Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1850 Page 1
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I ? TH NO. 6812. HIPPING. I?OR SALE?ONE CABIN Milium'I TICKET FOR 1STII * ?f May, iu Uowlaud Ik. A-ptnwaM'? ' ? . I >o fi. B I.UNIX. IM Br ?lwnr. UNITED STATES IIAIL STBWISUIP COMPANY.Tha hooka of auhaeription to Ilia 1*1 .took of lha Vniuil Statoa Moll Sttainahip Comi>auy, '? th? *aa?iin ?f ono Billion (loo hunJrod tl.fii'aad dollara. will W?-.??no<on Tneoday. tko lAtli day of May iaa'., at thr Min hanta'K> rho city of .Saw York, aad tko two canaia* daya, Iran III o'clock M . to 2 P M ueoKOK I.AIF. MAKBII M.I. o. KOHSKTA / JAMES VAN NOSTKAND. N?W Tort. May 3. ISA". Cotnmia?i.>nor?. FOR LIVERPOOL.?UNITED STATE* MAIL STKAMahip PACIFIC, (lapt Ena N Tbia iiranw will 1oDart from tlio foot of Canal atn "t, with'hu ma'la for Ku jnpc positively on Saturday. 2Sth Mty. at 12 nVlutk, M. For Aright nr piiiM*, having unequalled aonommodatinp* for tiiuttor comfort, spplv to w KDtv A KI > K. COLLINS, 74 South HI reel. Positively Ixrth cnn ho eeoimd till |-mi<i for. USITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS UETW EK.N NEW Tork Mid I-iverpeol.?The shii* omnpoaing this lino ?' ATLANTIC, Captain Wot. AHl'TH', Captain no*. PACIFIC, Captain Nye. R A I.TIC.Captai* Cnraeto'k. ADRIATIC, captain gratten. The** (hip*, having been built hv e?n*net expressly toi government **rvtee. every eare lm* been taken is their ro?Rmrtioo.a* alM in their engine*, tn ensure strength and ] a a < and tbeir neeomrondations f..r pa-s, i.f ra are unequalled tor el^auw or comfort. Price of ins-.. ,e from Now iork t* Liverpool SlSk eaeluair* use of eitra atae atat* room* kVS. Au eaprienoed Surgeon will lie attached to each tfcip. No berths can be secured nntil paid for For fr?ight *r pan****. apply to IPH"D K. COLLINS, li S"tlth street, or to RKOW'N, SHIPLEY k CO. Liverpool The Atlantic will leave Liverpool May IS. " " Paoiflo " " New Vork May IS, " " " " Liverpool June II " Atlanta* " " New York Jono -, " " " " Li verpool June *?1, * Paciho " " New York Jtiue M. '' " " " " Liverpool duly 17. I The owner* of these nhtps will not he acronntable for Hold, "diver, bullion, specie. Jewelry, prvctcua otont a or metals, 'in less bill* of lading are aiguml therefor, and the v?lor there<jf. there)* eaproeeea. STEAM MTtUK NEW H i< K AN DO LA SOON I lit powerful new screw steamship i'ITY OF GLASGOW, ,LOFT Ions register, l.tSUt* tone over all. and Yet horse power. It. R. Matthows, (formerly of 'lie Gust ViVrteru.) commander, i> intended to sail regularly from New Fork to ( las5i w al.i.nt the middle of every alternate month, vit: in M ty, oly Sep tender, November, aril January. ami from Ola IJOW, in April, June. .Attettst, October, D ember, and Ft h/i ary. Tit* tirat departure of tliia sj lettdid vessel from V w Vt rk dirvet lo Glasgow, is appointed to take place on Saturday, the 18th 12' Vinci, noon, flood* for shipment onutiot b? received after l'kuraday evening. Itith. p.issars, fsteward'a fee included,) ninety dollara: second cabin, do., llfty-tlve dollars. No *t*?rage passengers taken There rate*it' lade provisions, but no v ine* or li jttora, whim vr II b* supplied on hoard a* moderate terms. Curvet a surgeon. Ti,e atat* room* for 1st and 2d cabin I'awenrera. are ttnu?iallv, rommotliouf, and well ventilated. F r rr*ijh* or passage, apply to J. ll'SYMON. I Itoaver atmnt. A letter l.a- will l.e made op f. r G'a t w. per CI y of G1 av w, to oh re st the Poat Other, a II o'clock,on the ISih, the any i f the departure of the steamer TlliiOliUU LINE TO CALIFORNIA. VIA . liVOtlESCarryinr the United Statea Math-M' tr'ay, May 1.1th, At So'elook, I". M? irotc the pier font of b nrm* atreet, N. K ?he new and elegant double engine elrairuiiiip GF.UdGlA, D jL Porter, IJ. 8. Navy,Commander.willka'tMcat. it. with m? iiuTwrnnicu; iihib, ?>t me r% ?--.i niMiri- i?u>i t-uv :?aeiho. The book* aro now upon tor |?m>? <o Cbulwt'jt, Havana, Now Orlvunt ami Phapret, and for through ticket* t? San Frencifceo. To aocur. tbrobgb ticket*, early appliiatioa nmt b* mail*, a* uuly a Jtaall aumbar duwaia anetigapcd. An entwrienced mirp-eb it attached to thaUaorgia. Ina acuomnodationafor paaaenier* of aaoh clau tjra umeurywa.. * by any ?teaiu.hip nil at. The paMcngera for tsi. Orl.anr, are ?ramf*rred at Hat ana ro tha aurtrmr double agina at-am?l"p FALCON and proeeod from Havana dirae*. 00 New Oilean.i. Rata. of aajiaaan froia New Vark to Chagrea.? State t(<H>n lierth $100 Standee Berth WJ 8'aaratra do., found bad and aej ant* tahl* SO Ltfa of pa*?v? from Panama to Sau Fraaoiaoo:? Ktata Room Hariri $.*10 Htaarapa Berth*, fonud bad and a-parata taM*... 150 Catas ofaaeaace? To Ha. ana ? N. Ori-ina 8tn*a Room fc-rthi... ... ......$70 $7.1 fetaador, forward raMn 53 W rteerage. fonnd bad and board... 25 25 Fniibl t? Cbaarei will ha taken at 70 orau par aabir "ait. Iti bill* cf lading oiuat all be ?lgoe<i on board th? aaaal tha day bafor* sailing F t freight or pawaga. apply Jm M.i). ROBrRfs. Ilk Waas atraat. TUROUUH LIN I FOR SAN FRANIIMCO, VIA CHAgrae.-Tne new and fa* nt# steatual ipa CHRROKRK 1.300 toaa... Capt. 11. Wialla PUU.ADKl l" toaa .. Capt. J. Y. Nioh-lao^ Vara tba only direct lin* between New York and Chagrea, .lad, laooaarctioa with tba Uaitad State* Mail Steam Paak?t* in 'ha Paoiho, a esal-m .aihly lis# tbrougk to Han ATaaolaco. froroB) aaraa up rata to <h*.ouaa Cherkaa. Philadelphia. After Saloon fiat* R< ema $126 Forward lalaoa do lad 100 Low *r Cabin W ? all the abort disc at tba aatut tabU and ha?a tba priftkg> of tha Sal ion. Btaamga, (found with aatraaaaa and board ,<. fdi $A Freight to Cbagran, 7" o.nU par foot, Rip'tee. on tba frhaaa an Urn a by tba ra*?erg*rs. For fra itbt ..r paaaaga. i Apply U ROWLAND A ASriSWALI., it South atrwat. Now Yarfc. PnoiPe Mall BtaanaiMp Campaay.?The Vailed ntataa Midi teas Pack, la, 'ANA WA 1,1*0 tana... Car*. David U. Bailay. nH 1 UD4 tonl Cktit. C trl'.sl* f. < JALIPORNIA...1.0?I ton... Capl Thoa A Bndd, VKNNR-iAkR... I.k?> iun?... Cap*. tinvrga A. Col*. CAROLINA.... <U?I?D?... ? ? ? UNICORN 4WM?wa... - ? 4*n lat?n4*d t* for* aaatai-annlkly ha* Uiwhb FuijU tad MtU la California. Poaorinore In th* alter eana* art '..araUbaJ kcdill**, "l '>! wii' i and li|nra Pne?n*ere la A* nwrm m? fowud wok ivib ratioa* a* are Inralohad u ill crew. nal with tnattraaa and pillow. All paoa*a<*r* aiU ' a allowed awno* for part-unl b arena* frnt, to lb* HUal (4 : Jr Ik* * ?i an , a ? -iocd.r.r in in*u*ur*o.*ni t?a cubit free. nntn Ruaii or awn hau lli., whoa *nk?n. S1'a? ,?t*r tn?, and i.a* an J a half per coal on all opoolo. Paniaan* tAould not nwd IV Ik*, valabt far ami* earn ago. CaMa. liiwm ViwH* ft-*** r* aaaa t* baa Bint or Maaatlao tXStl $W0 * Baa W*f?... . IN IV - Baa Praa?l**n. Mi UK' Ra atowaa I* k* laadod will h* taboa a* laoyi. Chnnren ad oa. bar la* and doharbtnt. nrd all j-rennal for* oh ant**, taatadlag h*allb fn*a and H?*l hit*, la Bo p*"1 by t to co..*a goro. N? pnonac* **"?ir*d natll paid fnr. April* at ?n* *<|i** ,f ih# Cowipany. &4 Rtulh aire**. N*w T?rt. rm ikr < itt i im rote mn pram imio via I ' Vj ('barren, 4lr<'?l lit tplcnud ?t- aim hi|i .M I'l KK i I I V, J I) WiTonn. anuiniand'r llll) luntion. will l?ai* for Charrea, direct, ca Vf*dn**<lny, May 1Mb, al 3 o'clock, fr<>ui liar dock. Plor No. 1 W. K P-f frtirht or |o*rnr* apply t* J. HOWARR A V)\. 14 Broadway. r?* aa* rRANciaco?rroclar packrt line.? a TN* oar* auparI ?r faot callnr packitnhia lltlDKK. al war 7 Raai River. ??? nearly leaded. w II taka a liltl* ll/hl iroi/ht aa4 k* itenpntrhod direct la a f*w daya liar imuawaailawafar pa. ct ror* art opaoioaa and alapaat. dhlpf?r* and pannewyer* ky ihi* linn can am ore important and roliahl* ad*aata**o. witk de*r*teh ia I >adiaa aid 4lo*har<in* Apply I* l.AA AC T. SMITH. 101 Wall oireoi. oaraor Prowl. AMERCER* KIR CALIPORNIA. KP.AH TBIBf-pir. oow* aloial In omi-ark far California, ra" aocor* paioam In a apd?adid aow and fa.' nail ar otaam- r, at a pre ?< rory law. ittt I' wrr than > < barred In vnrini. chipa ?->lat ttkr meac*. A pply (fe* 'artb*r Information ) at 4I.V II-and war, oracr f Lirtp-onrd N. It.?An early application will k* arrrooary Apply k*twc?a Ik* hoar* of II aad I o'clock For ra im?thrp.r atetrace tiirol'or tickets, per Utk -filar fit " on Prate yen, In R k?e#' Una. Itrfy to J. k If. RIRRNFR, 14* William * . Mt'lw. FOR SAI.R-A TTIRdtUII TICKET TO IAN TRAM. Imp la I bp < ba ?<? , ..f th* l.nh iait . ( ? <n4 ' laa-.) id Tttin?.??p (?m tlm ) fr nv ''Pit lb* t'lk. Applr at ? > pf JSO. R DEVLIN, 11 Wall a.raat, Irtl |i?t, back from. CALIFORNIA DIRK T-THROCOU TICKETS?TWO 1M tlaia aaJ an* itMilP. |-r ( ktr ktt lSih. <? HMtAM par I.Kr|i?. I .Tib; nra an far Obi*. l'tk. and om Maiaya en ?p riiiih ?. f>r O'diiIi, lStb. For ral* by VT I CO.. W Broadway. o-rarr n# Wall iiimI. ,fA|. I FORMA THIOUOH TICK ITS.-TWO (FtRFT V eta*', la II on Inn I A A?j>in"?U'? l.iaa. for May |.Hk: ft' cooad eabla la Howard k V?'? l.iaa, fir May llik, foar lHra<t la Roberta' Lima, far May ltrb.t r rata. i muff v. w?" |ip?i, Cr A I.I FORN IA TICK ITS WANTRD-TWO STRRHAfiR / Tl? kaw, la llvwlaad h laWawall'e Mae ef ISth raaiaat, wanted Vy II. W rRRSfoTT II Wall ? t* A L IF OR SI A TICERT?WANTRB, A THROCoB E / atoarafp ii-t't for Ik* tteamer < barn! aa. laaaiag Raw Turk * tba 1.1'b taataat A II karat praaiiaa will ba pa 14. A tl'cBARpACR r * v A <n ?l F.i-b.aa-rUe. CALIFORNIA Til ROI fill TICKET I OR RAI.B-A / Inaar ralta tlrkat. par I kftfpkra. Mar llik; aa4 appar atacra** ticket, par Taaar aaa, far aala. la^u ra at Ma. Ill Hainan fttraat. California tickets for *alb-t*i TMnoroa Urkata, by tba (bairar Ixnrtia. tal-art bka p ft Mar 1Mb A loo. oaa by the (retract tl'r. laanaa J..aatai, and aa (rat alaoa from Faaaraa to *aa Fraarlbro, by tlia aft* an aa Coltnlti, h*r ?r?*l r*yt|a. A|plya> No. II ?'art R< a, pppn?4ta tba Aatar Ifoaaa (1 il WRIO"T. . TMROIOII TH RET?FIRST CLA-S. liOWLSND Vr k Aftplaaalr* llaa of l.lik Mar,a an'ad t dre?? K. -in l-?" lian.? ll-aaa, I of ra |*a a'alaak tbla J-.r -far, Baa UK |i . ? i' . i WANTED?A TdROCQII TICKET, IN Til A STRKRAOR par >t?an??? ? Clrar-baa aa4 fraaaaaoa. lli.wlaad k to Ttnwa I a Una. far ablch a raaaoaabla ['em - atll ba pai4. tain II I'll. ML'LLERt, No IMI Llbartt, aaar Oreaaalil atraat ' F|So OF BTRAM AND FACKRi < HIT*.-THE A aabaartbara Aaaira la inform tba awaara . f pMaa *n4 rark?i abtpa, that tbay ara aatinf it a *pratai part af tbalr bwtlaaaa to topple all artialaa repaired fnr faraiaoikg tboaa raaaala. Ihay hara pleead aaa nf tbalr ?-* ?i wrtaneeA il'rt la Ewr-rjvt, whsaa tvalar*a tl la tpglra bta ant ra Mb?atl*a t* tba aalratioa and ablpiaant af Mod* in ii.ta -eaah aa Freaab China Wara, I'laiad Wara, aal ?tbar f ma farattb tMa wara with ?a*. #??? ar 4aa'.*n af any fit, ar la at*la Whila fblna, aboal aa ahaay w taa an? -nm teal.ah aarihn wara. Thay aian faralab ff..m Mair w? tana, Cat Ohaaa Wara. af aaary atyla and ya'i.ra aa % >ha haat yaiaarf af 4 Olaaa. Alaa. ararr laaafii-tam af I Aaiya. af Uaa ba<l maaafaatar* la Aiarrra ?i.4 fallal ta i all alaaaai af aaaaala. Tba fabarrlbaw ara yarn ta I ta ra/at la aar > *! a?la>ai ftaaaabnal ymyriaiara, Cay 0. TMlwHtlaat Cayt Dlaaa, abnaa ataam-ra ib?f aaa aay>Ua4 far >a? r*ara. ail ara aa* faralahiag *r. PL K Ua). uaa'i Uaa af *la?*al flaawablya. aa4 tbay 4a Ht*< Ibm lala?aaU4 i? aaab aaaaala. ibal Ibalr arraayraa-a-aara aa aaaaiala aa la aaaMa tbaia ta ?a lb 11 tanaaaa *it aatiafbaMa* la yrayvtatara, a?1 -ra4lt la ibamaalraa OlAI h PaCOHWOITT R41 an 4 t?Rr?*4?ay. FOR RAI.R THI ATIAMROIT HI r imi ivn n. atar?li aaa baa<tr*4 faal laaf ill iwaaty art If. aa4 ?m*a abaal tbraa faal waiar. Ay*It H UILRIRT OAK LIT m Wm* attaat. ftii E NE TKMWKAPIUC INTKIaLIGKftCK. ywiRTY-yiHJrrpowomm, rrUAT vHs?|(4t Vrn?tc. I?T MOW'S MAOXKTIQ TEUsaRAPH Wavwicto*, M?/ i 1W0. TH* HO TKMFOHE PKE4IDCVT. f"h* \ ii o-PrrriJrnt h^lnjf aIx - at. Mf. ArcHtioi S"1"4' that W II. King of Alnbauii. be uliouru drti jmm <>?i ? Aiioptrd uaiAiiiuioa-ly. Mr K,-r, nm I.hi... ,1.. .k_l. ..1,1. il T ??.! ,, ' ?b --- - a .e-c. u.,?u ht tii rnl by I in-j probation of !h? Senate. placing in* In the high and ie*pou*ibie position in which it hat placed did I cau uul) nj gentlemen. that I shell i-nd> av r .luring thu short period I may occupy thia -o'?t, to iji-charg* the duties incumbent upon I he t'hutr Willi lailbfuliics* and Impartiality I".?i ry Senator wt-ll knutr that the high character ut thut body for order eecoruui courtesy and gentlewauly d* portim'lit lie-g.Ti'ti it a reputation in the laud that uoai ntaudr the coutiUcuce aud rerprut of rmrj portion nt the ii. in unity throughout our wide b irdtvr* To rotten t hut confidence el ill. to command that reaped, it la in ceeeary that eve.y Senator should sustain tbo < hair in ?ndeavoring to put down the lca.-t in .veuieut of disorder. or the el ghtest indulgence in per*nnalitio* While I preside 1 shell endeavor. as tar a* pn-albh . to re pre re anytbiiig ut the kind 1 rely coutideu ly on the eutip?.rt of my brother Senator* to sustain me in the disc),iirge of my dulie* " DrUi r? d. t hat the Secretary notify the President of Mr King'* election. new MK.Mar.n. Mr Ki.moiie appeared, and ?iu qualified. and took hi* seal. r?i*tinu or espost* on California?rai patent air *t mm. >001 >: and ho*ace dmeci it. Mr lioi land reported in favor oi printing live thnua*ud cnpii* of the geningiral and topograph cal r tpo t oltieo i'*r*if?r K. Smith and Doctor 1'ynuu. on California - Adopted .Mr UoEianu reported in tavor of printing thirty thotiNHnd copica of the agricultural part of the I'atent Office heport. Mr Ve. 1.a opposed the printing Tbo public printii g ait* udy ordned would amount to an avurngu ut ten ti n and volume* each k lmm thin time to Doc< 111 her next uud it I* now pnpus d to order thirty tliou: cud 1 ?pn of a work of which the Mouse had ord lid o, hundieii and litty thousauu copies. Tin-ee v iunn* co.-t Jive dollar* each. The cost of public printing tor the halauce ef thi* year Would In* tlfiy tl.ou-i.ud dollar* a week SIi' h ri and agreed a* to the amouut, but dllfercd as to the 1 i.*t Mr. Ti i.nei and Mr. Ruie *up| orted the motion to Mi JivrtRkON Davk said the report wai Visionary lid *peculalive. and should let be priuted by I'ungris* Any docuuient with plates would bo equally ought afli r. Mr Ulrica opposed th* printing - Congre** lm<l no power to scud out uuv doeum -ot ou agriculture 1 hi rhe*pent place to gut th > work was iroin a bekir in this city; ht had thousand* oi copie*, aud u?ed i. to wrap up his bread with. Mr L>ah... of Mi-slssippl. moved to atueud by printing oulv the usual tiuinb. r. live hundred Mr reform i-ti ,uUI commence In printing political d<>cuuit nta. and not wlib una. wbicli pooI'lr who ?r r< not politician* xr;l J Mr Pi?-o? mill tbc fitmt Oftx wax not. the proper place U liillu r agricultural ?la;i-llc* II. w.n lu faeor ol on / pi iridium! buriu u if ibu document wax t > bo l?r ill. bi in lit i f the country. a copy *h ml J * pi o J lu tin Lnnda 1I rrt ry man, hiiiI i?..t in the hauda of purutj in a liuudr. d 111 OomiuiKiuacr uf Paten.x ai'.a not competent tinjreticail/ or practically. to moke an agricultural report Mr l.i.nnMi ?aid thai tho coxt would not bo m ire than Ll'ty ectita a e. luuie Mr. Ilmtitn adrocaied tbe pr. nting People in Gmigia did uot a-k for a book U-cauae of plain* or tuning : Mr Koote raid, be held In hi* bind Part I of tbe CouiniiMtoEur of Pali nta'lleport. au.l judging from that tins probable character of Part II., be wax op. P'oi (J to the prinliu|(. lie bad read Part I a i o al'lered H the mort rldirulou* production that orer made ita nppra.auce b? t r? tbv publ.n lie knew an wink xo cole mated to excite dlxguxt or to came exery true rp riled American to bang hi* bead with ?baioe lie would read title page t<> Pait I . which alone wax aufl.cntil to auke biui di*gu*l.-d with the whole work; tli tol* pcgi ?a.< high xouullng aud conclud $ thux : "With an introduction' by whom think you ? " 1. race Greeley " (Laughter.) lb.a introduction auu the report ahicb it aeccmpauie* are the xtraug at thing*if the many atrange thing* of Horace lireehy >! lad lireilfjr waa a philanlhropNt aa wa- well ku< wii of tba abolition nlripe (Laughter ) The fact thai til eeh y waa ?lupl'.yed to write ike introduction, wu* m.Il.ckeut to damn the work in bu eetlmatiou (I mi ght, r ) Alt It. ai tan amid Mr Foote a remark* about tireeley might Lu ail corriut, but the work of which tbe tfenatof w ae rprskiog waa uufort uuati ly net tbe work b. fore tbe Penal* The work Mr i ootr wax reading u a* ob taibed In adeanee by Greeley, la a way unknown to tbe t miliileaiouer of Pati uta. aud printed by bun, Willi bm I mi. due'.on. Part 1 bad lieu ordered l<> be prln'id ''he m' tnn uow warn to priut Part II eon tall.lug agricultural xtatixliee Mr. ft .-o ik mi i L> knew ?? much !> f it' Mr Borland ?uikr ** lit did no* If Mr tirulrj hid obtained thia flret )>rt of th* Coniiuigelouer'ii report aurepti* tinue lie rknttld litn be< n tlp<unl long bj Ibo lilunii tbiirr, no I ahould have be*n proeeeuu-d f r Itr c otb tic* SlUtb m he condemned and d? apia d aid hi* paper and hi- principle*. y?t b? c nld Did be-ll. ve him tub* villain enough to obt?ib the public durum-DM In the mod* luiiui ilril It Bilid Ltit I en dune with the con?. at uf tb? i.'ocitniogloner. It ??? done, that he might writ.' thi* introt Dctii n anil thcr. ( j Dtke the work popular wli l> h* public Tht* I'art I ha" upon 11 lb?ee mural mark* which are enough to ?arn the !* ante agatu?t publishing any thing un-re fuui the C inmlaelonrr till th* niatii r ?ae ftiet i x inilnid Thl* Hart I nhnul l ? ?? bete bee ti nrdi r? d to tie printed It thould h? burnt up, vn. hjr the band* ol the common hangman It wa? utadi up f (irrilrt't Introduction, of an ortirl" writ'- n loud go by th* ( ouiniitel'mur, and n<>w order d to l>* prln *'l at the public rxpinee. to buildup tb>- of the C- uiD'leeiouer und< r the aueplct* of Urneley It Co. Tin- commit tec tmy that tiny are u?l prepared to v inch for the ebaraef r -f hart II It r<>n*i?t? of agr tul aral|eper> elected ny the t'omm louer'e ju Igmeut He ? unwilling to prm' anything I but had u > other iuetIflcatti n than the judgment ol Mr Kwbank lie I < k>d upon the Comm eei?uer w on of the rao*t el* *> nary men In the runtry II read an e?tract to rb a to.t i he t'muniU* loner orgu*J that it ?< a great blearing that Adam and Kv* were eg|dl*d from a den, at a that it ? M l.ave been a rtirve to lit,. f there Tie I.ommlretouer again argued, that all creat d genera r ? animal* and Inaecte had an Kden a*"ignrd th* rn at d they Im wi re CXpriMd I r thuir trm gTieeior*- that batan carwe down In tlie >hape of a " r j wiit and gut Into the kdeu of tbe tnorrta and f u id tb> re a aecuud Mother ft. ve tLau4h.--r) Thl* said Mr ft owte I* the *?wd of ?tulf eontalac<l in port f who h hu found tig way to Mew York^ha* been overlooked by Oreeby and baa been reromnienifted by htm Ifa would j sure 11 fun- be ordered to print anything m >re from tft* I'atent Ofllee unt I eome m >re practical man v?i at the bead of the ofbc* Mr Ri raid that tbla agricultural part of t:** report war aim lor to what wan contain d u th* laat re sort ' n the ranie ?uh.trt Mr Foot* a#hrdtwbi tb. r tbo r -BBlttoo would roach forth" t* port t>>? prnp to prl ilod* llr road It a dirfri" to thr untry Th- I alon.r waa laidt" ho * Br<li?n.? It to bo anpp**?d thai II h? know anyih 04 ho w mid konw tbI? ir in r< Utioii t " aire i.antr art*, but Part I on that M.hj. 11 ? > 1 d. tided Itilarr Who! om to bo rkptciodwtim bo pot * agrirullnrr* Mr Ri*a raid ibr agrlrultaial rrport waa pfparod by tbo ?* > rlrrk a? un lir thr loo't omm oloui-r Mr Fr tt #?> ! tbo ftP-ad* of tbo nmm mIouO bow My that Part II wo* tbo work of thr ri-rk and art ol tha I'i'BalwInaor If thr romiui.?i<m r ??? up hi* di.ty to tbo ah rk thra b" had not d m# hi* duty If tbo rlork did tbo work tbo ' miaU'l >n.r ?a? un ht f r btr ofBro and *h uld bo npvllrd. but If b* did It h BW If aad II wa# likr Part I ttioa It >' unworthy of bring prtnlod. and would bo a di*g-ara |g tbo country II* woa uawUllug to print any dor a BioBt wblcb may laclndo any of thr horrid prioripi * of ro. iaii.Di of Urrrlry oho had takrn P ?rt I. Bad' r hi# rata Thi# wbola I ualnata of roo.aiirtn 1 rootry ?ti abolttloatrB. and Ilk* thtag* or. air a b >r< r In *y boa>.ai and I would tourb not. not bandia. Ill# UB Iran thing Mr M.aoa appro..d of lb a printing on aortt Itutlon nl pri nt da. Mr Tia.iitBd Mr H n adocoalod tb* p-mtlng and tlir qurrtlon bring tnkrn on Mr Darla' am-nd iii nt to rortrlot tba aumbortn bo prlntod to flta bus dr 4 ro^i.a It woa rrj..te?i To.* Atchlma Proton. Bright, Itntlor, On* n, Ita>tr itil** ) I awnn Kiatoro, routa, lluntar. King, Maaoa tt'liltroBh, Tnloo?14. but- M Tbr Button to print thirty thomraad roploa. woo than adopted rrriO'ai- rorakooooriai 0 ia ami ra rai-iroawia. Mr Ti l?a tlf.rrd a foaoialloa ealllng f*.r all orraa. po? d< lirr h* lor- II thr li.partiamt and I'rrrltar F kBitbaadOon Rllry n >t Wforr r mm undated and a I ihrr nt' rw-oil'n wnooming tna c n.rnti ?n and Ptato pn.arntnrrt of Hall lorn a and what bar thorir fOodi r hy Urn hilar, ?f bl? on h .rity to U10 *ta:a *0 oritBiom and hi# prooidn?a on raoog-iM'f th# f tori mrnt, f?rr|r>d tho ?anetl a and appro.ul <4 tbo Prrfidrnt Laid oorr lOilt or arrO- ? rr OV. till 1. ... 1 I nl tin unta to nidi tf r?.?. u. t?-' ? r? %? ?ll rlt.ia* th> l/'oit d 8t*t'* w ? t?>?n up ?nd I >i n U<4 mr\4? to h? prti t< >1 1 b? MuU th?n ?0j iii'iilIF M. H??M mt tlllMMMBVMl n feu*'* bxtiim nwii ai. it f*?*rr wllhki to* mm w til* OWItlKl ? Ml Ok Motto* of Mr Itiif, MU ? '*> toot* *? r? r?f. r?. <1 I* tbo I'.innnitw of tb? IThoM ?n tbr of th* Catoa i*<rtrcTio*? t? two iiimi . ->?oirra* Mr Ita'iot Mtr-i l?0?? to offw ?b? fooniotfoo l?. ff YO MORNING EDITION Tu (he s,.j?ct committee now investigating . eliarges against Mr Kwing further to inquire what person* In th<> Department edited or wrote for the paper* uudt-r the last administration; who wrote the party nseay* signed " liund'leund"; what office he held, and ridery he reoeind ; nnd also whether, during the Presidential canvass. any officeholder* absented themaelree to make speeches; and whether they were required U> subscribe money to operate agalurt Taylor! If so, at whose instance It was doneT Ohjeetiun was Uiade. , Mr Stamlet mored a suspension of the rules. Mr Hall, (dim.) of Missouri, suggested that the ren lution bo sent to a separate COlumittee. IMr hi si* did not assent 1 he yeue and nays were then taken, and the rule* were ru.-pended?iijes lOtf; nays. 4s Mr Mtssiei moved the previous question. i { Mr. Coke, of Alabama, wanted to more an amendment Mr Hi aitiat?No. I was too weeks getting tire amendment in A number rent up an ainemnndment. which was merely read tor Information, also to inquire what clerk-., if iny were sent last summer to any State, to i solicit n Individual lo b come a candidate for Con. gress and the n>m? of tile person Mr (liein ) ol Maryland moved a reoonsld<ra?lou of the role t.y which the rules were suep< ii d< d Mr I'unwKLL. (free soil) of Ohio, mored to lay the mi 1 ion "II the table Agreed . The question was then taken up on seconding the deionntl tor the prerious qnc-tk>n The House was equally dislded, when the Speaker roted In the nega- I tire. Mr Duows, (di m ) of Miss , said that he was a mem| her of the hwlng Committee, aud did uot wish Mr. Ulsi.I,.?'m susiilnt iiill III i.mhsrei.a Its ?,-ti?n If Us I Stnrley way seriou*. u> t ten democrat* weuld diaagree I ( tO rl'll'Ct H eOUlUlitlcC OH t llttt KUt.jeCt Mr r tvin?line the gcuUuwuu the power to apeak fur hid pnrty friend* ? ( Ma>? Vuku? Yen yen!" I ! Mr SrewLtv- I enngi etulate hitn oh the preinivrrhip i of i hat ride ut t!? lluu- e , Mr, Itnown ? I ui?k? no ruch claim. 1 Mr Hut y >u ?.? um> it. 1 Mr Bkunn eald Mr Stanley ahould have aa < good a committer ae the Kwing committee wa* < Mr h??nt- Yi'n. juat ?> bud; four whige to tire ] diiuortath who volt> fur every inquiry. iir mi ditied bin imilutiuu to refer to a v puraie commillet ot II nr Dumber* ami to hu under the opt ratio i of I be previoui queetmn. It war punned INI Hk JM IRaRCLIR IXriUI riOT. A mi aeagi. war ri'o'ivttl from the Prt *ideot itatlng that be Lad signed the hill to accept Mr. UriuueU'a 1 ? tavle. i Ti x.ia *ito Raw Mexico. Mr Crcwill anki d bate to offer a resolution,calling on the Seen tary ol li nr ? i Ti. tioihiUBirate to llie llmae all tn*i ruotiena itanal by ; tba ill partiiriit lo J In ill.i.rot. Bntet t'oloael, lunching the ciaiB of luxaa. to il.a territory of New Mcxie . tl?o. > ) wbat aeUteriVv m a Mai rou uonini . rdcrx in Befell iaeL, re- . qtnrug ibe C< um.audauia of illffirnt tullilary ( -ta to I tl terve rlalil aoa-mien nru with the lYxae Coihtaiaaiuaar, ; ?lio in v ail id New ilea iu to valabliati ti.o iitll Jnruiiioiioe <>f ' lie Tixar.a over it, and not to coin* into t< utlial will, ihti { li jus solfiritva j J hi ruler were suspended. ami the Speaker eaid that i the no i lutlc ii muit lie <>ti r uniii r the rule. Mr. Cr? ? moved to suspend that rule. It witr carried, and the re-lution adoptcd. ilia clave inaok Mr lirar. (dim ) of S Carolina. arkid leave to offer reaolutlon. that it might be referred t > the Commitj tie i.f the tt bole i II theStnteof the L'nlon The i reuaiM* stts f rth that thv eighth anitic of the treat* ! c w ftu 11 i t i in < fi'.atar ra<l (Iraat lirftaln. r. neluiird lift A i(i ?i 1M2 ati|.i: laiea 11 at eueb govern* ill a'all * '*! I ami c aititrin i n tba ri.afi of Africa, a aetll. iau' and adequate I > squadron ii r the knperMviin of the alave Iraiir, ami that ' j tl e Hint. Iti|?ilalta il at the eiihth aliall be auforoed for Ut# ' { veare, u d tl ea eilher cf the gi.vernaienla may signify their ' | w..h to lerirti.a'v il; therefore he* ivtii Tl al li t President he rei|C?>led to >17011* to lha yoii tmeet of (treat Uuiain. the wiali of the L uiuJ atatei lo n lu. nne tl.e aialuf ariicle. | | Mr Mcdarnnii. (whig) of Indiana, objected. , Mr Beat moved a rurpeuaton of the ruleg It ?at i j refill I II 74 111 t?S , I '1 he llouie ill n went luto Committee of the Whole on i THi taiaua hill , Mr Manttiet l (nhig). of k< utueky. moved to itrlkn out nil Ion IV. requiring that if any of the temtorioa' |upuletii.n la rpaire the oflirrrn ot the army, or any | pereutir thereunto belonging eau be usefully employed in thking the ci n?ua The Serratary ef War ia hereby < dirt rti ii to nffi.rd aueb ad If it can he given without | pl-JUdtca In tin- public ^artlna ' lit- wm i p|??t <i to | an.pic/Inn officer* ol the artoj l p"l <rin rinl duliaa , cf i In ii"\i riiQnnt lie iil?l mil know ? bit particular put ?f country Una aaatlvn wan himU for It wa? ba>l praoid-ut In ibia country to i niploy otA-cra of t li? HiJ for tlii? purpart* Hi- ?w >;,vuit kitiu|[ further ncuni for ni t forwlkf tanalliiriiil KixirDuu ata ||n ??tt?d no trrntorna to In- without a uu-, -hal I kit CaaTia (dim) of Ohio mkad whether thara war etc now in Mi ilt-o. Cililhrnia ami I tub' Mr Miinoi i. didn't know tut il not ha naiitod potm-an nta tnatltuti d anil maratial* appolulad t|a i an red to rtrlka cut the word* -or | ia- i? ?h?ri- tha j popnlhtun la apart*." and inert irhara in trrrlto- J rial (ovarnBirriia bara bai n organlai -i lif art cf Con- I fit'* 1 Ihi atrnilTltl irar llnfn it In Mr. t.'eaaan (wb p) of LouoUnj iiijUirrd whath--r , It waa to b> I-11 diar r. umiaiy aMk it- liafrtoii la ordir i ha arm/ UJi-vra to ilia performance of an; out/ ? Lktavar Mr Tiinairto* (dam) cf I'aonajlaanla. n j-'iad that tl.a m alien wa* Irniu* j with a rlaw to taka th? rcnaua In tboac par'a of I In tarrltora i wbera ?r ttlanianta ara tparra. ai.ii duti<ar to l? appri ban J-d from Indiana Mr JacMoa. t* hip.) ol >i w York tlrunpUt th vttha aitiia aai dafrctWa. and urovid to atrika out tha wnrda. "or au/ pi raon thvruiito baloupiup,'' but It ?a* M l aprnd to Mr Caarta auw no rrawn ahj thi-aa military pantnunn who afr doiop nothing during pro-ant peaca. hould not randi-r n un- kind of acrriee to Hit I nilad htalaa lla i c-uld not concur that it would bu diar*. rutakla for tliini to d<> what waa aataaunJ au honor n oihi r aitinn* | Yin quialion ?? taknn. and tha conrinlttaa rt-fua- J I to atrtki cut tha anrliou Ihnral olhar aiiii-mlm-iit* Ware actad on and lIII' III <>at liup o I nut om ? .1 p i I rrr il l i rtali nit lit . f the nun.hi r IT elan a rugl- I tin Itin tbi Milir mil timUr mttuuililiil ll'lnt* tli' f*uil? iinu wire *i U' .??i rug to aim .id ill* ecbnMk >lr Stirta#. (elrgj of PinD?jl?nl? eald It w*? mm ! ?? to do (hi* i.? tlenke l.tfc <Urr*iljr bi < o prrpto'il Id ktii iilturi with lb' act ' f Coign e* of ia*t 10 ,Ion I Mr Mi'?* (d*tn ) of Keitii'ky aid w tb' e*b*dole# rill alrrkdy cut and drird. It ?ea no u>* to ni'Dd llnti, hr morrd that lb' com mill'* rtao It a* tot Ifriad to Mr ftTamrt. (whig) of Ntrth Caroline mnred to D iod I y emrtalolng th' am unl nl turpi n hi'. ro*lfi L i u ? k and nam md epoka of tba Importance c! tbr mlorn atii d Mr (dria .) of Loulriaaa in o r?<| to rtrlka out r**lr and Isart u?*a (laughter)?not mnwr but \ mora ?liIf h ri? becoming lira dlogly raluabk to l.ouIriara r rrmandtng hetlr r prtn a than cotton If lib* tb* in.i ntion ol t i aft* a* to aaccrtatn tb* pr ?durlkoiu of irri) flat* and nuwrahl* dl-trlrt h* Wiuld lump ' th m a* waa propi < d bjr i" trankliD to mj (fa.f on t th* whol* lairtl ol perk at met (Laughter) Mr iMaoley a amendment nj'flol Mr firm lib in ) of Indiana ofl.r.d an amendment, wh i b aaa riji *ti d to ercrrla'n tba r ?p?mui porta ot pal'til < r arer* t tuedu m*a in that tb* public might la aba much -oap n-b?? and brick-duet arc Ut*n in fotm uf pllk. boa a>ufh niolaarrr and tar for ough drop* and > uger and ran r in iii* form of -ar-ap-itl t Mr Time*. lb pnranane* of pr*rtf oa uoti** offer-d two an.iailmi nia ** additional a? cilou*- on*.that future n ti-u- eheil oa taken under thia law prorld d C> i a rra? aball iff I* ct to make prnaiaton; and tbcKb*r ' that under tbr f i oto a r-rope*.. d lb* nuuib- r of ri ptrai riali??a rhall * n?i?t of tba two hu olr*d in edmil'k tnlbra fn m n*w (ttatra whlrb uiay com* la i ' wl b- ut erCng on tbrm 1 b* t t n unit*- ?e*e. and th? II ma edj- urn*4 Him aura*. May 4. 1U0 . To t?i i Bniraa rr thi Ni? i < ai lliaaii ? Tbf Tnlrw of rrfrrtinf to tba pr reading* 1 [ Of t ngreee na tka C'nauablU. tootalna thia paregrapb, I ata 1 b? t#i*gr?pl t* r*po*r?r of la* Aaroriatod fr?* a*pi I) aad Inni'a maly eondeneea aa fauna. ' A n.?ndir*nt* r* ?"t*d o?, aad lb* anmmittaa 1 roaa Tb* lioua* adjourned ' It did not *? m to bar* rrawUd through hu? hair that aay body wanted t< know what am*ndm*nta ? ra ror*d on nor whether lb?y wera ad?p.*d or rejected . 1 y? l w? would gin more for tb* rot* alt her nwa ag I kr I Into* * ?m*uuni?r ta than t> r ail lb* report a?aI tain* " i h* r?aa*n f*r the ' rr ndrmatlon " la. lb* commit' t. were engaged on ani?r lui nti not n my oplai .n | of general inter**! Mr Vlatoh on Wrdneaday m*raI ly ' ?arc uolia* ' of Ira ' ntrat >a ' t' offer tbe amendButl? flat bating off* r?4 tb-m th?y w. ra u>t ro?#d ' on and th re' tie aot* could aot h* transmitted I Miacioua that I hare not r>-glee ted th* huatn-a* la trh.ih I am engaged. I abnuld uk* litre* fart* m -ma to tb* km wl*dg? i.f tb* Aa#ofl?t*d I'r*** through tb# n *4mm ef tb* /feea.a Ton*#, raty r**p#*ifuily, TilM RKPORTR* for tb* A.roataied I'mag. AaaUirr Crrraaar on the Mlraladpyt' R'fttw'.ap. ta , May (AM

1M| N*w elmbl tuiLM *-,i here llll- ul >r lllif ?( ? H at iMlliKt rrrti>M htt 'frvrr' < la tk? par'ah ot M Jan ?#. wbl<-b aaa alraady iO? l?t alila ami aia il??p KaWal plai.tatl .? h.? I U?n iul?tm?Ta?4. ?r <1 It ?B* f?ar?4 that it anvM c * br ?t<>pi>'4 baf >ra Ur??n?? 4aaia<r* h?'l twn l? n? Mi*f)r Ktlntat tlbaaf. AiaiM, May I AMI Ow *Hy ??aa rM??4. fater Uj a*4 t day. witk tff h*a?y raiaa, ?bi'h hara nauani |ih? n??r ?- rtaa aa<t v?<f v? 1'ia 4 <Ka In Ml ,yf pUaa* It la avili rt<ln< of Hrlarmm. ftai Tittaaa, May P M A Ur*a ' "? r"' ''t?i m-atlng ia tr-iug h?lJ by th* 4.?ir*fvr, A^otra Uiia*r??l?f RK H ESDAY, MAY 7, 1860. Int?r<-atli?K from Wwahlngtow. OCR SPECIAL TELEGRAPHIC CORldUPatSBIfCK. Wahiirutor Citt, ? Monday Ereuing. Ma; 6. 1* >0- j The Compromise Committee are waiting for the arriral ol Mr. Webeter. They ntn; report to-morrow, but It I* not oertnln. The l'u>o del Norte In given to Tex?a. the line of Itew Mexico running twent; mile* north of that pass Mr. Clay was In hi* place all day. ready to Intercept any motion to take up the California bill separately. When the report la presented, after a running debate, It will probably be made the special order for Mou day n*'xt 1 he extreme South will oppose It.and move to aubat Itute th>- Missouri lino M??r? lb ti'ou itud Ltuuglaaa, a lid otbera. will urge California by In rsuif Mr Vu'ee ntovi d a resolution to- lay. ashing further Information in rifwnet to tha uoiai employed in getting up lh? Stiiti' "t California Mr Wentworih'a CommlUea ou the I'alilic l'riutiug art' making annte eurious discoveries Hie whin* ""d the rubiuit ar<> In th? greatest runfusion 'J liirty member# of thi* Ni'w York delegation go for Yaylor'a plan against tho compromise. TMK IlENTON AND FOOTK INVti^riOaTION Wash i>o rov, May 6, 18.',0. Ma Biaam :? There were several errors In the report relative to the investigation! of the Denton and Knotc committee. It ia staled that Mr Benton cross-examined Mr Pranc.aJ (Inind Till* ia not true, because Mr Q. ia Mr. 11.'a witness. and General Koote baa, theretore, the only right to cross-examine hint. Again: It appeared that Mr. G vraa embarrassed by .'olourl Kenton. 1 hia 1* not tru?. L.-eau'e Mr. G reailly , distinctly and wii b a uice lnetaphy ieai dlserltuiuaUuU am wi red'every ijuestion of C.tbnel II A* far a* the iovesllgal luu lias proem Ji.d. ilicliliiug Mr Ut nnd fi lin e days'examination, uot a thing baa to en i lieltcd justifying Coloee! lien I hi' assertion lb it dilnikl Know p i meditated aaaaaainallon It la a rhkijp iiraim-t winch General Korne ... ve noltoe to-day be would aaik the prntertlou ot tho tribunals. loiumoii Council. BOARD OF AIOlKKMliN ? DAILV ' EASiOta. Alderman Morgana. President. iu the Chair. T.a,I etentng al hie o'clock, tin th ud of Ald rmen hi Id the thai of their daily aeaaiona, pursuant to au iid.nance pursed during the last mouth. riva ir i vuio) racvTcuianu ?ri.rrr, A pe'.ttion ?|i presented from Duiiitlt Slevanaon. Asking lor a lease of one-half the pier now b log built At the loot ot Twenty-eighth atr -et. Ka-t river, for a leiTn of live year* tiom tlie completion ot the ami", at such price as is just and prop, r he h viug I. asi d from li e private owners thiir ilkU of ss-ii pier, ltvferred to the I otninitlce on 1'ilMiUc.e. ci mix or tux rmr. WARnm*. A petition was received from Thomas Bo; -e, Secretary ?t a meeting of Unit-ire tt ard'-n- held on Friday exiting staling that SattiUrl 11. Warner wna n-iutltmt. d Clerk by a majority of the meeting and respectft.lly i ir king tin Common Couneil to appoint hi in Clerk of lie tin Wardens Upon a vole I aya.sand uaya. the apiuitilun lit waa coui rnnd l in Tfa.N AqOADlCT. T'pon the mo'lon of Aldevniaii Shaw, the following reenluth n was adopted;? 'ihut ti ? 1 rtmiiient nf lie Outon .V|tielmt Df i r r'dii ri i i c tlir. t ted 1c report m tlra lbmd * | Uu I t I r. > id ru tlx Pri ton aattr w ti.a nihabltaat* t liar, in ?a 1 iti ilimlli, alio, it * ? >i ol loan rnciitip a ( vrn ir ?n ?r kiarite L:|hUn(li lii'fttvu Mnnhat iqtiiIpiia': ntrleui. of piilttiMi mg rtpioDa for tlx g>? vf tlx pvjylalB Raiataalaiarilli mid! n> rim* to nir ?oith airta. bepoi t of tin- t'ouiiuiltec mi H IiUim. 1'ii r?. anil ^llpa tdtrru lo building pure at tin- In. t ni Th.rtyilxlhelrett and Thirty ninth ?tr.'rt North Hirer lit lbi ? c-l o( the '??jo ri. t inn iiii I mInnittin|{ a rr mlu'ion pi unt the water right al lb* foot ol Thirty uiuthatroat. lc J N < > b. proehtrd that In* huilil a pin at hi* own ro?t. Iti fern d to the Committee nu Finance. Tin ncioai rt or momt wart Th* CaMBiittea on ttidiuaui-e reported in f*i?or of Lbv follow) ug ordinance. The ownir or occupant <f each anil fi' ry atore or r?t 1 ri but It] li'|i In the rily of New V' rk, In which there l- u hniatway ihaii rtt'l-e the -am m i eh atury to tie I'-rlhaith inclined by a I ami -ulln n.nt rating tiouDtllb opening llurent r provide for the cloning jt a in li o|ei.In n hy a trap Jour; nod each owner or ivrc ii]>hiii of any auch building or atore -b ill rtui aail , -? I ng l? he eeeuiely fa-lela*U Up nr aallitraii door to | I - ilnanl 101 tbe ei ui) letbui ef the tniaim-aa nf ?at h tlaifln and. ab ata - ImbM ii-a , -?4 ft- -ii eifilall ,nt Ol the piiillalt'lia if thl" ordinance the u?a>r or OWDtra oct upanl or oeru|iaut? ol any tut h alure or Iti.idlug ahall le liable to a penalty of file J for each ami er t ry o(!i nee. 1 lie ft rep. Inn ordinance waa adopted Toil It'll tHi.-MH. Mat umb'i n??i a i rat rail* MaTMKW. 'The report of tha Fiunuce (..'omtnill*? relattee to a bill of t II SO. to K It .1 lie drool for loll Incurred by t bt ( oi p< ret n n tn cre?aiii|r i In* bridge over Macomb * I'ani In company witb lather Matin w. on Un; itU of July laet, a a* adopted an 11.*.. ?ia?r aiTiiorr ticint. It | rt of Klnanee t'oniui ttee in firnrnt cancelling jbdalKUt apaibat Oemye \V Ubu Btftrltl. fir celling n.iat a tl.out liteme, on hi* paying tha hill of coat*. lU adopted nra intu or Jar amirr Report In in the Roardnt A-aidant Alderman In barer of lie exclude*' lux of lha north able ol pier toot of Jay aire*t, and eouth bait of allp k?t*? tt Jay and llarrleon *tn eta rse? pi lha bulkhead being granted tolt-trpet llyn.e, I i at* and burgac. waa cuncari* U In MKL1II ArrniRTED ?T INI TITt inricx n A n li mui.ication fr ??? tbt f'ty lt<ep*r> tor n* miuating tha following I" " Health Vt aru< na lor I Li* city H ??*. II *.W. W- Ali lander Tate# i:;ih John M (Irifltha 4th - I atilrk l.awla** 14th John Dcgei Mil tlci.igi U Martin. lotll Jto teb Acker. ill Je lur* tVItinera. ltfih 1 h'i? Pteplienaoq hlli- Itua id 1 rti|'li.< lit 17th K dolp ? l?. arlmrn. Ittb-Ainlri'? h I ronk. 1 *?th t'bsrlM f Mlilur. 1 ML- It in II llrighara 1Mb-A llijuiril. 13th? John hurt h< II 1 hi- It port of tlm Committee on Hi-larlea rcenmBin.O'U ai, ihr foregoing to Ik appoiut.d leap: thoee lor iLc lourth kifib Nineteenth. Tblriutulh and 1 oMltr*nth aaid* Alderman fnaw op< ned a henry artillery upon the ft nlltia, for tntrrfe rlnral h lb' nppwtutmawtaaf the lity lii.prlir ami tkua M4ImiIii chararl*r*id the rij?.uu to. it up to public erllic.-oi Tin. lair had rinPdtuli health rl lint ctiy to ibr t'ily I n?perlur. and Lad in*t?trd btm a It It a gn at ilnl of dlacrvthmaty pair tt. r. th.y lu th.-r.ry begiiiuliig >1 hi* atimintKtratlt'ii. to Impeach In* >l < r< m-.i r?m lu *o email a mailer a* lb> m It < ti. it .1 ll> alib tt trden* and It an- t Le pul l c to Im lit ?a that the In ml of th? d.-p i.-tnn t.l ie a man I'lihi r altoe- jnd-mt-tit or win a- mtng'lty ia lint tn Im dcinndid upten' H* trusted In llwl there- tea* no political parly lu thai It dy h*t m>uld ?< degraut ibnu elm. a* to apply panj politic* to the appoint ineot I.f a Health tt ar.Un Tin c.- aa* at l *?t our it the pereon* rrjrrtrd, tehum be knew to br eminently fltrd for tba < ITS. * Aminan leeirrm raid ha thought the e. nmillee Lad a rtgbt to Inquire Into <arh app 'iiitiacnt. and th* Li aril pad a rtgbt tn uar It* d.rcrrto n Aldt he it to* eald the p. r* -u? r- fcrrml to w*ra wt ri> 11> d Thty niny n < yt lappr--? d They a are ft Id mi for furl !- r en i.i> rail- n I n r? fer?ncr to .he Imputation of p. lit.rat u- tire* ha denied It altiyr*th?r. but ba knew abo >a> making political ri|<it?l but of tbi* affair an Itlial aa- III* Mdaruian td III* l'ftb (1 aiift.trr ) Tb* ff|*fl t.f lb. enuiuiitlr* ?m t! ?! put to ti?I?. n4tut?4 INI RiTIII IU??"l 1 h< fi.lUi?tnn ii?ulull< n ?*? al ptf-d on (Im motion of A Mirnuo i i? k R 11 ?i i, , i rtfort ? . Ikta ll.tar? ? Ik* kMt f?> f aa?h *i* ?u kit |*ih .... ?? i"M *r <t.'i*r ifl?*'*d ?j ?h * ll"?ro a. >i?* araal-na m tha in i 4?. if mi.1 ?. mi, k >?? ??i n^iriM apaa, a?d * *hal . < r IT.i' lr* or .1. | artn.aat rtl?rr?l Tb* l.f'hrd tb*n aUjour n*.l *1 * of lock r?/T:r> nr *0*1*1 \tT At.ifkRHKI Tb* Hoard n*t la t a*?binr Tl?? fiMif"#! '? tha Chair. Tin mlnutr* of tb* la*I iu?*tibg ?*r* r?aj ttJapI rc?i d A burnt** of pclltiob* **r* '? l and tf|n>frit|i|f r*f? rr*d In '?rfir of l.oildti |f a *??.* tti t tmi u atr**o. from I berk lo If ntlauti ??-*. t In fator ?l hiuliliiif lb 1 l.ltltrfb aticat Iron Un Third ???uue lo in??r>*rl tin' mod lo l.< iiofi. ii ifrnai In fa?of rif hut 1.11 nf M*>ri In If ago* I itlf and Iranlf-dl atrarta In fa?or f Itralilli f btiu grading > >"> Inu.ih otrocl, ft m lb* kl> ??bi|i arabw* to II > IliJitt Rlnt lb fan* of fli.friii| aid* *alk? lb \1?? r n air**! from |i*tau*y to |: *lb|f?l< ii atrt.t Intact of rrad'nr and mar xlaaililbf Tortjr a pM atrct from llraadany to ki|tl *?*nii? in to*<>r I i.ruiatinf Thirty* ghtb Hurt h*t?<. n Tniih ai.d t l??*oth ?? niira lnfaaur rf frbcitiR Tar bo I hd* In t hr-ry and Wo'or air*#!* a ram ?.*?? h'aolctd That lb* . n. pint air t,t of tha K*w York # ?b- f.? h? (I M Rtiaaol ft .... and afti r lb * >lal? nnI. *? th# |.r..| ri*tor* Iktrraf aill Jo lh? * >rk at tba rat* Y f Md' ara"b., a* f al.l t b# otb*r pap?ra Adoytarl It**. lutlor ra.1,t.f i n lh*t oiin*f*l to tb* I'nrpnbatlnn tr rt'for! tn lb,* Hoard i. ? .p in n a? to ahrthcr tha t.'aJ* of tlftartb ?lit* ba** a rifbt to matr any rua tiwct h eb r*.(ii,'*? th* t p'tnln ur* of mot* than j* o aitUtil in t|.pr,-pr lattam for t h? mm a t doptad K**.|tnl, That II.* of a .l*tln| and , i *a,|. If p T- a'.iy | la. ?, rrt.m tt rli In!niton atr**t ao aa ta IbtrCrrt1 hrrrh ?trr*' I O ftttaj to a ?p**ial lob. millt* of tbla It'iard it I tiitl ?a d cotntnilt.* r*port 'b*rare aa won a. |>ra< > ,Ht* - ll?ft rr*d Ha ? . i n hal-.i.ij, W a.hlu*t >n or Haw) ai > liarl* - or *at?r<iay fr .Ui a halin? ?'-f.*1 Irtlf bid at I 'ftnii luc.i on hat ?ay ?? I I. ?1 that yirtn, >k> .Mh .1 Marrh Tha yolln* f??? ?aa aliU iaK,na ti tbat < lir and |?>rt airayt > I tb? ?Mya n? il-? fflu* A Tfca tirvkaea ( lha l'"iw I ad m. anal aUtol E tt A 1 THE RELIGI0I.8 A.TMVHKSAHV MEETIMIS. MMW TOItK, A. I)., 1S30. Amrrlrtn Htamrii't Friend Society. Thin laudable. phlUiithrnplo. and uaefttl ln*llluli?n held Ita twenty-*emnd annual meeting, la*l ev niuj, lu the Proadway Tabernacle. P. I'cril, K-) , Ilia president of llic *oe!ety. in th-> rli \ir After Ihn preliminary cxercieea of tinging an origiual byiuu. prepared for the omiiIdd, und prater, TVe CNAiaMaa made a few obrerrstlonj. H? aaid the flrnt tuoveuietit in this great work wamlmtiltanwou* iu the city of Now York and in tlie city of London In London tin y ercett d a Heating chap-1 on Iba Thame*, and in New York wan built tlor Sailor'* IJouift lie t then went on to dewribe the le-inhta ari-ing from tbe ry.-trm of temperance which ha* bean adopted throughout merchant vm*ol* and Jthe nary and gave" ar an evidence of tbe aailor* frugality, that tin ro It. in the Siaui-u'* Saving* Lank of IhM city a nuiu excel ding one million of dollar*, owned by *ailora The rail- r U a man. and a man of feeling lie h*< a conrclence. and tbe very uaturu of lii* employment 1 bring* him more in contact with the wonder* of Ood : Iu tbe rilencn of night, with tile canopy of heaven | rpread over hint, he ranuot but reflect, and the record* of our ln*titutinn will *h -w that the *ail-?r. in j irkneaa and in tlie hour of d-ath. ha* not been In- \ sensible to the hi- using* of th Divine truth. An iil..Uuetof tin annual report w.i* r- ad by it-v i > .-|.KUlUl>g. 'l.e i.I nil- MlTilr.ll, Ii- iii WIIiMI ll ppinn that the rec-ipts of tin* society I r this year Milling on tint let inst . were 'inil the o*p -udituiTu 12! fUt, i xct-edlng tin* receipts of 111 preceding j i iit i 4 SUa and n- t including a coiistderubl-- amount collected I y the Sotti I?t.i i and exp. nded iu liio plucm ulurc rain d for local obj ci * 'I lir i.pi rations of tin society arc both foreign 1111 do "i-t.c t xtmdinjr, through t* cbapl-i na sndaai or misatonai ies, the uiiuistraliuns ol lint gospel to seamen, to kind i r.'.ri * to tin- iir t. and tin-1* -1 rite* to thu dua l, in llo- it-Urdu of 11:?* I'acittc. China Krazil Chili. I I in tut-. r?i d. n and the U'e.l indie*. beside* anting iu concert with nuiui-raua auxiliaries and l ml ?,k-| t in, In rUHtr.luiug railora* ltnmtt.t and bethels. &e to , lllil rCUUt IV I lie M.eiiiy* Ilouiu, In Now York, ha* bad. within ; tin- past year, m -Ml, aud iii eight y a trs. Ji 9T4 andor- j btaidrre holm ol tin results ol tine- laoor- an- seen in the following particular*, viz: thousands of acauian have sigi.i d and keep lb- temperance pledge, enttra cirwa go to .< ? and rrturn li-nue. sooer uien: intoxicating 1 oj in re a/u nor tumble U among lln- slum* o| lire nnrrb.iut the whaling- and ti-bnig vessels. .it turnmrly; comparative ord-r aud i|ui- l now p.-cvatl iu the aulll-re Inn* m lb, si reels. and on the wUaria.s; trie gem ral hi-aii h < t ri-aun u le liopi ovt d, th-ir ch st* are will I plenit-btd; huudrc-dn of th-u-aiids of dolus liavi laeu dipo-lHd by t'm-iu in siiish nnu< lit raving'. I'ai We, their I'nuiUie* rendereil more eouii.i.-tahle and In.ppy. Iheli t p|-ar< nt ibriii rising iu their p. ofrreion. and becoming, in many instances, owunrs in tin- crail th-1}' llavijrate. a* the lincliatiio owu* in* t me, tin du-ripliue 11 tbo eeu greatly improved. ; 0 mil g ntiu li>- by Inuio force a.i-l more hy iu.-m! Influi tici; it ti a-be re of master*. oflieere and sailors, I made wire and happy in a lireriyr reception. mi l laith1 nl proft r.-ion of a pintuul nlign ii, and having tasted tile good word ]thi uiselVi *, c. eating uad supplying n di mi.nd for U on A>reign ehotea. burli are a-me of the remit* alike gratifying and encouraging to litres who are urging forward one of the tiohliet enterprise* of modem Li in - < '11 u lei go ctiiigri guiiori, which, t tiieir honor lw> it fold, wan principaily oompOM-d of ladire, wis th in udiii wni lylbr Kct Mr Trumbull eeamau'achaplain, \ alparaiso. who uiuVi d that the report be primed. 'Hi* cause had two characteristics In the Orrt place, j it i uy lit to be a good one. and men ehould lliiuk It good tt lnht We rlepl <(uielly ill our linuu-s at u ghl. the tailor wan to*e**d about op -u the ocean whilst we had our home and frientln to g i to, he tluiU n-ine tern when on shore. I'oi-r -lack, wlw-n abroad in I oil* u put Into uu hospital, without a window, and ? a? he bud i-fti u teen lilm without a ahect. ami dying | wabout any spiiitual couaoiatiou Tiny are to he . prc-lecli '1 troni those sharks on land, and he ha* now a home to go fB. where In- will have good counsel, j and the word of find The tier gentleman spoke at rousidi table length, and detailed many imtauca* white the di--i m uatiou of the hcrlpttires in various languages? Pwtdi.h Danish. Spanish and Kngtiah? t had bun success ul iu r claiming sailor*, notwithstanding the reel! > and ncer* w.tli whli h a .in* of ( them ut Cr?t rnHnil lb* ifoit? that wen mad# by 111# chaplalne '.I the lh?tU'iti>n About two yeara ago ! til# n-lgate Cumulation .'an to ^ alpnrat O b" went on l.<?i>l and e?k. it fur lb- chaplain That tplwln ' mud they hud nut a chnpluiu -that h? and tb# t'reai- | i di nt bad talked about it. and lh?y lhuu?bt it b lur , I lb Imt a natural.el II# aatd. You know It la ubI runktltutlonal to mid a chaplain,'' but if that ?t? | ui.ri inditulimial, it ? ni#d to him that it <i> elrangu I to aeti.l ibr#o or tour hundred taeu. to e >ur?<> tho world | , upon ttin waves, with a pbyaician, bat without a (chaplain. The Kef. Walt! r Colton, t*. 8. N., of rhllvlaldhlA, nix; hI.If-ml ib? NSMtliM II" I a ti<.a to the fTict that the character and condition of | our n .nlnli ib< m to our aynipalhy and aid II* Irall.d upon th# n.#i|ing to look with biui toward* tba ra. not to wnirb lb# ic brni wtucb ha designated th# | aauih ring l<mb#t< u#? of lb* nm'n daad but to Hit # .1 . n i mariner who rlaiun .1 il ir .) lopalhy an i ! a bo to-night ram# to ua with a Inug arrrar ol neglect- i rd rlaio-a but for th# hardy enlcrpri-e oftlioaa man, j in what ruDciti. n ahould we belu-ulght' Tba rava- | rend if. tilI. man hi re entered into a very eloquent de- J Cllpttuu of ike m email # claiul? upon alt el.-ta->ee of the ' c* i* inuii11y Ibe annal* of our natal > ng ut 'tile ' fuiuiah i.i t an lindane# of the auilor'a deraliatloii of In. duly in the hour i f p. rd It i* tailed forib by no j a.uieler motive, and the liurupet of feuie uiak. a It iui, known If any of our 1air au iltora wen- hi peril, he ' ' h i W# not to hl? wn danger, t.ul plunge* overboard to j I h?r reeoue; ha looke uid fur rwaaona to liy to thr LegW- , | lalura lor a divorca from woiniiu, he nei#r lUruwa bar ' tiveibourd (i Iiuti and laughter) II# I* frank and I I ojn ii-lieeit. il it tul ae an llltnuration lb# epoakar da- ' taib d en anecdote of a number of tailora hiving got drunk on ehora in a ehanty; they were robbed and . a.Ufbl rvdreaa, but iu vain, in a ! w day a aftrr tb- y went to ebora again, and burnt the aUantv; one of tliem aae iirrut. j aud wee di feuded by a young lawyiT; wh? n the Indictment wa# read over.' true,'eu id the tail, r; " liu-b eaya the young lawyer, make no aduiieai'.f.e, give m# a eb.tu< # of d. feuding you; wa may pi an ' an ahh " aa.d he. " wbat eort uf a riafl le that," (laaglitir) ' to prove you ware uot tbirr replied the lawyer, 'oh but I wae there ' aald be, "and but ned it down with my own hand*." (Laughter) 1 be eptakt l tin u went "n to eliow that | nluel-1 U-twenth lbe uf the ogeotea wlil#b oceurre I In i tbt l.avy eould b# true J la th# tie of ardsul epirlta, | but he bed now returned fr .m tba PaclSe, where, en.origet a whole e.|uadron. not a gta*a of ard#ut eplrlia had been given 1 he offlr> re do uot introduce it. but tin gnu runo ut do lie her# di tailed ari auacdot# of a nan having heed Sentenced to the la-h for breaking (pin tl a pint-room aud he alirihulid hie haetng done en to the got rnmant, who th# d.y b-for# had all? wi U hlfn three glaeeea aud he aeked that the goeeraa.M might get part ot the puui'hmenl (la ifhbr) f oi.grewe. in lie daye of lgnorau#e legielat.'d tine whiekiv into the ratlone. aud let th. m now I'grlate It* tut of the ration*--It l< miM | ml * damning bird Vth.t tin i u do for , Ikt wlli/r ' You ran en-lain hi* hmw Wt mint n^t ' t rc Bprihd * I ! IM retu'n* ri >.n I tig my * ' I to d< ? n 10 i baee at.?de* ..f lufao. > and MtkM fl??j I iti tnn too l?ii| hi* ikotk , liter* b* Ini left hi* bald earning* thr wreck ot hl? arioatituti m wud lb' | li I < 1 hi* > *l?*ti"? fbufnbWIlMIMMIlMMW I jrl met. in iwt it; > *r* ? eaii.r who hfa?J to rand r*|l|bM tllfl and O'blibuml to mention tort* to thow 'he progn * of the tnrbl; on h?*ril aereial t.? tie wlirfe the alula <ii-cij.Iii.- .f the alnp- tr.l m under moral irBuvner* hbail It ha lb# -ailor t lot In dtepalr ' Ho I n f man * li?art be ba? alwayt found and alwat* "111 And a re?|. n?* to lb' releiaitiri nf hie lot They I an rlnrg to litm ?h?n all other* liava aliandoned him. tin; but not de-Mel hltn tth n it hat abandoned himMlf. and Uod Lletet thain for it tl I" ar* ) 1 lie Iteo It n i km M R'K.tae of ftoatnn m'T-d th? belt fen I tit I* u to the eflert that the A a -rtean Aean.en * Yr.etol feoeerty initaduti** ear urea lb- latere tt of lh> mtrrhanl. the welfare of tha country and lh? good of religion To thl* tha rarerend item I. uian ?! ? ha at roneldi rail* length and In a etraln ol atoll ne a ca llow raet i? the ncrrbant'a Interrtt mil be mm ' In the Y.i fll'h m? rrhautanen for the year 1M* raigne* taeui d from hi r forte to tha ralna of and the value of tba veto It wat not tn* than A > it* c ui dvr tha rare ot 27o '* ) men In r?r nittry then I* a tonnage between Ihrwwand four million*. fur r iporte I .Hi million* of il liar* Mir In porta 'be tame, anil uu'h-r the gnariManthlp of aatlnra lif. (<< In tumhtr The eprakrr then went on to tbr.w that It wat the InUm ur* of rrl gl n and the ?ar* of the moral* of the **n.n n rlferted hy thl* analety. thai pn vi nti d t hi n> turning pirate* with ?oeh a v*?t t<nipiatl?ri?anrh vait wealth wltliin their power I tkiti they vrn te yi.nd the r> arb of th< law It waa the power of Ihte t -ehty which tang'it him that he mi"! bow aa a creature of II ml It le b ranee lie feel* ha I* ut.der tftte ry* of tha Kternal on<, tber# It tafety for that wialth Tbe tbmieand* that have le-en given to thv roriety have eav. d hundred* of thon and* 1 hrra have lean men *h have argued for 41*union for tha evvtal ng of iIk plate* fal-- to man tkl?e to tlod. and later In tbe r ronntry tAppiau**} Ihe. tolve tb' t ni .n They anil aeb thr *aa* u well a* tha lend (llnrr. ) It r"l? t""" ?P It (tnl* th- m up Ufibft, r? will It hold ih?m on with ana foaling. on? iiatura, ?>?? hlblr. oaa ?'><! (< b>-?r? | Tha ?(.< nk> r 11.? ti aatrtad on art;i-la from lha I*?t4an Mantf?v Ad April Id wlilrV Ihrra a ?a on r^unl of in aiaatlnalln* of f ?nn n, wh> ft aararal Mild tint th> y vi nld n< l f phi Mfilovt Ann rift Till It not In Unwii. tr? tUadd. (Unghjof) Mth?- r.a? that l.ravvd thmannd y. it> tin I Diilr an.l Ihv lifww vhirh hta bwt rut ta .* if r?*nt of advauiagw ?a iht n?il|?hlt wm It la ??!'? down and lhara u nd a 'Uag*r af a war h?lv?r l i'tlaml ant Aimrlit (t/haara ) Th? tpaak*r III! n *|||" a ltd nw txihalf nf tha ao*|v*y Tha luf Mr W|?.| ITI fnitnwail in a wrry humarona and flmulit attain k Itcm-dlrtion waa glvaa. tha Knti.ligj *?tig and Ik* m-nlng aaparafed. hlgliiy I pliaard with thaareonata al tha ?*lat/'t amgrt ta. LD. TWO CENTS. Mrtllnt(< C* ** Held. Ti>iui>a?, S.'** T An>?rlf?n Antl-8i??cry Boei-t> ?Tabnrnaale. 10 A. M,, aixl continued for thr?* urnaMiW 'i*T? at the ftoaiatjr Li hiary Aiiirrican and Foreign Anti SUvere Society?*TatarnarU.3 V M. | N?w Vork and AanTicitu Huudsy School Diloa? ; Tabornarlu. l>alf-|'a?l 7 V M Ni? York 8tatv Culnnirutl'iii S<wi(?f? H.f.irmi Dutch Church, corner of Lafayette Mace and fourth halfpast 7PM American female tiuarilnn Society Church of tha Puritan* I'nlnn Square, half-pant 7 P M. American and Foreign t'lirietian t'uinu, at I>r ITuvtuu ? I hurch. I nmi.iiy Place, al 7,t o'clock. P *1 Semi-Annual noting ot Directors of .Society tor Promotion "t i ..U. giui. ami Theological f.lunation in tha >1 i *t ti L.b' I ty etrci t Clerical Temperance C invention?Tlrick Churoii Chapel, y A il WEM. a. da v. Ma. 8 American Tract Society Tabernacle. 10 A M. Bunt new Mu ting at the Tract Hon,..- it a M | Institution fbr the Hllnd Tabernacle IP M. Amcricuii Home Miaaiouaiy Society -Taberuacla, ; hall-pant 7 P. M. American female Guardian Society Ladles' Uxt ItiK at the Home for the Friendlen*. on Kail Thirtieth elm i ucar fourth a*enuti Annual meeting Aa*ochited Alumni N Y Th' "log eel Si miliary ?at the semiuary. 3 P M Wexh yan M oeionarjr Society King street Wesley a? Chapel. below llud.-ou, 7,'? I' M. Tin M at 9. American Bible Society Tabernacle. 10 A. M. Bcuacesx meeting at Society'* House. M A M. American foreign anil I brut an Union?evening Institution for the Ileal and lluuih?Taboruacle. 4 P. M A no-rimn Ti Dulon?Tabernaeln, half-peat 7 I' M AuorlcHii Baptist HomeMissionary Sooiaty - Norfolk street I .iftiet ( lunch Bitiditesa meeting at 10 A. M Public ooufcrauee in ihe atterneon. Fsidav. Mir 10. AirorU'tii Hoard "f I'ommiNUOUi r? for foreign Mission TkU niacin. to A M Meeting in In huIf r.f the American Hoard of Paraigs Mi-sinus Tabernacle afternoon. N V. Female Mi* mnnry Society?Bedford atraol lliurrh. 7) P M Annual in. ting of the'!." dies of the Uomo-Taberuucle. a P M. Sundah, M ?? l'A Amarirau and Foreign Sai.btith I'nlnn?Chnreh corner fourth street nnd hnlayette place. kbrouraa hy Key. Dr. Letliuur half-pn*t 7 P M. Mommy. Mir IS. Miaaionary Society of M. K. Ohuroh?Greene strael, ".Si v * FcMMi ii M*y 93. Aoi'-riean anil fori ign liild* Society Nor/olA rtrawt Bupiiet Church. 10 A M 1 lie Trial of W in. il. THompao*, fur Ntpifi r.n Kigt.v n iiii c it'tt r. Before Judge Uncuwood aud At l umen Pert-nad Lambert. Mat 6 ? Thlf case which ?j< peudiie; when tho Court adjourned mi U7tli ult. t;e called as th<* writ c:i-. for the May term Tiie same juror, w r . .lied, and il wax evident ttia' the cue- war ti !? c in.iil i d. la!.,in; 11 up where it ato?d 11 tli" . lore ( U?l t m On t In in tin ? < ! the J or i. being railed, one of ' '<? ? Mr Voran, Mid to au?wer. when tli" ju I ' i Ihit In' hul rrri'iri'd a letter fr un Mr. Mnrau. ?ii eg tfrt he had bn n thrown from n wigmt <>n * ?iurA?/. ?i.ii upraitu d an ankle, end conaoiucutly oould not itt< nd #Tho Court immediately despatched an olll :?r tot'ie rc.idi urn of Mr M, ran t? ascertain bin actual cndltion mid whether In could coma into court jir .rid I a carnage were provided to convey liim from lit. li-ue to tin City llali and back a, ?lu. W hilt- tlir officer was goue to r Mr Moran, tli- proaid tig judge took (Icr.'taion to mage ; ?.; remark* upon the auhjert ol the remarks lu the -Vr.? Ytrk lit raid relative to thi* trial duilgc Uracil wood aaid Pin. . th< a.ljourunt'ntof the Court, we hare noticed two article. in.i new.pip-r called the A'rw Y'<rk //?> ui.i. concerning th- ea-e now ..a trial ri.fut t? the com t tr riin?ura?.l,'?e?Uoul I take ua notice of arUrler of this kind hut a.. ihey n ire an iigtv rloua tendem y iu nil.tradinc: the uninformed,a id aliuiiug'he public mind it I* thought that lh?r. spcci w.iiah ?? owe to the court call. on ua to notice Up -e puOiU oat ion* At common law an a-ticle which rert.-eu upon the court or Juror< on the due admiitialra'ion of lew in a contempt tiur legislators hare taken 'lie utile rirw milking off. n< r? ol this character ratsde. nieanor*. and pun ahatle aceo'dingly In lite pruwul In-tunre. the article* are lai-* .in! gn>*a misrepresent atlona The aame piper by title, but not the nine ireue, contain* in the printed report what ew the true reason for the adjournment of tic trial i'he court mu*t. aa the Cattle profit! < com in oca ti* ti rn. on the first Mondsy of each month aud' lor four week* (Saturday afternoon of the lu. wa * had arrived aud at techrariit* had h . n ie-ned vgant witii. .*) < who had been . uhpiruawd. and thc?e atte: hm> ut? ?>re not yet returned ih'trial could nil be i our .1 bcf. re buuday. on whtcb il.iy It I. ill* gal to hold the court f. r auy purpose except liial of receiving the verdict of a jury This wan ata.,d by the rep irtcr. iu hi* account ol t be trial NotWith.tau tin, ttie arlirle (Judge r> ?Ja tr. ui pip r) " home ?.iy It it the reason i f the p .-tp >nem? nt graw out of tin- pro liability ihat Oue-Kyed 1 boutpaou. In coudn Hug ale oa ii trial had exhausted all the law. belli ?f the court ltd Wi*lrirf AUtiPi . v am I ih&t th.- I er rim I J .1 1m nil lljr public pru.fcutor bad p ><l|? u>J lb? Irikl t >r a week ill ord?-r to go over >11 tic I ?w t> -ok* .(({tin and pout themrrlvr* up to that notch of legal lore ! vbiol Uh > old bo ?! !. to to a match for Kjr.-J Tbriap oi> ' V * tin. If a fal'ahoo'l It m.iy brlu{ t 1.111I1 on the ! ?? of the uiiint. 111*. ut and Dtlelof irm. J, bat rau have no effect upon lb> r* Tba publican >na am lul r. troolj fa'i-c Whether ?? *h?ll *uu>ta >n Mr I until to app -ar and allow mum, wr liar.- n t j. l de filled We tkall. hnvnfer h-ld a cnnauliali.ia, end If It la Je. no J adeietble. we .h ll >uun>m h.iu .0 tp t>, ar and rkiuw miinc (After a pattae.) We will (Ira Mr lieutirtt an opp-rtunlty to correct thee ataiaiim nt*. anil make atialeai r apol gy ha pia If ha lloea not aeii III to do till*, we will take in-a-iure* aoeordihffly. Tlionip-on 1 I'.UIng ) - May It pleaaa the Court, 1 hare nothing to do with the llnuld or it* ktatemnU hot I am eorjvtne< d that It la Intended to m inufacl.trw I uhlle opinion to my prejudice It haa coulamad lying itati meat* concerning me fmai day to d.?y Judga-Oh' Mr Tbotnpaou. aa hir tha influence, It Ciakee no dilference elihrr on* way or the other Meither tba (curt nor tbe jury, nor th- better inform rd of the public, ar* Influenoid by au?h piihllentiona Tbc i flli rr who waa *cnt to ?aw the lama Juror, h ra return- d and reported that Mr Mr.rau waa eontlnwd ka hie toil and waa by no meana able to get oat Oa thought he might lie able to attend on Thursday The t'onrt tin n decided that the raw ationhl aland mr till Tburaday. and wa* about to mikt that ordwr. when IbornpKon anna and addre*?ed tha Court Tb. mpion C an't tbe ran be tried by eleven Juroca, your honor! iHetitct Attorney Wa think may It pl-aae tba Court that there iteomucli d ubi about the propriety of going < u with vlev> n juror*, that wa are not du pi ?4 to e< n*eat to d" *0 Court Theie I* nr.* difficulty. nnJ tbnt la, that ad the defendant la with' ut coUbeel. and la under eon iratut perbap* hta c>n*ent would not be bin lint Ihon'p'i.n Tnnr honor, I mil t>k* u" ad ran lag* of technical It lea My life la being batch, lied out hern, and I would rather l.atr It go on The Court wae of oyiuloa that the 1 rial might with propriety go on. hut lb Malrl.-t Aunruey waa nut wllilna 10 ruk It until there warn twelve juror* pra*etil II hlle ihta dieeuaeion waa going on. it waa >*certaired that Th'mpeon'e wltn>a*ei, on ban-tag the announcem*nl made Uy the Conrt putting off tha enaa till Ibureday morning had lelt the court, and *" It wa* found neceeaery to let tba ram go off by e?a*eat of all part lea a lice on Thuradap morning o??t at 10 a'clock Police InUlllfmM. Netpacim V <f'ean?? Sinny fm l??rin?i ?OStar Caillna, > f lb* lift H ard. arreated, peaterdep. po'itig man by the nam* of Michael M ?!" on auaplct in of rnhbti t an i migrant by the name of gllagerald of M yoid Ka?r?lfi>? unl-f the flUe.ny eireitioaleaeoe It that liti|?rill la at jpplrff at the tear li ig h< uaa kept hp Th mi' tin a nan. at N?e 7 cad I W a>h ingtaa ureal and fltigerald wa? atup fled aitti li^mie ah. nMIlea with two rther men carried hita up atalra to had At tlila time PI tig* raid had in tola pocket |<M tore reign a, la a U( A ??r?ant girl, bp the aaa* nf Ann Wtl?b. rev Milaa. on lairlni the room vbara ha hadjaat plan I llttgrrald In bad have a na>ab>r '4 gold ir.?>ral|ta la hta lianda vhiab. ?a anlii| bar, ha Hon.. diatilp placed Ihlo hia pork at and left th- h >a*a 1 hia rlrrum.tanra ?h. told to the landlord of the bnnv, ai I on naming the poek.t of Pltaaorald. the hag war r nnd pern d and throat bark Into ht? pocket and Iter aoeerrlgn* >"ote In the pocket and three tping la the hxlbphla aid# huapirton rated on Milne and the fllcer therefore took h>at lain coetodp and coae -p t h m before Jiiatica Mouutfort who detained hiia for a further hearing freetf of War! ftvrylert OtrrM Rodman and I'hlllipa. of the Third ward, arreatad. on Aatardap. three Hack rarrelr, tailed John t:lark llartl tt IMaaa and t b*rlaa Thompaon who rfead charged vtth aareral lorglarlee committed hp thia black ino in the Tn.-d naid <>n lant Mnadep a weak ago tbap hr>ka?pan th< hardware ttore of Mr Albert A Martin eoraer of Ore*awteh etreat and Warren maling tb-refrom Ixo ket knleee rairvre. he , ralurd at pi*' dereral of the nlrea were found in their poaaeaeloa Thep ala ? aland charged with robbing Madarna Keatell a premiee# of thrt* ailk drearer and other propertp. ralaed at orer JUKI The following dw. Ilinga th?p haee Ilk.wire aalaeed and robbed No M VeaeT alreel. etnaling tbar. frtin two gold W ale her an I other arllelee, !*? '" J atrial rtea!tag rlnih.hg ?c ,^L at.allng wraring apparel The rogaee were all aammltted to prtaon far trial .*.eef r/ lawag lhiey/er. Two hop# eallnd Patrick harrow and J "be Hllliapla were caught on Auadap ntaht hp cSeer Rawyb of the Ne Tenth Ward. In the net of break t^i late the udlee of Whitioek nnd err Inn In ^ herrp aire. I eornef of Montgomerp. atenliag there. fr?m a lot of cooper rtnga and rndder nntla. Jngue* Timpano committed thn hep* to prtaon ft* trial

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