Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1850 Page 7
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m ! TkMlrlctl aad HmIuL low u t Thbatb?.?The beautiful play of the "Three otrdtmrn" U sightly crowding thU Urge end elegant theatre The scenery Is magnificent, the dreeeee splendid end the enst tf rbnrncters cannot be equalled by nny theatre in the Union. Mr. and Mre. J. Wallwk. excellent artists, take the leading characters, anil with the excellent comedians. Miss Wensyss, and Messrs. Lester and Gilbert, the performances must giro general satisfaction. Added to this, the new drama, entitled "Ilylas." will be presented. Those who relish a good play, had better visit the Bowery to-night. Bkoahway Thistkc.?The performances are drawing better houses than with the worn out plays, which, to gratify the principal performers rather than the public, have been frequently represented. To-night, there Is a very excellent bill, so fur as novelty is concerned; and the actors demand, by their talent, with the excellence ot new playa. a large share of public favor. With the desire of the public to visit this beautiful theatre, , it v? ids to require nothing but some series of brilliant \ productions well sustained, to make it thronged, instead of well filled. We are pleased to hear that a great novelty Is to be brought forward without delay. i Boston's TtiitTor.?The bill it very attractive at this establishment for to-night?two new plays are announced: "The Merry Family," and "'The Vicar of Wakefield." There is something favorable to good houses, in running " The Serious Family'' during the i - annlveasary season, as it has cupital hits upon the t conventional philanthroi res of the day. and the modes 1 in which some of toe brotherhood are susp-cted of dealing with the charities ot the generous Little as we think of this play as a piece ot composition, we must allow that its scenes are great provocatives of laughter. and if "The Merry Family" is half as mirthful it will bo ratisfactoiy. National Tmeatbk.?Williams, the Irish comedian. Is every hour becoming more popular, lie appears tonight in "Born to Good Lu^k" and in the "Review," and Mrs. Williams will appear In the - Feuisle Forty Thieves." They will be supported by a very good stock company. Miss West will execute a dauce called Roj ryU'More," and Mr. lliggins will appear in a favorite dauce. This is a good bill, and will likely crowd the National. ' Autos Place Thkatrk.?This evening closes the run. ^ at lrast{ for the preaont, of the " Duke's Wager." Whether written by Fanny Kemble or uot. as h is been * disputed. It is a play of great merit. It is magnifi4 eeutly put upon the stage, and beautifully acted and 4 has d (served a much greater success thau we fear it ha* obtained. Mr. Has*. however. 1* not cowed at trifle*; hi* persevi rauce in indomitable Having one of ' the moat magnificent theatre* in tbo country, he seem* t resolved to produce an according style ol entertainment to attract the most magnificent ando-nee* Our ' especial favorite. Charlotte tfushman. commence* an ' engagement next week Has* is not content with one Hur. however, lie loves to have plays well dour, aud therefore has engaged to support her. our old favorite, 6 Harry Filicide, the charming Fanny Willaok. Mr Coo I dock Neafle. Mason. Adams?these with Bas* him1 sett. Mr*. McLean. Miss Western, aud all his talented L company, congregated to support a comedy of dhaks" peare's will form an epoch in New York theatricals, 14 and this treat will be given on Monday next. 1 " CuaisTv's OrcR* House ?The company of vocal and 3 instrumental performers, generally known as Christy * Minstrels, are attracting immense audiences every u night. to hear them sing their plaintive melodies, har- I * monies, choruses, and instrumental solos. We have j beard almost every liand in tho (States, and can find none fo perfectly orgauiied so as tegive general satisa faction in the true delineation of negro characters, a OLTMric.?Pierce's Minstrels are still continuing to a display their vocal and instruinvutal accomplishments I in negro vocalization aud instrumental performances * The bill is very attractive. Mr. Horn, comiu >uly callt ad Brother Bones, takes his benefit on Saturday night. ' Melodeo*.?Songs and choruses of every descripII tion and dancing constitute the entertainments given t by White's Serenader*. at 53 Bowery. ? Hctcminrsok Familv.?This band will give another ' of their excellent entertainments at the Apollo Rooms. on Thursday evening next. The programme Is very p attractive. Mise Fans* Dean. ? Great preparations are boing (i made for the benefit of this talented child, in order to a procure sufficient mean* for her voyage to Europe, ft ^ will eome off on the 'Jlrt of this month. Ciacrs.?The announcement that this is the last ? wet k that the splendid French company of equestrians " will remain In tnls eity. has attracted large audiences i to the Amphitheatre in Eighth street. The horsein in ship I* excellent, particularly the brilliant dispi iv f | > Mile. Tournlaire. whose equestrian feats are exui. I * and such as have never before been witnessed in ? eity. ;< Chinese Museum ?This week will soon run rouo ;t and the Chinese beauty and her suite of Chinese ai ); Undents leave us for China via London. They are ver I attractive, and would fill the Museum for mouths t < eome. Thoee who have not seen this eurlou* family 1, should embrace the present opportunity. <1 Biasum's Philadelfhia Museum.?The entertain> menU consist of the exhibition of " Tom Thumb''?* " musical extravagama?In which the Oeneral sustains 'I the leading character Beside* thin, the visiters can * ?l?w a large and splendid collection of endlees curiosities. I Tmcstsicals iw Borrow.?Among the important iraproei tnents and changes in Bowtww theatrieals ; is a [ new management for the Howard Athena*. The lee? sees for the next three years, commencing on the Both > of August, are William B. Kngllah, of Boston, and * Benjamin A Baker, of New York. Mr. KnglUh has j[ hern for many years connected with the press in Boshen. and has also acquired great popularity as the '4 nnthnr of a large number of eueessefnl dramas, which have had an unprecedented run, a decreed compliment to hl? professional talents and taste. Mr Baker ' hs* been for elsTen years stage-manager for Mitchell, is a n< xc -llent dramatic writer, and his long experience In theatricals will be invaluable in the proper production of those pieces which bare rendered the Olympic so attractive The new managers intend to base a Bret rate stock company for the coming season, an itn' pxrlaiit desideratum to this establishment, and they ' wilt use their endeavors to-rlevat > the character of the . drama at this theatre by bringing forward such pieces ' as. with the support of Superior talent, shall beiu keeping with the advancing taste of the Boston public Miss Davenport, we hear, is engaged, aud will appear there at the early part of the season : and they have "f n?gotialious pending with other bright particular ' stare. The Howard Athena* la one of the tuo-1 ' beautiful and euuilurtabl* theatres for elegant amusements In the I'nlon and only needs good ma isgement ' to be made profitable Messrs. Knglish and liskcr are I both Indus*rioas aud enterprising young in?n. and M cannot fail of success. Wo arc sure tliat towards *| them the public entertain u? other f<*s*ling than a du' sire to see lliem prosper In their new enterprise " Miss Davenport is playing at the llnllidny street Then, ire. Baltimore M Court of Ueuerui Mi islona. B< fore Recorder Tailiuadgi* <tnd Aldermen Wood and vj Oallsj 'M Msv (I ? Tke CaUuJmr ?Yorly nine cases of persons I now lying in jail, oot including those out on bail r** *1 mailt over from last term to Is* disposed of In this 1 court, vhleh o-l thi* d*y or tlieae ganee tior. " trrr two murder*. flm n Imridirloii. on* fir marrying ' * f rl BBdar 14 twenty f?r gran I Urwy he. Tbetlrand Jury mini* Into mart their name* w*re ^ rail-<1 orer and the oath wa* taken hy their foreman I Mr John A Kenned/, and afterward* by the other* " the flillowlDK are the n?me? -John A Ken d for*. II nan. 0 i' l*eiknap baker 4# I'tk* afreet. < P-eroaril, * crockery dealer .IV arena*41: II Conklln. chair Utah"'. 57 bower/. J Cbitk carpenter AO Col um hi a atreet ; it, t lark . pro?l*lon dealer 33 Dalanc/ atreet , IV Clark, broker. 113 Tbomp-on atreet and W Chat him atreet; ). I a?t< II. botcher 4i Manion atreet; T C*uldwc|| m?rI rhaut 77 Fvarl atrvvt: J J '.'raid- merchant li Chatfl hi m a rtct , Th Chatter* .Tr . ?ileer?mith >1 ll"'llor4 atnet; W Id Iledcrlck clerk. IM) Churl** atreet ; C I Ilelamatcr founder .'*?V 4\aahmi(ton atreet, Abut r K?kiil atattourr 37# tlrund "treet ; M Fl/nn gracer f 181 W e.t atreet ; *' Kroat. cabinetmaker 7JJ Hml l " /, J 0 fr-t merchant 4JO Fourth atreet; 0 Hod* \t*y proriaioq dealer. liJ ihchard atreet; 8 M G?n* f elotli rt lie Roaerrll atrial , W If.viand en'raeer. 5 I I thune atreet B t4?ackenbu*h. druggiat 7ov<lr**n^ ?l*h atreet : 11 W Anow m< reliant Ho tfcboigal; O Valentine merchant 57 Monroe Are! i The Recorder then eharfed the (irand Jury, whom ? he d*?.(na.ed aa th* **cu*iu< lrihu.ial.of th* couotry, l vithoat vhoe* action and bill no man can h* arraign m ??l and tried III* Honor particularly railed the at ? tentiun of the <iraod Jury to the foil .win* ?tatutory I ? fence*. r? commending (real car* and caution In 8nd( ||||T Villi* 1 at Taking hi ir? than aerea pi r cent In f tercet for lb* U'" of morjcT 3d Th* lav again* erecting wooden building* below Fourteenth *trc* 3d Agaiual tilling lottery ticket* 4th Agalnat an I no niter of tb' ilrand J ury I* tracing the aerreta of th J Jury, and 5i!i Tin alatu f -r pr -erring the purity of ehetlona III* lion <r alao reeoiumen h 4 and r*|U*?t iiit to ilfaatl JurTrt* nam In* mr-fuiiy the pn??n ' nnd ail the *ll* Inatltulloua and rep .r' accordingly. In:-murh a* tin Ir remark* going before th* public nr. raleulati d to pr'-luce n good elTect A nnmlar of juror* auuimonrd and not attending, wrr# fined (l'i each, aerording to ruatmn A A Phillip*. Ra,| aiade a motion on b half of tin.eral J A Sennet for hi- dlarharg* a hehilh-en now rem tiued four month*, without h*eing hee,i hri pghl to trial Th* ld*tri*t Attorney repli d that J Mr. to nnet he4 h- en called upon; fur trial at former If term and at hi* own re<4it**t had bad hi* trial p'?t^ o u d m cr.nnnnenc* of th* illnra* of dr Whiting. The Recorder r? fu-ed to grant the motion a*, a tJn w th eiecum-faocc* atated lie h"ld II to be premature. I Alfred Krrihaw waa arragnd and plead not guilty I to ao Indict no nt f >r obtaining moo y on falw pre turn (Til (hi r?r .? wtr rata <>u a mam innirano tumr") ' ? * ?U pUppI taking m?m-y for In-ur ?ni?a Ik and indliag ) On n Motion 1 for a ?l mlt'Uit' n of lh? iranunt nf li?i| |i. K"r<ht* n ,h,. <rti ?ry Ol lh<- V| w \ ..r* I.if. fir, M,rin? mil ?l Inland Matr ftork In.uranr. C rapany." n company In Wail- < I r>r ridel by Mayor W.m I hall mi l In ?>| ur *1 ii i-'i-l "*'i - ? > ork app..rd to in" lo y. l l futil-i f tbU bold swindling pomp my. it war . r (I i d tb?t !!* di fro last pro Iiip? ami ??io* by am I in id on ? hilar uinl hr d 'uindr a of t>,,| I |||, |. . or n b ill for f I ) I, i 1 Tri ilpi .1 f it an Jiarault and battory if n i' I ly I I.nript llnno wap found guilty and i , gnid 11" ?'y ? >' f?",rt 1 v.,7 fI I' IIMWIIIH/Ib TmlifAwpl f ,? V ti - II rr I mimrT bu? n?? had born <1 . - ... > . ,|. tip I.'HI ' of d.-?ion? thi? inomiing tin I , . , . i ill. V n il d n Jon pb i' A-hb y iJh ki< rori I n ni' p"?'? t hr prorprullng nttorn-y aakod |,na i ' " "" rr??lp for trial . iao| t hlpy lam I anlrratnad i fuor irar.nurrr tap. mill lli-trlrt Attomry (to thp C oartl I do nod I ami. and lb ? por-oi, a m> Ipiiop r 1 <M-y Hr Ihiliip- my aim ami naid that my ana* it I had gone aff till th* ThoapNi trial at Brooklyn rkiKlii be completed. btuoN the witniim la ay ca/e were be lag used ea that trial, la aaueequeaee of Ibie. I have discharged tee wit never*, whoee attendanee I had procured at an eipenee of about $40. I tola them ibry need not wait. Mr. Graham, of eounvcl fcr the people, void Mr. Ashley must be mistaken about the raaeone given for poelpolling Ibie trial It wae not on aeoount of witnesses?It wae baeaus# the District Attorney in Brooklyn. had eertain paper* in hie poeeeaaioo. without which we could not very well proceed with the trial. The cat* wae finally vet down for neit Monday Common Council. BOAKD OK At.MKKMK.N. second nav ok the stated incision*. Mat 7.?The President in the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Petition of E White and others, to have sidewalks on th* 6th avenue flagged. Referred. kei-ulved, That ihe Counsel for the Corporation be, and he in hereby directed, forthwith to report to this Board, the numLer of unities of the applicants applying for the opening ol 11 e seventh. Fifth, and First avenues, as net forth in the published notice of April 20, IS50 April :*? and May 1. 1KVI, seeing no persons hate made application for the same, whether l.e proceeds in the premise*. under the general order of the 1'on.n.on Council, in violatiou, to the opening of aveuues.? Adopted. vemdino firewood about the street*. A report of a Committee on Ordinance prohibiting the peddling of firewood in the public street* This mdiuaure lias been proposed ou the petition of a large lody of liceused carlmen. The urdiuance proposed to u.uke it a hue of $10. for the veudiug of any audi wood in the public street*. Alderman Dodge. of the Second ward, said he could not vote fir such an ordinance, as he observed it included the public pier* as well as the streets. After a brief discussion, the ordinance was reterred back to the committee. CHAISCE or LOCATION OF COTTER ' HELD. A communication was received from the Governors of the Almshouse, requesting a committee to be appointed from this Board, to confer together on the uroDrietv of an immediate measure being taken for the change of locution of the present Colter's Field. and to obtain an appropriate piece of land elsewhere. A committee of Are was appointed to meet the Governors consisting of Aldermen Franklin, Cook, Haws, Shaw and Call. enlarging the kieth ward police st ati on hol'se. A petition whs offered, signed by the Captain and policemen of the Fifth ward, for an enlargement o the station house. A rendition wts also offered appropriating $2,000 for such enlargement It was referred to Committee on Kepairs and Supplies. RiruHT OE THE COMMISSIONER OF REPAIRS AND S9PFLIKS. The Commissioner reports the following number of clerks and salary paid to each, engaged under that head of the department : Com 'r of Hep's and Sup's salary, $2 000 bup't of Hep's to public bulling* 1,50 1 Do. Horse and . .agon 250 Sup't of Koads and Avenues, 80) rup't ot Pavements .1.500 Do. Horse aud Waggon '250 CkM Itdhstr of Fire Department '2.ihsi Cbrk to Com'r of Kepairs aud Sup's 750 Do Sup't of Public Buildings 750 Do. Sup't of Pavements 750 This decumeut whs ordered on file Report of the Croton Aqueduct Departmsnt. giving the names, duties and salaries of all persons employed in the Department, ordered on tile. A similar communication was received from the Street Commissioner. The receipts of water rents from the 1st day of May 1849. to the 1st day of May. 1850. amount to the sum of r 284.706 37. against $'250,483 '25 collected the preceding year. belDg an increase of $34.'2*23 '25. As the statute directs that hereafter the annual reports of the department be made up to the 31st of December, in each year, and that the water rents be charged upon every building within the water district, this will be the last report under the old system, aud for convenience of relerenee hereafter, the following tablo of annual remits under that system, from the first introduction of the water to 30th of April. 1850, is subjoined:? receipts. From Oct. 6. 1842 to May 1. 1843 $17,838 67 ' May 1.1843, " 1844 01.790 60 '? " 1844, " 1845 118,582 76 " " 1845, " 1846 164 632 63 " " 1846, " 1847 104.551 34 " ? 1847, " 1848 226.557 83 " " 1848, " 1849 250.483 12 " " 1849, " 1850 284.706 37 Total $1,347,037 20 Placed i fll and ordered to be printed. AN INCREASE OP WHAREAOE. AKIerman OiurriN. of the First ward, offered the following resolution ? 111tl the subject ni w lening vt'sst street, and extending the bulkhead into the North River, bs referred to n speeial mmlttee, and that said roaaitiee inquire of the private s DSPs, al me the lias of said street, whether they w .uld be tiling to i ede to the eity the groand required for widening a f .uie, conditioned that tha Corporation give privilege to id private owners to build warehouses on the wtst side of H est i rest. The resolution, after a short debate, was adopted, and referred to a committee of three, to report accord fugly. Alderman urimn. wood ana Cook, constitute tlie at mmittre u appointed by tba President The Board hereupon adjourned until 5 o'clock thta (Wednesday) afternoon. It la poaalble that the Board will meet each day during the present week. BOARD OP ASSISTANT AI.DEK MKN. The Board met as usual There was no bueinoM of especial interest transacted under the P?u lions or reports adopted, unless we notfcc a report in favor of abolishing the ofBre of Deputy Comptroller. Among the reports referred, was one calling upen the Commissioners of Repairs and Supplies to fit up the room of the Board of Assistant Aldermen In the same style as the Board of Aldermen. The Board ooueurred in a report in fkvor of paying David P. Valentine foreervlcea in compiling the Corporation Manuel for IBM), and allowing him to eell any number ; In favor of paying Jwhu Mace $3360 In full, for the funeral ot General Worth, Colonel Duuean, and Mgjor Gates. The Trades. MARHI.E POLISHERS A meeting ot the Catted Association of the Marble Polishers was held un Monday evening, at (he Klisubcth street llall. 311 Klisabeth street, where a considerable number of the same body bed assembled The meeting being called to order, the Pirsident. Mr Thomas Somerville. announced that the list for the eurolineut of new members was now open, whereupon a goodly number came forward to join tbe society. This donr. he then proposed that, as they were about to proceed to busiuese. all those who arc not members should absent themselves, which propo dllN was immediately recorded and adopted, and there were seen several persons leaving the room The President now Informed the meeting. ln?i the n< it business In order was tbe rollsetloa of the monthly dues, and that each member should come forward, as his uame was called The arrangement of these mailers whirli occupied the greater part ol the tilling being finished he then read the nst itutioii and by-laws, after which the assembly broke up. THF. CORD WAITER*. The mm'* branch of the eordwalners assembled on Monday morning at the fourteenth Ward Hotel, af half-pest U o'clock, and. after discharging some routine bu'iufee formed joto procession, and passed through the prinrlpal sire?'e of the city, accompanied hy a bend They were well dressed, and looked remarkably well considering tbe eedentary nature of their occupation They passed tbe //nail office about hall past tie O'clock hearing a huge banner They selected f T *l?s rout.. of thslr v.ror ea .Inn those etreels where tlir lmot mid *bo* ton * in wl *b >and a* a significant In liuialion til ih'-in 'if th<- 11 * i i'm nalli n <.f thecrl eaincr* who ha? "truck fur a higher rat* of wage*, anil mu?t hat* it to. Navigation of llt? River ?. Larrrrnrft SIR HF.NKt L. SCIWM TO MR. ?S? RETART ClJtTTtW. Iditiih Lkoatiow. Match 27 IV') hi* I hare rrcetv d the facor of your com muntcstinu of ymterday' date enclosing me one to your**lf the Chairman of the Tom mi I tew of Commerce. of the House Of Kepre?*otati?ee respecting the navlgatl'oof Ihc ritrer st L*wrrnre and th# fvcliug which her Majesty* government ought entertain toward* giautlngtn the shipping and ettileo* of the lotted state* the free tr*n?lt on that rleer in th* event of th* im.atla reciprocity bill, now before Congree*. being pa?*rd by the Atnerirao I.?gl?lature, and the general e< aimerrial relation* between th# I'nited flat#* and he Canada* being placed on a footing more *aU*factory to all parties I h el tny*elf authorised to *t*t* In reply to yau that htrM*je*ty?* government. entertaining a cordial deelre to promote a good understanding with tlii* country. and to facilitate eeery measure which can tend to eitahlleb th* amicable lnt?r*our*e between It and the melon* portion* of her Majesty'* empire, takes a sinci re interest In th" sure#*# ol that measure, which ha* already been conditionally approved of by th* I.egi*. lature of the Canada* and which ( may respectfully ri mark seem* to me th* natural consequecc* of tho* measure* by wh<eh the market* of llreat Rrltaln have alt cady bei n opened to th* agricultural preduce of thi* country The de*tre thu* de*eribed would a* you may lu. glue b* till further i*freaeed on flnding It responded inhere; whil*t the rnurae which the Commitl** on (' mmerre ha* suggmted. and which vou ham complied wl'h l.y address! g trmira If to ller Majesty representative n a suhjert which cannot hut he of Imperial, it* well** r< tonial interest will ai*o f feel eortalo. be I lonsldrred a* a proof of tha friendly spirit toward* I ilia ?/ *. rum. tit a# IT narl mnrl and ?hirh *lafg tlirutiwh. out Her tfajeeiy ? duintniena toward th? people and government nf thi? country. gg| I f.el < hesitation. tb?r?f >re. In atatlng that th^tT ?t met ton* with which I earne to the United fltatne, aatrent nr. under ?U'h rlrrum?Uof? la aaaurlng y. u llint*hould a hill rorreapondlng to that whlrh ha* ire. v< d th? eanetlon of th- I . eg 1-1 el urn In t'anada be I by the legislature of th* 1'nlt.d Platan. and rerrire the sanction of lha President of th* I'nitad fUtM, llrr a gorernm. at will ha ready to r*. .pond to any application whlrh tha Uait.d Ptataa y. r. i nm* nt n>ay then addroa* to It. oa th# ?uh)*at muratnlny whlrh you hare now applied to ma by at one# r? n.entlry to open the narigatloa of tha rlrer ft latwtmei and tha eanal* ther#to adjoining, (and whieh Would t>? duly epeeifled) to tha .hipping and cktliao* of th. I nited Ptatra I need ant oheeree to yon that liar Majaety'a gnrernf' at would of eouraa In each rune raaarr# to Itaalf tha full r'yht of withdrawing tha aforaaald ooneaaatnn t p? n firing due notlea ot *nrh intention, whenever It Wight d< m pri per an to do. s# In fart tha government andlegi.latnrr of tlia InKed Ptatee ran Itkvwlaa altar, a henrrrr It may eo d?? proper, whatever regulation* rr law* they may now raartlnn Ilgltee ma great pleaenre to hare It tbn* in my tower to cattefy yonrtelf awd the committee of tha 1'otiie of Naproaentotlwee. with ran pert to the naeetloa rente.n?d In note land tta anrlnewre and I avail ny.ifof thle opportunity to renew to yon the aaen taierof my hlghrct rr notdorntkm .. . a. ? *. ?taw?. II. n J M tu*. raw, he he AMtktr Ball* (In from the White Ho? The Rrpabtle Rrwipapcr down on Sews ardl ond tela Cllqu? ?<1*iterol Taylor not oyijrows I to Clay ' CoupruuUc. The i an m fr> in Washington ur u?ouisgln(. Tbey indicate (bat the wlig j-wrly i? > cc miug conscious of tie uiietence, and of ibe responsibility which rests upon it. We are ivld that a tally is to be mad* in Congress upon the pulley of the administration in regard to California, aad that (lie line will le distinc'ly drawn, upon that point and all others, between its friends and its foea. We are glat to hear it; and webopeit will fce done with the promptness and the energy which the case demands. We have beuu yre ping in tbedatk leaf cm ugh. lot us know where we stand, and who stands with ns. Our prayer, like that of Ajii*, is lor light.?Aim York Courier and Eni/uirtr. We would have u word or two with our New Yoik coute inporary, main the tenor sand drift of the uiliclc of which the loiegoing extract in the exor(litim. The put port of ihe article to that of sundry W usniiigton letter writera for Northern pressor, who have und '..iKen it s>steinalic assault upon ceituin whigs in Congress, who have, in view of ihe pending curie, reen tit, in the diecharge of iheir dutiee to their constituent* and their country, to euggebt plane of composing the troubles of the timer, tlifieriiig rontewhat in detuil from that of the Prebident, and to deliver speeches embracing a wider range ol inquiry than Iwlonged to the topics pienuted in the California message. These asbuilunts have, however, with singular unanimity, uhrtumed from any criticism of the course of a distinguished Senator from New York, who was conbtibiiiod hy his position, us (he Albany Evening Jiuiuul inloims us, to give Ins opinions on all and lingular the topics of the day, and iu a way so distasteful to u large section ol the country, as to compel hint to cut loose frhin the President's platf<>I in. and launch out into a sea of Moei-uhtlinn In cud enough to Hunt nil the "isms" and "tcliinnw" that have ever disfigured the creed of party, or distutbsd the repose of the country. We say that theie has been u systeinatic attempt to scribble down the proudest names in the republic?it policy uhich has not produced the least possible advantage to the politicians here who are supposed to have instigated these onslaughts, and which, if purs ied, must end in disaster to the whig party. We may claim for ourselves whatever inerit belongs to a pteference for, and a decided supt>ort of, the President's plan; and we do not no wsee any such diectc|>aucy between the principle of that platfoim and the propositions which have been foreshudowed in advance of the report of the committee of thirteen, as to produce the estrangement which it has been sought to foment between the administration and the whigs of Congress. We see no necessary enmity to the President in the resolutions of Mr. Clay and Mr. Bell, the sjieeches of Mr. Webster, Mr. Berrien, Mr. Badger, and other distinguished wings, as to alarm even nervous gentlemen for the lealty of these illustrious members of the party. Much less can we sy mpathize in the denunciations that have been hurled against them for deserting an administration which they are derided as having "importuned and solicited" successfully for official favors, because they have exercised their judgment, in view of the developments daily making around then* touching the best mode of settling the whole sectional controversy forever. If distinguished whigs cannot approach a whig administration upon the matter of office, we should like to know who should; and we shull rue the day when the bestowal of an oftice upon a whig shall come to be regarded as "taking hostages" tor the good behavior and personal loyalty of all who may be connected with htm or have suggested his appointment. These letter writers would have us believe that the Secretary of State regards the ap|K>intment of Mr. Clay's son to Portugal as a hostage for his father's personal devotion; and that Mr. Msredith considers that of Mr. Webster's son to an inconsiderable custom house office as a bargain for Black Dan's forge of thunderbolts; and so of the rest. Are these small favors to be thrown into the face of any whig who happens to think for himself upon any fcsubject1 Is such whig to be denounced as failing in the performance of an engagement to surrender his convictions for which he r?ceived value in advancel We venture to say that the New York Senator,who goes scatheless of these imputations, has received ten?no, a score of favors of this sort?for any other whig's one. The cabinet is reduced to no such straits as these ?we know the whig party is bound together by no such cohesion. But a truce to bygones. Are we to understand from the Courier and Enquirer that it will hold all whig Senators and Representatives in Congress, who may advocate the compromise, whatever it may be, as foes to the President, and recreant to their responsibility as whigs! ? for the extract squints to a reading out of the whig ranks. By a patity of reasoning, our contemporary must read into the party, and account as friends to the administration, all democrats who sustain, for whatever reason, so much of the California message as relates t<* the admission of that territory as a Btate. , Bv this nrranvsmrRl U'P won 1.1 he eiehanuinii Clay and WrOuter for Benton and Hamlin; Befi nnd Berrien for Chase and Bradbury; anH a fearful i lir-t of like character. .Surely our New York friends cannol contemplate building up ihe whig 1 party by any such interchange of banner-bearrra! If these are to be tne sequel tu the omens which are wen in the direction of the capitol, we fear the Courier and Knquirrr haa been deceived by a flight of as "foul birda" aa ever winged their way between the sun and a doomed party. W ill the Courier and Enquirtr inform ua what sort of a whig party, or administration party, that would be. which should l>e formed upon an issue that will separate it from the entirety of both parties south of the I'otomac?saving, perhaps, one gentleman, who has before stood "solitary and alone" upon points on which he has challenge i any sentiment but the confidence, admiration, oi respect of the w hig party 1 I<et us pause a mo nient, and see where these criminations and recriminations are leading us. Let our Northern friends remember that we cannot smite and strikdown the whigs of the Houth. the recognised great men and great stutemien of the Union, North and Bouth, on a sectional ground, without inflicting a fatal blow on the whig cauae and the whig party. We have entered into no such covenants, we can look North and South, Last and West, and we can fratetnizr, and sympathise, and co-operate Willi all good citizens and good men, who can feel with us that we have a common country, a common hope, a common destiny. But disuniomsts and abolitionists, of every color, come they from the North or the South, we detest and deiy, as we ulwuys h-ive detested and defied them : and wc are going into no manner of controversy in which we stmllbe called upon to repudiate true wings for half-faced fellowship with any such associates. We beg our friends to pans*'. We are just about entering upon a discussion in which controverted mutters of great inii>ortanre and interest are to he adjusted. Alen, who are not easily alanned, have been startled, and driven from their equipoise by the ezcitements of the times. The times and the uueslions counsel peace, conciliation, a grave, reflective, deliberate, and forgiving temper. We shall need all these elements of wise and prudent consultation. Ws. L>if vntt tki>n wliirrs nf all arrfinni fn !?# patient, trmprratc, patriotic, and national I)o not ml>airti?a the poeiublr m tti<nn nt of (bear agitations by premature denunciation and prospective menace. It will tie time enough to indulge in thene when the bopc which liberal and intelligent etitteamen entertain of an adjustment of theae agitations, shall tie disappointed, arid when there will lie little hope left, but much fear, and much ratine for fear. Iron sectional animosities, and real or imaginary tectional wrong* _____ Police Intelligence. JteAiieg a Count*yrnmn Ciults a good nstursd looking old rouutrjman by the name of William Frey, I rem llover, muni; trolled lato the elrialty of the Flee I'olate. and took up hie location la Oow Bay Here he soon met with one til the damsel* nt that region, railed Isabella Mel ully oho made lore to iin- aM i has mi vary nana rriirt.u him "f his mm book rnntalning |M Constable Joseph arrested the woman, and likewise took tha old mau belore Justice Mount fort, who committed Isabella on the charge of stealing the money, and the old man for being Intoilrated la order to testify when sober. Jlrmi rif a A'?n(n? ?OtBe. r? C'osett and Roberta, of the Ibllti ward, arrested, yesterday, a man by the name of Pinion ? < alkln. a tugitlee from Beh.nrrtady this Slate, where he stands charged with passing a forged rh-rk for 11 >0 at the Srhenertady Bank I'he pri s? tier was last evening eonveyad bark for trial by Con tshls Knee, of that placa. Nt.ltll at.. New melhi aI. n sn.ui phacticai week, .< tlie aelwrs sac trsstmewt of private disss*** stricter**, asC all biadred a*ewil<eo "f the aiiaary osgsss Ulastretsd by a greet aemher of boentiffiUr selored plats* as laras ss life. H; Homer Boetwieb, M. 0. lares awervo IMi paces, M oditloti. Prise $ I" Est rer i frem the lb tint **i< si sad hsrgirwl Jearesl?"It mey be said, foarloetly to be e.4t,*| I# Ko erd'e er Aetna's worb ea the same famil; ef diseaeea, sad tar twperlnr ts ssythisg of (be blad ever published la this eewatry." Aether - ? ihe worb ea tea iasl Ba-lesleas, I m potency, As., seated by Improper hebiteFssrth Ehitioa. IS ptaeee rrirv >1. For sale at ths Pat. hshers', hTHINUER a s ? fan t? B?sd-so aad h. 'I k'-F Wti i<11 a ?11 paivaTbIi rogjdt BWT?ti mvaae of the Poskat Aoealapma, er geary "as Rli Uva riiyeisiaa T?eat)-f-orth edltVa. with see haadrot -isgrstie**. shewing Private fiisvaees aad Nalformatioat et the f.ei orsilee Pyoiom, la ster; si ape aad farm, by Willlea Vosss. M ft, bradeat* of its I aivsrsity of Ponssrlvas a, The varloao f-ra s of ferret th.easee. ".silasl W*skn-*e IM. oae? "f tho I'reist# (.land. Imp-teas)-, h lltary Habits o( Voath, are tellhfnlly described, sad all tho reelpss slvsa la pis I a lease an#, Ths shspter sa Keif Abase sad Seminal w-sbeees ts worthy of pwrttealar ettsalina. awd ehoald be read by evsry '-as Toaag ie-o, who have beea aafortanste la eostraetiie disease, prvvl.e* to planing yssraelvss sador he ears of aay deeter, so ami tor wbad U* pesieeeines a>a) h? flty, r?r?i??lMly th?M Biatrial*. 4*a'? ikiak of m?r*iaa h?ai* ?l?ho?i * **i>y ?f Th? Pixkti M? i, !a|4aa tafnala# kik |?rfou |'>luu ?*. ?h??M Mimt l?r. * ?' Tr?a?l*a ? Mam aaa. ?ha Faalat of *t?tj f>?? hi* rhynoia* kuj p*raaa ?*?4im twaatft. iv* ???i* ?i.?i?**4 la a uti??, wilt raaair* *"Vi *f ?m? *Mk, k? *4111 ?t 111 ??Ma* anil ka **at far aaa ftnflat. A*4r?** nll7w*. FrtClf?, IU V?? ???aa?,. Fklla4*lyhia ?** fa* a? a'aaar ft Tn * ? 49 fti?*<??*. ??a *i?k r~77 I' M ?T 77i i i i E sa ? L> a Z l k* r *f?a n.-Wr Hi.atar laf Draft raraa all art*a?a *?* *> a i?**i any raatntM'n la ?h* ftanaat't k*k|t* I* fri a. ?? la alfki ftafa. ltaa?artaa DUftaamy. I Wrtaiea Ktaai. I* kfta aaly ft*aaa ll aaa ka h*4. Om ftaltaa aaly ?KAA B*WARD.-JBrrRl?S' ANTIDOTE, A BPBBOUv Nit Hlittn for Ibt ear* of (loeorrlat, OUel hritteru. u' tlailw lltorltit. It atku t tin, tltktit lit htat r*etrmtloa of litt. driak, *xpoear*. *f Att|t In applloatioa to bu*ine*a. The proprietor *hall*ac*f * einzl* cite wbloh the mixture trill not cure, umler the forfeiture of He* hundred dollar*. Purther?the dieeao* oanaot be contra*ted if a do** of tb* mixture ie tak*a wban expoatd It la pat up ia bottl**. with full direction*, at tl On* bottli laata a w**h?manj are eurad in two da/a for aal* br C H R1NO. I tit R road war: Ifl* Warard atr?*i LIM or LATTANP HKMA1N1NU IN TUB NKMT VtiKA 1'oetOflli a. May 4, I860. omoiaLl.r pvauaMNHiw THrfrara* turtaa thi uteaar OOCVI-ATIO*. Plraw mention tba dat* of the li*t in abicb tb*r are ad**rUa*d. LADIES' I.IST. A no.brlk C Allen Jalte Akrer. > *(* lliutbi In I, Aatr -M tliu Arj-irire Mra A. l a-MiiM- MmOmm ureel I atlUl Mi | friarr at real ! !??? laa. A'teriim Aei* Aeei. Abigail Aiiiaohaf Akeri, Jotta Alraa^Wr <Waatta Alton Mai J Aahcr Ella* Am AfbuUjo Hauaar U B Barr MPA M Brady Catharine Br! tow a Mm T BfoWp Mary Br riot. Maty E Ba. nhar* Caroline A Buuto Mra John Bruma K.tmwaa Bakei Fmily D Hank* Mrs Moaea Bogart Buxaa Htoi omr Matilda 8 Bart y Mary E B.-I Margaret Brunt Mary 0 B"ikr Aon Brnainin Amelia A B'intnell Matj P Barry Mary tna Harkley Deborah C Broaa Mra Law- Barnard Mr* Henry Bra.ltoy Mtaa M L Fobirron I'fitM J nan retire Ka^hy Misa, IaI am Hank"* Wr* Jeat Uuut Iter Mr* p L Buntrj Charlotte Beitime P aim ah R .n?i. r J*? II Fume I m y Barry Elton Bigger MraW J Brown Mi?a E, Brady Mary Barnard Mia, Hone- Boland Bridget Sheriff .ireet Baker Bo-anna tun atrrrt Imkli'liiri Mr?, Burhug Uiwrvi A Baner Mk* Kunae Bergan Calkar ma Green* ick tlreat c Ckaaa Careltne M t'lark Catharine Cooper Sophia Oroker Mr* E L Cat?t) Margaret Ciapacr Vlrlude J Ooweti Bridget Cot (ml Mra B 8 CatWart KhraUtb Campbell Mary Ann Coonolly I lira Crewt Julia Cork Joanna 0 <V-ka Mary Cu?*hrtlniMlC*n.|i*e Cn,,*!) Catharine CitiBar Ann Culigan Mary Carter Mra H? ary C'Awfurd Martha C?t. h en Mra, 3d at Conatantine Anna E Cantilly Naucy t'ainn'^fl Catharine Cuu.lU d Mra Joahunt'lark H.-.h L Crick Jubrt Co* Mart Clu-ar Fliiab- th Carry Elton Cruaa Mra. Grand ? C,j|,n, Rri,|g*t Crar tlall Cuioclia E Cannrll Mra, Coreoraa Eliu g Cuan.ll Margaret Caui&tld EUaa Waller street Coultlae Mia* L A Cuiiuiii*liaa E M D Darby Mra L,.Spring Hi* Da'tdhy L Doeohee Catharine Hungary Buaaa treet Hwilan Mary Doyle Margaret Dutuur Mm 4th are D?onImmi Widaw. l>uvla Catharine Dunhre Lli/a Hegnun Mary Malt etrort Curie Maria L Dibld* Miaa, Ajnoe Dob on Emi]* Dennis Mrb*ora Prekrr Mary C etreet Douglas* K.wkael Huk Mr* T litre W Doalen Margamt Dungharty Mra John Dunn Lheabaih Dvyra Catharina fia Earl Char lot ta Pgau Catharina Etgan Mary Edwards Mr* DntW k'raiMra Ellia M <aa C.Chnrrh Kllrn H?irr. Orphan Kttai* Aarab A Ftiddih y Mary atrrrt A?yhtn Klwi?alMra Juth at EIW it Mra Captain, En writ* Mar ga rat Edwanla Julia B*ana Abicai Madiaon atrrrt F Falrckiid Mra, Molt Pink DrHn Eitspatrick Mia. Paatrr Mra R. (?? trrrt Finalgan Mary Pair! atrrrt aard atrwat ' Fitrpatrkk Johanna Forbu# Mra P S Pur long C.tharine Prantpfon M try 4 ? lower. M?rj F Pogrrty Julin Pchinc Mr. Pitch'Mra ('Im? W >!)itn Ellen Paiu-bild Liu-y Kit/jwtrw-h Atnc. Pom Flu. Fe.gui C.tbarinw Pilch Mr. Eluhn Pwmrfl Mi?* K, Flower. Mary Braca* a(r.?l o Or.nt Rmity J Garvin Cwthnrlnn (l?<rn?n<l Hua.. Griffin Mr. M A. Catkin* Mary G?.lord Mr., Oowfc-U Hamuli ? Vh .trr^t ? in I. Nancy Chamber. afreet Garduwr I'aruliua Gamownn Jana A (k?*er r.tharlna Gordon Carolina Gallagher Cw-un Mar? I aaaia Caroline Gannon Ellen Gflinartiu H-rl^at Go r bam Loalaa l.andail Mary I Gaiigcr Ana Goodrich Ana H Hall Mia, C A. Hallaraa Pali, Haadnmi ElisI Riltim Aaa Harri,,*, Hulk ? Holm* Mu? Ho,t Mara H,ri,,?n i'atk Hraia Mar, Hiwt Mra<\ r.nnkrlk Ha?llit|ln llawlaraia l'atk r..,., , II.mill.a, Mlaa. Hll MriC A, llij i( Hiblunl JaM A Daman Mri A, r?nai<lrt?t Uralnr Huan Hunt kill, C MAalraal Haklar Eliaak-lt II ulckiaa Aaa T llatuu hariaa llmukan II rut rat KaialarM Hallaa I'M, Am Hrairrl. M.<4 Hi.). Wa., Halkaa Dn i I Hariitaa Am D))|('l)MtvNul- HmijIm Haiy Uu, Darrkl Herrirk Mar, W karr, atrrrt I A J laaar I a Ha Jar ka Am Lantaa Jrnkiaa Naara Juaaa Mm lalkaa JrUe ra Mr a. Atlaatia Jrgrratai rorarlia F Jolaaa Aan a(raa) . ? _ JnrAaa K<?ana Ingram Wajarrt J.-aiar A.rak Aaa JohaMia Mia W Jnhiiana Ll.aa lankaaa Mar, Aaa J. tfnrauH I laraaaa Jaaaaaa Mar, Aba Irnla, Maria Jaliaata Calhanna JnHaa Barak

larAaaia Margaral Jrnalaga Marirtta Am luaaa Jana Jakaaaa Mar, Jakaana Mar, Ana K Jaaa Calkartaa KaD, Mra Jaaaaai Kama Mar, Dir., Mam Krai aaa I'aM, I rlrkaa Eltrakrtk KidgrrMiaaK kalor Jrrrmmk K.Daa War,. M Kara I aa MlaaM C Kaatiag Mra Jnka KraarHi Ru_aa An.c Mar, T Kaaraa, Mia Kia( KBsakalk Ktmlark U.aaak la In*Boa B alsa Lrraaa Calkariaa Laag Ellra l<*BaHHa Aaa I.uinJa Barak laar Miaa I mar Miaa I. I. Lattr rmaa Mara LarlaaA lllaa Laal, aa Ma'garat Ltgkiun Mra AaAw Laan Malm LaluaA Sarak Am LiailraaJaaa L,*ck Mar, m "j. W <* Marila Mra KUaa Maraali Mar, Jaaa MarakaD Mar, I, SKV? " 'O-' . Marra Catkarlna M.ukaUMiaaFr.araa ManraMra. Wattr at E" 7?. 5" 'Oa" Malar, Mra .0 K ara (Vliarin, Marrla k.liaaHrik Marakall Miaa Aa* MiWaMraU Marnasa Amanita Muav rirff r.iraalia K BJ"__ , M Orr Mra UartA Marra, Elua * Marakr Margaral MMrkrDI karlatta Nlokaal Mar, Martin Ma* FlUa M.I<7Wr. r\!t Moaaa, Mar, 1 Marrla Aaaa Marra, Jaaa I Makoa, RriAgat JjaihalnT M M.akrar I'.aa, Ma Or II Miaa E. 1*1 M. anil*. Barak J M"F "mar Millar Aaa S"". IV.'1" MaAAraMar, Malar In* laa Mitckrll MargarM Maaagfcaa .riAgai Magralfc Miaa Migra EUra M*rg.a Mar, Marraarkr, Miaa, Dill Mr. Pr.araa Moara Eluabalk Mar.kaaA Mar, Am M akarl atrrrl Minaar Mra H Marrla Mar, Jaaa Marpk, J a*. Marpk, Margaral Mam, Mra Mm V'i'MMarnral Mr At..., Barak M.Crj.UJ Mra Mr Karaaa, rialkaa S'J'Vp Ca'?arlaa DB .it, Mar, Mclaaaak Maria I MrMaaa Miaa M. 'fT MtEra, MaraaraA MrA'baM Mra A. mtkalraal Sj? i a . ? ? ? MH'laaa Mra I A MeNaal Mra, Faarl M. Mam Harrlat MrClatiaa Aaa Maria Mrllaaara Miaa OaMrAtk.iia.Aaa Ell MrKarMraTkaa riak MiCaaaaAaa rakatk MrMaana Mra,Karaal MriTaaakaa Mra H Nalkaa Mra. t^Mg Nrar.B Mra A NikiU Mar, Aaa Naal JaA, " Naakna Mra, CaJaaikAa al Nankaua Mar, A o Oaaaa Fraaaaa M 0 Irlra AaraFraaA O lrlaa (arak O Mail taaaa ^^t., "*- O kr,aa Aan. W^.(*ra A . ^ P r*mn INM 4 |Pt|*l*r AnW P?r?H RmBTW U P*rr?r%| Vir,Ufl Prrr* J?lt* PrUraan Mrt, Ml- PyviNil Mn P A P*t* Lit L PtakJua Mtrtk* A C 't**? I Parry Mm 0 Pitmi M*ri? * PKatf J uli* If Ptrraa Aaa P?7*oa A4all Park AaH ar D- Mr. W P PdMMrtT Pkifitp* Mra MaHaai t? Part la. Mary ??lrt Mwj _ ?n(la7 lrO,at R MMnClnwOMttH BU.?jlnd|at.Craaa IrTOj L?a? P ?"Hj ta Ar.U, Mara at Anal ? fta ? |?.| a... Ink r Banaa r.Uaa kWrtt hnl l.k? EkaaWtk lakptt* MarttM laain iaa* lif" llrajaba H ktihaat^m Bakm httl A IW>I>< M ra, lilk at la'lr IrlifM. Na? iBaaaaak BaDf >KUJ law IjuLi Mra. tlira raa at tirkarlaaa Martar*t Aafcaru LaaMa at Ik In Mra, trial ) Mi Mia Maria CaMwal BUUIaa tkalai It Ita lah A Man I Aaa MA **a, , a^ak iH a It> a kkaAkaMaa Baal rkaka M tMttaa Mn aVr -Til IkaaMra HaaHI A)m Ban M Aaatt Mra J M a,l7jr?.?rr MOTOT-tares, ssrtsn 'rW B?MR.? laAil L iMRk STm* TTa!!?. kl. . ... I IkM Rly iSCan ItMr* A M??iik'n Am Matti Mn U liian M*A It BrA* Iim *4* M Wrry P Part* ??! Mr* t?al IW?OaA*rtM IpiBm Mary Umrmmd Mart* Mw TWAmM T T*jWr Ami TiKrrA Mtrnritl TWi CindM Ttnln Jmr T?' I'WUJ TWii AwHi TmH'mMmt Ttll?dMM.Ii At T>jm*Mm*H, >?1 TkMpMiua TnkawMK Pul M Im *t Tatraaa A*l>y Pl? TiwmA Abb? T?jb? Binl TtpMy Mm T>wFi ! ** B*r*k P T.,yy?tr An M Vm ?w. Mr* M?*m *? V?riMMaryB Y*?*y Mr* ? 0 ViMnmHrCMmiiI W **-.. R.'IM* ?V*V*te (iiw? PlffN M* W*lrM Mr* Am I Wtt.H.rrMi ft WNlrr r.fkiHlt * k~lr.Ck< Ma/|1 W.fchfrw.W.fc W.MH.n Mary W\... M?H * k.f f'vWIN WIN? Mtrg< *k?r * m R?*r MN* M A W.Nm R??ry r?M 'a? PlN* Mary WtftMaM J*a? ?"kN Mary WJiMN Mr* 11 PiM*i Jim I *?4kR Mary W.IA*r l.*u M^M'.MtD Mtr IIINII WitatMn^nN Wtikliri P W*?* Mr*. 9m P* K.1M AImi H ryu H ? J*M tTAall.*^Pr?^MS, WWtMf Bin, rkNfeW * VnJ BmU t W**4*?rtl A*|w(m z lualf r MM C, tiaalaay CKNTLIMCN'8 LIST. A A4m On p A4mm * Cm (w IBM llHMNr Mm ArNrta* Mm? A4*Rm 1-mpA C. Alb* A I'rMR Ahtrk A/krr Alrt M AkWi ImimII AmAiJ ArmTtM ? AMmn W AMMi? It k* AnOrr n C*y| I ArrfNr J?k* AAum Mr. (VWy Aim* JAa AitrrrA* i'im J ArMiHr k?Ml M A"** I k? A..| IiAbm Wm R AiIb?ma* ftofcrrl U Alktrtk l?? I A In I K I. API mb B-Wrt A Hay 0*rN* Mrr AAMMNur) T AHmlrtlk AInOm Aibm Mi?mI mNn A4*l? ir* J*ka Mr Arwtki A II Alfcin* A*4r*w AAaR* L D ArkrrRA* R 0 Ari**|rr V? m AHim I' H Alia* KnA I|Am AJibi O? A*nb? WtMtl AftlrtM NiR?m Al?**v,?k BmbJ Ally J?ta kui Uvba* ArMt 4 I)* R j BraAik name II?iVI4i |ii>T 1>>W treilaken I>t f H-.., Blak^ M lln* " a Baikaa flMui Beta. Burnt |ImAaaeA Prfm ? * *?> M BnWi J H mm M>?BI Ball rA J'tefB Blame. U 1 e|> J B.mkf>a.Ar Ifn BtaaHe Bejay H L Ban an. k i ....k IW,a< apt I W B?.k. t N Bakar Jama hatMl lax a B ?.??. Illiaar B.k.a.U laatak Ba?k*.BW Bafart Wa M B.-aiai;? * a. tan Dana,. Salary laaar BnaalB Bartai Daaal B >. A ?a I'aB, aj larilnl|a Baaaan B4*ar> liaaa f*Aaen ? ? aa-ai. ? B Baalat lw /a Bra a l? Bran Bahaal Batraa Jaaaa Baaraa tlkaay laaarlaita ?.ii.a/aaa Baauakaaaa Qm B...<ia aaka Baaaaaa M?i L Banl-a B <7 BaaAa ( kaataa BaMalLmn B^aaalVato Baatkaa liajl.rm ? W BanAa Jaka BlaA ay fkaa O Baial B taaa?ekaJ BaA (nan Balm k?k,,._ Baraa Aaraan B Baanlltia Baakaa A Baaaa' J C BaaaAJaaR avaie J 0 IWaBBaa ~ - Bad.M laM ataaaA Baaafa Bala. AV'aA laiaa s.aa. B-ak w D Blaaa Mas a-a Braaa.ia JaAa Baaal rt i BreeAmenr ? la > Blala Harnea Baaaa Baka.4 Baaaka M.a.y B a.tkll N Ban aW BaJml Ban.ay lafaaMa Baaaa I BmakHlkaaW TVaaaa Ir.a P i Baaaa (kjaB BaitkiHBB Baa., JaaaaA Baal J Maaaaa Baaalaaal Baa. B teat Baa tall Balrlak Brat C Ja. .1 > Baaaa W? Baaaai. 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I k4b> ?Xaa.4 kka kk.ktotoX L a.a u.i vb*i ^ a?a. aUm Mi a IPaklka I4a Tax MM I 14 * I !x kak taklaf ktok l*IVka l4f Ik a la tkaato I* IM la _ " W?. T. BftAPT. f. . (HlfFMS. U^nTilTlTATES MAIL STK.AMSU1P COMPANY.? The book# of subscription to the capital 1Mb ft the Uuitrd States Mail Steamship Couinaoy, to tha ini'ilil at i.s million firf hundred thousand dollars, will be npeaed 01 Tuesday, i he 1Mb day of May Inst., at ths Merchants' Exchange Hank. ia ths city of New Vork, and lbs two ensuing lays, from 12o'clock M., to 2 P M. GEORGE LAW, MAKKIlAl.L O. ROBERTS, JAMES VAN NOSTRAND, New York. May 3. ISO*. Commissioners^ Ffik I.IVEHPOOI,.?UNITED STATES MAIL 8TEAMnhip PACIFIC, l.itoi EiraN e ?This steamar will dsP?rt Ir. 11. tlie loot of ('anal street, with the mails for Eorop* P< snivel.* on Saturday. 2ftth May. at 12 o'clock, V. tot freight or passage, havias unequalled acoomtsodniUoas fcg slessace or comfort apply to EDM skit K. COM. INS, 71 South rtnafc Positively no her'b ''an > ? secured till paid for. UNITED STATES MAIL sTE.aMIKE BETWEEN MBIT York aad Liverpool.?The ships composing this lias am the ATLANTIC.captain West AKCT1C, Captain Laos. PACiriC. Captain Nye. BALTIC,Captain ComatolU ADKIAT IC, Captain Ural tea. Tl esa ships, having heen built by nil mil s ipiaaslj fot goveiiiioeni acrvite. every rare has been taken la their o?nttriictioa.aa also in their engines, to eature straagth and ?|ieed, sou their acvnmtjmdations for pasasngera am unequalled for elrganoe or oomlurt. Price of paaaage from New fort to Liverpool fl.Th: eanlusive use of extra aiaa atate ooma *328. An exprienucd surgeon will lie attached to aaoh ihip. No berths can he secured until paid for. Par fmigSt >r puneuge. apply to Ell WD A. CUI.LINS, 7? South street, or to IIKOVt N, SlilPI.EY * CO., Liverpool The Atlantic will leave Liverpool May lS7 44 Pacific Nrw Vork May 2ft, " " Liverpool J una 11, Atlant N,? York Juno 8, ? " " " Liven I June 2ft, " Pacific New Yora June 28, * ' " " " Liverpool July 17, 1 The owners of these ehip. .ill ,,?i i,e accountable for gold, llvar, bullion,, Jewelry, peccioua stone# or metals, ji.leea lolls of lading arc signed herefor. and i.ha valna thers>f. therein expressed. 1'HMOUUM LINE TO CALlPllkNlA, VIA "llflllBEE Carrying the United States Mail.?Monday. May 13th, at H o'clock, P. M., Iroui the pier foot ,.t Warr-e otrvret, N. K-, the new and elegam double engine steamship GEORGIA, D. u Porter, I'. S. Nary, Commander, vetll he despatched aa above, with the Uuternuien' Mails lor tbe Win Indies and Pacific. The books are now open for passage to Charleston, S.i vEiuiEh IIeveiie New Oi JtdsAiia adiI (jti:nrriii. End f, f Iirnigli ticketi> -an Praamaoo. Ti> .eciire tltrouch ticket*, arl> application muat he made, aa only a mall number cmaln iiiieuMm#**tf experienced ?ihk??d i? attached to hefl"<>rgia T' a<ciiiin.,iatioii?f<ir paeeenxeri of each elana are uneurpaaeed by any iteamehip afloat. The paeeengere fnt \. Orltiann. are t ran.i< i r<oi at Havana to the aapeiiog doable engine eteamaf'ifi Flt.cnv nod prnewt from Havana dir"?t to New Orleam. Knee .t jia- .?, imai New Vera to Ch agree:? State Ho. in Hertb ... $109 Stan-lee Kertb . , 80 Steurage do., fonuo tied and eeparate table...., 90 Rater of |pan-age from Panama ta Han Franoieeo:? State Room Herth . . . $800 Hterrag* Itertha, found bed and eeparate table... 180 Rata, Ot paeaage- To Havana. Te M. OrleaaJk State Room Rrribe $70 $78 Standee, forward cabin 96 80 Steerage, fcind bed . d board 26 IB Prdclit tn i Intg will be taken nt 70 emtg p*v enbid foot The billa .1 ding must all no eigned on boned Ike vaeeel the day before aailiiia e n treign. or paeange, apply to R <> HOHFRTS. iim Weitatrnet. 1SHHUUCU UNA FOR SAN FKANCUCO, YIA CUAgrea.?The nee and favorite eteamahine -UEROhEF. I,JUU tone I apt. U Windle, l'HII.Al)H.P'A..I,li?i tone Capt. J. Y. NlehoUogL f rm the only direct line between New York and Chagree, and, in connection with the United Statea Hbdl Steam Parke ct? in tne Paelfle. e eemi-monthly line throagh la Saa F*aaei*ee. tniutui hatu or eauv to cuagre*. Cherokee. Philadelphia, After saloon ttnte Koume $126 $U? Forward SaJ?<?p do. .... IM 100 Lower tr'abin 90 ? All the above dine at the earn# table, ttl Uft IM PTirile fe of the Saloon Steerac*. (found with matreeebe and board,( 066 m Freight to Chagree. 70 cent, per foot. All in III eg khe lit imne are borne bv the paeaengeri. Fur freight or paeange, apply to HOWI.ANU a ASPINWAIAe M South meet, Ifew Ycgk. raotge Mall Steamahip Cempaay.-The Ballad Mated Mail f earn Pack eta. PANAMA 1.1*1 tune... Capt. Davtd u. Bailey. OKF.t.ON . . 1,'ink tune... Capt. Carlisle P. PatMnog. CaLIFOKN IA... I.UtMl lone ... Capt. Thoe. A Bndd, TEN N ESS EE !.:*<> tone... Capt. Oborgn A Cold. CAROLINA .... EOtnu... ? UNICORN Bit ten*.. ? ? are latmded to form a eemi-monthiy liae belweea Panama and porta ib California Paasenger> in the after eabtae are furaibhed bedding, but aot wiaea and li<|noro. Paaeeagen la the eteerage are fund wltk urh ration* ae are foralanid to t e crew, and with mettrea* and pillow. All paeatagen Will be allowed >000. for per?-aa! baggage free, te the eateal eg 2611 Ihb. weight, not eaoaeding in menanremeat tea oakbe*Mt. Freight on eatea baggage or merchandise, when takes, $l'0 per ton, and <>ae ana a naif per cent on all apeels. Package* boald not agnea* '* U>e weigh* far male catling* Cabin. Bk**tg$0e 1* teenge Panama be San Bias eg Maaatlaa ....$? $M0 ... oiagu.... wa i* m Crtnciico. 9U0 )N No iwr. w In lul'i will he laken u baggage. ?"l" or euibarklag end dehnrking. and ell pereoael purt iktigM. incledii,. health Iw. >".?i Mr., to ne paid by ill liaillir. No pa..age .toured until paid for Apply at the iBm f tho Compear. M Hon1 a t'reoi N?w Tnyk. CIO'I KB CITV 1.1 N B FOR .HAN FRANCISOO TJA Ed I'buni, dlreet.?The eplendtd tttimill; EMI'IRB ClTT, J. II tt iltoti, auuimatnier. i,ia*t . ? hurthea. trill kin for I'hiL'rr* dirmt, on tt'edaeaday, May 19th, at 9 u'oloek, fraa bar dock, 1'ier No. i h K F-r freight t. num. apply f 4. HOWARD A SON, 31 Broadway. For nan FKaNi I-I o.-keuHLar packet IJNIThr vrry enperiiir feat nailing packet chip llAlDBB. at pier 7 fart River. n?w nearly loaded, will lata a lltilt light freiahl and he despatched direct la a few daya. liar awoaoiodatioa. for pae.en.era are .peelon. aud elegant. Shipper* and paa.engere It thin lino .ran wtura lapartaat aad reliable advantagre, with de.parrh In l ading and dieeheritlag. A p. ply to ISA AT T. HMITII. Ill M all atraal, corner rroat. California TII K?T_wivrm * TIIROCRB terra*. tlrkat for tlx eieatner ''heruhee, leafing New V.rk on tlx 13ib ini.aut. A liberal premium will be paid. Applj rn ARD?ON * ATHON, A CO . tl Badinage plaaa. ON B THM.l t.ll Tl? KLT-PIKoT C'LAHS, IIO IF LAND a A-fin.all'. Im. -I I i. May.wealed Andrew Room UK 1 mop II'U.r Irl re twao'i lo.k thia day?a/iar, Baa Utd, Bo?t' a Pn. Offee. TICKET. IN TIIB STEEIUUB par ataaaxra I Ixr. ban and 1 aunaaaaa, Uowlead A A?r.awa I . Lin. for ? I o'li a ree.onaile premium will be paid, ni'iraai mm Ml l.l,k.K>. i jo l.iixrty, aaar Craaa* ' b .trial NLUIt Ala# TUB kJkKlth KUla.Vl PRIVATE MEDICALOOMpanma? M> In A M Maurto?an. Prnfeteer ?f Dteeawe. of M ouxa-Taatl - 1111 i,. pp. ??? Prtaa II - r. ar? of Buffering, af pbyetoal and ataa el engeieh aa "If as affartiaaata wife, and pecuniar. dphcelMaa aa the bellied. Blight haaa haan .par- i >) a timely p-.n.aaioa ef thia watfc It la la.radrd eepecieily for be .named, *r thaa eeai.aaplatiec Barriaga, ?? it dxa ,..aa ian want a?nn, wblah aboaid be known to them parttrnlarly. fa ttio.a arhona h. .1 d?-> not permit af aa laaraaaa of fa Btn a)*- , ???rr f*aml? ? lh* >?<, IM ?*#?B??? aba ?i h*r a let .* mm rum'."*, ur tun ma la ik* d*aUa> nf y* r*,ia vhnm ami ip# .11 iiain.rtaat rkaana? run .11.. o?*r th* nuiir*. aanii.nai, ul Ik* ni'.*t *dk*iaal r*m?ol*~, ml m at run n. 4*af ?r?. la nwyya*myt*iat to ??<i?,a h#t .** lt?ilk)*?l. 'E?tm?t ' a !.*( I'm a '?<? i?uaa la Uaytaa. Oki?.l tmrvov. May U IM1. Da. A. M Mauai. *ai I My Oaar air M. all* nu >aaa , n anllly *la*IB4 fof IB* thrm J*ap? Jt UI' r IB r ?? |U*nr? of li?r (TMt aaafatafi .ad .nflerin. - .m? tn'.n th? t?i .r- a <i iiriaf kaf anatanatal, nary laaata>lv una mi*r**ad nor* Ixhilltatad aad yrovtrat*d h*r, ra tl-T k*r h'? " Im am ni i*n**r, and wHiak van I* th. lanf I.wa o ' ' anyyaaad thai ihla *tatn ftkin*. -? ?*?i?*t.? * n iiaad mr**lf tn aaat tha ami. *' |J|C nmx (n >? ?h n iv arm k>|, > haard yatf knaah hla If .yo**a af an at Mi lt . n.a aalliM ran.* hiag my ra*n. On # *tft ard par II. I Baal iiarcM In fna tha raliaf I' alT't* d my di*tr%***4 ml in, aad ?h* |ny Ita fayaa Itufatm' la ay ?ll?. .oar m il.a (raai H|a*-.irrj af a.M |i->a?.aii rrandad a raanady. M ynaada I'liain I* a, vk-. a I l.lll* " axoarj an. i.oaaiMa 111 far IMl. n? aaoth.') *r a.mid km nana** '>r ay baad. .a all hiau |. okai il'ii ny *il* b'.bM *< * * a har era**, aad my Minna l#l? tr.*rl#an. r ? *. ' araa, in.1 ra?ii??r|a ?i aaaaay Binfa lallf Ua ?at on# *? ! . i it-ni'd i > i'i.y *ra ci a natara atnrtty lata ad Iar th married, ay Ihua* a. * eiaprntlna mamaga. Far **l* ? C llraadway. and it th- r?> iiehm? <> **, Ut Li Writ i'ra-t, V. w fork , l.iiil* a Cm., Alkaar: V. Lm* flktiwliai VII I' L*T? 1. an c> .- m nmai. rxiladanakla. oB Ilia rvetpt of (l, a my -ill traaemltted ky ?'f fraa ?f fWif.. ta an* i*rl nf 11. I'M and *tatna. iUliNM ai'tai in addrn.?n?, (net peil la if A M. fairiaaa*. BnM TMk.vT kniaa nd.. i? nMa. OK. J<i??a*o>, M. la M iM 9TKBBT, BO ?IU kanvr in ih? I ra am,cat of d*li*at* di?**na?Tha Man r'ar.| a' 'for ' all mrad -aann thai kae? minted 1-r rear*, l? pr'-emmeai t'oaatitailnaal w*aham% k" a#kt a ay a *M-rai kai.<? ??'rally eared Maaaat aava fared |l ir dar.. nK. foorfH. i? in a.nb aiKBBT, itijmbs tn vlrilmi at lunaa la f. r..?a Ik* f..lUw1a( laitar Dr. |.r -.1 I. , Ji.'j I r-> I a'liacana aa4 aMltad tn a 4**mr. aha pr -mend i .ur? mm la a wank. I anatinnnd n il. t?? luoaikn. aad aan (radaally (aiuaf woren I tried aa**r-.l alt.n ni dnainra, kat tn an *B*?t. I r. n'l,.1?.| '.,?* to t! ? h ....lal. wh*w tha doctor* knyt M andar m?r*? f a>*r*nrr f-r ate varka Mr ikraat aad a< a? ??r? alinritnn f? na m ni J..lata, aad V-dy aararad auk alcrr*. I aan luflana ak*I*|na. Th* dnatnra ana* aid*r< d It diaanrou* I air* m? anr taora madieiaa. aad ad?.??'! a * I'tbTii I 1*ft it# h..*t>ital. aad. ky tka adr ?* ?f w vtral fnaad*. aidB itadar yonr *nia na tk? .at of January lant. 1* < r? li I* tnld. I *m anv r*.Inr#d t? f.rf- Inlik. Tim*. '.Ml BV li?oH*?nr. Ilfka. Pnr i rva , i is ur i.i. ?B iii:vri?? BB? frr*i l,w*r\ ?.f i li? %ry IHMI ft*?? *?f will trll f?n it i? f r+m?4f *rr. flHftrf* ^wn ^ !? ?? /1?? mill/ r#w#rwwl ^ u"'f l?( li Alia lit* ?!' ' 'ill# #f M??. r???r $1 B ?l 1 r ft ?iwfl mi. h9W T#f? HI ?, !?? *l if *** |>.? |<id fin ni##. *i# I * It 'ttl. bt fttw1t?4 it rr 'iM II III ^'Ti. ft# ttm mrnr* Bm mgp fd?tf f-w !? w ??wtf, "? lw Ikiaif Mf a dTdlif ? AlDBI * ' I'I'BBATB cabb OJ .'rthll ?"l 'adivrail' "f y "tk and nmlti almaat, I >, , o .an .n* anrui af my ,a M*. aad thfini ?'*? rmlrnt.fakat aaBavalWaf t any > n*? aad v m* I ?n?d nnmknr nf ohrMeiaaa. Wk ron*l?*d to r.iiirl ff rn mi * '*!? * natil 1 nallad aa Dm II. f tk* G*rm*? kt yaician. k > *' llnaa* *<ra*t. ?ka la A .k. rVila yarli.tly rnrad J W i.i Hlliil*. It* HaaW r**t tfr i) ? i ad?ruyi>*d. c*rtify ta tha ah"**:?F. B. I.. ?-AIJ?rw ?n <d '???.natk aaH. Hn?#ry, *nra?r ?d tmn'na nroi J tt'*l*h. Ald*rma*> nf Hn#?ataaata waadt m |i f #?. luk f?- i lk *tm*i \ II -l'*r*.m* vka. ta tk*t " ,,j ,|? ,,4 litirt U mM Mt ' ' 1MB a a A-a'aairl ;v 1 ?; ? ??* ~ 't7nZZZr% ... L * " ,.?2 JI ,n,4?|U rr**raa** h*?aa-i rfa,,.?Tai#, raa ka a?rf ai1!y rMr,? Y,. aa-rlflM aa ahaaa. ??. ? ?ka urinary onIU. ,r katk HUB *" "N< ?'?* aartaialj ,h?r1 ,T?. i v* nm ?:u?v kk. a NK?.n ari.v if>r< ATtn rnrt "t *Tka rn.aia rraaUaa," "" Oalft. ?f,, will b? f?aa<l at kit otHaa, aa il .a prar; >ir-fl??w attailaa kla a# lh*? t*?r? ,.f m+9i. trf?t?r*. *m4 Matatl jroaknor. ft*. ii?? f) A? Ikwk Priaata aatraar* tknnya ,ha .am t?<>R rcnAi.i INDK "i .nnmr* nwo * I 'rttal ar I'roaraatir* t alt. aa aa iBxira i,,._, ff ltok . IT. In.f >'% !. ?t Ifii 1 mn ana all Imaalamiaa < aa'ara. It la all ifcat It araftMaaa IB ka. t1a:? Saiar. a '.r*?t Raat..ra?l?a, Ml ttawif f?a Ikaia la 'k? taatrnA * ?? i?l*?t M taaaaiiali aara f*r aar it.ii anttaaiaaa. ?*?** ! <t~' llltr. |l*at, anlan at ?k? pi-aital an'aa. itfitt af?", aa. la a irk MIL Aa aai !?? ?. rat ia* aaa^ir'ra It la a an* a 11*4 Alaa, a aaalAlm Ma aiaAr far i?otr,ari wmanlta aa4 ^*4jgHSO% *?** % Tka aalr A mart* a a ?|'auT?T iaka MMk K. B>- Alaa la Baataa, at If IVaaaat lav.

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