Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1850, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1850 Page 1
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I ci;. TH NO. 6834. DOUB11E S IT EET. THE CUBA EVENT. | THE END OF TIIE AFFAIR. "SKETCH OF THE ATTACK ON CARDENAS, The number of Amrriran Priioniri it Hivaia. fbe Zlxciting Chase of tho Creole into Key West. OVR COURE?PONOSIOB. II?I?B9TTVF TBE EXPID1TI0J. 4m>, Ac. C*R IUYAHA COltKRrPOlDKTC*. Havana, May 23, 1350. Hie Capture of Somt of the ifatriott. Admiral Amero returned to thia port on the 19th, ftom Woman's Islaod, with two reaaela, as prim, harm* on hoard one hundred and twentr prison ?rs; aL*o, letters, correspondence, plana, &c., of the ringleadera in the United Statea. The whole arrangement of th? expedition is now ia the hand* f the government. o?u caudktias coarssporrniexra. Cajipksas, May 21, 1860. Tfce Attack of the Invadert?The Loyalty of the ' Peasants. Lieut. Fortun, with twenty men, and the peasants (quajircs), arm^d with hatchets, and accom* 4 panied by their mastiff.*, attacked the invaders, but the latter not being armed, were all annihi ted. Of the twenty soldiers, eight were killed. Governor Ceruti defended himself well, but hia assailants having set lire to his house, he capitulated. His force consisted of twenty-five men. The invaders carried off $2,500 from the custom bouse, anil the treasury of tha Cardenas railroad. The gtujjirct, or peasants, conducted themselves With auch heroiem that (hey were nearly all killed. otk matanza3 couukwohdkacl. Mataizas, May 20, 1350. The Ejft t of the Newt in Matanzat?March of Treopt to Cardeiwe.\ The aolenin ailcnce which haa reigned in thia <*ty during the last twenty days, in consequence f the ravugea of tha prevailing epidemic, was yeaterday morning broken by the arrival of an express !fc?m Cardenas, bringing the iutelligenco that the long-talked-of expedition had at length arrived at that pls?e. At 12 o'clock, noan, tha Governor of llatanzas i;?ucd a proclamation, of which the following is a translation MiTiuru Acioni JC*t?A. SiiftAty, lfch of May, 1W0, at 12 o'clock, noon. Inhabitants of Mataniac?Three hundred adrsntur rs, gready of |iii!*ge mid booty, cotnniitndcd by the rebel aad traitor, Lopei have surprised tha 'Mencel??? harbor of Cardenas ?n'l !au d?*d |o ?ac li the town. By ' the shortcut rout", I go to attack hlji, learlug in command of tha place. durlnit mv abacuce. liriit (Jan. ! "Antonio <i Ona, a mo?t worthy chief, whom jrou *1fwdy know. Confide In tils entrgy. ?? I contVla in yoor Inyaltr. Pignsd. JTALOVERA. 19th May. I860. At half-past 1 P. M., the Governor, Falguera, ':ogether with 100 tro^* of the line, left town, in a spcciai train, for Cardenas. Lopez's party landed on fcund.iy morning, the 19Tb, at 2 o dock, surprised and took a part of the guard, pursuing the i??t to the Governor's house, where borne three or four were kill>-<l in defending it. Ab toon oa resistance ceased, the Governor, who was in the house, was called upon to surrender luntaelf as h prisoner. On liis refusal, the house was tired, and in a few momenta he surrendered himself. and. with two othur otiicera, was taken on board of a stesmer in the hxrbor, belonging to the expedition, which, m a few hoars afterwards, left the i<ort. Tnis is all the information we are in poMCStion of up to this hour, 5 1' M , 20th of Muy. ?vim?r)y. Governor of Matanias. Ot R XKI WK?iT COREKSPO.tOK.tC*. Kir Wmr, May 21, 1H50. Wtry Exciting Sctnt at Kty It'ctl?TTic Ckatt of the Sttahur Crtoit by the ll'ar Sttamtr Pitarro?Etrop* of thi CrtoU?TSt Attn k nn Card'tUis?Innitr.h of thr Esjtdilinn, 4"-- 4"<"Our nsualJy . niet town is at thu moment the Kene of the utmost excitement. At about sunrise this momin?, a large war steamer was discovered from the different cupolas, to be in the oiling, to the eastward of Sand Key, with her colon flying for a pilot; nnd she was soon afterwards boarded l>y one, who was eagerly interrogated by the oflicer in oommsnd, relative to n steamer of which :hey were ,n search. He could giv< them no information, liowsver, as no ot her atenmer had been in sight, and he was dismissed. This w*s the Hp&n ah war earner Pi> irro, recently s.-nt out from >pain to Cuba. At about nine o'clock, another steamer, crowded with mm, was aeon coming down inride the reef, under a he*\jr pre?? of steam, steering directly for this harbor. The l'i/nrro discovered her abo'it th- anine time that we did from (he t? wn, Hi!,I * he was evt 1 illy dvt rmin-d to intercept and cuptnre her. Our cu,m! is and wlurvea were crowded With j>cople; lor we began to understand, from the movements of the two boats th-ir relative rial .. ten. The ( r- I'l with th" Culn expedition un<li r < >ner .I I. > . h (!> nkvTik'i of position, being considerably m-!iore; but the (Varm b. <1 the mi l ;,? ?f e? or rapture s<<rn< d to flurt tste, th- lookers oil evinced the greatest excitement. Th'jr both cam<* g. Martly <-n, but the littl Creole, aumulite I batfd^lro in anil sides of b icon thrown into h r fire*^Pkv*d ht rsrlf np, and rounded the tiouse point aloct two miles in advance of her adve rsary, ?l I ci-rn" :ni<> llo- |> ir'-ir in ,| isliing style, followed by her pow - rful enemy, who ran by her within thirty pices, us she ?*?.?? rn iking ftst to the wharf. '1 he Creole's people at one disembarked; and from Ot-neml Lo, we obtained the following The rx,.edition sailed from New Orleans on the 7th inet .v. .i ;i.. is: V. v i , jf i , . it tered atn ng:li of ?ii hundred prp, sn.l, und"r the |,?nmias.| . ICm ait.r k- ? C y< terday, at two o'clo'k, A. M. The plan was, to aeiae tbc railro><l and cara. pn?'i on ui once, ami arry M&tar/aa by aurpriae The night w,u J-trk, and the weather favorable; but a diTictilfy *11 ?n< otiryrn ,| m nc !l.b . t ?.r ri. i ig'i to tli? wharf To effict a landing, which detained th>-m alout two hours and they wer* discovered b'fora tkay had landed. They mad- a iimI d*al of noia*. a* tbey had to croaa tha decka of a hark, an I dimS over her tail* and ;mra, on to t'i? ?'u ( I'.ndi f i tbem?el**t di.?< o*ered, they n?V I in'o the town ?ad attacked the tJoverm'i*.< ' >rr u Ua and the jail, at each of which pi ic a eol.liera w ire ijtiartered, and (hey fought bravely. The town waa aarriad, howrwr, and inr Gov cm or and fonr oilier* made priaoner*. by e(?in oYIack >n tl.- ni-n: inf. It iow thrums known to iha O-ncral that tkt rail track had lw#n tik n tip, an I airreaa diep*4chcd to Mitanraa, and that th- tmin object of the attack had, ther-f? re, During the day I .opei waa cordially welcomed by muiv vf the citin-na, and ancceaa, and the bW?jnga of llearen. n.w krd f..r i', hy |> , - . ..! r!..-?.e.. and ( articular!) l.y the ladien an i If win by one fompw: y, C ' l-iei.Ptj of thiri)*?it re.j tlir aof. diera, w?!h their aergeant at their head In the afternoon he had re-embtnked ? pa't of hia troorw, determined to maka a descent npon (4 Vuclta AUjo, o' nnw other contiftum* point, when he waa attacked by a roroa of cavalry, in two aquadrona, and a Ut<y of iufantry. Thc?? were beaten off, howev r, aau it i* rupfoaed that every e?vahy oldier rvrirbrd. The Amcrienna fouaht with a rwkfcintn that aetoni?h-d tlie s^iniarN, aa<l ('? ine.I only anniona to g> t a *h<<t at an rnemy. The e?pedition waa th?n embarked, and ateani'd out of the port. The nttjority waa opfoar I to the 'itncnPa |4aa of l<ndtng anywhers < lae, and in*t?tr I it,?>n r.?:ni ig to thupori. II-'waa aniio'i* to l>- l utd-d, with the f|4?i)i-h 'i'-ra wh<. h.'l i- .f I i>. ami ?h al leged that 'lie army wonla > ' ot d-cl ?i* tor b i, at aome point on the coaatt but the majority decided Bgan.-t It 1 li'-y crow ed the i f 'luring the name ni['li!. "! lay (j i ?!y .it anchor t- *i |r ?If the a- ;he very ro<f - nt thr ?he F^nrro Via In cmtattltalion with th" pilot about them. Th*y ara now roaming about ih- ,,,u n, and luve K-f#r- ' h'rrn !?| ? m the V >c ' I S b \rM"k?. Caller ior baa aeized the ( reole, and will forfcit ber < ' couiw On leivinr < 'em -, lb- t>?*r*l r?ie?aed th- ^overtot, and th? other pii?on E NE' IV era, under a promiae from them that they would Pi deal lenieotly with the struggling Americana b left behiud, aud who could not then he found. e They bad aiz killed and eight wounded. Whila a off" uere thia morning, the U. 9. Coast Sur- 1 * vey achooner Petrel, Lieutenant Jna. Kodgera 1 a. commanding, boarded the PLtarro, and the j o Spanish commander earnestly urged Captain i o Kodgera to give him a pilot, that ke might pumie 1 and take a pirate, pointing, at the aame tune, to tha r Creole, which waa then close in ahore, in live t fathoms water, and running for thia karhor. Capt. Kodgera very properly offered him a pilot to bring him into pert, out refused to permit hia pilot to aid in the capture of an American MNBtr. manned by Americans, in American waters, and seeking nn American port. The Spaniard now cliargea him with all the rcBpontsibilijy of hia failure, and declares that he will make a formal complaint to the government upon the subject. The Americans paid for erery article they got in Cardenas. The people seemed all well disposed to t them, and the soldiers who joined General Lopez eihibit their backs, pricked by tlieawordaof thetr officers, to compel them to fight. The Pizarro entered Cardenas three houra after the Creole left it. General Lopez'a baggage waa stolen from him when embarking at New Orleaas, and he landed at this port with a shirt on which he t had borrowed from hia gentlemanly prisoner, the i d uuwiuur ui vararfl?P. OIA ^UUIIIJ urgru j<iaa9 r slaves, stowed themselves away on boardthe Cre- f< olr, and came here in her. General Lopez at one? a offered to deliver them tp the Spanish steatnsr or ti to the Spanish Consul. Our local authorities, how- ? ever, arreted them, and the District Judge Ina hi I canned them to be delivered up. I. General Gonzales, Adjutant to General Lopez, t< waa wounded in the leg, but h doinjr well; G-n. t< Lopez dcea not seem at"all to desponJ. The. ioda- tl ix ndence of Cuba is, with him, a filed fact, and if o he livea he will accomplish it. h I de not give you the names of the officer* and e chiefs of this movement, for obvious reasons. w The collcctor wf the customs here, will await in- t< at ructions to proceed against the Creole. No ti means have yet been devised tor felting the men ii away from here. ti The people and soldiers of Cardenas thought, ? until daylight informed them otherwise, that the ti attack was the result of a servile insurrection. e The brig Sarah Loud, and the bark Georgians, o which cleared for Chagres with these people, and g after putting them 011 board the Creole, were t< making their way buck to New Orleans, are csp- e tured and in Havana, and will be proceeded against n as pirates. C. 1< Mat 22-10 a'clock, P. M. tl Atrii'al of a Spanith Duputch S-hooner?lti v Levarture of iht liar Steamtr. u A Spanish t-mack came over from Havana, to- c day, sent by the Caiitain General, with despatches ti to the war steamer here; and this evening, at hslf- p past six, the steamer went out with the smack in ii tow, and stood to sea. Whut her movementa are d to l>e, hus not transpired; but, I presume, she re- n turns to the Cuba coast, to look out for other ad- t< venturer*. She hua four companies of grenadiers v onboard. C. c d accounts rnoai run m-a*imi tapkr*. <j SVrrLBMB^T TO I.A UAt'llA. H.W* May 20, 1330. ' Long Lilt Iiaf-tllu! . III1 1 1 1 ii r 11 H r 1 n ! , Scarcely has the .shout of indignation sounded from the faithful inhabitants of the island, after they " had heaid of the vandalic invasma of our territory? > 6 scarcely had the voice of the higher authority been * heard by its proclamation?when we have the un- 11 utterahle pleasure of being able to announce a vietorv. "J The arrival of the Piznrro, which" entered the 1 port to-day, having on board < lens. Armero and l'e- " nurands, Commander-in-Chief of the Ilistrict, has * brought in the important news of the capture of two [' shi|>* belonging to the Wind iln Said royal steamer * let' this |m it on the Hielit of the IM] on the 17th P it went to f ontoy where there was a vessel and a [ ' merchant schooner. t*n board of these vessels j 1 j there were al>cut a hundred men, of various nations, badly clothed and equipped, who had come from i " u. 1.. r- Z. .. - 'l *1 ' c ilir iwu iMiiuup, \<vuiu) au'i n(ijuiuiu| Yucatan, the idace of rrnirzvowa of the pirate*. ! Iktih vessels, and all the adventurers in them, ! were captured by tien. A rmero, a* well as the letter* ! I and correspondence of i>??n Narcisso l?per, head of | , the expedition, which two days before n?? w i , ^he noith, and whichj by Uua tirtie, no doubt, has i .a.i? n into ine nanas of our soldiers, and paid for : their execrable conduct by a disgraceful death. This capture may be considered of some importance, ina?imich as the correspondence seized u,?ou I betray* all the secrets and plans of the pirates. ' 1 The l'uarro haa brought with her fourteen of the j prisoners. Their whole number was above one hun | drtd. They are of different nations, and bttray the most inexplicable cowardice and fear. It is ascertained by the 1'izarro that the whole invading force ; dots not eireed five hundred m?n, and that their plan was t? disembark in the neighborhood of Ma- | tanzap, end to nmrch to Havana?yes, to Havana? a city which, in ton th n >*. lv h<?ur-, enS-tH t. ore than three thousand volunteers, ready and alle to resist any enemv. What greater folly could be ex|>ec ted frein ro).!>ers, wliest- only desire Wll|<llap who iMnrfsd to ^hare our |ft ttjf anion* th*msel\es, and hnd promised twenty thou- ; sand .1ollai>'. und n plantation, to em it olTi.-i r, and four ihi-ti!*Hiad dollars to each soldier, with lands, , win ii the campaign was over! I May ihis lettson undeceive all thnm who, thirst- i ing for ?old and for blood, undertake neti ndven- ; turew! if ih>*re are unhappy countries in which the abandoned may boldly exerc^e their crimes and live in idleness, let them know that Spain ofl'srs no sarh hepe. This island is no place for aurh pmonr?an i*land which owes its prosperity to the ndiihiry, the loyally, the integrity, and good conduct of ita faithful people. TltK LATTST t!*TKIMother?I*T*RE?TltO {From ttie tlarrta'Is la Unban*. Key I At eicht o clock this evening, we learned the arrival at this |m rt of I*on F.' nti. Lieutenant of tbe (>ov< mor of Cardeoa*. We immediately procured information from this in.irter, as follow*: ? At three ?>V?ock, on the morning t>f the l!Hh, the i robbers landed, in the diirkneM of the ni^ht, upon ' the cosM. 1 on Cruti, as soon the mutter bee1 rne known, prt himself at the head of setenicen men. ii'I he culd gather, and met thein, lighting bravely 1 till they had expended their last cutoacltr. Meantime the people fled, leaving not n woman or ihild in the place, thus manifesting their horror t the wreti lies who had landed. At half put 0 P. M. they were attacked bv fifty , foot rolUitr*. twej ty laborers. rsnd a nntiiWr of ( c< nntry peoj-le, under P. I*eon Fortun, commander ?f < iuiii: :c iro. r.nd th-) wr-ill.veil ofl', tieejog iB perfect disorder to theil boat, le.mng behin I several killed ar.d wound J, taking ?>fl * Colonel White, b !ly v ouitdv d. The fenrnrr in which It* v came was the Creole. I and tbc ri[><nin of ihc ptratee w*a LVm Narci?*> I < \rt.. In tlx ir flight they U'ft I* hind 5S< n'r. , Cruti i.nd ! '. n'r Lcpara, wliojn they hid drUiaetl 1 ft-r aet;ie Uiim aa jiri'om-m. Uvfii the j>;i?onei?, . j whc in thty ret free from th -)ail, so de*?*.-ed them , they would not Join ihrm. I>ui took uparin.< aff-unat # .'i Ai ? o c lock in Hi- morning of M?>idir. f the gnvrrnor o| M..t?nx*i arrived at Card^na*. and . fonr.d u!rra?!y settled, ori*er rertorej, ami th? riratea y fir I. [ '1 bos (lie wrttchi'f w!u> expectod nothing leaa , f t?. 11?? <f our property, have f fled away cowardly before a uvrr hiuidfal of hrave . kMIiii lid people. Tbrfiri deceived if they ' c.fpect to escape hy th ir llicht. the chtliiUMncnt : {. tf.-y dffrve. <.'ur efu,? will punue and overt ike ' r them. Meantime, the onpiml prciK&ts a moH warlike j Mi*Ct. 'Hi. cnihtudiiam iacr .!*?? hourly. No- ^ il.ii g tut mm running al* ut to niouat guard, with , r th ir (tuns on their alioulder.% are met at every | (l pntot. ? tut otiu aMr.aioaJi riti?o!?r.r.j at jj . MO OA. i Iff m the CHlrteeton Mercary. May ?1 Ey the artival.e* Saturday, of ike steam-hip Ian- ; , brl, Curt Kollina, from Havana. w? are placed in j 1 Piim/mImi of copious detail* of the lata inva?io.i of '' the bland of Cutis, by th? force* under Gen. Loi?x, * " which will he found annexed. lirn. Ix>fcz and several of liia officers took paa- ! wgc on l?o?rd the laal-el at K'y Wrat.andare now ! in Suvannnhand this city. ('en. Oonzale*, one of j len l>opez'a aid*, and Col. O'fhn, nf the Ken- ! tacky rrrinieni, both wounded, l>nt not ditngrroue- (' ly. remain at Key West. Oeft. l-ogin, of the Kentuck* repinient, died the day afier the Creole left CaMenn., and his hody w;is consigned to the deep. We learn ihit despatches were received in thi? clir l?jr the Collector of the Port, from our Cona^il J' at lftiara, stating that there were ahont one linn- ' drrd nti oners in confin* inent in that eitf, charged * wnh havior been >ncera?d in the iavadin^ expedi- " t<rn, w rnlii he tried hy court martial, and requeit- * ing that an American veaael of w?r ahould at nnce I' lie ordered there An ahatraet of theae dcapatch?? '< wra tran?mitted to the 5tate Department by tele- * pr^rh o FKkT^N or not orr**Tto-*a or m un t.rmt aa^Torcra*. r On the Hfh when near the laland of Mn- n here*. oH the coeet of V?e?tan, the three diet- P vr r* of the ejpe auml?eri?f in all ?i* h in- '< dnil ard nine mea, were eoncen?rnte?| on the t? a-.eeioabip < reale. Tbey < >?**' d nt a re(i?eat f W YO IORNING EDITION?TH1 rom Kentucky, a regiment froin Louisiana, a attalion from Miasiaaippi, aad out iad^pendent cmpeny from the mdii Stat*. The two rboonsrs which hud belonged to the expedition rere sent towards New Orleans, and the ateamhip started dirt *t far the town of Cardenas, n the nonhern eo<i*t of Cuba. The eommajider f the expedition, (Jan. Narciso Lopez, believed bat that city could be surprised and Uken in * few uiuutes, tha morning cars seized and taken, and be whole of our army lauded in Matanzu* the sme evening by the milrodd. Tha General also bought that little rebii>tajDoe would b? made at 'aidense?that the large number of emigrants lirre from the United State* would join the liberating ttundsid, as would the Cuban population, nd perhaps the Spanish garrison. But these executions of this brtive, honest, and patriotic vetean, were entirely disappointed, and the expedition 11 consequeuce, has utterly failed in accomplishing ts object. At two o'clock on the night of the 18th, he steamer succeeded in landing within a few ardaot the wharf, and after some delay, a single lank was connected with the shore, over which be troops by single files were disembarked. The entinel on the wharf had early discoverd us, and nfoimed the gurrison nnd the city of our approach, o that they were well prepared to give us a hoeile reception. At least an hour was spent ia the ieembaikation. By the previous ordsr of the < mmaudicg Gen#ro), the troops were landed as iIIowb:?the Kentucky regiment first; the Louimna regiment second, and the Mississippi batilion third. They all got into action, however, riihin a few minute* of each other. Half the lentucky regiment were dotftclicd lunior their jeutenunt-Colonel to the right of the town, 3 attack any force that might he found there, and j prevent egress if possible, from the pluc* But tie latter duty was impracticable. Company (A) f the Miatisfippi battalion whs sent to capture and old possession of the railroad can, enginers, employees, tVc. whom, we had learned, rould leave for Matan/ns at six o'clock, A. M. Af r a sharp contest, this company succeeded in iking pofsefnion of the railroad cars, and incanturig twice its own number of armed troops, and renning them as prisoners. The action in the city Don became general. The garrison was coacenrated under the Governor in the Citadel. In the fl'orts of our men to stonn this place, the Colonel f the Kentucky regiment was shot in the leg, while allantly fighting ut the head of his men. hoon aftr, the Colonel of the Louisiana troo[?s was woundd in the shoulder, while leading his regim?nt gainst the same Citadel, and Klmodtsimultaiieousv the Adjutant General of the arniv was shot in ne leg. Soon after the Colonels of these regiments re re wounded, the three division*, ret-;>ectivcly, nder their Major and Lieut. Colonels, made a ombined attack ujKin the Citadel. While this stack was being made, the guard sf soldiers at the rison at the corner of the great square of the town, ired into the Mississippi battalion from the winows. The Lieutenant Colonel commanding, immediately ordered two of ?i-i companies (B. and C.) o about face and fire into the building. The order ras obeyed with such promptness ana effect as to ttrpel its immediate abandonment. Under the orers of the lieutenat Colonel they then battered own the doors and took possession of this hnportt.t position. Having left a guard in this building, lies** cem|>anies again joined in the attack on thititdel and materially Misted the Louisiana and ientucky troo|*>, who were still engaged in stormigthat place, with great loss, and witTuinmrp-issed allanfry. In the meantime, company (I)) of the >1iatii-tippi battalion had battered down the doors of lie corner house opposite the Citadel, and ojvosite "the prison house, and with their rifles id deadly execution on the Spanish garrison. In independent company from Mississippi having o plare n.?ngned thrai in the battle, ?oun-c(Ml HrIt with the four companies of the rifle battalion rOBI that 8(at*, ami fought with it until the Lieut, 'olonel, obsei vir.g General Lo|?e/., without a bodyuard, fearlessly exposing himself to the fire from In! Citadel, detached this independent company to hut duty. They gallantly performed it, aud had n cflicer killed in joining the (ttnnrel. About unrise, a torch was lighted by General Lope*'* 'wii hands, against one of the doors of the Citadel, mi rcon me mil Kline neiow w?<j tn n.ijj n, ihe ft"- ' _. ? " , _ i i.,,, ifter to Wren - r"*n COttlinoed, liMlg ,_'j * r - -I' a destructive fir* frotn the tUt r-P'IU-.I roof above. It was not until it ifc&tiic mcDifrtt that the building would wv>n s'oVT lip, that the Governor of the city, officer! nod jarri.HD, cair.e down and aurrendered. Th^y ought w i?h a ga I Ian try unaurp8*sed by any troop*. Hie authoring now eurrendertd the city, the tilled on both eidea were removed, and the wounded afcen rnre of. The troopa of th- expedition uvoutuked in the Great Spiare. ?k*ner?f Lope* van now busy in org-uimng thorn* who ?eemrd ik?ly to join them, and in preparing to mareh owarda Matan*aa that evening. At two o'clock le ordered two of the remaining three compnnit a flbe NWni|fi httaliM (awbeiac a; the railend depot) to inarch to the *team?hij>, and place 11 the ammunition and more* of the expedition ort he cara. In an hour the work wua done, when irdera came to place them back again on the tcumaliip. In ano'her hour this dn WW daw, ird the wo*k waa mat accomplished when he battle of the evening begun in the town. The f Lieutennnt Colonel of the Kentucky reginent, during the evening. hail marched his fore# nto the town, and ih?y, with the Ix^uimninna, did his w hole duty. The I.ieuteniint Colonel and the tf.ijor in t < mmnnd of the M t?Hte?i|?(>i bi'iiiiion at lie ateamahlp. ugninrt the pooitire orders oft lie (?enral in chief, foimed their men and qaickly joined heir ft How polilier* in the city. The enemy lud x en repulsed, however, with great lo?*, by the inie of ihtir arrival. Gea. Lopez now ordered th* whole force to reml>ark on I oarinh* Mriwhif, and the veaaH ?tood >ut to aea. At thr>*? o'clock in the morning she run inrd aground. The wight of tl.a men and of the immtinitioa. made it ckar that a!ie would rem un Kiound, and be captured by the lirat Spanish mmrwar who discovered her, anlcs* lightened. Fhe md no artillery, and a man-of-war could atand oil nd batter her to piece*. In thia exttemity, the < mmandipg Oenerol ordered the ammunition to be brown ovrtl>oard. With tha exception of a ainall lumbe r of bo*e?, thia *11 done, and tha reaael nt layigbt waa afloat. The troops aoon in>|iired to vhat place they were Ixjund. tlen. Lope* Informed t>? hi that he detired to procaed to the town of dantun, on the North- west coa^t of tke island, and ;uin attempt the lil>en:tinii of t'uha. Matty oilier* exprerted their willmrncra to go with Inm, but rne*l<nths of the soldier* posiiivelv refused.? rhey arsigurd the w eighty remonaof the scarcity f airnmniiiop. 'he abtence of artillery, the scant "IT'y r' r0Ml '"or 'be 'ewrl, the limited o unity of water, wnd the tardiness with which th" .ubaaa at Cardenra joined the liberating st liidir>l. '1 hey d< niandf d lo he taken to the nearest iiiti'il Sf a(f m tiTkTf 1111.1 unnn I )>. nll'iji*ra iteii.). aMy concurtid *nli thrni in to reasonable a deternination. ir'-n Lope* w*? forced to rield lo their viahra, and flare np the command of the TrwrL Dm mt day, aa we were in sight of K*y Wert, - londn, a mim-of-wur Mramer came fnrrritig down tijon us. Mie had be.'# hunting na rom Cardmaa. We led her into the port a v? ry rw momenta; l?ot owing io the ijusnr.nn# regnlaione of ihe town, we could not hind The Spaniard ore down on im and would with her Paivhan spin* >ava dcatroved na, had nft the 1 nited Mates Itevnne f utt'r informed her that we had aurrendejed lureehes ro the .inthotities m Key Wi t, and'hat !> (ih- Spaniard) must not latttDuv *iib W. It ia iratrr to ftata that not one article of property was noiested by us at Cardenas; not one wonrtn or hild injur# d or ibsuIu d. The oflicera aad men of he expedition paid liberally far what they ate and Irank. A larire jesre|ry s'ore came inn th"ir posesaion durimr the liijht, but a gmrl of oldiera was placed ever it and not an nrticV wax nnrl.rd. 1 lie eriii;;r nt? fi< r\ t!i- (nited ;tate? at Cnrlenaa wi re a* hostile to n? aa lh? Cuinr.i. C?ne of them cava mr idiicrra a bteakftst n the morning, and fn the evening he war killed, hatting us at the head of a company of la.icera n eKlimarinir our loss, I set i! dawn at from thirty 11 l<rty kill'd and wounded?that of the Fpaniarla t one hnndrrfl killed and wounded. The |<eo,?le f the I 'nif- d Ftitea should remember that ai dirk, n ibe evening of the I9?h, we hid agsin reutleed rd ailenced the enemy in Cardenas, and had quiet caseation of the pi ice, and that by (lenernl I rtrt'l poattive order* we abandoned If, and nt to aea, instead of marching ml" the interior of uba, and tighiinr for ita liberation aa most vf the roopa de*irrd to do. isinwiiMi n?s r?o* mav.?*?. It ia eight in the evening, 21?t invt , m?l we hare ??t learned iba Miival in tbia port of Mtnt. Col. of 'avalry It. Klorencio Cernri, th" worby Lieutennt (Jovemorof Cardenas We hive immediately Blight to uhtain information of the occurrenc e rhi< h t'x k place in that town, and although the uk of line has nat allowed ua to learn all the de vi!? Vhich we and our reader* anxiaualy deaire, till w< can fun.isb them with authentic account" f the disorderly and extravagant attempt of the ipeditionary pirate*. At three o'clock, on the rrnmit of the IMk, favored by the darkneaa of tha ight, and when no on* could htve imngin* d their r?aenc* in th"?e water*, the robber* effected a tnding at ( ardenaa. foamn aa thl? an knowa ? tha brave I.ient nant < ^ov?rn?r, I). K. Oroti, he laced hiwdf at the b-ad of (be *m ill datachm^nt RK H JRSDAY, MAT 30, I860. of 17 men at his disposal, and opposed a truly hero.a refiMarce, which Uated until fourhouaea, in whieh th< y had successively entrenched themselves, w??re burnt, when they fell into the hand, of the enemy ?fter having eipended their lai>t curtrid^a. When thia wea taking place the population, including the women and children, abandoned the town, thui manifesting in ?n unequivocal manner the horror and aversion with which all wers inspired by the presence of the foreign banditti. At half-past 6, they were charged by fifty men of the infantry of Leon, twenty luncers, and more than thirty peasunts, mostly natives of liiway, who, under command of 1). f>eoo Fortiin, military commander of Uaanucuro, arrived from the surrounding country, and put them to a hnmeful flight, obliging them to ro embark precipitately, leaving many dead on the field, and carrying away their wounded, the so-called Colonel WHiita and 40 of hia followers. The steamer

whieh brought ihein waa the Creole, and the lewder of the pirates, I). Narciao Loitez. In the precipitancy of their flight, they allowed to escape, at Cayo Piedra, at the outlet of the haibor, ( Vrlltt> S#?!lAr S^Olin ( lunluin in ilia inf.nlra of Leon, and aub-Lieutenant of the same corps, who had barn made prisoners. Our attention has l>ecn called more particularly to this circu:nstauce, that the soldiers of the garrison, whom the invaders had set at liberty, subsequently turned their arms against them, and gave undoubted proof, that even so great a boon, as being the gift of pirutes, whs odious to them. The editor of the dareta further state# that the steamer 1'it^rro, which went in pursuit, captured two vessels, wiih a hundred prisoners, including fourteen inferior officers, and the correspondence of the invading Canaille, lie leads Us to believe that Havana is all enthusitifcm and shining bayonets. Martial law his been proclaimed. The.coast is strictly blockaded, and the mitt stringent measures adopted. Havama, May 22, 135(). Tbe Cuhan revolution has begun and ended. On the morning of the 9th instant, about 3 A. M., the steamer Creole ran info Cardenas bay and Nirciso Lopez lsnded with 600 men. He took possession of the town with little opposition, and issued a revolutionary proclamation. The Governor, with a few trcoi?, entrenched themselves in his house, to which the invaders set fire, and he then surrendered. During the day the invaders held undisturbed lamsesaion?no proj>erty was destroyed or tit ken away. The meu paid for all they toolc. About evening they began to reemKirk, and when most of the troops had uot on board the steamer, a patty of lancers arriveaand attacked them. Seveal were killed on each side, and at y P. M., the summer sailed, leaving five or six drunken man on shore. I.optz took with him the Governor and two officers, whom he afterward put on board a schooner outside the harbor, on condition that the livfsofths men left behind should be spared. Col. White was wounded in the shoulder. The Governer says they were gentlemen, and he could not have been better treated. names of t11e rATOlOT* AT savanxah. [Frem th? Savannah Republican May 3V] The steamship Isabel arrived on our bar at four o'cleck on Saturday morning, nnd placed her mails and passengers on board the J. Stone. She left Havana on the 2Jd instant. Among the passengers is<ien I.cper, eorrmander of the expedition, one ol hia aidea ile camp, Senor J. Sanrnez Yznegn, and Messrs. J. G. Iiunton and C. II. Horton. All these gentlemen are now in this city. rNCIMNTS of the KXrEDrnO* a.nd th** OS c a* nr.* am. [Frrm th* Savannah Republican. May 25] !.. .:.i. ?r n.. r <<.. lay* here badly, but Mippoeed not dangerously, wounded. Cof. OMIara, of Kentucky, ia also wounded, but not dangerously. Cant. Logan, of Kentucky, died of hi* wounds', and his l>ody was thrown overboard the dav after thejr loft Cardenas. Among those killed, wa? an Episcopal paraon from the West, who* name I have not learned. The Americana receiving no assistance from the people, and aware that a force of ten thousand nwn ttstion^d near < ardent s, were on the march to attack them, took to their boot at night and put to Fea for Key We?t. The next moruinz the steamer Pi7*tro was discovered a-tem. in chuae. They Went ahead nil t(iat d?y, po*I at night changed thrir ! 'ourse to northeast, and nude tli<: reef Key Vacas; '.here a pilot tcok thrra inside the rn; f, audran down. The Pizarro was oil' the ship channel ye lift rtisy morning, having arrived in the niijht. She drpiapdcd a ? J JJieui. noger*, wno iayC'J? i there in the l'etrel, the United States schooner erigsged in the coast survey. The purpose for which they waited a pilot was, as they avowed, to chase the Creole. Mr. Rogers replied that inry could have a pilot to com* into Key West, hut not to pursue th? Cwik lli' eommmier of the 1'i/irro threatened to inform ihe government of hi* refusal j to fkim^h him a pilot, on which Mr. I'ocen *ent him Lm cord, ?o that there might be no doubt who ' v. .is. Alter a she: tun.*, .i > dot boarded Hie j Tizarro from a pilotini; schooner, an 1 brought her thtoufh the ship chrnnel. lit the meantime, the I Creole was running down in- ide th? reef, with all the slesin she could raise, fcjhe rounded the Light- ! hou?e point a half hour before the I'i/hjto. WTiat | maht have been the consequence had she gotten a 1 |i)?>tfium Mr. Kofers, or whether it was her intenticn, alter having crossed the bar and gotten in our waters, to have attacked the Creole, and cut ! her otl from this place, we can't tell; but such it it Mii>|o*ed mnM have Men her deni;n. from the fact ! of b?r wanting u pilot to dial**, and from Hie knowi ledge which her ollicers must have hud it was ' ' imjossible fcr a vessel of so great draught to iro in| f:de the reef. The only tt?e for a pilot was to c< me inside and await the approach of the Creole. | 1 he Creole, aftet beint; detsine-l twenty minutes | 1 y the health ollicer, v?as allowed to come to the wharf; while dropping down, the Fizirro p?H I i n aU'Ve and can**- to anchor. The commander ordered the I'llot to nut Iter between the Creole nod the fhcre. lie rtpfi<dhe would bed??d if he wouli'. Ab poon h* ibr Ctrok touchcd the whut, n ri'sh wn# irade l?y tli?? mrn with th 'ir l>na<llo* j I fend ?idc nrnn for the ?hore, nn 1 soon the bout was | entirely abandoned. Thejr ar- ir.rd glad rnoni(li to j b*i\* r.otti D OMf mnn on American *oil. Fortunately for tlirm, Ihr t. J*. Ihrrwk*, about a 1 inilr ficrn the cily, were vacant and afn>r?i?*?l n ihclicr. TLe Pi/auo lays heie still, Laving krpt up steam alt yetterday and la*t n>i{h', a* if a|>prekftwrt she Waa in a dangr rua* neighborhood, mid it might !* nrrrrsary to ?nk?* vrry nuddenlr to her heels. flic baa. wr vihlerrtnttd, phouta hundred mrn alxmrd, nnd one of the 9punuh officers who earnped from Cardenas. Jt wr.a the dr-ijjn of the Americans, had ihry ft.tmd it iu' to rprto have hunrded the I t/airu if <hey could, Coul I ihcy h-tve d<?oe this, I tliey would have t?k? n her in t. n minwtea. Tweaty-fiii mm, and four oflrers of the gnrrtj ??m, at ( trdrnne, joined thr Ai'ien<?ns during the ; ?4;h?, and liave com* ovrr \? th them. 'J hry ?.rm ' much attach'd to < Irneral l/o^rz. .Herm negrnra j alpoeanu over. Wlcn thr men returned to th? I teat, at Cardinal, thee found aliout twenty ne: frees, who played to be lak-B with llit'iu. All ; were iful aet?-rc, however, rxcejH tlieee aeven, i who hid themselves, nnd weer not dieeovc red till the tout get rut 10 i>ev They w? r<* brotsht before .Judge Marvin, th"* District Jttdgr, tuia tiiiiir ng, H[-on a writ cf hebfrt rnryvt. who ordered ihem to I* delivered to th?' ^ptuisJi Connl. lie a dl Knd tlieni on l>oard ill l'uatro, tii lie delivered to their owners. The t'reolr ha# bc<*n ) seined by thr roller-tor for v rioua lire.ii hea of the revenue law*, and will donhtlraa li? f affiled i No r? monstrance was made hr the adrmfur-ra, ( when she wes a? rrd. 'j h< y locked for It as a runtter ofconrve. They Inie V*rn ntifrly prticeI fill, and Mrm di?pn?*d to ahidr l>y the law. M .ny | of th'ni are jfntl'men of edueiition, and ere of the troet rp#prct?l)|r families in th Weft. Will I 1 be their destination is unknown. Sorm*, I nnd. r- ' I ate ml, leave to-day for N'ew < lrlean?. nnd, al>o\e .K 0 on the Isabel. General IjOand hi.' aid, J. ( i S*n? h? * Vrneifa, are nmonp th" latter. After the I hoat had gotten ont to era from Cnrdrnaa, ? vol- i 1 w*a takrn to determinr thrir eoutar. A rnitirity voted for reming to Key W"<?t. General ; then aiked to he eent af hi.n* at La Vue|M de \Sajo, where iroo,?a were Matiofd with the Spmiah i ?>!dlera who had joinrd thrm, an I who wrra 1 nnxioua to have followed him. A number of the i Americans were alao willini to follow klm Th ' Mi, jdy of fuel w?a ao (mall thvt it wa* thoitjlit there would not he sufficient to tike thern tnak to the ihrrr and rrach this plire, and they iletermineil not to n ttim. i irneral Jxiprit aerma till aangulnr. lie niy? thit his namr will yrt rail a ho*t to his tandnrd. Thr Amerieana s;??-ak in'fie highest terms of hi? courage. |l? to hr found throughout the fiuht where the hnllrta Hrw thtr-krat. Thry tliink, though, that hr wa* deceived aa to tha extrnt cf his popuUrity in ("aha. and tbla was the cause of the failure of the eiaedition. A a to the fart In thia i* difficult to sae. l.ojn-7 )r>ng had thr reptitatinn of being the moat p<?ular man in Cuba, hnt hia popularity ia chiefly in the souiS?rn part, where hia rptatra lay, and whrr? h?* lived wh'n a Hp^ni?htte*rral. In their pfogrras through Carilenia, the invader"(net with a hot rerrptionfrom all <;uirters, being fired rtpoa from walla, housetop*, wia lows, A-n. A hoidy of garnish troopa, m-tving towsrda thr fiovrrnot'a housr bring hailed, return f d an answer bf hrinir Thr yovarnor's hoo?e waa rarly aneck?<t I ut not until tJen. Ix>pm had ?nt three cr four >miioct aummoosea to Mirrrsdrr Tha hour* waa tbe? rt fir* ta, wb?n '.ha'iararoar, Ill R A I ?ome oflirera and aome forty soldiers retreat**! to I the next house, which ?u fir^d in its tura. Tl??y I then made their way to a third houae, an which weTe several Indira ami others collected. The roof of thia hout-e, which was a low one, gave way and fell in, but no one was Berioualy hurt. In thia condition th? initiates, with the fire ut their heela, and the soldiers in danger of being blown up l?y their own cartridges, haa no choice but to aurrender. A white tUg was, therefore, toon hung out ut the widow on the point of a bayonet. In the absence of anything else to aerve the puTjx>e?' of a Hag, one of the young ladies pre tcui gniiuniir onerea an silicic ot ner unacr garments, whicn wbb used for t!i<* purpose. The place l**ing taken, Gen. Lopez, who had thus fur _l>een unable to get speech of the inhabitants, which he was anxioua to do, in order to save bloodshed, explained that the expedition cam* to the inland to offer lil>ertv to the inhabitants, not with the purpoan of plunder. He issued. at the same time, strict orders that no proj>crty should be tiken without being [>aid for, and gave other necessary orders. The < Ue?t of these measures wa.?, that the Spanish soldiers put on red shirts and cockades, like the invadt rs, and distributed themselves through the town, with, at least, the ostensible al>ject oT conciliating the |>eople in favor of their new visiters. It does not appear, however, that nrich impression was made this way. and it is certain that the Spanish officers all remained faithful to their Hag, exhibiting a courage worthy of thednys of old Castile. The loss on the side ?f the invaders was toran four killed and peiha|? ten wounded, while it is presumed that the defenders of the pl?c<s met a losa of some twenty. General Lopez is of opinion there were not probably mote than 100 regular soldiers ?f the line in Cardenas, st the time of the attack; but Mariner all these transactions, newj had been sent to Coliseo. a post ten miles distant, and to Matansrts,for reinforcements, and large reinforcements were approaching the city, near 300 men having arrived before nightfall. During the day, too, some of the invading loree had become a little disorganized by drinking, end a portion of thein h id been detailed to place the wounded and a quantity of coal oi uoard the Creole, in order to enable her to r? turn at once for reinforcements. Influenced by these and other strong considerations. Gen. Lopez determined to re-entbjrk his command on bonrl the Creole, which was done soon after nightfall of the rame day on which they landed, (Ithh inst.) On their wuy to the boat, they were attacked by n force of twenty-two lancers and forty-five hitatiy. These troops fought the invaders with tleapsrata courage, charging up to the lionets. The lancers were killed, almost to a man. One of them, a common soldier, returned twice alone, searching like the French officer at Waterloo, tor some point where he might pierce the line. ?>n leaving the harbor of Cardenas, the courte of the vessel was laid in aN.W. direction, in order to avoid the risk of m? cling Spanish men-ofwar. As Hoon as the land faded from view, (Jen. Ix>pez gave orders to stand westward, his intention | being to mtke another landing at the town of ; Mantua, in " Vuelta <lc Abajo.'' The district so called is all that part of the Island of Cuba west- | ward from Havana. A large part of the command bad, howi ver, become discouraged by the warm reception they had met with by the Simii-h troop*, and resolved not to attempt another landing. 1 he orders of Gen. Lopez were repeated, when a council was c lied, iinrl some three-fourths of the force determined to land at Key Went, placing a miard over the boat's compass to insure it. The officers generally were willing to follow the General. The Creole ran aground in leaving the hart>or of ; Car^enss, snd remained six hours in the expect*- . tion of being overhauled by armed vessels. She | wes ouly got oil after throwing overboard a large quantity ot ammunition and provision?only 80,000 rourds'of ammunition remained. The Creole, in goingto Key West, took the South pnisage, while Illr I f/#ihi' it'i'R (lie imiiiii |>*inn?kr. a irm ?" J j mfapaed each other w hite outside. Had they come ' in contact,* Moody nig git* would douh:l?*o have bffD tk rennlt. Th-' Pizziro had on hrmrd four comnanieaof Grenadiers?(probably ?fl in'-n.) It m a curioua circumstance, and one well worthy of mention, thut tin* cholera d ion ppoired in H'trana the moment that the new* of the iandin<r of the expedition waa n ceivad. This cilcuimtinri* is well natuined l.v the exi*i?enc$ of di?Hplin-.l *rmn'a in the f.t-Vl. on the eve cf a buttle, w hen the aick list, tliminishea rabidly. The excit'-mcat in Havana wise, in like manner *o ?*reiit that not r 1 i c;.?e of cholcrn was reported'the .TTy efi.'r tl,e at- ! if tLiB rn w*-.^ It is w. nly of remark, in explaniition ?>i ux. iCTt^r Cf >"?r &'>' NV efel tMWitjHind?ntin regard to the recrption ot the inVii',prs, UiU | they did not anticipate any considerable waMxtaAM from the people ol ( HidriiH". Their chief reliance, ot we leuin Irom oflicntf the expedition now in tliia city, wbb wjion Matanzna, whi 'h pi ice th-y were prevented finni reaching hy an unlooked fur occurr< nee, na will Screen below. The |wip:tl.irity ofOridul I-ope/ in Mat^tuaa ami the adjtrciit eoi ntry, ia represented to he tlin<>;t unbound* <!. \Vc nre Anther informed. that while (lir Ciwlt wni lyinjj I*I?round l?r ?d* noon at Cardenas, with ! the momentary expectation of brine n't ached hy j a S|NinU>h man-of-war, the steamer Piuria onnv itito (he IiimI or at ni#ht, on one B,d<- of it, in m arch of her, nnd p nrd out in tlir others! I', wirhoit diecoverinR her Had the l'i*?rrn attacked thi iu\adera, however, they had determined to board her and take p?.ai?c.'<?ion of her, which tl*??y have aince learned would have hern mi eiiy mutter, t >f the drrprmte conregr of theae adventurer* it lo unnccet -ary to ?|ienk. The expedition waa c imposed of the very beat of our Mexican volunteera, M'ti.e of w hum ?ay the rt -Htance tln-y met at (,'ar. dennfl during the night attack w? eijunI to tint at Mooter* y. They speak in the highest term* of the braveyand skill of Gen. /.ope*, who ihey??yi? fitted to leud in any expedition. J oat think of Hn ru n Invading an inland of u million inh'Utania, end w^ may fl-rm Mime Mea ?f 'h?* wor?e than forlorn hope upon which th'-y had r?ae. an I >>( the cilm uuliinching courage with w Inch they were inspired. *HMJ!"Vit "<XTI<IIJ4R< or Tlir KXFUiITIO?. |Cor ot tUa Charleston l.'ourlur ) IIa.!-.., May 2i JV?) We >:l?e nn extract of a Mt< r trim 0ar<l?na? wliT-h we hnre ji'*t r?r?1?<i| T 'liwltl oN-rre th^t I.' f? t andldapary rreetted no jtripuiliy or tupport fmra tha inLat iianta. It la ?al<l ibil rnnlh? euarirM * h in th<) lith ratrd from ptivon. refused to join them. Rnd tl at t'.irir (tfparture *ai ha'l?n"! t>jr <>brervIo;{ that tha f." pie from tlie country were arrirlnf. Willi iinnUtkl'at le b<?tile Ictnatwllwi aitit i th'-ia I liny lai.d'il in n tt^amrr *aid to he theCri <l?. It i? ?t (nam nweeftaln to ahat point they are g >u*. hat it | U D't prrliat.le they will n>ake a *ec <nJ attempt to latiil on the talar.d Th<- r i?mnent atemncra are la ( ?< arch f t th>m We ar? hut aware of any morv lwt?l- i p)P ace ' I on mith< Mil* nature, tlia'. w* can r rntniitii- I catacnti eljeal Wa b< tiavathat marekant n i c*E?d in law ul vtill tie etpoard to UtUa or n > > litre m ?b !> aaa. May 1i. 1V.J Tl * B<-w? ha* jo^t arrit. l h. rc < rthe landing at < arr'ern^. cf a bo?ly "f men. i niroari!'.t \j 0m t.onai. J Yoaraanot imaglaa th* eirltcnvTit ?ui n * r'p'rt na? rauMd n< llherean yen plctnra t > yoart^lf th* horror *1)1 luinny ?.f certain In-lit .<li:aia. vii (ten* ral* |o !> <r tapleina aad *oidi<ra. A mntiaff hai litcn caih <1 hy hi* r*c. ljeney, tha (?nptain-'l> in ial of all the wine In ad? 1 r .In th ' city. ; The pru^nctlon of that annii't hedy t h r'with ra> | eloae. it I* tr?D*iat>d :?? bi ar tha ('rtjinil n? It can p? mm; m. It I" no% worth wbll* to li It you nil th* r*port? In ! rlrcnlalb n tn llatana # ?lnr* I 1-ft tU #, w? liai# Ik*n lnf"*nn d by ?oir# of th* principal Mtoff tb m l?? a I I! g \r yti ail th* II trana {trmt !ir?t lb* Pp??l?n war M*aiitrr **jrir> <1 two * ??#!# at th# Inland 'f M?j? w," *11(1 brought In th<> city * >in? ! w grUot>#rt, th< It aumh*r rantnt b* fitly ??!linv?] n.o f?J OB'- hundrrd at. I aciu* Inir1r>ti M Q t* t Pari < ili*m ar* American* Tb* Kpmlah traiutr I liairo ?m d*?; at< bed In pnrnult of Ik# iaf*<t*r? Kir Wiar. May 2i I*'.". On riir arrival brra w*. fonod th* Cr*?>l# aft?-r latliir b##n puf'tird Into tlilt port by th* .?,n?ni?h Mt?mi I, hb* i-nly **r*p>d by* hair ? hri'adt b Wa otdtrMaad pr< parauooi wrr*mad* to Month- t'r#?4* op in ca?# of raptur* W* >?i|id ft?m K*y W*M In tli# IiiM,i*tM f>n b-ard n?**ml Ufrt ill |I4 and ?"fn* t?? nty of th*i mpany Tb> Ir hl'fory. #* n**r a? I *r>n < ' ' ' llwt land*.I at ?'?rd*ti*? with al*>nt ><*> .ff?*:i** m?n, tn th* nlabt f tha IKtb ln?* Ib? ftnwiMt t f"mnt*n*?d In III* itninlr*, about 4 o clock, with tb* !>.*trnniini a?ddl*r? In tba f?< a.njr a r? mpany of ?an**l? *harf> d upon tb? In**<!. ! , ai d not, on* oftb.m r*tnrii?a to t*ll | tb*lr **d lat* Tb* p lap* ?mth"n alia *id?ndflr?d. tb* f'oT*rn' r and Ma il<l? ta*a?i priatiari, and cvm- j rv?d tip'm lb* fl*ant*r C'rrol#. Tba Invader* lul only two nm HII"J and tw*lra ligl.tly w. nnd? d Awnj tb* laM*r. w^? flm tl-tnr?l<-rnd<ol ?> tiara Opt bopan ?a? wotind'd by two b?ll* wM'h railed hi* d*aih on th? nnt day tl?n l.< |* i l? b?v*.| ?.*v>ti?i tb* mo?t *an<rniri? *i|i*e- | tailoti* ol any nn* of bi? lii?'iid? -r ?r?l. min-pld, and i hravr, ?v. n uoto ra bn>**a. All tb* mi ll *|-*?k highly I (I h noM* <]ralltlra and |ualiflr*tli>ii? a* an oQc*r, 111 r 'I and aoldtar Th* ?t**n?*r ?*r*? I# l? n' W lying In Kr? Wa*t* Tb* I a pa i > h train** **ll*d fir llaaam. afl r hatlnf laid at ' N*y W*?t on* day If tb* t'r**.l* had bad on* bnur'a | i*< r* rn, *b* vtald bar* b??n ci|f?r?<l. All tb* for?i|rB*ii In Havana hara off. r*d th*lr **r i ?|r?? to rrjcl tb* lnrad?r? That la, all axropt tba Aanlraiw. n tb# flr?t n*w?, t'i* *ltl*?m ? ;unt?#r?d on tba Br?t day lr. tb# fconhornf tb?rt**n tlionaand. H - I If rfot to ?*y tbat aftf r tb# ?atllng it( lb* t'rrota ftatt ? ?rd?r** tb*y Ian4*dtba <l*r*rnnf. and b* arrl?*d la Havana on I rldav K*t May CI. IV^I Fatly tbl? worulm a Ipanlilt maa of.war ?t. ?m*r wa#dlM<T*itd and Vo?rJ*J by ?*? *( ih? yUot? ( 1 L D. TWO CENTS. tha Ship Channal, lk? commander of whiah inqalraA 01 fcltn If any itfinifr bad arrived with an uiuaa ijnantll t of man, which our pilot denied. Tha 8panl?fc iikd of war than changed Iter cuurx aud utoad *8. At about nine A M . a *t earner wit discovered cosine down uotii-r the raaf. aud arriri d hnra at about alavaa A M , which proved to ba th* iti'inmr Creole. baring on board ?om? its hundred to aevea hundred arB'i nien .under Uvd l.opri Whil?t coming in, a BpanUh tram man ot.war waa alao ?e?m oomln? la rhae* of Bur and arrit ?d and ramo to anchor. The Croola to the whaif of V. A Browne, and batora tha boat could be iumW u?t the armed uiun were man jumping a-horc, to ihu great ?urpria? of u* all. Tha wharf at which they lauded, exhibited from a flag iUkff tka ipanich oolora It appear* that thii rt?am?r Creole U from New Or loans. or the regiment left said port on or about the Id of May Int. iu * bark. and at a giveu point met mM steamer, And on Buadav morning last. at 3 A M they land) d at Cardenas Cuba and after a sever* flght. retained tud took poa*?e?iou ofthu city (or touie aixUaa hour*. Imprisoned tka Governor. Lieut. Governor, and Se< retary, burnt the Governor* house. and iron th* eppearsuceof a whit* flag from thu authorb'ee. war* under the luipreealou that the Jay wai theirs. A reinforcement. however, arrived fr*m Matnnsas and other ports. nnd fighting recommenced. The ln?urteai* lost. la killed and wounded, lomt 30 men. bak the inhabitant*, it U estlmAted. lout from to to ISO. They continued Uirir tight in retreat until they regain* d their steamer (Jot under weigh and ran -di* eoverrd n ."panisb man-of-war after them. Slijeeth? ani\*l of the *tearner she ha* been iriied under tki F.iaKenper Law. Khe la now in charge of Lieut. of V. 8 Survey schr ' I'etiel. J.i.-ut. Comd'g. Roger* Mirny of (lie regiment being wounded, hare found eomlortable quarter* amongxi our cltiieni, and at the O 8 barracks, which were, on application, delivered ta them. A I.lent Jnne< of Alabama, la now recovering, having r ct iv.'d a ball through los right aide. Hell la c i- Hi for table quarter* at a private boarding home A* tic war steamer still retains her*tu*m, Ills presume 41 that she will leave this evening Ki t Wr t. May 22 IMO. I have. In murb hast*, collected the following parti, eiilars *f un engagement at Card?na?. botwe-a tk* patriots and govcrunimt troops. Those partloulaa* Hire obtained irum a young doctor attached to the inverting force, wh i has now a? much as lie can d'? in aV ttidiug to tie wcundi d ACCOI NT <iy THK K\FKDITIOI A'i.VINHT CUBA. On the Ud May. 18.M). the brig Kusan Loud left tfca city of New Orb ens having on board 1W) officers and men. under the eommund of 0*1. White and after cruising In the gulf for nb>ut ?ov*n days inet tk* steamer Creole, which bad on bo^rd 175 men, uader the command of Col. Hunch and G en Lope* and naff. The men *n board the biU euib irked in the steamer, which steersd for tho f>le of Milkers whi re we took in water We reaialned there two days, and agaia got tttider weigh and proceeded to a *mull uolabubited island, some fifteen miles dldant, wh.-r* we met Col. O'llar*. in the bark Csirjim. with UiO m*n. who joined n? Having car full compliment, amounting to aome tit)*) men. Including officers, we get under way. and arrived a> the port of Cardenas (Cuba), on feunda'y morning May 1U at about 1 A. M and iuiosedlatily lauded our forces. At half past 2 A. M ., look up the line of march to the Governor'* luaasloa Iu front of the I'tnsa. and when but a short dl-taece from th* mansion. pr< cured a ^.ulde and proceeded till withla some sixty yards of the Governor's residence when w* were welcomed by a shower of bullets from all quartern, particularly from tops of house*, windows, plana* A*., which wounded Col*. Oil are and Whit*. and maay mm. con? mortally. IVe then commenced to *b*W thtni that we were on baud aud reaJy to reclpr.ioata tlislr politeness. At It we wrut.the Inhabitant* baring all the advantage After an engagement of ab*at fine hrnr. the whit* flag wax d'splayed from a wlaiU.w of the Governor's reMden-e. which caused our firing to cease. After waiting a suitable time t* bear frf'in them, they re-eommeneed tiring, deagt kously noundiUK Li? utenant K L. Jones, of Company K Louisiana Regimeut. and slightly wounding some IU men. The Governor'*r*ai4?nc? was then Ored, which cau??d it* In mate*, consisting of iiovern?r and staff tosurTcndt r He eas, together with bis <t*C and troops, in all 100 placed nnder guard In their barmeks W i lltureted about IVipri >ner? whom w? t mnil injail All arms.amniunltl'-ri horses Ae were collected frocu the eitliensfcronr u?e tVc remained In <|itiet p'Mieioo of the city until du-k of the evening, during wuloh time the entire force, except Gen Lopeiand stall and a conn and of ~i men under Capt Logau, of Kentucky Kegtni'H had returned ou board of ?ur atcaaert'i reet, when, to our surprise, the command wa< atta-ke I by IbO to 200 lancers and cava'ry. all mounted Cap'.aia r.*?Mi viriind DM pxilK'n untu rcinnreea rrotn im eti tiirer Tha er^nf m*nf laMe.1 nbout three.qnnrtern df an hour Our I<m> In Mil- .1 and wonntej amounted to 1'/ Ini '.udlnK' ("apt I, who wu- mortally wonn leland lied en bi.nrd the atoamrr. The enemy ln?t all ea-rept tome twilte ucd |)urtiii( tha i tijngirarat wn kr^t ramatin? ?u>l< r?li>ad thai Ui#y we- ?.Tne'll?? ! n}[ . :re'T?)- ?0t ,h* underlay'oi j ?r*at 10 o'clock, having lo?t In *11 Villcl mJ woooded. 1J M on the morning of tfcf wih <H?? ov?r<-J aSpanith ?ome 1* mil'?t? the aouthaard aud aaatward. apparently In rhaM> of aa. W't kept our itrinn c >d- r boifjr etearn, piling on hhla I of rofin HtiJ tiat. and at about & A M of JUt <t a ' ?t< ar.n r to wii, !??rj rrarurliig a pilot off tV roef | Of Florida ?f tun Into K?y where we ?Tlf?J at '<ut 11 r M m l landed bung rh**.-l up to that time. On our flrtt lauding at f'ardenaa, I'ol. |Mrlt?t, of the K?uturkj regiment. with ?otua men. wa.? d?ta!l*d to take poiiff?>lou of tha rallrn.ol d*pot. to ent all r< mmunlcatlon with Mattnuea, an J d|.| not retnro unlit !ate 111 11|<* craning, but in ample tiiua to part let pita in our l??t f n|?B|f?Hient at which time a ro:amtnd of 24 Spanirb fleer* and aolilier* joined ue, one of whoa *as wounded. ll'mtrtAsJ C?l. Whf?l or TTbit* of the l.oniatana re* (tini'n' ?l<htly;Col.i>tl?ra of th? Kentucky r-giment, rl'rbtly; 0?n. Oontali ?. 4* elljfh*ly ("apt i.ngan, to. ilo. nartally (?ltiee .t< ad); t'apt. Hinlth. .1 > di 'lightly, Lltut. Jotie? of the l.onKbma rcgim nt. aarlomlyj t ol, of the Oetil. St< ft, ullghtly; t^r. Meater *?*i.i", of tlm Mi>?i*?lpjii regiment, raurl>?lly. Head,) !<*!. ?? , of fleel. HUIT mining; Major ilaeklni, of I ha Kentucky regiment, aertotiiity. TUE VEBV LITEST El ttOPtl.X lirELUtiElCI. i*y ru.u?i'atji rr.'M lA'iuox to r.irenfo<iu. England. Ix iidfl, May 18?Tlirtre wun a I'l'trril inJi?po iiinn yr?f'-riliy to trana.:ct rtchui^ hmin^M I'icii (' (iluces, with thr r(cr|ition of I Innil-urxli. Mhirli coutinurd in drtnand. Hill* vfvte g> nrrally firm, at hichrr rBt<*?. ilfalri In Franrr I'/nia, Fiidny, May 17.?Tl?r J h *qI dm llut rr coninina tli? fullowiat'?" Muu?t?rial ordrr? ro?rive?l by the authority* at llavr*, rrtr rinr<1 that all ??:ni'ten from 20 to 10 ) <?*! of a^r Im- pit ced on tii<* li*t < f|?"niia irnt navy a<!im<*a 'I Kis category hnd !?' n an.*pra<i<a'l ^<>inr rn'miha ainre ly a drew of tin-Minister of Marin". W? air it Mi red that nwritiiD*' nrtiiim^nta are con?rnar-'le,! in ill of our | <?rt?. In thr A^rmhly, rn Thnr d?T. thr nttrntion paid to fhr rfr ! otr, o(>erthr annoincrmrnt of the recall t>f tf.r ff nth Mini-'T from London, waa vrry lij hf, nd M.Drmiyn 'IrL'K iyn, whocontintird t? I' thr ohjrrt of niuclt otUntton, rvimioril in the llcitH tiil M o'clfi It, at which tim* iIip (.'hnnl>?r r. r. Tht '+' tlint tiie F.lrctoriHy'omninfrr of u gri at in mr'tneni*? whi -h urn fhr Srwt fnfniure I'ar 'fr Caltii* Il >v<h ?Uu R ' me, .Vr ?h*V" r<-ii"e?tr.| th?'ir rrprrteutat vra to vot? fi t 'he I tl tf law wi>hotlt xmrn Im nt. 'I I llrrnl't rorr*a|H'ndrtit ttati * that th? l-ijitl? ti i?f ir.iirniil, t'mon. Irta out thnt thr orilrr for th? rrmll cf ihr Frrm h rnrr.f waa t-? te-.i i i i!,<? ?t?ener ?f thr Pi*fi'lenf. .-nd without hi* krowledrr or rnn?rnf. lie had Irif for I'V if inhl<*an. I fete lir went a iv ral <j?ie?fi< n bad h*rn pot t" hit.i. wheth'r lie wntild not r?-r til I'ro ini <!r 1,'Hnya inVtrr I.or I ?'i?m r?'. n <.ffer a< me it .lilt fo 1'r.ince. Th President, of cotirar^ tfBrrafly rtplird in the af i mativp. During his ahrenrr fhr miniet' w n? ftli'iled, and then, ill f < nip-ny wi'h i^raonagr, thr letter of rerull wa? concoi t^d. The I'i*>idrnt, on his rrftirn, heard of it with deep rmrtion. Tho MalfinrU enya the ni( tutr can Irnd to no aerir<?w o? r^?'|iirnc? a. Thr firM object of the troll ia tb? nvri-tr of thr Orleanmia pirty neim*t I.'ird I\>lm?-reton, aril the ar) 0n I to t ik? f runcr fr im fhr only c? n titntienel power of i;>irope, and to throw her on tha" of Husaia. All the <?p,> ?a t^>n pnnrre, wi'ho'it e*rrpfion, tprak to th- aumc ll'.'Ct. 'J ! ? I'm**, in, thr Knfli?h ?lli, rre, r,< know that hit for Kngtanl thert wo?M Ii?tp l-rrn nn inva^on i?f Fuarf immediately after F? hrunry, Htl*. " Franc*," **r* the /'?#?', " ifcow'l no :?ntrer when f^omhanfjr, V< nw*. and Ilnne -n fell : but now ah* ntteio(*a to riMmb the i'nn of tviopf, hrtMif ho Knt<li?h V jrr f i ri'iil nnfc<-? nn ml litio nl I of ft'MlOQ rttnrhina for ikf |>ill*r,e ?f h?? bourn in'! furniture. f?>n>e #ff the t th?t l^oM PalwrMow linn t?k<?n a<lvanta;{c of France's errant |*>*ition to intuit her. Tie Ctrurtrr Franrtti* pr<ten<l? th?t a plan of ? ijriirrnl inMirrrrtion Km heen Milled. to l>re*k out on thr pac ing of eleetorul li*-?. Tim PM^rj> mti for f^imthr orc*n ofth* romm inHf r of the furee* Thr |rk e rf fot<l hi\? r>*en in l'ari? from 1? to 11 ftanra |er I 008 franc*. Hour*#?Five#, 4?f. ; Thr* re, R4 Klf. Btnmarkt The H*"il>nrn|i ll>*tn*hnll* of the ith. atate? IhM ih* IVieM-n < leneml Hulow. intended to ti?t ('r penhnffen onllielftih; that nil p*r*ona on furlough in the lfem harm? were rr>ter<lay <l>*aire<t to rHTiin imme?li iielv. nod that nearly nil thai fiigntea ?n<l t mailer ?lnp? of the line, at well as a n.en-cf war. |i.,ve been e^np^e.!. Cawaairflali N?ri*?. Italy Mar * ?HI?a oil market l? il^r-ml, tut n?> n??i#ri?l l?rl(n? In arte?a njiffM Ol>iei, H?mI? N?j 8 Whi-it furthar 4e?li?#.l, la e >*a*qnencs *f arenunta from KatUnl Mr kna<n-aa i * ? tr*t elaaa * ? **? Ia<|?lrt4 ?*?

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