Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1850 Page 2
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i iii ii " i s,?.r - w,o? - eeeded I* t? 1? M J>e? i?t, whilvt ether article? m* (trad; at fi rmer rate* The iron tiud? continue* deprewted without dmp.wiU<ilo aril U auy material alateiurnt in price Tlia following arc the prevent quotation*. d.-livarwd in Liverpool ? Merchant bar ?6 > Ad ; boat rolled A'fl Vu . tiailtod. ?<s. hoop. ?7; "beet, A'7 16a ; Wo. 1 Scotch pig, ?2 12a. . . The mill ot mini have not bei n 1? My great extent, Viet of the late arrnal* being held for public aaie, vkith i? to take pi'"-, mi the liuth iutd The it oak of foreign continue* light, uud price* are flrui Public ale* arc anitouuct it to comuu uce ou the lid of May, when about tb.l'OO bale?, chiefly foreign uud colonial, a ill be biougbt forward The account? from the manufacturing district* are autofaVtory At yeatcrilay'? Manchester market, buyore hung buck "lightly, lu con?euueiie? of cotton baring been uuin frnb offend at Liverpool; but price* remained eti a ly at Tuesday'" advance, hot h for yarn* ami cloth". In coarse yarn* an much as ',d advance va* obtained for Io'h to 20? water twist. In flucr yarn*, and on shirting?, I be auuiu advance ? an demanded aeon Tuesday Itono "tie.? and heavy good" did not juirleke of a proportionate advance with other good", but were a little easier to ??U at old lu the win lliu districts a lair amount ot busine*? i* goirg foiward. the market tor Knglish securities hae again tlin-tuutcd to tome extent, tile price* of thl? day being rather Inlaw tbi *e of laet week To-day, Ih. re was a rather more hrallby tone in the market, and Consul". for both ouey and aceouut. clo-cd with some steadiness at to fcti, whilst llie new Three and a Quarter Per t'l-nt" were ijuoti d at to '* to i?7 ?. aud i. icUequer Hills tin to 71 pri in . for bulb large and "mall The following table shows the fluctuation? in eoncol?, troui April lft to April lU: ? For Honey. FW Aeromi' Jfril. iia/vil./ii/,fteu.Cio.Mg, Lmrfl.llivhr.l.i Inv <r. Mini any I V.. t "' MK HA*? lift'. jlft?, Tneid y pi sa'tb, 9AH Sftj2 y.',V Hit ?sdn*?yl7 V. PfV 9.1*2 9f-\ !*\ !ftJ? Thorn?"* Ipi', !ksV UftV ft',', ft',", 'y...w?t? yd itb yftfj vi va The bullion market remain" exceedingly Arm. and without alteration in price. The arrival* eluce our last have bet n i try limited, and the supply i* consequently tlnall The Run previtisly alluded to contiaur to be the principal taker* of wlver for the north ul hurope. the advance lu c ; tinetitai exchange inur critig w.ili ihipi.o tit . to uher parts Doublooa* and pillar dollars eth! in roquet, hu.1 tin- price nominal, owing to their seuirlty 2?ouey ***y. at previous *nt? s ? Foreign gold in bars (standard) per 01 A'3 17 9 Do. silver iu lore (standard). . . " fl 4 11% Cold colu. Ifit ugtd piece* " 8 17 4 D?> Douhioi'n*. Patriot " 3 II 0 Do. Diiubb ons Spanish . 3 17 0 Do J*up'h ous " 3 16 6 Do. 10 guilder pivci'S " .. 3 13 0 Silver coin. Mti 4; S Alt' Tlr.m dol. ' . . 0 4 10%' Do Spanish pillar <1 liars... " .. 0 4 11 Little change has taken place in the foreign funds daring the week Portuguese and Veneauelii stock* bare rather in| ri,\ed wlnt-t tbe market for liuenos Ayr. li i- In c one weaker. Mcxicun closed this evening at 2'J to 21'% ; lit -sian new loau i to '2%. aud Daniel. 4.1, to 4!?. Tile Unire market lias been ?nbjeet to mnclt depression during tin course of th past week. Indeed in the ?nr y part i f it. th* t e wee a complete panic, Loudon aid Nortb-Yt eeteru "lock being sold at. ami below. par. lucre bus U* en bow* ver a ri action and yesterday and to-day a much be'tcr feeling has prevailed, and the market closed strong, at. th* following rates:?NorthWcsterus Ul\2'4. ditto (quarters. 2 1',; Midlands. t"23; ditto Halves. '27 % 7. die ; Nnrthftafford*. lu% %, dir.; Old Dover*, 12% 12%; ditto No. 4. reg 4 % %; (al* dcniaii*. 7% %: ditto I'ruf. 3% Kastern Counties. (i% 7 -.i; Cleat Northerns, 14% %; (treat We?tern*. ?1 2; Vork and North-Midland 14 % V; Lancaster and York, 33 4 1 he i sprees train 'rota London brings u? tbe following quotation* of American Securities, which were Ins juices current lh:s alurnoon.? bittrrit. RfitrmnHt. JVire. t'nilsil States A per ct. dollar. I<<3 M a as Ditto 6 ' ' |oi! ins aliet Ditto 6 " " li*7 ll'J aid. % Ditto A " " 1WW 110 all I He* Veil Suit... 5 " " l*3fl V7%itlr% Ditto S ' " lKVt-14) H7%? ?-% Ditto 4 ' " IH66 1<? a ? Mew York tuy . ..ft ' " ISSS-TO PS a ?i Fee nsyltaaia S " ' ? 82%a 83.% ?" !? n iito a ? Dilte. fi " " WW) WO al'll fl " ite/'g. lxtM jt? aim: Uicci* t> ' uco ? a ? S. CaiTa. (Daring'*) 5 " IVtM-tJ) ? a ? Ditto. (I'altuvr'tj ft " 1NKI ? a ? Hart latt.l S " H4t'e. ? W itl lln. (PlanCr*' Ilk)? " l?dl-?0 ftO a ? (I'tivo Ilk) ti " ? ID t 311 Alabama d.liar. 1W1 Ml ? (TJ Dill*. ft " atvr'f. lMK-'.i-ftg a 74 firgiti* 6 " " Iftfti U I ? D'lio 0 " " 1W7-73 ti iM Kertu. ky 6 " " 1U8 :*i t W I lurid* 6 M " ? SO ft ? llitir MfttucTt. April 17 ? Cotton- Pino* the 10th lo t . our market lin< r. tn&lned eip.trilingly dull, with dully ttlr* urareely teach lug 4 to fxiu kalw. at languid latua. Our manufacturer* complaining. begin to reduce their wot king hour*, only buying for lh*ir moot pc. taing want*, title will iu a great BK'fteure ex; loin the nullity of traniactione nolwithatanding tlin favorable report* frrm Llrerpnol. In which market the laat u?w? tr m 1 he I'nited State* were more IneoraMy Interpreted Whan with tie; the importance of our etock. ?f which M M O boh r are lauding w. ip;h* ul.o li.'ttvily on onr market ami. in addition to th'?r rramn the political *nib?tm>-meiit of the country, occaelonc.1 by the la?t election* in Peri*, and by tbo*e which wiU take place en the l>th iti-t will e tif lly aeeenul for the general nueaey t 1 ling that e*M*. The Import* <>!' tnn paet n*'rin.*lit o| (tf>K) hale., e*.;.? ?t ootl?idrrably the aalc", will, h only r? ?ch 7...let on>? -o lluti we rciuaiu with a ?t k on I. a mi .1 ti l-a-i I* tO bale*, a* will I > ?e.n by our rialt men! at foot to which wo refer at the aauot Hut. for quotation* lie rtctlv.d yeeterdey. p*r Connecticut, flew day*' later date* from the Matt* aay up to the 'Jftth utt. | ft-oni New Vet k and 2 (1 fr in New tlrleana. by a tela- ! graphic dc'peicli, prWc went eery tirm. and middling I wit'11 iu N? a Orb an* wa* quoted at lie We now | look for our advice* of the id ltiat froui tlnaton by 1 ....... V .... .. -1.:. 1. - it t.. . 1 .1 ,,,lit . .n. di?v fo oar Mrkitt. Tin foil' win were the anleU effort'd. r t ? 1.4-':u l-alir N.w Orient* F W to 101 ? ' M.7 ' MiVIe (hi - W ? 4*3 k'jdaud 117 ? VI ? S-j*? balce. Ftntetti nt r.f romn In tlarre en the 17th April ? FtwllL- t?t January . . . i^i'oolwlthb 33iMI< S. Import* (KM iti*1*1 5an .114 4-5 * Ml 283 " P 1AV 465 " 154 Wt? " il*lr? fcr rviiMin^liiin.. .. ifHW " 7.1474 " Taken l-y * pet-illation 2500J " !6>o?0 * Ftock thi* day. " .ante firm- laat year. T*.p<H* 111.174 id whleh 1W 473 " Datorrt 474 105 Ml " t-wk 121 516 ' ?! *) ? A in x No alt. r*<i m lia? taken , Inee In either pot a t-rpmrli, rati* aluer uur l*?t n tlr* ?t? qnlla lktt(> aitini t |.rt. ?r< eulnpleUty nominal f 49far lha farmer, ainl i -i 1 'I f< r lha I ii let pir V) ltd .duty paid, fatan it tleall r ami If erlllng In tuall parrel* at f 50 i p rM k 11.. duty paid lamiM* Paei.i it Maaatr, April 1? -l? either jot or |.rail aitr* Ihrta l? no aiWiation to nolie-i, a a.I ntii i . imam u leet i|.tut-oi F-r tpuTriiton h?rk there n i.t i.uea a fair inquiry. hi. I further eah-a of Fli Udi lj L.n l ore t- u luade at 11*. 3d . n?d vf Baltimore a l t'H* J J 11n I' a price <?l lard ha* at l-ngtli <trar rdettiati'in and rnnahli h4.|i ?%! ? were ui ?de at th. cli ol Int and iarli part <.( thla week, at 111* to 4)0 Ad . ml at jm i.tljv t|M rum!in-nrdrra I allied an adrtieeiffd per at at 'i|i"h(t he market rloare lirmly alth falteol 4<0 t> o? F-r tallow there i? no inert and J i. and l>ut p t rli u* rat'-* are luthitainrd. Bee?* ??? catillt 04' * an-e. and n Mnall parrel r ??l j'i t larded rial ? d 17 5? In tp en ..r wh ile nil tin re |a no Tow I a'ure il la again a aha h? *.|rr i ? hnl-|[l?i1l aeeopti-l -f -r 6<l harrela Of turpi r.llpi- f.'fl herrela hare inn d'*p <a*d of ftmii the-hip ? elite at ',"1 t? Tv 4-t a? in quality, an I ?i barrel- tpirlla at .'il? lloatn la |om r. ri'mir -n harla? hetn et id at > W4 and the f per aorta in prnt.-.rMen I ."ao liarr? l? tar he.-i.ght h* C I . r* ijnny Lln??cd oil eekea t-v ee o'T alonljr H oe ha? b< in I -iter reqa'-l and 2 were taken at l*t far all and !* to I- N ft# good In very good tn-w; eim.i. ? l- h. li turr I l-*i tn reea hurtttirrd. an I I he I--tie i I th- ii j i . el I t .ueh iiuirle r For rl .e?rae I thtit I* I ul I'llle io-iiurp and ibe trniieaetlnoa aw- alW-gtlhirof a r- lil rl.arat t<r Flat"ee I la h-ld a'Nta., ?hWont fin-hag lo p. i? - i. n ;*ii, .tpnl an I ? it. tit. ?T I.I < r i 'til' rr Iffll* In *!. ? T ft I. I tnl it I i'r lurf '.art v. k lr?i|t Wt| rf?ni?r?lir? ly t" fth'r ft'ift? ?- r? In lm< iH'tilfi t (iwi ftufRft" t. I ? " r f"R''ly m ?li >ut t?'t ? it.i? Hf | ii u 'o Nn? Vi.rk I ** ml ? ?l?i. Ii' C4 'Hi . Ikr fivn|< IT. fht . hir.|Tttn?. it> '.J , r?M|.? i ? . I - . n | wight. IT* Vt l?I W . I H' # 'JC? kifilR^rn Jk, ; i nflhrn imp IN I liitau |)i nil ti ctii. !? A<| ti vV' , Hu* ft* tl* 8>*> I iril nf* 2-i t?itWn<K* lit A.| In lt< Ptltinii rr !' ?'l ?fliM |,'m InTftm ; {ft). 'J * ; h?rd?*rr 1 ? ?r iim?w? Vfc iv| fi..? firm4 ?r Ifht. itfc-1 t" *> : I'll* IS, ; kthlf iif, ft*. . ?riti??? in- 1<"? tnli. M 'I h" TiwkN ?*rT ? itr TPt rnm-fimtlH TTm f?r|n ni r? hnl ? ?fT -Mtll m lltg ' ti nlgTit, iM'i r?r?tVlr?T it' Hiln rt I'ring ffoni A f f"p ??r.- ikrihrf ih* M'?-???>f1h'lr ttrik \ AMI fnrrmt frttiflltg ??? biMt.U t?il *t 111 ' Irn BgTi Iir-Ii (>r I h? imi.M} 1 lii f? ti r mi iflfy fj*?. hn? ma4", ? Uii IklHi i'f fliTH ' f g?lh?rl?ll(4- ictnli'in W Tllil N 1h " llf ON Ok* Miiilwi rrnitk'il tllM Ihi'j iih(M I* fill nnrthi-r nn ling *o?l J.-'gnntn lkrii<?|rM ? mm iim ii*. thn mrp n'1 r* A hp ?r> ?l In u ?!'. tl ' it 11>n- *1 VI*' mill mtlil nil liiirig v iiiu h Mil *-.h ilnln mcivM rim* fti.m Infrlkrf ."nh nrlp! ?ii? ittinllnii i fmr llm **f m. . ii'iJ lb* in | urn ! I <mni if in ? Tridij *rtl. ri.nt k?-tn; nn. A m" '? * rf l1 ' h ml Im t <- k plv? n Trl llJ ' 1 m 11 i K" | .f ll? t' I 1,Miir * riRp p'*Ni? fivnlti ?'ti i.V.I rv.tlp >ll Qi tiiim*. A. Ttr.l rv?i?lil? Ii4 r. .1.' ,,i . rt)l|| ?tnl?r tu i.niMi fa III* wrlli r. ti .| p*. i-rily ?f in-ir lr?<l? j MfitimrnU of It. ill* I.I i* ill*. ?U?1 A Itrri" I'.iMilr. ni I ,,,| II K Mit'hnw. r I'Hy ?I *ti.| .... hrtiifrmt and r >tir att>.-i? ?tri*ti| In thi. *itj j. t.r.l.ji *t..| tonk rvmi tl ikt Mor IN n" W> iv'W ?H i t tH- "rrlvtl. ? thn Ti?? ff Ron MUlnM TUli*i.ft, I i't 'r.?iA.m ; II.n i\ i|. lllp i ifi I II l>ik. I * I i'?pt .n Jir'il'h nt my. ?'npt J H i'nti|. ? M.ntn. I v ,t;,| X Thii-ifu. M I' ? **?* ?'"l >' H kl ti I1 ? \ Crni r. lath#, *? ??!> ? ?'? : " * i???.4??:i i> n OmI I'.f.t ll?irt lit. k I' ! A I t| Uin 1 limnrrt l,|?>il. .iHitl I'rlw. I' I A i 4 Aft t ' iw <.i l.i it ?tn?. 4 fniltnit; nnd i?k n?.?t n Mf Imtltiii 11 "it I Tht iyn |t't triluli In llw *IIT tl *B Iht ktttlt. jrrti.idi.y mm t??r?i hun?r< 4 ami 'k fil j M At k. .li.?<. Rimaiat] Mm *%*. IW? ?M? ??/ /? ki'iti It'i ?l jim.i (V n I U jm ii ?-wm??tmrmmamcm* NEW YORK HERALD. JAlll OOHDOH IKllTT, PROPRIETOR AN1> BDITOB IWICI, 1. W. corner OF rtltTOJI AND mask a I' B*em 171? DAIL V 1 MM. #?r ovpy^tl pat MM 7 Wi (ClilfKiy HRHAJ D.mnry Saturday, <?f 634 pw * V 0f %'Sfur annum ; the Rwrapean *.<U?m $4 ^ It trie ludt the poit&i/e. ALL LETTER9 Iry mall, far wfcrrljrtt.xu, or ?.m?A n-lnrrhootnonlo. to &r pott-paid, or tin pvotap* mill M AodneuA from Vu atone]* remeltod. VOLV&TARY IDRRtmPOtiOKXCR, ..mtotow mpon.,.-a irui, enliiilrd from any op.trior of l/to unrld ; if Htod. mill be liber'illy imiid tor. NO .viT* 'E taken of anonym rue eemotomi,' atton*. Wt to oat return* retrrtod ron.muuiro'ujnt. ADVKRTIHMUENTH reuetneA eaory mornmo AMLSEMENT* TUIS EVENING. NIHL0'3 EARIEN, Bro?dw?y.-I.Pcm??ia Boksia. BOWERY THEATRE. Bower?.-Ku?? 1Ii?at JV-Mu* pt at tub NukC. _____ BROADWAY THEATRE ttroAdwAT? Rpbopap. ?? THB dtmu VI > Wirp- e.iat ji ? a h t npvaa Wup Fair LAinr ? tcrp ijte'b i? Dappar. lCRYON'S THE A THE, CbAiab?r? StrMt -Spaiovb Family? w.k1 a.hoap. ______ NATIONAL THEATRE. ChAlhPpi Son A to? B.pp TO Goad Lrcfc?0? a Gal? Iahii Liop? mt l'mooi's bbtpbt. THEATRE. Aitor PlAo?.-I>uk*,? Waoba?Mr Preciovs ! llttBT. 1 rUHtSTV'S OPERA UOU&k. mpbhinicf* iiaII? Etimo! rvap mipbtacla. _ i 0LTMP1C.?P?cb*a nibbtbua H BLODEONa-Whitp'P !to papal bra. 0IBCC9, Ait?r P1m??E<ii'rjrr>iAM Imom CHINESE Xl^im-CKiiin Fimi v and othxi Crr,iWTIK. llAV AM> F.vrvif 6 K< w York, Saturday, May 4, 1850. Telegraphic Summary?Highly Important froui Washington. Our private letters from Washington, by the telegraph, are of the most ini|>ortiint character in rerpect to the admission of California. They state that the prircipul topic of conversation umong the leading members of both houses of Congress, is the manner in which the convention was got up, and the corrupt influences that were brought to bear to get the so-called State constitution adopted; and that the general belief in Washington is, that it wes born in fraud, and lias been brought about solely by the intrignt-H of ambitious politicians and speculators, who ure striving to use Congress to endoree the acts of a convention which designs to make white slaves of the great body of the hard, honest, laboring gold diggers of that region, to the few designing land speculators and wire-workers who have concocted a nice plan for a great landed oligarchy. Tliey begin to see that the bone and sinew of the woi king-people of California had no wish for a ennventif n or a Ftate constitution, and don't care about being admitted until a proper time has elapsed?and that they hud little to say about the convention, constitution, or election of State officers, or senators und representatives to Congress. These fuels have produced u greut revulsion in the minds of members against the sj?eculators, their ..nnv.niinn their conviilniinn. and their so-called rrprrirntilivra to Congreee. Our Washington private correspondent telegraphed to us, last night, that the growing knowledge, in regard to these secret manauivres, has rrndcr<<l flie prol>al>i)ity of California being admitted into the Union an a State, m a i?<iparate bill, or even in connexion with a bill for providing territorial government* for Utah and N?w Nexico, extremely doubtful. He thinks that Congress will remund California back to a territorial government, and puss a law for taking a jui-t und correct ccnaus of that territory?another law, to regulate the <iuuldication of Vetera?so that the I ma fide American citizens only shul) lie al- 1 lowed to vote, mid l>c w? II informed of their powvr ai d rightr, before speculators shall he allowed to ! get council of the territory, g?t it into a State, and j ci ntrol all its l<ind?, amounting in value to one j bundled, or pcrhipe one thousand millions of dollars, and hold the power to make white slave* of th? gold diggers. It is further expected that Cc ngn ra will pass in additional act, in reference to tubing a fair vote in relation to negro slavery, only allowing those to vole who are Lxut fidt citi* ! tens. 'I he view s of onr telegraphic correspondent aa to I the decision of Congress in the [remise*, ara very j unfavorable to the udiinrai?ii of California ; and we ' fear, ft * in what we leurn from his communications, j that >he will l>e remanded lan k. Should this be I J the cn?e, we are by no neons certain, with a I ' fair expression of opinion by the people of CaJi> 1 f< rr.ifi?the American people of California? those who a;e legally entitled to vote, on the subject of slavery or m n-?hvery in the territory, that it Mould be f< r it. U> Confess that We think llieeprculutors only h-ivc spoken through the convention. When the hard-working men arc heard, we may hear u different eipresnion of sentiments from them ;h n we have hcHid from the politicians, schemers, ard sp< cu la tors. In the House of Representatives, a few momenta vmjr ??' i* ?" "vi* M **? ??' ?'?? v> (otnia ?i?eMk?n wdk tuk?'n up, and the fmtoun Mr. | Wilniof occupied the llou-e until it adjourned, with n ajecch. It will he found in another column, i Thia -per ? h Miowa the ularm of the fr<-e soil fanatic* iind abolition at;itutore, at the threat of the Southern nv-nitcra to rcfure voting the euppliee, an tin y have a right to do. We afinll have occasion to allude to tin* ?peet h further, when we ha\e a full leport < i it. The llouac adjuuniej over until Monday m at. *t>at?r ITttMotrr *vn Mr. junior vrr.uto? firm "the Stale if t 'uliforni#" culm out recently w iih a biter to the " XutwmU InttUum- i <rr," m w l.n-h hr iitt? u>ptrd toeorrrrt aome rem irhn ' n de in the Set ute I y the vet-Tan statranuui from j Keittoiky. Mr. Pieiuoat ia a vrry arn.irt, active ' young n. n; and though he h?? dene the State aome i the ftite hue d?oie him t-n I intra more eeivicr in return. It hun made film he i" ; ai d h would have rhowrd more mod. <ty and JIM gmerit, if he laid kepi himself flirt, and waited patiently for the action of Congrcoe, before t?nutiug to the rolnnitia ?f n -w-*paper. lie ia t ct y rr in the wen:ite, and < me tune may cl*|we before ho i* bdtinttrd. Col Fremont ihruld he the bat mun to move in the n.htt? t ?f ir. ;tir <; hostile h ?-Iin<?.? in California li.watdb the ITntod Htatee, hy a n-w-pnper eontmTrr?y. Tint h? i>- nukioua to get into the Heiial^ to r? ii in' nee the w el k for w Inch he w? aent krrc, ia veiy pot J '"- We ta li ve Col. Fremont know* m mrtLii g ol I oid clairna h. id by certain peopl- in ' i nn ti.m, ? > lite i immb on amount of ovrr a hundli d ii lllli ii* ol dolinja. liolet d. It la bald thai he i> lai ) M-1>?t< <: (n f in tl >-i pt live | ???I" i'?.) in them, iri ?S-,?t if h?* eeoure the of a I .w hy t'< n?re?e. nnifii ninii! all Mexnnn luW'e ai 'I , he will h-'eome the raMio.t in..n in il.e wafM. Th ini|oitxuK-<> i>T tfeltuigthoM lith e e? i.lim cd hy I (irjjivee, Indue < I H fcw ol the ntii M < I f ill' i i It .;?! V'lrtriout tin e, Ihmut* ii h lint he ct'uUi gi t lite aol of lo* huh r-w-h.w, i 11. 1 Tfin n. i !n v lur of the lurnl in di pule, if Coop reprt i Inin? all n it- < I Mexican Utl it i- aai l, will n .?I. iIX hukdird nu tu ne. No wonder UmIIJoI. I (lit< n if ne wi<I aw he f- r Culifi ir.U now, as he v fuita'h'p t II fi in r in i!e. A* W J,mI? ?ti,e raid, t-veijr inn lue hie j?irl?? t h iiidfterrlin f, w hi t! t lif f a J" rrfi l IJ' Of a ff( iiatof. i ol l? iiu.i filled ipLierjep in f>i< ua h< u-r rt the a** I thai a do by the tletlow f.'wlhown, that tin *os pir-t of bo XII . It It-lllUNy, Mud lie thai Bath* to the I Mil - I Matce, i.hli galt d all M'tiCud l.i*?ili I'i'l Itllilm tii ? rtcn ii.*-?< i i.nmet eUvny. Mi. ! uMi h * win ip ihie at<a trine wiutkl end, in. '-w- ditH?u'>il, .kJ ... .1 .. ... .1 .1... I I .1 . . I.. . ?...! -*! ?? ? i? i;. 11..1 nr | ?r? r t * ' f ? ' " M? am .11 l.i.d ? lip iim rr. A* ?<?# ?? ftdNiiu* it, ( n|. Iim ton ?ill mutt tojiiriiiiAf II tii'- .v,' iii(l, ?.iitl iftW-f iff ( >mif if ; <I'<1 ?' lt? ' I i.i-i I ?i?|if| ii ' . i" w- il 1 . 'I . , ! . f .1 il I.I' III I Id fuel, the whole of the gold region of California i?< new held by a few dozen speculator*, who got up the convention und furined the constitution, and who don't wunt California admitted by Congress, till these doubtful titles are all confirmed. The convention, under that influence, passed a constitution with a clause abolishing black slavery, up to the day of judgment; hut they have established a lauded aiibtocraey, and white slavery among the gold digger*, worse and (user tliun that in the ^cuth, ten times over. i'rnoAR in the Cabinet.?a few cabinet organs, such as the Washington Kcjmblir, the North American, and the Nov York Courier and Knr/virtr, have druw n the sword and thrown away the scabbard in defence of the very awkward position into which their patrons of the administration have been precipitated. Messrs. Clay, Webster, and the whig party in general, are most bitterly and violently denounced, in every form and shape, by the cabinet organs. Two reasons may l>e assigned for litis singular hostility shown by the cabinet to the great leaders und whig party. The first is the neglect shown by Congress to the cabinet measures, relative to the slavery question; the other arises from the psssnge, by the House of Representatives, of scverul resolutions lending to an investigation into the corruptions and mal-practices rhHTi'ffl nirninKf u nuiinrifv of the mhinet. Well, well, this terrible eruption of bad temper by the cabinet and their organs, will not tend to smooth their way, or to annul the resolutions in reference to the investigation. It will only help to Tylerizo the administration, and niahe the Senate scan with greater severity many of the cubinet appointments now before that body. Tbe Collector, and many other appointments in this city, may look out for squalls in consequence of tins bitter and violent controversy Ivetween the cabinet organs ami the great whig leaders in Congress. Miss Charlotte CYshjian?Her MrsirirExc:. ?Charlotte Cuthman is a trump card. She not only possesses the highest order of genius in her profession?acknowledged by the Old and the New World, ufter years of industry and study?but she has a heart as big us a continent, and as benevolent us " till the blood of all the Howards." We received, yesterday, the following note:? Gambi's lloTr.L, Washington City, D. C., May 2Join G IJts?i|TT. Esq:? I)i * Km?Looking errr a fl!? "f your papers, in that o! the 18th of April I r< ad whh great lut< ri?t. tho appeal of the ladies of New York for the establishment ot a House and Srhool of Industry I wish much to render my mite, in furtherance of ?o gene.ous and pruheworthy an enterprise Will you.then. allow me. air. through you. one of the first encourafcrg of my early professional efforts?the generous promulgator of my alter steps towards fime. and kind recorder of my successes?to remit to the managers of this laudablo Institution, the eurloecd draft for one hundred dollars, of which. I bog their acrceptance. with my moat earnest wishe* for their entire success, l'ray believe mo. ever. Very truly, your obliged ClIAULOTTK CL'SUMAN. According to her request, we hereby ucknowleg c the receipt of the above, with the enclosed draft for flOO, which we duly endorsed and handed 1 over to the pro|?er authority, a regular acknow- j ledgnient for which we takepleusure in inserting: i Nrw Y'oaa. Hay 3. 1MW.? Keeeived. through the | bunds of James Gordon ll? nnrtt. Esq., proprietor of the ' Srw >?* llt>a'rf."tho sum of one hundred dol- j tars, being tbe liberal and unsolicited donation of Miss Cbsrlotte Cushnutn toward* the project ot establishing ] a " House ; nd Reboot of Industry." by an association j of ladies, for the emplovment <f destitute females ot this city. " GRACE TVCKER, one ot the Directresses. The original shall be sent to Mine Cuehman. who has been performing during the present week , in Washington, ami will jwrfortn in Baltimore all neat week. Charlotte Cushir&n, as a woman and an artist, is an honor to her sexto her profession, and to her great anJ magnificent country. Success to ail such bright spirits, and long may the Arte York t Hrrntd continue to encourage and protect such I genius und talent, such indmtry and purity of pri- j vatc churocter, us that which Charlotte Cushinon hoe exemplified in her whole career. Aitoiktments and TiiKia FaTc.?Mr. Folsom, ^ of this city, has been appointed (Vtorgf drAffmrta to the Court of Holland. Mr. Folsom tm a gentlemen and n acholar. He is, moreover, an original Taylor man, having rome out for the old hero a few days after wr first put him forward as a candidate, ufter the reception of the first news of the battles of Palo Alto and Krsaca. He h a good ap| ointment, and we hope the Senate will promptly confirm him. Apropos of the appointment*?we suppose that the most of them now hanging hy the eye-lids in the Senate, will all aeon be confirmed? Hugh Maxwell and all. The cabinet is now before several committee* on their trial?and, of course, the smaller fry of appointments ure not worth fighting al>out, when higher g-;me is in view. The Italian Optra nt Xlblo'a. There will be representation rf " Lucrrita Korria'' to-nlcht. with en re.elite aud powerful portion of the company, including Aniula ll"in, C. Vtettl, Mnrlnt. Salt I, aud ti* auxiliaries. Thts opera Is highly popular nt all times, and now that It I* to l>* presented with a more rffielcnt hiwpt of toeallH* than luire ever appeared In It. t.i thle reunify, we mny reiisnuaUy antlrlpata a crowded boure. H> ran well Imagine that there wilt bo a general desire to llrteo to the mu-ie on this oer slow, not merely for the maum r to winch it w it be eaiente i, tut for the opportunity tt will kit* the public to pes four ilietliignMied roe at lets on a male oeeaston. There wilt be only one or twos we opera perfirtnanrr* at Mblo'a The It la said, will tear* (he elty Iiitt week. and when they liat? departed, the la' where lb>y are now located will bo de. rotnl to the acting drama <>f I he Rugtiah stage, under the III*l III in el. I of Mee?rs t'liiMieni'sJeand Hiot.ohmn I he inttturr of Mr !tlblw'n enterprise Tut 11' (itOIH'l IllJMIt tl'tWTB tea Itld l*p|rp o'rlitk. to-d'.y. Ihf b"i ?hei t f?r Mr Jrhn Pr nigh-ima e? Mpiibi* nthij l>< nrht will W rpnr4 M NiUn'i llw4<n. tkfrr rill lx ff*! rmliii'i and eomp?tlt|oa for plirr*. a* Iti lf !>- ?i, | |>y noon U will br we'l to hare etiry . at *erured A> eery body ?rtil la* ant Ion* to )? jn 'rnl at thl* *j .|*ud <1 drain-it .r f-?tlral. on Tun.Uy neat, In hon-r of the ere >uiplWhed llr?rghani? the pride ct the men, and the <1 light nf the ladle*?the opportunity of ohtaining *e*U ?li"iilj not be loet ("retire j our plae< ? T> |*ra nutl Tjfte Maker*. Our reader* au-l hare noticed the m w and heanllfnt dr< ?* in whieh the f/?re'd appeand ?<n the(Iret Monday of la*t n> on'.h Tlit* dread *?' from i he type I 'ntidry of Jinn a tlonner It l"on. of thie rtly frim wbor* we hate proenred otir type erer elnee are flr*t i**u ,| onr paper We do not often n it iee ia onr paper per n? who turply "? with material*; hut inth? rwe nf th* kle**r* t'< oner. ? feel wai ratted la departinc fVom onr muni euatom and apprising the world of the parth * w h? hate eontrl'titid >o mi fh to the app- aranee of the //rte.d. which ha* made It *o greatly *np*ritr to our eoleiuporatie* Oui la-t awppty of type* whirl* ia laid aM<ie lor the present. ?u in e?ntinnal n*a for thin*en month*. In whieh tloie w? trailed al> <nt four hni dr?d edition* nf onr p*|?'. of ihnit. thir:y ih<>u*a?d earh. Ijerlde* tha flV-ip Diak tg tha ri|iirmoiia ???n pale ol tnora than tin Million* of ropier printed Iti Hi a >it pie ?rt of type*? an in-tanee of dnrah lily nit ailllilid l* III* XI- r Driltlt'l. Iniiilor the ffli.n j.?f? >b"* ! **? h******* K?4 m r? n-i'Lt'.ii < ' I* J I* ?' <! r*. n^r ?f lit - i|ii;.'tty ? r cl ara> l? r cf the IJ I'm ritlt <1 ti? Ttii; Kmii|*i^i patiw d a 111" ml ki.iI p ml n.'i.ij .o thirl.?|. It.*', and If ?iif ?>r<:lliran af the pr n *l-hto**all ItnnirlVf* of til i4nMi||f* ri ifoi??ij prnpll. i l?il>ai 4 iddillvn to filing l.r?l rala I) |f, wi- rikilin ad tin in In J Re * Cvunrr 1 $(>a. rnllllml liiti'llliiriifr. rr lii.takK. a i*. t ?. ? ? l'?**rrrtret ? II > tmmnp r.l li't h >l*i i r ? irih-umli 4 In ihi It final an of I niiatatirut hi i "<1 in I lie fully liii<?> lltf Itimrul KlidiUta >4 iln-i^K'. and .tlnr a.a.t* i? < a local ekawl)r. I p a -It. (i-ai ^idtl n < ( il.. u?j lie l? ??rj brief Inn iUK U lital th* i.% i tt? ? ic- *r? lL? *t inn.<? H*!" ' T >1 ail il 'tat.11 a diei in i.i ik ?l' I a In a 'pint . f lit*, an I a till < L?:d< takli ability. T?? t!<b nt lhm.4?r ?lo. m? |K.m 1 i.orllilMpi Til , bit il?. :I N att ta?h- a * ?tft truck by lightning, .Ml iu ?. ml i?r . |j? rendered mm. la.., f.g il?? lit**. ! > lk> 'hick Folic* Iatellly?*we. Om-F|?I Tlempttu - One-eyed Thompson, whoa* (rial io Hrooklya will rt cimmtDN again ou If00da7 tw, la JM1 or 41 arretted by lb* police. ?ud tome dx indictment* fouiid against him, on ehargea *1 larceny. After rtnitiuinir Id prison tome time, be waa balled out. and wat toon after engaged in a stool-pigeon operation, in a elairn made against iodic lntaranoe com paniea lu Wall street. It is supposed that. In eonstdsration of tbit terrier, the tlx indictmentt were quashed Siuee that time. T bom peon bat been intimately engaged with rogues, priueipallr In (litpoting of the plunder stolen by others, and putting up jobs to be executed by burglar*. Thompson, with another man called Johnson, wat again arrested, about two years tinee. on a charge of breaking open a coal office in the Ninth ward Johnson was trl d and convicted, and received two years In State prison. Thompson, af^er a lapse of some months condnrnieut in prison, wat tried ; he defended himself, and was acquitted.? Thompson was considered by the burglars and thieves | oi mat uoy a* a counsel ana director. us ne woul<l inn in with the member* of the police, ami endeavor to obtain information u* to wliut step* would be taken, after r< liberies were perpetrated?acting, to certain police ( hirer* of that day. a* a stool-pigeon lie is a shrewd fellow. and will probably baffle the court at Brooklyn Crime vgmnit Ntitart.?A man by the name of Michael felt*, residing at No. 173 Division street, was arretted y eater day by officer J Hopkins, on a charge of coniniiting a villanoua assault on two boy* by the name of Julian fcholl and Adolph Scholl. on the Uth of February la-t Ju?tHe Lothrop committed the accuiad to pri*on for trial. .imit of un Old Offender and Fugitir*.?Captain Leonard, of the Second ward police, arretted, yesterday. a man well known to the police of thin city, by the name of Jaute* Gallagher, alia* Juuiei G. Green, on the charge of bring a fugitive from Chicago. IUinoi*. where he stands charged with commuting a burglary, and .-M illing two walcbea. and $40 in mouey. the property of George W Barker, The robbury was done in July last. and Gallagher waa arreated at the time, and held to bail in the sum of fil.uoo. to appear and an*wer the uharge*. The bail be procur. d by depn*itir,g the $1,000. and then fled from the State. Gallagher wa* taken before Justice Lothrop, who committed him to theTonib*. to await the requisition from the Governor of Illinoi*. 7'/tc Tri minetion Mr*. fNggini' Ca?t. ? Yesterday afternoon, at lour o'clock, the ca*e ot Mr* lltggin*. Mr* Morrison. Hud her hu*band. wa* aet down for a final bearing, ou the charge preferred against them by

Mr. Joseph Meek*, furniture dealer. No. 14 Veaey treat, lu ol taining $1 .0*0 north of furniture from bim. under an alleged charge of couspiraey. At the appoint) d hour the deft ndaute were on tbe *pot with their counsel. nnd wait) d acme length of time for Mr. Meek* to appear, and further prosecute; but he did not corne ; consequently. in default of Mr Meek* to appear. Justice Lo'.hrop dismissed the arcu-ed partle* frotu under arrest and thu* the ca*e stand* at present We understand that some civil suit* will result out of tbeie proecedingw. lUlltdim the Fit* Point*?Two blueks, celled Caroline Lec and Henry Lee. were arrestrd yesterday. by offloer Clifloid of the ctxth ward, on a charge of fobbing Nel*on Thorn, a resident of No led Prospect *treet. Brooklyn. of $/*). Thorn, it soma, visited the Live Point* in search of sight* nnd was relieved of by tin rr darkle*. Justice Lothrop committed the accused to prison for a further hearing fcmmnii (oai.t 11. BCAKD OK '?lsriNT ALliEF.MEN. This P(r.rd met at five 'clock yesterday afternoon Prcn nt, the Presldi nt. in thu chair, and a quorum of member* in their place*. rtTiTion*. Frtitlon* were presented from sundry person* for a ewer In Peach street ; for a Ire hydrant in Chambers point UK) feit west of Filth avenue through Sixth avenue to Thirty-ervn lb street. These report* wcr# referred to Nppioprialc committees. miroKTt or iouvittku. ino commi* vicatiovs raoi* fir artmtnts The Finance Committee reported In favor of concurring with the Hoard ol Aldermen. in appropriating the nwut 't lately paid by the 1'uited Ptelt i government, on aco nnt ol expenditure* made by the city for the let regiment of New Vork Stale Volunteera, to the lieni fit of t?e surviving iu> mber* of that eorpe. or to the arid orphans of thoer who were lost from the eorpe In Mexico. The amount la $4 015 09. Thla Hoard eor.cura Conuiittee on Street* reported in faror ol filling tucktn lot* between Thirty tilth and Thirty-sixth etreet and Fifth and Sixth avenue* ; a No between Thirty-eixth aid Thirty-eee< nth street*, and Sixth and Sev< nth avenue*. Adopted Commit lea on Head* reported In favor of extending the I'm* of the contractor, lor regulating bloomingdale road, and to Mncadamixing the aaia*. On eonenrretice eoncurred in. The Couimlerionrre of the Alma Itouee aent a pomtnnntrat ion. r? ^nesting that measure* maybe taken for changing the h cation of Potter a Field and that a committee be appointed to confer with the Commissi* nrr* on the e?bjeet. Meeer* Crane, M'ard and klcCartby, were appointed such eomiaittea. r?eonTlon*. A reeolntlon wae adopted, calling on the Commission, of Repairs and Supplier to report what will be the fipeurc of thoroughly repairing and rrpninling the Cuy Ilall throughout. Resolution. That *he aide-walk on the west elde of tt uter etreet. from Jatnee to Kf-oeerelt atreet, he repaired under the direction of the Street Commlaaioner. Adopted. Reeo'ved. That Dovar etr*et be lighted with gar. under the direetlou of the Commissioner of Lamp* and Ciae. Adopted. Keeolvia That the president of theCroton Aqueduct Depiutra. nt report to thla board whether any i contract lor rewere, or other Corporation work, wberu the amnnut lo be paid exceeded (Ht. ha* Iwen signed 1 or executed by him since the adoption of the ocdi- I retires organising the deportment* of the tuuoiripal fMi.rni.iu i-< u<r? rant roiitmrl. hi.] the r-l I mate! f trlatire thereto. I.nd been laid before the Common I t'oni ril; and if aLjr mrh have been no ?i;;n'il ir | riicutid. thai he report tho num..* an 1 number tii. r.?l atid tlic authority hy which ihx eaji* wa* ' dona Adopt, d. Kerolr.-d. That the Comm'atrioner of Hlrerta not | l atapr Lr rrqUe.tcl to report to thla board hia opt- | ni-.n a* to tl.e rap. dleury and pranloabdiiy ot tiling light* on thr nil.-* allng the d.frr?at wharvo*. pier*. \ and tlipa In th. city ; or In what othrr mannar raid [ pit t? and flip* in a) I,r light, d. d lu ci m. nt No fc wa? taken up It <?< a comniinlrat.on 1mm thr fouua.I i t tin Corporation. tran-m of famed J one*. K*q.. (Int.. Judge). rrl> rtr in thr ,?uit of Jauira W fniilh v*. thr Viaror ana On-no n Council of thr city of New York Thli war au acttou brought to rotnprl thr rarrution of a coaltart t?r regulating and Twenty arcond aim t b. tw. < n t ih and 71li an nura . or to rrr .*or tha d.iuui re ni*,?incd hy on ocra?!?n of th* refloat to ?* < uta tl?o rattir. Judge Jon. " reported that thr part It * In thr rntt a |. pared b furr him on thr l.'.ih uf Jaoiiary, la.'*i nu-l at other timvr, and j Bta'lr thrir respective allegat oil* and pr.e.fe Thr plaititilf r ooOD.rl. elat. d thveaiurto beanae. tlnu t< rotnprl thr rgreutiouTty thr defend. aU, by thr Mr.ct Coin u.i..Ion. r. of a rib.met raadr l.y thr ea J { Mrt.t t'< mn.iretonrr for tin m with the plaintiff I or I? guUting and paving Tw. fciy-eeeoud atreet. hriwacn . th. ru.I. and r'rventh areuu.a, in tba city ot Saw t nrk. or for daniagua for the rrfuaal to en cute lha MM T lie plaintiff, to maintain hla action, produced and r>ad i. rtitl. tier an . rdiii .nrr ?l the C.?utu<>n Coanrll of thr otly ot New York authoriti. g and directing . lb e work. ehnh raid ordtor.arr ?? pnaaed hy the i ll.aidol Ald. im n. ?n th# 1Mb day uf January, lM'rf, | ron. u.r. d iu by tbr hoard .1 Ani.lant Aldermen on tbr Atli ai d ou thr M*t day of that month, appro*..! by th. ktayor and ia her. i? .1 in.rk.-d A Tha ?. ui.f. I al.o read in e?iJ? urr au ad*, rtir ui< nt or notice Oat.d the ' -I of July IMP. aid,. aaed to parrra, and Hit' and rlalu t that aid- d pri.poaaia would la r.r. Itr.i at thr Strut CottiU.iaatuu. r'a oilier until btoi.itay .luly loth IMf at . o'clock. P. M . to rag ilia t* aid pi. * r T*' nt J -n cut I?t a.-iu the Hist .1 nt d h< tenth avr t.uea. and bag a apace f?ur I rt wide . through i L' rid. walk* Th? r. u,.?. I al.o lu arid, nra an eMimata f >r r.pu:rtltg and paring Twaatj ?.mii.I * r ?i M.f..i Math and f> Tenth av. noe* and dagg.ns a ?|>are four f. 11 wule through II. a ..d'-aaia* d.t.d July loth. 1M!? Thr *a.d f. un.rl fin n railr.l Michael ti llart, who bring duly ??<in t?otIfj.-at that br war contract rt.rk In Ibr office ?. the Hir.-rt I'oiuaiietU.aar; that the pUlul.lf pr.e. nt.d an est..oat* or pri posal In do the work In tba aalw in-ntit I.-d. thai it ? ?? p:rr< ntrd within the time rojuir. J ly tho notice. * a* rai d, and ? > regular m iu rocrpin a. thai the wimeaa ??? pres. nt win u th* rstiuiat.a fhr d< ibg ti.* wotk w.?r upend, Uial tt waa hi* duty t? pro pair rotilrarta for wnikto be d<?ne tn dr. M.iai lit at .I nae in ill - uatlal manlier f. r ihh-rnik; I) ..t r. ;in dra" ti in laior nf tho plaintiff. Bu according In h'? pr> | > al it * not m rui J b>r??.M lln: CUi rt t'nn directed Ih. < u phut lilt Iriliftltil, thai llo- |.la.utiJ appealed and off. r? d to < mrule the contract. but nun. r? refur? <1 to al>?i I i' t'i. rt ? < iM.iintl n,tt l.i' Mat* 4 that tbioe cr I. ir.Mln.Mi tr.r, (M.iiiwl, thai tho dtrcot ( < ti iri' ?ltti? t t tilt J ihjt >11 ih* olh< > fi.ui.ti* i *< pt It.. 11', i l 1*1 W?r? ii.t'TU. .1, that the Iu/ artlail., aire tower th. n tin plaintiff 'a. lhr *! f< tidnt.t rare Jlut.e J"tl? adduced no tepU> irony nn It etr pan. hnt tin*fl n-nud (hat tha f I M t f! W;ie t ot entitled to the row.fart br (i*;lt|.'.l, i t..' that th? not bound tn enter tm u any eontrait ;h Mm fertile loijar afnreea.d. nnlcethry di> < H" <t tbst On puld> Itroreet would t. pro taut rd | tin tat y: aril tt'tUadi I tklt Ifery "art l"l t. (..a.rtc him for any cnurr? lie y might d* n a*loiialde Injortur hi tt.? ff.laWra Tb? d t. n 4.Mi*?arpn* it the t>iin ale ai.d pny.ppl fhc lb* aoatraol pnnatid ly Hk ib. war ti"t ia conformity w:th tho I* i|iiti' to. i ta of I ho > rtllnouco: liiarmn.-h MlhrM. nit at !< b i?ee?nip nt- 'I hta o#ttni";*> w?e n.4 to wtthiheiaihtn aritti g of tha f fawne Mining tin aama. that arb if thai *i * worth .loobio ili>'*ttm tnjiit'd a? tha op . not ?f tho aeeurity for the perh imattra i f tho cnt.tiart Jkdyo Jti ef rij-rt. .t that aflet hearing eoonpel r.n loot. ,.! h? rm ? m th? r< nr|o?i ih? itr?l pitnl, lhi.ta*ih< pr< |.o>;.| and ediertiM no til i r i. >tiro. .if the hir> ot t aiinii'K m r <i'd n?t pp nfy or >tato any rota ? ? pto-vtit pp nr frr tho ano not ot po. ni.iy re^ntr-d Int. f.aoofnrlhi yrifhMpiiri <4 tha tMtrart. It tM i,' i |. ri rabto In nor. myany tha ami* nt h^ tho ??t b th writing of lh< pT"1.* r.flung lh<* pimo. that ooo'i M if.i, nap o?nti d<ol.|* the i innnut of tho aeonrHy r??|t. tp*t f t ll.? c- n | oil ii if tl.o r. ntrart and ?t?ld it. tlir j ipf. pIp f..r art in at?? ibr aljlatll waa th- r* ime al?* !? d and ? a'tnpt. *1 hum tl.a *?Situation of i < t >* l.y ot a Iti* rai c> nlth tl a r. .|.nr? m. i.t of the uti rat . and tl.o .?th in vrttthg of tho p. ranna atyn.r* tho ? wl i? h did In fart ?er ntpai.y tho a. d ewteent a?p a rototanttal o. and ?nHa 11 i? ot.lMto tl.o | Ip hi >1 > aitmMalti r?p. ptton hy tin Mnei I . I'.n ipm' nor a? and In # nf.o-mlly ot'h ih* t< iju'n mi nt 4 tho ntdlnanaa In that m*p at 11m al.otp n.ail.r waa. an motion, laid na I hp tlbtr, n It deal* d ao>? - . ?. . .|.<L| II ^1 - % n r- T Tk* iRIlTttNlltt. SEVENTEENTH ANN1VEHIMEY OF THE MAGDALEN SOCIETY or JEW YO&K, PUB RECLAIM I NO FALLEN FEMALES. Ths seventeenth ?iinlv*r?Ary of tbU society ?m held yesti rday. Msy 8d. ISM, At 11 o'olock, A. M., in tbe lecture room of tb? Presbyterian church. la Blreeker street. Mew York Tbe Attendance, vbieb consisted chiefly of ladie* wu? email. Six dollar*, it seems, by tbe report of the Trcaserer. *u paid for tbe are of tbe room. The meeting ?w opened by Dr. Knox, who took the eliair, a* President of the society. The chairman made a brief and solemn address to the society, on behalf of the institution. and in reference to the In bore of tbe members of the society. He adverted colemtily to the condition of tbe unhappy pemm* who are the object* of the solicitude and laborers of benevolence of the society. lie said they are not sunk co low an to be beyond the notice of the Lord; therefore li t those mho are cDgagcd In thin work and labor of love not be discouraged. One soul, if it be but ouc, redeemed from sin and death. 1* worth more than all tbe labor expended. The company then rang the lfttst hymn:? lleep are the wound! which sin has made; W here shall the ?|i j r ttnii a cur* J Vein nature atrisea to heal the woundDie work is far bejond tier power. At tbo Indication of the chairman. Pastor Dust en thin made a prayer, in which, referring to the ladles preseut. he said:?" Father, thou Lt holdout the true isterc of charity bclore Thee " He alao thanked Hod that lie had led a number of persona to the hunevolcnt organisation of each a society as this, and for all such similar agencies, by which souls were brought out of sin and death, lie said:?" Thy kingdom is a kingdom of no ans. and wc have the privilege of being uo-workers wii h (iod iu the great work of salvation." When tbe prayer was ended. Mr Coe, the Treasurer, came forward and read beforn tbe society the annual account of the Treasurer. By this it appeared that there wus in the treasury, on Juuuary 1st. 1860, a balance of twenty dollars and ninety-five cents. The sum expended during the l?it year, for sularies. travelling expenses, fuel, stationery, Ac .Ac. was $164,221 The sums received for the same period, by collections. contributions. Ac., with the balance on band, was also 164.221 The Peveuleeolh Annual Report was then read by the rliuplalu of the society. It slated, that forty-six aliandi tied women had received instruction and aid from llie society during the past year Of these some bad rcturuvd to their homes, oue bad died in hope. U Ttn wi re ncimu ill IUI' uoepuni ana am u.ot run away. It wan r? markuble. lln>t during the prevalence of the cholera. not one of these unfortunate Mugdalens had In en attacked by the scourge. None who had applied to (he society for relief, and " who were proper subjects." had Wen rejected. The report then stati d ?' me incldentn relating to partien who bud Wen received by the society One had reformed and got well married; one who went home. expressed herself* highly grateful lor the labors of the society; another had tint received aerioun Imprennionn while under the rare of the society and had joined an evangelical i.. avtrlh'T hSd Tift r mod atd wae taken home by her sii-ter; another waa living an a housekeeper In tho city. lhe report having been read. Dr. T?n?; then made a long nod eloquent address to the roclety. He Wgau by adverting to the pi euliar characte r of the subject (li whirh the benevolence of this soctety ia exercised. It ! a subject whirh cannot W published, we scarcely dare br. at lie it in vocal sounds to ourselves. Yet. he obrervi d, it Is ill solitude that tied gives the balm which heals; tt is in solitary visits that His spirit gives consolktii n and the strength by which we conquer the werld. Tb< re fore, he who docs good, and no one knows it. follows in the steps of-God. The subject submitted to the Wuevolent actiou of this society U one of which we all know more of than we dure to speak, or are at le to utter. True Christian bcnnvcleuce. ol>reived Dr. T.. is, as it were, a quadruped?it stands nprn four f> it or principles, of which if you take away but one it limps aud totte rs. Tin se four feet ?r principles. on the possession of which Christian benevolence is base d. are the following;?1st, The consciousness of our own sinfulness. ildly, A feeling of deep gratitude for our own preservation, odly. Sincere sytnpniby lor the woes and sudi rings of the- victims of sin. 4thly. The srnse ol our own danger aud subjection to te niptstiins On the- first of these heads or topics, the Doctor descanted at length with great eloquence, adverting to the trim-ndoudy spreading evil, whirh had increased in this city aud become bold and unblushing. This great evil, and its tremendous increase, the Doctor attributed mainly to immigration which brings In all IbeSc horrible corruption - from foreign countries into our midst, like a tlood If we do not tind an ark and a Noah we must give up the whole- world to the inllurnre of this spreading devastation The-enemy is bold and Is bec< me rclossal in his proportions, because it is an evil which is so delicate to touch upon, we hardly dare to notice it. Yes. the enemy is colossal, with the majesty of hell uprooted. d< fylug the land, trea-ling down authorities, reviling religion, hrt-akiug the hearts or parents, plucking ni-r ou-ormg irum toe inoiuer and d'riding her grief. It In damnation. baled out ol 111* pit with ? ladle bigger thaa what uian tver knew, Such deprailty, so bold and frtrlM, k not ?ffn on this cotitinmt in any place curb us It seen here in the rtrreta of Now York. Christian ministers dare not cpiak of the danger, fir there it- a false dellcacj and unwllllrgticcs to listen to the report of the evil. The difficulty la not *o much in the evil itaelf. aa In the combination of fatso and t'hrictlauc together. Christiana are !n l< i.jrr.e alth it and auvcuant in secret with the agents of the evil, and cay. "You do you ae you plracr and wre will not mention it.'' In illustration of thlc, Dr T raid that aa be was coming to the meeting thia meriting he met a g utlrroiui. distinguished for | his bcccvokncr, who. when he heard where he was going, told him to "take rare. f>r it war a very cha| Jowy line." Ktilarging further npon the flr?t topic of hlc 4l?r?>arce, the Doctor cpoke of the nee-?sity of I hi is In the ctart a deep f. cling of the con-eiousnrca r.t our own deprurlty. In thle eplrlt wn ihould not cart < !f nor de- pl?e any poor liark floating on the came ! ooan with ' ureelree. because it had sprung a-|eak. I'r< m a feeling of deep gratitude for our own prom rvalit n. we ought n<>t to Maud luditferent to the wrcc and evlfi rings of th ce who are drowning in the water*, hut ctreuooudy endeavor to pluck them out of the pit of detraction Tblc we should do. if we had e t> ellng a deep cympathy fi r tboce who are the vlrtlm* ot hii and a reuse of the terrible danger to which we iwrwirri. and all counerted with us. are #iposted The Doctor concluded a p hc.Tu) and eloquent difCOUrcr. by urging variolic Ooueid r Ulcus calculated to promote the purpoaea and <#ly>e.r ol this benevolent MM M } Whin the D"etor had concluded hla aMe a>Hre?<. prayer made, and sin,-log juit.i d 11 by the meeting, whtieugoa the socioty adjourm4. Theatrical and Xliaslral. Irani Tursiag?The pieces peiformrd here la?t evening, though admirably brought out and performed, did not nu et with that patronage from the play-going pnhl.e which the judicious aclaetiona of the management generally comma lid. "The II unchbaek" aeemed long and tedious, and we don't much admire Miss In i.In ua Ja< k cbepaid though for that young, pretty and till mtcd actress. it w as a v ry reaper table performance. lu fact, the chattel-r dm s not suit a finale ll.i. -Tk.a- 11 used- 11 . n 1 h.,s>?r la I., h,. l.r...>o?l cut ayaiu tl.ortly vlun ?? -Imll that ru/ti lor wilt ti r nbli h lbi?[i>puliir theatre l? fauioti*. Thia dining a rlrh pri Etauini* la ulTrri d tu the public, w lm If rat.not tail ul altiacllug erow in of rpdctalwa. BioiDXt Tmiatrb.?Thia uiayutUcent place of mUMninl |>r- imt?d. laat vcrulng aplrndid al rht, WehaTe rarrly i?-n rurh tu ?rr?j of btinty ami fa-Lion. if ali'.t* dm-ct ami rurlhiK Uxk hair. m di>playrd at Ibia fsahic uable h< o?e. on the wwipii ft the third *! ; ? aranrr of Mr* I'arco That l?1y apI" i.r- J t< (hargarct Timor*. lit the p'.uy of Tor*'a ha?riL'r" an<l fh'-aid nnra more, vital i? tru<- dramatte tal'tit hhe ??< pniitruLirly rroeitrd *uu taptnroia app'?n-e. In th? ae?"B' iu tii.rb I'aul Ufniit. (Mr 1>j Hi uutcili lb* guilitucea uf her father, at.d V l-i rr the rejeeta w-lb contempt lila |>r?|ii?lUat>. It ?? ttilttd a metcrpure uf lii-u. ui. talent, and **? fully appreciated by Ihe d> lip bled nndiunee. Mr. ft'irrt va# tery funny In tna part, and Mr. Ird<i.k> rendered well tn* character of Mathew | 1 liDiurv Tti? tarorkv fair* uf " I our Lif.a in lu?- . f r.'' tec eluded lha entrrtalnun nil. To-night. fur i ha ia?t r? yre?unlatiun but una of her engagement. Mr? | latrtn vlll appear in lluvanl I'ayuea I'lay. tailed Krnivrn- * the I*. anlitol Wife * A r no .!> and a fai orllr fan* vlll lie played In conjunctive Bt ataa'a Tnratan ?Tbia tbeatrv oif. r. l la*t nlrlif. It* mull aapnt. crowd. d almoat In aulfwatloa by the nnntcron* adniir- ra of tho perfect and ncter liriag m.tly, "Tha bcriuua family '' 1 but piece tn p rfuilm d with that miral* ami at.lily vai h render kuitoa i ibi air* rii* ul the una a< Uacllt* r< aorta fcr au.ii < iwi ul ?l ihi< rdy. and Mraer?. burton audCl ?r?e, Mil t I bepluan aod Miaa I. n?e< tl. a< pi lie aailitan in a ruatiuun tl (I iaualit*r. Tlie eutcruainaicnt rum I hi ||(> il Willi <IM lam* uiiU. >1 "Ui>Ai?tlc ! kiuWitii). ib whieli ?i< Miu IIUI *m ml ; MUk u iU' r i..( no |ivii lo-U'Kiii 'Th*d?rt-I uu* kamii) *ill lw in n uk ?l ifim. whu ibe farorilo ! di*tu*.| tkf*iM!i4ikuf?." Num. Ltnrt n <ul i Iwikr.Uml'lMfMK mil Nn. UiukU will appmr m tlir l*n i i> ti i. K itmil Imiiiii - Thin popular A*I>1 of iramatin Itiii"un til *? rrw??i? d again la at night a* u-uaJ fur Iktrll* purr* * Hir pi ,)rd?" I'add) a Tlip 19 I Aii.rua" Our <>r liar renin. rtieut p: ratog.-m.'' I ' 1 In l.lnw rlrk Ho>," and "Inlaud A* It la " All i III* purr* w? fr nitltrnll) aatrinalrd l?i -Iran out and uir| la) th* lalt in* id Mr !> N liliwui* *JU ma i?l"iiial I lauv il.i lair Mr* I NiMaji t. Iliwa a?rouipli*awd i M'i'i*. wiih tlir Hli-r itulk nt Mil. d *i.?*ii' linl tin U.'ilti* wr?| I* ? rakwt. Wi n r, luridd* .<*/ loot r lb ilia am- a* an Irian rtiarantrr. na wn.-li no i? rai l.i r too lun and an.gar. rli*r*rtrri*t. * to* rtk Oiotiil Iro|ii tlir Irtih Hi < nrral. lhl* rti ning pr ?nt* a ln| hi) aiUnrnai lull. And I'lmi ThDiiII - Thr prrf raiunfv* '**t ii ? rr lur llir lr nan, ol Mr It a I. and Ira |l?) piuatiA *a? Kmiaw' l?B?ililnl runijj u| i. v L??r rbaar," with ati inII. nt ca?t- I".?m >w f-.r W ill.i m l iiidlorr. tl alvot ?i W iidruk*, * i l l*)nn* aa llaatrr M anir Hi*# d nlla llrwn look Uir part ..| t >?. Im.i?. akitad* *u* a.nnl witn ?rw?t irinua mill). II * ffcuoy ot thr Kuan ' ?*? in?*t pr.uiiic .1 in Wliirli iU* mlir* aui iigih uf thr Ma|wi.,r appal t-d. k. Ill k kl l>nr*l lah.n% ?nar?r.*r at i./dia i.augtmh al.n h ? " il li ?u* ?lu?d I in* aa-iu.ig. in* cmuej i l tli* lial??*?|rt' aaad the fur-riot -Hy I || r ' lie hlt*r) It I* li. jod tiirri Will k a go ul alii fcdaMW. t iiiat*1* Oata? Hm ?r rhr'.aty'a frhtopfcni ojant ??*?!? Mil (lit aa afnraM* rian n lad*} romm wall.g at 1 a tluak. in ailduiou lu im ir iniin iini.nj i.ttallaililtirni. Thr afirriii.wu |-rrfitnunam nf II I* lalumnMr IW)H7 M* aiaa)* nwan r >a* ) attnM>d Of 1 ? 1 - J? parent* and their children, who. by Tilting thin popalar reanrt in the afternoon avoid the crowd that Invariably ruah to the evening concert*. The vary great variety of ringing dam-mg and inat ruiumtal perform- ' aneea given by the C'hn-iya, render their entertain mcnta among the moat attractive in the city Ciarva?Aaron Placc.?Although thia amphitheatre 1* nightly crowded to see the excellent perfirmancev of the great iquchtrlan truup* of June fc C'o., yat it to ua acenia acmew hat Mirprieing that tho aireua ia nut crowded with all the raehiouablc ladiea of the city, in order that they ehould witiiea* the moat graoeful and elegant atyle uf hor*enieu-liip of Mile Tourimire. More Instruction rau be givcu in onn hour by viewing bcr peruliarly dignified and charming eqaeatriatiisin, tbau could la* Imparted by y?ar* of study in tha ordinary manner of acquiring tbla beautiful accomplish meut Tbey giro an afternoon perlerinauav at threa o'cloch. 0i.?uric - The programme of entertainment an n< iiurt' i ior ims fTruim,' l.y Pierce's Minstrels, Is very attractive. It cousists of ucgro melodies. gives, shon?? instrumental performance* and danelng. Thny will give an aflernoou concert. at 3 o'clock, which will embrace un elegant selection of the popular ihclodiea as sung by this company. Msloi row - White, although not mowing among the Broadway folks, assart* t hat his band is as good as any other, and tenfold more popular, as the prices are low Ills cffoit* are made to ph-ase the bone and sinew of the land. Ills company appear erery evening, at ed Bowery. Miss DAvesroaT ?This distinguished actress* opens In Baltimore on Monday m at Har engagements at the Broadway Theatre, and recently at the Walnut Btrrct Theatre Philadelphia hare been so successful, tbat Mr. Marshall, the enterprising proprietor, has reengaged her for the Broadway, where aha will appear after her engagement in Baltimore. Hi tchinson Kamil*. -Thi? excellent band of vocalists have been induced to give three concerts, at th? Apollo Booms. The first will coma off on Monday evening neat. Tbc programme contains most ef their much admired songs uud glue*. Bliss Kaxnt Dbaw.?The benefit of this talented child, who. 11 pieced under the instruction of some leading artists, would make one of the host actresses of the day. will shortly come off at the Chinese Assembly Booms. The eut< rtaiuuicni will consist of a vocal and instrumental roncer' and as this arrangement ia placed in tbc bunds of influential gentlemen, we hope to ece the concert room crowded. Ct Kioi s Piiilosomiv ? It is a curious philosophy, that of Lavatcr. which deduces the intelieetnal character ol the human being, from the configuration and * expression of the human face. According to this philosophy the Chinese licauty would rank very high in the scale of mental energy, for h?-r facial angle is remarkable. and liet countenance a singular admixture of the better features of the t'aucasian and the native American races. Have you been to the Chinese Musi um yet ? Jtrots BI ("affray bus Is < u convicted, st X< w Haven, Conn . for the murder ol Mr. and Mrs. Smith, on tbv Ifinh of October last. Tltc Weekly Herald. v cum tr 11 u c i i irnB mi i ? ___ The H'ttkly lit raid will be published nt nine o'clock b thl? morning. in time to he cent out in the Wenirnhip Philadelphia, which leaves this port at 4 o'clock this p.A* rn'en Ita contents will embraca two weeks later tews from Kuropc, the week's proceedings in Cor.grees, Interesting local news, he., he. Pingle copies. sixpence. Annual subscription, three dollars John Keeae, A ui tloi.esr?Fariiltnrs SalMi ?I'ooley ft Kacn will givs uimi personal and prompt attrition ee the sales of Furniture of i.mills* breaking aw Housekeeping, or will receive it for sale, at their new IM eatecioae Auetion Rooms, 377 and 37V ilroadwaj, oormcr ef White street A fiold Pen ma la a Void Pin.?Tlte Rlchelitu Ev er-Pointed Gold P<uha?leen before the pnblte fur years, and who can say an^lit aaaiust it7 Neone. It if bit to try one to stlnnre it. luey are sola eiclo.ively hy 1. V. SAVAGE,'.C Fulion street. J. V. S. has also in store, a beautiful collection of Watches, botli gold and silver, te which ha invites the attention of the pnMic. Leghorn and Hlraw Hata. ? Richards A Cromwell have remoced to Mo. id' William street, eae door below Pulton, where they i-Be: for sale a large aeeortmeatef Leghorn, French, Kngli.n and auierieau Straw llata, Mibhens, Straw Flowers acd Miilin.ry Goods generally. Aise, mens', boys' and infants' leghorn and Straw Hats and Gaps. The assortment is avrlhy the atisntioa ef eity and seaatrl dealers. The Hat of Hate?It la aagaclo?ul)f ft* marked, in the Tribune of )?. : Tuesday, that " the mats* rials which constitute a Ita: are within the reaeh ef the ent.rv trade;'' wonderful fa. ?and on this text the |4 ni .n, at Wr'.adwar, argute, that ' as it Is p-siLle for ether* to compete eitn me in that rs?|?ci?| d.-ar giillthU public)?sua mast patrouiae ue tor my stylo " Last Oewnber's belt erown won't do for .Sprits Issliiou; it was well enough whew pa. plo ut re elosk- and overcoats, bnt we want a light, airy, tasty article, so h ss Krj-ta h?eu, of IU7 Nassau street, sells for $3 .'4, for this sea.oii of the year; and be fhulleu/nf the > gtuiieiiiau to a eoui| arls?n of hats. Dare be aeoept it/ Don't go running sail over town after m now hat. htop into Kbit and luy one. The first ef May briars a charge in every thing, and a new hat eheald aiaayo go into a new h ouse nth new things. Plrd, corner of 1'lne and Ibastan ttreel*? r.entli men's liars of the m? pa terae are offered for in?p-r. I tii n and sale. The fulftii-n s hate are of superior and ua- I I r;i tiled rl-gte . ,u it} !r ai.a lirlsh, and merit the attsntieo ef tl.c economise! Hid iliser ing nearer. Ill K |l, com or at Pine and N area a sires te. Kpilnc and the kklldieu The time l.iue e<n,e tor arraying tha l.vsds ut te? children in the livbt and , l> entilul fabrics of Frsj-ieaud Italy, and Genln, having iutp'-rti-d a rUrk ut ca|"4, r?ftiaet?, anal cv?rf I other Sp- vies a fane* r haeeaua A nails for r#nag Udsoe, | !? )* bud iiifeiyitf. ?|J1 1* bap|>jr u? PAhihil lu niiUhii .< I id*? ?| arictua dh hi* r'M?Bi? tu ku fri?u?l? aud *n ?(.? tut aai ! |?utiiA. SulIj an am?f(iii?>at vf faiirv r.riw LaIi U ut I Ut U f??ua4 1b gVrw Vvrk UffsNlsN. 2 4 >M<ttay, H. rani'*. ; Tss Ch arc h-gocra.?\ a lernalc wo aid II h? to be seen nlth a pe.r of .Uuos en Sunday, -hen the. ran pun ka*, of toairell. Ma. 331 Uow.<ry, the a., at eleganl Gaiieis. Do. u. hl.ppera ai d Tie* at Mm a>at rtiat idMi rata#. 80O Frock llresi ton la. Black antft brown, g.'J t tit; 1" o seek and tuaiusse t sen, SI la Sl'l; o.lcsi t.atr ntigrd, 1 ?V 10 and t necimers I'sat*. |J V* to a T'.ii sVL* *'?' * ,k' ,a,'B oud valsnlia, Op sis to $.. each, at the $o Pull Store, aeraer Nassau and It ekiaaa ?tc. ( ibUUUi LhVJE. The Cheapest and ihs lit at Knot* and GaI " re found ?' 41 t ' Oitlandi a.rc,v. ?> ?rh I'alf Hosts. (4 .si, nsaally (7. Pal. ut i. nlwr I'nala, Sh, es aj<d Outers, c. n> tsu. I) <11 I ?l I and tuvdv tearter, at the ?h. r?i a.. Urt. 41 O rtlaadt sitreG THE Hot ruk. A Km Kn?ilu|N m,d l.urge Hnin.?(MUj .< tnttm* l'?in tiUMiw, it im ?i? <rr?|-|?r, > lar**iy ouilrtltIM, At?I4 4 unit' r on.I fntuJ, *n t I.ay nljf uf thk bo* pin II. llAIJ.hY, 111 llK.u?if. fur ul< iIm ly llkiiloiHop." k < v.; A. 11. k IP. noudo, Kaoblua a, oad at C. V. Cliokaar k IV Grt ikt Rirlli incut nt the Itlrbratid ChujpWt I lli?t I'.oiakliol .nt in II.' I III n.p, Ni.'.IP B.?? ?IIIPMM A> liki. itl.S 'jt? pip < "i hk|ip*ipc* i.I tlnir ooiliog I ttf li?l. 1 lirrr-fly t srjteto, Oil P I*.i.o. Ku.-o, ToWi- ? atrro. H itpriu* ."*hkd*r, kr ,ki ?i h tiprf-fltuP-dij 1o? |-rl ri. AiM. l<kti?uo koM?, iliri'MK* a with |tnrt hcfri duly. Cmi'clo.?-\% Itltnu. Mrl'itirty, 1.11 W'llllmn ttrort. |.fi* ro for Ukit g. Pl.lko. * ..p , || lit Ittpo P'kryrPO on4 (111 CbpllP. lhip oluot kill to Mild fur i-Mb, 3U I?l root t?l?or .lUiulClt'tori' Ulin. Ik akkl ol lo(|<U or PPil U*'-I.o. kill do ktll ti* rail ikiP ppuiiip tkto Itipi tUol o< CkrioPo, 1c. _____ Gamral 1?) Ippi'o Mci*pt-4(io?rtrr?. ? The Item uf hunk Vino, if nt.ipof kit rooolvftHI |0"t-olBiras," obir ? kndk o. Btrj it llo4 . il |? KM,, f.ip Chip| and I *?|pn t.*U? to i..rik_ k.?.*Wlolno.a?. To t'ulioio root. b- Ido o Ukii> lotn. ul klpptb uuk' ro*i' ?! >pa>t mora ro prroiot ?B"t fO? of ?l 'ti I. k, ? * iilmut pipkkia( k tk.iofkkti r> polok'i from K v ft'i on.pi* iVkkk. G. 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