Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 5, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 5, 1850 Page 1
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I T II NO. 6810. IHlPPINtt, JfTNlTTTO STATES MAIL jlt.Mitiio Ilk I W KEN MKW ! U Terk a*d Liverpool.?The ehipn nompoain* thu liae are ! hha ATLANTIC, Captain Wert. AKt'TH .Captain l.uoe. FACWIC, Oaf tun Nye. HA LTIC,Captain CnmJtoTt. ADRIATIC, Ctpim llraftnn. The* ehipe. having been built by mint reel exprvvvly for eoveramimt eervioo, every cere lim been taken in their Don't ruction, ex aleo in their engine*. to aiimre utrengtb end 1 |?tt and their aeeommodatluux for peoengorv ere un?|UAlird for elegance or eomfort. Hrxv <>f |.u,i? fruin N?f | ork to Liverpool t1 .'lh exclimlvr a?e of extra viae ?teie room An oiprieueed .Snrvoi.n trill he attached to each whip. No berth* can be eecured until paid for. ??r freight ? ptlH|t, Apply (o EDW'D K.. COLLI >S, 7? Nouth .trcet, r to BROWN, SIIIPLEY fc CO.. Liverpool The AUanOe will leave Liverpool May It, " " Paoihe " " New fork Rey is, " | " " " Liverpool Jnue It, " Atlnntie " " New York June 8, " " ** " Liverpool June 36, M Padflo " " New Yora June'J9, " " Liv?rpo..l July 17. S The owner* of there ihlpr will net tie accountable for (told, liver, bullion, lepeoie, Jewelry, peeoiou* etnner or metal*, niece bill* of lading are aim*" therefor, and the value thereof. therein OXprtOOoC. TTNITBD STATES MAIL STEAMijllir COdTAVTr* The book* of euhecription la -liu capital etoek of the Vnited State* Mall Steamship Company, to the aaaniut of *ie m Dion five hundred thuuraud dollar*. will 'o ipowe ion Tueeday, the 15th day of May lino., at <>e Mnro-iaura Exohanco Hank, in the rity of Now York, and the two enruing dayr, lrva VI v clock M to ? '' GEORGE LAW. JA dfcri VAN NO ITK.VNDI NrwTirk. V*J S, 1 SAO. Cuminisai mora. For mtcrpoolunited statrs mail steamship rACIflC, Gupt. f.ira N e.?Tin* rloumar will depurt frotn the foot of canal street, with the malls for Europe, poattirely on yaturdai, 2f>th May ai 111 o'clock, M. For freight or passage, having \i?e,|iiulle,l ?o< nnininiiatioiis for Icxaaee or comfort. anpli io UIUfAltP K. COLLINS, 7? Son th stnet. I Pi'ijilTlljr to Wrthcan I t woirnl ill paid for Torouoli line run AAA FR.tM.iaCO. via ohagrea.?The new ?nd ftreritt ?t? wmrhipr 1 CUtrkoKKK l,.*k> tons... Capi II ti.odlt, I F11ILA1>1?L1"A..1,I<>' toao. I'mpt. J. V. Nicholson kern the only direct lino btr.ween New Vork and Ohagreo, | end, la Connection with the I nited Stater Mail Stwatn FackI ote m >? Faciflo, a serni-mon'Mv 'in< 'hrough to San ' Ifraoeiaco. Kti>ccu) xatu or ran ru uaieiu. Cherokee Philadelphia. ! After Saloon State Kcrna ... ,SI2h Alii Forward Saloon do. ... In 100 Lower Cabin 9U ? All the abort dint at thu tame 'able, and hare the priri tsge of the Saloon. Steerage, (fonud with tnairessta and board,( *00 (to Freight to Chagres, 711 cents |>*r foot. t on the an borna by the resrenger. For fre.gtu or passage. af ply to O'tVtLAND A ASPI N WALL, A4 South atrott. New vork, Paciflc Mail Steamship Company.?The United State* Mall Steam I'aekeU, i 'AN AM A 1.0B7 tons .. . i apt. Oat id U. liailoy. t'RECON 1,DM tons... Capt. Carliala I'. Patterson. CALIFORNIA...1.030 tona... Capt. Tlios. A Bodd, f ENNESSKR... 1,SU0 tona... Capt. tin rge A. C</te CAROLINA.... (SOU tona.. VJNICORN *00 tona.. intended to form a semi-monthly lino netwaen Panama r ad port* in California Passengers in the after oablna are inrntahed bedding, bat not winer and liquors I'aeeeugera in the ateemge are fonnd with nirh rutions ar are furnished to the rnw, and with mattress und pillow All passengers will I'e allowed apace for personal Outsit free, to the extent cf I D60 lb*, weight, not eictediug in meueuronieu' ten ?nbie feet. Preight on eitr* bfiggare or Mi handne. when takes, tldO . "or ton, and one and a naif per tent ?u all apeci*. Packages Uiould not eteead 1D6 Urn. weight fnr mule earringt. Cabin Steerage. Carnage from Panama to Hito Mia* or MaaatUa %jm Sluu I " " Sun Diego . JVI lit " " Pan Traneiico SUM ISO , . No atorea ta bt landed mil he taken a* eaggago. Charge* ' ?f embarking nod debarking, and all perm nal port charges, n Includinghealth foe* and boat hire, to tie pmd by the p**?*u0 ftn, No passage secured nntil paid foi Apple nt the onion ' d nf th* Compnny, 14 8011th *tr- ?t. New V'Tk. ________ I ! CltUKitUOH MM Tit CALIFORNIA, l i t CHAORES? a Carrying the United State* Mail.?Monday, May 13th, 1 * r.t 3* clonk. P. M? from thn pier foot ?f Warren ?treat, N. K. 1 ?3i? new and el-rant double engine steamship CEOKOI A. D. j! .. I'erter. C. 8. Naey,Commander,will be despatched a* above, ,s ? the Uorerameni Mail*, fbr the Worn Iridic and tha 1 'aciltc. The book* are now op*,, fnr pnssnite to Charleston, r.aeannah, Havana. N?? Orleans and i.'hagri:*, and for '' through ticket# to San Francisco. To secure through ticket*, 1 early application must l>e made, a* only a email number A 11 main ueengaged. An eaporirnced surgeon i* attached to n , the Georgia. Th accommodation* for passenger* of each olau _ anrvrpadsed hy any eteamthip afloat. The passenger* for ; tf. Orleans, ar* transferred at llaraua to the superior double 5 engine stea-tuhip FALCON and proceed from Havana diraet ' W New Orleans. t Bstei of passage from New Fork to Chagree ? n State Room Berth $100 g St and** Berth ........ HO SteaiAg* da., found bed *nd separate tahl* (0 , .1?le* of pastaro from Panama ta Han Francisco:? * ' Stat* Room Berth ?*0 ?t Steerage Berths, fonad bed and separata tabl*... I Ml bt Matt* orpastace? To Havana. Ta N. OrlssnA. di Statt Room Berth* $70 $75 j standee. f .rWard cal In 51 00 JJ Si -rage, lonnd bed and board... 15 35 *v Freight to Chagre* will be taken nt 70 eenst par cubit AfTeet. ThuUlk of lading mutt all bo eigaod on board tha bt vessel (ha day before tailing. For freight or passage, apply Jit* MO. RORFWT'. I1H West street. ENMI'IBE C1TT LINE FOR IAN FMANCHOO F1A .1J ( hagves. direct.?Tlie splendid steamship EMPIRE CITT, W J. p. * ll-oa. commander, 1J*"> tons hnrthen. will lear# for t'l? hs.-re*. direct ? Wednesday. Mny 13th. at 3 o'clock, from HAtr uoch. Pirr No. 2 N. R. 1 - frc ghi ?r nassasr apply ta I )* _ J. nAW.tRP A Spy, tg llr .edway. * EAOR SAN 1 RANCISCO.?REGULAR P A< KT f LINE.? ? r II f -I r j 11 \ 1 I?K1 at I ! t. rr 7 East Kivrr. now i.early loaded, mil laae a 1'ttlo light efr r i. lit. HI. It . Ii* ' i T . w .1- Kit ar el *Ot'1)?f . I ' .? ? M* i; ?< ?? ? ..! < truant > | la ' ! ? thla lui<* eta ??< lira Imp r ant and rrlliMl . viriiita. * witli dripafrti in I a.lui* anl JiKhir^p r. Ap.r l? l.'VAi T. SMITH. H't Wall I r?a , w?? Front. {l/tAlHlli'Mt TtIROIC.lI TlC-vET'?-FOR S.ILK, A A/ |Ultan atd lnd/?, or two cntlrmaui flrat rlaaa *'a?loo,, aiaii r .. 'iok?-i? I'T the 0?*-r*ln 'lia ti.h. or B'O: m 2*lh Raj, fe. 1 Ktpul In : 'in I rarriaco, at ! ir^a.B. tl l|| Ir i JACOB H nl.Wlvr, tl Coal V?r<l. N?. .7* IV ar atrj*t. "/MI-IMinil tIRKCT TilROVOII Tl( KF.TS?OV* iioi Km in! It" ii.iriii p* t hrr kn , l.'ttli. ? (Irat tlt and .m? hi r , par' c raia, Illh ; una attla r mm, b ) r I topi<a I nj and sarah >nida;ono (trarapa, I?f Ohio, t U>(la, f. r a*l? ! ? (. I.OI ST h CO . ? nr ad way, fornnr M ill nlnri. ilf Ml.irOKMA Tl< KITS FOR SaI.B.-TITO FIRST < ' rlaaa toro.iffh U?'.i?!v Ii'imir ( hrrokaa. ailldla of May. JAM1'* < J. T. IIKIIH'N M llr al ilraat, upiuira. hepo owsf.18 or steam ink packet ajiips?the V A anki'rtVnra do?lra to Infoim tha oirnara if itaam and i|'*rktt>* H'l 1 K'.r ara making it a iprrlal part of ihair * i .io?aa In aapply all ari<rl?a er-iolrad for furniOnn* lb. # Tliwy hair pUr?H ona of ikrir moat aiparirnoad *<l?rka ia Ear?|w. al.oaa kaiiaraalt la toglaa hia antlrnattaa|l* >on t* ikr aalrrtma and al. | maat of ??oda la iham?aaah aa tlarrark Chlaa Warn. Plalad M ala, and nthar foralia c oda ; \)-nd la ratia*ril?? nrltli tliaicCMaa daaniratloaa la Naw t rk. ad or in Jiai* * (iit? fata*. ?) ?( ? ch?ap ? the Kaalleh **rth-a vara. Tliff ala* furniih. from tbair nwa Mw..rh*. < ut ?.la?? W ara. of rr*ry ?lrl? aad patiara. aad all tr l.e k?#t paiiarnt >.f t'r*u*.| U'.a?? Ai--. *?er? da- ripti a I* f Ua|>?. of tl T>e.t maanfartnre iv Amerira. an t ?nii? I to ill < 1**#. of renarlr. TH* aabarribara ar* parmittad ta rafer nar a-at ??.**?? ataaatknat pr. prtrlnri. rli. Capl. C. , jnitrrhill aa I C"a|.t. !k >ac, ? b >lf?ia?ra t her (in >ap h. .1 f.,r in' yrara. a* t ara aow fnrenhin* Mr f K mi * liaa of el?/*nl ?le*m?l,ip?. aad thay da aaanra Ihor* lau r****dda a In la. that their arrangement* ara to ana. ;.itatt"??ak.?t -n t . d t-wm with aatiafactma , proprietor" an i rrdtt t th"..eet?." r V? UK A N k IIAI (ill Vt 111 T. V| and VB Broadway. liL'"R ?A|t Till "TBAMRIIAT r>l n IIE1 AND t I a r .1 r ! I. I If 1 Ivl I <n( ai l aatantj ( ?ni, and ?ira ?a about larrt lr?l ?tin trait to " till BfRT OAKI.1T. I'M tte<? atraal. IVl* SAI.r IIIX TACIIT RICHARD Iff araha'd. of li tnva. Oaabaaaaaat lhafaataf Jaabana #?raat Ra?t Rl?*r. la*uir* at Hi* anraar ?f Jaahaoa aad tuatb atr**M. ^ B'i>H * A I ? TH K IF. trriRAUK TIlRt'l till Tit KKT<t per 1.1th ?f Mar. far 8av r"?nwa. la R-beat#' lla*. 11 IT m J. 4 H. BIRRS t. K. ltd William at . ap.tair., , rttyr Intelligence. I Itnanair Thin 'harming .mt in becoming *r*ry Jar at'T* and mora lancinating ? tb* *oft. r*rna ihi?*fa. and tb* ln*r*a>iug Warmth of th* g*nial iiBMtr awn. d'Trlop* ltd hrautlea clothing th* htlla Lad r*dJ*T* with rlrber r?rdur* and arraying tha iwnrt ?rrnti-(5 fi?w*r*. ?f many hn*? In robw* mora iirautiful than *i r* ***r warn by t'l*opatra. or all th* ta<*n* of th* earth; whll* tb* n**lllng warbl*ra of tba rood* ittnn* lb*lr red*** to gay*r melody, making th* ,aimy blr * * ! with th*tr donga (nil i it " ..ratlin..* Coroner (l**r h*M an n.jitft yiatnr.lar. .*i th* hti.Jy of a racy fin* rhild. by be nam* of Kllrnl?*th J Jidinaon only 2>, year* of , *h.. par. nt- re?i I-at S m trt .-enwu-h arrau* dli.i-am* t'> her dralh b? falling from th* 3d atnry window to tfc* yatamrnt bnlow rnu-lng Innlanl death kit hour 'nt ' *?" broken but th* ron.-u n bh*o|utrtr An* bed th* rileten** out of th* poor l-hild'a to ly It * ? !? that th* dhilil wa* up at th* liM,.|..a w'.i h * ?' thrown up. and ih.- out-Id.' blind* k r* rli -* ' r j -od fa-teii',1 The (hlld J. .< e.| h*r hand* Igiiid tli* tdlnd* with all It* f ***; th* hi nd? 1 w op?n. anJ th* uof.irtunal* rhild I wt It* halan.'... knd out of Ih* whadow It |ntrh*d brfor* any *n* MM < 1 " notice will JT'T"' a mutton to allow thntr childmii to awing h.nixlo* ?' 'I wi??l"t. without protoi-tloo \rrill>t raoriling I o I#,i (art* 11 f mar Aw.mi ru.-Ol Pride* night, a young man j Ik- ?mw ?T Nathan Tmwbriilgn ag> il i.\ y>nre a atlta ori'lBflikwiulf. at wbtrh plan* ht? parnnt* r?IJ| ? < an a riot to the rll? ami put tin at tha lumrfiwi lloi , ?h> r? It* wa* aniiad w tn a (It of poplnay anil do d. Tha damarad hail baan for aoma nirt?aii| Inferring undnr poor Tha t'orooar I. ,11 I I > ol.i Ml. fr'anil* of Ilia ceenwd rontajail. ymrterday, tha body to Pnugharp?ta. for tatcramnt Twa tnrvrii to Onwwt* Prirtne.?IIiirHinorn . , f. A roan nano .1 I.In Hay. IIring I *?l Wx-rtff atraat. at?> mptad to commit aulnlde about .. o t an ItlUr iftrrn-n >,j hanging hinr~-lf. but ?r ?H?r'.Trr< I an I rot I wn by III" "I* Jo-t in tint" o mac bla Ufa. tla afterward produced a larga partlon f araaalc. ?nd mtilng It la a drink ! ? bada hi* wlfa " d bra and drank It off I>r? Kawrenae and NlItnlla raring baanaalbd In. Imm " auaeeeded In >klng lb* polann from hi* atomarb, anj tbu* eared la llfr a *aaond tima A VkctMir* i? * Ami ?Priday evening, at a quarter . r I' rli J i tin Me|nto>h ra| >rt.-.| a row l?wn in ml ft'und la the aiak of bniidlag No 1T0 flilwalk Iraat It ?m labia oat alien by Andrew I'arret ton n I'lcioa aUaebea to a fa male living la tha beaac A ?* A E _NE' TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. Interesting from Wuhlagtoa. THE INVESTIGATION RELATIVE TO THK BENTON AND FOOTE KM KITE?COIXECTOK MAXWELL?THE I'KOUAB1.K ADJOIK.NMKNT OF, ETC. 01 K 6PLI I XL TKLkuR A I'll 1C COR R 1.01*0* DRNCK. Washington. May 4. 1940 Benton and Poote's committee have bad a long aea(ion to-day. Francis J. Orund. letter writer, waa examined. Uia cross-examination. by Benton, wan cIom and exacting as to the authority that Poote wu in danger of assault. This witness being called to nam* the man. gave Senator Pratt an authority upon the point, who advised Poote to arm biiuselt. The witness understood It was un nicer of the government. Question?What officer? Answer A high officer. Q.?'What particular officer? A.- The Attorney Oeneral. Q -What is his name? A.?Johnson. Q.?What Johnson? A.?Re.erdy Johnson flero the committee adjourned. On Monday the Attorney General and Senator Pratt will be examined on the subject. Among the witnesses examined already, are Father Ritehle. l)r Bailey, of the Rational Bra. and th< hoy that sold the pistol to Poote. All the questions and answers are taken dowu in writing, and the witness ia cross questioned by Poote and Benton, as the case may require. The whole, we suppose, will be | printed with the committee's report Jt is reported that the President will withdraw Maxwell's nomination and give him a foreign appoint ment. " 'n ' ? ? ? |-'-nio4i- ?i H'ugress fri ui July to September, if the difficulties of the slavery question cannot bo settled The Pennsylvania I.eiglslatiirc. nil: PI>BK??T D1V0KCK CASK?TUE BANKS, ETC. IIahkisbi ko, May 4 1850. In Iba House of Representatives, to-day, a now bill was read, by Sylvester t'eyland. with rsspect to the divorce of Edwin Torrent. The Lancaster County bank bill passed, finally, after a long debate, by 40 to 31. The Went Branch Bauk (of Williamsport) bill was defeated by ,'!5 to 34. '1 be Keusington Hank bill wan defeated by 40 to 3.5 A joint committee of conf-rence wan appointed, relative to the apportionment bill from the .Senate, Frailty. Sankey, and Sadler; from the House. Porter, lihey attd Haldemnn. A resolution relative to Woodworth's patent, instructing Senator* in Congress on the subject. passed the House. Count HotlI*< <>, dir. Baltimore. May 4- 9 P M. Count Bodisco. the Russian minister, passed through Baltimore, to-day. on bis way to Washington. We have received no mail south of Washington, tonight. Strain*r Rliodc 1 sin net?Webster Case, Ac. Bostos, May 4, 1850. The eli'p Brighton, at New Bedford, front thu Pacific Ocean, (no date ) 1st. 30 36, N . Ion 07 40, W . passed what appuircdto ho a steamer's deck beam, with a large iron brace Attached. supposed to belong to the steamer Bhnde Island. 1 he hearing in the case of the writ of error relativu to Wit ter. to? k place in the Judge's lobby. No decision will be annouueed for several days. Fire In East Troy. Trov, May 4, 1850. The extensive stables attarbed to Piatt's Northern Hotel, were destroy eel by fire last night Seventeen horses, biurets. and a large i|uantily of provender, were itrstr? yed The hotel was saved through the almost superhuman efforts of the firemen. Theatrical and Musical. Bowrav Tiiv.atre.?Notwithstanding the Inclemency of the weal her, this theatre was well attended. The entertainment* commenced with "King lleary the Fourth." which was played in a style of excellence seldom equalled The audiencs was much pleased. sai exprra?rd tht xnarlve* by well-merited apptauae Th* entertainment concluded with the highly lutercatiog nautical drama called the ' Mutiny at the Nora, or Pallor* in 17W7 " ThU piece waa exceedingly well received. and of course well played, receiving tho deterred approbation of the uudieucc. BaoAOWxr Thjiiii.-If a diveraity of entertainment*, a variety of all available talent, and a good regular company of atnek actor*, managed by the tup*rlor (kill and dramatic taitc of one of the beat caterer* for public amuacinent. can intur* ancceaa. the Rroadvi). under the direction of Mr llarrelt certainly tand? nntuepaaeed in iti magnetic power*, by any other ttniple devoted to thu Theapian art in thia play goirg and pleai-urr-lovlug city. Thr bill prevented laat bight waa one of excellent judgment and extreme goodta-te Mr* barren who performed Madame Dorival. In the lutereattng play of Reiuorae. or the Bankrupt> M ife." Increased in the favor she haa already won by h< r dignified, judiroua and feeling portraiture .> ,k.l XI- ? via fu>l a>na?.<laa lain public estimation an J ?a? r*'j graceful and Pirpo- 1 critical in then urtly rour Richelieu Mi?* Kate llorn. *L" al*aja charm* ua with her arch acting and her awret null* a ??? quite captivating a* the Counter* de Fb-ura Mr* llielil who I* excellent In the termagant line, pli aacd ua eery much a* the usury guardian uf her niiatr. -?> Ir nor Mr* Fnrrcn take* her benefit on Monday; tha bill ia good, and the occasion worthy ol public patronage. lit urns'* Tit rata a.?Ih* popular play of Tim Serloua Family" war again performed at Burton*. laat avruing. It still receive* tha greateat applauae, aa It well deaerrr* The bill for the evening rou*l*t< d. beaidea the ' Herlou* Family." of a ballad and an overture. a* Interlude* with the drama of "The Wreck Aehore." a* an ufterpieee On Monday tha new rtmrdy of - The Vicar of Wakcfl. Id" will be produced Netinvu Tna*T**.?Laat evening waa aet apart for the bencgt of Mr*. II William*. and a full houae waa the remit. The piece* aelected for the accaalon were ' Born I" Ocnd l.uck." the ' Iri?h I.lon.'' "Our Oal." and My I'reclou* Itetary " Therefore, with aurli a mult It ude of attraction* who could wonder at a crowded hou*e. Mr*. t\ llllami la a very talented actrea*. and quite a favorite Auto* Pl>> k Tortile.?Laat evening the new pleea called the ' links'* Wager." waa again performed, and we mutt aay that every character in the play wae ably auatalmd. Tke ra*t embraced all the principal article MiaaJulla bran. Mies M. Buret, and keen Neaflc. l.ynne Adam*, kc We were ranch pleneed wllh Ml** Deaar'i pereowallen of Unbridle de Belle I Iale. hlie waa very natural, and In the *eene where aha ?ad? eTor* to eon* luce her lover that -he la innncent of the rharre of her Delag eloaetted with Richelieu her egoi.bed emotien*. to think that her word ah< uld be doubted by him to whom ahe bestowed all that the b*art'e twat affections rould give, waa ao t> uchlng. ao beautifully drllnt atrd by action and eg. preaelon that ahe received well merited plaudit* Mr NeaAe a* Richelieu wa# vxrellent W'e are aomewhat *urpri??d that tble theatre I* not better patronlaed. a* the art lata are wry elever, and the atage management excellent. Catrwrar Wrarrw ?The little charmer from the Celeetlal Kmplre. with her beautiful little feet, la attracting all the ladle* of the rity to aee her She I* eery affable and enraging In her manner* and la really a great rurloetly Besides the attraction of hereelf and attendant* there are a great many noeel features ?bleh can also he aeen in the Museum Barnum ha* a happy method of pleaeing the Mew York public lie ipere* neither time nor expense In catering for their amusement. Cie.r*. Aetna I'Lata.- The next week being the I aet of the e.|ue*trturi exerelaee of June and to - pi .mini inncn n??|y ion** tun baaa not aa i yrt laanthani ilmuM h> nil mean* .rtahraea tbla opportunity Thcra will l.a no entire rhanpa In tha ' perform*nca* Ma >ri p?r-uad.J thla haaiitifnl amphitheatre will pnaant a brilliant array of raahlon and I Uauly w tha araat attract It* feature. Mdlle T?ur- | ntalre will dWplay all tboaa ihininp >jualittea of aqua* trtanl'm which Lata aacurrd for bar tha di*tlnpuiabed pnaitlon of bain* tba moat prareful elepant. and faaclnatlnp lady aque-drian In tha world All tba otbar mamlar* ?f tba company arn finally cb-aer In tbalr rr*|xrtl?f department*. Ma uudaratand that after I- a?lnp Aator placa, tbay will perform In Itrooblyn for a faw day*. Ol tnric -Plaraa'a \lln?tr*l? ara apertlnp all tbalr power* ol uilnatn-by to pkaaaa tbalr patron*. In annour.clnp. for tba parformanaa to-morrow eeeninp. aa elepant ?In lion of ocpro melodic*. rhoruaa* In?ti unn ntal parformaraaa. and dancinp frlet I* at funny aa at?r. and alirlta praat applan** Maiorroa White and hi* band of aaranadar* are cnntlnulnp tbalr napm aonaarta at M llowrft Tbalr rntartalnmrnt eon*F#t*nf ?<?(!. rhoruaa# and danrlap rnaiaTa'* Orra* Nona - Tbl* celebrated band. #o lonp and favorably known in tbl# city announca. for to-morrow evening. an antartalnm* nt of a hiphly inn np rharartar M a ara alway* rtallpht<-d Iu h?arInp thla ie*||*nl company of tnlnaircle. whlla tbay rtiannt tbalr napro rbornaaa; but there ara otbar taatnra# in tha parformanraa wblrb demand a apaalal ramark and tboaa ara tba aoloa of Mr Uould. on tha fu tar and Mr ftonlknr on tba violin (lould'aaiaanIon la evqulalte; bo la a parfart ma-tar of bla laatrummt. and raaataaa well merited ebeer* kti'i't Varaon to Ri aoaa ?Tb'a balnp tba laat wa?k but ona nt tba athlbltlon nf thla bawutlfnl panorama aver* ona bowld baaa a rlaw of It before tta da paitnra ft baa bra aaan by thov?enda hat tbara ara many rat who baaa not anjoyod that ploaaura Tbay ahoutd t mbmaa tha opportwaity of delug ao Hi rtmatoa Ftamv.? Thla band of rorailata will plra a ecwecrt to morrow evenIup at tba Apollo Room* Th?y praaant a flna bUI of -ntartalnmrnl wblrb >nj brarra Pi oat of their popular tonga W YO *./ SUNDAY MORN] ONE DAT LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRITAL or THE AMERICAN STEAMSHIP WASHINGTON AT T II I 8 PORT. SPLENDID PASSAGE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. INTERESTING FROM SPAIN. Our European Correspondence, ?&?c?. &f*. Ac. The I'nited State* mail ?t earner Washington, Captain (5. W. Floyd, arrived here early, with the umtai contract mail* from France, Germany und England. Site left Itrernen 011 the ]5th ult., and arrived at Southampton in the night of the 17th, having en countered a trenienuoua soutnwester in me norm St a, behaving, however most admirably as a sea boat. She finally sailed front Southampton on Saturday, the 20th of April, at 7^ 1'. M., nnd has consequently made the passage in thirteen days and twelve hours, bringing one day later advices from London and the continent of Europe, than the advices of the Canada, which sailed front Liverpool on the 20t!i ult. This quick passage was made, notwithstanding the icebergs she encountered en rovtf. We are indebted to the kindness of Capt. Floyd, and Mr Abraham Adams, the gentlemanly clerk of the \V., for files of London ami Southampton pajiers of the 20th of April. The Canada's ntails and the Washington reached this city at the same time. The Washington brings sixty-five second class and about seventy first class passengers; amongst the latter is Mr. Charles W. Fenton, the new Consul of the United States for the diftrict of Cowes, the gentleman replacing Mr. J. It. Creskey, w ho was so unceremoniously thrust ottt of his appointment by the present administration. The Washington likewise brings the captain and crew of the brig Lincoln, Capt. Averill, which left Huston on 2Dth January hist for Snn Francisco, California, with a general cargo. She was stilick hy lightning on 2d March, in lat .7 20 N. and Ion. 21 SO W., and immediately took lire, the utmost exertions of the crew being insufficient to e.\tinguit-h the flames. On the Sih March, the crew, eleven men and two |msscngcra, were taken off by the Danish ship Maiia Christina, Capt. Vow, l'roin ltio Janeiro for Altona, which vessel put them on board a |>ilot boat in the British Channel, and sent them to Cowes, Isle of Wight, when: tliey safely armed, and embarked by the Washington at Southampton. On fr?iplit, this steamer lias U.V) packages of German merchandise, shlpf>ed at Bremen, about 5tX) packages of tuluable French merchandise, (broad* stufi's, silks, satins, ribbons, gloves, dresses, shawls, ami articles of fashion) received at Sruthampton from Havre, for transhipment, besides a small quantity of British goods. Altogether, the cargo is comparatively a small one, in consequence of the winter SC??nn aims t?y iin.l the ? ? shipments to the American markets not having begun in either Germany or France. Hie screw steamer Helena Slotnun, sailed from Hamburg for New York, on the Ihh of April. Her competition for Gentian |?assengers was rather injurious tothe Washington, at Bremen. The Washington arrived at Cowes, frotn New Yotk, on the 5th of April. For twodays previously she had been in a heavy gale, and it was /ootid that one of her boilers, which was not properly fsstened down at New York, bad shifted a little. A twenty-four hours stay in Cowra roads was therefore necessary, to wedge up and secure the boiler. The recent alterations in the Imilcrs ol this steamer, have l*en attended with complete success, so far as the consumption of fuel is concerned, and in this regard are highly satisfactory. Chi the outward imseage to England, the Washing ion burnt little moir than half the quantity of coal* * hu h she hatt heretofore used, and had fife hundred tona remaining in her bunkers when she cast anchor off the Isle of Wight. Homewards the reMilt him l?een equnlly favoriiMe; and whereas on the voyage from New York to N?otHampton and Bremen, and hack again to NewYurk, it has been usual to consume from 1,800 to 2,000 tons of coals, fti the present instance alout 1100 to 12110 tons have sufficed to accomplish the same distance, and that, too, in unusually had weather, Jmch an immense saving of furl is a great consideration in the expense of sailing the ship, as likewise it ia very important in affording additional stowage room for cargo, to the extent of 120 to H 0 tona of measurement goods, and therefore affording the means of largely increasing the : -C ,L. ,1 A . Ik:. 1. ., importance lo that numerous and increasing cIum of our n ad. ru who are interested in lh?* success of ocean steam navigntion, it may not l?e out of place to explain, in a buef way, how these desirable nlteratiooa in the Washington have been brought hour. In the old boilers, steam waa raised by means of six very Isrge farnucea; and notwithstanding every ?Fort of the engineer* and firemen, it was found that a sufficient pressure of steam could not Is* kept up to maintain a high a peed. It was therefore indiaprneaMe to increase materially the heating si rface of the fires; and, therefore, in place of six large fire-places or furnaces, eighteen small onea have been put into the toilers, and these eighteen fin a have been found to consume not much more than 60 per cent of the fuel which used to lie burnt by the six large ones. We arc happy to find, too, fn m the experience of the present homeward voyage, that as regards an inereaae of the at>eeil of the vessel, the experiment has bean attended with equally aueeesaful results. Wa are aaamed, (and our opinion ia barked by the judgment of a high British engineering authority) that with a slightly increased consumption of fuel, an augmentation of nearly two knots an hour in ?fieed would be produced. In these days of powerful competition, w hen speed is the great desiderata, it ia essential that such an alteration be at once made, in order that the Washington should not Is* permitted to hang far behind ?,ny of the new ships whirh ha\r siner hrrn built, an.I win.), rivsl. if lh?V .|o not aur;?aa, the far-famed Hritieli ateamere. Mr. John II. Mara, who haa long been the chief engineer of the Washington, ia alioui to rreign hi* duties, to take charge of the engineer'* department in the new etearuahip Franklin, now rapidly approaching completion, to run between New York and Southampton and Havre. (>n a former occasion, we have adverted to the impolicy of theae alupa running at auch inconvenient datea, and rendering it impossible, (in four caaea out of five.) for them to he of any utility aa mail steamer*, to the commercial community of either America or (iieat Britain The Poet t fficeauthoritiee at Waehingten should wake up a little, and kok into thie matter; and the dayaof nailingehotild fie no arranged aa not ao frequently to fall upon the time of the departure of the Ctinardateameru The Iletmana left New York on the Soth of February, on the day the F.uropa left for Idverpool The Washington lett New York on the SDth March, on the very day the America left for Liverpool, and RE H [NG, MAY 5> 1850. she sailed from Southampton on 2t)th April, pre eisely on tlie day the Canada departed for lloslon We need hardly point out to our inerrantile friend the value that intermediate mails would have lieei

during the winter month*, when the Ciutari steamers made only fortnightly passage*, and we d< wonder thut intermediate departure* of the South ampton steamers had not been arranged for thi convenience of making a more frequent coniniu nieation with Europe. The fault iawith the l'os Office authorities in Wu.-lungton. The new l'ritlsh mail steuuer "Asia," was ex peeled to anive in Liverpool on l'nday morning the 2Uth ult., and was to sail for Halifax and lios ton on the J8lh May. There were many wager that the intelligence by her will reach New Yorl earlier than thut by the Atlantic, to sail th?jie< three days earlier. Rpalu. IS CTHA TO UK SOLI* TO THK f*MTl?r> srvTES * (Kromtlie Madrid lleraldo. April 4 ] The Pari* coireK|x>niiciil of the London Timri who ? ems to devttc his whole attention to the uf fairs of Spain, has recently written several letter: to the Turns, in which he asserts that the missioi confided to Count Mirasol has for its object tin sale of the isltitd of Cuba to the United States, ii the event of ascertaining that public opinion on tin island is in favor of such u measure. Since this idea has begun to become general witl certain English writers, who are engaged in doin; us h 11 the injury in their power, it beomes nurdut] to ccniiudict this assertion, once for all, and finally in the nio.-t positive uiaiiuer. It is false, therefore that uny such it" ti uetions liuvo been given to thi Count of Mine <1; and on tlic other hand, not onlj do out laws prohibit the cession or the sale of an] territory belonging to the .Stun is ti monarchy, but also, the present government, in the spirit of allou: foinier governments, is determined to make ever) sacrifice and exert every means lodetend the islam of Cuba, not only against all foreign aggressions hut against any domestic effort to separate from tin mother country. Ireland. awftt. storm am> nnsrnrcTIO* or pkol'erty. The city of l>uhlin was visited, on Thursday, tie IStli ult., with the most terrilic storm of thunder lightning, aud hail, combined, ever remembered ii this country, ;:nd, in its characteristics, perhap hitherto unknown in these latitudes. In fact, thi: teinhle convulsion of the elements (xutook in i very slight degree of ihc characteristic ascribed t< stoims in tlit< temperate latitudes. Itspheuotnena were i.iti "r those peculiar to the sudden snow gales of the Baltic, the fatal Mediterranean whin squi ll, or the disastrous aud too olien unforeseen ami unprovided for West Indian hurricane, 'flic COlidiet of the elements bur-t on the city with a tuddcijiH .-s and vioh nee that smote the ininibitant.w ith terror and dismay. The whole morning w as umi.-ually line, aud gave every promise of the commence ment of a run of genial spiing weather. It vvus ii<.I until pan :i o'clock that the first indications weie < I servable of the apptoaching tempest. The / inttuiii thus describes tlicni:? A scit ntific friend inform* us. Hint l?'in>{ In the act of liavlr it his house on profes-lonal business. ui about o'clock ho looked at tlie barometer, and remarked with extreme surpri/v Unit tbc inerrury had fallen to the extent of n vi ral degrees. though at the same tine- the sun was -Inning brlphtly. and there appeared do sign whaten r of-tmui or tetupvt. We liave ascertained. also, (through the medium of an old and experienced officer. n umiat.dinK one of our seagoing steamers ii?w iu the river), that immediately previous to the run no net luent of the florin the wlud shifted a few point* to the south, and continued southing while the f.rst part of tin thuudor-storui and the beaty rain t-inlinuid It then suddenly, and a'ith a valours thai -trained the rabies of the largest vessels, and round to'fl "i Mil oV'U'e'^Wp'aSi^! reetly snd dlawvtrically opposite ; aud from this point of N N I- there poured a tempest ot wind such ai lias uet it. perhaps, liven equalled in violence initio climate, accompanied by volleys of hail, (hat wer. swept with resistlv s loree In the direction of tln> gale shattsrlngtlifawiliwrWh and rifMlif toruti everything within the sphere of ntmosphi riclntluenei or eaposi d to the fury of the tempi st The rnurmou ire of the globules of hail was a subject of iut?n*< wonder aud even curiosity, scarcely repressed byilh< terror of the awe-strlckeu people M e ourselves -at hailstones fall m ar us, ror.sitlt rnbly larger, each o tlmi thau the largtst grape-shot Passengers by the Northern liuilway tram of tlio morning, stnto tliut the lemja .si raged fearfully nil along ttie line, and tfint tlie town of Progheda but sutlerrd fenrlully from its rHerta. ('n a rough calculation, it ia estimated ihatf rikl.OHO worth of glass alone has been destroyed in Dublin, Glazier* were Inst night at high premium and blWf were Ummm who were promised their service- in the course ol two or three days hence. A good dent of rnin fell during the night, and this morning it i* blowing * freeh gale from southwest. Terilflc Disaster In Krnnre?Three Hundred l.l? i * Lost. In a previous nuntlier of our paper, among th? fort ign intelligence, we huve stated the f.icW, athey had reached us, of the nw fill nccident at \ugert? the breaking down of the slls|ien?lon briilge, l'he best ai'couut seeina to !? given hi the J(/Uiwu (Iu Muint rt J.i irr, and is as lollou r.? At eleven o'clock in the morning. (April lfl, IW.O.) a s4|iitidron tif hussar*, coming from Nantes, bad crossed over the stis|Hn?inti bridge of the liaise Maine without any accident, although the vviihI blew very heavily from the west, t.nd the river was very agitated. The la-t ol i the horses bad scarcely crossed the bridge, than the lientl of the column of the third battalion ol the 11th light inl inlry ains ared on the other side. |{eiterute?l warnings were givt n to the troops to bleak into sections, as is usually done, but the rain tailing heavily at the tintr, it waadisregarded, and the laittalioii advanced in close column. The |p ail of ihr halfulicn had reached the opposite side, the pioneers, the drummers, and a |atrt of ihc baud were i fl the budge, when a horrible crash was heard; the cast-iton columns of the right bank auiMenly gave way, crushing lu-neath them th" rear of the lib compaiuy, which, with the flunk comwMiy, had not entered on the bridge. To detcrilic the frightful spectacle and the etics of des|*?ir which were raised ia ini| os-itdr the srenc at the bridges of lleicsina can alone give an idea ol it. The whole If w n rushed to llic soot to give aaai-tanor. In spite of the ktoim which was raging, all the Isiata that could l? got at were launched to pick tip the soldiers in the rivr, and a great numlicr who were clinging to the inr*)*-!* of the bridge, or who were kept afloat by their kna|*acks, w ere immediately got | c itf. The gretter number of thrni were, however, | found to te wounded by the Imyotiets or by the frag| n.ent' of tin bridge falling on them. Kerry one on the s)s t vied With each other in rendering assistance, ! and, aw the soldiers were got out, they were led into the houses adjoining, and every assistance 'I'U I - . . I ...?IL. bl?*? II. l r* IIO V* r|T" ICKJ inIHH infill' '1 ?,r **mi% I *fjf placed <11 litter*. All the nothoritie* I of I If town, the troop* in tbe garrison, and the i officer* iinil Soldier* who hml rural*-*! injury, j had only one idea?that of rendering all th" i iwiltincr in their power. A ynun:: In-utenaot <?t tin llih, M. I<onp, rendered hinie# If r<>n*picuou* f< r In* hemic exertion*: and a young workwoman, at the imminent danger of her life, tumped into the water, nnd mvi iI the life of in lilfiitf, who * ? juM ainking. It i* itii|*>-*ii>le for u? nt lliiamonn nt tooMimah the niimlier of liven that have l?-< n loat; ol thone thiit r*eaj? d with their live* there i" nenrc ly one hut ha* received Wound* from the hnyonetnol In* n nirndea. Several aetn of <h votioa ile^erve to I* mentioned. A journeyman hatter, named Turgi*, who hud acquired no me notoriety in the late |*r?|it icul tualn, atrq i* d, and Jumped into the river, an?l ly hi? atrrngth and aktll in aw miming, ***ed a great m*ay livra. t?ne of the eoMu ra, w ho had reached the bore unhurt, iniinedivtely *tri|i?edan<l f* nni to the aaaiatancr of hie comrade*. The lie nt# nnnt-eolone|, an old officer of (lie empire, m-nttcd hy the adjutant, and hy aorne of hi* men, err aped with bin life ; hut although r< rtoualy wounded and hruiaed, he would not quit the *i?>t, hnl r< tnained to w atch over tin- mrur of hie compen a ne in arma. The following additional detail* are from the Prfurfrur of Anger*, of \V>dner?|n> : The arwprnaiort-hhdge which ha* fallen wa? luilt al* ut twelve year* ago, I nt about a veal eince underwent rr|mire, which eoet the town alout 3H,HKK. The auaprnding-chain* at fir?t gave way on one aide only, when the Mldi#*ra on the hndgr, feeling the movement of the floor of the hridae, naturally ruali# d to the other aide, w hen the rhaina th# te aho gave way, and the whole floor ol the bridge fell, h r< m one hank to tlie other, the liver waa r< mplete|y hlorked ni> with the *old?r? tiui/flir a to re neb if, r ?h>,r? if <1,. hail l*on Cklm, thr frrutar nnmh>'r ofthi-m would, in ali jui Ul.ilny Hmi- Th* wind, h?.wr?*r, Mi w n (*rf rl hurilrunr, and th* wuuaw wre v? ry ii tuh Ma**'* of mrn might br ?vn chruing tc ach otlur, ili< *??'> dvrry m<ni-nt wrn*hini| HWkjr ?ni? of th?m, until dm only rrmuinod lVatim of w<K>d, pJ*nk*, and f?-r? art ' !* tb?i roidd M- laid hold of, *rr* launch' I, to enable ihc [ERA] men to keep tlicm*"lT08 aflout, until further aasirtance could ariive. Tin* muster-roll lias just been culled oyer. Of s the lM, 2d, and lid comiwmes, there only remain n 14, lti, uiid 19 men respectively. The uuniU-r de1 licit nt amount* to 219. to which mu.-.t he added :? ^ dt ad. ami ItO wounded in the hospital. making the total loss to the battalion 2K2. There is reason, I Mwever, to nope ttimi turn nqi m mi mnm u s |>rivute houses, which may noi he included iu ^ tlie | number of those whose fute has been known Tl?e lieutenant-colonel >-li|?f>*- ! oil his horse us he was 1 falling, mill escaped with a wound in the fare. The bt-dy of (lie pMtf.rtmprnu was picked up, having the standard firmly clutched in his hand. One soldier had a musket which ha.I run through his la dy. '1 he hisly of one soldier was found eorn pletely pierced through with a musket, and many of the barrels of the guns were hc.-.t double. The { number of bodies found, up to this time, amounts to 121, 'J he names of the oMioer* killed or drowned, e as yet ascertained, are, ( apt I lore, l.i.'iit, t'ottez, Sub-Lieut. Porte Lrupeuu ('arrtte, and Sub-Lieut*. Forgues and Lebrick. It apjiems that some people belonging to Hie town were walking on the bridge at the time of the accident, lor among the bodies found are thore of a sonant and two children. The Murder of the Countess of <>orllts. | f'r?m Usltgnaoi's Messenger.} s Most of our readers must reinetnl>er the circumj stances connected with the death at 1 larmstadt of the Countess of (lo'litz, mid the suspicion whi di s was attached fur tome time to the Count, her hual hand, v* ho holds the posi of Chamber! iin to (lie ? Grand Luke. This suspicion was caused principally by thM earnestm with which tin- Count ittemplen to prevent a dis-a etiou of the body; but i that whs fully accounted lor siibseipiently bv cvi? dt nee showing that the Count.---, had so gn- it a . horror of dissection she had solicit -d her hoshand freijuenfly to promise that, in the event of Iter ' dying before him, her remains should not he txI postal to such a proceeding, and had liuule tin-a f special injunction in her will. If miy suspicion, ' f however, had Continued to attach itself to the Count, it lias la-en fully reinov d by u tri d of the ^ maidcrer at Larin.-tadi, w hich, after lasting more r than a fortnight, hue just l" - n termiruited. It may j l?e necessaiy, even for tho-e who p. el attention io the cose w hen it was la-fori lie public more lie u a ' year ago, to relate the leading facts briefly. The Countess, who Was in ma-session of a hand . .lie fortune iudc|ien(lently of that of lu-r husband, was a woman of unbounded charily, hut of un ecei .'ric i cliaraeter. She had for some years resided in . apartments ol the house : .-p.,ruled from tho.-e of her hushaiMl, with w loun, however, she Wiia on , the best terms, visiting him from time to lime, and H receiving liis visits. Hie had always a eon - ,h-r is hie sum of money in her seeretior.-, and had al -o ? t rich collection of jewels. She had caused extra , locks to he placed on her secretaire, her drawers, tun! the doors of her rotmis, and opened the out' r door of her apartment to her hu-hjiid an I the tvuC.1 ...?...o i \? ? -t.- ? -? i the Count Ijmi the palace of tilt- Crand J?nke, ) w here he hud dining, he w ent, a* usual, to see the Countess before retiring to rent, but could I i i not obtain admittance, and soon afterwards an ' i ! ill.urn wii laised tliut n tire had broken out t in the apartment ol' the Countess. A locksmith I was sent for; the outer door wm broken oj>en; ! the secretaire in the sitting-room of the Counteaa t was on fi;c. and she wv found lying dead on the J floor, with her body partly consumed. At this time no suspicion wiu. entertained ol Imt having been ' li.uideted. It was at lirst supposed ill it the accre- I taiie bail taken lire from the hunger, but subae- i i qiieiitly, as ibis alone coul.l not account for 'he i cull oiiiv.atioii of m |*trt of ihe head and body of the Countess, it was imagined that she hud |ieri-d??d i lr< nt spontaneous combustion. When suspicion < fell ii| on the Count it arose entirely from the untie- i ty tliat he displayed to prevent an anto|isy, from i w hieli it was imugined that he might have ad- I i miiu-terrd poison, and then attempted to destroy the hcidy to prevent detection. Nothing but the 1 i absence of motive for tie- crime, and the w -II- | know n iillcction w bii li bad uhsi-iccl l.i twcen linn ' [ 4 uiiri >1... .) .4, |> i ? ?l lib I- til tu iii.iI 1 Some time I i.d r lapsed, and this horrible ulfuir waa i | still involved in my>tenr, when circumst.incas oc- t , ( Illicit III lliiow suspicion UjM.n (lie Valet of the ) Count, John r>iauil, w ho occasionally Waited upon , the Countess. It was proved that on the evening i of the call.mitv, ami whilst (lie Count was at the ' imlacc ot lhr ( .rand l)uke, In-|i;id on various pre* texta indue d the other aervunta of the household r to go out, anil h id reiiUiincd alone in the house lor j J nrarly two hours, with the exception ol a visit to i f the palace to ascertain whether the Count wu there, for the evident |Hirpoae of convincing hitu, self that lie could conunil Ins intended crime with | impunity. Another circumstance to excite an-cii Cli n was that the keys of the outer doors of the apartment of the Countess were not to he found, i thus proving that some |>er.son in the house must > have used and then concealed them. It was supi |* soil that money and jewelry Iselonging to fh f Collides* had been P-moved, hut of this there | no p-iiive pri i f in tin* i arly |mrt of the investirak tlon. A ci I dill ruble JU; ntilV Ol Jewelry remained, and the C ount was not ille to~iy vv,i? missing. When ftaulf had l?een arrested, new oirI ctiinatances came to light Itvvusprov. Ith i'lo h id sent aiticles of jewelry to hi- father, llenr* St.niii', and lin t he had elwirgi d In-biotlii i luiiu to bury , si n.e jewelry nt the feotofntree. Many ol th .'articl< s found there were rmvedto luivc been the propTty of the Countess. Henry and James Stuutl were [ tlo n fore also arresti d, and the three were brought, last month, for trial before the It iiiliual of Ikinnstudt, 1 i in1 i vI'M ii< < on tin* orraaion It li mi tlttiiM of the I | cuili (if .Inbn >*toull'. and llifiv could Ik* no doubt j tlinf I.i? lalher iiixi broiler knew that lit* li i<I ob- , tairied the |>ro|nty by foul mean*, l>ut tin re w.ia j nothing to aliow that lliey hud I 11, dun tly or in- | directly, puttie* to the murder. It w .k? alw |*ro\I I ihNt, niter lilt- iiiuntf-r of the ('ounlew, .lolni Stand ' had pure hoard aoine xeidigri*. run I mixed it with Millie MiutY, w h eh wa* l***iti|(|*r?-|M?r**tl in the kitehrn lor ihr fount, with the intention of |N>iM>iiiug t him. The medical evidence on thl* trial WH*curiuu? * nil intt-tf Ktnitf. Son f ihe tno?i eminent j*liy?i- , niiOdol Germany, and Itaran Liebig, the celebrated rlit miat, w ere desired by ihr C otirl to ijive iheiroptnion at to thf way in * hirh the ih-afliol I ho Count a# hud hrenmiMrd?whet In r alu- had l?een burned in( titionall) orurridrntally.nnd wliriheraanntamnna ron.l ' in her rare wa- probable. The ni*di- j ' ml lio n |iethorned m ? ? *|?niiirnt- n i ml 11 ties rx|m?rd to tire, placing burning furniture, 1 and rtrn u f.o -.iinlie ot tlie m-i rrtnire, in a i lo?e<j roi in. to a-rert.un whether the extensive cartnmi{ ration of the body of the (?otinte?acould hare been pirdui i d by arritli nt, and they retorted pnaitieely i to the contrary. On the >ru??tu>n of *|?>ntanenii? rombtidtion, Huron Li< big, and the other ecu untie men who joined in the r< |u>rt, lireUred not onlr ] that it *i? ifn(?**ible in tne ciiae of the Coiinteua, but that ai-ontanrou* rom'ai'tion of the human bi dy hi any ram' w n? impoembic. They declared that the ordinary ludiei on thiaaubjert wnaa delu ion ; tliat they had carefully examined the evidence in nil the c*ae* of apontanrou* rotnbiiation that had lieen reported, and found it alien defective ne not to wi jgh for in instant H?.nn-t their eonvic- I tion of the phyaieal imimaaibiluy of auch an occur- | renee. The oolv |>mnt on which the ine? men , and t herniate Hi Or red?but that wua of no iniportnnee aa regarded the charge againM John St anil ? waa na regarded the degree ol danger to hotttan life in the verdigria Introduced by him into the 1 ! enure inli ndrd for the Count, One chemist declared, for inatnnoe, that if he had taken the aame, it would not have injured bun eerioualy, aa the i f ttength of the verdigria b id I wen in a great degree ranted of! by ebullition : another, on the contrary, r declared, aa the result of aeverwl experiment*, th it 1 the ifrength of the imiaon waa materially iinrifril , by the ebullition. I'll' w bole trial waa reinaikable lor the akill and impuniabty ahown l?y thi I'reai- ( dent, and the anxiety which wa* evinced by the , Court to elicit the trhth, w itbout having f> muac to any of lb?>?4* obirrlionablr in< an* which have aomi tunc* born w ill 'coil m the court* ol the eon- t i tinrnl. John fHanfl found guilty of the mur- I dcr, iind w nifr rnl to hnpriaontnoat for life, lfi? | | fnthirand brother Were found guilty m * moi<>r , degree, i.nd onl> m ntenced to a few month" impri- . j fonuit nl. The Corn Trade of Rn|l?iul. I [f'runth. I.. ntlnu Mercantile Mni. ttr tpritlO) ] I Tllf grand u<l> Ulitdf*- ohirh tlir of ^ i free trade r *)>erted to derive from tho prfwul of the I corn law*, waa (if there w a* any troth in Ihrtr or- 1 gntnent*) an inonerme increaee in the comm. rce of i \ the country Wf vrrro told tlu.t, If nrirce of fix*! < were low . hoHitr?in all it" hranche* would lw ( | etminiated ; and that. * lion foreigner* witnowd the ?ucoraa of the rt|irrunout, they would apeedily follow the bright example, aUdiah th< ir repprcUve 1 tnrifK and univer?nl proeperity would l>e the re' Milt llow throe aph ndid prediction* hare 1 fulfilled, our reader* are, alaahut ton well aware ; uide opread ruin and diet rem among our agrtenlf turn I population, and ao great a want of conlid* nre In romniernal affair*. a* to render it almoat jmpo*?ihlc to find profitable emph yment for capital J flow tin* i* to . nd it i* not e?*y to foreeee. Hut that farmera cannot long etand their ground if matter* ' rem*in a* 'hey now are. in re Main Since our laat. a further decline ha* taken place in price* of grain Thi* fall haa not lieen cauae.l hy any inrreane ia the home Nffdir*, but hy the proomtre of foreign ( W - MM ? ? * " ' ^ J LD. TWO CENTS. on the different markets. Th* supply from abroad into the port of London alone, nun rig the week ending Saturday hint, exceeded UK),000 quarters, and since then 12,900 quartern of wheat, barley, and oatn, of foreign growth, have been reported at the custom liousa. That there will he a loss oa most of these consignments we are fully aware; hut this wdl not, for a time, have the effect ot checking supplies. At the present there is a considerable quantity of corn on passage to this country from the llultic, Black Sen, and Mediterranean ports; and though the advices from hence have certainly not lieen encouraging, still, hy the most recent accounts froni abroad, it appears th it shipments were being made. At Ibintzic alone, veswls capable of cairynig 11,000 quarters bail lieen cbarteied to loail for Lnglund in the apace of little mors than a week, and fi -ui the near continental porta shipments are making dailv. It is consequently clear thut no rally m prices can tie calculated on so long as nothing ocsurs to threateu injury to the growing crops. Hitherto the season. have been highly auspicious, and the reports from all parts of the kingdom agree in decribing the rinpeurauce of the country us very promising. At we have hiul something very nearly approaching a panic. The receivers of the immense supplies of foreign grain are at a loss how to set; they chii see little prospect of profit hy lending, und to sell hugely from on board they lind almost impossible. Meanwhile our farmers <-<>rmiiu? in jjuiu nittu, mm mr rrcfi|ni 01 ****%li.-h icm have been on quitr a moderate scale nine* our (art. The show of wheal on Monday l?y luailcaniape samples from the neighboring counties wan tiriall, hut, influenced hy the liberal receipts from abroad, the tnillc rs reltased to pay former trims, find before any progro ,. * was efleeted in enles, a decline of 2s. (icr quarter on tlie rate* currtnion t.'utt day se'unight had to he acceded to. To give nn idea of the actual value, we may ren alk that viry siqa'rior red Kentish wheat, w eii liinf.'tiU |l). |? r bushel, w t - freely offered at I5S-., and won, we IteheVt, ultimately sold (n. jht (|Uhiler helow tliut rate. Slice then nricea hare reti; ined nominally unaltered. < 'a Wedneaday hardly anything was done in lan^lt.-li wheat, and the transactions this m< mini; were not of Nidlieieut iinpoitdtire to warrant any change hi quotation*. The decline in the value of foreign his been quite f rtn ai ithat in Kngli.-h; notwithstanding which, purchasers have conducted their opcr.tiooa with t'ti at caution. fled w heat h.. - wold at prices varying ft? ni b2s. to-MM. per quarter, the latter being only obtainable for tine Hostock ; for white, |<ricea have ranged equally wide, l i\g ordinary Iota of new lluteli and Kelpiun having been pitted with at tlie low rate of litis, per qr , w hilst superior high mixed Duntiic ill primary has, ili consequence of its extlMne sculeily, sold in retail at IHs. and OOs. per iiiiailer. To-dav the dapre ion was even greaier than earlier in the week, and at the above-named t? inis" there were far more NrlhTH than buyers. The millers have tint lowered the nominal lop quotation for town manufactured flour. Shin sample*, In w, to wever, been oflered In. |kt aucK ch 'aper than before, without imliieiiip buyers to take more than needed lor in.iiii'dinto use. liarb-y of lioine prow ib hue excited little attention, the malting season being nrurlv over, and foreign, which is relxively inocli cheaper than lioplcli, being Mint ilile ror most other punmseN. In the latter a tolerable xlont of business lias been done, at about previous ate*, any lti". to 17s. for parcels weighing 5*2 Itw. to :il II p? r bushel. Kiiglisli, though ollered In. (>er juurtcr lower on Monday than on that day week, iv a f neglected, nor were any an lew of eons'-quence made tliia morning. Malthas felt the influence o| the dull .'tale of the bailey trade, and IIn v.ilue has i? lab d downward*. The arrivals ofouts coastwise hove taen small, end from Ireland we have no receipts, Ian the enormous supplies from abroad have occasioned grt at pressure on the market. On Monday prices were at least la. pcruuarter lower than mi that day te'rinight, and, to induce the deilerw to luty, ronu1 further concession has since been made, fo-dav light foreign feed waa obt linubb* at 12a. to l'l? .. .1 .......I loll. I.. Oil, * .1111,leu ul I.*,- It. I?m :*t ?,unrfrr. BfNm and pra?r liive not VAried 10 mlii'-, and have m< t with wry little Attention. 1a llir mrly pr< ??f lit* * v?* l? tlwTr w%ii rt?lii?r ictive itic|iiny fi>r floating cargo*-. of Indhn corn Ml lie conn, lot the demand mucc alucki-nod. Tlir Connie of Knro)>i>n KithM|f, BmK'MIII, April 10 MM Amiti-rdam, . .3 month* 4.\ -iin r? tor 2 p Pari* 3 " 107 cenli tor 1 p London 3 - 13 t P.are. and ahMlln*. S banco for X1 ?t|( flenoa...... .3 14 1 90 rrnti for 1 p Leghorn 3 " 2.20 lire for 300 uiarca baneo. 1'iaia. April It Inrtrrdrn. .11 month* 2l'?\ r> nt* for 1 florin Hamburg. . .3 " 1U null for I p bmeo London 3 ? 2'i 40 fr- iud eta. lor tl ?? Uenoa 3 " ! ?'? rent* for 1 lira nuora Leghorn. .. .3 " ?.( , rrnta fur 1 lira Aanhi.hi April 10 Pari*. . .. 2 month.* .V.', grote* for 3 frauea limit.urje. . ' 34'? do. lor 1 p '< 120', ft. and *tieer? for ?1 atf. ieuoa. . .. " 4ii', aentaofd* for I lira n nova. I.rghorn. .. " 39 do fur 1 IIr*. Loaoo.a, April 19 Irnaterdatu 7 mo*. 12 3a.'l, , Uoriu* and atirare for dottrrdam. .. "12 3'.a , | XI at* tntwarp. ... 2.1 ?* franra and rta for 1 do lamburg. . . *13 12',a13 marr* and -hil ban I 4n 'aria " 2*> i*3 fraura and ranta for 1 do. Mabon. . .. ?> day* 53** pence atir lor 1 milroa tenoa 3 moa art t..? lir<- ne and rt* torXlatg. Leghorn. . . a " l.i) 115 lire for XI ?tg. 11' i.i u.a ria Ovacn. * 4 riold. standard. ... 77 9 Hirer, do 4 11* Pouth American dollar* 4 lo <* 1 l;.1!!:',""- t. :::::: :: 'ponlah d >u Moon* 76 6 f LJ* Hoirota and Mriicao do I .. I I'vpB/an do S J Th* llaak of Kaglaad. An Arrount purauanl to the Am 7tli and 3th V !?U?'la. rap 32 for the weak ending Paturday ih# 13th day f April 1AM taava narnraur b*tt* ItiliaJ < W.Wt ?l It d?M ?1 Ia M?<rll?4 . tM.Ml O- I'l r?l? (Il l btlli"? U.*WTT? Htwktlllil,,,, *41. *77 iSMM AJMM.nM HUM. LH4ITHWT Pnit.iiiri' Mp - i. ?'<mui M>1 t*l IH.W "> ri'.u, Icci-ilieg t??? ?.tr; lm w.i<h% fgt.l). 4*p.-?iM i cecity ?M. *i*Mi (Incladlaa li Oili.t mtr hu ?.;??.7*V rhMtw, Na?>?*a I*..tee... Bum. I'imii- * U 'I **4 alter in?r* of Jte- acta 7U.JM ti*.*a) ! *(. M4 Mod.** Actual* I.III.MI Hlitr d-peate ., In.*#.** 'na 4if ! tk?t bill* I.UI,*S 444.Mt.IM 4.MAM.I.** Mtur*. flaring** l omlmi flranlar. U?m*. Prlday, Ivtb April. 1MB Ao'clock. P M. With the nr. plii.u of cotton which I* firmer w# liarc n<> improvem-nt to n dice In the product marl?t' arrlral* liar*-again hewn Urge nnd though tlia trad** ?how no -ll?p<?ltin to Increase their purchase*, Itnportrf c tli ur to nrgr t*|. ahlrb In many In tanrc*. ha* lid to a faith* r reduction In price*. m will It >n In lb.-i ul o in* *1 r* marl* Money ontlanwn very el-tin-tent By the OrcrUnd mall which arritad on t|*r Kth In-tant we hata rrceltcl adtlcu ta the following dale#: I'alrntl* 7th. B-tnhay Ifilb March; Pl-anghae |t*th, llonglt* ng 371b Mtnilla Xth. and Balavla 2*th P* t-ruary latlMi* Stetat. The high price* a-k*d for Cnltad (Mat* *. N* w York. Ohio an l Ma?*achnaett* clock*. hart rhrrkr.l batiacw. wkkk would othcrwlaa contlau* t? laaiUnilt* Transaction* hne# however.occurred la I beta aamrltle* a* well a* In Maryland and t'ennajlvaala at oar quotation* Tin-rear* nofinulh t'anadianor l.ouialanal nlon I * uk I-- .id* In the market A parcel of I . ilium* fit i "ii Bank hnnd* ml-, lit he bad at <16 per rent hoaicthlng baa teen dona In Canada 6 per can! M* Fling h*-tid? at pur amalnelea of lutereat Nothing I r i iti \ r link ttupk riiitt i! Hu(?a^ > 01 1', l i! f <? I a. Kd 1< T. ditto O'a 1M7 *. (n?Tl^l|on? 100 * It r'? ; ditto t'?, 1S( ? bnsda to h??r?r, 11ll a 111; K?? I'f.rk ov v: ? diiu r*. ioa im ditto city y*. no ? W?; Pt ntojlranla 5'a #2), a 031,. Ohio ?'$, H?. 100 tlOl d.tio ISO. 104 u K'4 NwMrbiiftti>. lo* MO; darytoi .l Mta*l;Mi. ?trrl I'laatw . Bank OO, ditto I nloii Hank. A). Alttunl't. 07 a 8*. VlrgtBiaO . ? ??,; Kt nturkj 0> "C a W. Florida I t. 00; Unit l a, luo A'Mta.- Tr?n-?ctlnn? rary llmltrd 0?t#2?r: paarta *n? Ad OMMtntt 400 ba*a li ra barn offnrad at publht > 1" iril ??ra m-atly "old But at rathar andar rata* j 7 ?tirnir?aa 7*1 a .t? (M ; ll?ndura? itlfrr It ad a 4a. Ill wall It w Mack Ja 4d a J* ltd . Nnlaaa allrar da. 7d a 3a. Id ('<( * ta Invar. a mall |Mwa< I of TrtaUUd kaa baa* old at TA. far ord era/ to ku for guil rail balug a larllaa of da , Hta?!l and ttuajaqtuT nominal 17 00a a 31* fart rr r<*y dull and prlraa dnallntag 4 000 bnga batlra? < rV t? hara baan tol l at 47a . nothing t ing in plantation aortt 3Q0U bag* fnata Rio* bnra baa* lak'B krf rifort at l?i a ON and l.OUi bag* Jar* I