Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1850 Page 2
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f .NEW YORK HERALi>. j j J AUKS UOItUlIN HKI R KTf, ( PROl'RTEWR *NI> P'TO* , orriccN. w cobnekor fi'I-ton and nammiista. run. HAIL V HKKALD, 1 ctult t*r . 7 y aha?I i I hk H'FiKLl HKHaLD, ever v l.ifuriiiii. <it ' *? t**U p?r mi t ,r *.1n'iitom, Itu Kuropc ifi e Ititmt t* p" imutm, lo hufiidt | >(,/. I Li rKkNttynuiHttii >?Nrr?pfv>M? <?r will *4rn?.?! . <.t?, I" |*?l * <*<, of ffl* poatil)! ir%ll ke <*rilu*ttd f"?? '*? >UK| rfw#< /. . S I Alt y I'UffKh'SPl>iV/>K.V< fc, rvnf'ii/iinv V k T ?' 'A* iwM; j' *??<;. n'< k Itf- ?ULfnid'*r XI) SOTk L Uiktutt uwtnumam eimiutui.trilftoru IV. .! > : .r . :r icolU'iu, jrOVF K TlHE MKSTS rrfisu* J every mnrvinp AMUSE* I.N15" TUIri KWSMM. 0OWERT TUIATRJv Bumn.-b.vo John?Hit Lait Un. 8 ROAl'WAY TflEtTHt Br<? or Ftt- ' .IIBI-ICK OaRHSN, Btvaiiv ii> Runaio *!?i Hr?nr\ ?HrwcAt. Hn^mk ?inr fit'HTO.N't TLiJJ Al'ltE. OLloutri 8tr*SV- C'*T?i'* m Ck?iui>? f * ?lI T. N \T m?II A ! TH t Vf HP ('; * :cav? I' hi ? . ? Tt ALim?K?w?t r ?ii *ni>? Av \i.?r.)nnn Raorik;''* CHKl^i tr'B OPERA HOUSE. lUchML.ot UaU- ?.r*r. . XAt KrwHTHki*PITKPU . Fmrri Wrom anA. tfEi.OOKOW -Wwr*"? aoim. I'B VM MCSBimi?Cminxi I"av.:T. ?. MNE^E A?sru !L> I *?. .irttiBj ! .?? * . Hew York, Tmifc|, Maf i*S IIMk j l-'rout V a?:jI?i};.oii? 1M? Mr. Mati n Iihh nffrxcteu no linii* k;t >;. dvocacy of the extension of the Mi^n'iri line. j lit has t I'll tli- ground upon which, it apiwurs I to w: I tfnd error g support Memwhile. !'? /?" ? j ul.'ir bricgs nil the cabin-1 b ttery to pour in *iri;? ejon Mr. Clay, determined, if po -ible, r?* t?rin-r California in us the simile Mr. John Tv lei It*h come to Mr. Clay's rescue. What n?tt! The Foote and Itcnton difficulty is the source of j amusement ami inve>tif*ition mill. I' us-e? up ? > good port rii of the public time, and in tVit way is j tcrv set vice able. It promises to end in sm ?Uir i without any powder In ?n article of upwards of four columns in the Rtyublir, a special plea i; mailt* tor the Pie-iden 's fl. n; ;.a<i ore < | the most insulting perorations is indulged in against Mr ( ! .v. that it has rver b -en cut let to pctu>e in uny pijwr emanating fr >m any cabinet. If there ere " tarty and two bears'* i.i tl.e vicinity tf Washington, th y mty be e-vsct-d In execute the will of Providence at the virful ut- ' tersnce of " Go up, thou h.ild head," which must ! disgust more than e\et the public with tiie bo>s in { the cabinet. Tl?* V.iirnirin Nnv?. The new English steamer Asia, Hfter a run of right days and seventeen hour-, arrived it llihfix yesterday morning, by which we received our t -le- j graphic accounts. The early desji?rohe,<, with the markets, were reproduced upon our bulletin ut ti/e o'clock ymtrrdhy evening, and the political news come to hand ju<t after midn ght. The commercial news is highly favorable. C itton wae still linn, ari<l in demand. Oae descri.slion advanced. Breadstuff's were on the rise Anne- 1 renn securities were in active demand, and ad- I vsncing. There is a disturbance b??w -en !5'i??i'?, France j rd England, on the flie*-k question. Tlie 11 ui an knd French ambits .i!..r ti d left tfii >iitl. tiiM iho* li rhi ji' v ,, f ii, , to'-X/'aiu th>>ir 1 aliri pt i!cp; rture, the attempt prove I am thing but satisfactory. Trouble may possibly arise on this ct T he French nation an- in a st if * of confusion.? i Tie r.iw electoral liw ha-t excited the utiiviM , power of the democratic and conservative element*, i which nit-now strug^'lir;; to product h r'nony o*jl : of a general discoid. Where the matter may end ' cao scarcely be conjectured, but it n"ed* not a ! political philt mi j her t? di? ine that it i? imp wsibte ' for such "limitary orif .uic chances to be ellW-ted, w ithout changing p btical society to it?- v. iy I'oua.1. Thr It?ctut Kipi!Hlon id I u'.in?1* II Piracy vr futrliilUiu * The explosion ? f the recent expedition lu Cnbi I hiiK occupied th- public ntteiiUon for ?. in d ?v? piat, Mnd will probably continue to do -? fwr huiic <i.iyi> to come. a bubble! Whit ? hoai I IVrchar<ce w hut a crim* it waa! The qoeatiwn r.c? ?hich rr :t'? m<??t ttelifi"n, ia thai npru the merit* of the ex(?'.||ti >n, ?n I ihe legality of the con jurt of th<>*e who liar c< .?:riv- d ir, either here or elsewhere. Waa it an act of piftcf < ?r |*urioti"iii to fit our an expedition fretn N'-w Or- j lema, and aid and awi.-l it from New Voik, for the ' purpoae ?I taking Cardrnia, killing n nnm'< r of , juiet |-ecple llterc, pfcindeiit y the p'iMi ?r" i? irv, I and lit* it running away to Key We?l m l theUnlt-tJ Plate*, to eicapc puniahm lit and Ju?ti"" from the , aaihcntiea of the i knd 1 The id-a tint th e ! ei wt !<l'.y r.i lit i, rung fr?-tn th'- bone* f>*e!i iiT< <>f , pi triolein, aerina utterly ab*urd. Themlnhi iu err the l.e?t judgi-a of pir>ey or' - w uj their own care, aiul they rert?inly did not 1> <k vpon the invader> ua th< ir iiit mi s in any p >int of View, Tl i* mn't?r, however, in a very pn?"ir I ?rn? , aeema to have 1* < ? brought hef??r th pro, -r I 'i il trit'unal iti thin city, an I we c ill i!i atte iti ?n af > ir : Mdm to the proce?'di:i.'? of i(i<* 'ltd Si .t iJiMivt Court, ?>f y<-Ht<*rd j, rej?'. e 1 i,i i. ir< di;ni? claewh* re. Th?-re they will tin t th* e*?v'l-nt charge of Judge Delta to the ^nrid i irv, in whi ' i h?ei|K>und<* the pru* irtona of tlte Uv of !?? I'.uted Mate*, i,i ri lation to ?>>ir d it?ea < i u?.nril .i >ti<>i, and what are u<t* of piracy commiM*.! ii|>r>f th* >' ?#h rer < or on ahore. Ilia wljfct !* i en 1 ronght Ix frre th" 1 -<!iio? <V:rt, in eon? of t'.e recent d in^? in thi.* city, in whi-r'i the | nan * of Mann V. lie eh, lu* eon.?, and e? t ,'j Cutmna. f?rti.:nj; n junta, are connected The PeciMary ?f the .Itnii m tl>i? city. <i >11 Mf?el 'Imrlie Toloi, hia l">en arretted Mr vi?l.i> tien of the Uw of the I'nlted wt ite?, in reference lo thi? expedition, ;.r>d Mia'i V I* - cS an I l.-a raw have h?rn eited 10 hhi* ar 1-fore -ha grand Jury, in order to pive lhair e*idenee ?< t > wh?t th< <r kn? * ami r.:n ten tli? * ur.*! -n .,f the aSj<edHM?r. who titled il o?t, h w t,i fun.W were citainl, iwi ?th? r tiling* tit r* into > r. taiiiing. A? to thr rX|*r?iition it*If, it h i* i entirely. G? ner.>l Ia\? / Im* eecajwiJ lo th I'.i .e,l Natea; and, according to tli?* l.iat account*. if wji running South lo hi<l?* hiu?*elf, whrre he in it, while hi* ai?l> rw mid ahettor*? aaaiataata, a*<<o:'iatee, >ii<t rtni'lojrr* in thia rHy, filid ikfRMflrn l tou?;!?f tip befote criminal courl lo answer for their conduct. T li ii?, an w *li j ?ml h n'? direction. not cf a vrrr p|> aping ch.irto-trr for niw of them, ia fivi-n to thio muck h^n't'vl and vaunted e*(wdiUon, ro. ik to tvvolutiouixe the inland of Cu'?a! tlii? expedition to c'nhi Imp been an inter-atitu, if not a f'inM, h'i?in?*a for th* l**t two jear*. It ima filat broached, we belk-ve, in tht publij i?niit.? by Mwm Y Brock and his interest in 4 firmly of patriot*. It will ?w? recoil* cfd, th ?t il ?<i lint broiiuM out h* cur cttemi<orarv, about the time of the laMM|>ki?on of the tinny bti.k* with which Moeea ha? be? n heretofore connected. Tli<? 1*1 unfir Id Hank w ?a thr laat on?. we believe. Mo*-*, dugiieted Willi finiinrra arid binka, took hi? departurr for h aeaeon from the United Mtlrr, nnd mad* a trip to Havana. where he remained a ahort time, Jnat before the ronrltmion of the M--*ican w*r. It la generally l>elieved that M.?aea, during lit* viait to Havana, herame a Cuban patriot, and mid# arrangementa with Ntnr of the patriota of the ialind, that, upon hia return to the United ."tatea, he wo'ild rouae the popular feeling of thia country, and get op an expedition aa aoon a* poaeible out of the returning M'liean army. Thua he would entitle konaeif to be thought a sort of Lafayette, or Otm- ^ rral Horn-ton, in the revolutionary way?be*id?a, t.h\e h winter residence wi ajmrt for him in Cube. In this huMi' -M Mot>eg displayed a little in >re mnhitiOD than he had dour in the buaini-M of circulating the hilla of doubtful hank* upon the eomliiiniity, a hutiueas he hi?<l followed f.irsome yettin In \ lously lie begun his career ua a financier on the Plaiiilield plan, and bought to close it as a patriot on the Lopez platform. Well?Mut??, ifter having been chased out of Mexico, returned frum C.uh.i to the United States, a red-hot I uh.m patriot, lie hid taken u survey of the beautiful id in.I, and Ju.d p:< I'olily pii-Wed out an ti-iate which would ?'ill I.iiii when the inland should he conquered II ' ii.Mii* dii.tely i u in* d the ? j *f the Liberation of Cuba, in connection wiili > ie young l uhana who tu.okcd th> ir cigat* ui Broadway, and viaited the 0,*ia o 'caeif'iiblly, v in n it w<iri open. Latt . litii'iiei. v inous prep.,rations were made, mid the cxiiedttuui w almost on the eve of filing, f vir.e i f tl.. i .tiiii in in thi>? expedition applied to ua, i:b<.M tliut t'iMe, lor a loan to aid the enterprise. \\ e (Uchin il the honor, but we believe our philo, i . ,,i?- .| 11 e hU>r, (irt-cley, went in, to the extent 11 Id' <i> i:? r-, t<>; mid n *iM them in the exp *.l?ti< i. i ft vw l.i .1* the " mil im v will wil l I'.ir h 111, tr nr-cert in all lli>' ficts 'if the c ane. This ? < nil.i c ( i tin- ex[>< iliticn uii"P? d in t'ie bin!, I.) it.' J'l-sidenl'a prod*nution, si:i<i the patriot* < i rtr n ?|. I'm dining tii*' p i -i winter, Gen. i linen ii'M'lin<{ .it VV.i-biuyto:i, which be iu i?le !.m |. il (jiir>rt? is. lie had consultations with iii;in\ i !?r-rn t;:' !i, and some close connection a.'li dm :ii< hi ila- c .!>id*rt. We have not the U a-i doubt that trine ii the menders of the culii- j >> i w< re in ilu- si tn I, uinl knew of the de.wrture lt> A,v 0> h nn>>. or el-e the expedition, like that ?.' Ci ' iid I i ml, could never h .ve bet wait. He ( tliiln.wivi-r, l* a limy, it was a f.xtli?h plan; tlii-jerjle h?.v?* I !i ! d astray, the bubble his I ;ir ai'il i.t'V> the contriver-*, foui-nfrs, 1 mi ir. iii I ul etieisof it, in this city, ought to ^ive i.ii lion' t eceoutit to the gruitd jniy, ol the titling out i f 1 lii- i..'e:t ti.11: hudv <f patriots. SiM'li the Inanity tind origin of this curious j 1 Lair. We hope it wi;l end i.i justice to all p irtie*. in the 1 ;-ciipe of the innocent, and retribution to the jtuitty, whotoever th>y nity be, and wiicren i V'T f? und, li' ie or ut Washington. mocr ni w l' a< roiiii:s in the Sotma.?The eatulili.-lili.eiit, in the bouth, c-f new ln-'ories, i* .1 ii,utter ? f ..linojf il iii> announ iii?-ijt We .? troely take up n iu w ?p ]x-r, thnl ; do H"t find some UOcoui'i ( l a 1 w enu rprif, in tne ?-!?i,-- of a I uj.?e cotton oi vMt ih n fue'.ory, "taring us fall iath = t\c, and pf-seiiting us with the pow iful testinnay of the fact, 1 hat an uit-n-e and eii'-r^etic COin,>etiti*n ik now poii g on with the Northern 111 u if e t'l.vrs. L?erj railf -ad th;it is o;i' lied at th*? South, alio, innny factories. Tuey spring up on th*.* side-* of the various line?, anl at the termini, wnervvei nature (tiers suitable inducement* for 1 be energy and tkill of nun. The consequence will H?, ih it our 1 old Lantern towns, w here hundreds of o,mti- j tives are killed by consumption f-very year, w.ll >v drmiid to a considerable extent, to supply the labor for the Southern mills. The girls of New j.i I i.iii.i ire i.< >v ne^inmng to i'ii.i in it in-y nave iter prop| ects nt tin* South ; that their wit, intellt?_? ! ' **, mid accomplishments, are appreciated } that in: rri ig?* him! indepecdenca sooner follow a ? ( urr ? of viituouk employment, than at the North ; i.ikI '.h )' ure, tlierelore, wending their w ?y to th'? more penial atmosphere of our Southern neighbors, in considerable number*. This spirit, on their part, will increase, and the Southern mill* will rocn lie considered cr'*n?-r^lly nmr a Iv mtap<t iih thr n the? of the Nottb. Thoiph H^n'inf N<-w ]itiplund factories may scour the vitt>?i**, us tjiey have done for jefir.-i, to fiild new victim* to 1 Mtpply 'he plnces deserted by the dying nnd the | <it i<(), tli> y w ill f.iii to oHer temptation* etp 11| to the I 11iliiant |ir<-?|>eeU afliird-d hy the South, whore there i? more hospitality, kindness, respect f.?r 1 ?.ottli,: i.d a mi 'ller population, in which merit r.m ndvar.ce itself, thnn ut the North. 1 he So till err States art rich in every resource ; l)f ? I'Oiuiiii.lul l*l?M i<UuCf, well in the cli\rnn if ci\il./iiiion hud rebutment. They b*vc their ri men of coal and the useful and prcciou* ti. tils, . fields of lice .iid cotton, u splendid grazing country, tiie ih ep piHutvttr, adnnralde water i<ow. f, all the el<in' Me of gie^t commercial an 1 niin iftctiiiins' jto- my, i i d th^^e W,:i be rapidly tut i J to account. The w>ollen factories will iner'ase ? tin c< tt? n fi toriiv will multi.'ly, and alreidy, th* ' the. i'?Mi ?>t t'liniy of f!n..*e m lis, nowr*-fjblish*d, ate in Ni ? Vork, opening up an iiit UmI ii list I - ? . n seriously f?-lt all over th-* conntrv. 1 lie Joutii ar.* ( Jicijy pirnung their way, with rv?ryt|-.i'E in tbcir fivor, and without any comllaii't. They dernnnd no tariff. They r.ipiire i cne, J-*i>. wi'b a fair intcre'ii iijon their r ?pl? i i.<l witknt ?l>iirj fnr Icfnmiiig millio nirc.t, :! v 1.1 v k' j? ? 'it ft-r He ii Ires a i?re -t j?ri?- J i,i i I' r. ; i" i ettirific pr.i-v'iity. which will yet | ; ?|? o h . II \| W Kli^lund. 'I ll > h .V- all t'l r ?>v in. I'M"! ''T ?n . r> . and ill'> will s.on manuf.v tvu? it Ve ilu'll see it. ('rrrttv "> l'r.M-.a a*i> Path tort'm?Alter lla.:i?> irc printer* md Compositor* shout th? i pices ? l,.l. r. Mr Ti ' .ii'* ? i e|. v hi* dee I tr- I I i|. I ll.ete hoii'd t" inaivnoc 'in pricesof t ? ' i?/- i 1 | f.\? |>r<'enrnin Tl.i < I* rery :?no.l. N'?rH t'c i I I. do* , I < r ?< t the evni^le ia liis own oili??. I. t i h'to ?!o v. h it h?* tl.r.k* i nnd prt?,?ef, t?l Ii I wi 1 I , w . Iioni iff rem e to oil? r-, a 11 give a I 11<a ? i ? i? mii? n< t lo-'nt to th" work which h h n I > i.t l> . d? >m t I li> w-i rd? All 'l.?s t.illi i? |'i?t i-wly r to th.twhi-h h 111 i.r i1 ill lli '/V itn j "tl the (* i'm ft lllien 1 ii t?e i? pr< >'d into t?rvitft* to d *:io l.iec tl intn^'i'tf f'tiha, ns inu'inuil. r? r.n-1 pir?t*-., I v I.^11 Hie t -cplucal Horac* Wt II kii"**.- to ' li~ . if i.e of >1 j> nt.-, and !? *?.k d * ith the ?*x,>edi. , tioii Ivl f inn; r lie i? *i a t?ir w ly of h 1114 1 C lied nj, urcordi g to the ii strut in "is of .IiiIj" r? l > il * ' ian?l Jury, for h wii <> ?f thoM ! *! n,i'..< ! lit in' n??e-?i I leaM?for carrying on the x; !><?? n M ill l?e ?l-ny th ?t he m,>,?' - j rd u i" in I money I Mil f.?r ilia v?ty puN l ? wiiriih' lit * m< philosophically d*nomie i> ,n out1: ' < ! n *he I.? ? ? U h it *11 he My I W?>iiK word*. *>r!? II- i" n mil of words. ?*"% ri!K I*? t icbuk*.?Il * i'm? that nil i h; Tidr* >1 | "lirrnien Imv- held n mating, pn?fi! r? i < l.jln n?, made ?peec|ir?, all in favor of a ? ' ikr f? r lii. lt* r w.'ir- ? The ?;*rit nf the h re ? < m* ? < I:irt ih' ni foo. lltt N-for* i\f Corporate n r? r ci i|i to th< ir dt rnnnd, wi1 hn,* th'-y w ill I < .-Mr to ?lii'? lint tfcfjf CM krcpilirfiff clfMiT mul inure |*'m?vkMc tin, i iias Ih-' ii (or ike I i?t fW. Pi'i nitti Hctrisitn ni m* Cn-rnnji'*!.? Morr inrrTiri^r^ are called nn.l hol.l in tlie H.iuth?ri? ^fiifm in hostility t? the compromH* |il m of Mr. ( l-ir. |?frri?? ??f Ii 11'?r|w:u<l >th< rcitiea nil .cUtr? w ill prohuMy follow. A lirge pnr'ion of il.r .Ninth * ill rppose any eompromine mi I *11 compromise. They want the Minouri l?ne, an 1 will tnkf nothing lr?n. (Ht-KrtP Tm Ao\n.?An Inpiirr into thr ruse ol Una ring' p'nini will be in id l> fnre Jusi ire (Morne to-morrow There ought to b- * full and extern ive examination! and all ih* witness* that may give any information nftli * r iduct rf thia man, should l?e questioned. I. tt.ic tmth of nn* out. Justice (>.?b'.ro knows Im duty, and w ill prct>e the matter to lh?* bottom. Ci mi Ma?s Mi.fiivj ii riiic 1'ar*.?Th* patriotism rf thf hour irrnu inclined for n m i?? m? ting in the l'ark, and Wednesday evening Im been nan ed. Wkfiktt It is to be a mas* in honor of th<? tltMrlri won in Cub#, in thr Parisian sty I , we ha\e not learned; hut it i? mid thM Muffn Y l>irh i? to I# at the head of the demonstration, and that he w ill lie mpjiorted on either h wd by the editor* rf the Sun. It ought to be a very intcn Ming pelade. ] / n? ii m i 11 n rnurntmrnm^mtammmmammm Almim.-tbatkiii or Jidticii i? Mbw Yoi:*.? SctuTiiiNO Wfu*o?The it-c ut uniTi-ioni/i-nt, fur a j?eriod of mx month*, in on* of the dnni! 'wis 1 of (be Toflol*, iri Centre street, of ?n in-i'?c??nt 1 citizen of forty yea's reputable standing in thin c< mnmnity, presents n f:ict in the administration of justice in this city, th it can only fi?d a panllel in the records ard dungeons ofmich d?*?poiic uov. rnnuntsaFpr vnil in Vienna, Madrid, or Constantinople. We tillndr to the incarceration of .1 \rlingtcn Kennet, for th:it period of time, on tki* clmige cf forgery, of -which, ou tiial, there whs no itMinuny?no evidence of the slightest char: cter implicating him in ?uch i ctiiH". It i.? a ttran^e and lingular anomaly, in a free country, in a republican commuuity, thu hnocence pnrt r?n>eci?Viiiify ehoul I hi v.- Keen violated t?rd outraged in wav that c-tn only find 3 pnrt.llel hi tlie most de*|>otic countries of th" oil world. The can- of this old nun, md hi< strand* imprisonment, are beginning, a? it onubt to do, to awaken the attention of the community to the ad niinietrMion of justice in thin ciiv, and to th-' men and systems by which it h is l<een ni ituured and conducted. On that tri d. not th" slightest evidence w.i? pn dueed, calculated to unfair riie integrity of Mr l>nnt t*(. character; *nd yet, hy i<^"ne str ing* prcceffc or olher, he h is l^een imprisoned in a dungeon of the Tonil>e, fur nearly six month.*, a? if hhad Keen i. felon, arid only entitled to a felon's ture. These extraordinary proceediugi arc calcu- ( Idled, and have already produced a feeling In the | minds of mniiy of liis fnends, I'oth on I?ug Isl md 1 iit'd in ll is city, that vull l>r? >k out ii eomr n iturul and e?-r;oroiiH tcstimoni-il of som'' d'*-- rijitiin, before many daya or have |>-i?sf^ away. Tnrlft d, up leuin that Mich th* sympathy felt in the Ixik ijih of those w ho know hill ihit proceeding* of a public ii->t ur*- will he r-so-ted to, in erder to express th-sr feeling* and sym >"hv f.?r the M.ii< tinys he Iwa borne, anil their rejoicing f?r hie ewcape from flit* nnwarniut.ib'.e step-* that had been taken to briti;j him to punishment for crime* of whi<-h he w?-? i^rf-clly innocent. Thue are, how? ver, in 'iters of i>ure public svm" ^ |'i:thy, sprinuin;: op from the enormity of | hi* itnpre ontnent, ai'd ?ill |>'*p away as other eva[H.|?ik>nn < f tin* moment neni-rally do. Ah on** ol the of public j'isti and iii reference to the correct and hiirh toue if the administration of the lnWt>, we have df c;?r and ?nor?* import tut duties to jierl'i rm, iu calling the attention irf ail tho?* in jaihlic authority to the?e extraordinary rirenin Mitricea and events, through which and by which such an outrage could have h. en committed a* th it < f the incarceration for fix iu< nth" of an iunoceut ciiiz?n in a free country. In the tir--t place, we think it is. a duty which Mr McKeon, the DiMrt.-t Attorney, owfn to his Mii.?>if<iiit po.-ition, to hit high ch?rac'er, ?.nd to hi* (id lily to " Heaven-born justice," to investigate thi* atl iir tu th? fnllett ?iicnt, and to atccrtain by wh it strange nu-thoda and singular duperiea he has been made uu willingly the innocent instrument in conducting euch a trial, j <<riginutii:g and terminating iu such a strange way. ' We are not sure but that a committee of the Com- ( men Council ought to be H|>piiint?*d for the purpose J of making a atnet and searching investigation, nor i nly into this, hut all thop>? trial* which hav# orig inated in certain aiyaterioua proceedings in the at- j mosphrre of the Tombs. It is very singular, in- | ?l? < H, ibr.t an honorulde nun of forty yearn stand irg should have been inrarcirjtfil in a dungeon for the of six month", without cause or without evidence of uny reliable kind. This is a pi tin mill phipa hie fact, and one, withinany others, which a committee of the Common Council mi_'h; act j upon and investigate to the Iwttorn. | 1 'tit ?honId Mr. MrKeon mid l?i^ twoassistants? . F'lvid Gn hum, who s9*ms to lead him, and Mr. Pli.llipe, w |,o follow* itfter?should taese gentle.lien or tiny other* ib the Corporation feel a degree of u* kwuidne?* in pur-uing such an intpiiry, we | tiurt thit Mr. Chatlield, the ahle ard inle^nd.-n1 Attorney General of this Stat", will take the m?t- , t< r into hi.-> uutant consideration, come down to this rity, look into the c.tte and its circumstmces, nnd dive a little into the turning* and winding* of Mid, irtDIIU HlultMralkw of filhiio jnrtti-e, by which a f-ee nrd innocent citizen of this community, of high character uml r>'i?ut*?ioa for forty y?*, could have been incarcerated in it diiutfeon for li* month-', mid only procured hi* liH -rtv after fforts trials nnl labors that would hive Krolfrt the ipint f nnv oil er man. I*et Mr. Cmtfi.-ld take thi* matter into hi* serious consideration. It is time. I The FfWARD Ct.n;tK om the CoMPttntm.? Thurlt w Weed, in tiie Krtming Jtwt/, hvsdeiioi.nced Mr. Clay's compromise, and gives his tilKi sdhei-ii n to the plan?no pi ui?of th r.linnet; because, as he allep-s, it is nii?re fiVurahle to ft*toil principles than the compromise. This is significant f fthe adhesion may he expeeirj from the N wutd e'iy ?/ of this State, tnd .< ! free-wiler-t, to the )ii?. "lit cabinet ?>f General Ttylor. Tlie e; binet, iind the fre*-s<>ih*is iinwiij the whi^s, understand tilth other. I ?i immi r.(v-, iinr? We wnuldcall th* attention f | it -t nj;ers sml all others going to II iv.m t, or iii.> part of the island of Ciih i, who intend to land 111! rrm.iis thf r for any length of time, to the imI'ulunte i>{ procuring passpoit* from the Sptni-h ( i n>ul liefore leaving the I nit) d St itrs. It i * not unfit i,ti< ntiv the c ite, we under?! :nd, that l*>ilt , p s-t 11; rs i.nd ihe \et *e| nre fined, is firn'r ten, ui.d tlu* hitter twenty-five dollars, fur not hiving , p > >! its pn jw 11) enJorned by th?* Spani- !i Consul, I nt ihe |?irt from whieh th y suled. It mqMh* ' U-irt in mind th~t the ordinary p..i*p*rt, or pr v t?ftion i:iai.(?<i by the .^rcrrUi) of Man-?i \V.. l) ii. KiirHtlrkr, untci^ ?'inlur:ri| l>y tl?c 8, lull h C?ii*ul. A< i'anc i: n* tiik1i-i?ii 1'iRK i. ky ?1" . I rihV. f 1,1 air litjr Ihw* cf v r\,-' ,n<*if j? ?'pf. ?!- > ! > Ju?! < l> tlfi, in Ui?' l/uilr-l | Court, ili# i lr?nH Jiry hare ? j? rftil rtghi to arH for lb# h !i? -1?- ? f th# fri-h I>.n . iv, in I i<t ,n1 < f V i v I 11 < of lb# in ?| Irrtrd I >i jear to help ih l.i h revolution in ft' ><*: iiiiiu n. Wr rrcMnnKtil ilir <?r?:i l J" -\r to rut n?cn??mtif fM ?I If wltM* l> trh cf ih? l?i. rrrtorr, inciitT to fiv# inforitriiion .m-1 e\i.|? :i<*i? in Hi. t h?Mi Thp Iirmil Jwy are fully ??iIkiiukI to lafcr that ii'f. Stunt* am .( ink A? i i ? .?Th JftunruU fur wpj-i.. Ii ii'tricMtbr lkr?lr)rtl |>m( ?ion, ai4 n ?:rik# h ?f#n fie ron?^'|iienc* at fit A't-r I'll I" lin i !rt\ Yl'rlfl ! ) IIHTl l lal II Mil if |l|# r? n.| nny 1.1? <l? U, rnii, ilm mii Mr. Ni i. : a i ?? i-f fur t'lf fv rr Mil r line ti> i * hi if 11 i -olulicn nut lo .it. < :i?-.|'|. n'a, ll ? f wf.* no I'tfi'MiMiCf U*' lii|rht. i*)ii? rriitui il trrrrj.' ? l' i I' J' '-1'C r*|*Tl it.i r>, ? > l? ly ? r mi .id villi Hi* ir umiuI foiiiithl*( mi I I r?. 11 . v In r il.? 1 n'l-r i* i' n-il . g i: , i i V.m. i v in >f, v ili ihf II .vhiih (V r.i irm^f, i'i ,t w<tholl irlum li? ihit ?r?n,ri| ?p4ii?? ? ml fn'ii i*i .f n T'.'iivo a . Awi*T?M l'i?n :i f Arr>mt?f.?A vrry funny r%mt lock J* lh? I'rnr >f -> - m.i?, hi thr c'l'ir of Arlington IbfiUKtV iri il. Ii?t v A new (i ld watch wu |<mfitnl to Mr r.n'ii,> . the A'ti'tanl I iMtirt Attorney. l>y n f.-** of hi? fiuii'I", * i h ii'iitii-i niiil r- i?i;i!n:'-*nl.iry n?Hn i ti l v i I i; p'l Hul 'In pMir.iii, In lii. r,-im'i r of fi i'j * i- k?. A watch keep* I?iii?*. an 1 #r*m? to h? I'I in ;j;.ro;>r it* pr^-T.t for r, I ?i - ft \ -rt v n> a | .ir i f rcuW, *l icli wouKI ?-r|gh r;it /iij'iitnWy and etj'Milly lo ail |ntrii<**?at to iui:rb r cnnci'. V.k. I.ktttk.?Th?* lion, nimii-l \Vi |.vi, i |i;,? jiii-i n*tf ii a l< Mi to tiif J., ople of Nrvvbstvport. It i? aa ir|Miwililirf itoenuriit, and *tukr? ?}ff ply at ihi* rout ?'f thf a! olition arniiinint of Nrw KnglatMl. I'ur Culnnina i.r# t.m ri( * (! H to tnnt na lo pivr fnrlhrr \|. w? on ih atil'jrct to-iluy. Tut Ltti r?nM Hi ?*? A?ar? Th? ?|?>n-lid h*rk ClltrrJ Capl. ?rHv?4 y??ti-r Iiy fr>m funir? A )T*n. ?h?ntn*li? ??ll it on ?li? 9th of Ajirtl An.' * hi r | HHii,tri if th# Ui"u. W iiL m A Karri*. Anarlcaa Ckarf* CAJaim lo lk? ArgtaliM rvyakUo. Lain from Hi* Janeiro. By th* bark Kathleen. Captain Jllornar. arrivi from Rio Janeiro. have to April 21st, *eveuleen 4njf later than by previon* aecouuta Tkf Jnrnal do (" waurcix, of the Oik of April. hM tbr Mlomlrt:? The mortal re?a1?a of the nnfortnnate J Morgan 6?rr?t-i'jr cf Legation of the lulled Statu, w.r* d?pn?iti (I in the Cemetery of liamb >a. on the flrrt of Apiil 1 hi- funeral wax conducted with .>11 the eereu.< i iff due lo :h?- character ot (> reain-d Heveral h! 'b timet tnni.rlin and officer* ot Rio i? Janeiro a part uf the<'orp? bililouialic. a* uUo (ien?ral UuiJi. Miui?t?r of thi. A rgeiiline ('oufederiicy. M DelaVJit. M111t-t?r of >l? n. M M (intr^e rhnr^* of Kraim*. Mr. Morrin^ ri jiri'e if t^wiLtu together with tlif Belgian >il AtMtl.:ii cliHrget, followed in the cortege flrrr.t hi ! 1 icht pronounced i uch of th-m a brief foueri' oration mrr Die ituialuc of their cftlleaj;ne an I frien I oi e in the t'furh and the other iu tha Kiiglit4? language. In the came jnirnrl. a marg'nal manuscript notio" intoi n.i UK it the d.nth c.f the S>ei!retar? of I be K rntr h I.-gut iou. and aim of ibat of Mr Hubert Clinton \\ i jlit. of the tiim ot MhAW.ll. M'ri/bl i C > , ol th:< M j 1 n aililil Ion to the above, the following persioa died iii 1:ii. of the prevailing epideinin : It >(>ert I'at'-rnflriif, 11 N. w fmk, M.n-eh U4; VhirtM lubwll of 1'ili'tnki'. do; 31?t. Chnrlet i.ibljy of M i.-hi.m, Ma. do: lliih kidney I'alhaBi of Kant port, Me; 33?1. Ihinip'ou Marftelle. (,| Philadelphia, do ; 40 Jo??ph Frrneek. i f Madeira, do '! b< Min e jnuii at ottbe ]Rth Ajrril contain* a lone account < I the death of I'r Ai rn^ii N-ne?. the Preeiu?nt of the province of Hio (irande do Norte, who ? ** u-p-tWI to have li'"11 polfn-d The po*i of n \ will i uyMrinuK t- given in in In ami i b ;r oonrluilaa in till,I be died of contention of th.i l.rain liiyond tin- n>?hiucboiy detail* of thr death* of diiliugui'lii d pwaoii* t.j the pr. vaillnn cpi letnie. the^e pupri* centain no new* worth trinscribing, 'lbrhniub"?> ?' ?* rti'.l in *e*?ion Pereral <>t the mvnW'f toi>? IhIIi'H ?hilliuii to thi' epidemic. Their dissuasion* ?re r< nr.m <1 to matters of domefttie aud Sfdioaul iukiirtt only. ( Ity orMisr !>i mai!'??Colonel .a now don Superintendent of the Mint nt I'tiiladelphla. aul Mib-tr?<iruri-i. bii>v< d hi r? yesterday and will pay Mint deIuhmU tl in day. at the Tn a."ury i flloe la the Custom Home. commencing at 11 o'clock il .hii Kioi -i DjurH, im< K> ih*omoivAnv ArrL4in*n r. or i HI. 1' i. a i> Hodv aiti.k a L*nr of Thiriick* Ykaii*. ?Mr. John Cameron, a reshlnt of thi* city, and Miiployid. fince 1643. in the o.TSeu of Mr. Nathaniel Cutritr. lithographer, Xwm direct. nrm t of dprnc.a. UlRd at th* Hfiald office to v?? u- the particular* of Ihc C'^lraordiuary appearanco of the d-a I body of Irs .lohn Cameron. after a la^HB of tbirt?>-n yrai > mil aim the mysterious clicum-tauoe- unJ r which be aiie interred. John Camerou. s.'u., a native of Scotand. reeided, In 18C7- at Acjiti*bo;?ui?, Long lelnudi hi* 'on J?hu ?*l then eight year* of ?ge and recollect* the tiLic peifectly well. IIin mother l"fl hoiu one kj< rn:i g iu August, for New Vol k. tu t!in ev"aiu0' uf hut day. utter )iin father had taken Home tea he ih?*ted a strange manner that attracted the ntt.uti.ui if the little boy, and hoatktd him to go look for hi< itn ther The lad r? plied that hi: mother had gone tn S< ? Vcii. In a fhurt time after, wlien lie w?< playing

bint the door, he beard a trjnge noise thnone. Hiid.on going in. found hi* fa'her working in oliTuihton* lie ran fur a neighbor, natned P'llm-r. I (utile of Knglatid; but In ? short time hi* fa:h?r itiid. A iloutir. n.'.roed Wright, was Kent for, l ilt >.? itiformi I that the insu * as d *d an I >> iuiu.fdlately Wei.t way The body swell-d very nueh. and ihe baud" wire tied across, which yonuj urn r"ii thought itrarge. it wa* Interred n"?t day >et?< en J- and 1 o'clock, which he thought wan i,?-> *1 u. ?i d he remark* d I bat t be >> dy was<|uite limber id l ad t ot that rigidity wh'ch i* one of tbe sure 'igns <1 U< htb The fudJi nut ss of I be diatb riuivd wuie noire at the time Mr*. Cameron did not return ?>r tortn'ght. fulmar wrotu a letter for her to the III nils "t t lie deceased. for money t i * lip port and editaietl.c bi v for it seetas bi? gm tiafu her '?? > a wealthy nt.ii A letter wan received, in rvply. retunini oi iu-y or the purport of spending il on tlie bov'i> edu< a'lon n America but o0> ring to bi ing him an I the mntii T ictue. end to educate him iu it'-otland TV* ih<f i tun d to do. shortly att> r. the relative* of de eamd receiied an anonymou* letter. C.ating that le ? a-pf.i.o ned and one of them out h"re and idTcrtif d for the mother and the little biy, but could > t tin tidieir* cf them from hlv oiiirter Mr almi r ricir finer to New ) ork. and it i< Mlcrtil re111 lit d to Kuglnud It a}>pear? that the biy mil his not her could uot get <>n w> II together and he want t > in ?nh a farmer natto <1 John Woodhull. a retail** of b? Mayor of till" rlly and known a* Judge Yt'oo.lliull ;? Uabout luO y etr.i ifatfo. au 1 i? ujipm'd to t? t!i lldrrt Minn ell Long Irland ll<- txik good tirr of r'Wg Cameron who. bowi-var, bad higher notion* I an t?rniti!|r "'id camc to N.'W Verk wh.-r? be got uto the employment ol Mr Carrier au'J by attention ,o I ndnci*. hi cauit- the d.a*i r f. r the e>tahil*hm"i!'. J * nt'n.e. hlf mother. Married a p- r?on natm d fall*, i to)* maker, and now redden altn him at Vorkrille. llr ? ?iiui? ii having prci-pert d In Ui* nrt. and thinking , tvac li> duty tn bat* Uto la' her'* reiunlu* rem >?ed to . n? ? elvlb'* part of the grave yard, and to pl?e? a I it at In ad-itow cm tbm. M the body lately dtoin- > nrd by a perron named hanlel Al Iriilpe. ?lmli<n be:di' tbi giaTe vard Hid ban charge of it To bU grant iili lililiiiii tiI l.e founH ?hnt be nii.l I!??? it'hff vtn < ?bo aiMrtrd him were nenrei ly able together to lift ( 1U n Did. ^tbedi canned Welgh'.ug o??r iun pound* wb?ii living) ai d on rem- ?mg the lid. they fmnd ibe r-ii'fti ? Ireib and und ray< d ill .ugh a little blaek'n d. ?i'd the I.nud>. behind the head In a trupgling p-Kltton. n> If ll.? i eeeu'ed bad awakened I .""in a Irauee. a.'ii Mri ggltd f*r freedom Thi* to the mure ilntft, ut I lie bard* an* tied A'dridgc k'lew tlm d'cenaed ? II ai d iirtn< u ately rer.igma. d hiln il? Tr Urtmw.-il wliti buried turn al?o lee gourd the to'dy Tie | r D.l vki |>ri II) wi 11 dernyid aid gat-way in ouia lihll* The M.|) vle'fe Ibi b ijy i' buried h?? noihinj pirvli.r In lt.Mk|?Mil and the bodte* b"-'d It. that *l* butted Only l?oor tarei year* wer* enilrely da- < row.I-o?ed Till* dtocotery |, d to a K-inl il ?l of dia- ! rui>.-i in tb> ui ij lili'.iIn i d a-id to n-.'iy nriu ?- ' ahlt li In tbe prtaent rtageof the hu ine*? we d ? not ll.ii.I It r'glu tf>publ>U 1h. re ap|eari to be a d"lr? )u llat quarter. that an Inquest . ml.I be lii i I or i hf ll ? ?tl.'?liou thai W'.uld i| - il lb- faetn I ttii? inyiti.a? r-?e Tbedn raeed ?ki .U y>-ar* of ?/e. . t. il a | f aird to b in perft rt ha Kb the 11 ? bdim he >i> hlut'd ll< war i-iru i diturj id pilnHnj ih it 1'ny III *a? f?.?id i.t >tiiflng bird- ami u>i d a l.irg i|ii?K:lty ?.f arnni;* (<r ih.' purp-iae It l? ritfbt 'ati ||...i kr kill h tn lil?d " oine miiMh< I. f r. h? d'at hfir ap"pte>y Hi i-lanl it ,? Inteml I to liirltinl* a Ii ttal inquiry in the Murw of a I >? diy? 1 n? N?T|i *?i Hi *aii. Vi <t nlay afla?n > >n at thr'<" n'l b rk In I be I'ark Ihere wnn n r- u'inrnlil p'irili' of ihr Ci i nib litglotatil, or National ?' nai d rhl?f ;ip i lit f"rmerl? llle l?i nty ?eve?th i< o-i" of thi'T?rf nidiat i f Ilie H'?t fullttln. and l? e'linmaii'l-J by O il I'uryra II reu-i'li of e^cli*. Ir.ta i'rr r iinpinl"?. a batt rj i f urtilli ry ern rnaii'!1 d ! ? I'ajit Itlrrer ti l l lit- p I b' r?' r ii man.I. d b? I apt M alta It Ii til rtilli r* ? e mi iit imt doet duty a an inftntrf e irpt. I hf Ii tf.lty r. r'p'iii are commanded a> I 11 ir? ? Ikd ly n;i. Aiwrnian. w>n*d. by t'jpt i* *? I; Iblltl l ? t *| I t'l'ei-. T ':rlb by''apt ft.n.lh' CT U. I j ir.;' IIitlal4: ?latb l\ I'apt N'lfft; n Mil hy I i<pt \ an t* luk!': i .btli by t'apl. fliiitn < iy f'ii? l?. ni'tti nbti4ly. the i n*?t bf liu<*iit In the militia The nntf'iriii t'f all the fompaal to alike a j 1 th-r ?r# <t>ly dl?<lrf u''b?d by ' Ii-.r li "t. r or outlet tn piekra?ir? > in i ?- rjilrl'ai tb - tn >ra nil '.i-y f ir II el Tb?re to m e ? h la Ml reglmetil thi-i bi LtiTcdbir in >i<r York it ron<l<tt ptlnelp illy, of i?r tnrebai l? ai:d ijulet rlllcn* I* ?? tV'< r. <1tin I wo 'rib r. d on1 a' ti e A?ti r I'lM* rl it K-. 'alive |ta dlw.jilsnr could Ik* m ?l depend" I On It i r- -i nu ! a m?. mflt nt arp i?ra:icr. * iter Itr. tn I a M?li ??< 'of In* It 1111 |<r?'rti'd rt Trial nnniirr ? In flr^ r?'< ?*yl.\ ?f ir Irlit t?i?p?rt<i| |pf l*i? ''olmal l)i? Jf? l>ual iuard *a? Tn?r?> ?? * Ur<? eruaj ot i it ? ?. li? Vint <>u Ml III? pur ft? rri>m?tw< or a Sum Tai rir ?A vary h ku'lM rilur tminpat. of l--go ?!?< uaanu.'* -! ur-I by ; V ki|i k Lrllilt, n 11 Mtt^rg iim oil h*rin{tb? '('lirrw.itrf Ina. r'J>t'? Ii oti ll)f ?Mf, a?? nlay I'ri ? ot? it to I i-ni J I ndi ? ."rh. uak I' d. S r? :iHiRXiint; ( * trail a*iamatilj> Oliit. Kr tba i - ?(: ?! in : < * .1 tlir ati m?blp Oh'aa. ftom Naw 1'itk ''rrfhl" li I* tt a? a ti -tmi iilnl of iMr hi|k r i 'III I'll th. Of It? Mil? I * ? r? flna ni||r^?ing i| that'll-- i t < ?. MIm truinphmtly ovrr U(M> ] lu?a n# tl i r?'. 1 .rt .?li | ?ii?*-h ? to <J i Tho wi rk! . p I* ttiT llui ? U iU? thuflRf li'iM villi riji.laiu ia-i* i ii? tai'k "I ih? in ml l? git. iti'l nit e> tinr I* ii niii li tii to Ik* n?tn aa to <-|'?lti ,*il > I i K mi'l I Ii? pi-? bn yr '.ruti-.l it li> Lira. f< i i \ T'l ?1ll - cnhhw (lut IJ an Ifl'l'l" ?t tm. I'lilaj it No ??Ck?;?tl? itmH on lb? kody of Jamaa I in. < at "I } a r?tl?<* c.l IMfl. ?iio run* t'i h-? rt?aih ka dt'- i r t.f llw hrart I h? ! < >*> I It Mm. a r. > a t'allmlir jrli-t lm wi* bin a ?h >rt I'.fc.- 11 *t. ration fail I nit laith ao-l ? v?i>i? ? t <?mt??? r l tl.r ! ?< f t n .ii rhurrh tin Sin .Ii? li-t ih* .(? r? aarnt I ml lakra tlia- mrmmrni. an t n hi' rrlnrn I I . i a. il If f" a I rwtof'Ml mWi <>l h<< <k | <Nth> i . Ini I ?. ami II at li . 11 h ?M t*k*N alak ?n 1 ill' I ll.a ?ia*| Mi ml ( nil; I r in Ihta n <1 a'h. rn tlk 'I l ? of kin r fa'lj (VMltaf t'l" i ih< )i fa h. ? p flnn *11 tnlartalu- <1 lay hi* fil-n la lull' tail Ikiii | ii mk4 an<t ill i' iron r waa ?< ^itdiTk y 111'ftrd of lh??n 1'irlii1?r " n i (i* ? ill' ja il ariam rum'naii'iu <>n ih h >. ' J t viilthr mil r al di n k ?w i|l-*-.??a of Ih" ait. and l i t1 J fi ul mratt' a* a*, p.fti il > 11 1111 > r I in n t? I'm a* i r i ?i? i'i ? II? i,, ? aiaid < si Tut I. if ih? ? t h j |:,.r r,?. ;n fl r } i all **:aj nt f. |i ia? - i li? r< l? rtitfoiitly hi t "k (lift I II lb- | rfl 11 Hi. p? ? <m ir |> fauna h*Tl In of tl:? il'fl r?t I i.'Bi ?* In tha lllty II ill Ihla miJ't tli> nattlk >r iitti'h li?i?ia * 'tiin i any iriT.lh* that Ima Urn IV.] np n |.? ih? Ini of Ifcla t. to l?| orl iflt.-a <t ra |.(>, np n. ir??1 ulndo* iir.fatti r.#<l in tkaiih kuUdingi Abmt I i i |?r k Ibta tnori'lt.f !* b >nt (O A. i>n1 J- r.'.m-in i'Nl til. fi'lilnl tlir iii i r I |- Ii; .'to til.' i'i rp t|-a' [lit nn i y'a i In??. *?|orfcn|; ?|?o Ih <1 ?ar I ailing l < tlla 'i H ii?r'? Wc? In likr iti?t.iit and j?4(? IMm >n1< * hrn.l" ra iii.f-"t?n<>?l aadtlia ilr*?rn ruiililiiian p*. pi* i ?p' ~?il an i iffllfiit i ypj.tunilj fur thi- lhi?l r Ihr li.rf l)4i?ry ?.? rA t * i? irtrf Io 10 oVlnrk a fire hrokr out In * iaMr M. . ?ri tid iiittif. h?tw. i-n T?. n*r-a, r.Tp.| in I r*. 1.1*.third rtrnti. n??nl h/On>r(a lltllmi Th?ra ?<r?a Min lift of ?m ?ll rt?W? and ?li< .|a a tj<>l iii<(, i>al i ?lti| In Ikr Willi r*'?tlrna of Iha flr>'nip|i arbi i rr fron pily on tl r a pel. ih? Ora ?ia ponflnnl to ha I ,i .i.ii g in ulilrli II ot'^iaattd Tb? damiff an TlfllH faiai Adtrrat ?A fatal afl.V-nl or?nrra>d. on flatirdaj. at Mark*! alrft flip A toy. of 11 yiara ofim?, y Iki Brin? of Ikrodora llnr'lfi wm? j.layloa amim u?a a pa ra. witb atraral othar taoya. akaa w* of tha bar; ayara aaalAamtally roU*4 of Um ItaC'Mi * < 11 en the b<><ly vt Theodore. inflicting aueh Internal Ifory that h? died In mme fifteen miuut?* after b- ir? taken to the reaideuec of bis father Nn 71 Market nreet The corourr was ment TjT to hold au neat. L'rriiTi ok InToiiciTton. ?A *"iD'n. named Ellen l!nj:hc?, wblle in a *tate of intoiicalion. fell down In <iiib<>ny rtrt'-t. uenr Little Water treet about half t ten o ?lork and w?* ?o *ever-ly injured in the >?<k f?rt of t?r kead ax to reud.-r It neeeaaary to i all in Doctor rtwaeny. who directed h?r iniuiodiate li in oval to 1 be t'l t j II of pit il ('il l iit at La?t ?Pome cartmen had benn in the hi b t ?.t dumping u>anure in the -treeta iti the l.'.th wu'd ; but. yi firrdav John Hull ?n?l w?? e:'.it^ht in tb? act, and taken Ufore Ju?ilc<- MoUrnth. au.l flccd. S t M i'ubllcutlolit. jfew Won oi?CaLironma a?d tut OoioMnn ?We uo'ierstui.d the hou?e of Lea i. lilaacUard. Philadelphia. will publish. in a few day* a u'w and highly ! Ir.terarting work, by Luiuteaant ? (louidDuffum en- I titliit "Six Month* in tile Gold Minna.'' which, wo I have rt'uron to believe. will throw feme additional lit lit on t lie affair* ofKl Dorado, and tend to corroot a tew if the bii**tntcuienta ?f acribblcrt from that region. Mr IlufTum went out tw California lu the year IMA. a* a Lit "tenant in the New York Regiment. and rtill rvninin* there lie baa travelled very extea*iv?ly through ti.e country; i* thoroughly nc.|aninted with tke language v.auuen ami cusIudik of the inhabitant-*! ai d l.ik Ftat' niclit* uuj be implicitly relied on Tha ti lume 1h a UHrriitive of his lifa and adventure* in tho t;"ldi >i Kegion during the autumn. wiut'-r aud spring M1MS-9; vri'b minute d> ccription* af thcprlucipU piw-ru the procei>a of extracting gold fritn the car;h. n!:d tl:e iiecetsiiry machine* and implement* ; a th -ory CI lilt' or.m.'i '-I ilii: MHi.ln ; in aunount 01 tno gold btnrirft ^tmrti of the Sierra N? v,id*. and a -ii umntbr reiideuce ( ii llu1 Gull ol Low? r Cahferuia- *11 t he hardship*. trial- *nd pleacnref of a (joM discern' liii' are r--c?-t?!?- ! I'm- bunk. u< tiie author hiuit>lt My?, " ha* bien mitten amir not beiutf expected that h iMiforniu g?'lil Ima'T can t.fT ?r-l t:i tirklow lioiir: uii tbe uirre pi,l;-ti nx of nenli tici * mil rimnJ.' tc of p*rio?ln lik" n I'arixUn Itlirmt nr." ltd ippruiklii ' we are ?u?. will cimJk u Ki-naatiuD. A Very Nntmal Kuqulrjr. U4 0h41>i?m, May 1850. To Tlir Fr iTor o> no: IIkhai ! : ? fltu ?liming $em i? notice la your paper a ?h >rt ! tilue Hn? that the money ?u liberally V.H. J by the ( ii Council if thi -ri:y. fir the h'mfit of the remiixtit of the l-t !( * im ?t of Si * York Volunteers, whi. fhortly to I -di.-'tnlni! i d cm) you tell the re i- n why It Int.- not l* i ll done ' >i' t:i e fix ?i..-k^ have el.i|im-i1 ?iiire t he |ih""fitfe i f i lie reenlut ion* < f the Cnmmi n < ouncil. ami 'lie Hppoiutmeat nt a committee -f IIn e fr< in each I'.uurl l ot up to tli present tim-. 'aid n'n do n<-t hii m to have noted In the m.-.tter. 11> it. tin i I Uiteiuiou t-? wail until the rem lining few ar? d?ad unit in their uriii-i before they act mill thus rave ihcnmeM i> trouble* or ?hut can their ni itivo b? h) treating UK with fii.-li n I I to ?. a nil contempt ? I'r > Liil lv fii. yo? ui.iv be able to throw mui. ii?tit on iho tubject. \ely i i "p?*etfullv. :>l AltX >1 \ V f.Y HART. late of let K.-n't Xew York Volunteers. ran rit umk in ctuMik TUi: WKKKLY IIKKAI.D. Tbe fteiinif-lnp Olilo. Captain Fchenok will leave thli port, at thr< f o'clot k tlii* aturnoon. with pa<u rn;?er? the mail*. The ?tiaui*h1p Ilihrmla Captain Lang. will leave l>Min Ic-moirow noon, for llalif.ii and Liverpool. | Iler mail? will clow in this city at half past three o'clock, thl* afternoon Ail' wr rr*iy /main, nuii iuo n?-??s i> >iu au purt? i f the world will !>< publicb'd at ten o'clock till* aitrsinr It will contain the full*'?t particulars of tho Culia expedition. Pitglc eopk't. In wrapper*. ?lxpencp. Tlir Flmmtr Okln h?IIh Tlila D*)".?Irerf i T ,: . rnvr *. ir.jr out i>haul'l I now 11.At a littlu rn'Uat Win- r i Fit'er, ilia: . nn Ve j;aJ at If Pul ?'roat. f r 11 VI, will bo ? rtli ten linn that' to him bef. ro ho ratarn*. .f ha c L?i<lcr? 1 i? health cf any *a1ue to him. Niillir to th? Udln of N?w York Mnrt Ita ?icl?iiy ?Bra. Itll.L k t'OLiiY hava importaJ a *np?r'oi qt aM'jrtf Tt? i.mCi <t II ma a lid .* V.e?. white vol bl.teh i aatla tror.r* Frxaeh kid Erenltig Slipper*. he Myl* <1 which Till MirpM? any yat imp' rteil. A1m>, t?o?jr Toiiett* . artlc!**, ?f ererr dtaertp'ii-n. and of the beat , ? itity. I.a- | dia? are intiud to rail ar.J exam.B". at their Kaidauca, No. U2 Broad ? ay. Hamilton Iluvna-, Ko rt Hamilton, I? I., 1 *111 <>r<n for lh? aeaitcn, on V j?lar, June .'Ul. Families ' w ishinr to wen re n?* tna will B'l?in-? 'tie ? ?< riber. a tua I Frarkl n novae. N. Y. UAWI.EY l?. CLAPP. B?uton, Coot*, Nrwartl, Alrtilinon, Olatrtn*. of tho SrnnU' and Wia'.hrop. of tiia II >um> ui Repra - n tat it e?.? F R A I* T I ** r.-eeieed, fr??r*i hi a hi a nob eat*' liahi.i.i.t In Waahina'oo. Portrait* of thee dl*tln*iiUli~d n'i, taVea in the fi>??t .'tie of the art. Th*? m?y >" s??n, aith i..any o,i-*r | *? ibriM ?.f iwtere*t. at IH A111 ' 1 >atirm?l Oal1, > |BS Broataaj * rnei f Fnl n itri I Ttiry ran'l !>? Urol ?1{ iioi'a Rocky Jlottn' taintVarerr *r" creative a ivrriMt i i' .temeat. u t <>uljr , an cn? the Ha ter*. nh.. all enrfe*? that M* in the mof' b-ao- ; tifwl rrLiit t lii s in ilat-iloiu, kul all rl*t?>a of mui >nel? , feel tf.e inff?e:.i e of thee# I 401 iftil epeclBiena of hit art. 135 Fulton (treat ? 111 I* ?t?w4ed for f>m* tliae to eoaa. f'olanwin, tUO IVnunu Slritt, hai on Rait a ?o?t elef^at aaaer'iaeat 1 f Itnek> koonta n Hearer IIa'a, 1 of either,t ?Iyl?, M.perior n-rlB 1 >?hip. and feiautiiulltr I |ht. A llrii'tw'rineiiof (ieailemtn llata tuitlkla f r , > an raear. All kiadi of S.ian t?u d? Clean*! ia a ?npa- ' not biMiBtr. A Hoot that l? Hoot. All thaae Who a ?l* i" .ei a f Ilf.ot or Ca*t?r a- -aid do r II 10 < all u . nr 1 Id ft 11| Yt>( Mi. No. tl ( 1 irliai (treat, uu?r tlia M?ttl<*n< llo >1 n. Wanndrra* Pntriit Ma talllr Tablet Ita* ?ar Mr .?th t.|d< aa^ v< ^:?p;r??.d K rnf a?a la a>aha?tb< !*en b?ft r* ta* 11 -bhc r 'be iba 1a?t thirty year* aa b* had at th* ?n Kei't l(" ? l? '?!e an I r">:l. Ml'SlirtS, 1?7 llr'?dw?y, C< raet af I 'ar'j >ri>?i, mad *-7 Broadway. | Hivrr were 4 areata ?tl'< ra<l no rh up a? 1 lit t are new pre>ea<<4 ia the lu\ a lha aalaoratvd 1 < <| < ?t I ?t i? ' . at 'i hti , nt la in" I n. 1. .1 N *. '.0 1 |i e.M MIKtM AMll.KMiN'jl lie... v. ,. ran .. ! KmI In- II ie. I'ly 4 atix'ia l?r < < Irani tarpvta, < 1 Ki?'. ' I 'J* , 1 a I lr f ? r*. - i 'HI t'l?Mi. . 111 no *ti -rabl. it - I , at ll? ?1 r| a. 1 utt* HI. It mill <jt tha'. f iinou* a. tab- ; I liebl. lUt _ Thr hraallraaft ullln^ Hall w i?*l AVlilaM rr? 1 are a<l?iir*My ***"., ' t-ed aa?i II' -'raed by HI I.I., th# lal* I tbilal'le, <J Na*.aa atraet, vile *vir aihrrn 1 llatly te iriva* I ti.'e lain, ihrtelj ihfat'ltii ! the aearar, t-n-Jty. 01 ,x. *?r I, ti * ?r>.ee vf is-re ?i*' a||?..-a. ?. arhit ba w* 1 ot J ae-Tinaly awar? m p"?a*n?iB<. Skami .kib* C?ot .If | lnai (nuib K?ii>ii), Ja) lliuaitway?liaillri an InTi'ed l? eaaii.ii.* till* ritk o?*l|?. 1 i. a al l? . aaCvrn a. a : *4val,*4 la eitaai a* urn., la ii.e a. . aaf 1^ ai ?b will be 1 f 1 id 'iaa n*n aha * |>. t?rn, M> aurh adej raj; i<?ei.ana \ Btxn* '? ort<% a'lar an) da*,n. Hi e(?ti ? In ?-* ] Cia.le altera^ and rapairad. A. a J Ml VP*a* C*rr l^l %e*. ra. A** ttr *j-?* ft*ltri .ail)r..l.\V. IHt^vrll, tla < allat, A lartet k "a. i?l4*rr(? ?V f?UU. i#%* !? f.l?? ?- ri?#| i n !? ; pr u*l % 9 ( r.rv tr f 'ni ?' ! *1 )t %* Vl't'r* :#vi. Pff wf bru?'i*?T. w r*n ..Kfn,. 4 ^i4 . ? I V f I>t. Ar?;f? ft*4. In n ft, ami llnlr t Tlf If n* H . 1 mir r+ *t4 |? eta!' a* ; a** V a ^ . l-n tn.r ? l"fr a* U*4 IlKlfVlt ft9*?f IA lit At' \ ?f II t >f IB lit* til jr. Al?'?, ttlniM th? be firm/t|? ?f ||k r ( f t. tin, f. r IVA _ ( llr* *iaix.l> m rilt oykerna* Hrwnrr of tie 1 anwMlallll a*Vtrattla> . .. 1 . ' ?r I ( all t .?.? . t'?# ^*r, n* .1 tnt ifly ^r?ff ail Af?f' ?< n > *??f 1 L?b4 ft* I 't\|Ca s |? * !, A .. ?\ f. 4-V nflvi ll ?i. | llMlt U/f?ll?M lirioi i Mttiot Ll?|Nid ? !?>? 9?t ^S rt 4 iim i *rj, % m aU Th#i'Wi (M mM in nil*. ? n? A.* I. aa t j - .. W. a. . . >)?r fr-? ^ ?ti- ?( >. r i . 9? fcw ftr tV^Vf r.|i? !> lit . Wtllarr, Or?1M, lim ninm H fVo.ri Oki', ?-a ?tr?-1 ' t nf n ?r ( ??taf tir- t. (*>? i ?r? - t.ti lA n.j - iji :?ii? ijr.* NO 91 A UK K T Jlotnn Mtftr-ir M Hii? ?m trrdrr-if* pit tf am >ng hiltlm of Kri* ?t<iknnd k< iiil? I# ii?, mil lhf(? *-r? l?r<? a*l*a at ilrrlliif ir( m prirra *urr*nt i n !*il'iriltf. it th* elo<* f f lb* f?n in) board All !?? hnriw * r- |i< at th* flrat tw f-r<l ic-'t-iy and th* mark*: I* iWi.l- dly ir*ak If ttif htilla aiilf. r th.? ric'trni' nl (n fall <-<T In th* lraat | f In i ?||| i^rlnra a e>rr. ?fK>n l n* <t??In ir and th* ?*iratl< 11 ?| rt<;ek aprrulator* d?-p*n l? ??y??!* | Iriit th* :im <ip to lb* b'fh*?t Hark b4?? l|>lo?Ion p>in! Th* |<'nli)|i of a ?aVty walw* o*?a ionally irir j j. ?tp-n* th* < nil* pa*. but lb* mo?."ni'nt too far to prmll lbo?" rli *.-!>**J *?r-p;i>f withrat datoap*. Th* I a:il<-rr la b i<iu ??ha? no *nM dW VI lni? <l ??' rra I pa'ulalnfa Th* T*?>n*a**w t>rm*'.it . dtwnkfalban ill k(D<lr?4 Ikmi'Ni d? l|?ra In t-?|.| . luit an! coin, th* arruraulatlon of thr** w*wkant Jan f rai . c fitf hlr?>*l>l- Wbat p Tll'.n "f th- am >nt l'Ktfclil <]> *) ly tkc Tmf?"*" I* ' roin wfh.Hi'*"! 1- am <1 Had th.- r-mltUnrc born ?-uilr*ly In ?ol?l d?*t. it la tlhall compared arlth tbr amount ant elpntwl Th" )a at a J? irrr Iron. CalUomla t* IWd*?t?< ?nr? la Tor abi* than any b?ff.r* r*eola*d. aoUly on a**onnt of th* aodwrat* ton* of th* l*tt*ra ant pnbli?b*d trronnla. Coiamrrrlal affalra In that part .?f lb* wotld i?*r* rapIdly a*ttlin* down npn? a ??rr ao|id baai?. prlera riil~d at nor* rrarotialla foinfa. and property of all kind* aaa In mof* drwand for actual lmpr?*rm*nt. than for tb?pnrpo#*? of ap**nlatlon Th* monnn?i <l*pr?*intlon In prl?*t for brrndatnlfa prowlal?na lnmh*r. and m*rrhaodl*? of all dra*tlptl?na. will *nahlrth* p*op|*of of California to lit* upon a morw mod-rat* inroni*. and althonfh th* ?hlpp*rw of good* war** and nprrhandhw frw? th* AtlantI* Mat** will low*fnrtan**and h* rnln*d by tfcia m ord?i of kkin??, U>a bard working mn*ra of wi>y?MM>I ? I ? II-I.I?I in U?e^?.^?ienU> will be the * ? ? ? The only dUKetilty to be auprt bend* d It thr <1 et f I >?* lu *ll- \ f^rn'.a upon further shipments from this part of th? country. lnatead of <l< ** n? of ve>.e|? !**i??arr th!? port e?ery wn*k for ??n Krane^eo. we hniMly n?w ha?? one iicdat other port* theru ba> Iwnthe ?ame fUlln* off tn tke trade If this rnntin ue fur :iny 1* n*th o! t.iue, tb?re must before th* Up** of nihny miniur bo ur>r? active demand lor nil kind'1.1 ;o<> t> lu ('nHfornift at belter prietatban those ruling al tli* |?u>t date At the firs' board. U. H fi'a. '->7 declluid ^ pi.r Erie Bond* new, 1>,'; Farmers* l,.an. 1; l.on< Isliiid, \ ; Krie It nil road. 1^; llvl>m, 1; Heating Knttroai. \ and Norwich and Worcester. lH. Yh-*e reaction* arc fun for the bear*. hut death to th# tulK Tl e Wnofiioeket Pa'rint rftjs that two of the ctt'iR factories of that town b^n:i C"mp- tied to ft >ppH> till tit One of the heaviest mining nnd m-inutact ur'.jg !lr?g Id Schuylkill couirjr, tenu , ht.* falb-1 for a T-nr l.irj^ amount. The Erie flailroad Company hare advertise J f <r *a!? I $3 600.00 ol Income Bond* b,v?riug *e?eu percent In' terest redeemable out of the miningi of tin- priL nflt* paving rutting exp usee. Interest on all c!-*?.*"? 'if bonds and certificates. and t lie floating di bt and t" /ore paying any dividerds ' r Interest on th" rti'k I Proposal* will b? received fi r these bouds. until ih? lath of June. The modern ?*y of Scilitig railroad ?* euritlt* in at auction. The receipts at the office of the V?-i?t?W!t Tr#*<ur??r of this port, to-day. amount to $106.n40; payment* $fn.2T^ HO Bala ce. f 1A4 <;<>3 3d. The Miutc. rtiflcates wl'l be paid to-morror. to the a-!iouut ot < ! & >>,<il?> if presented; those i o pi si u'.ed in tlir. . days. will be j aid at Philadelphia, as u?ual llr?be?. L'l'llnv d Co. will take ab^ut one-hu ' ot th*? amount at once T hi* Tl iiMlirep '.f the M in? v. -11 h<? her.- 1.1 *Oi.r I f IK. mutter. The amount of T'rlttJ ?tu??< stock* te f< rei^ner* during la*' ?< < k ahowg an l-icruvr ontr tiic previoul we.k of $r;4 374 M. Aun> x>-4 i? I he tot, ?1 amount itcued Irom tb? let of Junuary to 2Kb Mty, I860 :? I'mtbd Ft,stf? Stock Tumi ci.xed ok r nrn.M Atcji-st 1 .Ian. 1 inn c/ to )>C. 1W5. 1-47. IM". T>'l. I J!-h ?... S'-.913 5^,0.0 niM l,/>> 7 '" A;d .">... 3.>*l ? .r> '.200 i " 18 40,nm f* IJvJK !? ??) jj?. i,\t " I!'... 17.410 #. -<? 17 4'?? :< .' '> .11 'f< " a;... ii^soo s.i on -u <.?? pt 13 Miiy-.'... jn.Si'O >."o li?,4JW >: ? 10... .VoO P.*00 7..AVI :? ...*? 121. OO " 17... ?otm ?. >< ? i.-i 4-? n.-V'i ii . 'J " 84... 49.S7S 3'.' ?) I'7 :wi 17 2-L'.."'i* Tl?i* u.liTHri* orly the Inacripltoa* The eoupia have gone abroad in atout <qual aui-iutu.i, for ihe Trfi n of tlie facility of tho tr?n?!'er Ther.- Ij no record kept at VTu hington ft t*i?u-ler? of oupocr took*. I'y the lant annual report of the Treasurer of th Mate of Main"1. It app-arf thnt the r?.'"tpt* and cxpua 1 dtt ureii of the treafu-y. for the year ending th>' O'^th oS April. 18.r0. wen- a.i annexed : ? Fin?>I MOI 5t AI*? ? KM t ti r? K<- idiiuu Rfceipt* trim May 1. IMil, tu April 3t . 13j.?, Itiltflr* 2* Balance of -afh in tlio treasury. .May 1 1H4'< '11 Ann unt if expen d'ture* from May 1. 1H4> to April "0. lftfO. Inelnaiv* $ftX7?; !>t I.e i < i<i|r a halanre in the tri a<ury. Apt il 3 >, ir-.i4i.ol t?>0.24O7 4if lhe j ubiic tunrted debt, th- re I* now din- cni uncalled ti r. *7 MAI. The .-talc d?-bt due id lSil a'noiiata to * 2?i2.?60. The Treasurer e?:iniatc? th? liabilities f<>r th? yew at 811 t:8. including the debt. TO* Nctlpt* fcr theeaMe period ar>- -limited at 419. Till M h?< ben rfffifd during the ptat yrfrom the I.and ( flier including the pi ruianeut pobtvl lun 1, tb*' ?UW i f $11)4 350 Stfi. The other principal poure < < f r-c?ipt? bire te-ea the Mate tux bank tax. teuip<>r?ry l>>an? fruot b inka, and 'Irs of United Slates atoek. 18-17 4!i. ?a< collected on St.tti t.ijea $l4i4/iW fl? V>. " IttMN 1849^60, " * laO J7d 8i> Ob"fitnnitnt r?crired from the b?nk 'ax h ?? aimualiy U'tB rt ributed f?r the b'-n-ftil of ich x.u. The Bt rk of CircleTille, Ohio, on tb.i ftth of M*y, ba<b circulation of ^'2M)'i7l. 8p*c'?* on hand. 172 dt?p(<alta. J'J-ji.'rt?. loan* and dlA'< uut?, $kW.7ii, capital, * .><>0,001; nirplnji, f4?.72i. It appears, by the St. Louia paper*, (bit th- *b<>l? AVeftcrn enmlry i? jaat b* jclnnli.f to fuel th? ellec:.a of tl.e failure of the wheat crop of la?t year. In f 111noli> n< t more than one-third of a crop wa? rai>"d. andS l.i c,thi r 8'atea the deficiency waa *ery jcraat. Thfr interii r In comparatively b%r?- < ? br> a.l-tuff- and it I* expected that many ateamb * ? ? mplnyed oo the TVi?>t?ru riverain the transportation of pr?. lue?. win *..<m |h> laid up on account of th* ticc of bu*!n*Kii. Miuy flnui ioft biIIW at lb* Wort k?" ?l f?r lit# want or grain to grind. and probably rill rtualn to until th? trll barv*?t mmc* in. Tbi? Mat* of thing* In onluctt'th wltb lb? cnomooa em gratia* t<> California fr* m the n?-w Pule* of th* Wist hai.- b*rn tU* raiiwu of lb* limit. J trade thl? year. and tb* di?ap|M>tulm>int c*prrtrnc> <1 by aur miTchnulJ, In not refilling rr'.uru* for their otir due d-mand* Rui rr?nt? fr-m tht H rnt to t'ailt"'nU bar* trki-n in ii.< ii'* ui inula of go! 1 ai d nirrrbaut* and other* In th" country h*r* il U rtttid. departed frrm llarir I. ^itiuiutu liu 'i t> * i?u> tiaila :hIt? o'un tot'alitornia t?king r. ?t only aft th-n entire capital and ni-*n? b. |or?ii.,: to otb r?. but b<rn involn d tbi ui??1t< ? ao drepljr la di bl. Hot Itr laiiL favorablt rrtnrn* will hardiy r-iflr<. t<? ?*tri< .?' * th. a. fr< n< tli^ir ?nib.?rr?i"m- nl? W'lat. than. nir *t b* t!i? rr>i'U. *k<* ant nul) lllr ?lly n.'thin, will be r?a>tv<b In p?) no nt. but additional oMigwioit* i|(irr?l Ul ll> qUidfttion t>f ripnurl to l.'?n?fort itina. Tbrcn.lliaj not yrt earn*. lb* Iftk annnal r*pi rt of th? Ch> <hlr? r.ailro*^. Coti.|aof Riro tb* ana* fit. iblbu >.f ihe op*ratl>n* ud allulri of thr t?<id. up to and on ll.? 1*1 of May* 1?W;Cll? Tt \ i> in. (u/llnl ft'(). k llf ?Wf rh*r. !-->? I on wh!-h ftbter*. rWt'ltiilll luff b**B nml in full li M tWt lb' rtiioi-r l?r;ied In j :jii?'i t of d.r),|. 1,1 January 1 1*'" 181 N uu.txr 'i> ahbh not I. nt' or pact only, la j.. d iif 'I *t.rh Uo b?-? ;> cr? *t iul n t li I tor Kit Total Of lb' 11 I* ' ?har*r (.a it lu lull ban bv* ii i - u I * > ii I | r a on ' ' . 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