Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1850 Page 3
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' fbv* 40 not with to ho nnderetood a* endorsing then, voiding ?t mil ttmee the wmM?et of aidka* *r?*eulaMv? movement*. or swtlling the rale* lorowonttljr. to give film suturing to the market. whioh, we re*rot to aeties, la at timet too for ml and tends to destroy runfide nee in mnrket report* Middling cotton. all growths. M worth 12'a e?nt*. The actual mum wore for export. CorvcK.?There It no marked variation In priooa, and tales reached 700 bagt M Doming >. at 7^*. Vbuit?About COO boxes retain* euauged hand* at 76 a $2 MO into,Hit.?We heard of an engagement ot 25.000 bnth< la o'corn for Liverpool. at 2K, l Cotton wa* engag. d at 3*. per bale ; and 100 ton* logwood were engag* d at 10* To Uavre 500 bale* cotton were engaged at Jar Within a few dny* some seven or eight veasels have been chartered to proceed to Quebec to lo t 1 with dealt for Knglind at about ?4 n ?1 10* tierling Tbere were also sunt more ve**el* wanted to preceed to the ft. Luwreuoe, to load at Montreal aud Quebec. It wa* thought that t hit diversion <>f vessels night have a tendency to relieve the present depre*aion in the freight market here. Puiet reached 100 hhdt. Carolina, at 21c, The (apply of New Orleans wa* light Oil* ? There it a (air demand for linseed, at 78c a Mo lor beat American, and 77c for Kugllih. 8 ilea of 100 basket* olive, quarts, at private bargain The asking rate* were $3 12J?. and tomt thing over. Pnoiisiok*.?We have to record tales ?f 1000 hbls., at (8 ?2J; for prime, and $10 37 for m-st Beet wt* Inactive; about. 176 bblt country told at fS 25 a $5 75 I for prime, and <8 60 a $8 75 for mett; prime m-*s was ? very qniet at $17 a $20 Beef h?m* w-re dull at $15 til ? 44 It 11..6 Mtiuts uwo m imVi lnnlrit/1 frtW rith *?!.> of 2.000 Imniii. dry *nlt. In bulk, at 5\e . mi I 77 hhd*. short middle*, rib In. at 4%c Of plekled shoulder*. 100 tierce* mnln*t>e* cured old at 4e . ami 16'.) tierce* Dana'* extra ham* at 7\?>. Lard *n held much higher. with sale* of 220 hhl* at 6 9-10o a Oil-16c., but wa* generally held nt d%r a7c. Halter aold freely at 15c. a 18c. for new Waters, and 7o a l(?c. for old Ohio Cheeea wa* plenty, and ?nlrahle at fte u Rn. Rick.?The market wa* V*. better, with a email supply, and the *al> * for three day* were 1.000 ea*k* io?e.?The market wa* without cbnoi;?. with aale* of 160 boxe* i'a*ti|e at WVc..4 mo* Sonars.?The market continue* heavy with nilr* of 160 hbd*. Porto Kico at 6c. a ft'*? , aud 100 hhd*. common Texa* at 4c. Tt*s? Ilottmen di*poa< d of the following uninple* today, imported in *bip Ariel and bark WilUdmlue Maria? term* 6 mo*: fly son?60 oh* 30. Young Hyson ? ?2 hf. ch* 70; 20 do 61; 34 do 60l, ; 8?J do 47; 20 do. 08; 49 do MX; 142 do 36; 60 do 'MX 42 do 34; 122 do. 29; 82 do 28)*; b26 do 27 : 307 do 20; 56 do 25)4; 227 do 26; 13 cane* cat tie* do 75 IIv*oti Skin - 35 ch*. 35 : 36 do 25 : 68 do 24 : 80 do 22)4; 100 do 22, 306 do. 21)4. 100 hf eh*, do. 27. Gunpowder?11 ht ch< do. 7)*; 32do. 62; 5 ca*e* cattiei do. 02. Imperial?12 hf eh* 74; 25 do 68; 12 do 56)4; 60 do. 441*; 4 case* eatj tie* do 86. Oolong?10 hf. ch* 45. 60 do 41; 60 do 40; , 8#do 38)4 ; 73 do 38; 261 do 37)4: 10" boxe* do. 30?i. iugyong Souchong?60 hf. ch* 20; 150 do. 27)4. Toaacro?We annex the operations in tills elaple during the week;? Price*. Sold. Heed. Stork. Ky.. Va. k N. C. iKalOU 225 hds.6i.a9 ? 6,0011 h.U. Maryland ItOhio 4i,al2'^ 44 hdi. | i] ? 14 hds. Conn. *?ed 8 a24 ? ? 220 Pennsylvania dnIO a24 16 eas. p. t. ? :ton eas. Florida 18 alid 10 ca*. p. t. ? 213 cat. Bavaaa 26 all) ? 114 7-4? bl?. Cut a IS a25 20 bl?. export. ? 900 l.lo Jara .32 atO ? ? 160 bis. I. Domingo... .10 alt ? ? ? Whisifv?There wa* hut little offered for sale, while transaction* in prison were but moderate at 23)4c. aa-h. and 30 hhd* drudge at 23 eta., time. Wool.?We notice mIm of 15,000 lb*, palled No. 1 and ouporflne. at 29e and 82c.. cn*ta. Nothing (loins tn Dei ee Foreign wool mute* alowly Notwithstanding the light etock in market, manufacturer* have a fiiir aupply. and are holding off, hoping for lower prici p. 11 e hare not heard of any ealee of Importance. Total Receipt* or PaoovrB fee Denton Ritee Boat*, Thi* Dat. Flour, bbl* 17.090 Oat*, buxhel* 3 800 Provieionp, do 1900 Barley, do 3,971 Lard do 532 Wheat, do 2 250 Wbtekey, do. ..... 46 Feed, do 12100 Eg- do 213 Batter, pkg* 170 A*be*,do 240 Cheena, do 418 Oorn. buehel* 16.290 Cattle, head 03 Rye. do 500 Market* In other place* will be found on the eighth P*FADVEIT1SEMEXTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. ~ RKWAKM. By tei ecrapii from hcdson.?fifty dollars Retard?Broken open, on the ni*btof th*9th Inst.. the beck *hop of th* eahseriher. and from two to tr* hundred do'lare worth of ?**? stolon therefrom. Tho abor* reward Will he ptid by th* aaharriber for th* apptehenaion and eonvb tlon of th* thiaf or thi*re?. and recovery of the property, er $2* for either. WM. S. AMltill, Agent. Eudnon, May 10. IPIW Tito DOLLAR* It Ett-A Kit.?1,11ST. I>N THE AKTERnoon of Friday, May 10, between 23 John atreot and the S> Tenth Ward Bank, and the nee to SN3 Son.1i atrect, a Promissory Note for $121 made by John VerholT k Co., and endoreed "J. C. Conner." The payment of the note baa beea Slopped. Ika above reward will be paid, on rcoeipt of the ?nl*, by SPRING h IRVING. 7 atreet. Five dollar? reward.-i.ost. on Wednesday, the Stb in'tunt, in | aaain* from Newark te East Broadway and Clinton atreet, per 7l* I'. m. rare and etago, a lady'e C eater Pin. pear lhaaad, attached to * preen ailk bow. Apply at corner of Chatham and Mulberry etreeta, to JACKSON It MAinr. Lost?a i.ettfr addressed to ueoroe s. cob, t aahter, New York, mailed nt Pittsburgh, containing tha following enclosure*, baa been lost:?T. J. Ilnrlhart, on Amaru an Kaoliang* Bank, $199; A. Brand, en Straohaa It SroM. till; II S. Leasing. on th* Hank of th* Stale of New York $.31 J. Wbeeloek, eaeliler, on Hank of Commerce, $.34 45; J. I' t urtle, oil Martin It Co.. $327 It; J. M. Rutherford, en ( lark. Podge g. Co . $'<d>; J. P. Cnrtia, on Winalow, La i?rk (?? W H. Dennay, cuhlar. on HiibatlM I'.. . f' mi Ti,? public to ...u Hoard ugaiael n--s -tiatiag the a>?ve draft*. a? payment af tka aama liaa heaa etopped. IO*1 ? A LARGE I'lU KkT BOOK ('ONTAlNINf) M0J ncv and | ape re. and check ? the Mechanic* Banking dacK' " mppneed i" have l>#aa l?>?t in Wall atreat er la an ottiaikae. je-ierjay afternoon. The Under will ba libefaliy rewatdea by leturning tlie -am* to A. BaUIOLI, MO Broadway. HKMOIOIR. Tiif. pbote?tant episcopal cupecu or tub Nativity.?Thii Churth. recently bailt on Avenue C, between Fifth aad Sixth etreeta will ha opened for Pnblla W . r-l Ip - a Snuday next. May 12th. ?ereieea to commence at t( W A M ; * rm a by t ha ear. Baajaania I. Ilnight. P. D j aid p M.. aerie-n hj the Her Samuel R. Juhneon. 1> D , af Br-eklya. A ci>llactl?B w II ba ma<la at each eerrica to a*aiet ia defraying the neeeaaarj eapeaeae to complete bheClorth Seatafree RELIGIOUS NOTICE-TUB CONGREGATION or l>IS. dole*. (llaptleta) Intlirrto meeting at No. mi t.recna atraa', nerennar meat la thalr new maoliug-linni*. In Seventeenth near Sixth aeeaa*; and having permnnently angagad tbt eereicce.if Dr. Phcr.pard, late ..f Tr--v, Pa., thera nlll I a pteachlax every I orde dxy. mnrning and evenin . at the n-ual I oare. and alio, on Wcdneeday - inn, at quarter hefere eight i/elaek. The pat lie le reepeelfully laaticd to a>ten-l. eeatefroa. N. R?There le a wall orgaalaod S nday aehor l eoaaee-ed wit1: the church, to which parent! are raqaceted la aend iMl children PEalAL RIITICBS. Ladies- fair-this day and evening, open free le all reewwelable people. No. Bowery Cmtem llall. tnk a Lne i aad -I muatr, and 3.tV*t feet af wall covered with Sue ye nr-e Thefalrgteea employment to aboat twenty iande. la mahtag aad diep-.aingot the article#, open till 11 a aleak Italian- ben?volrnt son ett?the members of the I tel. an tt-nc olant Socle* y are rae|aw tfally lavliad ? attend the forced of their lata brother member. N Pneaedn. fr m No. lit Paltoa atreat. -a Satarday morning, at half peel nine prectee I > (lit* P F S K K N * I *? r-'ary. NOTICE-TO AIX PEESONS HAVING TRUNKS. BOIaa, ar Hacrage. over on* e. ar at llrnry llaald'a. No. I Fr- ml treat. If a-l rwdaamed la II daya. will ba anld, to pay aapeaeee. I N FORMATION W ANTED -PBEDKRICE HF.NSLER. 1 fcrtnerly of Ratewataig. Kingdom of Wnrletabarg. eopr red la beeamewhera in Ohio, -an bear af kla *?a W illiam, y addre?*iHg a few line#. ataliag raaidaaaa, la F. Steiatoeraer. JT2 Hawery, New Torh Ohio mien plaaaa e.yy. ri\krcial c i.) (hill * M i V I I sins b'-a-l and mortgage (in eama ta eait appliaante | for a term of yeara, aa pr'-durtira real la thla at y Apply ta JOHN F. CNINRKT, Noa. 23 k JA W all at . nrwer of Rrnad. |^| un f t tmii for ||<>k 10 tgb-^-a curn fet * II |?rrh??' ?<nd llr-l na Maw if.irk, Bronhlya, r M i|llaa?f>t.rR lata, a' ? m?>d?r?t* dtaennnl. ytfaoaa nf *. M m.all iron* t?, r harlot man* ) ear* ran. wdt ant be 'Ijltl.J to, if well Ifrumt.*"* " Monday." Ihla flirt !?> -paid. With am*, addrtitt. and fall ptrtlealart, kf T* aad ay arenind. lrimi. surricM. NkW TOMB ItllPHtMBMIUKT.-WII.LI AM H Ml >FF AT (anal Robert N ratten ?Aawim- a< far m aer damaad na ..iBtraal. fi?.m aat ear.}?To Robert * 1'Btlaa, the*anre named defendant ?Vna are htnli) a.nin..nad aad raonlred *.. a?a?'r aha immplaiat 1a ihia arthn. whieh aaa klad in the effee ..f the Clark ?f tha ell* and rnnaty af Mat V?rk. aA tl a City llall. in tha alia nf tew Tnak, ikla day. and ta errna a aalf af jmar anawar t? the Mid eoatplatnl an tha *abaariaaa. at hia offi.-e, Wn. Ik City Hall I'lawa, ia tha eity af kit Ynrk, within taanty da/a alter the aerrloe ef Ihtaiaat aaat na yoa, atalaalta of tba day .if turh aartiee, and if yat fail ta anewer iba aald aninplalnt withla tha Hind afararaid. tha plaintiff la thit anion will lake jadrment ayaiaat yon far tha ana* nf ben haadrad dollar*, with latee** t. tba flat day nf Fal.rnary, ana th'.aaaad aifhl hundred aad kfty. laaidaa tha raata nf tbia antlna. Datad April l?. I* THOMAS ffAMIR Plaintiff"* Attnraay, l?cn* Hall I-,. . \ .? , .t Mf THk HRKTHKRN or TUB ASflRMT add HONttRAhl? . rdar of fraa aad aareptad Maa..n< are ra-r?.Tolly returned to hiadly diraet a brother a hare ha atay yat a aitaa.tan ibal amid hint to ?npp..rt a lart" faaiilr. Ita pal had lary aapartanra la hnatnwM, la a jr.).>4 aaaoiiaUnt. wpttpa wall, kai lately arrlrad front tba Old Canniry an I ear prod are rpMlffeate* and aatlafaatnry taatlatnalala. p;#a*r addraaa F a A n . thl* nfhre. r?t|:i.- jurr. smith a kdn, . iii:,na?i.i,wk.a at i.atr I an Ftanelten, (Cal y-T J Smith, Jt, will leara New T..rk tl a IStb Hay. Prpana* de.irmr af *aadia? ta y*r at*1** *ra tor rallaatlon. taay ha a-an red af prompt attrrtl. a. hr leaelni thrir demand* with Raehe a D?anhaa, frurr 7* Iff*" MlOi Id t. fn i* ITAL. ? MAtOH'h OFFIt k IlkTHIS. ATRIl Jrl L i-rt> - Kacn.lrad, By tha Marnr aad AIdermaa nf tha gi) .1 V. mtliu That tba Mayor an m^anatnd ta laaart la > ..acor* of Memphia. alan la oaa paper la tha altiaa af |faw i rt FMladMi.hia aad Maw Orlaaa* raaaaatlac all r-rtm I delay tha hand* ar HaHlltiaa of Mamahta nr An nth Memphlf a repnr' tha aaata ta tha M* fit with tha data a am hat aaifl a. an* nf aald ' ar ItaMIHIan ?. Hft-RWAM. Mamr. otty af Maiaphta FlffB ABTfl. vT.tTlOWat acaumt or DBRIflN.?tub twmnttn dftb a aannl CahlMtlna la aaw . pan at tba aaw rellan - . Ml*adw?y. n|m.w'e Road *traak from 9 a. m. aatll 10 F. y ta.nlttae.oa Weea?? *eaw*a there to aawta?natal oaa aa l*W a*.. __________ rtrrtt nt^rr. artist. haa mkmovrm from w If derrar atra td U IffJ ?pe|.( -prink trwat i...naar da?ae?riaa? eieratad > tba ha*t maaaar. la the ..reelan, On tbia at* 14th. and ath T Ptylea, ta ftaaca at ad "Oaaa. WAMTM. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS luBttiMB g?n?r%lljr, a iuuttioa im a wMtadw ai r??|ll dry gco?In ?r otb?r ttora. cithar m CUrk or B<*>kkeopor. or fa a aowopapor offtoo. fa whlok k? Km kad ?>? idtrullo oa|?riono?. In good jodgo ot uioaay. Can give ih? mult uneaeeptiouahla nbmN, Address J. D. P., Herald ofllre. Wanted?a situation, as seamstress or Nures, by A very rai|KOtftbl? girl, who understands dreso tusking. The best of city references girsn. A nets addressed .?. n., No. Al. 921 Broadway. stating whara aa interview ou be liad. will recetvo attention. Wan'teib-by a respectable vwuno woman, a ait nation, aa Lady's Maid; aha ia capable of doing any kind of tin# washing, good hair dresser and aawer; no abjection to chamber*.irk or to take charge of ehildren; would travel ta any part of the Unltod States. Beet of oily referencaa given. Can be aaen for two daya, at 41 Eleventh alraat. Wanted?a custom house clerk, in a dry Goods Importing House. None need apply uuleaa fully eualihed lor the aitnation. Addreaa J. 8. a.. Journal of Commerce office. WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a aituation aa Cbainhormaid. or Chambermaid and Waiter, or Nurae and to du plain Sewing. Good reference f om t-er laet place. Haa no ebjeotion to the euuatry, f'a'l at 7S H>it Nineteenth atreet. WANTED-A PERSON TO DO THE GENERAL house*, rk of a em all family; beat of references required. Otic who is competent may inquire nt No. 74 Ll?i aton street, between Smith and Hoyt streets. Brouklvn. \k7 ANTED.?TO DAOCEKRKOTYPKOPKK tTORS AND vT those wishing to ge into the bnaineis.? Per aale. several different aired sole of apparatus, all new, and of the latest construction Instructions given, if required, by an oprrnti r of three years' experience. Call al 4(M Pearl street, i i oin In to 4. Alt", a sail boat, for <h). with sails, oars, &c, WAMED?A YOUNG MAN AS BOOKKEEPER AND Collector, in u merchant tailor's store, iu this eity; good reftrence required. Address Box No. 2,.IKY Post Office 1IT IKTril_IIV 4K IKTkl.l.ICtST PERSON. KM. vv I'll >ment in a milliner* etore. Apply to M. A. 8., No, J I>y street. WA N1E D? IIV A CUTTER, a SITUATION IN A toiler's establishment; best of city reference can he liven. Address Mr. Machler for W. F., SJ* Dey street. WANT ED?A SITUATION FOR TWO BOYS. AGED ttselve years, as Waiters, or to a trade. Can be seen | at U.I Walker street, basement. "llf A NTEl)?ItV A HESI'F.1 TAlll.E tilRI, 17 YKARSOF ft age, a sitiiHtion in a repectablu faintly, as a help or to do light chumherwork; wages net particular. Good city referencee given. Please call at 100 Columbia street, In ths r? nr. WANTED 11Y A KE^I'Et TABLE GERMAN WOMAN, but a short time in this country, a situation as Lady smnld, or to travel with a lady; she perfectly understand! hairdresFing and flue washing; speaks English, and la well ai customed to travel. Apply at No. 7 Dry street. WA VI EI)?A PROTECTANT QUEL, ABOUT 14 OR 1< years of age, to take care of children aud do cbatnberwerk. Apply at X'l West Fourteenth street. Wanted?by a smart, active young woman, a situation as Waiter and Chambermaid, or to do general hunsework in a private family. She hae no objection! to go a abort distance in the country. She oan he aeon al Ne. JO, Suffolk strcit, in the rear. She can produce gootl re'erencc. WANTt I)? F<>K A LADY AND GENTLEMAN. A handaotuely furnished parlor and bed room, with boari for the lady only A quiet family, with no other boardors prefened. No referencce given, but liberal pay, in advance Address C.uatavus," Herald office. Watches. ?roit sale, very cheap, two ooi i bunting levers, four gold English levers, two gold an rhors. Willie sold at a I argain, if apjilted for immediately J. f. JONES, SO Ann s'reet, second floor. Cash advance en merchandize and personal property of all kinds. WANT ED?11Y A YOUNG MAN IN BALTIMORE, / situation In a large and respectable hotel, or in I b wling salt on. Having a complete knowledge of the hu iness. the beet of reference# will be produced. Any infer station, addressed through the Baltimore Poet Oifico t< U U mitt .....n. lola WANTED?A JOURNEYMAN IIARRER. AT PAUL'! llair Cutting Room. 41 L'eurtland street. Isor sale?qrot stoke fixtures, 2ftj seconi tract, between unui C m4 P. Ai.ahy a< customed to the sea wishes t< rieit Eur?>|H*. and would attend od a lad* and cliildrei duripg the vuysge for her passage. She would also (if ne ceeaary) make an agreement to return in the Mint way ii our or two months. MfNlaMl refereneee giron and re <|uiicd. Address tun |n ltroad way post oflloe. A respectable female is desirousopobtain tag a situation ae Nursery Uoeerneee, or Lady'e-maid nith a travelling family; oaagGng abroad, India, preferred Refereneee gieent if re>|ulrad; addreea M. A. M., Factory villi Poit Office, Staten Island. _______________ Evening employment.?the advertiser, hat ing two or three span- hours in the earning. (MM P n ret with employment, in balancing b ?oks. making out bill or atrang ng MMUU for any party who doea not ngiln th services of a regular bookkeeper. Terms moderate. Addrea Herald <>Aee. Ferry boat wanted immediately-to char ter or purchaae of a light draft, and at for earryini ceti le. Apply by note, describing boat, Re., to c. e. white HEAD. Offioe No. A. gH Nassau ?*reet. Hydraulic press wanted.?any one hatin< a large upright Preee for sale. may kaar of a purekaae by addraeemg boa I |US 1'iet Office. HOVbElKEEPER WANTED-AN ACTIVE PERSO! of eaporienee and capability, to tako charge of I ootebold of three gentlemen and two ehildren, (yooagea A t nnr? old.) nod willing to tnko n ?l arc of the netiee dutlet Unecceptionnble referen< e? re iuir. d na to rharaetor nn ability Addreaa p?at paid, noa 1676, l'oat oflloa, Ne' York, with minute pai lieu iara. Nlrse AND SEAMSTRESS WANTKD-ONE Til A ran out one ehildren'a elotha*?a I'roteataat, and n other, need apply, at S7 laet 5**eeeteeath atreet. TO LIBRARIANS. ?WANTED, A COPY OF FRAN'I Forreater'a " Warwick * ?" ilaada." Addreaa Boa 1,641 Naw York Poat Office. To iiook HINDERS-WANTED IMMEDIATELY, i super eatra Finisher none need apply but workmen t tbo art ordar, a* the work l? bo doaa Ii of lh< Wat ?r Anna Had To uao that will auit. a ataadr aitaatioa, with wage of tho bifbMt rata. Apply to J. T. ALT KMC 8, No. 44 Norl Fourth (treat, Philadelphia. " HOAKUINU, 4C. BO A R D I N O?TWO CHILDREN. IIETWKM Til aaaa al 4 a ad 10 jreara. of pnr-nta, will bo ra eattod aa bnardtra ia a gantoal prtaato family, haaiag a da ltghtfal roatdoaoo ia Haraiatua aboat half a mlla froa Jaraa City lorry. Fur tarda of a-idroaa. apply la Mr. Maaloh, Ual tar. Al Chatham atrcot. Now York. BOA HDINO-THE llOt'hE NO. 7V7 BRO.t DW'a Y, OP poaita Graea Church, la anw la complete ordor for lb rrcrotion of tingle poatlrmia. or faiailloa, with or withoa naala. Sorrral auiiaa of nana ara ready, with parlora aa hrdrooma comma n let aiag litA IIM NO- A M'lTE OF lltHIMR N fc ATI. Y HUM-II I * el. or a parlor with bodro.-m aa<l pantry attaoho) ? old at Wt to k am all family, titli ir i?imi ad: or thr aarna to <>na or two alnalo grata, with l.roakfaat ? full board, latjalra at INI Fraaklia atraat, waat atda, noa Hroadway. Boarding? with pcrnibhed ok inpcrnisiie apartment*. ia aprirata family.and ia a pit aaaa t noigh i torhood, for a ladv and gratlamaa. whara thoy ran to aarve with priaata tab'a if re<|alrad. For rartiealara apply b latlar or pornnaally lo Mr*. I'arbar. 117 Third ar'ita HOARD!NO?A or.NTIP.MAN AND I.ADV. AND faw rlnyla paatlamra. ran bo aeonmm-dalrd with nie. fum'-hed room* and board, la a ran tool family, whoro thai ara hat a faw olm boardara, at "lit La-ward atraat, batwaa lift ad way and Elm atraat. IlCARDIVO - A liP.Nt I.I MAN AMI III- W I Ft > MJ two ainalo gentlrmca. ran ho aa.-. mm- -Iniad wttb plan rant n- aia. rnraiahad or aafaraiabad, fall or partial boarat 446 Hroowta atraat, two dor.r- waat of liroadway. B0AHD.-TH0 0RTIIKPR0KNTI.KMKN. OK A ORN t la ii - an Bad Ma family, >u l>a accommodated with a pri rata laauly, hating a Ina hoaaa with the m .dam cwata a mr? ia a tarot dollghtfnl laaatiaa np town nawr L.wdTartaaw?tary aowaawiaat tw ntagca, awd aiodarwta tarrwi Addroaa w liwa ta S. I., with wad wd-lrwaa. wl tbra ?fba? hOA R D ?SI' ITS Or - WITH POLDI N< d.orn parlor* with bad-room wtiarhad, and atagl > ami, with pri a a - atrad, m*y i>a had al i Part flowaa. IP and 30 Paartaaath atraat, hatwaan Broaden and Plf'h aaanna A tnoal aligthl# awn mar location Hoard wanted in tiik < oi ntkv- bv a smau lamilr, withia una boar of iba city by railroad or ataam b< a<; ?... d. plain tabia. Addraaa J. A. L.. H"? J,CO, P-to (.'Ara. Board, and rent in rAVMK.NT.-A tumrk-ktoki attia bawaa. plcaaantly ailaatad. la W-at Fnurto*n*l atraat, will ha raatad, wad payment ll.eref.r rarataad la tb board af a amall family, rowalat lag af thraa aa foar paraoal Apply at IN Waat Poartaralh atraat. A i ri v atk family, ii* vino a pew mo hp. room than thay naad.can nrr. inm. data a few amnio gentle a aa with plraaaat faraiahad r*otma, with braabfoat and taa at iBroadway, corwar of Franklin atr?t Apartments M ailt pi rni-iiko. whii oi wllbt.a meal*, for two gaatlaman, or a gaatlantan anhia laay, ia Frutli potato family, wkara tkarw ara boardara. Apply at 4.C -nMinn atraat AlllA?AM I ROM HO IM ON SECOND PMXiH with Rath r-om atlaahad, lo lot, wtth h .ard, at J Itt.?lar a atraat. ta a gaatlamaa and wife, ar lo two or thro a.ofla patil- " ?? I KT-TMK PITER PART, triTII ONE Ht-PMKVf f tha aaoi Ian atory honao, Nn *77 Oraoawtrh ntr-ol i. hriolt phar and Karroo, tow amall family. Appi' aa ha prawilaoa, or at Nn. ha 4'naal atraat: to a taaaat tha aniL, thr rant will bo mnCacato, !> |IM r'l NlrHRD RthOMP WTIIII FI LL OH I*AKT~HOA HO k a ay ho I nd at No W hi-o atraat W IMKIH INAMH, At . U'IN DOW MIAllht. M.MhAlTlKbD Ai >t? A hpro> a atraat, <d, M. aad tth atortoo? IVtaduw dhanat of at ary daarrlptina oa hand and mannlnctnrod in ardor, at lowat prtaaa than rat ho foaad at othor plana# lhaar.ora ta tha article ara aolleltod to-all. aad a al I nad. na oaaiamatioa, lid far aa< rrl?*. Ikal ? ? ' ' tar. ar? * ! t? to RaR ?kH ?hi?? I,....a. am. ?>rir#. I'arb. Tut*. >?. T. n^'lTH, H'IMm.R HIADl- A.Ml ? HKMl E" 1MB BUT r.?1 fho?t>*?l to ho found *i H in>k?4*....... ir; wiiiiaa.. .... t ?r-? m?. nmi. . tab mall? ' ' * * ^ , 1 '"'I rha?n? AAMtM.r M?RT..I Bai.'.taatarar a*b Imfnar Uimxim m..u r?KM.iVk STiTifTu . ii ir::,? i r?.i, i all lit alt.ail. a "f all |?r.>.aa .lan.a 5ba.l*A I., ra rtm'.f 1 aa<t ti>* .rial, r?' mat. .a <?'l I'trilnt Midi Th.j aiak. ik# l*?t qaal.lj ?aly. anl Mil at rr a. tall 1. p. r . tat lr.| tl.aa *mj <nh?f ata. afa.tar.ra. All SliaX.a aarr.blad n.t lo <ln k ur rati. pi mi.k atiuwk. Atri.iadm mm * mb-thr ? itv or sotioia, o Mt.N frn? l.if. a. II. ?. , ka ?h. " T*?a? 'I'a." la aubllakab la tl.a An .ti.aa ran a "I tin. a*.* Slaala .opt** i*?*rMata. fcr aa'? k? all tka tta.Mwr laaltri riTTR lonsaov a i O. Pabl.ak.r*. ho IH Nuttn ..r?. ' N V? * < ' ? Tk HI f N Imii.ih Dial. Tllk RUr II Hi 1||R orf|. R *f " kHaatltaa'a Ova," Nn. J aari tt iinal, far tka ,H..r r. a'aialaa lb. mm ?...*?. at ( now a ..I, .a tltlab Ik. "tnarl.t, ... ik. jra'.rtaaof Ik. Janu. baa br.a a>. front, thai ? vill ka.a ia mpki at I ra h.p m aapH.? I*" b?a.aa4 Tkia t.l, a WaatlNl rmnu mt la Ball.* rttllanat t anX Aba* fair"'*!: ih. W..r*la? M.a. Rlpkia- Mr aa<l Bra. Traabaaaai Rrlklaa at 'ka Hoot: Rlapi.lar CkartaKt. tv? roof fit. Rt/a. kraipatbta.1 tk?i i.raaX *aa of k*? Vartl apo** ""arm: Laby'a Dr.tat, ??H otb?. lat.ra.tlM whi, tU to f.aab to 6 UN RaaUlaa'a Ova" a/ Ik I* a MA. I ? MPOMTIWe. I ' /TENTREVILI.K LOl'KSt LO.NU ISLAND-TROTTING. V ? Meuday. May 13'.h, aHl o'cloek, P. M., pnrM (3*10. two U? beats. in ktrnn. II. Bry?n anter, gr. m. Lady SnWolk. ; J. Oaae enter* b. ra Lady Moaeow, S. McLautthlia enters eh. *. CenAdeitre. Instead of tabla* t he railroad, the proprietor hu made arrangements with Merer*. Ilurted A Kendall, t? run fovr *n>l M? h?r*e oumihnraee from Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, to ih< truck Thie lino will leave at 1, 1 Vk ?tt<I 2 o'clock, I*. M. 7he faiilitive are to good that no one van be disappointed. The inn iLoeca will rrtnra as anon as the spuria ere over. Pare each way, 2A ocnta. JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. CENTKKVILI.E COURSE, L L-TKorTINO.-A PIJKsE of $.,t' will be given?to cute off on Monday, Ifav L'lth ? free for all horres. Mile heate; beat three in Ave, in nurneee. Entrance money ended ? to yo to the winner. Entries to clone thia day Sal urday, May 11 th, at if u'cl tok, P M., at Urvenv t Matfden's. Two or more to make a Avid, and two to atart to make a rare. JOEL CONCKLIN. Proprietor. UNION COL'USE. L. I.-TROTTING?UA"! URDAY, MAY llth?Purse of $JV; mile lieata, bestSluS, m tiarueaa. M m. M helan entere rh. g. Ifhnde Inland. I. M'i odruff " r. ni. Fanny. J. Hl.ilpley " h. g. Putnam, (furnierly Shaw'a Colt.) E.I. Hyde " b. g. Trojan. The lara will leave South Ferry, Brooklyn, for the Conrse, at !)% oVIoek. P. M., and retnru aa aoi'n ae theaporta are ever SPIt'KK k McMANN. Proprtetore. UNION COURSE, L. I ?T It OTT I N O ?S.tTl'KOAY, May 11 tli at two o'clock, P. M., a match fur $I,UIW, play er pay, to wan i.e. two mile lieata aud repeat. C. S. Berime namea i ll. g Kciudrer; 0?o. Splcer names roan ? John May, Emcui Mono to tmi spokti no world.lltMri Kendall fc Hasted will run commodiouM umni* liiMth to the Union 0'iarw, from Fultou lurry, llrouklya, thi? (lay, from 12 M. until 2 I*. M.?returning a* ?oou &? tho MpurtH are orer. Fain each way, 25 rout*. HOUrtKM. l^OR h A LL? A BEAUTIFUL CANADIAN PONEY, VERY , r gentle and klud in hnrneaa, eight year* old, and h tint traveller?to l? xdd, u the owner haa no iin (or hill. Inquire at the viable of J. P. SCL'DDER, No. 7 Doughty at., Brooklyn. FOR SALE?A HANDSOME PAIR OF IRON-GREY llomea. about tia years old, sound and kind in harneea; ! together with a light Cliarietee, nearly new. They will be 1 gold low, na the owner leavea ahorltv for Europe. Inquire at Tliort'on A Towneend'" Stahlea in Koade tiroot For sale?a sorrel horse, coming six years old, kind in ample and double harneas, and under the > end die; the owner tliinka he ran be mado to trot a mile in i three minuter; sold only for the want of uee. Apply to J ILCALLAN. No. 211/Bowery. IjVlll SAIF-A BAY GELDING, GENTLE AND KIND in liaruea*, reven years old, and can trot a lllih' innde of three minuter. To be men at the etable of J. P. SCUDDEii, i No. T D"?pbty ttreet, Brooklrb. near Fulton Ferry Horse t k a d e k s, carmen, iiackmkn and Groom*? He adrieed for onee, and try tbe Eiuarian Condition Powderr If your horaea are not in perfect health, . fur they are rale and convenient to nee, and will coat yon i nothing it no benettt i? derived. Sold by W. II. WY ATT, 12 Cbryatie, corner ltayard atreet. Price60 oenta a package of 1 doren powdera; $.1 a doren packages. i A dams It CO.'3 CALIFORNIA EXPRESS?TUE UNil dcraigned, bating aei ured to theotaelvee Eipreae privilege* on the Pacific Mail Line, a* well aa upon all the other regular atean era from Panama to San Franciaco, California, are no* prepared to reueive and forward Freight, Packages, | l'ariela, Jewelry, Specie, ke? via the la liuiua, by every teenier from New lurk for Chagrea, with gra at diapatch and i on the moat reaaonable terma. Our neat Evprcia will leave in tbe ateamer Cherokee, I apt Windle,f-r ( liagree direct, on Monday, 13th inaiant, at three o'clock, P. M., through in , charge of a Special Meaaengcr. Freight received until 12 | o'clock on the day of tailing. Partica forwardinggooda by ua , inert be particular to have their luvnloea dnly certified at . I the Cuetom tlouee, and handed in to our office, i ADAMS St CO.. 10 Wall atreet. ) A GOOD SECOND-HAND WAGON WITH TOP, IN A firet-raie order?alao a act of llaraena, for aale. Apply at the Stable. liA Franklin atret. . j = ALKi 11% AbbTIUA. ^ LI ENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER -LARGE SALE OF XX Diamonds, Piecious Stonea, An., beaniifnlly eet in fine gold. Henry II Leeds It Co. will eell at auction,on Monday, " I May 13, at II o'clock, in the gallery, rear of at- re No. 8 1 Mall atreet, a magnincent aaavrlment of Diamouda and Precii ua Stouer, beautifully act in tiue gold, eonaiating of Bracelets, Broorhea. Tinraa. Ac., worth from fii'kl to $l.0"U 3 each; Earringa, Finger Hinga. and Breaatpine. of great value: .-MLkisies. nun oilier orusiiirnie; line gum sou rnwmriieu 1 lrpiiie Mid lever Watches; gold rcncilusses, Chains, S? als. ' lie.: gold Fob Chains, Bouquet Holders, Card ('uses. solid : silver Tea Hall, Salvers, Castors, Ike. The whole to l>? sold j I wilboul reserve. ? fCt-RE AT AUCTION?FHOM TEN T<) TWELVE - i 1 Ltidnil ton a of extra quality lee. inoet of it from pond, * kveiagtng ten to twelve iucbea in tbiekneee, well peeked in a honne. within five rode wl.rre vesicle from two to three hundred tone ran lay to receive it, Kennebee River. Gardiner, Maine, will be sold at public auction, on Monday, May At, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the auction room of the subscriber. v Persons wishing to purchase csn csumiue the fee, on or bofore the day of sale. Terms eaali, as the proprtrtor is soon to * leave for California. The purchaser ean hare the nee of the ice house three months. For further information please communicate to J. V. KlIoDES, Anstioaear. J Gardiner. May #. ItW. e REMOVALS. REMOVAI GKAMI ANATOMICAL MCSEUM. NO. 3U0 Broadway.?The Grand Anatomical Museum ka< bona lately removed from the comer of Broadway end Anthony I street, to 9UU Broadway, nearly opposite the Irving House. Persons from abroad, attending the Anaiverfarise, will And this Mnsenm the most instructive, interesting and gratifying ' exhibition which they ran visit daring their stay in this city. 3 All the parte aad organs of the human body are presented as ' they ate seen in the uatural state or in disease. This Museum contains the most perfect, and the greatest nember of . specmcnr of Mori Id Anatomy ever exhibited at one view ia this eouutry I and in vtew of all the figures and parts of the * human structure, internal, a more clear and thorough knowledge of the parte, orsaus and functions?their substance, V' form, locations and relations, i? obtained, than ean possibly be ?y any am- ssi of nuttw, ?? teetered, or wy any Haul * of cuts, paintings, or mannkins?everything betas Life-like and true to nature throughout. It has been mnen enlarged, J now occnpving two splendid saloons of near ltkl fset long. * U I M O V A L.-r. CGDIFEOY. ROBES MODES AND iV Nonveantes. has removed to II] Broadway, east side, ? between llruome nnd Spring streets. % ? ?? ? REMOVAL.?THE OFFICE OF THE PACIFIC ROTE belt Company Is removed to inn Broad street. !f 1} EMOVEP -JAME.W RUGGERS. CLOCK AND WATCHt IV maker, has removed to 413 Broadway, between Walker a and Caaal etreete?Manafactnrer ef Steeple aad Steamship h llocks. Steam Indicators, Meters, Veeunm aad Stoam Centre, kegulatora. Telegraph Registers, Keys, Magnets, tc. it. N. B.?Two good Clockmsikert wasted. Apply as abavs. - ThTOTlCI.-DIBHOLl'TlON OF CO- PA RTNKRSUIP.y 1* 1 he eo-pertaerihlp heretofore eaittla* between Ihh I- I. Hawkehnrat and Thomne J. Jobation. ahipand etanmboat tliir lk< tin of llawkahartl k Johneloa. iiUM ft] ditrolttil TI.1 baaiaeao if tha late Arm mtil be oentii. tntf I] the iindrrMyned. to whom all debit due Uto Arm " ore to be raid. ISAAC t\ HAWRSHLRST. Ko. M R ett etroei. J New Tork. Met W IhAA. " I fVSMtl.ITION nr fU'ClRTNIMIIIP.-THI FIRM I MJ if hmuh, Adamt k Smith, i? Una day diuotted by the J a til drae al of W , 0. Adamt The Imaina-r of too Ann will haiOltlttd l>y the rtmalninr partner#, Wni U. .Smith and ,r Jamea l? hmltli, to wb< m ell pnyro-nt of drhta doe the Arm * 113? Naeaaa atraet. - | Now Verb. May 10, IWdi ? FJMiE IMI.1M KrllIV IIEKFTOFOHE EA ISTIN'tl BRj X it era li e iiuderrirned, a? Altoraeyt aad Cuauoellert, it tbit day dtaevlred, by tuutaal coaeen'. 7 TIIOM.tJt H'tKNRR. - ' THOMAS J M'AKK.A, 4 Dated February I", l\'n. I no.. I < I>,.4... -,r ?i I; ftor*AI N bar H11' NOTIi L-THI UNuERSIUNRR - Vv avnld reaper, if a II] laform the meraaatilr oommaalty that ne hnaae herntefaro kaewa aador the aaaaa -f brink. trt'-n bl sal Talpwraieo hat hewn, by mataal aeaannt, a lead The butiaoaa will hereafter bo ouadaeled aador " the aaa.o ef leriun, Hroibor* k Co., who will aot at Ably a Chandler*. OoneraT Aetata, ko. For farther laformatioa ratal i ro to baaineeo atatlere. plea to oall OB Chariot l^rla^ Ronton, No. IS I taual Wharf, who It tho daly anthorioad a?oat for aaid hoaae la the Waited Ate lea Aar >rdera or aoaatcameaie roopwetfally ooliritoa. l/ORINO. SH OTHERS k OO ^ Ttutaiwo. lOnery A IWi Mont k -Tl.ohl INTkRkSTKO IN MiMNRHt t IN i tbo FaeiAo Oeoaa. are mapeetfnlly informed that tee Arm at V.nan. kmthora k Co.. adeorttaod aa abwea, a a dte3 Mart Copariaerekip fmm the Arm of Utriae k Ca, Falpae raaoo. of a mo aiateea toare otaadiar, far wnlob the aadera rtcaod la aaent in tbo I need stataa y tI.IMIA T U>HIN(|. AS ladta wharf, lartaa kwetea. April is i?m . | ~ t ti.irnHblA. ' /im.i,tiKI> I ALirOKNU lIPRIttt- IN R T PRESS W will M mart* ai??ir ?|# fur?ar*?il. ymt it?>nrt <i?urf fit ii?l ? h^riki-?, I.UI M*y, and K injur* ? ity th? ItUi Maj: ( ? * !<*? ml ?*MNih|?f?. Th? 4*llttr; ?f p*r< m4 this V-tfrkM lipr. for All f?rtt wt ('Mifwni il, l? , Attr?iif4 t? by Um | r .|?r?Fit.r m t~r- n. imrw*?l??iAij? i/ur til* oti*o*t 4**r>atrh fHA<* 14* Paarl crwl *or*?r *f Vtll, a tat* H?w?* ft I '*. THOMPSON ft IIIT' Bl'OCB. At*wl. * N h r?f moat* for fr*i?ht aaa h? maou hrra *r la t'alt' far* in ?n itnoito* , f* ALIFONKIA ? TIIK CRDBKMUNBD. INTPNDINO J 4/ u>ln?? lcrl'44 P ration*... t allf.mla, * tho II * lanl wttAtlr* ttaw i t praMi*.** hi* prwfaaalwft, will rat* rhar?*of " luh hnnaota ihrr* a* may h* tnnfi<fr4 to him. Tli* ?<! * tigti*4 a* I * tv*a a t at a hit* at hi* ft o. 14 Wall *t. JOHN N R iCKITT, kttnnMj a#4 t'on aa*llar * law j Itltimwa.- B*?a?? iNfW Am**. Aaitm ft Saw. R?t' tiamr I. riiiii' t, P ft l? ftathaaiol II twatfa, Staa tut >| U" Itomol I ..*4, J Pruf iH Hall. Joo*ph I. wtiu, I; to* A |>*fi !?> I Who la# LHF.Mll IX' ?!>' PAMBNWBN TKtlft -TBI jj r *o?. n4 4lrl?|.? .,f tl I* |.o|.?l*r liwrn will In*** No* J 4 *rk par tiaatt-hif o? r*i* *a ? io??. May'4th h* th* ?*> irritant, thoae* I* Latar* ftjr linm. thoao* la MM w*< n ooarho# along lh* tla* of onr wilitar? p>*ta, t I' r iiih ft.I Paoo lh. tnratt trap of th* man* Mnaxrw*. 4*ma 4k* oita. a< n? ?l.? f'? lor*4o to *aa Fran*!**# Pvnrjrthla* tniHuri to *ai4 onpaaitin ho* h*?a amplr praparoA. W*ai?4 to *?h*t. Il?> mo* fi r I alif rata. Applr to T W MiPlll.lM.ll IPoll.rr?t I /fal.iroKNM-PA-il'Oms I'Kft PTKAMF.H OP IITII I V-' ho, ran I* pooonifA ti.l I *'*! ok Non4*r, 1.1th, for I no Hi liar at I'? KI n H 0 a I ?> *. I !*' * II nMAPTn ON SAN PKAftl 1*4 l?, I AUPOKNIA. IN Iamoaat* to rail pnrohaaora, for aal* h* W A Bit a Pttlt B i.i ?"all atraal. A-4f!?M|ftP|ONKII POP i Al.lltlttM v?T Hlll.PT ftjtr* t'oiiB.*'1** at law, k*. Jtt Na-ra airo-i, t'..miBiiaaiiiBtr appnlait* ha ih* Co?'r?ar *f t al.toraia to aAnrnlaiar ratio .it 4 i*k* th* aa4 ?. hanwlmlg?ont of 4**4a, ft*.. to I > 4 In I al f. j H?iT.NIIAlM. Pari an anu amhot kaii.koau i.inb ft m V> ft Ilaio ! Ilia, at 7 a'al.ok A. M , ant hakf-paat I a'aloak. P It . ha toanii.oat JOHN IftTTBR, 4allt, A* adapt mmhi *4. I* n. ft*r No i N??tk pi *oo ?ar? ** * *u*a nana. M I Bit f ?ar* SI 4 * i > h ?tll rOBAILBUA??4*MPANIM P'H *fl? A Un atiutr ki.anion aa4 Taaoara. for trawft 4."*%; tow* Iitrtmaa ft haol*, A to*i mam-i**, t ?lta4ara. 14 la Alamo*** ft ib atri ka. foar ()*|4* ft haal* ta wro?|ht iroa; Tntk) ana*i tfi?|l1 if a Prast**. with *o4?otaki walrlod Thaaa taaiaaa art- of ?* * |* war. ao4 aro aalll * tka hawi aamirtalr an4 *i.a*tr*rttoa. a tariaala awl oft, *a4 all ** Iftprotawioain A law a?t*ral nanoaA haa4 Inianantltta far ani* ti*wr wklnk wo>al4 tatoat for araral nailano. A4#ona* | It ? NOPll*. *oh#ooo. o4? I t\t up P l*"P Ift tifto'ivr A.ia* at lIBSfttTtl'T. I It p. a Tork.?B. ?. n -rr.*, pr .nrfrtwr, raiu attaailwa | mall N*llro*4 Owraam tit* I or*?otl?* Ba*laa* aaaa I fati'.rao at hi* wort*, aail aaprrmlly to kta Biftraaa Bwwiaaa for h.*h tiw*4. it* IJrhton f." oa th* Prnaaaa* aa4 f't|#a I Partroao flriam fa* nartnm, at ratlmaA otarhlaory aaa. cai*4 nnl. t*orat*?. " rwwafti traa trk?la w?A* to ar4?* I til?nitwtrpt alnatrw ha*4 A44r*?* B. B. NOBB1P. NiMan'WAf. Ilf'KLLANROl'S. I Ql R AAA WORTH or OAS CIlAN IH5L.I ERR, | ? lO.UW BrMkaU. te., at J. STOIIVENBL It CO.. K? eiraet. $10.1110 worth uf Cut (liana, at ?*ry low finer, for ea?h, ai their factory. No. 4K and itO Veitey at root. DAUUBKKBOTYPB rUATES. -LEWIS L. SI.MIOP-S Plate*, acknowledged aunerior to all other*.for aale he T1CWR IIIKHOP. 23 Maiden Ian*. JAMBS CONNER It SON, TYPB POUNDERS, 0OR.NB1 *1 Abb aad Naeeaa (treat*. N*w York, hare o> hati* Tory artiol* ar.oaaary for oonplet* Printing ItitbllA. eni*. The mate rial* oa whlab thi* paper u una tad iafr*w he r.hoee Foundry. (t AKHI.N ES. COLTS PISTOL3-WM. II. SMITH A CO., y 4 Maiden lane, have on hand llall'a Patent U. A. Carbine*, Jrnka' Patent U. S. Carbine*, agent* for Knhhiu* it Lawiente'* IT. b. Rifle*. Colt'a, Allen'*, aod IWcon V Rer.,1Tin* I'latnl*. at reduced price*. P S. Muaket* with dint* and perenmonn lock*, llolatera, Helta, duelling and pocket Pixel*, line double and >in||le |ierru>ainn * ><1 aporliug liuna. Powder Plaak*. Shot llolt*. and other artiolt > in theaportiug In r, tollable for California and Mexican marker* J 1ST PITS MINI I'ES TOO LATRI-llotV OFTEN HAS ^ thh^hsppenei^alreadjr, and h<>w ofun may it happen mi ujing luflnd that the hum has just cue, and that by true time, you aro Just Ave minutes too lute! This shows most

centlusively, the value and impurtauce of having a eurreet time piece in yonr pocket, that you can depend up on at all time*. Let all those who travel or have hanking, -nails, or express busiue a to attend to, where live miutt to? or less may make a difference of a whole day, call upon the subscriber at enor, and uelcct from hie atock of tine Watches, oue of those elcgset end accurate time piece*. made bv ahoae oolc'-rated manufacturere, Lewie Samuel, Samnel Marnue, and Morris Samuel, which give moat entire ratlafaciion t.. those who have tbrui now iu uio. A. T. t.'Ot IIKANE. Greenwich street, NSW EMBROIDER!**.?l'EIKK KOt! KRTR, J75 Broadway, has Juat reoeived new style I'aris capes, chemisette. Vafcnciennea collars, new style, at 12s.: embroidered handkerchiefs, with real lloniton borders. blackllonncintre. laces, lace veila. Valenciennes, Mechlin and Kugli.h Urn ad lacea, ruualin tiounciuK, hau ls and trimming*. la e and muslin curtains; also, from auction, muslin curtains at $.1 Ml per pair, usually sold ai $ft 00; dra|?rv muslins 2s. per yard, wi rth 3s., colon d white figured muslins, in dress puttcrur, $2 SO, usually sold at RAtM. Hosiery, gloves. Jte. Ease and coufobt for tender feet?tiie Fanuua-L'oriuu. or Leather Cloth, for boots an I shoos, uow so generally used in England and Prance, is offered to the American public, whom the proprietor solicits to tost ite eupenor properties over any luud of leather. Tlnnr adrantayvs ere, the softness and elasticity to the in >st seusitive parte of the feot, combined with the durability of leather.? They never draw the feet, nor get hard and crack. Onu trial will be sufficient to prove their virtnes. R. GEO. IIALL, 2"?l Rroadway. C1 LASS SHADES! ULaSS SUA DEM i glass SUAUEsltl ?A complete aeeorituent constantly on liund, euitahlr for clocks, vaace. wax work, and other ornaments. Also, a general assortment of Freueh, English and German Fancy Goods, at wholesale. J. DEKAISME* & Co., Importers., nb William strcot. A ARNOLD ft CO, M CANAL b TKKET, NEAR Broadway, are new opening their entire importations by the steamers Washington, Cambria and Cuun la, aimng which will be found many new and fashiouable goods adapted to the present season. City and ont of town buyers, both wholesale and retail, are specially invited to give our stock a careful inspection before making their iiuruua-??. Many toods are now reduced much below early spring prices, urge lots of I'arie Embroideries selling at a groat sacrifice from cost of importation. Artificial flowers and straw ronnktsw holrsale and reiki), at low iriove fur cash, nt K < 'II IthIOFHEM'8 New Store. IM William street, between Mprucu ami lleekman etreete. N. II. Wax Beads at wholesale privies. Br .MAUl'IRE. DENTIST, SUCCESSOR OF THE LATE Jobs Burdell (with whom he wae formerly aaeociaiod), eoutinuee the practice of the dental profeaeiun, an usual, at No. 2 l'ah n I'lace and Square, corner of Fourteenth etreet. RITT1 K AM) CLARE, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS in Hrandiee, Wine*. and Segare, have removed to M Murray etreet, where tney are prepared to eupply their triende with all the various Hrande, at the unit time thanking them fur the very lil-eral patronage which they have already extended. C. ril l ER, (!. D. CLARK, '.i.1 Murray etreet. Roofing?goodwin'b patent cement sueathing ie a permanent eovering f >r making tin, sine, or shingle roofe tight, done for SH eente per foot. New roofs ol roue's planks eusered for 4ff eente, end warrsntod. This roofing ie wall adapted for Cadifornia Uoueee. aud ie now mean fact u red tn suit that climate, by B. goodwin, L2i Canal corner of Laurens street. Paper and other materials, for pmototypio Portraits, are sold by Madame BEHIT1A WEil.NEKT, 62 White street. CORNELIAN RING S. ?MX) DOZEN. FOR SALE BT VICT?R BISHOP. r< Maiden Uue. up staire._ DOGGF.TPS NEW YORK CITV Dl KECIOKF. (ESTABliebed in 1M2.) Office, M Liberty etreet. WOOL. TWINE. NAILS. MANILLA, MSAL AMD HEMP Cordage. Seine. Sail. Wrappiug end Manufacturing Twine; Shim Thread in every variety; OillmX Thread, ktc., Ac., fur rale by CEIiRA b I I MI NO. IM Pearl street. Lamps and cirandolks-tiic subscriber wuald direct public atteatiou to bis large end esteneive ussor'mrnt of (.irendolcs, Solai Lamp*, Chendeliers, of the latest and moat fashionable pet terns ch> spur than any other store la this any H. S. RKILI.V K'-i Canal etroet, b 157 Greens jab etreet. THE RATIONALE OF CHEAP PBICES.-IFE COULD take yoa a aa uapreta ding store iu a vouewuat disgy lookiag ststat, where rents nre mod, rule, and show yon n tiedcsmnn who niakrs no " splash l,ut giv< s hi* ooaslant personal attention to every de.ail of Ins busiiH.e-and astonish yon with the stream of enstom m.niiuually pouring in. W e allude to the beet and cheapost geatlemea's Root, shea SI d On as re 111 the city -JONES S, II inn sir NO! It E -THE FOREIGN BALT COMPANY ARE NOW prepared to furnien the very heat quality of foreign Aalt, gr< nnd < <|.ies>ly f.,r dairy and family use, and put ap in every stvle suitable for the trade. All orders eeui hy mall, ? evife.wim-. rieo.plI/ ailed. Their Works are u> Eae' -S?V. foot of Iselaney eireev Now lore. BEST DIAMOND PENCIL* FOE LTTEOQEAPHEES,; alee, glaeiers' diamonds at fl to g| Mia 1 pieee. Sold ky PHILIPPE IIENI.B. ptij Dnane etrori, Jd floor. To he seen from 7 te t In the morning, tad frem I to i la the aftereeea. Alexandres patent ARTIFICIAL LEECHES are safer, mneh elvaapnr, and cause lv*e peia to the patient than the repulsive leeeb. They er- Baal I era kid, and will last fortrar. If properly need. Far tele at all tlve principal druggiata: wholeeaia depot at Vlrtnr Bishop's, Zl Maiden lens I v Mill KT A I.ETiNDKI. f|To STAIF OFF 11 k K ^ OF I. MFUKM CORPS ) >K 1 sale, a fall dreta Uniform Coal with smhruiderea collar and safe, ehapean, ens alettes. aignilletla, be., may ha even ky sailing at Ns. MIX Mroadwav. second store The mTbTerious bnocbintis explained They proceed from Ike numter of pereeas e..annually knocking at my door, each holding out a dollar, end #tclaimias aloud, ina ma that precious pamphlet ef Tevlvvtree'e which teaches Lew to aceomplieh e fsmily six wook'e wash tvf. re I reakfert, without robklug er poaadtng. reqwiree an macblae, no extra waa.'iia*. uUanls. aad may ta Iated by a pvrsaa af Ike ineeueet ce|mcity. The material it et.eeper than soap may I* ol tained every wh- re. and la act rampoeed ef nay acid, terpentine, rami lieae. or any swb aire of a Si.mrsoalila sS, r or istiui. . oualltles. Ills tirmnitd not to injure the meat delicate febno. The plea waa originally Intended only for e* elothae, hnt hy mere noeident, the particular* nf alnhliiie tore lire fly adrertlaed, It ha* keen dlteorerad tliet 'lie eitler, after aiilunt the elethae, will, If employed la hnnae el< name. eere more then half Ihe labor, nuo el'lli* eoaj now i.**.| f?r the 1'iirj'ar. The llliietiioa* ehrmlet l.tehig dlwoeered the eeerci, and mid It te Ihe preaent prof liner, for t </'*' Tale tine lee r*eeleed ihe pe-renare of th rronaed haade of grope and ihe I'rreldoat of thla rrpul.lie. It ie need In Ike hntpftalr of Kngland, Irr lend, .H.mlaud. at I Prance, and all the pal lie effiou and Inelltenona < ( the tailed itntea. laelnemg the N.w Vorh l ite II. epttal New Vorh (Irphea Aet Inm, New York Aeylom rnr Aped I'emnlee. Ilea. Taylor wtlteeae follower?"It le a moat 'wnaAriel dieeoeery nlrh yon anaoonoa7. Tayl-r Qaeea Vtetoria'a leaondmae wtltee ea fell.we "Toar proree*. and tyo imraiaf, hare hrei cakmltted 1a her Majrrty, and moat her deemed appreenl. It le now pnraoed tn all the lanndrtee of her Mejrety'e boaerkold."?Mane flnahard. f'hlef Laiindrewe In th* honaehold af far Mel-.t j tjaern VIclafM. The New Vorh Trtkane, of A|>rtl 111 h. [hrttl, amy a:?"Ttt'O w<a<ad la waahlog will fad II worth a trial." The ' hriniee latellrene r eayer?''Mo hnnaewtfe ehoald ha wlthoat i'." The New Vorh t>eily Ledg. r eaye "Vr- tn per*?ael eaamination, we feel free to aay It eacele anything of 11.- kind." The Kahway (N J.) Keett'er eat e :?ft iearridedly the areata at uinoat iy of the day." The ralrfaa < Yn. | Newa <ar? -"lfi haee triad It?all the rwhMeg la dli|<aa>d wtah. eat the el it hoe are hot tar wathrd than by the uanal way." I refer at*# te the fellow tne elert jrm*e ? her M . fltai t Iteyn, I tot,la' Terry, V. V. her. Ilr. K rhiarri- h. Kinaooa. N. J. her. II I lime td, Kid, <-neld,r?an. Her A. It l'all..ah, Warren'nwn, Va. Iler .tr I'll'her, < ohoon, N y Her I. H. Johneoa, hew Cerltele, Okid. Her J t? . Pit. her. lint tone!lie N V. Her. Dr. Harm. od, I ttper Alton. III. tee fir. Idlto, Menkinrton. N. J. and meat more. The original* of the eknee tewtlaeoalela. tad baeeraa* ef ntharn. with ape. lmrae ef wanhtwt may he ln>|? < ltd gratia. Printed laelrnriiona, all that la ae .a.u>, fetaefl.may he ohtnlned. on irndaethe per-nnlly or ty letter, poet paid, la* II TWkl.VRTRKK. Hoom It, Ne. Ml Neaaen atroet. New V?ah. C'Al lliaN IO Tlik Fl Vi i>~ TIIK itKRk r t'lil'tl-a Inrlly f Lyan'e 'Magnetic I' wder* " I r the doatrneti-n f tedtegn, e?< ktoerhre, mothe. ente, fleee. Wee, end inoe-ia eei plaele. and all other inneofe, hoe or- intend .art am part tee la prewar* apart' "e artirlon. naid -.(tar tnent, andor eariowa der. a. (net lea*. for aaio. Tew of Ihene Indirtdnale daraol to fire their <a.p?aitl?ae eat aa "free of polena." The proprietor nf the ort. laal article he-, in thla ei.y, only the oeder ealleaad eyaate, mad Ihr prtn"inal lin l le al Itf'ndway. where nine may he oMataed I'ille for '.he tnetea'anwee doatrortlon of rata and mlro Noih erll'lae are nrraawd free Of p. la. n and tl.olr eflicnev haa keen triad ky the followlag ft alio at eat? D It flanrd b<|., Irving Ihraa. < . linen h Hetiek, Alter lluaee. H. Thayer ?' >* ear, Re. p. Int.- ?f Amotieaa flotaL Proton II. Modgoe to>| I erlt 'n Borneo J. I.. Noome, Te.|. Ptiporlaiendrn' of N. V. Iloeptlnl. Talaiilaa Molt. M. D., Profuang ?d Prweldaaat of the N. T Modloal A< adernr. aad many of the moot eminent phyotrlnn* la the elly. ft haa aim reeeOeed the trek (reaiaa e# the Amorleaa faetttwte. ?. _ . _ acarre New l orh - M*eora. A. ft ? It Pande. ltd) Ta'lam Mraet Meoere. Pel .elTella. Ilrothera It Te., I'M Jnhe atroak. Merer* Ureenleaf h Klnealey. I.t Coar'laadl ekreek Moure A .Tfaef fteurwer Ninth .eaaee and Tweely-Hret eareat. If KorT. 7CA Broadway. Hernia lr**Hy?-(i h Ami e*mer H*nry aad AtlaaMa eea hroohlya- Mr. IIore. ify Telton .'rut. ?... " n. ,1. .p., Wajrne "a T. Kf h M Mnnaon, r. St Urn rnp'-e a If, W. T. Fal in.i.ra?Pnlk % (?,, MarnafrTa hnllftinra. ri lln?i.|rhl*- Mr |;a?rl??na. iw.mar T*alh aaft t'eatae tea ft *n?. haanri- Mr. Hirrt. Mark" ntrant. C|ftrtl>naa?-?) t Thnmaa. WW Main at mat. N<*>i k It,, ckatl?i??- M Inhra. Orlraaa? Irrmlt.a ft Cfti " ? ?.. 4. WrUia ft c*. St. Ionia? *" ,<! ?.r,| ft ('a fte*Mt'<ehe,_|, Implnia ftlta. aaftna?Baa llailn'a ft ? ?.. nnft thalr >?K w?aa. Tbe ?' aaia* artialaa ?ark vtlhia Baa lainutaa afi?r apfttteetina. than ??? M; will ?anilv Bad oat iaf?i>l?aa I. iTfln "" ftr?aft?a? UK i UftHI k- a I M'K > W ft T K ft C It ft ft MlftHLIMiackT, D *T >?araiatt' a. a tan ft. MT'Mift MBsrftaTH'l I.V IMi'Kks Hln rftlftMtr aaft aha pa h||., that ha haa hnootaa a?a?r af 'ha la tW Kaaftlan' M ?i-r Cam Ra'nhli.hman'. at Han. a?1ll?. l?a aa? ball aiilaa from lha ttnrlhaaa' a Ktilrnaft IVpat.aaaaa b?>e re rtfte f <-?aa Ma* Tavk. aha at Baa fr-ftn ft^at-a. aaB Tr?m ftlhaat. eitaateftla aaa ?f tkf plaannri t-at najlane a? fa* Ractaaft. nwrranaftaft aim vnaft trial Mlla aa<t abaft) aalka. an ft ehaaftaatle an apt i aft al?h lha pa: a?fteet an< anMnat jrraalte aaiar Tb? air la ftnae aaft health?. aaft tha aUatata lailft aaft aatreeabla The aaw aaft aaantnne hmlfttaaa ^*ar all tha aaaaaalnaaaa far waver aara |>wrp. ana, aaah aa Inrtn plana* hatha, ftraahaa. aaft air? l-ftam# r-a># faa abaal M?? natlaata aaaanu r.raither ?n?. asytanaalaan fta. Tha ftaawir kaiaa aha arHnt. aa* lirlae fttawtftt. <f Prlaaaalu. al <la?t??rar*. ?? ka*taa aa rparlnn.n at aanra thaa eftaaa yeeae ?f Me e*a. hia wrltinan aa vataraarata- . aa la lha baafta at aware ftar.i~*? hwnreeaM). h,.??n ?. rw naaft la aaa waeaaaala ..a r*-m tha at**? rata J aetaat atafta *a the ?art nf 'h-aa ?n(b??nr? ??? mae.'nftfta , tbeiaaetnea ta Mai. Tha aat*hl|aam??t ia aa* A|wa T>t I fan! <-f ftat'taalata. |>l?*?e ?wl? la "?t ?'>?' aft Iran* AMimCMKNTS. BOWEET theathe ?satl'hoa y evening, eat II. will be wixl 1 ho famed PUy denominated TllE KINO OK TllE COMMON*?Kin* Jam** Stb, Mr J. ; Hr A ii a in Wair, Mr. Gilbert; Ou?r*e Walr. Mr Malenlm Tula*, Mr. Pope ; Ulrd " onll. Mr. Winans, Malalino M'lir, Mr* J. Wallack.Jr : Widow Barton. Mm Br?adley T? coneIoda wlih the morlinr droina of VICTORINE? Ali" j or lira. Mr Lester; Mielmi I, Mr. j. Iit.rn , Mr II >nanni<, r Gillart; Blaise, Mr. H'inau*; Mucatre, Mr. S. ? n .-ir; VieOrire, Mlee Wemya*: KH*e. Mm. Il-i-bert. Dour* w-ll ot.ea at 7; ?ba curtain will riaa at 7* o'oli^k. Draaa Circle *1*0 : n?rnn<l Tier. Yic.; Fit. I2y. National theatre, Chatham street.-*ati'hday cveaia*. Mai II. th* performance mil r .tnmonee villi (he let and I'd aria of IRELAND AS IT ls-K;i:;:-l I'td. Mr. Harney Williams: Dan OVamlaa Mr. Tilt m; Jndy 4i'Fia*lierty. Mra.Cha| inau; Honor. Mm. Isiicrwnod. Tube fi ll' aed by tba farce ot t'se 1IAFFV MAN?I'addi M iroliy, Hr. II. W illiainr; Ram Runty, Mr. Herbert; Ko K*t, M,., l.cckyrr. Afitr which. the drama of tha LIMEItlCK HOT? 1'iidilv Milra. Mr. B. William.; Ih.etor Coato*. Mr. p. Taylor, Mr* Fidget, Mr. U. Chapman. To conclude wiib tho pnpu. l*r farce of the PHANTOM 1IRE SK FAST?Mr. D.<p.rly, Mr Ilerler'; Mm. Daaparly. Mi?? Smith. 'IMlKATKK A8TOK PLACE.? LESSEE A.NI> MANA1 *er, Mr. Chaa. Baca.?Saturday even in*. May II, ilio perf< rinance will commence w ith linlwar'a popular play of the LADY of LYONS?Claude Ualnolta, Mr. Naalio; Col. llama*. Mr Baa*; Kraus.aiit, Mr. Addaum; Paulino Dea< hapellee. Miaa F. M. Buret; Widow Dc.iehapellee, Mm. Droit. To conclude aitli Sliak*pruro'* oouiedy of TAMING 'I HE SIIRKW?Pctmchlo, Mr C. Mmon: (Irumio, Mr. Ila**: ltapti*ta, Mr. Litiall; Uortanaio. Mr. Groavenor; Katharine, Mrs. McLean; liianca. Mi** Flynni Curtis. Mr*. Dyott.? Ovora open at 7; to ooniuieuoo at 7H o'clock. Boaaa and Per.met Mle.: Alnnliitlicatrc. Me. (ABKISI V'SMINSIHKI.S -MEI IIANIOS' HAM* NO. iVl J Broadway, between Grand and Broome strums?Monday, fay 6th, and every night until further notloe.?The anginal end well-known Christy's Ethiopian Opera Troupe, the Kret established and oldest organised band in the world, comprising n company of twelve performers, under thu dire. tion ?f E. IV Christy. They will havo the honor of giving their or.ginsl and inimitable entertainments every night nntll further notice. Admission 2S cents. Doors open at 7; Coni-ert will oommenee at H o'clock. An aftarnom Conoart on Saturdays, commencing at 1 o'clock. I*. M. ISO MANAGER* or T1IE4THE3.?MISS CHARLOTTE Cnaliman takes this method of informing managers thioughout the United States and the Canadas, that her agent. Mr. W. Corbyn. is fully nutlo.rited to negotiate engagemtnts for her. Ail lettere{ pnruels and communications for Hiss < ushmau, may la adnrevred to her, to the . are of W. CORBYN, Dramatic Agent. 4 Barclay street, New York. HAKNI.u a CHINL8E MU8KIJM, 53U bKOA D W A V, IIEtween Spring and Prince ttrevts.?P, T- Beruuyi, Proprietor and Manager. Otis million Chineae urinsitiee. Another noek, commencing May 6th. Visiters will enjoy a bei ter opportunity of beholding the Chinese Lady and suite in the day tune, In consequence of the room being so crowded at night. The Chinese Lady and suite, tie in number, are ao highly flattered with the kind reception thev have met wuh, that they havevonroutod to remain at the Mntuutn one wevk longer. The Chinese family consists of Mi>s PwenV. koo, the Chinese Belle, with Feet 2'? inches lung; Mies Lum-Akum, her attondanl: Mr. Son-Chime, a professor of music. Miss Amoy, a pretty little girl of eeven: Master Ainoy, a tine little fellow of live : Aleet Moag. the interpreter. Voral und instrumental music avery hour during the day and arming, by the Professor and the rest of tha family. Open from 'J A. M., till 10 P. M. Admission 23 oents; children soder in. half-pries. JAMES M. JUNE kCO.'S AMERICAN AN I) EUROPEAN Amphitheatre, corner of Eighth street and Aetor Plaoa. ?Last wevk of the season, when all the distinguished artiste eoniieisiug the French Troupe will appear, together with Wellett. the original jester, and the fullest and most lalvntid coinpaav of Equestrians svar in Nsw York. The whole being under the direction of Jaines Nixon, Equestrian Manager. Doors open at TV; to Oominsncs at I o'clock precisely. Admission?Boxes 23 cants; Dress Circle 30 oeatai Private foxes, (I ; Children under 10 years ol age. half priee. Heals may be secured by applying at the boa oBoe, between the hours of A. M. and 2 P. M. N. B.?A grand purf' rmanre every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing at 3 o clock. American dramatic fi nd association.-the euiiual aeneral meeting of lite members, to eloci Of fit I'rr for th? ensuing year, will he hold in the Greeu Room of the Broadway Theatre, on Monday nail. May 13th. Thn attrntiou of member* 1* directed to the following rule :?" So mrtnlrr tan he eligible to rnte unlee* hi* arrears of subscription tod Hue* be previously paid up." JOHN It Kt >( Gil AM. Secretary. C"A HAND VOCAL AND I N STKI'M BNT A I. CONCERT? A Hignor J. (iuidi, ha* the honor to announce to his nailrul friend* and the publio, that his Farewell Concert, prcrioa* to his departure for Europe, will take place at the Apollo Salt on, on Wednesday evening, Muy the lOth, upon which oocaMon he will he assisted by the most eminent roeal and instrument itl talent in tb* city. Full partioulursln future advsrusainrn t*. Novel exiiiiiition. of an entirei.y oriqinal series *f Pictorial Development* of th* Young World.? 'I he most msguitirent set of Sculpture Illustrations ever presented to the notice of the discerning public?painted by George llielge painter of the eelehratrd California Panorama. Thii truly splendid work will open for the season, at the large and rlrgant New Assembly Room, Chambers street, adjoining Burton's Theatre, ou Mouday lTiling M>> 1Mb Doors open nt half-past 7, commence at H o'clock In addition to th* ahote cxsmpliRcatiua of the Antediluvian World, which forms i continuous history of many ayes, Willi M i in* Figures, Storms, Sunsets, Moonlight, Ac., thorn will also he evhlhited a Wtimltl of Dissolving \ lews, Moves' la an I Changing Figures, of a new and superior construction? hy H. De lleust?illuminated hy means of the Itude Lijlit, in Lanterns nf enormous |>oust and brilliancy. Mr. P. 11. Vandrr Weyd* will preside at the .Polian Piano Forte, a tcant if si I listrnmrnt, from the eelehrated manufactory of T. Gilbert A Co., Boston, New York ware-rooms, 447 Broadway. 7 Isfct i-DmsIs; children half pries. A liberal arrangement ii tide with schools. PANORAMA SALOON. COKNER OF LIS PEN A H D AND Broadway?(Exhibition Free.)?Th* I'lnorinia |> so* In fall sysrttisft, tad tb4 tsMttfu classts Oil Paintings oi original anMeete now exhibiting, should h* seen by every lev*r of the Ins arts. Th# two Yoauooa oannot he equalled hv any foreign artist living at the pr">ent lime, the Greek Slave I* too well known to reqnlr* eulogy. iiniMui. UNION PLACE HOTEL, NEW YORK. T1IIS ESTABLISHMENT, SIfDATED AT tiiE CORN ER of "roadway and Fourteenth street. 1 Union Par's) having a front <>a the Park of 131 few*, and 4A rest ou Broadway, was computed and opened eighteen months since. It in tlisilly situated on high ground, and In a desirable and fashionable neighborhood, fronting on one of th* aaoat bcautifn' , yrks in the eltv, and I* replete with every poeviM# owveulear*. It la tfirldcd into suits af apartments for families, and large and airy rooms for single gealleiasn, all newly foruiehed In a style of great Inanry and elegance. Each suit of rooms ba* a bath and othdr enter conveniences eonseelvd with It, nnd la lighted with gas. Thare ar* also separata hatha fsr single gesllrmen on each tour. The I..rati. n is unenrpaased for health, and sen h* reached In IA to ft minutes from tb* lowor part of Ik* city by th* ears *f the Harlrm Railroad and omnibus**. oaeh of which pan* the door every two soiaatee during th* day and evening. Th* prornvtor pledse* himself that hi* table shall a-t be ?u spumed y ary hotel In th* eouatrr. and it will daily aff rd svary eitriely *f luxnry which ran oe had in the markets. U* ha* X. S lull supply of the host wiuo* In svsry vanity. His thargvs are th* same a* those at other Brat rlas* hotels, and he respectfully solicits lb* patronage of families and inhvlduala visit iag th* ftty, an* i hv i revelling public generally. J. C. WHEELER. Bnl* Proprietor. i 'II, i \ s- ? EST POINT U*-'TJUo-TUJt INPIKNIGN" ?d has th* plensiirr te inform Ms friends and the pnblie that having fomplelsd numerous additions and improvemsntt in his astshliahmvnt, the ho*** will be opened f ir th* rt * * pi io i of von pany on Monday nest. th. Llth insi sol he is now prepartd to mnk* arraafemsata w||li families for th? season WH, H OUZ/.tNN. It sst Point. Ms y 9, p-ftO 1MIE NATIONAL HIIADKH, NO. IB IIIGII NTH FIT. Brooklyn, near Fulton strost, hy Bidaty Ntook*. Int* of lbs Brooklyn Hhndse. rospactfully inform* til* friends that he has lately remmeaesd aa abors, sad shall be glad t* so* them. Aa or dinary daily at I u'eloek. Also. rarsMt*. poaohod eggs. Shop* and steaks at all hour*. Th* National, a* regards vestllatloa and sedans* In th# enmmrr #* #*< n, Id ensorI h*Mli b? ah f hiiata a t Km irmla Tks ,.nliakr* M MlIB 4*y* ?irt It'll 7s a'?l**h. it Ik# ?"li?iiaUua tF May Irlrtda that ?r..*? t? Brook I) a for frath air. INNIIKAIICBI. Owmrin t MiNCANTiLt imn inrcrancrco. <i n all tirtai ?la Mthrailji *iih th# if|tiilll?t of I half horttr, ih# #<>?i*aux anhaaii ihn ?..|lowia? ttataaaal Aoi"tnl of l*r. niium- B"l mark til off A prill, I *4*. 4X12.4*7 W Ain tn of Prtmmmi " poli?la# i**?*4 from J4 April. 1*44 M April. fw? IJHWI Tttal a??aat nf Prominm* fl.Ht.Rff TV Th? ?n??*l of Promlnm# awkol if larilf U>? y?ar a* ah?*?. aaat? On Mafia# Rt.k* .. 4l.llfl.444 ! fa lalaaf i r *a*|-rial ion ni,4 Narration Riaha 777. H.43* an $i i-wioM it Um latin PnAiiai 7m* m Ianin* I ramitai far th# 4I.II4JM4 M Pa>4 Anriaa th# *oi4 |tn?4? For Martat l>?? ... 4477 ''I J R for Inlan4 ha#i?aivaa l/oa>?a .... 17.441 ft Ra- ia?".cano*, o?>aimla*t"a fa'arttt. Ho**** h*4 Anita, (loot rata (TaaaMwalj 141.17*11 *&.?"! M rroauia Mflaiaad.,., ...... |W,MM Aa.nnt of oamlnA* of I A7 '* 4# 4a. IMA MM. II* ,7 4a. 4a. 1*44 ?.;?' * 4a. 4a. 1MB Ian. I*4 <? Total far four yaar*. 17411.IK! 44 Th* < '-nip#*? fnrthor r-|?rt that that ha?# at thll 4ata ah* Mloalot oa**ia. tla-? ln.**'*4 la t'aito4 Utatoa In oaf *4a far aval Ma t* .. HU M* A H I la raarlrakl* 717. ! < M raah on* aaaanla4 alaiatt la ha *laaa4 If *aah araotaa 79,Via 44 fatal Ataata ...................... 4l.'?*>Al* 'M Th* Traaiaa* hora 4o*lar?4 a 4!t|<laa4 / I araatyrhr** f*f m?i - a 'ha aat *ara*4 frtaaiaatt *f ih* aaat far. papohl? 'a a a?4 ofttr th* t?taa4 Mea4af (a May nail Th* Traaiaa* hat* alt* r**n|T*4 la ft a an lai*ra*i *f *11 yai I *tt a* IM oa?ail af Ilia **r' ihoal*a t*lhi<rl>*4 4* h* ioaol la April 1*4*. *a4 la April. 1*4*. I* Ih* hol4*r* ih?r?<< or in i.h#4r local r*praa*atall*aa, ..a and aftn ">a 14th of May aaat Alt" thai Ih* **rtlA*ata* af , r .*< I*. *a*4 la I'll, with Ih* a. r#?ia? latar**! th*T*"h. a* Ml* t* aha**, .>* an4 aftor Ik* IHah 4ay of daa* a*at. *a4 that Ih* lai-raoi ih*ra*a ahall ***** fr*aa thai 4ai? Aa4 that o'nr In* p*yan at of th* l**n** nf **rlj> nf |A*A. I *44. an* l"'*> Afty p*r ?*% of ih*fn'?r* oaralaa* of th* ooapaay ahail h* r?ri'?d. aalll ih* oapttal of th* oeaipnny aanala I* * ?>! M*a ' 4ollar* By *r4*r of th* Roar4, CHARMER WRIPOOMR. l?#r*ta?f " a? Tama. Apt*I RHh. I**| fuorph Maltar, Cyra* Parti**, Pi- " * llnai, Moraiaa Rotor, J an... f r?I*n4. Chart** B. I *rf*l*m. Hoary *ha!4M. U'i"a Hookm*. >l.yn.** A. h'.ltoa, l>aoi?l O. fla-iIaaA. ?."-..* o. Ilaei, Uil Cart. "- art C. Martk, Da?l4 I- *?7T*. 11 art ia**, H*ary A. flin**, C M A R*44*ra, 4"ha Rt*?ar4. ft. I*.il N. ?f"f?r4, O R. Madihy. fl?pin***i rookaa. 0*or** II P*lf?> ; i.*rl** Payaa, /* * T., I haft-. H Vaan. _*? l ijJBaalii. JJ, _ w Ilium Will. *inn?r^ mgviov. 4 Itn ? * R??<l Wlrn WAT Itrw PrnMAak. I.I W 1A <lRtl?>ir. Pr*.l4?at. gt.l.WOOM H A I.TBI. M T.M-l'r^MA IJP Nprr'^r. Aa?f?'ArT | I MAI Ik ?l A t M l V All* * AN I III , i U ?!?<> K AHTAHr. * ?r*l| i?.i i# A?rta I arkt an 4 mil ?a r mmlMtta. 0??ll ? "? A MI'INAI. FIKriN-l MAS. It oar ANT. * * All KIWI, T?rk. AO. Mat. 14*11 -TIia IWaH a/ I .r~<*rT ka?a tklt 4ay 4aaIat?4 a 4lTi4?a4 ?f raht bat KA. r*tA?la *a aa4 Aft a? *A'?r4?r tha lltklaat fl?A w ?? >1 aIaaaA aalll I Ilk la?taal. ? III I tit; NIX I s |.| v I , k INAI'KAM t ' "M J?y.? " ? Batta, I>ba , oaa.tal $.??.<on n?r?*. lAMk> k.tA?AT?4 ifAmx 4*ath '] ft.-.- ?r ?w,t..i, ht*...' ai?ta4 a4*aria. J a. AaAnMB, Tl. Tartar. R. r ?*- %.*. W VAlTat.a* A. Mfirls PfAOAAal. I\ C IT ?.? t^rntarf. <;kaa W|Ha. T. A., Ia.t?m^t Am>H?at'k" ??t lAAATHa'A IW"t??4 At tkA %f?nrf t)4l?,.7 Alll Mrrr- ?.? T?rk; kT J I Tat l?r 41 r l>?4M- " Wr .".k. I?a; I? I.taty r t??va. fttk ?n? K.ii, M iVliAlitctii^ ajsqs >? DIOASViY THIUflt. -f. A. MARSHALL. SOLS JLJ I.MiM.-n?Ra|i i.f Mr* Pirren. -Saturday ITmmiUMg Hay II. will be performed the papula" piny o*IN the LAD7 Oh LYONS?CUndt M Ino * Mr. D.ot|: Col. i>?OM, Mr. O. II. Barrett; Beau?eHiit, M?. Fredericks; Peoline, Vvi* Fniten; Mine. Deechupelle*. Mm. Hull; Widow JfelnotML Mrs. A Knight \f *r hich ?he niw ,rand f)irerti^n#av fr< m i. h I Li a I'M K TKIJ/* A'lui \ Kiiuvri Ciooe*. To e? fit de with Til K HON I \ M?'lN-Mule Ammo. Kr. Droll; Con nt Mental'm* Mr. S usrt; Juliana, hfri. Parr'tn. Drea# Circle und Parquet, 3?le. . Family and lord Cir*!*#. ?5e*j tlal^ l'rv I2ke Ho?.r? ? 7?n. qontmenM at 7^ o'eloek. NIBLO'S HAIIDUN.?T IK PKOPRIETOR OP TOT? elegant estaMnhiuent respectfully iiif<>ria? the public of New York (hit In- Summer S???*. ?? will eommtmo ob 3L mlay. 3. iv 13th KVi. Original piece*and the noveltlo? of the da., ? II rapidly pr?inc.,l. The folU wia< la Ilea aad gentlemen a-- already ?,/. f. d:? Mr Brougham, Mr Chip* pendale Mr. U aleot, Vr. I sue. Mr II B Philips. Mr. Coo* land, Mr. Florence, Mr. I ..t? ! cr. Mimi Mary Taylor, Mre. Brougham, Mas Connvor. lli-f IViluiat Mies E. Taylor, MM Lysicr. Miss Tsylcur*. Mr. Nr ikinm-n, Mi John Sefton, Mf? ( ooover, Mr. Loach. Mr. Rryii'dils, Mr Tavlor, Mr. Thomson, Wr Ijikr. Mr*. Vernon, Mr- J. (late Watts). mim Kicklnson. Mies llnrfun, Mr-. Everird. Mine Dean, MIhh Bar* nard. A new piece, written exiirc?*ly for this n*tablish<nent? will 1? produced on the opening ni^ht. M umr.-r-. -Meoera* liroofrhiiUi a. t 'hipp^ndaU. Tickets, to all parts of the houset. Fihjf Cents. ^ OrKTliN S TUI'ASKK. CliAMUKK- .STREET. -KATl'RmJ ?oy evei.inp; May 11 h. the performance will continence 5. "? drama of tU KKNT DW?dartiu tiey wood, Mr. C larke; 7why lfcy wood. Mr. J nluu; Crumbs, Mr. Andrews; Silver Jack llr johae'm . B..|lfr.y. Mr. Burton; Knelirl Heywood, Mt?. H11 seel 1; P?llv ?r e_Mies Chapinao. To eoa* elude with the very p p ' ?r cmiimIv, in three ac*?, of the hKKIOCS KAMI ly?4 i*ri** r.nvu*. Em.. Mr. C. W; Clarke; Captain Murphy M*guir?, Mr. .1 .rlan: Mr. Aininadab Sleek; Mr. Burton; lndj Sowerhy ? ?*-.ah,1.-? . Mrs. Hughes; mr0. Charles Torrevi*. Mr* Uu- .! \ir<. Oria.hy Delaine, Misa Chapman; Graham. Mis- Alderman. OLYMPIC.?PlEKt ?> ilNMKl.iA-rHI OKlUINAl Pouipey late of Cbriety'e Miusieels, 444 Uroedaay, be* tween Howard and Grand sr.*.?Kv?ry evening during tbl week.? Oeora open at 7 Coi?? ?rt ?t J o'clock. The nuvsltiei introduced by f. U. Pierce in his style of Eth*ot?ian purfor* manors. and which have >????,, received ?aoh night with th# most decided marks of spprowro.u oy crowded audicnooo* has stain pert them ?* beins ?h? 'ne plus ultra" of uegro eutcrtaiuments Afierio.?u imrforinainiee Weducsdays aa4 Batnrdaya. Doore ?|eii si *s. mien at 3 o'clock. Adi&ia* ion 'ZA cents hr??hi'?trn Vs- : l??n?at.e ho*e? %X 13he neb ok lea n > mi k e n a dc k s.?messrs. Suaine. Kaitier. 4' 11? .- Knu t-s, Ole Bull. Burke, and Sand ford, he/ i^|e< ?o?h ?,. n.fwrro their friends and the puhlic, that the cuime* 10.i? with Dr. C. D.Brown and the Opera II on so. Philadelphia. h?- reused, from April 29 th# and all communication,, hereafter will he addresjed "Swaine, Hainer, gmdf rd ^ ? .... New Orleans go ran ad era." N B. The N O S w ill upper * Itos'i.n, Monday May 13| and from the first of June the Men.Id will announce, month* ly. when and wl re we perform the* the pnMio tn^y <uard against any other comp ?n v su nmini thsntaiof New Or* leans Sersnader-' Ctpee* Ton'i? Magical>ion> r.xpl%ined.?dh. du.vcorahe's Chemical .1 <1 Mechanical Im?vu(m, at the Socie* ty Library Lveiuro It. iu. Broadway, to comiucnoe om Monday evenm?. May l '. nii.i c..i.ri?ni? ?v?ry evening daring the week.? le cture- on the Phil.,...p'.y of Auisnlilic lioorea* lloai lU tbe ? idsrfsl !? s ?f t hi professors .1 I. I :erde* mam, or Conjuring, p**rfnrmed an I a x pi allied?resolvixl into their (.heino al. Pneoinu i?al and Mechanical ?loiuentf? Mnny new hi ith? n 1 > 1.. Kv j?. riim-n - now for the first ' ime in* troduc* (J. Any iht-? m can perform tho v?ri.?u*< feats aud ?x? poriment* from naving one* a' coded !>r !>.' Lecture*. Thw oniverral encomium* W?* ???% I < o ihe~e efforts. and lite ml* raculcudy m?r\? lion* imturc ?*| the reatlta obtained. earn* not f?il to astonish, while it lav* ?iw a store of valnable infornition. Visiter* to the renei ve -eats will he allowed to examine the mm liii'cr> cmpl yed, after the l<Mt?ro. l'rio?f of admission?reserved m-atc^ if *; b* ik maU, 2*? rente* Open at half-pa*' 7. ? at m precisely. Ticket* to be obtained at all the l?*M<iii<ir hotel* mid at the Society Library* Private Boxes. by add rewind, under cever, l>r. Duuooabe, Actor House Apollo ai. and in8Tri;menta& Concert, tole^ivrn ? ? J a .? ? W Perkins, on Monday, May l.'lth, 1nV\ a? ?I % Aj-llo l<ooms, Broadway, on whieb occasion the Ldlowfn ar il have kindly volunteered their valuable *t rrltnet? M '* Jul?* % --n I all, Sign or Rapstti. Mr* ffcharfeaLery. Mr Timm. and a iioartetta accompaniment* For programme, set ?mall bills. TicVete Fifty Can't, te bw had at all the principal hotels and Muair stores, and ai th* door on the nirht ?f the C nn rt, l>oors epen ai 7 e'elook, to commence at a preel ACA Ki>. ? hiAMM M?l ?t aNO^ i.KlHihl) TALENT, mailing a situation for (he next season at the Broad* way or Walnut Street Thea're* will please address (poet paid) L\ U. barmtl, Kr>ada*v Theatre, or P. Rluhinffe Walnnt 8tme' Theatre Whllsdefpnia. F i MiHsifALL. Proprietor. fl^kANELli* MUKKlk. i/f CttaldaM Ay CAKE?TWO r performance- every da;, in tha atteraoen at X and In Ikt enInn at half-poet 7 I* r??*r<Ht?*ry attractions for tblM week The M"del Ar?tet*" mil apj-var in some now IM original living pioturea. including Power's Greek ftlnvt, MAdam and Eve 'Vena, Ri-?*w from the Sea," pereonnliE by eotioof the U?t lormed Women lu the world, together Vilk the " Female Minstrels." " Female Arab Girls, 44 Tsenate Jugglers," ksrlsafiH <">no? ?u?? ??e.-y daaeee, with n varieiW of original entertainment* to k.- ?.. <.d at ou other plant ea transom**' in Now York Pri* ea ?' admission?StamsiftMk TTt^r VntM, % * oar i??e?te ?*t*? we**t* fcnse*. ftf EITALLHALI.A lii t A N A I >TKHE't POfFSMFUL CON* IT ccltration of attraction!' Two splendid performan sag every day. at S o'clock in the aft. rn and ft In tbe evening. Enaaycnient of ten nf t.he inoai t>?auttfnl Femal*#, who trill appear at the W'aHhalla The I rustle Herowadere. Ore hog tr^ II' 1 \ 1pal LAST WKkK an o.SA-w.v i >M* PANoeaMa OF a Voya?r to e.*rop?- <si- i. n?f) evening. ni iho oml Hail, Minerva Rao.*. s* Mroa<ii*ayf amkcnging fieri If Boetua, Livwrpowl. Ur 1 >a. o?.#h ? *?* of the Kt ver Eh Ian* adaiwioh 'dftoeufe. t'hd tr-u. ?* ?# thrive, |a CenLs. dwocs open at < ??moweer a* t\ * M As ?xbibig|g en w?4a*?l* ?e^ ,'iioir*i? ** ..*????. at *hca* TO ORG iNISl Oi - i I HO WOi LD AC* inire fneGity with he t edala i^re invited to examine A l'-l.. I 1*1 a?... ||. .in. ? M. .... m. i. A wlni<k can Li - j -* tindwr ftny modern pian?*, M?. fhnaJd'e l'ian? fi?naftet?*ry, .W Howry. ! w M ?? M f?r $75.ooet $rdk made |?> order f? r an 'irinl?? *?f t?. U ? * 'v . * OK.I.IMII A. nAHNiry Ml -M * r ?11. ?HU.-V T BAEu mi I'Ti rm i- i *. ?i M ? n i * r Henry Kenfnrd. A?i?? tnnt Mitiioiir.?Omi T"ii Tt?-1tut riri?*n*Mio in th^^oekM i'ltyl?Fuliv t^ rvnt *??> M?Mn*?SI?ed favor* UvtehoE DPoo the Sen nimi hi? "f- ?nd wlahing to eA? tiefy hip |>a'r"it? and ?h- j ? h* hove throneod the IS Uur? he Hop held donnr ?< ?.. ? ?r?*k, th? M?u%?<or, Ah print oapenre. lion ae-ured hi* - r\ t-*? f??r the prf*ent week; and i? I ?n > i?? *"n ?*' '"i- -"il1 ?t*v?*or in UOP O If T% I lilt ohl?t. mrf'r?n-<t hy th* Sencral near 'JOE mrhti in l..nd?n an* .?S.?r and In ?L >*? performance* which K??^ e*?it?d i'r ?..*.,i**r ?i.4 admiration oi Ihi w? rid Bn'la.U, In i ?? %. *! . The while luiapuf will apyoar in Oraai*, F?te* %r The innUrWa H* o?ltirf win rfvneral ?4??r-o'i**n * dmlttnooe, ?"? H?U; tfhildrea ?o4?v ??veee* i 'l Hlh - % . r % * M. I? !'. nl'ILDI M# ?IT! + ON rtifc -?.i \|> tt'lTIIIN FOIiTTf.%? BtiMMfoo rid- from* >' IU*M roi'r-.e l depot, ah Twe?t?-eev?nth Th? ri?or r* for *ale M| acre* of lard, whirl. f- r it man% '.aade-me bnil<i?i.| t^iiA togethor with It* hoof*hfoIrm?. end treat fMitliy of owroee end epreee to end fen. * ?*. *** # ! e4vaa?e?ee 10 ho attained AprS . ^ Ff" ?K|. * 7? F*OK Mlt KH T?< I t I in: ? ?H|T.N HOI-SB or J.kf I N r ?, .i'l, ka.i i' i" ' ? ..? ...!??,:?? -ii t.?h ?i4?s ol Ik* Maria* K*?ill " *l H 4v4 . ,, JnHM rt I'nWKx, R?i , ISI r,?l">a it. nt A It HAN r',<>! KM , \l Hit \ r K AAl.F. AI'BI* ttr*i '.Jtlii,.! n thr f ' ui'l In on o?rittl?rit n?l|hturti^od, mn>l Ollaw I" . wo.? ? ? no od (nr hnelnoon parnt tl e ftooiiie* Se 9' rm mi i'rrry l> p?>t, nneoM of the nwei onni r. |i o??*e fr??m tboHl|rt throequarter* of mu hour. Hf tr ! * o-d urni eoey. 75 per rent may remain ??? u.i?r i ?r ' m-r gVQ* & p^fohoeer^. kalMJlk.Md.a^ljr. A ? - . , a < HIU." ., A cir# t. alln,.. . wli-fa ?i re atari, with foil parti* ulor*. may S had |^oft*AiE-ii?>* ri.tvro PI tscddif rrmrini. * fnirht* lifl ! f-a I *art a eortlral Sr m4 apporafoa f* r ?? r ?! .r*. . mi* hialito' to ?! itiea ratine a*t?l raf*tt*r If ' - ?l -?f prortowe t?? the fHh Init . will Ie Set for-i * t a faqairo of JAMES rHO"1 1 I Re-tfclyn I (?HTMH tu i .? ?> TiTKN lUlMOk I t' I ?r - i ? f V r, l| i m *, ? .?*I, r n, i ? yl* *n<i Mlf Itmnl i.) I f. < i , 1 mi h* ku <ri|| I-* fat. >?m4. if r?.|... % | , < W? II RIPl.Kr. V ? L'I'K -Al l t nil HK-U'RNI B, r man. i,,- I .if /rn'S'l. > ? * h4 it.l<all?rl? ?. , if kalMitn, rl iU?4lt Un <IIU|i >> *? i i r '4 tiilw ?f tli? Karlrw*4 *1 k iti. lllr village I'lff krarlitiM I' i ?,> ! ?? ?f ft T ?.|i ??? N ? xim, V?rk. Autiii -k-nixrt-rirt ntr ^nrrr ?i i n>r >f tllMkrr m4 i ? Rnnrfl 'pi ha i . i ? t'R4miva a y r> 1 ? . *t. . I ?? ? p*r?.?*. INrt I h???r h'. ' . . If t<??lio? Ik H.ikf k?K, II... ? ? I.rrr Ap|>l. Am hcmM ItewA'-ld' * ? ??! >l4r. 1,"i r? ? - i . ..mi pahtlT fn.P -l,. i| . . i ? .? m.nii* -f ilM II.'1" I. klirf ? I .irMI-rlnrllrnt Ml* I. ? fi T ? It M.MI H| I tr-iiSR tW? I II n 4 Kr?%. I'll I.A I \ | urn , IIIIMKI iHLl 1 i i4. ? .*11 from Vmi* 4irMli'il'> ? i*?r/. * > !? tf| p* ii# I ' I f it Vn T1 Vlll Mi U" A' I , ! " *?J| ?l?. I m h* r-' r^a4 m full .IK . | .. ha N*k lltrM R?ilr l> I rKiiM. km* ha* *11 !? .. J iliK.fKI j*t <-?r4.?M, " ?? "f th* r?frkt*? I l>*? I.? ? 14 l ':? '!-*?mm < rr*l. iMll'PI'i.. ' \ i A. i> i \ .?.y IMJSBX. /I i m l - * I ihr 'n**l *** i( Mci.fli* >|, t .. ^IIMnrl MNItlM* untiring t-ailat *? ! ?? , i|?.jr *<lnh?L# Iktlf (rli'ii t Mi- f liii<p ri)M*fp>iiv ?'? ' ' ' ?t*4 >-i4 Hpr.<aiin>( v4- t -< irl??n?-f'l.-r ,t Jvi J (Tmn-p, S< t ""Pi- P p- . k*??, I.. Tr??#r-, i. ? "? * *W4i. CI l ibM, t? Kl- ?. p I It pp k ? f v*i inn i- i|p Kir.4.-onm v " ?r <t-i tAraa ..r.,. . I (.1 tuft n > | , | rt. *i' ? Iflf. H'*11. ('AI.IIIM lit* ? lip.-. . 4 f..r il.? l-llk N*/| |? *. - p.i p",i? llrltl, i.plil,,,,,, 4l-r-pTKia Ikipnt. ii r??* I r (' A I. I I i NklN UIKI f^ |..i >1 t 4fl-l t (* ?IN. Itpi > * " It Map ii * * W ItM, tat liar r w i K ?*?n mwh. f??ltr"N- - - i ? i? r? ?t( M v v<i* 4 4/ kxi i * ? < t. f. p . Ifi^aifa at 117 nr .a. rrH ? i Ki-r* rhov H?ir \>tk . *.i4 t-> ft **? >? " . .r, W U??m * r**#%i If ?? ! > >ug A<lr?rllt^ tt. M*

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