Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1850 Page 1
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1 T H NO. 5808. "double sheet' EUROPEAN NEWS. AStlTAI OF THM CANADA AT HALIFAX. flXEUtAPOlC TO POilTLAilb, thknce nr Vfinslow fe Co.'s Express to Boston, THKNCK BY Eain's ciiil House's Trlfcr?| lis to New York. ANOTER ADVANCE IN COTTON. ORFKOTEKl JT II AJIKRIMl SKflRlTILS. ENGLISH MINISTRY AGAIN IICFLITED. Affairs in ilio French Republic. iPVKEs fiom i ark or niK20rn; uownx, 19TH; a.\D t'Ai. .. IHIH OF Ai tii..?ONC \VI:kk lll.v:. TUO-K I.I.I BY rilK ( AJURlllA. 1Iai.if.ix, S , M;iy 2, 1*50. Tin- CiokhJu mrivrtl at Ilulif.tx ;.t 10 o'clock ibis . *n?ruing. The l i'in-l i l'.i'l e fine run to N'ewfounill.iiii!, ?nd would . rrivetl here on Monil iy. It id .-.lie not been d(t;iii-ej quantities of ice. She waa*<M. I in ice tonic inirty hours, and ft uel tuned veiy ci.i'.t-iileraMc dunnage, especially la her puddle*. The t'lUli.Jj aide ! for Mot-tOU r:t about 1 oVlo k thin morning, iuid up to this time has an unfitrcnMr wind. Th? new tarnm >hip City i?f (11 isgow stiL-d for New York on the ltiili, ainiJ the uccl.tiu itions Oi 20.00(1 people. The oteamrr Asia, of the Cuiiurd lin<7. will he ?n readinew. to o *t her power with th - Atluitie, ami will tsiii I hi J-.v* rpool for Ihepin on ih I fib of May, throe diys nlh-r the Atlantic for N. w Yotk. I^rge 1 l ie s.iid to lie pen.ting on the race. ? The NmC '. v rr I'-hed Liver|?oid on Tuesdiy the 1(rth tilt. Her news c iivd cotton to advaum* filly |t!i on u!l il?t: eiiaiii.Uft. The sales hive been jI.UX) baler; of whielispecul itors took 12. O I, and cxportcja H.Qtju. The Havre t'm.'V t w.u firm ami active, m l i1j ar u ilull, ami a tinh lower. is the aim*. Yellow corn ho. been well sustain 4, un 1 firm; white in a trills lower. ColT'ee remains unchangedvjiml dull. Macon is active, hot ;?triUe l? wer. l'ork is dull. Me< f is in f.ur d m tad; choice brands are looking up. (lood Lain.- :.t>' more inpiircd for, but inf-rior nrr neglected. The ?itlea of laid have lieeii light, ut un advance. Marge aulca of Mgur h tve been made at previous rates. Tea boa receded 4 I. per lb. Turpentine is in fair deinnnd at 7s. to 7s. Id. Ho.-in is low r. The hal-vi of tuilow have been mill, but at slightly aJvtucwai rates. The draivnd for ashes has b?i*n, for thr ret ail bnmoew, but pric a h ive uot cli tagcj. Tiie ntoney mat ltd is buoyant. Consols iluc;u. ted front MbJ to H6. the closing price for the day. The London 7'i?<?of Fridijr rays: Month after month matwy has aecamutiitsd. titt It is vainly < tfervd in the market ai 1', per cent , t >r lbs i par|M>*? ct afareuiatlon." In American arcuritte*, L. ??. >'- advance.! to iij ml 111; N. V. *;?le u's.OTl loO^; City IV, M u> !*?; M kmh rl u It-V?, 10tf < hhcr.< uticli inged. From the niunufuctahiig thMrieu lha rritfllig nee in ni(<f" cheering, and bu-insM turner illy li.m wuivwhut unproved. Freight* have slightly receded. Piuwenger. omit.ivae abundant nt previous rains. The LriiirJi uuuiatry have met another mjuiI .Meat, and this lime upon a poition 01* the Chmcellor"? budget. The defeat c i.n: u.iexpecledlp, ml created a jrrruf aea*utk>n. No actual outbreak has occurred on tin continent; but front France, 111 particular, the report* tudicuU) a very cttlical Mute of ati'iira. The aoI cialiKte, tut the election- draw near, eviuc-; the meat deadly hatred lowarda the preaeul government. Tin y have nominated Kugi-ne Sue a- their -c-ndidiite for IV in. Mi- oppou* nt, of th* order p rty, had not been deteruiui-'d upon at th* latest date*. The fund* are wnsibly affected. A frightful hwa of lite occurred.nt Antrier*. on Monday, by the breaking down of a au-p uuou bridge over the F<ir\ by which about throe huu1. . 1 .J it... K1. vi-nih t. jimt ot of lixlit uif .nt: V ?ri? drowui-d. 1It t( > Run*, umi K it w*U rtThere I* nothing new, of it definite character, relative to lite Gtcek <,uo..on. A ronfi-nUon i* i .<1 to h.ive been concluded Ue vteiAuirw and l'ruN?i?. .\,i AuNtriaa o :i< , f f? ^'i rank huh" u arretted in the net of ?k etching IVntet in Jortilicatio.i*. The calunet'm' 1'ieau hat eap?u*r<| t!ie cm* it 1 enntark in th Mthleswjf controversy. iad the vruhahiltty of a paacaalw aolition ta f*. liter reni. v d than ev.-r. There aio Inter idvleri from China an 1 India bjr I the ov-r'.aiMl mail, la India en I m. a of iu<fu? tiule i ooiiuue U>' ii-?; but, coiuin retail)*, the nc*i fi out faith quarter* in art if-fat* U>ry. laUrMll?H Iruia England. n.n miriMi r*?ti,nuwr?orrwfHwt tj tiii | numxijam't nt oorr. ""ha probability of a ep"?'dy ch?*ne of th Muf*.ry >a *nete?MNi Una work, bv a M^n.d defeut in I '.hat portion of the Chanr* Uo.'a budget winch pr?po?et a red notion of the duty on itaiopt from J per tent to half a ? rown, upon all rug ig-incata under Sir it W'lil ighi.y, one of \ti> staueyjufi), moved aa amendment reducing the duty to la , ktrlt *"* c?i I'd egiiuat th ininiatere, rmudst tot-ifcrtnm appfaue--. The tax upon kit-wle lg \ a the fhipe of ? iCim- duty oil ptper et.iin,'., \e., jjate n?- to a long ?mf anon tied dkhile, lit the eoarreof wbe h tii- fV no I'or exp'.tiiied t'lat he ........ ...... .if tin liMMn would not y iiikil lli?-ir a I Th" **>?? nit.i ut lit* introduce I .l It..I prohibiting '.iitnunuml kurrarni* I V now mmuuirr fur r*gti|nting mercantile o*ariue ?rf ^ {lund, i? wit tug with tiueh o,<po.4i joii in *nit o?> of Parliament. ]>< Htehnr of Kiflrr Inn brought the Gotliim ea-? ol'of A" -nun ut Inw The nrwn?f Mr. I' ilhoun'" dcHth <?r*at<vj a gaud J. ,iJ of wnMiiiua in lintrUnd. Il Thrw U> V> .?*|ort, rcrpt a continuant s nfliieoroMe w?mli>-r for Ih** agrtrulturlLat*. Uij/ | >f tin nwitfroiit* imi? leaving for tiie rrate# u/e ? t nmeulet tl te tnenne. ftHHMth? A V \K I* kvurt*. D?e prohmdiity < f ? penref ii Acttlement of the * .lil'?wig juaitcl -win. i'lilf nn>r?- r n e. ] l:? army ?T i*rMiww ig- lloleli .n urr tii.tlung m-nra r-t*' r? low fbr uooojing the taal'nr by h.?H \ KroOi "poSn ?h?*r?- N n*,w. E NE Aflhlra In Fr?nn?. THK ?mClAU*TH?tTJISKTTLKO ST.4 fK OF T IS OOUVTRY?IMStBORDUUTIOt OK TKOOfH, AV1I rUOHAK'.K ! KKMOMATTON OK MRUS NAI-OI.K >1. The cf the A-? -inlily are devoid of general interest. The public mind appear* to be almctt wholly engrossed with tbe tpproarhing election*,' and serious H|iprehciision* are cntertain-'d lor the result, and for tbe m dnten nice of public order. The socialist* are especially active, and under the f.-uifcc of sparing for the election, have, at their meetings, _ indulged in language the most exciting, rulli uily and irreligious. The government has restrained their licentiousness iri sons- degree, by suppressing th"ir meeting.*, nt one of which the well-known Abbe Clutel turned the Scriptures into ridicule, and observed thHt the Christian religion b id nud<- a grievous mistake in setting Ixmnds to the gratification of the passions. l!e advocated in gross terms, the full and uniet-iric'ed gratification of all human appetites, i ml maintained that in the most sensual m itcrUIi.-ii) wss plao d the supreme felicity of man. "I km w no God." he ct ied, ''except the situ, and him only lecnuM ne is vi-ibje." Tit- elmirtnin <pialili< <! the (Uclurt'firn by adding that no doubt he sjh ke?f the sua as the symbol of anoth -r still more The present unsettled condition nf Afl'.itr* i? being m n.-ililv IVIi on the llotirae, where the lauds are gradually r? ceding in value. (ioven>ntrrit is causing tlr* removal from Paris of all sutgiioioi's persons ; hut crowds of viciously inclined un?l idle fellows lire to !> foun I .i?? n' th ImirKrk-'. in tin- streets, and wherever an i/ricu!e is likely to hsppen. I.*rge Udiof. of troops it the provinces show strong h) iiipU ins of insuliordiiiutinn. At Anglers icriousoutbreak? have occurred, and ore r?giin< nf hud btrn altogether broken up. 1 he President, it is said, linn determined t? give in hi.- resignation in the event of Ins net bung wnin !j supported by the renjority of the A sun!>ljr. 'II" j 11uili ce i.f Si Felix, with th-* 11 lyor'ai t i-ir In it. leret.tly paraded the streets shouting Firs hi Jii/iMv/m ih'-iciralit/i'f ft /wo/. Italy. nu: rone's i:?.rt i;x ro romk. At the entrant'!' of the l'o|?* into Koine lli'ie was no js n p or {cddic display, hetoiul the n -ce-s iry L'U'iid and rl. ii, though the afl tir i-?r< pri seined to | Lave hecli enthusiastic. The i rd< r 11 Tuscany tor f- r tli'h in I -innity ijuession, liusbeen refused l>y larnl Putin usto.i. Hardlitln. In comiliy, nil eccle.-i. -licul privileges li ve 1 < t It . I < ii.- l.tsl ; the Pupal Nuncio ii.u COllS'api-Mth it in.'.nd'd ui.d received Ins passports, und h.s left 'i l l la Malta. Frem Malta wc learn that the I?oniin Catholic n digit n I ?.? hceri proclaimed as tie* predinmouut teligion of ihnt it land. It HWld. The late martial n'-ws f.-u;:i Hitssi i is confirnted by ihc (it rue a slid Austrian papers. I ? Hungary. J HlVIH t-riOMm sk.YI i:\< ki> lo l>klt?t?i nl'mpkr i <>t fKKII.KIx rnl'Nb in THK 1 NITV'i SlMTIta. The lenders el'the lliim; ui 111 revolution diving, thii?- u" < 11i<.-> uro, lx'?"ii .viiiiiiiw'iI 10 surrea 1 r within ninety days nil who hive not do ie *.? It i* - Iwen wui'-nced to death for c aittniiicy. Among thi 111 mi* KoamiiIi, Zeleike i-.n:l pth -r*. A T"'k>? l> trim-ie nrns il ,.t MiIih in th" Sth, with hi-out two (.tin tired refugee* on board. They preceded to Helgiuin, and t tie iter to laii_;l..ud .in.I - the I nit- d States. ri nrkry. THK ItK: ATJO.K rnTV.lj.N A *Ti:U AS:? TtiKkKV? 1IIK ?.1 Mil lit IKK, I. IV. ^ A letter from ('.'iiet.mii:>,>!-, ot 1I0- tith. state* that diplomatic- relation-. Iiiyc ki-n resumed l?y the l'otle hllH Aurttiil. Mr. Mi nx Mnii.-ter from the I'wlt-J Slat -h, h id let-n received by the buliwu 111 h Very il di -img ; manner. It in said that ihe new In;; .Hon will l>e likely to prove n Very influential on .-, unl tint lli-em1/ik-nnof America and l.a ;liud in-iluiilly support fin h rthol. The Sultan is lidding a Christum Imitation lo each of his legitimate. (Irwra. 1 The Virrn.ibtJr* hits advices front Athens to the !hh inet., 'hat tlie conference* It id hern contiti tied; and the llrili?h llert tired a ?ilute on the h.n.iV' f?aiy ot tin- Hellenic immirecUon. : vr^ iuii* Frt.m C'm Urn. tin- account* itbe cotton crop Mn rc very eneour.ipinf. udU and China. .sin (ntji cami pki.l'm knckoh r >* mekkatki*? KK.l'T BKTWRK* 111* ItlXWKM A.lli l.-lKI. The ovcrlttnd mail xrrtvrd nn Nfunliy, briti^inij It i?*m from Hoii'lwy to the Hith of Mtrrh, mid Calcutta lu the 7th, ami iionn tvoinf to the 27th vi February. Tin* exuaditiou under Sir Odin Cumptiell, m-nt fintn l'i4< w?r i|(<unM tht Hill trl**, have bncn d> baled, wiik the l???t of over ! a in -n. The liui.tno Hint Mu-*iiln>it:i (xipnl itixn. in the city < f Mu??rni)o?ir, h.ul rue'ii iu;.iirmt each otliT. under the of rrlupvtii* fuiitiiciain, and tin' city lux been doairoycd l>y fire. Tin- coiiini'Ti i >1 ndvica Iroui Indit itrenatiafactory. At ('iintnii the t blue-C indid iyi intirfetid Midi Ixisiin'hx for xnntp dty* prt!?nHU la the th inrturi' uf the mail. A t the opening <>( b.ntineie, ii lively trade, lit adv meed rat"*, ur.i* untici|%U-d. UtiUon good* had n lvaiicrd consnlerably. The Latest Market Circular. Liiinro .i, I rid*/ xTi'tilti*. April In. -Outtno hat apa!* rt-wn In pro-" tin, \nt>rl"?ii. of i ti fa* rfou* qaol.tUr, V; J. to V<l |?rlb, RmnUand Hurata. H'l. Kgyptian* Motor heavy ltnp<l?. birxly aupport for no f i|uotatlun? Men M<tri<1> am in ra.>d? rale tri|M.?t. but ? lli .ut rb>n(r in .pMill'io. fair I pl.inil. am plar.d by lb" ei.nnniti a of brokora. at r>',il Nikllr. Til j llfio?n?, J^t Th* adranerd ralxa lUro tiw.lbnl am f.util.d upon llio U4 AimitIran merited la?t T n. lay. ?b.v.u( falling off tn ito- roerlpla of oolb-n. ai the pirl. of Amotion, ul 4'miojUi. . MMapMrt allhlkrhityiar. Tli-r ran b> n< doubt tlial tbn deflciriiej la bar in'.oi; lei rioui tn bo'.tnt'fltnl and tnu-t pr?luma piw.-rfui Impmarx n upon oil partixa interestedIn tha .ia|.l? War- tha r.oiianisptinn throuffkout no a ratl.faatory f?-tlng. , tb*r<- ubl bo in.. IrnnRi at ar-uind f >r aoarideaoa in the ran mat. rial A. it ia * ? >a*t.l r the rililml aral" of vrir.0 about a fair ludanmi '>f tb.* proVtbil.ltxa; not toliig oifflil <d the r >ii4i.)xi atiuit i b it ?,.ni? threw ?.r f nr month . benae. tb? n tl y< ar < rr> p will bo an el, dk nt In thx .juevti u Total ea'xa r.1 iwi balxa. .?f ?likb p, > ulaiM* t.-ok of Aaiorlc in. !' OKI. and el* p irt?ra T UU Kiot a ? Baltimore la wvrlh J"..: Philadelphia, h (lift peter. 'Uf Ad . tVraixrn I7? all. 3d ; Inliaa *>> n yellow, to unrhauyvd, nltitn. JTa a 17? ud . wiii.-h ia low. r I'. ... -a 1'... rs I ...? ..... ? --,,.1.1 >?, r. I a J6?.. ? rj lit* (iiUMrik llll II- t ' lii fair di in: ml at ?ia Pork M<-? m l< f< ?lilionl I'Hjfru it a A2a lliin< fr->in M?a| ra In ' m-n-l at <la a 42, W?.Um. 6a. % U l-?a Ur<l ll-lu,r ,J,-itian.|?l < Hhlpjiltig Intr Ill^r-iirp. A?T>-.4 f* mN>?ti li?f?U:',li|IWl ll-ld, Iturnil ti i?, M?'l- :ra; Slat, fr?tlfaril, liab-ra; A aril J Rl an r, M ala. ; A4. t"Hr, l lili, Mart * *'??), '%-lu. 1th. Aaaraa i?: Ml, I inarnl, '.Hh. IT ( aahiar, r.a.waj. I '.a, Oattatil r<. Ilaabarij Irak, Sarak I'ar* *, M'airan I* -lat; Mi <i* (tr-ar- . ' arl ll *i!rt.i!i. 4 >: T it?r*!t. 4 ; >4ltaa V !v,? ih: IStli, Vaijr I, llr?n?ti Int.. lu.rnaa 4 II??tl, a K Ian lliltuat. Uik, W.,aa4>i i. a oik; (la alia thai; tl<.:.4ia. ilnaaa. Uarliit?. IT I'mr-mi; Ira Mar, llai..l. m. Jala, ?*o: I-tH. II >* !i*. l.'atI.m ti . <. -,rf" aa l rjn ?a, I/Ik, Ma i via, Atix if llraradn, Mrlfaa-: iv?, Akaaaaa. lirarc nh ', I'-l'.na, la^L if; 4 K, ( li?,; /ik, Utml'l I'an l?J l.alaa, ?a. Il>tr> M- rt. r. H ft. I'lih, I ir rial, I'vllj. 4 Oaraar. ? all*; l.t'i, I l.arl -a R.nkani, Imirbk; Clwrira, liilaajr Rlirtlaili llnili a 4?: Bl'aa Ma arf'.r-'. W. u,%. ||V< aata m, Maria. < arliH Rulioaiua, Afc: l.'a, l/tb. Z*ri,-K llatrr: (I '??.?, <4o: I At It, liar'-in*"*. IM, I hlldait A la'.U: (.'ai.raa iaa <'l?4?. I a l? f* lal.f >..a, 4.1; I ilr ?*a TIawrrla. I.iu.aru 6; I fearlra Hi' karta 4 . T irk tut a. raCmMtk Hr.u-b l)uara, Iraatia; H *a, IIjII. Baaa'f, '?'?, Wt'fu, 4'. I ft*. I, Naarlva. Urarai,|; ?. ?* ; .*rki"f. Anplaflaa'; Mtaaf >,iat>t, I tjilas lull. II.1 [if ?. kkialn*; liik. ,<a r U llUia M 1 - aarak, C /* at Mai *1 Rrir, - ; Hi b. W *14, l-ir-rv" I: Al'ft, Ha ?rf t4; M?h III -In. ? i<?4 f r v?? I <>rk?Marat V, M??ar??r*r, tf at ' (fa. M Arriaa'a fr .in II- ai?n. H, 1 la-u for H at -A?rll M. I l.HiaRiaa, fr?? SktaMai ' lik. In? , lialarav fnara Alkaf , A **.>*?.; Ifth. I.?4la. RMlaa?ai: Ijali ll?r->, (p.a -na'- aa; Hlln* <ir?-ai#aa 4?i la *? Hii u.i'a; lialliaa, ItlaMfi laiftlaa, I. ifH-ilil'aiv-tia r?i. IliriH Mill atl- a, liiai'tru-l; IMalit nlaiaa. J?-r ^r. I Arri*r4ffi? r',1 ail.ilj.|.'a-- An i! II ra<-.4*, at Oilaaf; Ma lira, Ittaiji a I. ... Hai'?4 fur I'i iliilMbliia-liih, Ifa'i'a, I .al-iaHrrri: II Tli irja a. ?! ; 1.1 ft, *- alu?. !,! 4| ?->-i ITih, A4??a?artr. imm4 p irr ran* tan oauaa ?irnra. Irrtrail fma \-a Yarl IriM'taaalaa, al ll aa I at; t^tl, Ma'jt, at I a|.-?ti; Tan llaia. M.aMg ?i; llalaaa. <la; la'. ?t Mar -a, V * S. II n j 4a, , Jftl V.raaa, 4 >. b?i a4 !(>*.?.* f--rk--Jan II. ( aataaa, Shatahrl T?k f. Ar' t'daa, Mar. 111,a, Arr't*4 fkata 1k--? n F?k 4. Hakla ?. at M? f ii?a 17'k. Ikilia. Baiatli: iiaa, Hri(liwt, tal'atia ilw, Crak. 4a: I7la, Mr.?<Ut?.,. Mara, I'lfir llattar. I?IM, Hiaaaiaa. faar < alt 1 .ta. ' > ? A !.a'aaa?.V *t ,'aaa Area -a f?n? At |a|at>? l?:6, R?l N frwn Mar-Ilia : ln>k, ka>a; r'aianrra, ?ra Ra*,a, 4a(??HarMai -jk lat. I |. atral, 4f *?? , Sat.-aa, ? a.a-itva Art ('- ai ( allf ra-a. Jaa *7rh Aauaa la. Hl4 fa* C^lrfnfatM. Fak Hat. saltan, ft Hur?a#r- MMh. Ia?ln I >t Via* pn- , ( Mm <tIioIt itf th" altoTtt a-r. ttsli* ia lata Ihrn nn fcna'r-M mm I v?rl Wflln nr'a. arxt th" 1 r"i > : trf Kraa'a line t-f I !t f.m* U *4?a ] w ro MORNING EDITION--] | TFLICRAMW BTIHWW, THE SLAVERY QUESTION Ttc Probable Report of the Senat Cc remittee of Thirteen. j TIIK I IOfEERIXGH OF CONGRESS. j FREE NAVIGATION CF THE ST. LAWREM1 '1 he C'unntia Krciprocity Rill. Lle?tioii!lc?i4iroui Virginia and CouiK'illsu; A'.:., Ac., Ac. fllinTl-PlRST COXORKBS. riK?iT MCKSIOW. HMtalr. by MOURN mao utic tkriorai'm. \V . iitnuft..., May SS, I0..0 (AflKORIIi 1.4VU Till Sfl. I Mr. Fi i ri? nni.-u Hint tin? rrpnrl; of William Car Jomi and T. ISutler Kin#. upon California land title be Hp .'intl orderml to l??* p.iul"J. ? li itr 1,111 ? - tan. Mr. rfpt i'lt tl bark tlie llou.r bill f ,r the r, lit of Mr. Uronn and Mr. Tarbo*, which ?m oou.idr and war paaerd. The bill for the rell-f of llaui-tbl- T.ijlM v?a< pit. , Tbfictfor III. relief oj Cap'alii U?nr<',T: M,c|. ; Ian paMM il. OIlTrirT 1 IJlai*.. Mr. It til; reported the bill to provide for h d lilt | Couit* ol' tbi! lulled Sta^tr la raw, of alokuus.i t I other disability of an/ I'tdrirl Julx* Mr llurir asked tlallhobill bo o 01 -id' red now: it r?t iuipoi tint. Jitdpt llitta of 1\, w Vr.rk. p,if.riu,.J a v.i, amount tl bu- in ruftl lent to break down an man's lit.. 1: }i The 1 ,11 pruvlthd that, in ease an Irlrliit. .!Inlf be rit k. 1,1'uuablt u. allrud or hrid u. I i.nrt. ibi. 1 H e Circuit Juilx". or iu raw no Cirro' i J la. xr bt in s?lii dirivlrt, (l,al llto I'.oriilrui idu.ll d I-! I .. .1 In r I'l-llirt Juii.'t to p, i forui the dm/ Ibt s. k Jutla't'. T!l lull Wo- ani.odi'd by .iriklux on , I'ti.iU i.t I 1 lilt' I ullrtl Mat.,, unit i-wot'lluy t ui ' B?tlr,'. ai d u n? i In si |.aoo d. , iik la aou*:<*?? l iar >i r I< w '. 11 -. lot it j callin, b r information a to the J i' i.r, t, ti lt, in rni.i. tlte bonntlaiy iin iiuM"i mr in4[j ui inn :iujr iua.i (.'I. tra? ua pi. u nil. I Hi lililll 4 ,MI[. Tl. ri m lutii n f.?r ii..i ttif..ii*nt of auunaf s wit' tile l.ilr. t oil r. pfi i t-l ilina ot I nl I'i rri M. Iltultii itli' I lid . 1.14 i.gml Hill* Ilikru up 111.1 |iuir4. mi tut i i.i...ii ? \ r. TTi't Vu , P?hii.i.m m aiiiii.i <i I lint Ita xouillx ' ut.;i'n! ! r /Mint ilnti'.ufti r Mona. y u ?t. J 1 Hr 11 I .M.I i I 1 '. I * IL I. 41110 | I LlUi.r UI MTK. 'i h" I. II prniitinfr right r>l ?.ty. and * t^uaulit/ i> . ln> il In t In* > mil- I ili.boU. to Construct i bo Centra j i.vill i nil w is r. siitii* d J r U iiiir.ui.1 hnl iCTloor ohj* rt i.*n? to th<* bill In it.- 1 i? t hn; l.ut an*. an*i..ii< In rati* Inr il In- i*:. f|j'iin U |i. iiituriial i in pros aunts l?v tb* ({so <ii:l git. ri uii lit. I.y praiitif |i.t>li<* lainta 19 ."Int.' fur 11 ? '. f-1.11*1 n ; il Mould u 4 n y all iiopv? of gruali j to art I. 'I ill. re. I'll Mr. I>ai i is's ui'.tii'ii I-* r?* comrai. til" tiill. mitk j ii.itriirlH .K la r-port a lillltbimir av proposed It; , tl.i net i.f ,M . r?u 'ii'ir.l/ kirxa u- l!n* act l . du-tn Lull* Itx proersil. of tlin pnliir Inmt* aiunu^ tin* ? vrralHalii*. ti t yiu* H.; nuja Jii. Hi ninsiUm wu# Uk?i on Hr. N?.> u'a Invli*Rtl*iu* I Bid Iwl. trull out a rouut. I .Ylr YkHl.~i.Ha bint i it la Kurnl. I.j r > rttuj f 'Hi! ' iIn* print any land uppt uprialed i.y ilia yovt-ruiurul n | li run r trans Adnpti.l. I W. I' .i * is. of MiMi?i)'|'l. imi s| to anient!. Ii/ tot Clung lhn li-calitni to lilt, on mi'.rv Iroui Ilia ra.ul j Adopted. Jir lamai np| M'i| Ilia general principles of nvl ; tetania u iivjuil to nth** Stalra. and particularly t. the i Id lliiiti i u. no mi-id**r<sl llivi tviisiiirt *? r? I l< irl .rf ill* l,..-rl?| 4 in l ii|*>4 thai lliigmui u , land Efits u wll**a from I hi . tail i ithvarnliliiiiaiaso thr I* mniRiag iautin that u* ghV Ainod. Mr. Jtrrivus l'.sis replied. d - /lug that In* *?* Iprai tli ir* an) dvoeetion I.had proposed th<* amm'! u. i l and in*' ri< uat*>r IIHI.-I nut van that h- ants praj tiring Urci plion. ,')? iwl never pctcliunl dcpton. iit IliVkvt die* laimid fcujr ino'etou to rrttrc: upo tin* > i i.aLnr tir Ilia uintl <** . lie lntsi i/pp*?v4**l tlin prm elidetif tin* niu.iiur | Mesara !>*?? and Ki'u then supported the gouxci i ot jHil nl I In: l .ll .Mr lli ti ?a aid that h<* *> oppd *aj to eeerjrtbiu I of lln* kioil, tin* ant .stains a?r*i now in a liovitk* auullar to that <*f L? ?l ili-y had. diridrd thou natal ' (Ivor* 11a ??' rtufrM al <lr. klag'n ?taau*irtirUii I of I lir |Ki*ir> (if (iu nn-? lis tb.aj^nt tin- in-tit Iof ronat rurtioii ita penda <J upon palrtaaiina tliu Ir. lute f< i (he M'ii iliia rimi Wrul through Al'tierurn (1 1.111 h|i; ) lir funi a rallvd to (.'filar. The fta?Mnr hilii']"<t t tbc ui liia* (if lla II' ull'lUM. tml uiil llf *M t>r(v , (Laughter J Tbi bill waa thru ritd a thiril llm? ant patt?I 'Ilia fea nail- Ilia U Willi lllu l.ln ullll r'MiJ, an j iliiirti} tin r m(j?urkrii Ul Moaila/. I Innate of ItriimMiUUrN. NY BAIN'h BUK-TBO-CMUflr ?L. TKUrriBAPB Wlaiiamw, May t I'M Mr ItiiMva, ot trom th- CaiBMBtttam oi Naral A flair* rr pan tail a ji.|nt raaolalloa, that heraanl t<r tte luariallnn at thai a>Wr?atairy at Wa*kia*loi aboil b?t ail?pt a-al fair artrouaaualrn! anal ?a-j.^r?phla:ii put port a. a nil that part of thn raainput attain of lb' aauwa-al almanar. earioairrly f ar thaa uar >( nnriga tiara alialt l>e a'tA(alrd to thaa ta<rt'li*n At (ir?u icli lira aai.1 that many in m<>rUI' hi ! b.a a arut ta Ca'hRrrM ARialuat a rleuigaa a,f Hi- Birrl-ina. nu 1 lla rata lullaali nhirh ha la a. I Mpaartral ran a Aa-iapr?nunr Mr McLaar arkad arhalhtr It ?i.itlJ altar th A an ricAM rharta t Mr Bra?ua aaaial nit thn |a?at, an thry a.-a a! aalAptrd ta. Amir lean true Minn an l KugtUli meri.lUa Mr Ma Lai-a n mm h i that Ihrre wa* at d-mbi th , re?lull, u r<autfBi|ilaia-l an mtlr* r?rotation A i many ?lajrr'ioiia t ail l.a m inani ty lii'Mae arirn.f?1 li rIt a| Halt rtt* haa thi'llalat thai aiiiplaa tllliaa nhaalUa b? pvati f. r aa ?lamination . Mr. < HiMaun It war alar*ir?b|n a ehinga thmla be rr.uit but But ato a ill.aur ?/ an ma I!ret prep aeU Mr Taa >ki -ha. of Mi-? ra laarhraj Hint th? chaugi of Baa rlallau aliouM ant I? nanaJ-" laow. It wuulai far ?.?i allium- rr.oint-r-i r imj avail s?i nan-lip. Tlir r> at I ill h if wna rrfr""l In lha I'nmalttro >4 III H li-wr no tb? Atatr of lli-laion Mr Hurm um r?|i rltda bill ?nlk'iriil?( lh? Pr? Mr1.1 In iii'^r;v rata ibr > flirrra of Ibo Ule 7rl( Uti; iutO III' C?i; of thr I. Blind ,'IUM I Mr Wintr. ;r<'iu Ibr mu.-? fioa-mUtm. rrporlrtl i Joili rrardutit o for Ibr ri-litf of ibr marlnrra b'> btti hrrn -htalo-d on f rtlfcn itBllnnr >llrr lk? rtplrallt-i I lh< Ir trim* of rnllatmrni Both tb? aborr rrt >l? titom won-M ft rrid to Ibr (ionuillt -a of III" MfIi Ir on tli) Mrt< <1 thr I n n Mr III ii . Iili la | ?l UlrM.ian. (run tar I oaainilln of K r ati> .\lfiiira. r- p'?rtr<! aa billow* IU?..I>? :, Hj !. Sn>?l? an.I II oaa of S at ? atBilrra that tba Iroa i'ar.*atka id l..? M (iv, - far ao Bl> K al ?>? ?. ||?I||I> lli? ' %ra#-t attmU-a if ia Aiomiraa >- - ? > rnra I; and thai It la I i?M? urairabU M.O Mb .i ? - ii" ai fw at a i rta da?. Mr ht at. b?M, a* II war dralraW i ibr uVJi- t all ml frrritr on < ar 1/ r. lui.Urat l<>n ha mod <1 I bat Ibr ir a< lt>:kn b? uiab* Ibr -pocif.J oriW of Ilia -lay fir Ibi four h TuriiJay tu Thla woa r>h,*--.?d to am b< U'linl It In r< f' rr? <1 to Ibr i obi it liar of Iba Wk>4i oti ib< Mnto of Ibr Union Mr MtLai dim; of Maryland. ?%!.! tb?? thr ra | clti ?M< J bid l ad b?B rrfi rr< <1 I Ibr Oomuiillrr or l> BiBIt ier. to loimUlr It with tb" bill p- O'luttf ir tlr Priiatr la abrtllmon In lh> ln?trt?ni.'>o?. tbi ci wniltlro priw? rthd to arrettain fr 'in tb" lltntr Da , )aiin ?ol w'rat ?t< pr bar Wti iak*n with nprl U ib-iMii^rrt 1 hr rorrrapondi-n-a ht-IWron thr root I in.lira a ml till rial- |i"fi*r( n<nt. Ir<t to a o >m <p<>n ' tl-nrr balwrau 111" rrrmary of Miala and lha llrlliaf 1 M c.iti r and tall <HWHapondrifr >ul b" ripor.. <1 I i tb" Mu??. Th tlniiab ,M ul>lw la willing l? Ritalin | rlpbl lo our ciliac ia to uortRalr Ibr PI Uarann i ard Ibr urr "f thi taabdlaa l.'abal. If Ibr rrriproOilJ bill, parrxl bp i h? t anada (.rRirlBlnrr. ahai. Ire mi law Mr IIah <.ioia.'if"m ) of flonrjria, aa iLlhtl lb" rr ' at .inb n rbvuld lar ralrrn 'I to tiia I luioittor 'if 11m H b' ii llir ;t?ia of thr I n I on. r.. that Ii miRbt u ra-nrltlan il at Ibr aaw? llut" with lha bill OB taa arm I rtiljicl. tri m thr l.'oiaailUrt of Coinim tr? Mr M ?1 111! ( bi.|, -f Maw-trtiittaUn. >*1.1 thrra bad (fi ? u up In tb* tl"ii?? anonialniii pr oMt'tliiiRa III lot-ant Ibr r*frrlnf t>l <>n* antyrot to f-tif or i?' r> tumitlri'a huatiltzar* tb, auhj-rt nn* imfrn tli-m wra r? f? m d to two ri nnnitt.'ra ih'?r m i nan-rni > lid f'f >-n Afa-ra Tba < >nuniltir on t' liniarrrt | hni -awn ibr r--rrrap'nib ira, and tho UodMAitlaa ?? , frn |ii Alfaira bad not. a-.d thrr, tor* at t-d In Ibt latk Aa a in mlur uf tha laltrr. ha ' ad how. raf rot*- i It d lhal t ha raatfttllon ?bonld br r- po lad aa (1 ! waa ? Ibr btRl r-t ilr^mo Imp. riant that thr ma j ttgalb-n of thr Ft l.itr?|.| aliotlld ba ?an' A la ! Mir r-ninirtwr 11 r wan rutin If opport b 10 making Ibr rrrt .vtion a iprrial ordrr. aa tba fai".irala iml kinfml iJwtrOona r-?ap orropp lha lim? 4 "ig naiad aid lb'fa la no trtilrR whan lioagrtaa w*li adjoarn I.f. lb-- blla up .ii Ibr ? J'-r :a an to liar o'aoimutra oi tbr II hoi- "Ii ih.t 41..Ir of lha Tinian ahtna Ibrp oat br h i ,.,.laird a! lb" iBrl'.aat prarnvablr .lap M - fiut'ii h'>n, (Ibt ao.!,) if Nnf f.irk, iagalrrtl I nf 'U, ika-fMh rf r C .i-.r-.tb# <f Uwdan^tbi ?R K H FRIDAY, MAY 3. 1860. the* lie Intended noon to report all tho facts in tho eaee ? Mr Mi Las* replied that 6m had boon ln-tru'*ted by , the r? Biu?itlee. to report the reciprocity bill precisely , ae It rtnw fum the Canada legislature an), it thi> ! earn- time. *11 corrtsjx uditvee between the Secretary i of State and the liritish Minister. In wliioh the later _ eaye bo in a illboriaed to asncrdi' the free navigation of " ! tlie St. r< uce river and canal, if I bat bill becomes : a law. Mr. Kivu sabl ho had made the inquiry, that tho

i arrwiT might go to the country with the debate Mr. H i.M?uinii, (di tu .) of Illinois. remarked that the | < (,pie wliom Ik* reinvent! 'J were deeply interested III tho free lev igat ion of the St. Lawrence, and that the , qiiirki rt and surest way to get this in to pass the bill 5, it crme from the Canadian legislature. Mr Kin?. inored the urtvious question Mr III M. ri plated tile auhotance ot the r.-ailutlou reported by him and raid that free navigation Is ouit question and nclprooity another. lie was not willlug t? take the- mere word of the Itrttirh Minister tb tl lie I, will give intlnfiio navigation when we hare passed the ri olproeity bill, tor. after It la passed. it will be beyncd < ur eont red Without disposing of the qiustlon. the Hou -o went In n Committee of the VVlnlo on the State of Ilia Ill* CKHIVI lilt L. A uu ndmi nU were ?ut< J mi. and tin committee ro^e. Holme tin n adjoiliuiil Highly luipoitant fiom Wii^Uh^Ioh, OI K IM.1A1, TK1.NOKAITIIC ( oltUH-l-ONIiKNCK. y Wa hikhtoi. M:?y 2. . A c 11 inty rely upou the followin;; u the |il iu >?f iho CtiiiUiilUo of lliiiUt n. Hi>t To admit. in one bill 1 (xlifirnin and (hi* toriitiTiea, including the Mttleici'iit it of i'l:u T?*.a* Ikmiliary. Nothing about rlirery. S?A tlili ecu. en'tig the dlrMon of Ti-xa*. A prnpo dlinn ' to tuukr M-frral lave Stater. by diTiding T *??. would 1 n.daugi i' I In1 I' 11. and the p< oplc ol T< \ c- nre oppoard 1 lad tlidon. 'J In- diapiittd territory to bo purchased 1 of T. at i art of the KioGraudc, aiuoiinii to one huu1 ili'd thorns- ' *?'! Tho price prnpin. J will If br in in i to . u million*. The S< mi lor* li-oiu Tuxa* ,r egren to ibis ?a!". TUU territory goe* to V. w Mexico. * California to bo taken ju^t t.i sua stau'l*. Tin* pub' )t? lat:iL- t? tin tn'urcil la llir tailed Sill ?. The cota1 loin d ? II. thai* arranged, la to be Ibe gr. et mea-ure of ' c^ir pi iiiiro. but theextrenu Southern uirii are much i , opju-ed to t .tliforula aa she ia. They wish to tllrida 1 ' lur, lo a'lto the Stulli a corner iu the l'aciilo. but f i i;ij * nnl? Xlangmu, l<< 11 nnd other* to *tand *hould r t : to rLoiiliicf for California uinlirid d. awl if tba South ' ri?i? ; It, fl;e will (' oir hi by licm If. Tlnr i aro Uiirlyi..i nut era v l.o would vote to admit Cai'forula alitm 4 i it tin- i j, r? uif auuth should drive lln.un to it. " I Sir. I. lay n.ll produce R erparata bill to abolish tlie alwVr ('i.i.i in It ir. district. aud another bid for the ro i rii ia' ion of fugitive slave*. t Mr h ing. of A tetania, pri-i* od to the committee that fiiiiitiir -lavo. On the owth of ihu owner or agent a 11 f ro tl i* ei urt. should be delivered up. Sir. Cooper 1'ii'iril. Il.ot if such tog:live al.-.iu cl.*lui? to bo tree, j. II. u i > he return to the btfcte from which he Had. j ; h< toi ni nilt hi* ca-c to a trial by jury Till* antondn.iit l.r (i luniittfc arnai't. Tin- tu'iamiif'? expect to ' ri jo rl on V'emlay The iwiun .1 a * dangr toe | tin I lb- ifjiwitti'U o: < xlri mo ritiili.u unit to t i futD . i ? 'In li hiiiiin vli^i la^ialp'di' "imi' lo Uiti'li li' In "m ud In t I K Tim ovi'-li'ii o.ib?t (in *?>, or thi' C"uipr. lui'i tail* nut lltr cabinet oil ti.iu ph. I' i nil auil 1'* eiitntuiit'o liiv? hml anolh<a [ t,* In ill l/nn'i fit \n i Jim'day tin* telegraphic rap rt j Har hoi run laker Tin'm t Import* 'tit. that l tin u iiiliiiitM | n in#* to ?l? 4i-!i 'l. s ly ia tin- d tlrict. fiiiiaviry lead iliw trade. .Mr. tin) lltiuka tin- < ?l?l?'-r v i nr lUvi.i a. m krfit lo ?ti|>|ily i fcu rhiutitcrit tmikil I. uld l? ab-lt-ln 1 and Ilm iritft. I ppr I liU'if In- iii -ir.i to 11 |n.r i bill Hint I In .m Ml In i" i luru i | t? li ?|(H < ti. d<<it. T iterv la a great dlti "imp batwrau i i> mo al.c ili.ii i y i ui I ha Mat r trade Iu ilia li !?iriet. V< ur uvular o mepnudcul ha> e?innihted ?u irrur n rtalli k ' bat I hi ti vi/ ! u ' f Ti ' a* into Htal< * forma ? (m i i 1 li a < mpr hit i'lnu It t'ttii iiaeer I'liti-r- j I laiuid t< r * llulk'-at l'> * ui j rltji ?t lh? con iitllea. i | 'li* It.air of roi'ipri Do?u a.e I hu I'M iforota lull, : til"- t rtiii 'hi Mlli v tliniit I Km urnftaa. aud Ute Taxaa I M'lltllliJ nirnlHU. hll kndl'd void cla ami -lately J cl with laclt itlh< r. iu out Mrgl" b.ll. Tit# It--tl lit l.iir with raltabl* am it.iuti itto. 111 ro^iud la lk? inatmail) foe fuglUea ilntn. in * air mm! b tl. Mr lull a ot Ala ball,*, wilt hliuaiif niotu I 'It of tin law of Mar>l:i d ntiT thu Utitrirt, to ant 1 iiti LU lo ho ilati- trio in '.lm I'lrlrtrl i t I . lo .tl. ? 4 li ht.' aim lain n,. '.I l>< irvol UMl*. u l onia ; ram miui UdAth-na. lit I'tUton lit, J Ilia troa roll t'dtiiwrr ctt<in|it In rind aaund'-r wh it lite nuui.iiiUoa kiln j? lit-'I l"|' tlw r. Tliojr will nut rtieaead In tli -lf I trbiati The rojari j on toe roincri miw bill in lUa , Peltate la ripetli I to l? from I'd to li and upward*. Ilir ri intuitui mil lacrt n*alu on Halurilay m at, ?b'a Ma ou. v t Littaim rnd U< rriou. are ? ap. otrsi to O'turii M r. it Iw'i r n il rp. oil Mirnlay m M in II.diUm re. I ui alll ho In hjr a at on tl ot lay 11 e (I "P? ' In I'f tl. I'll of Ih.' i l li/oini-o bill j In llo ili". I in n ill nt tul l ot il tnUtul Mr I""ltc n na? confirm J >< Mir-'ial if M'ioionMit, 1 after a hop h lot fa lla U one of Mr Stewaed'a nppotat? 1 oti alt * l arty I ft. morula?, ai h WJ.* a ilmil 1 ilriki from tbi <h purtuieiit< for c'allf am. I 1 In r. ta ti bio talk of lot r 411,'A llta e< uinronalta , a uli the tailif. In th> 11 out. to g< I Ilia iVuu )i ra?i*a \ vii I r?.? liN|?!rt>i of Koathm "mati ra. % annVr of 11 ? bi M ill i ? , r. ' . ', r -j I ? a ill il>K>i<il llii M i-j' iiri lint Prom tku Inforvaticn ilic r< U|)r> niM lot-ka lillia aatnky A of Mr hwitig. Khtuw; ?i lb* Interior. , aa> n aiiii ti. Ia?t iifiilnu to l.i ur.'i. nt ft* rio u> "f , tlw n.mj 'llnTO <wi lar^o and 1* l' j.itrty I rt n iii to a im. a iloi iv f ui nj 1 I ?(< ]! ift* !>?: haJ bill II ft-coilM-l at 4hn lulilll Bjlf"AII, j i to-day fniRi C>4??i| I'iIIidiio ii(ii til at it ti I n itial | lllit H lilt? *hn *m run ltd *n) hi It' Indiana. */i?r tin lutti r ti?'t rrin lljr uiur'l-r-l Ijar iw<L r li "1 *u Utu uinitiMl li; tlii m . I 1 lie 4 nitMllral l.tnUlialnm. | tin uu.k'i it 4 ptwritrie atill > Mrtu.??|, tf ( i hit. Co i it in a Kit Hum, May 11*-10 IThr LtgUlalura catiiriaaiBd tn-dty by tha t |i>eiloa of Orl*i u 8. Mjuuur. A aaocral, aa apiakor < ( th? lioiioi. Tta tiitt kiln u *? ftdloas!? ! kifanw. (ibH.) lit# t<alt?a, (*k|g 01 lid Lit. (trtti mil). . . 1J I ) ?Iff. . , 1 . Jinj.-my Kr P-j bk nr 1 i | Juliaa H. llaniM>ti. d -m . lor Clark. mrifid lft ' rc.lta; liaiiil ah k, Vl.tnliiu IT Pu4>o h aoI mil. 14. Prutl.rlt g. t, ahiili ? .tilled in to eboic* I'.ti .I I" n arrtr tnu lb n appdnlad CloeLpra itm . i o I.'ill hr.i'.t-r ii lit Into bt id-1 tiia "t rial* oflt t nrt wiih lm l- llii. tifntuit ca r.oTaaaoa. TP Stj-aictir, -l-m )..!'? I. n Po?ttT. (caL-ft. ..In* j Mark . . 7 I'a.lid to ?ott 1 ft j oi' i.r t majority 4 I CI arlra II I'oud. ci.m ) aa* rlroia Lkut Umfir hy thi fi lluaini Tot'i:? C II I iid. i<lt ui ). . . .1J4 llrMaKcnliick (tbl|)U)l i I'-latik 4 ? I i.ii't majority ...It ? V Mihir an lidati war* lm!l I <1f hot lb. r# la I no tli'iiM tin 4i mT'Ttla IMwrr' <r; ui ftik. Inatiitr ] and LoaeytreUir. Will lio rlietail It hr Virginia KImIIMi Wmttioa. *? I IW Tim ltat gilafrl oaa if nalor la lb* bia ' trial. IUii ??. Ma/ 4 A II Mr llol-luaan dam . <|c?dla<* ttao nfll.-- nf nai4ida4? I for ilw l i uik dia?r? t "Iba I'rrtln t lat ihr Mrnlmark. Ba.Tor.Ma/ I 1W. Tl?? frarh*! la Ihr M rrlaia. k haa a ??; d> #lrualira t> blorailn d ami prWat f"(>?rt/ lb* 'liiiu g? b?li.g at Tha Tallr-ad Irair ab.rh l a*, lara a- tatua.l ii?ei? Mr-nda/. ar? a a l> ami ag la ma t?aia AI L ?iUj??i i ia;t?? ?i?r fl/fc b db thai lk>* a.ii a * ?r? tlw J 111* frrahrl. At a***. Ma/ 1 11 U, Tba ftnnrllmv ? I"> ll"*ta t.? ttitJ ft. it. /taa P/rara>* fall, in mnaa^iianaa of lb* ftri|.|?(.ia ?fth? ilani I'm Mil. I <t r? ..f > I a at. r. taf >ar II at It a,H t.k tl.r-a da* to r^/.lr tua aalf.rt ?k!>k haa br. fc.. t,?. mil. a *>*?t ??l that ylar* Tbr lallatt Krvrr at Para. Maw . 1 1*0 H. l-rlfl Marland at tliik p'?ri frtwi I'trt. April A. anj in i.rn n that Ilia p?Ui? Mil *u ' rf1''! tlirrr ?itk t|rul>aaa. and U < > unwb ^ ib ?f t?-lg I nil J iikUTra h i ill il Mr Mtrbatil l!??n. Ill tniUli Itnrkl di-d !(,, | J U'jrli ninru. ).(? in <il ?i .1 Ihi-'Hii pr?iiil> ' l m > - liar lai d hi tl.ta r llrilrmUri UaH?|rallau at KlreJra. kiaia., !? T , May ?. Mb# ' Tb? < li'ni.r>K r!?..f UUffa. ai d * alnra raib iilda, j ?.t? n.n. hi - 1 b) tr? U.t r?-a i 4 I-"? ab'il K" Cf ll ana tkauabt la ba Iba wiwh af an InrauAivy, aa aaaipblna aa l>*nl ,>'-nr.d aaraaa IM baWttfa. 1 duuihira MaU. I |?inana *?j 1 *f M T*ai? wi? iitrf IWi 1 |li II alftHi . .# . ERA] Proui CuiiaiU. Tuiimio, (!. W , M?i 2 1 sin Mr Pe lllaqiiin ha* Imx i> looted C'hanoeUor of the University ?f thin place. The *tenmlioslk havo ootnmenoud their regular trips between hem and Montreal. I'lrea nt Uliiglmiiilaii. Hi*< ii %\i roe. N V.. May 1 lS-id A (Ire broke out yastorday morning, about 11 o'clock, in the hotel occupied by S. Orcult. which ?u mostly command The loaa U corared by insurance. At nb"Ut 3 1' .VI.. another alnrin was given, which provtd to be the dwelling-house of Peter Fan Ne?s. on the south side of the Humui hanimli river, file building waeiutirely destroyed. Partially insured TheatsUnl Mini Mtislrah K< ntlr.?Yesterday ertning tlii? -pleud'.d temple of pure dramatic amusement. war graced with a brilllnut and tanhiormbie audience, who ?i prism I th ir appro- j lotion !u the most flattering manner possible. The j intertairinenta conine-nced with 8hak-pe*re'a grand , tragedy of King In-itr " which drew forth hy its able j ptitmmince the irresistible plaudit* of the uum'rous auditory. Mr mid Mrs Mallack. Messrs 1.- ?t. r tlillert. and M'-e W emj-?. gave In the rgoeutinn of th'-lr respi rtive parte. Iiiiboiiudi'd sllsfnrfinn The sinu.siii uta cr neiud.d with the eff etive drama of the -t\ nek ArhflVc." which passed oil to the great d'light ' and It finite pleasure of nil pre eut. fur iiiuu < mnuts i to night see the hand bill-. Huesi r. ai Ttii.iTar.?Mr. Mar hall and Mr Ilarri tt, I I'll- ilil'ertnr 11 ml mnli.-t imr .1 f I. i - l.?. I., mm,. I.I.. I Ibhmrtit. r. intiMid the hlirhi -t |"?! lor th-ir lnu.tasaiit rarrtlona to pica-* tlm public. A?t>r lb.- <tic- I rroful ?- tr??k' ?" t'f Mia* Davenport and Mr. <' .llini j ht tli!< Ihi Hire, tin n ront>?nnolhtf ecli hrnt'd nctrr** : Mr" I'arri i> porn i ? ? nilm-nt ilruuiiiio i|iiHiltte- an J , bi r paridniatr acting ha" bei t> plainly ;ippr> i ?* *! al- . r< any by t!?? fr> |?rnti r- if tin- h una'. in I !*< two 1 character* p r- minted by In r That Indy appeared. [ In-t evening. in Sheiidsn Kn.mlm' traged!' Til ] \t ilc a Tali f Mantua." and r I red remarkably well il i? UivM< ult ehnriiotcr. Hie wo- aim bailed with peal* <1 epplaurc at ilir md of tin* pber. Mr. Oyult m Li i'li.-inl anil I'ri <)< rirkn. lti the pari uf Mr. I'll rre ar- | quitti d i In u i !? '- to tli* entire - of lha un- i lb nco. Tin ? nti riahmji nl" concluded with h far iri'w l.irri- entitled Viiur L l'r'< In Daair. r." T-'-utirlit will be pi rti.tmi'J " l/uf't Puri iflrr." in which Mn K.trren ami Mr. I'yidt and in-th ri.-k? will appear in the principal parte. I: in.s'n Tnnim: L?-t wni mt aside fur tbo U niTit if tin'cliarmlnr tl.i.i.-u.t ot tbis favorite tbralrr, .Mi a Annb* Walter*. The hi turn wa* out- | 111 win,; and a gnu t many. wu understand. worn obligi J to an away una Mr to litem a rent On this oaea-im, j lh?- luccc-lul 1'iitriil " l?"i.i'? y .-tint M 'ij" vai p.'r- | tnrfned. an I a.tli 'Ugh I hi' piiinilitt cut of tt bad bats H wa* rend, red wuh i bat remarkable ability anil tali ft ? blrb dial ingulsh ail tb? p-riirmaiirti nt lb - i 'abll-buii'iit. Alter a beautiful duuee. in wb'rli ' the I- m fit'iiiry an- rifi liril tbuali-r* of applm-lsit, the tili-l In in iiK'U t I-I'III'I Hill ill with lllr liuwlubl* lilt- , I Iiim. " Tku Tim.iIIwh.' acted by ilurlun t'l irkn. Aiedrrwa. (newly eiigr.std ut tlii* theatre.) and Mr*. Kus-ell It j i? I'm j|i>. in mid that it >?? prrftrtly int rpr.'tr.J ' ' nni J-l till' I ai> nl laughter provoked hy the bo- ' I Hi"! i t burn.ii. To-i.lglit, "Tin- Hermit* t'auiil/'' w.ll I I etii'i mid. w!tblliu Mtecvm fill fwrco of " Doubcstle ! bit "in n.y " N?'io.\al Tutelar. Tbl* favorite nwnrt w*i wain ; f'hd laat night. with a uuimr-uii and highly Uhlona! Mr t.'-nahly. The rat'rtalnmrnta uf lh* evening ri wibh un it wltli thn ' ;t|>iig? of frefund," which wu* | f |!i wu! by a ni w l.orlenta. ntitir I Oar tial. or the I oum eticut Ut rmagi m.'' I* the f.rin"r lb? K.""at ; f m.iiiii Mr It .1: stin au-talifd 'lie rtiaracM of T aipby ?>?b nl'ility and "lifrlnallty wliirh am | gjwn- j ciiiii no n'ri 'ii i no mot i. .rn .*"n. wt'illrn |.r )ii> V* I'lianu, ly lIn* coma I'un H i? Jvhnwn ? n l>>it?rui><l Urn.- in lliia Uy witli dittingitbkid Mr*. W illirtai In h?T twj rliarac|i r?. pa va iullait* pi' >-uri' nod ?*l: fn> lion Tim ? I?ur? of "Tiddjr tha T'h r." tunl th ir w t.iro? of I "\ly I H ? !> ? *?!? ?Ui n criti ii with ?r ry <1 n-11at ?f apprnl>.it; n and 'I lt,-ht fj-ulxtil tlit U u> tit tif Mr. W iliiuiu', witli It oocitalou ? lii U k.11 in itumtnitil. | Pun Tui.tTli. Tlia p't^ultr play of lite t hn.i?? - M ?;rr.' aaa'hopiiia i>| tlia eriliinj at Ilia | A-t?r Mlaro Iht at rt la-I nlpht Tlia of thla 1? si i.ful I r>ti * tain - j(ra?t paitn to pi . I ilea otary i ji'i ca pot up o liU i?x< inn iwaourr at onto rr?IIU> < U< lo iliv Iwaw ii<il to il'a > ot tha prof-??lon 1 Lx tin #?m of V.1t rdir.artiy pi nil* ?* inucii tin m | thi Doituo r in alii* h it la put u - u iho aia<**. a* ou tbt ul i t Ipo :jii..ra i ?i,"t^ .[ In lip pailorm tuna TUri i?Ar a p- .>.1 houie U-l n mug at Ilia ,t<t>r , 1-ta.a. (u;n'i Aaaa* llmir Thl? iranlii; th'.a Van! i fieri to lh-ir p.iiroui nn ant-rtalnnr at of a highly ; apiualrK akarar.tar. II coioi>ta it myro too/- plvaa aid olii run a. aa alao aa iiiilrnnu ntni prrfonuuaoa of no i.mitalT Mainp Mould. iu !ii? aolna on tha guitar. ] an 1 I'ouaiht r ?>n th? violin, ut/btiy rraolra tba ?la->ra ni ihi- liuaiiri ii# a ho i nn d lU ilall. Xorar. lao In ; Lia raratluaa. di.pUya p-ri rt eotupiaa ot tola- au.l Iho 1 dancing of lirw-it and >h- ppaiil ranuot Ur^ualiad (h.iat'?-Pi?ifi'a Mlnttrid'a ara going atwaj vitb tbitr i.'gri. Miiitr.l j, Tlir -In.lnx of tvh't- tha ' In'Jo ?o4i of ritrw aal li-Ut thu i'.tn'ati >.i Jig of | I'l. toa r.Btith- I uiin-iun I'ai-lM" ,i of llryani, aro ail in ai'itii aaadag. Tint la an.ntia|r:y Iho ago of naI gto m>a. tmUy It iiitni at Punn ?no on a attarapta to <tany It lL* I 1. lit ?f I t., lit l* r?-*l mj <4 ?rn. ? n . ? ..?? .air ol Chili* (llkid up anil brouitll U-Tv uu apwulatino Mich tiling* li??i I n ilunr nud tuiana with ' ia.?li frit, trti lur a. 'Uin auWH an' hr m^Ul Up lit I h ri I" roarn hlr lad'aa fur l?.u. pui|.>a?># Hat lha | I till * III a HI) l> ? II kill on In b" if aorikul In.uilj ilrrlalbrrla lil.ili In ttii l l |.alUii. Hh? la or* unfi!>kr4. {itlitl m l axtli M In li r milium llarl.'litnaai iituula b.ira In?n with li-r fir jn tr- ?t lima" ? t 1 hrjr admit bar to br ono nf llw '' U|ipi r laa Tin* la t) -iiv 1. > tii li it ? uUroui i urii>.U) Ni\?i. limn ,t ralrli'itrl ?/np?n; mitltlrd ' till Lanrr.bii. llrll Uirijfrra. rrtrxil L-rn iiith-U l ' tltrtitfMi Kufv|K 1 brjr b.iut *i:h ikna h (mat rtpiMallo* aa muma! hwfiaiat. 1 fit ; ar* aaiJ to maruti till ami I.Miliar.* ami lalrkilu rim|niillt>tu of I?lli Mi M' Mrt. aaf fltaaa aitkfffrcl n.? >?4 { ati.Jiiltl Iraaij. upt n tti lr liUi Utrra art but , bar (.< lluiu, atitl ar li rnplitfi '|iiit? aaabrr of. il (Trrr lit lu ll# Tkit hatr Inn r kui I* 1 ill Uphrfui ?pt r'r., nf iiun ' il ralartihlumt I ' Ui) prop. If to opru hi t*, a Ui kjrll Ik f ? ill)! . tli i oi >.w> Whltn'a r'Biparjr nf arrnadara ora, aa ; o-tiai u'?iii? Ui'tr aauuareg i ni rl ii. uaau at u I II .? I Mf ( tacva Jui.t t Ti. aplm li.l iijumtrtaii aompaaf ar. aolrip iaauiw It t? ri bully an rail* ut i'aap*. f Hi)ruing. a> il a u? ..l tba h?t | a^yralrlaaa In tl*? norl i klllr. Tuumliira la Ikr mut ' piacrlki aiiu darn k qunatriouui' that imr rlolaf Ilia 1 riaii ? to mo lir, alrar, la worth ilia prtna wl ail- i | Milaali ti. Itiia CtaMVit U |.laying In Waalali ijt'.n City Marin* Affair*. Oil r-.ran Vaaa*i It aaan Tin- 1**1/ L'nanlli. Oapt lin I ?li.air lift n.ialnB nrn tpr* 2?th of Jamitr/ ( .r fan Vrao?l oo oaa arrticb by . r'itqii.(*l half put laa ' ti lor k n tba arming nf Ilia >f .| ir li aii?n la laltlui a 2 1* > , iotlA'l ?l .? tt Tlia "hip On* aat m In and n d tn born. n >t?Wb?t?i?dbm lha utill.wl ?artlr<na I.f lha rrro in a. ml lh? pr .gr?-? nf tba r< pflagratt ri I'll tb. ;.ih i.f t'arrh t!ia riva * t ditii'ir i f i lan a. and t or. pa?a. i.^ifi b-lng all in | banl vara latra nf lif It' Mitlili hip U. .r .r - iibtt f np* T ir TTI MO I r AiT ?* V I Irinii 1 lit I'Mtlinl Kitflanl n? ,b? iih f.Bprt i >|l AnrUI tkt biphnt Innia flhohxi'bib' an t'> b twHl vrntt ra rt aaJ rt ?. ah.i-ou ' t.aid 1 ho S.trial lirUtlua. f-.i tmM Mir H' m tnn Mo art M \ n. *|<> -aa of I M lit:i nut' V 0., will lanurli fi ui tlxr i p )<(l it. .Inr irbotir i.Liulm/ htm in-, irm iK w : no t< o in4li "*u I '7 i 'p t nit*, of f t I l?{ i p- rt > J . t aft M 1 h>.?nix. .ii .f > Vo * aal t'bwtl-i A I I "f U| of *?t *nn ' a .i i I ol I'.r ifc? Miimmh ft! on IruV m' tltt rw*} IM lil' t r hi it ?r?ltu' li.l In lit. Vat i.i?nn?r aui of Hi* '-rat WlflfiiU. slid ?!ll til -re uia plir flap! t? il ifn 't' o to h?r o?am t'oiaiuc a? 1 * fro* tu<b i f a bmI riy*r'< nail Iru * tiiali ! ?, t i t't lnul Ilia fiiiri 'ii fhirli Mi la to cruisi h to at < r ?i?'a a ? p d aim-it arrow-! am .*'Ur i? in 1 f> r imiU'r lit IHtir IouaVjI r f o i? >l h- r o war fa : < i)l U'lf* a. ai.<l ? I ?p> >m1 ip ba > a I) I r b-i frit , > M?. INi atd ?f Mnprrvlmri. Kit 3 Tha Major ta llu abalr lb* ninul a of Uia Urt | r> i ."In f ?r*ra rra-l ml af pr>>*r'l f? ? *al )? titi'.|i* j. p r-lirf fr m taiaa w?rw ratarfad I' tba l orvia'lt'.r n Animal Tat"*. and a m?..iiill IUU tti-ra n frtn <1 t? Ibr i'< ??|t ti? t'oan'/ ' >01- ? A r n mot IcatR.i ft- at tba i i.aiulia! .io f Taiaa. l<*i i f i lit i ib*. a* !?'.ai.a? I u? rl rt a< tirlwl hj llili i< t.rl * iilii not b< at for ib i|>.i "f lit* ol.if. Hi a.|?oUh| ' in- t? I if 'arm a I of |N?r marl* di rtmn |>?r at*, ri f- rr-d t< tba (. af.i'it >a at t i t.i ry i f.i. * A lit' ytp n tppr ">* ? '? "f t '# I' V ib* up- ix-i ot pi rn ;i? at AMtnj <n pjrsaarin| t'ia la.* id ItaiHnlr* In ttntlf mul r itu J f .bow lilt during th* Int wul n 'f lha lipuliur. *M ad' |'t> d I fi<tn.*i i ' wrfwai Tba frfitt of th? " ira Bittra. a# .art- v.* tafaa an t fnlwiag Mbara aa<?*. I n if a ?nw? wat ailtp'id ion: I ihina inn.* r*wi it'll wi ra n a'a??-t??"ta oa par. u n'.i p* n? to tb* lu Avi it tlO ' O". an l it braa at ?? ml ri .J Inwr ft li* in*.* >'* rof-i Tba ' < o.miuaa on '" >* .If i 'f.lri-a r n a a.m O d tin' ' ba *'aim* wal* bf I ti i itIt) mtWtprmpaf ? ? ).1 S*ul in* an .|*dloaf* **<ia , ? i liif ik? | awl a. .TW th? pvtl . of rl?*1| .ri |*. n 11 4 ilia a< in wmda. Va ii ntui Ti a nutaai..i .? til 'Jf'i .it llftiRililltia rtfiiittl ttfittr t'' - >f? 'fi# air iln bin .ta/ nwwapap-nts fcr Mtiftfc a. I t llBfti A \ 11. L '? t. MJ tv V. aaii.iif, tl i . .?-* - L D. TWO CENTS. ONE WEEK IN EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE CAMBRIA. ASPECT OF AFFAIRS 01 THE OTHER AIDS Of the mmw? THE A MLB M AI ('LVIMS 0.1 WtTUGAL. I Tlie Strides of Russian Influenoe on the Continent ^oM At, ! The eteam ahi|> CaiiihrU arrived m tlti^ port early yesterday morning. Our advice*by b?r, froai Liverpool, are of the 13th ultimo. Among the |WMeengera ir. the i- M !? Ptilisco, the ItiiM-inn Minister. Instead of ln-intj Ivinidied to Siheiia, lie ha* been decorated l?y the l.'moeror with the grand crosa of the or Irr of W jldimar. The steninsliip Hritiah Queen left (,'uaharcu na the lth nlf., lor New York. The s n iK iri^r noints of interr-t In the new . Ijr? ?<!????' Iiy the is thocomin Hiding attitude of Ktisnut ia ll?#* polities of Liiro|>?', and the advance in the cotton market. Tli'* Kuseiun government ha* Air >< me time been minojuvriug in the Dmuhiaa I>nuci(KiIwith n view of hiding iu detrtnination to continue tlie occupation of lh.?e Turkish dependencies. ('n ili?- 1st of March, the Russian trcops ought to have l>ecn reduced to 10,OIK) men, tut upwerdsof 115,000 are > II k**j?t there; and, ILS tlii* |iiocrdnr?- i- ? violation of u convention, it is of course %ii wed with displeasure nod distrust by the l'otle. At tl.f J/ri -rut i frmre, (>r tl:t hintui uvru <f the t'zr is, m lot* Ji.i 111 ul/m ruey >"? t / V.'ur The c mra- of Nicltol is, hi t i?'?< e, is a source ui at ,anoyance to I'.nt land. The following are the comparative prices ,4 cotton in the Liver|?ool uiuiket, in tlie second vvcck in April, in the lest three yearn 1?0. H4S. F?5r Itoweil *',i. 4'4<r. Mobile *li 4< " Orleuui 'i 4'4 4 *, '* Huiat 4.*, US :?h> A him-x> >1 ure the prices of American secttritiea iu London, on Ftidny, April 12:? .Sir k i.e. Ml. tie U?.M ib!r frirt. CnlU'l sims# s p?r #i. diillvr. i . t >4 a 'JO lliltu I. " " 1-4 l"4 ? Ditto.. ii " " 1*7 iat||;*lil4 lilt i o a " " ims 1114 t iis New York Sl?t? . i " " lt*? VI ? H Ditto ...j " * iv-'--j oi ? w dlll.1 li " " Isii Ills ? New votk t itjr. .. . i " " IVti-.O li ? 'M I'i |.o??l??si? fi " " ? iVll< ' h o M l-tl lit - u. D-.Uo li ' " I" II H?l MtuliluKlU " iMl'f. ! ' Ill a N?Jt lll.iicU ? " ? a 44 8.1 >I'M (Il?rin*'?l4 " 1 > ? IMlia (i'?iu.?r'-)' " ?' ?l ? 1'.?i' .. * " iter'4. ? M a M Jii??. iriaatr'n IStlH " to ? Hill.. ( Ihuh bit) (i " ? * ? _ A In lam* * " 4?llar. I*a to a ?T 1 lit i ii f> " ?t?*'i|. W .'-J4 7 J a 74 V uvula 1 ~ 1 I V.? ? ? I Hit * ? " " IV..73 Irt a ml KuaiucL. A " " la* a tf riotida tt " " ? 3d ? 'i lii- Lialii'n c?rr?i*in(|i'ni of lb* le?u Ion 7<</mv whn>, midcr (lul?- of April 2d, 8 o'clock, 1'. M , .ta l<i| Iowa:? Hie Mlnlilrr <4 K or i-1J n A ITatru ha- Joat lai.l the report i f IiIk drpartmaul Ir hire lint Oorli-a Mi pru tuiily refrained from a|pe-.<iii>g to it any c -p of i)i|i|iid alir r?rre<pon<lrnre a- there might t? i iuc< lit* itktoeo la (h- piildtenilon "f lb i-? r to Hntt>h auit Arneniau claim* nut to ?p ak o: ihn Purtugucav ili nimiil ftr ratlcfiiottun upon ifapiail Kcppi U'? Macau affair l? uA r^'-rcn.! I? . uwrirnu it ilat-i I ha' It.' I ytl 1mi at tr It ra at ta titf rtul' liMj llait it had Jaunt it itn ci .-o v fe ' ?:!? t dec*u'*i tttpc'tuf Ik ait trjtiring l? ini4 or . aid lha'U 1 til <" i/t ht 1 a aati'.fn % r.. .mi at -i t? tftffar it la Jiaifitrd ic jttti.a * Thlu la H" ituilbl til "nlll u an IStvrr tu Ilia American I'r.uiu-nl* 111 - a it . an I a< fa? cpi-ctt the nuxli' of m li.-uun: I etill h -Tlcac tint lliia anai'iiiiui tit Liia |.ro|M>?i it tin- nrl>.tritium "( * >iim t? t- nUly pmacr. t* nim- <1 In "in- at my lit- letter". TIm- "advice* M ilrid, ui r?-l iti in 10 (Ite h (act of ull ura in ( uIn, are of uu cm--pi-nee. nothing new hating tren-pir d. The ( Kepe* raioni, the corvette M./arrrdo, and the atmarf Liljjicu 1, hiui lailril front < I tdufor II1 * ana. TLr 111 gate Cortca and the ?l uiiu r I'uuxro were to follow ill a few day a. The recoartluitiou le-tw.-en KngNnJ an I Spun ic (aiailivcly- aaid to hare fwen efT- ctcj. The Mi-tniaLip W uclucgtuii, < >. vV Floyd, arrived oil (owes on the 6th u!V Irom .New If .rk. rm rtmit u< fcmncn. Throughout the voyag* tb? Wiudnntjien ctfririiriil nio-.t bi-i-4rroua w ailier. 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TT.Tr arr rrpm* caqrai?u wo ititr.l n paatetiUy'a A't* Yiwk linaLt?of at inirrrh ia(i of Klir, of a wry m.^M?Mit*, brtwuri tho rttMifU of Vo'ima and lain I- n, with re*|?-ei to ihe c< iMtncf 'if An."'tit u. h r n 1 tiiaaa with Tu*a?ay. Mu(4rjr, of tlw John K. Skhlif, ntuolril no thi! CNOl <.f Irrl mJ, wrnra to h* K"iU a( Ijtflfonl, that Ii- would r? by ill? wrick it Icnc io> h.i pmetce m if *17 ctirr ia nnai; ,.w il ii jt f" nt il. Ilo wwJtM a e?t? nioa in i<l in the tit meat puMirlmd in ?U- 1 * i ? ! Timrs, faun In* Inter to th tn of XI Jutu-, "Ui.u 1. nitir of ih* t'oai t on tel.i Ii to. ?hi|i wia Wp'< k-d. t*?f* iniicriiiioroiU I) a wt cl Itwk'M will itn?t" it iii il.f Lm\?- U n, "ii t? r* rk? r?, Imii.hi a, 'in I c n* inn l*rfk, wlio lit at hrmlcj tim *h ,i5 ili-ir ' Mlwt w?? inlatiwt' <.** It i* of Ul<*m Ii ru ii^Iahi < r? Mr t or?fc den, n nimm'r cf il. cowl gu ud. U > i# u.vrh m?J. t>t. .| lor lii.-k' ** ex-ttt itialiaiiif the |?? wti^era and tl. lr ng iiv, wJ from * nib*ii? tt f the ii. i*riil >rbot>l W Ii ? ! f? ci'ttr.?il m irli kii dtM'-*, and all I'M ai l an I ..t'-utio.i m ito-ii p *rr to p fiord. liar I ooaton C?fr?'H*? * a??. I. .atria, Aprii IX, TV f/a*;iJi1"i ? M til* ?i'St 1'iHr t'.i?*? - frofit f Lit+rt* M E-t'i* Jnu tr m Ints .*??Ikw?X/r ftsfi? F.rff tali /? ./ .inri'i?77m I'mIkJ Stat-? uc.' Huiiri ?Aaraf f;/*o? m /htr AMitimtss. mss-- 7Vr*? k Mul St'mm ? Mrak Adwti*f if htf Umsry - Hr. h thn.r? /rneitent liNr/i in th* 4*\, f<> Tin n(tiM I'mfrMMi ii( lituitr ri m pjtri?ta hut I* r?w d it* w.ud.tin way fn ? Width i to Sh-iula, 11?iti Mionil.t U hMMMtiMpIr, front CoMI i.uin? piw :o Kct ii 'H. It h u> fin Air ( ft if i?*1>tro J upr t- Lu-1 it, rp#l j?oar into Aon, t<? liwi ?M plutef ibtriuiriit. Alt th. klohr haa n ? rr |irrm>tf?l h toot* itv i *t> '?*,!> ?;w*rttu If. It ii fifti n> to glAf.tlt tkatu iu count rp rt at Ar+J, wr'?rr? ? oSicrio i?; |i u.-t t>ruttii t "d ih^'# f* inta w ill) thru |ir? XK?" * ?r'<>r " ?:i >?;*?' ?ll?iWI ?irrpOti?lili le MM* IfVinl wtrnffflr tor lk? etwl'wt tight'rftroa on ?n u?l ml ,.j..a*t iIm Witld t'f f??l'!? rt> and ptraW* i ' "*?t ri/o likr tin- ?? ? nt? vf lit#- w'rftt'i't ?(! lh ' ?i M#Mi ot ? )i#? nownt. A wl thw, il Ihe -itfhl t?l h? ??fo. ? ih pf't j of prorlfimtion, i'll of dium, >mmI > If-llt lit,tour IMMfillf, With HfOiVMit I * 11 Molt* of thf l?<lfW? w?<l A hnlf for th : p ?rli? I 11 Ii*' - powtn?fltr, lit" i?n,i nt tyrant.-* of itu*? m. rd A'i*int h-'*" proatmt-wi, "? not tl -ftroywd, J, "ton otn'r tf nuiAipd I r?ooo li?<l to tubVoa hf* a?o;f w m ibj Ik" idfinul W k of A* to -1*1 '? )) . I.Dfct.xvl l"?-?k<d .41 ->nv' uff, If *. t4?.- h i*l * [or.\ a.J u?

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