Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1850 Page 1
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r ?? . .. qg??g I TH NO. 5799. BHTPPINO. For mtkkpool? rnitf.u vratbs mail stbam bin ATLANTIC, Cap'. U*. W'??l ?llua iMwr. tho Int or tli* Now York and !. ??>p ml lino, bolag Joat rn?. plotcd, ii dcw At hor borth, at ti < |!or font of CabaI otroot, And will deport with tko toad . fi r Furopo, puoltlTtljr on Saturday. 27tli iiutAnt, at 12 oVIr.-k, m. For paaaaxo Apply to BIJW A Kf> K COLLINS, 71 South Street. The steameklp Paeihe will sue -ed the Atlantic. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN R. M. BTRAMships.?'The attention of tl> i iblic la dlreoted to tha Jtermtion udi 1b the ships to i'rowi Amerlsa la tha maatk ?ni?y POR LIVERPOOL?UNITED STATRH NAIL 9TZAM Kip ATLANTIC, Capt. Em-This steamer will deport. With the matte for Europe, frwr th nler at foot of Canal knot, oa Satarda/, 17th Ins'sat. at 13 o'clock. She eaa yet Aeeomiuodste SO er 40 pa*senjv. and take 100 tons keevy freight. Apply to ft K I OLI.INS.74 Sooth it. Toe Atlantic wiD take her berth ?.t ?hr foot of Carnal (treat a the ?lth injL UNITED STATU MAIL STk.t MENI BETWEEN NEW Tvrk end Uverpool.?Ths ?hii* > spoelng tkie Use are Ska ATLANTIC, Captain WestPACIFIC, Captain Nye; ARCTIC, Captain Lore, BALTIC, Captain C.>mstook; ADRIATIC, Captain f-rttton. These ehlpe haviag keen built by contract eapreesly far ge emuieni serrloe, every care liar hern takea In thair ooa tractlen. ae alee la their en,rin*? to insure strength aad peed and their nocommoda' w for passengers are aaeoaallad for elsjtanee or eomfert. Price of pan .ape from NswTork he Liverpool. SIM saolnsive ue* of extra atae etata rooms RSK. No bertha eaa bo secured nntil paid for Per freight r passage apply to RDWARD A. t Ul.l.INn, 7? Snath eteeett t to BROWN, SH1PLKV fe Co. !.:< e.yol The ptearaahlp Atlantie trill aail heu<-e ?n Saturday, the Vth of April, and retnru, leavlug Ijverp.ol oa Wodneeday, tha 16th of May. The itramahip Pa.lflc will eall henoe foi Llrerp-M on Saturday, the llth of May. aad Liverpool oa Wedn-tdity the 39th of M?y. tn experienced sargeoa will ha attached to each ahlp. The owners of those ablpe will not on acoeuatnble far gold. j BUrrr, bullion, specie, jewelry, precn<at stones. or metal* bbIcm bills of lading are signed Mieeefoe and the value thereof therein cap re seed THRorr.n link to California, via chaukes? Carrying the United Staler Mail.?Saturday, April .7th, At Se'rlook, I". M., from the plur foot of Warren street, N. R | the new and elegant double engine eteaaeliip OHIO, Ju I, Schern V, I'. 8. Navy, Commander, will he despatehod af above, With tl.e Government Mailt, for the West Indies and the w? PmMi'. The books ar* now open for passage In Charleston, Baveorah, Havana. Now Orleans anl Cnagree, and for throwrl. tlokcte to San Francisco. To secure through tickets, nrly application mnst be made, as only a assail aniaker remain uurngagod. An experienced surcoea is attacked to the Ohio. The accommodations for pa?senger? of eaeh elasa are nm>urpssacd by any steamship afloat. The passengers for Chagree are traasferred at Havana to the superior double aaginc steamship FALCON aad proceed from Havana direst to Chaxres. Rates of passage from New York to t'kagres:? State Koom Berth $100 Manure Berth 80 Ftccraxr do., found bed and separate labia SO Rales of | ax'agc from Panama le Sin Francisco:? riate nocm nertn w>ww Steerage Bertha, found bed and parate table... ISO ?ates clhaesnne? To Hat tut. To N. Orleans. Stale Room Berths.. . tr? $75 Standee, forward cabin 66 6I> Steerage. found bed and board... 35 36 Tr?i?l t to New Orleans will be taken at 36 cents far cable Coat. The bills of lading must all bo signed oa board tba waaatl the das before sailing. For freight or passage, apply to M. O. ROBI 'ITX. II" West street. TBROVGR UN* ro* SAN FkANCIACO, fia CHAgres.?Tha new and farorita steamships CHEROKEE 1,300 tons.. . Capt. U. Hindis, PHII.AI>KU"A..1,IOO tons... Capt. J. V. Nicholson, form the oaly direet line between New Vork sad Chsgrea, and, is i-ot nectlon with the United States Mail Steam Packate in the l'aciflo, a eemi-m?nthlv line through to Ban ffeuailece. tattcni est km or raits to chaonsa. Cherokee. Philadelphia. After Salooa State R ionis.,. . f 125 $126 Forward Saloon do If) 100 l,ewerCnbtn P1 ? All the at mo dins at the same table, and hart the pririlece i f 'he Saloon. Bteerage. (found with metreesea and hoard,( 306 $66 Prciit'. t t' Chsgrea, 70 eewta per feet. Expenses on the IsthmH. are borne by the ri wenrere. Fur freight or passage, applj to HOWLANll k ASPINWALu M Snath street. New York. Paelfr Mail Steamship Company.?The United States Mail tear Packets, PANAMA 1.HR7 tons... Capt. lineirt Q. Bailey. 0*E(.ON 1.000 tuns. . . Capt. < arlisle T. Patterson CA1.I FORMA. ..1.060 tone... Copt. Tints. A Bndd, T*NN Eh*FE... 1,300 tons... Capt. fist rge A. Cola. CAROMNA.... 600 tin'.. - - ? CNUOU.N 600 tons... - ? Ma iBtcndcd to finn a eemi-mnnOilv tins between Panama And ff-rte in California. m iu i he after cabins are fnrni-hed lidJiaz, hut not aims nod lh|nura. Passengers ia tie steerage ire round wits ed-h rations as are furnished to vke crew, and with maUrrte sou pillow. Ml passengers will be allowed 11 sea f it personal bug ;*gr free, te the eatent of 0 lbs. wi ignt, not aaceading ir tn it-nrrmeut ten ruble feat, ffrei.-lit e n extra baggage or luerolmu lo-e when taken, $I0C yar tori, and uua and a naif p r -est on all epecie. Paakarat nhouid not exceed 136 lbs. weight f r mi la carriage. t'ab.u. St crags f aeeagr Tr m Panama to San lilas ' t Jlais'lan . $2i> $1(0 " Ban Uiago,,. . iflu 196 " " Rfn Frai "fsco. WSI 160 Rr stores to be landed will to Ilk i at baggage. Chnrgaa M ami nrhine and debarking, and all personal port charges, tneln ling health fees and boat hire, to he paid by the passengers. No paasage secured until paid for A nply at the ottee Of the f oupanj, 54 Son^. street, N? w Y rk EM I IK P. CITY UN*? HIS SA X FHk St'lSiH) Vi A C'll Agree, direct, the splendid steam ?b o (' K KtM'ENT CITY. . un 1. It" hnrthem. chant* j*t?.i?i ?r?. i>ian?i<nr, wiu ' (tare h r >an Kraaouoa direct, ?ia t > i?, ?u H'tilnoilir May l*t, from bar dnek, pier Na. I N?r Hi v?r, a' J o'clock. Wvt fieiaht or partake. apply to J. tli>*' AKI) k SON, M Broadway. Tick its tor sale -one hi ek : \?.k ticket itr Hi nn.-Mp Crracrai City, raj i*t, from New T?rk to Ckagr . and < n? cabin Tioki l per aamehip Sarah Sand*, fTom fenainato Saa Vraaeieoo. Alto, .-na alterant Ticket CraloMn ? r <;t?r/la. May '* ' fr - i \ ' Y rk to Chayrea, d on* *l ray* Ticket per ate-vm? p l-nahli*. * htr Int trip fi' in I'anaiua to Sao Friaciei < tppiy to r ILLS BURY h SANflFOHO TSSoatli atraat. Cai iiorma TBKOl'CH 1iuit' wanted-for any atcnioer to *ail ! ? fort the 3Rh of May, for which arretn .m will ha paid, at tbt California Pa-eenrer OA**. 179 Broaoaay Through ticket*, for the 7>l h of M?y, for ?al?; at*eroy?. f.'tk tenia. ft"? Califaro.a ntflta eompUt*; panuuii rood and cheap. Carport* |ra it. AtMii.n nwriTM ONI! i ALftTORNIA TllR.ilt.ll Tlt'iiEr fOR SALE. AT a ' arcain, attend rahia. Iv Ih* Empire City, Howard l?a. IVI of May. Apply a: the e>n? of th? Iforchaata' Hotil.t mrtlandl atreei OKNIA TICKETS \t A ON E OK MoRR thr r'i tiaktta wanted, f. r wlilcli will bt pnid. Thnae l ? a<>aa* tarty ateam r preferred. Apply to tlio Hckkeep r, rrruk't llottl CAI HORN J A THKOtOII TIlKHTf FOR SALE ? 7br - -t -rasaand oat fir*'. ca'.in. in Roberta'line for April 77 and May lit ona aec?nd en'.in in Howard fa Soa'a line f> r May 1,1. and two attara.o in II aland it Aapinwall'a liaa for June Id; two ia Howard A *',i Hal for inne I. ______ _ r. white, si Wall adaat. rti ih-knia mii n rn kits t?\i nret ?la?< and na# ?"Cond riaea, p, Philadelphia and Teato'.a**; oar tkrou(h per Ohio J7th, and lathmoa aaeond noyaa ; at 't? era?e par Ohio V hi I* H par lioor*ia. May Ih oat aacand < U*e per Empire City. Ilai t.V for aala by I.OI'NT A CO.. lit tdwav. toe. d n|| atreet. rA III IIKM \ -TH I I < "M> ' A IIIN PAAAAOK |M>I*. p?r pttlitt lirli Tf? 'h??. ! r ' h*'r**, for I ? *? rlti-.t. Apply t--d*y *l U'' I ?<l .r iwt. IKiirillMUI A M ? IIBl'K WITH*. r AI IIORMA TUKKT* r??* J II.B-TWO TIIKQI'lill ?'<*r?fo. "Ilk April: r* III. Ally, ?nl "no llih M?r. Ilqnlf At Uf of til* Clint n llot-l, II Vton* *trr*l. CAI IIOMMA TII Kr.T IOK *Al P. ??IN K roKWARP till* :hn>a(h Uakrl. f*c ty* M*,?ni*r B nplr* Ciir ihit Aid*. *r"t N -ifth?m*r '<? ill* ?th '?J. '' *- ! k I '?II**? 1Mb > I' . A rr'y ! 1 1 >i K i> / ' - * 1? Til KOI '".II Mrrrktt lifkct* by : h? ?t??Ti*r o, i *?rinz tk* 27tl> of April ?llr*litik?<t>iiitrl:t r it * th? 1.1th i>f Hm: lilt-Ill* tlrltat ?* ill 4 I til M??, I* l|i*lt*4 k A*t ??!]- tin*. b? th? itituMr l'..iU! ' lilt, c *11 *t No, I - 11 II. W. firi.MriwTwo Tiikoti ii itik'mh paaaack T fnltlA f*r M*y IA I* 11 Und i \,p*w*H? It*, nf Cnlif ?.ii* ??**iupri. Any |?*rf b ? i j In nil m *lo>*. Ppu i. ? n * t n \ti.tT #jty JUKI I' A N f A, Alliril K "*. AN i> " "il ANv-KlMA1 < . ?* rr?hh*rr* t | <' I'inlily by ?h? 'iM.n ftltA, I?C! r ^ t? r |f.?m ?hifu-- I r r** t y ^ 'Oil X*? York * *" City I ill >1 Ili4??n . Dr???i w? Panvrrta Th. deed hody found la the Mrr ?n MmnU; at pier No J.V'rth Hirer, prneed to be that of Jamca Hill a native i f Irelai it. aged thirtyotghf r*?r? a ho anme I br*e month* ?ine? Ml overboard In that vicinity and at* ilr.wrvd A rerdlet wu r. adored aeeordlngty. vtitl fui amp Aciih*?T.- At *"T"o n'flnch la?t Oren'uf the body of John II'u-e ? i* O'lUghl d"?o frotti amihittinfilh l? th* hiat-onth Ward At at Ion |lou*o,f j tha Hudron Rie? r Ratlr< I oar*, by whlrh be had Won rnn orrr and killed. Tile p illee d direrad the body to hla hr the* M'oha-1 ll tun, t? bo taken to bl* roddoaoe, In AeTente-ntfi *tr.'--t. two doora w??t of I Ir-t avenn* Th? ('ov.nvr hold an ln(|tieat on the body, whon a e?rdlet of no i I utal death >i> fetorard fiar At half pa*t 11 o'oloek lo-t night, a tire broke out in a "mail frame bolld'tig In Twenty (tret afreet near Third areane, oeottplod a* a carpenter'* ?hnp and etable. whieb wvrw totally e<>n*nm I ? flatrvet Avaaate.?At half pa*t ten "'eloek yeatorday o? orr Motlrath ot ll?e Klrat w ,| f >and a man named llonry l-ee In Maiden |,*n hidtr wo-md-d In the aide lie atated that th" wnnnda Were lalleted hy Chart*# Uriah Aiwt mat- of th* hr.^ l'ot-<m ?e He wa* taken to the City ll??pltel Aaitit ia? Dan t ? An mhihltfon l.i artillery drill will be gleen tomorrow erenlng at f>nr o'elook at tke Ar*e?al yard, by a e|??a of . Altera of the Hr*t ptrleion at which the Major Oenrral and all tha o|R. cer* of the dlvlaion hare l>oen Invited to be prevent The drill will be performed uti l e <>,| W W T anp kin* late ofU A Pragoona a:id Infantry A ft' a?a tr am ? Hw t*n ? Ye*t. r lay afternoon, a loot Are o'oloek the horera attached to a tenia helonging to 0 W Chutrh. of Fort Hamilton, while tending In Clif atreot. look fright and ran away down John alrevt to Hurling ?ltp there eneoaaterad the fcor-e and 'art of Palrlek Ktrrraaey. ?ma*hed a wheel and eeeerel part* of the eart to atom* Mr Kerreaaey mlreenl' ndy e*eaplng with hla lifb iTHeer Thorn paon. of Aeeowd ward, wa* on the apot. and promptly eaatat d la r* lietlng and arresting tha partlea Mr Charek engaged to repair alt I he damage done. favor* A??inrwt.?T??lrr.lay. In the afternoon a awn nam-d John Cart. rr*td'ng at 1AI? Rlerenth atrwat. nod lathe emplnytnet.t of Mr R blnaon arehlteet of Syeamorr afreet. Ml arrldentally hoot the eart he waa driving through Hew ?treet. and dialoaated hla hip He waa brought to the City IWpltat E NE ] THIRTY-FIRST OORORKSS. FIRST SRSSIOK. Senate. BY MORSS'S MA81XTIC TBI.BBRAFS. WiMiKOM, April M. 1IM ItHD rot MTTLRII. Mr. Width gave notice that after next week, he would take the earlleet opportunity, without Interfering witu IUV VSI1IOTUIB UU1, vu DJUTt* UIV sM'IlBir 10 i?it? up bU resolution in relation to giving lands to actual Mttiers. Itl-lir ron WM uabbv. After the consideration of considerable morning business, the Penato took up the biU for the relief of William Derby, the geographer, which wet debated end passed. tlVITBD states coiivaob Ur. Wkssti.b submitted the following resolution, which lire over:? Resolved, That the Committee nn finance he Instructed to inquire wbet measure it may I t- meet expedient to edopt to fxcilitete end increase the coinage of ti e United Stolen. MB BBADBl-BT'* BKIOLOTIOII BEI..VTIVK TO REMOVALS reoM orrics. The Senate then took up Mr. Bbadbubt's reaolution, in relation to removals trom office, with en underetendIng that a vote should be taken to-morrow. Mr. Bbadbvbt replied, briefly, to the speech made on the resolution, by Mr. Smith, several week* etnee. Mr. Bei.l signiflod hie intention, at some future time, to address the Senate upon the general subject of the power of removal and appointments, which power, he believed, had been, and would continue to be, the | cause of much of the tro uble and commotion existing ' in the country. He wax in favor of regulating the whole subject by law. sod would make a proposition to that effect, if no one else did. He also submitted a few remurks iu vindication of the administration from the charge of violation of pledges and proscription for opinion's sake. Iu his owu State, he knew of no case of removal for which specific cause had not been required and asslxiied. Mr. Bhioiit rejoined. He was understood to say that a more flagrant violation of pledges had never teen made than that practised by the present administration. The object of the pending resolution was to obtain from the Kxecutlve the charges upou which Individusls have been removed?the President having given out iu advance, that be would remove only for esufe. Gentlemen of high charsc or had been removed in bis Htate. end yet tbey were withering under mis um'ku iiiii'i riiuv. mat iuuj wurp wtuuil); 1u iub r? quisttcs of honesty. fidelity and capacity, necessary to the holding of office. After pome additional conversational debate, -he Senate adjourned. House of Representatives. BY bain's kucctvo-chbmical txi.koraph Washington. April 23,1960 the committee ok investigation. The Committee to Investigate the charges against Mr. Kwing, announced, were as follows; ?Messrs. Richardson. (dem); Vinton, (whig); Brown, (dem.) of Mississippi; Rockwell, (whig); Hall, (dem); Brans, ( big) of Maryland; Ross, (dem ); Alston, (whig) and l>unbam. (dem.) thi dekicienot bill. Mr Bavi.t (dem.) of Virginia, asked the unanimous ccnetnt of the llouse to report irom the Oommitteo of Ways and Means the Deficiency bill, and the 8? uate's amendnit nts. that they might be referred to the Committee of the Whole on (he Slate of the Union. Mr Inge (d< m ) of Alabama, objected ixttebs to Mr.siaaas A resolution to have the letters to the members received in scparalo bags at tho capitol. to insure their in.mediate delivery, was discussed, aud^laid on the table. the defalcations. Mr. K?ans. (whig) of Md., asked leave to introduce a resolution which lie had read yesterday, for the committee to inquire Into the Dcuby. Collins. Wetmors, iind other detalrultous. under the last administration lie said the democrats yesterday said they would pars it Objection was miide. Sir Ivor hoped that the time of thollouae would not he rntiKtimtd in thi* frieolpiis win hut iu some of his I friend* had promUrd not tu cppone it, ha would uinko I no objection to the revolution I Mr. C a bill, (whig ) of Florida. objected Mr Ivci appealed to loin to withdraw bta objection Mr C?*?i l, to gratify I he gentleman, did no I Mr WiLiiiHa. (whig ) of Ti'linewrt, mnitrked that the 1 ft ntlimen from Mm viand wan tiow ah ent, and ha<l reuueeted to 1?? rent ror 1 lie Ctraa roinnieuct d to read the revolution. when Mr Tooriaa, (whig) of Georgia. olgected to it* iutrodurtion. enn rri.Lowe. Mr Baow*. (dem ) of M I*-I**i|.pt, from th* Committee ' n the IMetrirt ol Columbia. reported a hill to Incorporate tile liranj Lodge of the Order of odd fellow* of the Metric!, and mortd to rider it to Committee of the W hole Mr Jowr*. (di m ) of Tenncaaae, rnored to lag the bill tbt t et It Mr l'oiTaa. (dem) of Ohio. ark>d whether it wonld I ! la (Nw to MTtto i^Nt Ike bill, i 1 he >ri*ara ? Not now Mr Halt, (dim) of Mi?-ouri would like to know j what he waa to vote on 11n ItiU *itupig granted cor' pi rate power* and prohibit! d hanking Mr Joai.a withdrew hi* motion to lag it on the table, and aafd that luce ha had been here, bill* had been re' ported to incorporate the Grand Lodge* of Maeon* and | Odd Fellow* lie then opptwed both lie had no opI poidtii n to either of thoei order* f r he wait a member I vf the former. aud atfcctl for it no privilege* lie he. ' liiTid the plirpore* of the other are good. IIo did not t-clleve the government lia* the powt r to grant act* of ; iucorpotation; and he Indicted, wheu theae are allied 1 aitb government. the Inatltution* arc atrlpped of their ; power to do good. Mr H*nwa (dem ).of Ml.el-?ippl enid that the hill eiplaitied lt??lf. Itwa* eitnplg to Incorporate a lieI nevolibt ?ocletg. It reaerve l to Cougrca# the right to ] repeal or amend the charter lie differed from Mr Jone*. and believed that Congree* ha* power to grant art* of incorporation in the lii-trtct. but not begond. Mr. Jo*as?iiow the ginlh-iuan believe that Congrea* Sir Known ? Within the Kietrirt only Gentlemen. *k tbi? charter for good purpurea Soktrnrig roar ! oat ?>f It Mr Jorr.? renewi d hi- motion to lay it on the table J The question ?i?Ukrn, and <1< cided in lb* uega tiro?68 tc M The bill wae i hi n n furred to the Committee of the Whole I Tbf IIou?e. nt 10 minuter pa?t 3 o'clock, went into I Committer of the tv bi le on the elate of tile Union, nnd i returned the roneidi ration of Tin rmroini qt rtrin* Mr Slnai'ireo. (whig) of Kentucky would unite with nnr or both pirliw to cttle tbc question on n juel ! nnd Arm b*?ir lie be lie ted Hint it would be nettled t After apeaking of the eompromi'te ot the conetiI tution nnd defend nn tbe elnee 8 In lee be op| pored the alaeery reetrietlonn In territorieo lie bad weired election* agalnrt the admlaeion of California, but would ro'.e for her if lerrilorlnl gorernmrnte be proridi d for tbe territorlen, an a ey-tcm of mi a*uret Mr I'rin. (dem I of Vermont, adrocated the admitaion of California and fori runrnt* for tbe territorice, with the W'llmot proriro The longer thie n delayed, the lunger will the alanry egrit meat be kept open. I and be more difficult of retil<ment The committee thin rrne. anil the llouae adjourned Owr Washington ( ?rrr>|mn<lrne(. VffMMMVM April 21. 1AM. Mr Pmltn m ibr Pmthattmitiy l-tw /tau't httrnd It Gin l"|? l'lan nf Mr Clmf? Tknmt* Kwing htdirtrd btftr* lb* Hot I ?Mr 7'ttmhi and bit lijnnum nf (Ac .lamrM Pi ril - Ctnfrmalttn nf Urndrbtrt. IK* frmtk f'ae* m t'ntltd *4tin Frrnrb Ctntul. f-r "? Friday ltd. Mr. Ilrrton, with four large quarto mltroea on hla dr-k far* rao?t emphatic notlro that ha would -how that tha project of comhialng California and tha larritoriaa in on* hill, would ba luoongruou*. flagrantly ill* gal and violative of tha parliamentary law It waa on dart toed on Friday la?t, that In consideration of the a hernce of tha Couth Carolina committee. | (who laft Ihka morning I thlt negro l>u-nie,s waa to lie j ovar for two Warkt Notwithstanding tliia'nudaratarol- ' Ing. Mr (May < n lha tr>*|..n of I **| Ihnlon consented to lake up tha California soKjvrt Incidentally today, with lha vlaw of affording an opportunity to tha ffanator from Mlatonri f**r hi" eip<wltlon on tha parllamantary law kir Haaton rrad hia authorltiaa and v. ry coolly and dal'lierataly aapatialnl upon than at larga to ?hnw that tha larking on of tha California bill to any nthrr hill would la unparliamentary Toward" tho flora, howrvrr, Mr I nton came very near gattlng into a paroonal rontrovar"y with Mr norland and wa wara "and prrhap". another ancne, by tha intarpoaltlon of tha Tlra fr. -ldant. and tha rail of Mr King for order." to which ''ol Teuton replied You ara vary prompt, air iu your call* to order." a remark, whlrh the purrttll' i" Alahamtan. hy the-by d d not apprar to pockat without a reservation ftul let u? tru?t and pray for nti'i' and for all lhat wa "hall have 1:0 morv belligerent or halliro"e spouting In tha Ha, nata on thl? decomposing and fetid negro qin*?tlon, no mora acema of the riftc no more pugil'?tlc? and piaI tola no mora gammon, lor (iod'r aak?. j Co| tlanton lias givrn notice that ho intend" to keep up thlr fight on California uud for a "eparata bill f*?r . California that wr hava only had tha beginning and that for tha present lha question I" "imply adjourned ! ovar to a future day whan ha Intends t- I if tt bar- t" lha vary skeleton. and clean avary fit*ra of flesh off tha tionaa. | An rbaervatten made hy Oanaral I'm* would wa to n*t'aata that thr crwnmMt a at. < t I p*> <1 to link t on many subjects together that the committee hava been ? mewhat Influenced hy : be oppoaltion of Hauton and ! ft ahatar to a general mliing. and that tha committee, j ao far from hatching out ar aw gc terwai of a hill, | will poaathly. (hut not very llkidyl >uly reoommtug ' W YO MORNING EDITION?WE] certain thing* with respect to certain kills already before the Pennte Mr. Clay, chairman of the committee, ha* expressed himself, over and over, decidedly opposed to a general mixing up of all sort* of medicine* in a single doie. Hi* pleu we suppose to he :? 1. A bill (one and the same bill) for California and the territories, nothing about slavery I A bill for what Mr Clay calls the ''fixation" of the 'IV*no boundary, and the immediate or prospective subdivision of thatState into two. three, or four klave Flates. mb may be deemed expedient, providing also for the purchase of the disputed territory of the State of Texas. 3 A fugitive elave bill, and 4. A bill for the abolitiou of the alave trade in the District of Columbia. Here will be work enough for Ave or alx month* to come The ITf use, after a very aprlghtly debate to-day, agreed that It was proper to appoint a committee to examine into the big claims recently paid out of the treasury by Thomas Kwing. of the Ileme Department ? eueh na the old rejected Chlcka eaw claim, of (130.000 and the old rejected Pottawataiuie claim of the Indiana E wings, amounting to (77 000 and we concur, out-and-out, in the propriety of the committee, for it is rather a pood thing in the end. to hold all squanderings of the public money to an inflexible acoouutability. If Mr Ewing can acquit himself, all right?if he cannot. and In a peculator, in the name of the people, let the plunderer of the public treasury be turned adrift. There is something due to public opinion. The itupree-ion lu the public mind is strong, that the treasury lias been plundered, and that tbeee tremendous claims, but for the interest of cabinet officers in them, would never have been allowed. That is the public opinion. Let us have the truth. Mr Toombs, of Oeorgia, a very erratic meteoric sort of satellite of this administration, and held to be mixed up in the tialpliln claim, in speaking of newspaper reports to-day. very modestly defined the American press to be "the common sewer of indiscriminate filth and scandal." We take it that Mr. Toombs has been blistered by the press, nnd we take it for granted that he must have been Buffering very severely, to squirm under the cantharides in that sort of style. Tery good. Mr. Toombs will lenrn that that sort of talk Is like spitting against the wind: the saliva will be blown back into his own face. But, he will learn wisdom as ho grows older. Mens liendchert. the celebrated French cook from > irksburg Natcbes-under-the-hill, and Nntcbea-ontop-of-the hill, and New Orleans, who can dress up a frog to go down sweetly as a patrldge. and who can fix up a Mls-issippi cat-fish into chowder that would make Iianlcl Webster's month water, this same identical Monsieur liendebert has been confirmed to-day as Consul to Lvons We understand that Mr Clay went for him. and that Mr. Foote went fo: him. and mainly on account of the recollections of the good dinners Tleudebirt bas rooked for them, snd because of the good offices lie will be able to extend to American citizens alio nmr wish for a nicu dinner In Lyons. Wehh rejected, ami llendebert continued! Turtle soup is a good article. Theatrical nnd Misnlcnl. Bowaav Thkatie.?The laautiful tragedy of " Hamlet" wen performed laat evening. at till* always-filled theatre, with the favorite drama entitled "Nick of the Wood*." Mr and Mra. Wallark, jun . rendered admirably well the character* of Hamlet and Ophelia, and were received with the nod rnpturoua applause Mr Hcolt and Mis* Wemysa. In the drama, were, aa usual, perfect in their respective parte. Aa a whole, the i utertainmenta gave the greatest hk isfactien to the numerous frequenter* who attended the attractive performance* of last night Baoaowav TnaiTaa.?The performances here, laat night, consisted of the new drama of "Irish Honor." "The Iri-h Post." and the excellent comedietta of "Where There'* a Will There's a Way." In the two former pieces Mr. Collin* sustained the Hibernian with hi* usual ability and peculiar humor, keeping the whole house iu one continual r?ar of laughter, and eliciting the most rapturous and deserved applause, not only by lila rich aud racy delineation of the Patlauder, but by the very great sweetness and humor of his songs. This evening he will perform his ra<y and natural character of King O'Nlel Mr. Collins'* engagement I* drawing to a close, and the house*, for the few remaining night*, is sure to be crowded, as it has been for the last fortnight. The attraction last evening was unusually strong. Mr Barrett. Mr Iiyott. an I Mr* ttkerrett having perlormi d the principal character*tn the afterpiece. B\ avov'* Tiirsvae N?> comment of our* can speak nu re favorably of the excellent and attractive uatuie of the nerforuisoces at this house, than the simple fact 1 the r(nii jj of the Perioua Family" hue i>< * liid a run for upward* of oua hundred nlftiti llurton Huii Ur< ugliam, with their ahie aiiaUiariea. are t'Ti r ?we to draw around them a crowded audience, and the delight with which the performance is received. I> unrijul VC-cklly fl|iri'(wil in till, loud aud coniknui.1 laughter created It the irresistible aetiiig of then* great artists. Mr.-. Russell Is a ?*r? delightful actres and a great faTorita; and Mr. Clarke, who fcaa coutrlhut* d much to the attract ion of the theatre, telle. hU l.t lit lit thie evening, whro. if merit ia worthy of reward he will bare an OTrrflowing hou.e Tilo hill, which inelndee a highly interesting piece. entitled the " Wreck Arhnre," 1* eaceedingly attractive NtTieetL Tto.iaa. ? The beautiful Iri-<h drama called " Hrlgn lloroihiue." waa performed laat niglit. Left-re an Ofcrtfowing audience, at thia favorite place of aniUM no nt Mr Mm-hall who filled the principal part, acquitted himself of bia to the general rati faction aud vi< admirably well eu?tain< d hy Miss Anna Crhlei. and the otlu-r no ml- r? of thla talented company The great American trwgedlan appeared aire a. Petrnchio, In the bhakspertan comedy of " Katharine aud Petrwhlo." It ta useless to *ay that he was received with frequent and well-merited applause The ml-rtalnmt nt?*eoncludi d wlib the farea of - The In ad hhot " which passed off amidst roars of laughter To-night the hill is exceedingly attractive ,.wr Hirrinu win w|'fwwi in i.vniunir |.?i i Ahor Tiui Tularin.?La?t crcntng. Miai .'nil* pian appeared in hhahapimra'* beautiful play of ItoBKO ?uJ Juliet," lu the character of Juliet. Mr irtiil ll.e pa It i <t li'me.., an.I Mr tV#le.,i ll./vl of M< mitIn Tlii- pity ? u whole, waa ?u't?lD?d throughout, aioi gave gi turn I Mtlafaetion. Mr. Hico. a< Jlitnbo Jiiiii. in the laughable farce of "Ginger Ulue," Vept the audience in roara of Inughter. The enter, tainnu nta tbia ?Trnii.g ronalat of the exrellrut comedy of 1 lie .li*Iou? M if* ti n are lie UB?d t" lliinh that Mi?a Dian appear a to great advantage In comedy, and we are p< rau "led ehe will peraonatc Mr* OaklWV < with errdit to beraelf and aatiafaetimi tn the audience. M ill* Niafle, Dim, tValcot. and l.yuue, thl* piece will be well performed Cm but f'a Miaatan a. ? Thl* excellent band apjwar again, thla eTc ning. and will alng a beautiful rollertion of negro no 'Iodine, and play aercral aolna. on the violin guitar, banjo, lie 1 b< ? will appear at the old headijuartira, Meehanica' llall. next Monday, where no doubt they will be welcomed by humlreda who bar* been delighted with their performance* during the wilili r iwaeon Oi ?urir - Pierre'* Mlnatrela are. tf we may judge fr> m large audience*, doing a eery good hnainea* The hill for ihie eectiiog ronlaina many favorite aira. which. no douht will l>c sung with go. I taste tho >nii<" ment? are Interspersed with dancing There will be afternoon concert, at 3 o'clock. Ciarra, Anna Fiiir.-Thn performance* of tha French equestrian trmtp* arc nightly wiiocanei! with demonstrations of pleasure ao<i delight They give aw aflrriH* ficrf rmanre. at 3 o'clock Ommiiii Mint * The exhibition of the i'kiinw lady with the email feet, together with several of her attendant*, la drawing large araeuihlage* to thla ratebllatimtnt. Mai onto* White'* Perenaders although not coo tending lor supremacy ia Broadway, are doing a julet and profitable business at 63 Bowery T?i?**?' i rThe IIutchln?on family will glr? one of thrir Interesting concert* at the Tahrrnai le. thU vining The pre gramme contain" a choice selection of their songs They are greet favorite*, aa<t will i therefore, he like ly to hae* a full house Ciaaai'a lierm.- Thla old farorile. anJ eery de- I erring artist, takea hi* benefit, at Rurtoa'a thi* aeeniPk It ie lo |<d hi fi lends will evert Uo n?selv?d on the ration Mas Faawraa Avwg htwaia ia announced tojrire a ' cries of reading* of fhnkspeare'* play* at the Female j Acad'my Brr< Uyn The rtrwt entertainment will bo given next Monday < tening t nauseas Ar?ttr. New T-vk. April 13. UN, To vwa Kt iroa or vn? llt>?u?? Allow me to call your *tt< atlna to the fast tkat toy theatre. la ( hatn>ers street. ha* heea eegleeied foar limes darter the last f.rialght. ia th* atari dramatic anlleea la tbe llttaU Wiea a press af >ther matter drives net th* theatrical B elt r altogether. I am well e-wt*at te share the loaa with e.s w. ml.t rs tut wi en evetv nil,, r I -ihlio elaee i en tired. with' i.t default, I *iu iniiurrd to ?app?*a that the a?glert of the ( t.*mherr atreet hone# I < an thia* >' ra lhaa arrideat, < a the part ?f on* rf year Blte?he#, aoleli re tatree year hind Interference la pal right. I am, my l?ar Mr, yoar*. a,oel truly. W. It Nt'KTUN. We cordially glee plM* to theahoer letter front Mr Rurton. of tha < hamber* etreet Iheatre. f?r the tenant <if all eonrrrned. and of any rarrlrw rrllir In n?r e*tahllehment. who fiaa Ilia pi aaanl ta?k of Dalirisi tha perlotiiiunreii. It any *urh gentleman, rarelee* of hia dntiaa, ran be found We been had the important information, boaitrr that gome copy kit fallen down the rpont; and. on examination, one of the notlcea In 'juration aa< found among the nffloe eweplng* It ?h?uld bate gone ''up the ?pout." where many other thlnga go, tteaer more to be beard of Really howerer. we tlunk thai Mr Btirton'a the#, tre ran wtll di-penae with three notleee oeraetonnlly for hie hon*e haa been rrvaded eerry night, and onr ret I era I to -uj pat I i I ? I ? that any retention in i.tir rert mmrntlationa waa pnrely in ktrinneea to the pnhiic. who would be eery nturh eiyueeied and Ineommodi d, were we to direet a greater tide toward* < ham twraatreet Mr Hurtnn need not fear for the future. ? e "hall do a* well aa we ran to plena* tha pnMie in thla bnainraa, and would like to manage onr affair* la our awn way. with noaperlnl Inatrnetlon* for onr aiaa of emU'loa whleh are lean tbnn thoee of eatnmi**lon. If Mr Ration ran poeelbly weaee a farr* ?>ut of thin Irtter and the?e remark*, and perform It nett Monday, we will gtee him four notlre*. to mak* up for tfca d? ItrlenrU *. to whirh he rery rurtvualy faaaiea klauolf entitled I RK H ONESDAY, APRIL 24, 18

Mali ContrarU with N?tj- Department. LfclTJ.K FROM TUB J'OST.MASTKB OKXEBAI., TranmiUing a Syntrprii of the contract t fur tht trammianon of the mailt bttwam New York and Chagrro, and hrtvttn Panama and San Franritco and Oregon. and Ua amount of m rnut derived from taid contract t. To thk Houar or KtrutMTniiM 1 receired the reaolution of the 7th i??Unt of the tenor following " Ke.rlvetl That the Puetma.ter General he rroueated to furnish to this Uuum a synopsis of any oontract* mud* for the transmission of th* moil* I t steamboat between New York and Chwru, and between Ptnut *ad Saa Franelaeo and Oregoa. Also, to furnish information ?a to th* amount o! money advaaoea apon suchoontracts; thsameuntof nervine rendered under such contract*, aud kj what vessels; the tiaaea of arrival and daparture, tbe points at which they hare touched in their trip*, and the amount of revenue derived from the transportation of the mails to California and Orelion." In anawer thereto. I send, hereto annexed, a synop. sis of the contractu made with the Navy Department for the trnnamiMion of the maila between New York and Chagrva. and between Panama and fan Francisco and Oregon, that service having been by law vented in that Department. The term* of these contractu and the service performed undor the saute will appear by the tabular statement hereto annexed, prepared in tho contract offlce of thia Department, which is aa perfect u> the material* and information in the office will permit. to the inquiry in tho reeolution in relation to the amount of money advanced on thorn coutracta. I can make no anawer. Those advancements were made by the Secretary of the Navy, who made the contract* It ia further inquired what amonnt ot revenue haa boon derived from auch tranaportatlou of the maila.? How many of the letter* carried to California have been taken and pontage paid thereon, ia unknown here, aa no account thereof, except for a abort time, when drat carried, haa been received. Tho lottere brought from that country are mingled with the general mall matter In thia country, and distributed to all part* of the United State*, and It la Impracticable to follow It into all the office* and ascertain now much revenue actually reaulta therefrom I would, however, remark, that no doubt the actual expenaee of tho mall aervicew-tMtn California have been much mora than all revenue derived from this pottage KeapectfuUy submitted, J COLLAMKK. Postmaster Uencral. Poav Orrta DaraBTwawT, February IJ7, 18bO Post Orsici: DrrtitNtaT, I Contract Offlce. February 22, lb.'*), i 8i? : In obedience to your direction, 1 report that there are no contracts whatever nnido by this Departuitul for the transmission of tho mails between New torkand C'bagres. and I'luamii and Oregon, the authority to make such contracts being, by law, conferred upon tho Secretary of the Navy; but that the aunexed paper, marked A, is a synopsis of all the contracts of which the Navy Deportment has furnished this Department with copies, purporting to be made In pursuance of the act of Congress passed for that purpose, for the transportation of the Chagres. Panama, ban Francisco, and Oregon mails from and to New York and New Orleans. I cum Jt'Ut ulircLK'u, A mugi-iii fllltvruU'Ult ')l tile mail service performed under raid nary contracts, w> prepared an to give all the particular* called for in the resolution of the Ilouso of Representative* of thn Tth inrtact. a a fully aa the information on the tiles of llita i lllee will allow. See annexed papers marked It (', l>, aud K. 1 have the honor to be, re* peetfully, your obedient servant. H K IIORHfK. 1'lrat Asaiatant Postmaster (lencral. Hon. J. CtiiiMU, Postmaster General. Tlie following Is a rynopsU of the contracts made I>y the Secretary of tl>? Navy for the transmis Ion of the mails by steamboats, (staam ships.) between Mew York and t.'bsgrrs. and PaiiMiua and Oregon, under the act of < oii(tr?ss of March 3, 1M7:? Mml? by Albert <1 Moo, of the city of Cincinnati, on the 'Jitli of April. 1H47. for the term of ten years front date of comment cmrnt of service. Made for the establishment of a line of Ave steam rhips of 1.600 tons burden each, to be built under the sup* t vi*iou of the naval constructor, ami to be coavertibla iuto war .-tranters ot the tort cU-?. with engines of not less than a thousand horse power each, with privili ge, tin consent of the Secretary of the .Navy, to make one of the ships of not les- thsu tssi tons burdcu. with tugiuc* in proportion, to Iran-port the 1 uited stale, luoil fToui Nea York to Nt* Orients twice a nn.,.1 I, .... S 1... . C ..I I l,?l. Imt ;r,11 culle,) Savannah. Hud Havana. aud 1mm Havana t? < litcri f and lack. twice a month. anil tu roceiva nn board of eacli shin. and suitably accommodate without charge to the United Stntcspi vi rnnu nt. an agout. to he appointed by the Poetinasti r Meneral. who ahull have charge of the mail* to be transporls'd therein, and shall provide cafe and convenient apartment* on board | ol a i tblpn for ?i.i mall*and agent*: the matt -orvlie to be commenced by each *hl|>. a* soon a* it shall he ready therefor; two of raid ship* to be eonipleted t.y till l-tof ('etobi r, 1MH, and the a hole line in full and euthc ofa ration by the l?t of October, 1H4'' subject to receive a naval commander and four mid Ibpinrn for each -hip and to he under the eontml ot tlie Secretary of the Navy, and liable to he purcU?-"d t>y the government uiidi r an iippral rmeol Tfwmferrrd to Oeorgc l.uw. Map-b ill O. Robert- and Howe" It Me lilvalnc. of the city of New 1 ork on the J7ll> day <>f August. 1847 Annual roDi|H'ii?atlon f'dioduo, on full performance, and a proportional part tbem f for partial performance. Made by Arnold Harris. of the Mate of Arkausa*. on the loth day ol November. 1S47. for the ti mi ut ten yiar? from the bt day of October IMS, Made for the ti asportation of the mall from P mama to Aatoria or to aiich other port a* the Meretary at Hot Navy may ulcet. in the territory of Oregon, once a mouth each way, *o aa to connect with the mail feom Havana to t'hapira. aero-- the Irthmn-: and for that ptn|K>ae. to furnish not lews than thne sea *t< amer? ? two of not loss than a thou aud ton- burden, and the other of not le*a than *1* hundred ton- burden, to I* hullt under Inspector. rr'ectrd by the Navy l??par:merit, convertible into war steamer- with right to the Navy l>epartmrut to control them aud dip el their repair*, and -ubjeet to lie taken bv the I'tiltsd Mate* fi r ib'dr u?e on appr?l-? ment?raid steamer* to ? *pnr'vi tl or rejected before leaving the port of New York, ai d to nil from said port, unles* dvta>ned by the Navy l>e|>artment, on or o< fore tlir 1-t ofOctoher, Isf*- i.s h steamer to convey and suitably aoeoaimodale and support a government agent free of < barge, and to touch at one or two Intermediate point- on the coast of Oregon, a* the Navy Department shall direct. wUL Jihi!. *. t? the ?opir*cl?r to touch :-t su Uother point* as lie may ylcrt. Transferred to W illiam II A*plnw*ll,of the city of New lcrk ontbelfnh day of November. IM7. Annut.1 compensation, glfHM**). The following I* a modification of the preceding, by order of Hie rkrretary of Ihe Navy, under date of J line lu. IMK: ? The sti hum m to proceed no further north than i?ti Tranclsen; the mall service to Oregon to !* performed, in conui etion with the -learners. In suitable sailing vessels, to the mouth of Kalnmet river In lieu of Astoria, with the reserved r ght of th< Navy Department to rvepnlp- the steamer* to go to Astoria. tli? -trail* of Fura or other point to M seleetnl on lhec<?a*tof Orrgi n In eon-idcral Ion of which, the stcauisfs arc so toio h. fTre of charge, at three points f? copied Isy the l'nlt<d Mates sspuadcun. or at such port* on the ttpal gvftiikl ii.itlli t.f lit. rr.pi nni PtrfMlintf thflT 111 itmibtr. a. my l.? rrquind by lh?< Nary Depart tor at. an?r the riatoration of p< irr with Mnir o (W? omit tb? m< nt of tbr Gulf .Moil .artier a. uninti real log. ? ? . nmun] moil ????K? pi?ro*Mir f pom rarmt r? oaroor Hhtnlrfl Wktu tirr'4 WAra nrr'A J. frnriM of A'loriit H V* U/t at Strr lii in Mt'iif ????/if retiW Ptintrma. f\r / <? ?. rr?rlt. p? ?/ . ? ... . .war I Mi' IM? 1M? California* JU |,k jk UiMrat - Mar 13 April I III - A prll ? ? ? flailing immI ? ? Jan- ? Aug. % I m t Jailing .aaaal ? - J.I,1 A.p? 21 ? i*.** i * S Jim 17 ? ? ( Moral* . Jaaa 13 J?lr Ifi - ? ! . j,l, 9 AIf Jailing tmmI - _ Aw If ?Vt ? ?7JT" *. A"? 9 **r< t* ain?* rwH - - flrpt..* Nor M a rBI* *. *?P? 17 On. - ? WN **a*al ? - (Kl. >4 Drt. 71 In in ra| - Ort. | (Ut 31 ? ? [" M Orl. 10 Oft M ssassa : ; SS:S "1" ' ?.r. I !ifi rain - ihm. | !> {. * _ _ _ I MO W<?*. - Jan. I - - B rrl JM || - _ .. ' New Vorfc, Ort 3, I Mb, and look mail, for Rio V? ' ^ IpA'Minn. Lima I'nnun.k kr . I., 11 fork. I)rc * 1S4# an<J lock via IN %< p*r California a bote. J Tkr drarrtion of the California by b?r ofllrrr. and 'r, w- * P?n Francirro. on flrat trip. nrerented her trip* * ,n *l Fmiml It prrfim Ikr April <; Left New fork flrat in Rotrmbtf. au.talned an inJ*'f ' ** and nan oliiigi d to return to New 1 orb, a mi repair |.rf| p,t, jy, )U?. took mall, lor Rio Janeiro talparai?v l ima kr I Katra trip. /*?** I H *'"> /'/> * " trtarf. >"> ?' it'? ?* frnvmrnt 1*49 "<?? ( ) Har - . Orrnnn April 12 May I California May 1 May *? t'anm.a .Inn* 19 Jnly IS urrfon July S JulySI Cal'i< rnla Ant 2 Ant 44 cm ma Kpt i vpt n Oi?a<r> <>ct 1 Or! 24 ? a]';, rnin Nor 2 Not 22 ram-mat Not 16 4 I'ttlim |)rr 1 D<* 1AM 1AM tfrrgcn , j,n I Jan 22 himmr) - X? Murn trip* (mm A?lor1a bar* kwtfr* port-d Tfcr pn.troa.ter ol Aatorla l?fl for lh? minm in Calilfotnla *arly In thr y- ar Thr ilrarrtinn of thr I alit rnla by bar 'Mf-r' and rrnar, Inim.dtatrly on brr airlral at Man rranrl.rn, pa- r?n1? d tbo rrtnrn trip of Marrb fr-m bring madr t An rttra trip IWararr of Jonathan LHUr rhargrd ?hb kidnap flr.p amgrola frnn.ylranla and taking Mm to Mail land, baa born abandon.d by thr pro*.*wllon, on thr fiau of Ikt Biff bring aatarr % ERA] 50. AnnlT*r?w>- of thf St. Utorgt'i Society. 7'he annual fr.tiral of the tit George1* Society took place jreeterday The uaual dinuer waa giTeu at the A at or Houite, whore the guentn, to the uumber of about 17S aaeeniMcd at flee o'clock P M After pacing about an hour and a quarter In the parlor appropriated to their nee, the company formed and marched into the dining room, where three table* were M-t out iu Coleman It Sletaon'a beat atyle At the upper end of th* room waa an el orated table, at wliieh waa aeated the Prj.lil.n< "f th. ..I.!, tlr J (' H..I. ? .1 n .w.r 1 , ,,1 by the guests of tb# evening. among whom we observed UU Honor Mayor Woodhull, th# President of the St. Andrew's Society, the President of the St. Nicholas Society, the President of the Herman Society, the Vice President of the New Kngland Society, Brigadier General Whiting, 17 S A ; Reoorder Tallmadge, the British Consul, A. Barclay, Km].. Lieut Bogga, U. S. N.; Lieut. De Haven, commander of the I cipedition in search of Sir John Franklin; the Rev. Dr. Walnwrlgbt, and Mr. Vinton, chaplaius of the society. At the long tables were many of the most respectable of our eitlrens, who were either members of the society, or accompanied those who were members The dinner was opened by a blessing, pronounced by l)r. Wainwrlght. and the performance of-Non Nobis," sung by a number of voices, and accompanied by the piano, at which Mr. George Ledcr presided. It would be a needless tusk to name all the good things which abounded on the table, flufflre it to say, that, from soup to coffee, everything was uneacep- ; | tionable. and the company devoted themselves inos sedulously to the enjoyment of the hour devotod to eating. The upper ami of the room was ornameuted by a drapery, compoeed of the Knglish slid American flags. In front of which, end just over the head i of the pre.I.lent, was placed a lull length portrait ] of (jueen Victoria, arrayed in her regal robes The pleasures of the tuble were greatly enhanced by the execution of beautiful musical airs performed by Dodworth's hnml. and by Mr. Condon and Mr l.oder on the piano forte Themu.dc in both departments was excellent. After the cloth wa? removed |>r Iteale. the President, arose and said; Brothers of the St. George's Society: I congratulste | you moat heartily upon the recurrence ot our nnni- | vcrsary. To see you around me. is Indeed a pleasant sight Before I proceed to oilier matters, allow me to j thauk you for my uunuitnous rr-< lection to this chair. J 1 have also to congratulate you on tho flourishing state of the Society, and on the accession of new members Never before has our Society been iu so flourishing a slate Gentlemen, you all know how many of our poor countrymen arllie oil tills coast without the necessaries of lifts Ignorant of It**, untl without the Hrst idea an to how ihty ran gain a (ulmixtruct* lint. geutiemeu, { whrti tln-j think themxi I tea frirndlfu. they *re xurfiri-ed to find friends nt hand when they least expected t. I>iirlug the past year. we bnT? assisted nearly rkttn thousand person-, including Knglixh, W elxb, Scotch, and Irish. and many front the colonic*; 1-arK* numbers have been pmrided with employmoot. protected from imposition. and prereuted from becoming a burthen to society. Aided by the a-ni-taiue which | they hare reeeired from us. th?y hare been enabled to | unk.' u-eful member* of -ocicly. instead of becoming [ pauper*. During the past year, xrrcn hundred persons I fcave nctlred pecuniary aid front ux. and the result hat been most happy. brothers of St. lieorge. are not the-e good reasons for supporting your xoelely ' W> | art' to be xure. in a land of plenty, blexxed with frnnj dolil. but ia that a reason why we should forget the I land of our birth ? For there ix in the heart ot erery Krgli-hman. a feeling < t lore for the land which fare , hiut birth. M itbout tun In r remark. gentlemen, allow i me to propose the First Toast ?"The day. and all who honor it " Bliisic.?St tleorge and Merry Knglaud Second Toast?"The tjuocu. t?od hie?? her " tens. God -are til* '.'UCCII Tblrd Toext "Prince Albert, the Priuce of Walee, | and lha Hoj al family " Blueie.,?Prince Albert March. FourthTi a-d The President ef th? fnited Htxtex." Bluxle by the hand.? IlallColumbia. Fifth loast "ller Majesty's Ministers.'' Music.? Bellis.arius' March I'r lino. the Piesideiit, a I-In d I lie Mtent ion of th* company for a f?w moment*, lie had ju-t receiyed a I. 1. .. ,1. ..... Ik. - r SI /! ......sin ! Philadelphia. in which lin y congratulated the ht. flrorgc'* Horiady of N> w Virli on then-turn ot the an- -] itiv rsary. lie lie woil Id Ihcrcforo propose the health , of the bou* of At tirorgc in Philadelphia , Itrank with applau-c , Br ft ue giving the to xt loaat. which wax, II er Ma- | jaety'a Milliliter In the I lilted l!lulr<<." tin'I'll-id- lit of ? | the evening mid. the (toclcty ought to huve heen ho- | n..ri il with I lie et.nipenjr of Her Majesty* M in later to , Wa-bkngiuu; but he ma* worry to *ny according to a ? U ligragh'.o it> -patch received from him, that in enu- , eiiiieni e of th-e reread ot Importiint intelligence by t the Inst -Ham-hip. Mi Htitwi-r wax uhahle to altvnd , lie (the I'rexith nl) would therefor- inodity the tnaat. , a ml propoee ' The hvellh of ||er Majesty'- rcpresenla- , live* on this continent." Amiiom Riuut, Kmi Britlali <v,tl?ul for the elty , of Ni w York re.ponded He thanked the rompnuv , tor the very kind and rciiipltmcuiary term- In which Ini luajeety's ri pre-< utatlvcx had hern referred to. and regretted the unavoidable absence of Mr llulwer He via eat re iimly ohligisl. and legged to r-turn IiU inn re thanks for the compliment paid to nlr Henry Pulwar. and fbr the honor xrntrh wae paid to him. in having the privilege of responding to the toast Without intending to tre-pasx on the attention of the company, he mold not help a xpre ? ing the gratiflr illon , which he h ft rn I he ra turn of the anniversary of Ihia eis-lity wha>ae gisid ofllre-are appeerlateil not only hy , the It-firing el I'l l Knglaml. hut by tho.e of New ( Plighiud al-o, elm have honored lia with tlialr com- | patiy lnt? evening. (Applai ) ll? roniinchd by , a* entire a Mfilnl tribute m the liberality n| Mr I Il< r.ry'trinnel! lor hie ex-rttnna in fittinic out an rx f j-idllion to (jo in rearrti ot Mr John franklin. ( 1 hrre i liitr* tor Mr tirinnoll ?irr then (irrs , 11n- ItnlUh \ ivc Cou*?l ??? railed upon to make a few rvtnarka Aflir making a fcw preliminary nWrration*. lio epnkr of the afttnl^ existing Imtwecn tit# i l'tllli'4 Metre kiiiI K.ngland find hoped that horeafli r tht'iv b# no ritalr* between them except In i I nub tot Oh'* ?? would tend to (ho crAgTeee of clrlliita11" u and l In' tu n fit of th" world Aa he waa called | i upon to i-ponk. ho thoii|(lit it out inappropriate to i allinie to oni of the royal family who had ({one to her r??t Uurinir the laat year, ono whoac (food worka were every wlrre known, and *ln?? henllioent deeda pike triimpet-tonRiiid throughout the w >rld of i eonrae he referred to her late MajeMy, the wife of ' the aallor king II# might well ?ay, " None knew her hnt to lore b?r. nnn? naioi d her l.ot topiatoe *' In | ! roiirlnaion he rXfirt ed hla hope that it might he hla ph a?ure to meet the M tlmrge'a foe let JT lre<|Uentiy hereafter at their animal dinner* I The I'ai ati??at anir uneed that he had jia?t received a ti li graphic drapala li from the fhakapervan I'tnh. of M?ntre*|. informing tlir M llforic'" I'nflrt; of New i York, thnl llml rluli v ?? drinking their health (Ap- | ttUaw ) ! ?ltt. *ei4 he. | i"p that ilrink the In?itli of the fhak-pereati flub of Montreal The neat regular loa?t Tie Army mil Nary of Ureal Utitain Urank with the honor* all wtandmg. ami llip. hip. bin rah ." Volunteer 9am 'The F1*)J ItrareJ the Battle anil Ihr Itrcege " he T he Am>T and .Nary ?f the t oiled Blale* " ('rank with the honor* "llip. h p, hurrah " Mu-le. | the atar fpangled Banner Uenerai WmTlfo. of the t nitej -t.te? army re. *p< nd> d to ltd* tnael It Would, he *ald. bra great doerrdil to the aerrlre to whieli he belonged. if he did nnt minder a few word# in re.p?n*e In the la t load, r> ming < it did from *ueh a dt?tingwl*hed uwiely, and hating the et-amp til ft licocg* upon it In nainietlnn with thl* iitjtel. he wnttld-ay. that any otlt' er ( of hi* rtrtlre rnuld n<4 hut brl hi*< heek glow on nailing the Inqui tit and e|a ieal remark* of the M inieter of kliglard to the I nlted Plate# on a recent oeea*4nn in llailinrnrr It la tlioae *entlment* which Idnd nation* i together atronger than treatie* or treple rnrded rgW ? The (leneral IhFn referred to matter* near home, and -aid that in the late war with Mrtlcn. the I nlted Plate# mti?t need* hate conquered for. In alt theeaaential elenunteof rtrength the Amertran* were ?npertnr to thi Mralran* for t It in rea*nti that the Mexican* <lo not tw long to the right *lork from the liegiuning f the war. there ta< no ilould hut that the American* would ronquer He apoke not a* an eye witne** of what Orneral Beott did In that campaign, hut be hwlietrd that that dl*tlngni*lied lienerni from the tlr*t tep whlrh he took on the rornl *anil* of Verat'rut, until the ia'l whirh he took In the elty of Mexico, had no doutd. in hi* own great mind, that all hi* purpoae* would he fulfill d It* le iieted that rictory would he won ard h* ditermlned that *nrh ehould he the end , of thw war tin the other line that of Uenerai , Taylor, lie t uld *peak a* an eye wltne** fan plan**) *nil from th* llmf wh*n lb* ?nw l*r**b d*nl of lb* CnMid flat** r*arhod ?h* HI* lirand*. liDtil hr ?n?t and ilrt>tlnl tha .Mnlran roborta on lb* < ?Id of Hu*na \ l*la h* n*??r faiimd on* Hi( m*nt ? In ahat lb* ultima!* n *ull mould la To ' lb* la?t day ?b< n b* el"*rd hi* m< tnorabi* campaign. *h*n many a "Irony inlnil may for a nvm>nt ha** lh- t'uhl ?< matlm". that all ?a> In*, hi* iiidoalW* j rbaiartir nr**r ya?* way f?r a moment Th*ra I* a ullar foiling iu <li n Taylor a* a military man. and thai I*. Ihal h? narar maid b* *rnral*d Thl* la half i lh? battl* and ?om*lim** all II* (?h* *p*ali*r> *ald lb" Mralran* a*r* not of lit* rlyhl # >? Ihal I* for u* They rr* M<>l of lb* Anglo-haaon ?lo*k I A P j iJAn** | Krarrbr* of II at *t"*k lia?* nut lofoih*r I I* for* i hi* Krltcn and Vankr* bar*. *r? lb I*. h>*n an ' rayrd again*! rarh olbrr <a lb* boatil* fold and a tough Rtruyyl* II * < hnl II I* to h? hopod that aurh hay* nlll not orrur ayatn. **ry *oon Tb*y ha** b**n Ml lb* acta* of aonllirt **-??ral tlin** wtthia th* laat tan yraril. but n> llh*r had auffi-rad th* ana to go down ' on hi* wrath Oa on* o**a?loa. It traa In conn**j lion ailb lb* Main* boundary. ?h*r* map* b*. 1 lt*d nalnr* (laughter | and naltir* Wli*d mapa, | (rt m a' J laughter) a h?r* lb*r* ab-.uld ha?* Wn low lard* in?i*ad of m?nntaln* wh*r* rlrara abonld flow, lard bar* th*y did nol flow at all Oa Ibat a?b>**4 both partlaa Ibotiiibt thai di?Mr*tl"n ?na tba b*tt*r |>arl of ?alnf; Ibat it wa* h, lt?r to g|** aad lab* land (ban to gW* and tab* glory ll.ancbt*ri ho it wm In lb* On yon dl.putr braa tb* aahalMlc nnmhara Aftyfniu forty . whlrfc ??r* rapaat'd at ba?t fifty four I handr*d and lotly tim**. during on* ailmlni*tralloa. | antild not b* ronjrnduo Into a aar lnbothth*a* I I ra**a, Vhr aiiia < Mtw, oltin tbr vorat tad w*akoat ' LD. TWO CENTS. rewon In aurh r?iw. yielded to something superior DtmlUr. hit believed ?hrn Hriuin mM? t tnk<4 or Vsnkw mt fU ltrualn. H will be ua a Arid whore the strife will I*. nut to do rarh other the moet harai, hut where each shall do the other the moat good The General's speech was listened to with great attention. and wbeu he aal down he waa warmly hpplauded 1.lenti nant Itoi.oa, of the navy made a rerv happf rpeech, hut we were not near enough to ratrh hie remarks Thoer who heard It apoke very highly of it Mr Ksm ii. of Broadway. favored the company with a volunteer sung, which waa eiaeediugly well sang bp him. and very apropos to the eveniug l>r Ural i. the President, ttieu remarked, that if tka company re-ponded to what be ?b about to propose, tin y would say "Yes" r "Ye-. yes." from >11 part* of the room (Laughter .1 I>r llitii?Oh. but wait until 1 havssaidit (Laughtar.) It is. gentlemen tliis "The 8t tleorge'a Society of I'hilndelDbia Ouirk a* the electric spark U tlie sympathy between us ' ' Hie Honor the Mayor, nnd the Municipal Authorise* of the (lity of New York," w?, the negt toaat The Hon Cai.h 8. Wooiimvll replied-?Upon au occaeion like the promt, ninny ennbilng thought* naturally suggest themselves. of the common origin of race, of language, und literature sod of the clone tie* of commercial and political intcreate that unite und blend together the people at t hie country and of that in whom commemoration thi* festival ia held. The readlneaa with which not only Kriti-h but foreign horn citizen* geucrally a**imilate themselves to our habits, our inNtitutiona. and our laws, imp recite* itself on my mind as a moat prominent and striking feature of American society. Various e* is the descent of our mised population, we, nevertheless. con*titute one united people We are here, not a* stranger* from other lauds, not as the representative* of any foreign nation, but as friends, ne ghbor*. and American clt inc . i The distinction at Rriti-h French. Irish Herman. Italian nrMeandluaviau, i* seen only on the surface, and is, in reality, merged in the rame general character, and knows only by one eomuiou title, that of American cftisene All are member* of one political brotherhood, and all are equally ardent in their devotion to that bright polar -tar of our common hope, the American Union. 1 he aptness of llritish stock when transplanted to our soil to cultivate and imbibe the American spirit. and si(ju*t itself to the ways of the American peoida is u In autiful feature of our national character Who has Dot frequently marked some individual distlnguiahad [or hi* enterprise end tact in pu*hing ahead In the world, and wondering where socute a Yankee had eotue front, discovered with no little surprise, that he was u genuine son of John Itull.whnhad become no thoroughly imbued with the Yankee spirit aatoeveu out Jonathan Jonathan \V? have read of the juvenile crittcUro wbirli deemed the artists picture to bo a mors natural Hon than the real Hon Itself- so have I fancied that John ltull. in tliia country, has sometime* seamed more like a Yankee than the real Simon pure himself It Is a hopeful and gratifying circumstance, in connection with the growth o! our country, that the Immigrant population arriving en our shores, come not ouly with strong aspiration* of democratic llbsrty, but that they are ao readily and rninpletnly fused Into the mass of American citizenship, as soon In leave little or no distinctive political traoee ot their birth or country All speedily bocome united tuto one people Our annual increase, from immigration may be estimated at nearly half a miiliou If this immense ma-* of nntiulat ton eominir from ell Ik* different btatca of the old world.ahould adhere to thai? rrnrkl political natiooniltica. we Nboultl aoou baa* numerous Irolated political bod lea. entertaining viuwa at varianre with the fundamental principle* of our Koy? rumcnt. Much political organliatiunx. fbuaded on national diffi rence* of language. ruatomc and tdraa. aould unavoidably create Internal fruda anddiviriona, which would cmlaugir the onward prosperity, it out tha rery exlxtrnce of our lair republic. Fortunately, aucb la not the raw We can bear witneM*thal our adopted man are am one the t rural and heat of our rltiaaua. Yba 0 niiro tit of patriotl-ni burn- ?- brigblly in .their m- a- though they hail flrxt learned to liap their nnthcr'a tongue In the laud where th?y bare choaen llieir komea and their grave. Tliey are ai ardently it Inched to the government of th<> t'nion and aa ready to rarrttlce thMr live* in tlx aerrlca, aa thoar around nhoee iufnncy it* protecting arm. were thrown It la ? gratifying riltiction that what ha? tint, hlth-rta proven in other nation-, a eourfe of ilieeord and w?akn? ??, hax lax n found iu oura to couatitute an olemaut nf enduring xtrcugth and greatneaa Thla ehnrneIcrh'tJc patiiotiin of nnr foreign born citiiana I ana ri joip. d to ray. lelokeiu and promiae* a happy future, nd a moat proxneroue < areer for our republic Ah Main a- the Mayor concluded hie Honor, Frederick rnJuiadge. war called upon Ila did nut. he aaid, anti Ipate the honor of l?nig railed opou to apeak Many rcarx hare elapxed during which he ha* been honored rlth a Heat at the table of the HIHeorgr'a Society le recurred to there ocnaetwie with f< elinga of tha In | < t ratUfuctlon and ph a?ure, not merely for tha loto.r conferred on hiin. but for the opportuniuae thich it baa preeewlrd to blin of making acijuaintanoaa 1 ho are ju-ll) highly honored and ertevmcd in thla i tnmvnity (in looking around the room, and obening >u many plump hud round couiileuaneea ?ovlh in e of good tiring laughter)- he could hardly mppo c that they wire not native#of thia aoii (rwI wed laughtrr) that they wera not born In thia .ci lal climate and lived on the go;><| thiuga of thia country. (Laughter) The only way In which ha rewld account tor It waa that many of thoae preaent had lived here for a number of year- (Laughter ) Ila wa? rejoiced to a< e around him the nountenanowa of mai y geutlemen fr< m old Kngland who are planted among in and wielding, to a great extent the com merca of the country, adding t > lt? reaourecr nod credit aa will a? to the eotiinu reial world (Oreat applauae | were your now. thank Uod, we am y >ur rqunlx II)' would not ray thir l> v-tingly a* h < kti<-w :h< fflilj would not have r-kiil hU honor thr M?/?r >nd hiion If to rouia bar* All our law* and inaWtuirr-nr? d< ri>i'! tr ui ?< ur country tVrthvukyou Vr tlx in and we will Improve on them If we ran fiat aby bare ?f come her* When I look on thta a?a*aadagr of gt nllrnirn Mr Talmadge concluded b; rti rrli r In rt mpltnicntary ti rm? to thr beneflta eoutrr>d by tbr M tlcorge'e Society. and thanking tha inpany for tbr honor done htm "The SUtfT Benevolent Socictlea" waa Ihr nr*t lonat Mr Knwtia. the I'rr.ddmt Oflh* 81 Andrew'a Sooletp, rpllrd and govt ?. a toaat, I ?d) Franklin May In r devntrdneea to har gal* ant bn.bntid Ir rewarded by Ilia aala return " Mr l?? ri rartr ?)< om.on the part of lb"-Ht NIcIioIm |t< rltty. uiadr ionic remark*. and concluded with tha loaat ' Kngland and the bulled Mafea May peace within iarli country a ball' a ronatant gveat be f mud "? Tbr I'aiaii i it of th? linman Sorlrty aleo replied to Iheti aet and gave ' Tb> i'' natiiution of Fnglaud The bulwark whtob rolled batk the waera of Kur >pran reTotution. and prceervrd to the nationa liberty. prare. and proaperlty ' 1 he ratai!> *? then aroae and raid low m<- to IntroJurr to you our well belored <> u*ln fonnthaa Thi-rallid out Mr Statrnw Dttaera who nmoaedlhe r< mpany - me tiaie with pleasant r? mark*, appropriate to the rail of the President Mr Draper. In mnolti.ion alluded to Fir John Franklin nod I be no blr ?lt' rt? of the enterprising eltlarn of tliia rountry. who la about filling out an nprditlon to an In - arnh of thai navigator lie gave aa a tonal. Hritnin au I llrltnln a aoua If lo.t ever may they b? founJ In the etrong and leat lug embrace of nutional glory The near regular ton?t waa. ' Lieut De II an.ii and hla gallant rompnntona - Map thiy eurrrrd In thrlr b"ly entrrprtae ' (Uluding to the eiprdillon In aearrh of ftlr John Franklin l Mn air by the band I.lent De llan o returned Ibanka and gaor. 'Lady Franklin the n'tie conaort of a worthy and gallant " Mere tolled another regular toaat The Brttlah Calnntea " Fourteenth T'aat thir native land." 8'<ng. bp l>eo l.i.d* r My Baytvod'a Ibtnte b ifti nth Tonal the land we lire In " Mnala ? Vankre D' "die Flib n?h T"a*t " Woman " Muaie fltea.' Maea'a a health t<? nil good Lnaaioe," and by the band, ' I. >? Not " Th>n > ante the flrrt Viee Dreaident'a toaat wh rh waa Hie memory of William Hhafcapoarr, one nt Knglatid'a k' uaahold gewla " Mr Haa? reeponded to thla t'want In a wet ahie and abator nt iluwrrtatlon on the wn.-ka of the Bard of A em, whom be termed " the gr vt ipoalle of hutaan nature who flrat tranalated tho fceltngv of fhe hutaan bait into language '' Mr lir .i i.ntw waa neit railed on fur n aong IIa mforiK <t to III'' r*<|, r.DH -'V"? ?"> ??-? - m lla rim " 1 h? r< nc'iiding toa-t ?> r? thoaa of lh? wml f irf*rral.l.i>t ?rnl A.rrrtary At a lata hour tha company ware ft? ' nf hilarity. and wmH Iraa dtap wad t? (tra our m< rrj nntkiri* than whan tb.-y hr.t li?j tn ih' ranln.. ntrrlailiinanla Poller lnl? lllgettee. .1 ftiMawit W?iO. - Vialrrday oMror O'Krnfa tr ra.t..l a >. ?!>K Iri-limtn by tha nam* of Rlwtrd fart, i naltar tn the employ of Mr Kii(<nr K?l<l \< r<- 1 local the rornar of At Marka Plana an<l a? rui# nti a rliarnr of robbing la in employer It aaiat lhat for a. me tiaia pant, carina* artlrl.. bar* b*"n n?.lnc at I at la?t Mi>pir|r>n ranted on Him waiter I ha < tit er on taking him Into ti?ii. <1 a r > a alilrh tIn prieonor nrnipierl with a iiliMt"? it hi 5:t I'inra .trot at which plara th" nil WW ., < ar< btng d lee wren <1 a large quantity <?f t?l?n pa party In a larg< trunk. e?t,.i?tiag of tahl" el <ih? ait ill rant ari ana lumhlrra. fanry rrnrkiwy anil '<?h w artii lia o| a miliar rhamrter there w ? al?o In tlar trunk a handame Ko|.| hrari let All theae artirlai bate brrn Identified aa the property <>f Mr PCata|?a? On thr par-on of tha irrmol waa found a pawn llnhi-t of a niu-iral hot taluid at ?W, alao a rherk drawn i.? Mr Kct. Iten. on tha lullrm I'.anh, f<>r >100 ilatad hi an nary. 1?6o Thlarhark Mr Ka?<ltai had aeeld-ntally left on hu tnhb and tha ?r< u-e.J In Ih" ahaanna of Mr K _ atolelh' ch.rk hill haf.ra tha rogue ha-1 time it at the hank. It waa atoppai Tha art lei. a total, en. ".timat.dat aataral hnndr <d d dlarn aartant waa ronduel.d before Ju.'.ira Lothmp who rommltt.'d him to prtaon for t?1al f Anrpa V JMoa ire #>ri? / a.iarr A woman. celled Ann kill. Ilia, waa arraati d rxlerday l.y . "Of H <al y. of tha Rrnrth ward on a rhargw.f al<eling forty dd Rebrrt Millar a reeldnnt of Ifllllaro. ??Cgli while In a porter honar nt fro ?n t'h<rry -treat due ti"a l,othr?y aommiitrj tha arcu <ed t > pru '* w an woe tha cbarfa

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