaeaS. Deniu and WeiuvMj to whom we predict a brilliant career in her theatrical profeaaion. The Wizard of the Wave" concluded the performance?tbat piece in which appear alm?*t alt the member* of thia talented company, paaaed oB amid*t the moet rapturou* mark* of aatlafaction. Bhoadwav Tiibathe.?The hou*e la*t night, being for the benefit of Mr. Coliina. waa crowded to exce**. and worthy of the merit* of thi* public favorite. Tho performance* commenced with the new drama of ' Iriah Honor," tho whole burth*n of which re?ta upon the ahouider* of Major O'Daly. and yet give* but littia acope for the abllttie* of Mr. Collin*, he, however, auceeeded in delighting the audience, and keeping them iu uiir t-'iiiiiiiuui turM?i iiiiiKi>i?'r. .iir. ruuin.4 wh oxquinlto iu the two piece* which followed?the " Happy Man." and How to Hay the Kent " Altogether tliia engagement in proving profital.In to the manager, while Mr. Uollina in adding freah laurel* to hi* fame. Thin evening the numo hill in presented. and the Iioum will be. no doubt, aa well uttended aa on every night during the engngetnent of Mr. Collin*. Hi aron'a Theatre.?Thin Theatre wan rcry reap -ctably attended last evening Tho porformancn waa tha excillent comedy entitled, " heap Year,' or The Ladiaa* Privilege." Thin piece waa received with much admiration by the audience, who ezpreaaed themaelvaa with r< nrwed applause The entertainiuente concluded with the farce railed " A Scene in tiie Life of an l' Pi male." also, ' Pomentlc Kconomy." Tt>night the '-Serioun Kumlly," for the hundredth time of itn performance. National Theatbe.?Thla favorite place of amuanment wan filled lant evening, almost to suffocation, with the uumerown friend* o( tiie eelebrated American tiagediaii. Mr. Marvhall, who appeared in two of hia in et part* lie rendered beautifully the rhararter of i'etruehio. in Shaknpeiiro'n comedy of" Katharine and Petrnehlo," and he wan highly nureennful In the uaunienl drama railed ' The Bohemian flirl." The talented company of thin eatablinhmeut sustained him admirably well, and gave general nntisfartion. The entertainment* concluded, after noma charming dannea by Minn T Went, with the laughable tarre. railed "Tha Phantom Breakfast." in whieh Mr. Jeffernon and Mlaa Smith were frequently and justly applauded. Arroa Place Theatre.?A aeloct and tolerably numerous audience ssrre present at the Aator place Theatre. IilkI evening to witness Miss Julia Dean's performance of " bucretl.i Borgia. ' in the play of that name. M1m Dean is endowed with a r -markahle gift, in the histrionic line, iler reading pleases all who have an appreciation of the author; her acting ia nlwnye adapted to the part which she cnarti; and aha shoes in everything alio attempts. the effect* of careful and accurate study. She was called before the curtain last night at the end of the second acl. and received a most haltering tribute of applause. This evening ia 1st apart for her benefit, ou which occasion she will appear as I'auline. in the body of Lyons." and us IV.iistniice. in the ' Love Chase " Two characters ad [nimbly adapted to her peculiar talents Itiatoba hoped thut a well filled house will reward her exertions on this occasion She deserves It; and a liberal public, will not. wc think, fail to award it to her. Ivai-isa Or?.a* *t Nihlo's.?bast night the repetition of " bncrextn Ilorgia" was witnesseti by an elegant aseemblage of the bruuty. fashion, and intelligence of tha city. The vocalists werei ven more efficient than 011 the pn ceding night and the enthusiastic manner in which the performance was received gave ample testimony of Its merit As a whole, the performance was excellent, and though some of the most finished parts of the opera were least applauded, yet they gave great delight to numerous admirers, ( ignore Angela Vloslo. though evidently not in her best voire bv her charming method and sweet voice railed forth plaudits and acclamation*, and displayed, as ' I.urrctla." no ordinary, powers of vocalisation ller voice is very bsstUMlV cultivated her tones are deliriously sweet, and sne ascends anl descends the scale with great skill rtignorina Caroline Vi>d(T sang much better than at her first appearance. She managed her notes more skillfully and held tbrm more firmly. Her efforts were very pleasing, and very much applauded Signor Martin was highly acceptable as the l)nke of Kerrara. though there Is little opportunity for him to shine in the character. The execution of Hlgnor Lorini was a great improvement on his first representation of limiiaro. He was more easy In the Hb-rilo, and sang th? opening song, or arielta. with much more feeling and espfeesion than at the first trial This piece Is the gem of the opera, and as the whole plot hangs upon It* sentiment. It should receive its fnll force and be sung with great pathos and expression lloneont use I to I mi in 1 in 1 to I>t<> in it With him every note and syllable told admirably borlnl Is <|ulte equal In the id's and there la no opera better suited to display hiasilvsr voice than this His success was such as to warrant him in making himself perfect As a winds, the opera was truly brilliant and all the vocalists merited warm enc miuiaa On Monday night ha favorite" will be presented. The first tenor fiignor Salvi. Is to app-ar with Signor C. Hadiaii and fiignnra KKanonl The cast is very pow? rful, and the result will be a thronged auditory. Ciibistv's Nivitimj - This celebrated band has been giving concerts at the Brooklyn Institute, with great success The hall Is crowded every night They giro .... .a.nis.n nt..t entt/o.rl I....Ins Vn.t vT... day they will appear at the Apollo floom*, for oua a eek. Ottwir -Hrfrt'l Mlngtrol* urn going ahead the theatre In r row dad every ennlng I'lrrne l< a great favorite. anil lb? company eeem to gir* general ?atlalaetion They gin au afternoon concert, at three o'clock. (Tftrraawr fvsTiTnr Mim Kimbcrlcy. who hvl be n giving Ahekaporean reading* In the South will read the beautiful play of Romeo and Juliet." at tha I net ii ute on Monday evening ncit Report ap-ake rarorahly of her abllltle* Cmiwuc Mi ni * We mentioned a day or two *lnea, that Harnnm had been out-willed by tha proprietor* if the I'hineae Muarum. who had decoyed the lady twav from h'a hon e at Bridgeport We entertained loufde at the time abont any one being able to get lie ad of him and eo It appears for Harnnm haa he. 'me paraeaaor of the Chinese Mnaeiim olleetlon. lady, kttrndaate and all and annoiincea that the whole will tie exhibited to the public on Monday The I'hiaeen ady holding her Brat levee In the morning, at It. H and will routinue to do *o throughout the day and t vetting MrLonvea.- White a Serenadera are doing n good and inlet buaineee nt 63 Bowery. Their negro repraeenta* tlona are very good Jt at ftJCa '*. Citrr*.?TheBaaed equestrian company that haa ever appeared in thla city commence a eerie* of performance-, at the Amphitheatre in Blgblh etroet, on Monday next Tnr |i??a Fawit.v We nnderatand that *evcr?I Friends hare In terra ted them>elve* In getting up a rnocert In aid of thla family. In order to procure tuide Tor their departure to Rnglend The little girl, fanny, la a very Interesting and talented child a< al*o hec brother ' barlee We hope the l*nevo|ent effort* of Ihe committee will be crowned with aneceaa. Tnr IlfVcmweo* F ?wn r have returned from Albany, ehere Ihey have been very auccea-lul They giro a oneert thla evening, at Newark, and on Monday evening they will alng at the Tabernacle Breohlyn City Intelligence. Or TBioaot ? Ass.i i t Her John Marsh Secretary lo the American Temperance ITaion and editor of the .taaeiiren Temper ewe Jtmmal. wee knocked d >wu la n.-l, r.' reaterday morning and aererely njured When taken np. he wae cor. red with blood. <r me humane perw na a?*iated hint to hia residence No. Wllloughhy atreet Ths perpetrator of the outrage mmediately decamped, and haa not yet been arretted. Polk * latruiaiaci ?A man named Patrick Cavaregh waa arreeled on a charge of hestardr preferred ?y one Julia Brophy and brought before Jn?tire Ring or rmmlnatlon. which reenlted In hie being com nitted tojail In dcfnnlt of non-complying with thsor lor f affiliation entered In the caee. compelling him to ;lve ball la the aura of gMU for the aupport of the Bother and child A number of hoya were arreate<l a lay or two alnce by Officer Kaairv* on a charge of larlng etolen amall quantities or oil at rartona time, rom the prewiiece of Mr Severn la Dean etroet Whea rough? before J net Ire King fbr examination the young hter. a < tif?el the offence and nr. wed the . .t f their depredations lo be tha obtaining nf fit ! f f onhree TVy were aererelv reprimanded nod allow <1 n depart A man named Hugh t'or.l was screak d. est. rday. on a charge of baring voted Illegally I" the evenlh ward nt the laet charier election, on tbe Th f April J net Ire King held him lo bad for hi* a ppaWnr? to answer. In the *um of BMo Co?*r*av I'sasnr ? The ?p|. ndld company Tontlcntal (luar<I.?. nti-of the |arga?t and mo*t popular in herWy and. r the . omrnaud if I'sptni* '/VC1'," lorgan. turned out last Thurd-.y avea* * wlthr w yIghl market* Thrlr appear**## we* creditable ' twuiwlve* an.! their 4r e? and evofntlnoa el el ?d fe matka highly complimentary fK>?a tb w* who wili**ttd them. __ , g., nwnl* ? Inrilrldwala. J B Cr?y ion, T * > . and Cn tain fnllr?r, U ?. A , lave ntrlv.d in tbi- eily Mm B Man?v of Me-enehtissdle. hi. b-ea rnll-ff c mo fr m W??Blngt?>n. In con* .inane# of el eh..-a* n hi* frm'lk Api nlnlmi nfa hy I lie I'rcaldenl, pV .owl ruk ike *1 it' ad-rw^l p' l*? UeoaV Si an to** ?r rat t'.oevia.. rill H ffwear.og-n, -h.. ling Virginia. Wl il*?t f Bryan. At Aal'W* i,y f l.nole, t hilipi Inrion. la he c>. a?l Au4.t*r off i? Tr< aanry

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