Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1850 Page 3
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I_ *ct'T* operation in Wall street, and, ?o )*M m th?y are ta full blast, any demand fur bonda, eHiticaUe, stick. scrip, or any other kind of see?rtty, an be supplied. The banks are full of these ua guarantied leeuritiex. and it is by na means bey tad * possibility that some ef these banks may be made ta shake tn the wind, by a great depreciation in the arktt vaias of the fancy etoeks they hold. Stock ExchaacSt $*0#S r S t's. *67 llrX ?sb*?r.*mn s90 MM ao IlhC ?> do fcl'J 10?<| it. r.j i ;<n! 7.1 do MP IlM0HrwT.irk6'?,dllrt IK) do MO MS MM) Ohio 7'i lit* IM do *30 HIS 1M0 K.uluckr fl'? lic.'U 1U0 do 81 MPO lllinoi. rfdi, '47 4!-V aft do lAO SI MUI f?UD A'i WiV 00 do b9U BlVi SMtO do ?,}, MO Harlta BR b30 M 4500 Illinois Iut B<U MV MO d* UO M 0606 En* 7'?. '68 ]w:C vm do *10 v>V ?60? do -W 1000 do flfJJ MM do iljta tl 1100 do MO <*>V MM do .lira MS M Long I'lanU KR US MOO do Mrtiii'it M 50 do lit. MM) Bond* Sn ftO do W 100 >b? N A in Trail II 100 Roadin. BR 4^ it Manhattan Co ll'W 100 do 4f$i # Bk of AtttrioJ. lU^lJ 3fl0 do 4it W do 10!) JU0 do M0 4!)* 31 Dol It UnJ. full MSfl U? do 4'.?C IM l ira Trn.t ?10 SIS' ?? du.,. ?*W *1,. 4M do Si) 63 dndwin Ri*?r Rtl 72V M do k*) S'*.. SS do 72S M do 5?S ?) Nor k WorR R tSt? IM do kl5 ;r) ?? N y ft N U RR 104 M do .10 60 do WW 104 0 Morn. C'unul U".o 1? HO llarlem pr*f, full loss M - do t3 15V M Mohawk RR S.1 H8 Brie RR Hl>i 18 Mad ft ladianapolli 9J WEOONn WARD. $5M0 Brie 7>,'V>. '>S 100 abi Uarl.m RR .'JO K'\ 40 i<h. Otean Hank lM'S 2U0 do (HIS 18 Ilk Stat* of N V 104 M do IA) flO? m Baading RR 4'Jli do an) fi? 3M do *3 4!)W ??> Parm<iV Tru.t blO ."WW m do .10 4!'S l<*? do ."MS 40 Ank ft Roalt BR IK1. ?15 Eric RR ."IS NO llarltm KR (WIS lM'?n??nOi 47'% m do ?3 cnj? ys Iladson Kiror RR 73 MO do 60$ ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PERSONAL. IM FORM ATION WANTED?OF SOLOMON DUFFT, WHO arrived latt wo? k, supposed to have I ecn a |?aHHt?n-;er in tae 'HTromi'V. ii* t.m a Mother in tun city n* win k*ar of eonn'thitz to hi" advantage by inquiring at 1SU Wi?rKa atrcet, lirooklyn, where ha will meat a t'riend. POIilTlCAL. EI81ITICM1I WARD, FIR<T DISTRICT.?AT A MEBTiag of * lie Democratic Republican KUctorn of tha t'ir*t Imtrut of the Eighteenth Ward, held at MillimivnY ~7'J Bt*adway, on Monday ereiiing, the I?>th in?t., Rohrrt Kolly waa ?LB<rn:ed Delegate to attend the CoaTentio* to be at Tammany llall, on Weduaaday, the fc'd in?t? in puru,, 'the icconkuitndation if the C'ne'al Cema.ittes. r *" *DMONJ?S, Chairman. ru?t? _ ? - ? . ? ?><"JHTEENTH WARD. SECOND DISTRICT.?AT A ' iQHtii f cf tho Dcm< eratic Republican Eleotora of the 4oeond District of the Eighteenth Ward, held at the house of Joha Taylor. ateuue, star Sixteenth atrcet, on Monday tTtniar, the Nu imt , in pursuance of tha imwMllw of tha Oencral Committee, on motion, Harris Winei was ailed ? the ( hair, nnd Henry VIlNl waa appointed Snoretar y. The call f tha raeetiug having beau read, on motion, HarriJ Wines ?ai ?Baaimously n>>n.iaatei aa Dil.-pate to the Coaptation to t? held a* Tsi.imany Hall >n Wednesday eeninf. the 23d imt. HARRIS WINES, Chairman. Uikrv Wn.aoN, Secretary. Eighteenth ward, third district.?at a large maoting of the democratic electors of the Third district of the Eighteenth ward, held at Bull'* Head Jr., Third avenne. between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth at., t 7W o'clock P. M.. on the 2'Oh of Mar, Samuel Hobbard wai alltd to the chair, and llnth Mcl'arlea and Benjamin Warden were appointed secretaries. On motion, ifesara. Jibh T. Brady. Stephen Cornell and Timothy MoGrnth ware appointed & retiring committc*. to nominate a delegate to the convention to asgemhle at Tammany Hall, on the 22d ln?t. They reported the name of Lorenio B. Shepard, ?hieh waa unanimously adopted. SaML. hebbard, Chairmka. t'OH McPAHi rt, ) R.,?..,|? if*. Wamjta, \ I Eighteenth ward, fourth district.?at a large and enthusiastic meeting ?f the Dsmocratic Elector! of the Fourth Diatrict of the Eighteenth Ward, held on tha luth Instant, at the home of John Roorkc. corner of Thirty-sixth street and Third arcane. Mr. John Kourke waa oiled to the chair, and Mr. Andrew J. Mathews waa elected Secretary. Mr. Jamea Conner waa elected the Delegate to reproarht this district in the Courention at Tauimany Hall, to ieorga:ii?e 'he democratic party la this connty. Signed, JOHN ROURKfc, Chairman. A. J. MATiitwa. Secretary. Nineteenth ward-first meeting of Till Democrat*.?At a meeting of the l>?inoeratie Repnblllu Elector* of the Nineteenth Ward, held at the home of Ttomu Starr, Fife llile Uou?e. on Monday evening. May 30, WW, I'tireuant to a recomn.tndation of the Democratic Reiiablicaa (itntrtl Committee, fur the purpoec of (nlactlag thice delegate* to the Convention at Tamniaar Hall, ea Wednesday eveaing, 22d lait., for the pnrpoie of nrepariac aa efliient yatem for th* future organfeauoa of the deiuoeratie party la thia city; al?.>, two repreeeatativc* to the titMru Committee. The object of the meeting bavins beea explained, they proceeded to ballot, when, npun counting Ike cote*, Fernando Wood. John <>. Kcefe aad Samuel WaaJell, were I'hOMea to the Convention; and Wileon 13. Bunt and John Dougherty. were thoeea to represent the ward In the General Committee. The repreecntatlvea in the General CeiMni tree from thi* ward tow, are Fernando Wood, Wllaoa 9. Muat and Jo ha Dougherty. NICHOLAS SEACRIST, Chairman. Joitn Aura *. Secretary. IPEflAL NOTICM. ~~ For thr benefit of toe poor-festival under the dirretioa of the I.adiee' Benevolent Society. St. Viaeeat de I'anl, to he held at the Apollo, 410 Broadway, ea Tkareday evening. May is, 1HMI. Ticket* &0 rente. The treasurer of the niw vork volunteers Aecociatioa ha* t!.e pleasure of acknowledging the roaelpt. by the hande ot Colonel S|iC' r. Trcaenrer, of one hundred and rveateea dollar*, being the amouat contributed l>y the Brigade of N. t. State Militia, for the relief of the nick tud disabled sf the New V"rk Volunteer*. JAMES M. BAYLES, Treuurer. aw V<>??, May IS. I'ft>. Masonic notke.-tue members of benevoIcMt Ixidge, No. I, are particularly re-joeeted to ha yreeent at the areliuoa Wednesday evening, May BJ. 1*40. at h o'clock, at the Lodge R oui, 71 Diriaioa etraat. Aa eleetiMi for J. W. and S. D. will be held, and other very imrertaat baalneea m tainted for eonalderation. Member* who ave reocutl v changed their raeideace are reminded that It I* their diitr to notify the Secretary aa iimn aa poeeible. By arder of the W. M. CUA8. W. WILLETTS, Secretary. Acard.-the members of tnited states es(taa Company No. W, having l'*en recently embroiled la aae or two uuarrela. In the meriie of which ther arc eatirelv aaintereetc*. Kid D0t wishing to be ilrnlititd with, or made the " ?cape-|to?t " of. the di*zra<-rral tgliM which hue oc nrrad. I would, thcmfnre, take tin* method of pnblicly n?Ufrla* all boy*. runner*. and " mhtin* cl.arnctcr*,'' that the Company feel ibFnh'liH perfectly capable of performing the dnttaa witlmnt their iteaiataare, and If neadiVe, of making kalr awn dafance ? hen attacked. The earneat wlih of the < ompaae la l? perform their dnly peaceably, and no wui a Kali ba l?ft untried to aoe?mt>ltah It. DAM El, w. TAtrotT. foreman. NOTlCt.-THE CARTMAN WIIO TOOK A WAT. BT iitaka, lea bar* Uoilroad Iron, fr"tn the wharf foot of Uatoa ?treat, near the tobacco laepectiua n arehoaaa, trill Mtarn the aaiaa wltliont delay, or call at tne ?0ke of y. * J. 7. TAPSCOTT h CO? ft. ffooth atraai. TO TIMCRArn OPERATORS?WANTED, A OENUaaaan fnlly competent to experrlae a telegraph oAca la thla eltr. Applicant! matt be eiperteacad operator*, of anolentiilieil reputation. and willing ta derete their time to Ike of the e> mpany by which thee are amplcyed. ? North American Telegraph Ot&co, S W all atreet, tm ii Utk laetant. Grand dThtrihi i ion, nv rmv \tk rur \tv. i nder permit of the Le.ant Merchant Compaay. at the Colleenm AwuM] Rc.ui, No. 4,V> Hr alway, on Thnnday, tha W Miy, Isetan:, and following dare, fr.m 10 till 9 aaeh dav. of a ml acenmnlati' n of rich foreign rarwunt M<>de, rhielt for ladlei eoetntue, arra.iced from all >tm? nta 10)4 to 11Tt nnder neaifaattea from the al. ee Company, trading frum tic renowned fair* of Frankfort-on-the-Maine. M Petersburg and l.efp?tc ; al*o fr"tn tha Indian fhaneery at Iloeeaw, ehn f oAr ?<>f ike Company, the Dnsr*. I Part*.) and Caalom Itmre Chenaher*. (London ) Tha allotment f?r aale la thla city, will eonrlst <>f India, China, P*r*la. Arabia aad Freach *hawl? aad Scarf*. < f the mut elaborate wrkniaeaMp. teitnre and deelga. Varlona enriou* and kaaaUful dree* fabrica ia Silk, Ca?hmere. Camel'* llair. Tr?karqne.Goat'* Hair, ha . Turil*li and Malteea Tnrl.aa*; Calcutta Rothe-ar: Caal'-w and Pekla Wa?'iinj Mk?: Indlaa aadiP*r*ian fatina. of ana Jruple width and great beauty; Black Satial and !?? watered l>o?apae, of Rutilai mannhrttn; Rn??ian I'ncr. able p. ] lia: Vaatment Clothe: India aad (klaa Silk Handkerchief*: French Cambric do.. Re. I?die* may aelect one or m.r? article*, at will, for Import reet and C ompaay'a romml.aion. which. In nil ? ****. will be V-?e then belt the eatlwifttcd rata*. Adiui-'ioa by ticket only. Farther particular* will be onntaln-d In a prorpactn* iaanad by the < empany, whi H, with card* of admxaioa. may be obtaiaed grati*. at the R.-oma. on Wednesday, tha ?14 tart, aad en tha mraint* f from !> till 10 avroek. A I IX tvtitiov r.!?r? N t. CONNER a S.<\ 1 , 1 I I IDE - CORNER of Ann and Naa?an ?tr??t?. New Tork, hare na hand ?.1,1. ?... . ,r,rmkll.k. Mltrltliti U>x Mr*' ?ra prlm?d ara fraa tfca akota Foontlrjr. ~ spouting. ^ UNION COURSE, I. I.-TROTTINa-Wr.nHI?D*r, Ma? JM. u 3 ft'elutk. IV ?W ill ?ma >*, a match for JfO. |>'ij "f [?.?, IKhh-i ?r?t. ?a.l Dntaliman. alia haate n MO ponad amaVrar driver*. I'.S. Adaiiaaiua to tha Canraa. fraa. rllTKtTIMI COOtll, |* l.-TROTTIXO.NadaatJav. Kay a, at J naWlr P. X Matah ft,000, tail* ha?M, ? JM> Ik *ifnn<. Mr Whita aanaa rh. g. Xonng Jtrmcmt. Mr Aaatia n antra br. Kratack. Omaibaaaa tMtl Fulton F*rrjr fur th? track. JOtl. CONK MM, Propriatrr. WISDOM INADKI^M. Window mi a oka or kvkrt inscription, on haad, and aalatad to-rl-r. wbotaaata atd rfWL at V Ppnat atr*?t, N, 3d tad ?r> iunu Bat aad whltallaon*, ?rd. ta?al?. **. . T l OlOV IR_ Tn*? ntAi-icsT store is thk citf-a. v\ R |ta?1a", ?'? rti"? l?a?, Wli IMala ao i Ratail t'pv>l?t?rara?8?i?a Lata, and Eml>r<.i'iarad Cnrtalna, and Mi*lia?, ?ait faraiaaa, Band", Ptna, W indow Shadaa, Pap*T lianafaaa: *> par ri nt lawar than aarothar aatakhahaeat ia tba ?(?* tall batora pnrrba?lni cT'twhara. A M V It fi tr in !t? ' *> Bnwarr . wnu Am ationa~i", Ar.At>r??v or dksion -th? XWVTr(lfth Aaanal Eibibitioa la ?o^*n?at .% g,t|#ry ?tS Bioadiray, nfjtnatf "r.ti ilput, fr m (AM. nnlll 10 P. M Admittaaa* lb <aau>aaaan tiakata JOaaata?ratala?aaa IJH aaau. __ _____ MR. J. ROfSKT, FROM PARIS. BEOS TO INFORM ha rmblie ft Naw Vark, that ho ha" Jnat ni?aad a ram I'inmt rf ?pl' n<nl Fr? ?h *M-T?Tlnf?. *M br<*4w?. wliara b? ill f>???a?tl7 kf-p ? h?n4 all *ha HWiwt r?inU fr?? r?r.?. If? ?) < nakwand *1l4a a?ary af ftamaa. in ??. U?t f?'U, th? ahala at tha U?m fi?w. CIIImJ nonsRR. iVormTV--a mmrkl Ron*k. is iia.nih limn, J? tltIIrS r?it ?i??l ?Mtk1?<1 I* ?l"??t? 4onM? h*r?!? >i,d ???? *??y nn?l?r tfc* miMI?. M HtritM)N'9 il*M, fatink lr?? 4?ar ?wl ?r Caltrrnt; f _____ RAIUIOAD. 1 1 I tl I N AN f> AM BUY RAILROAD U*t? FOR J TMladMpMa. 7 a'al". V A 1. aa< hal'-*a?i la'al? %, ? * k* ?t?am>>"?' JOItH VHT1T.R 4jilr. *nr lay* ??|i. ,4 Ma I, Hank RhM- r?? W tU? aa*a M (DMIIImiki U PASSTORTS. I CONSULATE OF KEW GRANADA.?ALL FER80NS , ftoinc ?o Iba porta of N?w Qnult mirt pr??l<U ?h?mmItm with Ut? uMwtwy |?M|wrt from ikw onaulaia, ao vrdiuc to law. Tin pa?port grantad by *h? Unlt?>l State* ullMniMK mil b< MrdMd b; Uili ?ual?M, in or4i)r that ; bbay cam ke aathentx'e'ed l<?f"r* tbe New Oraaadiaa author! uea. OK). DOMiNOUEZ, ComoI of Now Urauada, 3U Coeatiea alt p. Ca 1,1 KlRN'ia ?l"ABSENCEll.< !IY THE EMI'IKK < (TV mo procure i'm*port" till 2 o'olutk thii day. Secretar? DlavWin wrtuo?"By oar treaty, aad the Intra of Xvr Gr^sada, U. B. oiiiaaal m>Mt tak* L'S. FaatpurU." | UERFOKU fc CO., 2 Attor Ilcue*. FINANCIAL. aaA ooo j?, .^A_N?**_ ;? ' m-v J v v v l" p , | <u oifiun ?" "'"I '?fc'^' ' ' | acta.) lor ? term uf year*, on prouuetiv* real estate in tliii , ity. Apply *o JOIIN F. CON RE Y. , No. 23 Wall street, ooruer of Broad. WANTED?SI,SOO ! S3,nOO.-WIIO HAS TUB AFOREwvid sum may hear uf a chanoe, in a very fWlUMl business, (manufacturing wigs) 100 to 200 per Mat profit , allow*. i<4ra? II. D. 8., thi* ouei. j ! CDI'CATION. Gilboa seminary?in the town or gilboa. ' i Schoharie county, New York, under the eare of tho i Uev. Cornelias B< gardus, All (he branches usually pursued i in institutions of thi* kir.d will be taught the pupils who i enter thia academy; arithmetic, mathematics and astronomy 1 . arc taught on a new and improved plan, and instruction in the primary depar' ment ia giv en by a com|>etent assistant. Particular attention will also be paid to the moral improve- I went of the pupils; and for the benefit of all concerned, tho t number of scholars will be limited to twenty. Tho price for tuition, board and washing. Is $2 per week; the town of Gil- I boa ia au exceedingly healthy mid pleasant place, on the 1 Snsiineliannali turnpike. V miles weat of Ca'skill, with regular stage* passing daily t hrouph the town. C'ommuiiUa- I | tioai addressed as above, to Ur. ItugarduH, will receive prompt atteution. and ?very information given. References ? Iu New York, to the Rev. Dr. Do Witt, Andrew Stevens, ' and a. If. C. Smith, Esq. j ] French teaciier.-a trench gentleman i wifhes a litnatiw in a school or academy. Having dovoted about ten year* to tuition in hi? own country, he is able to teach, l,e?ide? tho French l?ngna;;e, Greek, Latin, Mathematics, Physic, and Cieinlstry. He wonld also take i t arm of a private pupil. He can give the beM references as tu eapaeity and morality. Address, postpaid, L. V., 12 ) Park Place. miscbixabfiediji. I Birds? just arrived, by the ship casmus, frt m Bremen, a large and excellent assortment of singing Canary Birds. Hull tinmen, Larks, ko. To b? (old ai the old tand, \r?2 William street. | 1 CORNELIAN RINGS.?600 DOZEN, FOR SALE BY VICTOR BISHOP. 2.H Maiden lano. op stain. Daguerreotype plates. ?lewis l. bishops Platoo, acknowledged superior to all other*, for aale by JVICTOK BISHOP, 2.1 Maiden Ian*. VANILLA IlEANS?ONE CASE SUPERIOR VANILLA ! Bean*, in (tore, and for tale by THOMAS It HAPWELI,, 86 William *?. i BOGARDCS S PATENT ECCENTRIC MIMA?WX OF them for *al* cheap. Inquire of THKO. liltOWNINO, I at II. II. Dunham k Co.'*. No. 100 North Moore ftreet. 1 TO CLUB HOUSES?JUST RECEIVED, AN INYOICK of Playing Carda, manufactured iu the Crehoro stylo, i ui?*rior to any rardt mmiufactnted, for *ale by JNO. J. LEVY, 73 Wall atreet, in* door abor* Pearl. Money lknt.-tiie iiiguest prices advanced, ' j in large and small mm.*, on gold and silver watches, ' diamond*, plate. Jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, ko. 1 1 JOQN M. DA VIES, Licensed Pawnbroker, tX2 William, near Dnane at. and Shakap*?re llotol. CAST OFF CLOTBING. JEWELRY, FIREARMS, kc? Gentlemen *r ladiea, having auperflona effeetito dispose of, will obtain th highest priee b> sending for the subscriber. A line, through tho post office, or otherwise, will meet with prompt attention. H. LEVETT, No. 2 Wall street, corner uf Broadway. CAST-OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED ?l.adie* or gentlemen havinp anv cast-off clothing, or furniture, to dispose of. can obtain a fair cash prie* for th* same, by sending for th* subscriber, or at his residence. M. S. COI1EN. (,'J butuc street. N B. I-sdics attended t>y Mr*. Cohen. AS. WILI.IAM9, M NAPS At' STREET, NEAR FPL ton. invito att( nti n tn kil :n?-n (took of Hftsr nable goods for gentlemen'] near, rtjJy made. or made to order, cheaper and better than any house in the trade. Please call and test the truth of thil notice. 1 WINES. BRANDIES, LIQUORS AND SEGARS.-THR cheapest and bent Liquors, of secrr description, can be had at Ml Houston street, corner of Mulberry. A trial will ; proT? the fact. Small proflti and quick returns,for caeh. A DA U.I MORE k CO. ; I Wholesale and Kstail Liquor Merchant!. YOPTHP' AND CHILDREN'S CI/OTIIINO.?BENJ. f. ! SHAFFER if now fitting up, and will open at No. ft J'jha i street, three doors from Uroaaway, on orceforo the lit of I I Jane, with the meet complete assortmeat of Touths' and 1 Children's Clothing ever '.n 1 to the publio. consisting of | new and eholee styles. desigaed with groat tasto and axe- i cuted in the most finished manner. 1 A WORD TO GENTLEMEN-THERE !S NOTHING ! that more distinctly indlcatee want of taste and reflno- | . ent than aa ill fitting boot or a clumsy gaitcrf and it mnat ; be from thie cause alone tbat they are aow worn, for. certainly, the moit beautiful and gracefully Kttinit boots and ' falters we have ever seen, are sow, selling attuiarvelli,utly i ' ow prices, at JON F.S'S, 1? Ann street. THE BEST BREAKFAST AND DINING SALOON IN j New York?Reader, if tou want what you cannot |et < in maay places in New York, a good cup of coffee or tea, | 1 with your breakfast or dinner, ana in a clean eating house, ] ' ?re to Mercer's. 1U7 Nassau, corner of Ann street, between this otBoe and the Bible llonse. Don't take oar word, but | Ml! and try. N. B ? Separate satraace to the ladiu' and family salooa, (andtr the charge of Mrs. Mereer.) one door from bateau. ia Aan street, 1 ourpatronage snlicitad. EDWIN J. MEKCtrt. Proprietor Removal.?frsd. w. pachtmann, watchmaker aad Jeweller, raapeetfnlly informs his customers, snd the public ia general, that he has removed from MM lit) Canal street, l-etweei Sullivan aad Variek streets, where ha keeps, as ueaal at hie old store, a large aseortmea* of flae Gold aad Silver Watehee, Jewelry aad Silverware, of every ' description, aad which he will sell at the lowest posaibla ! prices. Every article warranted as represented, Watches, Jswelry aad Silverware made to order aad repaired. 1 WDUDWURTH ri.A.tliaU MAI U1MS An V STE A Eagiaee.?John II. Lriltr. Sc. 193 Pultun etreet, ia prepared to ex??ute urdera for marhtnee and enictnea, or any . Bru of cither at the ahorteet notice. Tie Improved Plaaj( Marhiaeeof Lrater'a are the beet in tn, and eannot be arpaeeed. Addreee J. . Leeler. 1W Paltoa urect, N.Y., or at ilie factory at llt>tiB(>. on IK '*oa Hirer. MANCFAl TCRED TOBACC0.-THE 1'NDERMONED, , aole aaeaia ia New York for the celebrated Rnamll It , Ruhiaaca brand of Tobacco, aro aow receiving freah auppliea of that choice article; alee, of r.rant R liebrr, Cofomaa Wortham, Jaroee Tfcomaa, Jt, Dill R Mulchahey. Samuel 9. Mycre R Co., Jamra Fieher, Jr.. Gentry R Roy iter. Yon na R Biirwell, Mom, Eemeralda pound lumpe, aai all Rra<l*e pound*. half pound*, Sr. he, anil 18e, In peckagee of tanoii | aitot, Jireet from the manufacturer* in Virginia. PATTE8QN R l*ORTIlA? Tmnt tlr*.-t. WOMANiiow different in her honn of eaae And when the wuah day eoiuee to l?e?e In eaee (he aecma an autfel, 1>t To make men with thla world enntent. On waahina day, what la ah* then f Answer, all ve married men. What do** it mean 1 Only tl?ia:?That the wailiint for I-TO poridnt may be jot through In one hour, for US eenta. Thle , tree, or year money ia returned. Inelrurtlon now. print* !, i and irnt by mall In a aenled envelope: for $1. It ?u iaeontid , by the great,chemtat IJehii, who avid the aerret for $J.W. No beaaewlfe el ' uId be without It, aaye the New York City Chriatlan Intelllir aeer, and thle advice le achoed be at leaet ; ire huadred ai w?papere and periodical".and by the thou- , eaade wl.o have tried tiiia plan. Addree?, or rail on II. T WRLVKTREES. r - in 7%. Re. HI Naiwan (treel N. Y. SU-PHTR BATHS -SALT RBEt'M. MIRfTRlAI. DISeaeer, Khectaatiem, Liver Complaint*. aad all emalioa* ef the Skin E J. CARROl.L'S celebrated Vapor, Sulphur, , aad Iodine Bathe, M lie: lay afreet, (eatablieaed IHIUan liahly recommended for ihe abeve complaiata, by Dr*. Molt, I Sttven*. McNevea, Smith, Din*. Milieu. Re . Re. Rare *m> v m i am e i hemic ai. preparation*. ! ? Metala ? Platiaa. Palladium. Nickel, atd Cadminna. : Oil dee ? Pare Oalde Mauganeae, Copper. Iron, aad Cranium Manure*?Mirhate of Ammoaia, So,1a. Nitrat*. aad Cheml- i cal Whale Oil Soap. P. ieoaa.?Patchoally, fur a->tha; Ply Taper; freah prepared Rat aad C?ekr"a<-h Poiciaa; Improved I InIii I" n Soaa*.?TitMfanal IPaafcbaUa, alUury, myrtle, and ?aad Medic*aee, *e ? I'aadalterated <\id Liver ' I ibarra a'a Chi ride S'.da. ting l,..( r. I Fieach B hlte Wiae Vintaar, Ditmnid femtat; E?e?n. e of Saraapanlla: ht*a? hed Shellar: Stard, I' lub reftaed L . rice. The above good? are ofered at moderate pricee Fm aale by DR. I.EW IS FKI CHTWANUER. i No. HI Matdea Un< i 1ATM1 rwwi BOTTLES. AND OVEH, HATE REIN i .Uul/ilfW .old, of Dr. Dewltt C. Relllnger'* Llal- | 1 meat, or Meat** Fluid. wlthoat eoiaplalat. It ia the ealy art ele aow Id that raaliy will renew the hair. Mr. Phil* I C. Baah, of M Laliht etreet. baa not aaed three boMlaa; hi* hair will aatealan aay oaa. Mr. Stepliaa Riafalaad aad alee*, of ft! Mercer etreet. a woaderfal ?r"wih. Mr. T. W. Barker. MeDoaaal atreet, had ao hair f"r tea yeara. Col. O. C. Deaelowe and daachter. Mr. Jamee Baahferd, Mr. t* P. Roae. merchant, of YoakenLall had their hair faeleaed. aad i rtaewed to aatoalahmeat. we caa prove thai It haa hr<n*M the hair la after havm* been bald far ttiirtj yearn told ia eery larte bottle*, a* Zw I'earl. *>4 and 47a Rroadway, at M e?ata. $4 a deaea. where the Doctor aaa l e eeen aad reaealted dally. M. 1.? Larf* deduatloaa aad* te the trad* (eaeally I LTON'S MAfiNETIC POWDER. FOR THE DESTKUC- ' tlm of <>orkrnRPh?a !> <! Imri m<tK? I?>i P?ti fliaa ?'. ??UM. ?? ) all othariatrat* ?tH |,T.B ? Ml***tlr Pllla, , I for lka'*?t?r?i?at4cia of r?t> aa<l mi ? - t ' th trtirlM warrant *4 without pniaaa?ara to kt Iw l U Bnt4 war,ton* from tha foil- ?in? t? Maw Vorfc? Mr K?rr, 7? wr.-?/lw*f. A. B k D R?a<U. I HO Paltaa Ureal. " Mtaara. J. Itacc k Co, 'oraar Niath ???aaa anl Twaatr-flrat atr??t. Maura f)r??nfc*f k Rinr*l*r. M Caartlaal at, " Maaara. Avhirtalla BratUra k Ca , 104 aa<i Id* , John atiaat. Death Br^ckl^a?Mr 0. V. Ajraa, corntr Il??rj mi! AMmUo atraata. Bmoklya?Mra. n?r?. 17* r?lt?a aira??. Mr W rn. II. ftiaaoa, lyina, Waytia amnljr, Kaw Tork. Mr. R. M. Mnaaoa. Pntadam. R?. U*r?m wnatr, N. T. 1 Bultirn' r*?kaaara. Polk k Ca., Rftrnnn'a BiilMfnra. Philadelphia?Mr. larrtfnaa, aaraar Taa?b ui Cna'n >ti. Na?tar*h. N. T.?Mr. ruwlar. R*hwaj>, H. J.?Mr. Tnaiaon. Prcrtdfnoo. N Balab k 8??. ritt'l'tirth. Pa?Mr. ?l?aon. i Maw Bma?wlrk?kj>^l?*ala k Ron. I Newark-Wr. Wit.d*. MftrkM i>tr*a?. I Claalanatl?Mr. 0 F. BuHm, !? Main Iloai' B-Maaara K?<*'tla?r k Co., 8 Stale m?a?. fharlaaton?Mr. M. C?>li?a. Iniw iiritM*? ia???r?. lrar"1"" ?-n- < Xmil. J. n'ritM ft <"?. , J?? M???r* WooJaaH* ? '? Nat*I.Ur.<kM-K??lf' I n*<n (iail-i* ft Co., *?< lhair N J-Mr W?r?eM ? . , AHejion r?elr?, l.ntfrn '>ni'7. T? ?0. t D* auiLM ? ;1 WlTtt Ctmi KT? L1*HW??T, , DH n. *rni>* * jNYk'i YTt lliT* for** ni? aa4 th? nly?, ?h?t h? N*ji V?it"n>? t ?'i?r i f Dr. Rani**' fetaWlahaaat, BamaoBTltK?ir?? ! ft half aiiWHi fr~m h? Nonhftm?>?? koararMafraa Tot*. al??t tan tr-m "w n * ? ?' m *!?.?.? ? *? ,. 1 iB ?f U? lliMilW> *f N?a, ImIm4 with y,?~4 tf>W Mlta 'a4? ! w?l??. a. 4 ahKi<ia?tlT t*?pMo4 art tfi ^a r'"1 aal 1 aaMaatKTMJM * ? ?. rs? Ut iarua w4 kNMr.i*< ? ; a'twaM mlM ?n4 anaataMa. TT>* aaw >nt wi 11 Vill<t>e*a a#?r ftll tho I'litNImN far *r*UT aara wfii'im. tn?h ft* larra pH?? hatha. < ??!>?. u4 fttry ?. 4*um r-viaa I tnr fthnnt ?fl? caMaata. aaparata for attltor act. l(jmnuttn, I ft*. Tha <o?ior hatax tha aarM?a?, aaw HtMik. 4i?rtaaa al ( PrtMUlH. ( OT?f<n'?r|. l>4 UtIu la -f m-rt I tl.aa l>?n af kit ???. Ma Tl?lM? a* w?**t ??r? t?- I I iwlttM Mi af tT?rjr ?m?wm >>T<lraj?a'.h, h?aaa ?o r?- I mi ta air f aar.?aM? ??r?atati-ta friaa lha afttar ~?ra | irataB. *Ma tm t\? Hrt af thaaa aa??r?ra w%* mtj aaa*4i , tWiaMaaa Va hi a. TKa aattMMani ta i?? afaa. far i tmr ln urUnkn ?Imm ?? '/ M ftt iktit iNm j WAIfTB. WANTED-UV AN AMERICAN (MRU A SITUATION a* Child'* Nuraa, luiii to atfiat iu plain mwing. In|?ir? at 16* Wert TV?n?y-??ouj>d atr?t. WANTED?BT A KKSI'fcCTABI.R YOL'N<i WOMAN. A aituatioa u Wei Nur?e. Apply at 06 KooMTeltftrwit, i?? time for two day#. WANTED ?A (HMOLB MAN. WHO UNDU8T4NM farming, and can lake cir? of and work lioraoa, to go ilw.ut afty milea into tlie country. Apply at th? ll?rald from 11 to 13 o'clock. WANTED-A ROOM. FOR A LA D Y AN D OKNTIJSM AN, with full board for the hidv, id or near Oliver ?tr??*i. No reference ring or required. Strictly confidential. AdIrtfi L. C'., at thif office, for one week only. WANTED ?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, in a small private family, to do general icotemrk. No objection to wash and iron, or assist in any )ttier work, flood eity referenct from her ladt employer. Plea** rail at 4ft Harrison street, in the basement. WANTEB?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAti* 1 a* Chsmbermai 1, or to do sewing ami take curl if <Ml<lr-*n, or t? do the general Housework or a small family. I* a good washer and ironer. Hood eity reference. May be wen at Sl>7 Petri etreet. wound Moor. WANTKD?A LADY'S MAID. WIIO UNDERSTANDS perfectly the care of a child. be a good eeamitreM and tiaiidre--?r. Nine but a competent nroa need ipply. To those that can come well recommended, irsees will be given. Apply at 73 Mnrray street, between M >nd 12 o'clock. WANTKD?A SITIATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND Waiter, or to assist in wafhing and ironing. llat tb? best of city reference. Please apply at l!li Broadway, seconu Boor, froiit room. WANTED?A SITl'ATION. BV A ItESPF.i'TABLR young woman, as chambermaid and waiter, or to do the work of a small family, lias no objection to g> to the country. Can le teen for two days, at No. 6-1 Molt street, in the MvMiaat. WAMTBD?SITUATIONS, BV TWO MSPICTABLE tcirln. sisters. one an Cook, and the other as Chamber maid. Die hot of city references can be given. Please call at No. 4 Store street, third floor. WAN TED-IN A FREK EPISCOPAL CIICRCH. A young lady, one well acquainted with the church * *rvice, as soprano singer. A note addressed to Chorister, at Ibis office, will meot with attention. Salary small. \V A N T K D-A SITI'ATIOV !!V A KK">I K'TABLF, it girl, as Cook, Washer and Inner, in a rospoctable family, or to do general housework. Best of city reference.? Please call at 231 East Thirteenth street, seuond floor, front : room. I Wanted?a smart, tenri r.ov. to Assrar in waiting, and to rnnke himself geit'mlly useful. T)tui!i I in one, with good reconnnendat ions for honesty, Slu., a good I home may lie had, and fair ?>;ii, by applying, before 12 | [/clock, at the Shades Hotel, corner of Trinity placo and Thames street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yourg woman, to cook, which she petfectly under- 1 itands. nnil to imM in MMU and ironing, KM d the 1 rener 1 h< use work of a rniull private familv. No objection to go to the country, liood city reference. Maybesctnat 111' Mercer street, between Bleeeker and Amity, for three 1 J-*.. t \tTANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLEfYOUNt) WOMEN, j tt situations, ( ne as * good cook, wasiier, and ironer, the i nther to take care of children, rihI to wait on a lady ii.i l Jo plain sewing, in * private family; liava no objection to 'he country. Good city reference. Vay be seen for two days ?t W Thompson street,retwecn Sprimr and Prince streets. | WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN WHO C N LiEKSTAN 1)S ; business generally, a situation in a wholesale or [ retail dry goods or other store, either aa Clerk or Book- i keeper, or in a newt-paper crfiee,in whiuh he hae had considerable experience. Ia a food Judge of money. Can give the moat unexceptionable reforsuoe. Address J. D. t., Henld - five. WET NURSE-A LADY WHO HAS .11 ST I.MST IIF.ll baby, one week old, wishes to have a lafcy to nurse a: her own house, (iood reference can be given. Apply at ?'l Eighth avenue, between Twenty-tlrst and Twentieth' street. WAN Til)?A MUTATION, AS COACHMAN AND Groom, by a sober, ateady man. who understands hia business perfectly well. He haa lived eight years in Ms last situation, and ran come w ell reeomui*nd(J. Iiaa no objection to go in the country. Please addresa 0. T. Y? 71 Mnlterry street. Can be seen for three days. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, WITH HOOD city references, a situation as Cli am hernial I, Waiter, or Nurse. Can b? seen at At Hank street, until suited. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PROteetant young woman, as Nure* and Seamstress, or as Chambermaid and Wa?her. Can give the best city reference. Inquire at 187 Wast Thirteenth street, front room, sooond Boor. Can be seen for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, 14 years of age. to take care tf shildren, and to do Mwing. Please inquire at 1W> Lewis street, 4rat do r. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRI.. AS C1IAMIIERmald and Waiter, and to aaaiat with tha tine washing led ironing, in a email family. Good recommendations will ?e eiperted. Apply at g> Tenth at., near University Pla'e' \MTANTID?BY A RESrzr-TABLE YOUNO AMERICAN vT girl, a situation to do ehaaterwork and waiting or to lake t are olYhildren, or to do the cooking, wastaini. and Ironing. of a small genteel family. Best of city reforenee given. 4pply at 12? t!m street, corner "f li"?ard street. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. OR LAUNDRESS, by a respectable woman, who ean give the best af references. Apply at M Gansevoort street, one door frotn Uudlon street. Can be seen for two days. WANTID-A SITUATION BY A RE3PECTARLE yenag woman, as Chambermaid and Waiter, or to take Mire or children and do plain sewing. The best of city reference given. Apply at 11>, Ferry street, la the rear. Can be sern two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTBBLE YOUNO WOMAN, whu is a drat rata Cook. Washer, and Ironer, a situation la a amall private family; alao a girl to do Chamberwork and plaia sewing, otherwise gsasral hoaaawork. Uood reference given. Please to eall at ZS l'naee a treat, tret oor. front room Can be aeen for two da ye. UTiKtrn a (irriTinv n rniunesunn no n Chtldran'e Maid, or SeamttraM, by a reapettable yoon* < girl. Mo objection in iota* to th? country. Apply at 310 |WI>M atrcet. Ileal c.r ntrr*n>Mi (ieea. WANTID?nr A HE.TEt'TABI.R AMERICAN OIRL, a aitwation aa NorM and plaia mwibx. or Cbambernaid or Waiter; no objection te In the aountry. CwU ten f"i l?? day. FlHf' at V7 t; r*?rnwi*h ??. Wanted-bv a respectable volm; woman. a (iiuatiun aa Cook. W'aeher aad Irnrr. nr to do general hm?ew<rk in a rnnall private family. ('as be area fur two daye. Beat of elty reference *iv?n. if re<|nir*d. PUaea all at No. 7 Chrystie > . t I 'tnldin*. la the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION Br A RESPECTABLE Tun* wemaii *? I ' enil ?r?rai<l aad M ailer, or general kouaewcrk, la a private family. Coad eity refereaee from ber la?t place. I'leaee lo rail at 71 Soveath itreat, between M and 2d areaaee. CM V* ee?e M two daye. WANTED-A S1TI ATIOV BV A HEALTH V RKSP1 table y< ?a* woman, in a ceaterl private family, who aiiderv'aade plaia eo<ktii?, waahiim and ironing. and la wiU ling to leak* her elf generally uaefnl, aad very obliging. I'lraje ' all ?t N'n. H) Nrrth Mi>"r* atrret. for two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RKM'Ef'TABLE y"nnpr wnmaa, wlm i? a good [lain mil, and a lir.i rer? waiher aad irener. Belt of cut reference. Caaba ?eaa for two daye. rerner ?f Print* and M It e'r-'ct WANTED-BVTHO TOUMO WOMEN. SITUATIONS? oae a* Cook, Waehar, ?nd Ironrr, who nuderwlanda Prenrh cooking; the ath?r, a> Chambermaid, vr to do g?n?ral b'/aeawi.rk. who la a drat rai ; waabcr aad ir.aer. Roaomnt'-ndatl'na eh en ( u Ultlnf^r two dayi, at H M'ooater treet, frnat baaenaat. WAMTED-BV A STEADY MOM AM. A SITt* ATIOV aeNnree and feam?'r<aa; *.tn rnt and lit 1-nd c1tf reference ( aa be aaen f?r two day*, at 123 Twelfth (treat, b*twe?a Fifth aad Stub avenue*. ___________ WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A FAITH TIL MAN, aa Coachman. aad weald take aharge < f a ernaH g*rd?n if repaired. Haa lived In bia laat line. aavea year*. The beat eity reference* oaa be given. May la can at Mo. 223 ? Mivialon atreat. UL'ANTED A SITl'ATIOM. BY A RESI*E< TABLE 'mill to wait "n a lady g'lni te Europe, ?r to w*i? tipoa rbildiea. Mo wa?-ee rc?ulr?d The luet of city reference eaa ha had. Apply at "! Divleloa a'reef. WANTED?A SITUATION AS (SROOM AND CO If If man, hy a reap*, table young men of efrlrtly ateady baMte, who endevtaad* hi* baaiaeea ia all I'i I ranehea, aad ha* no ahjaitloa to toea ar eaaatry, and ean nrndare the kaat of refereae*. f'aa ha ae?a * M or* lf .?4 t Ti.mlinaon'*. *1" Broadway, from 9 to II A M . aid from lair.H. AAdraa* J hi Ur ANTED-BV A IIKiHLV RESPKtTAfW.E MARKIH> VOHIIt vhn ||B> h rnr tint ahilll A ltnati.1. a. a It at Nor*?. Il?r I al.j l? ?n <r?ak? old, and har hatband r?>ld<* In II.? 8 >th. Tr in f ? -in ?ry in ?mrtunrra ?h* i? tilled I* adopt ikli f lan to pp .r' B-mll ltd child Sh? and . ailtla* I., in ah - li?ra?lf aaafal t.i iit iimil) tint My B??d tn'h a P?r? <a. R'<-r*%rrm firm. If r?'-'ilr?d. ran l.? .n f r a a*?k. i>t ? a >ta to M M N" 71 W a?l Tlilrtaaalh rraal. a f?w d-ort fr -n tba lulh aaaaaa Autvation wantrii r?v a irm'(i taiii k r<>u*ra ?<maa. la *n?b, ?*?h and Irca. or t? do <-1ianil-?rw fk, r laaiat la lb* aa<l Irmni V ild lia?a ni ?! )??. lli'l t< lilt '?r? of ahildrra or do M?ln|. Mm tha ktr of ^ity rrfartneaa I'laaaa (alt at 'J*3 Ellaabath airaat, ta tha Iry t"?d? atnr<-. Alailt or GCMlll a1>dhk.?* who 11.4* iiadmivti ?ip?rlaa>'? la kaainaat. t<.tb la iMa mi aad in Enr?|*, mtliaa a aliaa' i a a? ?a!<" iia In a ? h.ilraalo h a, <a ill? tit aaaatry Addra?a "Itnalaraa," o#|ra of ihia pap?r. ARK?ricTAiit v r*o ?o*av iri*HK9 a ?irrallon la * w* Pr.aata fatally, l" dn tli? ?noktn? waahin* aad Iroalna. m an I an-t?rmaid. aa >ba It an aiavllral *a?h?r and lr?.a??, ?r to da ll?hl rkaaiWr anrk an I tawln*. aa aba I* an rir?ll?at plain taaar flaa lltrj twoyaaro in h?r la-? plarr Mat If,? b?ft of ally rafafWM*. ( aa ha hci ilara. ai III M il >ir?l. Ali!>r??TAHI f mipm.r AfJtf) woma*. HOI.DlifO a attnatioa aa Nnran f-r aaaaml yaara ?an? a attnatioa. Mit la rapaM* ol lakmi eh art a of a I aby fr??nt lla infuitt Hr hat I Ik- h*al tlty rrf'roaoaa. Ma ahjaetlon loan to tl.a anvatry. ran b* ??> a far two daya. I'lraaa rail atw Amily ttraat. fornrr of f?nllitan Ah T01 HO HAN IS WANTIli I* A WHOLKMLB COMaii?at'-n II. naa. |? art a? WatMiiiaa. On* ?ha ha? asma a?i|i aiaiaar* Shaath ?r Wa?t w?nld l-a pra'arr.!. Arrly la ANtlNFW J. HKBH'tR k 60., C?ra>r <f ral.aa aad Watfr ap ita.ra. AI'ANT I A " M.I IIIMM'. H, 1111 IV ?eat> r nf lha Maria* Slfnal 1 ?mpM?, br wM?h alia Il*?rin? petal ?f rr??al? al ?aa. In a f..? or at a'itbl. ran ba k?a< rtama.l at a di>taa??, aad colliatoa praaaatad. Far far>bar partiaalar*. aJdrraa II ? tt tki? ..m'#. P^mi-invrw^-m ini arf ih wint <>r oivid iiitr, J a III dn wall In oil ?tml 11 HA i>r?*n<rirb atraat, ?f<r? !? ftirmtl.f.l, *i?tia, rr-tt dinrlpt.?a of Htratli. ai ikntrn. m< r hanl< , I tl'alaj ?r?. and lalioftra I'O I *(.?? A Vir.* AVI) *aYF.R???TII*. WASTH>* ?>r r"tinr m>, tlm thor?>i.ihl/ aadoritaada ?ha Uaraldtf aad liwral Enfratiac. ralary a?t to nrh in ?? f ruauonl ?m| < taunt. Ila? a- oh|*i?a ?< f It Mt or Addr*?t II. J. B.. Ilarald To mn.MiiP TABi.t mtirrn*. iwrtiMiDtoapiir* is lorra > ????rn -A a- and ottr'mflr alti > inil 'f fmii mi> 1.4. iff r It-r ?a|H?fciliM?? f'.r [l>a lar???t aad mn I MIHitri fto n la th? ?< rid.? ?I?M I'lvfiir -n ?.'h ) ? f- r ' > r tai.loo ??nn> f r tf? riinaitaf, with rrt hnarfr* I and thirl; foat raar*. platol rollonaa. i|>o?-io?ii t?ar ro-mi, ro-*? of ? ?t?'r k* T?ia 1. na?l?a >? r?ntral and ?n< kj??" n?U? DlfMt, p**?f*id. ?'?k r?al naa?* and addr' k?> t *><*< Paitnr* w*ifTtr?-roi? ra 1.1 rot?? 1 a-aamkrieaa (*a1l*maa. of tiitlaooa kiMU aad ?tp?r"n??, ?Ho tai !l??d ??T?ra1 T*ar? ia ?k? Vnth A morgan *vai?a. and ij-awM f r.amlj tka fiiwii.h aad fraa?-h linpMM, tab** M %? ' ftata nil t> hlm? if a?tiin?T ?:r|| |?rtnir who ! I a lilt nr II |8.?n?, a ' ? > 1,?A? ( a forarantal aoroaatl)* ???* liot m?a? la ?M ?H?M? %I<n| #f t(i? laHfirtta ai'nao Tha a lurtloor Kao aWal (1 of lilt ava. avail aataMtobad orodil, a?d ih ( ?? lo'O'aoVnry r*f?r.-???<i a* iai?*rl f of iI.vmMt and too* ral feri rooo -^ol*#o??>* *'? ri*' A 1

l?l. *? "It i -?i ^ ^ WABW. WANT! D?A SITUATION, BY A KCTABI..B young woman, aa Ijtuiidr?c?, la ?o aacdlUat gj?d akirt lroner, ii willing lu ?wk, *Mh, an-t irua, ur 4on?a?ral hoaa*work i.i a private 1/ Th? bMt_ of aitv ril?reno? gircn if reqwircd. 1'leue e?U at 117 1 weuty-t>r*i !Hri?t, front totO!. u|> *talr?. Can be wen all the week if nut uugag*4 WANTEB-BY TWO EXPERIENCE!) TOUNO UIRLS. ituatioa*?One a* Cbaaibcriuaid and Luundros*. the tlier a* Seainitr***. lloih har* th* beat of oity referent'* from their la*t place. Have no olijroiiom t? go to thu ?oui>trv. Pie Me call At 00 CwalM WANT KB? HV A RESPECTABLE tUKL. A M !TAtion a* Waiter or Chambermaid, and to a?oi?t in wa?hiny nil ironing; or to take ear*) ol rbiMrvn anil do plain ew iu. Tb? b?*t of eity rrf*r?jice can be given, from her 1 la>t, where she ha* liveJ four joer". l'leasc apply al No. 9 Thirteenth *treet, near Fifth ateuu*. WA K T E I)-A SITUATION i>V A K F.S|'K<T A lil.K > uk woman, todoehainb?rwurk and waiting. and in a good waeher and ironer. Nw objection to do house work iu a mull) private family, and ha* good eity reference. I'ltaim all at 214 T*v*ifU *treet, between avenues 11 and C. l*fond ol ebildreo. WANTEB-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yeung woman, a# C?ok, and to assist m washing and ironing. 11a* a three tear*' eharaoier. Please call at On i lloncton street, where *Lc can be *ecn Wednesday aud Tlinreday. WA N TE B? A SITUATION. BY A KKSPECTABLE young woiuan, to do washing, irouiug, ami cookia<, or feneral housework, In a small private family. The best of city referener. Can be ?een for two day*, at No. ,li Rivington treat, in the rear* WASTE ll-A SITUATION, HV A ? f K<' T A.IH.E young woiaaa, a? Chambermaid ami Laundri.'sH, or to take ear* ?f children, or do gen?ral housework : hu- no objection to go to the country. U*s the bert of eity rctoruueo. l'leare call at 74 Sixth avenue. Caa be seen fur two day*. WANTRD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPRCTAIILE young girl, abont sixteen yearn of age. to do ehainberwork, or to take care of ehildreu,and make herself geu.irally awful. The best of city reference given. Applj at 74 Siita avenue. Can be*een for two day*. WA NTI-.B--It Y A liP.SPKCTABLK PROTESTANT WOraan, a situation as Nurxe; is accustomed to the car* of children, and comu^tent to take charge of an infant; the of city reference. Please call at UH Mulleriy street, between Spring ami Broome; can be neon for two days. WANTKB-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Prctestant girl, * Child'* Nurse nil Svamstros*. Can be rceu for two day*. Has no objection to (;o a little ways in the country. Apply at SO;! Houston street, second floor, front room. WAMi l>?TO INVEST $1,000 IN SOME fiMtltabic and grow ing business, in which the services of the advert iter would be needed. Addrs" P., Mr. Hilt'* Clothing store, No. 2tJ Water street. stating km* of hu*iness, with name and place of Interview. ^ WANTUB?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT youuc woman, a situation as Chnmbeimaid, or to do cliam'ereork and plain sewing; can give good rul'cr<.noes. Apply ?' '.*? Hmamond street. WANTfcU?A SITUATION, 111 A > Ul \li HUMAN, m W niter and Chambermaid, who eau be well recommended from her lent pine, where ?he in at pretcnt. Aj?j>ly ?( ll"> Wcit Tnenty-eecondttreet. HTANTKD-A SITUATION, IIV A RESPE<*TABLF!, Tl neatly youn; woioun, in reipectaMe privat i family, to cook, w?i>n unil iron, or inakis hernelf generally huIu'I; ha* the I < ?t of city referent* to produce, l'leaie call at 24 Trinity Plaoe, for two dayt. tirat floor. \]kT ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A TUT I ON P ETC NT tT girl, with rood city reference, a? Waiter ia a private family, or W'ula do chamberwork and help an laundr*'?a; wonld go to the country. Apply at 71 Sixth avenue, iu the booktture. WANTS D?BY A RESPECTABLE i"R( ITESTANT joung woman, a eltnation in a private family, an Cook, Warher ana Ironer; no objection to Brooklyn, in auiee family; country referenco givea if required. Apply at 12d I?elam-ey r'reet, in the rear; can be Men for two day* if uoi engaitd: call from IU to 3. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOITNU WOMAN, a eltuatloa to do general homework in a email private fainilv. Pleate apply, this day, at 304 Fourteenth ttroet, near tenth avenue. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT WOMAN, at Nurtr; none need apply but thou* that are fully competent, and ran bring the l>e?t reooiawendationt. Apply between lit and 12 A. M., at 17 Caet Seventeenth atreet. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH $1,000, CASH CAPttal, to engage in the manufacture and aal* of an article of univernal nee. It la without competition, and yielda about 4C0 per cent proAt; $10,000 may be made in one year. Addreta If. II.. Broadway l'oet Office. WANTED?A SITUATION,* BY A RESPECTABLE Iirl. to do Dousrvork or Chamberwork ; haa no ol>JeetioB to ft a thort dittanoe in tho Country, good reference given. Pleate call at SH Kiviagtoa itrcet, ia tue rear, lira* ton, WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO fltllLS, pi'nation* ; > at general lloueemaiJ, and the uthor at Chamler and Waitingmaid. Ne objection to tewin{, or goiag to the country; the beat of city reference eta be given. Pleate tall at 1H1 Twelfth elre?t, Umvertity Plaoo. WANTED?A SITUATION. BV A K LSPECTA BLR young man, aa Hardener or Coachman ; tie beet of city reference given. Apply at 112 Twelfth ttruet. Can be teto for three aayt, if lot engaged. WANTED?BV A RESI'ECTA111E WOMAN, A 9ITUAv v tion at a firet-raie Cook la a private family; the beat of cMy refertace given. Caa be t??a at 61 Laight ttreet, la the rear. iirivrnv-Rv a iiiciii v resi'U'thii.k rormn TT lady, of ft?ateel addrres, a situation. to attend ft Store. Ca? into refortneoe ; would prctor remniuiny *1 the torr only through the day. I'letw apply at No. 80* I ho itiftl, at Mr*. JdiunifS*, Sth ioor. WANTKl" A SITUATION ?Y A RRHPKCTAHIK y?nng l'?ok, Wa?hsr, ?n l Ironer; enn ho Lifklr rrenmineuded by the families slis has list I with : has no okjrrtiua to so a ahort distance ia the rvuntrv. Aa) aas?ers left a? H last llreadaay, will b< punctually alwudo-1 to. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A |UM>(iTAHl.r. youag womaa, ae (ham born aid. Washer and Ir<>aer, or chambermaid. aad plain wilai; hae n<> objection to do (antral lioueew?rk fur a small nrirate family i nan be ?ran f?r two day*, if not rn?a??d. l'Uu? (all at IWDaut Itoiat, third or, froat room. WAN! ID? A SITUATION. IIV A lUSn?TABI.R yiianp woman, aa Chambermaid aad Wat Cor. or to aseist in Washing and Ironing ; has no objection to a short diataaca in the e?nntry. aad is willing to make h?r*lf oxfsl: good sity reference caa ho glean : ran be scan for two days, if not eagaged. 1'Uaao call at 109 U'l Tbirtesath street, First atmuf. AI.ADV DESIRES TO rORM AN ENOAOEMEVT AS Cmerneee ia a family. Wunld tsacb thr aaaai >>raa<*h> a of Ktglisk. with tha rudiments of Fr?neb and r.msie; or la a school, as taarbor of drawing and writinr Is all il< t raashee. I'leaseaddreaa Mian II., Plaehiag p"St "(Ice. AH KESUECTAUI.E ftlM. WANTS A SITUATION TO tab" caro of ski Mra a, aad J<> plain saw inc. aad to mak* h< raolf i rarrally asefal la a priests faulty. No ntjectiona taiioia tho country. Apply at lt<3 Urand street. Caa ko seen for two days. AKFSPK TAHI.E TOl'Nn RIRI, H ANTS A 9ITU.1* turn as ChaaiHermaid or Childrra a Narva, and is willtn?c lo go a short distance Into th<> eooatry, and ran giro tho bast of references fruai b.?r last sitaaU<n. I'laasa cafl at tl.s s<merof Hlssrksr stroat and ths Mv*'ry. An aitkentke.?a nor u isiies a place to l??rn Shoemsklag, or s?ns nth?r * <od train. Is smart and willing May bo soon at No. 24 Albsny s'reet. A Wa11? r wishes a sitnatiaa; Is a good servant. Inquire at M Alhaay trsot. A| RtSI'K'TABM OJRIn OF .?TEADr IMIlIT"! wants a eliaatlou la a prieate family, s? < 'istn ermai'i aad dte waaher, or as lAaadr*** aioa", or to take > are of mm rr iv b r nun ran i*m>? nifrraflt run ?t p*i*i ? wtrn T' ?r aitaa'laa. Af'i'ljr it lha Vtkitf, ! rn?r ?( I'uiui II n( Mai h ?ir?at Ar riiTiiwj SIOTHI ' V s r? A ?i rI-A li?? ta 4? i*n?ral loo'tW' rk ? *? I plaia a?uk: a *r?l tat? wa*har aa4iroa?r: a> tu ?n a ?h->r !< (? * la tha avaatr}; f?v4 <itj raforaao*. Afrlr?t * K-n-avaii WWII. DRin tR Vimt-VJkllTID IRRRDtATELl I <>* I > i tDfeti kr?w?rj ? h n ? r?m >*r with t mat* ami l.n?ln?i<. S?m4 a4<Jrv<i ?il n(ar?'? M " Al?," R< i I . II' ra!4 ' MM. ~ BOKRDinO, *cT Board ray be obtain ei> ?v one <>* two rri?a<?( f*?i>*MaMHtjr, at th? flr??aatly kx*'.a4 4??li!??, No. IV * onatar, n?ar i'an*l *1. Hoarding a trH ur.Mi riirN < w R> ai cob. H ??<lal?4 with aon'l tuard, airtllaat liillui ka4a, tail ir; roiM, at D Mttrg _____________ HOARMXU -fitNTI.ltRUN can IIE ArCORRoDATRD with |?4 faraltha'l nart at fill I"ar4. fl' h f l?aallaoaa. ?oi?f..rt taH atUnti. a. Hath r- m" t?t tk? ?f ? atipant*. An If Mm Had buret mi 11 t"a ?, DOARD WANTID RTAOf RWA< VAPHIIJ vat* family, vhrn thara ar*i no vth?r h- ?ri?r?-t ? I t la4j pr?frrr?4?>raak fnat an I t?a. an4 4laa?t 'au'lay. Ada rata Merchant, ibl# oRr*. BOARDIMJ-PtVEHAI. SINULI liKNTI.RRRR fAN I* a<-o-.miat<'UtM wlt'i amiTI i"<?i?f In th* ar"t4?aimhla |?rt af ihaattjr: alan I art* r*"* anitaMa f?r r'ltlaaa* and ifc?lr wt\?a, hy v V i " ' I'laao. Hoahmnu? with ri rnikiiki? or ixh:rmwiro fartoK'nta, witli prftat* If ra<|alfa4,* far lailiaa I anl r?ntltm?n. Atria ta Ifr rARK ER <117 TW'I aaaana. , nOARR? A i a ROE TROUT R<w>W with Cf.OTMOJT i tha *rrna4 float. waaM ka furalah*4 toanlt tw?ir??tl?? n Tt>? hoaa* p1?a?aittly an l f<?|>?*tal Ijr I, an4 ./? r . > l:. ' ?..4rrai? Ai'i'l* at M Hlaaikir at. A? iaa>?4ati< a? f?f twa I ?r I braa .lay ?x>ar4'ra | Board?wanted, bt a i.adt. a rvrximteo r*>oa>, ?nji full bnaril. ia a how wbar- th?r? am othrr board*rp R. ff.-r?nr?? ?i??a. krt I-ar4 r?.l li ?an far th* nabt VinH . f nmi i4??i?>a?. A4 lr*aa L. H, H>ral4 ?iia? ] PRIVAir HOAR 1)1 NO -TIIF. TIKHR IIOI SR NO 7 Or??aw(rh i? .cam "f-n?4 for lit . f I ia?l? (?atUwi?n ?n.i f.?.il .v f?.? ,i'avion i? #?l? "t It* la?t la iha city, h?ia? ?bIj thrtt 4<>or? rr?? tba Hatury. a?4 in tba tpi4?t ?( banni-M. L' I RR IRRID Km in* fo in .'Mini (NO Till J ahiok r<>aoia? ?!1 tka n?f*r* t?pro*?m?ii?a. Wift kt Wt to na* ar tao faat1?a>'i>. *iih tka n- ?it?n4M(?. Tvt partita 1ar?, rWate addrtta B"i l.">S I ?al </ < ?, Ilk nana and rafartfKt Voir o* rivn ( fcNTi,r**N civ 11 *' r. tin, * faraiMia* r>?m?, . |th fcraakfn' an<l taa, ?? > diaa? r i n f? ? J.lMMaily .I'uil' t |..rt ?f "??? lalna I. j aKat >,alf a>T V*tw*?a ik* <Ji*r?niti?? an I V?ni|?rMlt ? Ufc4>fip. |..b| t?a mtiin'o walk frn-m tk? f?rm?r. Hr'e**'' **kaa(t?4. I?r itiiiiiiliti, f lu* a-M" ?a l?i X. at (Vtetf ?. UOOBRTO I.ET?|'AKHift? tvii 1 KD I nnrl' r" ia?, if. I?* v ?4? Hr '??? , An R?n?nrr> imrt/>r anp Brnnoon to i,?t ) with hMh-rrmmi ati'1 vifr el<-aat att*?k?1. Tbm ftm* ?r? In a ptWat* familr, aa<l la <k? k*u I < ? ?'>? i la ?ha J it/. N'firtawi ??rka?fta<? Ii<|iiln > M Hmi'ltir, ?a? *rrt al< v? Frifkija ?tr??t. T?ria? ?a?j ?o4?raia. Willi# Im ta a aia?1> ntli>ir?a'>tIv. , Armnt i?h>m *hi??rvr??i.hi.o*?ki?s r?? wltk Man*. Tk? maat? ?ra all a?*1jp fatal?r>?4 la I'tlix miiair (tt ' f?fciilla? Applr a? llf l?a- ' aril ttraat, aaar Br?a-laar. VIICAIm I Mr * i r a L-*irrnoi?T Hrrnit.i!!, jr ha* At i frwnt mm kn-f? aKI'b ?aaM?? bia M I taka a fa* a??r? paplta far tka piapaforia. hM. rgaa. a a 4 faria<?>T lllrm tlx 1*7 !(?' | C*< ??* ? hawi? riAWo#-? ?rtti*PR op ??oon i*. i ??f ?i p?? # If ? ? ? . .. < ?? f?' 4. wa> ?*ai? *, J a?>ia ?MMft4IMiiai)?nh AflvsMErn. DOWIRT THtATK*.?\V'II)NKADAY IVENIWO, HAT D ?, iriU b? p?rform?d ike rUy ( HENRY VIII-Rathn- ; riue, Mr*. lUwbltn, lit.- Mr*. Shaw; Unry VIII, Mr. Oil- S l.*rl; Cardinal WooImv, Mr. J. ?'alla?k, Jr.: Cromwell, Mr. I'oiw; Duke vt N?rf"lS, Mr M. D.i.aU, Ctriligil I anix'iat, Vr Ui'trt. I>akt *f Saffolk, Mr J D.nin; touke .if Bin-kin,hao. Mr. SUv???, I-ady Der.i.v, Mrs. Gilbert; Am< lljl-tii, Kim Wrmya*; I'atienee. Mr*. Wal tot. To conclude with i)t? I " omiHlyof 1118 1.A8T LKf.H?O't'allarliaa, Mr. I . st?r Min. M.i,<a?n?, Mr*. (Jilbrrt; Julia, Mrt WaUol; Mr* Bank., Mr*. HrcadUy. Door* will open at 7; lb* curiam will ri*eal7>t n'ali.xk n?ul'ir.ln Ilk ' Sicak.I Ti.i. *. . m. taix. " NATI0NALTHKATE1. CHATHAM STREET-IIFNKF IT 1 of Mr. E 1.. Tilten.?WedBeedayaveBlng, Miy Z1. will I ? * performed the KKBEL CHIEF?Edward O'llriun, Mr Tiltoo; Jj tiro. liarvillr, Mr. C. Taylor; Mnrdoeh, Mr. liatuMin. Norah. J Mrs. Madieou. After which, th? burlaxiu? of tli. t'KVM.K ' FOSTY T1I1EVE8?Diamond, Mm B. William*: Alley Habv. * Mr. tt'. Taylor; Ramon Baby. Mr. JetTer?oi?' H..rr"rhrand, *' Mr. Seymour; Tapioca, Mr*. Jefferson. Til* whol* to auatloda " with the drama of tU LADY OF Til E LAKE?Hodarie Dliii, J Mr. Tilt.m: Fit* Juinen. Mr. Crocker; Maloolm Uraciu-, Mr. J Vinna: Murdock, Mr. Ru**ell; l.adv Ellon Djuglaat, Ui-n g ' Ptntlatd; lilanihe of Heron, Mr*. Madiaon. * THEATRE, ASTOB PLACE.?LESSEE AND MANA- I l . Mr. Mr. Chna. Ha**.? W*dne*day evening. May ?2. ?h? | ' performance will commiMa with t..e comedv of LONDCV J A SSI KA\< F SirHarcourtCcnrtl.T, M*. ll.Flwid?;<har)M J Courtly, Mr. Moorhnuse; Haul*, Mr. N?a:l?; Mark Maddle, fir " run Ha* Ilarkaway, Mr. a ti'Dolly Spanker, 1 Mr (Jrotvennr; Lady Clay Spanker. Mia* C. Cuahmau; <;ra*u ' Harkaway. Misa F. T > conclude with the hiatori- J culdtnii... ! NAPOLEON- Nai [*on, Mr. C.E. Mmmi Ke*- i nivre, llr. C. Addaraa; Eitelle, Mr*. Mil-eau; Mary. Misa ' Weston. D'mi* opan at 7; aomnitiiaa at 7)? o'tiock. * Beiae and Parquet, .Vie.; Amphithtat ra. 2Se. CHKIVrVS MINSTREL'.-MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 471 ( Broadway, between Grand and Broome atravUi?Monday, May I'Olh, and every ni^lit until further notioa.?Tba * original and well-known Chriety'k Ethiopian Opera Troape, J ti t flrat ci>tahU?h?<l and oldest < >rgrmiie 1 band in the world, oompri?ing a eouipany of twelve perioruisr*, under the direo- 11 tioa of E. P. Christy. Tbev will have the honor af giving J their original and inimitable entertainment* every night " until further uotie*. Adui.sstnu Hecate. Door* open at 7; Concert will oommenee at ft o'ol..rV. An aftcrnuta Concert ? on Saturdays. commencing at 3 o'clock. P. M. * BARNCM'9 LANCASHIRE REI.L HINGKKS, AT TUB ( Chinese liuildings, No. 639 Broadway. Thl* eminent band of performer*, whose entirtainnu nta during the past week havr been greeted whli unbounded iipplanar, will an- T pear e\cry evening tliij week, commencing at 8 o'clock, ' and cn Wednesday and Saturday af'.ortiooos. at 3 o'clock. 1 Th?y will repeat tboir novtl performance*. which far excel '' th? kind ever ' 'i>fore witni s--d by mi American m I . i < ... TI..'it uin-i - 1 , ' r--l 1 i ' 1 - n? "f twei- 1 ty bull* at one time, vi*., four to each m:in. produce* an fleck at oin e astonitliing and enchanting. Tliey eaucutd a I great variety of popular Marches. W alt cs, Oualrillot, I Polkas. National Aim, Ethiopian M<"lodie?, and select pi?<-?* A from the mojt celebrated opera*, with a lutrinony and de- a licary of t> ne which create tun greatest delight. In oon- a junction with the Hell Ringer*, will also appear those talent* * ed*, Mi?a Lealie and Mr. Harrison, the form*r iu a * variety of popular on;c, and th* latter in *everal ooinio y melodies and improvisatory effntioua. Adtuitsiok So oenle; ?Hltlren wnder 10. half-price. | BARNHM'8 CHINESE MCSECM. ?:? HROADITAY, III- e tween Spring and Prince itreot*.?P. T. Harnnm, Pro- * prictor and Manager. Kr-engagement for a short time longar ?' v"iin<"-uviug a^auar, m;?y 11, u lag tniUHH l.ft'IV ftna nite, who purp'ise visitini; the principal cities of the Union l1 previous to their departure tor Europe. In addition to tha h i . Family, six in numbor. in'-luding the lady with feel J 2\i <n> hes long, the Chines* collection, Consisting of oTor una 0 million Chinese curiosities. Vocal and instrumental mu- * ait dm ( the day and evening. Open from 9 A. M. till 10 P. ' II. A i?aion. 2A cents; ahiHrrn nnd. r 10, half price. " Ti k cam s .mu: < omisc ?hsooki vv , Irn-litu'e, U'i'dtie.idity ?n t T!iur?dn\ Evciiini's, Mny Z! . anil 2.'.?The ot'ginal ar.d w.ll-l>no*n Campbell Uiu*tiela, J. twelve performers, the oldest Company in xivtcn;?, l>e* tu , announce to the cittiers ef lirt.oklyn that they will giv? J of their highly popular F.atertainnunta M ubovo. Coiumwnoa atHo'elock. Aduun?t.)ii 25cents. f CEO. A. KIMHEUI.V. Manager and Director 1 of the Original < nmpbi 11 Minstrels. * W 11.1. CLOSE, (>\ WEDNESDAY EVEN INC. MATZL I Tv Uayue's Puuorntna of a Voyage to Europe.?Op-n I' every evening, at the C.trat Hall. Minerva Kcorns. 41KS * Hriadsay. cml racing vieasof lloaton, Liverpool, London, tnd both sides of the Kivr AJun non. ^ cents; 1 Children, under twlve, 15 rents. !>nnrs open ut HVJ. com- J menre moving at P. M. An exhibition on Monday and Wednasdav afternooni, at three o'clock. t Third week?king's panorama of the iiolv i l.aiid, and the Ruini tf Ancient Cities, at Montana ( llall. Hrooklyn, etabraeing twenty-one Views, inclnding I Hi me, Niuevab, Mnlia, Jerusalem "U Fire. A then), Ilibylnn, f Palmyra, Cypress, k<\ Admission, !4J rents; children half I price. l>oots op* u at ">? o'clock. Panorama begins moving t at h.V. Exhibition every M'adneaday and Saturday, at 3 v P.M Stage* run from Fulton I'erry to ths ball crary ten \ minetc". 1 The he a cties or tiie touno world are , nightly developed in a acnes of Panoramic Views of urt>*#eiag beauty at tha AMembljr Rooms, Chambers street, I with every Mcchai.ii-al and Pictorial help that Art aad * Ingenuity ran furnish. Admittaaca 2S eenta, everv even- ^ Ing, lkfladin^ !}i)|\'.ay. A li'rral allowanee to School*. 0 m t TION A I TIll'AT.r. WW VIED 1 MM F.DI ATE1.V. 11 t?mdh t'-r >ln'.1* ball*'. Apply to ^ A II. I'lJftDV, it the box olUce, Vlwtau tU? Lviua ?f 9 A. M. and 3 IV M. o CARD.?I.Al'lES AND GENTLEMEN or TIIB Till- ? alriral |>r<>f?aaion.'of a*kn wla?l*?d talent. wiabia* an anfagrnient at tli*?wark { N . J | r?, Kill plaaaa apply , (pott paid) ta GKORi.t i :J A I'll AN. 77 Duma alroat, N V. 1 ?___ LOST-ON SATURDAY, TUK INST., A DIAMOND I Shirt I'm ?ono larga diamond?aomawhara la Wall ttrwl, or Br<.adwar. Tko flniar will ba liberally rewarded, en rrturalnr i< to i ? laman It Su t^u, Alter Il..naa, LOST-ON WEDN I> r>A V. !mn INST., SCPPOSBD IN a Urnadwajr "Biulbna, a Geld Heart, enuuielled on i>M ?id?. rontainln* Hi* darnarreMjp"" of a lady. "J. II. M , ladianapaU'." wua turrat d >a tb? iuide. the (trier will b? lit-erally rewarded by leaving the aaiuu at the deak af the llaraU "fflae. Bead pcrse uht^iwmwabp*-foit. on m day n?rsi*|, betwaan Jcrmy < lt? and Uie Cnion Hotel, Union S.|ear*, a llnl 1'nraa and llracitet, of plain fold. Ika pari* contained two amall rMd piirM, aad a f?w ablllinga. Ai?? |?nm bringing tL? aiiota artluUf to lb* deak of the Herald nfliee, will raoeire Uie abu*? ra ward, and may rata, u the gold piataa. PUBLICATION*. IADY MO SCOW-A Sl'I.k.V DI l> 1.1 KIN US Of THIS J l.?-anlifnl ir. ttni* llir??the a lunar i f th"1 ?r. a' lbr?? lull* trut of yeaterday. ForaaUby N i l 142 Na??ao. aornar Sprnra Mrart. Tiik hand nook to centrai, amekica. with a dewrlp?l?a of thernntr to (altfornia and ?li* l'a*1ll<\ by tha rreat lak? of Ni<-araj<ia, l.? T II II. C'aulr C'lbliehad a I told ky GEORl.t. f \F.*lillT. N: ai i..n?r and printer. Corner of Wall and H'alirilr>ili 1)1 BI.ISIIED THIS DAT?HOLDEN'I DOI.l.tR MAGAX una for June.?A Capital NuinWr ? U Id-n'a M*?ntin? roataina EngraTiaga of Amariran Scenery, P.-rtraiia aad Bierrapbiaal Sketches of the !.? Iin* Man of tb? Ay*. and t< airibali' n? from tie be*' wiitara in the I ailed State*. !..? I II... ... ...I I' ,..? ? Ilk (niiiitdi ntll alHoin, fartlikmi witlt w:t, an4 ln?nr<d I y rnptal. thi? lluuin'. nmiTrr ally a<-ko<-w- .. I?d?d to !. thr V ? ?U'I ?t. I* rapi-llv gaining th* { i ir<ul?tl? n of any it Amfrir.1 rou r.tR u nirrz. MWSaaaatt ?irr*t, Saw Toft. r xrrw i.aiv iinokir.-ar.NF.DhrH admiraltyIS Th? Am?r< nil A4n I tIon an I Jiraftlo*, ? IIh pi if *1 f'irim ami 4lr? -rl???,; ky Kr*< nil ?'H<'liii| 1 Ea? i ?<il 2 I tnati,. k'a Raporta a*rr.n4 p4ttli'i, * llh ?'i??* ; I * *<il. fi Doii<>'? Itoportu, M?w V'.ri | til. 4 Baadford'a tlian"?rjr * Htfirla, Jo.j T?l, I rC'/Brt lt*|?>rt?;Sol. l'J 0 f. nmtf(f t>I Raport*. T),.< aWf. ?ita t *?i"ral nn-rtuie?t ?" ot Law Book*, jaat fmMlahad and f-r ?al? If bask8. uou.d * co., n*. 144 suui f-tri. MUtl B1 AUCI'IUA. f 1]* COI.TOH, AI HIO\ KIR U'CTION XI r <'!" Si ?o?4 ?< ??? liaad fnr?ititr?, f all !-? 'tp k ? Ikif ( w ?ain?, at I" '< l?.*k. al ?7 limua Ii an ???-" ??I?IIM in 'I part I I iir-t rat. fa I ti.'ili ' ny ?<) mr? .l?ir> malii>f?ir tlblM, knr?A'ia. Inrraln <<ri?t?. tt'iul I and map'' I?j*-?id?. n i?. i < i -? I ? ai I f' <r a llritimala #|?>nr?, Ill' i atr V>?air kr??? fcadltnTaka, * uftK ?hair?. oil ?Mh, laraa batktr Vib, Mr ' pallm*- . fcv< >.rj, |1*?? J.K.ra, lovkln* tla?w?, It, ha? ti raiaarifcia* J PFREMIToRV ?MR Of VAI t'Ani.K MAi lIINrRV, T ' kr - ri iM; k I OTIUI, . I! \l n , M- 1 I ". a' - :i M I mi>i Jai ml fct tr??t? I* art.' M. 1 a-r?, * faala, k-' . la aai 1 W rka, < ' tn| n?iri* l?n' it a run Ma rkla*. I'laa?? t f?*t ?I4#. 4 t'*4 lm-" tl ' ' I ? . Virtual ^ Hat aal a| |?raiai l<t Miac )lla4m, ??' * It * ? |i >w r ' m?aa? r ?'!, ii ..It aal i ( ,i. i 'i a . I | li I">.l in M.I I'. . An-,!, l.-i ... | k- T? ' I 1 r ' Id ? r. I'trif. ??tl t . a . m'l I >mn.<4iat?ly < l?a< 4 Uny h* daily from !?I* 12. Tana* raak. J N IH TORK mm?r HA/.AAR. si ? R >?HV nTRRBT - I I I' II i ?V At " r" I \ U' r \l. ' II .1 ? . I ar. r ?t?a. Ilafa* . *> , tkla 4at. ( H'?.|m-? l*? ?.'d I r >tnm?nfln( tlTS'i'tUck JOIlS II VATHKLD. I'r.^rt.tor. " r calikor.1u. a < rrat iiiinrou i ai irormm r?? iii --in 1 fA < > ??? * -at ?f nut '?f an ; ?-al Ei'.iS- < lien. |li??.|?irr? ?r? I'han I at 'i. v na.M Ma<f tu'rril, a< I' ir in *11 li ?' laa?? an i ? "t ?r?ai i- ?ar. ia aifa II' nt rl?r. ?|l llMfl* It tint , quit a r, n - \ fir naa ln?. it lr?4 alltl?r?. maay ?f lh> en ?arj viparUr, with a??- f. tl.>a?rjr. Htaai. fca : ?|?lla r*?' ? fc.r i.malia'a nI a' may k< H'l'J ia ainall (?? ? Pr <a. rack, kv?i. A ?ra*t lirriil. iHraat. J. II . I ? t a?r, * 1 ,,rj_ r f < M.irr>?MArt" vxi.f RoiiKE -i;> HK ?*mvw! * W#? T?f%. la ?k? I |- ' r *ltk?nl aliata. ' il.nark Pa?aar? Tl? k???. ft aaftm a? l'Mi|?rt'. anl ?- * >wl? kaitu l>r<ir?ii?a nrfnliiami |? nrlrr, Kt*rr- I I IN Ittlu4 l? < kll, ?l HlJ l? ?. \ I lra??, I. -al Ml I. ' AHNOI f? Ml ril'll y f 1 R*<JO?Y-* lAMri'^NI A EXI'K* TURN I. \T 1tIV tM, m*? ? II 1 mi 'a If w4 I ??ar l?l ky taaiaar ? I'T. .n <I? I.', * In i-harra af a Hwaal Tha 4#U?? t ?f MimIi an? , y Ihia I >1 r?? liaa. for *11 !>[. ?f I il.frrnla. x w.mH ? >T *? If rrt?W I* f<"a<nlm??.la>'j rltar ?>>? trilrU ' il tkaititatrtl ha rraa<-l**?. tkaraky laairlat Hia ?W ' ? at daa,?uk. (,f..a 14* Tatrl lira*! aaraar b< Vail. Lata ??*aa k CO. TWOIIPSOW k rriTrnroTK, *??? . * n rir?ail| f?r frUtM CM ka a.ala karaor la ? all- lamia, aa laa.ra) fj iniPPiRa ? lmhumiii- in rim: nrv win *?i. tiih imt r < ha?r? <1 ra , fr' h?r << rk, 1" t N I, M Fl . a? I a'fWk |>r< alaal * Paa- atara ara ta |nM?? 1 W? fcaaa f * a|ii;> a ??arl aarly tkla m?ra<ac. aa* to k? aa b?*t4. E u aKt ? ill laa>a | ua"?i?l v as L- r V -i. 1 J. I?ATT*?T> I ?'?v, 3l Ilr?a4?a^ ai IIOK r*AM l?- <>. r^lll'IRMM TII ?c ?l I'f J* I r i r f'?p ' i '<?* ! 'I /V (i I M t I.'IR. < apt I. ' t f'litmaNj a I l>a*a fx-li '/ , *hlT* '* Uo?t'v?4f?. Vftlf-nrilM ** riiiiil ? .f # Hi)-, I tfHl u *.!> Ciritil *" * !, "f *t _ ? f *\?tiv. >. f' W 11 ' R> I * TKRoron Tl. *KT< WRTrT. mi? I * ??l?.? ? *? V?o?i f f t?.U <!??, la 11'iirar.i % , t.lM; l*? >U"i? l? K?Wrt*' !.t??. f >r M?j ? ?h ' i* fl ?l??4 k A?rtnw?ir? lAht, f'.f Jn?? I' lAth | ??<4 Mm Ciftai l? Wm< !,( . f?r Jnn* .J?ik; thr*? A 'tttttf l? II ??r I k fciu fi't inn* lit i om Kir?l - City W 1 hagr*?. f?r J imt |m. r. h iiirr. :?nr?n rAi.iroHM* m kt.h ?<>r ?wr nr* ] kjr"ni?'li.rliM?, MIikh tkU R"M 3*tk M.\r. n *1111 th* ?? <? H'fi' lit '? I ?r Kr?t trip; Ma ?, inn |, 'Amf Aim?, t?n??rtlnR *>tk (tMrn'r |.t>,ian?. Apply I ) ft* II I'Mk *?t. Ifpi t'M lit* ttKl Hrniw ti ll WRIGHT. T f' A 1.1 FOR* I A THKFM FT>R RAll-THKIR 1 \J ?hfA??h <U'tui Tnk'W f?r Ran rr?n?iwfor ? ! . T Mr<T '"J i Hatch, <> * ?r il? Aa>?rir*a amw c?? jr. B? J all f, M AMm**IA tllRF' T TIIROIV.H TICRKT* for* tl I ' jv?? oinr Mk >|H R.fiVt' ftwm I'aanma aWai ? IM* frr? ?? *al* 1/ J. C ll?IM*f> R h<r#^. H ? ? . 1 'kf* 1 ?g - BH0AD1TAY THEATRE.-*. A. MARSHALL. BOLM imim.-w*dn**<lay ?v??i>i. May II. will ba ^Arwl luriaan Knowlca' tragedy of THE WIFBI A Tale of -Leonardo. Mr. Dv?tt: St. Pierra, Mr. tPhaa'lcy; Uu/o, Mr. -5?'?'r> Antonio. Mr. Prederirka; Bartolo, W. B. Cktpnaii Kariaiina. Mini Uavenporl; Kl?ribel. Mia* Olivia. OJLA.VD MVEISTISEMINT-Sig'a Cloc.aa.4Sij. Pfarl, abb hrp ? ballet. To conclude with tha favarit** fare* of UO0SIN 1ILKKV?Obarle*. Karl of M.ndarille, Mr. Parry; IfcoouM 'rimroac, Mr. Whiting: Jacob Primro*e, Matthew*; Co??i* 'liriry, Mr*. Skcrrett. Ursa* Urate aad rar^uli N MM 'anally aad Third Cir"l*e. V oanta: Oallarr l'i*i VIBI.C3.? WKDN E8DAY EVENING, M A V 22. TH E performance will commence with Brougham'* wn?df at tOMANCZ ANI) KE A I.IT V? \.per Manly Mr. Chlppendalaf Hirer Manly, Mr. I.ynnc, Jark Swift. Mr. Krvuaham; Frwl letedith, Mr. W?li ot. coder Kyd, Mr. l.e??h; Teaa Under, Mr. John Sefton; Kotabel. Miaa Mary Taylor; Barbara lanly, Mr*. Vernon; Bloaaom, Mr*. Brougham. Between MM I and 4th act*, an interiina*i<ia of half an boar, wkaa thl luirnitlccut ball room ?ill b< ibruwa i>wg at a Praawat* Iraicale. Admiwion to all part* of Ike hooaa, M aaakat mate IUxej, $?. Duori open at h?lf-paat7; ItNUHM t 8 o'clock. Bl'RTON'B THEATRE. CHAMBERS 9TKEMT.?WMDn.aday evening. Mar 22, will be played the eoiaedy af lk? l it ar OF wakI riKI.IJ? l)r Primrose, Mr. C W Clark*; ( ?<* , Mr. T JohntMi: Uurrhill. Mr Uolinan: Ephraim Jeanne n. Mr. Burton: Mrp. I'rimroee, Mr*, Hughe*; Olivia, Mra. iiihiall; Sophia, Mip? lliflert; Hon. Carolina Wtlbeimia* kmclia SVk(;<, Mu* Chapman. Ta conclude with the lew burletta, tailed MYSTERIOUS KNOCKINUH?A. Kerr dudgeon, K?.i., Mr. Jol.uiton; llarry ILaxIry, Mr. J aid aw; >r. BulUa L. Dee. Mr. Andrcwa; P. Blaruayum, E*<)., Ml. lolman; Kate Mudg*on. Mma < hapinaa; Sail; Clotilda, MUl I. Hill. Hoor* ? ; 4 . l. rt. rkLTMPIC.-l'lEKi ES MINSTRELS-THM orimlsal VJ Pempey, late of Chn*ty'* Minatnjl*, 444 Bra ad way, bant aen Howard and Grand *t*.?Every evening daring tka reek.?Deora opea at 7- Concert at 8 o'clock. The aavelltM atroduced by E. H. 1'ierie m hi* style of Ethiopian aerfer? ?*, and which have been reoeived eaok nirht with ltd lost decided mark* of approbation by crowded ai.dienee*. a* (tamped them a* being tha "na pin* r.ltra" of aad* otortainmenta. Afturnonu performance* on Wudnaedaya and atnrday*. Doer* open at 2, oenoert at S a'clook. A initio n 16 casta. Orchestra ho*?*. fi?e.; Private boa** El r\RATORIO or ABSALOM WILL RE PERFORMED AT U litv. Dr. Krtl'it ('l urch, earner of Henry aad Kutgra treete, on Wednesday evening. May 22d, at ft e'eloek. Tha rinripal nolo part* Mill lie *u*tainad hy Mrs. Jmnleaoa, Miaa tooth, nnd Mr. Joneii. Mr Uou. Y. Hnatow will prcaidc au he cr^an. Tu kot* 25 i cuta; to ba obtained at tha doar. \ et ular concert will be riven on Thuraday oreninn, 2T)d. IIT'EI.eirii C'lKl I S- AST<|R PLACE.?TQM TROl'PM Tt dclaved another week. Monday ercninj, May UP, IS80. rnivercal ruah to ?itnr*s the Kreat I eaping. Vaa ltiu and iyinK Act of iloraemanahip, by the unparalleled Boatb ,meruan Rider, Eaton Stone. Twa Cluwna, Han Oaadncc nd III I ty W ill i it ins. Alio, for the oouTcniono* of famUiaa, ii extra afternoon entcriainment Wodneaday and Saturdav, In) 22d and 2Ath, in wliioh the entlra talent of thia (plaadld rou|>o will appear. Adiuiaaion Ureitti cMldren under UA car* of a(* half pricc. mranki in l ? 17.'. ( iiatiisyl'arr.-tWO L jK'rformance* c . cry day ?in the altcruoon at S, and in tka reiiniK at balf-pa*t 7. F.itraordinary attraction* for thia reek. The "Model ArtinU" will appoar In aoma saw and ruriaal living pleton*. includiaf Power'* (iroak Slaya," Adam and Eve,'' "V*nu* Riun? from the Sea," feraoaatad v aouic of th* beet formed women in the world, toa*tk*r with he "Female Minnrcli," " Female Arab Oirle, " Femat* Hfl'H," burl??<|>ir, ovmie and fancy danrea, with a variety f original entertaininentit, to be fouad at bo oilier plaaa ( maaement to New York. I'rieea ef adiui>niom?Sta<* muU, 7)?c.; boiea. a3<\; paniuette, I2>?c.; private box**, ti riRANI) EXHIBITION CONCERT OF I'lHSSON'S i-I American Mammoth, or doubla Grand Pianoforte-M he Apollo llooma, on evening. May 2M, IMO. nrtrnmentul performers?Timu, linrke, Douehtr, 1'ireaon, lnif. Hi t1u'?n. Kyle. Pell, Johnaoa, Scharfeabarg. lu aditlon to other biiliiittit mimo, a Double Daetr, f?r ei/ht 3tid?, will be played Iv Meitara- U.'ffirao. .Vbarfcabert, iinit and Timm, on the Double Grand Pianoforte, proviag hie treat inatruumt to he e-iaal ia power and ea|i?eity W ny two Grand Platioa yet manufMturad ; and thowiag 1)m it xauiplcd novelty of four performere playiu at the u? tine upon one 1'iano. Tickete Bfty oenta, to 1m- had at (M riaeipal hotel*, uiumc eturea, and at Piraaon'l Piano Manaartory. K7 Leonard street. f> It IIMONT), V \ . Til I". A THE FOR RENT -THE ABOVE LV theatre ia offered for rent, by the year, month, week, er horter period. It la in perfeot order, and for if appolntnenta with regard to variety and cxeellenoe of noenery, lardrvl.e and prou rtiea. would coapar* favorably with aay ither theatre in tne Cuited Statea. Boeldea being adapted te Iramatic perfut man< ea. it ia noil ?uite<i for coneerte, the eiilbitiona of magieUtui. for ?ereaadi-ra and panorama*?ala* or lecture* aad dramatic reading*. The theatre la ifchtcd with aolar n??, la the moat brilliant tuaaaer, and tu he rapaeity to aeat fifteen hundred periona. Aa the eairation to alter or amend the coaatitution of the State at irginia, will aurmkle early la October, which will be felowed immediately after by tne aaaaal aeaeioa of the I/aglantuie, the proaptot ia preeeuted of a Ions aad proftiabW eaacn. For terroa, addree^the proprietor of the thaatr*. PANORAMA SAI.OON, O.I BROADWAY, CORNER OT Liapenard atreat?The new Paiutiiiia in thia Free EaU 11i^ii, auouia ?< i.y evrrv loter 01 me nuni imiimi f claaelc painting; the two Venus*", and the (j reek ! !???, re superior to any pictures erer eihitiited in thke oeaatry. lirAM.nAI.LA, M CANAL STRRIT.-TWO PEEFORMTT nrn eyery ?!ay, at X u'elvek la the afternoon, aad 'clack in the eeaaing. Tlie " Female Medal Artiste." leather with tha "Female Miastrels and Allegbaaiaa Moanam Singers," tha Sable Brothers, tad Arab Girls," with a ariety of other enttrtaiumaat*. rabMlra boj, 37x Mat*; Parqnetta, lAcaata. AMl'lEKEnTI M PHJlADICLPUIA. DARNfM'S MrSKl'M. PHILADELPHIA.?F. T. BAED nam, Proprietor aad Maaagar: Haarj Saafard, ImM at Maaac*r.?Tl:* celebrated Sageia Troup* ooaiaaaN aa ngagemeat of two week* only. oa Monday eeemag, May H, (.peering at that tiBO in Jielliai'* baaatiful a |>er a af " La namlula." They will appear eeerr oveulag liui weak. Iim Julia Dalr. tba favorite Caatatrfee, U eage^ed. Praf. i. c. t'roaa will aid tba Orchestra brhia efheiant aarriaaa. lilr. and all tba opera* in which tlia Troape appaar, will b? rod used with new eeenery, a carafal arrnaguimeat af praertiea, appoiatmeata, Ac.. tba aanager beiag determined i* take thair atMim al una of Uia moat aaiiafaolory aa4 rilliant *r*r alerted. *aperior perforaanoae bytbeComanv, aad Gen. Tom Thumb, erery afternoon. *piendtdeeiirttun of enriositiea. Tin " p, atilllaa of uuiaamw" la n acuta rehearsal. Admittaaoa, M aaata, <JtulAr*a nader I yeare. 12>a etg. ?OH EAL.K AMD TO LET. VALl'AM I AND POPULAR MORES.?JOIIN T AIXI3 A Co., ?u John atraat, Naw Tark, aad Uadoa. amnu hair nnmerons illistrated work a, hare lately iMned Tallira Illustrated Atlas, and Modara History of the World, (**irai'hleal. political, ei.Baar.-ial aad atatistlsal. Edited by K. M Martia, Es<i. Thia work ia well-known u> ba, wttbowt Iiraptioa, tha chea|.eet, Boat tooi rate and nut splendid publication rf tha kiad erar leaned Tha maps aaa ?agrnr*4 >c (teal, ia tba ?ao?t eoitly Banner, while tha atBoat >ua baa been taken to obtaia tba aery laieet aerreya. Thar lealnA* til new boundaries, discoveries, railroads. Aa. The map of ba I'altad Ptatao exhibit a all tha raoenlly a^qairod terrteriee, including aeearate r*pr*e?atatien* of Callf iraia aad he told regliiaa. Oa every Bap. keaatifal engravings of Ika Tine'pal places aad rem ark all la objoet* ia tAe world ar* Imi aad the wb*l* U a**?Bpaal*d with appropriate lettarreaa, deamp'ive *f tba larinsi oeaatriee, together with alnabla atatiatiea aad oth*r laforaatio* oona**t*d tberelith. Each cent part *<ialalas two, aa'* a a. h 71 Hal part II *iqaiH'elr aarraaed map*. T*ry carefully eab*lliab*<l lib aaitabl* border* af eleraat aad appropriate atrana**, 'nstratiraof tke nsnatn and ?ust..?i- ?f diifeei at e?aa~ rie*. with deacriptir* lettnr praaa; to b* *i.Bpi?t*d ia SI arta, at S9 reata, or II at 75 aenta. No*.! t? ?4 now read*. ?d other yaluabla work*. Cataln?a?s la W bad at tba tor*. I^OR ?AI,r OE BXCUANdE?FIVE KIW POCE-^TORT l trick Houses, oa the northerly aide of Twe.nty-foarth Inst, 1?0 fi-*t aaat of tl>a Mareatn avenae They ara in oiiit.leta crilar, with Crototi watar, and In *a iiupro\iu( eiitiborliood. rnineumbared yal astata, paraonal propatly, r sood Itockr, will u taken in ei -hiiti Apply ko smith fc vat uerpori, Wall street, Ja'iatay Coart jtuwrsmm i "t:'s' r ' > t roi k ik.r?i: powrr, "eyliadcr toilar, steaa pipes. Ac, eeairlet*. warraateJ in I rf! r?u 111", I ||?l I'lip, I irh rhatiW, 24 faat kftf. AIn. Vvrrr an>< lift l'aa|. S . || ?l n rj?r jvti* t), lack, ky ?< ff?t I?a?. la*alra r JOHN joiiv?os i;?? ?ml >> ?> atraau. Brooklya. [?lmn R?a msn r<?H vamudij > |r?f?rt? on tha- ll'i'laia Rlaar? Stora, toak of nil | mi a ill i f tk> nlilluiiir.lit. > fcaainaM rrtaMialia<i h( ??ral yrtra, f.ntn ifally fi.r<a?h. and la now ia full npaaaa?: tat ll.? in>r ta c?n|*ll>< to r?m m Vmh aa wwwl rill Malik. It li ( ran ckuct far la'aatnaaat. Fm r*>mlar* to lf>rRTLAXI> rAL**r. 177 Broa-lwar, aaaoa4 LVlR ?Al.r-TUK HUM *. ritTl.'re* AftD UOOD WILL " illl'i rt?r llmao in 'aatli Hr.uklyn. now Jam* a fixxl n?ln??v a III I" aol4 rh?af>, a? tha awaar ta arwagwd ta aikar mifi-i'. Inqaira oa tha pr*m!?*a. Calaaatia, aaat UtHu iinul i*avm i appia<;i fo* ni.ii, a monr tn m nr F fn ily Cur .? ti II: r i?r, Jaat ( n ii?4, arnt arilt *?14 ...a, Li.iuira ut Mil M>N II. Ill NTH Ca , Kal *l lal "2 William itrMl. rjooni r. i'fKi i < >r "ai r -a voim; axdiiiavti, [ fal Kr?wli i'Aadla l>?*. parfa ll? wlit^a aa?l riaaata r.rvar?.IJ, Caa I* a?<a at 13 saffulk air?at, third S>>at' I ?fa rra*. ro LCT-ron hir ?i;mmkrMinx, a mm* turik >"i; linn**, lnrmihxl, ruataia af 4 partora. |fl ka4. < ? . kitrl.i a, i?r?t ??ll?f, aa4 ataM?, ?n ta* l?lai>4 <f Dnn?, I wo mil?a.lri n. Ul??i < ta I aa4iti?. lam I ?la a4, aa-l <>a? r 11,? m? ?l i?autlf?l r?-al''? a> ? ai.t I,. ?|thy fila?a rllaatai it tha !*aaa4. AgraaaMa aalka, 4n?-?, aaa-talkia?r, irl (< afurt*. 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