Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 31, 1850, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 31, 1850 Page 2
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V " NEW YORK H KHALI). JAMKS OOHOUI UKNNK'ft. PROPRIKTOB AND KlUTOH orricx n. w. <)<> <> bk rotton an i> na^sac bts. VHt UAU.V HKK tl.ll, S<e?U ; ?* >?/??*7 l*r uimum. YltS It'W .7. V H KHALI), n- $ tt.rJuy, ut O'i c. ult pvr ltf.y , j.t, ' <? > Lvr.jf - , f./i o)/i Ci ptr to imt-fj it* ''it, t iy All. !! I'tllS t'\l fr UK nurn/ 'wut, or iril/i udr, tm rr.- >'.)>/, id, at Ukl jO?/>v i-tl! fcf drJutled/ram liW rrtri'l, . r- ??.( v ' 4W V IHKREXPUL, ?o?t iwhif fnporr.nU . Vr<-1/ ? / .'A# >?< (/it,- y ' <?-/, utJbe , Ut* k'"' Ml MlJ'H.4 kr.iofw ynuxti commu uttltmt. We Jv j o,* r um rrif,-l, >/< /!.> iufficoMniv. Al'VKK TlStiVF.^ I'M > " --li entry ir.urniii/. AMI ilL.v l^ Ml'j> K> LMNii. DOVt'EKT TllKATKE, Uowury.?Macbeth?LrrrLC P?- ! ?JL. BROADWAY" THEATRE, Ui. mI ?ay.?Kmght or A*va ?Si Kims }*auu.y. NIBI.OVS CAEDEJf,Ur w . ?> .- FA??ii.r?Tioiiuai< Time). Bl'KTON"# THT'TBF. < l.?m'.ers ?Cati?aw? iCTiiim l Al l. :.k?T,. .i i n NATIONA1 TJiFA'li i I iu lit.?1Tmhu Cwkoo#? I'EMAI.C CVAIU<- l<:iiii 1> TJK. T'.IEATI.E, A . rl'lr. 'i.i ii R's Davgiitm?Cjiahlui ' Bmofto. CHIMSTY'* UOLSE y. chaaics' Hall.?Etuio- j HAS 51iN^ rn. . 01.YV t'IC.?PiKr.r?'* Mi^kthki*. VILODCOX.?TTHrr?i,? **. KVAnaiia. Chimmk Xvuvn.-Cvwau Tiuuv. ASSEMBLY HOOM3-LA*cAA.m?? Bkll- ! few I.. Alevr Vufk, l-iltl.ty, lit, ibDU. V?t?. hy 'I'fli'jjraiilii The (U ( i; of Mr. fdmore, tlie successor nf the la?e Mr. (.';:lIioun, h i cast a gloom over Wuthing- ; ton, Jin l-lic 1 usinees has been sus|>ended to the I.;! sad rites for the departed senator, j who J . been a few weeks before th country, i Th.: Canadians refuse to givw us the navigation t>f the M. Lawrence, except upon the reciprocity : pr;j < , >. V. til?very w? ll. Thank you, Mr. Bulwer. riok]i<iIty of the lie^utiliiwExIiniaatloa ?.f <1i? '1 xrtr. The cabinet of General Taylor, with their organs nud uiult i>trappers, have been making u very lu- ' dicroob > lli rt for the hint few ni mlw 'o r.iise from , the dead the old turilV discussion of old fifty time-, j in ?rd'-r to cover up th -ir nepotism, their corruption*, Uu'ir Galphia robliery of the public treasury , and the other follies and wickedness which tbey have ron.mitted daring the l .styear .lulus I?cnri< r, nf:er having betrayed his Lor 1 and Master, might an w< 11 have tried to raise the dead, or make the Line walk and tiie blind see. It is, however, amusing to witaens the lndicroui efforts rt the.-e impotent and ignorant politicians, in attempting rueh an object. Luring tiie last year or two, perhaps no country 1ms ever exhibited such a growth in prosperity, in all it.- manufacturing, agricultural, and commercial all uirs, as the' United States Ins done. Snce the tcimintilion of the Mexican w,>r, mid Mte discovery of the gold tiiinca in California, the commercial nnd oili 'r enlrrpiife of tlii 4 republic have outstripped all t .vliibitions cf past timer, and of nil historical records. Every element of our national wealth Imp ht<'n active and prosperous, with the exception of one or tw o brandies of in lnufacturcs, in certain localities, aticiug from i:o|*ted causes, which no giiirttl profjxrrity rould provide for or prevent. Yet, in ilie midrt of tlii* wonderful proa|<erity, we tee the cabinet and it* organ* endeavoring to ularm th? cei'iitiv.Hiid declaring that wear'* ou the verge cf h terrible revulsion, ami frightful acenea of commercial devastation. JIarvy, the cabinet letter writer cf the Cornier and Enquirer, igro- | ranily picks up a f' w isolated ficte, and put* forth lii< absurd preilii tiorv- to the world. Mr. IJailot k, el the Wall *ire?t J urn ;/ of Commerce, on Um- other t ide cf the cjue.-iion, endeavor* to justify ami elucidate the opcrationa of toe present taritT, and to* how thatihe interests of the country are at present flourishing; while Greeley, on the other ?ide, sei/.ea a few undated f.ict??a small atrct.oa of solitary i id^;nrsd, in hi- ui ual way, erect* a wonderful , theory on one leg, without the boot on it being I cither (leaned or I rushed. Onr of the principal fact* put forward by the*? i viaion?i) | . <pher* in favor of their prediction* ; ofnniv i . I 1 .r kinptcy?unle*a the tat ill'be rained 1 ?ik the jireut impeli cf foreign goods at this port, j vertli' amount of exjorta. Mr. llallock, of Wall atrrct, w ho set ma to have merely an intellect capable of t?king in but small auction* of any pati.ctilar subject, blunder* and labor* to explain end controvert the only fact on which these tarili phi! #oph-ra predict ihe revul ion* that they e>i? 11 in a very short tiin". If our commercial > reader* want to have a full, comprehensive, an.I ! trul) philosophical explanation of the present con- I ditii !i of t\c cor.ntry, its wonderful prosperity, and the hi r ignorance of the cabinet organa an I | *n?U rr'r n < r?, u"*-ll r.? the Wall street defend- j era on the other *ide, they will lind this cubject [ ?!i * i??? I In our mom y aittclea, day after day. It { will l e ?e< n there, in the moat comprehensive ttinnT, Hut thr- iiM-ettioa put forward by there on<-id' ad econom.ris, th it the nation is running iato a foreign d* bt atth- rate of fifty million* p-r annun. it utterly unfounded an lomttrary to th?* fact. The n ni"i' '?n of Oali!< rui i.w.ih it# vast resources, ! to tb.s I i. I kiven an imp i-< to it* commerce , end its ftade, greater tlnn tli. t which th" I'nited ft t h. s t.-; eri<ni J the lirst settlement j ?l ihe etu;.tiy. In ihe I <t y? ir alone, it i* very j p.t*l.|? that tt simpnl*ch<s tern equal to one- j third of tlx usual amount of expott* un I im.mrts. Lml armg the fort i^n trade on the Atlantic and Pe? .lie e< Ms, in com clmu * b Kurope, it is pro* I-He t! t in eountry i* his m dibt to another, thm tl r ited S'nte* is, nt the present moment* o 1 .?iid, or the whole < f K*n^. The imports nd>x|tri? ef all kfaids, the guld dust from the 1'aCit r lid i: ' li d, ? MTl) b Jane- eaeh othT, and | rrducc the ftisent prosperity anJ aiccss , Ikn inJicnt nil onr uvein of induatry. I ' i"'i u I c< , reh< naive *t?w i>f tlir p>e?n.t t< i'.; ii n ?I' the i lairy, in nil it* tknm:< rf n tit* ?'hii h the intellects of Hallock, or ( r 7 ir Ilarvey, ?erm to lie utterly w: lit .? take tli r ini"ll? * *i?t<n. The wn.< | i:<'. awi.lei, in fti l ?<>l in the cletreat li^fit the reuaon wl.y tl,<? m innfirturing int^resta of tli< Mi lie an.I n mill' r hul mm* af " ?-r? in c rtain bra: ?. have been convtaincd *f, for the 1 J ft*w month *. Wo aliu.l-* io the iron Inirreftft ? f IVnn!?% Ivnuia . nd tin* roiii.n in in .No orir* cf Mil - chu?etta. Thr completion of the r*>Ir?>. t ?)?!< i i in Kna'and, an I the diminution of d<m. 'I t< r r*ilroid iron in Kuropr, while it* former d. n; iml hud IocmmvI the in inuf.icmrer*,*re lli* r-.uf ? i f the | i arnt stagnation in ihi* country. Tl.if- i". lioWrMT, merely local an.I tern,Hilary. Tl f lit'le i!r,r???ion in tli" rot too mamifacturea rf tiir l.i,?t h .* tmen evidently fmni had^sje *iit, tlif t e m the price of cotton rained hy a alicrt crop, i nd the addition of forty to lifty new aUbli-limentft during the la?t nine month# in lli? N itthnn flatus, where the factory sy?fem i* |iifch!> j?r- >peruua tod remunerative. Snrh ia the preecnt n nditi< n of tl.r ?<uintry, in oar view; tin I onr money article* enter more minutely into the ^i iniIn of Ik' ficts exhibiting the extraordiniry prosperity in which nil the interests of this co'mtry liare been moving for the la?t two year*, under the irewnl monetary and revenue fty*tem?, and ibe irreat California m?venv n: iarluded. Every ?ttior fact and indication concnrs in th?> *ame antral rcaulf, and in the ft*me tomprefienaive view. | Chir c? n-merci ?1 ciiiea and town* were never more rous; building* are going up in every direc* lion In lhi? vast metropolis j merchant", travellers aid men of bn*in? *a are continually crowding into <n?r hot? la, by thnumnd* and ten* of Ihotiaati la; | brnk? are conducting their affair* on th eulicht* j rue4 principle* of prudence and enterprise corn- j haed ; the general manafictnring, agrieultnral i.ud commercial avenue* are all prospermia an.I ; dire j the foreign trade of thia eountry I ' ne\er 50 equally balanced a*? it his been for the lan jear. 'I he very brotd fact of American stocks going rapidly to Luro|?* is evidenre of pnwjierity, instead of being the forerunner of future revulsion; and the t-illy H8.-erti?<n, that the imports exceed the experts by fifty million*, is a lie i.i d u falsehood, invented l>y ignorance, r. d concurred in by intellects incapable of comprehending the nu.chinery of a vast re, Mic, v.Meh i tent! from the Atl.iutic to the Pacific. Harvey, the letter writer of the cabinet, is a potnpcuB blockhead. Greeley his never ill his hei J it one time but :i single idea, which is m?de to last a dozen ytara, like hia old while coat and hut; . rid Mr. Haiku-k is a very good meaning, piuy.oful in in, but l.e thinks Wall street compii?sfi twtvil.ii U (i the United States, one-half of the civilized w> ild, .-nd a very l.-.rgc blice of the u-h.r . ;tiin, with ih'1 chances of including the tail ? ! h new re.mct, that m.iy be hereafter disci vi i \< uii'icring ..bout the heavens in search of tm owner. A Ki.w So'niKKN I'm.- ;.?First Stkp.?Some tihv tix'y-thiee members ot Congress issued a;. ,nth utmtato on Southern rightaaud the newspe(?T business, and the reftiIt now comes out, in the sI.i of a prospectus of the Southern Frets, .. 1i. .. :?i u.. i* .. . i ... ,i.. Air.. * TV * I ! t 11 V. in IM 11; i. Ill 111 our C'JItllllllS. >? r lliUU'ill that lie members ?>f Con^rtca h id enough to do to attend to '.heir public duties, without < rue ring upon the thorny end p? rjile^ing path of journalists. Tl:ey will have their hands rail, net only with |K>I'ti*. s, hut vs iili liter; vy criticisms, original es>ry j, general new.-, bo;h foreign an I domestic, nnd the other departments which they intend to *ii|?eivi3e a*:d col!.-1.' b r. They will find it u curious bueine.-s, etjx-cinlly for green liunds. They don't say whethd they will insert poetry, epigrams, ej>ih : ue?, ecologues, deaths or marriages, Jcc. icc. However, to give them every possible chance to start well, and to make a good appearance, and to j work oli upon the public mind Urge editions, we | can 1'ccnmiend them to the Messrs. Hoe, of this \ City, lor one of the 'itest steam presses, which will do execution remarkably, at tiie rate of 12,507 sin ts p"r h ".r?to James Conner, for the type? and IVi>.-e A.- Broc ks for the papar. are the el' p.- who supply us, and assist so much the public ?! ii'.t'tid for r ur ilMCt?for which we p;>y ih< 1.1 on ihe nail, and sometimes cash before the i- in r .'iit. They should do likewise; lor, by pi ying cur-h, much io to be gained, besides the large aniceedeut shave. It is the true basis of *uccesu. If money is not plentiful, th-y should make a claim upon the treasury. They have as much right as Cr.i .vford to a hundred thousand dollars or mere, and should have no scruples at getting it, by hook or by crook, aa has recently been done. The treasury is full now of gold dust, tint! c it i.l'.ord to tpare some of i.s useless fund Try it on. lly the way, in looking over the prospectus, we hnd Mr. Ttombs is one of thos- at the Lead of thi-s new ?(mper. Is not this ratlu-r curious 1 If we remember rightly, 'his ge.itleirun recently denounced, mi the lioor of Congress, all editors nnd everybody connected with the press, as a set of scurvy kiiove.-, and no gentlemen. Has any great change taken piece 7 Has he been converted ! Is he j>enitent ? So nnitcr in which way it ?s, that he finds it good policy to turn journalist and editor, we rejoice in his pi miction, from a busy, bustling, meddle?) me declainier, to the lollier position of a newspaper w riter. lie will toon be able to do himself honor; and. in congratulating him upon his pros [x cts, we will gladly receive him into the more ele vat d to< i??ty t1 tin pre?3 to winch he aspires. Wc can < uly content to it, however, on the ground thnt his deeds are probationary. admitted on trial, as we do a white hoots or a respectable Mack v iter. If he I" haves himself, he thall have encouragement from our aristocratic circle ; but, if he fail* to do so, we shall not recognise him as one of tin great circle who manage the world?the gentlemen of the 1'iewi. AsTt-Kl AVERY AM> I'KFK Dil?CI "MO*.?The ab(litu iiit-te iii jM^tcu have illustrated their pruiriplea H|< n lr> c di-< i^-ion t>y th^ir practice. At one of the meeting). this week, they caused one of their i own number, Al?lijr Kelly, a popular orator of the j party, and ( m ?n's chief rival, to be dragged out ! of the meeting and locked up. This is sustaining fr? e discussion with a vengeance, and show* pre- j c>-cl) v. hut w intended l>) .he aboiitioaifits, while j in c? nventicn in this city. All tht free ili?cn??iin ' it wanted (or their own aide, for sending forth, as public opinion. re;-olutions for the overthrow of the j Nibl ath, lor trampling the !'tide and the coit!?litu- ! tion under foot, end tor the utU*r condemnation of , the clergy ar.d religion. Any interference, any ditn M-iit, tin) opi'<v ition to the creed, however reasia- | ably urged, is pronounced by these refortnera to be I un infringement upon private and individual lights. The praci.ce, how* \er, of the abclitioaist* doe- not 1 square at all with tlieir profe.-. ions. They can ecize upon a week, dff-r.itl'H woman, nnd imprison hrr, for rpchkin;; h< 1 mird; but they cannot hIIow thnt the public me 1 wht in any at: nipt to espoue their bhispliemies nnd abuse of our public men. The plea for free iii-c't ion i< only nple.t f<?r a dangerous and destructive licence to stamp society with o) itiiens rot etit' d. Free ditcu -ion, indeed! I?m ktast ( ioikihui. MfMm rr."M N-iva ?? 1 a t<> Wasiii>ot' ?We n.Jcntuil tint Mr. Voting, Speaker, it at lent! a member, of the pro \in< 11I 1 '> tl: tin' nt of Nova J-Votia, is on a vi it at j Wohu Rti.n. for t!ie purpose of making reprenenta- j tu ti to cur t*< ven'iii at and Congress, favorable to n ccnimetcial reciprocity I tween Nova Scotia | the Unit) d m t ?, provided any!-gidatioa oath? ' subject cliould I- made during the present session. N< va fe. tia is ts ilb g to throw oj>. n all her p^rts : and her iiehirg privileges to a fr<*c comm'-rce with the I'nited State*. Th? cod and iron *f Nova S<<tit?, it is will known, are of a superior ' k.nd; an.! tl ir ni< vement of a neighboring pro\ nee, ' 'n Conner "ion with pri ! ioctiea' from C in ;d 1, '* h the rat 1 progre- * which ha* been made intb?>epr> vii.-es, i .vor.ddeto commercialannexa .in I i tw 'ii i rt ii i ' uuiii' i vi in lni it - b r,?rie*nf annexation, and nothing rl ~t. Mr. Young i? a gentleman ?>f lugh inlrltigenet r< ?al i v, hi I, we have no ot?n'>l, w ill |roducr a fH\<>r.iUe impa f-iv.n oa lh govtnun n: and Cci great rt W, ?hiuc!'n. _______________ Ti i lit mriitt ?>r Tmi\m\y Mam.?There. is ' n Prf flip, and n dr> |ff d<-*e of a'"in I philosophy ' i uii i v ih democracy t f T.immany II til. ili.m in | 1 any other *<-rt or | ity of the day. The debater r 'll ' li 't it d nf iIh ir c< tvcniii i. are pi -, nut jj * iih InUfM and rmo nmnt. Only think of Capf. I!)nd?r?. with a v bile tirrh-'rrhief mid a draft f. le, nurimg actipture an I citin thernp^ntic*. Itk:? a i!? :?<r of Di' dh mo, or a doc lor?f divinity. While the pionw pat<on* of the vahon* other ChriMian denon inaticn*, a* w < ll an j hilo'Opher*, are lining their Knirf, nt I getting crazy, and violating every ?*j m' rl" | t< j ri' iy. it i- iri'i-ri 'in to are the "wil I 4riwrKclr"of Tan many Hall aet'ling (h?*ir family fjttnrrrlf, Mtidying the *rrl|tnrra, an I mending lltt ir breachea n hi after ni :lit. W'c begia to h.i\r hf|*t of thr tl< ninrrnry afler thia. riMi.o*or?iT AM> Lvimj.?-The boots an 1 great : rot.t of I htioao ?ier(. <elry are generally thought to I r ilirty enough, hut we hcli< ve Ma month nn 1 i pen heat ihrm IjoUi in fi!th. It ia amuaing to h'-ar ittch a cfcap tflk disparagingly of the credibility of onr M?!< tin nt*. We never jet * iol?tnl the principlr* of truth, in our w hob-career, a* he ha* do.ic in the *ingle instance of the grna* fabrication of the MieTrriiirsmon victory in In land, aa well a* the in | niknt fal*eh< od of the nu'ger meeting in \ North ( nrvltna. Madame Rwinhrlm, hi* filthy , V i hiiigtnn correspondent, Iih* not yet cleared hi* thirta?nor c?n it te dene. Arv v?i. or t i rti IsvAni! .-The eteantehip \\ (otifliemer, C?yi. lkrrf, which auived ye*tenlay a nn- fn in it, -ti n, bronchi a number of ' those cng*gt ,i in the recent eij*Jrti??B aguu*t Ca- ; b. | J Another Invading Rx|*r<tltloi??leisure of one of the Vt??U. We lenrn that a brig, sU|>|>o#?d to be attached to an exj>edition fitting out in this port for the invasion of St. Domingo or Hayti, was Reused yesterday morning by the govemmant officers. This vessel, the Kate Hoyd, has been advertised hk h ading for Port an Prince. Suspicions having been aroused in regard to her cargo and the inttn- | lions of those going out in her, she was watched, ! end, after the receipt of some powder nnd other ! munitions r?f war, wua siezed. Ik'fore, however, 1 this step was taken, information of the suspicion entertained was telegraphed to Washington, wheu onlers were received to detvin her. li it- said that the authorities have their eye uj>oa another vessel. Thus Iluyti, and every other place anticipating an invasion, may be perfectly h.i eas;e. The whole I business has ended, as we Kupponed ii would, and j maintained it would: aiul it is a hnppy thing for ' this country that if has ro terminated. A hucc^ps- ! ful expedition against Cuba would have plunged us ; into inextricable difficulties. The smoke has n|>- | peared, and, luckily, is now completely dispersed, so that people may et c with their own eyes. The farce is ended, and the originators and abettors of i' are covered with confubion and mortification. We can now turn to California and Congress our whole attention, besides Bering how the cabinet ' an to get out of the Cubancontingencic*?of which wc may expect not a few. Thf. Examination of Onu Eyeu Thompson, on the Toktkdo Ciiakok.?The xeport of the second day's examination in this curious case, Iwfore Jus- j tice Osborne, will be found at length elsewhere. | The evidence seems to be ubundmt anJ strong in favor of sending the whole affair the Grand Jury. Much stronger testimony, however, can be , brought out from Young Drury, if the public pro- j secutcr chooses to do his duty like a man. There | seems to be languor and relaxation in the course of Assistant Attorney Phillips. He does not show so > much life in receiving and discovering evidence in this case, as he can do in receiving a gold watch or in discovering the exact time of day. Why ^o< s not the District Attorney himself, or at least his upper assistant, Mr. Graham, take a hand in the business! Was not Mr. Graham especially appointed, and will he not be paid for hi* assistance in this torpedo business 1 I'.ill up Young Drury? J and let there be full light on the matter. The Benefit of Mk. 1>as*.?There ought to be t.n outpouring of nil the t.^te in the upper part of the city, to-night, in honor to Mr. L'ass, of the Astor Place Thei.tre. Mr. Bass has made two of the beet literary speeches, *t two public dinners; has performed udmirably throughout the whole season; has mnnfully braved misfortune after being wrecked at the South, losing everything; has lost a great ! deal of money, in endeavoring to establish a disposition for the higher style of the drama*; and all | this, within a few months These are trivial con- j siderations compared w ith his meiits, which alone ; should fill the house in every part. Send up your ! HaIIbn Anrl *tln? li**nrt of n veteran I us all go. Gkkkliy ok Phy*iol<!G v.?Greeley aajra lie helicvea that "the negroeenre descended from Adam and Eve." It ia j'.ist ae likely that th?* ox is d<'- ! peendad from tbe asa, and the dog from the fattud calf. The Ocean Steamera. Tiir Piiorte*t FatiARf.? Th? foll>wiug U tJie exact . tint iu which the Atlantic and Aai"rira made the ! punraf* to Liverpool?the Atlantic Jrom Now Vork. and the America ft"? Bo?tou:? I*fl Ik* JlrrirtJ mf Total Tim. ?>liauir. l.'nittd 8M$*. I.ietrpool. l>ay Jlourt i AtluritU-. .April 'J7. 11 M. May 1??. 8 I* M 13 8! America.. 1U.t1.12SI. May 13. & AM. 11 17 1 America ahead of the Atlantic 1 13 Tti? l? the actual time made by earh uteamer. from wharf to wharf. IVe havo mi !? ni allowance for the accident to the Atlantic, wbieh detelaed hot | twunty-tbree hour*, nee in tbu iLlIrrenc" in distance between 13 on tun ami Liverpool and NewTork ami Liverpool. Our reader* ean make the necrf?ary reduction*. il they chooee to do eo. The boet authority mi;kae tiie (ailing or (teanitug diitance twenty hmr* hotter between Boeton and Liverpool thin between | New Ytrk and Liverpool. The America is a ew.ft i? iQir , la 1843, ?ho made tLe | amagt to Boeten ? ten lia^i a\J tie h?u, t The reeent pa?<-;tge of thr A?in Is a rem*rk!?bly fhort ft.*, but h li.i* be. n equalled, If n<>t Mirpa.??ed. by tbe Kurrpa The aiitejcd note jrive* the tliae Haw Yon*. May CO. 1800. TK* Jliim't Trut Vim. M ill you permit me. by the epency of your valuable l Journal to attempt the e >rre?t(oa ?<f sii error that ha* be< n gi iiig the reunda of tii pep'r au i impri ?<lo"? ] of thr day? It 1? tbe preat error a? to tbe ' very rbort let* pa*en>-? of th? Aeia." ffi have but ju?t finished a eouver.ation aith a jvntl. uiaa-t'ol Y.. of N< w York, pa teenier in tbe Am.i ivbo Inform." ui a* J f llewn on hieewu and the authority ct other:- feil >w. , p?*?eng. r?:? Inrlead ol leaving Liverpool at 7 I'. M . of the ISth iunt . a? hue b n ft v -d, tbe A?i i p?-ed tb< Hi ck l ight, the io-n?n?i.!i r. n umlng point, nt 1 I and 'JO biiuutia 1'. M . with favoring tid ? and wind by the North Channel 1 or t*.i ,1m the wind *?> utiHy ' it. lu i f .* r then bli w nealnei )?r I r flea hi u i I (ben vet red arourd t? her favor elr:ii to C.tpe li .ee whence ?tiM had unooth eater Into porl thu# ?e ( e: r<.p t?l.ii rf the entire pa? ge lu leu tlay* an ! five ] hour*, k? nearly ae it can V? c t at In i tliin itihg . time. tllo*un<e ?lu.uid be r.i.Jw I r the <iill?rt^ice in i titue bj lougitmle. Vary truly joure. i ( %? who Hit tti i Hon i Li aa* Ti r?. i The r;u!ck pa???ge < f the Cunn ?..i mi l? Infi t >. ' l^r 1W?; and a* *be came to New Vork our eomiettl??u 1 will tw In the litD* to UftU&x: ! Uft Arri. ti Ttfl Tin*-. ! i S'r - Tf. Ai !i * I t '. II I .. fir pp. fVl. II. 'I ?I.' If O" t-i \ T h (n 1 i?i ,,. May IN, '?v?1 1" M. tUrV-l , A 8 1C% 1 K .i p.'ahead *f tte A?i* v itittlK, ; Tlit i ur pa roii,| I trd the pi??*ge to lUc wharf at hirj rt > I UititMioa Nrw\cri. i ?l Ten -lay*, two J botiia. thirty minute*; Ihc Aria, to tko wbirf of , her f>< rt t.f deft'naKon. B ton Wlh ut re^.ird t*> >! .! rrrre iii tir:*. In I'D ?!?. : ii 1 : V.rly mlnuti < ' < TI.e I in | i'i Jet r.Mon at Halifax wharf ?? *b eil thfi 1'iin. Tbe A?l?"? 4?tenlion wa* one bnur an 1 , tl.iiI* minute*. Therefore. If tb? A>!t Ii- J r?io*lo?J i lhr*? 1 lira at Halifax. and run to N? r York. tnatrad >f Ttrt' n. kit llm fonMkiTt k<ra t t'ifl* l-?? tban tbut i f the Kit. .pv Hut the Alia * time I., tur n I lial fax ai.J Bi atou. tai bveu b atrn by tb? > ki,- '.ra end Atn. rii a. lhl* \t rn extracrdlnarr rv?tiU. an.l ?how? that tba r il l i.i,.r nn< l inery of the A?ia are ni better ?p< t tl an tb??? ot thr Kui<; , l>uiUial':l7 ! iwmr i i.i i e yiar? ago. ILc k?h<>rttot i>a??aff on recrri ' W y?t fo bo ir.?Jr Tub 0?i w?t Lur.?TheDuh'.ln. 01a*^ ?r aud (\.rk ftrim Ii'-K-'t Company. to abirb lb* Tlrirny. t r -ika tb? expt riaieiital trip fr :n ilal y t.> < m?>r a. I?I< ?-, have nna< iinred Ibei Ii?r.; n . i ? 1 a T%L P'l nn iitLly. In the line frvui lialway to Iluli'** and ' Ni * ^ i'rk Tin-> Icrroy will !< *?? i..l* ,y t>>u jr w_ r n b*r fir?t trip. i Iptiiii. pit rain Mirti.-Th? nh">.'n?r J, C. t.'apt I'piltb. arr'Ted y?*ter4ay from (J 'nalv, ?l<|i"il.e itilril rn tbr Mh in-t The 1 il ( .v.-ier \lxmwr.a rxjrrted at ttat p >rt in ah .it t?nl,; I i I' M he purport i f h.datlBg tlie Amrri.'ati flag. and ilul r-g It. Ibr lUyliea go??-ruitmt barin contlud 1. iiUlt.rt trjiirtri in iki JfrnW.ta ru g ?tlu cu.n- i bxrrial */*nt? of the Called InM. Vmt liii mm Hi Ai*???0 .r *dtl-e? Iron f:lienor Ay rt* ara r f the 13th ult. i b? French admiral. ( I.e Tr?d. i *. nrritid at thnt pi" a on tho llth. nn I ?I*itt4 the Got?rno* on the aama rn nlrg. ftneMiir C?????r Cir?.?Tbi* fine itram-r i* ll , lra?a tl.? port at 9 o'rlork to -row aTrrooon. f^r , i bagTi ?, willi pa?f? ngria for f'alifvrn'a. i S|??'tlnK Ii?trlU>{? nrr. r?i?* Crt *?*. I. I ? Taot ril?? P?. lie.. ?A r I- j I' it ?ill rt rar < IT tlila nftrrno' *i at t ho L'ulr n ('ours . twlrrrii I.ady fuff Ik (ond?r tlir ?nd Pan M ilt r (la l *rn??f). Ti Ih tba ntr rrp-. ? ,it? t *. hr in In prlmr rendition; and If ni their >? ll-i -tabl:?'ir.l ri p til at "ii. ! lie patrnn* <>i 11 lu, f ? . fi > . :i? .1 1 In anticipating nehiprrt. Tbe r*. It i r a pur.?- vt ] ya< n.tie h?*u, ? *?t " In &. Aaaital rr Til* Pr i ?wra Hitrt* At VI'Ht? e The , l.'.jal >1 e|| lea mi f frtim ("apt. t . :ei t e-r r< ,:t llv I'i int j 'ter.'ay iriernlnc ir * r> ' * half ; >? In m Vefw t'rwi ntii Tanipleo, with ^'ten'e n p.\? ? npi r? ft>r MdWIe and New Oile.?rt. and nine lot K ngUnd J'lie ^^?frn ? d.tainfd th'ee il?JI in qttaran'i. . , ' inaCri:' Pb* iring? l'3 ' 'to ' ?Vi 7JA ::<i I ? hieh i> cn aerownt of t lm V I ..l<. a, j _*( core-, l *ochi?st*l.?M?' < ' ti ?i. j The Late Hon. Franklin II. Blauir*) of South Carolina. Tfcr lion. Frauklin II. Klinore. inceesgor of the late lion C. Calboan, In tk? United Plates Senate, frt m Sixth Carolina, died in Washington, on Wednesday ?*?:iing la.-t Mr K. wa< u native of South Carolina. and for a nunUr of yearr past ha- U?n one of lur inot.t prominent politician*?a iiwi of gigantic intellect. he possessed all the element* necessary to a gri-iit htul? -man lit1 was I* ice elected to Congress trout the Ckarlrtton district of hi* nature State; hut lu 1H4J retired wi'li n d< termination to cuter n> mots Into public life, llv v it I soon however . ailed t? the pr-j'ldtucy of tli* Hank of South Carolina, to the inter of nhichbeha* iintj l.'vu iuo?t derouid. Upon the flection of Mr. Van Bureu to the I'r-.-:'leney. he was tendered the appointment of Minister lo Kagland. but declint d. pn Jrrru.g* more nrirute life. Tim 'ami? J-".it wa* (iri di-r-U him by Mr. Tolk; but bo again refused to accent. Mr. i: wm a man of (Treat p r .:.! popularity. and tlie Legislature of his St?t , In 1318. elected hlui to the Senate of IheVnittJ States. the news of mLich election lie received about a week aftrr it was mnOe. lie imuii <iiut>-ly repr.lred to Columbia. where the Legislature was iu sebflon and tendered his decli- ! nation nniitlvi.1% ..milr,. ??b , I, I , t ? ?.. H.... h._ I the duliei of prenUlent of thebauk. He entered into I a cpctulatlcu a few year* c.ucv. In the purchase of a ! laige iron furnace. in the .-lar.auburg distrim. which proved ansncresfful. end bronchi his pi euaiary means very low?so much co. indeed. m to render hiai a poor mau. His health beci miun precarious, from a bron ehial affection he purchased a farm near the Limestone Springs, and then! spent tgigoTi. with a view to tho restoration of lii* health; but still attended ' to thi! duties imposed upon him liy his connection with tho Lank. After the death of Mr. Calhoun. he was called upon by the Governor of Scut h Carolina to supply the vacancy In the United States Senate, which ho accented. upon the condition that he would not bo ! expicted to ii?erpt and serve another term. In the i domestic relatlorii of life. Uf. Slniore was a kind hts- j band, mi affectionate father. and ttim friend. He van 1 the intimate friend and enjoy* d the full eoatldeacn of Ml predecessor in the Seunte. II* married, in early life, a lister of the late lion Dixon II. Lewi*, of Alabama. who furvivts him, with eleven children. Ilia age was about sixty yean. City Intelligence. Akiitu or Kuh.iuiti.-Tin t'llowiug are the arrivals of aliens since Wednesday Nancy. C ilwav VI Uarlard. Cork 158 William. Cork 'J>'J ? I'riirconia. lliaspow . . .383 Tital .809 Hermann, . . ,l*d Anu iin ik mis Citv.?The tide of travel to this eity during the present titMiu is unprecedented, and we give below the number for two week* past at the principal lie tel.- frnly; ? May 1# ?71 May 23 61S 17 V.3 2t 0>? " 18 829 " 25 6d'.? " 18 *49 " 2<1 681 " 20 1(79 " 27 CM " 21 1.137 " 28 707 u 13L ?39 " !W 813 Total 10 007 These arrivals wore at the principal hotel* only, and .? ire not probably mor* than one-tenth part of tho whole number wh'i have arrived within thnt peri?d of time. There are nt lea t one thou'and public liousos in tlio cilj. at which persons are arriving every day, wLich can.lot bi-clawed among the Ilr.t class hotel*, and allowing them an average of ten arrivals per day. would make nn ajrirri^ate of ten thou?and every day. independently oi the Jarje hotels With this e^tlm ?te. which i* below rather than above the mark, the whole number of arrival* within the la*t fourteen d^ys is i?fie lioiidri d i- i.d Cft v-one thousand, or etiual t.o one third if tin- aW.le population of the ?ity Kun iiakta ik tii?. Tai;*.?The l'ark if dtilj filled

with hMf bodied emigrant* of both sexes. They crowd around tli* offlce of th? ComtnluloncrH of Emigration. Can no work be got for them ? I* ttioix nothing to bo done in the coun try in the way of farming nothing on rntway* J \\ hv rta-id th< y there ail the day idle, * Lite the iurxti iu?tible rt rocrcviof the country are tindere loped. and while the boundlca* Wwt iuvite* their labor. But they have uo money to pay their parrnge to rr.ilway* or the agricultural district*. Here, ;h?n. the utility of the CotomiMrioner* of Immigration come in. il tbtv nrc good for anything It is their buninerh to And ut * hi re there in work, or at leant it i* the bu*lne*? of the ottleer* in their employment, and to pay the t?ii >*age money of emigrant* who hire no r*?ot!Tct k or their own. lietter far to da this thin to hare to pay an uurh for their lodging from time to time, or for thrirn;edi ul treatment, when they beeome ick thtrugh war.t of food, or from exposure to the Tirl'fltuder of heat hnd cold, without proper clothing or iheher liiu true economy it to aet them to work at any coot. Finn ?About 3 n'cleek. P M . on Wednesday, a Are w?? dUeoTered in a ?tKbl? In Twelfth *treet. betwe-n I aTrnuu It and C. which *ai e*ilri^nUiit-.i with trlflluR i d?mnge. At t?o o'clock. A M . another fire broke out in a entail *taHu in Twentieth *trce?. near Third arenuc. By the prompt arriral of the firemen. the ttamei vire ?j tcdily rxHugniahcd A* the firemen were retornlng from thin ftre. at half pa?t 2 o'clock. (tniM were wen to i*?ue tram the xlable and feed flora of K?,,y Utekx. corner of Twenty-??*?ath street and Third areeue 1 be firemen, with their apparatu*. wira (juirkly on tl-.e ground, and were ?ace?xtul In iuMnii.g ll.e flume- '1 he |o?* in about fftOO. There tu no inoiirance Tue Cbiif of Police. .rlr )lat*ell, nnd''ap- I tr it Whig bam and A**i?tant Captain Klandrum of the Kighlitulh ward, w?re in attn.dauce. A<cit i?t ?Cit no* to Cmii.i *?* ?A child about *eT?n jear? of ?g?. named Karrell while playing in a new lullditg comer of Twenty.eighth street artdr'iflh aeeMie. fell through the beam* nnd broke hi* arm lie in la!.?u to hi* home by officer Watson, when Surgeon r.uHecd was m nt for and set the arm. l!o?iiiirr* K?w urc'.- The spiritual knocker*"' hare airired at Baruiim'* Hotel. They do not yet < tuiow whither ibe spirit ha* followed them or not ; j A Li satk ?On Wednceday, I'eter Daly, mtnu. a 1 nalire of Ireland. who paid be cam* from New Bedford, I ?p* takm char,<j of by officer K*ad. of the Twelfth raid, ao a luaalio. He bad |V0 '0 iu hi* po**c*.iiun 1 iai?i ?r a Fau. T'o> coroner re*terday held An j Ir.jr. tut the Non'.ty Work*, on the li ly of lit-nry ' l>? ntiii til urgli. aged sen-aty.Tour y*kt*. horn In Haiti- i M< re 'ihedece i ed cim# to hi* death bv injuria* in- j lernnily. caustd by a fall >crdict accordingly. Ii.kirwi Ma* l?n .w * i i> - The cor ner likewise held I tu lt (iH'?t on the body of nn unknown mm. found ' ft? :..:*it.- in 'he wati r opj eit the Noielty Workj. f >>t ' I To ih ?tr<-et The deceit* d appear-d tobeaS.ut ! thirty Err year# of ?ge, fire feet r??en inch?^ high. ! SiiTk hair, ratber bcld. wore a rott' n o?.-r and un ;er hirt. f'riped ci*'Im-re pant*, fcxrd boot*, and c'.?th ' ?e*t with tn. tal buttor *: teemed to tia*? lieeu in tht ' ItatiriVoaillswrtkl. Ver lltt, dealh by dnwolog. t'-i> ? ?>? W?* Hi-umi u?On ffidm ?duy. the O^roa r ae*rbllid tc hi'.Jan ln??ire?t on th> i?o.|y of ?n un- I htiovn Ban. Jonud lioatli g in the Morih ilitef. off the 1 the Cattery. TU? t ju> wu? Irvught oa %c r? f*r ideuidii.tion. l?nrln? AITtlr*. T'i? ,' -m?hip i.eiieral /. ,rh*ry Taylor, for l1** Fnitfi- pa?*ed faioly l!> . k at h >lf.p i-t one o'cl ek. I'. V . >t at tb< rati of over uln?i ktiat* per hour, igidbft > hi ad wind nnd a tit y be ?d *ia , FH,e T*at>?M?aa* Bt aruli Mna?a*. -Theafclp ?*ar.| ' rf tbi* company, at Brooklyn b?* at lh? preteut time I ut on? or two ri ?*I* on tb ftoek? ii^d th'.?eare mdy i n ftr repair*. The *teM?er ti. Mk-I i* b. ^ng i.ew hot* mid and the frb"' n>r ilenr'*:!a i.? i.l?o nnJergi-irg rep?l-? TI < i .|-nrl ?i t?. ? ill b. ?een. il'Xr a lii'K* ktv tint ?t Woi k ?? < It roiumnir'- ' t> mc ;tn?rk M V h lr? Al'cf I: ;i'f Wllltvnk. 1 <rry. I'iH"! r "n Kti'pp. Aii"i ?. Oiwrgu, i'- i?. i inl Arilv< * . :?*;v to i'* n plying about lf#ra??r? in tki*'y. a ! t>u It by tin* Crm; : 1 <> tl?? ?l?|;nrt ft rryb->*t Maihttttan fr"th? I niton I Ty mid tk* IlkdMiit. f r ihf J?r?w y ( iiy Firry n>mIW) nam ta*r<h*r > r tftrgr* ft>r canal* rail r:>a t?. It t? I'tt'tl ky lb# rOfpk'y tUt thr pr< } *\ >1 opi-utrtg rl .Ichn rtrrti w<ll tut> r>" rr mUIjt with thrir bu*in"??. Mill pel !.?p? r mv?l lvrm to ?lT? tt i<Ii ly UI>. lui ismt rtm? illnitlj ikr?v?ti the uuJ.lW of the jarj. OtR M,\U KT.ANH ro*R?*r<nr?KXC K. ' Tom Jiirui i, L??ii I?i ?*o, May W, IR.'t# RMp V lining at I'* 11 r.-r. "? vj M# S* . f I ? >/ JinwfcAarHI. *> n11< n<'. <1 lb. lawn'h of thl? " >i*Iful ?iwr!t?rn nf Mtalinhlittuii' ?. firrd*?. and wer* ttrfir ly I'lrprnnU to I ?rn tl r>t at thl> HUkMII ?i ui?.l n tli r.rrOi> tr ?hr.rr i r 1 n* I Inr I nbopt fiitfr niilrk fptm Ni? York. Minn v?--rl#ft i>n ?n ?* <?*?. kt< I Li.I kti.l flttvJ ? ut na'y i r ??.' An) wtiktll t.< ? n.?t it!-lilt # ?t VI to lit lkkti ?l(4 la tb? lawn rrc*- ? t c?r cout 'ty, U th?- firt, that et-r "i bunrtttdntiJ Isftj fall. (?rt)lif IRttu lkouMa4 ton*, to* ni|Tjri I In thr rovtiii-: traJ*. and pi) lug ! i ,?on Nik T'tkkcdlh* Mmt In<iia llltnili. Mrtint. tul ^ouib Atin nek. l?loDf to thm p wt. ?uj ar? prlnI'jtllf iivntdiiy tlir frtrnu r? of Ut ? ,lu?i n r.mC. I. I: j Irk I* k iVlnilid truxl. loarklikt K.iltlni>n In 11 r bu*ld. raiiiif atoot one ktinilrrd nrd i*tjr ton#, l t d i> to I until t t> i harii<- of Capt M. To *t n p*rt i atitr on r<M ?klt ntid n p> rfi-ct ni-iiU'-m-i a Hu- will , I r Id > crk kt u: ilo- S.Mh Ir t . rr?')jr for t rti | lhr t'l.ilJirk. Mtntk M ltd O. I< -i ' i lor tl rlr leftBUlty kDd ?vrrr ?1 l^w.lghl*, ll i lcr- ' tti t ("?>p ? *i ty him h rf t hr r Vn'ltn"-' ?i"l j??rfi?rm? ( n d thitf rttgkpi Mrnt* With a (ikll'J thlt r MHi:ia !? i II. n ii',1. tin-of Ih" | ul lir. Tl1* <' L. lU>l"<w.i? I ulit for I'nnklln ?nd J< lin ' kri? nf Mill?-r'? ; Hlkfc mil olhit wiilinii Ik tbt trl^hV ?bo?il. i Xh? V. -Mk Itriti' hit* an lnt?-r< ?t J quii?-a numbi r | i?t ?t?-elk now fUo?t. ?n J UifT kk^aft d in a ijir?n 1 ir.i or Hi or# nail to tbi' n-t t! tilia ?kn ti whit- u* our roi-t ?n ry yur. Tiny k?v? both l ?? n ih\ irr? of j ? i >.,it f r tj er.y jrviil harr inl'hat I .t!i? - I khll thilri .l lor# f. r ^alt wat-r. killing rrkft. and 11.< ji 'lUrflh' a-i) ln? tr%d?, b.iTk 1 1 tbi'iu to H. ??kt l.irgilj In ?hip building. MnTinu i ti ?.f Imll ? I'litn'a. ITm Jrlm *. I! < *i|l. C<:in . lion WlHlm ' fovfblin Vt : lion l.??l WHodhury, M ll ; lion "r .ktixanlrr. lion Mr. lUya.-IJa, Uon. Mr ll<krhftS. N.York; t apt. iladkltik. ?lMm*klp Akls; j l>r T, I' I kHH*otlby, ^ I'oitrr. I' f . A . and on* kl'ftdtrd knd tk rty-ilrr f thrt > krri?ril n thikcity y?>k? :? rday. knd to1 " to< tr? at th? lr?ir\R tlo?i<?. Hint K JndK 'i^. I'.f N . ai.d one hnnilr#! and [l? T? B r tl,< i *. irtifN) tklt rdaj. and t?r.\ ro(.m? kt the | |loli>.p ll.ftna* l.#r. I' ' N . and f rty-four oth r?. arrirkd j f??t?i>!?y and tfx rromkat ihi? Antarlran llot?*l. i Tie if(p?gait arrivalk M tb? rrl"*ip?l kotrh ol lh? ( ,lty.yr?i?rdky tm tlftkn kuudrkd and ainetykt*p. j Police Utclllgtnec. THE ISVE^TtOATION OF THE " TORr*HO BOX*'? C1IAHGK HADE AGAINST OKE-E* ED THOMPSON Before Judge Ooboru. ?conu HAT. At 10 oVloek, ye?terday morning, the proceeding* relative to the ioTentigution now pending agalnet Win. II. Tbowpron known as One.Eyed Thompson, on the charge of maiiufurlariog and sending a "torpedo box'' to the residence of Mr. Warner. wa? continue*. The court roi ui wan attcuJ-d ly a number of por?on? rnxiout to cateh a gHmpt* of that universal g?-uim. callvd One 1'yed Thonjpnon. The prisoner, a.* usual, vu very cool and collected, takin.r his seat by tho tide of couurtl. as on the former d*y. i he tollowiaj Id the eridrnre laken up to the time of adjournment:? Jei^e Patterson being sworn. nays?I am ouo of the policuncn attached to the bin's office; I recollect : the ciri umst&ncr of a 'torpedo b .x'4 exploding at Mr. ! Warner'* bouse; I have heard Mr. Thompson sp ;ik of the construction of the box, and other clrcuwitances; it after the arrest of Mr. l>rury; I ca'iuot recollect the exact date: the convt r.-atloii took place in front of French's Hotel; X was haying to Mr. Thompson?I pi aking to hi ill about the e< instruction of the box- In my remarks to him. I suid there waa one pound ot powder in tb.- box. and that was iu the cani?ier; he (Tin nif-on) told me 1 knew nothing about it, he said there *as a pound canifcter and three pounds of loose , powd'r, aud al?o cotton and gun cotton, ami matches also; that wan all that passed at that Iiibh that X reool- j lect, respecting the "torpedo box;" 1 had a conversa- ! taion privion* to this at the Chief* offliv, on the Driiry case; he did net Kay that the box was made by BLy oth' r person; I recollect ssying that Mr. Drurr could not bare made the bot. and he replied, no; I don t think Thompson d' scribed the box to me; I had seen the tragmeutd ol the -torpedo box;" the only thing we differ* d iu wad about the amount of powder in the box Cross-examination.?A r-'card was off re J 1 ir the deti cticn of the maker of this box; Mr Warner od*red f&WU. The Mayor had offered the Ilk* sum Mr. Warner offered hi* reward on the d ly ol the explosion The reward w*? offend several weeks b. f.ire I had the conversation with Thompson 1 cannot give the exact I words u?ed in the conversation; Thompson d.d not eay th'it he hi.d examined the box; Thompson ex) pressed himself that I w ks * fool to nay one pound o; powder. becaase he knew it contained three pound* o? loose powder, besides the canister, as well a? gun rotten The box. I ihould say. was 11 inches by 6 iuehes. 1 and 4.1-, high I colb-ct-d i g" -d d> ..1 ot burned Cotton about the room The canister of powder was abont 5 inches high; it must hue beer laid flat in the b?x; the box 1 should day would contain four pounds of powder: that if, the three pound* placed in the box loose. This conversation with Thompson, and his knowledge ! of the contents of the box, struck raB ad very singular. The conversation after thU was o! a Light character; 1 thought the statements of Thompson were singular, and bis knowledge on that point, respecting th? eontents of the box. because 1 had collected the fragments of the e*[ I'deil V-x. and saw the canister, or its renalns; at thin time I did not think Thompson bad seen the >>"x This conversation took place after the arrest i f Drnry. There vere as many as four bunches of matched; I think I picked up two bunches tied togetbtr. dipped in black sealing wax; 1 remarked that l)rury could not have made the box. because he had but one arm. T did not. at the time, make kaowu these furta to the public authorities: from the appearance of the box. 1 should not think that it would contain four pounds of powder; I t in not able to say what quantity of loose powder the box would contain. Cbarles llird being sworn, says?1 know the prisoner; I beard of a torpedo bex having exploded at Mr. Warner's house; the convjrsation 1 had with Thompson j /K?a in front of the Tcmb*: the conversation was held I between Thompson and officer Joseph; Thompson said | he hbd been out of tbe city on burfinoM for X)r. Moffatt; ' Thompson stated that he had been arrested on the j charge of makiug the box and was disoliafR'-d; he fur- 1 tber stat<d that he did make the ' torpedo box." and carried it to Mr Waru'r's house; ho also stated that he had made a similar box. sud put it into a vsllsr whieh he carried with him for the purpose rf blowing up the policemen who should airest him; ' Well, but," said J,''you might be Mown up yourself at the station horse nhen it exploded." ' Uh ! no." raid Thompson, ' it would only knock down two or three men, aud I would get out of the way." I remarked. ' X always thought you was a pretty smart kind of tellow. but now 1 tliiak you are ad d fool to say so, even If you did or did not make the box in qurstion:" he then went om to state that he was the i<i*?nter of this kind of box Cross-examination ? I was not a police officer at that time; I was formerly; I did not hear hi'n say he could ! make < ne to blow up tbe City IIall nor did he make one to blow up eight men; be stated that be had m? le a torpedo and carrying arounl in a valise. in tbo Fifth and Fifteenth wardi. forth* purpose of Ising arrested, to blow thim up; 1 told hiin if he came across ni" he would not escape. We hada littlecout' Utl >n tog"th> r about tbe bloaing tip of officers; I t'M him It was ac- ' cording to what men he got hold of. Thompson's manner was in a bragadocla way; previous to iny speakiog to him he was more serious than he wa* afterwards; Thompson nftrrwntds tried to eva-le th<- acknowledgments made, as I went on to say. that he could be resmeUd on the charge: he evaded the ijuesti u I put to hiiu about carrying tbe box. the uueetion I put wax. i.v.... ... thi. i?,?. th.e. . ..a * vw . w... ? " ? ? Ml'- ' a i knowled^ment.'' Thomson r?-|tli?<l that ho know i ware than any olher wmabui that box. hut they j foul J not pet Huy evidence againrt Mrx to convict him; ether t'- k place and if I had thought | I would have been celled a* a wit u???. 1 rh iuld have i tikn It d>iwn O.? l)id^?u at ate on the trial nf Drury that yon did not believe Thompson tuade th.' box. or that be carrlcd it * A .?I Mated to hiui that I did not believe him : I did not. at that time. enter any eimplaint to the public authorities against Thompson; I HN been ciipagtd f..r ? me time past as aa iulependent p< life; 1 understood a r*warl of f ,'<00 was offered for the detertion of the maker of the torpedo b >x, I weuld no! go acroe* the atreel to get the reward. Thompson hi re ro?e up. eed with a unite on hi* countenance laid to Kird. "Ilow many iuch nun a* you c*n be bought for $10 each ?" Mr l!ird replied in a very poaitire mnnrmr. uYoa. for any other man. ran buy me?no thief ran buy me; 1 haTe heaid of your threat* made <.u tint other side ot the rlrrr." (Excite-mtut in court) Tha riiagletraiit here Interposed. uud (topped any further remark* being made William U barber, being rworn. ?ays -1 know lh? priaoner W fl Thompson; I wn* present in front of uiy (Bee. In Centre atreet. c>me time la-l fumnicr. and I.< ui,| ? u>< ti ill' ul' 'Ut 'i t'irpedo l?'X expr.--e I by rhimpnon who atxted that he wa- the inventor of that kind of box or >o?ething cf that kind there wort five er fix pei -on? fit ting by the d" >r; I to k but very little |?rt in the convert*'! n : I tjok it to bo idle Ulk. nil pai^ but little attention toil. Mr Humetead. another witness was called but did m t appiur Peroral other wit:!<>?*es were thenr Cled, l ot not appearing the magistrate tat. d thai he should krijouru tie further rxamiuati a until 10 o'clock thin t'y Mr Pmitli for the d? rose ?T(d Mated that it easa|r.irat hurdtl.lp to keep Mr. Thompson confined u prison during th - prolonged examination, whan the |,r.eecutlo?. up to tht? time Lud not >h ? n any testlmony by wh!< b hla client could j.osdbly b? held. and. i ihirefore. niofrd that he le disbarjfJ. Ic w?s now near two weeks Mr Thinf n had been dotal aid. and aiihout evidence 1- pally. to bold hint Mr I'lililps lb* Amunt l/..-trict Attorney. an*wer>d Mr Fmitli In re|,|y and >*tdthat he had tli? nam,'* l! s<ver?l wi:n, rf.e? ahiih had be, n handed to the magistrate by Mr M' K?n? who had been duly aub;.(i need; ai. i further. n? to ttie ,-vld-nee to b? adduced, he fald It w:?? th* duty of tbe T'i^rlet Attorney, on a charge ot an offence like tha one now under Itrantlgt: ti. to >ub|Hena and exaoitTie any person who coald live teat i. *liy. an 1 thereby exhibit lo the provocation I!*y f.*cl that would effeet the guilt or IlinO'-'-ure of ,li> |,||?oner tiw uitdi r the el -r/ ot m inifactnring r ending Ibe torpedo box to "dr Hargtr n hodii*. 1 he magittrn'e r> ' i/l .,| :'?t tbe en" wa? on? of impottaccc. i ad f, r himneir b- knew but very little of :iie |?'ltit in tl,e ?aj?. either for oragamat the ptl<oner. tnd rbould eon*nv bim'eif rtrictl t to the ridenee of 1 t.e wi<ne??a?. a - fro!i?ht bel jrehini In the eoarse of i 1. ? Ir.n tight1 n 1:ni< tily tbM h 11 b- en Imt. I , hla know!- .14, w?\a in relation to ataluiog the wit. I e?r 1? from t'. ranc ilgua The magiifeate tberenpon ! I'ijturnrd thr lutthtr lavwtit?U u untd t?u o'clock 1 !.1? formccr. * i ia tkt jr T'"I'rr ?Offle?ra Stej.hrne and : itagneee ametrd yeeterday. a yutw woman by the ! me f| ? atharln*- KlCltnlf. on a charge of >lealing | I |,< ekelb? < H c t>t?ll.l?g t ?W'. of which W?? ill '.t> t ill*on tbi MiUdlvtown Nank l'i tin?_vle.viia and , 1I1M1 11 }! ' tiil.< on 11.- a me I U Th w ,,iet w?? -tnrtiiiti m tbe pantalo p ketrf-vMr Miller. ' 1 n nntrymen. fr< tn l'i nneylv.iHia Tb-re ei< al?o In | }i^ 1 > i L t} 1 t i.ri nil ? it 1 m!h frf ?"i i . W ildrr ?i: tuitl lliinl lli?? iJ.nrory fh< ?- ' ro en Wi<tn>>>]ay nl^ht aii?l <'atbnrl??. ?ho ulrl n?t irru?> dt>( llw ri'liWtjr, ?> ? in rl< pr'<xirn>tjr with i ? i it afirr'hi-|pft him n>i.t on fe-ln'g for ho .||.< .?? ?'f w?? HU,| , ? |,> r ib? i H ?> 1 .1 loft tho ihratro Miliar n .? !iarj.? If - ^il ?ilb *'tM>i /*bo ui i. jr. Th?..?feM ! tlM llf [III ? No 111 r>mt|g* dtrri't N.l ill mi y >ir<1 ( n t.T f - in whoa ?rro?t? tl. Jit?tlr<> LaUr f II." '<?1 - t? J -. r< I .r r-irt . or . t#rulniti .;i I . ? /</?/ i n r Lmli f f vh Mr?t war,! ''" ui ?i ut >.? n'rii ok y.-rdajr m rnln*. a mm y?tr i.'U' I Hutu ford *lrun the oWlcar tounii in ' trin? r>. tu t. m * dimiif j rt*:? <| urnj TU'? ! tRnr(r<kl. r to Hm-ntvio i h ti- und on li!? p r*o? > i? f'ur ii *' , in nij Kurd i?t- -t that b? w*? in i i ill ilo!; li s ?mi tint k m>' \>' i >n* w?ro pur'tiiii# . oi to tako I..- 1 U Wb>n iho ttl?* r ?aw Ford (a > t nali Ii ??r>f I l.r prppod ?ud.t n'j tirhl?4 * Ir1". lJ ? ? th* ?i prim-h of thi ( bo ran off wi*b hU I n irai, Tim pnr'noj Imn. inl iul -t I'lfcbnn tillio Pol! oflloi*. hffoll 11 i r Loibn p. who i uiBiuieti lii 111 lor a fartb*r ?* mIMUM it a' on Sinf i 'i? A man oMlod T** *<! Ilolma r?? arivtlrd Tf?lrr?t"ijf. on nitpplil i o! foiillnt f4J m J id lioa^- n ? '?iii jin ?o rI iu < !u?tbaw ittiil a iiunty. Jn i? York ; both partio? It ?ooni? to In an ? yito* b?um kr(t bf Mr, i*nrl<>rk. ( tb? 'lib ?aul an J olF" r <??t? no to>* lltlm* Intf iily in K>|ilr>u ot th rhf m?Jo t>jr li>a?. t.o in?/i lrat rit ImIii> d liiw Tor a (urtli?r h' iri:>< Hint'"* -Tb? mchanfo "ISfi' ocrnpiod by Mr Nhntiink ?ltnnti<l at N" '?? Wo.t Itn.aIwajr, wai r< rd ? l-n 1>? liurflao on Wo(lno*d?y Bi*M. ami a ;nWatJ, valm4*l?lt tor tb.r with fM iu nni ?. to'on thon from. No ?n??t ....... . . ,','tml*/ Zi'i.rr'xi - T ? nun. *%'!< J JirnwIO XM m>l floroo Will.ani' wrro arro-r. I r.-?i r I ?_r. <>n a liMtr of l uri;l irlo.i-ly ontrrlnjr th > l??!Hnr h iuie <o. I# MoI??n*al ?<ou|il?iI by Sir. Iltrud ?'rioltacnn on sin-aMh n?lact. ii I ?t'?l :n tinrcfroin :? o* rf ran'!!o? f'nttirn ullti-r lia ?|<n i? ,,n?l a n. w r.,|.lU"l Tho ro*?i n woro (nnir;itli?fiinJMI?? Mrttiath who rt oiimtloil ?l.i iu ? fi inon f-?r a lurtli -r 'lowinai H*. ' .i (/mii IT, 'i Ti' t/i i ? T?.r.?A iiatont loror rrl|f?ti himilfhi!n wi r? t?K>ti from tb<'pi>i?of?|oii ' a ?ipoll n.ulatio wan. on t atnrdiy 1 i?t. nnppo?oil to . t?? *o |**n Moll* fri ro ?.'ino fulirn ! unl> .it l'akrr> inm?\ Th<-.? Rlanili-ll, I.tT#rpi>ol. Jtn iiiei. 13 bilo? j< ?? lli'<t An o?m r U vanti I. Apply to tb* Cktk vf leiict, Jffftrioa K arbtt eiitb ?Ttnut. | f PROSPECTUS "TH?. SOUTHKKm PRESS." An aaaOaiatioa of aiitjr-three McaiKurx of CoafreM, Se*atorn aud Ki'pre??iif?>i???. havi conatitute 1 the andrr?iKn*4 % Committee to auperiatend llm en aMi.hinaut ?f a Southern PlOft at Washington city, to ilevoto 1 to the cxpoaitto* and defease of Southern llmhw and inatitutioao?*h? di?-<?iuatii of correct inforiuatioa ui to Northern Pali*'*, and tua courr* ?f Political Affair* generally, without rateranee to the old party liner of H'lilf nud Democrat. ArruaK?aieata are new in pn *rear, promptly to eaiure the iaaue of lucli a paper uudtT the title of TilK SOUTHERN PRE3S," | for tlx conduct of which. suitable E liton have been engaged, I wli* t ill ilu rirtivi tht aid ot a of eminent and I able contributors. There will l>e both a rm-wcrBir anJ a wrrm.T issue?the " latter to contain substantially tlie turn* matter as the former, and inwr.ded to reach these points of tho eonutry whose wail facilities are limited. A Dili v iaaue will be added hereafter, should it l>e deemed adtirabl* or accessary by the prist and people of tliu Southern State*. The paper will n'tl he exr/u?t?riy political?bat will embrace on it* broad sheet tlio general news of tho day, domostio und foreign. > v mail and telegraph ; commercial and a&;ricultural intelligence, literaiy criticisms, original essays, literal v and miscellaneous; and, in i>hort, all th iVeins ot i general iittmt, the ei Jlected a.;ref.ato of whieh c ouStitutee li e interesting i nd valuaMe newspaper. Great care will he | taken to give full ind oorrect rej.ortsof theproceedings a-ad ' delate* in 1Mb Houses of ?' .iigruss. as well an the action ot I the local Legislatures on the Southern question. 1 A limited number of advertisements will be rvceivsd?the main chject being to furu;rh a largo aruouut of reading matter The farer ? .'! I e printe I on a sheet equal in hIm to the** I of tlie other V a..liin;-'toii papers, uud tho material will bo proi cored especially for the purpose. ... , _ It i s eoniidi 'itly I, oped thai every true frioad to the S^ith will aid in prueuring sut scriter.', and forwuri the names, ' with th* amount subscribed, to sotno Southern It prosentathe at Washington, forthwith. Postmasters are authorised, by law, to remit itibaotiptioas fiee of postage. Tsn?n: For Tri-weckly during the se.-sien of Cnnrr' ?, and Semi-weekly during the recess, the price ?ill bo, pjr srnnni S-" 00 Wciklv paper 2 80 The price of subscription mint he paid invariably in advance, and the cash accompany the nnnio sent. All persons proourin; ten usiu'.a ahull be entitled to rccei >' a copy gratis for one jcar. A. I* RI'TI.KU. ja( ksi'n .toarov. K. TOOMB*, J. THOMPSON. Editors. and paper* friendlv to the enterprise, will pleMO publish this prospectns, which will entitle thcia t? an exchange with tl.c netvspap r. All who comply with this request will aend a copy of thu paper containing it to the committee. Washington, May 2.1, ls"A Tli? Vnltril States I.awyer'n Oliertery anit Official Bnlletia. ti r l?.Vi?Comprising t he name and place of rtaidenee of every praotiainj! Lawyer fa the Union; the names and places of r . idenee of the Commissioners of li;eds appointed by the Governors of the varions Stains, together w ith the Muunal of the American l/egal Association?curapiled by I J'-bn Livingston. of the .New York liar. Kditwr of t^ie r. S. Monthly Law Muratine, Kc. Published by JOII V LIVINGSTON, at the Oiftce of the Law M i/nrlne No. '.I Wall atra.t. For fale by I). Applcton Co.. G. P. Putnam, STin^er K Towiiacnd, Gould R Rankn, and Rooktellers u" Genln'a I'nlon lint.? \n Gvnln nntMpatnl, the "union" of elegance and cheapne-s, wh .eh reader this llat so desirable, ia fully ap; reciate1 by the pnblle. Far kandaomer than the finest Me?eh?d Panama. e.|nally liirht, aid sold (or one fourth the price, this fairy-I ks and shapely fabric must Lco?*rarily 't'pp'ant th Smith American aol I'al an (tmws It i,: composed ef felt, o artistically m ilded as t? be almost imponderable, and is finished aud tnuiined. iii the very best stylo. (CMN, 2M Ilroad-Tay, opposite 8t. Paul's, " A Hat for T?vent)r ShlUliig?i.?KnoiV-t Prion Hat. maDiifa<'turcd expi. ssly for the su.inner months, is now ready for delivery Tho wcaro-<,f a "Union Dal" can dispense entirely with tho me of ice this summer, for in the quality of coolness it surpasres even that neocsaary of life. Hamilton House, Port Hamilton, Is. I., will open for the seaioin, on Monday, June .'id. Families* to secure rooms will addn.s the ru' .< rit"-r. at thf Franklin Huuse, N. Y. llAffl.EV i>. CLAPP. HewTork Ua^ntrreot ypei?Harrison & lidl.MKS?havo won tae credit of making as lln* P et ires a* the art his prodti'ed, and from a'l aeo-inats they intend to jres?rve ana merit the laurels ol'public opinion by |ooA works in futare.?ZMt Broadway, skv-light rooms. The Plnmbc National Dagutrrean Gallery, No Ul Broadway, so ci letraiod for its collection of distinKjiitl ed individuals, sloald be visited by all who rosy with tii* U-st pictures made. Carpeta?AVII lln in McGiorty, 13.1 William street, oilers for sale $.d,i?*i wni. of fine Ca.-puts and Oil Cloths. This stock will be sold for cash. 20 por nent belov man.facturers' prices. Those iu want of Carpets or Oil Cloths, will do well to call and examine thia larte (took ot Carpets, fee. KoWler &Wrlli, Phrrnnlo(lt(? and Poblisbers. Clinton Ilall. No. 131 Kftesea street. Kxa.aiaatinns day and e\ eninf. All works on Phrenology, Physioluay. aud the Water Care, for ?ale. Fancy Cntlery-^Kmbrarlng a large va* ricty of Spc rtsmeu's Pen and I'oeket Knive', of the mo: t rare and beautiful pal terns Also, a variety ot unique articles for toilet use, many ol" which have never been before imported. SAl'NDEKS, 147 Br.alway, Cerner of Liberty street, and :i*~ Mr adway, bctwqfii Walker and W lute slieet*. ' Oenraad'i ltatlau Meditated Soap, fov enrlnf all akin diseases, dlacol' rations aad blomishca. PouIre Hnbtile (or err (Heating tupcrf ni*n hair from aay part of the bod- I.lly White for the eoopleiioa. l.iouia fcoosi, kt.. at *7 Walker street, i?rst store fro to imt in) Broadway; T. R. Ca!l?n<t?r. HH ^c" th Thire street.. Pbiladelrois, Batus k Jerdaa, 12V Washin^lon street, Hoatoo. Dr. Wheeler, Orrullat. !iti Barclay street, derates his exclnsive attention to diseases of the Fee. He has Just imported froti Paris, ArtiAetal Eye of nn^rsnd structure, whieh h* in>erta so as to reteraMe the natural sya, and defy tha strictest scrutiny. OtlWc hoars, V A. M., to I PUnrlt'i III tt era will cure Dyiprptla, In* duration. Prlil.f, Lirar CooipUint, Narvoaanaaa, ilaadaoha; and all biliana diaordrra; t? la Nad. wlu.l.taale anil retail, a* JAMES SADI.ILK S, 2M Broadway, a?*a? Ijt tlia proprialur* Comb Knrtor), 3S7 Uraadnrajr? l.a'llea mrw Invited to aaamine Una rt.h ci.liecti.n of Dreai C itnHa, get quailed ia extant or ratiety in the city; am n/ aiufh will ).? foond ili? open ehaiu pattern, ao much admired; !h? ?a< mad* to ordar, aftar any deaiftn, uo natlei how lutrioaia. Cvoha altared aad repaired. A. a J. S \ vN u::Rs, Cotr.h Faeu.c*. S*7 Hroadway. Xl'lgu, Tonptri, nnil Hair Cuttln~?Cltlsen* anl atranaera arc reqiivated to call at tin ' .unfattory of Medlmrat b Hoard, 27 Maiden Ian*, whore ther hare baud til* larfoat and rl'iapeat a*?ur:m"nt of Onavi it'.al IIa r >n theeite. Ala?, to wimeaa tba urw anrtn* an la of ll?sr Cattia* f?t 1H6<I. Ulfl and Towj>r? a.?Another hit b<en awarded to Win. Catchelor, for the bart V? ,a> 4.10 Toapeea. TV* aablia are melt. .1 t-yi.apect hia near alyla fer ldM^ at HATIIIal.OR? celebrated W'ir Facury, 4 *'?IJ itreea. He k *ii>? th? lr.rgtJt and aearrtmeat la I'tpv ikt adareaa. Halt D/f-Dalrbrior'a Otnulrit Mnnld air Dyo, aan rnly be pr^vvrad at tba maaj factory, a Wall atrett. The publln ak-.all *uaH afaiiat t aitatinta. "tf n? aarinn* dtpl.<maa f'cn >r.a h .Ir baa a< maiabad aolor froaa tba ran of the IwltMloa d?..a, aaa ha?o 11 >irr?eiad b? ealllnr a? ?b?*o f"?rt "?a a-'Jraaa. L- 1 1 11 i.ii ... ItlONKY NARKKT. Tmvmoat. Slay 30---8 I* M Tbt itoek rnarkrt opened hoary tb1* morning, and tbe tranaartion* were limited 'There wit to rarUtioa of importance in prio r, and there wa to d [.o.'.tloti to porehaae naian* preaent holder * Ti -y.nud.iabt, bar* a* many of tb* faneiea aa t!a. y want. Tha receipt* at the ?.fT1.-a? of the Aaiietant Troii'iirer to-day. atD' OT-lid to |>lu2nlino; psym n' $' "U21; 8 *d2.f>' 4 M The d. p ;t? ar? raj.'Jly ranBia< op ngain urdrr lh? hmry dully iuu| rtatiunw Tb* Auditor Cmtral and futo Tr**au- r of Pmn jlrmnla bava rr)>' Tt< d t<> ihr Dourd of C tniul -i '-i""' that the ronaitl' ii ?.f tb* Tr<"'ury r.ud Ita ratim ttai ralu* during th* luirmt y?>ar will p rr.iU t' e ap; j.riation of >2.">0 to lb.- ? ?.?) ' < lion of th? NurtU traacbCaul. without drtrtmrnt to Ititi bUlfatloM, ar | ro* i.!? d for tin- r? .11 n - o, : n I 1 '1 ho a, i-rrcata di-man l-iip<>T tha If -?1 -y .in.: hpyoir ri ling tbr Slat tlar. 1 >J. u: I. r that 1 1 'i c i'l a. t' will br ; 4 1 Tl 1.. . . . | . 1 ? i t .i CO tha J- tb ln-t Tb n< t r< di tin-f lpr?a?at y*ar, 14 I'C- i?74 4rt Tbo > ;. nditu i I It.a- ime p-.rii'J will W V41'< V 1T6 14 f atplM. T.>" .ii It Hied* bo ti ry 1 xl<Irr amount uf Jl?coi?r Ibat tbo k *1 "<*<a!atl'>ti ba'.bl*. 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