Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1850 Page 1
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I TH MO. 8811. hipping. "ITNITTD STATES M \ 11. STEAMSHIP COMPANT.NJ Tl.t book* of en l.ecri plica tu i ho capital moek of the United Statee Moll Ht<-amehip Company, lo tho amount of one million fire hundred thoneand dollar*. will ho opaaed on Tneaday. tk* lf>th day of Mayinei., at tho Muroaaum Ka hanye Hank, in tho elty of Soar York, and the two eaiulax dayo, from 12 o clock m., to 1 P. M. CF.ORtiK I.AW. MAKSflAII. O. R<'BEETS, JAMES VAN MOST-RAND, New York, May S. IMP. Cummieoionero. wtna ii????oni _rviTin irnv. u.n ?thm i , J; chip PACIFIC, Gapt. Earn N e.?Thin eteutnar will de- , part from the fi?t of ('an*! itwt, with the malle for Europe. poeitivel.v OD Saturday. 25th May. at IJo'emck, M. For freight or paaoage, bavin* unequalled anoominodation* for . olegance or nuulurt. apply to : 1 EDWARD K. COLLINS, 74 South etrect. I Positively no berth can br eeeured 111 paid for. UNITED STATES MA1I. STEAMERS lit t'W KEN NkW York and Liverpool.?Tho ehip? rampuiu tlita lino aro Ska ATLANTIC, Captain We?t. AKt'TIt , Captain l.uco. t PACIFIC, Captain Nye. B A LTIC,Captain Co untold j I ADRIATIC. Captain (Iraftou. I Theee ahipa. having been built by contract oapreaaiy for j I covernment eervice. every rare haa been taken in their eun- < *tructi<>n,aa atao in their engines, to onaure atrength and f 1 (if end their aeoonimodation* for pn-u-engera are un- I vMoallrd for eloganre or K'tnfort. Prion <.f passage from New 1 York to Liverpool $19b eicluaive uae or eatru aiae atato Loom* ECU. An exprieaced Surge..n will I* ai lat hed to eauh t a hip. No bertha ran be secured until paid for. For freight , i or p.-^. apply,o^^ ^ g (ISoBth I , or to I1RORN. SIIIPI.IV k CO.. Liverpool t The Atlantie will leave Liverpool May 15, " " PaciAo " " New York May a. ? " M " Liverpool June 12, " t Atleutio " " New York J e S, " , " " " Liverpool June 2?1. " | PaeiAe " 44 NewVurk June2M, t 44 44 44 Liverpool July 17. T t The owner* of theee ebipe will not be acoountahle for gold, t Silver, bullion, tapeeie, jewelry, peeoioue atonva or tnetalo, I Unleaa bill* ol lading are eigned therefor, end the value there- i af, therein expnte-oJ. I TBI BRITISH AND NORTH AMBRICAN R. B. I Steamships, between New Y rk and Liverp<N.|, and be- t hween lloalon and Liverpool, celling at lii lifns to laud and I receive malle and passenger* ? i , Cam I ria from New York May B. Canada Boston, May 15. I Niagara...., " New York May 22. 1 Fur freight or puseace. appl' to i i i i'Vttin j. - a h,..,.. THROUGH LINK TO ALIHMIMa, VIA C'tlAUKRS? Carrying the United Stale* Mail.- dondn), May 1.1th, at So'cWk, r. M., from the pier toot I Warren*'reel. N. K. the new and clcrnnt d.inblr enaiue x t -u. n> ~ h > | <; r.' >dG I A. D. .. Porter, V. 8. Nn?y,Conim*iiiler,wil) It >ie?pat< bed a* timve, drith the GorerBtncnt Mails for the Wen' Indie* and the Pnoiflv. Tii* book* are now open for pit-nan- 'o Charleston, Savannah, Havana. New Orlanne ami 4 barrel, and for bhrongh tinlete to san Fmneivoo. T?**vur? through tick* r a. aariy appliea'ioo aanet be made, aa only a small number remain unoi.rayed. An eaiu-rienred auryou i# attached to the Georgia. The accommodation-for paannKere of each rlna* fre unaarpaaeed by Anv eteanialiip afloat. ( ho ^ntnori for i\. Orleans are trim, forced at Havana to 'be *uperior double rapine eteimahip FALCON and nrneeed from Havana 4 root toNew Orleans. Retee of passage from New Yerk to Chveres:? State Room Worth $H*I Standee Berth WO Stevrare do., found bed and separate talde 80 Kates ofpareaite front Panama to San Fraacieoo.? ' State Room Berth Sf"l Steerage Uer'.ha, found bed and aopnrate table... IN) Katen of peaaafe? To Havana. Ta N. Orleatu. State Room $.or he $71' 178 Standee, forward rabin 58 bO Stevrarn found bed and board... ?> 25 ; Freight IR Clinrrev al|l lie taken at 70 oente per euhla foat. TRe bill* of lading must all be aianed on board the ~ew*l the day before railing. I r freurht pa <a<?. apply . to MO. ROttFKTa. II" Went (treat. Through link for san ihani ut.o, fu charree The new aud favorite ate Kuiahitis CHLKObhK L??? tone.. . Capt. II Winnie PHII.AUKI.P'A..I.l et t?u,. 4'apt. J V. Nicholson. I torn the only direet line between New Fort a'd t'haprea, * nd, laconneelion with the United Stater Mail Sivam l'auk- ' eta in th, Paeiio, a atmi-monthlv tine thro* I %r. baa VrancUvo. Mbvern BATaa or rana to ottaansa. Cherokee *hilad'ipMa. After Saloon State Room* Sir- $128 | Forward Saloon do IW 1U0 Lower Cable > ? AH the above dlae at the lanu table, and have the prirl6-ieof Saloon. i Steera-r, (fonnd with matreseee and baard,< .. $<4 |N Freight to Chagrra, Tit uenta per foot. Rvp-aaea on the Fitliia *e are borne by the paavnvrre. Pur freight or r janaae. ApplyU howlanl) a asms ivall^ ! VI South atrett. New 1 orh. Fnoide Mat! Steamship Company.?The United Slate* Mall > I'M'kctf f )'ANAHA LOW tana... capt. David u. Waller. I IREUgN ...... MAN U.*a a;,. ? I'tiurui. 'Al.fTOllNIA.. 1 ,! &> t-taa... f'apt. Tli ?. A Bndd. riSglsJm... l.>? ti?i... Capt. ftumt a. Col*. CAROLINA.... etotnac... I;N "X?N nutou... - - ? ?.r? lataadad t* form a aauil-moathlp lias bacwaaa Panama I cad parttln California. Paaaenifiiri la tk* after eaklnc am Cnrrlabed laddiAc. bat aot wiarc aad Indian. Pu*rn|ira ta vh? tunifa an fowud wltk rtieh ratnm aa aro fvrniaTiad ta ah* ?raw, and ?itk ntA'tnaa and pillow. All paaaaaa'rt *tll be allowed (>*e? for, el lae.,*** fne. to the ostent ef RVi |ba. wc?*M, a tit eicredin* in mearunmeni tan <aki? fart. .Trai(kt aa aatra Umn or marohawdlea, whaa takaa. (100 per tarn. a ad oaa and a half par oaat aa all apaoia. Paakac $ ah a aid Met irttd 1 J# lit. waffht for mala sarnac*. Cabta. Itaarag*. I Paaaaft from Ptaaua ta Saa Blaa at JRatatlta . $t? " Saa Ihrfu .. . V* |? " " (aa Trauciaao. XM ISO 1 11 atam ta ke landed anil b* takaa aa tacraa*. Chart** . atakark na aad debarkiai. and all pononal part chart**, oatidinr b-alih fact aad boat bin, t* ke paid bp tha raraaaCttfr. X ******** acewrad aatii pa'-; for Applfkt thaaCa* *f tk* tonpa#?, MSv?U> ":*t. New Tork. I ArwTJIiX UT* >-,N* r?K fRANCHOO TIA r?i*,rre*. Jirei t.?Tha tnlendid ctaamehip E M I'l HE CIT1, J. D. !<**. wMitadcr, MM Itai tittliaa, will lear* for 4 heart t. dlro-V ?a W'ednaadatr. Rap lAtb. at .* o'clock, from fcac d. ck. IVcNo.t V It I rfroifht ?r pace*?* applp i* J. HOtT AjlR A AOV. A| Broad wee. |n"rt? SAN W.OfCISCO.?RkMl'I.AK PACKET Livr- I V >h* 1(1/ cttperlor taet eallihr rwtil abip MAIDEE at a rrT |?t II or. aot* neerlt loaded, trill take a littl* licht Ireixht. aad bo drepauhod dircrf la a low dapt. Ilor ao a? f r pa??anf?r* an epaelouc aad oloran'.. Slitrpora a*< r* bp ttia liar oaa erenre iiapoo'aat aad nl ?Mc adranla*o>. ?lln d .ea'rh in loading and dteeharrln*. Appip to IMAC T. SIIITII. H'l Rail etna', oaraor fnat. <1'OIMA TICKETS W \NtRtl.-PiV* TIIHOI OII V Ti ki lc wanted, oa either lir>?, f lb# l.ltk *r "f Ma/. Ai pip to VANUENRI Kti A KtltlT, N ll Ana PMt. 1 1 Aj> I r o s N 1 A TICKETS. ONE /IRAT CI,AAA X/ inrvug'i II ?"i, in n"n inn i Mar 13th. na* labia, fur May I.') h. la II .?nr I k f a.'i ll?f. Twa Straraja, ia Rr Vrn' llna, f'.r May 1.1th. 1 r Ml. kji r WBITB. 3d Wall Mrant. i.troRM \ tiir:r?? ..u Tirkf.ri <.s i ntt^r < ttin and on? ra.'..a l Hna? tirhri, ia llowland k Aafiia? all'a liar, t * Mar lAtli : nar famiid rliu ila. In Howard k It .n'r lin* fur thr ?ani' tiwm; two aia?raca, la H barm lln? fur Nay 13*I f ? nn>.. |A W .11 a'raai lion *Al.*-i:m*i HTM.kAdb: Til K? H (.11 Tl. KIT*, r atr 13lh of Mti, for Ann rr?n'l>"?. la Rilnru' liar. A, ft J.k l(. IIIIMR. HI' * !> (. a|>?talr?. CJTKAH BETWEEN NEW VOttd. AND OLAWIOW-TUI p ^rarrfil nrw arrow atramahtf CITV OF tiLAMHiMT, l.ifC tour r-f.-trr. UM toaa orar all, Bad .Utl ham* aowar, |i. E Ma Ml <ra. (f>>rafrl; af (ha final < "?-naadrr. ia iatmd 1 ta aall raaalarl; ft'm Nrw Ynrh la Ular3w nl out ti r n.i l H- I r. ?' nan, mi m m Ho, aly. Vftrwilra. Noarmirw, and Jar nary and fmia UlnaRaw. la Apfyl. Jna?. Aa?val. tl'inbar, D-rrtnl-ar, an! Frkraar/. Tha Br-l dwyartwra of thia tplrndld araaal fr-'m Maw York Airrat ta Olaafnfr. ia aywain tad ta taho ylna* ?a *at?rday. Ika Hh Mtal 11 o'alaaa, an a UwAa far ainpnant aaa, a lar? i'?l af > TM- lit r-t-i.t I- ?* I'a'iit iaa#i.'a. Vfirwnrd'a f< a lurtudf', | am : y dollar*. 'Iriun a., df'y-d?a d.-Ilira No ataaraaa paaaanyara tokan Th?.a raira iarltiAa |>r f i. nt, itii a. ? i- r ', f< a'nl a.'l i- nypMid an hoard at taodrratf i rm? ' irr o a aaraa-ia. p. a at at* f ' t? f r l?. and 21 f a! In I'a araja-f, ara ii.iiially lar|a. r?-?:r.?Jlww f, aad aitl trinlatai lw Mtli'. af jaiaaaa. a?|.? i J M"VMOM. t Maaiaf a I rant. flOR MIR?TIIE ATSAMBOAT DttfltlJ AND CU r liar If ?- I .ri tr. I faat U.o. and twawlr irai kaani. aad alrava ahval una faat watar. Ai aly ta Oll.nEKT fi.tKI.rr. V? Waatntfaat. MMfawva-M paaUtif l?lrlU(rncr. rtiaaCatiw.L I.-Taartiaa.? A puma aad ataka -4 |M0 mil' heat*, hart thro* In Era. ram* off on Jfrlday afternoon. Tim following la a lannarj ? Arab 0 F|-r?r I 1 1 .'ohnaedt'a f'?lt. f Jnhnacn ESS Dutch CUartcr w llaad S 2 U Tlmn.S MS-J M1,-! d?V Eimb Dar ? Ptir?u and ataha, mil* kaata. baat thn a In H?a. In harm na .1 Brldgra aatrr. il ah h Kmyrri* 2 111 J Comwj antrlaJ It .Mlnnyrr 1 2 9 t Tim 2 AT 2 2 C??T?ir?ii I r Cm ?'t. I. I ?Taottian M?rrn?Fri|if Mi; 8 Wt?, nllr li*at". under lb* nildli 1 ouna >1*1 C?l?'u?l R*rtin* 3 11 t Id Jaba. IT. K'.d 1 3 3 ?tm?. 147- 3:40?2 4j r*??" (Viriir-Tul>?i - A trutilnc matrb for $1 000. * -ur Bill* h*a'< V"> 330 1b w?p. n? III om? "IT tbl* fliww.. M?wi Imdora *ad Fully Ur**n Inii' .uU-.; ?f>rui >v!? iP'it.-h for tarn ihr?* mil" h?-a?*. ic *ifi< Alt*r *hl"h thrr* will b* a rout*'! fhr a l?n* |C flM ifk Ro*?it*r. Cnalld*u*r aad T?nr?i?. h Tbf* *U"h rar*? during an ?(lrrno*n will, a* doubt draw a larj* atlendanrato tin t rarh ?>a1a*a*ar at tb* 0*nfr*?lll* roar**. Lady Foffolk md Lady M< ? "*? trot fr a >2)0 pur?*. mil* boat'. bt*t thra* la ?*, in\*ra*aa. Taittiau'CivafiiH.a Faaa.?Tha aport at tbia ream yiw'*?da? wa* well nlyh brok* oup byth* ua/i rotable pT'-part of th? w*?th*t. Iliram Woodruff n? m*d Maj Plr aad William Woortrnff Abd Ml Kader? I 1b* i?n* r in harn*i* Ib* Utter to aaddla M Wowdwaff* May Kir 1 1 ** W*>J?air? Abd F.I Kadar 3 3 Tim*. 3 43?3 49 Hnlon /i?Up Timrt. N't 3. Tianian at Mum -Fibit I>?t?Wednesday. April i '24 aura* U40 t>**t t br? * la >ra. la bara*#? ?a' i Mill*', b a Boetca 3 1 3 1 1 n ~Wm < .X?r*4r, * g Mnrdork 1.3 1 3 3 H 'T MrArdl* ? b a atr P*t*r S 3 dla l MaL'itr * bullion 4 drawn. 1 Tim* 2 63 -.'."A 2-Mt 3 47-3 00 Htb* ??*and m** wa< for a par* of 3*0 mil* baata. BfM pound* la wagon*. wblrb wa* d**1d*d In two Prl. B5li I ff. Cbarl*y Klahor. 1 1 . dff*an*dya b 3 3 Tim*. 3:13?314. - r - I Hk Tb* rr**(d.nt ba* r**.Mrnio* I I t Hunt Bd Con H*??i fo? Relflam. lor tb* port of II. Lvalt ( E NE THE RELIGIOUS INCITERS ART MEETINGS. SEW YORK, A. D? 18)0. Prrabyterlan Board of Foreign Mlsalona. Lust evening. at half pant seven o'clock. the annlH'ruarj of tho Presbyterian Board of Porrign Missions was bald at the First Presbyterian Church in Fifth avenue. Owing to the extreme aererily of tlio weaLher. the attendanre whs rather thin The service having been opened by prayer and tl?e linglng of a psalm? Iter. Joiii 0. Lowair. one of the floaaaharie*. made a tatement of tho missions. of wLicb the fbllotring is an abstract:? The report commence! with a tribute to the memory of the iiemher* hd<1 missionaries of the Board, who departed this ifa during tliu last year. The President of tlie Board, the R<v. Br. Samuel Miller; one of the Vice Preeidents, Mr. Matthew 1.. Be van ; one of t he members. Mr. ( harlea Chann ey: and four women, missionaries of the Hoard,?Mrs. itamiey, of the t hoc taw Mission, Mrs. Imtighridge, of the Creek Mission, Mr-, lliidoliih, of tlie I.odiana Mission, aod Mrs. freeman, of the Allahabad Mission,?have all diod. Tie whole inc me of the year amounted to $12ff.<U3 37. rhilu the expenses have Lten SHM.e&t Id, leaving the treasure nneuil.urrusaeil with any debt. Twenty-two persons sre reported as having been sent forth t< missionaries and assistant missionaries during the year, line of whom were ordained ministers of six tsospel. The report proceeds to give a detailed aeooaat of the dlfereut mission!, etulracing a history of vBktr aperatious luring the last tear. Tue misrioni to tho Indian tribes of stir conatry are now limited utnong the Choetaws, Chiekasawe. Creeks. Semlsolee, lowae nod Sacs, Otocs ana Ouiahaws, Chippewa* and Jttawas. 'IUirtv-five laborers are connected with these nlisii ns, of whom ten are ministers of the Cospcl. Orer ihrec hiin.lrod ano twenty Indian children are In the schools, in re than two-thirds of w horn are memiorsof tht ini-sion rsmilies, rccoit ing their food and clothing from the funds of he Board, though a large portion of the.'e funds are contributed l y the Indians themselves, out of tiioir annuities fr in ;he government. Prom two of the churches rultirn- have men received, baring about fifty ooniauaieants. Kdiglous orvlces are conducted at all thu stations, and the fiosp I is ireachod, both in pohlic and in private, as opportunity ufers. Thu general oondit ion of th< ?e missions is en lira ring, rherc is sn urgent call, however, lor a grew. nmab. r of laymil. as teachers and a-..{slants tVii a a larger force, new nlssions might bo formed. t{ui;? lately, a pre.-nag call has on e fr in California, on behalf of the poor and oppressed n lian* of that new State. Christians ought to bo w .lnug to ndnrc as groat hardships for tho lovo of Christ, as men of ho world for the love of (p-ia. Mtiile teas of thousands arc m poxtin-r across the ecniintnt to die in the newlr found nines. In ? f.w arc entering the wilderness t? seek the nil* of the lout! , In the African Missions of the DeiH) the most imp riant 'Tent ot the }?ir ? at the rending furtli of ten ministers of he gospel ami their wires. to form a new misso-u "it tlie H'eetun coast, near the Equat r. The Kroo mission lias -ei'ii weakened hy the return of two rstr-med lahorcra. "n leccunt of health, lent lug only a teaclier at that p 'Jhe nations in the R-puklie of Ltbi ria. occupied he two mini?:er? ami two re, all colored persona, have hern strong! lined l y the arrival of an Iron aohool-honae. hooka arid a; puna. tent to Monrovia front this city, for Die ueo of the Al?xtnCrr lllyh School; and hythe tranafer of (he schools uud racier ol the New York Inniita' African Society to the Hoard. A number of adelitiona hare keen tuade to the c niwenp n of the olntruli at Me tin ria. ^Iie thrte missions of the heard in India hare a force of il< iit ><>ty Ann riean and niftite lahorera. not counting a?lit tar la who are not eonrer'a. Of Inhere r?, tweuty-i.nir tro miniatera of the gospel. Large and efficient printing gre et arc at Allahabad and Lcdiuna. fr >m tn ich new ecu n and tevn kUM ef pacta of the II !y Sei.p ma M cligiou# tract* aire icriie-l in four languages, ai d six tipl nleta. In the schools, tnrltr hundred nnd i hirly ecliolara ire reported ?- under Christiou ina', of uiiuin about n.e t.nndn d and t wentv are orphnnr. Supported br the misilona, ar.d nearly ?evcu hnndred are In schools of a ! ith order, rhere are churches at e-ght of the stations, embracing two lun.ired eonin.uuleantt. One of theso, the ehnreh at Pottihgurh, admitted between thirty and forty rimvrta ax member* at ene communion season. E1?r;o n an extenued scale lave I ten made to spread the lip lit of the go-fad amongst millions of benighted souls, iy niran* of niirsionary tours; and tiiese have been ird.-r faroral lecirritm?tkiiees, atthe i ,ty|nr Lahore, the ra-o rarked w'th mm li interest. |A new station has lorn formed, iml of the Punjab. the country lately ruder the military letfK tied* I f the Sikh*. The report atirrrl* to the aeeoai Reeling of the Si nod of North India, and it* imper'ant pmcidifigs. partirularly the translation of the Cunfe* i >n of aith ltd tbr Shorter Catcebisiii into llibduetani. as markr* alio t an era in (h? history of the missions of the Hoard n India. The committee hare arrangements nearly eamdettd for sending forth, during the coming suuimcr, five uini-ters of the gospel to this tell of labor. Tba mission of the ih ard in kiatu et tixit-.s of flee perarax, woof whom are ministers, and one a physician an 1 Hernlate preacher. These hr<lhrtn were vailed to witness a rritle visitation of 1'ruvidence, in theehoh-ra at liuigkok. shiob earried to a heathen grave about thirty thousand ivrsons in less than three weeks. The labors of the mission tare l?r? eondected ns in former years, and achnrch has in n i reunited, ihnh w if' bat one aatirs i.n mloir In I lilrs, twintv-tv.o p*r*oni* are conuei lei with the 'tnt n ar.d N:ncp" n issions, twelve of whom ar? oidalnml niristars, and one is a physiaian. Funr of thtsu iah^gfrv sere sent forth during the x< ar. In the ?<l.u da, i u-iy. ti r-? hildirn ate reeelsing a Christian rdira'lna, all* ,wi nty tP| j-rled hy the mis-mas. The prtsa at N nigR kaa > neifovcr two milium of pa-rs of the Sacred Srnpia.cs ind religion* tracts. Tin church at that cl-y contain* gl.t natisa lueinLira. Numerous r ltgioiia serrieeeare eoniucti <1 I y the mi-swnkrici ; hut this is the seed-1 .me not Ilia lay i f harvest, ia t A naw iniaaiou la eon ruipleti d it shanghai, to It formed in par. I>y brethren sent from tha Mingpo inlaslr.a. JT r probability of a greatly Increased c mnsrcial Intercom- with tha nvrtherw parts of China, and die SI ipl. of stvam ri tsrla from Kaa Fraaoisc, to hangl-at, before maay rears, are thlnge which fbrls.ians u.uiv look at ia a missionary tmial af view. It Is highly imIKttant tl at the t burth should to to tabs alran!*?r of ihs greater faellltlc# wh'eli will then exist for publishing the unsearchable riches of Chiisl among*: the people sf China, and perhaps tbr pc pis of Japan. In I'apal lurojw. the Hoard has eend'tstad Its opsrations >n the ismc plan as i iforiuor year*. Funds are entrus.ed :o ( r'i >li mra < f the icgbeitcb .it .. ir rtews of doctrine and church order, who ar< thrtaeelsew naiivi x of the eonntricg to bd oaax.'.iic 1. the r agea?y, mtna e<|tial tf lli? mpp. rt of tra misistors of the gi snel, r laraty eclpnrtests. bare hern expended for the spread ef the Irnereltgi u In It-ink Catholte tewatrrs. Extract* are tier* In the r> fort, showmr the work |?irforntf d in ibis wwy oy i r tborchcr. and railing fot a large Irgr.aae of eaptnditute in ti.r-e rroat Bcld* of g, -pel labor. Am<n* ll J?w?. ib?r* *r? now thr?* ail>*lanarlaa? ?? in llu* ril> and o** in rhil?.itl( Ui*. Jeauti** and eitccti** tirritltl U<?trfn|i>ni<'il I.* the** kttitrn to lafluaac* II * J. wu>fc .< 4. and tu lead thl* l<.B| w*nil*ria< penpl* to IIim v>h<> ) th* only kt>|? -f lam*I. After a|?<?kin< th* mi" i*-y w<.rk amor* lb* J?wr, th* rrp ? : *>* uf Una m lit4" rr? "It I a. I t*a arlnal'y t'HbtoU h?r* tmonf.t * larcc Ml >afrriMiic |.i I'll Inlli.r "i Jew*. though th* t'hurcii ml not nt brat n.nitmplat* iorh ? iiinnn. It had (alued a hearing In iinnr'trt wh?r* II w?* l*aM Mrfl'l. It ha* ! *?'? rcmluMid without o*t. nation and wltl-uut ofTenc*. It* tail; >1*1*11* ?f Inbor cannot, for reaaon* uf prtuUnr*, h* ir?d? l I'll* | but |ii*> hat* *nliefl*d lh? c?i.imilln that th.. ml-ion |. ri?i.n> a profound though a (lUnt Intluaar* on ih* Jw?i?h community. It In with run1d*Uf*. Ilwmtor*, that th*T would r? u.mou'l It to th* prayer* of all who lone for Hi* ralratioa ?f laraol." Tlia n tort "onfltidn with a brief practical rl*w of tho rlaiui" of th* rai.a* of f'.nlin mioaloB". Tliio work rail# for til* instrumentality of God** poopl*. and cannot b? oococoaful wllhont tho |ir*ic?c* and fo.wor of th* Pyirtl of God. Th* t hurrb .* trough!, trier foreign tnl**ion?r*?. in contact oad iatorcourro with hcalhoa nation*, eoa?til*ti*g three-fourth* f th* Iiiiibob fanillr A itrrat work I* to b* don* la rotcadlai to all aatlnn* tn* I iff lo t of th* Qi*p*l. In thl* work a 1?ginning bat k**a awt>, and th* Meeting of God ha* l*ia nltb hi* orriaato *m a?*il la It. A *pirit "f lib*. rality a th* part of th* charck la troi. follr ackaowlod/od, ond th* dr|a-nd*ac* of lb* for*t?a auwuoaary raa*? on th* plot} of th* church la eapr***ly reoogniaed ?piety enlixhtta*d by a know l*dg? .4 tk* want* of th* heath** world. ?'rar?r V t praytr th* part of c??ry t l r .t an*art.i*l, tail* rtuant*. WllcrInp prayer, that th# ?*ll of naleiief mat f* tnk*a away from in* Jawa. and that th* ?aa*ar*hal.(? rich** ?f CbrUt mar b* mad* kaona to th* Gentile*." Rtr I?r ham*. pa?t'.r nf Ch*l#e? Pr?*hyt*r1*n Chnrt h then preached from Or nrala 3. 14 'And I will put etstult jr between the* ami th* woman, It ihall bruit* thy head and th*u ?halt brut** hia h#*l." Goo l.aa i*??ali-U lilma*lf tn man in two way*? by naturd <r It .up.-nai ural m<an* The llrarcna d?rlar* tli* yl<>ry of God ami tha flrmaai. nl abowalb hit bandy work." Th* earth and It* production* lead man from nature to nature'* liod, hut tbla r*r#latinn. owlnc to man * d*prn**d bad eorrupt nature la not attfflct nt teaare him Tlx t|..odn? a* and the power of God ara maiitlratrd in all th* worka of hia creation ; hut the alnfuin* a* nf man and hia rvhrllion agalaat tha Crtator. are th* ?ip*rl?aea nf all airwa an I nation* Then- appeara. tbrrrforw. an bop* fur man from tha Indiertlon* of itemal nature An (itranrdinary reTrim Ion therefor*, which men eoutd nrerr bare antlelpatnl. war n*e*?*ary for hi* redemption from #tn Thl* rtreUlitu U> d baa given In th* HiM# Th# law ryat*il In thunder from Mount Itnal thamgh uiid in that peeelnita borik. do** not reach the car* f thu fallen alnn?r. unleaa. indeed, to aggravate hi* eli *r (i driee him to deepalr But tb* glniiou* goapel, the I ret Intimation nf which wr haa# in the teat, trio*# I If* and Immortality to tb* moat gully of th* ui.ii ii nr. a > .. tu i#i me woman i? 1 nri.i who I'M de*tmy*d lh? power and dominion of the .id ?r|K at, th< d< *11. br the urtlOn of blm< If npon lb* rr fbr t)*.|n*.f a fallen world H*t*n braiwil th? l.r#l " cr Inferior port ol the Redeemer, nam. I*, bl* Ionian i.atiap. ilirakt ewiated drop* of blood In tbe rerun of ?*i bee mine and when he bowed liia head noon lite croai and aald, -'It ii flnUhed and tlie earth ?h"??k and the beatana were rurered with dark lite*. Tbia Bret prnini**. tberefora, la the (.rm ol lh< w heineof a Wierrlful Hod nhlrb in more full.* dereloptd In fntnr* r? relation* The prowl** > < re tieweii and amplified to Abraham, when Hod aald to b in In tby ei ed rhnll all the nation* t4 tba earr b bo Viae, i" I Inlet wo* the eeed of Abraham who be-e>ugtit aiilvatlor hot only t?lha Jew* bwt to the Urntilee,? II nee the re.toni.end. " Ho ye and tearh (or dleelple) ah ration* " Time. Itiei we hare lb* dlriw anlhorb ly f. r rending th* go-pel to all nation*, hnl raa tho I Ible go of Itaell. and apread II* light by It* owu oaper * *ginry' S" Hod Work* by hnm*n Inetrnl .1 i tality I'rter ptearbed and l*anl peinebed and the ei lie 'li.ripit e went e*ery wlore prtorbing the word The cb"?i h f ra led noon to nn lerlahe thia work and to impart to the beatlien Irtng In <larhne a and the el.edow ?I death Ihe light of lite ahirh hea ehon* Into t' elr' < w II I rt? f r who Will date t .eat. with t ain, lh? n nri er. Am I my broib" r'# keep-r ' vt e hare at ur.e at t cnrnaragetnenl from Otnl. to go forward II# he* | f Mle> d II at hi* word ehall not n-tnr n nuto him roid. bit pn.'pertn the thing whereto ho ha* It that It il.atl moke the deaort to Moeeom ? tha roe, and thai the mown alt. rf the Lord * hon?# *hall he e*lahI *bi > la the hllta and ell nation* ahall flow nnto It ? Th |*|*l apostate in the tnnrth century failed In hie aetinei.. to ? ihrert the g up. I. the inrtd-lity of the fniHl rendition h*? fuleil, the tnldellty of lb-modrfn ?e.d'al-t ha* faded and e?.ry attempt. frowt whtterer eonroe It may eome will eeer fall again* the ttntb <>f Uod. The light of aelenee th* int< fr >nr?a of nr.I on# rrd lb* apread ol rlrl.??llo will dl?-lpate a Ihoneend *aprr*tli|ntt* wbleh now stand In Ihe way of the pngrew e f lb* Ad**n teg. i tight to be taken of lb ?e fa* iral/le rlrrnn itanre* to dttfuee It* hle.aiogt to the end* of the earth The nation* of grenieat r*nn*rri*l p .we* here the grrateet opportunity of doing good The laepUe of old England rntoa ornr an* hundred millleM VV YO MORNING EDITION?M of men. or more than one-sixth of the human rare. You tig America 1* nest to ber In the rare, and la t|>r< ad ng ber Institutions far and wide Shall she nut send the gospel with them ' The fabric of Idolatry la crumbling to pleees iu India, and it* Inhabitanta will either become infidels and atheists, or Chrittlana. Thi* la a errioua thought for you mr brethren. Uf what practical value I* It to say that the heathen may be eared ' The danger of their being ought to timulate a* to exertion. Are they not corrupt, and i ran a holy Uod lore them, and reward them with the joy* of hearen till they are regenerated by the Influenrilof III* Mined gospel? Let us. then, hope in Uod, believe In Uod. and labor In Uod. The seem4* being ended, tho aerrloe concluded with prayer and a hymn, aud the assembly separated. Quarter Century Sermon before tlie American Tract Society. This sermon was delivered last evening, at the tteformed Dutch Church, corner of Fourth street and Lafayette plnec The ceri monies of the evening were commenced by I the performance of an appropriate air upon the organ; i alter which the choir suug a part of the 111th Tsalm, ct lumen ring with :? " Sonus n( immortal praise belong To my Almighty Unit : lie hath nit heart, and N my tongue To spread his name abroad." A prayer wa* next offered by ono of the reverend I gt ntb men who occupied the pulpit. | The sermon of the evening was dalirered hy the Rer. flurdiner Spring, who took as his text the thirty-third verse of the lJth chapter of St. Matthew The ! kingdom of Ileavtu is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and bid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened." The pieacber remarked flrst upon the* which foimerly existed among the Jew*, hut which exclusiveness in r< ligion was done avray with liy the intn duct Ion of Christ Unity Men. said he. are not al; ways awiire of theinliuencc they exert, or are capable of exerting lie theii proceeded to deseaut upou the syuipathii * of men in their practical workings. The source in. ! origin of the Influence iff mind upon mind ! is in nature itself It is inseparable, from the very ex- j j Isteuce of mind it<eif. Why should it, then, be thought i Incredible, said lie that the iullueace ?f your mind on ] nilue and then on liiut of another, and su on, until it ; extends around lite entire globe! No mail exorcises | I Influence* invariably bud neither does auy exert influence* universally Vad God has not entrusted this | gnat power to the bad. lie next proceeded to ahow i tile i a i nil- d influence* exerted upon' the mind* of no n by great nnuUs. among which ho meuliousd I j Milieu. Cromwell. Lord North, Washington The ! ctmstituent element* of the uses of human InI IIm ni ts are rariotis; a man's Influence li very ! apt to be in iircnriiance with his endovmeiil*; j but gt r d no n. ?>l limited acquirements have frei|unu(ly | ' exeitid mi influence more than commensurate with let..,!. 11,1s l-slh i. .. ~? | ? - - ....... .. .. ui I'l cui'AI ?>H" I 1 hi* lrputation of llonaparto, of Wellington, ??f the ; Archduke Churlc*. and other gnat military heroea, 1 ?a* lb<> gre-.t power exerted hy thi in in lending their armh * to the to id. t.ood influence* will he tr .cuitilo 1 to good opinion*. Ulid evil influences to evil opinion*. ; (i pi clone m Id. to lie dormant The moral history of thn i Pagan world might he written in the history of the I opinion* of it* Under*. And *o of the enlightened j i voiId There uri' ft w men. *ald the reverend apeaker, : who like the trouble i t thinking And heuee. he ar- ! peid.lhry were in the of adopting the opinion* , ol iLore who had given expression to their thought*. ' [ In judging uf the inllueiice ot men, we ikaulil juiijt | \ belt* r or woi?e o! them than they dese've. *ai.l he. uui lee* we take into arrount a irriat raiiety of rircuin | Manet* by whiihthey are surrounded The power of i ; ariorlaled ii limine mn the next point to whieh the 1 ] speak, r allun. d lb iuelttnri d the family iutluoucu, tin of acho. U, rehgious societi. and order*, I d other aisociationv Among rellgiuu. association* ; of (.rmt power, he m* ntinned the Society ot Jesus. instituted ly Loyola There never wa? but one religious ( igiiuiiati. n tlii*t p<**i?*<d power rgiiali. d to mat rxeioissd I y the Je/ and that i? the t'hurcb of lbj living U< d lie then adverted to the axaoeiated enter prise* the Chut eh ha* engaged la within the la-t hi 11 eentury Some ot t lie rbaract* ri> tie* of human intlui nee an - liret that It la ijulet and nniwh flood intlu? uc? f woxk silently Th. y may he sagacious. but they are , in n r triad.crous Look at the baiidwich IrlansL. -4o yenis ago. the brothel of tbt rotntnerc:?l world, now au 1 riihfhlt Bid pi All' l?ok too. at K.t Utopia and the i bl... *>g* wrought there Dud lufl>?i>.'<.? too *r* ' till ut, its'd the priaeber, hut thiy ere deceitful ami traehiri u* A* an example of what change influence niny work on the mind he instanc. d Unbesplerre. who, j wtu II n yomig tin. I h sign. '1 a judgeship. MMH he ronld net bring hi* mind to pronounce the aet.trnco | of death upon the mnMcted criminal and yet this ?l? the n an who *ln d liumrn blood enough to require an artlOrlal conduit to carry it off trnra tan *treet* of 1 I'arl* 1 here t? n?> Influ. ur? to be compared with that J of ttulh and foodnese. hut the gr.airst thing* are ne t to bu-arri mpli'hed by great transaction*. hut by . . thing* done in the right way. at the right time, and in j tin i ght plaec The unpre-?i?n* made np<>n the hu- I man niiml ai c not to be i radicated Kternlty will make What .? g< . J tx iter and what i* l-ad worse. tlr.-al re- i pouslbility la always attaehed to huuian influence The 1 1 time will ci me. mIiI the rpeaker. when men will not { ail dnlrv to bw the known poaurauor* of great influence | 1 h. re are many who will then rather be found to have . ! .... M ii h liunud IoHueoc# The Amirirau Tract ! i f?*ii iy e nrgaimation. in ism. n< at allud* d by l?r Pprir.g 11 ?|>"kr vllh drfp Irrllgf of tin* r<>i laborer* in thn work. who had. >lBr? that time. deported ft' Di llff. Tk? hu often hf?i told that 1 tlor* ?rr? thoar ?kn ran fully tilrbcil It* working*. M r know It and arr Rind of It A aoclety wblrh biu. in i be eour?e of a year. t&iOOOU to rrf?l?? and illipoi* of ? tight to br (Wrflllly tba'TVi-d We bat* bcrn told. ai.o. that our nirnlra are watching <> W> know it. and invito tbrir *?rutiny. lie neat apnke of tbe appro} riate work of the wrirly. whirb U to dia, armltate trarta an<l email volunir* tbrouirhout the ' land, and throughout tlia world. M<>rr ha* born dene, If I mlatak* not. natd bo, during the la?t twenty fir* | | yum. toward* elr\attng. nlightealng, and aruelio- i ' rating tin condition of iuan. than In any like poriud 1 alnce tbi- ib alb of t'brUI Wlon the neat twrnty-flve i yt are ahal) have na<?ed. other* will atand here la our iilare*. (lo on brlottd He atnadfaet In the work , H lib a abort rahortatton to tbe member* >if the * >. rlrly to piraevrrr. tbe apoaki-r rloeed bl* addreaa A prayer waa then offend, and In eonrlualon, tbe eongrigation rang tb* 13*th paalm: ? With all my J"w?ra of baart and (ongua I'll praitr niy Makar la my a .?a Mrrrvr llrrrl I'reabylrrian ( hnrrh. THE AVKEtCA* A^D PORKM* ( Ht'RI II I'VIOV tl'.KKul. Teaterday evening, tbe anaivvraary aermon wa? preached hara by the Rev Dr Adam*, who deli vend one of the moat eloquent oration* wblrh It baa been our good fortune to bear, bat wblrb it I* Impolitic to do adequate Juatlrn to within tbe limit* of thlahrhf notla* Tha r*r*rand ?p**kar. aflar mwt haautiful rinrdlum gar* an aarount nf Rom* In bar Imparl*! aplandor. d**erlhlng bar wraith luxury. m*gnlfla?na arm* art*, rloqmri. tfuplia and mytholy; rlalming to (It* an lmprr*?lon mad* upon hi* mind by a partonal iMt to that matropoli*. ha xhltdtad tho origin , of Roman Calbollrlam. Roman Imparlaliam. Roman mythology and Roman art fir than want on to *p*ak of tha origin of Chrlatlanlty In on* of th* r*mot* pro' tinea* of th* Roman Implra? Hi gradual program toward* th* rapital. In tha **eond rontury Ju*tln Martyr writ#* hi* alo^uant apology In bahalf of th* Chriatlan*. Tltulllon. *on of th* Roman aantttrlan. pnhlirty a?pon*<<* th#lr rau*a Th* fourth r<ntury arrlra*?Chrtatianity I* toi?rat?d. protactad and aml>ra?*d Th* Kmpar^r a**onu* tha nam* of Chrl'ttan. and ConaUntln* proclaim* that hanraf rth th* r#llgl<n of tha Ratarln* I* to h* th* pr#> ! dominant faith Tha grcatot of change now tran#pir*a Th?- *aU of tha rhurrh haaome idanllB-d with ' tha adlrt* #f tha Kmplr* H h*n tha Kmpir* krwli. th* rirrgy ri** |* pan** fo. y*i *ny< Papain, ( why th# K< man < hurah oMalaad ?aah primary ' Tha 01 ly *r?w#r I*, haaanaa Rom* In all imagination I* tl *'m< tr# poll# of thr world Tha rary till* u*#d t>y Aupu tu* < r?ar. Pontiflx Matlmu* *11 aa?um*d t-y th< I'- mtiir and rwtlnn* and p?p p#"4t*aiiiy and d?*plny mttd* I ha r. iirt n| Ir?l*?tn*tl?nt IMM niiiabina II dhplay that Rom* **ar > ? In th* glory nf bar R*| uWia Th* ritrrrnd gafitlaman than gar* a rlaar and rlalorat* da*artpih-n of th* tr*n*mt**|nn of tha Pagan tnltho|o?y into tb* Tapa# *y?t?m fortifying hi* poattion by th* ala**lral twthnony of Mlddlaton Tha old ttrark *f at nary wa> b?pti*#-d in honor of th* t'lirUtt*n martyr* Tha natt thing w** to *h#>w i ha prodigality of fklib nnlar t ha o|<l mythology. indth* ?m* in conn# tlon with th* **r|a*la#tlaal *)*lim Anoth" t all tnai t of powar ba#jO. athad from ?nah nt Rom* to ?rr|a*ia#tlr*l llama. I* tha pow*r of th* rt?; th# * pinker ahowad tha powar of tnaaa. not on tha raoaon hut tha Imagination Th* *arar*l point* u.Kdlid In thl* dlaaour**. Reman imperialism Rome*.

mytholrgy. Roman art ** tran*mltt*d into th* | t**?nt ratlgtou* lylam war* lUnatratad hy de**rlp lion 01 on* "hjaat?th# Rnaalian of IH Peter* aroated .. r? * .... V - ini'Tr nj:i-nM' iik (jreni' nr mi' nr ini -riny< n Dial It ?i? Int. nd- dtoN U?a mrtropolltan flarrh (iti br world, t hf l. ojr arra of It* pourl. rorrldor*. and paaiairnt* wira.Mrid by oerao; It* oilghty dntar *w*l|. it g up and up. Ilk* a arrond li?a.?a Trrtfying iba Imd of It* arrbit.rt 1 will hang th* Patithmn la llit air " Tba rntrnnra of tba pontiff born* on lb* abouldm of awn fp-wdrd It a snarl all of ndilr prdgrw* followed by a prorrarina of rardiaala. prrlat.-* blabop*. and ofllnal* ara atrrtebing away and away o*?r tba 1 now no ioor rbantlrp thrlr l.atln lyrlo* a* Utay a?r?; th* pontiff r. r ding M* tbtowe atid high born mra band: n( to ki?* bl? Iwl. whll* een*?ra of Ineenaa ar* warnd brfofa bltn a* l?l"f? a god Who raa ba a iwrtabn f tbld. **d rot fori that It la aomrthlag More than lb* anri*tit lai|*riall*ai *?amra to ba llhwaed to tba trttimphaal .at ranee ot t*aa Ka*t*ra daaaot to tba gran I d t?ai p|* apoa rartb ' Ohrerra tba Htaa which t>ll?a . I r> ad o* of ffnwaaa. and burning of lamp*, simian of marl* fb< at in?l?ibl* pribtartt and any If the art of tl . df aytknlrgy ii rnar ' Rabald tba produatanf art - that ara bit rat ut* of altar. piUar aad arch tboa* pta RK II ONDAY, MAY 6 1850. tore* of mosaic wrought Into the wall?those monumental efllgie* of a long line of pontiff*, where art has borrowed more fr< m mythology than scripture- anil who can di n; m the absence of all religious instruction, with no apptala to reason, no use of the word of Ood. that this syitem Is moat Indebted fur it* power to the muse* and the arts ! There I* an ominous crack in the dome of Hi. Peters, and architect* are engaged in g'rdit g It with iron bands. Shall the religious system which it symbolise* follow ? He (the Iter. Dr. Adams) left it to those who were to come after him. in the series of discoures, to exhibit the ehsnges and prospects of that system, the origin of which be has described The rliurch was fashionably attended, and were it not for the xery boisterous and inclement weather, the congregation would doubtless have been more uumerotH All present were highly edified and instructed. by :>.c brilliancy of the oration and the principles of C.hrbUauity and fulth Inculcated by the Iter. gentleman Lecture bj Dr. Ckecver* ON THK SITUATION OF TI1K SANDWICH ISLANDS, IN BBFBKI.M'E TO MISS[O.Vl KT JTK1'(;M?S, AT T11K tllllCII OF TTIK PIK1TANS, TNION PQIMRK. The abject before us relate* to that which constitutes the moat interesting and important field for miseioaary labors which ban ever exisied in Mil ugo?. Before fbmtuenring upon the matters relating to the SaudwUh Islands, It may be well, perhaps, to go back to a period anterior to the planting of American missions there, and to gay something In reference to the Society Islands, and" tlio missionary labors of the English there. The chief of these is Tahiti, an island of the group of islands railed the Society islands, whirl) are in the South Pacific Ocean, about 27 ,UO0 miles soi.ih of the Sandwich Islands. This mission was began by the English, about twenty years before the Americans sent their missionaries to the Sandwich Islands. Iti Inception was aeeompaulsd by si m? very remarkable and extraordinary clruumsw.iif s .lust before the time when the English luias.i narius arrived at the Island, the shock of an. eartlqt.ske was felt tu the islands, the first that ever hud Inn felt or known there. An old chief of the Islsno i. the occurrence ?>f this remarkable event, related to 4.1s people the existence of a iraditiou which had been lis nd> d dowu front their forefathers, (recording to whub It was said there was an uns? en God: and that al seine future period tome strangers would at the I . land to give tlieui informationconceruing the it .iltl.own lied. The old chief also gave it as his opiub n that this earthquake was an Indication of wnm v...i iibout to Happen, aim v;m- tin- -tnngeis ??uld ?tl jr ) robnbly ijliuitly arrlv nl tin- Islan 1 A ft w day* alter this a strange "nil wns ? o in the distance. niHi.ii g for the Island. It was tin- ship Huffy. Captain iv I. (in. from London, and it had tin* missionaries o l><ard for sixteen y<-an then- missionaries labondln vuiti i.iuoug th-in Nothing hut Urn most savupt and t< rrllde superstition prevailed Dcs dating wnisiagid nuioi'it < ki<* nntivi s. and all their labors w re in vuiii; and the missionaries wore driven to Inialu Tin rr they rtmulned lor some time, nud it ?nn i ontemplntoil at one |i<-ri?d to abandon the tii-ld. Tlit- uili-oio.i liud Wu commenced in 174". now just a mitury ago. by that admirable wouiau. the Counties r.l Humfngton, and but for Or Hawc* and Matthew \\ ilka, the ini-sion would hire been til aiidoiii d Tliry resolved, however, to hold on. and wrott to that effect to the missionaries. In thr meantime. a gnat change bad taken place among the natiw< * two it tb'Ui who hud livid a* servants with the ' missionaries had been concerted. After the miusOUain left they converted others; prayer meeting* wire held, the work had spread, and at length, the ship hi ariug to Kngiand thia newa wi'li the idols of tin l on board, crossed, the ship bearing the letter* of l)r llnwe* and Matli-w IVIlk- I'nw let us come to the faiidwlch I aland* In 1773. Crpt. Cook dtseov-rrd tlu Island llawuhii. then called < whybee. It i* the of the group cf Haudwirh Islands, which cotisi-t of nine They were ir.mi J 'be Handat?b Island*, after the Kail of Handwieh. at that lima Kitat Loin of the Admiiaity. under whose patronage tin eap. il.tion nnderCspiaiu Conk h id been fitted out. I (in the return ol Captain Cook Ir m the N IV (Mast if Annrica, where he discovered Nootka Hound, Orei on, and other place*, he funded at Owhyhea In 177ts. w here he was k iilrd by the natives in a combat on the sea i bore 'I bey curried hi* body up the country and cat the fli ?h off his hmies. In pursuance of their 1 ??!id rites. Iho Hugli-b after* ur> the place 1st t! e tr.utvtry wnious 0611" s w hu h fh'-j re- ] iwvuen 1 hi v hail none nothing tor the people but to ipn nd ?ht nisgl.n of vice among Ihvtn ...tunny, drniiki iiiuvs, r ud n vi nge Huoh was the only lc-Moa the learnt from the greatest of Christian nations lit burned Doctor here referred to the mnp. giving several inliiertiug explanation*. nud exhibiting the relative position of thr Huudwich Island* with tin other points of the world These islands are about five thi u *ml tulle* from Valparaiso. Ch'.U. and the ?oullt c list cfAnie* Ira They, with lli? islands of New Zetland, holouivu'1 tele. the Friendly irle*. the he., luim ou'te a continent In tha Pirif.e Oftu Oniiahu. 1ee ?f the-e 'tli ml*. I? rllu.'ilrd llnnn', ulu the c ntr il |>urt, thr Kit York and l.ln rp..ol, of tln-ac itlaiel- On tin* north part ol Oehybcc it the jukmiii ttntlon of Mr. Dot d (in (lilt eobjoct I)r C.. here entered ?nniewbat at large gi* inn very pirating and intcrrtllng arc unt of lhi' Dilation and of l.''? difllruJUci Mr. Bond ??nl thr< ugh. in building a < lurch reboot bounce. tie. Tint < burrh bat t ern blown down by a hurricane and < n Sunday next, tir C will prrarh a term >n < >uta' additional and int< rrallng particular* on (bit n:lath o. on which orraaion a collection will b? made to r< pair thr damage autta'.ccd by the motion and robu.ld the rhuirh Thr labor* of Mr. Bond and hi* people in building t)?.f church were incredible, and now all I* gone, tb* toil of year* blotted all their meant u**d up The population of tbra* Itland* it -rltoget her otic hundred and thlrtv thcutaud. according to the authority of .Mr. the hhtorlan of the Society I-Un it Out of tbl* population lit) (MX) are pnfttton of r licit.n. Much t* the wonderful turret- thr tn!?-i"nariea hat* bed ' I f the population of Kng.and or I runsr. wliieh la 81 ObO.UCO, Imd tkt tam numb r o( ChrittlMi in the tame proportion to their population. It would he llkt a nilllenluni on the earth Tin re are ttill hope* however, that ilia eraugelliatlnn of the world la near nt hand. The Doctor having conrl'idul an Inti reating b etur-e wblrli will ho given more at Urg* mithuiday gave out a bymn After additional ** etrkat* the congregation retired. The ignaktr*' lltrllng. The yearly meetiug of the Sociity of Friend* roinmeurrd jeaterday at their retpoetive bou?e? of worahlp. but In conn i|*tnre of the UBj.le nant crate of the wi el her the at-eemhlage wa* not an numcroini at It othirwite world have iiren However, the meeting* will contlnw* during the prevent week ANMlwcrwarpr germnn, ru n ttrti pm-opk tiik vk-iett mn the iuki-ioraTtow or tmk cvrxoiTifv or the newt, nt doctor j. iktwi.tvo, paitnr or the m'irg rltATlX, at h"pk t iiami , PROAfiWAY, apbii. 2*, ink). Tavr?Jeremiah, rhaeter 10, vert* id. The preeehrr reminrnr. d by ?ipr(Mll| hie regret ?nd dlaappolntmeat at the rtnallne** of the rongregain*. p*ln( to ibt rain m l rtorm Kr tb? Information of thcwe who were not bit regular h*artr?. h? eg* plained lb* elrru mala nee of hi* ualng note*, and reading hi* aerm-a whleh be waa not general y In lb* habit of de.lng The prediction* of lb* lloly P?rlpture* whleh hare been completely fulfilled nfe-i after th?y wera made, are a wonderful proof of the Inspiration of the Holy Perlpturet and ehow plainly that lb* men who ?rot* them, wrote them not a? men. hut were holy men of Ood. moved by thu lloly Gho?t f r they < 1hll.1t more than human prreelenee. Among the pfodlrtlon* whleh hare heen fulfilled, there ere non< m"we remark tde than thoee rvlntl.ig to the Jews. The test refcre I.<4li to their pn t eufi.riogt and their future restoration The proph< etc* whleh relate to th?1r reeto.etlna ere ae ferritin a ,d expreaa ae thoee whleh rtlale to their ufierii * theretnrr. the fulfilment of the letter, to the eery letter, le a eure pledge nf the eeme f ilfllmeat of the "orm. r. and that ae tbry hate a ulf-retl ae* e? rditig Inft w> rd apoken to ?l?o they will b< re?loi.d aerntdlng to the ramr word The literal fulfilment of the prnphvpt,* whleh foretold their aufferti.g*. la moet woudetful and elart Three Ih'.neand threw hutidn d yeara ago. Me.rt pr uiout red what tliey would puffer It they dlaoheyrd the law of God doing evil, aud he foretold all thie h< fore th.y had entorrd lo.o the promleed tend, while y>t they w. re e.n the border* of It Por fifteen reiiturie# *ft*r, they hi Id peeeeaeloa of that land M< ** deerrlboa, fully, the I.e.n an* who >houid route and deptroy their eMy, he deprribe* the eiege of Jerusalem II" eay* the moet deluded w. man " ?hall bare her eye ??II toward# the In. hand of her hrwom " and pliall eat het own p.ffapring in eeen t. whleh tu literally fulfilled nl the altg* of Jeruealtm, hy Titua t'etpnelan So Iter graphic le the eaaettt*** wlthahleh he d?-*erihe* Ibrir pratterlaf over all landa and how their own land ihould lie deee late- how iliry *h"uld have no power 10 aland ht tore thtir rnemie* they ?hould pine away In tbtir In'qalty and the Iniquity of their father*; how th.y ahotild he an *e| nihment a by-word to *11 pt< pie and trimhle with tear and h* filled with eorrnw ot mind AU thte we find foretold of them before ll< mtr wrete. before Romuln* and Itemu* founded t'?" <11* of Rome. In the moet ao> lent of ail reword* hot inly Moeee. hnt Jeremiah Kleklel llniea. A**oe. and Otb.r prophet* piopbeey the eaine thing* The a nl tnc* of the mo,I. en ?! k..?. >o I, II of the aeeon of 1)1.' folfllrrrot of thrar yropbrrlrr Toth?nru!io ?rr not familiar with thrar btatorlanr. I wlU r-iatr ? Mr of tbr fnrt? r?r< rdnl by tbrm thr a'rga > I J> rut aim. tha grophrrirr ?rrr fulflllrd. and aftrr atda. again by It#It bring rootrd out of tbr land In tbr airgr alotir. nnr Million ona hnudrrd tbo?.an 1 of th. m dlrd. V. OOP wrrr Ubrn an.I ar.|4 for ?lav* MoitO wrta rarrl. 4 raptlrra In Roma. Io adorn lha ii nir.| h of tba co(M)tirror and Ihr othrra brramr waa.lf rrr? oaar all Ihr fhrr of lha mrth. Thrlr nlfrr. ing* did not rnd barr, th<y mrr* rnntl'inrd fr?M granatin* to grnrmllon In tbr IImp of tbr Kmprrno Adrlm a falan Mrralab arnor amang th'm. ?bo rallr4 bim.?U Bm Coybaffaa. Soa at t*r SMC la Vh? Jtnat. ERA They then made a great itrupgle to regain their Inst country, which wait moat disastrous lu itn results (or them; 660,000 wore killed, they wore banished from Judta by an imperial edict; no Jew was suffered to put his foot on the Iloly hand, and the figure of a awine waa act over the Rate of Bethlehem. that the* miRlit not turn their eyca even toward* the Holy City. From that time till now. the poor Jew hue been a wanderer all over the world Thus they were rooted out of their land, and *o lliut prophecy waa completely fulfilled But nol only were they rooted out. ?ut they were also scatter ed over all lauds, which is another remarkable prophecy which hat be Mi n uiarkahly fulfilled Wherever wt go. in whatever laud, we liud the Jew. who is llo-re be. fore us In Poland. In llollaud. in Russia, in Turkey in Germany in Tartary. in dpain, iu Prussia, iu China, on the Cannes in l.iburiu. iu /.ahara. in Africa?there i? no part of the inhabited earth where the Jew ia nut srattiicd. Again not only aa propheeled. they have bei u rooted out of their land; not ouly the* have been b^nlt.-r. /I .... e ..II Inn.I. I...I ll.u nil... ..... ' I... ...... phecy have l? i n lit- rally fulfilled: tlicy have born ob Jecth of rrm-l persecution, of hatred. contempt and scorn, a by-word ami a taunt to the people. fctiti-h bat been the condition and fate of the Jew for eighteen ciiiluilis- from the time wheu they invoked the eursa on tluir own head*, cayiup Ilia blood be on our head* and the In ads of our ehildreu" The preacher then proceeded to describe howr they had suffered and beeu mad-' a taunt and by-word in tile long course of age*; how Comtantiue, the first Christian Kmjteror. bad tuultitudi k of tin ui slaiu. and others bad their ear* cut otr, bow in the 0th century they were perseeuted under Justinian, under I' in the 7th century; how Mahomet joined the lute and ery against them and slang) lend them, aud made them pay heavy tributes, llallam describes tin ir sulh-riugs iu the middle ages: how they were subjected to popular Insult and general massacre. It is incredible what they sulTereil Sir It alter Scott Rives descriptions of tits came thing*. Tin- conduct of King Jubu is mil known, who bad the teeth of a Jew pulled out daily, one by one. till he eon rented to make a sacrflee of his mom v in list), the Jtwsot 1...gland being perseeuted by tint people, tied tor ri luge to York C*stle. a pi.est led on the people against them, calliug 011 th.-u to destroy tin- en -mies oi Christ Thty otfucd to buy their lives; but it was se< rnlully rejected An old rabbi gi-t up iu 1 llelr midst, at .1 reci II. Bleu did tiny should kill themselves rather than tail into the hands of the infuriated mob. Then h -at down, and wept bitterly. Tli y then killed their wive* and ehildreu first, and thein-elves afterwards, having set fir- to their go-ids and property. Tint people, to xt day. rushed in. and ma -acred the few who *iill survived. Again, under lerdluand and Isabella of fpi.ti. they were cruelly pci-a-cuted and driven KUIWiei HI., .J. ni,V|l?l j r, phery is their distinctness as il nation, and jet tin y are not nckoiuit among the nations l< il likely, asked the preacher. that l?od would thus literally Itilill all these prt ph rles n( their sufferings. anil not. Hho. literally tulill the prophecies ol their resto.-ntlou ? The puueher then unnl this point, as a motive for Christian efforts f<>r the conyr-lott of the Jews lie also seoultd tho Idea. utertalncd so generally lutnnjr Cbrl-tlun-. that the blessing I ore told were all spiritual for Christians, wh.le the suturing- were all liberal for the Jew*. llisbop liawlvy justly spoke against this eiriinous Idea There uro s.x remarkable ebapteri wbleb foretell tin restoration of lb* Jews. viz. llth Isaiah. hist and h-d Jen miuli. fiCth and H7lh Kx?kle|. and 11th Kounin* This, thought the preacher should encourage t.'hrlr thin* In efforts for the cvangi Illation of the .lews 'I his Society, which is called lor the aim liorutlou of the condition of the Jews. might. Willi nit re apprnprialrii< s* bo ralhd the H-ehey for the Kvatipi liVation of the Jews. The S -eiety commended itself to all Christiana, of rrery name. It was a glo' riuus cause, aud u gloi ious success loomed in tiio Tisla beloro them. 1 he prcaeher coucluded. aud the audience sang a hymn and dispel. d. >lIO.fl>Gs to lit: Miimisi. Mst 0. American Hoamen'e trisud Society?Taberuaele, halt-past 7 P. St. J uvi nile Missionary Society of the Hey nth street M. E. Church?Church ;n Hen nth street. Addresaci by Hev Lir Satttt and I'ev. llr. liurl.i.i at 7li o'clock 1'resl.ytiriau board of Eorrlgu Mi.-slous?Mission House. 4 1*. 11. To?:?nty. Mst 7. American A ntl-Flnvery Hoci-dy?Tabernacle. 10 AM., ana eor.liuutU !<>r tnreAi luoeeaaive tiaj at lue society Library. American arid Foreign Anti-Slavery Society -Tabernacle. It I'. M Krw lork and Atne.-lein Sunday School Union? Tnt'ernarla. linlt-i^i T r M New York State (>>!<miration S-olety- Reformed I>utcti Church, e< rner of Lulayulta Pim-a and f ourth atrvt t. Imtr pa<t T F M American I'mulo Ouardlan Society Church of tha Puritan*. Union Square, half-pant 7 P. M. AuirWan and I'ureign ChrUtlan Union, at T?r HutVn> t hureh I nir oauy I'laae. at 7H o'clock. P. M Retnl-Annual aueliiif <>t iJ.rtctor* of hocl ty lor I'rono tli-n of Collegiate and Theological Lduru'iou in the Mist 41 Liberty ilret <li rhal Ti tuperanee Conrcnllnn?Brick Church I Chanel, i A M Wii vrnur Mat A American Tract Kocmy Tabernacle 10 A M. Bual: neaa Martin; at the Tract Itnuee ti A 11 Inetiiutlon for the Blind Tabernacle. 4PM Anivriran Home Mia-iuoaiy ht-elely?Tabernacle, , kalf-paat 7PM Annrican F? male Cuanllan Society--T.adlca' Mo-1Int. at the llcnie for the > rlendleea. on hiut 1 hirtietk J (treat, near Fourth avenue . niM ling A?-?-e|att-d Alumni V V t'nirer-ity ' Tloi logo al A- uiinary at the Seminary, 3 P. 11. Tiiciiiur. mat 0 American Bible Society Te!-ernarl<\ 10 A If. Bualneea ine- III .g at Society'* B"U?<- 0 A M Amrrlcau horrlgn and t hrialian Union -craning Inatitutlon for the l>aaf and buinbTaberuncte. 4 I P M American Temperance Union?Tabernacle, hatf-paat | TP II A nit rican Rapt lit Home Ml- lonary Society- Norfolk I itml Vaptlet I hnrch Bualm -* met ting at 1(1 A M. I Public conference In the- nlternnnn PainaT. Mat 1U. American Board of t'ommiaalouara for Foreign MUiloni Tabernacle It) A M llietlng In la-half o| tha Ann rlaan Board of Foreign I Mbelona Taltcrnarlo. afternoon. N Y I male Mla*liuii<ry Sorb ty Bedford afreet Chitrrh. "S P M At iiual no-a ting of the Ladiee of tha Home Tabori naclc. 3 P >1. Scatiae, Mat 12 A niarlre n and Por??gn Sabbath Union?Chureh anr1 ner Fouith atreet an-J l.alaytiie pinna. >l??ourae by Lit Or llitkuna half on*! 7 I' M Mo?r ?t. SI it lit nary Hoclaty of M K I'burcb Qreana atraat 7>a P M Wtnuiui. Vn n Amarlaan and Soraign IliUa h-elaty Norfolk ?tra?t ! Eaptiat CLureli 10 A It Annltfi mi j a?f the 1* ? mutton of the Kranrh ltapabllc. Tba I'ranah raaldtnla c.f N?? A'-rk grlat.ral I on Patnrday araning by national ban put. the annlraraary of lha proclamation of thn Pranrh H'puMlf At 7l. o'rloi k. tha company of i In thrir national amluma, and hand'd by tha aicallant land of ltodworth. want down to tba l|<>tal rft Porta, tbc randatroua. Thauca tba company. with tin aubaaribira. marrhad In proccaatoa to tba roilaaum whara. under lha tuparintand~uca of .Mr MiU?r. proprirt> r of tba ottabUalitni nt a in ijulflcrnt auppai bad lata prapartd. On rotating lb. iliinun" .?! .on. t"> Wrf a-, i,. m. t With tba ntagnlflranao and good taatorf tlio dacora tlona and atrany mania Tba Ann riaan Krtn h an I Italian fl?>.? Lung from array part of tba room, brllllantly displaying tbalr atara and mi?taina.| aolora Tbaro wero tbrra tablr*. itrnding tba length of tha ft cm and presenting quite a aplandld appaaranra Kirry labia WAa omamrntad wllb paatry pirrrt moi%. lift, representing towara. raatlao. and rdiftaaa. ?nr no untrd by flaga, with tba thro* worda. " rty Ajuality. Fraternity," written on tbatr la?., Tbi n nm ant perfratly tllvminatad with ala g*4<t"n rban d-Para, wbirli flung a Mala of light ofar Ilia a hall IMM Al lk< bratl i.f III* *al..<>n wnt an rltitln < 11*, ?liar* lha I'r.n.l. nt. <li? % lcr-rr*?iJ.nt?. au t fititli irtiiitid Mr Arpln *ct*<l ? Pr*-ld*nt; MM (io?.n*t >n<<l'nn tarvt Wato tfc* t>t-pv**ldr*l* Al th* right of Mr A War* Mnltd Urn*ral AirunM lot* MinMar uf ? ?l In l<i ni*. at.J Ptgnnr 11, nBoth.-r linjrii.?l.c(l llllitli rifvfM ; at hi* 1< ft 1'aptaln l*-rl ri>sil ? ! Mhrt Kvnti Th* two bnn<lr*<l *wb**rtb*r# took lh?-lr ! r.niaai th* thrra minima* tabic*, which nrw pr**.'nt*<J IIm Bi'*l ll*t ly right tl lira lh? atmpanp war# all ?*atrd. th* l'rr*l>l*nl propo*. << In f hont ' > Ivc la RapuMhjnc 1bl< f r; w? r a 1111 a gtrm and all prraant wi nl In ?""?l m ? lha ah|*r ahlrh hail ht an alr.*dp pot upon lha labia* *n?r a dim ragard paid In inaaia. Mr. Arpln Pallad lh? *> frpanT t<> order by a few* ramark* II* -anl thai ha tn happy in #**. al a ? ranch H*im,b*1. two 4 tingul-hcl Italian r*fug*c* (alluding In rtignor I or. ill nnd One At tana), ?ho. f< '$ cMiog lha wrung* t? th-lr countrp hy franaa war* praarnl In calibrate, wlih ri|i?hllraa rll.i. n?. lha analaaraary id a republic. Ila gaT* alan linw detail* upon lha amng. m.-nt* of th* i nimitta* and th* Intllallnni **nt loth* flrraid ad awidhar pap< r. whlrh. on ovary ncoaalon, ar? Irlandlp In franca and bar p*"pl* Ila *a* pl> a*rd to aa that tbo?* pa par* war* rrpnaaolad al thia r**tlva] Ila II m r*ad in* ragolar tna.t*. whlah war* *n'hn*la?t rally raavivad, afltr aorh of th.-ra lha miialo. plan. I upon a gaUary, | loping an appropriate hymn IMVIAI Tl"tVH. Tha Dav w*? |. Prat- 1 ha ***.>n<f ann1v***ory nf lha dap when nla* hunlrtd m*n. Intcrpr ting tha h*"lng and oplnlnna of Prance. p*nrlalm?d with a uwonimaw* ary. nineteen tin..- r- prated. th* proalamati. n af lha rapnMla (MairatU.t Mvmn ) -lha f r*nrh RapnMla 1 Thar* U no marUra that 1 ll.a panpia arc n<d raady to maha to pr*ovrvo It. It LD. TWO CENTS. in our religion, our faith, and connotation. It it, also, the hope of nation* a.piring to liberty (To Dio for hi* Country ) " The itepnblic of the Culled State."?In ite union I# it. force; aud we are happy to proclaim that Frnnohinvn the adopted children of tliie glorlou. republic, will al?H}> be flrat to exemplify reapeet for ita coaati1 tut ion (Star Spanned llauuer > 1 Cnlteri-al Suffrage ? A terrllile arm again* t the op1 preamre .f about the people and their brother* of th* t army ami nary xo well under.tauil. to-day Ita u*ea. It U the rafcKuard of our diuiocralie iiiatitutlons and ' II e pr< cur- r of all our .orial uuielioratioue. (Soldier'* > Son*) > The Prc.ldent of the French Republic"- The aer, yant of the people, from whom he derlee* hi. poaltlon; , he ought to obey, and not to command, hi. aorerolgn i anduia.tir (Vtilxmn au Sa'nr dt CEmpirt.) " The Prnridcut of the I ulted State*"- Reporting the right* of the people, and the law* of the country, he aduiinietera. hut doe. not govern Ilia only ambition 1* the happitice* of h.s fellow cillten., to whom hi* whole energy, power, and intelligence are rouaeorat*4. (Hail Columbia.) When the niuaic conned. Piguor aald. in Italian :?" Citiaena aud brother*. 1 am indeed at a lo*a how to expre.a the feeling, which fill my heart on till* creation I do not want to apeak about the French republic, which went to Ituly tocru.h the Koman ra public No: I um not alio kluve of'uatioual prejudice*. I hin hi re because I urn it republican. mi l (chertali tin-ti puhlirun* of all countries. Ju this country, the Italians lime strong prejudices against the Hreuch republic. mid hail I listened to their advice, I should not have route. Hut I am a demoeiat. and you are also democrats. Your wishes are nut only for the liberty ot France. but of the people. 1 aui here, lu a word, burause I belloTe that the Trench republic has for bar l> "sion to regenerate the world. It is tuy sinonrw hope Hut. tuy republican brothers, setting apart all other motive*. let us speak of the democracy The diutosrary Is a criullou of the people, and made by tin people but it ba ugriiit igmllration : universal suffrage, lil* rty of the press. and liberty for all. Tha di tit' crury lit lu-1 is a summitry of all the qualities, rights and aunts of the p.eV/uiVss and laborers ? Your republic will be eternal; and ours. I hope. w!U i be again proclaimed 1 sty litis because It la | founded upon the lo-art of uitin. b.cause it had I Is i n proclaimed by tied. It is found. J on intelligence | and the material enunot prevail against It The Kai public Is n decree of tlod. 1' will be indestructibla mm the it-Uliigeiioe ol man mid the favor of Ifeareu. I 'J lie Hi public will live in -pite ot Thiers liarrot. Muta| taleu bsrt. mid that rabble who insulted that intelligence in crushing onr It public Af.'er some other rm> ] Utarka. figm r !' rest! alluded to the clemency of tha j people in their victory, aud to the power of iutulligt when lie reluti d that Chateaubriand was carried in triumph by the Parisian people on the .491h of.I uly, 1810. lie concluded hy sayitig that the people I >v or: dei. that th y have it right to power I hat t.od has uot i gin n to kings but to the people and tie ir intelligence, | the right of government that there is u-ith-r p.-iri1 legrd castes nor kings, hut only the people. .My text i Is: "To the people. t<> the democracy " After li s discourse. which was frequently applaudi ed. Mr. Oului t. cue id' the Yu-e 1'resideots, rose ami hiii: " ruuon*. att? r in < toiim-m npc. rn >; rugnor j Volenti. I propone to drink - To Hguor Vorcati, tha I lit uihii 1?< mocratle Itapubllcnu 1" Thin tna?t w.ta 1'iitliuHin-tii uliy received and heartily drank. Mr Guinet continued: The day we eel.brata , giyca u* recollection# of glory and hope. liat ?n hurt lieen In In ynl tin cover with Iofmny tli10 trail ira j who cannonaded Home and our Italian brut her* Wm I have 11 li tniycd. I.ct there U muieftiine atromrar i than nil tli" traitor* at the head of our government it la I (in Vi iHal Milfragu II itl] it we may repair the wroagi ' made on the lotli of Decern I >.% 1SI1I A war, traitura! oaey iiupoator* The people will he r?wiy for the I next h ctioii*. Citlxciia. on the elect or* of , the ]i . h of .March. 1 h.ej, we rely lor 1UI ' talliunou to I tin rn it pre>id< ntal elect i. n ) When .Mr Uuinel lia.l ci.Deluded. Mr. U-wrdy nroia and raid: * Oillxi-iiw. the French rej Mdoutn of New \ ork hav : bmn acnuaed often of itid'.Ceianee toward* our cuuuiiy. ?Jur banquet : in an . 1. quint uo war to till* accusation. Via wo era | Kreticlu..n. ami we atu alwnyi looking with ?n.{aieh, up. n what in going on in I" Uul what, If coin* ' painful feeling* fill our heart* in lb - middle of our na| tonal celebrutloO 1 We have been dee ie.J, and today. cur brethi re. opprcea. d people, expiate the crime of lighting h.r llborty Germany I* opprnaced, llwit. gary lout Italy fallen under the arm- of h"r el iter, and* the author of those raiauiitiea in the nephew of a mnn who l arriel ?o highly the g h ry of France. Lot lc N a pel ct.n ' V > n trampled on llh.rty ; y uu arw anotheraoulouqua. The people entrusted to you hi* fate, i and. uugratiful aon. you huvc <1 Print v. our j mother Hut (red liun marked t he end of our alarwy, | at.d our llaga will eliine a. alii in the brilliaut ray* of I liberty Tj ran'a are Implacable ; hut there WiU b* WW ; mr.rt I j mill* Win n ill* liour of liberty uliall n "n#, tin |>- | will l?- uiermfcil tor ilwjr *n tltrI tiki Citizen#. lu lh? triumph of iHmorracy, to iltw ! biippln#a? of humanity " Atur a toaat lo " I slttrnl Fraternity. hy Mr AlI Intro, (lu'tn t read ? I ? ! to Mr Arpiu. prop >?<-il?y | Lci n Ufiltir. Mr. Arpiu lin n r?#*, tad raid: ' I do not konw. lo| ilttil. ciIImw lin* t" ixpre?? lln- ft-litr;* ah ell till in* In-art If alnctrity m l devotion to a b<4y eaaaa I are tuthrlmt till.-* to y? ur gratitude. I puaavat IImmw I lllli't. ainl ll|i.<f m Dllu ut* ar *1*0111(17 i-o-r*?* I lu t I my Inert Hut tin* M.111 * nothing now-v-d 4??. runj painl ailli prlurlptea. I cam# In Now \ ork when thw republic proclaim d In I ranee. nti 1 I h >pe tU..k 1 1 republic will ! < eternal It i* now In a rrllli. lh* *0lution of which Hod only know*; hut tin- rout# ar<* deep. and *hn i? di-ar to tin nation. Ntllbrr Intrigue* nor tn art.rii* can #top her pc gre*? t*he <- a forward, aud will cm*b Iw/if, TIiIti Stole M >nt?Icmbert. *we? i.iiig away ai?o Ibe Preddeot. who ri It#* 1 up< n them Jin Ch# PrwaMtat ) t* in rain truggling with the aid of a rotten anpport or muoarchy II* *? never chertrhed by tli* |>eop|c, and h.- wlil ^all en'lmly forgotten It I* our nop-, our aoniulatlon K* ry day our democratic idia i? procreating I look up it it* march, and I am pl< need to ?tat? that (hi p"w r <4 t h I * Idea grow# rtery wli -re. Th* army ?he# their #tir.crior# tut lu tba aoldlrr U al?o th* rltla-n, who know* hla duty, aud what he owe* to hl? country I ful r< m< inhranoa (U?rr Mr A rc'at?d the terrihln necldrt'. n| Angcrt, where 300 *o|,|!a - wrre dr *n<'d is thu Loire, an account of which ha* h< en gl'ru in tha tiniU't ) 1 d<> Mol aanl to l<mt? you molar thl* pxttiful lutproaalon Tim republic wit lira Ion*, aud, although juggli J by aoini mm our brother* will regain It onca wore. If need be. by tha lu)'ini|i't. Hill Hit* morfut a/-riutifii wlil 141 u < ! ??, the progre,* t? no pow<-r> fill lliat tliu luajoiily *111 la n ry ?i?i? dcin <cratio, ami the llurprate* will If tha ??onorlly Tha army will take tloir part, for the anldlera nr? pmlrlatrri, child/, n (if tha |? opl.. The blond of tha hrara la prolihr ami tbalr children will continue the work of their fat hi ra.'' Thl* ?p?eeh wa* received with lure time* three and one mure Mr tr flat ore off,rid a toa?t In ' Thr Tre* rf l.llerty. may it flouriah e?cryabere and may It prote I utidtr it* f I aye all the oppraawd " Mr III i*i in i. In rnma animated remark*, which w< re r, rem d by numerou* bravo*. prop,*#, d a* a t'? t, The I nl> ii of all iti publican*, for the triumph of Idea* and democratic prlnrlpl, " Tha Mlowinff Inaata wr?w then fflWMi ? By Mr K< uaat. I/a Km ha Ja,|UaliM * Itjr Mr lii i?ii -> \lctor Hugo |i f, nda-. 0. ,, proved. I.ninard and hlr I nf.''."nat* C mj an. n*[ 1 t irtlm* of the 0|.pra**?rn." t1""!"^ I, <ne ralA w iivii the a roae aad raid _ Tha liberty , f rorla.medtn li'.Touphl loaii.t to-day It wa* than tha mhtrraa of all heart* an l I hare pra*arrad it from that nry epoch Tbl? lib*rty reeognlaea only brotharw In all Ibe niton*, aud If w? are coffering lu day. It In treat,*' It ??# .t-.pp.i |n ||* march, ffa bar. made n rnnltilin* in Branea hut we htrw haan bairayad by the *. ry men to which tt had hern merciful Taka | f'tr, lrr,'HelimMi; w< arc la iinpr. foe we hare an tinMali fi I man at tha head of th? fnierum, nt I am k f'n nrl,n,aii like yon for, in Italy, we are of tha eama oilgln Why dl*lde the world In nation*' Ara wa I n?t all brother* We are In danger Home try (a a holt-h the rrpublican prtne'ple, Let n? he on onr guard The pe pi,-are progr, ? inf. and we will van| >|Uhh d,*potlrm The tianeral than far# " To th# rr<neh Itallau,Herman, and all tbr other deiu.icratta | people ' After the c tirlu'ion of thla ?p|rltr,l diacourar whtck , wa* enlbu-ta*tt<aily rreeived. aa?eral towata weca (Iran Ity Mr. CtarcAcat ?" Tb l>, moemtic and Social It apnl lb " (Coolly received ) 1 By I>r t', ai mi To the f'by*!eal and Moral kd?ration of I'ranee and of other people " , By Mr Vcenr? To CapMIn l.arl re By Mr Airia --To tha Company of Lafayotl* ' Ounrd* " 1 t aj taln I.aeh' re. In em lirrly an I appropriate ren ark*. nn*wcrad the two toa>t< afi,| wa# partlrulnrly applaud, d when he ,old. thai rety **a>n the refnlnr am y of the I toted fiate* choulri bear tha am, unlf, im wllli thi Brinrli army lie fare In concluding, , a t, B't. To the American people, which by llielr hero. I'tn th, ir ho,pltnlity are at tha head of the world.'* (Bravo* Iraro# ) > Mr Mcl'nnowgh. im ?,f n eomm -lore In tha American nary fan a tenet, " To French l iterature and tn lent " After ?oma other |o?a? ? To l.amartlna." ?,T? ffnnfary he , tha company went homa nt IS n'rhrh <|nlta drlifht, I with tV?l? plena ant/, tt where order harmony and tha moat perfect d. aorurn warw rontinnally pv? *vrvvd In *nlta of tha lively eh*raeter ' f ,In l'r, rich nation, ami Ilia nutnrnu* botllaa of Chain pa fne Ingurgitated on thl* neeaatnu ll I* netiUeea to add that aararal patriotic hyinnc wiremny en*. abota nil written by Mr Jnlicn. of thla city entitled An Appeal ?o Liberty " whteh wo regret lo ha nnabla In reproduce for want of *poae (lit tl.'k would not be finl-dted. If WW failed 1" return nor oltiorro thank* to tho Trr-tdrnt an ! Ilto HKT mtmhot' (.f tho rnnmlttM for tho po(ll??? ?ail ali i.ti' n upon uo at tkia majfutto nt and oath not hanqnot* latrlll?rNrr. Pi rarua f'oi ? r or tub i'titio ItitH. K?fl V*. M ft 'hi n kuffln Harr.'U. ?. J.-lah Roak In ocrur ! tho Ctrrott t'oart of tho taltod Ptaloo for LouMaaa Mr .1 not loo Woodk'trr Wl'nrt tko op I a loo of Ika r< art. aRlrwilna tko jodipnoat of tko Cirrnll t'oart la thto oauoa with Ro W William II. f opt * appoiiaat ra. Tko MorokaaU flro InoiiruoouComp.of 1 ho artrnmoat of thia rauao waa r?nrlod?d fur kO appelant Noa M, M Amhroao Waldaa'a kolra anat I auto ra TkoaM* Hokiop'a kolra at at Tka M|aMH al tkla rauoo rw to mm on rod Mr Uko lypdlrH, flP %

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