Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1850 Page 1
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I % 1 J ix TH NO. 6809. SHIPPING. ^ | JJTNITBD 8TATIS MAIL ATRAMERS BRTWBEN NUW ' Terk Mi Liverpool.?The euipe uunepoeing thia Una art ATLANTIC.Captath Weet. A RCTIO. Captain I.?M. j FACUTIC.Captain Nt?. BALTIC,Captainootmtet ADRIATIC. Captain Grafton. TW ahtpe, having Lean bnilt by contract expteealy for VmiMiMrriw, every eere huVmi taken in their eenRrootioa.aa aleo in their euxinoe, to anaura strength and litfand their aceominodatiuna for paueagere are eaagualled for elegance or comfort. Price of aaaaage front New Tork ta Liverpool exchitiTc ueo of axtra aite atata rootta tSS>. An expricnced Surgeon will ha attached ta aaeh ahip. No bertha oaa ha aeonred antil paid for. Par freight er paaaaga, apply *?Bnw..D R (.OLLtNSi 71 5.,,,, itr#e. arte BROWN'. sniPLKT k CO.. Liverpool ?ha Atlantic will leave Liverpool Map II, " - PaaiAa " " New fork May 2A, M " " " Liverpool June 111, " AtlanMo " " New York June I, " ' I iv.ri,...! Jnnetg. - Paoi6e " - N.w Vert" ' . '.June O, " " " " " Liverpool July 17. 1 The mm a# ikno shies will out be accountable fur gold, direr, tallies, 'specie, jewelry, precious Hour* or metale, slee* bills of lading are signed therefor, and the raise thereof. th grain expressed. FOR LIT BR POOL.?UNITED STATES MAIL STEAM hip PACIFIC, Gapt. Eira N e.?This strainer will ile- , part fro si ike foot of (anal street, with the maili for K?- ; ope, poailitely on Satnrday. 2"?lh May. at 12 o'clock, M. For freight or paesiage, harm* uneiittallod aoeommodatiesa foe ! elegance or oonifort. apply to EDWaRD ' , COLLINS. 74 South street. j Positively so hcr'h can > o cured till paid for. THROUGH LINE ru CALIFORNIA, via cuaqkes? Carrying the United States Mail.?Monday, May 13th, j atS o'olock, P. |(., from the pier foot of Warren street, N. K. the sew and elegant donhl* engine steamship (1eokuia, D. 'Is. Porter. U. 8. Navy,Commander,will be dea patched at a bo re, i With the Government Mails, for the West Indie* and the , x'aoifto. The books are now open for passage to Charleston, j Carasnah. Havana, New Orleans and Cnagree, and for , through tickets to San From ireo. To seouro through tinkote, esrly application must ha made, as only a small number ! fremaia unengaged. An txnerttnoed surgeon is attached t* the Georgia. The acconimouatinnr for passengore of eaeh class r re unsurpassed by any steamship afloat. The passengers for ' v. Orleans, are traueferred at Havana to the snjierior double engine eleatnthip FALCON and proceed from Qa/eaa direct he Now Orleans. > Bates of naesxre from New York to Chagroe:? i State Room llcrih $100 Stsudoc Berth 80 Steerage do., found 1 eil and sepnrate table tO I Rates of paseegc from Panama ts San Framoleoo:? State Room Berth $T>0 4 Steerage Berths, found bed and separate table .. >60 I dates ?f passage? To Havana. Ta N. Orients. State Room Berths $70 $,6 Standee, forward cabin AA 60 Steerage, found bed and beard... 2~> VIS Freight te Cbagres will la taken at 70 cents Mr ouMa feit. The bills af lading timet all ha eirned on board the aseel the day before sailing For freighter pan.aga, apply to M. O. ROBERTS. IIS West street. Through linf. for sain francislo, tia cilagras.?The new and favorite stvai.i-hip* CHEROKEE ... .!?<> ton?...Capt. U. Windl*. (ruiiui jjai.i A..1.IMI mus.. . v up:. j. i . nn'ccrcs, form tho only direct line between Now York nn<l Chr-free, end, ia connection with the United Mitten Mill Stean Pack- | pti in >? Pauilte, n eeini-muinhly line thrjvnh to bin VXMftUOo. nn cm ratu ur hue to ctiASdan. CUnkit. rbilaJelpfcia. After Saloon Vtnte Ho me ... .$125 $12r. Forward Saloon do idd luO Lower Cabin MO ? All the above dine it the name table, and hare the prirlte(e of the Saloon. Sterrayr. (found with irairearei and board.( $FS $84 Freight to ChiKree, 70 cents per (u?t. I'p-nsos . n the rsthmns arn borne by the pa. nnon. For froirat or pnuii. d^plyid HOtt-LAND A ASriNtTALl) hi boath itrtei, New Yerk, Pnoifte Hail Steamship Cempany.?The United Statu Kail ' Steam I'-ehcu, l.'ANAMA 1.DM7 ton.... t apt. Derld O. JlslleT. OREOON ...... l.lWM tone... t apt. I'atlisle r. Pateerson. CALIFORNIA. ..I,)**) tone.,. I apt. The. A Uad<L iEN NESSKR... ljm tone... Capt. Ueor*e A. Cold. CAROLINA .... Bltone... ? ? ? UNICORN Slit) tone... ? ? ? ore iatended to form a eemi-ironthly lime between Panama and porta in California. PasMiDgere in the after cabin, are furnuhed beddiar, but not wine) and liqtiors. I'see-ncare in the .terrase arc foand with .nrh rations ae are furnished to 1 the crew, and with maitiese end pillow. All passon/ere will be aliened enace fir per.unal tngitare fre*, to the extent of SSO lba. weight. not eiecediny in moa.nrenient ten eubiofeei. i freight on extra l>ac<ase or rierchandiee, whan taken, fluti tar ton, and one end a half per rent ?o all epveie. 1'aokOAte thonid aet eaoeed ltd lba. weight far male oorriage. Cabin. Bteeriff*. rtUMI from rtnama to baa Lias or dUantlnm... .,. J"1 $1*0 " ** San Disro.... to 1 AS " " Han Francisco. .000 150 We (terra te be tended will be token ae barray*. Chnrym rf embarking end debarkinr, and all pere->nel port eLary.e, tnelndiny health fbee and homt hire, to be pnid by the pae.*n- | ere. No passer* secured nntil paid tor. Apply at the ottoe 1 the Companr, M h tri e' . N e V rk. ERI'IKR I ITY I INK ICR t\ I It \ S c IHOO VIA Chorees. direct?The .pl.ndid .teenehjp KM I*I KK C1TT, J. D. YVflsen, commander, .,UtK> t.>av ba.-lhen. will leave fur '"harres, direct on Wcdne-dav, May 15th. at 3 o'clock, from her Seek. Pier No i V k. For fiei'rht or passage, apply te J. IIOW A Rl) A SON. M Itrog.leay. _ T HROUl.ll LPS A rtlR HAN FRANCISCO. TlA CHArres direct.?The .team.hip Til 11. A UK 1,1'III A, wilt leaed Add deck. from Pier No. I, .earth River, for t'hacree. direct. I en Satarday, May 4 o'clock. I'aseeuaer. will pUed i ibdir hnrrajo on board the dar rrr\ one. UOttLANI) A AHl'INH ALI.. M lad M Sentk street. CALIFORNIA DIRECT TUROI (.11 Tick K fS. ? >)N K V lit ilaea art < !> U rl?u i?r rhiiMalpbU; on* lit ale at ??il Iwii r*r ( h?r?Vv? an J Tenn~:0an ; un? l?? tlvi u<i eia jifr Georgia: aa? ilntM". par Olilai "ee 2<J tlaee. pni Laiptre City and Snrah Sanda. f?r aala h| LOI'NT H I I)., W Bna<?a?. j CAI.I FORNIS.-TWO THROn.ll STlliUAGl TICK ta 1'4 aala, in U. 0. S.Mna' Uw, Mar par ?ieeinebip ft a. A I'll/ to VA.SDKMII Kli k K(K>T. [ No. li Ann atraai. ?g~A ASelFOK \ I A T|i K FT*.?ON" R riR?T CLAM lhrar/k Tl?k?l, in Bi'wlan I nn<l AepitiweU'a liae, f< r May lAth. Oar HaftiJ Cabin, far Ma? IA?b, in ll?warife * n'a Una. Tw ltarra|?, m R ttui I'nr, f a May I.ltk > r aala by I I ' I - ? a.I aara- t CALIFORNIA TN'KBTC FftK 8ALB.-TWO FIRST flare tkruaicli alrkeie etmtrar Ok-r kaa. middle af Me/. Apply la J. T BNOWM .' ? Hr ad atmet. up ereire. IN OR SAI.F. -Tim FAST"AII.ISO TIC'IIT RlilltRD ' Meral-eil of l.'i l"?? Can > a arm at tho f....t af Je-ikeoa atraa'.luai Kara*. lu intra aa vLe earner vf Jaokeua aa4 kaalk alraaU. ('If/ Inlrlllgtncdi Larrtan ma HLA* nt Kr.r Da. CtrMwmoa !/? * arming. Hi r Itr f uniming*. of ft Htrphm '? Cbnroli, -lellrrrr-d a eplrndid larturn at tba TuliernaWe in liroadway. on "Tba Catbolle Cburrb. Rlarrry and thn Union " Tba building aaaa crow Jrd to aicaaa. and lha cierrnd gull-nian wen llataoad to with profound 11 lit Ion. and ?r)irtn' nll; apfteudid Among thn atanam waa thn Right Re* Or lliighaa An a compo. altb n. tba laalnra wea rarredfiigla Urautiful and tha paakrr want for rompr.nii'e all through. aalitah ha aontaeded waa equally tho doctrine of tba Catholic n burrh and tba principle of tba Amrrlean eonatitu ion llagara aonn Uaid bila to lh? abolition fanatiaa .if old Kngland and Now Kngland defended tba Aoiith.rn mala (Tom niNreprraentallooe. and deecriked alaanr/ aa an nduiltti-d aril, wblrh rould only )> raauaad ;y gradual mraia* tba action of abrlatlan rharlty. not ino mart un til of n rougrmeional In*. N'a a bail pub)Ub n full raport to-morrow a... .. >. il.>a.?.r n,,. aa a ?ut?.a TV,?.. iiny afternoon. a lira broke oat >1 the lljr traulle I>< rk.tirar Market ?||p. original,ng in a pitch pot which malted, and rapidly c mmumealed with lb* planking tod appnretn* for rai-lng HMala, which being eat orated with tar. Idaced up Inetantaneonaly. The brlK Torao. | of Hall >wrll whirl) ww oa the far repair* eaaght tba flatm ? in her rigging. wblrb. running up from tha liowaprit to tha topg%ilantma*t. aprrad t ier har ravvta *1 ?par? and tha -MBrulty ww that tba rnglnaeaaald ant throw tba water high enough to reaeh tha a Tba <.aatrnrtl?n o( tba ev???l ee*m< <1 Inevitable, and thara ware two t>Un ra a<lj< lolng which *eemed declined to diare the atme fate )? ? of tha gallant tare however unted tha rigging amIJat tba puffnratlng anokt and by manna of backets of watar and great en rtione auc reeded In qaocehlng tha conflagration Tha bowaprlt, j'bl* om fnretopwi * forrmaet and tnOct of tba rigging are *odestroyed that they mti*t be replaced The Injury to the it ok la not vary grant facai H KiTiaaiL N**e' rt ?T rwa Ooueerw ?Tba Franc h real dan ta of New Yorh aelebrata, to-night, at bo Cultowm, tha annlrer*ary of tha prnolamatloa of tba French republic That national fitt will be wa <adt ratan.l. one of the tat at brilliant and no donbl tba Champagne and the French proverbial wit *11) render it one of the aoat buatoroua N?? Yo?? May 1.1M Te twr Fotraa ar tde tfrr tin ftia Having aean In tbia morning ? paper lang paragraph fro? ynnr rMy reporter In wbleb ha an draeora to rontmdtet my atatnnant. by aaying. that Mr Fa It Hlnnnni, of Engine Co No V wnaalmoet aali ain b? aren tba enrt ot f|?ee ('# . 14. which bo cmarkad from Ha baring bwt t?o whaala, and thara I* only another In Ibe department like It. and ha al*n ta rare ha aean tha members of tba tympany l!i? krat atatemont of aaelng our aaet thara, la Incorrert, . end I and tha members of tha company will awenr to tba hear nort of No 14 not being there, big remark ol I bat a being only ono eart mora Ilka It in tha department la Incorrert. aa there la a gr. at many mora two wh?o( boar carta la tba department hit atatemant of erring me thorn, la eorrret. and three mora m*inhere of tba company, wh'-ee namra ran be had If be appUaa (p ma TU etatemant In tha HeraU wag and la toreaat that float On 14. wa* nog thara Tba *latemeut ehicb I put In tbo I fee#. 4 waa put In tbrongh tha ,,th of th> majority ?f the r.-mpany I hare not aald there hag gal been dietnrhenee between tha fere i mentioned companleg. hoping that In fritura. yonr ro- ! t.orter will aeo. that a hen Aaeiataat Captalna make ' hair return*, thoy will to c err act Tow any hatter an- | ibortty at ill. Mr 1 ho mar Monroe Aaaaiatant Ingtnoer, who a rot to tha elation honao, and anid there waa n 1 let a r ha nee between Engine Co No t. and llooh and and l.addag Co No 4. ha hag not aald, not ean . he aay that lloaa C?. 14 waa there Tours with reanaat. f * UBORON MuCNTJOY. Law latclllfcaea. ppaaawa Owv at cr rat Pwirtn Ncarm May 1? So. ? r>l'o? II rapier. trptU-il. ft rv. MercAwMa' >*> foewranae Inpat The argument of thla aauaa ?ta eon tinned for the appellee, and for the appellant yaaw ?reae< an -Tha aahoonar dnnhraw aarleod | ,t No-ton, on Wadnaaday aWM. fr-un Forta CabaUo, | ,?h -lat-e to the Oth alt The raptaln reports that net a* be left. I}en P? I wa* being placed on board ,tx trnaer, for banJghni at le Ft Themai 1 E NE TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. S.PiEECH OF MR. WILMOT. The California Menace and the Wilmot Proriio, 4M., 4M., 4M* THIRTY-F1 KMT COHQKBM. rimen session. Mate. Mr mouse's aiAUNrnc ititnuri. WiSHI.dTO., May ?, 1860 The Senate U nut in session to-day. House of Heiircsentutlve*. IT BAIN'S KUkCTKO-CHKMICAI. TK1.KOBATB. WttHimiTon, May 3,1860. ATTORHL? UEKIBAI.S A.1D TIIR PUBLIC LAWS. Mr Fiat iiehs-ion sskrd learo to otTor a resolution requesting the President to hsro prepared and deliTered to the House, at the next session, all the opinions of the Attorney Generals of tbo United Slates, delivered trom March, eighteen hundred and forty-one, which give construction to publio laws not of a temporary character. Objection was made. me House reruseu, oy yeas ana nay*. to adjourn ta Monday, and went into Committee on the t-'WI>L 8 WILL. After consuming three hour* on amendment*, Mr. Wilmot. (free soil.) of Pennsylvania. asked that the committee take up the California message, to enable him to make soure remark*. Ity the unanimous consent of tha Murine, the coutut bill was laid aside the lAl.iroaai* Mns?i;r or via. wilmot] The member* aruuud the gcnUcman, and the confusion which prevailed, subsided Into rerpeettul attention . Mr YViimot said that the debate on the subject of the admission of California and questions, connected with it, huil, in hi* judgement, produced wonderful results. The settled and tiled purpose of the Southern men hud been dlsclosi d 1 here was now no room for doubt ?" t< the teriiiinatlon 01 the conflict. It wa* to extend slavery over the territories Jf there wa* any r 1 m tor dould heretofore, there wa* doubt 110 longer. There 1,0 question more fraught with cou-uquiuces than the ultinial? deeisiun of that now tn hand and which is to determine the character and position of the Houthvru portion of the country It will settle another question?namely, wbuthur the got eminent is to be administered ill the spirit which gave It birth, or whether an aristocracy, based 011 Have piopirty and slavo rcprest ntation. shall control it In tills aspect it has been viewed by the South, and on the purt of gouthcrn men. bordering almo-t on madness. Tlrey are hound by no sacred ties to the l'nion : hut arc bunded together a* one muu for the scccinptii linn nt of their object, and that is, the perpetuation of slavery Therein no disguise. The existence ot tlie l'nion and Idle stability of the government, is threatened by the South in hi* judgment, their spirit ot thiea'i niug and defiance mu-t be resisted, or the North aie the greatest of slaves. \\ hat, be asked, shall the lino of our duty be prescribed under the pressure ot treasonable tnreat* .' Hhull we be told what we shall or stall not do at the peril of the existence of the government lit tiff If we submit to this any lunger, our freedom here and the tundam< utal principles of the constitution arc undermined. me tigum <i utt majority iiiir-i uo rc;p?ci(a or we arc t to vilcrt of idare*. 'J In *e gentlemen uot ouly ua?um? to interpret the constitution tor ua, tut to die tat* our iIlc of duty. Congress amy admit new Siatoa," I* the eh ar uou unequivocal lai.guage of the cou-tltu11 ii, uud yet We arc told if we presume to excrelae this clear and admitted power without making certain ronrcai tons to alavery, luca.-urri of a revolutionary rhaincter will be reverted to, and the ordinary supplies ot government withheld, and the yea* and naya called in defiance of parliamentary law and uasge, until the end of the preaent aeaaion of Congress. la this the position in which freemen unlet be plan d. or. as slaves, b? taught their dutie* and obligate ua ' Phall the acknowledged power ot thia government be exei cUod, or shall a hand of conspirators set it at defiance ' (In the questtou of California, thla defiance U hurled iu our teeth He had mad* up hia inlud not to obey It eounda like the crack ol the v h>p He who ruomite la better fitted for the plantation than tt r m re ice in thla Hall. [A voice?' That 'a true."'] What! 1 uot this arlslocriu y of sUvub ddcre coutent with tin Ir share of power uudcr the coueutututlon without claiming abi oiute coutri 1 of the goveruBicnt ? It hat la wore arbitrary and improper than to make the cxUtence of tbia government depend on tbo arnuie MM in the bebeste of a minority ' the In)Ii -ay that thi r* la uo tO?W to p?a? Ih* | the hcrtn think thuro ia. The latter nnd their optnioua fort, tnd Mm h< Here, under Ood, that it ia our duty to pitas a pn hlbltlou agaiust slavery, ami yet wi are told If we dare do It tb* government muat be overthrown. If th* power to rub' ahould be given te the minority, thla would be a deepotlaw lite great atah I man ot routh Carolina (Mr Calhoun) acorued all tadlrection. lie marched up to th* object, and propoeed auicndminta to th* constitution, to place the governutul iu th* baud* ot a m.uurity. The object could b* mid and undevatood Demands arc bow made upon na wore objectionable If th* great fun Wn entai prlucipi * arc to li tubverted let it be put dowu In wriilug bet our masitrs print it in th* couatituiloo. la tula th* ti uuie by which we hold our lihcrtlea ' *nd i* the g<r Veriilaenl to be preaerved. by aubmitllng to certain inierpretatloua of gcutleiuen who atrlv* to fore* tbom M iu' I want to ? whether th* freemen of th* North will dar* at and up to a.. of their duty, and whether thi* position of th* Aouth ia to driv* men from a position deliberate,y aounu d ? M halvver may La the fact now. t:ni* wa* whoa the North were united on thia question M hen we assembled iu Dcr?lubvr laat. I believed there wt re uot live ludividuai* ho were in fat or of mixing upCaifrrnla ?llhoth?rqu.* tloaa. there waathen but one sentiment st the North. It* adniiaeion wa* dvmauded by an unaunu "i# vote*, liar* th* North wer* to take a firm ataud, and were not to b? driven front It by threat!, nor aodueed by jir'iaiiM* iluv etuu'le tbe matter today tiod ouiy kuowt. Hut, If tbe declaration of the doutfa can be relied on. tbe fri< nd* of t'aHfurnia ere In n minority. tlli? It to b? ciujir> mux d. and the t> rtn? of bar ndulrrl' n la the eit*net"D of slavery Ofvf tba terrtlorie* I truit In (rod tbia will not La ikut. If tba Narth MWl r. an ant on tbia |ua?tlon, wham, lat naiik. do they proper to natr manful reelatanre agaluet tba threat* and tba aairbitant demon i* ?t tba >Um power? Tba outpoele of tba .North ara all abaaU"n<-4. and wa are eallrd upon to i take an unctnJilionai aurrander. They ara drlrtn iff by threat* and political preferui? ut Tba rank* ara liridrd-lkr foroea broken, until thera la danger of gem rel rout Tta allic* of alarary at tba North all at < nea discovered that tba agitation wa* premature, and abandoned tbelr attachment to f r> Jwm and tba |i o>n liefadbftud to tbe change of poaltlon on tba part of g*ntlanien. among them to Mr broadband of Henueyivaula. not now la Congreee, who wa* n >w a trairlilDg tuieel- nary In tba cauaa of tba tenth lla aaid that Iba dodge waa nut original with Mr Wtbeter and be did not think It rair in Jtfaeaachueetl* to run away with all tba Daw ineeatl'O* Mr Mi l"i taaaap, (di m ) of Itllnoi*. aakad wbatbar Mr Broadband aear aotad for tba protiao Mr IVumot- lla did not Mr MiCttaaian- But often acted agaln?t lt? Mr Wilmot- W hau the proeiao waa offered. Broadbrad waut Bannaylaanta wa* then united All tbe I'ennnyliatila delegation eoted for It. ecerpt Broadband and Iagerwll. wbo were aot bare II* refern d to the proalao offered to tbe two million btU In 1H4<I Mr. fitraiM, twblg) of Georgia - Did not Mr kfudbrad eote for tbe .Miaaoarltomproiulte aa appiiaebia to tbe territorlee? Mr Wiimqt? I hare not rrfrrra'l to tba eotea ; I predicated my rrmarka on iperrbe* made In tbia hall Tbe prograaa in thl* defection waa gradual Tba Bonlb toid tbalr alliea that they mn*t wear tha eloab no longer The pre at dentin! election eame on. The Bonth with eharncteriatte arrogance. aaid they womid aupport no man who gwva the lenat aonniawaaaa to tha proa tea kiaary other party eoaalderation anah Into ineignlfleance. They made tha eandtdata of tho |l"rth***t tpeak. and pnl word* In hia mouth ta tba tbapa of tba UlakMea latter Tbia waa tha Bret tuna nay man aaaumed tba ground that tba prtttto waa nnconatltutiotial. A Toit a- Mr Dalla* ajram** that ground. Mr WiLWtT?If ao, It hat eaaapad my raeotlaatlan Ti hear mneh raid about *ggretaiont by tha North I rbarge that tbe Honth tempt our man beyond their itreagtb They had than ton high mountain and abow tb?m tha prineipaUtlaa and powara of tha world, and tbey fall down aid worablp Thia la aggroaatoa of k. 4 dee Ilea ikhU In.inlail k.l alUWoa. iriilittillt, and that lb? frm *u uadvr tba tjrmooy of tha ?la?o hoi l?r? holwitbataadlag lb? orient a lata of thiaga, tba aaa ara bow baiog barn who ara ta wraat tha ptartavit frta tha anatrol of tha fowth, ?a J fulfil tba high daatlay of daao rrary II* waa a frlrnd of party oryaakaatio*. aad would aa rratot alarrfy aa ba had haratoforw <> nopollaa lit wobld follow ao orgaalaatlca bwaad oa rlarrry ttribrt lit laataWd that tha HI of tha tarrltorlaa if wa ara to brllara tha aerouata of It. ean awpport alaaar*. aad Itovtlaara Baa had darlarad that th>y would take thair alaraa thither Vurthar rani m ka wara made by htm Mr Wiaauaor, (whig;, af Maraaahaaatta, ohtalaad tha floor. Tha CwaiBMaw aaid that tha aanana bUI had baaw laid aatda by unaoimoua c narot and It waa aow before tha roBBittee. Tha gratl?naa. howarar. would bo ratHlad to tha floor whao tha Vroaidaat'a aaaaaga hoald agala ba takaa up Tha eoBalttaa thaa roaa, aad tha ilawaa adjanraad tlU Moaday lilMaa af the Haa. T n Taaag Waawiworaw, May I, 1Mb Wa rwgrat ta aaaowaaa that tha Itaa Timothy It Towag, a aadbw of tha Haaaa, ftaa Illlaeto. la lylag dangaraaaly Ul. aad to not etpeeted ta raaaaaa Tha Itaoaar owa. ', May 1,1AM Tha at?aa*a Ohio fY?m ywwr part, tear had ntf tha bat jrrntrvday W YO * ? - ? - / MORNING EDITION- ?SA1 From Sawannah. ftnitioia, M?y S, 1360. DEATH OF A FORMER NEW YORE MERCHANT. Mr. Kdward Wiley, a merchant, formerly of your city, baa (lied at Saxannah. SENATOR BERRIEN. The Saxannah papers announce that the lion. J. M. Berrien ia detained home by the illness of his eon. From Boat on. Boston, May 3. 1310. ATTACK ON MR. WEBSTER'S POSITION. A pungent addroaa from Mr. Mann, to hie ronstltueute, ia which Mr Webster's position ia attacked, will appear in the papers of this city to-morrow. ARBEST FOR MURDER AND ROBBERY. At ?a?o. Me., on the let inst , Henry J. Wentworth and Aea Wentworth. brothers, were nrr..?t..,l r... n,. murder of John L Darker, at Manchester. N H. The examination will take place at 8outh Berwick the first ot next week They are the name person* who were arrested with Dr Pmith, now In jail for the mnrder of Mis* Caswell. and cxamimd at Saco for the <am* i offence, little more thau one year ago. It i* alao reported that Dr Pmith gave the information which lad to the above arrust. Our New Haven Corraepondenee. Nxw liters, Conn , May 2, ISiO Election and Inavgwation qf State Oj/Urre?Parade? Uaibande?CumpheU'e Uinetrele?The Oaeernor'e MetISgr. d'C Ot the election of Col. Tboma* II Governor of thia Slate, you have already been advised by telegraph The reception with which he met in thia city to-day, must have been flattering to him and hia friend* in the extreme. About one o'clock, thia afternoon he wu escorted from hia residence, in the city of Hartford, by the let company Governor's Foot Guards, with Lothian's New York band; the Hartford Light Ouiird. with Dodwnrth'a New York band, (which company Governor Seymour for many years commanded, and which ha*, from it* formation, been literally h s company, and made what It i* by hi* drills) and that well-disciplined and noble band oi young men. the Now \ Brita.n Gray*, to a special train of car* for New Haven I '1 hoe companies ul?o accompanied him to New llaven, I and assisted in the escort duties in that city, which were also participated in by Col Arnold aim the field 1 officers of the 2d reglguieut, the 2d company Governor's Toot Guards of New Haven, the New lla! ven Gravs. and the N-w Haven Blue*, beside* acvc. I ml hundred firemen of New Haven and Bridgeport. I who were nut with tin ir beat rig* and machine*. The m'litary numb< n d .KM) mm; th* ft nine 11 upward* of 400; and the spectator* 20.000 man, woman, ifirlw. boy*, children and Dabier and of all complexion* i.nd elinde*. fr< m the pure*t alabaster complexion i-f the b-Him of Coiicfctleut. to tlio deeper tliau India black African; end of ebaractrr fr< in the sacred divine with their * hlte cravat*. to the flaeh g. nt It nu n willi tbi'ir ffol 1 chain*, ring*. briast pin-, and gri ;i-cd curly lock-, unl pan nt leather boot* The wvatlicrVae tine?tile troop* never let ked in better direlpline or trim -are Iba cloud* of duat which enveloped th> in and the spectati r* Tliellovemor wa* m< anted on that well known New Haven chargi r. called Tiger, which waa richly rnperiromd with a Mexican -addle kc., brought from M i xieo by a f'onni etlcut vnliintrt r. from the late war TheUoveruor 1* a rnnrc man in lle-li. of usual stature. 1 ul Ice k< J rather pale All who know the man. < 1 ?yiup?th!*e with him. from hi* aver-iou to ' lie ohjiet <>f euch parade*, lint on no br wjisuclio ra | mere fitly belong. The railroad* centring here . 1 with ; I pa.--engr*. Even in one of tho *1* .. in Ilarllord, there wcra twenty threi ci not far from I ftltrru hntidrid pa.?rngi-r-; on tn 1 road, one traiu of about eight hundred pa-*eL riicn there 1 wa* an extra *tcamboat hithir fr">m handS- w louden the Cleopatra Itever befori ..'.venerable i crrcuivg*. the oldest inhabitant. r wit no- ied, at the ilection paiaih ? in Il.l* city. *nch a lu-t kicked up. *ueh a tumult and ceufu-lou such a general pourit g in of the country cou?ln*. mrh a large military and ftr< nu n * proce?*lon. *uch a general good feeling and hurrah, a* ha* hera cme df to-day The street* and ! grecu were so thronged, that thrice during the afternoon the Temple wa* Red to by bundrrda upon bun | dreda, from th? outside pre?ore to one *till mure ; dense. where the Campbell M!u*tr< U w>re eendiog ; forth round* haimnniou* to the car* of their auditor* and their IndivldWal pocket*. The rner-agvcf Oov Sej m-ur (like prevlou* iue**a?e* luConu' cticut) Would no) fill two column* of the lit rati He rer< u mend* the revision of our Ctalo cui-Hlutluu, i w hick be* ben me 80 yeare olJ. The rxpvneee of the Male bate U? U, the past year, 81 dj 7At -4 IteeelpU, i pill lblTS But th# flat* own* lunie floooiln *lo | 10 p< r cent dividend paying bank stock*. The judicial *xpen*M of the btete for eia year* pa*t have Inj crveeid at therateof fJe'X) per eiinunt II* rtcom| Dietd* the supporting of prisoner* after conviction by | tbvcountlre, iBdmd of in* btate paying their board. I and the eonntlv* at the * > tliue r<reiving ibv pay ft r the labor of the pri*oo*re. II* rev tumeiid* that , ! railroad prepvrty ?hould l>* exruipt from local taxath n but that a d.rert tax fur the Mate eh- old be h - ' vi'd thereon |J* propeee* a general revUlon of our prvivnt >y*ti m >f taxation Th* vipeatea of th* tiuarttrmaaler Hernial and keeping military e-julpmrnU in repair, he . atneonte to only 81 Ilk 111 The rapHHI OI (LV UI.r"l I mm le M"W - i ti'. 1< en. <t the (Mat*. ilidd. nirrlgn*. in t'oiinrrtleijt and other Stair*. >1 -M it'll 40. In *to*k of '.'j bank*. I J; .1' N-U . tarh on hand >11 4Ki Wt . iu land* ml Seated and budding* ltd 7iH , in wild land*. t49 12JS*. Tb* nIm ini 'I lucnm*. the oa-l y*ar ha* b*>n 91C4K40 which ha* been divided up in th* *choo| dla> trial* of th* ft lair (M> 7uc e* holer* ) at lh* rat* of flM to rarh wb tar Tb* pad tru'? enumeration of chilj Ori n ?h?*? an Incrrae* of I.JK# The Mat* Normal I heboid ha* been eeUbliehed at Mew Britain the pael year, th* rill** ti a of that *nt? rprteing Tillage baring I f:l?en In building* a| paratu*. and library gl'iiwo a j arg?r bid therefor than any other locality lie ra- : | rolnm> nit* th* pla?iri|f of the militia eyalem upon a Jn*t and flrin ha*la lla reeominend* the repeal of all I ueury law*, a Leo. a ry?U in of free banking, and th* | j rei?e of caution in granting r barter* or epaeial ' pririleg**. alao th* lut-tltutiMi of iii* imprianninaol for the death pmalty II* recommend* tbe homewtaad etimptlon; th* repeal of all r**trirtie* liunor law*, th* kgalittog ten hour* ae a day work to all peraooa implcyed In or on we>rka rhartered by law, aleo th* uanal appropriation* to the Indigent Hind mule and Inrau* of our (ttntr. I(* attribute* th* etability of nor national affair* to the eoneerrallre influ. ore , f |k| Independent Treasury eyelem. and congratulate* all ! npon tb* pro*p*ct of tb* *pe< dy arttlemanl of tb* alarery queetion fren th* earlou* atat* of parti** In the lloua* of Reprreentati***. ther* will b* plenty of fan. bargaining and derlltry r*ncocted and trareti led In th* distribution of th* *p*ll*. from tinted Platan Senator ' down to Ju?tlc?* of lb* peace Urwoklyn llfy Int *llly? now. Birr**** Cw*rL*aa*Ti*w?Oa Friday morning. ' about balf [**t two o'rlock. a Are lr .hi out In th* rear of a frame building. No 't Fulton etr*?t neoa' pied by Ifarrlaon k fraeta. a* a fruit and eonfertlonary I etor* Owing to th* romhu*tlbl* material in and ! *b< ut th* building* th* tlaae* epeead rapidly, and had made great pr gr< ** before th* arrlral of th# Fir* Department Th* building* wer* entirely *<>n*um d, tog th> r with th* adioialog'?* on both *id*? Th* i Nrnitur* etor* on th* corner of Fallon and Market 1 reel# wu ore*pled by Mr Morlarty and contained a large and enlunt.l* etoch of furniture, tb* greater part j of wt eh however w?? eared though considerably I daumg d by the water Mo T7 w*? oeeupied by M**?r* butti ii k llurett*. a* a grocery etor*. and. with th* 1 *?r tent* w*? entirely c neumed Th* etork w*? fully j ln*nr?d. In th* Orrren' Imuran** Company of th* 1 elty of New York Mo*. 79 and 7?H were m copied by I IJoeepb Ttrn*h, In th* upp*r part Ae th* mannfae- 1 tor* and eal* of furmttar*. and In the lower by Mr William Hie*, inn a* a wateh and iawelre *t> r* Tkw urra atao wholly wniuniKl ?r ?i murh ' d.?trorr J by water ?? to mala It irttMir; to entirely refit th>m rnk? itorN *m teat(>il b; tb? ntfr, tit not materially The firemen win pruo^tl; upon tbo tpet ??<i did thalr duty moat nobly Fiaaa m rut Miiituici ? W? aentimad reeterday lrt< >arare Ire ? bet waa being a I parte aoed la N llinppiblrt Latdf WHitU freer IVneord rwMod In thia city, ?ay tkot I hi water If hillni in I thot n< farther darfer I# appre bend# I Thi riee eouimenred on Monday Tki up iod d< ? )' rning train* pwod om tbo Bolton and Be it on. Cona<>rd and Me ntreal r>>ad* In tka aft- rr <- n f lbel lay 71 1 i I ' ntr,, li t n-t oar down la the aftaraoe.n, a dam on a email etmaa ill n>ilr i fro a Cononrd, mar BewoUa Bala rr-nt hy tkr Montreal road eoddenly fare way dlaaharglaf tbi n atrnta of a mill pood a pun tbo I rtetg# Martina ona of tka abntaaata. and praeaatiag the paaaag> ot tba train# kBartr Tuoaday moraiar, a greeel tram wna ant np to VlefierrlUt to protact the N"rtbern Hailrnod. nblrk waa thraotaord at that place No tralna paaaad ap or down on lh? Nnrtharn that day The riilearle on tba Montreal traab acrnaa tka lotoraaloa wara Inj art d and a foaaa of aw a waa em pi eyed all day la protecting them aad tka bridge acre we tba Merrlmae which waa at ona tlma aonaidered In tmpardy. but remained nnlnjnrad Tba down train of tba Montraal aama aa far aa Hewall'a Valla on Taoaday. but could not aom? balow. on arenunt of tba Injarod bridge a bora naaod On Toreday morning, the watar rnaa to and akoaa tba raila of iba Uncord rood at Bow and flaa or all bundrad faat of tba track wara enrrtad away Tbe craning train ap ran Id act paaa aad tka pace* age re warn eoareyed ta Oaootd Ifi n that train, and brought down for Iba ftrrnlnt (rain In r&rrfB?M Vrnn Iha dnantrt Bh.ifi full Miewll bar# **"t rat f -m* In Oa tka PaMlffOtWKl tha brt<t*a at Blair I. In t'ant p ton >H unlnl off Mr Jfnrrrnaa. of Lnwnll, ho<l a h?a?? drlre of < In tha rlrof, and k kit; Jon fnrm?4 iWta Colon Prlilf* thro* Milan baloa PlfMnnlk Tka jam at M <?rW Mi; tha krMar. tad tka vboln Maaa tat rarrVd do?a op?a tka railroad hrl.lfa vhtah traaoaa tka rlaar I oat halo* ThU hrl<lfa <u hr ? llat* ana atdatrad to ha In IfaMtaaat darfar hot kaln* a atroag atruatara. *lthaU??4 tha praaaara. aaa trantaff anda at tka Uat aroonnta - Win tan T*i atatlat Waf 1 ftaba twtodaMnrff fur P'raaj aaa.ral fawn a?o. la tkta pltf, N la aid la la California and nan of tka mnal

mtU'hj mm of that tafica. RR B rURDAT, MAY 4, 1850. ANOTHER ARRIVAL FROM EUROPE. THE NEW STEAMSHIP CITY OF GLASGOW. INCREASE OF STEAMERS ON THE ATLANTIC. TRADE WITH GLASGOW, i dec i de c. Another steamship arrived jreeterdap, from Europo, nameiy, tna uiij or uiaagow, uapt Matthews, from Glaagow. She sailed thouce on the 10th ult., and has made the passage in a little over ai&tecn days, notwithstanding the Icebergs she encountered en route. This la the third steamer this week from Europe. The Cambria arrived at this port on Thursday and the Canada at Boston. and City of Glasgow at this port yesterday. There are three atlll duo?the BritUn Quoon and Uelena Sloiuan from Hamburg, aud the Washington from Bremen and Southampton. The City of Glasgow, commanded by the old favorlto* Capt. Matthews, formerly of tho Great Western, is a fine propellor sreamship. The GUmkow Courier, of th# 10th ult , gives the following description of her : This splendid steamship, (the City of Glasgow), whioh was launched so rsceatly as the 28th February, sets out today, at one o'clock, as our readers ?r? aware, ou her voyage cross the Atlantic?being the first attempt to establish tcsm communication between this city and tho commercial capital of the United Statos. Although the City of Glasgow only left the building yard at the period spcified, she has, to a certain exteut, earned the character of a tried shin, before being applied to the great work for which she is destined. P.tuulianeously with the eonstructioa of the Iron hull, the machinery was being prepared iu the eugiue foundry of Messrs. Ted & Maogregor, tho builders; and, as a consequence, the steam was un within little more than a fortnight after ths ship left the stocks. She was immediately ent to t*'h on a private but off* ctual trial trip; and for several days encountered, and well withstood, all the wild blasts of tfn?"iti'n< t, wbi-h were felt so smartly along the west coast, during the middle and close of March. The propelling performances of the screw far exceeded expectation: but, us the railing qualitia* of the ship are now to be te.iiod by the sweep across the Atlantic, it will bo well to wait for tfie result, as it will be narrated in tho log of Captain Matthews. Mace the return of the City, she Has beuu berthed on the south Kid?, completing her internal furnishing*. <*npauing |>a?MB|ieri. and taking id carrn. Hut during this time. and G*pcciall\ ft rthe last few day ?, tha ?hin h?tN been viritcd I v tht iirni ua t n thousand t of our population?ladies and fffiMfirtD at rangers as well ;u town* nud she has leen converted into the scene ??f a pay promenade front iu<roiug to night. The ship is strong aa ir n rlaics, bare. Mia|>, and rivcUfan make her; and anc i? divided into live water-tfght compartments, which would secure her ttgainst almost every contingency of accidi-nt, excepting that of I eimr throwu btdily upon tht rocks. But, to avert any id k of il l# kind, a gentleman haa hern engaged as coiam*Ddsr. who shield know the course between Great Britain and America aluioat as well as if mil- * n?s had bo u placed ah ng tie 'road?vi*., Captain Matthews? who haa crossed t! t \tlnntic 1?0 timet a. an officer, and 2ti of these aa cowtr artier of the favorite Cn at ?t?*rn?a y-ntlcman, who ky the tt tiwit ny of all who ba? with htm. ia ta tit led t?> the character of "every inch a ?? aiauu." Too hand* to he directed ty this alio hwad appear to make upaverv adequate complement?there being in all dev ed exclusively to tlie luan.essof the whip, first, eecond, and third officers, JO .* :in?en, 4 engineers. 9 firemen, and 5 apprentices: v hlle to mmi?t?r to the wants of the passengers there arc 12 stewards. 2 stewardess, I taker. 1 cook, 4 assistant*, aland <f mnsiciana, with I tats and stringed instruments; and lastly a doetor, with an ample medicine chest?a fnnetlo wry. however, who ia in the m? an time kepi in the h.u kground. for it is not conceived tha* any one can be. or ahou.d he, ill, w in n s ? many appliance* are at hand to keep them well. The I it tr of t letg' w has him laid cut for 110 It tha, via., .'?2?.f the first la*a k1 att the fuDnal, and 54 of tiio second cUaa before the 'mod. Every odo <-f these has he- u engacd fr <ui Mr. Lang* i! tie fntelligeut agent, by pa* in^o of beth sexes, fr >ux mm \ act of the three kingdoms, btil principally from 8ce|c a#sag# Bioacy ia Jtl guinea* for tae list claaa, and I" rthesecomf After aecmmodatifu the p*s-eng?rr, pi i-f' m for l.tkdi i"n#of carro, which ia ilr**adv u i ed ly luaifatti red go ode, tha product ??t Cliip *. To make all safe aa precaution can make it, we stay mention that the "City" carries six he-at*, wis: two life I Mta, two euttcrs, and two gi. *. which in all are comuiodion* r>oi.?h to carry J*' per* ne. The internal fittings are taateful andgeateov, and got up with a view i mfort and plea* snu t at ?s. rather than to (faiBle with ua pro tit able brilliancy. The *r*t.d salm n is upwards of 54 feat b?ng. tatted op with vtch wainscot panelling-the ornamental part, in the lft nnaisante style, being richly carved. A1 ?ng tha aidtaareli laace | ctwrea. rvprefcsttag atrikiog views in varionseowatries. Aa tbe anticipated success and relative speed of the wo IL?\ uii Blioa lint m .tMurtev Mil, iIh IHk iul., tk? Canada luttra I.itirp...), and th* M **bia|[tuB from Southampton, I < tb direr I fi r Nt* Turk. lit* (ilatzow Mail of tba llHh. fitaB th* following *4U.ticiikl di?cript."0 of lb* C uf li 1 f a aeet muodallo*' pmeldad fur pasraagora In th* "City of til .r.? ' III KU'|||? IB I t" toilet* Th* III* B ill1' i* I* !>*riot,* anil rtrguut. bring furmihcl wiih .-aerr Intury tn t C' nttaitue* which th* tt.oal (kitidiuua coalu d*aitu. 'In* i4m li " bi ar* rnt*r*d fr< ui ).* mImb > ? lotibi**, wbioh 0 ri ttttri 11} Willi pa trot lamp*. ancle** d ib gl??* *? ? 1 HI || IBIBI llgt ? II I ' y ?*il I?u tt*l* goi.lo* and ia |.Kor I Villi It el Bad kr*. Til* Itrlhi in lha fr.t tiki Brs lit.* I n|> nlth tenutiful Tturaay turtaint, with frtai* anil nib batir ag* laeh it?i? nwrn *oa?alBg two berth* with wf?, it gill* a vtaad, gilt mirror, Be. Tb?r* in al*u la laige b'bi# t-?at*. ntaimrr four I rrihe aes. w liirh oan bo let vi lainily roout*. Thee ar* dlnded with daiaaak curtaiaa. It i ad * ' ibI.Ib ma, mo steal** with ih* valco, and and bag ala* a Mperai* entrance lotbt main d*?b. It |i Btfad us willi ratannd gofar, oarerad Willi rrimin I'trwebt ?eltrt, ana r ria.m right l*rihr. adorned with rrimi n ae<l fawn <tr twd Ilk certain*, gilt mirr-tn ?* Tt? balkb**da and #* ling are p*laird whit* *ed fiTd, wiih ornamestal p*a*l* of fruit lb* iiffti Taih lawaifir ha* d rawer* fnr ilnlliN anl i tlior rvarira, furniabs'T with acparatc hay*. In the enlrecta lobby to th* aalooa la rltaaied tha raptaia a moat, a larre aad eoaif?rtabl* aaartaieat, aid npiieii* ia thw itgwini'atar. ttlrdap wi'hraibil r cbrtnal. 11 ica. ttoaaa nft. hi . aad gloat taarg f?r CeBtaiamg eilter p als, ef wil.h tli r* la aTarge *upplr la all. thi ra araItrat tiaa* lettka. aed M firntavl e\a*o |?#*c*i;*re. all of aaicb are oa tbe a am dtek. Tie principal atlraetloa of tha City of < !*?*,,w it th* *Icon, a kith lea l**u faranhtd ta tl.r meet rfac ant aad attraetiee tyl*. The paorlltag In all of i**ly poltahed walagctii ntl Ij adorned with twrle* ndmirnhly r?- nt. d paialiny* in nlrfogt (lit frntnca, eeaiaioiag tha fallowing aiow*. rit ? IveniTwirln ( aatlr from tho Tilt Yard: Hail, r of Hang KtOf la?tl? of Knr.le oa tho ll*?ph<tr?B; Cittr of 4JI??fow fr n. ihr hrcrt t. 'ia. lt?y of Now York from lb* Talograph 5l*tl ai Cotk Hin t, InMifatlrn I ..ho, Killarcat. fit* of Hilda, n. rn It.# find in a Kltrr. Called tha t ltd* fr vt lit aaoliat Hill, with Imiuharlon oeli* in Ih* la. ken indi ( nU?tl?i>pl* Mangl n*. nnd tavtlr, ih* " Laad'a dud," in W'ntta lb* krtl ala of th?>e pal at lag* art arraai" d oa thn aiatliard. and tha latitr tit oa th* larhi ard. Tlioeiewona th* N"?tt rce and th* Clyde *r? t|vcl*ily Joernng of innmoadaliog. and. iadood. all of than I at* ! ** nor uted In Ih* teial lavtrft I rnanBar Th* di.or* leading front thr anlo-.u to tl *1*1* r?< ma nr* nltn of w*in?i t richly cnr**d, and linrd on ih* loaid* with trim*?n at I h. while oa lb* e*atrn of tscb door in th* 4. InaRow arm* rat on I nf tt.* aolid wo *. At Ih* ond of thotaloon, nrar Ih* aotrna**, I* a Urg# ?idr. bvtrd. n'ou of oak, with whito marhl* top. ?ansnsat*d with B Ian* alfrte, ******* la aa ! (**! ?*d rt?bl> o?r?"d (til ftan r AI. r* lb* trttlr* r?B* Mi gr . f d'*lag t*hl**. Hi*bl* of *tc mmodallBg tint jwr*. **, f*r? ab*J with a?tu o* r*?h ?ld*. baring motabl* Ka<k* Abo** th* tablr* ar* mah'<f*n* rack* for bold!** orytlnl. On **rh aid* at th* after end of tba aslooa, ate rang** of **fa*. *o*rr*d with rriBiMia Ctr*eht re'rrt plavb. wl'h tr* and card Ivklr*. kr. Again*! lb* r*dd*r ran* I* t rublymrtrd nnd gilt elonk. ??rm< **i*d with th* cite of lil*agi.B nu. ?n4 .n fr ml > I It * ik* oaten*** to U>* lowrr rol a*, oontnlalng tltlt ro w for *orgo<.a. eblof 'UwvrJ kr.. tad *?r?** a" apartmrnta. Nona* lb* aiair tw rkis rails * a flnrl* raais'a'wd ah rail and balaatrsd*. *nd Inc lialaly tr atlag th* gtsir* tat*, at lb* ktad of tk? dialog tall*, |lar?d a r*rg h?adna* arm rhair for th* eapiala r*rlog mrtltim*. whlrb I* in ktertag with ih* r*ai of ik* fnraitor* lb* main aalown aff< f tiB IILtllf s lilr* it r .11 r> m.m title i-ui ifrfg ?l-i!d iL mdt - rd latia rta aaaoaimodalt fall* that naUr. H' tttoad dart ttatt-o I rar, kit . ara lnrrt aa4 waforta) : iff nrrnirrd oa tatk ndt af ikt *>: Jerk, la front f t) fvaaal. tal raltr ky Inhkia* nalltr la Ui?m ia th? tattoo la Ik* ?at *aar? ara Ih# chiaf i <- ra' tnd aaalaaan' r? < ma. and tka athar nndtr-nlirrrv wklla Ia lk? rtaara** ara taparal* irtnaiaM f-r lha ?an >t. aj>| rtnilrtr. and tranaa. Tkt wkala tblp t taa>pnap. Intlnd.n# aptnia. tnrf. a. craw miawrt. an* Mrraatt. aoa-MU of >t<ll alilf ladltidaala. la ardttlta to ?ka acaf-mm .daitnn far i ttrrnptqp. tka ('it* af ttlaafott kaa room t? at. a al mi I '? ' mot tf mr*t, akltk la alroad/ larval* nacnpitt kp mnaaftatiired ?~>4a tka pre4nat af Olaagata. Wri a?bt lr?n, oa oi?arat4. ftraM aa t atoll |?rtl?.a af It. <lk# alta aarriaa t ?' Ivita af caal, bat kaa lb* ndaaatapa of tare* tarh-rlaaa.t otik aklak aka ak?tra aka *a laat kaaa* aaaaaaa. and am I fa?t da * Ka<tf rnnlr atat*4. tka rkip kaa kaaia antlr-a af Wl h ra p. aaa, a acratr of 13 faat d la Malar. ?l?h a pitth of aa laaa Ibaa W fret Bom# dirt ur kaa era look pitta at Tarla on tka dtk nil . but tka miillary aaoa tnppratr-d tkrm and ana* of tka rtnglaadrra vara arraatrd CflMVtn allarado " l>ov? wttk tka priaata Jaliackiak la aaid to ka katrotbrd to a Ooantaaa Btorkan Tka krldofrocm U ab< at M. tka brldr II yaara of ags Bastard a Panorama of tka Mltalatlppl. *a>l Mr Ma araady. vara la <1 largo* Madam# Dulakaa. tka aarompliakvl planlat U daad Tka Bkallak Nk*l|ailaa Laws. [Brnot lha L< od<a I mtaa April It) W? andaratand that informal k>n hot boon ro. or l*od tkal ikt ad ran Ufa < f lh? a-lmi-aton nf Rrltiak **a?r|r luto tha ladlract irad* vitb tlia I aitrd Ifatat, r< aarqarat apx o lb* rtp. nl of tha Brlllrk aaaigatl< o lava, la hsginalaji iv ko kit la tka oraaga tm<ia J'oa Ik# A nor. Th? tarpita la this trada brlra of a prrlrhaUn not art tka aiportar prrftra HrltUh ta Borlngutaa *aaa> la. for Ih. nurpnroof tarry i apt thorn ta a fori ign atarkat aa brlag hrttar ft aad and mora f?arlaanly tallad and tbaraforr hattar ralrulattd to ?MI**r Ih. m in good ordtr and arrrrtl Hrituh ahlpa bar a i * d *tn< a th. Uglni.n t "1 ,b? prawnt p?n* I* tb* trad* Ihoa* trland* ant lb* Calt.d M?t?l r<alH|a>? trwrlt (*>uld at all tiaiM b? rhar??r< d at a lowar TV-tght hot th?y bar* oat* hara ?ai plop.d In ?n?h ropagi a aa w?ra cWwad to Hritlah ***ral# Tbrr* la #?*r? rtaaaa to ball*** tbat fo* tba ftatar* Ibla trad* will glr* regular ?o>p|i>yia?nt to a *?* lata nuabar of Brltl.b ??*? ! of b*l*o*a 10 aad 60 ton* bat dan Tb# fraaah lapabll*. Aa th* Praatdaat of I ha R.pahll* waa pr*o**dlag t* TaraalUaa n* tb* I9lb nit , to ra*1aw lb* troop* na* *4 tb* bora** af b>* parrlag. fall In lb* < ham pa II p**aa A anabar of Idl* fallow. hard hf lata* to .tag to tb* air of Vt! Imapou (alluding to tba Irfpadlf** Vali a< l.dw*rr*?fWt ) atom I wo. ' ?w I aHraoi r Tb* bora* hat ag rata ad tb* Prta** ooatlaa*d hi* joarn #p Ha * *atba*ta*tlaallp ma.lrod bp tb* traopa aad la babltaata of Varaatlla* tt I* >t*M tbat th* *tlal*t*r of tb* Tatar I or ha* an ao****^h*t k* ha* nrdorod th* rloatag Ibla dap. of tb* alnb* a blab ar* hold nndar tb* pr*t*n** of lb* alaotion* of tb* ?th la tb* Ttb, 10th. aad 11th arroa dlmraionta. and at Charont* It I* aatd that th* haa r***l**d oa withdrawing tb* tall on th* proa* T1i? ?> wn? quit* a panto nt lb* Roar?n an tb* ISth, ?fp"nat1| a i:Jk ut anp r?*?nr*h4* *** . Tb* fir* * [ERAJ per cent# opened at Sl'f ?c.. but ulinrily afterwards a quantity at money stock having been fur sale, they fell gradually to H8f tfV . ami clotted at 86f. tt&c. ; the three per ceuli closed at 64/. UOc The account of tbe Bank of Franca of the 11th. chow* that the cash In hand baa decreased by 6,t0t).(M>0f ; the commercial bill* discounted hare deCINh<4 by 2.6D0 UOOf.; the proteetedfciU* havs decreased by lOO.OOOf : tbe bank notes In circulation have dacri'iM-d by 400.Out) ; the balance to the credit of the Treasury baa diminished br 2 600 000/ and tbe sundry credits bare dmlnisbed by 2 260 OOOT Barop Friaire. one of the old rat general* of the Umpire. died in Pai l* on the 11th ult . In the 87th r*nr of hi* age He served aa aidc-do-ciuip to Prince Hugeue Beauliarnaia during the campaign of Russia. and remained with the Prince'* family at Munich until tho year 1862, when he returned to France. Italy* Our advice* from Turin are of April 0 A signal victory ha* Jui t been gained here in favor of the liberal cause. uot only In Piedmont aud in Italy, but also, though indirectly, in Kurope. An assembly. c onpoaed ot elrui?uta i ?seutially conservative (th* annate of Turin.) ba* nobly broken through th* trammel* of auperatitloua illibi-rality. aud ha* boldly proclaimed a* it hn* candidly admitted, the abandonment of an odlou* eyatem of privilege hithertoln use The senate, in ita silting of yesterday. adopted, by a majority of 22 vote*. 161 against 2D) the law propose 1 by miuiati r*. and ulremly voted by the t'hamiier of Deputle*. by an immense majority -that of the abolition of exceptional and special tribunal* tor the clergy, and on tbe right ot asylum in plaeea of refuge, where the guilty were screened from punishment uudt r cover ot an inviolable shelter in certain religioui establishments, churches, convent*, aud the like. Mpaln. IVe have received journal* and correspondence from Msdrid dated the Dili ult , from which we extract the following :? We have received from a certain source, precise information reepocting the arrangement, through the good offices of the King of tbe Belgian*, of the dlffar?lices that had arisen betweeu Kugland and Spain I u It* official note. tho Spaulsli government, without i'iitnlng Mr. liulwiT, declares that in whatever hat hi i n done by it. it h?<l o>> intention to offend Koglaud. and that If Ihe llritish guTttlittint desired a reuewul of amicable relations with that of Spain. the Utter were willing to receive the person whom Queen Victoria might be pleased to send to represent her at the Court of Queen hiMil mid the reception which would lie given him by the Spanish Court, and the arUeut deelro of the government of Spain to draw dose the bond* t'f rorilial friendship would prove to tho llritish government the great satisfaction which Spain promised to harsclf from a renewal of those relatione The note of the hritinh government is conceived in a like friendly spirit Being perfectly willtn4 to ac credit a minister to he near the perron of Quonn l abella, einl fully rouvinred of the profound attachn.i lit of Mr HuiWi r o the Queen and the Spaulsli nation, it would have p:. ferred sending him to Madrid but that be war tngaged in an important miaeion to the United Stalin; Queo-n Victoria would, therefore, tend another potior, at- her minister to Spain. Rvittai A ictter from St, Fctersburgh state* that the caravan which trauapoits the (fold 1 xlraoted in the otnuntaine of the Altai had arrited in that capital. It I ruvght 7172 kilogrammes equivalent In value to IS, f. Out of th<i quantity 6.1*10 kilogramme* came fri m the mince of Siberia The number of initio* in the chain of the mountain* of Altai i#NO; in K astern Siberia there are n4. The above I* tho second caravan that Liu arrived since the winter act in. Affklra of (irtrrr. [From 1 lie IJnftid Service Maaott* J Our aourcee *f information lead u* to the conclusion that, if lint absolutely settled, the affaire of tlr'cce have assumed so mild and pacific an aspect, that wc may daily expect to hear of the return of sir Mi. 1'arki r * tlci t to Malta At ail event*, so toul, I at are the government of the speedy tcrminitiou >' tho dispute with Urecce, thai the reduction of th* flc?t is Immediately ordered, and the Howe. 120 Captain Sir Jiiliiis Stirling, and the Vengeance. M. Captain II M black wood, are to coins home forthwith, to be paid off, one liiie-of-l.altle ship, the Superb, HO. radioing the two The Odin attain fr'gate i- also uidored home iuini? diet-ly, to he paid off, tho Terrible, sloam frigate, at hiaoon. rt her Tlia Ranka of the flyde. [from the tllasgow Mail. April !.} Terterday aflvrnoon. a very large party if th* most respectable and Influential Cltlsetie of Olwsgow assent* bled at dinner in the Trades' Hall, t"> pay a tribute of re#pact to the lion Adatu Ferrie. through wlioee eu|igLleu-d aud disinterested exertion* the beautiful I bunk* of our nohie river aie open to the public. Thore wife tn al ly UA) gi ntlemi u prese nt uriiTii n-i. i u-ium. .i me autp>* or trie i chutr ?u| ported ?n the ri^Ht by the guout of the I reining llie lion Adam lirrlr. anion tha left by | J? !i n I 11 < k i f MarrlaUa Tin . > ? hair | wn? filled by liaeid Rail. K"j the ilu'.le* being chared by Mr llarT'-y and Mr MXilUnd All?r a epiendid dinner, excellently ?ereed. The C(i*i*M*.e then (tarn, in ex|>r<??i?e and laudatory term*. "The l^uren." Prince Albert, tha Prlnoa <>( Wale*. and Koyai Family " (All the buinri ) Tlia Ciiiiiuir eald, the nest toaat ou hia liet *41. ''tl I'raaidi nt of tha Cuited ftilN of America. Uan*ral Taylor." After referring In Iho rapid comrnun.'ration, by menu* cf telegraph. between thm country and Frurt and tha probable extension of it to America. I ha ( ha:rinan proeaad< d to remark, that America ?a? becoming a moat lntereatlii|( quurtu ol tha world It war a i.Mog rou itiy. and a I in oat tha whula of tha |ru*t< m* and mann< r* bmif Kugli-h they aotild not I ul taka the dttpaat interaat in tha proap'erity of tha ' I nit* d Metre. lie waa aorty to tea that the President ' of A nu Id a *? ro much .11-pored to maintain lit du 1 tie# lie .the tin mail) aLould bare much rather j I kid that he had ab< Itrhrd the dutiea altogether, it ' w old Lute dona r art lea to that country not tea* than I to on re lie war tha choice of tha people of America, hotritcr. aud La hot" d lie would oiwny* be a* accept a hit to them a* he liud hitherto bean (Ciiatra) All tha honor* Itand " Yankee Iloodle " The t iiaia'iae In rlrlng 'The (Jorernor General of ratinda. the Karl of Elgin" remarked that he wa* not p*rtlru>ariy aware of what great good the Earl had a* yel done, tut a* th.a wa* a rouipi uniitaiy dinner rather than a politlral na ha would eay nothing of hi* fault* lie wa* quit* aure that Lord Elgin did t he be?l he could for tl.a Intrraeta of the colony o*?r which h* praeldt d They wonld. llier. for# drink hia good health with all tit* houorc (Applauaa) All tha hol nor* Great Tunnel of the Alpa. (From the Loudon Tiuia* of April 1 I To complete a direct Una of railroad communication bate a* U Boulogne and Venire end A MM* and, once, quentlr. hi tweeu London and the Adriatic, one only 1 briar la lien In the way The chain of Moat Oeuta an l Mont tieheer* running uaarlr n.-rt mat and anulh. waet would rrnae ?u?b a Hit* and prwut. with their : <.f II u? fr?t, ?o lD<urg|i>uitobl<' bar to iid; ilrrrt >?d mntlnoue ralln; Itroi London # lir (.'Iwjuhirj bf the I.pona railroad, ail It dbooth enough, ?i?r tl>?t nul can and will, and ltdird la art at-onl to purh furih.r acceii-ilng to Mntl Htllltnd m l ft Mitrlfttf Inamaa wall kn >wn ml who directed lln-ir etepa along the railep i f the Arc. l *irl? Laa?lehourg), and. bp an tllirlM iffort. it will pat reach higher at far a* M< <U la. at th* foot of the northern Hid of tba liraiaa and t ottlan Ala* But OMa there ail lurtbar propraaa I* arretted atil no train can bo|>a to ranch tha Italian Ida to tun and lurtn. and tbeoca la tha anatarn car It of the panlueula aalaaa a enhiermnena wnpfnre U n arcau through the innw capped lamer * bat a mag nlliceat problem It bara presented to tba tsTaiitiaa gamut of tha age ! B hat tplanilid raaultt to ha attained bp lit tnrreaaful eolation ' A itch a problem hat been aetnallp under tha rontoleration nf tha Bardinian government tinea Aug net IMd Ita eolation la no Imger a matter of doubt Tba poaelbilHp cf boring tha heart of Mount Oaneara and nf linking < bam harp with Anaa. north and math of that range, la a demonetrated truth Tha grant tunaal of the Alpe la 11 <ut Id 1 come a r'-allt f umlar thaautI lane of Victor Bmmanuel and tba riedm?ateee I'nrI liam'at Tba author of tbla gignntto t< heme la tba Chevalier 1 llenrp Mane lion' rarp Inepettor of the (Aea Olid tba tame who derived and eiacntad tha grant woeka on tha Liege railroad After Baa peart of Ince-^aol tladp ot thta qucetlon and manp practical atparl anta and calculation*. Including tha invention of nnw n.aahmerp for boring tha monntnln. thia ofleer made hit final report to tha government on tha Mb of fihutip, 1MB J tii j 144* r< ftaUtlng of Mttrtl diatingulahrd ftlrtl ?n gmarra. artlUary olrrri, ranatorft. m mbrra of tba gavirtimrtit. Ihi a prohiMif of gaolnga In riamlna and |lf> thalr opinion oft tha nalurr and f. arlMlily <>f t hatnlkar M*u? prnjrel That rowminrian on thr l?t ri N< oultrl?i Miiltkro ntdrrikl of tha mutator of fiMli ? orb a tk? ( hrraiiar raianrnpa. dartdrd m uanlmoualy and aatlrrly In faro? of lha pro lart Thalr raport togathrr with that of Cbrtall* Maut ha a rcrallf bran pr'nv d for prirala dlatrlI nilon. by nrdar of tha HnrdijUn gorrrnmant, UlnaIrali d by Brnj a tod plana and all tha rarloua ralentallona not only of rapanaa but of lha marbanlrai difl rultlra. aian, nhlrh Ihia (rant and timing projaal prarrMd. An appllratloft for a part of tha fa a da roqslmd to bagm tba grral tuaftrl will ba aada to tha ibambara fcttbwlth and tha work, wblrb It Ift ripactad trill oftI rnpy daa r?ara, will roat MuwtOOOf , whUa thr rotlr* railroad of lha Alpft ao?aarting tha tannrl with tha thaaibary rail ? j eft lha ona rlda and with that of ft via Oft tha otb*r alda (Ift langth liar <4 Mb ittraft or hV Kaglith mllraj mil roat 31 OOftfttttf mora. forming a total aipatira of M 0U0 (Mif Tha graftt tuftnal tta> If til maaanr* II gm mrtraft, or ratly aaaaft Kagllah mklaa in langth, Ita rr?t*<t h?i(ht aatll ha Ift faat and Ita width 3d admitting of nnraa of ft dfttihla ha* of mil Ita northam aotrnftaa Ift to bft at Mndoftft and tha aetithnm antranaa at Mar 4< ftn-rba on tha rlrat Mardaatna Thlft lattrr aa tranra bring tha hlghaat point of tha InUndrd llaa of rail will b? I iftl faat nbnaa tha laaal of tha aaa. and y?t Ittt) fa?t balow tba hlghaat or i aim looting point of tha gmat road, or pa?. oa?r tha Moat Caaia It ift lnt?? dad to dlatdft thr ronnartlng liaaa of rail trading biitthrr at.tranra of thr tnnnrl Into right lerltn 1 plan-? i4 rbrt at *i i RftgNM fBila't ach, ' LD. TWO CENTS. worked like those at I.lege. by ondlo.a cable* and atallnnary englnea but In the pr???nt caae uaovrd bf water power derived from the torrent*. / Tbe moat remarkable part of the project, however, to the uewly deviaed machinery mud motive power bf which the Chevalier Mnua propoaee to bore tbe |r?aft tuoDel. It ia aa iDpenloua aa it ia new. preeeatiac aorne extraordinary facta in meehauiea which could hardly have I ecn anticipated but the I ruth of which baa Vt en tested and verified l>v nrnetle.i ? - a? with working model* of tha natural slse before Um government commission already mentioned Bat tinand the consideration of the immense results, roeiai, commercial and political, tliat may be expaoUst to flow from such a gigantic undertaking. in comparison with which the Thames Tunnel and the Britannia Ilridf* become hcrnndury objects, may form tho auhjeot of another article. THE CANADA'S NEWS. Our English Papers by Special Mesnengers. TBS MA1ZITS, The steamship Canada arrired at Boston about 11 o'clock yeaterday morning. Our agent in that oily declutched our package, by special moseengor over the New Ilaven railroad. They reached our offloe at 12 o'clock last night. The telegraphic summary, published in the tfew York Herald of yeaterday. embraced nearly all the uaao* brought hy the C but wetliiuk It of sufficient in tarns i to our readers to give the auuexed items of oomuiarcial and political iutelllgence. The European Timet of the 20th ult , contains tl? following. relative to Mr. Calhoun* death: ? The news of Mr Calhoun's death arrived thla week, and, although the meUtieholy event ?a< partially anticipated by (bo hopeless atale in which the iaat. accounts left him. yet suvh an exit is too importaut in itacit and hi ara too closely upon the conflict still peuding between the Northern and tho (Southern States, to pass away without attracting considerable attention. | Mr. t'alhouu has been a leading politician during tha freater part of two generntiou. Uis public tulsula ought him p'i minetitly bef-re bis countrymen; and the dl-llnguirhrd |>arl which be playol in the g-oat questions of tha day. combined with the impetuosity of his temperament, rendered him. par excellent:*, the embodiment of Southern character. It was always felt thst. during bit lifetime, any compromise on the slave qui stlon was perfectly unattainabla. W'bat efl< et his dlsap( earattcu may have on tha statu of partu s, cannot, of eear -e be Immediately aaoertmnad: hut the tone of the papers In the great Northers citi-a Induces u? to believe tlmt the slave party, deprived of a leader in a hose abilities thvy placed implicit Confidence, may desire as f?- as po-dble, to narrow the breach with tlieir northern lellow-cillxecs. M e hope It may lie so albeit the authorities on which we t>ase this opinion arc not (he most reliahlcln agaction so delicate and excitable ??the que- ioa of slavery. \\ halevvr difference nf opinion may pn vail respecting the views of the late / merman statesman, we happen to know, through a confidential channel, so many amiable traits in private life as to make US feci s dei p personal respect for the nutn The Union has produced some great men. and. amongst tbvm. certainly not tho L ast able aud rrsp, 'ted was J. 0. Calhoun TIM- xulrin paper puMie&C* tha following brl-f f?uim try of m*i:Hpiln. The letter! from Madrid i xprere'f the greatest unxtety reapecttnn the filial remit of the p nJnig negotiations for a r-uuwai of friendly rnlotioa* withilngluitl pome delay to occurring m the arrival of hord I'll luteTutou'x reply to the .Spanish cubiuut M. lelurlla if ri udy to Mart trom Madrid to resume hi< i- <it in London, and rarioua diplomatic change* will tall* place at tha other Kumpeun courts The uiuoh talked of Count Trapunl ??? niarried at Florence, o i tha iulU in.-1 , to tha Archduchess Isabella of Tuscany. Srrmanft Turning toUeruiany. matters oontlnua In e?ry urnsatisfactory state Ti?# comedy of vcepting theebnr. tcr of the Constitutionrn A'er. a. agrned up >u at hrlurt. la beinir euarted and Pru?lu joins In the humor of the affair, and ar r?i >f to what liax t d<in* fa thr mennfimv, kesvetcr. fVrt if a ronrrntrolion of K . n.-na /otrtt, to the extent v/ Im.lJOO ren, on M? I'ruexijv/rew( ?it, Mi Out) <>f which ara llaahkir and Clrea Man horsemen ; aud. if the agitation in lleruiany proceeds to a length again to disturb thr peaea of Hurop.- wo ahall be <|Uite prepared for the lut?rferenre of Russia oooa inoit to hritiK about ps&ee All tha amount, from tha Iluehlet concur In representing lustier* to he daily p-nninu w >r.? The ha-iei are pre par I iik for a ren< wal of the war Kerry day proie- more and mure how fat Uly th>- Pru ?'au mlnletira are bent upon a rupture of *.>m? kind or other. Their ii fueal to brink the (laiit-h aolutil-u merely to keep alive a spirit of discord In the aain hop. a of satisfying a **r faction will bring Jown upon liermany a retrlhutive sengeanoa Amtriaat length spiak* out a boat the I'u-iilew, ami a< England, Russia. Prnnee and Au?tria mu*t all b? of arrord upon tba subject, it seem* a no-thing Ilka mail lie#.? for Prussia to attempt to defy all Kuropa upon tha .ul^aet? especially whan not tlie smallest plea of Jostle* ean hv id up id Iktor of tha pratenaioua of (Jermany Tb? attltuda aaenmrd by Kueala. and tba deeUler lone of Austria, roniplataly r< .iliae all tha h.o upon tbi* , tod *i Hill fully 1-11**# that Um Oiilr will only !" wtlN kj ?< ? ouch ui'i tr* tut *r? iiiit In |>rt|>trtlii>n India and t hlna 1 f bin new-frm India and China by lh-?Or*rland Mill with date* fr in Hntnhay to III* Iflth Maroh, and front llonv Kong to (h* 27th of February On tha ffiinllrri at l'**hawor. Hlr Colin Campbell hae had inni trout la with tli* predatory Ij.rdaa on th* billi. and In tb* <liTaction of Kohat I h*ra nrma to bay* bean a pood d*al of flilitlng in th* ia?>*- f 11 M i* at Ivor mail bar* returned without linaing don* much toward* I ravrnCna th* futur* inrurth n? "I tb* aneiny In a dangemu* de-fll#, of thirteen mil-* la l?nutb onr tro. |># *uir?r*d ronelderat !y from th* r n?lanl flr* at tb* mat< binrk men Tin Knrnpaan offleara and lid or I rate* wrra killed Th* who), of th" r*?t of India I* tranquil but th* dominion* of th* Nliau ara fa*t verging to Mm* flnanrlal and polttirrtai* Bearjthmg i||"Kri quiet in tb* yaricu* l/blu*** part*. Kg>|?t lf? learn by way of Kay pi. that Mr Layard an I bid i arty ara carrying i>a their lidtMlul accaaatloaa ad Nlmrod and Nlnryah. and a **?t number of oappar ?*# < la, beautifully *t>gr*ved. and fln* tlaba. Ill antral .ia of tb* rnlr. coaquaat*. doni**tl? lit#, aad arts of tb* anal*nt*. ar* da ly brought to light. Cap* of flood Hop#. Cap* of Uwd llopa paper* baa* arrived to tb* tld of Priauary Tb* pal ilc r*j?l*t?g? at th* dapartnim of Ui* Mrplaaa Warn to laha pi tea when tb# r*aaat ailed, wblrb vaa dauy eipect. d Th* ia?i fraaa Natal I* not to rate uraging for yettiara a* tha prcvloaa account* ViMUry and t o ma in a r* I al Rarlaw. (from tha European Time* April-JU I Th* general ton* of * miueretal affair* remain* wildcat Improvement Th# market* for Import .d good", both her# and la L?a<toa. villi praaant, la tb* inajortlw of inatanr**, a drooping appearance. and wh*r* l>*ar.ea* baa l aan traneai te l. It cm generally la favor ot tha layer abo only purclia-** to mwl I mm-din la want*. At tha tame tima. although th* aajua oI prodor* I*a*rally i* lower than la tb* average ot former yaara tbar* la not tb* aliahteat aymptom of a apaculatie* demand Tb# rotton market npaaad with eeoyld <r*M? (!r?paaa tbla week and <>n th* arriaal of th* Niagara with adaicaa fr< tr Haw York ta lb# ltd last al-lJoJ irnpulea we* girtn to th* trad* tm*rtraa da-rrlptiona id many Inetanr*#, helog aold at aa adeao-a o| no* forth ing p*r lb f?> * juanily lean aetieily prevail*^ but <Or prraanl q'l.'tati n? ?r? H'? Tully nn? Mgltth <* ap?nn?p<rlb abort tk"?a qantad laat waafc ll Mlk l?rli u drMrtftli'i* pr?tty MWtilfi- builnaaa kM |.*?nd<na. and naa "f *? <1 par lb aatabllahod l?paruJatnra nod aplnoara enatlnaa b> pur?-h*?? vith mnPd?nr? oa tb? Mwiluinl ftrttintf #f Ihi rnpblMa front tk? I.'nit*d ?ul? baing abort At tbto day'* Bating of Ik* broker* aotnmItt?* tha dlrlal quotation* for fair ratli n virt dfclarMI m follnmt? I i lai d M"MU m4 <?tI?bb? 7tgd r* Ik. Tkr ??! of lb* ?mI arr til ltai hal?a again* Inahcirt i.f 4? JM. lbs* rHadni tk? 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