Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1850 Page 7
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II- mmmmmmrnm THE CAPTURE OF ALVARADO. TH? 1AV1L COURT OF INQUIRY. KI0UT11 DAY. Captain laaac Mayo ewnrn Conrt?Were you employed in the Gulf of Mexico, Be? A.?Tee; wan captain of the Maaaiaaippi. Court?Arc you acquainted with any circumetaneea connected with the surrender of Alvarado. fee? A.? On the doth of March, in the cabin of the re*Rol. wae Informed that Captain Hreca* and Lieutenant iluutcr had been ordered off AlTArado; I wat lying at Sacritt ioa, heard the order given Captain Ureoae: not cure whether Lieutenant Hunter wae present or not: did uot T' iid the order, spoke to Captain Breese. and he mentioned it* receipt: Commodore Perry told them to go down and lay off the river liir euough bo u* not to alurm the people on shore; the Scourge, commanded by Lieutenant Hunter, got under weigh and stood clown couth: the Albany (Captain lirwese) also weighed. lltlt ana can..I u..uii. u ?. Inif.wl a.HIIC (> Vi> 11 i 11 C it was report* *1 to me that n gun liad been lu-itrd down south; Com Perry appeared very uneasy; hero-marked tiiat be feared all was not going on right, and directed in to place an officer on the look out; soon afterwards heard the report of anothor gun; Commodore Perry became mere uneasy, and. going on duel;, repeated what Ills orders had been: the iccourgo was not in aighl; ord< rs were given if report of guns should be heard duriug the uiglit to report it; next morning heard auotiier gun: Commodore Perry was still more nm ?fy. and sent for Captain Sands to come ou board, and ord* red him to go down the coast and see what was the matter; be had just returned from taking troops over tse Mudelin river, on the first of April; following morning Captain Sands returned. and reported te Commodore Parry that all wsi quiet below: duriug afternoon of that day got under WCigJl.' Commodore Perry directed us to look out for ignals from the army; Hashes were given from the Vessels in reTttrn; stood down, and on the morning of the 3Ut March, anchored off the mouth of Alvarado river: Commodore Perry joined; saw troops 011 shore; on the following morning he "cut l *r me to come on hore. and said ho had appointed me gOT'-roT of Alvarado; he gave me a memorandum of what he wished dour; I was required to obtain all the guns and munition* ol war; Ibegoodto send off and to destroy the r* st: si eoiidiy. to send to Tlacotalpau to engage horses for the army; I sent Lieutenant (iriiHii up for that purpose my papers were all lost (with my baggage) returning bono': can furnish no minutes; he said he had contracted but don't recollect lie stated the price, or. if he did. wtint it was; Colonel Scott arrived, went up to Tlacotalpau. and procured the horses; he applied to me fur bread for his men; found two men on each lwir..ii- o-uvp 1 upIi two liiniMiits uprp flfLv tnun . anil con-oquenlly couH have hud bat twouiy-ftve horses: Colonel Scott said there were plenty of hordes, but they wero not fit lor servico; also said the f-xxl horses had been driven off by Santa .tuna's army; *e urrd all armi.lic ; I inquired where all the inhabitant* were, nud w.s* told they keiit close house. under tlii eetion of their prie-t?; olfered theui protection in ivll and religious privilege* mud they again reappear^ aud rtautu'd business: (leneral tfuiimsn departed* diiy or two after 1* 7~nt a^vrc. the Alcalde told me ot the surrender of Alvarado. auu . ulT interpri ter to the town hall and took copies "V U1V terms of capitulation. Conimodore Perry?Did yon not rcnil Lieutenant Griffin to Tlncotalpari to pnrcliiise horses under previous stipulation* with the authorities? A.?CoiuniOdure Perry may hare told me such war the case; think hi did; think there war such a memorandum; certainly had directions to eend; Commodore i'erry told me Alvarado had so stipulated to furnish horse*. t.'euimodore Perry?IMd not the eonutry bordering Airnrn do riser and its tributaries abound with horse*? A.--Yes. but they were driven off. Court, (interposing )?I>o you speak of your own knowledge of the fact! A.?In passing up and down the river. 1 had seen tliein; beeu told they liad been driven off Court?Were there ?<y beeves* A.?Commodore i Perry directed me to keep beeves ou hand: found no difficulty in procuring them. Court?IIow in regard to horses' A ? Paw herds of Lor-i s; tried to get a good one. but could not. Commodore Perry?When you procured the supplies referred to. was not the l otted State* authority e-tabli-hed at Alvarado and Tlacotalp.-iii. with cu-tomhouses. and incumbent on the Mexican authorities to fbrnish them, under previous stipulations ' A ?Yes Comni'Hlore Perry submitted to the Court certain papers, written in ?paui*h. which lie thought had been sent him by Caplalu Mayo ; he had not aought them The Conrt caused Professor Girauit. of the Naval Pebool. to bu tailed, to whom these papers were submitted for the purpose of trail Intion to be returned when translated, for the ceu?idernUon of the Court Captain Mayo's testimony was continued Captain llunter?You allude to the pick of the horse* having been driven off from Alvarado; do you know at what period they weresodriven ? A. -Thdalaalde said they had been sent to Alvarado for Santa Anna, bat driven off ttpou the approach ol'the Amen an force*. Court, (verbally) ?What foreee* A.?The alcalde told me if Lieutenant Hunter had not approached these hovscs would have been taken by the Am riruu forces Captain llnntcr?Uow far was Scuta Anns from Alvarado? A.?Can't My; know nothing bi.t what I beard Conrt. (verbally) ?Well, what did yon hear' A.? They retreated before the American forces took pan ses-en of Alvarado Captain llunter?IIow many guns did yon And at Alvarado when you wi ul ther- and how in toy mounted and bnw many dismounted' A ? Cau t say. there *rrr i grtat many: mn?t ?fr? dietnounteJ Court WiiiD)i>u obtained the b>>r?e? and cattle, wvre they from Individual* or Mr*Iran anth>>rlli< *' A H r'tlug to the alraldr of Tlacofalpan or iuf,>rnuni{ the aleaid- ?| Alvarado. th, y wera furnlebed by tbrui, or ma< I art purcbaerd * me from butcher* Cunrt? While you were in rominand of Altai-ado had you any mean* of i.arerlalning the rff ct tf any. thr l>r> mature aurrci-.d'-r bad upon the procurenn-n. f ruppli,*' A My niean? of a orlainiog were thinuph the ronvereatlou* with thealraldee; anJ ? Tbc Court interpoied and declined tlif anewer C,.p tatu Mayo, in a eotto voire. (aelde ) munrk-d that be (iA hi ko, w whi th, r i h?- attack ?E t> J iu -l tin An . irau f ircra or ih- Hi-ilitnn Ctmunei-re IVrrr M a* the mnti revtinn with the alcaide* of an Ihrial character' A At gteruor ot A Ira rado. I rounder a? o(l|p|at. Captain Hunter?Wa* y our court raafino re*prcttn;{ (lie raptuie of Alvurad. ontrial' A I en regard,! it 1 dr?? a didiucti.n Intwe -n alcalde' mid mh r< th. Altai Jc* could b> rtiied upon, it * a? their policy to tell the irnlh. 1 he wltnea* wn? proceeding when the Court inter p ? il elitecd tile do,., e to drill,crate wlietll'-i the enillte f it, > teetlni, nv ?h> adiul elblc. and. nop, inn,; Jall,r* d negatively Commodore ferry?Ifaa It not nrceaeary. In eending b ,ree? from Tlaeotalpan to Cerro ftordo Cordova, or oy place Intervening. to eroea a ferry n< ar Vlvarado' A Vm the ferry wee about a quarter >,f ? mile b |>w Alvarado; knew,! no other rout,, heard It wa* III, ueiial ronte but after Alraradn ct t ,k< u they |."k ant t hi r ronte Captain llnnter aeked a recall of Ceneral Jr?up with i tow lo cro-*-.|ue-tlon li.iu reeptciina 1"?* to the . Diletl 'tatee by t hie Bior em* at upon Altar* Jo and II,e Court dire, led hie recall. Lieutenant blether returned a certified franeerlpt of ,I.V log h. ok of the i-ft.t.rgf IV prt \ loudy durcU-J by Ihe i ourt I.b utt neat Oriflln recalled ?? mra-dure 1'ervy?Did yon know, when yon con it. vlad for Ih- loo ce iu ita.oulpin that it * i? In tecrdante with prevl-oi'*tlpulal A I did not Commodore IVrry? Did you ace the bore# ' A I act ly r.Llractt 1 *aw very f *?f tlitni- ,1 ,*ei I,. It trrlrtd to whom I tura I ov, r the e i> r?. I.leniei.anl Hiaaei) eworn I n anawrr to the formal aierr uaierlr* of r he curt **i,l h ? ? ecu I heuie ant of the Albany Ate and ki,< w nothing per-" i t ly if the eotr'Tider *e I ivutrnuat t'alboun eworn?lie al*o. a* In command kf if.- e* -ra ?hip fupply knew nothing p r- uallt ke matter I. ?tit<-n?nt? flriffln Hiorll ind Calbnun *>n dl*J.arffrd Tkt ?oui t adjournoJ wi^th pay. t'rwinj?.Jor? Parry (?? hi* own rat|it*al) >n raa\||..,| |. ..Ill ih?l I.I J. -r?J to nuk' n in ? ft thf | t|" r* -.. !?-.| T. n ,t.b It " } b??a !? ?ii ! -il>t. ->il ii I h i hi t. Jin l"n |>t mi rt Mum Ih- |.r- t ,. jr "link o; ' r? nn portknl<r rao'lan no i t tfi '! ? n lit ? oil. n hi w nr kb- ii Ih |i?p? i- o.ini- Int nijr |> . mimii, my mintl ?* ^.-foliy " upo-d ?t ft tun rUli nl>? 'I h'litf "III i?l niHl'T. Ill > . lH iil-1 p;i|.? IJ fr nt up " n Miyii l ! irr Ii laft K\ nrn-1 . Court Cii you furnlah lb* of final *tlpu lathm* nh lilt M- ?" an mull -li > .1 I * r.. 1 > ill l.?. - Ipan modr by y ur-t|f ar r rtf r? A uro i I an ? uniiinl nil pitp- ? I ( r. I" .. ,ii. .i Min I ft tild And no L>*| r? litii ^ r.f-rrn-' Iniht ?n'i irl riH-' B t" ("Hare tl,.-y woif l?-1 with i if tin I.T'i wlnel |fttrrfii"r I r hi- nU"l*'o <\ r ii" | il if I my rl-rk 11 1 11" i. nn I l'? i I..,. i1 :i n" " II iy p* i r? "I that do r Ml mi., n lu- ii. my r. rk fc. in . Iifl 1 am ut. il.i ni lH<n llit in C ourt - N y-u m ollwi lb# Irrmn' If an ?tata th?m I Imrr n" f..||.. ti n, I In I no Idt-.i t.f format" II put,.|, :i* Intln* t. rill' ,.| Into until ;.,.r1 y ? .liift-t" !' if r?11 r- ).. r in I?!ro?a?ain;lit"ii b? : r ) *' : I". I nit rt it of >,f|.r:in. . tier- 'I pr. .. I and lb> forul?blnK of .uppii..? to 1 lino r ?.,nrt Matf ibc timf of tli- n i?urt of trm rui , ,| (hf rafllf W Itnrra Thf aruanalittu * ? ? ih* 2Mb Marrh. .. ? ih tin linni H*ir "? Ii nt'tl I.irii n? n r . ii. n t fi?ri Maw. ? pr..|.?lj aa ynn ma. th? mnT.r.aI..II 1 'I I ' *" > I.I' Ill lllltl .. I M | | |. I|, , ?. w! 1 ' *mr I'll I. ?t I I tin . ..nil .. I,. ,| J,,,, . ?- till' rj i ! r W ,l i.t ? TIi. j "i . l Hi' t mint . n I. .*r t . .r, ,, |, r f,f, that Ir?" p? I.t. *iUi?i.i|. ... m nln .irii' hi k' hi I , , , | | r. i; : , .aanif r" ' " ') " ' '' " 1 f it in III li.. : , |j ,i til. Ill t' -p"< 1 11 : III I., r >1 tt ...... *!, t .liri'f ti?'ii tli'-y li "I tak-n .<n.l -urli ... 1 l.i' .? It t II. nn.t. - I,.. ,r I ,,, , III,1.1' t I I f"lir If til. Ill , .1, I f pr l'|. Ml. f. ..ill TV I I.M'l It I.. I I f . .: I h 11?. I a n I ? i', i il" it hi in.. II it .. , . f |h- f- it I . i i H i< I hi ?h". f >e ii t"l ~i ti" - 'i ,: . I. aft. i or li I I' >.||| a- at...i'. A It ain ( ?itn? a? t > it In, T- . r ( t 'jf.lml'ratit Jlnatar At lha aiirmnilrf i ,i I I p" .nr.- II..' r. I- ant ? * . a I ? n- I I * i r-.'ii, - V . g fpr |h? ?n. r.nHar .1 Ilia plarr, ? ' -t-ipilf r. .git |? a Urmtg *** '' 1 '" ; ' / i, i? r an < ffl. r ant 1 ' , , ' * " . ..? .... ,n in. **? tl.r IV I M.. ... until, rilio. "t. r."f a. primp, r- til '. t ? . I P o ' L, ,7. ,h. J '"' ?*" .... 1,'W.r or an It tt.rlr ?. tl. - M !? ? an Jlffir*Bf? : If th. y *?r? n"t * ' J " '" Id At np<ii t).? Imi, Kattr, t |?B an# -p it?? r,,.r anil At. i -li.r rT "* V ? i ! I nd tl'T at t ?!? / I It dM Ik n aAtatN rar*4 >Mik%iaaa r rtayla * ? ma H the oflirr ut tell bia be eoald oome on board the Beourge; an oflleer wm afterwards pointed out to me ! the perron who bad been imprisoned. Captain Hunter bere asked permis*ion to present papers, which he said were the original articles of agreement, or stipulations, entered into between the Mexican authorities at Alvarado and Tlacotalpan and himself, upon the surrender of these places, bearing dates prior to the approach of the squadrou up the Alvarado river. The papers were handed to the Court, i Lieutenant Marine was recalled, and testified to his signature to these papers, being, as he said, the original acts of surrender, through me. as interpreter and witness, ot these two places to Captain Hunter. The Court dirertcd the papers to be translated. The Court here received and presented communications from Commodore Conner (detained by sickness), and Dr. Miner, of New York (not now in the service), formerly of the Scourge, answeriug the usual interrogatories. They contained nothing of Interest, further than narrated by other witnesses. Professor Giruult returned the papers presented yesterday by Commodore Perry and banded him for translation. with certified translations. The Court intimating its purpose to go into deliberslion (vrith closed doors) upon these papers, to see whether they could be admitted as testimony. Captain Iluuter usked permission to submit a statement, which was grauted. and Captain II. submitted the following:? To C'ommodoar Ciiari es Morris, President of the Court of Inquiry, bow in session? Lieutenant Hunter most respectfully requests the Court, that the three certificates presented by Commodore Perry as cvideiioe against Lieutenant Hunter, obtained by the said Commodore Perry from enemies of his country. when a numI er of the officers, w bo had served ut the time in the Sconce, v ere within his resell, and ready to testify to any facts in relation to the capture and occupation of Alyarado and Tlacotalpan hy that vessel, of which he (Commodore Perry) might wish to possaaa himself, maybe placed on the record or the proceedings, in order that Lieutenant Hunter may, by tlis most unimpeachable evidence, show their falsehood and malice. The Court was somew hat at a loss to determine what to do with this statement; but. believing It rather preu.uture. laid it aside, and went Into seeret session ; at!?t wniiii' tinif tlif ilniiri! wrrr ri?-nm*n??<l. nml sill nartiitd being ngain present, tho certificates were declared not to be admissible as evidence. and directed to be returned to Commodore Perry. Captain Hunter made some suggestion relative to absent vrilnt'FFeF. and said be did not dejiire to embarraFN tlie Court, although he desired to place beyond a doubt the rapture and occupation of Alrarado. and it* dependencies before the arrival of tho squpdron The Court thought the original articles of rurrender were sufficient on that poiut. Lieutenant Meeker, recalled. Captaiu Ilunter?Wu there not a white Bag flying on the fort and on a boat coming out to ns ! and did you not say to me. 1 had better also hoist a white flag? A. first saw a white flag on shore; persons were waving it : in a few minutes after saw one in a boat coming off: asked you if wn should hoist one ; told you it was custemary. to authorize them to come on board : I was directed, and caused a white flag to be run up. William II Almon. sworn. In answer to formal questions by the Court, he said he joined the squadron after the period alluded to. as a clerk to Commodore Perry ; auu testified to certain records. The court adjourned TENTH PAY. The court met. Professor Uirault returned the papers presented by Captain Hunter, with translations, and they were pis ceil on the record of proceedings. Commodore Perry recalled. Court?When you disavowed the acts of Lieutenant Hunter, what did you substitute' What did you say to the Me xican authorities? A.?Whatever conversation was held witli them. I presume. w?< in the presence ot General (quit man. who held joint occupation; no decided recollections; presume he told the alcalde to say to bis people, who were afraid, that they might enjoy their civil snd religious rights; acknowledged no positive nguis; my general |ium j nw m ivu> ? ><>, s* fur a* consistent with the interest, of the United btate*. Court- ?Ute whether in your direction* to Captain Mayo, respecting procurement of supplies, whether they were to be ohtuined from the Mexican people or the authorities. A.?No recollection Had given direction respecting establishing a custom house; lett tlure on the l'Jlh; our practice to communicate freely. ID-posed great discretionary power in him. from necessity. Lieutenant Marine called. Captain II unter?Hid you or not. while in the council chamber, treating for a surrender and occupation, by order of Lieutenunt Uuater. receive a letter from him! and, it so. what were its contents' A.?I received a letter; I had sent word to Captain Hunter that the authorities were disposed to delay about terms, then received a letter from him. through Mr Mcintosh, hi* clirk. can't say what has become of the letter, it directed me to say he would allow thirty minutes for a surrender and if not in that time, he would open a fire upon the towu. nud order his troops to advanra upon it: coinmuuieated it to tha authorities, the suiraudar followed. Court I*id yon state to the authorities further thau mentioned in Lieutenant Hunter's letter that there were other troops in the viciulty of the place! A ?I did nut Lieutenants ltlrcker and Marine, aud Mr Almon. were discharged. KUtVKXTM BAY. Uencral Jesup recalled Captain Hunter?You stated in your evidence that the premature surrender of Aivariido produced a loss of a million of dollars to the United States Please stale your grounds for that opinion A.?Tbiuk I said that by tha". movement we wrre thrown into the hands of ihi eontrartora, and costs in purchtelng were lurriasrd four fold, and in soon-case* six-fold. th- number of animals u?< d in (lie southern portion of the armi exci i did thirty thousand: 11 em-fa I deotl. as well i as nil self had theogbt two-thirds of that might be p.-o, run d In the ri gioti of Aharado. 1 lie witnees In re presented e >pics of Henrral Scott'i mjnisiliotis upon him; and saol I am here under | fore d eircutn-tuner*. and rannot be properly umh-r' stood unless I imp-due- paper* in my possession of ra1 tb-ra eoc-fid-'Utial character. from toy government whilst a< Dug In thai war. I did not know that Capi tain Hunter was lure, except through m-w-pip-r* j I atu call- d upon to testify to part of my official coni unci Captain Honter. (interposing.) said h* h?d no desire | to plac ticm rsl Jesup In a forr< d position certainly not to Itiii-ueti his liiotites. be morels wauled 1" net rra*on* fur a statement? to procure fact* li< ncral .1 continued Had personal and positive illr> cti?n? U >ui tbv l'rcii'hat vl the Vttiti'd SUlct Iv ff)J A? mti.Ti a< po.??!M* on the re-onr.d of the country through which the ariny should pa** bating reeourrc w. uld fall short of what the l're*ld*nt **p.'Ctc?l. I canned pure) use* in ha mad* wh"ii at the Couth which altractid the attention ol the aulhorltlci of Washington thi President omplalncd of the e*p?B?c? of the war he, bring >|Ui stiouej. 03 u>y return to firm Orleans from Mcaioo, early la April r< epceting the matter. 1 found arery thin* stopped. In pon*equenee of an order from Washington: I waa then romps lied to assume the responsibility of disregarding that order, imperative a* It wn* Id making my annual rvport to the government. I did not Intend to Impeach the motive* of uny one, had no doubt, myself. the moi run nt wa* impelled by gallant and patriotic iuoUvea Court (Interposing)?What movement' Witness tin Alvarado I spoke of It In ita hearing upon my admin <t ration and the interest of the ?oun1 try, llaiing hern compelled to dl*obey order* ftnm the highest authority known to my profession. I h It bound to egplatn my reason for It In my report find from my paper*. that stout Hs.iaa) animal* wero taken in the part of the country through which Oeneral Ccott operated, 1.177 wero obtained In the m >nth of April, and through contractor* orerf .'.,'<00 In May ale ut Atvarado Captain Hunter Aa a military man. do yon not thiok that It the rceoarr** of a country [c >uld he driven off J hy the approach of a -mail *tenue r. that of a large fleet would hav# greater effect In driviagthem oil' A That I* alway* the effect of an invading force: tb-y can only Ir brought hack by coercion Court ? llow did >ou > *ps-ct to increase *upplieo, by capture or othrra ise * A Ns?r ?'B in struct Ion* to i Ocn'Tal Quitman. but knowing thv procurement of I supplies to he one at the object*. "O all'ids I to the mat' ter In my report; when proposition* ware male to?urrrnder. thi* should have formed a stipulation, partteuly when the approach I* hy *ea people who supply an invading ntmy must be coerced. el*e th -y *?mpmuiiM themselves in their government. and are liable to tha rhargv of tr ls?? Hta<r*l Jeenp wn* Anally released. Captain Taylor ?worn. Court ? W ere yon employed In the liulf of M-llco le ! A.-Yea: in command of the ahlp Ohio, f'ourt Are tou ar<|ikaluted with an> rlrcumstanre* j connected with the ?uirender of Alvarado. Ac ? A ? : passed to the mouth of the river on the Mississippi; ' ti Milled to suing the Anierkrau Hag on the f>rt: went up the rivtr In th *pitfltv *aw eauve flag at Alvarado wn* or<hr<d hy < omriodore I'erry to disembark m men t In Ing s. n or officer of th* marine* and garrlso i the town bevlng poMed mvarlf with a doe regard t th* safety of the place and whilst (landing in front o my Isarrurk*. obas rved a *<]?a<lron of cavalry approachtug recognised tlcneral Quitman. who cant" up to rae end aek'd m? what It meant my having p. ?< ?*)on of the place, told him I wn* there hy order of Commodore I'erry: he a*k> d me where he contd And Cnmmo. lore fvrry. otdered a *<ijiant to conduct him to the Commodore I aptaiu Hunter W hco you firat landed at Alvarado. did yon n<4 find It in no?s. **l?n of Paswd Mid*hlptnan T? tuple and seme . I the crew of the Aeourge ' A - Ye* Captain llnnter Itoyon know how denetal Qnit man * troop* spprachi d Mvarado' wa? It in the rear . and the le-st dirsctina to intercept the retreat of animal*' A Had seen th troop* ?on?e ten or twelve mlli < fe rn Alvarado. on the bvaeh while on bwnl th* Mississippi; think he could not have approached It If lit the teach Court We* hi* approach ?nrh a* to prerent dri ting off rattle J A 1 hey might have it real- d acroaa Ihftwa-h: the point cif Quitman's entry would hu* IIMM'd B'n W 1th Ik MlfTlc < lit fnrrr, to Itltercv*' trot, bi t ha had rot aiifllrlrtit form. * Com modi t 1'iriy a*V'd nitna*a wb*'" <i 4 not hi m in pott of Alrandn .h?r ??ma rlrar II di4. > mill i?<rtli a if lb*' , i? ohlth bf anprvurfc to thr town * .own. but did not raitrlet ihii'ii|li Ihf tooai? . rut that dtrmtlon. It run* c'mm*darn * / ihi thaartarly *rapa up' . rrrjr-I'onlit troop* of tha ia?mt anTain-' * by ih* I., aah on tha laft bank 01 tha any* ? A.? I think tint; not In raynlar ordof l tort- f>ij any otbar troop* baalda* Oanrrnt ynltI wan'a < titar tha tunn' and If ao. by what mm* ? A.? Alliturdt itbtr* rntarrd; mir.r Infant ly rf tba t'riltd Malta um; thay antar?d by tba.banah at It a?t ton* of I hafit fattl- A rr th-ra bridyat or farriaa nanr th? town A.- bona I aptaln Itnnbr in.ida aoma anyy**!! <na ralattva to tli? a- nr?a of marrb ot tba army to whlah lha Court Itiada torn- raplt tthan Oowimodnm Parry anld Can t, nil man had n?>t takan all hla troop* at tlr*t Into tba t< ? n hatiny lanrnad. at m# flfl??n Milan dkatant. of Um artrnnt*' n fapt&n llnnt*r r w*rM (to tba Court ) MmI If rnrh tba fatl. tva tbonld bam datnaljyd hW f ? *** m aat* hnta Intareaptad nnatfaat. or anaapa nf b?*i >aJ ?aitI* fct tbo i 'trltt af Al?aa?dc briny a >iata tula, with no imm to hMtMrt their nwvmi own the river* near Alvarado. bj JliptrilnK hi* men through the narrow n??k of aoantry running in the direction of Vera Crua, from wheuae the troop* had started. It would hare proven the moot effectual lie regarded the idea of capturing hortea and oattio. now made ao prominent, an after-thought. Captain II exhibited u map of Alvarado, and the ourrounding country and rivers. The Court adjourned. Spring Time, av d. vahikh aaaiirnr. Talk of years of revolutions. When the crowns are deabed away Prom the heads of tyrant rn lera. In oppression growing grey. Sound tne trumpet, strike thu cymbal. Thunder with the giant gun, Till the very echoes tremble With the news of Freedom won ! In parenthesis, a sentence -Claimed by caution and regardMen and systems have been hoisted By their overcharged petard : Zeal like Fortune wears a bandage? Wilder transports tben restraiu, Lest excesses witli your reason Mingle socialistic bane. Model laws and constitutions. , Suit them to untrammelled mind, Changing all the Institutions Where your progress feels them bind. Bevel in your rights recovered, Kaise the patriotic song. Join the near and distant millions, In rejoiciugs loud and long Ev'rv year's a revolution. With a thusand changes fraught Filling every beating bosom. Coming welcome and unsought. Glorious the revolution l.ength'ning days forever bring, When the frost king's icy sceptre Melts before tbe smile of spring Hearken to the rush of millions Bursting through the tvrant's bonds. Falling on the ears ot mortals. bike the waving of the wands Borne by legions of immortals Summoning the hosts of 1'an To the sports of nymphs and dryads Freed from Borealir ban. Hushed the sound to earthlv hearing Save in silence of the night. Wben the silver light of buna Is revealing to the sight Myriads of gleaming lances. Shooting from the yielding earth. Green and glittering on the shoulders Of the legions having birth. Countless millions horn to flourish Green and rigorous with life. Voieeful with the rung- of heaven. As they ripen for the strife.? These. G these the forme that builded. On the hare and rugged globe. Areadiau groves and bowers of Eden. (.'lad ia vine and flowery robe. Mamond-hilted every weapon My the cryetal drflps of dew; Kvcry blade ia emerald tinted. brighter than Uanian an blue. Steeped in all the color* Stolen Prom the glowing aun. will wave Thousand* of emblazoned banners O'er the frost king * early grave Noiseless a* the breath of spirit*. Hushed though heard in uielody, In the rush of hosts advancing Hear the anthems of the flee Hark to nature's song of freedom 1? Hear the peals of triumph call, lu the bursting of the leaflets from the frost king's ivy thrall' Kaw Yeas May 3. lh&O. Ttic Code. A chapter or two might be properly added to Punch's Rlaekstone. eontaiuiug the new and u-?tui improvements in the law. introduced by the Code In the drat place, pleadings are to be "in ordinary anu cuiieife -. wiiuwuv i?|" "u"11' ?'" gible to n person of conimou understanding '? It might have been well to have enacted that every one shall have a common understanding; but this will doubtlee* be supplied In a future revision of the Code. The Commissioner* ray. in their report to the L< gislaturv. that they hav* aueceeded in reducing the whole praetiee of the law to that standard of perspicuity. that there in nothing in the Code which any person of ordinary Intelligence and education cannot understand But it serai*. unfortunately, thet they have not mlflciently had iu view the capacity of our court*. !> Nile in th<lr note* to the Cod*, as now submit tad to the Legislature, they complain that the judge*, or many of them, have Dot understood at all the provi ions of the agisting Code, which they *ay has arisen from an attempt by the judge* to eon?tru- those provision* literally, or aernrding t* their itrlet sense whereas, they should have construed them liberally, so as to make the law apply according to the rircum stanres of each rase There is however, a difficulty which even the I ode itself under the most aureful revision. ean hardly meet In order to earry out the?? In nign vlewa of the Commissioners, the judges mus! exerelae a discretion In I hi last rerlslon of the Code It is prescribed lhat it roust be a sound di?cr*ti*n but it is well known that some judges have none at all It is satisfactory, ho*ever, to knew that all athri persons, except the judges, will uuderstand the ne? practice; it bring vet forth in such a manner as thi Commissioners say. that no person neeJ haer onva ion to witness a legal proceeding. read a pleading. 01 render a verdict, the uiraning ol which he dnva uoi comprehend " Whether there may not be an nccaaional eieeptlon may. perhaps, admit of donld; but ^according In tin old axiom. (If it inay be permitted to refer to thing' that are now obselete.) the exception only proves lh< rule Thus It appears that there is a new proceeding winch, a* it might be Interred from its name to beion*,. . I. ml.l.lf.s. Ik.s I.. I.. II ...nil sol l.a s< peeled should be intelligible to pcrxmn of nnu'uoit no d. r-tsuUirg unless tbtj ii-d Dr fr?url?'i lectures. I rrfcr t? tlx "TTtll ?l DcllwrMC*." I'pon csreful examination of tlir subject, howerrr. it will b" found that thi? writ ha* nothing to tin with nka>*trieal practice?it 1* in fact iutendrd l ?r the delivery of an* person. whether full grown or a child, nut of the handof a court, or some officer thereof who tuay heexcrcie lug a restraint oyer the individual applying for iht t-Tt. and an*wer* the aunt* purpose for which what war called the writ of Solent racpxa ha* keen heretofore used but the nature of which n<u>at?fltililiin4rr<i*ail the name not bcliu; ?uftith. although it ha* be?n ttaed hjr lite f ncllxh people In their law proeeedin^ more tlinu flee hundred jeer*. Fr lentlAe allu*ton*. perhap* er.n term* of art rnaj he properly made u*e of in the new praetlee. provide., they hare uerer before been used in lew or legal pro en ding* There i* authority for thi* in l.lttleton who <mc< quoted two l.atln reraea. upon which fob. remark* . Here I.ittleton elteth rery atdly two *er*e*. for it ii truly *ald that ?fu/Aai iuttt i>*iLt?rKut~wu saeds <*um ? po* fas um rant in rmmii de sf Imrale,'1 (th< m< anlng of which I*, that philoenphcra phyaiclana. an< I pc eta. are good authorities in low ") Fome other important ehangea in the law will Ii re after Iw noticed, but for the prevent, a*'?he profoundly rtuiarka. this little taste ahall suffice " IIARItOTTLK GKIMFTONK Manorial l?un<la_ Anti-Rent. M*s*r* Koiroa* - Tlie 7Viiee* and otlu r aoti-ren paper*, atatr that the o? ocr* of what are < allel taauo rial" lands, became poaaesaed of them without ado quale prire. This ia entirely without foundation, heald-* on t*k Ing possession of the land- patented the owner tmtne dlately commenced a large outlay It I* well knowi to IF* o|d inhabitant* oflhr Western part of the Flat* that the dl-btir*ement* of the late t'harlea A William son. on behalf of the l'ult? uey estate were enorm > is lie op? ned reads in all direelton* through what w.u beff real. Impassable elhl. ru. ss, built ehurchea. hrhlgcs shops, gc tr To sueh an extent did he >|?a4 ?h< money of hta principals, that II waa only within a f ? yeara that an adequate return ha? h"'n made The owner* of not only thi* hut the other large fraet' In t he htate. were at the expense of the passage* to thi' country of counties* emigrants, and thu- th" great ?ls j?ct the *ettlcnirnl of the land*, was obtained, and th< truant* now. in many lu*tan?rr. are holding land, worth yiu to 111.', per acre, at an annual r. at of nn< shilling And these men. through the demagoguing in flu. no. of pnlilirian* arc anti-renter I know of one trart. and a large me in Otsego ronn ty. where the rent reacrred la owe shilling per e'rs and tenant* hare paid one eent and one c- nt and half an acre, fifteen time* in Iwelee months to the ant! rant ntrtu in* inrn pug .appear* mi ill bin lin- antra fMtHTrrjkW end th*?* iti!-giiil< I ?r I III m .III riii? vril mniilnt nrn dn tbla In Mr I bat fl*IU and * f*w morn of tht "am* rlaan >4 politioion* It will ln> p*rrolt*d that on th* la*t tot* In th? llnu** nf A<<*mhly. th* frr* aol|*ra T<it*d in a l> >dy in Ihtor of anil-rent r*rh?p? llil? ia a ?- w d?#rtitl?n o| fr*? ao||. ' Tha art!in* <4 another man * land fur Hi. thing " ?*rjr r**l>*rtfallT I' (r>mi fttfiiig M a hat* adtlo** from Columbia fi trr to th* 21M Mnrrh Th*r? la nothing <>f imp *tan*? tranaptrtng Rnaim ia at a aland Mill, on ffaatl o| tha low prlra of lutnUr at Pan Pranolarn. and th h't'i brio' of lat-or, eanard hy th* *m'gratlon to th* ' nlng r*gl< n. Brotlrlon*. w. r* ti ry h gh, h"*J . . at fl f O r?nta por pootid andib* ga** wra*. lint aa* war abota tha Pan fraoria*' . rm r*ng* nf pri - mat at t at K UICAIm n?. nki ? o?r.t' ? ?ia .. lONTINlll TO IIK COSMT,TH? Af lilt Ua* *, 1TH Sprue* atr**i, ntar William ?tr*?l, ia al I 4**a at a frliata natora. aa4 nhtoh lit tr*a?? oa th* ? nm*rrnrial *v?t?m. Tli* wa mr*h> d of arr*ating tha dt?ea?? in ita frat ataaa t)r. B aa?a wltb aacaata, ard tmaa antra tiw*a in two daya. Dill TOR PI'I)|.APC O, I ROW MIMMlN, I KI.EDRATP.I tlir"*(h foglaait, Iralaad. Bantlaad, aad*a. farhn tfcmtdlata aad ?itra?rdtaarjr aorta of arary malady, ant who kaa alraadt fatal liah*d a>-hara<t*r la thia aoontry mrfal'.rattra af lit? firajata faata. ran ha aonaaltad rraa ! to R daily, at lit! r?i ftrr ado ay. Raw Turt. t iro* t apt L and Wr?. O. Plot**, fMd lirldaa. Raw OR. Id MOMIlt I'RRflRTP HIS rORhl lKfATS TC tha Inhakt'aata of N>? Irnt aad tl?|olty, nad h??? ' latorm t h>m It hit latawlh o to a fata data, Co ??* ?? aaaraa of lanaroa oa lb* PMIaoophy af S?l*atlflr MaoroaHob, taplalaln* all tha wondarfnl d-lnalnar la ('banwairy rnaowatlr* aad M>rhanl*a. aa |orf?ranad ty tha moat oat*, hratad preleator* of ladptrdtnaia *r **njortna Ball padtlrnlara in fotnr* ad*artt**io*nta. hn Ovtlfsi, It PTlRI SfRRRT. HAS, fllR THI laal fnartota rtan. ntftrf Ma praatKa la tha loat ataat af mae*nrtnl and ath?r a -.*i af a dtlt-ata aataoa Ha ran anra tha moat aagraeawd i aaaa af ahta dtaaaaa. %m4 tlld aaaaa rnaaaa i la twa ta Stadnta. A parfm *?*a. a*?> *?* n?H T*?R I.lilt RK. A KPt VI-AHl V EldVATBB PUT atataa aad Snrp**n. aoiho* *f " JIM I'riant* T am tan,' and ** Nad aal Matda * b* mil ha f?aad at Ma alhaa a anal H>a .tt.oai.a ( -o? *.) ?ifnr-**o* anat.loo h<? h naa tbwaa dtAoalt raaia *f fllaot *trt*ta*a. and maa taalaan, Ra Odho* Ma. If (foernarkp Wa J) Aan total ihhawmtiMindtij^twm^^^^^^^^ NEW BOOKS?A COMPLETE PRACTICAL work, ob tka utm and treatment of priTato dlMuu, atrletnree. art all kindred eAotiono of the arinary organ*? Ulaatratad bf a groat aaaabar of beautifully oolured pUtea, Bo largo aa lira By Bomor Boitwiek, M. D. Largo quarto, 360 pagea, M edition. Prioo $10. Ex treat from the Boot or Medical and Surgical Journal:?"It may bo oald, foarloaaly, to bo oqnal to Bioord'o or Aotoa a work on tho oamo family of dlaoaaoa, and far aaporior to anything of the kind erer published in thla oonntry." Anther of the work oa Seminal Bmlaeioaa, Impotenoy, Ao., oauaed by improper habito? Fourth Edition. It platee; prloe II. For lale at the Publikhere', 8TRIn6eR A TOWNSEND, tn Broadway, and by tke author. am Broadway. List t?F letters remaining in tub new york Port Office, May 4,1880. ornciau.v rvnuaMXDiM THi$rarBH haviko thb MRonrr atact'UATioa. PUare meatioa the date of the list in whioh they are adrortiaed. LADIES' LIST. A MiwBt.WtC ABeaJeHa Akrera Bn.1,.1 A I. rainier Mra 1, AeA.-re* Ilea ApoUraa Mra A, Aekky Oemliae Ned,? .tr?M AreiUI Mi.| friairetraat AaAetwie Aoae Atkerlee Aaee Ayere AkifeB Uaa> J?M 7 Ahem Julia Aleraaiiei C-rwalka A baa Maty Aabar that Aaa Aranuj. U.r.aar e B lurlnWaT Brady Oelkeriee SeBnvaMriT BlakoeMary Barton Mart E a Baraf.attl'aoUiot A Blade Mra Joke Hn.aa Hr 1,-roa Battr lait) D link. Mra MiNta Bufa.l Bueae Hlnimaae Matlkla B Har.t Harp F Heel Marparrt Braa BlrJ fl Hmka Aan Bra.aaiaa AaarBa A RtiataaH Mary P Barry Mary Aaa Berkley llrborek Breea Mere C Bt-aa Mra Law Beraeid MraHrary ritedley M.? M L BeOiaeoa I lira J aaa rtna 1-eky Mae. let era Beetle Mia Jaaa Bearkrr Mra r L Bualter I'bai toil# Bert,mo Hen...k B-naer Jet H Banee I at y Barry VUea Btfrer MraW i Brnea Mia B, Bredy Mary Bemartl Mra Hoee BtUeiitl Brelyet KlieriATrtiaat Rater h"taaa tea rlreet Bioklaekire Mra, Baikal Miaarra A Baaar Mae Btuaa Baraaa t'alkarlaa Oraeaa Ick atrael c ChArt ('sratliAo M Hark CilUrtns Coofwr Softkiet Orukfr Mrs E To CttrA! HarfirM I'lMpmwr Adrkalr J C??rn Bridget Oottrel Mrs H S r.AtW*rt lltmklk CakmUII N?r, Am f'uMolly klba I'mi Jn|t? ?'wl jNtint U Cdrll Mar J C%Mb*ri*M<i I'm Polite ?-.tBMlv ? n(h?t m CroArr Aaa ColifM Mary r*rlrr Mr- Honrj < rtwU.rl MamU <'?,uk?n Nrt, Id al (on.UBHnr inM B PintM* Nincy Cami.!* II (VUrins CuM'lU'd Mit J<?kuaCLik liaiah L Or irk Julirt <',?* Mir; rru^ill rornlia I 1'uwll Mr% Ourroran ? <'uaaell Mar rami A'aaibeM turns Htlifr atrtsi Cvulues Mui L A Ouanmgban E M D I>??be Mr# I taring FHt Dtr^liy L HawV* Cilhu-lM Donpirv Kini r?rf l>i?kn Miry Dei lr Margaret Du/our Mra, 4tL at* I inl?iWi4?? Dnyla Catherine Duatwe Hue Urftxia Mary Mod aire#* Darie Maria L Dibble Mu?. Amu* dX.b Pthru HiImmi Dttkri Mary 0 ilrwl DourUaa HarUel I'tek Mra 1 bu* W Duaina Margaral Duagberty Mrs J who Dun a Elisabeth Da jr* Cat bar tae K Pari Charted* f>>a Cetharlee Pagea Mary Kilwartfe Mra Dathl Franrra BUta M xl'.llkurik Elb-n Kieter, Orphan Enni* Sar?b A KihxM. < Vary alrrrt Aatluai llleuui M ra, Mt at 111. i. Mi.r?p*ai?, Bewrila Margaret R?iwar?U Jal.a E?aue Ahignl MaJaei. .tree! * r FaireKiU Mra, M? I I Pink Drib Fitipatrirk Mra, Peater Mra K, l et airert Ptnaigan Mary Pearl atrcrt next at raat ' rito|alrWk Jibaaia Ferbua Mra P f Farlung r?lkirh? Pramptnn Vary A PWaeraMnryF Fugeitv Julia F'tliiBi Mn Fitrh Mra t 'haa W Ft)an Ellra fain i <kf i art Fit* ptlru k Arrnea F?m* Eliea Faagaa Calhariae Fuch Mra Eliaha Pur.yfhM.eaE. Fk>a era Mary Braea* atrret o raat Kmllt J Bartia CathartM Ufrmaad Ruaa Or >Tn V ra M A, Ua^ktae Mary Wayluert Mra, Gouitrll Hannah ?4ik araat Willi# Naery Clianhera aire*t Oardner f-arable OanattM. Jane A Gk>?. r Catharine Bertie* C?r<4tna Gallagher (i.r?n Mary Maaa<n CaraBaa Cannon lllra Cilmei tia Br algal Varbam Laaiaa Baad.lJ Mary B Babger Aaa Courfrtrb Ana

H *H Miaa C A, IIallaraa Aeha Heatierann Ella} H!H<*a Aaa H-let atiwt fl.rrieen Batb 8 Holme* M iaa H<iyt Mary Har.lganCaib HeaU Mary UttaaeyMraO. Haaaa Khutotb Hear* Mary Aaa ll.mUraoa t'atb fVuniuon aireet Hainiltaa N<?a, Hill Mra C A, Dry et Hibherd Jane A Harriaua Mra A, t'aaal -.treat He. he r Naaaa Hurd bid) C Wh atreet Heller Kliaab-th llatdiiaa Aaa T Uehm Cmkartaa Hrnuabaa Bridget llmiiaraia M-!Wa Matty Ana Inlrrl) Mua| HicAa Mary llojftam Mra N b Hanigan aaa Haggeu) Mi *,Mol- Umutoa Mary mum Utna^ Herrak Mary W barry atraal I&-I J alia J aria Ana Uaisa Jenkiaa Naaey Jmm Mra, Aathaay JeAera Mra, ArlaaMc Jefhreea Cornelia P Juhnaoa Aaa atraet treat Jerdan Boaeaaa lag raat Margaret JretortUrab Aaa Jaba.naMraW J. hnanti His a Jenkiaa Mary Ana JeAW?a Claras i?ha?an Mart Ana ImUy Maria Jwhaaua Cat ban we Johns A*rab Jaekena Margaret Jaaaiag* Marietta Aaa loaa Jua Jab aaa Mary Jnhaawa Mary Aaa K laae Cn'tmriaa leDt Mra Kari Kaetaa Mart Kta? Mlaa Eearaej Faany betrbaa Ftiiabeth K^frr Mm K Eak.r Jereaiab E I.Ira Marga et baue I ?? MiaaM C knl'ir Mra Jaba Ee..nti> 1 aapy Mary Y beam#) Mia bmg Lrli??h?tA btmWhllaaaak It tavee* B?wiaa lei at CelkartM leaf RTWa lemfbia Aaa l.ineela Stnk Leal Miaa imi Miaa i. ft Ut'?riata Mary Uik?Ml Ellra La?V?a Margaret l.lgbtaa Mra AaA? Lmii MUaa UM Barak Aaa Liatleaa Jaaa Lyarh Mary M Maara M't, M at MartiaMre KTWa MarnaU Mare'Iaae Marabafl Mart L Maeke) Maigamt Maaae t'aibariaa MwrbeHMiaaf raaeea MwwrcMra. W4ter at Met be. Mm two M.Ury Mra E C Merra r.iAariM M.rrU Kbrabeib eraball Mia iaa Milea Mra ti Mm-wn tamJi Moaei ief t'eraela B rw-a MIL- MialUraA M array Khra H MiuWIirWilvM* M.Wtl Mt i Marttfi Mm ElJra HalTal IrifW Mwk> H ?j M Hrarfa 4bm H array Jaa* E Mak?a? H. Hch Harriaaa NxT I M Wrar f .. aay ?'.?!- M.Mk. k a? M ra J Mur^Mr. R.^.lMyr^t M.M Kml M??r Ul? M.uWO Hanajrhaa Ha?ratk MUi Higra Ora H*rr?a Hary H~ .^A. > Ha*, H Mm I uwm M?ara HiraW'W H >?A?arf Htry.Abb IJnMrrt *rart M mrNf.H Hirrria Mar, J aaa MaryA; Jafea Hurpkj Marfarat Hurra; Mri Mae H# Ala* Hurrah H?ium> * ,?* H'f*,ratal Hra H.r*ara* ?'.* aa Mr-, i aii.naa H.ian, Ha>y M.I,i?4MiraJ H U.m Mm H. Mr''ia? Hra E HrVrv; HarraraA HcATUta* lira A, *??th .trrat H law r.r.M H? A ?-? i n i ki ?c m 'MfUl H'Ntai Hra Paarl M,M..>., Harrtal HrCWIUi AaaHarta M. -rata Jim O* a< H< iluitMiM ILL M#kf# Mr* TH?a naM HrCaaaa Aaa oatolA NiMnm Mr*. I< ?M N<<'laaaAaa Hra 19 K. H?n Hra. ?prt?| *'v?P H-? A MM Mara Aaa *- ' l-<; M HinAai Hra. CakaW a BacWaa Mary A o o? *? rrimm m llitiM?rii^llitahHl rM0HB OhaatMMl EmmIv Ma * O Bryaa Aaa, Wa*Miafat?? * 0 lafl; Mit|M?l P f?'? AaaU A |Pa?a?ra Aa?W Tlaar# M?A1W Ira Paratral Harfaaal r.u- m. ? >*? M r 4 I hMkta M.r WAr #ka?a PrinHiaU C?rMM liira * Pt??f JaHa V PWw Aaa P?f'? Kd*H 1 * N ,t. J *r ll tawlfltl p. M Mm r PWtt A' Ma. 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Wary at Barto Hra daral BAawCaAarBl M|ia?aar Mary fWraarf lark Baa* TWwB T T?)fcw ApM-t If a rf* n t II TV w% r?r*4>? T???'tT J?u Tm rk?WJ Tk*r. AB.U 1 wrf* ? ?f*'T ?*J' +4 Mm B, MA T>r?? M * H, ! IVMipm Am T>r? ^ Mwa, F?rl ? r !<* ? T*ira?? fc*Aj Fi?? T?iaMl Am Ti) >" Haul IMm |?I?m V V** *?r?k F Vn?(lrMr Am I'm H?W* Mr* M?m ' *U U.UM?r|B IkfMt MuKC * M4?II MIM, < k?u?. ? W *.?. W.y.W (inn t*** W.I..- ?- 0- I 1 W ?. ?? ?'?? t WrtWi('?'k.??? H ?(? *W<fe *??* M?ry ? |m in ?kiKV<?M "it* Varft Wi t? imiM* P 9 IIim A * .??* I * ~ki ?.M*BUr? WM+m* J.M ? tfer? * w-?N>? if I * .Dim*.* J.*# t * ?MAiU Mart n ?* ? t*r%A Mr. J.U t? ? * Hr?r, Km *,l fc ? -} ik"'? < *? F? A liMD 4hm R r) M A???Wni )?M I lf#?Mln?i??f MU?| ilM, '>*Ui A ? *! *%* T AuwlM 1 Z />l(rm|tr MHm Iiik4??f OKKTLKMLA S LIST. A t ...a?*.. r u.nk i, >v< ?. ?. ?. K ? pj?< ill.. * [I,.n iteil Uml i M ttMlt. .Ml km*u,l ? ? ???" ?.C ? V ? il>? Jui ! *. ^rafill tMWtla Maw If, (Wy Kia it arU* i^r< i iraaaata aa*arf 1 A<?. 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I n,|la S a.??a? ?-?- w a.i, iaa.? * T '"1 ? -? rai-?? ?a.> 4 ?M ?r. T 2^1*1** IWT' wa. 1-4. a ft T> nr? J .. 9 I a*.. . **a t i IV. w*M....r,Ma I - *" a.m.?il ' a* a ..wj a^?? " . I lia? a- a-W a J*al W?4a.WsM il !'"r ?" a a. a. a-11 v I. % ?Viaa,tl? ?j-.l Wa. wjib?, | " . J" "21. *4 tMafl-U 1 ?" ?" ? ? ^ baa aUki lab. a J ' .r~l ~ *" " * -a i ratal Vaaaa ??a* V _ I""**1 rxikrdal Trfmrw. *-? " ? ?? B- laahrh ' S ; **7 - '* * n? ? "* MMaaa r-bat I . 1 HIPPW. JNITEI) STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.J Tho booka of aubaeription to tha oap.'al ato?k of Ua uted State. Mail Steauiahip I' miii I I In aiaaal nf a million five hundred thouaand dollara will ha opauad ?W leaday. tho loth day of May inat.. at the Mrrohawta' Blaun? llank, iu tbc city of New York, and ik? two uni|| y?, from 12 o'clock M., to 2 F M GEORGE LAW, M A HSIIA LL 0. ROBERTA, ? _ . JAMES VAN NOSTRAND, New York, May 3, 1S50. Comwiadoatlt; kl'EAN STEAM NAVIGATION CO.-POR BREMEN, ' via goatbam|>toa-Tha U. S Mall Stenraakip WASH-. .GTON, G. H i loyd, Commander, will aail for Ureoaau, via otbami.ton, ?n Monday, May ISUifi. from Par No. 3, N. R., II A. M Price ol pan-age in th? brat cabiu, $I2H; do. ia ? aeeond cabin; $KI. An eaper.oncad aurgeom ia attMbad tbo *Lip. All latter. muat <o through tliapoat otlioa. E?J .aaate or freight, apply to MOI.LEK fc SAN 1>. Agent*. fit Broadway. ir ruriniL-LMTkli STATES MAIL STEAM ?hip PAC1EIC, Gapt. Etra > a.?Thia atoaiuar will dairt fruni ih>- foot of J anal atreet, with the inailafor E?>pc. positively on Satuiday. ittth May, at 12 oVlook, M. for Wight or pa-.a**, having unequalled aooonauiodatioaa tot .cgauca or eoiaf.r', to ? EIiWaiU) K. COLLINS. 74 Son th etreet. PoiitlTtly bo In rthctn hp opiMirpit till paid for. \ tfEW y??K U IM. VII.MM v vi RAMSIlll' COMPANY. ?The nook* of PuliMk-ription to the capital *took of Iho i ? \ ork and Virginia Steamship Company, to tt>? amount three tinudri d tliouvand <1. liars will be oio urd on Monay, thn 3>th day of May inatant, at the o of tba At.iitic Mutual Inanrano* Company. Merchant.' Kaoliangs, all atreet, in the city uf New V. rk, and will ninaiaepen i that and the two auccn din* dava, troiu 12 o'cleak M to P.M. SI1.1S WiMII), ) 1IENR1 l,L 111.AM ,* C. innoia'rv. P. A. CONKLING, S Haled New York. May ?. l-'ai 7NITED STATICS MAIL -TLMlKKS BETWEEN NEVT J York and Liverpool.?The ahipe composing ib.iLac art i* ATLANTIC, Captain West. AMCTIC, Captain Lne*. rACU IC, Captain Nye. BA l.TIC,Captain Comsto'k. AHHIATIi, Captain Oral ton. Theie ahipe, hnv-iug been built by ooutraet expressly for ivemnicnt service. every ran- liar been taken in their sonmotion, as tlto in thnr euginee, to ensure strength ami ved, and their iCMitniiwlaiinoi fur passenger* are bb, uallcd for elegance or cornier.. Price of passage from New nrk to Liverpool 9.1 ' >. occlusive ??r or extra aiao atate nma S.I2A. An exprirncrd burgeon will lie at inched to eaeb lp. No bertha ran l>? nonrtJ until paid fur. fur flreigBI passage, apply to Fdirn A. COLLI MS, 71 South ernet, orto ft HO It V 'HI II.BY It CO., Liverpool te Atlantic Bill leave Liverpool May 15, " Par Ha " " New \ nrk May 15, " " " " LiveriMHil June 13, * Atlantl New York June H, " " " " Liverpool Jane 30, " Pitl#0 " " New Vora June 2V, " " " " Liverpool July 17, R fbe ownrra of three shins will not be accountable for (Old, vvr, bn'rllon. | perle, jewelry, preetoae atones or melala, loss bills of lading ai? aixned tbeeefnr, and the value tbere, therein expressed THROUGH LINK 10 t ALin.KNlA, VIA CUAORBB. Carrying tlie United Statov Mail.?Monday, May 13th, S o'clock, r. M, from the pier foot of Warrca vtreot, N. K . e new and elegant double eoaiu. steamship GEORGIA, 1>Porter, II, 8. Navy,Commander,will be despatched aa abort, tk the Govvrutuout MaiU for the West ladtea and the inifle. TTie hooka arc now open fur puwt to Charlaatan. vannah. Ilarana, New Orleans and Charrea, Bad for rough tickets 10 fan Praneisoo To accure through tiekata, rly application must be made, aa only a small Banter main unengaged. An eg|>erieiioed surgeon ia attached IB Georgia. The a*enmui?dation?t?r paaaeagota of eaah elaaa > unsurpassed by any steamship sh-at. The passenger* for Orleana. are ran?tcrr? I at llav tna ' > the superior doable gine ateamehip FALCOV pr, ?cd from Irailtl diriat Now Orleane. Hates of wastage room New York to Ckagvet:? State Room Berth ?1? Standee Berth MO Steer*,- do., fonnu bed and separate table 51i Mates of pns?ag- from Panama la San Frnncleeo:? State Room Berth ..... . Steerage Berth*, lonod bed and separate table.., 140 Rates ol passage? To Havana. T* N. Orloaam Stat* Room Berths $70 |75 Standee, forward oabia 54 MB Steerage, found l>ed and hoard II M Freight to Chagree will he taken at 70 Mat* par tabid ut. The billt of lading mutt all h? eigned oa board tbt reel the day before eeilm. f.?r freight or peerage, apply w O ROMEROS. 110 Weet rkratt. 'MI'IRK CITT LINE FOk SAN FRANCIAOO T1A J Chagrea, direct.?The .pin, Jul .teem.hip EM IIRE CITY, I) H ilmn, eommender i'??' i-n? nrthrn, will leeee for aire., dirrrt, on WeJnr.da.v, M.y 15th. at S o'clock, from r dock, fitr No. t V K. F t fr.i<ht or peonage, apply M J. IiowARM a RON. M Broadway. 'OR RAN FRA.Nt:|bCU.-kk.t.1 l.aK PACKET I.INR ? The ?ery ?<ip-ri, r fan rail in,- packet .hip IIMPEE. at pr 7 Eart River, aow nearly loaded, will take a little light light. an<l h< deapatilo-d direct ib a few day.. ller aoaam>aati?nefor pan-encore are .panion. and elegant. Bhlppbre d par.rngrre by tbi. line tan mi rare important and mflabla vantage., with de.patch in loading and di.ehergieg Apy to ISAAC T. SMITH. IIU M all etrart, tortvr Front. ROR RAN FRANCISCO-FIRST VEssEL-IIIRrATtTI Line.?Faet tailing 'hip OREAT BRITAIN, baring a rye portion of her ergo encaged and now going ea beard, I'ltr Sit. #, N'ortli River. w ill haee oulok d.-patch for the me port. The railing on all lie. of thie .nperior eeeoal art ill known, having Ju?t returned from China, la aiaetj-tiB yt. Immediate applirttinn ahould ht for balanoe tf rpo. Rhip|iera wi.hing to avoid delay, will hod it muth tt >Ir inttroet to thteivt tkt di.pttth gittn by thit lint, eight, taken at Uit lowe.t rale. F II TTTOW A CO.. Hi Rail tt. ' ALIFORN'f A TICKET F?'K 8AI.E.-A FIRST CLASS > Ptate-rnom Through Ticket, per (ieorgia l.lih inat., and nod trip tf the Columbia. on the I'aeitc. Apply to JOHN T IMI.T. l'?. Wall et. ' lit RETS FOR SALE-Iii rabln, by Cherokee, In the leihmae. wo the 13.b Ray, enee in the e'eernge, per Teun-etet. to San kmntttto. Iply at French'.* .1 Well ?'ree?. TA1.1F0RMA TH'KKT-A Tit ART FOR ?TKRRAUB J pae.aire, In tl." mull ateaaier l)wf|ll. to tail I MA Hat, id thf attnmer leUmiie, third aoyate fr-nn I'-nofe* %" tea. leeo, f..r itl*. ,f applied for immediately, al biid'i < rtue ?Bie, No. 4-A William ?t. ANF. TIIHOI (ill THKF.T?Flk!tT CtAh\ HU*LAN* ' A A-pine all'e lint* > * lilh May .* antod. A'Mre.? Roma INK rrity lluu>?. ??f ra two o'clock thla day?after, lioi IM4, <Wttl I'lMl OAcc. L/AlllT MYlUli Ft?R BAI.E.-TBI* T K"T 9AILINU I aad InantiHil Pekooaer I a. ht la offered f r aala. the 4.1 toaa tiirlken of eaipilsile a>?dal and enpericr wrrkan>lnp la perfect order, with two aaita f aaila. aad far had with atarylAlaa re-ielelte l-r immediate aailtay. i*lnr laea lately tkornuenly oeerhaoled. Aaaaafaaad tntortahle aad fact aailar, ahe haa a . a .n tl af her anate. Phe will l-a cold vary low. Apply I" Htil.l.lNn k IHMrlKHAI.i, M W?'l ?traai. [DtrriM by the iiHiti PoruiA. fob san frar eiaro aad Nirrauicate I i y. will pl-aee eend 1a lilleof dint tmaiadiat'lr. Two pa-'-awyera and the hoik of kfty irialc ran ka lata i. Apply ?? hoard, f t of R. aadralk real, ar to TIIOKAS I. IIR t V S ARK. '1 M .11 ateeet. tii'.mt ti.. IMIK MAMI.Ikli WtrMA.t B I' it i V a f K M Hi ItA I. COM I pinion lly III A M Manricenu, I'tulaeaor </l I naon.-a 1 Women?Tar lv. edition, Ihoio. pt. W? I'ilea |l.?Taara ' auff'TlBt, ?f phyaloal and uea'al tnauiah to m.ny ait af tlana'a wife, and pec imart dldMeftlaa to the hnakaad, thl haca hear, apaiad l.? a timely po.a-aa " of lhi? work I IB leaded aa| inlly f..r the married, or Uneinia I m pie i? manure, ae it die* -? iutt??aa' *'rata, wtiek -hotId I known t l thata par t-nlariy. To th..a> wlioae health deea ant par wit af aa lacraaat af fa* lly. It la af eg penal Importaaua. U re. aim, a eery female?I he ni , akd mathdf -*kd awe .key ItJ'i n late a mtehood, ay tae ana la the deellae af are, la aliuai ere ?toe eete? ea Imrorteat akaaaye - I in dlaeocar the eanaae, tyai e.a>. aa4 lad moat eAalaat .mediae, and si I t ttaia m"de -f -ir . la eyrry s I.) i-ari *f * *" * i>--p ? ttnlht i ? IHrto*. Clhi* > ^IVToa. M<) I, 1*47 J. A ti K??-n.' ? aw * Mr IH?r ?lr, -My *t'? ?? ?* ? r?rwUMf rlaklat f?r tn? tl r?t ?T ? ? , In ? ,kkakk kf har ri r?i a?.yr i?'i >4 ???> in< com* in -nth* afor. ? .4 Ukra?aftaa<aaa< i irr)nirta>irf naa ? tt >*<i ?ort Ikfclliiau4 and (t'Otn I hat, r?itin( htr lir' k Itaaot, ?t 1a*|tr, a?4 ?..lafc *? I U.lkil uk k*i i ". I .JlZkk. ** **"?" r?fcl?f?wM?l???iuV .?4r, lAaa*"1'*tIhu tlkt (? ?h , I IV m .? ! ), | t,f, r4 yak* ktnk 4 'T 'f1 "B talma* . ink ??'lm i<?'iln( m/ 11* **4 I - k-?l klp-rak Ik TkB tka illkfl* aSM"! r. j 4l> r?'>?4 nh l.ul thk }?t It* pa*** JJrtkl t? bi/ ml?, <r? <? ,fc?i ih? fraa*. tlivfm -f . 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