Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1850, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1850 Page 6
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r* ^ iA '' % NEW YORK HERALD. J4IK* UOHDOI* BBNRtTT, fKOPKtMTMM *ND KDCTOM orrioB, n w ctiHNKH <>y rv<.T<>* ?.nd Nassau m 1 HA OAU. > tiiutlAUt, 4 wall /?> .."VY? ' r? '??? 1 HK WKZKLY HKKjli.D, ? ?<-> N.i/n'Ruy. tmXt |Nr 1 ?W or K prr .yuwi : (An KwofMAn .*??. U e?? IM?1. K' WVludc (Ac gfvml'iut ALI. /.UTTER >' I?Y "*. /<" teCeertfOiem. ?r M Cmm"!. '< (<Jt'-eoW. or Wur p. >.'??' ?4U V* W?rt?l '.r? YOUtHtaH V 'L| (iKKKSt'i (/N'OfiVLIC. .oelatreny Pnp?/-ia?J Kin, ?A-l/r<1 /rein inv 'l^trlrr of 'An wr?W : 4f trn-ni. v<4// W Mrro/ib jw/lrf >Of N<' NOT* E Ia?r>. . / oeeerew. ?u?w? Me.uuma Wt At nuT n?ur? irr'rd oewmuttr a mi n?. IftKliU nVKMUVTy rWIMl mr, mn ij AMI SEJCKNTS nun EVENING. BoVKMT TUUTM Bow?r?.?ITiTHinOriUMiW ?U4 BKUADWAT THKATRA uiu?JWiy.-VBUTit* utvki Tili?Smraiii A Co. Bl'HTiiM b TUaaI'HK. CIiikmii Street?Do*?ey?Meatt r<ear N AMI'S Al. TI4KATRM. (Amite itqoere?litem Fiiata -Htm Mam- fcr (kcimi Hmtv. ruitATHE tau? Piece.? WksomiK'e Dauoht?r-Buti.e er no r*reocite. OHRIATV-B OPERA UODbM, Mecheetoe' fleJl-KTHie A* MuteraetA ObTMKIl!.?hMort Hmi>r?(iA UlPIOM -Whit> > owunis. aster Place- bvi< kxaacuaw ll'ol l.o ROOWS?IIctcmi..*"" r<?H.T. DOUBLE SHEET. Ikrw turk, Ihurxlk), .u?> It. lw.'?o. N?>?t* and Kr porta C rowdni out. Owing to the pressure of new advertisements, tnd interesting miscellaneous matter, we are compelled to leave out a (torlivn of our California corrr?|Miii(i> line, left? r* troiil Madison, Washington and otlier places, and the rejairt of hist night's proceeding of the Common Council. Also, the follow mg anniversary reports:?Annual meeting of tlie Weslryan Methodist Missionary Society, New Yoik Institution for the liluid, New York State Society for the Abolition of Capital Funishtnent N< w Yoik State Vigilance Cotnmitiee, Aincrtt?n Il< me Missionary Soeiety, and the evening essmn of the Advent Conference Meeting. The Com lultter of Tulrleeii, mill Their ] Doing*. Our Congressional and telegraphic reports furnish us with some very interesting facts with respect :o the great national <|ucstion now before Congo ss. It will be observed that Mr. Clay has liionght his te|>oit before the Senate; and we sie Hsrured the great statesman has full conlidence ui the arrungenicnts the committee'has urged, as practicable. Should Mr. Clay's hopes be not too sanguine, we may lie expected to see land shortly. Meanwhile, the position uud attitude of Congress on ihe report ef the baker's round dozen may hurry nil flis rakes, for which the i/ovcrnment are so lirrj ly anxious. It ?? time fur something to he done, and, it Mr. Cley gets over the difficulty, as it i# possible ho muy, he will add the keystone to the ait-h of Ins fame. We shall look with the liveliest interest for the result. (altfomlu and her IXeattnjr, The lust news from the Pacific must have conwdershlr influence a t Washington, on the fate of the great questions before that body connected with the bdinamon of the new territories, including California and the >('111001001 of the slavery guestion. The attempts of an unrecognised legialature, now m existence in California, to anuul the revenue laws of the United States, i.i the firat overt act, in the way of disunion, which has ever taken place to ike oatue extent, since 171*7. During the last war witli Kngland, ill IM2-'M, some of the dissatisfied kaotern Mates proposed to adopt similar measures; and in the crisis of the tar ill r iiartuieut, it may lie well remembered that the Ix-gi-latjre of South Carolina proposed to adopt the name policy, at a serum future* day, under the name of nulliticakon of the laws of the Uition. California, how ver, in her legislative capacity, unrecognised yet by Congress, has draw n the sword, thrown away the scabbard, and seems resolved to la* the first State or territory to commence the serious dissolu- 1 Ik u of this gtonousand biilliaut confederacy. Where do we stand T What a f we to do? . U hut is coming to pass ? ll is M)P?e cowulation, in this dilemma, to know | rhal the influences which have produced the exist- I ing isditical coiroitivu of thinga in California, spring fit ui lit t a nuiiieion* act of landed and other i^n'c* iUmio, ?bi?r Mvirt ni.itui uvre* during the l.ud two \i-uiMiit la-giutiing to l>?' iinder?U>od ut W.?*ha,gion, and ?Im> among the uulffM-ndenl people and gold i?i(Hjef? 111 < altl'ornia. Thin di>|ier?te and uiiprinci|>l< ?1 oligarchy of *|?ecuUioi* in old Hptninh ud VI> in an claim* have brought about the f>reaMii * tale oi ibinga iu CnlifMiiu, au<l they nee 111 re ollnl lu ui^i- Mini new State into an independent ltd ?e|?rMW' existence, and tlion to violate the tiiM ftlOCl|de?. ?i| the lawn of the l ulled Malen, and lay the loobduiion tor > direulutiuu of tin* Union. We hf lieve, UcWt v< r, thai the independent peofde, the l*?l w?.iking Hen. tie- nourul gold digger* 111 I allien,ih, iitie tote lent* and light* to the fnlMlC land* would In- flmuh i> d and violated hy the *f?-c Utoro in the nominal Ur||hUtan of th it country, will take warning, n*e up in their linght, ?e| aeide hcticxit, ami go to work in oonjunction with tin ii I* other* ar.d lellow cili/CM on I|ihm<I( of the h< t k) Mountain*, iu liuunteuaiii e of tin* great and Invaluable I 1,10b. I 'line Mottling new* from the California le-i'iida- I luie IIi t, haVe great inHtleuce at VVaehtiigtou on th? M Uh llii lit 1 f I he elavery u *e?U'Hi, a tied lug the WrritoiM >. We would not he ?urfaimid to we that hotli boaw* ol t ongir** w, re c, *1,union the idea I f an in 10 nn.te khuloim of Caltlurui 4 a* a S'ate, | and ?iu,)4? intnalure it* adtmwdon into Uie Union * a let no*. , along with Clah and New Metico. It ceituinit ?ertiin fa oyer that a meanure of Una kind ?* u?ei-.?iy, in o der to pir*ci*? lor the Whole people u- the I'm ted Mate*, mid the *iin,de and liairi?o>h:og told digger* i?California, the enlui.hle fiuld* land* 111 that gulden rr^ion, which the ryeutlalor* of the *o-ealtcd l/egt*|?rure h*ve wctetly alt Jiipled 10 roh and Ui pluiaWr, hy AtJ*e title* and * or on* r?jwi*. Nxwiaixk t* 110* - t >ur amiuMi < oieiw porxry, the IVtAiritr la gin* to feel very aoie alaiut the folly of a douhln.iiieet, ami attempt* U> cover l> in Marnier i>y Milling and *waggert%j about he en- vol,.in 11. M e cm ? h?d a till relative to the rr?|??i?ve <nrulatii>u*?I'heand bit *(;? ? l? | on the j<v;: t ill dl.*|Mitr, wkick ?,(< I tn ( h.irintkk puriae-ra. W? hiir uv fjeiifcna id f'? rl>i< e> cond tun'*, ami tine mmI> a?< i to ^rrvrnt our cut autanary front any uuneneeaiy *,? ?, inn, l?jr the (force of hia niieriiei far. hy |-tn kw* .'he tiuhhlr iu fciiur. 1 he daily rir4?Jt.1inn of evmy ncWefMper ratal* IMuti' tit, in laige nietri>i*)lit?f (Hire, la alwiya neutered aa a <1* fir^e ami |a*u,.vi- leet of lie r.lpnlorityorW?tumiy. We \*tr T.tUnn* on a*n b a leet, and |<ro,?ier the Vllo?~.c Imta to our on ni|a>rary i? tlMi?kaltkafail//hraXrf?lKe)a?er l'??4T? S^n tlinUtlj ( r. ItU - - " in* ini - - " J.?4 * K4 - ? " ?.mt iioa " - " it.mi i KO " - " ?,n?> " M " ? ? " " mo " " " e.?o " I Iff " " * V tael " " HO " " - l>M"l I co ? " 11,144 " " glial " - li,??t " " I Tho aggregate amount of the?e beta ia $ 1.9ft, to ha awropuatrd hy the winner to the charitable wellfain ne of New York; the circulation of farh of the Jfttrnnle during the mx dajra fr< m Sunday to f<iiiirof laat week to lie taken aa thoac to lie co int 4 M hat aaya nor afiiaMe rcfe mgofary I Ptej ?*ih r Artjiirrir, hroc< for Liverpool, waa fain teen on the let iu>l?uit, at II A M , in lilt- j taur 43 3d, longitude 53 10. Tiik Ast-Err or the Af _ ... ., . . *>FB?'u*ian.?The many valuable charitable hp .... . . . . . , * nligkmi societies of this metropolis, and of ,? _ , ' the country, have, severally, presented u ma* . _ _ . * ' * of important facts and interesting conn et'dlunnd opinions, at their annual meetings, t ^ Week. We have very fully lejorted th'*ui I H"', ihd shall continue to report the others, front | 'afly to day, gratified always, without regtrd to e* { fiense. to uid the court*' of true henevolonoe, piety and Christianity, hy giving the utmost publicity to anything that may tend to improve mankind, or to promote their It ippinoss. It is with regret, therefore, that we lind the misapprehension ot what is fair in public discussion, j leading thoughtless persons to use foolish means to top the liberty of speech. If it he necessary that tuneful opinions should be banished front aociety, the legitimate buttery is furuish-d hy replication, satire and argument, and not hy threats and intimidation. We all have a common cause in sustaining fieedctn of speech ; und, though we may expuss our disgust or displeasure, as we may our | approbation, yet there is 11 limn 10 ine iiwuuii w lucli all such demonstrations should he made We run always do enough hy retaining the true elements of politeness, even in the presence of I hose who set ?.i deliunce all reason and judgment, and who would holdly trutnple down religion, Christianity, the constitution and laws of their country, and even u decent regard for ihe memory of Ihe virtuous de.ol Necessary as it may be to defeat, as the expression of public opinion, monstrous iniquities of ihe hiiinnii irngue, there is a proper mode of doing it, hikI hy the calm exercise of the same weapon ! tlmi designs mischief lor society. Satisfied as we arc that this community desire no attacks u.hmi the constitution and laws, and no blasphemy of the llihle and Christianity, we utterly reprobate the I fanaticism of power, even against the worst of sin- I ners. People limy overthrow argument hy argu- I trient in any public assembly; but they cun do more, without being charged with u trespass ii,*>ii individual rights. At this season of the year, when there ' is so much discussion and debate, it is pleasant to see so many good |>eople coining together for great und virtuous purposes; und, notwithstanding Satan is going up and down the earth at this time, we think that he can be defeated. We have all deep interest in sustaining our laws, constitution, institutions, the gos|iel, and Chris'iani'y ; and all Christians should now come forward, hold a great m iss meeting in the Park, say next Saturday afternoon, and give the countiy the great public view of the i Hue opinion of this community on the gross outrages upon public sentiment, as uttered by these abolitionists and atheists, which have been chilling th* blood and shocking the moral und religious sense of society. Nr??r was there a period when the great mteiesls of this country, of Christianity, and of rational freedom have more fully demanded h great popular demonstration, and strong and ;wtrioiic resolutions. A meeting in the Park would be very useful at such a time, and valuable in ita results. Cun we have it 1 Trial op Oke-Eykd Thompson, in Brooklyn.? ' The lliul of this distinguished ratlin will he coutinued this morning, before the Court of Brooklyn. We Mip|>ote it will l?e finished this week. We have not heard what new witnesses or fresh evidence may be produced; but we have no doubt it ' will be interesting to the public. 'I iu-se 11 tit Is?the lhurvs. Ashley, and One-Eved Tin ni|??n?have all developed parts of a very cunous diama; and the additional trial* and evi- , deuce will tie anxiously looked for, in order to threw a full light on the whole butch of theae tnya- i tetiea. The several courts, counsel, and jurors, on I both tidea of thu river, have ulreudy gone through , 1 much haid wotb, and they have yet ruuch before > them. We have, in our capacity as conductor of 1 a leading journul, endeuvored to aid and assist the j < puij uses of public justice, aft it im our tiounden duty to ilo so, and especially to 0X|?ose the stool-pigeon system. In perfotmmg this difficult task, sorae jtu 4 rtjJi if ot ji cular remaik, in oue or twoof our arte- ( clee, line given offence to Judge Greenwood and the Couili I biooklyu. We are very aorry that any auch construction should have been (ait on our word*, as that ot disrespect to the court?for it waa the faithesi lit rn our thought*, wishes, or feeling*, to ot end in auy way the Judge or hnt associates. 1 he corn Is, on both tides of the river, have exhi- j bnd, iu tluse ii ial?, patience, labor, talent and devotion to ihe public interests, which will always find support in our column* Much yet rem una to I*-done The public interest in these triala h te lurieased much as tin y piuceed, though Mr. Clialtit |(t, the Altorney-lieueial ot the .State, ha* given notice to Mr Mchrou, the Lhsinct Attorney j ht rr, that he (Mr. I ) intends to come down and 11> the 1 iury Case himself The oo.itinuancc of *1 hompton'a trial is a |sirt of the same general n>)stt i), mid we mist that Judge (irsteenwood and hi* iism eiaies, of the Brooklyn court, will give us ' on ilit lor u sincere desire to aid and u**inl them in ilie due administration of justice, between the accused sod the public. .eik Hknry lirnwtcR'* Lkttrn to Mn. Chatpikl.t),?Several Washington corrcsjaaidenta of coteii.poraiy journal* now admit the genuineness of the kits r which we recently received from Central Auieiica, and |uMisliiil iii uir wIurmh, addressed by .vir Hi iii> liulwrr lo Mr. Cbatiield, on the ruBjrti ui i'." ?- * (> * I hi WaelllUglOU. Il Ih also stated that the It tier is tu be dircossed in it latuiiei council, aud m me intimations are thrown out, thai the I'rewd<M will Mini Nr llmry on the Mine journey wlih li M. I'oueam treenlly look m'Wit tin- Atlaiilic. It im hIm> tililril, that on n|>pUc*lioii to Sir Unity, lie positively drtiled huviug written Micb a letier to Central America, but he refused to give bliy aullieutic or Ki urtiil dental of It* caiiti'ult. It is *U|fimrd that tin- lettrt waaeut to Jamaica, arid irctiod l ) bit. Ih.tlicU hi that island. we do not m i- the necessity or |ailM-y w making ' mi li a duet ataiut lliut v< l> capital and Ivttef, w i mi n 111 tin- confidence t>l tin- tuoiiftii by Sir ll> iii) liiilwn to Mr. IhaUield, giving aoch a brief and glu|-htc description of tlie |>ies? at calnm-l,* inch i iiihicts us weakness and folly upon our sold- okl i'lvrident. Sir Hemy llna leti.r, has mnl nothing against the administration, winch ua* beat friends of Oen. Taylor, immii at w mbnigtori and elm where, do not acknowledge front the Uotti tu of their hearts. A more weak and lili/ulcnt Cahiket than the preseut newr yet governed ih- affairs ?' such a great country as the United .-wile# pit ! ?%** to he. If Sir Henry hiiw-t bid to wiite at all to ml. 1 -hultle Id, ol lo any olii*r ptsutt, he conld not help to write with ja?l s.n ti a tone, ft n>|>e i air i sagacity, as he Old. We doulit, how. ever, he wdl im suiter m. 1'unman. ia t we wih/mto utl> ?'ait and w ,* h* out. in the ;i < untina , we - i,, ,, _ iu . |, , , | v,,, Iii,iii ;i i ii t . * h cur,(fril| lor Inline Imi*v?iimo rkim iVvui, Am i i a.?In huotlll I ( i.II I I OKI OMIUIUilf. * .1 In tmiliii ?iiiii?- || , I) iUrit?liii| tiii* iiift* in ** Loin ( ciiir < Aim nc, mm U lil.U l.itnll ?' M'tfrtl (f-iMll diWii'lH'Htl', lif hu iiiinii.Uf Aiiii?.k Uii'k, (w tin -! ill I ml if iVn til l./at.nil oi k/i ftivui .it ,, nl N?te ?l ."Mii?. ?!?* ..jtitiN-i tli- | iu? i,i|r til k>>n Hit* ift i' i.tti in Ui Hi iiiTit ttf tin- * r nil iriitWii*U triilfiii 4i?(* i. Am ivai. 11 im wt .icntt.? i lio !mjit fitiifiii** i (..,t. I>iitit, ui iin ?> > I'm nil/ l.i'iii Vein i tu , f ilti r h |N.-fiigi i ' i. .i?n<:. - \V r h i. r *% ? ! t-> lii-r hi Ia i , ft. t i t Hi J.'nli iilt , imL. - if | Nt) lit tt N* 1 f t't:-? tr lit ' ?> ? TUr etc tntbif CV n.i'li . I m-t-.m Mi ,i?, -mi> d *t tiiNiti ?y, it l I Itrtj i 11 Mir . i It rut n ijjniI, ii.i,| , in i[t elf. i lit- iMnn-vt of hrr i*tt*f-iift-iN j (i, ti le ?n the I- M i mrf. I'm.* i'ulk *"* '* ") nfiiAl ?: I*hit i lriphi* , <4 llit 1*1 >if Hit ' * *- ?* ' - tr. --i iVrn ii\iFt* | I li Hi' .'iih til' . *? n fttnitli ipid-'Hir h?.| ?iv i|i, i ?r d Tlit u u 1 ft ?**?! *?,h * ?? ' 1 *? , 1 ? ?. i . in i- lit* ?r*l r. ia "? ' ? ?* Ut? I b.ivl ipuut i Ti Hll.Trf? |o I 'ltllforAtA. AEDITIONAL EUROPEAN NEW3 BY THE ( STEAMSHIP NIAGARA, AT IIALIP1X. THE POLITICAL ASPECT OF EUROPE. TELEGRAPHIC OVKR BAIN'S MERCHANTS' TELEGRAPH. The Nlngara had* fair wind and very smooth passage.. and p?i?d a |iri'?t number ol ?w?ili on th? Hanks bound to the United blates She sailed for New York, with a tair wind, at eight o'clork on Tuesday morning, and will be due in New York on Thursday afternoon. Shu had eighty-nine through passenger*. England. The organliatlon of the parliamentary committee on the rodurtlon of official aalurlea. met with the warm approbation of the reformer*. The D&uci of Cobden aud Ilright appear In the list The eubjeet of agricultural distress ha* again haan la fore the llonse of Lord*, but without leading to auy new result*. The present abuae* of the University *y?tom are about to be iuijuired into by a royal coinmimim Lord John Kussell refuted to extend the commission to Ireland. Mr Labouchere ha* been induced to withdraw hi* bill relative to the management ol the merchant marine. In consideration of the violent opposition it tnot with front shipowners The chancellor has twice postponed th? reduction, before Parliament, of the new stamp duties bill, in ahieh. on its Urst introduction, the ministers were so siguaily defeat, d. 1 he wi akne** of the prc*ent government appear* to ' be daily growing uior? apparent Sir Hubert Feel i* Mid to bate, a* Meted by the last steamer, waited upon ' [be Queen. and Immediately after upon the Duke of Wellington. The attache* no particular irnpor- ! lance to the event Tlie llnald. aud other Loudon paper*, however, ray it U rumored that Lord John Kussell would be raised to the Upper House aud thu* make way lor Fir Jaine* Graham in the cabinet. AI*o, tbat Lord Falmertton will be eticcueded iu thu Foreign Secretaryship by Lord Clareudou, aud tbat Cbarlua Wood will cbortly vacate the offloa of Chancellor. Advice* front Australia Male that the government had put Smith O'Brii n under some petty re*traint. for his retusul to aiecpt a " ticket of leave " Thu matter | has been brought before Farliauenl. and an inquiry is to be inMitul) d Tba new Meaner Aula, of the CuDard line, arrivud at Liverpool, from the Clyde, on Friday. She t* natd to have made, at time*, fourteen and a half mile* per hour. She will *ail for Itostou on the IStli inat. Ibe Court of Queen * bench unanimously refused to grant the lluhopof Kxeter the rule prayed fur. agaiuat the decl*iou of the KcclesiaMiral Court iu tbe Durham cure The tlary prelate ha* not indicated hi* nusj movement Ireland. We learn that the rrceut apptal of O'Connell. In behalf of tbe movement, had the efTuct to raite tbe rent la*l Week to ?33 The crop* throughout the United Kingdom promlve well. Kranre. The government bill tor giving the tran*portatlon law a refrovprctl ve effect, ha* been defeated in the Asrembly. by a large majority The pre*umed object of the government waa to obtain authority, whereby Bard< r, lllanqui Kaspail and other daugerou* character*. might be *rnt out of the country The d.-Uat of tbe measure ceased the Minister of the Interior to throw up hi* portfolio, with reproaebc* upon the A*remhly tor refusing to support him in what he called bit atduou* and Ihanklena attempt* to maintain order, lie wa* rub*equ? ntly prevailed upon to retain ofllce. Two hundred thousand franca have been voted tor the celebration of tbe auniveraary of the Aseembly, pn claimii g tlir republic In reference to the approaehlng election for Pari*. k nf Ka l.ikiwlnn Pir.iaiel* na?r? " |K?? ooly ?uhjeet ur latoreat to tho pooplo of franco. ?t the prt-M nt moment. l? I he Irdloi Anhrw lk( opinion at the elector* mo b? eolvulttid upon. lk?; *ro decidedly la favor of Engeu* Sao Tho elty appaara to bo flve-tliltr* 1a favor of tho dranrrotit raudnUta. Tho m< doratoo appear to b? Tory aauguino. in tha belief that Leclerc will bo elertad by a largo Majority A* the election approarboo. bud no** oa (be Bouroo decline* 4* . cloood oa 34ib at IKJ Ou Monday and Tuooday. the Zld and Xtd. tho oppo. dtiun journal* wore celled and all now* vender*' (tall* dootnyrd. mod newrmrn arrvoted by tho pnlieo. Oa M i dneeday ihe 34th. eople* of tho ptuorribo>d juurual* were rood aloud oa tho lloulooardo to groat budloi of p> oplo, li> dohanro ol tho polioo H? coiapante* of Uio National tiuard have boon (uopoadod for ?looting a tocialiet eaplaia Jt To Urum wa* porformrd on tho 30th for tho Pop*'a r? turn to Kuaio. to which Count M Keyneval ban boon appointed plouipotoatiary Count Xormouoal. who took an actio* part la tha Hungarian war. ha* arTlood at I'arl* Tho Attruibly ha* Voted 14 000 Iraao* Ui th* *urvlvor* of tho dlMihr at Augief*. and to Iho faiaillee of the d> rra*rd. Hume. Orvat precaution* art- ?aid to l?e taken to proaorre tho I'opo from aooaooination No pera>o 1* allowed to ppioach him. except by pvrmiaiuoa of Cardinal Aatun 111 Letter* data that tho Pope, dnre hi* return. ha* draw n np tevernl derree* whlth liavo boon nupprecoed by ibr raidlnalo. (lao arcoaal rial** that III* llollnit* i? lllllo lot* than an Aotlrian pritouer Th- nrat Kip mint of In neb lJr>|.u?M hara till Rom* for frikw. _____ l|Wln Th< l r? nt at Pranaa U rapnrtad to hava daman I<d tb. band of lb. UhuU'a iMft btiumHjr. It ta mid that Pr?nl? l? mtlnt id alllanr* with Dm.mark, and that rhi ha*, with thianhjirt la ?i??, availi d k< r?ilf of an opport null; to withdraw fr .ui tha h hlaawifi dlaputa Th? DhiIiIm ham rolarrd ?kid a il.d. (indent n<K<itiation fur |nar? I'rnaata baa 1 aft tin m to tbnr nan n aonrraa Tha I'rfnrt I'arliamrnt having n.?|.|. trd tha rirtdun of tha annattlulton It ?D? Ipealvd to bo prnlorrd at ll.r l td of thr muatb Danuaar It. Littara from I'opaiihagi u. of ilia 19th Mat* that tb* 1'aiiIall ||i viiiiIni ul. acting titular tlia adaiea of Huaaia, liav* rafuat-d toacri iDi In an) of 1 lia daoiamta of itr hlaawlg lloDtain and that l>? nmarh will aunaant to it trruiibut unconditional anhmtaalon HdMila. Tba disturbance* In Hoaiua war* not of a aarwua abarartar Tttrhry natal Anatrba. Tba diflk iiUJra balwiau Antlria aud tba Porta had In ti m ttli a TLr Porti liaa arni anli graph latter. in tha V|newn ol r?ii gland ai d 1'ltaidtal of Pranoe. in aai imwledginent o! ib< ir tru mly atil In tba riiantlion i|wMion Kmtlan tn ?g ? arc aald to hava a*-??j to radial* til* Diinui ian Province*. urrtMi Tha bastion if Ibtr-.n i.rna. fr? m t h< Pr?no:< g >rarnMint >n-. It la aata rfov il a Lilura Altnrall'ar k? t it.,I nil." Of iur .r ?*?...a flu appaiir* ?? f?r i* | Ikv*ki ? I vr lilpiilt'H J Al i r Nil lam ^|iu i ?i *i. Muran Ilia; I'l |M I llllli 11 Ir L I -/Wit . II ? r*.l It, 111 | m, > > li I* ll?tii, Mi'n, Itil 1- 1 irm.l -.i.i . || ri?# in I ? |.n mm. ritaitiat ? ai ii'i't'* ?? burnt. <>b. a* .* lata I * nit| , m, Ml) t> ll>. lill.' H?*r ti t II, Uy*j ll>rl f|ti, M?h. uilt: Mnnnah 1/a ?il I * I ijunii, U- j 'ti|*ii I na?nl* lit#*; Mta*l? iff , ^>itl InrkH, IN.i| , lit i . i . ia aula, I Jut i*a*i' it it'i - il % I * *. I ivarp i i I i I . I ? !> i. Ifir >,i I, Mi, |i . , ?I . if, i a i ii>. > ' nt? * At .. * K .. t'.rwi a t ?.' I 11 | k ii | ifi ,1 i %* < , ,i a>a* ti \i nlkia H'til'i liii.f'IiJI1 i \ i % I .Xamn', i V* Hi* ' H, I ..till It tan*, i. \iit> a I, If, i ft <"? It. Lurtf* I I . V I r li V Tt k, ' ;i? ).f k ?Vk *r<# ? \t 1 w . J" '? ill ? i| l??k' M 11* ill, *1 Mali* I# ti, ? t? . I.tria l?lh -I 'it Mill tli?. .'Hit. *1 II I f'.d fit ft' * *?. Aai ill*- t ' ' tar fi Kit V* a ,i % ||t*> li' rv I ill, tif . ii- I, I*- .I .'.I-1, I, }* lfiiiiw|i. *J| V< .'i*r I < kali a?< -r ! i j nai <* Anil. r*an . V-M*: It" U?a?fonl; ?.ik ? . |ai|iiii:itri rk't H. l-am fr m ("apt mi.'I af ilia arlif l'?rJ *" hi Mthrt't ?h , *r nai l at Ihta |w?rt fiatirilay. ?l??t at ft Mfii* Ui ra b?a N tv fiat tfrtMifbl, ?i.d i?'f7'h'Bf fnnthi i-; I | II* ft-nla* thai Ihar* ban b?Q h? Mm I man | I'.iiaWt Ttiara tn ba? hail aro^ humbcos of tic* Oat?Th* Kvx;h*t*h at<? Ptbatfobd Sfixit* comito to Towm?Th* & > hestrr family,*'^ Hffjrln t^ut th-v hold niterwonrwith the spirit),*1 world,have arrived in tin* city, ml * i re in Twenty-first street. Proh ibly th * Stratford J family >M)I soon uppear here also, as th -y do no ^ carry on business at home any Inng-r. We sup fiose that aome of the museums will lie the sceii--of their next experience, in gulling the cred ilou ? people always found in a large city, as well a* in ] theeouniry. There is nodouht that th-* nmir*rou? ? publications which have 141,11 a red for tne loi 1 three months, on the knocking*, alpll ihsi, and coininunicutioiia with good and evil spirit*, conn-c- t ted with Hoch- ster and Stratford, are 111 :re advertisements ot an imposture got up hy sorii; prince of himdugs, and supported chietlv hy the Tribit+e arid the Sun those organs of all kind* of i.*iim an I ? humbugs. The business, however, is sh tin ful, 111 J a moral, religious, and social point of view, an I is a calculaied not only to take money from the people, under false prcu ncea, but tosh ike faith in all the gospel history and purity. To these hutuh igs, who 1 are continually seeking to ohi.uu money under * false pretences, for which they ought to he in ide ^ to sin rt at the Court of Sessions, nothing is sacred. The memory of the dead is not respected. The j living sensitive heart is not spired. The mysie- t ries of God himself are not regarded; and the low , moral taste mat would engender and p-rpetuite ' sucn incut ry, would, under inner circumstances, unci with u motive, rob a grave or pill ige u etiureh * Fiom the first, we have scouted the whole ihing * us unworthy of record, even; and have only given as much of the nurmtions as we supposed would be sufficient to destroy any belief in the sincerity of i the tricksters, or in the truth of the allair Not so J with the 7V? hunt and the Si in. These journals : 1 huve industriously worked to eucourage the delusion. The editors of both of these papers have taken great iHiins to force the public miud to entertain the affair as important to the world. The Sun 1 , has always heeu foremost ri such matters. It was { established u{k>ii the " Moon lloax," and gathered 1 fume from chronicling the history of Joyce lieth, * from her childhood dowu to the tune of her pott mur- 1 Itni examination, so that Kecorder Hiker, Dr. Frail- 1

en, Dr. Kogeis, und many other distinguishedciti- ' f reus, were deceived, and ruude parties to a stupid and 1 gloss imposition. Aud in this recent Stratford business, the Awti has made itself notorious for presenting a theory to explain the kuockings, declaring ( that a new principle existH between electricity arid animal magnetism, that connects the spiritual with t the muterial world, as a gate which is only to be J discovered, us at Stratford, to he passed through, r eiiher way. Now such impostures are knavish, even in their * simplest foini, and ;>articularly where the object is ' to defruud |>eople of their money. They should be denounced us the schemes of showmen and their poor dependunts, while any attempt to touch uiut- t trrs where the human heurt may he lacerated, or r tlie faith of man in divine things can be shaken, j should be frowned down by un indignant com- j, niunity. Patience should no longer he exercised t towards impostors. They should be exposed. They s shall be. f Fko* BRiTtsii Guiana.?We have received our J files of the Royal GazttU, published at George- \ r town, Demeraru, to the 13th ult The following ! (| paragraph, which we find in the GazttU of the j 13th, is the only item of inteiest they contain : 0 "By the arrival yesterday of the Glen tanner, p 22 days fiom St Helena, tlie colony has received 1( 4l?4 cuptured Africans. The slave trade, it would appear, is beiug prosecuted with undiminished activity on the Coast of Africa. On the 14th March, * liei Majesty's sloop (bug) Water Witeh, brought ... ... ... ii..i it. i. ... a i. ........ uti\ ill iv ci. iirirua n uiuaiimu w lfllg? u trw ( p Alncaiit- on boaid ; and a lew day- previous 10 the | | d? |-iiluie of the Wleiilaiiurr, Her Majesty's sloop ; f (m ret*-otmntei) Ratler brought tit to the suite place, an American prize brig, captured under Bralilian colors, with MO wrciclnu captives of the same unfortunate race." I The above is a specimen of British philantrophy, which is of almost daily occurrence. Vessels of , (font one to two hundred tons burthen, tilled to uflocntHin with slaves, are ruptured on the Coast of Africa, often within sight of land, and, instead of the |ihilunthropiMA (Hitting the slaves ashore on their native soil, they take them to S?t. Helena, fiotn whence they ale studied to the various colonies of Great Britain, under the name ol a|>prenUces, where they remain until they serve their time (allotted to thent on this earth) out, in the most abject misery. The Italian Opera at Klhlo'a. Pueh a throng o! beauty and fashion a* appeared at liiblo't (tardea last night. was never before beheld in that establishment. More than an hour before the perfoi nianrr commenced the ai?l? ? In the paninctle were filled with chair* and occupied, and whenthn curtain wsnt up. every *ent was taken, aud all the aundiiig menu In the houae from the lower Koor to 1 the ? llitig Many were unable to oblain even ap ele>glic for plnri*. and wore consequently d-prlv-d of thn eitrsordinury pieaaure which tb?u?und? enjjyed at the rcpreaentation of " Lucia dl Ummrrismir." It would have been repeated to-night, but for the unf.ertut.ati illueaa of gleffanonl. who waa unable to go through ber iaet cavattna. the encore. In the ?ee >ud aet. of the concerted Quale having tascd her atill d.-ll- I rate voire luv ssv? rely Probably we oannot. therefore. enjoy tbt* opera again till the retnrn of the irei/w fri lu Hoeion and ahall have to wait thetr rrturtr b dor* we can again wltnea* each euthuaiaeui aa wa? dt-pl iy. d Uat toght. at a performance unequalled in the- hiat >ry of the Ijrie drama tnthla country list jttelhnogl Dot tier n ill. the opera would have been perfeetly p?rfotio-d. and aa indiapo-ed aa ahe waa. her elections hit open the audieuee the higheet eateem for h r aceoniplirhm nta Kalvi wa# le-yond pratae hare ni'l rpaee to rhrnnirle. adequately, the brlllancyof hia baautlfully ni' lnUtr.l rirmtlna III- took I-T?rjr hi art l.y rtnrni ai-d wan rooiptrtrly triumphant 0 HnUinli wan highly rffrctlr* and nan* with great "kill, rriatitift an initii.n>e arnnatina by hi* | iw.-rtul rffurU, likh aarr triuiiipliaulljr .u.-o-r-f ul Oolrltl. alao. nun hi|ih hoimr* lor hi* julliiou. roraliurtiui. and prifirt lamillartl* with Ihr character ot Hitltaoutlo On Ik* wh"lr. Iht* r?pr?*rnlatlon. In *pit* nt th* affliction tn Ilit p-on A nna *a* thi- |rral trmmph an I an atiiny our <-l iIimom o. and will long t> r*a?i-mbrrrd lh? |nihllr will await with I inpatient-- anathar u|i| orl Bintj m enjoy the ?|d- ndid lun.le ?l thi- Mmpuny ami It t? wtih r- gret that w* ha** tn pari with Ihatn **?n (or a *hnrt ara*?n May thry ?p*edily return (I. Haniidrra' Patent Metallic Tablet H-?t?t ptmi? the nlaaat ami Bi-wi aapmred ktr-p ?- la aae? baaing I ?*a t-efat* th* an alia f- r th* th* la*l trilrty yaaaa, ?** l?*KaJ at lb* ?kaan' **'?. ?li.-l?arle *ad n-'dil. MOKIilU, 147 Mr-aitwa*. C?n*> i>(*rt? .tr-ei, and.VT Broadway. i 4Ulaa Wright?The Otl|liial l>a(arrr*n* UK*, ma whirl, ihe pan rait la Nn. tat th* iiaiUrt ?i II|i urn a* Awiertreaa a** *nrr???.|. ran ka aaaa at Brndy'd laarorraaa UalUr*. 3Wt Broadway. t.i<u\maaoin).?>tll) n'a Kltaaal of Frrrma* a i i), ti ta audrd a key l? Frll. wafup. armaria# alaiaa A l?a n|-n* ( llila nam ' ?? I. r aal*. price kjr anii.lllinp flA. il? U I ?an t* ?rat tn any part nf iM I i tint Piai*. *r I aaaaa. Al?? I. .. ..*, hy i'. i Oaltaa, a r?? * din. a I- an ftl Jt. aad T. Jliitlrr kin* Hep rl a < a' UH i rata, r.r *alr I * w uotr ASM. 17k lulu.n *tra*i. I 1 t h, ihr Unaphlr fJJoty aaf that purr whllr *|| Iran la**, and rtin *n alrar! II a li.aralal aanat Ik* I it* m r I* rl * innl th* tan* 7'*^ K-*' < i.-av.-al dnap and lit. lad all H * ptaipl-*, fn-rkl** and **lluw,.*n* r*-n .**d. ' K aiirr. trt i... Ii la arid nalrw' tn Mr- ?l*a; the dep..- .if i i the ( vial Uair hn ma irr a flair arllrl*. -?? < Am lirrtN) %% ? ? K._I.m<iI< a. If ymm ?vl?li l.?l ii B> nlf ond %#,- ?*, f,,r vi|rnl'*i or i el n 4ipe?| to <|. H MIl.tJwK I'anV he ' tf.|?iiiLih>i |u iiMnti', aud 'Ml Mnrtmtit ? he ' i In *i it ?~< ? lilitlMxImn ih? to tut* II ? uriu lM m* -.Id I mi iitnitt pin >. I I Tin IU<I<<1I< U Kvh-K KkiI (InM frma, i 1 M ? >l?l.? A Ni . I m llo /' .. a i?r. rt; irry pr.iin irh t?? J ' If...I ill. |? aill atkft.ab.lrfr rii , Th?i ?? ' . fefd* Kf'i hM Mil l i?I) ?T J. v UlAlit. >i l iH ? I ? <' ?l?l < nil ' hf IM Irl..r? .? I IM| <r, f |.| ,4 ' f ?. inli <i ti i' <1 r tin. < ___ E *B?I PuHU?li?il. h> |>r. I.a r?tl, llrnlltl, a <<!' i. i4 b< ' i |f '<ri i , lit iKth.^AiniH' i |l<tw rififfN m Ikoifffr. UKHI rmU' KumwI, Id i <? ?<!> ? ?> . arnim iltit li.ilMiriHllf* i?b and f l?! p.<?( t f lK.i 1m K n.Af i b on, i ar 4 ninli , .?i ... i, .k and it <m> ? r??. ?r.| ..f UK. I.IVITT HX r>r< <* /. * MnllV Amiiiif Ai'llilalt, ,TH??m1I< niw ,N?ri 1 I ? Ti| I II d> <1 %> t ia >' d fttfl; < in?i*??? Hid j ? . rk ill ?),- r?ij. r. <rai| I Vack ?f r?'h?r I h? ?inj> jr N"!lit. II l? plat il? ?.<rM ? *, ?*p?. k4 for oatarir. I ? ?.,r?i <) |l|trl.|tl<ltn?i?: li? ,s?t? "Hft ll. p >.i <i i liinti ,.d if it % r*aa4 Kktlk< u-4* jj * < I t?t fit: it fdifr. la ik< VfH4. AuiJvrraary W e^ki ( l?i,V"'? ??< Ur ? r?? ? ll i.fid ? kn.-iV Up lal'an < . * . ?ff?i:?i?t M- . hr?t?i mf i*?)) !??< u???rifk ?* ? ??f Uu, wu ?b h? ?eil? j ' : tmj l?? pm?*. (Mm ft wul. I m K. Dowiiw, Aftnt Iter Ike Herald, In (few I Itvti h?? r?niMV?U fn-ui No. 'J l?l ?!> iimldiag?, ( N >. S v [lchaDfc Hoiluinr*. Kollew?.Or. J. W. Powell, llcellit, lertn, T ,o.. 111., till* tbo public, that in oritur to meet hie greatly mreaeed prnferrional enciKnneti'e, anil to pretent lilt patience einx nttMawrllr delayed, be will extend bie oAkee houre s rim H to A n'lilo.-lt, daily, at lii Warren etrent, corner af Iroailaay, where can be obtained hie "Treatiee oa the Rye." b 'rice .Vi eente. Artificial Kvee ineeried. 1< rite bcaullre of Calling Hitlr and Wit la- 11 ere arc admirably exemplified anil llluatrated liy Hill i he p nlmliable. 18 Nemnu etreet, who ever adheree etrinlly te cieti'lfte rnlee, thereby Impart lute I" the wearer, beauty, or- f ainent. and jr?"c nf pcreonal appearance, whlnh he waa t oi prreionelr aware of poaaeaainx. Hhampooiax thurouxhly one. Il Coutto Han ulactory, IIKIi, Bniadway? *' "he .ruinal mauolaviiirer of the celebrated Open Chalo i b hell fftntbe. and the only manufacturer in Broadway, invitee { h- ladiee to eall aad examine hie late iraproeed pattarne treminm npea fhaipa from Rd to $AI). Com be at wholaaale a X. ?. QfTttfRV. Wli Broad war j m Comb factory, 38* Broadway?Ladlee ore | riled In examine thie rich collection ol Ureee Comb*. nut i qnalled in extent or variety In the oity: amone which will be I ootid the open chain pattern, en much admired: the came n xxde to order, after any daeign, no matter how intricate !o?ibe altered and repaired. A. ft J. SAUHOKRS. I f Comb Factory. -WT Broadway. I p null i/y??nmriiwiur i ucimiiit biquiu I lair Dye, can "lily ?? prueureU at the inaiiufeetnry. < Well | * tract Tlie pnMiit cheiilil guard againet imitations. 4#e my 1 ii 'arinne tir-l-ma* Perron" who** hair hoc aacume? a baa n olnr from "he nca of the imitation dye*. eaa hare I' eorreetid by eallinc a* shove ''opt the oiMre** Phaiun'i Ma^flr Hair l>yc, to Color tile '' lair ur Vt'lnekere, the uiumeiu it U applied, without i ,ur> o the hair orckia It oan l>e arachnd immediately; 'ith 4 iut disturbing the oolor. end ha* no had odor It ic ap died ir cold, at PHALON'8, 197 Rr 'adway; and by Faweetl,?. cth. iae? corner of rt>e*nitf and Fifth errrctc, Philadelphia l! 1, Wlgcl Wlga I Wigs !?t'ltlaena and atraa- r] ;rr> are informed that the largest. cln-upest, and lieat as- n icrtment of aire. halt-wig*. toupees. braids or l<mg hair, and ithyr ornamental hair, are to V,e found at MBIMII/K8T k . lEARTi'S. 27 Maiden lane. The trade anpplled. b uuuraud'e Ifeatlaan Metllrated Soap, for inrtna all akin dieeaeea, dmeoloratioue end bletnishee Pon- . Ire HnhtiU for eradioatinr anperflnoue hair from any pert of " he body Lily White for the rompleiion Liquid R< ugn, y le.. a? AT Walker etreet. drat atore from (not in) Broadway: f k Pailaedar MP Month Third afreet. Philadelphia j tl - b MONEY MARKET. in WtoaiaDtt. May 8?6 P M. The stock market opened heavy thin moruiug. and inotatloue for all fell off a fraction. 0 8. 6'*. 1867. It rllned H per cent; Ohio 7'e, %; Krle Railroad. 14; trie luind*. new. )4i Illinois State Bank. 2, since I act nlea; Heading Railroad '?; Long I aland, %; Harlem. ; liorwich and Worcester. %; and Partner'* Loan. ? 'here were large aalee of Harlem, and prleee fell off ht cent, from the opening to the clone. Reading tiillrond war active The market eloeed heavy, with a lowpward tendency. The receipt* at the office of the A**t*tant Treasurer, if thi* port, to-day. amounted to $8(1 Odd 89; payment*, il06.623 21; balunce. $4 660 492 A3. The receipt* ot the Morri* Canal Company for the nonth of April. 1849. amounted to $6 522 87, and for Ipril. 1860. $10.498 60. ahowing an Increase for tho nonth thi* year ot }3 976 73. The Neptune Insurance Company, of Boston, have lerlared a dividend of 26 per cent In cash, and 75 per sent in stock. he Tremont Insurance Company, of Boston, have lerlared a dividend of 10 peroent. The quantity of coal srnt to market last week from he Schuylkill mine#, was 26.612 tons, that by oanal aching 20.000 ton*, and the increase in shipment* this car. over *ame period last, is now 180.076 ton*. This ncrcasc. however, is chiefly caused by the suspension or a period of at least six weeks, which took place lost Tb. weaewaats frve tkw ?M<la a en w..neuewn?ail mm yiillg ..o ? ar from encouraging. and much diaaatikfaelioa exiat* n conaequence of the Delaware Coal Company redueng their price*. Their acreage price tor broken, ggrd flora roal. at Rlcbmond. baa been died in their art circular at (3 30 per ton. Tbia roal. the Mnurt imrnaJ atatra, aoata them. oren at tbe preacnt low rate f wage*. dellrered on board at Richmond, not one cent ma than $3 GO per ton. witbont paying one cent rent | nr the coal in the ground, or for machinery. What notice prompt* anch a conrae, remain* a myatery to he trade. We learn that of the gold bronght by the Cherokee' eren bnndred tbonaand dollar* ($700,000) waa In Kugiah aorereigna. and that the gold brought by the I leorgia waa coin from Mew Orleana. eonaigned to a * louee In Wall atrret. The II arli m Railroad Company mad* a eery fhcoratile report of earning* for the month of April, thia year, ertnpared with laat. much totheaatonlahmeatof ereiy Dne. but upon Inquiry, we learn that it waa more appa- ' rent than real The Inereaee arlaea principally from Lhe aommutation money paid In by the Morrtaiana and } other reaidenta in Harlem, for the neit eix roonlha' uae I of the road. Tbia ayatera of publlahin* one-aided j Mat#nienta, for the palpable purpoee of afTeetiag the market price of tbe aecurity. cannot be Jaetified upon ] any principle of honorable dealing. There can be no tontt In the mlnda of thoa* who are acquainted with j th* affair* of tbia company, from recent inroatig-tlioue, that the concern i* not a* well off thia year aa the laat, ^ and the id<a of the road earning a dlridend on ite old itoek ia p? ifeetly abaurd It la poeaible that an ad- ( ranee In the market price of the atoek may tempt aome 1 grien groeera. or other cerdant Indiriduala, to pur- ( rbaee on epeeulation. and It I* alee rery probable that h' Idt re may fail to realiae on a moderate adrance. and | in locking for the price predicted by thnae engaged in " the Inflation of the bubble the opportunity to ft out without loea may pan* by For the gor. rninent of im r two rin.aca ni . pernor- 11 I* necaa'nry to poet thi m np K.iiaoan Cow**?*. Amount n| bond* due prior t<> May 1*61 1 *ri tri7 Im?I<1<ixI on preferred *t<<ck. July 1H&0. and . Jauaary 1861 19)000 Iutcieat on mid dry atima: >37 WW. 7 per rent; >.".<r, (>< ) (Dover). 8 per rent; real rat ate 8 a 7 p? r cent 15 W) . Pr< Mti floating d. bt mj aooooo 1 Inlrmi on ?l<! .to. k dividend If made, pay 2 per rent SO 000 j >880.177 J K't receipt# #ay. >2*1.000 Halauee due on preft rrc d rftk .... l.M U70 1 Total reaourre* >331 070 K< pair*, city trark. new rail#, eg(<< km tunnel bridge# lr 100000 *14 070 i Italance doe after eihauvting reaourre# lid All 80 mnrb fvt an laaue of preferred atoak to lift tba J company rat of debt. < Ibr appearance of the atoek llat ehowa that a dividend will be nrrea.ary to keep up the ateam 80 m<ieh of the etr>rk la in the hand* of aprenlatorv who hae# 1 the mauag. mi nt of tbe r<>ad and it* flnanelal affair*. j that If n< e< ??ary to put up or *uetala the market priea if tbe .lock a dividend will be declared Everything | depend* upon tba atate of the ?tock market If it la 1 lor the int. r. at of thv#e controlling tba e oeern la ( d< pr< ?a price*, thera will I- no dividend but if the market I* heavy and price# move up *b<wly oc do not move at ail. when it I* for th > lnter**t } ?f th# rll<(i>e that they *h<<uld alvane# a divil ml will be declared and the parliu* alluJed to will lend , the cimpany tbe money to pay it Of forty-**e*n 1 thoucand aharea (47 ??' comp<-lng th< capital ?l thi* ' 01*1 any. ah<<nt twenty Ave th< ti?and (*> i?*n ar* J owned by the broker* and about twelve thoii?and 1 (ItWO) by the dirre;<<r* making an aggregate of , tl.-lr* > ?< veil th tiaaod (. 7 t*? .|>ara* In th< hand* of J indivl.lwal* m?*t of wh m are only watting 8>r an ad j vance of two oc threw per eent to .lip out and throw j the burden npon other ahoubler* The preferred J alork ia held prtnripally by th" hew llaven Intereat. ar tbo-< ib.ply inter, at. d ia the New liacen Railroad. b<< d.cni it 11 -eeaaary t< have a Controlling influence f In the direelion of the llarlem Company, to proteet Mm if In Ka*tcrn roada. ' %| The cotton broker* of Liverpool abotild b* vary t ear. tul bow tb. y p.-rmll tham*. Ivea to he in.xle tool# I nf by the de.'gnlng nianiif?etur?r* and eoniml**l"n ? merchant* Tli? doubt *1111 r?Utl?? to the | |n?r?i ity ofcotton In Liverpool and the quantity taken k r>.f P"H?nm|.itoti l? ralrulttril In d?if"jr enutldenee - ii thi# ?ide of t hi AtUntle io Hip report* made by Ihp ( ri.tti n bn ker* of Liverpool Atnva the eap.wnr* of J ihr fiaml* committed by lb? manufacturer*. la atoek. ) i It thr eloe* of M yrer. and the detection of eTrml ' litimpt* to emuirflv oat of Liverpool cotton which * hp buying broker* returned to the ' Broker*' A??i>- j * iatjOn ' na " *p? fulatlve purchnee*," when in reality tiey WW re bought by eplnnara. aud faleely reported, : r the pvirpoie of keeping the market depre??ed a* I nurh *? kXwriblr v?ry lltlle reliance ha* he. a placed ipon rhi rit"" mo*en?ent*of thr ttupi* to ? he Linrpo*.' market*, perilrularly la the tnbnWr tat*mrat* of > V>*fc. dellverie*. he; and nothing will " illrfy public op: blow but a fre*h nomination of their I erehruee* dr*:gn ating. tnl tbe|ft*aiiu4 ooaleal*. J' at what thry aetu* Vly contain eoaated ? t y a > m- t* aittreof Mllng br. k T?. d?1f af pr inted by lb* A*- " notation. ! * B e have been Informed of another fraud practiced * :i Lltvrpool?the I uyirg n|A H Ita valne the bale* of 3 n rrrd *tr mi cotton, wareh %?a acraplng* he., '* b'h arn.mnlate in rurh a p Wt aa l.lverp .<d. and f Ivrlt g tot the parpaee of retarnl * ae atovb It la r. onhhipf to ?<* ibv mewearr* hW^naotty ad- pUd ^ 1 y ? " Wfli tihultd. honorable men." %o bopl UK and deceive tboea tb.y deal with Tullt uboir merchant prlMN,'' why th? OotUtnct Miarfill) ombe ww? king compared with many of ihtn met', bwnt jirinov* Mercantile morality ha* atwuye. Ins ur opinion, beeu vastly overrated, and we It wow or uudrtd* of wet* committed by many of oat wealthr?t in< rcbwnt*. way one of whiuh would ditfrtc* lie ci ninioui *t fellow on the Point*. A complete urging i? n quired among the cotton dealer* la Liver' tool *ud it I* neceeeary. for the character of the craft, bwl I hoc* who liww been engaged lu the fraud* al> udi d to ebould h*-exposed. It I* unfortunate for tho rede of that port that tin.1** movement* aboald havo een deli cttd at a time when the content between tbo pi dilator* of the two rounlrtre ia raging *o furiously, s it will * rve to turu the current toward* thin port, id be of great rervice in concentrating the trade here. For the purpoae of allowing what kind of stories or* lanut'ui t tired and circulated, to operate apoo tho itnd* of rmall dealer*, and to depre** the market, w? ive an extract from a letler of the Mverpool eorres- x undent of l he .tfrnuitiKr Guardian of the 17th of ApriL. The general retinialion of crop now range* from It'll oik) lo 2 -(hi (xiu The nubjeet is *till. nowevor, jvoIvi if iu doubt Whatever may b? the result, wo iu*t bear iu mind. iliat one-third of the year Is now acred that in a few month*, the growing erop will r tin- uiuin subject of interest; and that every *iimui will Ih- given to production by pre*out high rate*. Al*o, an extract from the circular of an agent of n Kuglieb house, in thi* market Nr.w Yum. Mono*v. April 1st ?Since oar eirenlar of Dili nil . the rereipl* at the porta, a* compared witlx mi yiur, have fallen off nearly to the full extent genraily predicted, but a* they have couliuned to gain pon those of 1M7 without, a* far aa can be known, ny corresponding failing off in the interior etocka, I , ' II,,. ...... f.llln.r l.^l"? OlnilllOOV. ? 1- ?0 - . """V U?I? n il diminished To understand thi?. the people of the South must know hat we have M-rn letter* from a* high a source for ioterity n* there t* in Liverpool, dated April 20th. stating hat the writer* are informed, by noma leading selling roker*. that the reason the market had not advanced tore than a farthing, wax that certain leading housed here were thuuderxtruck at the new* being so different r< m what they had bean led to expeet, by latter* rom their ngint*. and branch houne*. in- New York, nd bud ordered out on the tables, on Wednesday of hat week, all the naniple* of cotton thsy eould conrol and designedly broke down the market,foreeveral I or I important und particular reason*. First, they rere teartul of the effect of auy excitement in Liverpool, pon the N ew York market, apprehensive that it would lop rhipuirnt* and raise the price of exchange, before "i h> y could till their portfolio* with the lattor at a profit f 3 or 4 per cent. Another motive, with other*, was he fact that they bad rattled off, hammer and tongs, v< rj bala of fair bowed they eould oontroi a short inn- previous at comparatively low prices, daring a anie com uiuuieated to the market by the operation* f the leading bear speculator*, and the oft repeated exertion that the crop would turn out full 2.400,000 le* and the remark to frequently made on'change >y the managing partners of the most prominent otton houses in Liverpool and Manchester, that these Southern Yankees were a parcel of lying .nave*, and always cried short erop when there ras a full one " To produce thie panic, and inure small bouses to sell and depress the market, he regulators" resorted to all kinds of trtrkry. All sorts of engines were set to work to mother any buoyancy in prices, and to break them own. All. however, failed. Holders her* are impregnate in their position, and before the contest closes, they rill teach eertaiu house* In Liverpool and Manobeeter hat ihey have trifled with our great southern Interest , little too long: that the period of their power has rrminated Capital la powerful, but not absolute. I'ttboui judgment in tbe proper applleatlon of it, or rhtre It l> d? peuded upon entirely to create an artifliuI state of prices. It otten proves powerless, and ftreuently Inflicts heavy losses upon Its possessor We lave more to say on this sutyeet. and before w* leave t. twlieve we shall convince the eotton grower* that bey here entrusted their business to part lee who barn lever relaxed In their efforts to feather their own ( tests at the expense of the planting Interest. B (Qf nll'OMIaVt 15000 o 8 Si. '?7 MiV Cm TV *89 ?7Jt vn4)uhiu 7? ??"S l""80 d? ?io dom, TO II1V ?uon do MB wtfi I4M> CitJ <w. '50 I?mV 501*1 Rrii 7*1 *88 HOW to .h? N 01. I I ft R|t T? .v?J W? .hi 111 Stall fUah II 140 Ro'vir Fi lu Co 110 Son Roodim KB MB 40 On trie UK 75 ?? Bo 47V 50 do kd 7'V 500 do MB 47 V On do will 7'V 77 lladtoa Rl? RB 61V 50 M?biwk BR 7* ?* Loo( 1*1 KB MB liC 61'ttro It SckiaM KRI US? 50 do ISlJ 7' Horlom KR 57 50 do 15 Ml do kill 57 inn do MO IB no do bo 57W in Nor ft Wot RR M0 4IW Ml d? R'J 5r C :? do 40*. 50 do !< X 50 Morria Conol 15V 50 do 57V I" Nil" ft Hart RR MS no do 5 % inn rutin Trail MB ? HO do LV 750 do m 34 N Jon.jr RR tllV 500 do MB 3<V 7.5 N V ft N II RR b00 inl 50 do MO 37% >M?I Brio 7*. '30 b?<0 On inn do 375, 3UJ0 do b3 W 50 Btoalagtoa RB 41 8EOOND B11AKX1. |75(0 r 8 54. T7 I v 50 aha Eril RR 74% MO Ohio Co. '711 I k 450 llarl.m RR 57 * jno KVjr 5o. o i l la K'j H? 50 do y>\ 1 MO trio 7?. ? |v so do MB 57 V <M? do l<0 7 V ^ *" 57V 'ixi d'i ) V, lio Fimin' Trait MO 37'4 < MO do I V "" do 3P| fnoo < < V liti do MB 37V 7 >h* N O 1 ft Rki Co HO Caaloa Co 47V II0 ll.iUn, | rtf. f?n I >.1 80 Reading RR 47% NO FHe KR 75 4HVKKT?K?K%U KKKKMKII bvkr> UA>. THI AMVlVKKNftHIKM. Till I. \ 1111 n c.l I Ilk IIOMK WILL HOLD TIIKIB 4 m I *K. Tal.raanla r.llui a/lirn,i.n May M>. at .1i.v|?*h. f. H ?KINiWjci[, Mm blNMr^). 1 11 ~ * MWAHM. (911 M EW Akl>?I'Af'KACX* LOST a BOX, COMP?" I nan r?vlil| plana, and | >lf '( HptrtM <*u*l. ; *!* . I r< an hair trunk. mntalnlai, w*nnna apnni*l. 1t>?> *rr* branght N?* Turk kjr <k* |Mkil hip l'hllad*lpl.ia, Ima. l.i*rrp<M'l, on lb* 23d alt , and n|.?v**A la ft*** I ??n I'ttl in h aril Hi* ta.iml.i al Ori-piia, whic'i taft Fi r AO an* lh? aaai* day. Ruth pa*ia?r* I?r* lh* ad -1 rr * nf (imp iail, h.i.lnh?r*h." Any p*r*i r arhn will r*lnra III* il??i In th? unit, Mr. lin n* Tail, al Mr. Klpti* laa. r n m.. i iii''> *,ii ? i II '* h d> .iat lr rr a arilnd. e t nihai i'-nm a i anvas bao, takbm prom ({IIP tlirr inn n (i r?ia, )?*'rrdnt ; It la *np|>oa*d by a It lair, abllr III mull arra la Una. Till" a bur a Itaart nil I * | aid up. it hnariag il m H?n Irrlaa 11 1*#. I'aata it#, pllid lin n a. 4 mKr aritrl*? JfCl.lWtlil. in I t I tPTEKSfOOM. BS*Ir iarm il * ? and i- i r a'rlnah. ? tba r.r?'r uf * ilina in.- prrr* ?if?ai*. a fluid I'l.aln. Tn? *nd?r irtll rraalr* tha lliTrrraard la Ktiri IIII 111 RIIHaa alfwi, IO.-T?A I.MUK AHl>Kt.-HU TO OBOROB 1 COX J < arl.iar. Bra t' rk. ntailrd al rittnlmr^Y ixi?tatnin< I. a r?lln? 11 rn'li 'nrr*. ha* trrn loaf T. J. Ilarlbart. ? Ann n an I n I Ar rr Hank, !'* ; A. Hrard, fin Slrarhan fc b"T.I i' II Y l imine, an lb* llank >1 lk? 'law if * ? I rk J-'l J W hi*|. k. ranhlar, it* Rank nf naarrar. $3* h; J I' < i idi* t Mar in k I n. t-Vl 12: J. M tin h*rf id. n f lark. Ikilji A I n t?h J. P, turn*. ?a W'inal.*r, Lariirh If.. f-M**': W II l?*anay. aaahiar, an M?ab?*?aa [' ff IV. in. Tl pwlllr am raailanriJ afimn a*e*liati*c iflhi * * haa b**a rtnpf* C I ON II . <t r.VIMNt UIT ATORDBtB Mj n.i i. . ai t I- i'iih* liiaati.nd Rin*. T-ndillara r? artl a ill I * paid fnr 11* rrtara t# I'M lUarr alraat. arMI It alrr Rtarl, Ii'hT ? Pi kh r MhMiiRAMlt'B BOOR. COMTAIMd lay a una. I ainnnat nf tnnary, and aaim* ra if aa la.a* ??r?p la tha Itar. Mtpj. "il la ha** bairn loat la talnf fr.-iu ? irtrly plan*, ap I ?*r*liTpl# a aad Fifth laai a*, la rifiy-fnaiili ?m*t, a.-rnaa ta aad 4**a tha SI'rannrdal* mad and Fifth a- ????. ta T*?lfth atr**>. Tha atll Id lll.rnllj rrwarlad by laa*lad II at 7* Bald** laa*. a <.aa i.a iri.i aa a . UTirirlT* In'ir.i IJ . ? a i r. . i I - #H I I H -i Ikn .. , JJ. *1 ?ft* abar?. #1 lha Itaapbla aa4 haa^aahaaaa Caal >, All part'aa ?' ? ?'Mn parabaaa >r ?. naitir ?f |L? ? J traa?f~f #f wh.rfc ,aita#a H*|-r*4. A ra??r?l >1 $.' will ba p.i.1 bp tba aabcrtWr fa* ratara >.f tba .am# P R HART, 4 tlaa#*** #tr#ab. I I t. v I. %<n |? M rMUK.Atbt ?* ? I <-bi <>(>Af U'( -a. Ptaaala#". (4 ? )-T J Kai.ih, J r , alll laar# R.w . rk I't 111) R?.i I ' r a. 4a*ir?a* ?f .an4ia.| alalaaa I* h? ah. *a hrai tub r..llrrt|nii, 1.1%? h? i?ini| ?f pna.pi abr? 11 h, I i i- i ' >. II. A It- n ba?, l.?r< S *1 .11 . ... I'll! toll I MI.KR, linMliri All own I >* I. t*-? -l?? b ?n 4n I VitrxMii. Rafaraaaaa '"1" * i* .v h > <> , M'lakhan.* a Mat?hri*aa. I**lar k Marlarl, N.a Verb. ?\ Tm'**l?? I) II. Ti I.I i. L|i>i'? >i.i i.ii- ,.?iKb 4bui iii>. n'mi * - *?> r .1 l ll'lrrmu nl ill 17 ?l .4mi.|.i?. Thai 4'. 4*p<.r I* ra^aaaiaW ta laaart la ?* r,rr' R*a.p?.'. alra >? |.p#r m tn* Mil*, ml N?? ' rl 1 < . . > ,'! Ni? llrl .... r-i All i?r. n? '.in. >. v.Bi|i,i> .1 > 1 1 M-'.pnrr ? f*p- ft th? > 1 r V,, f ?r4.?> >K> 4.W aaa>Sa* %%t *??'i ? ? ?*i^ ?> 1 d. t ;u>'<n>|.? P.. Ml" ??l* War?r m? at ?*>nphM IU h .4 I L'lM I AIM I r >R THIS UK tllf r I nil, ri..? n . V . A *rn'I'man ( ihli dip ha. Jaak , . -- I ?. r I r I 11. . ?.' I |nin k< ? try ll<h tlaa., fna.l.tiM >.f a I'.mi, C*pH 11 .| Pl.j**a| Thraa 44rk#.. : \in?t>'n K?ikf; l#rik.,A 1# ... r?i? ???'? ptatara, 1 T V r. T- bjr * iM.f * r'. |>r 1 ?M? 'ha .. . . .i.iii : . ? p-. 1 t/ r? all ! far I' . | . anting n-iliiag la #IT?.i,i4 >? my* "I ' in tt fa.nA , b. Tiij?i>?M??V? aa M.niraMa ??hlti#a, alikar b#r* it a Kt. Fmn.larn Par farthar partl?a# r. iMraaa A I'- 4 1 I' ! r-a* Thay wilt b? wll para.#!. ' r i#g?i'#r, mm mar l a 4r*ir?4. blAilu.NAl .< 1 I't \i V i't tibial', a itibiHI.vrva 1 ..... Ill' . .1 I 1 1*.. r ' ..?! it -I k It aatil 1 a P. AAailnawr. 01-?t ? -h??. IK #aa?#- ka.#l-?wa? MM \T1li Pl< lit. ABUKT, HAH RKIIOTlU PS4I? ? |l " l>r#ar .trrfi . ,< |'Tmf -pnn. .iraal-laaanar Miliar la Ml. K#?i a..a>t, la bha Uraaiaa. tbabhba M JM iwta lath tat aabaa aaplaa, la fraaia a* ail uliaa. |

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