Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1850 Page 1
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TH ?* * -"* ' NO. 5801. HIPPIRO. iyOTU B? PAS8EN(iEK.? l*XKSTE AMHIIII* ATLANT1U 1" will piaaae baoa >> aril lb* iliip at lb* per fool ofi'mal itrao*. will A. H. U-morrow, T, h tat., and sauil all IttuMa mot wan lad nw_t ha pa??agr ?a board thU day. BOKTM IMIKll AN K. M STKilshiSO.?Tba attention of tho public In directed to the ai Wtiee *<? la tkn ship* to tail (Vem 4 mor'en la tho msath For Liverpool?cnited states mail stham bi# ATLANTIC, Capt. Jae. IVmi ?Thiv steamer. the r?t or tho Nov Tork and Liverpool lino. being just oumEletad, ia now at her berth, at the pier Tout of Canal street, And will depart with tho mailt for Eurtjw. positively on Sa urday, 2ftn lartaat, ut 12 o'clock. W r r paeeage apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS. 74 South street Paseeager* are requested to evnd on board ail baggage oot granted oa the passage, marked below, this day, il h m it. Shipper* will please send their bill* or lading to the ofltio, thu day. All lottor* and papera mutt pas- through the Toot tofceo. The steamer Pacific will succeed tlio Atlantic THROUGH LINE TO CALIPtlKN I A, VIA > IIAOKESCurrying the United State* Mati.?.Saturday, April 27 Ui At 3 o'clock, r. M., frorr. the pier foot of Warren srmet, N. It. tho ue aad elegant double engine steamship OHIO. Jus I Behenok. U. S. Navy. Commander, will ho despe'rhed ae abova. with tha Government Mails, for the treat Indies and tho faeitlc. Tho booko are now open for passage to Chariest ,n. Savannah, Havana, Ntw Orlvane and Chaitrea, and for i Bhrongb tiekota to San Franeisou. To oevnrv through ticket*, arty application mutt he m*d?_iu only a email number amain unengaged. An experienmd surgeon it attacked to 4he Ohio. The aoeommodatioat for passengers of *acb elaat Are unsurpassed by any eteatr.ehip afloat. The pass* n ers for dUfcagrea are transferred at Havana to the ?tipernor double ?a*an ateamahip FAI,< OV aad prcoerd from Havana diroot oChmrt*. Rales of paaeage from New Tork to Chagre#)State Room Berth $1U0 Standee Berth 80 Steerage do., found bed and separate table SO 'Rates of passage from Panama t* San Frauolsoo:? Stata Room Berth ESCW Steerage Berths, found bed and separate table... U4i "Rates of passage- To Havana. T? N. Orlcaoa. , State Room Berths ?7" #7fl Standee, forward eabia M 00 Steerage, fonud hod and board.. B 28 reisht to New Orleans will be taken at Hfteeuta per cubta . The bills of lading must ell he signed on board the el the day before sailing For freight or passage, apply M O. HOHF.KTx II" West street. HROUCfl LINE FOR ^A.\ FR.tNt 1M O. VIA <. HA?The new and favorite etciunnhipi. AoKKK 1,300 ton*... Capi. U. Wtndle. (LA DE1.1" A.. 1,100 tuna,. . (apt. J. V. Ktnholsob, a the only dire?t line between New Verk and I'h agree, , in connection with the United State* Kail Steam Paok? in the Pacific, a aetni-monthly line through to San y-.nclKo. nenrcnr um or ran a t? cMaeun. Cherokee Philadelphia. Alter Saloon State Room. gliD |1^> Forward Saloon do I no 100 Lower Cabin 90 ? all the above dine at the eame table, and have the priviol the Saloon. Steerage, (found with metreeei e* and board,( $66 $66 Freight to Chagree, 70 cente per fo<it. Expense* on the lathmue are borne by the ra**enger?. Fur freight or rattan a, Apply to HOW LA NO fc AsPINWaLL, M S?nth etreet. New York. Pacific Knil Steamehip Company.?The United State* Mail team Packet*. FA NAM A 1,1*7 tone... Capi. David u. Bailey. JDREf.ON l,tW9 tone.. . Capt. Carhale P. Pattereon. CALIFORNIA. ..1,0(91 tone.. . Capt. Thoe. A Budd, TEN NES8EE... 1 ..**> tone... ('apt. Ceorfe A. Cole. CAROLINA ???tone... - - UNICORN ?<) ton*... - nre intended to form ? ecmi-monthly line between i'nnnmn nnd port* tn California Paaxenger* in the after uahine are Enrni'bed bedding, but not wine* and liquor*. I'aewneere in the eteera^c nre found with MMfc ration* a* are fnrnUlied to the crew, and with mnttree* and pillnw All peeeenrrr* will be aliowrd trace for pereonel bngxnge free, to the extent of flttllb*. weiVnt, not exceeding in mearurement ten cubtefoet Freight on -xtrabaggeg* or tnerohandtee. wboi> taken. Silk! per tun. end on* anil a half for cmt on all epeuie. Package* henld tint exceed lilft I he. weight for mnle carriage. Cabin Steerage Faunae>' troin Panama to San Rlae or Maaatian $1?S $100 " San Diego.... IBM 116 " San Francieeo W 160 No etore* to be landed will be taken a* baggage. Charge* f embarking nnd debarking, and all nominal port charge*, Including health fee* end boat hire, tn be i aid bp the paeeenger> No passage eeuured until paid for. Apply at the . (Ho* iftk* 0?ifkny.64Sentk etreet. New V"rk. > MI IRK CIT V LI N E?Ft) K 8 AN FRANCJSCO VIA C H A JLJ ?rtn, 4|rM, the r j'len Jmi CKEJM'ENT CITV. ft.fltM* tonf burthen, C'fiarlw Rtcddar-I, O.muian ier, irili ! ? * for S*n f rfcuciJK-w dir*<?t, via i ou vVmlneidav, *?T lat from her dock, pier No. J North River, at S o'eloen. for (rriidil or puil|?, tpplf Ui J. HOW'ARIi Ik SUN, .V Tickets for rai.f.-o\e steerage ticket per ateamahip I'rtio ni City, May let, from New York to FJhafrea, and olio 'ohm Ticket per ateara-hip Sarah Sanda, from Panama ta San Franciaco. Alao, one ateortce Ticket par atrauiahip Georgia, May 13th. from N'w York to Charrna, Acd one atccrapo Ticket per ateatnahip Republic, on bar ttrot Arip from Panama to San Franrix o Apply to ril.LSnrKV A SANDFOKD. '*? Sonth etreet. Through mm for < amfornia, via ciiauhm, in aailinit teaael ?The aplendid coppered and Copper Mailt I rig JOHN FRENCH. Copt John Anaekford, will aall on Moi day, May eth, her regular day. Ft freuh' or pvea*e ?ppi; to kusski.i, kt Norton si ?wt slip. Office of t ha-rca Sailing Packet, ra-eare from Panama to San Fran< iaon, ca'da, $iWh 3d, RI3U. New York to Chayrea- '-aWn. R ay id do. RV> __ C AMFORNIA THROUGH TICKETS?TWO STEER to* and one brat claw in Roberta' Ime. for April .7 : and ma for liar 1.1 in the aame line ; one eeccnd caMn In Howard k fton'a lint for May It; two atveraye f >r Jiiae 19, lu Rowland At A * in, wall'f line ; two at con I cat in in Howard k Kon'e liaa for J I f lat for aale I y F WHITE. 36 M all atreel. ALIFORM IA THROUGH TICKET ONI FIRST CA> in thr nyh ticket |?r I rraccnt Ci y, Map let. to ennnaot nrilh the Sarah Sauda, on her aecuud ? yade fr m I'auama. in May. for aale hy J. M. STAPLES, It Son I h atrwat, (np attire). /lA'llliliMi IVOlMii Tit SET- FOil r Til OF April, f?*r aalr at tbu California Paaaantrrr HtAue. 179 Itrotdway. Alio, c.mplite Oil til a, inrlud.ny qulrkatlrar, gold ?raratora, Llanksu, hats, tint". Iiamtnoek". kr.. toad n..d chrwf. ARNOLD HI" HI II. rA I.I Foil.N IA Til ROCtlll TICkET* rok SALE?OX F. 1 r?i c!??? ticket <l*dy'?) in llo anj Aaplnwall'a I ?, ?lSi rf v?y Al?? foil ateertra In Knlrrta'a llwa. for tha 27th of April ("taoaaar Ohio). One *r?i claaa ticket wanted, t r th It h I May in II wland and Anp'u wall's llnr. Two tbn?sh tirkrt* for >ili. f. r tha IStb of Mac. b? II. VI". I'll K ? oTT. Nr. II Wall at ranl rAl.irOKNIA TflROCfiU TH k KTS IT A NTED- KOK any trnn ?r to ?ai) hot. r" tl>r JHb of May. for whtoh * warm 'm will bp paid, at th? t'allform* Pnaarn.-pr Odlnr, 179 fcroaoway. Thmnsh tickets, for lbs ?*th of May, for -air. alarrme. rabfn, $l'?> California omnia ooniplsta; warranted good and rh?ap. Paa?port? (rati". ARNOLD ItWiri M rILII ORNI t Mill l Ilium..11 Ih HP. IN I flr>t laaa gentleman's, and one lady's, j.-r I'liiladelplna ai d Trnnraapr. fonr atrrraa* par Ohio, Aths two do. mt Cvoryia. May l.'ltb. two forward saloon par Empire City, l.iih; cur Mroad p?r cheroksa and Tsatiea?re, for aalaby MR'NTJl CO., NP Broad w r. Wall at rAI IfOMNIA TICkETS WANTED-THREE TllitOCOIf tiikrta ly ths atraaar of to-w?rmw. Alan, asanral Other" far awr tune prrriowa ta tba JOth <-f May. Apply Vo tha In ohhawprr. rrrwch a llo'el. RRT ANTF.D-d TIlROriill STEER ADR, OR "El OND ralIn tirkrt for rasr.wt Cry anil Sarah Sands, or ona ky II'Wland k t>.plnwair? line Irh May Ala", two Dakota f r>alr Iw^wlraifO H I KEKM I V CI.aloa H'. al I lly Intelligence. CURAT EXCITEMENT IN IklAlb?TKMPEWT IN A TEAPOT. In rnnogut nee of serinua differences between th* trustees of tha tin (tract ? nagogue and ihelr lately nppi'iulad lecturer. tha Rea. Dr Rapball. the lacturad An ILr pa,-1 blbllail history of tha Jaws, advertised for this wpak, had to ha postponed Tha cause of this viwir ,,ni nirnt with full narMi nlara ,,f p , h d#?mlnnct. 111 rot-.and unique elrrurn-lancea connected with II, Will Ix' puHi*h*d in i few day*. TMK nil If FROVT AMI WaTFR *TRKrTe?FT'RTIIER FARTH I IUR*?lilAIR or Ji>Mf L. Sl'IU, MB COROTkft'e IfQfRfT. Thr lt? In Front and Water atreet*. an auruunt of which ? publi-hr d In ye*t**day'a paper though rlrtnaily *ubdu?d at thr tima we elated continued to t>nrn with a -mothered flame till morning anil a pmokr leaned front the amoulderiug ruin- throughout the whole day yeeterday The etore of Berdell. Mo 33 Front elreet, which we* the building where the flro originated. fell with a tremendou* craah. which had the effect of contributing in no email degree to the iwpi eeaton of the d**our1ng element The rear wall o the a!ore in Water atreet alao rami- d?wn hut lb* front of the building la atlll -tap ling 1 he boo* we- playing nil the day ?n the ruin- of both building* and a mnaldrrablr number of bote* of candle*, aom* ?f lb.-m partially burned were taken from unJi-r the rubhi-h of Ih* etore In Front atreet The damage to th-- I liter l? eelimated at from PMQOO to FMmjuu. fully co?.-r*d by inauranee The bnoh* of Jfr Berdell are In n aalamander -af.?. under the mine TV- building I* owned by Mr l?aac ?T flinrw* and -a* not tnaured Mo. So Front *tr?. t. occupied by Mf iWl ftbrcm u< Cmiie and l.'arpeuter. gruc-ry aa?l rinmlaai.c merchant*, and by Mr II II f almnn. up atair*. auffered damage from water only M,. 114 Front atreet, occupied by Meear* Kotchum ft Perry grocery and commi-*lon merehanta. and up atair* by Merer* J?*eph Katchum ft ftnn wa* (lightly daniag* ?l In the upper atiwe by lira, and waa ouiy ?e.-d by th* noble rlettiona ?f ill* fir-nun The building wa* flooded with water It aeemi-il at on* tun,' a* if the wlrdr of thl* block wa* declined for de-irtiiuion *o fleicely did th* flam-? rag.- Th* .I'-rW* blinding auK'kr. wl.tcb could not lie endured cither by the *y?or n.wtrtl*. and whirh ?t>re?d orer nil th* plac* wu auec*. d-.l by on* of th* moat mag .ilflcenl out buret of flam* ?rer l*held;*eeu from th* Rrooltiyu able it awful1* aut.l.m* It illuminad Ih* chipping and lli* wall ra,and the rraft pee-tng to and fro could be aeon in ' he mid glare aa clearly aa at n<<on<ity ? m ij*a. tlrally did the flame* rlae. that a report w?nt or. r the city that twdr* or thirteen rtore* were ng flr* A curiou* thing occurred The upper atory of .13 Profit atreet wa* fl.led With pea* and when lb* battel vera torn from Ih* window-, n -bower of the pea*, red hot poured from the window among the ?p -eta gnr*. putting them to flight Ift all direction* The a*, eoud buHdlng de*troyed namely Mo S3 Water atreat. oretipl*d by Darling. Albertaon ft Bo*, waa atoeked with flour, cotton. nee. molnaao* ft* fn th* npper atorb- were 3?R? barral* of flour, belonging to Meaara paw* ft t'ary wbaaa |n*a ta enrered by Inauranc*; jai bale* cUf euttoft. owned by M.*?? II H - Or*era alao inaured; li)0 tlarrr* of rice ou atorag*. W*rc totally dwtroyed Th* total amount of pro party e^ne; lo<-t U lneu-ed for $40 000. The l>utldla<? owned by Stephen Whituey, wna not injured The adjoiuiog *tor? of Mrwrt. Work k Drake, No. 31 WiUrttrwi, lalorel , conridi rebly from water The damage U covered by Insurance The building ou the other tide No. V>. la the United Stater atoregr for bonded k<kk1i whioh rery narrowly i-raped a deatrurtiou which would ham Involved the moet fearful cuurequeaeeo Thia warehouse la in a nn>?t lrlghtful condition Ho great la the quantity of liquor rtored in It ($3tM)UQ0 worth) and the building *o weak, that it benda under the feel, and ir In the greatest danger of ooining down. | It It bad fallen, and the whiakey ran into the tiro, an exploeiou would have taken place, j which would hare probably killed hundred*. On Wednesday night the roof took Are at one time; and hud the xptrite ignited, the whole would have gone off like an much gunpowder, proetrating building* and killing all around We understand the \layor hae been applied to. to take some steps with regard to it; but it reomr the law Id defective and there 1* no newer to touch it It wan from the etllnahle rmr.tlniu. i ness of leaving the hatchway* open Id this building, that John L. Guire mrubrr of engine company No 14. fell through, anil lout taia life? having died. from the Injuries received, yesterday morn'ng at 7 o'clock. Tbo houiv of the company yesterday w >re the emblem* of mourning for the dead and the houses of several other companies tore the sanm mark of respect for bin memory lie leave* a wife and one child to mourn hie loss She le near her confinement with another The following 1* an account of tbo Inquest held on the body of the deceased:? The Coroner held an lnoueet at the First ward elation house, yesterday, on the body of J.L Guire. aged ?JV. bom in Troy, who came to hie death by accidentally falling through the hatchway to the tloor below from the fourth story. a diatance of eoinu fifty feet. The deceased wan picked up insensible by a Mr Anthony I,am berth who coureyedhlm to tbo First ward station I house The bead of the deceased waa b tdly cut and the skull fractured. Medical aid waa procured, and every means taken to restore him; hut he never spoke after the accident, and be died yesterday morning at (even o'clock. The deceased was a member of rire Eugine No. 14. and kept a flsh stand in Washington Mai ki t He has left a wife and one child ft scleras that the accident occurred in the bunded warehouse So. 36 H ater street The store at the tune was densely filled with .-moke; and it is presumed that being confused in consequence of the smoke, he accidentally fell through the hatchway. The hatchway to this building, like many others, was without doors. Tho L'ororn r remarked to the jury, that the mode of erecting stores, and leaving the hatchway exposed open, without doors, was very censurable; thus making it a perfect man-trap and endangering the lives of tir-men ' on entering buildings at the time of tire. A number of lives have been already sacrificed by the careless manner of constructing these hatchways, and it is high time that some notice should be taken a id means adopted to prevent any recurrence, especially where the lives of our gallant tire men and active policemen are placed in jeopardy. On these remarks from the Corouer. the jury retired, and in a short tiuie rend? red the following verdict:?" That the deceased came to his death by falling through the hatchways of the bonded war. house No 35 Water street The jury would iroin mi' tact, mat lor me nut mi1 or tlx years many accidents have occurred and lire* lost. through the negligence of leaving hatchways open recommend that rC'iiie action be taken by which accidents of this nature might be presented. Nut only is loss of life the result of such negligence, but many large fires occur which would otherwise be confined to the floorin which they originated. It is a subject which the jury deem worthy of i he particular notice not only of the insurance offices but also of the Grand Jury, and some measures should be adopted compelling owners and occupant* of stores to have their hatchways properly secured They would also recommend that the Are department take some action in the matter." Tim Kiar n? Jom* STBKrr.?The fire at No. 9 John street originated in the offloe of Charles K. I'erret. an engraver The uarne of the other firm in the building Is Matheyft Brother, watch importers. Blicioc ar Bhootiso. ?Yesterday, Coroner Geer held nn iuquest. at No. 100 Cedar street on the body of Thomas 11 Tuthy. a native of Kngland. aged 36 years, who committed suicide the day previous, by shooting himself with a gun, In a bedroom, at the above named premises It seems that the deceased arrived in this country in February last, and In company with J l'ykc una another person, by the name orCntcbpoles lias been travelling in the country as a kind ot strolllog player The youug woman residing in Brooklyn, whom the deceas, d said was hie wife, yesterday denied th'S statement, and set forth that the deceased Burnt d hi r mother, and th"U ran off with her (the daughter) to this couutry but. ou arriving here, she ' refust 4 to continue to live with him This fact is believed to bate deranged the mind of the deceased, aud caused the act of self destruction The Jury returned the following vrrdict That the deceased raw to his diath by a gun shot wound peuclratiu|? the b >dy over the rtgionof the heart, and that said guu went off while in the hands of the deceased Nai.aow Kscsrk.? While the workmen were removing the roof of the old Chemical Bank, yesterday afternoon. one of lb< ut carelessly threw a hi avy plank, eight feet long, to tlie |tarenient which struck the be id of Mrs Turk, of Hammond street, knocking her to the ground, and rutting her head very severely She waa rarrlnl into the exchange office, aud l>r Knight was st nt lor. who probed the wound, aud declared t h re was no fracture but only a severe Injury to the scalp llnd Ho plank fallen two Inches farther out dstUl would have probably ensued The lady, her youthful son by (he silent ion of Mr. Trimble the architect of HaruunT* Museum, was conveyed h<>:n< In a carriage, every atteution hiving becu paid by him that the necessity of the ca.-e required The mau who threw the plauk was immediately di-charged orders having Uiii previously given to throw nothing on the sidewalk It i" fortunate for him that he is not in cus tody for mnuidnughler 0>? Lii-ht The rominiitrrof th?* Common Council ohuttu to inrprcl the different git* mtithlirhut* tit*. prurwtli il yc?UTil?y in pur*ult ol their dutiee The nport I* looked forward to wi'h much iatf rent * " the citizen* are deeply tiiterertl* d ill the eubjcct of ch> ap and good public and prtrate light I>? ?o hriNt Km so - At tmlf-pait 10 o'cliick on Wednr?day a -niell lex. containing the dead b.?dy of an unknown infant, wan tound The coroner m *?ni for. and the jut y returned a rerdtrt that tho infant came to her diath by premature birth Via* A fire occurred on Wednesday evening. at 10 D'tittk.kl MITMM II MM "f .sutii ?troet. In a bak ery nceupiid by J. lagan It wa? extlnguiahcd l>y an . fib er of the Sierenteeiith ward, and route of the neighbor* M'.ai lartfltiMMTi?t'ourtlandt ?trret. already eo much itiiprored by the ren-nt erection of uum-rout rnleiidid atoree. in about to be (till io?re lo-autided by the building of four new it urea on the northeast corner of Gftenwirb and t'ourtlandt etreetn tin the )*t of May next, the <dtl roofc. r1.?, which bam ?n long ditdgured t bat vicinity, will be pulli d down and on their rite will be erected four four-ntery More*, ef brown none in? itxiiii on toviiiaai iro't, i? *? fr?? I lock*". In lb* rear M fort v lnrh*?, and In depth K2 feet Thern will be two at.irea fronting on t nurtlandt ?trret ami two f> .utlng < Oreenwtrh *tr**t Tktw atore* will b" buiit nl the hept malertala. haiinn all lb* modern im|ir n.'iuniK kr . and arv to Iw completed on th* Brat ol uril .VpImbrr, Citt Oti?n-C(i*rti*MTiiT rttTitti r? Fi?<t Lirt teener Cuauv ?On WaliHWlaf cr?ning at Barnum ? llotal, a complimentary feativai wm given by the New York City Uuard. to kirit Lieutenant Thoma* N t'aiueau. on tba ocraamn ol bl* reparoling from that aplandid c-rpa of oar clliaen oldiery and proeaeding In nee to the land of gold on the ahorea of the Tactile The company attend- d In full force, with a number ol Invited gii-eta. and t'apt KcAidie pre?ided Th* 'Upper wm one of the m-ed magnificent w* ever iiaw and ivIWted great credit upon Barnum * rrtabliehment. Tba merit wm the more diatlngulahed. a? h* only knew of the entertelum -nt on the prevlou* evening. It being quite an -tteinporaneone affair Kvrry delicacy of theaeaeon all llMI th* art iwiiae and paatry eould do and the heat of wine* of avry variety were pat in reqatettlon to d honor t?t h* f[n? et of tb* evening who w?* *o much re<|?<eted and o?< d by every member of the I itw tiuard ah ?e dignity and h' nor a? a company he had laboced * > m Iduonely to promote liodworth'a bend wa< In attendance. and entertained the company with ita wn.u HI IIIIJ II rotnmenr I hy atrilling up ' A old l?ng Syne." which ? aung with > ulliu-ta-in hy Ihr thi lr r> mpany Jurtir. having be. n dour to the aieellent vlao<l?, a nil I he rloth retnorrd the piaeldent Captain tie. Atdlr rove, and .aid II waa unn.-eeaeary for him I i , ray aiythirg In r? gard to lb- orraeion that brought th< in togelbe r II in purpnee w?? that ih-n|.. aii.uld p.ah In-tead of the rank, and ha would th' rail on Mr Logan "in Mr l?n*a than aald? It ta a myaterlnna arrange- I m> III I I r V I 11 I hat pain - ?!?ay? ni >ig ?d with pl< a-ure In thi? I if* anil that though < h- y ?ra I at lagonl'tle In ihnr nature th.y arc Itt-opa-nhly I 11* Hi;d 1. gith. r The cra-l'>n t '-lilglll I. n . ? *. p lira 1 bough we have c hi arful In-art* and mu <ie an I ' ai tig and a eumpt ii"U? banquet la epremi b f if i| , | ai d our bnantn'- lord tita lightly upon hia brnn at ill tb* re la one . l?mei?t of aorrotr mingled eiia iur toy Ni?d I .ay 1 n ler to h?m we harr aa-ionlil-J in honor and ah'm w> hatr all repifnd and eat-.iued ' lla l? ab'.ul to abn nl h nieell from u< It m iy la- f>r y? ara. and It may he for tor " Hut howi v?r I mg the linn may be. t?e -hall in verfnrget Meiitenaat <! itu- iu |t.raat rbearing I I am a young Permit in the rank * yd I hare aoini'ki.otrlnlgp of mill ary m iltrr. Iimahi'evtr it la I owe It in a gr> at nn aanr' to him The r ;>o-\? of'hat - rond ttph.r ?lit re g Id la r>pr ? Bt"l b b* l.ka paving atonea. hate attracted b ra to that J ittnl ri gioti ?h> re ire hone hia auerae- wdl b ?, .tl > > h ? Bh rite ft bo'ti | I he epeaker Who ?aid h-- wa- a private.r.-neludid w|>h a warm enlogvon Mr i a>ne?u in the name of the t,|ty Uunrd and pr p >-"d the fallowing toa.t-. (h rTire?i and Fi lead, tgeat The. N Ca. aeaa?A roMler, I' teieara. the loer am! prae lea ..f dimlpune, and a < a?ea t'U? eptrti ae* .aldierly itnalltt?a? aia? Ida re.are ba -p-elf r 4 htm. Th? cheering that followrd the enurlnalou of thla waa v. hrment and long motion d The hand then etrurk up. Taineaa't tfulek Ilea," after whieh Imt I etvrrr raw taratnm Ihanta Ite aald I Mltnf I ran a.'i fraiH mr-ell to map. ad ta Ibi* warm aad grnrri.aa framing. with, ai folly and frankly W YO MORNING EDITION?F acknowledging (bat I am aenaltle irpreeaed with the ooaa leu on that to your generoua partialities and kind regard*, rather than to my own inerito, au I indebted for the honor and oourtooiM of thio evening. it hao ever boon my good fortune to |?u?i a large cirole of friend*, and to eajoy the good will and attachment of my aaaocia ee; npd, whil* I hare felt that In thie 1 wae happy and fortunate, and ehould be rich in my gratitude for uch signal bleaainga. I had not entertained the belief that those who held me in their oeteem, were ?o nsmeroua a* this preeent ooeaelon give* evideno* of. (Cheer*.) To find myeelf enrrounded br ee many who liner ereemMed to testify their regard for me, is, indeed, gratifying; and I hog to aeeure you, that I am truly acntdLle of the marked honor which you confer upon me; and in making theee my acknowledgment*, I doeire yon will belicee I am moat grateful My frionda end gentlemen, I return to yon my aincere. my ardent thanks, and give lltm utterance from my whole heart. The oocaeion and the fueling* that hare induced you to incite me here, are woll calculated to awaken the moat lively ecatimente, and to irapree* me with aJuet and proper pride. I aeo among you thoae with whom I have been aeeonatcd for a period embracing tunny yeare? achooi-fellows. with whom I paaacd the bright, buppy. joyonj, dayi of youth, when all waa tight and fair?are care aiud the auxletiea of life had crept upou me?thoee who b*vt been partner" with me in bmuneaa, and with whom I have "Land the reeponeiMlitiea and earn* of commercial pursuits It certainly haa not been loft for ma to any, or to reel, " Friendship is merely n own." My kind end gentrovt friend#. In leaving our glorious Htnto to Join t ?e who ?r? l.uilnuig up nn empire on the Pacific oanat, 1 .1 Uar with me the recollection of thie evening, nnd .11 treasure it up in my heart with n devotion of whioh it la well worthy. It will alord me the inoet unfeigned gratiIMIIn. 1 Imd hoped to have eeeu you on a proud day that la in store for eon, bat it Una been ordered otherwise. Mai I n' t rely upon hearing of it! Mar I not feel ealietied that it will hr raid : "Their tearing and discipline wan perfect f" TI.e reflection erer and anon gives tne much gratification. Mr CaSNtar concluded hy praying tor the proa. p? rity of the City Guard. and a aturui of applaud* aucceediwl "A Soldier's Life*' waa then struck up by the baud, and rutin by the conipauy Mr btai ow proposed lb"' following towvt:? The memory of those who fell In the Moxiran war?May a nation's gratitude to their widows and orphana, confirm the turrit era in the h?U?f that it is "aweat and glorious to die for one's country. Captain Mt Anting responded. and adrarted to the brute l>n*t?r, who received bis elementary Instruction lu ibe t liy Ouiud. How nobly he performed bin duty, the Hlala tusw. but never fully, appreciated. Captain McArdle also referr< d to L.leut Chandler, and to the oth. r lisriw s of Mexico^who lay in tlreeuwood Cemetery, uuhonored nnd almost unknown, lie then proceeded to make aoine other observations, for which we is grot wo have not rooui The following toast waa tbeugiviu and leceived enthusiastically; ? "1 l.e American I'res-.-T! e s-ntinel of civil and religions lll er! y; as tree as air, it Lows keforu nn power but that of the Juries ot the laud. A few oilier toasts having been disposed of, the company separated, alter spending a very pleasant evenlug. not uuniingled with regret for the loss of a brother and companion in arms. Tiinl of W. H. Thompson, commonly colled Oni-F.ysd Thompson, for Korgery In the Second Urgrer, BKOOKl-YN CITY COtTRT. Before his Honor Judge J Greenwood. Aldermen K. T 1'oet and H A Lambert with ? number of curious spectators. The following gentlemen were sworu as h jury in the case: ?BuujamiD llandley, Lewis N Baldwin. Augustus T llmcl, Kara Baldwin, George 11 Blntehfleld. Benjamin Baldwin. William A. Cobb, 1'raucis Kir by. Thomas Moran, James T. \ 11 Zandt, Johu Taylor. I'latt W Jones. The jury hating been sworn, the District Attorney. General Duryea. opened the rase, and briefly stated to the jury, in a neut address, what he intended to prove lie adverted. incid< ntally, to the character of the chief witnesses who would be brought to the stand, and urgt d that, though not the best of their kind yet being b< mogenious with that of the prisoner, und his own associates in crime, it wa* the only sort of evidence that could lie exp< ell d to be adduced and was. iu fact, the best that could be adduced iu such a rase The witness* s tor the prosecutiou were then called U. W \ audcrhofli u. sworn? Resides in Brooklyn; dies business in 'J1J Greenwich strret, New York (A not* or bill in rhown to witneaa I Thin bill ??< paid to wilbVMt by .Mr Arhley, A .So. t>a). >10 ot kagle li.tuk. it war paared to wltneM both July, 1 My. A-hley bought uiurlin* to Ihi' amount of 12*. (la a-k> 1 If he couid rreofniKi A?bl<-y in Court. be looked rouud and could not 11* looked agalu. Aehlcy out up but head, wti.kid and nodded at witne-a. who then ?* and rai in i" d bim ) VtamMM know Arhley ulun lo par re U the bill, but ueit day be aaw an accuuut to tbe New Vork tin old of biaai re?t. and went and recognised hint, lbta bill bad onlj been in pesaeaaion of a boy iu wllnera abore. be had no other bill ofthir kind, know* It wae lb* identical bill; noticed It particularly when lie took it; be then thought it waa a good bill. Crorr eialnlut d by Mr 1 hompron The bill ??? pa??ed the .'nth Jul); the complaint wae not iuilr till the Hth of Ol Augurl; wiluear left it ut the New Kairk I'olieo tittle e UK evidence age nal Arhlty Cbaile* I.a? retire rworn ?Witoeaa redder iu New Yolk, corner of.) hat haw and Mott. (\t th.a atagw ot the i lamination. Aahliy. Unmet, the Drurtea and tbnr Umlliea. and Margaret O'Connor. wcra.ou iu >.iou ot Mr Hioiupeon. pre v. u-ly made, r.-movml out of Court ) A one dollar bill ot Tradesmen's Hunk of New 1 in k. alti r? d to a Ufly la rhown wilueea Kereired It ltd ol larl Nun uiU r trom a poraon or peraooa wukuown , to witi.eea, a man, be bought a coal, rime and drawera; allege, her )I4, gave lilin >.Wl.n change; wilnc** marked tin lull ou the back C. L , knowa II again, ha- r>impaled it with tbe genuine b.lla; baa aeeu .1 anion Arlington lieu not, Lo called ten or twelve daya after I look tbi bill; be tailed and a-ked to ace tbe bill, he waa not the perron thai pa-at d tli? bill; he called three d.lfcr>..i ...... ,.i,. ... it,.,. 1..11 Cro??-caaniliied J A. Ueunet called tin or inive .laje after the bill ?? taken, fiwr *Hkt attir that lie ralb d th- motd time. laat application awiau or three daye i > fore he (Uri.o.l) *? ?rrnat?il. about thrie month* n/trr ikkmn the bill. M ?iMd bo ti II ) u bi? buMiu ** win ii h t.r-t oauiv ' A - tie did not, i ii the recoiia call, he Mid lir thought Ui> hail mwii tlial bill iti a p? i m?ii i liainin. the third time. be ?ald be ? g.di g to I he pulice tn make a complaint agalual a |-? I<- la in who-1- hand* be raid be bad vreu thai bill; in II I biard ollnm he arr.-i H, it wan only on the lb Id lime be r?Ued that be espreaee.l bin ability to iucnlity tbe bill, tlret time hi the b.U he did not Ml m t? rccO(|Bi?e it; after weeing It three time* he piobabl) might be able to know u well en >ugh ?o an lorwiartoit |1 lie J ud?'? luloiuird Mr Thuuipxia, that if lie went into tbe con vernation* of J.viuua Arlington Ibnnel, be would make them evld-.iee Mr 'Ihouipaou rant be ?? willing to do an | The tlret I line lie raid he had no murk* to reoogul.# It, be notelyMiiil he thought lie had eeen the bill, the pi rol.ll time, he Could not tell particularly; lie raid he thought be kbi'W it by tbe uiaigiti, wittieai told him ''he could lot;" but on tbe third rill be aaid " he eould ricr gniie tbe bill and he knew it by particular mark'." lie pointed to a little mark on tbe edge ol the 1.0. mar the u.aigln 'the third time, be ea.d eoiae. thing about tbe number, but did not appear to recogliiM it hy tint; wltne-i n-collret.? Thoiapaou calling oti him aliout th. b II and aaktng blm if any one had an. k-iiif 1.111 in the mall' fli. mi. - m vuael th. perron who pa?*? d ibf bill; Would pifTii' willii^ tc l? Uir (but Uniii'l m;i; lir lirll??n bu chain u r lo be bad At Ibie ili|f of the bueine** Drury, tli? elder, wa* in court li?t? nlng to the wltner* Mr. Thoffipeon reuuioted the Court to delude him 1 be ( ouri ordi n d the i ffin-r* to ?c? that lirnrjr had no nmiiimulfatom with the other wltneeae* The Court could not order uitn out. a* be wa* uot a * iIuum lb ib> CMe Mr 111077. rather ricited. aaiil be *u here to proI . | I fnn > Ibe Court ordered him to make no communication* to the oth? r? Mr Iirury -ai l be wonld not At Mr 1 Ik n peon'e *ugge*tion, the officer wa*ordered to pri ? ul bie dot on *0. Ira I kifU la ch k in the Diatrict Attorney'* office. lnN?w>ork. (eonie paper* are auhuiittedi (heae were e*nt to i-ur office from the I'oltee office; they are the pa| ere on * hu h Arhley wae tnd ctrd ln? t ire loll* rauie to our office, all of till Ul paired by Achh y, doe* nol know A*hley eirrpt by > pntatlon hi* gem rai character i* Terr l>ad. from what wltne** know* of hi* general character, ha would ai l l? lien him on hi* oath, due* not know the geueral character of Jame* Arlington lliiint (Mi- would here remark In r< gard to tha manage m til of hi* own ea?c by the accu?-d that he waa e*ld lit ly green In the hu?iuee?. and totally ignorant of all the 1 vli 1 and proprietie* of eetd-nce The Court and ploe* cutlou 11. ainfr*teil we thought t be greatest f*Tnr** and lihetalily, and only retiuud deairou* to elicit tb< plain truth ) tl* M ral liuryea here read the depoaltlon of !?tephen n en ih and Irra* I Bedell The teMimony ui ly roMlnl ! > tbu lraii>m-IM>iii of A-hl.'j paoiii)f rouubntleit moil' y Ht ditfrrenl rtorm, in Augual In*!, l<iil to ri itrnira wbala-rcr to 1 hump-on. by iiainr d> il. or it In rainMr* I out** Wood imti.- I?ra*l Hmii-il in eterk In itiii** ? nlofi-; h* brought lb* bio Ml ?bown to wltlor aho g??e rhatig* for It in Auguet la*t. at halfmet niii* o'tlnck In ih* morning K hn W hotlm kvom * 11 in* ** I* an *ngra**r. and riiiAi it |in?lil;ii; do** liu*lui?? in N?w fork (Wit in ?? if eui.dry engrared dl*a ] W ilti*** did tbia work *?rly In 1**1 tall a> he U niter alood for gambling pulp.**- ' b* did lb* win k for Mr Ihompeon lb* yrn?t*f it ill. bar, aud uiad* impre-eiou* from tb* plati * wlf **? ptrmrecd fopl? of ill* plat** (Diescngiend arc ihuttn to witu*** | lb die* could l*< u-cd o a* li | rinluri lb* 1 be Mil oh lb* Tiad**m tn'a R*nk. |Tiiai?nr- It re aid uot be dona by a peraon who *a? but Mi eftgrafW,otbcrwla* he rould not do It; an cigravcr could, it rould not be don* by any die ) l rum i |i mined Ibai i* very cominon aork , rannot ray lb* no bill I* cut on that die. lie Mr Ibcntpxih wlehed ioe?k the witnea* whaIkcr b* bad not be n In ih* bahit of employing wua*-? i n foimrr 1r a*mn* to make die* lor h.ui for lb* purport* i f public juat re, mill io enable Tli nope n to lay ?f bi no * lor the d< li rtion of counterfeiter* ' 'UUft I.IK kwnll hje t'd to hia putting Vbe qm-ation I. mould not be proper Ibal Ibompaou *hoinJ proa* hi* iiiin cence on former oecue.oo*. and infer, tberefl? u bi* lulu rcnc in the preeent raaa Afl*r *< me f-itin r*ation Witii*** ((ititiiiti. d At*ml two year* ago, Thomp. li t rkt d mc il I could n grtrr Ule I* Uk* ltr Motfat *, be li.quiird if I kt ew any pertroo* who bad ( (t red

rtn b ?tgrat t g? (Wltne** Mr* went Into a hlwory i>l a mat f" n. I nuaela cmb aeortng to g-1 biro t* an gtae* rounti Cfcrt* of Itr Mulfiill 'i Mb< I* Wltiaaaa *l*o e i pi an i d tha wark h* bad done for Tbompwm ) > die* wire ail eng-aerd on oue plat* for gambling li.rpoet*; gambler* pUe* their money on tbeaadrcw, lO n | ilni'd lb* dl** w. re obtained I * ptom ah- ?aldib<y were tor gambling pwrpnuna Thompaon told WiWirae tomHking about an eiptuniou. about the RE H RIDAY, APRIL 26 1860. Deary*, and witneM would hear It from the newspapers; thin wm not said in connection with |b? purpose of the dies, but In general conversation; wltnesa would do similar work for any parties Direct resumed -Witneae known the Drurys; ti is common to put that dia work on labels; witness neesir did wt.rk for the Drurya; this work was done In Sept? mber last; aa to the conversation about an explosion which Thompson spoke of. which witness would see in the papers, cannot say If H was before or after Drury was arrest) d: witness understood the expinsiau to mean the arrest of certain persons; should suppose it whs before the arrest of the Drurys; Thompson broached the subject, and asked if witness knew a nrtn by the name oi Drury; told liuu 1 did; asked if it was a uian with oue arm; said he. " Before long, you will hoar of an explosion, in the public prints;" that was pretty nearly the language used; witness did not pay particular attention to the matter at that time; witness might have aeki d about it; he said. ' In a lew years you will see;" nothing was said about Tom Warner, and nothing about his wife; Arllngron Bennet was embraced in the explosion he spoke of; he mentioned his uaiue. as connieted, be said "Drury. Bennet, and others," aud I should soon hear of an explosion about them in the public prints; Hennrt's name was mentioucd. but witness does not distinctly remember what was said To a Juror?He said. " say nothing about it, you will hear all in a few days." W itnees continued?Had no particular acquaintance with Drury; he has been in witness's store to look at tire-arms, perhaps half a dosen times; thinks the person who introduced Mr. Drury was a persou fr.'iu Michigan uunitd Dowee, about three years ago; may h-v- u.-n Tlrnrv fihilllt A doion times In his lit..- Vi..t him ofteu in the streets; said how do you do.'' mid passed on; ho come into witness's store three or four dnys ago ;. Uuwrf wan a customer of wituoss; mild liiiu goods; do#** not recollect doing u11y particular business for Drury; may hare void luui things; witness thiukeTbouipeon asked him if lie knew Arlington ltennet; he saiU the explosion would take plaeo ill the public priuts. with Drury. A. Uenuet. aud others; this was utter witness had done the tlrst job; the job took about tour we< ks. it was finished somewhere about the iniddlo ot bcpli mUr last; it was two years ago that Thompson applied about the engraving of Medal's labels; has been acquainted with Thompson about ten years; knew hmi as a printer; havo thrown jobs In his way; he gonerally brought or sent eugraviug jobs to wltuess; witness told Thompson bo would engrave a label, but lint a fac simile; then Thompson told witness he was employed by Dr Moffat 1 rose-examined Thompson did not ask witness to engrave dies or far-similes. Juincg It. Burton, sworn?Witness has made many bank plates; is in the cngraviog business, though not a practical engraver; (views the dies.) these are old acquaintances; they are imperfect in their present stale; (is show the llfly dollar counterfeit, aud is asked to say whether the dies could bo used in making that bill ') one ot the ovals on tho bill, appears to bo a iac Simile of onu of the dies, these dies are mostly u.sod by counterfeiters, or counterfeit sweaters; witness means men who sell counterfeit money, and then hand over their man to justice; they take their money with one hand, and hand them over to the police with the ; other, has been twuuty-flve years engaged in bank | note engraving; is very familiar with the business; (the wlliit s* here proceeded us an expert, to make some | long staieiu* nts. technical, historical and theoretical. | upon the mysteries of bank note engraving,) wiluess I is not mil.tin111 ted with Charles Meadows. ' fro?*-< xamlned?This in common work, used by sho< niaki rs tritruoen. and other*. lor labels; cannot tale I but the Ml) wax counterfeited with these dim; the efl?ct in very uigh The court took a recess of one hour, till 3 o'clock. xrTxaivoo* session Catherine Davenport sworn?besides In Columbia street. Brooklyn; knows W II Thomp*onone and a half year*; lived at his house at New l.'trecht; commenced living there about nine months ago; I know ! Mr. lieu net 's lioue; Thompson's was about two blocks distant: while at defendant's house I saw young I'rury ! there, he stopped all night; saw old Drury there, saw ! a man there by the name of Kields; Thompson bud a | room for bottles on the second story; have seen batik , hills in that room and in Thompsou'a sleeping room; | some laid on the floor, and some pasted onglas; there j were a great many. 1 packed up a press iu a barrel, with hay. for Ihcmpson; 1 passed several bills which hi gave me, he cautioned tne if anything occurred, to m ml ler a lawyer; 1 passed several at the buteli-r's lor meat, aud gave the t-bange to Thompson, he told me it was good money, wiib a little alteration. t'rose-i xaniiiieu I cannot read and do not know thedi nominations; have seen Ilristol bill at the house; 1 am not a married woman, I have children by Ilristol I bill; saw Margaret O'Connor there, another mistress of I brlstol Hill; I don't know Buiith liavis; I was once | am sli d lor st? ailng. an oflleer rsme to where I lived, andlookid under the bed lor Bristol BUI: Margaret 1 O'Connor ram* to my bou?e; ihr ratlin after |tri*tol lull. I pri paird Diyeelf. at your de*ire, ami ??or? to. an affidavit which wan not true; all the officer* eaid you ?rtf thn rauo of Hrietol biU'a being tfmtiij; till ihru 1 aworn in your favor, 1 told Applrgale it *ai t.u l>lr? at returned - Another par*on ?? pr?**nt at the roiiveri-atlon which took place; Margaret O't on nor wan their and Mr Edmond*; Mr Thompaon'* family; Mr Held*, hla wife and child were of the family; the . In ner wa* not 1 hompeou'*, In aid it belouged to Mr brunei. the laet month Mr Thonipaon wa* in thn bouee. thl* pree* wa* pul I:i a barrel and rent away; witnc** wa* the la?t peraou in the hour; ?aw the pre** in a pantry nil the hack rovui. where Thompson uved Itowiik; be kept the bottle* in the room where he wiikid; e. me were quart bottle*, and noiue pint. Ilk* drngglef* bottle*, ?<>uie bad glan* rtoppera: the color of the fluid* wa*. war like airohol, war black. Xo , I e e ? ,i.... t.. > i i... v. . i.. it ?. * hi,.. ? i ?? ' rmm.iii uipainuuixroiK', < , water, be used to lay them on a shelf. his wile spread tie iu on the bed to dry. and put a quilt over tlieiu, that no one might see them, u-cd to hear Ki"lds 1 working but iicrer saw him or Thompson working; the dom cot heard was a round hk - rasping, she saw shaving* of copper; witness was beneath in the cooking n cm light below t ions-examined A ou did say, that hut (or my position, you would u?c ine as a witness To a Juror? U hen I wrote on the book. I did in>t think It was an oath. Mr Ihonipsou told me all 1 had to do was to sland to It: witness has not spoken to Mr Clarke on th>. , subject (Here Mr T inquiied if Mr Clarke who sat mar lo Judge Uorkwell occasionally whispering in , hieiar had any right to lie with the proeeoullon The court stated. Mr Clarke had as great a right to be present as any other spectator | Witness said she sup posi d It was a press, she could not describe It, had sien oijc b? fore, and this was like that, there were more than six pieces of Iron In It; It took hall an hour to park it Up, the press part wits ail irou; it was a hi avy thing, it took Fields and Thompson to carry it down stairs; it was packed all in "tie barrel, d iwn stairs in the room where they used to cook in; hare hi en In the habit of receiving good money from Margaret O'Connor; Bristol hill to rsr gan me bail money, I I?rury nrrir did, none of them seer did Mr lis Oetren sworn Is a rartman of Brooklyn ; knows Mr Thompson; mored him along, in spring, fri in Sew dork to New I'treeht. down lo Arlington i Sennet's place, not lar from May. la-t yaar ; a gentleman ci,mi to ma. and said be had a friend hw wanted lo mote down to Arnugton Benaet ? place ; ant noi know who he wa?then ; have *.nre fouad out tl w?a Mr A*hley . Mr Thomson once wk to my *taod, mid raid he wanted ra? to g o to Aetoria mi I get ? che*l ol crock, ry; * I wan pulling It on li ard th.< car, tljtt cheat hi oho op. n or cam* op. n , on baard the hrry boat, I thought t would 1> >k lu<M*, mid I found it to tic a large iron ecrew, and no croekciy In It that I could in , took n.'tica enough to eee that a large acrew went through a plate; feteh d up two thing-, to the City llail here, which were ?iinil*r to that, there were Iron atamp* to *tamp letter*: | knowr the County Clerk'* ofllr.\ left them th?re, had e'-me talk wiih Tbomp-on about It. ?ay? I, " Mr T . j yen told me thi* wa* crewktry:'' '* Well." ?ay* ha, * It i?, I* lit It ?" Well.'' any* he. It wake* n>> dlife1 r. " It wa. a ted chert like, cannot t? II the rol'.r; Mr Thi tapron and I -at on It going down it took two of u* to put It on the car, we carried the cheat to 'i In Dip*, n ? houw and put it In th" hark room; Mr Thoupeon helped me In with It; afterwarda helped to neii Ihrtnpeou from that plaee to llrooklyn, don I | riccUict *eelng that eheet; he to|d me he had got It hr 1 light ha<k on the atage, did wot know exactly while A.trley I Well tie caul" down from the bill toward* the fctry Croee riamined?Don't reeolleet carrying a bundle to Aeterla Mr lb<>mp*on to witnee* All yon bare elated W i|Ul?e true Illack a* it may look It will all turn out tight " Oreille O Jdiih, ?anm ?I* a kr'il?r, eaamlnn* tba |(0 bill pa*n <1 at l hMlM l.awreuce a. In t.'hathain etreet. haa York); Irnowt the Trad-omen'* nnnk thi* I* a one dollar uot* altered In a Ml; lnn?< the K?(l? I Hank of Itrictol. JHete of R 1 . (e**min*? t?hluy ' r< unterfeit bill*), three nr? >? 'l"ll*r hill- altered to ' tell* IWItne** tn nrtltlj d?.?nlH"l th# bill* ) Tl?? f'irure* bate bfi-ii laken out by mum cbein.oal proceM I r*? i ubIM -I d<> ant utider*taad lb* chemical j prneeaa. Ji bnWnlll* worn I* a carter of thi* city, maldf I la llvnatiu*; know* W II Tbompaon hrN; ha* done carting f,,r ,"B| carried a chert from bit h>u?e at dr Unmet * New t'tnafci. In a alooa on lb* N' rth Hirer, mm* lltnr la*t fall when ?t got there th? tlniip una gone. the rheet aetybcd abnot J?l lb* , pain I ml with i d It-ad. I lli.nk, III* brolher-lli laa employed me; **? paid part by Mr* Tbompm'n and part by Mr. 1 b< oipti n, carted at auothcr time cheat from k ull? u ferry to *om* plaea lo the Bowery, It *ama 0 lb* nife, It tai partly looo. ooferod wltb clotb, Mr 1h<mp*ct> paid tne; Ihi* ta< ju?t after he had mond from New IHretrht down to Brooklyn; think* tbera were two parcel*. It wa* carried In a marbiaiat * chop Ui tb* Hceery. bare been there alnew John h folk. Marahal ot thi* eltr, walked by the door, turned round and then walked bark attain, (Ine-ryed 1 hi mpaon told ma he had had a preaeot of alL'U-and dollar*. going along. riioyip*on naked me ir t aaa a Yankee; i *aid "I think I ?nght lo be. for f aa* born In t'onaeetteat;" an Id he, ran you juet* (no'' be the a ?aid he would ?ta*d treat If I could yucca boa mar h money had bee unmade a pr*a*nt to nm. I fr?t yaeceed one hundred dollar*, then I gWnced a Ihon and and be aaid that aa* right, an ba Mood treat, tbia aaa going to the Dowry, riding oa thi rart No croa*.*taialnat|on benjamin > alia at cam a Wit are* la a raerchnat. 140 In aery; baa *?n W II Thompcon. here, la the ehop; la I'm ruber, be bmaght a *mali card preaa. to hara a roth haft put lato It; It aa* about eight Incbaa by t real re, th* job aaa dot* for him. aad he look N away tan or lhr?e day* after i roe* rgamiaed 11 aaa a letter card preaa, it coald R A J not bp UM (1 for copprrplate printing; that would lire*k it ail to piece*; inlgbt an well u# a flat iron; tin- uisrhlnr would not brar to girt' any Impress! in to a copperplate; the copperwork could not l>e don? on that prise; we make both presses, and know wliat they will stand (describes the difference); it would give no impression at all on a copperplate; it la only Tor printed card*. JolinS Kolk rworn? I* a police ofllccr; known Mr Valiant. the last witness; found out the place in the How cry [No crone-examination] Margaret O'Connor nworn?tA handsome, modeet. young looking girl, not more than 20. said by Daine Humor to be HriPtel BiU's Duictnea. lookn chant* an Diana, well dressed. purple velvet Iwmaet. uiuNlin de laiue, i.uaker colored frock slate colored kid gloves, a rich silk watered vlslte. blark iaee veil The young girl ?'i.< quite uuabanhed. yet modest md self-poaaeaaed? not timed, not bratan faoed; on the whole an exceedingly lntereetlng, vlrtuou.- looking, prepossessing ervature. said to have been already waver*! times in jail, ou charge* similar to the one now un lergoing iurelitigation.) Knows Mr. Thompson a twelve mouth I art December; he then resided in Division street, New York, corner of Attorney street; there was a private room in the garret; went iu that room alone with Thoiiui-.on: saw a uress in that room for a certain use, kiw also there. bill* parted en glues; raw different liquids in bottler, of wbieh Mr Y told me the use; be raid he had them for extracting different uiark.- from the bill*. showing witness bills he had finished; chewed her a fill bill; thinks it war Farm era' and Mechanics' llank alterrd from Michigan money; caw there a stoue red hot, be raid he kept that clone red hot Input every thing away, tn race the officers ehonld ronie ruddeiily upon him; witness received a ten dollar bill from Thornpaon, February a year ago; it war an alterrd bill; 1 parred it off ct a store in (Jrand ctreet, near the Bowery, for a plain pold ring, I havt the ring in my pocket; it coat twelve r hillings; I got the balauce; 1 know it was altered, beeauce 1 went up into bir room, which I have described, when he gave ine the bill. Croca-cxainined.?Q.?Are you u married vmntn ! A.?No, Mr Thumpcen, (witli emphasis.) I am not. y ?l?o you knrw Bristol Bill ' A Unfortunately I do. Q.?Did you rwcar to an affidavit iu lloaton 1 A. ?1 did. to ono you ordered me to rwear to. (.V discus- I rion aroce. Mr. Thompcon raid he would prove that j witner* to be a worthier*, lying prostitute. I'ho Court . mildly. hut with flrmuear. Interrupted Mr. Thouiprou. | and cheeked cuch language Mr. T war Informed that ; to cross-examine on an affidavit, he must produce the 1 affidavit The Court allow id him to rererve the erossvxemination till the affidavit could lie produced by Mr. McKeon. who had hccii riimuioned ) I had a letter lart week from Bristol Bill, I have rcen no cards puhliched; I war arrested in Vermont, with Bristol bill and Meadowc; a great number of counterfeit do s were then tiiki'U troni the party; 1 left thi* rity toj'?in that party, two day* alter I left the Tomb*; 1 wa*arre*t-d in lu.ton for pa?>dng ciMintrrfoit money; I got that money from New York. ? Mho gave you th >*e bill*' A.?You and Mr brury y Did Mr. Drury make arrangements that you ?hould nend packag? * tor ltim to Jauieit t'arr. grocer, coruer of Division i and Attorney? A.?I Iiave perjured my*clf already eaough for you and do-tiot wi-li to do ho any longer; I j perjured tny*elf at your Huggo*tlon, in Boston Direct renuiued- Mr TiiouipHon had a man employed, ' in Hoeton. to counterfeit bank note*; I wan present at j an interview between Meadows and Thompson and the i latter employed Meadow* to engrave plat we, this w.a* | in July laid, 1 heard when I ?a* in jail, tliat tli-y came on here to Dong Inland, thin interview tookplaro ' two mom he liet'orr I wa* put in prieon. Joneph A Aehley nworu Resided in Brooklyn *om? time ago; know* Thompson; in July hud. 'Jbh or Jdih Mr T and I had a nettlemeut. when he paid iu<> in those lnlN (<>r ?hat tin owed iue; it was at my house, No. 7 Colonnade row, in tbc back parlor, first tloor; he gave me. I think. < ight bill*; my wile, an adopted daoghte. and a domi**lii*, were present; the daughter's name tun Kllen I' Ashley. tin- Mrcaut girl vn Harriet I' Johnson, h?* paid un* in ti n-dollar bill* on the Kagle j Hank, of Hristol, [bill* *howu and reeognined:) know Mr. Yamleuburg; I pa#*ed one of the bills at hi* store; have no doubt the bill* I passed w. re what 1 received 1 fr> m Thompson; 1 had no other money at the time; I ! bought a Topper-plate pre** for Thompson, who lived at No. 262 Division street; I bought the pre** of a Mr. j Thompson. in William atreet. near Heckiiutu atreet; Thompson paid uiefor the pre** iuthl* money. Crnaa-riaminvd.? Neva? heard of your dealing, in counterfeit money, never suspected It; I have fre. quently been in your house; never HU*pwlfd you of manufacturing or dealiug in counterfeit money; I i ftrti?-ir viiii u-iri IpfriliniAlflv ami hnunrnhlv i?rn itl< > vt>?l a? I ruppored. in police burinwaa and by Mr \\ arm r; you nri tin* lart man 1 rliould rurpcct of parsing count< rfait money (A laugh iu the er? wd.) y 1 ou my your wifa and servant huw ma pay you thi* money ' A Yen, Doctor y Dili you over tbat 1'eriin t should say lie paid you this money A No j y Who wmt your bail' A Pain Drury y ? ' Did you not ray you bought that prm tor Mr 1 Drury ' A Ycr. 1 think I did? yaa, 1 did Vituers tio u explained, that George Wllker to ut for him and i raid, "it I diil not go to him ha would lampoon ma in ' bl? paper." Tbouipron wanted rue to ray to Wilker 1 tbat I had bought that press tor Drury; t con?ult?d my lawyers and they adviaed |ina to araartaln If Mr. W ilker underrtood that pre-a waa bought for Thoiuprou, they advired me to utrap \Vilker. re-laud of lie it'll eliti ai pi d by him. I asked Thoinp*on wliat Wur tha object of W ilker in wanting to see ma; he raid to keep ma from going over to Drury a party;" Mr I'llII iipr. my lawyer, advired me to go; I wen:, attar roma tlino Mr. n ilkrr raid, ' Mr. Arhlry. Thump-on tell* me )ou kniiw alt about thu prrrr found on Drury'a pre. mini," 1 raid yrr. mid bo, Vt bi rr did you buy it ' " raid I, "It you know all about it, there ir uo need fur mr to trll you." Tlir di fondant biro arkrd for tbo Indictment. and rxainioid it, by which It appeared that Mr A?hl?y war tbr perron on wbi>M< aflidarit Uio indictment *ai found >rilnd defendant lfilnoMi repeated. Ifr never knew it board that Mr Thomp?on had b<arn engap dm rountrrtciting, I understood tliat you had 1 rilotnud. and war engaged in honrrt employ m nt " I Ni twithrtanding tbo good otiaraotor you hare given ; mo Mr Arhlry. it wou't help you a bit." "Touknow," ! raid tbo wit near. "yon rrdei nitul two of tho notes for I mr at tbr Tombr " " I know no Mich thing." raid ' Thompmn y Mr Ashley. where did wo make ar. quaintaiirr ' A -You wore in the ToiuIh y ? Whore i won- you ? A ? I wa? in tbo Totnba too y -< in what charge ' A.?On forgery, about a Mr i'roctor. and a body dug up, and a man they raid war pokooneil Thon'fion Oh.yea (1 llaro you over been convicted Ol per Jury? A Yaa. I have l* en y Had you any propirly In0randrtroat' A Yea. y. - Didyou know V!r? rubor? A A ehriatian. worthy woman T -Oh yea, a good woman Did you ecer pray witli h?r' No, never y Didyou keep abouMOf ptortitution in your houre in (Iraud at./ A.?No, 1 rented it to a man. who renti d it to prortituler f.Mr. Thornpaon bore rought to proee that ] y Ifow came you Into the poereaaion of the property li lt by Mr# fuller' A I ?t< executor; the will war in my faror. on paying a -mail rum to nleror Q Itoyou know Hill llarir, ilie relf-riylml King of the Conynefcere? A i 4o Q who M poo >i < with the counterfeit money I purrbared for you' A.-I nerer knew you bought any y i'ia you ft i..m i' t i 17 n-'jinpw did II DM jrra tMtif; at Drury'e trial for ?r?? n ' A ?I did (|? Did you want uie to hire two ibktix to at? aj a rrrtain ebwt f? do yon know Polo-ka Jink- 1 A ?Only by re*i ion hiin ; I b< Here I ??? introduce <i to bun t| ? Did you not ?mploy two meu to perjure thttn-elvea for Drury. on hta trial ' A?No. air tg.? Did yi M not paea a* Mr t'heeaeinen ' A No. air I know Arlington llennet , he wit pmpoaed to no to (inrinit a murder, no. but ha toll me you were goh.g tomnrder him Ifere Thorn peon aald,' Now, after giving ina a good rharaeter. yon are going to glre me a bad one " tg Did you not eend your wife to bum eome counterfeit money at your houae ' A.? No rlr Q - llow often have yon aeen Arlington Itennet * A Pot the laat two nfntha we lived together, wa are botb in the together y ?Did you vend letter If VlkH iNIH I* U11 aU abvut Prttj* and tbe torpedo affair. If yod could get clear' A ?Ve? I did, and I will egplaln that The wltneaa gore a long rigmarole attempted eaplanatlon ainonntiug at laet to ! ? ta< t that he wrote atirh a Irtlrr In which unintelligible migture of atatemente ha endeaj mrrd to egenlpate htmwlf and implicate other?. aaeertlng that Th'>mp?<n told Mm and W'llkea that he (Thompson) made the torpedo In nrdar to kill Warner'a wife tin thie matter. Aehley aaid he offered to keep alienee Thompson, hereupon told Ashley to tell all he knew aliout the torpedo affair; he would egonerale him from all legal retieence (The Attorney !) noral arreated the reply of the wltneaa. and ataie?t th|< wa? not the trial of the torpedo caee The narration waa arreated | I know Mr tarnham. I nerer had any di'pute with linn, I nerer aald he had roLhed and cheated me. I nerer raid he gare me the counterfeit notea. I hare known Mr Henuet elnea June laat, he name to me tn get in j aid to raiee i?mi dollara for him. I r-memher Mr By rne abowlng yon In hla office a nota from a Mr Boater, and aeklng your opinion g l?o yr.ii reo.rmler 111* ??rlng <ni| luj 'Mini Th* proeeralion otyerted. anil the Court *u*taia*d lb* nUrfllnn V fi|.l yon ?rer try to Injure I he purity of on* of your own daughter*' A ? Ho. air Th< inp'ori I ran prore It Tho Court *topp*<| It nil again. no foreign to the ra?* The Court then. It bring Into a<|}ourn?d orrr till to. morrow, at ton oVInrk Rami iMrlllgrnrr. That! It frtgata Conetltutlo*, (44) Copt Cono??r, wa? at Tonlon on the 2?th ult Th* t; 8 *t**mer Kngln**r geeond Ma*ter <>lm etead from Baltimore. with fifty ?eam-n rrernit* fur general aerrtre. irnfnl hrrr jwlrrday morning apt Charier." Mrfaalr* bar b? en ?pp?latod to tha rimmuf "f the I' g n) natron In th' I'arlgr In pi are of Com The* Ap C Jonee relt*r*d. and we learn will proen U to hi* rommaad orrr th* l?thmu? of Pr.??ma anil I'apt laaar M< Kerrer to tba command of t'i* I raiiliaa tquadroa. In plarr of Commodore Oeo W gtorer. rrllrred It la reported that th* 0. g. frigate Rarttan will h* httrd oat h?r* for a thre* year* rrnla* Wt ahall know poaltirrly la a few daya.?gT*r/MA W?*ta, .fpril a Arrrwrr rn Riow tr a llovar in Lawaanra ?la l.awrenrr la?t night, a keg of gunpowder weighing a* r era I pound* waa planed at the door ol the houa* of !>anl*l Haaader* late Iowa treasurer, whlob *ona after raplodrd. wit boat, kowerer. damaging to any ettmt tbrboaae. or injuring any peraon therein It U aappoerd that thle waa the art of aome peraoa ?t peraoaa who had been aggrlevrd by Mr 8 artion rtd all re t? Utarhrd of the lleaaae law* flertee 7>?rRa ^prd M LD. TWO CENTS, THIRTY-FIRST CONORBM. FIRST skhfioR Hrnalt. r MOR-SR'S MAO.VKTIO TKIJCGKAPH. w ANHinOTOIf, April It, IttO Numerous petition* ?rer? prevented and rofarrod hoahii or tccomia The bill to establish a Board of Account*. to aoMto private claims, wan token up and made the spuaM order tor Tuesday neit i iir rsionso The Senate then proceeded to the consideration of tiie report trom the Committee on Printing,in favor ot abandoning the entrant system of procuring tha pntblic printing An uninteresting debate ensued upon an amend mast submitted by Ilr Walker, directing suit against lk< contractors for non pertoi uiaore ot euntract In the course of the di bale, Mr. 4 eapruiaad himself strong! v in >*?or of tb> establishment of a government priming office At two o'clock the further consideration of the tubjeet way postponed uniii to morrow VMM KM U ItiMlJ on TII K < l*ST 'Mr IASA1V A c mniunication was received horn the Secretary of Slate in reply to a Senate reeolntiou, calling for In ormntion mu relation to 1 h" barbarous tr,-atiaiat of American seamen. vr eked 011 the coakI of J^pta i?u 1 th< I uili'l cndi lit Or'eittal Nation The Hcnate weiMt into execiitiro sea* ion, and aiibM(jueully adjourned to Monday Hotter of HcprcHiiUtlVN. by bain's JUJtCTKO-tHBMICAh rKI.KORAl H H uhinutov, April tt, 1U0. IMC M.WIMMU mVllTIOATIOn. Mr Stam-kv, (whig) of North Carolina, asked leave to offer a r? solution that the ueleet committee Appointed to investigate the charge* aga uet i'homM hwing aud what olerka Appointed by him to oarraa pond for newspapers. in^ what persona holding office under the laat administration aa olerka, head* of burcuus, or commissioner of patent*, or aa-iataaff poatmaatcr general, wrote for, or edited newspapun, their compensation and aalarie*. aud who wrotu the Bundlecuiid eeaaya aud what office he held, and whether during the canvas* for the l'reaidenoy. any ?f thein uheeuti d themselves from their office* to inako electioneering speeches. and wore called on to alAacrihe money to operate against lien, l ay lor Mr. Jciivum, (dent ) of Arkansas?1 object to auah trash Mr. SiAni.ur said that the objection caine with goad glace lrout the parly wIimm professed to l?? anxious tor investigation This objection j roves they are opp Had to a lair investigation. If it was trash, it would ha proper mult rial tor the eoiiaiderai ion of tit g iiituuaan trim Arkansas- suitable uiatter lor hia appreciation Mr. Km is .ias, (drill.) of l'? x is Is not t 11a the *a na r. solution offered on Monday, mid to Mr. loomba had objected Mr. sum mi? -o. sir it is not the same [ ("here was contusion, and the speaker called loudly to euppt ess it j Mr. Ioomim. (whig) of (leorgla,took up the resolution declaring that the term In 11 ruble discharge," in ae.e gning extra pay and bounty land to lli'Mo who -ere <4 1. I... M. ... ... U MI' .l.ull inVil.T'ln v. .......A for tii litiqut ucy of (July. jf wa* r< lerred to the ihunlllUtec ol till' tV 1j( lc >11 tile lUl? of the L'ul'lu Til* ItA.NkL.* i.iri.?. n I* Mr. 8i?%toh. (<lt ni ) el Tfnueeaee from the Naval CoiiiIiii tin Mtul lliat thri? uieiuoriala on lb -rnhjict of ili> expedition to Hearth for Kir Jolm r raukliti nwd bd'ii referred to thi'iii. ?uil ho wUhed to rep >rl a j out revolution. authorizing lliu I'rum dent to aceupt end attach to the navy tin twoott red liy >lr ll-.o-y (iriumll. of New York, to proeeud o the AretiJ iloeau, to M-ari It lor l-ranklm nod in. uoutpauion*. Mr Johmiioi, (dene.) of ArltaiiMua, oojected Mr. Bat I t, (deiu l of Vtrgutiii noited to refer the revolution to the I'ouiuiltli c of May* ;iud M,un? Mliu thai the rcjiilull<>u had unt yet beeu read, and would now lull mtthorite* tlie. I'mdtit lu reccita the venal*, ami detail from i lie iianT auili U"iuuiivtl"n aau w triaiit c n - r* and miauien a* may lu ticeewary and wnlin* . ma. ilo-r a. aupply tl.vni with ?u.table raumia I r mil x -e. Iim< th?e Ieara. ami git v ilieueu of all mee-eaiy iiuiriiui. ii * * .a be 11'*red from tlie lialy he miter* an i roeu. in all nop > t. to 1-c uedvr thu lawai f il.e hn*j nattl ihuir r iru, whan the t ai-eta thall I e dolivurvd l.e* * to M r. (irianeil Mr Siaaio.a aaid. lliu p.iucipai otijoct of the rcaolution waa to place tin- T?*?i|e under lliu la va of the uaiy It ??> an tni|i<rtaut n *olu 11 in. and *>i mil be piieaad. aa th- Veeael* wvru to elarl in it I do Mr Joai.t. (drui .) of l'e i?a<?ov -Ifual aaduul U to be paid f >r I be veeeela nu I In ir ret urn Von a Two hundred and dfty la > Jaw u-l dollar*. Mr hitaioa Nothing la to be paid leu in or ifter their return Tlie character of the gunlotiiidh and tha nlrcuinelanrea under wliieb tlie |iro,imi ton ?* made to the govtruiauut will certainly murinec every liberal uimdid man that n .1 tn kl 11 lain, t tided lie had no objection to an amendment I - ig inmtlr 1 he only i to laeurr i i ?n> wui bu to furulsli thirty t e.imen and sen r?l Oi liST* I >in thr navy who have volunteered to go 111 iu? ac,-? no It will ml.I nothing l > lb" appropriation tor an I in# J number of nun of ih< navy It will t ?k. only .? p irtion Hi the force II" thought t.nt thorn r >uld I scarcely ht any objection Mr. IUvli mid. if we iik an to embark iu ? wlidgosuc chase. let u,- <!>> it Ui a proper way . I I us **ud out naval vessels, and not mix ourolo > with privalw enterprises lie moved to lay the resoluU >u on the table Mr Raooes. (whig) of New York?I nek the genu# man to withdraw the motion for a moment, (Crlaw1 ' llold on "> fit r HafLT ?My friend* insist. aril I caooot withdraw The question was taken and th" re*..lot Ion war not laid on the table tote "o to V!( Mr ISao,,es roue for the purpose of mak.iig a brief explanation The proposition is not i o oota.u nun eg now 01 hereafter fi->ni the government The gcntlwmen of New \ork whc^gigi in III ? expedition want the ve? *,o go auv lid. r nat al discipline. and era w lima . shale the honor with the government t'hey I think that it la not prudent and wine to i ru ?t to the l.?etpline Of the merehanl service alone TTley are not | actuated by erlltsli inollyea He repeated, they ui *r?iy . waul ilie protection of the national ttitg lie knew net with what facility of eyesight and dtarri inula ion \ the gentleman from \ could call this a wtld' ginecrlioe Th" (south and l>ea.l i*fi?' i ip ..111 mo* might, in hla imagine*, on, have been wild-g n.e chasw ; It the expedition ri suits in rescuing franklin, the glory and honor will he our? Mr Paeans (d< in ) of Ti nneeaee. waa not willing to let the gentleman Uionnpoltlc all Ihe honor, and thsrssf>re lf< red an nmredm. nt thai the exp lltiou b" re! qutnd to visit Mound Island Intheilulfof Mn I ami ascertain what haa become of the peiaona lately ! aesi mbli d < here Thr re wire a few hleaea and call' to order Mr WiaiMSor (whig) of Massarhuai Us, eaid. that I the an - ndm nt might be overlooked and be raise 1 th# q neat ion of order. The erases# d d not cen-ider it In order Mr Thnvriov (dim . of Mieelsslppl or Peuwylvanln, roe# to a privileged question. Inclose th# d bate on t the cetteu? hill to-moi row I Ilia resolution was laid on the table The resolution for tlie expedition was passed ovar, | and the lloure went Into Cnniuiutre of the Whole on in* ervratn csvsn eii.t.. Mr Root, (free soil) of Ohio, contended that the ronstiiullon gives the power to ascertain th vanona branches of Information propnaed by the hill, lie fw?. lievrd the North and Ponlh would like eacli ither Mlar, I and prejudices would be rem .v. d on b lb sid'a. if they knew on# anotber'a condition better Ifthr l'n >n .rae worth pp si rving this would tend to 11 lie disecurad from vi, wa expressed In opposition to tlie bill ?u I from t he arguments that the census shouol t.e e mined >,. .. S. I V Is lh.. >hnm..SsllAS ..r len*l.ll.nls sn.l K. ( would rnln for Ihn hill I Mr (-law I nf Pcnnaylranl*. hat tbr powrr to obtain otbnr Inform*'!'*! ?**icl?rn in tba j nonall'mint! almoat in no m? 1; ?nr I Mr llnw*at>. tiii'ui ) <ifTnw around n*lt>'' the ?'fll In it* |>roa*nt f">rm. an I ?i.i th?' tho rrnrai ?ha?ld i?? l rnttfim >1 ti> Ihn rauntnratmti of lnli*l>i'?nt* only ? i Mttr authority* rnnld hotter falhor tha nil,* information than tho ffwmral g .??on 'if Iho I't ninliti* rmr and lb# II ?> adjonrnrd Tin f??o Tmtrnr A onrrn pond t.l nf Uio flaw** A? writ inn from under oat" if tli .'l'li mat . aay* 7 lorn > now no doubt that tbr rnal nam* of Ilm murdrtrd ftrl ii ttrrliidai'wwoll. and f nthorm iro thi m la m; lull" doubt thai *h? n it by tin- name >f Mary Unau wh.ia at Kaltb'a bourn winch la pr < >f that lb# authorltm* bar* lra<id h?r to hi* praia law* Mix Cnawnll I* doarrllxd *? having boon una nf tbn moat baantifui of lor ana In < vary particular *># rharantar Kim wa? a ' an ad la u Ab ml a yn?r tyn, aba waa < m ploy ml a* an opara ian on tli? Amo?fen.K Corporation In Mannlxatnr. >11 In Jun* btai a roiirif man by tli* nainn of Wm Con/, a 'n rnh.iTit, borainr ar piairiti i| with hnr. winch an<(naintanrn maull*<i In unlawful fainlliarltln* In .he fall ?f I II, I. n> ri mornd In Hl.lAi for.l i - tha & Hi of H"tUnWt l??t M'?- ' awril foil I wad i tin ml took board with Mm Manor No i on lh* Huldn ford ( orp< ratlon Shortly aftar. an will aiiy-nr in Long'* tf timony. aha riatlad ftr Smith'. ho In r< mpany with a m.h- Maud wh. i? It ah?r*?d thai I'r Smith frlonlnu Iy mil Wilfully do?Uo*?d h-r llf Long U In aala rn.tod? nod will o? hmd to ta?tify until thi mm tar unilargoa* thorough nod rigid tlgation and will not pr. I>?hlt ha r?l? w-d nl th? rlona of ihn i lamination. If tha raw *'> tip only ">n hall It l? a tat id that Miaa t'naWaU h? ? ?l-tar In Manahaatar. an npatatlra In "no of tha ra il* l??ag any* hr la ar<|uaintrd with har. and ibnalit hara taforwiad har ot htr aM>r'? fa:i ara thi. but that ho had a falling out with har bafora ho Irft Maorh atar, and for that raanw would not ootidi-araul to cotmm*blrata thr and Intalllganca to h?r lllaa t'aawrU tfca danaaol waa bora km a f. w lay# haf-rw hor loath NaraaianU of ladlrldaak. fjorornor M?h and faaiily. tiaat flawing. U la har* arrirad la thin rlty r, t K Rlbw and family, Har H I Vati bartnap and lady, and Har J M 1'araoaa and lady, aa*t"d ffoa Rantoa, on th? J4Ut in t , ** Mutlgnait** r?r Hmyrna aad Malta 0

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