Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1850, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1850 Page 6
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THE CAPTURE OF ALVARADO. THE EEVAL COIKT OF I\Q,tIRT. sixth day. Tr?TIMO>I? or' UXl'T. HritTSB. Captain ITunter sworn Court- Were you employed tn the (Julf of M?xteo. ho A.?I was; and id command of the steamer Scourge. Court?Are you acquainted with any circumdance* connected with the surrender of Uvrirad > &c A Tbe Scourge arrived at Vera Crux on the ittih of March 1S47; while anchored in the harbor Commodore Perry come alongside, in hi* boat; whil?t passing the tleet at Saorlticots. and in the midst of them Com Perry ordered we to proceed up to the ct*lle; did so and an chored under its walls; remained there until the Aim rican flag bad been hoisted at the city and ' h e f'l-': On the same day proceed! d wi'h the Scourge to Sicridcola and anchored: next moruing I received an order from Commodore Perry, on board the Mississippi, to assist Captain Ilreese of that vessel in the blockade of Alvaradn; it was a written order; 1 was iu the cabin ot the Mississippi; Captain litvese was in the cabin at the time; I reported to hiui verbally whilst in the cabin; Commodore I'erry ranie alongside ot I he Scourge, tile same morning and urged no to hasten in direction of Aivarado; 1 promptly proceeded mj arrived off the Bar. at the mouth i t itie river, annul <lusk; perceived a fort on a hill; fired ? sbot or *h? 11 at It, it came on to blow; and. there being a heavy a well, atn o!T and on during the night; tin next m irnitig stood in, and seeing a number of hoi semen on the b.-ach. presumed to be cavalry I ordered Lieutenant Marine to fire it (run upon them, h huu ??< lirol; after a *hot a white tiagwa* hoisted by the Mexieana upon a ataff or lauoe at the fame time, mw a boat coming up the mouth of the river, with a white ti?g flying: I dir. cfed the fir ing to reaae. and ranvt d a ?liite ting to he hoi?teiat the forehead of the Scourge: the persona in the boat came on board; my interpreter (I. uti mint Marine) informed me I th.nk that they weie the eaptain of the fort, the alcalde anil a pilot; they raid the troop* bad evarunti d the eil.v iloi ii ihenaht. and were Totreating in the direction of TlaC 'talpan. I asked this deputation if they had a pi!"t with Mum; they told me they had; I immediately direct# d bitn to pilot me In he river Anchored iinuied ati ly off thn town, (Alvarado ) clone a-lo re rent Lieutenant Marine on shore with order* fornn assemblage of the town eounril, and to demand an unconditional sum nder of the place The mrrender wai received and I placid Paeeed-Midthipman Temple witli Are or seven men, to bold possession of it until aonie superior officer arrived and then to hutul it m r to him Hot under weigh, and proendod in pnrMi t toward* TUcotalpan; in passing up the river disc i <-ed a veancl. from which men were escaping to the chore; ordered l'assed Midshipman Pringle to take p -sermon of their vessel, and with aimed no n he pursued ihe retreating party into the cbappaml whin tliey e.MwpnI hmi; directed Acting-Martcr Hank head to go op board this schooner, and following h m my-elf found her to bo loaded with t-bi II* ri ck* powder and muskets; she was scuttled; the musket locks were broken and the powder was wet; everything on board totally uu'lt for service; ordered Bnnkhead to burn lor. and. after burning her to the water's edge to follow the Scourge up the river; whilst prti-iedtng the Scourge captured two or three othir vesails .vh ut two In the morning of the 1*1 of April, anchored wiih. spring cahlo clove to the town of Tlaeotalpun; ->ri d a gun at it: *ent Lieutenant Marine ashore with order* to demands furrtnderof the town giving him twenty minutes to report: after some consultation Ihe authorities rime oil to the Scourge ami ti udi red me au unconditional surrender, which I rtr.iv.d About twelve, during the day got under weigh and proceeded baek to Alvarado win re I arrived I II same evening, immediately went on shore and re- orted to the e< in wander- i u-chief of the American rijii.idron; returned to tiie Sooargs. and tindiiig I'ringli whom I had left in charge of a priae vessel had not ri turned nud f arful some accident might have In fall n him I order, d my bout, with naiti number of aim ?1 men and mv cl-rk (^1 r hlrlnloih) to Join liH'. ( nod ril''I up t he 1 iviT nrnne eight or nine miler tomoi-t PrimMe it ncc d 1 nrhilut foirg up raw a vi oil uiid< r tin I anil: board* il h?r and Of k pnoiinlon. nnd anchored h r off A! uracil. then darted in onrrli of I"rii.jiltf again, b it had not gone far b? fori- ho wn? *? a returning with hi* pri*'. and we returned to th. Scourge t'ourt- Did you rece ve any or lor* from Cap taiii l$ree*e afti r the lute rview alluded to in the cabin Of the Mieeiarippi ? A ?None ; he a-ki d iue if 1 could tow hltti out , t.Vniniodre Pi cry wan there the annio morning and ordered me to go ilium dntleiy to aaniat In the blockade t'ourt- Did you receive any order* from Commodore Perry, further than atated to n??i*t Captain Hreeae ? A?I did: he verbally told m* not logo into Alraratlo; thi* waa at the eame tini l received the written ordi r to aridet Captain llrceec . and given in the cabin of the Vi??ia?i|ipi : I elated thi* at thv court-martial wblih tried uiefordirobeyinv order*; don'td<ny It. Court?Did Commodore Perry a<>tgn any reavui for j drafting you not toentir Alvarado ? A.?I don't think lie did Court tt bat were the order* given by Cornmod re Perry ?b? n he came at ng'ide ot the Scourge ' A ? To procr< d at oner off Al> nrailn t'ourt. (vei tally.)- And blockade * A.?Ye* t'ourt- Did the captain of tbe fort and other*, wh you ??y viriti d the Scourge funn the fort. a**igtt any reaeon* for the retreat ol the Mexican troop*" A -Is one. raid they had retreated dnrine tin* ni :ht Court? Look at l lit- n py of n cord of court-martial, (wli.i h ?* *ln ?ti) and * e if i liat i? a copy of the order glv ng you by ( ouiDn dure l'*rry * A. ?Yea Tl.eiouit eho?i u t apln i n IIunter a letter, contained iu I he procifding' ot the n*d court, and which he reciyO'Wil * having written. Court?Von *tatiil you directed a white flag to be hoieti d whvu recetvli a a de putatioi, from the fort at tin mouth ot the river- h >e long I d you keep H flying ' A ?Can te?y how long ; ordered tt to be hoiat mA in a**v ?> ?- t n ? ?** ? *?? ? " *? '-1 * * tin y m>pclit reme on h nril . mj linpn ylDn In. It ??? taki n down coon after the Megiratia arrived on board Willi II f:iL' f true Court ?When the Mexican# rnnin on board, did tbi y my Hi.y thing of n ilkapnalttou of their people to mlit * A ? Utay did not Court - Md jnulmin. in any way the atrength of thr rrtri alii p Mi airan forr- fr ni Alrarmin ' A t.i arii- l from thr alcalde or othrr authnritira I tl>ink that th?rr ifrr brn three to (In hundrrd in-n : al?o lirard thr rame atnta no nt at Tlacotalpsn , tbluk from thr a! caldr of that place Court flitr. It yon ran whether the abut orah'll you fin d at thr mouth of thr rirrr fru .hurt of thr fort. A ? M hi n firrt fin g m tn rr rlour In toward* thr fort ; think thr ahot ? nt a? far >.? thr fort, but ran t apeak po-ll ir. aa to ? bi t hi r it did r? ach it Court-Can a vrarrl without thr bar approach the fort ni arer than thr bar it-elf ' A Yrr. Court (verbally)?Wilhout crn.amg ihr bar ' A ? Tra Court -fro yon know from any rrliablr aourrr, thr amrurt of pro|? rt j rvinovt d from Alvnrado, from thr ttnu of tour firat appeoraure olf thr harbor to thr pr. rli d of thr antral ot thi army and navy ' A -fro not know , I hey burnt two *? |? aa I >* , nrvrr hrard of anything bavir g bi rn removed ("wit- |ild Ibr Mi gtrana ..fl. r any rral<tanre to yon before or atUr entering thr A Ira rod > rirrr' A ? Sour Court?M rn- thr li rtna prvpoartf by to thr aathoritlra at Alvarado and riacidatpau anltrn or n rtal ' A ? Thiy wi rr reduced to writing Court-t an yon fnraleh the original ropira of thrar ottpolatlr na ? A. ? Tra. I will i|n an. aa min ai I (rt por/i aalon of my papera wlurh I ?l.all d> In a day ?r two Court?Mad you any knowledge hi for* entering AI amdo that a c mhined m?ri m< nt " ta In ronlemplatloa npow thr town ' A f had no aurh ln?irurtl"ii? ; Iparnd an attack would h madr. but did not know when it bow Court, itrrhallyl W hy did you think *o ' A Ba. eauar the natal forrra ? re moving In that direction, t d that It w*e important to takr it Court, (trthrllyt?llatr you anything further to tata' A ? Mothlng uript I tuay dealrr to correct r fiirnl*b?i ?* atati an nta Urnvtal Krott awrirn juration hy the Were yon employed In and alwut Yerat mi during the latter part of V|arrh and raily part nt April 1*4? ' And If ao In what rapacity ' A - I war there at that time and In rouimand of thr American atmv Court- Are tin eeoualntrd with anyrlrrutnalanrra Crwtiictrd witn thi ttrrrioler of Alrarado and it* derrdincira. nr any hing liming tour retulllng theretn * If ao afatr all y> u know A I wai not In thr particular ipeditt. n agaiuil Alvarado. and ran only apeak "f that fr< tn i fltrvnl n'port- made to n> by MBerr? of thr laud fore- who ei tved tn thai egpwdltion. the movement wa* fitti d out at thr Inataurr of Con n dorr I'irry atid thr Junctnrr of thr two hrat i In a of tl r errvler the atmv and navy aa generally arrat g d or agrnd upon i<y him and myawlf, IrifaArtOmtil t,"'oe?ti with" me ravalry half n haltiry and e m general .taff otfic. ra of th* arn y rompoeid thr la on part of the edition received ri porte from tjnilman of thr rvpedllion an I fr< m Captain Irw n ot i hr t.n.iri. rtn i i.-r department who waa aentri'h thr troop*. ihrar arr pnb llah'd In thr cot gn >aii nal doe uinrnt*. they were forwarded hv n r to the * at of government, think r> forte of i ftlcrra aril to aid t,uitman. were made rally and If required to give th m ih nlil find It dlfhrtilt to do a? The ohjerta prop.... d tn arranging thta attack aifruriral flrat to rapturr thr piarr. thr tort* guna and rn- my ' troop# an otyert rmninoo k., I Km a.rtlM lb. ttucikl ?ll>(? ?tf lh. bfrtt tt% A ram n the it. ??aat-r Mud pro?i?ioq, tha trmi aim. rtqutnd ft - li pn virion* b if perl rularly , a r< n.i.-atr wa* lit with *peai?l tnatraethiaa to purahare Ibr quutna*<trr (lr?in whom I w?ll roIxkibrr * diurii J ? < ? n tha ally ah->uld h? Mfunil pr pun h??? uo iiidrAnlte number of horve* lid u uie* fit tinbipotlti ( ih# tU(fii(? of the nrmr I lb nk untbi r of tin ataff ofleera ntilt any purfl ?|" < t ? !) f- w. if any at that ?i?lt T?im aruiy wa# |ti?ll; ilrla^id lit want of draft animal* I "Mill a a< ri mi apt ditn n ui.di r l.n til. !.' I m I Pcott. to tkf wtu|i|ar? who aurr?d?-d In pur r ha-itir wtftal butidtiu lintm with a uim h mall r nuuilw r of taut" ami ?ii il iit.i udo t??i rat lb- aire obtained at the i nam* tlma; t Ut hi flit* th. rat urn of that -aordlllna. I bad MOt body of th-.rnty toward* th- interior hh?* h??Blryiu?t nndhrt. ?Hdrat?not?pwah i With any ??-rt of n ah* i < - whether | n e.lrediua r.p. rt from t oma.odore I .?y ,h ?,h I d. n t com*'d< r It of aar IOi|* rtaar- aa th ti-ral >,ui man r. ported th* matter to at* d a t think I ,%w t om di ra r?rry. but that I rrtmrf a e .tniouuirati .a fr. bi him t.Bo.idor* retry, (aerha'ly)- I wrote to y?u. fr..,n Al> arado. that I a a* ready t . rrc-t*a troop* I curt (aerbnlly) ?Did your written In-truttlona to Cm t,uita>aa reep-etlug lit# |urrh?.* of borwa. ftp . tri?i? It any part ut a larorabla tlpulalton la conu-aIon witb a ra rradrr' Oaa I they did not In a preliminary rooeer?atinn with Ct-neraiwmluiaa I told him two rd<--re w.mld areompany him on dutlea for the whol. ?my. tifi f ind !!?<? to W ^rfirard j hyhm ITb? witB??* lor- preeeoted a Itahf if In I tiunion to Major Urarral fattarmm reapeeling holding tka brigade ro en operate with the na?y a? hw*t ralculai-d to *eaae the purpoao of proeurtng draft pnnar and proatdona. aleo a lattar lo Oaneral vjatt imb, and raengai*-d a ropy of tfultman'a report ) Court?it aaiputn ton haa beau twain la the eaptara rt Ataara i lot tumbling *uppi m w. uld It haaa inoraaaed atbaa aranr of proeartag thaaa ' Q*m. -Kl doubt such a stipulation would have added an lucre n I I moral obligation to comply with a contract hut d ui'i. | say it would have produced a compliance; alw ?y* In t want of confidence iu Mexicans bul n ver ko*w th -:u i at <pt iu ooi case. to fail entirely lu carrying uu'. c > itrarl* To make either the people or 1 author, i ? strict to their routract. there ??t need of the ao > ir ance. if not actual coercion. Thla wan o wo-tsary t riruw them to the higher lU'horities Court?Can you state report* were mid - tiv lie in ral Quituiiu or the staff officers a- to the t'T -ct -f the premature movement on Alvarad < in pruventiu^ the procurement of supplies? A?Cannot say will' *pt rifle rt-aeon* were assigned but prettv cuuii lent th' y did not ohtaiu anpplic* or at least to a rery am ill amount; know they seat down for provisiuus *<ju afU IWbl d*. tieneral Scott wa* about proceeding with aome r >111 iirkh. when Commodore Perry desired to mike a statement. in courtesy to the army, for ilr* part th navy had acted; but the court did not consider it of any special Importance lieueral Scott?Very good ; 1 wa* only about making a suggestion. Commodore Perry?I stated my slews to U -nerul Quitman and expected he would report them to you Uen S.? lie did. 1 be testimony was resumed Court?Hid the premature occupation of Alrarad > affect any subsequent movement of the urmy and if so. in what way lieu. 8 I cau give n" direct answer ; the inorem*nt of tin army was delayed from the lime of autering Vera Crui. froui the UMh March to the 7th or 8th of April win n two corps were pushed forward, under Major (lent ral Patterson aud Brigadier General Twiggs f.?e want of animals ; on the "ih an additional num'i-r ol inuli-w and wagons arrived from the llrax->* and Taiu pico. by sea. when the I wo corps were put in in ituu i n tin (ith and Uth some mure wagons and mules from the north airived hy sea. which enabled in? to move forward with the body of the cavalry . (leueral Worth'* .1. . .... i... ,i ,.l.?.,i ...... ;i. ... i .... . i . _ ho lullntu J mo. leaving Vera i'ruz on the I4t.ii April : (h ntrul Quitman's brigade remained fur some diyj after my departure. f-r waul of draft power. Noporllou ot llie army hu<l half its mud power Ourt. (n i bally)? Can you state wh"ther this delay and la< k of draft power wan atlributahle to the mirrender of Alvarado ' A.?Cannot nay; man to nay I dcrlv,d no material aid from the taking of Alvarado ; not half the draft power we expected from that quarter. Captain II outer Did not (lie army advance towards tie interior from Vera Cruz to tight the battle of Cerro (iordo. before the return ot (jetieral Quitmau to Vera Cruz from Alvarado A. ?A portion of the army had moved; hot tieneral Quitman ret urued on the lJtli. the day before 1 left ; tieneral Quitman wan detained at Vera Cruz ft r want of draft power mid was not. consequently, nt (lie battle of Cerro (iordo on ttm 17th April; lie did not join uie till 1 had been live days or more at .lalapa Tln re being up further questions to a-k Ueneral firolt. he wan permitted to retire, and linally discharge 1 Lieutenant Lock wood wan rail, d and nworu, to testify to the log-book of the Scourge ; which he did. and t he court adjourned. RKVKVril DAY The Court presented a chart of the Alvarado river, as r. reived from the Navy Department. Lit ut< limit Shut tie worth sworn Court ?Were you engaged in the tlulf of Mexico. Sit' A. ? Yes. ou board of the Mississippi, as captain ot (he marine guard Court?Are you acquainted with any circumstances connected with the surrender of Alvarado. 4te ! A ? Amvedotf the mouth of Alvarado river ontbo 1st nt April; saw mi American flag Moating on a fort on a high lull i r Llutf. ou the right hand side of the river; ordered the marine guard to be transferred to the sle.irucr .spitlire; ran her into the river; eatue to alnva-t of Alvarado; about an hour afterwards was ordered ou sboie; In the afternoon about two o'clock the marines ot the squadron murchcil up and occupied the deserted lm rucks; from geueral appearances should judge that It >m three to live hundred troops had occupied tn<! burracks; their ramp tires. Sic. were lu great disorder, an If they had lift in much trepidation; about liveo'clock iu the afternoon, about three hundred Am r can troops or dragoons, eutered the town under ti oieral Quitman; was officer of the guard that ti ght, at fie barrsekn; the next morning, the 2d of April was relieved by iuluutry. and r? turned, with my guards, to the bpiitlre, went up to Tlacntulpaii; a deputation w. ssent ashore to visit the authorities, and. an I uudi rrtood it. to demand a surrender of the place Court. (Interposing)- State only what you know of your personal knowledge. Witness?1 know a deputation was sent ashore; ?vi't say positive for what purpose, further than I was ; ilJ, atti r the depntation returned went bock to Alvara 1 >; next morning the fid ot April ran out and got on board I he Mississippi again, with my guards, about two days after was again sent ashore, to guard the quarters of Captain Mayo, who had been mule< r All thnt afterwards occurred is m 're hearsay I in wilii' > < waa diamiaaed. and Captain Auiiek w i< retraced In in further attendance upon the Court I.ti uli Hani (now of the naval achool) wo call -d hi <1 rworn and. In aniwer to the u-ual quaatiun-. aaid h<- ??< at th< time referred to. at-nior lieutenant of the Miariaalppi aud that he kuew nothing further th i 1 appeari d upon the record* of the coU't martial. of which he war a member lie wan dlacbargcit. I.ieulennnt Marine, rworn Court?Were you empiovcd in the Cull of Mexico Ac. ? A ? 1 ea. and eecond lieutenaut of til jcnurfr Court?Are you aci|uainted wi?h any clrcuinatancea con nee t?|| with the aurreuder of tlmrvln he ' A ? Htarhed t icluity of Alwarado river on the afternoon of the aoth March; approached near the h*r ; Ured rhot in the direction of a tort j don't recollect nu n( er Of ehota , thru atood "IT ; weather wan getting had. Hood off uud on durinir that ni?M t l'.|.i .u diri i ted me to pr< pare boata to g<> with Utui to out out aevernl veaaela of war , at the Mute for atarllug it war blow in p too freth ; told Captain llunter ao . he aaid h* waa going in ; told him it waa Impoaaible for boata to croaa the bar?we ahouhl all be li?t ; Captain lluntpr then |(ave up the undertaking ; I waa to take the watch, and h* ordered Die to keep good look-out tnwarda looming ua at daylight he Intended to attack the toan ; at daylight informed Captain Hunter of our actuation ; he then ordered inr to uiy quarter* or to the gun where I waa atationed ; we rotunieored tiring at what I tbought a fort, at the mouth of the river , na n learned that a boat waa coming off toward* ua ; we were then etanding in for the bar ; tile but I . tiling out bad a while Mag flying at her hi ad; we Hopped. lu order to receive her ; when abo came nit i genl* I waa iuformed. in fpaniah by a peraen in the l*>at. he waa aent by tbe authoritiea of the town I think be aaid. to aurrender it ; I und*r?taoil i lie .-pan,Hi language; informed Captain lluuter of ihia, I acted aa interpreter; Captain Hunter orden j u* to aland in. did eo, be ordered me a-U ireto m et the authoritiea and demand 1 believe, an uiicondltion ?l >urn nder. the authoritiea complied with the demand returned to the veaael; Inferior J Captain llunter of the tact, our color* wire hoiated in tha mean limn; alut* waa An d by the Scourge. got under weigh I'aie 111 Midahipman Temple and aouie men Were left in charge, atood up the river; on the way captured ??varat vi aarla; reached Tiacotalpauon the morning of the 1 at April, ordered to go aahore aud deinnud abeitul# aurreudir of the place, the alralde aaid he rnul I not do ao without accent of the town rounrd. ordered huu to aummon them; be did ao, received tbe aurrwoder and returning ao reported to Captain llunter. to *h<>ni I drlitrn d tbr mirrruj. r; wr returned to Alr?rado tbr lattrr part of tbr Mine day Court?Did tba prraonawho cam* out to the Srourt* rt|irtK?l them* id era aa official pcraouagra* A.?Y.n; our rani hr aaa captain of tbr fort Court I'ni any of th?? nay anything of tbr prrarnrc or nbn sri of troop* in or nrar Aivar.ido' A -Hlilthu ihr troop* bad Uft thr town that night, and gmir up thr rlrrr Court (rrrbally) Did thry aaaign any rmaona for leaving' A -1'iiot rrrulM Court- Did rlt her of thr prraona alludrj to pilot the t*r.>urge In the riter' and If ao, ?aa It eoinpulrirr or voluntary' A Uue ol Un iu raid ne n>uU pilot u? lu, not Mirr tthrthrr or not hr had brrn apuken to about It. oar of thrnt did pilot ua In. recollect Captain Hunter aid. Order bim to pilot ar in '' lourt?Did the fcourge ahow a white flag after thr Loatwaaaeen coming from tbr ahorr. and aha! tun* aaa It hoiatrd and ubrn haulid down* A fbedcourga did ahow a uhltr Hag * to 11 tbr hue waa arra on tbr m my a boat. I ul ranaot aay a hen It ?aa lakrn d <n Court- Hi-rryonr c'<nimuoirationa made orally or in ariling* A That were reduced to writing Court What diapoaiiton did you makr of thr communiratlon* thua mad- and rrrrlrrd.' A ? Drlimvd Ih.m I rrr to Captain lluntrr ( mniodnrr fVrry l.ook at tbla log book of thr !*rourgr frou. 3Uth March to Kitb of April, (which waa pn irv ti d witnraa) and arr If It la rnrrrct W Itneaa? lit nauir la hrrr. ran not rrrtify to It* corrrrtnrra aalbrhi-ok la not krpt In my baud-writing; don't know that I rvrr hi t wr aaw thr book Captain lluntrr Dl?l you rrrr trll nir yon could pilot mr In tbr Altarado rirrr' and If ao. whra. and ? hat war my reply ' A I did trll you ao; It waa hoforr wr rp ?ai d thr har you ordrrrd air to do ao I'm! lain II LI tit a * M h?-n inn "?> tKm rl oaa mkaf -ar mJ inWM liiMtili the Mriitan who wa? piloting the fcuurga and what my rwaoi krltf A ?Two vnifj man wara taleind nrtr lb* pilot, by your nrJara. with ordrra to abool him if Kr ran the iwrl aground ? ourt (tarbally)- W aa tha pilot ao Infer to'd ' A ? II* Tba Mma for thla ?i at I w ? told by t aptata lluntar. b? ?a- afraid tbr pbot wi uld run tba irml aahora tnlautionally aptatu lluntar W lieu lha Pcourga raturmad to Al* rarado I, on Tluai talpan did wa not bud Oeuvral tguitman al Alrarado A W r did I aplaiu lluntar hera prr-mitd a map of thacminlry with tha near if ah* wing lha ngnn of Alrarad .. i d remarked thai ne wi*hed to ?b >w that from tiefoureo of narrh of the artny from Vera < rut toward* .tin raJo tb> y < >uid not kur lalffrrpMlh? rrirttl it either mm or animaia Tba court tiainiinl inmap I aptaia lluntar Ifnw la Alvarndn aituated' I* It not anna thraa or four imlea fr?m lha mouth tftha near ? Wttoeaa It la ?< ma dotanrc from tbi in nith ?l Ilia rlrarj I unnot aay bow far t i n.inoili a P. rry tt aa tba Pronrge outald' lh. b?r at lha mouth of tba rt?i r wn-n ?he lira I at lh' fort ' If an bow far from lha liar and h?w alluved A lbiiik aha waa outalda tba bar ; raanot aay aa t<> lh 1 ptrelaa poalti- n I r mire dore I erry Are you rertalo aa in the timiba raonrpa flr?t hrad on tha fort ' A Th it dw, l hali part .. ??n or about right o'rlork , can I aay u? t? ( (irt riaa Itmt a plain lluntar- Waa tha pilot who took ma In tb rlrir to Alrarado the aania who piloted ma to Tlaaotal t ti * A Don t recollect (itirt Did at y ofthi Peourga'a ahot from out<id? lha t>ar r?arh tba fort * A -Can t aay t ourt W bat waa tb< weight of tha gun * A? It waa a 1 a than rati t aay aa to It a alia tmmodora Parry How did yon know that the If'pa under liaaeral l<wiliiian bad arrlrad at Alea?ado on lie at niog of tha flr-t of April ; and wara ( tl>y all or only a part lb-fa' A Pawthe tf?>p? ?t'i & talt,uliniaa tbara , don I know whether tb y ere all there or not H itaaaa b?ra roaraatod a praaloua atatanant aa to a \ day Itwaa nn tba motauig of tba id of April Ho ? , tba troopo at Alrarado after bta return from Tlacotnl- i i A . n no da-ra f< ray W a- thara any oppaaranaa of op , If t'other., urge from tbo lima a .entered lha . r??att A?Mono 1 I.i u'ei ai t libwlii-r NfiU>>(l, ? nd diraclM l? ntki a |itii.rrl|il of IheHoolilgv'i I g hook fn ul SJlli darrh t<- ?il April, which hero.ciiie.d a? o?nvrli f'>r (b* uw i f court (i.ptaio Ha tide r. mill <1 < up.tin Hunter How ill.I the tro *p? advance towerde Mtirmlu in |t> rear, or a) m; tit' war nit or Hi) I'mil? A ? Ka? III. Ill ? vr par ..k1 il 1W11 in tno tit 11 man lung along tin beach; '?' t'litm la tbvt itirrc'on wh.i, about twiftlmU- tin- way Iroin Vnri * mil" Alttrmlii; tin re ap|?ea.r?*d to be mlautry. cavn11 > RU'i on foot wnh wag..n- tie iouti M hoi I-tlie rti-'?.in-n V. i?Urui ?nd Alrm-wln ? A I think ulmiit f r'.v ui l.*? 1 u|'tRin Blind I,i. u 11 limit I, wore reInn-. .1 froin luri her Htti iiiIh.iim on ih- court. I.ii ut client tt til 111111 111 iCi'i wwnru 4 nurt W1 if y,,u cm oi 1 iy I-I 111 Ik tlitif of Maxleo. Sir ? A - I war ; from i.-r part of March to 11 rat of in CO ui nit tni of the mil 1 rn-r N u in: i. Court- Are you acquainted vnih any c rrmu'Uaoo ci r iocted villi the nirri n.lir nt tlvaiad'i Stu A ? Morning ot Jet April got uiiihr weigh .it Anion U?a-<4n ; stood down toward* Alv.vali; the trmipi along Ihi lieaeli ; about one o'hI *k I think w\r t > 1 I of a ling ou ehore ; afterward* ill-covered it 10 be a 1 American ineign ; anchor <1 eh >rt time outride th" bar, weigh- d and went Into the rim r, arrired at Alvalaili! III.I.ut three or four o'olo -ll . ancli ired olf lii town; lound it In poreeaaiou of I' i-? d Miditip'iin 1< 11.pie and four or tire un 11; amau two or tnreii hour af'ti rw 11 rite (i corral Quituiau arrived in towu. with euniv dragoon*; the rtcourg ? < 11 >t there wlien we aiririil; elie afterward-cani>- Imiu I'lae 1.alp ul?parhajo. the i-nmc evening: I r.-aia.nod at Alv.iradi till in xt day, and then wi ut up ih.< river in company with t ou,ni< dore I'erry. in a steamer; rem titled at flanoti.ljiaii a low h'.uia ; returned 11 Alrarado; w?a direct ed hy ('uptaiii Mayo then ilorernor to proceed to 1* anil purrbiiee live liunilreJ h ir,e< foe the u-r of the army, auch >.< cuild b ?r a Moldier with hie arina and arcnulremrnta ; went tlr-ie nid had an interview with I he iileanie of tin- town ; made a contract with him tor the bore-e to be ih liver, d ill three dtyi time; the hnri-c.r were being Collected at I'laoo'tlpm when the eleamar MoKitu with inlouel rtoott ou h iard uttlved at Tlacotalpan : turned over the contract fir h' r-1 ? to 1 oh.IIel Scott. an they were for (liu 11 an of the aiiny ; beliere they were ih lim red to him ; saw th'-in hut could not l>e cei taiu an to their 11 limber ; re'u n I 1., 1I?..I .1 ........ t|?. lMh I lietiewo. 8coti arrived ?t Mmtmdo and th livcred h< troop*. Court - Did the American troop." con'lnue all the way to Alvhindo or not ? A ? Do not know; they were on the beech at the mart ibink they continued ho Commodore l'i rry ?When you .-aw the troop" on thebineh. <lo you know whether It waa tleberitl ifuitman'" whole detaebmenl or not ? A.?Cannot **y Captein Hunter.? IVhrti you at Alvtrado a'>d Tiiu otalpan did you kn> w wheth r or not bed cvitle c old lisve bio n procured 'here? A?Do not know; thai was no part of my butiuese; Home were purcha-t d all it* aid* Cnpta n Hunter.- What price did you contract to pay tor the lire hundred h"i>m and could you have p I ruled Hipre f A 'llliuk I paid I wcniy. live to lli rty dollar"; from tti piouip: lies* to c >utiaet and eagariicss to "ell 1 think I could have got two thousand in two days. Ci niDiodoie 1'crry. Was your direction to purehaa a writti u authority? did % u purchase and m.ike a written report? and wvte ihc horses paid In ' A.? Not cerluin wliethi-r iiielriieiinn" were wruteu or not; I wrote to Captain Mayo the day af: cr siting the alcalde. informing him oi my contiacl; made no other contract; undo no other repon; c.vuuot ray wbeih-r tliey wire paid for n? uiy agency ceased up in h.ud ug thi matter over to Colon 1 icolt. Commodore Carry?Did you -tat'1 to t'npta:n May) the number and price of the hor-e" ' A. ? 1 think the li tter was in general term announcing I had succeeded in carryiLg out his wi-h- ? Tur Tcaorn* or Mii.I'KL, C*i.iri?n?.?The boston Una J pupli*he? th? following relative to the tragedy at Sau Miguel, on the JMh of December 18JS. ohiainid trorn urn ot the crew of the U S ship Ohio, recently arrividat that port. Iran California:?A murder ot uiiuhiihI atroew a" en mini I ted a short lilstaure fn m here lat. ly The perpetrator* were thr<" Dun. who hud ill-tried this sli p in November last, and two other". To throw more light on tli i *ao jiet. I hers give l.yneh's eoiife?sioii ?Uy nun* is Jos. |>li l.y ueli, was born in th. Dukedom of He i?c Darin stadt; my native h wn i Mauch; my age in 21 years; 1 starti d for the gold mines In eonipauy wuh Ihrv mi ti two Americans and one Irishman. nk me J Mike: slii'Ut thrie week-ugo iu the night the oue nam J liihe murdered th" two American* to g t ih.: g dd ' that they had hr ugbt with them to the mine*; Mike thi n suid to me that if 1 run he would shoot me; p inii.g mar Weaver'* Kartell 1 wished to slop in order t > wink th* re. hut lie told me if 1 stopped he would inurdei me; we then dividid the gold Iwtvssn u*. which we hud taken from the imiid' red men; arriviug at th Misaion I M -lohii* we bought two horn-*; and at the Misshn of I.a .Solidad we met tlve men. three sailors (' f whom two are uow priHoie r* and JUS w.i< kill dm the tight ) nod l*o murine*, the three sail ir* left th marine" nt the Mission, not wi-hmg to travel furth r w ilh them, and joini d o*; wr all came together to th Mission of St Miguel, an Indian, noiu d John cam in *lth ii" from the Mission of La Aolidad: th three sailor* w< re on foot; ahum two or three Oidvi thi* side of the Mission if La nolnlad we f mud two old lioises two of III nn u that Joined u* in unit id th?ni but one of thou gl>ni|{ nut on tin- runil v e only brought nn? to the Miflon ot til 'digu I: U'f ftrilvtU At St MvtNiat 4 o'clock In lh" aftornnnn; ?r(nl vuppor link riwpp d there nil night; the nekt morning nbnut 7 o'clock we l''fl. nnu went about lie If n mile; (t wwe e-ey ewid the wind bl .wlug very hard. we sold Iftlrty ouncee of placer gold mfei ee t.ail taken ir on the leo ntn we murder'd. to Mr. Head; ha hail been talking to u? ab >nt hia trip to the luinee raying that be had more gold than hU boy could lift, when we weut about ha f a mile we halted. and began dieputiog. eomn aaying that Read had a good deal i f gold and It would be beet to lake it, we tli. n MM 10 linn bark, winch we did. and ? the re all day, dtirlug the evening I waa talking to the prfcouer tguinu. about the Idea of loMnug the g> Id and he raid that It wan not r iglit, and that waa my opinion aim; I wanted hiiu to perauadc thcui not to commit the robbery, but he aurweied that If he did ttiiy would b.- mad with him; during the evening the reat came in aud the man ihal ?ae liamberry cauie in aud -aid. llwehadbfu no n ?r would be looking round" About 8 o clink Mr Krad came into the t orn and vat ou the beucu by thr fire; Kami* fry war rlanding b hlud him culling mi wood (with an ai< be hod in hit ban I) to throw on the tire, he riepp< d toward thi tire and threw on the wot d. and then walked ha k again behind Head. I war at the time filling n>y pipe. I a-k. d igumn to g ve ine a r< al of fire; jurt ar h ?? giving m lh tire I heard the blow of an age r:rurk by lh uiau llamo rty in Mr Head, be atruck hmi ou the head. K> ?d leil ai d afu r he had fallt n. Heinle rry "track linn er ral tinier on the head with the use. aftT thin the Indian rial lied him with a knite. t, and I ran out iu.9 ihe corridor after that and Mike and ltamb' r.y hi ought in back again and rluit the d. or. Ua'ub try opened the ilte* again and told in to ronie on. h th"U raid. Thire la no harking nit " line man nam J I i let It* no r. went Into the kitchen and klll-d the gu. gro tb're with an ale (Tln? man le one of the arlct ntra) lie then reluru-d and raid " Come on " II e nil then w> nt toward" I.hJ. r nin Mike op-ned lh# d' or, we had a d 'ubb-b irn lied gun an J an old n. tiara Upon opcnii * the d'ior ha "aid, ? nxAtl 5?wUl?"- I >d bight. lad r? *uj th y all ai nt In hut uir. I laooutiu ibr Mrrhtur. ?al Mid* tfli i nil. k? wtrd ni> h*rf I ?m Kmug. I h ?rd t.aofthi <im< ii terrain when I w*? running ami Mtkr raid t?? Uir. I h??? ?l?hl? d hrr with llila ??nrd " alii r tbtf they alt ramaou'tni. thi< hoaiv anil aiai r;'hug ?aa qui I thry muil all haaa big klld ^th i pi r>ona In ill a?l> li'binU Itainln rrj thin ia><l to ut" M by ill tit ynu fhimt that I ndian aid bad-iltljoa!'' 1 hi |i- m- an u|il I ndi .n n thr nthrr IfluiJ 17 t b inc I tnl'i bini ibr itiair ihiii mil Hi tni r ?u I '(will m i ii pa u It " 111 i"'1 thr if'" r a Kirk *ud it flew ap"ii ball terry III! Ii a ilt nir bhoul III 11 ' I aanvrrfil. 'I aii't -1 cannot tak aighl ' lie th n a; ? ?! h ?gtin and lii l hiDi uy K"|' ?a- Ij n|f nn n.y arm n i l I pule J lb? iripiti r anU it ?i-nt i ir hut I it m t llinktii hail Imck iii ar bun aula* time attrrth ? nrcurri tl -I e ?nm t fay ?hi tin r It "a> bi fur. i.r aft r *i- u-fi th' Ml" ' I Li at it I bi' tu en fay th y pull ! an I nlico h y ft? m ui.di r the l? >1 i ?? < f tbi ui ?*id l?# had a huj j l.i. nn anirii; ho d <! liar.l >1 .e.h ? , * .1 > tin ti | ate iiiidid prif nil* r tin" hi li.i hi in ami h? an-a ft bi did ni t kim? h"* hi- Mrui-a htm II,mb -ry j raid i|>at t*tilnn hadgplil Ii - In id 1 p. a w .n an ik- af- ' .it thir ar a, nt a In! drank muiir a -.r in Ki ad'a m ini, | l.ft ir tu b ai nf tad br t 11 h. rhf't alirf. II" nil in > ni? th?y llfh ( Hi ur".I l.r ak'i'/ |> I| 'ha rl 1 ta an.l rifling tlwiP Client" am. ? >' i.t I thing* l amt-rry *> t a elrrr ? i'rh aS ait half an t I . ui af it till nnirdrf tnf mnuttoit ar left th" M1 irlun. almut half ami" frntn there Itataherry tbraw lb" I at of nlTtr dollar" or tin- p?..ur.d ?,? ng I) -n thi ftufT II I" ton lira ay y u fellow, Uikr your ~har? to park and ar ran dimd" It by an I by' Kah man tin ti ti 1 k a fbnr* In p-n k after *- |. fi tlia Miaamn * f Ii pt t hi" f idr ol t hr Itrrt rauciie the f lli.amg night "4 rW pt ntar a rtn k thi* ?idr nf tb" nain-ton if St l. utr, It aar hi i? ilir Indian boy tan away t? crin( a th Imn tan "ilk ihwat* a wi man i dim im r Ur 11. It ; I) nut ti mi inta r anything fnrtb-r until a* gut toa r?a it* thin ?r nirt a drapi on Ik* mad driver, at halculy f. ir bi'tfi Hi nn r t t mar 1 r. .. V w. m l a "paiiiai d rld'hg and driving t a. 1 hor-ra am a t .tf h n; Manibrtry wanted Hi tnrr tn hna in order to tp'i ( lilt bnttt* but III tnrr >ntd tie y <ta think I ant a d -d I fia.p to rhoot a man in thr frtiinin; ' Hut tbn apatilatd aeal f und ibr Irll an tha . v>port niiy aaa j in at 1 am hi * li e .1 it .. i.i 1 ar Inn. ; I 11 1. lli * 111 ! mlil * 1 a- d 1 I.-,. . > 1 . > ir I I ui nui fill audi .nip. d af .ut 1 m a . -v it III if it. "r rtartid t t in, 1 * * 1 ?, t * ul i '. ur ind"" ai d "ti pp'd at a t? . r a 1 - ? f. | ,,r I 1 111 r and buffi 11 II llji'-t I b ? nlr ' ?. fin dff m f u' guy aad rtinadrd ihi tr"t of | m nn-mni' imi mm ' i' > t . I i . 4 n it I ' #"?' On a tin- wh?n tr? wire tltMl* I aiuMkm |>rl?on?r? " I In Wl'M! |I: f 1 ?? V.? ?? -ri . \i r> ( < i. < : tf : , }..?. ft J I t MB HMriMM wh t i t|. f : I.

f.i.oii i ?.it* tIw ? > ..n "lit ii.;v fr tutl-f i ' t w il>? , * "i 1 1 i ' I t ctl / Iff on| lit Ilf" * I,. I !! it ' -.IIX-HK' I V ; * ' - f ? , 1:1 * , hat doll ii .? ti?Ui. I I ?V lull iki||> IK P. | fNiatrr i mi "i >! rttj ! > 1'pmy Ihaf4|| , t i*d am?' ?1 man hy th# n? .m "f pAranA *i??iiipf , r writ I * piandrt iw I It J* I.- " nirif l on | il.p pi tori-tt t nf Mr J n i.' V, ?r t'S ppl mc-hanl , v fii I ? ! '. 1l? V .1 tli? i-t r.. , iiit In r*- bail la th- ?iti f pi a. TM? man , r tiff I* * ia t I' -ill III r| ? hf tha f m- , pi iii. i- ?i- r ?? ? i w a- a fn -? , r <1 Bialti i- d ' liai.dl 1 rim. n lb < >? , 'f-adli r h' * (UtmIi* I Mi ? ? i .1 it to ljBf? aril'h - a? krlB(t mo I -r?| it* ?ll i hta ulit.n ai.i'. riu i' R.rra to ?h' -I - n. . r pith- J r.tirif ??- Jn??-.| >y . Vi I 0, i, ' Mr ? ( < No 4*i *1 >i ti n 11-,. trr ? tntA ' l>l*oi<lriif ti'ity fop Mr. kchiuj f. am) ht ?? 14W- ! ?Mk?attMMf. j Karoprnn Thrntrtriil*. Mr itlUi'thii. 'hie coining out wiwi an entertainment ti> Ke call-d llii* *-Ov<rlnnd Mail tw India " The r. gi foi Iiit ui>|i')."l 9 arid iu lifnoMotJuc. ij in the a. err 1I1.11 y Madame euiiU|i appeared fur tlie fiiet time th e i 11 uu 'hi lfciii nit II-r il *.i aly.'i Theatre In In r #? i> brat" <1 pai t it in llanri i Nulla di HifM-o." with em-h a cu-l u tar cornpleten -??, thiopera hae never b< ?wl of tor It nn-lu li-)'iroji and l ttlirilM lltjiri inlet 0 tla.-4r.ri. H-lieUt ami L iIditrhe Tin ? nlnbr.-iU-d '/or* hand*. In a part tic-titled ft r tlili opt ra hy il? iiniunr: ?l c-tiujnv-r w?? d tree >.1 in it> appropriate plat e (tin- wi-.liini M'< u- by Ocirl.itla UiUitutl Mario Tagliini itlie ruling favvMlel A-nili* Hi rrarle. inmn itiau ly aft-r c in"--! a now eat; anilih.ei loilt eo?1 th ptiti-d .r mi ot Lu.'iu " h? Hmi 11 kitm 'I ti add to thir m .p ultloei.t b:!l of l it" ?? the lee Malii t " in ? b.cil (Jurintta .1 on . <i turn of hor in nt t It Inali ?1/>< < and Mario 'Fajrln-ni Lb' ti"w ' H-guldel la, 'With ite enchanting Monaco* .nit-ill I'd I'lttDMi'l. Thr whole COCrludid Willi that in Mt p' pillar ret til at.ii dance, f ha f'.i - dee Hat incur- " ' Don ttlnreniii" ?v pt rforuied at the fend in 11 > Ite! an Opt ra on I be 1st h ult , there w:. i a rt-ry l'.ill attti.duuiu of /fr-r/nr-ft, who wi - mii m. to -on It.-rr Hornier tot l.e,>nrt llo Unfit/; inatnly, hateiirer the gr< at 0'rumn bareo ?.o- prevoL"- t hy tUnci fnci up. pi ui'tiR a lid bir part w&a taken by tipjiir I'.-lonitn. Th only o hor alteration to the c**t of l-nt y ?r. w.n the euUtii uticn of iilad'ton Oa U'llan for Ma-faiii" Her-iuni ne Zcrlina and of MaUlle Vera |t.i V vriile v! u bar-, uKlvira. Mailnitic Oai*ell?n unrig tin in i?le of f, line eh in niitifrly anil aetru * ivh mu.b epirit.aud M i 111 Vtra nil Hi-ii|r It not iquiil to nl'irl ??< frrjr j mi m Hlvra Of tlie Donna t oua of Ma.laiue t)i isi. the Dun of Toniblirilit. and Ibt Otlav.oot M..|o it .e Miiheom to eny that thi y eo-taan d th-T i v-p --lire p ini I'mI ri at triumph ><f tlm eveiiiug ne the Ik mm teaoro" of MariO. wb< wait in eaeelieut roi"* a .. ! euug it belt T. it than la-1 y. nr. George Hand ie about to bring out a uew pi iy at tli* Varielc. Our town. man. Mr J. 1. Helton Iht oinlnont coin r . ?.l ... . >.i. I Iifiiu it 1...V,. ii Tin..,! i u I .-I l? Ik.. Niagara from America The p?rfi>rnianri'? of the Huguenot*" ?' th* I'alian lipi ia. M. Pill ivhu'K him bit';, one r.f the racial ri|ccia-lul fH lin Dial ban taken plu. - for muio- time At ito lent ri-prurculatlou Madame lui-i w?< ran tiled liefore I be ourtain mill present. ?j in t li uniue nf the public with h iliaJ-ui lit ih>- valu? flliuiw rouble* V li?' Km pet or. * ho win- pri-m-nt at this even I > nit, m vgnitii'i ill pri-f M iile in all th' ai ti~t - who lin k part in ihe pi rtn'mani.e. IVIano. as l!*"Ui pr.ilunUa groat effort. M1-* IIi-li'ii Fillicit onmnii'iici ?n ' ?g'g 'iu. nt at the Thi Dublin, ? . Kantcr-Monday initio clnirartrrof Juliet; >1 r. in.way. from th. I'rinee-iT* ToeIn mak.i.g In- tijipearaiici- a- V. m. Ilarhel will appear at th" St iau?"'sTh aire in J ulj, prt i inu In In r American inur V - until rrtuml, eey* a I ndnn p t. it n n w gilie ill ie moving piiiiil i ug pa'-e J her M . c-'. v'.s llu-leui" thiewi 'k t "Ui t\ a-liingtou City tlie eatoMl nf the I nil ili"tiiii .a The panorama |'Ui |nn i< to li" t.'olonel Frii.iiiM 'a overlaid ruute l > tin i n I'. x n, ?n,| Culifolt. a ecron the Kucky Mouula n lis! by the Uoiti il el at en guvi ri in ni 'lb lui.iet i-. one highly iuti rifting at the prcm ul tiim . M?di molst-lb Marx the present prnnit donna of the Opi III ' i Ihrlin wh l t atli i In; r In i r-*| t the part nt l.uli.itie. in ih' lie mix Ho. ?." tie li it lutn her head v reclining in her In \ during an i cerral ia In-r port to tmiiale I he | "inpier> whistle and tliin flo l eeetiiplieheil xo ailroi'ly a.i t i cause a change of lei In i v n I i re it wan not required Suuie day, afterwaid. ihe Oeruiau j iiimal.t luloiia ui M idile tlnrx to condemn-d in u hm of ?od francs for i uaaeerui ie tcwa.d- M thi Inleu l.nil of tie' T.U'atre 11' J al. A letter from I) trcelotia r ,ate?:?'-At the TlV'iitr*of the I jn e, nf I r city Dry have in Telia rial a vac red dli.l.a tor the ? ?? in .near of which extraordinary p>< palatini n are lie log mm!" It i- nn.itled I'll 1> it. r ou of J aim dhriat." In wlnon there i,r eighteen ch >I u ? whirli are to he executed hy .? > sing r- of h ith mi x. with tl.e nceompauiiuent of an oroliestra of .$ > i lltuncial!.- The . in nery anil Hernial in are of fU; , pi- at> t magnificence . they will roprcitul Virionplmi* mih u ly baud ?"'i hr.Ti he a in-ntcd liy "".iM- will! h?Te \ ie it'd I h. apiiM Am ingit other || ifi.'UPl things there will he di-olay <1 ou.lhu stag i l ei l.iiM.ihl palui In s which liav> just beeu brought f.-oia tin nnrthi rr> const of Africa to Hare. I . .a by Uvl'i l eteeui ve- il The first jwrforuianco of" thu ourlous pit te. who h n caIN to mind the ancient uiyatcrin.1 m i tolxTi taki u plaei' about a furl night ax . Il *u ? j nil il thai many of the clergy luli u l. to l?c pr?s?ut at its r pri set,UilIon ' Venn If-' hn e " Elijah" has been pr due d at Exeter Hall .Mir- tal in rile Hay. ami II rr t oraiee taRiug, t< r the hi'lliuie. the priiic.pni cuar it -a 111 Ihm oratorio. 'IInttrirnlii la tin lllcl lu l V'?< t:t>to for thnIrii iil >11 u-' uienl mMu.< t< .-ipr. ad-ug t?r and wid" itdiipn yiiUlmllin '?? r I- I intral-d >? far ii > 11 i v / fu ll mi 11,. ii "f i < . #n riii* < iJ fcIK- if L> <-b-<'?rr'>r itf'-t i|f ir I. -bor urny no* ii | . r t" nir'ljr ?' 'l-'if f'1 i- i" 'un ??'l witm-e lt>< ptnyo orShi>k-{ i p-rform d witn cnnm iU'?M< -kill inn! Ui'l>- < ulliini and other mure lim.ri *. di-t-r ?' (' 'f rli- n by Mr h-ilttey. one ot toe puly (ii'ini'ii ( i ill" Tb?- triumph* wlilrh tlrist m l M-trlo nelil-ired ?t St l'i tertl.urg were mprked by tlx moot eo-tly pre ntc In m thu itrip-rr (Irhl 1it> nri-irol teatiB't-nii. I* !lOB) tho i mprr** i. - ? it - !' -in tile ctnp-iror of tart ?*lue Among thi'p nr.- a wroth fur h-r to *rtr wb< n *h?> I* playinp " > inn*.' f-riu-d Of b*n* lit iiii m l mi M|| VM '<>? b-rr i k uii|>?-. ,1 of bril- I lUnt ni.U npilt i,f ?l nh tlx r title .tone i* ?nlu-d hi h turn rir>r4i|it A"JW); a atouiuilu-r o( brillUnl*. iub i h ?n<l nth. r aloue* of laig- nlup , unJ v?rt >u< bran It-la. biovritr* mid rii.jf; "I.adfca and U- iitl.-in -i. Your rlli-ntt appear* to Itnl cutf an axpi tatlon t hnt I cl. uld a.lbroc.t you 1 ?"t?l I not wilt:nj;Iy thoucht wanting In any mark of retpert. hut I really aiu at prexnt -uif-riug m. itnrtlj I- iu lndi?po?itton, tint I liaer not the powri t? rrniiaanU D-y tb<>U|[bt* to the prop- r diteharpe i f autb a duty let n?r. thritforr, Ukt uiy kaii. aaturlLg y >u that although uth-ra may h??r hi id. and may ll-r rafter hold a tar tugle-r place in yor.r hi Main . and in y-ar lane nmii e.niM br more nmaatiy dtalrirjr than Biy?*lf to i-nahllth a title lai y.-ur yi ii';.iunn by applying to the practiceof tajart oily pr.m ]>> - f t In. aen ltd that* tuj by 'epj -it* I hie all but ll> artUI * legitimate tnrana to o-indlltla ttui approbation (Apptai:** I I would h p n >t to la- ri'litidirid 't'ruain iu n temp thu publicly tlx -<>r and r-piilarlly with which y ur th?a*r- i? cnilirtto. i?(ln'lui|i a? It d -i - tfcr hplirat rredit on it> exielltnt manager (AppUi.t- 1 And now with lb ffi-rit my I. at pratilul acknowledgment* to tlm? patn ii.-i who. tf.-nkirp t -r th-tn- ivi-a ami jndfinc my nttiiii} It by the atamUrd >> lb- p-.-fa tost hart l.inir. d m? with ibttr approval au-l auppi.rt thit In my pri f. -tbiual ropai ly nioit r..?peotfnlly a l*?t adl-u ' (Kfr Marri-aJy r< tired Mnidrt loud and proIniiyttl applaut* ) Mr. Macri inly a la-t Mrk-a of dram.tie p. rf-irmnnee* prrwloti* to In* dual ndlremrut from tha ttagi mrt to i i: i -i,re t-ti M oIj'-La*. tkf 1.1\ Anril. fit Lh? llu-? I Oral ItCt. Mr Aldrldpa. th? Afr:-an BnWgi. he* b**n *t?rr!iiii at I.?+iln Ahak'paert (trmdady-f Tltuf Andronicu wh h bar lain o> KlrrinJ for nearly two hundred yoarn, l>i> l-tu klurvil eud rnlirJ by Mr Aldridfa *11 I lay* lb* )Imt lit it Sir. Htid Mr* i hurl** K'-itn ha?* torinloated lliair i t.pi < aint at thr Il.iyuiar*. ; '[ bra' an 1 bar* iq? to hUr. I.uryli. wImis tb * ar* ab it aotiim nc n* a *t<ort i tiK*jp m?rl at l i Thretr* Royal Mr <hnrl*t hi'.m ik I' n ,i.. tli* !? <- - if Ui? frinc*#'* Tl-atr., Ly *b arranging <t mill Mr Meddua, ah" Rid* a |. i, ( | rn vrnt- ' n in. i|iltf 1 ran-a f- ra th* In lierd Mr l" K an will ri inini ar? hi* tu?i. -riid dulir* la thr atittion Sir John PaiTjr rtlll tsnounny hi* papular atitar. Laintm nt* At lirury Ian* Tb? Pwrny Oliml" a dim??tlc Jr\in* t.y Mr lt?yl- Rrruar 1. hn* bran pn-iluirl rbouph only In l?" v:?. it i< t >*>?.-!y .<^110. a trill to * lln tH ! *.?; and It I* In other re?p?ct* a ratiarkal l* produrin u Slm-h of tha <1 dayw numdil i? If 1 lltrii in <-;?-.|-a. biiKint : or lemh'r* or a nlxiar-' of both -'.ha r-adrura of wVeh we* d '|j? |ly ?d nnj lre?inp to tb* * ?? Pol tb ilrirot rau.t ti?* rlo?ar p-ru?al *r* ? ran dre-ia <n the *prclftr tntcrt and nrrurary of Ih.' ?er*? "a far a* * <arra lb r It judrf* > ? tl a 1 *r*?r ni-nt. it an a*ra*?ful ?th* lul.rrr t t p*i ..raiiy rVl'ff to t n> tiiowratb'i ind >?!< let ir .taly ??r?iO" I t "? ninni iuding mrnl fi of oppltior Th* <*ff > ct ?h eh thi* tr 1I1 *?<! waa nnr^ult really due to it* p?ru!ier diction itid uo a-lira Mr HiUlrr and th? M?e?r? Itronph at th* Hay. narkrt. riay hi f ncratulatrd 11 tli* !*? ?t 1 mr- * * if thrlf Kaatrr pfa'r# It i? a burleaqtl* of a rupa'ior >r?Vf. rfplrte with wit and point. an I ab"un lin* lu iraioaltr Ituat oi fir Walt^T "r tt r< nane- of ' Icanhne" ha* ba?o laid iind> r ejotnhutlni for It* b*ni"; and lb* wane* and Incident* h??- b*?a Iran*, td int? motorm unM I?a%* f 1 -v w rrnra entail by Mr K<>-I*y I* elopaeller. nb"*? *lamb??* iri bat lid both* (I a? nl *t*"*in< ne? II*'U .tut rhiat* d ?u*towiar* and Ioanbo*. a* th* palmar In b- hait I* of Mr* Kar .y |? ona of hi* rtclima of ih Hilar < I*** ?lm*a ahaap armor tail* h ia la tha r tr> at Mi*# llorti n ! I'rtrrc*, h?k>at rrfa'tt Mtlil I to l.ih " and b- r pr nun th'ugh buri**')4*. pa*-**, i* It w*r? trufn th* ri heal ut into tlia ruMim* Mr Hand a*C?dr < lha Paoon. la no loaa than tha in" old I 1 *?ub (antlainan with liia ?*nrn of f. y.j*r1a* and of fri nrhnian \ rlah *p?i lm?n of ih* latt- -1? pr??.nt*d 10 Mr A?lby In tha part of Hr'an J? Roi? (?inlh? rt Mr lU' k'i .n* had rallo-r an unlbankful part * a W rr 'ut. ka? In tha ftharar'i r of Watnla and Mr* Fit* tilUani hadabrl'f on? In that >f Robin Hood, wtal b Ik plavrdand 'anp dvlieloa*!/ A* a *paata*l?. thr >!< i* Biapmfirrnt 1 Cymbal and if' 1| * ha?? alr*ady brg ia th 'lr pf* tmlr*ry twnri*lia? to *y,ini>boni?a tha am'tarkolioii of lldlla I.IiiJ for ilaptfUro fiom Karopa. L*tiara %a lotir*.'. that in 1*0 or thr?" of thn Am<rir-tn rlll*a ' rrfft t Hi?" t-f * ??t ? kl 10 t>? i i 11-JWlflj olll f r M.M? l'? tn tpiln Tbr- r pl> *r *t Pmry t ??< U ntitlc 1 T i?D? i 't Mr.. " fb* th ' ?'l? ?b < h < >mp ?* X prmen! i 0 botuiet of p?ru)t*r iotrro't. Ihon^b riohorolod ?ilh milib 'hill ? > flight b >rr b.>*n rxpnttd rr- ra It# ??itl. r Mr Kejw?.i K?lt!iful lot* and if y?'lly ta?n-w (|r thrruth not nti'y Irr tj l *?i?" hut ?rU)M4 nir In |>ur*mt of th?T r hj??t-thn 'ditto nt of b-onty *' d?'ibt ?h?lh?r Ihil ?n,-in:i? i nil vf tu*g:'*l I nil) (trniu* ?*n b >M il.? pr-tinJ 1 i#.'tn#%'br bf limit m l witty buri##^' n?* ?? 1 n#n i.?. Tin <iny for ?n*h tblngt In p?-t %nd Umtnrrn- 1 ylobobrtii utb?-k bf tb? rrlntr<xlv< tl^n of |U*JVp< J? m iHh ' ?? TK? pi*?? r .orluJUw nrttb lhi> rlvvipbnt fftt'J 'f lf?rb"rl nod T'lnotm K??ll?" ,o? | ?rtlr>on by r?al b r??-# ' ' 11> m tbr iWl nainbrr of tb< tfanoi' Ami ?o I ?tfn ,l.?t th* I>*l'r?-r*ar? rf Itmrl" by Mr W Ja?fct"n. of itulnn h?> brm r-.- ri ty |wrnpm'il it on* of th? ???*ty f> nr. rt- ti> vi kij iitf of apw?rd? of f mr bo! k4> pr-rnon# P? murh rntUfprtlon It ta'd tt vrib-ro *tno by thU ?n'k, ?bn ??roiit?4 with I bTvly w> org** iff Mptalra?ut, thai tb'rrU ? p*<?la ? I (lit j of the Oratorio being performed as oompo*?d? liiut U with full orobeetra. 1 h?- Pntn-y thentri- ha* r?t?*r?-d lite rally far it? h<?lidiiy uud.t tc< Tht-Adfi-utuMT" jfltfs an opportu. 1 nily to Mr I'tMtlrk to rihlMl miuio good effects In directly oppoi ile situation* The Intend turn* on tha krru k mi king a lather and finding a idntor; the I?ti-r of alxoi be ravi-efrom ahipwrti-k neorlh./ pirt ni Tal.icle at Ibi beginning of the anlmu Through a ri?-? of inridenW and |M-ritM, t<>o nunmruui to detail. Hm]ui1I? Alllaga (for aueb i* the ltd rent urer's tt?iu?) -?r1.v?* at the xummlt of power whirh t? pnmerre Ins etrtrr'e honor hi- aldlnet ly ra- <ni Thi* U rat In r a xeeero moral, but tln> right j-ivlal eharaoler of the In rn together with cnrtxiu tnt'irpvllatod r >iiiin ritual kin* give a stirring iutor-sl and much relief and variety to tho action. K a rope In Oriblrta The ItMlrn of tint Hum/ rum revolution wt i ihn-e iiM'iit hb ago Mimuioued to aiirretuler; no the ixriodof ninety day* hid ehtp*?d without brinjnut with it alien n reault, they h ?ve nil li n wiitenced tn death i? eonl**nnrpim. Among th-nt ur?- hoHonth, Teleki, nml others. Tho Nvtivnnl Untitle of ttwiteerland at-ifa that Seigexiit Hnirhnt, the ex-ieprexeritntive of Kr i'?c-*, find, with two representatives of the Uoiiiui i' m Io, embarked at Genoa tor Africa, to loin Garibaldi. In Miilta the Roman Catholic Church lit* been inoelhiini d the dominnnt religion. The Hidiop of Gibraltar protested against it. 1 he New Zealand letters to the iMth of Decent* her, elate that emigration to Cdlilorin t h id not i.hrited. The eotiduct of Governor Grev, iu the idnniiihtrniion of unnirs, w m not generally approvt <1. Under the combined influeace, therefore, < f* diminishing population, and some politic d irritation, trade was in a declining state. The farmers in the north of Scotland are coin- i l>lnining of the continuance of wet and stormy w i1 her, which hue prevented them from getting th-ir oata into thegionud. A lutge and dangerous rock or shoal, with heavy hr' iikera, hnH l>eeu discovered, about thirty inil-s S. W frcm Natal, mid di-tant iiom the land about two miles, which is not laid down in any chart. The numlier of masonic lodges <>| Engl mil is 747, of which some are dietrihuted throng) tiie English counties, whilst others are in v trious pa11 of the world wherein large bodies of the English i ace reside. Some misapprehensions appearing to exist wnh respect to ihe payment of the i> of le'ters lor In Pspnl Stati s, intended to be forw trded by t ie Flench packets, it is necessary to state, that no portiou of the postage upon such I tlers should la paid in ihis country, as tin* entire postage, British and foreign, is collected on delivery of the letters. The Cornwall Gazette tells a ni irvelloiis story of the di.-coveiy of an origin il portrait of C!i itle.I., by Vandyke. It had been kicked about imong-t iiihbnh, Hiid was siij)|ioeed to be a v.tluele-a rag. It was purchased for 2s., the dirt w ,h brushed otl it. Mid the posses.-or has been ofi' ied ?2,000 for it. In.t n ie considered worth ?20,4)00! Late advices received from Mr. L.,y ud, at Nuurond, state, lliat in a part of the building noll'ii distant from that^coiit uning the throue, th wh o! the culinaty apparatus of Ihe monarch of Assvri i h.-.s bevn discovered. It consists, imoiig other thu gs, of an immense brazen cauldron, an I more than 100 dishes, Ac., of the same met.d. .do gulden utensils have, however, yet come to light. 1 he Duchess of Orleans and h-r two children are (hi illy expected in Ltigland ; during their stay lltcy will tesiae in the house b longing to L idy Ly it'll, st E-her, close to Claremonl. Feme of the paper slips dropped by the tcletrrtphlog balloons, sent up experimentally bv tie- A l n r.-Tty at Whitehall. England, have b-en ret-true 1 I v iiost fiom Hamburgh and Alton i, a (hot nice of 4u0 miles direct. It is stated that the celebrated diamond, the Koltii.oot (the mount .in of light,) is now in tin possession of a distinguished olhcer on hi* w v hum tie in India It is said the Queen has refused tin* tlii li.oi d as u gift, not wishing to take sO Hi t 'it ficun the tinny*'? prize-money, Eut that it hash-en r< ccnunended to put chase it as a crown jewel. A f-cotch giil, named Dai baru Crawford, his I < en found in one of Ihe i.-dauds in Torres Srrsit* ."-lie Was the only person saved f om a wreck, and h al lieen kindly used by the natives, among whom -he lived five years. The 0/>ni'>nt Pabliqwe strte-i thit th -ub n itii.e electric telegraph between Doverund Cal da iio la- o|a tied to the public on the 4ih of M .y, the i.iuxeiM.ty of the procl. illation of the French liepi.hlic by tin- Constitm nt A-s-mbly. The o-lugf/ wrg Gazette says:?Austria proposes, in place of the Jgletiui, a congress of the olenipo* iei.Main s of the ( Stales Prussia <?>es not set in disiuclmed to agree to this proposition. According to private intelligence lately received Ht Titlis, a very itch gold mine has been discovered ti the vicinity of Jelisurvetpol, government of TiHts The Emperor of Kus-ia has issued an official notice to the officers of Ihe urinv of occimution in Moldavia itnd W,?ll ichi-i, to ally themselves in marrtpge with native ladies, woo possess landed pro|*-iiy, whenever it I* po.-tnble. Tin- yfvgrfnrg Unzrttt st-itea that on thr 29th of March, the Austrian government pent another note to the PniMiHti cabinet, on the German question, which uote. judging from the speech of M <ie hiidowitz, leaves hut little hope of an amicable arrur<g? nient with the two cuhineta. The celfbiHtcd I)r GutzUfl, who has pawed neatly twenty year* in China, haa arrived at the Hague. There 14 to he a public meeting, at which he will give an account ol the stale ot l.iiina. (''lie ot the Vienna journals slates that in a recent note to I'iUM>ia, the cabinet of St Petersburg .1,-clarvn that, by the treaties of 1&15, the lierin iu Sti-tee have a right to recon-titute themselves, bsi that if a new union should not be effected, th trrsti?a would be violated by any which should attempt to promote ita own pnwtu by a new constitution, and that tn such a cusi foreign power* would la* entitled to intervene In Kussia 1.nd Poland, there are 1. 111 Jews, who hove (fih) synagogues, 2,270 smaller places of worship, and 6,3HH schools. '1 lie Hev. Mr. Irvine, and Mr Lewis Bloom, of the Vtiited States, have recently arrived in EngI id. with an utitipie exhibition, illustrating the Aliican and American slave trade, in a series of moving panoramic views. '1 he nnnuHl produce of wine, as officisllv noticed 111 New .' until Wales, greatly d? |(X),0 St g i|l> lis Ana 1 II the choice kind*- is a highly exitilled " Nt 11 termmade by Mr. Whittaker, of Paramatta. 1 here are ini}N> advices from Constantinonb , tb.lcd th? bth ult , hy electric telegraph, ria V'l&nhfoit The question of the fugitives wis arraiigcd, lUal dipb'tiiiitic relations had been resiun .! on thr pilvioii - day between the Porte and Austria. Private letters fion Oran at tie thai .111 insurrection has broken out in llut |<ortion of the Moorish teuitorv adjoining the Kiench posseMuons in Algeria The insurgents had occupied the town of Undid*. The French authorities have sent trout** to thr frci.tiera 1 :> r* f";m .^rmrnaatnte tint a dreadful e irthqm-ke occuired there tl h?lf-p.i"l t A M ,on Wmi). nr*dav, the 8d ittft. The gre.teat alarm prevailed Tlie nnc which prrcfd-a the shock *?i terrific Prwauw hrm de*?ntched an Urnl to B-rne, to ii"goiibtr iruntr.niK utiion with Switzerland The price of corn haa not been an low in France for thirty ycara aa at the present mom -nt. f ir HnWtl Peel had a lengthened interview of many hour* with lier M?j> siv, on a certiiu day in tin- 1'ieaeat week imlii.g Jhtli ult., Pnnce AM*?"rt heing iiti-aent, and the right hon hiranet called at Ay hcitae after having quitted Bmknighampwlace. 'J he ten. nt right movement in Ireland ia advancing in power, and making rapid strides. A di < tie hippopotamus I* al?out to he despatched fr< m Kgyi't to Tendon for the Zoological Society According to the account" from Bag lad, th* ruin* of an ancient citjr have been di*c?V'-red near Tscipiion. The 1 Vine* nnd IVincxa of Joiaviila have eml>arki d at t 'adit for hngland Iter M <j' My the IJin enof th? It* Igian* ha* en tefii i, In r 'hirty-ninth year Her M ijesty waa bom at Palermo on the 3rd of April, 1H12 The I airnfona mountain, in Inverne*e-*htrer iyieldtng greater abundance than ever of the km I of precuaia atone which goea by ita name. On" ?h? 11 rd haa ot we dthy hy the diaeovry of, ml* u- id fragment of pure chryetat, weighing lb*, wlmh he fo ind in what a gold-hunter <>f Otlifcn ia would rail a '* pl?ci r" or pocket. A g' t Proteetart movement ia preparing in lbh) nnn .ind balOny. The Kmj?ror of Kuwnihis granted p-rmnaioi It) tin l|ehtrw>-of (our land to take a* apprentices tf.? children of other Hebrew*, a privilege hitherto d> no d them. At Vienna, in IMS, ihera were 19,2-11 birth*, of which It',3N) were illegitimate, and 8,"*S| legitimate?n fart unexampled in any oth"r Chnati in town in 'be world. From Hamburg, Frankhirt, mid otti*r continental .? 1.1- ) > ..?r>, itii n r* - I I- I.a ,.f ? * * * MV.IVH .v?< ' O uni'i i.Tininii 'ii tniltlilnnc of c**h Ktrrn at Vianiw th*ra I* a Mtiafjciorr clnLxr ?n thta mwct Tna Win"*#*?" Imnut a?'?fr?l romptaloa of IT t a tr-op?. ?* r"fl ?r? proparii.f to r .m<- , Ionli to ih? Wii,i >?a*' c.uiurj. < I iiX*tn r >||arl , ttiU tr1?? ?f iMOmrui tlun nyr rr?i)?r??ill r.fillTl I h "?o 4i?"*t'^' I ?ilh th- r nt h ?H rolufi?od \ miT ai? now ?*?tti?i?<l ah at th? oounlry la ti* , ?l mltj of T>n! uni? *?i'l i)il?n? It U l??r?d thaf , ?111 ki*'n>"?? di?-itljr la o Hwtln? lh*tn thi- tiaa , ih*n II J Lv. I tat ?Maat?r -S* L?*H (V*) t .Vrw* ? 1 Pmll F*rlto?l?n of U? Burning mf tho Steamboat BeUc of tbo WmL STATKMKNT Of Tllli CAPTAIN?I. INT Of HAVKU, AI LI .KB a.vij wounuko. rKrom tho Ciociuuaii April 27 ) On Monday evening, fcid loot , to o'clock, th* Belle of the West left the port of Cincinnati, hound for St Louis, with about two hundred and fifty or more pusaengeM, including deck and cabin, all told, with ? crew of forty in number. No freight w*? t. ken out of the hold nfter the ( left tftio po:t, and nothing done, arid the h itched not raised, except the usual examination of the watchm in,'previous to the dtecoverv of the smoke. Wh-n opposite Florence, la., I discovered smoke i-tsnug thtnugh the joints of the forward hitch, which gave me some uneasiness, when I called one of the deck hands, who was standing near, to raiae the h tell to see it the was below; the of more smoke proved my suspicions to he coriect, and I immediately ran to the hurricane deck slid ordered the pilot to land the, that lLer> was lire in the hold. Next, return ?d to sat 1 hutch and found that two men had gone down with hose I ordered them to go aft midget all p issengcra on deck forward, while 1 went through the I- hin, assisted hy the second clerk and steward, to w: ke up the pas.-engers, which I did with all the sliced possible, and exhorting thein to prad.-ncs? ih..t thehout whs on fire in the hold. "Sive your lives end leave baggage?the boat is landing, and all may escape it von will act prudentlyThe awful scene that followed after the alarm, vou c in letter imagine that 1 can describe, Iront the lime 1 first discovered the smoke until th>- boat I and**!, which 1 do not think was outside of five minutes. I In d under my protection a lady, the wife of Vlaj. \ inccitl Fhitips, ol Iiollidayshurgh, Pa , whom 1 h it very anxious about, as she was in the room on tin' extreme euti oi tin* 1 idtes cahin, aniline only holy unprotected on board, to my knowledge. I winked niy way through to the rootn, and pidtd the door open, found her getting up, having heard the a la l m, hilt w an dressed only in part. 1 told her to come quick?the boat was on tire. She handed nte a portion of her clothes and turned to get her trunk. I told her to let the trunk rem .in?she n ight lose her life, as both could not he saved. M ny had gone ahead of us; b it I succeeded in Hettinp her out on shore, wh"n she requested nie to 1 leave her, and return to the assistance of others? that she could get up the hill without assistance, as i it was not steep. Up to this time the fire hud not | reached the cabin Hoor. On my return 1 metminr i who were trying to save haffg i?.-, and many elnld' rt n weie pushed and crowd d off the g-m iy in* to the water. 1 then ran in and pulled th-m out, cte after another, and passed them to the shore, and 1 then cleared the gangway of trunks and la xrs, lor the passengers to make their escape. At iIns instant 1 discovered a keg of powder, which 1 i tin rid up and halloed ' powder," at the sumn time holding it up, that all who might i*-e it would understand my meaning, if they eould not me To esc. pe from the effects of au explosion myself was impossible, should any more he left in the hold. After making the exhibition, 1 weutinto ibe liver with the keg,in order to get it entirely out of if;,ch of lire, but unfortunately the current w,m cam mp it it wards the lire ug on. I then r.ui in ml pot it out, at which time ihe mat': came and took it front nie, and carried it below the boat. Samuel Masters, the cur muter, used every effort to pet in the hold to s utile the bo ,t; but on raising the hatch, so dense w?.s the smoke and heat that it w s iiD|K,ssible. In trying to replace it, a fireinin, v>lio was assisting him, fell down through, but wis rcccvered by the e..rp< tiler, who caught linn by the hct I.- us he fell This mi.-fortune c tused the fire to !! I loo strong for them to replace the hatch. He (the carpenter) tells me he di I not leave there nntil he lied examined the beds of the d'-ck passeug -rs ; supposing, through f ight, home might hive left then children, but found none; and the next thing for linn Whs to get ashore, which he did by get jag to the hurricane deck and coining down the derrick and spar, losing tools, Iwggige, and all ? After all was saved that could be enved, we then pioceeded to assist in making the pmsongerg as c< nifortablc as circumstances would admit. I hid files built along the shore, the houses being occupied by the wounded. 1 cannot close without expressing a deep sense of gratitude l-t my officers ; nil ciew, who, to a ni in, stood to his pent from beginning to end. Nearly all of the above statements tell under inv observation, and are enricct. One question i* frequently asked, and th it i.-, hrw is it that all the officers and cr-*w were K.'.xed? w hich is easily answered. The accident oo CUlft'd at 12 o'clock^ ut wfiich time a chice of watch takes place. Those not on Wdchwcrcin die bet of getting up, being ju.-t ctiled; conseu-o It ..I fhi> n ...... ,r .. 11 :_ _i ...... .11. n.-i-l.uac HI .III, 111 pi.iCf UI hi.If the crew, to aid in rend?ring 'imtistaiice. I). S. Jamks C iptain. Lilt of Paueuyeri Smr.J.?ltob-rt Campbell Canada W crt: John Add*, do ; Jatnea 8t?-t?-n?"n. J".. Jaoica Mel oll' nuh do ; John Aihtin* do; U"b?rt <'h,l.aer*, do.: John Farter, do ; Win B?*Wn?tt. do.; Lev Loeia, 8i*let*ville. Vt , Henry T llupp Ohio, W'm lUnodi, Wood couuty. Va.; Jainea T Martin. Mau : Herman S.Guy. Iowa; tV MePretrick I'mnu . Minar.i Wheeler, do; I. A J.Haley Va ; Theodore William*. Cincinnati; Jo*. Oamrtt. Va.; Benjamin Rumordnnr. Ohio; Oeorye K Keyc*. do.; Jonathan U. Keyc* do.; Jacob Boury. do ; John M. Newton do.; John t*III. Maine; Ueoiye Ueyer and family. (7) l'?un-ylvaui?; Jacob Tollman do ; Henry Oeyyer. do.; H>rain Steren*o. do ; 1'erry Slevenaou do ; John Ku^ar*. do ; W'm Bond and lady, do ; llcnry llambden Max* ; K. J. Uuiaert and lady, Cincinnati; Jame* McKarlaud, do ; Frank Sirnycr do - John Lewia. Ohio; A J. Bond. Bprinybeld Fa. t'barle* Fide I'enn.; George M.hl. Cincinnati. (J. A Quick and family (14) Va.; Duniel Kiuiile*and family (rt) I'enn.; Arch MeKjRIer, Mleliiyaii . Mr* Krller. I'enn ; Jamc* Gardiner. Cincinnati; Joel 8trau*er. Ohio; Fred Hleaaiug and family. (4) I'enn.; Jonathan Mother do ; Win. Ilaaaurker. uo.; Laurence Spaun. CTucluna'l; Jo*?pb ML, ail do Geo Prraple. do.; J F Batch lor. Port Huron. Mich yan Mm lire, n and lady Jnnmtt* Pa; C b lady Newton. Ill'noia; I .tee Mitman Well*. e,i|e. Ohm . Abraham Funk and family Dauphin roucty. I'enn-ytvauia ; Matthw Morriaon, lleury county. Iowa. Jaeub81au*er and lady Vmii.ialia 111; I'eter l'ordy and ,on. Lebanon county. I'a . Lawrence Mooncy Baltimore Md.; F Fell. Ohia; li 8 "Andura, (h-l fa her and mother) Kelthhuryli III G F Turnnn. Cincinnati; Jacob Hike*. Cumberland. Pa.; 0. P. Hart Na hvllie. Trim . John D,inald?oa, Fleuiiny*luiyh Ky . Win H,*a Palmyra. Mo Tho* Ho-j, do.; I'hilip llortihrook and family. (A) Keanavllle. Int.; Daniel Mtnl-iy .to; Mr l.ake and lady. <|o; Mia* A. II tier do. Mr Gardner, do; He* J Mllliyan, Kand< 111h enunly. Ill , l>r J K Cot lady and three ohildrcb. hpriiijrfb Id III . Mr* I'hilp* II 'liday-hur/h, I'a : Henry Truit. Patriot. Ind . It T tloddard. do ; >.r t In at do, f?nar Landbaek. I'eoria III . Mr*. I.n tidier k do : Kdward Dor-ey. Pittaburyh; T M. Rutin rford Cincinnati; Tliuma* Lawaon d >.; P. Donally do ; John Cahora. do.; Iianiel Wood. Equality, III P li llareey do . Jaa McNeill Sparta 111 ; Ueo Ktiprnl and family. Pa . J M ai tern do John N. id lady do ; P bilip Jamae. Ft Lout" There were eoni- forty or mora pa-?-ngrr? left tho r< ur of dleaeter before thair nnou could ba pr .r jrad 1 a?r or Mitring and bj .red -Jor> rnlnh lluiubergar. Dauphin County, Penn-y Irania . John Andera and >fa (ron Marietta. nbiu in rara of aon. Predarlck It rat la alfa and ibraa rhtldran. (two chddren aged & and 'J y? ar?. rated) Lanraater. PennayIrani*. Mr. h.llir wita and lliraa childn n Prnneylvania. Ami* Ytrdy. Lanraater. Proneylvauta. Lady, (cabin pn? anger,) l ama not known Man. wife and alx rhtldran, omnia nat known Ft Mary - Landing Virgin.a. thrwo rb'ldn ti of kir Wagoner. Penurylvauia. two Hermann, di k paeeengerr nanira aot ku<wn took pa?-ngr at Cincinnati: afamily eoueinting of two man two wnaaa, and tour rblldjen nann-a not regtetered Cincinnati liaiayd Ao??l|-Jokn Dumb, rg.r Dauphin county, Pi r.neylvanla, Laal Yard! I.ancaatar county Peun<ylvema, hope? rra entertain. d that both will reeuver bi.rntdShrhtlf?Mlaa Yardy Lama-tar county P*An ylvanla fiome threw or four otbara vary aiigtuly burned?not reported IxiDtata or imi Diiuctioa o? tm> Srnwaoat A* THCHt H tiai -Tki Ohio. fLttidrmUr of lha foth ult aaya:?from tba aurvlvora wa gat liar arnna further Innd-nla of thir terrible dWaatrr A dieconar lata raia wna wltnaaaad In th" paraon of a middleagi d man anting > n t Ha aky light of Hi upp t 1-rk after tha wrack holding a little girl la hla tap. with n wet blanket wrapped around for hlni""lf culled and tri mhling with tba cold Mr Pddy who awnied to ba ihaoilyona In A aondlt .n to aff r i relief ?* pa >ui| 1 y when ha wm ace at ad by tba daapnuding man Ibua, Arc you the Captain?" 'fin.' aatd Mr .1 am wo thirg but a pn??aog>r" Do you k . w.iere my wit- and the rert -f my chlldr. n ar-' I hav- n il era them rlure the eapfoefon Mr K I 'formed h m that be bad nnt aarn them. but ronif me J him by aay .aig ba hop. a tha) had baan picked up and war*- aaf.v Tba wrrtrhrd man aoon learned that all ha bad I-ft htm f a onca happy family, waa tba one cbdJ ha waa than rlaeping to hie bnaoni A wlf> and two childewn had baen Inet A vary trying and aorrowmg aighl. w>< tba ra a i f poor negro who tad h*. n eralded from head to foot wiib fleam llagto.1. <at upon tba fl.>aling wreak w.ib hla raw ?urfara > xpo-ed to a bleak wind A w*t hlaukat waa thrown an und him which greatly raaaed hie ruffi rttigv but when ba undartook to walk on bmrd ili> yawl to get Into tba uhm't tba flr?t at p left tba ek in of Me bare hat upon tba dc;k-h" fill to b a kmee end the flreh literally peali d off frotn III w !' waa rarrli d on board and w hen tha rraclloit t x>k plaoa, du d la tba moat xrruriatiug torturo. An eldarly gentleman waa found floating on the water dea l lie had two pillowa laebed In linn which presented hit aluk r>g audi vldrntly died from cb.lla Tha flr?t engine-v taean l^ect of the d"ep< at eympathy After being n i ii d tr- ni the elm m in the'to at ocraaioned by tha aploan n. ba waa helped on to tba upper deak. and ?ben flr?t eaan by Mr Kildy though w dl acq at nted ?> not recognised an ewolirn ht? lipt anil an black kl< Ua. **- i * - " * " ... K ?.rnn* r ai*o U llr afall-a ??l t " K-h-r with a c?ant-rpaao drawn clow ?m>4 iholf liiada u k?p ?B the wind irimnini witha*ary br??i>; it iilrfMM ami Maakrli w*r* p.-naid-d and l#?J war* up. hut the pinrrr dl.-d al Klaatra hi* fl?b hmli.j hi. n liu-rally rocked ?u hl? boo.-* tiam-oll*l? IT aft< r tha < ipl i-nn a t-m da wm ha* <1 groaning lli prrat ?rf u ?h clrar oa Ih- aitrrmr ?f Ik* forwvrd itifl. ?W* ihfrr *i< ?o mark flood wo.4 and ?ai* near dair go to bar r*IM ll?r rrln. beard abora all tin Wl err* at. d lb* attention of Vlr. Kddp. wh > wad < n ihaafi-r pan of tha wrrrh ami ?<iid- II f?e? of wataa int. rvinli ft II-atarted nn a rafliual * "f d ?nr< aad Biatreaaea to a?*|.i Hit hut b-fl-ra ha ?'utd g' t to b*r 'h? hrralhad hi r lant II app'-ara alio had baaa atuanad by a hi' w on the h> ad aa a d. p p?-h appntrad abaaa b< r right tampla but what hold her la atieh tartara aa lb-t.ller r?p? which il-awn h; lb* Pllwt hwaaa. l ich hhd Poat.'d off hrniifbt It awrooa ha- brwaat aa ha lap t.a Iba dark ao light aa ?n eomplovalY iaM taall In Iba flaab Aha had aaldaatlp drowaad la th* oa anion. aa iba ata waahad oaav baa

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