Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1850 Page 1
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r- '* - v% TH m .6823. f DOUBLE SIIKf:t." AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE IIIBKIIMVS MAILS. THE DETAILS OF TIIE NEWS. The steamship Iliberiua, Cajrt Lung, arrived at V>oMon about 4 o'clock yeaterday morning. Iler snaile reachidgihis city yesterday afternoon, orer the New Ilaren Kailroad. i Th? details of the European n-w.i, a telegraphic abstract of which we gave on Thursday and yesterday morning, is annexed Among thepiipsengere in the Hibernia, are Prince ! Kamehameha, Prince Lehohho, and Dr. Judd, of ihe Sandwich Islands. The following are the latest q'iot.ition?of Ami ri an stocks in the London maiket They are th? prices current on the 3d instA good business was loing in I'nited States .Six per Cont Honda and Maryland 1'ivcs, and prices well in untamed IiHerrlt. Hedtrm Prictl. '5 nitrd States 5p c. <lol. 1853 ?;? ? Wl Do ti latil lixi alo; Do 6 " IhuT Do tt " l?i,? llosalil Kew York Mate ....6 18jo BT a UH Do 6 18 ?8 CO a ? N*w Yoik Citjr ft ' 1&&-7U M a ttti l'< nu?jrlTaiiln 5- ' " 83 it tl Ohio " 18.">? UH a Do 6 ' " 1H?U? lot alO'J ViiMacliuMtitH St" " iterg ls<?8 ioti aloT Maryland ft Wl a 02 (rUntrr'a Ilk) H ' " 1811 70 a ? Do. , . .(Lnioii Ilauk) 19 a 21 Virginia 6 " 1?57 73 V0 a ? The quotations from the circular of Messrs. Hiring vV (.'<0., will found in another column. The majority of Eugeoe Su?, tne socialist candil?l? In Kiiu uo. mm; Tk .-?l C .u .. , u< ?, ? ""U Ul lur fiscceseful candidal? was made on tin* 2d inst. An a xed ia the vote :? Kti?<-d???u?. soi'talUt 127.8*2 M. Leolerc, order 1 Mi 7 20 Fuo'? majority 8.0WI The number of votes w?s 2-17,543; the number of ejrifitrre<I electors, 31)7,000. The Tarift bcursc was much agitated on the 3J /inft. The following puragraph ia taken from the Lonk-n Ttrrrs:? Whilst certain wfll iiimdIiii p*rti?<? both In and out if Parliament. are mining Ih? qiimtl?n tif a trnnjutlantic par kit at ?om? Irtnh port. |>ri*alat-iit?rprtae htn Int?rj'Osed. ami. if wo are rightly tuf >rui? i ?r II, by a b ilJ ?trnke. practicnlly tent the advaulitgn or olhorwinu of "rliTtirg th? wc?!crii coa.-t of IrWaud a< th* polo', of Jrparturo All tjio urritttK>-m ut? an not y.-t coin- 1 ul< toil; but tka'. tlifl proj. rt will bu tarried out anil .'lint, too, gpwdiljr. ?r belief# ther? ia no doubt what- ! ? vor. (>ur private advices confirm the above; an ! the probability if., that the steam-hip Victory will l ave lalway. on the Iht proximo, for New York. The Kmperor of the North still maintains a warlike position. The llu*?ian troop* on the frontiers .'I I'rustia are quoted at 160,000 men, and strong re 'nforcementa are said to be unrching up. 60,0.10 ..n.cng them are Ilaskir and Circassian horsemen. | A letter from Florence, dated the 20th alt., states that the mediation of France in the Anglo-Tu*can differences has been accepted. The coronation of the Lmperor of Austria in to ?uke place on the ISth August, the anniversary of birthday. The government has determined to continue the state of siege of Prague and Vienna. | The S|?iiuih differences with Kn^land are finally arranged. The copy of the pro|>o*ed terms of arrangement which had been forwarded to Lord I'almernon, has Wen returned with ouly one word of alteration. N*nor Isturiz will sc. out immediately 'or London. (upturn Austin was exacted to anil from England on the 1th iot-t., in search of Sir Jonn FrauLlin. lie takes four ehips with him. Arc ?rcm**?rr ok thk Qi-kkv or CmLun.? HtrctixoiiAii e, May I?This moruntf. the '.Jueen was safely delivered of a prince. In the . *ootn with Iter Maj*aty w.ta hi* K<?v tl lI'tdincM I'lince Albert, IT. Locock, and Mr*. F^ilfjr, the ttionthly uurae; and in the rooms adjoinim; were he other tredical attendants, t?ir James Clark, and l r. Fi-ryiw>n, and the nnuiatera and officer* of a'nle MiRimonrd on the occasion. Several of tl?e tivy councillor* were in attendance. ^mrtlian Violation of the RlghUofDrltUh Hubjrrta. i Prnin the London Standard of rrrtxtoni. May 4-J fcvery day MitncthinK w occurring to remind us that we are a nation. 1 h it our love of money e&rccd* our love of men i* too often forced upon our attention, and that in too prominent a manner to adi itof denial. We are not yet well out of sn art of duuning for our debta on a large rale, which Itaa threatened to embroil ti* with tome of the moftt po werful Siatea?and Jiere are we n/;>?aleij to on behalf of the actual right* and liberties of the auhj-ct? ind we take it very coolly. We have sent out a fleet to colb-ct 'be debt* due to a Dritiah speculator, and a I'or u^utae couxul and Jew, who hanga himarlf on the ,j?ef; of our nationality, by virtue of an abode in Gibraltar; and we have carried the whole (hint; with a high hind townrd* Greece, proteai ,ie that if thr?r two individu.ila are not paid, we will :*?nT ofl property by force, and pay them ouraelvi-a. ?n the hrela of thu haughty and overbearing demonstration cornea a complain th it the l/nitod Sutea of America have aeued a Hnliah subject oo ( oarn a imunh \ et-aei, in the n-tr or ?i t narieaton, . and incarcerated him t'ur a fortnight, for no oihT j oHe*c thun that he has a black -kin an < woollv hair. All men, women and children with Macs kins and woolly hair, the Americana declare to !*a, nccording to tome new revelation, winch they keep to ihemarlrM, made by heaven for the enure u*e of the whites. Nay, tbey have no husineaato hnva akin*, wooll) hair, and liberty; and that wbomr)MMMM|iW li?>erty to one of th.?t MM, * 11limit H-kinu leave of ch" I nited States, commit* a rniw which warrants the Americana in setting aside all the laws of nations in order to punisn ?hetn. By tha treaty of 1815, all persons being Knglish aobjects and cilixens, are allowed freely to cn'er the T'liited States, freely to live there, and freely to ?|Uit them 5nch ia the treaty, and rt<* versa ait regards American ctti*ena and Kngland. Knglanri ol>?erves the treaty to the letter. Americans of all aorta?white, Mack, blue, or yellow, or of any other imaginable color?whether their hair t?e|Woolly or straight? may walk from John o* (irml'i to the I.and ? limJ, and nutx'dy ilU'ittpt to interfere with them. Bat America doee not, on her mide, keep the treaty. The moment a black Kn^li-hman aprriaichca the coaat of Carolina or Jyom?aana.liefore he can aet a fi>ot on the land,or l?efnre anybody know - whether he will ever aet a foot on it, the Americana Imard the British vetael: arise the tr n, be be sailor, Heward,orcapt tin, and, carnrina him on ahore, there imprison him *o long a* tne veaael which bronchi him ataya in the port. The captain of the veawrf ia, moreover, ni. de chargeable forthe .lieep of the prisoner, nnd reaponailde for hia being igain taken out of the country Now here is a cool and impudent breach of th? leaty; a cool and impudent violation of the * wooden walU of t ?ld England," and of the nghta of British subjects, which would not have Keen borne ky the Americana from uafor an hour. Had we pasaed no act that no y'low Snu'h Carolinian alave driver alio ild dare to enter our porta, on p\in if a irwre. on l*>ard of an Ami rican vea?*l, and of incarceration for the whole time that the veaael -which brought him should stay, no matter what was the importance or the urgency of hia huam -sa. the American Aml?a>aador would have received immediateinatructiona to demand explanation, r??Irctw, and aprdopy: and there would have been a humming an<l a \anoring thonghotit the length and I.n ndth of > tnk'daod enough to miltrf ?r father. Hil vbftt Mf * my f?ord Prflmrrafon 1 If# is in4fMitnl that tli?* l?lH??h MfWiiH of thf Kritiah hirfc Mary Ann?* Ima 'wrn Kitrdoti l<o*rd that <- ?? I jr thr (?>rt of ( hn! !r?ion, ami (' mmittnl to prK<>n for 4 fortnight? Hint i?, during the ?t?y of t)i?* the rr. Ilia cliiralroua lordahip, who wm <>fl t |W? Mtkllirdrtitnr*, to fat* tlif mi .fknnth^rtiM* ?.f lliirjjarMna, and who en* anothrr to the vaaHo, aM Unfkmk the purl >f Athena f.?r *tt f*"lion to the i*" kt:1m of an Fni(li?h ap-onUtor .nl i rwt^Hir .!? , in thie eaa noil* replies that it m r.o news to him that it w ui o(tl jr* ?<? with ' , AoM-'i'i; l>ut OH fmi n?tnitinf with t h-*t .-<? u<*. in 1MT, vn llii* ?ul?j>-ct, the twwvi h* gv v u, 'hat u E NE wan the law of Louisiana and Carolina, and thai, ! as the federal government knew that it could nei. ther persuade nor compel tho?e States to repeal tho law, all that they could do was to put an end to the treaty of IrtlS, it the Knglieh Hoveriiment insisted on protecting the rights of its subjects. Now, are we to believe that if KusMa had threatened to put iin l uu ii' i ne ireuiy 01 i?io, ir Mini i' ilniersimi <1 id not recall his fleet from the Dardanelles, (hat lie would liuve done it ??or that, if Kust-ia or France hud threatened the same thinu, if we did not retire from the Pirtrus und from the claims of Mr. Finlnyson ?lid Llou Paeilico, that lie would have done it 1 Or are we to suppose that Lord P.ilmerston is willing to put kimsell and Kngland into the attitude of a cowardly bully and bragsfadociol That he will hector the weak for owning police, when he dure not even make a fair und mnilv d -mand of justice, and the fuith of treaties, from the strongl Are we to sui>pose that if we had money deinuids on America, we should have sent a fleet there to ofnrce them; or that if Greece hud violated the rights of British subjects in their own persona, we should quietly put up with it, allowing her, in fact, to do just as she liked? Hoes Lord P.ilmerston mean to make himself the catV-paw of Portuguese Jews mid 1 iritit-h jobbers, and to humbly walk olf wken a strong power insults the British tuition in the per ons of its subjects, and cays we are not disposed to alter our practice! I>oea he mean to net the bunilwilifT, in the collection of j>etty debts, mid to ni ^'leet the most sacred rights of uatio:is und of British subjects! That, however, is precisely, at the present moment, the position in which Lord I'dluiTston stands, ond in which he has placed this country. The hectoring over the weak fur pecuniary demands, and the succumbing to the strong, w*iere thelawsrf nations and the |iersonaI lib rties of Knglirhmcn coccemcd, stand in strange and humiliating contrast. We trust that the public will not allow this matter to rest. We trust that it vs ill communicate to I-ord IVImcr.-'on and the government, th it after the ;.finir i f Cirecce, the honor rf the country ia concerned to sec the rights of Englishmen asserted in America. We must do this, or bear the inevit;.b> cl. Tucter of cowardly bullies. Our swagger v, ill ln-ri i'fter be estimated at its true value. It is for the nil tun to remind our government, of what it i? apt to forget, that it places a higher value on the honor of the {State and on the person of its ci'.ums, ih.<u in any amount of money; tliit it i l?t m l?4Ttliinnr nr it Tut u In flu?r ikwiao ar? black. w ic, green, 01 gray?it in enough tint tli?-y ?r?* Knt:li^lmnn, md we ure bound by ihe I ' nor of uue inen, by the f.uili of treaties, and (lie laws of nutioii-, in protect und d?fr*nd (hem. Hut, tays Lord I'alnu-rston, th^y th; '?ten to put 81: end to the treaty of 1H13. N suoh un awful affair"! Do<? not any nation g..llop through that treaty lit its pleasure 1 Where U Poacn, where (iallicia, where Cracow 1 Is there not a white aa } well as n black bide to this ijiieption 1 Will the Amtiicun* goto war to defend u breach of f.nili in the lare-dnvieg popul ition of the South 1 Will the Scuth bre::k with England for this t Where, I then, would be its great cotton market, witln ont v. Inch the w hole South would lie bankrupt at 1 Oticr ? No ! the liiw.-t cf nations, und the best sentiments I of the whole human race, would be against | America in fucli ? content. She cannot, an J she 1 would not, H'tiou?-ly attempt to maintain such a ! strife. Wc have only to n?--ert our rights tempo | rnt? ly but iirmly, and to obtain them. Th?? slavedriver* might and would bluster a while, tut the beat portion of the population of the United Stated , (beam h><* aid i?- againut them. Then- are too ininy commercial and other intercuts in existence | to endanger a rupture with tin- United States on | aeon nt of our just, honest, and imperative dem ind | of the inviolability of our countr) in>'n on tx>ard of our own vessels. If we yield to the bullying insolence of the Caro- j unit II m nrmrivrr, aurr wic ( UMiion wp rmrP aisumi j in Turkey and in Grcecc, we shall deserve i the i ont' nipt of the whole civilized world ? tind we ?hull hhVC it. Thr Itrttlah I'xrllunir nt. ItoLSE OV COMMONS. M nntr, Atril 29. tiitrlir t>r I II KM II mil *r rNinimin. Mr. t.'<Hhiii,KN tucked the noble Secretary for Foreign Allans, in reference to the case of the Mewhrd of the lirilisli Imrk Mary Anne, who h id |m t n M ized nnd imprisoned hy the authorities of Charleston, for no specified oll'- nee hut th it lie a man of color, whether the noble lord had ti??d nny enden\ors with the government of the United i State* to prevent British auljecls from h iving their I liberty invadi d, mid persons incarcerated, hy ?o scandalous a violation of the principles that should reuuluti- the intercourse of civilised nations 1 iMTtl J'jtl.MlkKsTf>* regretted that the tulijwt to which the honorable Htid learned member hud drown the attention of the House was !<y no mean* new to the government. It was * fact that there exiKted n law in Cnrolina r.nd Louitiana hy which free men of color, whether foreign' r? or citueo* of oar < tin r of tlw I iik>ii. ri- mi! i. 11 to iiiipricoiiiiient, with a view of their ultimate removal ft cm the territories of those States. It w.iauuue- I ces??ry for him to ezpreita th** opinion which every 1 Dumber who heard him must entertain with re-?- i pert to auch a luw. In IS 17 her Majesty's government caused a note to be preseuted to the govern- i n-.ent rf he Veiled State*, remonstrating against the lave , not only inconsistent with the estsh- I luhed polity of n itions, hut at variance with Vin.r- I turn of the first articles of the treaty of 1815, t>e- i tween (ilea* lint.un and the 1 nited.States, under which ill suhjerin and citizens of the two countries i were to he permitted fr? ? ly to enter, freely to re- i side in, and fi "ly to <(iiit the territories of ea<h. To J thiM note Mt Djchanan, then the Secretory of | JSltile for For* ii;n Afl'hir* ol the 1 nited States, cave a unswer, to the ?fleet that the federal go- j ven.ii.ent libdiio |>ower to induce the legislature of the Mute of Carolina to revoke the law; nnd that, if tin l<riti*h government insisted on its ri^ht, the government of the I nited States would find the question so impossible to deal with that it would be obliged, however reluctantly, to take advar/a^e of the mi; ul.ition i-on'au..-.: > he t,.-n'y o I' 27. .m l pia bp end to the treaty ' imfi upon gi?Mf twaive | month's notice. It d.d not niyear toner Majesty's government that any coinmensurtte advantages would, under such circumstances, reai.l: from further pressing the matter. Ireland. A paragraph in the fork Conttitution shows in.ii irurinirrair i?r u' mucraui; iiufw iuvr uitu revived in that city. The IU linft pap r* of Wcdneadny atate " on the Itiphcat MUlliority.** thnt the university ?rr?ngeD>rnuf fin! faring the different faculties of th'"* colicn> a, now on *ti?? eve of bring completed, nod will. in t very tliort ume, Ur publicly ??aounrrd Kedvctiona of rrnt ?re still announced occa?ioo lly; and there irfmi in k i more geqenil disposition to enter into equitable arrangement* bctwc? n landlords and tenants. In some c ises. ohrnt hn?l industrious tenants have abandoned | Iheir intention to emigrate in consequence of f?ir reductions of rent conceded by the r Undlorda. l)efalcationa in the Castle of I>uhlin are talked of. It i* said that one of the clerk* in a public department in the caatl has Hed, and the police are still took wg after him. The amount of the defalcations is ?hia ruse ia said to be JC3.00P. but I think 'hia n.uat 1* an eiaggcralion It i< Mated that another person, connected with a different department, ia under suspension, pending an investigation of iiccounta. '1 he moat cheering reporta are received from all parte of the country as to the appaaranc* of the crop*, and the potatoea, of which am h an immena* I breadth has been planted, are " shooting up" in illdlMi lk)?. Then- are most vigorooa eicrttaM I to M'.v turnip* and other green crops. Al the country fair* ( eneraHy there ia a tendency to advance in tkvpricca *t eaitle. It i* at ited that, at a large cattle asle near I*ro*li- la, ' every description of tock went eff a? we'l < ia the sunniest d<tys of war pricea and i>rotec*i?u." A correspondence ia now in progress hatween the I'oor I .a* Omnrsaionera and the gnardiana of the Caatlebar I'mon. reapecting the allocking overCnwdmi of the workh< u?e, the number of the inmates l<eing nearly double the amount to which th<y had hern limited l y a aealed order of the 1 rt n n iinirDTi; whilst the state of the "prnba; tirnnry ward, ' a? it ia termed, ia des-ribed in a report made by 'he nied'Tal officer, l)r. Kobers??n, ; u? rcary moat honihie?it is, in inn, a (wwnow. The guardians rrfuaca to pli? the rejiort of the , medical officer on their nunutea, and, on the day it **? for* >.t<l?-d to ike vice-chairman, they piaaed I a rrtnlutii n reducing hi* acanty salary from ?100 10 ?70 i< i annum. Another and if ponail 1" more degrading ar -ne ti nl ;<lace on Wednc*<l ?, at the meeting of the " r? t med" corfnmtio.i of the city of I><iMin. The , dii<f aetrra were, m naaal, the I/ord Mayor and . b'r Wnlk'i (conservative), 'tie latter in meaawre m< <1 I y Mr M rtin. one of the eitreme liberal I p<ry het j>rw| hv.roa waa the war, that at one till. ll.e p?,|tri? ware tntmrlucerf a| the instance of Mr. John Heynolda, and, hn? for the terrentio? of one or two member* cr?.??e4 to thia acandaloua breach -4 pro- rlet) , Mr v ?IW r would haea heiea an inn.t.U! of the station a; (. hancere lane. At tha | time ii wnuld lkAcalt to inf which fa? w YO MORNING EL?IT.I0N?SA1 tion in most to blame for the outrage, both ^coining j to have lout all Men*? of the uaugee of civilized soI ciety. AipNt or Affairs In Kr*nof-Th? Part* Election. (Prom th? I.onduu Timor M?y 11 Tlie remit of Ihe poll in I'aris, as far an it w;u? known yesterduy morning, sUhhI a* follow:*, and leaves no doubt of the success of the socialist candidate. [Hi* actusl majority id Eo. IIkiuiji.] The numbers were? KutsenttHuo 12! .168 Locierc 117,117 Majority for Sue h t'ii , Although, therefore, we have carefully abstained from all peculation on ? subject bo entirely obscure us the caprices of universal suffrage und the force of the democratic |>arty, we may now safely ai-sume that the contest is decided?that it i* decided against i the earnest hope of the great hulk of the middle i classes, againr-t the government, against the National Assembly, und against the cause of law, order, i and society in France. A more decisive event and n more complete defeat could haidly proceed from the ballot-box. lioth pnrties ttrained every nerve to the encounter ; the whole strei g h of both parties whs concentrated on a single candidate. The ' conservative inteiest in Paris had been warned and stimulated by the deplorable consequencesof the preceding election of the 10th of March ; yet the socialists, nothing d.niiited by the disparaging con- ! s? (]iienc< b of their foimer victory, did not hesitate to provoke u renewal of the conttst, and apparently ( they hud not miscalculated their discipline and their strength The former election might piss for a neevish warning to the government, whose acta liad sometimes crossed the humor of the people; | tlie present a more positive declaration of hoa- I tility, and it rtniotrn all doubt aa to the ultimate I eflect of universal *ufirage in France, if that form i be liftman' uil\ given lo the supreme uuilionty j I of ilie State. 1'nivcrHal sutlr.ige in the li;jidn of a j < people placed in frueh conditions <>f int> lltgeuce and ; i w< nlth as e.\ir-t in France, means nothing cUe than j | the prostitution of )>olitical power by the ><riiticesof j | those whot-e mphi-m* can impose on the narrow j , judgment of the |x.jail ice, or by the more il | i rledccs of these who kindle their passions to tho i li< ii>lit of anarchy and spoliation. In this election the candidates on both were i unworthy of notice, and nerved rather to detract \ i frtm than to augment the strength of their respec- j tive panics. M. llu.vnc Sue, living the life of a : h'yhunte in u retieat from which no exceed n ba- ; nirhed, is a ridiculous reoret-entative c.f the hardhliip? of the claM whi'ji have elected hnn. M. I I.eclerc, a pn[or maker, in the rue St Joseph, who had fought l oldly on the barricades, wa* equally unfit to reprcirnt a party which claims as its own the intellect, the wealth, and the traditions of I Frii.ce. It is probable that the rerp*etive defects j ofthece two candidate* were more powerful recoin- I meodationa to the elector* than their merits. M. Sue wns cot elected for his |M?wers of intellect, nor w.isM. l.eclerc supported for his political con-ih- I tency: the one was selected for ht.-? recklens attacks 1 ou Vccial and religious institutions; the other for his fieedcm fr^m all pirtv color. In reality, however, the struggle Iny not between the men at all, but between the principles ihejr happened to represent. The principle of the revolution triumphed?tlut cf the gov? rnnient hat- been undeniably lieaten. I'iobably tome minor circumstances, such as the abttird and vexaticra persecution of the nenrt-ven uri.? i y in?' ponce, arm me eviacni iiih|*?iiioh or me r.u'lioiities lo introduce me&forr* of rrpre*- I *ion, have contributed to swell the hostile majority \ by ernif fhouunrf vote#. 1 'ut these interference* with the liberty of the fubject are not frit in I'arin as thrv nrr in England. Nobody cat*" for Kmile ( iiarJin'a rlubonr.e protean on legality; and ? government if never I?-hm likely to peii?li in Franc* than when it aim uj on its own convictions and taken tin- law into it? own hands. But, fwlmtnn- i tinlly, we doubt whether any i?olicy which the Pietidrrt or bin ndvihero could purcue with thn | eon currency rf (he present Awrmbly, would h ve i produced any material difference, The auction i it not one of policy, but of pwntwinn. 'i'ne long I array of cl<-ctcr? * ho record t)i?-tr vote# in i fit ion to the government, ure led by men i ol ji ct if fimply to lay b iiidt on the authorilr i ot me ,-i 'ie,1 i(rn nit'ttiu <? .. ,? 10 it Trife J I boundlew patronage, the g*ydclighta of power, the : tra<> of revolution, the noverrignty vf Franc". 1 he ? nioyment of the* ndvant*<? Hi-etned j lutihr ether any within tlw gm*p, n><t, indeud, of ! the |rf'puluc<-, but of tlio-e who have tbe irt of m ik- | irg the populace their dope and their tool. Tiie i current Mill iiiiih in their favor, ?h<I in the judgment 1 of the?e waiters H(>on fottune. the t.ictio* of the , pnrty for the last two yeure, bill ^prriHlly rince the j 13th of June, IfMll, have uluioot repaired the d' f>-at i | of the precediug year, and I lie fofliea of the I itler ; diMiatroua tiny. More thitn ever it la their intcp'at I tti al Mlnin from acta of viol'-uce which might brutf; i thrni w illiin the L'riJ?|> of thr law. Thrtr wirfiK , is of another kind. The constitution of IHJH ae- I rurea thrni a ciiffirirntl)* ample field. and upon that gtiutid th? y were*d in comlinitijj rjr fraction of the republican party. If the attack coinr at all, it must come from tlir other aide, for, as we oI>m rved the other day, thr relative atnttid-'H rf tlit two |*rtu-? tha* ihr rrvol?ti< n ha* aaeiimed thr tone of I /gal authority, wlulal authority and law *rr <lrivrn lt> borrow she r*j>rdirijta of r? volution. lint, on th<* aide of the majority in thr AswniMy, thrrr i? neither that 111.ion whieh eMalluhra thr ascendancy of n political |*:tT, n< r th it geniun ? hich i<-<* it? plncr. A num w ho ahould, to a high drRrw, represent the wit-hra and intrrrata of the n ition, would find it n* eaay, or pmb.i My more e*?y, to j wenit thr mci.IiM republican* fiom thrir illiiainna, than lo wean the < hiefa of ilir majority from their division*. their ayati ma, and th<-ir intrigu>aa. ll.der the pressure of circumstance* ao threat* emng, it i? hy no nit ana impossible that the l'r-mdrut, who aeea thr extreme dan^era of the country, and h&a now a prrfrct knowlnlgr of the \iiIur of hi* ailvisrra, ahould tak<- conn-el of no I M bM liui own courage and resolution, un*I hi* forninr to the touch, " to win or Inae it all P* [ I'nt except it he ftom thr fatalism which a>*riiia to bow the Kirnck nation in whichrvrr dirrction the wind may ?it, we aee little reaaoo to antici|4ite that mhIi an entrrptis* would end gloriously or aucce**fnlly for I.oui* Kapolroa. Thr timr ia pint when nny auch d? monatration could he got up ainongat tbe proble. It mnat proceed from thr army?uid J there, if we are not miataken, it would encounter ' great, if not inannnouatahle, obataclra. Heyond ( ' the imnierfiate cirrle of the Klyaee, there are at 1 this titne in Kranri* fi ? ntpn nrrtmrril la rnnaurr i for tit* argrandizemcnt of Loma Napoleon, or who I lock to him an the o< ri v*arjr and irunt worthy *aviwir of the Plate. Such enterpnaea. emanating , frrm the e|*>ntaneoua ?-f>erjjy or amotion of a ?irifle individual, can hardly wrwfd when' the greatest r< mbinationa of all humanjmwer hare auccea- f Miely and rej^atedly foiled. To pnhlmh at aocli a mc.meiit the annala of the IA<h Bnimaire, with J all the acta of the Firat Con an I when he aaaumed / the dictatorship of France, ia rather to provoke a rortraM than to auggeat an e*ample Ppon the whole, although the rewnlt of thia ehction will increaae, if that he rmMiihlc, the panic of the moderate party, and give birth to a hundred , new m hrmea of rrpre*wion, and although it will conaidernbly aggmvite the positive evila of France, I'jr run-in*. cajatal to he displaced, and by arreatinff the revival of industry and trade, jet, in apite of thrae evila, we douht whether it will k id to any deciaive reaulta, unlraa the President or aome other permn of influence should think the time w*a come to aroume the |>era?>nal renpon-ilnlitv of the criMa It i? an old i iorrih, that a c? uncil of war never fighta. France ia governed by iw h a council. The old (General* of the ronatitutional monarch? arc employing their, acquired in very different ccnteat*, to the great levy m mamr of anivemal antlrage. Hitherto their failure haa been nnqueationnble, for their policy may be dram bed in two word*- inadequate reaiataace. Kre Ion#, the problem will ataume the clearer form of direct conretaion to the popular impulse, or direct military repr* avion. Kach aucoeeding evrnt abridgea the period of a temporising poli< y ; but though abridged and diarredited, it aeniaina to l>e aeen whether the eiprdienta ol that pnlicy are wholly eihauated. Itaai*. The Pope'a return to hia reaideoca at the Vatlcaa ia already proved to be a farced one; and hi* preaent and future quietude will depend entirely on the protection oi the French artiiy awcaMp>-<i wuhiu the capitol. 'J be latrat account* from Home atite, that "hia loving auhject* avoid him, b? hiding I themeelvea, when he |>annc* by. l'er?onal aecuri ty to a mianntnar; miiwry, mi?tniat, and aullrn da- 1 n.aanot, wlnifM-i MrnouniinK to d<-^ration, ara now m Wa olwrvad in ilir (mMMM ?f dM Wbfitw yoti roaa, yrm mfl Franrh mMkh, | gandarmaa, <rf>?rn, and apiaa. A BT?i*m ??faar?i*? 1 at* la aalabHaHad thai timat bra?k tip all atrial 1 tiao. Thaaa ?^?rn iniroduoa tham?alaa? Him f^mi- I lira; y??w aaa th? m aim at tha rmfti, and at I .a 1 drora of tlx ?Ih thay hoaar about th* ra?id?araa of tlia lineliab. Anxriran, Swiaa, and !*??< montasa rofiwila, h^rauor thay baaa lm? tkair aid, ?.? Ilir arora of humanity, in aaving maay TirtilM , firm th# aat?g*ai?ca of Ilia prtaota It waa frna rally a ?par tad that a? untw*?y i hava bran (rantad by Kaa HoWoaaa. na bi ratara 1 | to ilnna; l-u, iHjte contrary to tko fablh wyii RE H ^URDAY, MAY 18, 185?. Urton, J" '? COB"nV?/ nntl Jwmiwtl* from oftlpe daily tak# |?.Jce" , ,'iree or 'our persons only have been liberate*, from prison, i young < *|a.rirae, son of h French milliner; and the family of Castellani, who hud l>een imprisoned for several months, their crime being thaipf exclaiming in the church, " Peace to the souls of the Italian martyrs !" The refusal of the Rothschilds to pny the second end third instalments of the loa*, which they had the option to refuse or accept, has caused yreut rmbairaefsm* nt to the ltom in government. Germany. A telegraphic despatch from Krfurt, dated the evening of 2J>ili Ai>iil, announces that a message had l>een addressed by the administrative council, to laith houses, closing the present session <>l the Krfurt Parliament. The message thanks ihe Parliament for the decrees it h is passed with regard to the revision of the constitution, an I promises to rommunicute the same to the ditl'creiit governments. No day is mentioned lor the resumption of its labors. Bosnia. Trace* of an inclination to assist the Rosni ics in their insuriection have been observed in Albania, und it is believed that, should any serious movement

take place there, the (Jreelts, not the government, would not fail to give a helping hand. The King would certainly not lend his countenance to ny such measure, as the Court of St. Petersburg I'oimerly gave him most serious warnings, at the w inc time pointing out tlie d inijer to which the (ireek throne would be exited if un ear were lent to the suggestions of the revolutionary party. Ladles* Fashions Tor Muy. [From the London au<l I'arin I.a.iii.. Magazine of VuhlOBI ] The spring taffetas are with pale Line vert d'Isly, un white grouuds, sprigged with small delicate bouqix ts or very unall llowers ; tailetas, checked, uf stet-l color or dust, h iving in each check a small loucuel blni lii- in blue cerise or ninl. < of every tint. Tafletas lloiitaiigcs; th<; wimhiiI white, j.ipan, blue, or gre> n, with wreathe nf (!< weru in every color. IVLuis of very narrow hiii| t t., or fiiiall cnecka. For richer toil* lien, the l.ifii IJ j canmreux Willi wide >lrit?i .ind I->tit>le pckinp, w nli urines of |<onceau, or blue, or green, i'ii t u ui <l.~ of light color, with llonnces ot tonnes iit.d embroidered in the mime shad* Coutils de tcie. new bareges with tlie desig.i-' in large flowers and livel) colors', foulards mous.-cu.x, n .nkiim c.irin? U f, I iimiih de ?oie, argentine.", and ii'iiiiitous other material*, are in request now lor the robe* r< dingotc, reding ( lee or jicignoirs ; those in stri,< arc used for the neglige robe*. l'oinp idour, comI ot< <1 of a skirt and caraco or j ickel, the lower pait of which is almost ns simple ?h a piletot: nor in it tn'ht nt ihe waist. 'i'he art consists in ?liowiti thi i ma Uncut sf the w.ii?-t without confining it. I ha Riake of ball drcsees duet not ell mge. Walking dre.-K !-are high, 'i'he wifon admit of their being made o|>cn, to show th" chenr -ette An.i./en, 01 guim|M- lClizalx'th; but the rivers i* often required; it fives much graci to a tight bo I v, or oiie lueti ly fulbd Rt the shoulder and Waist. The sleeve. are quite ti,. lit, as the ?>]<{ A mad is ileevi s; or u shorter one of pro^n s.>i\c width, admitiirg th< ur.dcr i h eveg. licdinaotea with open enreage en cirur. Those k Ii I' rl '? 1 life slil I im I'xVAr u'tth friiiimimra ikiui . rd. C hict-rtcs, frou fruu* of narrow worsted Vn-e, i.d *onic itch M;itk ! ?- , ure ili?- iihual ornament* of redingotcH, limiicniMng with the n;iture of (lie niateiiul, i nii'iig wlui li *c may cite the popelincs, thl'etuh H'Italic, glat< s cr mordoreca levanfines, Putins d'I>rnM\ argentine*, nprit'.'; \? kins, Rros de Naples, hr.d aoine rilkx er-|Kiulni<-- ?it.n -Hi;*-*, larger eh< < ks are natch in rc<|iieiit. The robea redij'irote ciilv differ frnm oih< i robea in one |?oint, whit hi* the ojietiin: in front un-tead of la-hiud, which eficraso DUiIi) udvanlnges that ladies much LlJ I'tOVC ilicm. VV li it* I cuds placed above the flounces, of lice, blond, or cr:'|>e ( i>k * ), iir?- V'-ry f.if-luormblc jn*t now, unrf m? much have they been admired that ncw ones of evety color f r- preparing; in black beads the < fiiret ii. pMrtictilarly good, heading lifters or ei^lit?-eu narrow b|,?ck Ikiunccs. Hut a xre general lis* been olaarved at the rerrJUl Jt in I'litics a gt< it mmv of the drewe* of i ! IrctrtF WrrJ" rrimm?.t u-.n. o , ...i....i ? tu?t- I I'II r-poi'cc .n/ an opf-n effect, of which Ihjiiitnc?e h ny be conceived. S'tlie of these robea li id j init three Homo-*, the puti-rn* <'f which covered | tliiee part" cf their W iilth; others were with four- , teen or fifteen narrow lletincca, entirely pinked all over in putterp, forming very lipht end elc(ji?nt trimming*; 10 give an idea, we may cite one of pink tiifieiM w iih nnnow flounce*, each of which w,?a a iJlficrenl ahude, the deeneat at the bottom to til* imilot at the wuial; the aanic repeated formed i l? itl.e, o|en en c?rur, nnd aho ornamented on the imall aleevc. The coiflure connoted of a wreath J ill h aves of roses, int< roiixed with diamonds.? Another drcMt, of preciaaly the aatiie atyle, was of lhadrd irreen, only the corsage of thi* w n of the Lot is X V. form, the front piece cm rH l>y diamond* In row*: and for coiflnre, two large ro-ea jlaecd each side the bandeaux, and confined hy 'heaves of diamond* drooping on the throat. The robes n W'utteau, in l>i?>caued nlk?. are of ths form i- la Iiiehe--j?c; tint i.?, the akirt with jhep [.ounce*. ?-?ij?pu uy a pinked ruche, ti?e hoiiy oi the ; Kpiarr fottp, encircled by a ni?li and rich Uce. iiid nI.h> on (hr body, forming Itrandi-nhourff'*, diam to the the alri-vri open at the ] Me <>f the arm nnd tt-rrutn itiug in i p>|>ur fi?rin, aiih hk lo and liter. The very o)?'n iund ??f cm >ir'iilory Irnrril kli Angl-iiee has l?vn much idmiri'il, that il hnw l?*rt l*> the iniiialion <>f it in mi Ik; in! rich pattcrua am intii|?d out or pinked <>n the ilk th tino-M and apriitu tiif)etna; fleet ia exrrmely light?a tutletus ?lr?* f ailver-Rrey, eov ml Ly tiirae flounrea, waa very elegant. KmIc and tlae Drama. Mr. Macrrady'a farawHI parfon/mne'-a in Ix>nl< n have been postponed till October, the tr ige- | liun lieing at preaent very ill. Mile. Allmni baa lieen engisgcl by the director* if the ??| rra National, to ?*rfi?rui Fide*, in the ' l'riiph<tf.M A row oj*ra, by .Signor Srhirrn, entitled "The 'rj'hnn of CJeni'va," waa ucct-aafully produced at he I'airreMi The.itrr. ( real tenora have not Ix'en ao plentiful in Kngard for man* yrara part aa at prawnt, thr two talian o|>eraa having engaged four of the h<-at now ivinir, vi*! Nvnori llaaucarde, Mario, Tambrrlik, ind Mr. Sinialteevea. The French Op??ra Comiuue Company are in I Maacheater. Mra. Glover'a farewell performancea aro now akin* place at the Strand Theatre. Madame Thillon ha* been tinging at Montelier, with great aucceaa. Mr. Pima Keevea appeared aa Klvino at ller dajeaiy'a Theatre. Madame Son tag wu iha tnoaa. *HWf. Rartai'a Unrfnn Clrv-alar. U?m?, Vaioav. May 3. ISio -ft o'el<wk, P M CotUa kaa hf?t la active reqoaat. and American ilnda bar* advanced fr lb ladlro. too. eoaIdura la fkvur; l.nt la otkar il?a< rlptlona of eoloalal ind ff.rrljrn pn <lura we ragrat to bava agVn to report atr- ir? dulnaaa. aad a fart bar r?lurli.>n la the aalua A aiaay artleIra aa will b? a?n by tha aubjolnad reBarka. Tba arrival of the ovrrland nail la Juat anif oared by a |i r* aa, the following ara the laUat Jat.-?. Ina.Lay, April 3d; Calcutta ti?l, faatoa. ?th. aad Co ?nbo, antb of March Aaitaican flrnraa - Tk< laat hlffh qaotatloaa raeelaed oai lh? li lted Htatia hava pr^dneed a enrraapoadlnn laa bar* for tboaa atoeka la whlnh rontlnrntal In'rata nU ara aaaally Made tut eaen at aur qn?talor?the 'apply la very aaiall t'nitad Jtatea '? HM, OA. ditto 1MT ?, 110, Roada of Al 000. Ill a 113. Alaana 67 a 00, | par aent Sterllag. Tl a 7>, Indiana Itata ft'a, 72 a T*. Maaaaabaaetta ft par real Atarilar 06 a 1UT; Maryland Rterling Va. tl a 92. Mlaalaaippi I'a, riaatar'a. on, ditto t aloa Rank ft'a, IR a D. Mirbltaa. 30, Raw Totk. Ikftft. WT a wV ISM a 1 ?>?0. t>> par eat noaitaal, anaa ftf atle; Rrw Tork City Matt, hK 1 *00, 100 a lot, ditto, r.Tu 100 a 10*; Panaaylva??a fc'H a M>4 Tka rarrr|< of Luulaiana atoek wbirh ?? urnUoBrd for rajr at M p#r raat. ?r?lhf nrt i MJ? r>t t ha f'nn?')|ilatr< Awrlalifti and nol of th? ' 'ltlr?aa'a Rttik i?i| ih- f hara l>?an plnfH at that rtra A larj? mo tint of Canada (1 par ?* ?? d<-H?-nt ur?a, ritif lh? a h?4a aaount for aala. baa l*a? pl*r??l at >ar Atnra In 1lmlt<d mgMl Wa qnota fitl 29* ; rcatW roa ttork of both aorta 1 ?1 h?rr>l?. I'mkkhi.. Tk? ralaa f'tnpH? MO Ilondoraa il?rr. ff IT) .la ??d a ila lid: 4" Mailman ailrar, la M a Ja M . ?lth M> 11?< black fr> m :+ T?t ? 3a. | "I ; and '? baira Taaarlfa :u ?d a Ja. InI Mt<- k of all Mnrta Irt Infant, ?aa T PW bafa, a?aitiat 4.21T la<t f?t CWaa ? dfln bag* Trinidad ha?? bromght Ma a M tar rtd to vary twd r?d. b?la? >ttr?B< rate* BraiU nominally f*a MM (Vrr?t - tHa atarhat haa haan rarr fall thm?fla?iit lb* waa*. a ad prlraa bar* aaaia d-Htnad Nail r a | tryloa la ?*rrad Irraly at ?W >?t ?"da fcw btiyar.. wall partial nf flair to mat ?rd ma at aaMla aala. ?aa dtopnaad af fi-a* Mi a lt? M ; and Mm baiaa Maaha I rt Ih a Ma M i Ml la ath*r aorta an baidaaaa * ?aa vaetwta* fra* Ua MatfhHraf oaltMMi era; I port* the account! are diacouragtng; |n Ho.'Utiil, | * j'"d ord " Java ha* been aold at ?.cent*, or ab^ut JUc. par cwt Ire* on board. Zbe t.'ua* market l?a* bouu firmer Ihla week. and on l!out>/ an advance of la. wan obtained for the better quiii.titx' of wheat. Floor. fc?*?er, did not participate in th^i improvement Indian oi?rn held firmly at 2H* . 6 d a VW . for Ualat*,?nd T,t. a'J7*. 6d for Ibraila, t py ptlaa ban b<*en sold at '?2* a iti? . and Salooica at *>* iid per qr , including freight and insurance Oo'iTnif.?Tho Kuropa'a " kducm ciufil an active inquiry, and an ad?ance of l4rt ha< been catabhabci, mid Orb-aim la now quoted ut Liverpool at (i^d a Td per lb With ua mlon con*i*t of 4 460 bttlca Hural, tTom 4l,d. a 6d ; and 1 100 baled Madras, 4>? 4,S?d., being il dearer. I'ati ?, he.? The public * ! >* ywterday wont off tlally; * 44 M-rcna yellow bark were otf< red. and chiefly void; very pood flu*. On id. a('?. lid. being ia average of lid 1<?. r. i.iiu package* caftoroil were readied Irotn ?' . J. a ?\d . a full of 4d froin the highest point; 50 ItHU tJamboge fold at i.'S 7* lid for (food fair. -J*> ca*e* gum Arabic. 1H*. a 5&a , al*o cheaper; rhubarb talitn in at tull pripen; oil <f caaolu a few eane? Hold at tt? Od a ISM ; bee*wax. i'6 10a ; camphor, 7'J* 6d , balMtin copaiba. Vd a lod.; gum aiiinil, a'n a Jt'ttfor good e< rt?; Turkey opium. 14a a 14*. Od; quicksilver 4* lliur.-: i. I'eter.-Lurg clean. X'31; Manila. I'.'U I jCOI!: J ute continue* in active rcquc*t at late rate* HiUk*.?hAltid ox aud cow ar? Iii brisk demand, wn quote itiTer 1'late '2\d. Klo (Jrauda, 2\d. a I. d ; North American, 2'id. a -,'jd. per lb. lu dry liiili little doing. i-w h.o The near approach cf tha salea (for whlnh 1S.114 obcata ar? declared,) nhm-ka buiiiuo>H, but opinion la atroug in favor ol' the article. Stock, 24 'J?<4 cheat*, againrt SM B61 cheata laat year The ahipmenta tn in t'Hlciitta to'jut h March amount to i!S 41 cheat*, < I * lilrli 17 JM rlit-KiH tn iinat lirlUin; K dlu to France, and iVUi tp I'sltcil States; total w.'I 'lit. 105,1>H1 maunds The Trading Comt any'a sale of 4<>j cb"?U l.UM boics. ?hirh took place ul Rotterdam. '29th ult. ?. nt <>IT I rifkly. the vljj'.e b. im; takeu ir ni .i'm a 440 cents, l'tintc'Ji) a 40 rent* dearer for m)d to tine Java kind, and iron) par to &'> pi nts ndvim e lor Other sorts Iiiom flic di mand continue* limited. and lower price* wi u)d b?- acccj tnl lor quantity; we quote cmnii.i n I in ? i 1 10-. a X 1 Ilia. 1 . and ralli A'.< a 4.'4 17h. t4 . both free i ll board, Scotch pig 41a , foreign without change. Iiear.?87 tons war* offer. I at public snla on Tucsdny. ? m1 tin- * hole found buy th at an advance of lolly iHJ?. per cwt I.akd continues iu fair request, at :x??. a&. for | Wi ft? rn Li aii I- no! quite so firm In th?i absence ofexport de. mniid IV o quote ei uiuion plje j?1* .Spanl li ?17 ."> *' i ii I r ? ?1*1111. cargoes fir mi tbc Italtic have In ii hi id at .Ciand X'4 l'.s In American and I.'union madu tiimesclii ns continue limited l'ii?. .-pi rm continues in lit<r demand at ?S3 a A'K4, which wna oblalnt d lo-day for S7 tuna, at public sale; Southern if scarce; wo quote it X.>1 a 4,'oi. pala senl X'llli; (' il. i'3(; olive is i-till v<ry difficult of sale ui ?43 for (ialiipoli; paii/i. 3o?.; eiicoaiut. j?%ls t'^l; I tux id dull at o?n. Vd oil the t pot. itud nothing diini; f' r futun d?liv? ry. Kki ? 6 1**1 I ;/< Hart India hare been taken lor e i |? rt at the prri ioua currency. hnihiii ? bid*) ln>(f< at public sales lia?? be n : cblilly tiiki ii in. about l.tmo ha,? haia b<*en sold from > |h. h Si 64 b r liiepal refracting II tu which I- ii(!Hin lull) tul ulnapcr Stiltiii steady at ?1& ."i* u Xl-> 7<. fid., on th'i spot. i Ptrck, 8 4tt'i toils. ?nain*t 1.4W ion. lnl May. 1MH Sr < ?? -y'l br einuuinon aales on tip '.SMh ult . went ' <ft heavily, only one tbird of 'J.I'* bales finding buy- I era. at ai art-rago dcclinc of about 0d. per lb ; first foil. i!t. lid. a :>s. Id ; second, 1?. 3d. u 3a.; third, l-'d a : ?s. id; pepper l? lower, sab .< comprise 4 taxi buff4, ehii My I'll kiii; from ?i d a ^d lor fair, with M ui?- j laratC\d ai.?,d: I'imento 4 V1. ?M The oth-r eule? conrlat of 1UI elnvK uutni"^" st 2'. 3J a 4? ; 4 ) I catfs Biars, Id a ti. 7d and 101 c*>e? ltuncoolen Closes lid a Is. 4d ft i.irs.-1'rices are not low<-r this we? k. but tlm mai ket is without activity, and tha public sales have frone <11 flatly. The tr*de have tnkeu 'J.isK) hhds w ent India, aud '&\ tiuu ba^a MauHtim, llengal. Ur , 1 n loit ign. tin- prtrcpV tru **r.l'>i. < n.n/nt u( .:.t *.? i Ix xm linun ii.d J 'llow lla>?BV at Hi * !?* . two | rirjio< i *bitf Biklt, fir Tri*?t*-, and 'J ') 1 rax* brown iti)< *p ?t. at 17? 7<1 ; 360 li'id* t'ub% 11(1 :>7'i bi>-k<*t* :t soil bag* J?t:i nt public "?l" w?Tr til *lihilra*u abofa tb" tnarktl ralita. lh? ?JtK < f.iuitbi continental port* arc dull, tb* o- ar approach of th<* butch *al<-k rmtricMng d*m.tu<l to piwcaiiig ?ant*. at.d prlri * ar?'bmvly mpportrd J?.itliing n?w trt ni 1*1 IVlenbufg. and nothing dona la cargo** of ' vbtli- II/iMir* for tl*t mark "I Til I 0W ? Klork of foreign 1st Instant, 10 .110 toa?, | ?Ki>tl)'t D JCO tons la*t yinr Tlif trad" barrb-ca re- ' gvlaily in the niarki t and dallTcrlc* coutlaur Inrg- ' Wi I'rt* rtburg Y. (' U7* on Mo* pot, and ^H?. Sd for te?t 3 mouth*; towu-maltad IJt* Tra* '1 lu i-r. nt import? routinm-to be frwlv ofemi urn u< ... outlint lo |>>itrha*<i D?ynnd ] tb* Mipplr ofrurrrot want*, and prltniitii bartly up poriid Canton gurpowdar. in on*. in*tiDo?. Iiv ! *' u Mild a* lew a* 11U , iii- luotallou for rotuwoa C<>i?inu ! I* fr'.d Tii.?Rathrr mnn* ibinand for British, a'77* f >r | blo?k, mnl ?k?. for bar, rvtlnid. ; llan't. Tl? ; Mirait*, CP* ; tin plat** art- rathrr rheapor, I. 0. Coke. | 1!C* Id , I C rbmroal. 32' fx-r box To*jm to.?Tin' high prtcr* li<lnti'il on lum rlin-knl all ill mand for export, wbil* l!i tr?.l? IIIIMlll *par:nir purrlm* r*, and tb* traw^ctii an bar* again I b? u i ?lii n.< It limitrd Tt ?rtiTi*i MimI nf th? parrv|/t nf rottitli rrr?ntlr i arriv-d hat* lirw *?dd from ikufrnrl at ;? t> ulilrh I* ni* Ik- current talu* Kngtiah *ptnt* barn h?*n I told at 1???. fed i Aiu-rlean arc held at M < 6d ; which U ahtrc th? value. H iuuac*i. In ?till i'lw a Jl 17 ), but wa t > not ktar of ip; trauxaciton* INtMti. Ralkbait Jk ( .' Circular. Lit I ? pool , M * f 3, 1 * Y> Cottci Tb* ?fr?uftt< brought li? tli~ Ia?l itrunrr r*?pretint cotton ihoa lng an alarming falling off in r?rrlpta. ami unfetoraNe account* r t tb'* grown? crop, birr completely un*ettled trad* 1lier?*h?? liWB a l*:?e I u^itie.* i nc in cotton bat of l?i <Mo h*lt?? anld only on* half la American other being r tat Wily much cbiaprr Arnerlcau ha* a Irutn <1 ? ?>1 per lb lullj other kltida '?d fi r lb, Il ta f rf mature to gt??i any opinion a< to tl>? future, t'll ?? a? > t)i? i lt.'t '.f ttil>. In M anrheatir At pri-ai-nt lh?ti'?kif? of ahi.'.inga. and oth-r light goo-la. hate I ifB w Hrh HMnl by tin- ijitatilltTc* taken (I by th?- prl?ti-r? lot America. ami rhlppcra for tb* Ka*t. tint ll-?-j demand high rttm, itid at the pre** ot relative prlrc. ?||| neither atop not wort ihurt Hum On tb? (.llift Uml It will be rwlnoua t" the maker* n| t' ary da ami jarr-a. t?i fur lliiue working. iinl?<i a ileelift d advance takr* place. wlile h there aiv w algna of foreign ttarketa fi r the?e gnoda admitting of. Indeed. Mich advance would be of no aerrlee to the nj?n ufactui*r for. u there lit nut f nongh eotlou f<<r tiielr ueual production thi price of the raw material would folk * an) advance In thai of the manufactured article rrre? ut appearar eea. thn'IW*, point to a rapl.l itlmlnu11* n of conaiiaiptinn (which nad l-<-g*n to Inereaaa again > hut whether Ihl? reduction *111 be aufflclent. at piraeiit. to eajuallte ?u| plr and robaumptlua we in it at di la/ In eiprtaelng a decided t pinion up<>n. till ?? mk more of the ruurae of thing* In Mnncbcater The aa!aa are t*l Mo hale* 17*70 on speculation 4 CIO f<-r egport ' 4' Uki to the trade Pea Island* Jto change la price*. aalca *) balea. frdmnrg. Fair. fIt. Prlrn.VHot, 1 v*\ i-.ft. ivai IM'?. |<W. IM? t ptaad ?ti .IV 7S ?H 7* ?', ? *! ?S '? ?S - N Otleaaa. mC tff 7'? 4 . au 4 t'? l.iaad US 7*a U lokj II It Btalae* da V, 7 ft 7 Vluhmiii Tha nark?t la rar; un?rtU*d and maay manofactun ra aak prlc?a raw, r with a flew of rterkmg bualnoa till they ran are their way mora rharly. than with any ida-a that they will p t '>.i|b ? W hat bualai aa wa< d< no waaat advance J rat?a Oaaia The propoeal of the French govi rnraent to make li ana upon wheat and floor through the Bank of Franre may rheek the h?a*y Import we hare hn l Tr< m tbtnee It |(aa aot however, aa yet h?d much effret ou prirea The slightly I r In "nr la-t baa ooutlaued and allgbtly Increaacd ? * beat aad lour are a little dearer, tat great I ami ut.tot bualneaa I'lug Indian rora la In f r Jen and but not higher Toaarrw- Tb? rourae of tha market maat d-p*rd | greatly on the'l your later Information wl,; | nable you to Juitgc of Ita relation to oor want*-Hh uld a< mora atrlpa la- put up tbaa la now talki i of prtci a would a? m Uk?ly to be malntaln<-4 Lnaf la In hcary ati rk. aad aa It would re^ulra a large eontlo*n tal draatil to work It down preaes t rat- - would ? ?m high I nough With preaent pruapaela ' he a?|ea of tha ninth have bee* ?n* hbda quotath>Aa raina nlag un aitt rcd, boldera >1111 n ry firm Taetiaiaaa Bacf la In good demand nruun me>a 77a <?M |>*f tlrr?* Of *1 |l>? I'oaa ni*10*17 but prlri-a ?r? ?iippnrl<-4 Trim* | a <- > M? fj? for old and Kw a &?! M ?< , par '<fcl of iff) lb* R?<a? la *ttm*lr? d-aiand; RuUrn 3?* H< ; t?t?m J?< *3S?. fnai lata* nut marh ltv|alr?rt for *> all* ^Tf?l II m* of pood qra-'tly dm a iMilf ?ala, It ?olt, 3 W 44a |>?r rat Th?ra i* rathi-r !?? an'matka. ordinary to alodllrj .'/<? a XI*, fair'a(oo<l .* a Jl? M, fin*. 4I? M a Hi 04 |>?r r?t T?i low Tti?rr t* a f?f4 Inquiry; 4? a ST* (Unit Until Nothing doing; I'* a .-J" |?rnl ffim ??? HiuitOn ar?qnl?l and may k? hart na raster term* Hf?n A7* a L*i, ?h?l# ?*i a 4'M !<** > O i. I* al*o lowar, IllalVt rlun of Hi" r1low ' f li s rarh |:i i W?? frteral ?in all parrel*. Jn?t arrlrrd. l?-?r* |it<m ht AT 2a tiJ a 47 Ta CJ L'nrfaat pt. A'? 1'ji AT Km T*a - Rut llttl* doing ft* afla M f?r WJ Ti arKxrmt * M all 3d PriaiT# ?r Ti arr?Ti?*-11* *d a 3'J* Ro?m r<nialn? althou' alt?ratt? ?? rimmiB 1* lOd a 3a ; amhn 3a Ad a fWi . Vkillll a Id Qi raeiraa" H?aa I* In fair minwt. and fnrtli - rtln bar* h? an mart# at II* all* M I i >'bu*WI|>hia and IN M |>fr rat tor |l*ltlfiM? CiP'n i?i R?? a? A brii 4i wand kaa at'fx- -4 an.I IkruiMar* r..n*lda?ahl?, IT* ?4 19a *>l p?t a?t , la t**i Mi** nf Ihl. m*e<k ?f? m khito. *ta *a: Virginia laaf 11* HMM< H KrfMvrky \Mkt III rt-*a>?4.aa4 T Marylanda, <4 177 Ttrftala Inl *?4 :i .torn <r-4 n?uk??f?r Ir*4a*4, 101 ff|ini? l?*f. * ?t?? ? ?? ?C li?t?rky lf^ ?n<1 \ fx t*f>rUtiv?. *< LD. TWO CENTS. | 44 Virginia Iraf. 41 trnio. il 23 Kent urkjr leaf, * Itcmiiwl ami 7 Maryland by III# tiade The import! arv WO bhda from New Orlnam, lffl S?w Torfc, t Dak11n *nd 4 from talMiuor*. The expurta deHn-rad aF# 2*7 *" " Afrlra ''J (libraltar. 7 Malta. 3 Cape nf Good Iiopa 2 Antigua 1 8t J.,lm and 4 to tV? tatw of Mas. Though liyv market haaugalu thia month Veen * rannot noti.<? ?ny all?rHtt?u; holder* aru arm and t*~ iiuire fuli priiV* fur ovurjthini; law UM?. libit. T'>).arfo(n I.irorpod^, SOth March H.TiU U.rt liu|M<rt?4 in April... "I St I.VrJT M,BT? 1H80. 1*10. rj_ r.s. KJ.. K.8. it/iUitd.,. Drlit'd forhtir.? tradi1 II 24 II 9*7 423 SW C'oa?t*ri?e IS 67 * 1!" IM 7* Caportation ... SO k lft| Id 27$ 111 lralauJ UJ 1W 0 W Itfl IX! W74 T0 II, in T\m < Mhtr Stat Y.t.. V.S. hi.. K.S i>>r i.KimfiUJ. J?tatk, April.S.*U l.toi .n il -.a:* ? i> -14,1* A?f t. April 30,lMf. X3I1 i.7w i: uhJ ai u -L.VJ* OikiiIiiR of tb? Canadian 1'arliaarni.Th* (ioTtrnui'it KpttrU. [ Vritm'..l .nl.t ? . Tliin (!*) at three o'clock. I'. M . Hid Kxt.)l?-ncy the Goeernor Ueneral proceeded iu *tnte to the chamber of flip Legislative Conuctl. Th?< members of the l.?ttUliiliv* Council 1? Iiik a<.-? luMnl, hix Kieellenry wan jilta ?d to ciminantl thu atteudunce of the LiyinUtWa Afm nihly. and that Heme beiiitf |.r< *ent. hi* Kxealleuey opened the third ?en|r-tj of the third I'arliauieut at tuo rroTincc ot Canada, with the following troni the throne:? rEECH. Ilrti. (initl* n.e:i nf Ihr Isgitl-atiic trunctl- GrnlUmtn qf thr J.tgislntirr JhtrvMy. 1 deep); regret t" aiiimunce to y?>u the death of th? Queen I)??ui;er. a I'rloccK* whoa.' mnuy rirtuwa ?otleared her to all cIumscs of Ilor Majesty'* subject*. t uc occurrence* 01 me yiir, ami lu? which bai, iiu-i u (or providing auitublo accomm >dation for Parliament while in senHioo, liavinj impoood >>a nil- the oiity ?<t comdderin;; during thu reces* the import 11 til subject vuibractd id tlx- addre** to the tlou<a of Amcinbly of laatfeuAOo. relating to tin* plan* tor holding tlif t'utuvr meeting* ?| the l.egl-lat u re. I liava detrota it, after full dclilMra'ioa advisible to givo effret to tin- I'tiyi-r of that aildro by utnin<<ning jqi t" me< t at thin placv The imp rtuut changes recently made iu tin lnip* rial Knvigation Utn. nod tlx* iiuprovi mi Dtc ' (Tnrt)'d In the provincial canals will, I tru*t. teud to promote materially the commercial iutcrcvtM of the province nod to attrurt to the rout* of tin St Lawi enoe ? considerable p rlion of the emigration from Kurope to thb continent It afford* me much gratification to he enabled to inform you. that recent advicee from Kiiglend indicate a marked lotpr?v? incut io tbu ?alue id Canadian securities io the Lritleh mm ki t Your d> liberator*, will, I feel eitiaficd have a tendi nry to curoui' a. ? tin nuitm; c^nllill nee. 1 nm very nn?l !>!< of the great importanue te theec colonic* of plaring thn trad" bet*e?u thu bri'.iah North Auiorieim Province! on the mint uun strlcted footing I bare been iu c numunlGsiti ?n during tfca ri no*. upon tbe subject, e itli the Lieutenant iJovernur ol Nora Scotia V w Hi ui><?it k * 'id I'rinw Kdward Inland, ainl with the Govern: r of Newfoundland. I rocinnroot to your coiihlde.-?t'.>n the expediency of (firing i-ueb power* to this government. in may cuattle It to ii eet tb- adviincen of tbe -Utei colonies in a liberal spirit, 'fbe art |uim?o4 la?t wns n for tb? entablivhmint of reciprocal free trade. In tween Canada and tbe I iiit. il State* in ccrtttlu article" the prolans of inch .ha* nit jct eonie into operation, 1 am Infirmed that a eorrc*pondltig measure in u >w under tin- eocsideratlro ot tbe Congre-- of the I uitod states. Itv an kCtpSMtd during tbe last rratioa of the Imperial I'arlinrji lit tbe entire cortn l of tb" internal p >?ta inltiitUh North America is voted iu the provinicial autlnritiis. Whatever further action ou Hie part of tb* Canadian LejjMa'ore may be ncce*sary, io order to heeuri for tbe liibntltau* of tb<>M pr <trinc?a tba I eii.tU of n cheap and uniform postage rate, you will. I feel confident, be prepired to adr;.t Tlio eipedieney ot cfaetinir an iBrn-Mi' in the Parliamentary reprewntat on of tlie province will probably again engage your attentirn A Bieiiuru will be submitted f .r your consideration, founded on tlie I eie-ri of tbe enni n> i doners iiiiKiinUd to lu<|uire tulolh' couluct. diseipliu". and innuatfsmmtoftli provincial )> n'.twutinijr. The increasing wealth and population of tb- pro?iuc? and the growing a?*rli n to capital puiiUhmeut r?nder It highly imp'rtant that the *y?teui of disctpl!n? c?t.-\bli?h??4 in tli* provincial p'-ulti-uttMy unit should be ma4a ft* tur ?i? pMiiilw effectual for the prer< uliou uf erina ut <I tin- reformation ?f offender-' I shall luy before you coiiiniliiilenll'.>E? frnm llnr ilajrsly's coanalsaloners fur tint pi >motl >i> of IV cxh.billon of tbo vol W? of industry of all natioui. to l>u !i?l J k l.oudou In l*il wblrli bate been irM<mittrd to as* by tlx- provincial Kvcretary of Ptat* for tb" co|nni>M. I venture to atari *. tb hop* that C.iaadiau lul'Htry and picdiioc will be fittingly represented ou that tntaresting occasion. In pursuance of the act of Ion, the praetloa anil proceedings in tlis Ccurt of Chancery in l-pper Canada had l??n placed upon an improffd fnuiiag. calculated to flu-MUt* tin buslne-s of I lis court, an<4 liartn ripens* to suitors. 1 shall (tirict inpia* of ilia rulcj who li hare b,tn pr uiulgati I lor this purpose tu be laid befbre y ou I would r< cnini' nd, as of ana'.-rons nnl prtia|M equal Importance, th? consideration <.f ih jurUdirtlna and practice of the inferior court' In thtt part of tha | ru?tnc?. with ? ?! ? to lh? extension of their sphera of uwfuln*** and the l -?-uiii^' a> luucb ?< possibly the I'l|rli<a of litigation The r>rulatl>n of muiilelpilltl*** and the nmalriwt!< n of Jails and court houses In I. <w?r Caria la, and tlx laws for llit selection and return of jurors, and those for th<- a?-*a?ment of property for local purpoaoa m I pper Canada. sr> among the sulv<ets wLiah will doubtless ennafe ycur attention. (.rirtfrn 9/ lit lluu tr ?/ I eliall direct th.' pul,l <- fnuiilt, with th? vtimaiea for the year, to U laid before you. I rccoiuuitiid to joar atl. Ml n a:i In iulr* Into Iks ruiniir and aspanditnrw of Ih- prn?lar<' Irtlyon y.iir r<?illn<'-? to grant tha upplln* which arc nif? -?ry for the puMIc nrralcc, ik 11 1 for lb* ntiittt nt*irr of tin* proalnrtftl credit // inhit <>V?ili?>n?n nn>( I Imvr Ui i'ir?J It m) Inly. Ih the mrrtllw of I ha lf?r< which I am eiitruaU'l lonitrli hi<r ?j*?tj ? iIim.| pi' l uU u f Ilia ?our>i- tak-n by piraoiui holdiiiir ronimlaalona nt the ple.imre of the rr >??. who iinve ! rni?ll/ arowd tb" J?? r* to brln* ibtn tin- r* paratlon of IL ' provlnn? frum lb* eioplra at whl ' It I* a part Tli? ?i' w? put forward by tbw p> r?nn? tnl by thoaa ?h ?'t wllli tli<m. Jo not. I litia r. ?? io to Mkr^ ft(i?l fn*i>r with any ?onild<rtbli> portion of kw ty> I11111II110 autyct'U Tli* (rr>l nnjiirll; of Ihr people of tha proriaea U11 |l\rt it tl<ta conjunct *ir* proifa not ta ba i' k?n. (if |i')?ltj la lh? yuwn ai.J attachment to U? ?in?rt|p|i with threat Hrltaln 1 he/look to their own I'nrllinfBt for the rcdcaan of trrliTanrei which urnj Wpr fH toatiat, >t<1 far th? adoption of mch ii'Muw of iniproaeaaat aa 111*7 l?- calculated to pr mi la their bappmaae u4 (.riwMtlly I f??l aaeured that the c >oS I nar placed b? th>a la th? wUilom of f'arllanK'iit. will In- J jMIAihJ by y*v H i- in) tbiit while > u dial Iimjiaiirmly ith alum, tnil will not burin ? tr for novaltlea rlfku d* ' to ItritUb ??hjeet? r. r a'.?taj<in 1 h<>Mi prloolplaa of iro<>i1 morality and roratltattonal frwj >a lha a'rlct adh'rrnc* to which. !.? enabled Oraat It r I Lai a, with (tod'a blwlaf to pa*? ua'ca'.hed tbroafk many ___ T(>tt\*t>o *r Nbw 1 huxuii ? Il?tween four and fivr oVIik k tli.# nmniing, one of tha moat violent f 11 l?*a of wind whii k ?u tvtr wiineaaed in Kaw rlcati", -prting up. Th?- angered elc.ncnta iian?4 in rttfK h ai all impedimenta; a&d, with th* rain, ?li hdneraMiai kln^, the iniftl TiTidaM 01 wi?' iiiniimng him iltr noarae ruinMiog or " hruv? n'? art.Tlerya aren?* w?? pr^v-nted which ? BO, indeed, terrifically aubUme. To ahipa, atc?i?Uihii, new building*, f?MN, garden*, Arc., fba dmrap de ne l?y tbia tornado i? imm?n?\ Tha MfllKli I.aloua and Winfu ld f*c?tt, had both their chimney a Mown overboard, .in J their pilot houana converted into oomph te wrrrkt The ateaiaor NanbMlle wae driven from h? r m<H?nn*? acroaa tha hver, where ibr run into the ihiii'r llelaider*, making wr?cka of l-oth boat*. Indeed, all tha Mi <mrni ilotg Ik' leaee aaifered more or laoa; and, aa yet, we Inf not h'-urd a titha oi the d?map?- awatained by tlirm. The vaoela and l>oata lying along the weateru aide of lb* ri?er were e?en morr damaged than tboas oa ihia aida, aa again* ihoni the who|.> fury of tha lf?|r waa epent. Alois 1 Jif letec at Altera, iba wavra were driven with fearful force, an?I ihe ?ela lying there were battop-d tog. ther aa if lhajr we 19 mer? playtkinga in th* atom. Twolarm abi|? were blown acroee from the upper t??rt of ikt ?rc< nd mwiicipnlttp, and landed Jual b?low <>r?tna. A nnnib?r of ahi|ai o|ipo*itr> the tobacco war*?kora? a, where they wrrr cr<>w.|?v| totfrther la cl<? ? tiera, received nn immeaaity of damage. Tka larce and wall-known tre? which grew oear 11 lio'ijaloiilaa afreet between Tereaoa a>?d Hunter in ata, m aa uprooted nd U-fl aa a barricade acitxw 1 rlii'iiiilonlti. We eipect to bear of a ereat daal rf damage along the rr, <?t?the r*ault of thia terrific tornado. P. N -Wr h*ve learned thai lh* a'? i wt Iowa, (.'apt Mnrehonae, from fH. I.>?ua^ had h^r cbimneye blown dywn ?ktx?M( 4 o'ekwk ?hi? mortung, *hnt tltrrr milr? iirii.?r in? r*? flmrt h. It will dm* ?.e pmrivrd thni ih* imV ?t U n?k<l * rori' du4anc? np tlN rt?e*,?? y o. i tiin, n?i n. t hlUrf ff??M C oiiimlMlnnrn' OAn. Rirhwd K Mullvll K?<l M.?1? J(?. j.S Ni ?ir.?n -M rh?r*?4 m l< IMta xllnMhi Km* hrorfc ? iV *i>4 f?M? l?y. Mr Mm ?iwt n?|x*rr^ on h-hrlt ?? tf> l< ml i d iMt.H ?*M? "<> t? pr?T? jr >? *. (?h* to t',,n* *> fr%+t vr? i <i, in lha b*_ mi of (?> "* *" * ?<?. wti' m b? r***1 ??4, llhrol (ft; tbffHtf, M'#r? vMrw i tu lh* l?rilr* bat ?Mh? > ??y or inMt .'*?||??- t? M 1-1 pro/rJ T' - r*u?r" T* ?? *< IV I'M