Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1850 Page 4
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I NEW YORK HERALD. JAHKS UOKDON HKSSITT, froprtbtor and kditob. rnci N W (-UNMK <" KOI-TOM AND NASSAU ST9. THK It All- V IIEK.ILD, iitnU ft lopy?tl (?r nmum. ... ? ?* 'U fi/n Mun t liur Liu. 'J 6lu ##r ?jl"* ci"uu Europ. H tdiUan per ^ruiuoi, to ^SZuie tTr l**tnof. ill l.y.TTKk S by tfaU. (ir or v*/A adver- ! turffu > " 'V I""' 01 llu ixxt 'f* * **' be iletiucled/rcM !>U -ftics 'i'Ali Y eoRRKSrOSVEl**k, trnj-iii^inf impart,I ut ? * ?, HMiitiid fruMatiy ijuarUr oj icorUl, \J u?f, i Hit- JV7tW r *r AO SuTU K lak'.i of <? <-xmnvxtcUkNM. M'? do Ml '?'</?.?imi<wiKV/v./i?. Al'Vt.K IIStMLS I'S reKvnJ every moritim. AHUSEMIfXTS Til 18 EVENING. BOWERY TUBATRE. Bowtrr.?Ioa-Lim* Di?-ii? BROADWAY THEATRE. Bro?,2ir*y.->i?w*'a-IUoio fun. *IBLO"j CAKIHN, Bro?dway.-H'Ja?J?Ucucati: j vwviid. burtoit8 theatre, rhi-.mhsr* 0-, k?n-? lie*- | BAKU?Kx'1't'k.l. lOi ? E?OC*l"S??Si WHO Tliv El.kl'MA.^T. | KATfONAL THEATRIC, Oh?U)?iB S-io?r?- S?trm?i?Tt j A?:> Wivi*? R*vi>i i i.?>? -*? .Vkioimo*-# Wurg. THEATRE A???r >:????gvy m&ki.kiiik<>?r*.? r j BKltTltillU *i <-K rAIK I ADV. chfjsty's opera house, Mtol.n.lcg" RaJl?Xvhio- ' 9iai* OLYMPIC'.?i'lvrctf's Uiktrmj. MBLODBON.?Wiirrs i flniniiDEM. CHINESE Ml'SEl'll?Cm* Mr Tahhl*. chinese assembly ROOaS?LAirtAMfiM* Bai.L iki. k> a. Hl'rtov S Assrvnr.v kimlh-imnwii# ExHIBITW. ?? V ?I?T1 It A I ll.I I ?T* ATIUN*. "DOUBLE SHEET. I Jt, v? ?>rl,. alm<lny, fllwy I*. The Contents. Tbls nx.rtiitig'H liirahl. double fhwt, is filled with highly ibttr.Ming inlellig nee. Oar readers will And:? The i'tt&ji' ol th? nf*f rereleod by llic IliV'rfti*. Tli?- ?>?J<>rity r< I'Tt v' tfcu Ci.ll Uin (Vmuiiitto?? rery impOfllBt tl<H'll!U<nt. The movemCBt* <>f the C?lan E ii-editi'in, with the pro hknitiuBf of l>ueMl Tbe ?|>M(b ofiirnry CU/> rn the Cr.l.f rt,i? ml Territorial Bill#Aad t great Tiritty < r iutolllsesee from all j.aru of tito I VnUa. Singh snpies two frn1? the samn ns for the single ' Kb ?ot We nub I ion this, because the newsboys sometimes demand tb?e? e?n|s. lM]M>t(n>it 1'iuiu \\ n.?lilii?toii?Yesterday. Our telegraphic intelligence from Washington, k*t ev( niug, is very interesting. The famous <5alphin reiort* !iave I <n presented to the House, and a tcmMe outburst hi.s been the first result. Thf-<'* rs appear to have acted on the elements ?f that a-'.-inlily Jikc a torpedo?while Master Uroolv", representative from this city, endeavored lo take the rbl( of (>nc-Kyed Thompson, as the tool-pigeon orator, and assumed the attitude of chi< f explorer an 1 revealer of the mystery and the motives of Its manufacturers. The rejK?rt of the majority of the Galphin Com nittre? or at lc;i?t the material parts nn<l passage#? will I e found in this day's double sheet. It is a >o?t eitrnordinnry document, and develops transactions of ?ich astounding venality, on the part of Ihe cabinet, that the mrral ren^e of the nation will ke utterly shocked and outraged. Attempts were wde in the House, by debate and excitement?by connter reports?and other tricks, to pulli&te, suppress, or obliterate the shocking lineaments of the Galphin robbery \ but the stool-pigeon did not succeed? and w ill not succeed. The d? v?!o|m n>ent of tlie^Oclphia rot>b ry ot tl?e Treasury, is only the beginning of the corruption and outrageona venality of the cabinet. There are ll?e Ch"r< k- e clam*, p.ssed upon by Ewing?the De U Frantia claims, pas-. -d upon by Mr. Clayton. t*-t-id?* others?all of win. h are c<|ually ill il and ortragrous. No wond'-r that Mr. Meredith was compiled toanm unce a d? ficil in the Treasury ?f itxtfin rniliionr, for the year i f our Ix>rd, 1K>0. Tlie action of the House oa the (Salphin and the r claims, Will he watched as closely as any dfecumion of the day. Whet will the House decide to do T v\ hut will the cahin<f do ! What will the IVsdcnt 7 What will the theprcnmnl the people T Tlie other important intelligence Wt nijht, is ti e information that the? government h ive trane- j until d order*, bv telegraph, to New York, Mobile, ami KewOrUans, to send ?^presses at onee to thetiulf H|iiudron. dit> < tiii< tln ce force* to c?i> ture the Loj*x expedition, wliirli haft Killed for Cult. Aleo, that all the remaining nci?>intin*n(* ft>r tin* my have n confirm'1*!. ( Tlir time* lo be Mirrinc hii I livrly aguin. | Tkt Fipollilnn to Culm? trtlim of flie Ciil? ltd llf.ltl Government. Wf learn ?n?lir? ? rl> f om the Mate I |e|<?rtm',nt *1 Waahington, (ace our WwliiBttuaCorTrifnAilfDCr) thfit ihr I'nitel Natea po\ernnient hivr received hitellig'ncc that CSen* ral I.ojw* d pitied fn tit NVw (*rlrinn on the "tli mat., on an rti'ditmn lo the aouthern fhoreft of Culm, with or fi.mxt m*n: and that the \a\ y 1 ? ?artnimt immediately iaaued ord< ra t? the Gulf llert. to intere-;? the adventnreT* at all haratda, r to aft*iat ihe Spanifth authorities ftt>pfrr.?ip|f the attempt nt insurrection <>r iiivanon It ia aleo teli. vr J thai there will lie a con- ; entrain n and e<v< |? rat,on of the Hritiah, S^Mnrnh and Ann riran na* it f.>r? *onte* hrreoa the mn*x of < ul.a. to |X>t d?*i n ti??* exp- dilion, or tocut oft'all Wfflie?, hoiild they lr.nd on that i-!and. Thift tv-pn* to Iw a qix-er l>u*ir?-a?. We hnve | recently grr? n a of letter* from onr South- j rn ronr?rondent?, rU,. ?? eome partieulara tn ' onneriion with tl.e expedition Which recently mill d from Xe* Ot! ?m We paMi?h, to-day, a ; nomher of article* im the finn- topic, from various | rarer*; hut we nn ftt dec.aie o?r coavktion that ftere ia mueh e*ag.fer?tk*P. nlnv-M apprnaeh ug to a hoax, in the re|>r< ihona fianiMHiKafiliew ^uart?i? According to the N*?t information, cam1*4 frun every aource, we do not If/Mate lo JwBrtr that the recent expedition lo <"??!??, comma rd>. I !*r CJeuf ral I?or? *. I* ' ntirrlr inad< i-iate in *rrotn|'lt>h the rontrmjdat* d, an.! , there i? rvcry probability that i? *ill end n.' ti dt*avror*jr to all thorn funcra' I in it. Kret mnre the Meiican w ar, th-re have t>*en plota ?o<l rnonfrrvluUi, ??|*ratioM and . to find rriw f.rld cf war':hr ?otrrj>ri?* for thooe who were k?8 d *iCi tf*' love for military eijdoita. A pood d? III of the ?ji?nt wliirh haa \<ren ei\wriercf d for ?i:< h mi.vern'?fp, ?ni the nnfTt linfjr of findm? aty "? *? (tU>. him tnl* ?t j*? way into tin* reIfion nf the Srrr* NVvadff, w h> r* word* have bern converted into picliavp <, and nnitnnnfv ">n boi^a into ntdle* for nftinj; gold. Still, ( alifrt^ii* hat not drained the prac? lul population of nil the active fpint* fired by the hope of uulitary ronfi -M. In ahou* parta of the country, mir^r prn??>fc> have be*n fishing for a point on *l.ith to ronc?n* ite pbrrral foire. nnd to re*P ihe iewar<u?i - - - ??V pnwtm. Th*rf hare twra thref ?liflV>rrnt j?r?i*? alir* ?k? l*li*f that theflHWiffrrfion in th^ ??lnnH of C?l>% I to ?aff riently ntrn?ire (o joMify a n,-w>n | ?fc? conn, and ?? hrtaf about a rrrolutionarr ant Ctif of i*rti#y? rompriw* thr original I %aai*fc rrvolvtiAniot*. a patient an'f peuniiUki.ig ? * *7 af oara, whom hop** kar? 0<rt kttl ?oc ?? . I altedk fthd who* evitduct has not been marked by I any pcrulMr rwshiiese. They want an independent fcicitl legislaime, but they have been willing to wait, uud have, even now, scarcely an-/ confidence in the bdcccm of ih<* hasty plan [( jg suid, would make itself apparent uU?at the middle of May. The second purty is tha't of Genera) I<optz and Picket, including many yjecr follows, fashionable young men and curious* adventurers, similar to those ho accompanied L.ouia Napoleon in his ex? . j:.: It?l . ..... j .-.iiiKui i,. i.unfeuv, subsequently piaceu me Pret-ident of Fpiince in the fortress of 11am. Tho- third j>?rty includes a lar^p numberof the birds of mgbt, mid Mich curious gitine. They are known as the Owi?, and. under that designation have hovertd ubout th*- old buildings in New Orleans, c\ery night, for the Inst three months, creating <iuite a Hi}*tcry by the flapping of their wings in their niulinfiht caucuses. All these parties seem to l>? distinct and sepurute wgnnizations and without any oikcr plans thun one g< ii?mI, an j by no means certakt, detign. One jmrty thinks one thing, and another another thing. They are beund to do something, either with Hayti or Cuba, or both ; but do not know the best course to l>e pursued to secure even temporary success. If they should land anywhere, it will be in the dark. Within th? last twenty-five years, we have had many similar enterprises originating inthiscountry. <''lily or.e, however, has succeed' ?J. Sam Houston, who planned his campaigns wiih consummate adroitness, pitched himself and his tents in Texas, and gradually wrought out success?the annexation of Texas, and subsequently the war with Mrxico, and all the internal trouble which our country now finds eo great a difficulty in settling. This was the result of his great movements, anil the i xperimcnt was one that hus led to Htirh consequences tlint our people may be reasonably suspicious of gaining any more such glorious acquisitions, for some years to come. Jn Canada, we have had one or two uttempts at invasion and insurrection, which have failed, as the history of f'chlosser, Grand Island, and the general move rnenl'on Luke Ontario, and the river St. Lawrence, amply testifies. Thfw, and similar demonstrations, including the Dorr war in Rhode Island, lightfully classed in the same spasmodic category, have all proved failures, and we i hall he surprised if the Cuba movement takes nny higher rank. One tiling is certain,that the leant show of fiilure in the Cuban movement will throw back the defired independence of the inland for many year*. The Spanish government are well aware of all the designs upon Cuba, and hare sent forces adequate, it is thought, to t lie exigency of the ca?\ It may be an even chance; but the result will soon decide that point. Meanwhile, it is well understood that if the revolution should fail, a liberal policy will guide the govcrnm. at at Madrid, and a Legislati\e Assembly,or Junta, will be granted to Cubi, for the improved government of the island. This will be n great conservative plan, and will concentrate the loyalty of the old Spanish familes, the existence of^which will be a safeguard for the possessions of Sj .un. The government of Madrid so m to know what they are about, end the only question i* whether the insurgents are as clear headed. Time will prove all. Til* PuKSIBENT A*D CaBIXKT OkF. AHD I\MIvisibi.k.?l'roni recent occurrences at Washington, sometimes laughable, and sometimes] melan choly, wc shall begin very soon?at least before the iiext change of weather?to net down General Taylor and the present cabinet us "one and indivisible," for the whole 'of his term of ofliee.? Every thing looks in this direction. The turning out of the recent editors of the newjp.ijv r there, v hieh will originally started to be the organ of the White House, though a very ridiculous and [vtty ciicumslance in itxrlf, indicates the determination of the pr< rent cabim t either to retain their places on their own terms, or to leave ollice in a body, ? nd fellow the ol.l General to get a new cabinet in i the belt wiiy he could. The venerable chief could not stand,without their, tnd has accordingly sacriikcd lua rU;uii? ?...l ictuined hia cabinet. Oth^r < irrumi tanocs give wtrength and consistency to tha belief, that, no matter what Congrens may think c>r do, or vshat the vi his party may fee), the present cabinet are * one tad. indivisible" Jtlie l'iesi?lent hiintelf. Well, perhaps it is better to be relieved from any ; ! state of uncertainty in the*? mighty mvters. Though the cabinet, by their course and policy in a variety ??f f< reijrn and domestic affairs, may ran do* n the popularity of the President to low water ' mark, and a bit l>el? \v, it is very certain, from the distnl ution of ofliee, the payment of claims, and the aj ; m| nations of s,>oi|^, that they arc determined to make the nio-t of the time they remain in ofTre, no n atter how ni* ch the Tieasury may ?nffer, or the reputation of the country sink. The moft dangerous thing, however, *ith which the ] met are connected, is th* opposition then* op?nly and secretly presented to the settlement of th* s1av? rv question now ngitnted in Congress. While , lin y are rirj tying me tmanry. ov tn? payment of very doubtful clruin*, in winch ihey ih< mwlfm, n* tin- favoritca, urr pmin ipnttng, th y ate gnulu* alt) aiding and aaaiMinsr the movement of tlif nlii.ii'. ami the progrew of an agitation 1 hnt maybecome very aerioiw to the peace and happincn of th< country at larce. tux New Vom Nomiiatiki*?Au. Coxnuvi:* ' ? The li ng agony la over The loat an t biggest batch of ill*- Xrw ^ ?rL nomination*, ron. iating of Colin tor, Mughal, anl Ih^trirt Attorney, were yeMerdav pn?aed npon by the I'uitrd Natea S nst?. Mr. Mhiwcll w iil now have a qui't a'eep, an I l< ok* w ill improve aathc weather cita warmer. Aa lo Mr. iVacott Ji.>11 and Mr. Tallin*lge, they nlwa\a lo< k> <1 tin rty and content, d, rvrn in the< *i day. All the foreign appuntnK nt?of lien. Ta) lor will, bo doubt, be alao enntmnej?an.I if the of ?>nr tot' mporary, Colonel Webb, had l<e? n iblayrd, we have no doubt he would have run through quite comfortably. Hut he i* alwaya in a hurry, i.nd ofi. n Iota hia >lun? *?*in<t aome thin?. Tin" opj-oaition to the c;tbin?4 will now concentrate in th? * >.<lpbin and mhi r claim*?on tL?* unti-idaTery and <>th? r i?*ur?. ,Vc. <Ve. Tur T<>< ir-.M M\*i>uy?Ai^nirn Nrr?T:a* Tins.?We ha\e already *t;ited that <>nc-eyr<| T)i<'inp*< n lift* U 'n in cnetody, nnJ that he will pr< 1 ably 1" examined in t< mii >n to the toryrilo myetcry, in a few Jay*. 1 here ia rome probability that thia mystery tiny ng* l< cl?- irrd up. provided ihr public prosecutor at nil* liimaelf of all th* developemeata * liich hare rrcently b?< ii legally ina<l< in variou trial* att-I inveMi||atiMi*. There in no ilouht but that Thonijv f n Un?>w? more of that torpedo l>u*in< -m than any other man in thu community. The public are pantinc for an ample and el? *r develop) iivnt? and nothing now r.eed prevent the truth coming out, and jnfticr )< n>c J^alt to all pnrtir*. !>? ? Mrt* m rut Pot m?Foonr * *? C^rvcea i* Ttifc .s?> AT*.?The ?1i?i??on of thr 8ni?tJ?ern mcm\*r* in th" f? nate on the trhevii'', f?>rb? ib.a no favorable nvtilt to the b;N>r? an I potrioti*ni of ?Mr. ( lay .md lu* coadjutorr, in lxjth hottae* i f ('otiji ?* . Me?*r* Foot* and Clemen*. l?>ih Soathcrit Vmitora, may he considered the *xi*?n? lit." of (wv different aad oppo?in;r *nta of op a on.", iurt t*?ninnii\'! to develop them?elvra in th.- ruika , of the ?*Otith*T.l lender*. I< Hn* dillerene* l*rniri"* Milled nnJ fiiert, they will add another probability , that r.o prrfft*-'* r. n l>e mad" danag the prearnt ?. **ioll tn the r cot* 'lintion of tfi* "eetional Hi IT- r- ( nil< now H"ii.itiiijr khe country. What is to l* ( Stained l y mch conrwa Nothi%r et all. I .ATT i' I*'* IttRW'TM.- The |>rig Fahon, ( ipt. Fitt. Ii >< antv il, with dat?N to Mny It ara* th;"iilht that tin I !yrht would *mtrrially injure the J petal* etop j it Im*. however, ?li.?a,i,?,ar*dJ \n<l the rt< p ?v' lie flood. The onion c?V it fTood, and ( r?e?ily r?it<l^ for aJi'PTT,",t Fanner* *?e ready to - Try all ?r|R?n<t? w?rt w.' O'tflt ? * inckt 1(1 un*T^i | ; TUB RKXKT HEIJOHTS AwwivEiwAHr*.?W? have devoted considerable space to the publicity of the anniversaries of the various religious societies recently held throughout our city. Some of those were highly interesting in their details, and all, no doubt, except the Blasphemers, honest and philanthropic in their aim and in their end. There is a vast amount of money laudably subscribed, and, we presume, carefully expended in the promotion of the several benevolent objects; and we take it for grunted, that there is a great amount of good effected, in the hhane of nietv. morals, and tfood feed. "We have seen exhibitcd the beneficial results of come of the institutions, and huve read the flai* tenrg details of the reports of all. We annex a taMe of the receipts and expenditures of a few of the moat prominent. By these alone, (and there are very many more,) it will be wen, that upwardsof one million and a half dollars have been freely, generously, nobly contiibuted for the fullilmentof these defirable pubises for one year:? S'untcf oj Societies. Rrcn'j>t$. F.rjieruVt Vrthb Hoard <.f Foreign Mission. . . .fl30 0l3 ?1J4 K."W A in. St-aim n'a Friend Society, 23.497 33.300 A nit l iean Tract Society 308.206 308.313 T< male (luurdian Society 14 141 14.141 Am DDtl Foreign Christian Union... 63,000 63.000 A nurit an Bible Society 3?4.?14 Wi sit-yon Minion Society 1.109 *1.600 N Y. Mate Vigilance Committee..... 1.740 1 310 A hi?ricun Home Mix-ion 167.100 *167 .0l>0 N. Y. Institution forllie lllind 3U.117 38 451 N. Y. Drat' and Dumb Institution.. . 63 240 6o '-*>8 Am* rican liaptlst Home Mission... . 30443 36 to J Am. Hoard tf Com. for For. Minion. 187.GoV *187.000 American Society for meliorating the condition of the Jew* 5 fill 3 80S N. Y Female Missionary Society,. . . 677 077 M< thodist Kpiscopal Missions 107.836 110.WS3 American Sunday School I'nion 107.iJ.VJ 136 140 Total $1.&47.813 $1,501,104 Estimated exptnditcrt; the c.^act ?uma not ataUd la the report?. The iitniB for foreign minions nre considerable. We do not cavil w itli the philanthropy w hich ovinia niini.-trrs with the word of liod to enlighten the heathen, for the custom is of ancient date, even though it cost $10,000 for a single (tinner saved. We find in h work of deep research and great ability, the Catholic History of England, by Win. Bernard Maccabe, that? ' It war nt thitf period of timo (4.P. l'.B) when the holy aimi Kluuthi rlua prroidtd over the Church of ltrUic. that Luciua. Kin/ of the liritons. fent to him a letter. b< tvecblcg that underbid direction, he aii^lit br nmdc it Chrlatlan. "1 hie pious wish if a* rpeedily aerotnplUhcd. buolus bad prayed ihiit the d:irkm ? of britain mi^'lit be illuminated vuth ? hrlMlanity. ThN fact mu<l forever redound to the praiMi of tlie Hriti*h monarch ? tl at the faith and doc trim- wbie'i other kin^*an<l people at that time pertaculed he voluntarily dceirud to rcccive. " Two wont faintly men were ?ent by Eleuth#riu?. to jirenrli the goppel in Britain. The nainri of these a* iti? proven by the letter of St. Patrick and other hi?torlcal document* of the Britoox, w? re l'hafraniiM and beruvianu*. l;y them rtre tl>c wordi of lift* announced, and by theni w:in the mcrauicut ot baptism conferred upon King I.nciu* and bin people. The faith *bieli the liriton* had tbuH rceeired. they preserved in the conipoeedncf* of peace, uncorrapted aud entire, 1 even to the time of PIocUrImi." But, we would ufk, are there none more dark tlrnn the heathen to he found within this city, festering in the infamy of mental un<l horbly corruplion 1 Are there none to he found in the (mrlieun of the l ive Points und similar localities, who have never heard the gospel imthsl In there no virtue to he protected?no %ice to be suppressed! Cannot micMonarien be cent among the rising generation nt heme, who so frequently offend the ear of modesty in grotipa at every corner of our street*, ! blaspheming and indulging in low und rib.ild jestl j Could not some pious und benevolent society be ! organized, capable of roll< cling fill,111 11 cents cxactly, for the purine of teaching decency to the blasphemous mouths of Garrison and hi* imp*, or to buy sonp to wai-h the faces and hands of Captain Kynders and his free philosophers 1 There is a wide field for the lubor of love amongst the boys of Xcw York. The harvest is ready?the reapers few. Let their Fpiritual wants at home be , first attended to, and we will then say God speed to mi*: ionancB and their wives, who undertake the tiibk of enlightening the heathen and putting breeches un the red Indittn. IxMIGFATION Ti> THE 17. 8.?M?nv have arrived at this *ort within a few days past. Most of these pert-ens, with bag and baggage, take up their line of march for the Western States, and f<*w, comparatively, go toward tha South. Thia fact has often tieeu noticed, and tha abolitionist! huve taken pnins to represent that the sole reaaon , why foreigners do not take their course iato the ! Southern States, is because they do not wish to ! live in the States where slavery is tolerated. Nearly all of the immigrants of the last week?and they are many?will probably go into the Western part of the country. Krom two to three thousand per- ' pon> arrive from foreign ports almost every day, at ll.itt ifnann nf v#?r Thi? nnnn*tal.U a lint ofveaaeli", and of aleerige pasacngera, arrived w ithm live daya:? AlUrt Gallatin MP Jfew World Til fonrtituti' a ....... .82* ? ?'?mo IN I'iJilia Sl-7 Rrwrlux 470 , Zurich '-".6 t.'plulia JM Niifurn C iH-Uwtrr IS Ivauhoe WO L< tanon 210 Kheln OT J. Z .>?! i:u?< rpitw :tl0 Amha?-? W -Js4 If I Mb Living Ag* ;?a Humphrey Turlington. "4 1'nmi 2 in Kale llowe 'XIV KM'TH'lo J.".I iiu*not A iiIIIM an < titilm C'rooktir. . ... .Hi K mo* ............1.'if Kaltiuiore. .........DM M in Itulhbuu. &00 Total In flT? <lay* 0 i>M Tliut tlirfp poaacngrra should nil ateer for certain 51 air a, m ill.out Mimf oil??r iniln?nee than that nlleped liy abolitioniata, ia alwunl. The majority of immigranta to thia country are little acquainted Willi the geography of our country, much Wa with ita i?atitut;on? end loml characteriitiei. Throughout Kuto,*-, .-.a J in Knglond clucfly, ihr di?pceitioa to ut?a p.uUcul&r :*tate inflated l>y itqcnt*, w ho are continually at work, in varioua w?ya. to populate the respective aections rf country in which thry are iote-e?ted. Sevc- j ral Ftatea have published " (iuide llook* to the I nited Ptatea," aold in every part of tlir I'nited Kingdom, f? r a few penniea only, 1 *l.irh give faacinatjng i iciun ? of the paradi*-a of the Went. T? na of thou?.md? of ci?|nca of thrae \unou?> work*. aon:e in f.:v??r of one State, aorne in i favor of am ther, are nin i ll fiotn ili? cheap j.rm*ca of I,i indon every year. Mo-t of them ci>nie oat of Mio? I.ane, other* fr?nn I'aternoater Row, and i acme frcm Tegg >n t 'Ik tpaide The ranoua ed?- , ... -t V ii i i- .1 i-i ? * 1 uiw inn ma imu'i hi ?w rmnnrnif an'i tugliiv , colorcd pict?ire? of ?ocirty, eaee of Imnp, high Kf", amnll ro?t for aul et^nce, an<l the like, 1 which art muI to rtiura itrij ill- J*tatr* p??tl< <1 jj oil in ihfw ptimphlet*. Some of th> m give the exact roulca to he |??*< 1 ox r, with the hunk# of , thr hoti-1 krrpcra an>l oth<-r?. who nmy ?< rvr the i tntniifTant or aerve him out, a* circuniMancra *ug- r Taken altogether, th. p!.m i*vrry iiuri nioua, rd ?r aee no way, hut for every Southern SUM 1 In i?mi. it* "cuidr lu k," an 1 have it piiMi?h*d ^ in London, if it ia thought n<l\i?alii? to inerraac the 1 population by immi^rat ?>l Im-mt. At all event*, j thr South ought to I* fairly represented in the i mutter. ami thr IxmkJoti pnhlithcrp, Cl'-ate of Shot i.<.tie, T ?iv of I'hrt |* and (?rr of I'^t. rii?>?ter j How, fully aupplird with facta, ro na not to mi?n' promt p rtima of thr country. Tin* matter hu> hem tco lonjt ne|jlected. ? l r* ntrm ( pt Mo*mtii?, of the 2 M-hoi nrr I-werrtia, whi< U amvr.l yr*t?rd>?y, infoitm ?* thut thr iiti/?n? of ('amprarhy wore > n" rtnMing in prmt f? rm, to mnrrh iiruiim the <J It4iatf, *ho were wiUnn thirty or forty mil-** of Jj ihut | !?re. f Tmi (tim'Nif r*> irtr, the rt CofUm" line. t in i: i? .ni.l mttr Wr Irin! Ir: n trrj. whU-h lft?d ?a M<n?lmj work-4 #*l*iir?My. J U c? old M?t h?t? ?**?< Jj ^ of Intfli Itltiala. 9 R Bi.rkurr J M IUm<< I ? ant r rirniHti>r* ?rrt??d In tll< *ily II >t< n? i' lh? A?l?<r . Il< n J' hn K TKornmn. W wM..,' . f|?n J W , lr>|kira. ?'|.|> n?l-iir|T. ?nd ?l?ly nine ?rr1r??t ? rr?li t?! T ?nd t/w* ti^ lie lr?injr A (. I i II I. p I. A K -nK rt. T f ? v htrty . ti n r||???. arrived j, rritj in4 ln*| ,, 4 IW lR>rlMl Uct*|. Ihr ?t ?r. Ihf ?> .ft. In tk? f?T hi >? rfci *?t *t? U< MJ ikm Hotel* mi tk? City. Till AHXK1CAM ti. TUB EUKorKAN FLA!*. I A arikfi the Mnti of a freat city like this, are hoWs and stopping place* A hotel wan formerly understood to be a residence to which a man eould resort, and find all the comfort* of a home, lie had hi* room, hi* bed, and hi* regular meal*-. eonsl-tlog of every luxury and delicacy of the season He made hi* arrangement* with the landlord at a stipulated price per week, or per diem, and both partie* performed their eontraet. and were satisfied. Thi* was the good old American plan of hotel keeping, which ha* ezlfted In the city from it* ommencement to tha present day, when we hare a* pecimena of this clan, the A star, the Uliuton, the American, the Irving and the L'nion Place hotels. M'itliin a few year*, another clnjt* of hotels has sprung up among us; and the proprietor* seem to be making fortune*; and there i* no reason why tfcey should not do so In the most incredible short space of time And of all the fair and flattering methods which enterprising and ingenious n>eu have concocted to victitnlie the innocent and unsuspecting traveller, or permanent real uriu. lucjr iPuuiuiug (Oil ruiujtAii WilU i* IJ'JVVJ fc< ] i k I upon "the European plan.'' IIow people can be impoted upon by them patten our comprehension. and we wou- I der that they ever find a customer. The rise and r?rogre? I ot one of then' hotel* on " the European plan" may be of i>< 1 vi?-? to the uniniatcd. Mr. Anybody hires a single home, or two houses, and unites them as one, at a rent of lilteen hundred or two thousand dollars, lie has the rooms remodelled, and made just large enough to hold a very Huall bed, a waeh*tuiiil. and a little table. A feif doren of miserable little lamps, a bar with bad liquor, a porter and bootblack, and half a doien chambermaids, comprise all the stock in trade, and the cources of reveuue are eighty to one hundred and twenty of these diminutive rooms. These he rents to any one who will take thi m. and for one night, which is fifty cent*, or for one week, which is three dollar*; if the room Is double the siae of the bed, then a price of four or five dollars per week. Wo will suppose the boarder upon the European plan requires food. He goes out togt t it. at the nearest place and at the ch^apet-t. if he goes to Sweeney's or (Iunter'.i and orders a sixpenny plate, be cannot get al?ng at lex* than three 1 dollars to three dollars and fifty cents per week, which, add* d to the cost of his wretched room, is sis dollars { and fifty cents, for which he eould get an enccllcnt roim In a fir-t rate private boarding house. If a man is a drunkard, and don't require much food, one of these place* n.ny then bo more economical, for he ha* a port or a pluce to Htick bis head In lu ' *oiue of tbe*e upper houses on the Europnan plan. th? y will furnUh you with brcnkfast and t?a f>r which you pay throe thllliugs a meal, or about $5 a week more. Vour diuner*. at a respectable plue? will average 60 ceut*oaeh. or $3 fcO, which is $12 with >ut extras or without comfort ; and for thit name sum any person can go to the bout hotel la New York, permanently, and have every comfort and luxury. Rutin the hotel on the European plan," thould the poor victim (all sick. may heaven have mercy on hi* noul. for hit body and physical condition In pant praying firThe following would be a very fair sample of hit bill for a week :? Mr. J'oo* Hr'il, P* . To Bi< ai Burnti-thi-Pockit. Hay 7?Tonne week'*rent of room. >4. May 1.?To breakfast (a cup of tea and a biscuit). fO SO " Klre. 60 cent*; lemonade. 26 eeut* 0 76 '? Toono bowl of *oup 0 37 " To two teui.andextra toast. 2s. 6d- each. 0 6-1 " To two caudle* 0 13

" To ringing tbe bell (which wu broke, aud wouldn't ring) 0 19 *' To a tub of hot water, for bathing feet. 0 26 " To currant Jelly, with tea 0 19 " To making up bed two time* extra It 0 26 " To *ending up three luelfer matches.. . 0 09 " To blacking boot*, (regular charge).... 0 00 f J ?l One day >3 41 Six dayi more, with ilmlUr and Tariega'.ed charge* W W On* weck'? rooom rent 4 00 $17 k7 In addition, night be added about M mora per. we< k tpcnt in bribing *crvaut* to do trlfllug errand*, or get a pitcher of water, medicine, or a mustard plaatrr? which ean only ba done by ttealth. Thla la a lair anmple of the comfort* of lifo la a hotel kept on the European plan, with a prospective of being put on a cart, and met to the alms-house or hoapital. at one* should the cautious proprietor any reason to sup poae the ?lek man* pur?e wm Rutting feebla. Hotala of this claae are ail abomination - they arc an Unpoaltlon upon a good-natured community. ? V nrnnri * ! t# If three honere are kept upon the model of hotel* npon the continent of Europe. There la no ra*?mblanr? whatever. In a hotel npon the continent you tra charged for your room, and you are wot chargad for mrala you do not take. You rm dlae at the t ill* 4'hdit. or yon ean have your meal* by yountelf. and what ytu hare you pay for Hut you ran order and 1 oltaln anything to be had in the market and every j attention la paid to your want* and to your eonva- ! niencee, while at our hotel* np"n the E uropean plan, the very reierae i* the ra?e and the hotel xp?n*?? ot a man in on* of tha*? crowdod den* arc cnormou*. and for which n* equivalent I* furniched. Every man who would consult health, happinea* and econrtny. and I* to unlortunate a* to have been reduced into hot?l upon tlia ' European plan." ; should quit It at once, and go to ni? ?>f tha Sr*t A me. riean hotel* In the city. He will And hi* account lee* In no doing Th* '* Amrriran plan" in but*la. a* w?U ii rTtrytbicg *1m, l? by far tha h??t | 1*d yrt City ln<rlllK<nrr. It?it.?n4D Anir>?*i Tb* Coron*r. y*?t*rday. b*M ' n in<|U<'( at th* Twrlfih ward ?t?:t m bw. nn tha b.Ml? of an unknown woman, who wua run or*r by tha llud'on Rl?i-r lUllroad. nrar S*r?nty-fi>ur<J^ alraot. ranting brr d-aib Immediately Th* mjOwr. It arm* > ?? tli* woman minii' dlntunf* aboad and hlaw bla wbUtl*. ?iippo?lng ah* would at one* rlur olT thn tra>-lk and nu n I UK the did not. b* rn'l?-H?or<-1 to i>ic>p tb* rtigtar; but l?for* b* could ''ff- rt that ohj?ct, th? woman ?a< ka">-k>-d down and klll*d Thf wo. nmn. It * m?. raa In ll'|U?r at th* time, and thu? thf r?a?on of b< r not pajn g any attention to the rn^l- j a*-*r'? alarm Tha drrra?*d wna dr*??*.| In a dark raliro frcrk b'a< k "r?? hit, and Iftlhrr t>>ot? In b' r |<orkrt m fund f3 .'>4 and a hr?M tblaiMa Bti* apt" arid to b? about flfly yrara of ag* Ile*Mi LK l>r.iiit.- Thoon**r? of th* Thlf**n?h ward. ?ni rall?d jr*?t*rday mornlrg. at on? o'clock. to , r*?cm Mt? llnnnan of Ji'7 Molt atr<?t fr"m a priry In tb<- rear Into wlilrb ?h* bud tallru. Willi gnat ilifflrnlty ttrj IWmM in pttlM kw fill A phy>'.ri?n wa? nt for. and m ry *t*rtl?n wa* mad* to r? uirllatr htr but without mail plia di*d In about lbr?* hour* nftrrward" , Hi *i ri> Vrapii r ?O* Thnraday *r*nlng. th* Jury In Ih?- ra?* of Wllllam f? Main again t tbc Albinjr Tn<urinr? Company. In th?- Clr< nil Court h"fi>r? Jndg* klartln. ? ra p*rmltt*d to gn In th* *r?nt o| Ihelr aintin; to ? rdirt. which th*y war* to p- it n Court. K tl'd. It h*ing a tordi'l for tli* d<f*a- | * 1aat. ar.d th* plaiattll hating tbr pri* ll*g* of p nine lb* Jury, thr nnm-n w? r* aali< d o**t y*?t? nlay morn- | ii| afirn It- Wrt M alk*r ?ald b* did n<>t a^rii* in< ?? la fa*or <f tb* plaintiff, be ?'^n?d nrrrly to g*| li< n r 1 h* Jury wrr* a*nt bark and having d*liT?- | ?i?d for *om* time w*r* di?rbarg*d. a* act b*mg ibla to agr*o. I h , ??? I 111 Thf No?k? Liimu. Ca?k ?We find the followng in the Mtnor of ItM evening, which we inrrtr? *< Tm? Car?a Lint r4?i - The trial of Mr Snrtnn for *' gro?ely li? ell? <1 Ml" t'rmn the ?l*lrr of Mr? "J I am** Hard on IWnn<tt w?? to hare been preeed*d rlth till* morning in lh? fourt i f <e?lon* Th? ??-nnr(1 afur Imtln* ?ii-rr.- |. d In p'?tj ning It " Vrm Im hi to Iwrn kit J by rarl<>a* ln-lnuatl< n? of '' ?a?1r* a hundred witn?*T* or ih> f r the defenrr wh'i ''' rotiM prove the truth of th? libel. eadenvi red to j *" Hphti n the other party when unable any loner to | y old a trtsl. plean< d Itullty to th? rli?rr? t tlr llora?? Clarke. hl? lawyer. In d^iii# " ?n behalf J" >f III* rlt* ait rrtraetfd all that >ai charged In the libel 1 lilt arretted that *o fat n the arru*< <1 knew Mia* '' >?*n ?e< pure *nd *pntle*? The Oonrt Intimated hat they ihrnld take a dar or two to r>n?tder the " ntrnee and urdrrril Norton to appear on M'aiay 01 DO.-nii'C *j Our Phlla?t?l|>hln ( orrtapaadrnee. qi Pmiiai rinii*. May 17.1M6 " tr iluMiiaa Ik* ( * ? I^wiIim r?nlK?t ?/?vtti. tl Thrr* I* ft eat trembling and tribulation am^ng th* *' Id bimkr wing of the drinoeratle party, to eon?e- , oftift of a letter, alleged to hare b*en written by Mr mi ln< hannn. ami e ?|.-n?l?r|y elrenlaled (aeeordlog to tha Mention *f th? writer a morn the politiral alrcl** nf l'a?hlt>gten In the letter it l? ?aid Old Rurk Ilk" d? I I llici'ory.1 Mililutt* hi* plan"' for the *eltlinirnt nf pri be |trent <i'M>?tlon? abirh are n->? dividing an I di?- n; r* cling lie ronntry IIi* Idea I* to run the Mt??ojri die mpi n.i?? I in- <Iim 11 I the I ?r> f)e. o? rr tie iintatii? ?| ad through gold pUeer* lint thin he jne? further e?| h III t.l* X ntl rn lrn nii> rr. n d' ?lre for he reeo^al- tl r* all territory ?ooth ?.f so .10. n* elare territory.? *t? 111^11 riuiT Iriini ?r>'? win i lly 1 ml*f???! r f Ik' Hi Mat* OnT??< a. wlil'li i( t? f niMr at \\ III urn* port iu a (?? ? ??. th? 1h? Crtmlf ri?r?t m t thia mnrnlaf ami flint th* fh? it* ?f laiaimn for ih? n??t C?nU j?ar at r?nl? "n 1 i? >IW an lixn-Mf ( J IIt? ?mu overtha ^rwrnt ?a? r 1b? ( * ?; iP?rl?t f>*tlnn?? nfcnti-lanMy ?npp1<?<l faptfal lh? full# t.< . iil lh? .?in> ?< In V?? y n * K1%rt lonratohlnf fo? a*T-ral day*. t?? ll Mr .,?? th*? cmini th? market al??iag with aa np ( , 4 I. vl. rrt t r lh' la-i t?n ilh? hi?h?* fc,l lat-a aiwaya l???n rrallM* totfMa |fc? lit* ?* *ta ?y and uOItt *i.'na Tk^ Coart of General Mni. tefora tb? Keeord*r and Aldermen Orlffln ul Oakley. Mir IT ?Trial of H'm Norton fmr Libtl m Win ? Tki I ibrlltr Cunt ictrd Ay hti n-n Co tfttiwH ? 11 plication wan made to the court again on lhursday i orning. to poMp >ne the trial of this cause The apiliration wax made b.v N. B Blunt, who said that ha ippcared at the request of Mr. Whiting, and on meount of bis request alone Mr Wbiting(liad written a etter. sayiup Uiat he bad hoped the uupleasant duty >f defending thin rase would have been saved him, but "... ? v... ?11. .1 II, P.l lint in Ma ibtence ou account of sickness, to attend to the e&se 'or him lie- further paid that, during an esperienoe >f twenty-five years, he had never known an appeal >t thin kind to be made by one member of the pro- ( Vssion to another, when the request was re'used. He further Muted that Mr. Nortoa h?l ( applied to Charles O'Connor to defend hiin. ind that gentleman had declined to receive his i fee. The paper on whlA the motioa to postpone is !ian d. *aid the counsel. is an affidavit retting forth lhat several important witnesses are absent, and that the def< ndant's counsel in also absent on account ot licktiees The affidavit also stated that the d< tVndant liad endeavored to subpnna several witnesses whom he Islieved purposely kept out of the way to avoid being lumui'iui d In conclusion to his remarks. Mr. 11. said iie wished it to be understood that he hud no earthly oi.mrtii.u with tlie case, directly or indirectly. It rrus simply at the request of Mr. Whiting. The District Attorney replied. lie said he almo't lespairtd ot bringing this ea?e to trial The defend ut. saiil he. is indicted for libel on a lady, and she Ih ii' King it to trial, and is indefatigable in her exertions ind activity in pressing on the trial; but as she pursues it. the defendant flies from it. Jauics T. Br.uly. Km] . here arose and stated, that Although lie had been some time engaged in the prosecution of this ease, he had not before deemed it aliisabln 10 saj anything to the Court; but he could not do >theiwise than to oppose the application made by the :?unM 1 for the def> nee. This case, sv.d th? counsel, las uow been pending a long time; a ad w hen the proicrutrix found that other engagements v uld require ;he attention of her ftrnier counsel, ilr landlord. slio tnguged my services. 8o ought the defendant to have lone. If his ease is .vo plain a one as ho represents it :o be, if he is so clearly innocent, uoy one ut the 1,500 gentlemen bvlouging to the legal profession could deU nd hiiu successfully. The Court decided that the case should he called. Die Recorder alluded to the long time it had been pendng. and said it was the unanimous opinion of the Court hat the trial should proceed Norton?One word before the fliml decision of thin Me. 1 need not rtad this affidavit. (holding up u paper.) but 1 object to this ca?e being culled., oo .lie ground ot the absence of witnesses?in the next place on account of the absence of my counsel. Court- We will open the case, nod empanel the ury. and then adjourn the court till to morrow. Thi? *111 gi\e you tim?. Mr Norton, to get your wltDvHM'i. Norton?Will the court then i?eue attachments for iritneeses? Clerk?The* may be here. Court?If they are not here, we will, on the proper ifiidavits being tiled. < rder attachments to issue. The cafe was th?n. (after some buMncFs which was tending bad b'-en di'po* d of.) ea'.ied. and a jury 'mp&uelled. Fhe fallowing are the names of the urors:? Cornelius II. Pelamater. flen. Castell. Bernard Cristman. Nathan T Crandtll, James J. Craig. John I.e*y, tbei II |?|W, llenry < onklin, Wm. A. OMWI, I'honius Charters, ltcnjamin Vuackenbusb, George II. L'ook. The rase was then opened by J. B. Philips. \ssktant Jistrict Attorney?lie said, gentleman of the jury, the ase you ure now empanelled to try. Is one. I am lappy to fay unusual in this community: yet one of onsiderable interest, although it uiay not involve the btendaot in any considerable punishment. William Norton. the defendant. is accused of eau?ing to he published a gross and malicious libel against a young unuarried female. Alus Oeorgina Creaa, the sisW-inaw of Mr Dennett, the editor Of the Xew York llrraU. [shall not n<<w detain you by reading the libellous krtlcle. Its authorrbip. it is set forth, will he proven igaintt the d< lendant (The nature of the libel wm tere rehearsed.) The il< tend itt has. by his plea.delied the authorship of the 111*1. Hut he makes a two 'old defeuce first, he denies the authorship, and econdl.v. says that if he did write it. it is true. Now, lie law in the case is, where a libellous publication is nade by a party, the party so publishing it must, in rder to justify, prove that It is done tor justiliable mis It mur' not be malicious, but must be shown hat it is justifiable fur rme public reason?that it is lone in order to accomplish mm< public good. It will lot be justifiable If it is done for prirato purpase*. He here gave some instances illustrative of this point.) ir. I', continued: The letter upon which the libellous rtiele was founded, was very appropriately signed Jam iuu r i? uj vieir initiated the father of lien, Norton (rir*iDfr)?I in"l"t upon the alleged llbellouj irticle being r?-*d. 1 hi* in not a matter of controversy ictwffn myiMlf and 511ns Georgnia Crean. but between union (iord..? llennett, the prinrn of libellcra. and Vm Norton, attorney and ocun'vHor at law. lie haa he columns <>t the AVtr 1 ork lirrald to nuslaiu him. .nd I have the commnuity in which I lira. Mr. Brady?The gentleman do?? not appreciate the lellcaey which prompted u* in n it reading the libel, t wan out of re?pect to hin right*, considered in a m >*t iln-ral point of view. We did not want to rend the ibcl in opening the ra?e to thi" jury, and have th<-in ;o away with the reniembranco in their mind* ot the rrong* dene by it toward* the ludy. Hut he doe* not appreciate what wan calculated to operate for hu u>? n xnefit. Mr. McKeon ? Mr. Norton had better not pumuo the lotirne br lutn commenced I weald n<lvi*c him o d to ontluue it. lie hnn no right, M court will lniorn iim. to interrupt the opening Norton.?Mr McKron, 1 don't want yo?r ? Jv'ee. Ileeorder ?Mr Norton. cMinnei have a right to open .heir cane a* th? y think proper. TVe Anilntaat Plntrict Attorney then proceeded with i Ji* remark* to the jury lie nald:?Utntlrmeu. thU rane ban nothing to do with Mr IWnn tt. It han only lo do with the defendant and the people Mr lleunett n the tditor ot the .Veir )'? ?A IhralJ. and Mr. Norton I na iuwyer, ar.d pretend* to be gentleman. With Jin private rjuarri In we have nothing to do. It In not i ven the private wrong done to the lady that in ] Irictly matter for un to art upon It in lor the offence igainnt the law, the wrong done the public It in far Ll? the acruned Input on lii? defence. The inmie I* lot. an the aceuned had nald between h mielt and Mr. Bennett; It i* not ven between him nnd Mi-n Crean. ] I he pro?ecui i. n in not brought to obtain private d.vmt- j [e? No The i**ue U between Sir. Norton and the >?-ople M'e rhall. we think prove that lb' K.ilUnff , etti r wa? m nt by Norton to E '/. ?' J udnon. the edlor of the paper called AVrf humlinr'$ Own. nnd on J he etrcrgth of thi* letter, the llbvlloun article wm onmn?a una puDiixina The t??i twin* taiily op. ne I the Court adjourned ] r* it>*Y, May 17 ?At the openirr tf th* rourt. thu | a< ruing. Mr II 1\ (Urk. of roun*. I (< r the defendant, ftvr mib# time (pent id ei D?iii'utl<>n with the defrn- , ant and h.* fW? nd* ?r?e ml * u id -May It |iimw , hr Court. I hu\e n tue rxiff 'tlon* t<> make, ahieh , ?njf r? Hi-\o the Court from the nerep*lty of drrotiug ij-further time id the conohli ration of tHin e*?e iithina few hi.lire | i? l. owing t<> the IHiiom of the 1 nrmd p-ntli ninn *1.? hail I n pri ?lou<ly retained ' r Mr Norton hi* deftni thin indletun'nt ha* I een in trusted to my profe**lotinl I hare glv n ' lie mljiet all the Invi'tigmtloii xhlrli till" l.rief 1 ?rl"il ha* permitted ; and afti r a full ron?ultaIr.n with Mr norton I Ituve ronie to the Nnoli- ( ion tliat It i<> due to him and to the rau'e of pube ju?tii-r and that It l? emin fitly due t" dm j oung lady ?h?-e rharartrr baa unfortunately Iwen , lade tli- ?uty?et ?>f ?inju*t *<j?T-i'u tlwt any irth<r detnen ihiulJ be withdrawn. Hut whMe ? and' ii'ng the defi n? e. and j? rmlttlu* the lhttr|?w|. 'on oft he plea o( guilty, it ii due to Mr Norton that ! n explanation ?hould i>e ma ie of the con*ld rati .t* ' hieh prompt thie cuir*. Mr v>rt"ii a?er? he ' ne t the author of the allege 1 libel lie liu erer l*i*ted. and |?-r*l?t* lu iii'itiep, that he ?.i? in m t ay ronrernid in inditing it There are in attrn- t inee a large cumin r of wltne><*?. ready to bear te-tiloriy to tb?fket. tbat t he handwriting f the r mrnil- f ieation i* di**imUar to. and doe* not p< *?e?? a ?ing|e ^ (larat t< rl-tie of hi? own lint wb'le thu? di*a? ?- f, if. In tiihalf of Mr Norton, and l>y bit direron. the aut beiilicity of the llliel, I am f>arained to ?ay that r>-rtain fart* ran he given In ride tire, ou the part of th? pro?erntton, tend>g in ?onie e. ini.l ralde mearure tn e inn' et him n ilh It* terhnlral ion ; and I hare reaxm a i believe rbat eertain unguarded ndmi**ton* hire > en made by him uiid< r riri uiii<tanee< wb'eii he e ?n- t r?t explain and whirh. urn (plain* d. would ?u'yrt h Ini to l?^al re?p. D?lbiUty for their publ trillion riie y li?l in nueminn ha* not l ei n nad tothejury and I t ire I hat it iliould not lie It <?< never pubti-hed t, i any iieanpaper. nor do I think It aa* erer de- ^ned tl i be It* r on tent* are, therefore known ti hut a J rry limited number I'tnler the*e eirriiMi<t?T*e?. I I ii eieiedingly unwilling that unn< er?ary Injury r: iould be tnttteWd upon the ri (roarble?? r* put^lion t the young Udy in quipti' n ( / iu> in? of the ( ii ulihrlty that would n-'ult mhi from the Int'tpo- i a tirn of the define* of *ir N'ort- n. upon the it<w g f puhUeath n I have ri*d the lil^l and I *ni *ati*- U d that It t? utterly ind>fi n?ible It I* IneapaMa | I |Ti-rnrmi"ii v WHI I JT rr*??n I tDe I'riJllar I laraeter of it* alli-patloo* ?< ,?f it. ??nt of truth.? I J ranlul I?it>?tt?atti>n of thr calumniating <-h.?rf?>* C i? r>*ulMd In the perft rt Vindication of the rbarar- n t tit Mm Cr>an and It I* no* a ?mrc? of iHn- k ra r>?ret to Mr Norton that *h? ah ul4 erer lia?a t< n lhu? lanlnnly wmiM II In due to her, a *-11 it i to the arruT'l tliat the mo>t eipllrlt ar. ??i aliouH n .>? he thu? | ubllrly uiadr that hrr reputation i? pure ii ill rpntlea. |t Diu?t n?t h. to ?u(T> r by tten h Ihr pet mltt<-d to t* ni?ir the ?u*jirt of judicial m. ec ilty Fr m all th?-w r. n*;d< ration*, aui fr>m th* In rurar ar d d> Urate e|reum>t anrea tiirrontKlliiR lha n IN Mr H I ' > .?.innr? l In-r> ?fxin?ilii|i*y ai aiding the wrll rlt< d vlDdlratl n ofihrl?dy hy ll r? ur" Iie ha- I... n a>l? * it I > pur? :e I, tln-refnra, < | thont further romiaant. l<<oe the whole mailer In a< ' hand* i ftbr t'ouit. to dal with my client, a* op"ii fair e< n?id? tat Ion of hi* ra?e. the end* t?l juailta ?y ** n> to require ,, ir Urady who ??< a??'?-lnt?d with tin T?1?tr1rt M '< rney for th? |>r?>*rention, hrt* aro?e and -111.1. that Mini thr < urt and Juror*, an.I alt prr??nt. to un- < r*tai.d dlMlintly that the pr?" rut Ion w. re re 1 ly t'? th* rharj* alleged acainat the defendant, and W I r? ? d hirti.' lf highly gralid.d at tk? th .rough riuation of th- rhararter of Ml?? Cr?an. whlrh ha I ?? ? a |>n??i(l I7 the roun*el f"f the drfeiir" Mr Hraly pr, ? .d a derlre that the wltneex * f r the pro.,rnII .hotild understand that the truthfuln. * of thair t. nil nta ? *? not qui -11' IN .1 _ , he Kerorder mM. Mr Norton, hr plradiii,; rnllty. ll in- wledge* the whole fart " Ir t'larh. rising. said. "We wl*h It ta h- inJ?r*tood ilHr Norton Inlet.rt* a j.. ,-f.rt tiu iirali. ri < f tlw 1 irarter of the lady he four! * Would take tine to tlamioa Uie e, and render ju lgnient hi rrafl?r n., Pnllllrnl lnUIII|fn??. **r i " * II ' <* Mi Th" f r?? ?? rilot flnkbar-1 ->- ?r?n?mu< I to Itv M?ln? talatnr*. ?ti th?- 14th ln?tant Itr ?p?ak* fully up?n Clt rnbirrt'ff % InMl rh?rtfl?r i>f in?. w? t<. tli? t? t ?pon th* ?U?r?ry i?i? li?a > i?4aa<ll I* tl<?r ?r< HniiM. Kl ,r Theatrical and Musical. Tmht*i.?Yesterday evening. thi* magpifl* rot temple of pure dramatic imtt(i'm?nt, exhibit" J an irray of beauty. faabion and intelligent*, which la Mldcm wltuened. errn in the moat popular theatres in the I'uion. The paramount feature ttf U?t night'? attraction. and the eoucrntratioa of eutertnlnment wiul of eour??. Mr?. Uamblin, who sustained her p?*oltsirly beautiful character of Margaret Klmore, in the celebrated piny'of Love's Pacritice." Her last appearance in this character, cr-ated such an euthuslasm amongst In r admirera. that they prevailed upon the mauager to consent to a repetition of thn name play. It h<-r uoeess *?? then glorious. her triumph laxt night wu complete, and we must confess. that we have scarcely Kren any actor greeted with such deafening shout* of upylauie ax might hare been heard at the Bowery yeg. terdvy evening The entertainment* concluded w1tlt> the musical drama of the "Bottle Imp," which ?a? witnessed with pleature and satisfaction. To-rugln, Mr*, Ilamblin as Ion Buoiuwav Theithc.?''Virginia," a tragedy adapted from a l'rench production, was performed la^t night' As a dramatic work, it in far inferior to the tragedy of ' Virginiu?," by Knowles, or the old Knglieh play of 'Applus and Virginia." whence Knowlei belaud many of bis beet point*. This adnptatlon of the French play, has much merit. It is simple and chiseieil; but Wing modelled on the Frcnoh atyle of tragedy, is oolil and formal. particularly in the hand* of phlegmatic actor*. It i? divided iutu Ore fcun?I, or acta, and th? action of the play, in many acenes. in described. and. not represented? a fault with which Otway and Row* have bi en justly chnrg< d The language, however. haa many beauties, and there are frequent seutentlous replications which aro calculated to Qnd favor with an audience. This was sufficiently evinced by the audience hut night, for >lis? Davenport, lira lilcld an# air i')i ii wn? murk uppiauaca in inc >fvi'r.u mi'ai'i, nnd the pluy whs on the whole, received la to favorable a manner th?t it will, we suppose. be often repeatid. It wan placed on the ptajne with great car*, and at the next representation will t>? stilt more uoceptable. We take pleasure iu noticing Mian Davenport. Mr*. Uield. and Me*ir>. Dyott, Thompson andHarris a* contributing largely to thn sueeos of lb* play. Miss Davenport impart' J great life and*truest ties* to the character of the hi roine. and gave Tory gnat hatiefaetii.ii to tbe auditors. Another ovation v,us won by Mr. Dyott, who was loudly called for. an# appeared to receive the compliment, lie played with energy, and was much applauded. To-night, the play being more Ihotoughiy studied, and the necossary support givrn to the principal characters, a very fln? performance may be expected. Th? play it well worthy ol public favor for it* many beauties, despite of iu itiir. Flench style. Niblo's Utmic!!.-1The play of " Temptation," by Mr. Brouglutm. has much merit. There are many excellent sentiments in it. The moral in good, aud thu in*, terest is well sustained. Such plays nm?t always cum mand the symputhy of tbe public, particularly when well cast with competent performers. B Maiden. suclt novelties to the public are very agreeable, and it Is (k principal feature of this establishment that new play* are repeatedly brought forward. The public demand i? for new productions, suited to the times an 1 the spirit w llir i'lupie, iuu uny me?irc euiipl oh kurnrmitll iuu has alw.-.ys ready h well written drama to eouiiaanA public intention To night tin re will 1>? a?ery ploajicg entertainment. A popular burlutta, (lancing. and. the niu.'iml play of "Home," are offered. The rait embraces the whole strength of the company?Mr*. Brougham. Miro Mary Taylor, aud Mossrn. Uroiiglrim, Nickinxon. Leach, aud other favorite perforators. Mr. Broughum's c< mcdy ot " Ktmance and Keality" will performed on Monday. Bi rtok's Thkatke.?A very largo nudienee atiendef, last evening. this favorite theatre, to witness the select piece* which were presented. 80 much ha* already been said about the ' Serious Family," that it wo nil be tedious to speak again of the perfection of Me*?rs. Burton, Clarke, Un. Kusnell. and liisa Chapman, la their respective part*. We Deed only say that the applause was as enthusiastic as on its flvst production. Attrr a beautiful danre by Miss Walters, the new fare* of - Mysterious Knocking*" was pre*eut<>d, wbiah drew forth much applause and laughter. To-night, three excellent pieces are promised by the bill?the comedy of the "Queen's llutband,'1 and the sne?e*sful furcM of ''Mysterious Knocking*." and "Saving the Elephant.'1 Nitioih. THrATRK.?Testerday evening being the benefit of Mr. Jefferson, one of the favorite actors at the (National, this mnch frequented place of public amusement, was filled with numerous and highly fashionable audience The entertainments selected It IB lUV WtMIUU CVUFIPVW VI VliT UTHQB VI " ^VlIlTllJ Twitcher in America," the drama of " The Revolu. tion. ' and the Spoiled Child.'' The various amuic mi nt* (iwd off with unwonted fueeeee, and were wit netted with every demonstration of anivereal plencurt and petit-faction. Me**re. Burke and Je ff?r?o<a ruflaim d their respective ritn with a good deal of ability and ortgliinlity. and drew frrth loud and frequent acclaumtlon* Mlee Jefforton. who made her flrnt appcarunce in the character of I.lttle Pickle, d tlWtroAi h<r toiewiih considerable ability, aud waa gre&llv a|>i<lau>lcd. To-night Revolution." "f weelhe*rl and W iveii," and "My Neighbor t Wife." Arroa Hm k Tiikat?b- Biaee the enfafnamit of Mire Charlotte Cuohman. thin mignifleent plaoe of amufemcnta If crowded by the moot faehinnaU? upper town rociety. Phe appeared, l??t evening. a? Romeo, In the Phakfperian tragedy of '' Romeo an J Juliet," and wa* a* great a* ever. No eomment* ran add to her far-famed reputation; bat we nut utile IliHt her acting addtd lojt nl^ht. a new laurel to her already wi ll merited and loaiy crown of trlnnapbe. She w?? r> mnrkably well tuitaiut d and Meevr* Nrabe, t'ouldock. Ha??. and )Um Fanny Wullaek, who. by the way. I* the lM*et Juiiut we have erer teen In America, render*d their part* in a manner which wu ?^ljr ippri eiated l>y ih< lnce*eant applause of the aadU nee. lu-nlght. thi? ceb-braii d MM will appear a> H Meirilcf. In the beautiful play of tiny Mannering." It i? or.e of her best character*, in which ah* ha* n<-t lemnd on the Mage The enterlainiuente will eoarludevlth the favorite c?u<edleU* of ' Kalnt fleart Never Won fair Lady.'' The Iicum.-will be roede-I. uo doubt. CxriaiT't Orrf a Hortr ?The entertainmentf rata menec with a medley overture, which will he followed by fevtral beautiful melodlee. and other g tru ?m(np them are ' lllthcr we l'on?." from the ' K?rbantr< *e," Wood 1 were a B?-y Again," and other fa htii? aim i ne ottirr amu?em. uU are ri#-ll.nt In tmmrntal p<rforniau< r? and r 1 call* at Juueinf At iftrrnoon com-ert, ut 2 o'clock OitNric Nlulitl* annonnae Knr thl? craiii(t a Trry attrnctlrc performance Tha ammeiaeuM onaUt "I m ktu mi Iodic*. m l Ibey ? re dlvi<l*<i In tbraa nnrtu; The Mark f?hak*r*. Dalcli Drill, and variety < lanrlng. by Maxtor LcwU Au afltraoon aoncert, .o-day Mm011 o* - White and hi* popnlar band of S?r?naler*, arc holding forth at 63 Bow?ry. Aktrai* ** Mi ?rt m.?Tha dmln- lo wie the Oblnea* INanty In a* frreat a* arer- *he la highly i'-Uaht-^ ilthtli)' fa-liioiml lr ladle* ?ho Ti?it htr ?}.< aaya thia iaa pr?at country.'' Hi ii Ki* Tha performance* of thin ban 1. at he t'hlncae A** Koom*. are greatly admiral t.i ir polka*. qiiadnll>* and other piece* irr rendarmf >1^ at ntflnfu and aclance li itn'l Rcnw? Tb? no*al exhibition fW? n -tvrj veiling atthr?e room* la b? rntnliif ge nerai'.y llkad ? he Scriptural illustration* arc aio*U?nt. Cm mm. the gnat Iri?h comrdita. la playiag with real ancreaa In llaltlncri* H ? undmunil he haa aid Itirgc tnm* for new plrct*. which h> intn li. nait rplinUr, to produce at the Uroadway Th?.-?tra Police InlflllgfnM. T'f Ctlf at One t TKoitfcm Ob Thtir?d*7 ' aortilnglaat. Win II Thompt'-n. cr rth-rwW know? ? OneFyad Thomp*oti, wa* brought before .lulga t<lmonda on a warrant l"U?d by him. charging hnmp?on with the matinlacture of tha Mtorp4do-' ox which it ia aaid exploded in th" houae of Mr h?ma> Warner, in May. a year ago. Tl?r Julg* being no much engaged in otbrr bu?ln?*? to Investigate th? latter. ha? referred tha akolf of the prn#e??ia<? lc he Irate* at tha Tomb*. It I* proliabl* that ? - ... r. . mm-w win in>r % II - C'l F- II \f I'll ? ?"?? n the mr?ntiin?* Thompson l? dotalnnl tn tha *i?at<>J/ flh?Shirif! n> unilrMmid ttint a?taral irltna?-*? mi N- prodncrd by tlir pr ??futln* atto-ury, that wll' nplirat# Thompson much ulrt rt" r than waa at Br?t Dllri| *t? l lb* riidrnnr rir. n Jurln^ th* l??(>MlitloB ?111 nd?l ron?lilrrabl? tn th?- alrtaily ruri<-ua icta davalopad. rrfpfcttnn (hi* "tnrp?d<i' pfs>t ImtiT-C?iiraa*i? Mnnirn ?r Hr r< t<?. nf iitir ni*y? monty. rurally r?turnM fr?w allAirnta. ba? I* ?n arr??tid on a rh?rj? of mnrdrr, nmiitol In that country. and ha? b??? tak'D irk to mihiT Ihf rharg.' Two brother' <int <>ut ifi th?* lart but tlii* oat returned my i| tktt Ml kMkW IIt4 N lli? | ???'*a Tha luiiff I ud that tb'- two brother* t>a<l tunrdvrrd an ai>l man. ' order to cbtalk n Urpa inutility of gold du?t whirl* i had laiMFd 0n? the br ther* wiutakma, tri< d. niivlrtrd and t'lrruti d. but th'? om e>?*ped wltb a >rjaatn"i,nt<>filu?f B* Nl4 tMtkiiMlMhll I iart? It their bniini-M to tratil from ona plltn t? r< I bir c Hi.-mlt i r? and that It wa?*npi> '?d 1. y had r- nil' I - . n ,.T? preTlona t I ha ? *>'< h tb j Wi re taken - ,t (V >') J**' .1. U.y 14 Court ( al< nflar? I'lita Day. piui 1 - Mi Joa, ww in, isrr. ? Ml. fA. 1 17, 1: 7, Ho. U5. 147 149 ! *,? I an ati. m*, jui. 31a all. (" 3M. VU. 889. * M t.,0, 6<1. 517, ut[t, i,?4, ^ MO. MAILS FOR EUROPE. if Mrennhii % ni V Itf l.liiiff/in Atwl 11*naWL??4-ai a.? uiu.'kim nun nuiuagwik rti? < lty M Captain M !?!> * ?"l > j-ort. at 12 '? I ck, to-1sj for cw^i ami tli* whinjfa, Captain I 1"jmI. wiUl?a?* n M^ndiy tv n Pontkr.npfnn an'I Br?ui?n Ttia fl #?*'* wiU at nlna o'tlrck th's mrnia* tr jo fey tb# j af f!la?fntr and an riJItlon will b? M lH? a boar aa Monday morning. to gr> la th? i. Ptagl* arptra In wrap|-f?

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