Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 18, 1850, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 18, 1850 Page 7
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the feelings tad wishes of the North to have ah liahed the slave trade in the District of Columbii But now 1 see some of the rabid abolition papei denouncing It as amounting to nothing?a som< thing whicn they would hardly ask for. Now, will my friends upon the other side of th house allow me to say a word or two upon the courae with resect to this subjecrt As you we know, Mr. President, at the beginning of this sei eion, the Proviso, called (he Wilmot Proviso, wa the most apprehended, and was a matter whic was detired to t>e i,rot rid of by those coming fror the sluveholding btutes. well, by the operatioi of causes upon thmorthern mind friendly to (hi action, hopes have transpired that 1 trust will nc h*? nrntitrouJ i- * y ?i wic |'rugrcm 01 uiette measup'ri lliat the North, or at leant a sufficient portion of i to render the measure harmless, are now willin to disi*nse with the Proviso. When, three month go, I offered certain resolutions?and it has beei S#td rather hy way of reproach, that these mea wren reported by the committee were simply cai ryine out my own plans, though my friend frou Norih Carolina, [Mr. Ma.nqcm] at the momeni pointed out that they differed essentially?when offered these resolution*, knowing what conse juencen, and, an 1 sometimes feared, fatal couse ?juenees, might result from the North insisting up on that Pioviso. by way of compensation, in one o the resolutions 1 offered?the second one?1 stutei two facts of law, two principles of law, that ] thought ought to sntisfv the N'orth that it ought na longer to insist upon the Wiimot Proviso. The? truths were not incorporated in the bill, hut the* exist, nevertheless, as principles. 1 know us wel ^ as I oid in February, that there are others who d< not concur with me in this opinion. Every Sena tor, however, must decide for himself, as the country must decide for itself when they come t< examine these measures. Well, when our Southern friends found that the) had got rid of the proviso, they were highly satis lied, and 1 shared tlie satisfaction with them; and if 1 am not mistaken, the most of them concurred with me when 1 offered these resolutions, with tin exception of one thing. They said to me, "Mr Clay, if you had not put those two vexatious prin ciples in your resolutions, we would have been sa ti.-tie<l with the scheme." That constituted tIn main objection to it. Well, you have got rid of tin Wiimot proviso. Now you have cot rid, us far a> the enactment is concerned, of the two principlei to which 1 have referred. Vet I lament to say tha 1 fear there are some of our Southern Iriends wh< are not satisfied, who yet say there is the Wilmo proviso in another form, lurking in the laws o Mexico, and lurking in the fact to which my IViem from Massachusetts (Mr. Webster) adverted, whei he said that the laws of nature were adverse to th? introduction of slavery there. Thus you find tha on the one tide, that which is desired is attained Vft i\n llit* ntlifl Kunil. Villi tillll tllHt tlifl'p nr.. fur titer nnd other difficulties in the way, to preven the consummation of this most desirable of al events?the adjustment of these unhappy subjects Yet, Mr. President, I do not despair; 1 will 1101 despair. The meiisurc will c.irry ; and 1 would stake niy life, my existence, if 1 dared do it, that i the measures re|>oited by the Committee ofThirteei were submitted to the people of the United States to-morrow, and their votes taken upon it, there k would l>e nine-tenths of them in favor of the paciti catiwn which is embodied in that re|>ort. Now what have we to dillrr about 1 The Proviso ! I is an abstraction pressed ii|>on the South by the North, against all the necessities of the case against all the warnings which the North ought t< have listened to, coming from the South, pVMWf unnecessarily for any northern object, it is op posed by the South with a degree of earnestnes; uncalled for, 1 think, by the nature of the Proviso, but a degree of earnestness nstural to the North and which the North itself, perhapa, wouli have displayed, if a reversal of the condi tiens of the two sections of thtf Union could have been made. Why do you press these thingi from the North ! \ ou say it is iu obediencc to certain sentiments in behalf of freedom which you entert tin. You are likely to accomplisl your object in the progress of events. Why wil you, then, press these measures now! You nnj retort, why do you oppose it at the S<mthl Because the South feels that when legislation onc< begins, there is no saying where it is to end upoi this subject of slavery. Hegin it in the Dislriet ol Columbia, or in the territories of I'tali, and New Mexico, and California?assert your power to do ii there, and in spite of all your protestations?anc you are not wanting in protestations?that you havi no purpose of extending your action to the southern will nol rise, with a' new version of the constitu lion, with something above or l>elow the constitution, which will authorize them to curry their no tions into the bosom of the slaveholdi'ng .States and emancipate the slaves then-1 The South Inn felt that tbeir security consists in denying a.l tin threshold your right to tyucit tht? subject. Thej know that some may make certain promises to at taia their end, mid their successors may rise will new notions, new principles, and new conception! 1 of the constitution and the law* of nature, ant th<*n carry their notions into the bottom of th< tlnel.oldmk Mates. The case, then, g< ntlemen of the North ant griiilcni. n of the !S>uih, does not stand upon ai equal footing, when you, on the one hund, unne r< hsarily prt ?s tlii> obnoxious measure on th< iSonth, and when the tkmth re|*l* it from the high est of human motives?the preservation of property of life and happiness, of ever} thing valuable. Well, Mr. "resident, after we have got out, as ! had hoped, of all these troubles, after this Wilmo proviso had disappeared, as I trust it may, (I speak of course, only in anticipation of what 1 truM nil happen. Ix>th 111 this and the other end of the Ctpi tol,) after we have been disputing two or threi years on the one hand about a mere abstraction when we are arriving at a eonclu-ion, w hat are th< diti'iculties that now spring up around us1 Matter of form, the purest question of form that was eve presented to lli" liund of ninn?whether we sliouh l?ut into one bill three measures which are neces Miry to lie passed, or to serrate them in three se purate bills, and jwss them one after the other, i you can. Mr IHi'>i.lpni I lrr?: tli t fwlln"' of nttaelimen lo lli?* I'nion, th? love of it* pu*t glorif*, the anti coition* of its future l-enolits and namine**? thu brotherly feeling which I truM will l?e evid<-n throughout nil pit* of thi* country?I trurt tin from a il?-fin- in livi- towilii-r in p<- icu anl t< pro?|ier a* we liiivr pro*|?-red heretofore, to holi out to the eye* of the worl.l the example of ou jrrcat ami glorious rc|>ublic fullillmtr tli?* hijfh ties liny which has fallen to it, and demonstrating, In yond doubt, man'* c i|?it?ty for aelf-governinenlI frn?t that the.-** motive*, theae connd< ration* will iniiu.ite n* nil, bring u* together, and di*mia nlik* a 1>*i ruction*. an<1 (jnevlioiio of form, anil cim I>le u* to approach lo a i on?ummalH>n of thin oh Wt, in Mich a manner aa to heal, not one only tut all the wound* of the country. I'll motion of Mr. Ham:, lite .Senate tlu-ji a.I jonmed. . Common t'onnetl. HOARD Of AMISTAXT*. 1 hi* Rntrd nu t la*t M?n<l.i* umiIbii at half pa* lit* n flnrk Pre*ent. IW I'r- i'l?-nt la the rktir. ?o ..unrnm of memlwr* in I heir ptorM Tkf minute* of the l?"t untiof w< r? r*ad and ap pnni (tt owner* of prop-rljr Third aTenne le-tweei nr.) "-Truth and Mfir ninth *tri~et? l" hare ai . 'loanre |???ed ?ulhoming tttOMia W?t?r JV.?r< ?< tap the main j?li-?* -> ?? to kIt? a rupply of Crot'd water to IIm' wiithborhood arrant* or comwitti** *t>orrro. Report of Committee < *nd oflen. in faro t>t e> neunint la re?oinli"n to r?i?f ikr o ?apeiiateadi ut of market* frum P7.70 to fl .uuo pe year. Rrport of f< mmitt e on Road*. In favor of fradln Vlghty fourth ?U?t 1h twrrn Third and )-.imb ?f nne? with ?n ordinance ihepelor. Report of (' mmitlee on Fln*nee. In far?r of lea*ln Imlf of pier at foot of Tw> nty-el/hih "UH. to Davi< It f?U?en*?'n. The Mayor pent In a r mninnl-ation. *uVraitting th report of the l liief of poller f .r tb* l??l (juarter Lai on table, and ordered |o (? print- d. *?roar* < *? raarn i? Report of the V inane* I'otumltle* "n the rrmm'inl eat ion of th- City In?p?-rti r with the draft of ?n ordi wane*-, null iij an appropriation of $tOUOG for the u??>f the City lavpeetor e l>- pertinent Repr rt "f tlie Comptroller, on the rommnnleatl?i ftwn tlie Pre?ld<nt of Hie ?'r?t"n Aqned'iet lieparl meat. a?kinK an appropriate n of 51 - WO aitb an urdl nnnre IbrrploT. Report of fame oflirer. ?*ktnjr an additional apprr printi'-n f- r real e*t?te eipen*r?. The amount atkf lor by the Comptroller in ;hi* report h ftO.OOU j iMtiTim. i. at... .. I nn inri - inrniitrr "n "r-iimin" ? in ami ? litraby. dlrertad ? prepare an ordlnanra dividing U ]9lh ward Into thraa ri.rti>m dtalrteta R. frrrod That tk" (iirifinUmlinl of Markata l<kr mniniri to f?|?nllaa Iha priara of iha rtifT.rmt ftan.R fUll 1c . In the tartou* mark' I*. Adopt'.I i ailing on Ihr loom "i-.n-r of llapaira and 8u| lira to r< port vhdhrr Ilia p:.?.riinta now Uyln* i llroarlaay. h?t' In-piTlvd and nportad Up n I liif d'jui inm t Adopted T? r?palr I'rarl atr*?-t l?ttwa?o Cliat hum tad Oali ?trwt? Ad"pl?d CalHr-p on Ilia CrmniUrlimr ?f J>tro.-ta t? rapo vbathcr. in purrhaalrit rupidfea, < r |.r<? tirinir work i fa d'-no. ?i?ra Ih- Ht ot J-nnnry ha baa I,ml ?* vrrll di?nr. a lid prrfipd min| att|pli*?. |?y r? ntrar arrordin. to ?<nioii* ... ami 4 of rcvlarn ord tianara Adnptrd Tfcf lloaid ftnd? adjournfd till tb? #r?t Monday I Jaaa. HKDM'AL. PHll*t? l>lv<-l> AM 1.1 * *tl f'ONMrM' < ?|?a< an Ilia mMa?, applh a?l?r.? fnrnJ?i,?,? *a?l ta Bifde " K'nn'djr. Ifnaoa I'ark. "It alT.r f, tt al? ? I" t" m i ad II' a> <? i. . i n , i, n!?("l to ?( * ?! marli ???d. I ka?? l?r. K?a?i>,4f. af khial hl? "kllfnl aa<i aill ?l?"l to ntrat ant m 4-iaa.- ? < SrWia?ll?l maat. TAI I.MIHK otf ? l> r\r jnas*nn, 1*0. w duajiii kr*FtT, so arm Mf kMf 11? tt? IMOHtl ( <?U?M dl??a?a?.?TT>? ??-H i<r'?T. anKli a f. r ak.ll la thaaa half mrad 'wilii?n J,?-,4?cr taara. ..rr.-.jL'a-2j- aal L-aabl a?Vn?rtito>^<MlHgWI?<. JUlMttM ?w^tatavfOr? > ?IWPMfc * 1U1W TOU AMD VIRGINIA STEAMSHIP COM FAN il ?The booka of anbaaription to the capital etook of il t- Now York u4 Viiwiaia Bteamahip Company, to the amaui of thro* hondred thonaaad dollar*, will bo opened on Moi lay, the autk dajr of May inatant, at tbo oSce of the A |C Initio Mutaal laaoraaoe Company, McrchanU' Kxehani ir Wall atroat. in tha oity of Mow York, and will remain op< ? IV!*.*""TSlSI W?m ")#'0l##k 9- Ilt.NKY Ll'DLAM, > CoBunii'ri. l8 T. A. CONKLING, ) h Datad NewTerk, May l lMO. _ n / kCKAN 8TEAM NAVIGATION CO.-fOR BREMK1 r, U via Roathampton?Tha 17. 8. Mail 8t?am?Llp WASV 1MOTON, 0. W. rioyd. Commander, will aail for Brumen, ti 8 SonthaaptoBj on Monday, May 2wth, from Pier No-3, N. H ii at 13 a. rnn 01 [Hiiru 111 in nm eaoin, fia>; do. I lh? second cabin; f(0. Am experienced surgeon i* attache ' to the skip. All letter* mult go through thepoet offlee. Ft " I or freight, apply to MOUJUtk SAND, Agent*, g tO Broadway. * ITNJTED STATES MAIL STEAMERS BETWEEN NE1 Tork aad Liverpool.?The (hip* oomposing this lima ai L ATLAN TIC. Captain Wee*. ARCTIC, Captain Luc*. . PACIFIC, Captain Nye. BA I.T1C,Captain Comxtol 1 ADRIATIC, Captain Grafton. t. Tbeae ehipe, baring been built by ooutraot expressly fo ] government service, every care baa been taken in their oon (traction,aa alio In their engirt*, to eniuro ttrength aa peed, aad thair aocommodatuns for paeeengere are aa quailed for elegance or comfort. Price of paaaage from Ne' . , fork to Liverpool $130; excluaive use of extra site stat r room* S32A. As expnenoed Surgeon will b? attached to eac ! ihip. No berth* can be secured until paid for. For fruige J If DMM|I, ipplj to [ EDWD K. COLLINS, 74 South street, W to BROWN, SHIPLEY k Ctt., Liverpool Th* Atlantic will leave Liverpeol May 16, " S " Pacitta " " New fork May 24, M f " - - Liverpool June 12, " i Atlantl* " " New York June 8, " < m ? Liverpool June 3d, " ? TMl?? ? - New York June 29, " " as aa as Liverpool July 17, *1 The owner* of tbaae ihip* will not be accountable for goU rilver, buUion, |*pecie, jewelry, preeion* (tone* or me (all > galeae bill* of lading are aign*d therefor, and th* value there ft, therein expressed. _ FOR LIT1RPOOL?THE UNITED STATES MAII steamship PACIFIC, Capt. fc/ra Nye.?Thi* steame will take her berth at the foot of Canal street, on Moadaj J the 2l)th instant, anil will depart with tho mttile for Europe 1 positively on Saturday, the 2Ath May, at 12 o'olock M. fosi ! lively no berth can be secured till paid for. For freight o passage. having unequalled accommodation* for elegance o comfort, apply to EDWD. K. COLLINS. 74 South street. - rpUROCOU LINE TO CALIFORNIA, VIA COAGRFS A Carrying the United States Mail?Tuesday, May 2\ a ? S o'clock. P. M-, from tho pier foot of Warien street, N. H The new and elegant double engine steainahip OHIO, J J Fin<lli>v Kt hnack. IT. S. Nnvv. Couimtnilnr will h? dian&tohA. i a* above, villi the Government Mails, fur the Went turtle . and the Pacific. Tlie books are now open for |>a??sge t Charlestr n. Savaunali, Havana, New Orleans an<] I'hagre* > and for through ticket? to Sun Franeiaeo. To lecure througl t ticket*, early application tuu*t be inade, a< only aimall nuni > ber remain unengaged. An exprrienend surgeon i* attachei . to the OlllO. The accommodation* for passenger* of eael > cla*?, are nn*urpa?*ed by any *teaninliip alloat. The passen 1 ger* for Chagres arc traniferred at Ilavana, to the superio , double engine ateamship FALCON, and proceed from Uava' na direct to Chagre*. ' Rate* olrasiape from New York to Chagtes:? ; State Room Berth $100 Standee Berth N) Steerage do.?found bed and separate table M Rate* of paisage from 1'anaiua to San Francisco:? 1 State Room Berth $.">*) Steerage Berth?found bed and separate table... 130 ' Rate of passage To Ilavaua. To N. Orleanl State Room Berth* $70 $73 I Standee, forward oabin 45 00 f Steerage?found bed and t oard. 25 23 Freight to New OrW an* will be taken ?t 23 eenti per cuM< 1 foot. The bill* of ladinz must all be *igncd on board th< I vcucl the day before Muling. For freight or p*?-.ige, ai>iti to li. (>. ROHEKTS, 11- West *t. NIW YORK AND SAN FRA NCI SCO SAll.INC l'aekett.via Cha^res?Tri-)l"nthly Dispatch l.ine.?Tin iplenrtid new coppered, fast sailing Brig AI.VoN/o, Capt ?ii A. B. Ilodgdin. will fail on Monday. SMh May, her regulm ' day. Thi* vessel take* an experismod physician. Fol freight or patsage. apply to Rl SSEI.I. k NORTON, J OVra of Chagres Sailing I'ackfts, 31 Old Slip. i pOR OREGON?FOR PORTLAND, OREGON-A SUJT^ peri or fast sailing craft of al.cut :*?) tons burthen, havinj win receive immediate deapatcl s for the above port, provided ?u?cIeBt freight offer* to ill ui , the balance. Apply to F. i. It. FOtV I KK Hti WYat at. ] 0NE STEERAGE TIIROI GII Til KET. FKOll NF.W 1 Vf York to San Franciaco, per M. O. Robert*' lino ateame Ohio, May 28. Inquire of F. MEi'llLN bUN, 2 Water it corner Whitehall at., up ataim. ' MKDlCAli. , fAOCTOR CON VERS' INVIGORATING CORDIALl A-' The on>y reiue.iy yet discovered for Mininal wcaViie* I and nocturnal etuiaai oa, ao ruinom, incapacitating for io 1 tfety, buaineas or matrimony. Affection* of the head, back ' limba and nerval, canard ?y improper eaeret habit*, a> . apcedily removed. $2 a bottle; three bottle* for with dl , roctiuna and important advice to the married and (ingle Dr. Convert' office, .'J Third arenne, between Tenth an< I Eleventh atreeta, New York, where he ia ooniulted, and th f cordial obtained and forwarded to the country, poat paid. ' VEW MEDICAL BOOKS.?A COMPLETE PRAeTlCAl -i-V work,on the nature and of private diaeaae, I atricturea, and all kindred aflcction* of the urinary or^an*> lllnttrated by a great number of b< autifully colored platei aa large aa life. By Ilomer Boitwiek, M. 1>. I.arje uuartr 1 Sfiti pagea. 2d edition. I'rice $10. Extract from the lloatm t Medical and Surgical Journal:?" It aay be said, fearl t<> be equal to Ricord'a or Acton'a work on the aarnv fauiili of diaiaaea, and far superior to anything of the kind ever pub' limbed in tbia country." Author of toe work on Mennna Euilaaiona, Impotence, lie., canaed by improper habitaFourth Edition, II |4atca; pric; SI. For ante at the 1'ub ! Inhere' STRINGER fc TOW NSEND, S3 Broadway, and b the aau.or.a04 B>o*d? ay. ; rftflK CERTIFICATES OF CURES IN ONE DAY B! X local kfpliejt I'H. from persona who hftd b n under tb care ot other phyaieiant for the cure of private dlMMc with t out bcnelt, aaturea the unfortunate, that Dr. Uwmoat, 4 . Reade *trcet, near Broadway, ha* no equal. No eaae, bow , over old, im 16 year* practice ia Faria, failed to be porma > nently cured. Country patient* muii Onelo** a fee, poo paid. Female Irregularity Till*. $1. . f\R. I)E I.ANEYS MEDICAL OFFICE, ESTABLISBEI I MJ I >r the aureca?ful treatment of private disease* au< . I.. .... i. rrf.llv tr. n, 7 A lfl l> II Recent ca?ea of ayphilia radically rtrtil in oar d.iy : l?aj atandinr. or ai*ra?at'd cai , treated In the m^at carcfu * manner, according t<> thf nt n'tt ?nd moat approai'1 Kur<'t>eai nielh<ot*. SlrlcliRP, ?rminil frikn?f, genital debility and impotincy, invariably cured. From a long and t> rv ei 1 tintler practice In Karope and America, l>r do l.aaey i erahj?? to guaraatee a apeedy, aaf<. ai i a rt ri tara, h [ rvanr ia'iaace nr makea ao charga. I'onaultatiuae atncil; . ec nfidi-ntial. Treatment, al-o, per eorrcfi ndence, la Rug liah. French. or German. French and I'ortniruce* femal ? monthly piUa and drop*. II. Uttre, 31 l.iapi naril atraat, oa I ttrrrt a.uth of Canal, and anaic atepa from liroadway. Hto ro.NDERII I. l>IM.'OV**V?DR. WATTS BAA DI*C?> tared a aiedieiae tha*. at oaec ia|flir? tha Hereout Bull , and atimutarea tha ncrrea to action. thereby annihilating al . a< r? <>aa paia ar d?billtjr. lia H*?t upon the aereoua ayatan In like magic. Nertoaa debility, proamnion, or neuralgn * paia. tic d<>l?reani, aparma, c..n vulaion'. <>T anaphr liaia f nead aot b< kaoaa aow toan> iaaalid. 11 la p.aiiita la It | cffe< rt that the a<oaey aill Ve returned If l?und otliarvlf thaa described. SI a bottle; V* a doiea. AaA far Watta' .Nericua Aatidote. IllJ >aa?au atreat. 'f |"|R. tOOI'KK. 11 Dim STREET. WISHES TH1 ' \J aictimaof diaeaaa U par tha follow!aft lettor:?Dr t I- r??ir ?l.a?t July 1 coatracted a di*<*?e, and ai'pliei I to a doctor, who proauacd to enra me in a week. I con tinned ait!i hi at tno aiunil *. and ??.< gradually g'ltin/ aaraa. I tried kihiI doet. m. l ot to no affect t I c>n' linlid to ( ta the hoapital, alter* tha doetora kept m< I an-It r a funr-a al mercury lor an aocka. Mr throat aa< noaa *'re alcerated: paint In myialata, asd body eoverai 1 wltbalcera. I wa> a complete akeleton. The doetora eon i) entered it ilanxeroaa to gl?o tne any Mora mcdleiae, and ad j ?l?'d a foulhera ?. o r I I'll ili? I [, and, ky tin adtira cf acfaral frlinaajula- l my*?lf under your cara oi ' tl,u 1 at of January 1m'. 'lue ri" <ilt I* told. I am now reatorix I- to perfect health. 'Ill'iC. (,KKEHrlcklay?r, Ilarlem. IVreTOK ?Ol*atUr 1'KI VA I KI.V?FtiK 1* CE.NTSMJ bjr mean* of t!i? Pocket .*V:ulapiue, or Eaary Oaa III Owa Fhyai* >?a. Tacnty-fourth adltioa, with t>a? Imndr* * anfriTinra. ahowinf Pritata Uiaeaiea aad Malfarr.atloaa ? <* tha Oenaratlaa ftyatem, in erery ahapa aad farm, by Wllliai Tonac. M. D., (iradaaie of the knleirallT of PannayWanll . Tbaearioni forma of eeret Dlaeaaea, ^amlaal Wcaknew. Di? eaaea of tk* I'r -alat* Gland. Impeteney, Solitary Habit* o . Yoath, are faithfully dr-enbad. aad all tha raeipea fi??a 1 iub Tit* ctitpt*r oa iwu Attn u< (Mtniai Weaker** tomtlfN [irttonUr atttatloa, aad ihiuli t ? 4 kjr *r*ry cat. Yobbk mm, w'j? har* braa uul..rto?jl > aoatrarltar dl*?a*a. |>rcirt<T* to yoaraalrf* and* tk* *ar* ef any 4?ttn, >o nttln *h?t hi* pr? -*naioi?* m* ka, g*t n>py of thl* trnly >Hfil l'.rlu 8traar?r? vidua th* alty, partlcalarly thft caBt?iBf>latia| aarriac*. don' . thiak af rriurtiinf h.nie ?lth?at a aopjr of Ik* I'Mkrt Imi ; la^ia*. Nl raptain* aad r""a> (Maita tra, ahaald pi?M ? Dr Yoita*'* Trratl** ?n Maniac*. the Pack*i Jbnltflat, Brrry Oaa Ilia Ova rbydtiaa. Aa* p?r*<.a Hailni twaaty ?* Mali *arln**d la a l*tt*r. will r***t*a aaa **?y af thl k??k, kj mail; or fix ffiaa will ka aaal far aaa dollar. Ad drew I?R. ?M. VOL.NO. 1M ?pro** atraat, Philad.lBfcu and far Mil ky Striae*! t Tiwiwi SX3 Ira*4*ar. Mat Tarfc. ____________________ I c "vl UI hum; I'. JEMRIt- tSTIIxilh \ ?.! ? J)mUv *i?M Mtatnrc I t thr tnr* of Uoanrrh-ra, Ola?l s SMrtrtnri*. and almllar di"rd*r*. It mak* a ap ??y rura altfcnnt t? l<-a?t mtrlrtl"! of dirt. drink. *?po?nr*. > rhaar* < V*T'>i' *,)l " 4o ? ?'tfc? pripnat..r rhallcnrr r a ?ia?l? ru> a kith thr ai'itnrr will ant car*, aad*r the fat f frltnr* af ?* handr- d d?llar*. ? artb*r*-th* dl**-.*** <-bbb<? la t??u?M If a d?a* of tk* Bintnr* la takrn wkrn up.?.1 r It la | nl af ib ! till?. aith tall direction*. a' 91. i?ii?k"lil la?la a wrrh?aiai.) ar* < arrd ia tan dajra. I -t ?aU ky C. II * HINO \*2 Wf"a?laa?; I"* Hayard *>r?at. r'riit mi kki iu woman x rum * mm tat-con A l?aai' a- ?jr Dr A. H. Maurtrcaa. Pr-fi-acr af IMt*a*? Z af Woata?Tcath Mi'"a, Han. rt- *? ?Frit# |1.?Ytar 1 of rofl. rlat. of ph>al<al lad nra<a! aaralah la aaay aa af f*rtt?Bat* wtf?, aad pvnaiary diSivaltiaa la Ika bavkaad . ia i*ht ha** b**a ap*r*d ky a timaly pnaaaatioa af tkia wr.rl , It lalataadada*v?(lallTfnrtk*narna4,artbaaaaaaMa?lal 1 iataarr.aa*, a* it dtarloaaa impariaal Marat*, wllak tkoal k? kaowB to tb*>n partiavlarly. Ta thaat whn*> l.taltfc 4??a uat (trait af M laariaaa af fa Or. it la af aap<-riM lapirtHai. . K?ra, atan, tarry fi uiali- tha win. Ika isatkar?Ua aa aiikar ka44ia( lata weaiaahoed. ar Ika oaa ta lha dacha* a * ) ?ra, ib ahnm aalara roataailaMa aa iaaanaat *baaari aaa dlarevar tha raaara, a>aif .?bm. aad Ika ai'>al alBri>* o ranrdtaa, tad aa^?t aartaia a*4i af far a, la rrary aaaptaia la wki?h k.-r aai ta n>k)a*l. IIiiimi af a Lattar (rati a Owtlaaii la Daytaa. Oil a. I Sanaa, Hay I, IMI. Pa. k. . *?r*tr??r! l- My Dtai fir.?Hy wifa ka* kaaa yar<??tlkly daklaa fa 4 ><? thrat yoara or aura, la **a*a<i*aac* ai bar itraai aa?aia' aad aateriac ?"?a ana tha kafara aad 4aria* har aoa* armcni *r*ry aaertoir* oa* ai*r? and aara dctllitaud aad |>natrat ad b*r, tattiat kar Ufa la iaaii>?at daa?*r, sad whlah a* * aa thr la*t aaaaaiaa. daayairad af. I aa^pnaad that thl* *iat >* af thiaf* a a* ia*>ttakl*.BBd raal?aad aya*lf ta aa*l tk* w<-ra( At thl* *ia* (saw akaat tw*a?*tb*), I kaard yaar k*i ra hltkly *T' '< ? af, a? cnataiaiai *va.? aattara raarhiai a . aaa*. Oa it* rrr*i|.| t a ' MramU I ?aaaAl aaprraa la yoa lb rrlitf It afn rdrd e.y dt*(r**Md miad. and lha J*y it* ya?a IrnMrlad t* ay wif*. on lur-rnim that th* treat di*?*r*ry a n *,?, ?i... h | Utile " r?d ?? lit *i to im( t'tl'l l>??? j -4 <??r h?a4, la ?ll bun* tny ?tfr anal* l??a t?M ia k?r *ra?<-. mi m .. ah'Ur?a Ut? ?a. It ia, if im<?, t? a*a**y wia faliy kka ? lion ?nt jr??? tr*at?4 ?>?, at ?lif j >" nf a attar* tirtetly ia kra4?4 Ur th? ? "r1?4, ar thuta If imr*. I" Fa* tilt ?t iU and al ?ha Pa' lmita? oSca.1l ii| ?tr . >'? Ti 'k ; Ijitl# k C?.t Alkaat, W. H. I>a t Mli>il?a i T. D. rrt*ra?a. M CbaaUat atrtak, ralla4tlpkti <>? tht rrcrlpt of tl.arnry ?ill h* trantianta4 kj mat ftta ?t , m tar |tr? rf lb* I mw4 Bit**. All Wt??i ?>n b* *'4rmr*, |*?i rat*. t? 1>T. A. M. *?af aaM. > In UM Maw Ta?k ally. Oiiaa. W LO-arta rtraat I l?1 nr I M1>D!< RRMAIMLftti IS Til* R1W TORI M.-* fW ?>#<r Ma; I", IKfci. ?. ' ii i m r< at. aniire rn? riru *A?iar. m? una i- r*n Lltiflu I' ?i - ??at:aa tha 4at? ?f th? flat la vbitk tkty tra M i, ?tia?4. LAIMRS'LIST. A 't V';,t Aftwa Rhiaktlk Alt Mil K M A?tr ??...??, A him Mr* Ht?a Atatll Roalittria ?t.ktrr Amairr* Marptrtt AltwrU"* kll.fwi - Ann* Br.* A Alttaa4?r Hrt Jra g ,1 A*r,t... P.rati J tit nt Mr. Atklaara < hrWtini /( ittnj Htrft- Arr'fnaa MiM Wr- Arn<i.rrt| IrahalU J " ^ AMntlaaaaki I H' *? l"i? Dtkf, ,,k(( HUit l?M ' ? ' ? *>?' * Mr**/ JUU'Wift Rtml Bridget Bai tlelt Sarah If Diaak In Ju ? Bmn> llwjf Rriiita Hriiint BriiMi Mrs DeboF. Bustalle Catharine Brenntn KluaUth roll u Branifou MaigaretS Ben (Vilit Bell Mr* E 0 it Beard Catharine Benn*t Catharine H*u*oa Mih Cory I- Beunrr Mix M 1- lteckwith Rebeee* Brunei t Naacy t- Benedick Mr* C Bredand Hannah Bedt.ll Altbeua :*, Berrlll Margaret BUiiop Sarah 9 Birt Maria id Brigga Amanda M Brown Br* K B,Hh Brown Mi** I, ShuM Br"?n Mr* A B at* riff street Brown Anne Brown 2Tm Eliinr Brown JenMtte Brown Sarah J Brown Mr* Wm J Bond Suaan B Booth Uaanah II Brooke J??*plun* C Brook* Mary K Bogart Mr* A M Brogrant Sophia B Boudoam Loom* Ilotirke Joanna Bourke Fanny Burk Hannah *i Butler Fuiily Butler Mr* Saml Bulleu Georgianna - Bulger Ann Blute Mary Bniioe Mr*, VaudiiBl > Bruudagt Elizabeth liunhnell Mil* C E it - Burrell Lucy Ann Burrow* Min* Burton Mr*, IIaa>il5 lluruette Ilcnrivtta Burl cell Mix AL ton meet S>rM Mary Broadway Barn* Mr* r Boyle Mary Boyle Urilcet BlyudtabarghMi**H C Clark Mr* 8 S.Amoi Clark Ague* Clark Bridget f itreet Clarke Catharine Clark Grace Ana Clark Mur\ L Clark Nil Edward Carter Ke?w>y Carrick Ann Carroll Klitabeth ( able Kl'.iabeth ladle Sarah B Camp Marv E Cutn|> Ju'.iot W t. Camel Elua Claiu|>itt Mary Aim Carney Mr*, Carl.?le Candler Sally Chaneban Maggy *t r l aliill I.etty Caholen Margaret Cannon Alien Caldwell Mrr, Bow-Callaglun Mary Caoehlan Catharine 4 try Cattady Mary Ca?cy Ann - Ca*tey Mary Cbatterton Mary Craig Eliiabeth S w ChapmanMrnCeorge Clement* Mr* Chamberlain Ann Ca\anugh Bridget Child* Mary V Clomcnce Ann h Child* Susan B Cook Sural! J-J Cook Mr*, GreenI Cook Mr* B Colt Mrs M A.Mb it wich ?t Cook Mr* Jimti, Cloke Funny Crowe Catharine Church st Coler Mi** II S Cochran Margarttt Corobny Margaret Connor Ann Coll?a? Catharine vuiuns/iun Connor mm >ary, i:onnorl'at:iiirino Conner Jane Washington at Connor Mrs Mary, Conley Ar.r.e CoLnelley Mrs, West Thomas at ( unity Catharine Broadway Counolly Elisabeth Connelly Mary A Conaell Julia Connolly Margaret Coneklin EliiaJane Connine Sarah J Conuoll Judith Conine Mia* 8 M Courtney Mar\ Crmiwn?M Abu-ail 1, Comatock Caroline dow ClnuelninMrsM.I'i'th t Crowther Mica, Curtii Angelinc at - Spring at Currid Honoru (ruiinAnna Cunau Mary Culliuaii Eliia Cuminaifa Maig.iret | Cunningham Mary ^ * Daly Miss Dalton Catharine Drako Mrt William, Daily Marv l?aniol Catharine 4th at '? Darrigan Lllen Dachill MrsAlfrcdIIDai al Mad'llo * l)a\i?Jane Da\ia Margaret Daviea Mary Ann * Davidson Mary AnnDavison Martha Dealey Mr?, Mott at ' Deegau Mary Derail Mra, Eliia- Dulumars Margarut Demarest Sarah both at Donna llonora D? Barr Klita J Dc Kjke Madam 1*-iiiwid Mra N, " Desmond Mrs Jos T A've?Cherry at ? llevoe Mra Daniel Dewey Gertrude Dickson Mis.'el, ; Dicker*' n Sarah Dill Margery I'ntliat * Dillon Mra, 4th at Dodsou Kebecca Donal ue Mrn J as, 1 D nelly Mrs Hugh Donovan Mrs Thoa Itroonio at 9 Donovan Jane Di uvan Johuuny Dounellv F.luabeth ? Pooling Mary Doran Anu Doty (,'aliata j; Doud Mary, Oieh- Don gait Mary Dowling Mn George 1 ard at Dow Ellen DulTMrn E, 2d at J Dully Sarah Dulenty Mary Drum Catharine * Drue llariiet I Dunn I'.IIan Duun laabella 1 Dunne Ann Dunne Bridget Dunac Mary, Water Dunne Mary, DuancDunne James or at r it Mary Dyor Sarah Dj kt ir au Jauc 0 E Eaaen Mra Egan Catharine F.gan Susan Evans Abigail K\ana Mary E Klli jtt F.lUa F.lliott Elizabeth F Elliott Mary Esteliug Emily Emmets Mia D D P Fabey Kitty Faith Madam,Leon-Francis M s*. Chart Franklin MrsJnoL ard st at Farrell. Mrs, 3d bto rcrrellliridget.KoteFlanigan Catharine FlartyMrs, Cherry at or Margaret Farley Mary Fraier Mary Fairman Sarah Fraier Mrs k , Fraaesi Hannah Fenually Ellen Kairtnan Sarah A , Fredley Lacy Vltcmliig Ellen Freeman Hannah . French Mary Ferris Serena French Mrs A, Ferguson Malinda Fctt Madam. Leon- Broadway Field Caroline M ard st Field Lvdia I Fielding Elizabeth Figueira Madam Fin try Margaret ! Flood Bridget I) Emilia F'ullcr Eliia i Furlong Catharine Flynn Alio# FhnnAviaua t a 1 Calfney Bridget Qulon Sarah R Graham Mrs J Gardener Mrs, Garnier Mad'llcAr- tiardnier Sarah Greenwich at mandine Gallagher Bridget Gallagher Sarah Galaeher Margaret Glanton Minerva ' Garety Maria Gallivan Mary Urceu Franco U [ Green Margaret Gaylerd Sarah L U'secll Mra, Weil Getty Mary Gceroa Ellen Broadway ' Critl'.u Lienor II Gritlin I'atharineM Gill Mary Oilbert Mra, Griffith Jane W t.ilinan ftebrcea L r Murray at GiUs Elisabeth Geniolvea Mrs, r Grimes Julia Goldsmith llannah Grand st t Odietd CatLatine Gordon Kuth A G aid Harriet M .. ,, .Harvard Orlum L a'.&aiiao Crow Mary Cuuniii* Mary H !!*!' M n#le Mi"5<,i A llaly Jan? llalMcari Harriet an>l Jane Hammond Madam J]?n'n Mi?aSitinaghnanbtrry Mn, Matt llutUon at " H"1VV,M.arlU ?,t, ? . XlM.r?h?n Mri. !! ? ^ Haulon ('at)iarine are H { !"" 8*Lhi* ~ Hard man MaryAnn Ilarria Mi? C A, ?SEU?? J? " j ?rriH Mirfftrct Grvfiwioh i. , '>"7 A {, . JI?rt?tOBt Martha Hurt Mini M ? I [ wiiniii Maria !'*rt ^arah li?rp?r Ur> !i2f?u 1 .* x. U""1*"4 Haverlr Mri, ?ih it Urath Mri S, 13th Hayti Mtrtirtl lUyac Sunn . Heavey Ann Herbert Madam L Heerey Ann* Htrret Nur.oy Martin , Hrnncauiu Kmilie llcritar* Kin.da Hmry Mix El ill1 Htnry Kliialitb, Hftti irn Lim beth, Br >adway i. ...TVi"/""1**' Hewitt Miia Maii IWltu Hannah H! 1 Mi'BfB" Mri Ann ? ilw" B*Il,h Hill Johaimah lliriina Marl* IlillLnmo Fioui Hilton Ann Hill Mary J JJoltytu Min llolliater Emma ll^iRBridcdt 1 Hopkina Mia I' llonck Caroline Hopkiai IHiaMl ,1 1IA,?11,,I1* A Hul?e Roittta Malrina Hull Kllu* A Huzhv; lira, Cedar Hoot Jalia Uuutuit'Mary at J I & J Inrall Hi l)tf - a I) Jatiiaon fciii* J J ?? Madam.Waih J> nea Ann. loth i-t .'"naaCftf.limc inu ton ?u*?t Juno iuiau Juhnaun Elua Jolmaton Matilda I K 3 Kan' Mrf, H'th nt Kntpp Mra Olive V Kaaliori Miry . kavaaaiili Mra KtaacElb-n K?lUu Mary Knnan Brldfit ketlor Mri kwtley Mr* $ K?flU? UuImi Ktgan Mra, MadU K -11 < r Mr? EH war d-I Ktllv Mi-? A M aonatreet Kfllv Julia Ana Kelly Mary, Water Kelly Mary, Fifth Kenuady Elira 3 atru l atreei Keirby lr< John d k. tr.i d.v Mary kerina Mary K??tle?cll Mr[, kr.oah Ann M k< iclinm lietaey Kinney llannah Killl*r. w Eliiabcth klJLtr Niu E Ki?<*m Mini E I. 1 kins Emily kirk Mary A Wartrlry f kac? Kvancdy Ellis L l.acnetc Caroline lane Varxarc t l.add Mini F V l.aherty Mar aiet l.nce-ter Mary Lambert MIm T, I aaaiu Uriiiirrt l.aun Catheua* Pearl atreet l.anlcr Mra. A*e A l.a?I. r Bridget l.cach Charlotte E U'.eura Uiuhetli l.tddy Mtriattl l^t Ltnra 9 Mary l.cah.> Mnr? Ix-nrh Mra ljenr? l.i nni" Mary Ann l.i-r<<> Adelia l<emrkr Mri 11 I* I Kl'?n ."alii 1-eieU Kaehatl Linn Ann Mim l.indrn Ann l.iiinxatua Mary lAi khart Mr'.Tenth l.< rfcnuodfatharine I. >urbran Mary . Hre< I Eovtitty Lttty !.<* Mra Audrew I | . ii(l.iia F.Jirateib l.< ;ede Mr*, Uvncry Laimt Nancy m Mr Mick Lynch Mire Lu( Eliu H Maikrn Mary Mat** Catharine Mall??Mi?-I. Man-h. Id Johanna Marknrll .-arali Marlaad Eiilft C Marat) Fmalin* Martin Mia*. Waah- M-trtin Jan* Martin <>|>h< lin initnn etr*?t Maraden Mn*an?2 Manr; Mr- W M. adrr Martha I N -l am Ellen I MrlTilln Flviaa Miller A*n M Miller BaM?r Mtiler Mra Hugh Mill-r -Nancy Miner Mra. MulI Minntr Mr< II Mitt-hell Mia M"m L berry at met Mm-y Eliinbi-th M i.dat Mary M' loner Mrs. | Mon>arra'Mra I'M A M <?t> Judith T Walker etreet ? M"<>re Jane Moore Jane II Moor* Cathariaa I Koran Ann. M aifo-M-rau Ana, Cham- M -ore Marie K I imryatnet bore atract Moray Sarah, or I M' rria Julia Ana Morgan Ann Ellin Lather Mull'? Alice MorriannJan* II M?riau Rebeee* Mvrphi Catherine, Mulherirr Kllialath Morrlaou Mnry I H arfiinyion a(r> et Muri'liy Johaana Ann Mtirif? I'll Mia M F Murray Kill* Murphy CnthaI Mi'taFlira Murray Judy riav, Cliorry at MjriikMr.CV __ He " McAfee MiMtf, MrAbil Ann* MeAnally Mary l llrnry ?t UeAliater Agnea Me ^dintie Margaret J MrAuliB Catharin* M i at* Tliemt MeCarea Hurt . MrCaflrriy Mary?S Mi-< amaek Mrr, M < aaley Anna . Mi ( ' ??? liridget llo ievu at Met ro.ker Uo? Mi ( ue Anne Mn lare Mary Mi l all t Emilyett* I Mil nil? Mnrr Ann M> I??-1m tt |lri'lr*t 11 Ifcaald TbnM _ Mrli' iiuell Fflia M Enu-ry Charl tte M> Farlaae Mra j MiGrand Marcaret MetJratMliddy tl"(h ; M'(ice Julia M. ti ll Fil m Mra, Cora?. M< G II Muranret Mi <;inut> llridget llaet ? MtC.mern Jmly M Cttrn Hidn. Mr Go tern Jann Uil,uirr llridaet Ciilumliiat M (inwen Bridget J hndwt N krint; Vr< Xrtlili* Hut 1 M> k- >?r Juditb M. Kra< t'calliarla* M<K?* Ilndaat HKmKtiT M< Ki?riia? CaiLa- M' Knwf V Kil nlirttin rut KrU?n Marjr Ann KiNrnif KrMhi< V-Mull, n Mary * Nftmara Margaret Kikjt Mcquillan Mary Mc3*rl?y IJtidK*t N Vi>! Mr< rii? H' Kl|l< Atii> Null Mtril .Nr>n(hlin< nth'na- >r*i Sarah J .Naliraa l?erhy >*ll*?ar N- Iwa Ali'a \f|?vn Kami l> Marr?r?l Nawtll tnna Na* l?aCalbana* MtUla a Ana Ni4ki Mr* I. II o Odrll rlara Odml *mnr VIN (Vlmni Miry J ?>?< ?? H> I ?rri oliria O Itrjan Aaa li llrffii fli'a OV.-nn?r Jaa* li'l'onvr O'CnwII In, <r < < aii?tl Mary O'lw tmrll Hral,th I Umtiri (I 'I'Kaiu I tlhar.n' II F.Im? O l.ary Hannah O N?ill Mary, l.ib <?N.ill Mary. AU<a d V il Martar-1 A ?lr??t ?> >*il Mar} ?2 P I'afMaitrf Mra I.nnia rarka *?rah C l"1?aMr Mra.rr?>nt at I'ardua liarriat I'arr) Ri-al'. I'arkar MarrarM I'lUiriMi S inn i.tand at PaatorCarolina i'haa!< a l liaa JVrN Id Carolina T I'rnch Mix I. E. I'r- nd?r?a?< Mra !' rkin? Mr- M K <> rand ft |-M| I? Mr? ?: W I btllir* I lara I* ttinr'r Mary Prl.. Jan* riKkurgh Mra 0M- I'htllijHa Sarah Jtat 4 IVtuaati.ryb Jaril> I'll) l,<ini?? i IJ 1'allard Kate K I'm art A i.a u na frira f Uaiaa Jarab Onaylr Anna ' Val|t?y Ika'r ' |( Ra<l?llft Mra F.d- Rati art Jnli.t A R'ad Taa'alla ! vara II flly Mra, *th at K>i!l) Ann'Ma Aia EII-H->4 Mart Jaaa K--'l 5irah atath Rrill) llarrlat KlllrMtr<-3 |t?-1H> Alira Rir harden Jit*- Hu harad-. ? Sarah Rrilly Mr-la*irnrr |h|at K . lii.-ali n-r Agatha Ri?rd,>n Ann Ri .r l m M rr I Ror *arab lt?>hia I' lit lf"Mu?<n Mi-a R , It ? ?!? Mra A t. H<<katt *?r>?"l R)>"'ln II- ! I*R*dr an Ilia l|n?rr? Mr*. t ?t R"llln? Mian I.I ia:i R< t a?l>an l.lli a randah at RSarah Rr i*t Mar.t RaantlJtaa A Krnr-Maria I K)aii kliaalalb Kiaa IJaajr HjaaMary \ M J M/'kalatra 'l rikn an Mar) It *? Frm??a R . rw m r .' ? ? i i r i > - r w j r r at * : * * - ;t y i r n I I H** *n ||'.f|Ar? t MniffU Mi? I ) Mr<*> Mia "hi-rr'nn Julia A , ?rrrj K?mm *hrr,4an Mary ftr?'lnt M* M"| t?? All. >|?ir? ? ? ?: *.?. far-tin f vk-IMl I a?t.<rln<" rlhnrr Maria *?r;liia llaaaah J,1":"' L1"* . ??'* ? H-T) H'ttw H?tf ttiM. . lair M r. J, I n i,.||h < a'l.nrla* I . !h - ?i*il?i Mr* A II M-nn Mart *initli< n J?lih??r?ht M.r? f'.ori? Mr. Ant-mi* I I >" t*t n. < n?>/,i.. ^ Imrrnr v lll<?h Marr 'i>u' Xinha Ann . ?in?iih h1 llarril M-i . vim ' r i >., Mn'tn ???<r?.nnt Mr* A li ,1 ? f' .i'f "trjkrr llaaaae Z ? tian.m-th.,ra J.rr * T *f", T?>|.? M?r,'.r,l T,>rMr.M,Ch?rth 1 * I ir kti ? arnlite f lariat.riy Mm\ tl IrVi?l> Ab? .i Tank. - !*r\ 'r Jail r|,?,, * I. Ja>' 'Mr. Mfr.1 Tat II. ?... Matt TiMMi* Mi*. I niatrf'lll |.i.l#a ,tr.?t I- TT-i??.*o*Ui,al>t?l. riMfii.i;.,-rait* Ti?.-t. Mr. lUnl * Thr-irp?. n L)i?*Wl!iTI>?n>|.?. u J*a? TkmpMa JartN 1 h. re* a Mf A T..rrt Jalla T???ra ?r*l*r Kmik* A T.aaVw M.aa * Tt?? Maollr Th.r*-1 hiir.t-r F.llra ? r h *? Talk*; Mr* Ja? S V > Ta* Da?aA*f*la* tii lla?>a Jil a w '? War# Mary V uwi Mr? Mritti RalllM l?aiM i atkana* ??! *>? C. ??.> *f| ? hr?: . II M Walker *t Vkitlu 1?m Wel*h XliaabotU Well Madam I Vt? CalliuiM White In 8 A White I.ney A White Ann White July Ann Wright Mr Wright Mr. C V WrUlK Mra Ilelien Wriahl Mm Geo W Witham HUabeth Wiidey Mr*, BleeeWilkiaa Amelia Willeck Sarah her ?t William* Mia* C C William* Sarah Wltllam?oa Elixa J W11 m ii Catharine WiUou Pheb* Winan* Hannah Wood Kliia Woodbury Mary Wbyte Mr* Joteph Wjekof Alice B X A Y Jtrffcnkreai'k Ma- Zapilariach Mil* Young Mil#, Grttadam, Kiln ti Meta X wivu It Young Mary Young Mr* Jo* G ' GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Abtiey RnifieU Allen Nathan Arndeekue A Abbott Sam 11 8-2 AllvxnoU Putter H II Adrianoe Ed'n Arnold Wm M Armatrouit Jno AainU liuffalo Line Atkiinon J Armntron* P Allra Walter 8 Andrieeeen F Auderaon Ja*

Allevad Augtitte Andrew* Tho* Adam* E A-2 Aide* Timothy Archer David Adolf David Aaderion A Auderaon W J Ajr<-nta Troy & OUio AudrewsSaml Arnan Cliaa 1.ine Ami t i It Akheson Jamei Allen Win 11 Atkiu* Horace Alien* Cbris'r Allen T J Authouy P W Adam* J It k Co Aletander Isaar 1 Audrey* A Ackley Win Arnot John Ayrti U m Aitneda T Anderson Au'jt Anlrrson II AleManaa Si|C Austou John S Andrew* A Allen k Co AtwaterCR 1 Allium Israel S Allen .lan es II Archdeacon Geo 1 ActniannA Allen Edward Atkiusuu JohnJ A*new T Averell Edw'd Apel A Auialaw Jnaepb ApplesateA Anderson John Allison JoLn Ataiiisou Knli't Adi;1o, Vouuk k Co Aldridge Cbaa J AYcrill Capt A B Bradford Ccorr* S Beeker George Rartram ('apt Job k Co Baer Anthony P Barker Hichard Bahcock J C Becrhesnor Mr Barguet I. W &. It Bradlar Samuel Beyer Yr Barnes I'eter Hra^K Thomas Belden E Porter?2 Barret John Brady Jului Brycn James llatton William Bradv G \V Bennett James R ll.trnahy Thuuuid Brady J nines Benton Austin J Barnwell Geo U Baldwin SG Bennett Joseph ltarbey C W Baldwin Capt D II Bennell CiraB Hartley John Blake Thomai Berenger Charles Bayles A Baldwin Ck Co Berriuge G K Basil..rd Jesse I* Bland J S Berlin John llaylin k llitrkiu Hallautine J I* Butcher k ltead Braytou G IV Banning II S Bnrdick Cornel's Bray James llranham Kob?rt Bunny Henry Bean Mark Baker K H Buriuuu Cbristo- Brutlnn Ezra K Blake llilton liher. Bnkley Henry Baldwin Lucius E Blurdlc Henry Be?be Capt J Baldwin Andrew Blumo Charles Beach G W Barker W illiani Burleigh Arthur Beer* N I' Bailey William Bnrbank Thomas Benkmau Mr Bailey Franeim Butter* Mr Beok William Baker Ilsniel Bnrsleylra Bceks Christian Brnmt Rudolph Blaokhurrow Tha Becker Garret Bartlctt k Wood- Banner Johannes II Bcagin John cock Bacot Robert Benton Capt Sel.kb BsinesThomaa Brady Michael Bean George BatterTE Bradley Uriah Bentley Tatar Bartley John Brady Michael Benedict Willi* Barr Satnuel Brant James R Berry George Barker B Fordyce Barnard BBS Deaork James II Barry James Baker J O Belden E 1' Btrtow Win J Bailey Alexander Hell Win Son It Co Bratler K K Baker N P Berridge George Bayles Aaron Ballintlne J F Bremershult IVr lliuutt Capl Z I) llancker (i W Bnruhani \ J llatigan Aaron?1! Baker William I* Burden Fowler X BaiM tt 11 rum N Banker Geo W Co Bedford KdwinG?2 Ballantinc Hev II Rurcham F .1 Bfi'lv John llramwell Josei>? 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C<> fluey Robert lleari Tlios Hidliday Cha.? Haggerty Monroe E Ili-arty Onen Hodge* k Horsey Hamilton Jim II?'i Herbert F It Hodgaon Tho* Hamilton Andrew i Herduian Jno llorafall Jacob llaggartv Thoa Henry t 8 Hern 11 A Harden Henry Derrick Henry W HnoklimJ Hunan Patriek Hiiliper Edwin II ever J no Ilarw ood Jno W nilligur <' llotrhkia* TII Herahom Jacob R Hirgina Ceo Humphrey S D llurrifin Henry lleil Dennia lliinktleld ( apt lla^hniot Mr Hickey Jr.mea Iludaon Ilenry Harvey Jim 11 HirkenJnu llurd Harvey B llarttord Jno Hodge* Albert C Iludaon W T Haven Cha* W Holme* Win?2 Hunt Simon R Haven* R X llulliday Jno Hvdron Wm Ilaynea Mnha<-1 IJotaraJno Hamilton David llciran Matliew Homer Jan II Hall L C liagcrinan Jacob hmnrUn Jan Hackney Wm IDrronJC lliiice Kldridge U Hamilton Jan Htracmun Wm ll'iuarlhJoo Hadley Henry lliape Clia* Howell Jno U Ilaggarty ('has Ilennv R?lit Hunter Alfred Haiuinon Jno llcavliaga II A Hunt II Hammond CD Hibbert Wiu IIntchina Arthur Harding 11II Hein* Wm llurd JM Uarriiuan li-aac >' Higbce ('In* Hull I*aae 1* Harper ER2 Higgina Hirain II,,,,<?? 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J Saiitb IVtrr Manrira Sheill William Smith (iarrit Sulhvaa lieaj Stewart Jo**pk D Smith l>anlel Suajuirr?ille J no S< liner T Stoi khaiu John StrykerWm SeaaerJoba V Scbrord-r Iliary Slormi K>eki*l StewarlJW Store llmry Slorum S W St*r*a> Aw SrottJobaR Samuel Jatae*?3 Sheridea Antua* S<-oit Atrblaeaa Smally Kearadea C Strphaa*"* Joka Slonalaad Tlioa S< annrl Timlr St-'wart (ieorire S*eaebar?rr A Salmon Patrick Meeeaa A If ret C S< adderk t o Hear; Slaughter si J e Stevedore Di*k*o* Snuiuierr l>amcl Su:ankrejae Snn< ntoa F. II Surtea Mr Str?'f. rd l>i Slrleklaad Oliret B Smyth Al?? Shan Ue> ri(> Sblnalikjoka M?akn I lea 8ielnhau?r Emit Stataa R?nk*a T Snmllra (ieori* ZollktDer ^mlth John Sullivan Tiaiy fpmknun ?'r?.l D Mmltli IWnrjr It f. kn.idl* J l.n ft hlm-l Jarol. SojiIi lltarjr S. utliaatk H 0 Mirrtirn l'airl?k laltk U' II a K I. ^Llrnk Arm IJ Prliro4?r < at>i C W Miaul* *i:?lr?w Nli< hum llao mo^dtn ii ii KaaaJrl. Mitraoixl Th<n J l >|>l i Ed Miaal land A II hcwall I karlet ward Stl.aik Ji?'|>lt Jithrrui Win fe-att H I <taal<>jr t'a|>t Mawari ?'m t'kaa k(M Vm < liaft i Joint Mirrt'.aa K M FntlkTli?BU I.** J II Stawara J?ha Khalta Mr "aiua l.ytnan 1) Hhort ?aimi?l !*hu?(a Saiauil "?*? ? uti a i. mmfitoa ll.mnrd i. Sliurl aufntt ?*art< I I.aril * H Mim n? I'atarlok Hturdltaat Addiava I.II pi. r M< rit? fhl*l?la Kc? ?' W C mill fim. no' n !?ltnnit fummin R'.kt *? !< . > M ? W Pmltli Jam** W Pullman flanial K hnnili I' H Hnitth Mathrtr kilMarlln Putuli C It hull Jwi W S??w? Utlt C T rr?. r k ?<n? J Tiaipany t I. at Thnuaa r. II la)l< t !-au>l H Tiltvn II X T'lnel l'?a>l H 'nt-rMl Tutraaand M'..i Tlmmnaoa John lil.8t. JC Tbuma?H?t Mr T??um>4 Juki lati.ti Iraalf Tttra|>aa? I ItM C Taritr > V l?<W?<> I'atri'k 1 ln.ii.f?a II. rnarJ Tnrlajt 1'aat E I nn. I. JV Tln raa Alraandar Turatr' al?ia A l?i.i||. II M'; I. U, I TirlmlMt il 4 r.lil'V T.Watrl'k Tarrar W ai ! uif 1.1. it Ja'> K Tarkldnarl TaraarT M" n AT Turner Jan.. a Taloi Mnn?.ar tut Jm.ii * Tiawk < W Tiiayat It Haiti ri a lloltn S Turarn II Tria<lM> fa |lxMi|>'B < a| i.ioT ?> l. r ?? llliam T .tuple R .h?rt ??i?J 1 aanil j Jnt.a Tampan* ElwaM I' intiJ"ln Tarl ? i liar I* Trraaa Jama*. Mvtt II . n.?> J>r?n.lali Traya. f Ja? A I. Iia Martin 1 ali<n Tia?t 1 barUa f | i in. Vi m TulifW'k K TI.'tatirHin Traaala riwH.II A I' Iran t'harlaa ! mpkiua IMatrt In,....! < harlra Ttiajarati I. 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