Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1850 Page 1
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T 11 NO. 5797. IHIPPIJiO. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMEif BETWEEN >KW iVork Mi Liverpool.?Tim ..In p. ouiupuaing thin lint ar* Eh* ATLANTIC. Captain pacific. captain Ny? ARCTIC. Captain l.nne; BALTIC. Captain roMiPnti ADRIATIC. Captain Craftou. flltw allipa having b?en built l>y tn.airnct ?*pr???ly for K*. Tetann-ol rervice, every care ha* boon tab** in itmlr o .n truetlon, at alao in their anripe* in inavro ctr?aKth a&c peed; a in their accommodation* tnT ra""ucr? ?r? u""!1'" led for elrxaaoe or comfort. Price of ( ?*??*? from V?w ? to l,'v.rp>>o|, exclusive nrv of ?xtr? ei?c IMM %SZZt. No ofrthe eon Mi wwMI i>?oi for F"r frwlRht CT poorore oi-plf to EllWAKD K. COLLINS, 74 Sonro it recti or to BROWN. SHIPLEY fc 0.., Lire* t Ti n .main-hip AManti. will soil hi ore on Setei itar, ti.t !27*h of April, and return. liwvntK U> er| I on WVdiier lay the IStl. ?f May. The at?nn;.hlp Pacific will rail henna [ni Urrrivio' ni Saturday, the Mtho' *tv. ant' Llvart I ..t Wrifneflajr. the yh of Mir. An rxree'enoeil a wry tor will San'tari-"1 to each ?hip. The oarnera of thecn -hlp? arllt nn? he tor fold, Urer, Million, arecie, jewelry, precione etenee. or rnetaU. elene bMl. of Indian are eikned therefor, and the ral'in thereof thrrein exprcered . TTIE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R. M. Steamahipe. batwacn New V?rk and Liverpool, and between Ronton and Liverpool, calling at Halifax to land and Receive mnlla and pMicng.r. s? America, from Boat on May 1. Camilla " New York May 8. Canada " Boaton May I A. Niagara " New York May TZ. For (.right or paMage, appl.v to F. ix\ ARl>. JPH.. 8S Broadway^ STEAM UE7WEF.N NEW YORK AN D GLASGOW-THE powerful new acrew ateamaliip CITY OF ULtlMlOW, 1.IP7 tone raxiater, 1.60S tone ov-r all, and .V>0 htiraa power, B R. Matthewa, (formerly of the Groat Weatern,} commander. Tlia firrt departure of thia eplondid vernel from New Turk (1 ircct to (lliiiij{ow, its appointed to take place on Siturday, the ISth of May next, at 12 o'clock, noon. Cabin passage, ?in?'Jy dollar*: Mvond cabin pA.s?agc, huy-ttve dollars, steward's fee included. No steerage pwcarngera taken, Cnrrinfl * iflw .n. For freight or passac**. app'v to J. M*VH<*>N. 1 Beaver street. li^OK L1V fcKfOOL?tNlTKb blAlCH MAIL STF.A M* ship ATLANTIC. Capt. West?This steamer will depart ^ritb the mails for fr? n the pier nt font ot Laual ttnet, on Saturday, 27th instant, at 12 o'clock. She run yet accommodate 30 or 40 passe: neer*. end take JM)0 tons heavy freiK.l" Apply In K. k. COLLIM8.T4 Rontl i. The A t 1mia' ic will take her berth at tn?* foot of Canal struct OB the 21*1. itiit. British and north \mkkh \n k m. steamsi*ipn.?Tl?c attention of the miblic i? directed to the alteration uiede in the ship# to nail '**on* America in the *n*ntb ?flfst EM PIKE CITY LINE?FOR i'R A NCISCO VIA CH.1gres. |r? ct, the iptendid #t? i? thip CRESCENT CITY. '.i.ftOi < ns burthen, ('barb s Stoduard, Commander, will leave for San Francisco direct. via t'hu/re*, 4>n Wednesday Jlay st, fr ri ?er dock, pier No. 2 North River, at o'clock, yor f -cifthr or \ ii.-saxc, apply to J. HOWARD A SON, 'il Broadway. TliI.Oi'Glt line TOCALiro; MA, VIA CitAOItE*( Miryin; t!io United States Mail.- - Saturday, \prii 27ih At 3 o'clock, r. 11., from ih pier foot fit Warren struct, N. it t the uea and elegant double murine *train:hip OHIO, .Lis 1 Bchenck. I'. S. Navy, Commander, will !?> despatched as above, writ! the (.< >eminent Mails, for the West Indies and the IPscihc. Tin-hooks are uow ??r n for p.i-.-axe to Ch irltston. Savannah, liuvanu, New Oilcans and Cimgrea, and for through tiokfta to San Francisco. T" secure through tioketf *ar!v . tlon mil I ie, aa only a nail i\i remain unenpe red. An experienced surgeon is attached to the CMiio. The accommodations for paasenrera ?r each class Are unsr.ri as t *1 by any steamship almat. The passengers for Chagr?> are transferred a* II:.v:\na to the tuper*or di uhle engine Fttuiiiship FALCON and pr^oc^d fr ?Di llai una d.*eot to Cbarrrs. Br.t-. f piiNsage frun Now York t?? Chtr^res:? Stat. i; lh rlh $l>? Standee Iterth N> Sleerare do., found hod and tep:.rate table 60 R'ltco i'l |?">inlr>in Pan nn to ran FrMiltcn:? State Roi in Berth S'kkl Sti rrup* ltrrthr, fonnd bed and (eparate table .. 160 F< t, of paneart? To llnvaita. To .V. Orluan* Stem Room Bertha $71 $76 Standee, forward caMn 65 tid S vrriv, foui .1 ted and board... 26 2? FreieM to New Orleans will t>o taken at ".JAeeBts prr <Vt. The I tll? of ludinr must all to *i*ncd on board th< weasel the dav before at.ilinr. For freight or p a aa-re, apt-It to M. 6. KORBMTS. lit \*>?? atroaf. TllKOL t. II LINK FUR PAN Fit ANCISCO. VIA CUAs'rrr.?Tlie new and favorite ateamahips CHFUl'K BE. .. .1,31*1 tooa... Capt. II. Wtiidle, rilll. \ I'll 1 " A. .1,1< ? I una.. . Capt. J. V. Mrholton. Torin tlie only dint i linehetm n Nea York and ('barren, and. Ineonrvi'iion with tie ( nil . I Staler Stuau I'aeketa in toe I'aoific, a aemi-monthly line 'hr uich to San Fraac.-ro. wt'.crro tiAtri or ? tlie ro cttvcitca. t l.i rokou. PUi'odclphla Alter i-.alcon State R< otna $126 $126 l'oraard St loon do 100 100 1 'war Cabin Oil ? $11 im iil oin it no at the taue table, and hare the prlrllejc iif the Saloon. Steeravr, (fonnd with matrem > and hoard,( SUA $ot Fr< rht to Chain a. 71 centa per loot. Trpemer on thr Tatl.tnu are hjmt Lp ti.e raraon; rs. Tor frcirlii or passu." apply to HOWI. NU St ASPINH AU.. At South itreet. New 1 .rk. Panto Mall StonmrVp Company.?The I'nited StnteaMaU 8'enm Pachita, TPANAM t I.tmay tonr...Capt. Da- Id ti. Mailer. OKVI.Of. l.lriM lour.. . t apt. t'ailiilc P. Pntteraow <Al MTlh'NIA... I,n*i Mat... fapt. 7ho#. A M. dd, TKNN I'M't... Ijn"! toue... fapt. (S onre A. Cole. CAKOI INA .... Wtonr... ? ? ? rNlfOl.N WU tons.,. ? ? ? are Intended to form t aeml-mi nthly line le-wetn Panrrta aad anrtr in California. Paanontera In ti e after cahiua are Xnrat 1 ed beddlna, hot not nine nrd linnori. Passer reft in the ttotia^i air found nith eueli rub na a? are foreiirhed le the rri r. a d v ith mattreee and p-llnw. All pa?'enr i will he allowed lor |? r-onal I utayi free, r the intent of 290 II*. wrirVt. wnt ex* din* in tneannirwarnt ten telle hrv JTrein'i'on extra I a* a*i or wieretiandide. eh'1 taken, fl'tl net t n. tod oae ai d a half per rent on all speote. I'aekatw about I bai exceed ISA lha. wricht I t mole rarrtaae. fahta. $teem*e J ? 17 inni. 'nu]> i' rau i? as ?T ?-'- ? ?!< " " Pnn I>um,. . , 2iO " Ptc l>:nri-rn. .'/IV 1.*> Jll ?ti m t" l? li?M *111 U l?Wii a* if**** C! t>l ?r.,ti?ri and dcbnrkmr, anil aii |<"r?onaT pert ehatf a ( alud'tri .lth fraa anil t ? hir . be paid br the Mr enHern N" | >-fur : tiatil pai.lfnr. Appl) at ton <>?< ? oftbet Ntmt, Y'*rfc. r^i?v I?\N rKANri?co. r.t I.IFOKNIA.?PBSPATCH .? line?Tht afdandM i I'; j r in | t\KN|\(.l<iN \ i i~:: Hta?lc ?|ll h*.? inuurdiata daepaioh. TMj ahlp wa? On lit aptv.-iy l"r th* China trade, and l..in4- <>l modnrata rr *rr*t nUu "in ntt l- r curly snipn qii. The hip III i lit pint I.. It. K i fremiti mil). apply to JOHN IH.ll) V. I Ml Wall >ton . TtitinrcH i.ivr ruii < AMFOIM >. v i \ cntoua ii. ntliiy packet fur i'lih April. I ii? A I. wPfinl ri fc f jrr f.itti m I bark NACIKN IlILCupt. JiuClfafi'-'k, Ulpdllrrl) ?,til a. ?liir on h<r rt Inr Jay. P?r#ona about tin i?t |.na;.? t?r t l,n?rc?. arc |n rltad to examine thi# * fa ?wattoa i Unr, Aral rlaaa taili u traaacla ill b? dr?[ airbed fr'in Panama to tan rran<ii.t><>, aad tlikrl/ may be bail on application at tlila ..if a. Pllnaf 1- ' ?kr O|h fmm ,\|? V Ilk 1" Ann Fraaoiaeo ia enhia, ": ' r"t"na?abi? Jtl.AI; N w York to ('hafraa. akm >.? d|t? V |H. l'ff frri/hl of p ni(C, \p;<lf Ink! ^'11 I k NOITnV #(|r? of Cle . r?s Mtiliif r?cktU, 81 Old J*1>. T1? *w?#l t?k?f an eipert? ?e*?l ph\ ?(<'*?. f,V M i M.tlOlIM N.-ONfc Timoi Oil I II K fcT. IN IIIK - r -r In . i?. itl umh. I \ llonlati l a. \?|ia?r i f iU:iLi- rp. Iwr li'i I M , ! fp?l- Apply to A. JTORWt. N? la*. HVft nlrrrt. T|?bh,i> !Ok >Al/F ONE mCli\(itfl( KkT pm ?.tta? ' ?!? I'rr?r?-nt t It/, Mn> lit, from Now York to f kljrr ?. ? <t nir r?Mv. 1 V ? p*r a*u<thif 8orah S'.ndr. frar hntl ?ln Ran f n?n? i*^.. Mac. one M ra?r IlrVel l?or hip ia? ?ir*f? Nitr lkl?, ff'u N w Y"lk U (birm. air. f'?> ?i 't'ii Trk't |>rf *lon<?htp Knt?aV|i?*t en liar firot trii tf.-ia IV. imft to I ran' ?.. ki i ir iw I'll 1 *|M NV k rALUOKMA TllMf M.ll TlrkCT8 WANTEIt-FOR ?uy f l<i #all Wf? r?? Ikn 9?h i f May. f??r alilch % yti " n i ' f>! ?*. ?' th?- t ?ttf .rn'A I' ,'.*r RUn 17 t rra#?'**J. TlfMlk lirkrfi. f?if thj of Hay. for mU; |twt?i ? : r?1 in. $fl*? ? nllfornia ? romplfto, wariuwtea r '*1 o ???< chr IVn ,?"rt i ui? \ k* N 11J.r> III I n M. rm *|T km % tlf;KtT!? ?UK MI.R.?tWO 8Tt?8 \OK. in Ht.i-rt A t"T Apr.l 77ih: two in I hie for Hay i I* II* a1m?l k A?ptawa1. ? Itac, r? r Hi?v I.Hk, Uii June fwi la How r?i &. t*on'^ l?.n. for Jnno 1'*lh r H HJTK. No. .?| H ail rr?f. /Vtl MiKNh IMkl i It?k Mlt -<in| Mint \ K|i i. t tol-t. ? tl ' pi Miirr r> i| ir* CItv 11.ta a?dr, Oo'l N ftli rtirr' ? th" ofhrr? l ll'iwar'IAN IIP I no? JArh of May. A | ply t * M t'. HI HDtfK, 7A l.ihorty ?tw| ifi \t :i t- n f. Ttt \ r i roK * \i7?^?Tk ? i ? - i m ft \y tin? i t irk i f r t ?n i \ ' a. this Mdt. a ad Tttn.i' <w> fr- w? I'mbipi. II wlanJ ;'n?f C?|oav a 11V tlaa, Itb 8lorf for .. V by n A. HI > NOI.Hn t t?r itmi. d i ? i fit KM* I OH - ? h A< II r! 4n 1|oat^n?l k \> ! "i? a'iV liar I J*-ran f ?r #th Hae. *? <. iw ** > nd rl* n R.'itnrt*'', 17tb April, fut mr lit- II. M'. I'ftl.X ? ! I II MVII otftrt. ? \ i \ ti< K r r W\Wru rm-i iiimuoh *1 a TirUt' <? f if "??i m0 1.1 I < * X"*''! ' ma niniiiTi ti?" ?i . ivf riu?r v?' i*f !>,; ... , Okl , . *l; .< ? " ir** r> I ? Ir*. |?t f totr* I ?J J"i K ami |i . .1 . .. I m 1'raai ?. . -nli I j- I ill NT V in ^ flrxadr ay. i m#r "f Vf?1l r\. i Hf I a i im m i; ii tii km? km k i u - r i aiiin Tbfa>a?,b Tlilil, I.fir. -fi-r! Cli. an. I ? i S".ii<i.[r i ? 111 H.M IIImiI. Mri?l,((|iiam| /1|>Mi'll>i\ fill \| i,\f iu.Hii.I. III Kf.; I 'l I II. ?*. r > . fr. m N.r V.Tk t.. ?>' *. ' < !" . ..111! Itrkrt, p N r '..n.. r. fr.?n?' ? < Irani I r. Afply ' 4. R., M tha ll' tal ?! I > ill. 2C * llli*m Mml, fill. IIIW I II I FOR XI I ||?? Mi I. A TIIUIIICM M* ' ? "J. y J"'1 ? I iii"i Tnli. I p. raona innni n'J * """ ' loauaj- till" i 'hiiti ran It ?|-N. I?il?i.i .r i-arn. nlar*. k-. Im>n Um'rIUn t:7 pin-. I * i> Villi ' .-i*..,, u and || n-, i?nfc. ?? Uf#. I'nllrr Int. IIlurun, (VkMrt iif I'-Wrtw.?A ymnir man. tailing b!m<"tf Will 'I,. Fo?lrr. W?? Miri-lnl n Saturday tntl^a.l Of lli nl'i:c from f ha | rr--n l.\ r .rr a hum. ? . ... .| lit 1-1 Ii ?i'thT with n fill, r-nt |?|rn? tli r. m|, |, thi- r? ml Minti-bad frotn Ihl liand of Air* Julia llur. d?tt. trading at No 1U H?<WI atrart. A|r* n If. drtt mi In thi- atrant ?t tbn tiaa. and wrtiiMd out for ani-danca. whan fntnnal T>odd. a rnrtm n. fiurfn.ll tba mgn-, 1*4 auaa?.-.1ri| In taking Mm tn|n ?u*tn<ly Juatian Mountfort cow ml Had th.- arm"-I to for trial Prmi/w Fatal Awft I man by fhr nun* .if Thtmaa Marker wa? armt-d on Saturday night. on ? tharga of rloli ntly a.?*n! with a kiilf? a m m rami'' Jnnn Ilivr inflicting a miff wimnd on th? rltM brrMt Tbr Injurrd m?n ?a? ronii-yn) to tbn CitT llopyital. anil mnrh dniiH "ti l' whrthrr fin will p?rnr. r. Ju'tlr* Moiintf?rt r r.mittr.l Markry to ?r>?on to await tha mult. ||.fi-.iI / Hnrular* -Ororya Hurat. alia* WI1?o?, and Wl?abl|?. wrra bronybl yr*ti-ri1a? fVom Nrw 9run**iah. N J by nfllrrr Alaryltt. of tha f<r?mt??nth war I 'ai a rharg.' of burglary ami gran.I laraany. comwlltad la thta rity. and alao In Wcatebaitcr gounty Tbay #. ra eouiinlltrd to priaon. E NE" THE EUROPEAN NEWS. ARRIVAL OF THE AMERICA'S MULH. American Affairs on the Other Side of the Atlantic. r? t KniKneviuKiri:, ; Arc., Jfc., (See. The steam-ship America arrived at Roston at 11 o'cli ck on Saturday morning, and hat mail* reached thin city early yesterduy morning. Our advices ny hrr from Liverpool and London arr of (ho 6th nnd from Paris of the 5th inat The commercial account*. *o Interesting to Amariaa, ' will be found detailed in the commercial circular* which are published <n another column. 7V advance 1 in cotton it /rtm Jtf (<> '{ of penny per pound American securities were in good demand. United : State* sixes. 18G7-8, were aold, on French account, at | 109 a 109X. The intelligence from Spain, in regard to Cuba, is of cnie consequence to those desirous of engaging in the expedition to thnt inland Old Spain has art up in opposition to Young America in the gold excitement. A California baa turned up in : that country. Our claim! on Portugal are producing a little sen-ai tion in the naval circle* at Lisbon The uteumerTeviot had arrived at Southampton, with the West India and Pacific mails. She bring- thirty pas-oncerr, and the following on freight: - >!l lt>.871; lliiti-h coin, value A'S96; 5<t0 ouneei gold du-t, 895 ouuees old silver plating pintina value ?180 sterling j Of the specie on board, about >300,000 if rn gold dust Califot nia. rtrriitd rio Panama. The hurricane on the r'.nglish and Irish coast, on the 30th ult., was tremendously destructive. Vfn have, i however given all the particulars of interest to this country. The Turkish cabinet ha- remonstrated against the | occupation of the Pitiinliinii principalities hy a Run- j sian aruiy; but the remonstrance Is considered a mat- I tor of form, a portion of the Turk'-h cabinet being fa- 1 vorabie to l he occupation. Relation* had not been I resumed between Turkey and Au-tria. Our Frrnrh Correspondence. T11S POMTICS HP KltANCK. P.snis, April I, 1850. Recent Intel etlir- Knott in leaver -Condition and J'roefrets of the Kirncli Refml.lit Kuropean Pciitirt Pugilistic lincounter in ihr /.?-islatiie *1$oemily, fc. i Greet excitement was creates! last week, in the f.cgts- 1 lathe A -iinlly. hy n prop iltton uttered by M d?- La | 111 chejaqlielein. by w liieli he wished to take tile Voice im me people ior me pro 'ui rcpumir or i?r a in", iinrrhr. Thif question w?? in every body'a mouth bcj for. it was publicly propo-cl ty the representative of ' Morbihnu. This curious proposition is is follow*:? Art 1 The people will be consulte i upon the form | of goverunn nt whtrh will lie established and regulated. For this object, on the first Sunday of .tune, 1 .. ??, there will tuke pltiec a general vote, a* it girun for the election ot the l'reaidcnt, wish th. same law* and regulations Art . t! Every el<%tor will vote with a ticket upon which will hi' writti n i ither republic or monarchy Art II it a majority l?e in favor of a monarchy. 111" n-tilt of tiie clerlion will be proclaimed by the President of the Assembly. Art t If h majority bo in favor of the republic, the r.-.lilt <| ill.. 1 -11 i I' t i 11 ; no! to given t>y th FvmM lit himself. Art ii In ca.-r of the udoptiou f a tu'>narehieal government. another election w'll take plane, (on tlio l' t ; July. 1fcfcO.) in order to nominate a t'onstituting As- j -ill.bit. whirl, w.ll bo cLnrpcd with th" full power of the nation '1 he Pn-aident of the n public will maintain the executive power I ill til* .lay v hen th:* Constituting A s.mlily -bait meet (Signed.) 111.N ItV l?K I.A KOCH E.' Vfl'KI.El V Opinions Jiave been <|iillr conflicting r< l?t Ire to thla very liold proposition; but en rybeidy thinks that the iegltiuiht metuWr ! the Aisembly is a noble.hearted j man. who, instead of climbing In the dirk, and conj spiling against a government to which h - lui promlcd I fidelity, wished to know, all at once, what Could be iho fate of I ranee: for It la certain positively certain that il our povcri.irrnt Is railed a republic, tin public aplrit ' 111 not jreneialljr akinir. rr|>abliciii in France. It v a* very eoursgeou* for >1 dc l.? Hncht'januelnin I to explain hi?*elf in tin- way be did. in IT.'3 *urh ? prop) ?ltli>n have brought it* author to jail, and i three year* after, during the rtigu of terror, ho would 1 htti 1<'ii i tit ti> tlx -r; during tin* empire ho | wo old hare twin ahot. .it the reeloration of the Hour* j loo* be would have born l?ehi ud d; during the ri lg:i of l.onb Philippe ho would hair la-en brought Imlore tbu Chamber of Peer*. a> .1 thence, undoubtedly. *e?t to a dung- on but in 1*00. und<-r the ri?im of th* ufattk. M. <io la Ho* b< jn |u?.)rin uakes hit prop?.-:il without i ii")' opposition. Ihr ma,,-n?nimon* rrputdlnm of our j epoch hear liitn with oil anger Hi-rum hi* proportion 1 without rcandal, and they n.ljouru it to wuti to th* I I action of tltiio. whlrh will bring forth many unlWo?> n tiling* It la rertniu that liw fMMk llllil l? Vi-ry anxious to Know what will lie It* p dittoa! future ; \\ e i laitn. with nil our Iriiigth. a paeitlc mid dur.ible solution of all tbecomplicMliona wljirli are da ly formed in Kurope .-ig..lti-t oar <|Ulettie? l.rpuldie or monarchy are the word , whih male * every heart hint vhtfh agitato all wlilrli are after ail in appointment*, employed by tbo>. wh . are foruilog hop<*?whh-h are prtoi one. d Ui all th> r?n? rat lit n ol thi' p. | le In *hort. ill. > aro the topic ot the day I r niJ- part. It d"e? not attrprWe ino tn i.-r th .*e *.? HUi -lion* put t- get te r In the elertoial urn W I. could t i ll t hat the re-nit of the votva would not ehange th. fi rut of the government In Prance? - ' i. ..? ?' >" | ' i llir ? niottrrehii ?! pc.rtie- which hare nn:o*tt' i? | artU an the Kmj'irr Iiletfrlicr, w.lh ! I'.i i rlr?and taut. If not !< I- act. II nry yi >,4 mim*. A-for lb' riMlllriit:*. tk*} mij rillMl ten hind* of republic". Flr?f, the fipwl.lle which we enjoy nnw-n, da?-, and-ecou-l th I in htMIc and mitI 'repii'dlc I wl.ul rail Hi" I'ii - ' v"e runt*. I'br prnfMMiliou of M ile In Hnrbija |in 1 In la. tar boa i?tf a /?<*pai Ini'tiMnt It uvy 1* rimmi d. in tha word* 4 th-' 8lnk*P'-ar*, ' To b? or i?'>l lo he ?nd re- 1 ally. " tlmt 1" the i|tN-?t|no " in 1'ranre AII lunch lbi< 1 proportion baa hern li ft natd# for the present annua f the i)U'illoa. it I" eertrlu that we "hall lie obtij.-d, | ot.? day or another, to r? ?ntn* It. The horiton "f oar ! politic- i> rlo?4y. the public rnea*ii?e** it *0 Rt iterr! that the French nation mttat hccooenll l.kgrll/. ! tod'Clda whether our country wilt keep It* ptv*. |il i form nl Kon rnmeot or not. I Anath r prreat con tot i? on Hie ere of producing ' niueh ilt lute in Tari* V fhlal who ha* hei n Iwti 1 ri pri <e rlellre nl tli Vat nnal A-'cmMy In the ih part ; until? of the Peine ami if th" Ha* Until, hi' ho -n | thl? 'a?t proline .f France for hia eleetlon \?#oon ' a* IM? new* *? km ?n in 1'aria. rnn'liilat*< f.<r the r? rent plane became nuuirron* M Knill* do tlienrdln of the IV*lie nnd M*of th* .w frfe. harepn-n tiled thiiueclvr* to the *..< iall<t party: hut I unit*r?l*nd. ifroin tur prirati'. nre and ml* *pc. that neither of th< in w II l?i elected It I* ?atd tint a certain officer of the army who ha* been lately III treated i,. 11.. 1 - . 1 . - .1: v * .. . - par-- u. o a hit ini dtilatr l> r the r-d ft | utillmn panr tha mkrr , iMf. Ilf ? ! rata partr i-lfarn h i -ml ran'lliI'lM ' *m<" * ?k"W I -hall i .ill11- M iia h-nir-lou- li 1.1*I-li?ti?*r 1 ?t I l?a H? -rtfr ilt f ' -? -<?. ' ha ?mprr of I hr lata >1 il? , atd aim win SOU III In'l i r i f jt 1 M I Oi-ltaA. tha it-mliiMi r "f linili Pklll|ip, th? Pwli nf I tha li>l ttlHnllna th- mi.ti wli-mn hand wanlnniati danurr when lit *! I ff< n? k mnaa. un.|. r tha d jnla* nf taint' What a ahrnya' that ( cottmloti' If all. in a im i?tH wc -hall - a who will <-Main tha maj- rily tHk)r Ik**' t rtlkrrrork." Uiiardin. who aliai u- n hi* ntlalM tnr) an k. nr tlint.rm and oli-tlnati Uulxot. win- ! pilaff li'- li'Win I'll riw In n-t-rlh -l?nn an ra olo'a he I'1 !*- * T'iw alaetltHt wtM lak pl*--a on tha IOtli nf May i- xt Tl moment lia? arr>--d for ' the yotarnpier t nf !. ii * Nnp-l-rn to fc-? itillrd an a | iry.a nian. and n" <l<nM. If ' my tuji|. r?tofn| th-tr Inti-itil. thay will ?tti k to thai tula of eco-lnrl Th* pranirntnlli n o| Ih ra|-ra*#lta lawn, of whlkh I apnka |o yon in my la-t IHli f took pita--at tha National Ananmhly ni!d though thay war* an- .;Im1 i-y they rr- al? ! tjtille a wti'lUoa * a< I' not a y ti-iy awrlnua niiht to a Mr Ittrnrkr, ona of thona wlo - n tha i2<l of IVhruiry ttfnta and mtarat ha ntarroiypi < w nd? whl< h ?n 'lallf prlnied tt the In ad of flu-journal /a J'rit ' V a? it i I mrl-m < In linrlhn ??nia nian c?ininy I -ith with a | rnjert for lawn, hy whleh tha lil-erty if wrlliny ami ftprr-air>* ona'a | opinio* trnlil In -wppra--rd l.y w tii'-li ill liberty . of wtln* would !,f row.p: ..nod in aueh a way an to r<-n- 1 dor It nltoyethar a llrliiy lia nyaiu-t the rntaMlnh -1 arpntltution of k'rnnaa' Aot It w. ritll'r for f?ar or j far |>rtnl?nre the fhrnwlnii of than.' lawn hn he ' t tynaoU la the er<| Of tha m> ,-th V'-u nirty ha oar- j tain that, on tha Any dnrtny whVh tha d*Ml* of than* ! ?Inwa will n-nVr Ita appearnnra at the *-* (l-nal An- | ? oil'y. th- i-fMatton will nndonht--lly hrytn Tim daily p< I'tnli n and ?ha pnhila mrrrkr. i?f lha orator* J of (f trua ft pnhliaau party trill nnilr to attlla tha i t'.nnf Ilia p..|>l? Tho wot if'arifrr l? yltrn. any h'*> I* k< of unli t, at.d th" I'taltrmont will not daya. i.i rata into a rl?t A r--i*h, t|o|rtit. ag/rrn?l*a. ao-l n h d'?atm*|? o will I, thi romhn tihln praparad Ihn lirolln an for lha rltll will ha . v.| t for at "thai mora r|,( .rtuna mom-nt I he mltl rr? 11 Ik- fit ?r ara. In my opinl"ti. fol'uwlt.g ftt) rtva| ftlk. 1 h-y act a* youi y ntui< nt* W YO MORNING EDITION?MO! who are trunMaliiif* ? rery difficult p*?s;ijr of ? Ltlin author Fearing to m?Vo h harbtri.-iu they write a eoliclrin. and they Mippoen tin- Unit will ha ncum.I>!<' if bj rhanee. it i? not r?eu by tlm mutter Alra ! poor Wt.i erare*. aa they hare hi ?m ao well uirknalio tl 1 y M llennnot. their wise prudoiirn will 1 futr be Uffl a*, if llioy remain In the rna4 whirh tlicy f >1low. Tin y icon; not to l"1 aware that th' r? are certain rirriin:.- tmiri ? in which ihe lu -t pruih nr i* tern. ril r They must change their way of proceeding, if tiny wish not to l>C invadi d hy the socialism of our rod rpublican*. ltisa wi ll known fact that the socialists art ready to net that tin y arc walling hut an npportunn iimmcut The chief" are selected. the plan of th? campaign is nudy. and when th* l? II will resound the* will all rise like a -ingfi man The only thing which may lo l.lciui d among them is the d-niro of a too ijuii k movement cxpro. sed by the chief* of the pirty who nre out of France. Louis Qlanr. Ledru Roll in t'au eidfi n*. Rattier. licit-lied. anil oilier*, who are exiled 011 o foreign land are noxious to retuiu to their country HMiiluyari doing i very thing in their power to aeci leinle the un mint of ihuir Ilium ph. a? they call it ltut they unit a great opposition from their friends in France who wi?li to see th.-in more, and who try vvt ry rflort to make them support patiently the ti-dion-m >s of i heir exile. The republican party of France have formed an nxsociatb-i to give help to the Prlmxrinu Teacher*" who hare la-en doin.axed by the governuieut. Lists of sub-criplion have le eu opened in France (Are emits a hi ad) in order to eoUi-Pt the offerings of the party and the committee residing ai I'arix will ccntraiiae tlia xuin.x wbiuh will be rceoived for the benefit of thn victim* of j tyranny and of the clerical purty This tax will create, ! foi tin want* of the parly a HWr cii-iVc of several hundred Ihuiixaud Crimes, which will he of great u-e to them. It tr. in my belief a kind of a revolutionary committee which under the pn text of beiii-v.tltiiice, will mguuizan general oversight throughout France Nothing new at the Kly-i e, but great agitation. a ni-tnomanlii for rovb wi of all the troops who are in the ban ark- of I'arix and ita neighborhood. and al?.) an inn nded ti are I in the oust part of France. The reTiewx have been very numerous. and the last, wh'.i-h took place )-ii '1 uvaday laxt. the t!d instant, was xlgualiri d by u very pi-euliar clri umxtnnoo. It took place at Aim-runes as '. tin- President of the Kr.-nch Republic In the costume of a general of the National tiunrd, v ax very busy in his -Inly, wiiou suddenly the drum* were heard beating and lo! there came General Chang.ilnil r who? pre-ruce wax not at all requested. It i.? mid that Louis Napoleon wax miiuh surprised by seeing him ou the xpot. An exchange of a few rough wold- to- k place, but tin- (<< ni-riil declared that lux posith-n ot entnmaniler-in-ehb-f of the first division oll-g-d loin to command all the military displays ordered lythe 1'resident, who by article an ot the constitution, bail no power to command himself Thux i ndi d the difficulty, but the most disagreeable part ol tin day's pastime look plica on the return to the palace it the Kur Faubourg fit. Itoliorc. A very laige crowd of e ferir-s accoin|>aub<d the President, and reci ivi-d hiui with numerous cri--* of t'i.t la H?publft.ttr democraticur rt MtH'ialc." General Changuroier ; wax no la tter t i nted at.d one of the . icixih i went to his iiorse. and took hold of him fiy the bridle. Rut ' the < l"I soldi.r ?-l:t|>p<-d him Willi tin- whiji lie h >rr in his hand s nat the Tuderie* .s you mi. iliii |.id.lie opinion is much against the present Kim 11 un lit. i ml. though I liii new simpers of lh? p irly nrc ." crtn.g that tlio.e who Uttered th.ise rrii-s >v. re ' inin with imii fnrci " brigand* \e., it is. ueverthi lees, u cuit prospect ?. have before us iiml the rcv.iws i.f tin President are not popular at all ?V h jr' This I may c\, luin It i? vrell known the d< uln of 1 lii> hlyrt'c have fur their ol.j< ct t'i excite an ovation ii. fever i t I., uc .Nitpoh. n Their |)lan would !> as t< llow Tii elmose the opportune no?iu< lit to make tin aimy UD.lerr and t liul the I'riuee relie npin fheitt. as I hey may n ly upon him To prniuis. many due >la'icus. uud many promotion*. n hu h would h granted accoiditig to the course of behavior will h? adopt id mill that pursued l.y the troop* Vou will mo tie rvfnre. that this plan has its m -riln. hut it hai ' not li en ki )>t secret enough, and now it is considered j an " no go." '11 I resident's tour to the east of V ranee will hare i lorobjict. 1st. to acrompauy the Urunl Princess of ltailen to the frontiers; and. lid. to see, hy OtH M'lf. *h? t IK the spoil ol the di part Uvula in rc/anl to the e ip d'etat It l? >ald that the prefects of th" departm ut? through which the Princes* a 'II trevil hare reenred ordi is to make great preparation* for the occasion A print toiuomiii ul. like that whii-h made am h a at n ition at S.iuinur. during the last journey of viic Pr-'sldeut. will tultc place iu one ol the m rV- ?t cities to '.he I rout h r fuvh hare Inn the Occupi'Moits of 1. nl' Nap 'eon diini the last fortnight I mtiu<>t roueh for the truth of a ei rtain rumor, whleli a. spread on the t7:h ult . that In wa - to acrd iii his re - '.gmitiou and i !l f >r an up pi el to the people It I . welj known l>y all tboae who 1 Hp irql'sin! .1 Ss .til |.#al?l. s - T ?I .. alt... la. |s .'I a silent and eotd temper, and IhM when he has tab-n * II sol ut tot. he |s as ohst mate as a i or It; hut BO one P old In Ih ?v that lie u.uld surrender In- actual ps>?,iion under the liepe that he would hp re-elected P.mperi If sueh anevint teas rn r rrowne.l with aweers* one eoold all foi lioldly thst the rrpiililiean tra p- ly which h<tinii on the ?4th ' J Kibrttnr/. lt-ts would enter ou ita fill Ii act. and that the drvuwmi ut would so iu tal;e piaee. The news from Italy la quite of a reussuring atyl< Tie I'ope is at this v. ry hour, according to a'! ie. counts, i nrlt'c Portia to h turn to his dominions The day i f his departure wi. to hi- the of April an i hi* Uolir i-s was to Irani hy land to Terraciiia wIipTi . is It Is wl'lspi ri d by eri ry luMfy lie ices to stop, iuat ?d ut prt.i ci dim.-dlri-pfly to llome It has I en snld that th- l'i pe w old inter the capital of I'hri 't.ii'loni on 11 e f.lli if AI ril I hat in the u< at day the r>i;. >1? of 8t P< tei's i hutch would be Illuminate.' kc ; lut I ku<?w In tn all tin which came from Kaplt s last night, and who hi hrd III my bands that Pius I \ will only i etui u to his rti t s. a-h' premised and will wait t h.- opportunity *if re.entering llie loor ol the Vatican It Is certain that the position of his llolinesa Is very JiHI cult There is iii llome a party ready to o| i o .e all he will do. and the nivnil* r* of which will ucrer I .atisfii d. i*cl. ly the l?'st and the moat liiieral measure* The patty is that i f Maxilni. who tries nil In tt? power to fi nu nt a ..It at inn Pn* ismations Is the mo.?t Id > iy lauum-ge aie Jit daily sent fn in fn taerl: nd hy 'dar all I ai d posti d u the walls of It r.i- iu the lis Me of the Hi n an le| id.Hp a l.e i el urn of l ha Pone waa h.K mad- hv . * The Vn 111 li l' vcrt.iiH til (mil put lit lil? ill' poaal I h* man of ?ur t nuhim I.hi tin f*ar<IIin-1 mi.iI mlnirt' i - "t I irrj^ii in *i i?li'i t i rr crowding I "tit nil pnria of Hump" m I'ortin. fori 'il I'I'i- IX . who-* wt?ba* wara l? '"ap" Ibt | t"|' it Ion i/f Friin. to > hapsa h'? miuil. inii to jiii < < i il lo ib? frontier* f hii *ini< ' through tba i"mirii'ii" of lb? King "I N >| ' ? Tl.a Imp' linn trie p? will -cort tin I r| i loTrllilrl.thrri ha will In* racairiilh) lb* in u< h arm/. Ilia 11 "liij< - will b* aoaonipai.i il I j Hi" Mug' I N-i|'l''?, tin r It il K ( nar?l I r<l< u. tli n< ral Mutngviiy it'lllllii ra. and il'wnl Ni'tnianto Ibr thr"" rKa/rrrrt of Hainl Prlif hniul John Mid nii a Mari t Man l?'?na. will pram-da h;m ?l llito Biilrt' dManm a mrl nf oniiwri. to i niroonf bla approach huch U th" nrd-r <>1 lh" Marah lb" ? ??tllialion of which. a.- I tol-l row. I? not *? ? <l"?i,'tial I llrrat pr? palatini," hate l??ii mill- at li rrarlw-t Tlir papal i nil* bo* bwi n rwoovaU <i. r?t>ntrtr4 ftr winNt tint a til'L la na.l h.i l < li fi*i J .it tfia Valiran lb "Ida till" tlii' Hi pi wi"ha- to wall at Ti rracma lb" nrrnal <>r lb' !ip.iii'h Irpii'ii m n II ikalif lh? "Papa'" Mdl'T" " e< Pi j '"i d of Ilia nobl.ll/ Of III" whole of hur.-pe. whirh I- now fi'inilnsr itt I'.irl" and .ih r n|i*Uli if < bi-utrn<l in I'itt" IX r"li"a np"ti Ik" Hp.nti-li. aud tlxwa "ti'Mi' i pf Ilia faith " a* he miila lln-tn to >r? tl an tip'ti tha Fr> tirh an l Aii>trian ti Ni fi rth"li aa. a l?r*a ilMrll nttnn nf eroaana and ?l anratb-na baa III II n ?|J| III tba aim/ i f aX|ndH>n|l Tb* ?a r.fferlii/t and r? want" nintint to ? . > hi (Ira hundrrd Tba I Iantat anl* nl. Ill uti natit" -iil.-i IHtii an l 'Mi'r< h i?" r critid lb" l-ratel and lb" tNMnf iliaaallar* of HI tin p- if" " II hrrtit aid lai? >! t havaltara of Ik" , (Halt r if Tin? IX hate born h<-tiarad to the eaptalha. i 1.1. It il I-at n 111 hi .1 ll?nt i.i.a ti I .# .lr. a*>l? I It*. *tft?.l? 1 m* nf ?ff r? nf St tlnu.drr Iw? g ?rn t? ill* ??. lon?'l> and ?(iihp nlkrr < whllat lit gr-it lUr" of tlic ottif r I rtM- IX hit hull off tod to lh? i "P r?l* of brlgadr noil illvMon. Thr li tin of Vt?4It < hIM i iPdlnltt??tr w ttl 4. and ihr fir t ditidriid Iipp Itm p%hl |o I! r"pa. who prut a ' fni ;;.m It tllirr Wr* l?l'itHn-l rnlib.oi l?? rd of nmm oftbi Frrnch >-liamrr? Ami fim I. ?t pn*?l ..f thr erf I UlMf !'f lb' I'ifr't rrlnm Inlhr ftitr< f lit 'hnrrh. uiry lo il-r1?iil from tha nrrlvnl In Horn of 'hr .lift rtt.t Oi'ulptirp of Ihr pnw? r< of Knr .p. Among ill in I mart million ihr tnl? mbr I Ati-tria wh> Hon pi flit.I in hi* |-il???. ?nil raptaard on tha pnrlla thr . pliiil.l nutl ti nl nf nrmp ot tii bijh r>?r In -pit' i f IP' ti ry imnll fllrn.t' nip I pr f.-?? fnt tha kli.p 'f Naplm *h>i.i> t|. -p.ifi .in ttrnl linl. -illfy nfa 'pally illt|[iip|i?'B I fciUit nrlli ot?i. tl|f. "lib tha pr.ra I in ri in ml ll i f F? rillnrnd ! < han d in lb* mo I <1 ,mU I f. il ?tyl? with Vim l\ il-irlnt li't -. jmim ! I>l? Unit* lit- ptfopibd h m knMir* ft. and I Inn that Ilia U'tir if LnOfp Xh|m>1 i.n to In in ?np tin tnl andtoftitpa )> rl A h Itaf I n *al? d Iriii ?n I Of I (ran frnll nml (Vr If .from Ni-? Yotlr. no of niy r atpnnl iiiP arrn?r thr AtUn"o) Inlr 1 Ri t>i?. iilrt >.f Mnirh a?puraa hip Ibnt tin . llnntit.n tf tlip holy rltjrIn nn.-h a*af#*ratrd. with tbp ri>t|.l<b if a l.wvil.aiti" lb" I ?>|pl. prr d to .f ' . i / p ' i. ,i i ... I'* ? * . nl by f h fnimd ! < it h Iran n 1 Imp yon tniiy m tbnt ti rrthU". f >r th* |>r. m nf loada In pii|i|h>pp that juli In'-aa i? r?pi 'P'i in tI.p I'nj al Sf nlr? Tim pin'tiipfi I 11ctmnif r.n f.rghi rn nra now l!?. I p'r i t | ..liii. pl r. ip 1 l.iy only amount to ii?> mat fr i ir? olll'll VI old bat. bi n paid llrll.1 .( ill .? il il *? right A t?ry rnrlatn turban^n of d'pl"Niatir n'.fpa Iiup tnkin pliin- but thr mi?t rt.rl?iir thing in all fbip aTii.1 Ip tin iti rfaiatlon nf Au-trw. which p?yplliif 'ha bp l aftark r| brrat IttbalB P|tiil>l TWMf. *111 k* rMi*iitp|pil a- aiainiMK Fi'rh Ip tha ati ta "f thlaffa * tlir pick of ran) la be illy ph'tilrii and lh- wiHip. utir rf I rt'i Air llainiii.-n a* well a* hlaoMartri. "t iw Worn to bp wm at thr I'atara I'lHl. ttn rt - drnrp r.t liir tlranil illikr lh bfnjj if Napla.? m< fp rntinilig t!i?n fhr pntrni:.|r 'ffu-rany lia mailr nd?am- " to I. iijrlni.t for ihr ? it is? n? of l Pal mnntry attiinrt ,-!rt|y ami lir prnp<-.-? In p: y !l i It.ib bin iy in ihr a"nr ?f ibr hrim-|.>a?" II Ai. not bin* In fhr .nni of f liy tknanii'l p "i idi In litMir || ? "l.tTIi ifl'j. It .?ip bip btra aattl'd

n| .| Ihr la?t p'ram paaferl ab'> h arilaul fhw thr I 'in f.'iaW. h?< hnmpht thr mi lhal tha KrtIt I. pi ft 1 it i tan it ita rm rrlf a m. aiuri' ac iopt lk? pi if rtriflp if tha Otwli Thr illfT rmt rlalioaafP htia In lit) bi* tat to* tnit ara'.fdinjt to all an-mial* ttmy a;p ?.f tb. t. t tr Tina i bararti r I r.. waf. ml y.a In pill, -ti att irla p*l |t-b. it In tbi> ./rnnal Hf l*ff. f. of I In nlt V..ii will llrul ihr ht?tory nf a apf. lam .'i* I ?--lfm, who waa tha k?nilai 1* diarwrdt tw? twran tbi Iw klrud.-m. la Pall:- rler.J tpa t'f.nlrn i f II. rna I la grrat npiutfca oival tiia ipci. it coataat A ktrp- +** w. RE H N'DAY, APRIL 22, 1950. lily rongregalcd. ou the "Mil ult . nt Wuniiingen mid th< ugh tin- two pnrtiew were present. they kept the boat order The tijiigii'i who are Mill iu |h? Cintiini hi*" left their residences anil will emigiat" Tim Pole* will sail for Kjiypt. tbe Herman* for the United Stale. In (leimsnylho constitute! \seeiably at Krfurlh I* i [k nod anil the general question is. to kui>v will he the end of ita deli hern t ion.* Will it lie the nucleus of an unitarian and liberal (lertnuny. or will it only ho the instrument of the nmbltlon of the I'm-.inn r.nhlnit * l-'vip* roHtleini helleees Ihi.l lh.. * <>t Ei forth will end as that of Erankfiwt did and those 11 the tin- Hiitn "t llcrliu ami Kroinsler U is ivliai we call in I ri in h dt la grai'f t da ntaiY 8nxe liararia, and Wurtcmbert? havu adopted the federative ny tern. w regulated I'JT tii<" old treaties : llanover Is ready to poi'take in the alliance of the three Kirnjs. ami tlio tirnnd l> ucliy of Btst'n it tliiitinii H inin t the pernicious sy.-trm of Kcrliu. What then remains to tlio Invedii'K deairea oiKing Frederick (litilisura' ' S inte small St iles, without any power in the balance, whose )?"? mors are dreading Invasion. Tin im.ri?u s of I'rtissia arc discovered, unit no doiiht tiorinanv will l.e returned to Its ancient organisation The < xperiUii lite of the two last years have proved to that oflim trv that the only way to he safe was to he on Hoard The secret toimntion of armies still continues in I'rusria Austria ami Russia. and it was said in some dipli matlc circles, that the troop* would In" directed upaiust the parliament of Ertnrtn A very curious incident took place, yesterday, at the National Atscmbly. during the dehatai of the secret funds and the tin i|t"'t of France \ lew diS.ILIV' ?1 le words. were exchanged between Mi .-u Hurtle aud Oliassaigi'o-Goyon.'nnd a sort of pugilistic encounter took plaee 11 tween them. The pri an -i r.nfti?>n prevuileil in the Ilousc, and you will see the ih la'ls of it iu the papers I scud you. II. 11. U. THK aO'w?IP up I'.\?!S. I' iki i. April "k I <00. Tht H'ratltrr l.nngthitmpt J-'orrifn Mim'tlrrt f.tutu .Vupaltm in an .Oiarrfeaa Buggy 'fkt (irret Is t'r.y Lola Monies aiul V,. lenui J.r.ily I hut iLt!, (Yr:rer(tt -JV Opna Arte /Vs.yi ? Ptftfai .iivaii;o?'ii||. Jiishnp llappi - Irarimn Cidf' ami Rvbixrfj It . U! m Spun .literi>a?? in Pari*. Wr have listl vi ry had weather since my last 1> Iter from I'ari*. To the finest and brightest uu 1 spring succedUUa st lit a of slornis. which reu.lcred the alum -]>i) (iv rniuir rum. i' i mo urn mm w.-is ii--r11: cnv. -ni with enow. This sudd-n change limt ben uiurli fdt in Pari*, ami the hills or mortality cont aln a groati r unmix r of drat lis than usual, at this lime of the y< ?r As l'i r thr holy week which is generally (during its last three days, rajuy and uncomfortable. we have l?... 11 ph itsuruhly mistaken. The weather clean d off. and the promenade of Longchamps. the t-stival of 1'ttliiou ill Pari-. was favoreiJ^j i ; li a splendid sun. and though the wind bli w hnrd. great nuinhera of nod brilliant vehicles, appealed ,.t the (Ihnmpe F!y.-la. (in I'liutidajr u;.d Friday, ii.nn one to fit? o'clock, this large avenue of Paris wn? crowded, and offrmla very t rill ant coup d'tril. The weather was quite fnvornl le for the exhibition "f tlie in w ts-lilous t.,r llo coining spring and you will nee hy the description that the clegauce of la frllc France lias not yet aluulotird cur shores, spite of tlie rei illation and olio r social it Id'as The nuiha- adnra f foreign imtious were present in their rimips; and .Mr lliv. bin lady and pretty dam.hter. w< re r marked auioi-g tin in. I'rii.ce ( allinnk. the Turkish ambassador, rode in nil equipage whieii cieiled much admiration, a- wi II hy l ha < 1< ithiicc of t lie t>> '/, t. as '"or the beauty <t lin horse1'rinee Louis Napoleon, our President, was so n also, driving an Amerienu buggy, only accompanied hy a aarvat.t it mo h nie remember one of I lie b'li >y<"' ywiihont hia glial" of course ) and I could not but <xel.,m in jails, '-no-long'" as he disappeared.? I was really delighted to < how w< II be drove Ilia bora and vi bide, and i said so to one < i my friends a veiy wiliy journalist of Pari-, who rcplh 1 in a v.-ry saiesilic time: True, he drives very well It would be will it be knew as will how to drive the chariot of our government a* hednc.i that \iii.-i ran bog ty. Tlie best driver to imitate would bo Washing i'" '1 in great topic In the saloon- ot I'.iri . during the last tw u wo ks ha been the (irogr of thi National Lot. tery I he buioan of ahii li was situated in the house In which I rm now living it took |pi< > mi the USth of ii j11 > nil > >< i ni lurry p? r - iii wiii ' ?> mi i nr nrM nuinlorai il lIn- piirn i.| 70,11*1 fraiic*. had the ticket 71.KM. Tin |i te con-e'ti <1 of a very *|.i"udhl aerTloe of hum in lull)*kiinr the tntrlnaic tnluc of which la 60 000 frau? N? ?i-r hare J rcon a imir.mi.iuai n. ft been Tort unate enough to be the gag"#*! | A ?<ry good joke wm *|>re*<l through I'arU. and t took *? will ?i that uf Km k Mchaughltn In New ; Yolk W hrti h friiml \ mil ? vk?ti to ? imully ou llto j iinj* which followed the drawing of the lottery i-.nn i ot the rinitid |-? ople u-oil to 'ay In a v. ry -ail tone. Don't you know that I hat- tn-en roMeil of Town friiio'i" "II you <lont nay'" "I ict!" "Iloir mf" til. II ly deplorable "Ifow did It happen "' "III a i.iy unlucky munner " "IVIieii teiler Uy " -Kt| linn " "I loal at the National hotter* llir lleket II 1 J." And there tinv id coiir-. a general Imgh ].i > U in k'nat uproar a UrrlM* < irllrMrnt The huml 1.<I* hoctm. Ike i ngnli ? of l au-leldl or .Mra. III alii. Hill*- I OU tile _* I II tilt HI || tie.k p oee.lon of the llotii 1 raujou. at til' end of tin rue do I' milieu fhe war i nly rrroiupaun I at her arrirnl by In r Uaji r Demo aid chambermaid: lint on the 'linod Friday," l y m let o'clock I", >1 Mr Ileal.I ?'.i f or >* pence*. arrived, followed l.y a largo number of *erTanla ai d tee cart lege. 1 he Cel.nraleil couple have i.ot Jet r.eite their appeiran In puhlle. I.ul ilia Katd their hoiel wa- in-dantly ana ln e.? iiitlv ! ah pi I Ly a grrnt inula r of vialii re who w i? h to pen*11ati lot. tin anrtnm and kn-.w oniethmg about the tame f the ri turn of llie beautiful hnla Ai tliir arrival, winch ho created alao <|Uite a ter. a'.u.n i< that of Lady I'nitglat daughter of ih>gnal I' n hi-- of liadeii Drill ? Mi pliant** I i tin I.', a ?ery'plcudid * man. arrived on loud iy h -l and alighted at a private hotel lured for her alone at the Avenue d'Antiu. Mi" ?i> preaent at i he ! ly-ec on I he tame rti 'lug. mid ell th" courtier* i.i 1 i tita \ nnnlttiiit I I* >i , . ..... - i I..,.- o... . It.tut around her. The Ctr^e hM ill iho Imll*. mail tin- b./ly wtili lit< niiljr brrn relebratnl Willi roucert* n fery tiU.i i, lb.I ? a? you know: fur a? rani a rery pretty !ady. IbUm ^alid in order m ko w if aim knew ?nyIkliiji Imn tlraromr than nun rnnri rt' V -.Ikii iw." Mut i- ||!'' "'Iwo rdnn rti" H ell, we hare bad n '.re il n a hundred roller rl* during (be (art month aid H i ctllr of I'arla *m rnrirod with bill* of all M'it> ami riilora 'I hi theatre* bare hem r ? y tmry ami h ire d"nr. I ?hi.| 1 I i liii.k a vri l |i<" it humor *. 1 he la-1 |ierf irin ri iv i I the I'lOphili at lh" i.|" it bar b -en for the a.lit' r- t| I;, get ami Mailag.. \ la let (wliwint loI nmtnu ye-derday). a rerire of triUQipHe a.i I for the inai.afer a UrrtM of nnney lln- partition < f Mi will now he put i i.i. fwr *i> in >ath?, i i d < I hi r ion <li al worka. Mining wlilrli I will inrntloo Ihw in w opera of Awher. Ir'knfant I'md ijiie " w.llli plod lie' d In rph-intid .|)| l lie WfW i'l Viad?im l.aboidr whli h wa* ilelnreila >n are .out of the ehi rt n jnum i f Minlnni.'Vuid'ct. i? ib .'il-illy to lake p.nce tmat au k Mi" appear- a* I tiiiil you. in the rberaru r of Valrntlue in tie Uu^uenotr " Mdll Maiiivielle I'i.i! .r. ami Ma lanm I r'*n r. from New urleanr are nlto og igrU ai.<t a ll aoon be produced ill public. Tlie Italian Iheatrr nirt with |vita a ??caaa with "Ma .adi It'iban " ?iiiik by .Mon lnuir.'iil lloaeont. rod Mortani. Mine tVAilgrl* taking the part f Mio Able da in i.ili Thir opera ' f'i anil hi* " Iron I'a t?it'e ' w|ih wh rh Imlil irhe irou InbmlMlraM l.i? nifipanlil liarr I n ,i the hi t (opularuf lull er en M the Com r np. ra Mon*e th Mnl?oiomer N Ight'i I rent', (/? .h .|i f'l.iw want if> r a pri t y op ra of ?. "tn I" rrpf ri.irn in I II11 r?-1 ? i * ?? * I pal li tba rairkf nliil tantalnrr. Ink" tin piln"lpal i/a Tb' null lli aln ? hnrr hail nnwrrnua n'? a Mali fi r llii nil ?i pill, karr |?i ;i-r?l Ihr paldir. At Ihr 1 hr?ir? Mnt.tau-icr l,i.<l*tk|Ur." al ilia larialBa. f i f nnaktkV.'* I # i bi i rlirw-i * *1 nf " anil oiii*r taali \;;i'ii *.Ilr I.m tIn i?ii gnat pi?y? nf lh? m in i lin loin III'dap nnd Irimin Urand r." ikaihdt* I'niil p ' lip M l on ar I fin- lirrn Ihr r.i - i >i ii hk li | i f hi* lli r r> annd Thr p "'lap 1'i|i I! HI Ihr ph ; ?i || I ndurtid and h' X i ??iii prr it a v .In |i ?li i| hi Ihr K tirral nplnl m i? til it lb ' i iii l'iii liar m bin r I1..1I ihi i p B'im I tlie in nl.ralnr in Ibal ??tf rint f? I'Vldtaam lb Bi.u-iiiu- r.?n .lord til' 1 lip arr M tin f atli I'd k"T llK"t I ll'f ll 1M in II Ii! II. t > I fcl 4 bp ti aa I ' king I an nf n I hm Iii'K I In r I hi .lunmii ib.. aa rap I In lh in a pr >?i rl 1 In* h 111 In r tif ' I hai M r i vnlap" ln< orlUi n ? auk rlnili ail im n hr fniK<iiiin for l? r?aa"t ha ? I a <1 aith lli#* 1 nl rrnrrpt>nn id In* hra.ii hi? ' liii r?. 11 r kr-l |m rl maor r>l that If"* Ip Ii 11 al liar till au.lnm i n r ainlli i.rr ?i im I In air r raacaN 'I In pi In 1 frar iik iran imuhi waial-nnn III' *p >1. 1.11' tf> It of an* port Irmk pilar.' ami tli' amhnr'a nan niiikl irniltallii piiHir tilMl aif ronlrat A? fur I ihini ffirtiliir 1 I Ah laliilrr Itumaa an J Mai; 1111. I iliflan I l.arr tin) luanl fnr a I "kg tuna a nmia tnl< H 1.iiig. i.r la 1(1 r am! ii |>lip lb lalrfwt id Ihr pM i? k'pi ?p mla-irahip. lli arrnifp aa-l tt'te ai? aiapiillU i Hi ai d I In armra and Bi'tl aara "lllifit ll 1 In gam I hi fai.n "I In K 'I ' P''/* 1I1 |ati 11 tl i ??|i rlimtt prbat ?' t?< hurir-d hp I idi 1 ?.f li tall- 111 II. la 11,1 br-t rum' ilill and arlnr nil 'Ii I aid nf larta 1 hr mk-r arfi-l* arho apprar *M I m Mi - i? Jri vi 1.1 j limn ami lln'kiW Kr i-atlp II 1 "lull 1) |n ihr aiirraaa if th- irania .tn dmht l)?l hi"t> M r. hull or 11 am him ?f Nrk Ynfk o.ll 1 h '1 V- I Iii 1 I ihr nu mi r. pi f Ike I rmrh |dap. al d haia !t Iranrlati il f. r Ihrlr at 'pr I I I t 'I rl' r Irp thimnral I. t ailh- nl m-nllnnll-r 1 lir n.?! ? in Bar aria hp 1'anl IrraHMrt (K?f 11a tiiimnt, id iy :irf, ri lli d ihr 1.11 .< * af ikr ft 1* nu ah rk?ra- | 'iiliti il laat a akl al Ihr Th.-alrr d* \h ?i I Ii Ml. >r l? Ihliik f.dnk a? If rnrral t'kaa11 il. ii r 1 barlr* M *1 1| 111 rp % . and I kirk aflrr. land. r | Ihr tiirknanir if l.ngl. p. u ?ra I aua-.di' rr, I Iii I lat a l.amartlnr. I ntkiirii* Marra-t and all ll a mi trl r- kf Ihi liovntiiiaarnt lirlolop I iillll h-llir r'dimrd on Map' ltl? ihr I Ilka- | ira' 'i n id II.- l amphlat nf i hi-nj ' ?hirh mull' aprh . fa-* a k" kth apu. 1 hr plap. not * rp f?'d in llarif. haa tha otilp im nl nf krlnp full nfallii -i' n- and "ffrr ak itaail'kt U| porlnnnp fkv a |> l.tiral run a?t It im rrrp ? !1 nl! h thi m ? prnp"?al >f M l.anwha- ( quilin: klibrr Mapkkiia nr Mnkarrhp!" Vmi rialiwt ahat a bull lib lu'k plaor U-v kipkt . ERA! wltltlu tlic iimIIk of llio tlie?tre. T! ploy >?? . IiUhi-J by come il l republican*. but they won* nil turned nut. out- .titer the other. nnil their opponent* k.-|.t p,,?r?niou of the place. Arc we in it republic iu Kronen' An we? Tin lotip wni'cil tragedy of Lauiartine. ' TouUmlnt," v hit-li wit* nunounccil for this evening baa liven postponed I ill Saturday next There will l>? another great assembly tojudge the merits of an?lli"r grint work of the mind. You hull know about it The po. lal arrangement between Knglaud an.l France. i< on tin- eve of a settle-incut. Tbe Marquis i 1' Cianricaidc general director of the pout ottlre of l.oniloti. now in Puris. where he coiues to nettle with 4 Thayer for a diminution of postage between the two_ collieries It 1? to be hoped that they will have an under, landing for the rate of taxation is really too high We pay thirty rent for a letter coming front NiwYork weighing u quarter of an ounre. and three francs if the weight goes n little beyond; the people who write from the I'tiitrd Mat t Kuropn ought to be very rareful about the thickness of tbe paper em pli vi d by tbe 111. if they wish to spare the pocket money of their fritnde Well very likely Mon - Clanrlenrdand 'I buyer will lettle lie metier. We have in I'uris the PUhop Itaj pe, of Cleveland, Ohio, who is just returning from I'ortici. win-re lie went to offer the 'Peter Pence" to Plus IX. Mr H ippo's intention is to return to \'i ,r York on tbe lioth of Way next inking b>r companion-live young priest . vliisc de-ire ii to go and spread the gospel among the Indian tribes. 1 lie name of M Cabet, who is -o well e-'abllsbed at hi- le.irla, lit Nuuvoo, was brought, three days ago. lielore the Poller ( nrrecliotielle. under the ai-ii-allou ot I I I ry under false pretences." (tf course the npi 'tle of i i nimi.nei-m was m t present und the unit riunate Cal*-t v? i sentenced ton very 1 wig period of jiison, and to 1 t;u.f, line No matter, he is afe In l tin 1.'lilted Slates, iiinl no doubt li" will uot I fool enough i appeal from Llmt judgment. Y I'll mint in it uppi that California !- tlie only country vlien- gold is now to be Poind In the Province of la mi. in Spain, t richest or< lias ben discover! d All the inhabitant i ! tiren ma have left the city foi tlie country; and tbe nids i f itic river Dauro, (vi ich n.ean i f gold) i . v. -II a? tir n uuil the eltv, are 1Mb d with tile preeiou- uiiiiCt ul. Tlie ni-nomania id geld digging is general now in -p oo, and a letter IVCI ivid Ir in (irenada n--n es lin t in n e til in iMxi uu il were alri "idy engaged in ?a i '.g. digging and fjgblillg for tlie iii'iHiiMliou i 1 tin 11 lie Xpec i I riches. 'J lu-re a re very ti w American now in Pari ; the most | Of those who have lately arrived'e left lur tier%tany. Italy, or other eountrlt - 1 .-cud > mi in< iudeil the Minns of llio.-e who are now in Paris, eith r at Meniie '.- or at the ilotil -lis Pric. . or other ?, e!s in Paris. Orriek Metcalfe. N. Y, flusttn- J! He;.1. il i. Captain I'. S. A. Ik llaii S it i Ca lint Col Willi.ughii). P. s. V. Moses Co..;.. a. R I'eycrw. at her. N Y 1- lloHios, Itiltimor I'm,I V: N. V I I'...I , .! -I I .. I Wa C C>4mi Iwtn W. II I rr? SbtpL hH?n I .litres A. ltriltNin V V. N t A I, K (1: |.j> Portland. Mr W in Ulriiiv (' tirinna'i n M Adi.iim do. vv'. II N V Cliurlr- Mony, N V .t.liii S II bcrton, tl tie urge li lintper. do. Joseph ( My'It il" II. I nr.tii Id do Willi;..? A I our n. Jo. H. Mrt'ort*. Jo. T1IK KIIKM II 1AMIIHN*. Ham-. April 1. <n:,t,, l J a>htunx uf, hump,?Thr 1'Uttilrit?Ure>i?S'rr - Ihrtt in Full?l oatr- Halt?Sticki nil Kyf-g!n* ?. Although cptini; lias not precisely made its appearH III ( III r?rU, it iK C*CI pi til Dec who ll'lVC cci ll till' l |. (fl.lico of the fashion exhibited Jit I.ll.|g. ebanip*. to imagine how prettily array. J. how in tefully Un rci J were the people n*sv mbl J in the t'h unm during the two daya of that annual pro.u node. 1 lie toilettes i xhibiti J this year are the or plui ill .i ' olgiaeelul invention, ami no doubt they will Ik in ieti ! III prerintej on the other Mile of the Ai! ntlr Let us In gin with the bonnets, the principal part of \ tin irt utofl dressing of a InJy. Tin ne proltythlngs are Unite Inimr than I a at year. hiiJ wider on the lace and a little Hut on the top. 1 he uiat'rinln of which th y are eon-pored are game. crapes, nee and straw Ammc lliose I have rt marked I will inenllon? A la/vtlr trade of white tnjfr'n glarf, with rnfrn/eiw of rrrpe 11 vend with rich lure. These rnten/ruj were i 11. ii II \ li t Ml u in In' li I- ? li II I in- lojrnai. I li lint low < f I lit L i i nt i Intel the forui of a all. II anil the Amu.'#/ ni.t itut and 11 in mi I ?"'< ? tn , ? H' tin'in uni t ?in I mnrliit of lilm*. white u. rum r lid without in y jiri i n |i hvi r. Aifuiir ((tn|>o-id often -tn ill o/a'ili of while watrri tl riik. ItUiiui'l with a ttnn lit ii >1 of.-traw Tint 1.1 in i urn- nlro mi iiynUe ard n n|il< ml'd bouquet of vbbt . t r in in i tl with i'iir? id c irn wtt d-lica ely fiXi 'I < li tin I' fi rlili*. A | tiily lioiii*^ of fancy it raw Iriiatmd a lull it 11 ti ft all'im. A cijmffr ot ri?f?r prn n Irly. ii'loriii-il witli a hunch (if i Iii ili tl- i ilrt ii A re/ l.i i ll' nun Cnl Tl?fi i.> twl-.od With Million li (< ami ii pnrlnud ft lille- mill forpt m --not. . A Lot iii I of tow /njjfirm. rlinn^linc lot vrli'to. triiuII" (I Wl'll II fcM/iUTllll of iTM|.l' In nit* of it wan (be. r.n w 11 fa it) a bimrh of |ilnkn of all colnta. Il.i iti-fda ilirplajrnl at LonRchmpa am of an iin in I'-t iirlnty. a Ml t heir color* arc really at rprtnlu* b\ thrtr rlt liner* and brlllinorjr. Tim *t/r o<r? and witli it c| tike art tbo nn at fn lib'tin bl'- for thi I'lt-nonl 'I lit l i-dtiTi * art mailt'o|mu In fr nt f >r tint tl"mill lb m mil b'M'ki it bh'ii'l for ball* anil anihTrt. Ni ail> all i t tin in an in fi mi of a rid iir r< at. and the )i r>i n rirrt Willi iol%u from till aanl limn to tilt" lot I Ihr rim in i I lln'drm* a la rb ift. and mailt' laiyt at thoii.Uof thn?. In ord r to b t p i a Urp /ti / alio wbb li art- i lilt Inn Tin y bat' I lit- double mil M.tnpi ot rt-i dt rlny I ht rich! of ih> hand-m ilb-r, iiinl to iritkt a c< nil n i with Ihr rolorn of tin drc-a lit Inn til il In- lit' madf of t h ' an inn piece of nmnlr an ll o (In-n rhort a? a fpani-ll jacket, and ri udnrcd b i'frtt I) mi nil 111i' li of broad l inn ot n nnrtcd color*. 1 In g|i<ri* Mill ^Hltl Tn IIIII III' of III!' ?llllll color i> III (jinx 1 lib ix cntixldi'rri! a lllc mml icHnr^ xlyle. In elmrt. Irnljr rommt it of I'triiilrnMi Inn riryutitmrm color. The ugly finer allowed In ti< r rr ionic ! the l.nnoct, wliU h may be of ? i different from In r robe The tmlrlle nl loiifr I* nl-n rery In mining. The lender* ol In hinn hare rendered ?i /? . m/ the dre??e? incite ?iib ?liiti muxlin epolli il with amail peaa of all mli'tr 'I In beddicr la made dlagirqiii MhI UlM la tin thii'ltlir ly Ih.wk nl red relrrt. w Ufa i diamond In ifceinairi- The hrad-drr? fa al i? foron d with red ?i I vi t I ll.hl li. r|>Otli i| with at mix nf dmliinuda I i hi i>f iiln l "f all eolnrx hare hern, and xtill are hix/piifii l.jr matrhd ladlr* and young mother* I xaw. at Lntigrhaaip. en m lmi if the Vartetea.'' a ho I' i r e nf tlia beantital mitn- n of I'arl*. attired In tin in'ixl ilegant Xlyle r*li?- wore a ilrexx of green xallu. adi.rm d mill garland* nf flower* wnreu In tl maleilal i'n the front of ihr dreaa. from the n ik Una n tii the ti t an i* fnnrteen rankx ef fringe* of I ha r?i iiilnr ami the wi'le Open ?|eere* wera ale triBino (I rrllli Ihi e rank* of Ihi ?iim ft Inge A pink h.miii-t fun ti (J with a re-dlla of Mae k ch< oil'.e coiapleti d (lit* i J i*i>l n xti me The lii-hiou- for gi ntii nun are not yet miieh altered Tin I I la ill r- I I ar i? h ?lnl..f I . I. ** i .at ralli d >t a market " a liirh l> of a peeultar ami elegant |||In light to the bixly. ailh a rbnrt and ?rhl? aiirt Mian - in null large without eulf* the eoiUr high aod round end the rrier* looxe and i|iitte tr >a I 1 he i.aiit. 1 <n?* for r?? ar al way a made w lb aatln laini Idai k or blue Mark. hilf tight. and rnund mi tin fie,i Hie pantaloon* for dewi-rafirfle are of g?y ri |i r i II her green gray, brown. Mile, nr Sroteh I lia l.i I II- Worru In the gnodx are no Itinn f**ln liable 1 be *tyl? i f wai*lei at* are imt much d n r. nt frmn what Ihi y aire I ho*e fir tall* ate of xlielllnrui. an I tin- ? lor nif/igr Without xhetl *tralght n? uxiiai Km htmileHe* art aiway* fa-hlonaUr tielter* of the -amr good* a* the pant* are the tip. top" i f eli ganrw. A Miort rtiek or kahm. a hat Willi lii|;li fiTtn and I ?rga l>im flat, w ill' hi any turn. au?h la Ik* a.itnjliin'tit of a n< Ml"tri?n ? la *.> I' >11 o-tat hi?i?. I?n? * hi k< ra In th*> ltritl-h alyla litir r?t half t< an i{ln-? flra.l In lh- e*wtn r f lli' i.ilill an llln'"in *hn |< iiiiriil in thu mjlii iui/ rail him??4f a ft al anyy i.f th?- I'urMm D'Of-ar n ii. r Our firman t ?>t rraponilrnrr. lit an* April I rk,???nU(| ml /Ti/ai f ? 7*li?/Vli. r mj /" imni InU /?f?" a/ ItwiiiV /; h >M R'wrOia'arf - Try Mm ank'u.T.V biilnlimt mm-yf Mr lf>ikm'y Vi' A.>ktl'ty ' / /.liio il Mr >1'ility <>f f;,tmaiip If rali"i al a?-? mlili* f arliamant* ?r dipl^matta roifialli at *tmU( to a?tnbll-h a political anion. Ocruiany mn?t lung ago hr.ra brroaia a naMadauiptra or rouft il< ration of Mtatra. >irh aa mnM hara aatMfird ilia in'i I (|r|i o?ry ? (|nrlatli>n? I'lrtt of all lh -rr ha* l,n n a anal llt-rnan national inl>l; al Frankf*??t. fi mMiiif of Iki- r< pr. tanfatiraa "f f??rtr mllli-'oa ?f |iWfl?, elt rlad ai-rori|iO|t to unlcir?al aulf. na That a??in:liljr. It la ??ll known turned nal a failure, and dli 4 of an unnatural death. brnuuht at,'Ut l>? It a uaa Mlf and w?akne-e. the want of linrnimy which |,r?ta l<4 among Ilia dllfrrrnf garth - andarrlloa* in it. and flit- Interference of thr cabinet*. Mlnre I line. Ini mi raMe ?|>' achat hara hern road* hy tn .it ten and t"HiMaa* eVnrt Ihr Oitmiia unn>n. in dif. firrnt | ntlii.pi' nt? In rrcry part of tiermany Tl?a fi ninii:' of* hara takan !)?? matter In hand and it liaa In n di*rw?wd In Ji|l"mntle nofat and at d pi > nuitlr ronf* cart* Ihr I'm- Un fOTrmmant. ah* re all othar?. hn made pleat i ff'.rta tn i-laMi h tba en-called (irriain i n'* n and to gain Ititn lij lha en|>r< uiaey orar tha Ofh?r Mat**. It hat l-twf a MWdltutloa f.?f tha rm?friliratl n. will h hat haan jolnrd hy all tha minor f wi n of tl? rn.aiy who wara n*d "tronu rn <ngh to maintain a mmral |>r>?ttton Areor.tlnt to that eonitituln"! a pnrli -newt rlratidnot by tha whola 'ler. it r. t.ati u. hut hy the aristocratic aa I prirl i LD. TVVO CENTS. leged cImm* husjn-t n^embl. d nt Erfurth Tho last experiment t > curry into cffi rt the project oi'a onion, and to rave the ronf deration eidahliahed by Prussia firm going to piere* by ini'iinN of the convocation of ? National A --i nib!y or Parliament. la being uiadu at this moment. The Re?<-h?U>g i?t Krfiut has b?en opened, and if it ia tnn\ t but matter* are generally Tory bad win never hue apn chea are being mvde, we rhoulj ?af lli?t Ihr msh In tl? yrwrnt inatinra i? a very draper?li> one. The I'rtiaaian oon'mi-noivr tieier*! Von Hadowilr who haa 1-eru tbe oracle of the Pruwlin cxbil? l on pri-viou* orcaroua. and who ia known to receive iirpiiNlionH iio other mortal erer received haa juat deliveied a ipawli at Krturt. which tins n -ariy aatoniahed tin- whole of Europe by the wi.?dom it reveal* (Jen Voti ISiub lniti belong* to those great orator* on this eido of the Atlantic who never apeak on ordinary oera tdour. but w ho re orve their talent* for *onu? unln iua eVI lit like the aaaelnlllina ot si /.V.rliOr or |i?rliii.r?iewl when they deliver thi ir vdadoiu with the more stunning effect, Coming. ax it if .??, from the nfHoial mouth uf n Prussian ctuiunisdoner ami exposing th" view* <t Ihe rii l.irjet on tile German union, the speech of rnuiee 1b conic* of much greater importance than the mere oraloricnl powers of tlie speaker could give it, and the mini f .riuli-ts ami friend* of the government have beet) altogether overcome hy ?o mneb ofHetal windum and private pi e ry. Nor do we tind tault with it (in the contrary the only objection we hav.i* that it i- loo good That beautiful diplomatic Ixtigiagi mid rich alb gorlcal style. wfileb Kuropenn politicians indulge in more for tin purpose, it would acorn of conceal i p than i Ipri-lngthoir thought*. ha-, never be a o much to our la te whatever it m i> Outaln of r ally good poetry A* we shall altogether oni't the latter and v hat i- figuratively snld of tin- German union, ?e shall find, however thai III.- ih f nee of th friM'i ta giierinici.t.brilliant a- it may h-- called. !u other rcapirt Ir ixlrimily weak in point of argument and . oioioiii nii-r Mr Von Itadowltx undertake* to p.-ov -. tunt the j.i i.ej of ihe I'm i.m en' inet ha* been guided by nt ilhei motive, hut to realise the wl-hes of th - ii -i iumi i-ple respecting the -tublishaieiit of a union, and that it lies n?(id com i-lently in the carrying out -d that policy from the beginning, lie n-*ert?. that th* i aid. t has led hi i n ll.fluenreil by uuy one. in the ei nr-e it has followed on the union <|U*?tlou. and that it has pur.-ueU an entirely independent policy from th-< fir.-1 to tin- la-t. The rea-ou. however, wliy it rejected the e ustitutlon eatablished by the representative* of the Geiman people nt Irsnkfort if it was merely aotuati d by a desire to realise a union, is impossible to ?piain Nor run we understand U-?w it acted mdepsndi-mly if it is at the same time hinted, that the m captation of tin t roiistitutioii would have led to a w?r , wiih Hums and we an- left to infer that the Prussian crhiin-i s to foil -w the .1 ct ties of the i'sar in this a* v. II -r- in all other matters Austria In mentioned by Mr Von iladowitg iu the mast alferlionate terms, Blthiurh the riliitious between the latter purer and I'm! i:i are as lio-dlh as tln-y rati possibly he between two no her* of th llolv tll'inre. and the quarrel belli, i n tin- Au tri in ami Prussian cabinet* about lb* n, r. mi v in (ii linauy. Would have |irob?bly long ago lid Gii vii. hnt tor the interference or Ituaata. Notw.tb ' di' Ihe Prussian fonieili-iMi been de . i } r,i \ - o j ? .11 naiiovi r tun i in* -ee-",- 11 in wviirl i I tin' minor |ioni r?, po--iidy of the ^router pi.rt I theft the I'ru- -inn eoinini-.iouor deolurr* 11 t tin j' 1.1 plan <1 ci-tal li liing a litTinan un'on h mi tin- point c! cnii-uniuiatiuu '1 hi* <'].tmr.sjn i n tin' pirl nf the I'runaian iroveritm? til it i- man ftcd ill the ?i? ?a and dceluratioa* if itr ri m?ni-'i i < i. Ik not howeti r by any mean* Khmiil lj tii. ! | tit ! -. ?t Krturth in ilr>|'lto of tin appn button with iiInch tin -pc-eh nf yIr Vmi Ktdoniita In..- In i i i a 11 ir< U < n the contrary, oril apjirehenmi ii?, that iIn whole /,'iV*A.uf wilt not lead to any reMilt art- niripi nilv I'titertnioi d maionjr the member*, M il Ihi jn --ih lily that they may be allowed to return holm Miii ulri iny I., infill fi id A?ye: th" parIt. in iii I - not (oint t n any re 'din ion whether It wtt till- it. I to- lc ' ri.l ci ii't|i ut ion i ft or Sh* >n) and liana vei l ritf m edi d rroin tin- /hind or not, and tli i|tac? t'on whf tiler the Mi l-atIon of III* -t;t -a juat oi.iiwd, f.' an the cnnla dc? i to n 1 li'iinlly ??'ld,will. I: rat f all, hate to l.e III Poll it by th ?V, .cai'.nia: .ct, or Cmiuefl ol Altn int-t i:'t ion w lili h art an tie Kllpre'na court, of tl i mi aelI il union Tin il-eol u c that iju -li .11 w 11 I e of i lie pi i i t In,p. rIn m e. ami will dvtavuiiue tl i c 11r i the l i A e.; \.il) pur** Il ti e deel-mn ia in fhvor a.f ha >?>ny and Hanover t'laeue '|ucnee wrtli le the date eparaion if a nil to her if it-itew In in tie /( w |ii v. II no lonjfer mm Jdff tho federal tnaly Mnd r.e n it t 'limit l h. pial"i, I'm--it will liari the r . I t In . in pel th I . t'cr. I y f irce, to remain In the confederal in which tnit-l nee - oirilj raure the prealeai eniifti ; ii. i.o : produn a w ar, in v li i h A h i m i ? ill la t. - i' no .i 1'ir t nialIera to ? rtaitd ion ? r n i mti* yet can pi lict what the aiitimate n nit w ill hi in . no 1,111 io e i,i tlie ppcrrh from till* t'irniie, delivered iy i lie Mm* of M irtciiibei-p, m* recent i or ill i it I to i i .'ere II. -lerli III ,i! m.r Pn... Din If ?fiy -harflj n it:el-ed the e 'hihu nt li rr i n ? >?( Ml- i! nil <111 I" matti inti rrfinme w;ih Wh t-inlier,*. m il rernlliil it? Mill tax. i<ir nl Stu -rart Tii-iuiui*t?r I \V r' ii. I'? rw el Una i-"ur1. Iiuj. nl t he -.<m< i '.ini reciiTtil u-lln that ltl? |-e-?|-"rt i 11, r-ule mi tin quit ltd thin ei |.|k| Y u- I' ; t?? r.iraeal hw darlnii tl lin t it u i r-l-ili ivim karo?-1? l?r the I* n/ i t ttirtt|i.l? r)( II it lit- lift' 111 t r Ii. 'il f ! ??rj a^e n-t it lie liijtl.!/In-.ill'it m I 11 ? u I mil l ,1 I II iiilh III- dlgi'itr to in k euy n-r on Hi?a* i I i ?j a I in Iv i.n-? I : -p lilt all 11 in ra i r? rt'liii"Oa Hue II-1 i li' i I tWKi lit xr,. .it. :.l the |if ir-Mi lit - ill n-ur- ral-ulM.-1 to i iiTi-u' tli- tliCl iiiiij til the | -<ii n i.f I'm ii and"' the I'm ?i*n r- i lideratiun. t. ?ir l< th? m utml ? -it of Uirm -it, w lm ail tl-- ti-t ot i -n-'icii'. "t Wi.'Icml.i iir nlul a.II n p| ri It a^ntn-; l'"i it li.- n piy in i In- |-rop?,ait -n-< ' Hattrit to f.-em 11 i il or in it'll, v. Iii. lt inn/ In- j- lin-il I / .ill tile Sia'.i-e I tii imm / Ir-. lndiny Au-'rta m. I toati tiell a li a hi jr lie-nlrt-iulj be< a niarliidi d rl Manlrh l~ twa.ii it.ul Mi ?. Iiu a l~ .-it a tlm-ft rein -at t-tt Hi- part of tin a?-?i i Him nt b?ti- It U alalad Hi it the latter baa di rlun il. In a ni-',t-I" I hr ll.nai an raliinet. that It l? drti in- in ?l Ii- ruatiiiui It* r(cr - In I-'lalf- ( tli>i e-nfrili rat ii.n it tian i ?ii-lili-hetl. l?i-l thit It l-w-\a njMtn i he l i * prt.:'il artf'l I.v till Miullt'Tii Mtlex merely aa an Mltli'l-l l.flU-l.ii" tlx . |' .it "I X t .-r.!i lnrili in A in I. . Ilk* M i n i to Ii. ' ii Mr III Mm i i ! > I'm- ..I ! nUluii. -I mo* r"|?i oof nf Hi* run II I I III tliHl M it*. Ill hum,' Mlli'f || a nrw Union lii in If. i n l Ibii Ina.y I') wli"li t hid formally _ i In ii. ''riiMlnu l iin I I ii---? rriu'iiii 'Mnni, on ll r purl ill I'ruioia, n u I li'.nri r ii.i'lrr tlx pr nt l irrunuKanri a piny- * ? ' I I\ Ml >11 .1; r 1 fin k> II) l"ri n un'1 ll." 1 'i 1 mi >1 11 . Ii. ii ?4'4*, ondrr llir ?u?| lr ? I f A u l I i l. onii- 1 /.- ! n r n^J lb ib pit# id r.ll p.-i'i liif II. I'. ! :i . iruiQfiii, Bbdllo'SM ml 1111 ?r ?.| tin Kil irl 1' irlui.i ut n tin prohibit! 11 in 1 lie pi't nl lb" u? korh ioa, li rrbbuie tin I'lli i f ilan u. I'm anninntry uf th r? ml lit km bail 1 art; ri. 11 rl-a In ilultu In 11 < ?ln.i; Ikr lalmnrp nf tlii-i r.'ipltnt ri ' part ! wlm.n had ri -i/lanJ In >| ml I ha l.n m a hi I day. ail l?- -Ik-* ta ami. 11 H i ai. In Hi- mauuf.irt ty nl Mr lior-lj In ali <b n gn it iiiimtiT of liAnrera ara rui ih>y !. ai" it I a 1 hu blind bud ilrtarmli" I lilt to ainnihah day altkutiRk thry lunl la-en lliria. ' l ailli di?t,.ral If tin) aviild iml do -1 The r. ni|U?niw af Ihla banm ri latnnrr liai Irm. that 1 | ?rt I lli?l iWvf ri l.a? III ll I third lo qu i lltr ally by th- pd . Hil l I atr la 11 lam-ln<1 Ii m tin rapi .1 I'hl* miaanre luaa f ciMlat* rrt at* d ?ri a; Irrila .1 atu'Hr( In a irk lift rlkma In ft* A any dirtio h< I mi'sT l? rtp ?I I to a'rira liirr lo rily Ilk haj ;_? u-iln I . Kmp. i?r id llaytl iralb nt In hi I' 1 i nvoy ratmor i.n.trjr wi ih.a rapllal bo wb"-n fi-mpt t?u it | on.. ration" ar- m in ill* l>y Ik' ! t I'lr' I nfortiina'.i ly, ai riit.n to-rr, rail- 11 lint I* at tin matii In-irp playid Im tk< Vt Mhi lm<U Itlarhe T m itre, ehh-It, it la n.urJt freed a'll rruee th" n?w ?mU"il?r .? liter a pmln-t at lit' bry op mi?(f J I ha r i" m?< lie ItifU I rnnia and llaytl ah rh aouil nth ra.- > I b*' Hi"-1 frlindly diierti.'n 1 A r ? il?l< fro 1 Ik* f irn r fan 1 In I" lb II nl.IV f 1' mbii 4 lita al ti any In u n ot an I l.i h <narrrid>' 1 >0 thai riiy I'm I i.iiti.'i t i.rn at r. tin a ' "?ir or m*i?n. Ijfinwi t nail ." Hit TSr l i/|/?ri i S.n-i a iV S <t? W ?"< Tyrantrol If "arid \ta'1 i .S Nf /.?.m and fatty I m n a't >?* > \ i I TV If ' "? I tdan Si r rg a- i V' ? / ?.< / iini'fr I'iayt Mi Jahtt lit , i f ?l (if Id fl'l f! Id' In ill' rr> Lflh l'?f (hi i??, ttft)?li' r? i (am hi II aa.l ih I.* - li ? a lit.m llimi t t? r and p- ld ! Hi f-n i nf tli? *h All a?"l? i f 11? art ' n f i .fid fh" ?rf mil. id Ihf iirinl* *1 Ki i Twk if nil! -n af.i an .>* k#tp 11 ni tkf iiffil IW litl?t n ? I- I? i Mu d In Inuph ni I Iff I If " f U' ?. Bn# think ir? Tml Ikr ( itj in Ihf a 'Id and III- I nlW"t (It*Ira, ?ilh Ci I'Am la nil f f ii"r I I -jr I ?i i. I. ?ri , In think thai Ihrjr ll?f n an i-i Ii nut llif i nlj |.l?r? ?l?r? ihi- ??nllm?it(4. tail* In r?rU, Ihr I alitor* i? f- * " r at'i? h .V Tn i||ii-lr?|. Imtr rati n- taljr a ?-1rt j'la rf|rrt<?d I hat* nnl) tn aiali I tpi itnrl; lla itnrl I rf art hit Itra In-pind l y ih>- ('alifiirn't n?*f Cnaai'inif*. R ti? iMfunll'l* tn (ft ihn ka>i ar<lata in mn if and t lit Jn nia In ? til iht i n 1 I autm 1 htf w Tt nfrti i tint ni.iild In |i.:d in thtn>|>ln?t'ra and rtfnnllaffd f K? In lli V i- if I 1 ' f. . a f?f? J'?r? ago. to k< | an >}K-r? < > >m plnf. It n?? h?nt orh- Mt lii l? ilmn >i.w li <jh in I low. irMitid ?m II rit r?iily to algi arttaloa f,ir tin- new ? -i I Hi* rn|iW?H'nl of Jn n? Mnit h* oitr nil M o I Uirnom hl.? hlp?i| Ut4 a lillf till* It'll' 'if t?iln,f? at4"il?of tlir Bl<-I mil rpii?li,|T m I!'/ r? Iff 'n? b' n ?'4? anih* ?ttw - Harm m-fu ?. ,| hi? hau l It K n< l?? ft P t owner than W;- viirhiil ??:?! " n I ?tf l thn ?lt lit lit ll-i rl.- n #i?i| man- '-t < <" l'?* i*t J* niM'a TWtm It f? iiml-r.lim.1 'hit l?i- it ?i itln* Mt waril ri(? nimln ami ?rm<| .1 ll? > trnif ! Uic umIm, anl I hi imp* "ihllltT of ?? r- sr ng -'it af th# t> "*t arti'tn lit f* afltrlhi ftr-l of Oriifrni'irr, h*l caim-il % bnllrf. In nhirh I am jtwlMh-il h nrtaln | ??!?# at IJ nrr, that MltrliiII ?ill mn lata ot r t* ' f<wpinfot Thn gnat t>?t 4-t??t Rerh.l ?llh * Mlllant Nil'lutill* and tiagin n mpii; of frn-di *rtl?t*. will ti?*t th i l>*lni with .Irni.y l.iml. ami piilitpa jtoh may hn tfoatnl In ma n| Ihn tralni of tla laMn Snntag, ?h ? lia* lorn doing wondft in Parla anil lUhrr oitioa. CmM-i ikl< iMiwat oflal'tt. thi oomfwwli * will nal.ran > uii ?f the fit | rfewmiltli FirlilMlM^

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