Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1850, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1850 Page 3
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_ ' I*' 1 The Trades. winnow shai?* r*iNTsma. i A ?*< tini? of; in- liU'r- craft w.u held noWrilnmrity veiling. u tb* rnrner <>t and lleury ulro^n. Mr Tkiiuix* Villittrt, Prrn'.uknt. took tlw chair. Mr W Verier. fvetetary. A nuuibvrof ii.jw m -mbi'rx w?r? 1 tr< lied In lh>' AMoriatlon. Wo understand thi*b idy <>i?- rativm aru #'du$ on iu tlw union th-jr itav* Sorim-d with great mi oi*n? We wero ?ho*u a nuuib? ?f b?uutittilly dtmigiv (1 painting* hanai-rH. ?ihi Ion, and other *oik* of ert. e*.trnt<d id adiairttblo ?tyl?. The < l ilio-u rkilful arlinlit U well worth vintimr. 1 be ?ueii \y Uk.h Ik.'a iu oiieratiuu nome time. a;id.*w? m j Ltd in If urn. i.< adv meiiiK Ktwadtiy aaJ proiper?nrly iu Itn |iurp<w?-?. It* m.tiu olijret boiler*, in to Tfi'irm Itn- tr*.ln. lni|>eov-< the workuriu'hip. and advance the Inter. *U of tb? r.pular workmen A* iu M!ivr trad) * I yn and botch ku. kiuen Uace beeu in nawi'i; iu thi' -mailer shopi. to th groat lueon Tinh'iirr of experienced workman Tbtrn are ait or uveu large iDuuataetiirUii In thin city and ticiuity, rgaiP d iu the window tbadu paintluK busioetui. Mr. Woodford enilit'i.v* -6 iucu; Jenkn 'A>. Sweader, li); Ctenovtr. i!0; \S il.tcn. 80, Tctrliunu. 6: Kelty fc Hiker it ploy ill !u1. 16 uii ii a' each id tlirlr nhops in t)j? t'.t and Aft'irla, imi there ar? ?ariou.< imailor fhops ko V ill'am^burcb, which inploy cue or inorw jmrueymt* " and ot.iuiM>r? nt boj?. a flvr the ) bii ineH" of the rveniug Uad bourn ?>nr through, the ltieniitg n umtlou, adjourned. J1WHMMKRKKS. On M r(tiiMU.<T tTniiiij.'. a ma-* mccMng of th? jc?urnernu n m l: l.-tercvii wa~hel I ul llildebr.iud'*, i< I !?!<- ! txi street. ?lu re a oonaidorabi* number <-i inj u .ib'ra bad assembled. '11.l'teaideut Mv Hint. op-.uu the iHwkiiig. by putting that the Seci-tary wmil'l fo?. r the roll .11 <1 that each tuenibe r chouid forward f.f.n the cull of hi* uuwc au<i Kive in hi* we.-lu/ aouttibutiou Tin cretary thou read the minui 1 of the meitiu^. wM,;li w? re unaniinou.-ly eJoptad. *he lirxl point < l hunitri* iu ord-r the r. taiiiir ' of bill* or cuu mutti itii?>n* tbi r-e?ident uieaiion d Hiat b? had r-.'c)v, j * note fiom lady in. i'iuU ;< lpliia. requesting him to proeui.^ hci a ei uput tit f<>r> lliali. Living no ,'ui lIii r iuforumtlon to i iiiauiuilica. ?, be proceeded to read the regulati- iia i-Qd enuatltu tiuiai by-law* of the aociety. hi n .1 *y tiavu been tfmwn up l>y the it&tiding committee. Th- f uta'ut>? were tL?.i ly read. dmcuurd. auii. ?nu huidu al.K'it alteration*, adopted, after which the meeting MHO Ml jour iu d. CABIKKT MAUrttS. The nrual weekly ma** meeting of the num-ron* V>Jy ofjottraeyo u cttbioi t maker* wit* hold Thursday itvi iu? at llild< I r.tnd'*, 170 II* -'?-r *tr?-*' tkc jiMcwdtec* of which weregenwallv f tiaraci t ? ??4 with mi un union degice t latl, i . .ul.uit*. ard i "?d wsnau The President att. i having called the Meeting to orj >r. Utaird that tlic Ft . -eta'j woul- r?-*.' the niiuiur of | tl.' la.-1 meeting. which *vrr ui o-daiele aanr'iou-d 1? thi uiihiiiaioua Toil a C/i the >i*a< 'ably The various | reports ol t'ie traii'i etlon an J ^rrweeding* whi'U i were brought to diai.ui'iOM iu the different district Meeting*. were thiu r. id in succeaftion. The u?t* ' point oi oualuem In order wai the report of the *pe. i iaJ appointed for the purpose of dr**i<ig p resolution* ie,. mating and determining the. innim?i In w hit h the fui"1* may 'ie mo*t profit ably applied. A Biotion wi?r< u < ca tied, kbit* each resolution f this report he reui uuo debated upoa by the a*"><aiat liirga. whic'.i'tai ntly con:ptiiia with Alt-r MMiarraMe debate. tu< r. ^ -intioua weru prineip.illy oopted. an origin iily propo?ca by the comiaiic'a. *hix being tnuieaci'd. attar aome d.'liate up'?n a lav of the topic* which uti u.iod iu the dirtnul neat??* .the nMieUibiy adjourucd. IUM lUITliW UK TItE JOCBWYKM llBliULAYEIS AMI M^ASTKKlihS. On Fridfy ev.nlag. a iuhh* meeting of the ?bo?e trade* wimhel'tat Mechanic*' Mail. 170 llester *t.. which wj* iargc.y ai-icuded hv journeymen, not ouly of .Sew Tort buloi lirooklyn. U'iiliain'iburgh and Jerfey Oily. Tttc waa the third meeting of the trade, preparatory to the ortranitition of a noaiety. a cominitteu lutriug tw>eu appoicttd. ut the t'^t meeting, to draw apj't eoa tltuth'ii. hat not barlug yet reported. Mr Curn^lln M'Cln?ky hat log txen appointed Chairman, and kti>Fm t.Urk and Lanilr-rtiM.n, (fecretarief, ttio nie -ttog waa called to order 'f hi' Bccretury then read the mibuita of th? ia.-t meeting, which were duly apprvvtd. At tlnii monivnl. lion, florae* Uiwtlejr enteral the r'Hjm, oi:J wat loudly cheered Mr. Ukiati cauie forward and ad lreas. 1 the meattag at M.ire leng'.h lie *at4 he woui'l endeavor to ap>ak In the word* ot truth mid aoberne^. tor be eoDidderrd the object they hit 1 in annembling to gainer waa wue oj grato lupuruiuri u'>i ouiy m l. i?maelvea. a* workliig-mrn. but to tbi- community t large. Tin y ?> re about t<> organise a ?oei?tjr, Mio dinjin 11 which ?*? to enrure n .h? bonest and okr workman cac-iui work, trnd > just roc-iuipjuso tor hi* work; and iu doing *o. a? they UiJ as uiu-h to oeaUler the right*of the employer a? of the employed nld not be too c.wful Wben V m? ar >ijjd I hiu ti n' *t and I'.h J W"r?m-n, an\n.a*, .iud ?erking ft>i ?mpl< - Rimt ?i*h'Mit ?ue -cm. b- thought tilire wae grew aim. :JcuJ?tl(.n toufwbirt. Not ouly tha laoa, but th< gr<o?r. butcher, p.'rchance Undkird, and toa< o( ?ik; ctau. euit auit.-r from tl>? dirulaiafceu aow?um;>iiuo of article* of their bunlnaM by an wnemployed cU?*. Mora was a decided i< ?* of time, Ml only in the workman but aUo a ' ? > iuUry 1 >%* to the community ut larfe. TUcy u-lu-.'. lien, t *u< MUl of employment tor every man, tui I 4 fair amuuerntion tnr the product of their work. f oul I it feaAooe ? He did not believe in auy gr >at or unieiri?al pa;iuc< a. *>J which all the ill- ot lit" w.-uld br iu * m>- I W nt de*.royed Then would alwayieaiat boj rt and 4i*lini.?t, iidii-inou* aud idle uo-u ; and l.e *cM n >t oar that fuppoeed any atale of thinr* eo.Hd ?n<t in wbloli the Idle or diehourat would enjoy *o much hapKen*, and reap *o much aucce as an the honeat aud luatriou* It would not l>? au, neilb*-r waa It right, injustice, that it nboiiU. Ali b? believed w.ia tUl wheee a uian really auugbt work, be would flod it, and pay null atcordirr to what ha <Ud. I'erhapx he light not laeet wiib it juat iu tbi* cHy; but aoin M ooold be found The hiii onu.iug shun a man who entcrid the labor n.ajrke' antiskid, " I wai.l work," he would reeetve Vi ,..t could mechanic* do, of tlieia>*l?ea. toward < pr- during aurh a atate thirds* lie ?b< u^ht the first atrp waa for every workraia to make biBiaslf *o fWr n' practicable muliT of hi* own trade Mr tireeley then advocated the Wuikaiaii cooperative ryttsia and cited in detail the of tbe Iron workera of CiHcluaati lie did ot know any rvaton wliy eecry claaa of uiechauicf ' Miftbt not adopt tbe > tni" pun with e<|u?l au.see?* A man would work nrTe heartily when h* waa ^-raoually Idler- itW lot b- result* of hia labor. In their owu trad<*, beuaw* would be nirre quickly, n?*tly and 'ibstanMaily rrect.'d uiid-r tbe Co-operative principle than at pre a< ut Mr. Crei lry urxt rp fke of other italt "I tlaa work ii|f mm. sliicb tliey ?b<>uid aupply An IXahabirr wbt-rv lb- eioployer and tb'M" >e>'kin( work. Might know jut t where to iiim-t each other and xtata the.r inotuai wnnta; anda reading rot m, wblchbe conaldered atnor.g tV tuorr promiu?at of tbrir wauta. Mr Wie.-l, j eoDclu I. 1 by adroeatiug tha fn-edum of |*.bi.a la nil-, and !>y atat'nn br'.irt that a little tcrual pre??urr w?. ouly Vii?aialte to m^k? Oou^roaa on In lb-- ran ( r Mr. Joiiasoa t-{?>k? lo a faw minor point*, and to the eeeaaiiy ol union and Irl* odly f>-?nug lie bollttyrd work to t'e a bl>?r|iig .md not an bere'ii'ary ciira*. It traa wbicli g*v? in I- |?-ndeure to tl>? mi m. aod when the hand* auii li n 1 heal 1 go IokhUot. tti* n he MUrrtl tbe tcpremacy >t the working rlase would be taaair ated. pv-ie dt?ru??ion followed a? to the praeMcal>ill>y and esptdteuey of plaaterrrs and brlrklayvrt wi rkina to lh? rntiie a-?"cta'Ion It waa ret-rrel for far h< r hdiIderation The ui^eiiug theo i>r ?>?biit<> t!?e enrolment of new Df-tut* r*. auu lliurU) afUrwarde a?U" ra> d. to uicvi iu the raiue plane ,i?it Wedaee lay aealug M*n i?o or Ttnt *roMt" ttAaMM*. On FrMujr rrminf th? ' Iu?ona livid 11 ir)?a fntlilic irrtiuf, in ih?ir room*, 7tfl*ri?ce ttreet. The oUjrrt cf ibo mrriiac, in the word* of ih advcr:iao* ?Bl couv. oin^ ?t, ? *t to put down the aibonfim iipu la < *rried on to a Treat eitrtti in this etty Mirttly af rr t< o'clock, Mr. Fuv jv Klas*oi>, Pr> mJ? ill of (Ik .'-och y, t?>"k ilw ch*ir. Th* ail of the iiKHmit ImtIm l>*cn un inimotitly ac?<>"(!. tl't Ncfiurjr read the following i??oiu!? l?t. Rrftltf* That lh? nrnlifn ?f tbi* Turk i t'm.ifJi'Bt MMf M..?..? J<> Intend. frr.t? (hi* m?bt forth, l? u-r all tk> if iaQu< nr? to pal J ?n ilia ??? < < (,tTan lt>K ?T?' m lka> La <anl?d <>n ?.i inu< i in lUt. tlty. I? tlir of bo-^-aa> on* and Inn hi -a t? - airing * > I MaMnal-iy UJ That tkr m?fnt?rf of tliliRndrtf ftlto lnl< n I tr in tin' to limr to th* mwr' of nrrtli It IA lb> nurahrri ?!.**? b'llldinjr* ar m m> Iktl uturi< of rial i <tiWaid ycytiy im, aoi ba 1*4 arlraj ?t?.1 alM-r tin* ua*tiu|r wa lUmk tliut a * ai? ju?i:0r I in <i??a( im K??"l?. I That im'*T? rf fhla ?'*laty intai I In t*<i'r? tka tk?pk? ol iM< .*o< iaty t all km* ma*>a* *ka do ( ?? a fn'ttiif" to tk- tn?n l<iar*?f Hint ( t thair ml J'>o? m a ? ktn?tiikr niamifi . ai? > in |>*UI'li ikalr im'f aail th< ?*h-r* mi-Ii J '.<* r? laa pr-fra** "4?h krtolvad Tint aftar tlil? mrr*.ln? 4n tal't'4 III Mi<? till illl.n (llf fa* UJ.nT oil |? i| Work ,Iff ?r Ibna month* in tin* nit not joining ts* 1*0 Ut; anil In B" r.i i > work aftrr tli iH'-oiir-r In on. Mlkm to tin l<??irtjr ?th 1. t ? ? !? al?? Ini-ad t? ??pr>rt*a th* Fir* I?. pafini. il i.r lk?vrftew Injury .kit I* Iulli?la4 ton *n iiwl ;. ;i hcdjr of I D an I that ? will t;*o anpilw tk m of *1 r* lit danger <4 lumping' "'II to'k IM. and Ike Jil nl.y tk'y ha**- In *uri m-it in tba ffoTtnari'* pf 'r a: u u? iluli-'*, and ai?o ti >p? liat ikv citjr autl rri! if* wi.l m^a a U > a ill ?* ' af rlnt mill Iyliiall llwi# tliini* an<l that vilk Ik* aid -f Ihl* Hjirl Af, ?r may havalhrtu laijir"*''"!," Mn. J?ntn 1 ?*i >*><> ani l hr ratd" no |Hi ti ?dn? In rh'Hinc, i*rith?>r dm !i* tiiiak it wmiki of any ii .i11 in ?:nnvinci k n l*?dtr of iimaona ?>( th" manifb? an of th*11'M^liitii?ia 11 ior?> ihrm Th' ynllkn w liw e*ila nnd< r tk luch lti*y wrre Uhormir, and if br fit. ill ill I linir till d(>oin?day, th y woul.l j n?>i )? any N ttpf ar-j.minti il with tbein. It w.ia not llr f ino''. aa a Imdy of nt^<.b>?nica, who MilIr-reH Irani au'w onirartin ', htit it waa tii?* coruoi'in ?rinw ot ih>- eomruiiB'ty at l?r^". It bad li*?h th ti rain ?f hnHrriing th'* CortMiration with mtny ? Kiowa and oijdnii". Il wn? not. h??v.? rrT, p it,lie i r l?ri?Hte apr-uliiiig tli?y watii?*d; anion im<m| Iv tl.r motto. I?? I rot th^ aofi'tybr- coitt-nt with wi.rda. hat r-o- r.ii thrir inll i?-nrr* t<? arrorri|di?h thrir oH rl If liny wait* ao incLiifl, thry could d" il without bin arguing longar. V iujin 1 Iouaf f a would a ty n word in ref.-rric* to Ili?* hrh rrnoluii >-i. Th* hr"in^n of ibi* dtT wrra lial'!*, at any hour, in bci-MrH from th. ir In Ik* of from ihair b"la; and, in addition to th-* |iri*4ii ma, wi-r?* aat?}. rtrd lo fnti'M-w ry daii?"?r, owinfj t<? th** rcry n>(rrferl nd kti-?fr ItwniMr in wbo'h btnlilinira wair rrrcted. It waa owiaf lo lb?* iab-NMMi!tiii|( r\ m nmiply, ihit Huil Hnif* Wf3 art rtnl in ao li *oi'?ir a matiurr nnd he thought, th <1 it w?a lbiin|a'nii??' dniv of the city aiithoritKa In hivr an off'flht in ?h?*if c?in*tri?ciion. It waa wrmrr fbal fb<* litca of m? n ah add I* tlm? wantonly j <v>r?|i?*(i. and he ifnaie. , for ib? ?nk?-ol liMomiMty, and in 'i'aii< r lo a cl im of ni*** who riakH inn h lo aave ih*' i tO|>cr!) of o.'befa, that ih* c.iu* ol the rril ?o?id fw ir-movrd. Mn vin prowedH to tdijre*s tb? meeting, in reference to the o,vr;iti.>n of ihimb-eoMrwUriy *yi-f<-m, md eeemed iTcllaed to rW| Botnew hut onneo.'cHynly in perMHi.ilitiee, wh n llit* chairman interfered, Hint he concluded f>y *pressing his hearty concurrence in the r? -o!,iim:h. After wme brief, und desultory remake, hy vmioiitt ei*-.iker*, the resolutions were un.inimoiirdy carried : nfier which, a vote of ch tnk.s wm (Kissed to the chairman, and the meeting d:sper?ed. ___ Cnlted Ktawt DHCrlct Court, Holor* J *.nlx" Hett . Vat !*> -Frauito Hurnrst i>lr*dc<l gilttjr to an indiotincut for ?u aftaull with a d tnger m* wuajtju. Eeutence u? .-nreu. Stverul olker pt'ironrrri were put brvird t? platd. Da?*trw . /*? William .I lie Wolf, captain of thu Auioricau brig "Kour Brothers." ?ai Indicted for nu ui^ault upon A-tga-luii Miller. with u rutltMaud it handspike. Tliete w> re two other indietuv-n'* H/ain.-t the wi'Uc d!iir?!uiiUruiki:IU on ulhrru ol Itia fgvw. Mr. B. lilftnkran. i>d Whalfof thu prisoner, uu, -e?t? cd t<> tl.e Court ttaut p' rlmpd it w,'uld um time In l ib at oiico ihiMuc iiu objection i > the iuri?dlntion ot ,Uit'ourt in the promt ea-e It app .red that the uileg. d otirEt wa* ?"Uiniitt. d while tiie vee?*f was lying within tb> jurisdiet <>n of a foreign sovereign. la the port < I Ti nltiad; tnil the act of Coit^rc** kImUh that a eharge thi? l.iud luUr. be 'nve-tigawd ia the oort wlit re the tur?el tirxt put in Tj? b.itf Kour Proline* Arm stopped at Kjrt Harbor, New .Ivrsey. iiiu t^? pri lore: w?- trrNlrn in H'.il adelphia utiuru e> ur >vl <r.?mitted he should bfc trb'd Tbu tult-d ?taio* t'Uuict Attorney couteu>Wd th?t Uiv *oeused i.u ir por!, ! for-' this oourt. Tim (jtiurt mm tli>. 'ht jury Intd l> Iter be erap: nelled ami be c < ? ''iieued, sunt bo would l bun uncertain llto motion ol the prironrr '* counsel. The jury belt g sworn ? Mr. J. I'r-scui liaH stated tlio ? ?< on the part of tli<* prowcuiii n, tiiid nilled the utU^ntiou of the t'onrt mu jury to tbr ual ?ru of the ulleuoe and the U? upon tbe cast. Joseph Aogastine sworn, and examined by the DUtilt t Attorney. <lepu>ed (hat l>? in an American born; lsi- in.! employed on board the brig Kour Brother*; thppvd at Philadelphia. ftttd b -uud from there to liarbado*. liominieu. and Triuidi>d. Hid tbeiu* biek to New York; tbe vessel was driven in.o j"gg Harbor, where h? lay two dayit; she discharged-ou?u of her cargo ln?o fenooners to lighten b r; nr. au<auit wax cc mnut i? d or ui' by Capt. l)e Wolf w'tue tho v Mtel ?m in Trinidad. in tbe Irlund of Cuba; I *?< lying asleep on dirk, 1 j ttie nidr of Miller, when I recolTod a Mow will, haDfbiplke. wblub *.?U n >d ??: I tooU a utirk to tl" " lid tiy?elt nod came down, wlun tbe captain ?aid. there yon are, d -u yoit;" be then atr.'uk m- uciorH the Bore with a eutUsc. aud itabbed tne iato tbe back bone; there wan no revolt on board. Crox-exaniurd by Mr. Bluikuian ? I don't know who toe tiri.1; 1 did not etrike tbe captain: I bit Mm in tbe leg; I reo:..iert Thoui** jura pi of overboard, und the male and c' ok went after aim iu a boat; shortly after that thi' captain cried out" luur?ltr!" ?Why did he do ili?i .' A.--llocau.?o I Lad hold of one leg. and Mill> r of the other; thai <r*s me ttmt I bit him iu the leg; I did not etrike at tb? raptain with tbe atick; 1 bad it to Uelend myoeif irotn being killed by the weapon which he had; 1 wae near the galley wbeu I Was Ornt elruak aud ?h?n I awoke 1 uid not tee thecnpIa'B; 1 taw MilUr. and the mate, AlUrt Miller, (a ut...1" of England.) a *euman on board the name Tewel, aiitu dt potted to un aneault having (K'rn committed on bim. , o! u Thouuia, (ii native of Spain ) deposed to the n-?ault bating been committed on ntiu with a pUce vf bvaril. > or I he defence. Themn 8t?tlford mate of tint ren tel. *?* 4 xunilned by Sir lllaukinna. ?nt U upj*u J ihuv on Iho i.?Ktii' f tho nllegvl tiiu until in.-Ut <t on emoklngKegnre abaft the m:iiu-mit."t ?rbtt:M wurn. tiary to the order* of the captain: they wore luaol-nt iu their language. and refuned to oli'-y the eapuuu; thry whiatleu u? a aigual to a bark lay ing a little oil: at the Hie euptu'u uicd the cullae*. the men were arined with u hand ?f ike. aud were insolent to hint, wu ucft went after Thorn**. aud when returning, he heard the eaptaiu cryIng nut > irJor " Miller and bad bold of htm at tne time, biting bi? l<ga Tb?- accuaed her* ahowed hi* leg to the jury, whioh ( a | ptured tu have been mueh bruin* 4. touDKil did not *um up either wide, but let the c go to the Jnry under tin. charge of the eeurt. auJ Judge Bella thin i-tated that the priaouer properly before tula ee nrt. thin being th. port for which Ilia ahip *li d rtined and h- r putting into Kgg lla.-1/or wan oaly the r?*ult of accident The lndlelineut w*? found here, and the jnry could bring the priaoier ia guilty, or aci(Uit him. of unj or all of the three chargee. The jury h'Ttng retired, cam-- into court, after aotne time, and a*ked lueJnlfce how Inr the eaptaiu of a veteel bait a right to ei. force bis or.tera. Court?The eaptatn baa a rl^ht m eompi 1 hii men to unbuilt to hi? authority by for ? ; hut he ban no right to uae a dann< rou- weapon except lu eelf-dcfince. Feainen are houudby the maritime law to be Ml BlMtva to the t rdera ot iht ir Mhli Jury?lladhe a right to compel the into ?top whittling t.ud iLuokir.g ? 1 ourt?Ceilaifcly; and be bad a right to ue* ?nch t< rcc a* would bring the turn to .<ahjecto>u; hut he ha* nn ri(ht tnnrort to a dangerou* weapon, except in elf-defence Jury?I* a piece of board a dangerous weapon In tba ye of the law T Court That la a qneetlon for the jury Horn* time* a piece of board W a bum! ?? thiue and aoraetime* 11 is a dnngvrou* weapon Tin-jury th?n a^nln retired, and. In a *hort tljne, brought In a vtrallei of guilty, but recuiuuivbdvd the priavmr to mtrey Beaton, Faute, Reward, Atchliiaon, CleBirni, ef the Vnat-.aad Wlnt^trop, of tiie lloaae <>f H?fnaentatiTaa.?BRADY ban reoeivad fr m kit traneha>tak>i.?hui. i.l iu WaeliiiiRton, Portrait* cf Ukwo 41aiiatui*li?<l n?n. takaa In the floint elyle of the art. Ttiet may ho *e?B, with any ether plater** ef Interest, al BR.twV'S National Gallery, St. Bread way. corner of Pulten ?tree?. floaraad'a lullan Medicated laap, tot , oris* all akin ?ie?aae*. >li*evlurau?n* *a4 tlemiahee. fen- 1 tn bub til* for ara4j< ?Ur( ia|>i rf hair Irou ant fart ol the body. Lily W hlu tor Uie evaplexioa. L-iniJ It ?<?, ae.. at M7 Walker afreet, Brit etna froai lait ia ) Br**e?r V. > I'alleni. r Hoexa Thire ateeot. t hila?elpbia. Bate.' a Jurtlaa, 13S> Waelm...n atreet. Baetoa. 10 CfiO Penent Cnnd.?'The mily article tt at eaa le 4ep> aUed oa t?r the Mire of rl.eamatlr a K afVt. tere tbn ata, paiui. ia ll a llulj. ti oihaelie. ruta. karna, : r. ; ... \ IM V . tiaa lJnicirat. .Hl? 'iil>l It fail, tie tu nef will he !? ' initel ? i Nw fay II it i? not ?a|nri'?r t< any utliee ar' tele. Tor aale by , the Jnur'iU and atnrelit eprra. 1'rtee XV aad f) eta. br. j TUllliU'i tlk> 1 Kami iteiet. Planrtt'e Itlttera will riM? U)(pe]Mla, In4l*?*'loa. Iiebillty, Ijvtr t'onipluint, Siftumw, UeaJathei and all Mltowe <He? rderi; t>? hatl, wli'.le?al? and retail, at ! J.UM SA l?l.lI.H'v, Sn r.riaJ?ar. afeat l r ihe nreurieior. MUKKV MAUKKT. PaTvauar, June 1 -0 I*. M. There wan a little more activity In the etork market to day and f.rlrea for the leading fuirlei Improved a little Heading Railroad advanced^ percent; Trie Kaiiroad. 1 ; Herb m. t* ; I'ntted ftatea O'a. 1947. derliued . ?. and Pennsylvania 5'*, There were Urge aaleaol E rie I'.cnda, new, and of the leadiag faueiea. At the accnd board, large l> ta ef Rrie and llarlem d band* at price* cur-eat in the morning. The rceeipt* at the office of the Ai tlitaot Tr><aanrer of thla port, to Jar amounted to MIS 033 JO; p iyinenta, |T>0'iA 90; b.-lance. (I.SC4 610 07. The amount of coal brought to tide wateT oa the Reading Railroad, for the ending May Ml. waa 2A lit t< n??total 4MMJ tint; on Wchuylklll Canal. 15 2.M I oca?total. 1MM tona ; on Leb gh Canal. SI.161 tone?total 180 163 tona. The following ainnfial* were In the eeveral d?po?ltoriea. to the ct i dlt of the I'uitcd StaUiTraumrn, oa th? 'iitb of May I'eiran Prarn flreoatT*. Treaanry ofI'nl'ed lUrt#? U aohiugtoa l.', h3 Aeaielant Ttea?urer. Boatow !'? ? ->d HI Aeaietaat Treaaurer, Nww \ <?rk 4 AU (71 it Aaaiataat Treaaarrr. Philadelphia, . , 1.01* *> >1 W / ai-tant Treaeiirer t'h.-srleetoa.. . .. Ill ,'itl 17 I A e -t int "I rej?ttrvr. New tlrteaaf. . . k-i ? ^-t 21 (' ealetant Tr* e?ur? e. f Louia. ...... ]! ?>t f '> l epo-itory at Hull^ln h iiW M |i.p...i?or) at Pitliiui' re t>i J'l to i l?ep?"?llory at Klehliiobd. Ta. it >W til ! ? puelttny at Korf >ik. ta ......... 11ll 14 liojoeiii.rv at w iliaingtoa, M t' ' ! lief'lettoir at Ktvannth ...., tiiiit )i ] Deptxitorv at Mobile l'l Uti 14 IK P<?ltbl> ? V T-BU il 1>?*??mi rjr at tHncianatl l'.4k ;? ? i<> 1>. ^o-iir.ry ?t I'MlfUrili tt.1 fl I'riM-.imrT ?l rinrlmiMl. (Vidua.. ,, 3 J>,g .'17 ? ry ? UttH k?rk. Ark il .i..7 M l'a|?-rilorj ' J i Ti rtoti v:lli 1 a l?> I'J^ 44 r.i'Mt.iy .t( blcag*. IU 4t. ? IT |U|nilui; at T?IUhii-i?f. Fh *.M17 10 M i ill it I !.< I ni'til' I *. H4I 1Vm?J l<rii>ri> Mini i>ar| UOKIO'ti liranrh Mint Pi.Mi.*.la. ......... 90 *'.o i* > lUauch Mii.i N?? Orkmu Iwifflu IM " i t 474 ill at I f.!\.?l ni?p?B?.arrnnnt I tl U 71 Ndt m.r ui.t ii Ijfrt In draft ('< 4.4 ?74 i.| fr<-|?? Aaalal | Tr-a> itr> r Naa V?>rk f 1 ,V>) (l ?> a i To Mlat of th* IJ. M*'?a I h'I t, 1 MOlMU Of) Fltira lh? ab?i?? aeroiirt ^?a m%4* out. on- ?? I a half mtlllnra hnva I' < U ?ut h>iv on >??,,m,> (rf I< Id U> jx'-ll *?rtlHr?i -a Nearly two nt lllw.t* of J ?| l?r? Will I"- |i>yal>l? n tha lit nl July. on ?er iinl of tin1 mini ' ntial Inlafat lli-n dt?? ?>n Ilia jirarn u nl dt M. Ceuntarfalt flU'a ofthn Cmmafrlal Rank nf fflilta. hall, ha<t b"?n ?-l'anaU?Jy rirrulatod at ih?Norh ? in a package of ffchi. rfm-ntlf hr night by -mix of tha upraw ftgotiW fr?.m Montr* al tlinri ?i'W of Hi??a hi lla Ppniloa* fir altered not?v?. of tha I'nimlniMon of )}'!, f 10'* and f20?a, j,uip -rili.^ to !? I?*uad hf tb? II.nk ol IVlawar* t'oaftty ar* In alrrutallon TU? flffiatta rr|ti?aiili Mtrattry < (Taring a ha* of H* to if'mil" wh* hold* k<y In fcr-r hand At h?r ?id? la a ?ia/?d Hi*. l>? iron rh*at On lha |af? an<l la a f?n*?l? h"ldln| a pair of aral*#. and on th' right two fain ilaa Tha fvand la aaatlr d? taa??d "nk Rirhanat, $*W? r S ?'?, IAV, J^|y , A ^ Harlam III IP1< lal ad HTW IIW ? ? T? Iiwn da m, 4a ||? Mt ai ' * * II?V .1*1 4a ban an tr?*??.jr *?( ii v >? > 4? k| | 1/ 4>f lad nai? >'? 1\ lun IJ ft'laak j >i?4 4o h ? x \ a > II*..a t*r< m* Ktay r, ?. U; kda liM .V l >** m>, i hk 14', iro da II.JU M ? aft nmt da ?nv I? S w 4# ?. * *41*P?bu? ? rx t"> Mt ??? ? mi M.tu 1WW Ert. T?, *8 107 ? * <rrf. 0? IJC IcOO 4o #') >J?X * ** * i'"o to 14U jMi 13 ?? 7-fJ lC-HK'O do ^1; Ifl * kit 7:? Zl ?? ManliatUu C> 116 ?*> 4? ?l<> 7.1 7U P?UM.ii l>Mk H* ll? 4o 7' MitrjltU i I'-'V W Jo kJO 7'U Ml .lu lUHf 1M do 7 J> B T?r..??l?nv H?ok ltM It" 4o 7 L i'4? hmrreor.' Tru.t .""V 60 < > WTO 7 J, lit tlu L ^0 k 71* 4* 7' ,*U* dv i'"Y -> lluiiawk CB *-'>? t# d. SI, ncuni nn.\iD. 30 fh. Morris ('anil ir>, *1 Brie RR T \ ;t'0 eu ICO I' * , .* ' ?<I 7.', ^<"0 Hurl. IU RR M W N N k Hnrt IIA 101 do nn i,u in I'vir'nui-.-'ith Drj I)k .'a ?4tHri?hR ?"l 7:1 10U Paim- n1 Trim Z it .1., ?i(i ;m?' i ^ivK'iiiSr.^if.MN r( \ LAV ISO UK,it B,U IIICW HID. J ? ft RKWaRD -DOO LOST -l Oi'l OR SruLKV. ON Hp** Ivvodiv i:i?t.fro*n the I ni.-n PU?r Hotel, K>urtMilli ? t?ot, a iiuli Tvrritr. alii i*b 4>ro*n ? ?lur, a Ufc.'.t ?p * on t).f i ?i<U t?i hi* ih? <a?! wii<J u^i i out of . *1t<r; ?nsw< rt to ih* nam** i?f J.?rk Whoever w:lt n- , %uri hi 'it t<? i he tuiiA Fiaie ilotal mil r?CJiv? c!io uIkiyi i M-J tr1<ia> evening lap', a ntnall aiWcr j?Iate<l |?n? ?t box. < In* fud?r nl!l rotifer a fav r. and b. riituMv row irded by leatinq it at No. i.'i frouib VI llliani Mreat. v.\t h aiia. LO*?T~A CIIFCK, MIAWS UV < HAK!.fci All- K\ feldt. June in . IS O, on fha H? chaui.V tiJuiV. j?AVa t? l 11., cr lt :?r?r for on>* thoiirai.d . *1 tv cwty-ci*fit 9MOO d< l'ar . t' * pM uici t of which ha* bu m h topped. $i<? ki?.joO IKH YOMK FIBK l>CF\ ITWB^IT, HpiJJ MIMliKttH A.\l< ftXElfM MftNUIIM OF IVX ?ine ? ouipuLy N'o. 7, *r?< i??* ?i.y no'iaei to ma* ?t too Elk.ire lloui** on If nudity evening ai 7 o'clock, wit?? lire wti|-i aa-l thirt*. lij order ofihe Ctiuj any. J. *S. (SRKEV, Foreman. Hrocktyn, Juno I, 1S'4>. IjMKB I>LI\V KTMKNT KOII'fc. ? IHK MFFIuKKXT C ipwho intrnd nc?irt.?!K the Dili.oat ilose of Pbi!?d*l|>hia, on the ove?Iuj f June &l. arc. r-qieied i? u rc? in the Turk, :?t 8 o*elo<*K pr?oueU, tb* riiht ? f tlie line ?t *li? wtit site, Tlir tfonii'UuiM* >?ill tauc p-pcul ??.?? *o* e<>rdiDK to their numi erw. i'he ront? will be ua follow*:? '1 hi >u*h flr 'ltlwty to Fulton, through Fulton to Greenwich, th?-Aun\ < the An>b?y boat., >1 trt they wll' ctive i} e nue of the !) it, the Dlhc?-ut ll???e tVoipany<f Pniludcli h-a, an<l p? *o<-. ?i thresh Ur. ro wich t t -i.; .< ; k * i ? Mir ! r'? Mroa<i>uy to l'ark h*<w, through Park i< ?*. ('hi Iuni, And f'att Hroadway to (irand, thiouan Grand to lirotd<r4y, thiough MroaUway to Canal, through I anal to Hu iaon, through liu.!* ?u to C!ai k.*?.n, to Cartuiiu *tr c?, thr ush Carmine to lileei <er. to Urom2?a), through tir?>adwav to Cieat Ju? . ? ntrce . to No 4 Engine 1Ii?iin, where the lino y ill Uipw.r*. Pynrdortf ilia Urand Marital. MK-'OML E' IIKM. Acbihtkman or r\li; education and good taite. With biioineiM nabiii ami luine capital, ia?4y i**4*ure a aha re in a ,-'4 btuinets, well aaU >a one of thele-t wi? ne *u t*vw V'ork oi y. Any <??o ac^iruue > jvathaa ' inneifof thU opportunity, uiiy ad4ra?e ii.t Lei l.wu I'oht Ouica. waits, \\t ante d?a f?!tltatio n, by a rmpictabi.i ?? young woiman, an Ohnd's Nureo Aj?p y ai KVi \V? M llevruih vtreet, her j rc?? nt j>laeo of eaaployincaCv whara alia Ilvrd three year*. W/M1D-UY A WIDDLF AOEll (JIRMAK HTOM\H. e Mdaatitt a* !. !. Mai'l Hneperl 1 aa4 t.r's th? dotira ? f KUvh a aituation ; ban b-en l>m * abort timr a thir cf.uairv. to t vakn a little Yl?# ao object! m to travel. Can Le aeen for two daya, if uot a; 7 Day Ayoi nc rr.?m u i.irl, who enulisu. mil fi tur I r?Tf Hi .4 ?i Ih a liHy. la gi>?4 o?tr mid UrMiUitker. A),lv ut No. 4<i U.itnil .trees, up Mlri. Jl'ST AKHIV?D FROM 1KEI.AM>-A VOCNO M iS, 19 vcar. 11 u .dr. *? it), tJtr K. ?r c f le. nu<>bia!n ; ftu* h .u . in H|?fu i'i is k tut!i ?i>ulUu am^cry oil . jiiflib '-i *rl'?j a rVH'.l liar. J. and wiilinK to miiko I irn?? 1 f K?a?tb> vrtt !. wantH ft aituauvn. AUdrei*, HutaeJiately, O., So. I Her. :.l othvt. 9pk?lal liailokit. Tiik officek"' or the kavy ano makinb < ur|? i.lia<'.ad to Uii* tiaucn, art r.qai-.tcd t? uliaad. In tmdr?M ut.lf.>ria, 'b? fim? 1*1 ai '.** lsit i ian ?lor? <'oo|?r. cu UnJav, l!i? lb t., ?t.( vVl ti, T. U., trciu hi* riMiin.rr, No. |M Uieka (ira-l. Hr' -klyn Tti* Off.pfn of tl f Aroj let fH'at .fully tnvtitd t ? b. Ob the < T-Mt.n. W. O. SALft-H. <'n!ai.nn<iaBi. C2 tand loiii;* or tub ptatk or ne* vi>re? ? II.? Annual I'om-.naMiea'.'ia i.f th? M W tirwl Uxln m '. . id U Fr*u nii| f fiw a-. J a-' | 11 .H mm hrMAU'f Ntw York will b? LcM at fu- liianl Ludj* k"i>u, tt !> t itjr H"tal. (lata Uowrrd B"ti??.) 4_*' fir- ?d?. .. ?u T ta.dal oaniuf. tlia ilk uf Jun". a: 7 /< 1- i. 1 La Crai.1 .% rr*t?rjr'? atlca ?.11 to ?i*a uuiil i'.im tuna tvary dr.r, fr. tit 10 A. M. to N r. 11 a; IL* <ain? i !a .. Eutrauca cn Pr>vl*?y. 11>? ( mmUti e n| p .Intt1 ' > . i>i< r i f 'l,t I. | W. Lu<!|ft. to n.*k? th? ?? < k?*r? *rt ?ni;. m.MU for ?'i? Ix-diikUbn of ll?H. J5j' *dw /. |? H+,,alo |>utf?? . b?T 4>-c1dt<l ib*t tUrl be o c?ii?r*l I'r anj* an W f rii?rfii!?, under il r buicf ul vur ijrwul l?.;o cnly. *i liv T i will I? lurtiin>l kl I'ti <?rtud Lctlf* kwm, m tl,? Cl'jr Ho'*J, ub l)i? Sih i>l June. *> $<'tlo<k In the* :rrn:<c*. AH llr. Ihr- n kr. r. .;o?. H J P**r in 4*rk cl 'tMrf. k 1 * k Mtl, whit* >pro?*. *ij* *lo?**. 1U? Otl.i?r< of l* 'if ita thutr ?l r-i: ?li? J A Mr- UK tINt i r*Mry. B?AK8 POSTED Iff AM) VAlAN ED. "11 KtflV Ur;? k<|t ).y *nr**mrn<. D?imi tcu^gili of all ki*4? vvpiuJ. Ari'l>. I" . r ' < laln r. to I*" HTf'^TETANf '-V ri'Mlaimi TO I/DAN AT SIX PK& CENT. <>.? !?UM> A.NU V twi', In ont or niurc lani. f >r 4 t?r;? of ? ??, a i roi'nrtivc ?rnl .??? ? in ct ! ?Ur "T Rr.~>. lju. iciilr to JOHN I . ON MET. S'.-L. ? *UL i rn-r of It. .J ... . t. J?ME? CONNIrt * SON, TYPE FOUNDERS, COEVEE of iniH'l Ntoriui Mr?'? N?? Vi"k, >in? on >i knd T?ry krtUU Mi'M??rr f?r tjwr1*'* Pnntln* K?t*i>:iklkm?M?. Vli* msMriblao* rb it jmr*r >r? i-riaiMl tr< fr.? it* ?b??r F uo.iry. MHIIITINU. Lthion corns*, l. i.?tkottiko. lovpir, jpwi ' S. kt 5 I'. U ? A Oiit'eh t r V OU, Dili* ! < ?*. hr?t lhr?* In f?t. <a I in i?, irnnm H ( h*nfr?? namrprk. (. I'ou .<! ; Jiu ( n?i? i ?m?? I l * Mr ttnr. I n nokfltr, f. r ? jiur?~ ?f $.T.i, ruiU ) -.? i ,ir?? in !t?*. ik Tikrnfk. !>. Uil iukI'iiB ' t? r? fr r-ur- UaHt W*4hi?fl?n; U . . MWI I- h. Eiiiurtnl; l>*n4 Kt* Lo? r?'?r? f ^n f I i?fatin* Fix. Ti.r r?r niU U?t tf.? u;b Ptrfi. l!r <-kl> u. at <r&l?rk. i? M?ri a? tli? tporti IT? wur. Aibiiuioi t?? Om M ufK hfty 51'11'CK & VolA.S.S, rinrticUri. P1DL1C UK NO lira. 10*7 (#kam? nmrt, niw tork, may n. 1^0.1^1 Nt? II lii?r# < ? mr'* 5 rm%y? ?! fnl> to fnnon*c? to Kit oumtr up r.i ? W**11 m to f.'hir *rntlrir? ? Inti'iUinc oruM<>n%llv in ?tt?h an i-MB rul. iJ nf >.? . m th* VO>>uiS t> fttl n. i . <if Kill unit r ?n W |>;.%> t. ?uri r,' -r? un?l a^plitaltU fc'i 1 liP. in pillc'ilinff ikr Uf'.r f ttr them thif vioihiftf lin# itft UM'tott*. ?.r % ill h# f inu'l vtnti-**, to w?r? iht fl?-s.M.r* *f ?n tr?* of t'irr} ?intliif ?r wlir m^jr f?vc?r llio ! / vuiuuz liii uif I ill'wrtl *> ' Tnc *-. ? Hrotklvt ??e%r Tiil* ? t?v II ???*. Ut? rf ? Ivt'ililjn M lfc< :t*n for t ni'l fori it ttn?nri??ft ' I jr a'oiiUr ?o*tMi?hu?rnt. AuOrJiruff f t * F%K-rn*? "n- '?Vlofk. II Ivl ISN Hrttt, ?f pi? atr/ if<iti'0ti??t?*n4fi>-i!lU(? ; > l<?rMfiii!.?i in >lA?irnr? ?>f <% ri '? er Of.vf Tr?o rairlU il.# ir?*? anil **ruV?. tt?? tlfir frtu iht pvtrmll, rn-r# uni:?4 ! ihH <ric:ttlfy. ? '% ? ^ ? >. I lo li?i Urn ?r l???r \y fa*lf??a'l. t*t ?,rl*p up Tl?ir i tr? *.* . 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I v f rhr?!t i. 1 4 >ti ?. J; .? 'I w.ll K. f iii*d i> ui:cttl'? (Irand 0|*ia L\ I'AVtiltlTA? UM&, | i f i.ora I; M*flan?mi; l?Ht*rr(o, S- n<?r L Salvi; Al. . tit?e, i K:i ^ ? ! Cu-tilie, Higuor C lladtali: K?cr.vrJo. ?i{:nir I. M\- i tin . hi**, Mjut^ra l Ilollii.f; liulTred', S.-.n?jr t. Osrat tun, Kilvrio. S/iiior L Martineiii. M*?-".tr" an I iMietior I ?'f I! t> U|?i a, M^u>?r Ci. L Hiirr of the Or*-lie itn, 1 J* ?i i-r ! Ar'ili l*r*? * *? vi?*neral aitiiu*.>a, $!; cilery, I "4*? n t-* n cur ?4, $1 5*1 !'! '> >x oftloo will T.e >1.041 ..Si f 11 day. J 111# Ift, when plaor- ran onr<,d. No froe lir*. eaaept for the |?r? s*. Do?ireop?*i? At 7; performance at 8. J npi'FATKE. A% TOR I'LACE 01'BKA HOUSE.?A COM- . i lunivd v( liavin^ tond'.'ruJtf' If 1M Fanny W.?l- ' 1 1 k thv 111 plim?mt ol a Ht.. tii. the i?"f?rui<iee will ? ike pluit ?.i T1 iii><t?jp c* ennr. Jnnenth. t Jvr.* Cntn'ait Utv ? C K \l W 11:. T. I r??r II.*n. J. i? u ihtou, \t. luxliB IIu 11 i*>. J hn K Brady, William I'. * , n,..: Ja \ei . < I J I?u Sidle, Frederick \IY. *. Capi W. II d Ardlc, >1. 1, Noah, JuUkc Lut.'irop, rfc.u\ f{ M?ad?-, (Je ?r<;? F. ; I i ,l et ry II. M., ter\ ? lf, C utril de II wnr*. i{ U. 1 Vnr in, t?vagu*er. I trim a tic and Mu-tial ('otitniit.*#** ? 'I I on. Ilatnl I i' Cli'irl^ Ot 1 i. d< r, Will. >1: diell, J?d.? Naufio. U'. F. Hol tru, riju>. K-iuUe 11 r,. I.i j.-r- | M.uiuo ?t tho request "f tin: com in ?tt?o, lit? ? Wallack will i H| |>? ar in tl.e el *r:u U?rn ol llnuikt and I) ,y Cam ir ae ' I'.a.KD. m the hearing tl >e nativ??. a* i ?*?: i by an I itf.iiiiit (iri?K ilrHUia'iiini!, u jio hnve n n?- kin?* >?t tuana"r ! To1nntM^i(l tlieir MfTi 'I li In ;? * ... a La (iivi rnittvd by mnvcnl and other enter tinmen'-a. Full | particular* va ill eg announced in tu? toil* of f.? da^ . t^ilKlSTira MJ??TMIs.ijh.-'ji*ClJANlC.r UAI,L,.\o.iiJ j '.rui v*k>, civ^cen liraud and L?r? ui?> a;ra?t??Mom' day June l\ nn?2 uvery uijhr, mini farther noi.cj.- Tli# ' vi j^inui uuu aell-known 4. tirinty'tf btojnaa Oi ^raTr ape, ' the lyrwt nt^llishtd anct oli* nc <?r^ani;? a t and in t'je worl<i, | 1 C' a cuit punt ol tw?lvo |H>rfi>rt?i?'rn( rndvr tbo Uir>?- I IX ?vl' ?. I* (.hriit). Tuev wilt have th? bvaur ?f fivtnc on^iua' and iniiLitai'U ?uUrtalnmcntf. every 1 i r.n*:l fwr h?*r tic?. A'imiMton '^ecnta l)?M>ni ?p?>i a |J <V?rc*rt will noiameu-r at J uVlwi. Au aiiirnwD Ooanart ! on f*a'vrtiitvr, e< mr..vuoinf *t S P. M. IJIOR v w.y. ? SB AI ' HE II PA . AM D 11081 rtfTtivc Panorama Lahiniu 01 er*r fonntructea Tht : U ondn up Hevelnti??* ut Kurii ht < retti m, or tno ll^N.ry ; ot il v Wurlii ^ illuntratin^ the b*uati?a of j Crratft.n, with i' c SJ* Davn Work, tti? II irrur ;of th* L>ul \ ai u the H?*- apt euran< a i t the Ca< ih, iu a 4. r?i.? of f?nun.i nr? rairtine. nnpurallf!**d f"T heauty and 1 ff?i?t. Tliu c*hi- | bitirn ia p rf?< tlv ?irpl?K with eo|:>r?td medium.^ j curtaifii*, rotU r?>, ^c., anil will 1* Hold very low. It in a for- I tune fi r any one who ha* Icmu *e to at id t" it. A|?|dy lj 1 ; Mr. r?acrjek. ut tl;? Ncm- ly 4'haiabera J 1 rpn> uiotXT jBoirriisn ki-?ical Ball, to i X ??e 1 .it-at ad in Ilrvadway. opi>-*ite Bond ??tr? ?>r., will I e?-ra! leir ' rarly in t ?vr. The ? ?r?i?*r atont wa? laid 1 01. friua v last. It la intende d to coiufoi bat lv nvat 4 .Vk) per1 i;p ani . I e the iuv tt jvrjieouu edifice of ihe kind in t iO B< w * rid. Ai'a h b.?a i*\v lad ik.' of tatttt^wantki) ? I' ??ae ttat ?an rm^c f r ( "n irta, 1 (hi ?ci*?n in ];ro( kl> a tbia euniiner. > other* 1. d apply i <: t th'??? tb ruasinjr. Al*o a mat can lu- "c. pjdy at .No I llovaro vtrcttt torner of Kl-ai, Lciae< - tit* hvure ol 1] ara - oVl??ek. Sam. ?? i.. iiii riois. Ba;.K CO** v.* HOT'Ml? for HALK AT AUCTION tjr A J. hh?e??r Ik CoH ?n M?nd?y. Jon?: 3. at | oVkck, at thw ne??l Aita^.e Ha re H>? in, X*. ?tren I Rr?>ad #trwet. in\ fc ?a y?*ara' lease, goad will, flxtvri-f ?ud rtenail* (oimpltte). of the above well known eHal liht inev , wM#a l?a? t?*?a ia the hand* of the present jt? wilier i b t Jan * * Foe??tt) lor Ch? lane. y^are?haviac Lad three or !<nr i*r>\atf o/!>ra f<>r the a.ira^ within tbept?: two trttif. a* itlivr if whi enta? up tahij In v'tdw J Iff nunr. i,~ in- .ii crmim-<i t?' .11 j"i e ? i. ion, 1 nnrt it wi 11 |xi?)?i ?i |y ?iild ti Ui? nt I ilicr, t> r i.v.; 1 bin |>n?pit ttai* of h?-'?lth rtfi^erinr it*<bry us nt. ill! ka m (MM ?'l fur r * nil. tv r-?" "t.u< it. >V.r ?uj |>?ru?ul*r., or ? ti"Wtu pruv m?l> I'ufti. liBpat inn?ui ?alr, >u uut Li n tilt tu thu Aautionict!. KOtt Ul>K A Nil TO I? b.T. F"h fAi t?a itor??r * i.ot i\ ihb viu.Aar ok Mi i4I<'.o?b Ti'lm, Montr*** *"W?if,Ncrr Jarmy. 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L.>?ti<m?n 27tn?trooi. A<1<Im?.i O. W. H., ii.ii omv. TO itT-nOH TU ntr.Tnr JUII t> MB NUT "f M*t mit, lha farnlth+d hv.u*? No. 7& Br .alw.Ajr. IApf'iy hetwrrr ill* lw*fl ?0 an.: 12 A. Jf. f|V) lkt.-a ooou rwo ktdiy mick noma I J |>lii?antt)rT<>fftl?4 tn fh# ftU M %H. ?fi4 fnrn iurM fwr kAlr. Kur fnrlUr Hf.cular-. W ut A'4 <.rTu*io!i ft. To i ruRM iin r\ w iru i?h j J. vithci.i V>Ar<1. in ? pr*fw???: ?e Frv.u?h f*mUr. Al? . I fn.alI r --w.p f r ?tn?r!< |<*btl?ni?n ?rttho?t A|<|>1> ct I 91 KMrll rrrt. I I To I f T?TO A PRIVATE GCNTLKMlN, A LAKUi. rtftl.U, fr?.nt u? on A#? r J'l.v**. ?hai t:* i i ?.mm !** ? iti , ti i# of th? in IV* ctfr, unH ht? ?tt tl?o Mi?t? rt?t |*?*r further itplv n% <4 Urt'ftdwty. from 10 ! 13 A. M. 7QT BHUAUWAT. OFIUMi r illiAi C CHURCH ? v f Tl>? ftlot? location lt*? ken M ?u4i4i)r Hp < / lh? 11r*ri?t |??f t r.t t*?r, f?*r tl?? ?? ?a?:n .?ri? n oi MiuU i??tl?in tn lAinilui ?|*li in ?aI h?.K^ ami alfiuo e? at?niri.r?? .f i tumli re Kn it hrr** Kr up iJio ?t> f??r a ?hor* nm? caa aU<> l?c A'?. u randu**-1. TIM K1 ECU. Alir.KM'AN riHUEK Vnt thWSH C'0\IPANr-OKl ?s. N?. A* H all #tr#? '. In^rp?rs'^l M'?rrlil| ?, I Cap! In I l?i ?har* # "f | 0 . i Tl?? T i ? of ba Au<* ri' an 1>n.htr rrr?* i *u?f < ?. .? i> , . pur* ha^ l ? f tl*? riiBrM of f >iac K - of I.# J ?n. tl - Ir |'af**r?t?f f t tl ? I'aitrJ S of 41 ric4,in<l Urin?|Hiil f ?r fh? tuti in ?%!. ..?? I ir oi Uir ?: ? *ltt ruliif. tl at tliij arr ( 'r|>?ro>l to at.aor?p*'io*}? fof ? i? t)ion?oi)4 thlfr> of il?v ?apit l??o'k? r I fniiIfoar t! n?. |.ar*? ;%>!??< Ut? Vrv11/ Ui?%.) iii'( ?Hat h? .i|p o? nkHflMi'ift ?t!| b\ i? Inr^l;, tb?" A 'tl| of Jii>r, it ili. irotftro aa-l yr in'.??|w i - rsttpt?<4) un il ifta t Vi. 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PiriBSN HA<?< III' I I aairafttan |?rf-rlj atma4 ka4 Ilk I, vlll 4mta ift t-t.yU rdi'tlla Kfttataa, an>l la a i ?-l aai'?la karaa ( an m aaa In tha a'akla fVi.felaf tlaa lul.ta li|iari 11 iftaa Hi Aatnf riaw, I'rlttiau. ~ _____ AWU?RWR\TH. DHOADWaY Tli?ATKJt.?ft. A MAP.^H AI.L, SOLR M3 -M Un?) ctiL tii, Jail. .'id. fti 1) bn Mrf?rm?d tU drum a ct Si I'aTKU K S L V K-f rwtcnek th? r. O l?*rr??t; MMf<?rMr. tindms; C^pt (i<?> IIr. P?iry; liliw, Mr. Oilman. C?th*riii?f Mi*- K. Horn. Aft*r?Mfli, tkc ? t of t'ie I'AlKTRi* M.1 I MO.N ? Aloaii'ln, rt /t.orn Ciatft; l/? ocello, S?*?or Ntri. Tv with Ui? ii.rn of thr 1 K I ^l| UON ?Tim Mo r. Nr. HutiAi; Itr. ^Qtblw. Mr. Wiuiu*; Mr W.uMv. Mr. Matth. w?; M.*. Pit,: i jr. V ipm k iiuru; Mrs. Crutuin;. Iliv Ohfi*. Prats rirclf and rarqttat. fiUtoau; I nstil) kU.ri trala*. 3f) rtntj; (iatUry, IV^ . -nu NilLO#&*?HONDAV SVBMMQ, j r NR % MB pari-?rrit?nae will nuimvavf tUt c?.ui"*y cf lb? bfck !Ol> FA MJLV?t*|?t. Ki.f^hv M.?. irrv. Mr. Bp n/ham; I harlr* Torre a ?, Mi. IUynilt<; Atutiist ah jjltck, Mr. iJkI*; Fran* V>n< *nt, Mr. !' j tl vi.?t; Dunv*-r?. Mr. Flren^e; )n*y H,.*ro?l,y Cr?? Mr* V t-ruov Mi*. T rr ac, li *? Mary T*\ lor: M-*. Otmfhy D Mr* J r.n S r?i?n 1?. <>oftt hi<1? vit^i iht tlrainafi* nrn?K.t? ?f \(?f a ?tv> Count di Staikcry. Air. L>u??- John i'iw?c. f t?r, II". >i ii kim mi; lit; i in mi, Mr. J hn H?fu<u; L'-uihe, Mim fcickirf ?i; Bttmuii. Uif* lUrlt r AJuiiMuo to ail hoMr* W (ill. tl. or* an* n at r lt, ' ? nAmn>?n* a? *. Bi MIO fU&ATU CB kUMfttS WKI Jnua i, viil imi ^Uy?4 Pwli ?? ? ... ?AV I rm - < ol I .l, Mr. II. riAeiO*; Putii 1 Mr. I)urt? n Kiunk Ilaruv. Hr. Clurkt; JJ irry Mutil- y. Mr?. Hu .11; MIm iiisn J. ii>11; Mr... ?ub'l , Mr* Attain-*; if. nan. Mi?a <T e*'n. lu l- with tfavrIU tare*. of nil AI.MU1IMJ Sa< Kim I?Iloh Ticket?Mr. Burton; Mr. Wl'Min i'Uft w.tuh, Mr K-'h ; Mr. Skiwuar. M' l.etere; r .,?un cet apple, IT hi Bjmwin : him >* via *' * .1 llu) ; Hi*.* Tiddy, kn K? n ; V m (i. < (). lli*4 AMi-rm u ]M?ral>. II r* Dnr Ci ? > and racquet, 40 eeat*; Fn < < * -. ( i - . 7} ktl D.' ' ISi B I y ' B BO AD WAT. BB wet ti !*i rin* and i'rinee Street#. 1*. T. Uur.ium, proprietor mi d in tfer. Ru-en,;.!**f??r a rn'iort ti???o l? in"T ?m in?iu'i;nr.jr Moiri.iv. Juir of thn Chintio Uiy, Ufc<t >? ite. who pur;)- *o vi^t! r% the iirii'ipnl citie* of IdIi u previcu- m their <lepkrtnre f- r Em- In 11.ion to ihi i hine e, Family, ri* hi ?.u rater. mclv:din j the l?ndy * 1th t'? t \x\i ]ti - !..p? ! tin' Cliitai i < - Hi u( ?-u4, oon-utin oforei One Kill) n Chinese <'Mri?-?ii 4a ! Voch1<*>kI Iiffi4me*t.J Hi mr il'iriUkC th-' !uy an I evening Op a fr >ni I' A M. till Id I' If AiloiiBnitMi twenty-five cent*; children ender ti n, half price. CMRCJI B 01 1 y i'i< COftNM or KIQUTH HI BK1 ^ uud J* urth Aveuue. u?ur the A* tor Plaeo Opera U 'AM Hanaper, Kioto at d Uifera. Thu ( in j will be opvird on W? rii.i- ay prelim*. June fith, triih ft mom powerful ontnpury. Adinitodo* tu dre?e eirele W MDt?, upper circle J*) <-ent*. ttujrB <>i?eit ni 7 A'ilook; wrf?irmH*i,fi commence .?r *. l>,ui-MrtftM>. M.i!ainr Louise Kroner ( tl.o err Vast r.<.n?. equestrian ia tb? (onitrv). tVira'D IVft&Miu, Rn h*rl Htveri. I M 0 ' I .. . i II .i Conorer, (Sear?. ke kc. &ic. Cloun, Frank Br>M r; K Mutter, Mr. Johnston; I.-ader of the Orchestra, 1'. Vo?e. i'uriiviilura Id future tilts. C^A*TI R GARDEN?TUB lOLKTtl OftCAN l> SAW! ^Tli J CoRciirt, at the nhoee irunili^ nt **! >n. aill tak" pi v* on 9oiicft.v evening, June 2d, IsJO. L"dor'? famous - M-t-rftrft will rr? rn Felielan David's Rreat work, TUE DKSKU! ? A?iBnf!?i"n, 1?% cents. To commence at H n'cl wit. i?*e t'r< aiui* ai d other refreshments of superior ju*' t y will l.e provided in the SmIoou au?l jrrvrd I\r oirtl and oll'icii'tf atjndarw, Uirongbout tl>? wlio!?? arta.a(, a>* nrll a.- dm ac U t in?Thu Cumuuraiqm, r.enl? arm Hired ftud IrilllanUv l^litid. will afford umn?em?nm (u die protreiiader?. The ? aatlo (,'ar leu aill le ?-t-n di:rii?<r flu. ?aj, affording in peri or opportnnit j fur rsa-liri t, Bir ltt. f ion?, ??r ii??dii?turl cd promeuadfr while r<??it?uiplnt:i.5 tSie #^a al.ippmg. and most h?autifal n#??ui>ry aroun-l. All tl ? re wh?* llioni? to pi?*mrnade thu lower ? ? on a lciol witL the 1 a, or to a*e? nd ? .'.? tvpert and ?>i??eniMitlr covered /allrr.r a! ?vr, ean there dj-tin-?ly hear evurv ?oaol, lii Kii?mm* tim, IvIiaIi tb ?t... 11; rrual and nrat'i:alltd #r?? the loivrnltiiffi of thi^ ppot. ftrit not enlv a^otiftdn in natural he a? tic a, but givaa rise to ft Ihuenud r* 1 tctioon ?nited to tha day. I^KANKMN MUSEt M. 176 CUATUAM sgiJAKE, Oi'KV e\? ry nftcrn* < d at S o'ci< cl?, and in the \ nmr* at H, bv the Original Femftla M'n*r rethe only organizo! hand of ladle* in tl f w? rid < ompri??lof ft c??mpj|iiT of T?ulv?< P?r? formers. Al??? the unrivalled troupe of "Vale and Pomale ArtiMft," eomiqoi.ljr called MlL?del Artia'w," ?% i 11 app? .?r every ufiertorn and e\? Hine, in a virirty of pplmiid reprv1 1 Pit 1 . i* bar with tl tribe M|>ilon'n Arft1, Cirlrt," the oulv ofiei in ift?<tttuje. who Will t^r.?o|rh ihi ir gyinrantic f?Mt?. 1'rieti of admii?ei.*# * '*.S?)9ccntti Botaci, Sftccatii; rarquette, I2>g; l ii vum i?? > r-. $2. AmJhCJIKNIH ffTPIIILAOUliPHIA^ HKVri II V BMV M, rillLAOKLPUlA-F. T. hftrnoiit, i'rcpTH tor and l!acft?*i r; ll-nry 6huI? rd. A nit?u' ilunu^er.? he-ar.g*4r^n..*nt lor u limittd pen >d of ha htlroftsum Of-era Tr'np*?, aided h/ Mr an I llr*. G. wh?? at mm hv tha kind pftnnfrsf'tn of H'10. F. I?nr? ton. htit. Tie S? rn in Troi j e will apnear thin week in " La N'< ri ." ' Lft l ill dn ?. (fa i.t," 44 1 !' iMUlk m of 1 Juueau,** "The JLiixir of Love.** * U n Pftequftla.'' Hr.# every a venire. Eriiar^d. the ralr braced I#moa>i!iirv* Y'*allr?j ' 11 1 eni iftirn ft t Qir oririail itti pc? ml ?r ruteriuinn erit*. The entire tr?tij?e will n*r!?t thtin. end pruMtit ft inperior lii?trioftte wit** < ??-. danoft?( t e K'l *uri"i<ricf? are contained f^Blio Viimiih proper; ftttrftetive, ftnd in portant novelties ftre in eon*>*ftai preptt ration. Adu.itlAn< e, 2-Vobildren under II, IJ'^e. KaciuuiiMWJi. tJOLD I I. A r AMI DENTIST:--' OOI D roll. M IN'C? factory, 112 Franklin ?tr?rt. U^M *nd Pitv?r 0 j14 fcnu 1 in Nl.nt ?h? >.rjr lowa.t *?*h ti'wi, varrftaW-a Ini ti.t'.Itj. Ofiitm oiuukil ?ikh d?cu>iolt. J. u wahir. JWST ARKIVK1I rtlOM GKKVANT, A TINE lltAl.T IY lot of ll rli, fiwlttlif of i tninw, wtii ? iitig iwo iuntv ix'rivrriy; ?in ijiii*. rnnr.i' ii rmrni, riu rit ?u!? lj CUAHI Efe KO>K. No. 1.11 William kkroot. 01k nnn worth or <;t* ciiandelims, llrarkt' . aad all <:> >crlptivat of nt* gaa i1*, nr., i?. ii.i, l^trd and Fluid i?ir.m<l oh.n* gui) kuii tanry Arllolnk, an, at J ttvumml & Vt v'l. s J> I u > Ii*im . n?ar h?oadw ay. $1'MXki w< rth of ?f? ??yl?? vf rich rut <;laaa, at aar factor*, kti an aad 6l? vwjurtft, hew Yoik, it *ary lew rruu, t? ?-aih. j. storvexkl ft co. Branpy. Ac ?rni.OADlMl, per vladimirtUftnaivr, pyttond. Mav aad Oli?ia ~I90?m)ii i! icholla a-j b idanux dark nnd f? Rraadyi z'< oaaitk h'.riaaaa l.i?k llii*; lArith1 yiai-fkr. au miai-i Sardine*. (ir*?n ptu, ti u!)! *, UukUmciuk, a*., f?r lata by j. UoM.i.'v, No. I?M Front at.ail. ij r a m iumim, -foktv i'm ' \<.t 1.1 'ii i >|.iaiirrr, and |>?r l.rl* r^ait'tinr, from r -'i i if, i ct lor rrailt nud i.i, ii f??< r, for ? '? ! * low rit*ky a. ii x) Watar ?tr??t. No kami ac at am.!-it is <tatrii iv a mok s'lnu |.ap* t that. arn n( tha ?\mptvin* ?f lunaoy oaliilt.imd i i>> n n di? utt'kl lucly |'l. <?r?l n 1 h" a-ylnm, w-aa hi? ?b? iirtll'tl ' r Iftlllll Lit frilt* to l>? la k.'l. oat "f hUfifht, Ik hr um vjfl,t ?ery iw djr i k.i k ili -ii-ii ipnn tl.-iri. Thla j? no f r of i f rtikitii'^, i nt rai hor of m ikd .iu, for thn boota w.-rti k i air < r lour hkl !. ?. i... /m kt lti? fai.ivaa alitai. k.l?t,h, ?f j:>> i.!", u Ann >1 roat. Mil"1 < nt a k * * as h nk" i.orrv i'atevt Ai;r>'?. i iir.k 1 t-n|.|?>rtrii, f?r tha cnit cl w*a!.a> or rnp. uro. mw?t l? turc??.4.( Tliky art frek from imn or ?t??i ?mI ?itf.? nt i k.i. pftk. al. i?tl*r? (| ii|k.j) ^t-?.r?ly at'??ilo<l to. oftn-. li*?'ml fini. k> iinn mm "? """' * ? nb**'* ? * ** ?j" " "vjut/v/ inni r'i |.lniik'>i, irlkilr Fluid, likvt uf? miw, ?nl *ut a fkiluir. 11 ik ?arran.?ii to r<i?> tfe? l>air if f ?Mri* ji ark ki??l to rkti all r'Tuwalle ia i otL**r |*ta> aim' Ivrfrtt will I? if tuil to iKt'kfy the m ?t t |-ti\?lrf It* woadrrfnl earatit* rffeoir. wlm will nil <,a i- k., al t> 4 kad ?7t> Itr ia.ln**, hri??ra t.raad km! Hrai'ino tnifk. tl<? trail* k?| |,liiiil at i'Mkrlairtnt. mtmi', 'rt ftfrr drill. Cl nt ml ""<> : ' k1-1 i i m.n x lim jP a j\/Vr\r aianl, or m uri.' i'lam. (.* rx't.'r i tin ' .r in liu i.iirtak . f tarn a, l?? in. f wit' hi ?? liara n-lrr : -mr. t, w. ii.irkrt, ill m< i /.i iti cts j??/t- it 'wko t|.. 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If< N AIK'* A? 0|t*TII Oil,-A M-i.fc fit* A>* ?. *JI tfc'** fr?M? n? lift* tatiltf i f !*? ?* ?. ? * *r* t ? * ?f ?W b* %T I't'iM ?* Kf**ri* i -won* i fartNTr?.*r.\r sua tfi?* It* (ft a Mnrn^nt ft rwa.h* : <?. iiuj. ot t?if? H?h?; 4rii?i f**r ?[ iif pr* f.. t *??r riV* -f r*%n'. i l?r om#, wftftuntM. T' t fw'li: i# ? '! fc^ftftftft Ifrf f.T|S*9??niu* hni?e< ami ? no* *%Maiiil 't 1. f. t.O? . T? 4 J S. IX . ?A J *t I RK*?|? S ?:'.n, fitj a si v ft rn.i oi i ? bl?w, iti'tih I iwloft. h> t r* nt ! ? ??? # *.i ! / iMNMft. Ju Vl< Mil, Ifrv. I X i'l: i? iirf t, t*.tr ll%n ?r piHTt. Ivnv* Mioimr poirrri ro# dk^tii J f I - M , iJ' mi4 iMfiUr li?99iti: *?? ! 11 n> * I Uin, f ?r % *r 4 H art' ??* * 9 I?'? I ?MI' ?- h*4 It l)ffv 4 ? H? l?*? fthU li'?*? i).? f M?.mr f M"ti ? \tw ??<? ? ' ' " ? '' I k ' r. 744 ll- n-4 # ftf ; A. It. V?4 |l. ^an4#, J ^1*^, Ik t 'v. rtfnrr Nirt'li A?r?M ft<.? 1tt*'<9?.i9? ftft4 Kir Vr 1'? r r?u !: * fc.nVtu, l!f - ? ?. ??M kH IN 'm fl t I? A|9M tftRfV ll?ftr> ft'iH A tlftv uf : hr*;Wr ? - l'M*? F?ll<**| |,)?wt. H*vnf V ? ?#? It. ?. ?*: |* -9 f ???, M Utrcttf* tMV**, \ V?K *?? ?.? ! . ?? .* .,?..|*f.ik * f r.?r hi ? i.M.ii., %i ri.,!?4i 1| ?a~ \ -f?r?.'#. * > r. r 1 #r !> nr. ? * ?* S'firb<ir?li. P t-l'wl#*: \ n IV.?; ?<*?. fl f. i i i n F It ^iNirviiiiNitt n ?ft^k?lil*i^ , nil! j r ?t' imiVI. ( ,- ftufa^ Tif?h ft?4 Hn?. 1*1; fli-9 n-V>iltl.iu Ii r > i *'t ' r%i l#?fon?1|. i ?.*#* ; K>w flf'? a? . - II i fn ( ml J A ri^il k f ; t, l^rf? ? It 9 *? . flM'i I 11? ? h# i L. T) ' |M i i f IU?iib fan i.i ill#**# fc i ft V / \ fwrvi-;'-::nJwT*" fv9?Sr;'.; M?l? ?l ; N' ^ i.rl ? llftj ' or, A Mill r. I? * ? D i Tl..f4 IId4k?, N. T.-IW i in u Hi Kltr*%* t.fc, N J - 4 b? a>Jr.n I tlUXK.431 rw^*^. |)i nu?i'M' >n ir.vr.rt. inMi<r, n iik i*n. I * >. ?iiij???f<-?* m ?? 'i tr- ?r%m if# r ? , A I?r. l? fV .?!?' rjr, ?l T !fc. I.?t? i t f?'n i ti 'iwl, *< fc* TH. ??<t h..i'??tlT? 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W ?|^* to t?*t>-?4 Wi ?ny rvacn-ntM* *t f???. tli* ? <-* ?*f? *r*?*?. ai??? ?<i th* [-* Uf ?" tli*?Ml*M t? kl>*. Ka**i?M?lt. ?"??"*? ft fkrlhar ?Mti*?lan. rtaM^ Wlr . tft* ti?i >4 hi>, 1 orrilucevrc mr the mails. i Oar WuklNfiloN ti?rr??iH?iiil<,n(ie< Wa-miingt in, At ?y 31, ISM. 7V Prttidtnl and tht Luottul?The L idie$ if tin W/.if Party?The " (" tihtt" of tht Cabinet? Truuklt auumq tin Politicianm, <?} .' , J"''It taken the eyes of Arj,'tu hnd ib?* httnds of Uri.iriu*, to watch and grn*,t th? iui juitiei, the ini triguet, the mns, the Borrow*, ih>* shame of this hard-vi?uged m-"iojiolis Every d.iv iias its e??ut, every hour us folly The cabinet r???ht ?ide up iu the rrv riling, tot! -Tin*' at neoud ly, and knocked into u cocked h*' by bedtime. Ar'ier many sieges, ) < 'Id iiuenn Vi-ta fcwm>, a* Oldjlliukory used to j swear, be will Mind by hi* cuhuet. Iieb?iM? I | mils ted lo the iej. ncy S'iII liie j?nine iu not given ! u; in Connies*. W. iw-i. i, M uc mi, Coojier <Sc Co., . rueuo tollybtCluylon, ! * i.?. .?1 bib, irtd ntjutd. I cbi'.il Wfow vito <-oa>| i -r?. w u-u the kiile 1 and vc?:aiii'0 are counted. iiulh.i in I link Johnny ir i K-?ni?e*lledjTniM''aTiinn?'is-, <.r .ItormHB? 1 I' uym i u-etiji^getaent; but .i? F ith'-r Ritchie, th: ovinp p.'rioj, <*?-, ih<* bio.).I of the tii?rtyi. i, ihe we l >t uli- ch'ireb. j * are only at [be b'jiiriMim of ih- ? c ! Jiiio'iy Ijrook? ha* enlirti'd ior the i ui.|iaijii, ,.inl wi 'ii ht? ?rtillery begins to |>Uy, tli?i?* will be huoIi moths* acattrimy sk wh' ii Kiwjj ^ til,. Alt xicMuna taste of domestic gr.>i<<-. 1 he new ?r^nni?t don't tnk?. Mr Allen Hall I hfl?DM u? lij' i>ri :iy 'a ni- ilf ni m i.-ici;tn?. j A little, iique->kin ptnvici.;.i-t, wi h a vision l.iri<e | enough for t ie ca(atol hk> iu!|j or S trLville common, and m> more. Meredith drm - i mi^f tita ' in double tjuiek time. lie tru i?,. 1 (' tyi.oiit I'resI ton, tnul Ewiug. who I mil ttifir fU where. The fcecretarv ?I ih?-Tr a-ury h h. i,?r ttnn the world in agtiu s. Knowing in/n -li lii-tt-tied. if not defri'i?*n by 11 the men who him into office, he felt hi only t- <lety to i?e, in gi King the or^aii in lii< -v.i (l.tmls So, wlule Cliivton wus ini'iinj hia i.><j-iw un.l Prmtuu wu Hioutini/ hie abstraction-, I.'wi'ia counting his aaUry, tud i.'r?wi'<> d wv- li ic;:i":i hia ( i tlphio*? dear little fellow*?and I ill.nn <r w?? guessing it Innniviit''^, and .loluiwn w c (M ilium In* *h"ify, u4in-ter Meredith take-* (J! I Z i v it > u oiifBer, holds his but'on ft rd .ind ue liialittl a at. i Mailt made chief i unli in I I Jtili-.w.nh r Not. W isn't that aliuri* i>i.xti< e W h" n ivn AI i.'litL iLi't U(> to trap! The itf, Uh'ic tune- to Mere uth'a k*y; taiiil, treasury ?a?( imiiom ij i"- tn bui<ien of its i'unir. with an oecaeional <'liin ;.ri i. 15ut burnt I won't *!v JT-r-d.tii He our army in 1 im k-r-, ;. . . ,y," before thft committee; hut In* diJn't *iir all. lie didn't t-we.'<r'hut old watcli-oi g Whittle v .led ?iid cut] eta ted Iiiin not lo |uy the ' i iI.j'ii li. leln't >?'ei I that i i.'wfi jd tipped him the wi.ik more timet* titan one. li. duln't ?>v.-a that he ?nd Johnton agreed to go it blind. ii-- i??*t .w'-rthit he knew who wa* to pfwket tie* rhino. jare Home other thing* he didn't ?w<* tr. 'i in-y say in C'oti(>i'j. .'hut , ;he wliiga say, Meudith murt go, i.i tiiey no. When they ask for a tide Yt&iter, it t.ikvs ma tno.. ?.i: .vlnh- it only takes hi a miiiutes lor a Ualphin, v? at :h would feed more than five huieired tide w.iii -en tor a wliol* year. They uccum* him of break n.; down fh? turty, note riug a button for anybody t)ui honi'dfj and deserting hia beuef ir r>r< M^n tli .V>< th .-f/nrrtran won't htntni.eli hit Infidelity, and llitvey io h ilf inclined to reltellioi*, if hu? hi nd* tell truth. (iovernor John ton lias ki.i<i ion 1 hint, arid tliere ure aymptems of war m tlmc i'iia-t i.-c u,? Mtrk it, Mtrrdifli in d<<?>mern t <? i ek to law and logic. He ia a minister withtett fin ndw; ! >:? man 1' rniay of the Ht/mMtr is tlust !, , aad that ia a I'i ail one. AU^, poor Mer tilli! t'rawford goe>- l.v the tKi ird, iiid" !? goes for the Comnromtw and (jiillun. He n imvv i>ro^>erl tip on inter.-ot. f^tephenK and Toonit* have fought herd to nave hi- neck, nu I eve., old lady Ben ten, of iho Senate, made u tj?ech to tli IV adeat; but il wouldn't take. Clajt >n has returned to hi* firat lo/#. Bre? pa, imniortul, kiatoricul, illnatrions e;neo>ary I?iega, ia agn ti' in town." He a-td (*l tyton, like I'.otiakrtd Tyl- r, nre na . lie a< tin e i i a ?^d.? .ln?t think ofthit, Maater Dr die! Talk of your Nieara'^t" treaty ard wUi-u ? iel? Jiplom.ii y tic thct atuadon. tli'- way. Jti*'. read the dishwater of the VfWMirrr, of ''hil and ief Mr. <"la)ton "fickiug out a l et," ik.ojgfi A< inter I i>i 'n. ui d' r the muak of't*tgnu " 'I'll- gtinei*. ti fie lite in?ti"ra. iieaklea, there is trouble in tl.? wij-w.iin Mr Ind'-pendent li-irvey takea the hit in his lie nth, kick- in th : trace*, *tid tell* tin m to po to the devtl th-ir own w iv, wli-n they won't fco his. Now, yon..., ul I C'iiVtiMiia fat, (jouty :nd Houndernig; u> li- iiiel have an easryoit g hotw, an amrnti tin' <vo?'t rear, ?nd pit 'li, and cut cupei? lieoer, lie tfetahim a nacthat baa breedia|i, and ot;e to haag?ii?*<t hitn*' lf Wi it, hadn't ?e l ? h K in il ' a f*w tot ago, dtnuij! i.nd dri ik n * " OH Hit," whom ti? het;? d to piteh overtio.ird at the Pm| ?i' Itiliia convention, and nil tor the .? ike ol la\ ini! o il <\>ile.-tor l.ewis l ut " Old Ile.i" wtun't tsken in ; not he. The old chap kefps a l>ri(;lii I ? k, ih a h t| ina; iind thouuh hi'ute .i ld nik t-> ut'c* ii>ii .a:erft? li i Jomh, mtvbr ho ilniu't pit hi* r ght t'mmh t* bi* r><?? ?u?r owner Tb(D, duWIIW lilt hffll Af the " Hf.Hfti 1,1" Jori?h ??* biy in conn?dnt,i? hi the t<'l-mwd ftovtfnoT <1 I'mm-yU' >: % * ?>, with In. Im>4jt Ui:uTtI of W.ilt-*-*, wai u'. our livi.j, wuicti, m unit in^ lt> t>ay. i* nrxt hi-in* ?? ? ? ! *a yuarn. Tbrr c?iue lu get the inivrtiioi'i hrnihi through il??' S? bhw, for (jl.i"sow, ml to ut?f M rfiiih * hi.fhuip Uuich The firat i* m ( if ? ? -. A |U4 fiittii inii't ?tn*f rnmi^h to mvt yonug John-<iiig Mrmlith l<?ji'htn? ? h*n th? y w ii Jid.i I In I r innrh :?> Oliart h.? "iH'I* c irt. Hitchir nml Ihirfc.divorc* t?>-d?y. It ? ?? v> it 1-tttl mutch ly ba:',*ii?r<?, ?>r progeny, fri iu 'hi?t I'ni n um. w?iwi?oto*. M*y 21 HVt Viral r/ifli ' T\'. r>4 .11 ?* i\r f j?t i t Uim FWfnglMt rgaifl Cifr/nJ Cvngrmm n K.?>?Aing L'nrl'htidi nf ikt. i > /( />"?l?~ ' lAnti-f /mnNWi t? ttuhfil'i'l Tit'' Ualpbln ortf:m 1? irtlu ont In <1> ' nee of th? %l. Icnnnc<- of Ihr 1?? i? FraiicU <lmo ty Mr. Clayton. Vi f?4'( iltii.y /."fin* Jtiutiil ! kl"j urit in a J-jfenrr nf tb" nmr *llti*u*?. ... y? he w.?a ?i CUyton'a in -l'ui* rrrautly wh'-n t.'l.?y ton t ip!ain*<l thr wh"l?* Bintlrr f| llir allow* nr* l.i litm ?!..:ii*t>rtly V?ry tru?, M'?i J *mm bar? lli? and CNyfcon anJ'i* Hf(l at'.l V. in-: bltchrii hwa?W|tr U?r admiralty f??ura U tb? >n arjuiit irh ni th y all r?l!y ar.'l 1Ve?4 rhnfii** S tn'J. \V< I runs on b?r? ir.&liily to k<'<;i t'., cabtaxt, with the tie-ptioa "t t.'iaa fotd. wfc. r? It I* I fcatcuril on "> '--.T*! T?y!># ll? k n?'W> ?rll lb ?t iiiii1 k?r ??Mn?t r :! ( b f Ikkltut! I to *Hi |H.yl?tothr ix ,.|< of < ??>4 Itrmrr \t- |< ?> ? > ni tft.t lb<: " iIm". -'lill all ivm ilo ?h<r? lh?y w?. ?dh mi* itr-p i?n hvri <nj t.-fil V a ii? i?n i ' I <f' ii. <1 <ir t ! 'r? ?' r.| >ti mil ,? i i t i.ifl it-it ?? I nr.l^u'l t> ?? ih- '? J|)hir> alloannrr wu? a 'llrir affair, trblch ?.i;'it to Mil 'V??ford <>!( Lut I ?111>. t J hi on ii t M -?-? ,ilk tlr.ii^, w>r<l an<l I Itytnn ??J I ! iu rtl- >tlft>-<U phln cla in ut .I lh? wirll) o( th* I' - ) F'n iiU riti'.i * i?l k. . I ?nlt< III !h?- "a-,;., r .i. Ini- .ii th it ld?f. -M *r lit i ti l|?t |M t* trlu^ l. (kit iWUiWf *t|M I* tlfr I I r*t?l-<l a ?r.*l dr. I lif m ii wn (I Ofp frt*Vor in 1 |m mr in tb< tr i n* iftt t irt t n <.| i n- r.-p irt* <>< lu?- <t?l^.l?in I'l-u ui '?r Ih H'un-ra' n??n t milt lliat ?i*|>rti4<ui? t*ln'l|f a 1?a4'rg Imw t'l t*i coming I. <n ?o In |* ihi* r> it ?h i . >n I t?:?- *n > un'!< rtatr* to a*i< ul? r an4 ?t?r uo>l -r tw nJl.ia j l<-?4 ' ? Uh?? t* Inrubu* f I u? up* ' nir-?t 'n?a lb* ti> Mb> t? uf li> n'rai T*)l*r'a mljim-t in inf><ntl?a 'x,. f tt.i pi'i.i.try ! W Ii it r jiit h?r? tti-y t? ?l Hriuiith't .i|) al it" lt|-?!i i<- m lit/ i IV 'I > !> r in' y. n i n i mi l ..ut * K..r < n p ji|>i <t -! t?..* ?li piny I'm! u lor ta. i t y .it? h f I* itiajr ri.? < ?Jjii l> ^tiwitiii n%? >4 tb-lr i?t ii" r < ?l? hn< (tl tb? f Minim i ' I1'n Ii Ihit .i ?h hH-'ii* **^. |i in. ml ma i f iln pfwat r?mo *t ih'tuitl f?t nito 1. ,h ' IS I ti ii llMir I'i'f : mil i>'i?? la I |m|i . b? Ittiw atiii Ij ?fr? J. Ilia am* |??r? / in a ii >,i?l. < iltaUnallna' M? It. ?? ? 1>| ? / Harj Tavior, 1 lit uiib l'r-?i J?nt ti r ' nr ? na. ?li nil i urn a +f t ?r I t * tk? P ' Hl.<' a lit! !?!" ' lia f f*t I - ly "| I 'HI p lf> Ily * I.I. Ii t'l I'tm ?l?r? la ? h'A??' I. <*a ;??il|ahli M tkrf Ifli'ti d *ml wt WtMir ikry ?*it| I'nt^l ? III y lnvij niit.thi.r t'i,| % gra*trr in in. ahnaat | ft at m l k ilMllikf I I ?yI . 1,1 <} h M J > it* r I.. \omt ? K'.w tn ?ajr that tw nil) ?r? Ail r ? la ??r l< i? ?.f ll ? 'tab"* ai"l ?l th> tk j pUhfu lla i ui. t. at* i rt uiwiini", hat if-< ? all* hia*a aiij bar- *iIni?t In ' i< I uif oil fi . Ihraa jrrai*. 1 ? _ ? ! M ?< ? )( Our llflllltnerr * orr?. i ' ? ... r lr st r f entvtu'itn 7 t.N" }zt /if* n Aan // ?* I awrr* Ai.?/-in*4 r<** ' On/?-*jr *v crmAr r A'.-ifir ' ' ' ' " '' IV* I roti 'ml npl?r .|. .1P tai *wl >u_ pf itj? 'W# I HiiriUntf, <1jo jrrt* I Mr Mil' tlr? 4 1 Ifb'l likrlUK Jriran tfct- ShVV,i^^? jlU r*it> ) r< J ?)> > t Tba I?| ?rV <1 if* a **< # ?? - t <! trf brtwirn th<- l .fli >p III I l?r ' i? I !?*<! a tiport l?*? ?< > *a??am? ?4v %ttf" MlI??iii? r< > in i<i*> ?'? artt ik> Itt Ma " . < i t 1 Kr..1*1,1 a. fhaaMi'M #.??<M'<1 I>ip|a|i, In na4?rl<1?li? *?** ? ? <4" HI- lu??llOH* fitful* '*f ?*? * *;al'?tf??i t* ta- *? * i ?. irt .ek p ??? ? 0$ "?? ? l*** |?r | ' ? y That thl? pftoclpt* ? *a I #1 III" M? ?' th*'li?* ?a ?< *? M? I ** Ir* TWa < fi-V It <1 ' IfttmOl all* Ml* lMI?W ini ??'Uw?M? rot n.? *?? *??? ? u ifi*mj ' t .|,?. arJftiM Iimxw ?? # Iff 41 Ifcr rtMUck r>-? .(?!/!.* any.arv-ral, V a, iW ?" ?>?w fin1! >i^ ?f <w? ?a.. t? !* ri.jUlfa.^M* (hncn Vali'i.if *? ih? ?i?a?l *, -y VV'fr 4 cw??*iTrl^f ?a|'- 1 ^ likf >?^I ?f>"! of''frl?tiau tr I Tir6 .?r?p.*a ?Wcl?, k fJllCW ^fSIt *-a i)ri???ntf4. rtif cm." ol tha Ct'alt p, !? ? wajctlff in waff ft ^

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