Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1850 Page 3
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I Ml that, for the remainder ef the mason. the reeeipte ?tl fee comparatively nothing at ail. From thie time te the eloee of the season. last year, the receipt* >m own ted to about 376.000 bale*, this year, to reach a top of 2,000.000 bale*, the receipt* for the remainder af the season moat be two hundred and twelve thou and hale*. It i? our impression that they will be loo* Man two hundred thoueund bale*, and that the total rop will be nearer 1.960,000 than 2.000.000 bale*. It must be borne in mind by manufacturer* and holders of cotton In this country, that there never ha* keen, throughout any previous season, so many inducements to bring out the crop; and the probability l?. that early the entire product of last year has already been received aud accounted for at the ports. During I bo remainder of the rniSMtn a f,.* ?n ,1 lotion nor week will be straggling >?to the shipping porta; and it would not a.tonish us if the aggregate receipts for the year Wi re even h ss thau the low. <t estimate. It lias been, throughout, an extraordinary season, and we mint be prsparcd for extraordinary results We are looking with a great deal of interest for later intelligence from Liverpool, for a confirmation of our predictions rotative to the complexion of that market, the movements of speculators, and the future course of prices. Holders of cotton here are perfectly ool. and as calm as a summer's morning. They have not the slightest apprehension as to the result, knowing that the Uanrhsster manufacturers will have to submit to any terms dictated from this side of ths Atlantic. We have been pretty well posted up for nam*time past relative to the movements of the "great sngwlntors'' In the Liverpool market, by purties who have, from their position on the other sid", been behind the scenes, and who have availed themselves of circulars, tbelr Southern frieudH agaiuxt the plaint perfected by the combination, to break down prices, and get all the cotton tbey wanted cheap. These clr alars hare had an eitenaive circulation through the South. and have no doubt done a great deal of good. We hare from time to time given the gist of there ciraalare in our columns. as the views of a "Southern Planter'' abroad, and a better ^insight has probably been given into the schemes of the bear speculators iu Liverpool than ever before. The "great regulators" have bad their day. and they ha 1 better turn their attention for the future totho improvement of their manufacturing operations, for the competition they will toon have to contend against from the Yankees. Stock Exchange. $1000 u States 6 s, 'Mi 106 V 71 nils Erie RR 74 JIO) do '62 1I4S l?l do 73 V WOO do '67 IU?. I<? do WO 74 16600 do llxV 21 ds 73V *00 do 1)S>4 Ml do 73 V 4300 Ohio 0's, '60 110 l.Vi do 73\ WW do TO 116 176 do 73V 1000 Penn &' 95.V loo Long Island MO 16V MOUO do 06 21 Stonington RR 42lj I WOO NVkN Ilaven } . 21 do b60 43 June bond*! 71 do 43V 25 ,bs Del fc II ( an full 162 2.1 Nor k Wor RR 43V Kk State N York 106 Ml do b60 4SV Id Hk Commerce, foil 107V 7S do 43 24 flowery llank loll, Ml do 42V 100 March Eage Ilk 112 200 Reading RR b30 47V ISO North Ann r Trust 10V 100 do h60 47'J 200 Canton Co 47 V Ml do s60 47 400 farmers'Truat 37 S do 47 275 do 37 V asi do 46V 200 do 1.30 37V 100 do 46*. Ml do a30 37V 21N' T k N Haven RR 9><l, ISO do 37'? 6 llonsatonic RR. new 70 UU do 37 1(1 Hudson River RK 61V ISO do 37 V H do 61V 100 do 37 V $5000 Erie 7'e '30, bOO 9.V , Mil Morris Canal 11', 19000 do (MV Ml do 16 V 30UII do SO M River Fire Ins Co 127V r*??> do P4>. Ko llarWm KR .V.\ 11XWU do WO W Ml do bSO 54 SECOND BOARD. $20000 Ohio Vs. 18.10 lei So shs Canton Ce 46V 40 shs N YISB RR 90V Ml do sGd 46V Ml Harlem RR, pr, full 6!<V 25 do 46*-, 30 Madixcn it Indiana 91V SO do d6X 75 Exit RR 72V IM) Reading RR 46 325 do 72V 100 do slO 46 50 do b30 72V IU0 do b45 46V 80 de 72V ISO Harlem RR 53 V 175 do 72V Ml farmers' Trust *30 36>. 35 de 72fa 100 do hM 37 126 Merris Canal 16 ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. FOUND. FOl NI-. RUNNING AWAY. tl.N SATl KHAY EVENING last, a ll.,r*c and light H's.'nn. The owner ran hav* the Mine, h* Applying at No. 41 f ront etreet, pr.riu* property, and pa}tax eipeneee. U)ST. LOM-AN <>l H-FAMIloNEll WATCH CHAIN AMI hey, in the vicinity of St. Mark'e Church. <J|H reward fa paid on the entile hem* returned to No. 177 Second aveanr. nr to E H. Boon*. No. HI Wall itreel. Lost?a pocket book, on the s&th. containing El in huuk note*, one t?ro. and two unci, and one nolo Buyable to l>avid V. Serena againct Johneou k Aoon. and v |>a d April, ISfifl, note beion one liundri'd dTUrn, and Sttmocl Ovhorn endorser on tliu l-m-h; payment of the note heme Mopped. Any out wl... wili pleae* retntn the eame wlHI. liberally anr v ; \72 An-ou etreei POKT OKKICK MKTK KH. AMERICAN MAIL STEAMER ATLANTIC. TOK LJVEKpcol?The maila for thin atramrr will be made np at thia effice, on Saturday. thetfth Inatant. tlmni at half-paat ton A.M. l-ettera to the continent hy tdia line of ateamera mnt be prepaid. 21 rente the einitle rate. lottere for England, Scotland. Ireland, or Walea, rente the eingle rate, whieh may be prepaid or not. Transient newepaperc must be prepaid, 2 rente. WM. V. RRA OV. Poetmaatrr. IjVtlRA LAND MAIL FOR BOSTON.?POST OFFICE. J New A rk April ." th. hi' -lu pureuan-e of inetruto ne iTwm tfca Pact OR liepartmrat, a mail will be made np tor Itoeton and Intermediate plarae, via the New Haven a 1 11 art tord Railroad el - da a! a inartar befor t v r y Thie airanaemriil. whieh will ronimeare oa Mor ir, the J'th laeiant, will not Interfere with the rvaular mail for Boaton, yia Atoaindton, which wll be?ent a* heretofore. MM \ IIK API P --ma r. Fist orrn f t iatiae square, corner east Broadway?New Vork. April J*. IttM?Eepre.v arrange>.'? for the Eaetera 1 an 1 M.vit?On and after thie day. letter-? III be received a? th e oflke for New Haien, Hartford. Spr ryi Id, aad all the rdh ee oa the liae of the New Haven Railroad, till ! eh r M tt RON 9N till SPkhlAL NOTICKR. Noth f- firf. i?ep\rtment?the engineers, niembrre and etrmpte of the hire Department and vicinity, arr luvlti d to a e nd the funeral "I J ihn I., flnlre, U r meiitl"r > I Knctne I'm It. (?li . lout hi* I IT** while In the el-harye hi*'luly at ti e late Urn In Fn nt atreet, <11 the m mine nf the 2&<h Inat.,) on hiinday. the >-'hinef Fur h< nr of Interment. plcaae n -tie* pap-ra of Sa-ur-Wy. The Cup ii? r? arc reepeetfolly rc<|ueetvd to act a* Marehale. _ A II TVI.EIt. Foreman. TO It AKFHA?ANOTIIf It MCKTIMU OF TIIC OPEHAUt< Hnkera will he in Id In the M. rhanive' llall. I7U Urater atreet, on hatnrday rvcnln* at * e'rl rk. hen l-usi|t? aderttag the latareat of empliyrra and employed will be bmuyht Hmc the meeting. ttperntlee llnkere?In laataarea ? nr employer# have erlaoed a deair* t*> aaalat you in eft<-< t "f an an eli. ration *f y-nr r-ndttlon. Frwar l ther?nnl'r?eh-w to the wnrl I yon are mm. and ar< rat-able at B' tan. rt r .nr p - it i n at *urh 11/order .f the lat<* lilt (-mniittee. KAKTHOI.OItKU DKKIIA d llna 111 v r n. Verctarjr. Pleatd-a* I O or O r-IIAM ??< K LOItOB. MO. fP.-TIIF NEMI here of tht* I - dg- are hereby n-tltled t ? meet at the l,><tc* r?m. In odd lellowa'Hall, ible (Friday | nf'ern - a. April - th. at la'? o'clock. for the nttrpoae f paying the la*t trUut' of teepe. t la <>nr late Irother. P. O tarerge MeC-na< 'I Hy order J"HN 1} I fill tKI), Aeerefar*. MbMft.Mt IPAI lAiun i> lit -ii *ii - AI-KIL Xl"*'#'.?Reaolrtd My the Kartil and Alderaaa of the any ef Mrnphie. That th* Nat >r I* r ,u. <t -d t - inaert In th paper* -I Mentphia. al? . In oa? paper in tha eiliea af M* w Torn. I'l iladelphla. and Man Orleana reoneetlag all p-r?--nt holding lb* bonda er llahilltieaof Memphte or both llempbl* to report tbe earn# te the Mat .r with the date, number and la. Ill* of aaid honda or liahllitiaa. K III' KUAN, kiY .r Cfy -f M?mrhia._ r|V II I Ml M III V t.o . Ml 1 mnl K?nr?tand rrr-teeiiee Aaamlntlon." nre perltenhir'y reooeeted te Attend their ant regnlar meetlur. on Friday. the Jdth. a? burine-e af letp-rtattee will be praaeated fir tbitlr maaldaratl n. My rder-ftl?e rpanMen'. J A* I Mil.FN M.- rl-/ *ee*y. BHOOKI.A N. A Hi II. U. IMW-THF. I'l In H ARM raattoned aan t>*l neg-t* -at tag a not# drawa by Thimaa M. Ill in favor f J I. t'onmlrt*. dated April Kit h. at ft ur nto'aibr, for h.hPk the enadltionv *a whieh It wa? eiven . o I r. III. t alh I IIOM t A N DO I l-IITV. SVrRtMt A'OtmT.?WIL1IAM K rci.I.ER. r.ROROC , K Feller. Ctnrl' Tate a. John llrnry Vagg Mary Aan It ebb. dane Riar* Tli'-ma* Sn:i. Il vit l ^t*g?. B*-a)amta Prmklta It-egr. and William P.dmnnd *tngg, a?*m*' Bliin Mama Pau alta, Frarreern ''anheld, and The -drain t'anlteld. ?eammona. f for reltrf. y?Te the abore named drfen tenia:? T?nr are hcr*l>y anmm' ned and re ytt I red to aaawi-r the lemplninl le thi.- a- lied, ehiih BtU he Sled with the rlerk ef the -entity of Al' aay, and t* aert e a cry of y>-Ar anawer I* e ?ald complaint, en the anheerllier. at hie -ftee. Mo. 71 Cedar !* ? In tbe city of M*w Turk, withla twenty dara after th# aerelee her- f,r**ln?i*e ef the day of anoh arrvtee. and If yon fail to anan-r the aald r-mpfeiat within the time af- reaaid the plaint * In thla a -tlon will apply to the r -nrt fer the relief demanded la the Con-plaint. Itated April J-Ath, ICMI. < HAKI M VATM, rUiatiff'f Atli>rn?y. IPIWTIII*. /? KNTREVII.I K ? *" "sr I TROTTISt}.' FRll.AV. I April J *1 i", r M I'nrw $Vi. mil* K.>?; , K..t 3 ,n 5, II - -t I , || (' At H?v ":* ' JvA l? .mn,. J . ? k I,,,,.., h f Kl*?k J ? lri?y?n r * r At H' I' nn.r.a,rr. .KM;' M r; . .1 1 Uk , i. I"" I T"' * " ? .', 1 < ' ! ? n > .r:i .. f, I I' ' || < w M , . ... ,, ,r r>- p.llhii"* ?? " I . ? M l *u rhtoD rn* t*r? r m l.xl; n*' I-.. At -.Jrnfl ttHn h m | r 1 N??l J Hi .'It J m -r. ? r * ?'? r..|? 1 an ? I I..1. till ? uth I' -rr v f At anl r?tnm ail. n *1 Ik'-j- III ?r. Iff J"?l IHMvLIN. 1 r t ,?t?r. N II Tl * rr. | fin r ?fifi uti"** fn .I'lr.ljf tkat th* pnrvw k-riiflrr ? III m? .1 ?t tli* h< .1 r itlr I An rs 'Tr.rrr n \< kftcoi ht in < on m ui j.n< r V , . .if th? I II,.. t. !I V. .i I ! . I nnti! r. I.v. tli. a.iii at s k r M ? r pre t f u 11 r Intit" tl. fa.I ..f th? 1 rt In (it. ill a rill Tl.r match ? ill h* | Iijr. I Ky f. jr of 1 I a 1 rr* 11 I. .intrv Allrn (r*?t Kirk*t I ...irt, N? V KIMC ART*. Nation ai ArAf?r*ir or hmhjn thf twimtti ' A ... * I * >> - ? 1 aII r? 1,. . 1 | ' I. 'It '.l I" P p A . I ? ?'? 2ft * !???? ??? 11 rh?t?:WMfit*?**tal"f*? it* ?*?? _ HIIMKMII. CA M !' F. S AM' A At H' 1 > HAll lUAII HVf m* |'I a... 1 Kl-t. at 7 . '. I y ? ?> ! . I ' * if-pill | 'r luck, f w If i-.r' atJ'HIN ri.TTFII A*IIt. ??n 1iy?-tirM. p fr ' I>.r A I. North Rii-r I ?r ?r?t ?! # ?ir? pi | two tin* t?r?. It ^ ^ WANTED?V E'MIII AND BEDROOM ON THE SBtoad tt tnird floor, with board, for a gentleman and hie arifa, infant and, ia a reo pee table pnvaU boarding lxniee ia tha fiamir of Broadway, batwaan Marray and Bro tne atreeta. AadtaaaJ. M. P., at thia otflce. ^ WANTED 1M M EDI A TEL Y?THREE OR FOUR BROWN Stone Cutter* at a job ibat will laat for tome montba. N oaa ti'i d apply bo I good work man. J011N GRANT. Trkkton, N. J., April 24, IKfiO. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESECTABLE girl, aa Walter and Chambermaid, or child'a Nurae; can do plain tewing. Beat city reference given Pteaae call at No I.1" Canal pireet, ftrpt t1-??-r. < ,n !.? ?een for two dtiv?. Wants A SITUATION AS WET NUK.K, HY A healthy, relocatable woman, with a rood brea.t of milk; bar taby lately died: her btirband ia unavoidahlv abaent for pome time; beat of rafaret ca given: baa no objection to go to ti.t country. lio|Uire for Ann K-,.o. i. :t- i Kuhth afreet. litivvm?a siTCATins: a a iincavu rrpr n uv a ? steady, respectable middle aged lady, in a quiet private family. Altai, a first rate Cook; one who ocrfootly understands her business in all ita tranche#, and fiaa lived for several years with some of the drat families in this city. The beat of references given. For further particulars, apply at ]98 Third avenue, between Twenl i h and I ? | st j WANTED?A STEADY MARRIED M\N. WHO thoroughly understands the wholesale and retail liquor trade. To one fully uualiflcd. a permanent situation can be had. The best of reference required. None others treated with. Apply at AJtI Houston street, corner of Mulberry, WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ' I ilinAtlei M Chambermaid, and to do ine washing and ironing, or as Seainctrt ?e and Lady's maid. No objection to travel, or go in the country. The best of references can bo given Please call at No. 44 Pewrth gvenue. 'U7'ANTED?BY A RE8PE4 r.\M.K PROTESTANT WOv f mau a situation, as Nurse. Is unaliticd to take charge of a baby from its birth, and has no objection to make herself useful, in doing & lit tie light chamber work if required. Please address II. T.. No. >7 Eleventh street East, between First and Second uw nues. Good city reference ian be given. No objection to trawl with a lady. ! WIKTIIMD a RESPECTABLE 8COTCH OHL4 litituoBi i g good I'Um eook. gad ggood waaner iftid dresser. A home in a small private family will be preferred to wages. Can be seen for one day, at No. 61 Greenwich street. ! WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPECTABLE yomg women?one as Cook, Washer and Ironer?the other to do chamberwork and take care of children, or do plain sewing. The test of city reference. Can be seen at 17lJ Twelfth street, near Waverlev Place. J WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAtion as Chambermaid, or Waiter, or Children's Nurse, lias good reference from her last place for three years and a half, and can be seen for two days, at her present situation, 241 Sixth Avenue, corner Fifteenth street. HTANTED?A SITUATION, AS NURSE OR SEAM Tf trees, by a rv.< pes table young woman; she would not ohjcet to a situation an Chambermaid, ami would go to the country if required. Can be seen uutU Tuesday next, at 91 Bank itreet. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABL1 WOMAN, Situations?one to do chamherwork and assist iu washing and ironing; can do (awing and understand* waiting; ia willing to niaka herself generally useful; aud the other as Cook, where no washing n required; she has long experience in the business. l'leaec call ut 71 Sevcuth street. Can give good city reference. WANTED?BY A STEADY YOUNG MAN, A SITUA- i tien ust'oachinnn; ho can take charge of a garden, if required, and will make himself generally useful, lie can give the beat of city reference from lii* last place. Please call at IA Thompson street. Cau be seen for two days, front j roans, second fleor. Wanted?by a young woman, a situation as Chambermaid, and assist in the washing and ironing; good city reference given. Apply at tin Sixth avenue. WANTED?A COOK. WHO WILL ALSO ASSfST IN ! washing and ironing. Also, a Chambermaid, who is a fret rate hno w aslier and lyoner. Apply a' No. 79A Broadway j WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO- ! men, situations to do chamherwork, or to take care of children, or waiting ; both are r od plain sewers. Good city refirenec can be given. Can be seen for two days. Please call at 98'g Mulberry. ____________________ 11' ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. | ?? a situation to do plain rooking: is a g od washer and ironcr, or would do general housework; hest elty reference. I May be seen (or two days at 41 Jay street, her last place. WANTED?A COOK. WHO FULLY UNDERSTANDS the husinras. Also, a neat, tidy Chambermaid: a French one preferred. Parties coming well recommended, ! may apply at No. 4 Vesey street, (Astor House) to J. FEK- I K E"R A. _ _ i WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. ONE TO j do Chamherwork, or Waitress, and make herself gene- j rally useful; and the ether to cook, wash, and iron, or to do i general housework in * small private family. The best of city reference given. Please call at No. lid Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, up stairs. Cau be seen fer tw o days, if not engaged. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation, to do chamherwork. Is a good washer and ironer. Has no objection to do cooking in a small family. The best of city reference given from her last place, inwhich she has lived four years. Can be seen for two days. Please apply ?< V . If II- n -t. ,n it ' "-k store WANTED-A YOI'NM ba 1> Y TO ATTEND IN A IIA kery and ConfcWonary store. Apply to ROBERT 1 Ml MBV, IV' Enlton street. Brooklyn. | 117 jVTHi_? Invt lilt E 4 1) It Vk Kit?ON E Til AT IS n r<ni|etent t<> take ch&ree* Apply at I5J Fulton afreet, | Brooklyn. _ _ WANTF.D- BY 1 W l> KF.S|'F.' rA I' I F. Yt >I N't! WOVEN aituationa. Olio a? t ook in * private boai4ial ItMM, anil the other aa t'hambermnid ami Waiter. I an nw the b> at of city reference* from tlicir laat attention, where una ban lived n\e yeara. Pleaae rail at their prvaeut aituatiun, No. &.') Murray atreet. New York. WANTED?llY A RESIT.i T.\BI.E YOUNG WOMAN, a eitnatlon aa Chambermaid or Walter, ami ha* noobJeetion to do general houaa work for a amall family. Beet of city reference. Apply No. HDfl Broadway. j WANTED ?A SITUATION, IIY A RESPECTABLE Proteetant and. aa Laundreea or Chanit>criii*i<l. and alto, a i : ... i i ook, that ondor?t*nda her I oemeaa wall. Tba beat of city reference oan bo (th en. Pleaae call at No. Ilk) Seventh atreet. between Avenue B. and C. Can be aeen far two day*. ______________ I WANTED?BY AN IKI-H (.IRI. OF GOOD PAMIIY aaitnation aa Chambermaid or Child'* Nnraa. It a good acamttreia, and underatamla dreaamaklng. Would have ' no objection to go In the country. Good refereneee ran be given. Innuire at No. Jit Market afreet, in the baaemant. Ah respectable widow lady, having a plea- ' anat (unformatted) room. in a clean aad airy location. I not far from Br adway. would like to let it to a gentleman, for a lodging room. It will be keptln order. Ilreakfaat and tea (very ilain) would be furuiahcd. Adilrvae 11.11.11, i Broadway f'oat uflta _ _ J At ATTTNDANT UPON A LADY?A PERSON ACrnatomed to travel in Enripe. wtahea t.< enrage with a ladv having aimilar intenliona. She apeaaa French fluently, aid ran give good city relereacea. Addreaa I... IVJ Ftrat avenne. between Tenth and Eleventh atreetg. Can be aeen for a week. At HOUSEKEEPER IN A IIOTF.I.?A MIDDLE AGED pereon. w ho be- Riled a aimilar aiination. wiehea for an vnrarenicnt. No objection to the country. Good eity refereree given. Addreee H.. lib! Firat arenne, between Tenth ! ..: i Eleventh atreeta. Pan tie ere a far A weak. I Ttt WATTUM tKFlif AND TH1 rRADI OENI I ALLY ?A 1'rartical W . rkman Intend* vteiling, the ntanufar- I turin* diatricta of region.I, neat May, an t will tar.-iilo any ord< ra ho may rarelvn, on comwiarlon. Tha beat rafaruncaa glean. AHtlraaa, p><at|>aid. Wm. Ja.i. Hum, 173 I'hMlftll atreet. riilladajRlBk. _ qiuil RFM'KCTABI.E G1KI.S HAST BlTI'ATIOJfR? X Imr u Cham harm aid and R'nitar, or B?jini?tra*<. or to Ink# eiianT a hnhe; tha otlmr lo do h'>aa-w>rh for aiaall fnoilly. Th* heat of rity rrfarmen riean Can l>? aeon fir two dnya. at 9>4 Mi tt atratt, between ll.natoo and blacker atraata. . THO RESPEl TABLE TOt'Mti OIRL3 WANT SITY AIloaa. oa> aa I oak. aad the ethrr aa W'nltor. la a prlettn ! family. Hair baaa la nn? idaao for tha laat ira yenrr. Can t? ... r. f r tw. da\ ? al M'4 llr. a.laai \TOI Ml RAN WANTED?IN A RETAIL HARDWARE 1 More. oar ab baa wair kaoaladga >f the haalaaaa pr?f. tr>"l. la.|Uira Immedin'ely at tha corner of Atlantic and llarry atraata, trail Brooklyn. HOR-E WANTED?ANY I'ERAUN UAVIMl A FIRST ra'a. faat trotting. young hor??. of good ?ty|aaa.l aatl-.a. i? rl?< tly round. that < an trot la 3-Vi, aiay tnd a purchawr It addreaaiag a liaa to Kit HARD J. DARKER, Philadelphia. PAMm RIHtpi, MOTH F THE CflPABT.NKKSHIP II k RETOfORB EX11 irting batw. aa lha nnberrthera, aadar tha tirm of T. P. Baar.r k t'o., U thia day ditaolerd by mitnal o?n?.nl. Tha antatandlag boaiaaaa will ba aattlad by John Bra aa tad and Saoraa W. Ooiatard, who will aae tha ttai of Ui? Oral la lloaidatiia -New York, Foil nary V. lam (Signed) CHAS. MORGAN, T. F. SEtOR, JOHN BREASTED. GEO W. OCINTARD. Noaaaw Iaow Woaat, (f. ?t of Ninth at., R R. I Naw T rk, Marrh 39. lSSat. t Tha aabarrlbar ha?la? ywrehaeed tha aallra laterteu of tha Bthar partarra la tha lata #rtn of T. F. Eaaor h Co., will enaUaaa lha at?am angina rennn far turn, In all it* braaekea. aa* der the immediate anperint?udrn?e of Mr. II flnl. a, whoaa j rapatatloa aa a eonatroMlng engineer la too wtll known ta ' tha yaklia to rronirn further notion. Additional faailltlaa ara now trior added to tbia air- ady. perhnya, moat ttteaaiet aetaMlahm-at of tha kind la thia country. In order to giro I tneh daapatek la tha teeeral menafartnrlag Je??r:mnla aa aball Bieat thedeetraaef all who may far r him with tholf taatom. CHtS rOPARTNERsniP NOTICE.?THE CNDERSICNED wmld reareetfnlly Inform tha merraaMIe eoaini'inlty that tha hnnaa haratof .ra known aadar tha name of L..r1n$. Sartor! k * at Valpataieo haa been. by mutual rnnaant, dtaaalead. The baalaraa will baraaflar ba aendaeted under tha name of Coring, Brothera k Co.. who will act aa Ship Cbandlrra. Gewml Acaata, ke. For farther infermatma rrlatlaa to baaiaeaa aiatlera, plaaaa rail na Cbarlaa taring, Boaton, No. Ill Central Wharf, who la tha dolr aoth"rt?ed ajeat f. r raid bona# ia tha United St a tee tar ardrra at aoaaiannirnta rr?r tfwllp Buli-Dad. 1 SRIN O, BROTHERS R CO. VAt.raRAian. Trbmarp JR. Kai N'OTHE?THOSE I.MI.HE-TED IN I'OWF.R' E IN lb* PaoiSr ftcrai. ?r? rr?|?otftilip lafnrtard that tha 1 Irs of Ixirtni. Brothrrt k HtertM u iWti, la a diatlact PoFartarTalup fro? the ?r? of Ix>r1ar k Co., VnJfaraiao. I.f ?< tor 'Hi'm ?rart alandta*. for whiab lh? anlcr. I aurard la aarnt In tho Vnitrd Statra. M tMl A T I.ORINO. M India wharf, Boatok. Raataa. April IS. ISM. HTH IIITHI.K.*. HEROVAX.-W. M. t'Ol.EA k FREER AN, IRPoRTKRA of Fanrw l.onda, hair ramotrd from V>. 7i u. V.. 42 Ratdra lanr|.rarr f William atrortl up atalr?, ah?r? mar , Kr toaad pn.,4 aa? .rtrnaat of aaw and durable (' ' 4a. axai.tlB* la tart H Jmrlrp, Spaaiah and . tl rr F'aaa. Modal.. I T* in Comha. Ilair Pin? An?|-rndrr?. I'ataiinca oa Natal, ; fliarait Sta'narr. CVrnrlian fharma Ula*-. fci . to wblrh | roaatant additioaa arr hain? a.adr bp trarp arrival from fcyapa. I f'"I RTEV NERCHANT*. AND OTHERS, A* I I.I FIND V a irrat rarirtp nf Faarp Hood', la Iota aairabla f"r rrtaltiap. at th? Faarp Dara-if, rora?f at I'Hai hatn and Prarl atrrr.a, at I. < than Srat roat, op arroaat af rl<?iaa. tfpaa al 1 ?rl. .b, r N. r'ABIRS Pol.At.RAHE PEN I'll.A. PER ATEARER flrraiana?Jnat r-rritrd. 1A |P4a aaaoftrd, 1,8. A an i I 4. lot aalr hrlnw avarkal ralaa, bp SAR I. HART R ? <>. lavportrra. -J Joba atraat. ~PH A Ar. TO DEAIERA IN FANt.T OOODA A PERSON IIAT b( a at. ra ..a Brr-lwap * nlrl lib. tab' an Inr a? I nf raa' ? Oooda, bo aall ?a " mmlaalon. Aap honaa , di?|o?r.l to plara la hla haa.l. an aaa rtm-nt of il-ahba a . .la, ail! ISH |? to tl.a.r adiaatadr PI. aar aldroa- Faa< p f!o< da. Broadway P"?t OfWrr. HOAIEHT REPOT, WII.I.IAH ATREET. NEAR l'|. dar atrrot.?Ilujrra wi.hiat tn Sad a larww aaaortmaat at arrp low ptiraa, w i| t l.a.r rail ta JOHN w liFEl.FK. Jr., Wbniaaala Oaaiar. MY AlUWM. Henry b. wii.i.aru, auctioneer?handsome Household Furniture, Pier Glasses, Brussels Carpets, Piano Fort*. Ae.?Henry E Willard will will, on Saturday. April 27th, at 10 o'clock, at Z1 Beekman street, the entire furniture of the houM, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Earpvls, elegant P er Gla-sscs, Piaim Porto, Sofa, Chairs, ooutro and ouier Tables, with the Bedroom and Kitohon Fur itur*. Catalogues on Saturday, at thu ofloo of the auctioneer, 3 Broad it. Henry e. willard, auctioneek.?uouseu?i.d Purnitore. Paintings, fce., at 2i'> Wooeter street, near Anitty. II. K. Willard will roll, on Friday, April 1 i, at ton o'clock, the entire Furniture oontaiued iu suid home, consisting of parlor, bedroom, and kitchen Ptirnitiire. Alio, a very elegant garnet colored Bohemian glass Dessert "<ut. Catalogues ran to had at tlie oflii a of the auctioneer, i Broad rtreet. By .1 II It. FM \ v tVCTIONBI k FURNITURE Si in llrooklyn.?Saturday, Aprtl 'It, at II o'clock \ V. pre. nsely, at No. Mil Bridge ?trcn, corner of High a'root, the Puriiitnre of a unall family, as good as new. most of it h iving been iu use but a short time Same day, at II o'clock A.M.. at No. lt>4 Washington, between Nassau and Concord streets, handsome Furniture. most of it in use hat one year. Sofa, mahogany, centre, and other Tables, mahogany and maple Uedetciids,marble top ami plain Bureaus, Wa-lislands. Mattresses, mahogany and maple Chairs, Pier Glass, Tapestry. and .'i-ply Carpets, Oilcloths, China, Cut Gins, silver and silver-ulated Ware. Solar and Itall laiuips. Girandoles, Cutlery, set of Gothic Papie Trays. The furni'ure can be ' exuimut-d on Friday, from 3to6 o'clock. miiuo day, alter the above, at IlHi Jorakmou direct, Uoiim hold Furuiture, m good order: also a superior Parlor Organ. Bruce a chilton. auctioneer ?elegant Household Furuiture, large Pier Glasses. lac. at No. lid East Fourteenth street, near University Place.?Cole it Chilton a ill sell at auction, on Friday. April 2*1, at 10 o'clock, at the above house, all the furniture c ontained therein, comprising W ilton and Brussels Carpets and Rugs, large Pier and Mantel Glasses. Cut Glus?ware and China, lar*?* Mahogany Book-Cane*. Mahogany and K"?' wood Parlor Furniture, mostly Sofna and Chairs, Damask Window Curtains. Mantel Clocks, Dm ark Seat Chairs and Ottomans. Marble Top Centre and other Tables, En ish Oil Cloths. Iiat and Umbrella Stands. lied Room Furniture?A full assortment of J r. i.. h and "th, r !". I -1 a l ll:iir Mut'r. IP l> and It d ding. Bureaus with swinging glass. Washxtand* and Toilet Sets, Matting, flic. The whole comprising a large and general Assortment of useful Household articles. Particulars in catalogues, which can he had of the auctioneers. '.I Wall st. LF. HOUGH. AUCTIONEER.-W ALLACE. BARRY k Co., />1 Ann street, will sell, this day, ai -V>2 Greenwich street, at Id o'clock, household furuiture, consisting in part of mahogany Sofas, Bureaus. French Bedsteads and Chairs, mantel Clocks, card and diuing Tables, Mirrors, Carpets, Crockery, kc. The sale will commence with kitchen furniture. On Saturday, at 10 o'clock, at 51 Ann street, a large assortment of furuiture, by order of S. B. Harrington, a<signce. On Monday, April 29, at Id o'clock, at 91 Henry at., Brooklyn, household furniture. Sofas, Bureaus. Wardrobes. Bookcases, French Bedsteads and Chairs, dining and card Tables, Mirrors, mantel Clocks. Carpets, Glass and China ware, kitchen furniture, with which tne sale will commence. At private sale, at 51 Ann street, two French plate Mirrors, 100 inches by S2. at a great bargain. HENRY L. HOGUIT, A UCTIONEEK.-AI CTION Notice.?Chesteriuan and lloguel w ill sell, at their auction room, this morning, at 1] o'clock, the stock of a dealer in watches and Jewelry ; comprising tine gold watches, diamond and other plus, and rings, kc. Also damaged goons, for account of underwriters, on* case daguerreotype plates, one * IV *<l .. ..?.l II,, An*. ...a,, f.n,... lu IITM. McCORMICK, AUCTIONEER.?HANDSOME FUR?f niturc.?This day, mi 10 o'clock, at No. ,'i* Li?penurd Street, will be sold, all the handsome Furniture contained in the house, belonging to a French gentleman, giving up housekeeping, comprising handsome | nrlor. bed room, and other Furniture, all made to order in this city, by ouo of the best maker*. JOHN FRANCES. AI CTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS day. Friday, the 2hth of April, at 10 o'clock, at Kroome street, corner of Crosby street, elegant Household Furniture, consisting of parlor, chamber and kitcheu Furniture. Also, some splendid Oil 1'nintiugs, Also, a spleulid 1 ? I > : rshine. / lOOLKY k KRRSE?MONDAY MORNING, APRIL ST. v.' at 10 o'clock, nt N??. 132 Twelfth street.?Household Furniture?The entire furniture of said mansion,containing the usual assortment of good purlor, bedroom, and kitchcu furniture, with which the sale will commence. Henry i. willard auctioneer handsome ]fou?cb(dd rosea? od and muhogany furniture, pier and mautel glasses, Brussels rari*?ta. Sic , on M-uday, at No. l.'ki Duanc street,?Henry E. W illard will sell, on Monday. April 2hth, at 10o'clock, at 13o Dunne street, the entire furniture contained in said house, consisting of Brussels an I ingrain carpets, pier and mantel glasses, rosewood and inah ?ganv furniture,sofa* and tete-a-tctes, covered with rod plush;with bedroom and kitchen furniture. Catalogues at tuc o ?ce of Auctioneer, 3 llroad street, on Saturday. FOR KALK AND TO LET. I30R SALE?A COUNTRY SEAT, NEAR TARRYTOWN, within a short walk of the new Tillage and stopping fdace of Dearman. It contains about twenty-two acre* of und. And is in good order. For further particulars, inquire f J. Jones, 734 ill ulvat s \ A COUNTRY 8RA1 FOR SALE.?THAI HIOHLY desirable property, known as the lt?*h.?n I'lace. is situated in Wallingford. on the Hartford and New llaven Turnpike, ten and a half miles north of New llaven, and one mile from the Railroad Depot. The property consists of sixty-three acres of land, aud spacious, elegant, and expansive hnildinss. erected l?v Abraham llishot . deceased, late of New Haven. It i well atockrd with the be*t fruit, consisting of I'eara, Applet, (.'heme*, Apricot*, fcc., kr, with a vineyard of the neat drupe*, for the table, and for inukini wine. Also. Strawberry vim* of the beat quality, which would fiirmah a large quantity for market. An cicallcnt spring in the garden snpplic* the houae and gronnds with water. For location and Yaantiful acenery then- are hot few place* equal. It will be aold low. and immediate po*?***ion given. For purtieulara inquire of Geo. W. IVhittclavy. on the t rim! c*. or Alicia k ft hilteleey. No. 21 South street, Nc? York. f tOl'NTRY llOt SES FOR SALE OR TO I.ET-A DOPV-' l ie two atory lloii?e. with amide, nud eight lot*, or two aquari a, corner of IIKth atreet and avenue A; alao, an elegant three ?tory lloua- < i I loth atreet and Second arentte, with five lota; alao, in 121st atreet near the Firat avenue, two superior two atory houae*. neat to J. F. Henry's, ! all with garden*, convenient, and in the bc?t order. Inquire i at 710 Broadway. No. ?*i Nassau alroet, or No. Id William at., 1 of J. or O. Choataraaa. I I ton Mil1 -i.;t> F.N inn - K ri \ N i - r.HAi'K VISES and ornamental ebruh', in !?I v an l nt[? r ><e*. j herbaceous and other idant*. Garden* lai<l out and neatly , kept, by I he day. ncntli. ar mm. A large variety of dah liaa. moally new kind*. AI*o, a fine collection ol new verLoua*. and petunia#, for aalv at low price#. I'll IT< 11A It I) k ROU1B. 73 and 7.1 East Eleventh at.. V. Y. V II?All order* promptly attended to. Bouquets at the ahorteat not ire A LOT FOR SALE IN t Ol RTI.ANOT STKEEI 1 111 attention of capitalist* la dlreeted to the aale. by A. J. nieeekrr, on Tureday neat, April Yl, at the Merchant*' Exchange, of that valuable lot of ground, kaown aa Pi Court laadtalraet, north aid*, and adjotulng tha let on the northeaat Corner of Covrtlannt and Greenwich atreet*. upon which there t* to be erected, on the let of M ay neat, four four-at >rv Store*, of brown at ne. under the direction of C. Pollard. F.sq.. Ar hltevt. at who*e < thre, No. 3 Broad atrvet. the rdan* may b? aeon. "The aaid lot being in ?lae ?H feet front 2o feet In the rear, and 13 feet in depth. Sixty per cent of the purrl ace money ran remain on bond and mortgage f ,r three year* at f> |wr eent p< r nnoo 1h- aale will he . ,m. Fit if; \ i i < i.nsi in \?sir,\ME\T) itv av. thowy J. Uleerkar, Auctioneer al the Merchants' Exchange. on the 9th April. InVi, at 12 o'clock. M nine valuable Building l.ota?to wit three lot* on the southerly aidw of Forty-tiath atreet. lain- St'feet westerly from in* Fir?t avenue each lot 1. nc feet I v h:alf tie 1 ho k . Ala Sve lot* on thr aouthirl) oido f Mwlirth atrr-t. l-otw?ra tho Fifth And Slath ????? , bom* It foot Alaihro ).? holf tho bl< rk. Aloo, MM lot on III* aoutlirrljr aidr of ! ? h itml, hat * roll the Fifth and .tilth Atmuti. M|| i'l font <1 in hua hj li.ilf tlin hlnok. Tho ?! "?* will ho rn>r< inptorlly anld to tho lilRhot Mddor F. r furthi-r | nrtlriil*r? *| t'l? to MU.IITMAN k CLARK, At'V. k*.. fn* Aa-rnooo. 2 M ali at rnnl. N. V Brooklyn uiji.dino lota for >ai.e.?on b iicndrod l,<-to f -r ?al? - n Tompkia*. Thr-npand Yit>?i?i< in#*. and Moiriir and Malia-.n MMi. TO oino't arr ojwnril 11 I I'rrHiii' ata paid. Tliojr ar* full l?u and hoaotlfulljr oitnatrd, l#li| abont two milt* lorn tho Fultoa and Atlantic f- rho, from whrn-o ota?-n run rrori tlrr atinn:#a Tnoy will bo Mild tir; low f#r rooli, lot If dralrrd. f art onn r main a I "H*i and m-rua** Valnnblo indue*-oral* wiU bo -Toraid to tki'oo dnltvai of iai?itia|, Addrca* It a d-?o I'uot offico Laor falk-a iiF.trTin l corntkt rctT and r atouada. r> plot# with OTory roaooatoao*. u-kod with rholroot *liio?. fmlto, towi ra, >optikl?. oonoorrntorr, loo honor aad twratr -tm of land, la tho hlghoot a'ato r tnlM ration. attaaba fa tha Iwilibltil latathi -a l.-nj laiaad. and n it hi a --n- I Nf*) d -i anrr. or aooaa tall?- of N ua V-rk l-v railr ad. it'am or otoo*. At-t-lir to Mr Mt'lliil t, ntor rhanl AA Ml r ?' Wit % i rh IViRWAMMBKAP. A 7 <H TATr ?:o*I*oor> I'lA NO T rtrn. tlklnUw.jiit Pm-hol iml'Ti- iM ?ll the m rn imprctrfutata. to**th*r tltk Hit ln?a frtno. wtrrtao *d for twn r??r?, *rA tun?I "i> rnr ntii Apply tl llie a.tnnfntt. r* f ? IMiN Ai H A IH: "fill .- H r> B.AOK A A IE OH TO I IT V IIANtootlf tOTrAOR. JT ?' F?r R"p|mi?;, *?*rly ?p| ' !! Hit Patilt-n; two h tint. Nan. 77 nnd TV Ann ?tr*tt. Irniilimf JllllA L NORTON. Jr.. ".""A lt.w?rr IVwilKt n<tt lmm-'4lllilf, |aoh aai.f.-om wri.rmiinretvi h ri. a rtomen -T Ola**, lot af Oil I'antn?" tad lanr.rfTti tnii itlalrImH. Ti l? h*a it 114 Drotnii, wrn j ilitry. To fiRoifrs -Tiir. "Took riwn km a\i? i i:\"r i t ? Crwip f r ??l? In * Oa<tia( if>tr> "Jifar*. up ti/Wn. It ilk By-t-rttt lurltllt f"l ktiltMl, I IIMrl Ml> ii'mllWinllHIl. Iilwil ' r aailint. Ah* v*ti*f O t -in* t it.. nil rv Appli ?i 1 '*T ': ran ! Ml't >f * Villi. TWO TO I.CT, ON" Fill RTI1 AAF.M F IIF tw?*u Ttrult - "otolith b<-4 T?i nt/-*l*hth ln?ii, It lit Mod up cm Hi* trit ?r Map. la r I ? ?! Ala . thpjlwtlllna part" will lit t??. with nf without thr atnr??, i naiam* ? f twfi "tf.fif nnd Iwiir attic r ma, ?l?h l.?t'\ k I i, witli pnp, k'. Ai pljtn A l> TIIOUPMtN, IT'I Itr ? It >?. rpo artmt*-- TO I FT A I A ROB riwi*. AA ITII l.OOD * U|B|, *r ?n'raaia a. an ott-i-,.. Iiimr- ." nn? f,. rviR ?aif.-a i.aroe-siek hatii n B a*I> i ion * fr'-alA. nlth f?i|?? and Salnr-a. *11 ?, n*arljr If*, harm* Irra in iff o*l/ faw Inquire *1 .No. I wlfft* ttl*a4. A RANK I H A M'E?TO LKT. A a TORE AND MXtnrrr, t?t fairy drjdondn. laqnira at tha | r> bii*??. X* M I Quad ntraat f'OTTAf.B HOI "I FORTE-NINTH STREET-TO l.r.T. V tha n| par I ttaar li ii*r. nn'hr a..iitli aidr . f T rty-nialh atrrri. I aiw.-< n Tl ird and Fourth a ration. Tl.? h.maa h*a 11 fo>'tn?. hr?idra k.iclian. #??., and wonld b? ??rf itaKIa for a mull and rantarl Tamil.*. A !m? nf warm paa* within Iflofrat of ihrdoor. Rrni wdrrata. AnlfM JAHI l*RI< F. I'-' ll?it<???lrwl, TO I.FT-T1IK TITER I'ART OF IIOI Hi. It (IAI Lr( rr< t, to a air oil Inmilj-. R?nt $? ' Inijnirr of THO*. E AI I.F.N. I"W Wa.hinat'a mat. ipO I.ET?A MAI M* A Mi \ I.KV i <?M l ulM \ 111 E I r. ttatt n Riairn I'land. Bit rninntr" nalk fr in fundi rhiH'a laadina. r?ao*aiaat t? fit* marhat. farry, a- Inqiiiri^.f R J DILLON. No in trnII or. 'I'll I 1 i TWO I.AROF. ROOM* AMI IlKli-ROOB UN M ?' od floor of a UtrM-Maff horaa with hark laon-T. Tl.'iw la a l?"t and r Id waiar ??*lh in far h, i?a ; pl-**aiitl? attaarrd: wlthta *? aiinnta*' nalk frm Wall it mm a-d I Hall. Fur partlralar*. inqairc of W. MA VWARD. ffo. 24 I I.miliar* tlrnat. (AI.1KIRA1A. / RII ORt A I AI.IFORMA hl'll-' i\ I TI'Kf -\M will, mada marir ap and forward-d p?r ii'imrrt?klo, 2Tih April i I r rat I Hp. lat. and I'hiladalpl i*. Oh Rar. in rharaa of panal ma. -angara. TV- dtlirrrt of prr-ol? and pa<-t*. kp thia Eaprra* liaa, for all part* of < aliforai*. la ananard |? hy ika pri.priot'ir ia r-r?n immrdia'aly aOar th* arriral of tli* atramrr at Hon rrantaaa. Ikarri.r (atari** ?h* alaioat daapairh. niA-a at i? IVarl atrrat THOMI'AON h IIITi IH K, Aranta. 1*. R ?Fanaaau far fro i? fit ana ha Bad* kar- or in Callf .rnia. *a da?ir?d nRAITE ON AAA FKANlliiO. CALIFORNIA?IN aaanvata In anit pon-h*rtr?, f r -air Ijr , w ard A l-RJI E. M Wall nrwi rXRBWCH'R FTTRFM r\??FVnFR TRAIN WILt I l.arr i.a Aaiarrlay. al 4 o'rlr.rk prorlaatp la ?fw*n??Aip Oltin, fi.rNaw (Tirana, ihrnra kr ata*f..?hip I'aiiaaiio latara. Th'tohafin* IIrkata I r il,i* r?nt* *|H p'r*.*-all and ?ri lirkoia for iha Ohio. A fan w> ra Ikr irh liekatal.y thia i ata an ha ha !. It iaim# liatr apt 11 ration t# T. W. IkllVU'l, 41 W all at.. Jaair; fawt. ' a amumemkntm. i BOWERY THEATRE-rKIDAY, will he acted I he tragedy of ROMEO AND .MIL! BT? !, Mr*. J. M'aIIacIi, jr.; Mcrcotio. Mr. J. Wail-auk, jr ; Peri*. Mr J. Dunn: Beaeolio, Mr. Jordan: Tyhalt, Mr. Arnold;

< aptilct, Mr. Moore; Friur Imwroute. Mr.UiU.rrt; Peter, Mr. Wiunns; Juliet, Mi** P. Weniy**; Ladv f'apulet, Mr*. Jordan. To conclude with the drama of THE PILOT? I* it Tom, Mr. J. R. Scott; Burougticlile, Mr. Arnold, Tie 1* lot. Mr. Stevcut; Colonel Howard, Mr. M ure; Serjeant Drill, llr. Vt inane; Kate Bjowden, Mr*. Herbert. Door* open at 7; i the curtain rise* at half-pa*t 7. Drea* Cirele ;?> eenta ? *oad Tier, 20 eenta; Pit US eent*.^ (d HANFRAU'S NATIONAL THEATRE?FKI DAV J evening, April 3d, the mtertaimocut* will eotna>un< e with MV I'REl IOCS ItETSEV?Mr. Bobtail, Mr. Jeff rs >nMr. Wagtail, Mr. Kuaaell; Mr. Langfurd, Mr. llaut,I ,n; Mr* Kebtail, Mr* II. Ishcrwood. To be followed by he drama if W a I.LACK?Wallace, Mr. W. Marshall; Kirltpatr Mr. Tillou; Allan Kainsuv, Mr. C. Taylor; Donal l, Mi** !/ > .?o r. To conclude with the couu-dy of Tilt do.CA \t'IKE?Governor, Mr. W. Taylor; Uiekory Short, Mr. J. Jcficrson; Capta.n Holystone, Mr. C. Taylor; lai ty llr.***, Mis* A. Cruise. Boxc?, 25c.; Pit. 12!ac\: ttrehe tra ' Door* open at 7, performance to ?iinence at 7'j o'clock ' MlCAinE, AJ> Iiiiv ri.At Kj "i tnA iiur.^B.? la ^ 1 X iiight of the re-engagewent of Mitis Julia Iks tn.?Friday ? t*\inu>g. April 20, will be wrformH the c*>m< iv f ;be St HoOL FOR SCAN DA I/?Sir Peter Teaale, M> fti ; j . l-i Surface, Mr. C. k. Mason ; Charles Surface, Mr. W J . Sir Benjamin Backbite. Mr. Urosveaor; latdy Tewle, Mi .1 Ihan: Mrs. Candor, Mrs. McLean; Lady Sneer* -h. M . Hamilton. To conclude with the VIK<i!\|.\ Ml M IV- ; (Singer Blue, Mr. T. D. Rice: I)r. (Salon. Mr. Liuell: Mr. j Patent, Mr. Bernard; Capt. Kitle, Mr McDouall; o'L'iry, ' Mr. I oiiover: Lucy, Mian Ksough ; Susan. Him* Flynn Doom 'l 11 1 7 o'cl ?ck *' ? t ommi nee a* h.-il i i Apollo koqmi, bmudway below Mreet ?Monday. A pill 22d, and every night thia wcea. Die original Christy's Miuatrela respectfully auumnc?? ro their putr? na and the pnhlie generally, that owing to Mechanics' Hall being occupied with the examination of tlie Pupils of the Mechanics' Society School, they will give tbeir I popular concert* a* above, every night during the present wi ck Adunaaion 25 cent*. Doora up??u at 7; Concert, will commence at 8 o'clock. Ou Monday neat. April h. Chri*tv'a It inatrela w ill reaiime their concert# at Christy'* Opera House. Mcchanica' Hall. ; MHS KKANt'ES ANNE KKMUI.E Will. READ \T ltr<oklyn, <m'iay ?v?nin<. th? *'th maliut, tlm ! I v ol JIM.lUS t'A?SAR. at the K-ualu AcuJ."ti .i /', o'clock. Ticket* $1, to lie liad ut M. ?r?. Frauci. It Co., ami Ilr. (row en's Bookstore, Now fork; at Mr. Wild r'n and Mr. How aid's Bookstore*; at the Mansion House, or the Globe Hotel, Brooklyn, and at the door ou the evening of the ro t 1isf. ________ BARN CMS CHINESE MUSEUM, 589 HROA UWAY, HEtween Spring and Frince itrwti.-P. T Barnuiu. Pro- j pritor anil Manager, beg* V inform the public that he naa purchased the immense Chines* Collection, aud. in ooujuncturn with many valuable and coetiv articles of the iuo?t unique and rare description, received by the latest arrivals from Canton, the whole will be exhibited to the public every day :ui 1 v? iiiii?. commencing Monday, April Ofl lu addition to the above, and to render the same still more attractive, he is happy to announce that he has engaged, tor two weeks only, previous to her sailing for England, the unparalleled wonder, the most extraordinary curiosity yet?a real Chinese beauty, with FEET 2,Si inches lone, one of the "Upper Ten" of the Celestial Empire. Miss Pwau-Y?*koo. The Chinese bello is only 17 years old, and is the first Chinese lady of distinction that has ever left her "lotus-leaf home," and been seen by the " outside barbarians." Together with Miss Luro-Akum, her serving-maid, and 23: Mr Soo-Chunc, professor of music, aged 32; Miss A moon. <is daughter, axed 7; Master Mun-Chung, his sou. aged A; Aleet Motix, the Interpreter, aged 18. Miss Pwan-Yekoo is voung aud handsome. She is known to belong to a Chinese family of the highest respectability, and only remains hern with her ' suite a short time, being about to visit London and the Con- j tinent of Europe, before she returns to her far-off home. The Chinese Collection, which in itself presents a complete picture of China and the Chiuese, their costumes, manners, habits, and modes of life, is made perfect by this living addition. Miss Pwan-Yekoo will be considered pretty, ever, among American beau tie*. Admission, V cents; children, under 10, half pries. (i KAND SACRED CONCERT OF VOCAL AND INE mrumeutal Music, at the Church of St. Ctiarle* 11 ?rromeo, Sydney Place, Brooklyn, on Sunday evening April 2Mb, l.vlO, nt 7)i o'clock, Proor ammk ? Part I.?Overture, by the Orchestra; 1. Vcni Creator, Quartette and Chora*, ? hcrubini: 2. Baaeo Solo, by Mr. Miiller.Mercadnnte; t. O Salutarie, trio for two roprano* and contralto. Taddoliui; 4. TennN Solo, by Mr. Kaiaer; A. Magnificat, grand Chorua and .Solo, Lnuibiflottf. I'nrl II?Overture, by the Orcheatra; I. Quartet te. (11} mil,) Sung by gentlemen; t. Duo, Cr Soprano and Alto, by Mad. M. rra and Mad'eclle Drcsaler, Diahelli; .1. Duo, for Teimr and Haaeo, by Mr. Itailini and Mr. Morra, Knomi; 4. Te Don in. Grand Uuorua, Lambillotte. l?r. I*. Deck, Dirt, tor. Mr. W. Merge will preaide at the Oman. FARE* ELL < ON i ItTr-ni INDIAN F.AMII.V, t'Vdcr a due genae of gratitude for the multiplied egpreamni of kindnma 'aliown them aa "gtrangera in a atrange land" (allhongh the laud of their father*), would announce that their I.aet Concert will take place at the liroadway Tabernacle, on Friday evening, April 90. Ticketa, 2Jcenta?at the principal muaic More* iu Broadway, and at the door. For particular", ace email bill*. P1IKENOI.OCICAL LECTURES IN CLINTON IIAIX.L. N . Fowler and Nelaon Sixer, will lecture on Phrenology and I'byaiology applied to the perfection of character, at Clinton llall, thia evening, at 7l, o clock. AMISEMKNTS IN rillLAUKliPHIA. CtONNER S ARCH STKBTT THEATRE?FRIl>\ V, ^ April 2b?To commence with KING RENE'S DAUtillT FR. To be followed by wonderful Herculean Performance*, by Herr Kut, profejgor of d'athletiuue, and hii ion Valentine. The w lode to conclude w ith the domestic drama of the DCMII MAN OF MANCHESTER. Principal charactera by Mi M . Hood, and the rtft N Mm coinpauy. HARM'M'8 MUSEUM. PIIII.ADl I.PIIIA.- GREAT ANnouncement!?Gen' TOM TIICMII. the dietinguiihed Dwarf, the w onder of all Europe and America, aged 17, weigh ? nI> nrtccn ponmla, ami only twenty-eight incne* in | height, K engaged to t|<|>car every morning. afternoon and i evening during the week. lie will nerxonate uumroui ureal character*: appear in Keel tat lone. songe, Hatirce. k".,' exlii* kit himself in the dunlin* Court Drcea which lie w?re in the I rreeence of the nobility 01 Europe. fcc. Alan, he will ehow he costly presents,Jewel*, Ac.. prevented to him hv Queen Victoria, and other dlatingnlelied ncmnnagee. Hi* Miniatare Enuipage, the itnalleit ehariot and horee* in the world, with eltia coachman and footmen, in lull livery, will lreain'ulate the etree'a each day. Tine will he positively his fnat appearuo?ii PliiledeiHite. The feeuahard. the Uainhler, and other Superior pieeci, will he prevented in the evening. In the afternoon, the Double Apartment. Animal Maenctmtn, John J nci, llallade, tlaneee, ke.; Mli.UOM Curiosities t? lie ?e?n at allhonra. Admittance 2A ceate; Children under 10 year* I'.'ti cenu. NEW ti1f.ATKE, CIIE5TM t street, imiiladei,pliia.?To Rent?For a terra not eiceeding live yeare, tlie al i'V fo'l known and popular exlahluhincnt. with nil lia Si entry. Machinery. Wardrobe, Muelr and other propcriiee. roaecaeion to he given on the Are: day of August neat, i'rupoeale to be addrteeed to, and term* made known by JA VI;> page. No. 101 Walnut etrect. BOAUDI.VCi, A( . Hoarding rooms ri rnisued or rv fcrnisii rd,on eeeond and third floor, with larc elneeta attached, uital le for gentlemen and their wivee. The houea ie pleaeantly nnd reepeetaldy located, and near ' wo atafe rou'ee. Hatha, cold, warm, and ahowtr. Apply N?. llloecker treat. _______________ Board?a oenti.em an and ladv can iif. \rc<m modeled with a plraeant r ,m. or rmin and heir m, u itli hoard (for lady only if de?irvd) in n email prieate fa- I mily. ? here there art no other hoarder*, aheretbey will hud ever) roaeemenre of a jniet home. Ilonee nloaeantly located ek the korth aide of the eity. For further particular*, addrree U"*ard. Ill raid e(Sce HOARDING-THE HOUSE. NO. 75*7 I1ROADAVAV. OPl"*il* Urae* t hutili, aill I < in' in <u?ai|>i?i? ui laf by tl * fat of May, for tbt n ii |'tt<>* i f I ardir-. vatl" t -or I.-ii rn *? ? onim<"lat< <1 atlh ronna, ?Ithnnt mr it mi l f nuiln a a ilh board ?n ! tallf of rnnmr. |'i?rl?r* r.iuimuiii' aim A|'jiljr *i Alii Bnndwif. nOAK I' 5 (1F.NTI.EA . I> I Alt V M A V II A V i: A |l?a?aut room, alth board. or two *?ntl*incn with hrvitk* l*?t mid t?a, at thr '-ni rally located dw.llind .No. I;' W im. t r, n*ar I anal Unrl. HOARD-WANTED. 1'EKM.A N EM in A r ... i: I ratlt tuaa. a -toall ar. I t.rally fwraiaht'I !r in. t a It boat I rtak'aat. In a r* *t ctat !. |rl*at* hon ?*, w. <t of I'r ad* ay, la t| ? rl*latty of CI mal>< ra iraal. Aid-. II, b * k? Kal Off a a atatlaa tarai* and I BOARD AND RENT IN I'A AVI NT?A THREE STORY ailtchnaaa, |d*aaantly altaarrd In *' -l llth atm-i a II' r, nn il.aa'l |.arr-ir tb?r?fr ft rrd la i? ' i 1 a-mall family, r aatMing of thr** ?r loar pur? >aa. Aiqdrat INVnI Iftli atr??t. |>"ARI)ING-'TW O GENII EWEN WITH TIIKTIl WIVES M.9 raa ia armanaandat"'! with l.-arJ mi aa I n.n and | aal r.?.. a tl i aaroad d" r "f hmi ? No -i I Hrmfaar, aaar Barbat atna H ? m * ' |?o ihli IN II tKkl.niN -I i.l I i III. m ' i ? a J I mai tli* tint ol May, fi in t > i .1 in nn ?' .in It at Ih# farry, a r.Uaaani room in lb* ami atory, fur a faintly aim faraiab ; a 1 a. tan momi f"t atari* r*n l#m*? ? Th* boa** I* row\pl?t*. alth .t v l aiti. k?. E"f fiar K-aUra faquir* atM Aaaa atraat, Hr nkltn. llo.AKD I.N RROORLYN?C.AB.Al I.RKO* EAPANOLRS IE |'i.i d?a ?oa>*aalr todaa la* at' < > i i l?i ,y I *a trafa, *a ana ra*a fi' a attend* A |*i*a llatao ad Ei It,a E*rry. ra la cfrdad d* Itr kliit : y a* iirrrran I ft- I ( r r? t N . Mf call* dr Naa .an, dial* a* daratt laa a iria, j area* arta*. T* r thr** **ntl?m*n ran br a**ataim d*' d will fall r I | a rttal Ward, la a bona* ??ryj laaaaa'ly tit"*t?d. alii, n a | I mina'ia' aalk of ln1t"B Errt. Ear |?rt|?aUra apply | * No *T Naaaan at mat. I.iikltn - - ; ? |E"AM> IN JERNEY CITV-l 'Htli Millli PAN llf. < IA i btalaad for a famllr, la a daalrtbi* attaarl n la J.r**? ' Pity, a fra mlnntaa wall from tli* f> rrr. Al?>. a faa |dra- j I aan rviaa lor alnaU (aatlamrn. Earlr aridnatioa * *?#'*ry. Inqtnr* at tbla nlBr* |E A Rl? At ANTED M TllllE.I VHP NO I.AIMt . j Mm (-lit-f) in a r* |>*ria< 1 r an thai baa | ' I.l. ird*r*.*.. A. I . H tl - tt hUAKH W ANTtH-A -I ITT "I Room. rtRN|WHEO, I aaa'ad la a a*at**l hntitr, tn tli* l"W*r | art of tli* city, , f r a family AdiiraaaBai No. S*> L>.w?r I*... f?dl . , IE Alt It At ANTE I -IN A <M A I. I' tIA.AlK EAdl'.t IP nr?r <-a* f Itio f. rr iatttlliai n. f?>r a*-irl- I' ?? and lad), fll.M l?t of Mil . li?ntio?a? I'll-" ""t. ? ?' l-t j -a k rd?)?. AdnrrM, ttaiina t? ?'. T. M., Ilt-rald OtW. I WA>Tin--.|H)A*H r<>K TffO OENTMUKtt. IM Hr kljn, t* itliin tnn minm-t w*l* of tk# donth T rrr. I mftmll- t>- m? in i .* In* 'i?a"f a |>n?4 f 'mill ?mI< U nrolormi. Adlrt.-. !? '?? pwl. I', ft Off"-*. fM i.i. DOAIIP WANTED MV A whom M. UKNTI.IC ?*. la * firitat* fnmlly. A fr?i t?..m and" II fnrni.t'M. IwHKi, mufi n, , I, r. artli to T?-ni j-f 'irth ?i.. a i d fr> m ikn Third to tk< Siath av?na??. A I lr??? J . . at , Hie lit raid IMIrr. I FIDLIfATIOI*. Headt mismorning. tiir. 1.1 rtor Jr>* r Iko Sntdith Klahinr*!*, <*r?fnllf t" "P': I fr-ia iii-Uadn* journal' andwfi""' ll?t mny an I I nalaad. larladmf lUrf-rd. tk? M *1**1 frit " >t < ?4. n Hat**. Ilaatmgt tho Mnairal I rit<r Ik- M ru n.- I' ft. kr.. kc.. and rrialalniac nn a?tki*n Hi ' J?inf I.ind. by li. O. K'.itor. author > t - >rw T fa If (in I. ?< kr : illartr*'?<t nlili a nitaxili* pr-fti M J ,uj I. > d 11 > *< rk will b* f?*nd To mntaia *?*rrthia? # mt*r??t rolailat m tk? J.nt aad IV-f**?i-aal r*ro*r .f Inn '* at non.itrfnl ainfir in lh? world: and in ordtr tit* it a t nan rrral cirtnUti. n. Ih* no ll.l.?r? bait d"?? r*niai- i ta f> ' th* |n-ir? at tat 'billing. A?>n ? and ntk'f* aand in y ?f nrd?r? i*<m-diatrly f. r t ?t?r'* Edi*ioff. Ik* nlf rrnltt ?*. . thonti* "Mia tht'marko*. ItEMtlT* DtVlSPOItT rak>i*ltrr*. TriWi Hmld a Nt ? ?? NUi III'MMMH Off*. Of Till A ITIU.tff .TklVA a rttit* of tk* ftrrnt rata, and drf.-a-- ?f Mn. r rn-.i, it a kiflly rrt(n-r'ahi* tm.Wn nn > ( ik* bar: Hfiat .1 Mall. I'rart.fco.; Iti* Nt't?ri? af V ? T rk Mr- -dtol- don*; 1 tdnaa -f *Hat a * if* ?!. old 't ft tr-vn A**k?. T i* Ttn at - ntf Int.- Airrr'raa l**li-i Jnl D*?*. II A-r-??; It .at "| I r. rit *' il.? In'amt ? Un t-karp ft n-al -at |na?i *r* Tk* Ha**a?? !?tna*a?r> T'laan?. I n???r arn ? t? *i?r; 1. m H d#ki*a aad tkn t? Adt - ntnrt n- a Ttadin*.. i.*f?tk?r aiik aa ntardn* ta aat t adi^ntial, aad n?l,?r r*ad-af imttor (tffk*; *|-*f*. W'M? tt PICHT-TTtK lOIHTT! MMllfff off Tilt t* l.iltr-ty of lllntlr .iu? A-" r ? 1 nui-nl' t mar . trrnt It t-rtit. ?tlk a I <- rr?a-. *al *kt>?-tt *f 9<U* tTrirll t* |t?l I ml -d Iklt day. at /AT Itr -adwat. fr1? pi. t r-tin at ait rh? bt -I MOW. Tmlrtdo -n i.iwMt" I in lh-lr *rd?i* aitkvat aa/ d*l*j iiiiAV), PAi lu.Mtk a JU** Broadway thkatkk.?ben ifit or mk. collins rnday rrcii'.iur. April Yd, will fee in-rfuriaol the coinedy ui lh? IKlSli AMBASSADOR?Sir I'uiru k O'Plempo Mr. <'?Iliw*-. 'be llrund Duke, Mr Frederick*: Hrine* Rodolpli, Mr Shew; 1-ady Inalelln, M K llorn After which THE UKO.Nt; I'ASsf.NOEK Ileum* McCarthy. Mr Collin*; J.nkine, Mr. Whinny; Chart**, Mr. Smart; Julia. Mia* Olivia T comclade with the faroe of TEDDY THE TILER - Teiidy Baloney, Mr. ('ulllac: Lord Dunlrrfurd. Mr Whiting, I'inry, Mr Ma'he**; l.adjr Dundrrford, Mra. Hold. Drc?? t n. le kali Parquet. Ma-., family and llurd Circle*. Z5e.; Cutlery, fV')?u. Performance toeomnience at 7SNIBIOti OARDEN?THE CELEBRATED HAVANA Italian opera Company, under the direction of Signer i adUli ?Tnird apjwarauce of Sign.ire Bouiu, and tTnrd , |..ranie it Si*. I e?*r< liad.ali. Friday evenin*. April '> i Vrrdi'a prand opera' f MACBETH?laiily Maobeth, Main a A. Benin; Ma'heth. Si*nor t'. Bad all: Munduff, Hicii >r I I tmi: Daau>, Signer D. Colatti: Maluului. Signer T. Bai HI D it in. Si,-nor* I.. Bellini; Medico, Signnr I* Canli. )' ir- irri'?: r of the opera, 81|{U"r O Bntteaini; leader .1 te i r'-lieatra, Signer L. Arditl. AdmiHai. ii tu all 1 r r i f the house, one dollar Door* open at 7, to cumutonvf at S oMcrli. Bt RT uN '.s TU RATHE. CHAMBERS STREET.?F HIday ??*niujt, April 2t>, will he played the comedy of I t. AP YEAR, or the Ladies' Privilege?Mr. Charles Dimple. V . Iti r* >n. Captain Mouser, Mr. llolnaan; Walker. Mr. Br? John Thong, Mr. Rra; Mk F1?ra Flnwcrdcw, P.i . lit ?*!!: Mr*. Crisp. Mr*. lloltnau. To oonclude with the comedy of THE SERIOUS FEMI LY?Charles T-rrctn, hi,., Mr. t IV. flarfce; Uap?ain Murphy Maguire. Mr. I?-. ? rh.irr. Frank Vincent, Mr. Lever*-; Mr. Atninadab SWk, lr Burton; lady Sowerby C ream ley, Mr*. Hughes; Nri. i ui t. D? laine. Mis* Chapman. Ores* Circle, 90 cent*; Fan. .1 f i irile. 2/1?ents. Door* open at 7; to commence at 7l?. BROADWAY THEATRE -MR DYOTT RESPKCTFU ELY annouticen hi* lleiietit tor neat Monday evening. JlRh of April, on hI'n :i oci H?iou will he presented Bulwer'* play of the LADY OF LYONS?Pauline h> a Lady of thi* city, her trrt upm uran< e in public; Claude Ylelnotte, Mr Dyott For iur? icuiura. ?.-? the bill*. Ticket* to be had of Mr Dyott, 62 M wMiT atreet. C\ I1D.-MK. COLLINS' BENEFIT. AND LAST NIGHT tut two, en Friday Evening, April 2<?th, when he will I . ve the honor of appearing In a Comedietta, written by (?. Jun-or-'ii, called the "Wrong Paaaenger," with Songs and ttier entertainment*, a* will be expressed in the bill* of the d J lh I t ? W :s r.- w - i, Ml: S JITJA DEAN. RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES that her Benefit will take place at the As tor Place II a re, on Saturday evening, April 27. when she will aptxuir I. .i nee, in Shakespeare's ooniedy of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. which will be presented with a powerful east; and the Duche**. in the coniedictta of FAINT HEART NE\ M{ Vt 11 \ I MR LADY Box I k i ^ t m J\ V. h S M .M NKktU - AMEKK \ N AND El KOPBAJf Amphitheatre, opeu for a short season at the corner of 1. , hth f'reet and Astor Place. Engagement of the celebrated French Troupe, from the principal European Amphithem ics, composed of Mllc*.|Loui?e, Josephine, Tourniaire, Messieurs Hem it und Tourniaire, and a host of others, w ith their ...L.mIxI Vln^ f,f ('..rfMrmintr ..n.i II. -a..- t'...rur.._ mi nt uf the great original and unrivalled Jester. W. F. Wallet, and (lit of the moat extensive and talented eoiiipiiniea "I nniivc urtistH which has ever appeared .11 eithei ?i ie uf tbeA'lautic. Equestrian Director. Mr. James Nixun. Admission?Boxes i'> centa; Dress Circle 5(1 eenta. Children under 1(> years of age, h alf price. Doors open at 7'?. performance commence* at S o'cloult precisely. N. B.?A grand performanee every Wrdnesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing at .'i o'clock. Ol VMI'H ? PIERCE'S MINSTRELS?THE OMTGINAL I'ompey, late of Christy's Minatrela, 4M Broadway, betaceii Howard and (iraud sta.?Every evening during the week.-Doors open at 7. Concert at S o'clock. The noveltie* introduced by t. U. Pierce in his style of Ethiopian performances, and which have been received each niglit with the MM d, ootid marks uf approbation by crowded au lieuoee. has stamped them as hem* the "ne plue ultra" of negro eiitertainmenta. Afternoen performances on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Doors opan at z, concert at .1 o'clock. Adtniecents Orchestra boxes, fine.; Private boxes $3 PvMH'.AMA SALOON. t'OKNEK OF LISPENARD ST. and Broadway?' Exhibition free." The proprietors of ti I Saloon ara ax>U ixkibitiu, fur a short time, the finest oil painting of a Venus (as large as lifol ever seen in this country. It has been seeu and admired by upwards of tea thousand iwrsons within the last few days. It will be removed in a short time, as the Panorama will be again in notion, with new attractions. OATS It ASHE, Proprietors. ElHANK1.IN Ml'SEUM, 17S CHATEAU SyUARE-TWO r performances every day, in the afternoon at 3, and in the evening at half-past 7. Extraordinary attractions for this wek The "Model Artists" will appear in aorne new and original living pictures, including 'Tower's Greek Slave," "Adsm and Eve,' "Venue Rising from the Sea," personated by some of the best formed women In tho world, together with the " Female Minstrels,'' " Female Arab Girls, " Fomalt Jugglers," burleaqne, comic and fancy dances, with a variety of original entertainments to be found at no other place ol amuscmeat In New York. Prices of admission?Stage seats. t71v< ' boxes. 2.V.: parqnette. I2l?c.; private boxes, ft \JLJ A I.LllAMiA, .16 CANAL STREET?POWERFl'L COVvv ccntratii'n of attraction !! Two splendid performances every day. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and 8 in the evening. Ensagement of ten of lbs most beautiful Females, who will appears! the Wallhalla. The Female Serenade . Orchestra Box, 37)4 rents: Parqnette, 2.1 cents. 9IIMCKE.L.ANKOl7(i. Orril'E OF TUB NEW YORK GAS-LIGHT COMPANY, April a, IKMb?The President and Directors have this day M'XM dividend of .', per cent on the capital etock of this eomi any, lor the six months ending let of Feb. last, payable U' ie stockholders us and after Wednesday. 1st of May next. Tlo rsiiuf-r 1 00k will be closed from the i'.ih instant until bat date Bv order. C. I,. EVER ITT. Secretary. fmin I EAF AND DENTISTS' OOI.D FOIL-FIRST VJf qualil.v. and at the lowest 1 ash prices, couslanlly on Lfcii't at ii.?; tnanuiactorv, uj i ran ai in street. J. L WAUC.II It K. It F.?FIFTEEN HUNDRED TONS OF PURE POND Ire. f? r sale by the cargo. Those wishing tu Contract for. or purchase '.he same, inav addrmu i IIA ftl.r* SIMMONS. Oitrdin.r. Union Ci I NS PISTOLS fto.-YOCNO fc I.E WITT. !f? u V Maiden* l ane. offer for sale, double per. Guns. F.n#li*h si vi <.i rmss, ( < It's Revolving Pistols, 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch. AI let.'* i.4. r?, and t? incl M I ^,nJ5 do.. *n'' # mah; s Im^r i?? Miurnt of Rifles and Il? It Pistols, Per. Game Bass, Mint pouches, and Powdtr Flasks; also, a lares assortment of H atches and Jewelry, suitable for the 4 *!? rn?a trsile. SI RNDID SILVER DOOR PLATES ? WARRAN IKI> r li-fl lift silver plat?\ of extra thick nt-s*. and el gantly en- ' grant a* KV Eli HELL'S, JhfJ Broadway, corner of l>uane I Hit. Rrftli' h off < ? , N n 'J Wall street. ( ' R N F.I.I I >1 All AND i i \ S < 11 \ N 11F 1. 11 v> lamp-, manirl candelabra*. girand ?hs, k< . hi danask * rh oil-ran t ifu I d??iirn.?. A f?ncy of silver plated tea-sets, n iru.fjn; fork*. $-1 a *< t; *o is. $1 SO 4?t"J plated on alahata, e jual in ftpfx-araatu to silver. ASII EK K. MORGAN. h"J William. bettsen Pulton and Ann streets. IMPORTANT TO DAGUERREAN ARTISTS.?TO MR \ if'l li'sn- r. No. 2.1 Maiden Lane. V V. I> ar Sir? He et ierti lit testify that we bare used, for soma tune, l.<?ui* |Jt liish* |>'s Plater, and that they are decidedly superior to ail ethers, either imported *r ma on facto red hers. IIF.< KfK.H k PI A RD. Hd Broadway. T' e?c places are marked m full with the name ?.f Louis L Mitt? p. ard are for rale only at VICTOR BISHOP'S, No. S3 I . I e Kii . HIM. i hiiiui.v ii'i: M, t v Let. in Parite, l?etwsen Willow and lin ks streets, P <?t Brooklyu, with all the fliturws ia4 ilenilli Irs ?p> * workingorder; will l?e ?<>hl a hanrain. Also, to let as slur, a Large Floor, f"r light mnnufa< tur ng p npo?t?. or a marl,-I 4t. Apply on tha premises, or at ft Ihawr street. M a v. rk (1A RBI AGFA?J. r. IIA M.J It . Br?> llRo\DWAV, H OULD mlti k I i i - to mors md itran I - ? i. string assort men i oft arriaass 11 has on hand a fall supply tf*%?ry style of carriage In at U manufactured; il* iI'hnI assortment of singlt and donhls harases. For sale, a twoh? r Rockawav, n*ound-hand; has kern in use only three I wntl*. Port $J7V Will be sold low, if applied for nnmc- , ^ly. _ (1 LOTJilNG AM# TAILORING.?IMMENSE MTOCK OF J te-li nal^e C lothing, of every d?'44*riptiou, ready ma le i or tna tie to < rder A flr?t rate fit al w ays goaran'ied. AJi.rts, | drn*' r>. fill. ha*??.rt *|..?iw ftc. if" par r. n' I'- than *11) I? imi i* (I>itn4r,fnr 'iih, 11 ? ON WAV'*, 111 r*l??* ilrtrl. Br u.ltrajr. C?i.itri r Mnnr.i iv the i ity iiriiai>wav / I 4 II' rv - Tl ?n' -rrilar* Mf* iwl r*)-*itr4 ft r| it litliJ r. fin' i nf Frafirh ?n'l An., r .n i'lfr ii ii if ami It ,nh- w hi t4*?. i-f raary ?l..**ripf h it.4ow. bhf?. t and*. loon, ft*.- lac*. n.nol.n curtain* and . ( inial*. al l' n tl.ry aftrr, a l.nlrr .1* ?*4 ra'ail. j. par mi i air i an) utl.?r r.tahlirlmirat in i ha nil. A. v k k DAVic.?. tphuUurar*. W Br*ft4w?/ ?H|| It ?. '* 44 v" l"10h s * v miht viii mm. in a) 'nl nali . fir flu t ami It-min. Imi I tail tun I rut."' fit'*4 P.I ?ar Jul y ii ?%*f try Joaaa', 14 \ua i'm if" " Jkatrr." " Tl.aft * thrr*. Tlicra nrvar ?aa a lia n.aur that I * in'' #t. an t hi* float* *r* of th* nrj lunl it-*! rial, alula lb* prir* i* I- a hryond all |<raa??l*ftt. Tr) Hi***." __ Ml ibi'i.ltTAM i s v i s i i "n al.rxamirf.1 i'ltaai Ar't'' al l.aoalia? arc ana kaoaa la Now v irk. ? nl.'l i'f ill |-?ll* ?f iii. i nlnn i i -pa. litial .. ii rratlai * <! ft aftStpl* b*>, on th* r*>*>pt nf t*4tl|*r*, Tina . t i. a nl. < ?. i a*- naturil lrach?? r..r *al*. wholaaal* n*ln, a It 'Mil. rl.-h"!' ?. n". n Manlra uf. r*u?.l al Jab* m V at.'* in i|n? ft ?.'*. and tbr |.r>*.[.*! 4ru.wi*i* i* i ii pi1.1 ini ii rikr" riti ii pikr. r -nl . r iftar lin aria ii 1-iv nr., an4 a ll ha*n-. a4 i < al l'.*l. > all n- 'j I'm 1 taa Barkat, alar.-a | ftft'i y >4 lb* al ert 4*licloa* It. Tha al tanti.ii ! rpt r<* i r*ll?<l i" tha *I...t?, a* lli?) ail] ha *"14 at treat* i'f pr.?n4. |)> n fiRAND MOTEL DR ?\XI IN <..N-r d i*a* . >.t < i r anailtrf nf Aaatrirftft* rarvrtta* t - th* tia- i tal. the |.r pr.rmr t**? to l*f..r*t tha at that haraaftvr h* aiu k -l ra*. larflln* of "Tha Met* Vwrk ll?r*l.l.n th? alnua it. klkvtnfi riiirxwrvpr. f<M1IO\ III IIIK II Itll' Til k UKCtri'Ul'tftnr yt.ff.yi*.'. Ra-natlr i'..w4*r* 'f r tha i traction 1*4't *?, av? k|< arha. nr. hi*. bftt*. ft***. ft.**, ami lna*at* n |-'*m*. ib.t all "Ihar ia?**ta, ha* pr'.tnptr.t rar- at* parti** i | rt | *r- |"|r.' at ?rtn i**, an* nftrr Iham ttnJar aar.v** ! > i it at inftr. fnr aala. Irani tlia** lajl. >4ii*l. 4ar*4 t* t v? thflr iaip. *Hlati* oat ft* "fra* *f pnlmn." tit* pr ipr>*> I r ' i thr ti?m*l artial* h*r. In : hi* rity. nal) the na4*r. *! *"< n?4 arret*. an4 lha prl?< .ral 4rr-.t l? at iji b- atlnay. a hrf* ai.n biay la uhtaift*4 imi* for tha liMtaataaana* 1* trurti-a r*t* ?nf ?tc*. Hnth artial*. ar* aarr*at?4 rr*a f p. im4. a 1.4 ihttr > fla??) ha* b*t a trt*4 l.f th? (ulloalaa *? >' laaira ? I' I' II .rJ F*).. Irriri II 'tar. t . in** h fiattna Aitnr 11.a*. 1l.?jrr? "*??. F?*.. Ifttr nf Amariran Ilntal. |'r.rt. * ii. ii.. < * , ..?( i arltnn ii..***. J i.. m. a.*. i i. b"|> rii.trailcat . v. Ilnapital. ta * * i it.. ii it m i'. i'rlr.-nr aa4 Traaidaal nf tha k. i 1..i .il an mi. an4 many ..f th* tn..*t *mia*at phyalllana n th* atip- It t.aa alav r*r*laa4 th* frit prraitiai of lha aimttmi Initltnt*. am -ti -tri v, r?? Mr. t'aar. t44 Brna4*?y: a. i. ft 0. !*n<|., M*i Ft Itnft ?<rtrl. .""nth lira, tit* 41. ) Ayr** "tti't llrary *n4 Atlftati*. ilr- klyn? tlr ii.).?, i, 1 Fnlton ttrrrt. Baltltr t?? I'. It t I .... tinrnnrn'r hnll llna* f'l llafriphia Br t.arr.iriir. ..mar Tra?h aa4 CoatM?ta. i tftt !|.s*(|?i'. tltftiu, lev Mail rtraat. n..f tr?r*i4 ft 4'o. 4 l arlo' n m i t han. N. w fir I. ?n. ? Dr. I' a ft I ?. ft If *l?- Wn laar.l ft t o. ta.ii.irlt. -l i. liiftirn. Il?l*l.a~-*an (.nflria k I knl th'lf anh-a*?al#. 111 (1 niiia' art >< In a. rk within (It* minnna *fl?? apyll. ? a. ?>?r* hntiy will aaall* flak .-at iaapnaitlena. t LYON'. IJ" llr.KKl?ay. A I'M M * l?Nl h W IIO LOTH H'?I t\ I M kl.i CTHI A, ahail, iwltff *?a (iiff tral . f May 4ay IfnaM**, IN|i up and all itt I.ahhl** h*t4lh. a"'.ukt, an aMtr ?rit. And bn* t?, If yaa'ya any all ll k?f racaaMl 'n- n fl'?* .\?r*tl, I j r>nr* a**t<l*At, th* arti*?la>> I ahiPk hat* ! ?? aAanrtlavA. thai Twnlralraa'a l?a. m addit'. a t lit wall kn-wn p?? ?i af taaMiac a lady 1" a family > t ?*?k?- nn-h kaf-r* hrnakfatl. vlthaal . ly. t n. nana* wa. hian, tnr|>?AliB*, ramyhta* ft any .? l.i??r? '*|arl ' ? >h? mttnyn, *t ih? ft rat. a atia* II, ao . Hint wha'rrp- i?m? V?ymr?d, will alar. ?ara wit ikaa all lha naan, r ayynra, aai lahnr, haratafara aw4 ia hoata mat Th.. ial?l I ha AauhtaA If th* MMWal ra?totl ?a I.J ttauar ny aU.r.knt lh. a.and. will *arr?hnrala ?... | an 'h? nlifai il'.a, ala<.. In ana<>an?a thai tha tyitarl ant y???rnr..nt ??yl..y aiy ylaa a all aaiaM i?hiaaalt in. ?r I rii ?<irt? 'la*.* Th* t>yt|?r from th.- War iv.partr t at M anl. natna mar ha "?? at my flirt*, with th-a i rf ia i a>. n.alt, anrl tt**im?m f wanh.M, l'r*a fl all. . r *a?4 hy mall ? > II t*f.l.VTTHKr. k'* B, * Nat.- *a ftrant, Nt* fntk. i VRTKLLIGOfK Bt THE HAILS* Our WaahlMgtoa Cmrrmmfmmdemme. Waimiiutm>, April JS. 18*0. Hi .Hlotttry I y<mt and the Barton Petition CIturn? 0th ft (t'i flaunt JJn.y Dm dm'I Harm Claim?Hoard tf Clam, I. viaiiti'Mwri needed?Hiehardton Committer fill),in. Cn .mittrr ft . ft. Mr Jam** yon*. oi Kiohmoud, the attorney for th* Burn n j,. n?i..u claim lik< Mr Coat Johnnon. the at? torney 1... U? lie La Branch* claim?both worthy^ ' able, and excellent men oouw to the rencue of th* cabluet. Mr Lyina la out ia the Hrp-Mi.-, thin morning With u very plauntble card, and ahowa that the pennies ! claim ?a* not all for inter at but a part for principal and a part for intereat II. contend* that the claim was not re-opened by Mr Kwiag Let UK tec bow ht i proven it lie nuyn the goveruinunt bad Ix en paying 1 half pay only lor Comm. .1 n . Ilarron'a aervlcea in th* Virginia tinry during the Keyolutionary war Th* claim he pre. ruled an attoruey wan for lull pay. witk the Iiitrreat Hop I it allow, d. How wan it. then, that Mr Kwlug did not thin old claim' It formerly *?n decided to te aha i pay claim it w.ta n? disponed of. 11 w. ihi n. c uhl it bo changed to a full pay cluim uui. en it wen tii-i re-opened7 Th* can* neeuia (o be pi in . uoiipb Uut. if >lr. Lyon* hud not beeU iuf. run d fial the iu. u?li m of thin cabinet vera doing a nice business i,i iIjm way of re-opening old claim* utid pay ng them interest ami all without being ordered l>y Cungrcin .0 Jo ?.>uld fin have com* 011 In re with the liairon p. iim ?u ci uiiif That la th* question. Why should not other* ,iad according to Mr Rockwell* report of la-t yc.i th ii arc sixteen thousand cliiiinantN agio net the gov ruuieut yet unsatisfied? present cl uis. for principal and interest a* just an those which have h? i .1 r oeut.y allowed' Where is the old cln in for Amy Uarleii's horse, which w is for ft long scries of years pioe-o?l np n Congress' The principal souie two hundred dolia * ??? dually puid But is there 110 attoi ip y fe.idy to bring forward a claim for the interest? Would not Mi It re.rdy Johnson girw the requisite legal opinion, that it would he just and equitable to pay .In int. rest ou the claim to the legal representatives of Auiy' Hut joking aside this bu m s* of re-opening and paying old claims, hy tin no niburs ol the present cabinet. is stopped W e hall liavi 11 > more of it Mark the prediction '1 b new papers barn exposed tho nlfair until it -tiuk in th - no-'rils of the people Catch a member of the cabinet n op?niug another old -laim and paying it. i 111?-r-'-t and principal, it you cart' One thing however ha- beeu accomplished. Thft necessity for Cude *s t 1-1 iblisli a commission, or heard ol commissioner- to 1 iko charge of and report upon all claims of lud vidnal against the government, has been made fully luniiitfHl Mich a hoarl with three commission! r- m .rn like judges, to faithftilly ex.eule their tru-t. won hi t only relieve Congress of a gri at bore, or burden but would be calculated to reader justice mori certain lie suiferiug and other claimants. The act of the IIous o' Representatives, yeaterday, In raising a c Dniilleo of i.,ve*tlgatinu to inquire into the charges against Mi .v r ' ry K wing's official conduet, is nut very wi 11 relish- d by the parties interested. Tiny growl at a terrible 1 ?' and at tile snmc time doClare that Mr Kwln will cni" lorih uuseathed. Uf this we sh ill sin The comiuutee wasanuounced in the House to day It is a prsorering one on lbs democratic side and a strong one on the whig side. Mr Ylntou beads the four wing- lie is the brother-inlaw ol Mr Ewmg and las a son-in-law who is thft Chief Clerk of the department over which Mr. Kwing The committee will not pr >i(?bly inquire into ths charge* ngain*t Mr. Kwiug r l?live to the Douglas hnuee ren and the *. nd: og Oi t.odie* of men at ths public t sprohe to t'alll r.. i under General Collier, and o New Mexico under G m r M Wil-uu. a* mviobers of the fainilie* of those government olAcer*. but really (Told and torium bunti r* Tin ?e charge* are uot included in Colonel Kicb&rdsuu , resolution* tie vote on the toe rap of there resolution* i* no rulion that th whig* in the lluu-e wi*b lbs cabin* t or Mr being 1,1 remain in power With one voice tin y de*ir< a change in the cabinet. This is an undi-puted and >nd. putubie fart In rignrdtollie toriiiio i,y taken by the coramittSS on the tiHlphiu rlaim 1 b am Uial Mr Keverdy Johnson admit* that Mr ( rawford a k?d him to make op bin h gnl derision in th, o a tei at > early a day asconveuh ut because seme t .u'i>lr Crawford*) friends in Georgia were inter* t I in it >>ut ttiat he did not know that Mr t rawford htui-elt waa interested in tits claim I learn that Mr l'? ndlcton t. st.tie* that Mr Toombs told him t hat he |Mr Toombs) got the Ual phi a bill pureed in I lie )l<<u-e. or g tl ng the better of the democrat*. that he told Mr I'ciidlutou he knew it was s just and honest claim a_ato>: tin government aud h? re*nlved that if the I uioca - did not let it una*. On that U*t Saturday ulg t v'h< liih of Auguit. lHIk) of the last Congress In would not let any of their bills par* and that in > ht* esy ih< mil went through. Now if tin i* tb ug> he r b coma* of the report Of the committee in tbeanbj in th Georgia l"gi?lature signed by Mr T nibs,dtlarng that this identical (lal|diiu claim va * iiuJ valid against th# flat* of Ucorg.u ' ' i .01 rdeh thing- be. And overcome ti* iik> a 'nnnier cloud, Without our }/ cat w .fidi r' " it h a .sron. April M. 1M0. Tht I'niltd Slntrt Mint- IV / />??!?F.xitllmt /'/on /cr Krltntt't Iht Mint ml I'hilair'pK a? Hropvutim* Im JUrtlalhth Ihr OH I'f /(??? .' pi'r?i W e bad quite an agio cable change of programme in the finale to-day tY in th t tickneyrd and leedy negro qvn -to ti. Mr WiVi*r v r> gav> ly called the attoatent ion of the 1 inane t inui - to the necessity of diuiini-hing the urn uu: of bullion accumulating la the U P mint from U < u capacity to work II tip into coin, aud throw It into th g* in ml circulation of lbs country. Tin evil-ol thi Incapa-lty in the mint wsrs two I L' I lis* it* if. ?s i va ! ii r? . uiit./ itf t hs frnlil ilnst its. Ii*< r< d Ht tin* mint ntrk- em -uuta of th-- du t from California are in proci ? f l-eii-g aliippt-d from Chtgrea direct lit fciiplaitd wb-i- e itin t w -nly fonr bourn from Ihe arrival at l-ittrI ? draft tot anv mu tant may In- had ti|iou the lla-a - f Kufflaud. fhe r--et of aliipmeiit. Lc ! > I. n, land, t- abou' ote par cant; but II,i- i- It a than th- . i -,f lit- re?t thich would 1-llow tr< ut tin dctij uf wait.114 l the du.'t to be ciifd at ?ur own mint* ^ I ri ui tin bd in! im.-'lon -in hand, there will prcl-abl) bw by ti fir- 'd Mat. <- IM0.UOO of gutd dn*t or bull-i n in ti - I Mint which, aud it to the bullli-ii (>b iiWi m u? In l?< K- -ping -I" 1 he A??i?tant Treat-urn*. ? ,ll n-ir an .a.r , it- f -fIT,Odd UK) of m-uay within Id ti Bt th-- it ii- ial < Irri-lali.iii Mi Wilet-'t 1111 li 11 tent - 111 if tha Finance Committee tn t li> in.liter and It-- hup-d lh--y would giva It tin lr ?urly all 1.1 11 Mr. Hunter, of 1)1 V inane- ''"lunilttee, (in the abeenet i f 1 h* ri.ainiom Mr li'- h ui-n ) hit the nail, aa we think up 11 the , nd I'lei roioiulttee. a* the he-t and th-itc- -a- tl 1 of irlieriiig the uiint from the heavy |.r. . ur- -it 11 I' f / -Id -Illet walling t-? hw enine d I id tutr -Ine. - t-ill f r'he- atabltabmrii'of a brain h mint In f- -? k -rk t whleh n -tire haJ be--B fir- o (by ti II 1 11 --f an arn tidmerit for in -Ibar 1 anrh mint In '? 1 rtt a ? nil ltil? the euiniulttrw a eft In- I rn-I I - t a ul-i b th- rea-lieet way of diminlrlung th- *< -nm -i 'ton of bullion in thw lulnt No* o the t ini t- the f It < f the branch mint In V ? I - hi I '-- - ' * k I'h-U-I- iphi-t t? out * id tin way i- r ?t met- l--r ? t -to-port lit- duet thiln Ve I lk ill lal-lpl-. t -udbaeb again. New Ink I ih- I My I" * 1 - h mint The iinmenm r?e- iplc of iv: t run r -M in v fork re<| aire a mint at that urt |r-:i 1 11 th- It tend- of tint tneaeurw ara via iiant lli y m-ijr / ' n 1 i nt lhi? ae-a -n Mr It.* 11 1 i 1 nf-th r Way to rell-vw tha pre -or- ti|.t>n 1 h- m nt an-I that hi ti re trr- Untold pel h?nk d 1-mi '}p in 1 lite wa* put out aa a f?*l?r by Mr. Iiaw- n. bu- - - ? take U-ie?? repudiaI-<1 tht Hi If -tin? la J /na Hit -nd there wan nobody bold 1 to |tli 1 "at t > 1 tu it'd fence The lr at way la to t -tabl ?h a bar idiot In New Vork flat I'lilli.tlt li-hlw t nrreapandmrt. fmuettrmt. April 24 IW4 Pfere-nceiI -n * /'? * It er 14?ScaatAwwl laiwt? ? I ml ee-pwertf*. pe. The fa hi'-ual - a l-l -,f rhIU-lulphia waa thrown Into a tl> lightlul !*( uf riei-emenl thl* a-train? la roi.--<|iu li< ' '< ill i?l? ( 111" niacniHcr nt tuaorloa, nil i h<' ! ? maniii.".< ut furntnn, of IU i^iiala Rlylra l.?tj Mr mylaa hurrrfantly mat with a ??*? dnlu'ilh afll < ln-|i llir <(T I't- i f oh rh ?rrr lllrh M t?tmlnn h mill part with 1.I? princly p-op-rly lii lhl? ritjr m,i| h- | ii |io? i t r?k rrl f In fnr?l*:i frawal. U:? hi?M war alii f i ?bi r inlnitablo rum of %t*> UilO, to i.ri'iKi I da.itil* i. | d?Rtirm*n -U known la tin krrlrl wml . f- r i. In rawphr ?l t < pr-ijn rtlaa of hull" ai.d boar " 1 hi-turn t lira ?a? warmly ilia, iiuiiil li>r by oar nciiunn of ihr Bmt Kail and uH'UgM ilirli pile- a? inual hare a If >rded a lian l-maw pi t n Mtafa ator (ha or (ml lu>w inaal. Mow that 1 Lull kllii'lril to Ui cwiikfaU aia utf III uppar t<n " I in > a? ? II add. ibat Li< ut-nanl llarr/ I I|(*rrufl a gallant ai l ui i?l in ..ui| li. had r and gen11| III a II liar 1* ft |br tjavr and vary -ul?i *nUal n iaun* h had for a *h rh. un> aplaim-d mu-t ? -and marrr ll- v to - out >it r* The worthy llrutrn.iul haa lal ly r?w- liito of ? ff.rt to* of liatf a million and lir o w inland* to lire Ir. a atyle Worthy of h ? i iienalvr m an- ami nr: doubled u>tw lla I* hwlldla. a |.alarr *n| f Mr .1 -aval w'th trim ninga to-nit ia lb* . n* r"t>? nf irrrmaotowit fir a -unmar rrr.dmri Mr I'urarr Pvtlt brMhar of onr (row ?otl Jmlir" > ala. fa i|r I mlding not In thr air but In tha .1.1 I m. .1 III U, ?....lfcll a - I .... . I. <ll-|? n al mi <4 r?"*IU- nr? . ?^uU?n an I naval nttsara ainay prf,.|?r tn thiflifh.i lit- ?t? am<-r Aoi 'lr,i -?hi<h t? rap. rt< <1 tn nu'raa anything <>a tha l>i Krafa, nltaili.r of fi>uir ma.nifaetnr?nff .n:gi.,nip<>rwvliun.h lttala*r -nana. 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