Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 15, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 15, 1850 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JillEI (iOHDUl BKSKETT, PROPRIKTOR AND RD1T0R. omrc k w corncrok fdi.ton and nassadsts TUV- VALl Y Hh'.KAl I). 2 retUt j?' copy?ff per annum. TUK M t.h.h I. V HKKALl), everi S Uurdtiu, at 6'^ccuf pe mtfy p*r tinuum, Ou turopt,iH ed?(? < (i per aiuiutn. I ttfMt the v?ol-iie. All. I.KTTfcR8bym<iil. for tubocripfvtiit. or with <i4vrr fcarf.i t?. to >< } iul p.ii.1, <r tht p. >ttigt u ?U Ik deducted from i) lot'/ u mnithd. ? Oil S TAR V CVKKESPONDEXCK, c.HOaininj tmpht., ?*>. . lu !/< / fnmiuny nunrter ot Ou world; if uted, trill i tibrrolly /n'f.l fur Si) M'fit K h'ken o/ ,itim,ymou$ cmrnnunicaliont. H'? < not return rejected >f?mu><i<Mn<MU. iii i ? uriK i. wit. v / ? - i ?1 -_i. . AML'?EMENTS T1I 8 EVENING. b0w1kt TQBAiRI. Bowcrv ?lo*?Bottl? las. BROADWAY THEATRE, Uro?4w?y."L*u* or Lvo>l Tm? Mauio Ti.vrm. SIliLffl CAKDEN, br^?dw?jr.--flokm- Aisvm a On BITRTON'S TTIE*TRB. nh?nk?f? 9tre?t?Vicar WtiLritui?Took PiLuouunv. NATIONAL 1": VATRE, ('ImUiam Oi.k Hi li wibow '? Vn tiat? lluv?monk in cauhihuia. HBATKK. A?icr PI*??.- Ron"fl am- JviikT-Ur I'k Ut'l UMMCV. CURiHTY'S OF5RA lJOt'Mt. m?ab*n!e?' n?l!~ rtmi ?iJ? MllSTOU/l OLYMPIC?i'tKAct'M VwirrRt-f*. 1ILODION ? wmjii*n siikiiai ?k' CUIKX?R MVSBUM?TiuiiT. CHINESE ASSBHTll.Y KOOKS-l.twAim*! BBI. rnmmm*.*. BURTCV ROOMS? F.ihii viiin or (tempi i liu ii w atiowil Nt-w \ork, U'tiiliMdajr, May 18, 1H50. llic ( nltlni t Delriiuhiril to Hold On. A teriiM' w..r is rn tivr Ix-tween the Whi llous*, the whigs *i'J ihe cabinet. The politic of ?l! tIk' pcrtie* ?m not clearly defined ; but it pretty I'd clutiv< ly tt-tuldished that the cubinet a determined to hold on in their course tip an in<: vi*ib! nnit, and to mnke the President appear i Bothinp better than :in isolated cipher. We mi take lhe amiable und kind hearted m?u at the he ?('the confederacy, if he permits the cabinet to ri all the lrngihs which they may desire, before tht can com*- to their dissolution, by the regular pr grew of things. They may make it ap|>ear that tl President in with them, for them, and a part 'bcin, in leiters, and bv their new newspaper, b till we doubt if he w ill long continue even to non naliy uphold nu n who are daily sacrificing liii and his original pl-dges. Still, we hope they wi hold on for tome time to come. They are vei m-eftil for certain purposes, cause much kiuu? lent, and furnish letter writers with rich topics. The disaffection of all elapse?, including tl "Whig jrcrty, to the cabinet has been signally show hi various ways. The whigs have spoken throuc Ihe Hnnhiir, and last week expressed their di pleasure a( the cabinet; and the result now is. ana of thai newspaper to Messrs. Meredith, Ewing < <.'0., by which Messrs. llullitt and S*rgent, the ed lors, rrtire, to give place to the distinguished whi{ as he is termed by the al>dicatin(( editors, who he npported several |>er*ons for the President's chai and, among others, General Jackson. This mov< went is a preat one, for the time, on the part of th binet. They will now be in a condition to mak tii'mxelvr* hit and suuey, and will make attempti kow successful we shall see, to write the whip into good behavior and respect for the^administn don. The valedictory of the editors of the Rtpul>h will be found in another column. It will b read with great interest, and will be found ful f meeniiig. We see in it the signs of a fu tore, that will renew, among the whigs, thi imes of Captain Tyler. Our telegraphic an< special correspondence gives a world of light, jus dawniiig upon aflairs in Washington, and we art delighted to be assured that we are to have mor< Am yet ftoni the cabinet. We are anxious to se< how they Mill manage their cards in opposing Mr Clay's compromise, and iu leaguing with the ultrai of the North for admitting California alone. W< hi pe they will stick together till the fight is ended Meanwhile, we have plenty of time to wonder hov General Taylor, who came into office, and w-* soj | orted chufly by Southern votes, will be abl to reconcile tl??* uction of hi* administration wit interest* ami deairea of the people, to whom It io plrdprd. The movement nlready ? ? anffieientl carious. aid the result, we think, will be more sc It will he truly remarkable, ><n<l on very man; aeaonnts Let h? wait anil watch. Ttir ( rlilwTbr (1ml t>eh?t??The Cablnr ?Tli f Ohttarlr. The ^rrat debate on the alavery i;ue?<tion begai m the Senate on Monday. Mr. Clay coniniencn tii* 4i*<as?i?n with one of hi* brilliant, renntrkabli ml powerful s|>?<che??a speech which, accord trie to all accounts, wan eijnal in force anl pa lrioti*m to thoae of hia heat arid palmiest <1 ?yf Verging on the confines ot four acore years, ever patriotic heart must swell whrn it sees the grra statesman of Kentucky, after half a century c services, Mill Mending up for those great and para Biount constitutional principles, established by th< founder* of the republic, and developed by i growth that ha* OUtatrvpcd every country unde the aim. As it i? sad by a revolutionary cotempornry n Washington?the Ftfmblir?we are really nn< truly in ' the tteginmng of the end but whetlie th t d is men ly the commencement of anothe ocnti %'* march of plory and ereitne** for thi siste.hoid of republic*, or whether it be the be ?i' i f cf a fatal aeetional dissension. lejdinjr t< \r am t-tion, disorder, and future border war*? * be l her the first picture or the laat is to he th< ti'nult < f this d? bate, dejienda entirely ou the pi tri< tirni and probity of the present Congress?01 tiie intelligence and awakening spirit* of th< Am* nrwn people. We fear for th* result. Tin ! tn< t of the disturbed atmosphere at Wanting ton look Mack and forebodini?. Yet, aotnetime* in the nmlat of the j?|i i>m which surround* the capi 1*1. wr tl ink w?* Mr in th?' noblr eliofta of aiirh m<"i aa ( lay, Wili?rpr, Cn??. M.ini'i.m, and othera rt**o rintcd wi'h in tlii- ?r?*l andnovrl inovenvn ??til |we think Wr Wf gleam* of l>ri|(titn< ** mi l f.?i weather alead. Tl'** diinfera which menace th< Kttlenient of the rrcM qoeation of the ?ltv. h.i*< hitherto ? r (final <! in the liorrtldc and Maapheuiow fanatit ip-vti of the North, which haa l>cen grapht rally repi earned, to t;ie lift*, hy IJ irriaon'a anti lav cry tnmf*, in the WIH ronveiiticlca li'M 4i tin* mctropoit*. under the imprcllm of <'a|>taii Hyndcra and In* voluntary |>?licc. To thin h? teen mid. d the cxeit?'de hut w<?ll-fouiid?'i| ran t*p< produced itmotiK the Southern people, by tlr attack* organised in tin' (W* .Mate*, upon Poulhffi k rial institution*. A hir^e portion of th ret*** arntativr* nini people ??f the North cry aloud foi th>- VV'ilu . | pro\i*o ; un.i nothing hits, it Wimk frrrn, ? II aatiafy them. All equally large jiortmr of 11??* Fotolhtrn pt'nplr *rry natnially demand th' lliMouti n mpronnar--the liar ?.f 3<? ? anil i <>nlid?*ntly point to |>iM legi I ition for hirtorical precedent* for the m ttlrment of thi < dirtnrhing tj w#Hon on iKh a I .-i? The dem ila <>f the Northern fcMlk? are anreaaonahlei whil tbo~* of the flonth, though more reasonable, evca in their ei' itcinent, are equally Hiftit nit ir their etecotton. li it atam ami beyoud theae di*~'ieullie? in the pr'vnt cnaia Into which the eouo'ry ha* h??-n p'"? ipit it-d, it i< found that the greateft of all oh?tacl'*a 11 pre- nte? hy the cabinet, ac lee ted 1 nylor himaelf and now installed nppirenfly in permanent pow.* at V'a^hir jrton. Thia cabinet have forc-d u ?? or noble Pre?idenf n policy which, hy ad>nining dttrii't' the pre?ent ?e**ion, t.'aliforiiia alou*, leave ihe <n|i< r terntone*. and th" whole di tfiirhinc <pi<** on, a* a nncleu'- rf greater c*citeinent and of nr?or< menacing dinfr* than even that which ha? hre? hitherto eshibited. The policy th:i? prortrilr >tei by th* i uliiiH t, nnd?>r the iun<i? :i of II-ten Taylor'* nanf u? ;l?e |*>!.i y vt 4fc?- fanatic#?llw antl-*lav?ry faction*?and the blasphemous dif unionists of the North. It it) a policy calculated t drive still further, and to excite, Mill more, the al ready excitable people of the Southern States. Indeed, this state of things, and these danger* c i. the position assumed by the cabinet in reference t the question, are obvious to the leading members i r Congress, favorable to General Taylor, and to on * journal at Washington, established to support Gi ^ nerttl Taylor's administration. There can be n doubt of a serious and fatal division between tli hr cabinet and a large portion of tlie leading whi {o members in Congress, on this very |*>int ; and tli Washington RefnMic, seeing the danger of tli Tit-is, boldly and determinedly came out before passed to other hands, and udvocated the policy i a general colli promise us the only plaiiorinth would give safety to the future. In the furthe ance of this Mt w of the matter, we quote the fo lowing from I he Rrjmbltr of Monday :? THK HEGI.NMNO <>K THE EMI). Thi* day hao been evnuccrated to the opening of cr debuteiu the Senate ot the United States, which hi bad no eiiuul. in the magnitude of th? conMe<|ueaci L_ that are to fluw from it. iu any parliamentary uru,'< that ha* yet be. u witnessed in that body The hi torj of lh. Senate id replete with example* of bi'iiliai tonliict. hut ut 110 past i??-rioU nare tli.-repreneutali* of the Slate* >lJ of the people been nuuiuioued ' higher or more <laii?orouH duu?>< The couutry tlan< cu tiptoe awaiting In breathless anxiety the tidin, which every breere ~)i?ll waft from the centre to tl Ircumfireuce 'if the confederacy. Thu question i hall Iheie be harmony, and (n ternity. ami Liuiou? i hall there be ditcord. ettiangemeul, and coiivuImIoi The cr>M? in near at iiuud The coming time it# lull tatu. Dei tiny iwmi impatient ot the approach!! t ?'ru>fgl?, |v though i-(U> H were clone at hand of sjr.ivi magnitude than any hitherto conlided to mortal d cimon. ?. ??? ii- Doe* not the exhibition iu the Senate, on the eight instant. .vJinoui-h the country thai the ugitatiou wi ? be kept ur> botii at Ihi North and the South, if there iitiulhitiir l.-tt t.ti n ' tutu mwin 7 Thi' ri>vi<l:tl iitn u:is hi too palpable and as painful as obvious It amount* to a declaration thi't agitation will Ihi reu-wed; un the profcibiiitb s are that it will grow tierccr and mo incendiary in ;he adverse proportion lo the inaguitu of the territory It U waged upon. In ?juarrels of th m naturs', commenced in tolly and continued in iiit'ulii I tion. the smaller the object of strife (lie bloodier ll 1 buttle over it. Thin in the etw with creeds. ritual rr and formularies of divluest structure; it is cluinenti i so iii family fucds. to which I hoe insen-ite troalili i may be likened. as I I; would l?e u tource of gratification if the t. inpur < i. I Oougrisswas propitious lo to.) paf-tagc of the eon ; niittee bill* as separate measures. Those r speotic ill | V? Mexico and the Texas boundaries are onnecte hi fr< m necessity. "iJut we apprehend that, the conditio i ol th" representation in not oouduclrt to that kind < y i legislation which requires the most iiinivuble untie c>- | standing* to complete. If it were so, however, * I would yet modify oui opinion* iu defuruuee tocouncil ! of a committee composed of g. ntlemen who ooiiiuati of 1 the respect an I admiration of all parties, all section |)t and ail ages. We are for peace?for what will pr hIui i peace And we conscientiously believe that, if tl li- | peepie of the country could be brought to a vote up-. r|l the propositions of the committee, as a settlement i ' all their troubles distrusts, and heart-burnings, the II w> ul.I he found. North and South, East and We?t. tl y Far N est and the Soutbwest, rolling up majorities f< , t h u in ef four. nay. of ten to one. 11 would I?a strugg .t/itaeeii them as to whteh section it sickest of tl dangi rous enmities which faetion and iaualicism liai sowed between them; and an emulation in the un ' nimitv ft exprcsiing their love of the Union, and d .'M ! sire for trail rnlty. concord, and mutual good will ,l | For these reasons, we shall support all the measur | relating to the territory acquired by the treaty ol (lu *- | dalupe Hidalgo in one bill the --Omnibus" bill, as tl \r . witlings of the day will have it. We are for the "On | rtbus ' bill The 'Omnibus" is the great convenient * : of the day Itlsthe people's conveyance. lti? thi li- which takes them koine safely and cheaply Itistl > chariot of the republican, the working man. the but S? and sinew; the men whose heart* are blistered an 18 whose pi ace is sacrificed by political incendiaries. We are not ashamed lo take nur seal iu the 'Omnibus ' with the illustrious statesmen of the age, with patriot ? peacemakers, with the men of the I uiou whoai r for the Union Nor shall we. as we rumble along on reupu I'Htruimi* ana nroarn cronp-w.iy? iu cuca coir e pauy, envy lho?e out?ideri? who whip th<<ir j:?d<*J i?lee(J n| auiitin to kt'vp pure witli tlif " ooupae," th? " buggy or the "sulky ' In which pome our, ''solitary an 'H alone," In wheel) d along the golden sundcof Calltornii I Thin ip the true and correct view of the preset: i position of this disturbing question ; hut lor thi.' the, old editors have deen ousted by the cabinei II This view in entertained by the best men of hot I houses, nnd the truest friends of the Preaidrnt him self. J nfortumitelv, however, the inHu-nce of th< j cabinet?an influence which is given to them by th? ( President's good nature?i* adverse to a permanen or comprehensive settlement of thU question, grow | ing out of a desire, in their weakness, to increaw the excrfcnient, in the belief that something tui] | turn up favorable to theui. The folly, corruption ^ i i>iitiuu?niigein?-nt and nepotism which have ch.trac | tensed the cabinet for the Ust nine months, havin l deprived them of all strength and force in l?ot houses of Congress, they now rush upon this ci I citing question, adopt California alone, and abando | nil reasonable grounds of general compromise, i ^ , older that something may hap|>en favorable tothei ^ i coittintiHiice in power. The opposition of the Pr* sident's cabinet to the permanent and final settle v 1 ; j ment of the slavery question on the hunis of th compromise now in dshate, is therefore the mo* fatal obstacle yet presented in the capital. Darin; ! the last six months th*- fanaticism and abolitiomsii l I of the North have given way in numerous in stances, and the recent meetings, here and eU* , where, in which the blasphemies of Harrison wer | heard, have been calculated .to excite still mor the feeding* of the South; hut when we find th w hole force of the Kxecutive power, in the slmi> | ol cabinet influence, appropriating to it?elf the p< I pularity of the name of tleneral Taylor, and wiel.] t ing nil tin* in opposition to a comprehensive, ppi runn? nt and ready settlement of this disturbing cor troversv, we must confess that the proe|>ect I* come* darker and darker the longer we look upoi its lineament*. We are, therefore, of opinion, that, noteith standing the [wtriotic endeavors of the leading an< ! distinguished Senators in Congress, to bring thi i fatal controversy to a termination at th" presen session, the obstacles presented by a corrupt, im | brile abolition cabinet, acting under the patriots name of tJenernl Taylor, will be the means of de tenting them. We In-lieve that nothing but i radical change in the cabinet?a complete reno vatiort of the heads of the I^ixirtments al Washing ton?can bring about that It trmonious feeling ii both honteg ?>f Congress, which would give hop mid certainty to a speedy settlement of all tlies. perplexing difficulties, on the basis of a rompro miw suitable to the North, South, Kilt, and Went The cabinet is the obstacle, and the cabinet in th< pt ni'ipal obstacle. As long as the cabinet re mil! in |<>wer, escitement snd danger will remain n Congress. and increase in the c< mtry. I Hi Ml'k? awii't Mas. F mb em's Ir?TEJirir>*s.We learn, front the best authority, that Chevalie WikoH has no intercourse with Mrs. Forrest, o her friends, so that all the reported negotiation* o hi*, w hu h have l?een proclaimed from time (o time are found to be mere assumption* on hit part?, l>?rt of that sV*te|ii whieh keei . hun eon?' inlli meddluip with other people'* huaiuea*, and deprive " luniof attending to hi? own. It i? true, bow*v? r " that one of the llMtriml manager* haa iiflewi * Wis. F ?rr<?t M xy handeome term* to appear Q|><>i r ikf ilDgr, fur whlrh oh't* in wi'll c^lcuUlril. Sti' if it ber.util'ul reader, ha* h tiii?-r H^ure, n hette 1 voice, un?l niorr spiritual countcnancc than Mm Kcmlde, nnd would, doubtleiw, triumph in the art r All il.?'indui mcnls, howe?rr, all h? r own k-uii ' for the *t?ij(e, ami her many accomplishment* 1 r.innot p? rsimde her t-> take this step ^he hi* in ' iliuiiMiiily lYhwd to accept the proposition, an I ?rhrir, ^determined to miintuin h'-r huh tion as retired lady, d?*piie of th" attach* whic! hut ' hern made ag.iinM her l>| Mr. FoOTSt am 1 hie friend*. coio- mu? that ihr will ' triimyli iii in the end, in sustaining herself i^amst all th- odd ? that threaten her. > 1 < i * FlUTKM with HaTTI.?*r*i?r last advice ' fi i llayn *?r???tr Ktminl* of further outrage* b] I ift- ?'i < iti1111'. ?< I S,iulo iqn* Tiine aft?" tune h ?v< con,(Unit* reached our tfoveminent of the ronti r dii iin n i f th? ?r i,iifr ip? ?, i'lil n? yrl nothoiK li H ' l<ern done to protect American ciiitena on tha i land. It i* high time tbe povi mnwnt take th< naiier in hand, and al once iiend a war steamer It their coast, and compel them to treat our cituam ? ii lh* jr should b* treated. It ta the only courae tc > t r pnrsued, and shoald tie delayed no longer I"h? I iii. i. t to the American c< ii*alar afrnti alia Irtinlly I for re.lrvss, and the government will fall ahort < t if duty if re|<arutM>n l>? net at on?? drmand*U % Opinions on the Amti-Slavcbt Disci-wioh.?Tl u in * f|irt|?-r8 have given various opinion* upon il I* recent free discussions of the anti-slavery fanulit Some call them riots?others, outrages on liber if of speech; anil a stranger to the entire facts mig o form a very erroneous opinion of the whole inatti n from the conunsnts of the press. Our reports ha ie pictured the scenes very faithfully, and have giv ?- the only reliable view of the subject. The whi 10 performance was one of free ducussioa, carried ie its extreme. The same tactics were used as p it? vail in the House of Commons tvlien an unjKipu ie speaker attempts to address that assembly. T ie whole public were delegates at these ineetin: it and had all the preliminary arrangements be of in parliamentary style, much confusion would h;i at been avoided. As Roger de Coverly says, mu r- may be said on both sides. Garrison had i 'I- foulest tongue, und Rynders the dirtiest fai Garrison's party uttered atrocious blasphemies a autichrisiian opinions, perfectly shocking to mi m of his own friends?Rynders's followers display their rcniL'h hands, and ejaculated a few s^ilo Ih benedictions, culmin^ ttie Mood of the heated natics, sometimes by |*-rsuision, sometimes liy t h terrors of promises, ami sometimes by applat and shouts of derision. The parties were utx equally balanced, while the spectators were men lM passive in the affair. Garrison had invited Hj ders and others to see the play, und to take i>art >' it, utid they did so, crowding out the regula, trained actors, who had all their speeches eo i r mitted to memory. The old actors were not mu u" abused; but the text of the play was not at h agrt eabl<?just as we have seen a play at Dru " Lane, when we could not hear more than a li n on account of the noise. Garrison and his as: <t i ciates had undertaken to introduce blasphem 1 and anti-christian language, such as never l>ef< 1? disgraced man or shocked a public assembly. the time of Robespierre and the French rcvoluti( ie such language might have been heard in priva ' but was not publicly uttered. Tom I'aine ne> s attempted to assail mankind by wuch means. T f meetings of Owen and of Fanny Wright, at Ta many Hall and at the I'ark theatre, twenty ye< >K 1 ago, were resectable and fashionable and respe> I ful. The infidel* and atheists of that day w? >t decent?but Garrison's infidelity and wickedne r" ale shocking. ro lJ Dkawino-koom Ciirr Ciiat.?The Lord Bish M of Jamaica and his lady, Mrs. Spencer, attend '? divine worship on Sunday morning, at the Kt l>r. Hawkes' church, in Eighth street. T i?f fashionable church in St. John's Square w y ultfinli'/l liv hit* T^rrluliiit iii flm .ft< min I >r Saturday evening, the distinguished party accept J* an in\ ilation from Miss Anne Lynch, in Nin re street, when they were presented, by the poetei *" to u circle of the eminent literati of the metropol This occurred at one of the Saturday receptions ,>s Miss Lynch, who entertains many of the priucij authors and artista in the city, every week in t a- season. These totrirt are exceedingly agreeat J and fashionable, and create quite a buzz in certu 10 circles, so much so, that many inquiries are i?a '* wiih res|?ect to the family of Miss Lynch, who h - given the world many pretty verses, chiefly in tl ^ Spenserian stanza, to which her muse appears to I '.r wedd>d. It is supposed by some, that the poete 'r is connected with the old Knickerbocker family I, Immune Lynch, but this is quite a mistake. 81 is a scion of one of the United Irishmen fauiilit J1 which came over to thia country with Kmtnett ai otliT distinguished patriots. She has resided ' several New Kugland cities?Hartford, where tl firstlings of her graceful muse were given to tl ^ world, after her school duys at Albany were ove Providence, and, in the summer season, at Net port and other faahionable places?always drawii around her the most popular writers and disti ( finished persons, by her fascinating manners u literary accomplishments. s Bi:ak<ii Mint in Nsw Tori.?If the membe r . m vt'iicirm n?(c any powrr io ou ?nc puoug i , essential and much denied enrich, it in to l* hoj* y ' th?t tbry will not neglect to lemd their influen i; i fur the eatuhliahtnent of a branch nunt in this cil h j The commercial greatnesa of New York has d I- i mantled this facility forseteral yearn; and na n that we hHve lurire consignments of gold, and th a emigration brings into circulation much forei| ir coin, thrre seems to be no reison why we shou not hnve a brunch mint for the accommodation >. the public. A mint in this city is fir more it r poriunt than is generally imagined, and would sa' it merchnnts and foreigner* a vast umount of trouh sj and time. Will Congress attend to this mitt ii without delay 1 The subject requires action. Acc idots o* I/dso Island Sorwp.?The steal boat llay State, Captain Brown, on her trip dowi yesterday morning, from Fall Hiver, when off N? Haven, dime in contact with a brig which start* the Hsy State's stem. l>Hmnge to the brig tritlin The II. S. afterwards went alongside the prO|iell< I Mietucket, about ft o'clock ye?terd?v morning, to< her ptttsengera off, and brought them to the cit the Hhetucket having met with an accident I ! her boiler. q C'ltjr Intelligent e. Sia Jonm Fikii ih Kirtoiriu* The tpirit |o rosea whieti i niiDenrnJ in tlii'elty in tW?uibar lu?t. wil h aa tnillti lull haa dtffua'd lt?elf through onr who ! community The gotrriiment ha? adopt id the *p 'l dllicn. Itillkt Ivo brig* ar?- uow at th? Nu; Vtr * Brooklyn takin? in thetr ator*? Volunteer* wh ralli <1 up? n ye?t?i day to join th? np^d'll. n an t a' 1 i arly hour twiee the number n julrtil were in wattit i at th- reii4r**<iu?. to solicit peruiiaaiou to Im* am >t there who w? re bound to the >c? of danger to r. ?i-u c If poMihlr Ibe nol.le ??ya*era shot up in that *ea May Miee<*?a attend Ihrm may tb? flat; of nur eoui , I try In lla flrat voyage on thas* ae*a |i|<> ai-etirnly |ri? tbe Atlan'le to ti e Pacifle M?tn. by th? Nnrthwe I'a^are and may the nuttier >f tlic i|n"1lt oo re. >11 all tbr honor ao riehty deaer?ed, la our Ktnerre ?u>h U tan?rr*i i?t 8?ati tn.r (Iran ?Thl? tine rnrpa p , rad?d yetlrt.lny. and went forth on * tarr-t iramlo | The Cornet hand aecinpanied lliem The ftr?t pru s Ck> *nn liy Mi ut (Tharlea MeDotitall the a- eond t private I' aiotui>y. third by "fcarly ?er<ent Short an the fomlh by pi Irate Bnin>. " I ArntiMnat Drttn Th? Ornmr, h>Id (i f Inqnol >.t Ni> *f. H'whii lion atrnt on lh.' h .If Itholman llatany. ait< <1IU y>*r? * naMaa <>f I'ol <n ?h" 1? lua il> ath by irriilrtiltlli " alt'rwnlV whllr nt'dar lh<- Infliirnrn ?f Irlklr hla h hiI ntf*in?t thr mrhaioof Ih-rahy tnr'urli if if aknll ahirh Ittttni*. tn a frw lour- aft r ??? tl fl.lltr uf dt ath i>? itii ar Cnmtiff. ha] r an Ipqiiait at yi 17 1Hn?r*w Mrri t a tn? twvtv nf ft ?r llriTrr ?bf> f- II Intn th? rt?*r. frmn lh> lilu il illm |< t ii * at |>l r n<> lit kurt Hut, tml n t* fi?i f aaalttanra oonlil ha prffnratl Vndtat >rfunUiMl| I'llimii Malt ? ThoOoronir hfld an tnqn*>t nil iK ' ?< <1? of mi unknown uiati, fimnJ in thr ri?r at pii i Mn 42 Kant il?r. / Tut nor Ti wiu'it "n >1"ni?r a irr ?n?l uni" ral? liratloni'f ihr P of Tamparani r > ki nliitb fly ri>nrirl|i>K ?>f Nt w V"fk IhTi-im N> I Hoi. < lii?l?lmi >n '1 Krlai il-hlp Dlalat'in .1 tv*?htnir# I Dltlflati Ko 4 ami 11 ami' n? Plvl?l?n Ni ft |l tliainl Var-hnll ?ar O W A H m S H it! uhio 1 ftpao al IV \\ l'? Thoa K l'i?? kMwln J ?tar?w r I Al halt p*al two fit ck Nr? Vtrk IHaMttn No. I ii t ti lltllato* Nit X ami liar nt lltvj | m H? r limit i| a Inn In llif ltii?fr? tlfht on llrimma -tr-*a I'd at Ihria n'rlork prarl-t II pn l.? Dinplf Hull itflin llra>? Haul, mart-in d up ?t>. it, ( 1 nii'ti t?|u?rr and raraifrd Cri? OWI-I ,, |( > a Ilia lifer thru pr< ra< dr?t dnati lit. .1 t?j i > (Imti through tirai.d In |liW-r?; 'Ittaii How. rjr Ol'tha at <1 I'tarl atraata I* Pulton. 4m?n f ulimi imh* P rt !* 1In tlii lr IIi.p fnia-id in Hrmililjn anil marrhad i Pu|i?i|i alrt rt t? t'n|i>n Mall ?h r?> ^ f)|? tliili No. 4 ?a? fi fflfil ll?li> liti? Th? ait 4a th fnitlinnrd up Fu>lua airr?li? Juralnnmi marrhr !| rr null Ihr t'Hy llall. U?i?n llfiirv ami Ktillnn to tr ?t liy, tht n t?rra?? d l?N??T?>ri il* i| up V i ton in >aii thtitiiah Na an tt> ?a*t (pair of t* it i'aik. marrhtd rouml ih?- lonaialo. and ?h? nt it i-lgatr up lift a?l?a? i.i thf I ru i Th ? pr r?t?it n ?aa rrry ini|tO?in|| Tlif nitff|"n at it Tnhmtrlr ft ntni'iirra al a qnartrr hafnr? A m>| xti tJ ? r M ?K* in .ii II Dfki tnan |ir? ?l.- t Thar* I' ll) mu ll' ami lucll f Tl?? Mk (t*| ?4? atnf Ii llir nniiib?tr l?(p thrr r l!iit kfi. t mr, tif?t'rr? har? or m-ai. la >ritarftmp'r f???a atiaianninajulnrit; p Va * a? nf If ail' ranfr I nd r?fi- ? V"?f tni a plf . ?l a ar I a> aa4 niiad. k " aar rv patamac * aia ahtm 1 mar t Q?t (fan, i r ? "? "?t mi a l fit rriaatlal t* l? ar t?a*"? ?t4f_ t Oar n-f'ta?"I al a?lla?<. a-haait " t Tfayar waathan nffi ird Itjr thr ?h?|'lvn. R?? W H nil !>f' rd. and It" Il ail ?r?-?aa and in i- an l aln< - i > allariatfly fill thr Ik-ih dirt inn ?"iind up th? pr< , tr?u;i(ra I hnai air?t ta h i ? > w i.i'.nt I t a ru ? na of j , tr 'Il Tt (fiilaaWrlr'il a ? '!? i - . r rini iplt oil tt n i iiiini n' ! In? "? ri Mi. .h it ' rtlttrthiih A ?ph ad'il hurt ta It. h.. ? ? to lha al?*f f al l III I I f ft frt.n. tha hn-? Tlia a-1im ?t- I alp ,?imi I f.M?n AU ttaarra frt-rlj aoallibtatr U tt.a I?p-n?i .!( ?? Jtm aa< U lie The Trade*. lie JOCMiKIKKN BLOCK AMD PI/HP MAJIKRV n. Monday evening, a meeting of tb? journeymen ty block and pump makera, of New York and Brooklyn) ,|jl waa held at Frili'a hotel, comer of Broome and Bid' ridge streets, the objects of which wan the drawing ap of ' a list of pr res aud the eorolment of new member* The ve assembly, though rery numerous. were intelligent aud r|) highly nspectable, and conducted their transaction* wiib tact and regularity Tho meeting opened by the >le Secretary r< ailing over the names of those who bad bnlo come mi tubers of the society at their last meeting on Thursday evening Several new member* presented r**' themsrlvt * to be enrolled. The uext part, of the business war l he r? ading ot the hit of price*, which :? committee. 'I , Pn ?l??U?ljr elected, bad drawn up. Considerable debute to< k place in reference to the price*, which lasted lor JJ9, sometime; but at length after some imporrautaltera' 'II <? the tiled amount, the whole liat wan accepted. and the eeta blii-bed prices are to serve them in the tve mariagi meut of their work t)uc of the member* made lCjj a motion, tbut they proceed to the election of th ir officer*. vis a president, viee-president and Hceretary. he wlilrb election xhould be conducted by ballot Tlii* [<t>. motion waa seconded aud unanimously carried The . officers being appointed. the meeting shortly after adn<t journed. Iiy T . Fv??s*i. or i foLicKMAN.?On Monday, the funeral of policemau Leffert L>< fferts. ot the Ninth ward, who r'g died so suddenly, took place, and wbji attended by a . very large number of the force, who walked in procea li" ?ion to (ireenwood, wearing the emblems of niourotie lug- n?d accompanied by a band, und bauners rnuiHud ise in ""l1*Mii itaii* Psrahk?TheTilton f'lnes Captain Cabin, passed the Htvubl ottlun on Mondiy. accompanied by |y Dingle's bund They looked extr?mely well, und nuinm bend about fifty mui k-ts Court of General tteaalona. rly Before tlie Recorder, und Aldermen tlnSln andOakley ? May 14 ? *'irltr) ir tun Hrrntrl Th? trial nf J A Bennet. lor forgery and false pretence*. wan set down c'' for to-duy Whcu souio preliminary businei>* had been all d of. the District Attorney culled ou the defeuirv d*"t '' District Attorney -Now. Mr Rennet, arc you ready? me Bennet What, for trial ? (With appari nt surprise ) MV_ I hope. 10 fact I knew. Mr McKeon. you do aot ei]>eet ied J) istrict Art orncy ? Are you ready for trial? )re rennet ? Th? indictment for forgery I want Mr Whiting to try I would rather li< would try it than any other li\irg uiun, and he in sick. tliut. of couihc, -?n, ' eoold not help The falrc pretence case 1 will try uiytelt. and ejiu be ready far tlmt ou Friday, if the court 'l*? think til to urge the cane ou. ler l' istrict Attorney.? It the prisoner ready for trial? i , That's what I want to know. Bennet.? Not imun diately; I have mad" application in- ! for bail The way thai One Kycd Thompson wax treatira ed by the court in Brooklyn, wax far different from

thin Now 1 think that I, a man without a apot or Ct- bl> mill on my character, ought to reo -ive, at the >re ; hands ct the court, a1* much clcmeucy an was extended to The tnpeon over the water I District Attorney.? (To the court ) Both Mr. Antlion and Mr. Foster are exceedingly unwilling witI ucsse* in thin case. 0|> | iicunet?i have nflidavits to show that Anthon ha* I said he bad uncharge to prefer against me 1 shall be 1 the sufferer by delay, as 1 am In prwoo. I cannot run 'V. away. i._ Court,?Wc are aware of your situation Tou are in prison aad Mr. Whiting, yonr counsel, being siek. we <m give you till next Friday to prepare for trial. But re)? member now. Mr. Bcnnet. that the oa*e must be tried | at that time, whether Mr. Whiting is here or not. e<l liennet.?Very well. 1 suppose i must try it myself th I shall be obliged tu array myself against the Magnus Apollo of the Court ef (Sessions Tiial fj Cluvdtu$ ItvranJ, oa Charge Stealing is. $ 10.Will /ion Fiatuoii E. Tavei (tier.?This wax au in. dietment Id this somewhat celebrated case, iu which 01 | franco!* K Tavernier charges three racu. named Nil I Duraud Counln. and Julien, wilh abstracting a trunk i containing <.10 WH) In money, and other valuables. Irom ; the pit mi?c* of complainant, on the Uth of November >le j last. The defendant claim* that he wa* only aa>-i*tiug |n ' the complainant * wife iu a stratagem to Induce him to ' five hi" consent to a separation, as she could not live us | with him on account ?f certain nameless ill uauage aj which she bad received at bis hands Tavernier was not in court, hivlnr left the countrv some time nineie he | Ml* depor-iiion as taken before the police mngi?trnte, b? i *H| UMTtaT) reud, after which, Madame Tart-rnier, a pretty looking young French woinnn. well dreaaod, and of pleaalng appearance altogether, took th'i stand of Being owom. the testified an follow* l j I ?m the wife of Francois E Tavenier; I was marrii d to him on the twelfth of September. 1MU, 'it, 1 know the defendant. Mr. Durand; I beeatne a?1(j onainfed with bim in this citjr , alter I wan married, I went to live in the First Avenue with my husband , in I ?ii, very unhappy with my bin-baud. and I wuut to Mr Durand. because I thought he waa a lawyer ; he advii-ed me to get a separation from my husband. and ie take what be posarsaed . I ccmplained of my hu*baud r; for beating me ; he did beat me , it waa arranged that . Mr Durund should write a lettar to my husband. to *" i Invite lilm lo kit house. and then he waa to be arrested; Ig he *ii arreated; I went down lo Duraud a hou?e; I knew be waa to be arreated , I did not tell my hu?band be waa to be arreated ; the officer* ram* about an hour ki i after we got there; it waa on the Mi h of November; I Mr Duiand made me go with Mr. Cousin to kia wife'a j daughter; Mr Julien. alno. went with me; w? took a ; carriage to go to the Firat Afnnr. where my ki*k>n4 j and in jm If bad been living ; I went there te get all IB my clothe*, and my huaband'a money ; there were . j iiui franca in five franc piece*. Z1 doubloon*, and an Vhgot of gold ; thia waa In a black trunk, which waa CC locked with a |wdlo?k ; my hoabund kept the key ; the y, room In which the trunk waa kept waa between two . olbrr room a ; Mr Julien and Mr Cauidii broke the lf* door to get into the room where the truuk waa kept; iW tb< re wa* a entail bos in the trunk, containing jewelry; the t r I k waa taken iuto the carnage aud my-, if and 'l Mr Julien and Mr. Cou?in went iuto the carriage, <n alao; we drova to a blacksmith*. aud he opened the j trnnk ; the trunk waa rloaed when they brought It bark; they gave me a bag eonl.tinlug about 1,000 of franc* ; ] knew that it umi from the truuk ; they. alao. n. gave me a round boa. and a basket . the boi contained gold rbaina ; one waa a heavy one, winch Mr Tavernier vr had gi?en me b? fore MMflI Mr Cousin left the |r carriage, and. In about ten initiate*. Mr Durand came into the carriage, and.said we Ml not go to hi* boute because my husband h id been there ju?t Lbefore , we drove lo Mr Uueat'a hou*e. In Twelfth i at reel where I procured a reom ; the trunk waa taken nplotb< room; we went to one of Mr Durand's friend* and took nipper; we were at aupper perhaps a . ?our | n, and a half, we then went back to Mr tlue?t ..Mr w Durand went away and I remained , at about twelve it'olf^ik T I? t the* Knni? in rnmian* with Mr IliiHit aa ">J he (Kir (iBfUl) would not let rar remain ; wc went to g Mr. I'lirand'* bourn-; Mm Dnrinrf mmii to the iloor ' mid admit!* d me , I told Mr. Duraml I ?iw obliged to " coin*' lo hi* bou?? beruu?e Mr 0Ml VNMMl M k 0" remain; Mr Duraud then went wltU ui? and ' brought tbe trunk from Mr UuMt * ; I aawtbwtruuk | ' mx' morning ; Mr Iluraud broo/hl 1* up to my room lo and broke It > p? n with a hammer . he U?>k frrjuhiof Coi of tbe trunk and pot it ou th? Ik-J , In- w.-ul down i Malm and I counted the money : the m un-y and gold I trr th. n |>ut in bat:" and Nal-4 up ; a few day* aflerm ward* Mr. Dnrand fair me all tbe money inept a bi< Ij' MttlWai about 1 MO fraur? , I w.-ul or.-r to Hofetf* l? ken,by Mr. Duratid ndfifc. fr<>ni llonnk. o I w-nt I* r kmark and tben lo Klitalielhlo* n and afterward* to j fblladi l| liia ; Mr llurand r.iuie to ?ti' tur at Kliiarr bn blown, Mr Durand told ni<-it wotiI'I Ik-prudvat ti> in f" Mitabilbl an h rami- he Mid it *? not adrlir fablr for inr to br in Ihr -huh place wiib my hu*bmd; 1 r? mniBiil in I'hdadelphia ni? day; I tluu run* to '* N?w York with a p< Iseeman who mmr for m* . th? polin niu look ni>- to >lr Mott'? ofll ?. and from .. there wi went to th# police c.fflre wlimi I (iff tli? m mt'i ry lo Mr Molt; It wan not all Ihr Honrf ; I d I <t not know how much w>i gone; I n? ii>r *"1 th. 1 ma) frt.ur* fr'Bi Mr Uurand ; i ??w and apoko wiib Mr limar.d after I ranr hark from I'lnlad Ipbia , I bow live with bi) lather wlio i? a rahinetuiaki-r at M v lh' H pn>ii nn?t; I thought Mr Ui rami w,?? a law?er, i?. ai d i wint to iw h'm lo know bow I -h >ul I ? i to >') wi rk to pt>? parMioo froiu ray hu?bind ho t >l t ui?. >y ill fco?i ii.l?i i that the ba?iii"?? wa? aii J mo. I fouml id un< afirrvardi tbal hf wn not a lawyer; I h.i?? n*?t |iot a reparation from my husband, anj ha U*? now ,n goBe.w.y ,,f * T Mipp "lid th'ii Mr Puraml w?a a i laayir and I wont to him lo ?r<-t aitvir* h'iw to obtain ?|?ril|.n from m? bu-hat< , , Mr l)?r>n>l Inlil mi , J 111* ??j ?* tn ukr Hit tiu?li?iid'? money ?n l thn? nn-k* h in nf yi a . tli" r> Mon why t a *>'panl( lion ??-. that he tii i*l rl me In t rrn-l nnd Ivaatly In'*ii 114*1. ["I hr trra* no til i*f Ta*?rnl*r tow?r*l? hi* mfi mn brn iipiaiucd to the jury. It will n-H do fir publication it wm iifk thit It 4r if* Iwt Ui Uku 0 it" *' urea in obtain **pan>tlnn from him ] Thi prnn rutlon failed to pro*# any Himioii* Intent f* ?*ii ih** | art of l>uran*l. no I the jury, without leaving their tttU. n turui d a Terdrt of not itmliy ia - i I'l lUd fttatra t nimlailonrr'n OIBi t. Before CJ ?' Mot ton K<i| 1 M ii 13 7**r f'topi* t-1 Join -1 ft??' * The def*u dalit. who ?m eaptaiu ut the American ???* ! Odd n f. ||'<? win charged with crual ami nuuaiial tr* .ilmaul n tc?at?i* a ?aman in John liklih dep<*??d that Captain llr*>wn and h* had i; ad flli'ul.y on b?t*rd lb* ahip un lor i?t? toy**!! < tll# r. fap'am kitm-kni Mm down. ?tr?ck liiiu in thi* f.aca t. wti|? lit* Art*, pulled him by ihr hilr. and a>o atruck V Ii ii. a.ill In* ?|i* * about tl<? bca I . uu another Nilinn. b?*. idifrmiaat.) *truek ?-itne*a on the aid* of in* '? I nd w ii Ii a hair, I*y which he rwi*i??il a black ?f?, 'f am) hi** load wai very much swollen up by the blow " f?i m ih* chair l plain hm*n cr??a-r*?niinid tha wllua**. with a a view to rim* that h<'r*-fiir* d to **liey hi* <>rdrti , hut y mlMil ialil hi did olii y thrill, on a r* petition . It* did ip in i hiar ilie captain |i?r or*ler* tb" tint tiiae I- lli malt- rorn.b**tal? d thr leatiiunny ul th** comr lilali ant. Il? did nut ?ee the captain *ti iki* H * bb with ti * ?h*ir bnt wiin*?? *aw iherh*?ir on the d^rk a id j i* |*h k* illi up l<al*b thin *ald that the captain had | I- | itivi k him ? *th it M* I n e>i liMlnd I>ld *i'?t ?e? Ralib c>trh h**M of the i" ?n^tait> I i In Ihrnat at the tinie he had llaiih by the ? I L*ir of the luad le 1 lliiiie Knmaiat* fcttd acted a* r >uti*el * 1 fur thi prorieuliou ; tut a* It appeared that lh*ra k *t> ai*T ntinec* ontj tk.Iciii. u.?* *| bj the c>|i a.u. 'f th y ni'?* it ti*r h>? din h itiril i e I i*nimi??loner taid thit h <flil nit * ? th it 1 th< it (? iKfllrient erlth nrr to d*'ain lb* raptalu on | I rtini'tial charge ; the rotnrUinan m-jtlil appear >u I th> civil tide of'he eonrt Ii* fi wm dt?uitaa?*l Anni**i * y Mnil?)(? tn be Held. W i>*i kit I* [ City Ml*lli'tiirt ' ni*li It *f the * formed Dw'eh f. rhtnh I.erlur* ..f the I. Ji.ri t.? rlaee t'hureh, > I at l??It pa*t 7 i'?ln?* I t p< tartan O arer I> n Clinton llall In t * tddte ii * by P tirah.nn I f Mott. Hr. l>iek. ai d He* M ' It. trail. * I Ti'??ti4i. May VI '* > (-try Hible t*? flft i Nortoih *trvet Baptiat L'Mtr?h, k i TS * * ' i Wra ?* ' W?i U \ta riran ai4 fonita Vtklr hr'tt; H"?l?W k*V*b? ilkwtk MAM I ?^J???????l ~l Rrport of (lie Chief of Police. Aul Tbe following report of the Chief of Poller bu been final transmits d to tne Common Conntil. for Are months, *-1><1 i >k the 81st of March last? u*' llirvwith ! pirwut to you m report, showing the con- panj ditlou of tha Police Department. from the 1st day of kU?e November. IMS tothe ;jlst Jay ol March. 1W0. from which it appear* that during the period of live Months, ' there b?vu been ten thousand three huudred and titty- the 1 two persons arre-t.d for various olleuces. Of this t^e | number seven hundred and flfty-throe were arrested . lor felonies, besides those arretted at tbe several dit- roa trlct courts seventeen (if w horn were arrestedf.>r rape, Rod and twenty two tor robbery iu the lirst degree. There ?hor have be*u eight hundred and seventy-tour complaint* . , made to the Corporation Attorney for violation of corporation ordinances It will be perceived that du- Tl ring tbe month* of November mid December, thero J to w ere twenty-eight hundred and four and a half days . loft by policimeu by sickness. making an average of *?a forty-tix per day. During the months of January last K< I i nary ai.d Maai h ther< ere twenty-nine hundred the I and eighty days lost by p"lic<-uieu by sickm ss, making .. an ?v< mo of thirty-three men per day the five ne utlis specified there were fifty-seven hundred i ami elgbty-M ven and a halt dayslo*t by policemen by I 50'i sickness, making an average of thirty eight men per d?y Iiurinr the preceding six month*, thv services of I filly-eight men per day were lost to the department by Duti sickneis Th.s improvement in the conditioa of the XI department has been hrouuht about by the ord -r issued by )Otr liotitr. bued on lh? It* patmsd April 11, 1849, rxjuiriug the pay of all policemen wh? wore ab.ent *ny fri m duly without leave, to b<* deducted from thu pay will roll unless they should prove to your Honor that th ir tlKCDre ? enured by siektiers or disability, conse- *r!" qui nt upon the discharge of their public duty This pan; t r<li r went into effect ou the Uth of January last.aud havi it will be seen by a reference tothe statistics furnish- . 1 ed that the amount of time lofthas diminished nearly one half since that time. This is truly a gratifying re- E'*1' suit, and sugurs well for the future eftlcienoy of tho road depart ment. and if the order is rigidly adhered to, it uex( may he anticipati d that there will still be a Itrgo reduction In the atni uut of time lo-t by sickness, as " c? 111 pared with previous months. During the period 'rac of five months, there have lieen twenty-tour thousand "lhV( andtwi nty-?i|iht persons accommodated with lodgings, f"nl nine hundred and forty-seven lost children restored to their nurents. ori? iiliioi.'cil ami fittv-three per ins corn found in the street* sick. who were aided anil assisted. yeaf frTt-iily six pe ruins ri M'Ufil lrom drowning, one linn- rum dred and fourteen fires extinguished. seven hundred |\cn' and ninety-one store* and dwellings found open aud * orl secured. and one hundred and (oily-lour horses und eatlle found astray. and re?tor<?d to th?ir nwiiirs. by loul number* *t the department. There were $10,320 43 * *' taken from drunkun inen and lodgers at the diiTormt " nation houses. and restored to them again. l'"' All of which in respectfully submitted. Tl (IhO W MATrtK 1,1,. Chief of Polio*. u w Court Calciirtar, This Day. Ciaci'it Couht -Non. 22. 90. 401. 697, 308. 053 854, Th'" 064, Cti4. 379 015. 030. 009. 670 871. Com Commov 1?Nop. 3.r>, 103. 105. 407, 409, n,.h 889. Ill 113. 117. 119. 121 Part 3-Noa 190. all. 310, , 243. 44. 240. 248. 250 262 254. 250. 258. 26o. iM2. 201. Ulel ro?t Pnratoll.?We notice that Nrit>ri*. J. W. a cy liar) er & <"n,, of Catherine street, have entered largely into tl emanufacture of I'ansoU, where every description and ' tile is constantly on liantl unJ made to order. are Light and Klrgint Straw Hat* for Chll- *''' dreu ? Hunt a. 106 Canal ?tne*. oorncr of Woonter, ha' Tl an iibi ivalled assortment ol Children's Snmin?r llats, peca- ? liarly min d to the season, in their enstuine. for eitkor b >y? 'nic ?r very little girls, coakinicg ol China pearl, Leghorn aud the Duuiiabl* braid Hate Brady's National Collect Ion of Unjsncrre* types, corner of Brobdwav and Fulton street. Vi'Taugera l*nl and citisens are retpeotfully invited to examine the tpeci- I'ali mens. (irei The Plumb* National Gallery, No. >51 Bnudway, so long and favorably known to the public a, the ( hil Gallery of Distinguished Americans, strangers and others .. sh.uld not fail to visit, as one of the unit iutercttisg plates ?, J" ?f the kind in this country. Tali Coll Just Published, by M. Levelt, Dentist, No. I!?n #* Itroadway. " Best Mcaus of PfU'serving the Teeth. Arii- 1'itl fleial Teeth, Atmospheric Pre. so re in Dentistry, l.evutt's Max Patent Lnamel, ke.." second edition. The above interesting work may be obtained gratis by application to M. Levuit, Me. 028 Broadway^ Gutta Perrha Heads, Figures, Facet, die., pu. , in great variety. Just reoived st.>amer Washington. For Mnli salr by J. l.ACMUNIKIt. <A Maiden lane, up stairs. t'otli A Boot that Is a Boot?Can l>e found at 41 Conrtlandt street, for S4 Ml, as good as those told in other t . store, for $7- W'e take pleasure in recommending our friends Beet to a geod aad cheap store. Ex-Unrernnr Voung, formerly llldi corner of Fulton and Nassau (tracts, can he found at the Tall< above place, 41 Courtlandt street. Iloat 1o Public Orators and Readers ?Hoarse- 'r'*f rest, Congh and Bronchitis, and the nommon eomplaiul* of Clsi g} nun. Pleader*, political and other orators, siuge**, t'nio and public readers. To these we recommend, bo'h as a pre- f 1 Veatiee, and fiurrc or immediate relief. Spotten'a Cod l.i. Or ver <-ll < aady. Il will improve tbo voice, and by Inbricatinc Butt the * 1 miDi-li of reapiration, reader (infinit. (peaking, and readme pleaanre rather t han a taak. for tale by t lie pro- , prietor, lln Bi.wery: Mm Ilaja, 173 Kulton atrvct, Brooklyn; ' and by drnfltiatag?a?Wy. Woo Wlfll Wlfil Wlgtl-CIUMnt aud itrmn(ira are informed thai tke Iwrmt, cheapaat, and bed an- .. aertment i f Winn, half-*i*?, tonevea, kraida or l?uhair,and J._. aiher urniDtDial hair, are Ui M fennd at MElHlliK3T It Mull HEARD'S. 17 Maiden lan?. The trade (applied. Flic* rnptlM* mm the ITare, IHiflg?r>nnli. Turl lie , ere cared by the true JON ES S Chemial Soap; pimple*. Clot! freckle*, *uubnin, uiorphrw. Mil rheum, eeurvy, ko? are re- Kna dm id, while dark yellow, or kilioua ?kin, aaatimra the *ra wl.iui. eaa and flear health of infancy, after waebinc with 1 thi* ipleadid eomiwnnd. But it ><nlj al iU.1 Broadway, de- 'HP' pet tar the tree !"paalah 1.11? White. '? M| Uaaraa^'l Italian Nrdlraud Rotp, for aria* all akla diaeaaaa. dieeolora'ioai and klentiahea. Pontrt Sakttlc for eradicating enperfluoaa hatr from any part of I la b Ike kody. Lily White for the oomplexiom. Liqaid fccoza, , k.' at rn Walker aueat, Bret iter* from (a?t In) Broadway: f. Calleader *<?th Third at roe t. Philadelphia .... Th MO K BY MARKKT. ereaj Tri?n*?. May 14? P. M ibe I There wa* considerable activity among the lanriaa, be ft to day without any material variation In prica* liar- Ilom lea i? In the handa of the galvaniaera, and la nnder to (1 going a few galvanic toncOa*. At tha A ret haarj, and < Beading mortgage bond* advanced S P** cant; Canton Il?m Company, %; Mohawk. 1. Reading Railroad. X Indu Partner*' Loan fell off V par rent Long Ialand ap- | profl pear* to have become totally dffunct-gone aim net are a entirely oat of eight The appointon-nt i?f a receiver Ulan lit rally killed the etoek ?o far w *peculati<n U eon- ly In emird. and a* tt neeer had tujr ealoe but that gleen fruu it li; ipttulttun, It till bt fir; little heard nl after menl tbi* "*? The receipt* at th? office of the A*?l*tant Treaeurer Cm of I hi* p< It. to-day. amounted to $&t 060; piym-n!*, jsj;( ff. 414 1*;- balance. $4,700 l'.'A 04 1M4 At tt# wrnud board, there ?aa a moderate panic 1C46 1K4A an< n? bolder* of fancy *tock*. and price* fairly eared J _ la. Kri* Railroad declined 1 per cant; llarl. in 1; ]n4H Caaton Co St; and Farmer*' Loan IV There war* ; 1WW lar?.e *al< * of Erie and Farmer*' The fancy atock I Th 1ml M. " - rearhed *ueh an eipan*lon that the prick Ulan ?l a pin would collap*a It at one* , *? 1 be fancy itock nmrket prc*rnt* a *peetacl? very conn much re*< mbliug the exptriog display of a grand pyro- ecml t< rhntc exhibition of firework*?Farmer* l<oan. K>*d- N< rt! In* Morrl*. Long Itland. Tauton. Jkc . Ice., like the m-tg- j will, n'licrnt wheel* a?d *tar?. an J l?ngnla light*, after fit. . The I i.iif and puttering and Hauling the eyea of "peeta. > pl*c? tor- wli h a brilliancy a* falit :v? i? ??e ephemeral, ar- and I n< ? like tho?e beginning to eahiblt nothiaf bat'in >k- befm Inn >nd lilarkened remain*, accompanied by a nat d: a routi gr< cable odor The only twoeaerptlon* art llarlem an I comi Kite tk?fc Hill continue to Oiandto *parkla. but it ei-tel nm?t fm>n be over, and like the anat brilliant mekel that e??r vrtit up e?me down a dall and w<>rthle*e ?ti?k ',,ft -ae-l far thhe there i* good eaa*? The f .?inda?l *t?u" i uaai< upon which the late flctitiou* price* have be. n built np for Iheee worthle** eeuritiee ha? been California. The jini late d'***tmu* new* fr -vn that <|?arter. (and di?a*trou* " it mart be admitted to be by all who are not lut?'re?t <1 M?i in keeping ap th* exaggeration) ha* *erred to ea?t a over the mind* of men. and to m?ke th ?ni ana- 7'??' iou> to realiae tbelr apparent profit* before the cap!n. ' ai< a arrlvee The growing apprehmeion of trouble ',"w ah>*d which I* becoming ?o apparent among the re. ! !o,h fl> rting portion* of the community appear* to n* to j L* well jactlfled the enormnn* engagement which .'4 have beta entered luto here for the ptirpoee of etnding JJ p venturi * M California from whenee little or nothing .*? ? r* ? ' ?' ?r ? .. ii ii- rimrni'Ul"!J . I j ,, y afgi rattd report* to th? contrary nothwlih?tandlm ) j j'.'j muat inevitably |>ri>dnr? ul>?rr?-n'nt f?<>nvr or im Mi l*??r Ir li?.a*rm tho Ion m alilpuicnta hare 5?? bin 75 to Id fit rtnl of the cital, an-l *? kii"? of 2>?'N? other* ?her? not only th> whole IntnlM *m I '?1*. but AiliatiloM Ktfc k*r? upon the ?blpp<-r r.r ? m< .iO pa r r< nt'i? -r and above Now. California ha? h"?n tha lj ahe? i at r *>or of all thi.-<c engaged In working up an it Ii rl> .? mi 'it ?blrh uablrd them to furf* tip th? priori ; ft ill (bp woitklfN tra*b of Hall atrart. f.mlUhly >o In pirn tci make olhera bel|o?e that b<-ranee there might ^ (| b? K< <>d frounilf Ibr Ibf appreciation of furl- ! Iv Hi Mr* that the i- trln.irnlij had wruld libera- bftrnin ?? mott kImU* t anchor. It la now pr'tty ?|.| el?ar I* Kt'iit to fail tin ? and a ?h?ft til* III ifllf ? n iMfli1 thlr f to their normal ?t?t? Tb* f 'itfr of ekr|;ai:|te. too. I* w* 11 ttaleulated toli?plr? tni?tru?t ^ ^ Tbr blib prteaof (to h?M ban eat off ( / all otdi m from Abroad, and bu en n brought bank j ?" m me It r a?|c the milt of whleh mu?t ItHTlUlil; he | to I'jffi m to pay a p?rt of th? heavy balance a^tinut ii. in ro n In Franco, the liourw, that drllrai th< rmomrlar if polltteal evcnta. I? abi<wlng atldrnt ?.vnp- , t'i?i? of triable and dlatruet Pbould a tar on t!ia ( J tnlia'B' which now nppeai? ro imminent break ut. ? we ahovldhave ? *om pUeat'oa of em barraaamcnta, that yr?t'?a would Intra the b?I r? tkl"?? 'peculator to p.iu?? and J" 'r'pj at'?i t ft>r a time at lr t. a ma> Wly inactivity thf Bank of Albany baa 4?-cl.?rid a ? un annual div d?nd of four per rani. fit Id dt pr?tt certifiratea to No | lntlu>ltr ar? TV* aow payable at tbr M'at. Fhladelphia ,i , ^ TK? karnta of rot ? Itilatton i f all t b*'t- k profw?rty, *'* '* lt< ifctd *f Uii iiUri lad Hcclmtrr. and tka ? ~> I? "r??? i? ?? w i WWE iurn and Sjt?toi? railroad compuaiM, bt?? bMA ly agreed apoa. to take effect on the 1st day *f art next after whleh data, the eoaaolidated comr is to bear the Dame of the Rochester and ?yr?Kailroad Company. The aggregate capital of th? companies will amount to about $4,304,000, Mid ength of road nine' y-four mile*. It ia. we learn, ntentien of tb? consolidated company to build a . a* near an possible, in a straight line ImIwmb letter and ?yracu??, which, when aompleted, will ten thk distance between Albany and Buffalo by line, nearly twenty miles. ie exports of cotton Roods from Boston fro? Jan. Mny 1. I860, (fr.ur months.) wore 10.3V7 paekagM, list 7.006 packages in the corresponding period, year. From thin city, thtre were exporfc'd during .tnie time. 10 Wl) paoknge* ngainst 4,667 last yaw. ie export s from thi? city, this year. 6 877 pvakage# 3 to the Went Indies, 1!.1J7 to Mexico. 61J to Braail, to 8t Domingo. CiiO to Africa. 217 to tlia Weak t of South America. 'J68 to Venezuela, 112 to tbft rh Weft Indies. 8.'l to Buenos Ayres, be. le trie Kailroitd Company are extending branohe# rery direction, aud tiie inanugeaicnt will tind that vitality the main trunk might have possessed. lie required to support these lateral roatUL lchi s are millstones about tbe neekof any comy. and sro sure t?> drain it ot it* life blood. W? etcnthc (ijii ration of this system in New Bug* l and in ctctji esse it hss proved disastrous. The HaiiroaJ Oiupauy lian taken an ether branch I under its proti etioa. us will be uc?n by the anJ extract from the Erie Democrat :? if Krie and Nortbeust Company art to lay their k the same width of the New York and Krie. and it finished by the time the latter arc ro/idy to lict, or sooner. if they please. together with the ury depot and water stalious. The New York puny are to stork the roiid for a p"rf>J of ei/ht ? i hat i?. tb- y are to have th' exclusive right of ulog their cum thereon, during tb*t time?and. in ^deration of this privilege. are to pay the Krie and Iheast I'ompa.iy tmhl per rent I'r annum ou th? I not of construction aud repair. 'l'bi? amount i* rautied, whether the road earns it or not. If It is more. theu a p>u rata dividend of ths overplus is e declared in furor of both companius, according to amount of their invt stment. He policy ot this eompary is perfectly suicidal, and ill Ai d. before the lapse of many laonths, that jch road* are the poorest property in the world. Norton and Woreester Compauy, th* Old Colonp ipany. Itonton and I'rovtdeuce, and several other - Kngland companies have been largely reduced In t r net earnings. by the drain upon theu of branch Is, and any compnuv undertaking to carry oat saeb stem, will, sooner or later, find it fatal. The exFes of the Erie Railroad, forrunniug and repairs, large enough to Hick any amount of income, withlout any aid from branch roads ie annexed statement exhibits the vain* of import* i, and exports from, the port of Honolulu. Oaha. for year ending December 31, 1849 :? Commerce ok Hokolcli', Oaiii. 1840 r... ti'd State* of Amcrica &J30,a46 4C fornta , 131,506 8> it llritain 44.578 IX l?h ColuuiM 52.821 5t> ua M.TtT 27 ?7.350 Ofr tier 23.466 7* Itl 10 340 27 iiubla River 12,672 M ibiirfr 0.728 68 opaulntrkni 1,1)22 It atUu Mun.LU i'anauia. Bremen 8?a, Xo. 0.028 2T Total (729.799 U ICxjiorti.. u. 063 K20 lba . at 5c $32,001 0* 41 286 gall., at 25c., 10.300 76 ! . S8 231 tlx . at luc 2.823 10 2 M'fc Uu- at >1 2,800 00 e. ?M;1, bbl? . at >2, 1.813 00 . 15h . at J. 12 1004 00 d. 2512 II > nt 12 racb. 5,024 00 uw, 17 403 Il.f at 6c 1.044 IS i f*kin?, U1.4M at 'Joe. each 0.297 60 l I'ai aJ n? -. K,'.8 bhl.i .at $3 2.574 00 I do 2t4? t.blN ai *1 AO 4M W ti?. 61-24'i 25 ; Pumpkin*. 0200 60 ; l.!nr?. 15 75; l.ioi.- jute*, $163; 1'ickka, 1200 ; mBfr*. |"li4 5" 2.080 00 er (<V4 l>>? at :i71*e 372 76 . W lou*. at <50 1 750 00 414 U'kiti at 25c. 110 00 d. r?0 cord*, at f 10. 300 0? 1 i (100 lb* . at 12He 126 00 1 Mouc 440 00 iltur* 1j620 60 i*?. 12. at >30 each 300 00 K-p, 4, at ?>1tK) eaeb 400 00 p. 60. at J3 each 150 00 1171. 600. at "6c cach, 376 0^ titnj 1.J90 26 ahinglc*. and hoard* and I hoiiaa inii'i.. hi m it > iui Iod*, Nran* arrow-rout, broom*. pel, rn muHar.l t tirm, dried bm&t aaal?i. ;idik. ke., ko 1JB7 If Tola) ?W743 74 end lor 18 ooo 0? $107,741 H fonifi trad* of Hrnoinlu baa bni largely laird 1 j the diecuvery of gwld la California, an4 by iark<'t? louud Id that country for export*. It wiB rn by the abtitr ?tairm?nt. that the import* I at* slnlu from ( aUforula. for tba year IMP aaouatoi 31 606 fcv Tbi*. doabtleaa, waa all la g->ld Hit ; [b?- exportation ?f provlilou* aud regetablaa. from i.lulu to San fmnrlwo. ha* given an iiapetaat* ?try in their cultivation, whteh ao*t pro** my table to the Sandwich Inland*. (literally Therw everal regular trader* between California aad thee* dr. and th? trade aad travel between then i* rapldereaelng Tothow the ioereaae a'raady reall*e4 the dieroverjr of California, we anni i a ?t*teL. giving the value of Import* and export* lor lal )e*r?:? MMtat'B er UoWoLt'Lr, 0*nr,II?w?n*a I*i ?*ne Imperii Ktpnrit. fl.fllMT 140.347 1J ?U0M(>C 644MI7-J 07.010 tt MW.TAiid 023*6 74 710.1.1* Ag UJN Of M6.MS.73 ."1M1 li 729.7W.44 107 743 74 e commerce of evrry port on the Pacific. of the d* and of the cea?t will, in a lew rear*, exhibit ndrrful iaerean* The lmmcn?c population af the trie* barriering on tbi* tea will r< ceive new lifr by ng In enntaat with the enterprUing penpt* at tha li Atlaaile; and whatever re?.jnrre* th?y have, from thi'tlnie turtli be mo/t rapil'y developed '.mdwtcb niu?t l>e ??. half-wey loppint. rmiima. m aiajn. ana mrrtcro, tba E?-t I mil. a, for thi- Ihira i>f "tr-inm*111, * lb* laf of ID -I) VM-ra. '.a r4*Ml?hf4 on that anil th. j III. ?h ?.i r , bi ronia pUrri of ptit larrlal importaure. Two hum!.-"! ?hal*ahip? r? <1 Ihf |?nrt? . f II' t .lulu and f.iha.n* <I'irta( ar 1 MO o? ?|i..-h 241 ?rara Amcrlran. 7 Fr-ncb, *i-t. a in! t l?ri<i*h Mjp,.|| . ralu?l at ..'MO tnrnl?l.. .1 to .hipping la the two tr.u ?bvv? -.1 III 1N4V. Stork KlrhtNRf. I f.'?, "C7 *11 17.% aha liana Ca I7'? >? r S ! <? da M*t <;V In4l?a? ?latri-? TV1, M 4a mi 47$ i a .I* liai 4.. fy 47)Z < \ *? t uit 47?J Inl/a, 70 II* i-l trie Batlraal 77* PanaA'* !SW III 4o 'M~ <i? h? 4? rvt Frta 7*?. 1W M ? . no "x 4a '? M M 4a Wwl 'j da 7'a. "T'l( M fr 4? ?*> ! R?a<l ??r? II. n il 7'<\ 7.% 4? ", ?{ i.ank -f An. llt-'a J" llarl- a. N R *' U>\ in Hat 3W * 4a IBjC nl ?f (' , fall 1""? .>*? 4o *? fc.C 4a lOWla 3? 4. tuC 4a II' ' !? ? 4'. k? |wC i??r? llaak ?S ?? 4n I ^ M ^ nam' trail 1-'^ ?"* 4.. .Ml 4a ?? ? , *? IUa-lli.f R il. 4 47 V it -< a??l l.-'a - 4JV* la H in 47 K 4o l? I'M 4m .A? 47?? liaak Kailrraa < J4 I" 4.. 47?. 4n kill MH I"" .1 . 4* lULlfa * T> l.i' I' MVVi N It RR *>i Klihl V or ICR I2"a 2."> 4a l'4'i 4a li* lllj M Atl.urn fc *>ra- mm * ?K( >*( ?VM**?ah II" l"llahtEr?tR bill 77V k f C. - llVU .10 4,, HO ?ai .f?n l ' '\ .VI fa 11? r?, i?m???' I ii it Sf.-i V? in 10 "i W 4a nj? 4a ? ?! * VI t|n ?K? :: 4o akt M, I .1 4.. 3 !. Jaaa S'i W 2Ji 4. ^'4 kOO .'1? 2..1 llitr ria li aiIr ? I ll*'? ?J aRiTifRR ..,V M.liilM ' > IN K KNEW ED EVERY DAT. 'H! ,ri. or nkm (UtAHADa.?o.l rtsiio** nt . i r p lt?f? Kn lit .n<4* mTi?t pfnTWi ?nl 1 f i? ii mi rl I ni |M? i tints* '!'!?>.? ( irir <1 r lln M?? Mil -1 It i ?r in- 1 Ity tlii? ?4M>iU'.?, hi ?i'W lH?? ?n I- ! :#?? r.-, i| Jcf in tb? N "* >ir?ii*?li?? ?? (*?. 010 IxikiM.CLZ. Chih' if* ? Urt> i??U, yj . VmU? 11 p. itOi.MA IMTFI) rT*rl? I'** ri?.lH i? pi???pr it? >1 twMrtN I ? * ^'?i*? ft >?* (.Mmiii'in ? i'iitlii"? ? *? l? in |l p I" n nf " i* At I ri'M S # r ti ?? ?>' * t'?l ? ' ".* p???T1 ft f I r JIpw twa'Vl id ft. ?'???|"i-u f?.r . r? ddll*-. Ml-HI "Kit fc CO.. Ai.or I Oil BlUfl. n\? litrmivk.i> cmmvomtrRii wannM.* 'litem I'liim. I kruMWilt fcjr ?pf-?iai><i >? %* ? Ir.trvliy ? r?(f**(all. Mitaiu irml "t Sj? ' rr* tmkfne,f?| :.ll ifc? UikI >a|' r??. ?l tttr ln?r?t fH"M, f?r r* V IIII I ? *>>.? itU.Utl'ih

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