Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1850 Page 2
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I urpedlttoaary lore# In Italy to one ilrlalon. Mm Mantled by General Gernan General Baraguay I)'B Hilar* wat authortied to return to Franee. and miut bin aeat in the National Aarcuibly. Other sbange* aim ng the General* of DlviaioaJ are aft* >mim4 Tbe Volney ahlp ci tb* line has aalled to join the Mediterranean fl" t A grant ef 160000 franca for the aufTercr* at Anger*' war unanimously agreed t< In a llouaa of ?3 member* Hank of France return* thow gold haa Iticroaaed niilllou franca credit the Treaaury iiicr?a*ed3 uiillion. and prirate credit* lntieueed 1! million in l'ari*. and the same in the province* Fast* Boran - Five*. SO 23 Three*, 33 50. iNTrufsrrNG FKOM STAN. A despatch fr' in Madrid, dated the oveulng of the SSd announces that another Pari* ariaia. of a moot MTieua character, had taken place The king auddenly n-.'iftrd toGen Niirvae*. atul the reit of tbe cabinet, hia iuti ntiouof quitting Madrid, in order not to be preaent i at the acsouebenient of tin* queen After eihauating all mean* of perfunilon to induce him toehange hie pur- , poae but which were of n< avail, a couueii of miniater* was held in ahich it was agreed to oppose by force the King a departure. was announced to his Majifty that he must be placed under arreat. P?ntrie?\uro placed at the door of hi* apartment, and the King remained a prisoner during four houra, after which time hi* Majesty oonaented. and accompanied the Vueen in her usual drive on the Brado. lu an open carriage The 7'imn say* the deapatch ends by aayiug the crisis wax over for tbe preeent. 1TAI.Y. Hour April If) A corpa of gen* i'armrt nohilt wa* hi course of organisation at Rome, for ?he aervice of tiie Pone It would be comnoacd of v lunteera of the French urmy. with the consent of the Republic and mist ot 2UM) iulantry und 1,000 cavalry POLAND. Warsaw letter* state that uiany arrests had taken place in that rity A ronspinrv ani'ingst the Polish and 11 u-sinn yoi.lhs had b< < n diseorered The young BI'U of the universities and the artny were Indiscriminately arrested, without Inquiry into their guilt or dnvioci new 8onie letter* announce that armaments ontinun to so great an extent, that there must be luit important project in tie*. Tt'KKKT. Reports front Ilrlgra'te state that ? great eseitement prevails in ferv'a The population was arming and preparing lor war .NEW YORK HERALD. J A 1H K 8 UOK DON UKNNKTT, PROP 1UKTOR AND EDITOR. FFICE, N W COKNEK op FULTON AND NASSAU ITS. rill Dill, t* Hh.kAl.Lt, X lent* pri copy-?$7 per arews. IHk. WKKKLY, every S,i.'wti.iy, at rents per Hit, or J.t per annum ; the European ntktum 14 per uruium, k imlude thejunta ue. Aid. LKTTEKS by mail, fur tutncripTunu, or until acoirtnrnmtt, In br po.t-paui, or Me pomhiyr unit Ar deducted from tu money remit, i r'. rULVfiTARb CORKE9POSDK.SCE, eontoMny imfyrUml mr-w.. Iutuihd trim any Quarter ot the world: if used, unit hi W% rally paid fur. AMUSEMENTS THIS IT1N1NO. BOWERY THEATRE. ItuweryT?Einc. lion IV-Kansa. BROADWAY THEATRE. hruadway. Vomis-GetLurw Tarn.?lis Kit*c h Room. BURTON'S THEATRE. Chambers Strs?t-MsNNT flUav? Uut Day? Mv I'aecions tier-it. NATION A I, THEATRE. Chatham Bqsars? ItusfR Wira ?Owaisea?I'naca'n UeersiiA-SriiLUi Onion. theatre, Astor Place?Kicmeubv? SricTRa Daina aoow. CHRISTY'S OPTRA HOUSE. Meohanies' Utll-Erwrolus Xuhtiua OLTMria-PKBoB-a HiamuA BLODEON.?Wxira'a B?iuiaviul CttCTJ. Attor Flaoe? Emr a?r a i.? w Eiaarisaa. Krw Vork, Friday, Jlijr 10, 1MM. Tht Aiinlvrrsury Hirllngi These meetings are drawing to a close. To-day in the lart, of any importance, with the exception, perhaps, of the 22d inst., when the Ameriean and Foreign Bible Society meet to diacuaa the propriety of an alteration in the Scriptures. We have on hand n doxen reports of the meeting* already held, which we are compelled to leave ?ut, in consequence of the length of Mr. Clay'a important repot t on the Territorial question, the deplorable advices from Kio de Janeiro, the European intelligence by the Niagara, A-c. A c. Another day will probably enable us to lay the whole be fere the public. Iinpoitniit and < utloua AfTuIra at WaahlagtWi The int< lligenre ftom Washington by the Senate rcjort, the ni'wapnprrs, our special eor respondent, and by private advices, is sufficiently remarkable wild cutious. Some very important movements and changes are hkely to he made. Mr. Uulwer's C hiitlield letter, lilideniuhle, undeuied. Unaltered and unalterable, has told like red-hot shot upon the people of Washington. Th" Mrpu&fic, in two long columns,haaurknow ledged that w-e have l>rrn right all along, by making an attack upon the cabinet, fumwlmh it (annot retreat. It commences hy saying that there are men who will not change. Centra hat rome may- phj frail/. morally. intellectually? they are warranted not to die u- r rliana- i dur.ny timeral Tart oa r adnnni-t.-atiou It then quote* a letter of the (-|>erial corresi>on- j dent of the Baltimore Jmnican, the object of which is to make pesplc ready to awear that ''C?e- i Serai" Taylor?(he is only deemed a t^enerul hy : the fpnwl v n^i-r, and not President)?and the j at>ini-t nif one nuti inseparable; thnt to lum, the cabinet ''will |,r sun-flcwrre, though they rimy lie < me lit in lock, I'tnl nightshade, nntl cypres* to nil llir reel of the country, and thnt it in Inn high duty to keep thrui in place, rather than in power." After thi* onslaught, the nrlirle ae?ures the President thnt the tunny attacks u;mn the enhinrt are i< t upon him, and that there in no nt-ceaaity to r*i?in them, to maintain hia own integrity, concluding w ith the aniu xed ominous imitation to the cuhiuet to retire. Therefore It If that. an Independent whig Journal aiol ripre?-ly disclaiming any penal authority. w? restore to aurft that the " T " who wrote the letter In the It?Itiai. re wa? neither authort?< d nor Itirg.ri d ty any ainiUr of the cabinet, an J i hat every meml?r Of the rafalcd l> prepared to repudiate and repel fat* a'-umptlona hy hia conduct. If renta rheuld error which would render It their pari a- itata urn n prntletnen. and pat riot a. to withdraw ft'm the p utile nrnff It l? In the I a* I degree ajiit atid arc neron? to rha'gu them wiih a diapoaltlon to c.licit Insurance nni'mpt and caecrallon by Heat, nine at all haasrda and to the I act rttteiwity oixl< r any and all elrcnniatanoea?the InII let ion which >tr lam teg unci <o?erlhcd with force end tellelly, aa the great--l enrae that eould fa. fail a Arc ci nnlry a ratine I that waa InveaaUd* to publlo opinion In our columns w ill be found Mr. Clay's great re|-ort, bmifki forward hy th Committee of ThirIren. It hea l-ren received very coldly, giving httle Satisfaction to the ratieine North or Siuth, j nd the re?ult upon it la very doubtful. It has l?een j read tw ice in the S< ante, and will l>e made the af^ruil order of the day for Monday ne*t. The | whigs who wee farornllc to the President's plan, j i i) he in favor of it, as the Rrjntbitr accepts it on the plea that the settlement te more important than the plan itaelf. When the cabinet goea ont, per- I h ?; th> compromise may come in. Meanwhile, the prcnlnmr* in Caltfomian titles and crania miy be locked pfirr, the first p?'ep at whom may lw obtained I y th? p*|?r* hroughl to light upon Mr. Yu- j Ice's reaolutio n of yesterday. There la niueb giound to lie g< nr over )et, before we shall Kt the end of the lane. hrrrsarn kltirra ? Amnng?t the in mcn?? am-'tint et matter in type and f<>r which w? will make room lomorrew are the following fsporla - * V Stats Vlgtlanee I f r m'tVe (fas tVea>leyan Ml-?l"?ary fecMy. H T tnelltutli aft* the mind NY State Society for the Abolition nf Ca| ital Pnniahment American 11 nine Vfia. sionsry Society American rdncalt'n Society. Am-rl f?D I' ' rurmj an niptl-t II m Ml??i n?ff Mllly,It. T Draf an t I'unit. Ia>titntl?a. an t ?h? Aimikm T.?ffr?nM I'ulon, aim. th' pn>rrr4lngi f th? C?oito en Cornell kr . kt. Irrm?Tt'n II'* ti.nirm?W* ht? f#a?lr?><t * ?>fy of tb* Harm, tbi official r*P"fi tt?o rnrcrnnrnt f Vrnunill. F?ollJllli|| H yy of in nBlelil IM?? Mr Wilann, lb# Brltlib ( largt. In rrlatlng to n,? rrtinri nhvb bar# b?rn olrf nlatct. of an Intention na lb* part <f ihr Brttl'h fi??tiiii?nt to ??t p?*??n?*l"n if , the n?r k of im<t laying bet wo n Rrltiah 'laayan* *n<t tfc* nth of <b? Orinoco rtref, "n ihr !>|-?aUh Mala I C?l"n?l W M?-n drnie* any lurh iutentl'.a na tb? pari ' af tb# British r.?. rnaunt The letter wM V* pnW'ited aatna # bam that 0?? r ..> * I? at 111 la aefarlag to allow him to War# the aatiatry, aeeoe<l?rg MttiMtvf C on great , The Political Aspect cf K a rope. The next arrival from Europe will bring us important intelligence, especially with regard te France. The election to fill a vacancy in the National Assembly, was to take place on the twentyeighth of April, and Eugene Sue, the socialist, and Leclcrc, the friend of order, were the two candidates. It is difficult to predict the result; hut should the luxury-loving Sue be returned to the Assembly, the socialists will be strong, and the friends of order much less powerful. Meanwhile, Louis NapoleOn's policy is substantially aggressive. He has now prohibited the sale of the sociulist journals in any of the streets of Paris; has sent l'roudbon to prison for breaking his word, pledged aa he was to write no more j>olitical arti' cles, and is about to try Girardin, the editor, for creating an imrute. This crusade against the Press must prove to him a serious aflair, and will bring still further (topular odium upon his head, creating an army of murtyrs to assail hint in the future. Then, the deportation law is one not calculated to render the French government popular. Two years ago, the penalty of death for political offences ceased; but this new law revives it by perpetual exile to the Marquesas Islands, where the political jailer of the republic is to reside. It is eueh measures, sueh trespasses upon the pledges that elevated the short-sighted Louis, which are giving fearful ! strength to socialism. True, the reign of unarchy must be brief; but virtuous liberty, springing through rank licentiousness, may give a terrible lesson to : munkind. The Pope's return to Konte, uftcr sixteen months' exile, on the same-named day and at the same hour ?/| IIIC Illgut, ,. . .v.,., .... ..... republican |>arty at Turin seems to indicate ihe possibility of a storm. Mazziui, one of the late Kcninn triumvers, is one of the most distinguished men of this age, both for his talents and for his indefatigable enterprise in the midst of obstacles. It is Ins hand that covers the walls of Rome with bulletins, and that strikes terror wherever an enemy of liberty exists in Italy. Bold, daring, resolute and honest, he is the most obdurate foe to tyranny, and the most devoted friend of free- | d< m. If the I'ope is again driven from the Vatican it will be by Mazzini's hand?for Austrian thraldom cannot suit Italian blood, and the Pope is but the clock of Austria. Russia is preparing to check the republican movements in Germany and in France, should they come to any violent demonstration; and, before twelve months have elapsed, it may be no matter of surj piise, from the present nsi>ectof affairs, if the whole of diplomatic Europe should l?e engaged in a warlike struggle that w ill realize the great Napoleon's prediction?" Europe w ill be republican or Cossack." i?iui. or Tiir. llniTitH Quaes.?The steamship British Queen. rapt Dell, arrived yesterday morning from Hamburg, lis Ting experienced a very boisterous I passage. She sailed from the Kibe on the 4th nit., i ! and from St. Johns. N. F., where -he put in for eoal, ; oil the 3d ln*t. Fee the report under the .hip new* brad. THE RELKilOl'N AKNIYKIISARIKH. Hrrtln(i of the Colored People. There were tbree colored meeting* la*t evening? one in tbe colored eliureh in Ferond atreet. between mvrnara A and B; another in the colored church, I King atreet, corner of Undaon; a third in the colored rhureh. Church atreet. eorner of Leonard A rumor had run through the rltj that there were to be aboll> tiou haranguea at theae meeting*, and that the white al-olltionirta wonld take a part In them A report hud alao gained ground that there waa to be aome fun at theae mectlnga, particularly In the Leonard atreet one. But theae rum ra were without ' fonndation for the mectlnga were all of a purely re. ! I liglona ebaraeter In the Leonard atreet chnreh, 1 I tV ard. the colored preacher, teacher, doctor, editor, j printer and < ngravcr, held forth upon the dutier of the dark rare, in reference to their oi'>ral elevation lie raid nothing about abolition After U ard had roneluded. a ! lid rail waa uiade for Pouglaa*. who roee and anid he va. not aliaid to apeak, nor to tw aeen In New : York, nor to he identified with the AntlPlavrry Ha- ! r'rty. notwithstanding the mobocratir Umea; he atated that he ivaaoppoaed to the government, he meaut bo- < ennae lha govrrnuient ?aa ho.tile totbem. England ha aaid. had i nianripated the alavea. but In thia republic alavety atill exist" He continued in thia .train every now and then making violent attack* on tbe governno nt> a In nt llouglaea knew full wi ll the language moat likely to plcaer their fanclea. and procure autieerlptloiie of $1 per annum, for the aupport of hla newspaper, entitled | the Slur, ae well aa brother Ward * paper?both , of whlrh W aid endeavored to imprca on their miuda | they mint purchase. rend, and tnnke theui*elvea acqutinti d with the merit* of their enn-e ( A large forea of police were concentrated at the . fifth ward alatiou hounc. adjoining, to prevent | branch of tht peace The Cbtef Uaptalni Carpenter, i >t illiam* Wiley, and Idtehi tt were all in rradine**. I expecting a row. hut all pae.i d off i|uhlly th. ertviaa tmi aLai a not moxi.r* iviiartiv or im. w Ml TV. nan, It has been remarked in lb- report* of the abolition meeting* In the HiraU. how few negrnra were prevent or took any part in them There i* a reason for thi*; at.d Ward, trc rotor, il preacher, let it out at a meeting 111 111 oil Tueida. r.euing at Miiluh Clinch We were ni t I ft M'nl at that mrt tihr- Lilt a Iru.t vnrthv if.m. tli man who *?< present, Inform* nn that the preacher denounced Ihr white a* hollow, hypocritical nti?l ln?lncerr They did not come up to the mark. Th?y did not meet ih? colored una a* on u herfi et equality with tin in and practically hy thr'r rundurt ptr the llo to their own d'?ctrln?? Time wan a rccerrr. a holding liark. on the port of the white atolilh tilcta They did n?t admit rolored inen to their society.and the ?? riety of th trfaaHle* They were only tbi r< fore, trading upon aii agitati in t h it miaul nothing, after all Thus. It cee nie honest Aurato Ward doe. not put hla truat ln<i<trrl?oo and the other abolition li ailcra All the n.ietuigs termluated fwnicMy. M?rtl?t(a to he Held. F tiiiii, M > 10 Atrerlean r- nrd of t'oniuiie'lonerr for Foreign Mia dm- TaberoaeU In A M Meeting In la-half of the American Board of Foreign Mleal<n? lalaruarlr aflernoou. N V f emale Mlaalonary Society Bedford (traet Churrh. *S I" M , Annual nor Hog of the t.adlaa of tha Itomr-TabarBur |e. S I' M American N clrly f.-r Meliorating the t'ondltion of th< Jew* ? tratraJ I'rcsl j teriau t hurrh llroomr alra-at, j 6 and VS f M Anm?<rary if folnnihian rrttboh-gian Society? At Mlhlo'a hah on TS I' M Mae IS Arr<-ri, an and Foreign Sabbath Union <"h?reh corner Fourth ?trrct and Latayette place hlccouraeby Bar. Br Bethune hall pa-t 7 F. M Moanat, Mat la. j ruj fc ty cf M R ( bur. 1. Orr. nr atraat, ?,S P M M?? 71. Clfy MM* A-wlrty Norl<>lk tr?rt Haptl.-t Chnrrh. 7S I MMu 73 Atn?rloan and r<>rrlyn Hlhtr An-l.ty Norfolk rtrcol Ba|>tiat I hurrh 10 A M Tronhlt- In ? !? ? ? omnljr. TWn it Irmil'lr inllrl|iiilr<1 In l'l<lrr ronnly Yratrrday a rrqtilrifii n ?? tnadr nyon Mayor WoodhuU. Vy thr auth' till. * of I Irlrr Aor.nly.fcr lh? aaalalanrr of ??m? cf o?r < IB rlmt nrnlart nf lb' ynllf. It aid Un?i In Ibf ?opyr?-aa|on of a tont?tn|>la|rd rt'f on lha I'elawarr and lludron I'anal. briar n tb? Irl'b laborrra anbiRf > a lb- ranal Armrdlny loth* Information In loan llir ??'m|<auy harr a larr< numlar of mra am- 1 Iy.d on lb' ranal In I'latrr ronnly. hark of I'ouyfc- 1 l" |i"lr. and In ordrr Inrtprditr thr work, thr r.?m. |ai y haar cmyloyrd t*tf of mrn to work by nlrbt a? 1 aril arty day To lnl? niylit-work ihr day lab mora I ara |'|>o?rd and haar thr> atmrd prraonal tink-n"a to I nil lltorr ? bo work by atar-liyht lu'rinllyht or lamy lifl.l Hwlny to lh"? tbrrata of aloirnrr Ihr Ahrriff of ibr ronnly bar hr?n rall-d oaf. and l? ai<l bun in ki i I ma lb" i" arr. the Mayor ?.f thla ally har allowed a d<'trn of onr yirkrd turn fnni thr roltoa. hrad< d by Ai'laiant I'apl Mi?r?. "f Ibr Trnih aanf. mob mru briny atncrd with a #1* barrrl r??nl?rr. la br in ra?r ".f n?r? rally, to yn to iba wlawr* of lli- m< n of 1M?r Tb? a l"fty??i?tday aftamoon at < o'alork by Ibr lludron klarr Railroad. for Ibr armr of olaturbIMf. Aim lit* A IT*Ira. At M - Tbr lira *hlp Mat# Hlybla" war Unn-hr I rn Hatl.iday Inal. (4lh m-lanl I from Ibr yard of th?a i . | I- > t uiMrrr Mrama 1 Rlrarna h Co , of riila. |>a Malnr Tbla mayntflrrnl ably h?a Iwrn fmnnnnrrd ly many, tbr lii'-t ?i>?nm?n >4 naral nrrhlirrtuta >? r rt'acted in ihr watrra at lha Krna'br Abr a a fuliy Hyf d on thr atnrk*. baa tbrrr dark a and no lair.* kmrhir *|w: rd to niakr bar not rnly a handrome. I.ut a air -ny ahi|> Aba la ahnal oar Ih'tuaand l?mt Inrlban la latmij. "I a a a oynltr parket h" twrrn Aafrnnab. firo || |'.l |a owl"..I by John II Tt i: r i t ?nJ < I' f tt ?rr< n i rndcf ?t?i ? '?|inltlrii(lrtf? >hf tin* been k?lll ?< I ti?d?r tkw? mi mud <!. l? In k* Mlkd Captain i W ?rt? n h?? i ur best >?hr? for lb* >?????( lhi? b*au- < IIM P4ly Political h.ulll^nrf. T>.r H?n ll< vrj A Wlo ( ?r 1 r. t Uj IT- k liacc b? ?n dM.gata* ? > the , Ka?btlU> < . ai-aiicn frrui tli? A?-?n?b U>nfitM"nal l'ntr?c| cf b?*|lnJa. , b Trial of Wm. II. t horopMn fr Forgwry. BKOOALYN tITY rOl'KTli* for* Judge Qreedwood. and Aldermen reel and Lambert Mav 9?At the opening of the court, the presiding judge Mid. thut on last Monduy an order wa* made, relative to several articles which bad app<>ared in the Mtw York HrraH The order required Mr Bennett to app> ar and show caure why an attachment should not issue against him. for a contempt of court, committed Id the publication of these articles The court here inquirid whether any person appeared on behalf of Mr Bennett Mr Uulhrnitb. counsel on the part of Mr. Bennett, here appeared, and addresaed the ronrt. He said that he appeared on the part of the Editor of the Herald. He said he disclaimed any lutention to reflect upon the ability or the integrity of the eourt. It was a matti r of regret thut his remnrhs had been eonetrued in this light It was true, he raid, thut the Editor of the llrrald felt a de? p interest in this trial: but he desin d ratht r to aid the cause of justice, rather than to east obstacles in its wuy The couusel averred that Mr Bennett thought that he hud a right to comment on the proceedings of the trial; and iu respect to the articles which had given offence, articles had since appturtd in the hubs paper, disavowing any intention to condemn the proceedings of the court, and It Is to be hoped, said the eousel, that the court will view the mutter in this light. The Court expressed Itself satisfied and the presiding judge raid that the court was actuated only by that regard which it owi d to itself and the obligations that dtvolvid upen it in maintaining the respect du>- to the proper administration of justice The Court would, for the present, not decide on the matter, but would do so hereafter. The trial was then proceeded with A number ft witnesses were introduced by tho defence to prove that the character of Jan Arlington Biniietwas bad. CoukiiD Carl swore thai be would not believe him under oalh. unless his evidence was will corroborated. John Harper testified the ume. Rutns K Williunm would believe him under omh. J'eter N'eefus would not believe him under oath This wttuese is a tlour dealer In New York, and has known J, A Bonnet for seTerul years On hie cro?-?-ex iminatloli he testified thut he hud had litigation" with him Qt?rwe Norris sworn. ?Is a policeman an aid in the office of the Chief of Holies. On the 17th o| Decern bor last the defendant applied to me. and made some disclosures relative to a J?60 bill, said to have been passed on Mr. Beera. in Chatham streit I suggested to hint thnt I would like to have the Chief know what be bail to stale, before [ acted at all Thompson said he w uid hold nie respi r.sible I declined having anj t hing to do with it. and we separated (In the next duy. Thinipaon came to see me. and requested me to write to Marshal Tukey. of Boston, and get a description of the man who passed a bad bill, purporting to tie of the Broadway Bank. Tukey answered the li tti r. but it was not exactly the Information I wanted; 1 wrote again on the 224, askiug a description of the man who passed a note, purporting to be on the Tiaderman's Lank, of N< w York ; 1 iiompson wanted me to go to the store, in Chatham street, and see if this description agreed with tlio description of the man who passed the bill there ; I did not go ; Tin mpson came to me again, and spoke of some dies and some counterfeit operations that he could diUct. if he had funds; he asked uie if there were not funds in the Chief's office fir such purposes ; I don't recollect that defendant told mo tlie counterfeiter* were just going out to comuenca their op< rations. Cross-examined.?I have been connected with the police for fite year*; I do not know, of my owu personal knowledge, that Mr Thompson was ever engaged in any police business; I have no doubt he has done nolirr business for individuals in New York; I have biaid that he has. John Lambertson sworn.?I am District Attorney of Queen's county; I am not acquainted with the repntntiou of either of the Drurys. except so fur us such acquaintance has been acquired iu tbe performance of niy duties as prosecuting officer Q?Did they not attruipt to thrust upon yon presents of guus, Jtc.f A.- No; at the tiiue the iudirtmi*nt? were found, young Sain Drury rame to me to get copies of the indietmints; I was cleaning luy gun, Sam said mine was au old gun. and not good for much; he said he had one tJimt was of uo use to him and he would let ma hava ! it. a few d.ij - afterwards he sent me the gun; I tried it. and as I liked it 1 afterward* made Drury. senr.,a liberal offer for it: bat be said he would not sell it. aa he wunted it for Sam; I bud a conversation with young I'rury a few days ago. and he said thut be did not swear that lie lent me the gun. Andrew B. Hedges. Sheriff of Kings county, sworn ?(Evidence of (his witness was us to conversations of d' l' iiiiaiil and w?* ruled out ) Joseph Bowling sworn.?Witness I* ? policeman. and wa* present lit the arrest of Pirn l>rury. Jr.; ?u on# of the party who aearrhrd Iirury's premises; don't remember airing the bottle; we found eome watch**, silverware, * pre**, and other thiug*; there wa* a pre** about thr ilir of a card pre**; I *aw but one pre**; It wa* a screw pre**; I *aw no label on anything of that kind with defendant'* name on It. John C hmilhswnrn I nra a police ju*tleeIn Brooklyn, 1 took thr complaint of Jame* Arlington Benuet against deli ndant. In reference to the ffiO note; he apfaaredto tie netted, and acted atrangely; he ram* nlo niy offlre. a-kt d for *ome paper, and **t down, he *at a tew minute*, and then Mild, "Judge. If you wanted toeliarge a man with baring a counterfeit note In hi* possession. with intent to pa** it. what would eon write ?" I told him If he had a complaint of that Bled to had better let nif write out the af- | fldartt ] know Jame* Arlington Bennet. and f would net bellrre him under oath, unle** corroborated; aa Ion-' a* he I* iti the poeltlon which he now *u*Uia*. I rould not give that eredenee to his testimony that I wi uld under other cireumalanee*. t'ro** ,mmined ? 1 bad newer witueaeed bis eeeentrieitie* before W alter Smith *wom ?I do bualneaa at th# corner of Attorney and Division Mreet*. in New York; I received a package there, directed to Jama# K. tare; I newer knew any one by that nam*. fro** examined Thle was eome time laet summer, perhaps in July Jeremiah Baker sworn ?I am a policeman of New York; I wa* at Mr Itrery'* at th? time the search waa made; I **w no bottle nor large label Tnadwell Van Noetrand r> railed for defence?I recolli rt the flrst time I went out to defendant* houae ; It wa* eery warm ; I took a load lor defendant from Mr Smith a. In Division street; I cannot tell whether It *? in August. S ptembrr. or November; I cam* Into the rity the last of Angu?t. and it wa* ?om? two or three wei k* after I returned ; a box that I took was about thine tret long, by about on* and a half tert wide at d from on* to on* and a half fret deep ; it weighed about two hnndrrd pound* ; *li* acrew which I (poke of when I wa* on the at and before, wa* a large r>D' i? thick m my ?ri?l. aud ? foot or foot and t hell long : I u? h prvee afterward" at the poller offlra In Kew York ; (pr? aa brforr introduced rliown to wltn?n;) that la not thr preaa that I carried down Th< luppi'i.-It U the our but that tu ikre no difference W itnr?a?The prraa that I bronchi had a kind ot elI a . with a irrrw running through it; I bronchi one to 1 h|? hall like It aflcrwatda ( M'ltnrae her* went out Willi an Bleer. to are the prraa that lie brought to tha Cliy llall On lit a return herald*] I hare aeen aerrral iii.-.ia III i lie ? tllri a III |||I> hul III. |ir.i-< Hilt I brought *ip like thr one In the ofllce of the rlerk of thla court hut It waa larger than thla one here, ] did not ace a bat waa In the box lieaidra thr preaa the preaa ae baae teen looking at ia for "lamping the real of the < ourt rin.eel Ollbert aworn ? Ijrealde In Itrooklyn; am a marliiniat; 1 waa acquainted with Jnnio Arlington I'mnrt aome twenty-two yeara ago, I did work for Mm tj Would you believe b in under oath A I iti n't |tke to anawrr that, frota what people ray | would h t bt iieei him lira bnphta Peofleld aworn I in lira Thotnpaon'a aletir. waa at defendants houae a number of time* while he waa on Hrnnet'a pla-e; I never raw bun making eouiiterfrtt money; I never raw any impleBo Dialer making It, I remember aeelrig hint gtra a | a. hereto the elder I>rury; the package contained two or thrie hraaa or ropper | katra. nod aonie piper*. I at* the paprra; they were marked nut in amall aquaria with dower" and dgnrea on them (t'aper* ihma ) Thou arc like them, I don't know a halliar thiy arc the >ame; they are afmilar. thia waa laat y>ar, I have leen In difendant'a tun'ly nine or ten yean; he never had a room fiom which be tirludrd any one hut rbtldrea < ioao-i xaminrd. W hen I flr<t lived with Mr Thnmpaon In ri?idedlu Hague ptreet. New York We next llveti In > anJewatrr atrwet. and Ihrn in M< rria alreet. whi re wr remained three yeara I then left and went to my moiher'a. where I llred three yeara Then I eair.i l ark and lived with Mr Thompaon'afamily. In hoifolk alrcrt. from thrrr we wrnt to Pearl atreet.and then to Long laland. where we |l>ed a y-ar. then to i<t i 1 unit I -r a J ?r. inm ! > iiiianaiireii i..r pi no tit ha Ihn In i anal atraat for !? month* thro In th< rorner of Twanty-Flfth atri al ami Kiyhth aranoa for ail month'. thin to Jana Mrart for ait month*, Ihi n to It rMtta rtirrt for ail mow h?. whrn | |rft i hp family I bar* horn marrtad thro* jnr?. and hav Head In Rietnyton and Lawla I << off aid on at 1 hiimppnn'a linnaa. vhi-n hp lirrd at Hanoi fa. almo?t rtftj w*i k. I aaw a man tbara who want ht tlip nanti of t ii|d< or Maaduwa; I o un ; iha <t > In-at rited it* ra, I bata -am yuuy ham Prnry; f m.b bilit at Ihontnaon'a aith bta father, tin j aama thna t<y.ihrr and aakrd for Mr Thompaon. I did not brar tbitr roti?. taatlon; I ranrmt tall what tlma tht? a?p. It *? hafnra Mr Miait"?? ramr, thi.y walkid <ff fi i tn Ilia booar. and I did not ara any eibirir that |dara ttaaapran miloa from Hr nklyn; tha rm ni that t hi m|i'on uaad waaa bark room on tha ap. ai i<d 'lory , I ?< in tbara two or threa tlaia a day, lni|VrMi; . Mr Thompaon waa yenamlly writine or rtauing , I orr*r aatt pra?ap# Itkr tha on., hio In that hi uir , I did nut know of Ilia parking np of a harral thira linrmg tba month of HattnWr | I kntwratha 1 rina I it ?tti port ; abi' Itrrd tbara aa a kind of hi la ; hail porn Mr. Hatmat In that honaa ; I Paw him In tbi dlnirg-im m . I don t rarollaat young !?nm l>rury hli g tlura n online ; nrrrr kmw of Ma y.itny to I Mttol h birtr tplaiid ; 1 haea aaan thanpi"* bar* on 1 ay . tia nrrrr yarn ma billa ; I hata aaan him gin fill la to hi* wita , I nrrrr aaw him flip li lla to Catl artnp liannport; I ni arr aaw in r with 1 lp?f ir ai ytbu r of that kiwi ; I narir kuaw har to hi ii 1.1 in miikat; I ban known Thompaon and lit UonpHin (to trine artiol.a ot fi?x| li.itna ill. t to 111 a hi n Ihry rnnia fn m tha rity, Thrpirk?ti aa <1. ll?. r. ii to lirnryln tha pnrh.r It ?ti | | itilt.k. in fi pti nitiar It aaa alt< r dinnrr Mr Tli >nippi n ? n? polity ont ami he told Mm Tb.1ut1.uD that if : ai- ... ... .... i. ... iii.. i... km. .. ii.. Tin itipx u >4 thi pftrknf*. ?wt ?"k'd Tiiiimpnn I II Mill if hi wanted in k,iiw. hi niti't (Fk Mr lirury Mr? Tb"?np?"n (** l?inry lln | k(W|i I'riny * kid liiin If hi* lml bin %r >rk ?! i.i i i MiiiiflhliiK nf iliftt hiud It ?w I bo l?llit M'l if Aor In fi plii?l*r It *ai In to* IIrat I'UI if Ji'I* I wmtlh ri- 1 hi- Wm? or ropier piatM i if fi l?i tftlrp ? nr lb? !*? "f ft hi it ?f ?rilinp p ip?r. n <1 a|i in a? I Ii h al?o?h.lliii(r pmi thi-rr k I' I 11 | ? pi r aitb if. Tlirra ??ri' *ii.f .In ?.!?*? .1 p ,r impuFiril timilarly ! IhM ?hoftn hir* I .|> In! kt ? llmuM uft n?"r I han? a pir-<n naiftml air In liiri at Mr? ffentBpoAn'a ?"?, almut thm hi-i.'I* ?|o h? ifucl at t'air?illii hi- in arm I aiy n iln r. Iimi W MiMI i?f*B - I CkW nf Tuliiw In th? ly I \'.ih I ruamibrr Th?imp?nn rail nip on ft!, aaiatly an M?y l*Ft. in nfiFC' to th* limry illMttliit; I ranait aay thrra wa? any wrny mint Wftft Tbcmp-oti b? ?aUi"J m ni? anil iot4 aa h? belli ved Drwry unit lh? torp?4o to Mr Warner; cm the 7th of Bay last we bad a riot, and I wa* ?o >d||h<4 in taking care of the city, that I thought no mora of Drury or Warner: I do not know that Thouipaon baa engaged in police bnainaaa; 7 hare not given pernlolon to policemen to act with him; I gara permission to two ofllrrra to go to Rochester, and I aftrrwarda learned they were acting with him; I don't recollect hi* telling nie of partiee engaged In counterfeiting operation! in Vermont. Croee-eiam'ned.?Thompson was nerer employed by me; the torpedo wati rent to Warner early in the month of May; Thompson ralUd on me unci told mehe thought Drury committed the act. and said he thought he eonld k brought to justice. TatheCourt?Mr Thompson has never been employed by me; I have been Chief of Poliee since ltift; I never had occasion to sauetion or disapprova of offirers working with him; 1 have heard that ofllcershave worked with him AM. C. Smith sworn ?I am a poliee ofBeer; I have been so eighteen years; I was in Boston iu September last; I went there by request of Mr Wilkes, to get tu affidavit of Margaret 0 Connor; on my arrival at the d<[ ot I met Thompson; we went from there to Mar- I shal Tuk<y: there was someihing said about Meadows coming to New York ; and it was said that no doubt he robbed a man named VTilson: Tukey was lo have come on. or sent officers to be present at the search of Drury'* house; 1 ku?w Joseph C. Ashley; he has la en a dealer in counterfeit money, aceordiug to my information, for some 15 years ; he offered to go bail for Smith Davis, about seven years ago;

Ashley wanted I should syeak to Mr Stewart to co to Mr McKeon and make arrangement* for hitii (Ashley) to become a States evidcnoe; I understood hiui to intimate that he bought the matches for thr torpedo. I thought he could tell all about it. I helped to search Prury'* house. I found a bottle containing a fluid. It waa in Prury's writing d. 'k Several broken bank bills and a Ilristol Bank! bill altered from a one to a fire, was also found in that dssk 1 did not see any large label with Thompson s name on it. Thete was n large pre-* there It would not go into a rhest. The dies were fouud in a little valise under a bench. Thompson has acted with Wilkes against the Prury party in the torpedo rase, as well as In the counterfeiting operations When Margaret O'Connor rame on from llo'ton. Warner brought her to my house till a place eould he obtained for her to board. Thompson told me she had better be imprisoned. or she would run away. AFTERNOON SESSION. The defendant moved fur an attachment against several witnesses. Mr. Smith cross-examined ? Mr. Thompson has not been acting under my orders, in reference to the arrest of the Prury*, I have never given Mr. Thompson a promise- of immunities or protection in these matters; I do not know Meadows; I have had no conversations with persons, except Thompson. kln reference to what took place in Vostoa ; I have had no agency whatever in pursuing the Prurys in refer) nre to counterfeit money; in mv visit to Prury. I took a press: the one which I saw here looks like t># one wa took there; it stood in the office near a barrel; we found s< me type; I think the typo was retuiivid. and placed In charge of Mr. Stewart, the clerk of police; we took some glass, in small pieces, from the shop; this glass was also carried to the police office, the barrel was not removed; the bottl", I should think, would hold near a quart; it was in Mr. Prury's disk; if the desk was locked up. Mr. Prury unb eked it; tlie first arrest of Prury was some six days after the torpdo affair. Thompson was requested by me to go down to the police office; Justice Mctira'h said he would see If he eould get some information out of him Pirect resumed ? Q.? Did you ever implicate yourself In any way with these criminals * A.?Not to my know ledge The court here took another receas for half an hour, to lie w time for the return of attarliments which had been Issued against witnesses who bad been subpn-naed. but bad not appsared to testify. At the expiration of that time, one witness, Kmnuuel Josephs, appeared and testified; but his evidence was not iinEorient, except as showing that Thompson applied to im to give information about the counterfeit bill pnsred lu Chatham street, before this prosecution was commenced. Court adjourned till Friday at 10 o'clock. Theatrical and Mnaleal. Bowrav TiiKATKr.?The magnificent drams of the ' Three (Juardrnun.'' wax performed la?t evening. before a MWmH audience. win. rewarded by their Mtfcwh a*tlc applause. the lnee*?ant exertion* of the able turning, r of this establishment. Another successful piece. whi< h l? highly int< retting concluded the entertalrment* of llil* cowipatiy. The bill offered tonight 1* one of the moet attractive of the season Bxcaowat Tin atki .?Thi* 1* the laxt night of Mr* Barren'* engagement, and thl* annonneement. together with an exceedingly attractive reriea of perforin uc<?. embracing the entire talent of the e*tabli?hnn nt. will h' cure to draw tba publie attention in that direction. The dancing of Ciocca and Neri is a great feat ure. and highly popular. Ili aena'a Tiirarat?The benefit of Mr T Johnston to-night, with great novelty in the bill, will insure the attendance of his numerous friend* and a large deputation from the public The entertainment*, it will ha seen, are not merely novel; they are *urb a* ought to cru.mand attention from their character, particularly a* they call into requisition all the talent of the popuular company, K?iic*ai Ttir?t?r.?A* n*nal. thi* theatre was crowded In every part, to witnee* the rich bill which was offendlast night Mr Harney William* appeared in two of bl* Nst character*, and was received with the most unequivocal murk* of delight aud eatifaetion. A favorite van dee Hie. In which Jtfferaon, the excellent eomie romedlan. wa* truly Inimitable, concluded the entertelnnn at* Thi* eveniug I* *et apart for tha benefit of Mr Willi*m*, and the bill ia decidedly a rich and attractive one i lii I iHiaTm - nr i.jnn' * irnrill, lo-nigni, will piuve ft very brilliant nor. tf the mrrlla of ft n excilli'iil irtor ? duly (ngtMrrrd. Important auxiliary (Id. Including Mr and MIm Nlrkineon. Mr. I.earb ftnd other* ba? Um obtained, and lb* performances *111 b* of an excellent character Persona who arc * 1 king for aciuaeinent. cannot do baiter than reck delight from the rnti rtaluiurnt* announced for to-night. Kin o'? 0*r nr*.? Tbla very rtrkrrckr e*tabll?hmcntt ccn.n rncra it* eumiucr campaign with rigor next Monday, at 1> act we may fuirly judge M from the array of talent annouueed an already engaged The rand a-MMl Y It < m in to he th oan open during the lntn mi-elon tor the nceomtnodaMon of ladle* and familiee. A new domretlr fairy tale, with new eernery. dir**e? and d? coratlon*. I* now In rehearaal Rrnngham. Mary Taylor. bilrktn*on. and onr old favorite. Mr* k have pri minmt character* In it llcy. for a f ne runnier and a fine ?ea*on ' All the world goea to Mtdo'e How ran It be ntherwlae. wllb euch men aa hiblo. t'blppendale and Brougbam, at it* head' CuBMTV'a Origa Ilovat- Wr mint candidly confee*. thtt an hear or twe *a**cd at Mechanic*' 1U1I ha* a rharm to ditto 1 all gloomy thought*, and excite the I n>o?t rhnrtul and pl<a*lng emotion* Uonld'* cxccu- ' to n n the guitar t* rxrelli n?: there t* a delicacy of ! touch and twetaee* of tone, which few. If any ran exci I the violin player *l*o di rvi * praUc for hi* uiaa tei ly p< elm niance In flue. f,?ri r the great falaetto, | and K. P t hrl?ty, who *lng mo?t of the melodic*, and tb* Inimitable dancer* cannot be r^nalled by any ?lmilar ci mpatiy They give an afternoon pcrformanca to-morrow. Qi vwrir.?Tfcla place of aain*cment la nightly filled, by (he admirer* ot negro performance* The programme t* of ? ng*. ghi* and rhoru?e?, and the other parr* arc made up of ln?trunicutal performance* and dancing Au afternoon performance to-morrow. Mtioi row ? While and hi* funny hand of ftrrenader* ' are etMl holding forth at Mi Uowery Pinging and dancing arc the pellicular leal urea H?t*tw'i t'Ninra* Mi*rrw - Thl* place of amuaemeat ia di eldedly (he m<-*t popular establishment In thl cry at ; ( ! whil. tto i lino -e H -aoty. Musician. Maid and rhildren are there fttranger* who attend the rerpcctlve anulvervariee thl* week *hould r*m"in- j her the fart It la wldoa that *uch rare ruriocttic* ' can be in n We advise tli?-m therefore, to cmhrftM thl* th* only chance, of teeing a genuine Chlueee lady. < i*rv* - Two night* more and the excellent frewpc of ccjm rtrian* ! are iHi* ct.y Their performance* arc | eorarcllint and the hor*rtnan?bip *o Incomparable, that the amphitheatre I* crowded alglitly Next week , inij ff|mr n rr.aiyn wl.rrr no doubt, the/*111 ai<>t with rltnilar aurreaa CitriifluMH - Tht? beautiful ?rtabll*biarat npana Bt it Puaiiay rTralaf with tarred roneerta under the faidattf nf tbr rrl.-bratej prnft-aanr of murlf. Mr. litfrjf l odrr Tbir i* a good aelertlna. anil una that *111 trad a. neb to tbr Intrrrat nf tbr aatablieiiiarat TIIR WBKKI.V HERALD. Cm Wrek*a Hbtor) of lie W*rM? Th? H ?t'v HeruU of tbU a^ to an lnt'fNtln| I tlieet It will br publirhed at its ^wlorh to morrow mrrnlitf. It* mntrnla will embrace tbr rrawnb nrwa IWin Callfarnla, tb? late Knrnpean Intelligent*, the fanny prortedlng* of tbr AntlPlawery Meeting* at tbr Tabrrnarlr ard tinWly Library, tba lie* Or Cummin**' Interacting detune. and a rarlrty nf rtbrr entertaining matter Piffle erpl.a In wrapper*, rlipenrc; annual rubarrlp- . tlon thrrr dollar*. Ihf Pralbnnntaitr* nf tbr Papal fJnwrmn m.i *<ar Ha. k llMa, ant an lareelej la* Itlehnp* and At' Ptefc.p* wear ?reen llata. tk* f..r*?e>- with alt, the latter a Ik lea tar.fir ikr I'ardiaata wrar rrd Hala. wltk If. It I. la. . tf a a* 11 f?? II a a f* r*i Ikr rr> ft ??#r ther r *? .f ara II lm a ditfeeear# fti re the** dtgaitarUf aad !krw { 1'fk *ta lta f?. ?kn ?rar IMit ' Half?fat them al 121 1 e 'en ftreet. allheal i*f?et? kat nf til apt which ataia|? th< a at n*. a aa " iha dl?ailart*? nf nwiare. At Ikotr Ai?tl-*lwA t if MrrtlnRi, who t> t IJ Vi' < I. rtt?, Ui? toll..*, dark .wankr, till > ?, I li|?l'<i Aad frr. hlrd fao??. AAd kaoA thai Ihry muhl all l? a a.'a a !.i ?, aloar. #n\ ?n'l ?r?tT trortion and dlf hi we >il raaiot rd. h? ra. rak? of tho traa J n?a' Ch- n *1 fcrap. Hi ik ?iirf ib??lt lr; Ihlf. Oat It %!? al PI3 llr-a?l 'Til lulj A||>l+ whin pmpwrljr prdr*i ci. >i> a n?i laaorj: n.orr?a llflinltt wltk i nr?i!li( on rr. it, t) at fra of thria Anotr ln tr lo jrr|.aro thru im. tit'r aid r< am '|?mt y ?!?? at ah A?p;...'?l.|- ariol*. 1M? li a<? Ik* fcoaartr, will tht prt/ritlora of ^wmrat ? Old hi aa"t. 1 d a? tf rrri. Tbry ooofc tho lo-t damp|i?'r? i? IMI. W? .f?ah fmn rtporireoo, aa w? frao'.rd our I alalo o? I|.0? jroatardav. Rt adrr, tir H?n. l.f fKl.rtK) ol HotII... ot . r. haa-a bran ft i l . r.t Ia I' IT, ol l?r |.?.W I i 1 I K t I I I Mi t.K i I il n i i or V?,I ' I' i? to. oo-v ?ni.I., aow ...|.| II A' will anally aoara tho halt. llr. I'bilo V Hn?h, of M lA'rlrl atroat, kai Ai l i*rd ilrw miim: ma hair >IH arlii il hi *. Alro. Vr Stophoa h a.lnnd and ni. o, M IA.?orr???ioi-A??ador1rlrr' ?th: Mr T W I'arkar, *1 MaaI r i.l itrti i ?kit ?a hair for i?a y?.r? fol. O.C. Daal A a. I I*at dir.* lln.lfi.H of V nhrrt, ?i ppod Aith ?i|\it|.?t, aid r?oA?rd aalca.rhlacla, Wt raa I. it it Al it Ida r-r.A?d Iho bar a'tor barta* h"a bald frr ifclnr rotri Ml ia rirj laraa hottloa al W Poarl i'll* , i;? 114 |lr?a#*ir. firaod A.J Bror a.., ad do aaata a hanli fi a dona. fMb l4T* drdaatl.w aiad? la tM infifimllf. K. Dow lira, Agent far tl?e Herald, In In? Hlvti, hu rfmont from No. 1 Globe Buildlnga, lo No. I Siebaagc Buildings. Good Ilata?If you want a Hat?a g?l< i Da'?a taatv Hal?and a fashionable Hat?a Hat that will I look a all. flt you veil, and wear well?oue that you oan apeak of with pleasure, and confidently recommend to othoro?buy from WAINOCK'S, llattera, 303 Broadway. Matrimony. ? Mraara. Fowler and Slier i fire a I.eeture on thia Interesting eublect, at llleecker Buildings, ihla evening. Many important hints will ho firaa to the young. Prealdent Taylor and Ilia Salt.?P. l>. ROGKhS. the celebrated Tailor, 71 Fultau atreet, la tha special favorita of General Taylor. Die old aoldier has loon u >t rd to often at the above aatab'ishment, that his a inure re are taking the cue and following ault with a rush. Gold Pens.?wpenerr, Kendell dt Dixon, Manufaetnrera of Gold i'eaa. No. 2 Maiden lane, one door from llroadaay-and for aale, wholesale and retail N. B A gold medal ?aa awarded the above dm at the laet fair of the American lnatituta. SUaa Wright.?The Original Dagncrrcotype, from which the portrait in No. 4 of the Gallery of 11- . luatriona Americana waa engraved, can bo toon at Brady'* Dagoerrean Gallery. 20S Broadway. A New and Splendid Parisian Ike sign, Just Imported may now be teen at J. H'. HAKKRIt A Co.. 71 and 7T Catherine atreet. eelled the Barege di Laine, together with a boat of other Into and elegant styles of French Ginghams, Ii'l.aines, Bareges, I.awna. hlualma, and an endlcaa variety of houaekeeping gooda. Curtain Drapery, llamaaka, l.inens. Ilandkerehiefa. Iloaierv. Glovea. TaLIe-cloths, Diapers, Ac., at price* much lower than can be found elsewhere. The Plnmbc National Gallery, No. 931 Broadway?Strangers and other# should not fail to viait. aa It la one of the m ot interesting places of the kind in thia gauntry. The collection ia the largest in this country, and folly equals onr description. Dreaa Foots and Gaiters.?We recommend *11 our friends. K they are in want or Due Boot*, >noe*. ?r Gaiter*, to yet them of the Empire ltont and Shoe Company, 41 Cnur'laud *lr*et. Fine dress sewed Boot*, $1 50, worth 7: fir.e French patent leather Boot*, Shoo*, and Gaiters, constantly on band. GOV. YOUNG. Watt'i Nervous Antidote lias done more >od, in on* year, than all the other medicine* pot together; It 1* ?nra in It* cure* of all Nervous Maladie*. no matter how terrible or long standing, or the money returned, ft per bottle; doien. K'- Nassau ?trect. For Country Agencies seo I *?t page. Comb Manufactory, 303if Broadway? The original manufacturer of the oelebra'ed Open Chain hell Comb*, and the only manufacturer in Broadway, invitee the India* to call and examine hi* late improved pattern* Premium Open Chain* from ft! to $.vi Comb* at wholesale. Z. U. QUlMnr, JUS* Broadway. The beauties of Cutting Hair and Whisker* are admirably exemplified and illustrated by Hill, the Inimitable, 13 Naesau street, who ever adhere* strictly to scientific rule*, thereby imparling to the wearer, beauty, ornament, and grace or personal appearance, which he was not previously aware of possessing. Shampooing thoroughly done. Phalon'a Magic Ilalr Dye, to Color the Hair or Whiskers, tho moment it is applied, without 1: jury bo the hair or skin. It can be washed immediately; wlth at disturbing the color, and has no bad odor. It is applied, r told, at PlfAEON'S, 197 Broadway; and by Fawcett, to * thaast corner of Cheanut and Fifth streeu, Philadelphia. Cllrcbugh'a Wigs aad Toupees.?Gentlemen wishing comfort, elegance and durability, combined ia one. eta have their wishes realised by wearing one of C'* a* piua ultra Dead* of Iiair. Call and examine at 179 Broadway, up stair*. Hair Dye? Batehelor'a Genuine Tdqnld flair Dye, ean only be procured at the manufactory, 4 Wall Street. The public should guard against Imitations. Pee my various dlpl,ma*. Person* whoso hair has assumed a bad color fmm tho use of the imitation dyes, oaa hav* it *orreotSd by falling as above. Copy th* address. Wigs and Toupcea?Another Medal has been awarded to Wm. Katchelor, for tho best Wig* and Toupee*. The public are invitod to inspeet his new style fur ISM, St BATCH aLOR'S celebrated Wig Factory. 4 Wall street. n.. baas.a tlia laaeaat a ri <t Kaaf aaaiirtinan t in t ha ai tw flnnw Ik* nddroas. A rmfnia.?Thl* floating palate ha* rtgnlnted her summer trip*, starting at the foot of Rob?rt*on street. touchiLg at tlx foot of Arnof *tr??t, Yonkera, Hastings, 1)'Ma" l'?rry. Tarry-town, Nyaek. and fT?r*r*traw. carrying passenger* almost at ?h?ir own prior. Yonkar* at 12.SJ tut*, aad tke *thcr landtag* in proportion. J. V. SMITH, Commander. Conrand'i Marvrllona Italian Medlratrd F<*p will insure, to any lady using it, a datrling whit* akin and rosy cheeks. Thr medliament* of whleh it ia compHiaad are of ?nch a powerful nature, that the host of eutaneons disfigurements?atieh aa redness, roughness. tan. annLurn. eallownass. freckles. pitnplea, tetter, rail rheum. ai\,?muat gire way before thorn. leaving thr akin white, toft, amooth, and tranaparrnt, and altogether lovely! Neither maiden, wife, nor mother, ahould uae any other delightful emollient, in their laaatlona. For aharing, it ia the nioat glorious compound ever o?ed. making a rich rreamy lather, ia onlt or hard water, as well aa aoft. Gcuraud'a Poudre Kubtil* ia warranted to uproot anperflnona hair front any part of the human tody! Gonrtud'a Medicated Uair Keataratie* will pre*i nt I eliincs. and restore the hair to plan a whence it ha* fa'len off j it will alto give to dry and wiry hair a rich motatnre. and a magnificent softne?s >nd pW* Bumf* l-i'*uid Rouge impart* to pale lip* and ej,?eks a permaucnt roa* tain. Gonraud'a Inatantanaona Li<|?iid Hair l>ye ia the be<t article ever invented for changing red or grey hair to a beautiful black or brow a. Gouraud Idly White r< mores in tantamoualy flushes, redness, anllowneaa, roughness. fce. The genuine article* are to he had only of I?R. I'FI I .b tlOl*KAI It f>7 Walker street, first store from (not in) Itroadway. F. K. i'alltadtr, hA South Third street, Philadelphia. loflre?Dr. J.W. Powell, Ornllnt, Anrlct, Itr., informs the public, that ia order to meet hi* greatly in ceased professional engagements, and to preraut hit patient* beiag unnraaeaarilr delayed, ha will extend hi* ufBca honr* from 8 to A o'clock, daily, at Ikj Warren alraet, corner of Broadway, where can he obtained his "Treatise on th* Rjo." Priee #0 cant*. ArtiBala! Eye* inaartcd. Jn?l Pwbllahrd, by Or. Lrvtll, Dentist, frer.nd rditica. heal meaaa of preserving Ihe te< th.?Atn<opherie rreaaure la Dentistry. I^rett'e Patent r.nauiil, its n*e? and advantages. Artlfle'ial Troth, their applieation and heat moan* of inserting, ke., may t-e obtain-d grali- at th* rartou* la ok aad music stores, and of 1>K. LkVLlT. 6:*i Broadway. Onzrlry'a Arnhtr Elixir.?AVltcn Ihe nrrwon* ?yatem one# begin* to aire war, thora la no telling at point the relaxation will atop. At th# (Irat armp'om ef depression. thereiure, it is w mlom to resort to (fuarlev's Arabic Clixir. a te.etalle tonic and ??Jatire. without a |*irtiele of ttimulu* in it* compositl-a. ar.d the .ureal aaf-eq ,rd a*ain*t thoae terrihl* di?<axes, paralysis palsy, and idiotcy, In which nerenna prostration so troijn ntly rnua. o'JCoutsa bottle. Principal th'? 9 Iter street. Drnd Iforaeu In thr Atrrrtn?OnIIjr. dead horses may tc seen carte l through. or layinr indifferent parte eif th# city. cxritir.g pity for thor fate.' and disgn*t hy their bloated and aconited aipcaraaec. What tan ho don* In yratrnt tbia mortality of lir-> Hbil i? the ram! Tba rimi la a ??ImI of trrttnml of tlar Tarioo? iiUrail di?aarr? the I!""! fUtHin, an I nriaary orran', nhich l.air terminated in laik> ' ar> ai l ialtammail<<n?? Anally, da alb. tlhil mil prevent il f? Th.- lliianan C?ndlllan I'a adera. Ulaanj liair>r-o?r\a r, than, hear Una In n>ind, for nt an ran n,. etrecdiuit on* dollar a year J oil may Iwf jrcur h?m in perfirt health ami condition. It I* nn outlay will, al-o, il?IJ you t*> iitv-ftve |-a-r ri-ul, lay tha aavlnr of fannl. liiva Ibmi a trial If you ara' n>>t a.itiali?d, fall f r jrour tmney. fold. whvle'ulu and r tall, by Vt II M \ ATT. 12 < bryvtie, cor. fluynrd. I'rir , M arau parkayc of ?ar doa. powdvra; V' a dot paekititaa. MONEY MARK FT. Tmiiioit. M?J 9?d P.M. Them la nothing new In the etoek market. Holder* ara evidently dlaaatlafird at tba< conrae of pricoa. and And It difficult to keep them up to tha prevent point. Moot of tba fnnrira ara nn^fuueb Inflated that tha atandinoaa of price* ta a mattrr of great a>tonl<hment. Tba whole mnn ma nt la confined to Wall atract and tha atati oiant made yealerday in rrlatlon to tba itnck of lha Ilarta-m Fatlread Company, la a fair IUn<tratlon of tha way moat of the fai ry atc-cka ara held Mora than two third* of anab atock* aa tha Long l*Un INorwich and Worcester. Farmer*' Loan Morria Canal, and Canton Company, ara bald in Wall 'tract, and ara hotrd to and fr<> by rpaculnlora. to anlt tba will of tba dominant party It coat* anmethlngtoearry anch an rnormona <|nantity of unprodnctiyr aacurltlra, and If the int*r?at irrrunt of a- ui<- of the largr-t hold-ra could ba wm It would rhow a atate of thing* little J dreamed of by outatd*re, ? ho ron'IdT ffrrj ' in pile* m* m?h irtul profit. The twin frr<ju*ntly make a handeonie profit merely on the Internet ron- | tinoally running In thrlr Uror. In one Inetana*. tbrro 1 ?ae ? balance In faror of a hon*e In tho etrert In thia Item at the eloe* if n year'* buelneee. of nearly fifty tboneard fiollar*. All thia. and l?u Iibm n rr.ramf ont of tb* porhrta of ont*1dere and ball aperuUtora in tb* atraet. and the b*nra will rontlnu* to drain lb* porkit* of rorta oprratora In thia way. at long aa paopl* dral In anrh nnprofilabl* atorka. At tb* IIrat board to day, t !.(i 1IC7. d-#lin??l I* par rant, r*nn*y Irani* f-a S for U?t *tUr?. teuton Co. S llerlam St Ert* llallrond W- Handing Railroad H-? Tbrre ??r* large aalra of gorernraant an.I ft.a* atorka | Tbrmarkat aloaad waak. and operator* for n ria* at- ' Libit rrry littla apirlt at tba hoard. Ha rrralpta at th?- (Ala* of tba Aaalatant Traaaurar of thia port, to-day. amounted to u*. payment*. If Ml 07 - balana*. $4 COA 7?1> fit. j Tb* National Kir* Insurance Company baaa daalarrd j | a diridand of . nc-rigbtb par cant, payabl* on lb* llib I InaUnt Thara probably nrrar wa* a tliaa wban lb* fr- Iglitlng ( l.tialnaaa waa ao nrarh dapraaaad a.- at tba pr*a*nt mo ornt Trie** ara mlnottoly low. and aaaaala dally alaar 1 fboni onr prlaripal porta but half loaded, or in belle?t. i Hundred* of ramala hara barn for m'<ntba ly Ing Idl*. md the !' * *? thia yanr. In Internet, ln?uran*e, d pmcialioa tr . mu't|.c tU' rui' iK Tba witlidr?wa| ( >t im b a larg* float of (lr?t alaaa ahlpa from tba aa?ryng trad* of tba Atlantic, wa anppooad would ham < limn tbo?a la ft plmty of bn*ln*r* at earn out* ting I, et>#, but anrh baa not bacn the man. About aight 1 .uiorid traarl- bare lafl tba Atlantic porta for full- J orcta. and mn*t of th*m ar* on tbrlrway ronnJ. or * ylng Idla In the port of Pan firanrlaco. Th*y an- jo*c * H ??|| n( where lfc?| M' M they wonld be here. f. r J tehee# not employment fn.nfh n <r tliar, ?>ir borlrft Th# truth le. the hnlldlng rf till# | ountry he#per-grewedmorerapidly d irlngthef? ( fl.o . re re then bu?inee# for lh? nt end 1h? carrying ?r;i?1* J lUI doubtler*. h>r e fr* yrare. be unprofitable >M. I rtdeotiding thle etete of thing* ami the gloomy proe- J> wet. our ihip yaid? ere ell full ..f employment, end f" hip MMm et the Beet ell aetirrly tn-.fpd In tnrn- !e KWlBfwti <?U There ino?t he e e^lepee In the ** - - I business. oalm something NHN mp to employ eur Idle sb'ps Pl.lp building muat be for u time fttf- |' psnded, or nntU the demand meet* the present upply. The (act U. that steamships hare taken ueh a large part of the carrying trade from sailing hips, that the latter must continue to depreciate In importance and value. One ocean steamship ean eastly do the business of half a dnien sailing ships, and these vessels have increased so rapidly within the past three years, and have so monopolised the moe ImportIn nt routes of trade and travel, that sailing vessels have been withdrawn, or. where continued, have given poor returns. In a few years, the trade and travel between this country and Europe will bo almost entirely monopolised by steamships, and In this view of the Mas, there is no doubt, in our mind, that the amount gf sailing tonnage now in existence, will suftoe tor ^ least the next five years. It has lately been ascertained, that under the act ap propriating lands, to aid in the improvement of the navigation of the Wabash river, the State of Illinois will be entitled, under the act making approptlations for the eonstruetion of the Illinois and Michigan Ca na), to some 36.000 more acres of land than what has been already set upart. This will swell the canal fund just so much, towards the final liquidation of the canal debt. The following bauks have recently declared dlvl ilends, out of the earning* of the latt six month*:? Kensington ltank. 5 per eent; Gerard Bank, 2 do; Philadelphia Bank. 5 and an extra dividend of 2 do., 7; Bank of N. Libert ie*. 5aud an extra dividend of 6 do.,10; Bank of Commerce, 6 do.; Manufacturer*' A Mechanic*'Bank, 4 do.: Southwark Bank, 5 do.; Mechanic*' Bank. 6 do.; Tradr?men'* Bank, 3 do.; Commercial Bank. 4do.; Western Bunk, 6 do.; Farmer*' and Mechanics'Bank, 6 do.; Bank of Penn Township, 6 do.; The Bank of Delaware ha* declared a dividend of twelve d< liar* per share, being six per cent. The Bank of Fniyrnn lia* declared a dividend of four per eent. The Delaware Fire Insurance Company has declared ~n dividend of Ave per cent. The annexed statement exhibits the aggregnte move nieut of the bank* ot this Stute. on the 30lh of Marrb 18.V) compared with 2t)ib of December, 1*49, according to return* made to the Comptroller. The December report ^embraces returns from 184 bunks and on* branch The charters of the Bank ot Auburn, tha Bank oflthaaa. the Itauk ot Monroe, the Bauk of Utica. and its branch at Cunanduigua. expired on the 1st o January 1H60 The Bank of Ithaca, the Bank of Monroe. the Champlain . the Walter Joy and the Warren County Banks failed to make a report In December At the date of the March report there were lft) hanks in operation and the report embraces returns from all save one, the Bauk of Bain bridge, which failed tc report:? Basks or thk Stat* or Naw Tons. Kctourcci, Dec. '49. M u ch. 'SO. Lean and discounts except to directors and brokers 2^3,070,7'W Leans and disanunt* to directors.. 4,81)7,916 6,161,501 All other liabilities absolute or contingent to directors 1,623.363 1,606,486 All coins due from brokers 2,314,7ft) 2,423,717 Ileal estate 3,HAU,AM 6,743.57!? Bonds and niortgazes 2.710.*30 2.913,1*4 11,755,700 12,113,At Promissory notes other than for loans and discounts 130,3.VI 293,403 Loss and expense account 615,013 6A't,5*iK Overdrafts lt>4,*99 170,627 Spcei* 8,066.313 7,73),ft? Cosh items SiS'l.itO 9.259,tWl Bills of solvent banks on hand..., 3.61I.WH 2,451.70(4 Bills of suspendtd banks on hand., 5.278 5.3)4 Ksi imated value of same 1,902 2.131 Dre frotn solvent hanks on demand 10,193.737 9.727.592 Due trom solvent hanks on credit.. 696.130 3,84,93* I>r.e from suspended banks on demand 207,175 17l.ft)9 Pstlmated value of same 40 230 41,130Due Ircni suspended tanks on credit ? ? Add for cents 697 661 Totnl re-ourcts ?143,962,651 y faMMrfc*. rsrital f45 541,796 I'rt tits 7,680.2*4 7,4K3,3i botes in circulation not registered. 643..'h*> 62t>Jfti kct i*tered not** in circulation ... 33.522,600 14,OI4w3 Due Treasurer of the statu of New Vr rk 2,*09.236 1,747.503 Due deposilcra on demand 38,238,326 42,030.364 Due individuals and corporations, otLer than ban** and depositor*.. fi6S,l*<0 322,821 Dae banka on demand 17.7W.I1<? 17,101.442 Due banka on eredit 1,012,490 874,07*> Due toother*not Included iueither of ik< abort head* 1.270,040 l.OT.ltl Total liaMIUit* $I.V.!W,918 fl42.M2.991 The following ?i?t< rrn-nt exhibit* the condition of the 1 ank* on the 22d of *<rpt*mbrr the 2uth of December. 1M9, and the 30th March, 1950:? Mew Turk State Btue ho-fd. 22, IM9. rVe. 20. '49. Mar. SB. '40 I^en? and dleeonnt*... .fvVM4.*)l $?7,*7'IAN fol.ll\l?K ftorka 17.342.7W 11.7 V,.730 I2.II3.1V> I pi>? cie j.k.V, ITS b.O0<;,3l3 7.729,9N? (tab item* 7.472.MI H. (Ml .630 9.249.6M Fai.k note* 2 213.944* K?4I.7N> line fi,.m lanke V.744.S77 10,7M?.h73 10.1I2.SJO lanital 44.5er.32fl 44.441,7U6 47.961.3* Circulation 23.i*6.4IS 24 Ifift.WO MAM.S'1 lie petite 37JH2.770 >.2>.V? 42,n30..*4 line to bank* 17.633.013 I-.722.?? I7.974.iil0 On ermpnring the return* made in Marrh with thoee In Den tuber. we fli.d that the bunking capital in thl? Plate ha* been incrraeed fl.S19.617 aliiee the date of the latter report. In the item of loan* and dieoonnta the re I* an inrreaee of f3 230 .',48 There wa* leaa epecie in (heir eaulte in Marrh. by 9336.320. than there wae *u the 'JWtb of !? -eetnber ia*t; but of thi* amount f313 60." wa* di*gorgrd by the New York elty hank*. Ntoclt Kirhange. f.'.'rt) V 9 ?*. T7 1D>V I0UaheTarmenf Tra*t ST'i 101441 do lib', 96 do U? 37?. 1600 fi*.'60 III 124 Erie KK 74V 2000 Kentucky 6* 109? 74 do b60 74 lOOQ llliaoi* Tat Bd* 2-1 \ 100 do 71?, Kll" r, oa 4* 97 40 do *18 74*. 17M) City ft*. '70 lCwtJ 0t? do *13 74 S Y.'O do ItleC 06 do 74V 27000 Ert* 7*. *40 ' ?S 94 Harlem, pref, foil l(ri 04 40* do ? ltifti, 21 Anborn k Roeb RR 93 2(1 < En* 7*. Cert if !'l ft N V ft. N Ubtcb KK 10"\ WO do 91 44 do l?l 14 ?b? nkofftmer 109 jm Reading ICR 47 14li ( baton t'o 47 3*0* do *60 *e\f .*4i Itarlrm RR *10 VV lm> Morri* t'anal 7m i do vv 30 do IdV ltd do 19 3 tloaoatcal*. aew 72 100 do ftf-S r<>v# board. f '.rr?Iri*7*. ? 9*S 100 ?he Mohawk RR a 30 79 17. ?K) do 9>V 160 Uailam UR b.90 If7 M4I do hAO (e\, IV) do lbi*a I' ooo do 7tb Mar ?>V 140 do 93 87 Iim) ft* 43 ...i, aft Ert* RR 73 ftt n0 fto *3 9*9, fttt do ft* 7->V 7iMl d? kflo *i |iti Roadiei RR 47V M0 do ?'d ti?, 2>tl do b60 47 V bf 00 fto <??J 100 !,-,** Inland RR 13 ftt> i l,e M< rrl* Caal ISO n \ f2WM Lri? 7*. ( ertU 91', 140 do I'S I ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. THK AWXIVKRSARIEft. itni ladies 'l ii uom1 will hold THEIR M Annt?er>*r> at the Tab. ratel*. on Friday aflaranos Km I' ' II ? l( K. I irtl t? r,?*. 1ADII.1' FAIR, 11119 DAT AKI EVENING ?IT I'< J eeldout * l*'r la I rlj with more keaeeelenl tiewa than thi*. It i mpn.)* * T*et nr.mber of l,aad< perpetually mak.toc t)e artlelea diapoaed of, tad a nnmWr of pera. ua to aMuod. <>|cn day and nraiir. alth a f,n? band of mail" till It i : eV I'? of n f? t of wall n,t*rtJ to it H flit ft?i>rea. rta. i If' arry. I r t.? Hall. 1're* to all repntahle |wop|e. HKWARM. cthl *r.WARi> i \< K t< i i ; t ii"\ i ???" taming* ?! w fowling rtw, inl a pair ?f aeparatw fai.olo: al?". a hair iruaa. o.atainla* wearing a pro ral. Tbry worn hri<ht to Now fork hy tko t-a- ket .hip Philadelphia. ft'm Literpaot, na the ,14 alt., awd onppnteS t" ha?o lt? pat . a I art th? otranhoat Or.* a, which loft for Albany ll.? rainc day. Both parkapi h ro tic* a.ldrow* of " t.ovrgo Tnlt. tdmtnrfh." Any |rrvn who will rrlara tba aleoe to th? oarrr, Br. r.e.rae Talt, at Mr. P .lph o Ilia. T?n a'*, farad* If cot, will ha hadoemety rr warded. Cll RKWARB-FOR A r.\NVA5 flAfl, ThRKN FROK> <7" I' ' ? ' nter lie.rota. y. . .rrday ; It la ruapoaod hy It li hman. while tho mail. w.rr la-4la*. The oboe* reward. will 'r pal I ap a bringing it to the Ira tag Bona*. Coat* at a. aoiled tiara. a-.d other arttole*. IIM-A l|TTKH AUI>KR*SKD TO I.RORiiR a. COS. J I aahlrr. Nrw t' .rk. mailed at riiwhnrah, cataiuin, tl o f. llowmo rai lo*nrr.. ha? hrea lootT. i< Mnrlhwrt. orv Aiarriraa Lnl.ait*. Rank, >lirb A. Brand. ?? Ntraahan fcft.nlt. I'H; II A. I an.iro. op the llaak of the aeate of New Vr* $.11 J W |.r. |.. k. ra.lnor, on Bank of OaaHMfaa, $.%? if .1 P tort,* n Mar n k C ?V? 12. J. M R r herf ri. on < lark. T> k t . fVdt: J. P. Turtle, oa It laalow. I.a i. # r ft To fU I! In naoy. ra-M-r. on Manl.attar I p.iONi The Jul I, - arc ran tinned nra n*t ne/ ' lot > Vlr ahoae draff ai r> rf at ho* lot IORT?A POCKRT BRMORhNnt M HOOK. r<*VT%l*. J l>.? a email am. nnt of moaoy. and aome paper* rf aa oaiao ear.pi t the...ace. harr?1 to h-tr. I a I at in I II..' fp T.I H . I lv t lore. B|' t I T. \ I 1 . . I r,f| ii i. i .1 e to 1,1 * Ion 11 h a* reel, a err..* t m. I.on IV RI* eialnffdale fwad aad Plf?k arena*. to 1 well h .Ifei, Tba Bn l -raill I* lih> roily tooardod by loatia* * ?t ?? M*il-? Eh*. __ _ _ IliRTOR RTOl.FV?A I r.RTIPITATP (WITH rnWRM J f atterary ), No. 17N. i.aued la A. li.In. at. Joanarr 2d lor Rfir ?harea .,{ the Ito'if hta and ftnocyarhona* ( <>*H Milt paii. All |?r??n? are tamimrd a tin.t tl.e pnr.h**- .-r ??r tiatioa of Hi* ra I r.rtif * * the iran.f r of whn fa ?I0 1 -r .1, ., | I t ' $". a . t? ; , I y 11.. .ul, . "ill or, lor t flora of t h* ... irr I- o. MaRT. 4 Mftaofdr afraat.' Till a ' >.l n t I! lit KM l.nt tRIt Mill IIP <;| VIV m tn ! r I nrtaan. er nrr other pee.on, aho rente red a I I n a '' . II e i r. ... . i . - . - - - - . |A"tr tw<. Bt'itmli Or lot Map. kjr <?llmt it V1M1Kntmi. c i hi i ? nt AiVtMMi 111 JAfOn ? ri\TT-r O. f ARRIMiroV. Al'f ? til t?, M I'Ki H.aa. pi? lit, i<,.' katrr*, ail fill wk "ffi. atAa i.l (.?? SlnSiilil riiki). tl., ?> ? - " ^ l.arrr*, l y J? h < | thi. a,,, |0 .;Uk. at I llltl i.rxt. ?' <,* I? aV| wk, |.y ..r.|rr ..ft n?i?..o . W fi?k? pf l<ri>d.'r. fwrr, tArrinted f? n a** ???'?rta4 ?\?** fl:? it! of potior* rorita *.>*,..t. ?f aid p ., k.t ;*!* ?. kill. poliak.od or >?? lit a. ah?tr?, akoa art knt'tirri" mlita, tailor* aiitora, Br., at t ha I a. f motor*. Alto lapan? no- iriji, >'i|r? n Annti'i', I) Oon llo ikoaola, ( C'l n i?a*T* f.rat. Al-n ot* onA Mrrlmp Bati-hat*. gra?? ipth>?, M' laiki, kraa* ill kilt*, laa plot*4 to ItiruM ITwr It) 1* ao4 t?? ?p- o.? *rH fork* Br.. Ba. I r.o* r RO* TRV TO rtrivt I In r irA I u o? onto quality |oo m-l of It fr ot r nd, T*t*pta( tro to lotlt* taoOi * la tklrtooa* wall pvk 1 to a ill m tar r l? ? t tr> a*?*o|a from ta thro* tiaartd I'Oa roo lop W> rrroiro II. Koaaakra R.r?r flantinor air.*, trill to mM oi poMld oootlno. ro H -oAoj II ia Jo I lOu'clork 1. It . at 10* aoMtaa roam of tko *oV#arfH**. ?r*o?i? lah'ro to porrka** roo oiamlia* tk* Irt, a* nr ktro tkr dap of *#l?. Itrao oa?h a* th* pr*prfetor |* ?.. to art for < allfnra a. TA? porahooar oaa bar* tk* * * of Ik* boa?? thrr* mratka. ror farthar i?f?Hnatt*ii ptaaa* mmaxlrai* ta J. tf. BII"I)B* Anrluarlf Cordl?*r. Hap ?, 1KB. |

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