Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 30, 1850, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 30, 1850 Page 4
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r NEW YORK HERALD.j riu>i??irr"* a?i? awi-ru* irrirv ? V nWlil OP PPM? tW WMMtlt ii H t> hii UN'P^ Till* V IN 1 N BOW BUY TUBATR*. M?oiiru -Xa*a? *?___ BRCAl'^AT TUIATKI. ?! ?<??;.?Eukii FA*U.T ? tiit 1A?t LM. mttlffj UtKIllNMriolxo.'SuMvi 7iMiuY?Tionua I'.nu. urn TON'S Til EATk H. rk*?t?n Cimif 9k:: iort FAMIL*. NATION W, TIHATKB. CI . <? ? P*?a C ??? Vti'tu-ittiu (ii'inr-lli Xnimu'i Uira CHRISTY'S OI'IRA UOUAM. U??kABiM H?i!. tu.l Ui>?tKXlA. OLYMPIC?riaaca** Miarrrcta. MBM'IiSON ?IfrtiTB'a P?- *A?aB?. CulKKtl MNKW.-Cw?nw r A WILT. CTHMB^B ASSKM ,I.y KCKIIIS-UHIWU B ?.*K . imn in IV siVI W.UVV Xew l?rk. 'JlnimUjr, IW, IhUC. From 1ft' jjlon?T?l*)<r*j>hl?. Tfc? news from is* *?f couridenthle it?F<rtance in one point of view. The bill for a brarch mint in this city, under certain regulation*!, besn ordered lo l>e en^rosted uud read * third tiK4. This is almost o< nclutive that we sh;til li ive what lias so long b en desired, and the absence of which lias been eeiiotndy felt. In ihr 1 Mr. Ci.ldirigs informed the nation of lit* peculiar predilections for the colored race, and thi i w.:k ihc principal laet that c me out, except that the Hon-.- would adjourn fur a few day?, ? pet down the lummer (. rj>et?, upon which something may be brought during the next week. Vtao Calian Intelligentt?Au?t!aor Erudition. Oiir columns supply tlie most ample nn 1 satisfactory intelligence wi'h rcrpect to the failure of the invasion of Cuba. The accounts are derived from Ibree sources?the invaders themselves, from the Sjvnis-h authorities, and from disinterested persons. Th<y *11 agiee with each other, und sbtablisli, beyoad the conjecture of a doubt, thw total failure of the expedition. Thus this absurd and silly attempt to stimulate nn insurrection, where the people have shown thiit it was not desired, has proved a serious sacrifice to life, that imist always be referred o as extremely criminal on the part of those who have be.'nengnced in favoring it. The le.iaon is a humihsting one ; but it is also ouc that nay be prcitable to our countrymen. It is jossible that an expedition may be started lor another point. A letter writer of the cabinet at Washington, has announced that the government to informed that two vesf Is are litting out for llayti?one at Piston, the other here?to assist Fussy the First, against the Dominicans. The boot is probably, on the other leg, in spite of the golden boots of the emperor. The expedition is to assist th- IViiiinicans. who are at the rnerev of the black autocrat. This may turn out very differently from ths ;iflair, because wi> have no treaty with Hiiyu?no understanding?have been subjected to insults, and no foreign power can interfere in the mutter. Should the ambitious idler* of the popuIstisn of lha two cities determine to m>tke the attsm;t, we fee no reason to believe that they will not change the complexion of the government. The plan has been Isng talked of, and we know not what way be the result. Cuba tnay remain us it is; but llayti aeems destined to undergo a chang-. This i* very singular, when we consider that our population have an ample field in California, and at the Isthmus, and Nicaragua. We Live in the spisM?<lio period of ih<* trolden age. Pts??? an<< Itnylontl. PiubsUllty of War. We gave a succinct account, yesterday, of the threatening position in which France and England ?*<.<! towards each other, and the danger of a war beginning in Eurcpe. The I'rench Ambassador h?s brsn suddenly recalled, and left the metropolis of England. This has lieen done in a manner calculated tw rive the utmost flat to the transaction, to render it most conspicuous, and to throw the utmost irritation into the whole atVair. It was so managed, that he should leave England precipitately on s royulbirth-dny, when all the Ambassadors fcsm tlie other Cowls of Europe were wending their way to the palace, to curry (heir felicitation* and bemads to the throne. Lord Normanby, the British Ambassador it Paris, b id, on the other hand, not quitted, at the last dates, thtt metropolis. All this looks 'ruinous. In formct days it would have have amounted to an actiul declaration of war, but iu the present time it u> nothing more than preliwiiitiy squaring at eash other; as when a couple of boxer* prepare to fight, look fierce ter.k ether, and afisr mhm tedious demonstrations the matter is made up, they shake banda and are Iriends again. We have Iwi-n. of Iste, act ustomcd somewhat in diplomacy to such exhibitions, and have become rather fsrmliar with them. In Spain, the English Ambassador Mas suddenly and unceremoniously di*mi*sed, and st Washington, the French Ambassador rc _ ..... . I.... in n ) ? u ii'in; , uui? th?re it all < ndcd; nothing came of it all, though people were it Ititle alarmed. ami die funds quivered a little ; no daaht, fri 111 the rememhranoe of whij formerly uaed to hap|>en afier auch acertea Hut it- ilea allair acrota the water at all to Uioar late allaira, and ia it to l* regarded u? ej tally to.vial and likely to terminate <ia tliry did, Without fuithi r result* ! We think not. Trivial enough tl.e whole nflair iadeed m, even more an Ui in a.ty ?f ?ui li timilar ca?e* of Ute occurrence; hut we ore i.tlintd to be licit it ia, unlike them, pregnant wi'h aeriotia contcqm ncea Mod reaulta, which nuy hue incalculable !i?u ia u;<oo ilna country and ita commerce. It ia not to be dtnfuiacd thit Louis Napoleon and the majority in the French Chamber* want a war, ?tlwynuM have a war,?they cannot do without Wat, to aavr themselves m the awkward, dan* grrtitir and <!i cracvf' 1 potation in which they hive plated ih in elvt* tiefore t tie eyei of France nnd the woild, by iheir awkward, dangerous and perfidious fol.?y. They cannot stand upon the iwtie they have raised by their n< w electoral law They h?ve wodermred the foundation ?f Uxir own authority, by attack<119 the vet) principle which raited and elevated them to the position they now ccrpy. The whole moral aenae and fe? line of the world eriea shame at ih^m, all France, conaervia lite and radical, ia agtitul them. Their own ere*, turea and magistral*- in all the de^artnienta ru?h to aign petitinna ag>in?t their iuf.iiiiou* project. The rath ?trp th?y took in petty mge at their defeat at the j-olla and the election of Kiifnt Sue, i? ant* made manifest to them. What can they dot < an they retreat 1 ( an they abandon the auicidal law, which, in a fit of chil-lish paaaioo and ftolith anjter i^amst the people, for not electing their man they have ITndly hreuuht forward t Thai ia impotaible. H.ey have degraded, eilllfied, at u I tilled fhemaelvea, and brought themaclvea into anrh a pnaition that th*y c?nnot now stir a atep, hick- I ward* or forward", without inevitable diagrace and mm' If they were to go forward with their law, J ia it wotth the horrora, the bleod, the civil war, the ! dit<i itief, the battlee, which mtir l?e fought to ana- j lain it 1 la it worth riaking *11?riaking even the pcseiMe triumph of tlie people and of the aoei tliata, metely to carr>- into execution the impulse of momentary apleen and ill-humour for their defeat ' at the petial Then-fore it ia not aafe, It ia not wiae, it won W coat too much?too much blood?to proceed. Put can they go bach 1 Having taken attch a atep, can they undo Ibcir work, and brand up* on iheir forehet.da the mark of folly, of impotency, ?f disgrace 1 ctn they mnke themaclvea the jeer and laughing atork of Frnnce and the world T In mich n situation of inestricable difficulty, infi? which iheir own pride and paaaion leada m?n aome- 1 ?et, 1 ha whale majority af the Chamber ia ia j volveri with tha Pieaident aad tko*c tad adviMra who hare brought about th? inextricable dtlaran* No wonder, therefore, the majority cheered loudly kt the drclarutiou of (he minister, and whrn he r< ;:d ibe hcllicv'-c recall of th? French Aml>*andor fr? nt London. It wm fectitioua joy ; it was the joy, fitl about of a drowning man, who ae?a a at raw b*I fore him at a Inch h? may catch. The ti'iwhi, 'h'- 1 ft, the rejaiblic?ua, ware ailcnt. They, ! ao ?l< uhi, ??* through the whole; but ih? Mountain, | the Socialif la of the houae, na blind ax (he majority and ua dangerooc aa (hem, joined iu the shout of | tiuluitian Tlutf,then, though the occaaion iatrivinl, the inoj tive inudequate, Mid the cause inauflicient fora war between England niid France, there it* now more i?-vr of aacli an event than wa hive yet aeen lowering nj>on the horizon aince the days of Waterloo. Loom Napoleon acedia to annul bricking tibout this nutter iu the aante s'ylc, and with tlic fame dignity with which, in the elder aiiil greater Napoleon quarrelled with Lurd I Whitworth. the Hritivh Ambassador, end the war entued which ended not till tlif Pellerophon received Napoleon on board, und carried him a caplive 10 England. But the two ca*es will not bear compari-cn or parallel. Napoleon never brought biint-cif by mad ;ind pnsKionate measure* of govt intnent, into puch cdiurn an4 disgrace at home, utt to require the tchit and blood of a war to wash out the mama of domestic di*prnce. Napob'on I tcok repressive measures indeed, hut he never wen' ! against the nation; he only reprised distinct ] parties, and net them evj?n, till after they hud become obnoxious and hateful to the nation, lie made the nr.tion bis subject, it is true, hut not by ' force, not l y crushing, but by elevating them till th?y were intoxicated with his glory, and willingly yielded to him as to a god. In unotlier point of view, the eases ar* not analogous nor similar. England is now in no humor for a war with France, or iiiy other nation. She hns not such men us William I'itt now to j guide the helm. She has men at her head who almost equal the French niini-trv in folly and impotency. For what but stupidity und folly of the lowes t grade could have induced su?h a wanton, unlets and nbeurd step us that petty quarrel with Creece, and that low bullying with which Lord Palmertton attempted to bully a Weak und inferior people! The question, however, does not so inut h dejx nd upon the aptitude or willingness of England, whether this rupture shall ripen into war; it depends more upon the necessities and determination of the French government to pick a quarrel at all events with England. Nothing, at this present moment, bat a war with England can save the j pnrent French government from disgrace uud ruin, ! fitm the now combined opposition of the Mountain, the socialists, and the republican*, w ho necessarily are for a time uuited together against it, nnd against the atrocious pnricidal attack made upon the fundamental law of the republic. In the event of a war, there is no saying how fir the United States may become hereafter involved. In the lirst place, its effects upon our commerce would be great, and no doubt benefirial; but, in the second place, we could hardly avoid, after some time, becoming mixed up and complicated in the complications which would spring up out of such an event. llenlly it looks menacing, when we consider the real situation of things as they exist behind the curtains, and when we consider the passions, the necessities, the impulses, and we might say the madness of French and English statesmen. Pah PxosrxcT of tkk Comsromisk?State or Tujko<> at Washing ros.?In spite of all the predictions given out by Washington letter writers, that Mr. ( lay's Compromise has a favorable chance of being passed by Congress, we cannot coarurm such an opinion, after looking over the recent events and i present |?>aiiion of men, parties, faction*, isms, ! ideaa, principles and other influences, at Washing- | ton and throughout the Union. There is a ude in the history ol a nation?and we venljr believe that 1 General Taylor will soon occupy a poeition in connection ?Mli the future history of thi* republic and the civilixed world, that will more resemble that of Alexander the Great, in ancient Greece, of Julius or Augustus Cesar, in ancient Rome, of Charle- j tnngne, in the middle nges, or of Napoleon in the left centuiy. We are on the turniag point of jreat principles and great events. Hitherto in this conn- ; try, for the lnet tweuty year#, the spirit of auti| sla\ery a.? an internal impulse, and the spirit ofei- | ' tension or annexation, have l>een contending for the j mattery over the American mind. llocent event* | 1 witli the election of General Taylor, have thus fir | ' given a Mow to the spirit of foreign conquest and ! annexation, while the spirit of euti-slavery, nnder I the auspices and secret support of the present cabinet, seems to spiiog into power, sufficient to carry i out its purposes, and in time to overwhelm the j Southern Slates and the Southern institutiors. | The Soath are divided, disunited, deficient in poli- ; ticnl and niorul cournge as n community, and we \ do not believe that tilings look favorable for the i postage of any compromise at the present session. I Fnaotortnr j* a Ft **.?In reply to a modest ' question, whether he had contributed any money | to a Cohan patriot, la.-*) rumm? r, the philosopher of (lie Ponrieritot (Iks into a violent passion, like the verit st loafer of the Five Feints, bawls out " liar," " libeller," and, we suppose, if he hud room, would have added, ss he did cnce in reply to Bryant, "villain," " tcoundri!," "rascal," and all tlio?e terma i f reproach ?hich hardly belong to either modem or ancient philosophy. Fhilcsaplier Greeley ! and Aiadamr Bwisshelia con?ider themselves per; feet pt.trr ns of propriety and philosophy, but yet I they let their tempers out in a strange way. Whether tb*ir pens or tlmr mouth* are the dirtiest is the prohN m to I*-solved. Our flulMO|>liy doea i in t .i thoti/e ua to use the vernsculsr c f the Five I'oir.'s, as the Fourier leader doea. Wlut wruH is lr?e, arid we ran prove it, that he contributed 1 |ICO, recording to lus vwa confession, to a Cuban j i patnoi, It?t ei.miner, and rrcnve.l Ixtoh urn-mar.!? (*>0. If be told a fula hood. he Las l.i.iiMU to j thank for it. KiAMniATtn^ i\ nit C.-?k <>r (Hi Kttti Tirwr > ? The fir?t day's prcoedwpa in the caae of ' t'nr-Pyed Tbompaos, charged with tin- torpedo bwinrw, Mill l>e found reported at length in our column*. ftngularly enough, wr f.u I tint Mr. Mi Kd n, the 1 i?irict Attorney, h.i?jji?an up the lavtutipitHHi It hi) vrwd aMiettnt, Mr Phillip, who may "be gi>od enough to return thank* for Ihr I pre.- rut i f a gold watch, but ha* h ird!y calibre f?r , c? n<fuftins thi" intricate CMV. Juat;c? Oaliorne, ! h( *c?'r, IimhiIi" aftriijr and talent to in .ke up , for the deficiency, without the pte? uUti nof u gold watch. Thus fur, the testimony is interesting ami inrtmtire. If the .luattce desite* full information, let hitn ?nbj(ina Jamea Ailington Hrnnet, Mim f 'arolla P?'nn?t, and their maid *em#|?alio | joiirg Iimry, alro George Wiiker, a!?? Minus Till'met icero Stanley. When theea ?-?>a 11 hare he?n rsettilard, we ?li..ll g?vr luore nam a. Trr AaoUTrnM"-!* is nt.*r<>*.-?If any one ih ul la rboili hla?i hemy l? ing an an on?. >jium?nt to the al.ohtirn ?lem? tit?, let him rend the report, m am thrr column, rf the Anti-SI irery f'onventmn ia Boston. Wen. Phillip* hna even stepped o'tt of lua ??:*! decerry, which he might have prided himrelf upon, in comparison with Home of tlieae movie I, nudist reformer*, lie seldom attack* indi* vidua)*, but he was ciiiftrainrd to it hia apita upon the Mnrshtield Senator. Poor, deluded manitea. Foi what do they hop* 1 What can they *ip*ct 1 . Pi p?t Votaoe ?The bark Helen, of Thorn islon, Me., P.irrntd t imer, maater. railed ftom New York for Mai ?aa. on the *econd of Marrh la?t, with a full cargo of rt tvea? rnrrd and diM-hirged at MkI>*ii?, and "ailed for l\iWmo, where she t???>k in a full carpo fi r New York, and arrival on th? H?h instant, making th* entire voyage in ike remarkable florrt space of eighty seven d?ya Thia, wa I* Veve. ia the shortest tune on r***r<l, of a similar \ i>?.V h) * sai ing vassal. Pltrwu I?TMT1??TI'* r*TO TWB AMU-tiaTBAtion or Ckmiiui. JntTici.?The proposition ta institute aa iaveatigatiou into the adiuiaiatrutioa of criminal justice in this fit?, for the laattwoor thrwe years, acta, wa believe, with considerable favar in vaiioua respectable legal and official quartera. A diflerenaa of opinion, however, exists aa U> the beat mode of reaching the object in view. Some think that a committee af the Commoa Council, invested with the power to send for peraona and pu).?-i?, would lie quite sufficient to brin# to light many abuses in the administration of justice, in connection with graad juries und other patts of our criminal system. A mere investigation, however, if coding therewith, will tend to uo practical results, und have no permanent influence. It might fi-ini the bueia, provid. ?i facta were aufliciently ascertained for l>re se nlin<r to a court, which might he called for thai pur(K>se, i? series of charges i mccniing to an impeachment of those whose conduct might be found questionable and culpable. Another mode of reaching the evil of the day,might he found in the commencement of a movement, starting from private individu '.Kami baned on positive acta of oppression in the administration of justice. Thisfoim of procedure logins by presenting n series of charges, uniounting to an impeachn.tnt, bt fore hny judge having authority for thu purpose ; and should that judge conciu in the view taken of the conduct represented, then a county court, composed of the judges of the county, with the ulderm*n of the city, might be assembled for trying and determining the charges thus presented. Whatever action the indignant fvrlings of an honest community may assume, there is no doubt of the existence of very questionable acta in the recent administration of justice in the city and county of New Yoik. The plain and palpable fact recently deveh?i>ed in tha Court of Sessions, of an lit neat and unimpeachable citizen of forty years standing having been incarcerated in the dungeons of the Tombs for the sjwee of six months,is alone suf- i finent to demand u strict examination of the systems und principles through which such an instance of terrible oppression has been perpetrated among a free, just, and independent people. In the recent trial of James Arlington Rennet, in the Court of tensions, there was not ouly not the slightest evidence inculpating him in the charge of forgery brought against him by indictment, but there was an abundant evidence given on that trial, which indicated that One-Eyed William If. Thompson was the more probable individual through whose agency l>oth the forgery was perpetrated and the anonymous letters were written, charging Mr. liennet not only with the forgery itself, but with the intention to murder, by poison or otherwise. Several witnesses swop* that the handwriting of the forged note, as well aa that of the anonymous Wtt#ri r?apn.lili<<) ntt/4 In,.I klrrinorlv ntorlfoil f*?a tures of the handwriting of One-Kycd Thompson. The?e facts wera commented upon, with great force and clearness, by Ilorr.ce 1 . Clarke, whose exhibition of Ulent on that trial wan of the highest order, and whose sense of right and wrong is fur higher thun the usual level of hi* profession. Another curious fact shown in that evidence, w?? the testimony that George Wilkes, the editor of the Polict Gat'ttt, who hud received one of those anonymous li tters, knew beforehand that the Mayor had also received one on the same subject. All these facts, elicited during the trial, po to show conclusively the |ierfect innocence of llennet of the crime laid to his charge, aud the highest presumption that both the forgery and the anonymous letters, and the aevcral circumstances connected therewith, were laid, plaaned, and |<er petrx.ted by others, and afterwards charged upon Arlington Beunet, through the hasty or culpable action of a grand jury. Such arc the broad fucts laid bare on that trial; and on these facts, the petty jury, after a short consultation, unanimously found Mr. Bennet perfectly 1 innocent, But is it not a shame that a grand jury, the most important instrument of public justice in I a free country, should have been induced, under | any cirrauisinnces, or by any mode of approach, to have brought in a bill, to have indicted and in- J dieted, and been the cause of inflicting, six months' imptieonment on a peaceable aad innocent citizen^ It is this strange anomaly, this wonderful departure trom justice, that has astonished the comrau- | mty, snd justifies the hopes that a movement will I* made in the Corporation, or by any other authoritative body, to have these praoeedings brought before a County Supreme Coart in a propsr way, ! in order that justice may be done to all parties, and a reform of its admiuiatration I* effected in this city. Til* AmilCAN 41D Fi KSiO.N DlBLl S.JCiiri.? Our reports of the several mei-unaa of this society eihibit a very curious state of things among the Baptists. It eppeara that there is a democracy and anstocracy among them, and that some of tha orators of both sides wi re as earnest in their eloquence, as the democrats of Tammany Hall. The aristocracy wish to the phraseology of the Bible, w hile the democracy oppose it as the commencement cf endless innovations. Such movement* are continually mm!* in the religious world, among all nations, whether Pagan or Christian, and it is very questionable w hether :hs world, jenertlly, gaiaa anything by lenvtag the consideration of the great essentials of piety mi.I religion, for mere outward forms and aete monies. That the drmccratic element, however, rhculd get into the convention of tha Baptists, is certainly remark able, and particularly so, as i' hss displayed it??lf as conservative of the left of the sacred gospel. The feelings of both ptrlies happily cools.! down to the Icvrl of reasoa, before the end i f the d> bate; bat st one tints it appeared Ihst tb?re was danger from too niuch indulgence in free discussion. All is quiet now, the Kev. Mr. Culver, of Philadelphia, I baring very curiously proposed, in a written reaeluti? n. that the society shall hereafter hold "its annual meeting thennially." This i? as good as any I nil r f the Tope's. Chit ( tint. Ik* Rlglit 1t?T lbs Bishop of Jamalea. Isft town ca Wrdne*dsy. frr a brief visit to thr stilts of rhllsd-1pbis rsltlmors. tnd Waal 'n,-t?.n.' Be will. en M? return. jnnsb a ssrmon at t! ( hurrh of the llcly Crosa, (I>r Mnlilenburn s Chur^i) on ftandny. 8><t Jties. Ip sld of the fund' neoe?*rjr to sonplets ths srtctli n of a n?w ftse church In thu ritv Itr Henry I. llnlwer. the BrttUk Minister, ha* tvksa a crttage for tLc tammi Cllftoa ."l?t?u l-itn.l The French Mlolstsr. M B'-is l.e i hss taken a (nth country housw f t tht uimaer oa the tarns IslMl Thi- President of the railed Itate* snd his family, will ?|end a part of ths *umui?r, Il Is it. 4 at Newport. R 1. ________ __ Ittsrtn* Affairs tu* p?**?n? or tu? 8tk?m tut Am*.-A r%M?nu*r j>?r lr-? gl*t? tli? followliif act >ui.t cf her | ii ^i - ' IU ?;i tlitl thf 'Ufl Llfurpcol ?1 1 P M *aactly on th* ISth ln?t*at H< M fln? ??atli?r Thar* wim n? dftrtillou on acroant of fi* Hi* art i?*d at Ifallfol at e 10 A M . on 111* 27th. fefl at S A M u4 arr|. *,| hi l'< ?t?>n at r?i< r M. on th* 2*th nr at dork at half p??* cn*. and p*M*rc*r* wir* laadrd at two p. H Tin- pu**f* th*l*for* fN'in Ll*?tp?*>l In Poftan allow,, g f,,r . dlff'f?t>r* ih lonfitud*. aay hour* ?* ten J?j? and At* honra- no mor*. no ! ? " Annthtr |<a*<?ii(*r *Tt ?hr l*ft at tw*l?* o'cloi k |>r?eW*ly. pt?*t J |1L'4| TWk at lift r*n mlnutra pa?t t*.l??> an t arrl**il at h*r drrk al half paat on*. P M on th* '. h. thu* making 1 th< | ? ??)! In t?a day* ?>n* hoar and thirty miaul** III.out aliening any dltfrrwrru f.-r I > :k tn>t* M*V'M*i<l* of Iixll?lilnal*. A 11 t>* lir?-* U P N and > u-liim trvl and *t***a cth?r? arrl?rd In tbl* ally y*tt*idar. and took rvmi at tl>* A at of Hint*. H A1?a*nd?r f. O r f?rI I" ? A . andon*hnndr?d and <-lghl?ift "th*r* rflnd y*?t?rdiy and Kmk ItiBl*at th* Ifflnj lln?? ti?ra>r || rtiN? U ( W i a ad frnt *?**n r>tvi*ra. arrtvid yr?i?rday and lo?ik rnua.* attli* Aatrimn ll< til Tb* ?j(T?fat* arrival* at Ih* p*ln*;(.*l hi'?1? nl th* r ty y?r ?rd*y ** ?lf h? hi;a?tr> 4 ami t hirtm n |;?<l?m* I! Wallar* hi:rh?>l* ami Mad*mn|<?ll* j ?tr|?|. tMalfli. havr arrlvvd In thi* aiiy. an I t*k*a ? < m? at Rathkau'a H?t*l Th* *k1?nrtti> P**d *t? ??n aa? m il *t (5*or|rrt >?n. r., ** d?*tro??d fcy lira on |l? iiwn lfi?*?nt L<i?* i.W Ia?i>r*d la thta ally aud Ch?r>*ua. II C Arrival *f ilu Itouuklp PUMtlphUu The ateainabip Philadelphia, Capt Pearson, ft) >i?ed at k?r wharf in ibia city, last sight, firoa C hagres, via Kingston, Ja., with ovar kalf mil lien ef dollar* in gold dual. The Philadelphia left Chagrea on the 17th inat. at 4 P. M , und arrived off ?*ndy llook yestarda afteraoon at 4 P. M , thereby making the paaaa* heme in twelve duya, including a detention of 3 hours at Kingston, and 24 hours at Korfolk, wher she put in for ftiel. On her outward ixiseage sh left New York on the 4'h mst., at 4 P. M., and ai rived oil Chdrn s on the 14th, at 11 P. M , h tvini tirade the run "in 10 days and 7 hours, including i stwpnuge at Kingston. The 1*. brings no mails from beyond Panamn onfeqtiriitly we have nothing later from C ilifot nit:?but i lie 8p|**nded extracts from the Januiic; papers will be found of interest. The gentlemanly purser of the P. will aceep i our acknowledgments for favors received. Annexed is the manifest of nia rtin.An?LrniA. HowUnd i A'(inwall.$42.1W J. C. TtUlumn $2,00 J 1 ?| v *. Pi u? 17.Mil Dmiivl Johi-iluu .. . . ?,'.*> M MiKuliy.. 6.-II0 S. Perry S.iW ( n. i rtui ft Riarxt 4.71*1 J c nail Bel**. bmtb'W ii Co.. 4'.' i"<> Ward & Co 4.411 C VsaUerliilt l.i 1W D. Curtis U Co 2,<?> WiUott L Slade..,. 12,110 K Mierutan ."1,10 U Vilehusin a,?'0 Andrew Tail lit l.iv(rg,iou. Wellrkfo 14,KW UiasTims M.?> E W. < luike, l>u<!g? Peter tries 130>l fc Co J2.4?W li Kickertsou 7,l?? J. Fslf oner k Co 7.NW idmnn ti To 13I.HV S?ili& Waldron... 8.7M liaviii llarix t lA.lkd !"u \d?m, Kf <1 I. Co.. 6.UU# Anion K Eno 7.'.,<> IWi.nis Porkiiit k Co. ?,uuo U.r.f'uruiss 1.0? A Lararecs, 2 o< %is specimens. n K nom-oa. llurlin? k Dixoa .... 1J,0? 4 II. Pearson fc Co... $ft."00 roK iiwiun. t?. j. H?ed, W%de, h Co. .. !' IKIQ A. W. Caalivld 3.40 J?n.e? IIunrGwrll , . , 9,400 run rwtitiixG, u 1. hampKi n k 1 r an. .. 8.4SO W. II. .Thame 1 Inri.. 1,40 I anir A'I riau ? ell,., i,a*> roa iiAi.TtM.iar. H. I pan ra Ifl,2u0 Ilayden St Cuola lO.Ok* I rirj, risks .V Co... S.itiO tjii NAvTi'i iitr. < srsy i r.. 17.4(f) 0 fc M. Starbuok.... 1,10 Miaot & Hooper 11,600 ?? rou u i-Hi*. Total 0. YV A?i iuwall ao,oo? From Jamalra. CATTI RE OF A SLAVE*. [Frnm thn Kingston Standard, May 21 ] We understand that II. M schooner Bermuda, Lieut Jolly. commander. Im* captured and brought into Ocli< Rlos. a ilavt r, with upwarda 01 two hundred slavus ot bourd 1 bo Ageut General of Immigration, and th< gi ut U men oft be Mixed Cooiml<alun were summoned tc Bp.inlrh Town yesteiday forenoon. by express, to confei with hie excellency, the Governor. a* to tlie disposal we suppose. of the slaver and her cargo. The (laves It seenie. have b<eu landed at Oche Bloa, and baring 1 nee touched British soil, are of course free; but we aie told that accordion to the treaty stipulation* which have been 10 ri ligiously observed by tier Most Catholic Mejt-rty* subjects, >1 ta'-teu uud?i* t*paui b colors, brth ibip and slav*s sir..aid be sent to lh4 Havana. and if it b# really so we are rejoiced to learn that the ni!e?rable slaves Wing landed, are io any case lcynd ,uj*tii?h jurisdiction; for we cannot suppose for one InMant that that they will be given op after entering a Britith port, much lee* after bating ttoodoo British soil. The ship may be condemed her*, or s*nt toibc Havana. or gl>tn up altogether, for what w* care, but we do trust that net one soul of her llvlug *argo will be given up to the rapacious and unprlocif iid u<:in-?tealrr* of ("aba The demands ol Cuban slavery have been too lonf supplied with victims la the sum* way. Captured slave* bav* been allotted t* the Cuban planters in thousand*, but the Lmanclpado* who have been released from their bondage, cannot b* counted by hundred*, icaroe by icores, and. therefore. we trust that our governaeat will nnt be any party to a further Ivcreaae of victim*. The preteut capture proves the truth ?f what we have all alosg advocated, namely, the propriety of blockadiuit the coast* of Cuba and Brniil. and we congratulate l,i*ut. Jolly 4>n being the first to demonatiate practically the truth of our argument*. The African blockade withdrawn, and a doien such active cruiser* as the Bermuda set to watch the coaat* of Cuba and I'ueitn Kico. aud we should soon tee not only an tnd to the slave trade, but also an abundant tupply tt free labor, poured Into our own froe ci b nies. In the Interim, we wish moet heartily cvary success to Captain Jolly and his galKat erew, and shell be deliebted to learn that he reneat* hi* en terprlae as often 11 possible. and t< roon. for moat Msurrdly every such capture is an Immense adrantaca tn humanity. and an eunal discouragtuiniit to the villauous ny?iem which u the disgrace af the age we live in Hlnce writing tha abort. we learn that tha Bermuda

and her prim have tome Into Tort Royal, bat we could not And ont whether the il ?v. a ha1 been brought round or left at Ocho ftloi. The alavsr If, we ar* told. a Braiillnu brig. TUB KAJ'IUU. RIVAfl. We are clad to loam from Capl. Pearson. ofthe Philidclphia that the above-named little rraft we* m<t by him on Punday. the lWth. two hundred leagues on her way to Chagn a. steaming on most gallantly. Wear* Bi( ru plsasi-d at this. on sccoont ot a rumor that had. by some nu tni got circulation on Saturday, that ebe bad blown np shortly after leaving thla port. tVe have now no fear but we shsll soon hear of her haviug reached ber destination nMy. ni* mromTUKATn. rAss**OKjts. The body of the other unfortunate paeaeager, Abner Moultca. who was missing from an board the Crescent City, waa found floating, early on the morning of tha > th. alorgelde of the wharf A coroner Jury imhitibted on view of the body, whan * verdiet waa retarded, "Accidentally drowned.'' Later frona Uayil. We have been flavored with datea from Jeremle to tha l!Kh inat , by Captain Coaeklla. of the schocaer Peerless. The following extracte of lettare will be found Interesting Jsaraaia May M. 1*V> The steamer Vlven. Captain Wood, went paat thia port a few day* back bound to Aux Cavea. Tbe H <at Inda American fleet wuat I'ertau Prloee The l.'aytWn government had acknowledged the 8t. li< win go government independence. Captain Wood appointed a Mr Pulton, an KnglishBiau to li* American agrnt at Aux Cayrt very much against the wiabaa of Ike Americana at that pl*c?. Jcsaaaia. May 13. 1M0. Cefl.e deliveries were falling off Haaloesa rather dall aad will probably remain eo a for a few months. The last rr?p waa uvt ao abundant aa expected, owing to tbe want of rain. Tbcototapoly law will be finally repealed on the kith of June aext The government will continue claiming one-flfih of all i|iiantitics af coffee shipped f<>r foreign porta Thla ftfth will be paid at forty dollars par hundred pounds, Instead of Qtt& the priee paid up to date. coffee Is warth %'i to fTI. Haytien currency, aad la dally rising It would not be eurptlslug to see It go Us to $11 a ff>i. which. If rhlppxd at these rates, comprising duty, executes begs and commission*. and tb*a taking in the diir renro l<??t on the g'>vi-rein?nt'e 1-itb. will roose te $ l'Jt) to fl'io per ret., which, sold at |8 aet Mia tbe donMoan up to fU9Hay tien. ao l Ilia Ilaytlen dollar down tu br Kpaatsh currency I atil 1st July I li> ^ooda monopolized by the Ua? taritf. If imported. nuit b? sold at Hi*rat* therein stated IVa triily ptly thoe* that will ho entrapped knowing that eeveial veneris were dally expected Their good* will br sold at low rstea l>y the p. lien who never fall, tf epporlnnity <p ra, t* ahow ihelr fooli?h Influeaie i iiuCvu*t<iij tnrr*|*ai < ( tui* un will *i*ckrn tne Kin poor'a influi-ure ?r t the country if*rklM. n *1r*ad? It liaa r?u??d n?f *et:**tu.n Th?y are r< ally il ar.d mo?t a?nr? dly will rp?niy pi inif?>t tb?tn??l*<* ?hortly, MayUod latatbc country and all the IIti' nil' lit I'j "UK opinion* ara up to t lie high-*t pitch Any nna piulm>lii| ktii other taith hut tb ?t of tha Unman cliuirh. I# I at.rt won* than ttir Mealcana eaer bat-I Old bck " Tbla. boaefer. I* of latfdMrj wa rauaot cand dly ?ay I' ha* *' ?} been *o. hnt certify that tba building of a fhnr* h by the Krgllah tt v-leyan for ety. to tl lib aluiott all foreign*r* b< iong. b?* eraat'd a furti'Ua )*al< r*y ai*iu*t tl?*Bi lb?- c'liir.-h ' M hall fnbbid at da?u<M*ii >t |> lia* I e? c |>ut to th* w< rkrna.i hlp I.?i|f nm? ' ( iii"n<*y bar* b< en ?p*nt oa It. and bai py ?ff? tbo-? that hc.rily icmIcJ t> bar* a abapel ?>? tba Ir own, where tb> y ul.l and atland dirlua *?hklf arrctillii| to Iki'lrtai ftilk. Tb? ?ou tractor I *" M<Jlid to the ?' Tframrnt. and aathe t'onatltutlon | >rw li* j W r'v hi I ?utl" r?ir* all rl*' ? . th-y aspart I'rti) t<> "rdtrn to continue theirworka Wl ran a ith all tr*n a, fay that tha Catholic work now In J<nn.;* I* at th* lead of all lh?ae proceeding'. and I *tk< d up by a ?i?all n??il ?r of yonng tn*n. who will <a but te*> lata lb* arrar ui ihclr way*. That I* all we any lot llic prra< at t< mr ttii)c tine* a man >tole wilb **Taral othrra. a trunk af ict.firy. II ml f jnd andtha rbapa la* n. 1 l i y wrf l -d to * Ir.. and " ? rt- >!! ? h hty with l< og cat ea Om rt Ihrm died f>ar honr* afi? rtinla. Wii * I -at until lie would not tno?a. Ila t?? l> ft ah<rel*t?H drr.d and w** takaa up tha n?*t mornlag and Imiltil l.y atranger* Tba < tlirra wa bcllaa ara j i air k II i? a >| i cinitn ef bluak rlfiliiau n - it mutt ban- a charge ? Ity Intelligence. llratr InactfikMawT- Aiimt or twb fiitiH - Jmor<g the f>are*ag?ra l-y tl.e ?Up York-hire. from LIT.rj f.fl u-t ? ? k. wrra i wo tnen. rain* 11 b^ioa*<>rin?lyarrt Tb< ma* Connolly. B'tb taok rouna at tha Aniarlran lltdal. la tlil? city. ?brr? they n matnrd In rfpariTit ??rnrlty nnl:l y?-?trtilay fttnlojt. wb>n kolb *?ra am ?! < ? n a tbarir* ?t anih?i?l!nn ? M i?K) ftihiabatik In t'i>rk. Iralanl. In *Mrb ih>-) war- en?ak> d a* rl? i k? W Inn Ikry arrlfr4 I* tkii city tkry b..rt a laf a am?>ua? <1 monr*. al.lehlbay d?p??ltrd f >r laft l?|ili'|. WKitakiri li Nl all MMt li?ih? A*U. b tt? r? a er.- rrtatti d frrm Cork, ataliitf tli? tict of the Ira*, and a <la?rrlplton of thr pirlian rlnr/ait and f fllrrra a ?rr ut mac !et ta Wiik In Bnd tbf parti-**. 1 hay a?ra fi und at Ibe ^iii't an. a bara nnt- r< girterad hi* Mine a* r'.inlm ftim l.imtrlrk. and lh? oilier f??ai "? rk. Tl-ey aia iic w In ca*ti>dy, and will ba detail:' d for tm tlier ?laimiiatlnn. Anai'ai m Kwh.b*bt?.?Tha lollowlng ara tba ar" r'nal- l< r the laat tan d?j* : ? K*hf*. Hair* IJ.1 Tnfkiaa, R*tl*r<lam. ... fr>7 H*tj H**??ll,l laeiltk,.. M Jaa. flaaaiilna, Uatrpoal, U* I liar a. IU?rr '?* ?rt*.|:a, l.trrtp 1 ... M Le'yO .!? ? w. I2?i > rkaklra, l..*arpoal,.. . *"9 I -ilna Vajaa. 1 itirwvl, '.A 11> l.a lito. . tl* ma. ... M Hin. I'aM'a.. It l?i'f*. Iivilia W* ypar<ra.ftt. Tbaai**,... 14 klifiilaV l.n*ip?l,... I ] li?r.a'?r, l.iT*rpa-.:.. . . 3 -J |.<,'*?i?. H'rfcra,. V *rri?r, H?lfiat, W H?ra ? . lJ'l?aaa<.( flai.) li- J ?aaa t arral, tialway,. M Tital la awe diya S2l? Nirtnii ?r iar Fotkt Pritaatca -Yeitarday at ma a'alofk. lha d*l gara* appointed to rail oa tha Ald?rtn?n 1 .ta?l?t Aldetaien af tha different ward*. In t'tdar to *ertira tbilr tola aad aoW In latiit of tha flamatlla il?i?i1ni-nt t- r altan' <d lalary. mat al llrr ilthVtaril nation Hoa?a. and reported prograaa lha fault I*, that the? aniartaln itia ?iron(|e?t kop? tbat tha t'f iaanon t'onnrll will follow tba rlatapla of tha aibar bomaa threnjibfiol tha ally, hi ralalng tla*lr pay ao a* |e taaal In area* ad fa?t and kaiaa Tha poliee for** kare ardaona dnMaa Ve perform: they a eipoeed to danger* of Tarieaa kinds. aad to the htii ty of the weather is ike wintry ahrbt wh*a oth eitiaen* arc enjoying repoaa andar tlielx protactio The feeling of the ]>e?ple appear* to be to pay the fairly, sod If there he any who are not faithful to tl truat rapoaed in them, to diacharga them and ha' , tht ir place tiled with better men. ' DrmMratU CeRTtntlua at Tarnnuy Hal * CAPTAIN RYNKIKS THX RI'I.INO SPIRIT?ORKAT K 0 riTPME.VT AKD COAFVSION?ORIlKR MDVCIO /RG CILAOk AT LAST. At 8 o'clock laat evening. the aecond meeting of tl e Democratic Convention, at Tammany Uall, wa<hel parauaut to adjournment from the first meeting. M ' Lorenio B. Cbepard In the ehalr, pro itm., aud Mww Allan Melville and Willlum McMillan acting aa iiecr j tariea. pre torn. The room waa pretty well fllle iwi "thn uotrrrifled democracy," beside* the dtlezat fiom the different warda; and it waa auggMteil I ('apt Ityndera, that, in order to get along smoothly, would be necessary to hold the meeting with clo?< '' dona. This proposition waa opposed, and ultimata overruled. The roll waa then called.and It waa found that out I be 94 rlectiou dirtricta. 63 delegate* hud answered 0 their liauit *. and that there ?.?? therefore, a quoru '] preaeiit. There are, therefore. 29 district* aiill u [j repreaented. ? Mr. Okokiir B. Ttri-rcT aaked perml'aton of theCha ,i tosayawoid. lie belonged to ibe Eighth ward. I 1 the tret district of that ward there was no elertlc J held He waa there from 7 till 11 o'clock and the 'J wi.a no election, yet a delegate had been placed on tl roll * ("apt Rvurr.m?Are you a delegate ora contestant 11 Mr. TiiiMr-1 do coutest it. I witnt the g*utluiu< > of th* press to hrnr wktt I urn about to nay J Sir K mv ?1 rim? to a point of order, I* he a del a * ?? or not ? Mr. Tii.hnev?On the first ewenlag that tho eleotlf j was ordered, two democrats attend) d Mr. I'ampbi 1 whose name 1* on the roll. w?? not ther?. Tin! t? 1 dimccrati present were myself and a trleud, whu wei . there to w?te for me. (Hour* of laughter ) Mr Miko nbj.'cUd The gentlt-mtiu had stated thr: 9 wr.a no election, and, therefore, he ctunot bo a del gate. ) Here there wa? *reat uproar and confmlon. eon cryinn out to hetr him. and other* that he had i right torpeak. The Chairman, howewer, decided thi hn would hear him. Mr. Tikkncw then proceeded?I and another onl were present at the mectlug. and he wotcd fur m (Shout* of laughter.) If Mr. Campbell c*u ihow i > (rood a claim a* that f will yield to htra. If neither > our ela;ra* be good lot an election be ordered, and ' will produce my credential*. 1 Mr. Pi'Bow?Wfco wa* the secretary* Mr. Ti>n>rr?1 w?* the aecretary. and my fries > wa? the chairman, (Immense Unghtwr > Captain Riiso?.na?lhere la reason In what he ?; I after all If tlirre ??< no election. Mr. Campb? ought not to alt a* a delegate, and a new election ougt > to be held Mr. Campbell?I was not pretent on the night of tl election; but 1 paw my name aunounced. I bellow 1 kdwettr, there win no election. (Ureal laughter, an ciie* of "that settle* the queetlon.") 1 It was then ordered. up<>n the motion of Mr Kenned; 1 that the name be struck from the roll, and that a *o2?ction bo ordered for tbo district. Captain Rvinran-- It is now in order that we ele? cfflccre. and I now. therefore, propose that a coiuutli tee of three be appointed for that purpose. Mr Krvm.DY?I think it is bettor to lot the chal appoint the eonmlttoe. Mr Misc?Lot it be five, and lottho chair appoint i Captain Btvokbs?I have no objection to fire: lot I be so; bnt from delicacy for tbo chairman. I propot to get over the difficulty by naming a committee. tIi Mosrs. Cutting. Browne, i'urdy, Leonard and Uai rett. The resolntlon having been seconded. Mr Ilou*ri?r*. claiming to be a detente of the tight District of tho Kighth ward, moved that tho resolutiw be laid on the table. A Yoke?Are you a eitlien? Mr. Bogabdvs- I wn alwaya a member of the doao cratle party in the Kighth ward, and oerwed the cans in erery way I cocld. A Thick?Ho, sir-re#. (Langhter ) Abotmu Voice?Do yon not belong to Platbush? Mr Mixn -I contend that it Is out of order to lnrei tlgato the qucatlon of tho seat, tho name being on th roll. Mr. Afstiw, of the Atb ward, mowed that a cwgmltto of inwestigatlon he appoluted to Inquire iuto tho ellgi bllity of Mr. hi gardus. Mr. BouikHi s?I undertake to say I was elected la* night at a large sterling, and there I* no peraon h?r to contest the teat. It 1* nobody' buainoM whore reside. Mr. Kebhehw? Where did yon Toto? Mr Ai swin?Po you liwe in the city * Ma. ItociBDvt? I liwe whtre I like. Mr. Ai'Otib?Vee. jou are a cosmopolite Mr. Bouaaor* (with great eieitement. and thaklni hi* fist)-1 hawc a right to a seat. and 1 will alt here. Mr Prant ?I think yon haw* a right to ail in thl conwention. if elected, no matter in what part of th State yoa reside. Mr BoeiBDi t?Ye?, or in any part of th* Unitei State*. Mr. Prarw?I donbt that. Ihe noise, confusion aa<f eieitrinent hero beram Tery great, particularly In the background, and ulti M.I.I. it mm mm mmmmimA ? k- A enmmiMM A# tluu iuto tbe eligibility of Mr. Bogardua bo appointed Mr. Ai'iiiK-Ilr Lutci(tr In Ilia month. That I not reepcrtful to the tonn-ntion. I>n I think In tuodaaty. he ought to rctlr till the quvttlon I* aettled. Mr Boon.dp??Modaaty i* ft thing I km not marl troubled with Captain If It depandad onhli modeaty hi would never retirp (I.augfitrr i Mr Pcauv?1 think It better to taka raaeae nn? baton matter* becme won*. They are bad enough a they ar?. and I weald be afraid to go back to my c >n tltuent*. with a atatement of the manner In whiol thi? meeting ha* proceeded. I therefore mora that I be a*Jr>urned to a?me future day. Criaa of oh' ab" Mr ftaaii taid. before the adjournment. he wiihed t< rnakr a motiou to en-lude ell peraona. exerpl there porter* ot the preaa. trum the meattug* oi the Convan lien In fntura. Mr Pi an??I think it ia better to adjourn for i week aa all our action will only toad ta widen thi breath In tba democratla part*. Mr Baaaacva here preemted blraeelf for a hearing with l< nd rrle* apiluit bia being heard; but tba Chilr nun p> r?i?ted la bearing him. *aying In rvnly to cverj Intern gallon, "the gentlemaa of the lighth hei the floi?r. Mr B then proceeded.?I wiah to alati that tlii' idea of thU c urrution criginated in mj brain* (Laughter ) AVm>i - Uave y oti got any brain** I Mr hotaaMa?It I* well known that though I tin , cut of thr mitj. I per re tha democratic party In It Von r ?Tea. hy holding office aud getting contract* (Langliter ) Mr. Bxiiim'i-I have heen a reeldentof the count] for mm ypart; but that d'i?e not .nake aay differ ence. In a former coavention. Martin Van Hur?n ra Krd in one county and wi?* a delpga'e fur another Mr Krs'.ti>t -That wui convrntlon of tbu i:*ti j ir the Htnte. Thi* 1* a convention of the emu', j iu th? eotinty. Y>>u are nut of It. ?t!lrr<' ibe Cbairnisn of the cammittea appsln'p'l tr iBTi'Mlrnte the aialtuofMr Bogardu*. reported unaI tt'mou'iy again*! It Mr Bui.aatt* ft np grenlly egdted. and itrikir.c ' tt>e tabla. ra*d bp would not leave tha room. orgiv tip hi* ?eat till he w*? carried out on a ahlngie. The question irna tlirn tak- n on tb? adoption af the rrf ?ri wh>n tbere appeared to ba 41 in favor, and pi ly 14 agaiaet it Mr Ropardm wa? therefore declared inellgih'e j Ilia 11 n.uiitti* appn nted to selact otflcer*. then ra|ort> d atid ijouinati I t he following:? I / rtmlml?Loroi iuB.Shepird f'iii J'ifiilmt- .l?m?a tl, Koowv>'lt. i ?t< reran?*?W at Merl.rlln-. Allen Melville, Wm O. Jenkii.4. Carrett I'jrluim. John B Kelly Tba Pf*?;tf*Bt harlup 'err eleetpd unanimously, Mr Putf??r dirlari d he lia I not the Inng* fnf the 1 l?'k However. on the eutrrety of Captain Hinder*, wha faeeed a high rnrominrn on hia Impartiality. he yieldid. and accepted tha ofltca. 1 brother nominations were than adopted unm' , snarly. t aptain 1?t? time then mired (htt ?"irniU(i# of Ittio I* app'latrd to duft on idJrtM unJ |ir?ftf? f.ailutiona to l>? aibwltti <1 to the nest 01 -etlag of tlm Contention. and thru. ? to Ihf f"!"!' Itr Knnn propr??d ?< mi ameti<lin?'nt. that a ' rut'li< r of rotr.oilttrea lie app^ntid ail that *?rom* |i" pMitloti l?> lliom rrUtisi to urfialiv ' ll<B I < aptain Umtia-.?'The#* ar? not iaroarUteat with | B. H>ir K?**rrt-But yonra eorne leaf t;ltaln H, mrkt? I a?n arrip: ural yon Vn>w. anl ' frito } a I rb mid aay the lart ahall be Brat. (I.autlil r) Itr Krnwrur? Yn are a m.-wtifr of the rimrcti Crptaln ftrMaaa- I km Member of tb? cVirch militant. <kei:ewed lavghtrr.) We barn Coiau b r? | In barvtoalpa. J?et n? do po. luatrad of aay lirj a >. IV < ?l akr 1jr.-t? arid K'lltj each other wIt h * .1 jla< kin IU(t?Kl iliirtcr pr"hn lo the bottom of the irauad. white tl>? ^uack only filma titer tin- lh"r<Mt aofw. V e mint oetiee t<>ai? |i> method. an I I ko'? of but i r< and i bat la ti.? broad o!d-fa*m -n* >1 principle ? f rrft'Mtratiirin laid down by Jeffarmn. and rami d ott u rn i-fn 'y t>y Ar lr?? Jark>on an I J K P?M* 1 do i.ot lilirr to iilu r tertion o tn? dpm rrty I nt to thr vrtlonal party. (OlMiri ) W> w? d ?*ht t. j'h eaeh <rber betpre elwntlone. but wiib ih? ably* rt the eh-rllon*; "t late. we bam fojaht witii rn< b o'hi r both hi fore and at the elect!'u? 1'U# r?imill If ll hi the whiga are in lb# high piarr* an ! we are omaldrra I rt u? fl*ht aa tn tbr day* of old aboaldi r to thoaldi r. and with a suited front. t<lr??t rliMtliii.l _ . Mr j It Ci TTi!?r Mill tha ajwech of Rtftall ttyndi m did honor to hie hmd and In-art. h? weut entirely tor tt e proposition of tbe ca;tala. II r. Mim. oppoerd It. ... ? , .? Mr Cm NitK went etrnngly lor tt. and ?ltlmatety I. wa-rarrl d, and the following gentl-m-m e-ere nauted by the rhnir. and appointed by tbe meet ing ? lli nry Miaol. rtrrt ward; lratafc Ryadare. *erm4 Wetd. 1 It Cutting. Third * aril I At.ijeti Inf-ain ?oiulh ward: Jobn Brown. gereaih ward; tljui f l-nrdy. Tenth ward: JobaCr^htaa. rmte. n:h word Tfce pri poeition fi r a .minlttee of orfaataui >u ?a* th<n adopt>d and the Ml'>win( (entle^ro. oua froai each wa.d. appoints Nicholaa Mmond. Klret wtir l; Jaai"? f.?- >nard. fi'nnn l ward lUbrrt ror?ytb. Third ward; Charlei B Coll*, day r urth ward; J A. Kennrdr. Vifth Waid, John ft A ? ! 'n fifth ward. Jobn A Bnffart. fereatb ward; A l? f'nrdy. Hlfhth ward: f?aar It f?iaith. Miniti word ; Al- t Mlaf T> nth ward ; lllrara tn|(>i|l?. ?.Urrn'h ward; liaalel f Tlewian, Twelfth warj; t'phralwi Reed. Thirteenth ward Utrr.'t lirkman Toutteeath ward; Wm J ItrnWii. KtflMntb w^rd, A?-?l F?ei maa, Plitaeath ward; i^rrel J \?.li Hereble- ir.a ward; Mr. Conner. |i|;hl?*alh ward; Mr WM. Miuete?t,th *ard. Mr Itim then mored that the raeetlnf* In fatnra ba With rln?? d d"?ra. airept to tha preia. whlefe. after a ditt?|oa wat carried by ill to'it Ibr aiaatlrr thaa adjouraad tar a fvrtnlgh?. at ten laatar |>a?t U a'ciaak - 1 11 * J** r# "C?lo for tk? Uk? Of IM C?l** ,,<-Vhw? 4. IM?l ktai p*rf*el tm?nr the paapla M rtfull *k*ir opiates *f Ibi 1 lulu. Hat. Jt uniui already to to *up*(" fading th* P*ub?b * U?kern*. l>u.e laHle*. and all to* rati rletle* of "(Upjack wbi.b uu'ltr th* kead *f mii? rn Owii kit iiraw fibnnfi r e?eh vw'arlaa* a* prefer thtm ) to tkl* light Bad *x<|Biettoly ?t.?i ?1 f,l? bat, but k* HUM .. m*nd> the li?>. mot* "rnamcnal Mil dtirabla, a* cheaper at two dollar* Bad fifty e?n i tlit* til r>lk* kat la tktmark.t. C*NIN, 2U Ur^jVfe * J oppomu St. nlTa. [. Straw Hat* Rap*ricd?tf?>Knu has fey ^ maar Tear* laoa e?na:?d ?a ?' < pr>da*ti?B ef a laitobla hat for th* warm men -be, oomUning lubiaeae, *1*bbm* aad ehopneea, and hi* later* 'no hern rewtrded with i****M M by tb* prudoaiion f hi* Vs'ta Hat. Th* iB*lria*a*y *f th* j weather in<iut*d him 10 withhoH tbl* annonaeemeat antil tb* irtMiit tlm*. Ill* cuitoir*r? who want a hat a* light a? r. ^ ?n<la* cool * a teahyr, ?r a *h*iry *okl*r, (Uoald tiawlnr tbl* a.w claimant fur | j.ular approbati*a, at bin ttablifhment, 12b I'niton etrool. ?- ....... th Thf Hanmoth Pktorlnl Doubt* Brtlkff ,.J for the f. *rth of Ju y, ? ill b* ready for Ik* **w?men to-m' rr< w aftern ion and u.u .lay. It i? tb* i*o*t el*tt pint pictorial ibeet erer i*?u*d. USueof WILSON k CO , '* 16** itrcet, id etory. na ly Tlic Pluntbe National ballery, Ho. 991 . Bread* ay, itrant'ri 'loold hot -lalt rial tier, for It eoataiaa the largo** ooIlactUa >-f f r n.i of diaticguiahed mdiriduale la th* Culled S'*ie?. in ?? a- Benton, Foot*, Arwtartl, Atchlnnoa, Cl?meu*. of (be Senile and M tathf?|> of the Houa* *f Repre,lr *fBtaiivc?.?BHADY ha* r???i?*4, from hie t ranahotobllih[n ment Iu Waal inrlon. !** 'raite 'A tle? dlitluKnlihed met, tkk*clutl.x I.HOI *i>.u.| lU art i he v may be e**a. witk Biuny other picture* of la'ei. ?' C R A nY'i .Kaueaal Galr8 Ury, 3Ui Broadway, corner "t j 1;. r urest. 10 AinprlrB.ii Dwua?rieof jr|t? Depot.?-THW .' ?.ii ? ..j -i.? j - ? ... -y?nrf<li i J I'll I C^Ii IB BOW in cp?n to tbe pnMle. wrh <rl>i? en .race*, parlor*, ladiaa' hnrdo'ra, *c.. for the pruo'lce of the *?t of D tgnerreotjrpe.? o. Daruorre, L<>uie Nap le> n and I. .tii* I'hilippe. fr*m lire, ar* now added to our collection. Mini at urea, by tit* daguerreotype. in every Ityle dallv. "? UK.tbR nnrvrr'E**. r.1 Broadway. 11, <lii*ctly oppoaite Park Fonotaia. ro it Wna. Kglnton, formerly with B. Wmmmg" if. ?ii<1 wiili I'axi'ikIs Jcreutd. aemmenee# r* bo*ine** f r bin >elf. at N". 14i> I':! .a etrcet, twed?or**Mk e. Of the old atand, between Brut !way and Kililn iliMI. M A Xrw Bn?<Io|?t and Large Hsih.?Dal10 lot'* genuine I'ain Fltraetor, IB the old wrapper. ia largely cr.uati tfeited. A^oidduog r mid fraud, and bur oaly *f the rew aito. H. I>al1ey. 413 111' adwav. For e.ile a'?e by liatiland. Kee?.- k Co.; A. B. k D. Pande; Riubtona, aad A. C P. ly Clinlner k Co. 11 *? Why, Llliby, wh?M ?lld yom gat IkMt of ttan leotne gaiter boon from!" ' At Mr. Millar'*, in Canal I atreet, to be euro. la it po(*iMe Pelia, thai you ka?e not bean there for your enter-? Why liiratora ia pctroaiaa.1 hf all the ladiea. "Woat did you pay f r tho:>ei" 'Iwi dollai* only, leea than many oharg-: and he hat baaatiful* id and Tie a at W ahillin**, and what lie call* hit (*ooad ^ialif< at t abidinga; Tollat Slipper* at 6 ehilliaca, and Ik* grcataet m ?*riet? of t hildrvn'a Sho. a you eeor *aw?" "Wall, 1 declare. >v I ehall call there to-morrow: where did yon aay it Win?"? "1S4 Canal atreet?J. N. MILLER'S." Paiilcnlkr Attention.?13. A. Rrooki, I*, 1S?I Fulton '(treat, h*a now an hand the tardea!, eheapaet. p> tn"at fa*hinn&Me an I durable **? -'uieuta of (jeata', Ladiaa* 1(1 aad Children'* Bonta, Hi<e?, (Jai'ara, 81ipnera, ka., ia tli? oily. All wbe wi?h a rood tit. a cheap aad deiirakl* artiel*. j Would do well to glee him a call. " DIH'nt Drram of lt~lt la prohalda thai ,? there are tbeuaanda of people in thia mighty *ity who ar? ' not iwii? tlmi they ran aet a warm cold, or ibowat balk at TLatford'a, 4U2 (.iraud atreet for 12 cant*. If Fancy Cutlery? femtiraelug larf? ti?rie'y of Spcrtaroen'a Pen ar.d Pocket Kairea, af tb* aid t. rar* ai>d beeutilul patl?rr* Ala* a variety of unique artl|t ale) for toilet uae, many of nhieh bur* neear lieea kefore ia? petted. SAI'.VIIERi, 117 Broadway, .. Cora*r of Liberty atreet. and 1ST Broadway, between Walker and Whll* air**t?. Oiolca In>]>ortril Eapdlen audi Oardca Frutt Treea.?A few panbage* from the h*>nae ef J. D. Fo" el er k Vc rhehn SchneeTtogt, llarlonv juat r***iy*d par a (hip ll?npkr?r I'nrintoa, fr m R. t:i roam. and aoBprlaiac the nut nlgbf) improved and cbuiceat aorta of Pear*, Apricot*, aad Clierrtae, all warractod, now ia (tor* aad far (aia during tbla week only Applv to JOHN C. K AY?Bk. 1?P Pearl atreet, n? (kaira. e (Tomb Factory, 3m7 Hioatlway?LailN ara lnrited to (aaailna tbia rich oollaotion of Draaa Coaka, a ok o'^uallod In exteat or variety in the olty: among w-tiieh will ka i- foacd tho open cbaia pattern, ao touch adtnlrad; tka aama a aiada to order, after any deaimt. no a.?tter bow Intrlaatta Otmba altorad at J repaired. A. k J. 8AUN0SU, ^ Comb Kaetory, S8T Broadway. ?I my, Wlranjjcr, Wherr do yon get year Boote aad tiaitera *"?Tine waa a ifneatioa that a friead of t our* aaked a ttranger, wkn. it appear*, wore a alee aad a beautiful pair oT li. eta. " Why," aald ho, "I get th*ai at tba I ealy Cheap fltoro In tho city, wnero Ki-Got. Yeaag i* to ka feuad. 41 Courtlaadt atroet " Frtuch Calf U?ot(, |4 $0. worth $7; Caitera aad 3boaa(i)?ally low. THE DOCTO*. WTaab with the true Joaea' Italian Chaaaloal Soap. It makea thoworet akin clear, whit*, aft tat | pure, reniAving all emptl-ma. To hae* a fin* head of hair, aa* ( thret (fcilliDg bottl* of J*a**' llair K**u>rj|iee, and b* - yonr hair ae?*r ao wir*. r >?ah. lir'.e or loo?e, it will laaka It fin*, acft, clean, aad a koaatlfal color, and (troagtkaa it. " Cat tLeia *aly at 4U3 Broadway. I 1 otlwe.?Dr. J. W. Powell, OvcdlUt, Awrllt, It*.. Inform* the pnblie, that ia nrdar to meet bi( rroatly iaCTeaaed profeaaioaal angageniinia, he will catena hi* * * l hoart from Slot o'cUek, daily, at ' H Warron^traet, *or I BIT m or?o?Ji, ???r? can na o: :au<a? UK " ITaBUM *m tha lya." Artliloial Erae ipaerta4. PlaMtt'i Blltrra will cur* Djrspepala, la* 4ljraitioa. Debility, IJnr Complaint, Nereati?ne?o. H? 4aaktt and all lllieue 4la"r4era: to l.? I a<l, wtmleaala and rataiL at JAM IS SADLIEKS.'-'W Hr"a 1 way. e fit for tba prapnatar. b AVIga and Toupeea.?(llrrhnglt kai Iha lartiaat, tnt and cheap-el a.avrtuirot of Vaaiilatlag aa4 I Goiianier H *m ai d T'.upara era* mm la tbia aoaatry. wlik them Here It na abrinkioa 4Wa?ra-%Ma prvaattrt ar abaufa , af ahape Tbr\ aro a terpattial til to Iha laat. fall and ai^ amine tharo, 179 broadaay. npp>ait? Kara ana Hotel. Ball Dya-Haulialor Uaaalaa liqaM 1 flair Dya, aaa r uly be procared at iha ataaafaatary, 4 Val t Nrrai Tba prfchn tbotiM (vara a(aiuaa lattaMoaa. Baa at aartwaa 4.pltaiea. Parana* wtoaa bait baa a<a?aa4 a kai ! Mtor froa tba -ji? of tba imitation W??. aaa kiT! U aanaata4 ky aalilnf ae *V>?i Ceoy tba adJrata. The World, placed npon Its guard ky Ike . aln rat daily de-r-t a i.f aoa* Me hiaikaj. aaw ai aiaieriund teiti ??#ry new artlcla witb arrupniwaa aara, ' tad nothlap u ao: latriaateally | 'od aaa I aj lonrieh harry'a Trlr-ij h?ri.a? taa >eaa an ?jf. 1.4 to thla ardaat far taayeara Ktary year Ita reputation and eale hate inaraae?d until aara of it ia cnaavait'l aaanally tbaa ?f aay atbar . arrfa-atl' a fcr tba hair a?er far: J t? tha Amariaaa l abile. Ilia <*it?i Ta-y tl at It will >a-a uteenee- of tba akla, 'aril wrnnda as I ulcere to heal an J r I ai reliaea all att*r aal iaCaL.iua> oa, aad leaner aay p*ia and^ iaaldaat r ta atitifa. kiiaa aaiattkaa. eo'a. rnt. tcalda, le., baa preail) mhai.cad ib? aale of tbe artlcla, aad it ia a<-w kaewn aad need for tteee |at|>a?aa. a* wall at ta rant*. kaantify, ? aad rleaate tbe hair, in aver> eit? aad tawnihl P la the Union, lit eitrn. tiliaarj r^enpneae plaaaail <Milna tin paaah af tha biiaitlral f?t? J e, and ita en ee led ralita iaaitraa it a pla te a tlbaaaat I tas lallet M Bad it ti e rarest ran"d) f< r tiie i| raiaa toll, and accident af Heir elu Urea. r Tht a*e.| | rlta it ae a cttra f r rhennintlam aad all i b? aeh?t aii'1 | aia- ? n h 11 a tr tre laljeet. anil ilia anlfrant to 4<etant landt pnreharanli at aa ata?lu'.a aatee-ery n hie I I lilt !'ild ia larga bottlai pi a?26 aaala. at tba PriB' elpal OlAaa. 1ST Broadway New \ rb. fur aala by Iba I ar.naipal piirakaatt aad ilrau<i'a tbraagbaat tha l/ait?4 I V'ataa and ( aaa4a. Beware ' |K? a?aatarf<.iia aald at aaa 4illar par ban 'a. I>r. Krl!lnt;rr*s II imilrrftil Wiaeecat. Tl.ete ti a trli'ala m.-l a atfoaJ I bat tb.'T?r baa main aora nnair than Trai'iml M (fat, Rraadratb and ibe IBiiBmctli qaackf la aeaeral. iMa nity le an. Hit wa ar* lathi r incliaa-1 to t .uk It lealUhtly asa^'araud: bat ta r er aad thlki' are an B'certalB. We aaaaot tall hnw a?oa It *111 ba ao. ta*| t.a br.'a adftrtiaaarat Ik aualbar aaUaa. Prove nil ililttf^?hold faat that nkltb lapwnd Any |~re a aba baa oaaa ftaaal VatMT Nsrvaaa Ar?id' la w Ml Ih.iu fea' to i?. Tl.era neeer aai auob a amtlrrfnl B'dlelM ^ef)^*, Why, ! po,it|r If ene.,a all tb"ae neitani di-ea.ii t*>? 4>-*">ra aa< ar ' laearaala. Naaraicla. 1 ia l>i|em I. t I'liialelnsa, fpllep y, t aa.empiial. l"f ^jirltr. !< ' nnn Tr>-mea?. ( tiopa Vari'tn, o "ii, Rbea* t-etlir . and eeery nerenni epae *4li ?f r n?i ?li* ?t?Ilia. It ia a i-ertl < ka-wa nynn'p'i.l t?t aa tka r> ? I -n Nr. e ( > i '.a l f ? i - ?t?)an l A aa \ |ia Aaa| lirnii , ( watrr ' f I.'a Ivriiuc teacy.) |l a battla' t'.' a a-tea. !' ; Ha* a 'iri?i. HONEY M A It K I T IVroniMT. M*y? 4P kl We basra sre drp'. lr lly in thr ncrmlanry Thar* ' wra larife ?*; ? < f nil tha faticlea lo-ilajr. st a daollaa I yarylni; fr> i . , I" r r* lit 11 r 1- l. aip?ilaierd lh' |r>kint ilffffrlitlun, mad 11 aniiaual tiiniW < ( litrri hairla. At Ikt (Irrt VaafJ, Fmnayifanla !i'a Ml off '? par cant; Kric Rnnda. 1; Long Icland : Morrla ('ana'. . Fartiiara' l/oan. Canton ('oui|-*t>y, trie Rallrnj-I. I'?; Ha tdinj. *? and liarlam. V- At tha aacnod board, Ilitrlcra and I .a were r Cr.tb .;lt r'a t inp-'"* ?H* market el<<?ad waa* Tha bulla niada da?p?r*U aff->rU to rally |>rlcaa. I ul did not arcompllab ma'b Tbay a III stdi uMf il; Nt? no itmn ?*t?r?*4 h keep op llie aparul II- n I.ii* >> W .. at a* 11? jfb j tha raaatlon wtvM ba parmanant. Tha raaaipta at tba rillra of lb* Aaalitaat Tr???rr?f of tbla port, to -lay. amoantad to ?wO,01U; parmaot*. j |38.1M Iff Palaaa* I.Wff.Hl W. 1 lia arjanc of the two fraal p--llliaat parl'>a? ha?a I rn?nwa"d jaiiidl f ' ut arraacatc In favor of tha p?c ullar priaatpl' ? thry rtpr*aaat. and It ! taprncaaly rldl?nl"0? to a** a bat abatird itoaarna* and track thry pat 6rth *? fart*, la lllu*trati?n of th* aorraet area ol tbair Tb? city af hrw Tork ta tota ilar- 11* t' - '? ; ' i , fi aa tli- ?li-.ta of tl>at'?ll>d 'tat'a. and ibay uadartaka to ab?w fr"ia tha crai pinion i f Iba f.-rr go trad* of tkU port ao tha oca (Ida that a* arc a* a ualin* mnn r.j rapldlv lata datt, an<1 in nat | n braodaaply al*ap*d In baak' r?pfry naf&ba Wyond all bopa of redemption; and o? tha r-t i r aid* tiiat onr f-ralgn trad.- la la a tn<M% I < u?r- <1 <1 lh ?, I,it" In fart not im ported an iargrly Iti tha aiffat* baynnd anr aiporta. aa In fi-rinar y-ata; and that tka prraant raranna iy>tam work" admirably, and rannot bi Imprnrad Tba I; ?li tai ill I a-1- lo t' a rT ' ? a ndition of i nrtaln la?li;?tr I i . r. ?l? of tli - country. and attrlbataa tha d'pr Ion and (mttflllnt ta tba policy pnrcnad by th* Tolk a ImlnlatraMoa in ralatioa ta tba tarlffaad tba flnatira* Nna alljihlal* aim ply ah><l aablbita. to aay tba |. act. Iba jroaa?at Ijnor-inec aa tba part af thcaa orjjaaa.OT a d-tarmlnatlon to dlatort (bate ; f- r tha J u?p - I I III "I ' nr-i | n! ,r ; r m In favor of or againct Iba c*minaralai and financial ayataM ht npi ration Wa ha?a b> an for aniaa lima p**t. looklaff for a motaairnt on tba part of tba protactlonlata. and fWt baaa atpaatad thay vnnid avail thrmaalrcc of tha (JH

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