Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1850 Page 3
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I \ BPCriAL ROnni. iSONIC NOTICE?THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS of St. John's l.rsud l<< dge, and the fraternity generulh 1* IWtMlll'? moot at the Lodge moin, Warren llall, ?... art ?.f (Jim r and Henry jQita ( Monday ) tico g, at $ o'clock, for the purpose of installing the ofheera of German Pilgrim Lodge, No. 3). By order of the II. M. RollT. MACOS', t!. Secretary. PHRENOLOGICAL LECTURES AT BLEECKKR UALL. L. N. Fowler and N. Siaer will lecture on Phrenology and Physiology, applied to done-tic education, physical raining", morals and matrimony, at Blcccker Hall. Oorncr of Bleeeker and Morton atrceu, Monday evening, at 7>? o'clock, and continue ercry evening through the week IKOMTIRM. CINTKEVILI.E COURSE, LONO TSLANI>?TR<>TTINO. ? Tueaduy, May 7th. at 3 o'clock, P. M., puree mil# kcaia, belt three in five, in harness. D. llryan enters gr. in. lutdy huflolk, J. Case enters t. in Lady Moscow, S. MeLangh n nteraih.g. Confidence. Instead ?f taking the railroad, lie proprietor lias made arruueemcnta with Merer* Uorted It Kendall, to ruu four and ail horse omulbnsue froiu Fulton Eerrv, Brooklyn, to the tr.ick This lino will leave at one, and half-past one and t? .o'clock, P.M. The facilities are po pocd that no una can l v disappointed. The omnibuses will return as toon as the sports *rr over. I are Moh way, , 2te. JOEL tiONKLlN, Proprietor. TTNION COURSE?HON DAY, MAY fl, AT 2 O'CLOCK. V/ P. M?.dutch for $1,UA>, lour mil* heats, to 'ZjU pound waguop:Cnarler Breoks enters br. m. Itidora. M Clin took br. in. Sall v Often* Immediately after, a match for $3**, three milo heats, wa?on and driver to weigh Sflfl pounds:? JUi thud Sandford aaiuts eli. m. Empress. W. Smith b. in. Milkmaid. After which, a purse of $130, two mils heats, in harn*-*r? II. Jones enters L. g. Tom Curuley, (formerly Jack HosMtsrl D ftrvan tutors gr. g. Tecumreh. ft. M< Laujrhliu enters cb. r. t >ntidenre. Wm. U'hvlan " b. g. Pclham. The ears will leave South Kerry, Brooklyn, for the Coarse, at 13a o'clock 1*. M., and return as soon as tho sports are sr. HPK KM \ MoMANN, Pr priet re. PIGEON SHOOTING AT HOBOKBN.-A PIGEON inau-h will come oft at II?>* ken. <>n Monday, tlth inst., if IN a - M 111. . I I r f.u I . i r wi 11 l?e V pifeons on the ground, insuring a tine da>'? sport. Shooting to commence nt 12 o'clock. HILITICAL. Democratic republican general committee. ?A meeting of this Corn in it tee will be held ou Tuesday ? nil g, Msy 7th. at H o'clock, P. M., to consider the communication tf ike >ndi*ms d Tammany Society, in furor of smiling an election of delegate's to a county couvenlion, to is held on the evening of the 22d in-t. FERNANDO MOOD, Chairman. Gat It FT DycKMAS, ) Secretaries R M H**i im i y.S " YOVNO MKN-S DEMOCRATIC REITUMCAN GENEr?l C'onnni. to.?Tin p nuber. ?t tlii. Committee arc rcSr.tnl to at tor J tho r*K"I"r monthly M?ettnir, ad Tammany all, ou TuemUy itii'k. Hay 7' h. at 7o'elock. I*. M. GARRET 11 STRIKER, Jr., Chairman. J. ii. tlrfikt., i ,,i?. Jauh M. Tt <>m, t Scfrttnrie,. Til K TKAOKM. Notice.?to the empi.ovbrs throughout the Union.?We hereby notify them tliAt at any time they bould wnnt au aphoUteree, hy .tnting aha? kind uf a workman they want, they enn ho .npnli.d, by addre'.ina a letter to tie I' "f the Sew York Sonet*. p ..t pain. GEORGE 1IOVT. Pri-nident. If*'. Stanton .treat, V. Y. JOI RNEYMAN WATCH MAKER WANTED?ONE that tinilf ia an<: his business run have a permanent situation. Apply to A. T. tOCUKANE, JNS Ureenwicli street. Bay war I ad?eat. i>larr. New yoke j<> rmeymen vphoi.sterers sonrI)?The weekly mooting will hu held at Mechanic's Hall, 170 Hester street, an Tuesday. May 71 h, at 7 o'clock. A punctual attcudnncs is rcuuested. By order. C&OKCE uott, President. Drwn, Secretary. ~ PER.HO.1AL. rpwo HOYS MISSING. ? TWO BOYS I,EFT THEIR J. B< nrding School, on Statrn Mauri, yesterday (Sunday), and took the two o'clock IV M. I?<at to the South ferry, and have aot ?inre"T>een board if. On? ?ai dressed in a dark fro licoat. and wore a black clotli cap, and waaifeetHfd lat hes high, although only IT years or age. Tito other ot nat age. is shorter, anM wore a grey cloth uniform, with I lack ItinM OB the tr wr-. al- .. a crov c loth cap, w ith a black hand. The parents are moat amicus for their aafety, and a literal reward will tr paid to any person who w ill giro intelligence of theiu at the I nioa Place llotel. in Fourteenth mmm JOHN F. WINCKOYE. OF LONDON, IS DESIRED TO eall without delay at :d John street. RE1HOY ALS, CAPTION ?THIS IS TO INFORM MY FRIENDS AND customers that I lav" rem .. t : M'J I'enrl -tr~i, and haee now no latrreat whatever in the store .Vat. nor hnve 1 authorised my Ihte rirtver to sell any goods en my a My t ampl.ine. Oil and Lamp Store will he fntind five doors from t'entrs street, where the same genuine article* can be attained, at theloweet mat lent prlre. WM. CARTER. 319 Pearl atraet. K. B.?A driver wanted. REMOVA I/?OR EG OR Y fe POOTE. IMPORTERS AND wholesale riea'era .n 4 laths. < assimerec, Vesting*. Trimsn nra, fc<., hate removed fr-m No. 39 John strart, t.i No. IIN w I'iam street, batweei Jeha and Fa ltoa atre t?. where, hat. lag a larg.r and more rommodlona store, they are prepared to Iter to raah and short time bwyer*. a large und cotiiprcbcnaiv? stock of seasonable goods for men ? wear. BOARDMU, AC. Boarding-the norse, no. tvt broadwat, Opposite Grace Chnrrh, will be pat in complete order by the 1st of May. for the reception of hoarders. Singl" gentleman nee minoriated with rooms, without meals and fnmilica urtih hoard and suits of rooms, parlors commuaioatia<. Apply at (US Broadway. OARD?ONE Hit TWO GENTLEMEN AND TIIKIR wtc es. and single tentlrmen. may obtain | lr.?rant rooms. with fnil or partial board, by applying bo I*. (')iatnbrra iirnt, BOARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE EAMII.Y, tor a grntlcmiD ??'< hia *''? A gtncerl arighhorhood ia Hr.klyn r.rrfrrrvJ. A'ldfraf A. J., ID raid Ufflcr, Hating (t riBi ami IVCAUCB. Bo a h rnvr.-v t.b \n m an and an wtt1, or two alaglr gaailcBira caa br arrommodalrd with a rroat *. m aad pantry. at No. 4 lb Broome atrcat, two doora writ at Broadway. Boarding?a very prf.arant room and i?*dro< at t .. I.i- or. ih i Aaar. AI**, a >rrr pleaeaat b ok pari't i-a tl tint floor, witli i iitli to ai furg-nilec oa ian br had l>y afpyiag iiumrdiataly (aiar Itii ttaga 829 Chrtytlc Itrrrt. Board, and rent in payment-a thuf.e-storv I attic buntc. | l-a?antly tituat-d, la Writ Fourteenth Itrrat, a ill be roa ?-4. aad payment therefor rw-iirrd ia tba board'of aatnall fr.nrly, coaa'iatini of tbraa or fwar panoai. Arr'y >1 IA Wait Fuurtaaath atrcrt. BOA I. Ml NO- A M 1TK OF RO'iMA. NEATI.Y Ft'Raialird, would ba lat to a email reaptetahli family. with iirtcatr tab la, if renal red; at**, a parlay and two or thma f. it ri" m-. for a family or liaflla c-nti w ith ar without muala aoriid to thr roi.m. inquire at No. VI) Frauklia itraat, wait aide, near Broad nay. ' HOARDING.?TWO f'< IMPORT All I.E. FRONT, SECOND I) atory Room!, with rloirta, w th or without board, to lat, anlirr t" raa or t w-i cent i-ii.m. n I;,relay ;rart. Referential gtien and riparted. Addrau to K. K? at thil otfl'e. HOTI'iik. Fami.idn new brm.iit'in the pa virion wi i.i, n(-n, for tha enf-a, thl- day. The pr- prtetor bai mad* wiaay layrat ana la?t **a*oa?th* mo?t Imt-ortaat balai a a?a-bathtwg c*t?Mt*hm*at. Immediately In fi at af tba Paelltoa, thr eatmmtng bath af which It lift faat loan by "i fret wida; it aatilai alan ? ?. ral pa'lowi prtantn bathe, whi?h t..mnialcai< with tha (Wimtniad I atn, ar aot, at tha plracnrr af th* bather. It ia at of ibr m..*t enaipii t* **tab|i*l,airat< of tha kiad ia thil country. Tl.r ?< mit.piiii yti.-n with New l'ork ii mora fp**dy than that ailh aajr of thr citaMi?hm*ala ia tha Ti aity, tha tri,.# ?eenp\lng only ft tn 26 to 30 minntie. fmmi 111 l?B?e Pi*r So I, N irth titer, at ! A. M.. II M , balf-pa.t A aad a ..vlork, P. M. F BRANCARD. Nta llri?ht< a. May 6th, INW. The iir t iiRr..\KrA?t and dining *ai/?o* in New York. Readtr it i-a want a rood run at -af**, ai-d * .Id jar. r,i?a n. I thr bait Dininf Ralooaa la tha ai \ . I !. N -or i??. tori' - H.illlona-. Go aa l try. RDU IN i. MERt KK. Pr <priet?r. h a i l,ho a d*. CAN DSN AND AM ROT RAILROAD LINE TOR rt.i?a?ipm?, at r a m , and hnv-pnet i .cloak, P. I., ty ilHnkoil JOHN POTTER. dnllr, Ann Hit .totted. tfm pier No I. North Klin, fin, Iril elaac iu? Ml ml (Im nrt. It. R.AOR A AIR. ?To RAILROADVONPANIBR FiM'R NERT JT b'O nxiln III m in l Tandore, far In'! 4.11; fonr Plirtag tt'k-ale. I f" t llMulir: I'flliilin, U In liinwur, V In four Owllg N koala In ?r ozht Iron; Trunk) fceary vr?neM ir. a Ponine., with fAdo.iale, **14*4. Th'.e a .cor am r t ( r v I a 'm 11 of 11 l-.?t mete end r.eetriirUon. A Mrialli rat off. and nil tie* imnroro?onte. Al?" era-ml eoamnd haad Uootnotlrae, for lata ahoai a I., h a. I 4 .. -?-f I . A I iro.a R. A. NoHRIA. Aoh-aertedp. NOR RI a a | ?(>? .rillt At II FN ITT t DT, New Vor*.? R A N-rria, aropototor. ralla at t-ation o all Railr M I t l I -i ira r.n'nr. maan fa-n'-d at k.? ft end o.[ .r.riljr v> l<ia Eipreee Enf-nea, Aw kick ifwf. Ilka UiHiIm." as I ha Arraoaea and Itlon geilr ad Or lara ' ? ihim. or ra lrava f maohlaarp, eiaeated with'h. M r tnht Iron -'.? !? aali la ar4aff. Uaasatlre Tyre. eJvnva ?a Hon < Addroaa R. A. NORRIA Aohonootadf. rmTnuuifm. fOfA RTRRKS till NOTICE.?TRI UNDRRAICiNRB \y *??U Waoottfnll.. Inlorm the w.raaatila o- vnamty that *So beaaa h?r irfr.ra knava nn4ar the nam* of Luring, Park rt A Co . at Vaifnralan, hna !# ?. hp raiitnel ooaeoat, dRaaairad. Tba kaa.noaa will koraaftar ha ooadaated andot theaeraaf I/Ah. Anther. A Co., who vlll not ae Ahlp CJtnaH'm, f. r.>il Ai-n'a. A' I r fnrlh?r Infimcut euro ! . I'MB-ia tiar . pUaaa anil on I'hcrlaa Urine, km. No. u Central w Urt who la Ihn dalp aatl. .na-I HMtl I'd a*i4 Iran in 'he Waited Atatae AaT nr4?r? a? analcaaan'a mapeei/adr an)i?Oo4. HIRING. BROTniRS A CO. TaLPeaetan. Pehrnarj *. I AM. Tiin?r ini? ?tr-11n IN COMMRRI r IN * ha I' h. T*'f f.!'y Infrmed that lha Arvi at Urine, llntherr A On., n4rarlia*4 ea akorn, It a 41an>n't (apart naertu|> the Ira ?f Urlnt A Cn , Talpntneaa. af entna rittaea year, rtandinr, far which the anderMrned la ncr,' m the X r- 4 f'tntoa. tl I AH A T. 11.RING. U Indie wharf. Baptc*. Balkan. April U, I Art. KDI CATKIN. CliVFRNF t Tffl'Ar. I.ART W HO HAA JCT TF.Rt in i r a -? 4 an enanpem nt. niohea ( r - 'Tim- an* In the War tepnrltp. To r*pite ft atrredlne th? njo nf ivolra, aha a III Impart laei run ina in Ik* Prrnob and fcnillek Ian prow*. Nrair, linaring. Drawlar. and Paiatlat Af Interri?v ana ka al taia-4 kr ralliat at Na. I Thir?eanth alraal, nroond hanrr fr' tn Aaar<n4 aiitat, at a note adr?at?4 la V. I. N . ? .11 ?- i w11h ait.' o Mr * n 71-i.rai n Rrc.A irtvr to iNro>n kha r I I ? It.a b? itl o inriamlt at n M ila?" a .!? . t, h* nonld ho herpj t - r?- Ira tkao? alar and poatl- a>m 4oo r n of aa<tnlrii?t k tkronrh kaow ro of Ihr Irn-I' and OormiK Innoonao In loan H?? afna la amallj aaacpiad In tvrh o?a4p 1'apila attendn4 al ibad* raaidanao. Tt;r i?-r OCPORTI NITT MX tii>i.n?wmi al i a fn? ln<<l'? .a iho |at day of Java f 'lnaaaa tanaht dnilp. aaaaptlag kfoadarn aa4 Rntnrdioa, ll'la ' l?al?? k?"rv rie A A W and JT I, f'f tpntlovon. ladina at Tl A. N . and 4 aVIaok. P. H Roonlnc alaoano dn-lr. #?.?? na Aaanrdap, al T'r aad ?S a'aloah. |trw prpiR raa?H?a tAia ?rnk > warts* ^ U/AKTED-IIY i RE8EECTABI E TOUKG WOMAN, ?? IcituatitB lo do (h?p^u?ril hoBNwork for Aimall privale family, would have mi objection to d" ehnmherwork, of ta assist in washing and trcaii R. Good city referenoegiven. Apply *S Hanson street, la llie basement. Can be weu for two Jaye. _ WiNTE D-A SIll'ATIlIN BY A UF.M'EiTAIILK young ?i in a it a* f liaiuheriuai I ami Waiter, or wnulJ bj willing to assist lu washing ami ironing; rau show tho boat of city references ; can be seen for two daye. if not raited. Please call at No. ISA t'roaby street, between Prince ami Houston street*, in tbe rear: baa no objection to Ro to tho country. 117ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNU GIRLS, v v situations in private families ; one to do general housework; it a first rale washer ai.d ir.'Uer; tbe other to do ohniulorvnrk ana waiting; has no objection to make heme!! Renerally useful; tho best of city reference civeu. Please call at No 2Xti Past Thirteenth meet, on tho third floor, in the rear. May I e seen fri m !' A. M , to ft P. M ~\L' ANTE D?A SITUATION llV A RESPECTABLE T yruung woman who euu rook, wash and iron, and can fill any situation lu a respectable family ; best city relerencc CUD he hud. Can be sceu for three days at No. 17 Rose street, in tht rear, room N" 2 WANTED-A SITIATION BV A RESPECTABLE jourg wi man as Coo a, a h, understaiids her btisinoss; niiderstauds I iiLiuc and a.'l kinds of paatrv. and would assist iu w nshing and ironing if required; can show the heat cl city reference ; run be seen for tw o days if not euited before. i'lrase call at No. ISA Crosby street, near Houston, iu tbe r< ar. 117 AMIS Ii? A SITIATION ,\v WAITER IN A I'KI vale family, by a young mail lately coiue from Ireland, who has git a pi d ediu uttou, an<i is a Prrsbvteri.tu ; has lived as stewaid iu tin old country fur soma time, and ha* brought out excellent discharges and lettmsof recommendation fr m clergymen, with him. Please iu'iuir* for K <bert Armstrong, at No. 2 Twelfth sttcet, between First and Second a\ tuurs,lor two days, or by a te to box No. it, Hi raid c.tfce. \\J AM Ell?A GOVERNESS TO TEACH THE ENGLISH VT Kclcrences rei|uirod. Apply at No. 7d East Fif'cinih stieet. ___________ 117 AN TED?BY A YOU MO MARRIED MAN. A M VTIVF. vv if Scot land, a situation as Porter. Can coin-i well recommended from his lust employer, with whom lie has lived several years. A note left at tins otlice for K. S. will be Immediately attended to. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE VOPVO HEM HIV woman, with fresh breast of milk, a situation as Wet Nurse. Che is a dress-maker by trade, and can produce tho best of city Please cull ai No. 7 Howard street. U'ilMHM GOOD FEEDER ON A SINGLE C'YLINww ii.r Fnu. Apply *t No. li Btrfllkj iIymI, 5th ptotf. WANTED?BY A BOY BETWEEN I# AND 17 YEARS Id. to hind himself to some respectable trade; carpenter or ship joiner preferred. Any man who wishes to have an attentive, unlit.tri us boy. may cull at .'is llamuersley street, third house in the rtar. Beat of city reterencocan hegtveu. W AM I n>-H 11 A I I('N>. BY TWO KESPKCTA RLE " young women, sister*. who would ha (lad to obtain a situation in a respectable prnato family; one is an excellent coolt and tir?t-rstc laundress, and uud. rstsd* other aa chawhcrinaid, and sssiat in fine wishing. Both arc seamstresses and uursts ; will take separate place*. Can to M'en two day a at 4t I Third avenue, between East Twetty-u nth ami Thirtieth streets. YlfANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOfNO WO. IT nieii, aitnations?One ax flr?t rate Cook, and will a slat in wsxhiug siol ironing; the other aa Chambermaid and Seamxtrvaa. Tho I eat < ity refe re nee (Ivcn. Pleaao call at No 1 Sixth street, near Bowery, at the hook atore. Cau to seen for two dav*. I "117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN, TV who belong* to the Church of Eueland. a aituntien as Fcatrstrets, ( haiuheiniaid, or Nurse. Satisfactory city reference liven. Can he seen for two days at 231 Mulberry meet, front building, second floor \1*ANTKD-RYA YOI'NG M A N WHO I N DF.RST \ M ?S TV fcus.nesa generally, a sttuath n iu a wholesale or retail dry goods or other store, either as Clerk or Bookkeeper. or in a newxpajsT office, in which he has had considerable experience. Is a good Judge of money. Can give the moat nnexceptionahlo reference. Address J. D. P., Herald office. "117 A N T E D?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST ANT TV young woman, a situation aa Seamstress snd Chambermaid. la a good line washer, and understands dressmaking in all Its Lranrkcs. No ?4j?ctioiis to make h. r-. lf (morally useful. I Wages not so much sn oblect as a comfortable home. Can he aeen for a week, if not engaged. Arply at Pearl street. The heat city reference can bs ?*v??. I UTANTED B1 A R l>PEf ta isi.f. Vol"No WOMAN. ww . fiiaTinn i. . I '' in Ks- rill m ill nr I aiiml rs?ww in R liri vtt A futility. Ir an excellent washer and ironer, and ran brinr the highest recommendation from her preen nt employer. Please apply at No. left# F.a?t Fourteenth street, ma doora euet of Second mm, t an be aoon for two day*. WANTF.D? nVA RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITCAtion to wait no a la*)-, or to takr earn of rhildr'n ! going to Europe. Tin- best ol city reference ran ta had. luyilro at M' Division street. j \t[ ANTED?A SITUATION AS CIIAMBEKMAID. OR TO ! " do general hcuaewurk in a small private family, by a VMM ?atann, wlw haa loan fonr years in bar la?t I jtiallaa) no objection to go a short distance in th? eonntry. I'laaaa j call at 4h! llanry street, front basement, for two day a. "iir ANTED? TAII ORS, ON i'OATS IN FRENi If AND " Amrtiran manner; they will find boarding and lodging la the honar of tlir employer, No ?!?t'hamtiera afreet. WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH HOARD. BV a rrntleman. Ilia wife, and rhild 4 yearn old. in a hi althy location in the nrper part of the city; a family not reieieing any other honrdire wonld t>e preferred. Refereni re exchanged: addreea W. N.. at the omre of the New York Herald. Thin will not la repeated. estanted bi a respectable tovno woman. ft a situation, aa ( hambrrroaid Washer. and Ironer, who understands her hneineaa thorouahly. Heat of rite reference ahall be given. Haa no objeetlou to go a ehort distance in the ronntry. Can be acta for 3 daya. I'leaec call at 178 , Twelfth atreet, npataira. j Wantf.d?a neat. TIDY, young woman. a8 Chambermaid. The heat of refereare will he repaired, aa to rharnrti r and ijnalidratluna. Apply, between II and IB, nt No. If Itarelay atreet. j RET AN TED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE, Tr clean and tidy girl, to do Chambcrwork and Waltinr. and aaaiat in waahing and Ironing. She wonld be willing to ilk, tare ?f children aad eewlng: la a Srrt-rate waaher and ironer. k rerjr garni fe?Wetre?e and kind to children. No ! objection to go in the r nntry. H ill make bermlf gr?"*"F useful. fleaae eall at AW Broadway. | WlMlli-t Sll \TION. HY a TIDY. CLEAN; I young girl, ae Children's Maid, and to do plain Sewing, or a? ehamiermnid; rhe haa a lir?t rale recommendation from 1 hrrlaat plnoe, where aha Herd with a reapee able private fa- | nnly for two and a half year?. IMraee to ia inlre at No IdS Tbird avenue, fr m Id e'clock. A M. to 4 P. Rj will be eeen until Wei!ne-day af'ern on. if not enga<nd bafcre. UTANTED-A SITUATION. Hi A IliN V M? RETT ,p. stable w man. t < do rooking. wn?hi?g and Ircninr. or for all the bouaewerk; i? ? hrat rata waaher aad Ironer and n rery good rook; will make h creel I generally useful; aw ub JieR. n to g" me. untri Plcasr rail at 233 Bowdty. Arf.^pf.t table widow woman w ishes a sl tnvtli n. aa t'l ok, who la rally competent to her bn.lnese, llnr liut left h. r place, and h*? the be.I of cite referencea. She has bi n r k for the I net In yeara. tan he ae. n lor J dnyt. Tleeae call nt ITS Twelfth atreet, i|> ataira. ARKHI'EI TAlll.R vol Mi WOMAN WANTS A SITUa'ion aa ('binnl urtnaid and I'laln Sewer A reepectable joiiug wiioan wanta a situates as f'hildren'a Nurm and Peumatriee. r.nd nnderelanda boy'a rlnthlng. flood elty ref. rinre. Plena* rail nt *1 King at reef, in the bare meat. C1 OP VINT-A I IDV, WHITISH A GOOD AND RAPID / baad. w-.nld like to have ber time eupliDcd in espying ami," r pi? or lettera. either in K.nxli h . r French, or e , , i I trnnalate the Inttvr language, Addreaa m. If., Utrald ' (B r, Slew Yerb. _____ _ A gru' ?.iui wants a hitpatiiin' as J\ < hnrihartnald and to da plain n< win*. ?r to do nailing work. Jto oljoftlon to tah# aara of a bnnjr (tool rliy fInmrr yltr*. Il?> l n? la ktr ImI 4 jf?r?. Ilaaaonthaatiant to g.. a ?hort tlitiw ) lk? Afflf I",1! Varmiaa at root, Can W iwa far two tty?. AMTt AT|n> H'VNTtl) lir AN AMERICAN PRuT. tatant woman, to do ih? gaaarat haaaawork of a mall t?ouljr, at ? "old a ^ka hor?. If t> nrralljr awful in a hoarding In r?o No at)aat> n t? ally or country. Apply 3W Tnalftlt Itro ? MorNflM and Sao.-ad araaaaa. (< M i tr OR tiioriR wwtro-A RAN COMTFR ana* n ith gnnrlnt of good nddraaa. to lntrodua? to tho hotioo of doalor? in hnrr. I liinida. a n'n aad waihoiatll all/ rotrr. I ayatam <-f naarrtnining lahlaatg of any I.apod tank. A Inrgt raaiuairntloa tan b? oapaadaj on. Apply ? jarm r. wknra*. Toatlaa Building. AA Wall at rant. fr*n'r.) tari r. vm mi girls (protf*1 lnnt?) niah to obtain aitnationa bo Ink* ttia rar of rhildran and to do tka ?ontn? In a (antral family, ttoaao anil at IMS tA ? ? Snaantn-nth .ttart. t an ho ?*nn far throo data tioi d ait jr rafatmra ftran. TOIROI Kl RMI-E TIIE I NI?SRs|ti\Rll tUSIROI P of making a lonr of Furip. . la willing t? taka aadar hi# aharg ta., . r thr>. otti g'oM. iton aa irn?nltmr npanioa*. to whoa aomfort and improoatwaat ha will daroto hl? ah. la aliaatfon. C'niumnniani iogr (poat Paid) will nwt with prompt attanti"W. R-faraaaa? giraa and roquirad. r. r. nI r K. ryiaotida . f tht liathlaham la.titntw, flaiklaham. I'n.. Afirtl hi. I'3a?. for Voaaa fiantlamnn. CAIalKUHJSl A. I'A AllfORNIA- INITtD STATE* rA?sr<?RT? ARE V tha only t aaar- rta naaoaaary f. r an Amartaan altlran, hp anr traaty with Jf?w t.ranada. Furnish ad. for dollar, h? HRRrOKtl h til.. No. 1 A a tor Bowaa. To r a 11 for man* rf.T'I.vimj and roc k ft f'iatala of all ktada. Rld?s, t'arblaaa aad ttaakata. Apart, lag ar'ialaa of aaary dasrr ytlan . Ilardwaf. t Hilary. ha ha. for aala at tka rar/ lawaat rrtaaa, bp A. tr. driRti h CO.. *1 Maidaa Una. M ONE1 1 fs 1 THE HIOBEST PRIC'U ?f I v \N. CO i?l n lrr an I tmall *nrn , i ; *..14 aad ilr.-r a >t?k<", diain' nd" 1-lat*. J? arlrt. fnrnnnr-. rlnthln*. irt * -d*, k?. AfOIIN M DAVIftA. I.inanxd Paaahmkrr. Jffi inn-urn. ni?r Dnan* >1 and Ahak'paar* llet?l. ?*1 IHMl WANTrD ON BOND AND BOKTOAOR, ^ r,AfAMP k| >11 |.f ??? ?r?r> ?n a m< I rn tfcr?? ?inr* kr.*k k< a?* aad lat, *l?*r nf ail ra'niakran"*, Ik *ln?# rr^ainliT In Hit Cll; llall la Dr-nklja. Ad ir*<a I.BN'OX l?? T* I fatl-am >nnara I". ?t n?x. Ml Nil Alaa riRAND I'lANOroHTR AT AI < TION. ? W i I.I, OK II m.14, it ? l?JT. *? ? k fr i anrtlok awkt. oo-wr Br. admarand ? hit* ttr.rt/? T\nr?da/ ai ra.nt. Bar '< a ant -afrrlrr tnard aad rraatlfallr flalrliad urarnl rtaa-* I Pari*, mad* rar-rfljfrr ll.l* r-aalry. hjr llm. nf Para. R?<rj fo-rtl-a of Ihi* iaornnmi ia ,.n?d l" tnl th' n i rUM*a>?* . f Ihtarliaiat*. and la laalitt ?f loa* aad t a'S, j anxrlnr In aartlilnc trtr naaafartarrd B? I* *trm??lp hf to br vo4 al kla roaaaria trkll* la lh* t'altrd Atatx Tknan drtlma* nf nktainlnc a I'lkkofafla, aoaiM- | aln* thai d>*rn* nf airrllaax. I<?th in quality aad qnaatitf, i ill a?d Oil* an nf-fnrlani'r thai 'l'lnB? nri r>. I me AHTB. NAT10BA1. ACtDCVT or DBAHJN. tiir twcntv*fth Aaaaal f.xl Ibitia i> an* opna at th* am rallar/ M Br tilrij, >tr *ir Bra-i #tr??i. fmia 1AM. aatll W r. B AdaUtiaaaa Batala aaa?a U?K.M *aat? rtialnfiaa fan AMERICAN ART I MOV THK ml.l.fRT Of TUB Aatrrltan Art-lni-n ?aill to *p*a la Ik* aaaaiaa natil Omar ? 'k ia rrd.r tn af -r I in -f(. rirnilt; f.r B'?t*n In ranrirt tkalr **?raria?* Tk* oali?rr xatiaam nana la Ik* day, aad cnrmktr* *k?a* xh??rlpu-a Km ara rdk?? R* 'T-X Sfl**"*** W **" W< n?xtx ?fc*t* an*ra \r Itw or *AH PR A N CTMNk ? PPHWAHBD TWtA DAT. a h*aallfal aad rnrravt *? af Aaa rramrlnm ?a*?a ik r?hra*n l?ri. aad f' r?aH*d hy Or ?vnt I'Hm V?>u for oala'kp B. ( lirlrr IM Baaaaa mill, Nfitr af *a*a*B HIM. a AltKM BY AUCTIOB. TO I'K INTKHS.?JOSEPH Ml KI'IIV WILL SELL ItV Auo!inn, at l/i Spruce street, on Tuesday, at 10 o'elook precisely. aa excellent aag.-rttueut of Lngliah and American plain ami iBni y Type. with Cum, 1 ini*'tiuK Stone, and ( air I Rack in tmlil iMr!j-two rim. May tie seen on Monday. I C<AU?.?NEW A POTION BSTAB1 .ISIIMBVT. .-BALD- 1 J W IN 11A klllNEK, (late of (lardincr's Furnishiug Ware- i h' MA, ) ha\ ii g M Iffeiited an A uu iInilf, lout taken Ike v eraeioue room on the second Hour of the large build,og No. f 3. 3 Bri a? way, corner of Anthony alreet. lately occupied as a a museum, for hia sales room. )l. tiardiner's long and thn- S rough a(<|naintane? with every description of |co..d? em1 irrod in the numerous hrnuehoa of hia late daoo- 1 relive furnishing wan hone", induces him to oIot hia servieee a m i is friends and the put lie. mure particularly in tin: disp -al of roods hy uurii n, enupriaed in the above lines, each as silver and plated wtre, cutlery, Japarvry, aud other Sheffield and Birmingham mnai.l'ai lures. Also, China ani f'aaa ware, mirrors, carpeting, upholstery, rich catdnet furi ic, Lronrcs, paintings, pinnua, statuary, and all other kinds of English, French, Herman, Italian, and Chinese fancy articles including watrhea and jewelry. Mr. (lardiuer win attend personally ami superintena me proper arranging ai d cataloguing of furniture f< r t ale at auction, at gcuuel private mtdrncetf, or will receive it l??r salo at bin l??n>< room and feels confident that he can give entire satisfaction to owners. Ft ck* in trade, and manufactur.rt' stocks, to be so'.d at auction, w ill also receive his particular attention, lie respectfully solicits freni his friends and the publiu a trial. Accounts of sales, with the proceed*, will be rendered forthwith, ttricly. *n all cases.? Mh? ?. Im.iI). HENRY I.. liOol ET. AI'CTIONKB It?AUCTION NO lift.?French Gold Jewelry, Silver I'naey Goods. lied 4'oral Ht-adh, *6., Ac.?Special and peremptory sale, to clone a c< n i/Miunt?t'hestt-rm&u at llorut t. No. 13, William street, will sell ? n Tuesday, 7th inst., at 10 o'clock, at the auction ^ room, on a credit of ?it months, for all sums of gliMatu wards, approved **ud<>rsed notes, an entire importation late- | lv received, consisting of rich enamelled uud t urquoise gold Bracelctn?ear riugH and brooches iu seta?1,000puireport- * ed ear rings, heavy g'-td necklaces, vest and guard chain*, J finger rinjis, enamelled, turquoise. and fancy brooch*-*, in 1 great variety. Fine silt silver bracelets, of entirely new j style?silver thimbles, silver and silver mounted butter and i hi esc knives, silver mounted talad fork*.and spoons, do. do., ' scissors, real c< ral beads, cut and uncut. Also an invoice of elegant Oil Paintings, from the Royal 4 i Gallery at Dresden, by celebrated artists. BY JACC B 8 PLAT l I G. CAR RING TON, AUCTION er.?Hatdware. t'utlerv, Fancy Goods?Jacob S. l'latt, will sell, this the auction r< "in. No. 23 Piatt street, 'SK) I . doten tine ivory c< tnhs, 121 shell handle pencil knives, au as- ! sortmenl of toys, steel Jew elry, G. F. pem il cases, penholders, 7t)sets assorted teatrys, .'H pair pistols, flO fine tingle and ! double barrel English guns, Bowie knives, 2 fancy clocks, fOsets teat rays, 2>* sets best American plate, on U. S. table 1 and tea spoons, uud forks, 21 dozen pair warranted G. S. slide frame, American pattern spectacle*, 70 violins and hows, ' let, gross ft inch welded head bedscrews, 10 dozen mincing ' knives, IS doten hay forks, UK) doten llritnnniA metal tea11 as. 13 casks I nd n ei i j all - m - Z1 I n i f-41. M. needles, -3 gross worsted lines, 1 hag II. II. thor^o : nails; 2 casks Midirons. 13 doteu grass -cythes, I hale yellow 1 gilling twine, 57 m ordi n*, kuivea a II rks mIi ra, ra ra, spoons, hatch"ts, hammers, cut brads and tacks, shears, scissors, waiters. sou Hers, corkscrews, bells, mill saws, wu ;?>a toil#, and the usual a*- rtmcnt or other hardware, cutlery, 1 Ac.. Ac. N. B. Catalogues at the auction room. Fill! HALF AND TO LKT. Bi ll I)l NO SITU ON THB SOI NO u ITHIN POS PTfive unnutes rule from the New Haven railroad depot, at < Twenty-seventh street.?The subscriber off rs for sale 2D0 acres of land, which, for its many handsome building sites, together with its healihfuJne??N, and great facility of ingress and egress to and from the city, give It advantages rarely to be obtained. Apply to Villi* 4 wn If PrtT MVS 71 Untith ifMAf. 1 VOR PALE ( HEAP. FOR CASH?THE SUBSTANTIAL M. and fut-MiliH iMhl 4 VIPER.*4 (sloop HgroAl 2-? t?o#. Custom IIonn?? meusurvim nt: built in IMS. iu the bctt and most substantial manner: ballasted wi h ir??n ca*tin*B; has a good suit of wail*. tackle, Ac., Ac. Aptly to II. Tart, par-yard, foot of Third street, Ea?t River, where the TCMel can be seen. I JOB BALI HORSES AHDCARRIAOI A fink PAIR of lay Iktms. w .11 matched. p?\cnt??n fian J# high, eight ; )car? old, perfectly ?iun?l, and kind in double or sinzlu harB*?* ; sold in conr?M|Ui'n?e of the on nor leaving for Ruror*. Also, a large family coach, made by Lawrence fii Collie. To be aeon from ten to twdte, at Murray's stable. Columbia street, near South ferry, Broo kl>B. 17*OK 8AI.E?TilE IIOISE AND LOT NO. *1 TEMPLE street, New flavn, C'nua. It it beautifully situated, rar the public square, and tha house la built and finished throughout in the boat possible manner, with all the modern improvements, ras fixtures, he., he. Alio, to let, a eomraodionn modern built dwelling hone*, delightfully situated ou Dillhuttae Avenue, late tbe residence of Ithiel Town. Esq., : with spacious grounds, and every oonTonleuc* to make it doI (irable and pleasant. Inquire of J. II 11,1,FR Ill Chapel street. New Uaven, or rf 11. J SANKOUD. 1W Maiden lane. New Vurk. LHiK RALF.-A COUNTRY 'F\T, NE A K TA RRYTOtTN, A. within a abort walk of tho new tillage and stopping lace of Deannan. It coataina abont twenty-two arrea of land, and la in good order. Por further particulate, inquire ' of J. Jones. 7S? Broadway. N. V. t A FIRST CLAN DRtJO STORE FOR SALE. W ITH A ! nicely furnished ofRee,?The stare is doing a good business, and is oflered for sale in consequence of the ill health I of the proprietor. 1'or partieulars, apply to ' W II. fnRMAN It CO.. t St' flran 1 ?'t.o.f. e. rtp-r of Norfolk. ' TO I.ST?A FEW SIROLE OBKTUCMEN WI*III\?I I furnished rooms in a desirable loeatiou, ean bo aeoom- f m .dated. with or without breakfast, by applying to No. 17 Worth Eoore street am, Tarieh west. j ipo LET-A NEAT, NEW AND VERY COMFORTA HI I. . A Cottage oa Mtetvu Island, five minutes walk from Van- ? derhtll's landing, convenient to the market, ferry, ho. Ioquire ef R. J. DILLON. No. *1 Wall at. j TO LET?Fl'RNIMIED APARTMENTS. FOR C.ENTLEaiea. la a desirable neighborhood ; single ri^as.era suit of r<? ins oa the nr.t floor. Please arply at Si Sullivan strovt, 1 asar Canal. N. II. Breakfast, If required. J K BORTBCOO. GTEAE I'OWKR AND ROOM To I IT, IN WATER ' Id street, Brooklyn?Very desirable room, with power, 41 , Water street, between I'ulton and Catharine ferriea. For , articular* enquire at 1*1 Hroadway, lludaoa Manufacturing Company, or oa tho promisee. nORHKfl. New vork at auction, thia day. rain or ehinc, at i; lllaak, of lloreoa, a eartety < of eehirlca. harm ?. polea, rark a. Ac.. n atin by grallenien - ud their letalliehmrate Aurti.u aalra eeery M. nlay at 12 o'clock. ID race, carrtagva aod harn?ea nn prtrala aala during tha Week. (.CO. W If I I.I EK. Proprietor, ??< Hr adway. A III.At K PONV. WARRANTED AOl'ND, KIND AND gentle, to It aold at Tattereall'e ealc, IK Broadway, today at I o'clock. II- ia a eery deelrallr pony for children. N ng email, w?.U broke both (or liaraoaa aa I fuddle, an J eery , ' ' t HORSE WANTED - ANT I'l RSON HtTINO A FIRST- J rata young hone, of a d rtylr. anJ that can trut la j 2.M, may lad a ptireha-er, by writing to Rlt UAKbJ. PARKER rhilad IphiA. ' M on horse* -ikanisttn til It nktr | Bridgeport. tVBn.. N-c. Mill. 1-4V -Mr H H Wcarr? bir ?My groom 1 aa a a.ln a at 1 Mir Rgaagtaa Caadltlafl , I' a tr>. nlth my roach aad farm (lomi: aad ha aoaatdart | them cat only a ealaahle. bat an alma-t ladtapcnaaMn artl- j ale t? keep horeea la pn per rtndlti a. i earreetly recom- , mend cccry peret n who oaaa a h.'raa to k??p htmarlf pr Tided ' with yokr intaluabla p?ad> ra. Truly yonre, . I't HtRNL*. J T" farther IbHim'o th ? ?h. h*er not un I the,n t.. (ice | hem a fair trial, th? a, ,ne) will he returned, If n>t j found t'fteBrial. Ilrpnt, 12 fbryatl" alreet, earner (lararl. , I'ri e. .NI cauta a |t< knge of one dona powderi; a i-teu , packager. HORSE*. rA KKl AUr.S. Re rOR HAI R?CONSISTING ol a rpan of craatn colored carriage II"r?e: arl.,e.i Carrlage; open da.; t>!<?t"a U agon: trnitin W . o doutla and . CI or i" liar -le" I i I. a ' tl , l: I M k< . I Ale. a > a I .a'I. grot II r . I n, an) I tif? r it, l-r the aaddle. Alco. the wel kn ?n h r?? H anoke, K-i.eaed ta be the beat and fameat pactr In thia eenntry. All In good ardar, aad aold la eoaaeqai nca af tha iat*a<le<l abaeaca of the r. May br tern by ap| i"a', a ! the ( achqiaa, at tha 1 Richie, No. I Wcet Eighloeath etreet. aear Fif'h acanaa. Alao. a front doable I'aw, Na. IS7. la the a<>ath gallery tef St. < j Joha'a Chapel. l\M IHMKS. OEPK E MERCANTILE MUTUAL INSURANCIUO.gJ Wall atraat.?In cieaforenity with the reinMtl"a of their aharter, tha eompaay aal mil tha fr llowiag aatement r? Ami ?at af Premiuma cat marked of April\IM'? |j; bf 10 , Antonat of Pre miatna an p"llclea leaned from Jd April, IbdS, ta 34 April. I "AO I JIB .WO op j Total iiaonat af Pre mi n me $1,?<AJU7 71 The amount of Premtaane aaarkad oIf dating ! Ike rear aa ahoea. waa? I Ihi Hart** Rt?ht S1.U0.A14 If fd Inland Tran.r ,r all'a til Rafl?atl*a Riakt T7.435 q? tl.l-V.fN It Um Rotor* rraalamt H.X.* M ftn>4 Pmanai for !h< rw... ... |l,l I4.t47 14 Paid 1 ti"n* ih? Mi 4 |*ri"4? r..r M?r??\, ..... .. $*rrvis ? T r latan4 l,r?**a .... <7.fa* 7t K? - la'-a-ar'a. cwmiMi'Hi, lil t"1, *n4 1*4 4ahta, t >MI Mia _ ( INM.II) ... ...... ?.n* 41 WW1 n i Pmflti ta ha 4lrl4*4 ......... ...... i?0.li4 04 Am nat ?r aarniapa if 1947... ... i? 4*. 4o. H4* V-.ll* 77 4o. 4a. 1*44 . SC.714A1 4a. 4a. txM Pt'.i* ? Total far f-ar raara 1749.1*1 44 Tl? Ci i |a.; farlh** rapart Uit Ua* bail It Mill 4ata Hit foil'*fat a**at*. ?lti? , InraataA la lalta4 Statat tra anl ait pat ata? , St. ok SSH.IAA 41 Bill* raaalraMa ... 717.141 M Ca-h aa4 aa-llla4 rlaiia. la Va al<-at4 l| aaa* N 74.91*^4 , Tola! AaaaU ... . . ... ... SI.'**.** n4 J Tha Trort*?? t-aaa 4a*1ar*<l a 4lrl4**4 ?f twaatp-lhraa , ' par raal ?a tha nn? #*ra?4 fraailniaa of Ik* paat pnar. pap- ^ aMr la aorta ?* ??4 aftar tha aa-oal H-aday In **t ? ??. Tha Traatar' hart alao r*#nlT?4 aa pat ?a lataroat of ait . par o?nt aa tha amnnat of tha nartiftnatna *ath..rta4 to la Ia??a4 la April. |H4X. tal In Apr ). 1-4!?. to tha fcol4art , tharaof, or to thatr l?-r*l ropr*n*ntatiT*a, * aa4 aft*r tha f I 1.1th of Hit tail. Ala-, that tha "PII'HH of trot'* it *#4 ia IK,. aiili tha nooroia* latamal tharaoa. ha aa>4 at | ah"rn, at aa4 aftar tha |nth 4ay of Jaiia aatt, aa4 that tha lataraat thnrr-n nl.all aaaar fr< a that 4*1* Aa4 that aft*r tha pa J ma n t of tht laaa?t of aortr of 1*4*. 1*49, an4 IflM, 4ftp , par aant of *ha fatara aartilr-a of tha aompaajr ahall h* rti paraaA. natil tha aapital of ?ha aoatpatf aai-aatt ta aaa ail, Uo* af dollar*. Ir or4ar of tha It art. f'll.tRir.4 NkwCOSB, laaratary. ffrw Toaa. April 0th. IW rti'trttt. Joaopb Walk at, t'rroa roftlaa, Th-anaa Moat, Mrrman ll-h-t. Jam-a I?r-*t*n4, t tioriaa tl t ?'!ata%, llaart PhaMatk Lhitna llrktna, | Thi traa A. Raima, bualat (1. H*>llaa4, Wtlmn O. Ilnat. karl f ?>k. Ptawart r. M?ran, 1htI4 L Sarra. flo'Tr* llaatincT. Il-arv A . St-aa, l' h I Bo4a?rt, Jmhn "?tiH. Jt. I'anl N. Ppo?> r4. O. B. Naltht, Pai'ltnna t roakat, fla-ra* l?. I'halp*, Chnrloa Taraa. J- m- T. P'.v.tlar, < harl" II Kocara, Fra tarlrh Vi*tott | tamaal J. Itoalt, H W T Mali, H llliaai Watt, Rlahar I IH?*I**- > Alaatt Boat, W.IUM. Praartaat. Liwia tmr.tioRv. m*a i>r.,v?t. PI.I W'OfiT# W4LTBR.M Tioa- I'rrtflot ratal a* Raw no a*. Aaaratarr t irr, IRM'RARI ? RATKIRAI. M?AR PI Rl> kill MJ A**or*aoa P al'tr. af Laa4. a aa4 Raw Tort ? t amtal ' ptMMW* Pnrpiaa r"*a4 >kW.n*?1 A larc* tooranita r?n<l lara.t'4 la Ra? York, la tka aaaaa af thair Amariaaa Traai V t"tlt*4 italaa laiaal Roar4 ?Aatlat TXr*atart for Mtr ? r T4? trt Mth aht. Chairtaaa : Jaha J. I'tlaiar. P*ma*l R. 1 |lo*laa<t. W1 *ia Vtn Hook, Taaaiat C. Tattar, Rahart 1. tttlloa. Joaor-h (;alllar4. it. t al; far bit Klaka takan aa htaoralla tarata. at ?"4?aata rataa ?fa*tra rraatlow. i. LhABDRR RTARR, Oaatpai tt*al. A.UCMCMKH'I'S. DOWKRY TIIKATKK. ? HDNDAV EVANIVU. MAY A. D Will be revittd 'I'll K TUKKK G DARDM N EN?Uoni* kill, Br. Stevena: 'ardinnl de Kmlillill, Mr. Pope. Athoa, dr. J. A'allaca, Jr ; Per?boi, Mr. Ml'*rl; Aruun, Mr. Dunn; J'Artaguau Mr. heater; llaain, Winnna; Henri. Mi?a Doom: < tmte?? de Winter, Mre. J. H'ltHaek, jr.; Conatanee .le

derl. t, MraC. WemtM. To include with the new drawn >f IIVhAS; or, The Diver of the Adriatic?Kaeillo, Mr. Ste?n?: Di ke V Ivaldi, Mr. Mti'Mtb;: i'ltadio. Mr. j. Dunn; lilvlo, Mr. Wlnau*; 11 via.*, titer v IWmu. Doore will open t 7i the curtain will nee at 7hi n'ol.nrk. Ore** Circle, 30e.; . u. nd I'll r. ?V ; hit. IV VVATIONaL theatre, chatiiam street.?mow. day evening, Mar 6. the |wr I, rmanre will cornincnee lth Hit new drama of the IRI^II I'tKMF.K?Diini* Moarlhv, Mr. Tiltnn; Michael O'Kellli Mr. II. Williaute: Rathti n, Mr*. Madiaon. To be followed ley the burleatitie of the fcMAl.t rouiv THIEVES?Diaim ml Mr II. Williame; illey I'd I.Mr. W. Taylor; Uautoa Hah). Mr. Jelferaoa; Me* *r< ai r Mr. Herbert, I'naia Itaby, Mr*, (.'haiuunii; Taidaeo. lit* loeliyar. To conclude with Che farce of M V I'RKl'lOL'S It.TSKY?Mr. llobtAil, Mr. Jefferaon; Mr Wagtail, Mr. Email; Mre. Bobtail, Mre. lehertarood; Mre. Wagtail, Mre. Madlon. Hoiea. 2Ao.; Pit, 1'biatu, AflOB placi leaser AMD Manager, Mr. Chaa. liaea.?M .inlay aveaing, May A, the j?-rirmanre will commence with the new fumed* entitled 'HE Dl EE'S WAGER?The nuke de Ri.hcli Mr. New#*; licvaHer d'Auiignv Mr. Adama; The Duke d'Aiunont. Mr. IcDovall; The Marehioneae de I'rle, Mi** Dure'; Gabriello e lielle [ale, Mi** Julia Dean. To conclude with the adaired comedy of FORTY AND FIFTY?Mr. Idltyw hite, Mr. at*: Aitamout Fittwhitw, Mr. Groavcnor; Peter. Mr. Staford; Mi* l.illvwliite, Mae. Dyott; I lenientiua. Mr*. I.nlcr. Jtmra open at 7: to eommenoe at "hi o'clock. Buaea and Par|ii?t. Hie.; Amphitheatre, SAo. CHRISTY'S M1NSTREI.8.?MEt'll \Mt <* II m.I., mi 473 llrcudway, between Grand and Liruume atrecta?Menlay, Mnj iith, and every night until further notice.?The rtginal and well-known Chriaty'a Ethiopian Opera Troupe, ;he ttrat eatahlialied and oldeat organired band in the world, inmpriaitg a company of twelve ta-rlonncr*. under the diree;ion of II. P. t'hriatv. They will have the honor of giving Ihfir orixtanl uud klmiUllo entertuinmcnts every night until furtVer notice. Admission 2o cents. Door* <>|h-u at 7; "onrert will commence at 8 o'clock. An afternoon Concert )n Saturdsjs, commencing at 8 o'clock, I*. M. n ARM US CHINESE MUSEUM. 5,y BROAD IT AT, P. Rtween Spring and Prince streets.?P. T. Barntiin. Proprietor and Manager. U?l week, c. inmi in? April 2 'th, of Ihe Chinese Lady, and enlte of six persona, ?lio aail for taflaad, Monday neat?thia bring 'he only pp rtunity that t?r< r? of bc.toldini( the beautiful Chinese Belle, with foot 2'j Inrhee long. During the last el a dun tho Mu.-euni ha* been patronised >y over twenty thousand persons. who have unanimously pronounced it to lie by far he tin ?t exhibitioner! r teen in Autrica. The Chinese Collection, which in itself proM uta a complete Piotu'v of China aud the Chinese, tluir pstuuies, manner*, bainte, and in"des if life, is made perf'-et by thiillvin* addition. The Chine ie Family c u.-i-teof Mise Pwaa-Yckoo, a young lady aged 17 ; Mien Lura-Akum, her servini maid, anciT 23; Mr. Sou-Chime, mof. - mr of uiulic, axed .12. Miea Ainoon. hia daughter, agi J 7; Maeti r Mun1 hune, hia son, aged ft; Aleet Mong, Ihe interpreter. aged 18. Vocal and inatrumcntal music will be pi rfortned b th day nd evening. conveying an accurate idea of Cliiuuae Harmay. Open from 9 A. ML till 10 1', M. Admission, '?> cents; Children under 18. half-price. Niblo'8 garden?the ladies and gentlemen enraged at this ealabliahuicnt, are r?i|ucsted to meet on the stage on Monday neat. May Cth, preparatory to vptning on the 11th. _ IIBOUGIIAM b cm I'I'END A I.E. Managers. ACAKP.-PERSONSOF ACKNOWLEDGED TALENT, wishing n situation for the next season at the 11 r .ad?a\ or llsliui Street Theatres, will please addrese (post rsid) 0. 11. ltarrett, Broadway Theatre, or P. Ricking*, Walnut Street Thoatre, Philadelphia. E. A. MARSHALL. Proprietor. OLYMPIC.?PIERCE'S MINSTRELS?TilE ORIGtNAl Pompey, late of Christy's Minimis, AH Br adway.betwaen Howard and Grand at*.?Every evening daring the a >k.-Doors open at 7. Concert at 8 o'clock. The novelties Introduced by E. 11. Pierce in his style of Ethiopian performances, and* hlili have been received each niitlit with the meet decided marke of approbation by crowded audience*, ha* stamped them aa being the "ne plus ultra" of negro entertainments. Afteraoen performance* on Wednesday* and Saturdays. Doors open at 2, concert at 3 o'clock. Admlalion 26 cents. Orchestra boxes, flOc.; Private bozos $3. museum, 175 ciiatham square-two performances every day, ia the afternoon at 3, and la tk* leaning at half-paat 7. Extraordinary attractions lor this week, 'li e "Model Artists'" will apiiear in some new and anginal living pietnree, including 'Tower's Greek Slave," "Adam and Eve, ' "Venue Rising from the Sea," personated kv tome of the best formed women in the world, together with the " Fen ale Minstrels," "Female Arab Qirls, "Female lugglere," burlesque, eomlo and fancy dances, with a varisty ?f original entertainments to be found at no ether place of tuueeiseat in New York. Price* of admieeion?Stage Mate, 17 Ho.; bn>e*. be.; parqaette, 12He-: private boite, (2. HlicBLLAKBOlS. JAMK8 CONNER b BON, TYPE FOUNDERS, COENEE *f Ann aad Nassau streets, Nsw York, have en hand very artiel* ae-canary for eomplste Printing Establiabnen'e. The materials on wkieb this paper i* printed is from Ae above Fonadry. f ' A VT UNDERSTAND IT - III' NDRED8 WIKI DO I" not conaider how much in often < ipeuded in tlila it v by radeain' n, for more *hoe?, cannot ate into the method by < klek "i |* rbIftillll arc ?"|il Hurt v P*r Ml) under f*-biona I prin *. li t tboe* who wi*h in h wll|kMM4 "O tho notter, rail end eiauiine Jouee' cheap ?ud beautiful boot*, ai'era, fcc., at U Ann etreet. BALLOONS, IIOTTLE IMPS, swans, fcc., IIANDaome'.y mounted. In appropriate iar?, price from two liilliaei upward*, al whuteoalo and relall, at M U nail * ., "or llr-aaaay, front baaemrnt. HVi' f.hhfotyte plates. ? lewis i? nisnop's it Plate*, ackaewleda* I aup*rl?r to all other*, fur ?ale by VICTOR M9BOP. ? Mai lea lane. DOGC.F.TTS NEW YORK CITY DlNBi'TOIlY, (EATABI Halted In I*02.) Office, 59 Liberty atreet. The si'Bscriuek continues to forward ordcr* for Braadtei lo hie friend* at Ia Root,rile. The iualtlie* and low price* are reeommcuded to the attention of Importere. For particular* aad term* apply to 1 J. MONLUN, lrt? Pr?nt afreet. Order* for wine*. Tlneitar, rerdlala, prc#*Mea, fcc., will alae be forwarded to bia fricada at Bordaam. P LA TINA, PALLADIUM. CADMIUM AND NICKEL? Tbeae taluablc mctala ia all ahap. a and In any |uanlity. I'od Liter Oil?Warranted anperior to anynold. Palcheul* Cow pound far Motha? Rat and Cockroach, and theimprored B*dbu( I'oiaona are warranted effectual. Fly Paper ia oalurpeaetd D>*intcctin? Flnid?The b<at article In una. at JS scat* pet aallon. alao In hottlca aad by the barrel. J, baaoa'a relebrated military, myrtle and traaapareal Soar*, Waali,a: 1 Jcrny I.iad Ire , for rale by DR. LEWIS FEl'CHTWANUER.Vo.UI Maiden Lane. Municipal-mayor-s orrit e. menpii.s, april V IsiW.?Reeolred. Hy the Mayor aad Alderman of the lity of Memphia, That the Mayor be r*-|ue*t*d to laaert la be paper* of Mempbia, nlao in one paper In tb* citiaa ?f New Fern, Philadelphia, and New Orleana, re.|ii?etiu< all Hereon* inldiaf tb* band* er IlabiUtieeof Mempbia or South M tnpbie w report the aauie to the Mayer, with the date, number aad imoaat of raid boa la or Uabilltiae. E. lilt KUAN. Mayor.City of Memphia. T?liE LADIES OF oHIO HAVE IIKID A CON YEN TIOV. JL Tliey want the rtiht t<> elcet their liu?' and? into th? Sei?te. aad to be elected preaidenta by the-* tenntof*. There < la* Inra* bill* p>-t*d all o*er lh? city, oa which, la I"** ciitr*. the word* "Lady *f Ljroo#." I* to be re* I at half a mle'a dletanra, the reader could think that ladiea of New !'.<rk bate aaeoiced lb' *? riahta for which ladle* of Ohio are |oln* ?o petition. EMANUEL I.TON, tharcfore, hiff* to eform the public, that yet he la m?*t> i of the dep f, at tpl Utondwat, where he at lia hi* Ma*n- lt< l'owd> ra, the e*r:a'n eat?rinlnnior* of ronehee. bcdbityt end all kinl* of inlecta and hla Maanctlr rtlla, for the d> tru*tl a u( rata and nlrt, llotli artlrlii* narrantod froa u< ( > '"a. Koormo?owDwurs patknt cr*f >t rrkathln( 1* a oarman-at oo?#nii( f< r making nn, liaa, or ihinrla roofa tirbt; dona far Sid # ?? |?r font. No* ro?f? < f rouyl. rl-rnka cotarad fur canto, ani trarrnniad. Thid h>>Irt la nail art?|.Td fr ralTfnrala h > ! ?? and t* n-.or tnamfart uratt to ?nil that tllroaf. by UUUOtt IN, lit tonal er?. r of l?ur?ni ?'r?< t. 'iv i iki j i-Kist iru nil Ki i*ni i??.' r rtix1 till' n nhii h an "Jtra it* t nmm flu I formaHallf l nilt of. Cvitnn.rr* moot I* naWd with attcati a ind lata.ahad with latufa-" r? artirl. at falrtrlif Tltla a tl.a ml* at tha Jutljr aaUnrat-d It. "( and Saw Starv ?f ll'N Fit. II Aaa itnot, and Iwnaa hi' ra< roar. HutV TO wa*u ClOTHtS WITIIOlT H/tfllfNtS. waabloarda. < r |?in4i^ barrr i-H' nrw?.?fj! -fttf a* < f. Hit. Irtf..'iHr and I *111 ?ond j a, l.y at ail, a |r.atad alranlar. (tea/ flam tilaetiw for wa?hrr (| that ?tU *na' la * for- a to do all tho wa*h> a( of a larro family bafcro Kr-okfaat ;hut amtdinf all t'a "nfurlna < t a ?*'Mny day. Thu mr'hnd r* |? r a> inatbtaaa, oaal.kt arda or f> undin* karrrli, a? mrpontlno, ao it. | . n . i t . tl . r offaaoit'arll'h; i r -bi i IT [oar hayrri; a? far no off batn-ai an.i oaortnt at rlothoo. rl ia |>1ia am tho tl< thaa, mak-a thoia *Mt?r, aad a?r?r Bjvra> tho (salt fahrto. Thoarti. I i a I- ta hi*, a f-w laata for a lar.-o oa-hlnt. a* I oaa ho 'I lalaod aoyohora. Iha airralar alao a .ataiaa diraotl-aa for alrar atarohior, ro*i*( laroa, laaahno* hr.. la the Iroa'h a'j'a, *aahio( >ad < laaoinr at I ho, hid aUaoa, fotantlnr ataiaa. araaao a|>ota, mldm from liaaa, raaorati** ralrata, k~ . a ' Ala", hot* l? oaah oallrora >>r ontroa |winta *tth..nt fadiar. Thoan ara Ihr errata.I ahamiaal ditaaaarftr of th* ar*. Alt Ik* hottla, itraa rra, aad late laaadry oataMltbia-nto aa* a*y math ad f *aabltMt. Pt rjjt-1 raTtrrriTtat.- H'a bar* In I Ratama R aralt'a lya at 1 f ? *-biaa. m l ranatdar It th? bra ia tho wwld, aad arftn m ro thanT' chad f ., I. btra l.if | irr, n, inj |;*rm* atr<*l. t. I.rt.a, ?ra tlroad *ir??t I". C< aarno, lot Siaaaan atr?at. John II. .for Itai Pti11on atrrrt. M. R. Hl't *, 31 f.ahth atntar. *r? R. II Koa.ll, Road. Ij h. Vt, II. II John* -a, ho?h-ko?|o r, I'* Naooaa rtrtt. Jaa. hind*, n.arohanf, tnaii lir. MJ. flanrao I'nrtia, d m tur N V. aaoa ! Too aoalli la Ihi* |*|?r t# add tat *?. *r thnnaaoda loald la ad.lad. to atatd imiton at aad t .aatarf'tia. H art la Uiraol y? ur lattar t? halt* Ml lirtrrf.T. l.onnlra.a AS Ana air*at, No* Torh. |- ->n? pnid. How rn Maar Himttr I'no'a.n rr?, m*f.haat?. hnobollar*. arantaand othar* aaa rtaka m - r It a*t!ln( M tlata* Saatali'i t? aakinft im-lar. tioryaaifnt rh d oonld any ham llx.oaaodi ar< a lil atari mnntl. aad no* aati*ta?i n t# all. A tihaml .1 -?..oat la att br tko duita Ad Iran I' al>nrr pn*t f.ai4. rlir. rM>rR?in*iit r.r< I w :k HIU **timi i,#..| T**l- *tr*>r ni.hlri i la-r. i? ? t~rf'' '/ ltt* ",M nth lU ?I4 l?r*-faimtf ?? < m?| !?}? ? w?f? at an *?|?i .. t f l-m ih it ? < Vn tlMI 4 r < I n-l >nf 1 r n-irf an? atarK aa lUt It * i?y 'if* at IB.I tor* th* r<>|< r nf Ibc Jai.? !>r- ? 'V?7 Math a*taa?. V T. K f artnr, IT" Rri4ta aim**, Hi >!!? 1lliirg*??, V-4. I '.tilth ttf.-. 4. S. ?' J Nifkil. fr!!liam?a?rt J II Ti. -Ml. Hi|IUB*Ki.lf. ? H- Ut?k (Vnii'i ?>-nn? r. N. T. ? 1 ?t>?, m, fir*?a Mrnt. R. V. n?T?'i Hillli, RinntrV. > T. R I.. ?;#r<tn?r. Rag M,irh..r, R. V. 11 ? al?t? n.m.? ar? ul a atrt-4 14'r?M * tiBBtil*l tki'l-maj M ->r? >1 ill > It ?rr?a4mt l?a ana a4urrt*n? -,f f?J| mthu ?h' '* ?) ?|>M<it ton. Rati la.triitt ? prltiWU ami ? 1 ', ? ' ? I" 4. ptln* naly |t Tti-r* ai* al?.nr an !?* In lit* t?4ra?r. If ?< a Mm artel aal ta n 1 t II latl'Mrn, I'r f-aanr ?f u? ?r> aa4 hkii* ?f aanliiac < ta '.-.1, No. ft' \>?t< ttrart, N. V. t>R miarir* water i lit R* r a M. 1? >1 m t: * T, h__ _ ?T _ R m *T>*Rt?ii< mar ivr<-Kii?ni?rRiBRi?i aa4 ta? imtUa. >.? bat a*?- m? ???r ?f On la-? l>r. latflf#' R'aitr l'?f K li(l,ra?-l at H?*a<.*t .!! . l?o ?a4 Haif aallvt Tr><n th.- K -rtuaan'- 1 R?llr-a4 lt?r?t.<-f?a ittittMlfrtRAta V'-ra. tMi P??fr'? n ?? a. >n4 1n rm AlKan*. aitaaute 1a ?aa nf It- ?>.? ' . ?al'?ta f '?? Ratlaad. *arr*na4>4 *itk < ->1 f ? Mtla ant atic? ralkt ail atnat*a-l* an ,.f.|?4 ait'i tl mr*' nftntart al4?tt rranlta ?a'?* T>.? air It R<rt aat h*a1tbr.a?4 >at llB>aia taH4 tat ttft?tM? Tia r?? ? 'Vrimi a?ll<lt?ta a* all tbt 'nmr? mnranl'n*** !? ? farj^Ma, ak a* tort* *! "*? latlto. <' '! ant atrr l"'-a a? r~ ai> ar a brat ?f?? rattovt*. Marata ?artMh?r*?*. a trwr' aa-rn, I*. Tl.? t"t?.T bataf ut tarlrao. a'<r llrlna. tlvrtpi* ?f rlMBaita. at Urr'tkMt. Mi bar i? aa a?r?rlMK* ? >"? ar tt?r??a T*art <f hla ?*a blawrttlaf 'a ??r?r rtra aanr ta t b? haa4a af ararf Rnr>r*a n at ir< path. h?t>aa t? r? ?a4 to aa* rttratl-lt trfWI'tr ?r"?l lb* ?at*r ?tr* ana. m*t? ra U a ran at Ih n nbr? **n ara? Bnatta a*at*?j?a# t* Mm. fta aataaitaa?mt la n?a tTMn. In anfetr r>ili??br |l?aaa .rii? aa tM ak4t? *44?*4t AMI SKimONYfl. DIOADWAT TUEATRI-I. A. MARSHALL, S<>UI IJ Lnmi G H. Barrett. Manager.?Benefit ?f Mm Farrcn.?Monday evening. Matt!, will performed J. Howard Payne's play. in 3 ac?s, tailed KKNJok-k or. THE liANKHr l'T'8 H 1KE?Duie Richelieu, klr. Ferry; [>ubi>in, Mr. Fredericks: Msdauio D-rival. Mrs. Farren. After which, tha BARRACK ROOM?Col. Ferritr. Mr. lhrry; Claris**. Mm. i Farren. To conclude with the f*rc? of A itIKD OK l'AS8AGE?Mr. Carey Chick, Mr. W. II. Chapman; Mr. t ake (' gnovet, Mr. Whiting. Drt aa Circle and Kariiuut, SOe.; Famii> nod third Cirelea. 2Ac.; Gallery. I2',c. Doors t |?ca at 7- !- aommente at 7W ?'< lock. NIBI.O'S GARDEN.-LAST NIGHT OF TilR CELB1 rated Havana Italian t)pera Company, under th? direction of SUaov F. Badiali. Re-appearance wf Si^n ra F. Tcdoco, Pignut I. Mnrini, Signorl. Badiali, and Sunori). I.orini. Monday evening. May fi, will bo performed Vcrdi'a favorite o|*ra of ERNANI?Elvira. Signora F. Ted. ac. Krnuui, Sigi?"r I). I.orini; D. Carlos, Signor C Badiali; Silra, Sijrwnr J. Mitriui; lago, Signor F. ltadiali; Juatia, Signora L. Hclhni; D. Ric? ardo, Signor F Candi. Chorua i uin nosed of wO performari. Maestro and Director of the Opera, Bcttesini. Admission, to all ( arte of the houae, $1. Doors ?t ea ai 7. c ncte at h o'clock. _ BURTON'S TIIFATKE, CHAMBERS STREET.-MONdav evening, May t?, will he acted the comedy of THE VICAR'OF H aKFI Dr. Primrose. Mr. C. W. Clarke; More# Mr. T. Joke#' u. IJurchuell, Mr.llolinan; Squire ThornhiII. Mr. Jordan; Kphraini Jcnkia??*ft, Mr. Burton, Mr*. Primrose, Mrs llnghee; Olivia Primrose, .Viri. Kusaoll; The Hen. Carolinu Wilhi-lminu Amelia Skcgra. M>?* ( haprnaii. To conclude w ith the farce ?f A SCENE I \ THE U FE OF A N UNPROTECTED FEMALE?Priueipal ( ha meters by MUs Chapman. Drcaa Cm it and Parquet, Aiieeata; Family Cirelo or hecend Tier, Mrents Orchestra Seat*. 75 cents* Doura open at 7\| o'clock; to commence at 7\t o'clock. \JlSSjrilA DEAN RESPECTFULLY ANNOUNCES lvl that her Farewell Benefit will take place at the Aitor Flnee Theatre, on Thursday cveninir, May t?tb. Unusual attraction will be oflered?James Sliei idun Kuowlea's tragedy of the W RK< KFR'S PAl'liHTER. and a derplv interesting drams, iit ' I t h? I'd I I E ' 11 1*11 K f \ 1 li< I ftO. Riff R8. FRANCES ANNE KEMBLB WILI GIVE MIR lvl cellum-ous headings for the I?unfit of th* ilr oklya Orphan Asvlutn, at the Brooklyu Lyceum. in Washiitgo n street Wads id ay. May Ktb, 'it , . o'i I k P. M. Ti eld at fifty cents apiece, at Mr. trancts' bookstore, New \ it Mr. Wilder'* and Mr. II a Glol e Hotel nnd Mansion House, Brooklyn, aud at the door, is the evening *f |ha r< Miig, N'ibi.os garden.?the proprietor of this elegant. establishment respectfully informs the public of New Vork that his Summer sw ?ii will ? mtnetn-o on Monday. May 13th. ISfiO. Original p ?ce- and then< v ltic# f the day w ill he rapidly produced, Fhe following ladies and gentlemen arc ttlrcad> engaged:?Mr. Hrou/ham, Mr. Chip in inlale. Mr. ?? alcot, Mr. I.vuiie, Mr. II. It. I'tiilTlpx, Mr. I".<??inn,I, Mr. Florence, Mr. Hetelior, Mist, Mar? Taylor. Mr*. Brougham, Mr* Conover, Sti > M ilini I. Mi*? I. Taylor. IIhi l.yetcr, MiiaTl) U-urr. Mr. Nfckfneou, Mr. John s, ft >n, Mr. Conover, Nr. I.eaeh. Mr. Hevnoidi Mr. Taylor, Mr. Th m- n, Mr. I yeter, Mrs. Vtrnoii. tfrt. J. Srlton (Into Matt.) M,a Mckiusoii, Mi** Itarton. mm. Evervrd Mia* Dean,Mi * Hirnnrd. A new piece, a rit ten mprt* .|y for till* eetuUia!iiii?iit, milll" produced mi the u| tunc night. Managers? M. -r-. II" ughani it l hip] ? >'1 alt . Tickets, to all parts of the hou.c, Fifty Cents. fpilF. nnorcUAM COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT.?THE X Ladle* aittl (.cntlemcn. aim liar a kiutlly volunteered their services t.n tlir above occasion. are hereby uoliiicl, that there will It" a rehearsal of "Temptation," at*11 "'cloak, anil of "Naval Engagement*," at 12. on Monday next, May n. H prion's?acabd.?mk i oomn ron's benefit. Friday next. May loth. First time at tliii Th"?tr", Douglas Jcrr, Id a (day of THE KKNT 11W. with the foil.,* rxtrnorilitiary cum:? Bullfrog (tirat tiino tore). Mr Burton; T?by, Mr. Jordan; Martin lleywnod. Mr. < larkt; Silver Jack, Mr. Johnston; Kacbrl, Mr*. It il oof ill I'olly, Mi-* ('barman. A ut w farce, in wb't-h Mr. itnri'.n. Mr Johnston, Mr. Jordan. Mr*. Iluglit* and Mi-a Hill will :i| ]>*ar. Oilier entertainments of a rmnia character. Box b,,,,k now often. JAMES M. Jl'NF. ft CO.'S AMERICAN ANI> El'ROPKAN Amphitheatre, cornel of Eighth street and Actor Place. ? wo ek ol tbr at aaon, when all ti c 4Utinjmtal.i l arti'te o ini . ,ma tlit French Tn upc will aipi ir. tn.. th. r with Mallvtt, the original jester, and the fullest and ni at talented company of Equestrians tver in New A'ork, The wloila being under the direction of Jainca Nixon, F.qnastrian Manager. Dooraota n at 7V*; to commenoo at it o'oluak precisely Admission? fioxe* 25 canta: Dress Circle 5u cents; Private Boxes, $1 ; Children under lOyoareof ai*c. half price. Seat* may he >ccured by npplyingat tlia box oflicc. between the houra of 'J A. M. and 2 P. M. n. II.?A xrand performance every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, cemmenclni it j nlnk. - I AST M EFK KIT ONr.-BAVNE'S PANORAMA OF J a Voyage to E.'rope?Open every evening, at the Oraat Hall, Minerva Roovia, 400 Broadway, embracing view* of Bolton, Liverpool, London, and both sides of the Itivr Kbin*. Admiaeion 2A cental ChilJren, under twelve, 15 eent*. Door* open at 5U, commence* moving at J\ 1*. M. An eiMbitinn on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon!,at three o'clock. AMI KEMKNT8 IN I*II11, A OK I,I'll I A. BtRNl'M'S MCftBl'M, I'll II. A DELPHI A.-P. T HARnnm, Proprietor nnd Manager; Henry Sanford. Aaai*tant Manaaer.?lien. Tout Thumb vieteriou* in the Quaker City!?Fully appreciating the distinguished favor* laviabed u|"in the lien, einee liie Brat appearance, and wishing to swtiafy hi* patrona and the pubho who have thronged the Id levees be ha* held during the paat week, the Manager, at great expeiiae, baa secured Ms acreirea for the present w. ek; and la happy to announce that he will appear In BOMB\8TKS Ff K It ISO, hie chief rharacter, and in thoee performaneea which have exeited the wonder and admiration of tba world. Ballade, Ibittiea, Dantcs, ete. The whole company nili ap|*ar in Drama, r*rt*?, fcc. The nnmUerU** curtnettle* w in general admiration. In r*henr?*l. "Hop O' Ify Thumb. I ' ' r ... i f \ t: ?. n r il i ' .ml and other Itiee, witii rrrat iucccm. Admiiutnoe, *6ota.; mm4rt IV JVMt, ITS Cta. CLWMIig. ffV> TAILOKM.?FOK HA I.E.?TilK HTlH'K, FI XTI KKS, I and g<?ud will of that <?IJ aud w? II known tailurirnc taMi'hrrent. No. 4 < atnrt.war llM?4aax, t?1' ofina to thffltAt# of A. W h#el? r. dereaord ; alio the f*a*e of the pvemi?#? fur one rear, t"getherwith hia nuherriptiun '' ' . 1 .!.'?? le., kc. For l? rm#. Apply on the pr? tniee*. IABItS AND (.ESTMMEN AHE IIERKHY KEAI'RCTA fully Infanned that the full ..! ? will to p;ud, in t mIi, for all deacrii'llon. of terond-hand and ra.t. .9 elotliln*. t>? J. M?roaer. 11 Uranar etr< <t Or.It r. 1. ft *1 No. II, or . at tbroujU the di.patch |mm(. promptly attended It. J. HukuXKY, II Orange (treat. LAMP*, 4tc. SR. EMILtT, CA M I'll I N K AM* I AMP M\M IM tnrer. I.V'i I in.I ?t r.rt, corner < f l-a>(l '. and l:<7 i iraon?irh .treat, corner of i'ourllandt; manufactory corner "f Ninth nrrnur and llan.e.o.rt rtlMl, fmr. lllflif-lr. 11*11 Umf?. Candc Irkra*. Ac., ftv. Cauiplint Burning Plu I >t wnolaanl* and retail. rOBMMM*' SOLAR AND OAR CHaNDRLIRRS bin tel Candelabra., In Iiamaak. Work of many net. a.I ana. I'latrd Tea Rata, take lta?keta. larlta YltarAiei. .pwat doirn, plated on Utriuaa.lit.r, |ual la api-armo* to pure ulrtr. ASHEN It M'lKC.AV 1*1 William, hetwaen Pullnn and Ana HreeU BREAD. HRRAD ?? 11II. II 1 l l I l i I I |Y I .IS., COM p. und, manufactured by B. T. ItanMtt A IX, N'<e. firt aadT'1 tla.hingKn ureet, N.? I rk. Ti<l? compound i* warranted I" (t. dace the nithla do.''ibad rj. i U, *11 ll ? llirertlori for Making I road, tea rake.. In kahrit e*kra, kr , By which a earing i? eflbatad In the flour of about 1.1 r-r ront ?To make bread ?Take of tl??r one p und, and II. T. It.l l ilt . F 1> r>< >< iiw Compound I a to*?t foil. In a I ? ? ?? mil ili> ri iniitnl mill tht, tlirti alia. rail ! r?<|nir*4 ?) ? mlt mill 11..- Hmir. ?li-1? f.alf |int ..I m >r t? rarfc fo?n4 "f flnnr i mu< h kn a>line It drfriuir ntal, an4 tl ? ?t?? limilil I.? h.>t l?for* yon .mni'n.'ii mlalru 'li* Irnd. N?f 'il'-lilU lli? null tint? thuuld I.? addnp'-i In in la ng III? doaeb. Ibra irt II In Ik' una at naw. Vmi ran I ut Ih* ?l or? i tii|k un-l into Ita rabii. f.ud lin Ji.hnfiy rabn Indian lawa, rlue'r tabri. n rawnl rak*(, r m br*ad, brottn triad. Ini'a l, I rain bMbalMatratra a | 11* duinfline-. |/?t | h a, and N all kakine faff??*.. Ti .rr I-a" 4anc?r ?f yrttine t<" mm H >.f Un? . ainunil la lb? '*b.. lb? nwr? th? lieh'rr, and Bill nol lam >*11at It nail If jrnu atn.aM aar aal?raia> I? ?a> . **. Tb* but* ( ? .n.? f t'i'i ami < a f"f lb? alia a*?d ?*l ?a *?4 i?a ailani*?. ihlai) |?r?'B a|?l'lr J' rllaar) ail'tll a may *iadn*i It . I if. ?a a atnall anal*, li 1* a> -ta?|-l?? and '* ? a? lit* mat iaa if a nam..? rnddtae. I'manllm?Ifl lb? tia| uaJ I' ? 'II uiln- d altb lb* Hi ur. ?>l-*rtalii ?..?Tl.? ad?anta?ra |a b? d*ri**4 fmaa tbi* jriKu" af ini| Maal. In all illnalaa, ta4 und-r all 'If. mi .lanrra. it may I ?d< ft* d. and 1/ it it rulirvly "kti?t*d?ll dllfratfy nf finnnr mj>t.i ?>r ft-mml. wkleb It fnimatly ?f aa iaftr >r qi altty. tularin- *bi Ifa I, and ffdrflai II a?w ar Iwa aaak?|in??. Mr*an mad? la tin? maaiiar ? atniaa authtnc bat H nr. rim mm ?alt and ?af>r. It liaa aa a?i'rall. natural taata l"|n niiib It r?f I baa tmata l-trad ; (a atvrt dlt*?liM*. aad mm-b ln?a diM-*~l tn turn arid. I nam >a brrad, litit ctrrytbia? that bar ?** f? ttn nt?d. frrmratr rarll? araia. tn tbr rnn in infi rt if maat <t< mark- ard am nli , i t amine a- a frrmra'. it f Bin aaimtr* a r milar arum In all f?nd I? ?- ?t?rt attl. It. lb? Irrad I m? frmfr m all j'nrij r art. Ir., la mm. 41yrmibl*. aad B' l an likely tnrrrtt- lllal'Mtai tara and na li r ai..rua' h. %' frrm*nt'd Ir* I a| t ' ' Jtad ?' I 'if tlir Inrat qnal ty, It <a l*n*H? lal I? th<?* tthi ?,d. rfr -a kt?d*?li*. **ldlt\. Hat?lra*n. rrnrtatl'aa. a mam >.f ttnklne at tb* fit uf tb? at rn?*b. diadaadoa. ?r t? * aft*r n>*ala. an d i >11 *b? tfa aa^iftt t> tut <r paoi. It la al?n ana fa I la rrat) affratlvaa af lha 'Via. Tb*-? rnnarba apf't t? l.ntb aanrli ? < f tb* lurad. bnt "f till t. It> t.f .* a. nlii?b la fartl r taa altal.l* ?> all trim ar- Ita* I. t i-i.a.i, at inn ft- m I rfldlir nf tk*'nli a. tt Iff lata.tin?, lb* naa a InHrtilij nf tkr t*Iratarj. aad nf lb?? aa-btitlrra t"?'* t?aid ta mtnardl d" ' a f hnr jmmk. lint tb* adraatax*? af tb* ff rt'i ar.' a it lim Ird tn maltrrt r?In? tn b. al'b. It I# la.atnaMa, brram Ir-nd *?t I * I rtfar. I by I' la tb# am rt afar* f I alf aa bmr, tint ratine mn'li tint*aad labnr and tn i?*'in* Juim'ttn. a bafc.ra tr tn *b* -Int'ty f nlebt-?r>tk. |i it talnabht, br*a?-> ihr m?t< nali ?r* I'll f.tubal I*. and ; iajr b* r.?d?r*d araiUkl* in i.|?*?. and at tlBtra. ?b. n > art aad mh.r f-rmi nl la a t nubia r?a?h. a? at ?ra, fnf raamflr, or la ' nntry r?||r*u" at? ; anllti? attll atr* talnailr at t rn*dt *' nv Tlir r .?t of tb? tbrmlralt It rrnat'rbalan'*d bt tlat.f ibt f ?tl >alt. ant alam. ntbrrttln. >mfl-)?d; I at. nrf* it ait n nil f ria altat lb?r aa nnlntfiriant IWn a f b* tt.-a f brmtd; abil?. ly ihtir am a lanti i* tlf*?i. I a tb* imr ?f ant l?-t tba? 1.11?r rrat. la tb* " ** ' a fr? -a?. a ?b#ta? barla* raft tb* I'tt I* |i?H, bt I lae ?nnir*t*d latn *ar|.' 11. and and *1 frit, nad tbnr na.i n !a*arr*d n l*ly f r thr^ nrfnr* nf t*t)ln? rarbml* and tn r?la? tba 4 ??b. hy tl - a*? w tbnd, nan? i? an Irfrd. aad tb* rtr <.btaia*d la a ti M.a?r tjni'l brtntifnl an l itcarlaM. tidtl. ttrtbiae lar-an*. ?f ibn tanrrmfnl ayt.limit, a -f nbrmiral abilnantdty tn ib? " mai' n art* f llf?. I rn.i'atl n ( ha* b?. fwr? tared) drttrnt* fart if tb?f"?rerm>al H . Had, In r ?'?'ta*a". that fmiaf*. abl'b mak*. >?t f aad. .f t rtad by f*rmraiat|. a, rim? by tb? ar? ir * **, ??i maa It, .r H2l aw? II T. Ilail.ltt fc rampnnr iIh utiifxttl* U>? lent la f. f. i.? * i?l ii? ki. a In na?. Narnai'l parr. III ala at. l|i? ? ?.< Mr> ra?tk; U l> fnr af 1a | anff.n|?ra. Inl l?ra> a !' tt |*|<r i.f !.;? "*i r?*n?. a III aa t?r aaa ?nf wtktf. Mm4 i?4 in thai till N f Hakl-tt A < a., "all* Miwr. (nilfrataaf |tr rtiilina.-l liar* uan>4 iSa "IMr r l<r>M aal >?. mftiHH k| H. T Hal lilt ft I a., a?4 r atlrtar ! an - M) ?r '! f-f iha |i la ini>nl"l I ?? aaalii'4 a ? (! f ' P' (Ml (fl?r4 Hlnala* ' a?'ifi'l?'"l fc| II T NaMlll i O.. Ik'1 ftr.4 il lo ha a i -a- art. l? aa4 wall paannar 4. Il II t.iaia Ha a' l> laMtira 1a ?T? alicaa.a, if ftf'/ I rr taata4 ft. m 4a*r| n Star.'* rlill.Tov M n.rhami'i K I w T"?a, JUtll Or l. '?r, |M4. S aranian In i t.rir I'lH In *li? r?i?*i a It a . > * . awlar. I- a-4 ' ' a k II |?ir? I -i 4 (a i | r i I : TM. . a |m ? i- | that aaa ia|* r a|!. tnaka II |NIM m Iha kaat la aili ?'-fl lata. la-a rr II ? la* f.a ?T.V. ur t V im ?( w?|af an4 a il'ai Ii ai 4 lira I II1 I. at? I a tan iLa. II t a ait 'aril at 14 ISt - ntltn.r. , ,r r i r I.r- il ana. tin all a-I fr?-r? at! a T ? t 11 . >' Ml " r.ll a r 11 an ' ? a-1 >i Iha i. r f t I hi f|. Ihaa It.r. 111 r Ha - ; I it ' I ra I ? th ?r I attar, ana I, aa llf.nk. ' i J. a ?l ? * . llaa.lfT' li>, - lla Ma at. ?? rt t I ?? a ? H T Dtrairit (alt I'na. rta - I'm j nr r i. . . ia a ma. at (anntr a . f tear it a . r tin rl I a a la' >, ... ,,f a" l ??l * 4r f. |. r 1 at at I a ( . 11 r . .. | a 11 h I ha a | r,? h. a . ff I ha 8" ^ r .,f ilia I *4. f, an I I il t.,ant f fl*aa t a ' I r mil lln ran H T' ra taint a. rait In llll " a | a l|..a ||a a' aat >'l?4 >I<| a ; ?.< i Int a aaa Int ' Iwm . f I < a par f.a' II. a at f , |ir .. I. an lit la r aa4 i.r.t) f . t p - a? ... itf .1 I; rtlVit tkt tlalliw h I af n.| I. ... ir. I In ~ tnpl.i. a aukltt 1*1# ant ra ar .1 af tht t Ha al aratf 4. aa ?<t n'trl i w - ata la 11*'# a aaak'M fr-t a fatail/r.f taajam na 41*-aaanafaaI a nana ..f il.a ?|n? arnifannf f. r ratal r* I>aaa4. aakaa, ka , nut ant fanal. alar. at 4<n Mr r*laa4 .air m'a.. Baaa faatarak if II T MRHItTk l?. HkH t|lklli|lt IW, lit 1 ni ??? i ????>e~?? m HfTELLlliKNI'K *V THE MAILS* Oar WMhlH||l?n rsrni|Mn*?M?. WilHIKOTOI, May 4, 1 MO. TKt PrttiJmt'i Utcrj/litm? The Karl of Uurkam?Tkr 1'uror on Iht %1pp*aranc* of I kit Young J.ion?TKt (r+lpAm .mil otkrr Cnutmitlrn. The President's reception tut night. wan thought to be tin- finest of t)>w season, the most distinguished to thr codfish of all. on account of the pretence of th? young Karl of Durham lie came in upon the arm of i fir lleury Bulwer, the Rrltiah Minister ami wan introduced to old Zuck and the Kxocutlve family in dun f 'liu lie is a slim young man. <iuite a boy in appearunco, unite Inexperienced, apparently, and very tueject. Let us note tome of the remarks of tha crowd. I ?> Lanr. (there worn quite a number of fat ladie* in the ccmpnuy; generally the majority are rather of the spar* order, iu fact our fashionable* prefer t<? bo lean, and don't liko to bo fat)-' Well, that'* the Karl of Durham. Ho looka to bo a nice young man. They say ho u worth *360.000 a year They do have a splendid uristnora.-v ii. > J-.iimiv UtMi.mii-4Hi" ye*. ho'* * nice young man. of course. though th> r? m nothing vcrj remark' able about bim except bin ydkcitiui) a year. And aa you say. my dear, ihc Knultsh arintocraey in splendid, while the mass of the people are pauper*, starving to death iu workhounen 1 *i I. adv n Dafuiii Kit Do hu"h. pa' for my part, i think he'* handsome l.ook. ma, such a hue eye. anil what a good complexion be ha*, lie in a perfect love of a young gi u t It in a ii . Win i inn Dtvoia.iT to one ol hi* constituents There'* your Karl of Durham rath< r green about tin* eye*. Mint be l'o**i iti i n i Well, he doe* look a little venlant. even to u* of the barkwood* I* that the mau that started the short horn Durham bull*.' Minim* No. it wa? the old man lie wa* a great rattle raiser; hut I *uppo?e. the poor devil* who work oil the estate* would like to he ted a* well an the Durham bulln That'* your English arintocraey. They monopolize the lani; they rat no npleudid rattle; but the people who do the work .ire fed on garbage. Talk of .Southern slavery! I'erhnp* this youug man will lionize it in the Mouth and then go back to England and draw up the horror* of Southern slavery, and the barbarity of Americau society Well, 1 tell you. Saiu, there is a good time coining t r tiio outsider*, and one of thine day* Old England will fei 1 an earth (nuke and the Karl ot Durham ana the uobility.and royal'y. and the Church, which drain the life blood from the people, will he swept otf like I lie Florida I Indian*, hunted down, and slaughtered, as were the ol 1 noble <ne of France in the great Devolution It will be sure to come io that. The Karl of Durham, meanwhile, passed into the crowd, and young ladb * peeped over men's shoubleTk to gi tn look at him others were dying to be Introdun d to him ; aud on all hami* the lucky recipient tlioO.OOO year; wa* the observed of ail observers, lie bad hut \ ery little to say he seemed to he a very retiring and modest young mm. and perfectly uticwu clous of t he terrible oritinisme of the fierce democracy on the aristocrat le institution* of John Hull 1 estcrday the Earl of Durham. In a bobtuiled cockney ilrenn of pepper and salt, called at a hook-atorw to get a Congrtsmonal Dictionary, to find out wheru the lion* of the town were located There haa been very little trotting after his F.xcelb-ney in W ashington; i.nd to do him justice, he does not appear to desire to lie made a fool of like t'liurley Dickeu*. Hut will take tjliot) 000 a year is hard to beat, and a title of that sort is worth something even in the I nitedstates, where money I* no object at all Kvsn "Id 7.trk. pretty well to do himself, looked upon the youthful uabob with an eye of especial favor; and dealer* in fancy goods shrunk back like the Hindoos, in the presence of some gr< at idol Thomas Kwing was on hand robust, rotund, and shiny-tared as an alderman, apparently very littl* concerned about the House Investigation or thos* claims; but lookiug like a utau who lias secured tin* profit*, and " don t care a damn." The distinguished Attorney.(leneral was also in the ring; also Mr Meredith , also M r .Preston: and the public will lie pleased to learn, from the Inlrllirrnin that the A ttorney-tlene ml has been a perfeet dod-si-nd to the Treasury. and liar iivril more m?n<7 to thr government than any lady liar a conception of ,\|r. Clayton wan uen <tf, and Mr Crawford keeps shady. There were not the usual reinforcement* on hand from Congress. a large proportion of the two bousea having gone to ?ee and lirar MU Custunan ae Mr*. Hall) r. of which character there was a general opinion that It wan not *o well adapted to Mia* Charlotte aa If. R M.rrillea W e npeet the report ol the Committee of Thirteen on Monday The absentee* have retured. excepting Mr l>lckin*i-n. who will ha hark In aeaaon and so we may expect the beginning of the regular appruachei oo Monday. M'o expect also. areport from theOalphlnCommute* on Monday- a very voluminous and a very curious rwport but wa are auapletoua It willabeerolf from Hi* direct responsibility of a judgment W e a I *o expect a report trom the llenton and Foot* Commit tea. recommending that something be done to prevent the recurrence ol ?urh scenes for the future. In fine, we expert the Is-ginning of the great coutast 111 w hicli the J'rcaideul and the cabinet lb- poll Ileal parties and partisans ef the day. are all to be turned li. ?d over heels, and lucky will b* those nf the lot who light upon their feet The settlrmeut of this negro question Is by no manner of m<aus concluded with the report of the commit a. The trouble just then la-gin* and we shall hare enough of it Our llaltliuore Correspondence. IIsli imobi , May 4. 1 S3s? II no/.if Ifurifct lmpm< t mrnlt -Dtmv r*li< (a uivmutsriw t Tirktt II kig Mot raiali, 4 C Considerable excitement ho* been created in the city, l.y thr murder otgi man uain. d Thomas W rlsh. ut 1'hiladelphia, by some persou* unknown lie was found In an Insensible condition, on Friday night last, ni ar the Maryland Hospital, an-l carried toth* eastern watch house, from whence he waa aent in th" morning to th* alms house. It waa then dlscorered that hid skull was fractured In flee place*, apparently created by flows from a colt II* waa a stranger in Ike city, and the object of hi* murder seems n*t to hare been m< nry. as the content* of hi* pocket* wera not disturbed 1 here I* now no doubt that R l.otil* Lowe K?.( will l?- l he democratic randldate for <lo*ern.>r as nearly all the deli gate* so far elected to th convention, are In favor of his nomination !*o II will be sr.-n that sloqtu nre has for one* triumph-d over the money hag* with the democracy, though It Is owing rather to this fm-t that Mr I.owe iipp. ah-I to the poopla against tho foregone ronclusson of the party win-.workers, who loiinlly manage nominal lug conventions and constitute them to plvase llo m? Ives, The whig primary meetings for the nomination of a candidate for flovernor. * ill l*. In 1.1 at the rh>*s of this nimitb. hut no nne ran predict who will h* tlio candidate About twenty name. ?rr mentioned for thw post, all of whom seem to stand equal rhnuees ol suc. wlfh thr exception, perhaps, of the lion J >1 * in a 11 etna sr. I.. ilin.l at lb. K.s.l II.. Ilrf S? at t" Mr fi- man at.ei I? J?m? I. Kldgely. K?| , lh- llrand Hn-fXmry ! Ih? I Hit K liroi'l I. ?l.fe off it I'altad ftataa whole ?rUtn>*n i'i I r>l'> < J ky tli" iT'i' i throughout th" I nltrij ft?t. i. Our I'hllarlt l| lil? Co r rrapo net rnr a. FMU.arat.WMM. Mi; 5, 1*40 ftntin;ii<i{M .Vtmcri J'f H*rI V /Inlaw /\e ('?Jwailta (tn'nji l'i? H?i Hkiof - 7V C?m4< i .Vorl, An |i< tha <1 ! i rr il-lo I itnifn now In our rlty, f. -t an-t for?m ?t la Col William Hi-Irr who la at. tract d to thla epot partly on political ron<i l-r?t|on?, an>l pan I? front ll. pr.. l? . *1 <l?int?l>okirirrhii lumber UinNTlloM In which buatnraa ha la lar?e|y rifipil Tha Co|on?l U In Una atata of pnwrTtlion ard hnth he and hl? frlrnde will ba (really ilia* appointed If hr la wot the a?H dem.-ratlc candidal* f?.C Oofaftir Jtulre Villa l.ewta la hrrr ton, dleehaf(> li>( kl" loclnl dut tee with that toalci eo irt.-ey for wlilrh ha la pmetrl ial and at tha aarne lima raatin( fi w anchor* to tha windward In flaw of thw election of tha Judiciary. hjr tha Mnrclfa people in October |t'.|, Tha Re? Iir Bet'mwa la wl.n bara. and warm haa Imww hia weleomw by Iba rcllylona world Thla moraine he prrn*he4 l?f a a fary larfe and rcry adtnlrla* and < nra In bin old rhnrch In T. n'h alrrai and la to preach again at the eaaia place thla a?enln< l.aat, but rvd lawat. I bate to rhronlrlr tha arrival of t ia routbftl. elirewd, plain, bwt atyHah l? Mop Harl of llwrnaiw. wbn bwa . n n >( i. ri mim m r i r i -HI > niniKn .<? lli? ilrlifcht f.f Mi P> p* MlUhi ll. and lb* an llfita** |4?a- off anil loiit bmi nl <4 hi" Thaln<lt*?Mf>n? irr Ikiil hn l?r.l?hlp *111 t? nfftin ?Mh ih? fbafcir nihla hoapttalit!** ??f PM?4n|'M*. Yartoaa |i*i in rliiDi rlbodo* lab rna*la? ha .a tliwlf )*r? plarrd at hi* 41 wal aa.l to m >rrnw th>-*ar<t? nil 'arrUR'n of lb* hnudr. l-th?n*auJ dollar r*ald> nl? of M nlrnil. bprw*. ami ?'b*?out atr**t*. will hn j i t In irllir ri i|Ui?Uli'ii With hi**** hnaUtn lb* Mai, in ! > <? of thii Katfliib. a* * II aa lb* aataral ln|. aatv lb* at'fy of lb* ?nnn| flrl t-*inK t*V*n tni". latabia |.? 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Iha I't and III. of 11**7 in n?b Th* bull" ar* .,nltw atfi in* ?f an- lh. r an>l *' n m"r* *|.irit*<i apv. uUtlta tuavrtu'til till. WI K W > 'hall * f?nm**fI* *?!?? rllanp. Th* I *fMatart of Ma.*#*h.iw>tla adjourn *d taut an th. Sd l??t Th* *** ?* jwry lb* * ** nf th* mnrdar of lb* bnv |ai 1*7 at iba lata rM la Philadelphia. bait wo d*r*d a r??di*t, aba, gin* Andr*w r?*hran aa Iba ainbnr. Th* ira at Porlamnalb. Virginia on tb* 1Mb Intl. d**?mj*d Ia?at7 foar bnaaa and Iba h^a la wttaali) at *?."<?

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